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modified in reconstruct-
ing existing brick kilns
to suit this method of

As the reader may
see, the transition from
the consideration of the
gradual or continuous
heating furnace, the
simple inverted weir, to
the consideration of the
chamber furnace with
down-draft is readily
made. The chambers of
these furnaces are com-
puted upon the basic
idea of the time during
which it is necessary for
the hot gases to remain
in the chamber, and this
in turn is fixed by the
drop in temperature of
the heated gases per
second. But, in design-
ing and constructing
these furnaces, it is
necessary to depend
upon Yesmann's for-
mula in all those cases
where the flow of the
gases in motion takes
place under an inverted

For example, in a
furnace with working
openings closed by doors,
the height of the door
openings should not ex-
ceed hi. If the waste
gas flues leave the fur-

FIGS. 38, 39.