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Bibliograpb$ of tbe Cleveland) ffamity 









Vol. I 

Iprintefc for tbc Subscribers big Tibe Case, 3locftwoo& & JBrafnart* Company 


Copyright, i8gg, 
By Edmund Janes Cleveland, Hartford, Conn. 

■<>/™»fy ,*■>.. te^Sfy .jo?: \//^- r fa„__ , /f . /yn 


Illustrations and Portraits, p. 4 

A Compiler's portrait presented to the Genealogy, . p. 5 

Salutatory and Explanatory, p. 6 

Abbreviations used in this Genealogy, . . . p. 7 
Origin of the Cleveland Family. The ancient family seat 
Cleveland, North Riding, County York, England. The 
antiquity, derivation, etymology, and orthography of the sur- 
name Cleveland. Thorkil 1 de Gliveland, of Cleveland 1066, the 
earliest Cleveland of record. Different Cleveland Arms. 
The name a title in Peerage. Places and localities named 
Cleveland, p. 8 

Moses 1 Cleveland of Woburn, Middlesex county, Massachu- 
setts,, and his descendants, p. 23 

Alexander 1 Cleveland of Prince William county, Virginia, 
and his descendants, .p. 2054 

The earliest known Clevelands. Thorkil 1 de Cliveland, the 
Saxon, A. D. 1066, and descendants. William 1 Cleiveland of 
Hinckley, Leicestershire, England, and descendants. Cleve- 
lands in England. Later Cleveland emigrants to America. 
Untraced Clevelands everywhere. List of some of the useful 
members of the Cleveland family, . . . . . p. 2223 


Bibliography of the Cleveland Family, a Catalogue of the 

published works of authors of Cleveland ancestry. Cleveland 

characters in fiction. The name Cleveland used for a nom de 

"plume, . . p. 2352 


Edward 1 Winn of Woburn, Mass., and some account of his 
descendants. Ancient Wynnes and Winnes. Other Winn 
emigrants to America, p. 2415 

Appendix. Memoranda received too late for proper classi- 
fication, p. 2451 


Index of Persons, . 

Index to Ancestries and Genealogies, 

Index of Places, 


P- 25°5 

P- 2507 

p. 2818 

p. 2827 


Mrs. Rebecca 


Edmund Janes 7 Cleveland, 

Horace Gillette 7 . Cleveland 

Cleveland Coat of Arms and Crest, 

Autograph Petition of Moses 2 Cleveland, . 

The Grave of Mr. Aaron 2 Cleveland 

Capt. Stephen 6 Cleveland, 356, Richard Jeffry' 
Cleveland, nor, Mrs. Dorcas Cleveland 6 (Hiller 
Cleveland, rr2o, and Horace William Shaler 
Cleveland, ' 

Gen. John 6 Blake, .... 

Gen. Moses 6 Cleaveland, . 

Joseph 6 Cle-.-jxand, .... 

Atkins Coat of Arms and Crest, . 

Rev. Charles' 1 Cleveland, 

Mrs. Susan 6 (Cleveland) Pratt, 

Gen. Erastus 6 Cleaveland, rr28, and 
(Berry) Cleaveland, 

Allen Coat of Arms and Cres 

Newcome 6 Cleveland, 

Palmer 6 Cleveland, . 

Cyrus 6 Cleveland, 

Judge Waldo 6 Colburn, 

Prof. Parker 6 Cleaveland, M.D., LL.D 

Rev. John Payne 6 Cleaveland, D.D., 

Mrs. Abigail 6 (Smith)- Perkins, 

James Young 6 Cleveland, . 

Lorenzo Dow 1 Cleaveland, 

John Paul 1 Paulison, 

Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth (Bragaw) Cleveland, 3047, 
Harriet Josephine 8 Cleveland, 8315, Sadie Eliza- 
beth 8 Cleveland, 83r6, and Edmund Janes 8 Cleve- 

Col. Thomas Wentworth 1 Higginson, . 

Prof. Charles Dexter 1 Cleveland, LL.D., 

Hon. William Earl 1 Dodge, . 

Luther Tucker, .... 

Tucker Coat of Arms and Crest, 

Rev. Charles Mopnvs 1 Blake, A.M 

Judge Dennis Nklson 1 Cooley, 

Mrs. Emeline (Norton) Cleveland, 

Henry Dougla&s 1 Bacon, . 

Frederick 1 Cleveland, 

George 1 Cleveland, • . . . 

John Dean Browne, . 

Mrs. Frances 1 (Cleveland) Browne 

Miss Virginia Frances 8 Browne, 

Rev. Horace Agard 1 Cleveland, 

Augustus Cleveland 1 Brown, . 

Hon. Cleveland Fortune 1 Moulton 

Dr. Henry 1 Bryant, . 

Franklin Abel 1 Cleaveland, 

Edward Everett 1 Cleaveland, 

George Allen King, 8315, Mrs. Harriet Josephine 1 
(Cleveland) King, 8315, Dorothy Cleveland 9 King 
r437S, and Louis Cleveland 9 King' 

, M.D. 

Hon. Grover 8 Cleveland, Presiden 


Edmund Clarence 8 Stedman, 
Hon. Theodore Sedgwick 8 Gold, 
Dr. Franklin Adams 8 Meacham, 
Frank Edward 8 Cleveland, 
Dr. Barnum Lafayette 6 Cleveland 
Nathaniel Cleveland 8 Moak, . 
William Davis 8 Cleveland, 

r 01 

the U 







1 108 













4 6 45 












489 - 
505 f 


Z 54 














J ^ 4 




















Francis Rexford Cooley,. 

Mrs. Alice Cleveland 8 (Browne) Cooley 

Merritt Andrus 8 Cleveland, . 

Miss Cynthia Eloise 8 Cleveland, . 

Frederick Verner 8 Cleveland, 

Mrs. Katheryn Isabelle 9 (Cleayeland) Porter, 

Hubert Cleveland 9 Beach, 

Henry Cleveland 9 Wood, 

Scott 9 Jordan, 

William Schuyler 9 Cleveland, 

Capt. Jeremiah 6 Cleveland, 

Jesse 5 Cleveland, .... 

Hon. Jesse Franklin 6 Cleveland, . 

Jeremiah 6 Cleveland, 16239, Thomas Stone' 

land, 16648, and Mrs. Annie Elizabeth (' 


Barnet Franklin 6 Cleveland, . 

James Harvey 6 Cleveland, 

Maj. Alfred Moore 6 Watkins, 

Judge Charles Lander 7 Cleveland, 

John 3 Cleveland, the Poet, . 

Judge Balfour Cowen, 

Hon. William Fiske Cleveland, 

Henry 6 Ball, 19595, Henry 7 Ball, 19603, Adin 

lou 1 Ball, 19604, and Adin Elwood 8 Ball, 



1 1476 














" 15664 
































19604a 2472 


The portrait of Edmund Janes Cleveland, one of the com- 
pilers, was contributed by members of the Cleveland and 
Cleaveland family throughout the United States, as appears by 

the following letter : 

Chicago, III., February 10, 1886. 
Edmund Janes Cleveland, Esq., 

Dear Sir; — Appreciating as we do the value to every member of the Cleveland 
family of the services you have rendered, and knowing as we do the vast amount 
of labor and the large expense you have voluntarily incurred in the preparation 
of the genealogical record of the family, we are desirous of giving expression in 
permanent form to our sense of obligation to you. 

It is out of our power to cancel the debt we owe you, for which we trust you . 
may find your reward in the gratification afforded by the successful achievement 
of your great work, 1 — but as a token of our appreciation of the value of your labor 
and its results, we desire that your portrait should appear in a conspicuous place 
in the Genealogy, to be executed in the best style of art at the expense of your 

The suggestion has been so cordially approved by every one to whom it has 
been made, including representatives of" the family in every section of the United 
States, that it would seem invidious to give the names of the comparatively few 
who have had the privilege of uniting for a purpose which we are sure will be 
unanimously approved, and-which we therefore ask in the name of the Cleveland 
Family, for whom I have the honor and pleasure to be the spokesman. 

Very truly and respectfully yours, 

Horace William Shaler Cleveland. 

To Horace William Shaler Cleveland and the Cleveland and Cleave- 
land Family : 

Dear Friends and Kinsfolk : — Your letter is read with feelings of sincere 
gratitude and high appreciation for this testimonial of esteem. This expression 
of friendship, and also the interest manifested and aid rendered in the compila- 
tion of the Genealogy by my kinspeople, will always be cherished in pleasant 

Affectionately and faithfully yours, 

Edmund Janes Cleveland. 


We can mutually congratulate one another that The Gene- 
alogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families is a 
reality, and that the record of a large and useful family is to be 
preserved in a substantial manner for the perusal of the gene- 
rations to come. 

The study of genealogy has, in recent years, received a 
great impetus by the formation of the patriotic-hereditary so- 
cieties : Society of Mayflower Descendants, of the Colonial 
Wars, pf the Sons and of the Daughters of the American Revo- 
lution, of the Foreign Wars, and the like. 

The researches of the compilers of this family history have 
been quite exhaustive. Not only have town, probate, and other 
municipal records, and church registers been searched, family 
records transcribed, many persons corresponded with and inter- 
viewed, local histories, genealogical and other publications ex- 
cerpted, but a careful record has been made of every traced or 
untraced Cleveland found mentioned in published and unpub- 
lished army rolls, State archives, pension and other reports, 
periodicals, advertised-for persons, directories, etc., and yet the 
Genealogy is not perfect or complete. 

The ancestries of husbands and wives, systematically and chron- 
ologically arranged under our new method, constitute a novel 
feature in the field of genealogical research. Its utility is 
doubtless apparent to all our readers^ especially to those desir- 
ing admission into the various comthemorative organizations ; 
and to verify relationship to the founders of the United States, 
and to distinguished and useful 1 personages who have made 
their mark in history. This is the first Genealogy to print in a 
regular uniform manner such collateral ancestries. A Coat of 
Arms and Crest of a family name is blazoned once in the Gene- 
alogy, usually with the first ancestry given of that name. 

With feelings of extreme sorrow we mention the lamented 
decease of our associate compiler, Horace Gillette 7 Cleveland, 
at Cleveland, Ohio, February 3, 1888. We deeply regret that 
he was not spared to see the results of his years of indefatigable 
labors in this research. Without his aid this work could never 
have attained its present completeness. 



a. aged 

ab. about 

ac. according, accounts 
adm. admitted 
af. after, afterward 
ap. appointed 

b. born 
bap. baptized 
bef. before 
bet. between 
bro. brother 
Ch : ch : children 
chh. church 
co. county, company 
coll. college 
com. command, commanded, 

commissioned, communion 

cov. covenant 

d. died 

da. daughter of 

desc. descendants 

dif. differing 

ed. educated 

ent. entered 

f., fa. father 

fan) . family 

fol. following 

fr. from 

g. s. grave stone 

gr. great, grand 
grad. graduated from 

hus. husband 

inf. infant 

The initial of a place stands 
which next precedes the initial, 
readily understood. 

The plus mark -f- in the margin of the page preceding the 
number of a person indicates that the number is repeated for- 
ward, in proper order, in the middle of the page over the biog- 
raphy or family record of the person. Whenever there is an 
initial without the tisual abbreviatory punctuation it signifies that 
such initial is a complete name in itself, and does not stand 
for any other name. More than one date or place to one 
event denotes differing reports. 

In the family records those named Cleveland and Cleave- 
land are printed in Capitals, and those of Cleveland ancestry, 
who bear other names, are printed in Italics. 





lives at 


lived at 


married, marriage 




















probably, probate 




purchase, purchased 




recorded, records 










son of 

s. p. 

sine prole, without issue 
















years, young 

for the name of that place 
Other abbreviations can be 



In the year B. C. 55 Julius Caesar and 
the Roman army first landed in Britain, 
then inhabited by the aborigines. These 
ancient Britons were wild barbarians, did 
not cultivate husbandry, but lived upon the 
flesh of their flocks, and clothed themselves 
with the skins of wild beasts slain in the 
chase. Like other savages they painted or 
stained their bodies. They were armed 
with swords made of copper and tin, daggers, javelins, darts, 
spears, and shields, and drove war chariots. They were divided 
into 30 or 40 tribes, constantly at war with one another. 

The Brigantes, whom the Romans found in Britain, were 
originally Celtae, and Eburacum — York — was a Celtic town of 
the Brigantes before British Brigantia became a part of the 
Roman province. .The language of the ancient inhabitants of 
Britain was Celtic or Gaelic, nearly similar to the present Welch, 
Irish, and Highland Scotch. Whether Brigantes was their 
original name seems uncertain, and it is not improbable that 
the name was given them by the Romans because of the moun- 
tainous tract they inhabited. The Brigantes had a queen of 
their own, Cartismandua, of great power and noble birth. In 
Hadrian's time the Brigantes revolted from the Romans. The 
province of Brigantia, the extensive country inhabited by the 
Brigantes, has a ridge of mountains parting the counties. 
Under them, to the German ocean, lie York co. a ig '"he bishop- 
ric of Durham, and, to the west, Lancashire, Westi •> _eWnd, and 
Cumberland, all which counties, in the infancy .r ch.i Saxon 
government, were comprehended in the kin^/Icm of Deira. 


The Saxons called these counties the kingdom of Northum- 
berland, dividing- it into two parts, calling that Deira or Deir 
Land, paiein, which lies on this side Tine, and Bernicia, from 
Tine to the Frith of Edenborough, both which parts had, for 
some time, kings of their own. Claudius Ptolemy, in his Second 
Book of the Great Construction, calls the city Eboracum, or 
Eburacum, Brigantiun?, the capital of the Brigantes, which had 
its name from king Ebrauc, its founder. 

The conquest of Britain was completed by the year A. D. 72, 
during the reign of Vespasian, by the Roman governor Julius 
Agricola, who penetrated north of the river Tay. By an en- 
lightened policy, Agricola taught the Britons the arts, intro- 
duced laws and government among them, and induced them to 
lay aside their barbarous customs. 

The name Caluvium was given to the district (now Cleve- 
land, Yorkshire, Eng.,) either by Agricola or the Romans at 
some time between this period and the final departure of the 
Romans from Britain, A. D. 421, in the reign of Honorius. The 
name Caluvium, by the time of the Norman Conquest, 1066, 
had become Cliveland (or the Caluvian Lands, thus becoming 
descriptive), but, evidently contemporaneously with the changes 
in the surname, it gradually became Cleveland, which name it 
has always since borne. ' 

The following extract, as illustrative of the etymology of 
the name, gives the opinion that the primary and leading idea 
of the name is clay, as descriptive of the soil of Cleveland : 

Glossarium Antiquitatutn Britannicarum, sive Syllabus Etymolog- 
icus Antiquitatutn Veteris Britannia atque Ibernioz, Temporibus 
Romanorum. Auctore Willielmo Baxter, Cornavio, Schola Merciari- 
orum Prcefecto. Londini: MDCCXXXIIT. p. 61 — 

Caluvium : Ita reponendum duxi in Anonymo, ciim in Libro 
geminato errore legeretur, fexto etiam casu Calunio & Gallunio 
de eo quod procul omni dubio in Grseco fuerat Exemplari 
KaXo«ioc. Nam & in Vaticano MS. Caluvio eft atque Galluvio. 
Hoc vel nomen dedifle videtur Dynaftise cuidam hodie di£te 
Cleveland, five Terrce Caluviance, quae in ilia parte Deirorum 
eft, quae Borealis Brigantum Triarchia dicitur. Videtur etiam 
ttrbs Cac uviutn hodie dici GiSbOrOUQb five potitis (BfoeCtbOrOUQb, 
qnafi dicas Spiritualis Burgus. Satis vetuftum hoc oppidum & 
antiquo monafterio celebre; unde & Saxonicum nomen tractum 
videtur. Britannicum autem nomen fortitur, ut fupra Caleva, 
de Lutojd under, ac fi i'olute fcribatur Calai Hi. Quo fpe&at & 
populafis N tenia, ab erudito Camdeni Interprete hue adducta: 

Cleav>dano in the dag 

Brings in two Joles, and carryes one away. 

'•' ** '-if, 


A literal translation of the foregoing: 

Glossary of the Britannic Antiquities, or an Etymological Cata- 
logue of the Antiquities of Ancient Britain and Ireland in the Times 
of the Romans. Author, William Baxter, Master of the Mercers' 
School. London 1733 p. 6r — 

Caluvium: Therefore I have been led to consider that it 
should be placed in anonymousness, since in the book, by means 
of a repeated error, it could be read even in a sixth case Calunio 
and Gallunio, for this reason that without any doubt in the 
Greek copy it had been Kalouion, for also in the Vatican manu- 
script it is Caluvio and Galluvio. Or else this name should seem 
to have been given to a certain dynasty [lordship] to day called 
Cleveland or the Caluvian Lands which is in that part of the 
Deirans [Deira] which is called the Northern Triarchy of the 
Brigantines [Brigantes]. There also appears a city [or town] 
Caluvium, which is now called Gisborough or rather Ghestborough. 
as if you should say Spiritual [ghostly or ecclesiastical] Burgh, 
The town is of a good age celebrated by reason of an ancient 
monastery, whence also its Saxon name seems to have been 
derived. But as above it comes by the Britannic name Caleva 
from Muddy water ; as if in a loose way it should be written 
Calai tit. Which also is referred to in the popular ballad by the 
learned Camden which is here noted in explanation : etc. 

[The lines that here follow, differing somewhat from Baxter, 
are now quoted from Camden's Britannia, 1806, III : 325] : 

Cleveland in the clay, 

Bring in two foles and carry one away. 

[To which we venture an explanation thus : 

' ' Cleveland [is located] in the clay, 

Bring [addressed to the traveler] in two 

soles [of your feet] and carry [only] one away."] 

Ord. 115, remarks : Into the correctness of Baxter's Etymology^ I need not here in- 
quire ; but " ' ' ... j- . ,-. .^ . 

metropolis < 
is, I hope, '. 
remain to this day. 

To show that, as in everything else, there is a difference of 
opinion as to the derivation of our patronymic, we quote : 

Our English Surnames, their Sources and Significations. By 
Charles Wareing Bardsley, M.A. London, Eng., 97. — Our Cloughs 
represent the narrow fissures betwixt the hills. From the same 
root we owe our 'Clives' (the 'de la Clive ' of the Hundred 
Rolls) 'Cliffes,' 'Cleves,' and 'Clowes,' not to mention our end- 
less ' Cliffords,' ' Clevelands,' etc. 

Britannia : or, a Chorographical Description of England, Scotland, 
and Ireland, etc. By William Camden. 'Translated from the edition 
published by the author in MDCVIT. By Eichard Gough. 1806. Ill: 
2ji, — From Whitby the shore retires to the west near Clheland, 
so named, as it should seem, from the hills which we call cliffs, 
ridges of mountains. Camden's Britannia, by Edmund Gibson, . 
idps, p. 751 — Cliveland, so called, as it seems, from precipices, 
which in our language we call Cliffs, for it is situated by the 
side of several steep hills from the foot of which the country 



falls into plain fertile ground . . . The neighbouring- tract 
call'd Cliveland. One could hardly imagine how this name 
could be taken from Cliffs when travellers have observ'd it to 
be a plain. . . . The soil is exceeding clayie, which has oc- 
casioned this proverb, Cliveland in the clay, etc. 

The Yorkshire Coast and the Cleveland Hills and Dales, by John 
Leyland, London, 1892, p. 5. — The second range of the north-east- 
ern hills — the Cleveland Hills themselves — which by their 
great precipices and rocky cliffs, gave its name to the district — 
the Kliflond of the Norsemen. [Old Norse klifa to climb]. 

Journal of the British Archceological Ass'n, 1864, P- f 3 — Of" the 
coming of Harald Hardrada [Harold Hardrada, king of Nor- 
way, ravages Cleveland, Sept., 1066,] we read in his ' Saga ' 
that he first made the coast of Cleveland — the cliff land. — p. 
198 — Harald Hardrada, having made the coast of ' Kliflond.' 

Etymological English Dictionary by N \athan or Nathaniel} 
Bailey — Cleveland [q. d. Cliff-Lane, by reason of its being 
steep and almost impassable with Cliffs and Rocks] a place in 
Yorkshire. Ord's Cleveland 183 — Peter de Hemingburgh A.D. 
1323 restored 1 messuage and gave 2 acres in Clyf-lane. 

An Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian names. 
With an essay on their derivation and import. By William Arthur 
M.A. N. Y. 1857, p. 97 — Cleveland. Local. Derived from a 
place by that name in Yorkshire, Eng. ; a corruption of Cliff- 
lane, and so called from its being steep and almost impassable 
with cliffs and rocks. Suffolk Surnames. By Nathan Ingersoll 
Bowditch. London. Boston, U. S., 1861, p. 1. — Surnames have been 
assumed in some instances before the Norman conquest. 
p. 221. — The face of nature has been ransacked for names, 
[viz.] Cleaveland and Cleveland etc. The names we bear. By 
H. A. Long. Glasgow, p. 26 — Names derived from trades and 
titles ; Cleveland : Cliff land. 

A new English Dictionary on Historical Principles, Edited by 
James Augustus] H[enry] Murray, Oxford, [Eng.]: New York: 
j 884- 1 899 — Cleve, cleeve (klfv). Now local. Forms: 3 
cleof, clef, cleoue, 3-7 cleue, 5 clefe, 6-7 clief, clieue, 4-cleve, 
6-cleeve (9 improp. cleave). [M. [iddle] E. [nglish] cleof, cleove, 
a variant of clif, Cliff, founded .on the O [Id] E. [nglish] 
pi. forms cleof u, cleof um (co=u — fracture of i). (Sometimes 
erroneously spelt cleave and associated with cleave to split, with 
which it has no connexion.) In many local names, e. g.Clevedon, 
Cleveland, Cleeve Hill, Old Cleeve- Cf. Cleo, Cliff.] 

[Evidently these etymological definitions do not, at least, 
apply to the surname Cleveland, which is simply an ideo sonants 
of the Roman Caluvium. — Comp.] 

The district of Cleveland in the North Riding of Yorkshire, 
Eng., is the original and ancient seat of the Cleveland and 
Cleaveland family, and from this place the family name is de- 
rived. Although not set down in the map as a geographical 
division, Cleveland is so beautiful and popular a part of England 
as to have been the subject of three histories (each elegantly illus- 
trated with copper, steel, and wood engravings and maps), one 
work on the dialect peculiar to the district, and one geological 
treatise, viz. : 


The History of Cleveland in the North Riding of the County of 
York ; comprehending an historical and descriptive view of the ancient 
and present state of each parish within the wapontake of Langbargh ; 
the soil, produce, and natural curiosities ; with the origin and gene- 
alogy of the principal Families within the District. By the Rev. 
John Graves. Carlisle : 1808. 4 pp. 5 1 o. 

The History and Antiquities of Cleveland comprising the wapen- 
take of East and West Langbargh, North Riding, county York. By 
yohn Walker Ord, F.G.S.L., Member of Council of the British 
Archceological Association ; Corresponding Member and Fellow of the 
London Genealogical Society j President of the Char ing- Cross Medical 
and Scientific Society ; President of the Stockton Literary and Philo- 
sophical Institute; Editor [etc.] London; Edinburgh, Stokesley. 1846. 
4° pp. 623, v. 

History of Cleveland by Rev. J. C. Atkinson, in parts, 1888, etc. 
Author of Forty Years in a Moorland Parish ; reminiscences and 
researches in Danby in Cleveland by Rev. J. C. Atkinson, D.C.L. 

A Glossary of the Cleveland Dialect : Explanatory, Derivative and 
Critical. By the Rev. J. C. Atkinson, Incumbent of Danby in Cleve- 
land, Domestic Chaplain to the late Viscount Downe ; Author of 
1 Sketches in Natural History ' etc. London. 1868. Crown 8° pp. 

Bewick's Geological Treatise on the District of Cleveland, 1861. 
Royal 8°. Treatise on the Ironstone of the Cleveland District. By 
Joseph Bewick. Newcastle on Tyne. i860. Royal 8°. 

Both Graves and Ord quote Baxter's Etymology. 

Boundaries : Cleveland is that part of the north riding 
(from the Saxon of several hundreds) of York included in the 
wapentake (a touching of armour, wepun armour, lac touching) 
of Langbargh (Long-hill)' East, bounded north by the Tees and 
German Ocean ; east by Mulgrave Castle and Thordisa ; south 
by Grosmont Bridge, Wheledale Moor, Skinner Howe, Rolles- 
Cross, and Westerdale ; then ascending the summits of Ingleby, 
Brottghton, Carlton Banks, and Arnecliffe, it includes Appleton- 
upon-Wisk on the west. Cleveland is 40 miles long, and 1 S 
broad, containing the parishes of Acklam, Appleton, Arnecliffe 
(Ingleby-Arnecliffe), Ayton, Carleton, Cranthorne, Danby, 
Easington, Egton, Faceby, Gisborough, Hilderwell or Hinder- 
well, Hilton, Kirkby, Kirkleatham, Kirklevington, Lofthouse, 
Lythe, Marske, Marton, Newton, Ormesby, Rudby (Hutton 
Rudby), Seamer, Skelton, Stainton, Stokesley, Upleathatn. 
Whorlton, Wilton, and Yarm. 

Ord states that in monuments of antiquity, in abbeys, 
priories, hermitages, castles, fortifications, and encampments ; 
in remains of former grandeur, and relics of -great and illustri- 
ous families, the vale of Cleveland abounds more than any 
similar locality in England ; in the magnificence, variety, and 
extent of its natural scenery, Cleveland may compare with any 
part of the kingdom. Its moors, fruitful valleys, picturesque 



dales, groves of beech and pine, forests of oak, sublimity of the 
ocean girding its shores, and towering sea cliffs. 

Graves and Ord give extended pedigrees (several tracing 
into Normandy) of the following families : Allan of Blackwell 
Grange ; Baliol of Stokesley ; Bate of Eseby ; Beckwith of 
Handale Abbey ; Bellasise, Visopunt Fauconberg, Baron of 
Yarm ; Bigod, Bigot ; Bowyer of Danby ; Bruce, de Brusce, 
Brus of Skelton Castle (from A.D. 721) ; Bulmer of Wilton; 
Carey, Lord Hunsdon, viscount Falkland ; Chaloner of Gis- 
borough ; Colthurst, Coulthurst of Upleatham ; Colvile of Ern- 
clive ; Consett (Dryden) of Normanby ; Constable of Dromond- 
by ; Conyers of Boulby ; Conyers and Strangwayes of Ormesby ; 
Coulsbn of Ayton ; Cranthorne of Cranthorne , Danby, Lords 
of : Danvers, Latimer, Neville, Thwenge ; Dundas of Uplea- 
tham ; Eures ; Everingham of Skinningrave ; Forster of Stokes- 
ley ; Foulis of Ingleby ; Gower of Stainsby ; Hale of Tocketts ; 
Hall ; Holand ; Hustler of Acklam ; Ingram of Rudby and 
Temple Newsom ; King ; Layton of Sexhowe ; Lee of Pinch- 
inthorp ; Linley of Skutterskelfe ; Lowther of Wilton ; Mar- 
wood of Little Busby ; Mauleverer of Arncliffe ; Malo-lacu, 
Mauley of Mulgrave ; Meinell of Whorlton ; Meinell, Meynell 
of Yarum and North- Kilvington ; Meryton of Castle-Levington; 
Morley of Normanby ; Peirson of Stokesley ; Penny man of 
Ormesby ; Percy of Kildale ; Radclyffe, Ratcliffe of Mulgrave ; 
Salvine of Newbiggin ; Sheffield, Earl of Mulgrave ; Smallwood 
of Upleatham ; Stapleton of Eston, Myton etc. ; Stevenson ; 
Strangwayes of Whorlton ; Tocketts of Tocketts, Toccotes ; 
Trotter of Skelton Castle ; Turner of Kirkleatham ; Twenge 
and Lumley, Lords of Kilton ; Wharton-Myddleton of Grinkle ; 
Wharton of Skelton ; Yoward of Westerdale. 

Ord quotes the old-fashioned little story of Margery Moorpot 
as a specimen of the broad Yorkshire dialect of Cleveland : 

Guhvell. What countrywoman are you ? 

Margery. Ah's Yorkshur, by mah truly ! Ah wor boorn 
and bred at Lahtle Yatton, aside o' Roseberry Toppin. 

Guhvell. Roseberry Toppin! Where 's that, my pretty maid ? 

Margery. Sartainly, man, ye knaw Roseberry ! Ah thowght 
onny feeal hed knawn Roseberry. It 's 't biggest hill i' all 
Yorkshur. It 's aboon a mahle an' a hawf heegh, an' as cawd 
as ice at t' top on 't, i' t' yattest day i' summer ; that it is. 

Guhvell. You 've been in some service, I suppose ? 

Margery. Hey, Ah '11 uphod ye hev E, ivver sin E wor neen 
yeear awd. Neea makkins ! Ah 'd a God's-penny at Stowsley 
market, hawf a yeear afoore 'at E wor neen ; an' as good a 
sarvant Ah 've been" thof Ah say it mysel, as ivver com within 
a pair o* deers. Ah can milk, ken, f other, beeak, brew, sheear, 
winder, caird, spin, knit, sew, an' deea ivvery thing 'at belangs 



tiv a husbandman, as weel as onny lass at ivver ware clogshune; 
an' as to mah charicter, Ah defy onny body, gentle or simple, 
to say black 's mah nail. 

Rosebury, in the Parish of Newton, was a landmark for 
sailors, a sure prognostic of weather, hence the old distich : 

" When Roseberrye Toppinge wears a cappe, 
Let Cleavelande then beware of a clappe." 

Graves gives a catalogue of Cleveland animals and birds. 
Ord illustrates the well known Cleveland bay horses, and gives 
a fine Geological Map of the Cleveland coast. Cleveland has a 
number of fossils and minerals — one of them named Clevelandi- 
cus, of marlstone formation — which have been illustrated in 
Dr. Young and Bird, Phillips, Smverby, De Blainville, Miller, Voltz, 
Agassis, Conybeare, and De la Beche. There is alum, building- 
stone, and lime. The soil of Cleveland is a strong, fertile clay, 
and red sandy soil. 

The Cleveland, Cleaveland family was founded, evidently, 
by, in all probability a Saxon land-owner, who, it ap- 
pears, at or soon after the time of the Norman Conquest, 
assumed the surname de Cliveland, calling himself Thorkil 
de (of) Cliveland. 

Thorkil de Cliveland, who is number +17701 in this Gene- 
alogy, the earliest Cleveland of record, had his seat, evidently, 
in or prior to 1066 at Gisborough, Cleveland, county York, Eng., 
the Urbs Caluvium of the Romans, and here late in life (for it 
appears that his son owned lands in his name Uctred) he as- 
sumed his surname, which many have since borne. His first 
name, Thorkil, indicates that hewas of Anglo-Saxon ancestry, 
and not of Norman descent, though both these and the Danes 
were of the same origin. His son Uctred de Cliveland, who 
was evidently the Uctred, the Saxon land-owner of 3 manors 
in the town of Ghigesburg and other possessions mentioned in 
Domesday [Doomsday] Book or The Great Survey of England of 
William the Conqueror A.D., MLXXXVI. Photo- Zincographed by 
Her Majesty's Command at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, 
Colonel Sir H. James. RE. FRS. &>c. Director. MDCCCLXIII. 
Vol. I, large 4 , pp. 382 ; Vol. II, small 4 , pp. 450, — the impiously 
styled "Book of the Day of Judgement," — made, by com- 
mand of the Conqueror, in 1079 and years following, completed 
1086-7, (first published 17 83-1 8 16). Uctred gave land to the 
Priory — abbey, cathedral, and monastery — of Gisborough 
(mentioned by Baxter), variously spelt Ghestborough, Ghiges- 
burgh, Gisborne, Gisborough, Gisbourne, Gisburghe, Gisburne, 
Giseburne, Guestborough, Guisbrough, Gysbrough, Gysburgh, 
Gysburna, Gysburne, Gyseburne, now (1899) called Guisborough, 
in the deanery and archdeaconry of Cleveland. The Priory was 


built A. D. 1 1 19, by Robert de Brus of Skelton Castle in Cleve- 
land, Lord of Cleaveland, who d. 5 ides May 1141, buried in the 
Priory, his tomb still remains below a window in the rear wall 
(nearly all that is now left of. the Priory, which is now a part 
of the Chaloner estate), a son of Robert de Brusce or Brus, 
a noble Norman knight who landed in Eng\ with the Con- 
queror, owner of 43 manors, ancestor of the three kings 
Bruce — Edward de Bruce, King of Ireland, May 2, 1316 [whose 
father, Robert de Brus, was Earl of Cleveland, etc.], his brother 
Robert de Bruce, King of Scotland, Mar. 27, 1306, father of 
David Bruce, King of Scotland, and ancestor also of Margery 
Bruce who m. Walter, third Lord High Steward of Scotland, 
and from whom descended the Stewards, Kings of Scotland and 
England, also Her Present Majesty Victoria, Queen. 

Robert de Brus recites the name Uctred de Cliveland in the 
" Charter of Foundation of the Priory of Giseburne, in 
the County of York. . . . I have also given to the aforesaid 
church my mill in Gysburne, with soc and molt, as I had them, 
so that no one may make a mill in the parish without the 
license and consent of the canons. Let them also possess free- 
service with the land of the son of Gaufrid, and of the land of 
Uctred be Cliveland, which was due to me." (For full text 
of this charter see Ord., 176-7.) 

The English ancestry of the Cleveland emigrants to America 
is not yet definitely settled. The Parish Records of St. Nicholas 
Church, Ipswich, Eng. (printed 1897), show baptisms, burials, and 
marriages, 1542 to 1612, of ancient Ipswich, Eng., Clevelands, 
all of whom were unmistakably kin to Moses 1 Cleveland of 
Woburn, Mass., 1635-40, and wore the same Christian names as 
Moses 1 , and his immediate descendants, viz. : Moyses, Samuel, 
Isaac, John, Ambrose, and William Cleveland, the last named 
being the earliest Ipswich Cleveland of record, born about 1520 ; . 
see numbers +19632 (-19647, p. 2504-5 of this Genealogy. 

Antiquities in Leicestershire : Being the Seventh Volume of the 
Bibliotheca Topographica Britannica. London : Printed by and for 
J. Nichols. MDCCXC. p. 134-141 — Thomas Cleiveland, M.A. 
Vicar of Hinckley. The family of this most worthy Divine 
came from Yorkshire, and most probably from York, where 
some of them were respectable citizens for several generations; 
but their more early progenitors had considerable landed prop- 
erty in the North-Riding of Yorkshire, particularly in that dis- 
trict or tract of country lying near Gisburne and Whitby, called 
now Cleveland, but anciently Cliveland, whence they derived their 
name. It appears that the Vicar of Hinckley always wrote his 
name Cleiveland : which orthography was generally followed by 
his descendants, but not universally, for some of them wrote it 
Cleveland and Cleaveland. And in more early times, like that of 
all other ancient families, their name was written with every 
possible variety of spelling, viz.: Cliveland, Clyveland, Clieveland, 
Cleiveland, Cleaveland, Cleveland, Cfc'land, and even Clef land [the 
name of the district Cleveland appears, at different times, with 
some of the same variations — Comp.]. What has occurred con- 
cerning their first ancestors (who appear by their names not to 
be of Norman, but Anglo-Saxon descent) will be seen in t,he 
following attempt towards 


The more ancient Genealogy of CLEIVELAND, or CLEVELAND. 


Thorkil <U- Ciiv bin' {A),== 

Uftrod de Ciiveiand (B). == 


Robert de Cleiveland (C). .== 

, A_ 

Robert de Cleiveland of Ormefby, co. Ebor. (D)== Ralph de Cleveland. (E) 

v; . 

Peter de Cliveland, of Ormefby. (F) === Henry Cliveland. (G) Ralph, de Cliveland. (H) 
Robert de Cliveland. (I) === 

John de Cliveland. (K) = * : 

l_ n v 1 

Johti Cleveland, citizen of York, nor. 1403. (]L)== John Clyveland, prefbyter, was 

I vicar of St. Cuthbert's chapel, in 

i York, 1405; afterwards of St. 

I / Elen's, in 1418. (M) 

William Cleveland, fheri'ff of York,== A.D. 1456. (N). 

William Cleiveland father of the Rev. Thomas Cleiveland, Eboracenfis. 


) ^>9P^ ten, &L\ia^ie<; 




(A) (B) Uctred, Ton of Thorkil de Cliveland, gave to Whitby 
Abbey, two curacies of land, free from Danegald, and the mill 
in Brinefton (now Burnifton in Richmondfhire) co. Ebor. Vid. 
Mon. Angl. I. 74. (27. b.) Charlton's Hift. of Whitby, 4to. 1779 
p. 72. 

(C) Robert de Cleiveland (fo the name is fpelt) gave to 
Whitby Abbey a piece of land in Ormefby. Mon. Ang. I. p. 75. 
(28. b.) See alfo Charlton's Hift. of Whitby, p. 73. [This laft 
writer has obfcured his verfions in the old charters by render- 
ing the proper names too literally : thus, Robert de Cleveland 
he tranflates Robert of Cleveland, &c, but we follow the origi- 
nal in the Monafticon.] 

(D) (E) Ralph, fon of Robert, granted and confirmed his 
brothers gift of lands to Whitby-Abbey, lying between the 
land which his father gave, and that belonging to the prior of 
Gifeburne. Charlton, p. 185. 

(F) Peter de Cliveland gave to the church of Giseburne two 
bovates and four roods of land in Ormefby, and all his land in 
the valley of Marton, and all his land called Tunge, with other 
parcels of land enumerated in Mon. Ang. II. p. 151 (20. a.) He 
alfo confirmed the grant of his uncle Ralph (fupra E), and his 
deed is witneffed by Peter de Cleiveland. Charlton's Hist., 

p. 185. 

(F) (G) (H) These three brothers were benefactors to the 
priory of Giseburne or Gifburgh in co. Eb.or. See Burton's 
Monafticon Eboracenfe, p. 351. See also the fame writer for 
the two generations (I) and (K). 

(L) John Cleveland (ck'is Ebor) is witness to a deed by which 
Richard Tykill and Margaret his wife grant and convey to 
William Smythfon, fenior, and to his son William, and his heirs, 
a tenement with a crofe in Dalton Norrays, Dat. 14 Mart, ann. 
4 R. Hen. IV. The name herein is written by the scrivener 
corruptly Clefland. 

(M) See Drake's History of York, fol. p. 323, 344. 

(N) Ibid, p. 363. 

[See the further recount of each of above in Chapter III.] 

There has been much controversy as to the correct or proper 
orthography of the surname. The signature of Moses 1 Cleve- 
land of Woburn, Mass., as subscribing witness, Dec. 8, 1662, to 
a certificate, would certainly indicate that the ancestor of the 
Clevelands of New England origin spelled his own name 
Cleveland. On old Woburn records the name is rendered 
Cleauland, 1648 to 1680, 1692; Cleiveland, 1648; Cleaueiand, 1667; 
Cleavland, 16S6 to 1697, 17 17; Cleaveland, 1701 to 1704; Cleve- 
land 1702. In England, from a very early period, the name 
has always been spelled Cleveland, except in a few instances 
vvhere it has been rendered Cleaveland and Clevland. Cer- 
ain branches and individuals of the posterity of Moses 1 Cleve- 
and spell the name Cleaveland; descendants of Josiah 2 Cleave- 
and are of this number. Rev. Aaron 4 Cleveland, -f 120, while 



in England in 1757, made inquiry relative to his ancestors at 
the Herald's Office, College of Arms, London, and learned that 
the proper orthography of the name was Cleveland. He was 
satisfied that the letter a in the first syllable of the name was 
an interpolation which had crept in since Moses 1 Cleveland left 
England. Accordingly, Rev. Aaron 4 dropped the superfluous 
a, and from that time spelled the name Cleveland, as all his 
posterity since have done. The descendants of Alexander' 
Cleveland, -j-16001, of Prince William Co., Va., have always 
spelled the name Cleveland. These Southron Clevelands in 
feature so closely resemble the Clevelands of New England ex- 
traction that there remains no doubt that Moses 1 Cleveland and 
Alexander 1 Cleveland were closely related in England; and the 
Clevelands of England bear so striking a likeness to the Ameri- 
can Clevelands that it is evident all descended from Thorkil de 

Cleveland Coats of Arms. 

A General Armory of England, Scotland, and Ireland. By John Burke, Esq., and 
John Bernard "Burke > Esq. London, MDCCCXLII— 


Per chevron sable and ermine, a chevron engrailed counterchanged. Crest — A 
demi old man proper, habited azure, having on a cap gules turned up with a hair front 
holding in the dexter hand a spear, headed argent, on the top of which is fixed a line 
proper, passing behind him, and coiled up in the sinister hand. 

Burke gives no motto, but following are stated to be the 

Mottoes —Pro Deo et Patria (For God and Country), Semel et Semper (Once and 
Always), Vincit Amor Patriae (Love of Country Conquers). 

Another Crest — A demi Welshman ppr. habited az„ having on a cap gu. turned up 
with fur, holding in the dexter hand a spear ppr. headed ar., on the top of which is fixed 
a line ppr. passing behind him. 

[Sable, black, is an emblem of antiquity. This color is rarely ever and never prop- 
erly used to any great extent in the arms of any but very ancient families.] 


Fairbaim's Crests of Families of Great Britain and Ireland. PL 2, cr. 12 — Cleve- 
land, Eng. A demi-man, ppr. in a military habit gu. with belt and sash, hold- 
ing the union flag ppr. PI. 2, cr. jo— Cleveland, Eng. A Bishop's mitre ppr. 

Another and more modern branch: Cleveland. Crest — A. greyhound head sa. 
charged with three bezants, one and two or. 

Other Cleveland arms may be found under the respective 
names of the grantees of the arms in Chapter III. 
Concerning the authoritative use of arms: 

Burke's Armory, IV — Besides these officers [the Garter, Clarenceux, and Norroy 
Kings of Arms], there are inferior ones, denominated Heralds and Pursuivants; and the 
whole, incorporated by Charter of Richard III, constitute the College of Arms. Lord 
Chief Justice [Edward] Coke asserts that every gentleman must be " arma gerens," and 
that the best test of gentle blood is the bearing of Arms, which are the most certain 
proofs and evidences of nobility and gentry hence fhe anxiety for such a distinction, 
and hence the prominence and pride of its display. From the old and noble families of 
the British, Saxon, and Norman lines, who assumed Arms as military ensigns, and then 
adopted them as honourable distinctions, sprang many of the ancient gentry of Eng.* 
Notwithstanding this voluntary assumption of Arms in early times and the occasional 
practice of the greater nobility in granting them to their tenants and dependants, it 
must not be inferred that all our ancient gentry or lesser nobility who acquired coat 
armor so obtained the distinction ; on the contrary, armorial ensigns, as tessera gentili- 
tice, were frequently assigned by the Crown to such as were gentlemen of blood, and 
had signalized themselves in tournament or battle. Arms were no sooner, however, 
esteemed as incontrovertible evidence of honour and blood, than the possession was 
eagerly sought for by all who by their own industry, the patronage of the feudal lord, or 
through royal favour, had obtained landed property, but who had not previously served 
in a military capacity ; hence the applications to the crown for grants of Arms became 
so constant, that the King empowered Clarenceux and Norroy to grant ensigns armorial 
within their respective provinces, under authority of the Earl Marshal ; yet an indisput- 
able rig-ht still vests in the Crown to confer Anns, Crests, Supporters * * no one being, 
by the law of gentility in England, allowed the bearing thereof, but those that either 
have them by descent or grant, therefore Henry V by proclamation did inhibit [&c.]* 
In total disregard of this royal ordinance, abuses were found to have crept into matters 
appertaining to descent and arms * wherefore Commissions were issued to the two Pro- 
vincial Kings of Arms, authorizing each * to visit his province * to convene those who 
assumed to bear Arms, and were styled esquires and gentlemen ; to cause them to show 
by what right they claimed the use of Arms. The circuits of the Kings of Arms, called 
Visitations, commenced about the beginning of the 16th century. The Visitations oc- 
curred once about every 30 years, when the Kings of Arms were attended by a draughts- 
man [&c] Those who are enabled to deduce descent from an ancestor whose armorial 
ensigns have been acknowledged in any of the Visitations, are entitled to carry those 
Arms by right of inheritance. When, however, such a descent cannot be established, 
the party must then prove his right as descending from some original grantee, or me- 
morialize the Earl Marshall that he may become a grantee himself. 

The name Cleveland is a title in Peerage; the district of 
Cleveland has given the title of Duke of Cleveland, Marquis of 
Cleveland, Earl of Cleveland, etc. 



Cleveland, Blount county, Alabama. 

Cleveland County, Arkansas. 

Cleveland, Conway county, Arkansas ; the name was 
changed from Dorsey co. to Cleveland co.. by Ark. legislature, 
March 5, 1885. 

Cleveland, Washington county, Arkansas. 

Cleveland township, municipality, Shipton, Canada East, 
named in honor of Hon. Chester Bissell 6 Cleveland +1997. 


Cleveland, anciently Cleveland district, North Riding-, 
Yorkshire, England. 

Cleveland Arch Deaconry, one of the 3 arch deaconries 
into which county York, England, is divided, named from 
Cleveland district. 

Cleveland Deanery, Cleveland district, England. 

Cliveland Park, Eng., .where the prior and canons of Gis- 
borough had possessions. 

Cleaveland or Port Cleveland, Cleveland, co. York, Eng., 
parish town Stokesley. A hamlet in the parish of Ormesby, 
formerly termed Cargo Fleet, near the month of the Tees. 

Cleveland, county Durham. England, being Cleveland dis- 
trict, Yorkshire, which is within boundaries of customs port 
Stockton, co. Durham. 

Cleveland, De Soto county, Florida. 

Cleveland (county seat), White county, Georgia. 

Cleveland district or tract, Germany. 

Cleveland, Bannock county, Idaho. 

Cleveland, Henry county, Illinois. 

Cleveland, Elkhart, Elkhart county, Indiana, named in 
honor of Hardin 6 Cleveland +1377. 

Cleveland, Hancock county, Indiana. 

Ci eveland township, South Whitley, Whitley co., Indiana, 
named by and for Palmer 6 Cleveland +1785. 

Cleveland, Lucas county, Iowa. 

Cleveland, Kingman county, Kansas. 

Cleveland, Fayette county, Kentucky. 

Cleveland, Lesueur county, Minnesota, named 1855, in 
honor of Cleveland, O., by a settler from Cleveland, O., who 
has since moved away. 

Cleveland, Bolivar county, Mississippi. 

Cleveland, Cass county, Missouri. 

Cleveland, Choteau county, Montana. 

Cleveland, Holt county, Nebraska, named by and for Erin 7 
Cleveland +5904, and Gilbert 7 Cleveland +5908. 

Cleveland, White Pine county, Nevada, named for Abner 
Coburn 7 Cleveland +7620. 

Cleveland, Mora county, New Mexico. 

Cleveland, Oswego county, New York, named from James 6 
Cleveland ,+ 2327, as a village, afterward it was incorporated, 
April 15, 1857. 

Cleveland on the Hill, suburb of New York, N. Y. 

Cleveland County, North Carolina, named in honor of Col. 
Benjamin Cleveland +16012, hero of the battle of King's Moun- 
tain, S. C. . 



Cleveland Mills, Cleveland county, North Carolina. 

Cleveland, Rowan county, North Carolina. 

Cleveland, Annapolis county, Nova Scotia (3 miles south 
of Nicteaitx, Annapolis co., N. S.), formerly Banks' Mountain, 
name changed, 1865, to Cleveland, in honor of Major Ezekiel 5 
Cleveland +578. 

Cleveland (county seat), Cuyahoga county, Ohio, named 
Ci.eaveland by the Surveyors of the Connecticut Land Com- 
pany, July 22, 1796, in honor of Gen. Moses 5 Cleaveland +716, 
of Canterbury, Windham co., Conn., superintendent of the sur- 
veying- party, and general agent of the Conn. Land Co., who 
first landed on the eastern bank of Cuyahoga river, and 
founded the town, July 22, 1796, which, in 1796, contained 4 
inhabitants. The village of Cleaveland was incorporated Dec. 
23, 1814. According to varying tradition the name of the vil- 
lage was changed to Cleveland in either or both the following 
manners: A newspaper was established 1830; the editor, in 
preparing the heading, found the name too long to fit the form, 
so omitted the a from the name, Cleveland Advertiser. In 1832, 
William 7 Cleveland +3210 and Aaron Porter 7 Cleveland +321 1 
settled in Cleveland, O., built stores, displayed their sign, Cleve- 
land Brothers & Co., and influenced the change of the name on 
the bills of the Bank of Cleveland. Cleveland village had its 
boundaries extended, and was incorporated, March, 1836 (organ- 
ized April 11, 1836), by the name of the City of Cleveland 
(called the "Forest City"), situate on southern shore of Lake 
Erie, an important city, population about 250,000. 

Cleveland County, Oklahoma. 

Cleveland, Douglas county, Oregon. 

Cleveland's Corners, 4 miles from Mansfield, Tioga county, 
Pennsylvania, residence of O. Cleveland +19060. 

Cleveland Bay, on its N. E. coast is Townsville, a seaport 
town, mentioned in a despatch from Britbane, Queensland. 

Cleveland (county seat), Bradley county, Tennessee, named 
in honor of Hon. Martin 5 Cleveland -f 16068. 

Cleveland, Liberty county, Texas, named in honor of 
Daniel 8 Cleveland +1730. 

Cleveland, Emery county, Utah Territory, now Utah. 

Cleveland, Russell county, Virginia. 

Cleveland, Klickitat county, Washington Territory, now 

Cleveland, Webster county, West Virginia. 

Cleveland, Manitowoc county, Wisconsin. 

