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Full text of "The Flow Of Gases In Furnaces"

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Air heaters, iron tube, 108

Air supply required for combustion,

Analogy between  the flow of gases

and the flow of liquids, 3
Annealing furnaces, drop of temper-
ature in, 77
for malleable iron, 116
for plates, 128
for sheets, defective, 52
temperature of waste gases, 79
vertical, 123

Apparatus, experimental, 3
Arch brickwork, formulas and tables
for, 176

Balloon, hydrostatic; pressure in, 14
Becker hot-blast stove, 100
Bessemer converters, 183
Blast-furnace gas, combustion of, 316

instantaneous   calorific   intensity,

heat-capacity curve of, 368, 309

mains, hydrostatic pressure in, 24
Boilers, breeching, flow of gases in, 10

settings, 320

steam, 109

suggestions for baffling, 336

waste   heat   available   for,   from
open-hearth furnace, 295

waste heat on open-hearth furnace,

   waste heat setting for, 236

water circulation in, 331
Brick arches, formulas and tables for,
176.                                  7

flues, friction of gases in, 168

Brick kilns, II?
downdraft, 7
model of, 3
poor design of, 60
regenerative fired, 58
ring or multiple chamber, 116
temperature drop in, 77
temperatures required, 185
up draft, 4
Brick temperature on  center lines,
Cementation furnaces, 115
Chamber furnaces, 57, 112
Chamber volume of furnaces, 183
Change of area of gas passages, effect
of, 35
direction of flow, effect of, 35
Chimneys, draft formulas, 184
hydrostatic pressure in, 25
open-hearth practice, 247
required for open-hearth furnaces,
Classification of industrial heating, vii
Coal, pulverized, heat-capacity curve
for, 393
Coal tar, heat-capacity curve for, 389
Coke-oven gas, heat-capacity curve
for, 379
Combustibles, heat released per unit
of, 364
Combustion, air supply required for,
Combustion and boiler settings, 320
chamber for hot-blast stove, 102
Jf blast-furnace gas, 316