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below the muffles arid have an upward direction of flow. The
heating of these muffles is therefore not uniform and they wear
out very rapidly.

Fig. 97 shows the method of reconstructing this furnace to
conform to the rational principles of the circulation of gases. For
this purpose the hot gases enter the chamber at the top and pass
downward, and the waste-gas flue at the bottom of the chamber in
which the muffles are set draws off the coolest gases and passes
them, to the chimney.

It is by reason of the incorrect direction of the flow of the hot
gases that the vertical muffles used for tho trmporing of shells



FIG. 97.                                           I'Vu.98.
for artillery rarely work well. Fig. 08 shows a rnarmor of sotting
these muffles which has given Rood results in the author's practice,
because it gives the correct circulation of the hot gases. The
muffle furnace shown has "worked perfectly.
Attention is also called to a horizontal muffle furnace in the
Petrograd Arsenal which -was at last reconstructed as directed by
the author and which worked perfectly thereafter. <l> Originally
this muffle furnace, which operated "with updraft, had four fire-
boxes furnished with clampers; the muffle was of cast iron,
3560 mm long, 1000 mm wide and 100 mm high. It did not
operate in a satisfactory mariner. By direction of the author it
was transformed into a downdraf t furnace without any alterations
(1) Revue de h ftociete rusae do M&tallurqw, No. 5,1913;
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