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Full text of "The Flow Of Gases In Furnaces"

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Comparison of five gases, 394
Computation for heat capacity and

calorific intensity curves, 358
Computation, methods  of,  for fur-
naces, 72

Computations for Continuous Fur-
naces, 43
for design of open-hearth furnace,

Computations for regenerators, 228,


for reverberatory furnace, 80
Conclusion, 149

Continuous heating furnace, 43, 138
length of, 56
temperature drop in, 77
Convection, according to Langmuir,


currents, velocity of, 187, 188
Converters, Bessemer, 183
Cowper hot-blast stove, 98
Currents of hot gases, subdivision of,

Damour, classification of industrial

heating by, vii
Darling,  heat losses  from  furnace,

walls, 270
Dedication, iv

Defective designs of furnaces, 92
Design assumptions, gas composition,


computations for furnaces, 72
computation for open-hearth fur-
nace, 80

computation for reverberatory fur-
nace, 80

of continuous heating furnaces, 43
of open-hearth furnaces, 194
Downdraft brick kiln, 7
Draft conditions in hot-blast stoves,

fallacy of metallurgical furnaces,


formulas for chimneys, 184
Drop of flame in open-hearth fur-
naces, 67

Effect of ascending, horizontal and
descending roofs, 51
Experimental apparatus, 3
Experiments, first, 4
second, 7
Experiments to show the analogy
between the flow of hot gases
and the flow of water, 3
Firebox, function of, 19
First experiment, 4
Flame, character of, 74
drop of, in open-hearth furnaces, 67
Flow of gases in boiler flue, 10
in open-hearth furnace, 37
through an orifice, 27
under thick-crested weirs, 40
Foreword, by Groume-Grjimailo, xv
Friction of gases in brick flues, 168
Frictional resistance in hot-blast
stoves, 307
Fuel bed, resistance of, 82
consumption of various furnaces,
gases, comparison of, 394
Fundamental viewpoint, 1
Furnaces,    considered   as   inverted
weirs, 56
hydrostatic pressure in, 13
methods of computation for, 72
rational construction of, 87
Gas factors, 160, 162
Gas flues, hydrostatic pressure in, 21
Gas mains, hydrostatic pressure in,
Gas pipes, hydrostatic pressure in, 15
Gas producer, connection to furnace,
with sleeping grate, 22
Gas siphon, Siemens, 22
Gases, flow of, through an orifice, 27
Gases leaving heating chamber, tem-
perature of, 79
Grates, slooping, 22
Groume-Grjimailo, foreword by, xv
Groume-Grjimailo, preface to English
Edition by, ix