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Full text of "The First Christian Primer: Matthew, Bangla (Bengali) version"

^iviiTh^ wpph f^rf^fSr ^i^.c<i<^ & 

Tj^p^rmr^p^ <pvrr & 

^i^.c<i<^ ^^d^r *trh <t>Ri<im Pic^rf^t^T s. 

<jq<pf^ <rTssrc*rmr ^rfw-jfo xsr-prsjn^r s> 

"Sqi^T i ^.<2r- ^s<2- 

"Sqi^T ^ ^><2r- 8<h 

-sqi^T *® 8H- <2:S> 

■Srf^T 8 <2:S>- Hi 

-5q1$r & Hi- io* 

-sqi^T <h i>o\s- i,^.<2- 

"5q1$r H i>^<2:- i.8i. 

-5q1$r b i.8i- iOr-^ 

"Sqi^T S> i<2:^.- iVb<2: 

-sqi^T i>o ivb^b 

"5q1^r ii ive 

-5^ v,^ btr-b— ^o* 

"sqi^f i^s- ^.ovs- ^Ao 

"5rRr i>8 -^o- ^i> 

"sql^r i<2- ^.^Si- ^80 

"sql^T i>i> ^80- ^3S> 

"Sql^T iH ^.8S>- ^.(Srb- 

"sqi^r i>b ^(fb— ^.vb^b 

"Sqi^T i>S> -^.Vbvb- ^.-H^ 

-sqi^T ^.o ^.H^- ^.b-S> 

"5q1$r ^.i> -^b-Je- «oi 

"sqi^T ^A «oi- vsis 

"sqi^f -^.^s *i8- ^s^A 

"sqi^r ^.8 \s^^- *©81> 

"Sqi^T ^<2- *8i- «<2r^. 

"sqi^r ^.^> *®<2-^.- ^s-h^. 

~5qi^T ^.H *i^- vst-Q: 

~5qi^T ^b «V(2: 

■^ff^Rfg ^m : ^^T^tT^FT^ 8i><3: 

• i*p=r<r sidbfe. c>i>i<i <^p<j ^rr ^srt^Rw 5 wftrsrf^r^ Ifrrsrs ^i^x^^r i.s>s>o- >i"Mc«h <=-i<^vijt^ 
^Ft^^tz^rsT c1%^) ^=rm wrc^; i 

• ^rlc<^llb\s ^srcc^Tsr -^J^rf^i ^xT^fw Ofr) "thee's" Cc^f P»P( ^^D ^^° 
Othous" c^fsr/ ^srMf=r <£rd ^snf^ xsn^p^ ^xr^rfwc 5 ® -^Rki^-m ^m- ^cmcs: i 

• ~r^f >ivl^ ^^"° -*i*3<i<w -5=r^, c?r^3r=Tr ^5 <p1% ^-^^i^ -qn^ ^sR:<m ^rf^^w^i c^? ^^r 

C^WT <iC\sr cyr^"C=TT ^JWsn^T £lb>Pl\s ^XT^lferC* ^T^JH<^fH ^sTT a^STC^ I 

• c^r ^pg- <rr^r "And" c^^x) wmr ^^^ <p?rr ^xtx^; c?t ~*^ arra^: wm^s ^i^r ^xT^ffw 
wr?rm '"i^-sii-i^'pr <p?rr ^cmcs: "^tr^s stfft^r ^c^-si wtsjt "g ^srr^jH<t> ^xx*rfw?r "sr:^ 

XT ^W f^^Tsq" IbC*?^ <U<KiBT f^®T ^TT ^<T° n^C-H<1> C^3^ xsrT^p^ ^sT^ft f^slTsr fi?3~ 

"5j^r <i^Tm "And" c<^<tn) ^9^ ^f^c® ^tst <ir3t sirx^ i ^i%^r?r ^sr^qj cs^R^a ^r^rm 

^r«a|T<r®T ^*f^mr "and" ^TTsq" i£)<t ^l^tw <F^rT ^CMCs: f^sr "Sj^m ^f^f ^M C*JV|-q§ "then" or 

"but" c*jc^\£ "5j^r ^r?rr <£(<^ ^mm^s ^^m <fc*t i 

• t%^t%i: ^f°fw^ ^sm^s TSpsjMxr >)^5. C5r^sx=rr sjR^j^ w?r wx^; ^<i% cc^r 5R) <r*fcrr 
stores? ^rg^BT ^at ^xtx^; c?t >k<j-ei wBre wm <3ir«i7T srcrx^pfT w^qj *i»i-sii«i<iw <p?rr 
^xtx^; 1 

><^q, lsi, tspT, f% ch^-h ^nxviRn^r^ ^ffrrsrs ^t^x^^r) ^lYf^rsr wr^iH^i^-q ^^ ^j^kw 
w^qj^: ^x-i^Tw ^?rr ^rrfSq 1 "5j=^t ^^q t£i ^^r f^ ^rff^q >ivi?j ^-^Hix^rHft >j=-uvir^T ^smr <rR; , *r 
^^x -q\£-q ^nx^Ri^pq 'gn^Ts ^rtx<ic<^^ c*r "srpq c^z^ o^sTrr ^xtx^; ^ vjox -5l^f» 

> isj^ tg esq-yr t% tsi^T ^srrgfH^i^-H ^srx^tm^t^T wR^g" \sm "sj^t §^ ^g ^t^ ^»r?rm ^»i'*^l<<t> 

^^==t^ft^T/ >t«<$ ^r^x^x^ ^rt%® ^^x ^R:"Pf^ ^i^c<]c<^^ ^r?rr ^tsr:^: vs^ISc^Ib t%tsf 

-5j^r ^i^t tg <^-3=r f% ^t^p^x^ ^^rr<r/ >ir2><^ ^:°T:^#t ^i^x^^t ^-i^T^f f^prx^ «OTl% =tt^ 

^rpsrr *tffs ^f=t§ -sj^T ^^^rm ^t^n^R\s sr^ix^m/ ^r^qr ^^rm ar^rPr^ c^^rr ^tsr:^^ ^rr^STr fSqxrr 
^arx^^q \5TfiT ^r<arr<r®t/ >iwj«h ^i^i<]<^1^ c^rm ^\sj<s ^r® f^Tr <^rx<p^ i ar^t%'?ro ^r^" ^ihj 

^t^^^: -s>k1w >ivk^-s] ^®r<rt ^tmjt <mc® -tR^r ^i<i% ^?rr vSTBn® i ^<ic c r:^, ^^tr^r-p ^r^rt^ 
1%® af^n^T ^cws. ^m ^i^t^ij% ^i^.c<ic<^^ ^r^t ^^f5 f5<pm ^rtf^r c>ic^^<^ \sr ^^pf5 
^i«i<iR-rs <n$ i ^rrgppp isrsr ^ ^pt 1% ^^f5 sr^® <n^c<<^i-i<Tw f^3TR^~ , ®m <^f®<u 
•sF5-=2?if\s<i*®r ^ps^ <^r??t b.c<^c^: "5j=^t -^ti^Ril^f ^rr <c<=-t \s~R4: srfrt ^?r^; i c<t><i<^ "sirs ^»^ \s~R4: 
^nr ^rr ^»-i<iH<t> f^^m ^r??t <r=-i "sr^t <jr??t, \s~R4: 

fpf C5TFF5qT^ ^FltSHCvb*T^T I 

^t^tttr^^ ^^f5 ^^rr § R^»R3t ^^ns^r wm^tr:^ ^n^t^u <t^c® ■vffcss ? 

^srT*mF®<t> srRp^r ^cm?. ^®r®r® -®\g*5*j*f f^j ^®T?r -y^-v^r^r tsr*r?r ^r ^ps^ ^tmjt <p?r <^T2>h i ^®t 
stt^rt, ^rr^f -§l<^m ^^° wto ^rm^ ^R<i^w<i ^wr wfw® i ^r^j^f affirm wi\®rr ^\sj^ 

c<t><^ <r^f^r&, Th^c^I^^ ^»-i<iH<i> ^r^: i 

^^rr ^tviR:T?f^ ■sf'spstrl^sV c^tfp ^nm^s <t>^c\s ^rf^fru <t*<ic<i i ^-i<]RTf^ ^^rsf ^i^xtj^: 
^<ic^i^c-h^ >i^<^ ^tr:«am 1wc<^ ^&^^ ^c\s ^z<i i c^^-hj ^tt^ I^r^t^ ^gt<Fm ^^t^^srr ^si^^t 
^p^t ^cmcs: i i J RR^ r r^R: i; r^:^ r ^-ictfe.^ ^-^*jiH1 sfc\sj<t>fD ^R-rrf^® 7 -sjarn^t <^i^<pr f%£^R:^T 

^rR<tT|T ^^R4 >StH-( i 

srsarsq- -hIR) Ih^vi ^cbfe. ^R^il>i<t> f^rrm c^Tf© ^^r c^r ^tc^ "^i^.c<ic<^^ ^^: c^^rr ^xTrf^r 
^<ir^\s <j??n"i -5ti^j<]^ -5j<?t ^sr^^f N»itviRTf^^<^ l%g ^sr<r PicH-^t <i>^c\s ^tmr^ ^tt ^^n ^f*i^t^: 
^tvjRTf^ ^R^il>i<t= ^srR^"' ? r^t s t "yrR^R<t> <(f^^® ^r «r^trr siR^r:^^ aremw^r ^r?r, ^®t?r 

N^l\s4m CH^C^s^ -5nsjTC5T ^SBT ^T5qXTT ^<]R\s <t>^C\s (.bC?Jlfe.C<^'H I 

t£i ^<pi^ ^R:<m T<i1%h ^r^tRt ^^-^ ^<]-^m >i^i<ij ^^ ^tr^^h <^n<i>c\s ^tr^ i ^®tr<i^-m >ic<i^ 

UNnfi* ^i^x<r.<=-i-s] aic\sj<t= <^c^< ^^pf5 <jr??t >y>Hm c^mrr^ ctfrrm w^n <jT-=*R3raiT 1gss51 <p^t 
fw#trr Ih^jvi hIR) s^cws. c^^p ^^pf5) ^i^R^ ^<t=<i>c^r jbT*?\s <p^m w^tr i alc\sj<^n? 

<mc\s -^tx^r ^n\ "*rr ^t5tsj ^<i>f*s ^l^^ 5 ^x?r ^rr i ^-i<HT:tf^ ^mw >i<iR^-s] f^ff^xr]" ^^msTrm 
^-i.ctfe?.i<r ^r^rrfl^ -?ic\sj<i>n? ^rtf^si ^<t>c<t>^ -n^r f^xsp^r <mc® ^rmr^ii ^srm ^st^u ^ -stt^ 
^nr f^g C3=r ^^ ^n^nx^ fe^r ^vk*^ ^rp^p c eg<t=lTa\s ^sr^d fi>R?\s <mc\s -^r^rr ^x?t i sr^f®- 

^TX^PfT ^s^RT ^s^R^Ffr ^fcr^l^JlxX^RsT >iv|ssc^ ^-^Cbfe.CW^ >|V||<3-f)loi «|^<W ^?R^: ^dbfe. 
^Tl^X^C^f] .Sf^nXsRT ^l^Rf^m \SC^-*fJ I ^-^Cbfe.W ^PT ^<J>Q]\s ^1C<=-1lbJ f%^X5RT f^R^C® 
Effir&\s ^TR^F ^ff^TH" ~5JpT ^3^ ^ ^ 1 C<=-1 1 W ^TRPT ^=Tf ^XTT R^F I ^-^Cbfe.CW<^ ^ST^#® SfC\sJ<1>n? 

~rr ^5 ^~Rm°~T cvS<:i^r*tT, f%c«nT \s Wrrr R€1h), ^Rm^r ^^° ~rr ^wr c*j x^frt wrx<r <i? 
^<t>Ti\s -sj^T ^c-si-si ^tr:^ ^p=^t# ^w i C3=r "5=t<r ^fBx^ ^sjw^ <pc^ T<i^\s ^fx?t, ^tmjt ^x?t ^ <Tn 

i-*<ij<i^f<T ^r:^s, \s^s= ^R:^5f orwtrr i 

N^lC^lbJ t^RT >IH.^ O^SR^S ^Tf^mi ^P^^" I 

^»-i<Tw i ^itST ^m^wf t^'1^ ^rrgf^p^ ^i^c-h^ -5q-sjT^r#f cwt^d ^^ ^st^xbs?^ f^n»M ^f^r ctr^sr) 
f^r^rj' ^Tsj^: f6R?B ^^e ^p=^t^ ^Tm^n^Ffflt i 

-mz<5 c*r, ^©,1%,^^- iss^K 1t>,%,1% \Sv»ij^ ^^5: ^r«q- ->g-RTT sf^tf*^®, ^^ ^s ^ortt^t ^-^ch^it 

\sm >iv|\s^j ^^fl* ^-i<]T^f i ^itSt ^^^T^trr cs^^r^rc© ^-ict^sR "^nwR^rr ^s^-inr <mc\» ^^ 
<si, c£]^t, 1%) ^rr ^R^^-i c^rc^r^ ^rf^^w^T ^Jific-ac^) ^-i<jRf i 

*®tt Ml?jviHlfi ^cbfe. ^i^c^c^-a RM erfbt ^-i-aT^f ^tf^ ^ar ^r^®~ >i^i<ij >^< aryRfft w?r 

<i<nc\s ^tmr ^^rm i smfi: •iq^fl* .sJRj* ^i«t<n<w r¥x^t ^f«*rc<t* <i»t^<i» wr^- <j<nc\s ^tmr ^^rm i <iy 
■3=r<r f%^j f%^f -srfbt ^i^tw *t^rf "s^® ^rw c?R^r c^^m ^s^f <n^q- ^^k Mt^ -^^RiRRst 
RR5*)\sT TbRf® <t><c\» "3=trcru ^fr^t i isp^ v|\s<]R:"cf^ «r^hr t^gR^^r -^fo "5tt*tst ^r??t ^rr i 1%^ 

cj]<tivsr-s ^^JslTfcRs £TR?Rt C^^lT^P^ c^^TT "5|^T ^Tt^I <I^d\s "RR3T ^^TT^m eR^>T "3TRCRIT ^JR3T stlTC^ I 

•if rB<i»ins t^f^n^RTf^ xsR^rfT ^r^j^f >ivi(:« ^Tf^p®r f^rPiy® ^src=t -^s ^f^r "sfRFr ^r^t i ^fl* 
5^tw wr^- f^rpiy® ^r^i RRp5\s ^;\sTrm ^r^t ^t?t ^?tx \st ^^j<i^<^ isrp?. fwr ^ItM<f cfi^jR) 
srra^ ^st^j ^^ >i^i<ij ^^qR-f >i*i<i "®R5tr:"ct?t \s\sBr ^f#t*f c^rst vj\»<|i^i isrp?. wmit ^p^*#t 

<i^=v)R:^m ■^=v|\ S r «an<i>c\s ^z^, ^ru^ c^ <a<nc\s ^tr^ ^tfff^r "sj^t ^tt^ <^\sBr ~<^t\^ c^t«j<^ <ic\s 

<10-1 "CfRft ^R^ ^R:"Cf^ "sq-^sjj <^®- ^r-n^U "5TtSs<1>J 1<|^JV|R4 I t£P=t<r %%fSlTr5T ^|V|R<^ ^^f®^ 

" s ^i^)j<^< ^r:w hc**t ^t«n ^r^ N^tvim ^cH<t= ^fi^irs-i^ f^nrtg^s ^g Pi^T^s ^»<-^m ^^r:^ 
^5?Ti=Tr^ <ps\c& ^tr<rit <t=c-si<^; i ^srrsrm ^rnr c^r ^st ^rr'^r^TR: 1 ^^ ^^x^s eg^pl^ ^iT*ft^R:"cf ^frj^ 

^xT^ifw ^T?rm URm ^^x -rffe ^xoi<«.<t> ^rmr >w« vk<=-ij g^« ^fw, =rr^ <?^c\s, ^i^.c<ic^t 

c<fr-t ^^f5 ^M-i^-nTr (?t «it ^^rm ^rr i 

t£i ^^^ «im «rmr^iR<i> UNn^fi^ "5R:*rj -^^rsr sr^?r, -*rf^hs \5t sr^« -vtz.-*^ t%otn ^sttt 

^sr^-n i vs§ vS<^l< T3=r^^ *mrR^Tft<p -^f®^ ^^ ^^c^tc^r h^h fH?jvic<p b^f^<^ cs$z<f f^sr 
<yRiR:^~, ^rr ^i^.c<i<^ f^f^r^cH^c^ ^srtt^t I^c^cw^c^' ^i^.c<i<^ ^t^r^s ^^x ^-^m <t><c* 

<p?rc<r, -vfth f^v^**^ f^3=rR:^ 'Sl<t>in5 <u<i^m ^sj^q- 1 f^^ ^sr ^»-i<n^f<T "s^r c^rm ^^m ^^ ^^f 
^-i^T 1 ^ ^?rm R>^.c\s c^sk-^> t:^TTt:^: Rc^s >n»j^ v5§ tslB<^l^ ^^f^ ^•^H^m i ^rrsq-RTf^ wmt >^^ 
^c\s ■^v|\ S r c^rr-jfR^" ^1^"° ^^ "sr:^ f^Tr c^TCtf^T^^) ^^ <f^f f^^r stctT?^^ ^1%*t ^w 

William G. Wells 
June 23, 1997 

>Nsj\st ^^rr^rt: <i=^c\s ^ttf% ? c^Ft^r 5^® wi^Fm ^t eTct^^ wf^^if^s wr:^; 1% ? (<fpt et^^ 
"5?r5r <pc<*\ ^% ^m:^: 1% c*r ^w ^rr5TK:"cf^ wt^^R^ 5 " ^»ivjrtt?t ^Rf^R^^ -^Rii>mht w^ <pi\c& 
■v+Ksss ? ^Hc-h-si 1% ^sr<r ^tr^: ? ^rrsq^r ^^tr^t c<p^ ? wtstrtt^t -jfs^r^R ^^T^^rm ? <xi^t^ 

^T^t "^rm <^^c\s ^rtf% 1 ^s^^rsro ^ivim ^nf%^fxa^ ^pr^f c^t^it ^hjcw-^ ^tr^^^j^ ^^7^ 1%fw 
<jx^ n^iTvi w?r ^tr^t eg^^sf^r •gfrzM t^^T^t ^: i ^r^r^ vajifvj ^rrgsfT-^ ^rrsr c^^r^r) ^tvim 

c*mrrc^ -^n^c^r ^Ti^fi? f^r ^^f5 T<i>ail% ^i^pwi^, s^sttht ^^x ^rm^: ^^pf5 ^xstht, 
wtc-hc^^. "cfT^t <^c^h t£pr<r -5?t5t ^sr*f^ ^5f<rf<r \sR:"cf^ ^rc^; wr:^; 1%^ ^-^^k^pst ^^x 

<js?rc<r xsrrsrm Pr:w?t ^Rr^t^ >^rs<:^, ^tvim ^s^ ~c<fn,, wrsrm c^& sirF-Fm <Fpn a \ 1 ^ ^t<x wtfsr 

^t^^t%^ >iT2><t>\sn c^s) T^n^T ~f® ^rt <mf^t c*r <n^£<£<=-i-si ^Tsr S^fft ^xtr:^; ^sbt ^pt ^^x 
§1% *r£^?r f^r^^sr ^q f%^ic>i^ e9<t=ri\s 51 P® f^TR^" "5n-i£*if] ^1<£~i-si wfi^T am s-ivK^f 
c^rr-jmrf^T 1%^ <n^£<£<=-r?T ^*r£^r f^^w^m, ^if^wsm f^nr^s wr^m^ wt£^£-n <^R*to n^imt 

cg<JX f^\5T ^pR^R^ 1 

^bu.<! «r^ ^hit:^^ ~^rc*u fwz~s ^srprr ^^rm 1 ^fi? f^r ^^Ff^ ^^<pt5 ^nf^^s\sr, ^1^ ^srR^'^r <fP^|\s 
•sjiw i ^rr c<?.i<t> "snfsr ^i^r^ ^3 ^si^p^m ^^<yt ~wc^ <p-ac& ^tff% ^^r ^ivim sri% sr^^ ^®rr^to 

^^^ vi^<^l tfiRP?. ^^5: ^tst -tR<ur^ fe^r «rmm c^frSt?T "sq-^sjj^ ^t ^p^t ^c<=-ir i ^i^.c<ic<^^ 
^-^csm-^rr ^1^° f^^w®T ^l»^r^" cErm^rr ^p^fsi^: et^r ^^<air f%==T =rr, r^ ^st ffe^r ^bnr "STKgi 

<t>T2>H ^x-icb^ci^s ^m^^m t^xat^t ^-i<iw >ivl^ c<^vih ^r^ ^rf^t^: ^t stwrarpr ^^^r ? 1 ^ 
<Ftwf5 ^ivim ^1<ch< =r^=r i£(^K f^p^\c>\i\ -*tvs\ a.c^u ^srtfsT ^sn-^cvs c^r^f^TTsq" c^r "^t^s^s 

n^iTvi srra^ ^i^.d<i<^ ^fw®T5T 1 >©iwct ^rrsq^"^ c ^chj^ R^cwi >iviic<^ib.-sr) <p^m ^st^t 

c^R^Hrrr^f^rsT) ^^k ^r^r^rr^sT ^sp^^m^ff ^rw ^p^m ^st^j ^^stst i ^ivim <fr:^: ^ 
^•^i<^Ri <F®^rtf^T c<HHr* s iff^ ^tt f^r! ^t ^rtfsr ^f^m^s ^p=^j^ ^^f^-^ ^5 ^nf% ^rr^\ ^^aitf^f^e 

c^r^<^ "^w ^t^: 1^5 vajitvj N»iivim Pic^-fi ^<^i\sr ^tsr:^^ "^^ir^f^f ^xirft 1 ^»-i<iH<t> <icbfe. 


C3=r -3^3 ^srffsr -?Nit^T wr;^- ^i^.c<i<^ ^rej *j c-h -a ~wc s ij ^z^rfw. ^^trt® wmRt, ^ivim ^r:^ c^ ~*F3 
■^tiRi^T <ir:^t c^ir^ -tR^^r i 

w^tj xsr<i~tr^: \»r "sj^t c^^f^<p .sr^FR^m c^ft^a ^rfsrm) %5^m wR7=tr^, vi-^j c^t^r^si 
•*d ^nfsr f^^m ^pf% ^i^.d<i<^ ^rr^rm^ c<^i<t>d^^ w^r ^^k -yp^-ac-H-a c^-ii^cr-a w^w c^rarr 

^XTlt^T I "^r^sT ^TTx wtsttcct^t ~^k.^ " 3 * j H% ^TR^" ^1%^R3W ^^x ^rR^t% eT^tcW^ "5R:*rJ <j^rr 

^=rm w^j ^R ^r??t f^RiTrffe.c^'H i "^r^sr ^rsi "c^rM^r <^c-sm ^rr- R>iH i5T^ wrspsrr c^r^r C\5T) 
^nr i ^i^c^c^-a C5=r w?r wtsr^tst <fr:^; ^3ttt \Sfi>\s ^nr c*r wSr \srtt?t ^fr;^; ^f^i^t^s t^r ^rr , 
\5t <u<i^m ^sk. 1 ^ ^rr^rm^ "sqi-ic.*^ ^i#h *t?h ^^x c^m^t >ivi^ f^rR^~ i 
^<t>fD^ S^^Rnsj ^gf& <ir:^t =tt, ^rf^^s \5TCs wr;^; <p>Q>-^ ^^x ^RR3rr*ft 1%^ ^rsr ^t^s ^nr 

^5^m f%1w^s isj^^ isx^x ^<t=f!5^. ^®r<r ^tr:^: i ^rf^^s ^rrsq^t ^fsi^t^: t^iw ^tc^" fSrpyo ^c\s 

H->IV|1^^T^T C^P^l*f ^-i^J^f) ^sj^jrB^f >|VL^ I 

<xi^t^ -?ic\sj<t=n? '?tfd?y?s \S^s=vi ^rwi1% ^tmjt ^p^t^ -?jr^, ^ttsttr^ 5 t%^ ^«ic^H« ; -^^l^s ^ 
^rpsf^f^r <u<g«3\s sidbfe. ^^?, "*rf ^-i^R:^^ ^®rsr® RRs*)\sr ^1% <i>fid^; ij 5 ^^ c^r ^ra" ^M 


■n. <r^: -^vK^f ^R>^iT>i<t= R-um ^<i^sr ^?rr isrtn Pic>sr^ ^f^c-a-a "^f^t^t c^rra -«i<c« <fmw, 
-srr sj«tpto ^9^" ^<p w^ xsrrgf^pp fisfStrrR^rsr w^r c^^rr ^sr c^t^r^- -^p^\ 1 

^.-5j=^t ^r^ TTP*ffsr<F ^t^ht *iv[\siT^<p- ^t#Rf ^t^i^^ ^w*s <MHf ^jr:^t, ^^mr ^r:^ sf^rsr c^ri^t 

^iR ^T^FR^^ v3£itr*tT ^9^"° ^Pfe <3~fwf "yp=^|<$5lH, C^r ^ra" slFs-^MsT ^JR3T N^ll^r ^T#T 

f^5TR^~ ^M-ini-sW ^R3T l^rt?R^ sTtlT^: 

"*>fl£>C<t>-s1 vS^s-s)" f^3TR^~ <T=TT ^XTT siTR^" C""5j^T ^T^ ^tvjm ^FR:^ "C^I Wt sf<Ft^f ^R3T," ^ra 

^1 ^||^.\s| 

vevf bee 
c vU yjf vc 

ci eE£ 
vek VnnxMY 

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sf^s-s-tc*^ vsfB jq<fm ERi^nw^ftiT ^°~r ^»-i<ifH<t» EfWrrnr ^1^*0^: ^®f®^w <mc\s ^;c^ i 

i£RP?. -5j=Tsr^l N=Mlfv| sf^T^s <j>c^f^ >!<^<]\s= ^STffsr -?Tf^T "SR^rsT w^J EffiRpTTT <J^» <Mfte>. Ki) 

wrctrt ^fr:^;- ^r^t wSrj^;) i &ic^>s<p -^t^rRTr^: -m^r "sr*^ «h?cs> ^tr^ i ^ivir-ctst ^i^^fj^: >\<^\ 
^tvjRTf^ vSd^-^tr, -=»Rs^t11\s\s, c^T^t^T <^<T° atwT^f " s H51'*l=T ^r??t ctf^R^ ^<r 1 t%^ N^lvj^r c>l>l<l 
c<t>vM ^^t -sHrs-^r <^r??t ctf^iT^t, -zf^t ■^>\'i<w=T^ fllvir c^aft ^T5j^: ^rr ^mr:^, ^stt ^rr stR?^, 
"sq-prtf^ ^tt *$K<F ? ^p^tr^^ ^r-a<t>iRi<t= wf%£rm i£(^k "5j=tsr:^^ -n^r ^r ^frVrtsit wr-tr^- 

"S^T^rf >|*ir ; e"*tff ^M-i^TCr?! ^®)T3\5RT ^llv|\s <1>^C\s 1%g -STM^^a "^rrmRT I 

>i^i<ij (<fr-t ^f«y ^tr^: 1%, C5=r ^ft ^rrtifi: ^?rm ^^x ^R^rsrom "str-t c^tmr^i ? 

^"c^r^st vajilvj fSrf^S' ^I^c-h^ ^.R^ ^-i<ir;w^ wf^>Rq- c^m^t >)vlc« ^ic<^ib.HT <p*rf%: ^R 

<<=-if$. i wN^r fSsr- iHf^rd'S^ -^t^l^vK^f ^<Fn» \S^s*vi <r^: s^o-it 

How to read the Bible for all it's worth, by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart, published by Zondervan. 

WT5TBT " s *f'«hf® 'H5l\s : C5^ "5»Tl£>C<1»-s) £R% O^fS) fH^^i ^R3T ^^TR^P **Hf<M 5 ®rFST ^ivjm 8fB~ 

^rffsr <-£)t3t <i<^c\s ^"^^tft " ^i^x^^t "5RFT >ih.c^^ ^•^hx^ et^s c^ch<^) ^ic<^i<t=^n^ <^z.^" i 
"5p?r ^r^ ott<F N=Mt>iRTf^ ^x-i<T*T >ih.^ ^Tsq-^R l^rd\s ^r^^tr^: ^p^^r ^.cvs ^z^ i -»ften? c^~cs ^m 

\s= ^Rl'^ ^llv|\s ^*R5R^ ^^d 11 ^ ^Srd-HJ C^R'JfR CWTT 1 

i )"5J^J£T^<FR^^ 

C«t) =n^.c^5l &$^m 

^y "5j=Tsr^<j=R^^ ^^sRic\s ^r^«=cf 

C«t) >|V|<j>|<^1h ^FR^5f^ sr«a|T 

c-n) «rs^T/ sR^m/ ^^^ cf^^R^s; ^fr^t, ^rf©^",^' 5> RqTm ^.\sjiR ) 

«) ^l^lR^^ ^^rR-T ^^t^w i«]^ t§*?R3T 


c<f) srmfsF^ >ivi i^^i^t ^-^cbfe.w >ih^ i 

iTP^t ^rr ^?rr ^^x xsTsim^t wt^rm c^i^.c<i<^) ^rr f^r^r ottt ^^x ^rr arcTnw^ ^7^5 \stx« ^T#t 
f^Rrsrsr ^-i<iw ^p^#trr ^^a-a T^fs^v^^ c*mrt<mT w^it ~5Bffr? ^n^ ~ro^sr w^m^ ^?rr ^cmc^: : 

<^) x»ii'^Ri<t i c^^r c^ csf f^, ^^r ^ ^^r f%, ^^r ^n<T ^^r f^) 

■n) ^t^n^Ri\s e^fpt cRiF»° ^i^.c<i<^, ^t%t^i^v5 ^i^.d<]<^) 

c-^o ^T5q^® c^^rffr^T ^s^rf^r ^^so-pjff \Sdi^T'«tJ\s xsr-prsrR ^ar, ^^r "sj^t "33^ lbl*3\s ^gri 

c^s) ^^pf5 n^i^R^ ^^^5- xsn=rprr <^-a-s c^rf^r >i^<i ^td, ^^f5 ^sr^jrm ^reflj ^-ic^T ^t 

^f5 ^TR>T ^TT ^M>G^>1C<I ^ sfsiT^ ^C^r*tTf5 ^s^RT "sj^Pg^T £Rn~t ^R3T I 
CIO^RhI >HH^ C3j>|V|T^m, G2fR\sC^^ ^Fl*Jl<l<I^Hl) 

c^s) >i^iyw?i ^Tf^Tx^ ^rr^f^rm 'Sc^c^tps <H-Hr ^i^"x R^!\s ^r^ix^srr -^51 ■^=r ^^s=t 1 
t$r) ^Strr ~&^= 


<«n»T ^miTh ^f^mr^^ "=g1w ^re° "sj^t .sfc^sr ^Hr^^fT ^-i>ifH <t><ic& ■^=v|\ S r 

1%) "S^F < *tf& ^3F : 

^i) x»)l'^>R|<ti C^^T C^s- osf 1%, ^^T ^Q ^Q^T f%, ^Q^T Wf<T ^I^T 1%) 
■Jf) ~T^rlwf%s £l^T*T C#Tl%° ^1^C<I<^, i£)fgfsp-T^5- ^1^C<]<^) 

■n) ^<^HivM<t> ^rc<T t^"^f%si >M<t> *rm^rr >)*i<i i 

<f) v3cs3-*fc*rmr -*ttl ^ft^t >ivi^ 

^r) f^M^ro: <pQ>-^ ^r^f^st^r, ^s; ^wr, ^^~° ^wr ^T5j^; i 


Ci.) ^J*{°^t *]V|\sCvs>-f) <^>)Vi<>. 

c«d ^rr^r^Tm 1<^c?j^ ^r^#o >i^i<ij -yRc^ c^rsi <ifw\s ^rt) cwr^rm ^c^n ^sf=t; 
^i^c-acs-rsT <ts?: ^rsi w-'M^^r vm<i* ^nsc* c^f^m ^cmc^:- ^i^c^c^-a ^r:^ 5 " wr^m ^ww^rr 

^srijsrtf^s ^1^"° ^wr^t^t ^M-i^-RTr^T ^ttffter wbpttstj c*mrR^ wrsrR^rsr ^t^*tj^: ^<i *jff <nwr 

en) e«q<^ ^^xtt^ "5q-«TRFm -*t*=*if\ ^^5: ^<j>vj ^§, t£Rr<?. ^f&=rr 1%f~t% c^^rm ^mc^*m <p^s=t, ^rm 

<^i^5^ 5f^m 1%x^T e<q<^ *j^T, ^I^C^^T ^CMs. lHC>Sr^^. \S^s=v| ^»-i<TW, <Jn?H esq^r .ii^w^r^ 

^sr^^m wr:^;, \st ^c<=-it *if<iva wiwr i 

■*r) ^i^.c<i<^ t^^^Fm ^Tsj^: ^n^vb*^ >iv^^ esq<jx ~-r*tc?=fr<t >ivi^ i 

^s^tr:^ c^mrr wr:^;) wM^rm ^nfw'^r^ ^swirresr ^rmr^ <mcm> lsrp?. \st "yrvr^rwsr <mc\») 

r&r?o ^i^i^^t ^-i<iRTf^ -efcrrm i 

fn c?j C5.h ; eg^r^T ^®Rp«tj^: ^mPt ^rr^r^Tm wt^i, wM^mr ^R^t%c7® errtM" <f*f=t i xsnfsr 

^n^CKC^-l-sl <p-*f\z> ■^=v|\sr esqwR^q- "5=RvSa|Rj\« <pf% \s f^Tf^g ^R3T <rf^T, ^^(KC^-l-sl ^miIh ^r^t7?m 
wf%£TR:TT^ ^Tt«rm >|V|?g esq^x ^1w \5v»5j c^C^ ^-i^^^ ^sR^q" I N^lvj^r ^1^.C<IC<^^ ^^^ 

esq^fl* ^-icb^H' o ^iviRTf^ fSrc^RTf^ c<r=Tm srcTrr'n <p-nc& ^tff^rr, t:^ ^rt® ^rr ^rrsrar ^snf^r 
^t c^ >ivictt t% ^^rr ^csjc^; i eg<Ff^ ^i^.c<]<^ c«fi?^ \S^fi^ w?r ^si^: ^<3Trr vSTBvs ^nr ^rm ^®r<r 

^R;^^ "^t ^1°"??^^ c^~cs\ c<p<<r\ -5qra ^srsj^tl^® <ijT^ f^rf^ ^-i^T^f aff^rmr ^Rt%rg fsPi'^ 
<icbfe.H ^miTh 5t^m i •5HT<ie£i N^t^em \S^i>ic-s^ ~^?tr5: c<i><i<^ ^ivj^r ^st?t c^t^s ^-^-sh ^f% i f%^ 


^t^<fr^^ wffeamr c^rr b^-ic® szzss i sr^TTtz'^m ^i^^tj^: 1Rf^§ ^^rr ^r^n® ^^^rm ^rr«rm^r 
wf%s)TCTT^ ^r^ns aRn^R^ <p-*f<t> -2Rnf~f\s Pil^rB «r^r: <: t^ ^jwp^ strrtr^p ^^^r ^^x 

<<=j<t> I ^9^ W^J N^tV|RTf^ .SR^S -5J^T ^5T°~T CMZ^ M*JV| h1R> C^sT <FC<T 1r C* ^7R l^fi* t<T*f 

^j,b>Ri\s ^fR<p?t, Rf?f .sri^st "5j^r ^r^^Rst -hI^vi #R% \5T ^tst^r ^r^t i T^t-nrg^P® =, ^ch^ >iv|sj 
wrsrR^rsT Th^vi hIR) ^st^r fW \s~R5:, " wrsrR^rsf' fR?T5Rn1%- ^tc^& -sj^t ^ix^^R 1R?jvih11\s 

^i^.c<i<^ errTC'jr c^rm ^t?t ^u^^ ^t«it ^\s^®-^j5 c*t, c^»t<i <3T*?t ^JiRxi-acR^) ^i^.d<ic<^^ 
IRrtWS "sj^t ^r^^Rst w^jt ^^f5 ^^° ^^f5 w?f^: ^i^h >i-^\s i c^ wJffr> ^|R .sr^<FR3m 

fsTC^R^R i ^^ ^<i>fD^ w?r ^t ^Sc^T-tJ c^kr^ ^oi<i= >i^rj ^c-h<j* £Rrtc?r wrri-th^. 
^trsTrr ■?rm i 2RR~mf5 .srf^sr -^r-^r erithw^t ^tsjc^st f%lw^®^: ^rr R^ ^<p*$f^: 

lsi -st^r® ^srtfsr ^-i<iw ^^° ^ -eRRM/ wRR'tCH-a ^rcs? ^Rf%r§ "sj^t ^srt?^ affirm 

^sric^ibHT <t>c^Ife. i ^^R ^srpg^T ^rtfsr ^^c^c^ ^rg^w^Fa wRriR*^ ceRs^-hI? ^ic^ibHT <pf% i 

Pi^r^T^® -tffRs^R ^tf^FFt N^tvim w^tj "^tr^rj ^nfft ^rtr^= 

^) ^tf^ra N^t^em "^tr^rt er^rt ^p^t c \s<=-i-r i>"sq- <t>Ri^)Tr. i.=^- ^=ivb) 

^f) <uiT^"?p® -Hxz^f^ is ^^r\ ^9^"° ^^^r® ^rr^f c^y^^p -^Ri-^m ^^sTrm ^f^rj ett^rt ^fw^ c^^-ht 

■n) ^g^?^ 5 wR~m ^¥s^ cRRt ^i<^R^rm ^f^?r stt^rt ^^-^ k^: ^^p.^fte i^=H- i>s; 8-^=^ 

«) Rh5jri^5 ^1^"° f 5 R^m~Rcc^rr'?ri) «arr<pT i 

c^) osrap^ wf^© ^nrrm, Scripture Twisting, pp. 17-18: "c^^i 

^t?t i ^i^.c<ic<^^ fgj'S\sc^s'\s c^R ^s^ 1 c^t^ft c^rt:, c^ic<^i<^) ^^m-^ c^rl:, c^K c<^i<t= c^r^: ^rm 
"srT^iTcsr ^rsn® ^rtf^p" ^-i<iT^f ^r^^tr^: n^i>ic\s ^tr i 

^^■^ c^ivih'SI ^ztt ^tr^p, ^t^m ^rlRTa N»ii\©r sf^^i^ Irz^t^ ^^r^m csv^, ^ssr^ ^^° ^ifi»<^ 
^•^<^r*T^ ^srtsj^:, ^«R( 1%1R ^sm^ si^b-^p^T^ >\^.^ts f^TRR ^r^H^f t^StrrR ■n c R:^" ^1^ 
^tc<^j^ <^^\sviit v^-^-ow-^ f%^R:^" f^rgw <t>d^H-^Ti ediST c^^rr ^R sfd\sj<t=n? c=tr^^ ^^r^ 
1R^?t ^r^, ^i^.c<ic<^^ ^^m 1R^\s ^3i f^&m ^^-^ ^•^t5Ti%^ ^rtsm: £W*f <^^c\s ^rr siw^ 
■^=v|\sr f^TRR R^i^r ^s^^, txiviHH^ ^RTf^ c^srm' ^s -^^ ^rzw^ f^r?*^ ■^=v|\ S r sftrR 


f^nr ^=tt ^cbfe. \5t ^p^i^ ^<i>u ^nr t%^ -?ic\sj<t> "3tr-^R><}> cs^a^r "^ttstbh c=tr^\3 \5t ^^ 
( V£ ) on Kierkegaard, found in Bernard Ramm, Protestant Biblical Interpretation, p. 75: ^-i?iR^ 

^sp^HJ^: W^sT f^TT, "5R^T sTR^T ""iMaC® ^X<I, ^ i; QjSf ^^<t=TS\s s|\5TT*tT fSRlTT, "^h^sm ^TCW 

" 5 >R^5 ^iTR:^ 5 ", \5T?t **t?r* ^s (<f5 csfSt -^h^sm ^TRPT f^3TR?q~' ^e -^rc? i 
( WTl) H.H. Rowley in The Relevance of the Bible, p. 19: 

"&rfi\<p\<l\ ^d\s 'HKsH ^TT I t%5 jq^j^f 1S3HCT ^<I^st ^53~R ^R3T ^Tt, ^m^ ^T *Jff ^SaR^TsT W^?T 

c^Pt R^-a erithw^ i ^iF®<t> R*j?j >\<p<r\ ^il^»<t= wr^; ^i^Rr-a wtsm; ^r:^t ^^x ^i^.c<i<^ 
f^f^nsjt^r ^srr«uii%^" ^t^f ^srm "SR^rt^Rq- «arf^^m,^s -^t^sr^ ^rsTrm ^^r^m ^^iw ertrw^ 
•ac?jc^;, ^^tr^ c^t ^Rst ^fr:^; f^vcsrc^ ^rsq-^f^r <i>^c\s -^tR^r, "*rfw ^sr;^- "^bt "s^^sijh^ 

^rr^r^Tm ^-i<iR:"sf^ ■ 5 S i «nR>d\s ^Tm^u <p<rm ^r^u fn^RiT^s ^tt^ T^d^r-*n^ "Sl^ifD^ ^^t^«it 
f%) sR<iij\sn? ^sr«m?jc-s^ ^-sk\s ^rc^s -sj^t ^rxT?*^ ^^^1% ^rsTrr '^^ 1 1% ^r^" -*£®<f 

t3=rsR:^^ ^9^^" -5lT2)\s ^^f ^c?jc^; ^t Ctf^RTS iX|1^ T3=rR<Rir <t>^d^" I 

t^T) s| d\sj <iifD ^sr«rJT5T^ ^®T«aRT ^S^^^l*? ^^p 3^sf^; ^<t>c<ti^ ^SWUS, <p^h^m ^5tfs^\<p xsrij^f 


\s) fcf f5^ 1%^ o5T5n^" ^tt^t c«^t c<f cm ffe) 

8) fpf f^r© i%^f^T5?A5 ^grtwr^ wr^r c^^r wm ^^ t%) 

&y j^r^w ^xf§^r ^t^t cf5 ^ f%) 

^) f*t cmwrnrz^r^ <T\^c<<r\ (cm f%) 
^r^^^cf f^n»w >ih.^ ^Tsjsftfsrva ^qrr i cr "5T<r ^r^tr^: .sR;^?t "sj^t ^t°^t "c^y^p Pr^m <m<:\s ^x<r 1 
RiF»w ^M-i^-nTr^r v|\s<iri?f <^q<i° «ivf\s^s= >ivL.d<i^ csq-^sjj) osr<f <p1%"5^5t wrgf^r^ ^x«i<T*T ^^r^rr 

<P^sT, ^|vj<T ^XITh ^T^FR^^ fwm ^-ijv|\s C^M-ivjfsr ^s) -n^T f^£R^ <P-s\C& >l^v| sidsjd^: 1 
2lC\sJ<t> ^M-iCb^.CH-sl'^ esq<pf5 ^\©»«-?i*f -y^si WR^ I <4t5R^ ^=TT ^C^C^! " WR/STt^T ^1<PT" ^®T«aRT 

s =M«i<:t>fe.H ^vk*^ ^r:^ i^f^iw 1 c^r ^sr-u^. "^t^p® <i^.c?j^ ^-ic^T >ivii^^t^t w^f c^arr ^R 
^s^^^j5 1 R*jc?j<^ "c^lRi^ sr^r^: "*rr wrf^r ^srsjsflf 2 ^® .sj^pbt <p^<p f§rRf^ ^xtr:^; ^t ^5ft*tt^: 
wtstrtt^r:^ 5 " ^-i>)-si o t <t>^oo ^p^^r ^c\s ^>x<i 1 

ffe) ^c^"'^t ^x«i<RTr?i c^rf© ^Tsj^: *|Tf ^x«i*j |51 *t*f ^sr^ra^t ^jr?st i isrfi? ^ivirtt^t xsnfpf .sr^R^m 
fg^t ^r^tt ^m-^-sh ^^5 <ti*it ^r??t i 

•so <^i%^R3w -yrtx-^Rxjs ^^nfS >ivi^ 1 

<2:) 5P^^ vS^tfi S-iV^ I 

^:) HRfrt ^®r^#o c<fr-t c<fr-t c^^s ^tsjc^: f^r f^r^ ^pr:viR<^r^ 'Sjt^rs wi^c-H-a 

-sff^^Tf "« l%^f^5fv5 'gnwrvs ^i^ich^ ^i^ra<i> ^R^^-=r 1 
^>) fw 5^ X5T ^ ^xf^PT ^t^t C1^ ^ 1%), ^^rr ^cbfe. ^srRr5qi^<Ff^T ^i^.c<i<^ crPTf^fi? 

C«y^P ^^Pt^ ^Ifivjsj, st1-H<]^ >|V|^<^j v©)^<tw I 
8)fw CW^^STR^TST ^1^.C<]<^ CCW 1%) ^rT ^Cbfe. -?lR>v|sg, sTl-S<]^ >|V|^<^j ^-i<RTr?T 

^^p) ^rmt 4^ ^r?rr ^R^?r^ ^tt \sr^t^ t&t^j ^<^-ht vm<^ ^x^^wt ^r^j^f, -sR:^e "sj^t ^TnT^t^ 

>|V|>|JT ^T5j^; lbl*?\s <t>^C\s ^rR<Rir <p<\c& ^tR^= 

*©) <j i<t>-si»i^® ^r^" <^T2)-h ^r: 1 ^ "^t ^tx^t ^^° -n^r i 

8) T^rr^T C^T«J^r ^R;^^ -^TR^f I 


^cq-psf ve -ypapja^jf^ ^SfsiniJCH^ (7^^3 f%*TTC<T CT^f^TsT f^R/Sp \5~RF <JR3T I C =T^=T f^R£^~ '^J ^R3T) I 

^srf^<t>\s< ^s^s^«f ^M-i^-nTr^r "5j=^t f%^nr ^tsj^: =t^=t f^n^ fac® er^§t ^t=rm i 

armf^p 1<<-sH : 

ifi)-*!^' \S "C^TSTT^ ^TT^Rl<^ V|^<^1 \sf^: "5R^T <J>C<) I 

f%) i^rsr f%==T ^Fgtf^p" -h^^-^^s, ^Fgif^r^' \S^\s, ai7?»rr^R^ «r^f^r^TiT ^n^tf^p <ij<i*3\s >i>ivir^m 
t^r) ts^RiTrm ^n^c^ \sm The Frist Three Gospels," p. 19, ^tus <c^c^^, " ^r*r^r wrspsrr 

-sr;s1T i«q<Ff5 ^fw^J*f C3=f^ -g'Eji-s "S\s<Jl ^3T I \5t ^gTS^T f^TTSR^ slRxfiaBT, ^ft^^Ksm ^TS^T 

Rc>ic^ <u<i^m <)>^c\sr, c*jv)Hrt5 c^j,Ri\scw^) ^Fi*Jl<i<i^=fT^ sr^^rsq" Rc<i><( ^r^z^tRTf^t ^^t ^rr, 
^mw Kerygma (Charisma) ^sr<rr^ ^^1%^ ^^tr ^T ^®rr«mi%^ ^rlw ^=rr ^rr i^j^t^^ f^TRrsr 

^cmcs: i wpqTsT ■s'tw^f ^s ^mfTJ ^*f^mr ^o^^f^sr ^rc^ YHWH c^GTrrt: eg%& wfg^ eg^r&) 

^>«I^ C^=TTIT smTT'St <F<Tt ^TT I 

^:) 7P*{ t&t^u "5rRr ^-i>ir^ ^Tsq^^R:^^ ^Sc^-tr ^ts^ f^^r cfSj^«r^) sfum ^<i% f^r^j b«51 <p^t 
The Great Commission-" ^®r^^^" o®ivj<r t^frrr tsjw ^iRjc^p f^r^j ^^; f^sr ^s ^ra ^s -^R^i 

^)T®m ^TRTsq- ^T^tf^'^R^P ^rr^t^fw^ ^^;" 

Ci.) \5RTf?T c<p ^vfi^R\s frr^RTf^T^P ^t^>^ Wto <^1^X I^R^T >|VL^ ^^T^ <JR3T ^TR^RTI <t>^C\s 


Masoretic ^^?r "sj^t ^sr^h f^R<rr Septuagint^rc^ ^tsttt ^rm ^rr, 

C-^O \5TfTT vS^TS <J <t>-sH^F®- 'Jt^:^ "*fNs?T <F«i|T v3^R> f^XTT <^ITC^ f^g ^®T ^l"5q^T 1% R-s]^ ift^F 

^t%^ir \s^«itP?T ^2j-n1% ^ztr:^; i 

C"<£(<r^ a^rf' ) 3jl>)vj r^f^?r?T vS^^-h ^rr«i^T <p-ac& ^^1^ c^TRf^p v^<i-^r ^r ^r#R:Tr ^^^ Ercrt^r 


<p) -5rf^r= wff%?rr*r?rT, fSHfftrrr 

■«r) -5TT# : OsTTST, ^\sl<^l 

■rf) =^r: >^cijfi *ff a ^r#l l^wffwr, " s *trn7=TSi^~r 

\o. i ©fSp*r ^t\sc<ii^ sf^arsq" f*rc<F csf, est tsf^r ^w ( J.J.Griesbach) \s\s f^rrf^^r^ c*r, "5rRr ^i^° 
®j<f -tfNs?i wWt >i"Mc«h ^n=Tmr wf=Tmr Rki-sM lw-c?jlfe.c<^-s, ^' ^t^p^r^^: ^^mI^^ 5 ©^)73t 

8.^1% ^i\sc<j>^ ptiw f^tr^ ^i%&, cm, c^^Tsur^ ( H.J.Holtzmann) ^» ^TcTrrsx 5 ^ c*r "5qr# 
f^r ^r^Ers^rsq" t^tRm ^gprsrT^m <£,<;% -srRr ^^x =3<p \S^>c?j^. ^®m sgpTsnsrc^RT «t?h <u<j*tf<T 
^c-aHsx^-M, \sm ^r:w ^rm ^^pf5 t<Tfe.H wRi^ ffe^r, 'mu® f^r "*fNs?r <^s»«, ^rrc^ ^rr ^rr 
^<=^r Q ( German quelle or "Source") <^ifi? "^^ ^«.^f' \sw <c<^ ^RfBvs (i-v^-^ -yr^r Fredrick 
Schleiermacher ^s ^tst<r <pc?rfi>.c<='i-o i 

&. "»tc?T B.H.Streeter^^pf5 "^r^nf^s "^^ ^«^f' ^rre<p "^m ^«^f' ^=tt ^tt "*rr \sc<$-a ^rff%x?T 
>nsj!>i^i ^tc^ *re<T c^r^Trr ^XTrf^r \st ^c<=-if "Pro to Luke" ^g^ "5TT#~ ^w Q| 

<b. ^tc^st "5=rmR' jc fvi<=-i<js ^pr^n^m ( Synoptic Gospels) >ivk^ s^sr:^ \s^s*>ivi5; (.<t»<<=-i "sqrs 

7. Synoptics C5tbtr^ivm<i*) ^^r f^®e<T ^Xh^ "& ^r^t <u<i^K3m ^rc^fj ~***fe "srt^n >ivi^ <i^vit^t 

^rr«rm^r c^rr^rm^ ^rc^~ R-ai*©? -sq-r^r) i srftsr vi^<^lc<^ -ffh!s?T ^1<ok <«i>i<n5 c^rc^r ctf^rr "3tk:^:pst 

^Rf%rS Rf«»( wr^t c^rsrfsfni >£\<5K ~StW) ^stmt« t^ttsttst ^tt^r^pt^ w^t TTfft i csrfi? ^®i^>«tj^: 
<i<=-ic\s ^x^" c^r, ^x^rr ^srsjsftfsr® c^^f^^-n-^, ^p^rr^f^p c^^i^^ti^t ^t ^r^pc^t ■jit^pst <fi*j>ih.^ ^^"° 
^t^s^ >^1<]ch^ f^r^r ^Tsj^: f^^ibH <t>-nos>, "3=n>sric\s ^tm ^rf^xrr Ihc^s ^i^"x ^rm 3-kc-**-"^ <t>^c\s 
^rr^Tot f^r i( cf.How to read the Bible for All its Worth by Fee and Stuart, pp. 1 13-148) . 

B . Papias, the bishop of Hierapolis (A.D.130), t.*$z<f arm srfft^r vi^^l-a ^si^iP«<i> vjv«<rw f^r 
•^. uSt^" ^rc^f^ c<i?i^<)i ^srrcw; c^^ht ^=i>^, ^.i> : 8i>, ^.8 : «o) 


*©. wf^FR^f -far^r Th?jcvi^ vSi^fi >ivl^ Septuagint (LXX) c*$z<f, Masoretic R^«rh ^^?r 

^TRrspsT ^iZ^ "^^sff^t" <p«arf5T ^R^jw <F?rc^: 1 ^TZ% ^9 ^ftTT ^r^T^JCSTT^f^ VM<?> ~^m<U "5TTC#" 

^Tsirr ^^rm =rri "sfRr ^s -h^h Pnrcsr 1%x^t srt§t=r vi^<^lc\s ^<i»ar-H ^tf^f^s <sf& Hsx^-h ^m 

1. Eusebius, Z M H vZ nvwnK Ecclesiasticus, ^=^^=^0: as <z^z^^ "srf^r "5iT# -=£®^ <u<i^m 
^.. ^rr'c^p^-, wmf§^r "stf^r^f <]=i^^ <iq<pw^ " ^-^iCTl f^fi^c-a-a >i^b^ " isrtn "arf^s c^^rm) 

<f. ^s-f§^ sfg^q-r T3T5j^ f§rR»f<r<^i <F?rm -^iz^, ~*r\ ^z^ *®o "3tr=tst -srF-HTsrfRr ^tstctt i 
■*r. <^?r sixTrnsf^r ^^^rr ^^~° sr^ir^^ ^t^j 1^% >iv|ij wf%^tf^s <mc\s ^xrrf^r i 

<bi) ^®m "sr<r c \5t f^r ) ho T^n^pfT ^z^ c^n^r ^<p >ivic-?r 1 

^r. ^rf^ "5rRr ^1^"° "sqr# c^TR^t^ ^Rn>*Jm >ivictt c^^rr ^xtttj iz*f ^z<$ r®Tn c^t^r ^f^i^t^: c^r 

>ic<i^ ^^^f <^c^-h ^rf^: 1 Eusebius Z vi Historical Ecclesiasticus ^rc^sr o: : ^=^.cs ^f^fSnrR^^ 

vS«^f» fpf^TT <I<^C\s f^RlTr <]C<^Cfe.H, f^5^ i£RTs C^TT^T ^r^l^T C^R:"5q- ffe.C<^lH \s^f^T "5rRr ^ST?T 

t^r. ^c-h<i> ^tfws-n^r f^^m <i>c^h r^r, Mt% «trf^r -sj^: ^m^M^r-jfo ^t^<fr^^ cbc^j' ^3 fg^src^r 


f^nrr® vi^<^t^ c^anlbc^^ ^Rf^^s wt^^r <pvrr ^ra" ~5i^c\s c^ft -*tm ^rm i 

1%. Fusebius ^®m Historical Ecclesiasticus 6:25:4, ^x® ^^ \S<^R> fac^i <tc5tc^t c*t, ^tSt 
Rist^l f^g~m <jx?m w^jt c^^rr ^xTrf^r i 

^r^n® <i^n*f] ^ft^ixsjt f^x^p^r ^x?r x*i c^t^t ^^w^t ^r^sfff^ro .st^ftxsbt c^^rm ^Sd^-tJ 

1%. ^fe\s^H <Ff%^TT ^FT^XSqTsT C^C-HfO f^tX^ 5 " ^f^5 <t>d^Cfe.H I 

^r. f^psj^rtx^rxsr, 

^. -5rRm -^ftefl* ^i^<p o-ivi^ i ^T=Wf^= ~ s i^ <nx<^r?T ^m C5=r >\c<-a "sqx^iT ^rr<R>r c^wr ^^rm i 
"jq<3x -ffh© ^ >i<t><^ f^nr (tt^t <t*Ri<im -t^f' c\?fT^rr <v^v,;>;> : ;>;;>^ : g:^; ;>£>=;>; ^=i>) ^c-i<t= 
^tfws i£pt<t -sftefl* c£j<t=<t=^ -ffh©x<i 5 ' "h^h xsrr^fr" 1^tx^~ f^atftrs <f^st arx&gr f^rx<T (yrc°i 

<f, ^mar "s$®<f, c^-51?j ■*£•&*&, -n^rr ^®^-, f^Strr !<<<-o i 

t^sft ^sxtix^i 

■*r. ^^Ff^ *nsj\aife-<F/ w1<ih1 «ii<t>m ^^rr ^-i^Tsif^® -«r^ ^rc^r^ "sq-^sjr c<y?^p" c^r:^: c^^sttt 

<i^.fSd^" Rj-sfD -2tc& ^r-n ^p^t ^cmcs: Ci=i- s; ivb; 8=^h- ^= ^.o; ^^-^ ivb=^i- ^.b-=^.s>) 

*5t. ^^^©•s^f ^r^ "^t^tef' <j<^.n^r?r Tmnrt ^^ts^t Th*jc"5t?t ^R*jj\s ^r^t 5 ®j^^esx p ra ^•^hx^ 


c>i>i<i wta bR\s ^p^#trr ^nr i c^r ^w ^1\s<iii>i<t> <^mt ^nr i c^r ^^ ^cws. ^^ft* ^wr^<p® 
«ivf\sif^<j>,\S^\sv»TT^" -nft?®~ t»r^5T R*!^^ ^m^ff i >i>ivir^m c^^r^tst "5r:*it sic®^^ ffh3?r 
^1<ok <t>sj>ivi^: <£(<;% t^r^n c^ir^ ct^nr >ivio c^t£s; f^Trf^r i ^cn-st =t^=t -^n^cw^ fn^lB 
\sfc<p wf^^trr ^»rc<r ^^rf^s" ^m- i 3j>ivif^m >\<p^\ ffe^r £i~5R3m w=it «r^ ^®^p >ivi^ i 

■str^j -&3F ^^" Cf^t, >i> ^S^ CSf*t=D 

^fi? csj^i^ -s»ff^5 fti^*pp UNn ^rm wt ^cm?., ^mPt f^rcw^ ^r^rm ^i^.c<i<^ ^-^n^nr w^u 
wrfft i N^iviR^f^ Efc\sj<^c<ii^. ^5pT*tr^: f^psf t^psf ^ic^-iic® Rb<n <mc® ^z^ i ^-i^fc 1 ^ wM^rm, 

i. "3T5H® ^l^cKC^f] "3=rl^V|vf I 

"H1& "5^F "t^ Cf^t f*t.^5T O^Z<^ ^Tf® OT^fT) I 

^fl? ^^fr? ^tf^ P)d^*p^ fi^m ^^mr wt ^cws. c*r, ^rMf^r f5R:w^: wM^rm fsqw ^i^.c<i<^ 
^»-i<RTr?T w^tr Thrift i ^tviRTf^ Efc\sj<t=c<j>^. fspsf f^nsr ^mico-iic® Rb^it <t=^c\s ^z<i i ^-^o-rtt 

c^rrt^r c^^r) T^r-n fw^r ^i^"° R^^fD ^i^t^ -ama ^tc<pt sf^m ^w*\ i 
^. r^>olii " " " i 

-, ^<t- 5? 5? 5? 

8. b^^t i 

^tr- i. 

^srrgpRF ^si^rn^riT ^rScbfe.^ t<r^M >ih5- 

^^, t<, i*i^r, 8 isi^r, o^, csf, 1% isi^r, ^tbt, *spt, 1% "^s^, ^:, 1% 

"CSf, 1% 


"fhsfisR: 5 !^ <P?~rr 

~5t^ J fi§R: 5 lNT 


■=>, t — - 

"^hsfsfT: 5 ^^ 

-*fNs?T *s^gTs^s)»*( 

*j]^s<^ f]|>a?lb>\s <a?-w 

<<=-ll "sH^g 

<<7\\ "H^ 

i : i 




i : i>- iH 

i=^.:xt> c*) 

i=^.=<b l£) 

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i>=^.=Vb i£) 

i=^f%- ii 

i : vj»f^r- ;>;> 

i=<SaRJ- ii. 

i=i^.- i^b 

i : i-^- i>i> 

i.=i.^- ivb 



"*fhsi?T >sr-44 






<fV||R-s) 'AC^ 


i : i.b— ^i 

T%J,CBf] >Sr-4J 

i=iT^- ^G: 

> : >b— ^Q: 

i.=i.^- ^G: 

>>->>tr- ^& 

<*tt& S3? i%=t Cf^f . S cef^T) 

^M-lCb^H >|V|\sd<^ nsMIITt ^f^FR^m v3di^r*tT?T ^M«i>)-sM I 

w^tj mUt 1 ^tviRTf^ sic^s<pc<p^ ^srptt^: Rrcwccrsr wr?=tr^ t><^c\s ^rri 1 ^^tr^t c^cs 
wr^t^rm, ^i^.c<ic<^^ ^^x -^R^i wiwm sttstt^cfst car*^ ^r:^t ^<i->s4H) r>c\s ^rri i ^srMfsT 

^r^jmrfr* ^^f5 wf^R^n^ -^Tc? r^rt 1 R*i?j >ivi^ Sf**» <t><*>~\ 1 ^rMPr ^rr^i^rm rt?ri 
Rvst^^H.^^^ ~3^rc^ ^H7??rt ^rrSI^ ^x-i^'HTT ^r:w ns=-mt <j*-^h i ^-^cbfe.^ ^M <i»-sm ^RjsrfR^s 

srt^R^^g 1 -^~cs^ ^x-iii.b^.cH^'^ c<^<i<^ "5qra ^<Ffi? f<i*)%] wr:^; I 

i,. srsarsq" ^-^Cbfe.w 
vs. ^\srj 

8. ^vsJllH 

* ^sr^srfsr® ^tt ^c=-i^3 ^^s ^-^cbfe.w rt»m >i>jsi ^cws. ^iR ^£t^fR3rt ^sc^-^fi -a^c® ^tmr 

^r«rrm ^aTR^^i st^sj^" ^•itbfe.cH^'^ ^^pt^ ^p^^ c^HIri ^mic^iw rj^rt, ^tsi ^t fe^T ^^TR^^i 
EfC\sJ<t>fD -eW^ ^ST?T RT£W^T "5po ^^^ ^tRT^rm ^1^^" wRT^mr r<i^?4n5c<i» "Rr^ ^^TR^PI "^PSRT 


^T5j^: -£^twt?t w^j ^sr-^rtrt ^^r^ ^it i s)c\sj<i>n? ^t*itr:tfst oa^ic^ ^srMf^r ^®f^*r^: ^s^ycsr 

■^ti^c^-a c<frt ■^=v|\sr ^tR4: i^i^.c<i<^ -^trW-jr^t?* ■vftz&ss >\^c~s ^9<i° wto ^srjsRSRs >ki\sj^ 
sRTrfn <mc\s T^Tftro wr:^; i 

^x® ^TTatrr ^f?r ^xtr:^; i 

t£i. "5RRr ;>=;>- ^h ^^° ^35^ *©=^©- «v ^^ "sqx^rj -s^ ■*$wzr*fz^r?i c^ \5~\\^\<p\ -*tR3TR ■?rm ^tctf^ 

-5qx ? JI fsr^T C^T^ I -^RlfsR^psT i^f5 \s<yi ^srR^ : 

^rafR-T ccfrr f^g =^p" f^feXH-a f^x^F wrtg ^M<t= t^ N^iw^i -sr^® ^isr^st ^^ c^fr^t >i^<i\s : 

1%R4 TTRTl^lcW^ ©MJ R>R^ttlsX<='1-0 I 

•^. "5RRr t^tI^cw-^ ^m^wt f^i^wr cfto^ ^v&rr&vss t^nr f^RRr^ ^c-aHsxs-M c^s^rr ^^r^t 

^C-aHsX^H I 

1%. jq ^fR% C^5rfi%^ -^Rlb.?J) "5t<?3?T ^^>Sr|\s1?J ^Rlb.?J sT^rRiT^ \3c^*fl ^R«1^T ^9^"x ^1<l<IlHl^ 
^tR&^l*fet ERf^f^T ^^5 ^"R^l C^fT^R "sRfR 8S>=1^- i.-^ ^i^K ^, ^H^CTI^T H) ^ff%^l5 ^T^^T^ft 

C\5^1-Ht i 1 ^.-^.; ^. : i<2-,iH, ^.^>5 8 : i>85 b- : i>H5 i^. : i>H5 i^S=^S<2-; ^.i>=8; i=l =Jo, ^XJ-) ^Cbfe. ^d<=dlR><}> 
^1^.C<IC=i^ ^9<Tx ^.fi^m ^^"x ^Tsm l^^C-H^ ^^Rf5 CSTRJR^T ^R^T I 

1%. iH ^Rff^ ^5lT<l<J>lf2) C^R-nRT C^T C^FRT ^Rf%^fTT ^R^^g^R^F ^R^PFR»W ^5^t <^1h I ^r^FRJ 

t%. ^^^- sn^i^ <t> <ST-ii«5<3R:^?T ~5fz*u ^gRs^r Th?J(1V|^ ^Rjf^ ts^R) ^nr:^: c\^iht i=^^s; 

■^=vb,iQ:, i.1^) C±\>\< RR=H «1^(1^^ ^1<KHHl ^Rf%f§: 

f^Rs^r T&r^fr ^xtR^t, "R>r ^^p f% R», ^a- i>t>; ^R lh.\<p i-s ^R: 1 ^ <ij<i*3\s r^^ ^t-^n?^ ^r<r 
"^^prtRj" ^^nr ( Belhooah, 1% ^^p t^ t% 1%, i-s^s) 1%^ ^r' ^cb^. "R^t^: c^\^ij *i<-^>\ ^TR3t" 


( Almah, 1% ^^f f^ 1% f%; h^^ ^td- c^t^:) i wrfs) c<t=<i<^ "sqra ^<Ffr? -$vii51 >a?oii^. c-$vii5l<^ 
c^) "^h^xsm ^>p»^.it>)<|i f^m ^f^i c^^° wm Th^^-h) e9^"° 

^S. ^ = i.<3:- C^fXHTT ii : i ^9^"° ^ ; iV- R^Tv|?J ^Si=i<3: \Sv»5J^. Sffi<^^f ^3 N^l^T"4^^^f WH^I'Hl 

-^-i Ih?jcvi^ .sr^Br "sf ^i<i<]|h1^ fg^ <c<*\ *re<T c^t^t i 

lh^t, ^a, i^pt, 1% "Taf^T wt "*fhs?i <3x~n<r^t ^na" 

fi*, ^;, f% "iaf5 sicbfe. ^t^s fsfxlNr ^^f5 f^tRt^ -^tlRKiiRi^ R<ifM" 
~c&f, f% "-fft^ fgfxfNr ^x~n<i<^lfi ia^f5 fsrRtvs r^Ki^-H" 

<Tx~rf<T^t ^na ^cw5. ^.R>^ic>i ^n^nxspsT, ^.>i^r^p^, ^^tr^fr^^, csqTPm ^^° T^i^cr-a ^tc^; 

♦ "t^tI^cw-^ ^a" ^ ^-H\f$s^ affi^si^ -sp^fNx^ CTaT-^F^R^") t^r^trr ^^5ni% c^z^ \sm 
■5.^1^1 ^R^nf&s "3=nRic\s ^<i-^r^t^ I^ert csfmf^T ^r^ af^n^T <pc-z\cs: i c\^i-sr ^iftr 
8s>=v— i-^) i^f^r ffe.c<^^T ^nflt^ ^sf^tr, ^il^r ^s : i>3:; "sn^R<R:"5r^ ^"^^«t«j^ ^il^r ^.^.=i>b-; 

ta^fl* ^T^rm^ "sp^fldsj^ ^^11^ C\^i-^t s>=-^h; i.^=\s^s; i<s:=^^; ^o=\so- «;,; ^i,:^,:^; 

♦ "^wmnrrsr^ ^f^r^" =^c<t>^ ^°^r ^^^r® f^^c-s^ f^x^^ ^iw-cvi^ -3=nRic\s n^ki-^t^t i 
■^#r^i^*icw-^ f^nr csrm fwz~s sf<Fm ^x^i c^^-nr ^®nf^ i.^=^s; ^^=i^) 1 -arRr 


■sff^prm ^g^s ^s^rm ^^7^^: c<t>*-<il^\s ^r??t 1 

RetTf fitC^-M C^R^sIW ^^X fwf^TT \3^>C?J^. \slv)c-f)-f) >arOilf], C?iZ<F&f Hs.O-1^T C^^fld^ f*H\5T, 

io'Rd^stRiijT VM^l-a f^f\5T, lfe.d<^^T "<3~C<C^i\ f^sT fK\s-s1 Wfo, <^^X *<37^f HsX^-M OSff^sT f^St 
^~£Wft f^C^H <TV&T\ TnyC.Tfl f^stl WV^f HsX^-M ^R^TlvidH^ f^Fst t^fHC<l\s(l>l<im ^TC^ W^s 

HsX^-H ^lRiJ--jm~R^?T f^st, ^URiMlT^ HsX^^ ^m*R?T3 f^st, i£RIX ^TT*f^T Ife.C<^H >l<^v|^ir^ 

f^\»T b-^rmr tIsx^h I^^thtefc©^ f^sr, vm^I wRrarR^rsr f^sr, ^^x wRrsrt^ cwTPkitfst 

"\5T5p?f' f^r RstTm ^fa^^ c*r \sm ^m -n\»<i\si ^^Tit^T o^=-mt ^iR ^v=i^ ^i"^ <xi^f) 

^hr^ sr^n^f <p?rm w^rr^ ^%"»t5r ^-^c^ c^n%^^") "srf^s ^sr®^w <j^t ^cmcs: ^rr wt^strror ^r 
sMx^t^Iit sf^lH f%1w<^5 ^?rr ^?jjh rc^i -5R4 w^r ^^rrifte^ ^tf^pFT ^w ^^t ^XTrf^r, \5Brr 

i=o: "^m^"" ^m^" fl^T <^<i»srH <j>hih1tt -$<^lsr -sivi-hI ~c^i b^cw^ ^rm^iT <^c^lfe.<^ c^fT^rr c^rm>Trr 

vSHK<-l C^fTSTT ^#fn ii=^si; ^rR^FF^ ^ : ^Q:) 1 

sR^^T fiTRn^i f^T C^fTTT r^^sl?J -^vs=vs) I C*{ -?Tf=Tf#tTr ^^X ^Tl^lc^T^ t^^P^r ^^° ^^T^^ 

i£(^k i>-^) c^r, ^R<^" ^1^"° ?}ic\s^ ^mrr 51«^^1 f%=T ^rti 


i ; H 

L«q^r, esq, c£p=r, f%, tg^r, c^ 5 , C5f, f^ 
esq^T, \»ilf], <xp?r, f% "nstPT'^p" 

<j.c\»r i srff^r -s^TcgJ^f^r esq^ f^ ^<jk 1% os wrc^; "^rm^Ep" <£<=-i i esqfi* f^r ^ycT-a >ivic<i\s 
^t^tr <t>dfiH c*r esqlrr Etift^r -h^^ ^tRr ^t f^r i 

■^ ^i>sri<]<^l v-, s>; ^ ^^n^^t ^); c*0 c*mrr*f o^-mt ^ ^mwr^t, ii : ^.; i-^=i.s>- -^.i.; ^ 
^n>a?i<i<^t ^8); <s3,<jk c^s) ^rrsrtfwTrr ct^r esq^p ^ ^rsn^^t is; ^ ^x~ff<T^t ^«r) i 

i : s> "C^TWtsT vSfi^Jrc^ w^tr Thc^T^Co-m" ^ ^TsfT^^t i«Q: : i- h esq^x i ^rfwf<T^t *®=i^ c& 
^f^riTR^ 5 " wfwff^rrr ^=tt ^cmcs: i f»Pi t^^r^r ^<t=<sr-H "^r^sr ^»w ^rsn '^tr:^ ^»^t wrc<r ^rPr 

^°^n<i<^lc\s -^^- ^, <*!<;% ^HTir ^s^b- ^ss> eg' f^rfSm ^tr:^: i 
^■^^^ ^mt® c^fT=Tr ^ ^rsft -^i? ^ ^°~r. ««) i 

l^^m <j>c^-h c^r «nfsj<t> f^sr, «nrsj<i> t^t^m "sq^tf oj§o ^a, ^^"° "sq^cf R«m «nfvf<i» 


■*l3r fSjc^c-^^ ""i^c^ wx^; c^fT^rr iir-g:- s,io- i*,is- it-) "six® c^xwf^rrr, -sq-rsq-lft, 
>^^s c^rff^Trr ^^r f^nr >i^i>iRi tscs^^r wx^; i 

i=i«i 'xw^FfPnn"" \»x^ c<PifsRr c^=iht f^rafsnr ^=^3) <s3,<jk fwx^i^Trff^T o ^=rr «:\sri 

t^R^PTC^T ^nXsrm^T <t>C-sM \s^M WT<T <M>\ ffe^T "^iTs OS^T ^T^^TsT ifiRTx f»P( "5qTs 1%=T "srm <TTW* 

i> : i>,^.; t- : i>; ^.o=i,; ^.3=;>; ^.^=;>; ^.s>=;>; *o^o; ^si.=i.; ^^.=i,i«*; *®^s=^.;>; so : i)i 

□ "^lR<^C^T P(<1>H" ^' fH<il>M "5Tx*lfBvs ^XTrf^T -^tt ^j^l^siH'^x^rsT wf^x^r C^TTW\s 

^nx="D i ^xtpp" ^m^: ^iR^c-h^ <>wj ^mr fw^^rxsTsq ^<<^i«h ^xTrf^r- ^oa-, ^^h, 

Qrb-via, <£F3% (tir^ fSj^^t#X^f I <FT%"5>fTr plt^H 1H<1>M "3=R^n?\s ^C^Hs.^ I 
i. fSj^^t^ «5 * "®R^f tTtl^XTI^T <£)<Tx ^&V3 1%^ <%i-s1 fH^l^H I 

•^. fgfg^t^ ^^ ^=mc<t C^fTsrt. i ^nwt<r^T ^8=io- in) f^x^TrrlR^, RiRd^^r, <jq<3x ~cr*T ^Twm 

^s. f§fg"5^ (tirH/ (ttr<h ^5X^f, ^ ^T1>S?|<1<^1 ^G:, N»l<ir*fg W^-JlX^pfT Wf^nxX ic f^^ P(<1>M 

cfw^mxsTsq' ^r-nfft *m~t stT^S ^XTTlH^) 

8. ^ng^sP^c^ f^xTrtfw^s -n^-H^, i%f^T%5rr ^^x \sm ^p^n^rx^r PxTrffw^ ^Tf^r^Tir -a^c^ 

0*IWX^?T f^St, C^TT^rP^ ffe^T ^IR^CV)^ f&foT, ^l^"x n^1R=v| f^T ^PltSc^T^ f^stl ie^Pl^SH 
f^X^T^ ^f^TPSfXP^ t^FST, ^fsTTTW^T Ife.C<^H "5q-r<aX"5r^ f&fST ^l^"x "STM^r lfe.C<^H ^rX^TC^^ f^®T 

i^b^^rx^FT^" Hsx^-m osrx^x^J 5 ^ f^tot f^iPi f^x^r^r vjRiijcvi^ ^r^t, ^^rm ^vc^ f^r^^" *st-+j ^xTrft^T, 
osf^^X^^r Ri^^ld^r^ c^\5t f^x^T^r, sf^rsq- t^px^ ^rprr ^xrrf^r eT^r ^rsrm wf^x^r ct^r i£t*f. 

^gt ^■■kr- a-=i8) InsTh f^X^T^ TTl^d^^ C^T^PJ C^pl^rT ^3T ^- ^) i ^x^TR^t ^fX3^ ^>- is> 

tg'c® ^5bt t^tox^- \sm f^six^ 5 c^t1%Trr ^i^"x wm f^stsr^:/ -sqrsrsq^x^^ ^^fNroxn^T ^x 5 ^ 
^tP>FFr^w <p^t ^cmcs: i ^#n -5tiRi<]iRi<}> ^i^mr ^rr^trr-Jix^T^ RRs^ c^t^ix^p ^^x« ^tmx®r i 

<\»wMr ^gr ^■■kri a-^; ^rft#frr i.^=i.; ^-n i.=i.) 


<T°~n<T^t -^rs i.^=^ss>) ^m^ "STf^m ^rm^" ffe^r R^^r ot^ ^^wtI^, c=-i<n?j ^rt i 

i=i^b "viRijc-5q^ ^r^ft c*nc>iv" "wf®" on^fft*) ^mjmt f^toR 1 ^ ^ ^sYf^pmr ^^ "33^*1%, 

"^fr^p "csn^fN: ^=tt ^it" "f%fg" ffe^r ^#n wr^rm csqr^fni ~r7*t?t JfN* w^mr ^x«i<T*T, 

"iiq<PW^T ^R=f*l^3*" I ffhs ffe.O-1-H ^STTf^: ^%& VbQ)\3 ^%& ^^ i£|<t»SrH f^R?«m C>l<I<t> C^pT^T 

iH5jss^r° ^w^Tsr c*Ic<f "*rt^r " s *rtr® csrfs (S\<*r -^tw^- wv^r c^z^ <r\f<c<r\ fH<fi>M -^Mm c^rts 

w<r^tw^ ^^x ^bt "®r<r «?.c® -^ti-ac^r f^srsr^: ^r srf^\»ivj<?. ^r ^t#r^^^ 1 

fB<M<t>m t^^m <^c^-h c^r c&r-^^^c^^ -nt^s ^tf^^r >i<j><^ ^^trr ^r?rr ^^cw-^ ^trtsp^ ^rr^^ 

^7:^ "3=R^fTl^b.<J> VK^PfT ^^m f%1w ^IR^ ^Ib\s C'CTR^T^, 8H-wfg|^, vbH-T^fR^T^, 8=i8) 

<ttttctwt ^^.d<^ ^f^RTf^ >«<ic>)< *t<^ wptt h^f^, ^f^m *^» ^^ttr:^:- *s*rl%3 ^®)T®r ^^.c\s 1 
^f^^r <i>Ric\s ^ir ^f%s ^rr, c^h-ht ^*R<m ^rt» ^^h^t wf^mrR^;, ^I^T ^tf^a N»)l\®r ^^.C\s 


C*mr=EFEF f^T^T ^^.C\s ^3f2)?JT, sl^sT -cf\S \5T^TC^ C^ra^f WR^tH ^Rmlffe.O'l'H, C^FP^f ^Ro-M, 

\sp^bt -^Rib.?j ^^.c^-m ^rr, wm R>1h ^i^s^ ^mr -tfh® ^?rfRi<:=W i 

i=ii^">sr-ii'Sl" ta^fi* Jfp^ ^n^f^rf^f wr:^; "*tt "wm^f' [genesis] c^iR) ^a<ix "w^' [genesis] 
c^iR/ w^tr) ^a^r ~^rc*u ^R:<m f%^\5t srcf^f^r ^^^ i ^iR ^r^ffi* t^r vksk^^^ c^j1% 
^p^#trr> c^r^rr. ^a^ ^a^r ^"3=r f^t ^a^r t% 1%) i^-u -^tcsp \S^.*j ^t^t^: "w^tr" , ^rr irsr fi^r R]^j\s 
\s?r ^^IhR\s wt wrc^; orfg, ^^^tm^r) ^a^x "wps" w?r o ei^h ^£?t ^<i>c\s ^tr^ i ^1 
f%^nr ^sr^rR <f?tt ^lmcs: c*t, £ibRi\s ^vfvic\s^ R^^,v|\s R^<^ <p<tt<t w^qr ^m^wt H<^=i 
^rSft-^R ^Sc^-tJ "5j=^<p- wt^q- i-sq- ^t^n^c^- "w^tr" ^rc^f -^Rki^h <i i c^Ife.c<^H 1 c^^r^rr. The 
Orthodox Corruption of Scripture by Bart P. Ehrman, PP 75-77) 

□ "cttc^c^-si sfi% ^TTrwwf' ^r^fR 1^t f^#t sr«arm ^a^fr? 5<i*r ^r^R, Efstirsto^rt^ \5t 
f^^rc^^ * !> i^ ^f^ ^^ <^.< ^rt^® ^rift ^c\sf 1 vS^^j -^^ ^jsa^ ^it^" -a^^p^r <Mc\sr 

<a^r, ^, ^-3=r, f% "^tf^ra wtwr wmr \sm "sq-^sjj f^r^s ^str:^: <iw n=x-^-»< <F*rr en^r " 
^^r, (<p, osf, f% " \5Br -^rc*u -^R^i ^®rr«m 1%^ wrc^; <ic<^ ^-^»<i ^^m c-n^r " 
<xi^r, ^srm, ^i^, 1% " ^1^ ^rc^ ^tf^a ^rr«r c«y^^" 1%^ ^rrr:^: <ic<^ ^-i^»<i ^?rr c-n^r " 
w©, ^, f% "R)M ^ff^a ^srr«T ^m ^^1^ f^f^s c^)7:^ ^m^s^r" 

'C'Sf, f% " ^T^ "sq-^sjr -^R^i WlWBT "5TT«rRT5T 1%^3 ^TR^ <lC=i ^-1^»< ^^t cn^T " 

^ -$vji5l<i ->5T^fr ctf^GTrm f^nr ^^^f ^^^ ^rr "sqi^rsq- ^®r«aRT ^i^®m wf%^ss\5T t^r ^rr 1 ^a1^ 1%=^ 
^iR -^i^sd^^ ^t^^t^t ^tf^^Tom f^^rr ^|R : ^s^^c^srm c\siviic\s \s ^ri<Jlc\s, ^a^x oststt^ 
^"^ \s ^i^m ^"xT?^ -^fw^fm ^na^st ^5f-iii^.<i, c=r csrsq-m "5q^<^ -§«f <i>Ric^, ^a^x ^fsr ^i^m 

oststTR'^it:^ 5 " ^a^ 5 fi?^ fCrc<i-s; ctf^f, ^a<^ ^^nt ttvS<]\^i ^^rrr ^a Ei^f^ <j>Ric^', \s ^i^m ^ttst 

^•^Hx'cfH ^reRrr ^a ^tsjt:^: ^ai^ ^^^f <t>^c^: ^rt, >i^<i\s ca^ ^ra^r <ki\s ^ttz^ c^r .St^p c^t^tit 
<^^)Hl<ti f^-?R:Tr^ ^r:w ^st^tctt c-^^c^ -^n^c\sr <c=i 1 

i : i^ "sriivf<ii -nfRo ^^sttr:^" ca^^sf^r "«nlvf<t= c=tp^' w?r t^r csrr^ff^ ^j^-^t ^^"x \sm 

^xttpj ^ ^a^^: ^®R:<r «nTvf<j> f^r 1 c\^i-ht ^iR ^=s> ^a^x ^xttr i=i) 1 

■5ti^c\sH= Ci) c^n?i5 esrr=rr C5r=rr ^i^m c^.) ^^-h ^n^Pt^T ^p^c^ ^a^pf^ f^tRt^s 


c^t s|\si-smt ^>t^lc'^ 5 ^ ~nf% f^r "s^^jt w^ o^=-mt f^strr 1<<-sm ^=^.o- -^i.) 1 
i>=-^o T^rR^r^p t«q<pw^ ^t#r ^m^r i^c\s^ ~^m\ \st?t ^t^t^t ;ffNT ^&m--^&\ ^^sTrm t^nr ^<]R\e 

□ "al^sT i«q<FW^T t^s" ^ ^TT<Pjx~Tf5 ^^s^ lH?JC5q- "cjwT?^" <tM*3\s i^CMC^ I 

■^. tsi^fx? ■*i*$ 1^*{fz.<5 YHWH ^3ce3^r ^R3t c^^-ht :^ : h;>^; ^^=ii.- >>&; ^si.=i.i.,i.^s; str^a- i.vb; 
■^rnat *® : ^.,s; i>^s=^;>; i8=i.s>; f^5Br <^^<j=-?ft ^.=i>; ^ : ^- -^.s; i.^s=^s- ^.^>; "3=r*f1%?r *»=;>- -^o i 

h^-h iH^csq" c^arrc^T e^»?t t^st^p ^fRra wiwm >iv|\5^u <j^^ ccf^n^^rr ^cmcs: c^r^rrz^ ^r^f^^t 

i,=^.i, "\gfvi ^st^bt ^TTsq- "^t^» ^tRir^"," ^ ^TKrspsT wSr " YHWH c^qttt^: ^%& w®^ ^%&)" 
"^^T ^R3T/ ^rnnr" , " YHWH -sjfw wr^t" <rr YHWH ^iss; -sjfwwrsrf ' c^t%^ir fsFrrm^ 
^H-^fj^: <>uc\s scz<5y ^fftrr ^r^f YHWH fa^rmr ^t^f >y><}> ■n^r "^re^rr" ozr<f wr^To, ^cws. 
csrr^fNr ^fr:^: £f<FfP t t\s %5=raTCTR^r^ ^^t^^ ^r^fsy^^ ^TTsq- ^tt ^^maT -s^®^ ^s=i.s cs ^tr:^: i ^§trr 

^rrm 'a^^: ^§trr ^rfsr 1 

i=^vs"-$vii5l" i£^ ^cbfe. c?pgRsr-H o*x<f ^tt <H : i8 ^^ e9<Ff^ \S^fi 1 frp«n?jc\s c^r ^Utrr ^»r?rm 
^r^fi^ <u<i^m ^p^t hcmcs: ^r ^x^tt ^M^im: ^®r<r *<cv2, "^<t=>srH t^^m: c^rr-m <i?jc>i^ ^st 


^Tf^3T xs»*£]M fHC^r-T ^^sffis^, t^Ptm H- ii J^?I*3^T^ CH^I c^rfft^r f^rf^fg) Or^-sl tSCs^^f 

^C-aHsX^T i fw (jB^adtr 1%f^M Jffcp ^n^f^rf^f 1% <£i<5% ffe ^•ini-sM ^R3T ' S ®T?T sr^arsq" w^^rt 
■*tuzr*f' t^nr c*mt ^r??t i 

istfff <^pf5 *tt& f^rc^f^t^T Ht^r ^^mr wt ^f^r o®ivjm f^c^-a ^i^.c<i<^ ^M-i^Tcr?! w^j wnft i 

<I^.fD^ <4 ^-Idb^dH^ ^S^^S^J^ l<lbl^J !<*(C*J-s1 -5TT«]TC5T ^srT^tiTR?^ fwt <M<M> ^Tf^R^U^ W^IT 

isq^rt N^ic<^ib.-sr sr^s ewtsj^: c^mrr^ ctf^sTrr ^cmos: i c=r ^w c<^ fwr tsf^r^Rp "5r:^t ^?rr ^tt, 
*®. ^mr c^»i<<i^1) 1% ^ >ivicit -s^ csJc^^ ^^f^ -$vii^l >a?c-+ifi 1%?rt ^rm^rr Thc\s 

^^ t^- t«]-3=r 

^I^T C<F C5f 1% 

t£|^ ^STM t<P 

f& ^ f% 

"C'Sf t^" 


Tt^ CttT? c m 



.— -. ^ 




v)l^b\s ^1C-H^ H*M 

^lOI-sl H*^ 

V) j^b\sV| ^| 

^ : i- Vb 


^. : i- >b> 

■^.=v»- 8 

^=>- :>•* 

■^=H- i^ 

■^ = H- i^ 

^. : ^. :, H- b- 


fsr*R3T ^f=TtT]^T 

fsr*R3T ^t^TtTT^ 

fsr*tc^ ^tcTTlT^T 


fvj*1<>st "Ho-II^M 


>Si<K. sd\sJl<^-^ 

M-al*. V|1-^cut^ 


<M^ 1 

■^. : i^s- i<2- 

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■^. : i^S- i<2- 

•^. : i^>- i<2- 

1*1 >« <^Jl 

M-31^. vjl-^cir-s) 

1*1 ^o o©J1 

^. : i>3a- ib- 

^\sj 1 <M*t> I 

^.=i.vb- it- 

■^ = i.Vb- ib- 


^. : i>3a- ib- 

f*r*P?T C*tZ<F 

■^=iH- ib- 

sdxsj |<J^S=»S 

•Hl^H-slCs <>)<l>1 

Hl>lNC* sdvsJK^—S 

■^.=iS>- ^\s 

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■^=;>S>- ^\s 

■^ : i.S>- ^\s 

L<qfi? <^q<Ff!> ^tr^5 Pici^Tl*f^n Ht<Fr ^^rm w?r s^cws. ^srr^ffSr ^rr^t^rm 1^r:w^t ^i^.c<i<^ ^M-i^n^T?* *smj 


i£)<Ffi? wf^R^^R:^?^: <^r& ^7^5 c*p<=iH i t%^nr ^tsj^: fi>R?\s <t=^»H i ^•^trsrsr *ftef& ^M-i^TcrsT ^r:w 
xs^srfsrss ^nr, 1%^ ^®r ^srrf^sf^nc^^ vScitr*tT ^-ini-sM ^-ac-H-a tsr^fi? ^tt% <Fif^, "*rr ^cws. 

cwFsf ^s R<]^d-M^ w^r„ Flavius Josephus in the Antiquities of the Jews <^r?f "53pM^r c^f^r D 

t£i. SH^tt c^tt?^ : ?rtwr c-^-^i-^h- s ^5F*i ■vi^F&y i£i-strz^ "sq^r^ c^r^tr: 1 ^ f^r*r?r v3cs3"*r ^?rr 

-5tt# tsi-^^i^ T3=r5q-<R^T c^r^trr I>ic-scl5^ wmr ^ : ^t : so xsktw -^rR^fgi^c-H^ c<p^rr^ c*n?*t^o 

1%. "5qr#^=i- i>s>; =3^ i>=Q: ^RTf c^t^it wrc^i 

i. C^X^W t%f^T^f C^n^.v|CH^ viRijviHl^ -?£a) 

«t. "arRr i8-«; "5qr# vb=iH ^t?:"sf c=T*rt wr;^; i 
^.. cs>R3rw f^pf^r^r ctH^st/^htsbt ^a) 

i^=i -=t£-cf c^r^rr ^tr:^: i 

8. xsrfRf=TP=r, ^.\sHP*f^" c^r^w 


■*r. "srf^r ^=^ ^ir^r c^-^tr ^ws: 

Ci.) 51^wr c^rc^T^ ^Tsrr c^sh- 88 «j'Bi<h ^rti^) 
c^~) ^®m -s^ra f^r ^tt c^^iw ^ntsr?T i 

- ^T^rH<=Rl ^.a-=i\s- ^.>t>=vs^. 

en) \sm ^^rn 1%<?t g^fSwr 

^f^H^l ^8 = ^.8 

8^®rm f»Pi ^^n® sr^rpT ^rtw^" \s c<=-ii<i> ^rr^rm^^r^ xstsjtm^- -?rt^p ^^s <i>Ri?jf ^sT^ff^ir^ 
^fsr f^fwrrm ^r^j'^cw^ "sq-^sjj c^t^t ~sr^ ^p ^rs; 

^m^ OST5TT st^C® C^ xsrsjps^ ^^-^ ^^x^i^ 


"c^c^nr : ?rtwr" c^r^trRTf^ ^mr siT2>fS\s f^r*ttr® c^z^w ife.c=-M eg<pw^r -^hqfM^mr^r, 
f^r^f?r?T "RtzTrft^ ^sic^s ^f^g <^^m w^tj R>Pi f%^5trr "^rPrc-a-a ^ff%^"^T <J i c^Ife.c=iH i 


tH^T, e£), t£PT, 1% '"sffws" 

eg^T, C^ 5 ", OSf, 1%, eg^f, , ^STT^T <^F*{, 1%. ~CW> f^ "^ffe\s ^T°T" 

eg ^-ac-H-a ^sihI <tnRs= >i<^<i\s fsrf^rrsq cyro^ w^*r Ihc^Hs.cs'M, ^% ^rsp® cvico-iMxSivi^r ^mf^t 

^tf^T^frr "3^fRc\sj <j><^^i?jTr^T <tu*\ vSTwif^® f^x^^r o^-mt t=ti!hc?j<^ ^=^- :>^> ^ftf) i 

^ "sj^t ^rr^ 'mw^ ^^m^rsr ^cw*r ^?rr *z.cwc^ >\tg<^>-- ^stsit ^rm^u ccf^ftrr ^srfgtrr T^.c<=-m ^rr, 

C\5^1-Ht i ^TSJ^TT^T b--H' ^TfiS io=iVb; ^.fe^o; ^1^=^) I 

t^i^, eg, lspt, 1%, eg^T, c^-, oar, 1% "N^ivj^r ^i^ctfxH ^st^m ^T?rr ccff^frnf^; " 

<st^, ^®rm, t£PT, 1% "N^ivj^r ^?rr =rc«r ^R<m ^i^t ctffsnrtft" 

1^, ^, 1% "^nsi^T ^j^ ctfxH vSh^j ^^ttr:^: ^^i^ivi^r ^R<m ^i^r ctrRfrnf%" 

^rr, ^t ^i^ orc*t vST^r® ^xttI^t <^m^r \smff^ ^r:^^ ^5=1 fwz^ ^rab.iRi\s <ii^c\s ^rmx®r, ^^rf^ 
^t ^i^ f^x<F 'Sl^r^s ^rf ^s ^xrr «arx^- t^^ c>i1^ ^srp-FX^m ^Pi^stkt?*^ f^X^t «Et3ra ^XTTf^T I 

^llB-HN^l^ ^TK«y ^p^-r# Th-H^J <J>^C\sr I J 5r i ^<T ^RTf^ <FX^: eg-sq^r ^R:^" £f<PT*T <1i^C\sH c^r ^I^T 
\sT *J<HC\s -5tl^C\sH I eg ^r:<T ^NT Rr^t "^"srff^TTR^P ^-i>)«hfsr <t>^C\sH esq^x -^u&f Z^~US ^RR7t^ 


^.=vs "R>P< ^fw«r <^£<=-m \s \St^m >iR\s ^rsrw R^- c nc<^vi' \s ^fw«r <^<=-i" 

<rr^f <F?rr c^\s ^rr c*r, ^ar^r R>fa <rmrf%s ^o^^r \s^r ^^c^^. ^»te ^rut -^h^r^t i ^ ft^ra 
v3cs^"«r c^rr-m vShk-sm ffe^r c*r, "*r*rsr R>Ih ^^j^ fn<iM5<i^?l ^c<=-m \s^t R>Pi ^ffw«r ^xtt 
\S^)d<^H c^r, c<t>ts^. \5T?T -sj^,c* i^rpp sf<m^r ^?R^q- ^rr, >^^tx ^ch^ ^ra-^fR^p^: o&rc^ 

■^tT^ICs-M, ^ST?T "STMT'S ^m ^rR^TsT ^££R^T Ctf^STTm <FV|T ffe^T I <£lUS "oBT >^9J£vs c£|<pt^ etp^ 1>r<I>l 
GfTf I 

^tft^s wm <fvit vScs^^r <jr??t, sr^rt^r ^nw^- ^sr ^fBrei^r ^rr <5><c^^, ^rr ^>ivicTr *twft» c^T^trr 
^^rt's^st ^n^; c«ir^~ n^^h <jr?=t T^icvs ^c^r i 

^rsjr^sTr=t <x^x EfffBr <r«f o^-mt ^ : <2r«*;^.«\ : 8i, "sqr# ;>;> : ^.h;i>8=8^>,<3:^>, ^fBti<i<^1 s=<3:) <ic<^ 

cmz^ >\0><t> vS«^R> ^tit i t£i Brc^m ^~m^T^ti^ ^i^.c<ic<^^ ^sr^sfT^tirm ^^f^ osfmR^rr ^rr^^j o^h 
<^<:^ i "srhMT "Sf^ <srd-+i^ ^i-iviiiH^ hjo < ^r^ ^t^rr t^TC^iIfe.c^^ ^<^ti^ ^q F®Th ^^t^ ^g 
snrrsr^ R*i?j vaj<]*jj\s <n^t ^Ri^f^R^T^r c?r^rR:^T csrr^fR:^^ ^st^p" ^r^ i 


tsrsT, is), tspT, f% c^T^rr-m 1 ^ <p^) "sr^r ^t^ ^.=h- i^ i 

^t^xw^ 1h<im5 <^c® f^R?«m ^f^rrr wff^nrr ^^.c^-m i ^smr ^st^tr: 1 ^ Th<m5 <t^c® f^rc?em 
^pfwr wff^nrr ^^.c^-i^t i ■*iz?n l^Pi ^sr^nf^R^ £<r nc.«i^o4 ^tf^f^rrr twrrr <t>Rw^, osrspsrr 
fyfrrr f^?*^ <^Ri?jf c^ f~rss?r ^src^m ^?r; c^rr ^rrtx=^ ^t^tr^ ^r^t^ f^s, c^t^t ^miTvjvs 
t^frrr ^sT^tc^ sr^rrsr <t>Rc« ^trf% i ^nwm <fvit ^sPrtt \sf^mr ar^R ^Ric^^t i wm o^r *t^ 
orc*\ vst^btt t*t \5T?rr ctff^nnlfe.d<^-s, \st^t ^^t^r^vst ^sr^t ^sr^t bRi<=-i, c*rc*s c^pstr^t f~r^f5 
Hsx^-m, ^t^mr 5 ©'=trsT ^nf^nrT ^gpfo ^^irr ^ft^r i \5rmf5 c^ff^R^ ^n^rrr \5T^btt vi^hcv 
^R>«ra ^hRh\s s^c^-m i -^iz.^ xst^Brr -^ ^rc^u ffrrrr f^r^f&x^ ^st^bt "sqTst viRisgcvif) >iR\s 

-^•*r ^ft wR^T^f ^n^irr ^r^qT ^r«y fwr wr^t^rR: 1 ^ orc^i b>Ri?jf c^ic=ih i 

i£M, i£i, t£|-5T, f% "«Jj> \5TsTT (<F1^T ^T5qXTT Ctf^lT 'RtXTrf^T, \5T^T ^sf^RTT^T f%^B ^C5 f^X^T^T 

Lq^f xsrm ^^r 1% "^ \5T?rr fts^- c<m^r >ivicit ctf^rr fStrrrf^r, ^st^t ^st^R: 1 ^ f^e s^c® wff^nrT 
fi*, ^, f% ".xi^x Jf \»t<tt f3s<F c^fr >ivictt o^*rr t^mrf^T, \st^t ^t^fx^f^ lH<t»B ^cs ^nf^nrT 
w f% "<iy wm f^<p ^f«i^t >ividTr ctf^rr f^tirff^T, P»Pi ^Nnr^r^ f^r^e ^^s c^sf^r) ^snl^nTr 

X^XslW f^T^sl^^ <]?JC>I^ ^TT^tR^ ^srt5fmti%« fi>.<:<=-M I C*JC<i^ -sff^S -jix^t^ -vfc^ ^tm^u c«fx^ 

i£M, lsi, cij-3=r, 1% -s^ ctfxH ^sf^mr c^r ^-mr c^ffSfrnffe.coiH, ^t^r ^i^X"cr^ ^®r^t ^sr^t i>Ri<^, 

etx^r c^r^TR:^ t^f^si^ lfe.c<^H ^sf^m ^^f^T ^nf^nrT ^gpfo ^^rrr ^rf^r i 

i£M, c<f, cm, ffe *j^ cctxh \sf^mr c^r \5T?rr ctff^fmlfe.d^-q, ^sf^r ^i^fxtf^ ^sr^t ^sr^t bPi«i, c^r 

^r^® ^rr ^st^t c^r^rR^r c^f© t a r?st^ ffe.c<^H \sr^m ^^t^ ^spfs ^^rrr ^ft^r i 

l£)^t, ^®rm, i£pt, 1% ^^x c=r ^sr?n1^ ^t^mr \Sf2>c\s ctrRfrnf^x^T^ ^t^t ^i^rtt^ ^sr^t ^sr^t 

w, 1% ctt ^srml^ ^t^mr \sr2>c\s ctTRfrnf^T c?t ^i^tf^ ^ststrtt^t ^risj "®r^t f%^r, ^i^r >i-^c^f^ 


s5j~£5n^ >ivl^ ^^"° f^r*r?r ^tsj^: ^»-i<iH<:<p- ^Ivjk^, <jr??t i mmiTvi ^c<=nR=<i> f^nr f^^m <pf%, 
-*rf?hs n^iIvi >\<<<t\ \5t cw^ ^T (.<}>vm <fc*t ls ro& ^®T ^rMrt <^^c\s ^tff^^TT i \5Tmf5 ^ism^r ^^r isrp?. 

c^-aHs.^ i ^?tr^?t ^i^r?^ "*rr s^sxpfr ^?rr c^ro \swf^^ciT oq <*!»>)< c^tt^w^ "stf^f^ssT arm ffe^r 
i t£i T^trf^ ^tw-4 Hn%*r -sthtc^-s] "^tr^ -^cm ^rtrrf^r i c^r w^tj ^f5 ^p=^j^ ^^pf5 £Ti<^fi<i> 
!^»frf%^i ^rr i <4 sfi^r®<i» ^q<3x wf% sri-^Rxt> fspg-nfi* fsp*R3r?T ^tsr cgR-^m cvjsuvji^fi-so ^srr i 

^.=i.i. '"sj^rfr?" ^**fg\s w=*r >iv|ij c«y^^ R^^m ct^: <^.< -t^) ^»R><tf^® ^rtt sitrtr^i 
c^tr^f, viRiijvi i£i<;K ~*h*s ^<pfi? ^^r^t ^pt <&c-si ^srmflx^T^, "*rr e«q<Ff5 wf®r=j^t ^~r ^s^r f%==r ^rr i 

□ f^rssfi? ^^tr^t <j<*jv» JJt<p ~r^ff5 ^~c^^tR3t ^fi> 1*1^ <i<u~r^ <j<*jvs ^rrfSf 1%^ \5t ^^p 
*fr "tj^: *tr ^u»c® *trc?r ^"sr^r f^r^T^ 5 " <R4iR?« <u<]*3\s ^rtr:^; i ^mi<^cw-^ "cf^r^r ^^x 
^ffws *5ir: <: T^ w^ch^ "sqx^iT <jq<FR> fW ^ft^t ^t^tt^t f^r i 

□ **^*f, -$*-"t^ ^re° -n^T^^f' c*jc<i^ Rj-Hn? ^^f^m ctf^sirr ^c^Hb.^ ^m^M^t'^fo vj\s<r*r 

f^rr <<=-ic« f^mr < c<=-i dfe.H , c*jvih f^r^p *o:« ^t ss>=^ ^tx"cf vSfeif«F» wr^;, 
\st-1>iR3t "ot^T lfe.d<^H ~^3 *nwn ^t^m >i>R.^f] >o^s <3tt*itt <t>-sic* t^mr ^c-H<t> 
•2R^>r ~51=tr^tt z^cmcs: t%5 ^^rr f^rPiyo ^&w<i wptt c*W&: ^r ^x=rr ^"3=^- ^tsrm t%^r ^nr 
<i^<^ ^<r?. c>i>i<i ^rsf ^rf%^TC^^ c=TR^^m^: <u<i^m <j><c\sri -^ : i>^ "^?:«r ^^: ^nr: i; r >c f 

t^r^i^^p" ^s ^i^m "sqi^sR^p =^rrr fspTC*T ^f=TnT^T ^^- ^®rm *j\sftr-s (.\s|vir<p ^n- <jf§r, vsvs f^r 
G5=r«rR:^T <arRp; c<i>h-st c^x^w t^f^si^^ 5 ^*r ^Rom ^sr^u ^i^m ^r^jp^rgrR <t>fSc<r i 

f^T?*^ ^id^lwR^Tr «i^°^T/ ^«r c^rR^n=3jfsr) i 

<^ ^r-Hns^ L£i<Ffx? r<]^j\s ^^^^a -ac^R.^;, ^^rr et? t^^m ^^ttst «i^^^t/ f%irR: :>c m «ivf\siR)<j= «rg^r 

^rr^Tx^nf^^ ^rg^m c^^r^^i ^"St Louwand Nida's Greek -English Lexicon of the New Testament, 
Based on Semanti Domains, Vol.2P.30 ~c^ -**>fg ctf^rr ^mr i ^ ^r^fl^ ^t%^m ^sr<r ^s<Ff^T ^r^ i 
1. f^TTH C"5rRr io^b-, =35^ (f-^)H, c^rt^f io:io,is : i^ ^fr4 a-^H (?mfsnr ^^-^ ^=jjvi ^, 


8.^FT >I-MC^T ^STWPTT O^fMt ^j^ 5 i.<2:=8 \»<=3JV| i^f^T wo) 

qt-vi^-h cstr ^bitc^td ct^r ^a^r. "sfRr io=^ss> ^^jjvi ^-^t -^^) 

^s^8 c& ^ml^ wsf \»iPi<i*r ^»w ^^^ c^r^t^) f^^f f^sj st^m <u<^m ^x^rr^^r^sf^^^r <m-ht 

"^rr«rm^r ^&u<5 ^i^i^r <i<=-ic\s ^tff% c*r -^t° ^a^x &^k ^ax« c*j>i<i f%lw -^n-^ <r*f=n ^?rr -ac^c^; 
^t ^ -s^Rptft^r ~^z^ T3=p=^#^w, ^-^^mx^ ;>^ ^a^x ^s^tn ^ms (_*j>i<i 1%1w ^^t^f -ac^c^; 
■^<^<]\sl ^{t^^ ^r:^ ^t^h^^ 5 c*jv)Hn? c^TTt^t c^t?t -^Hxa) ^a^x ^a^x c^rf^x^ c^am f§rRi^ 
>i>ivit^x^) wx^; c^= ^»s>8) 1 

^q^rrc^T^: f^jx^f^r ^t c?rt=T5Ti^T ^r<r^r f^mw ^?x^; i ^T^ffi^sr ^a^-^ r^\s i>iviMr5<t= <u<«^m 
•ac^c^; c^r RRj^ h^h 1h?jcvi^ 5f^m ^fi* RRs»i <u<i^m <pc-acs: rsnfsr r<3TT? f%, 

-3=p^i<$*^s= ^p^:^: -*rf ^r S^tRx^^t?^" ^w ^xtt c^it:^^ ^1^"° ^^x^^ ^ft^: a^z^ 5^® ^up^ 

^cmcs: 1 ^awt tf=Tf^ ^^n "c^hxtr:^:" ^r^qr -=tcs^ ^ix^^s "cf=ri^ «i^°^r sft-^ ^cmcs: i ^nfsr 
<uif^=^s ^t^^ "sqx^r ^Ri-nr ctt ^ ^r^fi^ ^p^j^ «i^°^r ^tt«i^t ^ix^ ^t^t fHc^-r ^x^ 1 ^r^® 
c^s^^^:«r^) ^r^fi^ ^t® ac frfe ^1^"° ^r^r^ wto \S^>?j^. -^<H(i\s <u<]*3\s ^rr, "sfRr ^as^ ^ 

c9^r, <4, ^"^r, f% c^f= ; TiTr'm i =f ^wt® ^R-^cfff^s) -sj^ ^n^r= ^.=i.s- ^o: 

fsr^m ^^c\s ^rr^f^r ^ar;^^ ^siR^^r ^ilH^rsr" 

■^=i<2: "srtfsj- fsr*r?T ^^5 ^rr^t^T ^a?^^ vstf^rrr ^nf^rsTrsq"" 

"c^R^TTr ii=i *W^: ^cki ^ , «i<<i^1 >M<t> v3^R)< ^<s,-5=ri ^m\s^ Ih^cst "^a ^=tt ^cmos: 

%3=rm^r ^tstr^p" ^sr^aRT c5qr*fNx^" 1 "^a-^r^ <^<]b.^n5 >ii>^ii>^ t^s-?it:' : t^ ^^t:^3 ^rrxmf^to 


f^rc^R^r pgpr5Twm >ivi^ c^z^ <^i^f5 ^x^n-^fsq^ \5if§wr ef§?« ^m- ^>i<^<i 


ib- ^tsti^ ~R*f <?s=Tt ^^.c^sc^;, 

^i^rr "^^cvs ~5i^r ^rr, c<^hht \»R<Brr ^rrt: 

■^=i>t> "xj^: <T«^pfi \s \sR<m w?r <i?jc>i^ "^r® <31^fp~ f^r c>\~Q >\<p<r\c^ ^~*r 

<ir^t, ^t^^p^tr^t ^\sj<=! c^fi? i^t^s^ <j«*it ^nr 1 

■^=;>v- "^rsn" ^f5 f^rafsnr vsi^o: -sttf c«ir<p ^^pf5 v5«^R>, 1%n \5t ^xiTh si^=h isr* ^tc^f 

<£(<FfS ^ij\svi ^r 1 siF®<t> f^^rR:^ ^r:^^t ^fa-n-^ ^mtz^rm ^r^u 1%=tm ^p^:"^: i 

•^o ^h, f^T^si^<p \s ^i^m "sq-f^R^^ ^t^ttt %gR:TT^T (?rc*t ^psi ^^m^ ^^tt^mr f^T^sl^^ eTR 
"5qr®R:^- ==q^rr ^gq^TT^T cfto^ ^il>ic<^^ i ^^1^5 ^r^r^r F»Pi -?sfHc\s ■^ti^.c^-H c^r, ^nf3f=Tm fsjw 
^n^rrr -5n<^l<^ ssrtyrc** ^f^rrr c^ic<^h, ^^seg^^ ^rPTm^ ^n^pp ^t-^r^ f^frrr <>iR> ^Rki^-h; c^r^ 

■^=^ ^nf3f=Tnq Ife.c<^-H c^x^r^f ^tf^ir^^ wm cg^vsf^ 1%^ >i^>ij ^tr^p c^trtstep 1^^~m <i>^c\s-h 


1^RTrf^R=T^r I 

cn^r, wm, t£PT, 1% ' S ®R^ ^rt^ra^trr <r=rr 
f&, ^, 1%, osf, 1% "\5R^pr ^rP^ra^trr ^=tt 

^^pf^ c^ftffe ^p^str^t <i>)f» ^m^t <t>c^Tfe.<^ i 

^p=tbj\s \s -srPnr ^rf^r iTD-si *tw1^ ^n^rm "sri^u ^tz^f^ <jr=^nw ^R^-f® ^<pi^ -^rc^tm ^<^c\s 
^tfc?r c^fT^rT %Tt i>i : i>,t^rpfsr?r ^©=«-j ^s^s=i><2:, ^r«rf^?r *®=i^; ^i^, ar^rf^r^ ^trpt &■&; ^=i^) 
%p=iTa\s ( Nazareth) ^^x cstr^tit ^rrspp ^rt if&< *v^t ^rr^rm ^rc^fj <jr<^fiw ^r^iw st^^s 
^n<j>d\s ■Hfcss ~*r\ z^z&s. f^w ^r?rm ~i>fBm (Nester) cf^rr^rr ii.=i, f^rafsnr -^a^, ^s^ie, 

f^r 1%, ^i^p t^rr^TT ^=i) ^ ^raw^: ^tr^t ^t:^ "*fNs?r "sn^irm ^'Tog ^rm^strr -ffh^, 
"■Efl^^lc^T^ <Ttwf' <p^rr ^~£=rr ^r^w <p?r ^c^T^-i i 
wr^T^r ^ic^lw f%^TT§ ^rP^ra^trr ^t^s i 

^T*?l^fD^ ^rrsq- >ivi>iiviRi<ii ^^T3=r >ivk^; ^iWRf^ ^rrf^f 1%^ ^•ek^FI <fr^t -^\wc^ 
1%f«^s ^tsttt 7:^17:^: i ^bh ^t^s^ ^tc^ ^n>i^\sl?j -tfhs ^«it1^ ^r^rt^T <sr-H<t> ffe^r ^rr 
C^fT^Tr c^rm^r i=8vb) -^t^s^ Tsgz^*^ ^^it^^ t£i f^^T^ni^ ^^rr ^^r^pst ^rR"5q^ ^tr^ 

^.. ^TsfR^TP^r ( Nazaraios) ~f^ff5 "sq^^ ^rr ^<pf?? c^r-nf^p^ ^R^r^ R*j?j ^=tc^; C\^iht 

=g^i 8 :, E8 : ^8 : iS!) 

( Messainic) "*f^f ^rr«rm ^R:^m ^^¥n? c^p^s ^.c\s -^n^d\sr c^r^g^'^, ^^i-st f^rm^Tr 
^RTf ^^s^stt <j<^.f^r "^wz^zts: ^i^rr ^ ^Ft^h<i<^l ^. : ^.^.;^s : >t>;8 : io;xi> : i.8;^.^. : ^;^.8 : (2r;'^v3i. : Jo 
c^f) t£i ^•Hrf^ ^r^qr i5fF®<il>)<t> ^r^^m >ih.^ "®tr^: i 


^>. T>l5l?J C^®raT#fTT) *4<s<^l 3-IVK^f t^tl^lC^T^ TBI**® <t><C® tSifS i«q<pf5 Th?jTv|\s -=tcf f^T I 
,ifR^F?T V|^<^1^ ^T3H f^pgi^lCH-sl lbl*?\s <MC\s ^R^ffi? <irg^m <F?R <J.C®t I 

^•ac-s-a f?twra "s^r^tm ^f^«rr ^<m> <ri%K« ^?rm vShk-sh fR ^^fi^r c^IhRs^^r:^^ 
^^■^ sib.Ri\s «rc^ R-^'sn ^~R?Rrr "5j^w f^=^s c^trp", ^^Brr wl^i ^i^p c^z^ ~W-~^ ~^K.<s 

^iTvi ^tz^f^ ^\s ^ra~ ^~rtrt cyrc^ f^Rira' ^xttr*: ^rf^^s n=mi1vi wfR~r, igfi? -^prR^r f^nrcsr ^s-n 
^rnrf^T ^"sq^r ^^rsr c^jvih "f^R^RSfCTrf ' <F*2rrfi? <t>c*j<t> ^m^: f$.^=c® Rf«»( ^trtr:^t wr:^; i 
xssiitRh^s ^srtfsr e9T3=^ ^m^t Ci.) csql^rrrfR-RF *tw "^T«f3" ofWBD ^^r ^r:w ^Th^> cttw c^.) 

^Tt >|b><t> ^R^f^ <U<W<1>m "^TCSf ^^S «arRFT C^s) -^R^R^TsT ^TPTRJ\s ^T-?R3m >1V4<hRm >NsJ\sT 

^rf^t^: wf% n^^i^. wr:^; ^r ^it^p^R^^: ^tr^: <^i<ix cs) ^fi* ^m^rRp^tfw^ ^r:<t ~T?\5R:^rsT 
■spat g^Ic<f t^T#o ^xrrf^r cvSHi«°t "^stmI^t t% ^iiviiR^R^ 5 " f%^rR«T <t>Rc® ^rtf^nrR.^^ ?" 

■sffwSTM c<q ~R*t ^~£~S5^T (<Ftt iSi^'&r-^ 0*V*^ ^g-f fiqf^fg R*JC?J^ ^f^ ^t ^^Tm \sR5wr "Hxh 

^srm w^qr <j>Rih ^l^c-H-a C^ffe) New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology ^=3T5t 

■Jf^RJ ^^R^" f^R^TsT sR«t >|VL^ I 

<n^C<C<^ ^9^"° ^tR^Ta ^l\s4f ^l^em sfT^rl-SJ^sT CsT^arsq" ^R^T ^<l-^RT) Rd\s ^?^ I ^fsr wr^*tj^: 

t3=tr<r^tj^ ^5?^tj ^9^^" -?r»R4 ^»r^ f%5R:^^ sR«r >ivi^ ^srr^RTR.^^ >i^<]^r< <p?jt ^xtr:^: ~C^{ ^<i fe^ 

v,. -sffw^TM ^^RJT lfe.C<^H ? ^I^T t% 1%^#t Ife.C<^-H ? 

\s . ^paR^ -sffw^Tr-^ ctf^lT <1i^C\s JQ7?=Tr ^«R=T "^t^9^ <W>\ ^^ Hs.^ ? 

8. e9^ft> ^sR^lR><t= ^^: r^tr^" ^i^«:<ic=« S^"«roR4 ^r:^ "sfNrt <3r : ^- vb ^tw r^sr^ T3=p^t# 


^^, 1%, <*pr 

v^r, c<f, osf, 1% 

i£i^f, xsiTsr, i^pt, 

fi?, ^\ 1% 

~cm, R~ 



Wl^H <l^l^>SrC<t»< 

C^I^H <1^1^>sr<t» 





"HVl Sd^® 




<^<:^H i 

<1>|vsr I 



^S=i- vJa 

v®=i- i^ 

v® : H- i^ 

^s=i>- v® 

v® : 3- Vb 
vs :, H- i^. 

vs=i- i^t 

~5fhs<<T ^tf%^r 

C^Jl^-H ^l^c^ 

\S = i^S- i-H 

w * — . 

~lfhs^T ^Tf%^T 

~5fh9<T ^Tl%^r 


< 1^1 stiver® 


v®=;>\s- i>8 

\S=i^S- i>8 


v® : i>^S- i-H 

v® : ix2-^ 
v® =1x3:1%- 1H 

\s=i>^s- in 

^-icbfe.v-r >ivii^^ic<^i -sjpr -5f^<mr^^ ^srf%£tnq" ^^pxps^r i 

<sif& <si<FfS *trh iHc^r*^ 5 f5<m ^^mr w?r stews. c*r, ^rr^ff^r^: wM^rm Pesr^ ^i*lc<i<^ ^t^tcct^t 

W^TJ mfft i ^IviRtt^t 2fc®J<t>c<t=*i ^5T^*Trsi I^RlwccrsT WR?=TR^ b«=-IO® ^ <T i ^»)-i<nTr?T "CWC3T 

^swtnfi? ^^f5 wf^R^^RR -^rcs f=r^r i f^nr >ivi<t fBT*^» <^^-h i wmIR ^rr^^rm R*j?j 
^jErfR , ®~ f^r*r?r ^nr, 1%^ \5t ^miTh sr^FR^rsr ^Sc^-tr ^sr^u^t <F?rm "&i1<<hT2>, ^rr stews. 

^. ^TT "I 

v® . ^STT ' ' I 

8. *l\®f iR 

t£|. "5rRr ^ >^<IK vs ^^bfe. ffhs?T v^l<]CH^ lH^<I >|V|ij<t=T^T I ^IT^T ^^^1^ <I?J(1>I^ <i|<J5l^ N^Rsvssvsf 

<uf®\s ^t^^ ^i<^j<t=ic<^^ R^^-^ R=^.*l ^tptt ■?rm Pt i R^r^t <Tc?m ^mr ^ch<^ ^rtsm: ^<i% 
^rt^rr <p^r ^cmcs: i ^pt%^Tr x5p=rr*rra^r ^T5f#trr ^t%® <^\ ^®i^i^^" ^pncrf^m ^st^tt ^t^tj Rr^m 


Rr. "srf^r ^s=i.^s- :>h ^\zw^ >ivi^<^j N^-^cbfe.w ^cm?. -srT# ;,=£>- ;,;>, ^tcf =3<p *®=-^o- ^ «=tcf i<q^x 

•sf^ter ^^rc-q ~r<* ^<k "*t«*r ^w ^m*ij*m 1 

i c^ ^rsqxTr c*m^r <iT«rf^w^ ^•s^f^s ^^rrr arme^r eTbbt <i>Ric\s sttRTC 5 ^; 

■^ 1%Rf <Rk<='M, "5q^r RfsIT3, c^HHf "^NHWT ^rfSp^S <^<=-1 l' 

*•» ^.R^. c^ <trfw, ^tt^bt R*icit Rpft^rr wi<<i^i ^m <^^ ^p^it ^fR|\s ^^rrrf^r, 

s \s^r R^- c nc<^'^, ~?T5F® Rr^trrr ^^x ^trc-H-a Ri<t>lB<^®I "^r^n® xsres^^psr c^tfp ^ttR^t ^^rrr 

\St^bt R<i>d? ^n^.c\s =rfR^r; 

>t> ^rm wm^t wr^t^r +tv*i ^N^m <i>R?jt *jh-s -h^c^s ^t^m t^m ^r-^f^fw^ 4^0® =rfRf^r 1 

*•»=;> '*c*rr^~r" ^f5 t^r ""c^m^TPr" ^tktspst "yRR^ <?m, "^rm w?T ~cfrrt=^ YHWH" R>x^r 
OYHWH <^t?t T^Tf^T" ^®m ^TTsq- ^s^^^f*?, ^Frn^ ^i^cKc^-a "^r^n® ^rrc"5T?r ^mrr \sm wkr:^ 

vSc^C^tFsT C^US ^^T^^ sfi% =T^T ^5^r ^Cijc^; I c*||*iH 1fe.C<^H ^gT®^T R*JdV|^ s»l<<|^1 

'?i7:' : t^ ~5fz*u >i<d*m ^<p>5f^ 1 "sq-f^tRf c^z^ fsi^ ^t^ 8*0 ^sr^t^ ^n^FFtf% ^rt^ ^^pm^TCw^ 

"Sixscr "^Ft^T ^»1<<|^1 ffe^T ^TT I \»TeT ^^ff^t%^: ^.>l^l^.<^ ^f^T-JlT^r^ "sq-^sjj <aJ<T ^lf«<t> ^fws^TT 
^1% ^^^ f^T I 

<t>^d\s ^^s Ci) ^^rf^ ^g^T ^TT vs^q- ^1^ \s<^Cbfe.W I C^) ^s ^Sr^T ^TT#^ ^•^fT^.Ti d\s ^5R^T 

■^w <i><^c\s nc<r\, " J rf^ ^nr^r^ ^R^\sl?j ■5=^^5ff#trr ^R*ss\sf =tt^ <i>^c\s ^^s, ^r^" ^st 

n^^I^v) c^Z^ eT1-^Rb<1> ^TC^" Wl\s ^f^t^T 'JlT^T^ ^t^^ ^<vjH-^T ^?T ^C\sfl ^9 ^Ml^lR^ 
C^l\s<^^-H ^T»^7^" ^J^s^ R?JCV|^ <Ff%^TT ^J^ ~tfgT® vSCs^^f ^P^T C*JC\s ^TR^ Ci>) 


xsrrsjnf^pr viRi-^\st cvjibCH^ afi%<p f^rx^- cf^r*mr i. : i.vb) ^^x c*0 "»ix*nT$.c®-si wmr 
f^nrfst^s srSftrr mm^-r "st-Mox w^ft ^?rr ^^ c^rrar >&> : >o; c^wtrr is) 

□ "f^r^trrm sfr®x?i stbbt <t>fSc* f^x^-M" "etm?t" ffe^r ~5Br ^fsr c*r*rrc=r "stt^t ^m 

c^rr^n^ 5 " www -t^x^r ^rt i^f^r c^ ^^^: h^>i R-hj ic>i^ ^rc^ ^rm <mc\s-i i \»m 
^iT*tt^sT wto ^.>i^i^.<^ wff%?r sn^x?T v^vic-Hfi -^tcsjj stl\s*pRi\s ^xTrf^r, ^rr t^r YHWH 

^^X ^.>l^l^.<^ Wt1%?T "5R;sjj i«q<Ff5 ^5TRl% ^T^MT^^ WT^f >|V|?j I 

□ >ivi^<^j xsi^cb^^ >ih.^ ^.f^\s <i<ih ^fx?t c*r, c^n^c-Hfi sr^xsm c^T-nf^w ^r t^r 

^r^^rr^^Tr ^jRxi-sx^ ^rt^aT^ ^Tsirr ^>i^<i c^fp i^s=^s) f^s >ivi^<^j ^tx^tst w?r ^cw?. 
"^T?re ^nx^psr -^ra<]^-H ^m" xs^j -*t£^ ^t^p ^r^f w?r af<m~r <^<j "<*)<]5- varo^ "sir -^Rki^h 
<p?rr" cxfi? -^Rk^o^ %5^m ^.Rf\s <r^r <j*x?t i -^ff^raix^T^r w^ fsfxir "Rp^m ^^x ^tR:^m w^tj 
xsjijs^M sixiq-nsf^ C"5rr# i=ior; ^fi*jj<i<^1 ^>,is>; -^o=^i) c^n^c-H-a -^Rib^jf f^r "^fh®, RIh 
can^fN:, \sm ^rr^vidH^ ^^x \st?t ^t#m w^i ^|R*<^ srwt%^ "5qx*u ^^f5 1 

Rx^r^ ^ic<=-iit>j t^nr : ^tR:^m w^j ^®r^sT^f/ ^jx*ff^TT i 

^tx^m ^-ic*tt^Tm w^tj ^<fT5 ^T^x«am extttw^ wx^; cR^m >^<j>K3D te^c^-a^. -far^r 

^r«rf^iT i,=\s- 8 ^^"^ -^\sh ^r^f«y >ih.^^^ "s cc^rm^r ^t-oi^sf^", "srRr ^s=^; "sqr# i>=s, ^3^ ^=^s- tr 
■%®, -sqi^r 8=;>h; "5q~t#- i=i.a-; ^.=i>H, ^3^ <2-=^s^; i^s=^s,<2-; i<2-=H; in : ^s, f^s?r, ^fi*jj n<^1 i«=^.s; 
i>n=voo; ^.o:^.^; ^.vi> = ^.o; c^Tsr ^. : s; ^.tt <t^Rl ^ : s>- io) 1%^ ^-i^C' c rf^ i TT 1% ? <^fi5T 1% ^§^7 <xi1^ 

^r^f i 

i. 'Tjs^r" c^v^"*f 1^t» ^aw, f^ 1%) v>- L^<m], s> lP»h<iN], i>o L^<im], >i) ^^ ^sr<r 

"^r^r c^ra^fp)^ «t^f t^ oztf<F "S\s^1 e9<pi^ c^TRt^- ^t^f, vShk-sm ^^r^r ^^Ff^ ^5=q 

csr^g^-^)^ jq^x "*m" c^f«r^^) ^r^f i^fB< ^^f5 c^TRf^r ^^ 1 ^^ -5^- ^ H: ^ -^-^f 

<s\^ -tjo?: - *^ ^.r^^s <i^h ^px^, ^<^i^c<^^ ^^ix^, ^nx^sT ^^rx^ ^nr 1 ^rxht^tt ^^x f^^~m 
^X5^: 2ix5rT5f#h5r ^tx«y^ ^Ftw C"sqr# i>=i<2-; <Frtrr ^ : «n>-, si.;>, i.s>; ^.o^i,) <pt%^ir "spsr sf^ 
^rx^: ^^n ^f^s ^fx?t x^r ^>^ ^sr^x'tT^^Tr f^xir sirrx 5 ^ c^Frtrr <£■*»> »■■>■&; ^ ^*r ^.=^.e) 


^§trr-5T^ "^rt^fst ^tf^^w^r" ^rrf^r ^r??t ^t^tj -^tcs^ .St^-tr "^r^r ^tf^w^^T^ *rf€t <fc?t" i 

^ff^TaPT SfT^ C<=-11<1* «^\s«S ~5q^T t^RPv -^s-S W® : <)*fM =Tf^ ^JR3T I 

□ "^f ^?rR:wF?T w^tj 
-5qr# t£i<r?. ^j<^ v^ivi^t t^MfB<:<t>< >ivi^=ij ^-icbfe.^ c<t«R^» ^tf^:, ^rr ^cws. "^sr^^r <Tp5fi" i 

^Rr^t <rnf^f ^rf^^fet =tf» <t><c<r i igfi? Rist^l-si <fr:^; f§rRi^ -arRr >i> : io -?tzFt "*ftes?r stt^rtst 
2Jt% *j=Ri\s <c*jc^; i r*i stolen -a vSc^c«tT t^tRm >i?-ivit^r3t "srRr c*r ^w ^r^f >ow wf?i<ii\s^ c~r?r 
"srr ^c^cfe.H \sf^: «<<tm <pc-hc^-^, ~*tk?5 -^t^^et ^rrsr <i<<j.m <p?rr ^rrf^r, ^r^qj -^tc^ "5qr# 

i£)fi? 1^Mfir<F "3j?T5n^R3T?T "5R:*rJ tfii^s^f ^<pi^ Efsrt^T "&ll<<t>lT2> I "^Ft^sf sJ«af5T ^re° ef^T 

^r^f ^s^s: "5qra ^'^m <u<i^m <^d^dfe.H c^i^° ^f«i^t^: "?ft^9?T i^fm ^F^^rm ^rc^fj ^~&y c*mx^r?r 
^httor:^^ cvic-~vt^) -g^f c£i^-^ ^srr'^rr^t «nTvfc<t=^ ^t, ^rr csrT^fN: ^wir s ^ ; T ^^c^-m i f^rs^^ix:-^ 

C<t><!<^ i£|<p>s?7^t^ st^JTHTlT ffe^T t^rf^T <d<H ^R^i ^|\s4m Mlwc^S ^<p>5f^ ^Tsrf^P C^T^ir Cs^sT 
"5q-pq<i ^l\s<ilc>l^ "5qx s JI ^*f ^XIT C*W&: I "^rf C^FP "5t^S ^<pvSf^T ^Tsql^P l<](i>sr\sr f^TR^" ^TR^W 

c^Tor t^^rR:^^: t£ic>)l^.<:=iH c\^Hr ^naff^rr ^s^) c>i>srHJ^. ^tr:wt^ ^wr^i^T ^^at ^c^ffe.^ c\^ht 
-srRr ^s=^.;8 : iH;io:H;ii : i^;i>'^ : '^fe-; "sqr# i : i<sr; ^3^ s > §s > ;ii.;ii : ^o;-^i:\si- \s^> f%^ \st 
^ff^^tff^sT =tt^ ^ir:^ ^rr^ o^-mt gf^r ^ : io;ivb=^.^;^.vi>=vb8) f^ j gT^t'?r' : t ^h^'^fr^t^ ^^^#51^ 
^rc^j ^m <^^c\sh 1 ^t "s^^^^ch^ wi^t ^tr:^: 1%^ \s<j^s ^i^r t>fft^ s "55^1 ^^=1" <^^cfe.-H 1 


i£i^, xsrm, ^^, 1% " ^rfsprt? hcmc^" 

m, ^t 1% "^tfw©" 

^fl? <£i^fx? t^rrr^xw^ -^i^n?\s i.) >ivi?j ^t ^r^t?t c^^Ta ^s^rt c^.) ^^tr^t o^-mt "sfRr 

sffwrrr Tti^ ^^ ^xrrf^r \5t <t*rt ^r^t i "fH<^ls" <Fvrrf& ^'c?r^ ~^rc*u ^^f5 wr^- c^trut ^^rm 
orsTrr ^mo c*^1% ^tz^" ^i<ix "csq^re ^ra'"' jc r^t' c<y£^^: ^g^s "&mt ^ww^rn i£)fi? ^ffclNT 
T^f^ ^rr^vidH^ "5R:*ir^m >ividij^ ^*f^rr errs i ^fi? Ri^^cw^ ^'fi? ^pic<=i< Th-e^s ^Tx*u5-s i >® =^s 
'"?jme?T ^<t^srdH^ ^^ mr^rr ^n^c^c^;" <^fc» T^^rnfw*^ ( LXX) ^<r ^sr^#o frp*rm so =^s 
**Uyvn <si^fx? v3cs|-*r i C5^ cxi<p^ srm^rr f^pff^rr a-n^s isrp?. vb^.=io ^^-^ -sn^rt^Ft *»=;> ^uyr ^e 
eiR)*pRi\s ^cwo^ i c*rm^ Piesr ^s f^wsrc^ czrr*ftz~>?ss wt^o^ c*t*D af^s ^t^f I^trr^: 
o^*ic®~i o§<=-mt, c*m^r i>=^) ^f5 ^f^nr ^^r *j^ *rm^rm t^nr ^rr "5rf=TT*fr ^>=> ^^x s-a -^rc^r 

"st^r ^f^r sf^s ^^, \sKBi *=*M >i<j=<^ >i^<^ ^ri" i ^ ^t^f *o~sg; <t>l<^»t*i ipTJ i fte)\s]?g 

^t^f ^"ss; itfusrtf&s "tf^fz^T^ sr^l\s^ <j^t^ ^sffit <]j<]JS3\s ^xtr:^; i ^ f^rer =r^=r ^p^t ^s^ s «' 5? i 4 f c*r 

frp«rt^5r 8o:« ^tr:^ "s^C ~T-Hn>c\s ^5rrt:, ^%&, vbt#i\3, ^%& <pHT5r c^r ^%ue ^n>i^\sl?j 
-fft^R^ ^HTC^rr z^c^cs; i 

f^fifg ^^ "snfsfv [righteous] "^mn<rf^T" |j' ust ] iqrr5T 7?: rf^^ 5 ^^^ srsqT^ ^j^t [justify] ^tr^f 

<I<HTC^ wf^T^Tx^T C<IJ<I*3\s) f^^ ^^^ 5jt^ ^T^f \S "5q-prtf^ ^T '"5TT^f<Fff^" CMZ^ ^TC^ ^TSTTT 
El^TH ^3T I ^rm ^r^bfD ^Cbfe. ^sh^sTsT ^TT° C^^IHT C<^-51?J ii : 88: i.S> = ^.,-srf5r Qr = 8b-; ^.o=h,^^; 

i-sf f^s?r i.=i.vb) ^s=8 t£iu> ^f^nr ^oi<<ii7l< c^tr^rF^ ^9^"° ^®m wto ^^rr^t^r^ ^rcsf ^^rar ^t^t 

vi^vaTvid\s ^1<m ^^n^r:^ ^i^"° c^raTR^r ^^rr ^rsTrr c^s \5t c^us n^^»j^ Hsx^-h i ^fw^tf^r ^rr^ri 
f^^rtr^ csqtf^m ^j-a^m -hji^j <ic<^ ^1-^\s f^r c\^i-^r c^T^tiT i.i=^^) i ^--a: R^^r circ^r 
Ri^^1^t°t c^rf^-^R^p wi<<i^l <]d<^^. ctf^R7®t C^fi^rr "srf«t^.i : ^.<b) ^ ^fcfl^ i"sf ^|\s|Rt^ Ri^^lc^r^ 

^s=vb "rrmr ^tT'^h^t ^rr^t^r ^tr^f ^N^m <^Ri?jf' i ^Ns- ^r^fl^ ^t^^m ( confess) [homolojea] ^^ 

^1%^S <]^H ^R^ C\5^HT ife=i.i^ ^rR^Fm (f-^^y ^f^T-n^ >|V)c<]\s ^rR^j v^lf5j4<)i ^J«fiSfT'JmT: ,: t^ 
sRlTrnsf^T ^rsq-^R <js<:-s)T$.<=-1 I ^^To^ 1h?JCV|^ -5iC*SJ -^ t^§1W >\<P<=r\ U=r\<\K\ &■& l£S^K ^vb = 8o ^R:"Pf 

^reTrr ■?rm i io =vsh ^uyr c^rr^f ) ^t<^m ^tsr^t f^M^r ^mic^iw f^nr c*r^ i 

H"t%^ ^c-^<t> *j»51^ \s ^n^#t ^n%csr^ ^sfsqj ^il>ic\sc^: ctrfsnrr F®1h ^i^tf^'^R^p ^Rmh c^r, 


(<pr-t ^m^; \S^s'V| ^p^t *rr?r ^rr, \5t^r ^pYR>itt wr^x^r c^Pi^r ctf^sTrr ^mr" i 

^s=h 'i^g ^moi<> *p5)'*ft ^s ^rc%#t ^if«R:^FsT ^mt **a\\>\c&cw. c*rf«f?rr, R>P( ^srhr^r^p 
^r^ds-in" ^ ^ra" ^rsfRr o$><c*te sri% c^n^c-H-a <n<w<<^l sT5^ -?NIRt wr^j ^i^vmns^ i (<p^t 
F®1h <^q\s c5fRRc=rr ^w<5 ^st?t srl^f^rrr <jtw <*»c<Ti>.<:<=-M c^r >i-mc'* ^Rf%-^Tr sr^sw ^-^R^fRto 
^p?rr ^XTrf^T i Ci) P»Pi \»rtt<t ^fTroR^T^ ^f^x^rr^ft f^TR^^: o^*ic®~i c-^o P»Pi vsrtt^t c<^*ic®~i 
er^^ R<^~r^f?t f^p f^TT \5R?rr N^il^s4<t>v»i7^" "^r^ c^>) Fsfa ^RTf^ ^rrf^mTo f^Re^; o*ra\c&~\ 

^T C8) j^sPl \5Rtt?i Tgf%s^-p<~f^t CH^<I^f f^3TR^~ Ctf^lC\sM, ^^TR^TsT ERpR'R "ifRpm v3fs» \5RTf?T 

^tcfST^RfT ^WRT ^m^f^S ~5T^X®T I C^TR^^T \5R:"Cf^ >lR>J<1>R3m -sq-^n^t^" <a<HC\s C^X^1fe.=i I 
^pffR*fR"CTsT ^g ^=MlfH S^Sj^sCe-sl >I-MC'* -s^ff ^TR^TR^rr ^^ : iQ: C^RT© CCf^T I 

□ 'R^FT^f <^Cvs ^RTm^T <1>RlC\s" "5TRTT*ft *®=^- ^s >|V|^<^J ■vpff C^lR^F <^rR> "^Rl^RT C*J 

csrff^m f^Trrsr ^t^t^t ^sbt ^frr:-^ ^.>i -a 1^.0-1 -a ^*t?t f^um c^zr^ ^fu^fw^ cr>t, ^^p, 
fw#Rr R<^«t -^h- -^.b-) cg^TR^i c*n^~r "STRTt^FRr f^5R3m "^r s$^m t^r^R:<3" sRpr«t 

<^C^Cfe.-H I =T"spJ <P&~\ C*J C^Tl^C-H^ ^TsT WR%-?RT ^T "5RRTT*FRt ^JT5I >ir^ilRl\s C<3T^T) f^T 
^^T, (<F, C5f, 1%, 'il^T, ^srm, t£|-5T, f% '"5q^r "sHl<<vsC^< ^PC^i ~W°>f<Ttt ^s" 

1^, ^, 1% "c\sivj<T C5^ >\<p<r\ <p^ <p^ *j^id\s c\siviRTrsr ^rr^r ^^.c\s T*j=Ri?jt ^srprm ststt-^ 

^RSTrr ^TR4X^" I 

<^-5q^ 1% -pprR^T f^nrCST ^G R^l^r 1%?T C<^<=i "S^Ra «r^J^RT ^T ^TR^t-?Po WC<^1 -cf=T^1w^ C^^TT^G 

c^Rt 1%^ f%^nr i f^^~m t^r ^^° ^^m^s ^®tr^: ^l^iiRivs ^^^ ^ttw-jrs ^s^sj R^sj^ f^>g~m 
io:> cs ctf^rr ^tr^" i ^g^R^r t^^p^r <t>^c\sr ctt ^^i^cvj^ r<^ic>i^ ^=t ^rtt^ c^=trt \s 

ER^rtfw^ ^XTrf^T I ^R'X^RF "sq-RTt^Ft ^s : ^ ^^P, ^^P ^^x 8=i> sTstT^ ^R^ C*T CCSTtf^m) R^^TR-T 
^T^.^CH^ <Sr-HJ^. Rst^lCTfl ^^R^ t%5R4 C^TC^ ^I^C^ I 

□ "^Rtim" ( Stone) "Children" c^rstrt <s^ " Stone" ^<r° "Children" ^'^ ^r:^t^ 

w?r ^^Rc^, N^^i-^lsg ^r^t^ <u<i^m ffe^r ^i^Rf^ c^r "srnsri 


frrH^TT i>o =vsvs- *8 ""Rtt^Q >!V|\g<=iJ ^ftf I C^rR^T ^TSTR^W^ ^9^t^ ^FRW xsrR^w ^gg-R 
<^C^rfe.C<^-H C*J "^t^S sf-$\s^. C5TT*fN: HsX^^T f^Tf, <F<T°T f»P( C*T5T^ WR*fT <^C^lfe.C<^^T \5BT 

C"*fNs?o ^<fF5 wm« vjo^\»: o®vm f^5R3r?r <Fvrr f^r ^rr i 

^TR^ ^srr^s^T ^-wfB-si I^tsr:^^ "g ^r^rt^r ^tr:-^>s^ c^tr^^^s f%-stfto) ^rMrr wr:^; i 
i. ^wr^ ^1% ^fxst c^fTsrr f^rr^rr 88-^; T*m^r ib--iv) 

^.. WR7=TT Wf=TT5r 0®<=-Mt f^T^TT (to =ii;-srf«| ^Q: = i,- ivo) 
b-. ^^T C^fT^TT ^TSff^lT ^ : Gr) 

;>. "c^ttwnq-/ wf=Tm c^pr^rr c^tr? 1 ^ ^=^.8;b-=b-;;>;>=;>i>;"5fRR'^ :c i) 
^.. sm^ ^r??t/ v»j>i)vsss <^x?r c^^r^rr ^xiTh i>s> : ^.8;c=T?t i.o=i,- -^) 

8. ~nf% c^=T=rt ^iR «8^s; c<=-i-31?j -^o^s;^^; c^R^frr <H : i>Qr) 
ct^r) -^tR/H^r R^dWi "^r^c^r c^t^i wf«ra^f f^ynx<r sr^yprs ^cmos: i 
vs. v^h^^i^Ih wf«r c^^r^rr f^rafsnr i.o:=i.8; i.H=s) 

vs==i- i>o; sT^T= b-^Ji^s^^sJi)^ 1 ^) 

cij<pi^ ^srf%^«n^f vq i^xs ^rx^, ^©r f^^^ ^p^^" cc^fi^t f^rF^S) csf^n ^tc©^ ^^it^ i 

N^tvir ^sr^^-s^t ^flw^rf^, ^srrfsj- ^rn^r "s^Ti^t ^R^t^re c^rr-m ^rft; RjTh c\sivnRTT^<pr ^tf^a 
^i\s4t ^s wfsR:^ ^t-^tfw^ <?>rac<M ii^ ^R<m ^s^r ^®R<m ^x^ ^tr^;, ^rm f®Pi ^rr^f^ ^n^rm 


C^tlvb|^.C<]H I 

i*w, tg, <ip=r, 1% "sriTvf<ii \sR<m ^tr^n ^Pi<bt«3 c*mtr ^tW 

^^r, ~c^, osf, 1%, ^^r, wm, ^^, 1%, cw, f% "«nfsj<t> \sR<m -^tre^t -a^-n <t>ra<im^3 c^jt^j 

fi?, ^, 1% "«nr5j<t> \sr<bt ^1^=15^ <i^h <t>Ri<im^Q c*tmt ^fft" 

14 ^1<t1T5 t^^»r^" ^M-i<T^r ^?rr c*jc\s -tR^r Ci) fsprfftrr c^i^rs^d ^tt^ptRtc^ R>rR\s sferr 
^sisjtsrh <jr^t 'Tr^r^rr^Nr ^st ^R?^ <<h ^jr??t ^st ^"cttst ^r^ ostz.-^ c^rsTrr" ^s^rt "^^t c^fstt 

^str^t^t ^^pfr? <r*Rrn 

□ "R>1h ^lv|irtrT|T:<p- ^ff^ra ^|\s4f ^s <srd<^ ^RsTR^fw^ <t*rac<M" I "sj^t .sfRp ^TR^^ ^®-JRs 

>ivi^<^j <ic^\ ^.f^\s <]^h <jr^t 1 ^rr can<p, c*jvi-^ =g<p vs=^h ^uyr wr:^;, ^sr^ ^srf*r ~r^ff5 
f^5BT <c^\ w?r erprt <fi<c® -=h-R3t ^x^j -^tc^ ^tf^a ^i\s4t -^ff^s^sH ^t "^T<^®r w£f 
srfrt <p<\c& -^tr^t 1 1%^ c5tf-p f^h@°r ^nf^sr f^TRR c^tsr^;, ^^f5 <nf%^ir «nrsfc<^^ 

~^T^R4:w^" C^fT^Tt "sqr# i> : i^; =g^ ^s :>; wl^H i=^s^s; ^qrh<i<^l i=<2-; ^.=vsvs) 

^ : i-^ "t^ 5 ^ R>Pi ^?r wfSr^R wRr:^ c^tRst^rrr 1hc<->i" "*fNs ^gxa^ e^m ^r^t^r t%5R^^ 

•^.^TSfR^t ^.i.=vi>;^.^s=io) (?<T^ t%5R^^ ^R*l?jf5 "HI^^CH^ ^ft^: ws-^r >Sr-S<t=; t%5 \5T 
C^s^cw^/ ^Pmch-s) f^R^T) sr^^rsq" ^)\sir*r^ frr^RTf^ ^R:^; s)\sJ'*t= <3 ^g^% ffe^r i "sffss t%5R^ 
^^ST T<>I1C< ^TR^^fi^T, t%5 ^TR^T ^R^P ^<I^sT ^sj^q- ^©mT RblR|\s ^Z^ C^fT^T =3^P ^s=ivb- i«\; 

c^rR^^T ^s=iH- ^.i) ^gRs^T 1h»jc"5T frp«rR^Tr *8 ^t^jtrtt ^^^R:^^ c^^l^ ^^T^T^rfw^ "m^, -*t\ 

^TC'^fRrsm ^•'R^ ^^XP^ f^5R4 ^RTT ^Z<S I 

i^s '^s^^C^-l "5t^S C^TR^T t^R^T ^T-^R^fw^ ^5<im ^Sf^rr -JfR^t^T ^^.C\s WtW \5R<RT ^fr:^: 


^■i^ i \s-*r^r I^sTh ^r^m ^vnTr ^p^ro *^c<=-m i i^ ^\z^ ^t^s ^r^rf^fw^ ^^ttt ^vjIh w==t 
ozr<f \Sf2>c<^H,^rm ctf^r, \St^bt f^rfsps^ -^f ^jf^nrr en^r ^^° P»Pi "^h^?r?T ^i\s4R^p ^Fc^tic^-a 

N^tvjm fSm ^fa, ^^.icvs^ wffsj arte" i 

vs=i^s "\s^<Fn?^ "tfh® c^rm^T ^mr <n-«rp5"fw\s ^^^m w^r -m^t^ s^c* ^n^^r ^st^rm ^fr:^; 
wifs-ids-M i ^ti<^1<=i <&,<!% Rst^l?jic\s "^t^s^ sr^^rsr f^-n^r ^ft%^rm ^ft^t fST^^x^T sgprsn^m >ivk^ 
■srcscr RRs^vsr wrc^; i ^r^t ^?t ctt sfsirsq- fwc^ f^r^n <yrc*i <sp¥n? -^^i>*jjt f^^r csrp?. ^«^1cvs 
^rm^s <£i<Ff5 t^>^ -srsp® -&rafi? ^prsqimr^^ ^rc^fj ^ft^t fST^^x^T ^®pp«tt^: "yrrsnwsrr'^ <© **.c<* 
^rrc^ Er^arsq- f^-^m R^wr c^z^i ^vm -^Ri-^m ctf^rr ^^rm c^pprr T^n^r ^=;>^- s=^>) i 

■%© (<f^t ^T-^f^fw^ ^XTrffe.c^'H ^5T >i<^rf^: t^^T^t <r:«Nt ^fk^; <^<Ffi» cf^^m) t^nr f^r, 

^.. esqfi* f^r ^»bt 1%^T^t <R:-?m <s3^m £trai'SiM<i ^r:^ ^rffsr^r ^sttt i 

^s . i«qf5 f%s=r -^RibCim w^u \sr:^f *rsf ^tw^f ■^tz^r ss^s ^<x:<^ <s$*$f5 stt>Ri\s «rmr i 

8 . esqfl* t^r ^®bt "5jfw<T ^FRW<T esq<Ffr? s|^S1<t> I 

a . tiqfi* f^r \tm ^Rit>*jm i£rt° c^rm^r ^T-^f^^c^^ <3iwm ^t5t<r i 

<^m^ -*T\^ C^t<F eg R^ijfD f%==T ^^S^ ^l-ad-H^ eg<pt^ -^T«arr<r v^vs I ^rf^^S e£|-3=r5qxTr esqfi? ^.R^\s 

o*.h ~wz<i ^rr c^r, ^t^s "sp^fN: ^t^t^t C\^ht The Orthodox Courruption of Scripture by Bart D. 