Cleveland Avenue, in: Amsterdam, Montgomery co., N.Y.; 
Boston, Suffolk co., Mass.; Buffalo, Erie co., N. Y.; Canton, 
Stark co., O.; Chicago, Cook co., 111. (2 Cleveland avenues); 
Grand Rapids, Kent co.. Mich. (2); Harrison, Hudson co., N. J.; 
Helena, Lewis and Clarke co., Montana; Kansas City, Jackson 


co., Mo.; Ogden, Weber co., Utah ; Philadelphia, Philadelphia 
co.. Pa.; Pittsburgh, Allegheny co., Pa.; St. Paul, Ramsey co., 
Minn. (2); Salt Lake City, Salt Lake co., Utah; Sioux City, 
Woodbury co., Iowa; Sydney, New South Wales; Syracuse, On- 
ondaga co., N. Y.; Washington, D. C; and Wichita, Sedgwick 
co., Kan. 

Cleveland Street, in: Birkenhead, co. Chester, England, 
length, 2,350 yards, breadth, 84 ft., named by William Laird, 
Esq., in honor of John 4 Cleveland, Esq., M. P., +17730; Boston, 
Mass.; Brooklyn, Kings co., N. Y., late Jefferson street (1891); 
Brunswick, Cumberland co., Me., Cleaveland street was, in 1829, 
Cross street, named, 1869, in honor of Prof. Parker 6 Cleaveland 
+ 2240; Buffalo, N. Y. ; Camden, Camden co., N. J. ; Central 
Falls, Providence co., R. I.; Chicago, 111.; Cincinnati, Hamilton 
co., O. ; Cleveland, O. ; Detroit, Wayne co., Mich.; Fitchburgh, 
Worcester co., Mass.; Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo co., Mich.; Kan- 
sas City, Mo.; Knoxville, Knox co., Tenn.; London, Eng. (2); 
Melrose, Middlesex co., Mass., named for Elias Randall 7 Cleve- 
land +4906; Nashville, Davidson co., Tenn.; New Britain, Hart- 
ford co., Conn.; New London, New London co., Conn.; Norfolk, 
Norfolk co., Va.; Orange, Essex co., N. J., also South Cleveland 
street, named in honor of William 7 Cleveland +3210; Paw- 
tucket, Providence co., R. I., -...Rochester, Monroe co., N. Y., for 
Benjamin Penfield 7 Cleveland +6841 (formerly called Fochner 
st.) ; Salt Lake City, Utah (2) ; San Francisco, San Francisco 
co., Cal., Cleaveland street; Springfield, Hampden co., Mass.; 
Sydney, New South Wales; and Toledo (North Toledo), Lucas 
co., Ohio. 

Cleveland Road, in: Islington (N.), London, Eng. 

Cleveland Lane, in: Sydney, New South Wales. 

Cleveland Place, in: Boston, Mass.; Brooklyn, N. Y.; Den- 
ver, Arapahoe co., Col.; Liverpool, Eng., named in honor of 
John 4 Cleiveland, Esq., M. P., +17730; and Milwaukee, Mil- 
waukee co., Wis. 

Cleveland Terrace, in: Camden, N. J., and London, Eng. 

Cleveland Terrace Gardens, in : Kensington (W.), Lon- 
don, Eng. 

Cleveland Gardens, in Bayswater, London, Eng. 

Cleveland Row, in London, Eng. 

Cleveland Mews, Cleveland street to Howland street, Lon- 
don, Eng. 

Cleveland Square, in: Liverpool, Eng.; and London, Eng. 


The above list, evidently, is not complete. 

Chapter I. 





the common ancestor of all the Clevelands or Cleavelands of 
New England origin, came, when a youth, from Ipswich, Suf- 
folk county, England. According to family tradition he sailed 
from London, Eng\, and arrived in America in the year 1635. 
He first landed somewhere in Massachusetts, probably either 
at Plymouth, Plymouth co., or at Boston, Suffolk co., Mass. 

Moses 1 Cleveland was born probably at Ipswich, Eng., 
about 1624 (according to court files of Woburn he was 39 years 
old in 1663), died at Woburn January 9, 1701-2, Maryed-in Wo- 

e th th o 

burn y 26 : 7 m. [September] 16^8 Ann Winn, born, according 
to family tradition, in Wales, or, according to another account, 
in England, about 1626, died probably at Woburn prior to May 
6, 1682 (no record of dates and places of either her birth or 

death), a daughter of Edward and Joanna ( ) Winn. 

Children, all born at Woburn : 

Records of Births, deaths and Maryages arc. for the ton tie of 
Woobumc In the County of Midlesix in the. Masathusets Colony In 
A T ue England : from the yeer of our Lord Jesus Christ {1641). nota 
Jiecr also yt the. yeer begins on the first day of March Anniialy : — 

+ 2 Moses 2 Cleveland borne the (1") of 7" 1 m" [September] 

e th o 

+ 3 Hannah 2 Cleveland born y 4th : 6 : m: [August] 
J 653- 

e th e 

+4 Aaron 8 Cleveland borne y 10 of y 11th month 1654 
[January 10, 1654-5]. 

+ 5 Samuell 2 Cleveland borne y 9th 4th mo. [June] 1657. 

e th th 

-|-6 Miriam 2 Cleveland born y 10 of 5 month [July] 1659. 

e th ' th o 

7 Joanna 2 Cleveland borne y 19 of 7 m. [September] 
if>6i dye y e 12 th of 1" m° [March] 1667. 

e th d 

+ 8 Edward 3 Cleveland borne y 20 of 3 month [May] 1664. 


e th th 

j 9 Josiau* Cleaveland josyah borne y 26 12 mo: 1666 
I February 26, 1666-7J. 

e th d 

+ 10 Isaac 2 Cleveland borne y: 11 of 3 montli [May] 1669. 
+ 11 Joanna' Cleveland (again) borne 5 th of 2 d m° [April]' 

L" St til 

+ 12 Enoch 5 Cleveland borne y 1 of 6 mo: [August] 1671. 

Moses 1 Cleveland arrived in this country, according to all 
accounts and traditions, about the year 1635, only fifteen years 
later than the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, 1620. 
The following letter of inquiry, written from Ipswich, Essex 
co., Mass., by his great grandson, Rev. John 4 Cleaveland +233 
(Josiah 3 , Josiah 2 , Moses 1 ), to John Cleaveland +17805, explains 
the origin, occupation, etc., of Moses 1 Cleveland. The copy of 
this letter, as originally made and retained by the reverend 
gentleman himself, and in his hand-writing, has since become 
the property of one of the compilers. It is here given, verbatim 
et literatim : 

" Sir : Being informed (by the Bearer, one Samuel Bates) 
of your Name and the Place of your abode, I supposed it highly 
probable that your are of the same Family that I sprang from. 
My Great Grand-father's name was Moses Cleaveland, and 
came from Ipswich, in Suffolk. He was young when he came 
to New England, and was an apprentice to a joyner, and came 
with His Master. He settled in Woburn, near Boston, married, 
and had seven Sons, besides Daughters, and his sons all left 
Children, and all in New-England, of the Name are his Poster- 
ity, and all spell the Name asT do, tho' we are not certain that 
we spell it exactly as the same Family does in England. Be- 
cause, as the said Moses was young when he left England and 
could not read and write if I am not misinformed. I have seen 
the Name spelt as I spell it in Books Printed in England but 
most commonly I find it spelt thus Cleveland or Clevland, 
but as you are undoubtedly of y e same Family, if These Lines 
should come to your Hands I should esteem it a Favour that 
you would write me, and give me some account of your Family. 
I am a Minister of y e Gospel and Pastor of a Chh. in Ipswich in 
the county of Essex and Province of The Massachusetts Bay 
in New England. Excuse the Boldness and Freedom of your 
Humble servant and Unknown Friend 

Ipswich New-England Dec 25 1759 

The superscription is as follows : " To Mr. John Cleaveland, 
Malster in Ipswich, in County of Suffolk, Living in Silent St., 
Near St. Clemence Church England " This letter was not 
answered ; how appropriately the malster dwelt in Silent street. 

Historical Collections of the Essex Institute, Salem, Essex co., 
~<fass. IV: 26J — The Herrick Family, containing following in 



letter to George R. Curwen, dated Baltimore, Oct. 29, 1852, from 
Rev. Arthur Cleveland 7 Coxe (afterwards Bishop of Western 
N. Y.) +3258. "Facts always prove their own utility. I send 
annexed a fact which I find in my record book * * Henry 
Herrick a younger son of Sir William Herrick of Beau Manor 
Park, Loughboro' parish, co. Leicester Eng. went from Virginia 
to Salem and was there June 28 1653 as appears from a latter 
now at Beaumanor, addressed to his brother, With this Her- 
rick and the Skipworths of Cotes Eng. went to America a 
Cleveland of Loughboro. The above communicated to me 
while in England 1851 by the Rev. Hknry 7 Cleveland, Vicar 
of R.omaldkirk" [ + 2623.] 

Some have thought that this Cleveland was Moyses 1 , and 
that he accompanied Herrick to New England. It may be that 
this was Alexander 1 Cleveland +16001 of Virginia, or his 
ancestor. See Chapter II. The city records of Ipswich, Eng., 
show nothing concerning ancestry of Moses 1 Cleveland, but he 
was doubtless from that city or vicinity, where have dwelt 
Cleveland families from before 1635 to this day. (See Chapter 
III: Moses Cleveland + 17831, b. Ipswich, Eng., 1718.) 

When Rev. Aaron 4 Cleveland +120 was in Eng., 1754-5, he 
found relations, among them Sir John Cleveland +17796 of the 
Navy Dep. [evidently identical with John 8 Cleveland +17795, 
Secretary to the Admiralty], a wealthy and noble gentleman, 
who welcomed to his residence his kinsman from America, and 
offered to provide for and educate the two eldest sons of Rev. 
Aaron 4 if they were sent to Eng. It would seem that this un- 
usual hospitality and benefaction indicated the discovery of 
exact relationship. It is not impossible that Sir John was a 
great-gr. s. of a brother of Moses 1 , and that they were jd cousins 
to each other. 

The name of Moses 1 Cleveland is not found on the custom 
house lists of passengers of London or other ports, nor on the 
Boston court lists. These lists, however, do not always agree, 
for many came secretly, not being willing to take the required 
oaths of allegiance to the government and supremacy of the 
church, or to pay the subsidy. 

A certificate from a magistrate, that all legal forms had 
been complied with, was necessary to procure a permit to emi- 
grate, and man} 7 would not bend their consciences to the powers 
either of state or church by taking the required oaths, so at 
least one-fourth of all smuggled themselves aboard. 

The, Original Lists of Persons of Quality, Emigrants, &c, to 
America, rdoo-iyoo, l>y John Camden Hottcn, mention several join- 
ers who came to Massachusetts 1635, bringing servants whose 
'names are not given. There is a tradition that Moses 1 Cleve- 
land was a ship's carpenter's apprentice, and worked his passage 


over. It is generally stated that he came from Ipswich an in- 
dentured apprentice to a joiner, housewright, or master builder, 
name of his master not ascertained, conjectured to be Edward 1 
Winn (whose daughter he afterward married), for " he went to 
Woburn with his master," and there settled in 1640-1. 

Perhaps Moses 1 landed at Plymouth, but more probably at 
Boston, where, in 1635, there were far better docks. He likely 
remained from 1635 to 1640 in Boston or vicinity. 

In 1642, the selectmen of Woburn appointed "land viewers" 
to view and set off a share of the public lands promised by the 
General Court at Boston to Moses Cleveland, and in 1643 he 
became a freeman. A freeman was required to be of godly 
walk and conversation, to be at least 20 years of age, to take an 
oath of allegiance to the government of Massachusetts Bay 
Colony, to be worth ^200, to hold office if elected or pay a fine 
of 40 shillings, to vote at all elections or pay the same fine. 
These restrictions and conditions were so onerous that many 
who were eligible preferred never to become freemen, being 
more free as they were. Gov. John Winthrofs History of New 
England contains incomplete lists of freemen. 

The History of Woburn, by Rev. Samuel Seivall, M.A., /<SW, p. 7. Woburn [deriving 
its name from Woburn, Hundred of Manshead, Bedfordshire, Eng.] was originally a 
grant of land made 1640 by the Genera! Court of Massachusetts to Charlestown [now in 
Suffolk co. and a part of Boston] ; and for ab. 2 years afterwards was called " Charles- 
town Village." The settlement of Charlestown, which is the most ancient town, not only 
in the county of Middlesex, but likewise (Salem and Dorchester excepted) in the Colony 
of Massachusetts as distinct from that of Plymouth, had commenced in 1629. 

The earliest settlement was made in the part now called 
North Woburn, Middlesex co., Mass. Persons who, of late 
years, have had the pleasure of visiting Woburn (only a short 
distance from Boston), could not but admire the great beauty 
of this model New England town. 

Woburn Militia Muster Roll, 1663: — " Moses Cleveland, aged 
39 years," therefore he was born 1624. 

Woburn town records show grants of land, taxed estate, and town offices held : /.- // 
— 10 of the 8 m" (Oct.) 1647. By the confent of the maior vote of the Inhabitance present 
It was agreed (even men fhall devid [divide] the Remaindor of medow & yet un layd 
out who to gether with the felect men fhall have power (after thay have layd to Every 
man his promifed proportion) to have the Comylaynts of all inch in the firit place & yet 
have but five acres after wards they arc to have the comylants of all others and to dif- 
pose to every one acording to their bcl't Jugment. the perfons chofen are Jams Xa>:per 
[Parker] John Ruft'ol [Russell] Thomas ffaller [Fuller] George Hardy, Allen Conceays 
[Convers] Abraham Parkor [Parker] and Thomas Perce [Peirce] provided they only lay 
out the medow at this fide the head of Syfayd Rivor that Runoth into Rading [evidently 
Reading, Middlesex co., Mass.] I-iounds and all grants fhall bee houldon good provided 
they bee given by a maior part of the whole number of 14: provided they dedffnd the 
work betwend this and th° 12 of the 9 m° next. 

Following entry shows that Moses 1 Cleveland was of those 
to whom foregoing land had been promised: — 

/.- 13 — the 3 of « mo (Feb.) 1648-0 John Wright, Ralph hill and michall Bacon, John 
Ruffell and Izach Lerned [Learned] are apointed a committee to look out apece of plant- 



ing land (or thofe that want. The perfons above faid are appointed with Samuwell 
Richison [Richardson] to laye out to Isack Lerned thurty acres of land and to George 
Polly [see Elizabeth 3 Winn, ClIAP. V.j and Moyses CLEAVLAND their promised land — 
and Edmond Chamberlin, John Parker and William Chamberlin are to have tenn Acres 
to Eiiier o£ them or twenty acres as the committee fhall ;'oe meefd they are to lay it out 
as shall be Beft for the Towne and proprietors begining at that End next Parly medow 
Brooke and ajoyning to Rading line at the out fide all the way to bee layd out to persons 
as they are in order above Exi'proid. 

/y — the 19 of 4 m° (June) 1648-9 Moyses Cleauland and Gorg Polly are granted each 
of them thurty acres of land five of it is to be medow to bee laid out in bull medow the 
upland of which their hous lotts are to bee parte to bee laid out in the new field. 73 — 
27 : 12 nr* (Feb.) 1076, Moyses Cleavland fen r is granted ayded of land by the ould 
Wolfoydmnto the vallu of halfe an acre to fett a dwelling' hows ond it to bee layd out by 
the Selectmen. 

In Tax list — 26 6 m ° 1666 Moyses Cleveland. 

Committee's report, 1659-60, assigns to each of the 7 proprietors (Moyses Cleveland 
being one) of New Bridgefield his share of the fence to build. 

/.• 55 — A Cuntary Rate made 18: of the 6 : mo" 1 1674 Moyses Cleavland three per- 
sons and Efteat .go .08 .05. 

43 — The Nams of thofe thac have wright in the comon lands of this Towne of Wo- 
burn and theired feverall proportions shown acording to their perfons and estats agreed 
upon by which not only the present upland and swamp is to be divided but also all the 
following divisions: Moyses Cleavland Efteat .092, Acres 67; 3 of 2 m° 1668 Moyses 
Cleavland Efteat .03, Acres n. 

03 — The select men meet and Commiffioner and Collector of their several Iiihabit- 
ance a Rate for the Cuntary in the Town of Woburn •. Moyses Cleavland Sen r 2 person 
a effect .000 .05 .11. 66 — A Caurtary Rate nmdd the 14 of the 4 m° 1676 being a single 
Rate some times dubled : Moyses Cleavland Sen r 2 persons a efteat .03 .05 .00. 1676 5 
7 mo: Moyses Cleavland Senr. 2 perfons ad efteat .000 .06 .06. 18 of the 6 m" 1678 
Kate for the Cantary Moyses Cleveland Sen r one yd* ad eitnt .000 .03 .00. 28 of y c 5 
m° 16/9 Moyses Cleveland Sen r .000 .04 .00. 

7.-25-.— 28 of 12 m° 1659: Alen Connars, Thomas Perce, Moyses Cleavland chofen 
a committee to take hold of a imall parcell of land Thomas ffuller wot exchaing with the 
Town ad mak their Return 

/.- 24 — choyce of officers for the yeare 1658 : Edward Winn, Sobr. 
jof 12 m". the Inhabitance mett for choyce of officers for the yeer 1659. 
Michall Bacon : cont'table : John Brooks 

Edward Conuars ■ Suruairs for Sale 

ielect men John Moufall Thomas Perce, Edward Winn* 

ffrances Kendall : Allon Conuars i roads ; Philip Knight 

Eng: Jonn Carlow i afwine • Moyss« Cleavland 

[missioners Edward Johnson ■ William Johnson ; Theopilus Richison 

Edward Conuars i Matthew Johnson 

John Moufell • for conimiffior for deputy for the Jenerall Courte 
William Jonr n Edward Johnson ; " 

\28— 1664 for highways ad. swine Moyses Cleavland. 
Feb. i2 1666 Moses Cleveland on town order for herding cattle. 
Feb. 28 1670 fence viewer ; Feb. 27 1672 fence viewer. 

Feb. i 1677 Moses Cleveland to assist Uershom Flagg to look after swine. 
Feb. 22 1678 fence viewer ; Feb. 12 1679 surveyor of highways. 

Letter of Rev. Samuel Seivall— The upland of which Moses 1 Cleveland and George 
Polly received allotments, and on which their house lots were, was part of the tract 
called New Bridgefield, and each had 5 acres in what was called "Bull Meadow,'' then 
in the south western extremity of Woburn, that part which is now Burlington, bordering 
on then Cam bridge, now Lexington. Muses 1 resided on the part then called New Bridge, 
which, since the separation of Wilmington from Woburn, lies in the northeasterly part 
of Woburn, now called North Woburn. 

Concerning the residence of Moses 1 Cleveland, the following 
from the able article by William Richard Cutter, Esq., Librarian 
of the Woburn Public [Winn] Library, appeared in the Woburn 
Journal, July 2, 1886: — 









It has been thought desirable in view of the possible visit of the chief magistrate 
of the United States to Woburn, to show the place where the Cleveland family dwelt 
during the period of their residence in the town. Woburn is full of historic material 
and in six years from now will celebrate its 250th anniversary. The original Cleveland 
located himself in Woburn a few years after its first settlement and became the pro- 
genitor of a numerous race, and the fact should not be lost sight of in connection 
with the intended honor of the President's visit, that old Woburn is the Cleveland 
family's ancestral home in New England, and that in this town nearly all the Cleve- 
land family in the United States originated; also that the family has been highly re- 
spectable and eminently useful in the past two hundred years. It is not our object 
merely to show the honored head of the nation an ancestor's gravestone which hap- 
pens to be preserved in our oldest burying-ground, but to show him the town, the 
hamlet, and, if possible, the site of the homestead where his first ancestor lived. 
We can show him lands which his lineal ancestors certainly owned, and whose title 
has been carefully traced to the present time. We can show him their autographs on 
deeds, and we hope to show him, conclusively, the site of the first Moses Cleve- 
land's original homestead. But these things are not all so easy as they may seem. 
In the long period that has passed, some deeds, possibly never recorded, are sup- 
posed to be lost, and the chain does not seem to be complete. There are besides 
a number of widely separated lots scattered about the area of the section where 
their homesteads were located, whose disposal also appears in the list of the recorded 
titles, and adds to the complication of the subject. 

Efforts to ascertain the locality of the Cleveland family homestead were begun 
some time ago. An entry in the early Woburn records shows that the family owned 
two homesteads in 1680, and this fact may aid us in a more positive identification of 
the first or original homestead. From the above entry it clearly appear that the lo- 
cality of both homesteads was in New Bridge, or North Woburn. We a»-ive at this 
conclusion from the fact that the selectmen, at a meeting in 1680, prepared and spread 
upon the records a Tithingmen's List of the eighty-two families then located in the 
town. To each tithingman in the several districts nine were assigned for his oversight 
the tenth family being his own. Thus the tithing, or tenth, was preserved in its full 
sense. These tithingmen were a species of police, and were appointed yearly. At 
the meeting above mentioned the following persons were appointed for Samuel Snow 
" to oversee " as tithingman, namely, Moses Cleveland, Aron Cleveland, Joseph 
Knight, Junior, Thomas Henshaw, Francis Wyman, John Farrer, John Wilson, 
Senior, Zachariah Snow, and Joseph Carter. 

The above company composed the group of ten adjacent families comprising for 
that year the New Bridge End district, embracing very closely the present area cov- 
ered by the North Woburn Ward, as arranged by the assessors of the present town. 
We know that Samuel Snow lived on Pearl street, very near the present center 
of North Woburn village, and that Moses Cleveland was probably his next neighbor, 
and Aaron Cleveland his next, and so on, and that the first five of the list were 
probably located at North Woburn Centre. Francis Wyman and Zachariah Snow and 
Joseph Carter lived on Wyman Lane, now Wyman Street, and John Farrar and John 
Wilson were located somewhere in that neighborhood. There is no mention of Cleve- 
lands in any other group, and it is singular that the first four were closely related. 
Moses Cleveland, the original settler, was the father of the Aaron Cleveland named' 
as his neighbor, and Thomas Henshaw married a daughter of the first Moses, and a 
kinsman of the Joseph Knight, Junior, intermarried with the Cleveland family. John 
Wilson, Sr., was also the father-in-law of Aaron Cleveland. Joseph Carter and John 
Wilson both owned lands bounded north on Hungary Plain in 1676. This old name is 
Hungary, and not Hungry Plain, as it is sometimes called. It could almost be stated 
as a rule that the families of the early settlers generally intermarried with those who 
were their next neighbors. The Aaron Cleveland named, and a son of the original 
Moses Cleveland, is the Aaron Cleveland of the 17:6 gravestone. The fact that the 
father and son are named separately as the heads of families, which they truly were at 
the time, shows that in 1680 they probably had separate homesteads. 

We are indebted to John Warren Johnson, Esq., for the following researches, of 
which an abridged statement is here given: 

In 1699, Isaac Cleveland, late of Woburn, now an inhabitant in a place called Pigs- 
cornseet in Connecticut Colony, conveyed to James Fowle a certain piece of Ruff 
(rough) land in Woburn, at a place called the Young Men's Lots, and was granted to 
" my brother," Moses Cleveland, who was one of those young men to whom the tract 


2 9 

was originally granted. Samuel Carter conveys to Aaron Cleveland seventeen acres 
of woodland adjacent to Boggy Meadow, or fields, in 1687, probably it: the same 
locality as the above-named piece. 

On October 30, 1717, Ebenezer Cleveland oi Martha's Vineyard, or as given in the 
deed, Martin's Vineyard, eldest son and heir of Aloses Cleveland, " late of Martin's 
Vineyard, deceased," who was the eldest son and heir of Aloses Cleveland, " late 
of Oburn, deceased, intestate," conveyed to bis younger brother, John Cleveland of 
Freetown, all right, etc., in the estate of his grandfather, Moses Cleveland, " in the 
town of Oburn aforesaid." 

Aaron Cleveland, the lineal ancestor of President Cleveland, son of Aaron, Senior, 
being then of Charlestown, buys of Summers Pierce, 011 April 10, 1722, thirty acres 
lying at a place in YVoburn called New Bridge, also ten acres in Berry Meadow 
Swamp. The larger piece was bounded westerly, partly by the town road and 
partly by land which was formerly Joseph Pierce's, now in the possession of said 
Cleveland, south by land of Josiah Pierce, and east by Boggy Meadow Brook. 
Shortly afterwards, .Nathan Richardson conveys to the same Aaron, " all right in 
estate that Joseph Pierce, late of YVoburn, died, siezed." A few days later Aaron 
and Abigail, his wife, mortgage to the Massachusetts Commissioners their tract of 
thirty acres in YY'oburn, at a place called the New Bridge, bounded north by lands 
of Nathaniel Tay, east by Boggy Field, Meadow Brook, south partly by Josiah Pierce, 
and partly by land formerly belonging to Joseph Pierce, and west by the Country 
.Road leading to Andover. (Essex Co., Mass.) This mortgage was discharged by 
the succeeding owner. The Country Road leading to Andover is the same as the 
town road above mentioned, and is the present Main Street (via Elm) through 
North YVoburn, in other words the country road and ancient stage-route, known in 
1794 as the road to Andover, Haverhill, Essex Co., Mass.) etc. 

Aaron Cleveland, last named, next conveys to Jonathan Blanchard of Andover, 
on April 10, 1724, " one certain messuage or tenement," with several other pieces of 
land and meadow belonging to the same, all lying in YY'oburn. Namely, a house 
and barn which was formerly Joseph Pierce's, deceased, now in the possession of 
the said Cleveland, with thirty acres of land, which is the homestead, lying at a place 
commonly called New Bridge. This land was bounded north and west apparently 
on the main road above mentioned, east upon land which formerly belonged to 
YY'illiam Pierce, now in said Cleveland's possession, and south upon land of Josiah 
Pierce. Another of the premises is a piece lying on the east side of the above home- 
stead, containing also thirty acres, and also bounded west on the aforesaid town 
road, being apparently the same thirty acres mentioned in a preceding paragraph, 
and bounded east on Boggy Brook. The other premises were the outlying lots 
named in the inventory of Aaron Cleveland, Senior, at Maple Meadow and YY'ood 

According to the above, the Clevelands owned a large portion of what is now 
the centre of North YY'oburn village, lying east of the road which from time im- 
memorial has passed through that place. The spot is opposite to the birthplace of 
Count Rumford. The thirty acres which constituted the Cleveland homestead is 
the farm formerly connected with the Rumford house. Our opinion is that the home 
of the first Moses Cleveland was located somewhere on this lot, and that the house 
and barn which, in 1724, were described as " formerly Joseph Pierce's," were the 
house and barn owned and occupied by Aaron Cleveland, Senior, who died in 1716, 
which property was also a part of the same lot. The original Moses Cleveland may 
have been only a tenant on the same premises, and the owner simply of outlands. 
From the fact that he left no will, he appears to have had a small property. The 
estate apparently extended along the main road from the place known for many years 
as the homestead of Samuel Thompson, Esq., to a point near School Street. The 
part of the Middlesex Canal lying in this vicinity is the channel of the ancient 
Boggy Meadow Brook. 

The title to the main piece from this point is as follows: Jonathan Blanchard 
conveys to Ebenezer Thompson, 1729, 13 acres, pan of his home iot, bounded north- 
west by the town road, and again, in 1732, more of his homestead, or 12 acres, 
including apparently the Rumford place. Ebenezer Thompson in will allowed in 
'755. bequeathed his homestead, consisting of a mansion house (the present Rum- 
ford House), barn and out-housing and about thirty acres of land, on part of which 
said buildings stand, to his son, Hiram Thompson, then a minor under fourteen 
years. The same Ebenezer Thompson also remembers his wife, his daughter-in-law, 
Ruth Thompson (mother of Count Rumford, who was born two years previously), 
wife of his eldest son Benjamin, deceased, his grandson Benjamin Thompson (the 


Count) to whom he gives sixty-seven acres, being partly in Woburn and Wilmington 
(Middlesex County, Mass.), at the Wood J-Jill District, and lying on Wood Hill 
Jirook, and also an interest in his lands in Hrimfield (Hampden Co., Mass.), and a 
piece of land in Wilmington. He also remembers his daughter, Hannah Flagg. 

The land which Ebenezer Thompson purchased of Jonathan Blanchard in 1732, 
Hiram Thompson mortgaged to Stephen Hall of Boston, in 1770, and again to Samuel 
Thompson, Esq., in 1798. He conveyed to the Middlesex Canal proprietors four acres 
out of this lot in 1801. He also conveyed to Willard Jones, his son-in-law, a half of 
his estate in 1808, and in his will probated in 1812, bequeathed the improvement of bis 
estate to his wife, and after her death it was intended to be divided among his chil- 
dren, Ebenezer and Benjamin Thompson, Bridget Jones and Hannah Tidd, with a 
legacy to his grandson, Sewall Thompson. The estate was settled by commissioners 
and the Supreme Judicial Court in 1813 and 1814. The advertisement of sale in 1814 
describes the property as a farm of about thirty acres, etc., situated in the north 
part of Woburn. The whole was purchased by Willard Jones, and its history from 
that time is well-known. 

Moses 1 Cleveland evidently was a near or an adjoining 
neighbor to his brother-in-law, George Polly (husband of Eliza- 
beth Winn), who deeded his real estate in Woburn, Apr. 10, 
1653, to John Lakin of Reading, as appears in the following: 
John Lakin 's Deed 1633 Communicated by the Hon. Samuel Abbott 
Gree?i M.D. of Boston : in The New England Historical and Genea- 
logical Register, Boston : Published by The New-England Historic 
Genealogical Society. XL V : 81-2 — 

Know all men by this presant Writing that I Gorg polle do acknoledg the whol sale 
with the Consent of my wife of all The land and buldding 1 haue be longing to me liing in 
the boundes of Woborne * Namely the Dwelling hous with the Barne and three accors 
of brokup land a Joynning to the dwelling hous with all the un brokeup land all the 
fensing be loingin to the hous lott and nintene accors 1 of land Liing in the new Bridg f eeld 
six accors liing be twixt a parsall of land of sargin tides [apparently either John Tead, 
Ted or Tidd Sr (b. ab. 1618 from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight Eng, May 12 1637, Charlestown, 
signed Dec. 18 1640 Town Orders of Woburn) or his son John Tidd] and a parsall of land 
of moses Cleaueland [other parcels of land here recited] * VN to John Lakin of Redding. * 
Witness in the presanc of vs : 

Michaell bacon [father of Mary wife of John Lakin], 
Edward Winn [father of Ann and of Elizabeth wife of George Polly]. 

Moses 1 Cleveland became a man of some prominence in 
New England and, it would seem, was identified with all the 
political movements of the day. 

From N. E. His. Gen. Reg., Oct. 1S31, V : 391-2 ; Old Dorchester 
— That the success of [Oliver] Cromwell was highly gratifying 
to the great body of the first settlers of New England requires 
no confirmation, and that a government had been overturned 
which had been the cause of their expatriation and consequent 
hardships and sufferings, was viewed with much satisfaction by 
them, admits of no question. It was easy therefore for them 
to conform to a government growing out of Cromwell's revolu- 
tion ; — a government every way congenial to their habits, 
wants, and feelings. And having gone on under a congenial 
legislation for many years, a sudden change must necessarily 
cause much commotion ; especially as they could have no choice 
of rulers in Eng. It was certain too that if their oppressors 
should come into power, they could expect to be treated at 
least with coldness and rigor. A change came ; the restoration 
took place — not a restoration of good government, but a res- 



toration of a government dependent on the will of an unprin- 
cipled king * trials, troubles, and difficulties our fathers experi- 
enced. * When it occurred, many of them, probably, had but 
little faith in its stability. That this was the case appears 
strikingly manifest from some documents of that day now 
before us. As early as 1662 a letter was received from Charles 
II., a tolerable copy of which may be read in {Gov. T/ioiuas\ 
Hutchinson' s Collection of Original Papers \_rclativc to the History of 
the Colony of Mass. Bay rj6tf\ [//, Prince Society .Publications^. 
That the letter was very unacceptable to the colony is set in a 
clear light, by the manner of its reception in a single important 
town. Copies were probably sent to all the towns, though we 
have met with but one of them, and that was sent to Woburn. 
It was thus directed : — 

"Tov- Constable of Wooberne who is hereby required 


toune meeting THERE." How speedily it went from the "Gen- 
erall Covrt" to Woburn, does not appear, but it was returned 
with the following endorsement upon it : — " This is to Certify 
whom it may concern, that I Thomas Dutton of woobvrn do 
acknowledg, that on reqvest of several inhabitants of the said 
tovn, did proevre this Letter of the secretary & gaue it to the 
CvnstabLe Isack CoLe who refused it, & so i brought it again 
this 8 of Desember 62. Thomas Duttkn." 

""Witness : 

Moses Cleveland, 
John Baker, 
7i'illjam Simons. 

(The above signature will show conclusively how Moses' 
Cleveland himself spelled his surname). ■ 

He was admitted to full communion in the First Church in 
Charlestown Mass. 6 day i st mo (March) 1692. 

Moses 1 Cleveland is probably buried in the Old First 
Burying-Ground at Woburn near the grave of his son Aaron 3 . 

A more thorough search in England may yet discover the 
ancestry, etc., of Moses 1 Cleveland. 

Sen/all's Woburn, 602. — Many have been the descendants of 
MoYSE-s Clv.avkla.nd who came to New England the humble 
apprentice of a joiner in' 1635 and established himself in 
Woburn about T648, that have done worthily in their day : 
have been distinguished not only by their position in society, 
but by 'their weight of character and influence, and by the. use- 
fulness of their lives. 

The American Biographical Dic/ioiraiy by William Allen, D.D., 18?-, p. -:y\. in an 
account of MOSKS CLEVELAND, says. ■'From him are doubtless descended all in this 
country who bear the name Cleaveland or Cleveland." Tin's manner of statement is an 
ordinary error concerning the posterity of Moses 1 Cleveland. 


Genealogy o£ Moses' Cleveland and descendants may be found in following : 
A Genealogical Dictionary of t lie first Settlers of Mew ling-land showing 3 generations 
of those who came before May ioq? on the basis of Farmer's Register, by Jam, s Savage, jS6o, 
I: ./cO.- /tarty Puritan Settlers of 'Connecticut, by Royal R. Hinmanof Hartford, iij2,p. biS; 
Sezuall's H'oburn, jqq. 

History of the Names of Men Zfc.from the French of liuscbiics Sakvrte, trans, by Rev. 
L. H. Mcrdacque, Lon.ju — JlOSES, whose name when translated means "drawn out," 
[drawn forth] is the one who "draws" or leads the people of God out of the land of 

The name Cleveland disappeared from Woburn before the 
close of the first century of the town's existence, and the family 
distinction may be said to have been gained elsewhere. 

Mrs. Ann (Winn) Cleveland d. probably previous to May 6, 
1682, for at that date her father, Edward Winne, made his will 
mentioning- her 3 youngest children, but not herself. 

Winn, Wynne, Wynn ancestry, arms, and geneaology : — See Chap- 
ter V, Edward" Winn and descendants &c. 


MOSES 2 CLEVELAND (Moses-), b. Woburn, Mass., Sept. 1, 
165 1 ; d., probably at Southold, Suffolk co., Long Island, New 
York, prior to Oct. 30, 17 17 ; m., Woburn, or Charlestown, Mass., 
recorded Woburn 4 : 8 mo. [Oct.], 1676. Ruth Norton, b., prob. 
Weymouth, Norfolk co., Mass., ab. 1654 ; d., prob. Southold, evi- 
dently after July 26, 1717, a daughter of Nicholas & Elizabeth 
( ) Norton. Ch : 

+ 13 Anna or Hannah 3 Cleveland, Annah borne the 7th. 
of the 9th. month [Nov.], 1677 — Woburn rec. 

+ 14 Elizabeth 3 Cleveland, b. ab. 1679, perhaps Woburn, 
more prob. Edgartown, Dukes co., Mass. 

+ 15 Ebenezer 3 Cleveland, b. ab. 168 1, per. Woburn, prob. 

+ 16 John 3 Cleveland, b. ab. 1684, per. Woburn, prob. 

+ 17 Joseph 3 Cleveland, borne y e (31 st ) of March 1686 — 
Woburn rec. b., prob. Edgartown. 

18 Nicholas 3 (?) Cleveland, b. ab. 1688, prob. Edgar- 
town ; d. num., lost at sea. 

19 Ruth 3 (?) Cleveland, b. ab. 1691, prob. E. ; d. prob. 

+ 20 Ichabod 3 Cleveland, b. June 25, 1695, Southold, N. Y. 

Moses 2 Cleveland was a Volunteer in King Philip's war 
1675-6, accompanied by his brother Samuel" Cleveland. 
SeivalVs Woburn, uj. — From the records [of Woburn and the 
original Journal and Ledger] of Mr. John Hull [Treasurer-at- 
war, and afterwards] Treas. [Mass.] Colony 45 others volun- 
tarily enlisted in the service or were drafted for it by lot, viz. : 



John Bateman, Isaac Brooks, John Brooks, William Butters, Jacob Chamberiin, 
Moses Cleaveland, Jr., Samuel Cleveland, Josiah Clopson (or Cloyson), John Cod-, 
dington, Jonathan Crisp, Paul Fletcher, William Green, John Kendall, Benoni McDon- 
ald, John Molouny, Richard Xevers, Abraham Parker, Thomas Parker, Joseph Peirce, 
Thomas Peirce, Jr., William Reed, Samuel Read, John, Joseph, Nathaniel, and Samuel 
Richardson, David Roberts, John Seirs, Benjamin, James, and Joseph Simonds, Robert 
Simpson, EHah Tottingham, John Walker, George Wilkinson, Joseph Waters [or Wallis], 
! hn Wilson, Jr., Increase Winn, Joseph Winn, John Wynian, Jr., Francis Wyman, Jr., 
Joseph Wright, William Dean, Thomas Hincher (Henshaw), and Benjamin Wilson." 

Ledger of John Hull Treasurcr-at- War for the Province of 
Massachusetts Bay Colony [1673-8] [now in the library of the New 
England Historic-Genealogical Society, 18 Somerset st., Bos- 
ton] page 175 [" King Philip's w ? ar "] : — 


1675 I Day I 

Moses C lea v land 


[page] 175 £ s i d 

Nov b 2o i 58 |To Cash pd him 

02 12 oa 

Jan' 25 

137 To Ditto 

I Number of entrv] 1 02 ' 08 i 10 

1676 To Ditto 

June 24I 310 iTo [Capt. John| Whipple [of Ipswich Mass.] dit 
Aug' 430 :To Woborn Town dit 

2 00 06 , 00 

3 OO ; O5 j OO 

03 ! 03 06 

+ 3 ; 8 : 6 

^75 I 
Nov* 20! 





57 |By Military service [Garrison Chelmford. Middlesex co. Mass.] 02 

Jan r 251 131 |By Ditto [At the Garrison of Chelmsford] 
JBy Ditto 

s ! d 


1676 j 
June 24; 

By Ditto I Under Capt. John Whipple] 

[See A* E. His. Gen. Reg. Xf.IT: roo .■ XL///.- 2bi,27Q~\ 

2. OO 1 Otj 

3 03 1 08 i 06 

i ; 

4 1 3 ! 8 ' 6 

[Above illustrates old style, bringing Jan. after Nov. in same year. | 

Transcripts of Treasurer-at-war John Hull's accounts are 
published in the series of articles in New England Historical and 
Genealogical Register, 1883-9. — Soldiers in King Philips War. 
By Rev. George Madison Bodge, A.M., of East Boston, Mass. 

Petition of Mosf.s' 2 Cleveland for release of his brother 

Samui'.l 2 Cl.KVF.LAND from thk army. 

Massachusetts Archives, LX1X : 33 [in the office of the Secretary of the Common- 
wealth, Boston, Mass. | — 

To y e honored Governor & Councill : 
May it please your honors yt : my brother Sam" Clevland hath been in y» service 
more than these twelve months & harvest & hay time coming in ; & I being disenabled 
by y D lamnefs of my arm, request y l you would be pleased to release my brother y' we 
may get in our corn & hay for y° preservation of ourselves & cattle — & therein we shall 
be obliged to further service when your honors call us thereunto. 

Your serv' 

Moses Cleavland 
Augus i 3t [16] 76 

Granted E.fdward] R.[awson] S.[ecretary of the Colony of Massachusetts] Samuel 

Cleaveland is released from the country's service. E R S. 



C LEV E LA N I) GEN E A 1 ,0G Y. 



^ n?" 





) r 


> ar 

rlt? ^* K p 

In Wobtirn Moses 2 was called "Moses Cleveland second" to 
distinguish him from his father — first use of the S)'stem of 
exponent generation figures. 

Wobum records: — Taxed estate I : 63 — Movses Ci.eavland 


Junr. person and effect 000.' 02. 06.; p. 66 — 14:4 m 1676 
Moyses Cleavland Junr. 1 person and esteat .01 .02 06. ; 



1676 5 7 m do. 000. 02. 03 ; iS 6 m 1678 Moyses Cleveland Junr. 
one yd x ad estat 000. .04 .05 ; 28 5 mo. 1679 000. .02 06. 

Moses" Cleveland emigrated from Woburn probably early as 
1679-80, when his name last appears on the tax list, or he cer- 
tainly left soon after March 31, 1686 (date of son Joseph's birth). 
It is not improbable he (and not his father) was adm. church 
Charlestown 6 (1) 1691-2, if so was then living there. He 
evidently settled next at or near Edgartown, Island of Martha's 
(then Martin's) Vineyard, Duke's co., Mass. Here he was a 
farmer, and very probably became a mariner like his father-in- 
law, Nicholas Norton. Many of his descendants have since fol- 
lowed the seas. 

Moses 3 and Ruth (Norton) Cleveland sold land at Edgar- 
town, March 8, 1694, and soon removed to Southold, N. Y., 
where their son Ichabod 3 was born next year, and where they 
probably always afterward dwelt and died. No record of his 
death, which occurred prior to Oct. 30, 17 17, for a deed of that 
date executed by his son, Ebenezer 3 Cleveland mentions 
Moses 8 Cleveland deed. A deed of Ebenezer 3 , July 16, 1718, 
mentions " my father Moses Cleveland lately deceased," and 
"grandfather Nicholas Norton." Ebenezer 3 in a deed at 
Edgartown, July 26, 17 17, describes "land being same given in 
will of Mr. Nicholas Norton to my father and mother Moses 
and Ruth Cleveland." 

Norton ancestry : — Burke's General Armory — 76 coats of arms : Norton (King's 
Norton Worcester co. Eng.) Hinxton Visitation Cambridgeshire 1043 — Harleian MSS. 
Visitation Buckinghamshire 1533. Derived from Theobold de Ryngville, the Norman. 
Col. Robert Norton of Sherington Maj. of Duke of Schomberg's reg. horse at Boyne 
July 1, 1600. The Norton's of Abbots Leigh Somerset co. desc. from Sir George. Norton 
younger s. of Andrew of King's Norton temp. Henry VIII 1509-47. Ar. on a bend betw. 
■z lions ramp. sa. 3 escallops of the first. Crest — A greyhound's head or, gorged with a 
fesse engr. betw. 2 bars gu. the fesse ringed behind of the first. . . . Nicholas 1 b. ab. 1610 
thought to have come from Hingham, Plymouth co., Mass., to Weymouth, where Nicholas 
and Richard Norton were early property owners, rem. thence to Norton, Bristol co., Mass. 
or Rehoboth, Bristol co., Mass., of Martha's Vineyard 1659, mariner, d. Edgartown ab. 
1690 a. ab. So m. Elizabeth, she d. ab. 1690. ch: Richard 2 came with him, Isaac" b. May 3 
1641 Weym.j Jacob 2 b. Mar. Apr. 1 1643-4 Weym., Joseph 2 , Ruth 2 Norton m, MOSES 
Cleveland'- 1 and 6 other daughters — Edgar fawn Land rec. : Savage, III : 2qj. 

HANNAH 3 CLEVELAND (Moses-), b. Woburn, Mass., Aug. 
4, 1653, no rec. of d., m., Woburn y ( 24 of 7'" m° (Sept.), 1677, 
Thomas Henshaw (formerly Heinsher, Hencheff, Hensher, Hen- 
show, Hincher, Hinshaw, Hinshew, Hunsher), b. prob. England 
ab. 1650, d. Woburn, Jan. 1.6, 1699-1700. Ch., b. Woburn: 

+ 21 Elizabeth* Henshaw, b. July 30, 1678. 

+22 Thomas* Henshaw, b. y e 17 th of y e 9 th mo. [Nov.], 1680. 

+ 23 Hannah* Henshaw, b. 21 3"'" [May], 1683. 


24 William* Henshaw, b. Nov. 25, 1685 ; a Henshaw m. da. 
of Edward Irons or Ivons of Woburn, 1647-66. 
+ 25 Samuel'' Henshaw, b. Mar. 13, 1688. 
26 Ebenezcr* He us haw, b. Mar. 1, 1691, d. W., Feb. 28, 1756; 
sup. nnm. 

+ 27 Josiah* Henshaw, b. Mar. 1, 1695. 

Thomas Henshaw first appears at Woburn 1672, taxed in 
the List for Meetinghouse rate. His name is not in the Tax 
List for 1666, nor among those who had right in the common 
lands of Woburn, 1668. Evidently he was an immigrant from 
England prior to 1672. He was a soldier in King Philip's war. 
Mass. Archives, LXVIII '.• 134 — Thomas Henshaw credited un- 
der Lt. Edward Oakes £o\. us. .o4d., and under Maj. Simon 
Willard, Sept. 17, 1675, £.04.. Many years afterward he was 
wounded in battle with the Indians and died from the effects. 

For a large part of our account of his posterity our obliga- 
tions are due Andrew Henshaw Ward, Esq., of Boston, Mass., 
who kindly loaned the records of his late father, Andrew Hen- 
shaw Ward of East Bridgewater, Plymouth co., Mass.: 

Henshaw (in America early spelt also Hinshaw, Hinshew, Hensher, Heinsher, Hin- 
cher) ancestry: — 5 arms HENSHAW : (Henshaw, Chester co., Eng-.) Ar. chev. sa. betw,-. 3 
heronshaws sa. Crest — Hawk close or, preying- on a mallard's wing of the first erased 
gu. . . . The Henshaw family —as the name was spelt 300 years ago — in Eng. were 
respected for wealth, rank, and influence . . . Thomas 1 Henshaw from Eng. of Wo- 
burn 1672, was of no traceable relationship to the brothers Joshua of Dorchester, Suffolk 
co., Mass. 1645-64, m. Elizabeth Sumner da. William & Elizabeth (Clement da. Augustine) 
— and Daniel of Milton, Norfolk Co., Mass. (grandsons of Thomas Henshaw of Derby, 
Lancaster co. , Eng., came 1650, and sons of William & Catharine (Houghton). Thomas 1 
m. Hannah Cleveland 2 ; he and Joshua Henshaw appear to have been ancestors of 
all Henshaws here before i8cyj. — A 7 . E. His. Gen. Reg., XIV: 1S3 or'c. : Seivall's Woburn, 
bib; Saiage, II : 40.) .• Henshaw Genealogy in prep, by A. II. Ward. 

AARON 8 CLEVELAND (Moses.), b. Woburn, Mass., Jan. 
10, 1654-5, d. Woburn, Sept. 14, 17 16, m., 1st at Woburn, y s 
26 : : of 7 th mo. [Sept.], 1675, Dorcas Wilson, b. (before coming 
to W.) Jan. 29, 1657, d. Cambridge, Middlesex co., Mass., Nov. 
29, 1714, a daughter of John and Hannah (James) Wilson. Pie 

m. 2d, ab. 1714-15, Prudence , she d. after Mar. 4, 17 17. 

Ch. by 1 st m., b. Woburn : 

+ 28 Dorcas 3 Cleveland, borne y 1 ' 29th of y c 8th mo. [Oct.] 

29 Hannah" Cleveland, borne y e 18th of y° 9th mo. 

e th th o 

[Nov.], 1678, dyed W. y : 13 of 4 : m [June], 1679. 


+ 30 Aaron 3 Cleveland, borne y 9 Ul day of July, 1680. 
31 Hannah 3 Cleveland (again), borne y e 2d of June, 
1687, m. Beard. — Middlesex Register of Probates. 



-1-32 Moses 3 Cleveland, borne y- 24th of ffebr., 1689 

-f-33 Sarah 3 Cleveland, borne y e 5th of March, 1692. 

+ 34 Miriam 3 Cleveland, Meriam borne y e 9th of July, 

35 Isahell 3 Cleveland, borne 6 of Aprill, 1697, d. Wo- 
burn, Dec. 7, 17 14. 

36 Ann 3 Cleveland, b. , 1699. 

+37 Benjamin 3 Cleveland, borne y" 16th of May, 1701. 
2 d. m : s. p. 

Aaron 2 Cleveland was a soldier in King Philip's war, 
1675-6 (as were also his brothers Moses 2 and Samuel 2 ). Fiom 
Account books, John Hull, Treas. War, Mass., day book, 448: — 
Aaron Cleveland, Aug. 24, 1676, tinder Lt. [Capt. ]ohn] Cutler, 

£ s. d. 

cr. by military service 00. 02. 06. — X. E. His. Gen. Reg., XL/I: 


He was made freeman 1680, and became prominent in all the affairs of Woburn. By 
trade a housewright and farmer, and was a land speculator, as shown by deeds recorded. 
(See ante) Woburn town rec. J : 7j — 27 : i2 mo . [Feb.] 1676, Aaron Cleavland and Nathanell 
Peirce are granted either of them a pece of land uppon Larkin's Hill for ether of them a 
Dwelling hows ad shops with what conveniences may be if not wronging the highways, 
ad ffrances Wyman, Joseph Caytor and John Peirce are chofen a committee to vew y 8 
place ad make return to the Select men who are to laye it out provided they fell it not 
but live ond it them feives." Jan. it, 1710, Aaron Cleveland signs with 4 others, a com- 
mittee chosen by the proprietors for laying out highways. 

