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principles of heating they have been led by this theory. In
the furnace here shown, the purpose of the design was that the
shell should be rolled upon the hearth of the furnace, being heated
at the same time by the heat reflected or " reverberated " from the
roof; accordingly the incandescent gases from the fireboxes, in
which coke was burned, were passed through the free space under
the arch of the furnace, to the working opening at the highest
point of the arch. But the shells were not surrounded by the
incandescent gases; instead they were placed in a pocket of

FIG. 103.
colder and stagnant gases which quickly absorbed any heat they
might receive by " reverberation.73
The work of this furnace was very unsatisfactory. In addition,
it was found desirable to substitute wood for the coke, as the
latter fuel is costly in Russia. This furnace was reconstructed
according to the author's design (Fig. 103). No change was made
in the general arrangement of the furnace, but the direction of
flow of the hot gases was reversed and the hearth was changed so
that the shell rested on a number of parallel ribs of brick, a grid-
iron hearth, arranged so that the colder gases were drawn off from
the hearth by ports below the level of the shell into waste-gas
flues. The furnace then worked perfectly.