Ehrman PP. 47-1 18) f^g ^st ^m R^dir ^\sj^ ^\©^s <^.h ^^^ i 

« : i8 "1%^ "c^rm^T ^r^f ^m^ <t>fScvs =Ttf^R^T^" egi^ ^cbfe. cg^i^ ^>ivin?<t=r t^rrm ^ft^ti 

-^m\ P»Pi ^r-^tfw^ ^c\s 1 1%^ ^^^ ^cbfe. Ci) c^f^ t^f^ ctf^^r^T c^r, "c^rt^r *t^ c^zw^: 
^t^s^^F ^sn-^c\s-H, f^g c^n^c-H^ ^rc^ ^-v ^51% ^f^sti i=^>i,^>^>; eg^-^ c-^.) ^ f%^nr c^f^ (<f^ 
ctf^^i^r c^r, c*m^r ^N^^ <^c^dfe.H, "5hs ^<pvsf^ *nrsH> frr^t Ife.c<^H 1^5 f»Pi csqi^fN: T^.c<^h 
^rr ^r c^s) ^»n<<^1 ^t^" 5 ^^ T5 ^'^l^ ^»-i>)rc?T ^fi^^f ^p^ <ic<^ Rc<ilb\s ^c\s a_c^\ \sR^f 
^p^hj^: fi-s<im ^L>\sm ^r:w ^st ^bbt^-^ <t>^c\s srz<j 1 

^PT5q-f^nr^: ^rsTrr ■?rm 1 c>i>i<i is ^r^f^s src«m *jff ^sf^r^^ w^r ^r?: < ^fe ^twr c^rr-jmr ^rr 1 ^ 
^1<ch< ^tc: 1 ^^: ^^t^^ ^.Ms.r ffe^r 1 


l£)^t, ^srm, ^^, 1% "t^ "STTa f»Pi w^r «^c\s vSfoco-M" 

fl?, ^;, 1% " "^3 W=^T <5.^C® vST^C^-M" 

t£i •s»fwf& \sR:"cf^ wmr <ij<i*3\s ^xtr:^:, ^mrr ^sr^t w^t^t ^^<t f^R^r ^r^ri^-^ ^i^.c<ki<^^ c<t><i<^ 

^<p^rfra 51 R> <£=1 ^T5q-<R <t>CfM \5R7« ^sM sTsq^^T <t>^d\s ~5T^ C*T, "5t^S >SrC<^ v^<I fpRUT 
(TTl^C^" ^T«aRT "tfNsc^J 5 ' ^HR^Tl <tf%-stU ■'plT^T ^t^P -=t1^RlRH~ C^^T, t^T, 1%, ^^T ^^X 

vbT#(\S), ^pf%-^ ^^t^^ ^-i^T^f ( The vulgate and Coptic) 

<£(<!% srtft^r vi^<^^ ^pf^s c^pwm) <t>^<t> <u<i*3\s .sft<F -sf^t ^r^ ^f^s <i^h ^jr3t c*j c<t><i<^ 

cn^r" ^rr c^ff, c*m^r ctt^t -a<Hd\s ^tr^^t c*t 1\sP^ f^x^w sr^® csqr^fN: \sm w^jt \sm ^r:^; 
""st^c^tst ^nwR^p- <jR/=*nc\s-s] ^rm ^rffsnrT wr^t^rm ^^r;^ ^nf^nrr ^il>ic\s c^rfar^r^" 

wf^T^T <t>C^H, G<J*HHT ^^TS '?R^T^ ^FR^: ^gpT5T^m ET&m <t>RlC\s ^p?fT sf^ ^tviR^i v»|f^c*j <t* 

^^mr ^^1 c<^i<t=c^T^ ^r:^: ^^mt oiibH sr^m <p1%" ^i^ ^r:w ^t^m^ ^w i t^?*^ ^^ch^ wiwr 
^rr° ^tf^a ^i^srn ^xtiT \s\s3f ^^^•^t ^^nr, c^r ^srf«T "^t^»^ ^^R^ c^rc^ ^up^s^, ^9 t^R;Tr ^ 
^.f^\s <]<ih ^jr^ ^rr c^r, ^ >ivicij^ ^jr^ "^9?r f»\sd^ ^ff^a ^rf«T lfe.<^-Hr, c*r f^nrf^ fl^T ^t 
^t^tt c5qT*?R;^sT W5r3 f%T?«T^r ^cgT«i^T c^srm^) 1 


i.. n=M1R i> ^T^rrRTT^ f^X^" t^R3T C*JC\s ^Cbfe., C^r^TR^T ^^T^^ ^rF®r WT7=^sT ^^R^ ^®I^t^t% 

CMZ<F ^^Ff^ <F<fS?T Cfe.d^> f^5Tffe.C=iH I 

^s. -siRo-^ c^^^^r^r) <id<^^T c^r <t=<3^s^if5 t^r ^^pm^=R:tf^ si\s1<i> c^^-nr c^id>i?j ;>;>=;>;>; The 
Talmud "San" 95A And "Ber". R" 39) 

4 . Tyndale New Testament Commentarty Series G Tasker ^c^dfe.H ^ii^ (,<^lvi<^\sm f^nr tSds^^f 
^jr^ ^rr' i-i '^uyvss ^sr^#o c\^i-nr c^r^trr ii=^^; "sqi^r ii : ^.s>; ^ : so) ^rr^s^ ^r^t^ t^^f^\s 


"sparer (<ft^ sf^s wi<<i^l Hsx^-m ^rr, •siRw^ c^^-n^o <ic<^-h c*j Bath kol ^^ "^tt^tcw -^t^st 
\sm ^f^*=cf \s t^p^® >^^lj/ f2rpi5\s ^3ff^?=^ ^rr f^r "^f c^z^ <rr^f i ^^^ ^fi? ->^i^s^ 
c*jvih -5hs?r, cs^r^r c^n^o^ <ft^'\s w?Hr^ ffe^r ^q<t° >i£<\s! >sr-s\sm <fws: \s osi^:), ^mrr 
\5T?t ^TRr^ir ai^j^ ^c-aHsx^^T i "^f^r^: ^ivim fatrr ■*£§ ^.^ic^-a^. wrfsr arte" c^r«y c<jq<i>ri\s) 

fsp«rm 8-^ : i ^uyr^ <w* o»r^ft T^nc^-a "sj^t st^rt^pst "^t^tm ^rr«i^T ^c^d^: i ^^artr:^ \S^R>c\s 
^rrcwtfB^ csqr^fNx^ f^n^c^-a cg^ wrlfr ^nu^^ ^rcw ^r^w <p?rr ^c?jc^: i "«n^rm tsm^a" 
^^r >i^i<ij ^=^r ^cbfe. "^h^sm "^fs" ^f^f^sw ^rr "sfRr s--^>,^> ■*tci ^tTsTrr ^^rm i ^t?t =t^^ ^?rr 

ststm ^??t c*r f^sr ^=m ^wr -tfhs?i stf% f^c^T-^r ^x^ffe.c<^H i ^t^tj -^tc^ "5rRr >® ^r«jrR:Tr ^f5 
i<b- in ^x"cf 1%=r w^i^: fic©^ ^r^#o i Qi^ ■vPtH* <t\^c<c°^ -sq-^sji ^m^: f%© «n^-Hin? 

i^i i 

R^^ ^=8) \5t ^re^fr^: "*fhs?i or<\»m ^^x ^i\sam <uf^>i^s=m ^r:w ^<^Hr vm<i* ^w<5 t^&m 
i>8;8=8- ^; vSlvs ^s=8- ^; if^s^r ;>=^.) i 

□ T^T^tTT i> : 8- <2r;«: : i,S:5b- : i- 8,b— io 

□ 'Jff=TfotTr 8 = 8- ^ 

□ ^1*4=^1^ i=^S- i85 i-H : ^.- 5b-; *=i8- iH5 8 = 8- Vb 

□ nSIm) ^S = 8- 'in 


8. f&fo<T- if^to^ i>=^. 

□ "jq<p" (One) f^^l^R^-sH 8-<h -viz^m ^sqTlT ( Shema) <lJ<l*3\s ~T^ff5 Cc<ivih ^ll^r 

□ x^lftr VS=^.,85 i^S : ^.i>; i>8 : iS> 

□ x^lftr VS=^.,85 i^S=^.i>; i>8 : iS> 

^s. ^^ >ss^k \»i|\s4f ■=*! -a ->M<T R=«s, ^if^r i> : i>- ^.; ^s io8 : «o; f^TT^rr >b^s : s>- ;>;>; 
8. -^h^sr ( YHWH) ^^x csTT^fN: ( Adon) ^cw5..h ^j<a|<j> i^; w^r, -ffte 3<2:=>b- h- i.i.o=i,; 

>b. ^ >\<^ tTPti^Tr 8i^= i.^; >bi=i 'Hz^r ^iwf^= wr:^; i 

^s. wf^TT^r- ^fa <si<iK ^®rfsrm ot<i\sc^- N^§i<j>m ^c^cfe.-n i 

8. -sq^rm f^irf^T ^5T5T ( Monarchianism) - "^h^srsr ^Ffsp^ x5nf%^rc<r f^^m <mc\sh i 
f^xin^ ^cbfe. ^i^x^c^-i f§rRf® <i^>ih.^ c^k<f ~*53f® ^fi^il>i<i> wr;^- ^^^^ ^nf^s ^3^^, 

•^. f^st ^^x ^3^ >ivi^<^j xsiTsrm *Jff ^rfw ^r«n ^i^"x ^T^^s ^•H'Stf^^fd^^ -sHT^^ih 

^s . Qi\s<]R:T?f^ «ivf\s\s wr-nfSc-M-si c^^rr De Trinitate ^^ "sq-r^nTrsr ^i^rr^R^" st^nf^r 5 ® ^zttI^t i 
^^rtr:^ ^<f(^ et^® <^n_>u ^srR^: i 1%^ "sqx^r ^rr ^t^t Ih^jvi 1^-^115 en^r ^n^t^r ^rfw-jf® 


<«rfi» <*i<Ffi? ^*um^r Ptc^-T^ HfcFT ^^mr w?r wMf^r^: wr^t^rm ^i^.c<i<^ ^-i<iR:tf^ w^r mUt i 

^nwf^: ^-i^rc'ff wiwm ^mri-u^st csf^rsr ^srz^ ■^>\< j ip^y Rc\s ^=x<t i ^srMfsr ^st^hj^: \st 

"srWRrsr ^*f« c^rr-m^ ^.c*jc^; i c>i>i<i fwm ^:ww<f, g^r® f%^ ^r?r 1 

;>. c*m^r ^n^i^^er^ ^j^ts^t f^?jcvi^ v»i<<i^l< c^Ft^r f^nr ^u^r ^Rctt Rc?JCfe.-H ? c^=t ? 

«. "arfRr c^^r "^<f ^rsfi" ^pt^w <j<<j.m <t>c<c^.-i ^<ix "5qr# ^s =^f "^^7^^ <ttwt" <j<<im 

8. f^Tfrr so c^ttf «) c«y^p ^w1%<t ^^® 1%? 

<b . c^rm^r ^r^rf^^c^fi ^twr c^=t t%5ir^^ R*i?j csrm f^ir ^t^t isrt?. c^^r vjj^-si <fvtt ^nr ? 

l^fB ^<e.T fbT*?\s <?=>fl"H iS) <Pv xst^TfT ^S)fX\sf1 <MHf f^T I 

"^^ f< 

^T G*F C5f 1% 


1^ ^ 1% 

7?5f f< 

i<M ^A\-H <£i>{\^o 




*1^H ^l^C^ 

iJl^S^ vi^l'ilsl 

ijl^Sfl »|^1^»| 

sIl^C^ v l^l'^=l 


'Hfll^l <PC<\ 

8 = i- 8 

8 = i>- ^S 

8 = i>- ii 

8 = 1.- li. 

8 = i- ii 

8 = Qr- H 
8=V— ii 


8=<2r- Vb 
8 = H 

8=b— S> 
8 = ii 


*J|^S \s1-sl *1MM|sg 

ijl^S^ ^11<^IC<^ 

ijl^S ^1MIC<^ <P\^r 

^1l<^IC=i 5i)\Sj|<]^S=-S 


-HRb^ji ^l^^ 

^iC^Sr^ >1^ 

3^-0= <J=d^H 



8 = i.^- iH 

8 = i>^.- i^b 

8 = i^- iH 

8 = i>^.- i^b 

8 = i.^.- iH 

8 = ^=1 

8 = ^=1 

iJl^S b»l^>Sr-M v|^>| 

sd«|vj bl^^Sr-H 


bN®rH v|^>i 

^l^ld^ ^lk<lH 

T*1*JJC<1= s=MK<iH 



•=^ .—- 

8 = i1^- ^ 
8 = ^.^3- ^.(2: 

8 : i.V— -^.o 
8 = ^.i- ^ 

8 = iT^- ^ 

^i-siic^ r«i^j 


iJl^S 5db»N <t>d^H 

'ST-H^IC^ 5^^. 

<ii<< c< i^Tl c<t» >^ 


8 = ^.^3- ^.(2: 

"H R b>4f 1 

Tfth "53F *® C^{ : H Offo) CtT^sf] 

^-iC^T >iv||^^id<^ v=x| |fur -sf^FK^TsT wf%srm ^-i>l^'H I 

Lg ^<Ff^ ^t^htit^t fHd^r'T^r ^g^rr ^^mr w?r ^f^r "c^tstbt f^rew^r <n^c<<=-i ^»«i<nTT?T w^tj trrfft i 

i£l<Ffi? "5qTa WXZ^^tz^T^: \5T -vTC& -£^=3^7 I [<l*l*4 ^T5J^; fi>i*?\s <t><&~\ i ^-^tc^sT *=tT$f5 ^-i^R^T^T 

^i^<fr:^^ wf%£rm ^x«i>i-sioi-si ~5iR<Mf2> "*rr ^cws. ^-i^TcrsT t?^ 5 ^ i sfc^sj-^ ^-iCb^.cH^'^ esq<Ff5, 
c<i><i<^ "5qra jq^fg f^nr wrc^; i 

vs. \»\§l-y 

8. ^vsJllH 

□ tg R^jij n»i\sj^ \5t^^rt^i*f c*r, "^h^sr i^wz.^ c5TT*ffrr ^p^#trr "*fhs?i ^^•si <fvit ^=rm 
f^r "^^sm i ^t>^.i-i>)n^T i -t-Jl^m ^rt^7 ^^rc^- ccf^sTrr c*jc\s ^tr^ c^r \5t ^cbfe. ^>^^ 

□ t£i t^nql^ *e ^^p^'^jff c?r, Jy ^r«mr:Tr ^.>i^i^.c<^^ #tr:^^ ^mptr af^m ^p^t ^zirf^T i 


8^-tr- s>; 8^=i.,i.s>; 8^s=i.o) \Sv»ijc<ji^ -^s ^5rr ^xtr^: c\§^ht c^rpert i.i=i.) ^ f^nr 

c<y^p ^<i><it>c^T ^Rki^oj-s] -^rc*u f^xir ^tsttt ^^rm cf^rHR^rr or^.=i.^s- >>a LXX "sri^r) i ^ 
^.>i^i^.<^ #fg ^rr^fi n^iwvi, -UtxlNT ^r:^ >ivi^<^j ^rr ^mpTJ c^tfsnr o:=;>^- ^:> ^uyr 

f^r ^^fl? sr^s ^ft^^r i "^hs \5T?t vi-^j ^,-$R)d\s ^^x^^ N^R=srm ^t^rt <mc\s 

'tmc^f I liqfl* iiq^f5 ^=1HM sTcf^f^T f^T ^TT I "*Tt^ f^S^T^T ^f1%\s "^»Rq- RCM e«q<pw^T 
-sqlij^ C^^-HT ^#TT 8-^(ti H-^^y I ^ C^US 1%f^ n»| | ^ C5RiT V|\s^. HsX^H I ^|V|^T ^^ 

^<p^ ^<i>vi et^^ f^j "cj^t vi-^%(jib\s ^ib.^=t cn^^TlviiHl ^mrr ccfzt&s ^tf^: c^r^t 

•^vb=\s>i>- 8vi>= "5qT# i>3 : ^>^- 8-^.) I txi Ef^=toT ^TTTSR^RsT EfC\sJ<^n* -^Rl^RT "srisr t«q<pf5 

^r:^t c^flrc^^ wf%^s wr^; "*tt "^rRr s ^srrrtt -ac^c^; i c<^vm <tr^t "*fh© ^m csrRnf^: 
"^M^T >M<t* CC^RT R>^ -^Rkic^) slT5rpi5w ^tf%^n t^r i 

I^sPj ^^rr4: street ffeXs-M i ^ R^-a-^fl* c<t><i<^ "sqTa- ^s>^ •§r: 5 S^ ■^iRi'^m f^nr^: f^r^n 
□ ^1^ 8 ^srsixTCTPsT ^pr^rrsi^Fp f%^nr "5tt# i,=i,^- i^s iSx^K =g^- 8 :v,- ^vs -=t£-cre 

^r^f ^9^"° ^r^f^s^s; ^sr«miT^T 

^t^R<pr <t>f^<^, ^fsr ^rf^f ^^x^^ ^a ^^s \st^ ^^t, ctt^t ^^: ^tr«^m^f^T ^1^ ^^rrr ^^rm i s 
t%^ R)1h ^^^ <i>R?jr <^r^c<^-H, c^r^rr ^str;^: "vi-^%jj c<i><i<^ ^H5c\s ^t^^" ^rr, t%^ ^^t^^ "sj^t 

> ^te ^^.c<^ "5q-R^- i=i-^ ^R:"cf ^ivi^r c*t ^r^f^s^s; ctf^R^ ^tt^: ^r:^ wr^; "^rstt ^sr^r^p 


> "srm?f ^ c^r^t) f& oarRic^m f^<tM5<i^Pt ~5BH ^Tvi-a t^nr <<=-i<:^;, c*r*rRj=r "strj^ ^m 
<t>-sio®r ^tt i ^R> c>i^<i>vi wwr^t <^c®r ^^<r, c*r*rRj=r csqr^ft c^rr= "*rraT : as^v) ^R>ra~ 

> "^5ir^=\s" .sfRp ^r?rm ~Rw -*£& <^i^Rf5 ^51 •^m ( Temptative or test) ^tmjt sRtrt ^r:^t i 
^^pr> ^R^f^ [Dokimazo] <utsitt ^cws. "~rfw~tR^f ^strt wt^tj -^^l^r ^m" ^^x 
^sM-sifB-si [peirasmo] ^^ ^iwt ^cws. "f^^TR^T^r w^rr -Hfft^r ^m" c^r ^R^ffi* ^^-r^t 
<u<i^m ^?rr hcmos: ^ ^tmh ^c<=-ir "rt^tr^Rst w^jt c^tr "sfRr vb=:>^>; ^rRj^Rq~ i=i^>- 

^Rw^TR^t ^aRj w^r -^-Jl^t ^r??t ^tr^^^t i c^wp ^miTh ^a=:>j ^rnaT= i^ : s; ^o=^o; 

f^^T^f 5 ®rR^TTS3 = " s H51'*I=T <a<HC\s .sfRp ~p*f o-ivi^ ^^x \5RJ ^TMTt I 

xjfi* ^Rp ^rw ^str:^: "^rr c<frt vSc^c^tr <fR3~£^ ^51 ■^t ^^m «rR^rr c^rrr i 
1 . Dokimazo, dokimion, dokimasia 

isq ^R^ffi? *tCbte. WR3i^T WBR C^FRT R>^.< f^rssf^fST "H%^R^ W^IT ^^RR> *R?> ^tRj^rR^P ^RW C^TT : 
^M<P "SR<T (<J^ i£R5\gf=0 

J 5r^BT?T i£(<iK ^T "^r^sT ^TTToRT ^^~° ^^X£^ ~srH^l*J "HSl^BT t£|<pf^ ^Tfw^TR^t ^MsjRsR wRrBT 
t^R*flfr ^XTT T=fR5TRT I SRCTg ^R^J ^9 ~Rwf5 C<l><l<^ "5qTa f^TplSxs -=*fffRs^=rpj ^SR:<R4: <1J<1*3\s ^TT I 

-^-Jl^m f%wft? -rsbh 1h»jc"5t <u<]*3\s z^cmcs: i 

t^T. ^TSTRTf^ R<^m ^rR^Bl i=^s 

1%. t£|V|HR> ^sr^sT ^#n ^s : fe 

c£)^i^ -sffR^BT ^^TRP^T >IH.^ ^^^T <Id<^ «R^ <^3TTT ^XTTR^T C^ft : (?m^RT i = ^^5 i8 : ^: 

ivb=i,o; ^ <fr> io:ib-; i^s=\s; f^pRi^Rr -^^h; i f^s^ i,:^) c^sf^u, ^r^fl^ ^pR^g CC^M 

<IJ|Fsp-sO ^RTtR^s ^^m ^9^"° ^TST <JC=i sBFfR'fo ^g-Rj «rR^Tt <<-S ^R^ C?r : 

^. ^S^Rfr^^ c^rr-m i 
R>r. «nf& 

1%. sjpTT^RT 

2 . Peiraza peirasmus. 

T^fV^ ^^ Hp&t C^^" ^^T^" ^T 2f\SJT^TM <|5?rpsT ^C^C-lT ^f^^t ^TC^f^" <Ul"^r 


t£>. csfi> "tfh3~£<p "^Mxt^t ^»1c^t c^^Tpsr c£§T <f^?t c^rt : 'srf^r 8=^; b<b : b; bsc^; 

^A : i>b-,^><2-; 'STp^ b : bv->; \qs*s>|- 8 :^.; %gt ^. : i>b-) 

t%. ^ ^WfT? ( Peirazo) ^tttox^tst ^t^fS ^ttst ^t ^^tff^r f^rrc^ "5fRr s=^>; i. ^Ft^r^r ^--(t ^uyr 
<ij<i^!\s *lc?jc^; i 

1% ^f5 "^r^sx^ " 5 ^51'*i=t ^?rr w^tj ^t^s <f^p <u<]*3\s ^rrfSr c^n= "sfRr is-^; =g<F 8=;>^o ^rr 
<jxr<f ^c?jc^: ^®m w^ f%ir ^^st <p?rm eix&§tst ^e Thc^t ^x?n c^tts ^ft^xts s>=-^o; ^o=^;>; 

□ "^nrrot^T" -^pri^s^ f^nrxsr c*r o^t^s -^v^n ^xfw vi-^u wff%x^ ^r^*^ <jx^t c~j<rm 

I^rtxst wx^; c*t diabolos ^r ^tttoT^ ^x<i ^^nx® ^=rr ^xrx^: ^r^f^i^^i^l f%^f^ ^t 
«=»rfft^^ ofrroi^D ^gTo^T Pnrxsr G5=r t^r "^h^x^sr ^<j»srH ^rm c^rrs ^x?rt<i ;>; 
•^n>a?i<i<^t ^^=i.^s- ^©j :>^x~rf<T^t ^.i> : i>;^r*rfftTr >«=;>, ^) ^rr c^w h^h fn?jvi ^-^® 

%£<r *fte<T ^nrrox^r^ t^PTH =tt^ ^?rr ^tr?r c^r ^^ ^^ xsrx^; ^®T?r ^rc^ Peiraz A.B. 
Davidson ^^r Old Testament Thology published by T and T Clark P. 300-06 ^ ^x=rr 
^x^r^sr i 8=^ "«rm filn ^sriTT^ix^ ^nR^c^ *f?r" ^>f<rPT ^p^t^t "sfRr >t> : i.^ ^uyr f^x^r^ 

□ ""sl^m f^r ^e ^f^«T <rrf3f" ^i^sttx^ "srRr ^rmrr -h^h Th^jvi c^z^ c^s "^t ^•^^rrm^r c^us: 

^■^^^ ^rt^ v^vi^ c^rrs -^rr i8=-^vi>- ««:) "5rRr "^t^sT^p h^h fn^vi wt^\ >^<ik -^fRi^i\sr 
t^^nx^^: ccrx^rf^x^T^T i ^i^.d<i(i<^ ^^^<i <u<i*3\s "^f^rH' ^r^fl^ ts?j^. ^ri'^=5l<t> ^tz<5 

^^m ^fsto ^^t ^x^ i ^^tTr-n^ ^pg "sqic>i^ f^r -^fm <u<i^m <i>^c\sr i "^fwH" w^ 
>ivic?j^ ^r^\s <kih ^px^ ^lHf?ffS\s >iv|ij<j=T^r ^1^: <si^fx? m*h ^xa^^ c^^tt o ^oj^ 
c^ft >ivi?j ^^x si^^ ^tc^ b.Ro'T ^r*^m ^f^«T f^r ^nr i 

□ "RjIh e«tx^ ^f^s ^^.d<^H" ^sr^n^fx^ t%^r «nwJ^»T^" wf^ro, ^x^t^ ^r^»m ^nr i (<^ 

^r^® 1%1^t ^t<^\ '£$<sk ^m t^x^w i ^d-HJ^r f^^p^r <t>d^H c^ ^rsn® ^sr^n^R^" "sx«rr^: 
^tttot^ lax'Tf^Ti arsirsr %5^^ "sj^t sr3=x^^ ^^ ^tm ^mri s=^s "^^"^ ^r^t^^p" ^f5 
i£i<j>f5 ^t^r ^r^t "5j=^<p- «=tct ^rr "^f51'*i»T ^^m" Wirm ^wstt^t ^fx=^^ ^trni <ij<]*3\s 
^xtx^: i c>ins ^ ^rtt ^j<i«3\s ^xtx^: i 

□ '^^^i^t " s ^51'*t><t> fH<t*d? ^nf^rar ^i^m Ih^ctS <iRi<^" ^ >i<j=<^ ^f^t^^r >ih.^ "tt^f^T ^t 
£l-^fi<i> T^«tJ\s <ic\s ^tmx®t i sf<p« ^rm f%tw^ ^^lx^ EfR>r§>\s f%^Trf^ ^^: c^r, 

^■^\~c^ f^vcs -*rfc<5 ~*r\ H?r\ >i^<i\s ^^f^ "cf^f^r, t%^ \s<j^3 \5t ^rmx^i^ ^rx^ c^sr^^m) 
-sjxsiTsifSr ^\QTrm ^^Ff^ ^rfw-n-^ f^nr 1^t c=g^<p ^mftr ^nx^:) i 


□ "rrf^f ^fsr -^h^srsr '^a ^s" ^ T\-opr& ^rm >£ifx> ^<pf5 arsirsr ^nf^^ ~fo ^rf^^r^^ <n*&, 

Th*ji<<=^ ■%©<* C5qr*fkw^ >ict^ srfrt ^?r^; ^rr 1%^ ^®R3f ^®m csrr^fN: -sgpne ~rlw >ivK^fi 
^sr^f<ij<i^m <j><c® ^k<F " s ^51'*i=t <j>^Tfe.<^ i ^9 <j<<t>-sM ^fo txh^/ erfbt <^ ^S1 ■^=m N^l^^s\sm 
-yrsp® ^-i<]T^f c<f <rfw& ^3T c^3tk-eih : James Stewart The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ )| 
"^rK:"cr*T <pt&-\ c*r^ t«j >k^ ^tr^^m ^^ ^^rrr ^mr" T^*tJ\s = frr^trrm sriw^T ^i >i<^<^ ^rr«am 

-s-tfftwr ^sff^r i -faR^r f^nrcsr "sp^fN; ^'R^c^-a ^irsTrr^ <oi ^*f^rr ^?rr ^cmcs: c^rr f^rR^rr 
<2b- =<b- escp^q- -^^l^m ^R=^s\sr >iv|< R*%jBr ^c^-io -tfh?9?T -^Riib*ir ^tcw^t >ivi?j <fr^t^ 
^rt5 ty^f^i i ^Trt> ^rsrm c=Tf^R^5 ^rrsTrR^rr c^rRr is ; i«- ^:>) l£rp?. ~5Bt ^twR^rsr t^nr^e C"srRr 

c^t^r ^^rm^r wff%^r sn^c-a-a e«q<j^ ^<i>vi >ivi>um ■«if«'S3^m ^t^t<iw^ i "sff^r "sp^ff lsrp?. 

ifh?S?T "5qR*TJ -yRcpTJ Ctf^^llfe.d^H I ^N^WH C5TR*fRT ^oi<t> ^FRaf C5TR*fN: <MC<M ^R^T WRTT 

8=8 "^n t^tRf^s wr^;" ^fi? ^a^fc* ^^rr<r f^rf^ir *u5-ht -s^rt^-i e<qf5 1%^ -^str^t Th^jvi -^^^r^ 
^^jettR^ vS^ifo ^^f^fRto ^^at ^^^ ^»iH'*f^« sj^rr c^rrs f^"^^ s,h, i>o) ^z^^z^s Septuagint 
(Lxx) 7?s v5T»ir«^® fw#trr T<<-sH ^-^> ^tw \5^ss ^p^r ^c^ics: i ^i f^H^r v3^iF®fB ^.>i^i^.<^ -5^ 
T^-^R-^m ^tr^^^ ^»<f^!R) ^fr^t ^^z^^ "sqTsrr c=qr , ?rR:^Tm ^r:^ ^p=^t# st^frt ^r^ i 

R?Jl<IC<^^ -=tfft^BT ^3^s=^ ^sl^T^ vS^rf© >l<^ fs^T f^vslaj R^^^ C«fC^ "^^^STrT I ^fi? f^P^TT^ ^m 

1sr?r ^^: ^f§^ ^rc^u ^^pt^ i 

i.. \sm srt^r^ 1^t?ji<i<^ ^m -^5ir^=\s ^3Trm ^ r<i*j?jn? R>Th *jff§ •pjffs vScs^-^r 
^d^dfe.-H, "srRr 8=i- i>t>; ^3^ s=i- i^s i 

vs. -^hs fw#trr Rki^-^ ^-(t ^R:^^ 5 s^iP» f^rr <ic<^cfe.-s c*r, c>in5^. ^c<^t ^w ^i^.c\s "^r^ 

^l^sst, "srf^f ^^ : »8- so ; vii<$ i>^.=-^.b — as; <=^<p io^<j- ^vi 
8. "=ft^ 2tms ^|^s^ f^TTRrsr^ ^ ^r^^rl^^ c^xiTh- f^^trr !<<-si o t) vB^iF® Thc\»h ^^m^ 

<2r"^«I^T fwR^T \5R^:^5- ^R]e9 ^T-?R^ <^^.?JT C^t^T eg^TT «r^«rRT5m ^STRJ ^^R^ "cfRS <t>^|^.<^, 

^^rm ^t^R:^^ <t=R<^, ^fsr ^^rf^ ^gTP^ ^fa" ^^ \sc< f^z5 ^w twrrr ^f®, c^-H-sr c^^rr ^tr^: 
'^fsr ^rr^f^ t^s-jt^r:^ csrsq^m f^rc?r ^i^sst T^tckh, wm \»R<wr c\s|vir<p ^^^ ^f^rrr ^f^nrr 

H"^s ^r^r^" ^Rwh, ^TR^m c^^rr ^tr^: \?fsr ^rr^r^ ^^^ sr«^ ^S1 **m ^1%s^rr i" 


8-ct "fH^Ho-i vsp^:^ -^fRpa ^t-?P3t ^r^rrr cn^r" 

-Sff^r WHC\s-H, Ret^M^T \s<=^siTPs <I5P^ C*J C?lf[? SiCbfe. -^JsTPs^T R^V) C«IC<F ^^pf5 -^trsTP^ 

^3cs^^f c^rr Rp*rp?rr 8^=-^; 4^-io; &s-i>o) i -sfRr ^^x ^ic^-a "sq-^sjj -stffpsFm *u5hbt ^viRhjw 
■vpsF*^ f%*T *kok i ^^r ^i^"^ ^RR5\s i >\q< -srf^m ctf^sTrr R<i-sH "^nqm-i^Ri^ ^^tj ^rc^ 
°XC<pi\ RK<°t ^p^r -^fRpfps ^f§<j>i51 «rmm ^m=rc^ *lff <iT>i\s ^??t i ^f5 ^sp^tr^: "*ir?H <t\^\t^s 
^z<i c*r, <T\~$.c<<r\ ^ffP5 ^rr*5Toi ^1%^m ^nr i Rp4m5 -^^^f^ftTr ^1%^m ^f^rt: ^?rm ■^=v|\ S r 

-^mrr ^tc*mft ^^?t Rmc^h o©m= Fee and Douglas Stuwart's How to Read The Bible for All its 
Worth PP. 94-112, 113-134) ^f5 >^ ^r:<t ^fSf^> <s*s~\ ^wms ^rr c*r, \spsrr *u5-sr ^srep^r ^pw ^tsj^: 
fsT^yrr <£<=-i ststm <p£?t ^t wp^t ^^^ ^repn ^®m "e^fM^r st^f%, RtrsTprrsr ^\sjiR Rrtt ^j~^m 
^sp;-^ Rr^rm ^^^ ^t EpsBPtm ^c^ctr ^TRmr <c<=-t i ^pTsqrsrc^^ ^s^-Jps RF»h\st 


fl?, ^;, Rs "\sp^p^ «r^«mr5p^ a-Mbi^c® ^^n?? "^m=t <j^rr ^=-i" 

"^r:^^ R^twt" ^srsip^T "^?rr" ^rp^t^ 5 or*tt c^c&\ i Ri^^c^r^ ^p^^m ^fp^:^ csqi^fp^: c^ 
^yT«, <r?st viPvc^^ "sq-^sjj f?R:Tr ctf^rr Rc« <ic\sr c^ns -sq-pm ^> : >) ^il^ f^r ^rp'iaw ^fps? 
^p?:^ ^TC^ "wr^Tf cs ^-i<ipf <jrjt c*jc\s ^rp^i t£i ^r^p^ ^®r<r ^c\s -^n^c^r Ci.) «r^«rpr5p^ 
ctf^sTrp^p^ ^"CT^Prsm ^i^.c^^ ^r°^f ^p$ ^^m cmz<f R^ci^t^ ^^i\sj<^jr ctf^rr c*jc\sr ^t c^.) 

fsTeir ^Pcs d<^i<t>d^^ "sq^T wrr ^?rr ^^fp> sfc^i^-H >i<^<i\s ^t ^^fl? -^\c<^ fwz^ i 

8=vb "H>f5T ^^rf^ ^^Z^^ ^3 ^^G, f5TC& ^tM f^TT ^P^5" 

^P$rp:Tr i >ivi>uin? Rr?Ji<ic<^^ "^P^r ^fcrp> ^»^t ts^R^ ^sf^j f%==r ^rr t%^ \5t ^^t ^fr5rp:' j t^ 

8-H "^h® \sKtW ^RiC^H" H^P^ff5 R^^slTT R^^-^T vb = ivb C^^P^P ^^f5 vS^rR> ^T "5qT5TPr« 

%5=pjp^=TC"cf^ ^sr^fiT:^" -s>ffp^t <^^m R*isj v5cs^"«r ^3T c^rrs ^^rpar it : i- h) %3=pjp3^t ®rif® 
^i ^i^c^® ^iTTf^r^^ "sj^t ^tp^m fspSTC^Tm c^rr-m^r Rrc\s f^^m ^r^Rt, 1%^ ^t^r c«y^p ^^pp> 
^rr*^ ^^psf (,bc?jlfe.<^ i vS^Rsc® >i<-Hf5q" "^Ri" ^p^fi^ ^^pjt^tcw^ ^r:w ^p=^t# ^w 


cn^r, is), tspT, r- c^f^r ^mrRt ^rti^ ■^R^rr^^s) "sj^t ^nhj- s=v— ;>;> i 

b-'^®n^m 1h^k<^ \sfc^" wf% ^5& ^^p -^<c\s =^irr c-n^r, w^rts^i -srsn® ^rsri ^s c^ ^fp^t^ 
s^sT-s>t ctf^rf^^r, s>^®rm \sR^r^ <^R<=-i, ijfsr -*rfw ffsrt ^^rrr wT5Hr<f ^^rrsr <f<i, <^^ >iviv=s^. 
^nfsr o» ivj r<^ f^f<i io's-sR "^t^s \sf^R^^ <i>Rmh, t^st ^^s, ^^frroT^, c<^hht c^^rr wr^; 
"c®i*jr?i "^h^sr sfvac<t=^. sMTsr <t»l<c<r, c<^<i<^ \sr<bi^: ^srmw=Tr <^Ric^"" i is^a^r Th^ i<<=-i 
^ktw ^ff%rrr c-n^r, wm ctf^r, Tt^t°T <fr:^; ^nf^nrT ^SR^m -^Rib.*jJT <t>T<cvs ^mf-sR^^r i 

=35^ 8=0: ^rtfi^ ^<=-Mf <t><*>~\ ~*t\ <c<r\cs: "vjstc®< "sq-^sjj^:" ^Sv»5j c^us^:., ^t^s c^r -^t^Rs^m 

^c-m<^ ^o-iib-u ^cmos: c:>) ^~^« t% ^R^® <<-^ ^r^t c*t c^ ^Rr^t^ "^rsn® <tr:wp?i^: c*r 
"5qiRi<i* t%s=T ? <rr c-^o ^7^5 1% ^ ^R^s <<-^ <pc-a RjIh (.<t><<=-i -^^RrTRt c^TPp^ >i<t><^ cRRrtt 
^rr^x^ 5 " N^Rif^^^^^ ^r??t c^tsr^ c^cTTf^.d^-H ? Th^k^ ^cws. ^^: ^RRTt^ or<^>r o©m= c*m^r 
i^ : «i : ^ <rf^ 8=8) isrp?. esq -s^RrTRt £t*TPW C^fT= ^R> ^ = ^.; i "d^rm^T £=;>;») <£(<iK ^ssilTf^e 
eg^: -=>£Rr?Rt "5qlRl<t=> ^C<=-1H "^r^sT RrR \5T ^1% ^d^dfe.H, f51%£Tr (TsR^R:^* C=Tt^T^ ^n=^i 

R^HCs-lfl sh»R;^sr >)T3«1> R^sRj , "5rlRl<t=>Rrr C^fT= =3^ 3=^), esq^x "^RfRT ^.WsJ C^rT= ^RTTRJ 

8=s> "rrf^" t£)1^ cg^t^ i.-5q- Tj^ff^pfi ^r^3=TR;^R^ ^Rj=r ^rr ^.R^j^ >i<^i<ij ^FR^f^ ^.f^\s <i^h ^r^ i 
8=io ^^i^t -^hs \sr<r<p <i=Rmh" ^ii^ f^#trr R<i^-s ^=i^s ^rc=f c^z^ f^rf^r ^R^ vS«^f» 
Rdbfei i ^ii^ eg ^<i>vi Masorotic text ^r«aRT Septuagint (LXX) ctf^rr ^mr ^rr i ^ ^f^r H* ^i^K fw#trr 

1<1<I^-M ^-(t ^T^f ^^Z^^ sfi% sRlTRar^fTr x5rf§f<FBT "sq^^T, sTR^T ^1^"° W^CT ^L>^>R^ sRFRT 


■^ti^pif^r C2 DL '£$<sk Z c^rm ^r^ "v^tvim f==H^x^ ^r^ ^^n^s ^tttot^ " i ^^f§^= sr§t=r c^^f^^-n^r 

"5q1$r i^=-^^s ^ttf C«fC^ ^9 ^''T^f ^S^s; C*mt <1=»C^Cfe.-H 1 

8=^^ "^s^i^t Rsjhs-i ^R<m Th<i»b ^^.c\s bRi?jr c-n^r" ^j^r s=i.^s ^ttf ^^ ^rc^ c^r ^r^f ^bfe.n? 
R>^ bststtt, "=5t^s ^ranT -^i 51 **i» t=sr ^Rs^s\sr =tt^ ^^c^-h i t^psnRiTT t%f^rRR7« -^\sc-s^ ^f^it 

i^=^.i- ^.^s) 

"T^s-n^ ^fr^: ^rff^Rrr , *Km -^Rii>^jt <t>l<c\s =Ttf^ic<=^-^" ^Rp ^r^r "^fRb*jjf smm 1 C^rR^ 
^irctrFsT ^r:^ ^r^w f^r c^rr= "srf$r= ^=^0:; ^=88; ^h=q:q:; ^fi^iji<i<^1 ^=>t>) i ^ Rt^tt i, 
^n>a?i<i<^l >s.=<b- h ^^it ^h^-h <j=Rkht ctfir c^r^TR^r ^strStit ^r^- ^>^ ^Ri?jc<p" ^trti c^rr-jfR-T 

f^RTlt^R^^ I ^sh^fPfi V£& -JR7 ^BT wf^xstTT ^a^<P ^Rb^JT ^C^f^T I fwR^l ^^Tt C^rr-JfRT 1>rC\s 


■^Iw -efm ctf^s wiwm -sHfSb^rr fac^i sitk^^t c^tt= ^#t -^=^8) -^t^s^ wto t^s-?r ^<im 
^Tm^u ^R^ffis^ ^<p^m \sm ctff^<p ^<<^\sm >ivictt ^g^x ^®r^i <rm en<~t5rff^ <tmtc=t c^rr= 
=3^r ^^.=8^s Jame MSSN * D and L and the Vulgate ^?r "*r:*it wk:^;) i 

c«q^r, ^g, cg-^r, 1% c^f^r ^mrt^ ^R^rm^^) "sj^t ^rt^i : s^-^- :>h i 

;>^TC3t c*m^r ^mr^rR:^ -3T5rf^= ^ntc^; ^f^nrr, 1%1^t ^rtf^w t>Ri?JT cjic^h; :>^ ^rm ^tp=ibi\s 
vsrrn <f1wt tsjs Nstxsr >i*jfiH o ^r-^tf^T^ ^resx^r ^<r%\s <j>*p^ ^TTsjxsr t^nrr ^m ^Ric^-h; 

iQ:">)«J5lH Ctf^f ^3 ^T-<Stf^T Ctf^f ^T5J^ *tC«l', 

wfj^ ^m^tfr:^ -stmwff% -nx^r ^ti<^i«i, 

i^iiC^r >&rir® ^•*<t i R^ <i1>i?jt f^r, xsr^mr "sr^r ^xic^-it ctrRrxs ^trtx=Tr, 

xsf^f^f^ ^^sr ^ic<=-ir vBT^r® «^<=-i" i 

ive^ ^r<rf?r "^a sr&m <i>Ric\s wm^j ^Rc^-m, <Ricvs ^tRt^t^, "sj^t f^are c<^~mt ^<f <t\wj 

8=^^. c*n<ioi-si Gsr^xsm ^;\sTrm f^rf^S ^m^ ~5rf§r is : «- a ^uyr ctf^sTrr ^xtr:^; i 

w?r "^Ti^cvi^ ^rrsr" oust-hj ^st ^tr^t wi<<i^i-a ^m^M^t'^fo l^sr^ ~t^st ^xtt <yRjR^~ 1 cTf5 
■m^t^r "yrmx?RT ^tea ^»<r^® f^r 1 

R^-Hic^dvi -HRib.*jjr ^^c-a-H, t^mTCTi^ sn§t=r ^i<i<iih1 "^t^a^ wt^x^ ^n*b^j>sr^<i> ^xz<s ^15 
^XTrft^ c^rr= c^rm^r H=si.) 1 

T:®r<aflH ^^"° ^t*p\s|<^1 ctr*T f%==T sf^arsq" cctrH) ^^rr wf^ftfftrr ^i^vi=i<ji|5lcuT^ ^t^; ^^s^ ^x=TT 

c^f^x^r^ ^a ^rr ^rm^) t%^ eg^rx^r ^tR^sr r^Td<^^ ^sirr \Sc^^r <p^t ^cmcs: c*t^*$^5 ctr^rtrr) 

cfsrf%{^ ^sn^m) ^R^rmr c^ft ffe^r -t^>sri\slc?j^r 1 ^ ^t^srr#trr N^^?<^n?c^p R^^m 

J Rr^'?r' : t ^»<vsst?t c5R:^f "C'tf^fxsT 1 ^^x^^ ^^^^-^ >i<^fi: ^rsr^ ^Rr^t^ ^Fe= l^cm cs: i 

c^tts ^iTh ^s=i><2-; i^.=^s; "^rnar is>=<2-- <b; wi^h \s=ivb; ^1% ^.=i.i>- «=i>vs) 

8=i>t> ""^rr ^srif® ^•eji<j>r:^ <il>i?jr f^r" ^1^ f^r ^tr^t c^) vstxct^t ^^^ ^tx^m ^^^r c^.) 

\srtt?t ig^i^ ^^s\sm vScs^-«r, H?jc\sr c^o ^^trrm ^®r®#s 51^^1cw^ 51 f»- ^1P» c<y^^ ^rc^ 


□ vi\5jws.r5rm ^«j<i>jf' ^fi? f^r "^r^r f%*sHcH^ ^^f5 ^-=*f<p- <^s>rr c^rrs ^xTrm ^s^=i.H; 
8-^h "c>i^. ^s^rf^r "5hs sr&m <t>Rt« wm^j <i>Rx<=-m; <iPic\s ^rtf^cs-M, ^q^r t%^rs, c^-h-ht 
<«)<pft? -h^b-h >®<q^ =t^» <t><c^: i <TTwrf5 <i^vif^r ^^x ^R*jjc\s^ i ^fi* "^1%' : >ix^Nf' f%^ 

■^JflT^T f^TRTST OTTt^:, ^%5V ^f*^S, ^%& ~£<P ^.>l^l^.<^ ®rlR>*t <TVW\ ^X="T fis^T ^sTt ^C\sf C^rT§ 

i> " JC T5jx?r= s r v= <h;^® io^vb^s^- s>; ^.s>=i>o; 88=s; i>v-; jcG-^f^r^ff^rr 8^s : i>i2-; s=s- >t>) isrt?. 
C5TP^1^.C<I» ^tW-4 f^TX^~ C^TTS -sfrs ^ : <b) S^'Sf^T^XST "*ft«S?T >SrC-il^ ^M C>i>- 8 %. ^% ^sp*f) 

^^^p^ ^rnwi h^h -=*ngw^r ^rex viF®* 1^xtt vj-^j ^R>«uc>i-si ^rc^u ex^*t ^m^r c-h^-h ^r^r«y 
c^rrs "srRr >®=^;-5tt# ^-^ay fft^ -^Ri-^m ^«x^~ f^r^n f^xTrf^x^w c*r ^rsfi wm ^^x ^®m 

t3^MfB<i» ^?<=-mt >ih.c^^ ^rc^ ^i^i^r c*r ^r^f >®w -tr^ \5t ^cws. "^h^x^rsr ^rsfi" "*fNs?T 
t^r^^m "yrfsmn ^x^iw f^nr, "sqi-i^f ^ 1? tt:^ "^t^x^st ^wstpt ^rsr^ ^sr^^w ^rr ^i<i>Ih"H "^r^n® 
■v$^\<\c& wff^t^j ftwfg <p?x^" i ^fi? "srRr vb : i.o ^txw^ w^^te ■%©<* ^rr<Rnr srf\s*i»Ri\s 

^^xp^ ^rrsq- <u<]^m ^px^ "srRr c^ ^rsfj) ^t^j ^tx'^ "sqr# <^^x =^p -t^>sri\si?jcw^ ^"^xhj 
f^r^fxs f^txTT, c^r<i\sm ^TTsq- ^f^n"^ ^x?r ^rr^rm^ ^ttst ^H^IfB <u<i<im ^d^dfe.-H i t^r^ff^p 
>L>iviT^m >ih.c^ t «rf& ^^^^r e9<pt^ sf«rt^T ^r^f^s^s; i -^t^s^ sr^^rsq" ^^-^ c*r^ ^tccf*r ^s,^k ^m 
wf?ranx^T tfgw <p^iT5r^: ^ ^ic<^mr R^?j ^vic^ ^=rr ^xtr:^: i ^1^ ^^i^t vj-^j ^t^txtt ^^t^^ 

^9 ^r^tr ^^w^th ^i% ^xtr:^; "5t^s?r ^<im ^srprm ^^<arm ^c-hj i ^at^^r Pnrsr ^ic<^ii<t=^tt^ 
^x^gt:^: ^^xp^ c5rr*ffx^fT cts\^ wm) c<t=<i<^ "sqTa i£r»r<Tf?T ^srT'jfsqx^i^ ^^x^s <£i<j>f5 -3=nviRi<ti 
f^^m >i-ydTr, c^rt«vjTr ^srr'jfsq'^T t^g -h^h f^?jvi arsqi^ <t>c^-H ctt R>Pi srsarsr^R^ ^xs^ff^x^r^ 

■^t^s^ <]^vir^r ^Tsfxs^s ^hx^t fn^^^ sr^«T<r f^^m ^sk. 1 ^ i t^e ^t ^9<^1h"H ~^ts^s ^ffiNT ^^fx^ 
^T5f^ ^^^- 1 ^^t^^ Pmxsr c^r^x^" ^t^^t=ft ^p^t ^cmcs: P»Pi c^r^x^^: ^i^c^-h I'^x^t ^Jx^ 
f^gr^t <re:#?r ^m ^^rrsq" ^^x^^ ^x^fj^ ^^m^s >ivi?j ^?jIh" 
^rr= Gordon D. Fee and Doglas Stuart's How to Read The Bible for All its Worth PP. 13 1-134 


"5qr# i=i<2:; vt>=i,-^; =g<^ >v»:v©,<2r; <fi*jjh<^1 ^ ; otr; ^s=i.^; ^o=^i,) ^^|sg wrsmr ^ ^<^^<\ w?r 
<T=rr ^xirc^: -^cvf-a -^Rk^-u ^st^j ^tr:'^ ^jr^ ^rtrt ^^r wSr ^=rr ^c*r^; vjch^ ^tf^^w^r i 
w^r^tr^tt ^ck?. ^t^ ^e wf® c<^Pt5<^ ^x-^t^t c*ic<f ^^pf5 "^h^sr iHc^i^Rs isrp?. ^^fTl^s 
fkw 'tftw^i i R*i?jn? ^st^m^st M<<iR>\sr ^^"° Picer-si ~cfp^ cmz^ t^Pc^ wptrt ^i^<irt 
wrtrt ivm\s i£)fi? <ct>^. ^q^fr> -s^-h ^mii>-sm; ^^f5 h^s-h ^R^t w^f^T, ^^f5 -h^h sr^j 

^5=q l^nrcsm c*r ^M-icb^HrB ^srijptT^^Tm w^jt Rf«^ JfRp' ^r^w^t ; ©**R3T >Kbi^cvs c<TR*t 
£ifi*j=<^H ^5ht \st ^dbfe. ^ <pi% <vb— i<2r-^ : Ci) Lupe 'Tj§-«r" ^t "f^pjW 1% 1% b- c^om), 
s> isrp?. cR>-xm), io (^<im) i.^; c^.) Metamelomai "*jc\®^ -sRfXwr >iv|sj" f% f% 
K^<m), s>= ^^x c^o Melanoeo, "^rt r2fsR3" '"=R?xwt -sr^" f% 1%.&,, io i S^-^tffter ^cb^. 
^^j^tt^tt [metamelomai] c^rr : f^rr, "sqi^r ^h : ^> isrp?. ^"c^T, ^sNi ;>^ : ;>^- :>h) ^tr*t erf^ 
^•^•"fr^TT [Emetanoeo]| 

sr^^ ^r^jptr^^Tr «r^ \5ffw<F ^nz<i tr^s 5 ; Ci) -s^h ~r=*rsirt ^rs^tst^: ^-mceji -ffhs<<T &sum 
i^m/ ' "srRr s^h; "5R# ;>=;><£; =^<f i^:^,^) ; c-^o <fi*j/1<<^1< ^t^#o g2H%st^t^ <i^*\sr >ivi^ 

il^ "cj]<jiTfT R>fa ^f1<^1<ri >|-^dij^ ^®t?T fWTTT C<lvt>|^.C\s C<I^|^.C\s Ctff5|c<^-^, t^: ^T®T- f^RTsq-f^T 

1%f%3=rf^s ^r^x^ c^rrs ^p <£=;>); c^s) RjRRi^t ^rr-jm c^rr§ c*m^r ^ : ^; ^i.=i.) ^^° cs) 
^^tr:^ ^fi<^1<=^ ^rr-jm i 

CCffSf^s^T ^^x \5TsT ^^<a|T ^"C^tf^^T t^TT I ^*f§\s \5R^f^ \5T^'^=lM<t= sfR)RpT]T \sR^T^ ^TCSf 

■^?h ^T«R:^ ^x^" c^r, c^m^r ^^t^ srffRr -5ff^WTiT ^i^x RistTt -^Rib^m f%^nr 


fsrc^fffex=~iH ' c^i^ok ^^r Pr^^f^ \sw "*fNs?r wt^w^ -jft^lc^^ t^r^trrm ^n^M ^^x 

8=i^ N^tvim ^t*5^s n^i^.>i <4^x vajitvj (,\siviiRt|-£<p sr^rsnft <t>R<i" R^^c^r^ -^Ric-ac^nsT 
-sr:*jt -tfh® ^^^ (.<^i<^cw-^ -*t»vj\sr sft^s ^xtt \5t f^T^n ^<rm w^j t£P=r<r c<^i<t>c^^ ^koot^t 

WPtHms.O'M I 1%!?; l^ff^S f^TTST JQ<3X %% t^T C*TWK^ tiq^5f^T ^<^ jq^sf <^d\sH | esq 

Thc^-m, ^ic^rJ^s >(>ivir^m sr&m ^Ric^-i^t ^^x c<^i<j>c^^ -^r^ar^m c?rm ^s "^ sf<Fm ^Njt ^i^t 

<«r^r, ig, tspT, 1% c^f^r ^twt*t ^R^rm^^) "sj^t ^tt^i 3=^3- ^o: 

■^.8 "«rm ^st^bt w^ : ?i<t >ih.h^ ^gt^rrr ore** ^xfRi^r isrp?. ^tptt sbfbt c?rm \q ^xf^s H^g ^rsn® 

•^tf^s c5tff ^^ -sf® ^g "spfftesrrfft ^g ^p^r^Tot "^^w ^t^bt f^BroS ^i1h\s ^^.<^ "srm R>Pi 

^^T^S f^®<T c<^l<J= ^sf^m ^t*5T^ ^f*5T^ < 5t5q^T <^Rl=i" I 

8=^.8 "xsf^m w-i-sKi >ivl^^ ^gf^rrr c*Tz?*t ^rR^r" >ij?i?jr f^r ^^t^ c^r^trr aiz^fH ts^-si 
^ps^rf^: ^=rr ^dbfe. ^t:^ ^tptt^s c«y^F , ®rr'?ro wt^Mi^tffe f^^i^T w^tfarrror srsq-f^ <fz^ i 

^tm^^T ^^ ^3 slC\sJ<t=fD^ WK3rfc' ? fPsT ^FT5f t%*T t%*T ^J^^ 11 ^ ^rtn'-Tfl^. ^N9=sT <FWs: ^STPTT 

^^Tit^T ^h<^ f»fH ^s^_ ^R^ffe.c<^H 1 ^ivi-siT ^sr^rr R-a^^ c<y^^ ^nf^T c^r ^rR^T'm ^p^=t 
<f«i^t <fs|^t <uf^-si f^^ic>i^ ^^m 1%fw ^jr^ ^t r^n^t -ajf^^ <%;<:h-si t^g~R^^ ^tc^r 

Rf^ 4 ! ^*f^TT C^^ts "5qT# ^s=H- b-5 ^F <b=i«\) 


<*if& tg<pfg- ^srsjjiq^T/ -str^y fSRTf^pcpr fli^ ^rm wt wMl^r f^Riw^: wr^t^rm ^i^.c<i<^ ^®r« 
fi^n <pR^r?r <fr^; ^sist^MT <t><c<M ^rr ccsrvs otc<ih *tO i 

<I^fD^ ^S^S ""iff "5J^T f^TCTPsT t£| ^M-lCbfe.C^^ "5qR*TJ fPtRTT fi>^T ^sTRT "3TR^R^IP?T W^TJ <iP=Rr 

^rR^Trt^rm spes >\-^k ^rr^r^Tm w^it c*mtRr c^rrr ^rtr:^; i c^ 5r ^cws. fis^r \S^-=*Rrm ^r<t 
\s^<i ^^ c? 1 ^ ^^rr ^^^ i 

8. "c^^r 5j>ivif^m ^Tsj^: -ffRs?* -jft^WtTr -^Rib^m t^nr cwRrR=rr ^r^" erfw ^jr^t ? 

^rf^r- <t 

^Mi^pi<^ ^si^rn^fiT -*iract*!>T f<p»m >i^i5 

^\g f^ i^p^s 

-trfRs^r wR*!WRf 

t^i^T "srm ^^r 



H<ic^s ^r^s= 



*H<](1\S ^^3= *J|]^S<^ 



^•^tctf^t "c^mET^rr 

<3:=i.- ^ 

<£=>- i.^ 

<3: = i.- ^ 

<3:=i- ^ <2: = i.- i.^ 


ifFNsi?T ^TR%gRf 

£|-^\S ^pt 





<2r = vS- io 

<Sr : ^S- i^. 





Q:=i.i- i.^ 


f^l^J^ICH-s) >1l**l=i 

<^1<]^ ci|<]< N^|C<^1 "5^1*41^1 < 

<^1<]^ t*l<< 


^^° ^IC=-1T 

«— - . <=^ 

=-1<lH <i|<K 

-^I^NI-a ^1C<^I 

^ 1 C<=-1 1 

cf-i'-s- i^b 

(2r : i.^> 


<2- = i^s 

ct-i'-s- i>t> 

<2- = i8- i>Vb 

Qr : i8- i>i> 


<2- = i>8- i^b 

fH^JV)/ t^rfsr 


1H*)V|/ 1<*llOX 

>\C$t 1*1 


^■^C* f-1-^l 

*1 Ri^-^vs l 

>)"MC*h f*1"*)»l 


M*)V|/ l<l*noi-S 


<2- = i>H- ^O 

>3: : iH- iS> 

<2- : i>^- ^o 

<2- = iH- ^O 

<2- = iH- ^O 


6xH*l >)-MC*h 

-^NsC-H-a CbC^J^ 

<!>sJ1 ^^=<t>^H 


1*1 -^H 

H^H v|1-MT^i> visfe. ^ 

OtlC^^. ><3-& **.%i 




^sslCH^ v3^ri^<5H 


Gr : ^i- ^.3 

<2-=^i.- ^.>i> 

<2- = ^.i>- ^vja 

<2- = ^.i>- ^vj» 

G- : ^.G— ^vja 

<2- = ^.i- ^vja 

<l1'N»t>H >)"MC«h 


<Tl1%bN ^^C^ 

1*1 -aH 

>l"MC*h 1*1"*H 

(S-i^cj- vso 

Qr^-H- *o 


(Sr^H- *o 

T<<K -HRi^ t*i<< 

>)"MC*h f*1-*H 


<2r = vSi>- ^S-^. 

<2-=\s;>- ^s-^. 

<2r = vSi>- ^S-^. 

t — - <=^ . ' — . 

<2r = vSi,- \S^. 



(2r = vSi- vs-^. 

*M«|/ fPr<]j 

Ms)\sl?g V4l«t<=-i 

>1"MC*h 1*1 ^1 

Mvjch^ ^1CT*1 

<2r = vSb— 8^. 

<2-=vSb— 8^. 

<2r = vSb— 8^. 

<2r = v»b— 8^. 

*1^£p< 5dR) CSS^I 

<2r = v»b— 8^ 

*1*£P< Sd1\S 

C\s|v||fi -*1^pd<1> 


(2r = 8^S- 3b- 

(2r=8^S- 8b- 

(2r = 8^S- 8b- 

(2r=8^S- 8b- 

(2r=8^S- 3b- 

w^w^f >iv)\sd<^ v^iftr ^t^fr^^ wf%srm ^r^pu^r i ^fi? ^^f5 ^ith f^rc^f*^ fi^r ^^rm w?f 
^Cbfe. ^srMf^r wM^rm 1^r:w^ ^i^.c<i<^ ^r^TCcf^r w^j ^nift i wr^m: 1 ^ ^rc^u sioost<p'$. ^5Fq*tr5: 

T?TCw ^rr^r^Tm 1%*nr f^^r-n >ih.c^^ ^t^tt <^^h i ^-icbfe.c^ t%^T5f^r <j>^-m ^sr^srff=fe R*j?j ^nr 

C<J=<I<^ "5qTa eg<Ff^ f^TTT Wfc^; I 


4 . B Z "vw 

^.. "^lfS*4 \sC*3»-s) ^Rt^-^ ^rt^" 

^>. "^rrcwrsr ( Magna Carta) "^ar^n^r ^TRr^m >mh ^ns" 

^f<c\s "ctw ^"fc^t **ftrfi? wMfB-i <p^<p c ^s<2:8- 8*o ^§ ^c-H) "srf^r^ ^hz^t f^rr*F» ^®t?i 
^rni^T ^rf^rm Ht^m ^^^s^arsq" <j<*j\» ^xTrf^r i ^ ^rrsrfi? ia-^a- s|T5i<;<T*t ^«tw5^ 
^i^.c<ic<^^ ~wc*h f*rc3 ^:°T^wt <n^c<c<^ ^"c^rf^r i 

^rr^i^r <3xmtt <f?tt g*jc® ^f\z^- "aff^sr -tr^s^ 5 ?m f^r ^T^fStrr Rist^l-^R ^<ix =^c<t>^ f^r 
^f^5fT®trr'5T^ 1 ^m^^FF, ^i^c^ Rpg~m <t>c-sM c>i>i<i ^^^: 2j<Fm ^tc^r^f ^rt, ^br ^cn-st 
"5r:*it ^tr<R>r ^s^stt ^j^- -c<pefr 1 C3=r -3^- ^<x<t» -^T£=t RM sr^m c^ri^R: 1 ^ ^Sc^c^tr ' P S^~-' P ^~- 

fitc^-M 1 >i>ivjr^m >ih.^ wt^R ^wm ^nr- c>i>i<i ^cms. *m sr^m ^p^#trr ^j1%^t ^^x f^r^jc^-si 
^rm ^r^ ^Tsj^: 1 -5rRr "^t^»^ f^r^n ^<jk ^\~u?u ^Ftw >\<p^\ ^^fx? etp^rI^p \s vm^»t<i R=f^=<i> 
^^x^^ ^<t>ITa\s <j>c^c^; n^hj ^tx'^ ^35^ t£P=r<r ^i^p^: f^T^T ^1^ >i>ivir^m <rnf^f Rl^»«s st^w 

t%. -^t^s^ >i"M<:«h "srRm >"sf isx^x w^ ^5^r sKc«h< -n^r <icbfe. ^j^: qi^^l c^rjt >i^<i\s ^t w^f 

WfWBT ^IXm ^^Pl^ >M>^ -Jl^C-S^ ^-i-s}^ 1 <]H-HT >|VL^ ^dbfe. S]**/ &i\sS*t& s|<bH ^P^#tTT 

^i<t>j>i-i^^ \5t srm^: sft>Ri\s R^c^ "5^5 >i^fi?j, ^rr >ic\sj^ ^rm ^R~c^^t ^^:^r ^<sk ^u^^ 
^:. e£|-3=^ f^^T ^T5J5: ^cbfe. (?«T^r ^t^t ^x^rr^ <t>^<u Rt^tpp ^^° ^fi^ ^r:<T ^WtxRT 

RRs^ WC<^^ vSc^rCtJ f^sf 1%*T ^==3 ^tl^J >IH.^ ffe^T I 


ttk:^ ^wf® ^rtz<5 ■*trr*mi f^^~m ^^x "^h^e*r?i s*t% <3T*o\sm £Nsi<i> <F?rr ^cmcs: i <^)1t> «r?^5t 
tw. ^srmrc^rr ^t ^rwsrr^ ^t^:^ f^^rc^ ^^^m ^?rr ^z<i \5t ctr*rr<rm ^sc^c^tr ^nr 1%^ 

■sff^rat^ sTT^S ^xffw R>^rc<3" wto ^rr^M ^sr^q- ^£^T "^h^sT ^THT <J>£-sM ^ W^IT ^t^Tsp^f i 
-^§-4 ^^rfcwrsr wto f^rsrpr ixtstSt c^Tf^w <ft^tc^iT *>f® c*r, ^vmR* ^\sj*s s*1% si'Rxi'*! "^n^p^o 
iqrm sr^iRxi^l ^3 \sm ^=i«itTi T^\c&tc^ ^r^^jfv^ ^^r ^r^H^f osrc*rmr) <£<=-i ^-i^< <r^t i 
-^ff^rai^r <s3,<jk ^tf^a ^N®m ^flw^ w^jt, ^rr ~^w&fj <>i<pt ^?rm eg^sq-ra- wnr, ^®m w^tj 

^sr^sm:- ^ (.<»>< =-1 "sqTs EfvsxpfT i 

"srf^r (t-^>- ^-^ c^*f "33*17 -vpsrsi "33*0 -^ 3-ivk*^ cs^r^rci^sT ^r#^1% i 

f%. RRs^ wrc<r ^tcptst ^Tx^trr ©tHc^ ^tmr c^rc^: c*jvm h,v-, s> i^rp?. ^"sr^ 1% io i 

f3r. ^-Jf^af wrsnrcT^T <fi^: ozr<f vs^-a "tr^Tt ^^?r i c=r ^^ ^1h?jTvi\s ^rt 1%fg car^rr ^p^#trr 

1%. R>~ifB ^rm^u <Ffftt vS^R> : 

i.. sic\sj<ii t-sKs<i= ft1%^ ^ ^^f5 ^mwr c*t*D wrc^; "sqi^^ ^r^ wf© ^sm Ri^*4i-i<RAsr ^i^x 

^^^^^rr^ ^ ^t^ f^mjTTf^ c^tstr:^ ^sr^f^ <i>c^-m c*t ^=m i^i-hTD ^st^tj ^s^ 1 w^t t? 1 ^ eh^ <ic<^ 

"cff^^r^ T^mr; ^t^ f®Pi ^^^rr ^s <t=«H ^3^s=vi Tsran^m f^Tr ^nc^-H i The life and times of Jesus 
the Messaiah by Alfred Edersheim , p. 528-529. 

■^.'"^<c\s w^ ^^iz^v^ t£)<jsf^ W3TWI ^l^r-4 ^T l^r^rS t^"«ir^m fsqrrsr ^nr i ^^^ ^t ^i-«>ir<<t> 
T3=r5qTC^f^ ^1<ich^ 51 R) fn^dvi^ liq^fl* T?pRiT% c<ih-st) i ^•^r: i; TT: :>c m ^ch^ ^^<arrt: 

<t i C^Tfe.c<^'H i" The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia. Vol. 4p. 2735. 

t£i. 5t%rt ^dbfe. ^:^m ^<i>u i 

f%. snf5j<t>\«r ^i^j^Ri^ wt^r^T^ ^^t^ sri%f^s i 


l£i<sk ^ff^sjfsTfT ^wf® ■^51'^m ^tm i" The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia. Vol. 4p. 


*«r*t <xi ^st^t^sw ^sr^nirr^ 

i."R)TH Rvsifi c=trf ctrRfrrr -^<d\s ^sn^c^-M; wm R>R <i1>ki<^ -^Rst ^ft^m f^tz^nat \sR<m fs^ros 

<£■>> "*r*r=r "^t^s R^ss-a c=tfp ctrfsic^H" "^tstriw^t ^c^t^st c^-ii^^-h eg^^r \sm ^fr:^; ^t^s 
^t/^j^tr^t ^fr^; ^r^t e9<Ff^ ^rf®=^^ S^fft ^c-aHs.^ i c^n= <v^.b-) 

■H=^\s= eg<^ aR^m i "sr:^ ^rr =^c<i>^ ^R>^ii>i<t* f^rrmfi* -^R^fw^r i ^R3Hw^t 1% c<tus: 

^tr^ f^fex-H-si fwr<F ^zh ^i^d^-s, '^tr^ ^rai^: \5R^f ctf^R^ ^mr eg<3x \sm <j^rr ^hc\s 
^rm i "stRr^ c^ .sjRp- ^rw wr^; •ht^st c^rH <i=-ic\s ^rmr ^^rm <£^k =3^" c*t ^rw wr:^; 
\5t ^tt#si ctrr?*r >iv|\s<^ ^fsr <ic^\ "sr<r <i>^d\s ^tr^ i ^°T3it ^-^<iT^f >ivi>um <£(<^ 
eg^i^ t^mH^st ctf^rr Rc\s ^ttr^ i ^^tr:^^ 5 " t^J^ ^f^rt: ^ch<^ ^r^" f%^r^^ i -arRr ^tr^t 
i>\^M -^\<c^ f^^rpT sfffic-^^ ^n^ftj ccf^rf^m w^u eg<pf^ ^r^s Rhjt^t <H-Hr ^r^ «an<t=c\s 
^tR:^^ i 

■stjrsriCHsciTfi c^1<nc^t^) ~^m\ ^»T?rT %f%^ <u<i<im ^p^#trr, c*jvjh I^t " 1%1^t ^ ~5j«r 
^Rid<^H " c^t^f -^) eg-s^f^ ^r^f^s^s; e£j^-^ fSr^TRJr^ "stR-t ^-i>iR4: ^^ *t*x >\~h^ h : ^i^ ^Uyr 

c?r, -srRr wrr ^ii^ eg^i^ -sq-ra- ^^r;!??^ r^tr^ ^^r^tRt^ ^cmos: i "srRr R>rRi\s "^t^s^ q:1^ 

^•^HX'^tT?'^ "sqr:^ esqfi* ^Cbfe. Efsarsq" eg^^ i?l<i\sv| ^t£tr>«T C^r^JTRT >|-^^ i-o, ^\s, i^esq^X 
■^.8- ^.(2:) 


Hsx^^r i \5BrR5: i^x^^r tsi ^-^"cfx^Rsr ^3c^r-*rj isrp?. c*3R5T, f^g ^rr«rm^T w^t-jR} ^^x «r^trr 
o^<5T ^ir^fHC^ ~cffRj?xTr ^Hlfe.<^ c^tT= <v^b-) ^t?t >i^<i c*r "5t^ <-£K^fD^ -^Rst wm 

^^Rf5 TC^-i-si ^TX3f ^PRIT ^^-if^o-i-H" I 

0: = ^ "\sRCR~Pf5R^ f^T^T r^Td\s oTff^R^T^T" ^ifi* ^^Rf5 v^>|-^a^ <FR^T, ^^mr W?T <J.C® -=»TR3T Ci) 
F®lH f^T^n f^C© ^S?F ^-eX^-I-H, ^T C-^O R>1h ^^FT 1<%)^ RM ^=*MC*W" ^T : ^T : <IR3T 

ty^Hsx^^ 1 "5rRm >i>ivir^m "*fhs?i f^n^n ^ts^ ^ic^iwR^dTr eg^f^s ^x?r t^l^fBr srm^T ^?rr 
^c^ics: 1 "srRr <t- h ^t^jtrtpst R2r*r?r ^n =^c<^^ ^ch^ ^t^jtr^t^ "5qx*jr ^.F^ctt T^rBcTr wx^; 1 

"sj^rr "str^rjt ^ F® 1 c® i^I-hCI-h, ^r?m ^Rnwr ^eh<^ i 

<z-=vs"s^qj" tsi ^t-HlT?^ wR® f^r "3j*ff' <n "^-hiiT^®" C^tR 1% 1%, *o- ;>;>). ^xx?r#t ~RtT 
"Happy" c^sft) ^^r®^r ^xxawt OHappenstanceO c«fc^ ^x^rc^; i "f^n^<ic#sf' "^r^sr ~ww "=3«r 
"S^r^<^ ^»<-^bt ^-^nx^r fwfw ^fxet ^^nr ^?r° ^sr ^fac-a-a ^MCT-a ^hxp^: stR>r§>\s m <i^c<ij 

fSr^p^fr^T i ^i^ts^t f^nTC"5q- i£^ ^>^xp^ sfxsii^rm^: ^.f^\s <i*t-i <fz<i i -arRr <£*?$ ^«h% 

"sri-l*)c<p' ^si^^fj^: ^^^^ ^r^rr-^si^ ^<jk ^®m Pic^r-s) ^r ^r^rr^^m ^^rr <a<nc\s ^^^ i 
C^fT : c*m^r xt-a, ^ <t>l<^)^ i-^=s>) i 

>i^<i\s c^i^^ i-sf <p1%^)it ^-spj*!" tTpertTr >t>i> : i- ^s -^yt sfR>*pRi\s ^xtr:^;, ^^trts csqi^fN^ «s^«s 
^rRT^rsT Ri^^l ®riR> ^Tr«rm^ t^R^r ^r-^R> f^r, ^trjt ^TaT -5^®^ -^o=h ^R:w^ ^fr^^t ^^xp^ 

^TTsq" \Sbb>1-sM <)i^C\s -5^1^J<<t> ^R^ t^^T ^XTT ^R5XoTl t%^ "5qT# C^fT : io:i8) <^^x ^35^ R>rRm 

>L>iviT^m ^T5j^: ^f^srfotTRTf^ ^Sc^ctr^: t^tfsm ^xTrf^r 1 ~cjfi> ^r^f ^s^s^: ^^n<r t^t«pp" i 
»f^t^^ "sq-Rj^r^ ^^c^^ ^^xp^ ^w^tr-t ^Rafx®^ f%^nr <ic<^ ^rm <-£K^Th-M ^RR^t ^TtRi" 

"v»j<i^j\s <fr=t" "^^x^"" 8- s> ^r;^, ^"til^ ^fr^t ^^rfRj^xsr >i^<i\s= -arRr ^^rjt ~c^»r:<]" 
^T5rf?R« ^xtr:^: 1 


■%s<t ^t^s? <ttw^ ^?h<t srre^rT ^^s=<t *r^srf%^ ^m^r^pf ff!1%<T Nsr^ffe f^src 3 ^ ^sp^t, "^tc^ "^>gz<j<T 

C^TTf^ 8fe-i.o) e£F^ CSf^\ ^TR<iIC*I*I 0©^fT : ^HC^^ H> eq<t«S?H ^^SfTTsra" -5TC*U fwZ^i <TTW®" <f»C*lf^C^H I 

"Sft^s =^cb6iH ^5Ts^r Th*jc^i rsrt^N: ^r^^^f stf^ssrs -stra^fer i rs>lH c^o-ic^cvsr "^fjt -sn^nq ot^ *n-soi-si 
"sn;«iT fwc?i "^t^^rt «iTCwr<T ^c;gT*r^ <f»c^T^c<^^ i "^hgrTsra" <n?:wr?: ^c*jT^<^ -tffas?r ar&rc<RT c^rHttir w^ i 
<nwrf& ^p^jsf «TC^5 xsf<T -sr:«it nstttTst^t <p£<rf^r, o©^rr : io^; ii>=;>^; i,^^b~; -sjt# b-ba-; ^j<p io^.ii; 
ii^o; i,vi. : i.^; iH : ^o- ^i) Tn^"^R», <nwrf& ^Pi*^ c^T<tc^tc^<t ^s^s 5 Ri*i*j<tO *s fs^r i ^f& fg^r ^wstpt 

<nwff*raTC5r<T ^rrra Rpc-s ~*tic<ih e©^rr : ■srf^r ^ : ^; ^i=e; *t=i : i>i>- is) "<nw^>5<f' *mi^rr, f^r*^5i ^ "<nwr" 


4jt?s<t ^^^ <ttw^>s<t sn^rm <f»fi^nT fw^ <*f^ sp« ^icg i 

i<f»R5l*J 8-b-) ? 

8. "^s^f C&T*\ ^»<TT ^£1^° <TT^f^ ^?TT f^st^q 5pM#^w C^fT : c?Jlfll*j b-=i^5 *^slv|s5tir ^:ii,- i^; it^s<T 
8 : i.^; at^tf^^s ^l^»r i : fe) ? 

<2-. Sp^Tf^^s ^TC^»T<T ^•H*ll<]^s : <f s -5J^T«f^ C^^^KllTH^s fi^S<T <T^Sf^>S<T ^rx^^fm I 

f^. ^,000 ^3'2^{<l ^Tff^-r ^.o^^.vjs 

1%. nsjIH^^M ^. : ^.^>5 ^):^.i,; ■^.■^.^a' tq^N "tflPjd*J=^ H : i>8, ib-, ^.H 

8"sj^rr ^rr^mr e^rr^- <j^^, ^t^i ^t^mr ^rr®^rr -^^(k" 

<p^c f^r eg^f^ >ivic<]\s, Ts^rsqifw^ 5 " ^r:<t c^fT= f^rm ^=q: t%) i 


<2t"*i^?t ^rr^Brr ^ra=Ttw= ^sH", ^m^ vst^btt -^RRft^T ^srf^<i»i51 «^c<i" 

^rr ^g^fl* Eff^p^^r srr^s OTf?ra ^mrr i xsrrspsrr wr^m: 1 ^ aizmw^r wtf^r ^g^ -^h^r ^n^m:^^ 

^■^^h ^S= t^T C^tT : ^TNs>Rf^5T ^SH = i>i>), f^g ^f5 "3T5H® -=>{f^Rft^T W^U ^g<Ffi? *=H^Ft^T 
<3:=vi> "-^f^a \S \©f*|\s" ^fl* ^CMs. ig^pf5 ft?Tt <3 f^^T^^pfT tg<pf[? >lRp?J ^S^T "gw *tf "^TT 

■sqi-ld*)^ b^vir^r vMbiRTt <mht <m<:6>. c^tt : c^rm^r s=io- i^) ig ^-H^ft* ig<pfi? ^?itcw:pst 

^g^r, c^, ^g^r, 1%, ig^r, c^, cm, 1% i 
cg^, ^rm, <g^, 1%, "srifSf<t=\sm >sthj" 

fi?, ^;, 1% ""sr^sr ^rf^T ~5T^ "ot^T^ <f<t" 

2f%^T c^rr= c^r^trr 8), ^t c^) ^g^i^ ^nfw-jf® - ^tcwfet "ShRx^ ^p^i R*i?j<t> ^n^tm ^ 
"5rRN3 ^r^t^ <u<i<im <pc-z\os: c^rr= >t> : i> ^rsqrsf ^^^ sf^^rm/ 51R>< ®t«ht) ^rr ^tst^r ^g^° ^rrm 
R^m tsvaij^. -3^,1%^, ^ff^a <mh ^g^"° -^R^i wto ^rr^r^r vs^^^'. ^gi^ "arRm ^T-JiT^g^ ^f 


□ "=5%" ^i'^t=Ri<t> ^tc^" "t:^T5?^t ^p?^ •'tftr^a" , ^g ^r^fl^ ^rw <rvmm ^mrs <p^m w^it 

C5TT5T ^T5fT <t>^-HR:<r <IJ<I*3\s ^C\sf I 


^^tr:^ ^mrcwj^r ^tf%^w^ ^^z^: i ^^w ^«^1 ^, ^ib-sux-a ^^7^ ^ic^i^^its, ^jr??t ^rr 
^ ^s ^<t=>src-H^ <mwc<^ -^RibM-MT ^r:^ 1 ^fi?^: \s<=^fr?5t ^pf%^fRTf?r ^rsm ^pg~^m ^s 
viMxifci^rsT ~5fz*u w^rpj f^r csrts. \sr ^^pt ^xi^oi-a f^rR^pj ^cb-ar ^x«i>i<ch< ^tc^ T^f^rr 

□ '^t^mr wirr ^tt^^" ^fr> ^^f5 ^»T<*u\a <f^ <rf5r >y><i> *u5-st £f<Fr ic P^ •^fw ^rf 
wi^R^ wp^r "Witt arm «^c<i" <c<=-i ^-i<itw ^ar ^xtr:^; i ^ t^rrr ^tc^pt ^f^ps 

^C^Hs.^ ^T C^) (T^Pf ^T^t^T f%5R3PT WX*tPsT >|V|sg v»f<^j\s xsqp^fNPf ifiRPv li s^5TT I ^^ 

^T5rrr> ^?jc\sr ^Ntcwtst ^mr -^p^xspt ^ttst <u<i^m <^t%x?T ^tptpt *sthj ^®r^m ^^fr> 

b~"*PTT ^^TT^Wr f^pSpTf® 1 <MH, ^T?PT \5T^BIT "^P^XsPT W^T ^TT^^" I 

^^t?r i.^.=i.8) i -5Ti\s>i<t^^T ^8=8 ^^x H^s=i> c^ic^ "p=p#?t" w?r epft*t <t>-sic® ^tr^ Ci.) ^^nsr 

^J^TS^T f^PTCST ST^T?T ^«i&IOI*t "STPTPTST C^FS <MOPJ ^T^tTC^ <IJ<I^m <F?1T ^CMCs: I ^V^J <P-H"^ 

^St^ ^^st^^^sj ^twtt>, ^r^-^i^vi^^g i£(^K ^^h Pi*jc"5t <u<]*3\s ^cMcs: t%^ " >c f^f *i<ih ^9^ ^^m 

^sj^^r^e,, ^®T c£je, <]<]■*!- ^^Sp^^x"^ •S|<Tlfl'5 ; r^5^:, T3V. so*- 808) : 

i. "S^T^<t> Wl<IC-S^ (,<P'H ^5=TiT>, <]Jlf^^ W^TT ^^tT> ^^ppr C^fT : ^F1*JJ|<I<^T ^8-^H- 

^.^f%^PJ *=^.- *; ^TR^FT^" <2: : <2:) 

eg. ^>^^ ^r®= <t>^-H ^tri^pt c^fT : =g^" i.vb : i<2:; c^T^tiT v=^.h; i<t>T<^)*j is-^ft; if^pT^rfSpPtrr 

f%. vj-^jj ^nf%^ xo)if«<t> ^I^ch^ <u<i<im c^rr : "5rRr i«r=ib— i^; iir : «(i; c^T^trr vb=iH; 
t%. f^T^fNr wl-ac-H^ c<t>i3 c^wr ^fwi. ^rt : "srRr i>*=i><3:; ^.s=8b-; ^icij|<i<^| h : ^*, i^=i>8; 


*®.^W5.f ac ffw^ C<t*l3 -^ C^fT : ^bfe.f. ^tT : ^Fl^lJ 1<I<^1 <2- : 85 ii^^s; i<f>Rl^l?J 8 = G-; 1=«i; 

s.wr^cj-Pst c<t>i3 -^=-1 o5^n= "^rf^r Gr=^b-; ^Fi*Jj|<i<^t ^=^vb,^>H; h : <3:8; -^;> : ;>^>; c^T^frr i : -^s; 
<?. wiwm ^tc^fst wf^xstrr ^f^r c^tT : c^T^trr (t-a- ^^'R^Im i.=^^.; -m^n^strr s=^ c^tT : fsfS^ 

Rki^-h ^-(t ^rc=f<3 \S^R> ccf^sTrr ^z^y W&u ^rc^v^^ <a^"° ^sLok^-i w^^-ac^-a ^ht^t 
^srR^tRto f<*)*4 ^Tsj^: ^p=^^»r^ <uiT^^ s^g^r st^th ^r:^t i -^^n^s^ l^nrcsr ^\sjt® ^hm <sstS^ 

^. wffpf vi>:vi>; 1^=^^, "^sr^sr "sir^t -^W\ -^ti^c^-m " cc^r^tit »■■&- s> -=»rcf'^3 =t^j <^^h) 
f%. fw#trr R<ifM 8=-^s>; <b--a;, '^r^n® *3wc?j<i >iRi\s ^r^n® str^tst >iR\s" 
t^r. f^\strr I^ki-sh io=i>t>, "cii<pisR:t^^H€l^ *3H?j" 

^. RlT^C-^^ ^svb=^vb, "t«q<pf5 H\%H *3H34" ^TTsr "i«q<Ffi* sNsi-avisg *3W?j" 

□ "^r^e^r T?p*f^T ^rt^r^"" ^t 1hvHiw= <t>^d-H^ ^d^-tj <r=rr ^cmos: i "^t^sr:^ "^r^n® ^1%^ 
-srisjj i<q^x £fd\sj<ii ^sxi-^tc^t^: ctf^rr ^mr i ^tf^^st ^if\®<i> ^^ ^£p=t cwtt i ^j^ts^t f^csr 


• tn. <n^c<]=i wrsTR^rsr t^^m ^^x ~5iRi\» iH^c^-a <rr ^^>jic>i^ ^^resfi? ^=^r, ~rt1w 

^R3T f^rPe^ ^T JpsT® C^PT ^-i^Cbfe.W ^TT^:, eR^^ "sHC*(», "SRT ^fftt^Rl ^^f5 ^5TM~F5~ 

<id<^ \Scs^^f <^^c\s -=>tr^t ^st^" \5t ^dbfe. f^srRr wp<rwsT 1 ^rr c^fp h^h Th^jvi f^^srwfi* 

• f%. ^i^.d<i(i<^^ f^^m, ^^x ^\sl\s ^3 ^wstrt ^Rr^t^ ^vf>ivi<i, ^^c^-a ^^fl* c^rR-m^t 
^■n, ^tr^ r^strj ^r^tf^s, wm ^c3*i^t <mH5.<=-i ^^x ^•^^' \s \5t wp*tr ^?r^; 1 

■ f^TRr ^.=^.- 8; i>i=vb- s>; *®^.=;><2:- it; <s:i : ^s; c^TC^frr ^. : >v>-, "sfNTRTi^T s=^s i 

■ ^i^c^c^-a f^^m c5rp*fR;^?T ^TRw-jRa srf%f2rf^c\s^ f^nr v»i<i<ii'Hl ^r??t, 

• 1%. "*ncan<F' ^ivi^r R^r:^~ f^srRranr ^R^tes ^m <mc\s ^rtf% ? R>-HfT5 -sp^r fsffftrr 
f^Fp*r =tt^ ^?r^; 1 

i. f^^W^R} ~fR%^Rf, "*rfphs \5T "STffRT ^1C=-1-e1 ^»J C=TRRTf^ "5qz*rJ f^T R^<^, \s<£ \3 tiqfl* 

c^r^trr "yriviR<t> -srsq-Rw^r ^fr:^; etpSRt vi^<^1^ sri%f^?TT 1 

^Tfsrr f^RTT vj^^l ^^fl* "fi§t1%TrR ^?Rcg^" 

vs. sj^ "g^, esqfr* ^^ts^t Th?J(1V|^ ^vf^d 1 ^?] «rm^rm ^umi *jff ^f^ ^^"° srrtl^i f%fStrn^T 
^rtsfpTC^r^ f^r'H^lcvs ^Tfwr Thc?4 "st^ ^-n t^pm =rr^ ^^^f^r 1 ^1^ c^wi) c^t^t ^r:"^ ^R:'^ 

■*>\-vc^ ^w^r ^p^m t&t^u <T\~Qc<c<r\i\ Ptf^rS ^tr^^ ^^r^ osmrpsT^R^ ^t^rr <ic<^lfe.c<^^T 1 ^rff% 
<tt*t lHc>sr^. ^ft^pft c«^r^- ^jsy<p ^xtt ^rrGTrm sf<]^\sT ctf^TR^Tr 1 "^TrnT ^^,r5^" ^rfwr cX|<Ff^ "sq^cf 

^RpfR^P iH^-H <^^C\s ^rsq-^R <F?<TU2: Cn^S^T^: ^f§^r^^) I «Jvfi^C^T?] -5q7^TT«R<" V|^<^l(,<t= ^TT^r^W 
^Rpft^ 51R)C^- n^1^=v|H <t>^C\s ^T5q<R <PC-aCs:, ^W^ ^R^^ iH^-J <t=^C\s ^tR^ I 


^n^o iNs-sfD ^fi^il>i<j> -sRiiTFaf^ ^r= wrnf^s ^xttIts^; ^armr^r ^^x ^rRPi<i>Mcw^ "5r:*it, 

xsn^TC^rr ^i^iRt (.-Sc-H^m "sqi-H^^r^TC 1 ^^ ^rsq-^i^p ~rff%?r ^w*r:^~ \5Hw^ "q ^rg^tf^^ ^tz<5 

^■fi^ll>l<^ x5i<j^m -^q^R^ifDxs i^CMOs: 1 f^*T^s = fs^rc'g^ vi^<^t >ivl^ ^ t^^ ^p^i ^pfi? 
st^IP^st -5R:^rr^f^" Thc^Hs.^ 1 ^jfc* ^csn^. ^nf%^f ^wstt^t t%^; f^strr f^^gr^rsT "ST^T^rf^- 

^s. f^^cr-a ^fk:^; ~ffl% 1%=^ vi-i^ij wff%?r "^h^sm ^k<ir:^ ^rc^^f^w 

<g<$tU& <]J<]*3\s ^C\sfl C^fT : fte)\sl?J 1<<<~I -^H- ^.b-) (.<t><<=-1 "5qTa ^«.<J5^/ 


^s. 1^p«rm Qr^s ^r«m^Tr c^f^s) ^"sq^ ^^t^ ^rrarf^p ^tflc^xn ^<iRj\s, 

IR^rR^" os,^\ ^w <p^t '^mr, ^t ^^t^: "sr^tf^p" f^nr 1 


^3=Cf1f1 ^T5T<R CtrTrf^T, 1%^ ^lfi»<t> "5j1w?T (T^Z^ ^T5T<R f^TR:^: I (,<P'H R^fl? ~f1<JlRl<l> 

-^r^r "s ^TrroR^pfT ^^7^^: n=miF®<i> 1%r?rw c^Rp^trr vb=;>o- ;>h) 
8. ^Rr^t^ >ivi>um ^rc^ ~rrt% ^cws. jq<Fff> ^«<t>-sioi-si ^mii>-sm 1 ^st fsfxfNr ^r:w ^T^m^rsT 
^p=^# ^tf^^f ^tc<t ^p^grgw cc^T^trr &■>; c*m^r i8 : is) cR*§p -tic's, -st ^rr:w ^r?r 1 "srf^r 

bRic^-a affi^^H ^c\sr 1 fs^srrr^sT ^^^r =t"s^j ^cms. Ht£^*T ^t^j c^n : 
■*i*tc<i><i ^r«m?;Tr ^®r^#o "sqi-ic^f "5r:*it ^^7^^ ^mT^^rr af1%^fw ^r^^^m 1 

ar>c> "^rf^rat \sif3s\s ^^m^" ^f5 csr^fi? ■5T ras >i g f ^<t>vf f^rrm f^c^PTc-^ ^°t ^w ^t^ ^ <fvit 
vstcctst ^srr ^dbfe. ^rmr Pr?r^?T xsif^s ^xtt bc^os: ^^"° ^i^c-sifi ^rfw ~^m\ \5if^s <icbfe. c^n= 
^trroT^, 'Rfrreisr^, ^R-^r^t) ^fi%^ c^rr^r^w) -^Ri-51d\s f^^r^t <tz.'?fss ^-^tc^ ^fst^\ ^^pt^ 

^^ ^tST <IJ<I^m <F^TUs: -*Tf&5 f^^T^t^'Jf "fl^SfC^ ^"S? 1 "^ <t>C^-H C^TT : ^^1?J Q:=V-) 

Rki^c-h^ -^h- ^s> "sr«rn?:Tr^ C"sr^#o) glw ^^ affi^sT >ih.^^^ ^•^t^^ ^^t^ wf%1%«s osrmTT^Tt 
si^w ^t ^^n® f^^T^t <rc?hi t^=tri >i^i>iRi >si<i% f^s^r^^rz^ -^z^r^ ^p^t ^xtr:^: i 
f^^i^l^d^m ^»ra *jff§*jft 51-^R)^ ^mr ^rw> ^^1 ^^"° ^r^f^^ tife'ssm ~^rc*u ^<p*tf^: 
^r\<\>w*\s ^smi ^mt:^ -*iz.<i, ^^m-^ ^i^r -^Rj\s ~rrf% ^Rr^t^ f^^r^t "sq-t^r 1 ^s> c^t c^sr^r 

^■n^ f^^T^t'5T ,: t (^H C^fn ^^?^ I "5qx^T ^ ^Slfi^F ^PT f^T^T iXll^^G >l^<] ^Z<5 C*3, V|^<^t^<F 
\S "Pff^^ (^R? c m >iv)csj^ "5q7:sji f^TT c*JC\s ^X^ CC^T^T ^^ ^^T?T ^T?T) 


ii^ftf f^xTr c^rrs jq^r, wm, <^f*t, 1% ^^x f5, ^:, 1%) ^^¥n? ^t^t ^-tcws.^ ^s^ 1 ^?rr \3fi>\s 
^^g- 1 i£r*{<i -^izw^ >i<Ht5q" >ivl^ \^\ftrr ^^^r c«y^p "sq-^irsq- ^w^r ^Rk^N® ^cws. i =35^ vt>=^^- 
^^s -vfcsf ^f?t (.tc^-a ^rm^s cwBrfcsrr ^fz^f^ <u<i^m -ac^c^; i 

^\strr c^s=?f^ ~Rs "^tr^^ ^fr^rtsit "*rr "sT^tm ^^sff^r t*t 7p^t? f^r >i<^i<u "Rfert c^rrs c^r^trr 
(t-^s- <t; ^rtwR i>=-^- 8; yRt^sr s : i^.- is>) Ri\s1v!?h ^c\s -*tR3T ^^pf5 "3TRTBH "Rpert f^F% \st 

■'JgRs^ R^CST >|V|>uT ^<3X R\slvb-s <r\ R(*JJl\sH ^T?]^ -^TR*^ W^TJ "^h^sm "RrsTR'Jm ^t^^m 

^nc<^ib.-sT ^r:^t i ^nf^^n^ ^^f c^r-n <j>c^h i Rpis "^t^s ^rm ^<f «rr^f ^f^Rir c^r;^* i ^^mrr 
c^zb «aTRp£<T ^^x \5R?t -vfc*^ ^v^j ^r^t ^?r^ ^sRi'^rsR;^ 5 " ^Ras ^Rr^t eztf<F aixsrMrRT ^^x 
Th<i1\s-s c^T-n <^^c\s ^x^" (.*jviHn? 1%Rr ^R^ff^c^-H c^rrs c*m^r it^o; ^r^Rr^r i>8=^; ^ 

■ i«q^, i<q, iSS^f, Rl, i«q^, C^", C5f, R^, 

■ i£i^, ^srm, ^^, 1% "^^x Rq-sitn <i>R?gr ost^tr 1 ^ Ri-skwi ^r^ sR^m "sr^t <^s>rr <c= r \" 

■ f5, ^:, R» "^^x fsr«yn ^Rrtt c\sivici<r^ R^c^ ^^ af<Fm "5p=cf ^sr^f^T?f ctfir" 

■ wft "^^x cststr:^^ R^cwi ^^Ei^rf^ fsr<yn R<5R> ctfrr" 

^w^tr^ "fsr^yn <^R?jr" ^t-HlT?^ ^■Md'Eii t%^5t -^^pif^m >\c^t^: wr:^; i ^fS -v+t^vsj ^n^ptf^r 
f^ i£i^ -5R:«n ^^sf ^tsttt ^^rm ^rri The Diatesseron and the Greek texts of Tertullian and Eusebius. 
tiqfi? arrift^T ^n^ptf^r >ih.^ N B & c and the Vulgate and Copitc ^-i<ir:^ ^sr^»w ^^t ^c^cs: i ^5t 

f^^m ^n\s<ii\sr ^<jx ^tf^s<t>\sm wws ^R=^«= ^p^t xc^n ^"3=^- ^Rsc^rr'?r tirf^Trt^T "*r^ ^^° 
^srr^t^i^Tt" ^Rr^ R^ictt ^^t c<trht^ ^r:w ^t^m^ ^w t%^r i 

■ "N^tvim ^m^t" ^1^ i>o -vizw^ ^r:w ^^ i ^ic<=-iiib\s iH^i^s-^fS 1^?^^ ^r^ ^t-?s^ 
t^fgr ^^QTrrn ^rcw ^p^h^ ^ c^rT= if^t^^ 8=^-^- ^^) 

^T^R^^t <2r = 8i;iVb : ^Q:) I n^M*~H ^^=1" "5t^S^ >SrdHJ, ^TCW ^§^1" C^Rl-^m ^1^° \5RTf^ ^Sf^U -^-^\E 

^<rm ^•^R^rT'^t ^t^t Rd<ilb\s ^<rm c^^r^f ^tr^t i c^rrs c^r^trr ^ : ^h) Pr'sr^ t3=^rj^»1% 


C<F) "^h^?T?T WR^ ^Tf?rr O^STTT fW ^^° C<lf2><1* ^^IT^T^ ^H^I sfR>r§>\s I MM^^sT^ WsTCrfftTo 

•^. ^rtj c^rrs Jy i.s>, i.i.s>, ^>ivi t^m ) 

t£i. ^=m ifCr - io:=i. c^Tr«n^H\s= •^rrf^Nr -*£?rgrm, o^ ^<ix -si^^^r^ ^r:w "^r^jw) 

eg. f^\strr r<<<H -^h- ^.t- c^tw^t^i ^5rqT*u\5T ^srf%~rM ^rc=o 

^>. "srt^rr^a -^tR*^ ^mw ^gTo^r 1h*jcvj< ^nfw-jfo ■^•srgrR^sr, ^fe^q^i snfSf<ii\sm «ra^r 

-^-S Pr5T5q" C5frti% C^l^nSC^ c£| "^^Rptft C*R3P ^«^Fl -^Rl-51d\s -=ff^rfw\s ^R3T C^tT^^C* 

1%. h^h f^TRrsr^ ^rr^^j i 
b. ^^grm cv^Rs-a n»i\s1\s) 

f%. "srf^r <2-=i>^., s^; vb=;>- 8,<s-- <b,<b- i>b-; i>o=s;>- s-^.; i^^-n; ^.<2-=i>8- ^«i 
^. ~rr1%i 

^9. "5qT# i^ : *b-- 80 

f^r. "srf^r <2- : ^.^.,^.Jo, vso; -h : ;>s>; i>o=;><2-,^.b-; ;>;>=^.^.- ^.3; i>^s : ss>- a-o; ;>b- : >t>; ^.<2-=i>3- *o 1 

1%. "*tr^ 5 T^" *•»=;> i 

^\ (.<t»<<=-i "5qrs" ^rtxt^n^ ^mptr ^rr ^tvim ^fr;^; w?r^; \st ^cms. ^ftt% ^rfsi c^ir^i ^xifvj 4ftl% 

^rfB<:<t>-si ^rcm^ ^Ht^ ^Tsn^^ra, "ytx^Tkvs-si csrtn «^c\»j-si ^'s^^ ^<i-^m <pvrr ^hr^ ^n^srsq" 

^x^i C5=r ^5f^r -*srR i£i<;K c>\>&srz~F?s c^^t^) ^nwm cts^fO *j"^^. ^.cb^. ^^^rm ^^"x ^rr1% 
^rsj^: c^rrs "srRr i>i> : H; >^t% *>■■&-, i.s;s>=i.H,i>b-; ^rrsrr ^'^j^S^sq 8=i.s) 1 e9^t^ ^iRi4<j> f^rrsq" 
fjr1% ^m:^:, ^rrs^t ^^rr ^I^t ^t ^nl^ 1 c<p^ c^^ c<r~Ft <^ch-h e9^° c<p^t ^^15^ c^Tssm: ^fr^t) i 


i£T*F. "^fRs #tr:^^ "3T5TR3 ^FRW^T "5R;sjj^; "STlTvf<^\sRj ^$G" C^TTS ^StsT 3=1^) 1%^ =T^I <t>^-H 

iffS~R c-^<£^s "£^t~<« "sjgrt?" ^^3 wR^r «rmm ^r:^ ^ c^rrs ;> Rrs^t &■■>>- s) c^Tt^r 
wr^t ^m >si^f5 ws^sr vj^G" wr^; 1^55 f»Pi wf%~Rr ^mi\»j r-rt^t <j»c-sm c^rrs i^pf% jo= 
•^.8- ^h) #n%rr ^Hos-a -si^>u ^dbfe. c*r 5j>ivir^m 5?jm ^w*s •URi'INt "ststrs ^frw^t "sq-^sj -sjw 

f^g C*Jd<l^ ^|V|R^f^ x5f<I~R^; #R;l2c\s "^h^sm £T®RT<r ^TR?rr Rd\s ^X^" ^tV|Rtf^ §H%TT Wl^l 

■^tmi^rt w^r ^ft*r^: "^h^srsr ■^=v|\s|ijdH^ ^nwr R^ ^x^" 1 €Jr%it wto c*jvm e«q<pf5 ^sr^tr^N" 
f^rerr ^Fs=, cvsvjT^i \5t ^i^irt^ ^sr<i~fx^: sr^=T <p<\c& ^r^t ^re° ^ ^^R^ Th^-s <mc® ^z^ i 

VMJCIH ^^x >l<lR>§2. VMJ<|RT Wf^fl\s f^re^Ttsft ^TSI ^r^y^T £lb>Rl\s >!C\sJfl R-s^'sn "5J\s sidbfe. 

■*£srgrR3m lsrtn c^Rrm ^s ^Frt?m i\^>u 1 ^rrsq^r ^i^r ^frw^t wrr ^^n ^rt^TT, f^g wr^t <fiw 
<p^m >srHJ^ ^ps^r c^tnr «rff% c^rrs ^1% ^=v— io) wr=t <^ >\<p<r\ ^cbfe. ^tr^j, ^rr ^rrspm \5R?t 
^•^=ic\s c^ixTrft c^rrs "srf^r h) "sjIw^t c^-cs "sqi-ic.*^ c^rmr^t «^°"c^i^ 1wc<f Rrrt ^^rm, 1%^s 
«r^fTr wl^i ^rr^M "*rr "sjfw^r c^z^ *j"^^rt ^r??t ^st -^sr^rm ^?r i 

o "^sK^i^iTr^" esqfg- f^r •ffR: 5 iNT "^r^z^sr e«q<pf5 ar^r \Sce^ i c*jc^\§b -^rs^t Ih^c^ 

^«rT<T<rR?tTRf \5R^r?T YHWH ^^T ^TCW -^M^ ^q<Ix \5R?T stf% C^T^T eRtR^T?T W^U t^S^T 

c^sm ^c-aHs.cs-M fW \s^r-i^^r -^R: 5 !^ ^r:w ^1^"° ^51^ sfi% c^^\ ^,-cfR^r^ ^mt 

i,^s 'R7®T5q^r ^RRTt^ ^t^-^, R^ skicw ^Rf ^rf^ ^mr, \s^ ^R^r R^^R^" ^-ac 1 ^ ^=1" t^f^fg 
^p^t ^^tr^t:^" ? ^i^r ^srm (<frt ^pr^ =TR-n ^rr ^Tr5t3t c*pRi?jr f^^m ^3 c^tr^p^ ^h^c^i wRi^s 
^^.<m ct^tT'sr ^it" 1 

fSR^Tsnr \s R^sst^i ^^: c T^ ^5f^cr C^.) «IRfT sT^s ^p^Rj ^5r^T C^.) ^Rfl 3J<||1>M) ^P^m ^Sr^T eg^^ 

^\sj^ ^s^r ^srR^^TsTmr "5q-Rj^?p^ o^z.^: ^iij\sr ^wrt ^f^m w^rr =^^=t r«^t en<pft? vmj<]Rt ^^ 1 

^Sf^J -=ff^s ^{t$|-51c\s #t1%TTRT'n' : R:^' "^RRft^ ^T^"-^ ^=TT ^XTT ^K<F I 'R7®T5pm e«q<Rf5 <]s^<]b.H 

eg^^ is ^R;^^ ^mr o5fRjR=rr »R*f 1 f^^T^t^'Jf ^cms. ^t^-^ i egi^ ^f^«=cf ^sr^r^z*^^ Rj^nr ^m 1 

C<t=<I<^ "5qTa ^^C^O f^RT <iCbfe. ^I^t 1% eRfRJ =T^=T ^Z<5 I =^=T C^^TR^T fsrP*{^ i£(<;K ^<IJ<I<il*JJ 

o "t%l ^^d 11 ^ ^Rf ^^Tf^ ^TRt" esqfG e£|<Ri^ \^\s!?j (?3=tR^ ^T^^rR^R^ ~Rs ^Ttcs^ ^R^j 
^TRJ "ST<T R«^T slbfe.*) I egi^ eg^R> xsr<3TW ^j5=^t I ^srR^t^P" ^R^" ^T^-^ ^1^ ^«Tlw ^R^RT® 
^tR^ ^R R^ "?raRT ^i^C 1 ^ ^rR^ lj*l\s ii<IJlR fsrHR^TT ^U ^S^aRT ^T^-^ -?R^T RR^T ^F5q- 

^«ttw ^p=^r*f ^c\s ^-r^ ^r<rr^ \sm ^^ ^rS ^rtt c*jc\s ^tR^ i "^i^RCIh" ^r^fi^ 
^R^Tm^ ^r^" "(Ki^r" c^R4Rc^ <u<i*3\s <ic\sr c^rr§ c^r^tTr i : ^H; i^pf% i=-^o) 


\5T ^P^j^ wR^ ^C<t=CWr ^XTT "5>r^7=TTl ^T ^fT^lX® ^T ^iCH^t ^=>R3I <1»f5)H W^ &o€t 
^fTBT W^TJ ^ff%X5T Ctf^STTT ^XTrf^T I vj <^>) t^BT C^Z^ -oil^Rvs <=-X£°r?T "5qX*jT x5R^<F vi^^f 


i.8 "o®i*j<t w^ic\»< #t1%" -^<d\s^ ^hx?t f^» ^T-^m *o-<s «?nR»cvs -mxsr ^rri >><z wm c^tr^ 
sf^M wiRi?jf T^Rj^rm 1rx& ^?rR^r =rr, t%^ #MRTR3m ^tc^ : ?rtx«f, \5Rnx« \5Rrr ^<d^» 

oststtcct^t ^r^t^rrr ctrRnrr c\s|virtt^ -^<f>® f^sr?r x^TBFq~ ^R3f' 1 

zs-ay aw ^t5t ^ra, "wmr~ 1% w*ic*< wFRi ^c<i-s" ^^w^r f^gr^t f^nx^ wfMlR 
-^f^RTRr wFRi 1 (.<t><<=-i "5qra erj^ s**r <lcmb. " wmIr 1% srfrt #t1% «^\s ~5R~r ? 1%^; 1%n; 
"sqi^^r ^r^ss >i*«jc«h "*rr ©hoi, ^®r wm^trt ^re° wm^tbt wt^r c^r^^ wr^t 1 "x^rspm" 
^r^ffi* ^^ ^t&^t ^^~° i^s *?rc p p3 Rmr cwR5rR=Tr "jq^ff* r^bt" egf5 ^rr c^) >iv|\s<^ ^fspsr 

^-=RBT R^R3BT ^5RT ^sf«?T<TT C^.) ^^ >fm ^Tf ^tT«am "*TT >K*Jf1 ^ 1 £<=-1 1 C® ^®p^fg wR^q- C^X^F 

c^z^ ^r=-iir>\s C5=r R*jc?j^ wff%-?i\swR^- ^itm^ \Scs^^f t%^ 1 ^tbr ^fi?r^ >sf¥[t? 
Ri^-*nc<^cvi^ ^r:^ ^p^r# ctf^rfx« c^r <t>c^-H ^mt THf^rS f^^T^-^Tfi^sT ^sT=3^fT\R)< ^tmtt 

c^t^r^^: ^p^t z^cmcs: ^r^aRt ^sR-cf^ ^s-<s ^T«rm \Sc^-*fj ^p^t ^?j1h i 

<ii^T, ^®rm, ^"5=r, 1% "#t^tr«rm" 
f&, ^. 1% "^nf&" 

^i^hj^: -sq^cf ^t5tr:w^ ^r:w <>i<pt <^^c\s ^x^" 1%^ ^sw wm ^iw ^x^" ^m c^n§ c^tr^^t 
o "t^sf' £tr<Frm w^rr cttx^^ -^r^rf^ 5 ^r> f%==T, csn^rr c5R:^r "sn^ ^3 <rm ^^x^^ 

fptX^F ^^ ^PX^ TJfR5rR4 I \5BR ^"5q^r ^1W eTT^RT <1>^C\sr \5T C^T^T ^^X^^ ^X^ ^RTf^ 


Lufi? c£)<Ffi? ^tr^j iHd^T-^f^Tm fi^n "*rr wt «s.ct>fe. c*r wr^ff^ wm^rm ^i^x^^-i ^-i^ix 1 ^ w^j 
\5t UNn <jnx?r?T ^•shx^t csx® otx^-h ^rr i 

^XSnsT >®^p®*J«f -5j==T R*IC?Jf] "sq-^sjr f^XTT fis^T wf<r=Tr ^^5 -^tR/sI^T I CT ^W f©^T \SCijC<^^ ^®x<r 
f%?| ^^f® 1%^, ^RT I 

^.. X*I C^PT C^^ 1% ifiPT^T -5TFT "s^/SH <t>-s1C® -=tTC<T? 

*® . X 5 ^ "srf^T t£RPv =3^r i*)<f^; 5©s*R-ppcf f%^ f^f wR^" f^R^H ? 

Or. ^-ff^af t% <t*d<i ^l<l>n?^ "3TCW ^®rm Jq<pf5 >|J*j^ ^psft <PX^3 I 

h. c\sivim Pxw^r ^r^mr ^rm ^r®i srpth ^ss ^<ix ^m -^r^sr ^t*f Ri^?jf5 -^rx's^rm t%«f ? 
(t-^H- 8t- ^r:"cf^ c^fsFMi* ^p^#trr ^^^^1% 

t£). <2: : iH- ^.o ^ftf -a<Hd\s <K>-1 "ifh© X*I Ret^lc^f] C^TfsR^ ^fW^f^ CofST^T) ^S^TMTf^ 
^^T^^T IH^V) ewmX^TT ifiRPv ^?r)w ^^f^rr ^X5& ^ST^M ^X^ffe.C^-H \s^^fX^ Fifa pR.*a?C^~ \5T?T 

^rr^^^-^m ^^i^ ^r^rfm^ i "5^3 *fM ^i^"x ^>^x^^ t^^rx^r^ ft^mf^sH ^^r t^3=nx^" "sj^t ^x 5 ^^ 

1%. ^sr^Xsm t%5R^^ "5qlH^T^3 "sql^j^j^ C5X5T f^T s|<Fm C ^fTS t^PtT^lT (t<t-b— S>) f^P^I ^1 < d^m 

^rrt^t ^<i-^r jq<ix ^i^i^ ^i\s4t f^d^l^r^ sr-ni^^ff^T -^RO^-sH srtwrrri <^i ^r°^r1^ ^«^1 

^Tx^^fl^^- c^l^X^T ^"dHTfe.^ I CC<1>Pfe5^s ^R3fft="T) 

1%. tsp=r<r ^r^f ^tsj^: ^rf^f ^rr^f^ 5 ^s^^^t^fr^ #fg«Rr^ car^n^xs ^=rr ^xtt ^^rx^^ ^rrsq^r 


■^tn\svi N^i^ssm ~^rc*tt (<fv^ ^^fl? ^t^tt ^t^w <r??t o c<^i<^Ih"?tc<p c^^a^f f^p^n zym, ^st^tc^ 
^f^rrcwr wf%^5 ^=tt ^^n^TR i 1%f! c^r (<^ C3^ >i<^<^ ^n^r^ ^r??t ^ f^r^r c^rr, \smx^F 

(t-^H '"5qr:^T <pf%s ^rr" ^fl* ^<Ff5 ^rr- -355^ <t>*I< 1 t>j fa "^st ^w^rr <n^F 01^ >y><to Wrrm 

^cm?. iSRfl? <iiFe- ^^5- sf >®<t fa?jvi ^nr rcjfi? jtw vm\s f%^r ^-acH-a tsc^c^tpsr *smt ^^tst 1%^-s 
c>i^. vSc^*tT ^rr«rc^r^ ^r:*^ i c*jvm ^rTsrrSter >® ^®t«itr^t wr:^;, cs^t^t ^^rrc^ csrmR^Tr «n^ifD 
"sqi-l^d^p J 5h^sm >ivi<t=<arr ^^^ 'Ess SI <^^c\s Mwm ^gr®^r ~ic®< n<4si5 ^ht^t ^nr 1%^ ^?r° 
^Rwd^r^ c^-^cr-a ) ^R^fi^yRr -5To ^s^ss^«f ^fij^p^ sriT^rmr ^M ^i^.d<i(i<^^ "sj^t sr^^ 

-^prFs^T ^ic^^ "sr:^ f^xir ^\sj*a ^>i^c<i^ >ivi i^^rc^ ^t:^ sr^s «rrW^»m ^^R^rm ^1% ^rr 1 

vj-i^j vsrif®^ sff^rr wN^r sidbfe. ^^7^^ ~*rK,^ ^p=^tc<p^ ^p^Rspt%, c^r ^p^ix#^ ^^mr ^st?t i 

^<pf^ ^r?rm t^Rfg o-a^r , «i<<i^1^f o t ^1^° f^tRm ^Ri<^ 1 ^1^ ffe^r ^tst^ ^i^ts^t 

c^ctt^s ^i%^fR:xf^ ^vf\sc\s^ fH^TB^s^ f^r, ^rmr c<i><i<^ o&m\ ^t ^rg^r c^miTh' 5 ^®^ 
f%otn 1<<-sH) stTsqif^^ t^TR:^ ^^^-^ <i>c^rfe.<^ 1 

1^, ^, 1% "<F3K ^v^Kyvss f*r^5T >nsj^." 


^*> '^®m^r^" ^n^ffi* ^^f5 f%^ ~R*f ^tsi ( emeth) <rr >te>j<i^N»r ( emun, emunah) 

^<r° f^^m ^r p^w®t c^y^^ 5 " ^~c^r:^; i 

<-£i^t^" wps^pp <]j<]^m c^z^ t^^r^t f^g~m ^rsf^r f^^® ^^rr P^-a c?rmj'?i7: ,: P?T 

<2-. >nsj, i. <rfwr io=vi>;iH : ^.8;^.^. : i.vb;f^7®T ;>^. : ^A 

vb. tf^, ^ <Tl>a?|<l<=R] ^.0=^.0; frp^n^TT -H : S> 

f^. ^i^s^ Ih^c^t >iT2p?j p^tc^rt T5f=Tr ^sr^m iif5 f^^ ^r^f <u<i^m ^xtr^; i 
;>. bathach, f%^m 

^:. f^^m ^r p^~m c^rr-nr^r c^r«r a^z^ ^^fi* •5f°t -sst^htst f^t^r^R^i^ 51 R> f^^w =tp» 
^c-ac^; "*rr <ij<i*3\s ^xTrft^ ^t^it^^ ^<Ff& ^rsr <n p^~m c*tmt v3f«* ~c^»fc^" sp^pt <mc\s 
c^tts fw^trr T<<-sH ^.h : ;><2-- •^>, h1^Tvi?j s=^, -jTHs >Rf^\sf s;> : ;>^s,Ho:;,s,,b-j!> : <2-^.,;>ovi>:8b-) 
^^p. t£i ^r^w^t ^vfxsif^^ -&iT<<mT2>< "5TH5 wrf%^ Rp^m c^rm^st ^r?r, p^fs =t^5^ ^^ c^rr§ 
^rnat os^; fw#trr ^s^.=s; ■ffte iob- ; 8,ii<2' : i,ii c i ; ^,i*b- : ^) "s*f1%s vj -^*jj >ivi xw^ ^<jivii^ wmt 
^cws. YHWH ^^r <t>^-HT *tff, "Rp^s, ^Iw^t^i, ^T*0\»T <*i<3x \»m sifi^ar >ih.^ i "^n^rr YHWH c<? 

1%. srr^Frm ^T5rrl% t^^rR^" ^t-Hns^ <j<<m •h^h 1h*jc5t ^TT^rm^ p^ttt c^rrs c^tst i=-^o:; 

i : iH;>t> : i>^; ^ ^1vi 8=i.b-) 

^c^Ife.c^H csmfi: c^rm^r #rf^» ^tstt^it^ f^^s^ ^r^d c^rrs =g^ 8=^s; i^=*^; 

t%. sf^nf^r^ <rt<pr « ; is ^i^"^ ^<p1% i=-^o -^rc=f ~*ft*sr?s ^ttst t^TR:^ ^1^ <j<*r* ^xttc^i c 
>i^<i\s t^pff^rr vi>o:=ivi> c<y^^ YHWH tn^ ^^t^ ^rfsr/ ^-^nf^) 


^^fe ^tc<i sr<j=T*T ^?rr ^xtx^; ^rr ^xxawfxs trust csfsx?d faith cf^p^PT) believe cf^^pr 

o "^-sf \s -5^f«t€t" -^pn^s^r Pnrcsr <^~i£tt> ^rift ^r«n YHWH <^rt ^iw -tjfi? "sxtti^hI^ ^rr^^ 

o "^<f \s ^Rr^t" -^j^t^t f^RixsT isrejfi? ^rift ^r^t YHWH <£& \SFe-< ^rsq-<R ^^s -cjft? 
sxTrrw^trr ^tt^^ f^rx^ <j<*j^« ^xTrf^r c^rrs -^rr «4 : «o; f^xftrr :>h : ^; ;>s>=;><2:) c^ 

YHWH i£t?t ^ vSf^n? fig^r YHWH i£t?t <ft^: c^^x^ ^^pt^ ^r^^im sdbt i 
1t», ^;, 1% "<jq<pf5 <r*f\s ^rt, «^q<Ff5 T<-*j^g ^r?r" 

7^3f, 1% " t <q<FF5 1<I*^S ^RT, ^g e9<pf5 ^1b>vt=\S ^rj-" 

<^q 'Sc^^sfft* <p^t hcmos: Ci) R^» <r*f "^rprm ^^ <Ff=rS' <r«f yodh "*rr sfN* <r*t "^rprm ^r^ <T5f=T& 
<r*f ioth tsi^T >ivii^^id<^ ^<f^s c-^o ^Hx^mTt ^§r?r ^NgRiT^m "^xw ^r^r^FfRW "yRx*nw^r 
^rr^lH<^ >i*~h^ ^wf^tf^m (T^us Serifs <^rt ~?k.~^ >ivi^<^j ^t c«) ^q<Ff^ ^s WIi>m? ^rr ~cjf5 ^£p^ 
f^g 5 ^x-^m "sr: s ji ^tr<wr ept^pt ^r??t i "sj^t <F*2rr ^cws. c*r ^^to^t 1h*j<:*4< ^w ^t°~t -yrsj^Q 

"^r^sT C^Z^ "SfT^ I f^T^TTT \s«irfRH~\3 -ffTFs^ Ih^JV) -ypwjef wR^T -^hs?T ^xfw "3TWRT ^FXW i£RP?. 

Lg-^r, is), tspT, 1% "^rr "s^r® ^^n® >i^<^ ^rr ^rr, c^r ^r^n® <j<«ra l<i*% "sqra o c=tm ^^.c^ 

i£i^, ^srm, ^"^r, 1% "=j^ ^xtt ^tr^" ^rr.. c^r ^rti^ ^rr "st^ 1%^; >i^<^ ^rr" 
f^, ^:, 1% "(Tn^r ^x:tt ^m^" ^rr- c^r ^rti^ ^rr "5=r<r 1%^; (tt^t ^xrt "^rnr" 
~c&f, f^s 'wg ^xtt ^m^" ^rr- c^r ^r^r® ^rr ^ ^c^-^j t^n^i ^tt ^?t" 

-djsirsq- ^t^fDc^, <^i<pt^ ctfrm^r^ ^Trnr (<ft^t 1%^; c&z^ ^r\f^rc^ «r^°^r ^?rm ^^^ ^=tt ^xtr:^: i 

^^tr:^ edl^ ^ai\s^ f^nRrsr "5t^"c^ ^p^j^st -^z^ ^tr^m ^p^ <ic<^ i 

■^t^s^ t^f^t >ivl^ ^dfcfe. ■H^-H ar^T^pra ^^qrm ^nx« ^grs^r -hws ^t«it ~&u^ ^tt c "srRr s>=ivb- 
in) i e9 ^tf%^t*i\5T ^t^s^ ^l^d-H^, ^\?j^, ^j^^tr^t^, f^strr ^rr^vid-s^, f^5R^^ <s3,<jk srr^t^ 

■tfKl^jPl ^l>Sr(l\s^ ^P«a|T ^=TT ^XIR:^;, ^^rt C^Ff^T (<Ff^T "SX^T ^J^s^T PnRTspsT sr«aT5T I ^JgTo^ Th^v) 
■gfg <£i<JK ^5T?T ^FX^Sf^ f^X^P ^l«t<^l IHC^-T ^X^ I C£R%^ ^H ^T #fS «jvf\sc^s=^ ^®X<T ^TMTT 


£=;.& t£i <*wf5 ^rr^pj<^ ^M-i^in^ ^^x f 5 T'^=<i>cw^ stf% ^<pfr? ^Prmfft f^rc^r <t>c^c^: f^fs ^qfi? 
^t^fr^-cf^ ^m^M^T-rpo n^i^.c-h^ 1%«m^T^ ^cb-ar ^-i^^-^ wr^rnRxi* e^irsTsft, 5 ©-=h-ct^t ^p^#trr, 
^fw^t^r v|\s<]fi?f ErorMrr^T <p?r:^; i "5t«& 1^r:w^: ^^h%^r^" c^TRr^r ^i%^j ^tf%^r ^^?r R«c^ 
c^f^r "^>5) t%5 fsrRt^s 1%«rf^T, -aj^^m ^er^t^s i -t^n? \Si<rK-sH s^cws. Ci.) fw#trr 1<i<i-sH ^8=;.- s 

^,0 "'d^'H-Hr ^nfsr c\sivnfPrTr^<pr <j*r^c\sffe>., ^smrM^r \q *i»?n«fteir?i ^rc^f^^r csTsncrsr «jTvf<t>\sr 

<2-=^.o ■>rt% ^^rot ^T5T<R5- *rc^<T af1% ^^<f5 wtsr^rf^s <j re*-^^ "^tcs^ ^fi? tfe.°i ^^pf5 ^\sj^j 

^sr^trr ^.=i<b- -^s) ^s^t vj\»<rw (^mww ^.=i.s>) ^t srfftrr twrrr^r^ ^ts^ carter <v^.i- ^\a) 
^^frtSi^: <iF«*^a ^-icm^rm, f^^m ^i^mt^st ^R^cw -sfcrnw^r Tv^bic® ■vffcss ^rr c^rrs 

^Cbfe. -?T5F® ^\<c^ ~*v& ^•^frcrH ^-i^T^'tf^ "&tf^r ^tfe >ivl^ 1 ^pt^fkw^ ^rrf^ ^1^"° *Jff ^^^s^s= 

■^i"d\s|vi^r ^sPnrT^:, -^t^^id^^ csn^d^r^ 1^toS ^^ ^^rnl^T, ^fsr H^^^sjr ^i%s ^q-f, xsrm 

^srr^f^r ^gr®T^ sf% cgn^ ^p?^, c^ f^5K^^ ttr^t ^^(K i wm c^r (<p^: <ic=i, ^p c*t wfsranr 

^^t^r C3^ ^sk-^ "^rf^f "src^r ■'tc^ c^r, c\sivim R-sk 1 ^ c\sivim ^t^sm c^r^ ^F«yt "®tr:^:, -^s ^r:^ 
g^ ^sk-^ c^rfw >i-^c^f ootvim C-h c< tj ^m ^rm i>Ri?jr ^rre, ar^rcsr c\sivim ^gr®^ >iR\s 
>irHiPi\s ^s, ■*>tzs3 ^nf^raT ootvim Z-^c<^j ^^Jf <pi%s Rs ^fsr ^r^r^r f^tcs^r -*k.^ -^tc^ 
s^ibp, ^^riq \st^bt >iR\s ^tsr Ivi^-h ^p1%g, -Hrz^: 1^s*f^ o®i>jm f^r^m ^^m ^x^s ^rsq-^f^r ^jx^ 

cststk^p "5^si <t>r^c\sT%, ^rf^"^ (tt^t ^f^lsr ^t^® ^ft^xHt^ ^rr <i>R<:^, ^sh^ ^fsr c^r^ vid\s c^^ 

^f^T ^.^Cvs <Tff^sT ^Tll>l(l\s -^nRKKHri 

or=^i. "c^sivj^T ^sl^nrf^:, -^<<^id<^^ c<^i<t>cw^ PptoS ^^ s^^iHs.^" ^1^ <a<nc\s ^tmr c*jc\sr 

^"cr:^: "trH ^i^sr cmz^ f^§s fw#trr ^r°^ri^ TBl^s ^^r <t>T2>-s\s^ ^s^k ^t ^c\s ^tr^ ^T<wc^t^ 
c^s^c^t^) f^r^iT:"cf^m ^(^fr^T^t ^c\s ^Tsirr c>i-^f^:, ^^^n^ff^T ^t Rcs^<^, ^rm ^ff^) i ^1^ 


o "^\5tt" ^ vS^l^n? ^cbfe. Septuagint (Lxx) ^^mar ■*£&*& ^.o-^^> ^t f^strr 1<<-sm g:=;>^ ^^ 

^xtr:^; i KJV o* wr:^; Kill c^stt) 1%^ ^^rD-a <iHHt<T ^itq^st wsrm R^s i ^^r c^ cm ffe <7a 
^rrc^ ^na^srr / ^®n -Murder" ^rm "& ^^pf5 >if2><i> ^s^j^f <*jc®r <!.c®r 't<i^i^.h1 *t^ 

^tf^Ffws «£•*, ^\5TT, «M-s]^\sJT ffe^T I ^l^T®^T f^RRT^ ^<pf5 ^I^.h1 *t^ ^tf^pf^s -*rsj, 

h<<o®jt t^r — "^c^s=^ stf^x^tw ttfst" c^n : f%^§T?i 1<<-sm ;>s>; -^Rnr «e-; f^r^*ic?rr 
0:=^^ " f^§j ^srtfsr (.\siviifPrTT^<p <rlW fft^9?r f^r^n ^ ^tstctt -aRMcr-a c>o^f o^y 
^Sds^d^f ^«rtt?t <i^\s <^^<m N=M-i»R) 1%3=tr:^ ^tTsTrr c*R.\sr c^rr : "sfRr <v^b— ^^; "5qr# 

i : ^A) 51 v^ f^Rr ^x-sto ■^V|\sr \5T?T pR.*a?f] "sq-^sjj^: f^ri RoR ^Cbfe.H ^J^t\5^T fH?JCV|^ 

" i 

f^ff^-a ^m ^r??t b.<^lfe.<^ i 

o "\sR<m wl^csg-f) ^TR^' (<^ CW ffe "^IFsH <uRo (TsR^P ^silTfl^ liq^T ^TR:«aT (TTm ^sR^ | ^fll 

1% ^®rsaRT The volgate ^^nx^BF ^t "®tr:^: ^i^t^^t -sft^ -^ti^Rif^m ^tsj^: ^^t t% c^ ^^t 
\5<]pi\S The diatesserron, ^i<i% ^Sfft^r ^1^"° ^^^fl^^ ^-i<iT^f >ivk^ i ^r^^t^t cc^rr-n ^p^-^) 
^^ osfTsrf^rr ■n1%r^"' ? rc<p ^<=i ^r^ o^m i f^tr^pTrsq" ^rMrr <^^c<^ jo^tr^t ^t 
^tr^t >i^?j<^ ^c\sr= ^i^t c^r) •xi^' ^sr^i" *.d=iT >mi>t^r^ ^^ts^t -^n^piT^f ^j^t:' 1 ^ h<^<^ ^^rr 
srr^fj Nc ^i^t ^9^ w? ^x=rr -s<i><^ ^ff^ c f'?R;' : T^ ^m^wt ^R^nf^s <pf^f c-^<t><^) i t^t ^t<i 
smm i.,-^,^ ^.\sjiR iqM rB1*M> ~^f^ ^T\f^ ^^TS ^rmf^if^p ^R^^'tfi^s -h^^ c^z^ 
^^ir^f; f^r ( P) ^i^ wJr ^xbs: ^ilw-^ic^^ t^f% ^r^R^f f^tRm ^n^ptf^f i 

4^- ^n^ptf^r ^T5j^; ^vs WS5R3T ^rspp^^ ^p^r ^rr ^sr^j -^rc^ sribl-H^ic^^ ^n-^R^sf^ 

f5, ^, f% 'n^Jvi ^r^rcfT^r c5trp" 


Roca f^r tsi^fx? ^^ivflTT ^r^f ^rm wt wlf<i\s csq^^^ n^i^vi -srfw^r ^qj "art^r i ^ x5r^«Tf5 c<^ 
txi<^varH (<Ff^ f^re^p«r ^rrsq- -^f^ft *r??t v5i<t=c\s -^tR^r ^T ^wr^ wi<t*c\s ^rr -^tR^r "cr f%^nr f^Tr 
^r^tt^tt ^?r:^; ^tt 1%f[ ^mjctsi sri% cg^^H <fRf« f^^r^sr ^itrsH, f^n^ro wfw^i^^^i 

|fr<F ^r^f Moros ^»-i<iTH<t> "^^" c<^ ^-snvTl^ ^r^f w^r^sr ^^r \sl^\sr ^st-^ ^r:<t <ij<i*3\s 
^XTrf^r i ^rr c^w "^t^s^ c^r^p wz^ ^^rr ^=tt ^HFNs^psf -y^s^*?. <«)<* ^Sc^c^tr ^nr, f^g 
sfsarsro 1 R^»*r^f morch ^^ vSc^c^tr^: ^rm w?r " ^^?t?t R^^ibi^l" c^rt= ^tt ^.o,i^) i -fft^s< 
^Ff%^fR;-cf^3 ^^s=iH ^tr:"cf\s ^m^m^: «ii^«h <t>^oo-\ i ?:<»>< =-1 "srra" ^ii^icr-a ^mw ^vi*^ ^nr, 
t%^ ^rT5TR:"cf^3 vidH^ f&^T, ^»it><°t ^^° vSc^*fT^: ^ivjrttst >i<!.c"*ri^fr "sqi-i^crf R-skwi ^rr^f 

i>,^> : i<£ <4<3n 8 = ^0) T3=TT5qtfW^" ^R^~ <<=-lTi>. ^^f5 *M-IU>«T ^^f^ V|\?Jf1 C^CTT^S Wp?T f^§! ~5TC=T 

^^r, c^f, osf, f^> osf, f% "H^^^l^r" 

1^, ^, f% "H^d^^ ^srt^s^" 

^. ^rsT^ "sri-i^^ ^t ^s^t ( She'ol) ,c t7^T^ ^«,-sfjw^pi ^ThP^xs i c*jf5 ^^ 1%n^t <t><c« t^nr 
^r<r ^p^m ^^i^ sf^^rr f^^r ^rm wf^^nx^H^: ^tr:^: Wisdom literature and Isaiah o& i ^gr^^ 
Th*jc"5T ^fS «^i^t^ N^o^fg >idb\s-s , t^5 ^WPT RiCl-H wf%o c^fTs ^xrn^" io^v ^;\si^=;>h; 

^?fe i>OH : i>o- i,8) 

i>. ^gT^^ t%5ir^^ ^r:^ is^ c^srr^s^T) fw#trr R<i-sH ^s^=^^. 

•^. ^-5q-^T 1% t%&m I^rc-H^ ^ix^: ac frf%^ ^r:^ ^^w ^?te >tr-8- a i 

^s. «R°c>i<( ^tr:^ ^r^w ^>^z^^ f5tR:^3 vS-*i^» ^r;ttt^" ^^=vb; ^® i.^ss>=v-; ^trtstt^ s> : ^. 

&. v|-~vtc<^T^ ^frr^5^r ^^ "sq-^sjj C-H^d<t>^ "5^531) wtf^o N=M<-^nr n»|<|\s^H ^r:^ I -^TT 
i,\i-.:\so,\s\s; ^Ins ctct'-Xt 

vi>. 2tra^ ^^^ "sg^r ^i**k f^f^fg <s$*fTS srt^Nr ^r:^ h^\s wR??rM ^^at ^rr i ^rr :>^=^so; 

^9. ^#n She'ol c<f ^S\<f Hades ^M ^«T^i^ra\s <j??n" hcmcs: c^n^tr ^Rf^t) 
t%. Hades c^ t^Rr^ ^rt ^^t ^c^cs: i 


i. V|\£jf1 R^TT vSCs^^f ^JX^T "5rRr iMs=i>b- 

vs. smfl: ^rffT «rt1%?T ^x^pst ^r^T ( Gehenna) "5fRr :>i : ^a c^rt^t T^rvj c«x<f vs^\») =3^ 

8. str^: <i»<c^ ^^%^j, «j^ i^^a 

i. «trfw ^r°^f o^r) Paradise c^p ~^f ^x="t <<=-ic®r c^rm er*^ ^rrsq" s^cws. ^^tr^: ^n§ 

^. -5p=cf xsr^t c^^t) <<=-ic\»r Tartarus, ^ "Rt^r ^=8 c^r ^Rf5 ^cws. -sp^f ^w?i ^r«rm "^r 

ffe. Gehenna. 

i.. -^rt^t IRtrtsr ^Rt^w ''Cx^nxsR ^a-?iT: c m ^ivsj^r" sti% *pRi\s <jx^n c^tts 
1RX^T*R ;>Q: : i^;;>i^ : ;>>i>;R ic n^:Tr ^>> : &>;^<b : ^.s; R^-tlc^C'^^ R"^^) ^f5 f^r ^^f5 
^gR c*r*rnR f^f^s <iPiHr=r Rx?r phoenician ^rf*xiT<i\sr Molech <^psr ^iwr ^?rr <cvst 
C^fTS ^<TTWt i^=vs;^i = ivi>; ■^<rs~rT^tr-:\a;\a\a:vi 9 ) "*TT (.<=-l<TR ib-=^i,^o=^- & *=^z*f HR"sii 
^sxRf^r 1 

•st. Ri-afvR ^f&x^ sfKivir ^jwrn ^sr c*x<f YHWH ^^r 1R5Tx?r?T "?fw -^Rk^h <t>c^H 
c^rrs "r?t h : ^>^;;>s> : ^- h) "*rr i> ^rw ^0=-^- -^h ^3° ^r^t i>=i>ovs cs xsrf«r5R (?«r 
1R5Tx?r?T "^R ^c^f^-i 1 
-%ss<t ^ic^-a ^fN^WM vstx 1 ^ -^t^i^x*^ c^n^s=Ri<j> ^tm^rm "srrsuxsr f^r^s ^fnftw 

wrssRt ^c*\ -^fR^sR ^RRs^ 1 c~r*T 1R5R >i-ycw -*fNs?i ^moi<i» ^-=*f^- ^-ststt xst^r<fr 1rx*r 
^ ^gR j5 '£sH c«ax<F ^xRf^r c wf«r g^r, -^^n<^|vii<iivb, t^Nt ^rrs "sqr# s>=83, svb) Gehenna 
~Rrf5 c<^<i<^virTa" ^Nsfst ~^Rr <ij<i*3\s asx^rx^: c^tx^fr *®=^ ^tx 1 ^ ^r^T) 
\a. ~^s?r Gehenna <u<i^m 

1%. "^T§t, ~5qT# S> : 8b- CSff^T ^.<2-=8^) 

1%. "R^rX^PsT ^R C"5q^r ^^^ ^T^t^ tSvasj^.) -5rRr io^v- 

f^. She'ol ^9^ >ivi^<^j -srRr c2r=^.s>- *o; i.^^ 

tw Gehenna <^^ ^rm^tr f^sR ^\?j^ >ivi^<^j c^n§ aRnl^s ^fpt ^.=ii, ^o^.is) ^®r«aRT \5t 

>i^<i c^r wf«r5nT ^x^n^r sr^^x^r^ ^R~t ^pt^r ^x?t t^t^r c^r^s^t ^^^x^") ^1^"° ^^f 
t^5'?ix' : R ^st-hj^g ^t ^5r ( Tartarus c^ix^o ^f^to^ ^=s; Ri^^r >t> ^sr^aRT ^^r ^i*?ci<, ^m =35^ 

^XTX^ "Sql^T ^.<Sr : 8i *t*f I 


^\ She'ol, Hades <^re. Gehenna ^^ ^im^ <u<rscR3r?T ^mx=T ^f£ >\t£< c^, 
i». £r«ar5ro= "sr^r® vj-^jj She'ol / Hades ^ -n^r^ <t>c<Ti>.<=-i i 
•^. ^^r^tst G3=r*rR<Fm wf^ssxst c^i^r ^t vj-*t) f^^m f^TCH-a -^^r ^srf^<t*«< ■*it?tm <^^r 

^.c*jc^ 1%^ "sq^cf c=tr^?t ^R ^^5; ft^T i c^q >sthj^ KJV Hades ( grave) JK Gehenna 

( Hell) <r?^ ^-i<T^r ^xsrf^r i) 

^str ^x<i =3^ i.vb=is>- «i> tsi^ tfgT® <fvit c=rprm ^s sj^t (.<=-it<to i ^^r^r She'ol c<f ^ ^nf%^ 
^pt <r.=-i ^f-^rr ^?rr ^xtr:^; c^tT= f^strr 1<<-sm \»^=^; ^r>® ib-=>- ay "*tr^t<f, ~<^m 

^stlBT ^TC?T C^vS^ vj\s<r*r £|R>r&\s <t>-s1C® -=»TR3T ^TT I 

i£). -^H fH^^ "^Nem •hIRj O-^sT" f^R^T CtfTT ^TT,~*TT ^Cbfe. sirft^T <FlC=-1-sl "5T3>T -=t?xwr 
Wl<R.-Hf] <pf%-=HlT s^-f^Tm "sq-^sjj i«q<pfT> I 

^- *4«i*K>r< v|\£Jf1 "*SC^ ^3 ^R^ \sRtt^T ^Xt^st ^T*fo I 
1%. H^-H iH^V) -s^J <si<;k ^j^^TR^t^ "5R;*rJ Ctf^ "5JW ^<-^m ^f^S CtfTT I 

i. fft^ ^rfft^r ^^° vjoi< "sq-^sjj ^rr^R^pj^ ^p^tr <r.=-m, "sfRr io^b- 

^>. C5TT^I" «^Xx tfirpTTJ- <£\<f ^C^TlR^ WR^q" <3»fl^?T -s>ff^5l<>.0|< TSO \sfWS "S^tR^ ^<]?J<] 

8. "c^rt^r ^l>^>r^ <c<=-m c^r -^t^s^ 1^vS1*j ^rfn^R;^ ^st?t ^TR«y^s wiwr >ivl^ -h^-h or^: srr-« 
&. "^^rt^r t^^»R^ ^c^h c^r t^gr^t ^-ff ^j^^tr f^r:^ h^-h ^»if«<t> ors*; ^r-^ ^^r, i<pf% 

f^R^T C-JR:^^, i'Rt^sT vs=iv- ^.^ I 

t£i . t£i ~Rsff5 ^i^.c<ic<^^ ~^rc*u ^si^ ^R;tf <u<i^bt ^p^t ^xtr:^: i 

i. ^ft^p5t^ ^^r^^ ^iyvi^<^, ^»iTh i=i- v>-; frrnnr s^^; ss-ivi 

•^.. ^i^^mr N^ic<^iRi\s N^i<^r*fvi^<^, ^sxt^ i=i8; f^\ftrr R<i^ io^s; ^s isb--s; ^<ftrr 

^>. ^st^T/stst 1^r^1>ich^ ^RT, f^^trr io^s; ;><TfwT t- : ^H; ^s i.8b-=s; ^1% s-io; ^^l*j 
s>=^8 c^otrr ~^ctf*3 T3T5T5pu, -^<pf% i^.; -^) i 


<£c=-i^t (<fr-t ^f«y ^t ■^v|\ S r c^r^: c^ t%^nr <pr^m, ^ <pr?r^t c^n= i^f% ^=s>) 

■^tR^r ^rcrfc^rsT ^^Rf5 -^-i^^fRto ^*frt c^il^r i- ^, sf^Ftf^r^ -^i- ^©) -^^RRfR^ ^tf%^rm 
^?r ^r^t c^rr= ^t%t *®=^;>; c?rR-R?r ^=-^;>; ^Rt^^r ^s=i.o) -^h^srsr 2iR>vrF2> c^iRi : ^^- -^h) 

"*rt c<ii<t> egfi* ^c\s ^ttr^ ^s ^^^Rp" xst^r^rt ^w c^fT= ^f ^^Rf5 f^n^r, ^r^r ^rfft, ^*r^bt 

Z<T<IS, sh® ^3 \Sb^\sf ^T5qT^, C*JV|-^ eRpYRRs ^RPT ^i=fe- ^H^7Tf 'SCs^^f ^TR^) i<Fl% >& *i*T, 
•5l®r I ^T=^T5T !><Rf% ^t : S> Cf^PftlT vb8 = 8 jq<3X vbQ:=i.^ C^RT^F v5^F®) i£)fi? ^Cbfe. ifiRsfi? "5q~^Rr a|R>*SsT 

^^x EroiTHTi f^r^r^r^f wr:^t c^r -*r*RT xsrsrr ^R^ 5 ot«R< \s^Rq ^ivj^r ^®m -m^ ^^rr^tt 

^ . William Hendriksen, The Bible on the life Hereafter 
1%. Dr. M. Rawlings, Beyond death's door. 

o:=^vs i£ff& ^q^Rfr> \jas1?j c*i^Nt "*f^ ^tr^r^ ^RFr ^t?t wt ^c=-it >i^i<ij ^tw i 
'^fsr ^r^M "*fss c<i?l-si Ih^o? wm^t Z-\c<w ^^f <»>T<cvs^." ^R> cwrjr^t ^rs*-\s <i^h <tc?t 
c*r, -sqi^r ho HfiR^f T^rrsflTr "S^-ht^t^j €tem <t^<i* vjpvr^ sm-^r ^<rm ^^^: fsTC^if^co-M i 
wto ^rRat sr°rt^t?T afn% <T^tn Wttt ^fr^^ c^^tt^s c*g^\s^ i T3=p^t# «r^trr ^m^ich^ cbc?4' 'e 

f^nrfsro ^rg-sTR-T ^l-^ 1 ^!-^ ^iH5\s «r^trr ^srRj^iP(<^\sr c^Rf -^s), ^®r«aR<T c^.) f%5R:^^ t^f 1 ^® 

■^"esrspsR ^R-nq-R*:, ^^ ^^Trrf^T, "^fvi <uii<it>m ^Rf%s^rf' i ^vt%^ ^ifvj cststTF^-jr^^ 

>iR\s ^tir«t5Rj ^RRj^t i ^fe^srm c\stvim wr^-^ t>^ ^rf^ o®ivjr?r 1%sr ^sr^rm, ^r^" ^t^t ^^f^R^Trr 
t^st c*j=Risjt cfvs; c<t»-s-HT c\stvim ^^n® ^r^t^ ^t^^f f^rRV^ ^\sttt ^r^r^t ^^° ^^RR> «r:^ 

^TR*f ^3TR C\s|V|Rj -vfC*^ ^I^T I vsoxsrRT c\s|V|m trf^°t ^® ^rf^ OST5TRT f^W ^t^ITRT, ^?^" ^T^T 
^nfi*!TT it]C?T C*J=Rl?JT Ctf^s; C<t>H-HT OST5TRJ ^rsq^ ^T^t^ ^T^^F 1%RV« ^^STTT ^R^P^T ^^° e£|<Ff^ 


^sr:w?t ^t*t ^^sttt o®ivjm ^rc^ ^f^r r 

Qr : ^H"^nf^&m" ^^mt^t ^r^ffi? <j.cw3>. Miochaomai ^fi? w^r ^i^sr c^z^ ^<fP5 vS<^R> ^rr ^tsttt 
^mr ^mar^i^p -^o^s isrp?. f^um ^s^n^r a->>tr ^iz f f\ Septuagint c^z^ ^sft<^ ~i<rfi5 ^cb^. 
porneia| ^ ~n*ffi? ^rr«rm^\s= f^rm: -a^c-H-a ^ft^s c^T^r ^R^rJf <a<nc\s <j<sfej\» ^c\»r, 1^f! 
egi^^ 1%<rm: <i^c^t ^R^»\s ^x-iTBvs c^T^r t^rrr ^tc^?t <j iKsc-ac^r wf%1%^ ^esPiT^® w?r f^r 
c*jvih >ivi<t=irv|\sr ^s.&5t«Jr i ^gi\5^r fSnrcsr f<i<iir*!>» ^rifw^T c^T^r R^ctt "yRf%r§\5t f^r 

<^i^t c^ 5 " cw 1%, i£i^f ^stt?t cspt 1%, 

<i( ^r^ffi? <u<i^m ^?rr <c®r ^rr^m srtfw, ^--^c^-a ^sf§^ esrmm c^t*t^t ^ ^9<pfr? -^^s^ 

t^^H^ ^srR=Trsr f<*)%j Appolumi ^=i»^s as ccf^r i 

^rtfsr c\siviifurTi7:<F <fSHc\of^, c^r c^^mf^^m f%^( ^r^qr ^Fm^^r ^rr^f^r jffc^ ■^Ri\sjT'n <p?^, c^r 
^ttx «r^ ^Htj' oift^^ ts^s'Vi c^rr= "sqr# h=^v- i&>) i 

til^T ^9 ^9^T 1%, ^^T C?^ 5 OSf 1% 


fW^tlT R<]^H ^8 = i>- 8 ^ftf C^^P ^<pf5 tS^R) I 

"^nf^&m" <icbfe. porneia w^ ^^f5 ~t^T, ^ ^.h ^t^f ^tsttt ^^rm i ^fi^?r wSr ^cws. z^i c^pt 

•aRMCr-a "t^ft? ^TKrm ^ft%^m% 1wr «rmr f^r : Ci») Shammai, f^rf^r c<i»<<='i "sqrs ^r^^rm^rr^t 
wm ^t5t«Sr ^d^lfe.c^H i Rist^l «rc^ "sr:*h ;§t ^smt <xi<Ff!j ^p*®-^ >)vj>ut ^xtt TTtf^rr f^r i 

^=J_'*G N^HJ^r "SRI^T <j>c^h -$v||51c\s^ -5J<ft R^csj^ "3TC3F ^P^t#^w ^TT fw#tTT R^^H -S>A : i^- ^i 

N^\Sl\s<t>i<^l-M N^<t>vf<t> ^spTSTTR^n Wttt ^ftf i <p^ ^mri^ "^^^^ c;gtc^r) <uiR=i>17^ ^T«n ^jr^" 
C5=r f%^nrfi^p ^^w ^tmjt srcTf^r <^^c\s ^^f^ ^s^s^^|^ f%^nr ^t ^rX'jm ^Ffwf5 ^n^irDc^p 

>|V|ivar <js^<j» <J|Rst>|R^1 <IC<^ <p=^^<p lbR?\s <t>^C\s ^T*JT ^R^, CtTff^ ^.C<^' ^3 ^srsaRT ^TT <iC<^' ^S I 

^<p1^ ^IwfSr^^ v|\s<]RTf^ v|\s|v|\s ^rj- c^n : A.T. Robertson in his word pictures in the new 

testament, vol. 1 p. 155) i 

^1^ ^=tt ^i^Ft^ Ef^Trnsf^r c*r ^t ^rrR:' ? r^ ^^^f <)>T2)H R*j?j ^sr^^tr^: "sj^t R*ic?j^ ~wc s jj 

io^- i-^ '"Uyr f%^rp^ *^R^ch^ ^r^if^f^ sr«t>ivL^ i tsp=r<r v^|<*i»j ^tsj^: ^sr^^iw^ ^^mr 
<^^s R*j?jfD^ ^"^c^i ^t^s^ TH^c^f 1 ^^ ^vfvic\s^ «rm^rr ^tr^m T?rr?t^ ^^mr ^t ^sjTC'^pst ^^t^^ 
^rrsqi^tf^ l^sr^ «r^vic\s^ ^-sfpft^^ f^r^51<:\s ^ivitr:xf^ ^sr^^tr^: >ns<$ «an<t>c\s ^x^ i 

c<t>H-HT ^i^r "sq-^t^r ^Tsrm ^T-nflt i ^svb^srm ootvim "srT^rm R<ij <pf^ \s ^rr, c^-h-ht ^i^ 5 " ^rrf%; 5^ 


v^R)Ri^s= ^rf^T, "ST^T ~sp*r <^c\s >SrOil l" 

^®r<r ^srf^*TM arctic ^<rr t^r ^rr ^?r° ^t f^r ^m ^sr^-a >M>j\sm Pr^rrsT etctTC^pst w^tj 

•^o=h; ^i^tt *o^; f^\sl?j -^a^i- ^a) -arRr -^ = ^ ^> - ^ s ^iz^f "5t^s ^^fl* ^r^*^ ^Rl%rg 
Hsx^^r i c^rr^T ^<f1% i=^©; -m^rr i=^o; f^pRif^m :>=b- i£^K ;>^FW^t ^=q: *i&v3 ^rc^ ^t^fc^f 
^Rf%rs Ife.c<^H i ^<ftrr ^=^vb -=t£-pf ^t^j ^^fl* ^imt:^ ^ran^r ^tsttt ^^rm i c^^gfi* ^im^ ^i^ch-si 
^-^t^sr ^nr f^g l^rRu ^i^r ^r^tm^r ^?rm ^n^i^sm ^t^sr^: i 
a-^8- *s<h ^fl* t^«rcf ^fz<5 ststt^ ^^?t c*r, ^Rw-n^r ^fwrc^ ^im<^N3 ^t«j^r ^s ^fN^r "sjfw 

>i<iTf^: wi\s ^eirr \stc« ^i^on-a <ff*i^T t^r ^rr i 

<t : «8 ""c^t^T ^r^f«y ^?r =tt" "*fh® ^im^sipst -5nsiRr5T "5fRr ^^^s- ^s ^uyr ^rrs^ f^rd^Tfe.d^-H i 
c^Tt^r srm^p "^r^^rsr ^trtst ^r^*^ wbtt \sm ^^rm ^i>\sr s}<m~r ^^®r c^rr= ^.<pf% i=^^s; 

qt^h'I^^ o^tviRTf^ <^sarr '^n, ^rf , '^rr, ^rf, ^<i>" ^^s >t«j<iilH'\sm ^r:^ ^Rt%rs Ife.c<^H, 

«^i^t c^ cw f^, t^T ^®n^ <^F*{ f^, 

-sr-^fD" ^3 <ki\s -=»ttc3t i ^i e9<p^ sf<Fm w<r c^t«pp®t vb=i^>; i^s^^c^b-; c^rm^r iH=i>^; ^^Ft^^r 

■?tr^t ^s -5q-R^, ^t^tj -m^r \5T?t 1wz<F t%^rt:Trr ctf^s i soxsrm c^r ootvim >il^\s t^&m ^k^t t^^m 7 


^stf^x® c\stvirc<F ^tv?rr ^t1% ^^^, \5T^bt ^rc:w t^: c^th ^ire is^c*t o®tvim <ftc^; ' s TfwT <f?3t, 
\5T^rc^ <yr*3> ^^x c*r c®m 1h<h5 «rm to. , ®t^t <^c® f^ng^r ^^:' *g ^rr i 

(t-^str "^^^ ^tf^^TK:^ ^^" ^f5 ^rnar ^.i-^s, c=T^t ^8=^0 i^rp?. f^^trr 1<<-sm i>^ : ^i> *tw 

cf^5Brt=TC5P?D <sp¥n? Rc^r*f^r if^r^t Rt>i<<t>w<( ~^m\ -^nf^: ^®r:*%t ^ptrsrrc^r ^m <f<tt «ic®r i 
sf% ^tvjRTf^ N^ib^=t ^^c^i -?fNs?T h^h v|\s<]RTf^ -sfr5ft» ^Sic^ist ^^fi* «rmr i ^ ^ra" ^cm?. 