Aaron 2 Cleveland was a man of distinction in the town, and 
wealthy. He gave his children every educational advantage 
possible at that early day. 

Sept. 24, 1716, inventory of Aaron Cleveland, Senior, shows the following real estate : 

Homestead — house, barn, orchard adjoining, about 14 acres. 

A lot at Wood Hill, about 20 acres. 

A lot near Boggy Saw Mill, so called, about 14 acres. 

A lot at Maple Meadow, about 2 acres. 

A lot at Rock Pond, about 36 acres. 

A lot at Mile Stone Swamp, about 3 acres. 

All the real estate was assigned to Aaron Cleveland, and he gave bond to pay the 
other heirs their proper share. He immediately sold two outlying lots to Joshua Saw- 
yer, one lying by the road leading to Boggy Saw Mill, and the other being a part of the 
lot at Wood Hill, the east line beginning at Cold Spring Brook and running half a mile 
to a small elm tree. — Jl'. A 1 . Cutter's article, IVoburiiJour. 

The said inventory of Aaron Cleveland's est., late of Woobun, as it was taken by 
us subscribers Sept. io, 17115. Real est. ,£167 ; total .£221 8. 3. Know all men by these 
presents that We Aaron Cleveland of Cambridge, house carpenter, and Samuel Wilson 
of Wooboon, yeoman * * This above written obligation shall be void if Aaron 
Ci.Kavei.anu administer to ye est. of his late father Aaron Cleaveland late of Wo- 
burn. 1711J Nov. 13 Guardian bond: "Know all men by these presents that we AARON 
Cleveland of Cambridge. £v>. Condition of this obligation is such that if the above 
bounden Aaron Cleveland nominated & allowed to be guardian unto Benjamin 
Cleveland a minor in his 16 year son of the late Aakon Cleveland. Middlesex deeds 
— 1716 Nov. 13 ,£200. Condition of ys obligation is such yt whereas sd. Judge hath as- 
signed & set over the real est. house & lands of late AARON Cleaveland of Woburn to 
said deceased's eldest son Aaron Cleaveland ^carpenter) of Cambridge the above 
bounden upon condition yt he the said Aaron do pay to said deceased's other children 
such portions Ac signed June 10 171S Aaron Cleveland. The deed's land in Woburn 




thus assigned to Aaron 3 to avoid dividing, 1716 Sep. 16 we whose names each are here- 
unto subscribed doe request and desire that Capt. Eliear Flegg, Lt. John Cogging, Sam 
Wiker, Jonathan & Benj. Wright of Woburn for to apprize the est. that our Hond. ffather 
Aaron Cleavland late of said Wooburn died seazed of as witnesseth our hand. Aaron 

dee'd had in his life time ,£18. 

The Woburn Journal, Sept. 25, 1885, thus describes our plate 
of the grave of Aaron 2 Cleveland. No other headstone of a 
Cleveland is now to be found in Woburn : 

"The public are already familiar with the fact that Edmund J. Cleveland, Esq., of 
Hartford [Hartford Co.], Conn., was lately in Woburn, and had a photograph made of 
the gravestone of the ancestor of President Cleveland in our old burying-ground. The 
result is now before us in a handsome heliotype picture, entitled 'The Grave of Aaron 
Cleveland in the Old First Burying-Ground, at Woburn, Mass. He was the ancestor of 
President Grover Cleveland.' The lettering and ornamental parts of the gravestone are 
brought out in the picture in a beautiful and unique manner. The gravestone is of a 
pern I1.-1.rly hard and durable stone, and the ornamental carving is of superior workman- 
ship. It belongs to a class of stones imported from England, where the ornamental por- 
tions were undoubtedly made, the lettering being put on in this country to suit the 
wishes of the purchaser. These points are proved, first, by the stone differing in kind 
from any found in this section, and second, from the superiority of the ornamental work 
to that cut afterwards on stones quarried at that day in our own country. The portrait 
of Mr. E. J. Cleveland is introduced in the picture as an effective feature. Mr. Cleve- 
land is writing a book on the Clevelands, and holds the manuscript of that work in his 
hand as he sits in a chair at the foot of this celebrated and honored grave." 

The inscriptions read as follows : 


" Here Lyes the Body -^~~~'-^ 

of M r Aaron 

Cleaveland who 

Departed This 

Life September 

th e 

the 14 17 16 in y 
62 nd year of his Age" 


" M r Aaron 
Cleaveland " 

The designation or title Mr., denotes, without doubt, that 
he was a man of distinction in his day. Very few of the stones 
in the cemetery are inscribed with this special mark of defer- 
ence and respect. Young Folks History of the United States, 1880, 
by Thomas Wcntwortlv Higginson -f-3174 [a lineal descendant of 
Aaron 5 ], 86 — 

Only a few people of the highest social position, such as the clergy and magistrates, 
were called by the title Mr. and Mrs., the common designation being t'roodman and Good- 

Wilscit ancestry of Dorcas Wilson : —3 arms : WILLSON; 44: Wii.riON: (Middlesex 
&c.) Ar. a chev. gu. betw. 3 wolves' heads erased sa. Crest An eagle disp. sa. . . . 
Dea. Roger 1 , 1). Scrooby village, Nottingham eo., Eng., 1588, was for years bef. 1620 dea. 
in Rev. John Robinson's church, whose members fled from persecution 1608, and finally 
settled at Leyden, Holland. Woolen and silk draper at L. Prominent member of -ieeu- 





lar organization of Pilgrim body of Puritans; was bondsman for the only 3 who ever 
obtained the freedom of Leyden city, viz.: William Bradford, Gov. of Plymouth, Isaac 
Allerton, and Doggory Priest. Was an energetic member of joint stock eo. which fitted 
out the Mayflower, but did not come to America, intending to join them later. No rec. 

of d. at Leyden, prob. d. in Eng. m. Fuller 2 , sister of Dr. Samuel Fuller ; Lt. John 2 

b. Eng. 161 1, from Eng. 1631, the only Wilson who came with the Pilgrims. Wilson taxed 
Woburn Aug. 26, 1666, had right in W. common lands 1668, d. W. July 2, 1687, m. Han- 
nah James (she rem. to Danvers, Essex co., Mass., m. 2d, af. 1688 as 3d w. Lt. Thomas 
Fuller). Woburn rec, 1 : 43 ; Seiuall's Woburn, bi4, 648; Notes of Charles E. Wilson, 
San Francisco, Cal. 

Fuller ancestry : — Burke— 5 arms : FULLER (Isle of Wight, Eng.) Ar. 3 bars gu. on 
a canton of the 2d. a castle or. Crest — A dexter arm embowed vested ar. holding a 

sword . . . l Fuller, prob. of England ; Miss a Fuller prob. went from Eng. 

to Leyden, and to Plymouth ab. 1623 (sister of Dr. Samuel Fuller, chirurgeon, dea. at 
Leyden 1612-20, one of the most valuable Pilgrims of the Mayflower to Plymouth i6_>o 
[with bro. Edward], the first physician that came to sett, in our country, d. P. 1633, betw. 
July 30 and Oct., his will July 30, 1633, the first on record in America, m. in Holland, 
Bridget, who came in the Ann, 1623, and d. 1664), m. Roger Wilson 1 . Savage. 

" Wooburn Sep. 19 1716. This may certifie whom it may concern that I descire seek- 
ing administration on the estate of my husband AARON Cleaveland late of Wooburn 
Deceased and I desire my son-in-law [step-son] Aaron Cleaveland to administer 
upon the sd. estate in wittness hereof I have sett my hand the day and yeer first above 
written Prudence Cleaveland her P C mark" 

Tax list Rev. John Fox's salary year begin. Mar. 4 1717 widow Prltdence Cleave- 
land to s. 


SAMUEL 2 CLEVELAND (Moses*), b. Woburn, Mass., June 
9, 1657, d. Canterbury, Windham co., Conn., Mar. 12, 1735-6, 
m. 1 st, Chelmsford, Mass., May 17, 1680, Jane Keyes, b. New- 
bury, Essex co., Mass., Oct. 25, 1660, d. Chelmsford, Nov. 14, 
1 68 1, a daughter of Solomon and Frances (Grant) Keys. He 
m. 2d, Chelmsford, May 23, 1682, Persis Hildreth, b. Chelms- 
ford, Feb. 8, 1660, d. Canterbury, Feb. 22, 1698, a daughter of 
Richard and Elizabeth ( ) Hildreth. He m. 3d, Canter- 
bury, July 25, 1699, Mrs. Margaret ( ^-) Fish, widow of John 

Fish. Ch. by istm.: 

+ 3i> Jane 3 Cleveland, b. ab. 1681, Chelmsford. By 2d m.: 

+ 39 Persis 3 Cleveland, b. Apr. 21, 1683, Chelmsford, Mass. 

+ 40 Samuel 3 Cleveland, b. Jan. 12, 1685, Chelmsford, 

41 Ephralm 3 Cleveland, b. Apr. 10, 1687, Chelmsford; 
d. Canterbury, Mar. 13, 17 n. 

+ 42 Joseph 3 Cleveland, b. July 18, 1689, Chelmsford, 

+ 43 Elizabeth 3 Cleveland, b. June 26, 1693, Woburn, 

+44 Marv 3 - Cleveland, b. June 14, 1696, Canterbury. By 
3d m.: 

45 Abigail 3 Cleveland, b. Apr. 23, 1700, Canterbury, d. 
Canterbury, Feb. 23, 17 17-18. 

+ 46 Timothy 3 Cleveland, b. Aug. 25, 1702, Canterbury, 

SEE 'Mb. DlCflOKAAt 


Sergt. Samuki." Cleveland was a soldier (as were also his 
brothers Mosks' 2 and Aaron") in King Philip's war, 1675-6. 
(See -\-2: — Petition of his brother Moses* for release of Samuel 2 
from the army.) He held the rank of Sergeant. From Account 
Books of John Hull, Treas. War, Mass. Bay Colony : — 

Dav 1 ! 

Book: Sergt. Samuel CLEAVELand. [Ledger page] 133. £ ; s | d 

Page. ; | j 

4? ! Oct. 5, 1075, Ca: &}' military service under Major [Simon] ' ; 

I Willard, . . 03 ; 06 ( 04 

iSo Jan. 25, 1675 1 1675-6'] Cr. By military service at Groton |Mid- ■ \ 

i dlesex co., Mass. ), . . . . . . . . . 02 | oS j 00 

217 ! Apr. 24. 1676, Cr. By military service under Capt. Syill i I 

! I Joseph Sill], 02 j 04 j 06 

244 ; June 24, 1676, Cr. By military service at Chelmsford, . . 03 j 07 ] oS 

430 i Aug. 24, 1676, Dr. To Wooburn Town, 03 i 07 


4c, 136 222 Debits of payments to Samuel Cleaveland — See A 7 . E. His. Gen. Reg., 
XL/: 40S; XLIJI: 263. 279. ' 

Office Secretary Commonwealth, Mass. Archives, XXXVI1L: 220 — Samuel Cleve- 
land Oct. 19 1695 Service under Maj. Simon Willard ^03. 06. 04. 

Samuel Cleveland was known as Sergt. Cleveland, and is 
thus designated in the Woburn and Canterbury town, land, and 
church records. [His ist and 2d marriages on Chelmsford rec, 
certified by Samuel Adams, eommis.] He bought land at 
Chelmsford, Nov. 17, 1681, 6 acres near and 17 acres on the N. 
side of Tadmuck Hill. 

" Chelmsford the 17"': 9 month: 1681 
Sould to Samuel Cleveland according to town order as doth appear in the Town 
Book : page the 140 : Two parcels of upland and swamp : The first containing by estima- 
tion i;- acres be it more or less, lying upon the East side of Tadnack Hill : Bounded upon 
the North corner by a white oak and the Town Common : Westerly upon a white oak : 
by the Town Common : Southerly on a white oak on the Town Common and by the 
highway to great Tadnack: Easterly upon a white oak: also the s d Samuel Cleave- 
land hath liberty to Damm and flow the Swamp that lyes on his own land. (Secondly) 
6 acres be it more or less lying upon Tadnack Hill : Bounded East upon the land of 
Arthur Crouch, Southerly upon the land of Edward Spaulding Sr. and upon all other 
points upon the Town Common upland by several stakes : This is a true copie as attest 

Solomon Keyes 
John Fisk 
This is a true copie of the original confirmed as above and here recorded this 7 h Day 
of July: 1687: Byrne Samuel Adams Clerk " 

Was made a freeman — (Cert*) [certified by Selectmen as 
entitled to Freedom] Mar. 11, 1689-90. Sam 11 Ci.kavei.and 
Chelmsford. Mass. Archives, Inlet-charter 1 : 295. Samuel 2 re- 
turned to Woburn 1693, and in 1693 removed to Canterbury, 
the first Cleveland who settled there. 

Conn. His. Collections. By John Warner Jiarber, ./20 — Canterbury originally be- 
longed to Windham, Windham Co., Conn., afterwards to Plainficld, Windham CO. Gen. 
Assembly enacted, 1703, that Plainficld should be divided and the inhabitants on the W. 
side of the river should be Canterbury. The settlement of this tract commenced ab. 
I'iyj. The settlers from Conn, were : Maj. James Fitch, Solomon Tracy, from Norwich, 
Now London Co., Conn.; Tixhall Ell worth LEns worth?], Samuel Ashley, from Hartford, 
Conn. ; but the greatest number were from Newtown, Middlesex co., Mass., Woburn, 
Dorchester, Barnstable, Barnstable Co., Medfield, Norfolk co. Among these, John, Rich- 


ard, and Jo.;tph Woodward, William, Obadiah, and Joseph Johnson, Josiah and Sam- 
uel Cleveland; Elisha Pain, Paul Davenport, and Henry Adams. Canterbury is 
bounded N. by Brooklyn, Windham 00., W. by Windham, E. by Plainfteld, S. by Lisbon, 
New London co., and P. It is 8 miles long, 4^ broad, watered by the Quinnebaug. It is 
divided into 1 societies, Canterbury and Westminster, Windham co. History of Con- 
necticut, by Benjamin Trumbull, D.D., II — Among first settlers of Canterbury were 
Josiah and Samuel Cleveland. 

Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society, VI IT. Fifth Series Winthrop 
Tapers; 1&S2, p. sot — Power of. Attorney of Benj. Palmer and Samuel Cleveland, en- 
dorsed on a a blank leaf of letter of Wait Winthrop to John or Adam Gallup, Boston, 
Oct. ip, 1695 : "This may sertefy that I Bejemin Palmer and Samuell Cleueland live- 
ing in the Quaneboge plantation in the collony of Conettecut in New Inland being yeu- 
men for as much as Mag r Jams Fitch isqu"- having forceably entred into our house ; at a 
nother time John Plume of New Lundun jun r [New London, Conn.] also brock into the 
house ; and also by them and seueral other persons we have rescued a grat deal of dam- 
ige in our corn both Indean corn and rye being threshed out and earyed away ; also 
considerable stry mad under a pretence of law, we being greatly damnefyed by the 
same in consideration thereof or any other thing in this case we do chus and apoint also 
impower our loueing frin John Gallup of Stoningtown in the counte of New Lundun in 
the collene of Conettecut in New Ingland to complaine to and prosecut what he sese 
cause, both together or apart. We also do impower him to chuse or tack into or with 
him for the manigment or prosecuting of the thing or to chus any other persun or per- 
suns that he may stand in ned of, as tho we, the above said Benjamin Pallmar an Cleue- 
lan weare tber preasent. Witness our hands and selles the 2 day of Novemb. 1695. The 
words enter lined betwene the 10 and 11 lin wich was or any other thing in this case and 
also between the 16, 17 line, the word or to chuse thes words were before sining and seal- 
ing Sining and sealing in preasencese of us : BENJEmen Palmar [Seal] 
Thomas Williams, Henry Stephens Samvel Cleavela" j [Seal] " 

These troubles mentioned pages 504, 577 : Wait Winthrop writes, Apr. 8, 1696, to gov. 
of Conn. : "in behalf of the new plantation, at Quinabngue with respect to a of our ten- 
ants Benj. Palmar and Samuel Cleveland who have been contrary to all law and rea- 
son unjustly molested by Capt. Fitch" 

History of Windham County, Conn., By Ellen D. Lamed, I, 1874, 
II, 1880 — makes frequent mention of Clevrlanijs and others 
of Cleveland blood, and the important and prominent parts 
they bore in the organization and subsequent history of Wind- 
ham co. 

/ 10S— 1695, Samuel Cleveland, the tenant succeeding Benjamin Palmer, (tenant 
o£ Maj. James Fitch) was reduced to still greater suffering by over-extortion of produce 
for rent, so that the Maj. himself wrote to Thomas Brooks and Benjamin Spalding, 
" That they should deliver to said Cleveland all that might be judged needful for his 
present necessities." no — Other settlers soon followed Maj. Fitch. Samuel Adams 
from Chelmsford ; Elisha Paine from Eastham, Barnstable co., Mass.; Obadiah and Wil- 
liam Johnson, Samuel and Josiah Cleveland from Wohurn ; Thomas Brooks, Row- 
land Jones, and Robert Green settled W. of the Quinebaug. To encourage these settlers 
O waneco, chief of the Mohegans [See History of Norwich, Conn., By Francis Wanwaring 
Caulkins, 233-6 — The mark [sign manual] of Oanaco Owenxeko] in 1698 made over to 
Maj. James Fitch, JOSIAH Cleveland, and Jabez Utter the land between the Quine- 
baug and Appaquage rivers, extending 8J~ miles N. of Norwich north line, except those 
lands formerly granted to Maj. Fitch, Solomon and Daniel Tracy and Richard Bushnell, 
"in trust fory« inhabitants now dwelling in the plantation of Quinebauge they bearing 
their proportion of charge to wit : Thomas Brooks, Obadiali Johnson, Samuel Cleve- 
land, Robert Green, Rowland Jones and Maj. Fitch. The above arc on the w. side of 
Quinebaug; the intention is to promote plantation work." This conveyance did not 
prevent Owaneco's soiling the same land to other settlers at every opportunity. Indeed, 
some tracts were sold to 3 01 4 different purchasers by this "'flexible" and unscrupu- 
lous chieftain. In Maj', 1690, the inhabitants E. and W. of Quinebaug River had become 
sufficiently numerous to present to Gen. Court the following petition : — " whereas some 
;,o families are here and have made some settlement, and although the place be of itself 
considerable for a good township there ought to be a regular orderly settlement, and 
that we may have the privilege which belongs to other towns, without which we cannot 
as we should serve God nor <>ur country, we, therefore, pray for town privileges, and 



that 2 suitable persons be appointed to measure out 10 miles square, and tliat we ir.ay 
have a name and brand, and freedom from charges. We also pray that the Court would 
appoint a committee of indifferent uninterested persons to lay out allotments and to 
equalize such as have been in part laid out, for without any reflection on the persons 
that have been already concerned, we humbly conceive it cannot be reasonable to sup- 
pose that a peaceable, honorable, speedy, righteous laying out of lots and divisions of 
lands and meadows can be by 6 brothers who also pretend to and would hold, near a. 
sixth part of the plantation to themselves; where, as it is well known that this place 
lyeth under many pretended claims besides our honorable Governor's claim and by their 
own surveying running near 2 miles for less than 100 acres to lay out spots of meadow 
— such actions, so contrary to law, if not regulated, the place is spoiled, and, therefore, 
we humbly pray the Assembly to appoint Capt. Wetherell, Mr. Pitkin and Mr. Ely to 
inquire into the legal proceedings, and inform the weak and feeble that they may have 
a more speedy and peaceable settlement, so that we may have the worship of God among 
us — the which above all is to be desired and sought for and have our rights defended to 
ourselves and heirs May g 1699 

East Side Settlers: 
Isaac Shepard John Spalding 

Richard Pellet _ Edward Spalding 

Benjamin Rood James Kingsbury 

John Fellows Thomas Pierce 

Samuel Shepard Thomas Harris 

Matthias Button 
Joseph Spalding 
Jacob Warren 
Nathaniel Jewell 
Timothy Pierce 

Robert Green 
Richard Adams 

West Settlers : 
Samuel' Cleveland 
Josiah Cleveland 

Thomas Brooks 
Obadiah Johnson 
William Johnson." 
112 — Some difficulty was found in collecting church rates. Some inhabitants of 
this somewhat lawless community were indifferent about religious worship, while 
others — especially the Mass. settlers — were deeply anxious to establish religious insti- 
tutions and settle their plantation upon a sound Christian basis. Meeting Nov. 13, 1699, 
agreement adopted to which Samuel and Josiah Cleveland were signers, rib — Samuel 
and Josiah Cleveland were selected for the important service of considering "all that 
may tend to the good well fare of this town." 7/9 — Division of Plainfield Articles of 
Separation: — "we agree that the Quinebaug shall be the division to the centre 
of Peagscomsuck Island, and from the centre of that island [a line] due east, a 
quarter of a mile — thence a line run straight to the south bounds of town a mile east- 
ward from the Quinebaug River, and in whichever part of the great cedar swamp shall 
fall, the inhabitants on both sides shall have liberty to use the timber. Both sides pay- 
ing for the ministry, only the west side not to bear any part of the charge for the meet 
ing-house now built on the east side — the inhabitants of the west side to procure a min- 
ister for themselves as soon as the lines are run. JSast side joining with them in appli- 
cation to the General Court for the grant of a separate township on west side : 

East Side Settlers : 

Joseph Spalding 
Benjamin Spalding 
Edward Spalding 
James Welch 
Phillip Bump 
Matthias Button 
Thomas Pierce 
Thomas Stevens Sen. 

West Sim- - . Settlers: 

Josiah Cleveland 
Elisha Paine 
Richard Adams 
Thomas Brooks 

James Dean 
Thomas Williams 
William Johnson 
William Marsh 
John Fellows 
Benjamin Clark 
Edward Yeoman s 
John Spalding 

James Fitch 

Samuel Cleveland 

Obadiah Johnson 

Robert Green 

Witnesses: James Moves, G. Saltonstall, Salmon Treat. Dec 24 1702 " 

/jo — In pursuance of agreement, petition to Gen. Court : "The inhabitants of the 
west of Plainfield having been in a long labarynth of difficulties by reason of a tedious 
river that is between us and them„and we have modeled and begun to get timber for 
our meeting-house and purchased and set a lot for our minister and ask to be confirmed 
as a town. 

Thomas Stevens Jr. 
Jacob Warren 
Stephen Hall 
Joshua Whitney 
John Smith 
William Douglas 
Benjamin Palmer 
Nathaniel Jewell 

Benjamin Rood 
Isaac Cleveland 



William Johnson Elisha Paine James Deane 

Obadiah Johnson Samukl Cleveu.vd Thomas Williams " 

134 — Maj. Fitch, Elisha Paine, Samuel Cleveland, John Dyer and nearly all the 
prominent men of Canterbury were indicted " for stealing- loads of hay " and had each 
to pay 10 s. to the Treasury and 20 s. to John Smith. jjO —Apr. 30, 1723, the long-con- 
tested Canterbury land was equally distributed. Those who received i>< shares as first 
settlers and planters were : Maj. Fitch, Elisha Paine, John Pike, Thomas Brown, John 
Adams, Samuel Adams, Sen., Samuel Cleveland, Sen. and Jun., Robert Burwell, 
Richard Pellet, Robert Green, Joseph iand Obadiah Johnson, Richard Woodward, Ste- 
phen Frost, David Munrow, William and Timothy Backus, Benjamin Baldwin, Tixhall 
Ensworth, Samuel and Henry Adams, Jun., Joseph Adams, Solomon Tracy, Samuel 
Butt, Joseph Smith and Joseph Cleveland [+42327 in all. Lt. Edward Spalding-, 
John Welch, Edward Cleveland Jun. [ t- 53] Richard Smith, James Bradford, Ephraim 
Davis, David Raynsford, Nathaniel Bond, Henry Adams Sen., David Adams, Deliver- 
ance Brown, Thomas Adams, Benjamin Fassett, Abraham Paine, Elisha Paine Jun., 
Daniel Fitch, James Hyde, John Port, John Dyer, Moses Cleveland [+ 32] John Ens- 
worth, John Cady and John Carter received each 1 share as proprietors under the patent. 
The later settlers who had but l / 2 share were David Carver, Thomas Davenport, Joseph 
Adams Sen., Solomon Paine, Henry Cleveland [+ 66] Theophilus Fitch, John Bacon. 
Jonathan Davis, Jacob Johnson, John Baldwin, Isaac Cleveland [-f 56] Edward 
Raynsford, Joseph Ensworth, Richard Gale, Jabez Fitch, Nathaniel Robbins, Aaron 
Cady and Samuel Cook. The whole number of land -proprietors in the township was 
thus 68, of whom 8 or 10 were non-resident. 

Neva Engl<i7id Historical and Genealogical Register, XV: 53 — Early settlers of Plain- 
field, Conn. Plainfield was granted to Gov. John Winthrop of New London about i6ss, 
settled from Mass., incorporated 1699, anc * contained Dec. 24, 1702, following- freeholders : 
Residing w. side of Quinebaug River — James Fitch, Esq., Samuel Cleaveland, Obe- 
diah Johnson, Robert Green, Josiah Cleaveland, Elisha Paine, Richard Adams, Thos. 
Brooks, Benj. Rood, Isaac Cleaveland, also freeholders residing E. side of Q. R. Oct. 
10, 1706, Gen. Court of Conn, gave more ample confirmations to 19 of above proprietors. 

Plainfield rec. Dec. /j, 1702— Voted that Samuell Cleaveland and Thomas Whitney 
are chosen collectors of ministers' rates for the year. 

Old Church Record Book of the Separate Society of Canterbury— The names of those 
who first constituted the [First Congregational] Church of Canterbury, June 13, 1711, 
Samuell Eastabrooke, Elisha Paine, John Woodward, Eleazer Brown, Sam" Cleveland, 
Richard Woodward, Stephen Frost. 

Samuel 2 Cleveland was taxed 1716 on ^£84 valuation when 
there were only 63 taxable inhabitants in Canterbury ; of these 
9 were Clevelands. Samuel 2 and Josiah 2 were the first Clevl- 
lands who left Woburn and settled in Canterbury. About 
1699 they were joined by their brothers, Isaac 3 and Edward 2 . 

\The posterity of Samuel 2 Cleveland numbers many tal- 
ented, cultured, and useful persons ; many of them have been 
prominent in the affairs of the nation. The professions are 
largely represented. The greater proportion are successful 
business men, merchants, manufacturers, producers, etc., who, 
by industry, have accumulated wealth and are noted for philan- 

/fees, Keies.- A'eyes, fCeys ancestry of Jane Keys : — Parke' 's Armory — KEVKS (Kent, 
Eng.) Gu. a chev, erm. betw. 3 leopards' heads ar. or or. Crest — Griffin's head betw. 2 
wings holding a palm branch ppr. Scrg. Solomon 1 Keies from England, of Newbury, 
Mass., 1653, he and his brother Joseph took up land in Chelmsford roors, town clerk, 
tytbing man, his old homestead still stands in Westford, Middlesex co., Mass., which was 
setoff from Chelmsford, d. Chel. Mar. 28, 1702. m. Newb. Oct. 2, 1(153, Frances Grant-', eh -. 
Hannah-, Sarah", Mary-, Jane-, m. as 1st w. SAMl'El. CLEVELAND-, Judith", Solomon-, 
Joseph", Ruth-, Moses-, John 3 Keys.— Genealogy. Robert A'eyes of Water/own, Middlese v 
co., Mass., ibjj. Solomon Xeys 0/ Xer<vbnry and Chelmsford /63J. Others of the Xante. />'y 
Asa A'eyes, /SSo, p. jq. 

Grant ancestry of Jane A'eyes : — Rurke 30 arms .- G RANT (Crundali, Hants co.. Eng.) Ar. 



^ lions ramp. ar. a chief o£ the second. Crest — A demi lionar. Motto — Tanquam despi- 
c.itus sum vinco. Fi-ances 1 Grant was very prob. o£ Rowley, Essex co., Mass., 1643 (f° r 
she was prob. sister of John Grant of Rowley and Newbury, whose mother may have 
been Jane Grant of Rowley who d. 1696), of Newbury 1653, d. Chelmsford 17138, m. Solo- 
mon Keies 1 . SeeJOANN'A CLEVELAND + 11. 

llihireth. Hildrick ancestry : of Per sis Ilildreth : — Serif. Richard' b. 1603-12 freem. 
Cambridge, Mass., May 10, 1643, one o£ the grantees of Chelmsford 1653, d.Chel. 1688, m. 1st, 
Sarah, she d. June 15, 1644; he m. 2d, Elizabeth, b. 1625, d. Maiden, Middlesex co., Mass., 
Aug. 3, 1693. Ch. by 2d m : Elizabeth 3 , Sarah 2 , Joseph 2 , Peirses or Persia 2 , m. as 2d. w. 
Samuel Cleveland-. Thomas 2 , Isaac 2 , Abigail' 2 , Hildreth m. Moses Parker of Chel. 

Mrs. Margaret ( ) [Fish] Cleveland joined church at Canterbury 1737. She m. 1st, 

John Fish, s. John 2 (of Stonington, New London co. , Conn., reputed s. of Jonathan 1 of 
Sandwich, Barnstable co., Mass., bef. 1650, and Newtown, Queens co., N. Y.) Fish & 
Martha 2 (Aaron 1 of New London, Conn.) Starke or Start. He joined chh. 1686 an adult 
person. Ch : 

i John Fish m. Canterbury July 19 1726 Esther Johnson a da. of Obadiah 4 (John 2 
Edward 2 William 1 — see + 32) Johnson & Rebecca. Ch : 1 Rufus Fish bap. Oct. 30, 1734, 
Canterbury chh. 2 Esther Fish m. TIMOTHY 4 Cleveland -\- 175. ii David Fish. 

iii Margaret Fish bap. 1695-6 [continued below], 

Margaret Fish, bap. 1695-6, called Margaret Cleveland, d. 1775, buried at Canterbury 
Green, Windham co., Conn., m. at " Serg. Cleaveland's," Canterbury, Sep. 25, 1717, 
Capt. Gideon Cobb, b. Barnstable, Mass., Apr. n, 1691, d. Canterbury Dec. 26, 1760, as. 
of Henry 3 (Henry 2 from Eng. to Plymouth, Mass., 1629, of Barnstable ; m. 2d Sarah 
Hinckley, da. of Samuel & Sarah of Scituate, Plymouth co., Mass., reputed youngest 
s. of baronet Cobb 1 of Cobb's Court, co. Kem, Eng. Arms: [Cobb's Court, Romney 
temp. Edw. II 1307 and Aldington, Kent] Ar. a chev. betw. 3 cocks gu. combs and 
wattles or. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or. a demi leopard ramp. ppr. Family 
originally from Wales. ; Edmund Cobb of Cobb's Court was living 1418) Cob or Cobb 
& Lois (Hallett). Of Stonington 1700, Windham, member Court, associated in lands 
■with John Bradford, bro. Cleveland and Fitch, Mortlake, a founder of Windham chh. 
by letter from it joined Canterbury chh. 1737, surveyor. Descendants of the Vt. branch 
imported and distributed Spanish sheep. Ch : i Gideon Cobb b. 1716-8 Stonington 
[continued below] ; ii Elkanah Cobb (Capt.) d. 1818, bur. Canterbury Green, m. 1st, 
.Sarah Answorth, 2d, Dorothy Shepard, rem. to Black Hills, Plainfield, Conn., capt. 
nth reg. 1768, dep. of Court. 

Gideon Cobb, b. Stonington, July 8, 1718, d. Pawlet, Rutland co., Vt., 1794 or 8, a. 81, 
m. Canterbury, 1739, Abigail Dyar of C, she d. Orwell, Addison co., Vt., 1808, da. John 3 
(Joseph 2 Thomas 1 — see -j- 666) Dyer. Early settler of Pawlet, surveyor dep. of Court. 
Ch : i Gideon Cobb, b. 1740, Norwich, New London co., Conn., d. Canterbury 1760. 

ii William Cobb, b. 1740, Norwich, d. New York, New York co., N. Y., 1792, m. 
Huldah Norton of Pawlet. Ch : 1. William Cobb, b. 1769. 2. Sarah Cobb, 1772. 

iii John Cobb, b. Nov. 1743, Norwich, [continued below]. 

iv Elkanah Cobb, b. 1747, N. died in Ark. 1795, m. Mary Willard, da. Capt. Jonathan 
(the principal grantee of Pawlet, descended in 4th gen. from 9th s. of Maj. Simon Willard 
of Boston, Mass., 1634) Willard & Sarah (Cliilds). Of Pawlet 1770. ch. (A son was lawyer 
and Methodist preacher in Indiana) : 1. Gideon Dyer Cobb, b. 1773. 2. Joshua Cobb, 
1776. 3. Sarah Cobb, 1778. 4. Mary Cobb (twin), b. 1781. 5. Willard Cobb (Capt.) (twin), 
b. 1781, m. a daughter of Caleb 2 (Timothy 1 b. 1714 from Woodbury, Litchfield co., 
Conn. 1768 to Pawlet, cousin to Ethan) Allen officer in war 1812 of P., built storehouse 
at Polley's landing in Fort Ann, Washington co., N. Y., thence went west. 6. Elkanah 
Cobb, b. 1783. 7. John Cobb, b. 1786. 8. James Dyer Cobb, b. 1789, was in war 1812, at 
its close ent. West Point Mil. Acad. Of Pawlet rem. to Ga. 9. Sophia Cobb. 

v Joshua Cobb (Capt.) b. Norwich, m. 1781 Hannah Edgerton a da. of Capt Simeon 3 
(b. 1732 from N. 1781 to Pawlet; Capt. Joseph 1 with his ship was foundered at sea ab. 
1773) Edgerton & Abiah, rem. to Vernon, Oneida co., N. Y. Ch. b. Pawlett: 1. Abigail 
Cobb, 1783. 2. Maria Cobb, 1785. 3. Polly Cobb, b. 1787, m. Z. Remmington. 4. Drury 
Cobb, b. 1789. 5. Joshua Cobb, 1792. 6. Hannah Cobb, 1794. 7. Arthusa Cobb, 1798. 8.' 
Simeon Cobb, 1800. 9. Clarissa Cobb, 1802. 

vi Kbenezer Cobb, b. 1750, Canterbury, d. Shoreham, Addison co., Vt., m. 1785, 
Betsey Lothrop, b. Canterbury. Of Norwich, rem. to Stillwater, Saratoga co., N. Y. 
Ch : 1. Derek Cobb, b. Pawlet. 2. Clarissa Cobb, b. P. 3. Ebenezer Cobb, b. P. 4. 
Susan Cobb, b. P. 5. Betsey Cobb. 6. Calvin Cobb. 

vii Wethean Cobb, b. Canterbury, m. Thomas Lothrop, b. C. Ch : 1. Sylvanus 
Lothrop. 2. Clarissa Lothrop. 3. Abigail Lothrop. 4. Thomas Lothrop. 5. Pearle Loth- 
rop.' 6. Gideon Lothrop. 7. Sarah Lothrop. 8. Polly Lothrop. 9. Nancy Lothrop. 10. 
John Lothrop. 



viii Abigail Cobb, b. at Canterbury ab. 1756, m. Stephen Read. 

ix Sarah Cobb, b. Canterbury ab. 1758, m. Benjamin Serven s. p. After iSSj all 
had migrated to Pawlet and Saratoga. 

Capt. John Cobb, b. Norwich, Nov. 1743, d. Orwell, iSt;, m. 178-2, Mary Fuller, b. 
1762, d. Rochester, Monroe co., N. Y., 1849, da. of: Joseph- (Joseph 1 b. Stork, Ipswich 
Eng., 1620, of Canterbury) Fuller. Of Hanover, New London co., Conn. Enlisted under 
Israel Putnam in Lexington Alarm, at Cambridge, Bunker Hill, joined 2dreg.Gen. Joseph 
Spencer 1776, 4th co. Canterbury, 1st corporal, fought at Peekskill, Germantown 1777, 
joined Huntington from Putnam's Div., signed for the war and from Kent (his gr. fa. 
Fitch's plantation home) in Maj. Gen. William Heath's wing on Hudson 1779, under Col. 
Return Jonathan Meigs, Morristown, Stony Point 17S1, consolidated 1782, Capt. Kimberly 
roll 1783 "enlisted 1777 for the war," of Pawlet, Orwell. Ch : 

i Henry Cobb, b. 1783, Pawlet, d. Moscow, Livingston co., N. Y., 1811, 111. 1805, Esther 
Bennet. Ch : 

1. Eliza Cobb, b. 1806 b. 1S93, m. C. Buckland of Rochester, he d. 1S92, farmer, Albion. 
Ch : Henry Buckland, Eliza Buckland, Edward Buckland. 

2. Mary Cobb, b. 1808, m. 1830, Benjamin Cowles. She res. Brighton (1896). Ch. liv 
ing in Ohio and Ind.: Norman Cowles, Henry Cowles, Roswell Cowles. 

ii William Cobb (Col.), b. 1787, Pawlet, Vt. [continued below]. 

iii Abigail Cobb, b. 1787, P., m. Henry Mayo, of Burlington, Chittenden co., Vt., mer- 
chant. Ch : 

1. Mary Mayo m. Henry Catlin, merchant, has son now living in Providence, R. I. 2 . 
Eliza Mayo m. Henry Doolittle. Both above wives buried in Burlington. 

iv John Cobb, b. 1789, Pawlet, Vt. [continued below], 

v Gideon Cobb, b. . 1791, Pawlet, Vt. [continued below]. 

vi Horace Cobb, b. 1797, P., d. Rochester, m. 1st Bascon, 2d Nichols. Ch. by T st m. : 

1. James Brewer Cobb m. McCall. Ch : Carlos Cobb, Maud Cobb. 

2. William Horace Cobb m. Janes. Ch : Oscar Cobb, Henry Cobb, Mary Cobb. By 
2d m. : 3. Eliza Cobb. 4. Mary Cobb d. 5. Jennie Cobb. 

vii Sarah Cobb, b. 1800, m. Alpheus Bacon, Burlington. Of Rochester. Ch : 1. Mary 

viii Maria Cobb, b. 1803, d. East Hartford, Hartford co., Conn., 1849, in- 1836, Rev. 
Samuel Griswold, of Hartford, Hartford co., Conn. 

Col. William Cobb, b. Pawlet, 1787, d. Louisville, Jefferson co., Ky., 1826, m. Lora 
Fitch of Conn., da. Benjamin. Rem. to Rome, Oneida co., N. Y., thence to Rochester, 
estab. the first water power factory for edge tools, farm implements, col. of reg., chair- 
man village Council, President Rochester village, contracting engineer for Ohio River 
locks at Louisville. Ch : 

i Lucy Cobb, b. 1810, Vernon, Oneida co., N. Y., d. 1893, m. 1832, N. Calhoun, 
Rochester, went to Clinton, Lenawee co., Mich. Ch : 1. Celia Calhoun, b. Manchester 
m. House. 2. Henry Calhoun, b. M. 3. Mary Calhoun, b. Clinton, m. Lee Conklin. 

ii Julia Ann Cobb, b. 1814, Rome, m. 1834, William Hanford, Rochester. Ch : 1. Wil- 
liam Hanford, b. 1837, of Springfield, Clark co., O. 

2. Lucy Hanford, b. 1840, m. E. A. Glover, editor. Ch. : Emily Glover, m. G. Thing, 

3. Henry G. Hanford, b. 1847, m. Florence Sage, bank cashier. Ch : Josephine 
Hanford, Hally Hanford, William Cobb Hanford, Herbert Hanford, Rochester; 
Emily Hanford, teacher. 

iii. Mary Willard Cobb, b. 1816, d. San Francisco, Cal., 1889, m. 1835, David Me- 
Cormick. Ch : 1. Weltha McCormick, b. Toledo, O., m. E. Brown. .-. Kate McCormick, 
m. George Brigham, Toledo. 3. Charles McCormick. 4. Alice McCormick, in. John 
Starr, Camden, N. J. 5. Florence McCormick, m. Edy Sleavey, Cal. 

iv. Weltha Cobb, b. 1819, d. 1857, m. 1837, Leonard White of Buffalo, N. Y., edge- 
tool factory. Ch : 1. Christina White, in. A. B. Hodge, San Francisco and Paris, France. 

2. Julia White, m. L. Hamilton. Ch : Frank H. Hamilton (Dr.), New York, N. V., 
1884-96 ; L. Hamilton (son), in N. Y. city (1806); I. Hamilton (da.), m. Andrew 
Sillee, Paris, France, 

3. Lora White, m. Charles Marvin. Ch : Charles Marvin, manager tool factory, 

v. Abigail Mayo Cobb, d. 1891, m. Charles Johnson, Monroe, Mich. Ch : 1. Olive 
Johnson, m. Pheeney. 2. Henry Johnson, m., South Bend Agricultural Works. 

vi. Lora Fitch Cobb. 

Dr. John C >bb, b. Pawlet, 1789, d. Ogden, Monroe co., N. Y., 1832, m. 1814, Sarah 
Robbins, b. 1789, of Cambridge, da. Nathaniel 3 (Solomon 2 or Nathaniel 2 of Grafton, Na- 
thaniel 1 of Plymouth, 1635), Robbins and Mary (Coolidge). Grad. Castleton Medical 
Coll. of Rochester, and 1817 Ogden ; physician. Had a busy life ; d. from infected poison 
of a patient. Ch : 


i. Carlos Cobb, b. 1815, Athens, d. N. Y. city 1877, 111. 1838, Emeline Field, she d., 
buried Buffalo: da. Hon. Joseph of Rochester. Lawyer at Rochester 1843, of Buffalo 
1843-7, merchant, engaged by Upper Canada Co. to explore N. shore Lake Superior, 
locate mines, 1848, in business with his brother in Buffalo 1848, to K. Y. city 1862, 
highly respected as a merchant. Ch : 

1/ Emeline Field Cobb, m. 1S78, Dr. \V. Fred Peterson, N. Y. city. Ch : Clara A. 

ii. Oscar Cobb, b. Oct., 1816, Ludlow, Windsor co., Vt., m. 1st, 1856, Charlotte Cal- 
lender Wilcox, she d. 1867, da. of Birdsey Wilcox, descendant of John Birdsey, Jr., of 
Stratford, Conn., 1635. He in. 2d, i860, Martha H. Warner of Lima, Livingston co., N. Y., 
da. of Orson- (Judge Matthew 1 ) Warner. Taught school 1832-3, stopped study on ac- 
count of ill health, entered a drug store in Rochester, opened as drug merch. at St. 
Louis, Mo., 1838, business promising until Oct., 1839, when an explosion of powder in 
adjoining store blew down a wall, firing his stock and killing 7 men, lost health, but 
established a business, retired to the lake country 1844, accompanied his brother to L. 
Superior 1847, commenced business 1848, Cobb & Co., Buffalo, retired in 1873,' residence, 
Buffalo. Ch. byistm. : 

1. Julia Ida Cobb, b. 1858, m. 1S87, George C. Bingham. Ch : Benjamin Bingham. 

2. Sarah Jenny Cobb, b. i860. 

3. John Callender Cobb, b. 1862, m. (894, Myra Howard. Ch : Mary Robbins Cobb. 

4. Charlotte Wilcox Cobb, b. 1864, m. 1889, Carladam Lautz. Ch : Oscar Cobb 
Lautz, b. 1800; John Adam Lautz, 1891. 

5. Mary Emily Cobb, b. 1867, m. 1893, Calvin Crosser. Ch: Callender Crosser. By 
2d m.: 6. Martha L. Cobb, b. 1870, d. 1875. 7. Carloscar Warner Cobb, b. 1879. 

iii. Sarah Euselia Cobb, b. 1S21, Ogden, m. 1847, Edward Hyde Ball, he d., Mil- 
waukee, Wis., 1878. Ch : 1. Elizabeth Ball, m. Blodget. 2. Helen Ball, m. Dr. 

Bartlett. 3. Sarah Ball, m. Charles Allis. 4. Mary Ball, m. H. Camp. 5. Edward 
Hyde Ball, m., Ky. 

Gideon Cobb, b. Pawlet, 1791, d. Rochester, 1864, m. 1819, Roxana Worden, Roches- 
ter; she d. 1863. Was in Buffalo when vols, were called for taking Ft. Erie, opposite 
side of Niagara ; he enlisted, and followed the fleeing British. Ch : 

i. Lucina Cobb, b. 1820, m. 1838, N. Hagaman. Ch : John Gideon Hagaman, b. 1840. 
2. Roxa Cobb Hagaman, 1842. 3. Virginia Hagaman, b. 1844, m. J. B. Titus. 4. Lib- 
bie Maria Hagaman, b. 1849. 5. Frederick Oscar Hagaman, 1851. 

ii. Margaret Sherill Cobb (twin), b. 1825, d. 1867, m. 1853, Prof. John Adams. 

iii. James Dyer Cobb (twin), b. 1825. 

iv. William Henry Cobb, b. 1829, m. 2d, 1855, Edna Buckland. Ch : 1. William Cobb, 
b. 1857. 2 - Mary Cobb, i860. 3. Margaret Sherill Cobb, b. 1867, m. 1894, T. Lynn. 

v. Maria Cobb, b. 1S30, m. Liberty Hall, editor, Minn, and Kansas City, Mo. 

vi. Frances Cobb, b. 1835, m. 1857, William Coles, Grand Rapids. Ch: 1. Frances 
Coles, b. 1863, m. 1895, Sidney Willis. 


MIRIAM 3 CLEVELAND (Moses>), b. Woburn, Mass., July 
10, 1659, d. prob. Charlestown, Mass., Aug. 31, 1745, m. C. 13 
10 (Dec), 1683, Thomas Foskett, formerly Fosdick, b. prob. C. 
1660, d. Charlestown, Apr. 13, 1694, a son of John and Eliza- 
beth (Leach) Foskett. Ch. b. Charlestown : 

47 Thomas 3 Fosket, b. Jan. 13, 1684-5, d. C., Feb. 26, 1684-5. 

48 Elisabeth* Fosket, b. May 10, 1686, d. C, Dec. 22, 1702. 
+ 49 John* Fosket, b. Mar. 8, 1687-8. 

4-50 Miriam* Fosket, b. July 19, 1690. 
-f-51 Abigail* Fosket, b. Mar. 15, 1692-3. 

Thomas Fosket dwelt at Charlestown and was owner there 
of considerable real estate. He was baptized at C, with other 
ch. of his parents, Apr. 20, 1673. 

The Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown. By Thomas Bellows IVyman, i$7q, p. 360. 
— Est. Buys of K. Leach 6 acres near Wildredge's hill, 1683. Grant 2 lots 2J4 poles and 27 



poles, odd end of dividend of 16S5. Admin, to wife Aug. no, 16,54. Inventory : House and 
land; fresh and snlt meadow below hill; amble land by Welch; great pasture; wood 
lots; total, ^fi.s. Widow Miriam taxed, 1727-17 jB. Joins in deeds with s. John. Admin. 
to T. Power Mar. 31, 1745, to Matthew Leehy Mar. 31, 174C Inventory : House, barn, 4J2 
acres S. W. road ; S. E. wid. Rand, Joseph Phipps ; I\. K., T. 1'owers ; N. W., S. Hutch- 
inson 2U acres S., Medford road ; IC, S. H.; N., M. F. 16 acres woods ; N. E., Stoneham, 
Middlesex Co., Mass., line; W., Jonathan Hall Sr. & Jr.; S. E., James Allen 7% acres 
woods, Stoneham; S. W., town line; S. K., Spot pond; N. 12. range; N. W., J. Allen 6 
acres; S., Canib. road; S. E., 1?. Shed ; N. E., T. Jenner; &c. The 1st and _>d lots, & y 2 
ea. 3d and 4th to M. Leeky ; rest to Abigail Powers. 

Foskett ancestry : — Burke — 2 arm,: : FosCOTT or FOXCOTT; ■? arms FoSKETT, Or, a 

bend chequy, gu. & ar. betw. a cotises. Crest — Broken in pale, the end hanging 

in bend. . . . John, b. 1636 ; Charlestown 1658 ; was in King Philip's war, Capt. Joseph 

Syll's co., Feb. ay, 1675 6, in Narraganset war 1676, householder Chariest. 1678, m. 1st, 

, Elizabeth Leach, she adm. to chh. C. Apr. <'•, 1673. 


EDWARD 2 CLEVELAND (Muses'), b. Woburn, Mass., May 
20, 1664, d. Pomfret, Windham co., Conn., Aug-, ab. 26 or Sept., 
1746, m. 1 st, perhaps in North Kingstowne, Washington co., 
R. I., prob. ab. 1684, Deliverance Palmer, b. ab. 1665, d. Can- 
terbury, Conn., June 7, 171 7, daughter of -Benjamin Palmer. 
He m. 2d, Canterbury, Jan. 1, 1722, Zeruiah Church (she per. 
m. 2d, see below). Ch. b. prob. North Kingston : 

-(-52 Deliverance 3 Cleveland (son), b. ab. 1684 (mentioned 
in will of Edward 2 ). 

+ 53 Edward 3 Cleveland, b. ab. 1686 (mentioned in will). 

+ 54 Palmkr 3 Cleveland, b. ab. 1688 (mentioned in will).. 
55 Akigai'l 3 Cleveland, b. ab. 1694 (mentioned in will). 

+ 56 Isaac 3 Cleveland,^, ab. 1697 (mentioned in will). 

+ 57 Samuel 3 Cleveland, b. ab. 1700 (mentioned in will). 

+ 58 Mary 3 Cleveland, b. ab. 1704 (not mentioned in will). 

+ 59 George 3 Cleveland, b. ab. 1706 (not mentioned in 
will). > 

+60 Elizalejh 3 Cleveland, b. ab. 1709 (not mentioned in 
will). 2d m. : s. p. 

