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other, the lip is generally retracted on one side alone,
namely towards his enemy.

The movements of a dog whilst exhibiting affection
towards his master were described (figs. 6 and 8) in our
second chapter. These consist in the head and whole
body being lowered and thrown into flexuous movements,
with the tail extended and wagged from side to side.
The ears fall down and are drawn somewhat backwards,
which causes the eyelids to be elongated, arid alters the

FIG. 14.—Head of snarling Dog.   From life, by Mr. Wood.

whole appearance of the face. The lips hang loosely,
and the hair remains smooth. All these movements or
gestures are explicable, as I believe, from their stand-
ing in complete antithesis to those naturally assumed
by a savage dog under a directly opposite state of mind.
When a man merely speaks to, or just notices, his dog,