<^f®<lli>l<?* ^Rrt fSq^Rt®" t^M I C=r ^ra" i£|<Fn» ^Ib-sH ^T5T<R <P^sT "sfl- EfC®J<1> ^T5qT5f <Tt "^Tl^t^ 

1%p*r ^r^r® <u<i-^m f^Rrcsr ^rc^r \Scs^^r ^FaT ^XTrf^r c*r ^<i»srH t^gr^t ^gT®R^p ^^^sf^ 

^rf^ "vi-~h c=tf-p" *h ^uym ^{Xz.^ ^pas^^gw ^rt, ^^u^ ^i^ "sr<r ^rt®^^ <c\» ^tmx®r i The 
Charles B. Williams Translation, The New Testament In The Language of the People ^R^^fS ^®trr 

C<P*$] t%^ ^^STTT vSTBvs I 

<t-8>> <£sf& 7^ft^ >si^^ >ividiT ^f®<iii>i<t= ^»r:^ 1h^\s, ^r^r^ ^<pf^ vsrif® >iviRi<t= ^r:^ ^sr^m 

^<tifD ^Srll^sC^ ■s^RTf^® <t>^C\sf ^sfi} I 

"^=5^r" t^r ^^pf^ ^ttf^f ac f^f c<y^^ \S^® «t^f >m\s ^rm ^r<r f^r vsi^- ^m<p i ^1^ 
■^^<]^?1<t>R^T c^r ^r^ffi* ^uj T^rsrf^rr ^t <ij<i*3\s *ic®r, ^rt ^^f=TCTR3t "3=nviRi<ii >i^<^m, ^^nr c®r 

^57^*517^?^ >I^<J>R^^ ^M 1^RRrffw\s ^T«ir^T ^i=i<^ ^Sfvi^ ^^IRT® I #H%TrHC l ff1 ^®t?t c^^tt^g r^Ft 

1%^; ^\sttt vSfBvs, ^"5q^q f% ^rt ^r:^^ ^n^: c<y^^ T=Tp5t ^?rr ^rr ^t £r®jmT ^i^t ^rt i 

as^ i£tfS >i^i*jj ^?rr >)*«j<:«h s f^\ ^t«rr I^rtst f^rrc^" ^rc^ ^j^m ^?jIh "R^ ^chj-s sf1% 

Nat^RTp^r ^i^"° >i^<^ ^ib^c-^m ^sr:<1^: \5t ^p^t ^usw*. i c^n= ^^mar ^.^.=^<2:; fw#trr R<i^h ^0:=^- 

8 vs"c\sivi^r ^f^Rrr^:, ^^ ^^?jirfe.<^," "c®ivifif afi%^^>«T c^ getst <t»r^c<i," ^^° "c^sivim 
^n&^^ cw^r <^Ric^"" i 881%^s n^iIvi c\siviiRTi7^i <TSHc\sr%;, o®T5p?rr ^srr^f^ ^rr^f^ ^t^pc<j><i Gsfsr 
^pf^vQ, ^^-^ ^rR<wr o®T5Ttf^'?iT:^ r ^T^Tr <^z^, "®i^.ich^ ^w^tj £rr<Rt ^iR'^s; sgtc^t c\sivj^r 


^^n^mr o®ivjifPr ttz<F csfsr ^r??t, vsT^ff^R^^: cstsr <j>rac^r oststr: 1 ^ 1% ^j^grm ^c^~ ? 
\s^q- wf^^ 1% <p^ <^ ? -^^vsri^icij^f \s t% c>i'^-s^ s *f ^jr??t ^tt ? ^sr^^^ o«tviRTf^ -^-fftrr f^fsr 

<2- = 38 C^" ~£W 1%. ®J^ vb = ^H- -^b- -^tC^rsT ^R:^ ^pf5 ^M-iCb^H Is^ ^R3TI liqf^JTT JfR-F ^^fS^T 

■^ti^pif^r eg^ <rr 1%, ^t^t c*r ^^ srff^r -^n^piT^r c^r-nf^pp ^stc<t <3WR5: <p?rr ^cmcs: c^ >\c<-a 
-sr:*it \st cT*rr ■?rm ^rri 88^7^ i^fD ^i^sr >jt><t> ^wstr-t ^fr?=^?t <tt^rr?~r wr:^;, "^stst ^f^s 

R\sivb-H ^r^t b>c<=-ic^; 1" ^"3=^- f^Trm ^wstr-t <m^r t^^r^t^ -^tc^ gstst <^^r ^^~° ^^^rr <p^m 

b,<^v|T^T WRI'^tT^'RsT ^re° \5Rtt?T ^t^sT tx^vir^T Rj\s|^CHf] >1^1-<MT, ^ \Svac?j^^. <ps>|T <£=-1 I 

<fc<t c*t \sBrr c^r-t ^ff%^rc^^ : "^h^sm ^rr ~tti\5R^t?t ? f^r^^r xsrtt^t f^sm ^unr ^ii>-sm ^r:^t 
s>tr:<p c^n= c^T^trr ;>s> : ^o 

<s-=8^- 8H f^p^i^Mi^RT ^isLoiv^c^ "si^^tj^: ^»1<'^i^1ch< st\5TtRf\s T^rrsrffw^" ^tsr^p ^ffw^Tr 
c*Jd\s^ ^z<5 1 t£P=r<r -^tc^f i^fB- \^#trr c*t^Nr ^*Rs "^trmc^ ^i^sr wr;^;, tT ^R*ti\s >i^i<ij 
^fr:w?t R*j?j ^.R^\s <^h ^r??t i 


tg^r ^srm ^^ f%, os? 1% "^^i ^\q" 

«nf5j<i»®m "stihh^ I^Th fnc^^. i c^rr : t%otn 1<<<h iv : i«) Ht^Sd"® ^^-^t^t ^rr ^<}>c<^ "srrij^ 
\sm w^it "R^T^t <j*?k<F \sf^f^ "s^thPh-h wto ^®i^xtr^: c^ir ^r^ c*jc\s ^x^" i ^1^ 1^r:tp^ 

c-^o "^t^s^ ^mf^^j^ ^sf^rr stt^r^f^T c&sr ^^t, ^^m^^ <ic<^ ^m-ni^^ff^T -^fRSl^^-H i 

^®T^: ^?r ^^^ ^>^z^^ ^^[Hr^\s ^i^r^prm ^^R:^^: c<pF*t^® ^z^ ~*ixu& ^t?t ^f^f^T ^M ^pj 


>xifi? <jq<FfT? ■vfrh Ihc 1 ^-*^^ Ht^r ^^mr wt ^fsr osrsrm f2R:w^T ^tt^r^t^ ^-i<itw?t w^j wnft i 
^rR^rf^rm ewtsj^: c^mrt^ ctf^sTrr ^xtr:^; c>i>i<i fwm ^3-^ih1vm<^ i 

8. ^^s- -^8 *tw ^rrsrRtf^ ^srr^p(<t> ^•^rp^^rm R*j?j 1% o<:=i ? 

^i^j^^ ^^<nt ^^jc^tr sbfjcb^t "Rt^m^i^t i 

^\g f% i£p=r 

^T (?F OSf 1% 

<-S3^=T Wf?T '£&*{ f^ 

fl* ^ f% 

^^Sf 1% 

t=tT^t ctf^Trm I^^t 


G2f5T f<l*)C : 

g- t^r^t 


sr^C^ >W^l§< <Sr-HJ 

tf^^ ^l^s= |<l*R.?g 

\^^s=i| <p|>sr <p-sp«s 



vi> : i- 8 


Vb : ^.- 8 

Vb=i- 8 

*Js : ^.- 8 

Vb : ^.- 8 


sd^Mi-sj R*ic?j Pl-^l 

^lW'*f sd<MI 


"^■sTT^R^T eTT^RT 

^■■(k- i<2: 

Vb : <2:- 1x2: 

^■■ct- Vb 

R>v»ic<] <^^d\s 


vb : H- b- 

<h-H- Set 

vb : S>- i><2- 

\i>=H- i>^s 

vl» : i8- i><2-^^ ^^r^m 



Vb : i>vb- ib- 

vi> : i>i>- ib- 


Vb=iVb- 5*r 

Vb = ivb- ib- 

"^c^Nr *t^t ^repTT <f^ 

£|-^\S Sf^T 

^^■?m «r^r 

>t>=is>- -^i 

Vb=i^- -^i 

^ : i>\i3- i,b- 

vb^fe- -^i 


Vb=i.s>- ^i 

■^ «^ 

^^■?m *th 

. «^ 

■*1<1<:« sd^rM 

■•KIC-sK OSrJlF* 

Vb=i^c- ^i 

vb : ^A- ^\s 

<b : ^A- ^\s 

■*1<JlCf1f1 SiH\^\ 

\sjvj *r^< t*i<< *m 

vS^>C>j< c>l<ll <t><c\s 

<b : ^A- ^\S 


-^r^fT iXi^X STH 

Vb : ^.8 

<b : ^.8 

Vb : ^.8 

vb : ^.3 

vSfta)^ ^.^L^i Hi 

■*T« i^T^X ^^^eJI" 

<b : ^.8 


Vb : ^.<2:- *8 

v3a : ^.<2r- ^S^S 

vi> : ^.<3:- *8 

Vb : ^.<2— «8 

\b : ^S8 

vja^tr— VS8 

' 5 tl£>l>xr= t%H CO^H ^§T H) 

<«rf& <jq^f5 ^tf^j rHc^-*^ fiNm ^rm w?r sicws. c^r xstmIh^. wM^rm thzw^t ^i^.c<i<^ ^M-i^Tr^nT 

^^(KCo-TsT ^^T° ^R^ ^»tv«r ^M-i^TCr?! c^~CS wlwm 2mrlHJ\sT CsfsirsT ^jz^ ^T^gTH) Rc\s 

^z<; i xsrr^ffH ^r^tr^: ^®f ns<M<t>rc*r?T ^tc?r c^u? orc<H ht i 

t£i<pt^ wf^R^^R:^ ^*rmrf5 ^7^? r^psjfi 1 f^r*r?r ^tsj^: fi>i*?\s <i^h 1 wM^mr f^rerr f^r«t^i>ivL<:^.< 

^T^sTsT ^tfSt^ ^M«i<TTTr?T ^TC^ "IpTHT <PfP-S I ^-i^Cbfe.C'Cf wM <P?JT ^srsjsflt^® I<l*)%] hit, t^^ \5T 

xsnfSf csf«aT5T) ^st^^n?;^^ wf%smr ^H^u-acH-a ~5iR<t>if2>, "*rr ^cws. ^x«i<T?TT?T "c^^srapi 1 sfcoj^ 
^-icbfe.c^^^. ^^fl* c<t*<i<=i <^<pfi? "sq^a ^^f5 R*j?j ^srrc^: 1 

8. ^vsjiTh 

b- tr l£RPv >**- it- ^ftf >ivK^f ai>)ttn-i^Tvj<t> ^<3^i% 1 

t£i. e^sum -^r^c^sr h^sh "stth^pst T^rRrclfr^e <^<i° ^^7^^ sr<p^ ^fSf<t>\sm «rm^rm <ihht t^ttt 1 

^"®r«]TT5r Rst^ld'Tfi «riTvf<t>\sm ^®r^#o ft^?ra ^m^H^t^fo ^rm^Tm ^r:w ^^m^^s 5 i 

f%. i£pr<r \»\si5r l^r^rS Ih^vi ^t^^t hit ^^° t^gi^ld^r^ ^^pf^ ^ib^dH^ ^r*rr 1 «nlvf<i>\sm si^fs 

RC<lIb\s <C\s ■*>iW3 C^tT : ^^t% Qr = ^i.) ^TT C^T<F, wrsTTCcf^T <^\s^S<3\sr ^ 1 V| 1 f5f5fC<F ^^7^^ 
t%. t^mJ-nTIH^ ^fdTTWHTTT TT^Tf^PF ^fSf-^m ^^fe^TT^ ^•^f^T^f^T ^fJT ^CMCs:, ^TW^ TH^V) 

^Fi-i.CH^ ~^rc*u hit t%5 ^if«<t> htt% ftf%^ "5tt:«)t i 


1%. -^<nc\s ww ^te*T~r ^^fr> >ip(f?fs ^^° ^9<pfi? cnfi<iib<t> \Sc^r-*fj ^s^.5j^. wr:^; Ci.) 
wT5trtt^r:<p" c^ft ^<h ctf^rR^Tr, c*r ^<t>vj wt<j^r \»m ,; srp t n <^m?T xsfR<<Fm wr^;, c*ivm wl^i 
\5R?t vi-^jtrt ^tm^t ^r??t c*jH5^ *r?H ^z^" ^9<Ffi? ^tf^a ^rfsmr ^ff%^i5 wl^i ^^x c^.) 
-^h^sm ^i^sr ^ft=TC^ "sr^i^n^ ws^-5j\5T ctf^irc^rr i ^t?t ^T5rR"cf?R^ wrsTR: 1 ^ ^tr^^t*ter sn^f^r 

^\ iS)fi? >l^<I C*J <k ifiRP?. vs ^)Tf sfT^TtlT Rlst^ldT-sl >)V4>um 'SC^C^TT <l^s*<lJ ^R^f ^HJ^^ H 

i.. ^n^«rf^T, c^trjr^ ctf^rf^g-m w^w , ot^ich^ "^ti^ic® cststr^tst ^vf<t=vf <fj^g ^rr, <i>Ric<^ 

•^. ^r^^i^' "*r*r=r \?f5T ttr-t <f*t, \s«r=t oolvim >i-^d^f \%fft <nwf^>s ^rr, c*jvm <^^tf^m 
c^tr^st ^fr^; c^T?r<r ^rt^^m w^r "yranw -jr;^ <& -^iz^ <j»fS^T ^mr^; ^rtfsr csTsnf^R^F 
"5=psr <]Ric\sf% \srtrr wm^trtt^t ^i^grm -^^tr^ttr^; i 

\s. ^jvi -*r*r=r wv^ ^f?t, \s«n c\sivim hT^*^ ^® 1% <t>Ric\sc^;, ^^r<t c\sivim ^r^r ^^t^p 
wimc® f^s ^m 

^■^r, i£i, cjp^-, f%, isj^, ^srm, ^tt, 1% "^tr^tr-t c^iR^n" <i^virt ^f^^r^f wrt^^^ <tf^ i 

1^, ^, 1% "^n^s^-t^ ^»T ^p^t c*$z<f 1<i^\s «n^" 

■jw, f% 'T^pq-srf^ ssw^r^ ^^r c«y^^" R^\s <^rR^f ' 

^ic^ib-^m ^tr^t, ^rr ■=t^5^ t«i*T >ivi<ii'^= ^t^t "5^^ <j^t <c\sr 

^p^t cmz<f ^rf^^rt^r c«y?^n c^n= ^^o) i N^d-^<t= R»^ ^wi ^r "sp^ ^d\s ^tr^ c?t ^t^ 

^rR<RTTR:<r c^b^rtRt R^^cw-^ ^^t^ ^T^srfft^ I^^^rtr^t^ %j%f^r 1 
f^H^r ^ic<^ibj R*i?j : l%-4^RfR7 


<4. t£i ~n*ffi? Ri^i^lc^r^ «r^ f^^ic>i^ "sq-^sjrl: f^<jrt^t ^rr^ <t>c^Ife.=i c^rrs The Septuagiant 


f%. ^t:^ ^tffh<r ^<ix ^r^»m .st^cw-ac^- ctf^GTrr <J5Mir i 

#t. cThe English Word, almasgiving) f^^^wi^r ~T^ff5 ^"c^r:^: ^Jt<F ~n*r eleamosune i«r?r ^Rf^-Q 

t£i . ^-JHc^ ^Tm^rr strnz^* *j^tt srfft^T ^fr^t c\sivim "sq-^sjj ai<jnf~5s ^c^H^-i i 
;>. "5j^r ^^^rm £fR)^^r ^<ix wm^na^ s^iw, f^strr 1<<-sH xt-H- » 

i>jo=s>; ^©=^; f^§r?r Pm-sH ^8=^.0 

^>. "f^grsr ^^" '^t^st ^^-ic-a-a -=f[%\s ^"^>ic^^ ^<=^tm^r ^i51<c^ o*rc® c^re^m c^rnar ^s 

1%. «rm^ni^ Wisdom Literature cf^n^Tfw h^t >ih.^> ^^ ^z^n f^FW ^rr^ ^xsff^r i 

8 f%^#t «rc^ t^^m =rr^ i 

^. fsp^srm ( mishnah) afsirsr ^»m R^»rc^~ ^t%<T, w«i<j£r>® i^rr ^T^trr c=Tftrr c^i^R\s) <yrs 

f%. Pl<ilfi>\s \5«^f5> T3T5J^ 

i. ^•s>)7n^>cf<p- (Wisdom of Ben Sirah ^c^-i^e ^Rfi>\s) «:«o, "-^vih w^ sl^stRi\s ^rr^s^r 

*®. Tobit 8=vi>i.i. "~£<^ ^TT ^^tt^BTf >NsJ l-i>lR3T ^P^ <FC*T \5T^BTf ^t^RTf^ >l<t=<^ ^PC^ 1 \S^(R) 

ootvim "5jj*r t%^f^rrr Pt^ ^tt ^<j% ^sh^f \3 oststt <^c\s ^i^m "^sf f^m^rrr »i^c<*i 
^rr i b-^rf^ c\sivim «iw<t= «fsr ^^rR^p \s^^" ^st?t c«y^<F ^rpj^nl\s<t> ^r^ ^fsr wm wtt f^G, 

^rf^ -yrlvjMJ stlTC^F ^t^T ^^.d<^ C^ T3=rT5q-RT C^Z.^ "G Thcvs ^\s ^^^G^rT I C<1*HHf ^fsr 

Rs'^t T^Tt^r ^ncH^ ctf^sTrm ^d^»j>i ^tr:^:, ^rtt^ ■*tc^f "sq^r^ ^>^^^ ^•^=ic\s ^fl* 
8. Tobit ccs»if<i^>) b'=5. : b— s>, "b-2fr<Nt ^1^° ^•^^r^r^f' ^^^r t%^ ^rtf^^^sm ^rtc^ 


<pc-$ ^w° ^w ^rr* 5 ^ Ttt%^» <pc-a i ^rmt f^wr sfcrR <mc^ \»m <xi<f1t? «^rt%^i^ 

f^r. Tobit ccvsiRif) o$z*f c*r >i<d*t^ \S^R>n> \5t >ivi>ur 1^fr:~t<t s^tpt <fuss i "sqi-ic.*^ ^p^, 
■sqi-ld*)^ csq-^rr ^v^c^f f^"*M trFr ^re° sft^% tn ^s^c^-a ^^fl* f^re?«m -sh^R* f^Tfc^ ctr*rR^rr 
^cmos: 1 ^1 «n^-HifD Septuagint ^ ^Tsre c^Ft <fc?t 1%^M =tt^ ^d-af^i ^rfc^ l%-^»r trFr ^rc^r 
■ifN*' ~t^T >ivi*i ( eleamosume) «nfSf<t=\sm ^^pf5 ^tstt^r^^t^pp ~t^t ( dikaiosune) ^xtt 
^flf^d^lfe.^ 1 ftg 5 M^r hesed ^s^j^f / wr?rm?T <j»<c\s ^<t=H5^ "^tc^t wm ^^CDc^ ^sr^tj^t ^it^t 

*R3T C^T^STTT C^To C^^T^^" ^TCW jlw <H3i Wf^TpTT ^^x <TW®T ^tT : f^^S1*J 1<<-s1H Vb : ^Q:; 

ffe. ^^TR^T "5q1-lC*J^ <t>-sl»HBT ^1*JJ|<<^1 <FBf\s <]J|T^Tpo ST15% >£)<3K ^jc^s vjFe= =Tf^ ^oTCcTfT 
f^TCW^TrsT "5R:*1T ^^fl| "5^5T =T"S^J ^XTT T^T^rR^rr I ^R^sT '"f^WS "5R^TT«rR^fr •5Hf^<ICW, ^T%^ 

^tctpst f^nr t^^m ^c-sh i ^f5 f^r -aRMCr-a c ^-s^cir-sO f^r^T f^g ^sr c*r <^c^^. c^H* 

i>. "5TRr <b : i- 8 I 

•^. ^35^ ii = 8i5 >^- ^<2: 

^>. <^I*jj l<<^1 «=^- a,io; io^,8,>oi; ^s^n i 
<Ff%^^q- Cfl^^l ^^Tf^ fHC>SrC^^ <m??3f f^^~m ^ST^f^T <J>^Tfe.<^ I <^*{<l <Fl *JJ >IH.C^^ f^TTT ^^Z^^, 

vi-^ i ^>^ ^si^>«tr^: w^^fic-Hfi ^tf^^w^r ^rr^i^T <t>^c<i^ i -s^-h ^st® : <i>^h ^^z^^ n^-i5>^-s 

'^fcsvss T^mr tfl' ^^.c^" ^°rawt OtheatricalO c^rfS#tTr^R^") ^"c^r:^: ^S^p ^t^t §^r^«p=r«r^ 
cmz<f ^^rm ^®r<r " to behold attentivelyO csqi:iTR^rr , 5T f^xir ot«1T) i ^ ^t^i^f^ ^®r^#o " HypocritesO 


<si<^ st^m ^p^^-bs: "^^fl? -^i^Rns aftt% -51<i>m ^ns" f^r wpg-m t^Pt 5 ^ -wz^ 
^^rin i <T<K(^f o t c^spn^) ^e ^fi^<p ^t^tt^s^ "R^ic-d fiygrr <t=^c\sr c^rrs Tobit i^.=b— s>; 

^afw ^trra >ivi^> "c^r^rm w?i~ <rr«rr ^^®r, ^£R<m ^ff% ^t^t^ \SRs= <p?tt ^c^ics: <£<=-i 
"st^tc^tm' ^i<t=^T <jr3t >i<^<i\= ^f5 <pbt3 ^«q<pf5 wt?r;=t?t fSur ^tr^st ^z^" i 

cg^T xsrsf ^cs ^tm^ST Ci) "5R;^rR^m n^^^T^T C«l??^ ^^IT <T=TT «C<=-1 ^<pf5 Ns|f«H»JVM<t= 

~p*r ^t«rt c-^o ^*r -^pn^ic^-if] ^ic-H-a sR;TmRlt1% f%^r "wf%Raw ^tt^itt <fett" ^ -sjpr 
wr^m *tff ra-?ji<^f^ <Mc\sr c=-ii<:<m ~^m\ sw^tS*® ^g-m w^qr "^t^rr^ ^t^b <p?rm w^ 

•^. >iv| 1^-5^^: ^<JX ET^FR^tr c<^l<^d<t^ ctf^TR^Tm ^5?^rr stt^RT <^^C\sf 1 "sff^T ^-a 
^TT«]TlR)<^\sr5I ^-i<U<ri s^f^iq^^ <p»-pq\it ^n "5Tf$r vb=ivb 

8. \5Tett ^rsn^ic^^ >i^<i^r:^^ ^sr^u -ff^fstfv^ 1w&, <j<-^m' ^^® *jff t^r^n "stpr^ ^t«1" 

a. \sf^mr c^fTTf^Tm ^if^x^ -^Ri^m <^^c\sr t^^ 1^»\sc^ ^ra i "arfsj ^^=^.<s: c^rrs -5qr# i=i- 

via. \sw f^r ^^rUvf^-Hu-HJ, "srf^r ^.^s=^.^- *o 
h. ^mr ^-uc^-si ^R: , 5ri stc^z^t ^r«rr f^», "sfRr ^.^s=i^s- i<s: 1 

s>. ^sRi'tf^ w^r ^r^:^ 5 " ^<^ f^R?«m ^r ^srn^;, -arRr ^.8=Qri. 

Dictionary of Biblical Imagery P. 415) 
iX)^t, eg, c£p>t, f^r "^^trt© wmr c=tr^p^ i^m s^jrff^s ^n" 1 

t£)^r, C<P, C5f, 1% "^TR^S ^Sl^T C=Tf^RTf^ ^^ C*$Z<F Z.'*TF?{<5 c^fus ^tr:^" 


^^ ^sr^s^^c^m stf% i^fiMTs <t>c^H c^rrs c*m^r i-^s^s) 


fi?, ^;, 1% "eg^: R^sjfS -^rc^ ^rfRi^e" 

c<t=<]<^vina "^3 <?^<t^ <u<]*3\s ^c\sri -*£sri\5^T fn^cvi^ "xsnxsr^" ^r^^r^r "sj^t ^cws. p^wst, 
^r*o\5t ^t iH^^^Tl<^\sr i ^fi* ffe^r "^nfsr ^^f^ p^~m *jff <^s=<ij <rr*rf%: ^*f§wr^q- ~r<r°T <p<f' 
^ ^R:of f^R?«m ^ic^lb-HT R*j?j (t-^tr ■^tzpr c^f^ ' 

> "\5T?rr ^stc*t?t "yp^tff ^j^grm c^ixtr:^:" fspttfftrr ^m^s^r -^ti^Rif^m ^rc^ sjt« ^ ^i^fD — 

vb=^s egi^ c^fM^l^^sr ^^tz^tst ^^f^ wr^rr t^Rfg t^r i ^f5 ^i^Ri^ ^5R:«f 2t^°t <p^m w^o" t^r 


^f5 «r^ t^rcTr f^rcwc^r wff^?r <p?rm sj^fsbt stf% <jq<jx \sm Rj-^cwi ^<pf5 stl^f^m t^r i 

<t»c-st i c^n§ ^=:>v- ^r^f) c^rMHl^^r ^nr, ^ib-a-nfl^: ^cks. -&rp?r <Fif^ c^n§ 0:=;.^) smpns "st^t 
^tiryrm iwf^irmft ^s^^ <r& ^rr^t ^x^ ^rrz^ ^rrs J.C. Penney andR.G. Letourneau. 
L^^r^r ^rrgl^p^ ^-i<iw >ivK^f ^-h>i<i ^fft ^■^c^ ^t^it ^tt, ^ii^ \s^r^r ^tt^^^p ^sm 
CTTHwm ^i ^®R:<r <ij<i*3\s ^5r c^r, c^ "yp4r §p^ ^r?rm f^tRf^ "sj^t <stz% ^trsTrr ^^rm ^tt i ^rrgf^p^ i 

c^rr?:^: ctf<mT ^r:<I^: ar^irTsr^ i 

> "c\siviifPrTT^<p ^|^gn^ Th <:<»(" ^N^r^f 'T^rt=TRT5r=Tr ^»r^"" ^^t, c^p, cw, 1% s, <b ^^-^ is 
^tx'tf ^irsTrr "?rm i sngt=r ^fic<^^ §p^ tS^^pj«p^ -ti^RiI^f >ivl^ c^ <sm ^^° vs<]Ri\S <£,<;% 
Chrysostom <p^<p <u<i«3\s §t^p" "sj^t ^tc%. "^gw ^it:^"" ^p«art1^ ^^^rnr ^9^"° <b=ib- ^it:"^ 

Origen ^T Cyprian, Jerome/ Augustine <p^<p <ij<i=s3\s .sft^ -sj^t ^sz% 'Sds^^f ^^at ^rrf^r i \st 
^^tr:^ "5j==r ^§5 ^P4 sr«f5q" ^^tit i 


xsr^Brr ^m^tt^^t ^j^^rm ^tf^rm:^: i ^ f^§j ^fsr ^r^r^ eit<rt ^?n\ \s^q c\stvim ^^srmrc^T 
etc^xt ^pi%s, wm ^^m ~w^ <p'R : a\ c\stvim f^fot f^rfR c^yfMi^r <^vii^t, \st^bt fH<i>d? arr^Rt 

afr^Ri^ic^ csrsq^t ^sr^<R^ ^r^iw <Ff%s^rr, c*jvjh wrf^-n^ <t>Rmr ^iff??^, c^hht vst^btt "srr 
^fc<t, ^wr ^i^d<^j \sf^f^f^ sfFrm \S^s*fi ^n^^" 1 v- ^^s>s^ c\sivj^r ^st^^tst "st^ ^^rr ^rr, 

c\sivim ^wr t^n^i <0s<> 

^•(t "^m^ \sR<Brr "^tsttw ^z^ ~&tF&\^r\ stt^rt <^Rki\s ^at^r^rc^f' stt<Frm w^r Ri^^lc^^ 
-^rwrsH ctf^: ^#in? t%^ t^: ^m ^9^"° "5j«f ^^-Jm f^^^ c5T«f csn=rr ostz-^ wf&Kstw "^t t^nrf^ 

> "cxi^-^ ^r^m c^r" "^?9?t >ivictt R^-tic^cvi^ Ri^^i-n=T t^TR R>-HiT5 Prf^g >ivictt eit^rt 

c^R^rsq") iHf^rS ^=^rff srcfR ^^r ^c\sr ^"3=^ tjtsritfst ^r:^ ^i^t C£tr<mm ^sr^jy 

^i<t>rb<t>j sr-cf^f^" f^gT^t^'Jf ^i^cf^ ^id<^m \S>sst=i\sr "stt^r:^^ c^rr^s >t^-$ 'stwa 'Sc^-tj 


^^r, ~c^, cw, 1%, ^^r, wm, i^pt, 1% "c^sivim sre^TC'feT ^rc^ ^rs" 
fi?, ^;, f% "c^si^m sf^^n?:"^" ^rs" 

<£(<i ^r<r ^cws. liq^fi* wtwm ^ra ct^t^itc^t ^rm^r g<3T3Tr5tsft ^rr*ir ^rr) i <^fc> f^r ^<p1^ tffNs^psf 
^T^^ffw-jfo wr^<i wt ^cbfe. "<f^^t ^ar" ^ eg<pf5 ^s^ xsrs>r<n <fc*5f?i -sr;^ ^^fft c^rm^r 

Tg-fsrt" -?|s>|<p <p^ ^d^fl ^f3f\s ^R3T I 

fl?, ^;, 1% ">»iH<t= wJri^T ^r^f" 

eg ~i<hH5 ^rr '-£) r *rR^r <u<i*3\s ^cmcs: ^st -4^-4 P4%i<;>4 ^str^: i <£,<$ ^r<r ^.cyfe. wfSrpE^ i ^:°?34wf 
■^-i^lw <i>c^Ife.c<^-H c^rr§ "srRr ^^=88; ^^pf% i^.=b-) >i^<i\s <3TT*frffr? x5T<r€t^T ^m^w 
^9 R^sjftJ ^h eit<rt?t w^tj ^twm <ij<i*3\s PifVs f^rf^ "^tst^r^- wm^f stt^rt ^j^Iw ^^=r 

t£i. -^Qro ^1'Bic<h Cyprian <f^<|s h^ht £iT<RTf5 ar^ycsr "sf^^ sft^RT <ic<^" ^srMrr ctf^sTrr 
^xTrf^r i ^rr lh\<p srr<Rti^ ffe^r "^9?r t^r^JZ'tf^ w^ir "'srn^ stt^ri" ^rrsrfi* <^<p1^ ^rm^s 

^tcw ^paHt^S I -5rRr ^^37^5" t%oT51 C5qT*fr f^TR^" lb1Ta\s <t=d^dfe.-H I C^Tt^T "^t^ST^P f^®TT ^IWV) 
t^5TR^ v3Cs^"«r <^^C\s frfcTT ^^s^T pT5RT5m ^9^^ «J^dH^ ^P 35 ^ RlRsH ^^^ <IJ<I^m <^d^dfe.H 
C^tT§ C^T^fTT s-=i.^- -^i) 

t%. ^rm^f EfT^Rii^ voi-ivsaT- >x^<p ^w<5 ^=rr ^cmcs: i c^ ^w ^cms. %5^m ^-^sst- >ip<p 


^\ ^c^^ "3=r^?h1t? cVersion) ^rn%#t^ i ^fi? ^tTsTrr ^^rm i>i> ^tsittctpst t^ c<y^^ ~5Bt ^z.w ^3° 
al>)t^vs R^s^ "^h^srsr <i*-vr~ir , fftf% =^c<ii^ "s^r-^^c-^ cVersion ^) "Q ^r^tf^s i 
l£)^t, <ii, i£pt, 1%, is^r, wm, ispt, 1% "^^r s^c* uq^: wrc<r ettsirt ^f?rs" 

f&, ^\ 1% "jq^M <^Cvs ^-S^d^f "C^TST^Tf^ ^tT<RT ^sTT vSfSvs" 
-CSt, t% "3jNs^R C\s|v|RTf^ tfii^vjvs sfT<RT <F^rT v3fi>\s" 

"^tr^RT <p*f" wz&s. tsi^fx? ^wstr N^-^ss|5^b<t> ^rr wto «rmm ^^¥n? ^i^sst, ^st 1h^^^ 

f^r ^rr i srr<Frm <trn% ^^x "5RRT«rt<T r^f?r% ^rz^f^ c^^tt^s ^ch<^ ^s^^ -*t*f f^nr i ^fi? <=^c<i»-si 
wr#r^ ii.=^- 8 ^tc'tf^s ^sr^#o Pi^^fB f^ir ^m^H rtf^sirr c*jc\s -strc^T c*j \5t f%sr©<ji -ffr^ 

f^t\5f ' ^T£^T C<J^<l<^ "5qTa "*fNs?T f^Wn^ ^TT^RT <t><Cvs ^tR^ I 

> "^iviR^f^" i£| -s^SRTfi* >ivid<]\s w^TTC-^m wrt, <uT^e=Tpo ^nr i xsrrsqTsrr ^n^^m eg<t>n?^. 
"s^f^rm i ^ ^str^tr:^- v, 8 - i.^ wm^s ^<x<js w?f<r^: i 

^tf%^TC^^ "sr: 5 ^ ^Ih'S ^rlw-jfo >)-M^i ^^rnr i ^j^s^ Th?jcvi^ ^fs^fsr ^c<^ir fw#trr R^^^ 
^s^=>t>, ^o i,ovs=ivs frrH^Tr vb^s=ivb, -5rts=rr^t ^ ; io ^sj^k ^s=iH "Rt^sT <ic<^ ^sh^sm s rm^T 
^I^T^^ I^TRrsr ^sF?FS' !f ifi t%^nr ^^ f^r ^rr ^r«aRT ^<wh1cw^ cstmtit^s ^t f^r ^rr i ^ 
f%^r?rr^ ^srr"^ ^t^pf c*t, f^gT^t^-st "^t^s^ ^r:^ ^^cf^ f^P3ic>i< ^p^?^t^ "sn^ucsr YHWH c^ 
"fpf^f <ic<^ T3=pgs^^ <t>^c\s ^nr^i 

vb=fe- io "^ff^a <]Rl?jr "sq^RJ ^\S<1> ... ^l^>i<t> ... C^^^f C^IVIH)" 

t£i "5=r^ n»<\s1\s ^st^wpjb^ 5 - p ^t i ^srr^m csrm Thc^i <t=tbt <&cm c^ >\<c^ M\^ ^tc^rt^ sr^yesr 

^3b>\s i ^r^f^3bfe.n? <£\ l^HfD 3F?rm ^r:<1^: <j<*jv» ^cmcs: i "^c<f c*jvm ^^: ^Rr5te« o®vjfSf 

> '"s-tf^sr <iRi?jt C"5tt^j <i^5<t>) " t£i ^r^fl^ "^tf^ra" ^rm wSr "sqr^j ">i-^iIh\s" ^t "^b& 
>i-^r^t "^rr&to" ca>ic<i^ -sj^t c^z^ ^tptc^: i osrm ^1% ^p^m w^r ^t^p ^r^rm ^rc^r t^rrr 

^n^^T^ ^p^t ^cMCs: i <3fi? 1%=^ ^>^^^ ^R^t^ fH^^c^m ^^pi^ ett^rt c*jvih ^t^ ^^-fm 


f^nrcsm ^stmt® ^fSc\s -^Rc^r^t 1%^ ^rsj^fwo ^nr <c^\ sf^m ^??t ^ \st?t f^strr 

i,vi>=i\s- -^i.) -sj-sjj arr^T sfi%f^r wf% st^rc^ ^5t "£\s<Jl ^?rr ^rr, ~?tfu& c^ ~*^ ^rr o^fcs 

> "Z<<t\^\<p" ^1t> ^pfi? R-s=i ^t^p ^r^f f^r 1 ^ R-?ra~ <u<i*3\s ^xTrf^r Ci.) ^r^ ^rmwr f^rr 

Tyndale Commentry on Matthew ^i^t hs ^f^nr wrc^; 1 "^ivikt^sr:^- amrtw^Tr ~Tlw srcrR 
<p-&-^ c*r^ ^Hc^-a <w^ >ivi^ ^i^cr-a -^tc^ ^iRj4<t> -tfft^Br ^•^h^t^j ^xtt ^rr Tjfrsrnr" 

V|<h1T5 C<^<!<^ "5qTa ^I^ITC^T -H^H 15T5RT5T ^^X =35^ ii : ^s ^TC=f<3 >|V|\5^1J f^TTC^ <IJ<I*3\s 

> "^fi?/ ^tt^ti" R^tc^" '**pn*»/ «httt" ^^«arm ^r<r c^wt ^^m:^" ^t^ ^%-s^j- >i^i<]-ht c^> 
^®ri'^=Ri<t> ^5t; c^.) ^^^ c^rsf c^rrs ^r%i<r#t ^.=8^); c^s) ^^^^ ^fpt ^i^.c<i<^ c^rrs 

8 = 85 =g^r 8 = 8)5 C8) wl^f ^~FPT, ^t^ C^fTS =5<P i>8 = i<2:) I ^^P ^T^5^ f%^Tjf5 "5J^T ^b>HT 

^^r, c^-, csf, f%, 1^, ^:, f%, csf, f% '"^^rr <p?n" 

^9 ^?r:^ JJt^ -^n^gRif^m '"^^stt <p?n" Wrrm fw^trr^m <ij<i^r:^^ ^st^tj Wirm ^n^r ^f^Mr^" 
cxi<Fi^ f%^ror ^w^tr ^c?jc^; 1 MSS N, B & Z & Vulgate ^ Aorist ~f^ff5 ^TsTrr ^rrxBs; 1 ^r^rr ^f^" 
MSS ^ o& ^w5tpt ^in^T ^nr^: 1 ^f-HH?^ w?f f^\ "x^T^rt^Trr ctf^sTrf' ^r«^RT "f»\s^ "^I^itt 
cEjs^rf ' ^rr \S^5j^. ^1^1^^ fn^cvi^ ^^^rr ~*r**?tc^ <p*\<f ^tstt sr^m^r ^^^ 1 

> "^u=r ^T5j^;" ==3<p- i,i,=8 ^t^cf c^r ^r 1 ^! 4 ! R^nr ^str:^: ^t ^c^f "*fM >ih.^" sJ^rsq- ^i\si-Hl^ 
Rr^#t «r^ "^ >ivl^" c^" '" s *tm >ih.^^^" ^^1^ ^r^rm t^Rfg -wz^ <u<i^m <^c^c^: 1 ^tr^f 
^Tsr^tst ^^XP^ «j1vf<t=\sr ^i^° -^R^r^m ^reflj fiWsH ^HC 1 ^ "5TC«n c^c<^ 1 

> "xsrT5psiT3 c*jvih ^t^iRTf^ ^r^nat^t f^-^ir^ 5 " ^^^srr <t=R?Jilfe." ^i1^ ^^fl? Aorist <t>^<iib.j i ^^^ 

C*JV|H R^T^t^'JlT^P" '^^TT <t=d^-S \5TaT«3 N^HJdW-^ \5g^f ^^^5TT ^^^ ^aTR^P^ o©ms ^tr-^xty 
^t^s^ -5nsjrc5T ^>^z^^ ^rcsf ^ivjR^f^ <uR^Tpo ^pg^^r^ tB^ ^cms. c^r, ^ivj^r ^ 


L«q^r, esq, <£p=r, f%, i«q^, c^ 5 , C5f, 1% 

cg^r, ^®rm, <^p=t, 1% 
f&, ^:, f% 

<xrf& cg<Ff^ ^rr >n><j> Aorist <i^3><iib>j i s ^j^fH-s-txs -^os-a w?r " ^f*i^\s <^t^ T3=p=^rm^r <?s?p 
^1%s ^n" i ^m^FR^sr i=i^s -vfcsf<i \jpqr -tfft^m -^h^sm <Fi^<t>\sr >i-mc^t s *wf& f^rra 
^c-s<t= ^nc^ibHT ^?rr ^c^vs: i ^-i<ii^-^\s ^ft^ ^r^f t^ "^i^l^r" ( Test) A _ e v Oc i xH v/ 
c^§T' ( Try) ^^IhR^ ^R:<m 5 ©^re?r >si<FfS <^Rrm esf=rr ^t c^c^iF®* i s^n^p^m s^x ^rrc^t^~ 
i=i\s ^xw^ ^<^r5^ "-^tfft^Bf' w^f^ff^s w?r ^cws. f%iTTC~r?T (Peirasmo) ^Sc^c^tr; ^hjH?^ 
-^-Jl^m ^«RR^> wt sicws. ^nw^Tff^r ( Dokimazo) ^?rm ^3c^c«tJ i "^h^sr f^rK ^?rm w^tj 

s^g^r >w<M?n s^m t^f^r^p^ro f^5TC^r?r tscs^^f <f?r:^; c^rrs ^=8;>; "sqr# i^s=i^) CC. Torrey in 
The Four Gospels, i^,i>8« ^f^nr \sf^p ^-i<n^f ^c-acfe.-! s^: <c<=-i, "N^iviifPrTr^<p ■^f^l'^m ^rwr 


•^r, c^ 5 , csf, f^, s^, wf<r, ^p=r, t%, csf, 1% 
f5, *. 1% 

"^p=cf C5TFP ^C\s ^ps^ <F<f ' 

■Jl^HrS <2:=^)h; i^s=^ST^; S^X iH : i<5: ^t^tf ^TTToR^T^ f%^R:TT ^=TT ^XTR^ I S S^P^ ~^7T<K^Tr*r^ 

^r^f <2- : ^>-h; vi>=i>^s; i.« : ijo, «i^; mkh ;>-h : i><2-; ^ ^Fpwt >® : ^s; ^c*jkh ^ : i*,is; ^s=i^.; <2-=i.i^- i^c 

*?rc p v3 "5=p=^ff ^rp^ftJ c-^) ^j^s^ ^t^p Uncial -^n^Rif^r >iv^^ ^, f%, f% ^®r«aRT c^s) Origen, 
Cyprian, Jerome or Augustine ^p?t llNn >ih.^^^ " 5 r: ? ji i "srRm Rr»~t ^t^p ^Tt^f^rRt?:^ ^i ^^rp^ 
^^cf^Tr^TlI^^ ^f%^rrr ^j^-^f ^tr:^: i c*jvm ^xz<s sttft^r vi^<^t^ ^m af^^ s(t<rt ^t°t Etr^Frm "sq^® 

^pg-^BT ^S^s ^XTTf^T >l^<I\s OS^T^T ^rfc<T <s\^ > ^^^rT^^t ^fe^i- i^s -s-ftf C<y^^ ^"^^ ^T \5T?T 

^rcw c^rr'Jt ^^T ^XTrfl^T i ^'n? c^lRi<i> ffe^r ^Tt i c^tstt^t ^j>rr^lRi<^'5f : t ^t ^Tw f^TJlH; ^ ^f^TJ c^r 
t«i1^ Vulgate ^ ffe^r ^rr i A.T. Robertsons "sj^t ^r-aTS^ ^^it^ \»m Word Pictures in The New 
Testament s "sq^^r <j>c^cfe.H i ""sh^-e^T <i*~H-HT'5TlRjf5 w^ms<i<i*p c^RT? c nf?ro ^r-^?h) ^^ 
-sqtfwr:^ ^t«it z^cmcs: i sf5 >i<ibi^.(i\s ^j^ts^t s^"° ^R^N^q -S^f ^n^f^rRtc^ ^n^: i wf% srtft^r 

■rt^T C^<1>v|) >|-i^^ n^\sJ^ ^gsrfft^T f%^Trm ^\sJ^ f%^(\5T sf^TH ^PX^ "^JT 1%^ ^R^tP^ ^^ 

^nPs^Ki 1%^ ^R^tpc^ authorised version s ^^n ^tr:^: ^t^ c^^tt^g Wffi i s^pt^ ^^xp^ 

<]Rl?qT <IJ<I*3\s ^STTf<T >srHJ ^^^ ^X=Tt ^^Tt ^H "STf^T«l^mT vS^vs ^T \SbblR\s ^c\sfi "^hs C*l 5 ®rr«T J *f 


vbl>8- id 

^srivicur^ w^tj -sjjw xsiw^t <fc<t 1 1%^ c=r ^w ^WR: 1 ^ "sjIw^t ^TT^=r <r^°T <f£?t C~cjf5 ^§trr (?3=fr?r 
ac l^® ^rfr:' 5 ^^ ^r^r) i c=r ^r^" f%1w ^=r?r, f^g : *f= s t c^tTs "srf^r <2- : -H;i^ : ^ss-;"5qr# ii : ^<s-;=g^5- ni-,^^- 
«h; ^rrc^m ^. : >^>;«t : jb) i ^paM ^rrsq^t ^ £rr<Rif5 <F*rc<rT "^T5tTC"ct?t t^t^f' wrspsrr ^st^tt^: 
wram^rsr t^gr^t ^i^rc'sm ^r:w <u<i^K3t <^i *fiPs<iiPs<i» >ic\sj^ <n^3T <>i<ipt ^f?tc<tt 1 

wf^FR^f ^§trr <jq^x JffcF wr^rm ^r^w^t w?r et<fw <f£?t sitr^, "art^r w^ ~c<f RkjR> ^rr "^r^z^sr 
wr^sH ^r 5<if~fg i ^f5 ^^fP5 f^TF^g ^stt ^r^io^ ^^fP5 >ici>\sh ^fr:w?t ^fsr« <r^°T ^ft?t i 

"i-vb wm osrspsrr ^psi^r ^^rm ^f?t, \s^m <p«*inScH*i i; *rm I<i*m <th ^^tt ^rr; c<^H-Nf vst^btt 
c<^i<t=c^F ^^rm ccf^Tf^^m Pjfvi^ wr^t^m: 1 ^?* "sj^r "sff^r ^f^?t; ^ifvi csrsrff^iT^ ~*fsi 
<iRid\slfe., xst^rmr ^T^TK:"crsT -=>£?rgrm ^tftTrR:^: i in f^is ^fsr ^rei^r ^^q~m ^f?t, \s^t "srwnr 
&^==t "snf^fiT <^^° "5j«f ! 5^s ; i>^ c^t^t c=tk^ ootvjm ^t<rm ctrRir^ ^rr ^rm, 1^5 c\sivim fH^sr, 

vb=i.vb "^^-m" c<i><i<^ "5qra >si^fx? ^^n^m f^r ^rr Prf^rg ^tc^" ^^t^^t Ih^c^t ^bi^T^o ^®tr:^:, 
%3=Fm^RTT?T ^5ff#trr ^1% ^nr^r^ lHf^Tl% ^jf^r ^u^^rR:<r wf%1%^ ^^f^TC^^ f^r 1%^^^ 

c^r \smr ^c=rc^: ^fw^r csn^t \>\^m ^i<c^ ^ch^c^ 1 ^ ^a^° c>iivi<]m ^^rmr: ,: t c^r ^^f^r f^r 
<^-5q^r <^^f^ f^r ^r^M l%f5r cs^rart^T c^z^ c^zr^ ^z^^c^-^ i ^i^t ^^tf^ ^®rr«mi%^FsT ^nft^ 
<p^m ^^tm f^TR^" ^^w ^•^^m <jj<^m <i>^c\sr 1 

>ivic5r Et^rf^fT ^^T ^c\st c^tTs ^.=i>s>; "srf^r ^ : i>^,i. c i;jo : i<2'; ^f a-^ay ^-h^g? ^^f^pr ^^=r 
frp«rr^Tr &■& ^sr^m^iT ^f^o ^cmcs: i ^t^s Thc^^. ^ffw^ ^sr^f^ ^c^lfe.d^^ c^rrs "srRr 8=^.) 
sftSt^r vi^<^l ^•^h^i^t <t>^d\sr c^rrs ^fNt i^ : -^- «;is ; ^;^ <^f% vi>=<3:; i.i.=^H) "sqx^rf^f^" ^1^"° 

=rr^ ^^"x \st<T f^ 5 Ihc^t-^t^t ^rsTrm ^st^t i \5t ^rr^mfi^ "^rz^ ^rmi*jj<M5l <ic\s ^tR^ 1 

"^•^^m" ^3c^^r <i=-sic\s ^t5t<r wv^ <^c^lfe.<^ c^rrs "5rRr i.H=^i; "5qr# sc^^; ^fi*jji<i<^1 io:«o; 
i^pf% h=q:) ^®rm^3 R>slRi\s xs^tPfT ^sf^Tj Bruce Metzger's Atextual Commentary on the Greek New 
Testament Published by United Bible Societies on this questionable text wic^-iib-Hf <p^-h i 


vb=i«H, <h ^Uyr^ ^rrm ^fl? ^^f^ ^t®i i ^ ^5Tx7:~p?t Et^wfl* <si^fx? srSfter wfc<r wffer <p*&-i i 

<xif5 <ii<p1^ -*tT& f^c^-r^r Ht<Fr ^rm wt wmPt wf^t^mr f^rcw^ ^i^.c<i<^ ^^rt^ w^tj ^nift i 
^tf^a sorrsrr^ ^-i<HTTf ^sp^rt i wmIr ^re^fr^: \st ^<t=>s?H fto <fh?ert ^t^ csj^s otc<h 

t^R^i^ -srwrcsr c^rmi^r c^s^rr *tusw&: i c^t ^t<t fiy^rm ^ww^~ ^sr:<t f^*b?j<^ t%^ ^r?r i 

•^. v^lvi^T ^|V|RTf^ >|V|CTT c<q^; wft^q- (<FR C^PR C^^a <J<<!.m <JR3T «lf1% ? 
ife- ^.3 ^ftf >|VIC,« stPTfw^P ^M<®^fg I 

eT^M C=3^ ii : \£>8- ^svb); C^s) i£)<F\sfsf C<^\<P t^: Wg -crp^ <t>-s)C® -^tR^sT ^TT C=g^ ;>vb = ;>^>) 

^q<3X C8) sf-^R)^ w^tr >i«<t^: "sri-tc^-a w^ -^hgr^RT c^tRR?* c>i«<n^?T) *$Wm cwrr 

Rhjic>i ^<^ sf<Fm ^g^r <u<i^m ^c^I^.c^-h i 
^.. ~*fh© ^^z^^ >i"M<:«h t^t 1 ^^" ctf^m ^sf=rr sf-^fic^p <u<i^m <^(i^Ife.c<^H Ci.) "5T<r t%^rt "sqtf^r^^ 

^^■^m <i^itc^ ^z^ i ^nf^R" «fsr "sp^ 1%^; ^n, 1%^ ^^^ ^sp^rt ^©r ^r^r ^sjz^ ^t^m 
"sr**f ^c^s ^tr:^ c^ns ^ ^st vb : i.o) -5qi-^d*j^ ^1<c->i< ^RiTrnsf^T ^-^c^h ^vfUbH ^ra, 

*tf C-^O ^.^- -^8 ^^^ C^S) ^.<2r- 08 ^ttf t£) R^TT ^l^Wn-^f "^TT <IC<^-S "ii|^pi^ ^ST?T ^tWT 

^«t^f <£><!% ^r^f ^s^s; ^sr«nT5r^T i 


c*r*rrc^r «i^r c^^rrc^r c^tvim "sq^r^ «*rrt%c<r i ^ t>^^. ^r^lc^^ sr^M; vs^^^- csrsq-m ^^ ^^rf^f 

»+s1=1 ^51, vs^ C\stV|m ^T5q^ »Tft?T "#t1%^m ^C^" I ^\a 1%^ C\stV|m "5*3J "*rfw "5T*^f ^5T, vs^ 
C\stV|m ^T5q^ ~tfNf ^5n=3T^FfT5IlT «^C<T I ^T^^^ tsstvjm n^1^R|<1> "<§n% "^rf^r ^'Eli^l^visj ^5T, C^ 
^•eh<t>f^ ^S ~^v5 | 

vb : i^ "«f=r tj^tsptt <^c^rr ^rr" ^fi* ^srr^f^F x»r^ "s^ -3^3^ <^^r <tsjt <p*f" 

i «qsT >ip><p ^w-sqr^ ^m^T ^rm w?r ^cbfe. -^ c<yc^ ^^r ^tptt c^t^ ^mwc^ 5 " sifffsrcir or ^sttt i 
^tf^s -5qi-H<i\sm %5^r ^c=it vstcctst tHc^cr-a ^r^M^'^rsT T^mr ^«Ft wkwa w^rx "*rr srcTrtw^r vet 

C^rr-stR Revs C5^T ^fTTl <J<t>-sH^lva -n^T ^^TR^T arsrPT ^PC^T C*l, "sjf^ EfT^S C^TR^sT ^t^^ i£|<J5fl? 

-^^l^re <rcs i st<fvs- "^*r ^^x ^s^t^st c<i><i<=i "sqrs "^r^c^rsr ^^t^sr f^rvg^sr ^<jx ^i\sa >t§fB, 

> "sj^ artft^T ^tf^i^l cvs ^>f5 vg^^r c«ic<f ^^jf vs^T3=nl%s ^cvsr Ci.) ^rr^fi, c^.) ^rp^i <f§, ^^° 
c^s) v^=ij<ih «rtv^ \s ^v® i tg^T sfcvsj<i>f5 ^rtf^: ^rr *m^r ^t g1% ^cvs ^tr^i c^wm ^5* 
vsrrsrsq^T ^=rc<r 1 v)Rn>r ( Rust) ~f^fft> "^itstit" ( to eat) <rr c^cu -c^m ( eat away) <rr 
■sqlwm '^rt ^?rr "CorrodeO "*f^x >ivic^fi " 5 i="t c«ic<f ^"c-^fc^: ^^x vst cs^wm ^rmr ^irsTrr 
<a<ncvs ^^^f<pr ^^^- <]j<]jfe5\s ^cttc^: i ^Ri^ vsf^r -i^j^r^r «rtvg ^v® ^r vsr^qj t^s?1h>i 

<lCvs ^TR^ ^"sq^r I ^^Jf^ ^m« ^j«f STC^T?T vS'^f^^ f^v#^ <J>C^, ^^^" C*{ ^T^ C^C-^f^T v^Cvs^ 

^mfr:vs s^cvs '"frc<s i fSr^T^t^r ^i^"° ^g«t stfW \s <^<i -srcscr ^tsttt ^^rm i ^r c^r ^tw ^rm^r C5=r 
f^nr =^^ i.^.=io: ■*tzyt ^=tt ^xttc^: i 

> "f^srpn" ( Destroy) ^tTS-h ^^ "Rc=ir^r ^rr«i^T ^?rf' ( To Cause to disappear) 

> "~C5BT ^"^r c^ ^f^ jt% ^c^ f^rciT ^tr^" ( Thieves breaking and steal them) "vsrmc<T" ^-hH?^ 
v=» I ■^*»rs<i a vsr^r f^r t3^«r ^fst ( dig through) ^^fr^t ^c-s^ ^i^^. f^r "sqtf^^ ctf^Tric^i^ ^vs^l i 
^t<p vsr?rm c^m ^t vsi<iiicvs^ vsf<r ^"c-^fc^: "^rrl^ ^*m <pi^t" ( Mud digger) ~r^f >i^<i 

vb=-^o "1%^ ^c*f vsrf'^H^mTf^ w^it «j^t ^rsfsTT <f?i" ( but store up for your selves treasuresin heaven) 
i£)fi? ^^pt^ <t>^<iib.<i> <]vgvir^ v-»^vsa-p«ip^' ^tfw ^=ivs vst V5rr«mlvs4<ii v^ib^c^^ ^^x ^irr^ 

^■jftrr «f=r o^'^r <^c^h cvsms ^ f^s^j- i= 8 - s) 

#t^S vs<$|fiPr ^Cvs -^Tl^Cvsr "CvslVlRTf^ iHC^C 1 ^^ t&T^U "^C*f S: T i; T ^TS|31T <F<f ' 

-a^^b.-Hn? ^rr -^<<]^?1 -s-ttf ^rsjc^: <j<«fejvs ^cmc^: ^9^"° ^^r^ ^^^ ^^c^r ^R<i^ ^ctfe. i ^ 
v^-^cbfe.wfD -strf^N <%i\ ^p^vst i£|<r?, ^tf%g- <r^ss TB-s4<t>i=irBc^ 5 ' t^r^n cwrr ^ t%^nr ^^^^its 
csfmR^rr ^i<^ sf^m ^pc^t c^r^rR^T ^Tfre ^r<r ^^° ~rfw PrcTnfwvs c^tstr^t et^vs ^tc^^ ^®t?t 
vsm-Ji-HJvsr sf^m "^ttrr i V5^§<^=t c^^pf^ ^#n vst?rm ^''T^f arcTTR:'^ c^m^t) ^cbte. ^rlw 
c^-ti-^oi i ^f5 ^i^^c-s^ vsrr^f^r ^rsn^ ^rfW^ Ef^m i 


wrtt=tt <£<=-i ^=tt <ic\sr i fwm wrtc^t "*rr ^q<pw^r ^tst^r ^r??t \sR5: ststm ^r??t piotpf? fis^t 

^rm^rm w^*r cwrr, ^rm^rr <j>cvf^ ^fi% ^tr^t ^f^ 1 ^t1%r^ erfw ^jr??t i 

vb=^-^- ^\o e£j ~cjft? -cfcf ^^f§^= -^Ret^m^t ft'tftei t^HRNsJ ctt ^r^f >ivk^ ti^M <^?jt ^XTrf^T 

"^n^j-ar^" ^ttst 'R^rmsr^i ^^ ~R5ff5 <u<i^m ^?rr ^xrrf^r ^<t>c\s^ ^m^^ c^r ^rs^rt ~tj1% 
^R^t^r ^r^q.cttT'jtrt ^rrsr f%^^r ^r 35 ^ ^fS ostri^bt ^i% <tc<t i 

<^t<t ^x"cf >®n> ^Rs^r^m^ ^rpt wr:^; cc*jvm) st^itst ~cjf5 ^cm?. ^^trr c^s=TRr ~r® ^tr^^^ "*rr 
>i^i<ij ^rt^<t f^rei sr<FT~T ^r^t 1 1%n; 1%f?; "5TH5 wr:^; ^^rmr wRixf1%^" ~*fsj ^*h% o^r^ ^tm 
<^<tn ^c-4c<p~ wr^t ^^mrr wrixiR><i> ^w<5 wsjt 1 etc^rsr "^rf^r" ^vrrt^ sin^mr \st ^^r> ysj 
o*t=fh?r ac f^ ^tr:^^^ ^rf ^xtt Tfif^>c?4Cfe. "*rr ^^c^ t^Rfg eRtR-t <i»oi-si, ^^mrr ^rc^ ^r??t c*j 

■^.8 "c>i^. t^: ^pwm t^pt^ ^^5 -^tR^r ^rr, (.<^-mt c=r ^tr^t ^<t^sr^d^^ cw^r <t>fS<:<r, wm 

^=^.3'R:<t^^. t^: <p\5^ -trp*® <i>rSc\s -tR^r ^rf' ^ R*j?jfD -^RrTR:^ <pQ>-^ ^T^^om -^<ij<]r>Ns 

<^d^ I <il1^ ^dbfe. sf^^ wto ^R^I^ >4<Fft? >«>sr *t^T*f I "sq-^SW £f^1% ^R:'^ ^T%^T ^w ^nr I 
\5BT ^^p 1%^^T t^ £T^^ "CTP^f^ ^R^ C^fTS iT^TR^T ^ : i<2:- iH) 

^t^mt^^ c^x3" 1 ^fftn ^r?rm :>c r^f "r^^r" ( hate) <^^"° "csfsq-" ( love) ^=i»tm ^r^iSlf© 
f%==T c^fts wff^f ^.^=^0,^^,^^; -sq^Tf^Ft i>=^.- ^s; "srf^r ^.i : ie;=j^ i.8 : ^.vb; x^rR^^ i^.=^.<2- 

cg-sr, is), ig-3=r, Rt, ig^r, ^®rm, ^^r, R5 "\5jv1 ^^ ^^"° «r:^rt "ctP^ts <t=Rc\s ^rm ^rf' 

"^p^t^f" cWealth) ^r^fl^ ^#tt ^»r?rm "sj^t "^tsptt <p?n" ( to store up) ^r "^rr^ <p^jf' ( to 
entrust) c«fc^ ^x'tc^: i ^1^ sj^s ^g^vsr-s c=trf ^-u ^srm ^<i»srH c=tr^p^ ^fr:^: ^®r<r 
RRdTrR'^m c^R^a Rr^m ^t^r:^rt c^fz.^s ^»r«t Ihc^-t ^^5 <j<*j^« ^c^n ^ ^r<r ^c<^r **c^r 

txi<pvsf^ \sm RRTr^t^n R^^ ^r^ i A.T.Robertson ^i>\sm ^r:^ -ac^c^.H c^r, ^ ^r^fi^ ^R:<m 
cw<i\sm ^TRrsq^ w^tj 1^^tTr'n' : t ^f^p ^r^R^m ^^r z^cmcs:, ^s^fFH^ tg<Ff^ -^fw >it^\s ^rRp«tJ 
<tu^\ "sr:^t ^tt 1 Willium Barclay Z vi Daily Study Bible On Matthew Vol. IP. 252 r® ^^m ^r:w 


<u^s= <t>c^cfe.H c^r artft^T w5q~*rn3Tmfftrr ^Rr^te^ «f^r (mammon) ^t® ^ic\s-a ws^?r "M" fwz~s 
^R:<m ^srn^jxst^: >ivi>ur c^rr§ i>"5r \slv|j^trr vb : io) i xsr:<p?t <rm<i wteg -cjg^f^s?--^ ^R=^s\sr 

^f%sr ^tt ^rl%, N^ivj^r \5t ^^n <i>-sid\s t^tzTr ^wzr^ ^^rr "str^ ^tt ^rrt: i 
Hldb^ f^R?«r^' ^ic<=-iib>j "Rr^nr ctf^rs 

RTCH^T ^ld<^lbJ R*j?js ^^% 

i . ^^ts^t Pnrcspsr ^nf^F csr^n^f© i 

3. f^n^TT vbVb=^. 

Rt. ^^z^^ ^Sd^rd^tj "sn-i^^. *t£^p?t \swr<i*mq<p- 

i. R)\sl?J Rl<-sH fr-»- ^.o 
8. f^T^n^TT <2-V-=vb- io 

t£i. ■?r^T' : Tr^i^P r iv : ^i- ^.jo; f^Strr Rk-sh i^=>t>- h; ;>3=^- -^h i 
f%. fw#trr Rx-sH i.s=^.v— ^s>; ^ : i^- ^& i 

^\ ^mj£h-si RRvictt -sj^tj stc^t^ c«i^t srr^tr^m R-skwi >ns<3xih1 

^>. ~£^TC*TTT i^ : Vb- b" 

8. "aft^rr ^=s>- i-^ 
<£(W. s ^t^: *tff ^§s ^^nr ~*jf*r ^^tt ^T ^sj-^mt Rc<ifb\s ^rr i 


i« : 8; i><2-=i>s>; i>t- : s>; i>s> : i>a-,^.8, ^.o=s,i>^s; ^.i>=^.<2-; ^.^.=i^s; ^8 : *o- as; ^.vi>=i.vs- ><b i 
f%. «rllvf<ii\sr ^TTsq" v|-H\sm \Bi<r1^fH <^oo TRfcr^r ^^TTsq" <ij<i*3\s itCMCs: io:i ^g^F, t^^p; 
t^T. ^STR C^sr^sT ^^X wm ^TF-PT Wl\s ^3TTT <^|^~° ^ ^^~pt H^R^ctt ^rsrD *rx^r?T C5Z~3 ^ 

f%. "5T«=cf ^tixrr sr^rfw^ eztf<F ^n^"«rf^T ^si ^m^r^Tte i.=i.s>; io^, i.^ ;;>;>=;>; i« ; ii; i^=i.i; 

f^. ^^^•^==t ^gjfJlc\sf] 0*K<F >|\s<$ <i\SH ^f^5T'fl1\s -^\s = 8- & 

^i^p. sjx^st ^d-^<t> "<i^i" "®nx^; ^t^5q"^?te i8 : ^o.i&:8i 

<4. "cfrrr >iv)T?j^ -^f^sq-^o i>i>=^.8- ^.<b, i8 : «i; i.H : G-; i>s> : i>n; ^A : s>; ^^vs; ^«:io- ;>;>; 

■^^=^h i 

f%. sriTvf<t>\sr *^\ c«ix^~ c^f?r ^f^sT^fte ^^---b-^-b---^, b-,^o- ^ 

i. -^h^sr \s \sm ^p^HTTf^ ^tc^r f^^m ^mr ^?rm ^R^cw ^n^nx^ f^wx^rsr ^^° 
^»tvjRTr?r ^p^Hx i; r^ ^tc^r f^^~m ^M^r <p?rm R^ctt s^t ^^fli ^g^s ^fx=Ti^>CH^ 
^1% ^X3T I 

t^T. »J<I» i^. : i><2:- ^.i.,^S^S- «8 

>£t. "srf^r ^> : is>- *8 

«. ^srg-^M ^srr ^t^u ^Rsm: ^^m^ T3=R-^Tr tj=p=^# ^w c^rr«m1%^" ^^"^ •^trf^Nr) 


XI. "5qT# 8 = ^.8 

f%. s^<p 4> : *ij3- \Ob- 

xi. "srf^r ^.^> : ^.g- 

f%. "5qT# ;>^. : ^Sb— so 

<b. (TT^T ^Ft^t^T f^5BT ^|V|R:"Cf^ ^T^H7Tf^ <IJ<I^R^^ ^TCW ^P=^f# -sgw- -srf«l 

f^. ^ ^t^rRir vb=iH- is> c ^mirsT xi^x -^h^sr f^^m, *r^ ^reo 

f%. xi f^rcTT c^fft f^rfSfg ■^A'icvs,^ ^rrt: c>i>a?HJ ^i^hj^: ^-^dbfe.w a^z^ ^<s^1% N»ii^fH <t=-ac\s 
^:<t i xsrMf^T xp^q- Ribfe.^ -5j^r sfc^sr "sq-^sjr wM^rm «rm^rr ^tmh ^rr ^?rm c^r^p >i\s<$ siirgpr i 
t^r. ^m^r-ffte ^rr wYf^r ^rr^ <sf& ^R:°r?i ^m t^tRf^ ^Trf^r c^ >\c<-a ^n^c^c^^r t*t ^nq~ ^^jt 

^cks. ^Fi*J<t=^ xrp?. -y\s^ wfc<r (.<t>Pk5^\s i xifi* wm^rrsn ^^r ^r??t xrp?. ^r^tr^: ^st^tj «r^ 

1%. ^^(KC^-l-sl WfcsTfc^ S ^T >1"MC«h ^rm^TT X]<3X \5T?T <IJ<l^m f^TC^t^T ^^T ^|V|RTf^ >|V|CTT \sm 

^:. «f=r ^ts(3tr^p ^5t<i~tj^: ^>^^^ sf^^ ^^1^^" xi^-^ TTtftro^ff^r «j^rr«u'^om ^r:w ^i^^rrsri 


^rfft^r 1% <j\s f^-^rr ^^rsr ? ^ ^i<i*K:^m ^tf^^^f^G afl% t^1% -=ti\s ^w.wrm ^:^t^s ^rr ^frtS^g 
^t, c^ri^Nd^ ^^3^^ <fz?s ^rr, ^errf^t o® ivj r^^rsT ^-ffhr f^sr xsmf^rc^ ^rr^m f^rrr 7<j^, 
osrspsrr 1% ^sf^f^f^ «^<m> wf^p- c^-^s- ^r^s ? i-H ^srm oststr^tst ^rc^ c^ ^»tf^o ^^rrr wm^t 

<M>\ >si<f ^^ -sqTa ^fWi <t=Rl(l\s -=»TK3T ? ^v- wm ^5* f^rfsrw (<p^T ^^Tf^s ^S ? C^d^-a ^Fl^fsT 

^-3^1^ f^rciT l<i(i<ib.HT ^?r, c^ ^sf^r (<t=vM ^r^s; ^s> c^ >)<j*=-i ^r^r ^x?r ^rr ^srs ^n^i? 

^Tf, ^«a|tf^t ^llvi C\s|v||fPrTr^<ji <]Rid\slfe. ~T£=T5T^T^3 xsrM^TBT "3T5pg sToRM ^^BT ^^fD-sl ^TJTiT 

oj>iRi\s ife.c<^i^T ^tt i *o ^t^t (t^us^ c*r ^°t wfw wrc^; ^s ^Ft^T ]^=Tm c^f^raT ctf^sTrr ^sn^x^, 
\5T^t -zf^t ^^ ^<p^^f r«r^ <^<ih, \s^ c^: w?r f^^if^rar, ooiviifPrTiT^i f% wm^s wf?p^ 

^rrcwr?T \s \=m «nTvf<ii\sm f^nr c&&\ ^?r, \st^t ^c<=-i ^ >\<p^\ g^r^e csTsqif^-Jir^p ccf^GTrr 

vb=^<2: "iiq^: ^Fmr:'^ ^ifvi c\sivnfPrTi7^i <][5ic\sf^" ^ f^-^Tr ^s>- -^s -^ut>ih.^^^ ^r:w ^f^ 5 ^-^^s 
>i-yEii sf-sTT-^ ^3Tl 

> "^tT^-^m f%^nr ^if^s ^^3Trr ^n" ^1^ ^srm ^^pi^ ^n>jb><^ ^w^n^r ^jwt ^^t*H^ <rr^r ^rm 
^®r<r <ct>^., "c^r ^nwf^ *t^ c<y?^5: ^^t ^i>ic^: ^t 'arffsTCTr T^rsTrTi >ivi^<^j v3^,R)< ^sf^j 

> "t^t c^^f) ^srrsf ^tr:^: ^s <m^r ^tc<p ^srnr c-^Pi^r ctf^sTrr ^^n^x^"" c^f© ^ttit ^^ f^r^rm 
■^iRic^s^ ^^c^i ^^t^ ^^r^ - ^^r5q-r ^(■^R<^ ^r:<t ^-h^^iRih f^5R:^^ >i-mcw ^nr i 

srsq-M <jr^, c^r^rR^T ^^ f^^r^t ■?R:' r m ^st^r:^' c^rr-nr^ ctf^m w^rr 2tf%wr <^c^cfe.H 1 


<jq^r, isi, tspT, 1% "■£<}> -Mf ^t^sfT^trr^rt: <xi^: >i<t*<=i t^nr c&k\ <i>ra?jf ^itr:^" 

^^t, c<f, cm, 1% "^mt ^<vsrivsl<:4j<f^: ^ >i<t*<=i rt^rj ^mc^^^ <i>R?jf strrc^' 

i£M, ^®rm, <^p=t, 1% "^mt -s^awfotepm^:, ^mrr ^ >i<i><^ R*jc?j^ w^tj ^rsjtst <^R?jt ^itr:^" 

ft?, ^, 1% "<4 >i<t><^ R*j?j ^"^c^i c^n^s'Ric^^r >i<wrt: ^t%*r" 

■^Rj\s vmc<i-s) t^Pfg >®1^t<t "sr: 5 ^ <^^1^ <5.cwfe. <i^?t sfi% \sR:"cf^ xs^s <tpi=t1"i Rp^T^t-j-R^rsr ^ 

OtC<M f^l! ^W "3T5RT \5TC"Cf^ <t>V|R> v=x|-^i4 |ffl ^RT i 

fl?, ^;, f% "vsMJMJ SJCvsJ^fS "RRRRPsT C5ZJVG -^h^srsr <TleSrT*t R^ictt fS^t <f<t" 

z?m, rj "£r«yc5T \sm ~^wmr?i f^nr >M>i°~c^rm <p^ ^q<3x ^«m «nTvf<t=\sm rrrt" 

~c<f, cm, 1% ^»-i<iHrB "t^fi^t rrrrrt ^r:w wf%\s ^rt" ^cws. Tf^ir w^rp, ^m^ ^n^m:^^ 

\sT^ ^RT C^fTS i\slv|, <3r=b-) SfSTf^T WRT^rT *LCMs. "vSftaiSFsf" C^fTS -stcf^rsj^; ^<2:,^,^V,\Si ifiRR 

^ : ^^,^t^ ">®ii<t>fc*ra ^rf^'5f : t "5qi^^ ^Ft^j® *f>»t >i<^=i" N»i-i<]i^rD "^^qr ^T«Ft ^w ^^° ^=^r 
^w" ^c=-i^: ^^rjw <c\sr ^mt "sj^t sr^J^ Pilars ^^^ rtc^t^t "^^t^ ^tf^Ft ^r *^c<^^ t^nr 
si^Ft^r ^3ff^ 1%^ c<t><i<^ "5qra ^TT^rm^ ^sT^rm ^^<arrt: si<fw <^d^(i^: i ^H^t "Rr^rprf^ cPiHWB 

l£)^t, <£U tfipr, rt "^rr^t^T <I?J>I t£|^- ^i^T "sqTa ^fWi <1>^C\s ^tR^" ? 

•^i^r, c<p, oar, 1% "^srr^M \Sbt>\sr ^i^p ^^ "sma ^f%, <iiRc\s ^rrz^" ? 
jq^r, ^rm, <^pt, 1% '^srr^f^r ^rrg^f^r ^^^ ^^» ^f^i <ps\o& ^tR^" ? 
1^, ^:, 1% "MMi^<t=f^T ^r« p¥R3^ c^fr >iv|ij ^tmx« ■*Ttz?i" ? 
w, 1% "wm^ ^srrg^m^r ^^s- ^^ -sqra ^fwi <^Ric\s ^tr^" ? 


**uyt eSRre "3T5rrrt rrrt crtr^ s. : ^.> ^t^f \s ^^1*j i^=ii ■^fnf >ivk^: ^1W*f® wr:^; i ^mt eg<p 

<ps|ff[» Ci.) ^cRTRjRfrsr ^^n^r^^m Rc^TtcRT <ij<i*3\s nc^ics: ^rt ost c^.) ^t eg<pf5 £rtc75i<T wf% 
<rf@F» <I*RTT i eg eg<pf5 ^wstrt xsr~jwpgT&<p ^-RFX "SJT SHRj-Jfo^rfcRT eg<pfi* ^srR^fH i >NsJn5 ^cws. 

J Rp^t-5-R: ,: RT #k<^ "^t^stcrf ^rt^t^: ^2J"?rt <cvs ^z<i i "^m «nf5j<i»®t" ^r^f^sbfe.fD eg^-R^r 
S^ff%<F ^r:<t <ij<i*3\s ^xTrft^, c*jvm c 5 *rft7= s RT c^^rm ^tr:^: cs^t^t <rru ^r:<t ^rt i <lp ShRxj* w?r 

^mr i egfi? srifvf^^m ^tcw^t eg<Ff5 n»ik<]rt ^rr ^?t° ^sr \5Rrp c^st^srrio crfrt <jT^ wtc^t 
<c=-i Ihc^t-t ^r??t, ^®m wt^t ^r^ <i»c^I< t^rtr* trtPrjj =rr^ ^?icrt c^rrs ^"rf ^=io) 
^x-^t^f®, wR3rfRt^ «nf^p^r fgtfSrr wkw £f1\s*j*Ri\s ^^sttt vSfB^s i 

'^rt <mw" ~p*f^w3>.n» f%^r "sri-tc^-a ^<sc^t "^t^rrt ^trwrt ^wstrt ^rm^tr "*rr ^<j>1^m ^x 
■^^RRft <rnf^f *iR<ti , « ^crt i egngr f^^r "*fhs?i etbbt c<^ci^^ ^«,^rt^%i eg ^^wrt wrrt "rrtrt 
^srp«tj^: >i<dbb.r ^2J-?rt <c\s ^crt i -^far^r .sJrf ^tt^ptRt^s ( N & B) "^r^RRt" >i-mcw "crfrt 
^gs^^-f^<p- ^r^^,-^ c^^ c^n= ^9^t "srm ^i^r f%^^"^ 1^ ^ 1%) i 

^^ Rp^T^t -jrr^p ^iTSc^p ^f^st ^srrsrt csj^s lhc<^ ^tt i tg1^ ^^i^ ^rr^rm^ 51 f» -hIRj ^rr 
c^^t C3=r ^st^rt ^n® ^tr:^: i <f«rt <j^srt ^st^t ET^Tn^c-H^ ^^t^ ^tsrt ^^rs <t><c<H "^rn^® 

RT^T^t -<\^X \s\Z^ "RP^P^T ^^^, ^^f fHC^ RPT^ ^T ^RTf^ bRlC^^ ^^<F^ ^IT«RT <t>^C\s ^TR^ I 

*8 ^r^^i^" ^^trfrt f^ffsr^ 5 «if<vs ^^^s^rt"; c<^h-st <^=-ij ^rr^f^TRr R*i?j "®rr^f1^R?: ^sirts ^.^c<i; 

l^rd-H^ ^S l^Td-S^ ^SrHJ^. ^^^fS I 

vb=^s8 <4 ^fcfi^ fi^RrfRRT ^\s^r ^fSnri ^tfw® ^RRftes fSfgRr wrrt <xi^t^ SwIh-^ ^hmh i 

"sq^cf RJ-?RT ^RT ^TT ^R^^lCTfl (RT5TRT ^R:tS ^T sTRRi RJ^T^RTC^RT (RT=TRr' ^3 ^^ I liCRT ^Sf^j- eg 
^RT CRT ^Sr^sT ^^t^«TRT <^C^-H ^TT I ^g^ xST<?r C<1><!<^ "5qTs eg C^T RT^T^t <i<% ^^S ^f^RTRT Th^V) 
^J°^f==TRr 5 ®TRRS ^TRT -vfC? I WRITER! >|V|>ur C<F CST5T1TRP eg fwRT £|\sl^Hr <^^C\s 'Rf^G ^TT CRT, 

eg eg<pf5 -str^j Ihc i ^t' c Rp "Srpt ^^trt ^®t<t ^rr^tf^ ^srr^f^rm rtc^rt ^rIcrt^ ^-i^Tc:^^ ^sr^rj ^crRTt i 
wrsrTC^TfT &ic&s<pc<p^ R^sf^ ^rfcr=TfcRp Rb<H <mc\s ^c:^" i ^®rr^tRi ^i^.c<i<^ eg^-^ -^R^ ^i\s4Rt 


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C7T5TH ..." =1^" via^vb- «v, si- 8^. "3=rr«ri^H\s= <^c<t>^ R^ctt "flr^s^ ^•^x"crT? c m R^^-^f "5rRm 

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^Tft5^»rc<T [Hf^rS <r??t c*r, "^t^>^ f^r^^m ~^rc*u c^hHS c^^rr ^x^~ ^a<T° c^f^T *rFm^Tft<F®T <P^T 

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^TTHx^n sf-5TT^ ^R3T C^s) H- ii> ^ftf >IH.^ sTT^RI^: ^CWs. f^^T^sT ^^w ^I^Ri-a ~5lR<1>lT2> 

>1>1V| T^R3T?T ^-^tC^T f^tRm vS^Rl^m c^-hT^^^C-H^ i- & ^t^f ^^° >t> ^Uyr^ "sq-^sjj -yp=>=tC#<T wf% 
\S^3*V| ^Id^lbHT ^tTSTTT '?rRT, "2*^ "^BT C^STST^ 1 ^ ^C-tlf] f^m ^sTT C^Z^ Rjf]\s stTf^BT W^TJ 
>Ns<$ <R3T ^srmf^^T^ Ci- Q:) ^fij^S f^BBT <}>^C\s ^X^ C>i> ^ftf) ^\sJ ff?PP~ >|V| 1 C<=1 1 b<t* ^C\s ^X^" 

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^^■^ c^s) "ft^s> <^rex ^1^ t^r^^m ^rrsqiztf^ ^nwr ^^x ^^z^^ f^5K:^ ^i^irtt^ Ts^nwr 1 
^^p. -^<c\s -cf^ 5 ^^t^-crH ^t5tt<s ^xtr:^: Rj-hH? ^r«aRT ^ml^ ^n^Tt^r ^^° ^rf^«rf^r ^r^t f^Tr 

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c>i^.^^r t%5ir^ osrsq^rs Rb.iR\s ^^x^" >£i<!K osrsq^r ctt -^Rivir:^ ^n%5n^r ^ss, c^ ^tf%5q-R:^f 

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<^c\s <^f^<t>ft? ^tft^ <t=Rm cw^, ^®rm ^^i^t c\sivim ^t^sm ^^ ^^.c\s ^st -m^sr ^Tf^sr 


b,=ivir^ <mw c«ic<f c^rcsr ^tsttt ^ftM-icT-a ^trf w=*rrrt ^vjico-iib-u ^?trt em-^t wr:^; i ^ 
^tcfi^ etrrI: \S^ss <p^t ^rt etstm <f<tvss <t>>a?j c^r ^TBmch^ ^tr^ ^^^rt rtbrt ^?rr csqrd?^: 
vSTBvs ^rt i R^is ''iT^Tsj^: <2:,vb,i.<2:; i. <j>R*|l?g <2: : i>- i>^ ^i^"x i c^rm^T 8 : i- i>t> eRtm ^rrt -ffh® 

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^=^r c^^rrfi & *iz*T3 ^m^s ^ c9<^ vk<=-i^t ^r^m ^^f5 ^fz^f^ ^»«i<T*T <f?tt ^lmos: 

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<j^^c\s ^^T^cf^f ctf^sTrr ^xtr:^: c ^rt : "srf^r i : >- &> ^35^ 4> : *h,8^, c^t^rt ^=>- ^^; "^tr^frt 
■srf^r =i : ^, ><t- i^; i ^rt is=^s>; «FRj=rf2R?Rr <2r=^;>; i ^Rq- ^s=i- i^s; i«crr ^ (Rrm^r s=i- >t>) 

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i. VMJtrrn ^^STTT vSlbvs >t«J\sT ^RT^X^RT ^>C^C*tf C^tT : i (RTRi^T 8 = i>- "^RfR^T aRq-RiiT?! 

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^s. <lJlR3"?Po ^^^RRRI RRXTRT ^^R^ ^#^®g ^S<^\sC<p L<P"^% RI*^ ^JR^ "®RP«tr^: ^fB^ 

8. vi^ij 1 *j c~\ < C5=r ^rt c«^^<^f c<p jbi^ss <p^r ^fB^ ^^rR;^^ vi^<^1 ^r«aRrr , sr ; i'jR;^rt 'wc s jj 

□ 'RRRT RT5Rt1%s ^TT ^s" ^ i ®RP^ Rr»?4 fs^Rff^ ffe^T ^^^ (<P ^Sd^'tJ ^R^T ^=TRT 
e£l^T^R> -»^«ll t£|1^ f^T "arf^S T3=rrsrRRT ^»RI SRFR? C RT Pdv|^s= sRRrnsRTfRSRR? "*TC^ 

^RRrr-n ^sx=tri "5R:*rj ^^pr* i 
tlfgRrRT ^i^f \s^'\s *fM ^jr^ ^^rR:^^ c^n= c?rRTRr h=^- -^s-; ic^Rc^ i.=s>- ^=i>) «r^ ^»rrj 

n^CHJ^ ^RTR^Tf^^ ^^STTT ^I^FRi C^RFR?t ^RTT "CrR?Rr, (TTC^ ^^ ^1^^ SRFRT "5q-Rff«^" SRRTSt 
"5=RT RR^T^RTC'JRT "5q7:sjj^: ^TR^;, ^vi-hR* ^^JRf ^9^^: ^=TRFRT "5q7:sji ^rf ^3 ^RT I 

H : ^. TJ^t ^R^RT -§RP -5J==T ^tf^ ^-H : ^l^ <)>I<]\sRT ^1<1>R;^ e1^1?JV|RT ^RT I ^91^ ^RR7®T ^^PR* 
^g^fRlIb\s SRTRf ^~RW ^XTT «aTRRRT I 2tf^ RRRTR* <lCbfe. t£| <]HHlf5 ^SRIJ (RT "5=RT RTR^Sf RRTJR^T 


<<) ^i-^-diTC^ T3=r^<aR ^x?r c^ nsi-u ^>ivir^R^ <ij<i«3\s ^xTrf^T i ^ -sHcw-ei ^tc^jj ^s<^s^i^ ^fsj 
wix^; "^rr srra^ -j\?h Th^cst tiqc^mx?T ^^= ■^^■. ^=rr ^xttIts^ c^rr : C5rf^r : a-.^; <±>-->8- is; 

^tr-^xti "5qT# ii = ^<5:; ^TtWR ^ = i>^> txrax Q:=S>) R^T^t -n^T ^^X^J^T atf% C<1*VM ^Ib^-H ^X?T ^ST 
>X\sJ\S TJ^sq-^RX^P t^^lC>l^ t^M R-jl? ^X^T ^RT I ^qfi??T W?T ^Cbfe., ^ttXfrsT Rhih.ou '^^tt ^p^t 

^xtx^; ^RTf^ ^^jw ^ib^-s ^^x wt<r^r ^^jtsbt ^•^tx^ ^^® wx^tm ^?rm ^z$i c^ <j^rr ^=tt 

wrapsrr -^nx^r ^x^jns c^ft? tnc<u^ f%^nr <i<^1fe. ^rr c^ft? ^^^ af<Fm ^^3 <%■& ^rnrr 

-3^51 ^T5j^; T^rf® <^<^d\s t£i ^fi< "^fw^ ^rp^f^F «i<Hn5 <u<i^m <t><c®-^ c^tt= n^-i^H" 
«if«M\sra 3-wc^h ^=tt ^x®T Oto judge ^1^° OunderO ^ ^ji^ ^Rp ^t^t c«^x^s cuxjtc^; i <^q 

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^T >i*3^t?j \5t >i^<t=x^ "^t^-^jhj ^r:^" ^tt ^^t ^it 1 -?rt=Tf®tTr ^=i. ■^f f%j l ^'Sl?JMc^^ ^•^^w 

csq^r, ^-^t, R- c^f^r ^rr-m^f ^Rx^fff^r®) -sj^t -vfth h=^ i 

n^\s1\s <m^T ^rr "^f«m' ^3 ^-5q^r ^Fpsf ^p^m ^f^it fd^re ^^r ^n" ^9 ^F^rm ^fSr® <^.h ^x^ i 
The Diache , t^fwnr <ij<i«3\s ^^pl^ wf^f^w "Rtwrn "R^rt^r >i-mRi\s <r^:, c*r ^^ c^\<p ^Tt%^r c^nr 
^rrt: ^^rxtf^ sf^^ c^rsf c^x^f ^t ctf^sTrr ^x®T cDiache s>.q:) -Hwf!? \stw3 f^r^^m c^=TnT 
sxTrr-n ^f^t ^x^ti >i<^r^: sr^® spsryrsj^: ^xtt ^cttI^xtx^: c^) ^iR^i ^^ >ih.^ t%? c^.) ^tw^ 
«=rm "•$•$<" ^1^"° " j «i^?f" :>c r^f t^ <u<i^m ^p^t ^tt ? "^tf%a <i^>i<i" ^i^hj^: -^<c\s ^^^ 


wto t£i R^^fT? ^?jc\sr ^«nf^<p ^?^#t (?r®iw^ ^^° c^^rr x^rrsrd^r o \S^i^1^t ^c<^§1?j 
t£i t^nrl^ ^5 -^tx^r ^.«t^l ch^^s ^rex ^n^-^rr^^dvi^ w^tst <p>-^><p "^ft^sx^ ^ F^»j m ^^x ^ 
f^x^X^r, "vShk<-i w?^ <£,<$ w?r ^cws. c*r ^mrr ^grtft ^x??t sirx^ wrx^ ^fx^; "*fNs?T 

^jPtitt ctf^sTrr ^^rt^x^" 1 vc^HHr c*r c<^ ^rr^T ^x??t, c=r ^m^r ^x^; ^9<ix c*r ^x^^r^r ^x?r c=r 
^tnr; ^®rm c^r ^rr^rt^ ^x??t, ^t^m ^5?^tj -^Ph^t ctf^sTrr ^^n^x^ 1 ^osTsqixtf^ ~^rc*u ^srs^ c<^i<t>, c^ 
x^r, ^®rr^f^ ^ja ^^ "5f^x^T ^rc^^ ^tr^^m fHC<i, ;>of%^<n -sn^; ^f^x^r, ^tx^ 5 ^rr^f chc<i ? 

^^r <j*vs<t> ^srf^s- fsp^Tr c*r, csrsqixtf^ ^<r^ t^tot, ^m^wr \ST^bt ^fx^: ^^mtat ^x^, "oi^itH^tx^ 

^rr ^sr^rm'jfo, wl^t «rrft Ih^oi-si ^^^Jt <HHr ^x^i c^rT= t%otn R<i^h 8=^^; R^vfl?j 

^.S> : i^)) t«q<PWX^sT C"5q1«^)-s() ^^X^^ ^P¥\ Ctf^STrT ^1b>fXHf1 ^^»X^^ ^X^ 'al^l^lM ^tTT 

^^n c^fp, ^1^^: >ivictt ^i^t ^-ffhr f^m I^jxtS ^ixtf^ ^tf^rr ^•^r^T^f^r <t=^c\s ^tx^ 1 ^t^s 
c >)^^^f sfr^Frrt: 1%^^m cn^-^lviiHl ^T^tix^r <id>i ^nl^xTr t^x^r^ri c^rr= "sqr# xt--^^, ^s^, s^; 
"srf^r ^4> : *s>,8^,88) c^Tt^r'^s \»m "sq-Rx^^ ^rc^u ^^c^-a ®tcht R)^<im stt^rt ^snl^xTr t^x^r^i 


<V S>- i>o -ffh© sfT^RTsT i\^>U <^MT <Pi\C& f^fST ^^X ^t^S^ v^-^j^foT sferrM <u<i^m 
^STK-aC-H-s] t%^nr ffe^T "^r^sT R^T^t 'JlHC^ "vS^-pvj g^r" fpf^TT siTR? 5 ^ I =3^" ^ "vS^cvj-a" 

vStk-sm ^ck?. c<wt^ R>^.< ^^it^ c^Kf^r srcrrm, C5=r ^^ jq<^ ^<i>vi ^c^ -sqr:^ ^5f: ^rr«am 
•sHT^-a "5t^, -sq-r^ <n -sq-R:^^ -sq\s eg^x twsq- c^l^^fc^rr, f^r<r*f R^m "sq^s i 

H=ii "*sp®i£rt osrsq^t "*rfw" ^fi* liq^fij afsrsr c^s^t^ ~f^ "str:^^ ^tfpt ^rr ^r^rc^rsT ^rert^tiR><i> 

W^TJ i«q<pf5 ^nq-<R I C^TT : (TsTTsftTr ^> : Jo, ^) >^sf ^^f^sJ ^Ctts. ifiRsfl? -5q^=cf vj-j*u <jq<]X C^stvjsj 
*lff "^r^Z^sT "5qr:sjj^ ^tr<WT i ^>^ \5BT -©Ub-sM "5q^jr ^R<llC<1<1 ^TC^ f^TT ET5qT^ <t>C^-H I 

"^rt^Brr \St^m ^rc^; ^rr^t ^£?t, ^sT^ff^ir^ ^wsq g^r ttt^ <i>Rc<h" =3^ ;>:> : ;>^ ■^tzpr ~c^ 
c-r^:, ^sr®^<r <£i=3 wt -^R^ wiwr <t*g<t> srcfw "^r^jsm: t^t^" <cvs ^tmr^r 1 ^1^ ^i^i<r "sj^t ^t^ 
^tr^^t, ^Fm^r ^mr:^^ "sjzsjj stb^ «n^t >i^<^r^ ^=tt ^cmcs: c^ -^R^i ^rtr®r t^^r^t'^iT^T^ 
«ii^«R> "®tr:^:, -^R^ ^i^®r ^i^r ^^, ^jt f^^T^t'^iT^T^ vjhch^ ^•^hi:^ sf%1%^s ^r ^r^t ^1w 

csi^r, <jq, tspT, f% c^m ^rr-m^f '^RT? c frf^») -sj^t ^rt^ H=i^. 1 

\sR<R:"cf^ stt% c>i^.^^f <rf^f "q; c<^hht ^^1^: <u<i-%.r <^i^"° , «i<<i^l ^r:^^ ^rm 1" 

^^■s»t <jh-ht ^^^ ffe.c^-H, ^rf^^s ^^ f%-s>ffT^s caf^tTf) <^gfft c^r^m^f^") cyr^ c^sft c*^^^ ^sn^rr 
t%^t c^n= Tobit 4:15 and Rabbi Hillel, found in the Talmud, b Shabbath 31a, and philo of 
Alexandria). ^ R^^fB ^^^ ^-^c^trgw ^®rr« h.^'^J^ ^^c^ osrmt^r si^m^r ^nr ^% ^sr ^db^. 

R^T^t'^r^ Ht^Sd"® <Pt?JT, \5T ^5TRT?T R^CTT ^^° \S^s=v| ^1<pt ^3 C3^ «fr1% i£|^-^ srirSq<ii\sr C^T^T, 
^t^S^ ^TR:"5q C^Ft^T ^^^5f^T ^f^^^rr^ft "5Tl-i(:%)-s1 "sq^sjj nsI^C^ N^lRsd^-^ I ^<[ ^fCTTTSf^T ^rR:^: c^r, 

-5qr^35 ^rr ^t^t <ic<^ "5qr^T <p^^ ^t^: ^^^, ^rr ^r^rrm ^Frsf ^p^t cpxz^ R^\s stn<Fm cbc^'^G 


^T?rm c*r ^^ <rt -sSTstrj ^t^nrT ^5*^ ^r ^nw#trr ^«i>K>i-si f^rsrr^ ^re° Ih?jcvi^ 

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c£|<pvsf^ ^.st^if) f^r^s t^ vsf«»n5 t^i^vaT^^" r<\sRi\s <ic\sr cc^tfsnr i^>=s>) 1 

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^r«y ^9 w?f srprt ^r??t c^r ^^r "^Nsfst r*rs^rt "sn^ucsr esq<pfi? ^Ttw^s -^t^ "^t^sr^ wrtrt w^ 
^<t^srCH^ wptt ^^x , ®h^ ^^fr> ^?trwj wto ^tm^t ^at i <i*5"^r<=Tr >it**T^ ^^tr^t 
^n^c^c^ \Scs^f^t^ -^fftrar^R^ i%^^R:Tr R^»^ "c^j%^f^^ <^m^ ^srepqr ^^>i^c^f -?rj ^c\s 

^r^rsf^Ft^r <t>^c\s ^tr^ c*j ^9^: ^twi^ <2-=^.o t£i<r?. ct-sb- ^^ ^tr^ ^^m#^wi ^rf^: -sjfSf ^rr, 
^i^t^t ^9^ ^r<r ^c\s ^tR^ c^r *j=Ri^1?j ^i^c-h^ £<=-ict>-sir ^-i>i^cH^ "aro, ^1^^ ^Ivjk^, 

st^nf^s 1 •^Ri'S^ ^®i^hj^: <j^^~£5Tr Pnrsr ^c?jc^: c^^r^rr <t>^n i^= ^jo- *o), 1%^ ^©r ^<Ffc> 
■^Ri<]l^\s *3w?j ^c\s sr^nf^® ^5r i ^ivi^r ^^rf^ ^9^: *twft> ^9^t^ ^«s.^l ^vfRc^r^t ^fSvaf5f-c\s 

fWf ^f% C^<^Hr <t=^-H <b : «\, ^s^), ^ol^C^ ^^T ^R%aT®T Rc^W "?i^S>^ C^^m) ^9^"° £fvac\s 

-srf^r ^=i^s- i.8 fwzs *3<f ^^^ «r^^t^nr^T <jT^ch< ^r^Hx#" tg<pt^ ^rrm^Tft^ ^<^-ht ^t:tr:^: : c^) 
«r^fir <p^<jt -^n=i(iH^ i^fB ^f^rc i^>- i.8); c^.) t^ £N5R^^ «r^trr c^®r c io:- ^.^>); ^^° c^o 
«r^frr w1<kih^ i^fB t^fw c-^s- -^h) i sr«ri^ ^9^: ^nr c^r "^t^s c^fr-t sf<Fm «r^^mrr^ d<^i<t>d^^ 
f^R:"^^ <^c^cfe.H 1^5 f2R:"cr*T <^c^cfe.-H R^^r^" ^r^^f^nr^T c=TR^^t ^^t^^ %5^m ^r»^R#" 
^RTf^ ^^l<^Ri^ sfi% ^Tfst srtrRT ^r^ 1 t%^; 1%^; c^trf ^r^rrR-TJ c<^l<i>cw^ Ri<m5 ^.c\s ^t^'^=Th<^ 
sR«T^T3=rr <si<ik ^j^^rm ^tr^^^ w^j «t^t^f c^trtr^^ -aro <jo^rg <ir^ i ^^t 7,~^p^ ^^^ '^nfsr' 
t£i<r?. 'eg^Rr' c<t>*~gl^\s wt^^TEf-m^t c^^T^rr <^^-h f^rR^rr ^&=i^s; <t><^^lTr ^ : i^- ^^s) 1 ^sr^^sr 


□ 'r^h-ht >kkmr?«t ^^n^^m wm sf^% \s -far -^R>iff' "*t«i" ^.c\» ^tr^= ci.) 
wH-^nsm ^^pf5 w=r^ ^rar^r ^^x c^.) vi^<^r -^afsirsq ^rrsr c^r^rr <p-&-*\ C2t1%s s>=^.; 
is>=s>,^.^s; ^A=s; ^.8 : i>8,^.^.; i^=^.<2— ^vj») i tiq^: **TcTf5 ^i^ ^sret sRq^cf ^^^ c*r ^Rmr-t ^"sq^r 
esq<Fflj T3=f^isf f^p^itw ^m ^rr ^r^[%^ vmc>iic\s^ ^tr:^ "yrsrc^rMT^ri^Fr ^rr, t%^ #t^r^ra ^^f5 
^sr)w -^Rki^h "*tt "^r^rsrsT ^tf%^s"c=Tm srl% <n*o\5t ^jf§ <jr??t i sf^^ nski^t ^^r c*r ^i^t^ ^«r 

^•^R3T f^r^sr ^ir^t wta ^rr^M ^r??t ^rri ^f^m^s ^f^i^t^s \5RTf?R^ ■*$*! ^r^M^mr^r ~^rc^ ^rr 

•§fg«r^ "sn-i<:*)< ^r^bt 2R^gBT ^^m f^r^sr^ft^T, ^?r° R^m*^ wl^i ^rsrr^m ^mr *i^ ~^r<t 1 

"wm" <g^x "*t«i" 1^tr^~ R^m^R^- TBI*?* ^?rr c*jc\s -=>tr^t i "^r^rsm R-n^csij ~tfT^ 
T^tr^ "*fNs?r "5r*n f^xTr N^ivj^r "^h^sm <fr^; wff^r c^T^rr <t><*>~\ c^T^frr *®=^s; o:=i.a— i.^; 
vi>:^vs; ^.t*p*T1?j ^=b— s>) 1 1^5 -*r*r°r ^<p^m ^ivi^r ^sr^f who® ^trf%, ^t ^n vi^iv^j^t^ 

"^r^ t^tr^^: ^smr ^tm" ^'^r^f ^^1%^^^ "5rN" h=i>^ ^1^"° =3^" i.^s=^^s- -^.s cg^ tj^tr:^ ^<^-st 
<j??n" v5TBn® 1 ar*r ^^r "^cmc<f 1% ^rl^aF-T ^trsTrm -^Rkic^ ^nfSc.%4 c*jc\s bc^c^; ? " ^rcfi^ t% 

iar ^»T^ ,i »i<<iTH^t=T ^^.c^s T3=rm«rF-T; ^R<mr cstc^t^ c<n?^ oststrtt^ P^Ri© ^i^.c>i, 1%^ ^^c^ 

tTR^; ^I^T ^^T «R^ 1%^ "5T*=cf TTR;^: "sq^cf ^^T *R3T I ib "^T="T -?TR^: "Sp^ ^J 5 ^ «]RlC\s ^TR^ ^TT I 

is R^r (<fR4 -5tR^: ^i^t ^^t *R3T ^rr, \sr<t ^ftI^itt ^tt^st:^ c*j=Ri?jt ccf^sTrr ^^rm 1 ^ ^r^^^ csrsq^t 

H : i>Q: "^T^ , «l<I<IllH"JR ; T <C\s ^TR^«TR-T" ^ff? <I^V| |^f <J=R^T^ ^Sfsqj ^TRtrH I "5t^S "Sq-R^T -5q-R^r 

^r«^ , «i<i<iiI^t'?r^t^ R^ctt <p^rr <i<^c\s-h c^<^-st <i>^h "sqf^r ^8=8, <3r,ii,^^s- -^s; "sqr# ivs=^.^> 1 
^r^ , «i<<iTh<:h<<:<p' Sf*^» ^^t >i<>ivj^ ^^i^ <t>r2>H ^fr^ <^r^t ^rr«rR^ro ^r^t^ srcf^^ 


1<<<h >^>=i- ^s i*i<i% ib- : ^^.; c^.) \ste i.=i.vb ^^° i. c*m^r 8-h- ;>;>; ^re° C^>) i. c^rm^r 8=>- ^s 1 

<X| ^1R>< ^tsT f%1w ^JR3T, •UtfSm^T'^ \sR"PrsT "5J==TrtlT^T <MC* ^T5q"<T I i<2: ^C\s ^.o ^rt^ 

^ttf^"^rr ^p^t -^-Jl^m R^ic^-a ^tr:^ ^p=^t# <j*sft ^r??t, "*r*r=r ^<p^ ^t*ixrtp?t ^.>- ^\» ^tcf^sT^TT 
c^f>i<^<^ c5Ti<t=c^r^ f^r&f^ ^r??t ^mrr ^w\ ^p^t «r3t <r.=-i ^qx^r ^rr f^s "^h^e*r?T ~*rtz^ \sr^t?t 

□ "\5T?rr "csr^t^ c<R?*r c&\>\tesv3 ^fr:^; ^id>i, 1%^ ^*sc^r ^n>i<^i5l T^^ttrrr" c^^jrrr ^^t 

^>nsj f^r^n ^t ^t^Nt -srrsjrcsr ^virt^r^" \»=^ -^t^ ~5i=-iic\s c&W\ ^r??t c^^rr <t>^n 
^1%^tn 8=i.8) 1 wfw wh^iR-jr^tst w^t "yrr«n^H\s i^ <n^1c\s 1%^; ^rlw^fs ^gf^«rr 
<^trjr;<i 1 ^srtt^r:^ 5 " ^\sj^ «r^^t^nr^r ~sr:^t ^tt i ^i> ^ftf c^ir^f ^ *tw ^f^® ^tcf^s"^=rr 

xsrf^ftrr 1 ^fx? ^Ri*iJ<:\sf] w^jt ^^f5 f^R^H ^rr <i\svif^r ^fR^t ^^f5 wR~cr*T f^TR^" <ij<i*3\s 

^C*iCs: >£f >\C<i\ C^t^T t^JTTf^ ^^varC-S^ ^^T t^sft ^R^, ^r^l^T Ef^^ *iZ^F \Svs5j f%^RT Ci>) 

^trtt^ f^f^rf c^<^HT <^^h t%Strr f<i<i*M i^> : >- ^s; ii^ : ^.^.; =3<p vbssa-; i c*j!^h s=i>- ^s); <£\^% 

^^rmr ^ttstr^p c^ &f^, c^. &t^ <c^\, \5T?rr >i<^c<^^. c^r ^-JmtTiwi ^^n <i>^c\s ^tmr^" ^"sq^r 
^nr, t%^ c^r ^rfw ^tvim ^#^ t^tom ^.Ms.r ^tr^r^ ^r^ c^r ^ttr^" 1 ^^crf^r ^c-hc^^ ^ivir:^t 

\sas ^rsrf^: ^Tt^: ? ^rr^f^rm ^trtst^: 1% n^c-h<i> ^t^Ta^sr ^pt% ^pf% ^q^ ? ^"^^m ^iTvi 

H=-^i "^^rmr ^ttstr^p" ^t^t \5T?rr >i<^d<^^. ^nr" ^1^ eg<Ff^ <]^vir^ <t>^<iib.<t> t^^T^^r ^rr 

□ "sf^», af^" ^^^1 n^i^.h^s'^t <j=ic\s-H c?r ^i^i^ ^tr^pet t%^fw ^rR^'^t et^th <jr^ c^^rr 
<p<i"l ^ll^r af^<p ^.^= i.i.) 1 


□ "<ff?r\s"3=r cKurios) " ■ift^ ~T^ff5 af^rsq- ^|\s|-h1c\s RR^wt^q- <u<j*3\s ^® i isr* >i^>a? w?r 
v|\s<]RTf^ -5ff^:£rRi=c\s, ^titcsctctt ( YHWH) ^mr^m -^far^r f^nrcspsr ^ij<mf c*tz<F ^g\s ^<s 

-^tz^ <jq<Ff5 <uf^Tpo T3=p=^# t^f ^rri -ffhs<<T ^Rib^Ir ^ftcw^t smifsp^ ^^r ^fi* wpttc^ ^tmr 
^^rrc^w, ^ -^ff^sff^cM) "c^«trj^ ^=^ c^cf^f >ivicsj xsrsfK ^t^>^ f^\strr wm^R^rsr >ivictt ^>i<^<^ 

C^af) txi^i^ <Ttf^ <iC\s, "5qT# i«=«8 

CTT) til^F ^Tfw <d\s, "5qT# i>^. : i>^., i>8 = G-o G2ff%S (2:=vSb- 
C^T) ^T5q^ 1%^; <C\s, "5rRr iS> = ^.«\, ^.S. I 

^s i ^rr#trr^iT^" ^c^r "^n^GTrr G2ft%s e: ; «b-; i<2-=^sb-; i.s>=s>; ^.^.=^.s> 

si "k^t ^rsirr cf^^m: T<ict>fe.H) f%Strr R-q^H ^.s=i,^s cho) <si<t<ik h^h f^nrsr -5rRr 0:=^^, 

ife=H; "sqr# io: 8,i. <i>1<^)*j H=ii 


vb I -^R|\sJ M <R3T T3=p^^# <«-il\sT Ctf^TR^Tt "srf^T 8=^.0' ^:^h' C^TT^^T 8 : ^b-' i^va^ 

h 1 -=ff%5xm ^rr ^j^st ^p^r# ctf^TK^rr, c^rm^r b-=^s.' :>3=;>b- 

*iv[\siR><i^rc^" t^rrr^tpfl^^ ^^fi? ^xm^f ^rg^m -ac^c^;; 

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8^.=i.o iSf^K. -s^-s f^nrsr, "srf^r ^=i>^., i>s- set, ~srf# i.i. : ^.<3:- -^ - ^^ ^t^p ^r^TT^f c^"*!^ 

•^ 1 ^rr^f ^?rr cs$z<f t%^s siit^t, ^.tt \Slvif$trr -^=;>s> 

^s 1 ctt >\<p<r\ r*j?j ozr<f t^t^ ^art^nst N»i<]c^<^r <^c\s ^z<i \5t ~^r : 

8=i>, ^Jftrr ^=i^ 

<t=c-sM ^rr^: 1 t^^Prc^p f^^w^r c^z^ ^Mm ^?rm w^tj ^t^tst -^rc*u ^n\s ^^fl* ^srrgf^p^ 

^I^.C<IC^T ^"ST^T ^dH<^ <if& <iCMCs^-\ ~ s TT?n "^h^sm C<=-1l<t>CiTf] ^TC^\ ^f#^W i«q^X t%^: *lT»HT 

i I ftaixslsg Rl<lfM i^s : i- et, Sir-Sis- ^ 
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C<f) tiq^: .sJRp ~R*rfi? ^rs^ff^r^ ^r *t5v5x§*i<r3~ -^j^tr^t f^vi isr^ «^®h f^nrsr 
<£[^k n»i>i\sj f^R^m sib>^b\sR^p Pfps^ ^r:^ti c^<^-ht <p-&"^ "srf^r ^.8=^3, "sqr# 
^f-^n* f^f%^f srfr^t \»jvi^ ^^rsq-R^ "ffRs<T ^^r^p siR^Ri^ ^^<t ~*tt =3^ ^=i^s 
sjtf&rr >iv)|vsr ^d\s^. ^"c^ff^r c^s^-Mf <p-&-*\ ^o=^s>- *®o; ic*m^r ^.=i.s>); ^tr^rp 

\5BR >NsJC^ ^^° f^^R^RTC^ ^=-1lC\s esq^X ^=T=t#^ <~^l <MC\s "3T5T<r, f^g \5BR 

^R^-a^lir c^^trr ^s=i^) 1 

<^T2)-h ^^m^ ^sT^trr vi^<^l ^sT^c\s \»fw f^r^c^-ar t^r c^r^rr <j^h ;> c*m^r 

C^^R^ (<FRT "^ftf ^3de3^f ^R3T ^rf^f ET5TRT <J^fR ^Tt ^5T ^®C<T ^®T ^M ^FR3R '=»Rs^'=t1i\s\s 

^s. "sql^r H=-^i- ^ ^RTf "«rRTr?T ^p=^r#" ^=rr ^xtr:^: i 

8. "sqi^r >^> : >- ^©j "sqr# s=i>- i^; =3^ v-=s- io -^yt ^^rRTf^ ^t^ht:^ ^=rr ^xtr^i 

en) ^^RCl^ R<^m 

v|\s<lRf, ^l^CViJH^RT v|\s<]Rf £Twi%) •^V|\sr^l^ W^R<" <P^C^-^ ^rR<y f^&t^l CtfTT I ^ Rl^^n? 


^si|T <l<=-1C\s Rc\s ^X^" ^^X ^t^ f^f ^^ *)vf\sC\s W=H~ Rc\s C^§T <F*rt" vST&ss ^TT I ^^al^T^G 

^tr^i%<p ^^x N^i\®i?j\sr ^p=^ff^^ cf^sTsqrsT, <rfT, ^tt=r^) 1%^ ^n^c^^-i ^p^t^s ^t?t i t%^; 

f^T "^mfWJ I tiqfl* "5qT# i£rt<?. =j<p fgfRxs sgpwT^TC*! <J<*3^> ^T^f^W "^sr^Xsm ^TfWJ" 

<xi<t ■ypf ac t i r^st^cK-si ^rc^; f§r*r<rm >ivictt -srf^r "^^" ^-hCD-si ^f^c® "^-sf" ~r^ff5 

^rr cii<t=ftrH ^T5jtfrr m^rus ^tf%^j^5t =tt^ <mc^" i "^t^s "srRr 4,^0 ^ % wr^f stt^rut 

□ "e*i <uFg" N^ivim ^#^ f^i^sm ^.bfe.r ^n^r^r <fc?t" ^fl* esq<pf5 <]^vir^r <^<ir^pst f^re?«r*^ i 
■^^<]\si <t=d?j<t=n? '*uypzs sx^s -^t t<i*x ^=^ ^ ^-^^ c<^i<t>d^^ ^^m ^rmr <ic<^ sirrc^ ^sBrr 
^c=-i-h ^^wrsr srwr f^g «mt ^"5q^r ^tx^ ~&u^ -*t\ ar^m^r ^fxst c^r \5Tar c^: ^w^rrm ^nr 1 ^\a, 
•^.8 ^^k ^ ^tr:"tf^ ^t^R^Br "5j=^<p ^st^xh ^rt?r ctr*rr c*jc\s -^tr^r 1 "^h^srsr ^ %b^t ^==t ^®m 
^xa^ ^^m f^^m c^^nr <i>^-m c^rm^r ^^fe, ^^- so) 1 eg'>i<t=<^ sr^tir ^»tw ^i<]<]iftrc^^ <xi^ 

r^rc<i>^ t^p^® c^m^sr) <£,<ik R^iviCIm wta ^rrar c^f«y) ^»rr^: 1 


^t^® f^f^T^ %5^T "?$^ <)i^C\s ^lC>llfe.C<^^T C^<^HT <t>^H 8 : «8; 4 : «o; ^■■^s-b-y 

T^ilRw ^sX-pr^^^ ^^TC^TT ^m^tf^T^P f^st ^m ^a^^ 5 " l^rC?Jlfe.C<^H C^^T^rt <P-&-i vb=^ss>) i 

^m:^ ^-^c^ -^sz^ f^^m ^px^ c^bs-i-u <p-H"^ vb=^s>, so) 1 

\sX"cf^ ett^rtit ^&^ csv^ ^rmr ^m ^b^t ^tf^r^r ^x^ c^<^-sr <^^»-s ^^i. ^^° ^ c^rm^r Q: : i8) 1 

TJ* c^^. ^^x^^ ^.bfe.r ^tt^r^r ^^^ , c*\ "ft^s^- ^Tot "g ^»«ft c^^nr <t=^-H "5rRr i-^^; "5rr# 

^:^r ^^x^^ ^.bfe.r ^r?r ctt ^c-hc^^ R-h'S ^tt carter iv-=i.s; i^t^rRnr ^=s; -^ f^to^r ^s=s>) 
^t^c^51 fS^T "^t^s^ >sthj t^iNsr^ %5^r c^^r^rt <i>^-s "srf^r ^.^=8^.; =j<p ^.^.=8^.) 


f^^r^t^f ^wib^H <mc\» <t><cv» Rr^tw "sti-i^c^t^c^p f^^^s-^ <t><c<M i c^o-mt <t><*>~\ ;> f^t^r 
f^pgr^t^f ijs'af c^m <mc<i-h c^r^rr <j^h :> "Rt^r ^=i«*; s=i^) 

sjt^rbt vs^-a ^rr^m w^ir I^p^t^Nt^rt ^tra c&tf^r) c^o-mt <t>^H i> c^rm^r & : i8) 

□ "C>^ f^f ^R^TC<P WT5TTC<f o=ic^r" txi^: JJpjp sR?spfT ^FT^Rr5rTf5 ^^f5 "*df \S^-a 

wp^rr <m\s 1 "c>i^. f^r" ^ttf i^ft? ~5t^ ^Jr: 5 !^ R)\s1?j w^vmc^" Rr: 1 ^ ^r:^t i ^fi^p 
<F*l^\S <F*|^j\3 ^r^^TFT f^T ^T f^R^m Rr^T <t=tt ^xtt **itc<f, ^rr R^-a <^r??t ^stmRt 

^rff^^TTSl" ^s^RT "WM^TPsT Rt£^F?T "5To" i ^\s -^fc^ ^t>T "^g^fe C*T ^oTaT ^rfw-JfowR;^- ifhsse^s- 
WTsTC^S -tR^lRT I =T"s^J <t>^-H ^l^t C*l >\<P<r\ ^5f ^^^ ^»T l^?JV|>|-^\s ^>p5f I f^g Tj^p^r^ ^fwr 

^rj- c^^r^rr <j>^h "srf^r ^.8=^8 ^^k ^ f^i*i^Hl<5l?j ^.=s>- io) 1 sr^hr ^rr® £Rr«t3^rr ^^fx? 

^®r«aRT "-51<t>m <^?n" 1 ^^: R-^Rj^ st<pip«r® ^®r<r r^n^ c^r ^t^s^ RT^m <t>fi<m ■^=v|\sr ^trr:^: 
<xi^° iif f^r^m ~c^:\^ \stc® ^rlw^s rt^ic^^ ^p=^r^" i 

"etHi" ^t-Hns^ ^^t^ -?£?rF5^T fH^vir^-n ^fs^fspFr ^c?jc^: ^^rm w?r ^^t "^rRfg, <jir«»^® 
^r^M#" CN£<=-Mf <i>^h ^»iTh 8=i. ^^"^ frpafsnq- ^-ay 1 ^^r f©^r ^?rr ^ti%^^ c^ ^^ •'tc^ 


"N^tvim Ppf© *.c\» "*s?r <o® **n<i s " ^^r "sps <si<Ffx? f^rrspft^T ^sn^w^t i" ^p®i£pt ^^r appfp>pa 
^<?i ^^r 'i^fsr '^f»vjcso' t^^ ^^t cn^; - (.<t><<=-i b^-io® **ii<fi" ^^r ^^t ^TN«>r1^st >&■■& ^^ 

□ "c^i^i-ar ^^mrr ^pjvfbiin" ^^r wf% w^pp c*i <£& >\<p^\ wp*rp£ ^fSc\s <Fi£j<t>< ^rSftrr 

^ s ^®i£rt c*r (<^ N^tvim >^p* >\<p^ ^ppt ^pptt -^Tp^pr <tc*t, \5prRpj 5 " ^"s^pt ^^s^ <jf^, -stpt 
C5=rp;<^ ^<^j <]<^ic\s ^pq\ c*r -^tptp^pt ^trsT wp'Pt ■^ fSp£rpr <p-s=i i * e ^tr^ ^1% ^ttsp^t, 
^ppt xstp^t, <mj; <^<=-i t£i<r?. c^ -^z.^. =tpp/t, \s«iiyRh~ \spcr ^r^r^r ^rr, ^m^ -^tptp^pj ^P3T 

\5ppF e£|"5q-^T tiq^W^T lHC<W"t«r C=TTC<F*I ^pff <<=-ic\s ^X<3\ C*T ^pPFPT ^^17^ WP'PT "^ T^P^fR 

<m=i i * n -^tc^r ^1% ^tpp^t, <ppt wp^pt, <rp3; <^<=-i, ^^x c^ -^^ ^srr^rt^ <m=-i, \5p^ \5pcr 
■vTC& C^t«T, ^3 \5pT ^t^^r c^n^\s^ r^P^r i" 

h" ^8 'T*r c<j^t N=Mivim ^^: >i<i»=i ^r^ ^?r ^ft^r^r <R3f' "sfRr ^^x <^d<i>^ f^p^s ^ ^^rsqtf^ 

^rreTrr ^srm, c^r^rR:^ ^p*f1^ ^t^t^^^tt^" "^s>ct ^ft=T^r ^r:^" ^®r<r ^f?^ i §1% «rc^ ^sr^^w 
^c?j(i^: : Ci.) ^^i^r c^r) ^rfw-jfo ^nwr; <s3,<;k c^s) c^prm wto ^rnari ^n ^tf^^tit I^ttt c^r 

h : ^.8- ^.-h ^^: >i<t><^i ^ftf >ic\sj^ ^r^tne, Rr»^ sp^pj ^fsr^ ^-5=t5TPj ^p^f i c<p^=T5qT3" "^rt^^rt 
i£i<jK it°-«r c^r-n wmr "^^" p^i^Ic^t^ st^® &1%^ spmf^ps ^rr i ^^1^ ^rfo^rr t^hp^ wl^i 

^="T #t1%TTPR:"cpJ t&MT Sp|^ >l^l<IHr C^^PTT <t>^)"H C^rm^T i<2: : ^.o; ^vi>:vsvs; G2fPJ^ i.8 = ^.^.; 

c^lvfl?j i^ : ;>h; i 'Rpj^pTpFtit ^s=^s; ^ \s1viT^rt ^ : i-^5 i 'Rts^ -^=^.i; s=i^->) 

^sz^z^: ^i^"x ^tppt testes: \ ^.^. i\<\T?>\*i "-^»h I^prtspj ^tc^i^ ^Rc«" ( Word Pictured in 
the New Testament) ^c^c^-h "«t^tit ^•^p: i =P c f^t^T e«rpTT ^^pi^ p^-^H^r^^ ^tw ^rpf c^pt <ufe» 

C^^sf^T ^P:"% ^T^ "trPT ^rr <^C^H I 
t£PT.t«q.t£PT.-p5r. C^PPTr-npf) ^HT^ ^Pf H : ^T^- ^S> 

^"^fppt psp^t ■^=v|\ S r ^T5q-^r^ <]jf^^ ^rrpj ^pcpit^pjtpf ^^xtpT Thcvs-^, ^p:t?pj ^swm^ct-si ^rrm 


^nr i 

<v^b- "ffh® ^r^i^r tiq^: >\<p<r\ ^i<pt et^r <j>^c<^-h" "5fRr \sm f^tRm >i>)V4rmc?RT ^cH^^T^Tr 
srsrf^T sr«rf^ ^r°^f c*m <t>?i<m w^tj ^a^: ^tPf^sr=Tr <u<i^m <^c^Ife.c<^-s c^^-ht <&<t>~\ <v^.b-; 

^xoi^ ^-u-a^vi f^r 1 -^<<]^1 t^r^^TCw^ ^^m R>1h ^m ■^v|\ S r sfR>fB\s ^c-a-n ^rrt:, 1%^ 
T<b1-si<t> ^^: \S^.5J *twft> T=rtf% ^c-aifeX^H 1 

^T?r ^^r tg^st^ -tr^ >i<u*j<i> UNn ^^mr w?f ^^r c*r ^i^.d<i<^ ^t^mt:^ wM^rm f^psr^ 

^^: wMrti^ xsrM^rm, <n^c<c<=^ ^^x ^ff^a wtwm ^ismft^m -ac^c^; 1 ^<^>s?h <rjT*txi<H*n< 
^fr:^: ^t?r^ wmI^t ^i^^tT^: csj^s Rc\s ^tr^^ ^tt i 

<i^fD^ Ef^rf^r sf*rT^r «t°^t^ t^nr^st^T ^1««it^ ^ss^iwrc^r fwr <mc\s -^tr^t 1 ^^~c=rm 'Sc^-tj 

^^T fi?^TC^ Wff^KlTr WMm W^TJ, ^grf® <p^TT?T ^Sf^J ^m 1 

•^.. <^ ^tcf 1% ^f<r Ef^FW ^£<t ? 

*® . H"sq- ^rcff^ 1% st^fm <f?3t c^r srr^Nir?* "sn-ic^f ^srej<i>ir5r 1% c<pt^t *trc?r ? 

<sr. ^rr^fl^T R^^r:^" , 5fR: i; r i; T c^ ^r^ 5 , «i<<iTh ? 


^T.C<p-.05f. 1% 

^£1^1 .^®TRJ . ciCP^.f^ 






<*)<(ivsr^| <ffg^ 

sjI^s ti|<j>>srH 


iil<t>»SrH "S^al-sl 


<f»d<*> ^sib <l>dfM 


•$»IC<t> *©H> <t>£-sM 

^IC^h13 <=-11^= 

v : i- 8 

(b--^,- s>; *®1^) 

b- = i- ^ 

b- : >- 8 

V : i>- 8 

b- = v»- 8 

fe- : i>- 8 

*j]^s ti|<^>srH 

ijl^s i«i<t>veM 

i£l<t*<S7H ^l^-sHi^-s) 

■*1\s'Hl\sfl '^\>\C < P 

C-Sl>n?J ^=M*jJ d^f) 

<£|<(SVSM ■*1\S"Ht\Sf] 

Tld>1f] =i^<M~l 

>|^ <t*d-ElH 

t>l<t><C<t> >1^ 


1^ : <2— i^S 


^Id-al^U <=-1l^> 

b- : <3:— i^S 

b--&- i^S 

b--(t- i^s 

PH\sdf1fl -Ml^^lf] 

t ; i>8- iH 

*J|^S <s> C<=-1l<^d<t> 


x^-SJ ^G-S<P 

i^-^NSl <^1^> 

*i^k <*»C-sM 

iJl^S ^d-H^d^ >l^ 




T3J^ =TT^ 

V- : i>8- i<2: 

V- = i>8- i<2- 

T^=i>8- i-H 

b- : ib— ^ 

V- = i>8- 1x2: 

"*ft^Si<T ^^ 

■*1l<Nlv| fCrdH^ 


5^*JJ I d^SSfl *1 "Si 

iJI^Sd^ ^"ip+sM 


lr : ilr- iS> 

<P<1\<\ VMJ 

^=i>v— ^ 

V = ^i> 

1^ : i^- i>S> 

1^ = ^.\S- -^.-H 

r*i*jjd\s^ >mj 

1^ : ^A 


-ifh© ^l^fD ^yrsql^r 

<i|<t»jT5 <H^ vJlvjioil 

b-=;>l^- ^ 

T^ = ^.\S- -^.H 

V : ^.^S- ^.H 

<=^, ' . 

V- = ^.\S- •iJ.H 

^fim?n*j ^s 

~*Jt<?S<T ^l^Sst **ff= ! T s T 

ijl^S i^^.<SrH 

b- : ^.b— «8 


i^*>.<Si?H \^asj-^ 


b- : *o- v»i, 


f>-1 1 c^-a 

b-'-^b— «8 

O^J^NSl oil'*) 
b- ! ^b— ^c6 

b- = M>^.- ^S8 

^»\s ^■■^ (.=-1 1 C<M 1 

^<-lCbfe.W ^rtTCTT "5J=^T C<=T*l7?F?I wf%stm xo)-j>)<^ ^3T 

^r^r i Ri*j?jf5 IbRMJ ^5^ssq i ^-=*)73r ^f5|^ -^fw sr^n^sm ^-i^R^rsT ^ic<=-irc^ ^rr^r^Tm f^nr 
R^i>arH ^st^tr:^" ^<=-mt <t><t>~\ i ^M-iCb^cif wm <p^fsr ^~ff czr^rm f^nr ^nr, t^^ ^t?t "sj^t 
c=r*fc<F*i x5rf%smr ^-i^-ac-H-a "5TR <rr ^*rm "s^raM, "*rr ^^r ^rMim ^wRi^ -^mM i sfc\sj<^n? 

■^ i fw#trr ^-icbfe.^ 

8 I ^>5Tlfpf 

C^p) b-~5T ^9<3X ^o"5T ^srsirm ~crHfi> wpc^ ^Ffcw^T ^^f^ ^rff^sr f<*)?4<^ ^vSpfG ^T "sqTaT t^sftt 
^??t ^rr c<j><i<^vifia -sqiijCT^ ^-vpss ffhs?r ■^=v|\ S r ^^x ^snf^Fsr <]H-Hf ^xsr ^rr, 1%^ osrt^t 

<e)^ >i<ji=i ^n~^ <fk:w^t ■^=v|\ S r ^^io® t^w -tfhss?r ^•^xttr^T^ -^x.^ ^xu^z^: i ^n*^ 

c^af) <m^T, ^r ^9^"° ^HJr^TJ T< *j *j c^> c=f ^9^: >\<p^ R*Jd?j^ "sq-^sjr ^dH<^ ^tT<i^j ^^tr:^: i ^®rm 
^9^: >i<i><^ t^^rr ^Rf^-^ 3jL>ivjt^BT ^sd^id^s csrf^r, -srT#, =35^) f^rf^i^T^i ^t:tr:^: i <^i^ 

c^^rr ^xTrf^r ^t wrspsrr ^r^frr <^^c\s ^nf% tt, 1%fg ^n^m:^^ ^1<ic-h^ ^st^j ^»ich^ 


~r*t <^<3s ~rt ^T5r1% ^t^uht^t 

isq-sT.isq.ifiPT.f^T C^RT^rMRf) ^TR^T ^tt^ : b- : >- 3 

<-S( J 

*R>1h ^f^o ^c\s ^nvic<=i R^-a c=trp~ \s*Rr ^r»5T^ ^t*iaT^ ■n^r^ <p^^t i ^^srm cr^, eg^w^r 
Pi^d? ^i"c^r ^®tc<f sf^rrsq- ^r??t <<=-i<=-i, 'r^s: sR», "*rfw wm^trt ^wr ^rr, ^ivir^ 5 " ^sf& <t><cvs 
-tR^r i *\s^rt ^s ^Iwf^q- \sr^- -**\*f <p<\c^^, <]<^d<^H ^ivim ^.ws.r, ^fsr ^sbl-^\s ^?s; wm 

^raf^q^ C3=r ^is *>.C® ^Sbl-^\s ^^T I 8 "5>R3T "*fRs< \5R^p- <]<^d<^^T, cRRl^S, ^^ ^F^IT ^FR^3 <rfsTG ^rr; 

^sT^Tr?r ^fr:^; ^tt^j ctf<mr w^r i 

t-=i " fftss "*r*r=r ■^^s ^c\s ^nvic<^^" eg^: ^jw <si<jk &■> ^^f5 3Ttft%^ ^R^rtstt -n^r ^r^ti 

^T?R^- <JPaRf ^dfldfe.H "tfNse^F' <^<I»®rH ^I^Ssr SfCflH^l^l f^TR^", ^rt\s CMZ<F (XCVJ "C^TST^ C5TT*ft 

□ "R^-a cstr 5 ^t?t ^r*^r^ ^f*5t^ ■5f5T i; T <m=-i" , ^^ >i<t><^i ^n*^ ^fr:w<t tSd^-tJ f%^r ^^ 

^tvjRTf^ ^rr^lH^ ^nv4<t><o« csctt EfffRr ^^Rwfi* wR3R ^c-m<i> ^ c^\^rc^ <tf%RTr <^r^i 
c=-i<T1?j i^s i£i<iK i.8 ^sr«irm ^^ (tstr-^rt -^^str^t Th?jcvi^ v3Hi«-s^"c s Tm ^tr:^ ^p^r# ^^^r ^r:^ i 
sfB^rfSr ^^r c*i ~*h?sr?s ^fr:^: ^tptt ^§t TSTrsqtfw^F^R^ ^rt^'^j f^r; c^ ^vf\sifi<iiv»R^ ^R^rrTn 

□ "eT^" tsi^: ^f<Hn?^ 4^- £R%^f^f "c^psr ^Kurios"| ^fS "Sir" ^^ "spo ^^i^ ^g ^^tr^t 

Rd>IC^" ^TsiRJT ^t^S^ ^^f%^s- -5p^Tl^c\s^ ^vf\s|R)<t= ^tff^ f^TR^" <IJ<I^m ^^T C*JC\s -=tR3T I 
El^t^n? IH-H^J ^R^ C^FR-T <J<<NfB <Pif®«^® I ^«fiq\s <j«fiq\s ^-^| ^srR-rPiyo, C*JV|H "4^ ET3TCW I 

□ "rrf^ ^rr^f^rm ^b^t ^tt" ^1^ ^^fl* ^^tTr c^f^t^ ^i^-i^<t= ^Rj>r ^rm ^®r<r f^r >i^i<ij 

^R*JJ^ ^FR4 I t£)^: C=TRFR> "^t^S^ x5iT"i5ig <^Raf T3=p^X#" ^"C^tf^^T eg^^ R<^m ^R^f^T I P»Pi ^rf^ 
-&RT ^R^- R>P( \5R^F -^^ <£<1C& -^^C^H I 

Th?J(1V|^ ^srR^TT?^^ ^^m f%1w ^3T ■ J RT® ^^T ^ >!<^<=i IwXH-fl ^rT°^ri%^ R^dWi f^T C^^-HT 
<J>^H i^S : 8(2:- 8Vb) I t£l1^ "*JR9<T "y^tijvaR) >£i^K ^TT®^TJ\5t "^Cff^RTTt^^T I 


t- : 8 'T;-cff»f^3 t£| <ps>rr <FR^3 ^rf§TS ^rf' ^ eRfRT ^fw^" ^f*|^t\3 ^sRr^ -ap^fN; tm^ 
c^fM^r ^p^rr ^t=tt ^xtt ^[k^ o^o-mt <p-sp-s "sr^t ^=s; & : *o; i.^=ivb; >^=^.o; ^h : s>; "sqr# i^s; 
^s^^; g-=8^s; h : ^s^>; v-=^so; s>=s>; =g<qi s=8i>; a-^s; v-=<2-^; ^ : ^.i>) 1 "tfRs^ wf^rs^R^ TR:^ ^t^T 
>f^#^ ^tr<p >i^>s?^»r^" ^p^w^t >i_-^\sr*Ti~i<M51 f^rR^ wrtt ^^rm 1 \»^rt\s sgpwrt^R^Ri <jToff& 
~3^*>£^ ^rr ^rrt: o§=-mt <p-sp-s i>H=s>; "sqr# &=s>) 1 F®f^t ^hc^s-h ^ c=-ii<i*rB ^^r <frrr % sR% 
^m?rr Thc<i 1 

"f^is "*n<t>c>er-si f^r^c© t^rnr wm^tr^ cr^it3, <jq<Tx csTR^fRr ^i^ssff^prR^r "Shcktj ^«.^r*f <f<t" 
r=^trr i« ; i>8 isq<T carR^fRr ^pg-^R;^- ~c^5 wr^- ^=rm w^tr ^fr> t^r "tfRs^r ^q^fr> 

^'"^rm R>Pl <^<p*l-H Iss.d'sq' ER^*f <t>^C<^l iiq<pw^ ~Rs-=f[% \5R?T f^RTO? ^T^T RhRj^1<W<^ 

<]<^c<^h ^c^ ar\», N^t^im T=rm -jr;^; -^^s^rtr^ -^fc? wr^;, ^5ji-h<i> ^tr^tt -^trw 1 <v t%f5r ^st^r^^ 
^Rc^h, ^nfsr t^frrr ^i^r^ 5 ?j^ <j>^< 1 "^0^1% ^w^r <mc<=-m, c^: &t^, ^nfsr ^"sq-^r c*rmj ^r^: 
c*r, xstmI^t N^ivim ^r:^^ ^tz~& ^i^c^-h; c<t><i<^ ^r^pt <<=ih, ^smic^ ^ivim i^m 73^ «^c^~ 1 
S <M<H xsnfsj"^ <p^fc^><\ xsrffR^ C5TRP", ^HR4 c^r^T^R! x»iivit<t ^srlfR^; ^ifvi ^sT^R 1 ^ ixi<p w^r^p" 
'■^rfs' <iRic<^ C5=r ^rm ^1^° w^r^p 'eg^^rf <i<^d<^ c^ wr^t wm ^ivim trpr:^ '^: <p*3f ^?f 
<<=-ic<=-i C3=r \5T ^r^t 1 io ^^: ^^rr ^sz^ "%© wre^t ^str ^-ac^-M, jerex ^trr ^r*5t^ -=*R5t^ 

R<^m cr^r^s ^n^: ^rrt: 1 i: ^srm ^ifvi oststrtt^ <i<^<i\slfe., ^c-hc^p" ^1^ \s ^tpi^sq- <ic\s ^i>ic^", 
^f^^fj%^<jjr <]<^c<^-^, -^^r ^rs , c*jvih t^^m <moi, os^rf^r osrsrm £ri% "c^r^i ^rm c^: 

HC^^. ^STS WT*\ ?J^ "C^t^T I 

sr^TR-T ^f^^^ C^'^'HT <t>^H 8 = i^s) I tiqfi? t^T ^^Ff^ C<^-~g1?J xsres^ I cg^rR^T f^S^T ^3 WfPg^TFsT 

C^ft >|V||var RTfe.H ^rfw-n^T f^T ^TT C^Rf ^) I ^ «TR^TfR> >I<1=<^ "5q1-MC<I^ W^TT -fRs^ G2T5q-^<^ 
sRf^T^ ^R^, C*JV|H ^IR^ RjTh <IJ<I<im <t>C^Ife.C<^^T -5tRrR?tTr C=TR4RTf^ ^TR^, fe- = ^.s; ®8: tiq^X 

c^rm ^e T^-cfR-r sR:"RT? c m jjld=-iR^?T ^r:^ c^or^i- -^^) ^ ^^^ Pkj^hH? =3^ ^ :;> _ v, ^^ 

C=TR^R>^ ^C-H<1> C2f5q- fl^T I "srf^RTS R>rRt^ ^^RhI ETsq-fiT <TR^ C*J ^&V3 ~5\<PC-3-a ®r«^T ^TsT ^C-H<1> 

c^f^: t%^ 1 ^tbr -t\s-s fn^v) ^rr^ft ^«Rs^R)(,w^c^p ^tr-tri^s ^^fr> ^n c^t^j^p ^r<^r\s -HRit>?g 


ir-H "v»iiTvi f?fc?r \stc<p 73^ <t>«" ^^Mt^t "vsmjTvj" ^t-^n?^ ^^m ^^r*® ^sttc^tm <f<tt ^xtr^; "^rr 
t-"5T -^tccf ^tmtt <p?rr ^c?jc^: ■%©<* c^ <ftw ~^m\ ~*t\ c<wr^ f^r=r c^m^rr ■?rm ^n^: <^m^ ^^pf5 

>i>ivjT^f^T ctr*ir ^srm <if ^t^s^f1% <u R^-jfo^rfc^ -ffh?s?T ^rc^; ^ic>m ^rrt: 1%f& ^®t?t £fR>PiT^ 

=3<F H : ^) I ^fi? ^^f5 ^Swsf ^fl^p^r Riv^T?^- >|>IV|r^m ^Sp1C\s ^^^ *\&~*\ f<f%H ^»17R 

t^tR^^i ^?rr ^c?jc^: 1 EF*rfi? <x^ ^r?r c^r c^pt ^fcHin? ^r®i 1%^ c<fst c^^r^n^r cst^tc^- ^t?r^ 
t^tRt^^i <^c^Cfe_-H (?r«TW ^I^T ^c-sifitc^"^ 1 

<«PT.<ii.<iPT.'f^r ( NASB) ">nsj^, vajitvj o^lvirx^rsR^ <<=^T%." 

^q^r.c^.cw.f^ cNKJV) "f2Tpb\s^. n^iIvi as ivj r^tsr^ <<=-ifi>" 

•^^r.^rm.^i^T.f^ cNRSV) ">iR>j^. wffsr c\s1viktt?r^ ^5TfW 
f&.^\1% cTEV) "wffsr c®T5TR:^f^ <=-itV 
T75f.1% cJB) " ^nfsr ^f^n^st xststtcptsr^ <i<=-i1V 

^s^s wr^tm ^?rm w^tj^: ^trt^: ffe^r "*fhs?i >i^cw fbf^<t>^^ c*rmr -sH^f© i JfN*' 
^■Jf^TC^sfj ^^F^a <ir>id^~" ^t5t f^r f^r ^^z^^ ^ff^^f^p^ ^^.^^l^ N^^vSj^^ ^r^m^^ v3cs^"«r 1 

^T5T C^T^tTT C^T C^T^ <uR?f1 1^giC>l^ G5Z~3 QSP^ f^T ^TR^F "5t^S^ "^^fT^f^f ^C\s ^C?jlfe.<^ I 

arsq-f^ ^xtt ^^ c\£<=-Mf <i>^-m "srf^r is^v; =3^ h : s>) <^^ ^^rr t^R% ^m^r ^ar ^xTrfl^T a*^ 
>ivictt -sp^fid^^ c^rfcw^r «rm^rr c^r^^ c^<^ht <p^p-s =3^" i8=i><3:; ^.^=i>i>; af^nf^f^ ^f-pt i.s>=s>) 

^p^Hx#" ^dH<t> Rst^l R>^ ^srpTo ^rr t%5 c<^<i<^vifTa ^tpto ®rifi^», «rl^HHH5 ^^° ^rfftrr 
^i^t ^RTf^ ®riP» ^i^x c5qr*fR 3-sRtei ^^iJ^cvi^ ^^5^ f%iw ^jr^ -nf^s ^1^° ^srr« «nlvf<^ ffe^r 


-5R^Tff2q\s wtf^sf ^5R~T f^T ^Tf \5Brm ^ST^»w ^=X^\ ciq<3X ^C-HC^P ^^miT fi?^T ^PXsT ^sM "^T^XsTsT 

-srx^rff^s wff%?r ^sr^t f^r ^sxt^x^ <3W ctfTrr ^7?^ i <xi«r^re <sif$ ^^fl* ^r«arr<r >ns<$ >x*s\s i 

■"sr^xsm ^ft^: cs$z<f -CJ73T -^z^ ^rsTrm ^1%^rf% Rc>x^ h-eic^ ^sTx^ ^m^r ^tt <mht ^?rm 

-^RKi^-jd^- ctffsir:?j dfe.H ^rmr \sx^ f^^~m <mc\s ! ®r%m ^x?r i 


R>1h ^st?t ^^ ^*^ <p^5^, ^rm w^ ~£^x^5 en^r; \s^r f»Pi ^©x^ "*fhs?i -^Rii>*jjt <t><£vs 
=rr , ?ic<^'H i i,& wm ~*mr\ ^x="t c=TX^?rr ^c-m<i> ^assfsx^ \sR-rm ^fx^; ^m<=-i, \=x^ R>Pi ^trfj 

<rnf^ >i<^<^ <<j.h <t>-sioi«H 1" 

i^=i.8 '^®rm "^s f^i\sc^^ -5jx^: wff^raT c^x^t^t, \sm ^rr^swr ^mmtvs, \sbt w*t ^xtx^;" f^to^r 
f^qTf^s f^x^r^ Ci^f^hr io-ay ^t?t ^^^1 "^rsqixw^r "sxsjj f^ix^sr -^iv»ii<<t>\sm ^r»^x#" ^f 5 ^ 

^srr^r^s ^wt^t*pf®t 1 ^rrsq^t ^m ^Nr ^r^Hx^ 1%^; ^1% ^rrt:; P»Pi ^itx®t ^c-h<i> ^srx-n 
"5qx^ffe.d^-H 1 wrsnxtr^T c^r^^^r fsfsr^rm ^ef^rr >i>ivi r^m^xm c^^rr ^rr ^n^: 1 

i^=i^ "^srm ^rarrr ^x^t" ^hi^^t^ (TT^r ^^r <^^"x c^r >i<t><^ Rist^l-sir ^-^ f^i\sc^^ <rr#Nr ^rrsqx^r^ 
T^f^srm ^rrsqx^r ^d>i1fe.<^ ^tcw^tr 5 " 1%^^" ctfrrr ^xrrf^r c^r ^tr^t^ Thch c?rm f^^ivjsj ^<rm 
c^v^ ^M-ivjf® ^tt^ i ^^^m >i*ri ^n^^t^ ^^^ ^xTrf^r ^^° ^iH^m ^rgrrnr c~r*T ^xTrf^r i 

□ 'x=TR^^t ^c-h^ ^5sr^^<^ \»m t^r^S ^m<=-i, ^®tc® R>Pi ^~ffj T^mrt: c^ ^ r« fsr^x^ 5 " 

■sqxsjr >i<wr ^^t^ ^rr<RFi f^r 1 ^?af^\s <j?af^\s ^»c\s^r ^rrfltt^F ^rspirm ^t^f ^fsr^, 1%^ 
^si^hj^: >i<wr ^t?t i ~n<Jira<t= ^spg^st, w^srsr, ^<jk om^t^rsp^^ ^®r^iRi^i*J\s ^rr«m1%^" ^Ta^r 


eTRf^ ^st^st f^rf^r ^w >iv|ij^. -5rt~j£^fT wRtc^t ^nw <^c^h i ^^ ^Uyr^ ^^m f%fw <jr:^t -=fRns 
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<t i C^Tfe.C<^'H I Z H HpHH ^FR^Sf C5qT*fr^ ^J^^R^P R^^R^" ERTTr'^t <P^T ^^rm C^ R^JCTT \5R:"Cf^ 

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c^pt wm^rm c*jc\s ^t>^.<t> ffe^r; "^s \sr^f ^vic\s <]<^d<^H ^^"° ^ ^"5R^ ^srPTm "sjw 
RKKb-Hr <i>^d\s <<=-ic<=-m, c^^nr <i>^h ^.o -s-ttf) ^tr^^s -ssfsf ^f^ ^t*iaR:^ ^i>ic\s ^R^%<t= ffe^r; 

□ "V|-^j^Ta" t£|1^ f^o=T "^t'?Sf?T lHC>Sr^ "H^-V ^^T ^•'tff^ I ^1^ f^T ^t^ 1 WRTRT "*r^ >|V|fS ^rr 
cX|<iivarH "srl-i*^^ f2R:^xT ^R^ C^<^HT <J>^H ^?te ^Rf^^t ^ = s; f^rf^X^^T ^ : i) I f^g "crff^RlTI^T 

H : i^s- r® ^p?t <u<i^m ^fr^^t ^1^ c^^r<p ^^trt^ «tr^tt ^R^f%^i c?t&t^u, ^f^: *iwf& -^h^srm 
^rrt:, ^^ (<fr-t ^5fT#trroR<i^t ^r«aR4T -^riviRi^ sR^rr^t f^r ^rr i 

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<arR^p^ \s\sftr-H ^R:"tf^ c^^Rr^ ^<rm w^it ^t5t f^r ^^fr> ^rrx^ri^^p sf^Rr i ^®rm 'irfST f^T 


jq-sq^r 1%, T:^rt^T ^s^w ^ibfe.*) <^c®T^.<=-i; f^g RjTh l^gfjfo t^^r^r i ^^^r «mt ^m iH<^d? 