Edwarit Cleveland, according to all traditions and frag- 
mentary records existent, migrated early in life from Woburn, 
went first to Narraganset Bay, Mass., later settled at North 
Kingston, where evidently his children were born and duly 
recorded in the N. Kingston old town record books, which were 
destroyed by fire 1670. Ab. 1709 he accompanied his son 
Edward 3 to Canterbury where Edward 3 Cleveland appears a 
proprietary inhabitant b3 T the patent of 1710. — Larncd's IVi/id- 
ham co., 1 : 156. 

Hinman's Conn. Settlers, for —Cleveland, Edward, late of North Kingstowne, R. I., 
purchased land in Canterbury, 1716. Children b. in Canterbury : Isaac, Edward, Samuel, 
Mary, Elizabeth. Edward" Cleveland was taxed 1716, Canterbury, on ,£35. He was 
not a permanent resident as is shown by his not receiving a share of the public lands at 
the distribution Apr. 30, 1723. First Cong. 1-730, Canterb. Separate Society chh. rec— 1733, 



May 28, Edward, Sen.. & Zeruiah, adm., received dismissal letters 1730. Removed to 

Pomfret. Jirooklyn Conn., clih. rec — Edward & Zeruiah aim., Old Congregational chli. 

Pomfret, June 18, 17^8. 

Will of Edward 5 Cleveland. 

"In the name of God amen. I, Edward Cleaveland of Pomfret in y° eo. of Windham, 
colony of Conn, in N. E. (tailing to mind my mortalit5 T and knowing- that it is appointed 
unto all men to Dye and being grown aged and weak in body, but sound in mind and 
memory do make and ordain these presents to be my last will and testament, first of all 
I recommend my soul to God that gave it and my body to y earth to be decently buried 
at y° discretion of ihy executrix. Concerning my worldly estate I dispose of y c same as 
followeth. That is to say I give to my well beloved children namely Edward, Palmer, 
Abigail, Isaac, Samuel, and y heirs of [my son?] Deliverance [viz:?] Josiah, 
Mary, Hannah, Enoch and Elizabeth all my moveable estate which I have that was 
mine when I marry J to my now beloved wife Zeruiah to Tse equally divided amongst 
them after my decease. Item — I give to my dearly beloved wife Zeruiah all ye rest of 
my est. both real and personal to be at her disposal and use forever as she shall think fit 
she paying all my just debts, and I make my wife Zeruiah my sole executrix of this my 
last will ratifying and confirming this to be my last will and testament and I declare all 
other wills to be voided w cl " ever I have made and I y« said Edward Cleaveland, do 
by these presents publish pronounce and declare this to be my last will and testament 
as witness my hand and seal y 31 day of October 1744. Signed sealed and delivered in 
presence of us. 
Joseph Adams - his 

his Edward y Cleavki.anij 

Thomas X Ensworth mark 

Parker Adams » 

Will proved in Canterbury Sept y e 6 th day 1746? Will probated Sep. 9 1746. Estate 
appraised Inventory £234. 5. o Appraisers : Deliverance Brown, Henry Bacon, John 
Pike i John Crery Clk. of Probate 

Palmer ancestry of Deliverance Palmer : — 4s arms : Palmer : (Sussex, Eng. Ralph 
Palmer possessed estates in Sussex, Eng., 1307). Or, two bars gu. each charged with 
three trefoils slipped ar. ; in chief a greyhound courant sa. Crest — A demi panther 
ramp, guard, issuing flames from his ears and mouth ppr. holding a branch vert, fructed 
gu. . . . Hon. Walter 1 b. Eng. ab. 1585 of Charlestown, Mass., 1629 (prob. bro. of 
Abraham of London, Eng., and Charlestown) estate owner, the first representative in 
Mass. General Court from Rehoboth, Bristol co., Mass., settled at Stonington, Conn., 1653, 
purchased 1200 acres, d. S. Nov. 10, 1661, m. 2d ab. 1632 Rebeesa Short who came to 
America 1632 and was a member of the church at Roxbury, Suffolk co., Mass. ; Capt. 
Benjamin 2 Palmer b. Charlestown, May 30, 1642, d. Stonington, Apr. 10, 1716. 

Mrs. Zeruiah (Church) Cleveland, probably the Zeruiah 
Cleveland who m. [2d] {Brooklyn, Conn., chuck rec.) Nov. 7, 1751, 
Cornelius Whitney, or Whiting, of Killingly (originally named 
Kenilworth), Windham co., Conn. 


JOSIAH 2 CLEAVELAND (Moses'), b. Woburn, Mass., Feb. 
26, 1666-7, d. Canterbury, Conn., Apr. 26, 1709, m. Chelms- 
ford, Mass., ab. 1689, Mary Bates, b. Chelmsford, May 8, 1667, 
d. Canterbury, July 20, 1743, a daughter of John and Mary 
( ) Bates. (She m. 2d; see below.) Ch: 

-J-61 Josiah 3 Cleaveland, b. Oct. 7, 1690, Chelmsford. 

+ 62 Joseph 3 Cleaveland, b. June 13, 1692, Chelmsford. 

-4-63 Mary 3 Cleaveland, b. Mar. 17, 1694, Chelmsford. 
64 John 3 Cleaveland, b. June 28, 1696, Chelms., rec. 
Plainfield, Conn., d. Canterb., July 11, 17 18, not known whether 
m. John 3 is mentioned in will of his grandfather, John Bates, 
who bequeaths to him his carbine. 


65 Jonathan 3 Cleaveland, b. Mar. 2, Chelms. ; d. 
Chelms., Apr. 5, 1698. 

+66 Henry 3 Cleaveland, b. Dec. 22, 1699, Chelmsford. 
67 Jonathan 3 Cleaveland (ag.), b. a'b. 1701; died Can- 
terb., July 15, 17 13. 

+ 68 Rachel 3 Cleaveland, b. ab. 1703, Canterbury. 

+69 Lydia 3 Cleaveland, b. Dec. 7, 1704, Canterbury. 

+70 Deliverance 3 Cleaveland (son), b. July 13, 1707, 

+71 Abiel or Abigail 3 Cleaveland, b. Oct. 9, 1709, Can- 

Josiah 2 Cleaveland served in the Indian wars, 1688-9, prob- 
ably in Maine. Settled at Chelmsford 1689, as did also his bro. 

N. E. Reg., XLIJ1 ': 373— Garrison in the West Regiment of Middlesex, Conn., by Isaac 
W. Hammond, A. M.: Chelmsford, Mar. 16, 1691-2. Nathaniel Hill, and with him Serj. 
Samuel Flechers, Josiah Cleaveland, and their familys, 7 men. 

He followed, 1693, Samuel 2 to Plainfield, the part afterward 
Canterb., when there wars but one white or English family in 
that town. The west side of Quinnebaug river was first set- 
tled 1690. In 1698 Josiah'" 1 , Samuel 5 , and others were made 
trustees of lands west of the Quinnebaug by Owaneco, chief 
of the Mahicanni, or Mohegans. In 1699 Josiah 2 purchased 176 
acres of Owaneco, " then being Peagscommock." Josiah 2 , 
Samuel 2 , and others sign May 9, 1699, petition to General 
Court for organization of Plainfield, May 31, 1699. Josiah 3 
was one of the 38 who signed, Nov. 13, 1699, petition to Gen. 
Court for " town powers and privileges'." He was one of the 
10 in a " committee of the oldest and most respected inhabit- 
ants " of the place appointed to assume the jurisdiction of their 
territory, and reported June 13, 1701, the result at length. 
Samuel 2 , Josiah 2 , and Isaac 2 were, Dec. 24, 1702, among the 
freeholders and proprietors of Plainfield applying for a sep- 
arate township. Plainfield was divided Oct., 1703, and the west 
side named Canterbury, which then had but to inhabitants 
(Josiah 2 of the number) signing the articles of division. 
SewalVs Woburn, 601 ; Hinmaris Conn. Settlers, 620. 

Trumbull's Conn., II, nfentions Josiah 2 and Samuel 2 , first settlers of Canterbury. 
Lamed' s Windham co. often speaks of Josiah 2 Cleaveland in context with Samuel 2 [see 
+5], I: iro — Josiah Cleveland bought [1698-g, Plainfield] land at Wanungatuck, "both 
sides of Tadneck Hill," of Richard Bushnell ; 143 — Canterbury. Cleveland's residences 
were in the east of the town, overlooking the Quinebaug valley. 

Canterbury chh. rec. — Widow Cleaveland admitted to chh. 
June 15, 1 712. Mrs. Mary (Bates) Cleveland m. 2d, Canterbury, 
Jan. 22, 1 72 1-2, as 2d wife, Robert Boswell, or Buswell, he d. 
bef. 1743, per. a s., Robert, & Hannah, s. p. Canterb. town rec. 



— Mary Buswell, wid. of Robert Buswell, d. July 20, 1743. 
Robert Buswell m., 1st, Hannah, she d. C, Nov. 6, 1717. Ch: 
Moses Buswell, b. Nov. 8, 1708, C, m., C, Jan. 30, 1732-3, 
Mehitable Baker, ch: Abigail Buswell, b. Dec. 8, 1733, C. 

Bates' hypothetical ancestry: — Burke, S arms : Bates (Yorkshire) — Sa. a fesse bet. 
3 dexter hands, appuuu; ar. Crest — Demi-lion ramp., holding in dexter paw thistle, in 
sinister tieur-de-lis. Edward 1 came in the "Griffin," with Thomas Leverett as his 
apprentice [perhaps brother to ClemeDt, b. 1595, from Herts co., Eng., or Kent, 1635, to 
Hingham, Plymouth co., Mass., and per. bro. to James, b. 1582, came 1635, Dorchester, 
Mass., 1636], Boston, Mass., 1633, freeman Mar. 9, 1637, was disarm, as a favorer of 
Wheelwright had John 2 , bapt. Boston, Jan. 23, 1642, who perhaps was John of Chelms- 
ford, 1666, freeman, 1682 — Allen's Chelmsford, ibo ; Savage, 1: 138-9, who may have been 
following John 2 of Chelmsford, b. 1642, one of the purchasers of the " Wamesit Pas- 
ture." The maiden name of the wife of Josiah 2 Cleaveland — Mary Bates — was discov- 
ered by Horace Gillette 7 Cleveland, +44S0, who learned the name from the will of her 
father : East Cambridge, Middlesex co., Mass., Probate rec. — John Bates of Chelmsford, in 
his will made July 18, 1716, states that he is then "of 74 years or thereabouts " [= b. 1642; 
above John 2 ; was bapt. Jan. 23, 1642], after naming bequests: "to son John i of my Tools 
used in my calling or trade of a Cooper, the other half to my friend Ichabod Stratton," 
directs that the residue of his " property be divided into 4 equal parts or shares (except- 
ing some small matters hereafter excepted)". "It m unto my daughter MARY Cleve- 
land I do will and bequeath i part of said moveable estate. Unto my daughter Eliza- 
beth Richardson I do will and bequeath one other quarter part, and unto my daughter 
Sarah Butterfleld and daughter Lydia Colton. I will unto my grandson John Cleveland 
my carbine, and unto my grandson John Bates my Rapier and Cartouch Box," &c. 

John m. Mary ; ch. b. Chelmsford: 1, Mary 3 , m. Josiah Cleaveland 2 ; 2, 

John 3 , b. Dec. 22, 1668 ; 3, Elizabeth, b. Dec. 22, 1671, m. Capt. Jonathan Richardson 3 
(Josiah 2 , Ezekiel') ; 4, Lydia, b. Feb. 25, 1673 ; 5, Rebecca 5 ", b. July 6, 1682 ; 6, Sarah Bates. 


ISAAC 2 CLEVELAND (Moses*), b. Woburn, Mass., May n, 
1669, d. Norwich, Conn., Aug. 10, 17 14, m. Charlestown, Mass. 
(also rec. Norwich and Canterbury, Conn.), July 17, 18, 1699. Mrs. 
Elizabeth (Pierce) Curtice, or Curtis, b. Oct., 1666, bap. Charles- 
town, Feb. 11, 1669-70, d. Norwich, Oct. 9, 1742, widow of John 

Curtis, a daughter of Samuel & Mary ( ) Pierce. (She 

m. 3d; see below.) Ch. b. Canterbury: 

+ 72 Curtice 3 Cleveland, b. Jan. 23, 1701. 

+73 Anne* Cleveland, b. June 6, 1703. 

+74 Miriam 3 Cleveland, b. July 4, 1705. 

+ 75 Keziah 3 Cleveland, b. Oct. 24, 1709. 

Isaac 2 Cleveland at first a resident of Charlestown. 

Wyman's Charlestown Estates, 200-244— Isaac CLEVELAND married; lived 1699 in 
part of J. Chamberlin's house. Isaac Cleveland to brother-in-law, Samuel Counce, 
proven to collect estate of wife's father, Samuel Pierce, and brethren, Thomas and 
Joseph Pierce. The same conveyed to John Pierce, 1699-1706, by Samuel Counce, atty. 
for Isaac Cleveland. 

Isaac 2 removed 1699 to Plainfield, Conn., that part afterward 

Woburn Land record— 1669, Isaac Cleveland, late of Woburn, now an inhabitant in a 
place called Pigscornseet, in Conn. Colony, conveyed to James Powle a piece of Ruff 
[rough] land in Woburn at a place called the Young Men's Lots, and was granted to my 
brother, MOSES Cleveland, who was one of those young men to whom the tract was 
originally granted. Lamed' s Windham co., I : uq — Isaac 2 Cleveland, west side settler, 
and his brothers, Samuel 2 and Josiah 2 , with other freeholders, sign Dec. 24, 1702, agree- 



ment cor division of Plainfield. In Oct., 1703, the Court allowed the line, the inhabitants 
on w. side of Quinebaug river to have the privileges of a township — its name to be 
Canterbury. Plainfield rec, Dec. 15, jyos — Voted that Isaac Cleveland chosen fence 

Isaac" Cleveland removed to Norwich, where he was admit- 
ted an inhabitant by public vote, 1709. — Caulkins' Norwich, 225. 

Mr. Charles Jeremy Hoadly of Hartford, Conn., State 
Librarian, kindly shows an autograph-letter, signed, of Isaac 3 
to Dr. Gershom Bulkeley of Wethersfield, Hartford co., Conn., 
a well-known practitioner of medicine. The letter was found 
between the leaves of Valesius Commentaries, pxib. 1588, in 
Trinity College library, where probably it has lain ever since it 
was received by Dr. Bulkeley. It is dated 

"Norwich fabauary y« 13 i7°%o 
Sir theas are to give you to understand that I have ben theas 2 years past when 
first taken with This Distemper [he then gives his symptoms at length] I have taken 5 
pasons of fisik which has very Litol or no oporation upon my body. 

Isaac Cleveland" 
[The letter is endorsed :] "It is my brother & I would pray you car for him & I will 
see you satisfid for they doo not no that he ever got ane Strain nor how it came therefor 
he levss the hoi care with yoreself & will pray yt you to doo the best you can for him & 
of wohl pray you to tell me yore show of him — for that I cannote tell 

Samuel Cleavelan" 

Dr. Bulkeley's Latin prescription also endorsed. 

Although earnest efforts have been made, the compilers 
have been unable to discover any living undoubted descendant 
of Isaac 3 Cleveland in the male line, /. <?.: bearing the name 
Cleveland. Elizabeth Pierce m. ist, Charlestown, Jan. 3, 
1689-70, John Curtice, or Curtis, of Salem, Mass. She m. 3d, 
Clement Stratford of Norwich; he d. bef. 1733; mariner. She 
administered at Norwich, 17 15, on r estate of Isaac 3 Cleveland. 
A widow Cleveland was taxed in Canterbury, 17 16, on ^"ioo; 
supposed to be widow of Isaac 3 . Estate of Widow Elizabeth 
Stratford in Charlestown sold by atty : Adam Cramer to William 
Rand, 1733, % of 2 acres, late of Thomas Pierce. Ch. by ist 
m. : Elizabeth Curtis, mentioned in aunt's will. 

Pierce, Peirce, Pearce, Pearse, Pers ancestry; — 8 arms : PSARCE ; i: PEARCE, or 
PEARSE ; ii:Pearse; 2: PEARSE, or Peeres ; 3 :Peeres; Z : PEERES, or PERSE ; 1 : 
Peeres, or Peerse ; 1 : Perse, or PEERSE ; 3 : Peirce (London : An, a fesse humettee 
gu. betw. 3 ravens, rising sa . . . 

Thomas 1 , b. 15S3, adm. chh., Charlestown, 21 (12), 1634-5, miny estate possessio 
Charlestown, 1635-8, d. Oct. 7, 1666, m. Elizabeth, b. 1596 ; ch : 1, John, mariner ; 2, 
Thomas, m. Elizabeth Cole, a da. Kice, or Ryse, & Harrold ; 3, Samuel 2 ; 4, Mary, m. Peter 
Tufts, from Eng. ; 5, Persis, m. ist, as 2d w., William Bridge; 2d, John Harrison; 6 
Elizabeth, m. Lt. Randoll Nichols. Samuel 8 of Charlestown. m. Mary ; b. 1629 ; ch. : 
1, Samuel 3 , m. Mary Orton, a da. Thomas & Mary (Eddy); 2, Mai y, m. Capi John Lynde, 
a s. Thomas & Elizabeth ; 3, Thomas, m. Elizabeth Hall, a da. Join & Elizabeth (Green) ; 
4, John ; 5, Joseph ; 6, Jonathan, m. Mary Lobdell, only da. Isaao & Martha (Ward) ; 7, 
John (ago, m. Elizabeth Mudge, da. George & Elizabeth (Shiopie); 8, Elizabeth', m. 
Isaac Cleveland 2 ; 9, Persis 8 , m. ist John Shepherd, a s. Thor las & Hannah (Ensign) 
2d, William Rand, a s. Thomas & Sarah (Edendsn), ch. by ist r 1. : Persis* Shepherd, m. 
Jonathan Gates, a s. of Simon ; 10, Abigail ; n, Hannah, m. Sarauel Counce, only s. Ed- 
ward & Sarah (Adams) ; 12, Benjamin Pierce. — IVyman's Ch tries/own Genealogies &* 
Estates, 233, 756, qi2, &r"c. ,• Savage, I: 429 : III: 431: N. B. His. Gen. Reg., XV: 33. 




JOANNA 3 CLEVELAND (Moses-), b. Woburn, Mass., Apr. 
2, 1670, d. Westfield, Mass.. Mar. 18, 1758, m. Chelmsford, 
Mass., May 28, 1690, Joseph Kees, Keies, Keyes, or Keys, b. 
Chelmsford, May 24, 1667, d. Westford, June 9, 1757, a son of 
Solomon & Frances (Grant). Ch : 

Zydt'a 3 Keyes, b. 1693, not rec, Chelmsford, d. Chelmsford, 
tmm., resided at Chelmsford, store-keeper, did a large busi- 

+ 77 Joanna? Keyes, b. Feb. 10, 1695, Chelmsford, Mass. 

— j— 78 Joseph* Keyes, b. May 1, 1698, Chelmsford, Mass. 
Joseph Keyes dwelt at Chelmsford. He was a leading' man in 
the community, active in all matters pertaining to the public 
welfare. He is mentioned in the Chelmsford town records as one 
of the town "Committy" until 1720, perhaps later. His de- 
scendants generally remained in vicinity of Chelmsford and 
Westford. Westford town rec. show desc. of Joseph Keyes for 4 
generations. The names Joseph and Jonathan Keyes are in 
numbers on ancient gravestones in the Old Cemetery. The 
Keyes homestead, a roomy two-story white house, over 200 years 
old in good preservation, stands in Westford. 

For Keyes ancestry and arms, Grant ancestry and arms : see + 5. 


ENOCH 2 . CLE\ SLAND (M«esi), b. Woburn, Mass., Aug. 1, 
167 1, d. Marlboro cr Concord, Middlesex co., Mass., Aug. 1, 
1729, m. 1st, Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 9, 1695, Elizabeth Counce 
or Counts of Charlestown, b. 1669, d. Marlborough, Feb. 3, 
1 7 18-19, a daughter of Edward & Sarah (Adams) Counce. He 
m. 2d, Marlborough or Concord, July 9, 17 19, Elizabeth Wright 
of Concord, she d. before Apr. 5, 1731. Ch. by 1st m. : 

79 Sarah 3 Cleveland, b. May 26, 1701, Sudbury, Mid- 
dlesex co., Mass., m. Marlborough, Apr. 29, 17 19, Israel Joslin. 

+80 Enoch" Cleveland, b. July 2, 1703, Sudbury, Mass. 

+81 James 3 Cleveland, b. Oct. 31, 1706, Sudbury, Mass. 

-j-82 Jonathan' Cleveland, b. Mar. , 1708, prob. Sud- 
bury. 2d m. prob. s. p., for there are none recorded. 

Enoch 5 Cleveland dwelt successively at Charlestown, Sud- 
bury, 1 70 1-8, Frammgham, Middlesex co., Mass., 17 16, Acton, 
Middlesex co. Mass., Marlborough, 17 19, Concord afterward. 

Record uf Marriage - Enoch Cleaveland & Elizabeth Conant, both of Charlestown, 
joined in covenant of. marriage before Thomas Danforth of Cambridge, Mass., Oct. g, 

Middlesex licgister Deeds, XVII : j/2 — 1712-ij, Mar. to, Benjamin Nealond of Oxford, 



Suffolk co., in consideration of £5 current money to me in hand well and truly paid by 
Enoch Cleaveland of Sudbury, taylor, a tract of land in Framingham containing by esti- 
mate 5 acres, 1713, Jan. 28, deed 55 acres to Enoch Cleaveland of Sudberey, taylor, for 


H'yman's Cluirlestoion Estates : 2tq — Enoch Cleaveland & w. to S. Brooks, 4 
acres salt marsh near Labor-in- Vain, w. line begins at mouth of creek, runs to Salt pond, 
then to stake by river ; other points on Medford river ; 1713. 

Middlesex D. XVI : 410— 171-1,, Nov. 13, Enoch Cleaveland sells land to Capt. 
Josiah Parker of Cambridge. XVII : 1715. Aug. 3, Enoch Cleaveland of Framing- 
ham, taylor, sendeth greeting, sells !and in F. 55 acres to James Perry of Boston, signed 
by Enoch and w. Elizabeth Cleaveland. 

History of Framingham, Mass., 1640-1S47, with a notice of Sudbury by William Barry 
— Enoch Cleverland an early settler, living in Framingham, 1716. 

Middlesex Register Probate, XVIII: 6rj, XIX: 24b, XXX: 443. XXXVII: XL : 3S1, 

XLVII : TQ4, 376— Concord Oct. 31 1729 To The Honorable Jonathan Remington Esq. 

Judge of Probate for y e county of Middlesex. Sr : These may certify your honor that I 

am so infirm of body that I am not capable of appearing before your honor or of taking 

administration on my late Husband's estate. 1 therefore desire that administration may 

be granted to his son Jonathan Cleveland if your honor think fit etc 


Elizabeth k. Cleaveland" 


Thomas Heall, Israel X Joslin. 


Middlesex Court, Oct. 7, 1729. The widow and heirs of Enoch Cleveland, late of 
Concord, deed., are hereby cited, etc., on the 3d ot Nov. next, etc. Jonathan Remington 
Prob. Concord, Oct. 2.), 1729. This citation was read to the widow Elizabeth Cleav- 
land, in my presence, John Flint. Concord, Nov. i, 1729. This citation was read to 
Israel Joslin in my presence, Thomas Heall. Inventory of the Estate of Enoch Cleave- 
land, late of Concord, deed., intestate, taken Oct. 29, 1729, by Wm. Wheeler, John Flint 
and Joseph Wright : amount ,£152, 15s., some added, Nov. 3, 1729. Jonathan Cleaveland, 
his eldest son, is bound 500 pounds, witness Sarah Gookin, etc. Citation men : "The 2 
sons to be notified, Hale to be allowed for trouble in serving citation." Charge made by 
Jonathan Cleaveland for getting to Berwick to serve citation. In this same paper Enoch 
is said to have 3 children, Jonathan having a double portion, dated Apr. 5, 1731. The 
wid. had d. in meantime and her part was to be paid to her legal representatives. Eliza- 
beth Counts was bap. Charlestown, June 10, 1677, in infancy. 

Counce, Counts ancestry. — Burke — 2 arms : COUNTESSE — Ar. 3 stags' horns, bar- 
ways, in pale, sa. Edward 1 , Maiden, Mass., to Oct. 1, 1673, Charlestozvn Selectmen's rec- 
ords, ijj — E. C. & family excepted as inhabitants 7 (8) 1673, came a week ago ; m. Maiden, 
Feb. 25, 1662-3, Sarah Adams 2 , ch : Samuel 2 ; Sarah 3 m. Daniel Lawrence s. George; 
Elizabeth 3 Counce m. Enoch Cleveland 3 . 

Adams ancestry of Elizabeth Counce: — 29 arms: Adams : (London). Ar. on across 
gu. s mullets or. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi-lion affrontee gu. . . . 
Richard 1 , b. Eng., 1606, from Northampton, Eng., 1635, Salem, Mass., Charlestown, 1674, 
d. Maiden, Oct. 6, 1674, bricklayer, m. 1st Susan, b. Eng. 1609 ; Sarah 3 Adams in. Edward 
Counce 1 — Wytnan. 


ANNA Or HANNAH 3 CLEVELAND (Moses*, Moses 1 ), b. 

prob. Edgartown, rec. Wobum, Mass., Nov. 7, 1677, d. per. New- 
port, Newport co., R. I., af. 1734, m. prob. Edgart., af. 1699, 
Bell. In 1699 she witnessed a deed at Edgartown, sign- 
ing her name Anna Cleveland. Dwelt at Newport 1734. Per- 
haps the Bells, William and others, on Newport town and chh. rec, 
are descendants. 


ELIZABETH" 1 CLEVELAND (Moses*), b. per. Woburn, 
Mass., prob. Edgartown, Mass., ab. 1679, m. Swayne, 



perhaps Joseph Swayne, b. Nantucket, Nantucket co. and Is- 
land, Mass., July 17, 1673, a s. John and Mary (Wyer). Dwelt 


Swaine, Swayne ancestry: — 2 arms : Swain" (London, Eng., granted June 2^, 1444, to 
William Swayne) Az. a ehev. betw. 3 pheons. or, on a chief gu. 3 maidens' heads 
couped ppr. orined of the second. Crest — a maiden's head couped ppr. erined or . . . 
Judge Richard 1 , b. 1601, emb. at London Sept. 17, 1635, in the "Truelove," [suggestive 
name, appropriate to Swain], freeman Rowley, Essex co., Mass., Mar. 13, 1630, Hampton 
m. in Beg. Elizabeth ; John 2 of Nantucket bef. 1664, m. Mary Wyer 2 ; Joseph 3 Swayne 
not improbably husband of ELIZABETH Cleveland 3 . 

Wyer ancestry: — Arms: — Wyer. Bendy sinister and barry, gu. and ar. Crest — 
Arm ppr. vested az. holding holly-branch. Nathaniel 1 , Newbury, Mass., 1637, d. Nan- 
tucket Mar. 1, 1681, m. Sarah ; Mary 2 Wyer m. John Swain 2 . Savage. 


EBENEZER 3 CLEVELAND (Moses*, Mosesi), b. per. Woburn, 
Mass., prob. Edgartown, Mass., ab. 1681, d. prob. E. bef. Jan. 

1, 1747, m. E., Jan. 19, 1704-5, Mary Vincent or Vinson, b. 1691, 
d. E. 1761, da. Thomas. Ch. b. Edgartown: 

+ 83 Miriam 4 Cleveland, b. , ab. 1705. 

-[•84 Ebenezer 4 Cleveland, b. , ab. 1708. 

85 Seth 4 Cleveland, b. Oct. 20, 17 11, d. Sept. 30, 1734, 
unm. Edgartown Rec, III : 47, up — Adm. granted S., Mer- 
chant. Heirs : mother, Mary Cleveland ; brothers, Joseph, 
Ebenezer ; sisters, Miriam, Patience. 

85a Patience 4 Cleveland, b. ab. 17 14, d. after Sept. 30, 


+ 86 Joseph 4 Cleveland, b. , ab..i7i6. 

Ebenezer 3 Cleveland dwelt after m. a short time at Taun- 
ton, Bristol co., Mass.; returned to Edgartown. 

Woburn Land Rec. — Oct. 30, 1717, Ebenezer Cleveland of Martin's Vineyard, eldest 
s. and h. of Moses Cleveland, late of Martin's Vineyard, dee'd, conveys to his younger 
brother, John Cleveland of Freetown, Bristol co., Mass., all right, &c, in estate of his 
grandfather, Moses Cleveland, in the town of Oburn aforesaid. 

Edgartown jRec. — Deed July 26, 1717, Edgart. Ebenezer 3 describes a piece of land, 
being same given by will of Mr. Nicholas Norton to my father and mother, Moses and 
Ruth Cleveland. Ebenezer 3 , July 16, 1718, names his father, Moses Cleveland, dee'd, and 
gr. fa., Nicholas Norton. 

Edgartown chh. rec.— lslsxy Cleveland, bap. bef. 1717. Edgart. rec— 1761. Widow 
Cleveland d. aged 70. 


JOHN 3 CLEVELAND (Moses*, Moses*), b. per. Woburn, prob. 
Edgartown, Mass., ab. 1684, d. prob. Freetown, Mass., af. 1745 
and bef. May 2, 1749, m. Taunton, Mass., Jan. 1, 1711-12, Mar- 
tha Simmons, Simonds, or Simons, b. ab. Nov., 1677, d. af. Ma}?' 

2, 1749, a da. John and Martha. Ch. b. Freetown, following 
and prob. others : 

+ 87 Elizabeth 4 Cleveland, b. July 11, 17 15, Bristol, Pv. I. 

+ 88 Dinah 4 Cleveland, b. , ab. 17 15. 

+ 89 Thankfull 4 Cleveland, b. , ab. 1717. 



90 Mary 4 Cleveland, b. ab. 1719, m. int. Freet, Dec. 2, 
1740, John Tompkins. 

91 Martha 4 Cleveland, b. ab. 1721, m. int. Freet., Apr. 
27, 1742, William Hodge. 

+ 92 Benjamin 4 Cleveland, b. , ab. 1725. 

+ 93 John 4 Cleveland, b. , ab. 1727. 

+ 94 Ambrose 4 Cleveland, b. Aug. 4, 1733. 

John 3 Cleveland dwelt at Freetown, ancestor of the Free- 
town Clevelands. Town records of Fall River, Bristol co., 
Mass., were burned 1843 5 dates of birth of children are lost. 

Woburn Land Rec— Oct. 30, 1717, Ebenezer Cleveland conveys to his younger brother, 
John Cleveland of Freetown, all right in est. of his grandfather, Moses Cleveland. 
John 3 Cleveland elected pound keeper Freetown, Mar. 29, 1722, to 1730, Mar. 5, 1733, to 
J 735i Mar. 3, 1740, to 1745. He was living 1745. 

N. E. His. Gen. Reg., XIII : 25s — Marriages in Taunton solemnized by Maj. Thomas 
Leonard of T., 1684 to 1713, when he d. The rec. was printed in Bristol County Telegram, 
Nov. 20, iSjS — John Cleveland and Martha Simmons, m. Jan. 1, 1711-12. 

John Cleveland died intestate before May 2, 1749, when his 
widow Martha was appointed administratrix ; Joseph and Am- 
brose Cleveland bondsmen at different dates. A considerable 

Simmons, Simones, Symo7idson, Symons ancestry : — Arms : Simonds. Per fesse sa & 
ar. a pale counterch. 3 trefoils. Crest — On a mount vert an ermine pass. ppr. in mouth 
a trefoil slipped or. John 1 of Taunton, 1679, m. Martha ; Martha 2 Simons in. John 
Cleveland 3 . 


Joseph 3 Cleveland (Moses*, Mosesi), b. prob. Edgartown, rec. 
Wobum, Mass, Mar. 31, 1686, d. bef. Jan. 31, 1757, m. Ruth 
Burt, sister of Stephen, perhaps da. James. Ch : 

+ 95 Joseph 4 Cleveland, b. , ab. 1719-20. 

Joseph 3 Cleveland dwelt at Dighton, Berkley, Rehoboth, 
all in Bristol co., Mass.; it is thought he lived afterward at 
Norwich, Conn. Probate Rec, Taunton, Mass. — Concerning 
Joseph Cleveland of Rehoboth, dec'd. " To the honorable Geo. 
Leonard, Esq., Judge of Probate. Sir : I desire that your honor 
would grant letters of administration to my brother, Stephen 
Burt, on the estate of my husband, Joseph Cleveland, late de- 
ceased, and it will be to the satisfaction of your humble ser- 
vant Ruth Cleveland. 
Berkley, Jan. 31, 1757. 

Burt ancestry : — j arms. Birt, Burt (Candell-Marsh, Devon co., Eng.). Ar. on 
chev. gu. betw. 3 buglehorns, stringed sa. 3 crosses crosslet fitchee or. Crest — Bugle- 
horn. Richard 1 of Taunton, one of the purchasers 1639. Ch : Richard 3 m. Charity ; 
James 2 of T., m. Ann. Ch : James 3 , b. 1659, o£ T.— Savage, 1 : 314, not improb. father of 
Ruth 4 Burt, m. Joseph Cleveland 3 . 


ICHABOD 3 CLEVELAND (Moses*, Moses>) b. Southold, Suf- 
folk co., N. Y., June 25, 1695, d. Southold, Mar. 17 or 24, 1768, 



m. Soutliold, Feb. 18, 1716, Anna or Anne Moore, b. Southold, 
Mar. 5, 1697, d. Southold, May 6, 1785, a da. Benjamin and 
Abigail (Horton) Moore. Ch. b. Southold : 

96 Anna 4 Cleveland, b. Dec. 23, 1717, m. S., Oct. 31, 
1754, William Case, b. 1672, d. S., Apr. 23, 1754. 

97 Mehitabel 4 Cleveland, b. Nov. 26, 1724, m. 1st, 
Fitz John Young-. She m. 2d, S., Sep. 5, 1762, Micah Horton. 

-j-98 Joseph 4 Cleveland, b. June 27, 1728. 
-4-99 Abigail 1 Cleveland, b. Mar. 17, 1729. 
100 Mary* Cleveland, b. June 22, 1731, m. S., Mar. 16, 
1754, James Hart. 

-f-101 Benjamin Norton" Cleveland, b. June 10, 1736. 
+ 102 Ichabod 4 Cleveland, b. Feb. 19, 1739. 
Ichabod 3 Cleveland resided always at Southold, Long- 
Island, well know and much esteemed. He owned and operated 
a fine farm, and was by trade a ship carpenter, a workman of 
skill and reputation. During his younger years he evidently 
pursued this occupation vigorously, and probably imparted the 
trade to his son, Benjamin Norton 4 . The following deed gives 
location of his first homestead ; 

Southold Town Records copied and explanatory notes added. By J. Wickham Case, 
18S4, II: 47S — [Abstract] "To all Christian people. Know yee that I, Joseph Moore of 
Southold yeoman, in consideration of three pounds to me in hand paid by Ichabod 
Cleveland of the said Town, ship carpenter, doe, by these presents, grant bargaine and 
sell unto y said Ichabod Cleveland a certain piece of land situate in y« said Town of 
Southold by computation helfe an acre, bounded West and North by the said Joseph 
Moore — East by Jonathan Horton and South by y° Towne Street. Witness my hand 
and seal this 23d day of November 1719 
Witnesses : Jonathan Bayley Joseph Moor [Seal] 

Samuel Landon 
Acknowledged the day and year above written before me Benj : Youngs, Justice. 
Ent d .27 Nov. i7i9pr. Benj: Youngs Town Clk. Memorandum: Quiet possession deliv- 
ered by the said Joseph Moore in presence f of us: Daniel Booth, Samuel Landon." 
[Note. This half acre of land adjoins the homestead lot of the late Jeremiah Goldsmith, 
dec 4 , in the central part of the village of Southold, and is now owned and occupied by 
his daughter, the widow of C D. Elmer, late School Commissioner for the Eastern Dis- 
trict of Suffolk co. J. W. C] 

Moore, Moor; More ancestry ■• jj arms : Moore ; 2 Moor ; ?<?More : Suffolk) Or., a 
chev. engr. erm. ; in chief a Moor's head full faced, couped at the shoulders sa. . . . 
Thomas 1 b. Eng. bef. 1600 [a Thomas More and Ann his wife had a son bap. at South- 
wold, Suffolk co., Eng., Oct. 1630], d. Salem, Mass., 1636, bef. July n, 1636, m. Ann, 
widow [Ann] More was allotted land at Salem, Mass., Feb. 20, 1636-7. On a list Thorn. 
More's widow is mentioned as having ic acres; Thomas" b. Eng., ab. 1615, 11 th of 5" 1 
month (July) 1636. Tho s . More, sonne to wido' More, and his wife were admitted inhab- 
itants of Salem, ship builder at Salem, was of Southold, Suffolk co., [town and county 
named for his English home] L. I., — then in combination with New Haven colony — 1650, 
kept a ship-yard, was owner and master of vessels. A ship carpenter's adze, made in 
Eng., long preserved by the family, practically his armorial ensign. He sold Apr. 8, 
1655, at New York, the bark Prince of Conde to Jan Jansen, Van St. Obyn, who stipu- 
lated to deliver Mr. More passengers and goods at Southold. Thomas More and Barna- 
bas Horton were Sep. 18, 1655, appraisers of est. of James Haines (or Heynes) of South- 
old, d. Southold, June 27, i6yi, m. 1st bef. July n, 1636, Martha Youngs 2 , b. 1613, bap: 
Southwold, Eng., July 1, 1613, she came with him to Salem; Benjamin 3 b. 1643; bap. 
Salem, Aug. 2, 1640, mariner. Beniam Moore in Southold estimate Sep. 16, 1675, is rated 
14 acres, 17 cattle, ,£118: d. 1690 ; m. bef. 1676, Anna Hampton 2 ; Benjamin 4 Moore, b. 
1678, of Southold, tailor; d. Jan. 20, 1728 ; m. Abigail Horton 6 , b 1676, d. June 2, 1746. 



Norton, Orion ancestry : — 2 arms: ORTUN ; 7 .• ORTON ; iS : HoitTOS : (Catton, 
Derby co., Kng., seated over 400 years) ; Sa. a buck's head cabossed ar. attired or. Crest 

— On waves of the sea ppr. a spear erect or, headed ar. enfiled with a dolphin of the 
first. Motto — What he wills, he wills cordially. . . . Robert de Horton manumitted a 
bondman to his manor of Horton, Bng\, long bef. 1310. From him descends William 1 , 
Esq., of Frith House, Barksland, Halifax, Eng. ; d. 1640 ; m. Elizabeth Hanson 2 ; Joseph 2 
b. 1578 — Burke's Landed Gentry, I : 345. Held to be Joseph- of Mousley, Leicestershire, 
Eng. ; Hon. Barnabas 3 , b. Mousley, July 13, 1600, O. S., came to America betw. 1^33 and 
1638 in ship " Swallow," Capt. Jeremy Horton master and owner, Hampton, Mass., 1640, 
(ac. to trad. bro. to Jeremiah of Springfield, Mass., and Thomas of Windsor, Hartford 
co., Conn.) to New Haven, New Haven co., Conn., 1640, where Rev. John Youngs, Bar- 
nabas Horton, Peter Hallock, William Welles, John Tuthill, Richard Terry, Thomas 
Mapes, Matthias Corwin, Robert Ackerly, Jacob Corey, John Conkline, Isaac Arnold, 
and John Budd, several of whom had emigrated from Southwold, Eng., but most came 
from near Hingham, Norfolk co., Eng., organized themselves Oct. 21, 1640, into a Cong, 
chh., crossed to L. I. and founded Northrleet, later called South Hold ; Christian at 
Work, N. Y., Feb. b, 1SJ0 — engraving of house built byBarnabas Horton, 1660, torn 
down 1878 ; constable, magistrate dep. to Gen. Court, rated Sep. 16, 1675, ^305, d. S., 
July 13, 1680, m. in Eng., Mary; Caleb 4 b. S. autumn of 1640, of Cutchogue, Suffolk co., 
N. Y., freem. of Conn., 1664, rated 1676, 80 acres, 37 cattle, 5 horses, ^Sa, d. Oct. 3, 1702, 
(will dated Dec. 30, 1699; names his children among them " daughter Abigail who mar- 
ried Benjamin Moore,"), m. Abigail Hallock'- 1 ; Abigail 5 Horton m. Benjamin Moore 3 . 

Hallock ancestry : — Orig. Holyoke. 1 arms: Holyoake ; /.■ HOLVOKE : Az. chev. 
ar. cotised or, betw. 3 crescents. Crest — Cubit arm holding an oak branch . . . 
Peter 1 Halliock, from Hingham, Eng. New Haven, chosen by lot by the 13 settlers of 
Southold to be the first to set foot on the land at the place now Hallock's Landing ; lie 
bought 1641, from Indians Poquatuck, Oyster Ponds, now Orient, Suffolk co., N. Y. ; 
ret. to Eng. and brought family ; Abigail 5 Hallock m. Caleb Horton*. 

Hanson English ancestry : — 3 arms: (Surrey co. ; Yorkshire co.) Or, chev. counter- 
componee, ar. & az. betw. 3 martlets, sa. Crest — On a chapeau az., a martlet with 
wings, endorsed sa. . . . Thomas 1 , Esq., of Toothill, Eng., bef. 1576; Elizabeth^ Han- 
son, m. William Horton'. 

Hampton ancestry : — 17 arms : (Lancashire, Henllys Anglesey co., Eng., 1460 ; desc. 
fr. William Hampton, Lt. Gov. of Beaumaris Castle ; temp. Edw. IV.) Gu. on a fesse or, 
betw. a mullet in chief and an escallop in base, ar. 3 martlets az. Crest — A wivern in 
bullrushes. Motto — A Deo et rege. . . . James 1 of Southampton, Suffolk co., N. Y., 
ab. 1650, mariner ; Anna 2 Hampton, m. Benjamin Moore 3 . 

Youngs, Yongs ancestry: — This family traces its descent to 1545. . . . Rev. Chris- 
topher 1 Youngs, b. in England prior to 1590, was of county Norfolk before 1611; was 
appointed Jan. 14, 161 1, Vicar of Reydon, co. Suffolk, Eng., a parish having a church 
called St. Margaretts, on the eastern coast of Eng., which contained the seaport, and 
chapel St. Edmunds of Southwold, Eng., his predecessor was Rev. Robert Selby, his 
successor, Rev. John Goldsmith, d. Southwold, Eng., June 14, 1626 ; m. Margarget Elvin; 
she d. Boston, Mass., 1647, da. of Richard Elvin ; Martha 2 Youngs, m. Thomas Moore*. 

— The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, XIV : 65. — The Christopher 
Youngs Family, by Charles B. Moore; XV: 57 — The Moore Family of Southold, by 
Charles B. Moore ; Long Island Genealogies, compiled by Mary Poivell Bunker, 250 : Rev. 
Christopher Yonges and Pastor John Youngs, Thomas Youngs of Oyster Bay, 250th Anuiv. 
of Pastor Youngs' Settlement [by Daniel K. Youngs], iSqo .• Long Island Traveler, Sept. 4, 
iSjq — Salmon Record, by N. Hubbard Cleveland [+3056] ; Horton Genealogy, compiled 
by George Firman Horton, M.D., rSyb ; Historical Sketches of Suffolk co.. by Richard M. 
Bayles, 1SJ4, p. 300-2 ; Documentary History of N. J''., by Edmund Bailey O' Callaghun, 
M.D., LL.D., iS4q-5o, II : 43Q, 447, 451, 454,535 ; Savage. 


Elizabeth* Henshaw (Hannah", Moses 1 ), m. Cliarlestown, Mass., 
June 3, 170 1, as 2d w., John Manser of C. Ch. b. in Charles- 
town : 

103 Elizabeth* Manser, b. Jan. 28, 1702-3, bapt. C, Mar. 28, 

+ 104 y^ohn* Manser ; b. Nov. 10, 1705. 



John Manser m. ist, Boston, Mass., Apr. 24, 1695, Mary 
Mirick. • 


Thomas* Henshaw (Hannah 2 , Moses'), d. Woburn, Mass., Sept. n, 
1726, a. 45, m. W., May 26, 1712, Mary Brooks, b. W., Apr. 1, 
1688, a da. John and Mary (Richardson). Ch. b. Woburn : 

105 Thomas* Henshaw, b. Sept. 1, 17 13, d. 1747, a f- May, 
m. pub. Boston, Mass., 1741, Keziah Fowle of B., she dwelt 
Woburn, a widow, 1753. Ch : Kezia? Henshaw, b. May 11, 1742, 
W., d. May, 1747. 

-f 106 William* Henshaw, b. Dec. 21, 17 15. 

107 Isaac* Henshaw, b. Aug. 22, 17 19, d. W., or Brookfield, 
Worcester co., Mass., Jan. 3, 1756, sup. unm. 

108 yoshua* Henshaw, b. Oct. 1, 1721, d. West Brookfield, 
Worcester co., Mass. 

109 Mary* Henshaw, b. Feb. 7, 1723-4. 
+ 110 Oliver* Henshaw, b. Mar. 14, 1726. 
Thomas* Henshaw lived at Woburn. 

Brooks ancestry :— Brooks [2 arms]. (Whalley House, Lancaster co., Eng.) Gu. on 
chief ar., a lion pass, guard. Crest — Demi lion holding betw. the paws, an arrow. 
Motto — Finem respice. Henry 1 , freem., Concord, Mass., March 14, 1639 ; Woburn owned 
land n. Horn Pond, Jan. 10, 1652 — Wob. rec, I, 17 : selectm. 1660; d. W., Apr., 12, :683 s 

m. ist, prob. bef. 1627, ; John 2 , d. W., Sept. 29, 1691, m. ist Eunice Mousall 2 ; John; 

Brooks, b. W., Mar. 1, 1664, m. Mary Richardson 3 . 

Richardson ancestry : —Hon. Ezekiel 1 , b. Eng. ab. 1602, per. from Norwich, Norfolk 
co., Eng., came prob. in fleet with Winthrop, 1630, Boston, Chariest., 1630, with brothers 
Samuel and Thomas, was of 7 commissioners ap. 1640 to settle Woburn ; selectm., rep.; 
d. W., Oct. 21, 1647, m. in Eng. Susanna; Theopilus 2 , bapt. Chariest., 22 (10), 1633, m. 
Mary Champney 2 . Mary 3 Richardson, b. Wob., Jan. 15, 1657-8, m. ist June 24, 1681, 
Joseph Pierce, b. W., Aug. 13, 1649, d. Nov., 1683 s. Thomas, she m. again bef. 1719 
Daniel Hudson. If she m. John Brooks 3 it must have been a 2d m. 

Champney ancestry: — 17 arms: CHAMPNEY (London). Sa. a chev. or, betw. 3 
crosses erm. Crest — Leopard's head, erased guard or. John 1 , b. Eng., Cambridge, 
Mass., 1635 ; m. Joanna ; Mary 2 Champney, m. Theopilus Richardson 2 . 

Mashell, Monsall, Mousall, Mousehole ancestry : .--Arms : MOUSHALL (Lancashire). 
Ar. 3 bars gemelles gu. Dea. John 1 , b. 1595, fr. Eng., Chariest., 1630 (bro. to Ralph of C, 
1630,) mem. Ancient Artill. Co., 1641, one of the 7 commissioners, 1640, to found Wo- 
burn, built the first house in W. ; selectman, much honored, d. W., Mar. 27, 1665, m. 
Johanna; Eunice 2 Mousall, m. John Brooks 2 . — Brooks Family of Woburn, by Dr. Benja- 
min Cutter ; com. by his son, William R. Cutter, in N. E. His, Gen. Reg., XXIX : 133 ; 
John Mousall of Woburn, by W. R. Cutter, in Reg., XLVJI : 462; Vinton's Richardson 
Mem.,3Q; Sewall's Woburn, 71,594; Savage : Wyman. 


Hannah* Henshazv (Hannah 2 , Moses"), m. Woburn, Mass., May 26, 
28, 1706, as 3d w., Thomas Lepingwell of Woburn, b. Jan. 13, 
1648-9, a s. Michael and Isabel. Thomas Lepingwell m. ist Wob., 
May 3, 1675, Sarah Knight, b. Wob., Mar. 16, 165 1, d. Aug. 16, 
1690, a da. Joseph' 2 (John 1 , Watertown, Mass., 1636, m. Mary) 
Knight and Hannah. He m. 2d, Jan. 15, 1691, Hannah Duntlin. 

Lappingwell, Leffingwell, Leppingwell, Lippingwell ancestry : — Michael \ Woburn, 
taxed Sept. 8, 1645 (per. bro. to Thomas of Saybrook, Middlesex co., Conn., 1637); 
Thomas 2 Lepingwell. — Sewelfs Woburn, 625. 




Samuel* Henshaw (Hannahs, Moses»), d. prob. Medford, Mass., 
1756, a. 68; ni. pub. Charlestown, Mass., Apr. 20, 1751, Mrs. Abi- 
gail (Benjamin) Remick, b. Mar. 23, 1706-7, d. af. 1756, wid. 
James Remick, a da. John and Elizabeth ( ) [Carter]. 

Wymaris Charles : — Est. taxed 1727-38, 1742. Samuel* Henshaw of Medf. and w. 
Abigail, heir of John Benjamin, to James B radish, lot Rope lane, 1755. Abigail Hen- 
shaw. wid., of Medf., to same, lot next above, 1756. Abigail Benjamin, m. 1st, prob. 
Chariest., Sept. 5, 1729, James Remick, from Kittery, York co., Me.; per. s. Christian of K..; 
est. taxed 1729, '37, '42, and for 1740 "dead." Qt. cl. of W. Windover ; heirs of Benjamin, 
1739. Adm. to s. David, Mar. 24, 1756. Ch : Benjamin Remick, b. Feb. 22, 1732, m. 
Susanna, real-estate owner, painter; Abigail Remick, b. Oct. 20, 1730. 

