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Full text of "Expression Of The Emotions In Man And Animals"

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III n                              366 CONCLUDING REMARKS AND SUMMARY. CHAP. XIV.

1 HI


i |,;.,                         We have also seen that expression in itself, or the lan-

i | *';                         guage of the emotions, as it has sometimes been called,

' {| <                         is certainly of importance for the welfare of mankind.

>|/!                          To understand, as far as possible, the source or origin

$'(                          of the various expressions which may be hourly seen

|] j                          on the faces of the men around us, not to mention our

'j\*                        domesticated animals, ought to possess much interest

* i                           for us.   From these several causes, we may conclude that

I j!  ;                            the philosophy of our subject has well deserved the at-

M'{ .                           tention which it has already received from several excel-

; ,                             lent observers, and that it deserves still further atten-

1 \ . i                           tion, especially from any able physiologist.