<i<^d<^H, c^: ^^R-^T^t^T, c<^ x»|<^ ^\q ? ^si^t R>1h ^^j ^m ^3 shv^c^p «T5pp Rc=w; ^of^s 
"5q-^r ~tff% ^^r i *Vm c^ oiRs-at wpe^t wr ^r^t ^^c^-h, ^rrs'. ^1%^t c<j>vm c=-ii<i>, <jt^ ^ 

^^^r.1% ( NASB) "wm ctf^r, >i^cg ^^fi? <r& <jks vs£><=-i" 

<^^r.c^.osr.1% cNKJV) '^srm >i^cg ^r^ ^r^t ^^fl? ^ks v3£x=-i" 

•^i^T.^rm.^i^T.f^ cNRSV) "^^f^ ^rsjcg^ ^' p P?s >^i<Fft? ^Tsm ^ks v3£><=-i" 
fi?.^\1% cTEV) "^5t^ <jr??t ^^f5 ^.^jih^ <^ ^Tf?^ 5 " ^srr^To <m=-i" 
-ew.f^r c JB) ">ns<$ >ic*js\s ^rr fnc^ jxw^ ^h<t <^<f1t> <n^s c^t:^ ^t^^T" 

■jfi^lc^ -^n^wfc* ^tr^r® f^rr ^fSc^fS^ jq<jx fH<^iB\svi c<ivm ^f#o isrp?. ^sq-^rnm'JiT:^^ wmr 

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^^.C\s t%^; "cj^ ^^^ t£|^^ -?s^^ -=tf^T b^Ife.<^ I ^\slC\s v»c\s^r RhR> ^^^ ^R^ 5 " <I<^<^, ^^rf^ 


\s^t \smr <rffer ^^rrr c^ -?skp?t *>tw^ £R^*t <t>^<^; ^rm ctf^r, ^t^rt ^^^ -sj-^t c<R:-n tsi=i, 
■hps twTrr c^Ti%Trr f^frrr >)*j£5 -^t^r, ^s >stc=i ^c< "spa^r i """^s^r -^ti^c^^r ^f=rm^r <j»<<=-i, isrp?. 
^R3T f^rrr "^r^n® Ri*)%j, f^xn^s^ c^ ^ssf^Tr<T f<*)^ <^mt <m<=-i i ^Vm ctf^r, ^R3t<t ^^n® 
g=ih» "*fhs?r >iR\s T^rps^T^ <t>«im wHf c^?r ^rtt wm^r, ^i^x \»r^ ctrRfrrr f^Riwcw^r ^sqr ^c\s 

cg^^T cNASB), 

eg^T.^rm.^^r.f^ ( NRSV) , zw.f^i ( JB) , "^rmi51*JcH-si c^x^m -stz^t" 

^^.c^^cNKJV) , '"?it=ti51?jcw-^ ott?^" 

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f^r, 1^95 -mmfltTr ^t^sffi^sT ^"5q^r 1%n; ^fsr jz^ Pi<j»1b<^®i ffe^r ^^° <^i^ wtrmffi^p ^^r^ 

□ "ij^vsf^r c=trp" "sfRr ^^ cs^ia "cj^sf^r c=tr<f?t <fvtt v3cs3"*r ^g-^c^-h 1%fs "5qr# ^^x =3^ 

«<i) i c<p^: g<f^: "sr^t <t>osiH c*r (j^w^i g=trir^ \SGs3^f ^?rr ^c^ics: ^t^f btbbrstctt ^rp#t 
ctfrrm w^rr >^r^ ^R^frti^ c^o eritttw^t f^r i ^^^rr <t><*>~\ ^t^TT ^j^p *4=*o; f^strr R^-an 

□ '^rmr ^ssr^ f^r \sBrr <p^^^r <cvs c^^ ^==t" \5T?rr ^tstr:^?^ ~^m\ ^f^^s c=tf-f f^r 
c£i^-^ ^®rm ^t5i^: f^^r ^<p^ma ^mT-m c?i^rR:^T ^m ^rt^nr ^w c^t^s 1 >^^ ^-n ~sn«i<:*i-si t^sffi 

C^f© C^f© ^^T ^T«aRT sTl-^fi^ ^S^T <P<-3 ^f^T RdlW <J<I=fe3\s ^^ !*-£) Wf?I^tin>(l\s ^SSPS^T f^T 

R^nr ^t f2rp5^ ^^rsr 1 ^s ^i^"x ^\sc^r^ jt^^ ^c-^<t> 1^?*^ £T«f ^c?jc^: "^trj ^s^s=<i ctfrrr ^^mr 
>i<icb.cTr 5j-~H^ ^i% "5n-i*jc^" <s3,<jk ^m csfsj <si<jk "src^TR^rR'^m "cjf^T^^ «^°^r <t=^c\s 1 

□ "c^ ^fsy f^XTT C<^^^. C*Jd\s ^ITa^ ^Tf' "5qT# 0:=^- vi> ^^^ =3<p t- = -^H 

b-=^.s> "\gfvi, czz. ^^^fs" tsi >i<^<^ v»\s^r TbHd\s "c^R^f^T "5^ c^ 5 Hbx^h c^<^-sr <t><*>~\ ^^TR^FR^ 
■^=1.^) 1 "^>^^a" ^rrari^ ^c-s^^m <u<i^m ^?rr ^rtr:^: c^rRr s=^s; is-««; :>^=;>^; ^h : 8^s, 
as - i«i) 1 licfsr f^^r "^a" ^f-^n?^ ^•^m ^q<pf5 ^^«arm csf=rr c^^-nr <t=^-H "5rRr ^. : ><2r; ^^r:ti^t 


ci^^s) i ^bt ^r^Hx^" ^asvscH-si iar^ ^rr^=r ^^: ^Rsc^mfi^sT ^-^r^t f^gi^r ^m^t <t=^c\s -str^s i 

□ ^^r.^.^^r.f^r cNASB) , ^^t.t^f. cw.f% (NKJV), 

•ii^r.wm.^^r.ffe ( NRSV) , csr.^s ( JV) - " iH^Pto TSR^ra ^tc^ ^>w*\uyvsx^ t% ^srMfSr 
^Rs^rr 1wz>s ^q^m^r <xki>ic^h ? " 

□ fi?.^\f% cTEV) "^srMfSr 1% >iT2><t> ^tstctt^ ^tc^ ^>w*\tfyvsx^ ^nf% fae© ^c>icte.H ?" 

wrixiR><i> ^tlw wr^t c*r ^^pf5 >iv|sg t^r^f^s ^cmcs: -*ttz>5 -^t^t wtt^o^cf^ ^^"° "^o 
"sqi-l*JC^^ ^^x '-i^sCT-a f^r^m <t><ic& -tR^r i c^^ht <fw^ f*pRi^ftrr ^=io- ;>;>; aRmf^Rs ^rw 

<sp¥n? ^i-i»iiH<t* S: rm i Tr i ^ ^t^tr^ ^^ ^s*& ^tr^: i ^^ ^xstr^st wz^^ *m^r \5R:"cr?r 
wRa^TNsR^rfT sfi% wsw< ^sj^g ^F^xr^ <jrt^i^<pr ccfRrnr ctfrr i 

□ "^rf^f" ^ft> <^|<FR> ET^arsq" (?3^Rt ~R= VM<^ ^TR^ i ffRs ws«<( \5R5rR7s ^rlfbfe.C<^-H I 

□ "x»^\s^r" ioi, -c«i f^re?em t^nr^sx=Tr Of^fr i 

1^=^)8 '^^R^ Ctf^sf ThC^CW-s] ^5TT <C® SZJ^ C*JC\s 1<mR> <t>^<^" ^T5q2r ^1^.C<lC<^f] "5R:*rJ 
^•sHf^psfCS© ^a-M*^ .sfR-spsi c<=r\\<t> l^vsr^ \»\S5R% C=TR^P^ ■'ff^aR-T ^^° "sjjw <jq<3X \5RTf?T 

*£Hj\ ^^t ^^pf^ "*fth >\^\*}<p "51<t>r ^^rm "®r<r ^^t c^r ^i^.c<i<^ ^t»^ht:#" ^srr^f^rm f^tw^ 
^rKrm w^ir ^rr^fPr T^rr^t i ^rrsrRTf^ si c\sj c<t>^. c*r ^tr^tt ^c?jc^: ct^: ^tr=ttx« ty=-ic\s scz<j i 
tg^: ^rMrfxo ^rr^f^rm ^i^.c<ic^t ^^° -^R^i ^sitsbt ^ismrt^m ^c?jc^: i ^<i»srH ^tmti^i^I^ 
^fr:^: ^tSr^ 5 " ^srr^fl^T ^i^^tr^: csj^s Rc\s ^tR^^ ^tt i 

xsrR^Tf^TBT ®thj ^i^: >i<t=<^ sT«f wm^tr^" ^rR<Rir ^p^m ^st-hj ccfirr ^xtr:^: ^^trts ^srr^fi^T 

R^ 5 ^SfTl%CTr W)HRI ®THT, ^v5t® ^^pg- Tgfi^j sq^f | 

;>. ^rr^-^ >i?-ivi r^m^sx=Tr C"5rRr, -5qr#,=3^) "^t^^ ^i^>r ^s^k ^FR4^sx=Tr c<^\ f%^ ^r:^" t^tR^^i 


8. cg<t>varH C^T^tTT ^vjRi^ xsmrcs^ ^TR:^ ^Ffw ^srtST "*fhs?T W^J 1% ^^ w^T^ff^* f%==T ? 

^-icbfe.w f^TKR x5rr^iH<t> ^-i<iRTf^ T<-«>ivar^f >i^^ 

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s> : i 


S> : ;>- b- 

s> : i>- b- 

S> : ^.- b- 

S> : 8- Vb 

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S> : H- b- 

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S> : i.o- ii 

S) ; iO- i\S 

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S> = i-^- i\s 


^t^s^^^ ^•^ngi^r 

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^^TlC^fl ^^m 

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S> = i>8- i>-H 

^^fD ^lC<^lb>Hl 

S> : i>8- iH 

b- : i8- iH 

Jo : i8 
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S> : i>8- iH 

S> =>- iH 

■*1l>M<1*®1-s1 <P-M\ 

t*4<r»f& <iRH<t»i 

-si 3 ^ ^lc^ic^^ >i& 

^*1JC'^=^ <t>HJl ^S 

\sl' ^*1JC'^=^ 


S> : >b— ^>t> 

^IC^I^U? C*J *Jl^S^ 

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cglC^I^ >1^ ^C<=-M 

<l*i • > M-*1 -^C^Ife.^ 

S> : i>b- 


S> = ;>b- ^*3a 

& : i>V— ^.Vb 

S> = i>b 

S : HO- H8<P 

uj^vsr-q ^K^-a 

^>sth ^=MC*h^ 

S> = ^.H- «i 

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uj^vsth NiM'Eii 

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>l_-^s| =-11^. 

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S>=0^.- «8 

S> : ^.S>- oo 

S>=0^.- 08 

t«i<li>srH C^H-a 

S> : Oi 

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S> = 0^.- *8 

tii<ji>arH (.^Ml <^*-t|l 

Jo : 0<2— Ob 



iJl^Sfl >)vjc<|utHI 

S> = 0^.- *8 



Ja : 0<2— Ob- 

Jo = 0<2-- Ob 

s>=o^.- oo 

S> : 03 
S> : 0<3:- Ob 

S>=Ovi>- Ob 

■Hfh f$tf%ST 1%=T Ci£T?T -^^\ Ctf^T) 

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^swtnfi? -^f^ i R^^fD ft?T*?\s <p<&~\ i ^t^sr ^sf«f® -^fru sr^nxsrsr 5 ®r*j<3Tc*r?f ^tr^tr^p 

f%^ ^trr "sj^t c^^r^^ ^Rjsrm ^M«i>i<oi< Mf% ^t ^nrr ^rp^f , ^rr ^^r ^rwm iwRh^ 
■^ i fwotrr ^-icbfe.^ 

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<f. "sri^r <p*r^f\s ^sr« ^f&=rr ^st^tr^^ w?r <Fvnrr sf^m <t>c-sM "*rr "5rr# <£,<;% =5^ ^^ir^: 
^c-s<t= -***{& ^q<Tx ^TD-h ifB^»Tc<r f^rf^r^i <t>c<~i 1 ^^mrr ^rr*m <t>osM \5TC"pt?t v3TB\s ^rer 

f^H^j <t><cvs ^'^•acfe.H f^»ic<i/ c^p^ sfc«B^ ^vjr^m c^^r^-n^r \5TCcr?T "s^s ^wz<i 

^rf^a ^Ner ^m ^^zrtf^s *iv[\sii\s<i> ^f%srm ^-^•^r^ ^^f% 1 ^s^rr <t^-i ^r^r 1% 
i£i<p?. vs-n^rm i^nGc^f R^»Tc<r ^n^cK^-i ^r^mrr^ <t><cv» ^z^ ^^ >\<p^ vjp=-ti-si w^ct 

C^ST i^o- i,^.s>) 

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cartas ^uyr f^pgfw^r ^^f5 ^fs^n "*rr w^rsr ^sr«trT^5r?r "Tf^ar ^^msirr v3T£\» i 
■n. «rl5f ^sr«irm osttc^bt si^f\s< ^^"° ^s^ch-si ^t^sr "*fhs?T ■^=vi\sr ar<ptpr\s ^^t i r<R»»< 

^r^f ^<iK ~*^f ^T5r1% ^sr«irm^T 

s>=-^ "^rat ^m ^fr:^: ^^^sf^ ^t^T^T^tr:^" ^»m<=^" ^ ^f^rm ^r^^ R<i^h "sqr# -^=i- -^^ ^kz^x 

^rT«Trr ■?rm 1 ^t?t ^^t c>\§. ^fiRhI c*rerTC^T 

^t^r^rfot^ <^j<t wv^t ^=rf^T ^^x ^tc^p "5t^»^ -tic^^ ^fr:^: \src^ ^nfsrcir f^irft^ 1 


□ "3=rm^r ^^, ^s.-yg-; c\stvjm *fM ^^^rr ^^t" ^fi* ^^^ <i\svir^ <t=^<m><i> ^rccrn ^^x ^^f5 

<]^v|f^r <t>vf<Hb<t> f^^T I Rlsti^lfir ^F^I^T^S ^F^I^T^S -s^TM <jq<3X ^PJ^ST ^r»^IX#" ' J f^ <]<^c\s-H 

<£i<i>fx? ^ffw^rr^t tsi^ i c<i><i<^vina" ^^^s ^^rr <mc\» ^ttr^^r i 

f^TR^" ^.ef^lcr-si «ivf>iv»r d^prm-n) c^^-^nc^vi -arPnc^^ R*§2jsr srF®^-^! ^zirf^T i ^.st^l 
xsn^r:^ ^f%>&s isr^: >\<p^\ ^r^frr c=tr^^t ^sbt ^1%^j ^-i^^H ^r??t ^®t«ip^ Rww "HpaTBvs 

wf^pFR^r^: *pf^~ft Hsx^-m i >iR>j<t>m wtsft^sr w^r ^s^rt "^fps^r ^^m cmr^i^rfRtf^r ^?rm w^r 
^m c^T^rp^r 5 ©*ff^5 t^r f^rr ^t f^rpiyo ^nr i -=tM ^s^sqr ^?rm ■^=v|\ S r wt^ <c^\ "*fNs?T isr^: 
wrf^r *37,^ ^mt ^p^*tr^: ^spqw ^c^Hsx^^ i \5p?rr t^^m <f<c\sH c^r -^h^srsr ^: ^vi^r t^r i 

•^=h); £f<p^ -vfc^ is&\ ^>^ f^T^rr t:^t^ ^^rf^ "5t^ ^^z^^ -5qiH<i^i^f «n^H<t>i51 -^s ^rr ^c\s-h i 

io-G: 'R^PTTjT ^=TT ^f^5f, 'C\slvim *fM ^^^TT ^^T ^^T' ^=TT, ^TT 1?f5T ^^ C^grfNS' ^5TT 

"c^si^m ^tr^ ^^^rr ^i^t ^^t" ^=tt <i>f2>--M>fi 1%^ ^i^i^ ^n5lRi<j> ^sg -5po ^ist ^^fe ^nr i 

-sft*^ ^|^ "5q1-^C*J^ -^-C^ ^STT <FTW^; ^>I^<I I 

^^1-51(1^^ ^TR^ ^Rt%T& lfe.d<^H, t^^ ^.str^T C^sT^cf^ ^3 ^rR^r ^Rt%T& Ife.d'^^ C^<^HT <t>^"H 
C^rm^T ii : 8-^,8<2:) I "5JpalT5lf^r ^ZTjf^X^T^T '^TR^5 ^I^T \5TC^ f^^Tyr ^P^m t&T^U f*P^C\s -=*TR3T l c£|^: 

<iiii(i^^ t&t^u i ^i^jl<i<t= -viz.^, ^t^s >i<i><^ ^r^ -^Rib*jr c^us egTST T3=f®i <F«f^r^s ^^af^\s ^ >i<t><^ 


□ "vi-^j^ts" ^gts^r Th^jvi c<y^^ ^t?t c^t^r ^^fl? f^re?*r*^lTr <3wm~n Rl^c-^^ ^=i> ^i<i% 

"vj-i^jj" 1 ^nr:^f<p, ^^r t=tiThc?j<^ H=i^s ^ ^^f5 ^r^\sl?j ^^xi-^m <u<i^bt ^?rr ^xTrf^r ^rr ^9 
^tff^r ^t ^rrsq- ^M <uT^=n?^ "5qi-H-51?J ^^x ^>^t^<p \Sv»5j^ eT^th ^r??t 1 c5=PT5nr c^ir^ ^ ^TTspfij 

-3=riviRi<ti c^n^r ^rc^^: <u<i^m ^c-a-H ^tt^:, f^is ^^r^p 1%f^r \sm t^s Ef^f% csthRi^ ^g^x 
^^f?^) c^rt^ ^?rr ^^x ei^frptj^t w^c ^«air<r ^rrsq- f^rR^" "H^-v <^c^lfe.c<^-M c^r^rr <p-&-i i. 
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□ "^Ri-51c\s -*tM ^s^stt ^?rm ■^=v|\ S r -ac^c^;" "wf^^m" "^vi^f xstsirt "wff*M\5i" ^r:<t 
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^P^T ^C^Hs.^ C^T ^^^ 1fe.C=iH "^^" <t>vf<]TX5T^ ^F^T ^T ^Tfw I ^J^st ^TtZ^^s^ ^m C5Tl<t>fD^ "^TT 
^C<^ ^T^STTfST ffe^T ^l"5q^T ^^f5 f©^ C7T ^ST?T f^^n ^slTsT f^T^r=Tr C*m ^XTT C5t?^ <il<Tx C5=r ^R^ 

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c9<t=>srH "sqi-i^d^^ ^9^: at^m ■^t=v|\ S r ctf^m w^it ^i^t ^^r:^^ Er>«T^T3=rr ^r^I^r^t^ i ^tSt ^r^s 

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ctf^ic^H; wm R>Th \sr^ <i<^c<^^t '^srrsrm ■*f^tu5 ^stpt" wm R>1h \s£>c<=-m ^^x \sm ^t*5TC^ 
s>=s> "wm "*fhs c^rsrpT c^iz^ c*jc\» c*jc\s" s> *tw c^r^p ;>h -^^x^r ^-ui-u "^rs^ sgprsqT&Rrsf 

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□ "R>P( -5rRr ^TTspP t£|<p- <jpe»c<F- ctr^lC^-M" "5qT# ^=;>8 <£(^K =3^" Qr : ^H C^iR^- WR*psR WlHC^s 

^trf% c*r, wm wR-a^fD ^rsq c^tr^t c^-iR i jq^t w?r ^^ ^r?r c*r R>Pi ^q<i»a?H ^nw^- ^reRR ^^w^r 
c=T^tTr tI^o-m i Ri^^ch^ ^sr^ ^^sf-^^s i^fB ^TR*r «iRq^, esq^RfS ^.st^l ^rsq i£i<rs. -©M-ifi? ^t<F 
iqrsq- 1 wm ^rr^rm^T^ ^ ^m^^r^rr ctfrrr ^^ ^c^-a >R75i i wm ^f^r ^c^-m c^ t»mr ^r^ ^^ 

>1>)VJ Tmc?T?T C=T*R?F*I o-I-^JRT CtfTTT ^5T I "*fh9 \5R/^ ^TR^T -^^cf <^c^Cfe.H f^TRJ" f^R^RT ^R 

"ctPt^ -^RaR^f ^r^arRT^y^R^" ^R*rm *&z^r?i ^sf**R3T >\<p^ c=tr^p^ s*1% \SRfT czrsq ctr^rrc^TRr ^^Rf5 

□ "*rast^i ^srr <c>i" ~TRM<i»»r t%R>r^f ^^x ~n>w<^r c^x^R^f^ ^tr^t ^strfrt "sq-R^r 

■5tT^N "^TRR^m ^TR?^ ^•^•a-HlstC'sq ^»<r^» 1%?T OUSr-HJ l>l5l?JT <^rex ^CH»im -5q*jT^\st C^FRT ^RR 

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^^RSR^tPsT ^J^R?R5: <*R%5fR>RS ^^ I "ifRSKT >|V|diT <jpsRKs\»t^q- cjq^; ^-SCHfl ^RW ^sfl- ^s ^^° 

□ "n^ivjrj •s'R^rjs ^i^t; ^rt« c=r ^z^ ^Rj ^r^t^ ■Jfsq^r <t=^<^" -^ >i^<]\s ^tSi^: Tj^sfsarsr 
>ivi?q f^r ^rr c*i "5rRr ~5Rs^r ^^«air ^s^^tf^^r^ i ^®rr^n\s^fSc\s -sq-^ ^rr t%1% ^c-h<i><ii^^. ^t^s^ 
f^R^T ^s^-hT^.c^h ^rm ^"st f^T *t^^^?t ■*i™&fu5 ^rp=rr ^1^"° ^<^>5f^T ^R^ r*R^t ^^m w^c 

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c^TRjRTf^r ibR>^>ic<t>^ sr:tR5?^t ^tR5:, ^^° -^fin?\sci<r-s3^. aRiTRsf^T ^Rc^: i ^^R^^ csTsq^t 1%?rr 
t^R^T ^?s, ^9: <u>d-Hfi "sq^f 1%, "N^ifsq tfrrr M^:, <iRi^rt ^rt" s c^n-nr ^xifvj ^RR^Rp Rt^rj^ 
^r?r, 1%^ ^R^ff^-JR^F v5iR=c\s ^=Mil>i*4ilfe. i 

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^i^m ^rj^: ^mr^Rr r«^t ^frj^t ^r^fR^iq ^rRrsq^ ^sr^r ^^^h ^p^sR^t ^^ s^^m <FRaf <^c^rfe.c<^-H 

C^^-HT <J>^H =35^ >S>) I VM\s§ "^sR^s ^Rf^RR" M^T l^fl? ^^T^T ^7^#t ^T5qR:^f^ C3=r >I<J><^ 
>|V||var <c\o ^R^^^ C=TRJR:"Cf^ ^^R^^TT ^.Cvs ^tR^ ^^R^T C5qT*ft^ <IJ<l-^m -^rBHlfB ^T5f^SX=rr 

<i>^c\s ^trj^s ^rr ^^r ^m^s^ 1 ^rr>t« ^?^#t *r:"^et c^TRrp ^R^c^j ^Rw ^r^, <p^t ^c*ics: i "®R^ 


\srtt^ <j<->^r ^s^rt c?p*r\ si^H c*T\ftJ f^r ^rr i 

>|V|ij ^s>ff^a HsX^^T f^g C&TWZ^FS ac ff%^ HsX^-H =TTI ^^TC^ ^-^l^lR^ -sr;^t <iC\s ^tR^ 1%^ 

sfffR ^fr^t (<fr ~£^r:w wf%^Ft f^TR^" fnvji^Ns ^rr ^c^^s c^r <st&> ^ic-a-a m^^tr:^ ^i>ic\s 
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\sfc^ s|\5XMrR ^C-aHsX^-M ^srm ^^R \smt st\5TT*lTR <M<=-1 ^\^SZ^ f^rf^T tiq^W^T WR3TT 
-3=rlv|irsr<ii <uR3=fi -sj\s ^C^HsX^H I C^s^-Mf <P-H"^ ii : i&>, =3^F s : «8) I \sRT ^qvinH* "tft^R^ OfX^\ 
^TRT^ -^d-^Hs.^ ""srlvsf^T" <£<=-l ~*TBS W& ^^T "^<t^Sr-H NS|R>CWTwt <uf^" ^T«aRT "tiq^W^T RlH 

fe=i^ "^srm ^r^r^r "^t^s \5T ^s-mc^-h, R>Th ^^c^-h" <^i^ ^r<r^m "^t^s ^^fg^s ^1%*fR:"cr^ ^r^r 

□ '^a^ c=TF4RTf^ jbR^^^rc^r Ef^Trnsf^r ^rf^:, ^^° ^irvb\scw^^. sRirpsf^ ^c?jc^:" <^fzs ^®r<r ^i^ 
w^tj ^fm-ntf^ ^^sttt \Slb\s ^R:"tf^ ^tr:^ ^m:tf^ t^T^n Er^Trnsf^ 1 

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^naccf^r -3=rr«n^-^\s <i<^d\sH 1 i>^> *iwf5 "srRr f^rRm ^prsqimr^^ ^^^ ^f^\sl?j ^r-cf 1 


o^o-mt <t>fj=H "5qr# i.=io:; cartas ^s=i.<2:; is>; ^.o=i,^) i -ffh® ^vihR= ~c^»t^q- csTr?^ ^c-ac^H c^r 
ijxs'^^ c=ttc<p^t ^-^sT^f ^rr <j>c-sm \sBrr >i<t>c<^^: f^rg ^z^ 0£<=-mt <j>^-h =3^ i^s=o:) 1 i«q<pw£^r?T 

^l<OK W^TJ v^-^T^ "5j=^s= C^TPT lHC>Sr^ C^tR^P ^fT^f C^iR^- ^^X 1%CST^ ^?IT CMZ<F f^PC^t WPTT 

^^x ^sr^TsrsT %5^r ^<ix ^tc^r f^c^ wptt i ^^r ^^f5 ^t® wr^m ^qrr 1%n ^t?t c^pt ^srff^Fm 
i£(^K ^1<h ^rnam ^^f5 -^Rki^h i ^^t c^r^t -^Rm^o^ fwr<F ^.M5.r i 

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^t%, 1%^ xstm^tbt f^rw^ ^s^rtpt ^wtsu »tt, ^^bt ^fbi^t 1% ? ie ^t^ "oR^ff^TR^- <i<^^<^^, ^^ 

"3TCW «Jf1<^C\s 1% <TPT<T *l£« C=TR^ f^T=TM <1*RlC\s " S '1"R3I ? v^pfg ^"5^ >|V|?g ^Tff^R^, "*T*t5T 

^■vfc&ss ^&v^\ ctfrr ^rr, c^h-ht ^sR^bt \si<^lc\s ^13* Ife.T^irr ^^mr, isrix wrts "sq^f i%g -^j- 1 i= ^®rm 
c^tr^p -^j^rs^ ^^tm -i\s-s ^i^i-sw ^?rR^r ^tr ^tRir^r ^^rsiR>t ^pTR>itt ^^mr, vsm^s ^i^i-sw 
^f1%Trr ■^rm, <pht^r>t^3 ^rg ^?r; 1%^ c=tr^f -^®h ^g^nc®^ W^pt gp^m^r <rn: , *r, ^i^t^s 

>iRsj<^m ^^r^t ^srtsrCt ffe.c^H RR^rr c^.) ^t^r ^rfw^^m ^^^ f^rar® Ife.c<^-H t%^rr ^r«aRt c^o 

o&v&tz.^ ^srr^t^ : ^•'tf^s 1fe.c^-s i G2fl%^ i,s>=i, ^uyr ^rrsq^t c^-^us ^tff% c^ c^m^r^ ^d-n^ l^mj 

□ "N^ivj^r ^q<ix ^Ri-^^T ^^r^m ^f%, 1^5 ^rr^r^Tm f^r^j'^r^ ^^r^m ^^^ ^rr" ^ar^^ f^nrcsr 
<£i<Ff5 -5qra ^^^m f^r, ^tr^p "sr^r srnrpia^ 5 f^r ^=rr ^ir, sfc\sj<i> <ife.^ \S^*jff^to ^s 1 

^1^: ^t^tr:^t^ ^=t?T 1%1w ^^^ c^r ^ f^r ^fD^ ^<j>fDd\s csqi^fr t^rt^: ^\<c^ ^^ffe.c<^^r 
cxi^-^ n^hji1h"H c^rtst ^ic>irfe.c<^H 1 ^"s^tpt ^R:^m «r^hr ^^l<t=m srsq-f^r ^<rm ^^^ ^^tm 
f^3=rR^ -^Rih^s ^xttI^t 1 "^t^s ^^: ^i^hw ^iRx^ <j>c^-h ^tt f^g RjTh ^tSr:^^ ^^t^ "5q-fiq 
fSr^m^p J ft^rR:^' f2r*b?j\sr srtTPr <t>c^H ^rr 1 

"^=^t^-pf ' ^f-HfD^ 1^ H? 1%^f ^N^ i«t^f ^c?jc^: ^rr ^^: «rm^rr EtRj-^Rivs ^^^ 1 ^^fl? ^r^f >^^^ 
^r:<t ■'tt A G'?rr "*nrr =35^ <2- : ^s^s- ^ 1 ~5qr# ^.=ib-os ^<p^^rR^" f^rf^t^ ^str^; "^^rpf >\- t -^ic^\ 

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^f<tz<i" RjIh ^f®i <ic<^ sj^^ f^TTffe.c^-H c^r ^r^p ^HR^tRt^ ^p^m -H^ ^ t^r^T-n^i ^^^pt 


^fr^t f^^Tc^T hvih1?j ^;\sTrm ERTrtw^ftrrom ^^® srcfR-r ^?r ^r:^ ^?r ^c\s -^tR^r i ^^tr^f i 
^<^var-s <o1wc<f sr^t\s< t£i <r?. Ir^m HV)Hlij\sm amm R*jctt ^t^*tt^: >m><$ <c\» ^x^" i wm 
^T?r c^n^r ^st^l st^^-s^ct-si ^?^#t v|\s<]R:-cf^ c^TRrf ^i%^j -^p^r^i- wr^r^ ^rwra ^^f5 
Ihtti ~^c»3r3 ^r^rR 1 ^ ^n^f^u <^^h i <^s|^\s -^h^srsr sr% ^ivj^r <i^1>-$ ^w \sm cscrr 

ib ""F®T^i \5Rtt?t tg^: >i<^<^ ^psarr <iRic\scfe.H, ^rm c<^*r ^<pw^t ^t«tp^ ^~c^r \sr^ si^ttst ^jr?st 
<i<^c<^-s, N^tvim ^^tjtst i^r^^^T vjRmr I^iitr:^;; ^si*^ <t>^n, \sr^ c^ ^trr:^" i is ^s-*r^r "^t^s 

S> = i.b- "^T^ift .MI^HMC^ i«q<t»a?H ^srstr^s ^l^d^-H ^^x \5R?T >l-+lC^f "STMT ^5 <t>^C<^-s" "5qT# 
<3: = ^- 8^> ifiRP?. =3^P V = 8i- d<h CS cfiRsfi? WR3R ^d-S<^ I^Wf1%S 1<<-sW ^TSTTT "*rtTT I M>l |^R|<^ 

^®r:<r< c<=-ii<t>n5 ^^f^r ^ns-MMcsj-a isrepw^r ^mr^ ^t <t=vf<t=^r f^x^w c^^-iht <p-sp-s "sqr# <2r=^^ i 

ij^^s^w^ iH^ct* ENnr?^ c^z^? ^9"c^r ^1^"° ^t^ ^tRTi^ ^^f^ "sn^ ^r^ ^r^ R>Pi tg<pf^ 

^p=*hz#" p©fn ibfe\s ife.c<^H i ^*r~T c^fi^t ^rfw ^^: ^rcf^sr=TR^" "sqr# <2r=-^i <^^s v>-=8^ tg^T -^rz^ 
^<^nr <t=c^-s, \st^3 ^<Ff^ m>i1vi<=i ^tsttt ^^rm c*jvj^ cvic^n? "sj^j-% srm f^r f^nr ^r«aRt 

^t-^t^^c^^ ^rt \5cs^^f ^srr ^xTrf^r ^Nsfst "sp^fN: f^^rR^" -^Rib.*jr ^^nsf ^«r ^p^m ^st^t i ^rm 

s> : ^o "^r^t <&>.< ^sr^rf^ arcf^s c^t-nsrw <^i^t^ ^R^trp" "stt# ^^vb ^^-^ =^<pr ^ :8 vs c^^r^f 
^srrsq^r ^^ ^tft^t ^p^r^ ^str^t R^iR\s <ihht >srHc\s *ffi% i ^rr^fr® t^FSc\s -sq-^^ ^^\s ^tR^" 

^i^t "sjff f^^T^T ^r^ ^rm, iio^ t£i<r?. -*r c^r<f ^m^s^ 1 ^rff^r® ^^^1 «r^ vj\s<]RTt t%^; 

^n^<1>5l ^J^ST ^PMX^" ®rlP( I ^l^<1>v| ^F^ST =TR^r?T ^^f^ T3 5^st f%==T ^<l»Sr-S C^TR^sT ^TRw^ 

"BR^^tR?^ ^i^t^ ^rRrr ^T^ra -nr^rm c^ir<r?T c*te<F arr^ ^5 ^itRm tw5q-^sr=Tr ^r^y^r *jc<i^ t^trtt 


Jjlc^l^ns i^ ^tr^tt <<s,s\ *rr?r c&g <^c-sic^; i >^^ f^^T^r s|<fr^^ ^spg^st \5TC^ ^•i&iPi^^lc^ 
w^fi? ^j^^f^^r ^^x ^st^lcr-a f^nrfs^s ^-^tm^rr ^M^rsr^c^ic^) ^sr^rtf^® ^c-aHs.^ i c^o-mt 

^"Mt^t "*fh® c5=r«rR ^c\s sf^R <mc=-m, tj^ w^r "srar ^ ^t*5T^ ^r*5t^ b<=-i<=-i; \5T?rr ct>b.i^*jT 
<iRid\s oTtf^r, c^: wv^r- ^mtt, ^|vik^t?t sf1% ~cfnr <p-sp-s i **T^f^r ■^vicsjj are^r <t>^c<^ -^ 

f^5Br f^nr ^x=tt -i<sH f^nrcsp^ ^ft?r ^fr^t f^^id>i^ vSc^^tr 1 

<^^-h f^rafsnr s>=i.H; 8i^=^>vb) c^r ^t^i^t c^p^: ^51 <i^h ^^^ ^t%^ ^c<^\s, ^i^l^ sj^f^s ^sr:^ 


s>=-^8 'T^sT ^rs; ^fr^t cvicijfD "5R3T ^tt^:, i! g^rR:Tr -ac^c^;" i "^sr" c<^ >£&i< ^nz^\ -^ -*^ 
<u<i^m ^at c^r^ =rr, f%?g >^^ c2fRi=c\s ^sj^ ^tr:^ \£=-iht ^?r ^cmcs: i ^T?r <^i<fr> -?NIrt 

s>=-^<3: "wrt ^^rt c^tr^x 1 ^ >iRxtt ctfrrr c^r^t" =j<p b-^^ \Sc^«r ^jx^t c*r f^srsqrsr ^g^x 

t£i c^r f^rR^^i <p^t wx^; i "sts <uR^c^ -*r*p*{ <mc<=-i \5R^pr ssrtcot ^srt=j^iPi<t> «rw ^x>|TB ^cs 
c^r» 1 1%?g, ^\?j^ ^r?t ^fx^r "*p*rt Ikwg ~t1w <^r:^-, \»^rt -sps ^tffRr Rc>ic^ ^^j^r c^rt 
IwRRet <yR^^ ^rr i 

s> : ^b "<^ ^R^fi?f C5^ c^r^RT ^r^f^r" c^r ^frx^t "*fh© *i<fB ^rr>t ^c-aHsx^-M ^sr ^^r c*r c<frt 
^riw c^r^T ^^ ^xntfsRF ^3^sT =TRT»^ ^Ts^Rf 6>.M?IC* ^rt ^tR^ Cn£=-1«-R <p-sp-s b-=s; s> ; «o; 
i^.^^; ivb=-^.o; in : s>; "sqr# i>=88; ^s=i^.; <2- : s^s; h : ^>^; v : «o; s>=s>; =3^ s : s;>; <2-=is; b- : <s-^; 
s>=^.iO i ^rx^s<f, ^x^fSf^Rrm "^jf^x^ ^=rm ^TR*y ^trr:^ ^^ <nTSi<Hf&< ^mic^mtstps ^re^tr^: 

s>=-^h ""cj^^f^r ^rar cbi>i^.?jr <i<^c\s <i<=-ic\s ^stw ^-i>i^h <t=^<^" ^rr^-^ >i>iviT^m ^sz^rrus 

□ "C^: "tTRgyf ^WRT, ^tviRTf^ sfi% t?T5R <t=^w" ^^Rs^ fH?JCV|^ ^^: t^R^RRST <3 "5rRr 

s5rM-rM>^»lC<l ^^ i£|<p>5f^T ^fwcfRsT ^T "sp^fR^^ ^Rf%fg^t R«^T I ^1 R^R^RTR^I^ ~^m\ C^TR^^T 

>ifij<t=m ^r:^" r¥ <a<nc\s c^R^f^r ^t R-rRs^s ^rt i t%^ ^^r ^rj^tj^: ^r:^^ r<^ic>i^ ^^Rf^ 

S> = -^v "^Jt, s|^" ^Rp ^T?TRT <4 R'R^RRsR^ ^^T "RSR^sR C*K^T§*r°) <TR^/ ®f^TR^«r«R^T 

"^r^Rtir " ^5R<r ^itSr^p <u<i^m ^p^t ^xrrf^r ^sreRrr ^t^s^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^p=^r4 «nsjv»iR)<i» 

^®R<r ^RC^T <IJ<I^m ^P^T z^CMCs: ^^Jf^^s ^ ^r^r CSTRJRTf^ <J<*jvs "^ctRI^ ^f^RT" R*R^T5TRtf^ 


1^ = 8) I 

s>=^s> "f®Pi xsrtt^t -^^ -3M**f <t=^c<^H" ^^T wT"e^p?t f^r*r?r ^srgr c=n<i>cw^ wR^rmi =tr?»*i 
; gjf& <fiRhI >i>h vi r^m^s c=-i i c® t^tR^^i ^?rr ^c^ics: i ^stri^rp, ^moi<i> "s<rf©sr Pica ^^sf^r ^pr:"^ 
■*iRm\s ^xrrf^r i jo^tr^t of^tx ^m "*fhs ^t<Tra ^^ " 3 ^ j *f <mc=-m, ^stmt* \5r:"ct?t f^^m <rf%i 
<^^m w^?r i ^^cr-a T^1%^Ttw r^RidTr ctfrrfST f^r "sp^ffc^r tj^p^ht:^" ^R*ti\s ^t^?t srsTT^^sT^Tm 
-5q-£sirr t£R5fi? ETsq-pr i Osjo-mt <p-sp-s -^THs >Rf^\sf is& : ir; f^TR^rr ^s>=;>fc-; ^ct-ct; 8^. : h; i*j»; it; 

v=; ^mr ^~r^r?t ^^m^;, wm o^*r, c=tr^^t ^a^ ^ssr^ c^ff^fR^F ^st?t Pt^d? ^xh<=-i i ^s ^R?rRq 
^x^t c^ c-stmr ^^rr ^f^c^s ^Ttf^r; ^^r^ l^\\<p >\<p^ wrists tss-r-t <p<\^\, ^gR^c^-a ^rc^ 
jq-sr^ <j^sf^\s ctf^rr ^rnr ^rrt: i f^g ^FffHfrsrr <i<=-ic\s qtm^t, ^s-jit^i^ wf?r^ff% writ c=r ^s 
~<&:WT^ i 

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^tr^R 5 ! "S\sRi ^at ^xTrf^r i "5qr# h : ^s-^ ^q^x io : ^& ^ ^<r i£i<Ffi? ts^s^v) vShk-sm ^tst]T ^*mr; 

"sqxsiT nm<]1\\s v»\s£<p |<\s||^j\s <p^t ^c^f^o-l I ^rf^^S -»c®< ^flw^sf^T ac tt%f%^ 'srg^sH ^T^f 

<c\» ^tm, 1%fs >i<^<^ ^spgp^sT^ ^30® <i ^mw ^rrsr^tf^ ^Rr^tes ~c^ ^»o®< ^^ff^t% \s~£tr:^; \st 

\sM esq >M>J\sf i^vgr^f^^ T3T5q-<R <t>d^H <£(<;% ^ ^f^£r<jrpcf^<p n^^-^<^ >|V|ij i<q^X -^s-H lH?J(l"5q^ 

f^f%^f ^ils-nm cstc^ ^x^^^ \ ^^ ^®r<r <^: ^^nr c^ -^S\w 1%c^ ^m^rr c^^t ^s ^xitc^: i wr^f^p^ 
^fpi5^rT w^ic^s-si T^1%^»fw ^9^: wf%sfT<Ff%^" Mlw^ R^cwi ^d^d^: i io =i, iSFsi t^M^r t^nr o^-^ i 

S> : «8 

^^r.^.^^.f^ cNASB) , <£i^t.7<F.05f.f^( NKJV) , 

<ii^r.^srm.'^i^T.f^( NRSV) , - "ws<:h< wf?r^ff% ~^mx P»Pi ^© ^t^t^" 

f&.^:.1%cTEV) "^cw wf?r^ff% ^tc^p •^=v|\ S r f^TR^^r "^m:^ f^sPi ^r:w^ ^t;?^:^ ^tR^^r" 

C5f.t%CjB) "*f^vsHCH-sl ^iw^lp®^ "sn^TRrsr^: P»P( ^S ^tf^TT lfe_d=iH" 

^S'C^tffe.d^'H ^sRJt »W^ "^t^ST^P st^STMrt^T <1>-slCvs C^Rl^f^X^W ^FR4^T P»P( ^R^f^ ^fi^J 
aTsq-R^T ^^T^T ^Tt^ I e9^ ^^J^ 1<<<H "5qT# ^s : ^^ <£(^K =3^F i,i=i<2- c® ^tTSTrT "^TP?T I C*m^T S : io 

as c9<^ sr<Fm ^^^g 1h-^tR4 t^nr c^^rr ^tr:^; ^rr ®;^\sm "sq-^n c«fc^ ^c^Hs.^ 1 ^^: >\<p^ 


?rmr ^"sq^r wr^- w^ p*^t c*r \5p?p c^ ^vir^m "ew^R?® ^>ivi<r ffe^r c=p3: >i>ivif^m ^\sj^ 

^ic<^r ^•*<t i R^ -^Ri-ps ^c*jc^: ^«r ^»^h<t>i<fi5 ^^ ^n ^t® ^=-mt <p^-s <b : ^; ^tt <i>Ri-il?j 
8=8; i <jqt5t t^T^^^t \S^I' 5i t^" c^r <^p5 usfp^ ■^n^Rif^p- 1% as c^<pr*q) <rf^r cwrrr ^d^lfe. 1%^ 

sfTBP^ C^ft=Tr^T?T ^JtRfSl^T WSJ^sPJ ^PIT WS^sT f§T*P^T ^^fa-sl -tl^Plf^T esq^; -pftffll f^cfrsq-pT I 
-5q7^rlN»l<]f5 vsRtt^R:^ -^RlblPPs <1iC^Ife.<^ ^sh^fTsT WR?=TR^ ^•^i^R/fT -^Rm^ <p^m warfW^tTT 


^wm "5ps> "^tst® ^R3T \s ^m:^ ^vm <t>Ric\s =rtf?R^T^T; RjIh co-h^ch-si >)vji®r^r?^: ^R^r^r 
l^rd^H ^e ^wra sgprsneBr sium <mo-i-p ^p^x -^p^aps^m ostm ^s >i<Mappm ^rt^ wR3rmi 
<mc=-m i *" J 1^g f^s^r (.=-it<t> ctrRnrr f»Pi vsrtt^t sfps <t=^n il<f3 ^c=-m, wh^t \5p?n <j i-aj=i *© 
T^p»h f^r, c^t^t ^ti^pp RUh cspr^tT^T i """^apr %ph wm^t f^t^jl^r'517^ 5 " <t>RMH, "*r^u ss^n 
k5, t^s^ ^^i*jj<i>i51 l^\\<p ^®p^; """"^r^^^ ^r^u c*t>c^-si ^t^p^ Pi<i>d? srr^RT ^?s, c^r^r RjIh f^rw 
^ c f>uc'^=CTa' ^i^ij<j>i5l C5TPP ^tf^f^rrr Of^f i 

^=^0:- vsi^ ig^: -^rif)v|v[vM<ii R<5i\s <in-sr ^p^m ^st^j i^fB >i^i<ij ^•'tm ^t^r:^: c^) 3=-^ f^c-st 

f?R^T ig<Ff^ "yrl^vivf xsrsiRT i>o-5q- ^rscrRlT ^R^T ^St^T f^P^R^ C2f1%s Rwc^ ST5R4 ^FR^ 

«=tt^5R:^rm ^fsp^r R.c>ic<r i 

s> : «<2: "?tr:wp?t >^>iviT^m af^m <i>^c\s" ^^t^^ ^nwr t^r "^hs?r sf«arr ^i^"° c^n^r ^•^R:"ctR :>c m 
^^■^ ^m wf^pFR^ ^^T5TR4 c<t>-tiiT<-^i ^srr^tt^^R^ ^^r ^i^i^t "sq-f^j^p^ ^t^trtt ^^z^^ ^psfj 
f^rc^t ^r??t ^rr ^i<i>Ih"H ^rsqsr -^Rj-51 ^p^j^pst ^th ^p^:^ k^^-ht <j>^h "srRr vb : io) i s-^h as 

c^TP^R^r^ 2*1% ffps ^rt ^n ^^hiR's Hsx^h i \5R^f^ ^f^qj ^m >i^i«i^F» =3^" i.^s=i8 as <s^ 

>\<P^\ ^R^f^ "^TaT ^H-HT <P^T i^CMCs: I 

□ "^n^pp RCI-h c5p5p=*rrcFT <*i<t -aro" sr^rr c^psr:t^^ w^t ""csp^^tp^pp" ps^t ^^fp5 ^rp^sr^l^T 
<3M<j5- c^^-ht <^^»h -n^p-Tr -^h^h; ^ ^psrpgp>r ^^ : i«\; f^rp^R^^r «8 ; i- xsa) 1 ^ns csp?r^ti<^c<i>^ 

^sr:<T ^^afi^vs ^5iaf^\s ^^R;^^ <]J<]^m ^^T ^RTrf^T C^^PTT <t>^H RlP^C^^T *8- ^rsTpJRT i«i : Q:) I 


f^m^rr <t <£■■■&— s>) ^st^z^st ^fr:^; R^i^cr-a eit<rt ^?r ^^<j>m ctt^t f^sPi f^nsr ^^r^tr c^^a 

"^r^sT ^tV|RTf^^<pr ^TT^m W=IT <^s|^T\S <P>«rsf\s N^-iV|R) ctf^ I =T^J <t>fJ"H C*T Wl^C^ ^^7^^ 
^PETT (7^Ta Rww Ctf^fT ^5T I ^fi? \sRr W^Rs I R>iH i£n?TC<F Wl<=-1<1<:>M I I^sTh "5T^ ^t?T c*t^ vife= 
■^TTTT C^pT^Tf <PfP-S Wl^H o=i>\la; i.Ns1v|f$T?T ^. : 85 ^ f^to<T « : S>) I 

**ft*T c^f^r ^^f5 -rfth >\^\m<p "51<t»r ^^rm "®r<r ^^r c*r ^i^.c<]<^ jt^^ ^rr^^rm Ih^^ ^twih 
w^tj ^rMf^f Ptc>sr^. Tfrfft i wtstrtt^t 2Ic\sjc<m^. c*t wr-t/ ^xic^-it -sic^c^: ^srt® b<=-ic\s ^z<i i ^^ 
<ur*frR^ wm^trt <n^£<<:<=i ^^x "^it^nsr wiwm ^sjsrrfl^m \s~ctr^; i ^<j^sr-s <rjr*ixi<M?n-si ^r:^; 
^t?r^~ ^srMf^r ^sr^p^T^: csj^s fCre» ^tR^^r ^rr i 

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^,. •sf^rgj-Tot <jRs»fB< ^tr^f^s^sTr "*fNs?r ^sn ^r:^ r^trt ^<^®t>r 1% ? 

8. ~c^^ <-sit5t ^s^s^s^f^ c^r -ffh© ^tr^Rtf^ ^i^"° ^^sndc^r^ ^tr:^ "srR<m <i>^c\s-h ? 
ct. ^^Rrm ^t^hr^" "^t^s 1% <r=-m ? 

s>. ^Fl5ira<t> ^pj^st ^i^"x ^s ^T^ ^^STrm "5q-«iP^m ^tr^R^r ^rMrt <^^-H 








<l1f]>a?-H C5i|R|\S 

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<i if^-H cd,R\s 



■^=v|\s| sdifM 


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<p<i\<i var-ii 

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■^fl\s<^ <src<^<^ -d 1T& 

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^<-lCbfe.W ^rtTCTT "Sp^T C^^R^FsT wf%StT5T N=>l-i>lfM ^R3T 

<jxr«frr <Fifft?r ^^m ^i^: ^r^m^^p csj^s Rc\s -tR^i^ ^rr i n=*h>m cmz<f ^tt ^zh ^w^rz.^9: 
^mmrfl* ■^^ i R^^n? ft?T*?\s <t^-s i ^r^t tSd^T^m ^tf^ sr^FR3r?r ^-i<iR:"cr?T wr?=tr^- 

f%?g cij'St "5j=^T C5^sR<F?T wf%smr ^-1>I^CH^ ~5ff% ^T ^tm ~*1?fM , "*TT "C^M ^TMm ^ffsN^ 
-&P3M I £TC\sJ<l=n? ^-lCbfe.C^^ <si^f5 <£(<l% c<t><I<^v|Tia ^^f5 f^ERT -ac^C^; I 

■5t. ^tr^tt >srCH^ sfi% -fft^sr ^am Rj-sH? ^m ^"ctr:^; ^rr "*rr "wffsj oststr^tsr^ ^fsi 

<^^£|-3=r.t^ c^t^T^rr-jftTf) ac ttj ^tr^= i.o=i, 

c*r^ \srjt wrnw^w ^R5tr^ <£(<j% T3^af<Fm c^r-n ^s^k ^rf?r ^rR^fm <^^c\s ^tr^^t i 

^R^T ^°T?^ ^-^j^f I f^^T^T ^R<^lbJ R%I?J Ctf^T : i.8 = ^o os ^IM ^R^fJll^ I 


□ "f^nErrsT^T" ^i^R<i> ^«r^~ ^t?rt wSr c^r^t "f~R5Ft%^r" i s^s=q rrttsRT? t^r^jz'tf^ ^r?t 
-€&<}*© ic^im ^r??t fs^p^ifc^sT ^^m ^st?t i 

^^C^-H I \5T?R ^m %% "5qlf^<l» sffvsRlRrc® -*1Rm\s ^C=-M I ~n51Rl<t> ^C^TlR><t= <FT5f ^ST^TT f^T 

■tfNs?i ^T^T f^f*5To ^p<trj ^^Rf5 ^^ttrr i 

□ ' s ®rc c rsR^ w^ft? ^is®R:"cf^ ^r^t •^=v|\ S r f^ro-M c^t^t \sbr "^erfrj c^t-n ^e <rnf^ wR^mi 
<ii^c\s ^tr^^t" ot^j <p^p-s ^ssn® herts. c-sftz^Fss 'wc s jj ^^Rf5 -^tfSrpt "&®?Tl ^^r ^xtr:^; i ^c^-sR 

sRSR^ ^FR^PsT C=TR^?R -5T^arM<|^l ffe.O-1^ I \sM Sf-^R^-a ^^T^sf^T^ "2f1-5>R)<t> <1^>IH^ ^^° 

"snsT^ <uRs=d\s-si ^^m <uR?\s wR3R^ <m\s rsrRjp^psr ^rR^ ^>i<^<^ ^®rr«mi%<F -^iwm fs^l^^t 
^■^ <uf«=\s wr^r-^ <^^m ^c^-i <r^ ^^ <tv*t ^51% ^^r 1 ^rr ^co-sir f^r ^kr,^^ ct<c<^<\ ^r«aRT 

^^Tt^T, CCf^T wfgRS = ^^F.'«l=1^ft#3 StW RhjT cfiRPv %gR3J^T «T^, <T5T "3=R-^^-H ^§T <b«\- S>^ 

( w.p- Hb bright's Archiology and religion of Isreal, Fifth Edition) 

^l^T^^T IH^V) c^ft? C^fi? Ot<MR, t^S, ^sr«?R4T ^«?1 R*JC1T Rn>=siR|\sv»R^ct ^ 1 C<=-1 1 b>-R ^JR3T ^TT 
<R f&@T <JR3T ^Tt ^®r«iRT <^MT ^R3T ^Tt , ^*R<T >l£<I\s ^^RJ^f ^5^ tg^- <F£^BT ^^JR?^?I^Rf 0£=-MT 
<p-sp-s " J rnat b- : io; s> : i>s; i><2-=i>i>; fw^trr Rk-sm s-^(t, *ss>; ^ : s; vs^s=^.vi>; ^1\»>xf^sT 
«(2: : i.o; -Hi^jo' wb=>t>; Rt^tr? 7 ^ svb=s>; Rrpfsr^r io=>t>- h; ^t^R H : ii^) i ^jaRs^r fn^vi 

C^TI^?Rl<1i ^5flR)>|-i^C^^ ^f® OT<T^>lCH*1 ^TRTSTR^^f ^IR^ ^TT CC>lI^rV|, ^<^-HT <P-&-*\ t%oT?l Rk-sI-^s 
^Tl\s>l<f^5T iovb=\sH) ^9^"° ^^T 1%g 1%^; CT<l\sm ^T5T ^^^f ^R^l 

^<^-nr <^^h c=t?Rt ^h : h; ^^°^rR4R>T i.i.=i.s-) 

RiRi^r CcffR?=TRp~ , c5Ttft^t ^«t1w ^r^H^f "s^\sj ^t ^r^R:^<i\sr c^^T^rr <^^-s f^rR^rr «8=i8) 

^scf^i^^^f C^-^Jd^- ^^TRiTRJ W^TJ tfil'n* ^^RR> ^Rg^ ^n^f ^R -5qiS iTR^PP ^I^TR-T Ctr^fRT ^tR^T^T^t 
CW<|\sR^F ^^Rit C^<^HT <t=^H R<rHR^5r *.ir : i(2-,i.v; R^fsnr s>=^i,; ^^^ -^ >l<^<]\s f^^Slsj R<]^H 


~C^»m c^r<l\sr Cvj<u*4l51 osrt^t, ^<=-lHT <&<t>~\ -flte^Rf^sT ^^ = 0:- **. *^<<£<P ^--ay 

Ccii s-h^ v3hi«-^ vs^vbi^^T rt^/^j^Rt Encyclopaedia Judaica <tcv» ~5trt ^st ^cmcs:, a^ ^s 

^itcscrf, ^j^t^^ Pricst "Srjtcsckrt ( YHWH) e^z<F c^frt aR^m Z^<^r wy<n c^ntcst"^ 
^®3jr ^rRt i^rtoRi ^^r ^RTR:^KRr( YHWH) <^rt ^si ojpRrr <?^h ^rtrt i- ^>; ^rsff^ir ^>), 
cj]<pvsf^T ^T^ ^rt 0£<=-mt <p-sp-s ^.rt. cv^1%v5 >idH^ A theology of the old testament -^prl^s^ 

<jT<<^"^rt <ir i V^' c rm c&tr^h- <z^tr •gfg^^) >iv|sq ^st^i s^ riwbt =rr^ ^??t ^^~° w^rgfg *r^ 
V4\s<r*r cwf«r ^•5ti>i-mvM<p *r^y ^^ •p+RR ,! fRi<F h^\s wK??rM ^?rr tw^ ^tcct^t -snwm ^sreRrr 

-sjw ^<tbt -^ ^?^#t *ht^ ^rrc^tctt ccrt?. \srt 't^cT-a "sre^tr ^<ix ^rtoRt ^<ix \sm ^cr-a 

<uRs>\s ^srtt^TM ^at v|-~vr\sm ^RT ^7^#t «rc^ *r^ "o\s -«iHt*|>\!s i£i1T<^lcvj-sl -ffhss "sp^ffc^sT 
wt^t ^i^x ^tsttt ( The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah) rc^rt «t^, -^fRtf^fg i^s c^§t 

^tttoT^ ^stsirt ^nfsr^T ( samail) 
"stpjct^ "SR:«n "sp^f %5^r ( Yetzer Hara) 

-^\sh f^trrsr , "rt^t^t ^^^ ^prsq r^Brof^r -sqi-H<i>srifi ^1^"° ^^z^^ ( YHWH) l^fs^ t^TR:^" 

-^T^f- N^t^®m Wf%^ ^l^x RTC^T^telT^ 5 " T=f^»T?RI C^rRRTT ^3T C^7^#t «T^V|\s<]RTt ^cf^j^^j 
-5q1-H<]>Sr|R)^ ^Ha^ ffe^T t%^ ^^Z^^ ^RT I \5BTf ^^Z^^ ^5^t, P<^V| i<q^X <TW&f T<[ RTC^tRTST 

<p^\s 1 -ffhs >^^ "sr^xw-<i^sr c^^ttt^ 5 " ^r^sf^ ^i^r ^=Tt ^», ^^t^tt <^^-h =3^" 8 : ^s^; ^=i>b-) 

^ST«y^T "sq^cf ^l^eR^P C^^T^rt <P-H"^ H-^i b- : ^) RTT^tRi^sT ^^pffe.d<^H ^1^"° "5qlH<I>Sr |R> C^Z^ 
^^afi^\s ^R^ 5 " ^RFm ^P^"^ ^9^"° ^TC<P v3c^«tT ^^^ <Pv|T <I<^C\s C5gT <^C^Ife.<^, 1%^ ^9 


^T^rR^Tf ^T5f ^T "st^T^^ ^F*f^: <£>^¥n? ^sr*ulR><i» ^?r f^TRR ^sf«?T<TT s|^^ ^~RPT -^ff^wRFTflt 
^s^RT f^^l^ldT-sl v»p]^j\s Efvard-44^ >SrHJ sf"RW esq<Ff5 -^^Ins ^5reRT ^T^sf^TT^t f^TRR 

"^t^^stst c^TR^siT ^r^tr^: vi-~H\sm stf%c<TW ^R3T c^rR^m s=h) i ^st?t <^?t ^M 1^T5T^s ^£<r 
^rr 0£<=-mt <t><*>-\ ic^m^r Gr : >b-), 1%^ \5T?rr £R?=TTf^s ^c® -^tR^r i£rtn , sich^ ^tps^j ^"c=tt 

fSRidb.^ -3TivnFsr<p ^m^Rrsrr), "SR^rrci^^ssffs^ ~p*f^r=Tr Iwcs ^t?r^ "^p^h-sk^ ^iwt 
^?trt (<frt wf^Fm ^tR4: cfs^ivji^ 3j» cm *s ) , 1%^ csq<r sjwpq- -^h T^i -3 j t^h^t^ i 

*'c>i^. <rR3rr w^r c£irsi(i\s^ ^rrsq- isr^: eg^: - sr^irsq", f^rcsn^r, ^TR^P f^t^sT <C<=-1, esq^x \sm ^WT 
^Mif*iai?4, r>ir^rc?j^ ■*£& '^TR?m ^<3x \sRt ^rst ^c^rm^r, 'RpRi^f ^e ^mvj^, c«irsrr ^s ^sjsrRlt 
■srRr, ■aihww*! ■*£§ ^m:^n^" ^ <y^"^riq", "^fptt^ t^Rrsn^r ^9^"° ^^rf^TrTotrr R^w-r, ctt ^it^p 

^cvsivj^T ^f^sn1%'5T^T^ -vfc^ ^n^^s ^rr, ^^-^ ^rsrfftTRTT^T c^pt c^~r ^t-sit^ ^^^r ^i%s ^rr; 

^t-jit^ 1% -sm:"5q- eix^xt ^?rc<i, \»«art<Fm c^ft ^rfw c^tt^It, \5mT «i^wt^ ^fI%g, ^srm c^r ^rtr® 
^t^tj ^r:^ ^tt ^ts, c^rsrt^r ^^n^^s i ^^^srm ^i^m ■5j^ atr:^^ <^R<im >ivictt c*r§; %^z^ 
-5q-w=T^T=f ^f%^3 1 iv \oic\s G5^ -5j^ ^rf^ c^rr-m ^n, \str~ csTsq-Rtf^ ac tt1% ^®m sf% <^<t>; t^^ 

<^<m >ivictt ^stT" 1 *^ ^rr^t^ ^tR:^]^ sj=tt ^i1%Trr c-^Ri^s 1 itt ^iivi oststrtt^ "ypsi <<=^c\sT^., 


^TRrsm \siRi<M ^tsttt ^^rm i ^TTsr^rsrr ^<jk f%^rrm ^rrsTT^rsqraTiT mRki^h ^it i ^tr^rf, ~5Bff5 
^r«aRT Rj-HfS ^R:^f \5T?rr >ivi^ ^c?jcfe.H i>i<i>iv|ij f£H\5?T ^^^jjsycsr ^^° >i<i>iv|ij ^^RcTrf^trr 
f^r^rr >)<i<:~Rr*T ^sxtri^t i -£PM" ^r=tt ^<f^: aR^m s^tr^f i ^^ -spm ^r=tt «I<t >i<^<i\s ^tf^Tt^T:^ 
^r«rr t%="T ^tr^ c^fr c^fr t*r^T w?r ^raRnr^r w^nr \sr-ptst ^ff%^m^sr=Tm ^r^tt^r^st He* 

io:« "<r<j<=T5r?r" \5R^F ^T^lHC?J=i <R?=Te WRFT C^T* C^=iHT <1>^H C^rm^T i=8Vb) 

□ "srfsf \sr^f c^R <c<=-i\s vsi^ft c^To c^^r^rr <j^h "5qr# -^^s; =3^ ^^h) 

□ "sirc^riT" \sR^f ft^rm -^s ^®r«aRT <tt^: R^w-r c^o-ht <t>^-H =3^ vb=:>^; C2fj%» i=i^o ^®r«aRT 
i^Pr^^ c^i^ MSS M, G e S W| 

eg^^r.f^ (NASB), cw.fg- ( JB) "^^TR?t t^Tc-srf^" 

<^T.C<F05?.f% CNKJV) "<tHl^Tl^ f^RTSTH" 

>xi^r.^rm.<ii^r.1% (NRSV) "<j*hih1*j f^RrsrH" 
m.^.1% cTEV) 'Tw~K:arf5p^ f*K~srH" 

, ®tw "^hi^Itpq <j=tt c^Rs 1 <fhih1*j ^R^ffi* f^r ^trthi^: - ^r^fS-a Jft^- wrtbt Eil%^RFsr^ 

^r:m ^jtrfrst c^ wtsr^t ^R<i^hct ^r=>5>h <t=c^1fe.c<^^i 1 

□ "^^rf%^Trr#tTr" ^^: ^Rsfft* ^tfrrm R^Ricttrs c^t^ wrr c^ir^f) ^tr^^tst ^^pf5 ~t^?t ^rem 
^<pvsf^ ^\sji<i>i51^ §2.R<m cift<p wrr cMz^y <F4iT?T i^rf^ 1%1r ^pfrrr c^z^ >^u*{ r?=f^t \st^r?^ 
R>H Hsx^-h ^^sqrs C2R%= hh wr^t w^r^t cz<f ^e^Tfex^H 1 

iTRrsm ^^fl* c^r^^^r -ac^c^; ^rr ^ti^c^f wR3rr ^.Rxiib.^ ^w<5 -^h ^jr^ ^r^fn ^p^m ^cM<t= 

c Fortress Press) <p^<p sf^tRr^ 1 

i.o=<5: "xsr^^" ^1^ ^^5: ^t^p "5j^r ^r^f "Apostle"(Apostello) c«fc^ ^it^r:^:, ^^x ^«$.^1 
sj^^s^ 1 mRivi^c^t ^rm wt f^r "^^vs?^ ^tr^^ czr^^r ^st ^cmc^" i "®rm ^1^: ~R5ff5 >i^<t=i5l 
<^vf<ii^m ■^v|\sm ^r^rsf^w <m\s i "sqr# ^=h ^rrsrRTf^ ^fr^: Ef^m^r ^r^ c^r ^hs> c2R%s^tsr^ 

□ "Mf^iR/jR^rsT Mx^ c^t^g ^rr ^9^"° ^vi^lijc^^ c^ft^ ^t-jr^ sR^^t ^ss ^n" "5rRr i-or^s 
ccf^r 1 ^t?t -^<r >i^<]\s; t^r c^Tr^t^ "s|\sv|\s: frr^t^ ^Tc^, ^®rm ^ri^^^s ^tc^" ^«,^t 

^rr^rr ftrc\s ^tr^ i Rist^l ^rsq^trRi'cf^x^F ^tt <j>^\s ^m^ ^trw^t^f <ih>i^tS Rc^bHT ^f^t c^t^s 1 


^mr'stT i^m <p?rm Tgf^j ^twm ^fwm ^h^^c^p wptt ^ttHs^ i ^c-^<t> <<s,-a *rx?r *rx^?r ^re° 

io=vb "^Brt^T car^-rR" e£]T5T UsT^ RRs^ ^TX^TsT ^^fi? "3^jfw; "-^sf-^TT^" ~T^f >|V|fS ~<^m\ 

io =h "c\sivi^r c*jc\s c*Jd\s" <xifi? <xi<Ffi? o^vii^t <ii^<iib.<ii f^x^r^r^ ^rr ^nx^fH ^t ^sr^jwr Rc>ic^ 

□ "^<f^T5fi ^fS(<F5 ^=f" jq^t -5j==t <psiit fl^T c*r vsx^rsx^" si^m <^c\s ^xTrf^r jq^t ^i^Jin? 

xs^i^r <43T <a<Hd\s ^nxa^r ^rrt:, ^t?t < ss?f ^xrrf^r -sftxlNT cap^fN:) "sqT^a^ s^ps^ <^\ I^xtt ^^x 
^T?r *tf*T!% ~?fM «rm^ ^?x^~ #x^^ fw^trr wm^sqx^rsr "stwrtst 1 «^c« c*m^r ^r-^f^^d^^ 

io^lr "^33^ ^P1%G ^aTM^T ^f% x G...'?sf& ^Pl%3 ... WSfpfJlX^ 5 " ^STS..." iiQ>l<l^ <]\SV)T^T 

■^Rn>*Jm <FTw^x=rr ^x^f^x^w i ^m ■^=v|\ S r ^^k ^nf^^t^si vsx^f^ "sq-^u f^xir sf^ti^s ^x^f^r 

^ >I<1><^ tB^ \sm >P=^# \sX"Cf^ ^l^fCT 5 f^fpE^s ^X^f^T I 

^t^p -^ti^RiT^r ^Pic\s "^\sc^^ ^^rr^^r" ^r^f >ivifs^ ^w<t= si^Fm R=«^\sr ^x?x^: i 
^^rtRt^ ^xaf^x^w, c-^o ^t5t f^r ^®rr«mfi<t= ^^j^ ^^pf5 ^t^i^p, ^^° c^s) "^\scw^ ^^rr^r^r" 

MKH 8=8) I "WFeT^" C^<^HT <t>^-H \^-t><h) 


C3^ "tyvsHCT C*T<rr <1»-s1\s C*T tiq^Sf^T f^Stn "5TTf^?T Or<i^® HsX^-M C^s-MT <^^-s PiRc^pi 
^C^-tJ^ST^Tr "^R 35 ^ <t><Cvs ^R^ I iSI^^M ^ftf >!<>Sr^lH ■HlR> ^TIT t%5 ^ f^H^T fsp«R ^rnsm 

□ "^t^rt ^vihR* ^ttfi* ^ms^Tsrr, ^r«y<3T -s^t^t, ^rem ^^fl* ^r1%" "sqr# ^=v- s> ^^r "^tr^ 
^^-m^sT^TT ^5 R\sc<$fi ^ra^r ^rtt t^r^rtr;^; i ^n^Tr^Rsrr c^n^r : c^) ~cjf5 f%^T ^sr^t ^^rfS 

C^s) =35^ ^=^><2-- ^svb liq^pf^ >|V|^?j stcf^f^T ^R3T I 

"5j^r f%^nr c^f^r c*r f^p^faRrc^ "^t^^tst ^-^t wr^T <Tr*R^ ^r<t \»m >h«<k-5»® g^r >ivr.^; ; 
^»m ^r^rr?t ^t?r wr^T >^<t>R3r M^-a <ir3t i 

c*]^r . «-£) . c£)^t. f% cNASB) 'RTT*rR^r?T c^h ^xfw^rrmj ^sr ^M«i>i«hR ^?r; wm *j\s^h ^tt ^M-f 

^r^t ^rr ^rrs, c^rsTR^r^: «tr^ r 

<^^r.c^".c5f.f% cNKJV) '^»«jRFm (<ft^t <jfe» csrrtr ^t ^-^•ejiI^t ^p^, ^rm c^r ^rtw ^si^j 

^r:^t ^rr ^rrs c5=r«rR^r^: «rR^i" 

•^^r.^srm.^i^T.f^ ( NRSV) "^w c^^ ^p^ c^pt <ijI^ c^tstr^t ^^rgw *j\ S '^=^ ^rr c^ ^r ^n-n 

1^.^.1% CTEV) "^^rTG <£i<;% <£T5^ i*i<p>&T~\c^ ^U^f C<F3 ^?T C*l O® |vj R"cf^ C<F ^T-Jfo^T 

^r^R ^i^t ^^f5 ^TRrsr ^stp^^t Ci) ^R^r^:^' ^"5R ^<pt^ s^^r^riT^ -^ i ®r^i^rR <t>^c\s 
^i^t ^i^rsRR^ ^5?^tj ^R4^m ^R "^rs<^®-^ <t=^c\s ^r:^^^^^ ^=tt ^tt ^tr4: i ^itST >i^<i ffe^r c*r 


f^R:"cr*T ^jr^t ^rr sj^tmti^t ^^?n ^cmcs: c^^-ht <j>^h ii=^.^- -^s) ^^f^ ^fts-a whtett =t^t 

□ ">nsj V e-=;>b- as f^^T^T ^srlc^lbJ f^nr c^f^fr i 

i,! ^"tf^f, c<t>-*i_*j T&v3 "sr;^ "c^rsq^ capj, o®vjTh n^iTvj csrsrff^lT^ gsT^t <t>-siT^.; ^r^^i^" osrspsrr 
^r:^N ^rmr >m><$ \s <Fcnc*-si ^rrm ^viif?i<^ ^>s i i<,J f^is ~sr-i*)j cr-a <!.o® ^Tf^rt^r "c^R^n; c^-h-ht 

\5Tsrr OSTSTTTcrsT f^5BT ^T^TIT ^T5q-^f^T <F?TC<r, t^RPv WM^TfcfT^T >l*4 1>sr- ^Z^ C^T^T "sqTsT^ I ^i^rs^ 

<<=-ic<r, c=r R^dir wff^\s ^^\st ^rr; ^t^t o^ivik^tst "*rr <i=i<im , ^sr c^ hc*^ cststt^w^ wtt 

□ '7:<i i -~ , ^yR:"tf^ "sqx^" "srRr n-^a- ^.1; =3^ io:«; c*m^r io:^; c£rt%^ ^.o=^s> ot^ti 

^viif?i<)i s^d\s ^x^" c^=iHT <p^^t (?m^tTr ^vb=is>) ^si^r^: >i^<i ^^M ^sf^f^^p t^^m 7 -=*rl%^m 
<t><ic& ^z^ 1^% >i?^^ tufciFss ^rm^t c^rm^n^i^l ^.cvs ^z^ i 


"^ptst -5qr#" ^t?t T^ist^lcH-si wRqr® <f^t Th?jvic<p c^^-ht <t><*>~\ f^®Trr R^^-h ^.<2r=^>) f^R^f^f 

\Scs^f^s ^R#t^ ^<t=ct>n5?gr ^r-r^ ^i^: *twft> wbtt >i*i*4 ^?r ^ztr:^; i 

<^^ *twf& ^re° ^.s» *twf& ^^r ^rr ^~R5<p- i%£~t%i>i^ <a<pf5 n§1\s ^ic<=-ifi ^n-^rrs?^" "*rr ^srt^: 

io^o "licftrr c^t^t o® ivj rt^t f^sm wiwr " ^^tr:^ ^rf^a wfst f^sm ^tr^t ^r^w c^^rr 
<fw^\ c^T^trr b-=ii,i8) i (Tsrrsftrr v=s>; ^ <i>Ri^lTr *®=;>h; -m^i^l^ s=^ ^a^x ;> f^Rs^r ;,:;,;, cs 

^^t^ af<]<iH^n<^\sr ^c?jc^: i , #mr ^rai^: "sjlw^ <FR: , 5f ^r^^tsm^r <j>c^h i 

ta^r.^.^^.1^ c^i^T^rr'm^f) ^Htj^ti^ 1 io^i- ^^ 

*^®rm ^5T®t ^gT®R:^' *e f^st >t«i-sc^ r ^\5Jd\s T3T5q-^N <M(^; ^a^"° ^f^R^r^t "sqrstRt^m f^^tr:'^ 

■5tlRl<]lRl<1i ^T^T^P^R^P ^R)^pV| <IR^ ia^° ^^al^T^S ^^al^T^S ^tf%^m ^T^Tm ~^fC*U t^^TC^^ ^t^f 

io:^ "N^ivim ^rrsq- argw c\sivi^r >i<^c<^^ -5jf5ro ^x^"" r^f^r -^8=^; -arRr <t->o- i^ c^r^trr 

t^:^h; f*pRi^t?r i : ^.s>; ^slviT^trr ^s=i^.; i.'Rto^ 8=^^.- >^) 

□ 'R^r c^p^; c^n^r ^r^r® f^sr <arF4R^, C3^ ^ff%aF4 ^tR^"" ^tt^:w^ ^®r«]TR<^rR^p^ «r^trr v|\s<iri^ 

Ei^Fff^ro ^Rj>r ^=H,i>i>,i>H,^^; ^> : «r,>^.; ^.i>=H) i ^iviR-cf^^p ^^^ -^srz^ ^st^hj^: c^tz^ f^u& 
^z<i, ^^rf^^s \5T?rr «r^hr f^^ic>i^ ^rc^u ^r^tr ^ww^rm ^i^^ <c\» ^tr^ i srsftrr vjvs<pr^"c=Tr 


cyr^s-^TT t^Rfg ^t^f^r^" srmTzw^ffTr, T^iP^<t=\sr ^<t> "s^t^^Tr ^i^m^t ^?rr ^cmos: i ^ 
>\<p^\ ^rfi^«tJ -viw*^ t^^T^t ^rc^ n.c& -^ti^sr, ^s^rtf^f ^»rr csp^ uj^ls ^i^.c<]<^ >^\s i 

■5^1*51 C\sJ<3 #t1%TrFT'5fo liq^fl^ >|\sj *sHfe.*vr <MC\s ^b^.<j> iSi^K. f^^iffcs >tsiC^ >sif&c^ ^srsiRT 

■i^Mi^p^ <i>-sic\s -^fe.*~H <t>^c\s -^trc^r i ^^s^st^tt ts^i^-sH § 


■sff^rar^ 1% ^^^-f^ ^trsTrr ■?mr, ^rr ^tf%TRr cw^r\ -*>\>\t£< ^rer<3T ^^f5 f^m^ri^T ^tf^rsr 

vi^<^l^ ^.fi^m <m^t ^5t*ij<i>ik:tp?t Ri *j ^ fD <i^f Ri\s<$ ^ffir <^c\s -^tr^sr ^"sr^r ^tt^" <ij<i*3\s 
^cmcs: i >ivi>ur <«9?f z^cmcs: -i^>H f^TTRrspsr ^stmt® i^fSc\s -s^stm^t f^^rt ts^s ^sr^t f^r:iq" : 

c^jo c*m^r f^rfSt^s >i>ivir^R^ "*fhs?r R-jiw^s-^rr cc*m^r <h-^>H- io^b- ^.&) 

C^f) c^rm^r fsrRm 3j>ivirmT^ "^s^ R^l^s^-^rr Cc^rm^i i^=^>;>; >a-8- i>o) 
^s=8; <2-=8; vb=s>; t^pf^T'^TiT ^.=i^.; ^■■5b— -^.o; <p==T^trr i=^.^s; ^.NslviT^trr ^s=^.) 

^^^rfi%^ ^5r i ^RTTa ^srf^m ■^=v|\ S r ^r^r c<w^ ^rr^i -=tf?raT^ srr-^ <ic\s ^tr^ ^tt i ^^ 
^i^° ^-i\sir:^f ^rfwr stctpt <i>^c\s ^7^, srr<yfsi<p ^^-^ ^[<i<q\s ^^ir ^ir^" 1 ^^t^ ^fw^^i 


slf®vfjF®£\s iHlvf^s ^STsTT "*fh?3C® ^ST?T G2T5T ^3° "^^SR^psT sff% ^Tfsrr sTcff^ <M£<T 1 

ii c^st^t "5jffe (Dale Moody) >\Oz>s si ^frtt (The Word of Truth) ^^SvirR^r, i^^i C^ssi^- ^<bd *%M> 

^ I ^TGTrT^ -sqT^fT^T (Howard Marshall) J sr^sm ^sr«m ^smiT ^f^o (Kept by the Power of God), 

^s I <{<Tf5 "^UR^sT (Robert Shank) <^psT ^s -^r^/sTsT wto C Life in the Son) "GT^fg ^5 CWestcott) is^i 

^1^.d<i<^ isrtsr^t f^ f%^j ^rspj^trR^P TBI**© ^r:^t Ci.) Th<4p=-i, ^T<N^t ^1<c-i< ^^fx? =tI^.c>i*>i 

Pic?4 =rsrr^: ^sr:^; 1 >ivi>u ifB c^t^r c*t ^f® w^r^s"c=Tr ^ar® <rr&\ ^f^r ^sr:^; jq<T° ^Ivjk^, 
<n^c<c<=^ ^csif^s ^i^>rR^T^3"c=Tm ^^m «jvf\sifi<^ v|\s<ircf^"c=Tr 'gssfS ^r??t u%n; 1%is; 
•Utf&rrR^sT sfb^»R<T f^^ra <3RsT srthw^ ^rr, "*r*rsr ^-tn-tf sfttSm^r -^r^t^t ^*tjt^tr;tp?t 
^ir:^bt >i\s<$<]|h1 erithw^ 1 ^srMf^r c<w^ tc^-i -ac^c^i ? 

<fc<t ^^pf5 ^s^ifs^ sr^srf%^5 f%^T^tet -ac^c^; 1 R*i?jn? -^fftraRi^T^T 2F*rf5 ^*sjv»\s= ^^r= ^rf^r 

i«q<PW^T >lR)J<1>m ^»R?^ "sjjwstT^ ^5T, "oR^F 1% ^I^^tJ^: f^gTC^r ^3^"° -^\s<1>l%sRq- ^T«lJ<l>lliri 

^SR^S ~SJR<T? 

<WMF»H VJ\s<nTr?T ^M-i>)l51-sir ^5=T^ ^l^.C<IC<^^ ''tcf^RsTR^- ^-t^-a-H <F£*T ~*T\ "^r^z^st 

J f%^T^t'?Rz^" "^sr«jTi<>)i^>K<i»n: v Q cstc^ «arp^r" , "^i^j ^^m" ^srsiRT '^Pic%i ^rsTrr" ^r^u >ns<$ 
<^£<t C"5q1$r io:^; ^8=s>- i^s; "5rr# i^s^^s; c^rf^^r $<t--8- ^; ;><t>Ri-|)?j i<2-=-^; -jft^rsrotTr vi>=s>; 
sr^tfw^s ^l^r ^=H,i>i>,-^^; ^> : <2r, i^.,^.i; -^i=H) i ^miTvj ^rfw-jfo^ir^" f^^P^r <^R-^T c*j^.^1?j ^ 

f%^1C>l^ R^^n^d^P ^^t^T^M ^JR^, C*JV|-H T^=vSi,<2:S> ^•^f^gT'^M ^JR^ I C*JV|H ^FZ<1 C^^f^-H 

v|\s<]RTf^ ^M-i>ll51^f=T ^feMCT <I-H-Hr ^^r^ Tgf^j Rc^r^c^ic^ ^3^s 

^tc^, ^rRvflH^r^ vj\s<nTr?r t^^T^t'^r^ i<t>Ri^lTr i=ib-; ^0:=^.; ^<j>R^i?j ^=^0: ^^ ^t"cf^"d=Tr "sr^ 

^sr=TR^" ^r*^<u<i^m ^fz<i i "3=rr«n^^\s ^i<pf§ ^r^r f^R:"^^^- JTlfi ^r«^RT ^hr:^^ ^<Flt» st«tr ^r^f 

<]J<]*3\s ^T5T ^<Fff? sr^STf%^5 ^ftR4ff% "S\sRl ^P^m W^IT ^^n "^RJT ^HJl-SJ ^rcf^"C=TT l<C<b-^T ^P^T 


^5T I C*T (<FPT ^«<^FJ ^FfWf% ^P^HX^" >Ns<$ <i|<pT I ^>®~£=Tr -s^feTST ^1w C^iR^ ^"CT" «JTC^^, 

^rf^m fi>T2>^. ^s^RT jq<FlT> wf«r ^tsql" -sHPlt>) ^RT f%^ ^FFf5 T3=p=^t# i ^fl* ^^fl* t^P^itw ^^° 

t^r^j^s i irsirm >\<p^\ ^tc=t h^s-s f^nrcsr ^^m <jhht <fett ^cmcs: i 

^\§l\s c^rsqr^ <i»M), G2f1%s i<2-=i>i; c^ivfl?j b-=^.8; ^ \s]vif^r?q i>=s>; \§1\» >£>■■& 

■5^i^if5\s c N^iRifirsq- <i>vf*j=<^ f^R:Tr -srsqr^ ^fw> ^f^F^trr ^■■<i,tr 

vsR^jvs c^R*lJ\s ^f^iTPTsi^: <£(<;% f^*T^T ^T5-ST >|VL^> C^T^tTr (t-tr, i-o; i,o;s>; i^f^trr 
«=i.<2:; f^f^Rqir i.=^b-; i-f^R^r^Wtrr <t-\7— s>; ^Jftiq i. : i.s; s>=^b-i 

^it, f%^ ^t5t ^r: 5 © ^rrt: i ^ii^ c^r >if2)<t> ^mtn ^r?r ^i^ ^^Ff^ ^t^r ^^r ^i^: c^r ^^: ^manr 
^rr^Pr ^F^m ^ipiT ^x=^: ^sr^ ^tx'^ ^^it: 5 ^ i \smr ^q«M ^xz^^ wtw c<i<^>i<a^ <c^cz^:, ^^r^r 

i.o=^<t "*jR" i£i1^ iSj^^ afsarsq ^rt^TT^ ^l^-ij^i^ ^PPT ^TT C^q^f^<qs^ ^sp^gT^Tpo >iT2)<ii ^1% 
C^y^F ^T«aRT ^T?T ^l'^=Rl<1> ^t^f ^73H 'W^J ^T®T <lC=i "STC^T ^?T I 


f^^slTT ^f-HfDc^F ^F^R^ ^F^M^S ^TRTRT ^F?R (^Rs ^7^#t L^\\<P ^Ttf%51 \s\STR^(<T wf?Ml% 

">)^i" "sto c\£=-Mf <p-H"i i^=-^8; =3<f i.i.=io:) i wm ^tSi^: ^tmjt ^r??t (<f^t ^^.^.^^.1% 
cNASB) ^^x cg^.^rm .eg^.f^ ( NRSV) c®~ "c<<^>)*j5i" w:tr:^; ^<ix <^r.c<F.05f.f% ^^x .. 
c«q^r.wT^:.R» ( NIV) ~us "z<<r\>\<^<\" ^tr:^; i 

* li xsq\S'iq<I c\s|v|^r ^sR: 1 ^ ^TT ^Ff^e ^R, c<1*--Mf ^"5q^r TTRFT R>^ ^R^:, ^^R^T aW't -vtfZ<5 »TT, 
jq^x eg-sq^ ^~<3 R>§^ =TR3;, ^^TR-O" WRR ~*TW<5 ^R I ^ wtfs > ^R^T (.\s|v|Rn^?r WSji<FR3T <R%, ^5~R^T 

ostsrsr ^mico-iic® <if5Te; ^re° ^rr^rr ^frr ^frr ^^r, ^st^t ^r: 1 ^ ^tc^i sr&m <f?t 1 

io=^>t> "\5RTf^<F W5T ^1%S ^rf' ^ITST >&> ^tTTf^ "5To i£)<Ffl? ^\s|\s ^FR^PsT <t>*4<n^T?T ^R C^T*PF 
T2|»^t "*TT ^.b- i£RP?. *®1> "»tCTS "5po n^^1\s ^FlC<=-1f] <^<]lb><t= N^-^Sst f^Tfc^ ^FR5f ^F£<TI <4^ *tf 
•sl£>OI-s1 ^M C^TR4R£^R C^T^ "<-£)-5T^r 1% ^^Ff5 ^FR3f "«S^ ^Fsl^ ^Tf f "4^ ""ttrfi? <H-R <FC*T C*J 

"5qi-ic*j^ ^Tc^-a ^^«<ii><t> ^^~° c~if®<ii><t> \S^5j erfrt wf%£rm ^^x vSc^»r*iT f%5Rj f^r^r 
ERFfR*t\s ~^<r 1 

io^s "^R^TsT ^1"C?f" 2W® ^T^^T^TT f^T ^frR^fg^X^T ^^Ff5 £fb>Rl\s "yRsRfw^F ^F^FR^sT 

^r, ^srm cyr«rR:^T ^ ^=rr c^r® ^t sf^Fptr -^sstc^t -^Rh\s c^t® i "^t^s ~5R ^st?t >i>ivir^m >\<p^\ 

-5qlH<I>SrlRj^ ^Ffc^; sTTl% ^T«U "^?T I 

^®rr«r ^s ^r^t^ \S^>^ ^f^^^s- |<ih'B <^^c\s ^tr^^, ^^° ^ir^^: ^rr ^^ 1 ^i^n* ^srf^ ^n^Ft 1% 

^TT I *°1%^ OSTSTR^f^ "5qTg^<F^ (<F*T>of5TsT ^T5q^ -nf^T® ^TR:^: I ^^sjvseg^ ^TT ^F?^T ^TT, CSTsq^T 

□ "Rh'S <p<\o&" f^R?«m wR?=Tf^r t^nr ctf^r= ^=i»^s o® ^rR:^ttwff5T ( Apollumi) 

□ "N^i\©r ^i^"x ^rfft^f' ^t5t n^iR ^53^ wR^rf^R^ 5 " 'Sc^-tr ^r^ 1%^; ^t^t ^rr rf^ ^t5t c^t^r 


C^T^ I ^.st^l-af ^9 ^PTC<^ CW^^5TR^T5T ^T-nfft^T W^J ^^FfB" wf^ff^s ^tf^To <J*C.-s)J6>.<=-1 I Ib^-^lUI ac tt1% 

i.o=^.s> "t^fB ^srrt: -str^t 1% ^i^ 5 -tsj^rm R^p?j ^tt ^rr? wm oststr^tst f^sn ^-ivjF© f^rr 
\5TC"cr^ i£r»rf^s ^jvic\s -vfc? ^n" i f^gr^t ^-sm ^\<c-\^ >i<t><^ 1^r:tfst ^j^tR^r "^h^sr ^^f* csr^r 
•^rPv wtc^t OiprsTT <p^-s =3^ i^=>t>; -^i=i^; iRt^sr <s:=h) i 

□ "^^fl* ^rrPTf ' ^t5t f^r ^i^Ri^ ^®r:<t "^rprff^ra^r ( Assarion) "*rr f^r ^^ft* ^ststbt "S\sRi 

^rr ^Nsf?r ^r«iRT tg^s^rsf or<<t<>s< >^>ivir^m i 

^^s^®^^ c*r c^^: vi-^*jjci<r^ -yn^ic® ^tviR^ 5 " ^N^m <r^t, ^il^i-a ^rr^t^T ^<n% f^sn ^•^ic^s 
\src^- ^N^m <!>« i ^""1^5 c^r (<^ vj-i^rcir?T -yn^io® wtsttc^ ^-51<t>m ^r??t, ^ifvi^s wm^t 
^#^ f^m "5Ti 4 *i=>i<:\s \sr^ wtft^m <t>« i 

io:vs^ "^rr vj-^uciT-a ti^ic^s ^ivjr^ 5 " ^ft^m <fc?t" ^q\swmr "Ef^rc^tr ^t^Fm" ^p^t ^^rf^^rr 

■?TRT, "sn-^Cvs -*lZ<l <£l<5% ^^^T <t>^C\s ^CZ<S I 

c<f) %m ^sr«aRT sf<Ft^tJ c^rT^rm ^t^j ^S\^f ^i^mr ^tz^f^ ^^^: sf<Fm «rt^^ i^H? ^i<^m 

oa?vi>i ^r^j^TC" 1 ^ c^r c^TRf^^ ^r^fi^ <u<i^m ^^at ^cmcs: ^5t ^"c^r:^: ^"^it c^w3^v5)^rm ^®r<r c^t^r 
c9<^ sr<Fm, "c=TC^n c*j<iv|\5) ^rm ^r<r r^^r ^^«^it ^=rr ^i^"x ^^r c^ft) ^rm ^^rm ^®r<r "c^f^r 

ism c^t) ^srx ;>t t1^ sr^rc^tr c^rm^rm ^rm^Tm ^rz^ c^rr-st <F<rt ^ztr:^: i 
c^sf) ^^: ^r^f ^sr5^^ ^x"c^fw ^M-i^Tw ^^t 


en) cxi^: m^t^t^s^ ^r^TNs^fBc^ 1-x^.rD f^tffte <u<i^m -ac^c^ 

cxi >\<p^ f^nr ^ij(i\sr ^f^i c^tr:^; "an^^rsr "^h^sm -HR^sra ^^° ^^r f^jw *fM ^f%=fsm 
^Ss-iRi c^r^f i ^^pf5 >NsJd<F ^t^^m ^?rm c^t^r ^»tr^f -ijt^m ^?rr i ^t?t ^tr^t R>m1T5 sR?*m 
^gra^tt^sT^p ^tmtt <^^c\s ^tr^, sfsirsr i£i<;K ^^tiT spsi c<tF5~w^>w\ ^?rr ^^x ^r^gr c-^ >i^<i\s 
^tR^m ^m?:^) f^nr ftw ^ftw ^fz>g ^s^k ^\ftrrf5 «ih**t1^ sMx^rr f^Rir ^mw <j^t \ 

"C^f^ Ri^ ^rR^ ^<^v|\s ^GTTT ^srsiRT ^Ifw ^^GTTT C^^-Mf <^^H C*m^T l> : ^.o; =j<f ^.^=vb; 

cartas ^8=i8; ^Jftrr ii.=i.^s i 

t«]<t»SrH <uT^^q sfi% C^pT^TT <1>^H "srf^T i>o=\s^.; =35= ;>^.=i^, MkH Je : ^; i^. : 8^.; C^T^ftTT io^; 

<TR3ff^T, ^B^-St <PfP«H G2f1%^ ^.8 = i>8; i^1v|T^RT vb = i^s) 

^sr^f^t«r ^t^^m ^jr??t c^^ht <p-&^ "sfRr *®=>t>; cartas ;>;»=;>&-; ^Jftrr 8=i.s; ^rR^m <2:=i.^; ic^m^r 

' S8 ^rc^ ^3 ^tt c*r, n^iTvi -^Ri-51c\s ^rfi% Rc« ^c>ilfe.; ^rfi% fcc& ^i1>i ^rrt:, 1%^ ^fvs-n Rc\s 
^"c^rft i ^*c<^HHr n^iTvi t^t^m >it*.\s ^tus^, -^rr^m >iR\s ^^qxt^, ^^-^ ^cfj^Tg^ >il^\s ^^g- 
Rdbfe.^ <sr-44i^d\s ^"c^Tft; '"''^srm ^rr^f^ ^rr^M -^fra^H^. vi -ic*u ^ ^tt^ ^x^" i 

io^8 "^r:^ <pf%^3 ^rr" ^t^s ^>i<t=<^ ^^<air <^\c^ t^x^r^r "ap^fN;, ^rR^ 5 " " ic n1% ^rsr" ^=tt c^r^ 


f?rc?rf%=T" c^^-ht <j>^h c^rm^r i.8=^.8) 

□ "N^ifvi ~nf% fao© ^»iT>) ^tt^\ ^s-n Rc\s i£i£>)1V -fft^ -g^, ^t^rt ft^r ^mm<t?t w^tj 
^sric^-H ^rf^ f%^5 <fst *u3ht ^^t c*t P»Pi -sn-i^c^ ^jw c^n^irc® ^ic>ilfe.c<^-s ^rrrs \5T?rr 

io:«s4 "T:<t i H'HT ^xifvj t^iwm ^Tf^«y -^te^r Rcw^h *u3ic\s ^c>ilfe." ^.i -^ (^r*t=r i =j<f i.s=^^ ^ 
^m*rmn ^i^R^^tw ^xf*trr ^?rm "HRmc® ^^fl* f^^ <jT5t*rr?rr f^TKR ^t?r^ ^Tsnrcf^r 

io=\B(i- \svb <-£|T5T C^t^T "5q-t=TffSf H : >i> C^R^^ iXl^f^ tS^Ro I (TT^TSTTPFT^t^T ^RKKd^T ^^ 
^-l(lbfe.^TfD ^SM^S ^F*r^TS <tM*3\S ^S C^B^-ST <1i^-S "5qT# i^s:^-^ cJ]^X =3<p i^ = <3:\s) 

io=vsvb "xsrm wm^t wm^t -^R^-^ ^-ic^rsT "*r^ ^z<i" ^ et^tc^st ^g^fRiIb\s m^^r ^^pf5 
■stK^r c^^-mt <i>^-h "5fRr i.^=^^) 

^\^ (<fs?: rh\»t f% -5tt®tc<f N^t^ir ^c\s wR^ ^i^t ^ir^r, c^ wrsrm c*rmr ^nr; ^<jk ctj c^^ 

^Ri?jt ^t^ttt N^tvim ^r*5t^ ^rr ^tr^t, c^ ^sn^rm c^rr-m ^r?r i ^""c^r (<p^ ^rr^f^r srt^r ^^n ^^^, c^r 
^t^t ^bitc^"; ^9^"° c^r c<p^; N^t^im iHfvidw ^rr^t^r str^ ^mnr, c^r ^i^r ^^t ^p^r i 

io:«v "^ (<p^ ^srr^t^r ^^ ^c=i =T5T ^i^x ^ivim ^r*iaK:^ ^»ic>)" ^«t f^r ^jh* ^fi^<^i51 

C Varus) ^TKTSpsT ^^^Sf^T C^T^tTT C5=r^T^ff% ^^fi> Rr:gT^: W^IH ^JR^f^.C^-H ^^° ^trR^fgf^X^T^ 


^.^^lc^r^ srfft^T ^r iH=i>o=i,o) i i*i <TM^fx? wM^rm ^Hoi-a f%i?; f^^T^T >ivi>ufc<F «wm 

^&; ■?Tf=Tr^tTr ^=^0; ic^rr^r *®=;>>i>) 

io^S) "wto.... wt^t" jq<t ^St^f ~r^ffi> c^f^r ^sz^ ( Psuche) 1^1^: ^r^fl^ ^f*i^s ^f^m^s 
"*it®t" cPneuma) <a^r -^ncrr*?^ "m^ 1 ^^: ^ff^sff^^s, ^irc^n^, ~^rc^ ^rr c^r ^fx? <s^ <sf&c^ 
^s^rt f^d^c^" <pnr?r 1 ^ T<i<5l\sc\s ^r®^w -ac^c^; "*ftes?i s^»rr<t ^ 1 c=-i 1 c® wf®- wI^fr:<i<t 

□ "?BRi" f^R?«m wfc=rmr f^nr ccf^r= ^=:>^ es ^n^^tr^fsr ( Apollumi) 

c£j^r.cj].e£|-3=r.t% c^sn^r^r^rmo ^n^ptr^ i.o= so- s^. 

8 °ct c\s|vir^t^ ^f^^r ^fz<s, c^r wrsrrc^^: ^t^f ^r^t, wm c*r wtstr^ ^t^t ^r??t, c^r ^tvim 

g2|^pp#r^: ^m^r ^r??t 1 si c*r ^<i<ii^1<:^~ \»h<ii^1 ^^t ^m^r ^r^t, c^ ^r\«\^]<^ -^r^rm 

i,o=8o- si. 'r^t c^siviRTf^r^ 5 " -sj^^r <ir:*t, c*t N=Mivir^^: -sf^rr <jr??t; wm c*r ^ivir^s- ,sj^~t <ir:<t, 
■^prgrm ^ftr:^"; ^^° c*r srff^iNR^- snf^fN^ <ic<^ ^m^r ^f?^, c=r «nrvfd<i>^ ^^rm ^f\z^ 1" ^1^: 
^r^f^: "^t^sT^p f^R^T ^fz<s\ "*&\«\%\" ^r^ti^ f^®Tr 1<i<ifM iv=io: ^^k it- ^^ ~*ftz^ 

-3=p^H<$i^s= I "srHvf<t> ^rfw ~T^ff5 C£f1%^ H : <3:^. C>S tSfiifSt^ "<jq<PW^T «Tff^F <]jf^" <£i^K C=Ttf^s 

nsirrm ^1^"° ^1^th : ^tf^a ^hr:^^ ^i^t^^ Ih^jvi n^-^*jiU1 nsirrm ^s ^Wos-a c^i^^h t^r ^tr^^f^ 
^tcf^s"c=Tr <uiRi<^(iH^ ^TsfR^f^ ^t^N^m tx^ ^p^hx#^: sf^m <Pc-aos: ^1^"° nsirrm c^ ^tttotc^psj 


ii : ^"5>ftT ^trr ^srt^ ^r??t i£rtn c>i^.v|\s <mw <ir3t, \5r:"ct?t <pr^5t?t ^p^t f^rR^r ac fri% ^rem 

-sJ?T^S ^.Cvs ""tR^TI C^FP i,^. = 8H, 8b-, "5rRr io:i<2:) 

\S^s=<q ^=Tr ^srm ^rri ^^T >i^<i\s frr^fR^rr wi<<i^l< \SRs><q ^it^p^ v5«^f» = f^rHi^rr i>8=i.^s- is, 
1^iR : ^.b-=^.,e- <h,>>H, c^str^t -aJiR^-H ^s T?RTR3m ^rsrm ^^?^m^ ~tn\5R:^T?T ^r^x^R^m 

^.^=^.0, -^.1^=1^, vsi>=i>8, *^-iV, ^.8 : i V|\»J *S ^T5T >l' l *^# ^Tf ^?T C^J^ 5 " i>^ : ^.^S) I ^li<KICiT-S] 

Pi^vi v^-^ijiin «rilvi<t>\sm ^^Rf5 sr«rFT ^r°^r f^r 1 ^^ ^r^r^f ^flrr ^fpt^t <o*\ wrft ^», 
^srr^m ^ra ^r°^f' \s f^r 1 n^rg ^n^r^f ^Hli^s-a ^i<j>^t ^mr^r wrft ^s 1 ^t?t "ypsi c*r 

"sr: 5 ^ Thc^ ^t?r^ sR^p«t <t>t<i£*n~\ ig <rx *rifSj<i>\sR^ sri%irr <p£<\£>s,^ 1 er^ -ffr^ ~^c% ■^■mr** 

>ns<$ **ri<t>c\s ^x^" ^rax ^rm^TT c^tr?^ <t><cvs ^x^" ^Tfot^r c^z^ ~\-a<p ^r^tr -h^h Pnrcsr t^tst 

f^^T^r f^nr= ^51 c<prsR?t ? 

-^R^ »fi3f ^-i*j|?H sf& f^rTr wkwa ^tr:^ ^f^^^s' i 

aRFR^f ^str:^: ^j^ 5 ^.^=8^) i ^^^ ^r^ c^rt^r ^^sqra ^R^f sr^rt <t>d^dfe.H -^tt ^ss ;>^=3 i 

•^.. ^.TT f^S?T ^. = 8 CRl^^Tf i : ^) ^^sR^P <IJ<l^m ^^T H.£*l£<2: T=fUsm R>^.R^ sRFR«T ^dfldfe.'H I 

5Rp c^rwR<t> ^tRHld\s ^=rr ^c?JCfe. ' 5 tR®R^T ^FRjr-?rm R«^t ^r^ "strj^t, "®r^ I^Srt^t ^^ w^r i 

R^^ld 1 ^^ sRmR«1\s<IJ ^TR^ : ^R^X^^T N»l-i*JllH T^ST^f^ t&T^U t^^T^T «rRJ^T <^£?l ^TRfT ^P^T ^£M£^ 

^. ijosq f^nqrrsm ^tt ^r^fi^ ^x^s; c^c^-sr ( Gehenna) KJV ( KingJames Virson) o® - ^t^^p 
( Hell) f^TR^" ^-i<iR-f ^^t ^£M£<2: i f^g^ ^r^f ^x^rr R5^ ^tr^t ^ch-^ >iv|sj wr5==t®t ^f% 

"str:^^^ cw<i\sr ^jwnr ^sr^^tsm^r <p^\s i 

^?^#t ®riP» £f«y^r ^i\s|-h1c\s ^^: ^mr-nr c«fc^ ^tc^ ^^rm ^9^"° c^ra^^tR^RTSR^ ^i<i>s?Hm ^^ 

^d^dfe.-H c^rr^s^T, ^g, -n^r -n^sr) rcw^rr ^'t^fR^ sf^ ^t^s -sqra ^<^<in^. <j<<m <t>c-sic^.H 1 


c^hr<prt ^s=>t>) 

^^: "^prft> ~tti\5R:^p?t w^tj^: sr^® <p<Tt ^xTrf^r ^<ix \sR4 t^s^r^ri w^cr, 1%^s Riciji^), ^-^-<s 

-srRs H^^n? fSr^Tf%s ^?rr ^x<i i 

i£i<j>fx? >(*vr<i csq<jx <IJI?J<I^<^ f^TR^" ^Rr^t C^R^ 5 " ^^f^P' ^sr^T <!J<l^m ^?R ^tt i ciq^srRs »nRt<i= 

■h^<^ ^p=mt^" os^r^ RvssiRns ^ic^ib-^r ^t <^mt <i>c^Th i sr^f® - ^sx^r <m-u ^ttPt, ^m^ "src^r 

^c^cfe.H f^g c\svm ^n<^>srvic<ii^ "3=rR«y <iTS(\s ^rrf^r i <i^vir^t fis\s ^^?r?T ^•^tf^i% \s xsRj 
-^tr^ ^t^^tR\sm >i^i<Htw ^s^^s ccf^GTrr ^cmos: \ 

\Slb\s ^rfpf wre^ ^mwf^ erfr*Rs ^f^TTrsr ^rr, c^ffi* c\sivim ^rc^u^ ;2Rmf~Rs ^cs -^^tr^t i cf%^ 
^sr: 1 ^ "sr:*it «^1h) \s*rt ^n ^i^*tj^: <i\svi r^t' "q aRmf^r® -*z>s <n ^fftr® =tr« <i»<c®r i 
ii=-^8 ">i^cvi^ ^fsr" ^fsr ^R^fi? >i<^<i\s ^^ifvi<j> ^rw t^TR^" '^•?ra' ^R^ffi* c^z^ ^x^tc^i 

t<i«<s ^3 ^fwi -srtsr ^ft^: c«y^^ >i<t><^ f^nr ^s-<s ^tRnrr t^f^sr^r^ ^fr:^: sr^m <j>c^fe. i 

■^h ^f-cf- >|<^<^^ ^ivim f^sr ^« ^iviid\s T3T5rPfe ^^ttr:^: i "®rm ^st^p c^p^: ^str^t ^n\ 

^5^T ^R<RJ <FR^; El^TH <t>C^H ^1^"° ^^ "sqTa RjIh^. ^5fR:^T^T l" 

ii=^.<s:"'^Milvi c\stvim c^rr?r<r <pfW' "^^ f^pg ^i<^jn? <i^vir^ N^xi-^m w^rr ^rsi <iRisjt c^tr^tt ^^t 

^T^rR^' \s >l^<]\s sf^R^TJ ^p^ro sf<FR«T <^d^d^ I 

^d^d^:" i ^^r c>iTvir5<t> ^nR%^ ^»Rrr aRFR?*m S^Pfg ^»-i*ji51 >i<j><^ ^^ch^ "str-ft ^^r^f 
c^r ^^To^ R-nTxsr "^t^"?:^" Ib-sc\s ^tr^ ^rR4: ^i^"x \5*Rr ^•^h^ R<^m ^R:^f ^rR4: i 


ii=^H ^ttf = ^^n® ^g^: R>fa N^ivjm ^tsr ^ur® ^c^c^h ^^x ^^r f^sr <p^<p ^j^t ^rtr:^; i 
^1^: ^n^t^jfD af^ "^t^s ^p^ht^" *^»Nt ^R^q- ^t5t<r ^??t; f^rw^ fd^nr, ^sr^»f%x« >i<iv|sg 

c<i*<u c«q<pw^\3, l^sR^ wR^rr, "®fHi" ^^: -n^l^\svi ^r^fi^ <u<]*3\s ^cmos: ^'^m w?r ^^r 

c^r "ft^s^ ^t^»=tf xstsirt ^r^JZ"cr^ -^ <5.t ^nr 1 -^b- -^t^cf <t=tt ^c?jc^: ^n "^r^-a-a^. -Hfe.T, "^t^s 
^c*r^; ctt ~%*s> f^tw <?^R^5: Et^YPf^ h.cmcs.-i ^n^fx^R:^- ^^m "^r^xsm ^rc^ cc*m^r ;>=;>, iv- 

■^.b-Mi^f = ^^rmr ^»l\s ^i^^j ^^tbit w^rra^ \5T?rr \»iivim ^fr^; ^tp^\ i ^ifvi o^ivirtt^ f^rrsr or<s 1 
■^s> -^fcf = xsrrsrm osmrr^t wm^t ^¥R:*r ^c<^ =^3 tiq<3x ^ivir ^c\s r«rs^t -ar^r ^?t, c^-mt ^ifvi 
~tm ^^x •Hylb^s- i«q<3x ^fsr^s c\sivim ^nwm f^trsq- ^£?w ^tr^ i 

i>i.=^.v- 'N»iivim ^n?:^: ^"c^rr' ^i^tr:^ ^s^^s ctf^sTrr ^xtr:^: ^nfw'^t^s ^p^t#?^p, c^i^t v|\s<r^ ^r 

^T^fl^ ^T5TT«f ^T stf%~R5f f^TR^q- <]J<]*3\s i^CMC^ I 

^Bi c^R4lt ^^T <J^V| R^' ^3 ^R^P^ ^1*J^=V|; txi^: i^l^ ^RW frr^t ^rsq-R^sf^ ^il<j<c^^ ^pr:^: 

^<j^ ^s^»s^j^ f%^RT 1^^?^ ctf^n^s C3rft? ^x=tt ^t«r^t ^r ^®i^>«tr^: -ti^Hl^ cc£r%s >>(t->>oy 
^^9: «rR^rr *T1^^1 ^rsq-R^sf^ ^r<- strjtit af^Ftf^f^ ^xtr^: 'c*ji%ii<^1' f^^rR^" c^.s>, *o -srf^R^s) 
c9^>i<^<^ ^^-str^t <ij<i*3\s ^cmcs: wtwo1% ^Ffft^t 1^3=rR^ f^xH^r ^jr^ c^TRrp ^r:^ ct5i=t^t) 
t^r^#t ^r5q-R^5f^ sfbRi\s x^TRRp ^dH<t= t^nr ^sx=TT ^i^>«tr^: -^n^Hl^ ^r^ ^^m c^R4it ^^^f 
^^t ^cmcs: 1 ^^x^^ ^pr:^: ^rprm -^Rkic^ f^f^r <ij <i -^r^s"c=TT Mf^tdr ccf^GTrr ^cmcs: i t^r^#t 

f^3RT5m W^lT ^tf^^f^T^TT iTPT ^P^^Tl" f^JTsq" <]<^C\s (<Ff^ <t>^Hl?J <FR4^^5T ^p^ir^" ^=tt ^rrf^r 


^p^t^gw i i,^=i -s-txf ^-i*j|51 f^p^r^N^ c<^ ^n^TrH Rc^cfe.'H c*r wm c^r^r i^f^T ^f^r ^jr^t 
"N^ifvi ~rr® jq<ix ^rg" .sJRf -st^rtr^ ^^ <n<wfB ^rsi ^nr f^g s*^ "5hs ^ f^Rs^m "5r:^tr»r:<t 

ii : *o: "v^ivim c^rnrr^t >i^>a? ^<ix wrarm c<mR v3*ssr<=-i" jq^rR^r h^-h ~§fw?r -strttcst h^-h 
<Fi^j>xp"5q" ^<p ^?rm ^f^fsp^f wr^; i f^^p^ o ^-^\s-<s ar^ "*fhs?r ^rrsr ^cbfe. af^^rsr «tm, f^^trrf^ 

cxp^^ms sr^ -tfh® -Iffs^: *j=ra-*fR:"cf^ ^i^t^i^it ^^^t^^sf -s»ff<<\s^ <t>^c\s ^tR^^r ^®r^rr <p«irRT <*> 
>\<p<r\ *tm ^cws. ^rgs^i, "Rp^m, <tt*tfst, ^f«y#Rp^^r, ^^pqr ^e t%?ii1 1 

ixi^: ^t^m ^n^i \siRi<^r ^x«i*jitTl wmPt (<fr-t ^r<t ^srr-=*Rrm THc^-a ^i^.d<i<^ i ®i~j<TR^rsf 

^tvjRTf^ EtC\sJC<J>^ ^5RP«tr^: OSrJlf^sO® ^=Tr t^sPFRT, i£|*l-slOI-s1 C5fJli% 1% ^1v|Rtt?i wr^; ? 

^l^c^Cs-rsr ^»-i<RTr?T w^J.wMf^r -^fRRs ^rtj ^)<i° -^R^s ^|\sU ^r^Mr^" c<t>MfB >i<ici>CTr 

^^s'S'f-T ^T£="T "sqR^T ^C-SH ? 

wtmI^t ^rp^u^: "sps^r cmz<f wrtt wm <j»c-smT^i 1 

^^: ^nc^ib.'^m epst^sI^t wm^tr^ 5 " ^tr^ts ^^p^pr t%^nr rtctt 1wr ^^r^tt <t>^oo "^tr^rit 
<p?rc<r 1 -**??£ wrrt ^rt rpis wi<<i^Tl "R>ir<j i 

;>. (RTR^T ^T-^f^Sf^P CW^ >ICT^ <t i C^Ife.C^-M C^r, ^9 ^{R)^s1^ C5TT*fN: t^TR^' ^C>ICfe.H I 
^.. 7<F^ ^t^S <IC<^Cfe.H C^TR^^T ^T-^t^Sf^P ^sh^fm H^-H ^R^5fT^ C=TRP ^RT I 

8. "C^rsTR^T 1% ~rff%?T (<FR-T ^FR^T ^TR^: ? 

a. ^t^s -§fg >i<t><^ "5TRRT >t^iHC^" ^51^ ^FR^: ^srprm w^r ^rfspi"^ ^d^dfe.-H ^sr«aR<T ^i^t^ 

f^RT5T ^f^*=Cf <1i^d\s <]d<^dfe.H I 

-st1«i§ i.^= 


\i>l1^Pl<*' ,; 5l^<TC t f ^Iti-sl 1%^ot 

^5 1% <-d^r 

<^T C^ 5 C5f 1% 


1t» ^ 1% 

■£W f% 

cUH «ll< ^1>I b» 

f^3T5T <m??T 



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i-^. : i- ^, VO- 8 

i^=i- t- *s^r 



i^=S>- i3 "S^Tf 





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i^. : i<£- ^.i *^r 

i^. = i<£- ^.i '= i tCf 

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i^. = i<2— ^.i '= i tCf 

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i^ : ^- \s^ '= i tcf 

i^. : ^A- ^\s 

v,^:^^- ^ 8 

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i^ = ^8 

i^. : ^.<2:- ^.b- 

i^. : ^A- *®-^ ^fxr 

i.^. = ^<2:- ^.b- 

i^ : ^S> 

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i^ : *lr 

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^5^b>l N^l^BllB 

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RPGfl ^ld>l 

i^vSb— 8^. 

i^. : 8^S- 8(2- 

i^. : 8^S- 8(t 

i^ : *lr- 8^ 

i^.=^S^- 8^ 

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"*fhs?T >NsJ wtwfrr ^*f 


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i^. : 8^- (2:0 

i^. : 8^- (to 

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i^. : 8^- (2:0 

i^. : 8Vb- 8H 
^Sb— (to 


i^. : 8^- (to 

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^f^® ^«Tmi ~T7:^r?T f~r?r 1%c© csitt® ^tt^ic^h i 

^>. Rfis ^t^s \sR:"cf^ \3^s=c^t <]<^d<^^r ^rrgyf "*r*rsr ^«rr c^it^t^t \s^t R>Ph isrts. "^wNrr 1% 

^st?r ^rex \s~rn ^r#t?Tf^" c-^i^h <p?rr Rtc^rt f^r^rr i 
a. ^reRT osrsq^t 1% ^j^^m *tx& <t>^-HT^: c*r f^arspTR^r ^nwc^srr ^r^^mrsr f^rrsprm 

h. f^i; ^^rf^ c\sivi^r ^n-Hc^s ^^i^ w?r 1%? ^xifvi trrrr m^:, ^Ri^i^t m^ ^m ostsrtt 
Rrc^mf^'JiT^ 5 " orr^ft <p-ac& ^tm^rr i vj-^j ^a^: Rr^rrsr ^rc^^ ^*&\ i 

TlT®T5rR7®" -^ooo ^Tsrm C=TR^P^ "sq-^sjj Trf®T5lT® <J>^C\s C^T^T ^M«hvSr|R)-s1 sRTTPSf^ C^T^T I ^*T 

^^rt^riTT® <^c^rfe.c<^^T i 3£s-sir° ^fp=^ ctrRTt f^r, Rr>gT5r ^r^^ ^j^-^r ^tx^sj^t <t=c^lfe.<^ i 
t^rz^rr^ Rt^t f^u? Qaftxs ^srm^ <p-^^\ ^rr«rm^r® ^^^cw^ ^rsf ^-icsnf^s f^ri c^tt Rki^h 


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o® 1*4 -sir 1% "5^5 ^n^: trrgyf ^f^® ^sttbt >iv|sg 1% ^c-aHs.^ ? cvsr ~rs^ ^i.=i.) 

i>^ = 8, 

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^^: *ox=tix® "^f5 srcff*f\s" ^p^t ^5r ^sreRT "^1%^ ^•^tf^t%" ^x?t ccf^rc^rr ^?r; c*t1t> ^^rfR 5 

■^8=<s:- s>; ^^rrar ^s ; «o) ^ i.-vfl* ^fi* Etf% ^-^nx^: ^R^stRt®" ^ar ^®~i c*t c^pt , ®tw irsq- ^rsp 
■^i. ^r«rrm ^-i*ji?Tl f^?*^ ~F® ^-^*jiIT1 t^i^u-tc^ ^irmx?r?T n^^f® arcn^r <f?tt ^?r i 

^xmf^s -?r^ viPvc^^ f^s-a ^twk:^: f^rm ^Tsr:^ ^t^t^t ^c^r^c^-s ? f^rrsp^Tsr 1% 

"f^U ^nfsr csTsr^tf^ <i<^Ife. c*r c^pt f^ 5 o*xz^ «r^ ^jtst ^rc^r^^n "5q~^ <uif^= ^^tr^t wit:^~t" i 
1%I>; "*\V*< ^~t<pr t$w^ wff%?r ^•^r £f«rf^TJ ^-i<ii1^t\s ^c^c^;, w^Tst c^fpt (<fi^t ac ttJ ^T 5 ^ 

f%) iXi^nST "5RR ^Cbfe. ^-ff^TSfl ^.T5f-\s Ctf\STrT ^Cbfe. I cvii^l^ tj^p^HT^" ^=TT <iCbfe. C^t- : 8i>- 8^.) 
R^^ldW-^d^ t%^; ^qT^rr f^TT ^=Tr ^X5^ I 

^i<t=jf5 ^srr ^dbfe. ^rf^ ^fsr ^riHc^s ? ct^^ c=r ^rr^^r^rr) ^s^r ^>^r5r ^^dw ccrr^t <t>^c\s 
^tm^rr c t^^ ^fsr ^^^ ^^IB^) 


i£i<Ff5 wi<i<ii^lcLT-si eT5TC^^ \S^tK^ c^tFi? R^t^t >®^® ctf^sTrr ^c*ics: ^r^j^pTtf^ ^p^ht^" cRpsrr 

i^.=b- 't^h-ht vi-^j -*t^a R^grsr ^K3m ^^sf' ^f5 "srmr^^F^R^" vivfi^\s ^c^c^; Re^cw-a, ^^mrr 

\s<t>dbfe.^ ^ R^rr5p<mR^ ^re^fr^: -^n^Hi^ R^ttc^" ^n^w ^??t bc^-ic^n C5qr# ^=^i) 

"^raf^r c^ii^^^r t^fpt R^ s**r <mc\sh e«q<ix "^t^st <uiR>c-s]<:^r arR^rm 7 <mc\sh, vs^r^ \src^ 

^Sc^c^tr fsrc^s>i ^-sio-M R^rrsr ^tc^t 1% ^3^ ^?rr R^^trr ? \5T?rr "*fh© c^ cm^ff ^rmr^ <^c\s 

RR ver^tst <i=iwh oststrtt^t ^rc^fj ^"sq^T c=rf<p" wr:^; c^r R^grrsr ^tK3t ^K3rm o^sr\ ^tR -n^ 
-^t^w i^f^r ^siw ^» c^y^p ^d=i Ihc-^-h ^rr ? 

^^r ^ps wR^p -sj^tt^t^ ~c^ c«w C5CTT "srH^r'. ^s^tx Rr^rrsr <rrz?s ?jw ^^r t^: s JTr 1 

<p^st ^hjmj ^rr^rm^ c<^i<t=d^^ "5j\» 1 

\s*r^r "spRp^fRt ^rt^^ c^ics-m ^^x \sm R-skwi ^r®^« <^c\s crr^c^-i R^»Tc<r ^stc^ *m~r ^?rr 
^mr 1 

^^r «s\5-m f^TTRTsq" c^TRi^^tt:^" ^^t ^tp^us: i ^lvi<u ^s c^^sz^n ^n#t ^iRki^t ^^t^^T fH?JC"5q- 
^-i^T 1 ^ <t>c^cfe.-H G5=r^s"^=Tr ^^tc^" ^-i<iiR\s ^cmcs: i ^^tk^t -stihR^^sR^p c^ft ^s^^s ctf^sTrr 
^cmcs: cRp«rT^5r ^^ : is>) R^ ^f^r ^rr«rmr:^r^ mRttr^p" ^^5 ctf^GTrr ^rrR i 

"<£(<;k c^-^rrz^ ^<j^sr-H C5TRP" f^r ^rm ^rs ^i^h ^xtt -=*i7M?Hs>.<=i" ^rrR^nf^^Tf^r ^-i.*Ji?n 

^1f1(>^ ^*R vSl^T ^To ^sr^*r ^XTT ^7^?tR^t I 5j^s^fx R>R ^FT5f <J>^C\s n^'^vi R.c<^^r 1 
WHCTfl C^^TT C^P4lT ^^^f ^XIT ^TR;^: I C5T^T "5n-lC*J^ C&U3 Tg^5TT' ? l\s >|V|>|Jl^ Ci-o =vsi) 


^pRr^fNrr ^r^x^ fsTnr \5T?t R^cwi "sisprr <mc\s ^Tr-n^T i "5qr# >® : ^ <!.c® ^ivi-ar f^t^tt^s ^tr^: c^s 
"\5T^mr \slw r^t^ R-hB <mc\s ^tr^" t^st^t "Rc^cr-ac^ ^^ R^sr^ft^T ^rc^ <^\s 1 

<p^t 'S'tM ^T?T C^ : 8, =3^ vis^i,, C*m^T ii^^S) 

fef?r, "^rw ^h<t N^ivjm ^i^r >t^s, xsrrsrm ^srw^r ^n®r^ ^t^- ^s-h<t ^m^t <p^<i" ^<jk RR 

^\Z^\ (<^ ^&V3 ~?F3 -^S-Hd^s ''tl^.cKHT 1 

<mc=-m'. "^t^ c=-ii<t=ciTfi ^s<^s Rc\sh, ^^r^ Thc^s-h 1 ^ri5lR<i> 3^^\sr f^r ^u^^r c^rmi 1 eg-sq-^ 1% 
^s ^rsrf^rr, ^rr^r^Tr ^rr^fRr ^rr«m ^fi*j^=vi ^^m ^p^t ^<s% ■^1^- ^rreTrr ^*jTh i 1%^; 1%^; "H*t 

;>. "srR^f ^tk.<h ^t^t <ic<^c^:">i<i i c<^" "5rRr \^-^<h, ^^■■^(t °j<f s=so, czffffcs io=\sv> 
^>. "STK^f "sr: 5 ^ <c<*\ "^c-sc<t=^." >i<j>c<^ ^r?r C"sqr# i : «8, «-so, =g<p H=-^i>) 


^rsqsr wRr^rm ^^w^r -sg^p^nfft f^TRR 'tflfes ^rr ^r i 

i^.=ib- ^tvim T=rm csTT^ft, c^rrssTrr ^s wv^f ^p=mt^" ^^s^t f^rnrsr ^^ f^rc^m ^H^IfB f^xpr^r 
^®R<r <u<i^m ^?rr ^cmcs: i ^t^t f^pr^ ^f%5nr/ ^rw 5 ®t^ttc^ f^n^rr wi<<i^i srp^ "^tvim 

fi^^xsW <HHt CMZ<F C^^GTTT itC^iCs: I ^9^ ~5?T5q~ ^Trm^tfB" C5TP*Fr^T?TI Cf^mi^TT Qr^ : i.^S- <tv- 

i^. : >«\, f^mf^rr wi<<i^i" *tw i>v— ^i t^m^: s^.=i. ^ttf c^irp^" vs^f® ctf^sTrr ^rtr:^; i ^^t 
ei-^\s^r^" f^g 5 cvic>iR:^rB<t> c^t^it c«ir<p" -sf^r <j>c^Ih ^t^^rt I^Rn^R:^*^ JfN* -^r<p=^ c^z^^s 

^£f^^ ^R3rf^T I t%^ ^Tf 'HRl^M-s^Rpg' 2|<fP<t i^CMCs: "*fNs^: "sp*fN: i 

frr^#t c^sm^r >\<^\ <a<nc\s -5ti^d\sH T=rm ^TNsns, c*r ^TNsfB ^^rti^t wi^srp^ <p4TR^ ~^s ^pt° 

^Tl\sfB f%^T £|<p\s ^SR<T >|\SJ Ct^^n^TT 8i : V-,8^. : i.,iS>,8^S = i>o,8S> : ^S- vj») "*n^R^PP" -ffl\sfB Tfe.=i 

^1^5 f^pr^r \s wn^f %gR:Ti^T wff%?r cf^n^rr 0:^=^8 ( LXX) ^^R^^cRf ^t<|\5T f^r 
ct^rf^rr 8^.=i.s>, ct^ss w^if®-^ Wm^cvf c^miR i.^.=^s ^^rrat i>s> : <2:- <b) ^m^f cstp^Nt c^^pgr^r 

c*Tc*i\>k<=r] i cf^rft ^svb=^.^.- \str-) x=mivip^ ^^<^<]|>ir "^n^ ^*f<T ^ivjp^ x»ii\©r ^s " <^r^ v3Pe=fB 
^i^hj srw^t^s^ ^nf^sr ^s ^r^ti^c^^ >ivicij^ <p^r ^xtt t^r c^s=i>H,i>H : <3:) f^sr ^®t?r ^ixs^ 

i-^ = ii^, ^i, "RjIh -t^>Srll\s(l^^ ^FR;^: HJl^J^sT ^p=^R#" sf5RJ <t>d^H ^ ^TRrsr C^r^T 

rtrC<^H, -sH^®rlP» t^^T^t^T R^I^rC^^C^" sT5^ f^^m ftc^f^W-i I Cf^PTf^TT ^ : >- 8, ^1% ^ = ii>- 

i^=i>S), RjIh ^r-nwr <j^rac<]-H ^rr ^e f^^^m^s ^p^^^t ^tt " ^^r sh» -^t^s^ ^fr:"^ t^pt^ ^^ 
^p^R^ ^iTR^T^cti^T >i^<j>i51 <i>vf<ii^RT?f^ ^rrsR^r ^n-nr ^c^c^-h, c*jvjh ^^xap=f <3 f^rfo i 
i^.=^.o, f»pi c^=rr ^r^ ^sit^c^^r =rr, ^1^"° ^tRi\sr Pr^f^ <^Rki<ih ^tt, c=r ^rt^ HJiyRbm 
^fUl^d^r £ib.Ri\s ^r^^t " ^^m ^®r<r ^<^ ^c\s ^tR^ 


<jq^r <£i ^m f^ c^^^rmm - "*rvg -^frh- i^=^A- ^3) 


^ ^rtf \»^t ^^w^r ^ssp5£<p- \sf^m ^wrus: f^mr wptt ^^t i c=r ffe^r ^r^r \s csfmr i "*fh?9 \sr;<p 

■^\a ^fcf, "o^T ^T5p® C<=-1l<t> ^srt*^ ^XTT <I<^d\s oTT^f^T ^f% 1% C^ft ~tfTgyf ^f^t^T ? ^8 ^t^f 1%^ 

^pf?p*fNrr ^r^r^ ^-r.\s =tT'?I7^t^t \5T?rr <i<=-ic\s ^s?f <p<\^\ " <£^ <mRp wm 1%n; ^nr c<^<i=i 

^S"5R;^nT Wf?Ml% C<I=^>l<J^ ^Ivbl^. ^S ^Ivbl^. I 

v,^:^^- ^trr f^r <?sg^ma "sp^lc^f) f©^ <^t^ Cf^TR^: -^s> : ii^, <&a : &, s^=h, i<b) frr^#t verify -a 
;>^=^vs cj]^: c^l-^fD 1% -PfTgyf ^i^-rt ^sreRJT (<F ? >sr<f ^M«i*JlfTl sR?*m vS^-a ^rf ^gttBT <pefl; R^fS 

;>^=^8 ^l%*ft ^sz^ <c=-if^='i, ^t5t ws^-snarm ^rr^^f^ "sj^t, c*r*rrcsT ^gf^<p ^<^hw 
^hrsr^rst ^frw thc^i o^QTrr ^cmcs: ^^~° <T=rr ^cks. c<t>MfB ^f®i ? fsr^yrr ^<ix c^MfB ^^^m 
wm c<t>MfB wr=tbt ? ^pt?p*fRrr sr^tfh9?T xsR-b*J<i>i>a? ^r^tm^R^ 5 " 5 st%m <^c\s -stic-stPi, \sr^: 

S> = VS^- VS8, V|l-$ \»=^A- so, oj^i 1>1> : 1>8- ^.>i>) 

T:<<^>i^1- (.<<=-1>1«a='1 <l<=-1C\s oar-ajr ^^C^^ " W<l^tW ^^nz^Tr ^5T C ^^TT^T CtfT?^^ \S<^f 

^«t1w^ ^^?r cw<i\sr ) c^tt ^rtwr i.o R^^l ^ni% 1%^. -^Rki^h ^r:^ ^ttst ^r«rr ^cmcs: 
" osrg^r^ ^tm' ^^rm ^®r<r wfsp?r ^5<^r ^fwtl ^^" i ^^ ^r^fi^ afSt^r ^fr^t sitft^r ^tz% 

^-i^T^f ^»-i*ji51 ost^t <icw3>. ^t^p ^rtj c^^r^p" ^t^ttt i ^^r ^^^sMch-si ^r-crft t^r i ■= > twito5 


■^o: *tw ^a^x vsrtt^t fd^t who® c^tx^ "?fhs< ^TCtf^T^p <i =-i c<=-m , c*r c^n^ ^Tsfj wM^rm f^^^ 

f^*r ^?r" c*t "^fpt ~r^?r ^sreRT ^ra R^.^s= ^rr " c*r f5 f%?r <^n<i>c\s ^tR^^TT " 

•^ ^f-cf ^rfpf ^Trrof^T ^Trrof^^r^ f^tcs^ ^mr,cyr fsrcw^: f^rc&rz<F f^tc^ ^jr^t c\sic<=-i i \s^q 

■^t- *t*r 1^^ ^srtf^r "*rf*r ^^irt -^rRsr ^srfsrm T^rtrr ^» ^rst^; wat^r ^^c?rt "^nmr cststtctst 

<p^:^- ? *j\s***>st Filn sT^ycsr \st?^ c^:«r ^mt^^t ? \s^m P»Pi \sm ^ra =3© <mc<^ i 

^^: *tm ^sr=TT f^r sfsirsr -ynlw ^fo ^wr c*if5 "sr:^ <p^r ^rr c=t*i??f«i csfsFMi* a^z^ 
"^TfRKsj^ ^«r:<t >n»j\st sj^ip«t c^hxtr:^: c^,-^h isrp?. ^.b- *t*r ^"c=tt) 

<^d^Ife.<^ ^^° ^srr^r^Tr c*ic<f "at^^r <i>^c\s ccf^rr ■?rm Cfe : 8) 

□ R>c>i^ wmr osrsrm ^f^f^q^- ^® ^t^t^ ^==t ? 

□ <j>m "5q-r«nir5T osrsrm Ihc^^ ^s ^f-^cw-^ ^Tsrf^in ^xtr^; ? 

□ Rsti^rciTfi ^ti%a' ^rrsr vBbbKH ^r^ ^&Pt<f/ c^=T#t/ -arnfw^p -^^ific^ ^s ^rwicvs-^ c ^r^ 

<p^t ^?j-Hr , ^^r *i*f ^st^^st ^^t^ t^^P^r , ^g wf^m ^i%5HT wto ^rm^ i 
i-^^t- " ^rf^... ^-Jmrsfj ^rr^f^Tm ^rc^ chcvj ^ic>i " ^^r c<^i<^c^t^ ^Rfij^ >t«j\sm s^th 


f^nr ^^f^rsfi f^TR^r "^^T^TR^Tf ^^rm s=;>h 

i^.^sc ixi^: -=tcTf5 2tra^ <i^vi r^q ^rr^pi-^ wm ^» ^sRsrf^rm w^j ^ti>Mic\s <u<*3\s ^^^ 

1 t%5 ^<i-^r ^-i*jiCTl ^^r ^<pf5 aifi^sT ^nr, »ft^ ^rpt ^^T^t^r^" ^s ^fwf^: 1 Rp^r^srr 

v»\sc<^ ^r«rm w^j ■^=v|\sr or^-nt cRis^r-to c2jRi\sc^^c^' >\-^<^ ^m ^s ^rsrf^irm w^?r ■^=v|\sr 

xsnwr sprt^ jcMst -*£?r^rm ^r?r 1 ^s^k-smIT} -5qr# >i>ivir^R^ sf<Ft^r c^hxtr:^: "sqr# *®=-^- ^h =35^ 

i^ : «o l%fSf N^tvim ^rc^^s ^rr N^tvim R-s^cws ^nr isresfi? -^Ri^m <& ^<3RR\s ^r^«=cf ^>pp«tT^: 
"S\s5l ^?rr ^ztr:^; C"sqr# s>=ss>, oro^i,:^.^) -fft^sf «i\s«H ■gj^ >u>-u <t>c<H, w^r-n^r ^pptri: ^ttstt 

c£)^T^c£] <«p=r f% ^Ff^TFSff 1 ^ »ft^ <TRPJ i^.:>ffli,- vs^ 

®i ^rcf <ii^ ^t^f ^srrfsr csrsqTf^R^ <iR-ic\sils>. c*i "^-i^j c-r^ >\<p^ *fM ^^^rr <^c<r, 1%^s 

\s^ t-txf ctt c^as; vi-^j^^g^ R^cwi (<Ff^ <psirr ^r:^: c*t ^s^srr -sti^c^ f^n ^tf^a wtwrn R-skwi 
c*j c^r ^F«air <k<=-i c^r <j«fiqvG ^rsrr, -=rR^rr ^.^^Id^^s ^nr; -^^p^r^ts ^r?r 1 

i^ : «i>- *®-^, ^9^: ^t^f ^"C^rf eIItt^: "^?H ^r??t cwn cti ^ff^a ^®rf«m R^^ilb^H ^ctte. " 

*<c\\o^ " vi-^j^a " t^^rR:^, ^sr«iRT <ijiR3" J ft^rR:^' 1 ^1^: w?ff5 «i ^3 ^-^ -^wc^^s >iv|\sr 
f^3=rR^" ^t5t<r <i>c^c^: 1 ^rr^f t^nq^p ^ic^ib-^r ^^s\st^: ^ic<^ib.-Hr t^r^rr 1%^ ^.bfe.i-^\s 
^tMUsFSS eTotMT^ f^Tfc^", ^l^x ^t^ >NsJ\sT ^s -sr^r ^tr^tr^p^ ^^tf^t^c^ ^^Tf^^TT hcmcs: I 
wR^nx^r c=TF^5f^T ^N^r^sTrr ^p^r^t iI>Rb\s ^t^t ~^rc^ ^r^ I^t ^^j^sqra ^iz^fm ^t-M^ 1 

>s?H>lT s Tm i; T ^^rFsTf ^^ ^f^MT^" >SrMC\s ^srtsl^t , "STsiRT ^te ^T^T 'HXZ^i ^l>l^s= <iC\s ^tR^^Tt I 


^l^T^^ fH*Jc*4< ^»i<<|i?1<:it< ^t%^n^ <n«ft ^~£=rfi: wste^ smfj%s ^cws. i \sftTf^ t^t^j 

sl^>\s\»r ^3 >NsJ\sT ^P^HX^" ^5t(TfS ^r5qXTT -S^-S ^1% ^R^IW "3T5q"<R t^M^T <^C^-H I 

■^TT 8 = 8 ii=^S 

=35> i^= b- ^.TT R>VJ 8=i>o 

ib- : *0 \s|\E = ^i^ 

■^.O =VS8- ^S<2- 

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<j*m^r ^at\5TTf^f\swK:^" -5p*fte^?r ^sn^rsr^ f^r=r f^r ^*tr i ^^s^ MM<\»m f^rrc<T c^^^c^c^ 

ijxs'^^ ^r^® ^rr R>Pi sr^ycsr ciq<pw^ ^ti\s-hi<m?1 wv^ f^^rR^" sr<Ftf^5s ^c^cfe.-H cf^pti^rr 4«o 
st\5TT'?r5T i; T <t>c^-H cs^Ftf^f^ : is>) i >^^ t^ «rr^f ^rt%^f5 ^p^m ^r<r^: ^^r ^^t ^rsfr ; <i^vitr^r c 
f^nrcsm ^i^st f^^m wr<mT r^jvipt 1%^ ^^i^t ^ra" i 


08 ^rcf c^. -^z^hi <ixz*r<T\ osrspsrr "sp^r ^^m c<i>vm <t>Ri?jr ^f^r ^^rr <i*Rc\s ^tm ? c^hht sshm 
^us ^rm ^it^mr ^^ ^^mf^: "^:^f <rc^ <yw | 

^>Ct vp^ Wf^T "5q-f~J^, Wf==T WfSBT ^C\s Wf=^ ^^T ^Tf%<T ^R3T ^T° "Sq^Cf WfSBT <lC\s "5p=cf 'S^J 

i-^=vsvs -=ttf "ttt^t^ 5 ^f^t t^m c^rr ^mr" h=^^ ^t^tf^ ^tmt ctf^ir^ ^=x<t i 

i-^=vs8 ^t^f "c\s|vi^t ~^z^rm <rs~r*r?i " ^t^» \sm ^^: <t>r2>H ^i^st <u<i^m ^d^dfe.-s srSftrr 

C5fRr= \s=h) N^il^rd\s ^s= ^ffi* srsftrr Z^< bRc^-a xsfw^nfft csi<Fr= ;>^=s>, ^o=^) 

C3=r Tj^f^MT^" <T=TT ^ZIR^ C5TT# H : iH- ^©) I "STI^T \sBT ^silTsT "sq-^sjj f^TT fSRlWC^ £t^T*T ^R3T I 

\5TCctst wkwa str^n-HJ^sT, ^9^"° ^tc^j^: ^sfc-crsT ^srr«mi%RF ^i<ich^ -^fe.d-~H^ srlxs-^^^r ^fsin 


>®b- ^fcf= \s^r <t>c?j<t=>srH ^wm^f ^s *p<alRr \smTC^ <Ri«i, c^: ^^n, ^ivj^r wM^rm Ri<t>lB 

^ssc ^tcf= RR vs^-a <t>ra?jr ^^-cf^ <i<^c<^h, tjg o <rnf^9t>i51 cstr* >\<p^\ Rc*?-a ^rc-yr^r^r <t><^. 
c^^r ? c^rpTT wi<i<iiRf] 1B^ ^r?rr wm c^r^ f©^ ^n Rr -^rc^ <^c<r ^rr 

so -s-ttf : <Fm^ c^rprr c*jvih 1%^ Rrgrsrns ^^^ ■st's-c^rt ^tt^t Rx^w, os^rRr "sq^o^s -s-fRrtft^r 

si. ^fcf= hIh-51^ c<^c<j>^r f^r&irrsr ^^: ^tc^^st r^n^cT-a >iR\s -cttwt^ttt ^.^R-jit:^ cmWt <^Rc^~, 
c<t>~MT ^i^mr c^rprm stbtc^t ^m-^®^ ^xttRvst, wm c*M c^tptt <c® "sq-^i^r ^^ ^itR? ^^rrc^ 

8^ ^Tcf= -pftf^cT C^TC^T^ <TT^t I<lblC^ eg^: ^FTC^sT C=-1l<t>CT-s] >lR\s \SR>?qT ^<URr^rc<F' CCfffr 
^®rm Ctf^f, ~fC<=-1lV4H <c\s "5q~^T^T ^<f <ijiR^ ca^m^r wrc^r I 

wmc®h, \s«iiYRf \sT?rr ctc^R^ Rtc^pet !©*?<t>r^ ^rm "sq-^TRrsr \5T?rr \5Tat Rpg~m <t»aoo ^tR^^r i 
cicrtrr ei-^\sv»tt^ -sqRr >i>iviib.c^ sti^^st -^R^m "sq^® c^sqRr 8-<t- h) c*t ^nf% "*rh®<T ^^^t ^^f 

^^rf^^n "sto cc=T^tTr ^o=q:, -n^r^rr, ^Q: : i, c^r^ttt ;>=^, s" >o, ^v-, &■■*>, ^rrc^f^" s=s) i 

, bf<M*r ^r^m Ro-^fD >iv|iqc<pr ^?j- 1 Roj-si c^r ~c^r^ ^rx^ , <^\c^ ^rarr c^y^^^ ^rarr ^rt^T:^^ 

^t^s -st^mw^rrc^" c^rprm ^iTShtt^f c^n^r ^i^p a^z^ c^r^Trr ^s^ps >i<i<t=m ^c<^ *rc^r i 

i^ : 8o " ^Rr^t^ w^?r "sq-^sjj " taiST ' ^rs^ ' "c^^r^p c^r^GTrr <c*jc^; "st^fst ^=Tf^n, -Ji^<j<^n?, 
^r«^RT c^paTR^r c<m^ Rf^» ^sr^r ^m^r <^c^-ht i c-flfe i.^s&=io:,i.vb ) ^t5t ^fS\sc\s^ wRosrr^^ 


eTbr^t Hl-H<n<ii^l ^-^\s-<3 <s$<sk ^tf^-^mrsr "^h^srsr f%5R3r?r w^it cw\^ c^iz^ 1h«3\» <^c^h i 

Ci"5q- ^rfWT ^> : i^, 8=iS>- «8) I 

tiq^T l£) e£l^T t% ^T^TM^f ^tf^J ;>^ = 3^>- 8(3: 

8^s ^fcf= wm ^^r~r ^sns§t wfsrr "srr^ ^c\s c^^ ^xtt ^*mr ^^r ^e^RiCM ^tptt ^rc^r t^trsr 

<t><c® to. t^ 5 ^ \sR<t ^tnr^rr " 

88 ^ttf= \s^r c^r <c<=i, ^nfsr c*r ^r <^c® <3Tf^r ^^rrr ^nf^nrfft ^ivim c^ ^jt;-^ 1*pRi?jt 

■^rm, -^t^st ^rff^raT \sR-n ^^cr -snfw^ ^e i^nf^s csrc^ " i 

8& ^rtf= ^^r C3=r f^nrr wm^tt ^.cvso ~cjg ^®r^m ^rt^s wfsrr c^ ^r:w =^ttt ^ic>i i wm \5T^Brr 

C^ "^R^T sR^*T <J>Rl?JT ^~P=T ^R3T , "ST^RT® C^ "sn-i<:*x af^iTsT ~cr~fT eT^ WBre vj-v ^?T I 
<^i^: ^Flc<=-l-sl ~cjg L^\\<PC^-^ sff^s ^of^T^ ^if^c^ i 

i,^ = 8^s " W*S>ift ^Tl\s4in5 " i.o=i, -=t£-crsT C^TlT? Ctf^q i 

i^-ss- 8&, ^^ ^ftf ^sd<^ic\s F®-^n? ^®r<r <<h <mc\s -^tR^r i ^sirrs- 

• ^:^r ^^r:ti^t ®rif»^ "sqx^r^ «rm^rr ^t <^^-ht sf^fs ffe^r, t^?*!^^^^ "srl^ ^iwm 
ETsrr«rf^T c^r^^: ^^^c-h^ «rm^Tm 5 s^< ^c?jc^: i 1%^ ^^r ^^ra^ ^t ^Trr^rrm ^rs 


8& ^ttf= "*te*r R>1h \»t<t f^f^n-Jir^T^ 1wc<f ^r^ ^w^rrr <^r^c<^H, ^ cfm xsttstbt "sqrsr ^s zgixsmr 

i-^=8vb " \sm "5q-f®t ^q gf®M ^if^x^ *fif^>c%i fiio-M " ^R-rpo ^br:^ ^smr fi^rr ^^f^s^r c^r 
^t^s ^r^bt ^tf^gr^r ^•scs.-h ^s^rt R>Pi sr^^-s^ wsf <^^rfe.c<^-H C5qr# *® : -^o- ^;>) 

i^.=8H jq^: ^fpfl^ ^t^p ^^*t ^-i^T^f ^rrf^r, CKP ^sreRT CB' c^ff^St <n ^^ffi^:^ ^-i<iiR\s i N, C, 

1 ^scr ^R^f^ 5 ^.c^c^ NASB, NKJB, NRSV ^<r° TEV ^t^tc^ 1 ^^s-si^dlJvb <tt^r^t 

w^h *=*rpffi> <mr -tew^, ^t^ ^Ni ^re^srsr ^^cfjxsm ^chj^. ^R3rm ^wr?r c\svjh -^t^wf^ i 

i^=a-o ^tcf " ^<j>hht c^r c^^: t^t^m ^wr ^tf^r^r ^r??t " "^r^^sr ^.M5.r ^n^T^r ^cks. ^-^\s-<s 
<£(<;% ^»m ^t?r *tff lR^~m ^m^t ^sr, R>1h "5^iT2>c^c^.->( cc?rm»T <b : ^&> - so) 1 1%i^t ^^ ^tsttt 

^^n ^TR^^T, £lC\sJ<t> t^^T^t^: "*fhs?T ~*rtZ^ •*f*M^*£>& i£RP?. -^h^sTfT ^bte.r ^tT^T^T ^sRR C-avfl^ 

^t^s Sfe cc^T^trr v=io: - in) 

^z.^ 1 ^tvitzxf^ ^rr ^str^: ^r Thc^^ ^®rR=Tm *rc«f b«^c\s ^^q- 1 "Hf%^ ^srrsrm "sq-r^nrrsr 

c£i^: sf«r N^uc^ibHT ^^ <i^.c?j^ f^H^ t^^T^r T<i^?j >)^5. ^?i-hc\s \q fg^r <mc\s ^rprf^ii ^p^r 
1 , «i<<i^l< "5rs fg^r <pi\c& ^rf^r^u ^^:^, <T*f^rr ^i<i> ^^nr 1 


H. 8^s - 8<3: *>feiT*T ^=t5TTf5 <T*RT <t^H ? 

^rf^f ^V3= ^5t«gm >|V^C<,^ ^STT^P^ ^5^<lTf 

^5 1% i£p=r 

<^W C<P cw t% 

f& ^ 1% 

~cm f% 

^fsrtTT f^T'SFT 

<|ver <I1C«M 

<|vSr <MC<M 

<|vsr <Md<l=?l 


^tsrT i^>=>- S> 

i^> : i- s> 

ivs=^s- b- 

i^s = i- \s 

^•^T5q-m "5n«n7:"5q- -ffhs 

<1»v|l <Co1Cfe.H i«=io- 

i* : i°- iH 

i^S=i,o- i-H 

i^S=i>o- in 




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iJl^S <|vSr<Mc<t>-sl 

<|vSr<Mc<t>< \^v||fi 

^tsrm ^tmjt 

^tsrBT ^TMTT 

^•^t5TM <3TT*fn 

^TMTT ^.^s=i>i^- ^\s 

i>^s : it— ^\s 

i>^s = i>T^- ^\s 

i>^s = ii^- ^\s 

<t*OsM i« : i>i^- -^^s 

■jfsr ^e 

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N^lMtfe.t^ vB^vjl 


i^S : ^.8- »o 

i.^s = ii^- ^\s 

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\slvb]f) via'vlVJI 

i,\S:\Si>- VS^. 

i,\S:\Si,- \S^. 

i>vS = vSii- VS^. 


^•sHvjifB ^xl^sT 

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<i < *g\s ^M v| | 

<5|<I<|R| <i 

d<^ll<|i>srH ^■Hv|id\s-^. 

i,\S = vS8- ^S<2- 

i*=*8- •■Sd 

f&®l <|i<^\S i>\S=^S8- t>(t 


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. , ^=^ 

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^•^vilfD ^rt'^fT^t 




^rp=r >\ ij ^xz^ 

"smrc^r wrm^r 

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^^fw <r^hs 

<T^s i\i>=vsvi>- 

i»=*8- 8« 

^r»^ix#" ^rMn 




RW'J i>VS=\Svi> 


i^S^Vb- 8^3 

i>vS=^S^- 8^» 

^3 t% <£{^ 

<^T C^ C5f t% 

m ^ f% 

T^Sf f% 

tg^Tsnfij ^S 1 ^ 

^3^ %^\ i^ : 88 

*TC^I<T i* ; 88 

< , 

i* ; 88 

^CH^ i* : 88 

i^S = 8<2— 8Vb 


. , 

i>^S = 8<2— 8^ 


i.^S = 8<2— 8Vb 

i>^> = 8<2— 8^ 

i.^S = 8<2— 8Vb 

i« = 8H- (to 

^•^rsqtf^ t^rr 

. . ^=^ 


< . . . 

i,^S = 8H- <2-o 

L>Mt <srld<^^ ^*Hv|| 

i^S=8H- (to 

i>vS = 8'H- (to 

i^SH- (to 

^f^T - i 


i^S=<2-i>- -^.G- 

t§-?tyR^T<T i^s=<2-i- G-^. 

«S^9«S ^<K 

-S\g-S ti|<]N 

i« : (2'8- (2-V 

i>v»=(2'VS- Orb- 

t^t^it:^^ wp^ ^-^r^rc^ ^-i^^-H ^?rr ^xtr:^; ^r^tnn ^rtrcir i 

^^: wwm ^fwm I^r^t*^ ^^mr w?r ^i^.d<i<^ ^-i<ht:w^ >iv|sg fHc^-a "sr^ w^rm 7 ^x?r ■^^c& 


"Hf^nsr :>c rR:3 r ^ ^tRra ^rfsrm ^^m ^s^^s fires ^x«i<T*T <^-an i ^stmI^t ^5FT*tr^: ^rKrm 

^^5t ^mmr ^^p^m ^^rm >iv|sg^. ^<r?r <t=^n i R*j?j<i^ fi>*?\s <j><&-\ i ^•^tc^ c*r ^rz^ 
^Tf^^f^Tr ^-i^iw <p?rr z^cmcs: ^A'^^^w^s t^nr ^sr=TT ^9<=-mt <t><*>-\ i *tm ^s"c=tt sj^iRvs 
<j>d^-HT f^g c=r*fc<iRT ^i>m vSc^^tr ^"c=tt ThCNs wr:^; c*t ^~£=rr ^^ac^r ^^t^t <^c\s ^?r i 
sicvsj^lBr «m:^f esq<Ff5 f^nr wr^; ^<jk R^ic^-a ^^m osrm o^em ^xrrc^; i 

3. ^vsJlfH 

Pi<iit>oi< ^^m , wfsmr ^=>f<T 1h-«^ ^q ^RibMnm , ^m^i^vs ^•^sc&s "srfsnrrsT i£i<r?. ^Ntt^r 
f^^R^r i who® ~£'=*R3r:^; ^fter wR<R?«t <xi<Tx "sthR^ f^g~R^r ^tt®t fCrc^i 1 

c«D " 5 ©'=t5TT" f^r ^^fl? wf^^r ^r^f ^t<p- ^r<r ^x«i*jitn " ^<^ "^tr^ ipr® c^s^rf" i ^rr^Tm^T 
*uSht <ij<i*3\s ^^ ^rr«]Tii%r^5- o-nsjmjtc^ sf^R?^ w^tj i c^r:^^ wrc<r ^15t >i<t=c<^^ ^?h sitrfs, 

^tr^tt ~c^z^ 1% ^R>u wre^wr^i ^ssi^l "*i^x c«ir<f ^xow* 1%f>; c<iRkht ^i>ic\s ^tr^ i 

en) "yirsfi? ^•^t5TT ^r=TT^: i^s *tr-^ erpR^s ^cmcs: i <^<f^ >nsj\sr:<p f<r«H ^^tstt 

;>. ^rr-stT^r ^i^"° "si^rr ^n^r, 
^.. >iRi*(r ^sf ^i^"° ^rf^ 

^^r srm ^ilsfD ^•^t5qr f^^rR^" si^fm ^^t >i^< c«-i>- <t^.) 




i^> : >- S>, ib— ^.^S 

8 = i>- S>, i^>- ^o 

b- = 8- b-, »- i<2: 

i^S=Vb- fe 

i^S : ^.8- ^SO,^S\i>- 8^S 


i^S=^Si>- VS^. 

