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Full text of "The Flow Of Gases In Furnaces"

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the Continental practice of stating metric values has been fol-
lowed, as it obviates the use of the decimal point. The use of the
metric system in work of this character is practically compulsory
and practically all of the basic data are available in metric units.
The results, if desired, may readily be transformed into English
units, the transformation factors, in many cases, being simple and
easily memorized numbers.
The translator holds no brief for the metric system. Its
logical and simple numerical constants supply a most potent
argument for its use in all technical work. It reduces many of
the problems of engineering from the tedious computations of the
English system to exceedingly simple mental computations.
It is unfortunate that German methods are much more widely
known than the extremely simple methods used in France, as a
result of German propaganda which has been spread over the
world and accepted without due investigation. The Germans
have claimed as their own many technical discoveries for which
credit is really due to men of other nations.
The purpose of this translation is to convey the ideas of the
original author. In order to enhance the usefulness of the work,
some additions have been made in the shape of appendices supply-
ing methods not elsewhere available in English.