Benjamin ancestry ■'— Arms : Benjamen. Or, on a saltire quarterly, pierced sa. 5 
annulets counterch. Crest — On a chapeau a flame of lire. John', fr. Eng'. to Boston, 
Sept. 16, 1632, Cambridge, Watertown, 1637, constable, will — A 7 . E. Reg., Ill .- 777, m. 
Abigail, ta. 1600; Abel", m. Amity, or Amathia, Myrick ; John 3 , b. C, 14 (11), 1676-7, 
mariner, m. 1st Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, wid. Samuel Carter; Abigail* Benjamin. 

Mirick, Mirricke, Myrick ancestry: — John 1 , b. 1614, of Chariest., inhab. 14 (12), 
1641-2, cooper, m. Hopestill, b. i6tp; Amathia- Myrick. — Savage. 


Josiah* Henshaw (Hannah), m. Mary Sweetser, b. May i (12), 
1700, a da. Seth and Sarah (Lynde) [Clark]. Ch. b. Charles- 
town, Mass.: 

in Joseph* Henshaw, b. May 18, 1721. 

112 Mary* Henshaw, bap. Dec. 8, 1723 — Charlestown chh. rec. 

113 Elizabeth"' Henshaw, bap. Mar. 26, 1726 — C. chh. j Benja- 
min', bap. Sept. 29, 1728 — C. chh. j d. soon. 

114 Benjamin* (ag.), b. May 27, Dec. 20, 1730. 

115 Abigail* Henshaw, bap. Sept. 24, 1731-2. Charlestown 
chh. rec. 

Josiah* Henshaw. Wyman Chariest. — Est. taxed 1 727-30. Mary 
Sweetser owned cov. Mar. 19, 172 1. A Josiah Hinshaw lived at 
Brookfield, Mass.; had been serg. in Revolution. 

Sweetser, Switzer ancestry : — Seth', b. 1606, fr. Tring, Hertfordshire, Eng. Chariest. 
T&37, m. 1st, Bethia ; Benjamin 2 , b. Eng., 1632, an eminent Baptist, for which he was, 
1659, at Chariest., fined ,650 and imprison.— Frothingham's Chariest., Sy, 172, m. Abigail 
Wigglesworth 2 , bap. C. Dec. t 3 . 1740; Seth 3 , m. Mrs. Sarah (Lynde 3 ) Clark, b. Dec. 5, 
1666, wid. Thomas Clark ; Mary 4 Sweetser m. Josiah Henshaw 3 . 

Lynde ancestry : — j arms : LYi\"DE, Lynna (Cambridgeshire and London). Gu. a 
demi lion ramp or, within bordure sa. bezantee . . . Dea. Thomas 1 , b. Eng., Jan., 
1593-4, f tn - Eng. Chariest. 1634, rep. Maiden, Mass., malster, d. Dec. 30, 167 1, m. 2d, Mrs. 
Margaret (Martin) Jordan, b. Feb., 1599-1600, d. Aug. 3, 1662, wid. of Thomas Jordan 01 
Eng. ; Hon. Joseph 2 , b. C. 3 (4), 1636, of high political honors, nierch., m. 1st, Sarah Davi- 
son 2 , b. C. Dec. 31, 1647 ; Sarah 3 Lynde m. .Seth Sweetser" 1 . 

Martin ancestry : — 40 arms ; MARTIN' (Robert Martin of an old Leicestershire fam- 
ily, acquired Anstcy Pastures est. Leic. in 16th century). Ar. 2 bars gu. Crest — Out of 
a mural crown vert, a talbot's head eared and langued gu. Motto — Sure and steadfast. 
John 1 of Eng. bef. 1634; Margaret' 2 Martin m. Thomas Lynde 1 . 

Davison ancestry ; —5 arms .- Davison (Newcastle-on-Tyne), Or a fesse wavy betw. 
6 cinquefoils gu. Crest — 'On an earl's coronet or, a dove rising ar. holding in beak 
wheat stalk. Nicholas 1 , b. 1G11 (bro. to Jeremy of Lynn, Eng., 1652: and John), fr. Eng. 
Charlesl. 1639, member Ancient and Hon. Art. ".o. 1648, a chief man, agt. of Gov. Mat- 
thew Cradock, voyaged, 1655, to Barbadoes and Eng., m. Joanna Hodges or Miller; 
Sarah 3 Davison m. Joseph Lynde 2 . 


Wigglesworth ancestry: — Edward 1 , b. if.04, fr. Eng. Aug., 1638, Chariest. New 
Haven, Conn., 1638 — j Mass. His. Col., IX, 2qb, m. in Eng. Esther, per. sister of Rev. 
r~\ John Rayner or Reyner, b. Gilderstone, Eng. ; Abigail 3 Wigglesworth m. Benjamin 

P Sweetser 2 . 

[A Thomas Henshaw m. pub. Boston, Mass., 1758, Martha 
Smallpiece of Boston.] 

. 28. 

DORCAS 3 CLEVELAND (Aaron*, Mosesi), b. Woburn, Mass., 
Oct. 29, 1676, m., rec. Cambridge, Mass., Mar. 12, 1699, John Knight, 
b. Woburn, Jan. 16, 1655-6, a s. Joseph and Hannah. 

Knight ancestry : — 47 arms : KNIGHT (borne by Francis Knight of Congresbury, 
Somerset co., Eng., temp. Elizabeth). Az. 3 pallets gu. within bord. engr. az on canton, 
a spur or. Crest — Over ducal coronet eagle displ. or. Motto — Gloria calcar habet. 
Joseph 1 Knight, fr. Watertown, Mass., Dec. 10, 1649, to Woburn, had right in common 
lands 1668, d. Wob., Aug. 13, 1687, m. Hannah.— SetvaU's Wob.,bss. 


AARON 3 CLEVELAND (Aaron*, Moses'), b. Woburn, Mass., 
July 9, 1680, d. in that part of Cambridge called Mystic, now 
Medford, Middlesex co., Mass., or d. in Norwich, Conn., 1755 
(ab. Dec. 1), m. Woburn, Jan. 1, 1701-2, Abigail Waters, b. Wo- 
burn, Nov. 29, 1683, d. (prob. Norwich) Jan. 6, 1761, a da. Sam- 
uel and Mary (Hudson). Ch : Aaron 4 , b. Oct. 20, 1702, Woburn, 
d. Cambridge, Nov. 5, 17 14. 

+ 116 Samuel 4 Cleveland, b. May 17, 1704 — rec. Woburn. 

+ 117 Abigail 4 Cleveland, b. May 10, 1706, Cambridge — 
rec. Medford. 

+ 118 Dorcas 4 Cleveland, b. 1708. John 4 , b. Aug. 26, 17 10, 
Charlestown, Mass., bap. 1st chh. Cambridge, Oct. 7, 1711; d. y. 

+ 119 Josiah 4 Cleveland, b. Aug. 21, 1713. Charlestown, 

+ 120 Aaron 4 Cleveland (ag.), b. Oct. 19, 29, 17 15, Chariest. 
or Medf., rec. Camb. 

121 John 4 Cleveland (ag.), bap. July 18, 17 19, Camb., in 
infancy, d., not known whether unm. or m.; lived at Haddam, 
Middlesex co., Conn.; house carpenter. Was at work on the 
steeple of Haddam, stepped back off staging, slid down hill, re- 
sumed work in a fortnight. Was a fine hautboy player. 

+ 122 Moses 4 Cleveland, bap. July 19, 1719, Cambridge, in 

+ 123 Mary 4 Cleveland, bap. Jan., July 7, 1724, Cam- 
bridge, in infancy. 

Capt. Aaron 3 Cleveland lived in Woburn to 1704, Medford 
to 17 10, Charlestown, Mass., to 17 13, Cambridge to 17 16, Med- 
ford again, Charlestown ag. to 1738 (or rem., 1738, from Medford 
to Millington, Middlesex co., Conn.), East Haddam, Middlesex 
co., Conn., from 1738. Oct. 7, 171 1, Aaron Cleveland admitted, 


by profession and baptism, to Cambridge church, Rev. William 
Brattle, pastor. Apr. 7, 1720, transferred to Medford church. 
Aug. 10, 1755, received to communion E. Haddam. 

Medford rec. — Aakon Cleveland was constable March 1, 
1707-8. The officer then was like a magistrate of the present, 
and conferred usually on the best scholars and first men. 

Aaron 3 Cleveland kept tavern at Cambridge, on the western 
side of and near Mystic river, and was a builder and contractor. 
He paid taxes at Medford 1706, '8, '17. 

Register Office, XV — Aug. 8, 1709, deed Aaron Cleveland of Medford, May 22, 1710, 
of Chariest., housewright. /// — Nov. 13, 1716, Aaron Cleveland of Cambridge has 
set over to him his father's estate, .£176, of wh. he was adm. in Woobon. See XVI : S-9: 
XXXIX : 130. 

Aaron 3 Cleveland was a large estate owner in Charlestown ; 
his numerous conveyances from 1706 to 173S may be found in 
detail in Wymari's Chariest. Estates, 220. 1706, of M. Davis, 3^4 
acres Walnut-tree hill [Tufts College site]. Many deeds on 
Menotomy road from Camb. to Medford. 

Items of Kinship from York co., Me., Deeds, XXXV : 382— 1732 Aarox Cleaveland 
Chariest., Samuel Newhall, Joseph Lamson, Josiah Nichols, all of Maiden, sell their 
" right by inheritance " to land owned by John Lane, late of Casco Bay. 

At E. Haddam Aaron 3 became prominent in the military, 
and was successively cornet, It., and capt.; was known as Capt. 
Cleveland, and so designated on the records. In person he was 
of great size and strength. He was of much ability, and be- 
came wealthy speculating in land at Chariest., E. Haddam, and 
Millington, Conn. On E. Haddam tax list he is called Aaron 
Cleveland, Gentleman, and his taxable list given as ,£3,000. 

Apr. 15, 1738, Stephen Gardner of Norwich deeds Capt. Aaron Cleveland of 
Chariest. 600 acres of land in E. Haddam for £3,000, current money of New England. 
Mar. 27, 1739, This land set off to Millington. Apr. 30, 1739, deeds to George Beckwith 224 
acres E. Haddam, for £1,345. Mar. 3, 1742, deeds Hezekiah Usher 30 acres for £150. Mar. 
29, 1744, buys 50 acres E. Haddam. Apr. 16, 1744, buys 50 acres W. of 8 mile river. June 
2i, 1746, a highway is laid out through Capt. Aaron Cleveland's land. Dec. 7, 1754, buys 
of Joseph Spencer, E. Had., 300 acres for £1,200, bills of cr. Feb. 24, 1764, buys land in 
E. H. of Daniel Brainerd. Aaron 3 deeds lands to his sons Moses 4 and Josiah 4 . Josiah 4 
deeds house and lot to Aaron 3 . 

Several autographs of Aaron 3 Cleveland are in the Woburn 
Public Library : On deed, Nov. 10, 1722, to John Lille, Jr., &c, 
in the Wyman collection. 

The funeral of Capt. Aaron 3 Cleveland is thus described 
by his great-grandson, William" Cleveland -r-1102 : 

"My greatgrandfather lived in Cambridge, in that part called Mystic. He kept a 
tavern near Mystic river, on the western side. The town is now called Medford. He 
was a very large man. He died suddenly, probably of apoplexy. As I heard he had 
eaten heartily of cherries and went to bed early, and when his wife followed him she 
found him dead. The stair case being narrow and winding, the corpse could not be 
taken down that way, and the windows were so small that they were obliged to enlarge 
one of them to get egress for the coffin, which was lowered into the yard the evening 
previous to the funeral. Six men attempted to carry the coffin to the grave, but it 
proved too heavy, and a carriage was procured after they had carried it part of the 


The original MS. of above is in possession of H. W. S. 
Cleveland, +3195. 

Aeiv London co., Conn., Probate rec. — Last will of Aaron Cleveland, dated Jan. 
31, 1755, actoi. to probate at Norwich, Dec. g, 1755, names children : Samuel Cleveland, 
Abigail Usher, Aaron Cleveland, Josiah Cleveland, Moses Cleveland, only children of 
Mary Clarke, dec'd : grandchildren : Waters, Elisha, William, and Mary. To wife, 
Abigail, the use of negro man, Cuffy, during her natural life, and the residue of his 
property, except, &c. He gives to said negro man his freedom " after decease of said 
beloved wife, so that after her decease he shall be a Free man for ever afterward." 

Will of Abigail Cleveland, widow of Aaron, dated Apr. 14, 1756, proved Jan. 6, 
1761, names children : Aaron, Moses, Samuel, Josiah, children of Mary, Abigail ; residue 
to John Cleveland, son of Moses, when aged 21. 

Waters ancestry .- — g arms : Waters (Ireland). Ar. 3 magpies ppr. Crest — An 
eagle rising regaurd. ppr. Motto — Spero. Laurence, or Lawrence 1 , b. Eng., 1602; 
Watertown, Mass., bef. 1634, he and w. were warned for having danced, rem. to and 
built the first house at Lancaster, Worcester co., Mass. — Willard Centen. Celebr., 75; 
Chariest. Mar. 20, 1675-6, carpenter, d. C, Dec. 9, 1687, m. Ann Linton 2 , Samuel 2 , b. C. 
or Lancaster, 14 (n), 1651-2, Woburn, 167s, d. \V., Mar. 2, 1728, m. Mary Hudson 2 , b. 
Sept. 7. 1653. 

N. E. His. Gen. Reg., XVIII : zb 5 ; Middlesex Wills, X VII : S4 q, S jo — Will of Samuel 
Waters of Woburn mentions sons, Daniel, Josiah, Ephraim ; daughters, Mary Whit- 
more, Sarah Paine, Abigail Cleveland, Joanna Pratt ; Abigail 3 Waters, m. Aaron 
Cleveland. 3 

Hudson, Hut son ancestry : — 13 arms : Hudson (Preston, Lancaster co., Eng.). Gu. 
on fesse or, betw. 3 boars' heads, couped ar. 3 lions ramp. sa. Crest — Lion ramp, or 
holding bet. the forepaws a boar's head. Daniel 1 , b. Eng., of Watert. 1640, Lancaster 
1664, killed by Indians, Sept. 11, 1697, m. Joanna; Mary 2 Hutson, m. Samuel Waters 2 . 

Linton ancestry . — 4 arms : Linton (Scotland). Gu. eagle, displ. ar. on chief, 3 
roses. Crest — Eagle's head holding in beak an acorn. Richard 1 , b. Eng., was at Gov. 
Cradock's planta., Medf., 1630, Watert. 1638, Lancas. 1643, d. Mar. 30, 1663, Ann 2 Linton, 
m. Lawrence Waters'. — Sewall's Woburn, 600, 64S/ Savage; Hinman's Conn. Set- 
tlers, 6/Q. 


MOSES 3 CLEVELAND (Aaron 2 , Moses 1 ), b. Woburn, Mass., 
Feb. 24, 1689 [1689-90], d. New Marlborough, Berkshire co., 
Mass., 1772, m. Canterbury, Conn., Oct. 19, 21, 17 17, Mary- 
Johnson, b. Oct. 10, 1697, d. after 1772, of C, a da. Obadiah and 
Rebekah. Ch. b. Canterbury:, 

+ 124 Miriam 4 Cleveland, b. Jan. 30, 1718-19. 

+ 125 Dorcas 4 Cleveland, b. May 9, 1721. 

4-126 Obadiah 4 Cleveland, b. Sept. 16, 1723. 

127 Anna 4 Cleveland, b. Aug. 15, 1725, m. Eli Freeman, 
both living 1772. Rebecca 4 , b. June 28, 1730, d. bef. 1772, prob. 

128 Abigail 4 Cleveland, m. John Gillett ; both living 

Moses 3 Cleveland lived first at Canterbury; was taxed in 
C, 17 16, on ^82. 

Canterbury chh. rec. — Dec. 28, 17 18, Moses Cleveland and w. 
Mary ent. cov. Oct. 14, 1722, adm. to chh. Baptisms: Dec. 23, 
1 7 18, Moses Cleveland, s. of Aaron, dec'd, at Oburn. Bap., 
Jan. 26, 1735, Hetty, an Indian woman, brought up with Moses 


Lamed 's Windham co., I: IJ7 ■ — Apr. 30, 1723, the long- 
contested Canterbury land was equally distributed. Moses 
Cleveland received one share as a proprietor under the patent. 
2po — Deliverance Brown, Samuel Butts, Timothy Backus, 
Joseph, Josiah, Henry, and Moses Cleveland, Elisha and Solo- 
mon Paine, and other sons of the first settlers, were now, 1727, 
in active life. 

Moses 5 Cleveland and his family, his da. Miriam 4 , her hus- 
band and family, and a few others fr. Canterbury, and about 
8 families from Marlborough, Mass., became founders of the 
town of New Marlborough. Moses 3 Cleveland and his son- 
in-law, Joseph Adams, were among the 5 who founded the first 
church in New Marlborough, 1744. 

Barber s His. Mass., 84 — In 1744 Moses Cleveland, Joseph 
Adams, and Silas Freeman, from Canterbury, were of the first 
settlers in New Marlborough. 

Public Records of the Colony of Conn. Transcribed and Edited 
in accordance with a Resolution of the General Assembly. By Charles 
J. Hoadly, LL.D., State Librarian. Hartford, XI 11 ': 32 — Assem- 
bly, May, 1768. Petition of Andrew, John, and Safford Stevens 
of Canaan, Litchfield co., Conn., showing that Edward Rains- 
ford of New Marlborough and Moses Cleveland of Windham 
recovered judgments for oars. 

Berkshire co., Mass., land rec. — 1775. The heirs of Joseph 
Adams sold land in New Marlborough, which had been set off 
to them from homestead of Moses Cleveland, dec'd. Pittsfield, 
Mass., Prob. rec. — Moses 3 Cleveland d. 1772, leaving wid., 
Mary, and 4 ch: Abigail 4 , w. of John Gillett; Dorcas 4 , w. of 
Samuel Williams; Anna 4 , w. of Eli Freeman; Miriam 4 , w. of 

Joseph Adams. 


Johnson ancestry .- — 66 arms (Kent, 1605).- Quarterly, az. and gu., over all a cross 
patonce or, a chief of the last Crest — An arm erect, habited per pale az. and or, hold- 
ing in the hand ppr., a cross patonce of the second. . . . Stiven de Johnson, living 
1329, m. Margaret, da. . Sir Andrew Garioch of Caskieben, Scotl. . . . William 1 
of Canterbury, Eng.; Edward 2 , b. Canterbury, Eng., ab. 1599, of Waterham Heme, 
or Heron Hill parish, co. Kent, Eng., owned dwelling, farm, &c, there, came with 
Winthrop, 1630, freem. May 18, 1631, Charlestown, Salem, Mass., returned, 1636, to Eng., 
from Sandwich, Eng., again en -e, June, 1637, then of Canterbury, Eng., joiner, of 
Charlestown, 1637, a founder o*. -ient and Honorable Artillery co., a Commissioner 
from chh. of Charlestown, Nov. 5, n., for erection of church and town, Wobtirne, Mass. 
(verse by Capt. Edward Johnson, town ^lerk, immortalizing the difficulties of the Com- 
missioners, prefixed to town rec), representative, 1643-71, speaker, &c, of Woburn 
militia co., author of The Wonder Working Providence of Sion's Saviour in .Xeiv Eng- 
land : London, 1654 [History of N. E.], d. Woburn, Apr. 23, 1672, m., in Eng., Susan, or 
Susannah, b. Eng., isg7, d. Woburn, Mar. 7, 1600 ; John 3 , in. Bethiah Reed 2 ; Obadiab* 
Johnson, b. W., June 15, 1664, an orig. settler Plainfield, Conn., 1690. — Lamed' s Wind- 
ham co., 1 : 10S, no, — to encourage whom Owaneco made over land, 16138 ; lived n. 
Quinebaug river, Canterbury, and kept inn, 1703, prominent man, d. Apr. 10, 1765, m. 

Rebecca ; she d. C, Dec. 1, 1752, a widow; inventory 12, 13, 1752, a quaint list: 

i( pocket book and bills of credit," " chain goold beads and locket," a long list of apparel, 
and "Pora a negro boy with his cloathing 5oo">, Vilet a negro wench with her cloathing 
350> b , large Bible," &c. [much effort has been made, without success, to learn her maiden 


name; conjectured by some to have been daughter of Samuel 3 (Thomas", Henry') 
Adams, millwr., of Canterbury, while others think perhaps she was Rebecca 3 (Increase, 2 
Edward 1 ) Winn]. 

Read, Reed a?icestry : —Read (Buckinghamshire, Eng.). Gu. a saltire betw. 4 wheat- 
sheaves or. Crest — Falcon with wings expanded. William 1 , b. 1587; emb. fr. Eng., 
1635 ; July 4, 1656, Rehoboth, Dorchester, freem. Mar. 14, 1639, Woburn, ret. to Eng., d. 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1656; m., in Eng., Mabel, b. 1603 (she ret. to Woburn, m., 2d, 
Henry Summers) ; Bethiah 2 Read, m. John Johnson^. 


SARAH 3 CLEVELAND (Aaron, 2 Moses 1 ), b. Woburn, Mass., 
Mar. 5, 1692, d. after 1736, place and date not learned, m. Wo- 
burn, Mar. 31, 1 7 18, Job Richardson, b. Woburn, Apr. 30, 1696, 
d. after 1738, place and date not learned, a son of Lt. John and 
Margaret (Willing). Ch. b. Woburn: 3 

129 Margaret* Richardson, b. Jan. 22, 171 8-19. 

+ 130 Willing"' Richardson, b. Jan. 31, 1720-21. 

-f-131 Ann* Richardson, b. Jan. 31, 1723-24. 

132 Dorcas* Richardson, b. Mar. 14, 1728. 

Job Richardson lived at Woburn to about 1729; Charles- 
town, Mass., to 1738. Wyman's Charlestown, 811 — Estate taxed 
1730-8. 1736, buys of Jonathan Tufts, %. acre; 173 1-2, sells to 
Elizabeth Usher; 1733, to John Hall, above and house, w. 
Sarah joins; 1735, to Abraham Skinner. No will or adm. of est. 

Richardson ancestry — 21 arms : Richardson (derived from Nicholas Richardson 
from Durham, bought 1561 North Brierly est., Yorkshire, Eng.) Sa. on a chief ar. 3 
lions' heads erased, of the first. Crest — A dexter arm in armour, couped at the elbow t 
brandishing a falchion ar. the gripe vert, hilt and pommel or. Samuel 1 b. Eng., 1610, 
prob. from Norwich, Norfolk co., Eng., came ab. 1635 of Charlestown, July 1, 1636, Sew- 
all' s Woburn, 11, sj, 71, 632 — Nov. 5, 1640, chh. of Chariest, chose Edward Convers, 
Edward Johnson, John Mousall, Thomas Graves, Samuel, Ezekiel [b. 1605 came 1630] and 
Thomas [came 1635] Richardson [brothers] commissioners for erection of a town, upon 
grant of Court May 14, 1640, Charlestown village, since Woburn, d. May 23, 1658, m. 
Joanna; Lt. John 2 Richardson, b. Charlestpwn, bap. Nov. 12, 1639, of Woburn, soldier 
in King Philip's war 1675-6, d. Jan. 1, 1696-7, m. 3d, June 25, 1689, Margaret Willing — 
Richardson Memorial comprising a full History and Genealogy. By John Adams Vinton, 
/S76, p. 1S2-1Q2. . 

Willing ancestry : — Margaret 1 Willing d. Woburn Oct. 28, 1726. N. E. His. Gen. 
Reg., XXVIII: 375 — Passengers to New England ib7q. By Henry P. Waters. From 
Essex co., Mass. Court Papers XXXII: rq-22. Names of passengers that came in y« 
shipe Hannah & Elizabeth m r Lott Goarding [b. 1647, comander ; Capt. Nicholas Man- 
ning, undertaker, m ra . Anstist Manning [wid. Richard Manning of Dartmouth, Eng.] 
Elizabeth Walsh, Joane Brownestis, Margret Willing [may have been she who in. John 
Richardson] Annis Kfoord, Anne Killigrove, Margaret Bouey [Bovey of Salem, Mass.], 
Grace Stiuer, Mary Peirce, Stephen Bickford, Robert Cane [Cann], Richard Oliver, 
Richard Thomas, John Jackson and Joseph Dearing from Dartmouth, Wm. Hutchings, 
George Martine, Tho Knollman, John Norway, James Tomling, Thomas Towsly, Moses 
Dearild, James Mudd, Aron Smith, John Cally [of Marblehead, Essex co., Mass.], 
Thomas Baker. Sworn to in Boston, Nov. 4, 1679, before John Richards, comr. 


MIRIAM 3 CLEVELAND (Aaron^ioses 1 ), m. Watertown, 
Mass., June 30, 17 17, William Cheever, s. Israel and Bridgett 
(Woodhead). Ch. b. Cambridge, Mass., rec. Watert. : 

133 William* Cheever, b. Aug. 27, 17 18. 



134 John* Cheever, h. Aug. 15, 1722. 

135 Aaron 1 Cheever, b. Nov. 28, 1725. 
William Cheever, of Cambridge, victualler. 

Cheever ancestry : — Arms: ClIEVERor Chexer. Gu. three bucks ar. 
iel 1 (bro. of Bartholomew, b. 1608 from Canterbury, Kent co , Eng., 1637, 
•Cambridge bef. 1646; m. Esther; Israel 2 Cheever bap. C, Jan. 26, 1662 
Woodhead. j Mass. His. Col., VIII : 310 ; Savage. 

. . . Dan- 

of Boston), of 

til. Bridgett 


BENJAMIN 3 CLEVELAND (Aaron*, Moses*), b. Woburn, 
Mass., May 16, 1701, d. 1749, 1784 evidently af. April 5, 1773, 
m. prior to Feb. 13, 1723-4, Ann Church of Hartford, Conn., b. 
1673, d. Windham, Conn., Oct. 21 
(Beckley). Ch : 

+ 136 Esther 4 Cleveland, b. Nov. 5, 1727, 

1754, a da. John and Sarah. 


+ 137 






+ 140 

Aaron 4 Cleveland, b. June 3, 1730, 
Anna 4 Cleveland, b. Mar. 23, 1 731-2, 


Benjamin 4 Cleveland, b. Aug. 30, 1733, Windham 

Moses 4 Cleveland, b. July 20, 1736, Windham,. Conn. 
Chloe 4 Cleveland, b. May 30, 1744, Windham, Conn. 

Benjamin 3 Cleveland dwelt Woburn to 1722, Canterbury to 1732, Windham after- 
ward. Hartford Land Grants, IV: 122 — " To all People * Know yee that wee Elizabeth. 
Church of Hartford and Benjamin Cleveland of Canterbury and Ann his wife in 
consid. of £20. paid by James Hannison [Harrison] of Hartford * sell 4 acres in Hartford 
bounded by Thomas Ensign, John Bunco &c. Signed 13th day of ffebuary In the Tenth 
Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George of Great Britain 1723-4 

Signed &c. In presence of us : Eliz» CHURCH X and a seal 

Nathan Stanly mark 

Anna Stanly Benjamin Cleveland and a seal 

Ann X Cleveland and seal " 

Canterbury Separate chh. rec. 154 — Persons that have entered into and owned the cove- 
nant : Sep. 19, 1725, Benjamin Cleveland y> son of Aaron Cleveland dec'd at Oburn 
at the same time his wife. 7/ — Admissions to church Sep. 4, 1726, Annee Cleveland, 
wife of Benjamin. Dec. 7, 1731, Benjamin Cleveland. Scotland, Windliani co., Conn., 
chh. rec. — 1735, Benjamin & Ann Cleveland joined chh. at its original formation by 
letter from Windham chh. Sep. 26, 1746, Ann Cleveland signs covenant. 1743 Ben- 
jamin CLEVELAND in full communion. 

Paine gen. /j^— Rev. Elisha Paine, non-conformist arrested for preaching in Apr., 
1744, at Benjamin Cleveland's ; law of Colony 1742, prohibiting any but ordained min- 
isters from teaching. Benjamin 3 Cleveland and wife were prominent in the Separate 
movement. Larned's Windham co. 1 : 415 — A letter of reproof was addressed to Rev. 
Samuel Mosely by Elisha Paine, who whereupon was arrested Sep. 22, 1744, and brought 
before Nathaniel Huntington on charge of preaching at house of Benjamin Cleveland 
in Scotland parish. The prisoner offered as a plea that the Court had not jurisdiction of 
the case, for the facts are warranted by the Law of God, &c. Court ordered prisoner to 
give £xoa bonds for peaceable behaviour, which Mr. Paine refused to do and was sent to 
prison. 459 — Benjamin & Anne Cleveland and others cited to appear before the 
church for separating long time from worship. 461 — Reasons for their dissent from the 


established church signed Mar. 17, 1746, by Cornelius Waldo, Peleg Brewster, Ben'J. 
CLEVELAND, Lemuel Bingham, Henry Bass, Daniel Ross, Zebulon Rudd, Jacob Perkins. 
Il.-jb — The Separates appealed to the Geu. Assembly showing — " That in 1749, believ- 
ing in good conscience that the principles and doctrines adhered to by the Scotland 
church were not agreeable to the gospel, and as they hoped they were enlightened by 
the light of God's countenance and found, they could not profit by the ministrations of 
Rev. Ebenezer Devotion, and in 1749 confederated together separate from said minister 
and people and set up a religious worship according to the dictates of their own con- 
sciences and Mr. John Palmer was ordained over them, and they have freely contributed 
to his support and built a comfortable house for those who join with them, and all this 
time have been forced to pay for the support of Mr. Devotion and Rev. James Cogswell * 
wherein they pray you to enact that they be made a distinct society. Zacheus Waldo, 
Zebulon Hebard, Lemuel Bingham, Ebenezer Webb, John Palmer, Benjamin Cleve- 
land, Joseph Allen, John Walden, Stephen Webb, Israel Hale, William Perkins, Joseph 
Allen, Jr., Jonathan Brewster, Ebenezer Bass, John Salsbury, Timothy Allen, Samuel 
Baker, Jr., Jedidiah Bingham, Henry Bass, Moses Cleveland." Windham, Apr. 5, 
1773. This reasonable request obtained a favorable hearing, and Brunswick church was 
at last released from its heavy burden. 

Church ancestry :— 4 arms : Churche (Betton, Salop co., Eng.), Ar. on a chev. gu. 
betw. 3 greyhounds' heads 3 bazants. Crest — Greyhound's head . . . Richard 1 from 
Eng., with Rev. Thomas Hooker's co. to Hartford, 1636, an orig. propr. 1637, house on 
Burr st., 1640, one of the 60 who signed at Hartford, Apr. 18, 1659, agnt to form Hadley, 
Hampshire co. Mass., d. Had., Dec. 16, 1667, m. prob. in Eng. Ann b. i6ot, d. Hatfield, 
Hampshire co., Mass., Mar. 10, 1684; John 3 Church, b. prob. Eng. of Hartf., m. Sarah 
Beckley 3 b. prob. Eng. 

Beckley ancestry : — 2 arms : BECKLEY BlCKLEY (Devonshire) Ar. a chev. engr. 
betw. 3 martlets sa. Crest — Betw. 2 wings or, a cross pattee gu. Serg. Richard 1 fr. 
Eng., New Haven, Conn., 1639, Wethersfield, Conn., bef. 1668, m. 1st Prances; Sarah 2 
Beckley m. John Church 5 . Savage,- Hinman ; His. of Ancient Windham by William L. 
Weaver in Willimantic, Windham co., Conn. Journal, May 27, 1864 ; Cot hr en 526. 


JANE 3 CLEVELAND (Samuel, Moses>), d. Southborough, 
Worcester co., Mass., Apr. 12, 1745, a. 64, m. 1702, as 1st w., 
CoL William Ward, b. Marlborough, Mass., Mar. 27, 1680, d. 
Southb., Jan. 8, 1767, a s. William and Hannah (Johnson) 
[Eames]. (He m. 2d, see below). Ch : 

+ 141 Hezekiah* Ward, b. June 28, 1703. 

Jonathan* Ward, b. Apr. 1705, d. Southboro, Feb. 17, 
1730, uniri. 

Bathsheba* Ward, b. Oct. 18, 1706, m. Aug. 25, 1725, 
Hezekiah Wood. Hepzibah* Ward, b. Dec. 30, 1708. 

-I-142 JZlisha* Ward, b. July 30, 1712. 

143 William* Ward, b. Oct. 16, 1714, d. Southboro, Jan. 
12, 1756, m. Dec. 26, 1738, Martha Burnap of Hopkinton, Mid- 
dlesex co., Mass. (She m. 2d, Apr. 5, 1764, James Draper of 
Spencer, Worcester co., Mass.) Deacon of Southboro chh. 1753. 
s. P. 

-j-144 JIaunah* Ward, b. Mar. 17, 1717. Jane*, b. May 9, 
17 19, d. inf. Abigail*, b. Apr. 17, 17 20-1. 

+ 145 Charles* Ward, b. Oct. 27, 1722. Submit*, b. June 5, d. 
6, 1726. 

Col. William Ward lived at Southborough. He was member 
of Ancient and Honorable Artillery co., became Col. of militia ; 


6 7 

a noted surveyor, laid out many new townships and surveyed 
proprietors' house lots ; became a large land-owner, was magis- 
trate and much employed in public business. He petitioned 
General Court for a grant of land for losses in Narragansett war 
sustained by father of his wife, and eventually became possessed 
of iooo acres in Charlemont, Franklin co., Mass., originally 
granted to the town of Boston ; his children inherited it. Col. 
William Ward m. 2d, Westboro, Worcester co., Mass., 1758, 
Sarah Smith, s. p. 

Ward ancestry : — 55 arms: Ward (Durham and Yorkshire, Eng.) Az. across baton 
patonce or. Crest — Wolf's head erased. Ward, one of the noble captains accompanied 
William, the Conqueror, from Normandy to Eng., 1066. William de la Ward of Chester, 
Eng., 1175. The Wards of Yorkshire, Eng., spread into Durham, &c. Hon. William 1 ac. 
to trad. fr. Yorksh. or Derbyshire, Eng, of Sudbury, Middlesex co., Mass., 1639-60 rep. 
Marlboro, 1660, d. M., Aug-. 10, 16S7, m. 2d in Eng., Elizabeth, b. 1613, she came to Amer- 
ica with him ; William 2 Ward, b. Jan. 22, 1640, m. Mrs. Hannah (Johnson) Eames, b. 
Sudb., Apr. 27, 1656, wid. Gershom Eames. Ward Family, by Andrew Henshaw Ward, 
A. M. Member N. E. His. Gen. Society, j$ji, p. 24. 

Johnson ancestry : — Solomon 1 , Sudbury, 1638, freern., 1651, d. July 28, 1690, m. 2d, 
Elinor ; Hannah 2 Johnson m. William Ward a — Savage. 


PERSIS 3 CLEVELAND (samuei«, Mos^ 1 ), b. Chelmsford, 
Mass., Apr. 21, 1683, m. Stonington, Conn., Oct. 24, 1706, 
Thomas Hewitt, b. Stonington, Feb. 3, 1685, a s. of Thomas and 
Lydia (Utley). Ch. (some may have remained in Plainfield, 
Conn., but several are supposed to have gone to Westmoreland 
or Wyoming, Luzerne co., Pa.) : 

146 Lydia* Hewitt, b. Nov. 4, 1707, Stonington, m. Dec. 
19, 1727, Isaac Lawrence. On the doorstep of the Lawrence 
house, built 175 1, and mentioned in Nathaniel Hawthorne's Amer- 
ican Note Book, are the names of their ch : Jonas", Lawrence rec, 
Dec. 1, 1728, in Canterbury, Conn.; Stephen'' Lawrence, Isaac' 
Lawrence, Asa? Lawrence, William* Lawrence, Elijah''' Lawrence, 
Solomor? Lawrence, Azubah b Laiurence, Anna i Lai&rence, Lydia? 
Lawrence, Hannah 1 ' Lawrence. Elizabeth* Hewitt, b. Apr. 12, 1709, 
Stonington, m. July 24, 1734, John Warren. 

147 Prudence* Hewitt, b. Sep. 26, 17 n, S., m. Jan. 29, 
1729-30, Benjamin Wheeler. 

+ 148 Thomas* Hewitt, b. Mar. 25, 1713, Stonington, Conn. 
John* Hewitt, b. Jan. June 24, 1715, S. Azubah* Hewitt, b. Feb. 
6, 1 71 7-18, Plainfield, Conn. 

149 Thankful* Hewitt, b. Aug. 20, 1722, P. ; m. Aug. 29, 
1742, Joseph Seger, dwelt Sheffield, Conn. Ch : Joseph'' Seger, 
b. Sep. 1, rec. S., d. S., Dec. 17, 1743. 

-I-150 Ephraim* Hewitt, b. Jan. 4, 14, 1728-9, Plainfield, Conn. 

Persis 3 Cleveland of Canterbury, Conn., when m. Thomas 
Hewitt Jan. 10, 1722, of Plainfield, deeds land to Isaac Wheeler. 


Adm. to Canaan chh. Sep. 1741, Thomas Huet and wife, and in 
1752, Piersis Hewit from Plainfield. Tradition that the whole 
family, with descendants of Benjamin Hewitt of Stonington, re- 
moved to Wyoming- — A T otes of Hon. Richard A. Wheeler of Ston- 

Hewett, Hewitt, Huet ancestry .- — // arms : Hewet, Tt ; /,- HUET ; o : Hewitt, 
TT. HEWET : (Headley, Hall, co. York, Eng.) Gu. chev. engr. betw. 3 owls ar. Crest 
— Stump of tree, thereon a falcon close ar. Motto — Ne te queesiveris extra . . . 
John Huet of Taunton, Somerset co., Eng., 1522, gr. gr. son on female side of Symon 
Elyot, father of Sir Thomas Elyot (kinsm. of Andrew Eliot of Salem, Mass.) who ment. 
John Huet in will proven May 26, 1522, may prove to be ancestor of Rev. Ephraim, and 
of : Thomas 1 , Stonington, 1651, mariner, on voyage May, 1662, not heard of after, m. Han- 
nah Palmer, bap. June 15, 1634, da. Walter & Rebecca (Short) of Charlestown, Mass., 
Thomas 3 Hewett, b. 1659, m. Lydia Utley 2 — Public Records of Colony of Connecticut, by 
J. Hammond Trumbull, A. M., II : 129 ; Eliot gen. A$x.: Hewitt family in compilation 
by Mrs. Frederick Law Olmsted, Brookline, Mass. 

Uttley ancestry : — Samuel 1 , Scituate, Plymouth co., Mass., m. Dec. 6, 1648, Hannah 
Hatch 2 , Lydia" Utley m. Thomas Hewitt*. 

Hatch ancestry : — 8 arms: Hatch or HACCHE (Hatch, Devon co., Eng., an ancient 
Devonshire family). Gu. 2 demi lions pass guard or Crest — Lion's head . . . Elder 
William 1 Scituate 1633, went home, brot. from Sandwich, Kent co., Eng., 1635, w. and 
fam. — His. Sandwich, Eng. (prob. bro. of Thomas of Dorcester, Mass., 1534) first ruling 
elder of Second Church founded 1644, Barnstable, Mass., m. Jane; Hannah 2 Hatch m. 
Samuel Utley 1 . 


SAMUEL 3 CLEVELAND (s amU ei*, mo^'), b. Chelmsford, 
Mass., Jan. 12, 1685, d. Canterbury, Conn., Oct. 1, 1727, [m. 1st? 
no record] m. [2d?] Canterbury, Dec. io, 17 19, Sarah Buswell 
or Bosworth, b. prob. Chelmsford, Oct. 23, 1699, d. after June 
22, 1743, da. Robert and Hannah (Tyler). (She m. 2d, see 
below). Ch. [by 1st? m.] : 

151 John 4 Cleveland, b. Feb. 14, 1718 — old family rec. ; 
not recorded at Canterbury. Ch. [by 2d ? m.], b. Canterbury: 

Hannah 6 Cleveland, b.< May 5, 1721, prob. d. young. 

4-152 Eleazer 4 Cleveland, b. May 26, 1722. 

4-153 David 4 Cleveland, b. June 1, 1724. 

4-154 Hopestill 4 Cleveland, b. Apr. 17, 1726. 

-r-155 Mehitable or Hetty 4 Cleveland, b. Feb. 16, 1727-8. 

Samuel 3 Cleveland a prominent man of Canterbury, joiner 
and cooper. Some discrepancies in dates between Canterbury 
records, and an old family rec. in possession of Rev. Simeon" 
Cleveland +1395, which family rec. gives Samuel 3 b. Feb. 26, 
3680, and a son John 4 b. Feb. 14, 17 18, who, if lie existed, must 
have been by a first marriage. Samuel 3 was taxed 1716 on. 


Canterbury Town Meeting Bo/jk - "At a General Town Meeting chosen to office as 
folio wetii : Dec. m, 1717, Dec. <-„ 1718, i 7 iy Samuel C1.KVE1.anij chosen Sealer of Weights 
& Measures; Dec. q, 1718, Fence viewer; Deo. 8, 1719, Grand Juryman; Dec. 11, 1722, & 
Dec. 17, 1723, Tithing man & sealer of weights. He bought land at Chelmsford. Canter- 
bury Land rec— He is granted land by his father. Separate chh. rec — Admissions to 
chh. 1718, Mar. 31:, Samuel, son of Sergt. 1720, April 2, Sarah w of Samuel. 1727 Samuel 
is in full communion. Marriages : 17x9, I}ec. 10, Samuel Cleaveland s. of Sergt. and 
Sarah Cleaveland, da. Robert Bosworth. 


6 9 

Lamed' s Windham co.. /■ 7-76 — Samuel Cleveland, Jun., received i}i shares as a 
first settler of Canterbury, in land distribution, Apr. 30, 1-23. 

Windhan., IVillimantic, Conn., Prob. Rec. I : 232 — June 15, 1743, Admin, of SAMUEL 
Cleveland, Jun., report moveable estate ,£160 distributed .by order court to wid. and 
ch. Jure 22, 1743, wid. has set off 2 parcels land as dowry, Eleazer* has all the carpen- 
ter's tcols, David* the cooper's tools, &c. 

Canterbury Mi. rec. — " 1-31, Dec. g, John [or Jonathan] Proctor and Sarah Proctor, 
daughter to Robert Bus, sel relict of Samuel Cleaveland were married." Ch : Hannah 
Proctor, b. Aug. 19, 1732 ; Eaton Proctor, b. Nov. 14, 1734. 

Pasivell, Bosworth, Bussell, Busivell, Bitzwetl, Buzzell ancestry : —10 arms : Bos- 
WFi.L, BOSWORTH, BUSSELE (Warwickshire, Eng.) Ar. a chev. betw. 3 water bougets 
se. Crest— Cherubim's head betw. 2 wings. Isaac 1 from England, of Salisbury, Litch- 
field co., Conn., freem. Oct. 9, 1649, m - j st in Eng.; Samuel 2 b. Eng., m. Salisb., July 8, 
1656, Sarah Keyes 2 ; Robert 3 Buswell of Andover, Mass., m. Dec. 0, 1697, Hannah Tyler. 

Keyes ancestry : — Robert 1 , Watertown, Mass., 1633, Newberry, Mass., 1643, Sudbury, 
Mass., 1647, m. Sarah; Sarah 2 Keyes m. Samuel Buswell 2 . Savage. 


Joseph 3 Cleveland (Samuel*, Moses'), b. Chelmsford, Mass., 
July 18, 1689, d. Canterbury, Conn., Mar. n, 1766, m. 1st, 
Canterb., Feb. 7, 1710-11, Abigail Hyde, b. Cambridge, Mass., 
Aug. 8, 1688, d. Canterb., Dec. 16, 1724, a da. Jonathan & Do- 
rothy (Kidder). He m. 2d, Canterb., Mar. 31, 1725, Sarah Ains- 
worth or Ensworth, b. Plainfield, Conn., June 12. 1699, d. Can- 
terb., June 21, 1 761, a da. Tyxhall & Lydia or Sarah. Ch. b. 
Canterbury, by 1st m. : 

+156 Ephraim 4 Cleveland, b. Feb. 3, 1711-12. 

J 57 Jonathan 4 Cleveland, b. May 9, 1713, d. Canterb., 
Mar. 19, 1754, whether single or m. unk., was willed property by 
his father. 

+ 158 Benjamin' 1 Cleveland, b. May 20, 1714. 

159 Dorothy 4 Cleveland, b. Mar. 31, 17 16; d. prob. 
unm. ; adm. chh. Canterbury, Oct. 25, 1729, by letter of pastor 
of Pomfret, Conn., chh. 

160 John'' Cleveland, d. Canterbury, Conn., March 5, 


+ 161 Elijah 4 Cleveland, b. Jan. 5, 1720-21. 

+ 162 Persis 4 Cleveland, b. 1723, bap. Canterbury, Apr. 
7, 1723. By 2d m. : 

+ 163 Ezra 4 Cleveland, b. 1726, bap. Canterbury, Apr. 
17, 1726. 

+ 164 Samuel 4 Cleveland, b. June 7, 1730. 

Sergt. Joseph 3 Cleveland dwelt at Canterbury. He was 
designated on the town records as Mr. or ^Sergt. to distinguish 
him from his cousin Capt. Joseph'' +62. Adm. Separate chh. 
Nov. 6, 1715; his w. Abigail, June 30, 1712. Joseph 3 taxed 1716, 


Canterbury Town Meeting Book —Dec. 20, 1720, Joseph Cleveland Senr, Seruayer 
of highways ; Dec. 17, 1721, haward ; Feb. 25, 172^-4, fence viewer. 

Canterb. Land rec. - 1753, Joseph 8 deeds land to his sons Benjamin', Ezra 4 , and 
Samuel*. He willed property to s. Jonathan*. 


Hartford, Conn., Land Grants, TX : 792 — JOSEPH CLEVELAND et al., to Joseph Pit- 
kin, Jr. Two pieces of land in the five miles on E. side of: the Great River in Hartford* 
one lot acres butted on Thomas Trill, and one other piece 3 acres 20 rods on David 
Ensign, Thomas Richards and Coll. Joseph Pitkin ; both Lotts were laid out on the Right 
of Texel Ensworth who was once of Hartford, being the whole right of the said Texel 
Ensworth in the said five miles. Consideration ^73 10s, in Bills of Credit of the old 
tenor. Dated Jan. 16, In the 29th year of Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second 
of Great Britain King, 1756. 

Signed &c. in presence of . his 

Jabez Fitch, Joseph X Cleveland, 

Ruth Cleveland, mark 

Jn° Dyar, Sarah Cleveland, [his wife.] 

Sarah Dyar, his 

Jabez Hide, Thomas X El.SWORTH, 

Abigail Barstow. mark 

Joseph Elsworth, 
Nathaniel Ensworth, 
Nehemiah Ensworth, 
Tyxhall Elsworth [all of Canterbury]. 
Jonathan burley, [of Norwich], 
Elizabeth Burley, [his wife]. 
Hides, Hyde ancestry of Abigail Hyde :— 33 arms : Hyde (Norbury & Hyde, Chester 
co., Eng., descended fr. Sir Robert Hyde, living temp. Henry III, 1216-72, and his wife, 
the heiress of Norbury ; this ancient family the parent stock of Hydes of Denton and 
Urmeston, Lancaster co., Westhatch, Wilts co., Castle Hyde, Cork co. The eventual 
heiress Anne, da. of Edward Hyde, Esq., of N. & Hyde, m. George Clarke, Lt. Goy. of 
province of N. Y. Az. a chev. betw. 3 lozenges, or. Crest — Eagle, wings endorsed sa. 
beaked & membered or. Serjeant Jonathan 1 b. 1626, of New Cambridge in Camb., now 
Newton, Mass. (brother of Samuel of Newton) 1647, large estate owner and bene- 
factor of Newton, freem. 1663, m. Mary French 3 , b. 1633 ; Jonathan 2 Hyde, b. N., Apr. 
1, 1655, m. Dorothy Kidder 3 b. 1651. — History of the early settlement of Newton, Mass., 
by Francis Jackson, 1854,$. 3/6. 

Kidder ancestry.' — Arms: Kidder (Ireland; of Maresfield, Sussex co., Eng., temp. 
Henry VII, 1485-1508). Vert. 3 crescents or. Crest — A hand couped below the elbow, 
vested az. holding a packet, thereon the word " Standard." Motto — Boyne. James 1 of 
Eng. ; James 2 b. East Grinstead, Sussex co., Eng. ab. 1626, Cambridge, 1649, Billerica, 
Middlesex co., Mass., 1662, d. 1683, m. Ann Moore 2 b. Camb. : had sons, James, John, 
Thomas, Nathaniel, Ephraim, Stephen, Enoch, Samuel, Joseph^ ; Dorothy 3 Kidder m. 
Jonathan Hyde 2 , — His. of New Ipswich, Mass. 

Moore ancestry .• — Elder Francis 1 , b. Eng., 1586, Camb. freem. May 22, 1639, d. 
Aug. 20, 1671, m. 1st, Catharine, b. Eng., d. Dec. 28, 1648; Ann 2 Moore m. James 
Kidder 2 . v 

French ancestry: — 17 arms: FRENCH (Devonshire, Eng.) Sa. a bend betw. 2 dol- 
phins. Crest— In a crescent ar. a fleur-de-lis sa. Capt. William 1 b. 1605, prob. of Essex 
co., Eng., fr. London with Harlakenden, 1635, Camb., freem. Mar. 3, 1636 (bro. of John 
of Camb.), a first sett, of Billerica, auth. of Indian tract "Strength out of weakness, 
London, 1652" reprint in 3 Mass. His. Col., IV; 1Q3, rep., m. Elizabeth, b. 1603-5; Mary 2 
French m. Jonathan Hyde 1 . 