8 : *o- vs^. 

i^> = ib— ife 


l>^S = ^.o- ^.i 


i« : 88 

i>^S : 8(2r- 8^ 

■^^m i ^s^r° RjIh "*fhs?i ^•^t5TT ^~£=tr^ ^<i-^r ^x«i*jilTl ^<jr:^~ ^Tssm: <t>c^c^-\ i 

c«) "srRr >i>ivj rmc?r?T -n^r \»m sgprsq 1 bc^r -tfNs?i 1%^ft ^s st&tsr:^ ^^s <pc-^c^^ c*jvm §- b— 
i.-^. ^sr«jrm -vf^m i <t=\s<t>^sc<^ic\s ^rr^rr ctf^sTrr ^cmcs: ^n^m ^vs^^c^-iic® <f<tt ^rf^ i -srfSr -ffh® 
-^h^sr "sp^fN; ^r , \si^c=i ^R-^-^rm c<fst vs^-a chhIh ? ^^: sR?*m v3^< ^«i*jitTl Rf^*) 
^■stsqT <ij<]«3\s ^zwcw <£i^° ^H v| 1 c\s \Svs=<q "405f ^iTSTTT ■^Tln I 

C^ff^a xsrstrt ^^TR:^ ) c^TRRf \sc\s-a ^t?r f^^T^r f^^sr <t>c^dfe.H i ^R-d-n^r c^TfsRF wR^g- 
^"I^M^T <MC\sH I "^9^: sf^^ <pot t^rf^T C^Tf*RF f^Rs^T T^r C?J Cfe.H ifiRPv \sRT ^X«i>l<~! ^srf 

^cmos: 1 ^srrsT^tf^ wrtt "sr^ P»Pi ^f^i^t^s \sm st&m "q f^r^nc^ #rc«t t^tc^ ^strtr-t 1 -q-aox 
■5tt:*it f^rr f^r-s^R^F -^rs^ic^ibHr ^<rr ^c^cs: ^<r° -^n-avivi <f?r nc^cs: "& vShk-sm ^"^tr^f 
f^tRi^^i <p^t ^5r 1 ^gpT5TT^m c^^rf-^rt \sbr "*rr «rm^ ^d-acfe.-! ^sr c^^rm erfrt <^d^cfe.H 1 
^•^ranwcsTr esq-sr^ c^Mw -^Tc^rr 1 ^tsn^'csTt wrtcs <t>T2>H wr^" ^prsqrerc^ ^rf^fe <ic?jc^; i 

^^■° >i>)vjr^m ^$^t <j-s>8, ctf^r 1 

" ^^tstt <i<^c^: ^r<aRT ^m ctt ^»-i>)^hfsT ^r^ ^^i^ et^^ <i^s=<]j ^rm ^^m f»Pi osmr R«c^ 

~f^r c^r?r c«fc^ ^r^GTrr ^xtr:^: ^^rf — ^^o) 

^:^r <^S <jr?et ^r^^ ^®R:<r ^^s^ tso ^ ^^tr^tt ^xrrf^r ^®r?r ^^t^ 1%fw ^^^ ^^rm ^c-hj 

i>. ^d-Hd^p "5^^ ^r^t ^^t l^a 5 M^t " "stthtft" 7,*!fc<F ^T^GTrr ^xtr:^: ^^rm w?r <rr«rm "sro 

C"5qT# ^s=^^s) if^^sf Ttff C<=^l<t><:H< V)C\s C^J^ s = ^.^s) ^Rf^^S ^R^ C"5q-r# H : i><2:) 


HJMJ^T C^f5 fpm t^5TR^" ^Rf^^S^R^" ^CH^^ST^TT vSHl«»l ^rm^T ^r:^ ^rR"S: I 


^•^T5q-r^ST^Tt^: -*fhs?T f^T^Br ^<j^5qTa eTIvjHj I f^stTT ^TR3T?T "s^s <r*f=TT ^sr=TT -£T^T ^?TC^T, 

^Rf^^s wr^- ^srf^s ^sr^pp rRs^wr^- <r*f=n ^sr=TT ctf^rr ^rm i 

■^\c^<p ^st^tt ^^tsrt " <i<=-ic^; " ^^ f^R^PTRrsr RjRsh^r^t ^pT5rf^3T Rf^-i ^tr:^ ^rf^fe wr^; 
i arsirsq- «rfr:^m ^tsqr ^st^tt ^rr^rm^ <t*rt -ji^tr^" ^s ar^Trr'n^^ h1R> t^ "sits "*rr -^R^i 

^. £i^^ c^r^sTC^rsT >mi^ <^^h i ^^r ^«iiT<r ^cmcs: c*r arm >iv|sj Rf^»i wd<^^ ^chj 
c<f) ^btr^tt csr?r =3<f v,^: «s*rr«^RTf?T f^R^f^r ^?rr ^xtr:^; i 

<xi^r <s\ <xi^t t% c^t^tm^ ^rtj ^n^) i^> : i- ^ 

i^tcf C3^ f£f^ "?ft^ ^ra C<y?^P C^vs ^XTT "3=TM*I *rR3T t^RlTr <>)C<=1"ST i 

^■sfcf <xi<tx ^c-s<i> c=Tt^" ^"c^r wm ^fr:^; wx?t ^r^tt ^si^: fopi c^^st T:^rr^Fm t^R^r <>ic<=-r=T 
^rm ~?T5F® c<r\ i<t^sr^r ^rr-jm ^tr^ t?R:Tr ttiT^c^ ^^.<^ i 

"3=iT'?r^«rR^ <ic>irfe.<^" ^^rr ^rc® ^il<j<i^r ^fwra ^fi*j^=vi v^-^*jiIH f^r^r I^rc^-H i ^<i-^in? 
"xsrm 1%1^t ^i^t^ c^Nn c^r^t^t ^<s% c*r*ttz^ <c>\^c^\^" c^rt^n t^r ^t^^^tr^ ^rtt^s, "^paf^r 

vo-s^xf- ^-^ Rjpj -JRr^pfT -5q-rsjR^q- ^CH<t= R*JC1T I^^T Rd\s sTf^R^T^ I eg<t»Sr-H ^t^t -51>Sr <jHd\s 


en^r i 

s^tcf- <xi<ix ^Ftw <j^rm >ivi?j <ji\s<ii ^tftw -=r:sirt ^tR?^ ^fvs^T ^srm -s*rfRRrr ^w ^®r osrtt 

or^tcf- ^-ur-tj ^ftw -^tM^^rsr wFsr^s ^fvs^, c^tsrr^t c<r~ft "5rff5 Ri^ ^m "5nff> -jr»Rt f^r ^rr 

vja^rtf- f^g tr4 ^hz^ * p t?r ^t ^i^s c^t ^p<Tx f~RF® wr^t ^r??t <ki>i1h <id<^ ^s1%ctt en^r i 
<\s>fff- n^hjihj^t^tt ^tsr^^t ^fvs^r, <Ffer ^tr^; ^"c^rr c^w ^^ ^brtrsrstr^ cuz^ ^m^t i 


"^n^: c^i<^ ^s^ wn<t«»R^~ ^^rrt^rstr^ 5 " ^r^f<j<i^m ^?r^; ^^rt^s ^ojc<?^ f^Rs^R^:, >ic\sj, 

vi\s<iRTf ^sr^f<]j<]^m <^er^; i ^^tr^t <n*rRs- ^rtst^ vsr«» s^Rstrt c*rmr i 

^►rsrr v|\s<]R:-cf^ r*rs^ c^tit ^rex trt^t ^r??t c*j wm v|\s<iRf ^s^^rr ^rf^^»R^" <u<i^m ^c-anr - 

^<3X c^ror^rr sr^fi Pnrcsr "^r^tR^s i 

^•stsrr ^r=tr^ >iT2><?^rr^ <u<i^m ^^t ~cfRFm, ^c\s -=>tr3t v3hk<h ^^fic®, ■ffH%TTHCT< 

^t^R^R^r wrrr^ >®fi? ^fw ^tR^s <j»<c® ^cb^. z^fn? wrrrtt^t ^•^rsn ^-i^R^t "^tr^str^ 
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srprt fm" ^^^ >ividTr ^•^t5qT ^.ct>^. ^rr ^=tt ^t ^<ij^s= fw«n^d-~H^ f^nr ^rr vi^<^ld\s 

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c^s)^m^a^T ^t ^tsqr ccf^Girr ^cmcs: t*t^t ^-sk^SI ^<j-^r ^-i>i^h <mc\s -^tR^r i ^tra^ "^Ns ^^° 

^sr«y<n Rj-hH? sf^rt^r t>Ri^ ^?rr ^c^ics: i ^rr^rm^r®" >nsj\sR^ "sfcrrM ^c^c^h ^Sc^-tJ ^rr*]^ o 

cq:) ^^p^ R^c^^ ^^m c^^rr I<i1%h >i?-ivir^m ^rem ^mjmj -i\sH Th^vi xstsirt ^j^t®^t Ih^cst 

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w?r <i^-h <fc*t i c=r*r^<F*i vSc^-tr ^-i*j|fTl c<t>Ml5T fsr^r -^tc^rr rs^Rt c^^r^st %5^r ^t -^tr^st 
-^rz , ^<3 fsr^r *$tz<F ^tt M^gif^F® ^s^rt *rmRYf^F®m ^t^rt ^r^qr ^p^rnr ^rsqsr ^i^c^^-i 1% <=-ic® 

"5T5T, C>in? RZ^PEiwR^- TH"»-s1 ^JR3T ^fflT "C^^^R 5 " ^3 \sR^T?T "Hf^ssMT^Co-llC® ^^T®^r Ih^jvi \s 

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^ps i >^^ ^-ac-H-a ^rrsrm *j^\s^i ^^^st^tt wn^R ^src^ "5T«r ^g^x <t=\s<^^-^rr wrrmr ^tt?r^t 
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^sbt ^rr ^str:^:, ^tg ^st?t ^^: c<y^^ Pic%4 c^^sttt ^c^ i" 

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cs^^R:^:, c^i^t \5T?rr cu\-^ f^rcs ^rr cc?R:^f, ^n^ f^rr ^rr (^tr:^ ^i^"° ^t^?t fstz~3 ^rr f^5r c^R^f, 
v,^ -s-tpf f^^ c\sivi^r «f=Tr ^Ta^ osT5q~R:"cf^ C5t«f ctf^R:^ ^tm ^i^"x oststr^tst ^t^t ^hc^s ^tm i 
ctf^RT® c&£tt\3 ctf^RT® ^rRf^, ^srm c\sivi^T ^ ^^rr ^s^r^: ^t ^t^r ^hc^s c^^tt^s ^>-hc\s ^tPTf^r" i 


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^nc^ic^s b«^c\s -^tR^r i f^g ^tr^^t f^^~m c^: ^n^ ^srtt^t <fr^; ^^^m o ^Tl« i 5 ©*t5qT>«3R=Tr 
~j<T^r ^^?lc^^ ^fr^; >i\sj\st ^t^r c^rrr ^<ix ^mrr sff§R^ >®i5l<t>m ^e l^g-m <i»<:-sMt vsrtt^t ^fr^; 

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•^i -*tcf ^ ^r^® ^i^ "5qx ? Ji ^rf^ l^pq^- <i(:>i ^rT^: f%^ ^sg^ma ^Fsr^t ^r^M c^ <p«arm w^j ^p§ 

^1^° ^\sJT^m ^1C>I \s^r^; ^t^T ^T5q^S ^»C=i f^TClT f^tf^XTT ^TTIT I 

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^1^"° <[Z*# "^FS^T CWTT, C<^v5 CWTT i^l^F*!^© ^S^T (<F^ CtfTT "=Tlt» ^S^T ^STRJ C^ 5 ^ CtfTT Iw^ ^S^T I 


"5qr# 8->a **uyvzs ^^r "^TfT^tr ^tsttt ^^tr:^ ^tttst^ ^ttst ctf^sTrr ^cmcs: ^tt <t>Ri^l?j s=s ^uyr 
^^fsq-f^s srrrr^: ^•^r^M^r ^at ^xtr:^; c^.<2-,^.i^,^.s> ^v=f) ^t^s vi«~^T\sm ^nf^^s ^rfwx^" "s 
«x^dfe.H i c^rsrtx^ ^rsn^^ic* -sqi^x 5 ^ RjHfB "*r^ 1^tr<i t^*r "sg^nf^r ^c^dfe.H ^«arr : 

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ctrf«r?:*Jc^.H i "sjfw^r >Nsj\sf si^^ ^rrsrr c^em c^srx^r ^jtrjx^" x^r^rR^r n=x«^\s-<s o f^^m ^nwr 

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<rwm i <uiRs= ^® ^rfwr ctf^sTrr i£)vmR» "*n*r=r \srm ^r??t c<t>Hl?t^: >\<^\ ^sr^t ^nr i cf^^T^ 
v,^:^^ ■vfff. ^rn Tg^pt^: ^^r ^W ^xtt ^fcs ^p==r <«^h ^^t^ ^r<f^: ^c^r -«iTi^ «r^i^R\s ^^sTrri 

■^hs ^r:^^ f^r^n ctf^Tsr ^sf^TJ ^srx^^n? ^^rsq-r <i<^c<^h i 

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vso^ftf: *p>|<^ <Flt»^T?T >|V|sj ^f^® \s ^S"^STT t£)<t»)<:^F ^lvbc\s WVG I ^TaT *J=>I<^ ^WTCJ? ^Mlfvj ^^T 

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"*r*r=r osrsq^T ^fTTsrr ^tptI^ ^Tssm: ^?r \5^r ctstk^t ^?jc\sr -n^ro <yi<^c\s ^ttr^ i" ^^-^rc^ 

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■^n^pif^rl^ %3gf^rrm wmr <j<*j\« ^xtr:^; ^re° osR^rrsr f^mi^r ^siooi^l^ f^T^R^ «rm^i 
<t»c<cfe>H 1 ^^bt sf^o ^rtsffB" ^rprc^f^ -5qi?jrc5q" "3=p=>si>iif^s ^xtr:^; i ^s nt- cv4t>)n:<rB<t> 

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vst-^fcf ^®rm wFsr ^^° w^r«. ^c<^t ^-JmR:^fj^ c=tr^p^ ^i^t ^5?, ^tttsr^t^ c=TR;^^t ^^ C5^ 
8o^tcf= ^fJTsrr ^rm ^r^5tt <jr^ c*jvih ^rr^T^r ^jf^rr ctf^sTrr ^z^ u'^m i^R^r^ >ivi ctt' ^q fiW 

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8^s^tcf= c^r >ivi?j -^h^ ^»w c=rfc<F?n" ^#^= t^®H ^T^srT >ic*\s\ -sr® ^^f^ ^xrr c^rr fwr<r i ^^rm 

2>vd=vd\!9- 8^s^fcf : c£|fl? f^T "*fhs #tr: 5 S^ ^S^TsrBT ^TMTT ^.8- *o 'HZ^r f~f *UCH -si W^TJ ^Mt^rT ^»T?^" 

ivs=vs^^Tcf : "f^iPl ^T^T <Tl>s? «l_OM fiP)^ v|-^j^a" esq^; ^^Tsrr^^rr ^»TT "^t^s^: "^r^sT ^e 

>|\sj\»T i "^r^fT ^rsi ^rf \S^.5J (T^zts sR^rTwr ^^ ^Tflw C^ftw^TM^F) ^re° ^Tl\sT C^tw) i 

□ "wfsr^; <xi^: w?i\s" ^^: ^•^rsrr <pnr?r w^tj ^tSi^: "sj^n f^rr ^^r vi^<^l ^^ R>?g ^Rr^t 
<n w?k i c 8^ ^ttf ) ^mrr ^ftw <tmx<f?i ^^rsqtf^ ^sz^ xsr: 1 ^ ^-u^ ^g^rna ^>ivir^m i 

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88"^<mp5fi wfspsr -^rc*u oiR^cTr ^r«rr «r?:^r^ "sr^t ^<^>sr-^ c=tf^ ^©r ^w c^txir ^®n^m =i1%ctt 
^m^t ^i^^m c^r -^pr "sq-^^ ^^r cn^r ^^° wm ^^n 1%^; f^r ^t<i R& ^r:^ c^ wFsjtst R>h=-i i 

cxi^-^ sj^s-, -srf^r R^^cw-^ w^tj c^^rr ^xtr:^: i ^^xp^ ^rrsr <ij<i*3\s ^?jTh 1%^ "^^■sf^" "sq-rsrrcsr 

">ivi>a^. r<T3f <^^<^" f^r^jzw^ ^^i<ic<i>^. txi^TR;^ si-^R)Tp®^R^ or^lR^rr ^xtr:^: i "sr^f 
^sr«y^ ^rsi Ci.) ^^F5qra ^sh^fm ^st^sr:^^: t%^rr^R:' : t "^f^ 5 =tt^ ^?rr ^mr ^^° c^Si^: ^^sr -sjfw i 
cc^T^trr ^> : ^.8, <t->><k, vja=i.^s, ^.l^p^frr ^.=v-s>) t%^ c-^) ^^: ^^n®^: 1^mjx®^ "sjw (io:vs8,*&; 

i« : 88,8&) 


8<j-^rcf= ^®n^m ^-Jf^nwj ^"sq-^T ^i^tr:^ ^^st^tmt^^ ^^rr f^rf^r wr^ "sjwr ^w^r i 

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ivs = 8<2r^Tcf= "^wf' ETfgRr ^Rjs^ "5JWT f^T v| <i | vmj <] Rr I "5J^T MC^\i\ ^TR 5 ^ "5TT«ir5q- f^TR:^~ 

8H ^fct; wrtrt "^Rnwr ^"sq^r ^^Rf5 ^5 varic^-i^r "aro ^r ^T'^it:^ c^^tt ^^t wbt ^rc« -^^ -a^vi 
8b-^fcf= jq^x wr^t *jff ^c^-i -^^Br c=tr^^t c>u»r -^tr^s c&^r ^^t^t -^r^t ^sM ^tct" ^i^t ^tt^; 

8S>^Tcf= 3£s-aR ^[C^PsT C*TC^ "3T5R® ^^ -a<^V|^. ^x<I I ^^ tO®-sR ^"CT" "^r^sT w^ C<^I<^C^T^ "sq-^sji 

c«y^^ ^c^ ^srf=rmT ^-ac-a-H 1 

Qro^fcf: <jq<3x W==T® WRa~£^T?T "5qx s 3T \5R:"CTsT C^C^ C^Td<IH I C3=r*rR^T ^aW ^FRTRFRTj ^?R?q~ ^9^° 

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i.vs = 8^^Tcf= 'T^T^r "3T5T5T' Rl^^ldW^ =T^^J I^T 2*<p* ~cjf5 >iv|csq-f) ^-^ReTI EfstHRfl? s^CWs. <i^v|Rt 

■^=v|\sr5T^ ^p^t^" ^1^"° f^nsr •^=v|\ S r ^t^t -^®h "g^^Br ^g^rr ^^t^" i -^h f^irrsq *.c\s ^ivi-ar 

ivs=o:o^rcf : "^^x ^twaw w==t^ ^rr^^^r^ "sq-^sjr c^c<^ ccrem ^x^" i <lf wm^rm ^btt <^M<Mn? 
<t><c<r ^9^"° ^httt ~*m ^^h <^^c\s «arRjR^ i" c^r^f : «o,s^,fto; b-=i.-^, ^<s:=^)i.) 


HsX^^T I i£|<j»SrH t^^T^t ^^Toiq fH^JV) c*iR<^ >NsJ\sT t^RT C*JVM wMC® •stPSR^q C\sV|f^ -ffh?s?T 
f~R*HC®\S \5T?R C^tX^Ife.C^^ I C^lfsTTTS 3§ ^\£>- -^3, iGrS 8, ysf ^pf%§ iO§ *3a- ii, ^TT \st~5q~S ioS 

g:8 ^fgf- I^sIh ^®m fSRiw^r ^nrrsr f^Pc-st ^tp^r^t^t ^^~° "^rsqiw ^^ (.^i^cr-a f^r^n r^TC\s 
ott^ic^-m 1 \sRr <fvtt ^sz^ c^tr^sR wre^ <c<=-m ^<tn <i<=-ic\s crm^^^r "^^: ^str "q wre^ ^mw 
^?rm ■^v|\ S r c<pwt z 1 ^^^ cf^" ? <^1% c^ft ig^m r^iT^-a cs,c^\ ^r?r ? 
<2:<z-^tcf : ^®m "STTCTPfT iqrsq" 1% v|R?jv| =qrr ? i^rp?. ^st?t wr^: ^^nr^R^, c^tc^tep, R^rsq^r ^e Ristwr ^^rsr ? 

Qrvls'tcf: <4<3X \5R?T C^TR^psR 1% ^IVIRTT^T "sq^sjl C=T^ ? ^SKC^ (<FRl|T OZtf<F t£PT<T C^t^T ? 

Q-H^rtf : ^^x \5R?r "^hsc^ ^i^: ^^r^t <fl*rr Rt« «art^c^ i f%^ -ffRs xsrtt^t <]<^c<^h 1?r:w^t ^mq- \s 
r-r:w^t <nf^ ^fwr xs^qr -*{<i wtrr^tii^ wh<i^i-sr ^p^tt^ ^tm i 

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i,vs=o:vs^tcf= "^tsitq'cstt" .sfR^ ^-^*jiH1 ~R5fR> fspjj ~r*ti ^^rm w?f- ^tr:^ ^t^ c*p=Tn ^Tr«rm^r 
*u5-r ^"c=Tt^: wrjtiR»<i> >ic\sj -cprm >ki<?>R3t ^c<=-i «rar ^^ i 

"C^R^FR'T ^»R^: ^tsrT^CSTT "5RR ^M^s I Rlst^l C^T^RF^ ifRp ^psf "^rR^RTC^TT ^Rsf f*TZ3 1%^ 

*j s <^c^' m-stH ^s^^s 'pffcss i c^pstr:^ fsr^yn ^i^t^g -ypsi J ft^rR:^' "fhs>^ ^^r5qi^<pr -cjj^ <^m^ f^^rR^" 

i. ^rll^e<t= >NsJd^p ^ft%^rm ^TT^" ^^Tf^^Tm <SrHJ^. \sf^ ^•^H^ f^gid>1-s1 ^5f^T <IJ<I^m ^P^T 

^.. T:' 5 TT^t^iiT ^Mif*^ >nsjc^f xsftTf^ ^nr:^: t^^K^^ ^^r ^-hj^. ^c^-i «r?rr ^c?jc^: i 

tX|<^ -sff^pefsf sq-f x5H=rm ^fl^f^f^T C^ 1%5RT PrciT I "?ft<?3?T ^^P^ "^Rlb^r ^FR^5f^ ^Tfi^tT ^t:tr:^: 
CC^Tf^^T ^ = i^S- ^^, "5tRT ^i : i-^- i^, "5qT# ii, = i<3:- ib-, =g^ i^ = 8<3:- 8H) R>^ ^ftwS-?T^T ^I^>«tJ^: 
>Ns<$\sf n^KI^-4-S <^d^dfe.H I ^Pi^STR:^^ "STtf^ST n^-^*J|U1 ^T5T<RT^n" , ni R*I?J ^S"C=TT ^C^i «R:^dfe.H I 

«rm^rr ^^t ^rr (<m^r ^s^ ^htw vScs^"«r ^jr^ ^rrt: i vjpv^ ^tf%^rm ^i^mw ^<m v5cs^"«r <p^t 
^c^ics:, \S^tK^h t^^rR^" =^p ^t^t ^iTs-ht ^t^mw^ £Rfr«t ^c^cfe.n i 


Tsnw^rc^: f^r^r -sm^r ^c-aHs.cs-M i Richer -a '^Tsqiw •%*%' isr^fi? f^r^r sjFs&pt i 

Ri«t^l "3=R^l\sd\s txi<p^ma" ^R^ri% f^TR^r *rm^r ^at i 

1^m R>1h c*t ■^v|\ S r <r.=-i, r*i ^^rz^ f^t^r Rc?JCfe.H i ^sixm^^tfs arm^ ■^=v|\ S r 

^5T^fTr ^t^pp ffex^-s i trr^#t^t ^«m t<r*FsT l^mr cm^rR^rM <t>c<H i^F» f^TR^" 

e£|<^var-M ^FftTT ^I^T^r RivsR^" C5TT*fN: ^T Or<\»r f^TR^" N»l<|\sm ^C*JCfe.-H ? 
i« : <2rQr- G^^^f- "<^q1% C3^ |^SH fsrf^O Cfe.C<=^ ^T5T" ? ^Ff^ fsrflf <I<^C^s C*T ^FRfeT ^tW <t>£-sM 

\5Rp^ ^tr^tt ^rr i ^^tr^t ^n^ fsrf^ <i<^c\s ^rmr -H\^m carmi^: ^r??t ^t c=tr<bt ^ftw ^r^t ^t 
^n^ f^Rir ^mw ^r??t wt^wwt ^.f^\s Rc*jc5.h i ^xDsi^d^fi vic\s ^r:^ f^rf^r ^ftw ^c-s-h 
f^renfi? 'Suez's:, ■sfN* ~t^t c«y?p^: i ^ sr*r^-csTr "^s?r l^sr^ »mi^ o ^ic^^ c^rR^m^: <^d^(i^: 
c^r, ^t^s ffe.d<^H ticrsirc^T ^TT«rm^ ^t^ppi c^p ^w- <2r-^rcf) 

□ '^t^m ^gT®i^T \St^m c^R^r^f ' ^"st ^tf^rm^R^" "®r<r <i^h ^r^ ctt "stt^t viRi^vj 

\s f^sT c^rR^R:^ 5 ^ ^r^ ^hs»^ ^r:^p ^^ ^^-^ c^pt fs^ri Ci>=^<2:,i>^. : 8 ^rcf)C"5qr# 

>ivi?j c^f© -^rr^^n^^ THvfi\sm at\5TT*TR ^c-acs: ^i^"° c^tfx? c^r^m sf^rt^r f^^rR^" ^sr^f^T ^i^t 


i,vs=<2:b-^tcf= "R>Th c5t*itc=t c^t^ wre^t ^Fpsf <^c^h ^tR^:" "^t^st >i<wf^: ^®t?r f^^T^t^RTf^r 
f=rc?rM <t>osM \srj ^nr:«y ^p=^t# ^r*rm w^j ^^x c^frt >ivi>m tstrtr^t?* w^it cjtw) >^^ ^stc^ 

^sric^ibHrn sm= ^^r -t^rRs^rm f^c^*^ o >«isj<t> ^rm wt ^tm^tbt fac^c^^ ^i^.c<]<^ 
^-i<HT^f T^nftro <*k~\ ^<sus ^x<i i wr^tr: 1 ^ Efc\sj<t=c<t^ ^ivic^-a f^c^cr-a sff^sru g*jc\» 

f^rR^r c^n^r t%^: ^T^sj-m <Md<H ^rri >^^ ^ic<=-iit>Hm sr*r^st^r wm^trj^ -i>sHfi>«sT >i^<i^m: 
<mc\s ^rm^u ^sr^i 1 wMf% •^?fs'^ ^W<5 fe^r <t><c<M ^1^: ^tsctrttst f^nr^r=Tr Pic*4 1 

;>. wm^trj 1?r:w^t wRrm ^•^rsn^-^rm >m>j\sr^- \siRi<h <p-&-*\ 1 ^^: ^t^jtrit c<frt 

■^. R^R?3~ ^f^lw T3=p=^R#" ^T«y^T ~^ S *V >1V|C<U1\5T <MC<1--1 ? 
vs. "H^<^" ^3 ^«f ^1^.C<]<^ ^«i*JlfTl v|\s<]Rf I 
8. R=^R^ "fRs<<T f^R^T ^-s^CT-sl eztf<F WRTRfT ? 

"5rRr= i»8 
"srrgf^R^r v^i-^-dRTf xsrs^mr -^rsjz^^ R=«s\sT 

^\g t^" i*p=rs 

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v^j-a \slRi«l 

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i,vs=(2rvs- i-H^H 

T^TRsX^PfT "^^1 

i8 = i- i^ 

i.8 = i- i^ 

i8 = i- i-^ 

i>8=i.- ^ 

i8 = i- -^ 





i.8 : ^S- <2- 

i.8 : ^S- i-^. 

i.8 : \Ja- H 

i>8 : l^ 

i8 : S>- i-^ 

•sffe ^rsrm 


^ffe ^rsmr 

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■^Tlb ^l>SrNC<1> 

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C^l CM C<s, 

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i.8 = i^S- ^i> 

i8=i.vs- ^i 

i>8=i.vs- -^i 

i.8 : i>^S- i8 
i.8 = iQ: 

i.8 = i^S- -^i 


i.8 = i.Vb 

i.8 = i.H 

>8 : ib— -^i 

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•=^ • — , 

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ijl^s verCs-K \h*>\<\ 

ijl^S >SrC<^1^ \h^\-H 


^.icIJh <ii<K >«:«♦• 


i8 : ^- ^\£) 

i>8 : ^.^.- ^\S 

i>8 : ^.b — ^S^S 

i>8 : ^.V 
i>8 : ^.S>- *o 
i.8 = ^Si 
i>8 : ^s-^.- ^S^S 

i>8 : ^.^.- ^\S 



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\s1C<t> ^C-HC<?^ 

OMI>1<<:i? *Jl^S 

OMI>1<Cl? >[^ <t»-sM 


xv\-*{ <PC-3 >L.°5k 



i8 : «8- ^S^Ja 

i8 : «8- ^S^Ja 

i8 : «8- ^S^Ja 

i8 : *8- ^fi^b 

i8 : «8- ^fi^b 

^rivicur^ rHc^cw-si sfRj^m c*jc\s ^x^" i ^srMfSr ^i^.c<i<^n? ^tf^a wiwm ~ffwc^»^ ^-i^m 
^^ff> ^r??t f^nr wr:^; c*jvm : 

8. ^\slR 1 
"Srf^T= i>8 = i>- *®*b 'S i t?Tf^ ^fgMsfvj 

c<f) c^T^w ^i<f ^b^strvH ^TTgrc^p^ ~fp^ ^\»r t^rf^r "5rRr ^ptstt^r^ vSce^ ^c-ac^H 1 "sfRr 
^mi^ ^rrgiz^sfr^ ~^rc*u ^^f ^rrgrcwrsr c^st i "c^x^w, ^il^^rr^" f^TR?^ ^rarf^p ^l^TBvs 


^f ^rrgrsfR:^" ^reir^ \S^<q -5-rp^t^r o*f ^tp^ <^<c^>^ F®1h cptS: r*pRi^f ^nr b>§s R>Ih f^c^-M 

^=M 3fR^F \s1<=-1|<1* Ctf^ \5RfT ^t f^C^H ^TBrTfijTTR^RT *Tl>er<t>-ilT I C^xmfpRTT t^Ppl^C^S \5XM <t>d^H 

^s^tx <nver<t>~iJT c^t^t c^x^t=t ^iI^^tptc^" f^~R< <i>Ric\s -^tR^r i fvsfn ffe.c<^H c^r^jrt wtfsMT- i. 

<^RT C<rR-T CC2ff%si,^) 

en) n^ivi^t c^x^tRrrm ^^rn ac fr=T^ ^t^mt^" >erMc® ^tff% c-gtR^P^r c^rR^^ic^-a ^^: c<y^^ 

c^r) smr Tpt <^.< -t^ c^rm^T <rr^i^w£<iRT "^n®^- cfe.^-^ ^?rr ^tt c^xm^f ^il^tm c?rR"5q~ 

<^c^cfe.-H ^rf^^s \S<^ ^fsr f^r i ccvi c>i m^IBTvj *j t) ^rgfE? ^®ntsf^tr- i. ^t^bt=^^: f^^m ^R^ffe.c<^H 
fSfTRrsr ^rf 3 ^®, ^ra^r ^?rr ^rm i^rf^r "c<r^c<^c<<:^< f 5 r^s"?: i; r^^P r "sj^t ^\sji*j^s <^d^dfe.H i c^R^m 7 

^TR^FBR^P ^9^"° C^Z^W WTtsMT- ^ C^TR^T^ ^TR^W^T ^Tn^^^T <t>df1dfe.H "CSff^s ^F1*JJ1<I<I^h1c\s I 

;M"cf : C5^: >ivictt ^t^s^ R^ctt suyrc*^ ^n>iH<^^r "c^x^w ^s^Hlfe.c<^-H 

^.^fcf: i£|<r?. fop) ^BT <1>vfbl5lC^^ <]<^c<^-H, "^I^T ^if^HW-t^sf C?TR<^ f^rf^T "S^JT CMZ^ C<TZ5 

vs^ftf: -^r^r^r c^^rm 7 c^ik^ ^t^si^^^c^" ^mi1b<i> <i>d^-H ^^"° R>Pi ^t«it ^xTrf^x^w \sr^p 

C=TfW C^rl^HC^^ ^BT^PTt <C^\ "5TP7T <t=^C\s-M I 


i.8=i.^tcf= C5^ ^rsqxTr eRttH Tsrgfs c^r^Rt "*fhs ^r^Hx#" ^s^^tf^.c^-H i "srRr osffg^nr ^sr?~r f^c^R? 

i>8=^Rf= "<£r^ 1% c^trs^t <3RsrR^w^" ? rpp s> : h- s> ^r^f r^f^r i 

□ "(^^ <sthj^. wpc^T ■^=vi\ S r \sRt ^fr~%" r^R^rRr ^stx^t f^R?«nr^' ^xic^nR** T^c^-m i lsrr 

\5R4 f^TCW^ OrKW TT*rR5RT ^RST^SR^sT "5R®^- c^HOI-sl "5R5T f^RTT ^fWi <^CfRfe.-H I C3=r*RR^ 

fsrRRrRw^r liq^fr? osm ^rtt fl^T 1 ^^m ^r°^«T f^^tr^r ^r^: ^^ f^r 1 ^tw*. ^^s^e -=tR5 <f?r 
c^ro ^r 1 c^rtwrt ^Tgrct?^ hI^»h -*t^ ^t^t^t^ "5p?f -^r^r^st «tR3t ^^r f^r 1 ^^r "sqwm ^rr^tm 
c^r c^x^m^w^ ^s^arsq" Jt \sm ^rh ^r^^snr ^iWunr >i*p<^\sr ^^-h <t>c<cs>.H i c^<p^ : i.^:^^.) 
F®1h ^x«ic<TW <i>c-sic^.h f^re?«r*T ^r^" .ifR>ir ^t^I^t wm^rr f^Rc^" 1 ^-sk^Tc® \S*Rt ^R=mr f>MJ 
^iRhI^ ^tr:^ >ivi>ur ^R*r ^h srrs^^ ^r^ft c^r^Rt ^il^tm ^^° "^p^^^tr^ R>P( -^Rmfw^ 
^r 1 c^r^Rt \sbt ^tstw <^*Wvi -c^r*rr^T c«ir<p- ^w <mcmr ^RfR (Tsrrsftrr ^vf^^r-n^T t^frt <ft*rr ^51% 

i8 ; 8^f- c^rm^r ^r^p <ic<^lfe.c=iH ^"sr ^PT5rTR^n t^rrm ^ft^t ^rm ^®r<r ^^1c\s^ ^i*j^=cvi^ 
^rR^ri cc=T^tTr ^b-^^y -^ >i^<]\s \5Tfrr ^hjtit^r^^: ■^Ri\sJT'n ^R^f%^ cf^®Tr Rki^-h ^s : i.- 


>8-<£ ^rtf= ^rf^^s c^x^w ^r^p ^"«r <t>^c\s cb.c^Hs.s'i R>Th ^^prr^rR^T 7<f ^tt <i>^(1\sh ^^t 
^rapTf^^R^" Ri\sR^\s ^r:^ cs> *ff) c^r^: c^i<t= ^#r«P"c^T^ ^ch<^ fb^iR^d 1 ^^ ^m»^R> ^-^*jiIH 
t£i ^^c-h^ ^atrt^ f%==T 1 srra^ c^n^cH-si ^tr^ ^n^^c^ "53^ ffe.c<^H ^fR4^ c^r^w arm^: c^ti^ch^ 
^TR«y ^^rr <i<^c\sh i ^^r^ ^rtw^<^ >ivictt ^»n^t ^>c^^ ^^rj^vq f^f 1 

□ " ^^R4^ \5RJT CTl^C^F , «1<<|^1 1^3=rR^" "Sq-R^T <t>^\s" "^t^S "5rRr ^>IV| RiR^ <Kl<^dfe.-H 

Ci.i=H- 11) c*m^r ^T-^f^^sf^^ ^gRs^r fn?jcvi^ (Tn^r ^r5t ^^"° <?£& "str^t 1^tr^~ ^^to^ 

Jffw N^-^iJlSI ^TR?t^ -STRUTS ^Sf^Rsm^T <^d^dfe.-H I 

<xi^r esq esn^r f^ c^i= i T i Tr , JfRf) ^Ht^^n^ 1 i8 : &- 1^ 

fe-^Rf : CV|C?jfli ^R4 "5qTc:TT^ ^Ff^; C^aR^P" ^f^T5R*f C^RITT <1<=1<=1 ^alRTRT <JR:^ ^if^TTCfTST CT^Tl^CH^ 


s.^tcf= <«r« ^nwr c^xaw "cjsfSf^ ^c<^h t%5 ^^mrr \sm ^r:w ~£^x« ^cs-iHsxc-m vstx^ "sttstx^t 

^x^ csqx^fDc^ Rw c=r ^®t?r "snxspsr ^fx^; ^x^ tw^r i 

i.^.^rcf= eg^ -s^ c^tkoi-si f^mj^t ^x^ \sm "^s ct^Osx^ I^xtt <^<i^ Rd=iH <xi<tx c?t ^K-ster 

-fft^SX^ f^TXIT Ihco-m I 

^u<i wpe^t <t>c<c^; i ^i^j t£| ^<t>vi f^rx^ ^^x >ividTr c^i^r ^nfft^r ^n^ ^sprr«rm^r f^r \s 
^5Tc«sKs<p Te.«i i 

>i<t><^(i<pr ^n»i5w <^c^c^; i ^spq-^m -^ft^sff^cxs c^r wx^t-s vm<i= ^tt^ \St?r "stt wmrt: 
^sisjsrtf^r® ^c-aHs.^ i =r^^ ffe^r c^xmxfT^T "sj^t wit <^m i 

i.8=b-^tcf= \st?r "sttxspst ^r^Tsp^f =tx^» JJt^ ~t^T ^rr^f c^yx^ ^t^rsp^f ~n*ffi? =tgttt ^cmcs: i ^rt?r 

^ts^tttt^t ^^5 c^ ^tf^pw^rr ^-i>itxst c*m^r ^r^i^^d^^ "^^r ^xnt^r i 

i.8=ii. '"fur- <£(<ik ^«m "5q-r«aiT «an=TTTr ^??t ^stptt ^^t i£(^% cvicijc<^ fPrc<=i G5=r ^®t?r "sq-f^Ti^ ^fr:^: f^rcs 

f^r ^fc© f^Trf^T i 4^- Ih^jv) ^-i>)Tx?T c5r:tt ^r^fi^ ^^rr ct^zts <ij<i*3\s ^xtr:^: c*jvi-h 
^nUlc-fifi ^^ni C"5qr# <z-=8i.- 8-^ (^parrx^ P»Pi ^m ^^x^^ ^^rr) ^^x ^n^vfl i >t^^r° c^r >i<^<i\s 

ivs^r-pf = c^rmx^T^ "^^t^ ^f^?T ^t:^ ^t^s ^^n^: c^arpr t:«ic<f ^i^st fn^H wm^rm ^?^t c^ix^t^t i 

C=TX^^T C^ ^ps^lT ^SX^T 1%-T t^sT -SIT5T C«X^" ^IX^ C^X© ^®T?T f^f^^T «J^^T I 

i8^tcf= R>Th c^Nn c^x^" c^xsr c<^i<j>c^^ ^t^s cttx^sf -srsr^nr *jff ^xtt c^ix^t^t i ^i^: ^ixtf^ "sq-^sjj 


-fft^sr ^ffe ^rsrm c=trjr^ ^irsTrr^^rm *u5-hr^ "sqT# f^rf*Fs ^pnqi^R^T ^-hht ^?rr 

^•aC^-M" I "*fh© ^F^f^T^S ^tf^tT® C<T\*5 <t>CfMlH I C=TT<RTt?T C^~C^ T^^M ^-hIh, 1%^ >\<<<t\ 

c^i^cr-ac^r srr^r^rm ^^s c^s^mr ^f^rsp*! wr^; i ^tr^^t c^ \sRr ^fr;^; f2R:Tr wmr 

^RTJlls^ \5R^f<T (^5 filH ^3^ <^^C<^^T I ^rf^3 1%R-T >\<<<t\ ^g^. ^SBT W^JT sT^S H5.C<=-M ^Tf I 

1%f5f -5T^tf^ \»'R<p- c*t^t ^i<p\^\ r5?tr^" ^rr cuz^, f^gs ^st^ >)^.i«i^R> f^r i >i<^ i%f2T 
"sqi-ic^^ <f& -*rm^V3 ^ff^s <an<iic\s-H, ffh© "33^ ^srm >iv|sg ~ct^fl* fwR-r?r <j>^c\s-h = 

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^^5H ^^m t^^T^f C5TR5 CCf^STTT ^XTlt^T ^t^( -flt >t tG >|>|V|T^mT^P >t«J\sT sT5q1^T <t>f1C\s <£(<5% 

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>iv|ij^3 ctf^t ^xtt c^r:^: ^s^t° csti^c^t^ c<f ^nf^rr f^r c^t^t ^m ^TRrsr f?R:Tr f^d^c^r^ ^t^tj 

v.^^fpf = ^^t ^l^^i <]<^c<^^, " xsrfSTRTf^T ^FR^: "5qTa ^ffet^ ^1^ ^^° i^T? ^T\^ ^STR^" I 

i>b-^tcf= ^^"^ R)P( <]<^c<^h, 'RT^r^sT^Tr wrsq-R^ -crps" i 


^c#i ^^-Jm f£rz<F ^si^ic^-m R>fa ^rRrxc^ 5 " wff^pq'Rf ^-ao-M ^^x : ?pft> wi^c^^ ^i^x "cr^t^r 

■^.o^fcf: <£[^k wrtt >\<pc^^: ^^ >i^<^r^ osrttItI^ 1 ^or^btt ^Rgfi? ^swr -m^si ^st^r i^ fi? <yf5=c\s 

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^?rr ^?r c*r, t^ist^cr-si ^R^m -*mr\ isrix ot51c® >i«wt t%^ 1 ^ran^r ~*mr\ <i<=-ic\s f^n^r >«T?r 

□ "wm-mfi* fSqw^r" ^^r w?r f^r c^t^tr^t c^n^r <r® ~m^r t^r^rr 1 ^reRrr "^tr^ c^T^r -sitst' ^ 

is ^xw^ i^^simr ^^r si^l^vir^T ^Tr c*r, ffh© f^f^cr-a <id<^rfe.d<^^ w^i^r^ 5 " ^TRmr Ihcvs 

i.8=i.H^Ttf : " ^i^iRTf^ <fr^ "stts" -^ftefr? ~^fi> "q ~*tff? "srr^; wr^;" 1 ^"St ffe^r ^^^-h ^i=-r<m 
" c t' 5 l^^ ^TRrmi cc^rm-r ^=s> ^ftf) "st^xkhSI ^ ^5n*b4jj<t*R;w ^\s«^ c^s^. Pi tttst ^t#^^t isrt?. 

^^tr^pi c^r^n^^ ^mi^ ^1% ^»F® f%==r, c*r ^rr^m ^f^^^'^m ^t^^s ^R^Ri^s- f^TR^i ^^21^: 


^c^ils.^ i cc*m^r ^) 

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<c>\fe,<r\" ^ft?r t%=^ ^rr^rm^ ^rprm i ^7^ti%Tr^r ^rr^rm^T^ ^\u^ <ic>i^. c^ic\s-s ^m sri% wc^ 

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R^^lc^r^ ett^ri^ ^rr«rm^r ^i^^r f^r, c5T*r ^^° ^r^ ^^-?m f^r^ ^w^=tr <p<rn ^fjj c?rc& 

Ett^RT fl^T Ri^^lcw^ w^ti w*TT*mi^r i <j^vjrr ^iviktt^t xsrr^jR^ >®i«jpt ^cms. ^rr^arr ^ts <p?rr 

^^X C5T*f ^3T ^JR3T sfT<RT ^sTT I ^^T "?^?T ^T5TT ^^X ^pfS-^t ^3 i«q<PW^T ^TT^t^ sfT^RT C^Z^ 

^rcrc^; i "*rf*r ^ivj^r wtstrtt^t "arwr ^r^ ^r??t ^^° C5t*r ^jt <p^?t eit^rt <pf% wt >m>j^. ^i^.c<i<^ 
t^n^i t%5 "srr ^m^s wz^s ^i^i^r c^r wtstrtt^t ^c^ ^s ^®r<i~tr^: wt^s <pf% i orp^ iir^- is) 

t^R?«r^' f^pjnfi?- ^R^rnft> ^t?t ^sj=j*sr?R ^r^t 
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vs. ^T^ ^iRiSI igJZ^ ^~mi^ <&fS\ L^i^iM ^.3 = 3 
3. ^^TR:^T ^I^^Sr-H ^-^SU^ ■vfthtt I ^iRSTt i^s 

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c<f) ^t?iw^t csr%o iH<ib>-H 

c^r) ^miw^ ^-Jfi^s "sft^sic^ 5 " ^^sm i "srRr ^=g:\s 

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i.8=^.i." ^rmr oarcrrf^r \5Rtt?t "sr:*it ;JR?=trp" ^s c^fi? c^t^t cstctt ^fwr <j?sj c^fr -?flf& ^rsmr 
^c^Hs.^ i ^ff^s ^r^wi c^tr^st ^R^fn ^- h ^TwR3m "sr^ f^r, f^g l^re c^t^t fSrPiyo ^m i 

•^-=tcf = c^-ii^cir-ac^- f^mr ^r^t stt^rt <t>«im w^j 1%f^ ^^n ^tf^R^? ^zh c^r^t^t i ^rei^r >^jt 

^srfSRlTT vs|1>M \s^M^S FilH C*T*rR^T <iQ<m^: f^C^H I 

^.8^tcf= \s\s'^t=c^i t^mj^t c^rr<Fr vswr c*$z<f ^c-s<t= i^z^ f^tc^r -t^Hs.^ txi^x ^Tsm \Sc=nsr f^R^ 
«an<i>ic\s clj\Sc?j^ ^fbr:^t c^rRFr ^SI^-h i^iHs.^ i 

^.CfftT- C*t^ <Tf&5 -^t^S >I^Cki;^ ^^m f^TT C^tfS f^r^TRTT^T <FR^ ^l>llfe.C<^'H I 

^^^fcf = -^t<?s xs^sfi^ \5R:"cf^ <i<^d<^^T, "^^.c\sr ^nfsr ^»rr ^r^tptt, ^rm^r ^^ i" 

i.8=^.^.^tcf= xsc^s^rr^ -^t^ f^t^jc^^c^- ^^rt^TiT \S^>c\s \5T?rm ftrc^^r i "^t^s ^r^t^ ^m c^zs 


<h-^ay ^fi? f^r ^TTrom t^m -^5ir^=\s ^;\sTrm "s^si c^^rRr s=i.- 3 ^ttf) (^tstr^t <T=rr 
i,8=^.^s^rcf= "R>1h f2R:w^: ETT<HTfT ^HJ ^tf^RT® ^S^oi^t 1" ^f5 t^T ^T?T ^FRW^sT "5j^r f^RlTT 

f%r?r ^^msTrr, i^s^tcf 1 ^gpTSTT^R^ ^rm ^m "*fNs?r ^<m#te srr<?R-R^r ^sr^^w ^c^c^h i "*rf^r R>1h 
"^t^st c^tz^ ^<]\sm ^xrr s^tr^^t ^«nf^f^3 \s*Rr srr<Frm aRrnw^r f^r, f^g xsrrspsrr <i^s1>"$ 

i8 = ^.8^fcf : 'T^Tl^in? ^.RjVI^sjj \5~fwT C*iR<F ^RH^ t^C<t "K^T t^RTTft^" I "5qT# vb=8H ^tW --»l-i>lR3T 
C^n<t>lf5 51^ "STRtf^TR^T "^^T fsRlTrf^T I 

liq^T ^ ^1^ 1%, jq^T T3 5 " C5f f%, OSf t%- "?nf3?T 8<T af^R^f' 

fl* ^ f% - "^^^m *®t?t c^ir^ vb^m "sr:*it" 

H=i>s> f^n=TM ^.=i>s> ^rtf) f^s c^Tsqi^r t^r^st >i^c?j^. \sbr ~5Bfrt> wrtt >iv|ijc<^ ^t^t ^c^cfe.-n i 

□ "fopj ^t'jit:^^ ^^m f^r:Tr c^zs xsrc-cf^ ^fr:^: ^ic>irfe.c<=iH" i ^m^i >i^dg srs^ ^i\sid>i^ 
"ct^ f^r 1 ^f^ ^rprm ^i^^fj^: w^<t=m f^r ^^° t^ c^y^p ctf^rc^ c^r^t^t clj^ctt c^rt^n 

i.8=^.vi> ^ttf "^^T ^as" =^3<p ^8=^sh ^ttf ^-^*JlS1 ^^R3T?T -$^51c\s ^rt ^=Tt ^C?Jlfe.<^ ^Tsl^: Ef^S 
^llB-HT I ^RJT ^§te >^^! ^XTT ^RT^rf^T I "*ft~£sT sT^aTsq" ^T^Tl: f^T "^»Tr <t=-sl^f' C<I^v|Rq ^Fl^^CV)^ 

^tr;^ (.H^sl<iib<^ w«rm) 1 ^1^: ^''T^f ^^^tr< ^<t> eg^^ ^-R4^m ^r^fw ^cmc^: C"srf«i= i8 : ^; 

v,^: H ; ^.^:ijc, "5qT# : >b : <2-o, ^J<p-= <2-=i>o; i>^.=\s^., Ml^- vb : ^.o, sRFtf^t^s-al^J i : iH) I 

■^&^tcf= ^^° IRIh <i<^c<^-h, "^~ctt, ^^i^t f^t^^ c^tRft eztf<F c^zr^ ^c^-n ^^m f^Rir c^r© 


vso^ftf: f^>§S OBTXZ.^? ^TSV^ <I^.C\s C=TC^ filH ^»TT C^tXTT ^C^" C*R.\s =Tf5l C<^-H ^^x fis^^RsT <PC-H 
^?R^ ? 

vsvs^tcf= <£,<;% ^mrr (xt^m t%^ \5TfR "^t^sc^- -^t^xsrt ^r^tr-t Iwcs <i<^d<^^ >iR>j wmI^t "^^srt 


"^rf^ ^fsr ^3" ^n ei^I^vipt (?3,^Rt ~i^>iR3rfRH\s <rr^r i c*tr> "sr^t ^?r ^rr ^rsr c^^^r^p^t 

i,8=^so^rcf : "<3Top=r o?r«r^® T^co-i^r" "^r*!^ R>Pi (^r*ic<=-M oj^ ^ct*?. ^e ^wpt <i^.c^; vs^Rq ^ 
f^^m ^scbtr\s <R^rf^r i 

"ar^ xsttstr^ ^^n <t^-r' "^^n ^m" ~i<rfi5 ^j^ts^t Phr^ ^^f^ ^x<i «<*j\» ^xtr:^; ^f5 

i,8 : «i. ■'tcf 1 '^Tvi vsm f^gr^t" "srf^r R>rf*f^ "sgprsrR^R^RT ^fl^: "sj^t 7t<t (4> : «o, b- : ^b, ;>vb=i^) 
-%©<* ^CH<t> ^x=rr wre^t <frw^t ^rc^y 1wcs ^r^nyt^ r<t^ptc^" <rf%i -^c-aHs.^ i ^mx 1 ^ w?r 
f^^m wx^; "^t^t xsrtt^i "s^rx*^ ^^nsf <i»c-sm i c^x^i^r) 

-£Rs^T <1 i C^lfe.d<^'H I \5R?R "^r^X^RT ^s ^T^MT^" ^v5T|<f WHO® C^-slT^I ? cfiRPv wm ^MlC<=^lR><t> 

^^t% c*rca\ iS3,<j% ^x^r wmr <F^ir3? <a<nc\s e^Hx-aHs.^ i ^^: «rr^fi^ ^*f§wrc^" \s ^tf%^i^ ^»r?:^ 
«ivf\sc\s ^ft^m ^r^i ^^^ ^a ^r^fl^ ^t R*j^n? "srRr #rf«^» ^rsrTeiT^ "gjra^; <u<i^m ^^r 

^T^^tfw^ f^s fcRnr t^sft ^P^T ^T«aRT ^SNrtt^ f%^RT ^T^TR:^ af^TH ^^T I 

x5rR7=Tt^rm sp«r=- 

^ft^ra N»ii\®m ^tRs-cvs^. N^-i^m 7 <^^c<ih i ^rr^tf^r ^^FSf^T "5r^<u<t>i5l f^^rR^" c^v^ 1^% ^rr^t 
^^c-a-H =rri ^ ^ic<^ib.-sm spsr^f^r <^^ ^^xtt^ f^?*^ f^nr ^x=rr Pr:^ fd^r <t>^c\s ^tr^ttii 

<P?R.^- I i£|^T ^sr<T ^^R4^T=tt ^?TBT R*R^T, 1%^ f%1%^S ^RT I 
i. (<P^T ^>- i-^ ^fcf^sf^T^ R*R^T Tp^f^ ^T^f 

^.. wmI^t 1% -^\sh f^5jvi ^-^ijiHI c^xsrmr:^ f%^ r^tr^" fbR?\s <i>^c\s ^tr^^t ? 


8. -?fN9?T ^C<=dlR=<J= ^fr:w?t \SC l ^T' c fI 1% t%^r ? 

^S8^t^f = -^t^sr ^sBrr ^-^psr *ht? ^xtt ^fftx>i<<e. ^=tfftit ^u^ ^tivioih i 

i8=vss^tcf= " \5T?rr ^rr-^m ^rr® ^xtt -fffc-H^-ac^ >^u^ ^n^R^w" 1 

c ^rm ^^sTrf ^f^rf?? *\c*r*z. ^h^ ~r^r 1 "5qr# ^=30: *t*r S^sipwr ^rftrsr ^<Fi^ wm-m ^tr:^: ^^mr 

wt "street tcrt 1 t^'^m ^trtst ^i^^tr^: i^fB wfrmr wr:^; i "c^mPi^ ^rm 1%f>; ^c^* 

^t^Sff^tTT liCTSTT^n >l^<l\s tiq^sR^q^; f®P( ijfst^l C5Tf<RTT?T "5R:*U C^Z^ .Sf^T ^C-aHsX^H ifiRPv 

^^mr f^^R^r ^r^1R><j> <pt% ^R^rfes ^xTrf^r cs>=^.o) ^i^r c^^Trf^r \sm ^n^Rr?^ t%irmr ^M^f 

■srRr is 
^srt^pi<t> ^x-i^RTr ^r«fmr ^rsir:^^ R=w\sT 

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CV|c<ji \Sc£> N»ll>ll 

i<2: : i- & 

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i<2: : i- fe 

i.(2r=i>o- ^.0 


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vsl^Sbl <PC-3 

iS : io- ii 

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iG=i^- i8 

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i.(2r : i><2:- ^.O 

iiS: : i«- i8 


i<3: : i- -^o 

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<MHI^I eg 1 d^-l l<t* 

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^l*ls>ifl< R^1>l 

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i<2r=^i- ^.b- 

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C<^l<t=C<t= >|^ 

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iO:^^.- «Jo 

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i<2-=^S^.- >®S> 

i<2-=^S^.- >®Jc 


^rm w?r wm^rm Pic^c*^ ^i^.d<i<^ ^-i^R^f trtfrns' o*.h <m<m> ^z<j i ^ivirtt^t -£Sc\sjc<m^. 

<mc<h i ^srr-^ff^ e9<t»srH ~5r«<j<H?n f^Trc^" c^t^r 1%^; \srm <^c<m ^rr i 

fe.c<t=^ "5po 1<]*j?j ~^s ^ffet^ ^sre^t f%\»w ^^t ^•i<'RTr?T ~3^K.^\ ^b=-mT <p-sp-s i "smmr ^~£=rr c*t^ 


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i-s-ttf : t^na 5sc frc 5 T5q c^ift^ <j>c^<t»sr"ST ^Ff?p*ff ^e «r^ f^ps^^ "*fNs?r ^Ffc^; ^~c^ <i<^c=iH, 

■^^ftf : "^i^TC^Tr Rc-H-a «r^ p^r^^cirf] ccf^sTrr c*r l^nrsr ~&u^ ^a\>\c^: wm^tbt f^mj^t ^sr c^r^t 

xstrttH wstP-tj <t>c^H" ? 

8^tcf= ^^ <c<^cfe.H, "^rr ^wrc^ ^p^n^r <t>c*tr" ^^x ^rm ^^nr "art ^wm &sf^ ^r^pm *$k<f 

or^tcf: f^s \5T?rr <£<=-t siTK/5^, -*rfw c<f5 \sm "srr 1%x^t ^wp^ ^t^t. ^ivim c*r Iwp-pet -^m\ 
csT5q~m ^rm^iT <cvs -=*mi\s, \st "^h^rspj ^fp:^; a^e^rr ^cmcs: i 

Ms"s^r : ^®c<r "srr ^ptpt^ \»pj wm ^p^rt^T <t>?i<im ^^m c^: i wm^tr^tst ^r^pr t>°iR> fn^dvi^ 
w^r xstm^tbtt ^^?pj ^tpw <nR><=-i <^d^dfe.H i 

i.<2r=i.^tcf : "*pRp«pm" ^s^^rsq" ^i\si-Hlc\s Rst^l*pr^ ^swrt: f^r >i<icb>d*j ^rf^r^^s wpj<r ^^fl* 
^?ps^p*fp^T srsppir w^r i \sT?rr "sti^i^1*j<:h< v»iivioi vs«<f® =tp» ^3fp«^ i ^ ^tptspst wsj- <^\» ■^twn 

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□ "f^i^^l f^rap^' ^i^t c^p*TT^f^ ^r:^^: «r^trr <u<i^r <u^s=m tr^r, ^j^^t ^na c^^rr ^^° 
^h>Pj<i> sf«amr n^\sj^ Eff^p^^EfT^, R^^cw-^ sn\sjR<t= «r^trr ^1<ic^t \5rm^: ^j^^t 

□ " r^l^-TK^TST &$£<&" "^N» <^l^: >IV|C1T TTT^tC^ Ife.C<^H 5^^fx ^^ ~3T5F® C=TR^^T ^pj ^p<yr 

^zttI^^t c^ri^ C5qr*fpj ^-Ki^rc^- v«»^<tw ^p^t ^xrrf^r ^^° "ShPi^ wto srcrrM <t=^d\s 
^il<j<!^r ^^tc<p <u<i-^m f^r^^ c^t^j f^TW p^~m <^c^1fe.<^ i c^itPf = f^Stir R<i^h) <^^ 


cfw#trr Rk-sih 8=i>8) 

□ " ^rrsTrm wrc-st \5Tsrr ^r^ c«mr^rr" ^r* ^srTrrm ^Sc^-tr f^sn^r >i-^\s f^r ^rr 1%f$ <ifi»T 

c^rtrrm <f«?it vScsi-^r <i>c^P( f^g ^rnar ^^^ c«y^p ^o=^s> ■^f a^z^ ^^^u^s^w^s ~&u^ 

^It^ ^s ^p®T i "^s -sffclNT >ividTr ^rpTK3m TtjC^ ^= c^mrr f^r f^r^#t -swfcw srfftrr 
^1<oi< e9<pi^ £r«rt^r ^Tx^r i smirvi^ ^rtTCTr ^<t»srH ^^wz^^s -ynqiw ^si <f<tt ^xtr:^; 
iH^vii-iijifri ^t^s ^1%^rm ^tt ^?rm w^ i ^s^rna ^iWR^m ^1^^: c^s ^?rm Pick-*! 

fW^T ^TT lf%^ ^T^ff 3JfNl "sq-^sjj i«q<Fl^ C^T^T 1%TTm ^IX^S C^FS ^*stt f^T «T^tTT ^srsj^FT I 

^tw ^^To^ P(5jvi c^r^p^: ^r^sTrr ^cmos: i 

□ "c^si^m f^st "5tt®r:<p- T3=p^n^r ^Ff%e" -ffh?s?i -tr*r xsnwm vsr^fB ^^trr <t>c<cs>.«s c^rnar 
•^o=i^, f^sftrr 1<<-sm a-^^y ^p^n^r ^f^ffi* f^r <j<>iiT*j<i» ^t^t ^rm w?r ^ew^r ^-i>ht^ 

□ R>fn f&tot "sqrsm vi-~H\sr ^t^mt^" <i c<=-i cfe.-< c*r -^^jc\s ^rsrr ^c?jc^: i c^rar ^.i.=i.H, c^rtftrr 

iSi^ ispt f%, ^q^r ^srr?r <^i^t f^- "^^^^^ t^&> hcmcw" 

^q\E ^;\GTrr ^T ^^Jf ^^^ «ri^Hif5 ^^t^^ ^««cyr^ ^^Trtw^tTrofc^ ^srr ^.c*jc^; c<t>N<if^T 
io:=vb ^rtf= ""c^T5q~m ^fi^jTpo ^^m^^" ^^ t^nrf^ ^-i^F®c\s^ ^m^m <u<i^m ^^t ^cmos: i 

^T«aRT f^tRm t^3=n^ -5r;^ ^p^T ^it i ^ t^R^T^frr ^s=vb *tw i 
io:=H ^ftf= '^fsr ^5^5" ^157 -3=itRRjj c<pi\ tw^^ c«fc^ ^rt^tt 5 ^ v^<» ^n^pr ^^r f^&mr^^ 1%^ 

vo)-i^3JF®Cvs *=TCfm f^tfe.CH^ ^9^t^ "STn^ "5qTal 


i.<2:=v— s>^fcf= ^^ c=tr<p?r \5Rtt?t g$vcj? wr^tr^ ^p^rt^r ^r??t ^rt tsT^n? frptt^^s ^s>=;>^> ^tcf i 
t^ •^=v|\sf^r^ *iwf& o^f^tc^rc^: c^r, ^^^sf^r ^rTfw \5R?r r^-rtc^ eRfrt <mc\s -^tR^r i (TsR^fRg- 

i.s-=ii.^rcf : ""5jpsnsr R=\sc^ ^rr ^^rm ^r "sti-i^r^ xspsfis <t=c-sMT, f^is "sjpsRr f^s-a c«r^ ~*t\ c<fss 
^tt wr^t \sR5: "sqi-^^c^p w«sR? <t*c<i" i <^n5T str^fvi^ wr^- ^R= c^mrr £R?*r?t ^rR^r ^r^M#^w 
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■^8^rcf= \S^s'C^ ^t^s <]<^c<^h, "N^tviR^ 5 " t:^^^ ^^r:ti^t ^■°^: :>c m ^mx^rr c5t*jc^^ ^fr:^^: 

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c^i^p" ^srm ^^i^rt: \»m c^rcs ^g^ ^xtt c-n^r i 


tscs^^f ^?rr wr;^; c*r^ft^t ^w<i \5T?rr ot<t ^iwr <t>-s^» <s$<sk \5T?rr *£% t^r i 

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xsn^R3T <mht <p^t ^xTrft^ ^Ri^^d^r^ xsres^r C5qr# <v^>;> ■*&?> 

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osfRr in : i8- ib-"s^Tr) ^ivi<^r ^i^: ^t»^ht:#" ^t^ 1%^; ^rrf^rsrri ^xifvj vi*h 5 ®tt«t "^i^t ^i^r® 

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G3=r tj^mt^" ^TRi^f^ i vajitvj vsriPi ^^r f^^sic^ ^R:^T ? J i; T ^^aT ^xtr:^: ^s^rt ^t=t 
•^c^Cfe. ^r^^RT et^^ ^iTShk? 5 ^ ^at-n ^s^t ^xtr:^: t%^ Ibl*?\s ^p^t >i^<i ^rrf^r i 

i<5r=^8^tcf : "^rrsq-R^^ ^sg^ma I^riti^t c<i>ic<^^ ^mRi^rr cs^rtt^ ^sf^j c^^t ^?rr ^cmc^" i 


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■^|^>Srll\sC^^ l<-sW^i Rst^ld^Tfl c*J>l<I ^f^T=tt f^T C^raTf^T C«fC^ "RpX^T xsn>x\s -^XsT I "*fNs <a<Hd\s 

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vsv,^fpf: c5Tfc<j^frr ^ai^r ctf^m c^t^t ^F«^rr <i<=-ic^;, ^rr ^g^ ^cbfe., c^Tfwr ^^rr c^j^t ^^r:^: ^1^"° ^rar 

io:=vso^t-cf : ls oiw<t= ^sfiTof' ^ ^sfif^m w^r Affirm w^qr ^rtst^t ^x^r, «r^trr c^rsfn^ "®pg^ 

^rfw 1%^ f^r ^^t ^i^t ^sttstt^ ^r:w ict ^tx^;; ^trj ^rxcf^ <fx^: c<f^ ^trt^ c^^: i ^i^: 


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vs^^ftf: c==rR:<Fsrr ^<n^: c?fs ^z^ c^m, wm c^r ig^^r ^~c=rr ^trr® -s^o-i f^R^rj^r wt ^c=i Rrtt 

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^itsttr^tr^ ^c^-i f^Rrff^i ci.8=i^s- -^.i.) ? ^R^sfn ^^tr^tt i£rtn ^gff^sr *f?^ RR=~t ^<t>cvi^ 

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c£i^: sr«r ^ic^ib-^m <i^.fD^ ^^jcw^^rsT sf^rt^r f^nr -®#r^ ^•^^ fwr <^^d\s ^rr^f^TR^^ ^tr<R]t 

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<s: . 7<f^ "5rRr ^^"° "sqr# ^^ \siRi<i>m i.s> -^w^ R=«^\st i 


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^g^x^rr ^•^rf% wx-?m ^ffet^ ^»-i<'nTr?T ~^xz^\ ^=i-Hr <t>-si*H i ^t*oT5t ^sx^tt ctt^t ^tm^tr^ 5 ' 

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(Sfs?H <mfft t^TR^ 1x1^ ^d^dfe.-H I C^>-H- io^; vJs = ii,i^.; ^.^.=^S8^fcf) 

*prS-^1CH< ^5«^f1%= ^l^K ^®R:"Cf^ «]-Sj\sxs= T3^^R^" ^tf^^J^^R^" ^Id^lb-HT^ ^Sr-HJ ^.^ : iG- ^Ttf 

□ "**ftfNFf' t«% ^R*f ( Peirasmos) ^r^Wf^s ^r«r f^rR^" <ij<i*3\s ^xtr^: i ^1% ^srm ^rc^ 


□ **^*f c<y^p ^^f5 f©^" \5T?rr ^®t?r wpc^r ^nw c^rc«Jtfe.=i, f^g wR3rr c<r~Ft ccfz\7^5 
ctc^Hs.^ i Ci^^si^- s-^o ^i^^3 f^r ^^p^ s^oi-a ^trrofc^rsT " 5 ^51'*i=t c^r^sTrm 2F®tc<i^t -sto 

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i-^ = <3:8- &<b ^Wt Z^iZMftk^ I 

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^=-^o; i,8=^si; i.vb=8) ^trr \5T?t <pvrr ^H<M>r ^^x ^tr:^ ^^c^sr \5R?r >\<^m ^sr^f H?hc\s 
■stR^ff^r ^st^rt R<^m ^R^ff^r i 

•§fe \5T?t ^tr^t ^jr^rj , str^- f^g^r ^c-aHs.cs-i^' ^r^m <n <mR<mr «r^trr ^w<5 ^=rm oic^^ 
c^fst <fRrr ^c\s -tR^r i 

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^^ R*R1T C^TR^ 5 " 1% <c^\" ? 

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(<^5 c^^ <ic<^ "Rrafsnr ^t -h-51cw-^ "sr:*it ^<i»srH" i 

ivis^tPf: f^rsR} 'Rrs^t <]<^d<^H, "^srr^ff^r c^ "sp^fRs:, wt^ "^r^rsrsT -*£&" i 

v, H ^fcf: t5^s=d^ "?fRs< "oR^F <|<^C<^1H, "f^rsq^T ^FsT- C^rRTT, ^fi| sj^fJ, <J^Rj^q- c^R-T "sq-Rj^ c\s|v|Rr 

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c^z^s <r\^t\ ^7R, ^re° "*rT ^prc^" ^®r "^?:*f' ^s ^r^t ctf^sTrr ^c^" i 

□ "vi-^j ^js" t^i^: ^r^f^sbfe.n5 ^m^s^r Ih?jcvi ^-Rj^m <u<i^m ^^t ^cmcs: i ^^t *4«i*u 
^rrt% c^frs v>- : 8 *irr, RR : ^. : >) ^9^"° t^t^st ct?tiIhc?j<^ H=i^s) J ft^rRR sf<FW ^tm i ^^ 

~R5f^wf5 -^t^S^ >|V|CTT ^<j51c^^ -5qtsjJ7:-5q- <]J<]*3\s ^?jlH, C5^ t&T^J t£l1^ ^5ff#TlT «tW, 

l^fB ^r^t N^t^i^f^ ^R^- wf^s ^ff%^l5 ^^ ^9^° ^1%^!^ "5TRJ5 t^^rRR Cf^pRi 1 

□ "<xtr>tw" ^1^ f^r ^»i<<|i?1<:h< ^oi<<i^1 csq-Rrt 1 ^s=i>; 8=^) c?rrt> ^Ri^r^f csrR^fR^sr 


R>fn ^f5 ^s^stts" -^\sh ^jc'jRt ^wm ^®rR:*5t r-r^t ^"ctItst? 5 ^ i 

□ "<xi<pv5f^ ^si<kii^1 " -s^aR^r P(?jcvif) , «i<<i^1<:h< v|\s^ ^^tr^t ■^fRsx^ tg^w^T ^i<i<ii^i 
f^3TR^~ ^t^t «r?rr ^cws. i ^^r f^Stn Rki^h >>tr->>(S:- i>^ ^uyr^ ^><k<i^1< ^tr:^ 

^P=**f#fcs <J.C® -=»TR3T I ^^ "3T5p® *TRl^mr ^fsJ^rR^psT "STRsy wf^® ^FRI^T -i^s-H Wfc^T 

i£i<Ffi? ^TlRiR<t= Cr^: "trT^f ^r?et i 

□ "f^ 5 ^ c\sivi^r ^T5tr<p 1% ^==t" ? "o® 1*4 -sir" ^fi* ^^tr^t <^<t>c"sr <ij<i*3\s ^cmcs: i "*fRs< 

ivb = i^^Tcf= "^Tv| C^ -gfg" ^1^ "^rf^ ^5rlPkjC?Jf] "5n«HTT5T eRfR^Rs ^XTTR^T C*m^T i=8i>, 
^<fHC?J<^ C*m^T i = 8fe '"fCf ifiRPv f^Rs^sT C^rm^T vb=vbfe -sR^f I -sfRp ~P*f '"Iffg" f^^T R^» ^RW 

<a<Hd\s -^tR/sT t^T "C^ *s?-U^. ><\ -vfcsf SJ^IT ~RW ^Sbfe.fD "f^l "^h^sRT ^f 3 " ^R*^ ^Sbfe.fD^ ^Rjsir 

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cfw#trr i.i^=i.vb, ^>=^.) 
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^v > ^fpf= C3^ T3T5q-TT C^R^F "5t^> \5BT t^mRTf^ Tg^-p^^^ =TT'?I(:<^'H C7T, \sR/^ Rl ■H" K T\ d<^ d"5T C*JC« ^^"° 


^&tz<F caress cw^r\ ^x^t ^9^x \^#trr f^rx^ ^51 c<y^^ #tf%s ^xtt ^&u& ^z<s i 

■^■^^fcf : ^^i^t "Rt^r \sR<f tg^ps^Tcr fs^Tr f^trr^r ^x«ic*rm ^x?r ^^-io-i-h, "sf^ ^ t^?t ^\S<t* 1 

wmc\sh c*r \sf?T wto <£,<!% ^Rii>*jJT <mx^T ^ftrr -^R^^ht fS^r c^fp ^=^ ■*p<t cartas 

^.=^\», vs:ib-, 8 : ^tr-, io=8^, i-H : ^si *ff) Oifl? 1%f^T ^~RT <Ife.^ C^tR^F^ >a?MC\sH I Oj^ ^=8i- 8S>) 

\5BTT ET^arsq" ^|\sl-Hl^ Ret^l Wf1% i^X^-H ^Tfl ^Rw-aT C5qR*fR:^?T WPTR^ liq^Sf^T f^m 
^5T ^3° "S^P^CT-sl <FXW?T -sq\s <FX?T C<P*f\ OSfT? Rc^JCfe.-H I CEf^tRf^ ^I^T i.^ = ii- iMs 
^ftf) \5R:"cr?T "sjw f^HTT <p^t ^^T s^Ih t%^ \5T?r ^'Sd^T^tt w\C>\i\ ~W& ^FX?T \sRr sfsirsq 

^rr^viHc^ 5 " <a<nc\s -=»hxst f=r i cf^ptt^ir s-^o sf<mf^5s ^trpt -ffRs^r ^^: ^ts-ir<i* <mi^T?T 
\£C=-i «j^m w^jt c<i^tht c<m "sqx^r -^d-acs; i CiH=s>,i>-^, ^- ^©j ^o=iv- i.s>) 

w^ Rise^lc^p "S\s5l ^p^r ^xTrft^T i ^t^s^ >ivictt ^rmr^r N^xi^r ^xtt ^rmfl^T c^r^trr 
^rp=FPX" c f^ ^M ^t^f Ef^rt^r ^x^tftx®^ ^ <%■& ■^>\< j iS^ ^xtt ^nx^ri 

sr^m ^d-sidfe.'H c^r, ^^r ^^to^t l^nrosr «R»)j^ ^r^t ccf^sTrr t^r i c^parx^r ^^ i^n? 
>i-mi<i-st ^c^d^: c^txhtt ^> : ^ ^9^"° c^tptt i=^^ *i*r ^t^s^ ^-a-sj^^T c^rprm ^rx«y ^r^*fj^: 

Ife.c=iH, ^s^^~m Ms tSt c^z^ ^tfs^m Ms tSt -^^m i t%^; ^rsqir ^% ^^m ^ix^ ^I<i<ir:^ c^ 

iMs = ^^.^tcf= "f^5^ \sf^p t^l^p ^tR^T f^TCS f*tZ.~3 ■^>\'iC^\'^ <Pi\C& ~^\fTZ°^" f^txs^T \S1^ <ftsf C*$Z<F 
^5qT wf%^-5q ^FX^ f^TTt^T "5t^S "^-IC 7 ^^" ~R5ff5 <P>Q>-^ ^Rd<lC»f« ^m^m sfCTTM 
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-tfNs?T £Tl% f^|\sC^^ ^l-l«R> ffe^T ^^ n^RjVIMR*^ C^t:^ "STHCT^ ^^iR^^ ^ff^PW^TT <J>C^H I 


^?rr ^c^ife.s-1 ""^^z^^ wrrr c\sivim ^^m s^s-aR o®tvjm ^*m ^rm ^f«i^t\s tsrfi? ^c<ht" 
^^^rf©^ ^c^Ife.^ R>P^ ^§m >ivi?j -^tc^r ^>n<rm ^m^rc^r^r *tf1 •^=m <pvrr ^c^cfe.-n i ^*r ^I^^pvi 
"<n*rt" ^fi* "3=itRR)j<t> wr^- ^r^s^ ^t?r sfc^i^-H c^s^rm c^m^t i ^Rwfi* ^t^^p ^r^t <ij<i*3\s 

^:bfe.iv|\s ^rr b=j<t>, Prewar ^^«T ^:tt f^RiTr c^r wrsrm f^f wz^ wpg^ i 

c^p^ ^rrsq-m w^r \st?r srr-r ^mm c^r \sT "^Tfw^R^m wto ^^n <t>-ac< i 

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■^-s-fpf = vj-^j ^ra \StsT ^fci^TrsT "3^3? Pr^T ^ t^sm vif^vifir ^|>l(lfe.H I \s^T K»P( Efd\sJ<1i 

□ "^^rf^" ^^r ^^p1^ ^r^w sfsirsq- (?g;^^ ^fpt x^il^ c^^it^^^ c^^rm «rmr ^r ^tfti%R:<p^ 

□ "fopi ^®i^>«tr^: "[^rc&rc^ «R^m <t=c^lfe.c<^H" ^1^ ^^f(^ ^srf^'crH v^<j» ^srmi<^c\s^ 
^T^t i G5=r«rR^T ^^sr <£>^¥n? ^wv&f <p-ac& ^z^ i f^^i^lcr-sic^ ^i^^fj^: ^iN®c<t=Pk!i<t= wto 
^rr^f^r c^r^^ f*p^c\s ^x^"" i <^i^ «rm^rr ^r^r -^R<]^c-s^ ^tr:^ ^F^f^® i 

i.vb=^.8 "s&m ^^«t <i^h ^^" <siff? <£>^¥n? ^Fi^i<t>51 ^TR^trH i ^st^tj ^trtt^ivm^ ^rsf ^c<^r wt^m 
^f^TJ i ^rmr ^r^r^t^t \srtt?t arl% t^^r^r ^«t<r ctrRizir \sRtt?r^ ^r*ra ^f<y <ki-h <j>racTr, c*rerrc^T 

^WZ*1 ^S ^CMCs: C^tZ^ f^TCTT C*JC\s ^X^ I CC^rm^T i^ = ^8) ^^T ffe^T ^T' 5> f^ 5 " ^®r:<t ^p^ra^r "sj^-, 

^^: ^RMrt lHd>sr^ ^1<oi< w^it "5^51 1 cc^rm^r i^=^8, t^stn ^Ff^frr o:=i^s- is -?rt=Tr^tTr 
#^w ^t^tr:" 1 ^^ t&t^u ~^fz^\ Thc?4 \5T?t ^TR;«y ^r°^ft ^rr 1 


"*rf*r" ^fi* ^©tn «rtr:^t^ ^r^w ^wr ^rm w?r >i<^i<u ^R^uc^-a <fpw^t i ^ojc<i^ w^t®^ 

f%^TTff^ =TR^^?T W^TJ ^JR3T ^ITR^ f^g N^lR»<^ tiQ^X ^-^S^IC^f] t^RT <%■$ W^JT WfR\s ^S I 

^tm^t vi\gjc\s -=iRm\s ^rr t%^ t^^T^t ^rmr •gfrz^ wto ^rr^M ^jr3t \5T?rr ^m« wto -tm i 
f^gr^t <?zuyvs[ -sq-RfSw \s ^®rr«mi%^" ^Hc-H-a m^^psr w^j ^?ps ^ *f -crflrro <id?jc^: i 

<t>Ri^l?j iQr : ^^s, sfsirsq f^R i,=i,o; b-^^; R)\sl?j f^R i :c i,i>o; ^=;>,b-, ^rtwR a-H- \r, fw#trr 
f^5^i>=ivb; \s=8,i^. E^arsr mi^h ^.=^.1^, si^Ftf^r i=H ^fcf)^'flt?r h^sct ^=rr ^?r "*fhs?i ^i "^t^s^ 
sfv^s^^ ^n^ ^f5 t^r R<j^ ^f^ri "sqf^s RR^ >ivictt ^c\s^r ^^t c*tc*i >\^c< s ^ ^r^~ 
^3° 'sr\'ic*i-a R^m <p?r^" i Ci^s=^ss>, 8&; ^8=«i.^rcf) 

'^*m t^tom sw^tr^" ^^r^^ f^nr^sq- -s^rra^r f%^ ac t^f "s^fx^rm" w^qr cc^r f% f%> f^r 
^rg^rtftR^ -^Ri^r^rr i ^^mr w?r "^^f/ ^»rflt ^r<i" "c^r *j\s^. wrift ^z^, \s\s^. vmj<ii^t ^<t i 
\S>sst<^\sm ^rm^TT f^r <3xMxr ctf^sTrr ^r^w^t ^tr:^ "gw ^^mr T^mr "^h^sm "sq^WR^ ^rr*irr ^?rr 
^cmcs: 1 c^rnar i.s- : i^; -^s^h Rr*tR4: vbo^- -^> r>r la^*©?-^ «i^=ij ^^x "sq^wr srmi 1%Rt 
"sqi-l^d^^ •"tret "sff^s c«y?^F ctf^rm w^jt <i1%5qT^^3 f^^w 1 c^rnat «* : in- ^ f^~rf^Q ^-(ty 
-^h^sm >nsj\sT ^s^rfra -^tr: 5 !^ "sn^ucsr^: ^sfiHd^ ^rm^^T 1 cfwfsnr i=is -t^r, -arRr in : ^, ^Jftrr 

<£=;.; s>=vb) 1%^ c^ri^ -^~c^ ccf^tcgrsit^T -snsjr^sq- si^pth c^Hxtr:^: i c^lR ^>=;>- -^^.) ^i^ ^•^tf^1% 
s>=-^vs, -?R^rr i8=i8) 

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^1^ '^t^mw^rR:^ tscs^^f ^^t ^cMCs: c^s-- ^^■■^^ ^®r<aRT ^^R:"cf : ^.s=i.^.) t%5R^^ ^nwc^ 
^TR^n^" 1?rPi5^s <t>^c\s, Ri^R^" wtstrtt^t wto ^rrsrRtf^ ^rrRir^m ^t^FR^tiw?^ 5 " srsrfRr^ 

■^b-^fcf= n^ITv) C\s|v|RTf^ >|Rsj <]<^lfe. ^^TR^T ^"5q^r <t=C?J<1»Sr-S ^STR^ ^rRW^ ^FR^: "sq-^J^n ^a ^T5fT 

f^TR^' ctf^rr ^tt ctf^sTrr -vf^m ^m\ c^t^t vic\s^. -sq-mr ^tr^ ^rr 1 


;>vb=^v ■^fnf ^g^ -tcrfi? ^r*trr ^?rm w^r ^\sj<a <pQ>-h i ^*rr "sr:^ ^tt c*t ^<i-^m -^ff^xErf^x^ 
fw#trr ^rr-n^R^r^ R^^c^p ^g^rx^ ^c-^-tt ^px?t ^=tt ^xtx^; i t%^ "sfRr #rf«^s >i*iv4r^m "*fNs?r 
vt^bj-si so <r<e.-yr?T -s^ c^^sit ^xtx^; i 
<*i^: TSfsqr ^-iv»< ^?rr ^xw x*t ^gfi* ^ffe^ ^nr i ^^r Ihc^-t <t>-sic® -=ttx?t c^) "*fhs?r ^-^fix^r^r 

C-^O ^mtWJ C*jfi? -?fhss?T "5R:*U f^fXTT 5 ©*ff^S <P^T ^CMCs: I C^s) "%©<* f^^S1*J xsrr^rsr^ C8) 
■^«i3^t\s=vn^ fpR^r ^tf^a wtwrn ^>u<\s-sm i cay Ri^-flcs-icvi-a *m~T C^g fe-no) c^T^trr 

"sqx^Tf^nrfi* >i<icbXTr ^i^r i c^f^r ""sh^x^rsT <tv&tj ^p^hx#" ^MMP^t >sf¥t5 t^nr or ^sttt ^xtx^; i 

£r*r^x=rm ^ic<=-iibHf : <gfi?^: ^t^r^irm ^rrstrr tt1h<m51 Ihc^-t^p c*Tf5 ^M^rm 1^tw^ ^n^x^^-i 
^-i^Txtf^ w^r triT*jvs<r s T ^c\s ^n^T^u ^?x^" 1 ^ivjrtt?! st^si^ w-k.<i^ ^sr^p^T^: wrspsrr c*r 
^nco-iio® ^ilfe. C5=r wx^nxs b=-ic® ^x^" i ^rr^^rm ^-i^Txff ^f^x^^r ^g^° -^R^ wiwf^: sf^rr^ 
f^nr i ^rr^r^Tm <gfi* n5<j=i<t>x^r?r ^^m csx® x^reTrr ft5<p ^x^~ ^rr i 

cg^: sR?»m wx=Tt^rm "sn^nx-sq- ig^: ^xtfst ^nX^t^ ^j«rt^r t^nr^xsrr f©^T <ps\c& ^Tm^u 
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*•». "MS" ^T '"srs^f ' ^T-^fD^ -sTT^uxsr "5^3 1% f^rc^f^t f^xrrf^x^r^ ? i>b- *tw 

8. -^b- ^X"tf^ "5T«JT fpfX5T V|^<^lc<F f% c^PT ^.R><Hb><t> ^T C-^F®<lb<1> ^.f^^s eTctT^ <t=C^C^; ? 
<3: . ^mXWJ^T ^tR^St^T 1% ? C i>S> "s^Pf ) 

h. "^t^s^ ^.R^j^ £i^Ffp>t\s ^^3Trm t^f^x^ t^mrat c^^r <n*rr ^^^f ? 
s>. ^.v- ^ftf ^p=^x#" ^®rr' s; t^rm srm^rT 1% ? 


^s R- tg-3=r 

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i-sfcf: ^?q- f?f^ -*R3T "%© (.<J><<=-1 f^t^sT, ^rR^R3~ ^^° C5Tl«lHC<F ^TCSf f^TdT ^^ST ^^ ^TT^R^S 

■^^ttf= , ®rfe ^ttstc^t ~5Rs^r <$wz°^ en^r 1 \s!<t "s^«f >K*if) -sj\s vs^^ isrr \sRt <fm^s wtr=Tra "5^5 
^rm ^ztt c-n^r 1 

s^tcf: ^^t f^t^sr "^tRst^ <]<^c<^i-m, "sR%. ^i=t5: ^xtr:^; c*t N^ivi^r ^^tr:^ ^iHs. 1 wMf^r ^rR 


iH : i *=H~cf : ^Tlf^T <*R3f' >|V| 1<3-f)R=T ^SR^f "5tf#" s> ^5T*mx?r' ^Q fe.?JlH"H, 1%^ =^P S> : ^b- ^iZ^f Ci\<P^ 

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<a\s c<p*fr R^^i ^iw c^r^: "^rf^r" "q ^t ^fi? ^MR-rr wr^- f^^x^rm <hht <f?r wr:^; i 

"^s f^t^r tiq^x ^tr<fr<~ ^^x \S*Rr ^»t^ c^n^-jc^ <^^.c=iH" 

t£| C^TR^^I^T i£|<p1^ «TfC^ frsfft ^?R "*fN9?I fsTTT ^THa <K<=-1 ^RT 1%^ ^S^RR f^X^-H >l^<I\s i£<5 

^rr«uii%<F sirs \s f^r^n ccf^sTrm ^sr^t stt^ i 

^^f *trt^x^ "srRr ^»l<^>R^r \s=-mt <t>c<cs>.~i c^rnat ^.s=i.) -5Brfr? R^^c^p "y^f**^ wr^- <nnt 

^TR;s>r f^r \5BR<3 ^TT C^RlTrf^^T I 

^t^m R>-^fB *rM : o^fr ^^t h 

WR^TST C^^R^^RX^ ^-i^^H ^R3T ^M-iCb^H ^R>PsT W^X^ WfwfSfg <P?R I 

-ctiRnjxirt <os ^trcrit <mc<i i n»iivirtt^t sfc\sj<i* w^x<f ^t^t^r^: c*r wx^nxs N^ivi^r wrU; c^r 
^nc^ic^s^. b<=-ic® ^x<r i ^rr^^rm ^-i<iRTf ^i^x^^-i ^^x -^fR^axsnwR^: 2f*rRr t%^nr i wm^tr^ 5 " 

^f5 fi^FRFR3P?T ^^m CSX 1 ® Ct^STTT fiW ^d<HT I 

^rR«y wMf^r f^nr ^^g^p ^<^-ht <t>^H i ^r^jxe^f^t^r ^■jftrr^R^' ^r^zrrfSr^ ^?jTh f^g ^^r 

asTM f<^\-a<P ^-i<lRf I 

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vs. \SNsl-y ^sr-JXBS^f 
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^1^ "c<t»l5l?J- f*pRlf^T C^X^^ ^lO^ t^^ ts^T I "C<FRT (<FRT ^5f^ ^1^^^ <IC<^ f^T ^^T ^1^V|-H 
^tR<R5 c*lf5 R>^.l5r >I^<I fs^T I ^TR^m >l(^<I\s ^^T t^^T fvi^-H ^tR<R5 >l<]CI>CTr ^5& ^tR^Rs c*f[T? 


"^17^" cc5jt5t) ^<ix "n^r' cspfX'sp) "Transfigaration" ~r^rf5 -miCD-H Vulgate ~P*f c^ix^ 
^x^tc^; i wrapsrr ^:°rawt -^r^sst ctf^ix® ^rm <a<ix Metamophosis ^cws. Jft^ c<yx^ =rsTrr it t^f i 

^•^■Hir^\s W?T ^Cbfe. -fl^ n=MH^ ^-jftTT Sf-^Rid^- \g^ -5qlH-51?J Sf-^lxs-a -srTsjrCST C«CT f^Trffe.d^-H I 

n^ivi^t =3^" s>=^v- ^tcf c<yx^ "*rr 1~lx«ffil; ^^: *u5ht ^rtfsf^r \5T?rr ^rei^r stt^rt ^-aUsxs-M \s^r i 

^tf^grcsr iTvictt ^t^wf^T i ^f5 cn^f^rsTT^t ^mtx^pst wf%^5s\sm ^rz^ R*§2j3r fsr^r : ?xrx^; i 
in 1 * ^ttf= "\sf?rr xsrf^ff ^^x ^f^rax^ ~^t^^ ^r:w ^^rr <i<=-ic\s ctf^x=T^ i" 

XSTT^ft ^^x ^f^TlT (<J^T f^T ^ Rj^^fD PrCTT ^CH<^ ^ X<=-1 1 b-H f ^?IT ^X5X^ I ^C-SC<t=^. ^X^T 

csqr^fr Ra\sl?j Rki^h iir- i£t^K ^f^nr "5rf=Tr= s= ^®r*ixm i ^srf^m ^hjmj^t <x=-i «irx^- c^r ts^dij^^. 
^trttH f*rc3 ^^^nf^s ^d-sidfe.^ i R>^tx^ f^r^rsrr csqr^fN: ^e iiqRi?qc^ It-nc^ c^x^f^r 

f^=T ^ 2f«r Ife.<^HT tfil'n? f^^T fsH\sC-s1f1 S^Pfgi I 

^fpstt^p srr^x^ "5t<ss?T -H%^r^ "sto -^rc^ ^^m wz&s. C"srRr s^stmr) ^-HjfS ^db^. ^»m -^\sh 

"*fh© Sf% f^rc&rc^ t^f^jc 1 ^^ ^fx^; ^tsi ^^ f^^rtx^ ^wf^iT:^ cfe.H ^^x ^t^t ^r^ 5 ^®t?t *J^ 
^tR<pw^rm ^§r c<y^p ^^ >iRicTr c*r<rm ^stx^tj ^r^*j^ ^x^f^r Ci^ : ^^.- ^*) 1 C"sqr# io^s) 
^^5: "3TfRc\sjfi ^ki-^ix^t carter i.^^^- ^h) "^hs ^n^m ^®m ^-^j^ ^^^ ^c^ifex^^ 1 Ci«\=s>- ^*, 

iH=<2: ^f"ff : "^^3T \S>sst<^ csr^r ^tx^f^ c^sz<F c*f&w[, ^^° c^ car^r c«fx^ ^P^r (^trt c-n^r" 

^^: csr^r c^^^-f^ -^t?sf?T ^jTRtx'ipst ^ix^ ^^^-^ ccf^rr l%c?rf^Ti C5rRr *=iH) f^s?r ^«^S1cvs 
^x^p^^tx^" ^qfi? vScs^-«r <^c^cfe.-H i ^ tt f^s?r i.=i.H- it- *i*r 1 «r?w ^lU-Hr^xsTr ^rx^: c?Ti^ 
^sh^x^rsT ^^x^i^ ^rtx^ fsr^T ^rx^: <^i<Tx Obath kolO ^p^hx^" ^<wlcw-^ «rm^rr ^stt^j^Rih ^rtx^^T 


jq^: ~t^f ^sbfe.n? "-5q^r><Ttw^ ^rm" \5Rtt?t ^^m f^r ^^ ^fB jq<^ Jft^r -sj^t ^t=r csr^p 
^ctc^ i -$vii5l viRisjv) ^tf^a wtwm ^rnr et^ "*fh?s?i >s?c-ii^ «rm^m:^" wprm ^hj^. M^r "<if5" 
<u<Kim ^at ^rtr:^; i =3<p ;>=^><2: *t*r i 
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ttic>)-s) ^'Scwrsfr ^rab>4iR^r ^^^tr;^ ^w <p^t ^cmcs: 1 C5tt# s,=-^b- ^j<f s,:i>b— v®^) 

^iR -^^s^" ^s=i<s: ^txw^ ^»<i<<i^Ti ^i^tr:^ c-^i^m c^hxtr:^: i 

v, H :^ ^-cf: "f»r^r?rr ^^" ^»rr c^mr "5qifBc\s ts<j^ ^rtt ^rt® ^=wi" <n^c<£=i-si ~c=TR^?rr 

i^ = ^ C*tt^T i : ilr, ^> : 8<h, ^F^- i. = i.<3: i"Sf ^V) = Vb=i>i>, C*tt^T 8 = i^ *tf) "^h^sTsT ^I^T CETfUvs 
<T<RTT?I W£TF?T ^t^f ^RTrf^T C*JV|H ^^T ^XIThC® C*JV|-H f>M^ ^f%5 "^T^sT C<=-1 1 <1R. i<r -3 W5T 

ctrRRiTr f^r 1 c ^rnar i.s> : ivb) 

^pp^t <^?r -5rRr ^t^T^ 5 " fw#trr <i<^t c^wr ^rer<3T f^strr csrr^ff I^tr^t 5 ©^gT*t^ ^c-aca.H 
cfw#trr Rki^-h is : i<2:) "^t^sr:^ ctf^rm w^qr ^% 1%g ^rtj "sn-t^c^ -^RibM-nr ^jr3t ^^x RT^w 
t^r-s-ttf ^srMw c^iR^ *e ^^n ^^5 "yrt^n^tr ^r^t i 

v, H : H -pfxf: "iff^ liQT^T WRTrsT IjRTT <1 =1 C^-l-H" ^^ff^Brf 5 gf5R3J ^R^?f^T ^FP S> = ^>^ ^r <£\1tj 

^i^hj^: ^mfa" c^rm wf%^^^t c^r^TR^i ^t^s^ c^r?r<r \S^st<^ ^"sq^r <al^nv|\sm sr^m ^d?T^.<^ ^^rr 
^il^^p "sq^:^ ^^T <icbfe. ^f^r ^srFFR^m c^^tt^s c<p^t i 

iSi^ l£)^t ^9^ 1% c^f= i TiTr , 5rT i =f) ^'ttj^tt^ 1 iH : ^c- i^s *tw 1 

jB^fcf: ^r^iq ^I^T C^ ^tf^fvs "C^y^I^ C^Rrsr ^IC>llfe.C<^H ^^|^t "^t^> ^RTf^ eg^: ^srRtrH ftrC<^^T, 

io -pftf : f^psfrat ^R^p fw*53p=rr <^^d<^-H, "^1^3 sj^ f^r^R^^m c^^r <c<=-i-^ c^t, sf^ycsT <^i1%c?ra 
wmr w^<^m" ? 

ii-s^Tf: ^t^s \sR;-crsT ^&^[ RWH, ">|R)J ^f^TIT ^Ml>)C<-^ ^^° >I<]R=^. ^TR-^m N»)<]-^nT f^RdTT 
i^-stff : "f%^ vajltvj OSTSRTf^ <]=ilfe., csqf^TTT ^~£>life>.C<=-M ^rm "C^TR^ 5 " ^R^P IbHC^s ^tR^f^f I 

iH : S> *i*ft ""^t^S ^RTf^ ^TR'CfH Rw-i ^^x <I<^C<^H," 'R^STspm' ^^n Ctf^R^T, VJ-i^U-sfg- ^gj 
Cb- : 8, & : *o, i>^. : i>vi>, i>vi> : ^.o "5qT# i>=88, ^S : i>^., <£-8H, H : ^>^>, b- ; «o, S> : S>, ^J^ g-:i,8, b--&^>, 


«j<f s>=^so ■vpff <^c^: c*r, ^t^<p ^c^t^tti >ivi>uin? f^r wmr 1% <i<=-ic\s t^tzTrf^r ? "*fNs?r 
^vi^jT^sf^r f^r ^n*i5w ^mw, >i.-^\sr, ^<ix >i>ivif^m <T=rr e^ t^^r ^rr i ~5t^ ^c<^ ^•aca.-H ^T^nr 

^Ric^-a wmr i^^m" ? ^fi* wr<j<rr=fNi f^rc^t ^c-acfe.H "5n=rr*Ft >® : ;> ^rex s=o: ^fcfi ifhs c^r 

^f^riT cTrm^T <n1%dP?T -^Rii>*jjt ^tc^st >iv|ij^. ^c^t^co-m i C"5fRr i.i : io,i8 -5qr# £,=;>;>- :>va ^j<f 
i=iH) c^rm^r fsrf^s >i?-iivir^m ^t^t *j=ra-*ft ^t^sT^p Fa?*&3prr ^-ao-M Ci=-^o- ^<2r) c^ ^rf^r ^f^nr 
^c?j^. *$tz<F c^r ^^r ^»-51<t>m ^c-aHs.^ i ^^: Ri^^i vSf^fB ar^^ ^ils-sm ^rc^ fac^ ^©f^i 

Tbc*?^ "5TT^ftr*tr^: ^f^rciT -^fSb^uT ^ftctt^ w^it s^§f1% -sfss^T <)=^c\s c^r^ffe.c=iH i 

\sT?rr ^sc^ ^<^ ^Fi*J^pvi ^<p^ <fm^5 ^^x >^^^ ^f^r ■«i<i<=i^ <tc<t <p-psf ^r^i^^t^t i ^^ 

^r^rt^w^ ^t^mt:^! c^fp i=^H ^ftf) 

l£)^t ^i^ <*m 1% c^t^r^rr , 5rp=f) :>c rt3 r ^tf^ : iH=is- it- -s^f i 
^t&z-i ^a<T° i&rc^ -viz^s ^rm 1 

ib-^ttf= "fl^s c^ -sj^f ^rf^R:^^ «T5pp Rm ^i^ C3=r cb.c<^n?^ "sq-^su c^l?^ 5 " c^^ ^xtt c-n^r, ws 

csi^r <^i ^p^t t%, cw t%- "c^r i£i<t»>eM ^rr-n^r " 

<^^ c^ 5 cor 1%, ^1^1 "®rm ^"5T 1%, 1^ ^ 1% - c^r ^<i»srH "55^ c^t'jf srT^s 1 


-i^sH PT5RT5T ^l^<t=v| RRsH c^t^ftrtf^ wran^ ^P^t^#" ^SCs^^f <^?rr wr^; I c*jvm CP^ ~^<i C^TR^aT 
iTT^TT ^<t>v| (TsTR-n "G ^Sl^-H ^Htl ^Pg fllw 5 !, ^TOTS "5T**f ^t^RT *R3ff^T ^<ix ^mrr "^^t ^ 

^srj^t (TsrR'n ^nt%^, c=TR^?rr \sRTf^ "5t^»^ <fr^; ^m=-i R>1h >i<ii^.c^ ^3^ ^-sr^-m cs=^8) 1 


^t^i ^z=tt srr^Frm "sq-^sjr ^r^afe ^rf©i% t^r 1 <n<n "q -tfh® ^p=mt^" " s ^tf^ *f^ ^»tt:^" "5tt# 
s>=-^i- -^8 ^\~c^r <r*f=n" ^at wr;^; i 

^SIR**© ^^GTrrn wf%^5s\5T ^t^mt:^" c=t*tt wr^; 1 fw#trr t<<<£^r R>-m<irt vS^F© ^?rr wr^; i 

\5R^F xSf<pcfj^; wMo® sr£<; ^^x <~Q'U? WToT^Tl >1 0® ^£<T I 

^H-^-kr ^ftf : 'R^c^H? ^grs. ^^r i" ^ch<^ 1%^; f%^nr wrtbt w^rr "sqr# s>=^.vi> ^ttf cf^ri %^t 
^sr^frt: ^u^^T <j>Rctt ctfir c*r, £Tc\sj<j> ^>ivi r^R3r?r c^t*^ ^fs^ ^rt^st f^nsf f^tw * s *r i §T ^k^i^h 

■*$£^: i 

i&"»ttf : ^^m^st f^tc^nnsrr cfMw "*fNs?r ^fr^; ^~c^r <<^c<=^h, '^srrsq^t c^^r crl: "5T*=cf n^|\sr^^ 

^R5rR7S ^tm=TT5q" ^rf ' I 

<i<^1fe., ^rf^ ^<pSt "src^ t=tptR4 "sro f^^p^TG osrtt^ **ttz<F ^&z<5 csrsq^t <^i^ ^tr<R5^<f <]<^d^, 
"eg^TR c«fc^ ^R^s ^^tr^t ^itg; ^®rm ^r:^ ^stST ^r^t ^^tr^" i 

•^i-s^f 1 c\siviR-cf^ -=tcs^ R>^ n»i>i^<i ^r^ =rri stt^rt ^s ^^ng-m ^fwr ^ ^<t>vj -sp^r ^rF®r ^rm 
R>^.d\s c^^ ^tt ^rr" i 

i^^Jo^tcf 1 ""C^^T N^lvj^T "sq^tf ^rf^R^^ ^fwR^ ^tR4=TT5T *Tf' ? "OSTSTRTf^ f^^m t<l**x. " 5 rna 

ciq^:" i ^t5i^: -^t^s^ ^m ^m "at^^r i c^=i^o, b- : ^.^, >^=b-) c£ii%^ ^-Jmr ^siwr ^r >i-hji^1 

iSi^ i£i i£f*{ f^ - "os |vj R"Cf^ ^si^ t^gid>l^ ^FR4?^r" I 

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-^pi^rr ^t^r -s-ti^fSHf^tc 5 ® N and B "*sra t^g~PTC<F ^ <p^t ^rtr:^: ( olieopistis) ^r^rrt^TJ^sT^Tr 
C.D.L and W c® ^tr^: "wf^gr^t" sjersrf!? ^i>i<^ i 


<1<=-1C^~, "i«q^|T^ c^irx*^ ^^nx^r ^tc^ ^T3" I 
<t>d^-H c^r, \5TC"cf^ f^^~m wtx^; ^tt^t® ~*tz?s ^T3Trm *rm^nf5 ^x=tt , R^tx^" «mt \stw^ sf^rt^r 

i.H : ^i i ^.i.^fcf JJt<p ~n*r Siniaticus (X) or ( Vaticanus) 

<xrsr csi^r <^t t% c^t^r^mrmo ~rt3p>fT& : i.H=^^- ^ ^ttf i 

■^-=H-cf= -vTc<3 ^T\^\^\ o^z^t^ ~5TC*u fpfXTr ^rf^m >iv|sg -fft^ \s!?t l^t^Jd^r^ ^^-ic^-m, "vi-^%u ^ja^p 

c<=-ii<t>dTfi ^sctxns *rf%xiT ccrem ^sjx^t" i 

fl* ^ f%- "^pai^T f^nETrsrr ^<p^n^^ -^r^Ttx^ ^i^c^-m" 

XW 1%- "c^<t>fPrH ^r^M «mt -511<^1(1<^ >|V|d<]\s <iC<=iH" 

^Ricn^r <u<i^m ^c^cfe.-H i "^T<rf^; eg^^rR:^ ^ic>ilfe.<^" c^r^nn^T CD.L ^^x W "oIch^ 
"^Pt^t^" I^t sf^^rsq" -5fiRiv»ij*i^r (-jj ^cp^ f^j v^ifi^ ipR^ft^xf^ -5nsjrc5q- ^=^t <j^HT<if%r ^XTrf^r 

^mst ~tfx^r ^t-n ^p^t ^xTrf^T Rj-^fD w^t ^i^t "^t^s^ ^nx^ ^^mar ^x^ff^r i ^9^° ^i^r Pff^s 
^T5qxTP?r ~5fz*u ^ix^r^ ^R<ii?ict ctf^rm w^tj ^f1% t%x^ c-nx^: 1 ^^: ^tcf^sf^r "^t^s ^^° ^f^ 
f^r^jxw^ ^ttx^ ^^f^ f^rWg wtrf^rm rviH5° ^^m ^p^iw ^=tt ^xttx^: i 
"vi-^j ^rax^^ "srpjx^r^ ^id\s^. «rf%xTr ccf^sTrr ^x^"; ^^"° ^i^t ^stx^ ^^rr ^p^x^ ^1^"° ^#trr 


<xi^r <xi^r t£P=r 1% c^i^q^mrmo ^rt5^rf^ : vm<h>h ;>h : ^3- -^h *tw i 

f^\sd^^ ^Ftus: ^x^ ^s-ics-m, "wm^trtt^t f^f^^- 1% ^•s^frj^^r ^ic-a-a <f^ a^q^n- ? 

■^.Q:^tcf= ^rr c^r," <^rt "st^r f^s^r ^rx^ ^x^ 1%^: ^^r^m wx-n^: "tfhs \sr^" <<=-ic<=-m, RRrsn^r, 

ooivim 1% "sr;^ ^tt ? ^^ -^^R^ft^r ^?nwBrr ^fr^tst ^ft^; z^z^ <p^ ^t ^irsf^rr wTTmr <t><:-5] 

silTX^^ ? Rl<:>ar-s1 C=TF4RTf^ ^Ff^; C*$Z<F ^TT RcH^CH^ ^Ft^; C«iX<P" ? 

ctfx*R?r c^TR^at c^^f^: c^ixtt c>W&: i 

"3TMXET f^R^T ^T^ff Osp^T, WBT sfsiX'sq c?r "sql^ST *&hz<5 ^ "sj^r ^pTC^T t£|<FST W^TPsT TjRFT ^tR^" I 

"^st5t Pxtt f^xir c\sivim ^ ^ivim ^ss fwz~s ^x^tt" 

iH : ^.8 

t^i^T ^ ^^r 1%- "tj^ *koi< ^rrw^rr wr^mr" 

T^Sf 1% - 

•^.o <]fe.d^^ ^*R3m <i?j(i>i^ R^^l ■^•sj'd^^r ^rtf^p ^r^p c>i<t><^ ^ss ^5T5tt f^s i ^rr "sqr& "sq-R^r 
R>^jBr <XT#t «aTR^^; (^^ tst^j ^rf^ ^ivjR-cf^ ^sfPTT ^»-i>)R3T ^TSUT ^rf^ >iT2)<t= ^5T, "^t^ss c^r5ld\s 

^rRrsr ctr^sTTTi 

^t^S^ TTl^^fT^T ^Tf*i5W ^RW^T ■^=V|\sm bblvifla C*i ^1^ \5BT t^mJXW^ f^R^T Ctf^STTm ^T^J <£><!% 


<j.c\s ^rm^Tu <p^^- i N^tvjRTf^ sic\sj<j> <sr-HC<t>^. ^si^hj^: c*r ^ic<=-iic\s ^rrsq^t ^Miffe. cr 
^shco-iio®^ b<=-ic® ^x<r i wr^t^rm ^-i^n^r <tt^x^^t ^<i° -HRwsnwf^: ettstrt -vftz^ i wm^tk^ 5 " 
^f5 ns<M<t>n^T?r Pi<tM5 cstt® ctf^sTrr fts<F ^c<mt i 
uq^: £f^?»m wrc=Tf^rm "srWRrsr ^^ <i^.c?j^ ^t^?^ sf«rpr R*j*j ^r^rr fe^r <pi\c& ^Tm^u 

s>. ^5 ^rwrc^n" ^9^"° >L-sj<t>^'H R«»t^ R^ic>if] ^tr:^ ^p=^t#^w ? 

ii. si^fvg^gsj^^s -^tiR^iR^ ^r^f ^.o ^smmr 1% ~rTRR<i 5 ' ^•^=\ S f^ -^rz^ <pvsf ^m?^ <j<ht5t ^t 

i.-^. -*rf^r -tfh® \s*R Rr:w^?t R^m ^ri\s<t=\sr, ^51 ^^x ^r^^Tf^ ^p^hx#" ^m ^m ^c^c^r 


^^ f^ <£S3^8 

^9^ C^ 5 C5f 1% 

t£i^ ^rf^ >xf5T f% 

1^ ^ 1% 

OSf f% 


^X5 C^ 5 " ? 


^5 C?P ? 

^v5 c^- ? 

^'A-AXC^S-A V|d*]J 

>lHl<<t> *S **I=V4| 

>l<I(lb>(l?J <M? 

i^ = i- Q: 

>)jjs^|^<(5 <]<^id^ 

i^ : i 

ib- = i- Q: 

ib- = i- Q: 

i1^ = i- Q: 

i^=-^- & 

iV- : i- 8 


<=^ =^ 




*sHlC"sH-s) 'H-sll^l 

ij|^ ^^l^l«llCW^ 

~\<\<p> ^^C* 

^WC^-A *1^1'*)»l 

^MHTCH-stC*^ R"5HC«J 

iv=vb- & 

>hs<p <PC-A c^r-s 


il^ : vb- H 

vlRbMHl <l»-s11 

iV = vb- Sc ^ftf 

ib- : b— S> 

^Brfc^TT cvic*j^ 

^mR^rr C5q^r 

^NlC-Hl CV)C*J^ 




ilr : iO- i,8 



iT^ = io- i,8 

il^ : io- is 

iV : io- i8 

^t^: c*r *fM 

•=^ < v_ 



-HMI» vsj^^ij^ 

ti|<t»Sr-H ^>|^ C*J 

^■I^.C?J^ >K£*1I*M 




•HM <t>C^Ife.=i 

i.^ = i.<3:- i>H 

iT^ = i.<3:- i>H 

Or-^O- i,8 


>b-=>&- i=i ^t«rr 

ib- : ib- 

i>T^ = i<2:- ^.O 

ctf^sTrr ^^x 

^rr«rm^r ^rr«PTT 


ib-5i>S>- ^.o 

ib-=ib- "Sfpf 

iT^ = i^c- ^o 

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^- . <=^ 

— ' . <=^ 

^rr^arm ^s^-srr 

C*J <J>V|b,|f)| •^=V|| 

C*J <»vjbKl **h»"^4 1 

•^=v)i <p<i\<i 

C*J <^V|b,l^| ^V|| 

<J>C^Th \»1-s) *1«( 



<t>C^Pt \»1-s) ^Issl 

i.T^=^i- ^ c*r 

i>l^ : ^.i- ^S<2: 

il^ : ^.i- ^s<2: 

i8 : ^.i- ^A 


<^v|b,l^| •^=v)l <^Cf)M 

il^ : ^.\S- VSQ: 

-?fwm *®f5 *rM : ot^t ^§t <b 

trlT*jvs<fsT <!.C* ^Tf^mi ^?l£^~ i ^tvitTTf^ -stc\oj<t> ^arHC-^^. ^st^p^t^: wr^TR: 1 ^ Prw^ a|R>v»tTr 
c*jc\s ^z<i i wM^mr ^-t<iR:"cf ^i^.c<i<^ ^^° -^R^i ^srr^f^ ET^rt^r t%^nr ^z^ i ^fi? wm^ttc^ 

fU^l^n^sT f^W© CS7T® Ctf^STTT fiW ^7^" ^TT I 

^x-i^nTr^T ^Tf?:^ wMf^r f^nr <t^r^" ^s<=-mt ^-s^-h i w^rB^f^sfi^ "^ftrr»rc<T ^sr^snl^s <i?jTh 

8.^.\sJlR I 


~R5f i£(^% ^tft&Z&^s! -^ST- 

■^ ^fcf = \s^s|^T "*fh© ^^ST f~t^SC<F' C^SZ^ ^tZ^V^ "5R: S JI ~*fF? ^rSCTT <<=-1C='M 

vs ^ftf= n»h1vi csTsqiztf^ >)P»j^ <<=-iTi>., "*rfw o® 1*4 -sir "sq^r ftpRcTT f~r?s?T "s^s ^rr ^>3 ^z<s c<frt 

vjc®^ ^-Jf- ^trwj ij^c® -*tRR:<r ^m 

8 -gfgf : c*r c<^ ^^: r*i^9<t "s^s Pr^c^ ^rg ^r??t c>i^ "^■Jf^rRwj^r "sr:*jt >i<RbCTr <r© i 

a- •gfrf- wrt c*i &¥& ^i^t ~sf® c^frt t^r^sT^p n^ivjrt ^^trtst -st^sr <jr?st c?t ^ttstk^^: -sr^r ^r??t i 

>t> ^tcf= wrsrm ^r?t t^^T^t ^^: c^.i1b<:h< -sqxsjj ^ft&z<f ^^rf^f c*w5 ^tR:^m -^t^ f^RRr ^mr ^co 

\sm ^t=rm ^<pSt ^rr«am c^z*s ^k<f "^n^R^r ^»Nt ^c^ ^Rctt ctf^sTrr <t^tx wm -^tc^ '^t^[ i 

i.b-=i. ^rcf= "f^pETPsrr "*fh?s?i ^fr^; ^z^ <^\c^i^" ^f5 ccfRR?j C5.-H c^r, ~5t^ f^pgr^t<r<RTr?T "^tr^ 
^*n <c<^c^.-s ^R^^lcr-a "^tr^ =rt i 

\sbt ^-i^^H ^STlcK^t w^rx <pf $ t ^?rr ^rtr^; i sR/*r crf^R^i c^-h c*j, f^mrsrr ^-^i^s 

i^=^s ^fcf= "3=rsi T3=rsi" ctf^r f^^T^r ^tz<5 <t--^b- ^ftf i 

"tto^s^t ^(-^ ^fsr ■^Rki^-h ^tt ^3" t£i1^ <jir«» tsc^c'tr^ >iRptt T2i»^i<i><^m ^TR:"5q^ ^n=ri^ 

^srt^^R^ SJXTTT'n ^R^ I <Jlf«-s1 ^lf«<t> T^^^fB Sf<Ff^T ^^T ^TT t<lt%H b<^V|f^ ^Fl*J^pV| 
^•^tfiTR^T^ "5q~«lJ lH CTT ^^° ^F^^vsm ''ife.C*^ ^ I ^IT^T^^ ^f^-fB ^>^XP^ ^Z^fTrZ^ StZ^T^ 
<F£<TI CC^TT^^T >i> : 88, Vb<2: *irf) 

i>b-=8,vi> "^®rm c^r c^p^: ^rr^t^TR^^ f^r^s^ "s^s... t^r^s... ^^ "5po iiq<pfr? f^^z^F" ^ >i<^<^ tsf^ 

^^TR^RP", f^T^Tf^T ^rf^f^ lH^^^n<^\sr <v3<t>, ^TT^RTf^ W^T ER^^ gTl^RST^ I 

i^=^s- 8 "c\sivi^r ^^rf^ ^rr t^?r ^e t^r^s^w^ ^rm ^rr ^xtt ^h, ^z*3 c<frt vic\s -^-sf- ^trwj 
siT3*r <^^c\s ^tRj^R ^rr. ..." 


iT^=>t> "^^^ ^rf®i" ^t5t f^rcep** ^??t ^ft^m ^^Rc^ <r& -^r\^mz^ ~*r\ ^r^n ^r^f^m w^tj 

□ '^T5jcg^ wm*r ^o-i v^Rxtt ctfrrr" vi^vafvi(i\s <]>i<]i>i<t>i5l csttc^ct-s] "5j\s ^.st^Rr -^tff^R^ 
^rr <^\s 1 c^^hj , ^^: ^i^rR^ti^ C3=r si^m ^ttr^p ^fi<JlR<t> vi\sjx^" <^mt cwtt ^rr ^hjhj 
R^T^t^fe^ ^rr^f ^?rm f^tr^ -^RbMHT ctf<mr crosr ts^vi c^s^-Mf <t^-H v=^o ^tcfi c^r^trr 

i-8) 1 

"x^-Mf R"sr ^i^>«tr^: ^ff^s <^c^-; R*?g R<^ c^ <tiR^c<p-, ^rf^rm wmr R~*r ^•^tf^s <^c<i i 

>tr--H "wn«c<p" R^.. .. R^p c*f <uR^c^p" ^tStc^ ^r«rr ^xTrf^r ^grs^r fn^c^ ^i<]<]|i?lc^^ 
wi^R^ ^<i?jc<ifi ^^pf5 ^R:-^ifSfi=?jT ^ftx="t c^^^ib^ ^^ ^rr "^r^xsm R~&ix?t?t -?i^l<t> ^xTrf^r 
c^^-Mf <^^h ii>=^.i; i>^ : n; ^.\s=i^s; i<2-,ivb,^.^s,^.G',^.H, ^s>; ^.8=is>; -^.^^s; 

c*j>Ri*jt cfvg; -^ -5*5 ^t^ttt wfsrsnr h-sc^ PiI^s ^\sttt ^x^f'^T ^?r° ^^ ~&^ <^t wRx^r 

ib-=&>'^5ff«r5BT h^<^' C Gehenna^ ^1 ^r^fl^ ^t^ ^r?rm t^fB :>c r^f c«y^p ^x^r:^:i Ge ^^ "®r<r 
c^t^r "^^vsj^f ^^"^ henna ct^x^rrsq") ^T-Hn?^ ^r<r c^t^r "f^x^m:"5q^ ^aTr^" c^<^ht <i>^h ^ 
^Tsff^f^T ^vs=io; -^<^Ri^|ij -^t^=vs; \svs=>t>; Ri^fv|?J <H ; «i) i ^1^ f^T c^^-^nc^^l ^T-nflt^ ^TftxsT 
txi<pi^ ^^i\Ej<t=r cTi^rx^T "Rpf^rf^TTT wf^rcT-a^R^ t^f^s <iR^^tr:^t^ "sn^nrrsr ^wr ^^at c^t^s i ^ ^*p& 

^1^ ^^pi^ \SlR>-ftrH^- ^tcf i ^rx^f^ 5 ", ^^vsr-s <uf^=c^' "^s^ t*r^5T?r "sq-^n^^m ^rtf^Tr ^=rm 
\s^g -^hs ^vihR= ^sbt l^sr^ ^»-i>)i51cH<<:^s- >Ns\sr ^1^"° GEfvivisj f^^ir^r^ EixTn^Hl^^r 


c^=^rr <t>^H ^#tt i.=i.8; C2t1%s i^=io:) i ^f5 ^^f5 fi?«i<t>^<iV ^srf<F^^tTr vj\»<rw f^j <*\ 
"rwctt ^i^.c<ic<^ -^ ^§m sT5tt^ -ac^c^; ^rm ^t?T ^^f5 «r^hr v|\s<iri^ ft® SI <p?rr c*jc\s -stR^r i 

^tt ? iis ^rm ^^rf^r C5=r c^t^r ^wzr^ c*fl?t ^rm, ^®r<r ^snfsr (^Tsnf^R^F ^tsi <t>»f%: t^t 
Th<m«^'bt ^btr^ttt ^^rm ^n^:, ^st^r^tst ^^rct^r c>i^jSbt f^rfsrw c^r wf^p ^mt ^r^t i 

i.b-=i.^.- is "ciq<p~po C5r?r" ^9 ^fsnfi? c>i>i<t><^ f^gr^t si^rcs? <^mt sftrpr ^?3t ^^mrr ^r^ ^e 
■^ff^rsft «an^^m *f?r *^f»^» ^rr ^^x ^sbm^t "^t^^stst stt% t^c^ ^iid>i i f^gr^t'^MRpi 5 >^\z<f 

l£)^5^ £^q^ ^•^rsq-r^-^Tr Rr^>~i^»TC^ RR>h c*3T®t vi^<^i^ ^t^j <j<^.m <^c^Ife.c<^-H i 

i& ^srm ^^rf^ c\stvim ^t®t o®ivjm Th^ctS c^t^r ^sr^fw«r ^jr^, ^t:^" ^rre, ^r^r^ c<i><i<^ o®ivjic\s \s 
^t^f^s «^n^-, ^^r^r g^: ctrm ^i^r^p ^^tf^rrr or<3 1 ^rf^ c^r c\stvim ^^^ ^sz^ , ^fsr ^srr^t^ 
^gi\5TC<p" =tt^ <t>Rw i i>b f^5 ^^rfpf c=r ^rr ^t^t, ^r^" wm t^: ^^^ ^rfw^<p ^r:^ =t^ttt ^its, c*^ 
"ti^: R>-yr 1%^ w^r ^rr#^ "^^ ^tst^ ^sirr 1^r^M ^?r i i= ^®rm ~^f^ c^ ^i^rtt^ ^F«yt ^mvjhj 
^R3T , vi^<^lc<)i ^==t; ^®rm ^^rfpf vi^<^l^ <^<airs ^srsqi^j ^r^, C3=r c\s|vim I^ptoS ^t^sfTotrr c=tr^p^ 

i^ = i<2: "^rfw C\stV|m ^5TST C^FPT *fM ^7^" ^9 ^-^!5 i>- i.8 ^f"Cf^"^=Tm ^TR^TR^P V|^<^1^ 

^j^gaf^rr ^r^r:^ ^rR^Tf^rr ^jr^ i ^^st^tt c^t^t ^®tt ^rtTCTr^ ^r^^p^ ^r:^p?t ^^t^ ^-^^vj, 
>& c^<im), i.vb,iH c^<im) i t£il^ ^R*jjc\s^ >i^i<]j ^ft5?tpp c^R4Hrr i 


□ ^^tr^t .ifNs- -ti^Rif^m ^^fB~ f%^\sf ^c?jc^: i -c^rr^n^m ^rfRfsi^r ws^fm ^mrr ^^c^r 
t^r^i^T -f^iR)C\s c^T^fT >wcbCTr arsirsr Rc<m ^p=^^ Jft^r ssr^rm ^-i^T^f <p?rr ^i^t ( N) ^^~° ( B) 

^rfRfSl^r ws^r3t?t ^rrm ws^r^t f^fRRs -^^fhc^ fsrRRs ffe ( D) , ^^t, (L) ^^° ( W) 

R^rr ^nw <^c\s ^z^ c^ Ts^fTMr^" ^rr I^t ^<fr> ^t®<t ^sr^ i «rr^r^s"c=Tr =r^^r <t>^^ : Cb) 
Ri^<t>i5l^ ^fr^; <tif«"?r^»TC^- ccf^rr c^a ^rtf) , ^q<p- xs^Rn -cj^w^ "^R3pf(<p" ^r:^ ^^ttt ^^~° 
wR:-s<t><im ^rre, c^o ^nqsr "sq^b^lf] ^ttsr^t R^?jn5 ^i^m^t ^3, ^q<3x ~^^z x tc^, cs) -^wr^u^-^f 

i^=ivb "^tr^ t^ ^sr«aRT "r^w^t "3tr#Rt ~W-^" ^I^t®^t Th?jcvi^ >ivictt f%^mt=TCTr c^fr^ f^rcs 

^>R:<r ^t?t 1 ^^ivfliT ^r^f " KerishtaO cvi^<^1) ^ng^m ^^aT ^zirf^T >\<p^\ ~^^h\ ^r«aRT ^i^t^ 
^f^frr >ivi i^-^^^ ^®R:<r 1 ^t?t f^r "^r^^t ^^" <p^m w^r -i>sH Pnrcsn^ ^i^t^ ^b^tK^-h i 

^Rsm: ^^m ^.^^l^r ^rm cmt:^" ctf^o c^<^ht <t>^H as^; ^=1.0- i.^; 1,^=;,^) ^^ 
^rsmx^Tfi^p ^^m "tj^l^ <iwwr "5j=^<p vsuri^^-^ ^3=^ ^.s^^i^r ^^t ^51^ 1 

^tr-^tr "^®r >t«j^." Q:=ibrcs t^^T^r ^lc<^lbJ t^nr o^-^\ 1 

^I^^Sr-H t^mJT^s- ^i^pcfj <p^si ^ie^rr <I<^d\slfe.C<^'H, C^^=T5qTa f^|\s^C<)i ^RT C*JVJH ^^T ^CMC^ 

□ "^^1 "sj^" ^1^ >i<t=<^ ^r^R^^ -^R<i^h <jr3t "f^R^r«r" ^1^"° "N^-iviR)" os wtt<sra\s 

^p^t c*jc\s ^tr^ 1 f^^ic^ ^ii^hct -g^vir^r ^<i-^m ^tr:^ aRiTrm ^p^t ^^rm C5^ ^t^h~r^ 


f^re?«r^ o T f^r (<fr-t 1%f?; ^p=mt^" ^=th w^tj ^^f5 "*rt<tt^ ^t>^!% c*r c<frt f^n: ^1%^r: s ji ^r^H^ 

(.<^i<t>c^^ ^tf^a N^t^®m -^RibM-nm "^r^rsrsT %b^t rff*R5R?s *j^ ^it cipr^ <t=^H "5fRr i>t> : i.&- 
•^o; c^rm^r -^o=^\s) t^^i^lc^^ ^tr:^ "^h^srsr ^mii>-sm ^»«i>i-sM ^r??t -sn^R-i^ ~ti>Mc^r ^p^*tt^: 

^ff%aPT^pPF <ld\s ^Z<1 I 

i& ^srRrm wffsj osrsqif^R^ 5 " ^rsr <j*Rc\sHb., ^Rr^tes asTsTR: 1 ^ t^ w^t ^tr<t t%^; ^mst 
<^Ric^", c^ R^ctt ^rf^r iiq<t*fi>^ ^?r, \a^ \=Mivim ^#^ f^sr ^f^n^ ^r^rtt^t w^tj ^i^r ^srr 

<jr?=ti ^^tr^r-p ^^r >^r^ ^.r^\s ^^ c?i ^psi^r f^gr^R^ srr^Rrm w^ >\^c<^ *s^r "*fps c^pstr^t 
s^r^f^t i 

ii^ : ife ~TR:;3fp?T ^9^: ^fcfi^^F xsp^trl: ib- *Wi aRFR~f\s ^tf^a \»il\®r <p^<p eR^TR 5 ^ "^r^z^sr 
^.bfe.m CEfR^O* 1<I<:<lbHT <MC\s ^Z<5 I C^g=T5TRa f^R?«m f^T?^ WR4TlR><t= ^5PT^RT WRSRR 

r^t^Rt-jr^ £iT<Rrm te^c-a-a £fi%3£pt% ctfrrr z^cmcs: i >i<icbCTr ^rmr^f t^nr ^rr ^rr^lH^ f^gT^t 

sfT^prm ^r^tR:^ ^i^.c<i=i ^9^f^ sii>Ri\s vixsRc^r^t ^R=v|\s ^•^t^r^M ^r^ i 1%^; 1%^; 
^-iCbbir ett<ptfj ^lviiCl-^ ^fpM^r ^9^"° \S^s=<q ^p^Hx#" -a^HT cwtt C"5rRr i^ : i^; c^tr^^t is ; i«- is; 

srr^RT ^Ivih^, ^t c^t^r; Ci.) ^ivir^t?t ^r«jrR^3=rm c^<^ht <t>^n "srRr h=h- t^; =35^ ii : <2:- i^s; 

^TR^RT i = Vb- H5 8 = i- io) <£(<;% C^s) ^^^P^ %5^T C^^HT <^^H iC^rR^^T ^s : ^^; <2: = i.8- i<2:) I 

«r^otf%^F^R^ R<^T^t'?R ^<t>v|\s c?r = 
Ci) J 5r i ^fT ^RJ >WHdW £tT<RTr^sr=Tm ^^Rfl" wf%^S 

c^)>wcb.cTr ^^5 T^fRti^ ETRSRmr ^&^ ^nr t%5 "Rtor ^^z^^ ^tr«i ^^©tR^r; 

C^s) >l<1i<=i StT<RTRT \Svs=^ CtfTTT ^?T ^9^"° 

C8)stT<RTr ^tvjRTf^ Wt^ cxi^-^ ^RTf^ wRt^^FJ -^Rl<]^H ^R^ ^aRj^P ^^TFJ W^ ^rTsq^T s(T<RTT 
^1% I ^^TR^RP, ^pal^T >l<^<^ ^=TT ^RTR:^: ^<3X ^^f ^dsjd^;, xsm^Rj stT^RTRJ 'WC s fJ ^9^pf^ 

sR% \S^s=^ Rc\s ^RJ ^Tl<CvSlv|C\s fSRl^SR^P ^t^TRT^i <t=^C\s -^fe.-~H <t>C^Cfe.H I ^tv|Rtf^ ^rR$ 
<FRJ^T N^lvj^r ^R$ ^TR$ ^T«aRrr ^M^tCT CbC?Jlfe. I 

Jf c^nRi<iiRi<i> -^Rkkc^ ^sreRrr t^ ^r«aRrr wf^^ R<^T^t c^tp^prr ^r«aRrr f^pqr ^Rcoch) 


^*r=r f^s^r \sKm r^<t=ciS wff^rar <t=l^c<^H , sf^, xsitsttst ^gr®t wtstbt I^ptoS ^p^ ^t?t 
c\si vitrei <iT5ic\sife. ^n, T3=n^ ^m "^ttrr®, f^g >i^^ ^s^r ^n^ ^m ^rtr® i 

o^o-mt <t>^H wRrsrT^ i> : ^s, <b; ^.=<b) i -tfhs ^^^rr <fc<t ctrrm:^ ^n^^s^T ^^s^c^^ i^refi? -^^ 

^TT, 1%fS <lf 5fe»C\s ^l<I^i ^T®M=T ^HJ MJ gfwc^ ^Xl<<«ji ^TsT9f=TC<l 5 ' ^'s^srr <JR3T Ctf<mr ^5f=qr 
^BP^fJ^: ^T<T >HV|sj sT^s «an<t>d\s ^X^" C^b^HT <t>^»H =3<F ;,h : 8) C*JV|H j St^<t "^^T\ <PC-z\^ I 

R>1h f%^rr<j wr^g" <^Ric=i, ig<p>5f^T \5R<m fsr<ro& 5 ®rr^s ^^r, c*r \sm ~<^ x \ >i«^y ^st^r® «rrt^» 1 
f^g wm -^ff^R^tw <t><«im >i**R> ^rr i<mc® \»t<t sr^ ^®tc<f \s ^®m 3ft ^atf^ ^ra^ R^=?j <r^t 
wr^mr <t>rSc\s WF53T <t=^c<^i^T 1 ^tc^ C5=r ~ctpt ^&V3 ~5^z.^ ^f1%Trr sff^r-s^Ts <^z^ <j=i=i, c^: sf^, 
N^ivjm £t1% t s rtr «tp^t, ^iTvi ^stm^tt?! >iv|n>^ •s>tl%T? c fr«f <p<\<\ 1 ^sr^ c^r -mc>\i\ sf^ <t»-sj»-^iT<'s 
^^rrr \stc^ -sjw <i>^c<^h \s \»m ^r ^^^rr <t>^c<^H 1 ^% c^: wv^ ^tfe:^ t^frrr ^®m 

s-^Tl^C'-Tfl ^TC^ ^i^ ^SrHC^P C^ff^R^S ^n^^T, C7T ^SBT 'g^ 5 " :>c r^ T>lR> «TTl%^; C^T ^TC^" S TC^ 

t^^ifo-s^M^ < 0-1 0-1, ^®rr5q~m sfi% t ? rti «r?r, ^ifvi c\stvim ^sh^ *=fi^ ic rw <^^<i 1 \s«arff^f c^r >^j\s 

gptc^ ^ >)^.Hic>)-sir <i^>^. ^§1^5 ^^t, ^®rm wm^tr^tst sf^^ ^fr^: t^trrr ^rsq^ ^wm <\c<*\ 
f^r i ^^rt \5T?t sj^ ^it^p ^fr^: vsiR>?jr <t>Rw-i, t=j§ ttp=t, ^fsr ^rrsq-m ^fr^: R-hFs <^^ic\s 

oststt^ >i^wic>i^ £fi% wTrr ^p^t 1% oststt^s vSTBn® f^r ^tt? ^®n^ ^t^j sf^ ^Wi «6.c?j 
-^I^h^i^Ich^ PptoS ^r:^^ ^r5q--^T <j>^c<^h, c*3 ^bt® c^ ^T5n® ^j°t ^tf%T:^fT«r ^tt ^p?:^ i ^t^im 


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i^=^so: "xsrrsrm ^-ffhr tutors csrsqiztf^ sfi% ^^rM <mc<i--j, ^rf^r o^ivi-ar eti^w^t ^^<t>^cH^ 
-^tz^ wr-H^r wm^ ^t®i^p ^^srr ^rr <p*f" ^f5 c^t^r ^^f5 ^®rr ^r^R^r^ ~i^vM<ii <3Tq*r ^rr 

v»l<]%(j\s ^TSR^P C^F4M\s I ^^^n^n<^\sR:^" ^si^^fJ^: "5qW <1*f]lC\s -^4j<lT>)\s <iC\E ^z<j ^srsiRT ^eirr 
\5fB\s c^b=-mT <p-sp«-< <2-=h; & : i8- ia-; h- i>- ^, io^b-; =3^" >t> : ^svb; <t><^i^l?j ^s=i^s; "*tT£<M<i ^. : i>^s; 

•xf&T ^^r ^^fl? -Hxh >\^\m<p UNn ^^mr wt ^^r c*r ^i^.c<i<^ ^p=mt^" wM^rm fSq^r^ ^rwm w^jt 

^^t fi^rc^ wfRR:ir ooMm w^tj, ^srf® <p^rf?r w^tj ^m i 

•^. ^rrsrRTf^ ^rlw-jfo ^tR^m >i«i>a?ro t^Rfg s^v^^ ^stm w^tj ^ ^-^cbfe.c"Pf (<m^ ^t^l^ 




t^i^T .wt<T. i^i^r.f^ 







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iS> : 8- Vb 

iS> : ^- S> 


T3=P^IX#" f^T^T 

ife : H 


i^o : i>o- i^ 

iS> : io 



i-jB^O- ^ 

is>=ii- i^ 

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ifhs <£(<;% f^T^sW 

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^l^-dlH <^d^H 

i>Jo : i.^S- 1x3: 


r*i^sc^^ «ii4i<i*t 

i>S> = ;>^S- i8 

^•"TlOlH CHH 


i>S> : i><3: 

i>jB=i.^s- i><2: 

i>fe : i.^S- iQ: 

fft^ «r^t 

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*Ml =y<i<MB 

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i>S> : i>>i>- ^A 


^f^Tsp*! CCf^T 

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i.S> =>- ^ 

iS> : iH 

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i>S> : ^.^s- -^.Vb 


*r^C« >l<t><^^. 

i>S> = ^ 

iS> : ^.^S- ^.8 

i.S> =>- 


iS> : ^^S- ^via 

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iJo^^s- *o 

i>S> : ^.H- *o 

iS> : ^ffl 

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^•iC.M5.T ^f#R:iT "5p?T C^^alT^sT N^R=£tT5T ^-i>)-sM ^3T 

w^tj ^rMfsj Thrift i wtstk^tst £ic\sjc<t=^^. c^ ^TC=Tfc^ b^-io® ^z<i c*r n^iic^t ^tvjRTf^ -str^t 


^swmfi? ^t^r i R^i^n? TBf**» <f<^ i ^tr?r ^sf«r® ^fw st<fr^^ ^M-i^tcr?! wtx^tr^ 

f%?| ififST ^^T C5^3|-£<^ 

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en) <4 ^-ac-H-a c<fr ^rrsrffw^ f^prsr ^tmtt <^?rr ^tt, \s^t c*t >\<p^\ R^ctt >ns<$ sic® ^:<i ^t 
i, i xsrM^rm 1Rw^ -yR-^F® <s3,<jk <m>\ ^m wf%^rnsm s^stt^s ^^sttt i 

~T^f <jq<3X M^T >)vjfSvjo^<js ^5T*oT5T^T 

>SrCTH ^£^35^ f^TT ^tm C^T®, vsm^ OSrfl»>nd<='1C5rsT f*tZ<F i^ff^Z.^ ^9^"° >SrtT(lH^ ^^m t^xrr "Rr^ 


i.s>=^. " f%®^ c^\\<p ^®m ^f*5^s ^f»5T^ n»ii>m i -^<r >i^<]\s cij^r f^r \st<mrirt ^mrr 
□ "x£rm R>fa (^tstr^t ^stcct^r:^ ^w <t=^c<^-s" -tfhs?i ^a^st -^Rb.*Jr ^tcw^t ^Sc^-tJ ffe^r ^sbt 

i i ^j^st <p^f5T "*fhs?T ^^~° f^T^JCT-si -^Rib^i^rcw^T ^^fl? ^s^^s^j^ f^nr ffe^r 1 
& 1 ^^^sf^r ^^r5qT -ac^c^;, c^r^rrc^r ^g^st ^rt5 ^tt^; : 

□ ' s ®rc^ "^r%^t ^tc^"" - ^1 ^HhTiJ-s) s^xX't^ vSc^*tT ■5 > t%^T ^?rm ^^i^ chR><ii><i s "®r<r 


-5qr# io^ ^tcw spstff? f^r f^r^: T<cbfe.c^^ ^m^rc^r, 1%^ ^i^rRR 2f*rfi? f^^m: T<^ 

c*k<f ^^^1% w«\g\5T ^t ^sr^l<^\sr ^R:w c^iz^ft^c^^ "*r*r=* "Rcs^CT-a ^rm^t^f «r^^s^c^^ 

sj*sRt T^-ifS ^o-iUsk:^^ ^TS^f5T^s"c=Tr t^r c<^<i<^vifra <ul^5lb>R3m ^r«aRT t^n: f%n; ^r^qxt^J fSrf%^i 

w<^n?^ *r^i&<F \»iiR=<r <id<^Tfe.c<^H c*r (<frt ^rfw \sm 3fR^F *\ Rnsj rn <mc\s -s^tr^t ^^rfR 1%r-t 
^sj^rr ^Ft^^ 5 " wR3R ^f*fft <k<=-i ^w ^tr i 

i.s>=8 "^?f c^^p ^^: ts^fi ^iR^i^^ i=-^H ^^x or : ^ cmz<f c^^eTrr ^xtr^: i f%<m: f^r "^r^z^sr 
H>^t ^mr ^<jk ^t t^r ^^^Trr^t c^^-Mf <p-&^ ^=^^>- ^s)^^"® ^grift i 

-"ff%<rc?Rr cvfiPi<i> f^icT-a t^nr® v5cs^«t <jrtt ^.c^icfe. "*rr t^Ki^: wt€t <t*c-af^=i i 

□ srtft^r ^Rr^te« ^tf%^m^s"c=Tr ^^fi* ^i#R^ ^o^ si^ou-a ^^nf^Fm ^<i% ^t^1h\st 

fSfp5\s <F<R «^sgc^; I 

□ 'RPT 1^>SM "^m^F ^<l" ^fi* ^^T ^t^ 1 ^R^UT "<^^5" ciCRT <lst<lb>-l |\s<*> ^^T I ^^ ^R^ffi* 

C=TRJR^^ ~3^*>1^-&C'^ fi|=iH <1*RCTT CtfTT I 

^rr ^r 1 ^^ <mwf^ Ef^m <j>c^Ife.<^ i '7^ ^nr '^rf \Scs^^r ^r^ t^^m: ^R^rmr^^ ^s^^sR^r^f ^?rr 
^zttI^t 1 "^^^ ^r:^ ^?it" ^rtf 1^ H? ^®r<r t^r "^i^- ts^w ^ixT^nfw^ ^^m" 1 

Rki^h ^8=i. arsirsr ^r^^r 1 -^t^s <ic<^lfe.c<^H c^r csqtRr <4&\ ^R^f^^r^r ^1^: ^mw ^r?r c^r ^^^ 

<xi^. ,; srm.'ii^T.f%- " <jR=b.m <ufic^c^' 
^R^ ^r^fi^ c^t^r "^f^c-^^^f' ( porneia) ^^R c*$z<f ^°7:^wt ^r^f pornography ^sr<iT^ ^r#t^r ^^^t 

"3=RR\sJlR ^T^TC^: 1 ^ft?T \SCs^^f <1>^C\s ^tRJ^ N^R<]fRi^ Jft ^I^^T ^r<aRJT R<]lR\s \s 

N»ir<i<irRc\sfi c^t^t ^R-n^r, ^rf%^m ^r«aRjr -tRnR^^sr ^r«y^T >ivi<jir^^m "spo ^p^-rt^ c^T^r 


c=tr:^^ \5tttmts ctf\sTrm wf^Fm f^r i "sqf^r ^^"° =3^" f^rRt^ ^gprsrT^m ^^.st^l c*3T®iw?t ^fr:^; 
c^^arr ^xrrf^r 1 wm "sql^r ^^x =3^ Jjlc^i^c-Tf] vSc^^tr ^=tt ^xtr:^; c^^nr <i^^h "sqr# i>o =i,^.) 

□ "<IJr»l>m <FC?f" e£)T5T C^I^T <l\sV|f^r <js^J<|b<t> (Wtm=TC®^ "3Tp3pRT "5q\s) f^TC^t I ^^ "»i H fl? C* 

^ps^f^ -^isr^ ^T5r#trr ^tr<R>r c^^rf^it^rt o:=vs^ vBc^^r ^?rm ^t?r:^ ^cmcs: i 0:=^^ ^^ fsFrmr 
^nw^sxsrr ^^: ^»-i(:b^.cH< ^tsr ^srid<^i<^ ^p^Tfo <^c^d^: 1 0:=^^ ^rc^r ^M-^OHn? ^^e^rr ^f&«." 

^Tsirr ^^rm 1 ^fi? -^ >\t£<^> c^ "^rrsqTfw^" ttm <n ^r^rc^ 5 " vScs^ ^r??t "*rr ^«t^l "yR^r% 
^b "sr^^r xsnw^m^r ^^: ■*t&r?i <u<i^m ^p^t^ srmfsp^ 

^PXsT tiq<pf5 «£»~l ^Ml^^l 2*<\s~| ^sR^~, C*JV|-H \5RTf?T ^TC^J C<^ C<F*s: ^^5 C^§T <J i C^Ife.C<^'H I 

wf^frrm:^:; ^®rm ^"sq^r ^r^ix^i^- wr:^;, ^n^tf^'?i7^ 5 " "sqi-ic^i^r ^■*iv?F& <pc-hc^:- wm ^"sq^r 

f^XTTl^T I \5TC"CT?T ffe^T "3=R^R)^ C^ T^i%^tw TTT ^^cf^ V)C-H^ "5q7:«ji i^L>^»T?^" <T^i "5j^q ffe^T I 

i-^c^o- ii "RRrm: ^^pl^ f^Rrsq c^^ht <t>^-s ^MifH* 5 ^®^ i=^t-, ^=iH) 1%^ TB-sic<?tvjRi ^<p1^ 
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srr<RT^i^ ^5^r ^ir^p" ^9^: c^us -^^ c^f^z^ facs ^tR^ i ^^rf^ c^^ c<^1virt ^m^r <p-ac& ^r^*^ 


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\5R:"cr?r >wlHCH«i(:^ ccf^id\sH ^.Rjvi^sjj ^sf^rg^a ^g^TR^T^ T^sj1v|\s ^n^^vi^^l-a >\^>u 

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□ "N^tvim Pi^d? n^i>ic\s vsrtt^r:^ <rm^ <^Wr<s ^n" igfi? ^^fl* <i^vir^ <j*|><ib<i> fSRTr*f ^^ 

□ "^m^ "^mtwr ^"5rs c=TF4R:tf^" ^t?t <% >i<t>=-i f^^szw^z^ f^rc^t ^r:^t ^n^: 1%^ 

f5R^p«T ^R3T <$ >\<P^\ C5Tl<1>CTf] Ci) ^rR"sf^ f^T^rtf^ "5R*U t^gf~fir <C*JC^;, ^®T«aRT C^O ^rmt 

Pic^cT-a c<p ^^ ^®tsirt srr^s -©K-^m c^r:«i^t ^^rmr ^^r:^^" ^wr sr^^t ^p^^ c^^-ht <t>^"H 

wm ctf^f, ^i^p <jr«» ^nf^rar ^sr:^ <i<^<^, c^: ^s^s^, ^®r^^ wto ^tt^^m ^t^j ^iTvi R>-s^*f 
^r^<p^£f <i>rs< ? 1%f^r ^r:^- <]<^c<^h n^ivir<p -yp^- ^j^i f^r^Tr c<p^t fsr^si>ir ^^ ? ^r^ ^<p- ^gf^ -sqra 
^tr;^: i 1%^ ^fsr ^rf^ ^k<^ sR^^r <ps\c& ^b^t ^^, ^z<i ^i^sr >i<^<^ ^n^r^r ^p^ i c^r <i<^<^, 
(<Ft^r (<fft ^i^ar ? "^H^ <]<^d<^^, c^^: "h^^^sjt ^f%^3 ^n; ^rf%^m ^^ ^rr, jt% ^^ ^rr, fsr^yn 

\5R^~ <]<^c<^-^, ^jf^ t^n^i ^c\s ^wr ^?s, ^r^" b.Ri?jr "^rre, osrsrm ^m^r ^m^r ^tr;^:, R^p?j ^ss, 
^i^x wt^gf^'^R^" ttt^ ^^, \5R^ ^?:'*f «t=t ^^(K, ^®rm wr^r, ^tvim ^f*5T^ ^tr^t ^^ i t%^ 


*j<l<l» HsX^H, ^ ^ftf C^^fc^ ^|v|-siT WMC® " s >fBT C*T R>iH ^<li>SrH «J^t <sf& HeX^-H, ^^~° =3^ 

ii^=iv c<y^^ ^ivi^r wmc* -strt% c*r f»Pi ^<t»srH ^tpt^pp^t f^x^r^r i 0£<=-mt <t=^H "5tt# 

□ "xsi^® wto -tBrm w^r ^miTvj R>-sj^f ^t^^f^ <i*si<" ^^: ^^#t c<^l<t>n5^ ^fl^aT^ ^r^Mr^" 
<Fi«ivM<t= «nrsj<js\sr "*rr csqtf^m ojo^t isrpv c^rf^r^ ^R>c<ufi sfi% <ftc3tbt ^t?r f%lw ^^?t 

□ "n^h^ wto" ^fi? f^r ^stp^w ■^•rm wto ^p^ix#" ^^pfi* ^^t®^t fn^v) >i-y^1?j *rm^rr 

1%f5 ^9^: c=rt^# >Ns\sm ^iw-4 0^*11*7® "Cbc^l^c^-M "*rr ^^t^^ >i-Jipsf ^wsr ^<rm w^jt 
smrTsf^r t^r i "*fNs?r -^h^sr® ^s^rt Pr^rr^for ^ki^jhh ^?rm w^jt ^9<Ffl? etstt^ ^?rm ^r^f 

^aW ~3^&I ^£="T -£f^~T <^aT ^5T I <4^ ^^fDc\s ^9"5q^T 1%^! ^Tf^ ^^TO® Et^TH <P^t ^^rtTT C*T ^9^ 

) ^t^ ^t^f ^^° ^t^p ^-i<T^r c^y^p ^Mrm 

is>=^v "^r^ ^^rr " 1%^c>s?vi>i s5j~j<j-|Tf ( KJV) ^9^"° cw^^tr^tst ^i^.d<]<^ ( JB) ^9^: Wttr^p 
"^^rr" Rc>iw ^i-i<ifw ^^r z^cmcs: i ^ "^rS^«r -^t^^l^^ ^^rm" w^cr ^^ ^t^ ^fz^f^ ^thj 
<sp¥n? n§«t w^r^ ^»-i<Tw i f^xosrsp^ ( KJV) ^»-i<nTT "^srf ~T^ff5 ^c?jc^: i ^g^TR^r^ 

^lviiCl-M £fi%^^TT«r ^t sfRjR^^rr sri%^^T«r <^?rm ^t^j ^wv&f <f<fs i o?j>i c^r^ i =3^- ib-=ib- 1 c^rr-n ^^^ c^r c^i^: c<^i<^f5 ^<^sf^r ^n>i-s<t=^r ffe.c<^H, ^^rm ^®r<r 

C^t^T ^T^fTT >IV||>Sr -5R:^^ ^ST«aRT ^T^tTT ^H^^ ^Rl*J(l^T^ C^5t fteX^I^T I 

□ "N=Mifvi t£i >i<ii<^^. ^tt^T^r <t>c^Ife." r^Ri^frr « : ^> c® c^rr^r t£i<p^: sf<Fm w\f<s <^c^h i ^t5t 


^sbt >i^c?j^ >\<p<r\ ^rSftrr <p^i isrp?. ^r^t(%^ >\<p^\ R>§^ ^n^T^r ^3fffe.c=-M i 

i.s>=^.i. "N^tvim wm 1% <iT#t wrc^;" ^t?t >^^ c^-ii^fD-a *3wc?j^ ^»r^®r ctrRrnr c^rrr i csrfppsr 

>\<P^ ^J^^t t£RPv \sR:"Cf^ >\<P^ ^TMJT ^tt^T^T ^^m *t?TQ, C5T ^*r=T<3 ^S^TP^T ^=M«£5<I <»<^s I 

i.s>=^.i. "^rf^r" i£i<Ffi? sr«?T5T c~t^Nr »i^\=i<t> <n<F7 ^rr c^^p <^<^ ^»m c=T*rr?r ^ff?r:^t ^rsi <ic<^ 
^-^t fiqTss^^^)- ,sr^=T ^^?t ^rrt: i 

□ "tR^ct^c^ TfTs" i"sf <t=Ri^|ij i^>=i- ^s cy?^ 5 ", N^ivj^r ctf^iz^ *tr^ c^r -sr^tt^tfjx ^^r c^ 

□ "^rm t£PT, xsrrsrm ^r*iaw?rT^t ^e" -tfh® isr^: c<=-ii<i*n5fi wR: , n^m «i^t >p^ f^r ^1^° R>Pi 

is>=^^ 'T^r i^gf^s ^xtt ^u*\ c-n^r" "^t^s ^^: c<^i<t=n5c^p ^«t=TC<ic>iTfe.c<^^ 1 1%f! f»Pi ^R:^fj^ 
^srm^f ^st^r ^5 <i>^c\s m^ ^rrt: 1 >^% c<^i<t>n5^ ^tf%TaR:^T^ ^rr^tR^ <n^c<<=i h!^< ^c?jc^: i ^itSt 

<p^r ^sr:^r^t ^^° >iTB-si ffes fwrrr \3cTs-si ^msirr >i^>s? 1 ^^r ^f^qm t^rcsfj^T wf%^nr ^®n*i5w 

1% n^II^Ri^ ^T«iRT "m^T ^^T ^#T ? C>Sr^>llC<^V| ^TT|5lc\s ^^af^\Q liq-sq^r (<Ff^ C^f© ^J 5 ^^ ffe^T C*T 


□ ""sh^fTsT <ttwt" -sql^s ^fl? f^r ^^: ^iz^f^ >^<Fft? t^^ <u<i^m ^fv?^ t^tt ^t?r:^ 
"^r^z^rsT ^ttst c^nrr ffe^r ^ef^lcr-a ^c^-a ^rn^r c^<^ht <^^h ^^qrat -^o=h; fw#trr Rki-sm <2r=ii>) i 

r^Td\sH C^^-ST <t>^H f^\sl?J RKI^H ^=i : ^tr-) I ^XTTR" ^fS^P', -?Ft\s ^Rf^sT H^> , escre° t^npfsnr 
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\»^t f^t^sr v3*=p< <t>ra?jr ^stc^- <i=-ic=-m ccf^r, ^ivi^t ^viss^. -^R\sj m <^Ri?jr ^rr^f^Tm 

£|\sR:^m t^R^PTC^ ^fS-KK-H, \s^T OSTsq^TS wm^«T t^R^PTC^T <l!>l?JT ^^TCTR^T^ Wf^H" ^XT?^ 

wf^<t=i^l <^c^~ i f^g ^rmr ar^y^r ^-sq^r ^cn<t> c<^i<t> c^tc^T ^T^>c<i; ^^x ^mrr (ttc^pst, ^"sq^r 
n^c-h<^ (,<*][<*> si^rsj ^c^~ i 

is>=-^H "^ivj^r \s^ 1% ^tr^" ?" t^s^t ^T5q>® R»^ -s^T%srr^t <^(i^Ife.c<^H 1%^ R>1h \s^i^t\s ^^t 
^p^hx#" tB^r <^^c\slfe.c<^-H i f^r^j-n^r ^^i^t^g \5ir:"cf^ w^r ^^Ff^ t^^T^T ^j^^rm f^Tr ^^pf5 

^ttf^R" ^T^^SfJ ^(THT C^Tf^J^T <J>^d\slfe.(l<^^T I C^^-HT <t>^-H -^o =-^i,, -^.s) 
ife 1 ^^ "v|-^j ^fa" -arf^r v-^oo® T3=p=^f 'Sl^in? ccf^j^ i 

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<^^ R*jctt ^t<f ^tt^ptRtc^ i£i^^ ^tr<R>r ^c?jc^: i "^^fo^^r" ^r^fl^ MSSN,C ^1^"° D o& 
^tsttt ^^mr, ^r^r^r "^c-m<^^s^t" ^r^fi^ ^i^x MSS, B ^<jk C o& -acMCs: 1 sf^^rsq" c^r ^r^«=cf ^t "sqr# 


^®rR^Tf^^rm w^tr £T*rf<T^t 

•xf&T ^^r ^<pfl? -nrh >\^\m<p UNn ^^mr wt ^^r c*r ^i^.c<i<^ ^p=mt^" wM^rm f^^sr^ ^rwm w^r 

<i^.n5-si sf^rf^r sfsft^r ^°x*t<T T<i%jij^st^T ^1««it^ -^ijg^iwx^i fwr <mc\s ^rx^^r 1 ^^x=rm vSc^-^tj 

^^T fi^X^ 5 " Wff^XTT WMm W^JT, ^51^ <F<rm <s?-U ^1T I 

&. t^r^sxtf^ ^^x -sff^rar^ ^p=mt^" ^r^x^c^-a f^r^r "5n=Tm ^r^^t stctt^t <i>^h i 
>t>. i^s- io: ^rcf^sf^r 1% ^rl^aT^ f^xir ^ic^ibHT ^x?t ? 

io . i£| s^q^-f^I <jf^C^5- ^ff%^|^ <p^ Tj^p^t^- f^nqprr-} -«I<I<1> ^XTrffe.C<^H C^i^ ? 


