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Full text of "The Flow Of Gases In Furnaces"

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Hartmann hot-blast stove, 102
Harvey hot-blast stove, 102
Heads, relation between pressure and
velocity, 32

table of velocity, 163

velocity required, 31
Heat capacity and calorific intensity,

and calorific intensity curves, 36S-

of various gases, 365
Heat loss from exterior walls, 270

transfer in checkerwork, 2o8
Heat treating furnaces, temperature
of waste gases in, 79

vertical, 123
Hoffman furnaces, 116
Horizontal tempering furnaces, 126
Hot-blast heaters, iron tube, 108
Hot-blast stoves, 97, 300

brick and pass volume, 308

combustion chamber for, 102

combustion of blast-furnace gas in,

design of, 300

draft conditions in, 303

empirical data for, 185

frictional resistance in, 307

heating time, 311

model of, 99

test of, 313

Hot-blast temperature equalizers, 107
Hot gases, application of the laws of
hydrostatics to, 11

subdivision of current of. 88
Hydrostatic pressure in a balloon, 14

in furnaces, 13

in gas mains, 24

in gas pipes, 15

in metallurgical furnaces, 21

in open-top chambers,  chimneys,


Hydrostatics, application of the law
of, to hot gases, 11

Industrial heating, classification of,

by Damour, vii
Inverted stream, comparison to, 8

Inverted weir, formula for, 41, 152
gas velocity under, 52
Iron tube air or hot-blast heaters, 108
Jet theory, application, of, to hot
gases, 63
Kennedy hot-blast stove, 102
Krupp armor-plate furnace, 134
Lange, chimney-draft formulas, 184
Langmuir, convection according to,
Le Chatelier, Preface to the French
Edition, xi
Length of continuous heating fur-
naces, 56
Location of waste-gas ports, 30
Macco hot-blast stove, 102
Malleable iron, annealing furnace for,
Massick and Crook hot-blast stove,
Melting furnace for scrap, 60
Metallurgical furnaces, draft fallacy
of, 16
hydrostatic pressure in, 21
Metric conversion table, 189
Metric formulas, conversion of, 192
Model of brick kiln, 3
continuous furnace, 47
Hot-blast stove, 99
open-hearth furnace, 37
Mojarow, friction of gases in brick
flues, 168
Morgan continuous furnace, 49
Muffle furnace, 121
Petrogard Arsenal, 122, 171
vertical, 126
Multiple-chamber kilns, 116
Natural gas, heat-capacity curve for,
Oil, fuel, heat capacity and calorific
intensity curve, 385-387