Ainsworth, Endsworth, Enisworth, Ensworth ancestry of Sarah Ensworth : — Arms : 
Ainsworth (borne by Peter Ainsworth of Stnithills Hall, Lancaster co., Eng., esq. M. 
P. and bro. John Horrocks Ainsworth of Moss Bank esq.) Gu. 3 battle-axes ar. Crest 
— Man in armour holding battle-axe. Motto — Spero meliora. Tixall, Tixoll, Texhall, 
Tyxhall 1 , of Hartford, 1681, had a case in court 1700, a first sett, of Canterb., 
1700, on land bot. of Fitch, reed. iy z shares in.distrib. April 30, 1723, d. 1727, in. Lydia or 
Sarah. — Lamed' s Windham co., I : no, 113, 134, 14b. zqo ,■ ch. 5 bap. Hartf ; Nathaniel 2 , 
Nehemiah 2 , Ezra 2 , Joseph 2 m. Mary Cleveland 3 +44 ; John 2 m. Elizabeth Cleve- 
land 3 —43; Sarah 2 Ensworth m. Joseph Cleveland 3 . Savage ; Hinman ; Barber's 
Conn. His. Coll., 420 


ELIZABETH 3 CLEVELAND (Samuel 2 , Moses 1 ), m. ist, Can- 
terbury, Conn., Apr. 21, 17 17, John Ensworth, he d. C, Aug. 
25, 1723, a s. Tyxhall and Lydia or Sarah. She m. 2d C, May 2 



1733, Christopher Huntington, prob. b. Norwich, Conn., Sep. 
12, 1686, and a s. Christopher and Sarah (Adgate). Ch. b. Can- 
terbury, by istm. : 

+ 165 Tyxhall* Ensworth, b. Dec. 19, 17 17. 

166 John* Ensworth, b. Apr. 5, 17 19 ; m. 1st Hannah, she 
d. C, July 24, 1760. He m. 2d, C, June 25, 1761, Sarah Lummis. 
Ch. by 1st m., b. C : Judali" Ensworth, b. Apr. 28, 1749 ; Ebenezer", 
May 23, 1750; Ebeneser'*, (ag.) May 23, 1751; Sarah 11 , Jan. 4, 1752; 
Syrviah\ Oct. 4, 1754; Anna*, Aug. 7, 1756; John'', and Hannah 6, 
Ensworth, May 22, 1758. 

167 Ephrainf Ensworth, b. Apr. 17, 1723. By 2d m.: none 

Wid. Elizabeth 3 Ensworth, dismissed from Canterbury 
chh. Mar. 8, 1724. Ensworth ancestry : — See -f 42. 
Christopher Huntington was of Norwich. 

Huntington ancestry — .? arms : (Devon, Eng.) Erm. 3 water bougets in bend sa. i 
cotises gu. . Siward, Earl of Huntington, 1057 . . . Simon 1 b. 1583-00, of Norwich, 
Eng., a Puritan, (brother of Samuel, capt. of life guard of Charles I), d. on passage 
from Eng. to Boston, 1633, in sight of Conn, shore and is buried at Saybrook or Lyme, 
New London co., Conn., m. Norwich, Eng., Margaret Baret b. Norwich, Eng., prob. 
da. of Christopher Baret, mayor of Norwich, Eng., 1634, she of Norwich. Eng., and of 
Roxbury, Mass. to 1636, Windsor, Conn. ; Christopher 2 , b. Eng., Windsor, Saybrook, 
his descendants reputable in civil, eccles. and mil. service, m. Ruth Rockwell 2 ; Dea. 
Christopher 3 Huntington, b. Norwich. Nov. 1, 1660, "the firstborn of males in the 
town," m. 1st, Sarah Adgate 2 , b. N., Jan. 1663. 

Adg-ate ancestry : — Dea. Thomas 1 , b. ab. 1620-1, Saybrook, bef. 1651, Norwich, Conn., 
d. July ai, 1707, in 87th yr. gs. at N., m. 2d, Mrs. Mary (Marvin 2 ) Bushnell , b. 1629 ; wid. 
Richard Bushnell of N. ; Sarah 2 Adgate m. Christopher Huntington 3 . 

Marvin ancestry: — Matthew 1 , b. 1599, from London, 1634, in the Increase, an orig. 
prop. Hartford, 1638, an orig. grantee Norwalk, Fairfield co., Conn., 1653, husbandman, 
representative, m. in Eng., Elizabeth b. 1603 ; Mary 3 Marvin m. Thomas Adgate 1 . 

Rockwell ancestry : — Arms: Rockwell Ar. on a chief sa. 3 boars' heads, couped 
or, armed gu. . Sir Ralph De Rockville, Norman Knight, came to Eng. with Empress 
Maude when she claimed throne, joined Henry II, was granted 3 knights of land York 
-co., on that est. Rockwells still continue ; James Rockwell, b. Rockwell Hall, York 
. . . Dea. William 1 from Eng., Dorchester, Oct. 19, 1630, Windsor, highly respected ; 
m. Susannah Chapin ; Ruth 2 Rockwell m. Christopher Huntington 2 — History of Ancient 
Windsor by Henry R. Stiles, M.D., /S59, p. 762 ; Caulkins\ Norwich. 


MARY 3 CLEVELAND (Samuel 2 ), d. Canterbury, Conn., 
Mar. 11, 1766, a. 69, m. C, Oct. 5, 17 19, Joseph Ensworth, b. C, 
Aug. 21, 1694, d. C, Sep. 30, 1770, a s. Tyxhall and Lydia or 
Sarah. Ch. b. Canterbury : 

+ 168 William 1 ' Ensworth, b. Feb. 24, 1719-20; Lydia 1 ', b. Aug. 
24, 1721, d. y. 

-f 169 Jabez" Ensworth, b. Apr. 12, 1723. 

+170 Joseph" Ensworth, b. Nov. 23, 1725. Lydia* (ag.) b. 
June 16, 1734. Mrs. Mary 3 Ensworth dism. from Cong, chh., 
Canterbury, May 8, 1724. 

Canterbury, T. Meeting Book — Dec. 8, 17 19. Voted Joseph 



Ensworth was received Iahabitence. — Lamed' s Windham Co., I : 
757. Canterbury land distribution Apr. 30, 1723, Joseph Ens- 
worth x /2 share a later settler. 

Ensworth Ancestry : — See +42. 


TIMOTHY 3 CLEVELAND (samuei=, Moses'), b. Canterbury, 
Conn., Aug. 25, 1802, d. C, Jan. 19, 1784, m. Dorothy, evidently 
Hide, she d. C, Aug. 19, 1769, evidently da. Jonathan Hide of 
Canterbury. Ch. b. Canterbury : 

171 Abigail 4 Cleveland, b. Mar. 27, 1728, m. C, Nov. 9, 

1749, William Darbe, or Darby, b. C, July 10, 1727, a s. William 
and Elizabeth. W. D. and w. own cov. C, Mar. 24, 1750. Ch. 
b. C: Olive* Darbe, Apr. 9, 1750; Shedreck* Darbe, Mar. 25, 1752; 
William* Darbe, May, 18, 1756; Abigail* Darbe, Feb. 11, 1758, d. 
C, May 18, 1760; Mary* Darbe, b. Oct. 30, d. C, Nov. 27, 1759; 
Roger* Darbe, b. Oct. 16, 1760; Asa 5 Darbe, Oct. 15, 1762; Eleis" 
Darbe (da.), Dec. 6, 1764, d. C, June 21, 1766 ; Elnwr* Darbe (s.), 
b. Dec. 6, 1766; Annis* Darbe (da.), Feb. 3, 1769; Ervin* Darbe \ 
July 2, 1774, d. C, Nov. 3, 1776. 

172 Zipporah 4 Cleveland, b. Sept. 4, 1729, m. C, Nov. 9, 
1749-50, Francis Simonds. Ch. b. C: Zydia* Simonds, Feb. 4, 

1750, d. C, Aug. 9, 1755; Ebenezer* Simonds, b. Nov. 29, 1754; 
Molly* Simonds, Sept. 20, 1756; Reuben* Simonds, Mar. 1, 1759; 
Amos* Simonds, Apr. 7, 1761; Lydia* Simonds (ag.), Oct. 20, 1763. 

+ 173 Elizabeth 4 Cleveland, bap. Feb. 4, 1731, Canterbury. 
174 Margaret 4 Cleveland, b. Dec. 24, 1732, m. C, Jan. 
13, 1751, Samuel Woodard, b. C, June 29, 1725, a s. Richard and 
Mary. Ch. b. C: Dorothy* Woodard, Mar. 3, 1753, d. C, Apr. 
20, 1754; Dorcas* Woodard, b. Jun,e 9, 1755; Samuel* Woodard y 
Oct. 5, 1756, d. y.; Lydia* Woodard, b. Feb. 22, 1758; Timothy* 
Woodard, June 6, 1759; Art (or Artemas*) Woodard, Feb. 25, 1761; 
Samuel* Woodard (ag.), Jan. 17, 1763; Lucy* Woodard, July 7,. 
1765 ; Joseph* Woodard, July 4, 1767; Dorothy* Woodard (ag.), 
Aug. 11, 1769; Abigail* Woodard, Feb. 28, 1772-3. 

+ 175 Timothy 4 Cleveland, b. Dec. 29, 1734. 

176 Lucretia 4 Cleveland, b. Feb. 2, 1737, m. C, Jan. 2, 
1755, Jedediah Darbe, b. C, Aug. 25, 1730, a s. William and 

Lartied's Wind. I : S57 — Jedidiah Darbe of petitioners, Mar. 29, 1753, to Assembly at 
Hartford for qttit claim of land at Quiwaumuck and Susquehanna river. Ch : Semanthe^- 
Darbe, b. Mar. 23, 1775, C. 

177 Samuel 4 Cleveland, b. Feb. 23, 1738-9. It is stated 
j by Cyrus 6 Cleveland +1645, that one of the sons of Timothy* 

was stolen by Indians ab. 1 750, and taken to Ohio. There be- 
ing no trace of Samuel 4 , he probably was the captive boy. 



+ 178 Ephraim 4 Cleveland, b. Aug. 20, 1740. 

179 Cyrus 4 Cleveland, "Sirus," b. Oct. 2, 1743, d. C, 
Feb. 23, 1748-9. 

-f-180 Elk an ah 4 Cleveland, bap. Nov. 20, 1744, Canter- 

Capt. Timothy 3 Cleveland lived at Canterbury, farmer. 
He was commander of the trainband, 2d co., during the old 
French war. 

Hoad/y's Conn. Col. Rec, VIII: 494 — General Assembly, session Oct., 1742. Mr. 
Timothy Cleveland appointed ensign 2d co. or trainband in Canterbury. 553 — con- 
firmed It. 2d co. IX: i2Q — May, 1745, appointed capt. 2d co. XII: 643— session Oct., 
1767, upon memorial of Timothy Cleveland, Jr., Aaron Cleveland is authorized to 
sell land of Capt. Timothy Cleveland. XIII : jo/ — Oct., 1770, Capt. Jabez Fitch is 
impowered, and XIV : 46, Oct., 1772, David Payne, to sell land of Capt. TIMOTHY. 

Canterb. town rec. — Abigail, da. of Timothy and Abigail, b. Mar. 27, 1728. This error 
is corrected by Separate chh. rec. — Baptized 1729, Nov. 9, Abigail and Zipporah, das. of 
Timothy and Dorothy. 

Larned's Windham co., II: 37 — Town meeting, Canterbury, 1761, TlMOlHY CLEVE- 
LAND chosen one of the 12 highway surveyors. 

Windham Probate rec— Oct. 6, 1743, Timothy and Dorothy Cleveland legatees 
of estate of Mr. Jonathan Hide of Canterb. This is evidence that Dorothy's name was 

Hyde ancestry : — Jonathan 1 , Jonathan 2 [see +42] ; Jonathan 3 , b. ab. 1674, who seems 
identical with Jonathan 3 of Canterb., selectman Dec. 6, 1714, prominent in town and 
church.— Larned's Windham co., 1 : 201, 203,351, 416: Dorothy* Hide. 

tTohn 3 Fosket (Miriam*, Mosesi), d. prob. bef. Mar. 31, 1745. 

Wyman's Charlestown, Mass., 301 — Estate. Joins his mother in deeds, 1714-5. Wid. 
Miriam and s. John* Fosket sell J. Fowle 1 acre, Highfield, on G. Fowle, Brattle, John 
Pierce, 1710, rec. 1734. To James Tufts, 14 acres, Walnut-tree-hill, on S. Whittemore, 
1713. To A. Beard, 1714-5 ; ref. Hartshorn, N. Hutchinson, A. Powers. Mar. 31, 1745, 
adm. on mother's est. granted to bro.-in-law Thomas Powers ; adm. same, granted Mar. 
31, 1746, to Matthew Leeky. 

The following were not improbably eh : 

i8o a Jonathan* Fosket of 14 male members organize Rev, 
Caleb Rice's chh., Sept. 29, 1736, Sturbridge, Worcester co., Mass. 

i8o b Ebenezer* Fosket, a petitioner with William Alton et al. 
in W. part of Oxford, Worcester co., Mass., for new town, dated 
Charlton, Worcester co., Mass., Mar. 27, 1754. 

i8o c Thomas* Fosket, an incorporator, Mar. 3, 1798, of Con- 
gregational Soc, Charlton. — Charlton Historical Collections. By 
Holmes Ammidown, 18J4: II : 81, 114, 1J2. 


Miriam? Fosket (Miriam*, Moses'), m. pub., Charlestown, 
Mass., Mar. 25, 1738, Matthew Leeky of Boston. 

Wyman's Chariest., 6/3 — Matthew Leeky ap. adm. of wid. Miriam Fosket, Mar. 31, 
1846. Est. taxed, 1741-58. J. Foster to M. Leeky, 4^ acres, 1755. D. Eveleth to M. Leeky, 




Abigail* Foshet (Miriam", Moses'), d. Charlestown, Mass., Jan., 
1772, a. 80, m. C, Feb. 17, 17 14-15, Thomas Power, or Powers, 
b. 1688, d. C, Feb. 12, 1759. Ch. b. Charlestown : 

181 Eliza* Poivers, m. C, Nov. 8, 1733, Battery Manning, 
est. taxed 1734. 

182 John* Powers, b. May 10, 1719, m., bef. 1761, Sarah 
. Wymaris Chariest. — John Powers and fam., from Ips- 
wich, Mass., at James Hay's 1755. Est. taxed 1756-61 ; sells 
William Thompson, with B. Powers, ^ house, &c, 1761; at Bos- 
ton, Sept. 20, 1763. Ch : 2. 

+ 183 Thomas* Powers, b. Apr. 24, 1721. Abigail*, bap. Sept. 

12, I73 1 - 

+ 184 Battery Powers, bap. Oct. 31, 1736. 

Thomas Powers of Chariest., blacksmith. Wy man's Chariest., 
768. — Estate taxed. 1721-58. Buys of John Phillips house and 
wharf, 1722. Of Tobias Thompson, house late of D. Lawrence, 
1725. Of L. Mallet, wharf, 1729. To John Miller, wharf, 1734. 
Of Isaac Fowle, 5 acres, 1736. To Isaac Rand, 2^ acres, High- 
field, on W. Hoppin, &c. Inventory : Essex (negro woman), 38 
years old [slavery in Mass.], &c. Adm. to wid., Mar. 19, 1759. 
Widow Abigail Powers rated in valuation, 177 1. 


DELIVERANCE 3 CLEVELAND (son), (Edward*, Mosesi), b. 
North Kingston, R. I., ab. 1684, d. prob. in R. I. before Oct. 3, 

1744, m., 1705, Mary . Ch. b. prob. North Kingston or 

vicinity, named in will of his father, Edward 2 Cleveland, the 
heirs of Deliverance 3 , in the following order : 

+ 185 Josiah 4 Cleveland, b. J ab. 1706. 

+ 186 Hannah 4 Cleveland. 187 Mary 4 Cleveland. 

+ 188 Enoch 4 Cleveland, b. 1725. 

189 Elizabeth 4 Cleveland. 

Deliverance 3 Cleveland evidently lived near North Kings- 
ton, and not improbably followed his father to Windham co., 
but is thought to have returned to R. I. No trace has been 
found beyond name and those of his heirs in will of Edward 2 . 
He was dead before date of the will. The destruction and 
mutilation of the R. I. records during and since the Revolution 
preclude their important aid in the research. 

Deliverance 3 Cleveland, it appears, was named in honor 
of his mother, the name in those days applicable to either sex, 
as will be found in other cases. In order to avoid confusion in 
this Genealogy, each Deliverance is designated either as son 
or daughter. 




EDWARD 3 CLEVELAND (Edward', Moses'), b. North Kings- 
ton, R. I., Feb. 1686 ; d. Canterbury, Conn., Nov. 3, 1771, m. 
Kingston, Apr. 17, 1716, Rebekah Payne or Paine, b. ab. 1690, 
d. C, Feb., 1784, a da. Elisha and Rebecca (Doane). Ch. b. C: 

+ 190 Johannah 4 Cleveland, b. July 22, 1716. 

191 Rebecca* Cleveland, b. Mar. 16, 1719, m. C, May 
ir, 1748, Daniel Brown, s. Wistren. Rebecca 4 signs chh. cov. C, 
Sep. 26, 1746. Dwelt N. Y. state. Ch : several" born in Conn. 

+ 192 Solomon* Cleveland, b. June 1, 1720. 

193 Palmer 4 " Parmer " Cleveland, b. Jan. 29, 1721-2. 

194 Deliverance 4 Cleveland, (da.) b. Mar. 10, 1723-4, 
m. C, Sep. 16, 1747, Isaiah or Israel Baker. Ch : Elizabeth" 
Baker, b. July 25, 1758, C. et al. 

+ 195 Silas* Cleveland, b. Mar., May 28, 1726. 

196 Experience* Cleveland, b. Sep. 5, 1728, m. Brook- 
lyn, Conn., (C rec.) May 2, 1748, Jabez Holmes, dwelt N. Y. 
state. Ch: b. C, Sarah? Holmes, b. Dec. 15, 1749, Experience* 
Holmes, b. Feb. 23, 1 750-1. 

+ 197 Paine* Cleveland, b. Aug. 30, 173 1. 
Edward 3 Cleveland, lived in the N. W. corner of Canter- 
bury now the S. E. part of Hampton ; was taxed 17 16, on ^24. 
In land distribution Canterbury, Apr. 30, 1723, he received i£ 
shares as a first settler and planter. — Canterbury rec. " Edward 
Cleveland, Junr., & Rebeckah Paine were m. in Kingstown in 
the Govt, of R. I. by John Eidred Asst." Admitted to church : 
Edward 3 , 1741, Rebecca, May, 31, 17 19, she separated from 
chh., 1744. Will of Edward 3 Cleveland, dated Oct. 28, 1765, 
inventory of property Nov. 16, 1771, ^249 10s. 

Paine, Payne ancestry : 43 arms : Payne (Market Bosworth, Leicester co., Eng., and 
Paine, Suffolk co., 1400). Ar. on a fesse engr. gu. betw. 3 martlets sa. 3 mascles or, bor- 
dure engr. bezantee. Crest — Wolf's head erased az. charged with 5 bezants saltire- 
ways. Hugh de Payen born Hugh of the town of Payens near Troies, Prance, of Nor- 
man descent, the distinguished knight, Crusader, 1099, founder of the order of " Tem- 
plars of the Cross." (Above arms bear evidence of crusade service). Hon. Thomas 1 
ac. to varying trad, from Kent co., Eng., or from North of Eng., came to Plymouth, 
Mass., 1621, or to America 1624, in a fishing vessel, Cape Cod, Mass. fisherman, deputy 
from Yarmouth to First General Court at Plymouth, 1639, was living Yarmouth, 1650 ; 
Hon. Thomas 2 , b. Kent co., Eng., ab. 1612, lost one eye by an arrow in Eng., came with 
his father, settled at head of Cove in Kesscayogansett, Eastham, now Orleans, Barnsta- 
ble co., Mass., for many years deputy, built mills, d. Eastham, Aug. 16, 1706, in. East- 
ham ab. 1650, Mary Snow 5 , b. 1630, d. Apr. 28, 1704 ; Elisha^ Paine b. Eastham, 1659. of 
Barnstable, Barnstable co., Mass., Eastham, Canterbury, 1700, one of the 8 forming 
First Church, Canterbury, June u, 1711, d. C, Feb. 5, 7, 17113, m. Eastham, Jan. 20, 1685, 
Rebecca Doane 5 , b. Eastham, May 12, 168S, d. Canterbury, Dec. 19, 175S.— Paine Fain. 
Rec. by Henry D. Paine. M. O., II: ijb, 772. 

Doane ancestry : —Arms : Doane (Ireland) Az. crusily or. a unicorn salient ar. 
. . . Dea. John 1 , b. 1591, came from Eng. to Plymouth ab. 1630, appointed to the Gov 
ernor's Council 1631, Assistant, 1633, declined civil office when chosen deacon, Eastham, 
1644, d. Feb. 21, 1686, m. Abigail ; Dea. John 5 , of E. m. Hannah Bangs 5 ; Rebecca* 
Doane m. Elisha Paine 3 . 


Bangs ancestry : — Edward 1 , b. Chicester, co. Sussex, Eng., 1592, came in the Anne, 
arrived July 1623, Plymouth, Eastham, 1644, shipwright, m. 2d, Lydia Hicks" ; Hannah 2 
Bangs m. John Doane 2 . 

Hicks ancestry : — Sir Ellis Hicks, knighted by Edward the Black Prince, Prince of 
Wales at Poitiers battle, Sep. 19, 7356, ancestor of John 1 , of Tortworth, co. Gloucester, 
Eng. ; Thomas 2 inherited his father's estate Tortworth, m. Joan Darney; Baptist 3 , b. 
ab. 1526, m. Nancy Everhard, da. of James; James 4 , of London, Eng., m. Phebe, sup- 
posed to be daughter of Rev. Ephraim Allyne of Hertfordshire, Eng. ; Robert 6 , of Lon- 
don, 1618, leather dresser, Bermondsey St., Southwark, came in ship Fortune, arrived 
Plymouth, Nov. 21, 1621, of Scituate, m. [1st, ?] in Eng. Margaret, whoarr. in ship Anne, 
July, 1623 ; Lj'dia 6 Hicks m. Edward Bangs 1 . 

Snow ancestry : — 3 arms: Snow: (Cricksand, co. Bedford and Surrey, Eng., a 
patent before 1577, by Thomas Hawley, Clarencieux). Per fesse nebulee az. and ar. 
three antelopes' heads erased, counterchanged, armed or.' Crest — An antelope's head 
erased, per pale nubulee ar. and az. . . . Nicholas', b. Eng., arrived in ship Anne, 
July, 1623, of Plymouth, Eastham, d. E., Nov. 15, 1686, m. in Plymouth ab. 1624-7, Con- 
stance Hopkins 2 , a Mayflower passenger, she d. Oct. 1677 ; Mary 2 Snow m. Thomas 
Paine 2 .— TV. E. His. Gen. Reg: XLVII : Si — Snow Genealogy by Mrs. M. L. T. Alden. 

Hopkins ancestry : — 7 arms : Hopkins : (Oving House, co. Bucks, Eng. ; settled at 
an early period at Coventry, co. Warwick, Eng.) Sa. on a chev. betw. three pistols or, 
as many roses gu. Crest — A to wer, per bend indented ar. and gu. flames issuing from 
the top and windows ppr. . . . Stephen 1 , b. Eng. ab. 1580, (descendant of Sir Richard 
Hopkins of Coventry, Eng.), was attached to the expedition of Gov. Gates which left 
Eng. 1609, for Virginia, was lay reader to the chaplain of the fleet. The ship was 
wrecked at Bermuda and he returned with the party to Eng. Came with the Pilgrims 
in the Mayflower (accompanied by his 2d w. Elizabeth, ch. Giles, Constance, and Dam- 
aris and 2 men servants) was number 14 of the signers of The Compact, and landed at 
Plymouth, Nov. 21, 1620, Assistant, d. 1644, m. 1st , first wife, d. in Eng. ; Con- 
stance 2 Hopkins m. Nicholas Snow 1 . 


PALMER 3 CLEVELAND (Edward 2 , Moses'), b. N. Kingstown, 
R. I., 1688, d. bef. Mar. 20, 1765, m. 1st, N. K., bef. 1717, De- 
borah , whose surname is supposed to be Gardner, she d. 

bef. 1751. He m. 2d, N. K., July 1, 175 1, Mrs. Margaret ( ) 7 

Northup of N. K.; she d. af. Jan. 17, 1767, wid. of David. Ch. 
b. N. K. by 1st m.: 

4-198 John 4 Cleveland, b. July 12, ab. i7i8,rec. burned off. -z:.>* 
199 Deborah 1 Cleveland, b v Aug. 9, ab. 1720, m. Abiel 
Tripp of Exeter, R. I. 

+ 200 Deliverance 4 Cleveland (son), b. May, ab. 1722. 

201 Mercy or Mary* Cleveland, b. June, ab. 1724, m., 
Exeter, R. I., Nov. 23, 1743, Thomas Stafford of E. 

202 Palmer* Cleveland, b. Feb. 22, ab. 1726, prob. d. y., 
for he is not ment. in father's will (or did he have a son Benja- 
min 6 , cousin tq Albro 6 , who lived in Conn. 1808-10?). By 2d m.; 

203 \Margaret 4 Cleveland, ment. in will of Palmer 3 . "• . K-,.-%- . - ^ 

204 Abigail 4 Cleveland, ment. in will of Palmer 3 , r* . 5o»-»-*->" h' r ° 
Palmer 3 Cleveland remained at N. Kingston after the 

others of his father's family emigrated to Canterbury ; was 
then already married. He owned land at N. K., afterward sold 
by his son John 4 . Af. dwelt at Exeter. The town rec. of N. 
Kingston were mutilated by fire (year column burned off, etc.) 
in 1870, so much that it is impossible to procure many names 



and dates. "July i, 1751, John Congdon, Justyce of ye Peace, 

certifies that Palmer Cleveland of Exeter, and Northup, 

widow to David Northup, late of North Kingstowne, were both 

lawfully joyned tog-ether in marriage in ye town of ." 

Her name was Margaret, and the town N. Kingston. Will of 
Palmer 3 Cleveland, dated Sept. 28, 1759, probated Mar. 20, 
1765, mentions sons John and Deliverance, daughters Deborah 
Tripp, Mary or Mercy Stafford, Margaret and Abigail Cleve- 
land. His son John'' adm. on his est., which was considerable. 
" Margaret, wid. of Palmer Cleveland, late deceased," with 
John 4 , joins in a deed Jan. 17, 1767. 


ISAAC 3 CLEVELAND (Edward*, Moses') b. North Kingston, 
R. L, ab. 1697, m., Canterbury, Conn., Nov. 20, 1719-21, Susan- 
nah Johnson, da. William and Mary. Ch : 

+ 205 Johnson 4 Cleveland, b. Oct. 29, 1722, 30, 1723, C. or 
Stonington, Conn. 

+ 206 Lemuel 4 Cleveland, b. Aug. 13, 1725, Canterbury, 

207 Susannah 4 Cleveland, bap. Apr. 10, 1728, Canter- 
bury, Conn. 

208 Deliverance 4 Cleveland (da.), b. Apr. 2, 1729, C, 
m., 1747, Israel Baker. 

+ 209 Mary 4 Cleveland, b. Jan. 10, 1730-31, Canterbury, 
Conn. v 

210 Elizabeth 4 Cleveland, b. June 11, 1733, C., d. C, 
Jan. 17, 1758, m. C, Aug. 28, 1755, as 1st w., Nathan Kimball, 
s. p. (He m. id, C, Dec. 28, 1758, Elizabeth Meachem. Ch : 
Elizabeth Kimball, b. Sept. 12, 1760, C.) 

+ 211 Isaac 4 Cleveland, b. May 13, 1735, Canterbury, Conn. 

Isaac 3 Cleveland lived at Canterbury. 

Town Meeting Book — Dec. 17, 1721. Isaac Cleveland and Jacob Johnson received 

Lamed's Windham co,, I : ;j7 — Apr. 30, 1723, Canterbury land distributed. The 
later settlers who had % share : Isaac Cleveland, &c. (See Samuel 2 Cleveland +5.) 
Mar. 8, 1756, Isaac Cleveland, Sr., of Canterb. sells Isaac Cleveland, Jr., of Farm- 
ington, Conn., 12 acres on Wood River, Exeter, R. I. ; prob. part of est. of Edward 2 , for 
there is no record at Exeter of any deed to Tsaae 3 . 

Church iec, Canterb. — Isaac 3 and w. Susannah adm. chh., May 29, 1726. Married: 
1721, Nov. 2o, Isaac, the s. of Edward Cleveland, Jr., and Susannah Cleveland, the 
daughter of Mary Stephens, formerly Johnson. 

Johnson ancestry : — William 1 , Edward 2 , John 3 [see 4-32J ; William* Johnson, b. W- 
Sept. 29, 1662; orig. sett, of Plainfield, Conn., W. of the Quinebaug, 1690; founder Can- 
terb., May 9, i6qq.— Lartt erf's Windham co., I : no, ///, /20, 14b, m. Mary . 


SAMUEL 3 CLEVELAND (Edward 2 , Moses'), b. North Kings- 
ton, R. L, ab. 1700, d. Pomfret, Conn., June n, 1762, m. Can- 



terbury, Conn., Nov. 12, 1724, Mary or Betsey Darbe or Derby. 

+ 212 Phinehas 4 Cleveland, b. Oct. 19, 1727, Canterbury, 

+ 213 James 4 Cleveland, b. July 3, 1730, Canterbury, Conn. 

-f-214 Curtis 4 Cleveland, b. July 5, 1734, Pomfret, Conn. 

+ 215 Edward 4 Cleveland, b. July 4, 1737, Pomfret, Conn. 

+ 216 Mary 4 Cleveland, b. Dec. 4, 1740, Pomfret, Conn. 
217 Abigail 4 Cleveland, b. Aug. 7, 1746, P., m. Brook- 
lyn, Conn., Feb. 25, 1767, Asa Perkins of B. 

Saumel 3 Cleveland dwelt at Canterb. and Pomfret; farmer. 
Canterb. chh. rec, 1736 — Samuel Cleveland and w. Mary in full 

Pomfret Probate rec, 652 — Last Will of Samuel Cleveland, 
May 15, 1762, commences "By the Will of God." 


MARY 3 CLEVELAND (Edward*, Moses'), m. 1st, Canterbury, 
Conn., Mar. 39, 1730, Richard Adams, he d. C, Apr. 17, 1733, a 
s. John and Michal (Bloyse). She m. 2d C, Jan. 8, 1735-6, 
Samuel Butt, b. C, Nov. 30. 1707, a s. Samuel and Sarah. Ch. 
b. Canterbury, by 1st m.: 218. Lucy* Adams, b. July 12, 1731; 
Mary 41 Adams, d. C, Mar. 7, 1732-3. By 2d m.: Mary 4, Butt, b. 
Apr. 28, 1739 ; John 4, Butt, Mar. 1, 1745 ; James 4 - Butt, June 14, 
1748; Hannah 4, Butt, Aug. 8, 1750. 

Richard Adams resided in Mortlake society, Windham co., 
Conn. Wid. Mary Adams ent. cov. Canterb., May 28, 1734. 

Adams ancestry .■— Henryi, b. Eng. ab. 1580, from Braintree co., Essex, Eng., a wid- 
ower, brought children with him, to Boston, Mass., Mt. Wollaston, Braintree, Mass., 1630, 
d. Braintree, Mass., Aug, 8, 1646; Peter 2 , b. Eng. 1622, of Medfield, freem. 1650, in the 
Indian raid, 1675, his house was burned, and he was a signer of a petition to General 
Court for aid, d. 1690, m. Rachel ; John 3 Adams, b. Braintree, Mass., m. Michal 
Bloyse 3 . 

Bloyse, Blois, Bloyce, Blosse ancestry: 1 arms : BLOIS, 4 : Bloys (Ipswich, co. Suffolk 
Eng.) Sa. a bend vaire, betw. 2 fleurs-de-lis or. . . Edmund 1 , b. 1587, of Water- 
town, Mass., freem. May 22, 1639. His w. Mary a. 40, with s. Richard 11, came to join 
him in the Francis fr. Ipswich, 1634, and this renders it prob. that he was of a Suffolk 
fam. , m. 1st Mary ; Richard 2 , b. in Eng. ab. 1623, m. Michal Jennison, da. Robert and 
Grace; Michal 3 Bloyse, m. John Adams 3 . — Savage; N. E. His. Gen. Reg. XLVIII: jgj. 

Samuel Butts, son of a first settler was in active life in Canterb., 1727. 

Butts ancestry of Samuel Butt .- — Arms : Butt. Ar. 2 torteaux in chief, mullet in 
base gu. a chief nebule eaz. Crest — Lion, in dexter paw spear broken. Richard 1 
Dorchester bef. 1675, in exped. ag. French, Quebec, 1690, m. Mrs. Deliverance Wood- 
ward, b. 1625; Hon. Samuel' Butt fr. Dorch., set. N. Wanangatuck, 1706, Canterb. rep 
m. Sarah. Caulkins 1 Norwich, 2jg ; Larned's Windham co ./; Savage. 


GEORGE 3 CLEVELAND (Edward*, Moses>), b. North Kings- 
ton, R. I., ab. 1706-7, d. Fort William Henry, N. Y., Oct. 2, 
1756, m. Walpole, Norfolk co., Mass., ab. 1730, Sarah Hall, b. 
1707, d. W., May 2, 1793, da. John and Mercy. Ch. b. Walpole: 



+ 219 John 4 Cleveland, b. Jan. 24. 1732-3. 

220 Mercy 4 Cleveland, b. Oct. 12, 1734, m. W. Sep. 26, 
1754, Ebenezer Farrington or Ferrington, of Dedham, Mass., 
dwelt at Greenfield, Franklin co., Mass. and Greenfield, Hills- 
borough co., N. H. Deliverance 4 (da.) b. Dec. 20, 1736, d. 
May 8, 1737, 28, 1738. 

+ 221 Edward" Cleveland, b. Dec. 30, 1738. 

+ 222 George 4 Cleveland, b. Sep. 24, 1740. 

+223 Aquilla 4 Cleveland, b. Nov. 2, 1742. 

+ 224 David 4 Cleveland, b. May 1, 1744. ... 

+ 225 Sarah 4 Cleveland, b. Jan. 17, 1746. 

-f-226 Samuel 4 Cleveland, b. ab. 1747. 

George 3 Cleveland from North Kingston to Walpole, where 
his name is on the poll tax list 1730. He rem. to Dedham, 
blacksmith. His gr. da. Mrs. Keturah 6 (Cleveland) Guild -j-622, 
and her sister Sarah 6 , stated to Rev. O. A. Taylor, June 14, 
1849 : "My gr. father's name was George Cleveland ; he came 
from N. Kingston, his father was Edward." George 3 was ar- 
morer at Ft. William Henry with the army in the King's service, 
French and Indian war, and there died. Prob. rec. Suffolk co., 
Boston, LI: jSp — John Cleveland of Walpole app. Dec. 17, 
1756, adm. of his father George 3 . ' 


ELIZABETH 3 CLEVELAND (Edward*), m. Canterbury, 
Conn. af. May 28, 1734, Jonathan Shepard, Shepherd or Shep- 
pard. Elizabeth 3 Cleveland ent. covenant C, May 28, 1734. 
Elizabeth Shepard signs cov. Separate chh. rec. Sep. 26, 1746. Ch: 
226 s - Isaiah* Shepard harp. Jan. 30, 1747, C. Sep. chh. prob. 
m. and had Olive" Shepard, bap. July 6, 1782, C, Sep. chh. "by 
her own request." An Olive m. Levi Robinson and dwelt Ston- 
ington and Plainfield, Conn. Ch: Charles Barstow Robinson, b. 
1799, d. at the Havannah, May 25, 1820 ; Emetine Eliza Robin- 
son, b. Aug. 30, 1805, Stoningt.; James Robinson, Nov. 22, 181 r, 
Plainf.; Mary Cleveland Robinson, Feb. 14, 18 14, P. ; Ebenezer Rob- 
inson, June 25, 1 81 7 ; Levi Robinson, Mar. 14, 1819, P. 


JOSIAH 3 CLEAVELAND (josiah*, Moses'), b. Chelmsford, 
Mass., Oct. 7, 1690, d. Canterbury, Conn., Feb. 9, [20 11. s.] 1750, 
m. Canterbury, Aug. 7, 1710, Abigail Paine, b. Eastham, Mass., 
Jan. 5, 1686, d. prob. in Canterbury, Aug. 26, 1762, a da. Elisha 
and Rebecca (Doane) Paine. Ch: 

+ 227 Keziah 4 Cleaveland, b. Nov. 26, 1711, Canterbury, 


+ 228 Josiah 4 Cleaveland, b. Apr. 4, 1713, Canterbury, 

4-229 Abigail 4 Cleaveland, b. June 3, 17 15, Canterbury, 

+ 230 Elisha 4 Cleaveland, b. Jan. 7, 17 16-17, Canterbury, 

231 Lois 4 Cleaveland, b. Dec. 11, 1718, C, d. C, Sep. 29, 
1736, unm. 

+232 Mary 4 Cleaveland, b. June 29, 1720, Canterbury, 

+ 233 John 1 Cleaveland, b. Apr. n, 12, 1722, Canterbury, 

234 Lydia 4 Cleaveland, b. Feb. 16, 1723-4, C, d. C, 
Mar. 26, 1745, unm.; was prominent in the organization of the 
Separate Church, Canterbury. — Brooklyn, Conn., chh. rec. Lydia 
Cleveland joined Old Congregational chh.,. Pomfret, Windham 
co., Conn., Apr. 4, 1742. 

4-235 Ebenezer 4 Cleaveland, b. Dec. 25, 1725, Canterbury, 

4-236 Aaron 4 Cleaveland, b. Nov. 27, 1727, Canterbury, 
or Dec. 7, 1727, Mendon, Worcester co., Mass. 

236 a Moses 4 Cleaveland, b. Apr. 18, 1730, Canterbury, d. 
C, Jan. 1, 1741. 

Josiah 3 Cleaveland was a man of wealth and of promi- 
nence in both town and church at Canterbury. His old home- 
stead was occupied 1855, by his gr. gr. s. Orrin* Palmer 4-2122. 
An Epicedium or a poetical attempt upon the life and death of Mr. 
Josiah Cleaveland : Boston, 1753 ; the preface an acrostic of 63 
decasyllabic lines forms the words " John Cleaveland, author 
of this little book, and pastor of a church in Ipswich." It 
begins : 

In this plain Verse I do attempt to show 
O court'ous Reader ! naught but what is true, 
His Character, as I have set it forth 
None will deny to be beyond his worth. 

The verses describe the characteristics of each child, and. that 
His [Josiah's] native town or place observe we may 
Was Chelmsford Town in Massachusetts Bay, 
There he did first his vital breath draw in, 
There he was born into a world of sin, 
There he did live till he was four years old, 
As frequently he hath his children told, 
Then straight was brought to Canterbury Town, 
Where none but salvages could then be found, 


Except one family of English blood 
As I have often heard and understood. 

Josiaii 3 Cleaveland was taxed 1716 on .£40. At a gen. town meeting Canterbury. 
Dec. q, 1718, Josiah Cleaveland chosen fourth Selectman ; Dec. 8. 17m, colector.— C. 
/•'irsf chh. rec. 1713. Feb. 22, Josiah Cleveland and wife Abigail, adm. They sep. 
from chh. 1744. — Lamed' s IViintliam CO., 1 : 777.- 21 r. The -2500 acres between the Adams 
and Stoddard tracts were sold by Capt Chandler for £ti)ci to Joseph Otis of Scituate in 
1715. Its eastern half was sold out in farms to Rev. Ebenezer Williams, Ebenezer 
Whiting-, Samuel Spalding-, Jonathan Cady and Josiah Cleveland In 1710. In May, 
17=1, the following petition was presented to the Assembly from the inhabitants north of 
Canterbury and south of Pomfret, showing : " That your memorialists are settled upon 
a tract of land three or four miles wide and seven miles long, which until late years, was 
never circumscribed within the bounds of any town, now divided between the two towns. 
That the families of said memorialists having grown more numerous than formerly, find 
it exceedingly difficult and next to impossible to attend worship with their families at 
the usual places, having many miles to travel, which, especially in the winter, is attended 
with great difficulty. That having been blessed by God in their outward circumstances, 
and in some good degree capable of taking care of themselves, and though a consider- 
able charge to invite and settle an orthodox minister, yet the care of our children and 
families so requiring, your memorialists shall, with the greatest cheerfulness comply 
with the charge, and, therefore, pray that the inhabitants dwelling between the antient 
lines 01 the said towns of Canterbury and Pomfret may be a separate parish or precinct 
of preaching, as soon as they obtain a gospel minister to preach. 
James Cady, Ezra Cady, Ebenezer Whiting, 

Joseph Adams, John Cady, John Woodward, 

Isaac Adams, Daniel Cady, 2d, Jabez Spicer, 

Daniel Adams, Samuel Spalding, Jonas Spalding, 

Richard Adams, Isaac Allen, John Hubbard, 

Joirn Adams, Josiah Cleveland, John Wilson, 

Ezekiel Cady, Joseph Holland, Samuel Gates, 

Daniel Cady, Ezekiel Whitney, Samuel Shead," 

Jonathan Cady, Henry Smith, 

34b. — Josiah Cleveland and others, memorialized the. assembly in "May, 1731, to 
be made a township," which prayer was granted. S97- — Many leading members of the 
■Canterbury church were aroused to new interest. Obadiah Johnson, father and son, 
with their families, Deacon Timothy Backus, Josiah Cleveland, and many others, 
were active in promoting the work. Many of the children and youth of these families 
were converted and brought into the church. 404. — JOSIAH Cleveland of an important 
church committee. 443. — JOSIAH Cleveland a chief one in the Separate church move- 
ment. Rcih Geo. P. Fisher's Historical Discourse in Yule. College, jSjj, p. 50 — mentions 
that Revs. John 4 and Ebenezer 4 Cleaveland attended Separate meetings in obedi- 
ence to their parents, for which offence these sons were expelled from college, but after- 
ward were allowed to re-enter and take their degrees. 

Canterb. chh. rec. — "1746, Dec. 14, Pompey negro servant to Josiah Cleveland bap- 

Extracts from will of JosiAH :i Cleaveland : 

liainfield, Conn. Probate rec. B. isb-141. — "'In ye name of God Amen. Y« 28th day of 
December A. D. 1750 I. Josiah Cleaveland of Canterbury In y co. of Windham, Colony 
of Connecticut In New England Having for a Long time been Exercyfed with Infirmi- 
tyes of Body But now of perfect mind and memory Blefsed be God Therefore Calling to 
mind y e mortality of my Body do make & ordain this my last will & testament as fol- 
lowcth. Principally and first of all I recomend mv fou! into ye Hands of God who Gave 
it and my Body 1 committ unto ye Earth out of which it was taken to be Decently 
Buried at ye Discrel'sion of my Executor Hereafter Named and as Touching such 
Worldly Estate wherewith It hath Pleased God to Bless me with In this Life I Give 
Demise and Dispose of y c fame In ye following manner: Item * all Debts* shall * be 
paid out of my Estate. Item * to my well beloved wife Abigail Cleaveland a Good 
feather bed * with % of ye Rest of all my Indore moveables such as she shall Chuse * 
Item * sd wife shall have two Coos * and a suitable. Riding Horfe well kept both Winter 
and Sumer & all the Taxes thereof paid & that she shall have one room in my house * 
and have yearly provided for her ion lbs. of pork, 50 lbs. beef, 20 lbs. sheep's wool, 20 lbs. 
flax, 5 bbls. Cyder, with convenient Sawfe of Every fort that may be Raysedon ye farm, 



i gal. Honey and Sweeting Sufficient for illness, and .to find her fuflicient fine wood 
carted & cutt fit for ye fire, n Bu. Indian meal, 3 bu. rye & 3 bu, wheat, and to take tare 
of her in i'ickness <fc pay all Charges that may arite Therby & all yearly and Every year 
to be performed and satisfied by my sd. Executor Dureing my [her ?] widowhood 

Item * to ray Eldest Daughter Keziah Morse £200 in bills of credit old tenor. Item, I 
have given to my Eldest son Josiah Cleveland a considerable (Juantity ot Land by Deed 
& some moveable Estate which with what I have hereafter In these Presents Bequeathed 
* will be his full portion * 

Item * to my Daughter Abigail Adams //-'50. 

* Item * to my son Elisha Cleaveland ^160. 

Item * to my daughter Mary Bradford .£'250. 

I give to my son JOHN Cleaveland my Negro man Named Pompie to be Delivered 
to him well cloathed within half a year after my Decease, also ^too. * To my son Eren- 
ezer Cleaveland ^iooo. * To my son Aaron Cleaveland ^500. * also a Tract of 
landadjoym'ng to his south line on ye west fide ot" ye country Road In sd Canterbury 
Lying in form a Parallilogram * Item, I give to my Grandson Benjamin Brown a year- 
ling Horse Colt & Sadie & Gun & so much of Bills of Credit old Tenor as Together with 
sd. colt * amount to ^ioo, provided he lives here and takes ye care of Business until! 
May neKt * to ye Church in Canterbury to which I Now Belong called ye Congrega- 
tional church my whole part of ye separate meeting House and ye Land adjoining 
thereto belonging to sd. church Being % Part thereof with .6200. in bills * to be Paid 
Deacon Obadiah Johnson * I make & conftitute my sd. son Josiah Cleaveland to be 
Sole executor of this my Last Will * To him my sd. son & Executor all my Land Lying- 
in sd. Canterbury (Excepting what is herein already Disposed of) with all my Build- 
ings, orchards, fencings & Improvements, Profits Privelege and appurtenance thereunto 
Belonging with all my moveable Estate. 

Josiah Cleaveland 

Witnesses: William Fitch, Stephen Backus, Deliverance Brown." 

Admitted to Probate Mar. 5, 1751. Inventory-, .£7200. Paine ancestry: — [See +53-] 


JOSEPH 3 CLEAVELAND (josiaw, Ho^), b. Chelmsford,. 
Mass., June 13, 1692, d. Canterbury, Conn., May 11, 12, 1752, m. 
1st, Canterb., May 19, 17 18, Deborah Butterfield, b. Chelmsford, 
Aug. 20, 1687, d. Canterb., Nov. 10, 14, 1724, a da. Samuel and 
Mary. He m. 2d, Canterb., June 26, 1725, Mary Woodward, da. 
John. Ch. b. Canterbury by 1st m.: 

+ 2 37 Jonas" Cleaveland, b. Oct. 16, 1718. 

238 Sybil 4 Cleaveland, b. Jan. 7, 17 19, & '20, m. Canterb., 
Nov. 29, 1744, Moses Cady of Brooklyn, Conn., prob. s. Daniel 
and Hannah (Winter). 

+•239 John' Cleaveland, b. Dec. 31, 1721. By 2dm.: 

240 Deborah 4 Cleaveland, b. Aug - . 11, 1726, m., Canterb., 
July 5, 1744, Joseph Hubbard of Brooklyn. 

241 Bridget' 1 Cleaveland, b. Aug. 12, 1728, m. 1st, Can- 
terb., Mar. 3, 1748, William Wedge or Wcodg of Brookl. She 
m. 2d (B. chh. rec), May 25, 1757, Nathaniel Cogswell of Preston, 

+ 242 Joseph 4 Cleaveland, b. Jan. 19, 1730. Mary 4 , b. Apr. 
19, 1731, d. Canterb., Nov. 8, 1736; Hannah 4 , b. Nov. 1, 1732, d. 
Canterb., Nov. 5, 1736; Abijah 1 , b. Sept. 10, 1734, d. Canterb., 
Nov. 3, 1736; Rachel 4 , b. Mar. 3, d. Canterb. Nov. 4, 1736. 

243 Jonathan 4 Cleaveland, b. Nov. 24, 1737, d. Mar. 19,. 
1754, unm. 


+ 244 Jesse 4 Cleavelanp, b. Oct. 20, 1739. Mary 4 (ag.), b. 
Aug-. 5, d. C, Ang. 21, 1742 ; Sakah 1 , b. May 27, 1744, Brooklyn, 
per. d. y. 

Capt. Joseph 3 Cleayeland, a prominent citizen of Canter- 
bur)^, active in all public matters and one of the wealthy men 
of the town. 

Canterb. chh. rec. — Joseph and Deborah Cleaveland ent. cov. July 6, 1710. Canterb. 
Town Meeting Book — Dec. 20, 1720, Joseph Cleaveland, Jr., chosen grand juryman. 

Hoadley ' s Conn. Col. Rec, Vi 7, s-tS — Assembly, May, 1731. Memorial of Daniel Cady T 
Joseph Cleveland et al., dwelling betw. Pomfrett and Canterb., praying to be made a 
township, v&j- — Oct. , 1733. This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Cleve- 
land to be capt. of a eo. or trainband consisting- of part of the inhabitants of towns of 
Canterb., Pomfrett, and Mortlake, and order that he be commissioned accordingly. 

Lamed' s Windham co., I: Joseph Cleveland, Dea. Williams, and 
Henry Cobb appointed by the society to treat with Rev. Ephraim Avery, who, in view 
of the fluctuations in currency then prevailing', agreed "To pay him yearly cd. upon the 
list of all the polls and ratable est. until it amts. to .£120." The prescribed training's were 
observed upon the training held, Joseph Cleveland serving as capt. 

Pliiinjield, Conn. Prob. rec.-, A, 142 — Court grants letters, June 9, 175.', on est. of Capt. 
Joseph Cleveland, unto Mrs. Mary Cleveland and Mr. Joseph Cleveland of Canterb. 
Court appoints Benjamin Fassit, Seth Pain, and John Pike to distribute, Apr. 10, 1755. 
B, 3jo — Total est., .66,210. 