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w^tj ^rMPr trTfft i wtstr^tst sic\sjc<t=^^. c^ wr=tr^ b^-io® ^z<i c*r wr?=tt ^ivirtt^t -sq-R^r 

^t^r i Ri^^jfD TBRm) <t^-s i ^tc^r ^sf^s -^fw st^r^st ^-i<ir:w^ wr?=tr^" wm^rm f^nr 
R«i®tH ^r^tr:^ 5 " Ngs-i-u <p-H"^ i ■*>\-icv2,csT ^M ^^fst <^fr csf^rm f^nr ^nr, 1^is ^tSt "sj^t 

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c^o ^rsn <rr*txr ^?rm ^tstctt ^R^irs-K* eg^x ^rtWfw^" si^rs? i<R<ibHr <F<rf5T >ivi>ui-ij^<t= 1 
-sqf^r ^.o =i>t> i£(^ c*tc*i ^t^tit ^3cs^^f <F?rr ^cmcs: 1 ^: ^tfttw^p ^m^ ctf^mr ^mr t*t ^R=-iit>j 

^fsnfl? ETMfsRF^rR^- s^ ^P=^Ttf i£RP?. -=£?r^rR3m R*R?Jf] "^TR:^ ^R^s 5 I iv : i i£RP?. ^o-^o- ^i> 

iiq<3X -^.8 ^frcf -^^-a "3=nf^fij<t> ^f5^fspFr ctf^rr ^mr, c3=r*rR^r f~r^r^r ^f%«r f^o-M \5RTf?r 

C^D n^C-SC^F ^^ ^TscrRaRsTR^ ^TMH ^CfJCa.-H ^Ts^ft ^^° -^^>Sr|\sliJCUT^ ~5qstf<PR?T -yp=>p+# 
vSc^^f ^R3T ^^X ^T5qsr -^\sH f^T5RTsr^ -5^^s=^ C2fRl=(l\s cgiSt >|^<| 1 f%?| <|^v|r^T C2fRl=C\s, ^TT^ 

C-5T) ^tv)RTf^^<p -sqT:^ <t>RcTr ctf^m ertjtst^ ^tr^: c^r ^•^tsq^m ^tmtt ^p^m >ivi?q -sj^t ^rsi 
^^■^ sT3=r^ R>alR\s R^sj^-^tr^p ^^Ff^ «ivf\siR)<t= ^^ifi(i\s (.^)d<^ ctfrrm csctt ^dH<t= c^ft 

c^r) ^^rsn^T^Tm ^rwrm ^n^f^-Jto ^t1%^sr=Tr ^^it^t^ ^^m ^^Ff^ ^p=^i^ ^rR^rr^rm ^st^tj i^s 
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(,<t=-^-st "^T- ^Tsfi ^"5q^r ^<pr Tgf^ -5j^<pwt^ ^=ij, frrf^ Ef^to ^fr^t wm^t gr^TC'^^a "sps^r 

^sr^ff^ir^ wm^t gp^T^^^r^a czr^r ^Ric^-m i -^iz.^ 1%Rr 1%^ *i1T5<t>m tsr^i <nf^x?T t^trrr 
c^far^r^, ^sr^j <t>c?j<t> w^r ^iwtxsr f^r^r^if ~c?WT^Trr wrc^;, <a^x ^smf^ir^ ^Rmh, 
csTsq^rs gps^^s^a ^rre, ^m^r -urj, (,\siviifPrTr^<p f^; \sf^s \5t^Brr c-n^r i ^n^m 1%Rt ^tit 
^g ^tit ^ifD<t>m -^iz^ t^Ft^r ^ifD<t>m >ividTr ^rftxsr f^frrr wm <t>c?j<i* <srHc<F ^cfwr^rrr ^R^c^ 
c^far^r^, ^srm ^smtf^ir:^ 5 " ^Ric^-m, 1% w^tj ^t^h® Rt^r ^^rrx^r Rr^r^fr TTrsrt^rr wr^; ? 

^.o=i 'T<t=-H-sr ^^f ^T5fl" ^Tartf!* CtfTTT ^ZTlR^ ^"5q^r iiq^f5 ^S^K-a-H Rd>IC^ R^TC^~ "^^ 

^rT^Tf^rT R?^ i "5fRr ^f5 ^r^f^ i "^<Rnwr" Rj^ "?ft^s> f^r^nm^ ^^~° ar^m ^Rb^Ji^rcw^T ^j^t 

^ff%^i^ ^t^" i c^^r^rr <p-&^ vi>=io) rsh^srsr ^^itcwpst <]^vif^r ^vmRi* ^.R^j^ T^fSwRf^^srr c^t^r 
"^.fiv|S3i<Fm" <^p?r ^^^tfw ^^° #1%Tr ^Hc-s-a ^^r^\s ^rr ^rrt: -sthR-k* "&M <£,<!% \Sf©= ^rr 

□ "gr^TC'^T^s" -^c-^c^ "sr:^t <j>c^h <xn5T R?^ ^grcTi^T wTRs<t sfRs ^i<Fft? RrccrH i ^t?t ^tsi 
c*t ^^pf5 gT^TT: 1 ^^" ^j^t^^ P(?jc"5q- ^«f^\s <j^sf^\s ^giT:Ti^T ^ni%^ ai^l<t> ^r fspf*fcr ^XTrf^r 
c^<^-sr <t>^H f^rf^rr &, f^rafsnr ^.=-^o; i,-^=io; -ffl\s>Kt^^T ^o=^) f%^ ^t^ ta^: ^r<r ^^: ^sttt 

>i^>sr R-hjp^t ^^° shcxsj^g ta^f^ sr«rr^ si\sl<t= Rww ^nr i 

Ctf^lT^T ^C-H<J> tS^s^v) ttz<j, ^1^? ^tSTT^P Ctf^lT^ ^X^" ^<t^SrH "S^lH^ ^T«aRT ^^^5f^T ^f% 


fSq^jw ^^^ffe.c<^iH i -=ff%^ ^rfw-n^r "sr^t <t>c^-s t*t gr^T^^r ~5n^q ^?rm ^?r)w ^tsttt ^^k 
»n^rsr f^r -^ \5p5q\5tpj? ^^ ^z^- c^w^qj ^q?r «|<t ®r*t»5l 1%?t c^r gpsq^pq^ ^rg ^^sTrm ^t^ 

^o=vb "<^c?q<^>a?^q n^<^>|n»TT^" TJTTsrf^iT efl<R?S Ctr*lc<=-M" "*rf^hs ^^rawt ^T^rm ^^ ^PT*rR^P> 

sr^rsq- fCr<:<t* R*i^ <j^rr ^xrrf^r i (<fft ^i^.m ^rP5 c^r \5p?rr ^x=i>i ^t^irt \Swi^1h "sq^sr f^^r^r, 

f%?g ^sM lfe.d<^-q eg-sq^T C^]\<P -ziFsn ^ RCH^ >SrHJ C^Ff^T ^P3f ^W ^ITlT ^Tt^ I 

vi«&5l ctf^s, c*m w^q n^c^ wpp^ <i>Ri?jr sjssrsq w^q ^rtr® ctf^s i vsKtc® ^^rmr f^m^r *i1T5<t>m 
>ividiT tiq<pT Tgf^ <jq<p ci|<p i>iRi ^n^^r i -^tc^r ^^rmr afycsq ^tRfrnfl^T, ^sq^rr ^nf^nrT ~^rc^ <p>'R^\, 

<n>>ir <i>Ri?jt <i<^c\s ^p-n^r , (T'rc^^ ^tbp ^ ^^f ^r*^T "sma ^rfp>rrp:^;, ^ivi-ar ^^n® fw^r 
^~fp>iqTPs; ^g (Mzm ^fpsirfft, ^MfSq ^nf^KR^ 5 " ^ivirtt^t tjtstt^t <t>rac<=-i-q i R>1h ^s^t <t>R?jT 
^p^rsr eg<p vsr-sc^" ^I^c^-h , ^ir "srtfsr osrsrm sfl% t%^: ^hjttt ^pf% ^n^; ^f^r 1% ^ivim 

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^bfe.ivic\s <u<]^m <j>Ri<]m "srf^Fm 1% wtsrt ^tt^:, ^tt ^miTvj ~wttp=x ^f^rar cststw C5p^ 
W5i^.d\s(i^: ? <^ -wz^ ~*TBr\ c*rc*t<i \5Brr sr^arsq" ^^tr, ^^k ^rmr ar 5 ^ ^i^t o*rc*i ^?^c< i 

■^o =v- "^r^i^r ^r^rn c^t^r, gp^T c^^s^ "sqiRi<i> \sm ccf^GTrf^R^p" <i<=-ic<ih, ^&i<\c^s\c^ ^T*f ^<s° 
^Trtf^r:^" ^tt:^^ "sq^^t ctf^s i" csqtf^m <m<r^T o*te<F ^tvimr c^c-ql^. c^r "sq-^-sr ch^c*^ ^p:^^ 
^Fpsf (?m ^^m (T^R^ "sq^^t Rc\s ^x;^- ^rft^ ^PJT ^TC^^ ^tf%^TC^^ ^t^j -^mi R=-qc\s ^tf^s i 

C^<^HT <t>^H -^8 = ^(5:; C=T?Tiq "5^®<p- ife = i\s; -5TT=TTf«r ^s = Q:) I ^^sl^T^S ^^sl^T^S wfsq^T "5q-lRlC<t>^r 

f^c^ ^stptc^, 1%^ ^tSt t^r csqtPm <u<i-^m R^cwii 

^o:io "^r^ ^^qpJt sr^ycsq ^x^fi^q, ^pjt "sq^r <^^<^ c^r ^pjt c^Ft ^tpr" ^>i<t><^ c=TR^p^r 

-5qr:^ <t>^c\s Hsx^-m c^r ^pjt ^rp^t o^Ft vi^^l ^tf^m c^rr-m ^m^ ^^qrat ^sra >ivi?q <Fpsf ^R^f^r 

^^rr ccf^rnq R^^p:^" ^^z^^ ■^fgiRj^'^Tr "sqr^j^q^ -=p^f%?T c«y^p ^c-h<i> ^tt=tptT i ;>;> -^yt ^rrsq^t 
ctf^R:^ -str^ c^r ^q^r^ ^pjt cg^ft isi^n c^^\ ^rr, ^pjt <n>>ir <t=c^^. i><^<^ i ^^rsf ^tr^m w^ir 

^pa^q \5pjr C5=r >i<i><^ ^tm ^rP5 -^rr \»prr ^rpnt <t=c^lfe.<^ i ^pjt ^pj^t ctf^p:^ =rr , n= i q c^r c*jc<i^ \5p?rr 


wRinRxi* ^^grm^sT^Tm c^fus ^ ^-ac-H-a aRi^im =t"s^Rt i 

r'sf.ft- 't^^t -=*Rr*ft <fr»<t ^x<t c*ic*^ ^rtfsr wttr^?" 

cfifST sft^tsT fH<t>lB sRX&PsT ^?I^RF "V|-~vr C5T*f" <4^ "^RC^ ^P^l^^e- 0£=-MT <t>^-^ f^Stn 1<<-sM 
i.^^; i^v^o-i i>^ : ^> i '^ C2fR±t=C\s ^^T "^r^T cfiRPv ''Rsr^fl^lfMjR^" I^RTrH ^R3TI 

^^t.c^r:w.r» , - "^q\s^i<i ^rmr (?«R^rsT ^i^t ar^y^r ^z<i, <x^x ^trr ar^y^r , \5R?r c*rc*i 

-=R5X^" I ^m^l ^l«s\s ^5T ^MOIC^F 1%§S "5R^TR?|\s ^5T Wsf' 

■jgr. wm.^^r.f^ - " ^sp®i£Rr ^trr (?«r;^p?t \sr?r ar^y^r ^x<i , <-9<ix ^trr sf**rsr, \5R?r 

ggv^ - " ^r^^^ ^rmr c^Rr^r^ \5R?r ar^y^r ^z<i, i^rp?. ^trr sfsiR-q~ , \5T?rr c*rc*i ^^>c<" 

l£&: -^R^t ^^RR> ^Rmx^r -ac^c^; i \st c^r^t "wR4>s n^c-hc^'?. ^tt r^ "sri^tr^s ^rr w?r i ^^: 
^rRmx~TR> (7p.cst.f% ( KJV) c?» ^tsttt ^^rm R^g ^^.^.^^.1%, ^^.c^.cw.f%, f5.^:.f% isrt?. 
cw.f% c« <rRf ctfTrr ^xtr:^; rsqr^T *s^r "srf^r ^^=i.8 c^z^ ^ft?r c^rr-n ^xtr^i JJRf "tRgfsrf^r N,B,L 

is> : «o i£i<iK ^o-.^o tg^T -5qx ? Ji ^^Rfr? -^ra^m ^p=^r# ^tr:^: i -*£?r^rm ^x=rr t^frt ^sx^tst 

5©s>t<j f%fw ^X?T CCfTTT ^5T ^TT t%^ xSfiJSRl^sT ^-^ReT f%fw ^FXsT C^rTR ^5T I ^T^T ^•^HXTT ^•^H^fRf 
^^aT '?TRT ; Ci) >l<^<^ f^^T^t ^T5TRT ^rsq-R^T ^^grm ^TR^^T ^TT, R^g ^FR^Sf ^^^ "apfRTT ^TR^^T I 
<sp¥n? ^T^T ^ff^raRT ^9^"° -fffl^R^ f^r^J^s=^ "sq-^sjj ^"St (<FRT ^1^.C<I<^ ^p^ff^s -sql-sR^ ^T^f 

^R^TT^Tm ^SfiqT 2R*TR3^!t 

^^ ^^t ^i^r> -nrh >)<u*j<t> "SRft ^^rm ^r<r ^^r c^r ^i^.c<]<^ ^p=^r#" ^rr^r^rm f^psr^ ^rMrm ^^u 
^rr^fR-r T=TR5t i ^ivir^t?t sfd\sJd<^^^. c^r ^srR^rr ^t:tr:^: c^: ^ic<^ic\s b<^d\s ^x^" i <^i^ ^tmtr:^ 

-a^fD^ £f«TRT sf^TRT ^sTnX* 1 ^ R^nT^st^T ^S^R^ "s^JS^FoR^T fS^T <1>^C\s ^tR^^I I ^^ST^Tm ^SC^-TJ 
^^T R>^R^- ^Sfff^R^T OoMRT ®rHT, ^srRj ^^t^ ^Sf^j ^TIT I 


;>. ^f5qT©x=Tr ^mjt ^?rm w^tj 1% 1% f^-^cf^^t -sic^c^: ? ( fee ^^x stwanrt <t^<i> f%f«^s 
How to read Bible for all its weather- wf wr^<r ^n^x-a^-i -^^c\s ^?x<r "5^cm >\<p<^ vK.<m<3 

W^TJ, ^ST i>«8- 1.8b-) 

■^. isr^: ^-^tsqTsr ^nf^\5T R*j?j<ii ^sfr^=\s whHj i 

^>. "^r^x^sr >t^Md^T^ <£,<!% ^^grm ^j=rm "sq^ir^m ^p^r# "^rsqxw t*^ ^^rsrm 1% ^=Tm 

8. <s^ ^rsqt <*!<;% ^®r^f<]jS1 ^3^ ^^mr ^s ^»rtxTr^ "sqx^ir^m ^p^t# ^p^^^t wmI^t 1% 

•^o =^h- it- w^r sf^rprf^pp ^<s^f§ ( fold and lenge pecet) 

c^d uq^: <]w-Hr c<yx^ ^t? ei^I^vit^t ^tt c*t f^t^jc^^ \s-»n^\s "sq^frx^r ^n>a?c\sf] ^p=^ht^" ^^pfE? 

en) c*]t5t f^r f^pErJTTf^T ^fr:^; "5t^sT " 5 5^I. ^^p 35 ^:^ >i<R.bXTr c^ft ^s^th^I^ w^ <iPJ\s ^»1<i*jj\s 
^rf^ff c^<^ht <j^-i>=^i' ;>h : ^- -^) 
^r^f <£(<iK -*r*fr >ivifs^ ^r«nnT^= 

■vizm ^r^n^ -ffh© R^-*nc<^cvi ^n^.c\s \Swj\s s^c^-m, \s^r fipi c^ ^ixsrr w^t f^r^jx^ 
^g ^r«m^f<p^Tf^ ^x^s ^rarf^fe <^c<-^; \5mBrr ^st^bt etmit* f^rsrFr <t>fS<:<r, isrp?. f^g^f 

^.o=iH '^T^T ~5t^ R^- < T1X s TC"5r C*JC\s vSHJ^s <tC<=-M "5qT# io:vBi <£<=-i l^»P( R^-'riC^CVi^ f^T^P 

^.o=i,^ "vi-^j^ts" -srf^r ^=^o c& f^rRt^ "51<t>r Cf^r i 

^XTTPS^T C>Sr^>llC<^CV|^ ^^#t T3T5TTT:^f^ ho w^T C^TST PXTT I *J^ ^TTsq" f^T "-sq^frrTSf^^'n^T, 

^T5f£Hfi<t> t^r^Tr^c^icvs >wci>ctj' ^® <js\^fs^ ^rf^^G c^r^trr ^^f==TCTm c^-hj <xrf%^t ^mr 
^3cs^^f i S^r^TJ^r ^«s.^l vsrH>ir«n^Hc^^ ^^cbfD^pgixtf^ ^ixtf^ Rw»i af^m ^^^ ^t^j ^^rzw^ 


^Ivih^, f^r ^rr, f^s fw#trr R<ifM ^i>=^ <xi<t -?m.^ -3^5^ f^r; "*fhs?r >ivicsj^ «r^^s^c^^ 
^-i>ii(:^ " j 5t>^?bt xsrf^xTT^" \srtt^ ^t?r c^rc^ ^i>ns ^^ff^^ ^trus: ^mz^ "srnrr c^rt^s 1 ^Ns> 

£twi«it^ii ^^fnrr^ 1 ■mc^t^, ^ivj-^t "*r*r=*, ■^^s^ t^ttst *trh ^1%, "t%=t Thoi<" vScsr*r 

>\c-^^^-^<p "sr:^ ^iti "5rRr i>^=^b- ^^ ^fbr:^ ^t® ^<f(^ "street c?i€&?s ^rc^ c*n^rm >iv|sqc<p 
^c-sc^ 5 " <u<i^m <t>c-sM o§<=-mt <t»-s*=-h c^rr i> : ;>h) 1 ^t?t >i<ici>cTr c<p*ft ^h~*jw "sr^t ^?r 1 

iir "^t^s ^t?t •s^fr^^rrc^T ^st?t fSrsr^ ^nf^^f^i ^is-sk^ c^rr^rt" <^c^(ife.H 1 c^r^trr T^=^i <id<^ ^ff^a 

i£i<f Tgfi^ ^-rsr -tn^ff, <l>)cvs ^rm 1 

c^rm^r ^1^: ^-ipsrw <f<tv?s >ivi?j >if2t=?j Ife.c<^^r 1 ^r^riq c<pi^t ^jIw -sqr# xt-so ^^k c^rm^r i-^^o: 
^9^ ^tk:^ "srRr ^h=q:^ ^^t^tt <j>c^h w*m ^"st ^p=^i^\sR:^f >\q< c^r I>i<iRc?j^ ^t ^nr^Tffsr "^t^»^ 

^Fpsf ffe^r 1 •|ff§TC^?rr ^^m ^^z^^ ^rrsqr:^? ^\swr^ ^n (<p^=T5TTa ^t ^rr^m w^ir ^^n ^mt ct&s 


"5p*frc^?r ^nw^s Pr^^s c^r^rr <p-&-*\ =3^ iv : *s) 1 

""5r^3T?T ^T5fj" ^^T V|\s<]ii<TfD C^t^T "*fh?9?T ET5BT ^^x t^t^^T -^RlbiJr ^FRW^T "5J==T V|\s<llTf I V| <» 
^?I ^^T CtffsRTT CtfTT "STl-lC^-fl i^fXiq- "^T^T/sTsT V|^V| pq ^T5f^ ^^x "3T5f2f W?To ^TT^t "^T^Xsm 

^.bfe.m ^.R^j^ f^rM^f ^x<r c*jvi-h ^^r ^R:<r <i^vin:^r f^r^TM ^cm?. ic^^-st <p-H"^ "5fRr ^=i.o) 
•^.o:^.^ "f^is -*fNs?r vs^-a r^rd^-s, ^fsr ..." ^:> -^t^st "^fsr" ^Rsffi* ^^^bc-H-a ^mr "*rrc<FT<r 

□ "\»iiivi c*r -^tR^s ^tPT <t>^c\s ^rffw , ^^r^ 1% c\sivi<^r ^tr^r <i>-sic® ^tm ?" ^^: ^tr^ ^rna 
~Rsff5 -n^<ij -^ c^WR^rm w^tj sTfft^r 'S^iRicls^ c>ilvin5<t> ^nf^^si^s <ij<i*3\s c^To i ^i^c^c^, 

<i<i-3j<t> ^=i>i>; ^rarf^ir i^.=^; aRmR*t\s <rt<pr is-io, i<b=i&>, >>h-8, ;>i^=^) i ^tr^Rf <^c?j<t>n? 

□ l%^"oa?vi>i N^-^<]TTTf ( KJV) "*fh© ^rrf^sr tsc^^r -^^^ c*r ^r^f^sT^rr ^trsTrr ^^rm ^r c^r^ 

-^ri^jviig i c^rm^T ^c-H<t> "^t##N^T c^xTrfe^T^r ^9^"° c^T^trr >i^<^rxa^ ~^m\ '^Tfj^r ^TTsq^^ 
( PATONOS) "#rc^t fH<if>M> ^xTrffe.d<^^ cal^Ftl^s <rt<pr i=s>) cxi^-^ ^^ ^tr^t ^Rp^trr ^r^^ld^ 

^.s^F^T \5TT'n ^X^ffe.d<^-H C"5q-^b<^l^ ^Rj^J-Jfo ^fe^m ^M-i>)n^T) 

vstf^rrr <i<^c<^-s, csrsq^t wi^r, ^<>sri^S1*JCH< wf?r^ri%^T ^sf^R:^^ ^^t^ sf^s ^jr^ ^^° ^rmr 


■^o=^Ni> "c\sivjnTr?r "sr: s ji c*j c<p^; ar?^ <ic® ^m , c^ cststrtt?! wv^ ^x<r" "sr^i^r ^^m w^r 
^®1CH^ ^p^jt^p "^t^s arm <ic<^ ^rnrr gh-hPu 1%fs ^ 2ft% <fR3tbi stf^a^Fs-s) ^t^str^p ^^t 

^Tfw^Fm Rk]R>*4M<I 5 ' "3=R^s|R|\s ^R^rffeX^H I "fft^<T *rn^5fT C-^^\s C^Tt^T C>l<I<^\s C^T^Tf <t><*>~\ "5qT# 

^^r c^f^T ^frw -ac^c^;- ^vjhR^ ^sM^e ^f^i^t^s ^et^ cwrt, "*rr ^^w^r <%;< w^tj wm^t 

#^w ^RNsjm ^r??t c^^-n <p**>~\ c^rm^r ^0:=^^; ^.^pf^trr <2:=i>8- i-s; ic^rm^r *®=:>vb) i 

□ v^fe-si "5j==u" tg^: ^r^fi^ -sht^tr^wr^- sRpRf ^r??t i£i<Ffi? ^j-*cm ^rr -^ff^^tw ^f?r:^ 

xsR-cf^ w^r c^frt 1%^ <^c\s -=>tr^t ^rrt: i <^i^ "sjw -sff?R?«tR4 <^^t ^xTrft^ ^^z^^ ^rm^f^^sr 

^ i "c^Tf^r C"5q«jw?r) -5j==ro= ^rm wt c^t^t ^^pf^ "sjw ^tf%x>«rTsj ^jr??t "^w ^p^t i ^^ srm^rm 
-^rz^ ^^Ff^ ^^n^f '"m" ^i^r C"5q-^5^r) ^s= ^5r ^rm w?f ^==r <^i^vsf^ -5t«ij-^\si<mS1 "3=rr«ri^^\s 

^Riwi%s c^i^TC^<^-sr <t>^-^ ^rrar ^ : >i>, ><2r=>^>; -jfl\s>i<t^^r hs=^; ^^a-; f^rafsnr vs^=i,i,) 
R>Pl -^fwcrfsT ^c=-i^r C^<^HT <P-H"^ ^c%4P^ is> : ^Q:; ^?te ^Rt^^T i-^^s; sir-ae "Rdvsr^t^trH 

■^.vs=i; frP^n^TT 8i : i>5 8« : i.8; 88 : &, ^.85 8H : 85 8b- : i>H, Sfe 1 ^, ^.^5 d8-<k,b-; (Ho-^ol 

vbo=i,vb; vb\s=i>t>; Ri^vfl?j <2-o=\ss)i 

■^ i ^tm~m: c^srsps^r) ^rm "sj^t^ ^®r<r c^i^r "^w ^&?n ^r«aRT ^^im ^^t i 

c^-) sf^arsq- ^nc\s^ ^jFs=, ^rrar i^ : i.s ^^-^ Tr^T^rr ib- : iQ:- in 

c«d ^ri5ira<t> ■s^fw^p ^rr^oiKs^ ^1w^ R^cwi ^sr^f^r ^p^t ^xtr:^:, -ffte^Rf^sr 

c-n) f^R^f^r ^gizn^r wrf^^ ^rr^r ^^° t^rxgi^: c<y?^F "sjw <t>^d<]H, -^s^Rf^sr 


^ c"5q-«r®^r) i^ ^c=-i^t "yrr*n-siH\s -^fRrarc^sr eg^^n >\^>u ^s^rt R^l? wr#trr ^sretn^ 

C8)fTR:^f^T ^F^I^TG ^^af^fvQ iHd^Srd^ 5 " -^tlRKl |R|<1* ~P*f fpfX5T ^-S-lT <^d^H I 

en) f5q<rt? xsrr#trr 

i> 1 wfc'nmrcwr cwar^gvs \s§«t?j^^ep) c^^nr <t^-s i^f^frr >t>=^o; <v<^o; ^ f^s?r ^ : :>; 
s^inf^r^ ^wr a-:s,;i8 : vs8) ^^f^ ^tRrfwj^r ^p^ ^rr c<pi^t R>^.< w^tj i£)<Ffi? "sjw -sfRr^rw 
<p?n" ^5r 1 N=Mivi-sir ^^TTsq- <?& ^m c^rr w^t-?r ^mrr -^tvif^-pf^ f5qw^ wto Ih^-h <ps\c& 

^tT^t "5q-fij^rat N»|>SrH <P-s\C& ^tTX^ ^Tf^ I ^TstTCt^sT >I<^C<^^ W^T 1%Rt ^srf%~TM C^^HT 
<t><*>~\ ^i = ^SQ:) <I^-H <^^d<^^T I "5t^S"C^ ^^T^^ -SJl^J\sr ^9^"x G2T5T ^P^j^ ^^^5TT, ^f^^T, <^l^° 

\S I oJVS -^s V^S= ^i^t" 

c^r) ^-h ^s^^s^: "^<pf^ -5j=^t ' 5 ff%?? c rw" c^<^-sr <p-H"^ "arf^r ^.o^b-; -5rr# 10=84)1 ^ 
F®1h T^rrfl^ lfe.c<^-s ^rr c^^-sr <^^h c^rm^r i.=^.s>) 

Ci)"5t^S^ ^f^MT^" ^Taff^TT^ ^.pJiJJ'Sil'Hl =3^ i = ^bb- 


si wr^tf^TT^dBl^p^ ^ml»^9^§'s.^5^ : ?r c^=iHT <*»-a»-n =35*" ^> : ^.v>- c^rsftrr ^s=^.8; ^=^^>; i^f^^rr 
i : *o ; ^f^F^trr ;> : h, i*;8 ; «o, <t><^^l?j i=is; ^3ftrr s>=;><3: 

\S1\s ^.=i.8), ^rr ^*r ^^c^-i-a w^r -tfh?s?i *^?j< ^tr:^ "5jf^ c*mt ^fxsti P»Pi ^c=-m c^ 
i£i<p'Br^ i£i<;K iSi^^srm .sm^x^rmi ^fSHHi^r? c^ i£i<t>veM frrfSr "^p3r?=tst " w^qr ^§t o-sh 
<j»c-sm c^b^-mt <p-sp-s c*jkh i=^.s>; vs=i>vi>- i^; 3=8^.; i^tsrf^irr ^.=s; s=i.o; \|T|\s ^.=;>i>; 

C^f ) H\sH 1h?J(1V| *jv[\s|R><1* V|\s<|fi?f sr<m^T ^R3T I 

Ci>)"5Tfij^ "^trct^r wt^ o§<=-mt <p-sp-s c*n^T ir : «8; c^T^trr « : io- it; <b : ^) 
c^)^i^t\s^ 1h*jc*4-si csrff^m <u<i-^r cm=TiN§trr ^<t° ^i<c^ w^ "*fhs?i ^^tc^t^ "5rRr <t- h 

C^s) "^s, "^r^XsTsT f2T^=35 ^^r^ ' ^C^C^ ^i^~° ^TsTR^rsT "5>fR<c® vi^j^-a-H 

CQ:)^tf%T3T^ f^T ^TT ^^pf5 "5JW TTT ^TTTSR^psT fH<lM5 CtfTTT ^XTllTs^ C^siim "5T«JT^tTT 

^^t^^ ^i^j ciq^x ^^x^^ ^rn^j\sm "^rsj^H i ^px^rxs ^rff% ^r : ^Rt^ ^xttI^t, 
8-»o) ^rr ^rrsTR: 1 ^^ ^r^Rt^ or^: <^i<ix ^ff^a ric\s^ ^r:^ ^n5lRi<^ ^^iWl^sr ^®r^ 

<u<i^m ^^t ^?r ^^tt^: f^xH^r <j>c?j<^ ^c-h^ ^Ivjk^ ^sr<t, 1%^ <u<i^m ^^r ^rr •§R: 5 g^ ^rc^sf^ 
-^iv»il<<i» ^^t t^TR^' i ^?^#t *r^^sp?r^T ^9^"° -gpvi^r^ ^tstts? "^d-sc^" ^r^ffi* f^^r^t ^rsqrsf 

spj^m csf=rr <ij<i«3\s ^xtr:^: c^r^trr ct^i- i>s> i >b~ ^9^"° is> ^r^f i^fB ^1^^: ^<^dvi^ ^rm ^sr^i" 

>SrHJ <^1^ ^9^Ff^ £T5qT^ <MC\s ^P^^r ^Ttf «^d\s ^fR^ ^Tt^ I 


■*iz?s Ri^lc^r <^c® ^TCtf^ ^Yf^?r ^5<im >ivictt Rvss-a l^\\<p \sm ^t*5T^ ^t*5T^ ■n^r^T <ph^\ i 
ct>b>i^.?jT <j=i=i, sf^ T^rr^tf "y^t^r, ^rrsq^tf^ sfj% witt <p-sp-s i ^tc^ l<^\<p >\<p<^ ^^ jpt <rf§T5rr 

Ci.o=8vi>- 0:-^) v3^»c^^ <4^ ^=mic^mt <Fifft ^mwz^- ^i^M^r -^c^dfe.-^ "*r*r=r ^fhs R^lc^T \srm 

>NsJ I 

"i^vsr-sr WSji" "cj^sf^ n^Ceji^ ^TR^T-nrcfT^ f^T ^^pf5 ^al^s^T Pj?JCV|^ -5p^^^ fg^ C^pr^Tf 

<p?p-s frp^n^: ^.s> : i.b-; ^a-a; s^-h, i>^>, iir) i ^rf^cr^ ^^f<T ^t^s^ >i^.l«^fs) \s <i>^ht ^txtr:^: 

<xn5T ^^r ^^f^ ^tr^5 >i<ii?j<j> UNn ^^rm ^®r<r ^^r ctt ^i^.c<i<^ ^p=mt^" ^rr^f^Tm l^sr^ ^rwm ^r^u 

<i^.rD^ sf^rf^r sr«TR ^sTNT^t^ T<i%jij^si^T ^1««it^ ^ijs«r^f^^ fg^T <^^c\s ^tr:^^t i ^^sr=Tm 'Sc^-tj 
^^t fB^R^p ^snf^mr osHt?i ^5f^cr, ^51^ <p^n?r ®tht ^ra i 

-^t^S^ ^T^^Tt^T ^P^t^#" ^l^Toiq PT5RT5T C^n^^lTlT ^©tn RdH^ <J^rr vBds^^f ^^t z^CMVs: ? 

"CTi^cH-si "5q-f^Tr^ 1% ^fe^ -^rz^i c^ft^t ^rr#trror ffe^r ? 


'3-h^c^" ^<s% "n^c-hc^' (<f^ >^^^ w?r -ac^c^; wr <rr*txr <^^h i 

'srf^r ^b 

^rr^t^^ ^-i<ir^"tf^ w^u ^^^f^^rm f^wpn >ih5 : 






^i=i.o- ii, 




■^.i.^^- *®-^ 



%**. ^ic^s-n ^1^( 

l«t ^ic^a ^^\ 

"l^i ^C^fl v\"& 

%*l. "^C^a-sl *1«( 

■^.i.^^- *®-^ 

^■■^b— *®^ 

^> : ^.b— \S^ 



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N^lti^ C^=C\s<^ 

Ljg ^It^f) ^^ 

^1*4^ C^C^fl 

Ljg ^M|3£^ C*l=<lvs 

tjg <1>\slCi^^ ?]■& 

b>l*ilCTf] ^v\ 

tS^-Hl^r^ <M^1^ 

b>l*ilCTf] ^v\ 

vS«,*s>i 1 H^ <t>l51< 

■^.i>=^SvS- 8« 

JU<K 'g<t>(l^l 


•^.i=\S\S- 8i 



■^.i>:^SVS- 8^> 

■^i = 8^ 

■^.i>:\S\S- >®S> 

■^i : 8<2-- 8^ 

■^.i>=vS^S- 88 

■^.i> : 8^.- 88 

■^.1> : 8^S- 88 

^i : 80 

■^.1> : 8<2-- 8Vb 

■^i : 8<2:- 8^ 

■^1> : 8<3:- 8Vb 

cufi? cg^st^ ^^rm f^ 5 f^rcCf*^ ^r^ ^rm w?r wM^rm ^i^.c<i<^ ^m«i<rtt wm^tr^j^: triRhs<t^ 
<j.c\» ^x^" i ^i^iRTf^ sr^t^sri^pst c^r ^str^tt wr^; wrspsrr c^r^r c^r ^mico-iic® ^f^r i ^n^cK^-i ^^° 

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^-i<RTr?T t^nr <%i\ ^rR.<y t%^nr *®R=rm ^rR.«y ^=-Mt <^^h i ^M-idw^H ^~c=rr ^srsjsftfs^® ^rt 1%^ 
^^r c=t*I73f*i wm^r vSci^r«tT *®r=tr^ ^-^^-^ <^^m ^iR<}>ir2> c*rf5 *3^?j ^artSt ^»«i<T*T i 
sic&s<p ^-ictfe.^ ^g^rna ^^f5 f<^54 ^§s i 

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<f) ^flt *wPx ^TR;«y eR^^t t^r ^q<Ffi? ^^s *tff f©^ c^r^R^ "*fhs fnc^c^p "ap^fN; I^tr^' 

■«r) ^^t «w1h^ ^TR<y sr^^tI^ f%==T ^wm, ^iISht i '^ft<?9?T <rf^t1^ ^t«o\5t ^i<i» ^r^^: *rt%»lff 
^rg^m <t>c^Ife.<^ sfc\sj<t= < ^i^t ^r^i^r ^^m ^rti^ ^n^w <j>^c\s ^i>ic\sri ^®m ^jr^t \5T?rr 


liqfi? ^tf%^rm wr^T ^rfffTT Crq\5RTf?R<^ set?]- cRf^R^Hs.^ I 

c*r, "*fhs?i f^©tn <mr -^ff^rR^sr ^f&srri afsirsrft? ^r«Jt <F<rr ^rr c*m^r= ^ : >« -^HR^fi ^xif*4 <rf^^f® 

<pr:^; wt^t, <m^r ~tjfi* ^r«Ft^ f%^rot ^iiR^m ^br^t ~tjf5 -sff^^s <»><~i ^str^p <<-^ <$>c-ac2:, 
c->t^<^RTr?T Rjc^*) ^fwi ^TsTrfsnr ^xwn c^re^rr ^xtr:^: i 

nasb csn^mrmo ^n^ ^n^= ^^= :>- ;>;> 1 

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^ 1 "c\sivi^r ^ "3TividH^ ^rnrsT ^^rre 1 c^tstr^t c^io-i^. c^r^R^s ^tR^ ^i^st -nrsrr ^t«rr wr^; 

i±\<iK <^<fSt ^f^5^s \sm ^rcw ^str^: 1 c^ t^cSt -^z^ ^ivim ^fr^; 1^r^t <^pt i 

« i (<f5 ^rf^r csrsrRtf^ fsr^sp^r ^R3T ^®c<r <r<=-it, "ET^r pra^m wr^; \sr^ \s^t^: c^ 

^5R:tf^ Csj?5 (MC< i" 

8 I JQT5T ^^T C*T^ H<ilf1 "5T«JT f^RTT jq^ C*T ^^FVTT ^=TT ^RTrf^T \5T C^T^T Ttff ^U : 

<3: i o®ivj<t t^TTR ^j^tpr^ ^^t, oolvim ^twt ooivim ^r:^; ^i^cfe.-s i f»Pi ^rg i f»Pi 

•srrsrm ^^m, ^ir*fhr ^t^m ^hr3t ^u& ^i^c^h i" 

vb i -tfh© C3^ f^T^Jdirfi c5T5q"^r ^srR^fH f^RTrffe.d<^^T ^mr t^Rrr cs^rf^ <t>^d<^-H i 

h i «mt cy^: -m^rr *s -nr^t^ ^f^^fsr ^t-i ^^xz^m ^^m f^c^cr-si -^rRTr^ m^t^ c^tc^ f^R^r 

b- I ^CH<J* C^TR^ ^R«am ^^R^ ^RTf^ 'JtR^T^ ~5TW^ Rlfe.CTT f^T I ^OU-sl -?rR^^ vs~f^T (<TOS 

I^rtt ^R:«am ^^r^ ^>s^t i 

^X~T*PfT £f^^ ^TRTST f^rf^T ^l>ICfe.-S \sm c^fr^^ ^\S<t> I ~*sz^ ar^sT C^THT^rf' 

fijwM <^^c\s ^Tr-n^T "^I^t (<f ? 

^<f^ss i£i<JK R^-^TR^CVi^ -5qR«U^: "^CtC^ £>Sr^H ^tR^T^5 ^TRrsr C^rf^ ^RTBvs I 

□ ""S>Sr^H ^f^o" ^^T wfiTpiyo C7T "5t^3 ^m Wt^R^TsT eT^T ^T^R< ^sr=TT C^n^^lTlT <TTf3T ^rT^f^T 

T3=rR«y wto ^Fti^Tr Hsrs-i^t; ^sn^m -^hjmj w^t ^r^t ^d^H c^r, FiPi "S^^h ^<c\s^. 

*ttf3T ^rr^f^T ^R^f^R^T^T I >l^<I\s t£l1^ C^fs.t^Tsn^' ^T'JfR^T^ ^FR^^: I ^srtPeT "sr;«jt ^1w 


■5ff%^£rr^c\s ^^r^p "sr:^ ^?r ^tt isrfi? ^^r> *t^ ^ff^pw^rm ^r^t i 

^.v,:^. ■vpff «<s3,<Ffx? Trr«rr <rr*rT wr^; ^^x ^^rt?r ^f^5T« ^st?t ^n^r wr;^;" c^tr^t 1 i.^.=i.8 ^t^cf 
■^mrm vSc^-«r wr^; R^fg ^mrr ~n<c<t>-si ^cw*r c^r^ i ^s^ ^Ta^ ^cm?. ^mrr ~ti<r.<m ^^r*« ^cb^. 
^mmittt ^t^( ^rr*rr ^^rti^rt^st w^it ^^fr> fs^ ^^r^f i -^mrr ^cwe. -^f<c\s^ ^?nwr, ^?nwr T^c^-m 
^trwt?t ^mrr c*T«rR^r c^t^r "sqi^r -&z\s ^n^ f^>^ R>p< bc^c^ i 

■^Wr vScs^ <f?r wr^; i 1%^ ^-sk^SI ^tt^t^ ^sfRp- -^^Rif^r ^r=TR?» ^s 5 ^?rr ^cmcs: "^r*rlw" 
■v^c^ "wrt^rIt" c^str^t 1%^; 1%|>: 51 F® ^1f® ^^x ^^ffS^r ^srsj^rRTT 'f^rHi^Tr' c^ ~*£& ^?rr 
^cmcs: i ^rm ~n<i<i>n* ^s^sqra ^^trwpstI: f&^ 1%=^ ^rt, 1%^ -5ri-H<i\sr ^s ~ttt%?i f^^s ffe^r i 
^i.=^s "rrfpf" <sif5 ^^trr (?3^i^ ^T -^RtRTPsr i£i<j5fi? ^f^^rR:^t^j ^trpt i 
■^i.=H "c>i^. ^rm o -nRTRr ^i^fST ^xz^ \5Rtt?i ^r?t PiesrcH^t ■^trtpst ~&~Rr?r "c^tc^ f^r^r ^m 

"<is^«^ ^TTpo^r ^fprf^^rm ^^^^- vS^mt^tst "st^s -^rc^ ^p^t ^cmcs: i ^^t ^^fg ^tt:^" ^rfwrf^^s 

^st^tj sfs^rr c^rl^ ^rr^lH^ ^-i<iT^f ^~c=rrc^ "srf^r ^°^tt^ ^rtf^r^f" Rlfe.cTr ^^w^r 1%«i\s< 
i<q<^ vqlB-^m ^^^f ^^r ^tr:^: c:>) c^re: ^.^rsfT : s>=i.^s ^^-^ c-^o t^rsq^r "sq-f^tf^rrm i^sj- -srr^T : 

□ "n^-hj^t ■?tr:^^ vs~f^T ^tf=rr fteic^ ^tx^y^ ^^r^ ^^rf^r" ^rf^^s ^r ^i^ f^ - ^^t^ t^^rRR 
2fT%f^r5rs ^si^H^it ^H5^ ^R f^r:^ ^r??t ^yR^^ c=tR : ^.\s=i^- ^.o i Jy vsi^r ^"c=Tr t^r 

■hIRj^ ^tr;^ ^<^iht ^^t ^«arr ^r:^?^ ^^ 1^»-hT^ <pi^^=vi ^^t — c^) -^^srm ^^r^ ^srrsrr 
^r^ 5 ^? f^^R^m c^) ^t^r^^s ^ttstt ^n^R? f<ife.ioiri c^s) ^t^t ^trt5 ^si^t ^tr=rr ^>5rR^Tr 

^T R^R^TT "sq-R^r "%® '^t'gT^P ^^^-H ^T5fR4 ^T5TRT ^IR^ ^WTR^T ^t%s ^I^T ^1^"° 
"CrRiRTrsT "5q^ft^: R^rR^- sRpRT ^^T I 

■^.i.^ "^rRjt ^Tfsqr:^ f^f^x^ ^rtlw^ ^R^r f^^^^m ^r^ <^c^> ^rm^" "f&^^^m <p^jf ^r^fi^ 
Imperfect tense Z^J sRFRf ^P^T ^RTR:^: c*t ^tr^t -s^ <^ | <jj^ ^ir:^ f^^^pRJ <f>C^Tfe.<^ i ^f5 ^frs iiv : 
■^vj»- -^h c«Jc<f \S^Ks ccf^GTrr ^rtr:^: i ^^: ^^m ^Rr^ ^^1^ ^r°^r ^Tff^sr ^1^ ^^tRi^rr 
^cmcs: i f^^ 1 ^r^t^t ^ivsfB cflfe ii^>- iib-) ^^x=Tr ^j,c\sj<^ <^.< ^t<r ^n^ld^r^ ^^m ^Rr^ 

1%5^ l i^^: -s^Tf x^f^T ^I^^P ^»RR" \5R^P sR^qT'Jf ^P^ ^XTR:^;! T%f^T \5R:t^^ ^tf%^i*tet I 


NRSV, JB- Cfc^-TRTf ' 

TEV - ' s: *m c-jfm^ ^t sn»f^^rf ' 


f^sx^, ^m sf^f^^rr <jx^x^; \sx^r csqr^fN: f^TKRr -^tiffer c^s^rm w^qr i 

□ "in^c.H< *Saf' ^fi* ffe^r csrT^fx^sr ^tw^t C"5rRr= s>=^.i, i^.=^s, ie--^^o:«o- «i; 
^.■^=8^.) ^n ^tc^r^^ wTx<r ^ ^tsxti^t h, f^r c*rf5 ^1<i*ij^ "^r^Mx^ <r=rr ^XTrf^r c*r, 
^tSt Tiwm T^i^d^r^ <rs~r*r?T cmz<f ^z^ i ^fi? csqr^fx^sr ^tf% ^i%5t ^^sTmT sxtttw^ f^r 
RistTr <ix^r c^x^i c^mi1h : ss>=i.o, 4f^»: ioir -tcf) 

□ "«t^tx ^n^m ^tf^a ^mrsr ^irsHc^ca.-H" ^f& =i<f f%f«^» ^vir^x^T ^9^5: ^w<5 ^ <F?rr 
^c?jc^: "fop *nwf" ^^x ^fi* ^tf%^rm ^krt -?ix5rm ^ar ^xttIts^ i 

^.i.=i.o '^srm RjTh Ri^-*nc<^c"5q- sx^p^r <m<>i, ^■n^snr ^^npi -^rcs c-n^r, <<=-i<=-i, ^f% c<f? ^*rr 
■ypsi c*r ^o^ c<^i<t=^. ^x^tf^T ^hs>^ •^v)\sr ^p=^r*f <ftw ^p^tc#" ^rt° \sx^ wi<<i^i ^rcf^te® 

wi<<i^l^ ^nr, t%5 ^Ri*jj^ <n=ft *lff , «1<<I^1 1 *u5ht >ox=Tr ^cws. ^^>«^ <p^ ^^r c*r c^T^r 
^cn-a ^fx^; " 3 * s *f§wx^" sf^TRr^ *x<i ^^rm *»tf%sr ^^ wx^; c^S: c^r*rx<r i 

^f^x^ =35^ i^=8i -tfh© R^-*ri(i<^vi ^t|^^<p cirx*r ■ejsfSFs ^xtjItIx 5 ^ ^rt° c<^d^lfe.c<^^T; ^rr g*j.h» 
■srf§r= ^-vss- *®s> *tw ^f^® «^fi? ^r§te« ^tx^ff^ i s^vjt^bt c^^i^ptt^ sr^x^ r^<ib>^ ^px^ ^x=^ 
«x^cfe.H i ^^^5X^7:^ "5hs?r f^r^n ^sxstr^p ^Rt^-« ^]<^r^ ^c^\ *r?rm ^tst^r f^r i 

■^i> : i>i. 'x=rf<p ^Tsj^: <<=-i<=i, ^f^r c^ v»i<<i^i Tn<^lc<^^ ^ti>i^\e1?j ^t^s" -^t^s-^p ^^TtTT sT^»1X^" 

c=tx^^t ^r^t^r ^itrt c^rr-n f^xirf^^T \s f^^m ^xaf^r ctt, "^t^s ^^t^^ ^^w^t ^»i<<ii?1 c=g^= 
H=i^, -^.8=^^, c^rm^r : 8=is>, vb=i8, h=8o, ^:i,H) ^rtst ^-^*jiS1 ^m csqr^fN^x^^ Ei^n^ <R/?n 

nasb c^t^^rr-m^f) ^rf^ ^tf^= ^^=^^- i»^s 

<t><r^.<^, ^rx^f^ >i<^<^d<p c^^- <p^fi Rwi? c£i^-^ c^^kch^i C5q^sf ^3 ^rmr ^x^n^ f%f^F 

i^s ^rtf : ^®rm \sx-cf^ <i<^c<^-^, c^^rr ^rtx^:, "N^ivim -^ srr^Frm ^: ^x^", 1%^ ost^tst 

^.i.=i.^. ^ttf, ^tx^ "^t^s ^•^tp^r^rr ^x^ l^c^-h ^1^"° c^r^rrx^ ^rmr cw^\ c<m\ ^sfm^ ^six^r^ 
^^i^c^^ ^tf^xiT f^x^r^ i P»Pi isi^n <i^r<^ <jx^ ctf^m cstfjxw^ cBR^ ^^-^ ^rmr <^<a^s^ RRp 
^^f^T ^^Tf^ <]>i<]m ^mr-nr ^:^ f^xir <i<^c<^h i 
l£)1^ f%o=r f^^lTT siTC^Rr viPh^ ^tf%^rm Cc^rm^T 1 ^ : iQ: *fw) 


-=HX^T ^sI(T^ <FM C«X^ R>-HC\s <Tt*lT <t=^\s ^^^ \5T ^5& VKs-IJ^ R>H(M> ^^ I 

vipvr^ns -?s^5q-na (Shekel) ^-sm^r <p?rr ^^1 c^rnaT= «i=i«) c*T*nx^T c^n^r ftwfew^ Shekel ^r«arm«y 

^x^r c^^sttt ^xrrf^r 1 ^^-aHS ^mrr ^ffft<T wrx^ ^hj^g f^r ^s^t° wcts ^^^Jf ^sr^t fne-s 

■^Rivir:^ T?T=Fr ^t^( ^x^rf^r 1 \sm ^tstctt Rist^l «r^frr c^sr^tst cht^^ f^r "^t^s^ ^^nx-^m 

•^i=i\s ^tcf= 'x^rstr wx^; ^tvim -sj^x^ ^r^ wff%?r eit<rt '^ <j=tt "^nx^n" >i<^<^ Rc^p\sr ^3 
c^p\smr ^^mrr (^rsnx^ <ic>iTfe.<^ ^smr l^r wfrr^t 1 ^mr w?r t^r ^mr-ntf^ c^t^t Y A Z Ac<f 

wf^x;^- o&tfs c^e^rr ^rrf^ 1 

NASB ^Ct^rmW C^TT^ -?tth- ^i»=i»s- in) 

i.8 ^tcf= ^^ -^iz^ ^rar \s csrrsrr cstx^^t ^•^TPT^rr ^r:^, "^t^s^ ^r^, ^t^s^ ^fr:^:, ^i>i<^, 

v,^ ^fcf: ^^ ^^- cc?T:^f ^SZ^ \sHf R^^s? ^XTT '^t^ST^P <I<^d<^H, "e^t ^^TT <J=iC^; ^T ^f^r 

■^i>=i>8 ^ftf "^r^T ^^° c^rfwr c^tr^p^t ^•'tPT^Tr ^r^ "^t^s^ ^fr:^: ^i>i<^, ^rm 1%1^t ^sRtt^t ^g^ 
"5T«u f^xiT, ^»t^T ^ptt ^e T3=f^)^»i% >i^<j>r^ ^m^f ccfRr:?j c<s,-i 1 ^^sf^r^: ^^s^ fn^dvi^ 

^l^s^ Th?jcvi^ ^tf% "s^fhsr ctf^fxs ^tr^, t^^ ^T?rr c=r "aro <p^^ ^n^: 1 


■^i.=iQ: ^ttf= "f^ 5 ^ ^^i^t et^it^ *=iirmf^s ^s «r^n>src<i>^f" ^rr^rm^ t^&m ^r^m ( Shenhendrin) 

R^-^TR^TC^r^ <$ "3T5H® X^TSRtt^T f^T&f^t <FZ<! I 

"viPhc^ t^r^sw fB^^m <i>^Ife.<^, c^t^trt "ffrgpf^ ^f^t^r; ^sbr Ri-s^ ^^tt c^ic=i«h" ^t^t f~r-?3?rr 
sf^fx^rm srI^t "fl^sc^ srittm <^c^h ~^s^t ^tstctt^ ^z^ ^<3x \sbr ^m^m -s^rar^fw 

^.i = ivi> ^Tcf= "<iQ<3X \5R^F <l<^d<^^, "3WR^TsR 1% <1<=-1C^; ^fsr 1% \5T ^H<M> ^ITG ?" =g^r ;>S>=^>S> 

n^hjhj *pra-*fNrr ^Ttf^PT ^c-aHs.^ ^ esq<^ Ri^jij f^ir i ^t^» ^n^m ^^: -^T^lfi* n»mj^>r^t ^t^f 

"fft<?9 \sR"cr?T <]<^d<^H, d\sV|^T 1% (<FRT f^T ^fvsf^T ? ^f5 f^T ^^f5 <^f2>-H "5q^^T c*sf[? sRlTTM" 

^?rr ^xTrf^r c^r \sbr ^srtt^t ^tr:;^ ^TR*y c^r ^^ c^ft ^ff^f&s f^r ^rr i "5^ <jrsf <j>c^^. ^siiffl* 
<u<i<iRt ^jr:^t ^x^f^^r^ i ^^° t^rg 5 ^ ^c-aHsx^H i srsftrr c^srtt^t ^p^tc#" R^ >ivi?j i Ci^=^s, 
i.s>=8, ^i.=8^, ^=^o ^f^r^ 5 "?fhs< ^fe t-=^ -vfcrc^ ^c^ ^r^c^-h, csqr^fR^sr -jftes ^f5 erthw^t 

■^i=iH ^rcf= "F®P( \5TC"cf^ csj^s ^r^c-a-a <rr^-c?s t^^fR-urr ^smrsq- -&z^ c*w^^ ^re° c3=r*rR:^T ^rrfsr 

r^r^r srtra ^sRTrsr ^tr:«j~ ^ti% ^rr^r^i ^^^f^^T^r i 

^rR^TT^rm sf*r= ^1^ ^^pt^ ^rwrssirm f^p Prcw^T^rr ^sr^ ^^rm wSr ^rr^f^rm ^t^x^^r -^i-i<HTTf 

f^RT i ^®rT' s; t^m:^ r ^si^^fj^: ^fi? f^w^R^p^ ^fr:^: t:^^? "C'tf^sTrr fW ^x^" ^tt i <^i^ £R?*m 
^nc^ibHT^sx=Tr ^rr^f^TR^^ >^^ ^r«iTR^r^ sf^rR-r f^nr^sr^Tr r>^t <t>^c\s ^r<rit ^?r^ i ^t^t 

^.. "*fhs?r -?rr«rR4 ^^f^ ^z& -ztps-zh c^^ ^^s ^^s ? 

*o. ^t^it <p^»-s ■fl^o iiv-=^.>t>- -^h ^ftf, wf^^tTR^^ ^t5tr^r:^^ ^rR«y ^r-sto ^fRTR^Tm ^fr^t 

^»<->4T^« ^^^1% : ^.i : ib— 8^ 

^R:<^fe ^pr-jrs fsr^r ^str:^: i ^^t ffe^r "^t^s #R: 5 g^ cstt^FI^vsc^^ frr^#t c^srtt^ ^tr^ ^ic<^ib.HT 


vsvs- svb i ixitsts f^r f^xsrrx^pfr fpm, : ?nwm f^^m: ^«^Fq- ^A=i- ^s i sr«r c^ix^ ■?rm o^s^T-ar 

>b- : -^^R-H >I<J>IC<^ f^PC^t ^ll>l<im >|V|sj "ifhss?T f^»CH CP*\ I 

is>= ^tc^m -^trxH ^i^3T ^i-s ftm. crrc^ 1%1^t -?rf^1?m ^fx^; c-nx 5 ^, f^g \six« ^it®t ^t^t 

■^fRi^c^T^ f^grsq" c^^sTrm f^t^r ^r-?to <m^r ^^x ^p^t -m^: ^t "sn^ c^ix^ ^n^m ^itsttt vsx 1 ^ 

n^I^H ^R-^fo ^XMTsT f^T CfW#tTT 1<l<lfM ^\S = -^8- ^<3:) 

"f^g c*r*rr^r o*k^f ^rfor ^r?rr R>^ c^fc^-n ^n" "5qr# i^^^s ^w <^^t ^it "^rr ^5^^ ^c^-i^r 
"^^i >ivi?j vsrsfsT -m^f^ ^^r ^xtt cn^r" "sqr# i,i,=-^o -5rRr ^p^t ^xtr:^: c*t, ^sd%?:Tr ^Tsirm 

nasb c^n^mrmo ^rf^ ^nh- ^i»=^o- ^^ -^^ 
^s^xtt c^ws: ? 

^v, ^t^- ^sr£<s -gt^s <]<^C<^1H, "N=Mlfv| CSTsqlXW^ >|R)J^. <I<^Ife., (,\slV|^T >IC*~H^ ^TT ^PX^ 

^m, f^g ^rf^ ^ ^rr^rsx^^ ^^t, ^zh f^txir ^tt-jix^ ^t^s, ^x^" ^rs ^x^ 1 


"^q^: ^#0" ^ft* I^r-r^t ^f?r ^rsr bar^-s "=i<\sct ~c*rf5 ^ff%^rm wr^t ^rm^rr c^rem ^cmos: i 
^n^nf isrfi? f^^r ^jr3t "apsj^R^RR^ esq^x tw^^r -^^e^-a i^tr^^i ^i^s^t Pnrcsr^ ^fi*jji<i<^1 

^tt<s R^-tR^TC^r YAWH ^^r ^rR^r ^r»^r#i c^ ^mw ^<-^ , r ^x-i<T*T ^f?r ^r^" ^rr 

^xf<i staler -a <rM*mrt" f%f^t% c*rf5 Rist^l o^^cT-a ^fr^ ^~m w^fst ffe^r 1 <^r^ ^©x-sy f^rcrrM 
<rr wRi-jm ^rtjtx^T ot«r^» ^tmr^" 1 :>^.- >i, ^.b— *i, *®^>- 8>i>, ^*u i- is ^tcfi 
•^i,:^.^. -*tcf : "cvoivj^r ^^rf^f f^^m ^r??t stt^RT ^3 o® 1*4 -sir "*rr ~5T^r^ ^st^: *trc<ir "sr^t ^r«rr 
^§f&«. ^'•f^^rR:^^^ £)R>vasin5 "strrttst ^r^ eti%^wr3i<t ^TR«y wfw® wr;^; 1 ^f5 -^iv»if<<is wn^g- 
^^^ *xoi-si ^f^r ^i^.c<ic=i^ >Nsjl5R^P r sr^rt ^f?r?t w^rr 1%^ ^pia^rr c<^i<t=c^^ ^fr^; ^tT> 
^R<^: <pQ>^ ^rmr -^Ri-^m ^**f§\5R^F -=»r^=cf <jR3n o§<=-mt <^^"H "5fRr ib-=;>s>, c*m^r i8 : i®- is; 
i<2-=-H; i^=^.^s, i>"sq- mkh *®=^^.; a- : i8- i<2-, "srf^r TR«y -vh- t- ^pff an- i^>; ib-=i- t-; ib-=&>- 

i>i> ~5qT#" ii : ^.^s- ^.3 i^RP?. "*RR^FRT i=vb- *\5 3 : ^s -s^fcf I) 

NASBC^RRWW) ~rnj ^tf^ : ^i : ^^s- ^H -s^f 


■^.8^Rf = ^t^S ^R:"tf^ <]<^C<^H "N^lfvi^S WM^nWfT ^9^5T ^^^ fsr^sR^T <P-3< I ^rT^RTRJT ~*lf*t 
^|V|R<F ^^ ^Sw^sT iHC"® ^tR^^T ^R^" ^nfsf^S Wf^RTR^PfT <\<*\<\ ^Mlfvj C^FR-T Wi^FR^ ^"^FT 

■^o: ^T"r= ^sj^t ctff^f <rtf^ir cR^m wRSr^Fm c^tr^t c^reff a^z^ c^Rrrf^R^r^ ? ^^r^^ ^ft^: 

CMZ<F ^TT "sq-Rj^p^ <Ff^: C«aR<F? \e^RT \sRJt P)d>SrC^^ "sq-^sji cj]^: v^ld^lbHT <^^C<^^T, "n^|v|^T 

"^rfSf ^f^r ^>^R^^ ^ft^: c<aR^F, \s^ c=TRjRTf^ ^Ff^: c^aR^F ^tviR^f^ ^^r ^srR;^: ^fr^t ^rar^: 
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<^d^1fe.<^ I WRFf^RTR^ ^ST«iR<T ^T^T wRpf^RTR^T ^~R^^ ^\S<^ C^T (<FRT ^R^^ t^ 5 ^ \sRJt C5=T«rR^T 


^rr*i5w <ftw ^Tsj^: <nf®<=^ <j>c^h i ^f^t ^®m wfi^w <mw ^~£=tr^ ^5l<^m <t>osMPi ^s^r° ^®t?r 
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^cmos: i ^^T «r^trr c«^<*rtt?i ■«i<^hct ^Tsn^m^r^ ^W ctrRir:^ csjh i ^^ c<=-it<t= ^st^r f<t%H 

NASB C^T^Tf'JfmO ^TtJ ^tt^5 : -^i^b— *®-^ ^ftf 

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■^.s>^rcf= \S^s=c^ c^c^ns <<=-i<=-i, 'n^iIvi ^^n^" =Tf 1^5 -^iz^ c^ ^r^r f*pracir ^friw c^r i 

®o -^rcf : cs-ii^n? ■*tzs3 w^r c^o-ifS-a ^fr;^; t^mr ^<f^ <p<arr <i<^<^ i ^r^qr cfe.c<^1^ \S^s?d^ <<=-i=-i, 

*i ^f"Cf : ^^ (jWC^ra "sq-^sjj C^ ^TpqTsT %5^T ^n^T^T <Pi\^\ ? \s^T «T^ T^l^mr tS^s-^ r^Td'^'H, 

srtft^r JJf^ -ti^RiT^r ^sf^r ^dfe.c<^^ ^®TR;T?fT? c m RR=^\st "c^trRir:^ dfe.H i <^^ ^tzm^ cstf^cvs 

*.i : \si ^tcf= " ^ss ^mTfiT <mflt^r ^i^"° ~c^*trmr c^ivirtt^ ^tr;-?! ^^t^^ ^r;wi -sR^r^f <^^c<i i" 
R^^l (M^<^rc^f^ 2*1% -^t^s^ >ivictt sr^^rsq" <i^s=<ij ^<js ^zirf^T i ^^t ^i^^fj^: \srtt?t ^rc^ ^g 


-srf^r *j^ wtf^rHwr R>iic<^ "^-Jf^rrwr" i^ ^T^rfS <u<i^m ^c^cfe.H, ^^m^ RjPj Risi^lc^-a 

>Sr-U f^rc^lfe.d^^ ^^TT^r "^r^T/sTsT RT5T \Sbb>l-sM <MC\s vSl\s H^OI-s; ^^rfc^T^ ^ : «\s; i^-^b- ^i^% 
^.1>=«1> ^PWOMsJlS -5TT^#^3 ^^^ s^c^-a tiq^x ^3<p -srf«m "5qT«lTC5T <IJ<l*3\s ^CMCs: I >l£<lvs ^^T 

c*t>cvs-si -snf5i<js r.>iic< 1 f3>lH ^c^H^o-m c^rfSr bb=bs, =^5 h : ®8) i£rt° ^mt ts^^ efstt^its 
"sfsf ^r^ffi* ^i^t\5^r trtrtstst ^rm*rmr R>iie,< f^^r^t^ wto «rmr 1 ^^r sr^m vi^^l-a *tsf€t, 

"SsoSfl <j>^c<^h i ^^ ^tc^ f»H <^c?j<^ w^r "&rft?T <ptc^; c*r§; wrs^sr c^^&T ^wmr f^xir 

08 ^Ttf : -*r*R ^P^T -=*rt<P<3T?T >|V|?J ^^T \s^R F®M C^ *i»c=-|<l WT-5T f^rCTI '«ll>l<m >e?-U ^=T^T 
ob- ^Ttf : 1%^ C^ ^Tft^r "5qlRlC<J=^ Cfe.C<^^r C*TC^t MC>SrC^^ ^TC^JJ <d<^l<lRl <^^<=^, ^^ ^1<J 

o^c *ftf : \5TT^5 wrspsrT^: "5=i<r ^p=^fiw^ "sqiRi<)i ^g i tip^: <ic<^i \sM c^: c^t=tc<f src^ ^l«t^ 

(.■^=C\s^ ^1^.C^ TRCIT f?f?^r CV|C<q C^^^ I 

8o ^ttf : \sR(3 ^=3^T C^ffSf, Wfsj^T C-^=d\s^ "5q-lf2H<t= ^T^R PlC>Sr ^1>IC<1H \s^R KsM G5^ 

si *fr : c^: ?r c^T®i^r "^^("c^ 5 " <i^d^H, "R>h GH^: -cjg c<^i<i>(iw^ ^~c<p^TC^ «^°^t <^^c<ih 
^^° c^r ~5T^fNrr \str^^ >iv|ijv|\s *j=c^^ ^sr-n ctc< ^sf^w^ ^nr:^^: c>i^. ^mi*4< c^^stSt ^srmr 


^^5T -^RkKC^T «£s~l -5qlRl<l> f^R^f^f <JR3T ^TRTBI^ C5Tl<^CW^ f^Tl^T ^rtt% ^sjvj-sl "5TTR>FP 

nasb csn^rt-'m^) ~n^ *nh-- ^=3^- ss 

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8^> ^fcf= ^^: w^r wm^tr^pet <3=-iHs>. "^r^^sm <tv&tj wm^trtt^t "5r:*u a^z^ f^rciT c^^^rr ^r<i 

ss ^rtf= c*r c^ -=trsiR3r?T ^tc^r -sh^>c<i C3^ c^t:^ a^-sr 'g<t=^r ^rtt ^tr^~ ^^x c^ ^tr<am ^^mr 
^•^m -^rsr^ C3=r ^vim ^rtt ^rr<t i" 

xstptc^ / sRps wr^i s|\5xWRs ^gfcwi ccf^R^^: fHCH-^t <p?rr ^c?jc^: c?rrt> wfrr^t ^M ^?rr 
^c?jc^: i c<^vih ^rr^r^t^" c*r, ^^r ^^Ri "^h^sr <j^<i> atwrsiTs %gR:Ti^T ctf^R^ 5 ^: ^9<r° ^rr«rm^r 
"5qi-t*fc^ \5TfT ^m^r ^^x ^R^^lcw^ ^ffw^ ^r:^t 1?R:"cr*f ^c-aca.-H i 

□ "-=tr«im" c^tr<am) ^cws. -^i^rs^ l^nrcsr "^h^srsr *fw^t c^»= ii^) ^^r ^^sqra <u<j^m 

^®rp=rm ^i^Tx^Fmi^ ^rg^m ^d^dfe.-H t=ti1h(1?j<^ : ^ ; «s- 8<t \ csqi^fr^: ^^?r^: ^c\s ^tr^ 

firPiyo ^^^ f%fwf^ -^^ <p\p<$> C2f1%^ ^T«aR4T *m~tt\5^" f^5R4 ^^ <1>^<^ ^rt^R^TT 

•^.i=8^s ^rtf= ^^xp^ ^rsfjz^^ f^TT ccf^GTrr ^x^i ^i^: ^sn^rrN^ ^9^"° -nwi^ "5rRr= ^^=i- is ^r^f 

•^i»=8s -s^f: NASB m<iK NRSV^R^s^ ss -5^f c^r^TR^r RSV, TEV ^<r° JB ^g^ma ^tS -c^trt^ 
ctf^sTTT ^c*iCs: i ^9^: ■***? ^3^= ^.o =i,v- <xi^?, RSV, JB ^9^"° TEV ^9^^: ^<t>cvi^ i ^sr^i^f -=^fSgfD 
«rR^rr ^jR^f^r ^^r "stRr^ <i^rRi ^p^r ^cmcs: ^f^r ^p^m ^tsr^i i ^^tr^rp ^Rf ^rt^ ^c^ ^i^"° 

^cmos: i NBCKLWEZ ^9^"° =^j ifDc^r^s, t^rf^Trr, ^F^tti^p ^9^"° ^srRjTsrf^nrm ^-i<iRf ^Rp ^05 

^T 7?*^ ^R3T ^^T 'iM ^t\sl-Hl^ ^tR^f^rRt 1 ^^T ^si^^trl: ^s 5 ^^sttT w^<)=m 1 

^ ^sr ^r ^ c^R = TiTT'?rRf) ^n^ ^nh- ^&a- s^ 
'^ti^c^'H fiPt ^rw^ ^«lf^ <i<^cfe.H 1 

C5TR^P \5R^P ^T^t <Id<^ "5R^T <^^\s I 


veRt^sT ^aff^: <]<^Cfe.H l" fft<?9?T ^T5qXTT «T^tTT O^^T^T "5=P^f ^»TC^~ "^t^S f% <d<^Cfe.H ^<Tx 1% 
<Jl**>(b<t> ^f&STf? \5T ^STsTT C*TTW CfCS ffe>.d<=-I^T I 

£r«r ^T^rm ^=Mic=iibHr : - 

<^i1t> <si^fx? ^t^f^s^rm fw^ fSrc^r^p- ^r^ ^rm wt wM^rm ^n^d^^-i ^-i<HTTf wm^tr? 5 ^ 

f^TCif^rz^sl f^\<M? CsJ^S CcrsTTT fW ^x^" ^TT I 

ciq^: sr??sr wfd=Tf^rr ^~d=rr ^rr^f^TR^^ ^^ ^smrtdTPsr sf^rt^r Pi^^j ^"d^rr f^T <t»-sic® ^rm^ru 

i i ^^f^r^r -*r?s -^ff^rfd^rsr ^rtr:^r ^sj^t ■^rt^d^ ^1%*tm "d^^irr ^rcm<3 1% -yp=>p+# ? 

<^d^dfe.M ? c^^r ? 

<u^txr >i^<i\s ^^n c^tc^ -vtrz^ "*rfw ^sbtt ^rg c^iwrft, ^n^d^^-i >i-yRi\s «r^ <^q\5Brr 

Q: I 8^s- 8Vb ^tCCf^ ^TR^T b- : ii- i^ <S1<IK ^.o=i,vb ^)XXf^ <^\s1>-$ f^r^T f1C?JC^; ? 







t^TT C^»R: , 5f^ 




1<<K C^.|C>Sr^ 

R<iK c^\^ 

\<<\^ c^\c&T-a 

Hl<l< C^lC^Sr^ ^1^ 



•^^.=i- io 


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■^■^ = i.8 



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^^ ; *8- 80 

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^^ : *8- 80 

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■^■^ : 8i- 8-^.^f 

■^A : 8^S- 8(2- 
^.^. = 8^ 

■gfg- ^sg^rfra ^a 

■^.^. : 8i>- 8^ 

■^■^^i- 8^ 

R^»1C< \sl^ 

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sd^ ^d^ vb>l<1» 
■^.^. : 8i- 8^ 

<-£)f^ e£pFf5 " s *f^5T -^s^rm fw^ fsrc^T^s- ^r^ ^rm w?r wM^rm ^i^.c<i<^ ^x«i<nTT ^t^ttc^j^: 

f^p Prc^R^p^ PPP5 C^C® Ctf ^STTT fW ^x^" ^TT I 

liq^fl* ^sr«jrm ^^^ >ivictt -^rcs c*r^ <t><c® ^<i i f^rer <r^ ^sr=TT fet%® <t»-s)c® ^z^ i ^tc^sr 

C=T*r^<l*?I n=m1>m v3£i*r*fT '3T5I^^ ^-i^^-H ^slTsT ~5lR<)*lT2>, C^lf& *3W?J ^STT^t ^l^fW I s)C\sJ<J> 
8 I ^\SJ|R 


■^f^r ^trsTTT c^Ws: -^t^s ^^tPT^rr ^^^st -^ff^r^rR^sr ^re^R;^ c^.i.=i.^- in) >^<ik ^^ ^t\wz^ 
wf%^n^t c^rs^rr te^c^ c*tr> t^r^t o^<i'Jrtt?t "^h^srsr erstt^tr^pst fs^ i 

^f) <X|<fR> eTstR-T £R?*m v3*=s»< i<q<PW^R^ ^5FT*R^: ^-iC^R: 5 ^ ^T5TTT -?m ^1% \B^s=^ <1>^C\s ^^q- 

<frtt?t ^Ftus: ^t ^fr^tst w^t escprsn® f^zef^ ^r erittM" ^?rr ^x^ i 

i I Rlst^CTf] C-H^\s V Ret^l "3TRTBM "sqlij^ C^i^i) 

■n) c^rsTR;^ i^ft? >i^i<j ^tw i>- s -^tccf ^t?bt ^w i 

ii- i8 ^t^tf^ "sq^sjj f^R?^ wR;<r f^TCs^sT <T5* f^CTT I 
i. I aTsirsr -?lwR> "^r^^sTsT ^WO sToJTarpT I 

^s i ^\ftrr ^f^rfi? ^z=tt "^t^^stst ^sr^jsR:^^ st^rr^TR i 

^U^Us:, C5T^TR;^T ii- i^s ^t^f ^st^T "5qlijCT^ t^1T?|\s ^st^T^ ^TR;^ ^p=^f# ^W ^R^ ^^Z^^ 

xs^jsRi^s^sT N^r»^&3\sr =Tr« <^d^d^: i ^rafi? ^rsr® >ki-~h^ ^f^pp i ^^: f^x^^ v|\s<ifi^ ^51 <t>^c\s, 

ccf^sTrr ^xtr:^: c^r, -hRi^m^. ^db^. ^^z^^ ^t^jsr:^^ ^r:w 1%^ ^^r ^i^^tr^: -nl^^ff^T ^i^° 
■^Rki^h <s$<sk t^^ic>i^ #t^ wl^i i ^FR:^5f^ "sn^nrrsr ^ivj^t ^^n ^tR$ ^rr t%^ ^sv^ ^n^^sf^ w^nr 

^;) c*]^: ti^ RRsh ^r:^- ^i^p= i8=i>i>- -^8 ^uyr^ ^tr:^ fsr^r wr^i >iviic<^ii>Hr ^p^#trr ^fw 

r*r^t I^rc?JCfe.H i "5hs^ "^:^m <rr^r ^c<^ «rm^ ^sf^rj ^pTsrwm c^^r^RTf^s c^rt ^r^1-s\sr ffe^r ^rr 
i jq<pfl* 3jl-*t< v3hi«h ^dbfe. -^<d\s -cfw ^^r;t^«t c"5rRr= <2r- h) ^psr-q =^c<i>^ >iv|\s<^ ^mT-nriT 

^R4=T <i|<I?, ^«t^f ^3^5^^ ^R5t 


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■^ "^nrfwx <-£]-5t^t <iq<FW^ ^?rfwm "sto RIh ^T?t (.^.c^-l-a R«?( O&TW si^s <p<ic^-\ I 

^s i c^ c^^^f fHV|(^\s c=ri<i>cw^ vsrq^m w^it f»Pi \Sbt w\>\ch^ ■H\fhu^ ftw^, f^is \5T?rr 
<i<^^t ^s C5TT5T c^rtsr <n^?i ^"c^tt c^ros c^rsf sf^s ^c-aHs. 1 cxi^i^t >i<i^. si^s, wm^tbtt o&w&f 

^> i ^r#t ^rai^: ^rsrm w\>\c<ra s rc^ ^r^rsqr^ <m<=-i ^ c5r??t cep^t^t i 

b- I "»te*T 1%f^ \sm W\>\C<TZ\ <]<^C<^H, C^»T5f sf^S, f^f! ^rfCT^ pJV|l^\s ^frf ^C^Hs.^ \5TsrT ^^ 

sc i c\sivi^r <ris ^iwm "cstr^s c5T^v5 ^its, wm ^^ro >src-s^ c^rr ^its >i<ii^.c^ f^rrsr o&w&f 

Rr»^ -nw^ ^r^w <t>c^cfe.-H i c^.) "*fh© ^^^ ^mw f%f^r >iv|sj R^ ^w<i >nsjc^ ^bc<=-i 

^r:wt^ ^r:w" "5qr# ^^-^ =g^- 1 -sff^r Ri^^Ich^ ^st^tj t^rc^ir:^! 1 ^^r ^\sj^ ^r^bfe.i-^\s ^»rc<r 

a "c£j<)ivsrH ^rsfT ^m ^s" ^^rf^^s ^t -?iwf5 ^t^i^p ^tr:^' <u<i^m ^p^t ^sr=3^tgw 

"sqisrm ^rT' s; tm c^r, ^ra' f^-HfD -jizw^: "srf«i : ^^=^1^- -^^.=^8 "^a" -Ji^fD^ ^rc^ ^rx^ 
fnc^c^: 1 ^n ^f®i c^r, ^^r ^wm ^^f^ "c^f© ^tx^t "srns 1%^ <^^i^t^3 <]^vii^t i ^<t=>sr-H 
-^inr^s ^zirf^T ^^r^ 5 " ^Tsrr f^TR^" ccf^rm ^9^"° "^t^sT:^^ ^rsrm -^s f^rt^ ccf^rm i 

f^^m; C^twf^ -^^T^rps^ ^rfz<i C^rV^tZ.^^ <Jl*l<s;=1 O^Wsr^ -sjxs ^XTT ^1C>I I C"5q1$r: b-=i,v,, 

=^f= i^s=^.s>, i>8=i<2-, ^.^.=i>vi>, sr^rf^r^ 1 is> : s>, in) 1 


□ "1%^ ^T?rr ^i>ic\s N^Pjbfe.T et^fw ^c-aHs.s-i, ^fi? \s>iL><]^^^'^fs ^£(3^^^^-, liqfi? ^r^r^fw 

^^.=8 ^Tcf= "n^IIvi ^|vim ^lC\s^ ^TT^m 'gssSI <^C^lfe." c£)fi? l^fB ^Tt<3~R3rfT ^^m f^R^H ^sTT 

sidbfe. c^t^tr:^ ^-^i^sr ^rr^m^e frfe^r ^g^x ^^fl* ^nfiir c^=tt?t i 

^rsrm f^rsispR^ c^t^tr:^ "^r^w <jr^t e«q<3x ^**fe wr^- -^R<i\s-s >i>hvj rmc?r?T sf% "sri-ic^-a oq 

□ i<q<pw^ f2T£W^T C^C® <3 WR3I^ W^T ^ ^X5f C^1C=1H I <^lfi? ^<^ ^-aCH-a =3<P : 
l>8=l>b— i.S> I vsRtt^T ^^*J^=V| f^r n^\sJ^ tjg f%f! RRs»l wR^q- 'IftxS' "^r^Xsm WR^ 

^•acH-a sflxsRpirm f^r^: c^w^r^ fn^i^c^ s^stmjt^ ^®^^ w^?r i ^?nwm f^ns'-R^ N^5l<^m 

\sR"cf^ atwr^irR:^? srRjRpijt ^rtr:^; i 

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<^^m t&t^u vajifvj ■^i^.'vt c^r*r ^=m«^s<] <t>^lfe.Hr i ^rf^^s ^r ^iTvi ^gprsrwm c^t^i^cw^ ^r%^siw 
f^nr <t^z<f ~^c^ s f^\ i ^nfsr vsr-ctsr^ ^rsq-<R R^ ^ttf% ^rr ^m "5^^ ^sbt ^rpix^- ^^^ spsrm 

<t>c^Tfe.<^ i ^»<-^r c^z^ ^1^° >& ^R:"cf f*j«s.^l c^xsmr ^»-i^>< <t>c^H c^r ^t^s ^sRtt^t sr%^: f5R:^«T 

« : io ■vpff: "i£l<P ^rR^ >l-^r^\s ^X5T ^l^t ^I^T "5T*=Cf \SvaiJC<t=^. C^RTTf^T" I 

^»<-%m -^rf^Eff^dxs ^^T Rst^l ^Rliid^^ fH<ll>l\s(l^^ sf1% f^R^H <J»C<C^.->l t^JTTf^ ^dbfe. 

nasb oscm^rmw) *rt^ ^rrh ^^ =;>:>- i»s *t^ 


i^ ^fcf= ^<t=>sr-s c=rt^ Ric^-a <fm^5 ^tt -^rt^^; C3=r*nx^ ^x^tc^; i ^nwr ^or^t fw^ss-pTf ^-acs-i^r, 

<t^\ Ric^-a ^m^s ^fwr (,<^vih <px?t LSi-sixc^ [^pc^ ? c=r ^^r c^fr-t ^©w^t Rc\s ^tm^r ^rt i 

i^s ^tcf= \s^r=t ^nwr ^i<t=^c^r^ <i<^c<^^t '^^r ^Rs- *fr c<rc*s ^R4x^r?r ^rgr^rc^ c^c^-i wv<3 i c^ft 

wRf^m c^tr^f ^T^n^ifS ^sx^ ^s Ji^tn ~<?tw& -cfRs *i*r\» **n<t>t<" i 

i.8 ^fcf= -nx^psr c^rx^ ^t^s -a^o-i-H, "^^: w^tj <rf§r, ^o^ c^-ii^c^ vswr ^cmcs: 1%^ w?r 

s>- io -vtcsf, t%^ ii. ^xtf wr;^; <c^\ trT% ^^t ~^xtr:^; i wrnfi^T f^u ^F®<iT>)<t> *u5ht >®x=Tr 
c*yx^ ^-i>i^h <t>c^cfe.H, «rm^rr ^?rr ^rr c*r, wf%f^Rmr f^x^t^ ^r-^ f^fxsrf^r 1 ^^r w?r ^x^~ 
o-ii^rB ^^t -^^1<t>m ^?x^" xsrs>r<rr >«ver ^tx 5 ^ sR^*r ^?x^~ i ^^tr^t >if2><i> cg^ ^txwf^r 
c^i^n? "sqx^r ^5r ^®T?T ^»<-^fsT/ -^Rib^d^p <^HR:^rm w^qr \5T?r ^p=r^t*f triT*jcvs< "5r*u t^xir i.-^ 

■^f^r^ w?r ^^t vS^s-i <£i<Ffx? i^m c^ixi^h^^x) ^tr^rf, ^x^m ~tff% ^i^l-a w^r er^hwj 
^^mrr "^h^xsm x^rsTrr ^^jsmx^ Etwr^frR-r ^f?x^ 1 c^>- h -=>Rf) ^scr •^iiHCT ^f^s ^?rr 
^xtx^; 1 OrFF : i.^=i.&- «i) (tt^t T<it>ic^ fn^s- ^p^t ^x^"i c^.8=<2:i. ^ttf) 1 

i 1 R^^R^" -?iwf^ -^i ^t^jtrtt^ ^tr:^ ^t^m^ ^str:^: ? 
■^ 1 <t=\siBr ^vm?\ ^tr^: i.- i-s *tw ^sx=Tm "sqx^iT ? 

^ 1 R^r^" is ^\zw^ ^tr^ i- is ^ixtf^ T3=p=^r# "®rR^: ? 

^TRPT ^9^"° ^'T^f ^SX5S^ ^fv5rT : - 

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^fws: ^tf^R^r^r 1 

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^rfE^ 5 ^ o p rc2\z~<2: -^h^sm £\s?n ^?rr ^"sq^r ^^~ siR^m <jr^ ^rm ^^^sr=TT 1%W f%«rr^r t^r 

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c^z^ ^rf=rm~r ^1^"° ^^: ^rx^f ^^m <i>^ic\s 1 ^i^.c<]c<^ ^tf%^rm ^r:^" ^i^: ^w 1%?rt f?R:Tr 
^^«arr <ic<^ ^rrt: f^g ^tr*5R^p^ ^.fi^m ^i^: ~^t^ f^nr fSR^r ^^«arr <ic=i i 

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NASB C^TMsmrmO ^tt^ ^TT^5 ^.=^a- ^b- *Fi 

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"-sqTsqTs ^1^:" sTtSt^T ^^R:TT^T >Srll\s *iv[\sd^-sl sr^rt^T 1<I*J(1?J^ ^^t^ C5TT® CCf\ST]T ^® I 


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^st?t ^fspsi vs^-<tf^<t>i51 ^a Pr:tt sr«r ^^rr^t^T ^jr??t i f^r^ft^rr ^^ ^w^u i^rtrtt?! -*mt^ 
^«,^rm^r <f^st Tgf^qj ^tm c^?r ^jr:^t sitr^- ^^rf^r >i^<i ^rr ^r:^?t c^r c^r-t ^p=^t# ^mr 

Wl^csq-f) "3WR-T f^TR^" f<C<lfB^» ^X<I I -^R^Tf ^H ^^x ^^ 3 I 

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wrr^t ^ti" cxfl? xsr^pcfj^ srfftrr w®iwgw ^sr- -&-^& <p^m >s?-u^. c^.i : s^o ^tr^Rp ^f5 
f^rPi5\s ^nr i "^s c*rfl* -^^tr^t th^c^ c^frt f%^nqf5 c^frt *rt5~nf& f^w^r ^c-acfe.-H i 

^=®o ^ttf= '"^-sk-strr" "^fRs ^sbt "=g1w ^p^ht^" ^pR-^Ich^ "3TR*y f^fpisxs <^c^cfe.-H, ^t^f 
^pf^p^fRrr ^r^^TR ^r^Mr:^ wf^rpiyo i cf^strr !<<<-si : i^. : i- ^, ^5T*y<3T >i<^<i\s ^s-^a, is>=^.e- 

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<^^m w^r ^T?r i ^t^t aRFfpRs ^cmcs: c^r, tw1%<F ^p^r^" ^s^sqra >iv|sj f^x^rx^sr ^ils^T 
"sqrai ^^r ffe^r ^^z^^ ^i%^ ^.bfe.m ^^i^ ^t°^t c^iR= >=^.b— , s>=i.H ^rtf) f%^ ^r^® 
^1<ok t&t^j ^nr i ^1^ "5tc^t ^?r ar^Ftl^s nc^ics: c^r, ^<^ ^®n*i^ ^sf^p^ ^^^: c^rc^^ 

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ccf\sTrm ^sr^r i ^f^cTf] ^Tsq^rT ^t^t:^^ ^tmtt c^t ^sTrm w^n ^nr 1%^ t^?*^ wr:^~ 

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^rtjl^ <u<i^m ^p^t ^cmos: c^miTh- t%ottt !<<<<) c^ri^ >^<Flfir f^x^srxw^ •^t=v|\ S R<p 

CHHpl C-H : ^.b-, i.^S = (2-8) ^R4 Tfe.o1 ^TR4 I^>S?^ ■^>V|\s f C<2- : ^.i.- 8b-) 


nasb c^ct^rmw) ~rt5 ^nh ^=^s- so 

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«H ^f"ff : "*fh« \5TC<F <J=id<^-H ">1<lCb>CTr ^5 >^<3n >l<ICI>CTr H<<t>l51 ^TT^'CfH ^^T, C\s1V|-f)T &iC&SC*F 

wr^- ">i^<5i" i PsPi c^ft f^r ^i^-h^s <ic<^ <u^rm <^c^^1h ^®m ^gpTsrr^R^ i ^i^ ~r*t1t> =3<f 
ozr<f ^sf$t ^^r ^c?jc^: io =-^0: *tw ozr<f i ^3^ <^^ ~R*ffr? o«rf=Tr ^tf^ ^R^ <J<<r?r -^c-aca.H 
Ch : ^so; i,o=^<2:,i,i,:8Q:- 8vb,i8=^s) ^^T "5qTC# ^q<^ ^K^ ^TeTTT ^mrf^T i>^.=^b- ^rR^RP ^^T 

^JlR^C-H^ <lpHC\s^ >|V|?j 1 ^^T >4^ ~tf=TC^ "sjjfTf^afo <J>C^-H C^3T : S : io) RF»-) -^t^RT \5RfTT 

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^p=**r# c^z-^ wr^tP5 ^^" "c^TRrp" wt^t 1%c«t I^io-m c^i«i*jjO \srttsi -ynsrT^r ^1<r^t \5RfR 

'^^■^f ^sr«aRT srsq-f^, ^vgsf% ^S1'*t>r <p^m ^tr:^ «^°T? c m ^^r^rr ^^r ^cmcs: Ks=i, i.^, 

c^tstr:^ ^8b- ^.Rx]ib><^ ^^^ ^svb<2:i^ c-HKs<Hb«i> ^srRTrH ^~£=rrt: f^^ir:^^ c^il^r ^iR- f^^Slsj 

cvid>iR:^rD<t= ^#tr^t^ ^'tR:^^ ^1^"° ^t^s^ \ShR)^ ^Tfcsir t%^: ^tr<R>r ^c^d^; 1%^ wf%\sfi? ^ 
c9<^ i cxi^: ^rcfi^ Th^T? "5ri(i>i^ ^rtr:«y ^ixf^g ^nr c^§trr= s=i.^) ^®r«aRT t^^f^srm Ci"sr t^r^: 

<3::^\S) -5TPJ5 Si-^R> 1%^ ^5T?T C5U3 '5T\'iC*i-a ~*ttZ^ til^PST <P^i ^XTTI C^|1^T : ^. : H, i"5T <^= i<2:=8<Sr) 

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^^m:^^^ ^^r *T5T\5w^<^ "sn-^c*)^ sr-^P®c^ RBjw ^r:^' ^rt ^m^tw <^c^cfe.-s 1 ^^ ^rc^r^ 
^iT<<mT2) f^^rR^" F®-^<m -^i^^i^rQ" ^?rr ^.c*jc^; "^^" ^w^rm ^1^5 ^nr "«3H?j" "^i^r" 


nasb cscm^mrmo ^n^ ^tf^ ^^=si»- 3^ 

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8^s ^Tcf : \s^M "tfhs , ®1W^ <I<^C<^H, "\s7^3~ WV^f C<t>v)H <FC*T "5P*fNz^ -5ff%3 ^NeRT 

88 ^fcf : sf^ xsrrsrm si^Z^ <]<^C<^H, *j\s'^t=^T ^Tf ^ifvj C\slvim ^f^CH-sl c\slvim ''HTCTFsT ^5=TlTr 

8(2: ^ttf= \s1^C<=-1 "trTgjf ^^T C5qT*fR^ Sf^ <£<=-1 CW£<t=Cfe.--l vs^f C5qT*fN: C<t>VM ^7R3T T^I^CTf] 

s^ ^r"cf= ^^ ts^s-d^ c<f^ ^)<p <fr|^s \sr^- <<=-ic® ^rm^r ^rr ^^~° c^ f^r c^ir^ c<^5 ^stw 

^.^.=8i.- 8^ ^tcf= T*j«s.^1 c^\5T?rr "fl^sc^ f<r«»i ^-ac-H-a s^«r f^Tr -^tfrt^r <p-ac& cs§t ^c^c^-h, 
^d^Tfe.d^-H 1 ^i1^ t^r ^rr«rr^^T *sHh-<?1 i "srRi f^rf^® >^>ivir^K^ cs>=^.h, i>^=^^s, i^=^^; -^0=^0, 

^^■JlZ^T^ WM~T <J>^lfe.d<^^T I "^hs -flte ii>o C88) "sq-f^^" ^ftl^T^P ^1^"° ^TtTT Csql^fNx^P ^^TR:^ 

^ ; 88 ^^^ C5qr*fr?:^^ <u<i^m ^® iio \s ^vb=vb8 c® - ^m3Trr ^^mr i ^fgrr ^n^ M^t Y H W H 
ce^») <£i<i% Adonai csf^) ^f5 <u<i^m ^c^cfe.-n i s^^rsri^ ^gTCTi^ ^^^ ^•^t^^t^r -^c-aos: i -^tt 

<sif& <si<rfj? ^fwr <ss^rm fw^^ 1^r:"^«t^- .^j^ ^rm ^®r<r ^rr^r^Tm ^i^.d<i<^ ^-i<HT:"ff wM^Trc^^: 

f^<F I^TC^R^P^ fiW5 CS7T® (ft ^STTT t^ 5 " ^X^" ^TT I 


i> i ^Wm^ sf«rPT Ri*)^ 1% i>- i>8 ^fcf ? 

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Nsrt^pr^ ^j-i<ir^" c T ^-icws^ ^f^ra" f^^m >i^5 






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■^.VS = ^.H- ^.b- 

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■^.VS^-H- ^.b- 

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jqfi? jq^fl* ^fwr ^trt f^N 5 f^rc^t^F -sf^ ^rm wt wm^tbt ^i^.c<i<^ ^r^TR^f wm^tr^^: 

wr^t^rR^ ^f5 ^<p*tf^; f^p- Pri'^r^ 5 ^ 1^T<rt? csr^s ctf^sTrr fS<F ^r^~ ^rr i 

i£)<Ffi? ^r«jrm <xi<f^ >ivicTr -^rcs o*r^ <p-ac\s ^r^ i t%^nr ^§5 ^7T=ttc<f' f^f^s <p<r\» ^z^ i 

^H73RT ^-i<iRTf^ f^rrsr <%■$ f%^m ^r=trt "^tr^ \£<=-mt <p-sj»h ^-ic. ws.^ ^st^r ^^jsiTfiqxs ^nr 

^rm^TR^ 5 " ^i^=c\s ^tR^l^f i \5T?rr ^m^m sR^m "srwrcsr ^rtt cvx^c® c^cmcs,^ i ^srtt^t am t%^r 
"3=rr«ri^-H\s R\sT^\s ^<wlc^^ t^^f^r upr ^^x "^ttstr^: w?rr^ cnRgrfsft^r ^-^pss i \5T?rr wpft ^R^f^r 

C*J ffh?9 (<PT^ TR==R^P ^T5T<R ^?R^~ ^T«iRT ^^qxcf=TC<P | 

■n) ffh?s?i vjpit^ ^ff%^rm1^ v3ci^r«tT sR:^TtR^ ^r:^: R\sT^\s ^ri^t ^co-ic^; cc*m: : ^.=i.o:, "5rRr= 
^) -tfhs vjgj^ ^fi^.fBc<p- wf%^rr^r Rm^i ^fspsfB f^r %gR:Ti^T <rr#Nr ^r?t csj1«i : ^i=iv- ■^■so 

"5hs ^T^fi^ Et^rMrR^r s|R)*j=Ri\s \s ^n Ri^^d^r^ "^T^T ^®r<iT^ ^rsqsr T*j^^1 >srlR) ^sr«aRT ^s^sqTa 

«r^frr c^srtt^ ~^m\\ 

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vs I liq^; ^Sf^qj ^Tat "^IT t%^ <MC\s <IC<^H ^T ^3 <£1<IK ~*T\ ^tf^T^T <ffl<im ^TR'ffH OR^T \5T ^tf^T^T 

<F3 1 r^ \sBrr ^^rr <i>c^h cstsr^t ^t ^?t ^rt, ^fr^t ^Rfl" "^^ ^ <ic<^h ^ptcw ^t <^c^-h ^tt i 


& I C^T^TO^sT Ctf^Tf^m *S?-U^. \5TfTT ^FTW <J*C-f1H I ^ff^3' ^HIZ^^ *tf C^^TT \5ff%5f \5BTT <T® ^3T 

t^sfft <i>c-sm wm Ihc^cw-^ «nf^5- ctf^rRm w^tj ^Tc^-a c^Ff^mr c^Km =t^t c^^tt =Tr-5fR 1 
io 1 (<fs ost^m^r^ c^\5t <c^\ stirgp^ ^r c^^ttt ^rr, ^t^t oststtcct^t c^tst <i<=-ic\s l<p<^ <^i<f 

c^rm^rTi ^rf^s ^-i>i^H ^^ ^r>t ^sr=TT ^pfS-^ft >\<<t>uc<tz\ ^tc^; <t*rt ^?rr ^nf^r \s<j^g wf% 
^vs=^ ^f-pf= "^r^#t" ^w <icbfe. ^gTC^s-icT-si ^rf^^r c^^rtiT ^\sj^ ^tm^ft c^^t^^t 1h?jvi) ^<j% 

^aT®^T l^fTRrsr c^r^rr <s3,<jk ^rsn® c^rfSf^' sr^^rR^ 5 " ^m^r -^c^lfe.^ ^ft ^t^ff^nr 1 ^n^m c^^i^f 
"csiT^ft^ ^mr-m" ^ii^ ^f^trr ^rsqrsf ^xc^^ 1%^^r ^r«aRt ^r^frr T5i«$.^l <^Tvi^5lHrDc<t>^. 1^r:t^«t 
ctf^rrcs ^tr^, ^r^" osT5TK:"cf^ ^^: <mc\s ^x^" i ^^z^^ <rr^r ^f®i ^:^r c^rm^rm c^pt fwf^r^r 
bRid^i^ t^Rfg c^ptci? ^zh C"5rRr h) 

Wf%1%^ C^WT ^T^^RT >lf2)<t> «^ ^^TTT -5J25; -5tlRl\s -^^S^ ^5f^J (^fSTT^^ ^HTC^TT ^C*iCs: I Cii.=^T^- 

«o) srfftrr c^r^mr ^rr^rm^i "sqi-^c^^ ^t^tj ^si^re c^k T3=^Ti3w[% ctf^rm ^n^: i c^3^= »>--8^>, 


^l>i<^ ^sreRn ~*f% x u ^^t ^.c^jc^: ^fp : vb=-^,<2:,;>^) 

□ NASB- '^mf' 


^i^: ^tc=tt ^t°t:tf?t ^Tsrwm ^m^sf^r -fgRs^ R-nrcspsT ^n^c*^ <«^h <r?sti ^trsR i>^>=^>- ><b, 

^sf^T f^^T^t ^R^TsT ^TR^TT t^TR^T ^RlbMHT I ^FR^TT ^T^^f^R^F \5R:"CTsT ^P^tR^T CWTT ^rrt: I 



t£i ^sf^r ^t^r <txctj<t -n^rr \5Rtt?t Hf^e© srr^Rrm ~5Rtt??t c*ifS wr-ct^^f Torah 7<f ^them <t>RcTr 
^?rr ^rr c^I<ki, <rm\, c^\st) ^frt^t <^ -^^-511^ ^p^rR:^r^ ^^~° ^5&^R:"Pf^ -^rz^ wf^s, ^n f^r^t 

STC^sT ^T«|3-5r ^|\E|<Hld\s I C*T C^5Rn^?TC<^ wp?T <TW*1 ^BRm-slC^^ ^f^TR-T Ef^T^T ^R3T esq ^^-51(1^ 
v5l<t=d\s-H I NKJV "*tK.~3i ^°~f ^~£=Tt 5t^( <P^\S "S^\s ^RW ^r=TT <IJ<I^m <^d^dfe.^ I 
"^R<l" i£|fi? sfsiRJRs Ci) ^RT -5R|Rt ^»R^~ ^jw <^at z^CMOs: I C-^O ^sTsfR^- ccffSf^sj c>s,^ («n 

" 5 *rtr) ^m^r l^\<p ^iR JfN* ^n^ cN <^i<ix B wr?rt <u<i^m) ^^rna ^tft* ^m ^t^i ^?rr 


•^\s=b- ^tcf= R<^T^t ^rr ^sh^fTsr "yrrsre^r "3=ftR4: ^^trt, ^t^^i^" ^^ *^H-5lfB ^^r^ ^^^r^ ^tw^t 

NASB C^t^T^TT'nRf) ac ttJ ^tl^ : ^^s=i.^)- is 

•^vs ^Rf : 1%^ ^S sr^ J R > R^^' ^G ^1%^ff^r, f^?p, ^TM^TR^rsT I ^rr^f^TRJT C<^I<1>(1^t^ ^TSTC^T ^f 

=t^t =t^t £tr<Rrr <^c^h, ^si^rr fwz<F f%«r^R:w^ ^p^lw T^^m <j>c^-h i ^i w^it ^rr^f^rRTf^ 


^C-M<?> r<J~ft ~ff1% ^Z^ I 

•^vs=ivs "R<js- ^rr^r^TRTf^" <4^ ^t°~r^ Ci^>- ^s^) "nfl* t^p" f^3TR^~ wrtt wr^;i f^<p- ^cws. 
^«i<<i^1<:h< " i ®^" ^rm tRPfg rW <t><i^ ctf^sTrm ^iw^trt "5po -^t^r^st Ribi-ac^ ^ttsrt <f?r 

"wM^mrr c^tr^st ^ttstc^t h-si^t <r^ <^c^ <tr«rt" ^rr^lH^ c>i-$<^m c=TR^?rr "^Ns c£f« c<r~Ft 
srstt^trt ^jr??t ^r c^r wr^- f»Pi ^srr^pi<t> vi^<^i ^-c^tr^- wto ^^x sirtrtj fwz~s vi^^i-a 

■^v»:i8 ^fcf= i.8 ^tx'tf ifRp ^tt^f^rf^m ^nr A B C D ^s^rr L ^<i% ^A w^j >i^<i\s i^rer ^u^-m 

"5rf^R^ ^rj- i ^an >l^<I\s -5qT# : i^ : 8o ^stsiR^T =3^ : ^.o -8H ^fcf C«R^ ^tRT ^sR ^CMCs: I ^TT ^tZ^ 

^s^j^ft <St^ -^n^Rif^tc^ ^^rfRt^s ^rtr:^; :>^s -^rt isrp?. ^ f^n: " s *Rr?T i^> ^f^f i 

*r^ *jc® >®iH<ira w^ir wr=rtrr i-iRi^rt c^wirr ^rr wrt i wrt "*r*R* wr*rtR"ct?t «r^ vic\s 

<^1^ f^r ^r^blc^r^ \3<*sra ^srr^s^ cw<i\sr wrV^t R^-tic^dvi^ ^R<y ^^rpT^Tr ^R^f^r 1%^ 

^^^^■JR T^RJt ^RTf C>iT& ^T <1>^\s CV|C<^i<j>) -^tR^tT 1 i^ : ^s, iH : i-H, ^.i : i>i>, ^TT ^mT : ^.1^ : ^s; vsvs=vls) 
^^T R^-'TIC^^ -=ff%5XTw ^|<>Sr-Mm ^R-T f^^R^ -s^f^H^ ^TT I "5t^S ^1^ ^Rpft^ WR^ f^TRR" 
^-ff T3=p=^R#" ^9^"° ^sr^T^ R<5R4 ^P=^R#" <IJ<I<im <^C^Cfe.H I 

•ift ^n^fl^ ^^ <IJ<I<im ^CfRfe.'H ^^TR^PR" 1 ^s : >i> ^ftf ^RTf I "5t^ -Hf%S (-<^I<1>CW^ ^I^T ^1C>H 
foPl (<FR-T f^T \5RTf^ ^TSR CCt^T ^Tt ^^rm ^J 5 ^! ^Z^ ^5TT«ITo ^Rj ^Rpl ^^"^ <FR^f f»P( J? ^tW 


ptP5\s wrc<T <=ie,\s -s-trr^T ^tt i ^^t ^t®i c*t, \sm ^-i>i-sM ^i^lc^-a ^sp^hj^: -5rprps<p" ^rc^ phc* 

C5R^T iHt^o ^7^" I -lf]<t= ^Cbfe. jq<Fp> PTC5TMT® ^rftr<F "STPjC^PsT w^TJ iS3,<;K C^PTT r^TTf^T ^»TC^" 

NASB C'arT<= ! T=TWPT) ^fpj "*tPJ : ^^s=i.^- -^ -^pf 

syp^^r, ^^rp^^Tr *ic« ^trtst (<j^ ~p*m <t>^d<^ \sp^ 1%f?; ^rr ^rr, P>?g ^tpY c<^5 ^m^rr 
*ic« crpmr ^rpr^r ~PH~*y <jr??t ^&z<5 c^ c^ ~p*p:*y <fl*rr *iu& 1 

w^tj N^t^t^Tr ^r??t ^?Pc^r ? 

it- ^ttf= wp^ptbp wprm ^^: <f^P3 <k>-i ^tz<f^, (,<$}■$ ^rpr^r (<fs ^r^f^r <i>^c<^ R>§^ ^rr 

^p, p^is ^rPr c<^5 c^ c^% ^-^p^r c*j ttpt wp:^; ^z<5 c^r c^ ^p^m ^t^w ^fpp -^Tc? 1 

^r^t ^?pc^r ? 

•^o -5fcf = is^ w^r c<i^lfi ^rrsq- c^r ~p*m ^r^t c^ c^: c<T#t <^rex \5pr 5 ©-=>prsm ^pt R^-a ^mrsr^: 

~p*M ^r^ti 

syp^i^ i «m^ ^mrsr ~p*pjr ^jr^t \ 

^ ^tcf= c^r ^^-Jm ^m:^ ^r^f«y <tc<t c^r ^^7:^^ I^tx^pt^t ^1^"° f^rf^j ^1^ ^-^rm <c>\ ^n?:^^ 

•^vs=ivb- ^^ "s«T^f«y ~^r?rr" sfd\sj<t=n? ^^7^^ ^•^rp^^rm ^r:w ^p^t# ^g ^ ^T^rm ^TfTrsr ac t*s > t«i 

NASB C^CP^rPTPf) ^Tf^ ^n^J= ^vs=^^s- ^s 

'otj'ra c^^F^fn ^^t^p f^F v|\s^. pt^tt «an^<p^: t^>^ ^rm, w*r\ <jq<ix f^^wst, ^rr csrr^ff^ 
^tt^t ^n-iCH-s ^n?:^T w^<^i5l t^nr ^t ^rT^Prmr ^pf P>c?JCfe.H ^srm-n^ ^sT^rr ^tp=r^T ^p^m 

c^f5 c^f© "sp«pTr ^st^ts ^s^r^" f^p c*r§; ^R^" ^f°^TPi^f°^t. ^R^" ^^s^^r tt~t ^sr^t ^^t^^ 
Pt?^^, 1%^ ^i^r ^rn^j\sp^^ ^p^^p^r, pt^w®^^" ^tt ^r^ ^yp^^i -i^»H fn^vi xf«r wpr ^m^r 

^mrP^r i c-^tt ^ss-- b— s>) -i^H pttrtst^ P^gr^t ^<pjt ^i^*p^: ^t®i^ >ici>\sHm ^Pc^r #fs «rc^ 

^^ ^\sH ^l^.-M P^FSBT CsTp;^f C#P2PT ^PT^tf) ^I^T ^^T^^ ^^fP^S ^^m^ Tgfiqj ^>^^<pr 
^M-iC?TT«T ^d^-H ^FPJ^T ^Tat stfifB <£l =TP^PJ W^IT ^^Z^^ ^RbMHTW C?f&5 ^P? I ^TPJ^PP 


isrp?. \5T?rr ^fi? v|\s<]|Tf 5j«^5 f^xr^T fSrcfnr ^^t "*r*r=r \5T?rr <m^r w\^\ ^c-aHs.^ ^t^irt \S»iR>-s] 

nasb c^n^mrmo ^n^ ^rr^= ^=^o:- ^b- 

^ff%^rm <fzs3 ^tvc^^, 1^5 c=r ^sT^rm f^sc-a-a tw^st ^tf%^rm <t=^n, ^^^ ^st?t ^n^c-a-a 

•^.b- fW c^ wrc<i, ^i^.d^^ ^rr^r^Twr c<^i<t>d^^ c^rc^r «nrsj<t> f^is f»\sc<r ^.^bivfl ^s *txc*\ 

-sHrSfe.-4^»IC<I» C<P*ff CWf® f^XTT siHT^F^ f%^ \5TCct?T ^Xlb-sM WBT "SR^TT^rpq- "^r^sT C*IC<F ^XOI<1> 

<re. <F<n- ^^ ^>ic<ifi *ji^ ^SM ^rnlNrr i^fG-u <i>ns ^fi^<p" ^m^ ^r??t ^^° ^tx^ ^^>i<in5 
^snsSt ^xtt ^5?^" ^1^"° w^ ^t«v c^5 ^rprm ^tx^s ^i^r ^m^ich ^tx^t Pic\s -straps ^m 
CTR^rr : i.^^^) ^^sf^T R^^l «r^ t?t®iw^w <t><c« ^^ ^?rm "spo ^nTrs ^tfti^p c^^rmr:^" 

^rr^r^Twr ^of^w^^. ^"^^f«j^ i 

vs^s ^)rf= ^rR:^m w^r \s ^rR:^m ^°^T«rc^^ri c<t>vj-^ ^^^ ^rr^f^rwr -h^^c^ ^rrf% c^y^^p ^^r 
^m^^r ? 


•^=^&> ^ttf= "wm^tbtt h-51ch^ <p<i\ -i^s-n ^R3T ■m^^R" ^j^ts^t h*jc5t -^t^x^tst c=TX^?rr 

<xi^: ^t<t (^bm \sm ^-i^^-^ ^rfft^rr "fl^sx^ ^srr <i>c^Ife.<^ i 

^* : «o ^)Tf: '^rfpf' jqft> ^it c^r^Nr ^r^rx^^ ^tt^t c*fn? <j=tt ^cm?. "^rm ^p^t f%^r%o" ^^t^ 

stR>*Ssf <3T 'STKfM "S\s5l <F^rf ^XTrf^T ^51W escrex <£^ w^T c?T ^^m^^m T?RT ^CMCs: C^fi^ 

^3 ^d\sH" "strx^pst <mR<mr <sj<i\ fpfx^i c^s-h, i>-^= *8) srSftrr wr^nf^^ ^=ff%?rr 
IRxwxcrsx^ «rrf^p <ic<^ ^w >ivi?j -rp^ <j=^\s t%^ fp>® \sX"cf?r <i>12>i<i ctrt^nxfrM ^mUsx^h- 
i£i<;K ^q^r^r ^s <jx^t *$k<w^ i 

n a s b c^scp^T^mrmo ac ttj ^fr^= *®s- ^>^ 

«8 ^rtf= n^iIvi wM^nxtf^r ^fx^; ^r^t, ^ssi^l c=-ii<i> ^q<ix sr^f^r^^ciTfi -^tr^ffw i ^rr^r^Tmr vsrtt^t 

>|V||var ^rx?T ^Tg^P "5ql^C<I-H ^^X ^C^^^-HC^P ^^P ^siTST C^iX^ 5 " ^T^fT ^tTsq" ^T^f <JR3T C^wX^T I 

*4 ^fcf= ^^: w^tj IRxcfT^ c<i<ic<^^ ^r c^^x^p ^rm^ ^jx^t wM^mrr c*r ^stRxtpst c^x^-i 

^H^ic^-a" ^^ ,; ®m ^Fi^i^pvic^- -5tf^TCTr c*jc\s ^r ^m H<ilb\s ^^n^w^ sr^tRf^ ^^f^ 

"5TT«rRT5T I (^.i : *8- ^svb, ^-o^H) Rl^^l^f ^^Z^^ >NsJ\sr ^f^MT^ n^^Ss T^.c<^^f, ^i^t ^^r 

^d<^id\s i ^>^^ <]^s=<]j <ii^<im -sff%o (.<^i<t>d^^(i<F 5 sT2>ctj' Tfe.d<^-H ^vjhR^ «r^trr 
c<^i<t=c^^c^^s ^>^^^ ^tc^j^ \s ^.M5.m f%^^ c<y^^ i 

"STT^rjxsr^: ^Tsirr c^tc^: ^^^ : ^=^- ^^ 1%^ ^®m f^®m ^rrsr ^®rf=Tmr <^^ Pxw^Rrr c«fx^i c^ 
~*t\ c^fp ^j^p ^1^ >ivi>iivira<ti: ^i.=Q:i. ^rcff^ ^rm ^TTsq- ^c^i s f^\ ^m\^\ S\<f c*jvi-^ <^c^c^; -n 
^r ^r ^r "srRx^ i 

^r*ff^5T <iRid\s^ ^tc^^ v»i<<i^1< c^i^: iqrsr f^r 1%^ ^^: ^rr^tx^ \stc<f ^\5rr ^p^T ^ttR i "srr 
^it c^rarx^r ^r^r ^<i»srH wi<<i^l f^x^r^r ^^ ^rrxsr ^^rm ^p^x#" ^srrsq^t R>^.^. ^nfSRrr i c^ 


^*nx^Rp c^<r.<=-i^. Er^arsr ^r <p^t ^xtx^; ^^t^^r Thsjcst ^steM^t c*if5 ^x^ c^r^ ^jf^ ^n^r 

^^nx^ ctf^rx^rr ^xtx^; i Ci>o=^vs; ^o:vo*b, ^8=^8) P»Pi Hsx^h ""^r^x^r R<p^ ^wti "^pai^r 
srsftrr «®Hf ^<jk ^Tt^rm^ "srtrR^psrr \sX^ eJxsxmtt^ <p-^^ \s^r c*t ^rx^r c^V^\ wht f^r ^rf 

^tfsrc^rr ^?r ^srtt^i -H\^m csr^t ^mr^i "sjjs^ft c*jvm ^i^rtt^t ^®m w^rm ^tx& osfR:^ <ir3t 
(.\svi1h v^iTvi c\stvim c<^i<t>c^T^ <t=\s<im ^ivim ^fx^; wx?^ <i»-sic® c&cnf%:, 1%^ wm *nfw 
^*j1h i 

*v ^tcf = c^: Ri-^-^nxsTsr cstx^st, oststr^tst <rrft o®ivjrtt?t ^ttsr^t ^rp^t ^xtt ^t:^ sitrtx^ i 
>®s> ^rcf= "n=miTvj csTsrRTf^ o^-iffe. c*r ^rt^ ^rr osrspsrr <<=-ic<r, f^rf^r ar^sr ^ttxst wptc^t ^sm 

•^vs=vsh ^ftf= "^vs-fft c*jvih \sbt ^iwx^rsr wr-tbt ^tx& wx®r <jR3f' Y H W H ^^x ^t^s w^R^ 
^tz<5 Jft f^rs? <u<i^m ^c^cfe.-H ^sm ^nw wrt>m ^xib-sMc^ <r*fcrr ^<rm w^j cwrf*r : i>=^, ^rrar : 

iS> = (2:, fW^tlT 1 ^S^ : i>i>, f^THR 8S> = i.i2-, vJa>i>:S>- i\o) C*T<FSfl? "s^sF^ ^T^RT V4f<a-(r 1%fjS Wf«T I R>P( 
#TSf "^fS' <^C^Cfe.H ^P<Tx vS^^JC^^ f^XW^sT "5Rs "^ST^^FfsT ^X^?T ^1% <^C^Cfe.H I 

•^vs=vs^ ^rcf= "c^siviR-cf^ <rrft csrsqir^r^ ^Trsqr:^T ^rr^t ^xtt ^t^? <art^RR" <^1^ t^nafsnq- ^^^ 
^iz^f c^^rr ^xtr:^; i ^:^r f^ra^rid^vi s^^^r tj^p^hx^^: f^x^r <f<tt ^.cmos: h° #fgR^f ^r«aRT 

•^.vs=vsfe ^T"cf= "x^r ^rt^ ^rr o®ivj<r <i<=-ic<i" ^^r ^® : iiv=^^- -^h ^r^t f^qx^r ^x^ ctjI^ ^5t 
srt^Nt ^TX<y sR:^x >c m ^^«^IT ^=rr ^cmcs: C"5rf^r= ^i=s>) ^^r csqr^fR:^^ f^r^^rx^rxsr ^n*^ ^»rr 
six^xh^ v|\s^. c«q<^ ^rsff% : i^ : io c*3 Ri^^^r ^<t>ftn ^rx^p ^i^r f^r^i <pc-z\cs: ^i^ f^x^p 

sr«r ^x=rm ^rx=Tf^rr : 

i£il^ ^^t^ ^rwr ^s^rm f^^ ftw*t^ -sr^ ^^rm w?r ^®rr^f^Tm ^rtx^^r ^^j^R^f ^rr^r^TX^^: 

fw^ ftw*R^^ Th^U C^X® Ctf^STTT fW ^r^<l ^rr i 

c^i^: £R?*m ^snxsTf^rr ^st^r <i^.c?j^ ^r°^r ^x=tt^: fs^r <t>^c\s ^rr^f^rx^^ ^rmT^ <f<x<t i 

^ i «r^trr c^sRtt^t ^rx«y ^m ^tsr^t -^h?» c<j^ ^tstr^tt^tt ^c^cfe.H ? 

■^ i xsrrspsrr ft^R^ ^fpR^t f^^m ^^° ^r ~*r**?iz^ ? 


a i -fft^si t% ^^TC5I=TC"ct?t ^^q-f^ sTsjTsIT^ <^C^Cfe.-S ? 

UBS -4 





^.^ ^.^ 

^.^ ^.^ 

^.^ ^.^ 

<— -. .— -. 

■5^15 \i=jV| ^.8 : i>- ^S 

V|pVTf1 R-HlC^lf] 

V|pvr<3 Rj-HlC^lf] 

>»H%ij^ <nl 



^.8 : i>- ^ 

^H^js, <1=11 

^.8 : i- ^ 

<^'-t|1 <IC<^Cfe.H 

<t>C^H -^8 = i>- -^ 

^.8 : i>- ^ 

^tsr:tp?t ft*? 



i^C^I-eI ^1f^ 

>|V|>U| ti|<]< 

c-*1lc<M ^N^ 

^.8 : ^S- i8 

^.8=^3- i>8 


n»|\sJ lfc>N 

■^.8 = 8- b- 

■^.8 : ^S- b- 

^.8 : ^S 

^.8 : S>- ^.^S 

^.8 : S>- i8 

■^.8 = 8- b- 
■^.8 = ^8 

^.8 : i>8 

■sr^r T^^nl^ 

■sr^r T^rHff!* 

^.8 : i<2:- ^.b- 

C*J^-*1IC<^CV|^ V|<U 

*HI>I«l ^|\sJ*?S 

^.8 = i>i3:- ^.b- 

■^8 : i><3:- ^.b- 

^.8 : i><3:- ^A 

^8 : i>iS- ^ 

■^.8 : ^.^- ^.-H 

■^•l^J^l^ ^l^dfe.'H 

^.3 : ^.b- 

^.3 : ^.S>- «i 

V I*1^J^1^ 


^•l^U" 1 !^ 

>!|<]>Sr-HM ^Rl'lri 




^^IIC-H ^l>ICfe. 

■^.8 : ^.Jv>- «i 

■^.8 : ^.S>- «i 

■^.8 : ^- «i 

■^.8 : ^.S>- «i 

■Hi£>n* ^^ 

\S^|viifD ^a>i^ 

■^.8 : ^S^.- <&d 

■v\ \h^ v! a>i^ 

^T5q"?rf5 ^1^ ^vjdTT 





^.8 : ^S^.- *»<2: 

■^.8 : ^S^.- ^& 

■^.8 : ^S^.- ^& 

^.8 : ^S^.- ^>Ct 



■^.8 : «vls- 88 



C5^ Rh \s 

>t®<ti V||<£-j ^8 = ^)^- 

tsi<< *jn?l 


•^.8=^)^- 88 

■^.8 : ^>^- 88 

■^.8 : ^SvI»- 88 



■^.8 : 8<2— <2ri> 

f^H® ^T 

^R-*1^ KM 

^R-*1>® HI>1 

■^.8 : 8<2— (2-i 

■^.8 : 8<2— (2-i 

■^.8 : 8<2— <2-i> 

■^8 : 8<2-- (2-i 

t^^ri^fst sr<p® vSd^'tJz^" ^-i>i^^ <t^c® -?iz<j, siRjfB ^t*itr:tfst «rr^r >ivi^ i 

<-£)f^ ^^fP5 ^fwr ^s^rm f^^ pR^n^- ^r^ ^rm w?r wM^rm ^i^.c<i<^ ^x«i<RTT ^t^tr:^^: 

Rr^P'R^FsT fH<t>lB CsJ^S Ctf^STTT fW ^x^" ^rr I 

cxi<^ <]>nc\s^ ^smmr ^rwr c*m <^c® ^rr i R^sgfD ft?!*?® <t><&~\ i ^tr?r ^trSt^ tc^-a "ar® 

8 i ^\sj|R i 

^^KI^T^T® ^5^=1^1% ^8=i- ^svb C^TfT^fT "5qT# : i^> : i- *®-H) 

c<p) -^\s-^ Th^jvi ar^r xsrr^rsr^ R*i?g<t> ^rr -far®^ Th^c*4-si i ^sr^gi^R^ra ^5^ :i ^fiNT atf®-^^^? c^r 

^Sc^-tJ c*m >tvicTT "STsq^n^t^r «R^m "sqx^n c*r (<fr *fB-u ^^^ i 

c«d -5rRr= ^.8, -5qr# : i>s, ^^x =3<f= -^i, ^^<tw <mc® ^j^: <i»t2>h, ^t^i ^i^r ^t^to >ivicij^ 

en) ■^•h RnRrsm 1%®m ^cws. sf^^ ^rr-^rsR:^^ ^n^, ^^rr ^^^-ai^lc^^ ^»t<r<rf^t ^s 
c«rsv5^r«rg§^^^r) ^<i>ij tsi-t kitsch -a a*V*i ■*$<&z<f<\ ^r:^ ^rr«rm^ fsr^r ^pw ^tsttt ^^rm, c^ri^ 

st^rf^F® ) "^t^s #R: 5 g^ t%otn ^srr , ?r5T i; T ^^^z.^ ^=rr ^xtr:^: i ^^: ^Th ^st^t\ f^z^v^ ostv? 

^^T ^T^ ^3 ^rsToTff^f® ^»R^" ^f^T^" I C8) WTsrtt^T ^X^tr^: stT<RT ^ff^T, £T^® ^^K f^^S 

>l^<t=R^ 'StWs ^^5f <JR3T C*Jd\s ^X^" I 


c*s) c*t*itc^t ^vf^if^^ fw^r z^^z^ ^stmt® f^^rr^t ^t^nrr wr*tsrr ^wz?s - ci>) c^r c<fpt ^nqzir 
■^Rki^h n»ii>ic\s -^rz^ (^.8=^,88) ^rrsr ai<p^ **iz^ c*r ^R^k^bt t%ii *u5Hf ^5FT*tr^: *h?c» 

C8) ^raTC^rr ^£<i ^^mrr wm^^raft c^.tt f^R : -^=^- h) 
c<2:) Rst^l wrn^r C3=r*ff?r5r : i-^=i.o, c^r^- ;>;> — 
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cststtctst <<=-iT^., ^^f5 -^tM^^sr ^^m wm e«q<pf5 -tr^im ^iff^^ ^rr ^tst^^^ w?? c^p=tt ^x^~ 

^.8=^ ^rtf= ^Pr-an*, ctr^sf, "5qr#= i«=i, ^^r ^Ns- ~r^f 1%?t ^^mr w?r viFvr^fD ^^ns wm-jfR^ 
-sq^T sroji^rm ^mr-nr t^TR:^" Rc<ifb\s ^rr, ^ra^r ^sich^ ^i^Nt R^m ffe^r ^^ ^<p^ma 

^it:^ ^m^T <^c<ih c^t:^w >^<ik smr s^ <<s,<\ c^ft «rc^ -*p=*if\ <t>d^H C"c^rm»r : ^.=^.0) 
^t C5qwr ^rr«am 1wz^ ^r^ ^^^ o^io-i^t ctt ^s"c=tt *tt^ r^fH "c^y^p ^tptt ^xrrf^r 1 1%iw ar^sr 

^f^3) i£|^: ^IT^" ^T5qsf ■Pflo-iHn? C5TT5 ^rr<am t^T ^l-i»ff5q<p vs^oo R>\SR1B t^piS) 

<32$z<F <$>Q>~\ wt£<T <ui<^^cH«i ^r^r c^r^rr^^f ^^rr ^x<t tw^ ^rr c^t«i^i ^ 


<IC<^Cfe.H Ho -ffflM^f C^T^tTT t^-tcn^T ^p^f ^5TC<T *m~f ^R^sT ^Rl>ir^ <^C^1fe.=i C^PaTT^ 

NASBC^^Rf^ft^) ^rtj *tth-- ^s=^> 

t^R?*r^' t%^nr : - t^mr^cf^ xjfl^ 2^?»m ^s^r ^8=vs 

c<f) ^rm«rpT, ^gr® -^RibM-HT, wtw wi<<i^i, -B^rsr t^tHT, f^TR^" 1wr ^r??t c^t^t ^tsttr^p i 

c^r) "*fhs?i ^rr'jfsT^ ^"*f^rm "arwrsq- f%otn si7?sm ^-^^ - 

Ci) ^rfSj"= ^.8 = ^.S>- «i, C-^O "5qT# : i^s=^8- -^H, C^s) =3^ : ^i> : ^o- ^.3 
Ci) "srf^r= ^.8=^)^.- *®<2:, C-^.) "5qT# : i>^s=^.b— *i>, C^s) <=1^<P : ^.i^Jc- *®^s 

Ci) "5qi^r= ^.8 : ^S^- 88, C^.) V|l<^= i\a:\a^- as, C^s) =5^"= ^i ; *8- ^S^ 

□ ^r^riq ^9^: >\<p^\ •<n?'i\ ^^z^ ^1^"° c\stvim wprm ^chj 1% f©^ ^x^"" ? Of^r "5qr#= 
i>^s=8, ^35^= ^.i.=H, "5rf^r= ^8=^s, Ef^ri^ £i>iira\s <i><^c\s ^rf^tru ^c-^ 1 t^p^j^ Rf^^f ^ibht 

>iv|ij 1 f^rsrrsrr ~^rc^ <^d^lfe.<^ >i<^<i\s= %=rf& ^15 -sf^: ^1^" ^r:^ ^1^^: ^tstctt ^f^^ 1 


^r^T'^rsT^ 1^?^^ cwp? ctfir Tfhs?i ^rT'^fsq^T ^p^ht^" c*r*rrc=r >\<p^\ "stt^p^ ^rsqrsf -*fNs?r 

^fcf^t ^^TR^T Ctf^STTT ^CMOs: I Ci.) f^MfD £^» ffhs #fe 5 g^ CVSf <pf%= i=v-) C^) Ef^fi f^r 
Ci"5q- <pt%= <2: = ^, ^TT f^pEp ^. : ^) C^S) £T^ "*fh9?T f^T Ci"5q~ <pf%= <f(t, ^.TT ^f% : i : i8) C8) 
^t^S -UfclNT f^T Ct%f^T : i : <b) CO:) #tT:^^ f^T Cf*pRl : i ; io, ^ = i<b) C^b) \sm f^T CVJ-^J 

erptc^t^t f^r Ci."5q- <pf%= i=H) cs>) ^*r~T "^t^s ~^f ^c\s sf^TRr^s <ic<ih c-^tt f^p i=n) 

sjssq fSnrcsm c^^f^^l^r 3 wfc<r "*fNs?r "Rr^t wpttc^ 5 " <t*rt <t>c<cs>.-s ^«aiT : 

Ci) "^t^r^Fff^rm" c*frS ^v[\s^ 1-1511 51 wf%~nr vs^o-i^n?^ ^o-i *rc*r cf^is ^tz^f^ 
^.•s^fw MM-^ijiSI ^nr) ^rr viRvim ^n^^r ^p^r# ^jw i -^tt 1%^r= i ; io, ^^= ^=ii, 
\s=8 tg^ ^sramr ^iw ^-^tt "fl^s^r sf^arsr ^rf^fsT^r ^p^hx^" st^th ^wzsh («i^sm 
f^TR^ i>8 ^ftf) ta^x fw#trr wf^rsq^r ^p^tr#" srfw i>^> *tw i ^r^T <u<js3\s 
^cmos: ^tt f^R= 8-tr cc*jf5 R^fD Ef^rf^r ^rc^r f^Nstrr wr^rsr^ ^p^td#" ^=rr 

<U<]S3\S ^TT I C"SfRr= ^.8 : ^S,^.H,^SH,^SS>, i"5T <1»T< : iiSr 1 ^.^), i."5q" fRR= ^. : i>S>, ^S=i,vS, 

C8) "z^c-ic^f' ^^rm ^®r<r ^r^=TiR^\s <p?rr ^r«aRT ^ff%^rm ^tc^" ep^th ^s^rt c^rr^r^rr 
9^1 >xi^: f^nrl^ s^s=q Ih^cst ^^^p^ sr^FPT ^p=^It:#" RR=^f >ivictt RRj^ 

fw#trr ^rfjfsr^T >i' k M^# c~srf^r : ^8 : «o, <j><^^1= ^s=s, i."5q- f?t^^= as, ^ mi^h : 

cay "^rr^vic-H^" >i<i(ib.(iTr ^rr«rm^r ~r^t f^^n^^ <]j<]^m ^d*Jd^: - "^^^FTsn^:" 
^r^fi^ i ^t-^n?^ "5q-«n f^Tr sf^ -^t^s^ f^^trr ^rt'^rsr^ ^p^ix#" et^th <^c^c^: 

C^b) "£T^^ f^T" f^Tfc^S f<l^»H ^-^Cbfe.C"Pf <]J<]*3\s ^XTR:^:, Ci"5q- f^T : 0:=^) CTjl^ 

^l^TS^T fH?JC5q- ^^^^ ^Tf^fWRTf^ ^3 f^5lT^^ f^T t^TRR" sf^TH <^C^Cfe.-H I 


en) "sp^ffc^sr ^frw^t "sq-r^rRrsr ^tf^a wiwr £R%f2rf^ f^TR^T >ivictt ^^-^r^t 
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c^^r^tr Rst^l wff%?r srfr*Rsx^ 1%n: ^RT^nfw^ <jr3t sf<m^r ^c-aca.-H i cyprRTTft^f ^e 
frr^#t wff%?r ^5fi\sl?j\sr c^r:*rt -hRkic^ -cjfl* ^mw "5p*!r:^?t xsrrTrsp^ i ar^^rsr ^ra^ f^r 
iTPrmr:^ a^» -tft^fr N»i<i\sm 1^tr^~ w^ ^m^r i R>1h c^ptr^iRhI ^xtt w^tr ^m^r ^c^-hIh, 
Rb]?i<t> t^^rR^^s ^nr, ^triInt ~5Rp?t r^tr;^- d^rHR^rr or^o ^^x R>1h iiq<}*>a?--j hIR^ ^rnlft 
r^tr^t ■m«rm f^R;^ bc^ca.-H c^r. 1 ^ ^p^r^tr:^ ^reo f^rft= s>=s> i foPi^ sfsirsr \s -^Ri-51c\s 
-£®~i "sp^fN: f^nx^" ^-JRRsfr sri%^T ^c^c^-h i <^<f ^r:<t ^-Jf^mwr ^^ir^t^: 1%^ xsp^j 
^■jpmwr ^^m^s ^5pT*tr^: ^<x<t> tj^ i ^t?r^: fe^m ^frpi c*r "5p*Fr:^?t xsrttsp^ 'i^Mw 

^ «l^CH^, (,<t>Hn> -*£slRs^ f^RRTsr ^T^TT WRTR4 C<MhH? ^®P^fg ^rR?q" ^pte I sRf« ■*>Tc^ 

^m^rrm wm^p^ tp 35 ^ f^R?«m cwrs c^s^rr ^cmcs: ^a<ix >\<p^ "5rRpq~ wff%r^" ^^r^rt 
<psirr ^srr ^cmcs: i osnfw : ^> : i<*-, ;>^ : ^s, ^rnat : i^^, ^^: ^p^hx#" f^R?«m ^«r^~ wi<<i^l 

v|^b<^l -?£?iRs^r f^RRTSpsT wR<r<rT=ftfl? ^R^^s^T ^R3ff^T, ^FRP^ wf^pRPf wR^TpTt £f«fsf 
<TTWRtt?I ^T5fT, sir^<[ sS^ vif^vir aR^Pf ^sR^q" ? ^5T«y<n ^R)^ll>l<1> EixsrpfT 1% ^tf%^l5 

fw#trr xsrm^r^r ^r^r:<I(1<^^ «rR^rr ^nr, r¥^ «n<HifB t^r^ t^t^rt ^i^"x -^»h I^hrtspj 

£R%^J5=TC^PJ ETl^sAp^ I ^>g^ >j<t><^(i<pr G5TRan >l^<^ ^R^ ^sSI <t><C<M I ^^ ^ "5q-R-p^" 

^d-sc^^. <i<^c^ ^iTvj^ #fe, <^^"° c\s|vir^" «t^w ^^t ^tr:^ f^RiTr ^tr^" i" 

■^.8 = 8 ^fcf= "Ctf^f CSTSTR^ 5 " C*W& ^^T "s^«l" R-RTT ^TR^"" Ctf^T "5qT# : i^s = Q: ^1^ <I^V| R^T <3 >lRp?J 


\SFe= ^m ^t?t ^?rr qc^cs: csrr^-- ;>^> : <2:,s>, ^.^>,^>^>) ^ R^ictt «r^5tfw<p ^rc^ f^nt* R^<p 

■aCMOs: I "5ps^t ^F«|^T^3 >ICb\sH ^RT sT^fT ^STT^lvjoi-si I^rC-H^ W£^TJ I 

&iC&S<P ^ftfSTTFT <P?~rsr?T -n^T C5ST <^d^'H ^1^X<IC<^^ wf^rr^fT ^F®<P=r ^X«i*JlfTl ^S^S Thc\s I 

sffwsr vistc®< "5R:*rj -tfhss?r f^\sl?j ^stm^st ^x^", "*rr ^moi^ wrc-n^: ^t^^t^t'n^T wt^rr^r ^r??t 
c^lcfe.H ^^~° ^moi<*» ^n^^j^ -n^r ^x-i>)i51cH-si ^srsTf^m ^?rr ^x^~ <£<=-i #te wrc^; 1 ar*ix^rr <pf% 

□ "N^ifvi^. -fffg" OfaJfT "5qT# : i^s=>i>, Sffg ^T^ffi* JfN* ~T^f <iC® ^"C^TC^;, R^» ^^T^f ^Cbfe. 

WPTC^~ I Ci-i., -^.8, i-sr C*m^T : ^ ; iv) 

□ 'ng-f® -vfC^ ^RbN-iT ^?R:^~" Ctf^T "5TT# : i^s=^, jqft> ^5lW C5qT*fR:^sT aR^m^T >M<t= 

■^=v|\sr sfpf^fsT <jr^t <^i<ix wwnfi^^m ^s^r^nr ^»<x<i» "sqi^r -snfo^ ^?i csfRr= ^.s=i.i) 1 

■^.3=^ ^Tcf= ""^sTsq^T ^TT C^PQ ^rf" C^sJ^T "5qT# : i^s=H, c£ifl? <|\sV|f^r b^vjr^T ^FTW, C*jf5 C~lR><lt><t> 

■55T, ^rm w?r <j*r:w?t etWttr^ <m <t>-sic® ^z<s 1 

□ "^ fwfs^r *®~£=rr ^re^tr^: wm-^rr ^^f^r <p?r^~, f^>§s c>in?^. c*^ tsttt ^rt" or^Jfr "5tt#= 

^.8 : V- 

NASB, NRSV "sm<T c<H-lf 

N K J V 'TjfC«m" 

T e v "sfstrsq- ^f^R:^r^ -?p^^ c<iwHf" 

J B "st^i^ C<I^rHff^" 

■vfZ^ -sq^tf N^t^em ^TSf I 1%^#t ^T5qT5f t=j3T >|V|?j tj^p^Ht:^ f^^P^T ^P?^ ^^pt^ ^Cbfe. <]^v|r^T "sq^tf 

^srr^m <pf5f c^rfi? ^tr^t sj^w t^Rfg ^9^"° ^sh^srsr R^cwi f^gi^: ^^^, ^®r^Wi^ ^cmb. 't^t 

J 5r>^sr?T f^^wsi^ >iv|iq i Ri^^Ic^t^ f^^m ^3 \Sc^-*rj ^rsi ^z^t^s \5T?rr ~^rc^ <p<^ -^r^tz^^ 
^rr-n^R:^ ~*if5 1%^u ^s^^* ^tr^" ^rr i ^ivj^r ^ ~*tff? ^rsqxTr^ "sq-^sjj^: ^m ^^pf^; i ^-ff^rsfi ^dbfe. 


nasb cscr^mrmo ^n^ ^n^= ^s= s>- is 

i^s 'Bftf- 1%^ c*j c*m ^r^® f^sr «irF^:^~ c^r ^^m ^n?^" i 

is *irr : ^T5q^ >aHP»*t <fh:^: ^rf^#t ctf^m w^?r ^mrcwrsr "3j*f^?r ^rmr w^fc® sr^m <f?tt ^x<i 

^.8=S> ^ttf : CfaJfT "5qT# : i^> : &>, -^t^cf WF?T3 wf^r^" <3 f%^X5J<T ^^t^ ^3<^« fpfXTT ^Fte ^c?jc^: I 

<pf% : ii> : ^8) 

□ "C\s|V|^r ^ST^T vSrlP©CH*t T^-psfT ^f=fe ^X^~" ^lf5 SfcTTM ^^T Sffg «T^ f^R?^?T >l<^ 

□ "NiMtvim ^TtXSpsT WX^J" Ctf^T "5qT# : i>^s=S>, xsRtt^i fHC^CTfl ^l^m >SrOIJ ^RT ^siRT 

t%»T f^fsr «^C\s ^TR:^ I C5fRr= i,o :vse- an) 

■^.8=i>i, -"o^ v»1<<|i^1 ^|>)Cvs ^TR^' t£l1^ vSC^C^t^ f^T "sqTal ^ sj^dH^ C^TTC^ C^PJX^ ^TC^ra 

^.8=i.^., ^\sJT^m "ypsr ^|N®m ^^W t^5TR^" a^l^T ^P^^" ^9^"° fe.<^HT ^^TFIX^" ^Tf C"5rf^r= i,\s=-^o- 

^.8=i.^s, "1%^ ^^rmr c^m >iv|ij ^rt® ^rj ^^^- ^t^r ^^im ^tR^"" ot^t ^tt^- i^s=i^s, ^1^ 
^<pfi? >iRp?j ^Ff^«rmr ^^rr ^»1<i*ij^ ^fi^<j>i^1 ^^p^t T^mr^- carter: i,o=^^) 

tg^: v|\s<]|UTn? ^rrg^f^ ^rr«i^rm vj\«<pr csf<Fr= ^.=^., ii,i«\, ^.<b, ^s=a-,i^., -^i) ^<sk ^^t ^5t^*tt^: 

-cft^T i '^^TF?f ^r^fl^ ^j^t^^ Th^cst^ srm^Tf, ^n^lRi<^ ^^r^^ fe^t <^<iK ^^t -^®-^ Pi^icvj ^r^w 
\s wtwrn ^fs-si ^svn^<p- ^==Tt ^xtr^: i ~^t^j ^r t ? rt ^cbfe. -^s^ fkwa ^^pi^ sitstt^j ^f^rr i 


■^.8= i.8, ">i>)vj r^Bifi? ^mR:wr?f' ^fi? ^ch^ ^srrc^e et^th <^c^c^: 3=^s>, s>=^>g: -^t^Ri ^*n 

□ "3T5f£f f^R?^ ^T5qsf Wff%?T <FR^ "^TC*5F?T W^TJ £|~5ff%s <P^T ^rz<l" <£ffi iSf^sf& fsrlH*( C*J 

t% wrc^r t^^T^r wr^- wptt ■?rm i ^^r wSr isr^ c*r aic\sj<t> wt1%*t ^fr^;, sic\sj<i> Rc^-i-a 
<fr:^; ^vmR* sic\sj<t= <ij1^^ ^fr:^;, cm^trr "^rgrcw^r -^rc*u c^Tr^t^ tsr^i i <j^ 1^\s1?j 

^P^HR^- f^T^UCR-fl ^7^ *J<5BT >STOIJ C5§T <J>^Tfe.d<^-H I Cf^PMI^lT 1 8^. = vi>, 8S>=vi>, <3ri> = 8, 

wrarRTf^T ^R)d\s?i -^rcsfj^ «r^ ^t*it^ ^r^ c^) c*r c^m *i«tc® ^ivirtt^i et^ -fjf» #fg "Rr^t 
^ti^c^-h i c^) et^® 1%^; *u3-u ^t^*tj^: ^f^T^" i c^tstr:^ £t<p® xsn^rssrr ^cm?. ^^ f^nrsr 
^-^*j|S1 r^\Sl^ ww vi ch ^ ^^s, <fs|^t <s.c<i, cr<J1c\s ^s^rt volDc®^ i 

nasb c^T^Tirr-m^f) ^n^ ^n^= ^s^s- ^b- 

v,^ -vftf. c?^ >)v|sj ^rmr Rst^l^ie-s sitt^r^i \5T?rr ^n^twt ixi^wm ^nf^R^r ^^tff i 

•^o ^tR : str<Rt ^^ c^r^r ^*ffe ^fr^t ^t f^srrsr ^it^ c\siviRTf^ ^rt=TR:^ ^rr ^rr i 

■^i ^tR= ^^|^t i£|-5q^T "sq^T <^I£ ^R^" ^^TT ^Sf^lCvs-sl ^1^^ C*fc<F ^9^ >IV|?J ^)^® ^F^M^S ^.*JP| <^l^° 

^.^ -=tR= c^ ^r:^^ f^r ^sx=tt ^^ifR ^^ <i>TvicTr ^rr Rc«h ^r^" t^ 5 ^ ^tS^ ^rr i f^g ^m 

^T^f^: ^^T r^Tl^CW-^ W^TJ -^r*^ Oi^ f^T ^S^=TT <1>iv|CTr (.WC^-H I 

•^vs ^tR= C3^ >iv|ij ^rf^ c\s|vir:ir^ c^^ <r:<=-i, or^t, ^"sn^fN: ^^rR:^T, R^-^r, cr^t csqr^fN: 

■^o: ^r"R : cR^r n^iIvi^: ^str:-?!^: as ivj r:r^ ^ "5=t<r <ic<^ ^M^rrsq" i 

^vb -s^tr: g5^ ^sf^j c=rr^^ ^rr c®tstr:r^ <ic<^, P»Pi "sq^s ^=TFFm" ^rR^^r, o®i>j-sir ^i^r:^ ctt^s 

^rr i ^^ifR ^t^t f®Ri f%\s^^ ^r^ wri^t, t^^~m ^ss ^rr i 

^ ^tR= f^Rj^ (.*jvi-^ -s^ fRT^F cr^it fR^TT ^tpia^r fR^F -vf^m ^5qr^F ^^rm "sq-^ji ^1x3^ wmr 

^.b- ^tR= c^r^TR:^ "5jo cr^: ^art^R^ c^tstr:^?^: ^r^pr ^fu^ ^i^f ^r:w osff® ^r^- i 

^.8 = i<2- 


nasb, nrsv Ts^n~rr ^rff5 

nkjv Thti-^h ^fR^ns 

T E V n^\sJ^ ^TT <3 ^t^ *MlfB 

j b nc<rt -s^ff "s n=m\sj<s i! 5^Tm 

X^f^JfT "5qT# : i.^s=i.8, >I^KT ^T^ffi* *lR^t5 ^-Hl^C^P ^HTC^TT ^5T I ^f5 W\f^- io-^H, i>i> : ^si> 

i£^K >^=i:> <j<«j.m ^?rr ^cmcs: i ^^r >i<^<i\s cxrP^^sf^rrrR^ jcf^ wr^i ~5^><r xsRp-^r^ :>^h 

W& "t^ <T*RT <t>C"SM I CT^t1^T : T^ : Sc- 18, 1-5T "STRPT 1 i=<2:8) WRTR4 ~CflPt C^^l 'JWW <H : H- 8, 
^P^T# ^ #fg f^TC3Tr*ft (TT^T ^rsqxTT^ C-^TT f^RP ^ = 8) ^FF : ^l=^.o -s>ttf n=>I |V| Rn?p?T ^M«i<T*T <Ps\C& 

^rf^T^u ^r3t C3=r T?R^T?m ^^r i^^rr <rtf^^t ho bJTSic<h >i£<i\s ^c^Hs.^ i ^^T c^?f*tr?=t5r^ 
txi^: vS^k^-hH? ^-icbfe.c^^ RR=«s >ivictt RiRs^i wR^g- <\i<\g$s> ^xtr:^; f^j -^p=>p+# "gw ^<^»R> i 

^f&^P ^»1<l<ll^]<:H*t ^1*TTW "SH^TR-T "sr^T <F*1T ^5T I ETfTPT^: ^^R^F ^-i<lRf <1>-s1C® ^f^T ^TT 


nkjv "*if<M wirr-mrr ^r«rr f^r, 

t e v ^^r -s^Rrrsr wm-mrr <rr^rr **rr5Fe<r, 

\& -^ ^tf^a wnr-^rm <t3tr^tt 

x^f^r "sqr# : i>o : i8, JfR^ ^p^ ^-^ijiSI -5^5#r^ ^rt 1%^ \Sv»5j fswi ^m-^orttst >ivi?j ^Rp«tJ^: 

c^^rr ^iRhI^ ^t*mx^ <t=tt ^tt i ^ff^a wm^rm <i<=-ic\s "stPtx-s-ei -*ff%g "^rtr> ^HTx^rr ^rt i 
t?f^T?m c^r^trr wRr*r ^-^*jiU1 -^jt^trt c^t<i\sr^^ vii^x-a-a ^=TR^m ^i^m^t <Far ^?r i 


NKJV -"tl^CH-s) WMC® tw=r, 

T E V X*I *^5C^, ^oR^J 5 " WMC* f^T, 

j b ^n^^Tf^ T^fS ^srp^r^T <t=^H, ^^m ^sr<r <a<nc\s ^tr:^ i 

>i^<i\s f^^m ^-icbfe.c^^ wmt *j-un? ^tr;^ ^p=^r# -^w CT?nf^ : &=^.h, i>=^>, i^.=i.i.) 

•^> '^s^i^t ^^mrr g^rrR^s <arRpx^", ^i^ts ^rp^j^: -^t<c\s ^ttf^R:Tr ^rR^' of^fr "5qr#= i.^s : i8, 

^.8=iH, '^^TRJT ^ld^^ HCWil ^^R^ ^^TRPX^' CCf^r "5qT# : i^s = i.Q: I ^I^f5 ^rsq-R-T HW f^T I \sR4t C^ 

■n^5T ^fr^t c^t^t ^rrsrTfw^F <FR:^5f <u<i^m <t>^\s i ^^r ^=Tff^r c^ra^rR^Rrsm ^r:^^ ~^rc*u Thc?4 


(<P^ i<q<PW^T ^l1?C® -s^TsT® I 1%n; ^ra ^sr=TT ^SR^T® f^TR^" ~T^Cf]f] Ctf^STTlC^^ ^tr:^ ^\s5l <p^rf 

^pgir T^-mrs |^fc<i c s >fs=tt wHc-H-a sf^mw^ ^st^tt i 

>ivj>uir& wz&s. ^^^: >ividTr ^<p^: am ^?rr ^xrrf^r i c^rsTR:^ (<fr-t ^r^f c^: i "*rf^r >i^cw 
f^renfi? ^m ^r:^t (^r*rrc=rr ^^rm i 

c^pt "5ff%=rT -sr^^rm^ <t><cvs -^trr^ ^rr 1 "sfRr Ri^^cw^ c^tc^r:^*, 'si^ww^ ^n^mr ^^nf5 

^w z^CMCs:, ~*T\ "5qT# vSc^^sf <t>C^TH ;>^>=;>b- I Rlst^-a "3TR^TM£<P" ^MIC<IH«H <P<HOb -^fe.*~H ^JR3T 1 

•^s=^A, ccf^r "sqr# : ;>^> : ^o, ^rf?f ^T5q^ iftfi^iTRT^rr <c=-i c^r ^gf^rrm wr^TR 1 ^ <c<=-ics>.~i, ^st?t 

*Q «i -=>RTf WR^ I ^^T Rst^lCTf] RT^PTC^ ^=TT ^TT I 

Ih<ii>h <£i^fx? ^®n*i5^ ^f^q^- vj\»<rw 1 ^n^: c^rp ^c-hc^p "sqr:^ ^?rr ^rr ■^•sH-^^nr 1%^ ^=tt ^tt 

<£if5 ^<Fi^ «rr^f, ^T ^sjjTx^T ^sr«aRT n^CHJ^ <srdHJ "5j1w i ^^To^ Ih^v) v^-^*JllH ^=TT ^5T ^"ST 

sjssq f^nqrrsr ^1^:^^ ^=rr ^rr ^^im ^^fw, C3^ G^rat ^ncw >i<^<i i ^tf^a ^n^i^ ^^f^\s t3T5t<sr 
^r^pI^t c^r ^>^^ >iyi>srj ^3 -stfrt v&riR><i ^r^t^r %5^r ^Tfwr^ fsrcTr, 1%^ ^^tr^p ^rsq-^R <tc<t 
<id<^(ife.H i ^^Ff^ ^-~h^ vShk-sm c^r ^tr:^^ ^|\s*js c^T^trr s> i ^^ ^ "srrgrsf i ^^n lH<ib.H 

srf®vi]R) ^t T^fS f^ir -shR) 1 ^) "sqiH-ac^^ ^^im <^c^-h c^Ft^f ^t5) ^ep= i.=8 ^^fg^: ■yn^T^r <pc^ 

wrsTTCtf^R^ >ivictt ^®rsaRT >i<wf^: ^»i*^T^r ^c-ac^.-H 1 v|\s<nn? ^u^k.^: ^r^rjz'tf^ ^tr:^ >t®j\sR^ 5r 

■^ti^cK-s c^r ^r^^a ^iW^ eztf<F ^^t^ ^hr?f ctt^r:^' ^<^rp ^c-si-h i ^^ >t®j\sR^^ ^^f^m 
z^v^ >\<<s)~^ 1 ^n^rRTf^ ^i^sc^ >nsj\sR^ -^^; cws^\ f&F ^nr ^t^t ^tr^p, ^^c^ >t®j\sm 

vs I Wffpf *tT*t ^^TTsq" "5q-^T^T *fM I 


& i srraf^p ^\s<^vfc<p T3T5q-<R c*rmr ^^° ^tf^a <mh <r^rr5q -^R^ ^^d-H-a vs-^Rj i 
h i "^r^d^rsr c^afs^® ^rrsq -^r^d^r f^m^st i 

b- 1 "^r^sT c^)Rl<l> ^srwpn ^Tfsq J Sr^q »ft^ N»i«i>iK3T WT^Tti 
S> I ^-fNrfwr <I^v|R^r ^>ff^5" ^Tfsq ^R*iJd^s agpl* 3 *^ <J^TT I 

'^qw' t3=p=^it^" «ivf\sif^<t= «rm^rr ^dws. -^h^d^rsr "^TgTCwpsr ^^st cRiIh >\<^\ >iRr=?q ^jvi<i>r 

n^-^s-<s ^tt^tt f^g~m >i^<i>r^ ^nwr ctf^sTrr "sqirld^psT <t*o<s i >t£<p ^\<pc& *s^r ^mt ^n^t^: ^?rm 
>ivicit, ^i^r -strc^f ^rsi <iRi?qf s|viiTh\s ^d^-i^ wf%^~m ^r^rrd^^ £i\siRi\s <^d^r i >t®<t* ^^r 
wr^t^rm N^-i^d^ vj\s<r*r T?rfv5 <F<Trc=n c^ird^ ^r«^RT ^vf^d^ 5 ^ ? rmr ^x«i*j|fTl 1 

^.8=^^s,^vb '^jf^' c>r*rrc=T *£tt> ""^ ~*£^ ^tt^t 1 

^.8 = ^.8 "^M "5q~^ fj>3~ C*T2tC<l ifiRP?. ^®Tf*i5^ ^d<l" Ctf^r "5qT# : i^S 1 ^, <4^ ws ■§(% ^d-^ 

<Md^s ^wi cfw^trr t^^"= i^>=i- ^s, sf<Ft : i^s=i>^s, i>vi>=i.8, ^.0=^.0) 

^.8=^1, "^id^T c*jvih ^P^sq fw<p <id^s *1^ fw^^ ^f^® "srTX5TlR>\s ^7R \®g^" vj-^j ^d^s^ 
^rr'jrsq^T c^ra^r ^^.d^"" cw^fr =i^" : i.H : ^.s, -sqr# ^sqi^fr:^ ^ ^-^dbfe.^f5 c^rt: 1 ^f5 T^rsqi^r 
^<i->4.m sTdTrr-n <^d^dfe.-n 1 -t®-^ f^frrsq f^^q^ldw-^ "srd^r c^fM^f ^hcwo ^^^ ^t^mt^" f^n^n 
ctfrr ^rr c-^8= so- si) t%^ <£s^ t^gi^ld 1 ^^ "^® ^d<^ Ef^Fff^f^ ^d^" ^1^"° wt^ ^<i-^nr ^tstc^t 

<snl^ ^t<f ^p^ "^rmfwf^rm" ^^qi^ ^sr«r ^^r^!F® ^r ^T5f#qir ^rt^f^r^T 1 -^®h fSnqrrsq^ R^»h 
^Txd^Psr ^t^s^ f^^Tir ^rr^viHd^ 5 " R1R5H ^ttr Ri^te ^str:^: i 

c^t^i^p -?r ^*f^rr <i>^d^s t^Tdiq ^t^»T^p cw<i\sr t^TR:^" ^rMrrlTr® <t=d^dfe.H 1 
-i^sH Th^jvi TJTsqsri^ ^|^t®^ R^d'iq^ tf^fd^T^: c^r^rr ^cmcs: 1 

Ci) <l^v|f^ v|-~H\sr, f^d^F5t >|V|sq 1 


c^o "5R*frx^sT ^xw^r "srRtfxsr wiwm s^fapif^s ^i>ic^ i 

*]v[\sC^fl M»-iVjfsT ^CMs. \s-4J5J 5jo^5 ERjrpcf ^R?RT -^\sH fH?JCV|^ -£5^aRp tR^ Rl^^ldW^ 

Ei\5rp«fx^~ 1%^, R<i^h ^r??t ^mt£=tt ^xtx^; i (^RTRrfft^t, wff%n\5t "c^txsrt cuus "SR^ftx^sr 
^srt^i vj h c^p ^s^^s >)^.<t»n^T srpr«t <i>cfx^; i <mhrt ^-EX-H-a xsrm^T^ ^p^x#" ^=tt ^xtx^; 
Ef^y^rf^ ^dbfe. ^ti>i^\e1?j r>rs -tfh?s?T ^<]\sm f^rx^" w^ ^m^r i R>Th (^t^wiRhI-si ^sratn ^nr, 
Rbi<c<i>< ^fspFm ^^nr 1%?g ^rs^r (Tsr^R^rft tttst f^rrc^" ^®nf%^s ^x<RTfi cf^pfR^rr <t^>~> 

^rm^r ^x^tRrt wusws: -£*h csrr^frx^sr ^sn^rsR^r "*rr <^i f%x^ "^*f ^?rxw j sri^^T <t>c<c^: i ^^f 
^®x<r "^Nrpsfi ^^nx^r, ^p^*tr ^-u ^<Rnwjf5 vs^rt^s n^c-h^ ~tjx?r i ^^t ^p^r^: fi^m ^t^t c*j 

*r?rtr^ ^m^rrm "sq-Rpq- vari^-a ^s^jx^rt EfRj^sst r^tr^t «t?jt ^5r i c^»iIh : ^s=i<2:, i>-^ : ^s, "*R3JT : 

fffg- V|^<^1 -^^gR^T Pt^C^-s) wl<<|i^|-si wp4<TRTNT 'Jfem >SrCHJ ^R^f^n ^PXsT X 5 ?^ ^FRJ^T 

^=M-i*j ifTi \=m ^stt^ok >s?<:hj c^n«iRi^> <mc<m, ^r^f^s ^?nwR^r?T *nwr, sf^»cw-^ sf^, 

vi> : io) «=>£gR5^T f^RRTSRJ ^^T^TT sT«r ^R<Jpr C^T^^) R^ ^J%5t C^P^ I R>P( ^TR^R^T ^Ml>)C<H 
^«1<I<I1^1C^^ ^R^^T^ft f^TR^" Rbl^C<1>^ ■^V|\sRT iqrm "S<I*ir?l<t> <J>^\s R-RTT I 

fte)\slTT ^rr-n^R-r ^^mr:^^ ^F«yr ^nr, r^ f^p^ "ct^ri^rj «rR4^rr o ^nqsr ^^ Th^cvi^ ^R:^5f^ «trjt 

"5TT3"! ^^XP^ ^T5^T ~3T5F® Pp%C^ ^^fe ^3 ^fRJ^rm ^R^" ^RSfR^Tn ^^ ^e "5q-Rj^?pJ ^rR<y 

^d^-tj ^tf%^i5 ^x^" c^frt f^r ^r<r ^x^" ^rri 

■^.s^b-, 'x^r^rx^r "^s ct^: «yRix^" c^ranx^r ^-$d-H^ w^r wx^rr ^^^" c^i^ -sqr# : i^s ^«rtt 

iH- ^o I ^^T <iC\s ^tR^ C^^m >|V)Cij^ v=»\sJT^BT ^3 ^^J^ t^«TJ I 


^s» 4 ^f ■■ c^ >iv|ij<j>m ^pxINt fh^ -viz?r§: "33% ^r^r^^m ^rtt ^tr^~ , Sw wm wR?m cwc^nr , 
\smr ^st^tt ^i<i*r*T c^z^ ^R^r -^r^s -*rw<5 ^rax Sw - ^3% \5Brr wm f^ ^\<pc<-^\ i 

voo *t*f = t£|-5q^T >|V|ij ^|<t=R?«T V|-i^tf -^R^sT UN? Ctf^fT CCfZ<5 I \s^T ^Rr?t^ "3T5H® C=TRP ^Z.^ <J^F 
^MwR <I i \5T?rr v|-^jj -^fax^ ~ffw \s vif^vim ^TCW C^RT^ ^IR3T ^l>IC\s Ctf^MX<X I 

vos> '*tw- osnz<s csrvc^ ^f® (sTo^f ^hc<5 wm ^r:w ^r:w vi-^j ^a ^m ^<i't\sciTf] ^tff^Tr 

^-ICbfe.CW*] f^n»M ^X=TT "4^ C2fRl=C\s ^XC^#R?S ^-i^lT^f ^X=TT fist**® <l>f1C\s ^R^~ I 

c^s) "^3% ^^h<t»m ^xtt ^tr^", Sw wm wrt=tt ~c^c<h\ " OT«jfr C5tt# i^s=^s -tcf) ^fl? 
C8) "^ftrr •^v|\sr <^P-^o ^z<i" or^fr C5qr# ^^=-^0: -s-ttr) isr^fi? ^rr«rm^ wr;^- ^grs^r 

C^f*JfT "5qT# i^s = ^vb ^f"Pf " -sql-sR^vsfTT -^9 " Cflfe : 1^ = 8, RR- ^.=i) <i)^X sT^S ^FrM^ I ^hs> 

cay "<£(<;k ^^i^t ^R^t^ ^ni% (^tfp ^^^-" ^1^ sf\» -^t^s -gtr:^^ T^rrFFR^ T^c^ ^n^m 

Cvi>) "-sq^t^ttw \s -sqt^rm ^r:w" o^fr osqr# i^s=^^ ^rtf) ca^rc^T ^ sT^irsr ^srr'jfsT^T <3 
fw^trr ^rr-n^R^r ~^rc*u sr&^ ^r^" "S<i*ivij ctf^rR^rr ^cmos: i ^i^: ^tc^^: R^^l^r 

-=RTf ^flt «WHl^ M^t C? 1 !^ fpR^T?T ^TR^ fsr^T ^®TR^: Csf^aTsq" <1>fM= i.Q:=Q:^., sr«aT5T f^> ^fcf) I 


ib-y "wx^r ^x?r ~^WR4: ^n" o^J^r ~sqr# ;>vs=^-h *=Rf f^^trr : *®o=vs<2-, f^TR^ 8^=^ *t*r 

c^Tt^r f^r^n I^rc?jlfe.c<^-s c*r ^\?jc\s^. R^r^t ^Rrr •gfrzM ^r^w cI^^Itt ^^= ^=1^) afsrsr 1s|^= 
8=i^s t*r^5T ctfir c*r, ^rmr "strr c^rc^; "oicn^t 1% ^x^" c^ >\^c-^ oststrtt^t xstwrtt ^mr:^ , c*r^ 
^^nx 1 ^ "sqx^ c^fr-t ^rt^rr c-r^: \5r:"ct?t "5i\s ^x^r c\sivi^r c«ct -^t^qr, wrspsrr wRcnx 1 ^ ^TRc-a-a 
f%l>; ^ic>i ^rr ^rr ^^tr;^ c?x^r *jrws. , xsrsrsR sR»?r xErm^qx^ ^nsjrt esq<t*ri\s ^g" i ^t^R4: >i\?j 
<si<5% ^t^^t)^ t3=p^hx#" aR^rm ^at ^cmcs: , ^^nx^ c*m >iv|sq eg^x wkwa (tt^t *rt5-u 

cs>) "^Rr^t^ e9<pr :%5n cmz<f ^t^j ^tsqr -^i^m ~5BrR^" c^z^ ^w ^wrt: ^at oii^ wx^st 
^x^~" ccf^r "5qr# ^vs=^h ^ftf 1 tg^: <n<wf& "^fRsx^p ^-i>i^h ^m^: f^x^ erpr^s 
^cmcs: 1 ^^r wx-n >i>ivif^m EfMxsm w^j w^[ >\^m *rx?i^: srxsrm ^at ^xitxs; i 

f^mf^Tr i.i=i^ Mf% ^m ^cws. -^f ^mxsfFsr wtf^- <h : ^., ^r«ff% : ^ : <b) i^rp?. ^x?f<T c?^ 
~5Brf5 f^npfsnr: 8s>=^svb -s-ttf 1 

NASB C^T^J^mfRf) V^o-Xb-R ^8 ; «V «<2: *t*fl 

v®-^ -5fcf : i«q^RT ^sj^T ^TT^: CtrX*T f^Rs^T =TR» <P^ I TpaRr ^RT WM^T WR^tRTf -XV) ^X5T \5R?S 

*s*Itst c<F3 ^it ^srt c\sivi<^r >srMc\s ^tm c*r, -n^rsr <fr^t <j*r:^; ^x'tc^; i 
*4 ^r^f s- wr^w \s ^RRft cm ^x<r t%^ ^®rr5q~m ^^^ S^Ihh ^^trpx^ i 

^.8 : ^s^ ^fcf §- "^5fsT -Jfr^t^" <4^ "5twl^ ^9^^: ^»R:<I "5qT# i^=^.b— ^s-^ ^£(^K =35^ ^i.=^S>- ^s^s 

f^Mxa^ >iv|ijd<^ Pith's ^r^" ^sfR:^^, ^t^t ^rr«rR^r >iv|ijd<^ ^n^c\s ^tR^ i ^-^ -rrre; -^paf^r 

^tR5x^x=t?t ^RMtftw^ ^T^t^sR>r ^ffw^nx^ ^f%^m ^x?r ^gw ^x^" i <^^ -^strt J f% i ^T^t^'JRr ; f^ 


sj-sxm-si ~^rz^ f^^i^Hc^m >iv4>ut ^cm?. c*r \5R?r <n^c<<^<:<p- fSRiwxcr^T f^^fi^ ^i%^m ^x="t 
Tfrf% ^r:^t i 3jNsfir° \st?r ^rai^: ^^t ^sr:^; i 

%^r ^ft*r^: '*^n" <!.c® ^x^~ i 

(io) "tt^i^t ^"st^t t^nr c*r*Rr<r" ctr^f "sqr# i« : »o *t*f i ^fii 

*». ^t^tst "sq-^sjj fsrPfS' 1B^ ^c=-r R^stn ^srr'^rsT^ 

•^8=^)8= <^; ^ftf ^sr>t ^ fe io -gt=^i?^ c^rsqr^ ^tm^ 5 " "Gi^Bic^-M ^MfR^r R^-*nc<^vi ^ttr;^st 
*r°x*R?r ^p^R5: Pich-H <jr:^ti "5Ra am ^^rr^t^r -^c^I^.c^h ^3=^> ^tf^ptRtc^ ifRp- fg^ N,K,L,W 

N,B ^^x D, Dlatesseron ^^x .sfRp- "sj^t R*j?j<i^ ^x^rr ^?R f^nrRp, ^Rid-n^, ^1>i>gvi i<q^x 
-p^m^rr ^rt^ fsrRffl* csq^sr <jo^rg <t>c-sM i ^fl? ~wc^ ^rr ^^Rf5 vj=-iT<%(Tr c*tr> ^sreR^sr 5£~f^» 
(Orthodox Scribe) wrr «t^ f^Rs^^cr-a R-skwi srcINt ar^s^p cwbt o^str ^c^cs: i co^r-? = 
The orthodox corruption of Scruplare , Bart , D Ehrman , PP 91- 92 , Published by Oxford 
Univercity Press , 1993 ) 

c») "o£7^ i&r-~/j- /3>-zp> c^rr^<i-^ ^tsttt ^/\^>' t£i f^r ^^Rfl* 1%c~t^ x<rf~fST ^rm 
wSr wx-n<T v|\»^ -yrwr^r wto ttmx=t *f® ^MR^r c^>b- ^ftf) 

^.8=^ss> ^rcf= <^: Rbi^fD N^R-^i^ld^r^ sr% "^r^x^r ^^m ^-^ilTl ^<ik c*r*i t^&m i 

^T3tr ^z<i i ^sr jjlo-ii<i* ^?R5T ^?nx5s; <£i<p>&T~\c^ c^r^sTrr ^x^" ^t^tj ^-^c^ c*pc°*\ ^^msirr 

^RSTTf' ^T«aRJT ^^U ^SfST C<P OEFX^T ^rTGTTr ^^R^T ^[rm ^R^ C^X& f^XTTf^T ^T«aRJT ^^n^t 

sr^^ ^tr^t^ c^xrrfl^T C5=rrt> 1% c^tr< ^^x ^®m ^ff%^ix^^ ^^m f2R:"cf >c f ^x?r ? ^gRs^ 
(Tn^r i 

^^TG >\Q< io=^\s,ivb = ^8, -^8=^)8 ^Rl"Cf^ ^TRsir ^p^r# ^S= t£|<T?. (TT^T ^?R ^TT C*l, "5t^S ^RHT 
^C^Tfe.C^^T ^1vbl\sfvbC\s R2pX^ ^l>IC^" 1%^ "5rRr tf^R^P^ 'HZ<! f^R^R:^^ ^?R ^5T ^ST?T 

cwRic\s ^R3^m t%^nr <i^\s -^t^s^ f^R^r ^sRic^s t%^T i 


NASB C^sn^TMW) VM<lb>-< : ^8 = ^svb- 8i ^ftf I 

c<t=<i<^ "Rtof^: ^stch-h i 

^st^= ^rtf= <]^qxr wrc-^m f^r ^£=-110® c^rm: wreTCw ^tt off-ft ^r^® c^tr^p ^irsTrr t^sttt 

^ss>=^rcf= c^r ^rt^ ^^t ^i"c^r ^sfc-crsT >mi^<:<p ^if^R^r f^rnr en^r c^ ^rt^ c^ ^rt^ "obit 
R>§^ <a<Hd\s ^tm^r^rr vj-^j -^s wmre f&p c^ -a<i*vi^. ^£<i i 

8o= ^fxf : \5^M ^SR £<=-1l<t> "5TR^ siTF-F£^~; ^1^- vsm£<1» C^r^TTT ^£<T <^XX ^^?T vaM£<F C^C<^ 
^T3TrT ^£<T I 

8i ,: ^fpf= -cjw^ Jft c=Tf^- Tsft^t ^sjm£<i; ^)<p etHCT c^r^Trr ^x^ ^xx ^t^j *s?h£^ c^c<^ ^^n^sTrr 

•fjfg-FRTr^T w^j ^f5 ^^f5 <j>T2>-h\svi <rfsm '"s^rsr ^nr" ^T^f ^w1^ "5fRR^ c*mt <p^t ^rrf^T "5ff^r= 
•^8=^svb (<ft^t c^Ft^r Eirft^T 1%^: ^R^tj<p t<^\<$> wr%^t str^ ^^H^-i ^^° R»^ ^R^tp<p c=tr^ 
c^tr:^?t ^^rrm >ivictt RmRns ^xTrft^T i c^sso -^pri^s^r f^nrcsr^ >ivic?j^ vShk-sm <u<i^m ^?rr 

i. ~c^ 7,<Ftt >iv|sj/ ■s^z&B sf^zs l^Pc^ ^rprm i 

•^. f^rTr <ct>^. c5rEf<ycsr ct c^T^ ^i^5T ^ilB-nr ^f^:^" i 

NASB C^t^T^rr'nW) V^<b-^: -^8= 8^- 88 ^f^f I 

8-^. ^rtf= ^®r^: ^1% ooivi^r >ns<$ siiw, ^rn^i osTsqiT: 15 ?^ sr^ c^t^t f^r ^mi>hc<-s ^t osrsq^t 
8^s ^tcf= \s^^ c\sivi^r ^i^: ^psirr o&r^, ^ic^^ ^^ ^^rf^ wrc®^ (<ft^t ^tsttt cct^ ^xi>)c<r ^kw 
88 ^tcf= C5^ ^f^j osivxivs si^sss saiBP ^t^f c^r >ivicij^ <^^rr c\sivi^r fe^r ^s <t>^c<iHr c^ft 

wTf5T=n" i ■ j iwf^ =1^ i-^=^ss>- so **uyvss ^tr^ fsr^r i f^wfr* sr^t% «art<Fm ^^m t^stbt ctf^GTrr 


vi^<ufD <p?rr ^zTrf^r o>fi» fsr«or sjhc^ix c*j ^^r^^Brft? c^^gttt ^ztr:^; c?tf&\3 fsr^jrr) 

■^8=88= ""c^rsnrr st^® «jt<p" ^^: ^r^f^sbfe.rD <]\svir^r ^srf^'crH >it><p ^i<pt C"sqr# :>^>=g-,s>, -^) 

8^b ^ftf = G5^ Wtt «r^qj, ^R^P ^STeT V|1h<I &i7P^ f^^S wft^ <FTW <1*<1C* Ctf^lT^^T I 

3b- ^ftf= 1%?g 2f<3, C3^ *rPT "tJ^fW WF?T C?T "5q7^T "5R;^T <1<=1<=1, xsrTSTBT V|f^<| ^srPTC^ (^fift 

(to ^ttf= 1%?g c*r f^r \s c?r >ivid?j^ <ps!fl" c^f^: wtt fdsTs <^^i<i<i ^rr ^<r° ©iHd<« ^rr c^ t^r 
a> ^rtf= \s^r^r RjTh ^iw c<to? 1><Mr 1><Mr <^??t vs^^-a -sq-R^r ^ ^r^f fW <i>-eic<m i 

srm^TR^^: ^^r^r^r^ <^d^dfe.H i "sqfsj- ^.g-:^ f$m ^.= f^#rrr f^t^r ^s=8 ^rtf) 

C5^ >|V|SJ \»m "5rfi^q- <SXZ^f ^TfW?T ^(KIH l" 

Ci.^.) "^»^bc^^ ^Tfr:«f' ce-i ^ftt) =g^ ^-^=8^ ^t^cf^s ^^^ ^-ac-s-f] ^tr^: "^R-^r^t" 


Ci.«) "iJfTo *I*(C® «aTf^n" ^fi* <TMTf%® ^sf**T<TT "sq^r ^TT 5 

^i^M^r <p?rr 

<*if& ^rwrss^rm i£i<Ffi? f^<p f^^r^rr ^sr^ ^rm w?r ^^ c*r, xsrM^rm f2R:w^ <h^.c<j=i ^M-i^Tcr 

^shco-iio®^ b<=-ic® ^z<! i ^i^.c<i<^ ^^x ^tf^a v»ii\s4f^: ^rr^r^Tm ^-i<iRTf ^sm^tj ^x^~ i isfi? 

^t^^tr^" Pri'^r^p^ fH<t»l5 c^x^s ctf^GTrr 1%<f <ic<Mf i 

tg^: spfi N^ic^ib-^m Prsrr ^x=Tm "srwrcsr <i^.c?q<i ^rx^t^t RiRs^ eTstt^t f^nr ^st^r^ ^rm^TT 

i. tg^: xstsjtrtpst ^rr«rm^r ^Sd^-tr r¥? 

i«^ ^t*ixrtp?t ^rR;«y fsr^r <p&-\ i 
3. ^8 ^R'tf^ "sto -^s c<p^t wr^nf!* ^rg^m <^c^cfe.c^T ? 

b-. i«q^: ^rx^t^t sf^rt^r f^nr 1% ^tr^" cwm c^s^rr ^cmos: ? cso:- <£;> -st^f) 






Tf~t -3>V||<J]f) T|^ 

*— -. *-~- 

<~~- *~~- 

T^«r -3>vii51<^ 

-aji^vjhs *s 

ir*1varH <t>HJlfl 

■^.<2: : i- i^S 


<aj^T^H <^ch^ 

^fW ^.<2: : i- <2- 

>llC*-*l^ M^ 

-g>V|l<J]f) T|^ 

^TR^T -^Q: : i- i^S 

■^.<2: : vb- i-^. 

^.<2-=i- i^S ^fCf 

■^.<2: : i- i^S ^fcf 


^.<2- = i^S 


H^^W M^ 

k^^n "Asa 

H^^W Vl*l 

Ks-S vsr-s Tld>lf1 

^■^>\sl<^ ^1«) 

■^.<5: : i>8- *®o 

^Ct-^8- *o 

■^.<5: : i>8- *o 

^tW ^.<2- : i>8- ib- 

■^.<5: : i>8- ^SO 



^ *— . 



■^.<2- : ^Si- 

>|V|^J >arlR>f1 


^S<^\s^l t 1 HbN 



1<lfc>1-S H<2: : ^Si>- 80 



■^.<Sr : ^Si>- 8^ 

■^g-^;.- 80 


■^(J^i.- 8Vb 


■^.<Sr : 8i- 8^b 

^f5 ^t^m^rm ^^f5 ftr^lH oth^tt ^r^ ^rm wt <a^: c*r wM^Tm f2R:w^ <n^.<:<j=i -^-i<iR:"ff 
^^■^ ^tf^a ^rfsrm^: wM^mr ^-i<iRTf^ ^st-ji^t ^z<i i wm^tr^ ^fi> f^ 5 f^^r^p^ Pi<m5 

^Tf^t^ f^n»fc^BT ^tr:^ \g<=-Mf <p&~\ i ^1-idbfe.^rD sf<Ft^T ^?rr ^1h 1%f! ^rr "sr^r R*in> c^^rf 
^c^-i «rc^dfe.H o*if5 ^»-i<iH<t>cH< w^qr <j*f2>H i sfc\sj<^ ^-^cbfe.^^. ^^fl* ifir^pfi? t^nr <r^ ^k<f i 

8. ^\SJ^1 I 

^.bfeiR^r ^tt^T^T <t>f1C\s- ^"5q^T f% ^sBT *SMT ^\sJ R?ff%^ ^d\s &F§F5 ^Tl<J=C\s ^X^" I 
•^Sr : i- i>^>, *.<2: : i.8- >®o) TprT® "STR^T >NsjTSR^ "S^lH^ ^1<<X-s1 "3=rRrRl^T ^llB-HT C^Z^ 

c^h) «s- 88 ^r^f "5q-R?# (^r^: i Synoptic z^ ^9^^: *ifio4-si c*jvjh =^^ : 

^r^f o ^r^f^s"^5^?^ **f^5T 


nasb c^f^r^rr-m^f) \=i<m : ^s : i- :>^ ^t^f i 

i ^fcf : C5^ ^T5qc?T ^^-Jm ^T5rl ^"ST^T -Pr^fW^T Oicsgf) "Spo ^X^" ^^tt^Tf ^1^-51^ ^sTC^ ^"RtZTT 
>olH<m W^TJ ^Tf1% f^TdT ^1^3T C^t^T I 

vs -s-ttf = <jJ^tC1h cvidig-ar <rt1^ f^r ^c© f^n. ^r:w ^??t os^t f^r^ ^rr i 

8 -fcf = <^PsnV|R> C5qXTT^T \stW3 <rTl%*T "3TCW ^ft^Ta ^3T C®==T ^S fSq^T I 

& ^fcf : ^?T ^l>IC\s CH?1 ^GTITC® ^ST?JT laflC® Lg^lCvs ^f^l^ ! gfsR3T " s *f^5= s T I 

>t> ^fcf= -^tc^r -^rw^rus fB^^m ^^tt cn^r, '<% "c^r^r <t<t ^i>icfe.H'. ^src^ ^fsTcir -©ii-k:^ 

h ^t^= '^sr cs^ cvic?j^t ^z$> \stwa <rrf^ f^p <p-s=i i 

•br -=tcf= -aJ^iClH-sir, -11^1*4 Fsch -a <<=-i<=-i, c\s|vir^t^ os^t c*ic<f ^x 1*4 n^r?! 1%h; c^q, ^t^t 
^®rr5qiT:w^ <rff% Pr^» ^^m^s; i 

os^t f^oi ^rrs i 

(MCM-at sr^s f%o=T \»m <c-s4-s4 ^r:w f^rc^r <n>S1cvs en^r i ^®t<tt ^rai^: c«\s« c^n^r *t?r 

i^ ^fcf= vB^C^T ^sT <]<^C<^^T, '>|R>J <<=-lf^., n^ITv) CSTSTRTf IblH-HTl' 


isrp?. arrifR .sfN* "^n^ <c^^ ^nr:«y ctf^rr <t><c® ^i^x^r c*jc\s-s i" c^wf^: ( Bezae) ■ifN*' ^tt^ptf^f 
(D) ^^x =-ij i1T5h, 1>iR?jR> (Syriac), c<FMfir<F (Coptic) ^^x wfcviR^m ^-i^T^^f^r "*T**rr*i**r 
^rrz<s ift<p ^cftj ^f^rc^f ^Rc^t (Origin) I ^mrfRirm (Athanasius), ^CTpfrsr (Crysostom), 
r*rc*Tr5T <£><s% ^rr-nf^r «<i<iBt ^c-acfe.-H ^i<i% <pc^c<f ~*3^ <pcac^-^ 1" ^fi* \s^r^: f^rc^p^ fwz<i 

C^o) "K^f^tr ^i~ztf^T ^ST^T^T ^(Z^ -5^s-sto/fig<=-y <-£7^TZ? ^ST/S^S" •ZS-^F* 

"st^^r^ 5 " ^urc^rm w^tj -^mf&x® - sr^R>c<t^ cwr® ctf^sTrr ^xtr:^; i 

-5<^-.S>-5 "v=v//w <rvsYS7-^"^5r /5/^-yf" sf^t%^ ^sr^m >a?M\s <Fl-s)Ol^ t%^ W^rf®*]^! 
i.. ^^T >a?--l>lRTBRR ^^f5 aRFPtr t^P^if® i 

•^. ^^r ^^pf5 f~pEo\s, ^-wr^n-ao^ «nfsj<t> wta "*tmr i ^s^rt 

^^>\< RjhH? R^c?j^. ^tf%^f^®t^ smqTsf^T ^d^d^: i ^ai^s^ Pnrcsr "wptt" ^r^fi^ <jif«»^« 
^p^hx#^ *n-sMin? <u<i^m ^p^t ^cmcs: i c^iR= s : i>, frr^ : ^.-(ty -§f§T^ «r^ ^#n ^rm^rr ^Tftw^s 

NASB " >ns<^ «sTR5, ^^m^r G^ft: tw=r ^t >ivic?j^ <^sarr osrspsrr ^tr^tt " 

NKJV "c^ w^r (^r*r vj-^j ^na c^r f^r:^T 1% ^fc® ^tptc^^t ^t osrspsrr ^tr^tt " 

NRSV "d>i^. w^r ^fsr ^nf^nrr «arr^^, cs^ f^r ^r c^ ^rsnr ^rpT^rr " 

TEV " T^f*r , ^ra^ o®ivj<t cj^ f^r ^r g^ >iv|ij ^sni^n- " i 

JB "3£s-siR ^nf^tm ^^tf^, <Fm^r ^fsr c^ f^r ^t >ivi?j wr^tc i" 


~p*r >®wf5 snft^r .iffa* -^mgfsrRtr^ o^em t%^ =m P". N.A. B.C. DLWX <^<jk Y ^<t° Y 
^^~G=rr <min?H, T>i^i<i>, ^^^ttl^^f, xsrfcviRi^m ^<w i ^^fe^ir^" <t^iT ^^rm ^^r "sqi^r f^tRm 

nasb c^sn^r^mrp^o \=«m : c-^q:=;>8- iir) 

>>& '"fnf- C^ T^TP^RTf^" *it=>V|\sr ^M«i>irc?T foPl ^<J»SrMC^" -s^tf^nwBT, ^^varHC^P "^ ^Twm ^3 

v,^ -sfcf = (-jj ^tf^ ^rsrm 15WT c^f^r C5=r o ^^5: wr^- ^ii<:<ir ~*£ ^wm t^r^ft =rr^ <p-s=i i 
v, H -5fpf = c^ -c^' ^snwm l5Rqn c^t^r C5=r ^e jcr^: wr^- wr^r -cj^nwm t?rft ^tt^ <i>^<^ i 

^uym ^tr:^ "TT^tr -ac^c^; i ^c-s<i> ^s~£=rr >ifRp -ti^pif^m "3tr*iR5: ^t^m^ ^w i i-s ^ttf ^-^^iilTl 
;>. -^\s^id>i^ "5qiRi<t> ^r^Hx^ ^*rt ^?rr ^cmcs: i ^. -^\s^i>irD ^rf^^s JfR^ ^tr;^ -^Ri<i1\s\s 
^ztr:^; \s«iiTRi" "srRr ^tstwr^^ ^^-^r-t ^-i?iR^ ^•si^oi'^ -^^m sr^arm "stg^th^m t^str 

^r^ic^^ w^a EtfoI^rH i^IhiRi ^rt^ ^^ i R.S.V. ^^ -^if'Sl^r ^-^*ji*H- "arm i-s 
^^x^ wf^^ wf?r<p ^3,Tvi<i>cw^ T&t^u ^iit ^?fl- ^^i 

^^ : -s»fxf §- c^r -cj^psn^ T?i<Fr c^tc^lfe.^ c^ ^~u^ <]<^<^, xsrf^ff^r ^rrsqir^^ "cj^rsrm t^i^t 
f^irf^^T^ i ccf^r ^nfsr ^®m^T T^^rsrm iswr ^rr^ ^^^f% i 


<p>Q>^ (,<r\\<p i wMf^r t*t^tr:^t ^ftw c^rh-hIh t^tstr-t c^ir^f ^frt^t ^^x c^str^t fe.vt>Mf^T c^t^tr^ 

e2$z<F <jj^rt i 

■^o: ^tcf = "4^ w^tj ^ilvi w^q- ^ztt ^i^x^t f5T?3T "stiITSc^ xsrM^rm T?wr <=iR>cTr c?R^flTfe=Tr5r i 

■^q: : -^8- -^o: ^fcf= w\>\c^s\ t^rRfgJz^ "^r^sr ^«TN" ^>~te<s <t*rt ^c^-hIh I (<^ c*r^ ^q^: -?m 

nasb c^sr^mrmo ^rt^Mi^ ^gt^^- ^v ^1 

<ipif5T c^tstr^t <Fifi? ^rm c^r^TR:^ ^^r^fSr c^tstr^t ^?rf^: 1 

■^h ^fcf= \sR<t?="t "sq-f^TST^RTf^ ^fr^; N^ivim t?rpt wsrT ^mI^t (<p^t ? ^»r ^-ac^-i ost ^iTvi ^~c^r 

T5l<Ff3TG C^t\5T5T J£rex ^R:w t%^; "^pTQ C^t^TST l' 

•^.b- ^rtf= \sm^ 1%1^t ^hjct-s] <i<^c<^^t, c®T5tw ^s^ ^^; c«r^f T?wr ^st^tt f^mr ^^mr 
-cm^iwm t^rft wr^; ^iw wr& i 

■^<2: = ^H ^f"tf : "^pf' 

N A S B C^sn^TT-JfRf ) ^HT^^tt^ 1 ^-^- *o ■vftf i 

■^s> ^t^f = ^^rm wr^; ^r:<f wR3rr ctf^GTrr ^x^s "®rm ^sr^ wrt ^rh^i* ^c< i 1%ns ^^rm c^: ^st?t 

^^n ^str:^: ^re \sm ^ft^: c^z^ f^rcs c^r^Trr slz<s i 

*o -s-ttf: iSc x5T«=>rcfT<r i; fT5TC^" csrsq^T ^i^x^ ^^^r^ ~c^pc^ ot^s; c^r^rR:^ ^Ft^n<t>in? ^p^^" wm 

■^or^fe *irr : "^^rm ^^^s wr^; ^r^^- ^tr^t ctf^sTrr ^x^"" c^trr "srN" : >^>=i^., "5q-p^= s=^q:, =^i= 
^s=«o ^tcf= "<if ^sr^tcn<r ~ctptc^ osrsq^r ^i^c^ ^^^r^ c^pc^ wv<3; c^r^rR^r ^tr^f ^rsn^in? 


£t*r-<s3T?Tm ^ic<=-iit>-HT : 

^ico-iio®^ b.<^d\s s[z<s i ^i^.d<i<^ ^^x ^rf^a ^i\®m^. wf^Tm ^M«i<TCTT ^st^rt ^z^ i 

^rr^r^TT^^p ^f5 f^rc^rc^^ R<tM5 csr^s ctf^sTrr fiW ~*zzss tti 

.^1^: sfsarsq- ^ic<^ibHm f^^m ^r=Tm "srwrcsr <i^.c?j^ ^srt?*^ f<f«»( sf^n^ t^nr ^st^tt «rm^rr 

c-^o ^>mjmj ^vs -^s ifiRrs. ^.« ^tsotit ^s"c=tt R^r^t <-3^ ^Fm ^sf^r^ ^tr;^ "^mptr o^^rrz^ i 

c^s) ^t^s •Uri'INt f^p^r ^»-i>)R^T >^>ivii^m c^^r^n^ ^srsjsrtfSr^ ^tt Th<ii>h, ^R^fw ^^x 

^rrwR^rm c^^f^tm ~c^ vSf^fB <u<i^m ^d-ac^-i ^sr <3T*frr ^?r i 

c^so ^t^t "^t^s fnc^^. c^Tf=rr^1% ^»r;^" wt^^R-h f^nr f^rcs ^^x "sh^ft v^1<c->i< ^ttr^p 

■vftz.' p P3 ^^x ^c^-i^r f^nr f^rcs <f*$\ <c= r \c^-^ i ^^T "*fhs ^ <ix "^t^s ^^n f^ff^r ^s^ er^r t^&m 

^nr f%^j n»i\s^ ~csi<t> ^r»^R^ ^s osrps fac^i <Fvrr <k:<=-i cfe.-j i 

c^:) i^ ^i^r^st^T ~sre=T ^rr i^^H ^R:"cf^ >)^<:«m <r*f=rn ^^pt^ ^r^t^S ^mftr ^r^tt 

<t i d^Tfe.d^-H ^i^ ^tr; 5 ^ ^TT^tr ^d^d^: i 

C^) ■§(% RbW<l> f^TR^T C^rm^T 1 <2r : ^.^, -^H "5rRr= iVb^H, C2f%o= io=8^, ^TT ^P^ : 

C^s) ^sh^sT ^Fr: 5 ^^ -5TTsjTC5q" CGEf%o= iH : ^si>, C^T^t : ^ : i.^) 


«i ^fcf= V|-^jj «?£a TJTSpg ^-J1^\sCW^ ^TCW f^TClT ^«M f^R:w^T -srf^srm ^1>IC<M \s^T l^f^T 

c^»wr xsrm ^rt*5T=^ ^mp^t <jr??t os^ff^j f»Pi ^w c<^i<}>c^^ "cjwr:^ ^i^-ip^t ^-sr^-h i 

•^0:=^)^ "^t^j^j ^s" ^i^s^t PT5T5T ^-i>iiT3T v)-^j ^s ^r^ffi* "5qi-sR<t> f^TR^" <F^rR^ ^^rm^r 

"^■^m C5r?r ^r:«y ^c^cfe.H i "tnf^= <v;>^ ^ftfi R>1h ^^t ^tf^a ^Thr ^c^-a ^tr^ c<^i<j>c^t^ 
t^^m <^-sr\» ^i>icfe.H i "5rRr= ^Q:=vsi,, ^-sq- f^rsp s=i.^s- it- ^tcfi 

□ "3T5q^® ^nrr i^s^nr \»m ^tr^' ^c\s^r ^z^\ >ivic<i\s ^rtt <ftw ^?r<i 1 \5T?rr arra^: 

la^^rna &s^ ca^"^ ^rsrr ^rtt <i>ic<ih f^is ^a<i»sr-M Rt>w<i> f^^rR^ i Cis^v- ^ftf) 
•^0:= ^s^. ^rcf= "3T5tsj ^str% ^m >i-HL.c^f >ivic<]\s ^r^- i" ca^: ^tf^5t^ >i^<\s 5 ©-=T5tt ^tit t^5 la^pf^ 
^srr*i3T^^ f^nr ^^: ^rsq^ ^ni% ^®r®ws^ <^^t ^cmcs: i ^^rmr "^o ^^"° wtt^o ^®r«aRT ^s^rna ^^rmr 

WlR\s \sR-crfT <SrHJ^. I 

i-^=i- ^s ^a^"^ "5qTaT : i& : 8- ^) Rst^l ^fff^T^^ f^p«T^nflt t^^rR^ v5~RFT z^CMCs: I 

t^^T^T =tc^^j Ibl*3\s ^?rr ^^: ^'S^^ c*jvjh 

H=-^i- -^^s) ^ «j^ch^ f^^m >i^<i\s ^llvi\s t^r ^rmr ^oiRi^m ^i^r^ ^t ^pTartsR^r 
^rmr ccnrf^ >]^^r° ^^tsqii^^ wt "sqtf^^ ^^rsq-m ^rR^y^: ^m=ftj ^str^i csqi^-: ioo 


□ "R>1h si c\sj c<t^ iiq-^F ^sr^m c^r^<^ ^^\^ <i>^c<i-s" i wf^i^ fsr^r -n^r \s ^trnqr ^nc>i^ 
-i^&m C"5rRr= i\s=^s- «o, v®^- s^o c~r?r f^r ^rr ^^sttt ^rt^ «^s>t<pr ^?rr ^z<j ^m s^^r 

o»m ^?tc<t 1 ^^n^iq ^si\s<u c^r ^sg^rna ^-ac-H-a t^Rtifr i 

□ "ttst^ -^tr^pp- c^sr\ ^3 ^m <c\» -^sii<p <^c<m" ^^^ csr^r^tr^pp f^rrc^r ^^to^t f^nrcsr 

cspEr ^tt^pp *q \B^spvi csrt ^ft^pp ^tr^" ~^c»3r3 f^5Br ^^(K-h c^r "5=p=«^# <r*f^rr ^sTT 
^c?jc^: i ^^^: Ri*j?jf5 -tfh® >id^(i?j^ wto w%rs arcrrm ^c-aca.H i 
Ci.i.=8- is, c*tt^r : i>o=) 

c*jvih : "sbt ^r»^rt^T ^sbt ■^v|\sr ^^x ^&vss <i>\jas i 

nasb c^t^r^rmw) ^rtjMi^ ^ ; «8- so ^tcfi 

os ^r"cf= ^^^ix^ ^nwr \sm wt^ rtrc<M c<^i<t=(m^ <i<=-ic<m, 'c\sivi^r ^^mrr ^ivim f^sn 

^rr^fWr^f c^xtt^:, ^^i w?ic\s-s] ^i-ac^ c*r ^rsri cststtcct^t w^tj sn§f« ^rrt ^rarr ^xirc^: \sm 

^svb ^fpf : ^r^r^ ^sftf^T ■jtr:^ Hs.s-1 rsr ^^r <fm^s ^tff^5rf^^r ; ^^^i^t "®pg^ ^Tjf^rrsr ^^r ^ivim 
«v ^ttf= ^^ai^r^: ^t ^rr^t^m:^^ wf%f^r I^tr^" ^n^riT f^xTrf^TTsq", t%x^r ^rff% -m^iT cttx^f 

^T^H^S ^tf^TT f^TfST ? 

so ^rcf= t«]^ ^3R3T ^T5?r \s^r^ \5R:^^ <i<^d<i-s, 'wffsr csrsqir^r^ >i\sj^. o=ilfe., ^ivim ^^: 

Y H W H ^rrmzTT f2R:^f \s ^rsrm -sr^ ^«irr <ic<^cfe.-s, ^t^i^t ^i^: ^«^d1^ -^t^s^ ^t^tj <u<]^m ^p^t 


□ '^fvj c*r N»iivim t^toR^p ^sn^NTtw <i i C^Ife.c<^" \5T?rr ^51 c® ^rr^fwt^ c^txTrf^r isrp?. 
i,-sr fsH\5^T= i=i^- ^.o, ^f<Fff^T= ^^■■kr ^rtf) ^^jR^ fsr® t^r ^\sj^ >iT5p?j c^nf^h ;>=;>) 

^TSTTC 1 ^ "^t^S ■fftrS' ^rlvidur^ 2f1-s1£<t> sffi^sT C^P= ^. = 8- S>, i>o) ^vfRClH f^^m "spo 

^srivii^^. w^r \st ^c^ffex^ i ^g^TR:^ 'M^s 7 *!^!^" ^t "^st^" ~p*rfi? xspg^tr^: f^^T^t <r?uyv3 
*<c\\c^ i C"5rf$r= i.o=8o) -ffhss <£(<!% \sm ^-i^^H ^i51ch^ ^m^tj CG£t1%s : s.^.^^.^^^s) 

ifiRPv ysj" <p^= b-=i>-^ I ^<t=vsr^c<pr ^rr^ Ctf^STTT "5TRR ^3^?JC<t>^. <U~M\ O^GTTT >si<P'&t^C^ 

^rr^fww ^s^t -5TRR ts^^c^^ ^srp^Wfw ^^Ti 


NASB C^^TSTTfTW) ^fT^tT^ ^<2: = 8i.- 8<& ^ftf I 

8i> ^t^-. -sf^ i%f5f \sbt ^t Thc<i>-si c=n<i>cw^ <=-i<:-<m, '^x^: wf%^r<s x^rx^aT, N^tvim <fi^: 
^sbt "5r:«h "^ttg i 

8^s ^rcf= -?t«r wf%f^r ^xrrf^TTsq" \s«m wt^r?]" wTofsr, ^r^r^ ^rff^r ■^rR^rf^TTsq" \5^r wr^nx^ 

ctf^ix® - ^ref^r i 

88 ^rtf= \»^r «m \s~x^ <<=-ic<r, sf^ ^f*i^t wM^rm f^rxr <n t^r^rpTr e=*rx5x^; csrc^, 1%n^t 

n=mR>T^t ^c^ca.-H c*TX*r, 1%x^t ^rtf^r ^nxsr c*rx*r, f%x^r ^pg^ ^t osf^rsrpmr wx^r cwx^ 

8(2: ^ttf= ^s=C^T R>iH vsRtt^T <1<=-1C<1H, ^Mlt*4 C\stV|RTf^ >|R)J^. <Mfte>., OSTSpsTT ^T^M <4^ ^TTsql^TJ 

8>t> ^rcf= xsm^m "^t^s ^^c^-h, '^^: c^tx^stt ^h^ ^nf% 7:^7:^ ■mw 1%^ <i? ^^ ^w 
c=TX^srr n^h^ #w csrr-n <i»<c® ^rx^~ i 

■^Qr=8i. ^rtf= "^7^ f»Pi ^m ^r i^x^-a cstx^ct-s] <i<=-ic<m, N^tvim <fi^: c*yx^ osrspsrr ^ 

ctfiri "5rRr= <v^©, =3^= i^s=^H ^ttf 1 "^r^sr "sn-i^cw-^c^ 5 " -h-sic<» czr^r ^xa ^m \srm^: vsrttst 
fspsr^ wto ^tmx^ ^stx 1 ^ 1h<ii>c^t Thc^ct-sx^ ^t^x^p c^r^r ^wz<i 1 

□ Accursed ones cwf%^TT^f .sr^srD ^1^ ^xz-n^os <ij<i*3\s PERFECT Passive 
PARTICIPLE. i«)fi? <j<i>-sic-4-si fw^p- c«i?^p <^i^ ^Rkkc^ f<r»»( ^tstctt f<r»»( 

*P<=ri\*P<r\ f^3=rR^" ^^^ir:^ ^e ^=rc^: c5=r^"c=Tm ^p^ht^" <c^\ i ^twl^ ^i^.d^^ 

R*i?jn? Pic^r c<y^^ sr^rf^t^® ^xtr:^: 1 C8^.=8«) 

"sqi-ic*)^ ^sr^r t^sft f^r ^rr, 1%^ ^-ffhr i^sd^r^ >srHJ^. b«51 ^p^t ^XTrft^ 1 

^s v^csj^ <^m^ ^sx=tt "sn-i<:*« ^fxu^ ^"*f^rm "aro c^pt ^h^t c^r^: ^^° ^i^.c<ki<^ \s ^-sq^r c^r^r 
^FT^pflt ^rm^TT ^c^\ «rs^m "sro ^r«aRT RRsw *j<^i<ij ^.r^\s ^sx=tt ^c<^ «rat ^rrf^f 1 
t£i ^^ch^ wf?^nx^T ^-=h<]5- srm^rT ^sx=tt ^rr^sfirr ^:^f^ "5j\s R^-*nc<^cvi^ ^-^fii^c^ t^x^rrsq- 
^rrsq^" -=^\s ^c\s ^m^p c^^rr ^rfxsr -^rafi>\s c?t§; >\<p^ ^n^nx^ ^rr° "5t^s o arm >ivi?q <^<yr 

<10-1Cfe.-H I Ct^P^ 1 *«=i8, >i>>i> : ^.8, ~5q-f^|^= io,i^; <2-=^.^., -H : iS>; i>S : 80,8^,5o; il^=V— S>, R«tl<rf : 
H- Sf^T : i8 ; io, iS>; -^.o; ^.o=i,o,i,8, i><2-, ^.i : v) 


>nsj\sR^- ^-ic"5TTf^^ ^?r?t Tgf^j tiq^x ^r^p?t «rm^rr ^^~° t^r^n ^t^mt^" >M>j\sm w^qr i ~tfRs 
wfw#trr ^rpj r^r^t ^s^c\s^. ^^: ~p*f -^f^r <u<i^m <mc\sh i P»Pi srm^ ^r<aRT T=t^TR3r?r c<r*R 

^(t-8'i> ^rcf= "^^: c=tr^^t ^h^ ~rtf% c^rus ^r:^\ t%^ <jes> -^t^st \»w x=tr^^t ^^® wto 
c^m <^-ac\s ^m^" i" R*^n5 ^^^ ^<^vi c*r, .sfR^ ^r^f c*rsr®^5° ) ^-jr^- Ib^-^iSI r^rc<t <t*Rtt 
<^d^cfe.-^ cc*m^r= ^s=ivb) -H-ac^-a *sr% ^g Ib-a^iHl 1^tr^~ stcttm ^?r ^cmos: osqT# : s.=8b-, 
2Rfr*Rs= ^o^o) T^tfHd?j<^ : i^=^ ^uyr ^t^w^x^~c^ «nrsj<t> ^e -cjg ^^ztp^ w^t^: ^~*Rrr ^st 

^r^r^ h-ew* ^s^srra" 1%csT€t c<^i<t=cw^ w^jj^: ^TfE?#RT ^nr 1%^ ^fi? "^h^srsr w^tj \s i -^t^st vj-^u 
^i% <^c^cfe.H \sm ^1% ^uS-hrt ^qsjw r^^tr^" i ^i^i^r ^5b^ Efi\svfFoc\s^. ^i% ^zirft ^^x \sm 
T3=rfi^:^tJ^: ^ivj^r ^m ^tr:^ ^-K^f^Rst =tr» ^f% i ^>^ -sq-r^R^F ^t^t c^rr-m ^r??t 1h<h>-h 

(/sr^r^^t i -^^<ii carf=rr "^h^srsr ~swRH^ o$z<f : ?jw <^cs: ctt, c^f^r ^si ^x^" ^rr i 

£M "5R^TT^Tr : 

<xrR> ^rwrssirm ^^RR> fw<F Rrtt^rp ^r^ ^rm wt ^i^: c*r, wr^RTR<^ Rw^ ^i^.c<j=i ^-i<iR:tf 

wic^-iic-s^. b<^c\s ^x^" i ^ti^c^s-i ^9^"° ^ff^a ^1n®i?j^. ^rr'^H^rm ^-i<iR:tf ^m-n^r ^z.^ i 
^r^t^TR:^ ^ii^ f^Ri'^R^p^ Ih^Ts csx^s ccf^sTrr tS^p ^z^" ^rfi 

ca^: sfsirsq- ^ic<^ib.Hm f^r«i^f ^sr=Tm "sn^ucsr <i^.c?jfi ^stn^h^ Rf^^i sf^rR-r 1<*)*j ^t^tt «tr^tt 
Thc^s ^rr^RTR^p ^rR<Rir ^sr:^- i 

■^ I cil^: ^Tx^T ^#T 1% "STl-i^lC^^ ^ST?T ^I^T <J>Cvf^ ^Sf^TJ ^^^ ^m^T R*R^T CtfTT ? 







"^t^ST?^ C5qr^ 

^t^sT^^ c^rc^ 

' 5 m 



=^^ t — - 


(,^=■11-3 *)\i»*J5/ 

C*P<r]\-a ^^^ 



^3a : i- & 

^3a : >- Ct 

■^.vb=\s- <t 

t^"<yfH *J 1 C® 

! £<r**tf^!*JlO® 

•^.Vb=Vb- i\s 

'S^iPi^ic® "*fh© 

■S<]V|Pj5Jl5J v^R=C*J<ti 


^R=C%l<ls -^^Ja 1 ^- 

\»(|^»l<l^a* ^,«H 

•^.Vb=Vb- i\S 

^.Vb=Vb- i^S 


"*f^S?T Sf1% 

■^.Vb : i8- i>i> 


|5|«6.HN *Jl^S^ 


|5|«S.HN *ll*«f] 

f^l«6.HN ^f®" 

Rc-alf^NsI <MCffl 

T<c<lT^sl <i»-sic® 

RC^tlWsl <t>d^-H 

■^^s^S- i>i> 

■^^ : i.8- i^ 



7?*\-^ C^TW 

"^3 f^lWR 

I , ^ 

Pl^JCH^ >\\OA 

Pl^JCH-sl >)lcv| 

^'sjil-sl "*\C<-& 

vS^K ^C<-3 

Th^K -Hc<if] 

^3« : i«\- iS> 

^iCO^ C^lC^Sr 

c^sioer-st <a?-ii sd^Rj 


C^l>a? <t»C*M 

T~1 *(J CH-sl >)lc«J 

•^Vb = iH- iJe 

^.vi>=i-H- -^.G- 

^.^> : i> c l- »o 

^.vb : ^.vb- ^.S> 

^.vb=^.o- ^i 

* — . . ^ 

\h^yx\-A >i^i<t= 



■^vja^vs- -^.8 

^.vjs^o- -^.(3: 

■^.Vb : ^.<2-- ^.Vb 

^.vb = ^.vb- ^.S> 

fil^-sl c^lc^sr-si 

M\sdflfl ^*)|<j»K 

PH\sC^^ ^*j|<t»|-s1 


>\*-^\C^ ^Ri^j^ 

>I^IC4 n»R^j^ 

■^.vJa^vb- *o 




^miTC^r sTT<f=TT 

■^.NJS- S'is'-^S'is 


T:*5t«.l>IV|lHl ^rmrc^r 

<rMTc^r ~*fh?s?T 

■^.NJS- 8\j2 : ^S>i> 

<3T5Trc^r -*fh?s?i 

^\Jj :\S\I-,- 8*!s 



■^.\Js:vS\Is- 8^2 

•^.Vb=80- 8i> 
^.Vb : 8^.- 8^S 
^.Vb : 88- 8^Js 


^^■■8^- <2-^> 



■*1^d^^ <llC\s 

ijl^s -*1^pc^t^ 




<3T5Trc^r "*fh© 


■^.vI» : 8H- (t<h 

■^^ = 8^- &<& 

^.vl» : 8H- 8b- 
^.Vb : 8S> 

■^.\Ia=<2:0- Q-8 

fft^ V|^]>|N»m 

■tfh© ^nrf^pm 

"^t^S V|^l>|^t^ 




■^^(SH" <bb- 

■ ; 5.^ : (2'H- <bb- 

■^.^ : <2"H- >i>3 

■^^ : (2"H- ^b- 

"Rt^sT "^5£^ 

f^to^T "*fh3C<I 5 ' 

■^vJs^Jo- H<2- 

M\sC<^^ ^*1|<M< 

m\EW?i n^*)|<m<5 

^■*(|<t»K <t>C^-H 

^■*(|<t»l-s) <J»£-sM 


^.Vb=vbS>- H<2: 

^.vb=vbjc- H<2: 

^.Vb : H3 
■^^ :C 18- H<2- 

^t^rm R>~ifD *tm s- cccf^r ^ :e o 

^Rt <t=^C\s ^X^" 

^T^I t£RT?. ^f^f^B^; ^*fwT<T W^J ^.>t> : i- *®<2- ^fcf 

nasb c^n^rr'^mf) ^rr^ ^rt^ ^=;>- ^ -^ 

^ -=tcf= c\sivi^r est wpi wm i^R-h ■*tzsz&: ^^m *^, wm vi-^jj ^g-^p ^^^ ctf<mr 

^vb:v, ^-c^: "^^s ^r^f^ t^ -^pq- <j*s>rr e^m <m c=-i -h " ^.s ^®p ^ ^®p ^t^s^ f^#tTr w^vic^-a ^ynr 


□ "3gr:~f ctf^m *a?ou ^®m ^?rr ^z^" ^t^s \st?t f^f^Jd^^c^ RM >iv|sg ^-m^m >t^<t= 
^x?r f^Trf^x 5 ^^ C"5rRr= i.vb : ^i, iH=s>; i^., ^a- ^»j ^o=i^- ;>s>; ^h : ^^o <^; ^r^ ^»R%ij^ 

whc\s-s i "fl^s 1^r:w^t wto ^5t sffir&\s ^^fffe.ds-i^T i C"sqr# : ^o-8(t c?Tm: : 

i>o =ii,, i,Q:, iT^) f%^ filH -*tm >\<<<T\ >|V|CTT <JQ<3X >lR>J<t>m ^TC^" 1% ^fB-ST ^f^^" \5T?T Sf1% 

^t«^rt cvic^r^fsilvisjm "Rxgidc-r-s] ~^m\ >^<ik cm^t "R^ c^T^trr^m "S\s5l <Jx^f^T i c^pt 
c^r^tir ^rT^R-^^ ^>cfj^^^f <p^|^ f^f^ f^r i^n ^^t T&f^ "3=rr«n^c-H^ c^^t^tt^o -=*fR.H\s 
^^^ t^r ^^x ^*r t^sT^s ^?rr ^xTrft=^ i 3f*rf5 <r& N^^c-a-a QTO^i^k^st "s^s <j^rr 

<F«|^T "Q -sq-f^T "S\s^1 ^5rer<3T ^V&f ^slBT -sj\s RRs~| C=Tfc^?T >|V|?g f<f«^ >|V|diT xSfsiRT 

1<iR=«s ^-ao^ ^jf^*^ ^rwr "S\s<Jl \s Rt^tsi^t ^at ^^ i ^xcmtt^ "55^1 ^xcbvsc-^^ >i\gj 


>£>, 8 *t 

^HTJ "tT^ ^=^s 

- <2- ^"Cf 

sr^rf^r ^ic 


,^lRd\s^l *a 


.^ (.*p=i<ii< 

4jvfaij^i <js<C.=i-4 1 


<I<^d<^'H,"* v l(l<^ 


VJC^J <^Cvs| 


«^C<1 1 

□ "^r^r^^tRc\s^ ^rftr^s ^1^ c^PgR^t. t^TR^"- ^nrrsFm sfrwsrc^ 5 ^ f^w^r <^d^<i° 
sh-m^^ ^n^rm fsp^q i 

i,b— ^svb sp^pg ^sf^j^: RPiviij <p^r ^zttI^^t i 1%Rt ^srr^rm wiviNsr I^.c^-h, #t=^t^ <b- 


^-ifS\s ^\s i jq^: fSqwm -^c^ t^t <&>.< c*fc<F Rist^l "5^»*)ch-si ^sp^tr^: ^l>ic\s ^^ i 

^^ I f^T^T^T ^XZ<S <Fs3s3 ^i>*\<m ^T^>lRl<t> O&W&rSS ^srfcTTl >Sr Ol -si "5T5TTT, C^Tsq" T^TTglWJ 

NASBc^t^n^nif) ^m? ^n^ -^=^- i^> 


^^r c^f© -srrsr t^^yl^RTT eztf<F 1 

□ 0( alabaster) wfi^r f^H^ -^ -*rvsft ^nf%t g^r" 


<^aT ■?rm ^m 
■^=v- *irr : "f^T^n^t ^•^r^lR^id-H f^t^rm" c*m^r= i>^=3 <r.=-i ^^r ^£-q»if^Sl^ Ri«^wr T*jTh 

R-Hl51 alfiRdM^ £>M-l ^^° ^fvi^C^T^ ^T5ql^T O^STTT ^^s I f^T^rT TRl^CT-a ^M^Jl^M ^f^MT^" 

1wr ^oaf^-i i ctr^t^t ^tc^^: c^ct^ c^ >i^<i\s f^rcw^T w^r 1%^; tSi^ft c^:^f R<m> crosrf^r i 
^.vb=i.i ^fcf= '"?rfffc^?rr est ^^ >ivi?j c\siv)R:xf^ -sr:*ij wr;^;" wf^g^r ^p^hx#" ^fi* Rm^ "^fw 

<t<rtt?t c^ctt^s ^dH<^ f%i?; whc\s-i i c^^ -ypnf^T gw "srs "srPjjr^rsT ^t^lc-a^. "5rMR:^rr ^^ <f<j<t 
arm ^^sTrm ^stt^-st i cc^rm-r = i>s>=3o) 

•^vi>=i,vs "^rsn® -5£Ri<n d\s" ^t^s -^ra<t>^^T «?wi wm 3j>ivir^m ^T5q^ ^Ri-51d\s ss^m ^srr 
^[z<; i csrRr ^.8=i.s>, i8 ; «^, -^b-^fe, ^o) i£f^ ^i^ts^t f^sjdvi^ \»Rt)j^ <]-q-mn5 ^tf%^i5 ^cmcs: i 

NASB C^T^rmW) ac ttJ "tT^ ^ : i>8- i>i> -^fcf i 

^fr:^; f?R:Tr <i<^<^, 

^ct^i^r- "fft*s>7?& wM^rR: 1 ^ ^tc« «rf^Tr f^r^r wM^mrr wrsrR^ 5 " 1% wc<h ? ' ^^° Ef^rf^r 

■^rmf^R^srr f3P*r t^rft ^r^ \sf^p f^r i 

i>i> -5»fxf : xsTsim^t c*$z<f f^wm ^tt^ 5 *rf?RTr ccr^m w^tr ^^^rr-n ^w^s sirr^^T i 

^.. -?nRi<^ ^t-jr^^ c<^i<^n? ^T^^Rrsm ^fiRi<=^ ^-^r:^ I 
8. ^fgrr ^p^f "^m c?rw <p?n" ^t^^rt 

Or. ^N^- «f-tf ^s-sg ^n\sd<t><q ^j% I 

^rf^ Ci.) ^^T ^rsi c^r ^m >src-s^ "sq-^sjj psp)^ eg<p^ma Rist^rm c<^l<^ lfe.d<^H i C&) ^^T ^^rf^ ^rsi 
^c?jc^: (^tstr;^ RR>h «rw R^^r ^p=^it:#" ^R><it><t> 1%^ pR:Tr ww ^p^t ^c?jc^: i <i^.c?j^ 

iTlV|<j>^H -gyfT^T, t^^m ^IT®^^ ^T«aRT "^NsfsT ^^T ? C^^f^nTTsq" ^IC^-H i>S>jB^) 

^vb=io: ^fcf= '"^t^s'c^p ^rr^f^TR:tf^ ^r^ «ff%^Tr Rw ^rr^r^Tmr ^rrsq-R^p 1% wm^i" ^®m 
wf%srm t^r n^\sj^ ^g^% cc*m^r i^=^) R^^m ^wf^ ^tmt ^?rr ^mr =rri ^ch^ ^rrgf^pF 


V4\s<r*T ^sf^T ^=TT ^Cbfe. ^T^f Thc^s C&§T ^R3J^rT "5t^S liq^W^T ^l<t>tfS*ft R^^lc^r^ "S>lf^<1> "5P*fN: I 
C=T*T<FST T \5TC<P" C5BT <IC<^ WMTYfTT^ <^C^Cfe.-H I 

'*fa~t ostmt "5j^r" igfi? ^rsff^ir wr<r<ri=fNT ^tf^^fet, or*ff?ra~ : i.i.=i.^- >^>, "srf^r: ^h=s>- 

io) ifhss ffe.C<^H tiq^gf^ -^R|\sJJ |^s> C5PET ^tf^P^I ^^TS^T Th*J£"5T T^fPTCCf^ W^TJ ~5jprr sTPft^T 

<p^t ^s 05rn3T : ^i=vs-^) ^®r«irnq" s>- is ^r*ff?ra~ ^-m^m c=rf© ^c^c^-h wp^-r^r ^<^c^m 
-^rtz^ "*fNs?r -^Rii>*jJT ^ftwc^- fsr^r ctf^rrc^i ci>) "5fRr= ^i=8- &, ^paff^5r= s>=s>, c^o "5fRr= 

nasb c^f= i T^rr'?rT i =f) ^rtsj -vfth ^ = in- is> T&f i 

v, H ^fcf= ^tiIviCIh -sHTS-si -viz^gs si^rsj f^T^r f~r*rr<Tr "5hs^ <ftc^; ^~c^r <<=-ic<='M," wM^rm >a?ou 

^^m '*xz^3 c^m ^tviR:tf^ c^wm sr^® <j»<c® <£<=-ih ?" 

>&> ^fcf= "tfhs t^mr^cf^ c*r wfc~cr*T f^Trf^.c^H f^mrsrr c^ wt^<t ^^m -^\c<^ o&v&f sr^s 

■^vj» : i^ ^tTf:"sr^T5q" f^x^r ^nTviCl-H -s^ns-si -*t^f" >ir2><t> >ivi?g ^»-i>)n^T c^r^ ^srr^fij Rj\sR^\s, 
f3^Mf[r<F -n^TC^r^T ^H<t><im C"5rRr "sqr# ^3<p) i£rp?. c*m^r Ci^> : ;>;i>s> : ;>8,;>8,^>;>, s-^o \5T?rr 
^<^v|\s sqrri ^xfstHOK ^^>ic<i^ ~cjfi* t^grsr f^T "& -=gw, ^wim ^rt^: sf^arsr cc=T?t : -^=8- b-, 

□ "l^f^rrm" § ®j^ ^.^.=^ f^THS ^^^ c^r, <^^ f^t^rr^t Ife.c<^-H "Rts^ <si<jk c^rm^r i 

f^sq- r<l%H ^^x^ ^ra^r RistHldTfi ^s»^rm <^jic<^^i^ ^»-i>)n^T i 

^3T ^^m:^^:" <ft^^^t sr^-jfo ^»r^ cxi<pw^t vif^^m <Fi>src<^^. PicH-^f ^p^t ^tr:^; i 

□ NASB. NRSV, JB "^rrsrm ^tit ^fs^5" 

NKJV '^sn^rm >iv|ij ^J<r5: fs^roS" 

Ci) ^R^m ^T^T C ^3-- 8=i.o) c^) fsp«T^ ^FR^Sf ^rm^u ^nft 

f^i\sc^^ ^ft^: c^z^ *37~i/ \sm " 3 ^j1% ~ttw c«y?^^: f^rc^rcw^r i Ci"5q- fSfv©^ 


i : i.^s,i.^ : i^) c*rerR^T f^mpsrr ^1%^ wiwm wmm ^rc^f^^n ^c-aifex^H 1 

nasb c^cf=^rr'?rmo c^n^ ^nh ^ = ^o- ^ ^0 

•^o t^Tf : -=tr?r ^iwr <c<=i "5^® c^ ^pm t^t^nr:^ 5 t%ctt cairns <>ic=iH 1 

^rrsqir^p ^f^cT-a ^scr^s *rf?R:Tr cm<s 1" 

■^ -*tcf: iS3,T?& f^n^rr ^g~ ^gfSm ^xtt c9<tivsrCH^ *t?r ^<t=>sr^ -tfhac^p- fw*53prr <i>-sic\s ^t^rt^t^, 

^.3 ^fcf= vj-^jj ^ct^ R^ctt :>c rR:3j c*r ^»r^" c^^rr wr^; fts^ 5 c^ wr^q- RjIh "sqrsrr ^trr^t 

<Rn*, t^H ^T5T C^ C^TR^, C*T vj-^j «?£ja£<ji ^T^=cut^ ^R7« STRJ^TT OTTT I C^T^ "sn-ic^fl vSr-+r ^TT 
^C<=-1^. ^?T° \5R?T -viZ.^ wM ^® I 

■^o: ^rtf = c*r -?fhsse<i 5 ' ~T<xr=CTf] ^R^ *jRfer Rc\s ^rffw^ c^ f^r^n <<=-i<='i, "^^f c?r 1% wffsr ?" 

<*i^: w^j "stR?jvi >\i^c&f ^st?t ^tRir &o==t rcr^T Rc\s c^t^ffe.c^-H i cc*m: : i.^=^s) 

^vb^v, -5tPf : "f^g~m ^rfo^p ^i^p" isrfi? JJRp ^r^f sif^c^i ctf^sTrr ( Paradidomi) ^n wttn f^g~m 

ccf^sTrri c i ^ss-- (t-a, ysj- i%^r=i,=^o) ^®r<aRT ^^^ c^ 5 ^:^r^t ^r^ (<Ft^T ^^^-hc^- -s^rr ^^ti 
■^vb=^.^""c^r 1% ^srffsr sf^ ?" sfc\sj<i> f^r^^ f^r^sp^r ^^c^-s i -SRp ^t5q~m c-sR><iib.<^ ^s^s=<q 
•^vb=^.\s ^rcf="c^r N^ivjm ^r:^ ^tR^s^ ~wc s jj ^t® Rcbfe. c^ ^ttstr;^^ «ff%c^r chc<i i" ctt ^rrsrm 

<^^m ^st^tj vj-^j ^n1%^ ^fr:^: vShk^-h t%^rRR ccf^sTrm ^tz.^j ^sr:^p n^-i>i^h <^^c\s, ^^° 

^SRTr?T ^tR^m t&TZ~U ^^J^^-H <t>^C\s "5^3 ^C>lTfe.C<^^ I 

C5qT# : i>o=8<3:, C2)R|\s : ^. = ^.^S- ^.8, ^ ^F<3 : <2r = ^i.) ^l^^T=tt f^TR^3 ^R4 <fl*ft Ef^Ftf^f^ ^XTTf^T 

C^Si : 8,(2r, ^) 


□ "^rf^r" ^fi* f^strr cst^Nr ^t^trm^ ^trpt i Rs^m f^^m ^ri\s<^\sr <^^m ertrw^ 
<u<i^rt ^rr ^??t "^yr^" ^rtf^t <u<i^m <^c^c^: "^fRs^p "^tc^r^t ^p^m w^tj i 

n a s b c^cM^rmmo ~tRjf ^fe ^ = ^- ^& i 

■^■s^Rf = ^ITSTTT TTfSTrr ~5=TC^;, <-£l^r^ >|V|ij?j -ffRs< <£f& ftw "^r^sR^- *MJ<Rt Rc=-M i -^r^t R>fa 
C^ ^f5 'g<t=C^T 'g<t i C^T <t=^C=iH <^l<Xx t^f^TRTf^ f^TT <]<^C<^H, "<4^ ^TTe, ^T3, <4 vsitV|Rr 

■^H ^f"Cf : ^^ -^R^T 1%f=T C^llTf=Tr pRlTr ^^^<P *l^pgRf f^TT <1 <=1 C<=-1 H , 'T^fTTf=Tm ^l^ WRJ|?T 

■^.b-'s i tcf= <Fm^ ^^: wnq~m <f& ~*t\ wr-sc<m ^tR:^m ^^^rm w^r o^sTrr ^z^ i "5TR££^rsT w^jt 
-i^sH ^t<t^t N^tvim ^^: -ac^a-a t^m^: <j^r^t ^?r ^z^ i 

^s> ^rcf= ^rtfsr o»tvjnTr?r <<=-iT^., jq^rt c«y^^ *j\sR-i ^miTvj n=mivirt f^sn *tr?stt oststr: 1 ^ ^r:w 
^rr^^ ^co-i-a <m -i\s-s wr^t ^rr ^^Tf^: \s\sR-s ^rtw 5 ®rrfs) wrt ^®t ^ir^m 

^vb=^vb ^fpf; "*r*R* ^irsTrr t^rstr ^=rf^r" ^ff> c*r^ "^u^jrSrp ~c^vsrz^ si^k ^c-ac^;, 
<^»r:w?t -^r^t KsTh f^rpsrt c>& <^\^iz^ wR*fRrRf erfm ^^c^-h i ^t^s ^^mar *=t^e<^ ^^r^^ 
^tcw fsr^r ctf^n^s cbc^cfe.-^ i P»Pi ^^z^^ csr^mp^^- f^^r^ 1%^ sjs^q >iRi^ fg^ ^wt P»P 
^^ <^^° gi'^=N>ic^ r c^tjs: f^cM^c^i^, ^^im ^xz^^ l^^cp ^^s i "srRr ^m^m ^t^s f^Stn 

C5qT*fr -^\sH PT5T5T sriTt^T <Plft f^TR^" <3-HHT <t><C<C^.H I "5t^S ^tT^RW^ W^IT -$sH ^TaT ^^<P 

^vi>=^vi> -=tcf= ^pt^' egi^ xstf^i^T ^^, c^p<p, ^^m ^r^^ t:^T5?x^" ^tst^r^^: I^r^t <i»c-s) i 

ii=iH- o8 ^tx'tf Er^arsr si^^ c^vsf -^^^z^ t-a<p^> ^^m ^rri ( Sinoptic gospel) f»^H5 ^rsrr^f^ 
i^fF^g c^r^: \5T^" ^i^r ^»iTh vi^<^t^ c^^rr ^nr i 

M S S.A.C.D ^i^"x W fsr^fsnr vs>:v©>- *s ^rtt^ stR)*j=Ri\s i ctt c^fr-t ^r^^: <v3<t> ^sr^pp 
ETtfRr -sfi^piP^t ^-cstt ^ TJTsq^ f^nr ^r^w <fz<s ^tR5: ( MSS p37 N, B and L ) "5^cr >i^<]\s =^r 

t^tRf^ "5pT5rR5R3T?T ^^ : ^o ^RTf^ 3=fi^>«tj ^^sjc^; | ^^T "SfR^ i8=^8 ^RTf ER^ff^s ^TTR-T i>8 = ^.8 I 


">l<^<=i -5qT^5" G-^tr ^^P^ WR^" "^C-R.<t^." 0: = ^^ ^V=f "5t^S >l<^<^ "STtrX^PsT W^T "^^1 

>®<^s cOY H W H ^^t ^xsf' -srRr i»^) 

■^=^s> ^tcf= "Nsiifvi *j\sl^"H N^tvim f^®m ^?nxwj c^tviR:^^ ^r:^ wrsj^r -^c^^ <T5T -^\sh ^rtz<5 ^rr 
^rrt: \s\sRh "s^® ^snfsr wm ^sr ^n<i ^rr i" 

^fi? "sp^ftx^sT x^T^r >ivicsj^ -*rm o&w&ris <pvrm f^RTrH ^?rr ^XTrf^r i i^ : i>i> ^ftf ^fi? smr f^rm: 
c^wsf "*fNs?r \sfspFm -sro vi^<^ld\s ^g <t»<^Tlsj ^?xtx^; c^1% : <2r : ^>,^.&>!) 

NASB C^t^T^rr-m^f) ^HTJ " s *ff& ^vb=^>o «=*rcf i 

vso ^ttf; -^hx^t \5T?rr ^i^st ^ir^r cnx?r x<r<r ^x?r tw^r -^rmx® c^1c=ih i 

•^Ni>=^>o '"5tpr c^xrr" ^rrsrfi? -yrfsn-sMvs ^^fl? ^reRt ^nxat wf^p am^rm ^rpr f^r i ^»= ii^>- 

nasb c^T^T^rr'srm 7 ) ^rtj ^ft^ -^ : *i- ««: ^rtfi 

«i -*tcf: ^x^ -^hs ^®t?r f^f^tRTf^" <mc=-m, " ^rrsf ^x^ ^rrsnx^ 5 " Pxrr o^ivixw^ ^qx^r ^T«rr 

^tptc^" i ^ff^a ^htx^ x=^^fT ^rx^:, '^miTvj ^tsii^x^p c^rc?i l^p^\<, ^rts ^nx=r^ c^wr ^sx^rr 

\s^ ^ttf; " 1%<^ xsrrsnx^ 5 " ^51 c«2fx^ wlR^s ^p^r ^c=-i ^m ^xifvj csrsnxtf^ ^rx'^: "stt^r^t 

vs^s ^rtf : '^^^i^t "Rt^sT ^ix^ 5 <j=ic<^H, " ^rr^t^nx^^ Pxtt ^f^m "sq-^q ^t«rr ^tptc^^s xsn^rm 
"sr:^ ^^aR^n- ^fs^ ^®n>ic<]Hr 1" 

*8 ^fcf= "5t^s ^ix^p <i<=-ic=ih, "^% "®rffsr csTsq~x^" >iKsj <i=itfe., ^®rp5f c^^m ^rx® csqi^-n 
vsi^^m ^srX'^r^: ^f^r FiH<im <i<^d^ c^r, ^fsq ^ivix<p c^^^tptt i" 


^c^cfe.-H c*r ^®t?r sfern^oi-a >ivictt \sBt f^f-gj^t "3^<n^: "cj^ ^rc^ ^rfc^" ic^vb=Q:vb) ^g^rna 

^\sjf® "spsrm <ixmt?i c*r, ^r*rf%x5P?T st^irsr b- ^sramr ^rt^ sr^rf»r® ^ix<pj -^r^R? 
^?rr z^cmcs: w^rm etx^rsr ^ fc» «t?tmi ^vjrmos \S^R> c^s^rr ^cmcs: i ^^t Y H W 

^ff^PW^Tt f^T >l<iTf^: V G'"^5T ^P?JT GSff^FS ^. : ^.^s, ^■■i'b-, 8-^b-, i^S : ^.S> ^f) 

□ "xsnfsr ^n^lco-i o® ivj rtt<t ^TCsr ^tbt" ^f5 ^t^^tr:^^ -^rc?^ >i^if5 T<fa9»< >iv|sg 

•^.Ni>=vs^ "v^tvim ^f^o ^;\sTrm ■^fz^f' xff^R Rx^t^^ico c^h=^^o 

^.vi>=vsvs "3=r<rT^: ~*tz?n ~&x=t cfW*T&" "RH^c-a-a v^-^vir^ ^**fir wx^" st<pt*t *tr^:i ^fi? ^c-^fxx^t 

"srf^r xb=^- -^ ^^x c^strr f^s^r "gp^sr wf%^x^ ! ®r%m ^c-aifex^H i 

•^vi>=^s8 ^r^f= "^f®T ^rsi n^iIvi c\s|vir^5- <<=-if%" c^t^Jt "sr^aRT ^rtWfw^p wrsmr ^fi* OamenO 

xsftTT^r "s^t^nr ^r^rc^ ig<pc& ^»-ivjf® ctrrr^rr i 

^nc^-iic-s^. b.<^d\s ^x^" i ^i^.d<i<^ ^i^"° ^ff%ra N^t^eft ^rr^f^rm ^-i<HT:tf ^st^rt ^^^ i 

^rr^r^TR:^^ <£*?$ f^vc^rc^^ f^m? c^us ccf^GTrr f&F ^.c<ht i 

c£i^: sr«r ^ic^ib-sm t% ,; »T , n ^t^r^ "sn^TRrsr <i^.d?j^ ^rxT:^ 4 ^^ RRj^ ^s«rt^T f^nr^rsTr ^rm^rr Thcm> 

8. sf^^ o»tcw<t ^s<^« 1% ? 

<b. t^j^t f^t^JdTfi ^R*jj^ <n^t ^^r^^ ^rr-n <p?^ ^rf^r ^px^ c^:^rf^r i 

^s^tr:^ f^rcrr ^i^^^t Ett^RT ^f% \s\s'^h c\sivi^r ^^tr:^ <ic>i «an^- 1" 


^®t?T "5q^T 

\£>S v)W= i*i<>. <£<=-( k)H M\s-s1 <4<l< !>||<ll^rC?J^ <<lfi. Cs^C^CP >iC*% H« C^IC^-H 

ij8<;<a| <i <t>cl2 ^C^ t5^)C\s =i|->H 1 

^Sb-^IW= R>lH -q^d^H, "1§C^I C^W N»l1V||f1 5i)M C<lf5=C?J *JlCMs.l C\slV|^l •il^llCH^. 

«||<t» \»llf] 

va||v|l<| >\c*H C<SrC^1 v|l<t» I 

"e^Kf^rsTr^t" ^TRrsm wt ^fgrr ^T^mr "&o^r c^m^r "*^" 

^tcw ^tf% ^it^t ^fgw "^tc^t ^^tr^t ffe.c=iH i RstTf <^i^ wr?r'?rff5 ^p^ht^" "«T=T«nr<r >erMc®-^ i 

t^Nt t>xH<t*K3T ch^\s i f^^nsr ^rc^" <^i^ "^ t^r^r -*fNs?r ^rR:^r f^^t^r t^^T^r >ivi?j ^sr=Tf^s 
^ff^s ffe.c=iH -sparer ^r^rr c^pt t^t^iT^T ^^ft^s f^r ^rr i 

^r® ^3^fl^»t^ sixsisjvir^ ^rsr c^r ^siT f^-jf^: f^:^r?r Ert^r^^r ^<ix ^H-iRc^ ^fi* wt<mr 

"-cjg^r t£i<r?. ^^r ^s^ 1 ^zTrft^" ^fe^- ^rsn® <p>Vi>^ f%^nr csqT# i.8=^s^s) ^ivj^r ^^i^t ^tf^a 
-snfBc© eg^rr^^T ^r^rn^f ^^rp^ ^ar^p ccf^ir:^ ^tfiw 1%^ <lf ^tsttt; ^i^pvic-^^ >ivi?j vj-^j 

^si^hj^: fsj^T ccf^n^^- 1 ^rmr ^51 ■^t sfc^i^cn^ ^i^g^t^r ^rr ^<jk ^rmr c^ ^n=rc^^t ^t^t^ 

*fM c<y^^ ^^iR^^ R^i^n? ^r^w ffe^r i =1^ ^^ : 8^ ^rcf ^ ^9^5: «i^c-s^ 1%^ >ivi>ur ^st^tt 
ccf^r^s c^i^t ^d^s=^ CEjnSTiT ^®m >iv|v» «rft<T f%^sr i^R^rf^ i c^^: ^T'jrpti^^s 1%<?t c^: ^smr-jfr ctt 
"5rRr 8^sr«miq" eg^x f^5^ \sR^^ ^Tm^u ^^^ >m<i>mt f^Trf^r, R^ 1%Rt lHc®r^ sir^rtf^s 

^sfe *=tcf= ^IT^ P»P( 1%^; t^^ f5tT3T "5qirt5c\s \S<^] ^XTT ''t^C^H ^9^"° stt<RT ^R^ <I<^C<^H, 


'xsrrsrm f^toT, "*rfer >i<^<i ^5r \»^<t ^^ t^sxsFst c^frn=rr ^tvim ^r^; oz$z<f t^t?t ^^tr^i ^s^g 

<I<^C<^H, " ^t% C\slV|^T ^fsjXTT ^7^?^:, N^tvjm ~*K.~^ ^^F^STS "CWC^t ^<t=C\s -ti^c^Hr ? " 

•^ : ^&> ^rtf= "R>Th t%n; i^tz^ f^RiTr "5qif5c\s \S<^<i ^r?r stt^tt ^-ac^-i^r" "*fNs?r ^T5prr5rftr#t >i*~h^ 
^f% ^s"c=tt c*jvih c^fs.t^rsrr^T ^t^tr^t ^fg c^w? sit<rt <f*stt, ^rr«am ^TtwfMwr <p<n- f%§s ^n f^p 
^nr i Jf^ "*i^x ^^tr^t f^rRsxs <^c^h c*t f%f=r "^p^^^tr?^ ^tc^ ^Trftro Hex^-H, ^vmR* \sRj 

c-nr^^ ^xtr:^; c*t %^r t^r \sbt ^51 ^»rr ^s^rit \5t?t f^r?rr^T \sr?t vi^<^r^p wr^ ch^\s Thc\» 

-^tl-acKHT I "?T^> t^rf^T "^r^Xsm "TR^ -?NiRT T3=p=^# Ife.C<^^T >|V|CTT >|V)Cij^ "5R:*rr5: 1\sp| -5q-pJ5^<^ 

<^; c>i^^. f^r "*rr "5qi-i<:^^ -tR/^ wm <<-^ ^r??t "5T<r "srRjjr^rsr wm f»Pi r^d^Hs.ds-iH 1 "^r^xsm 
■^s >iR>j<i>R3t "sq-fijCT^ w^r eg -^Ri-51d\s sirRmr ^^ c^r^p t^»R^q- «iMm ^tt t^R^rf^x^T^r 1 
"N^tvim f^sr "*rfw >\t£< ^5r, <^r^ *ftsr ^tnst^ wtstt c«ir<p- ~cjx?t sirRF^r ^^: ^•it&nc 1 ? ^t^ 
^^pt^ n»i\sjt® ^s^^® "s^ ^FFr 1 •5qr# tsi^ ^9^^: ^iT3-ht c«y^^ n^ivj^t <j<Hd\s ^nf% c^r, c=r ^rm^trr 
^»T?rr <u<i^m <^d^dfe.-s "sj^^T^r" "^ii<wf c^r -5tiRi<]iRi<^ ^p^ix#^ ^^^ ^c<^ «t?jt ^cmos: i 

^>^ N^tvinr vjjfsr c<^\ ^tvinr -^Ri\sjm <i>Ri?jm: ?" c^h=8^) ^t^t ^s^s; "rrf^ >\q< ^tt" ( Frist 
Class Conditional Sentence) car«rsr c^t^t^ ^r^ ^ct^ ^fft) "5tt# ^rmsTC^G ^9^^ ^-aoH^ 
^r^f ^s^s; ">i<]^. >i^<i" ^r^ft^ ««: ^^° 88 ^tc'tf^ R>§2jsr f%^rot ctf^rr ^rm ^^-^ ^ptst^r:^^ 

>|V|>uT ^S^sTT ^TSTT^Tf^T 88 ^T^f C*$Z<F ^ivj^r N^-iviPT <t>^C\s -s>ttf% "^Ns ^^^ ^^d-H^ stT<RT 

*R?SJ" C^^STrT ^5TI ^?t\s : (Hff-tr, f^TT 1 <2ri = iH,^^., f^T^ : ^<2: : i<2:, i<b, ^.H, ^.b-) t^5R^^ ^T^f ^.Cbfe?. C^T, 
^^ "5T1-1^C^" '^RKI^'H <t>^IC\s \sT?T TST?T ^S^P «]^°^T <t>C^Cfe.H ^?T : Qr : ^i., •5TT5 i TT : ^s = i^s *tW I 

"\s«iiTRH" N^tvim %5^t?t ^rr ss^s^ c\stvim ^.bfe.f^: t^n^i ^\S<i>" vSbbK-^fB '^nfsr' <xi^° ^fsr ^cbfe. 
^t^- ^r^jsR:^^ ^»<-^-R 1 tsit^ ^w ^R^" Ef^rsq" c^f^r ^^° ^§trr (?3^t ^''f^^rR:^^^ ^R^r s^ ^tw 
ctf^rm c^r ^r^ \Bc i ^- ,c fj \5Tst Err^Rnr 1 ^«aitRi" ^r^ -5TMf<<t> si-5>P®<:\s f®Pi ^iw^ ^sf^j 

C^Tfffe.C'^^ I t%f^T ^T^ ^^fTR^P ■*tf^F*tf\ ^R:^ ^^Z^^ lH<^T3 ^Rl^f Recife. O-l^ C"5q-R^= io:8ft) 

^p^m ^R:^ ^3^= -^^ : 8<2: ^r^TX^" c*rf«r "^srjt t^t: - ^ ^fsrxTr ^R:^f^r" ^^r ^^tirr ^p^t ^xtr:^: c^r 
\5Bit "flr^s^ <u~m\ <i^-h <t>^c\s ws^-sr f^r ^fr^t "?t^ ^R4 ^§t ^^c^h ^sr^t^ ^rR:^ ^R*j^ ^t=Tt 
^c^Ife.c^-H <£(<ik ^t^t c^r ^ztt ffe»rf%^r ^x^" ^rs f»P< <ic<^rfe.c<^-H 1 ^rf^^G ^r "5hs "sn-^c^i^ ^tr:^ 


■^=81. *=H~cf= "ztsrc^ ^ft 7 ^ ^q Eft^RT <p^ c^t^t ^ff^^Trr ^rr »t^i" <^r^ <%^t3t?t Present imperatives 
^fi* f^r ^sbt fsr^JTTf^ w^n >Ns<$\sr, -tin^m bststr >m>j\st csrfet: s=i.i., =g<^= s=i.^s) ^^trr 
■^-Jl^m I<il%») f^ef% o^*trrt ^cmcs: ^(^: ^-a^RR c:>) f^r^rr^t art^Rm -^iRkic^ ^Tvictt 

^sr«aRT C8) -n^dvic-n5 srSftrr Rtbbt C"5rRr= a^-.^o- ^, c*n^r : s>=^a, i^ : *o *tf1 **m ^r-nn?^ .ifNs- 
~R*f ( Parasmos) ^^T «ra°*f <^?rm wrx -hitc^^ c^r^^mr c&ST ^mr^ <J5Mrr i "5fRr= vi>=;>vs, ^j<p: 
ii.=8, c^rm^T : i.=i.^s) ^n wR^rr ^r^qr ^^f5 ^t^p ^r^f §^°§^ ^^r w^r <u<i^m ^?rr ^cmcs: 
( dokimago) ~tfw^<p «rt ^?rm c&grc^^ ^nirr i c*j c^r wr^t^: c^rp >i<^nr RM ^m<->^rr 
^tr^p ^cf^^r ^?rr ■?rm ^rr i «r^5tfw^" f^p f^rr ^n ^=tt c*jc\s -=»tr3t c*t "^h^sr \sm jwihcw 
■sfr^^r <t>^c\s -=»tr3t ^rr *m~r <mc\s -^tR^r f^n. R>P( ^5rr*ixil\e<i> <^\^n\ w^u ^r^rm f^rr ^^tr^^t 
c^iR= ^=i, ^rnaT= i.^ : 8=^^.§=^o, f^§t=b-=^., "5rf^r=8, ^3^=8, ^fftrr= a-tr ^ftf) c*r c^fr wr^; 

C<ll<t> R>H >\<<<t\ ^TSI ^s^ f^XTT siR£<^ I i>"5T <P^= i,o =i,\s ^fcf 1 

"xsnwr ^.t%<t=, t%^ "sq-R^r ^<=-i" ^fi? ^c«5. -^t^»^ wf® ^Nn^^tfw RrR "5tr^~ wff% ^^x \sm 
^s-ixsr ^p=^ht:#" wr^t c^f^ir 8 : io^rcf) <si<ik -^w^sw wfR 1%ir wrsrR^rsr wts^r^t^ <^i<tx ^^: 
w^tj^: 1%1R v|\gj<ifM -^c-acaR 1 cc^T^trr £=3) ^^x ^^R ^Ivir-ctst w^r "sq-^u^st ^src^b | 
ccm^t= ir : «8, ^Jftrr : h=^q:, s>=^.s, c*m^T : ^=;>) Ef^f^^rr| 

8^ ^ttf= R)H "Rr/st t?R:Tr f^^trr ^m £tr<RT <jr:^t <i<^c<^-h, "f^sr ^tvim ^ifvi ^f^r ^rr 

8^s ^rcf: i%ir f%c^ ^"ct" ctf^ic^H ^rat ^®rr^m ^fsmr ■^^cfe.-H, ^rs^ ^TC'tf^ c^m ~^c^ ^tf% 

88 ^rtf= 1%1r ^sn^m ^iTTf^ cs3?5 frrcrr ^#trr ^m c^^: ^^^ x»n^- <ic<^ stt^rt <^^c=iH 1 
8<t '"fur- ■zUsss RjIh f^f^jc^r^ ^rc^; ^"c^t -q^c^-H, '^^m^s c\sivj^r ^viims. "®rm f^grsr <p-a<s, ? 

Ctf^f, ^T5TTT e£|-C3=r ^t^?r^^:, V|-^j ^Ta^P ^tT^fRTf^ ^1^« «rf%T:Tr Ctf^STrT -*zz<s I 

svb ^rtf= ^st^t, ~ro=rr, ^ivj^r ^^n^: 1 ctr«r c*r ^rrsTi^p ^^cw-^ ^rc^» «rf%^Tr c*rc<s c^ ^~cr 

<prft sf^arsq" (?3;^t^ ^r^^w ^^-^ \p\sl?j ^t^^tr:^^^ ^i^j i ^-^t ^fSfs ^^^ c^r, \sR^^ ^t^t ^\s 
^c\s ^z^ t^^ R>Pi ^n-^d\s^ \sm f^t^m r^<^is "c^rf=Tr c^rtf^ ^r^-- ^tmt ^q Rd\s -=*rm^^T 1 
^^r ^strt ^t^t c*r, ^^z^^ ^.bfe.r ^rrsTR^r^^^ ^rt%5rr'n ^?rm ^sr^r ^nr 1 ^rrsqir^r^ ^rr ^rrsrR:^^ 
f^srm t&t^u RjIh ■^RxsjT'n <t>^c<i^ ^rr t^ 5 ^ c^t^r^ "^t^s^ ^rR:^r ^Frsf <^d^cfe.H f&F c\svjh 

^bfe.r -ajfic^c^p ett^rt <i=^c\s ^ni^Tr 1 

^& ; 88 ^tcf : "^#trr ^m c^ ^^^: ^frit <ic<^ e(t<rt ^^c^-h" "*ft < ® ^Strr ^R^^ "srs ett^rt 

<^^c<^h 1 sf^ "5hs?r ^9^: £tr<Rii^ c^Tr^t^ £tr<RRj "sr^ 1%=^, i etw^<p ^iTvj ^Strr ^r^^ "spo 


^r^T^iw^ <pvrr ^=tt ^xtr:^; i cf?r^rt: : vb=^>, f^psT 1 h=s) c*j c^fpt ^tsutI: ^ivi-at "^t^t/stst ^fr:^; 


T E V "i«q^re o® 1*4 -sir ^»ibfe. wm f^rrsq" <t><^. ? " 

NRSV "^^1^3 c\sivi^r ^i»ibfe. wm t^strsr <t><^. ? " 

J B "^^I^T c^z^ osrsq^T vjvjio® ^=tm ^^X tsslvj-ar f^3T5T ^Ts i " 

^^r 1% t<i^R) ? ^^r 1% vi^<]j ? ■*rf^hs ^t ^^r "sr<r f^rP^o ^nr i ^^r t®t c*j "^t^s ^^r^r \3h\s 

1%?t ^Ta^ \5Tm^: ^rr«rm^To c^mr ^s =rfff5 <i^h ^r??t i ^sR^ 5 " <iPt <p<rm ^rsnr -sq^pr^m 
( Sanbedrin) sf1\slHl*r ^"#siT3 ^^ft^s f^x^r^r i csh, &> ^r^f) 

■^.\Ia : (2:0 

N A S B "^ir> "*rr <t=^c\s ^tptc^t <p^ i" 

NKJV "<rif o®ivj<r c<i^t <xrc3TC^T ? " 

NRSV "^if <i^i cstst^t 1% <MC\s ~5T<3 \»R4: <F?T i" 

T E V "^^ 3-l-MC^i xsT^slf^? <F*T, ^fi i" 

J B "N^ivim <i^, c\sivi^r c<f^ ^TPTC^r \sr <irt i" 

^^tr;^ ^f® ^"c^tt ^Ns- ^r-n^rmr -ac^c^; c^r^st^r ^m^r c*rnir ^nr i ^^r <!.c* -=»tr3t ( 1 ) <^^f5 ar*r 
( NKJB) ( 2) fSr»*r wr i" ( NASB, NRSV J.B) wR-sqfwPr Standard verson eg<R William «*rer 
^-i<iT^f ^t^( c*rnir wr^; c*r, ^:^r f^r iH-^rm ^t% ^r«aRT ^c^-^j sfsrf^s <^^i^ ^^Ff^ 
N^Pif^m vSf^ i ^rr c^f-p K.JB ^^° RSV ^^t sir?»rF-FR:^ ^^° l^cmr ^t% J ft^iT:^' cyrc^ i ^if 
^r^fi^ <u<i^m ^p^t ^c?jc^: ^f5 t^r^m^^p ^^t^P^ -$^>rac\s 1% ^ic<^ib.-sT ^p^t ^xttI^t ^t ^rra^r 
^Rictt ctf^sTrm ^st^tj i c^.^=^.^s) ^r«aRT ^fi? tg^f^ ^jt^ ^t'?r s Tmr c^.o=>^, ^^.=i^) 

nasb c^t^T^rr'jrm 7 ) *tt^< -^rrh-- ^^= sh- uo 

^xmf^x®^T ^s ^^, c^romr ^r*r?T ^tffe^Tr T^.c.=iH i 

fS<p- <^c^ife.<^; c?t <ic<^rfe.<^, "^^tr:^^ ^nfsr 5^ f^ c*\- ^ c?^ c=trf, csrsq^t ^tt^ 5 " «t^^" i 


8S> *t*f : \sf^: R^f CTTWT "tfhSFsT <F1X^ fsfxST <<=-l<=-l, "^^F "5TW^T <tv3<t> l" ^^ <J5**IT ^O^ C^ 

ao t^Tf: -ffh© \sX^p <]<^c<^h, "<rir tT <m<m> ^x^tc^t, ^?fi" s-ic**^ tjtcs^: "%©x<f' ^ax^ 

fiqx?r n=mi>m i" Ret^m wf%smr >^c<^i ^a^nx^ ^^ -^Rivix^ ^mico-iiTBvs ^cmcs: i ^^t ^=rr 
ca^w^r ^Pi c<m fg^- f^r c*r, csrfi? f%Q=T ^®rf5<F <p^m c=Tf<Fi sv- ^r^f c^.) 

">t^»CH-si c<mo f^ffw^ex^T^r x<r~ft "S^-hj <nf^¥" cm^trr RiR^x^t f^r ^,000 -an^r, t%^ 

■^ = 0:8, Q:vi> ^Tcf= "\s^ C<^V|H <1X^T ^TTXS^ ^^T '''Iff ^X^" l" C^f^R "5rRl" : ^ = vsi- *®<2: xSfsiRT 
d<h I ^rf^r i£) ~T^f>OW (2:8 ^IXW^ "TX^ <3:^ ^U^f^ M^f ^XB§>T fspFf ^5T ^sT^X^T <^ff[» ^^fl* 

•^=^.vs; vs=ii^; 3=^1^) N^lvj^r ®rlP( c^r c*m^T 2*^ fft^ -fftxE^T ^r:^ ffeX^-M ^m (^*T ifiRPv 
^spr^c^-a >ivi?j ^a^x f^to^ \s t^ c*Ic<f ^-i>i^'H ^c-aHsx^-M 1 &*r ^ftf 1 c^ w^tj^: iafi? ^rr«rm^r 
f^T^T^rr c*rf5 f^n^rr Q:^s=vb -s^ch^ f^<p f^c^ ^mn ^t^» ^?i-sc\sh c^r ^"3=^" *us-im ^isi^ra 
^\sirm f^®m ^sc^-tj ^tf%^i5 =tt^ ^m 1 

nasb c^= i TiTr'?rmo *rt^< -^rrh-- ^^■■(tG:- <z^> ■*f<t 

<t(t ^T"cf= -vfc^ "^hs c=Ti<i>(iw^ ^=rcs^r. "N^ifvi 1% vs~FFt^ c*r, ^rr^r^Tmr =rtf^ ^s c^mr f^Tr 

wM^rmr ^n^m^^ «tc^h1h i 

a^h *t*r : 1%^ ^"3=^" ^fs^T ^m:^ ^ff^a "*tk,i% -M-51^r ^^n f^TC^iz^rT ^sr *jff ^rr 1" f^mj^t ^rai^: 

nasb c^i= i T^rr'm i =f) ac tt5 ^tr^= -^^=0:^- 48 


&^> ^ttf= ^Tvi 1% "sr^t <f?i ctt, N^ifvi wrsrm f^t^R^ wrjr?^ R>Pi ^sq^r^: wrsrm w^tj ^rsrm 
^nwm ^■Jfcj^s -^ttfifer otc<m ^rr ? f%?g \5TC® -5tf%a ~ttc3^?t ^F«^rr 1% ^nz<s *jff ^^^" ? 
<?s *tw : "~TTC3* est r^rair wrc^; <^: ~*t<5 ^^ wr;^; *fBe,<i i" 

■^vi>=<3:i. ^t^f : C^Tf^^T 1 i>Ir ; io ifiRP?. =^F : ^^Oro- fill tX|^ T^: x5TSCT5T C«lfc<P jq<F^; Wf£<r (^f*R^s 

^r??t f^Trf^r t^^ \sBrr "*fhs?i ^sirr ^^fg ^rrc^" \s \sm w?r ^<*ic® ^r ^r?=t t%^r f^s^r ^r<i~tr^: 

■^^^■^ ^rtf= "c^nrr ^^mrr *nr?i «mt c^mm ^tr^i^: "sr^t" ^fij i£)<Ffi? -yr^-^F® sr<rfw <jwt i (£t»rr ; 

<^c*j-si "sto i %^r *u5-sbt ^tr:^ fsr^r <c® -=tR3T c*r, "^t^s ^rr^rm^ ^r^fw%ctf^ v|\s^. o*h1 
^zirffe.c<^H i ^m I^t^r^ter:^ ^s w^sj ^<jk wi^nsc^ "5i\s ctf^rr "RzTrft^ ^mrr c^mr o*.h 
<t>c-mcw. i 

^rR'^j^ c^rsf <^^c<^-^ i ^1^ "5qr:^ ^?rr ^it c^r, ^i^t ^^ ^rrsPt^r ^rarf^r <t>^Tfe.<^ c^r ^ ^xmit^t 

C-5T^Tt : W : «o, t%otn t^^" : iH : >t>, iS^lxS: ^ttf) 

t%5 cSanhedrin) "sq^p^r^t <^^ ^^c-h^ ~stf\* ^Tf^t ^t^s^ R^d 1 ^ ^l^t ccf^rc^ -^n^lH i Cvbo- ^i) 
^fl^^tz^ \srnr n; i?3T ^^^ «j^c-h^ ^tt^j ^m <^^ic<^r C"5rr# : i8-4s>) -^t^s^ vjpv^ «^^^r <p^m 


■^H : i>^, i>8 -^w^y =rf«i ^?rr wr:^; i ^rf5 f^tr^rr ^r^gr^rr; ^t^^t^t^ ""tf^ifhsr cf^rHi^rr 1 <£^-h 

^gfsq c^ "csn^fN:, wSrr^ "^^sm -^s 1%^rr ? " wtwr wf%rr ? rr' ? r ^mr ~fH\s ^?rm w?r 
Th^vi ^f^gss t^r f^rr, f%^ ^p^Tsfrsg;, sffi^sm ^p=gf^M ^xtt Y H W H ^1^ ^trtst "^t^s 

fsrf^fo >i>iviT^m iT^=i^ ^t^f ^^^: R*j^n? "*rf^r ctrRr \si^c<=-i ^ivj^r ^s^-ii^n <^-ac\s ^rm^" c*r, 
\st^p arsircsq ^rr*rm ^nf^c^ Pmr ^tsttt ^tt, f^rf^r «ifw^ ■^=v|\ S r ^r^M^f c<=-ii<^ il^o-i^r 1 
^rr*rm ^^° ^?rm ^^p^ ^rtf^^ ^m <^c\s--j i -sq^p^r^m TH<ifi>\s >i^r>umr c^rsrr^ ^^tf^s 
t^^T^T 1 ~p5ffi* "^RhI, ^i^FIc-t-si" '^rz^ "sq^T^^tft^ vi«u>i^r ( Sanhedrin) *tff ^tcrft 

f^H^r f^nr ^n ( Sanhedrin) ^ ~?nus f^mpiCT ^^rm (<ft^t f^vj f^r ^rr 1 ^t£<i*t t^r 1 <zh- 

A. t^fPqit ^rc^~ ^ws wmi^-ic^ ^^rm c^n^r 1h?jvi f^r ^rr 1 

B. T^FpQTT ^TC^- f%5BT <iQ<Tx ^ftf% aTcTt^T ^^^ Rc-H-a ^-ifS\s ^rrf^T I 

C. T^Ff^T f^5BT C^PT ^>1C<lf1 >|V|CTT N^-^fS\s <^1h I 

e«rc^ "^w^r c5tff ^t?R:Tr <i<^<^, 


OY H W H ^TT5rf5 ^^mar -^^^ c^r^<^ c^rnar= * : is ^rtf) ^fl* Hs^ ^fftrr f^rrr c^z^ "to beO 

1%f^T C^TRf^r afsirfc^ f^^T^t HsX^-H ^TTl 

N A S B " ; 5fsr "fSrew^ <iPic=i" 

N K J V ' ^5> «Pic°i " 

N K S V ' ^*> <c~\<z> " 

T E V "^T*^ <Ric=-i" 

J B "<n<wfi? osrsrm fsrcor?f" 

isr^: cxi<p^ s^ox ^R)<ii><t> <rro*mrtfi? "sqf^T 1 ^^^q: ^czyr ^tsttt ^^rm i ^^r 1%^; ^x^\ "q >ki-h^ 

□ "xsnfsr ^M^rtx^ >)P»j^ <<=^r%., ^^hz^t wm^mrr "sr^jw -^ijaz^ "s^F^fR^viT^r J 5h^sm 
vsi^r ^tr^t <ic>i <yi<i>c\s <si<;k c^rc^ ^^^ ^i>ic\s cr^tz^^ i" <^^ xsrwnfi*^ <n^f*mrt" 
^s1% Pj>sr T3=p^t^#- i?rp5^ ^3t <j<nc\s e^-ails.^ i ^f 1 ^ sf^ N^ivjm af^r:^- ^a-M, ^Ivi 

^t^s f5rp5^s wt^q- <]Pv ^£tt frfe^ \sm *jff ^^x ^ftrr csqr^n^c^s i 1%1^t wi«-ic\sh ^H 

nasb c^i^T^mrw) ac ttj ^n^j= ^^=^0:- vbvb 

■^=vb<2: ^fcf= ^^I^T "Sq^T^^tf^^ 'tm <FT^t^5 f^X^S C^C<^ f^T^T^ i" ^f^ f^p^rm ^Fm^^T ^ii^ t%^r 

^srr^x^^ ■n^t^ ^tx^" R^^s- ^?rm f^^i ^m l^p^n ^p^m w^j cc^^T^t 1 ^.s=i.<5:) w^bfS t^r "^^n 
^t^ f^^trr R^^-^f 1 i^s=i- ^s <£(<;% iir-^ ^rcf ^-i^iIH \sm ^n^^sf^ ^j^grm^: ^cbfe. "^^11 
c^rsfTC^T c^v^ "5q-«rr^st <p^t c^^ i \s^ \q c^ w\^ft <fzsh f^T "sr^^RT c=r ^^j^sf^r ■^^Th'VT ^Ftflt ^^rm 

(Josh Mc Powell's Evidence that Demand a verdich) 

NASB c^t^r^rr-m^) ^n^ ^n^= ^=^h- >t>v 

<htr ^rtf= ^t^t <i<^<^, "^^: "sp^fN;, <]<^d\sr ost ccff^f, c^ o®tt^p -sq-m^r i 


^.vb : vbH- >i>b- ^ftf 

N A S B c^n^r^mrmo ^n^ *>nh-- ^>i>=^^- na 

^s> *i*r- C5^ >iv|ij f^to^ ^i^c-a-a ^©^nr^r <c>\ Hsx^-m i ^<t»srH ~5i^?rpft \sm ^tr:^; ^t^t <i<^<^, 

'"jff^fcsT^T "fl^sr ~*k.~^ est ^srMfSr ^e Hsx^^t i" 

ho ^rcf = f^g f^t^sr >i<t>c<^^ -^ttsr:^ ! s[%m ^xst ^^c^-h, ^fsr 1% <^\<s, \5t ^ifvi wtl^Tr i" 

Hi> ^rtf : ^q^m^t f^t^sr ^t^x^r *jm5c<m ^fk:^; g^1c=ih i ^str^p ccrr:^f wm ^^vsth ~5i^?rpft c^r^rt^r 

h-^ '"tf- \s^m f^to^ ^r^f^ ^pxst ^wm ^^l<t>m <tc<t ^^oi-u wtfsr <■& cstppSiw fBl^r ^rr i" 
h^s ^fcf: ctt c=tr:^^t c^rsrR^r TTTf^rr f^r \5Tsrr f%n^^r -^Hr^r f^xs-ac^ ^i"c^r <i<^<^, "fir*^: 
^fsr cxi^-cf^ ^<pvsf^ c\sivim ^»r?rf^: ost^tr^ «ff%^Tr Rcws. i" 

c=-ii<tMSK^ c^ntfs^: fsi^r ^tt i" wm \s^rl: ^^3t c^rm-n o&7<f \S^ i 

xsrm >si^fx? ^vir^R^r wf=rm~n ^ht ^cms. f^t^sr "^ft^r^ R>-s<im ^-5l<t>m ^r^I^x^t^t ^x^k 
^<^f £i\sj'^= ^rr^^j ^Rj^iTS-i^ ^^r;^" ^r?r 1 

<u 1 

^^Tf^ N»T^T5r f%^rot, wfw^fw ^i^K ^^lvfl?J ^T^TIT ^'T^f ^SX=Tm ^SbbNCH^ "5^2117^5^ ^TT<R>r^T 

NKt^r^-p^m, ^^^rm, ^n*5T% <fT5?, ^»t<j<3T%fT ^r^r t^r ^^° 1%1^t R>h<ibt ! ®r%m ^x^ffe.d<^^ 

c^r (<Ff^r <uf^" ^^n c^t:« -=*nr3T i Ri^^tT ^i^"° t^sxp^ ^rc^ <4&\^: ^tr^R 5 ! t^r R^w-r ^^7:^ 

□ "cj]^-^ ^r^ >iv|ij c<n?&f cc5q~m-n) <^57<f \S^" ^1^ ^®i^*fj^: c^T^trr ^tsttt ^gft Ri^^lcw^ 

^ffst^t ^t^t csqr^fr:^^ ^r^iR^i <t=^c^" i c^vb : ^8) =g^r= ^^=vbi ^t^f c<yr^ ^ivi<^t >srMc\s 


^%Fm <jr??t, xsrtt^t wtt?m ^ib^c^r <^i<tx ^^x \sRTf?r srF®fB ^fr:w^t smrRRJ c^r ^^ 

isqfi? ^t^rss^rm ^^f5 fPr<^p| d^T^TT -£f^ ^^rm w?r ^^: c*r, xsrM^rm 1Rw^ ^ti^.c<j=i 5 ®^j<3Tc t t 
^ic<=-iic\s^. b=-ic® ^xr i ^i^c^s-i ^^x "^it^nsr wiwm wM^mr ^M-i^Tcr ^sf^fsu ^xr i wm^tr^ 

tfilfi? fw<F f5RTr>*rc<^ fspqj© c^X® Ctf^STTT ft5<F ^X^" ^Tf I 

<*r^; sj^arsq" ^nc^ib-Hm f^n»M ^f§^ -5nsjrc5T <i^.c?j^ ^r°T? c m T<Rs»< ar^rt^r f^nr ^x^rr «rm^rr 

^ i -ffhs cw^ fwrm ^T^TBvs ^^5t ^srr G5ic=iH ? 

■^ i -tfh® c^fs.f^rsrr^' <rt^rR^r 1% ^"sq^r ^^3t ^fz& ^Rr^f^r c*r, f»Pi "sq^m "sq^s ^xtt ^Rr®t%^r ? 

o: i "5^3 c^=r \sm Hy\sr >1<1<1>R3T \S^s=C^^ -sqTsjRTSr THC'SrC^ ccrrfr <M<=1 ? 







^t^ST?^ 5 




<— . =^ 

PH<^lC\s^ <P\C^ 


■^.■H : ^S- i>° 



ra«^Wl MC>Sr^. 

•^.H : ^S- 8^ 
•^.H : ^s- 8^T 

^^"C^ 5 


■^H : ii>- i8 

^t^S^ Sf% 

^-^ =^ 

HH <^ 1 C^s^ 

M<^IC\s^ >I1V|CH *Jl^S 




■^H : ii- is 

P*MlC\sf1 sd*i 

t*^t:«j *j1^s 

I^MIC^-Sl 5d*l 

^.H : i>i- i8 

■^H : i>i- i>8 


■^^ : i><2-- ^^S 


■^H : ii3:- iS> 

iJl^S V|\£j HC*> 


ijl^S V|\£j HC*> 

^ c l : i><2-- ^.>i> 

^ = ^8- ^.Vb 

^.«\ : ^.8- ^.Vb 

•^.•H : ^.o- ^.<b 

,_ ^ . . 

,_ < . . 


^ ^ . . 

os-ucr-a filial 

OMJCffi filial 

c>WJfil filial 

*J|^S <Ml?N ^-$b 



■^.H^-H- «i 

RjCfcsM ^c-aHs.^ 

^cji^cj- vj)^ 

^i : ^.i- «i 

^.H^-H- «i 

^.•v^.h- «i 

SH^a-a 4tO*1l 

^C-*1<1 vS^C-sl 

■^.^:\S^- \S=l 

51^S ^C-*1 





^cjivs^.- v»b- 

•ifV^S^.- 88 

■^^b-- 88 

^ : vOtr— 88 

■^ = 8^- 8*© 

^.•H : ^SS>- 88 


"tfh3?T V|\gJ 

^£*1 51^0^ >^9J 

"ift<?Sf<T V|\gJ 

^t^S^ V|\£j 

*n^s<i vi\§sj 

^HSd- 8<h 

^hsg- a^> 

^HSd- d8 

^H-8(t- 8<h 
■^ = 8=1- 3b- 
^.H : 8S> 
■^.•H : <2-o 

■^.H : <2-8 
^H-Ctd- (2-Vb 

^H-8d- (to 



^H-CtH- ^>i 



iJl^S^ <&<•$ 

ijl^S^ <t><< 


^H-CtH- >i>i 

C^lC^C-^f] <1><IC^ 

^ C l : i2-H- ^>i 

^H-dH- <bi 

<p<<\ sdl^ <p<i\ 

^H-dH- <bi 

f^t=TF» ^rr^Mr 

■^.H 1 ^^.- ^3^3 

<J><I^(1<^ *iKf-sil 

<»<C< "HKKI 

<»<<:< *iKt-sii ^i-a 







■sH-slCr-sl H«M 

•^.H 1 ^^.- ^a^> 

^rr^r^TR:^" ~crt1rro <]^h <mc\» ^<i i <n^.c<i<='i ^q<ix ^1%^ wiwm wM^rm ^^rn^f ^sp^rt ^<t i 

wr^t^m:^ ^f5 f^N* Ptcw^r^p^ Pi<im5 c^x^? ctf^sTrr fW ^z^ ^rr i 

<xi^: srsarsq- wic^ib-HBr f%^m ^f§^ -srwrcsr <i^.c?j^ ^r°T? c m Rf^^t ar^n^r f^nr ^st^tt «rm^rr 

3 I ^\Sj|R i 

^F-PT <£F^° ~r=*f ^S"C=Tf^ ^f^5T?T >S?HJ ^.H : i- <2-^> 




^«\ : >- ^ 

"tfNSC^I 5 ' C5T" 





T -^< 



1 P*MI<:\s-s) 

l^C^H i 

^.H=i> ^rtf : "*r*rsr t^fff^t ^^srr" (?m^l?jc^^ f^mw -^rrsmr^s -nwrspsr w*w sffoRn ^ffr=^: 
<p^t ^^ i R^-fio-ivi c^fNr wm Nst^r^R <a<ix ^f^m ^3"c=tt cw^-n ^^I^t i ^^r "3=rr«n^-s\s ^FFt^r 

□ ">i<i><^ sr^n^T ^rtw<F" ^qfi? <^<t>c^ wf^rm -^i^tRc^^ -^Rwi^c^^. f^R^f^r <^m ^cws. 

^ H = ^ ^fipf: "\5TC<p ^fs^r" >|^<]\s -fft^s>£<p- \5T?T ^^'g^ >|V| ?J C<TZ*5 Ctf^STTT "^?T <pm^ Ci) \sW ^»TT 
C^s) ^^T ffe^r -sTT^n^r^ £lf5p5JT ^t^XW^ I 

^^i^t^: ^1^ (TsjTsftrr <i>vf<ii^R:"cf^ ^m 'SssSl ^^r >i^<i ^xTrf^T i c?n^1*j<T t^^ff^rrr c<y^^ 


Hsx^-h t^r^w -n^n-a #fs ^vss- ^s^b i ^.Rj^m ^-i?iR^ R>1h f^x^-M csq^sr^ f^rg^r ^s ^sp^t 

^£=-110® f^Mic^-a ^nx^m ar^yxsr ■ 5 ff%?rm c*mt ^?rr ( A c w and the vulgate) ^^r 

^rrsq- ^sttf^f vi^<^l -3=itRc\sj ctf^x® ^trsTrr ^^rm i c*r (<frt ^nx^: c^i<i> ^^t M s s N. B and 
L. wm "sqr# : ><z>> ^^x ^ff= ^©=:> ^^ ^ff^i% ctf^x® ^rsTrr ^^rm ^rri 

nasb c^sn^rmRf) ^rtj ^trh- ^h--^>- io ^ttf 

vs ^fpf= ffRsx^F ^t^pc^^ ^x« *rf%x?r f^xTrf^T c^ R^w-r "*r*r=r ctf^r ~5Rsx^ Rit>i£*t ctTRft 

<£<=-i fW ^?rr z^cmcs: \s^Rq \sr?t "sr:^ ^<r -cjg^af -^r i c*t srsrpT -^^tR^scw-^ "& <g^i c^^rzw^ 

8 "t^f = fSTCCfRfR^ C5R3T CEJs^T^m W^U *rf%X5T fpfX5I" *fM <1»£-sltfe>. I \5RfR <<=-1£=-M \»R^ ^t^lR^TsT 

1% ? ^Tv)^. \5t <I^X<r i" 

o: ^tcf= \s^r f^r^n c^ ^s^rm t^rft ^sx=tt Pxtt ^tt^rr- ^x-a-a "5qx*rj ^x® c^c<^ f^xrr ^^r 

vi, -5fcf : srsrt^T ' ? ixsrfR£\sfR c^ ^^rm t*rft ^sx^rr ftw <i<^d<^H, "<^i^ t^rpt ^t^r^r- *i£« 

\s^Rc<^ *rr*TT ft5<p- ^T5T, ^1^1 ^tst -a £^-3 t^tTst l" 

H ■*fef- -^t^sT \5RfR ^f^Tsp*! ^X?T £>1^. TjRFT f^fXIT f^Xcr*fR"cr?T ^^3T <P<i\ ^gR^T?T ^^^J i3f5rR3r?T 

hr ^fcf= £>i^. w^tj c^ wFsr^^ ^®rT5f \s fx^-a wFsr ^=rr ^?r i 

sc -pfpf: ^x® ^r5t r^i-s^^cTf] "5q-«n f^rr c^r ^^rr ^=tt ^xTrf^r \5t *tff ^^r! ' s ®r?rr 1w«it5t ^^^rm 

iSi<Fr fs^r i ^^: "si^n ^m tttst i ^^TCTi^tTFsrr ^ ^r^r >^^ Tr^r tS^ ^^^f^r i 

pR^cf <p^ i ^t^^it ot. Capital OHeO NASB, NIV, TEV, JB ^^^ NRSV 0^^^" ^mr:^^ 

□ 'x^r ^r^^rr^TT <t>^<^" ^R^p i^fB :>c r^f ^tr:^: ^r^jptR^rr/ <n -^iRki^c-s^ i ^^Ff^ ^r^f 
^n -3=rr«n^-H\s ^®r:<t <ij<i*3\s ^n ^rr c*?n? ^t^- ^-^ ^uyr <u<i^m ^p^t ^xtr:^: ^rm ^r<r 

>iRjj<t=R^^ -^Rki^h ^rr C"5rf^r= ^.i=^jo; f^^trr ^^= H =v) ^^ Ih^cst >w<:i>ctj' <^i^ 

□ "f3!»rf^ ^^rm ^Rm" ^1^ ^t*r?rt : ii=i^ ^ftf c«x^- ^^fw <p^r ^xtx^i ^^rs^t Th^cst 


^.h=8 ^rtf= "f^RTTTft^r <?&" Jft^ ■viT^prfvius ^ ^t^mt:^ RRssf ^r^t vScwr^r ^at wr^i ^ra" 
^XT^iwt ^<ifw c*r ^st^r f^rc^f^r^ <r^: ^co-iio® ^<=-mt <p?rr ^cmcs: c*t "f^R:"^~m" i c*r c<frt 

•^vs=vsq: ^r^ i c^^t^rc^ csFNo T=tfSd<t>^. Adjective <^i -a-^c^ <r*f=rr ^?rr ^cmos:, f^rer^fr^ ^r^ffi* 

^ H:Q: ^f-cf: "viP-Hc-a-a ^twf[%" isr^: ^t<^ ^r^fl^ >i<^r^: c^Pgrr "^ff^a ^mc<i*V <^HR:^rr 
^cmcs: c*jf$ ■vtf^rs ^ft "6® 51 <p?rr ^cmcs: ^re° -^R^ ^^° «nrsj<t> viP^-a t:«ic<f wr=rm f^r i 

■Hf^c^rn ^p^ht^i ^i^.c<ic<^ ^x<x<i><m v^i\®^\sjr ^p^ht^" vScs^ ^?rr wr^; cf%^m= 

Jc = <3:8, ivi>=^SO i,-5q- ^T5^ : >®;> = 3, <2:, ^ ^T5^ : i^ ; ^« ySf <TRafT : i>^b : iT^) ^^T Rl^^m >NsJ\sTlT 

frr^mr "^^t^ \5if%^r G2fi%E= >-tr <s3,<jk "5rRr f^tRm "ypr5rrt5R3m ^rtr:^r (<fr-t t^^r^tr c^: 

\sm ^R"c^rr^r ^at hcmcs: i %^n t^*tj\5T -^tt c^r, RstTr f^rcsf •*tv&i ^g -^tr-tr^s ^ff^mr 

Rm^ i£i<3K -vfRtz^rc^ t^1% ffe.cvvj ^^x \sm ~rffh?r/ o^: "»tc?T f^izTr c«w ^^rm i 

■^h=^ ^T"cf= "^^r -ac^-a "5jw" ^t^s^^p s rc^ ccf^GTrr w^r c^r T?wr ctf^GTrr ^xttI^t \sr^ c<fpt 

>ict^ t^r ^rr, f^g \5Tpt c^ TSi<t>iH5 l*j=RicTr c^^smr w^rr t%«rr c^t«r ^-aUs.^ ? 

^ H = H <?p^-. '^®t^<p ^^-^ ^pqir^^ wFsr^s f^zs ^®rp=rr ^^t" ^1^ >i^<i\s -anf^ -ztm -^ -n^t^ 

■^h : s> ^ttf : "^rft f^rafsrnr^ -sq-^n f^TT ^=rf' ^1^ ^r*ft^rr : ii.=i.^- i^s ^ttf "^^y^^ >i^i>iR ^^fw 

>ivi>ut = Ci) ^rr-nf^r (Augustien) c^srr ( Beza) ^rm (Luther) ^i^K c^^r (Keil) ^tc=tc^~t 
"sql^r f^rafsRiTP^ ^rrsqr^p ^»fT ^wz^ ^>^V& T^c^c^-^ \ C^.) c^tmsr ( Peshilta) Q:"5q- ^r^^<p fyrf^rrr 
xsr^rt^f ^^"° twrn^S^rm^T ( Diatassaron) c^ -sj^t t^rir c«y^^" h-51^ ^ttst "^t:^: c^c^h i c^s) 
^Ricn^ >^><ik %gf%?n^r -ac^cfe.'H, h^^ ^^rt: ^cb^. >ivi>iji^ £f«rpT ^Ta^T i cs) "^tr^tst ^^"^ 
^^sTrf 3 ^ <ic<^-s, ^^r ^rrsf^^T c^r^^ \S^f^= ^^t ^cmcs: R^fvi^c^ ^*f^rr ^p^m w^tji cs) 
cviRs <ic<^cfe.H frrafsnq- firc^ir:^! ^rsff^rr s>- i-i. ^r«miT ^rt^ i c^b) ^ti^Ib^IB ^^"^ c^rfRp=^> 
-ac^Cfe.H "Rrafsnr -^ E^^rsq" ^•iW'si ^f^ir f^^R'n "=^t ^»-i>)n^f" ^rax >^^ ^sf^TJ ^st?t ^ttst 

T*j<fvj^c<p' ct-) (<p=rf%^r <id<^(ife.H cs>) F.F. Bruce >^<sk J B e <^dfe.-^ ^r*ff^ir c^z^ ^Rfspg;^T <fz<s 

i,^. -*tcf : Ef^Tf^T ^^tRc\s^r ^<!K ^5i WaW ^t^T^ 5 " ^C-S*^ CtfR4 ftrC<^-H f^g ^^s fK \to '<S>-&<\ 


^rsfC-Hfi^ ^xmtst "*rr f^MNsc^ ^r^ <fz?s ^g^-i t%^ i 

NASB NKJB "^m ^rt «c°ife. i" 

N R S V '^f^sr «Ric°i i" 

T E V "^fvi^. fS><p^. <c=ife. i" 

J B "^^T ^fsr^: <t=tc^t i" 

□ "RjIh ^&^ f^rd^H ^n" ^f5 f^rt: (t^s-H **uyr^ csn^ftc^r ^^v^m^\<[ -^rz^ f^r wrc^; 
c*sfS <r=Tr «lcm5_ 'ttR^t^ ^pxINt / (^c*ra -^tr" Othe suffering servent songO vZ vto 

NASB csn^mmo ~rt^ -?n%-- ^i^&- ib- 

i,^ -pfTf : c^5 >)V|sj ^1<n^T ^TTXST ^)<f»®?H <pOTS" <FX?T^t fg^T I 

iH T^f ' C^TC^^t c£|<p T3^^ WC^T "^X^T ^t<T 1^t=TF5 Wt(?f^ f®f«aPtT <f»^C=^^T, "o»|V|-sir 1% ^e ? ool*IIOrsl 

^k:^; ^>ii1*i ^nx5> csz® c^q ? ^rai<Nic<f s ^tt ^^ttc^ c^n^fN; <jc^ o*fe "%»x^ ? 

ib- -»^f : f^TFs WIHCoH, C^1TC^<TT f^X^TT <t<-sl^ "5t^$"C^ «ft%T^f f^rC*JC^; I 

■^i^o- ^rcf= "^rt" ^1^ ^^m ^tc^?i ^^rr^: I^tc^t <^c^ i <ife.c^^ P»HfB ^^>ic<i^ "src 5 ?! tg<pf^ 

^£f^^ ^^f^ ( Autiquities Jew: 20:9-3) | 

^^ ^rfc^^ iSi^f^ sr^TTo ^»r^ i "5^cm ^^pf^ ^-*t< ^m^TT^^rr Brfuce Metzger A Tertual 
commentey on the creek New Jestoment P p: 67-68 From united Bible Societies. Oe vi \£ YwnO G i 

w?r "f^t^m ^s" ^r^y^r "<T<ki" i c^ ^<j^sth -cjg ^T5?xgt^t^ T^nRic^s f^®r- ^^rm ^st^tj ^t^sx^p 


■^iir- ^ttf= "f^f=rt^ wi -hc^-h, c^tr^st ftx^rr <i*c-s]^. \sr:^ *)Rca f*rcs f^Ti" f^r=Ti\s "tft^T^ 

N A S B c^cm^mrmo ^n^ ^nh-- ^h-sz*- ^ -^r 

c^-n^rDc^ ^fsr t%^: <fc<tt ^ff, <jrm^r wtw ^z^i wtfsr ^h w^-s ^o^ <^ c^txirf^: i" 

^v, ^1-^: ^f^^- sjs^t^ ~tp^ ^sf c=TF^Tf^ fwwmr <^fR<=-i-H, ^^: t^w^^t^t "sr:«]i wffsr oststrtt^t 
^fr;^; ^fr^p csrw "c^ ? ^sbtt <<=-i<=-i, "^tstr^tr<f" i 

•^ ^fcf= \s^T f*>t=TFs \5Rtt?i <]<^C<^H, ' s ^^C<^ ^^TR^" "sp^N: <C^i C>\^ "^t^T^ 5 " ^l[v| 1% <M<I ? 
=Tm^T, "\S"^<F ^7?^ Ctf^STTT ^\3<J> l" 

wfw ^z.^ wffsr \sm w^-h «ic»i<t= ^g c^txTrfl: i" \5Brr ^re^tr^: "^ft^sr <j^rr ^xmm <t^H5.c<=-M i 

c^smr 1%^; ^^f^r =rri C5rf^r= ^H-as, c^rr^^- i=i.i. ^fcf) 

•^h : ^^s ^t^f : "^m ^srm ^e c^ft cbfbdTT <<^c& ==rr-5Ts=T i" ^h^t ^bfe.n5 ^3>iL><]^^^"^f§ g^^;^)^" ^i 
<u<i^m <p^t ^cmcs: ^t ^-i^w ^p^t z^cmcs: "^smr ^m^m f^^^^m <^d^lfe.<^ i" ^i^: ^st^u ^i^t 
^flt«wHl^ ^Tfc*ir ^w ^^tt ^t<r ^sit:^ ^^^: ^r:^ ei^th <t>^\s ^rri ^f5 t^r >i<^<i\s ^mf^^rc^^ 

N A S B csn^mrmo ^n^ ^n^= ^h=^s- ^<b 

■^8 ^ttf= f^f=rt^ ^r^i^r ctf^ic^H 1%f2T R>^ <i>^c\s -5ti^cfe.-s ^rr ^?r° ^tr^t c?rt=T5qi^T ^z&s:, 

\e«m R>1h TSf^r Prnr (.<^i<^d^^ ^rrsqT:^ ^r^ g^ir <i<^d<^^, "^^ c^tr^p^ ^r:w?t t&t^u n^iTvj T^r^t 

^vi, -5fcf: xs^sf^ f$t5T|\s ^I^R^^R^^ C<^I<1>(1^T^ ^FR^: CSR^S firM^f, f%^ ^t^ST^P ^t^f^ ^R^ M^P 

-sq-m^m ^-$vi fpf^q- ^^?«t ctf^m ^f^rr Rm^ i 


NASB c^n^r^mrmo ^ttj ^ft^ ^h=^h- «i -^ 

■^b- *i*r- n^-h-hj^t ^hs>^ ^m^s c5T^t^s ^I^t f^ir \5Tsrr =tt^t ^x^tpst c^rr^rFP -^t^rt^r 1 

■^ ^tcf= -^tc^r ^sbtt ^f3T ==Tor Iwcs ^^rt?r "sj^rt? c^te«t ^m "sq-r^amr ^ff^ir f^r, wm \sm wt^t 

^f^s ^<rtrr =Tfft5 fpf^r 1 \5BM73t ^®m ^rrsqx^r : Cfj> ct&s \sfc^r ^tsttht <^?t <i<^<^, "f^#t 

*o -vtsf ■ \s^J \5T?T -nTCTT ^sM f^T <^)<3X C^ ==Tff?5 f^TT ^®T?T "STWTlT ^TsRTm Wt^s <M=1 I 
vsi, ^(-c^ : ^TC<p ^Tsrt^fT <M<im -^ ^sM CP^ C^HT^JW "s£C="T fSq^T ^<3x ^TsT f^TCW^T >a?|vir ^M"® 

^tf^Tr \stc^5- T%p*i ccr^m w^qr f^mr b^^-i 1 

NASB NKJV, JB "srfSt^r c<Trc^p?T ^5& ^\w^_ <ttw <i* violet" 

NRSV, TEV "~rp^r <j^sTst &s*rv^ <m^xf^nr" 

•^qfi? ^i^si^c^-a *t£*f nskiI^ns fl^T ^s^rt c^x^tcw^ wr?i , ?rm c*if5 c^r^trr ^tpt^i ^^f^ ^i#t ^xtt 

^H : ^t- ^f"ff : "\S>sst<^ c=Tff^s ^t:^ 0^1%" ^^: ^r^ti^ ^^Ff^ c^rr^t c's^^p ^"c^r:^: c^rf^ ^n^rc^ 
=Tt="T ^° <p?rR: i Tm t&t^u <u<i^m ^^aT ^m "srp# xt-^H ^r^ ^^-^ c^rm^r ;>s>=^ ^uyr ^nr:^: 

■^h : ^s>- *o ^tcf ^7^ ^Brr ^rc^^ ^T3t ==t®t f^xTr ^i<p3t "sj^5 cnxu>s ^s\<[ "5q-r<arm ^ftw^Tr f^r, 
^®rm ^^r vsi^r ^r^s ^i^3t =Ttf^ f^r 1 ^®Rr^Rf ^Br ^tsr^t ^f5 c^tc^ ^tc^p ^tsttht <r??t <]=t=^ 
Ri^^l ^rsf ^sfir c^k^i. \e^m ^^r fxxz?s ^btt «n «j; f^r ^^x c^ =rrff5 f^xir \si^ "5n«arm ^m ^m 

NASB cscT^Tr , ?rmo ^rt^ ^n^ ^h= ^s^ ■**** 

c=tr^^ (?t ^rr c^i^t 1 t>wjfir ^tc<f "^t^s^ ^h ^r?r f^rc?! c*jc\s ^t«it <i>^<^ i 


"^rc^ ^r^ ctf^sTrr ^xTrft^" ^f5 "*Fif3r ^r^f c*r -5rRr a-8>> ^uyr <u<i^m ^?rr ^cmcs: i 
TviRiTsiRiciffic^ ^rc®~ f^Tdr ^r^trr ^rr^^l^c^^c^^ ^ptcw f^rccrH ctf^sTrm vsr: 1 ^ wf^r^m f^r i 

■n^r-^mrm <i^h ^fz<s hIk^c^-m i ^gr?^ ^rt^Fm <rr -n^r f^r capital CT' small Q' OX" ^c-h^ 
<sr-H^. ^re^ 5 ^»mr <n*rm ^fi? \s \swt f^TR^" <u<i^m ^r??t ^itr^ i 

c\sc\sr f5r*rrc=rr 1>i<$r o*k?® f^r i "^t^s ^sr "sjpsf f^xir wm c^t^s ^^.c^-m ^rr i 

•^h : ^^s ^r^"Tr= ; T'5rr 5 arf' ^fgrr :>c r^f ^x5^""5TT s ^rm "*11W i ^i<=-ic^?n ^Rffi* =-tiinSH c*y£<pi ^Rfi? 
f^r ^<pf^ ^ft^r® ^t f5=Ti\ (^r*R?® "sqi-ic^-a "srwm ^tf^r^ v|\s^. i ^©r^ >^<i\s \sm ^tst ^r«rr 

^^: ^R^r^t ^;\sTrm f^TTii^ RM l^^nfsR^^rt^ ^sf^r^G c^pt 1%^; ^p^m ffe^r ^rri S^r^r^-Pf^ 

■sq-csjr <i)<)ivSrH C^tUS f^tZTT t^#T5T *fff ^l^5T ^HZ f^TT ^^° ^<^3T =TffS^ "STTsimT C^fST =Tff?R:Tr 

vscj ■vpff. \smr ^z^ ^ft*sr?s ~5TMm ^-^rc?^ 1wc<^ <^: ctrm ^rrsqi" =rrf?R:Tr fw»r. " ^ R^^ld^r^ 

"^i^t ^r:<^ ^t?t tw^r" >i>ivjrmc?T "^t^s^ 'h^jc^^ ~nRiRi<i* ^®ri-^R)^ ^•^^^: ^^r «rc^f^T c^Tte 


fl^T i Bibal Encyclopedia Vol. pplo40-42. "\sm ^fm^s c5iM\s f^c^Cf-a "5qx*rr ^t-n ^x^r 1^r i" 

■5'tr^ 1%f^f©r "5j=^t R^ctt ^w ^\sTrm w^j Rf^-t ^r^f ^x^^; c*m^r i>s>=^3 ^ttf c^ix^i c*rf5 
■Jfte ^=:>b- c^ix^ \3^R> <F<n~ i^cMCs: ^rfr> "sfRx® wm^r ffe^r ^m ^^: c^rr-n^t^r ift<p- 
-s^Tsgt^f^tT^s f%==T ^m <s ABDLOrw. ^"sq^r 1% <^j i1T5h i£i<rs. fSHf^rrm ^-i^Tx 1 ^ ^^rsr i 

"^f§T<rt& <F<T1" -i>s-S lH*JC5T vS^C^-a >SrHJ^. <J<*r* ^XTT R^ Caf=TT -^ R|<1^ C-S -a W^JT ciq^Tt^PFm 

"sjxs "^h^x^r ^.ws.x^" wprm w**r c*jvm csff%s i=^ ■*T*t i ^fi? ^i^ts^t Purxsrsr ^-^^l ^aSRivi 
^q^x Tvifvivi c<p Nsi-^-fM ^xsrf^r i eg^ ^sr<r <^i^: ffe^r c*r ^x?m ^wr^p wprm wtsm; t^xst 
^x?r I^xttItI^ i ^fi*^: ctrRir:?J cfe.H c*r ^i^c<i<^ ^"sq^r f^r*r?r ^f§^ osfj^s ^x^t (tsx^x^t x*t, ^^t 

^f^s T3T5q-<R <PTf!t^T <iWH C^T^ I ^^ ^^P^ s^oi-a W^TJ "RlR^C-H^ CVJCij^ C^TRrspsT vSHK-sM 
Ctf^STTT ^XTX^ I C'RbBT ^^ vb=\svb- so -^ftf) 

^^n ^fcf= "\5Brr ^sr?f ctrR<rR3rM <m<=-i" c^trs^t i^=^o ^ttf c^x^ ^ivj^r -HX& ^c-aHs. c*r, <^r^ 

^sf^T t^T Rf^sf =TCS^TsT ^^R3T C*JV|H : Rst^l C^sR^rsT ?TWl ^^ CCfRTR^TM ^P^HX#" ~5Blf5 
Rf^>~l Wfx<r Ctf^STTT ^xtr^; I 

•sTfof: "jqfij ffh® frr^#R:"cf^ *nwf" 

"5qr#= "t?r^#RTf^ ^rwf' C"5qr# ^=^0 

=3^5: "csi^: c^ frr^ixw^ ^Twf" c=3^" ^*=*b-) 

c^rm^T 1 "^rp^ra^trr "*fh©, R^^lcw-^ ^n®rr" cc^rm^i is>=i.S)) 

N A S B c^t= s r^TT'?m^) ^rtj *tth ^ : *ir- ss 

«V ''tcf : ^rT^t tjvSrH vb|<1>l\sC^F« -fft<?s<T ^X^ ^C^ f^®T, t£|^^5f^TC^" vsl^J f^X^ 5 " ^TT^ ^®r^TJ i 5f^TC<P" 
<(T f^X^Pl 

^ss> '"far- c^r "5=r<r l^\\<p c^ ^f^r f^xir ^nlw^ ^t^t "sn^ c^u? -*h?37<F -&f§\ ^x?r <i<^<^, 

so ^tcf= "^fvi ^rr ^^tyr^t ^ra c^z^f ^®n^m T^-rf^x^rsr ~wc s jj ^s% <p<icz> ^tm'. ^t^x^t ^i^r^ 

8^s^rcf= "\s ^>^x^^ ^^m Pc^^ ^x^, ^^i^t ^^^ ^^rf^ ^?t ^^m ^jpr «arx<p^ ^x^" F®Th ^z^ 

■^.=1=^^ ''tcf : ' S; «T3T t^W^T vbl<i>|\sc^s^3 ^f^T 1CT ^X^f fH°l' 


•^qfi? '=HT3rtW^rt^ frrHR^lT <^=i>^ tU?^S I C^TR^T^Fm " " "vsT^Rs" ~r=Rf5 

<u<i^m ^c^cfe.-H ^f^Tsp^f wr:^; c*r c9^r=Tr ^tr^rtt " " c^ftwtft 

•^H^fe ^ftf; "t^ ^w c5tf-p c^ ^r^r fRnr ^nf^x^r^ \sbr ^rr«arr c^z.^? "^Rsr^ 5 " ^stst <r:^t <i<^<^ i" 

<xir> <^RR> -^r^r^ wr:^" -jfte 1 ^^=h ■n^T-nT-n^ f^r R^-tic^csq" ^rsTrm -^R:^ 

^fr:^st Ef^rf^r <r\w\ i ^t^tr^t^ix^t^ \Sd^T-*fj^: wz&s. ^^rmr ^r^nat^t 1%csr€t \5r:"ct?r^ <n*rr 
c^s^rr i 

^.H=8o^rcf : "Ss»jvj ^rfR "^r^z^sr ^fa *re" ^r> si^r^ cs^n ~Rs -*{tz' p v^ ^f-pi cRfr? <iwrj 
«rm^rm f^nr s-ivK^f ^Sd^r'tr ^r®i i csrRr s^*^) ~*TRs 1^r:w^t "yp=**R#~ 1% wffi ^?R sicws. c^t 

^.H=8i ^tcf= "sf^rt^r ^nw^p ?r J Pr's^<p- c^^^m" 

•^.H : 8^s -=ttf "^s -^r^c^sr ^r?t Tn^-a ^r??t; ^^m "^t^st ^RfR \st?t ^tsr ^JpT s>|TC<^ \sc<l ^QT?^ 5 
1%f5T ^wsm <p-H"^ i" 

^fi? ^r:^t^ ^^rc^i ■sffcs ^=b- c^r^p c^t^tr ^cmos: i Tri^cT-a ^i^: ^® ^ss^r^- -^^sj^-^ "tfRs^r 
3p*r vi^j c<t^ <r*Rrr ^d^dfe.H i 

^.H = 88 ^ftf C*T WRpRSCCf^R^F \sfg ^TCSf ^7?R CCf^STTT ^d^lfe.^ \5T?Re C^ c<q<^ <fr|T <c<=-i 
>X|R> "Sql^T fsrRfo 3JL>)VJ f^R3T?T <T*RT t^^. =3^ ^* ; «S> ^Wf "S^STtifi) ^=TT ^CMs. C*T, iiq<PW^T 

N A S B C^R^T ^R-RRf) ~TR5f ^tt^ : ^H-8d- <Z8 ^ftf 

80: ^ftf ^1T ^lfD<1> C<^R^^ ^1T *in?<M ^rtW ^T^tfTT CtrH ^^^m "5qiT ^^.<^1 I 80:= ^®R^ ^^TTT ^I^H 

N^tVlRj , ^^ N^tVlRj ^f5T C^P^T ^SRSTRT ^R|\sjm <l=^fe. ? 