Butterfield ancestry: — Jiouteville est. n. Carentum Normandy, German — Botfield 
(Bote, messenger, feld. field), French — Boterville, Ireland — Butervilie. Name Botevyie 
in Battle Abbey roll. Branch of family set. at Church Stretton, Yorksh. j arms • But- 
terfield; 1: Botfield (Salop, co., Churek Str.), Barry of 12 or and sa. Crest — Rein- 
deer stataiit or. Motto — J'ay bonne cause . . . Bobert de Buteville held 2 fees in 
Bedfordsh., 1165. John de Buteville owned lordship of Cheddington Bucks, Eng., 1316 
. . . Benjamin 1 , b, Eng. Charlestown, Mass., 1638, sub. town orders, Woburn, Mass., 
16.10, Naamkeek Chelmsf. 1654, m. 1st, Ann; Samuel-, b. Wob., May 17, 1647, m. Mary; 
Deborah 3 Butterfield m. Joseph Cleveland 3 .— A'. /'-.'. His. Gen. Reg., XLJl': .?.? — But- 
terfields of Middlesex, by George A. Gordon. A. M. 

Woodward ancestry : — / arms .- WqodarD; 20 : Woodward: (Suffolk, Essex) Or 
on a bend cotised sa, 3 martlets ar. within bordure engr. az. . . . Richard 1 , b. 158.;, 
embarked Ipswich, Suffolk co., Eng., Apr. 10, 1634, Watertown, Mass., freem. Sept. it, 
1635, m. 1st, Rose, b. 15S4 ; George , b. Eng. 1621, in. 1st, Mary; John-', b. Mar. 20, 1649, of 
Newton, Mass., m. 1st, Rebecca Robbins, da. Richard and Rebecca of Chariest. ; John 4 , 
b. July 18, 1675, settled Plaintield, Conn., bef. 170;, CatiLerb. (with brothers Richard and 
Joseph). Lanied's Windham co., /.- ijy — John and Richard Woodward of the 7 pillars 
constituting Canterbury ehli., June 13, 1711 ; Mary Woodward m. Joseph Cleveland 3 . 


MARY- CLEAVELAND (josiah*, Mosesi), m. Canterbury, 
Conn., Jan. 30, 1715-16, Richard Smith ; he. d. C, Sept. 12, 1742. 
Richard Smith and w. Mary adm. chh. Oct. 20, 1717. Ch. b. 
Canterbury : Zentiah* Smith, Jan. 28, 1716-17, adm. chh. C, Jan. 

21, 1733- 

-f-245 John* Smith, h. May 20, 17T9. 
,/ +246 Ebcnezer* Smith, b. Feb. 17, 1723. Samuel* and Lidia*, 
b. Sept. 26, 1728 ; Richard*, b. Sept. 11, d. C, Oct. 23, 1734; Mar\ A 
Smith, b. Aug. 20, 1736. 


HENRY 8 CLEAVELAND (josmh*. Moses«), b. Chelmsford, 
Mass., Dec. 22, 1699, d. ? Mansfield, Tolland co., Conn., ab. 1779, 



m.. Canterbury, Conn., Mar. 19, 1718-19, Lucy Fitch, a da. Maj. 
James and Alice (Bradford) [Adams]. Ch. b. Canterbury, fol- 
lowing and perhaps others : 

+ 247 William 4 Cleaveland, b. July 7, 1719. 

+ 248 Nehemiah 4 Cleaveland, b. July 20, 30, 1721. 

+ 249 Lucy 4 Cleaveland, b. Mar. 2, 1724-5. 

Jabez 4 Cleaveland, b. Nov. 4, 1727, d. C, Nov. 13, 

+ 250 Jabez 4 Cleaveland (ag.), bap. Nov. 6, 1737, Canter- 

Lt. Henry 3 Cleveland lived first at Canterbury. 

C. Town Meeting Book — Deo. 8, 1719, Voted Theoplus Fitch, Henry Cleaveland, 
and Joseph Ensworth received Inhabitance. 

C. chh. rec— Aug. 23, 1719, Henry and Lucy Cleveland ent. cov. ; Apr. 9, 1720, they 
are adm. chh. 

Larned's Windham CO., I; 157— Apr. 30, 1723, Canterbury land distributed. HENRY 
Cleveland, one of the 68 original proprietors, received % share as a later settler. (See 
ante, Samuel 2 Cleveland +5.) 3Q&— Apr. 30, 1742, Rev. Samuel Wadsworth preached. 
A company went out to Henry Cleveland's and had a considerable meeting. A great 
revival there. 

Hoadly's Conn. Col. Rec, VIII: 227 — Assembly, May, 1739, establish Mr. HENRY 
Cleveland ensign of 2d Co. Canterb. trainband. IX 1 107 — Session May, 174s, Mr. 
Henry Cleveland commissioned lt. 1st Co. Mansfield. 213 — Session May, 1746, ap- 
point in regiment to be raised in this colony for exped. against [Louisburgf, Cape Breton, 
N. S., Old French War, 1 745-8] Canada, 6th Co., Mr. Benjamin Lee, capt., Mr. Henry 
Cleaveland, 1st It., Ich. Robinson, 2d It., John Huntington, ensign. 

Henry* Cleaveland rem. bef. 1746 to Mansfield; prob. d. 
there. Mansfield chh. rec. — Henry Cleveland and Lucy his w. 
adm. by letter Apr. 19, 1747, withdrew Nov. 1, 1762. The ven- 
erable Mrs. Olive (Cleveland) Clarke +2391 (d. 1887, aged 
over 10 1 years), remembered seeing her great grandmother's 
Psalm Book, with her name, Lucy Fitch, written in it. 

Fitch ancestry :— 6 arms: Ffytche, Fitch, Hudsell, Essex co., Eng. ; Eltham and 
Mount Mascal (Kent co.). Vert, a chev. betw. 3 leopards' heads or. Crest — A leopard's 
head,-cabossed or, in the mouth a sword ppr. hilt gu. . . . The Fitch family of Saxon 
origin . . . Sir Thomas Fitch of Eltham co., Kent, Eng., judge, baronet, ancestor of 
Thomas 1 , b. 1590, of Booking, co. Essex, Eng., inherited an estate in co. Essex, Eng., n. 
Braintree, d. Braintree, 1645, m., Aug. 8, 1611, Anna Pew, who came a widow with 3 s. to 
N. E. ; Rev. James 5 , b. Booking, Eng., Oct., Dec. 24, 1622, came 1638, studied 7 years with 
Revs. Thomas Hooker of Hartford,|Conn., and Samuel Stone of H., ord. at Saybrook, 
Conn'.; 1646, pastor to 1660, he and Maj. John Mason the 2 most noted founders of Norwich, 
Conn. [Caulkins, 20, 148], of N. to 1690, Canterbury to 1696, d. Lebanon, New London co., 
Conn., Nov. 18, 1702, m. 1st, Abigail Whitfield 3 , she d. Saybrook, Sept. 9, 1659; Maj. 
James 3 Fitch, b. S., Aug. 2, 1647, rem. fr. Norwich to Plainfield, Conn., 1690, was virtually 
the orig. prop, of Canterbury, built the first house w. of the Quinebaug, 1697, bought 
from Owaneco the tp. of Pomfret, Conn., &c, Assist, important man [Larned's Windham 
co.~\, d. Nov. 10, 1727, m. 2d, Mrs. Alice (Bradford 6 ) Adams, widow of Rev. Wm. Adams. 

Bradford ancestry :— 13 arms : (Yorkshire, Wiltshire) Ar. on fesse 3 stags' heads. 
Crest — Stag's head. Derived fr. the Saxon Bradenford, Broadford . . . William 1 of 
Austerfield, Yorkshire, Eng., 1575 ; William 2 , buried A., July 15, J591, m. Alice Hanson, 
da. John ; Hon. William 3 , b. Austerf. Mar. 19, 1590, guided in letters by the noble spirits, 
William Brewster and John Robinson, went to Holland 1608, joined the pilgrims, came 
in the Mayflower to Plymouth, Mass., 1620, after death of the first Gov., John Carver, he 
was Gov, of Plymouth, 1621-57, Gov. N. H., d. May 9, 1657, m. 2d, Aug. 14, 1623, Mrs. Alice 
(Carpenter) Southworth from Eng., b. 1591, d. 1670, wid. of Constant or Edward South- 
worth ; Dep. Gov. William*, b. P., June 17, 1624, next to Miles Standish was a chief mili- 
tary man, d. Feb. 20, 1704, m. 1st, Alice Richards 8 , b. 1627 ; Alice 6 Bradford m. James 
Fitch 3 . 


Richards ancestry: — n arms: (Isle of Wight, co. Hants, Eng. — Illustrated in Morse 
GinettJogy, lh' Rev. Abner Morse, iSbi), Sa. a chev. betw. 3 fleurs-de-lis. Crest — A grif- 
fin's head traaad ar. (Solsborough, co. Wexford, orig. fr. Isle of Wight, set. in Ireland 
temp. Elizabeth, granted by Charles I to Col. Solomon Richards, s. of Goddard Richards 
of co. Wexford — same arms and:) Motto — Honore et amore . . . Welsh patronymic 
answering to Richardson in Eng. ; derived fr. rich heart or rich lord . . . Richards, 
Prior of Dover, consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury Apr. 8, 1174 . . . Richards 
families were orig. fr. counties of Somerset and Devon, Eng., and records are found as 
follows : James 1 m., 1520, Agnes Gam boy ; Edward 2 m. Joan Courtney ; Anthony 3 m. 
Mary Mainard ; William 4 m. Jane Praiseworthy; John 6 m. Margaret Wild; Hiram 6 m. 
JSleanor Grioiruond ; Thomas 7 , b. ab. 1590, from, Dorchester, Dorset co., Eng., per. East 
Bagborough, co. Somerset, Eng. — Arms: (E. Bagb.) Ar. 5 lozenges, conjoined, in fesse 
gu. betw. 2 bars sa. to which his arms point, Dorchester, Mass., 1630, merch.. to Wey- 
mouth, Mass., 1636, (his bro. ornephew George and nephew William fr, Scituate, Mass., 
to Weym., n«ph. John of New London, Conn.), m. Welthean or Welthian ; Alice 8 Rich- 
ards m. William Bradford*. 

Whitfield ancestry : — 10 arms (Whitfield Hall, Northumberland co., Northampton, 
Sussex. John Whitfield of Tenterden, Kent co., 1548, 2d s. of Robert of Wadhurst, Sus- 
sex), Ar. a bend plain betw. 2 cotises engr. Crest— Out of a pallisade crown ar. a stag's 
head or. . . . — : — l Whitfield of Eng., an eminent lawyer, his youngest son : Rev. 
Henry 3 , b. Eng. ab. 1597, educated at University and Inns of Court, designed by father 
for law, chotiu mi:>istry in Estab. chh., at Ockham, Ockley, or Okely, Surry co., Eng., n. 
London, 20 years, prosecuted by Abp. Laud for refusing to read "Book of Sports," re- 
signed, sold his property, came, July, 1637, with Gov.. Eaton and Col. George Fenwick, 
to New Haven, Conn., accomp. by friends fr. Kent, Surrey, and Sussex, Eng., founded 
chh. and Commenced settlement at Guilford, Conn., naming it for a Surrey town, ret. to 
Eng. Oct, 1630, min. at Winchester, Eng. ; Abigail 3 Whitfield m. James Fitch 2 Savage ; 
Spr ague's Annals, /-• 200; Mather's Magn., II, III; Brooks' Lives, III; Indian Converts, 
by Experience Mayhetti ; j Mass. His. Col., VII; 003-4 •" His. Guilford _• IV. E. Reg., IV: 30 — 
Bradford Family. By G. M. Fessenden ; Russell's Guide— Shurtleff s Recol. of Pilgr. ; 
Young's Chron., 353: Hunter's Founders of New Plym., London, 1854; Fitch gen., by Rev. 
W. Clark, written in Canterb. chh. rec. ; Davis Morton's Mem., 217; Genealog. Reg. of 
Ancient Puritans, III. By Rev. Abner Morse, Mem. N. B. His. Gen. Soc, iS6r,f. 6. 


RACHEL 3 CLEVELAND (josiah 2 ), b. Canterbury, Conn., 
1703, 1x1. Canterb., 1722, Jonas Spaulding, b. Chelmsford, Mass., 
Aug. 15, 1700, s. Samuel and Mary (Butterfield). Dwelt Can- 

Sparlden, Spaulden, Spaulding, Spolden ancsstry ;—6 arms: Spalding (France, Lyon 
Register), Or, on a cross az. 5 crosses crosslet. Crest — Cross crosslet fiitchee or. Motto 
— Hinc mihi salus ; . . . Edward 1 , Braintree, Norfolk co., Mass., f reem. May 13, 1640, 
Wenham, Essex co., Mass., 16541 Pomham, R. I., d. Chelmsf., Feb. 26, 1670, m. 1st, Mar- 
garet ; John a m. Hannahs-Hale; Samuel* Spaulding m. Mary Butterfield 3 — Spaulding 
Memorial, By Rev. Samuel J. Spalding of Newburyport, Mass., 1S72; Sevuall's Woburn. 

Butterfield ancestry : — Beujamim 1 ; Samuel 2 [See +62] ; Mary 3 Butterfield m. Samuel 
Spaulding 11 . 


LYDIA 3 CLEAYELAND, (josiah 2 ), m. Canterbury, Conn., 
Nov. 6, 1723, Capt. Obadiah Johnson, he d. C, Apr. 10, 1765, a 
s. Obadiah and Rebekah. Ch. b. Canterbury : 

4- 2 51 William* Johnson, b. Aug. 13, 1724. Olive*, Aug. 23, 

+ 252 John* Johnson, b. Mar. 23, 1730-31. 
Jedediah* Johnson, d. Oct. 27, 1732. 
252 a -Lydia* Johnson, b. Oct. 4, 1733, m. C, Apr. 10, 1752, 
Amos Fasset. Ch : Allice* Fasset, b. Mar. 30, 1753, C. 

+ 253 Obediah* Johnson, b. Feb. 18, 1735-6. 


+ 254 Jacob* Johnson, b. Mar. 24, 1739-40. 
Abigail* Johnson, b. Nov. 7, 1742. 

+ 255 Ebenezer* Johnson, b. July 16, 1745. 

Capt. Obadiah Johnson a prominent man in Canterbury. 
Town Book — Dec. 20, 1720, chosen surveyor of highway; Dec. 
17, i72i,haward. Obadiah and Lydia Johnson joined chh. Apr. 
19, 1724. Frequently mentioned in Lamed' s Windham co.,1: jp/ — 

Oct., 1741. Many members of the Canterbury church were aroused to new interest. 
Obadiah Johnson, father and son, with their families. Dea. Timothy Backus, JOSIAH 
Cleveland, and many others, were active in promoting the work. Many of the chil- 
dren and youth of these families were converted. 77 .• 40 — The Separate church, once 
so flourishing, suffered many losses. The venerable Obadiah Johnson, a pillar of this 
church, died 1765. 

Johnson ancestry :— William 1 , Edward 2 , John 3 , Obadiah* Johnson, m. Rebekah [see 
+33] ■ 


DELIVERANCE 3 CLEAVELAND (son) (josiah*, Moses*), b. 
Canterbury, Conn., July 13, 1707, d. C, Feb., 1787, m. 1st, C. or 
Thompson, Windham co., Conn., Jan. 20, 173 1-2, Kesiah Eaton, 
b. n. Killingly, Conn., at place now Putnam, Windham co., 
Conn., May 24, 1710, d. Canterb., Sep. 19, 1742, da. Jonathan and 
Lydia or Abiah (Starr). He m. 2d. C, rec. Woodstock, Windham 
co., Conn., July 4, 1744, Rebecca Paine, bap. Canterb., July 15, 
17 10, d. C, Feb., 1784, a da. Samuel and Abigail (Bartholomew) 
[Frizzell]. Ch. b. Canterbury, by 1st m.: 

+ 256 Penelope 4 Cleaveland, b. May 7, 11, 1733. 

+ 257 Shubael 4 Cleaveland, b. Mar. 29, 1735. 

+ 258 Rachel 4 Cleaveland, b. Oct. 29, 1738. 

+259 Kesiah 4 Cleaveland, b. Apr. 6, 1740. 

Infant 4 b. Aug. 20, 'd. Sep. 21, 1742. By 2d m. 

+ 260 Sarah 4 Cleaveland, b. June 15, 1745. 

Lt. Deliverance 3 Cleaveland, a well-known man of Can- 
terbury. Hoadljs Conn. Col. Rec, IX : 320 — Assembly, Oct. 
1747, Deliverance Cleveland commissioned ensign 2dco. Can- 
terb. trainband. 505 — appointed lieutenant.* 

C. chh. rec. — 1744, Deliverance and w. Rebecca adm. Re- 
becca signs cov. Sep. 26, 1746. He signs cov. 1771. 

Plainfield, Conn., Prob. rec. — Mar. 15, 1749, Deliverance 
Cleveland ap. guardian of ch. Penelope, Shubael, Rachel, and 

Deliverance 3 Cleveland lived at Voluntown, Windham 
co., Conn., 1756. 

Eaton ancestry 0/ Kesiah Baton :— 36 arms : EATEN, EATON, Eton, Etton (Chapell 
Bar, Nottingham co., Eng., Shropshire) Or, fret az. Crest — Eagle's head erased sa. in 
beak a sprig. Motto — Vincit omnia Veritas. John 1 from Eng. 1635, Dedham, Mass., 
Salisbury, Essex co., Mass., 1646, d. Haverhill, Mass., Nov. 17, 1658. m. Abigail [Martha- 
Savage], John 3 , b. 1637 of Ded., d. 1715, m. Alice ; Dea. Jonathan 3 Eaton, b. Aug. 31, 1681, 
of Klilingly, d. June 25, 1745, m. Lydia, called also Abiah Starr 1 , b. Ded.,.Feb. 8, 1688, d. 
Mar. 4, 1751. 


Star, Starr ancestry : t arms: Starr (Canterbury Precincts, Eng.), Az. a pair of 
scales within orle of 8 estoiles or. Crest — Lion^couchant or, charged with an estoile gu. 
Motto — Vive en espor. . . . Dr. Comfort 1 , b. 1588, of Ashford, Esshatesford, Kent 
co., Eng., chirurgeon, embarked Mar. 21, 1634-5, Cambridge. Mass., Duxbury, Plymouth 
co., Mass., 1638, (bro. of Jehosaphat and Joyfull of Ashford, Suretrust (da.) and Constant 
of Chariest., and Thomas of Boston). N. E. Reg., IX ■' 223 — will, d. Boston, Jan. 2, 1660. 
m. Elizabeth, b. 1595; John 2 , b. Eng. of Bridgewater, Plymouth co., Mass,, Bost., m, 
Martha Bunker 3 , b. 1635-40 ; Comfort 5 , b. Feb. 4, 1662, of Ded., m. Mary Stone 7 ; Lydia 1 , 
Starr, m. Jonathan Eaton 3 .— Starr Family by Burgis Pratt Starr, iSjq. 

Stone ancestry : —30 arms: STONE (Blackmore, Essex co., Eng.) Ar. 3 cinquefoils 
sa. on chief az. a sun or. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a griffin's head betw. 2 
wings . . . John 1 Hertford, Herts co., Eng., freeholder; Dea. Simon 3 , b. 1585 per. of 
Boxted, Essex co., Eng., from London, 1635, (bro. of Rev. Samuel of Hartford, Conn., 
and per. of Gregory of Camb.) Watertown, Mass., m. 1st, Jane or Joan Clark, b. 1597, da. 
William ; Simon 3 , b. Eng., 1630, m. Mary Whipple 2 , b. 1634 ; Mary 4 Stone m. Comfort 
Starr 4 . .. v 

Whipple ancestry : Arms : Whipley, Whipple (Norfolk, Eng.) Sa, on a chev. betw. 
3 swans' heads, 3 crescents. Elder John 1 , Ipswich, Mass., freem. May 13, 1640, rep. d. 
June 30, 1669, m. 1st, Sarah ; Mary 2 Whipple m. Simon Stone 2 . 

Bunker ancestry: — George 1 , from Eng., Owner of Bunker Hill named for him, 
Chariest., 1634, Maiden, supported Wheelright, m. 1st, prob. in Eng., Judith; Martha 2 
Bunker m. John Starr 2 .— Eaton Genealogy in preparation by Prof. Daniel C . Eaton, New 
Haven, Conn.; Starr gen. ,■ Bond's Watertown. 

Paine ancestry of Rebecca Paine:— Stephen 1 from Great Ellingham, Norfolk co. n. 
Hingham, Eng., 1638, Hingham, Mass., 1638, Rehoboth, 1645, rep. miller m. 1st in Eng., 
Rose ; Stephen 2 , Ded., m. Anne Checkering 2 ; Samuel 3 Paine, Woodstock, m. 1st, Anne 
Peck, 2d, Mrs. Abigail (Bartholomew 7 ) Frissell, wid. Joseph Frizzell. 

Bartholomew ancestry :— 2 arms : BARTHOLOMEW, Bartolomew (Rochester, Eng.) 
Or. 3 goats' heads erased sa. Crest — A demi goat ar. gorged with a chaplet of laurel 
vert. John 1 (Richard and Robert were of) Oxfordshire, Eng., 1550, m. Alice Skutter, 
John 2 , Eng., William 3 , Eng., Hon. William 4 , b. 1602, from London, Sep. 1634, Ipswich, 
witness ag. Ann Hutchinson.— Hutch. II : 510. Boston, 1660, merch., d. Chariest, Jan. 
18, 1680-1, m. Anna ; William 6 , Roxb., m. Mary Johnson 3 ; Isaac*; Abigail 7 Bartholomew 
m. Samuel Paine 3 . 

Johnson ancestry : — Hon. John 1 fr. Eng., Roxb., Oct. 19, 1630, rep. at 1st court 1634, 
artillery co., 1638, m. 1st in Eng., Margery, Capt. Isaac 3 , b. Eng., k. by Ind., Narragan- 
sett fight, Dec. 19, 1675, m. Elizabeth Porter. ; Mary 3 Johnson m. William Bartholomew 2 . 

Chickeritig ancestry : — Arms : CHICKEKIN (Norwich, Eng.), Ar. on a chev. vert. 3 
cockerells of the first, membered gu. Hon. Francis 1 , prob. from Suffolk co., Eng., 1637, 
ensign Ancient & Hon. Artil. co., Dedham, 1640, d. Oct. 1658, m. 1st, in Eng., Ann Fiske 6 ; 
Ann 2 Chickering m. Stephen Paine 2 . 

Fiske ancestry — Arms : Fiske-Harrison (Rev. John Fiske of Thorpe Morieaux, 
Suffolk co., Eng.), Quarterly 1st and 4th az. 2 bars erm. betw. 6 estoiles, 3, 2, 1, ar., 2d. 
and 2d. ar. 3 crescents barry undee az. and gu. Crest — Stork, wings expanded ar., 
beaked and membered or. Motto — Ferendo et feriendo. Richard 1 , Laxfield, Eng., 
temp. Q. Mary, Robert 3 , William 3 , John 4 , of Eng., d. 1633 ; Ann 8 (sister of Rev. John, b. 
St. James Parish, South Elmham Hundred of Wangford, Suffolk co., Eng., 1601, of 
Wenham, Mass.), m. Francis Chickering 1 . — Bartholomew Family by George Wells Bar- 
tliolomew 1883, p. 64: H. D. Paints Paine gen.; Savage; Mather III. 


ABIEL or ABIGAIL 3 CLEAVELAND (josiah 3 ), m. Canter- 
bury, Conn., 1727,. Jedediah Smith. Ch. b. Canterb.: 260a Han- 
nah* Smith, b. July 13, 1729; Sibbil\ June 6, 1732; Jedediah*, Aug. 
2, 1734; Rachel*, Dec. 6, 1736; Henry 1 ", Feb. 8, 1739; Nathan", July 
27, 1741; Alice*, Feb. 6, 1745; Aaron*, Sep. 4, 1747. 


CURTICE 3 CLEVELAND (Isaac 2 , Moses 1 ), b. Plainfield, part 
since Canterbury, Conn., Jan. 23, 1701, d. prob. Norwich, Conn., 


ab. 1758, m. perhaps twice, may have m. 1st, ab. 1729, a lady 
named perhaps Persis Gates, she must have d. bef. 1733, it is 
conjectured that she was da. of Simon Gates. He m. [perhaps 
2d], Norwich, Jan. 16, 1733-4, Remembrance Carrier or Currier, 
b. Colchester, New London co., Conn., Apr. 14, 17 15, a da. 

Richard and Thankful ( ) [Brown]. Ch : [by 1st? m., b. 

per. Norwich] : 

+ 261 (?) Simon 4 Cleveland, b. ab. ^ 
1730, I also conjectured to 

+ 262 (?) Persis 4 Cleveland, b. ab. [ be of Josiah 4 +185. 

i73 2 > ■> 

Ch : [by 2d ? m.] 

Gideon 4 Cleveland, b. Mar. 5, 1734-5, N., d. N., Jan. 
23, 1742. 

Joanna 4 Cleveland, b. Oct. 22, 1737, N., d. Canterb.,. 
May 4, 1788, g. s. unm. Norwich chh. rec. — Irena Cleveland, 
bap. Oct. 30, 1737. A desc. of Curtice 3 has heard the old folks 
speak of aunt Rena. 

Isaac 4 Cleveland, b. Aug. 14, N., d. N., Oct. 17, 1739. 
+ 263 Isaac 4 Cleveland (ag.), b. Jan. 11, 1740, Norwich, 

264 Gideon 4 Cleveland (ag\), b. July 6, 1743, N., was 
prob. living 1760, when his nephew ? was named Gideon* Cook. 
No descendants found. May have been a mariner, perhaps d. 
in a foreign country. 

Anne 4 Cleveland, b. July 1, 1746, N., d. N., May 30, 

I75 1 * r 775- 

265 Bela 4 Cleveland (son), b. Jan. 15, 1758 [1748?]. No 

desc. known. 

Was he a soldier? for Record of Service of Conn. Men in the I, War of the Revolution. 
II, War of/3/3. Ill, Mexican War. Compiled by Authority oj the Gen. Assembly, under 
direction of Adjutants Gen., iSSq, p. Sj — 8th reg. raised by ord. of Assembly, July session, 
1775, recruited mainly in New London, Hartford, and Windham cos., stationed on Sound 
til Sept. 14, when post at Roxbury, in Gen. Joseph Spencer's brig., til exp. of term, Dec, 
'73. Col., Jedidiah Huntington, Norwich, istco., Asa Kingsbury, Capt., Norwich, July 
6, Sept. 5, 1775, Jonathan Brewster, Capt, Sept. 5-Dec. 10, 1775. Bela Cleveland en 
listed July 13, disch. Dec. 16. p. 507 — 2 reg'ts [commanded respectively by Col. Thad- 
deus Cook of Wallingford, New Haven co., Conn., and Col. Jonathan Latimer of New 
London, Conn.] militia composed of detachments fr. all the brigades, were sent to rein- 
force Gen. Horatio Gates at Saratoga, N. Y. They were assigned to Gen. Poor's Conti- 
nental Brigade, Arnold's Div., and fought in battles Sept. 19, Oct. g, 1777, in 1st battle 
lost more than any other reg'ts. Latimer's reg., Capt. Eben Lathrop's co., Ci.EAVE- 
LAND enlisted Aug. 28. 

+266 (?) William 4 Cleveland, b. ab. v 
1750, per. Norwich, I also thought to be 

+ 267 (?) Rathbone 4 or Rodman 4 of Josiah' 1 4-185. 
Cleveland, b. ab. 1752, per. Norwich, 

Curtice 3 Cleveland evidently lived at Norwich. The only 
recorded marriage found of Curtice 3 , 1733-4, occurred when he 


8 9 

was aged 32. This circumstance would seem to indicate that 
this was a second marriage. Therefore the above account pre- 
sumes a previous marriage. 

Looking over the Pierce relatives of Curtice 3 (see Pierce an- 
cestry, ante Isaac 2 Cleveland +10), we are led to conjecture 
that Curtice 3 Cleveland was twice married, that his first wife 
was named Persis Gates, that she was daughter of Simon Gates, 
who was b. Cambridge, Mass., Jan. 5, 1676, brother of Jonathan 
Gates, who m, Charlestown, Mass., Nov. 27, 1712, Persis Shep- 
herd, a daughter of John and Persis (Pierce). That the first 
wife of Curtice 3 was named for this aunt, Mrs. Persis (Shepherd) 
Gates, who was first cousin to Curtice 3 . Mrs. Persis (Pierce 3 ) 
Shepherd was his aunt, and Mrs. Persis (Pierce 3 ) Bridge his 
great aunt. Evidently Persis was a favorite name in the Pierce 
family. Thence Persis 4 Cleveland probably received her 
name. See Wyman's Charlestown Gen., 403, ~j6, 860. Simon 
Gates may have accompanied his uncle, Thomas Gates, to Nor- 
wich in 1703. Not improbably Simon 4 Cleveland was named 
for Simon Gates. 

The earliest records of Simon 4 and Persis 4 Cleveland are 
found in the Town records of Salisbury, Litchfield co., Conn. The 
juxtaposition of these entries of their marriages indicate that 
they were brother and sister. It is thought that they migrated 
from Norwich to Salisbury bef. 1756! Descendants of Miriam* 
Cleveland +74 settled in Woodbury, Litchfield co., Conn.; 
Miriam 3 named sons Simon*' Cra/ner and William* Cramer. Simon 4 
named a son William 5 Cleveland. Persis 4 named sons Isaac* 
Coole, Gideon 5 Coole, Samuel'' Coole, not improp. named for gr.-gr. 
fa., Samuel Pierce. Keziah 3 Cleveland +75 named a child 
Persis* Jones. These namings are significant. To Curtice* 
Cleveland the names Gideon and Isaac were so favorite as to 
be each repeated once in naming his children. 

Because of the prevalence of the name William, and that 
William 4 Cleveland and Rathbone" or Rodman 4 Cleveland 
lived at New London, Conn., close to Norwich, they are added, 
conjecturally, to family of Curtice 3 , not being traced to any 
other branch. 

Gates ancestry 0/ Simon Gates: — j arms : Gates (Essex, Eng. ; Semer, York co. ; 
Gosberton, Lincoln co. ; Colliton, Devon co.), Erm. 3 lions ramp. Crest — Out of a cres- 
cent flames issuing. Stephen 1 from old Hingham, Eng., in the "Diligent" to Hingham, 
Mass., 1638, Cambridge, Lancaster, Mass, 1654, constable, Stow, Middlesex co., Mass., d. 
Camb. 1662, ni. in Eng., Ann (she m. 2d Richard Woodward). Ch: Stephen'-' of Boston, 
Simon 2 , Thomas 3 , sold his est. in Mass., rem. fr. Sudbury to Norwich, 1-03. Simon 2 of 
Camb., Lancas., Bost, Muddy river, m. Margaret ; Simon 3 Gates, b. Camb. Jan. 5, 1676. 

Carrier, Currier ancestry of Remembrance Currier :— 2 arms: Carrier, Gosport, 
Hants co., Eng. Sa. chev. erm. betw. 3 crosses crosslet ar. Crest — Out of ducal coronet 
or, dragon's head vert. Thomas 1 , b. 1626, a Welchman, Billerica, Mass., where his name 
is rec. "Morgan, alias Carrier," from Andover, Mass., to Colchester, 1715, d. Col. Mar. 


10, 1735, a. 109, m., Bil., May 7, 1664, Martha Allen, she was hung as a witch in Andover, 
Aug. 19, 1692, the judicial victim of a horrible delusion ; Rev. George Burrows executed 
for witchcraft same time ; Richard 2 Carrier of Colchester m. 1st Elizabeth Sessions, 
prob. da. Alexander and Elizabeth (Spofford) of Andover, 2d, Mrs. Thankful Brown, wid. 
James Brown. Will mentions w. Thankful, sons John, Timothy, Amos, das. Elizabeth, 
w. of Nathaniel Pinney of Windsor, Conn., Mehitable, w. of Benj. Wentworth, Hannah, 
Thankful, w. of Ebenezer Phillemore, Remembrance 3 Carrier, w. of Curtis Cleve- 
land 3 . N. E. Weekly Journal, 1735 : N. E. H. G. Reg., XLII ': sjj — Inscriptions in Col- 
chester burying g., by Frank E. Randall. 


ANNE 3 CLEVELAND (Isaac 3 , Moses 1 ), m., Plainfield, Conn., 
Aug. 10, 1721, Phillip Spalding or Spaulding, b. P., Mar. 6, 1700, 
a s. Edward and Mary (Brack ett). Ch. b. Plainfield: Andrew 1 
Spalding, b. Apr. 28, 1722, d. June 1, 1796, unm. 

+ 268 Azariah* Spalding, b. Jan. 19, 1724. 

-(-269 Curtis' 1 Spalding, b. Apr. 11, 1726. 

Lucy 4, Spalding, b. Nov. 4, 1727, m. Isaac Allenton, 
Amenia, Dutchess co., N. Y. 

+ 270 Jacob'' Spalding, b. Nov. 14, 1729. Daniel, Dec. 12, 

I73 1 - 

Johanna* Spalding, b. Sept. 22, 1733, m., Jan. 1, 1757, 
Reuben Jerould. 

271 Charles* Spalding, b. Dec. 12, 1735, m -> Dec. 25, 1764, 
Abigail Gates, rem. to N. H. or Vt. Ch : 8, Dutee* Spalding, b. 
Nov. 29, 1765, Plainf. ; Daniel* j Maxwell* Spalding et al. 

272 Jonathan* Spalding, b. July 30, 1738, m., Mar. 20, 1765, 
Phebe Backus. Ch : Anne* Spalding, b. Apr. 23, 1767, Plainfield ; 
Phebe*, Feb. 5, 1769, P.; Elizabeth*, Mar. 7, 1771, P.; Hannah*, 
May 1, 1773, P.; William*', Samuel*; Eunice* Spalding. 

Alpheus* Spalding, b. Feb. 3, 1740, d. Jan. 13, 1776, m., 
Dec. 9, 1771, Margaret Phillips, she d. Dec. 29, 1777, dwelt Can- 
terbury, s. p. Eunice*, b. Mar. 10, 1743 ; Agnes*, b. 1745 ; Dorcas* 
Spalding, b. 1749. 

Phillip Spalding removed, 1697, to Plainfield. Rev. S. J. 
Spalding's Spalding Memorial gives more extended biography of 
descendants of Anne 3 than is contained in this Genealogy. 

Spaulding ancestry:— Edward 1 , John 3 [see +68], Edward 3 Spaulding, b. Sept. 16, 
1663, from Chelmsford, Mass., an orig. prop, of Plainfield— see Larned's Windham co., I: 
10b, m'. Mary Brackett 3 , b. ab. 1674. 

Bracket ancestry .• — Dea. Richard 1 , b. 1611, of Boston, Mass., 1632 (prob. bro. to Peter 
•of Braintree), Braintree, 1642, town elk., m. Alice, b. 1614; Josiah 3 , Billerica, Mass., m. 
Elizabeth Waldo, parents perhaps of Mary 3 Brackett, m. Edward Spaulding 3 . 

Waldo ancestry:— Dea. Cornelius 1 , Ipswich, Mass., 1654, d. Chelmsford, June 3, 1701, 
m. Hannah Cogswell ; Elizabeth 3 Waldo m. Josiah Brackett 3 . 

Cogswell ancestry:— Robert 1 of Wiltshire, Eng., ab. 1550, d. 1581, m. Alicia, she d. 
1603; Edward 2 , d. 1616, m. Alice, she d. 1616; John 3 , b. Westbury Leigh, co. Wilts, Eng., 
1592, came 1635, Chebacco, Ipswich, Mass., 1635, m. Elizabeth Thompson, da. Rev. William 
and Phillis ; Hannah 4 Cogswell m. Cornelius Waldo 1 . 


9 1 


MIRIAM 3 CLEVELAND (Isaac*, Moses'), b. Norwich, Conn., 
June 5, 1705, or Canterbury, Conn., July 4, 5, 1705, m. Norwich* 
Jan. 28, 1724-5, Adam Cramer. Ch. b. Norwich: 
273 William'' Cramer, h. Dec. 26, 1725. 

Mercy or Mercies* Cramer (da.), b. Sep. 3, 1727. 
Amare or Amasa* Cramer, b. July 20, 1729. 
Simon*' Cramer, b. July 24, 1731. 
+274 Henry* Cramer, b. Jan. 8, 1734. 

Miriam* Cramer, b. Mar. 20, 1736. 
Elizabeth* Cramer, b. Jan. 6, 1739. 

Adam* Cramer, b. July 4, 1741, m. W., Sep. 19, 177 1, 
Mary Carr. See Cothrens Woodbury. Ch: David Cleveland'" 
Cramer, b. Mar. 30, 1775. 

Katharine* Cramer, b. Dec. 18, 1743. 
Adam Cramer dwelt Norwich — Wy man's Charles town. Wid. 
Elizabeth Stratford of Norwich sold land by atty. Adam 


KEZIAH 3 CLEVELAND (Isaac), b. Canterbury, Conn., 

Oct. 24, 1709, d. Norwich, Conn., Aug. 1787, m. 1st. Curtis. 

She m. 2d, Norwich, Apr. 9, 1730, Sylvanus Jones of N., per. s. 
John, 1st m. s. r. Ch. by 2d m. b. Norwich : 

Persis* Jones, b. June 4, 173 1-2, d. unm. 
+ 275 Rufus* Jones, b. Sep. 2, 1732. 

Azariah* Jones, b. July 25, 1735, d. unm. 
Parmenas or Parmenius* Jones, b. Nov. 29, 1742, d. N., 
Mar. 4, 1743. 

+ 276 Ebcnezer* Jones, b. June 2, 1744. 

Elizabeth* Jones, b. Nov. 20, 30, 1746, d. N., Sep. 1, 

I75 1 - 

Tryphenia* Jones, b. June 6, 1749, d. N. Aug. 31, 1751. 

-j-277 Parmenas or Parmenius* Jones (ag), b. Nov. 4, 1752. 


Jofimtft/ Ivetf.s (Joanna-, aioses>), prob. in. 1716, Thomas Kid- 
der, b. Chelmsford, Mass., Oct. 13, 30, 1690, a s. John and Lydia 

Kidder ancestry: -- James 1 , Eng.; James 3 , b. 15. Grinstead, Eng., 1626, Cambridge, 
Mass., 1649, m. Ann .Moore 2 , b. Cambridge; John 3 , Chelmsford, 111. Sep. 3, 1684, Lydia 
Parker. Ch : Ann 4 , b. Sep. 12, 1685, John 4 , Dec. 23, 1687, Thomas 4 , Benjamin 4 , was with 
Capt. John Love well of Dunstable, Middlesex eo., Mass., in exped. to Pequawket or Pig- 
wacket now Fry burg tp. N. H. Indian (ijjht May 8, O. S., ijij.—Sewa/t's IVvbiem, J94, 
Joseph 4 Kidder kept Green Tavern, Boston. 

Moore ancestry .■— Elder Francis 1 , b. Eng., 1586, Cambridge, freem., May 2a, 1639, d. 
Aug. 20, 1671, m. 1st, Catharine, b. Eng., d. Dec. 28, 164S ; Ann a Moore m. James Kidder 1 . 
— Savage. 


Joseph 2 Keys (Joanna*, Moses'), b. Chelmsford, Mass., M...y 1, 
1698, d. June, July n, 1744, m. Elizabeth, dwelt Westford, /set- 
tled on w. side of Keyes, Pond, 1722) Mass. Ch: 
Elizabeth* Keyes, b. 1720. 
4-278 Jonathan* Keyes, b. June 20, 172 1. 
Sarah* Keyes, b. 1723. 
Lydia* Keyes, b. 1724. 
David* Keyes. 


ENOCH* CLEVELAND (Enoch*, Moses-), b. Sudbury, Mass., 
July 2, 1703, d. rec. — Acton, ■ Mass., Feb.- 28, 1735-6, m. prob. 
Berwick, Mass., Sarah prob. of Berwick. Ch : 

+ 279 Jonathan 4 Cleveland, b. June 7, 1726, Berwick. 

Enoch 4 Cleveland,^ May 26, 1728, Berwick, d. Feb, 
28, 1730. 

+280 Enoch 4 Cleveland (ag.), b. Aug. 21, 1732, Concord, 

Enoch' Cleveland resided at Berwick, Concord, and Actor, 
in which places the family appear on toivn records. 


JAMES 5 CLEVELAND (Enoch*, Moses>), b. Sudbury, Mass., 
Oct. 31, 1706, m. Bolton, Worcester co., Mass., 1738, Thankful 
Wilder of Bolton. By reason of name and location it is thought 
that following was a ch: ,. ' 

+ 281 }. m James 4 Cleveland, b. ab. 1741, also thought to *be 
ch. of Josiah 3 , +185. •..;'■ 

James 3 Cleveland was" prob. the " James Cleveland of Lyme, 
Conn., married to ^hankful Wilder of Bolton, 1738" — entry on 
Bo/ton, Mass., towifi'eCi '■/■■'■ 

82. '.'"'. 

JONATHAN 1 CLEVELAND (Enoch*, Moses-) b. prob. Sud- 
bury, Mass., Mar. 1708, d. prior to Oct. 16, 1764, m. 1st, Concord, 
Mass., Sep. 29, 1726, Lydia Lamson of Concord. He m. 2d, 
Acton, Mass., June 16, 1743, Dorothy Shepard or Shepherd of 
Acton, she d. 1747. Ch. b. Acton, by 1st in.: 
Anna. 1 Cleveland. 
4282 Joseph 4 Cleveland, b. prob. 1738 (?) 

Elizabeth 4 Cleveland, b. June 20, 1740, d. prob. at 
Acton bef. Dec. 1, 1767. 

+ 283 Lvdia' Cleveland, b. Aug. 11, 1742. 
Sarah 4 Cleveland, b. June 9, 1744. 


Jonathan 4 Cleveland, b. May 9, 1746, probably re- 
moved from Acton, between 1752 and 1758. 

284 4 Cleveland (Dr.) of New Brunswick. 

Another son 4 , for family tradition states that above Joseph 4 , 
had three brothers, who left home when boys and not again 
heard from. 

Jonathan 3 Cleveland, lived at Acton, a town incorporated 
1735, previously a part of Concord. He was by occupation a 

Middlesex Register of Probates., XL VII : 37b — Amount of real and personal estate of 
JONATHAN Cleaveland, late of Acton, taylor, dec'd intestate, £ip. 12s. May 30, 1765, 
£1. 7. 6. added to estate. Joseph Cleaveland, his son, administrator, gives Oct. 16, 1764, 
bond for £500. John Craggan, jun., yeoman, was attorney for Joseph Cleaveland, and 
Joseph Robbins, yeoman, administered with him. In the account of Joseph Cleav- 
land, adm., Dec. 1, 1767, is charged "coffin for daughter Elizabeth." 

The records are by no means complete or accurate. According to the record found 
by Thaddeus S. T Cleveland among his father's papers, while settling up his estate, Mr. 
Cleveland claims Joseph Cleveland as the name of his great great grandfather. This 
record states that Joseph Cleveland came from Ireland to America into the Town of 
Pepson, Maine, there married his first wife and had three chiidren, a son and two 
daughters, afterwards a second wife. The Doctor Cleveland of New Brunswick was a 
son of second wife. Anna, Betsey, Joseph, were the children of the first wife. Joseph 
Cleveland, Jun., came from Pepson into Acton and there married Dolly Cragin. But 
Mr. Cleveland cannot vouch for the correctness of the record. 


MIRIAM 4 CLEVELAND (Ebenezer*. moms'), d. in. Mass. Dec. 
20, 1790, a. 85, m. John Merchant, s. John. Was a ch : S. Mer- 
chant, adm. of Seth' 1 Cleveland ? 

Mar chant, Merchant ancestry : — 2 arms : Marchant, Az. hare ramp, or betw. 3 
mullets. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet a nag's head. John 1 , Braintree, Mass., 1638, in- 
hab. Newport, R. I., June 2, i63q, Yarmouth, Mass., 1648, m. 1st, Sarah, she d. Braintree, 
Dec. 3, 1638. Perhaps fa. or gr. fa. of John Merchant. Savage. 


EBENEZER 4 CLEVELAND (Ebe n e«r»,_Moses», Moses'), d. Nan- 
tucket, Mass., Sept. 10, 1794, a. 86, m., Nan-tucket, Mar. 21, 1743, 
Susannah Folger, b. N., Aug. 29, 1724, d. prob. N. after Mar. 8, 
1 801, a da. Richard and Sarah (Pease). Ch. b. Nantucket : 

+ 285 Aaron 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 15, 1743. 

+ 286 Lydia 5 Cleveland, b. Sept. 22, 1745. 

-J-2S7 John 5 Cleveland, b. Dec. 2, 1747. 

+ 288 Zabdiel 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 4, 14, 1749. 

+ 289 Susanna 6 Cleveland, b. June 13, 1753. 

+ 290 David 6 Cleveland, b. , 1754. 

291 Zimri" Cleveland, b. 1756, Revolution soldier of 1776. 
Abigail 6 Cleveland, b. July 9, 1760, d. 1831, m. pub., 
N., Oct. 21, 1775, John Jackson, dwelt Nantucket, s. r. 

-j-292 Seth 5 Cleveland, b. Sept. 3, 1761. 

+ 293 Love 5 Cleveland, b. Feb. 5, 1763. 



Silvanus 5 Cleveland, b. 17 — , d. N., Jan. 29, 1767. 

Mary' Cleveland, b. 1766, d. N., Feb. 15, 1846, unm. 
Nantucket Census, 1S00 — mentions Mary, da. wid. Susannah 

Capt. Ebenezer 4 Cleveland sailed from Martha's Vineyard, 
Mass., and before marriage settled on Nantucket, sea captain. 
Thence his descendants scattered to all parts of the world. 
Totem and chh. rec. call him Ebenezer and Eben. Some de- 
scendants always thought his name was Reuben. 

Register Deeds Nantucket, XVI : 3(17 — Know all men, that we, Samuel Crosby and 
Sarah Crosby my wife, and Susannah Cleavland, all of Nantucket, Being lawful owners 
of a certain tract of Land situate in that part of the town called Newtown, in that Divi- 
sion of Land called Monomoy, and is the Land whereon the Dwelling Houses now Stand, 
&c, do mutually agree to this Division: Susannah Cleaveland shall have all the Land 
whereon her house now stands, she shall then allow to Samuel Crosby land, &c. Mar. 

8, 1S01. her 

Susanna X Cleaveland, [l. s.] 

In presence of : Isaac Coffin, Samuel Crosby, [l. s.] 

Aaron Clevland. Sarah Crosby, [L. S.] 

Folger, Foulger ancestry :— Arms : Folcher. Erm. on a bend gu , 3 bezants . . . 
John 1 , from Norwich, Norfolk co., Eng., 1635, same ship with Rev. Hugh Peters, land 
owner Watertown, Mass., 1642, land owner Marthas V., 1641-2, d. M. V., 1660, came a 
widower, m. 2d, Meribah or Meribell Gibbs ; Peter 2 , b. Eng., 1617, came with John 1 , went 
fr. Watertown with Thomas Mayhew to Marthas V., 1642, taught Indians, by vote Pro- 
prietors of Nantucket, July 4, 1663, he located N. as interpreter and surveyor, they gave 
him % share land at end of Main St., called Jethro Polger's lane ; was clerk of courts N., 
poet, d. N., 1690, buried n. Capt. John Gardner, m. Mary Morrill. Ch : Abiah3, b. Aug. 
15, 1667, m. as 2d w. Josiah Franklin. Ch : Dr. Benjamin 4 Franklin, b. Jan. 6, 1706 ; John 3 , 
b. 1659, m. Mary Barnard 2 ; Richard 4 Folger, b. 14 5 mo., 1698, d. Sept. 15, 1782, m., Mar. 
11, 1722, Sarah Pease 4 .— M. E. His. Gen. Reg., XVI: z6q, Folger Family, by PVilliam Cole- 
man Folger. 

Pease ancestry :— 3 arms: Pease (Hull, York co., Eng.). Vert, a chev. betw. 3 bucks 
trippant or, in middle chief point a bezant on a chief per fesse gu. and ar. eagle displ. 
counterch. Crest — Eagle's head erased, holding in the beak a slip of pea-haulm ppr. 
... A John Pese was of Little Porland, co. Norfolk, Eng., will Dec. 29, 1539. . . . 
N. E. Reg., Ill, 28 — Pease Family, by Frederick S. Pease —John Pease m., in Hull, Eng., 
June 9, 1583, Margaret Wilson. . . . John^, according to tradition, of Edgartown, 
1632-4. In the fall of 1632 or 4, ac. to tradition, a vessel bound from Eng. to South Va. 
anchored off Cape Poge. John Pease, Thomas Vincent, Trapp, Browning, or Norton 
and families went ashore at Pease's Point. Edgartown, more prob. of Salem, Mass., 
1637 (bro. to Robert), Edgartown 1640, earliest record, 1646, m. Elizabeth ; David 2 ; Joseph 3 ", 
b. ab. 1665-75, of Martha's Vineyard ; Sarah 1 Pease m. Richard Folger 4 .— Pease Genealogy, 
by Rev. David Pease and Austin Pease, iSbq. 

Barnard ancestry : — iS arms : Barnard (London). Ar. on bend az. 3 escallops. 
Crest — Escallop shell ar. (Essex) Az. on fesse ar. betw. 3 dolphins naiant ar. Nathaniel 1 , 
fr. Eng., 1650, with his uncle Robert, whose da. he m„ d. Nantucket, May 3, 1718 ; Mary 2 
Barnard m. John Folger 11 .— Savage. 

. 86. 