S^^fpf: ^^s TTR4T (^T^R^T i^lf^Trf^T \5R:"Cf^ "5^?^ (<W5 (<W& C^ ^psalt ^SZ^ <^C^> ^Tr-n^T <JQ 

^rfw egRiijc^i \5~R^^^; i 

8i^ ^Rf = ^®n^ ^r:t=t^ "sqT: 5 ^ t<q<pw^ ^tstr-t crRt® "RRnr <5<=-i<=-i, <jq <uRs= egf^nr (<p v5i==sj^:^; i ^n^ 

\5R:"cf^ ^<t^sr-s ^t5tr-t cRR:^5 cn^r, ^^m ^M^sf r-r^t \5Rts l>i^<i>r ^»^=^ <^i^° <xi^5t hw 

=TfR>R:Tr fR^TT ^R^^r ^tR-T <1>^C\s fR^T I 

8fe -fcf : f^l ^ST^T >l<t>C<^1 ^R^P <<r\<r\ s^R^ "C'RRf, ^R>HT ^ST^^ ^^=R <P1\C& ^IC^-H R^TT I 

firo ^fcf= ^R:^ ^t^S ^®n^-Rj \Sbbf1C^ fB^^RJ ^R^" RR^f "®R ^T5q-^f' : t <J>^C<^^T I 

g-v, ^(t^: x.^ q^ss viPhc^^ ^i^-^^IIh ^•^=-m c^R^s ^t& ^r=q^ r??^ ^»Rf ^z=rr- ^fsp^^M ^^r 
g-^ ^rcf= <p^^s-^5Tr <^<i^ ^R^t c-n^r ^1^° ^^t^^ c^r c^TR^p^r "sq-Rjr f^R^rf^r ^r^t ^chc^p 

gvs ^Rf= \5BR <P<1\ eztf<F C<F3 ^RTT ^R^R^T^T <£,<JK "5Rs "5^1 C^R^P Wtf%s ^RTT ^hc^i *V& 
^tf%^ »RI^ "sq-^sjr ^C^-H I 


0:8 ^fcf= c?istm1% \s \sm ^r:w ^^mrr "fl^sc^ ^tf^mr fpflw^ ^fspj^M \s ^st^tj ^ra *u5ht c^-^r 

^m *ijsi c^z^ i^z^ ^r^ ^rsTrm fS^ R>P< ^Rf^t^ wpg- <i^-j ^r3t f^Trffe.c^-s i ^rfw-^fo wiwr 
^h=8^ ^ttf -^r^sr ^tvim ^^ N=Mtvim ^f^r c<w^ wrarm -^RNsjm <p-a<s, ?" ^^st^r -fllc^-a ^ 


NRSV 'w^TO^" 

T E V "^?r "sr^j^s ^t^TPf' 

J.b. '^s^r waster" 

^, c i=8& ^^ ^<j^ic^ ^r^rr ^^»f& ic t^f ^s"5g; c^rr^»T ife : ^8 ^r^f c^lz<^ c^psm <ic*jcg i ^"^T sfi^f^r .sft^ 
^mgf^rRrc^ t^r ^rr A. D. K ^1^"° .sft^ ^15 ^Rc^iz^t^, c^r^tst ^^"^ wmfi^T 1 t^^ N. B. C. ^i^x 
■2$ ^^1% t^r 1 ^1^: , ®rx7: :>c m "5j=^t t^nr ^~£=rr ^tr^tt^tt ^p^t <i^^. <p>Q>^ <j^m=T 

C^s) ^^T "sqx^T ^1T ^&W\ T; aW\ -^n^plf^f ^Sd<^11d\s wk:^; 1 
"^t^S 1% -i^^j^ ^7^ -Jf^f^ "^>7Z<5 RbRl\s r^d^-H ? 

■^h=<3:o ^fxf : "^t^s ^srf^m osfRr® fB^^m ^^z^ ^i^d<^-H" ^<^ht <p-sp-s c^rf^^r ^^=^0; ^s 
■^H=Q:i ^ttf= '^^^m ^•^rp^^rr ^r^^ ^t^fst ^^sr cy?^^ ^t& ^rt® f&c^ tp»M ^xtt "cn^r 1" ^i 1%=^ 
f&7^ ^^n^sTrr 'tB^ ^cbfe. ^>^ ^1^ <m7:w^T ^T5q^® ^T«rr f%^f1w ^S7^rr "53?:^; Iwcs ^m ^^ff^Fic^p 


^ttf) >ifij<t>m ^rc^" c=tr:<p^t "*r*r=* ^1<ic-m^ xsrf5p«i5\s ^rq-^TC^ f^rcs vd X\ A wntj b | 
-?I«t#^f T?rf^ ^m^r ^rrc^ "*fNs?T -^h-s^r^tst <i?j\s<]r ^r^w wr^ (<z^ -sttf) t%^ ^tr:;^ "^s?r 
■s^j-si R^ic^-a ^ns-nm r<p^t ^R c^hxtr:^: i ^^trr ^^f^tt RRs-i ^-ac^-a xspSm^h <f<t^® ^tn^- 

NASB, NKJV "^1w «* -^sfz^T ^9 f^c^H i" 

NRSV ">iR>j c^l-^fD -^h^srsr ^9 f^c^-H i" 

T E V "cr >iR>j<i>m "^r^z^rsT ^9 Hs.o-1-h i" 

J B ">lF®J ^ ^1R "^h^sm ^9 ffe.01H l" 

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ixi<pvsr^ «nlvf<ii ^3 ^rg c<=-ii<t= f^c^-H i t%^ <p^rr ^cwe. c^r^trr t>r^:psrr "*rr ccfRRTR:^; c*r Rist^l 

"yrfRc\sj ^ft?i^: wr:^; "^9 c=TRFf5 t^^r "^h^sm ^-9 i" "^h^sm Efi%^ji% c& -sqi-^c^^ ^rc^ stbh 
<^c^dfe.H i >i«^fR\5T5r "^^T^r ^m^t ^?rr ^t^tit >\q< i Article ^r^TR-kfic-s ^R^^tfrro <p?rr ^mr 

"crsrfc-cf^ -£rr, n»ICH<^ C=TRP "gmr C^R^T C"5rRr ^H : Q:8) ^t5T "5RR "STR^fT ^SCs^T^s (^T^fT, ^m^ 

■m^l^ c«y^F ^m ^r:^ ^r:w ^d^l^.d^^r i 

^9^: "5rft=Tmrt: "^t^»^ ~*tw\ ^xtt ^ ^-^ >srCH^ ^rR^ ^^n^iT ^c-aHs.^ i ^mf^: ■srw ^ir "^t^s ^^° 
^m f^f^jew-^c^" ^sr^rC-HRj^ wt^ ^t^cf^ i&f^j ^f*rr ^r^ ^^x ^t^tj vii^^T^tf^ Ivin?° ^^ 

i,. vi^i>iv»^ c=tr^^t cw^ f^i^wc^-n ^fr^: t^tzTrf^^T ? c^^r "?>«i^^" ^rr^am ^z^? "srwr ^rrf^ ? 

vs. f^rl^s "^t^ST^P C^^T "^f^ I^rC^s C&ST ^lPlC?Jlfe.C<^'H ? 

4 . c X'\ vll f vte c OyhM Lftoi g Z zi R b " c yvZ b vbqg t_ tK A XbK J tj v 
vel q tbl qvi D*l k " vK? 


^Rqsr <xre?, ^^r^f >o~£=Tf<T ^f^sr c^.h : g-h- ^.i^ : ^.o) 

^^ sgprsn^TC^T >|V|V|RT "5qT# 1><2:=8^.- 1.(2: : b-, =3^ ^.vs=(S-o- ^.8=^^., C*Jl*.H i& : *o- ^o:io ^fcf I 

N A S B ^tf^ ^rr^= ^h=q:h- <bi -^ 

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atr ^rtf= f^Mic-s-a ^r:^; f^Rir R>1h "tfRs^r ctf^sr ^i^.c<^^ i \s^r=t f^RrRs \5R^- c^: ot<u5r 

&& ^ttf= c^nc^ip "^s^ ctf^rsr f^Tr t^Tdr ^ff%^rm ^mr^s w^tr^t i 

vbo ^rtf : wm c^r -iv»H <t><< P»Pi fHC>sr^ w^r ^tf^R^?^ "5r:*it (<ro? c?R^r H^c^-m c^r ^TR^r 

C^ CCf^ST ^TslC^H I "»R3T C^ <1*<1 C-sJf] "sjp^f ^5 cX|<f5T -=»RsiRt -nf^TT f^TT R>1h "K^T C^Ic^IH I 

V|<U>I^RT ^5& ^t^cf^ >^R^T?T C=TP^" lfe.C<^-H I C"5TT# 1><3: : 3^>) C^S) 1%R-T ifl^SR "«T^T ifiRP?. CTTWT 

■^h= <tn- atr ^r^f 1 <^)ft> f^r c^nc^dij 5 ^ n^\sj^ -3=n^^i<ii\sm ^tw ^^ ^t^r ^s"c=tt I^r:^^ \Sc^«r 

^T^R^T^ l" R^l^sj ^»R4^f^t^ ^1<]<]|Hl ^tf%^l*fet =TR« <PC-aCs: f^PfR^TT <2:^S=S> ^ftf I 

^fl<^ic\s^ ^fr:^: ^r^?tt ^73t <j=ic<^-H, 

>t>8 ^tcf= c^ ^s?^?T ^rRTrH <t=^»H ctj^i Rj-hT^th ^r^® ^^^isr ^tRcR^r ctf^sTrr ^rr i ^rr ^c<^ ^i^ 

f^T^JT^T ^TTo c£|-C3=r ^^ Ctf^TSt 5f% ^!R3T f^RlTr <I<^C^, 1%R-r "^^I C^Z^ C^r& ^SC^Cfe.'H "^»1^C<^ 


<h& -=H~cf= '^sr ^t=rt^ xsr^tsi <]<^c<^h, ''tr^mmificTfi 1^R:Tr 1^w^ wM^mrr c^r^R^" -^tr^m 
c^ ^w<5 ^tR^mr ctf^m ^j^^t <p-&^ i" 

vb^b ^Tcf= \s«N \5TfR t^RlTr ^TT^R^^ ^t^sT ^1 <=■*>) | <i -a <^^C<^-H ^^X ^tR^R^RfR^tf^ C^paTR^T 
(TfR^f <p<<fe\ <pv?rR^i% WR^ ^tR<RJT Ctf^m <U<I->4T ^fJO-l-H I 

^fi? R^rrsr ^n-sic^^ f^Ri^T c^s^rr ^rtr:^; i "^Micvs-si ^Hf^F® <^re° c<Fit? Rist^l c^\5R^rsrc<p 
^rRjgif^R^ ^r^^: ^-=^1%^ <pc-hc^: ^i^x <^^ w^rr^ ^^m ^rc^ ^r°~f ^i^ch^ ^?rr >\t£< t^r 

NASB.NKJV "at^rn^T wT 

N R S V, J B "ct at^m^' 

T E V "f^RRTRft" 

<xi^; <rRprfr> ( pbnos) t^tRf^s wrfr^t ^M«i<T*T ^?rr ^Tif^r '^vm <p^f isr^ ^x^w ^t^fli <jxT*rr 
Rc\s f^R^r OplanetO ^^^>cf^f ^^Owandering" ^^ w^cr ^^ c<TwR^rr ^fhr ^rR^rr i ^^T 

N A S B "Fs^Rh ^m ^nfsr wRrm vs£>< i" 

NKJV "fi-sR'H ^m ^®nfsr vs£>< i" 

NRSV "fo-ifHH -=Rst ^rtfsr wrtbt vs£>< i" 

T E V "FshRh *t?r ^Rq~m c<re^ ts^o i" 

J B "R)^Rh -^Rst ^rtfsr wRrm v3£>< i" 

t^tRm ^»r^"n=mi1vi Rj-hIw-h ^tc^ c<r:~& vs£>< i" <^1t> fSrf^iT i ^f1%f^t% <rrar ^r^ ^rm w^r ^Nrt^s 

1htt >y><?> wf% i 


A. ^TP^f^^T^ sf-5TT^ 

C^O f~r*5T£iT?T f^-sW^Tf^* ^1<H n^R)>M)^^. -=»ff%<3\s^ ^XTT v3c£>T^.<=-1 C\5T?T 

^tfrsp^Tc^psf wmr <t>^Tfe.d<^-H) ^rlw^n^t ^vmR* ^r€t^ ^sirm w^rr i 

B. -^t^rsF^R^rsr ^s^^s 

i^=\si^- so -s^r \s *s>iH-sHSjOI-st ^j<i*jj^ <rf=n") 

c-^o ^^ \sm ^bt "*fNs?r ^t?r ^st^m ^d-sif^c^-M \sm f~r*jr, wt<r^r <^i<t° 
c^o >i<t=<^ •gfn-Hc^r^ <fr^; c^r sifi^ar ^sr ^rrsT^tf^T^^ ctrRiz^cfe.H i 

C^S) =g^F S> = ^.^.- ^.-H 

C8) "C^TR^T ^. : iS>- -^^.5 i-^ : «8 i8 <£(^K 5<b ^5T*lxnq~ 

1 . Evedence that Demands a verdiet by Josh Mc Dowell. 

2. Who moved the stone, by Frank Morrison? 

3. The zonlervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, Resurrection" 
Resurrection of Jenus chred" 

4. Syostematic Theology by L Berhof pp 346.720 

■^H=^Q:"^tf^mmi^c^^ Iwcs t^tzTT wM^mrr c*r wrc<r -stR^r^ c^ ^nz<s ^tr^wr c*r<rm <u<i-^r 
<i>^-s i" isifi? ^^f5 -srstr^sR^fft — i ^^tr^t \5T?r ^Tf% t%^; f^re^M <p^t ^cmcs: i 

(^tstr^t c^rc^r ^^-ster <i^i<i>fj? wr^q- -^tr^t^t o^rm oo-sy <mc<=-m i" ^u» ^ifwr <i^<i* ^ft^r 

igfi? -^t^Rs^rm ^^f5 f^^r^rr -sr^ ^^mr w?r <^: c*r, wm^trt f^psr^ <3~r^x^^t ^»«i<R:*T 

^nc^ic^s^. b«^c\s ^x<i i ^i^x^^t ^i^x "s^rtsi wtwrn ^rr^r^Tm ^-i<iRTf ^jst-^rt ^z^ i 

^srt'^H^m:^!^ tg1^ f^T^R^p^ f^q^g csj^s ctf^sTrr tS^p ^z^" ^rri 

i£i^: sf«r ^ic<^ibHm f^rsiM ^sf^r^ -sq-rsjrcsr <i^.c?j^ ^r°T? c m RI^h sr«rf^r 1<*)^ ^sr=TT ^rm^Tt 

Ci) ^rTf^rtRrrm c^tr^pp 1% ^t^ <?$/ cwz*T?s *nf^rc?» ^^ft^s lfe.c<^H ? 


cq:) Pitt sjb^ 5 ^1% ^>8 *tw ^re° t^:gT^f<Ftflt ^& *t*r i^fBc<p <ui^t <i>^h i 

^^ f% i«p=r 

^W C^ 5 " ~£W t% 


fl? ^ 1% 

T^Sf f% 

til-H ^Ifl t«l>i l^> 

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*fl<©< *l.«i*K«l M 

R>iH ^C^)Cfe_H 

E)tl|V| -5^-^'^llH 


^SHJ <J><l-sl 

^.b- : i- i>o 

*U>- : i- b- 

^.b- : i- i>o 

^.b- = i- 8 

■^b- = ;>- V 


^.b- : S>- i>o 




~*Jt<?S<T ^pfyjsn 

■^b- : S>- i>o 


^.v : S>- io 



"STSl "^® ^ZTT 


C>WJf]1 1*1 


C*i CM ffe.°1 

1*1 C^l C*J Hs.^ 

G=H<t>£iT< c-^sl-sil 

•^.b-=ii- i«2: 

^l^ = i.i.- 1x2: 

•^b- : ii- 1x2: 

•^.b- = ii- i.8 

1HC*J Rl C*J Cfe.H 


"*f^S?T ^®t?T 

"*f^S?T ^®*f?T 


1*1*11 c it -a sd«iM 

T<<|1* <t>|*J^pV| 


■^b- : i>Vb- ^.O 

t*i *u ch-si sdri 

r*i*jj(m^ <mc^ 

■^b- : i>^- ^o 




■^b- : i>^- ^.O 

■^b-^^- ^.O 

■^.b- : i>Vb- ^.O 

^Tf<PT ifiRP?. ~T^f^~£5^?T *t^Tl 

N A S B cscT^mrmo ^n^ *>n&= ^b-=i- h -^ 

<t><-su5r o*F*tz?5 c^1c°ih i 

^^~° <t><ic^^ "sg^r c^r^p ^tr«am ^rpTr >iRicTr Thc%j ^st?t ^^m <i>ic=iH i 

vs-s-txr = ^®t?r c^^mr f^cji«c®^' "s[\s f%^r ^srm ^t?r ^n^f^s c^r^m ffe^r «i^"«r:^" ^rmr i 

Cf^vf: ^-Jfcjvs ^C^I^CH-sl <]<^C<^l-S,"C\slV|^r ^»TT <t>^-ST, ^FBI^T ^=M ifvj >SrllH, ^TC^P ^T?«t O^STTT 


c^ranx^ ^x*j C5.-H c>\^. wRr-ntst ctr*r, o®ivj-sr vsrsrsyrj? r>xtt \sm f~f*ucir-si <r^, R>1h ^51 

C«iX<P~ Wll<l\s ^XTT \Sc£>C5.H ifiRPv \5Rtt^T WR-5T -sTf^fe^T ^RXBS^ I \5T?R \sR3P C^TsRX^ (^T*R7® 

( Valugate Oon the Subbath evening) | wrtrt "5qr# R>rR\s ^prsqr^rc^ JJRp ^R^ffi* -siT<<rj?rt ^35 
^^m >ivi?j(i<p fSR^Rcf fHcsjc^-s 1 -*fNs?r wt^x^r?r c*^ "^t^rs; Rxit f^x^R^ wr^- ■^■h^^^tr^t^ 
^r5q^ *u3hrt ^rc^fj ^x^ ^pvii-^>ir^ >ivi?j t3=p=^it^" ^^ Rj\s<t= fx?jc^; 1 ^:^r vScs^-«r ^?r 
wR^'x^R^sf' ^rf^m ^^r e9<^5t <ft?h R5^nx<i 1wr <^<n- ^^rm c*r, ^^r c^r^trrccf^ >ivi?g -33ft ^nr 1 

□ "^rsfiT^tf^r viRiijvi \s xst^prtj vjRjsjvj" \Sv»5j^ -sr# i^=i isrp?. =3^ ^s-io ^hjhj 
-sff^rRTf^ ^t'^r^" v3cs^"«r <f?r wx^; i wr^Tst c^tr^^t "5r<eR?!tf^ viRi^vi tj=p=^r#" v3£®r*r 

•5u>- : ^ "^T^ ^Rr^T wFsr <P^M ^5^, ;2R»?T i<q<PW^T ^<f -££& c*$Z<F C^RTST ^I^O-M ^^° <1><ldf1f1 

~5j*r c**szs& ^tr^m ^trtt >iRxtt fwx?r \sbt ^r?t <>)t<=-M i" x^f^R-T ^fte vbv=s; ios^ R^»rc<r 
■H\^m ^trtt ^rm^^rr ^^t ^^° \sm i^fB ^tt*r ^?r ^^r ^t^*r^: ~cj^t?t ^f^r <p^m ^xirf^T c^) 
etsirrt* "*fRs?i *^?j< >iv|ij ^^g-s jq<3x c^.) ^x-iifD ^tr^m ^trtt >i^r\s <s3,<jk ^trr "tfRs^r n^-^^-h 
<FR3t ^RTf^r^p ^rr>t <i><ic^t sr^^t <mc\s "sax^R-n o^str ^cmcs: i 

■ittr-:\a " -=Rf = ' s **RT CS^RR Ri^J«CS^ "5po f^T ^TS^sT "oRT ^n^R5 C&fRs "Rs^T «T^"«R^" ^RtR" 

ixii^ ^c\s<^ ^r^Mr^" ^^rr ^t^t ^xtr:^; ^trtT ^n^R? ^R?rr ^R^fa fe^i ^3^= ^.8=8 ^j^k c^tr^^t 

^stsirr t^s sidbfe. t^^trj^ 5jl>)vj rmx?r?T "sr: 5 ?!! w^t v3hk<ch< "sq-^sjr Ci) c^RrRSRjR^ra e9=TRFr 
cc^mR^fRr) R5qr# 0:=;,, =5^5- ■&-■■ -^vb -s-Rf) ^9^"° i^H? ^=trft C"srfsi t^=^t^) ^^-^ c-^o ^sr^T c=rRRf^ 

"5qT# io=8\Is, =3^ il^ : ^s<2- ^9^"° t^: W^T ^T^T C^l^ "srf«| ^.o : *o ^Rf I 

^t^s^ ^T^i "sR^r 18=^; i>-H :, H; ^.v-=i>o; ~5R#- <b-ao, =3<^<2- : i>o; i>^.=\s^. c^R^^T >t> : ^.o sf^R^s 

^.8=^vla^Rf= "R>tH ^dfe.-H" ^9^: -^RlRiRi^ "5R;sjj f&RsRj ^T^^T CTR-nr^T ^1^"° ^1X^9^ ^R:^i>n^ 
^^K-VllW-H ^9^"° ^FRaf ^SX=TRT 'cji^ f%^f© ^llB-HRJ "5T«JT R^XTT ^JTaRT ^^T ^XTR:^ I 

•^. f^RsRj wf^X^T "^t^^ ^T#R3R^T I 

^v=h"Rsr-tsr:t^^ ^R^-n -nR^R^r ^rxb^tt" "5Rs \5Rtt?t <ic<^cfe.c<^^T fofn , «rws -nr^t^ ^i<c^ 

Ctf^l" CWC<I-H I (^ ; «^,^ir-S^o: "5q-^^^ iQ:=vb) ^1^ f^T ^R:"tf^ ^R^ ^JH^^X^T^ ^>1<1^J^ <TR?t 
^9^"x \5RTT?T ^f^qj ^R*RI 


NASB c^n^^mrpr) ^rtj ^n^ : ^^- : t— io^ 

S> ^fcf= ^"5q^T >|V|?J ^t^S ^5T^ C^ ^tr=Tl<1>CW^ "3TT5R:^ ^"OT <]<^C<^H,"C\slV|R:xf^ "-5TWST 

i,o ^rtf : "Sfps \»r:"cp?t <]<^d<^H, "^»rr ^ss ^n" osrspsrr 1^tc^ ^^.cr-a ■m^tc^ c*jc\s ^^t i \5Btt 

■^o=s> NASB "^^x \sr^p?t -sr^^-Kipf ^fics-M" 

N K J V "wpr^f <^^" 

NRSV.JB «^w-pctpt" 

i£^ f^r -lfps<<T ^TT*rm^r -st^^-ki pt i ^^: *r^p?t wgr^MPw-^s i" 

□ "^sf^rm" t^H^^s ^tc<t, "5tt# c*)<3x =g<p c^^va^ -affirm ^ttst \Scs3^r ^d-ac^n t^^ 

vSds^^r wr:^; i ^ifi*^: f^r srr^fvi^ wr^- <tpwst, ^p^n^r ^^~° ^vm!"!* ^t^prm ^?rr ^rw 1 

NASB c^cp^mrpr) *n^ ^nh-- ^t-= ;>;>- sa *t*r 

i^s ^ttf= csrspsrr T^rR?m, "N^ivj^r ^\us ^t^i^t *jvj ifb^^^rsT ^^r^r ^®t?t f^r^j^T ^it^t ^tz?^ 51% 

^^^ Pic?4 c^tc^; 1" 

i.8 ^r"cf= ^^p«yt ^^rfpf £r«rf^T ^rp^^p^oT ^schc^s ^tt^r ^r^" ^rrspat ^rc^" *n® <^^<i ^<ix *nf%^ 

•^.^:i,\s -=>rcf: '^*i^ t*r?rr^T ~?tw& ^sxu^ o^fl* ^f% <^c<i Pr:tt c^it:^: ^*m ^ivj^r ^rffss^rrsq" 1" ^tpt 
^q ( Justin Marlyrs) f^TRX^^r 1 


v, H ■vfff. c^strz^ ~*fosiz s F orc^i ^mr \six^ emtst <^c^ ""Sr^xsm ^p^tpt f^rc^-H, 1%^ ^c^^^-h 

i>S> ^Tcf : <^T^ <3?HJ OSTspsfl" t^mr "3T5p® >Srlfi^ 0=-1l<t>GTf) \»||V|Bt f^TW ^F?T I "Rt^T, ^-9 *S ^tf%^9 

^o-stcf : n»h1vi o« ivj X 1 ^ o*j ^^- ^rRTf^f f^irft \st ^n^w <t><o® vsix^ f^fs^r wv<3 i o^*r, 
■^^m o^m ^r^® ^T^ >iv|sj ^nfsr osi^rc^T ^tcw ^txs? ^Miffe. i" 

^.i^=ivb ^rtf= "?ft^ -?n<^lc<^^ o*r -^tr^x® f^mrcw^ c*jc® ^f^iHsx^^T c^ ^-jmiw^T t^r^r \s^r c^ 

^r*rc?rr*5~r ^-ex^-m ^fi? ffe^r ^T^^rr^^r^ so f^r -^i c®j<f : 80:40- <2ri,c2tf%» i=s- ;>;>) 1 
^v=^h N A S B "f^H t%W T3 ^ TS fJ^ r >xt^ ^c^f^-i 1" 

NKJVNRSV "f%^ <i*\s<f> <eroi-si >xt*i f^T 1" 

T E V ' s ®TC p r?r <i»vs<i» w^r >hc-v"ss: <^c^lfe.=i 1" 

J B "<**&<& veroi-si >k-*t<i f^T 1" 

CCfXSflllX 5 ^ I >l^<I\s ^^T Wf^F Tj^^atP^ n^-^>|^h <Fl51CiT-slC<F' f2TC"^«T ^RJT ^xtr:^: k^hx^st 
Qroo) C7T C^Tt^T i."5q- <FfT= i<2: = vi> -5>RTT vSCSsRt <^d^Cfe.^ I "*fh« ^CH^ T=tXsT C«X^^ sT^ff^f® ^C?JCfe.H 

cc^rm^r ^o:i8- -^i. =3<f ^8=i^s- «i) >i<icb>GTr -a^o^ t%^nr ^c^\ ^r^: c^r, "sq^t^r "crtftr® 

^t^^tit:^^ ^p^tT cc^rm^r ^o=^i -st^r), c-^) ^n^lco-i tsf^r ^rm^:^?^ ^^fc^" C"srRr ^t-) ^9^"° c^s) 
^ : iv ■vfsf-"^$z'?\><3 \s sffsfft^ ^rsq^ ■^=v|\ S r ^i^iR^F ctf^sTrr ^cmc^" 1% Pmisj ^ss <i^s=<ij C"srRr 

ii=^.^ ^1%= i=^.^ ^Ff% : ^ : io) 

^.v-=i.s>^tcf= "^its" ^^r Aorist possive (Deponent) Paticiple imperative ^ <ij<i=s3\s ^cmos: i ^1^ 

^-i^iT 1 ^ ^p^t ^^m c^r^: '^f^r ^n^s:" <Fm^r ^fi? ^^j^f ^7^" 

^q^ "^n^c\s^" >iR)J<^r^ ^aCTT^ ctf^sirr ^xtr:^; i src\sj<t> ^fgi-Hc^r^^ #1%Tr 


"f~mr ftsfft <p<r" ^fl^ i£i^ff? , 

&$um ^fr^t ~5iRi<?Hr2> ^cms. t^mj^ri ^rf^r ^\3<t= f^r^o^s ^1^*0^: ~c?f ^c\s ^z<i ^R^-i, 
^-ir'-i^^ ^^r ^cmcs: ^rff^ : H ; i8 ^tcf c^ffi? ^mrr f^^, n»m*3 ^^trwpst ^^rr <t=tt 

□ "<nf%s^f' ^f5 <u<i^m 

<p?rr ^5r 1 ^f5 'f^r^^m' ^tr:^ >ivivir^ 1 c^o) vi^^i-a -cjfi? 

^sc^T-tj ^o-it sr&m ^r^ ^^x f^r?rr^ 1 xsrnr t^ 1wz<f ^tjt^ <^-i c ) 

□ "f^tot «ij4i <3 -^tR^i wiwrn ^trtst" "5r:^t ^?it*I7^ ^x^" c*j, "^trtst" ^<i><ii>h i 

^^^p^ ^TT5T ^CKs. R>-S C"5qi$T= \s:i,V>a- i«H, C^rT^ 1 l>8 : ^.Vb, G2|R|\S : ^ : \S^- v»v»,vSb— 
*®S> CfHvTl : i> : 8- G-,<2-=i>, 8 : i- 8,8- io, St^^TST ^^ : i : ^.i, i>^S : i>8, < ?Tt=Tt : 8 = 8- Vb ^f% : 

i=^s- is, iH,-^ : iv-; ^> : ;.8; 8=8- vi>,i., -^ f^r^n ^.o- ^i) ctf^r f^R?«m f^nr *®=;>h 
■ftf i 
t:siRi\s(.w^ ^if^^r^ Th?jvj ^xw -£srl%s ^=^>v- "-^t^s^ ^trtst" ^^t \sm f^^T^r wR:"cr*Tf5 ^t 

■^^=^o "^stztf^T^^ f^r^r ~crfwr" >sifx? 

<j<^m i" N=Mivifir t% t^t^^r c*f^" ^^r ^s^ ^t^s^ ^Tr«rm^r ^^■ht^: ^=nr 1%^ ^i^ ~?t5f® 

f^v^m ^ivi-sir ctt^ ^t«]t <artl% i #f§i-Hd^^ ^tp-Fr^iwsrs ^^^w i 

^rR^y^: ^t^s^ ^rfw-sto ^^1^1% ^®rR:^: i ^^tr^t ^rc^ySi >nsj\st ^c?jc^: ^tf^^ ^rr«T 

r*j=Ri : i.=i.s>, ^5^= i=i^ ^ftt, c^rm^T 1 i.8=^.^s ^x"cf f^tsr ^9^"° ^9 t^^i^lcw-^ ^TR^ 
^<i-%.t^i <^c^h i >iFij<i>m ^®r:<t ^■fftrr 1%^ ^rtwi: ^^m ^rt^ ^r^n® ^i^rm ^r°^f 

^rfcsir R)P) ^srR'cfH Rc?j(ife.H ^ivi^r c^t^t ssum ^frt^ t^r?n\s ^^-^ ^f% i 

^®T«aRT ^^mR^rT^ -^R|>|V|f1% I ^tt^T f^^T^T R*J?J " 

Ci.^. = ^si) 


^t^^tr.^^: T^nftrs <i<ih <mc\s ^z<i i ^rstrtt^t £i c&s c<p~Q ^ic<=-im -^R:^ b<^c\s ^x^" i ^i^.c<i<^ 
^^x "s*tf%<4 ^te»Rr wm^tbt ^-i^T^f ^sr-jRqr ^=x<i i wm^tr^ ^f5 f^R^t^R^^r 1h<im? cs3?& 

isr^: spff N^ic^ibHrn f%^m -^I^pst -srrsjrcsr <i^.d?j^ RRj»i sr^rRr f^nr 

c-^o ^t^s ^«rt ^f% -^rc^u su^ c^r^t c^^t "^t^st g^« tiR>c\s t^c=iH ? 

c^s) "5rf^=rmr c^^r <t><i^ ^fi^f^f^ ^R^ff^r ? <t=\s<jm ? <^\s<s?-s vifs^r H5X=ih ? 

C8) -tfh® c<w^ \5T?t t^f^jcw^ ^rR^ -m^R?^ ctf^rr ^c-aHsx^H ? 


^5R® ^~1^.C<l<^lc?Jf] >|V|dTr 

T^Rsm ^ <2:^)V- <2r^Jc #t= *^= 

^PTT^C^^ <3:^.S>- <2r^ 

TTtf^irmm Ci) <£^A- 8b-vis 

^^^® Ci.) 8^<2-- 8*i><2- 

^^■3^® ^IWf Ci) 8^8- 8^.8 

'S^S C^O C^S^ "SHIS <1>C?J<t>n5 "5q-pT) 8^.8- 8^ 

~CTlRl?Jl<l>l C^.) CpT^S^T) 80 8- «&S. 

^ST^^=^ C^.) vsftfe- *®\sb- 

•ol?S*$&^ C^S) *(2:S>- ^S^Sb- 

~CT1R|?J1<1>1 C^s) C^WC5q^rm) VSVStr- VSVSi 

■^TSC^Ivi ^ Cl%=TRTf=Tf^flTT) <t- -^8Vb 


" s *fi5<:<='lfv| <H C^ClSf] ^ =-1J|V|f)>0 i>>i>- lOb-/ H~ b-b— b-Je 

"^fBco-ifvj s> cwrc^mwt^m i.) ot-/ h- b-b- 

■^TSC^Ivi i>o CWR?=T33p5rf^m ■^O b-o 

^f&T^Tf5T ii. C^R^fST^) b-o- Qri 

■^TSC^Tvi i^ CifiRTv H^S^-^fl^fTD b— Gri- 3b- 

■^iJd^Tvi i^S C^<3X ^G^^fS^T) 8H- 88 

^TSd^lvi i8 Cf^WBT cfiRPv tgpe~£' ;> ftv?rD b— 88- *o 

■?:>iRi\S<t=m Ci) cThc^ts-sO ^si-i.- -^b-o/ o 

n^i1^?j fSfrrm ;> otct^st) -^b-o- ■^■v v, 

wff% fSfrrP^r ^ c^ife^T) ^^i/ o-^s-h/ >t> 

■^ C<W iRHPl^^l) ^8^/ <t- ^W & 

*® CC>1<l«i>0 ^<27 8- ^^\0/ 

wff%?r fSfrrP^r *® cf^r*&T®) ^\s- bvn 

"c^=3^m 8 cf5pc<^R:^f5^) ib-H- ^>Hct 

^=Ml%y fSfrrP^r 8 c^irff^FTfSq^T) in<3:- ;>^^s 

fpr5q~TfSiTrm ;> otci^sD i<b^- xto 

^mz^W^V^^ ^f=TP=T i.i3:0- i8(2: 

f^nfiiTn^r c-^o cfn c<tM5fO ^8(t- i^s^c/ b- 

"srfi%?r fsfrrm >t> c^utR^p^tf^p^) ^8<t- i.8-^/ ;> 

fg^q^T i8^/ >- i«v 

^srTl%?r fsfrrm h ^M^fRifi»>i, f^vstM" i>^>s>/ b— i^& 

^rf1%?r fsfrrm b- ctsM^r) i^ct- ^^ 

^®rr1%?r fSfrrm s> cR>T>erc<t>H>o ^<t- s>e- 


Ret iff "sqT^Tf^TT i^JsW et- 5<bo 

WR^^T^WfSBT ^TTC=Tr5T H<27 8- VbH/ <2: 

f^f^PTW ^ 05q~^T-?££<Tff^^, <TfWD H<27 8- <b<b/ (28 vj»\3/ 80 

^inRi>G<j5ip ; r ^ C"5q^r^:^tf^s ^3 <ttwd ^w <t- ^^> 

^jT^-n^n^r C"5q^r^^ijR\s, ^nwT) so- «^ 

f^r*ttr® c^t^w *=»- 8 


■sqrqpr ^rTPM-afim C s>- i^ 

wt^rr ^teft i^.- xt 

^^ic^NRir Gsrt?m >&- ^ 

-srn?«ff§T\s ^svb 

-srn?«ff§T\s «h 

-srnf^rr ^rfRtcsr ? si. 

"C^X^W WftsMT i 8i- 88 

^FPrRi^e c^vbt 88? 

fDRRmr ^ics-i^^i^m ? 

^STf^^TT ? 8b— <3:^ 

r*j=Ri^ <2-^.- i^o 

Efl^S -------------------------------------- "7 i^o- *i>^ 

^|a*ij<«j>) \s\s- Vb8 

-cnf^s cspTf^TT ^>8 


Wl^>J*sRM ^1^C<IC<^^ >|V|iJ >JVJ<>. g- (8oo- (t "§[■ -^) 

■^ i T^ffsT^T^rsT ~T1>Mlv4<=-i c-^^s^- i«s>8 fft : *t_0 TSd^rvi^e <iq<5X ^ ^nw ^°^»m ^ns-Mivjo-i 

c^rcw^T, ^sfftrsr tSi^sttbt ^R?s~r, ^fs^srsrfsr^s, ^rsrfftrr, c^^pti^t <i^vir^ ^mr ^rrtx^^tf^PT 
^nRs^Fairrm i. c!>iRi1>i?jic>i^ ^a ^ti- ^^i #f= ^o wtf%?rf»rTrm ^ <^Th>ic<p t^^m: <jr^t, 

^srfi%?rRfTr ^s cf^r«UT® ^srf1%?rRfTrr <t=tt ^tt) R>1h -^t^lSc^Tvi^s ozr<f ■^iz^f^^zyt^ *%ua >\'Rc3 

s|wR<t<t RfKWi 1%?T I 

T?m^trr^T ^rffwrrRiiTR^p ^f^tfw^ ^r:^s iw #t= ^t^ ^^"° \5ircf\3 ^^m ^c-^<^ T^nftro ^Tf^ixTr 
b«51< ^fr:w iwo \5i=^® c^rRT <u<i^m ^?rr ^xTrf^r o Rtsvim ^>?rR;^rm -^pss ^tz^ ^^r\ <^n 


^z^ ^rmr R^'Tic^c'sq" fe.f3=cTr -^Rs^r, wri%?rRr viPvc^^ %f%^R>r ^jt ^r??t Ikc^-m, 
<£(<i% ^srRTf^f Th^o-m t*t xsrtt^i ^r^r^ *Rs*r ^r??t ctf^sTrr ^cmc^ ^a^x f^gTsr ^rm ^tf^r^r ^?rr 
^z<i =rr i f»Pi r^^Trffe.c^'H c*r^ Rid^l-ar ^h^tt ^jr??t i ^^Rf5 c<iw\ r<ist^l<:T< w^tj viPvtc^t 
^tr^r t^r i Rid^l-ar vertt^t >whw?i \s<^cbfe.w ^m^* N^-^vifi ctnq^rr ^^x \sr?r <?s<f<t -sn^r 
c^Rrs osfTs ^^n 

^pt5t^t c«ir<f ^^^ <rc^: "sqtRirR^rsT <ix~r *m 1 

^RTrf^T I RsC>l : ^<2r- "*rf^N3 ^T 1>^<£ ^S^RR ><b8 ^t : "S^= C^R-PP xsrepq-f WR^TR^ 5©c^<I) ^P|?jm 8 
CRst^ "^^I -5q-^T«?£r?rfRc\s-sl '^T^T i; T'5Ti=T) fsp«R3T R>T\3T?-=1 Rl C>\ v|Pv^ f^T^RT ^C^Ife.C'^H ^^X 

R^-'nc^^ fft1% •h1R> ^~£=tt -m<^<^ <jr?=t Hsx^-ih i tg^: -^c^iRo^f] =tt^t ^\ao <&>» fBc<i» ffe^r i 

^s I C^~RR^R RlstTR^ ^mfw^s <^d^-H i^o -gt= ^t^- i8« €P%R?W I 

8 i c^rtrir^t^t vic^i-a *t?r f^RrsrR wr*rr. ^srMfSr ■^=v|\sr c^xrrft^T^r <^<xx is«- ^s^. #t= ^ 

"sq-^T^rmf^s t^flt ^R^rffeX^H ^q<T° C?€5 \5T?T WTSTRsRsT ^^m^: T^tffro ^Pfe t^T i^)8 -§t= -5>R4 
& i c^rm^T "R-s^R^ Cf^tvicH^ ^ja) ^TC^^ -H^TlWo ^R^ i*e- ios -gt= -^^ ^fviRij viPh^c<j> 

vSlT^P ^R^^ ^T<^#t^T ^TR<RTI ^R^ff^T I 

H I ^rR^T^SfR^m "*53RTf i08- 80« -gt= ^J- Sir- HS #t : *^ : (JS^ I ^R^S<^d>l^ ^1^ T3=p^^# f^STR^" 

^<t=>srH -n^-s^ 1^tr^~ fSR^rr' 5 t ^^r i ^^: ^Rs-i^^i^m i ^^1^ f^r cwf^ros^ ■^=v|\ S r ^^"° 
t- 1 ^HR^rrsq- n^ic<^^ ^rfpgnr- <n^t R^tr^" s» <^.< ~tr^t <^c^rfe.c^-M- ^n4 ^sr^" ^tR-R:Tr f^r 

R^^Ri. CC^T ffe^T 3T<^r#t) CViPi^RJt <t=v)i^m <4^ ^FR4^T ^^Pt^ ^fR^T ^Wi \sR"tf^ 

^r:^ i ^rfpt» ^tR 5 ©^ ^TjfsnTR^ ^~^k ^rR^fsi^r c^hiSrt ^tr^t©^ ^rsrr r^fr^r^^ 

^R^RIT <J>C^H I ^Rl^M C^lvfl?JCW^ C^SrCHC^^, Cv5^r-^R>| C^TR^R ^>^> ~§tS *t^i <^q^x vS^^J^. 
D.C^T^l^d^T^ ^TI>iHlv|<^- vb^s -gt: -s^ 

■^ i ^pi*4R>r i>i>arR4- R^m ^ri^H^^r r^tr^" f^M^r **j>vj\»r srtr-t <t>c^H ^i^"x N»uiFG^tR>m 


^s i -5tt#~ ^rtwf^ ( tetrarchchs) I^hH? <nc®ri*t c^r**r ^=rz<i ozz<{M ^<i~x ~mc>\<r\c^ f^=^& <pc-z\*i 
si. -gt= ^t= 

8 i ^ttf^nr t?r^#tTm:<^ -^RusMnr <t=c-sM so- *®s> -§t= ^%- ^<jk "sq^r^^tft^ ^nwm "5j\s ^tpi^t 
<i>c-sm i ^ftcp^ ^Ne»r ^srr ^?rm w^tj et1%wt <x-sm 1%^ c^x^w c?iTC"5q~ =31%^ ^iz.^^ <£,<!% 

v^^lBtf^Trm ^<3X n^i^Th c^^x H^3 Potra) fncbCHvi f^Trft^ «i #t= *t^ 1 ^mfl^rRrsr 
v^<^lBff%Trm (Tm^^cr-a f^r?^ ^tpt^t <i*fic\s siitc^j^t eg^° c^x^w ^ ~*rtz^ wfw ^tst<r 

C^O vipvr^ ^J^s ^TlUs^ -^o xsrsiRT i>S> -§t : ^t : ^^X <h8 #fg1^f ^rt^ T^T^f ^C\s >|V|sq 

cay ^fptk: ?jRi>i te^-a RR< ^ <xi<f^; ^-a^c^r ^==t i 

Recife. C=iH <^^"x ^TP^FP C>l^. £lR)'ST i; R:^ r \5T?T ^TC^: f^TT "RtZ^Ife.^ I C"5ff^r= ^ = ^0- 

( 2 ) "c^x^Pf ^iFG^tP^r- "c^tf^Trr >^<ik -mRiRi ^tpt^t <t>c^-H, c^rm^r ^t-^i^.^^ ^t 
^p^tpf^ <) i c^lfe.c<^'H 1 1^RR?jc\s ^^r -m^l^ >i^ct!i^ ^tc^ ^m^ tJsfft ^^r ^rr ^^ 

( 3 ) "RpR-i-^ vs ^rsfj cTetratch) ^rp=M <^c^-h ^&^ -5^ ^rrR^fgl^^r 1 c^I^t^s^^t^ ^T5f«rprt 


WtTT^fm f^FJW <J>C^-H CW7R, C^C^Hlsj Rlst^l I ^R3TfW5q~ -5f#t^ ^W<5 ^®T?T 

fn*i^s" <t>c^H c^^x \sm ^n^T5rrR:<r wff%?rRiiTm i.1^00 \st==r® ^*f Rca ^f ^51 
<j>c-sm 1 -^~c^ \sr^ ^\srr ^?rr ^cmcs: <c^\ ^rmr Rfj" c ric<='ic5r ^.f^cTr -^tc^r 1 ^®t?t 
^t^f sic<^t Rist^l ^mrr ^zh ^i>ic^;, ^rtt^rrRf^s vjpvrc^^ %% ^s"^=tt ^jt <t>c<H, 

Rlst^lflf \5T?T ^T5T<R <1»<^s ^TT >K=5MCTf] -^xPCs,^ ^sTRl^TR^ ^l<Ix vsW ^S<FfT "5TTx"5q~ 

Kione ■£&&, ^^R^ 5 " ^=rr ^rr c^c<^h1?j .sfN*, ^ic^-^^i^R/st R^c^-a "yrsr?r c^s^svb- \a^\a -fft: -=>£) 
csrfwiJtlwT^ f^R?^ tg^: ^i^rr f%==T ^<f^: -s^cvx <iq<3x ^^r t^oo <^.< ^rift ffe^r (*oo -gt= «^= 

-£b-\\s c^r, ^^r *f^ strife ^fr^t csrts. -arnfwstf^TTR f^R?^ ^rr f^^Sl^ ^t^rr I^tr^ -hRiPi^ 

-i\sH Ih^CST ^sft<F f^f c^t^T (<F1^T CCt7?«T ^^T^®T f^T ^t^t ^^T <]J<]S3\s ^Trf^T ®J^ i£RTS. 
\sRtt^ C=T*T ^f^^GTrsraT t^M sTeff^® ^XTT f^T ^X° t^TR*fg ^5=7 ffe^T ^spgTsftTT I \5BTT ^fwr i£RP?. 

vS^iF® c^pgfw^s c«^<p Pic^Hs.^ csfN^r N^-i^m 7 ^j^r^^ Pnrcsm) c*fn? Kione ^ft^~ c«r?^ c^r^rr 

>^i^: c^rar ^rra^r ^jr^ c^r ^ivj^t -i\sn Ih^cvi^ <]j<t>^dH^ t^rRfgr:^ 5 " ~c^z^ f^rus *ff1% ^rr i ^^T 
^<Fti% ^i^"° \s^g ^sr^tc^ 5 ^ ^tr:^ ^^p" c*jvih Ci) c'TC'^STfw*^ c-^) f^r^#t c^^rr c*jvjh csrrc^Fm 

^trsq-R^^ c^r (<Ft^r ^r°^f Kione ^t^p ^^° -t-s-n Th^c^tst Kione ^r^p^ ^fcfT<r i RRjh ^r^nr ^:^r 

^<-^R^r ""Tc^spss ^^t^ w?r ^tr:^: i 

Kione ^S^ ^cws. srr^lvi^ ^tr:^" ^i^t^ ^»r?m ^»-i<RTr?T "&il<<i>iT3csi -^^P© ^^"^ -n^r ^cws. 

Ci.) ^fr^t^ ( tense) ^^ srr^rvi<t= f%lw ^i<^r <*$<;% -©x-^r c^Unr ^r^aRt ccr^: -n^r 

( 2 ) IhI^TS ^»rt^ srr«yfspF 1%fw ( Lexicography) 
( 3 ) ^m<j£R sr^tf^s ^:^3Trr i ( Syntax) 

^ i Tense ~*^t*t- 

"^fTfr?" ^i^"° "^sr^rfi^" (<Ft^r -^\s-^\s f%ir c^r^: ^rn^f ^p^m w^it c^r 1%^; 


OPerfective" ^i^x "imperfectiveO 

Ci) Perfective tense ^<pfl? ^fxw^t , #^rm ^^m t^1% n»ii<^h <fc?ti 1%h; *u5-sf ^T^t *tz^ 
(<m f%i?; wr^t^r ^?rr ^rrf^ i ^^r -ni^^ff^T affirm ^^ ^cmcs: ^rsiRn >x<wrt? 
-^srm ^arM=r ^at s^in i 
(2) Imperfect tense ^rf^^rr^/ b^vir^r ^fr:w?t ^•^m^: ~cj1% n^i<^^h i ^rr >i^=i ^^, T^'firS. "^tsxtpst 

^FfW, -n^T VM<J= ^FRa? ^.\sJll^T ^FXW^T ^-^ ^RT <MC\s 'HTC^ ^\sJl1^T I 

B. Tense Rf^-i ^^ch^ <ic\s -^tR^r c^fst P^-s ^px?t c=t*r^?t ^r?t c^r R^R?q" 

"oRT -n^T ^^x <Fl^^V|C<p (T^x^f | 

c;>)^^cr ^R*if2>\s ^xTrf^r = AOPJST. 

(2) ^n "3=R^if2)\s ^xttI^^t ^^x *j=c<^^ t&t^u ^R:^r^^n^r = perfect. 

Ci) Perfect Tense: ^ifi* ^^ et^r ^^x ^tr:^ \srst ^pstrf^t "^t^mx 5 ^ ^=rr ^xtx^; i n^mjI^tc^ 
"5rscr t^r wRmr x^r ^r<$ AOPJST <^jx PERFECT tense. ^rr*n-sM\s ^f£ \sbt 
^x^ff^o aj=<^i*j»<^(1<f ^rsy^-r <m^g^5T et^r ^^sttx^ ^rc^*t ^x?r i ^s^k^h ^^^f 
^1%= ^=0: i£i<;K tr wMf^r ^rf^^ft^r wx^; ^^m -^tx^i 

C^.) Pluperfect Tense: ^f5 1%<f Perfect ^^r "5po ^xSR^s ^<^ii^<^ earw ^fwti ^Stk-si-h 
^a^ c*m^r : ii^ : i^ "f^s^r -c^wm ^tR4x^t mf3?x?r f^ri" 

c^s) Present Tense: ^rft? ^sptstt-^ \s -^p^-sf <fxw^?t ^r?t ^=tt ^xtx^; i ^f5 "^rRrRi^s ~&=rf% 
*u5-im ^r?t t=|1% cm^r ^jx^t ^inx^i ^Stk-si-h ^sf-^ ^ x^rm^r= *®=^ ^^x s>, 

"ElX\sJ<l> >Sr-H^. WR4 "SR^^IC^ ^tRl^f ^^ ^RT l" sfC^sJ C<^ "^r^sT C^iX^ 5 " WR^ HCMCs: 
^&V?tt ^TR^f -^t^X® ^tR^ ^TT I 

C8) Imperfect Tense: ^1^: tense ^f?t "5ix«n <i^virt ^nx=^ <n ( Present tense G i ) ^p^t# 
^X5x^: 1 Imperfect ^M^-^ff ^fxw^?t ^^m ^^«arr <x=-m c*t, ^c'eHs.^ r^ jq^t ^^pngrR-r 
<t>-sx^; ^reR^t ^s?f c^ix^^: ^pst ^piw \»i\sic\s ^xtx^i \S^k^h ^^^f "5rRr= ^>--ct "^s^r^r 

Co:) Future Tense: ^ii^ ^=tt ^xw c^r, ^Ri*ijx^^ w^it 1% -^Ri<i>^-st c^^sttt ^xtx^i ^^t 

Voice ^iw- 

A. Voice ^rt>r ^FR^f ^^x ^^m <^< t^nr >p=^# ^Rtt ^ix^ i 

b. Active Voice oiRptt ^R>r) 1%=^ ^rr«n^-H\s, ^srRTRrRft, o&rm ^rr f^xrr f^nr ^fxw^t 
^•^m f^r^^ ^x^ i 


C. Possive Voice <<=-ic® Subject ^n^c-a-a ^R??rm t^m t^rrr ^p=MT=f^r <F<nR^ <f4Mit i 
^n^c-a-a ^R^rm srt%f2qf?r "sttsuttst f^rrr ^p^rm^r ^str^ .sfN* f*cc& -^®h 1^R:Tr 
Preposition fac*! Pif%H ^^tc<j- f^i^T^rr srcrf^r <j>c-sm i 

Ci.) >i«ii>iRi ^<p>5f^ ^rfw-jfo sri%fSrf?r O hopo O ^r:^ ABLATIVE case C"5ff^r= i=^-^ 

c-^o -sq-^j^jxsT ^tft csq^sf^rc^ stR>P(1*r "diaO wmr ABLATIVE case ^^ ^r:w i 

c^s) ^rfw-jfo ^nr eg-sq^T stf%f=q"f^ "3=rr«ri<^-^\s QtQ ^m Instrumeutal case ^^ ^r:w i 
C8) ^w<t= >iv|sj ^rfwTpo ^r*y<3T <]jf^Tpo ^rt ^rsr^r stF®T^if^ ^Hf Instrumeutal 
case <^i^<p~ "sitsr^ <F4nrr i 

d. Middie Voice cst*tj <rmy <i<=-i<m> f^rer^ <fi*U(»=cv4< ^-^tm^r ^sr^t ^pt° ^^t 

(1) Reflexive: >i^i>iRi R*i?g<iiR> fac*^ ^T% ^r^tm^r i vStk-sm "5ff^r= ^h=q: 

(2) Intersive: R*i?j ^^ <pt% ^p^tm^r <t^c\s 1?r:w^: ^^^tm^r ^c-aHs.^ i ^Shk-sm 

(3) Reciprocal: i^ft? wt^j<sRm t^nr <ng i ^Stk-sm -srf^r: ^<z& \svs "<^R/^ 

3 | MOOD (MODE) ^z^<s wrt= 

A. Koine ^tr^p vic^-a ^sr^ et^r?^ sfi? ^tm wr;^; i ^sraT t^rrm ^rsfst ^p^r:^ f5rcw*r wtt 
<f^<t i ^st^st -te^ c^^i^cr-a Pr:w^t vich^ "sr:*it i Mood -^ti^r^t i^fS c^&Ml%t^s wm <p^t 
^xtr:^; ~c*t ^stBir^p ^<ix >i^i<ij >jb><t* ^r^r^p f5TC*f~r I^xtt ^tr^p (Subjunctive, imperative and 

B. Indicative Mood cf^z&^w*^ wr<r) ^^r ^rr^rm^ ^»t<t ^r% ^p^tm^R^p ^tmh ^?rm w^tj ctj, 
<xi *fe h\ n^\sj^ -^tcs^ (^t^r^p^ f^R:^f^ -sqx^r c^r^ ^tfs i ^^T f^r ^g^qra ^t^p ^»r< RR=h >ivi?j 

C. Subjunctive mood ^^T ^rr«rm^r ^R*jj(1\s^ ^pt% ^p^ht^t^ <F4iT5r i c^x^ (<fft ^tsut ^^t ^rre 
^iBcvs ^tr:^ p¥^ *sHe?.**t "sto -^R<]^m ^^r ■^fR<]^'H i ^^T ^ch^ ^Tt^rm^^T^ ^tr:^^: Future 
indicative ^ f^r i f%^j\5t ^dbfe. c^r Subjective 1%^; >ic-*tc« "stt^jtrtst "arnar ^pMt^ ^tmtt ^r^ i 
^raites t£i1^ Could, Would. May ov. Might f^R^T <OT*frr ^p^t ^r:tt <aTR^p i 

D. Opralive mood: <^fi? ^rMrr ^r??t c*sf5 -trts" tt^jI^ ^tf^r j s>£«c<i» ^f^te ^-i>ir^ >i^<i i ^^T 
^srR:^<t>n5 «rR:^f t%5Ta t^^R^ ^r:^s >t«jn5 >nsju> c«fc^ subjective. Portative ^xT*rp3R3T RR=»i 
^^•^r:^?^ >i^i<ij f<*i*j -^=Tr i Oplative -i^sn lH?Jd"5q- ^5^: ^®rw ^R^tp<p ^7 xj^^ 1 ^^t ^^sjtst 
c^Tr^t^ £f«rpT ^R*f ^s^^; t^^rR^- <j<i^m <^c^cfe.H 1 "^^r ^«f^\s ^s ^tR:^ ^rr" c^p \s -&■■ 


ii. : i."5q" ^fT= Vb=i><2-, -?Tf=Tr : ^ : 1>H, ^S=^i, vi>=i8) 

E. The imperative mood. c>\T& >\t£< c*ferz<F cwr® o^s^m^ ^htc^tt ^cms_, f^§s cwfwfS <rwm 

<P^m w^u Imperative fi? <lJ<l^m <P^T ^TT i ^^: "stRttH ^g^qTs ^TSTTT t^tZTrf^T Present «^re° Aorist 

tense ^ «^®«4 1-s-y c"5T i 

^h. 1%n .srrsrR^TsT hvj^it Participles ^-u ^srft:<<t>rB -fsnixs-a ^rc^?r "spo i «mt ^\sj^ ^^^ *koi< 

-^s^.s<\4_< xsrij^Tcf ^str^tt ^cmcs: c*fn? st^tr Wrmr vstxcrsr tj=p=^# wr:^; i ^^pf5 ^^^ f^^^T 
ffe^T ^TR^J 5 " ^-i<lT^f <t><c® i ^^T ^srsi^ sfCTTSR c*J RRj^ ^xxawt ^[^TWS ^aTsp^f C^^STTT i 

G. The Aorist active indicative ffe^r ^TT«rm^r w^rt "fte.fee» wrm" c*r *fs-u ^f^r ^rRr ^^r ^r^ i 
^hjt^tj Tense, Voice wsj<rr mood^=R^r?T 1%g f^rPfg csr*r \sr^t?t "tr;^ ^rm^ff% c*rmrc*rm <j^c\s 

IV. <uFe» <t*rtt?t >©rHJ -sfN* wf% "sHf^rBvs wf^T ^TiT <^r^ >srHJ <^)fi? >GlRs <1R3T "*Ri*ifg sTFsl^rr =Tf^ 

A. flF<JT*f, ^<mrr ^<1X l^srf^f- Anylaytical GK n.t. Ground Rapid Bakov- 1988 

B. Marshall, Alfred, Interlinear, Greek, English, New Teslament Grand Rapid, Zonolevvan 1976. 

C. Mounce, Williana D. The Anatytiecal Lexicon to the Greek New Testament. Ground Rapid 
Zondorvan 1993. 

D. Summers. Ray. Essential Koine Greek Correspondence course are available threregh Bible Institute 
in Chicago, IL. 

V. ^i^r fthz~i ^ttsr^ Case ^M c^'HlR-um ^?rr ^rr i ^«tx^ ffe^r «rr^ wot -n^r Noun <^rt 
^^T T2i**jt?t ^tr:^ ^p=^r# ctff^ir:?J dfe.H ^^~° ^^u ^Kc^rm ^trpt ^rsj^x^i Koine ■ifR^ ^moi<i> 
^Fi^i^vi ^-^Trt: Preposition pRi'trH^rr wtt <iot ^cmcs: i oic^ Case -n^r f^r Rf^w ^p^ix#" i 
lbl*3\s ^r??t T<if%H wt=rm -n^x^r ^rrsr^ri ^^: Preposition >i^<i\s ^ft^^^t ^"^tr:^^ ^ff%^rm 

^rf^g- \S*)\s <p<\Oz> "5=TKI*JJ ^wz<s I 

B. ^N^- Case ~c<f f^rsr f^fRt^s t-i^ csi^l ^»M <p^t *kcmcs: : 

1. No minative case t^^t^ R^^c^p ^ttst ^p^m w^it ^tc^t Subject I^tr^" <ij<i=s3\s ^m 
Predicate noun f^TR^3 <j<^.m ^^t ^?r 1%rrm ^fU:^ ^r^w c^z-^ Qo beO ^r«aRT 
QbecomeO ^.^sj iTh i 

2. The Genetive case ^^T Genetive case f^TR^" smrm ^p^t ^xttI^t t%^ ^^r wt=rm ^»17^ 

xsrtl^f ^r«aRT f^St i ^^T <rm<rm ^^xawl Preposition Ofrom" wmr <rrr*m ^^T ^xttI^t i 


3. The Ablation case: ^^T Genetiue casex^iR^ ^^^: wR^g- sreiTrrf <p^t ^xTrf^r f^gs ^sct 

wfrr-m ^^r, ^iR ^s^rt f^sft i ^^r ^sr^tst ^°T3wt Preposition " from, ^mr ^ttsitt 
<p^t ^ztr:^; i 

4. The Dative Case s- ^t?t <Jifs»^® %b^r^ ^srR^Tf^rr ^?rr ^cmcs: ^n ^.R><it><i> isrp?. 

Preposition to <DT*irr an^rRT ^f<jt ^z^res; i 

5. The Location Case: ^tST ^rfw-rf^ ^wR/3 5 " ^nc^ib-HT ^?rr nc^cs: ^rr ^F®<it><t> o 
c~iR><ib<t» fw^©r=Tr pR^pf <ir^t i ^^rf^r o <n ^fi* 2^sr^ f^nr <r% i ^^r ^xr?r#t 
Preposition to f*rcs ^tmtt arcft^r ^?rr ^cmcs: i 

6. The instrumata Caus §- z'^K^f srerrM ^?rr ^cmos: i ^xr?r#t prepostive by or with fwcs 

7. The Causative Case §- ^frw^t -^R>ivirRm <^s>rr <r*f^rr ^r??t <u<i^m <p cites: i ^*n 
PifEfB/ ^tf%5TT^ "sto ^rMrt ^?rr ^xtr:^; i %^t?t £r«rf^r <m<i^i*jj ^^t ^tt Object, ^^r 

sR?£psT \S^s=<q WR4 <JR3T I "<J*®H< ? ^PS <5f^iC\s ? 

8. The Vocative Case "5^cr >i^i>iRi ^t^Mx^sr vst-hj^. «<i^bt ^xtt «?tr?fi 

VI. Canjunctions and Connectors c^Rc^rm jq<R ^Rx^rr^t "W=>r^F^rit) Jft<p n^\sj^ >\Q><p wm ^m^ 
^m «iM<t> ^sx^Tm ^nx^r ^jw i wmr 1wm ^tr:^ ^s wf^s ^tjI^t ( Clause) <trpt t«q<jx 

t^3=rRR" ^i^: "^rc^tm \s -^rc^tm ^m-^151 c=T*i<t>£iT-si fwr*rr?rr r^^r^cepT^rr ^p^ht^" t^x'^fT^^ 

4. ^p^str^t 1%^; Cryunction and Connections ^i^x \sfj^ ^sr<i>iv^ o^s-m wr^; i ^ ^rsr^ <rt\5t H E. 
Dane ^re° Julius K. Mantry's Manual Grammar Jffcp -s^-s fn^vi i 

□ Epe, epeid, e, hopole has, hote, hotan = ^«M 

□ Hoes - "while" = ■*r*r=* 

□ Hatan epan "wheneuer" = zjj (<fi^t ^tsttt 

□ Hoes, achri mechri = until = *j\s'^t=^T 

□ Priv (infin) - " before" = ^tz^ 

F "hos"B sr^ when; ^^M "as" "^ro" 

(a) ^Z^r^tJ 

□ Hina (subj). Hopos (subj) hos" 


□ Hose 

□ Hiva (sub) "so thai" 3j»<m 

□ Are - (so = ^s^R 

(c) ^t^f 

□ Gar c^bt^/ sfcmwr ^sreRT ^m^ " s ^f^?«Rr^) because" 

□ Dioti tcotiy - "because" 

□ Epi, epeide, hos - "since" 

□ Dia (with accusative) — (with articular infin) - "because" 

(d) 1^Psfi1^5J5FP §- 

□ Ara, poinum, host - "therefore" "c^'st-hj" 

□ Dio c~£wtwr ^r^Tt fypssr® -sjc^iw ^r^mt) on which account" t<ft^ Rc<ibHm, 

"wherefore" 1% >©thj, therefore c>\~Q w^rr" 

□ "Oun - therefore" ~c^ w^tj "so" >|\s^r "then"^s^r Cousequntly^ ^p^t ^prn^ri 

□ Toinoun - OaccordinglyO ^>ir«i>irc?T, 

(E) t%r^T«r >n><i>= Adversative or contrast: 

(1) Alia c^^5Bt f^rsrra >n><to ObutO 1%^ Oexcept" <i>srH <?m\ 

(2) De - Obut' t%5 OhoweveO "~c*i (<fi^t ^»Tc<r" OyetO ^s^. "on the other 
handO "^s^u^rm" 

(3) Kai - Gbut' f^ 

(4) Mentou, oun - OhoweverO "z^ c^pt wtc<i" 

(5) Plen - Onever-the-lessO c>i<ict>cTr =^c<t=^ sgprsrr&re/sO 

(6) Oun - OhoweverO "ct ^mcr ^v3<>" 

(F) Comparison c^^HT) 

(1) Hos, Kathos C-sHf^fBR> ^=^rr ^?m 

(2) Kata (in compound, katho, kathoti, kathosper, kathoper) 

(3) Hosos c^^l^e®) 

(4) E - OthanO ^R 

(G) ^rmt^Tft^ Covlevuative or Series: 


(1) De - Oand" ^<r° Onow" ^^r 

(2) Okai" = Oand" ^<r° 

(3) Tei - Oand" ^<r° 

(4) Kina, oun, - Othat" ct 

(5) Oun - Omen" *Hz<i cc^mR^r) 

3. "cwtstr^tt ^R^" <u<i^m ^?rr Emphatic usages: 

(a) Alia - Ocertainty" Of^wof' Oyea" Oin fact" c<3l^<D 

(b) Ara - Oindeed", Osf^s -stcs^" Ocertainly", "f=r*5rr^:" Oreally" >iPij<^m ^rz^ i 

(c) Gar - "but really", "f%^ ^t\st" "certainly" "f=T*5Tr^:" "indeed" sr^\s -s>R^ i 

(d) De - "indeed" si^\s -=tcs^ i 

(e) Can" - "even" ^rsm 

(f) Kai - "even" ^rspg^r "indeed" ^i^s -=>rcs^ "really" >iR>j<i*R3t 

(g) Mentoi - "indeed" sr^\s ^rc^ 

(h) Oun "really", >iR>j<t=rc^r, "by all means" ^=m "srR^r 

VII ~r^rR:' :; fs^ <rr^r : 

<jr:^t i <£ifS <u<p-$~\ -rpo ^ir^^: ^M-i^Tctr ^rm^u ^jr??t ^ft^t ^^r ^ra^, ^»<-^-r, 

c^^r^st c£r*^T^f© c&fz<F ~^sj "sr^t ^?rr ^xrrf^r ^sreRT ^st?t \Sc^C'*tPsT w^tj o*j, 
b. si^rsj c^^ss ^t^tr^^ <n<Fr <Fi*j^pv|-d<pr ^n«tn ^r??t ^t^irt <^^~° oifDc^ ^rsi 

<£<=-1 "SR^T <p?rr ^5T C^T^R^sT CsRs^Ml? C*$Z<F ^®T«aRT \5RfT <=-lc*fr< W^ <«|vmR» ^^T 

t%g^r ^^x ^» f^Tr ^rratrr ^?rr ^xTrf^T i RRss[ ^»<-^m ^^r "since^ «rf^rrr 

w^tj \5T?rr f©^ t^fft <j>^c\s ^>^t <pc-acs: ' s ®#~ R\s<$ ^repqt f^wR* ^c<=-i «r?rr 

^rtr:^; C"5rRr= ^-^^h ^t^f) i 
C. <£if5 fw#trr c*t^?r ac 1^TR;'t^ s ^rft "<^r?<f ^=tt ^tt ^t®£^ R-s^'sn" i ^^r 1%n; 

fSR:"^^ <jr^t c^r ^>t^Jd^p >id\sj *2ss51 <mc\s i ^i^h ^ar^f =- 
Ci) "^^rfpf c^r >iRjj<^r^ ^»R4^-r^t, "srfw c*\ ^^s i R>Pi ^tihc^h ^^° 1% ^^-sc^ ^i^ 


c&gt <f1% \s^g- ost ^nfsr ijtclNT <m ^r^: i cm=Tr : i.=i.o) 

d. ^strr c*5^\ <i<=-ic^; >i^<i\s ^R*ij^ ^rw"st i ^^r ^i^r^if% ^rm^rr ^?rr ^tt c*t, 

e. 8<r c~f^t wr^r ^5& o-i^mhr^ "*r:^; c^w^rt nc^cs: i ^^r *j®^i f^TRrsr wst^ 

VIII Cv>-) <rm >i<t><^ = 

A. Present imperative: ^nfsr'^r -y^w Particle <rr?iK<rm C1%^ <p£><\ -*ff% ^xtt 

^RT) -sHf^lPs^ "5R: S JI f^XTT ^FT5f ^fTBT Tgf^j CSTPS CCf^STTT ^.C*JC^; I 1%^ 

vStk-sm "c\sivi^r ^RRft^p wM^TR^n w^r «fsr ^rsiaTr ^?r ^rr 

C5rRr= vi>=^s>) "cststbt wkwa w^rr ^fsr fg^t ^?r ^tt C"srf^= ^=-^0: -s^) 
'tHc^?i (<frt ^r^k^- N»iHJm ^mw <t>fi<m ^Tf%rrm 1^3tr^~ ^irz 9 ^ ^t&s 

f^e ^tt, ^^tr^f f^rr ^^ "^f^ 5 -^tRrm fw=r ^rt^ c\stvitr:xf^ -^t^r cvii^-a 

B. The Aorist Subjunctive: wrarm ^rw ( Particle) ^p ^sR^r r:wbt o^Q"?rr 

C. The Double Negative with the Subjective mood: ■*£<: osfr^rf^rr v|\s<jtTf i 

"<paj^ps ^rf' ^®T«aRT C^T^ ^|1BHH4 ^>«t^ot ^ZTT ^r?r" 1%^; \S^rK^H : "^TTfsr 

^rr^r^TRw^ >iRjj <<^T^., ^rf^ c^ 5 ^ ^n^rm ^p<yT5r ^t«n ^ztt ^c^t ^t^" C5=r 

IX ^-tcM5_i<r Article: 

A. Koine Mtz<? c*r ^-^cbfe_w ^T cArticle) ^cbfe_ Qhe' ^^r ^Kz?m^s 

c^^R^ri^T <u<i^m <^c^cfe_-^^ The definite Article ^s ^^^ ^r^ ^iw 
i. i -n^r "sj^t N^iR^irm ^p^t ^i^n? demonstrative Pronoun <^bt "5po i 


^s i f^nr <f§?<f <pnr?r ^f^r f^Tfc^" <n<wf& &^m ^tr:^ ^r^w i 

vStK-sM ^^T^f= "^r^?T WFef" C^rm^T 1 8=^8 ^ftf ""sr^sT ^1C=-1T" i>"sq- 

B. Koine ift<p ^^siwNt Article 'a' w^rt an t<f f^v^ ^fz<s ^m 
definite article ^bt ^r^tf^t% <ic<^c\s 

(1) T^FPT t^Tf~1% ^T t%^. 'SH^s f^ERT ^"C^TR^ sf^TH ^sTT I 

(2) T^Ff^T t%^ (?3^?T ^tsT sf<PT*T ^gt 

-i\sn iHydvi^ c^^sf^ 5 " ^\sj*=s ^^^ri<^m ^fc<5 R^»rc<r Article c<f f^rnrm ^d-af^i i 

A. "c^t^tr^tbt c^r ^tnr cwr® c^s^rr ^xtr^; -^©-s t^rfrcsr "c^r^f^ 5 a^tz^ c^^i^ fSs»t\sT -ac^c^; i 

B. ^i^i^r wrc-n^: fBl^s ^^^f^; c^r, Aorist Active indicative \S«s\s <s\<sk wfsf^o <mh t%^r 
osffs ctf^sTrm w^j f^g ^t^tj tense, voice "®r«aRT mood ffe^T ^<3*®"5>tff ^-i<n^f i ^f5 
srcTrfn ^?jIh c*t, Aorist Active indicative 'a^ 3 ®^ ^j^-ac-H-a «rm^mr ^f5 ^m^m <rr<r2rm 

C. <n^r f^fc^T ^p^t ^5r Koine -sffc^ 

i i Koine ^ft<F t^r ^i^t^ wtwjixs «rr^ c*t1t? ^T*ft^r ^nr; ^xTPwt^T "s^s ^r^f ^rprR^r i c^ 
w^r c^^p -^ ^rr^rm^ ^^rc^ ^rptr <^CfM \5t ccrsrTC^rm w^tj i 

□ t^t^i^p ^tf^^ ^^rc^r^ 1h<t>'g t% osmr f^ir ctf^rrc^ ^ft ? 

□ t^t^i^p ^i >i-mc3i -nf^r Wf^q- 1% fi?^T <t=C^H ? 

( a) t^rrm ^r^Iw 

Ci) Verb cfaFfTT) 
c^> Subject c^-<^r*fj) 
c^s) Complement csr^fx^rr) 

(b) >)<t»vf 1aF5rr s- 


c^o ^*r~ir ( Subject) 

c^s) t^Tcmr (Object) 

C8) ^tx^T^^ f^c^nr ( Indirecl object) 

(C) ^rm ^-icwsxiTfi w^r 

C>) ^rm cNoun) 

c-^O -^Rki^-h (Modifire) 

c^s) -^rr^St ^<ij?j ^-ic. c Prepositional phrase) 

B. "*F^ ^=V|1^C1 ^TMTt T^fR^T^ ^<Ff5 ^^*S ^t*f f^ERT I \3i<rKfM "^FlfM §- 

^r^^f cvi^id^-s i cm^rr § ^.=s> ^rtf) "wt^ ^i\s c^rrc^rr "str:^ ^srp^f^p" wt "®^ ^^rm ^^m 

( b) " •§R: 5 s^ ^rcsf " C"5tf=Tr ^=^.o) sf^rsq- wrrmr f^r i ^st^rr "sr^r c<j>Pt5<i> ^^' 

(c) ^^T ^TRTT ^W<1 W?f W?T ^R3T <IC<^Ife.C<^'H I C^.TS,*J = i.=i>) sT^ycsr C^T^STrt ^XTrf^T I ^Tf "^r^sT 

R^RR T^\c&tc^ sf^w ^R^ffe.c<^-H c^r, R^i^lfe.^ af<Fff^f^ ^^sTm^p c<t>*~t5 <jr:^t ^nr i 
d. ^t^tf^p ^=rz<i t%i; «m:^m ^^m cwr? f^rr c^m^rr ^c^cs:-- 

c^f^t ^sreRn <rr^r ^R>t i ^t?R^r ^=rr ^it csqjYfsr^ cvblBH ( not bound) 

(a) -^<d\s -ctw ^RTr^f "5rRr= a-=\s Cfsrc'g osff® T^TQTTT ^?T) 

(b) ~£^rRs^T : i8=i. c-i\s-s f^nr) 

(c) T^T^trr : s> : i> C-i\s-s ^r°^f) 

(d) ^ ^?r : i>^.=^o cf^rcg cwrs ccf^sTrr ^td 


sf^fx^rr" c^r^r^nr 1 ;>=>t>, i>^ ^^° i^) ^^: ^r^f ^wl^ <j<<!.m ^?rr ^c^ics: &sc&s<p <sf&i\ 

^wws: l^sc^-n ^rc^sr^ 

8 1 ^ra^rmr ^t ^fz^f^ <u<i^m c^r^f ) Sound 

^T^f^S'CSTm f^RT C*JV|H : "^5TR:^rf "ST3>T?T W^JT CC*m^T = ii> : ii>- i>8) 
^T«aRT **tf *$W^ W^T f^^TTsT >SrHJ O?^o = *®=h- v-; i"" 4 *^: ^8=*©) 

(b) ^.^nr Ttff ^^it : - "^h^sm ^tktstst -^ra^eo ^r^f, c*jvih - '^-^Nnwr' 
C"5rRr= ^=^.i) ^®r«aRT '^c*m <3Wr' C5fRr= >®=;>h) 

(c) ^=rm wr<Ff%=- 

Ci) \=m>i^<i N»iR>-siTir^ C"5rf^r= ^s=s>; <2:=^s,- «o, i,s>=-^t-) 
c^.) hIRi^c^^ ^^m "5t^^T C5q1^r= ^-(t, z.&fi^s-- ^■^>^>y 

C^S) -^-s^sR^TM ^T ^§5 CV5J <p^= ;><2: = <3:<2:) 

C8) <ui®r^R> c^% -^c^ TnTf <n TnTr -^c^ ^%) 
c>t>) ^R^f^: tSbbiRi\s ^u i 

(a) v|^<^t 

(1) " vi^TT C^f*P = ^s=^i») 

(2) '%t^" C^f*P = 8=1.3) 

(3) ""C^^^Ife.^" C^f*P =8 = 1.8) 

(b) 'Free' ^ST^T 

(i) "^t^t -sq-r^srr" cm^m s=^i.) 

(II) "^JTf^q\sT" C?Tf=Tr= C2r=i) 

(III) "^T^t^" Ce=i) 


c^s) liqfi? f^r t^^ 1 <3~m*rmr >i*u«^jF»*t w^tj " " c^iR ^s>=^>;>, f^vSI^ 

T<<-sM : ^;> = ;><3:,=3<P"= i8 = ^SVb, C^TT^T 1 i^ = -^<2:) 


& i "5=p=«^f ^r?rr ^p^#trr ^r^f >®w <u<i^R3m -^R<ie» ^s^ "*t^x <u<i^m vStk-sih, "s^h -fft^ 

>t> i f^rc^m autos <u<i^m 

(a) "*r*r=r Articale ^rz^ ^^T «i^tw ^?rr ^XTrf^r "^^^" 

(b) Articale ^twr ^^r ^mrsm -^ra<ie® ^T=rm «(^f ^^?n ^xrrf^r "\5T?rr f^rcw^f ' i 

e. JJRp -^rc? ^rrt: <-£i^r^T ^i^.c<i<^ R*i?j<i* f 5 T^n^t'?r^T wm Pit%H ^t^m - <a<nc® -^tBR^ i 

(2) ^xT^IWt N^-i^T^tf^ ^<=-Mt, f^H^T wfc<r f^st% eztf<F ^»-i<T(T ^f^BT I v3H<1-sM 

(KJV. NKJV. ASV. NASB. RSV. NRSV) '"nf^ft^T T^rsrsrfSFTrr" 
t^rf^rfTR^ NIV. NEB. REB. JB. NJB. TEV 

(3) ^i^.c<i<^ <j<<u-si<:<f- o&m? ctf^sTrr ^c^c^: c^tr?^ fiicsj-^ om**rm ^tst Joseph 

Breyant Rotherham C^rt^T iS>S>8) 

(4) ^TfRR>J<l> ^T?rm <J<<iR3T ^-i<lT^f : 

(a) ^rRrsrf^^T^ ^gi^rs wpp^m is>oi 

(b) Young literal Translation of the Bible 

\s<rf© ^rm (^f^? cam i,s>^vi-,) 

^r^^t, "sr^^r, <£i<i% v3hk<-^ ^sx=Tm w?f «^dbfe. ^nf^s ^?rr <^re° ^^mrr .sfRp ^r^rrr c=trf ^r?r \5Brr 
c^t^t <j<<im <t><c\s -^tR^r ^sbi ^-u^. <^i^ ^rrsqiT^^ -^^z^ ci^s^rr ^cmcs: i ^rfw^R^r ^^ 
-3^53^1% n»i\sj^ >i^>ar wrc^: ccf^sTrr <c*jc^; i \sTsrr ^ ^f^rc^ v|\s<iri^ vm<^, ^~ivj?risj- %% 
r^tr^t <u<i^m ^?R?q~ ^rr, 1%^ \S«^R>-s] ^•^rm r^tr^t -i\»~i 1h*j<:*4< ^rpt -n^r ^~£=tr^ wR3R 

«3<ml<t>R3T WHO® ^tRJt I ^STTHT <P^T ^Cbfe. C*T, ^^ "^wT^pm ^tf^<P <J*?k<F s£®sq f^RTOSpsT 
^IHJHJ *=t^5BT R^?J ^SX=TT ~5^<IT <MO® C*JVM OS^fR^R^T fSR:"^^^ ^^ ^SX=TT <a<HC\s ^T5T<R 

^n^c^s-i ^n^ c^iR^ 5 ^rrsTrr ^iiSHT^s^^m ^^r^: f%tw^x^ ^n^rRTf^ ^-i<iR^t^ t^nT^x=Tr >m>j\st 
^rrti^: <t>^c\s >\q< ^z<i i ^trsrm ^cvs, >\<a?cs -®^?F5*tff f^nr ^-sjihj 1<*)*j ^sc^ic^s ^s 5 


Appendix Three 
Textual, criticism 

G ^ "RpERT <)>CV|(^ C*$Z<F EfT^S RpERT <^§5 ^ST^TT C*{ ^=M1<1*K3T ^TMTt sTcfT^r <MC\s c^ wt^g^; 

A. -fflT^T fH?JV| 

B. -S^b-H f^BT5T 

(ii) ^xc^^^ \sm >ivi>ijt \s ^Ttrr^rsrm ^tmh ^ss "*iv!?R^ -^-«^§-^^f 1^5* ^lo-iib-nt 

A. ^^1\5^T Th>J*4 §- 

ii Masoretic text (MT) ^#n <u<m^ ^re^m x tf*< f^r <Rm wi-$^.<ir i°o #f§rc^f -yfRR^ff^s 

"RpERT ^R^W <j»<£\s ^9?F ^3T ^-^r ^t\s|RiC\s ifiRP?. ^^T C*V*f ^XTTf^T J&5T ^t\slRiC\s I %^T 

txi<^varH Rist^l -^fRFTR^rsr ^=tK3t?t "5TT«rRT5T ^?rr ^ZTit^T \sm ^rt^r cvj>i<:-su53d ( Masoretes) \5Brr 
c*r § extual -n^rn? «i«r?r ^c^Ri^ \5t ^^5: ^rz^ Alishtat 1 Rtsjt, \sf=T5jtf, tSTst'jitsrt, c^ff^fsr 

<«r^ sf stiffs ^Letter of Aristeas^ z^stf^ c^r^m ^cmcs: i c^Ri>gc>i^ ^na c^z<^y 

(LXX) "c^^f^"^ ^i<i<i^ RM ^5trr "sj^t Rfert "sj^t f^nr ^T^rm ^^m 1%1w ^^?t -aRM 
^in-$^.<]T c*ic^f -5jf^\s ^xtr:^; ( M.T) 

« 1 Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) 

DSS TsrrsftTr c^^rr ^xTrf^r #t=^t^ c^oo •gt^- Ho-ffftrr^ *f^> >©iMm Rist^l ?r ^r^arcrm 
^^Tf^^<^ ^5tt ^rr- O(Esenss)" vi-s^m^ RrR^f ^R c*$z<f c*j ^#n -^ti^Rif^f ^tsttt c*rz&;, 
G3=r ^"£=rr i«q<pj> f%sr *koi-si, ^#n "sp^ <bHfB M. T. L X X ^ff%^m c*$z<f wf=rm~r 1 


8 i f%ir PrPfg vShk-sm R^»ic<] ^i^ts^t fn^vi ^r^j^f whc\s "str^rtt <pc-acs:- 
(a) (L X X) "cr^fw^S ^-i<ii^<i>i?l ^q<r° >i<^<^i<icw^ 
(M T) Masoretie Text wmc\s "^trcr-it ^wz<s 

Ci.) LX X"c^pgfeM5 f^mf^rr -^<2: : i.8 "n»iojc<i^ \sm Pprt? ^w^rm ^xttI^t" i 
c-^o M T f^mf5xTP?T 2 5:14 "^c-hc<^^. xsrsrm f^rcTr <i\s<jj^i ^ttI^t" i 
c^o f5r*tr= o:^=i»Q: ^m \sm LXX tmP zR +>Ui c v_ £)" mauJK 0( _ v e +j - Bnv 
mZ ", 

(a) OL X X ^ch<^ ^Tsfi ^1%^: \»m <pr:^; wp^r: - ^ ^=x<i i" 

(b) OM T >i^^k ^c-H<t> (yrz*r^: c^ R-~^ f^% ^xir ^sr^i i" 

b. D S S Dead Sea Scroll ^ rrgcrer ^c-af^-i ^-i<]iw<}>c^^ ^<ix ^^^Mcw-a M T c<^ wrtrj 
^r^rr i 

( 1 ) D S S f^pfT^ ^i=t- ^rcf "^^i^t ^.R^j^ ^wr fB^^m ^c-aHs.^- wm^t ^tf^wr ^r:^t 

(2) MTvtikvBq: 21:8 '^®rm c=r 1^r^^ ^^ ~r*t <jr??t <<=-i<=-i c^ sf% ^ifvi f^TsrR^r 
Th^^^ sr^fft ffc^f wv&\^r\ «irt% ^^x sfi% ^ni7sc\s wm^t -^tr^rr ^r^t w^bi^vir^ 

C. ^»rr L X X <^i<in D S S ^rf%^rm ^tz^ <a<nc\s ^rm^iT ^c-aos: i f^p«rT= a:^>=;>;> -tcf = 

Ci) LXXGesDSS ^m wtwr "^h ^rz^ ^ff^^z^r^ -^ c-2^^ c^w-m c*t ^tr^tt 

ctf^R^ -tR^", \s^rt c*\ ^s scz<s i" 
c^.) M T, "R>1h ctfztzys -Hfz<5 ^srj wiwm ^ht, fifn ^s ^z<s i 

B. -i\sH fH^JV): 

<^re^ ^^b- w^r ^n-<%piT^f^s ^q Capital ^•^=^ f^Tr f^rc^R:^? i ^r^^ftc^ atnr s> 

^,^00^ c^^trt -n^r wr^; i^ivif^tf^ sj-fir ^,ioo ^pf^f Ri>g ^ftj " s *rr& <u<kirt ^sr 
^5r ^tviRTf^ ^^m^mr ^tSr^ wrspsrr crsrc^' ^tr>t 'R^pFf^nflt" 

"3=r^T^=\s ^str:^: i c^fr-t c<^Mf5^ ^tf%«t ctf^Trr ^xtr:^: ^.tt ^i\s|-h1c\s t%^ ^c-h<^ 
^sx=Tf^: ^stt ^^° 8<r ^t\si-Hl^ i ^^xsrm c<t>Mf5^ ^rsq^ -^\s-s Ih^vic^- m S S <i^-h 

t%^; Rs^\sr ^c?jc^: i ^r^tw >^z<f \sRic\s ^f^ <ji£-fic^; ^T^trr f^^rR^" <u<i^m ^^^ 
Tgf^rr Erf^rmr ^^r* ^^t ^rrf^r i ^i^: ^-hj^. ^r^t f%^rot <]^h ^r^ i 

(3) Codex Sinaitieus c^tf^^m ^rm) ^§trr ^^r fac\i N (aleph) ^af^ c>i*^ ^n^aitf^r "sq^nf^ 
I>ih?j ^c® f5>icfe.H "crsrsp cTischendorf) ~^m\ ^tsttt c^r:^: i ^^t ^tf%«f ^^t ^it s^i 

^t\sl-Hl C*$Z<F ^l^x ^l^T^^ jcrax 4^r -^\sh fH^JV) ^Svac^J^. <I^-H ^IR^ I ^^T '^STR^PPI 


(4) Codex Alexandrines 0A"5 vsrioi ^r^^RT (o^) & ^i\si-^lc\s ^ic^-as wfpgrrm c=r 

(5) Codex vaticunees OB" f^TRR wpTr ^mr ( 03) "5^cr wff5<Fi^T ^ti^.c^51 o*k<f ^TsTrr 
-*£sit^t t^nrsq- jq<jx ^t^- ^bh fn^vi ^\»iqf5 <i<ih ^r^t i ^^t ^ic<^<t= wRsR^m 

(6) Codex Ephraemi C 1^ff£<r wptt ^rm or (04) <xifi? or-sr ~t\si«Hl-a ^tt^f^rf^r c^rfi? Rw»i 

(7) Codex Bezae D f^TR^r wptt ^mr (05) &^ "& vi^ir ~t\5T#t j!ft<p- ^n^f^rf^r i ^^r OThe 
Western Text" ^^r Ef^rt^r etRjIhRt i" ^^t ^o4<t= ^r^^t^t ^<jk ar^n^r ar^rf^r Jft<p 
^T^=r King James ^-i<iR^f <i=i-s ^r:^t wr^; i 

(8) -i^s-H fH^JV) M S S ^fi* WC^ wfsf ^C\s -stR^T >l<^<I\s 3 -sff^TsT ^C=Tr RR^ t^Rfg 

a. fsp«Tr?r?T wR?=T3srwfPgrmT ~rtsj : 

Ci) p7 5 p6 6 carm A.D. 200) ~c*rf5 ^pr^nm^ ca^s <p^t wr:^; i 

c-^o p4 6 (srm A.D. 225) ~£^rft? c^TR^t^ ^t^a c^<^vb <p?rr ^cmcs: i 

c^s) p7 2 (srm 225-250) f^t^sr ^s R^^nr ca^s ^?rr ^xtr^i 

C8) Codex B, ^=tt ^rr wins<t>tsr (srm A D I 2 5) c*if5 ^*=>»>iff -^i^r^r ^s ^o^ 

(6) ^r^r M S S c*t ^ -sn^t^cva ccfRrrsR:^; N. C. L. W, 33 

b. ■5 > rf*i5T^i ~tt2j wfflj^n c«y^^"= 

(1) ^f5 \S^-a xsnUj^r ~5Te> ^wi-acir-a eztf<F vS«^f» ^?rr ^xtr:^;, 
cB^'gRisjr^, f5Hf£r?rR, ^^x ^m^^Tt o-i-iifB-s ^-i^m 7 c^jr^ i 

(2) ^srff^nrm c^iR^ 5 " vS«^R> c^s^rr i 

(3) TSffSrrR ^^x ^aR:^rr 1>i^i<t> ^-i^w c«ir^~ \S<^f5> ctf^sTrr i 

(4) Codex D OBezac" ^-i>i-sM ^r??t ^ ^ttj -^^ifin? i 

c. "s^ ^i^xw^ttjT^t ^rts* ^H^CMfSc^rff^r^T c*r?<f : 

(1) ^^ ^TtS* £|R>*j>Rl\s ^JR3T b-o*/. M S S 

(2) WTfwBT ~5TI> ^spWFsT ^JlPl5?J<^ v3^f® CWTT ^n^tTrstf^PlTT, #t 

(3) Codex A ~?s^5rna >l>lv|rt5R^ i 

(4) Codex E Cs<r ^t\s|-^l) ^^ ^ssq 

d. 8<r "H^iF® >l^<l\s '£<t»iR?j' ^trR^fgl^T c«aR<Pi 


(2) 1%^; ^T^=r ^^r p4 5 ^<r° W. 

II. >|V|>uT ^^X ^f^rTTS "f^TST ^lC<=-1lb-ST" ^T«aRT "f^RT f%1w<pr WR^TRj^Tf ' 

Ci) (a) <^<f t=j1% ^jt c?R^r -s<^<^ <t=^c\s ^x^" c*rf5 ^rt1% ^Trf5 ^^r*® ^tr^" ^re° ^fB ^r^w^t 
"5r*it ^rr^tj c?R^r ^cH<t> ^"c=tr^f "sr^: g^^c^ ^r^t i 

(1) <xi^i xsr^t -c|% ^^ c^z-^ tw&j ^t^tt^p <tt*t fac© ^R^ ^vmR> ^^pf5 ^5t°~r?3^s <j-p^ 

(2) <^i<f fM fwr <mr c?R^r ^mmr ^~£=rr ^r^r^fw <^c\s ^z<i i <u<mh ^fs <u<i^m ^rt 
cyr^s^crr ~TR.;3p?T er^stSt ^rt i 

(3) ^Rf^<3 ^ftj ^s"c=Tt^: >i^<i\s sRp^ ^rtj i 

(4) ^^ts^t ^tR^ ^"c=tt^: wf^F \sw^r ctfir ^m^ ^.R>^ic>ifi 5-mjjIst >\<hw >ivi\»r <c® 

(5) M F S TT^MPl^ ^=M-l*J id ^tf^P ^R^F sr^^ T3=rsi <ioi -5q-^r <F?R ^RT I 


(7) ac ttJ ^T3H \S»)\s ^TKrm "5q-«U f^RRT aRpS ^TRj* ^3 ^sr^TJ C^iR^- -^TT<N 5 T ^T^HX^" ^T^T 

(8) ~tjfi* ^fw f%*rsH >|V|>ijT \s >|V|\sr ^T^HX#" ^Tf^f^U <MC\s ^rtT^ I (a) -i^H -sfUvaJv) § 

*fl^ ^lC<=-1lb>HT : C^FRT #f§T^ v|\s<]R-cf ^==r® ^3 R\sR^\s ^fRjf ^RT I r[\sH 

fsrrrsT ^t^rRs^rm ^Rp«tr^: >*£<t> ^sr-=rs^ <mcvs ^z^ c^t ~rnjfi? ^^ ^*rt ^r^t ^rr 
^it i v|\s<]RTf^: ^fj%^cpf^f ^cff^c ^-p^sr^ sr^^ ^trj* ^tc^p?t ^srsjsrrfSr® <jr^t i 

(b) W A Criss will ^c^c^-h- ^nf^^scm ^ri^ ^-i>)T^?T <n^c.<c.=i< arl%f5 ^r^f ^r^sftf^ro 
c^r^R^ RT^m <Md<H ^r R>Pi ^tr^t <ic<^cfe.H ^sg^ma er^j^st ^''T^f ^nr t%^ 
xsrr^pi^ aRFW^rr ^^fw ^st^tt <^ ^i\si-^lc\s xsrsj^nfsrv® <p^^ ^rri ^iTvi f^^m <pf% 
rR^t^t ^»r^ ^15 >iviid<^ib^ri^iTvi i£i^»f^<r ft>®T ^f% "sqr# ^rsqr&R^ iMsl^ ^®r«]rRTr^ 
"5qx ? Ji ^r:^<f5tit ^gw v|\s<iri?f ^^sf^r^: ^Ft^:^" ^srsjsrtfs^a ^^^I^t i ^^t ^^sqra ^tw 

^sr=TR^F ^ffSR^^T <t>d^dfe.-H I ^r^M WMl^T -tl^plf^r ^r=TT ^R)d\s?l ^rR«y \£<=-MT 

<i>c^h <^i^n "sqr# >i>)vj rmc?r?T ^^i^R^m ^s"c=tt ^v^j <t>c^-H \s^r^ -sr;^ ^r^" c^r c^ 5 ^ 

t£l1^ "3=Rd<^llb\s <t=C^dfe.H ^T«aRJT ^Rf ^ff^ ^ST^TR^ ^TTf% C'^R^' "5Ttf% ^-i<lR"Cf <t>f1C\s 

^x^" i ^i^" ^rxT:^ 4 *^ (?«rRT 

(B) ^^F "s^TC^m (^TRTT ^TSJT ^IR^ H<^=i <^^C\s ^R^ C^nf^RF ^=TT ^SX=TT 

>iv|ij^. ^fiTR^r^ ^pr ctf^rr ^^rm ^r«aR4T ^Rp ^'tR^'^ vSmskh 


(C) EfT^fvi^ .sfN*- ^ftj ^=tt c^f^r ^sr^jmr t^^r ^rr ^sreRrr ^fw^ ^s 
c^fr-t ^»M f^r ^rri c^f& ^l<t=R3T ^e (<frt Th?jvi hIR) f^r =rri 
~R*t c^z^ ^r^^st \s (<frt ^W ffe^ ^rri ^^T ^sp^tr^: >i^<] ^£<i 
^■^^ c^^r ^r«y^-r ^p^f c«r^ ws^?r ^paprr :>c r^f c^r^ RR=h w?r 

(a) ^rpj* c«R^ ^reP^r ^x-i^Tw ^?R ^x^" \s«rt ^5p3p«tT^: <i<t><«s ^® -shR^h ^e 

(b) ^Tl^cKCo-TsT ^5R^T eztf<F ■*4'i<W^<l ^T5P5T ^RTRI ^i^.c<ic<^^ "^tr^ ^p^r# c?R^r 
^ST^P^TT^: ^T^<vs-^ «IH(1« SiZ<5 I 

(c) iC fTC;2 n fT ~fW ^SR^R:^ ^»«i<RTT?T >iv|sj xjfi? ^P^P^T ^~C^?T wpipp ^TRcgpsT "TR^ 
^r^H^" c?R^r -^Rkps-s ^srprr irwm i 

(d) iC fT3 r ^-t<iRTf ^R^Hff^ixs \s c^tw^tsit ^nr ^"5pr >ivi>ui^s= ^pw ^s ^p^pst 

(e) ^-i^nTr^T >iv|?j so|p»f^vs= ^^ ^ i^f««uT>K> ^»-i>)Tr?T sfstT^TTC^ "5TTwrc=Tr <£,<!% 
sfd\sj<^lsr ^swr?r ^e -^r^pst ^^h% ^rj ^5p^*tr^: wptt ir-sp^m 1 

b. ~fpj >ivi 1 c<=-i 1 b>-s rt ^IR-jfo t^gp^P^sr ^p?t f%iw <^<^d\s ^ir ^T«=<ti\sr f=Tc*f ac r=Tt *s 

^L>\sf (TfR^f spjp^ *TR5 Rf«H ^M-i<T*T *®r=tt <P^T ^5T 1 

m. -ti^R-if^psT >ivi>ur ^T5j^: §- 

(a) ^-PR-TJ C5R:^f ^t^rm -sRaT5P*f 

(1) ^^(Kc^-p^t ^TSTR^Tf^Tr = H.R. Herison. 

(2) -j\sh Tn?J(ivi^ ^ttj : Bruce m. Metzger. 

(3) -i\sH fSTTRTsm ~rnj >iviic<^ib.HT = J.H. Grieelee. 

Appendix Four 


NsiRsc^nw^r § <^ip5 ■%«(<* sr^s ^p^hx#" srr^lvi^ i^miThc* ^^fp5 *trptt f^r 1 ^^r c^Tf^w wr^; 

<sp¥n? «rR4^rr 1 ^^z^^ -^R<if»^» ^cmcs: ^x^k ^^i^t "sq-fij^ "^>^" ^c<^h i ^^t c^1Ri<^ ^»r^ 


X^flfX<J-fi *©rHJ ^m ^tx^ "*T^ Tt?^ wf%\s f^r ^®x<r R>^»n^ wRrp >i^j|h1\s ^xTrf^T ' ^rf^r ^e 
<rr ^n ^Tfrrw^r <p?rr n^\sj^ <rftw f^sr ^ar^ 5 " ^M-f^tx^ ^f^rpT ^xsff^r i \sm >iR>j<t>m f^t^m 

fsptx^si Fs)\sl?j bITBic^t i 

^:^r Rpx^rm ( Philo) af*rR ^x-^itc*^ l%tw 1^tx^~ <i<<tr?T <Fx*rf%=Tr5T c*j c^wo xgfxt?m 
^x«i>i-sM<M?n 1 ^^r ^iRi-nR ^n^i!% <tu^ i ^^r vi^<^lc\s f^r ^r^s^ -s^R^Tf ^R^rm ^tt ^tt i 
^<uc® >i<icb.cTr ^Rc?R ^<ix wr^fBd-H-s] ^mrsp^f ww^f 1%?t i ot«R Msises Silva, Has the 
ehiorch Misred The Bible? (Acamic, 1987,) 

^srr^#t^n, <^re° -^^ P(*4<;*j*t ^ch^Tx^t ^^tr c^ix^^: 1 ^^t^: ^ivirtt^ sf*rR ^tp^i Jft<F -^\sh 
IRirxsr c^rr^m w^ir i carter, c*m^r c^rts. ^<iRrf^?r <rftTr) "*r*R ^n^f^rRtf^ •pfw^t ^«^ <Fat ^^r 
0A0 ^i^"x -^n^RHf^m -ptw^t ^s 5 wz&5. 0B0 c^rin*<t>R) ^fi? "^rwm w^qr ^smr ^\sj^ wtsrlft 

Allegory c^^f^-) s- isfSTQ ^n^c-os-i ^-i^Tx^ ^^Ff5 ■^\<^fb c*rfi? wx^r c^yx 5 ^ ^ic^^^iPtj^ 
r^istHtrr \3«^R> ^FaT ^xTrf^r 1 t%x=TT wrx^T^wfPgrrm "5TT*rJX"5r f^r«tJT® <jx^t ^w? o®Mr ^xTrf^r 1 
^:^r t^x'T^r ^w<5 osrr® ctf^sTrr ^xTrf^r 1 ^rtjx^ 5 " ■n^r v^<» ^ix^" ^^^ <ic<^ ^9^^ ^R^ri%^ 
<fx^: ^sr^RT w^fx^r ^^^iR)(i\s ^i^.d<](i<^^ ^R)<iT>)<j» R*jij ^x=tt ^srPTtx^rm "sn^nxsr ^^° ^r«aRT 
(7?r*iT ^<-^x^ ^:^r :>c rt3 r c^fr^f^trr R*i?j ^sx^rr c^twst >si<ik ^rr«infi<t> ^r<r ^sx=rr c^^ <t>^c\s 
^rm^u C5§t ^px^i ^^r ^t^hj^: ^t^»^ <fpw^t ^t^mt:^^: <c^\ ^rf^r= i^s : <^re° c^Tic<^^ -m=Tr= s= 
^r^rrXTT^ ^fB^m ^id^ix^^ ^rsfsrc^" sf-sq^m ^ix^ 1 ^^sf^r ctt c^ft^t ^ix^" ^rt -^pf f^f f^^ 

^tr:^^ ig^rR^nx^ ^ff^txTr ^r^^^~ <-£7^r< ^s/^=v=> vst^r^tx^ ^s -n^r ^-i>itxst ^rf1%xTr 
^^rtx^Fi ^rc^r^ ^Hw^^ T3=p=^t# c^z-^i •^>\'i<Tu^ ^tt^t^it ^ix^ ^px="t -St<F ^r?r ^-sq^r (?pr f^gr^t 


^HTC^psr ^Tr^tr s- ^ ^wrcrr <u<]*3\s ^i^.c<]<^ -^h^sr ^M ^srsjsrr^® ^^: vSc^«tr <r*fcn" ^?P 

w^rrl: ^rn^r f<f«^ WxX^Pst ~*rtz^ RR^ WxX^Pst ^mptr c^:^!^: ^i^.c<ic<^^ Rf^^j Wx^t 
^«i<T*T ^p?p ^xtr:^: i 

^rRMra f^5rrc<r ^R^f^o ^p?p ^n c^parp^r tjl^ ^e wsipqT wpSpp ^n ^r^Mx^" esq<^ >ividTr jq<^ 
^«p:<t ^fsf\s wtt <p?t i ^n c*m^r ^3d i ^r' t tT v[=-i<i> wp^- w<pp ^sr:<t Rf«H >ivi?j < 

"STTij^ -yp^fpsr s- isr^ w<ptcit o^-h ^pt?t "sri-ic.*^ "5thR<?> t<fp*pg ^v^c^ «n^-Hin? wrsTPr^rsr 
w^p ^ic>i ^rm wt ^^: c*r ^ivi^r "^r^sr ^p^ix#" ^p 5 ^ <rf^r c*p-t R>fa ixi<j=vsrH "5TP35 fitc^-M 

^rti ^rr c^pp c^r^m^r c<ppt t<rp*i% ^repn c^p7 ^n^if% ^-ui-u "5TP55 -3^mx#- wpjtp^pst ^pp:^; 
^"^ptt c^pi: i ^®ps<iq<i "^r^r ^p=^r#pir ^wp^pst ~*5tr -*rf^hs >NsjlBm wp:^; \s«iiTRH" ^llvi\s i 

wfP3nfspg~ ^£^t §- isr^ ^p^psp> ^n^co^-i ^-iopTt^r c^^a t^fp&rrm wf®- TrRirPrs ^stt 

^PspsfpTo ^C-M<fc \S~|\s <JR^P«^T sfpsf^TTT "^sTt^ fsp*p3PT ^lC<^^l>SrlPfe!i?J 1C® W^pp ^f^iPSP> 
^P^^m <t>CfPH I ^^T P^f^T wp^q- fH^^ <t>C^Cfe.-H ^P5X<IC<^^ ^f%^PTC^ >l^^i "G ^C^i «l^C\s I 

^r^r <n^c<<^<:<p- T^s^-t^^ ^e "stpjc^pt ^pp^si t^TP:^^: ^-i<ipf ^^cfe.-s i ^i^ ^=tp> -^^<]\slc\s 
R^c^p wpst:it -vtc& <fp^=t #f§r^^ t^ ^wm cc=r§iT<^MT>srvj) ^rsap^r ^^fp> ^^m c^r^rp^r 

^i^° ^ttf^rrpj ^sr®- ^w p^ ^srfpMSpg" ^t^t n^<iwpt wpi ^r^f=qr f^r i ^^T J Rx^T^' : tps 5 ^" 
^p^ipsp> srrsrpqr cprt \s -^^<]\slc\s \S^\s ^sp^g-p^r^ ^^R)fB sp^gT^ ^R^rm , ?p ; T «rp^^ <t>c^-H 
c=i«im, ^n=rp»^T i) 

^# ^iNRlC^ Tj^p^-p^ S- liq^TP^T 1%^fP> "^^ifa-sl ^"*f^TP^P ^P^rf^s <p^t ^5T I ^p R«S.^1 ¥wB 

^rtf^f<t>j lRi^in5<t> "3=riR\sj §- ^^p> f*)s?^ wTps^t ^i^ <j»\^\» 1%snT <s<<3K >i<^i<ij ^I^^1?j R*j?j 
^H.^^^^ ^"*ptt ^c^dfe.-^ i ^:^r ^<i>u^t% ^®r<r >n><i* c^^m -^^fin? <j<<m <t>d^dfe.-H ^^p^: 
3T5rc5i Ri^i^l ^rfps^ ■^=v|\ S r e=*p«tT ^t^: 1 ^^ ^sttpt 't 335 ^^ ^iR^rm <^d^dfe.H i ^:^p^p ~^rc^ 

f^RT^- -s*ite>.*VT ^s ^p« c^r^sirm ^iISht <r^t i <^^ ^Rc^sj ^^t^^ sf% 1?rPi5^s t^nsfrr ^snf^ 
i'*fj#t ^rpfe i ^^r ^b& ■^=v|\sr ^^mst ^i^pp> sp^p^p t£i <r?. ^sr:^pp ^^>ij *jff "H^ifid^s ^t^p^t i 
^:^r arm Rf«»i >i\sjiBr, ^r^pt, ^t° w^p^, ^«r, ^jtp-t, ^T<^®r ^.^sJil^r ^p^r^^ ep^th <^c^c^: 


§- \svi9- 8b-, T?nP(c?j<^ : H=i^., ^r«rf%= ^, "srf^r= ^.s, ~5qr# : >&, ^.tt f«i^=^. ^^x af^rf^r^ <n^n 
■?ifw -^m\ -*T5j<s^ § i£sf& Jffc^sr ^==t ^rw c«ic<f ^t^r:^; i "^xi^h ^-m^^ t^^i^m ^tst<r i" isfi? 
^•^m "=g1w >it^\s ^fi^ij^f ^r^t i 
^st-tri §- ^fi? ^rr«rm^ro- ^-ivjT=T ^r ^x-ivjRj f^nr ^rc^r^ ^tr:^ ^rsrr^i^ c<rw i ^^r ^f^^#t 

^jiRiH?Jc^e^ vj\»<rw s- ^iRi>im- ^TR^T^sftPgrrr f^p«R3m vi^<^l^ ^^^h cEWRrtrm ^stt ^g 
cf^RsBr <% "4^^ ^f®t Pr:^ ^nr) >i^<5\» (Rc\sr= b-=^A- «d f»Pi ^lo-i^^iPij^m f^^^RsT 
^si-t-) ^nf^TTR v|\s<iri?f N^R=d>i^ f^*tR3r?r -^s f^n^ -^t^r ^^^ ^~c=rr ^ic>i i ^rt^:l>)CH< 

^PlRl>GlB<^ §- arfft^T ^1c>l^ P»P( ^<t»SrH ~crR*ff2R^r |&>.oih, -gtT©^ ^^X WR??T^WR^R3m ^Ra 

■Hr^r ^e ThRi^c-^ "sn^nrrsr wr^t?t 5 ©**rt cstrs f^Trfe^r^ i ^f5 f^r ^^Rfr? "s^^aiPi^ wr-t 

^r^^/ -^co-r*!^ g - ^i^ ^TTsrf^ ccf^sTrr z^cmcs: "sj^t ^i^.<j=i c^T^rm i >^^ c^^rm -sj^t -^n^pif^r 
c9^^ ^t^p -^n^pif^r ^st^T ^^° sffft^r ^r°^T ^s^rm R=»i\sT ^c^d^: i 

Bezae cc^smr) s- .^1^ <^^i^ ^N^ >si<ik ^mi^T -sti^pit^ ^>l£ ^i\si-Hlc\s ^^m ^^tr^t ffe^r CDO 
^^r >i>)vjr^m ^1^"° C2ri%s ^^° 1%^; ^rr^rm^ ^na ^^.^ <r??t ^tr^pi ^^m t^t^fg ^^=rr 
<i«t>R^iT<p c^^f^RTf^ t^rjt ^^r "5jfg^ ^^f hcmcs: i ^i^ -n^r ^g f%tw^ ^c<^r OTextus ReceptusO 
-S1<t>d^r^ sr^rR-r sfsait'sRs -^ti^RiI^m ^tR^T Kings James versons. 

Bias '<3~R^5rm s- ^1^ ^r^fi^ ^^i^ sf^fw -^ vSc^-tr \s ^r<aRjT f^ 5 f^R^H^rr ^"csrr <u<j*.rj 
^^aT ^cmcs: i ^n "sq-^^q ■^rr^ c^r =rn% n^>i^<] a_c^\ ^ 1%^; ^sr^^r^srr t^^T^r \Sd i ^-*fj ^r«aRjT 

^SC^-tJ ^~£=TR^ PlC^t ^JR^ ^^T ^R4^T=tt^ ^T^SR^PsT "5po I 


>nsjTsr^ sRittm <t>c^cfe.-H ^r wsrfw <t5Rr i ^i^.c<ic<^^ <p^s -yrwi-si-^s ^i^c^c^^t 
^Sc^-tR^^: <t*Rtt ^r??t ^<jk wRRRw-ac^^. <^^\s ^»«i>iR3i -^RibM-nT ^r??t ct c^t<^ , <i^virt 
^^m i si^#f >iT2x^vaTr^" ^tt^r ^tstrtt^t 1>iTvi\s «rm^rm ^i^.c<i<^ ^-i<iiR\s sicws. ^s^k 

4JHH g- ^ -sRsnfin? C^^TR^s <!J<I*3\s ^C^CW. d>lf5 t^^l^ld^^ -5R^T ^£<T5: ^TR^T Rc?JC^; ^^T 

«n^-Hin? ^i^.c<i<^ ^^piR^ 3 ffRs^: e^» c*tr> -sr^r -^c-ac^; i -^jaR^r l^nTcsr^: ^sbt ^t^mt^" ^t^s 
f^Tr >i-H^c^r ^ism^r <ic?jc^: <si<;% =r^^ ^-i?iR^ ^sbt ^tf^^Tor ^wj^; i "5fRr= a-^H- 8b- -=tcf) 

fSR^T^rr ^sr^ §- c*rtrr f^re?«m ^-acH-a -^ck^^t ^: i ^^r ^i^c^cs-tst ^rr^rm^ ^TSwFsr ^p^ht:#" 
«rm^rr ctfir ^^r ^i^.c<ic<^^ sfc^j^Ur ^jwp^ <r*f=n ^e w?r ^st^tt ^~*rtt ^r^t i ^jwp^ etstr-t 
wr^th c*t^r;^t c^t^rf ^fR:^^ ^^a 5 ® >i^<?>r^t -^RibM-R <t=c^cfe.H c^{ ^s~c^K^ wf^r^^sr >«>sr 

■^RgrRs^rR^ tiw >i^<t>R^ -vfth ^at w^<t=m i Pr^p^ri^st -^i-^-otct <f«rt^s wfr^r wrpr^t ^m^ ^7R3t 
^rr ^<=-Mf >^<i= ^&u<5 "^n^n^r® ^r^cf^R^ ^r^f f<r«H v»c®-si f%fw^®- <r*fcrt ^r??t ^^x >)<u*j<i> 

<t*rtt ^fsp^ -33ft g- ^i^^s ^i^x^^t ^fwRsirm ^^p^^ch^ " 5 H^c<'*i= : st ^n^ii% i ^:^m \siRi<t=r 

Sff^&m sRFRT ^IR^ sf1% ^R^f ^^R5^T f^^JV) \s ^^Rs^ 1^5R:"5q- sRfR4 ^R^" ^^T "3=lT«rl^H\s 

RR=H ^R^ ^TR<RIT ^IR^ ^T«a|T 

i> I ^#TT ^T^aRJT ^Rp ^t7/^ c*jf$ i^L>\sm -^Rlb.?J OTTT CT^fsTC^ t^^T^ ^R^ ^xT:^#t ^R^f 

■^ i ^tr^ f%:^r?r ^Tx^r ^3"c=tt ^<^Hr ^r^ c^r^TR^r r5^ o ^Rp ~f-tf ^<^ ^r:^- sf^q^r ^^^ i 

vs I ^^ ^®T«aR4T ifRF -s-H^RjCvs ^^<lfPr® ^^"d^wt ^R^f^ sRFR'R^sT ^1^ ^T?TRT Ctf^rR^TT ^TT I 

8 I *2P?F5'rifi C^I^T "*1^T ^^<p ^T«iR4T (^T^R^p^ f^TplS^SR^P C^sTR^Tr ^5T I & I ^Tl^.d<ld<='1f1 RRsW 

^r«jTR^r^ ^rRcRr^u^ ^f^qj^G <ij<i*3\s ^rr i 

vi^^r-^m ^TRrsr ^^sh ^tr^t ^tsttt c^R^; i \5T?r f^r «r^trr fR<^ c«fc^ ^rlfRqxsr ^trmlwsq' 

^"SRl^Tr "CTsrwti^ vS^s-^T^I^I^l ^JUs Ibl*3\s ^r:^ C^FR-T ^tR^a ^7^ C^FRI ^® ^T«aRJT ^S^RT ^TsR 
^£TT f^T I ^^SR>T N^tV|Rtf^^<pr ■stTR/sflM^.C'Hfl i>"Sf ^t\sl<Hl^ ^F®<P=r ^P^HR#" ^rRTT^S ^TR^RU 


t^tR^^i ^?rr ^c^os: i ^sRtt^t ^^: ^^tr^- Rf^^ ^T<3Rc*j>m DSS wrr <i^Rc^rr ^c*r^ \ 
^5RprR3i^: ^Ta^ c^^ ^5=r ^r:^t ^^r R^tfft® N^xi-^r c^^R^ ^fri^t c^^ ^?t ^jr??t c*t1t? "S^^ssffSR^ 
^srr«f3Ri<i> wrr ^T5i^: §- ^^: ^n^f%^s ^frt^t <i^r^ c*t^r.^t f^afw 'wc^ ^rr ^s^rt <?.c® -^tR^r 

-5qx^T ^FsR ^5T ^l«l^C-S^ jq^S fi?^Yf%s 1<1*IC?J^ W^T >lf2)<t= ^^^ esftWT C*J^R.^ \Sva5j -stc-s^ 

■ststtstrt ^R:w ^trsTrr ^^rm i ^cH<t= ^i^.c<ic<^^ v|\s<ir-ct^: wrnsfsw ^r^w^t -yrsrRrm 'Sc^t-tj, 
ertRrs ^Tf^r ^.ws.r, fSRrr-Hwr, ^r^^^, t^^m, ^nw, t^n^®, R*ro\s, #1%iq" ^rj1h\sT 

fsp*j, T3=p^#trr §- ^t?r tsR^fr c^t*rt?|\s -=R^f% -^rR^firR^T ^.st^-ar ^-urtj ^ef^lcr-ac^ <t*rtt 
<pc-z\cs: ' ^^rmr R2re?«rT»TC<r stfi^ssR^ o^z^rm c^r-nl^w ^t^m:^srm ^r^?t <>i<pt <pc-z\os: c^ 

■n1%f^tmr >iv|\sr s- ^f5 ^FRfr> ^i^c^^-i ^-i<iR^rsT ~^s \<T\^c<<r\ ^-i<itt:w^ ^Sd^-tJ ^c^\ ~rt 
c^z^ "*rc*spss -nRi^fR^ ^<i-^nT ^-i<iT^f ^?rr c^r^rrx^ ^xTPwt ^r^t ^i^^tj^: sR\sj<i> r^^ \s .sJRf 

^3(^9 ^Ivih^, "£4jisic<t= <j=rr ^5r -ni^^ff^T >iv|\sr" c*tr> erf^ -sj^t -^tR^sr £tf% >©\s*® >i^<t>R^ 
^-i<HTTf^ M^t R«5 ~5Tr^T ^^t ^it, 1^5 <i^vir:^ ^rr^lH^ ^-i<iH<t>^f=T ^ri<^^-H'?ro ^r-n «rmm 
^-i^T 1 ^ ^r:^ ^^rR^^r 1 <-£it5t et^^ *iz?^ ^i==t ^nx=TT^Tr; R^»^ >k^-si ^r^j^f ^p^ht^" P.N. 
Steward ^1^ ^rc^ "R^^itr ^i^.c<i<=i ^r®?s ^it ?" 

^•s^ f^sf^^d^ ^R:^^ "5j^r -ti^pif^f <ic\s fSrWS =rc^^ sf^^ wto 5 5Rm' ^rsq-<R ^^^ et^r 

^^t ^iq- ^^t ^C^-^WC^ E)\sJ|-iM^T ^JR:^ C^T ^1<t=C^r^ tX|<^bfe.^i -^ti^piT^r ^G sl^Sl^p I 

^nr*T<i> ^mu s- ^^ ^tf^i ^cbfe. ^r^t^ RRs^ ^®r<r f2R:Tr ^rwr?sin ^^ti ^^: ^t^!%^ -srrsjRi-sq- 
^<R^f^ sr^^ ^®r<r \S^i<ih <ps\c& c^§t ^r^ 1 "5j==t ^®r<r c<y?^p >i^>sr ^r:<t ^c<^«rat ^it i ^-i<iR:"ff 

^Bt^ ^TTafTT R^T^f ^s^©*^ ^jq- q%^ >|V|>||v|r?|<ii >|^>Sr ^sr:<1^: ^R^f^ ^TMTf^: ^S^^S *Jff ^XTT 

^mr 1 

^5^sr^ijs«f ^TT^txT s- ^i^r c^Kf= i T'?po R-rf^g ^sr^^rt ^-i<iRf ^1^"° sff® 155? ^r^m ^®r<r 

sRTTR.'Jt C^T T%C^RT ^5R^f ^m^T ^^T ^1T ^1^ ^"^r*R <J<HC\s C^^R^s^ £t^f® \Sc^r-*R sRpRT^flC^ 


"cst^rm ( Genre) s- ^r^fi^ cg^? ^r^f ^rtf^x^r^ *j^t o 1%srsr i ^ ^^ifi >ir^c\sj^ f<l%«) ^w 
■rt^r <^i<tx Rs«^\sr c*r ^sr=TT ^rn% ^^^ ^rr«rm^r t^RrcS -y^eM ^^^ ^j\s<ui>i<^ ^*f^mr <^R\si\ 

«aW<W §- wf^Flx^f ^|V|R:-cf^ WR sft>Rl\s ^vfv|\s <Cvs^ &H<CW C^^TT >)^5 fw#tTT 
^1\s|RrC\s £fb>Rl\s ^XTT ^IC>I I ^^rT^X^W c£|*KOI-s1 srm^TT sf^aTST ^1\s|Rr C^^R^^: ^s^RT ^ST?T ^££^1 
*e f^T I ^CHC^-a v)C\s, #^5T^ >fiaM<lH-sir^: f^^TT ^t\sir*rC\s sRn^T <t>d^H C*JV|H §- 

i i <r^ ^^x ^ttstt f%^r wr® -s^h^ ^g, ^c<=-ir v4-*r®r wm wfsn ^z=tt ts^vi i -^h^r frrf^r 
^^m ^sr<^f^r >wcbCTj' f2Tc& ^m^rrr Hsio-m ^m^s^r fH^cvi^ -spo 1^-fSr >^^ Ir^^^ i^c<f -n^r 

8 1 "sjfw f%o=r -ffhs?r sf1% t^gi^r \s ^t^t \sH^ \s t^^T^ ^str c^ri^ <j iFe» f^pgi^c^^ ®rlc«H 
"s^-R:^r^ srcrrnsf^trror f^r "^^tn ^Rivi^<^ ^r^g^r <i>^(1\sh i R^^l f^gT^aT ^e ^^7^^ <t*dfe. 

^T^HT^" ^S^n=T% <t=C^dfe.H I 

;>. 1%^; ^l-ac-H^ ^f^i f^r ^p^*f ^rfz<5 ^p=^#^t^r "5jfw ^^xf^ w^qr -^Iw >s3,<jk ^rr^mfi^^sr 
fw^r "s^t^nsr "s^rpr ^rm "sq-^sjj Thc%i ^c\s^ ^trrt^t c^TT^f^rRR 


^r^Wf^ f^R?*m h1R> i ^^: ^-ac-H-a "^Tff^R^rsr -^^fo -^srr ^l^R^c^-a RR=h ^r^r^nr RM 

"3=T^»R;Tpfr \S ^-i»ft^T?T N»l-^<]l^n? ^P^TtfW^ ^5T I 

<rw*rBrt" §- ^9^: ^R^ffi* RRjh ^r^[% c^z^ ^tsttt ~Rw ^sw "stsri^st w^r <i<<!.m ^?rr ^tt 
c*fn? t^^T^r w?r <i^h ^r??t f^rsr^ "H^tf® w?r <i«^ ^r??t ^rr i 1%^ wr^p^ vStk-sm ^cws- 'rt*j 
^*j*s-a '?nc^ wt^ t%?t i" ^l^.d<i<^ ^e cxi^: ^-acH-a ^Rw ^sw ^sf^r <kih <fc*t i 

^rR^Tff%® <i»-sm §- ^ ^rrsrfi? ^rm^TT c^^r^j^: ctf^sTrr ^cmos: c*t, "^h^sr "sti^r^ wr^t^r ^rR«y <pvrr 
<ic<^rfe.c<^-s i ^^r ^t*f *n -swift? ^rr«rm^ >®f5" ^n^f% ^ic^ib-sr <f?it ^cmcs:- 

Ci.) sRmf^r® ^nq^j-)-- -sn-R^pfi ^.f®^ic>i ^^ f^»ic<i ^fr4 ^p=^tm^f <t»c-si£s>w i c^.) 
^-icsfswr- f©w \s~m ^frw^t >if2><t= ^-i<iT^f <t>t-sics>w ^^~° ^^r wt R>m \sm 
lH<ilb\s c^tr-tor^t ^r:^; >iT2><^ ^»tc<t cstrtor^t w^u ^rRr ^r??t ^?r*r^ ^r??r:^w i ^i^~° 
c^s) ^io-iiR=\s <t>-sw §- R>m \s~m wiwr^ f^rc^caw "strj^ c^t^t ^tm tw<tM5\sc^- 

TSH^iR:^ ^l^® ^^STTT S- <iQR> <£!<Ff5 "5jfw^ -sf^if% ^T«aRT <ft<w^fs" c*tr> c^fw MftfB ^t^TPTT 

^r^tw^ "5r:*u "sjfg^s §- ^t?t ^^(K^st "H^f® c*ift? ^-icsqTR^ <fc*t ^^rmr ^i^.c<ic<^ ^fwr ^s»^rr 
^®r<r i ^n ^:°t^wt ^»-i<RTr?T ^^rSd^p ^r^t^ ^^m ^r ^^f^r ^jr^ i wRrm ^i^.c<ic<^^ 

Sf^® ^pupxZ^ lbl*3\s ^R3T I ^9 >l<t=<^ -^^iR) f^St^-H^Ns^ <C\s ^rf^T^IT ^R^ ^t^P <S3,<5% t^g 5 

f^R:"^^ ctf^sTrr ^cmcs: ^r c^^i<p sr^^ wr^- i%f5^i^ ^r^, ^i^.c<ic<^ ^^t^p sf<Ftf^r^ 

<pc-z\cs: «n^Hirt5 -3=rr«ri^H\s f»HlT5 ^n^i!% ar^m <^c^cs: i 

i i Er^fRfxs ^^sttt ^^ ^®m ^frw^t -sn^rRrsr "sqi-^c^i^ ^1%^R^r st^nf^r 5 ® ^cmcs: i 

•^ rsTijsrtf^r® = i%fSr >iT2><ii ^it^" ^sr^srffSr® ^c^dfe.H wm ^Frsf ^s ^fr:^?^ ^r<r c^ ^st^tr^p 

f^rR^T^i ^p^m <SrHJ f^H: C^TRJR^P" "5qR^rlH^H ^d^dfe.-H "sql^r^ ®rlf»<l ^5f^qT I 

^ic^iR^^s <ii^H g- T%f^r \sm ^®)T®r:^' "sq-fij^r^ ^r^u Th c?j dfe.-s c^r^ ^mt ^ %5^r ^e 


^rut wr^rr §- ^tSt ^^(Kc^-i^t -*£m\5^T fSTTRrsr R^»^ <rw«mn" aRTnxn f§Tf*F® wx^ ~?^m 

<^C^Cfe.-M ^^T ^TstRtt^T ^Tt^t^ ^Pkr,^ ^M-i^sRxlvs P^X^sT <^v||^T ^»<-^BT ^'Jiz^rTC^rr'^t ^X?T 

1%f% ^Tx-?po vj\»<rw §- ^^: S^Pfg c<Tf~t csrm o^QTrr ^cmcs: ^mii>-sm fn^vj wt^m ^i-^ix^psf 

c*t^rr "sriHT<<t> ^r^rr ^^° c^r (?ph ^x-^trr >i*icw <i<hr^ ^tr^ ^x«i<T*T c^r^r >i^>a? c^t^i 

^tsttxtpst Ml^pg ^r^x^m ^*m \s osrm Rc\s -mxsr i ^^T f^x^r^r tsc^c^rj 1Rxw^ wx^~ f^rf^B 

-s^TSgpTf^t ^st^T f<f«»l ^5TxX*T ^fX-Hf] ^XTT stTX^F , c*JV|-H §- 

•^ i c^r ^sti<ftx?t c^^rr ^cmos: (<r& ^icvs-a c=r*rr ^rem c^fi? ^nc®-si c^^rr i ^rm ^rxR^ ^mr MS 
c<xi^5 <3bH) MSS ^5 ^&^r c5T5q~R:^fD<^ <r^: ^t?t is> ^t^t^p ^^t^^t Ih?jcvi^ f^g* ^tt^ptRt 

<jx^ xs»-i<ifPr® i ^:^r t^#tTr ^ni%^ ^fi^il>i<^ ^ti^pif^m <c<*vg ^-^c"snf^^ i PxR^t^t ^rz^ 

^R4>rt^T^^Fm §- ^r:^p^ -n^r c*sf5 c^r^ <%■& ^^^ ^rrsr c^t^t f¥^; f^x^r ^r ^r^w ^jx^ srfw 
<p?jt i ^STK-a-H I^tr^' "1%«.#t fpsrsi ^X5^:" ^^ er^^ ^r<r ^xbs: c^^f^pj "sqx 5 ?! ^tfl^r -n^sT ^^at 

■^iIsRisji^t ac R«T ^s^s: s- ^1^ -i\s-H fn?jcvi^ <isjhh ^xtpst ^<pt^ ^sifSH<i>r ^^r c^rtst -^oo 

iiqfi? ^ff%^rm ^ r R^" ctfRxTx^: cti, ^Fftrr vi^<^1 ^-^srr c^r^trr ^rgf© c*lx^ ^|<aRpr ^^-^ <^jihc-h^ 
^nx-n ^^<r ^t\si-Hlc\s et^tr -sq-^^t ^sx^rr ~5Te? ^tf^RTf ^r^w i 


f^H^r Ef^m^rr c*if5 "^r^sr Pjw^ <i^<u f^rR^q" t^^t^fo ^m hcmos: ^9<ix ^i^c^c^i ^rm^i%iT 
-fft^sr <i^<ij ^3 ■^=v|\sf^<p- ^5& ■^=v|\sr ^rsq-^M f^rR^" o^R^rr ^cmos: i «r^5ifw^" f^ 5 " ^■^k^f 

^»r;<t sf^Ftl^s i^cMOs: i ai^Ro-a ^m-^r^ ^srrgf^pp R^r^t -^(K^c^t xsr^pq-ti^ c^e^rr 
^cmcs: i ^t^im vic\s ^®n*i5T^ <sr-^<t= wr^- -^s-h "3j<r*f ^CTT'^n ^v^j 1^tr^~ wr^iH<?> R^ssr^t 

■ffPc^STT O^Z^i £RFf*T ^gt C*JC\s -fR^Tl 

wRT^r^wtPgrrm 1>iRm f^^ff^st ^c-aHs.^ ^<i° \sm "Rw^ ^iRa^T^rrrR^ Eff^r^on-a ^mr 

^•^^mt^pst (<pf*^rr ^Frtn^nq-, c?i<arr ^ic^^^iFti^T ^n^m ^r^f^^ ^w*s ^rMrr t^ri^t^t ^-i<iR:tf^ 
£T«rf^T <FrtrT=r?r t^^r i circ^YRrrR^" <PwiT«rm ^f*p>i c^^^: ^tc^ 5 " "^t:^: cw^t\ ^it i 

^tR^rRi g- jqfi* fsp«R^^ t^nr ^^ c^^rm ^^fl* ^n^i!% i ^:^r m^I^ ^r^armwr f^rr &sflt ^p^t 
^^ttI^^t i ^^t^: C3^ rsrlH*j c*fn? ^m^^rr ^rRr^R:^a" -i>s^ f^nrsr c^^rr ^xrrf^r i 

>ivi i^^t^r ^stx^t g- \5T?rr ^cbfe. «rm^rm ^rx^f c^r , ^rsq^ ^i^.c<]<^^. ^cbfe. ^sh^r c*zr<f srr-« ^^"^ 
I^T f5R:w^ ^s^s^^af ^-i^im 7 ^i^"x ^rsTT^ ^s^k ^srr^ti^Rc^T^t ^f®r i 

"CgR^T g- RslH sftf^T ^R:^^ ^<)ivSrH f%^fJT^ -CTfi^ffiq^r Rc<^h I ^m W^f^ n^1Rv|^<^1 ^S'^TR^P 

^rR^T^rtPgrrm ^R3\stt^ fsr~m ^R:^ ^rr-nl^?^ ^mr RR^t^r 2^»fR\s ^R^f^r i RsR ^^: ^Rr3^ 
^T5q^ R>^d<j=^. "5q-nrr "C"5rR:^: ^<i-^r^ ^R^f^r ^^° ^rr«irti%RpsR^p ^s^rna si^s\siR5c<t>^ -5ro 
^i^5t ^R:^f^ n^R]<^<^ "5r;^ <^d^dfe.M 9f^€bs ^sr^pp «jvf\s\s f^fTr^T cgR^m ^9^: ^rm^TR:^^ 

^t-i.c^?J g- ^9t5t ^tvjRTf^ c^pt ^^ ^t^mt^" ^stptt "& Rr^m ^r»^R#" ^^tri^tt ^tt i srm ^nqir^: 
^srrsrar ^f5^rr Rr^nr -n^r ^p^hr#" ^tvjRTf^ n^R.v|\s <u\-& ^f% i ^ivj^r ^<p^: ^r^" ^tRna ^tr:^ 


*e i£| *4-s40l-s4 ^t^M^T <3 Ctf^X^ -stT^ I uq^: sj-sioi-sl ■«I<J J,HCT ^ivi^f <£<=H «lf1% arf^-^^ 5t^| 
^X-^n^rsT ^S^5 ^®T«aRT ^M-ivjf ^T^iRT -*$C^ «rm^TT <£<=H "5qx^T ^1% I 

^r^tm -^tfrt^^r s- ^t?t ^r^gf ^rp^ix^ ^<fT5 wf c*r^rx^r ^^fl* ^fw^ ^^fw ^®rsir<3T ^sr^ 

C<=T*re<F*I v3ci*r*fTe<F\s «J«5 <4>f4C\s -=»TTXsT tfiRTs "3TT*rm^ -^TC^^ Sf^X^T 1^W^ V4\sc<iut ^t^MR 
^X^sT <n^C<C<=H-s4 <4*\p\s \s >4\sj'I5TX^ sf<FW ^X^n 

f5i«s.^1 ^s^d^r^ v|\s<iri?f §- t£i ^r*rmrf5 Ri«t^l (.<=Hi<t>£iT< ^rtf^r f^i<ii>4oi< ^m c«X^^: ^s^ 

R^ ^XTrf^r i ^r^trr -yrsrrw^: <rr Synagouge fe%^ stiHc^in, ^xtt ^z& i Ristc<rfi ^r^trr 
c^^gi^ "3=r-^R)C\s 3T^st^»m ^tPH^rr ^<i% ^i^x^="t -t^rr^rm c^f^r ^^s ctf^sTrr ^rr isrtn 
wi\strr srfftrr sflRj&tfsr^ w=H"=tt^ ^x?t "^t"*sFgj- 3HV4e.Tr srSftrr 3H**r#M°f "»tc?nCNs<:T-si V4\s^. ^<^ 
wx^" wto i 

~r^ri^x?r w?r et^th §- ^f^ eg^frj <n^<:<<=H ^-i^tx 1 ^ l^nrxsm ^rrsr i ^i^x^st ^-i^Tw ~p*f 

C^Z^ M^T b<=HVji^r ^flX^T^T C^X^" "SHxXSTM <C® -=»HXsT , C^sTX^T stfifB ^^1*4 ^ST^r^T .sft<4> ^R^f^ 

w^tj %wft ~n*r srxsrm <4Rrr ^xtt <^tx^ c^ict-si wt st^fw ^tt <fc?t" '~T^rr^x?r w?r si^m 

axm-n^m- ^xtx^; f^§s ^-i<ii^n? ^srr^f^^^ .siwfx?r?T -n^r <^<]x <rw«mrr f^fxsr ^?rr ^cmcs: i 
i£i<T5n» >it\sj<M-sM wx=TT^Tm ^sr^jT^TJ 2^^ •sHTq^g N»4-i<]iwn? Fee <^i<ix Stuarts ^^ How to 
Read the Bible for All I'ts Worth p.35. 

^5T~jX5^cf s- ^f5 >4f^\sJ ffwi ^-i^iTxtf^ 1%1w i ^^T <si^fx? fd^m C&la, \<~% ^C\s ^HTX^ ^9^"° 
^^r v3«hv» i ^rfR ^ivj^r ^^pf5 sf«rf^r t^^ic>i^ ^rc^u «trl% \»c<4 sr^rr^ c^f© ^r^aRT c^t^x^^ af^s 

Parochialism ( ) §- ^f5 fwfw^ ^tx^ >p#^«, c^ri^ ^T^frr 

^rtx^tf^x^ 5 " c^rx^sf ^tT^rri 

^rr^^sRcw^t "ypsi Paradox ^9t5t f%s#t\s <c<=h^q ^tsi ^x^ "sqx^ ^ar ^rr i ^rfR^s \Sv»5j^ <rr^r 
^rsi ^<aitRi" ^"e<^ ^sr^ix^^ sfl% fg^t ^w ^T ^nf%^ -sx^ ^rr i >ic\sj^ -nix^r f^rffte ^tx^r 
^»<-^R ^jx^, ^l^.c<ic<^^ wf^r^nx^f "ypsr ^1B-htc<p^: Paradox ^T wMTs -ypsi f^^T^t ^l^T ^ix®?^ 


M.T. Sainai ^tr/st ^r^ps^ <t>osM i<^: -^n^piT^m h^ht ^iftrr ^^c^-a st^itst ^■^r ^-i?iRT ^r«rr 
^5r "wr=trp" ^^r -i^s-H Th^jvi ^3 -=£fri\s^ tn^c^-a \Svac?j^ ^T5q^§ t%^; strict ^r??t I ^^r 

Rf«»( ^r*um ^»-i<Tw ^^t "^tt i ^n ^t^jt^j t^f^RlNT ^^f^s Pr^r ^r??t i si^#f <^^r ^rr i 
■yrsn^N 5 ' M^t §- ^itST fW ^^^: ^R^~ ^r«^RT •*£<; <Ff^l<^llfe. ^r^gR^r "^^ ^R^r ^sBR ^R<^: *jWB 

^ff%^l*f wR^ <n<t>jfB sRpRT ^JR3T I ^^T ^#n <^R\sRq" P»HJT5 ^l<1*R3m H\»(t f^TR^" <IJ<l*3\s 
^5T l tX|<^ ^-i^Psdvs "5jfi? =tR4R^T <t>R\sRT "5J==T ^srs^ffl? >NsjT»m aRFW ^R3T C*JV|H -31\s = io\s=\s 

*tr, ^rpt -n^r ( Syntox) ^t?t .sJRp ^^ ^.^r^t ^^fi* ^tr^pst ^i^at ^i£MC<t^ ^tr^tt ^rr i 

fspg^T ~r^f c Synthetical) §- ^t?t ^<j=H5^ -sr:*it^: fo^fB ^®t°t:^t f^g* ^f^snr eRprt ^r^?t sitr^i 
<t=R\sm <^: P»HfB ^TxT?^ <n =tR4r^t ^fz^ ^sMr^st "3TR*y ^x-i^fvso® o -si^fr^t >\m^ "^w i 
■srt^t -stcsjt \5TCcrfT <^^ "^t^R^, Climax ^T t^v^r <t ar i wrft ^rr i c*jvm- ^fr® : ;>s>=h- s> i 

wr-jR^ ^c^-i «rar ^5r c*jvih- "^h^?r, "sth^t ^tr^r, ^ti^aT^ ^sTff^ i 

^5^5 c^TRRP ^W<1 ^^ C5TT*ff^ ^rr^f^T ^R^pf^T I Ho ■%$■■ \zi-&-*rtZ~°T51 V|pvr-s) ^r^M s^^^t ^XTT 

^mr >^^ >i^<m *j=Ri-*fRTf^ ^^m <^^\s ^^x R^^l «r^trr ^I^c-h^ ^rsq^ fn^n ^e f^p 
f^^r^rr fare's *$k<w^ i ^tSr^p Rir»H t^RR:^ t^sfl ^p^t ^tt i ^ts^sht ^TlR>^» ^r^ ^i^t 
1<iR5^ ^rij^TCw^ ^fi<ij^=vi ^s^s <^<ic\s -r^s^ i Torah c^xi^-o ^p^ht^s \smr ^iMn <^c^h ^i^"° 
c^Tf^Rp ^r^ ^rt^m ^r^jgr^R^ 5 " ^1%^j <^z^ o®ic=i i Ri^^c^t^ sf«tr^» ^t=r^f "^mr Ih^I^ 1 ^ 

sr^Tf^t^® s- ^i *rm^nfi* srRnf^f® - I^tr^' ^ttst Rcsjc^h ^t^t ^^^ "stt^j^ ^ni%^ ^r:^: ^yT 

"sqi-ic*j^ ^.fi^R^r aRFfRfxs i^cMOs: i ^ i ^sTsjsftfsrvs-: fspi >iT2><t> ^r:^ ^sTsjsrtf^rs" ^r^r^t ^R 
^Tsf ^3 ^FR^f^ w^tj ^sr<r c^r ^xstr^p f^tR^^i <p^m w^u t%^: c^trr^ 5 " "sq^^nH^H ^c-adfe.H 

fg^ ^T5j^; §- i«ii^ ^r^t^ ^R^t ^sr<r ^T "^w ^r<R^^ ^.R^ cw*i ^^t ^r^t^ f%fsr ^r<R^^: 

^»<-^R ^M-i>)R3T RI^^ ^R^ eRFW ^R^l 


<J>£-sM I i^f®<>J^® >|V)CiJ^. ^==rr ^Cbfe?. -^<2:o -gt: -s^ I i<q^; ^-i<RTr?T ^MOI<1> ^sp« <^H ^JR3T 

N£=-Mr <mc® ^rm^ru <j^?t i ^ i ^^r ^ stolen -a ^fw \q vsi-^rt ^st^tt erprt ^r??t "*rr ^P»%i \s 

•£f% Et\5TR^R ^.\sJ IR R^CTT WM£vs "5Tt^rt^T <F£<T I "^Rl^xs ^ffsq" OL X XO I 

r>Mi^.n*<i>m §- >4i3T 8<r ^i\si-^l^ ■sfN* -^ti^Rif^r ^<t»sr^ wr#R4 ^tfws c£rt?R^5- cte^'iH i 

wif&<t>tsr s- ediST 8<r ^t\si-Hl^ JfR^ -^ti^Rii^r i ^^ -stR^pTRtfi? win?<t=RR?r .sr^rTrRT c<y^^ ^tsttt 
c^Ws: ^^r -^^str^t fH?jvi^<^ strict ^tr??t wr^; i istrMfSFspr o sjs=q m^vj^s -yR^jw wr^; i ^^n^: 
c*.!-^ 1%^ ^sR^f ^BrR^rr t^R^rf^r c*jvm = ^iR, ^®, ^fftrr, ^n^r^trr -^rs, 1*j=Rivih i«i<ix 
eRfr^rs <rt<pr i %an ^t^: ^r^rit *tff ^tt^f^rf^f c^r -^ti^Rif^r aRfsiST ^fS^fsT wRRR^rsR:^ 
fSR^sr <t=^c\s ^tr^rit <jr?st i ^^R^" <r® ^■^d^^ QBOf^Tr <pnrc^rr ^rr i 

^i=TC-jf5 Vulget s- =-ij ifD-j i «i^#f ^-^ijiSI c^r^ttst <t>\^<i> ^i^c^c^-a ^r^m ^rrsq- wrtc'^ts ^^r 

"^^~R "3=nR\sj §- tiqiST sTtfR ^^pt^ ^rr«rm^r "srrf^si t^mT^" ^Rirb\s i <]^vir^r ^rr^M^ f^:^ 4 ^ ^^ 
^s^^s ccf^rr ^^rm i ^^r v^\» ^ssq sivar-iicr-sic^ f^R^cf^qt t^r^t^ ■^^C'^^f c^t^t «mt <i>1<i\sr 

sR^I^^ ^3 ^WH "5T*H f^rr T3=rTEj5^TJ <SrH<^ Wl^l ^rM^T <^^d\s ^tR^ I ^^T "^(K'*^ <p^m 
<Sr-HJ^. ^STR:<HH <^d^dfe.-H I ^1^.d<I<^ ^M-i>)R3T ^XTTR^^ ^R-ffte ^r^J^TR ^^T ^5T C*l, ^.*J|^?JR^P 

>iv|sj >iRt^=ch^ n^R=\sr^^ sf<FW <jr^, ^n^: c^rp sr^sj^st ^s^s ^j*f -©x-^icvs f^wrft ^.cvs 
^tr^ ^rr i ^^st^r ^rr«rR^T ^fw ^rr er^j^st ^^ki^ic-s^. o&tz^ ^i^^: ^r^" sr:ttT'5T ^^t ^tt ^tt i 
>ij<ic<ib.<t>cw^ ^^tr^ t5t^ ^i^"x ar«r ^cbfe. wto <t>T2)H sf«r 1% sfm >iv|ij ^R^r ^Rj^j-ji^ «rt^ 

^R^SR^P >|^cvsr^. \S^s=^ ^^T ^^rm <^^ ^="T wkW3 ^1sg<]\sr I 

^p^r# ^fw i f^c^sr ^f% ^tx^r> R>^r^" ^1% ^^r ^ Pi^ctt fg^r <i>-si<:\s ^TR^Rqr <j^^ ^n^m 
*lff T: i J'^'H : ^iR= i.=^., srr«airvi<t> ^r^- fg^t <t>^c\s ^rR^Rir <t»c^ i c<p r^r^- ^i% <p^^t ? h-h^j 


erthw^t wr;^; ^^m^ c^i-Osm er^^ -©x-^r c^z^ r>tRrt<^i <i?jTh sr^stMSTsi^ ^~£^ ^®r^m c^ir^f 
f^*i\sr -ac^c^; i ^^: -^^ifid^s [<(«•( ^r<i <3tt*rt ^gt ^?q- i r=n»r;<i ^r c?t^ R^r^~ >i<^<i 
^c^-ir 2^5*^ ~rt 1% f%iw c^n^arm ^>sjiR -^^str^t ^s -i\»~i f^nrcsRsr ^trjj ~?r** p iz^ ^TR^n^Tf ^?rr 

Tf^m I ^OJ<1> >|V|?j ^^R;^" fHb«t> >|V||d<^|bHT <C^i "5RR ^?R ^1T I 

\S»(\s <^C^Cfe.H I ^^T "5j==r^ -^\sH Ih^JV) .sffc^sl^: -t-s-H *J=>I<^ C^r^TR^T .sJRf -^fl^plf^f <3 <min?-s 
WR4RT RlRsl ^-i^IIWC^^ 5t^( ^C^Cfe.H ~£*J^IH ^.^l>|V|p=r, itJio- ^ct^sct Z^^ ^RTP^T, i><3:8<2:- 
l>(2:<2:via i£RP?. ciqrRrfW WR^q\ i.^^8- i^bHb- I >|b>HlC\s -i\s-J lH*JCV|-f) >|V| 1 C<^ 1 b-H T <^C^Cfe.-H I <J<rf© 

^^r <ic<^-h "^TTsfHsf^r ^ff^fft? er^f^ ^r:*^ ^tr;^ ^sf^^r c*rt^tP5f" -dj^cw^i^.-j ^n^jfi? 

^R^" ^^l>IV|p=r *®TT ERpTH^rf i<3r^.^ -n^T ^"^STT ^§^: ^^ ^-=t?T 1%1w <1>C<^ i><3:;>;> -§t = 
Torah C^l^-H) §- ^^T t^^ 1 ~RW ^T<T t^R^T ^1^: ^W-5in? wf%t^RTt^T ^W<5 ^"C^R:^: I ^=TT ^Cbfe. 

fn^dvi^ RRs^ ^sr^^r c^z^ "STf^tr t^^rR^" ^r^T'^fo ^T'^Hiz^Tr ^cmos: i ^-i<ir:w^ ^i ^^nfS sf^rt^T 
R*j?j ^^ f^r ^TR^T^snl^gTrr ^t^if% ^t^f ^-i<iRTf^ v^jc^t ^c-H<t> -^f^psr «r"°^t ^^m 1%^; i 

Appendix Five 
Doctrinal Statement 

-5q-^i<]jfD ^rrn^riT ^fsr:^ ^rmr ^ivim ^tr:^ ^®rr5q~m ^^xi-^rrst vj\s<]RTf ^r^iRiib\s i ^rrsTR:^^ 


^»N»r >id\sj 5 ®rrsriTTr <^x° ^s^s ^\^^ ^^wr i 
c^s) "^r^sr \sm <^^: srf^ptffc^ -^RibMHT <^c\s n»i\sj^ >iRp?j i c3=r*rR^T \sm ^1%^ wrt 

C8) -sriH< ( sriF® c*jc<i^ ^^^p^ ^m^tr ^i% ^c?jc^: ^<tn *1"M ozr<f ^t*FR ^c^c^.-h 

^ivjR^f^ ^Fq~m wrt^: ^^m "^h^sm wrrm siztttw^ c£rtn wrrr warn^r^r ^»^q^ wrt 
^rrsqi^-cf^ ^^®bt ^x-^-R ^srpsR^s- <*)<ix <uf^Tpo "tR^^ti f^rcgi^t i 

cq-) ^^ ^s^srm ^r<r R\s^h <^c^cfe.H ^^"x "stt^jct^ *frc*t ^R)^ ^;\sTrm w^i "4*»R> ^i^r 

^C^dfe.H ^^X ^T^ sTl%^^s ^XTT "5^T<ra^T <t>df1dfe.'H, "sqlij^^ ^tR:^t^ W^II t?T5]T 

t3tcw >i^v»tf?poT =rr^ <p^t ■^Tin i c^tstr^t «rf c^r ^ft%aR:^T^ wSr rt^: -^s^sqra ^t^ 

■^R|>|V|f1% ^TCW^sT -5q-r«rRT5T ft^PTI 

c^b) ^ivj^r aic\sj<t= ^sf^rt: ^gT^^ ^^^rm tfRR:^^ ^x^tr^: ^t^i <t>« ^i^° ^hs?r fH<M5 
^rR^r-m ^<r i ^^: ^R>ivifi% ^®r<r ^^z^^ aifi^sm 'tR^Hrg cwr® «art^n "^s^ 
"5tt«jt^5t tg^s \st?t %5^r ^\F&c& *tr*t c^y?^ 5 c*F<n" i 

ch) ^n^mTf^ ^xi^: ^rr^f c«y^p ^^^rr c^xTrft 1 ^^° wrsrR: 1 ^ -^Ri^^mr^p ^srrsq^t •§tr: i g^ 

sT5tr ^^r^f ctf^rr c*rz&; -^Ri<i^h ^^"° wr^r^ ■^Rkj^-h i ^^t^^ =r^=r ^s^sqra 
-stfrt ^sni%^ 1%^; ^rsqxTP^ i%zii<! wrt R5r, 1%^ ^^r #tt:^^ "st^ ^^^ i ^^rmr >ifij<t>m 

^rfc<T vB^K^jvs, ^rf^^S ^T^ ^*To ^fT^T ^T^T t^^ir^T -nl^^ff^T «aTf^R:^' ^^X ^iTTf^ 


Cb-) tiq^: ^tf^a N^t^®r ^cbfe. "n^hj ^Phs" R>P sff^i^lcvs ^-sff^s ^zTiffe.c<^^T ^^mrr ^tf%^Tr 
c^ws: \sr^t?t -|ftr§*T -^RibM-u <t=^c\s ^^k ^ftefg^r ^rc^ 335^*? =tt^ ^??t \S~i\s ^o« i 
^tN®m T=Tf^T ^ti^m^^T^ >ivi?j ctf^sTrr z^cmcs: i \5T?rr "*fhs?i wi^i ^e ^Rb.*jR^p ^m 

cjfp?re~ cr^ =rr^ ^?rc<i ^st?t f^Pc-st wptbt ^rsmr i ^sbtt ^ra ^r:w Ib-sRc-H-a w^tj 
^stc*j wf=rm ^?rr ^x<i ftp® "^r^rsrsT ^r:w ^mt, i^sr^t c^y^Fi \5T?rr ^ttt®^ ^^x 

^w wM^Tfcw-ac^ (.tc<i i n^iTvi "ar^qr -^t^cf <pf% i "^\5xt^*tr£<F - is)^®-^, -sfRrf^R^ -