JOSEPH' CLEVELAND (Ebenezer', Moses 2 , Moses 1 ), d. Edgar - 

town, Mass., Dec. 25, 1796, a 80, m. 1st, E., Jan. 1, 1740, Mary 
Covell, b. 1716, d. E., Apr. 3, 5, 1779. He m. 2d, E., Mar. 29, 
1781, Mary Ripley, b. 1763, da. Joseph and Lydia (Ripley). Ch. 
b. Edgartown, by 1st. m.: 

+ 294 Seth 5 Cleveland, b. Nov. 16, 1742. 

295 Jedidah 6 Cleveland, bap. May 27, 1744, E., m. E., 
Nov. 10, 1762. John Ogden of New York. 



+ 296 Ezra 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 5, 1746. 
(-297 Ichabod 5 Cleveland, bap. May 29, 1748. 
297 a Joseph 5 Cleveland, bap. May 1750, d. E., Oct. 1788. 
Rhoda 5 Cleveland, b. Apr. 25, 1752, d. Aug. 14, 1830, 
m. Luke Gray. 

-j-298 Betty or Elizabeth 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 24, 1754. 

FWilliam 5 Cleveland, m. Anna b. 1755, d. E., 

Sep. 27, 1786. Edgartown rec. — Anna, wife of William Cleve- 
land, d. Sep. 27, 1786, a. 31. Conjectured to belong here, or to 
be identical with Joseph -f 297 s and that town clerk ent. wrong 
name. Inf. 5 , d. 1764. By 2dm.: 

+ 299 Jerusha 6 Cleveland, b. June 14, 1783. 

+ 300 Samuel Claghorn 5 Cleveland, b. Jan. , 1786. 

+ 301 Benjamin 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 31, 1787. 

+ 302 Hepzibah 6 Cleveland, b. 1788. 

Nancy' Cleveland, b. Aug., 1796, d. E., Aug. 7, 1869, 

Joseph 4 Cleveland resided at Edgartown, where numerous 
descendants still live, the most prominent people of the Vine- 
yard. Many are or have been mariners in responsible positions. 
He was a farmer and a leading citizen. Mrs. Mary (Covell) 
Cleveland adm. chh. E., Aug. 4, 1765. 


ELIZABETH 1 CLEVELAND (john^, Moses*, Moses*), m. Free- 
town, Mass., Mar. 22, 1735, Oliver Chase, b. Sep. 22, 1809, a s. 
Benjamin and Mercy (Simmons). Ch: Oliver" Chase, b. July 11, 
1735; -Elizabeth* Chase, b. Dec. 15, 1736, m. May 17, 1756, Elisha 
Saunders, 2d, June 26, 1768, James Crandall; Mercy" Chase, b. 
Jan. 5, 1739, m. Nov. 22, 1769, Angus McDowell ; John* Chase, 
b. Apr. 17, 1741 ; 303 Set/1 5 Chase, b. Sep. 2, 1742, m. Nov., 1765, 
Mrs. Phillippe (Pain) Chase, wid. of Seth Chase 4 ; Abim* Chase, 
b. Oct. 7, 1745 ; -+-304 Consider* Chase, Dec. 10, 1747; Lovice* Chase, 
b. June 9, 1750,111. July 15, 1776, David Brund; Eunice" Chase, b. 
June 9, 175c, m. Nov. 2, 1777, Matthew Dye; Martha* Chase, b. 
Mar. 27, 1753, m. Jan. 12, 1779, Christopher Chester. 305 Fred- 
erick" Chase, b. Feb. 2, 1758, m. Feb. 2, 1783, Ruth Fry. Lauren 
Chase Eastman of Clinton, Iowa, member of Colonial Society of 
State of Missouri (1896), is a descendant of Elizabeth 4 Cleve- 

Chase, Chace ancestry :—i arms: CHACE, Chase or Chansey ; i : Chase : Gu. 4 
crooses erosslet, 2 and 2, or, on a canton az. a lion pass, of the same. ... A family 
of Chases were in Suffolk, Enp., 1326. . . . William 1 , b. Eng., 1589, came in the fit et 
with Gov. John Winthrop, of Roxbury, Mass., bef. Oct. 19, 1630, Scituate, Mass., consta- 
ble Yarmouth, Mass.,d. 1682, m. Mary, b. Eng.; Benjamin 2 , b. 1639-40, Freetown, cooper, 
m. Phillippe Sherman; Benjamin 3 Chase m. Mercy Simmons — N. E. Reg., XX: 217; 

9 6 



DINAH 4 CLEVELAND (john3), m . Freetown, Mass., Nov. 
28, 1745, Joseph Davis, b. F., Sep. 30, 1723, a s. Thomas and 
Lydia (Chase). 

Davis ancestry : — /6 arms : (Shropshire). Gu. a ohev. betw. 3 boars' heads couped 
ar. . . . William 1 , Freetown, 1686, grand juryman, 1697, m. Mar. 1, 1686, Mary Make- 
peace 3 ; Thomas 2 Davis m. Lydia Chase. 

Makepeace ancestry : 4 arms : Az. on a fesse betw. 2 leopards' pass, or 3 crosses cross- 
let gu. Crest — A dove holding in the beak an olive branch, all ppr. . . . Thomas 1 , 
from Eng., Dorchester, Mass., 1636, Boston, m. 2d, 1641, Mrs. Elizabeth Mellows, wid. of 
Oliver Mellows; William 2 , Freetown, m. May 23, 1661, Ann Johnson; Mary 3 Makepeace 
m. William Davis 1 — N. E. Reg. XX : 212 ; Posterity of William Davis by Gen. Ebenezer 
W. Peirce. 


THANKFUL 4 CLEVELAND (john=), m . Freetown, Mass., 
„ Feb. 1, 1738, Michael Chase, b. Nov. 17, 1714, a s. Benjamin and 
Mercy (Simmons). Ch: 

+ 306 Noah 5 Chase, b. Oct. 26, 1739 ; Martha* Chase, b. Mar. 
24, 1 741; Joseph 6 Chase, Feb. 10, 1742-3; Benjamin* Chase, Apr. 

24, 1745- 

Michael* Chase, \i. Aug. 1, 1747, m. Lucy; ch: Joseph* Chase, 
Apr. 25, 1773; Betsey 6 Chase, Sep. 15, 1777; Mercy* Chase, Oct. 25, 
1779; Phenix* Chase, Sep. 25, 1783; Susanna* Chase, Feb. 7, 1787; 
Thankful* Chase, b. July 9, 175 1. 

Michael Chase of Freetown. Chase ancestry — see +87. 


BENJAMIN* CLEVELAND (John*, Moses*), m. 1st, Free- 
town, Mass., June 2, 9, 1746, Priscilla Paine or Payne, b. prob. 
F. ab. 1723, d. prob. F. ab. 1748, a da. John and Rebecca (Davis). 
He m. 2d int., F. Oct. 20, 1750, Jerusha Rouns of Rehoboth, 
Mass. He m. 3d int., Freet, Oct. 6, 1764, Bethia Whitney. Ch. 
by 1st m., evidently: 

+ 307 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1747, prob. F. By 2d m.: 
b. F. 

-I-308 Hannah 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 28, 1750. 

+ 309 Benjamin 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 10, 1755. 

John 5 Cleveland, b. Jan. 21, 1757, d. prob. F., bef. 
Aug. 6, 1799, prob. unm. His bro. Benjamin 5 ap. his adm., Aug. 
6, 1799, bond $5,000. 

Martha 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 21, 1759. By 3d m. b. 

+ 310 David 5 Cleveland, b. Dec. 11, 1764. 

+ 311 Joseph 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 28, 1766. 

+ 312 Alpheus 5 Cleveland, b. Sep. 18, 1768. 

Enos 5 Cleveland, b. Nov. 4, 1770, d. prob. F. bef. 



Feb. 3, 1801, prob. unm. Benjamin 8 ap. Feb. 3, 1801, adm. of 
Enos Cleveland, late of F., deed. 

Eunice 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 4, 1770, m. F., Mar. 26J 
1802, William Borden. 

Elizabeth 6 Cleveland, b. June 2, 1773, m - F., Mar.] 
9, 1797, Hezekiah Hunter of Rehoboth. 

Benjamin 4 Cleveland lived at Freetown, where he wasj 
elected pound keeper, Mar. 17, 1760, and served three years, and 
re-elected or was succeeded by his son Benjamin 5 . In 1775, he 
was living at Tiverton, Newport co., R. I. — see account of his 
son Benjamin 8 . 

Payne ancestry .• — Ralph 1 Payne m. Dorithy, came from Rhode I. to Freetown; 
John 2 Paine m. Oct. 31, 1705, Rebecca Davis 2 . ,Davis ancestry .• — [See +88] William 1 ; 
Rebecca 2 Davis. 


JOHN 4 CLEVELAND (John*, Moses 2 ), m. rec. Newport, R. 
I., Apr. 14, 1748, Elizabeth Duers, she d. prob. bef. 1774. Ch: 
5, names not learned. John 4 Cleveland is mentioned only, so 
far as I find, in Rhode Island state census — John Cleveland and 5 
ch. were living at Newport, 1774. 


AMBROSE 4 CLEVELAND (John*, Moses 2 , : Moses 1 ), m., Free- 
town, Mass., Aug. 4, 1753, Keturah Briggs of Berkley, Mass. 
Ch. b. Freetown : 

+ 313 Ambrose 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 14, 1755. Tabitha 5 , 
Nov. 25, 1757. 

- 314 Elizabeth 5 Cleveland, b. May 31, 1760, m., St. John, 
New Brunswick, Can., Smyley, remained at St. John after 1776. 

+ 315 William 5 Cleveland, b. Feb. n, 1763. 

+316 Jonathan 5 Cleveland, b. Jan. 27, 1766. 

+ 317 Sylvia 5 Cleveland. 

318 Susan 5 Cleveland, m.,.at St. John, Mr. Sevine 

or Swime, remained at St. John after 177$. 

319 Rebecca 6 Cleveland, m., int. Freetown, June 30, 
1 791, Amos Clark of Freetown, dwelt Berkley. Ch : Several*. 

+320 John 6 Cleveland. 

Ambrose 4 Cleveland dwelt at Freetown. Was pound- 
keeper 1767; boat builder and pilot. At commencement of 
Revolution the whole family removed to St. John. 

Rhode Island Colonial Rec, VII: 395 — At session Nov., 1775, Ambrose Cleveland 
having confessed sorrow for having trained 2 days under orders from British Col. Gil- 
bert, and for having gone to Boston to work on the King's works there, and further de- 
claring to stand for the liberties of his country, and having asked pardon, it was decreed 
that he go to his town of Freetown and there remain 1 year. 

Neva York Genealogical and Biographical Record, XXI : 180-4 — Memorial of New 
York Loyalists, no date, supposed 1782. Nova Scotia archives — 




To his Excellency Sir Guy Carleton, K. B., Gen., Commander in Chief, &c. The Me- 
| morial of the Subscribers Humbly Sheweth : 

That your memorialists having been deprived of very valuable Landed Estates, &c, 
Iwithout the Lines, and being also obliged to abandon their possessions in this City on 
I Accoun4rof their Loyalty to their Sovereign and Attachment to the British Constitution, 
I and seeing no prospect of their being reinstated, had determined to remove with their 
I Families and settle in His Majesty's Province of N. S., on the Terms -which they under- 
stood were held out equally to all his Majesty's persecuted Subjects. That your Me- 
morialists are much alarmed at an application * of 55 persons * for Tracts of Land 
in that Province * for 275,000 acres * of the most fertile Spots * 

That chagrined as your Memorialists are at the manner in which the late Contest 
[Revolutionary war] has been terminated, and disappointed as they find themselves in 
being left to the lenity of their Enemys * they yet hoped to find an Asylum under 
British Protection. * 

* Your Memorialists humbly request that the locating of these extensive Grants 
may at least be postponed untill your Memorialists have taken up such small Portions 
as may be allotted to them. [Signed by] : 

Ambrose Cleavland, 
and 625 other United Empire Loyalists. 


JOSEPH 4 CLEVELAND (joaeph*. moms*, mom*), m.,int. Digh- 
ton, Mass., Mar. 27, 1742, Rebecca Talbot. Ch: 

321 Philany 5 Cleveland, m., int. D., Aug. 24, 1765, Sam- 
uel Talbot. 

322 Ruth 3 Cleveland, m., int. D., Oct. 27, 1774, Nathan- 
iel Phillips. 

+323 Joseph 5 Cleveland, b. , ab. 1766. 

r 324 David 5 Cleveland ( ? ), (traditional). 

Joseph* Cleveland, ac. to conveyances o£ land to and from 
him, dwelt, June 15, 1741, at Dighton, Dec. 13, 1743, and Dec. 
13, 1744, at Berkley, Mass., and Apr. 29, 1746, Feb. 1, 1747, at 
Norwich, Conn., blacksmith. 


JOSEPH 4 CLEVELAND (lchabod°, Moses", Moses*), d. Southold, 

N. Y., Nov. 13, 1793, a. 66, m. S., Feb. 12, 1750, Mary Horton, b. 
Old Castle Southold, Feb. 8, 1730, d. S., Dec. 20, 1806, a da. Jona- 
than and Mary (Tuthill). Ch. b. Southold : 

525 Mary 5 Cleveland, b. May 29, 1752, m. 1st, Thomas 
Hubbard, 2d, Elias Graves. Joseph 5 , b. May 24, 1754, d. Mar. 

25, 1756. 

326 Mehitabel 5 Cleveland, b. Jan. 16, 1757, m. Ezra 

327 Joseph 5 Cleveland (ag.), b. Oct. 7, 1759, d. S., Jan. 
30, 1840, num., dwelt at Southold, farmer and cooper. He was 
betrothed to Deliverance Horton, b. 1762, d. S., Oct. 5, 1780, a 
da. Joseph and Deliverance (Reeves). She was struck by a 
wing of a wind mill and fatally injured. The engagement ring 
is still a family treasure. 



328 Abigail 5 Cleveland, b. Apr. 17, 1762, d. S., Sept. 24, 
1805, unm. 

329 Lazarus 5 Cleveland, b. Dec. 29, 1764, d. S., Mar. 5, 
1847, unm. Dwelt Southold, cooper. Much esteemed. 

+330 Benjamin Norton 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 10, 1767. 
331 Anna 5 Cleveland, b. Sept. 19, 1770, d. S., Mar. 6, 
1838, m. S., July 14, 1806, Joseph Moore. 

Joseph* Cleveland lived at Southold, merchant and farmer. 
He was well known and widely respected. 

Horton ancestry:— William 1 , Joseph 2 , Barnabas 3 [see +20]; Jonathan 4 , b. S., Feb. 
23, 164S, m. Bethia Wells* ; Jonathan 5 Horton, b. Dec. 23, 1683, will, Oct. 3, 1764, appoints 
exrs. "my trusty friend William Horton and my son Joseph Cleveland," m. Mary 
Tuthill 2 . 

Tuthill, Tuttel, le ancestry: — 1 arms: Tuttall; 5: Tothill: (Devon) Az. on a 
bend cotised ar., lion pass. Crest — On a mount vert, turtle-dove, in beak a sprig. . . . 
William Totyl of Devon co., bailiff 1528 . . . Henry 1 , from Norfolk co., Eng., Hing- 
ham, Mass., 1637, Southold (bro. to James and John, who was fr. Saxlingham, Norfolk 
co., Eng. New Haven, Conn. One of the 13 founders of Southold, 1640; a gathering of 
his descendants held at New Suffolk, N. Y., Aug. 28, 1867). Wife came with him ; Mary 2 
Tuthill m. Jonathan Horton 5 . 

Welles, Wells ancestry .-—41 arms: Welles or Wells (Wells and Barnbridge, Hants 
co., Eng.). Sa. chev. erm.- betw. 3 martlets. (Herefordshire) Ar. 3 pales gu. ; on a can- 
ton ar. a mullet sa. Crest — A well ppr. William 1 , Lynn, Mass. New Haven, 1 of the 
13 founders of Southold; Bethia 2 Wells m. Jonathan Horton*.— Horton gen., 171, 181; 


ABIGAIL 4 CLEVELAND (ichabod*, Moses 2 ), m., Southold, N. 
Y., Dec. 28, 1748, Uriah Terry, b. Oct. 29, 1728, d. June 29, i8^£ ~0 
s. Uriah and Mary (Case). Ch : 

+332 Mary* Terry, b. 1760, Southold. And per. others 5 . 

Terry ancestry:—/ arms: Terrey; /.• Terry: Ar. a cross betw. 4 martlets gu. 
Crest — Demi lion ppr. holding a fleur-de-lis gu. . . . The name originated among 
the early Franks, under the form of Thierry — a corruption of Theodoric — later, Tarro, 
Terra, Torro (9th century), Terri. . . . Thomas, b. 1607, Robert, b. 1610, Richard, b. 
1618, brothers from London in the "James," 1635^ of Mass., Dec, 1638, Southold. . . . 
Richard one of the 13 founders of Southold, 1640. We think it prob. that one of these 
was ancestor to Uriah Terry. — Terry gen., by Stephen Terry. 


BENJAMIN NORTON 4 CLEVELAND (ichabod*, Moses 2 , 
Moses 1 ), b. Southold, N. Y., June 10, 1736, d. Elizabethtown, 
Essex co., now Elizabeth, Union co., N. J., Nov. 26, 1781, buried 
E., Nov. 26, 1 781, m. 1st, prob. Elizabethtown, date unk., ab. 
1761-2, Mrs. Mary (?) ( ) Nicholas, b. prob. 1739, d. be- 
tween 1775 and 1780, wid. of Jonathan (?) Nicholas, her sur- 
name and parentage not learned. He m. 2d prob. Elizabeth- 
town, date unk., between 1775 and 1780, Joanna , b. prob. 

1750, d. prob. soon after 1786, her surname and parentage not 
learned. (She m. 2d, see below.) Ch. b. Elizabethtown, by 
1st m.: 

+333 Mary or Polly 6 Cleveland, b. July 11, 1763. 


+334 Ichabod 6 Cleveland, b. June 28, 1765. 

+335 Hannah 5 Cleveland, b. Oct. 21, 1774. By 2dm.: 

+336 Benjamin Norton 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 14, 1781. 

Benjamin Norton 4 Cleveland, lived at Southold to 1757, 
when having learned his trade (prob. from his father Ichabod 3 ) 
he started alone to " go west," and seek his fortune. Having 
penetrated into the country as far as Elizabethtown, N. J., con- 
cluded to remain and there he settled and passed the remainder 
of his days. He became a successful builder and contractor, 
and a number of houses built by him still remain. He was 
reared a ship carpenter and tool maker, also a farmer. 

New Jersey Journal, May 7, i88p — Old Elizabetfitown. Its 
Houses, &>c, by E. L. Meyer. — The old brick house S. W. corner 
Pearl street and Old Broad st. now Washington ave. which was 
the residence of Judge John Chetwood was built 1770 by Ben- 
jamin Cleveland, as shown by a receipt given by him to Judge 
Chetwood, May 28, 1770. House sold to John B. Cheilan, 181 1, 
and 1815 to Caleb Halsted, Jr. His name " Benj. Cleveland " 
appears on the Map of Elizabethtoivn, N. J., at the time of the Rev- 
olutionary war, 1775— 1783, showing that pari of the Free Borough 
and Toxvn of Elizabeth that is now the site of the City of Elizabeth, by 
Ernest L. Meyer, C. E., Member of the New Jersey Historical Society, 
1879 — as owning a house and tract of land opposite the " Bar- 
racks," now the corner of West Jersey and Cherry streets, Eliz- 
abeth. The following letter was written by Benjamin Norton 4 , 
Oct. 31, 1770, and sent by post to his brother Joseph 4 , at South- 
old. During the century that followed this missive was handed « 
down from one generation to another as an heirloom in the 
family of his brother Ichabod 4 , whose wedding is mentioned in 
the letter. On Jan. 13*, 1880, the letter was returned by mail to 
Elizabeth, being sent by Nathaniel Hubbard' Cleveland 
-f-3056, a great grandson of Ichabod 4 , to a great grandson of 
Benjamin Norton 4 . Edmund Janes 7 Cleveland -f-3047, (one of 
th& compilers of this Genealogy) then residing at Elizabeth. 
The letter thus retraced its journey after an absence of nearly 
no years. It will be noticed that it is signed without the a 
then often found in the first syllable of the name. 

" Loveing Brother : These may serve to inform that we are all well in health at 
present, as I hope this may find you & yours. 

I have nothing particular to inform you at present. Shall only mention that business, 
is very dull & that it is hard times for all tradesmen as well as other people & that 
money is scarce & that provision is dear & that it is like to be worse instead of better 
times except the King allows to strike more money. 

I have been lately informed of Ichabod's marriage, which I suppose will be a means 
of drawing him from taking care of Mother, but since things are ordered so remember 
that you are her son also. I should be glad to see you all, or at least to hear from you. 
I add no more but remain your 

Eliz«»town , Brother Benj. Norton Cleveland 

aist Oct' 1770 " 


The letter was published and its return to Elizabeth commented upon in the Eliza- 
beth Daily Journal, Jan. 2b, 1S80. " There was not much stirring in the family except 
Ichabod's marriage which ' I suppose will be a means of drawing him from taking care 
of mother.' The sacred obligation to take care of mother — the mother who has been 
all in all to us — often sets lightly upon the shoulders of men who have families of their 
own. One might imagine that the' letter was written to-day from its remarks upon the 
, dullness of business. An amusing feature of the letter is the greenback tendency of the 
writer 'Money is scarce and provision dear, and it is like to be worse times unless the 
King allows to strike more money .' " 

Evidently Benjamin Norton 4 was 'one of the original green- 
backers. He was diligent in his business, and secured the home- 
stead already mentioned. We have a copy from the ledger of 
Isaac Collins, an inn keeper of Elizabeth town, of the account of 
Benjamin Cleveland, 1779, wherein he is credited by building 
one leanto and charged sundry payments in both cash and 

Concerning the two marriages of Benjamin Norton 4 , we 
have made a thorough but unsuccessful search extending 
through nine years to learn the maiden, &c, names of the two 
wives of my gr. gr. fa. Benjamin Norton* Cleveland, the dates 
and places of b., m., d., and their parentage. Town, county, 
and state records of N. J., have been examined, also private 
records and correspondence and interviews had with the oldest 
living descendants; not one of whom can remember the names 
of these wives. A reward will be paid for the discovery of these 

" State of New Jersey, Department of State, 
Trenton, N. J., Apr. 26, 1879. 
Dear Sir : I have examined the Licenses of Marriages in this office from 1740 to 1790 
and do not find the License to Benjamin Cleveland or Benjamin Norton Cleve- 
land. Letters of administration were granted upon the estate of Benj. N. Cleveland 
by (Governor Livingston ordinary of) the Prerogative Court of N. J. on the 7th of Dec. 
1781. Bowes Reed, Regr. The Bond of Wm. Garthwait admr. &c. is dated Dec. 7, 1781, & 
is signed by William Garthwait & Jonathan J. Dayton both of the County of Essex and 
are bound to his Excellency William Livingston Esq in the sum of ^1,000, conditioned 
for the due administration of the estate of Benjamin N. Cleveland late of Elizabeth 
Town in the County of Essex dec 4 . The Oath of Admr. was taken before 'Robert Ogden 
Jr. Surrogate at Turkey on the nth day of Dec, 1781. The Inventory of the estate was 
taken Dec. 16, 1781, & appraised by Jeremiah Garthwait & George Mitchell and amounts to 
,£207-2-1. The affidavit of George Mitchell one of the appraisers was taken before Alex. 
C McWharter, Surrogate of Essex Co., Nov. 9, 1789, and filed in this office on the 18th day 
of November 1789. No settlement or account is on file or of record in my office. Very 
Mr. Ed* J. Cleveland. Henry C Kelsey." 

Was Garthwait or Dayton the name of either wife ? 

Benjamin Norton 4 Cleveland is buried in the Cemetery of 
the First Presbyterian Church, Broad St., Elizabeth. Accord- 
ing to tradition he is buried in that part of the ground which 
was covered by the extension of the church edifice built thereon 
about 1857. The only record book that escaped the flames or 
was not lost in the burning of the church by British and Tories 
on the night of Jan. 25, 1780, was the old Sextons' Record Book of 
Burials. [Record Book of the Sextons of the F.irst Presbyterian 


Church of Elizabethtown, N. J., Communicated by E. J. Cleveland, 
was printed in N. E. His. Gen. Reg., XLIV, XLV\ In this is 
recorded the burial of — 

Benj 11 Cleveland, death Nov* 26, 1781. 

The entry precedes immediately that of — 

Rrz^ James Caldwell, Nov. 27, shot by a soldier. 

The first wife of Benjamin Norton 4 Cleveland, Mary (?) 

, m. 1st, Jonathan (?) Nicholas. Ch : Jonathan Nicholas 

dwelt 1825, at Flanders, Morris co., N. J. His descendants live 
near Madison and Morristown, Morris co., N. J. His gr. son 
Rheece Nicholas was P. M. of Flanders, 1837 to June 30, 1847, 
&c. — U. S. Register Blue Book, 1847. His gr. gr. son, David A. 
Nicholas, also was P. M. of Flanders many years. 

Mrs. Joanna ( ) Cleveland (widow of Benjamin Norton 4 ) 

m. 2d, Cornelius Sullivan. Cornelius Sullivan went west early 
in life, prob. before 1800 ; Catharine Sullivan d. Philadelphia, 
Pa., ab. 1817, m. 1813, Burdick. Ch: Washington Burdick, 


ICHABOD 4 CLEVELAND (ichabod*, Moses", Moses 1 ), d. South- 

old, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1818, a. 78, m. Southold, Oct. 12, 1769, Mrs. 
Anna (Corey) Horton, b. 1732, d. Southold, Sept. 25, 1805, wid. 
of Lazarus Horton, da, Sheriff David Corey. Ch : 

+337 Moses 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 6, 1770, Southold, N. Y. 

Ichabod 4 Cleveland lived at Southold, farmer. He was 
prominent in the church and community. He was one of the 
slave owners in those early days. Ichabod 4 and wife are buried 
in the First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Southold. 

Epitaph on g. s : — Where, where for shelter shall the guilty fly when consternation 
turns the good man pale. 

Anna Corey m. 1st, Lazarus (Lawrence) Horton, b. 1724, d. 
S., Sept. 9, 1764, a s. Jonathan and Mary (Tuthill). Ch: Me- 
hitable Jlorton, b. 1759, d. S., July, 9, 1775. 

Coree, Corey, Cory, Couree ancestry: — Arms: COREY (Bromerton, Norfolk co., Eng., 
London.) Sa. on a chev. betw. 3 griffins' heads erased or 3 estoiles gu. Crest — Out of a 
ducal coronet a griffin's head betw. a wings or, each wing charged with 3 estoiles in 
pale, gu. Abraham 1 freeman of Conn. 1662, Southold 1662 m. Margaret Christophers 2 , in 
all probability ancestor of Sheriff David Corey. 

Christophers ancestry of Margaret Christophers : — 4arms: Christophers (London) 
Per chev. wavy az. & erminois, chart of Chesterfield's Inlet betw. 2 estoiles in chief ar. & 
on a mount in base vert, a beaver pass. ppr. Crest — 2 arms embowed vested az. the 
hands ppr. supporting an anchor erect sa. cable ar. Jeffrey 1 b. 1621 of Devonshire, Eng. 
from Barbadoes, New London, Conn., 1667 (with bro Christopher b. 1632, mariner) South- 
old 1700; Margaret 2 Christophers m. Abraham Corey 1 . Horton ancestry of Jonathan 
JJorton:—See +98. 


Johfb* Jilanser {Elizabeth 3 Henshaw, Hannah", Moses 1 ), was drowned 

in Sand Cove, in the Narrows, May 25, 1790, a. 84, m., Maiden, 



Mass., July 26, 1753, Sarah Bradish, b. Feb. 27, 1732, a da. John 
and Sarah (Sweetser). Ch. b. Charlestown, Mass.: 

+338 Ebenezer 1 Manser, b. Jan. 6, 1760. SetA 5 , Oct. 28, 1761; 
JoAn 5 , May 18, 1766, drowned with fa., Sand C, May 25, 1790. 

+339 Samuel 5 Manser, b. Mar. 11 (29), 1768. William 1 , bap. 
June 28, 1772. 

JoAn* Manser. Wyman's CAarlest., 652 — In town from Maiden, 
1757; taxed 1761-3, 177 1. At Medford, Mass., 1775. Buys of 
John Hay lot, Bow st., Chariest., 1777. In census, 1789. 

Bradish ancestry : — Arms: Bradie (Scotland) Ar. a chev. gn. Robert 1 Cambridge 
Mass. 1638— TV. E. Reg: IX ': 225 m. 1st. Mary, she d. Sept. 1638 ; Joseph 2 b. May 1638 of 
Sudbury, Chariest, m. Mary ; Dea. Johns m. lS t. Hepzibah Billings 8 b. May 11, 1685 ; 
John 4 Bradish m. Sarah Sweetser 4 . 

Sweetser Switzer ancestry .■— Seth 1 Chariest. ; Benjamin 2 m. Abigail Wigglesworth 
d. Edward and Esther (per. Rayner). Seth 3 m. Mrs. Sarah (Lynde) Clark da. Joseph and 
Sarah (Davison). Sarah 4 Sweetser m. John Bradish 4 . 

Billings Billing ancestry .-—Arms : Billings (Bedfordshire Eng.) Gu. a cross betw. 
4 crosses crosslet fitchee ar. Crest — An arm embowed, vested, holding a covered cup. 
Roger 1 Dorchester, Mass. 1640 m. 2d. Hannah . . . descendants in Thayer's Genealogy : 
Ebenezer 2 m. Hannah Wales 3 ; Hepzibah 3 Billings m. John Bradish'. 

if Wales ancestry .-— y arms : Wale (Stephen Mallet, Somerset co. Eng. Essex) Ar. on 
& cross'sa. 5 lions ramp. or. Crest — Lion ramp, or, holding a long cross sa. Nathaniel 1 
passeng. with Rev. Richard Mather in the "James" of Bristol, Eng. 1635— Mather's 
Jour. ; Young's Ckr. freem. Dorchester Nov. 2, 1637, m. Isabel ; John 2 b. Eng. bailiff 1653, 
m. Elizabeth ; Hannah 3 Wales m. Ebenezer Billings 2 . 


Wifliam* Henshaw {r/iomas* Hmshaw), d. Sept. 10, 1801, a. 85, 
m. 1st, Woburn, Mass., Mar. 8, 1739, Priscilla Read of Cambridge, 
Mass.; she d. He m. 2d, Wilcox. Settled, Aug. 1, 1778, at the 
mouth of the Emster Gerundegut ; became rich. Ch. b. W. 
Brookfield, Mass., by 1st m.: 

340 Mary 5 HensAaw, m. D. Tucker of Charlton, Mass. 
Ch: 8. 

34o a William 5 HensAaw, m. 1st, Bollinger of Brimfield, 
Mass., 2d, Moffit. Ch. b. W. Brookfield: MeAitable* HensAaw j 
Polly" HensAaw ; Sally 6 HensAaw ; Clarissa* HensAaw ; Percy" Hen- 
sAaw j Amy* HensAaw ; HannaA* HensAaw ; William* HensAaw. 

34o b Sally 5 HensAaw, m. Amos ? Forbes of North Brain- 
tree, Mass. Ch : Esquire" Forbes of N. B.; AnotAer*. 

340 HannaA 5 HensAaw, m. Holbrook. Ch : 6. By 2d m.: 
-f-34o d RutA 5 HensAaw, b. Dec, 1759. 

-\ 34o e TAomas 5 HensAaw, b. , 1761. 

+ 34o f Deborah HensAaw, b. , 1763. 

+ 341 JosAua 5 HensAaw ) , ■ b. Dec. — ,1767. 
+ 342 Oliver 5 HensAaw \ ' b. Dec. — , 1767. 

342"- Abigail 5 HensAaw, m. Richardson, went to N. Y. 




Oliver* Henshaw {Thomas* Henshaw), d. Randolph, Orange 
CO., Vt. Ch : 

342 b Isaac* Henshaw, I'd Randolph, ch : 
Sarepta* Henshaw et al. 

342° Joshua 5 Henshaw, d. W. Brookfield, Mass. 


SAMUEL 4 CLEVELAND (Aaron*, Aaron*, Mosesi), d. Shedore 
or Isidore (now Jeddore), Nova Scotia, May 17, 1753, a. 49, killed 
by Indians, m. 1st, Boston, Mass., June 22, 23, 1732, Hannah. 
Beflcher, she d. bef. 1749, prob. a da. Richard and Ruth (Knight). 
He m. 2d, prob. Boston, bef. 1749, Sarah, prob. Ruddock, da r 
John Ch. prob. by 1st m., b. Boston or Charlestown, Mass. : 

343 Samuel 5 Cleveland, b. Apr. 27, 1733, Charlestown, 
d. prob. Halifax, N. S., 1758, prior to May 27, unm. 

Became possessed of his portion of his father's estate but his name is not among the- 
heirs of Samuel 4 . Suffolk, Mass. Reg. Deeds, LIII : 180 — "John Ruddock of.Bost*,. 
shipwright, ap. May 27, 1758, adm. to Samuel 6 , housewright, late of Boston, deed, iqo — 
John Ruddock ap. guardian to John and Richard Cleveland minors under 14 years* 
sons of Samuel deed. rec. reads : LVI : 201, Samuel called shipwright "whereas ye 
real est. of wh. Samuel late of Halifax deed, intestate d. siezedof within this province 
and wh. by law belongs to his 3 brothers William, Richard and John and his only 
sister DORCAS in equal parts cannot be divided without injury &c. Above property % 
"of a messuage or tenement only, with land appertaining on Middle st., Boston ; on peti- 
tion whole was set off to William 6 +344 he paying the others." 

344 William 6 Cleveland, b. 1738 ; house on Middle st, 
B., set off to him, he paying the other heirs their shares. 

Dorcas 5 Cleveland, b. ab. 1740. 
344 a Richard 3 Cleveland, b. ab. 1745, dwelt in N. S. to 
1810, when he visited Cleveland relatives and left for the U. S. 
where he settled. Prob. by 2d m.: 3 daughters 5 b. bef. 1749, d. 
bef. May 27, 1758. 

+345 John 5 Cleveland, b. 1752, Halifax. 
Samuel 4 Cleveland dwelt first at Boston, where, he was a 
ship owner, mast maker, boat builder, mariner and joiner. Con- 
cerning his early life William* +1107, wrote : 

In Boston he was impressed on board a British man of war, which after making one 
cruise returned to Boston. The captain was dining with a family in some way con- 
nected with ours, when the lady of the house told him she had a favor to ask of him. He 
replied that if it was in his power he would grant it with pleasure. She told him it was 
to release Sam. Cleveland. He said he would rather part with any two men on board 
his ship, but as he had given her his word, Sam. should be discharged. The ship was 
lying in King Road (now President Road) and Sam was sent up in a boat with a cox- 
swain and six men all of whom abused him on the way. As soon as he landed on the 
wharf he challenged any two of them to fight, when they all came upon him and he 
flogged them all very handsomely. 

Wyman's Charlestown Estates, 220.— Taxed 1727-1734, Samuel Cleveland of Boston to 
Joseph Newel qt. cl. land, n. Medford bridge and house. Aaron Cleveland reserves 
shop 30 ft. square called Usher's shop, on S. W. cor. ; also land 84 front by 2 rods west- 
Ward n. S. Kendal 1741 rec. 1743. 



Samuel* and his bro. Josiah 4 evidently were of the New 
England settlers who went to Nova Scotia and joined Gov. 
Edward Cornwallis and founded Halifax 1749. (See account of 
Rev. Aaron* +120.) Very likely Samuel* conveyed the colo- 
nists from Boston in a vessel of his own, or of which he was 
capt. Halifax Crown Land off. rec. in list families who set. in N. 
S., 1749-52, Samuel* has family 9 persons, self, wife, 3 s., 4 da. 
Capt. Samuel* met with a tragic fate while performing impor- 
tant service for the government. The Gentleman's Magazine and 
Historical Chronicle, XXIII. For the year 1753, by Sylvanus Urban, 
Gent, London : 444 — 

America.— Halifax in Nova Scotia, July 3- Some time ago governor Hobfon sent a 
sloop to Shedore, about 12 leagues diftance from here, in order to bring tip the Indians with 
their fquaws, according to treaty; but they 'barbarously murdered. Mr. Cleveland 
owner of the floop and five others and afterwards fcalped them ; Mr. Cajlile (the interpre- 
ter) who declared himself a Frenchman, being the only perfon of the whole crew that 
they faved alive, who arrived here laft night from Cape Breton. The Indians burnt the 
floop and the articles of peace before Mr. Caftile's face and defired him to inform the gov- 
ernor. The motive that induced the Indians to perpetrate fo cruel an action, was the 
loss of 6 of their people, who were murder'd and fcalped by some persons belonging 
to this place some time fmce : and we are much afraid more innocent men will fuffer 
on the same account." 

History of Nova Scotia by Beamish Murdoch, II, 222.— "May 16, 1753, at the request 
of Joseph Cope, son of J. B. Cope the Indian chief who called him Major, a small sloop 
was sent by the Government to convey them home and to remove the provisions given 
them from Isadore, Jedore a few leagues eastward of Halifax. In this vessel were Mr. 
Bannerman, Mr. Samuel Cleveland, Anthony Casteel, and 4 bargemen. They were civ- 
illy treated by the Indians, Major Cope telling them he would write to his brother the 
governor. When they had nearly finished the business they were set upon. Mr. Ban- 
nerman with four hands went ashore in his boat and was surprised and taken prisoner 
with his people. Immediately afterwards the Indians came on board the sloop after 
firing several shots at them. They then seized Mr. Cleveland and Casteel and carried 
them ashore. After a long consultation they decided to spare Casteel, who called him- 
self a Frenchman. The others they killed with their hatchets and took off their scalps. 
Casteel was carried by the Indians to the French fort at Bay Bery Veste called Gaspe- 
reaux. He was afterward ransomed for 300 livers, paid by a French inhabitant, and 
after many adventures arrived in Halifax, July 2, 1733, with the sad tale of Indian treach- 
ery, the innocent having suffered death for wrongs inflicted by others. The vessel was 
destroyed by the Indians. It had belonged to Henry Ferguson and Cleveland. The 
Council gave ^25 to Ferguson and the same sum to widow Sarah Cleveland for their 
interests in the vessel. They also voted ^30 to wid. Cleveland and her children as a gra- 
tuity and ,£30 to Anthony Casteel who went in the vessel by Gov's orders," Suffolk 
Deeds, XLIII, 571— " Deed Samuel Cleveland of Boston mariner May 23, 1743, s. Aaron 
of Haddam, Conn., former owner, deeds Joseph Newhallpart of old farm of father n. 
Mystic Bridge. Boston Prob. rec, XL VIII, 102. Aug. 18, 1753, John Ruddock ap. guar- 
dian to Samuel and William Cleveland miners of upward of 14 y. out of the province 
with full powers to ask demand and take into custody &c all such part of est. of their 
father Samuel late of Halifax but owning real est. in Boston, housewright, as shall 
accrue to them being part of a house in Boston." 

Belcher ancestry of Richard Belcher ; —3 arms : Belcher, (Gilsborough, Northamp- 
ton Co., Eng., Staffordshire, Warwickshire) Or, 3 pales gu. a chief vaire. Crest — Grey- 
hound's head erm. gorged with a collar gu. rimmed & ringed or. Jeremy 1 , b. 1613, came 
1635, Ipswich, Mass., 1635, m. 2d, Mary Lockwood 2 ; Richard", b. Sep. to, 1665, m. 2d, Ruth 
Knight 2 , b. May 7, 1682, prob. fa. of Hannah 3 Belcher. 

Knight ancestry : —Joseph 1 , Woburn, m. Hannah; Ruth" Knight. 

Lockwood ancestry : — 2 arms: LOCKWOOD (Dews Hall, Essex co., Eng.; Gayton, 
Northampton co., derived fr. Rev. Richard Lockwood, rector Dingley, Northampton co. 
1530). Ar. a fesse betw. 3 martlets sa. Crest — On the stump of an oak tree erased ppr. a 
martlet sa. Hon. Edmund 1 , Cambridge, Oct. ig, 1630, on colony finance committee, d. 
1635, m. Elizabeth, prob. Masters; Mary 2 Lockwood m.' Jeremy Belcher 1 . 


Masters ancestry : —3 arms : . Sa. on a fesse betw. 3 flowers ar. leaved, a lions pass, 
az. Crest — Arm gu. holding 2 branches flowered. John 1 , Camb., freem., May 18, 1631, 
man of skill and enterprise. Reg. IT: 180 — Will names gr. ch. John Lock wood; d. Dec. 
ai, 1639, m. Jane; Elizabeth 3 Masters m. Edmund Lockwood 1 . 

Ruddock, Ruddyk ancestry of Sarah Ruddock: — The family prob. of Trowbridge, 
Wiltshire, Eng. Dea. John', Sudbury, freem., May 13, 1640, a 1st sett. Marlboro, t. elk ; 
per. fa. to Jolliff 2 of Boston, d. Sept., 1649, -who may have been father of John 3 Ruddock. 
— Savage. 


ABIGAIL 4 CLEVELAND (Aaron 3 , Aaron', Moses>), d. at house 

of Dr. Robert* Usher, Westchester, New London co., Conn., Nov. 
1, 1778, a. 72, m. Charlestown, Mass., June 20, 1728, Hezekiah 
Usher, b. Boston, Mass., ab. 1699, d. bef. Sept. 28, 1750 (when 
appraisers on his est. sworn), a s. Hon. John and Elizabeth 
(Allen). Ch. b. Charlestown; 

+346 Abigail 6 Usher, b. Apr. 3, 1730. 

+ 347 Hezekiah? Usher, b. May 21, o. s., 28, June 2, 1734. 

+ 348 John 6 Usher, b. May 24, 1736, 

+349 Roberf Usher, b. Jan. 31, 1742-3. 

+ 35° James'' Usher, b. July 18, 1747.,. 

Hezekiah Usher owned a house and land n. Medford Bridge, 
Mass., in, conjunction with Aaron 4 Cleveland, which they sold 
to Simon Bradshaw, 1739, and both rem. from Charlestown to 
E. Haddam, Conn. Wyman's Charlestown, pSo — "Hezekiah 
Usher Estate — Taxed 1727-38. Deed of A. Cleveland, Cra- 
dock lot, 1 73 1; tin-plater." Currier. Bought of Aaron Cleye* 
land, Mar., 1742, a house and 30 acres in Millington, rem. to 
Millington, 1742; bought more land, 1746-48. 

Probate records E. Haddam (at Colchester, Conn.), Vol. II : — Abigail Usher, widow 1 
of Hezekiah Usher, applies for letter of administration, Nov. 6, 1750, at same time exhib- 
iting. an<Inventory of the est. made tjy appraisers, sworn Sept 28, 1750. 

/As the inventory includes house, farm, acres of corn, rye, 
wheat, it is presumed that Hezekiah Usher d. in the summer. 
In the distribution eight years afterward, the children are men- 
tioned in above order, Hezekiah Usher, the oldest, having a 
double portion of the estate. 

Family Bible says : "Hezekiah was b. in Boston, his wife Abigail was b. in Cam- 
bridge & they were m. 1730 and had 5 children.;' But JV. B. His. Gen. Reg., XXIII: 411, 
says: "Hezekiah Usher of Medford and Newport, R. I., m. [1st] Jane Greenleaf, da. 
Stephen, and had: Hezekiah, June 2, 1734, John, May 25, 1736, Daniel, d. y. Jane m. 
Dakin, Elizabeth m. May 15, 1764, Joseph Francis, Mary d. unm. He m., 2d, Abigail 
Cleveland, and had: Abigail, m. John Stewart, Robert, Jan. 31, 1742-3, James, July 18,' 
1747." [IV. E. H. G. R., X: /ss — " Hezekiah Usher m. Jenny Greenleaf of Yarmouth, 
b. May 24, 1714, d. Dec. 10, 1764, a da. of Rev. Daniel 4 (Stephen 3 , Stephen 3 , Edmund 1 , b. 
ab. 1600, of Newbury, Mass.) Greenleaf and Elizabeth Gookin."] Wyman's Charlestown, 
q8o — " Hezekiah m., June 20, 1728, Abigail Cleveland. Issue — Abigail, b. Apr. 3-, 1730, 
Hezekiah, May 28, 1734, pub. to Elizabeth Whittemore in Boston, Sept. 22, 1768. John, May 
24, 1736." It is evident that Hezekiah of Medford and Hezekiah of Newport were 2 per- 
sons, for in Newport Hist. Rooms: "Baptisms Cong. chh. — Of Hezekiah and Jenny: 
Elizabeth, Dec. 2, 1733, Jane, Jan. 22, 1735, Mary, Feb. 27, 1736-7, Elizabeth, Aug. 5, 1739, 
John, Aug. 30, 1741. Deaths : Capt. Hezekiah Usher, d. on the coast of Africa, Jan. 30, 
1796, his wife, Betsey, 1779." It is thought that this Betsey might be Elizabeth Whitte- 



more, for it is not known that Hezekiah Usher, s. of Abigail Cleveland, had but 1 wife, 
Lydia Baker. 

Usher ancestry : — 8 arms — Usher (Featherstone, York co., Eng.; Ireland; Scotland). 
Sa. 3 lions' paws couped ar. Crest — Swan, wings endorsed, regaurd. or, murally 
crowned or, resting the paw on an escallop gu. Hon. Hezekiah 1 , prob. from Bednall 
Green, Eng., Cambridge, Mass., freem., Mar. 14, 1639, Boston (bro. to Robert of New 
Haven, 1644, and Stamford, Fairfield co., Conn.-), mem. Anc. and Hon. Artillery co., rep. 
for Billerica, 167 1-3, merch., his will mentions his bro., John Harwood of Bednall G., 
1665, and sister, Elizabeth Harwood, d. May 14, 1676, m., 1st, Frances ; Hon. John 2 Usher 
b. Boston, Apr. 17, 1648, publisher, member Ancient and Honorable Artillery co., colonel 
of Boston regiment under Sir Edmund Andros, was proprietor of New Hampshire, Lt. 
Gov. of N. H., i6g2-7, Portsmouth, Rockingham co., N. H., used a coat of arms, d. at His 
country seat, Medford, Sept. 5, 1726, buried from his own house, Boston, m., 2d, Eliza- 
beth Aliens. Brooks' His. Medford — The father of Col. Isaac Royall purchased, Dec. 26, 
1732, of Elizabeth, wid. of John Usher (Lt. Gov.), 504 acres, bounded west by Aaron 
Cleveland et al., showing that Aaron Cleveland was neighbor to Gov. Usher. Col. 
Royall built on to Gov. Usher's house, which is, 1855, standing and called the " Royall 

Allen ancestry : — Hon. Samuel 1 , b. 1635, of London, Eng., merchant, bought, 1691, 
into the patent of John Mason of Eng., patentee of N. H., royal '^ov. of N. H., 1691-9. 
Portsmouth, Newbury, d. New Castle, Rockingham co., N. H., May 5, 1703, — Farmer's 
Ed. of Belknap, I, r6s, — m. Elizabeth, she d. Chariest., 1708; Elizabeth 2 Allen m. John 
Usher 2 . Allen's Die. ; Drake's Die. ; Usher Family by William H. Whitmore, A. M., in 
N. E. H. G. Reg , XXIII : 410 ; Savage. 


DORCAS 4 CLEVELAND (Aaron*, Aaron 2 , Moses 1 ), m. Charles- 

town, Mass., Feb. 8, 1726-7, as 1st w. Caleb Call, b. C, Oct. 29, 
1704, d. 1767, bef. May 27, a s. Thomas and Elizabeth (Cross- 
well), s. p. Caleb Call, Wyman's Chariest. — He was termed Caleb 
2d, also "Mystic Caleb " ; taxed 1727-32; dwelt Medford, Mass., 
baker. A number of deeds. He m.. 2d, Medford, Feb. 15, 1733, 
Hannah Lynde, she d. Salem, Mass., 1799, da. John. Ch., b. 
Medford: Caleb Call, b. Aug. 28, 1735,. d. May n, 1781; Han- 
nah Call, bap. Aug. 31, 1736, in. 1765, John Burn ; James Call, 
b. Sep. 2, 1737, d. July 20, 1738; Thomas Call, b. Jan. 12, 1739-40, 
of Montague, Franklin co., Mass., 1790; Aaron Call, b. Apr. 25, 
1742, Chariest.; Elizabeth Call, b. 1744, m. 1766, Aaron Wait. 

Call ancestry ; — Arms: Call (Whiteford, Cornwall co., Eng. bart.) Gu. 3 trumpets 
f essewise in pale ar. Crest — Demi lion ramp, holding in the paws a trumpet. Motto — 
Grata manu. Thomas 1 , b. 1597, of Faversham, Kent co., Eng., came 1636 of Chariest, 
Mystic side, 1637, tilemaker, d. May, 1676, g. s. Maiden, Mass., m. 1st in Eng., Bennett 

; Ensign John 2 , b. Eng. 1635, m. Hannah Kettell 2 , b. 1637 ; Thomas 3 Call, m. 1st, 

Elizabeth Crosswell 2 . 

Croswell ancestry : — Thomas 1 , b. 1333, Chariest., 1663, d. C, Aug. 30, 1708, rn. Pris- 
cilla Upham 2 , b. 1642 ; Elizabeth 2 Croswell m. Thomas Call 3 . 

Upham ancestry : — Hugo de Upham, Upham est., St. Maria de Bradenstock, Wilts- 
shire, Eng., 1208. Dea. John 1 , b. 1590-7, fr. Weymouth, Dorset co., Eng., Mar. 20, 1635, 
with Rev. John Hull, Weymouth, Mass., freem. Sep. 2, 1635, rep. Maiden, est. owner 
Chariest., favored Marmaduke Matthews 1652, d. Feb. 25, 1681-1682, a 84, m. 1st, Eliza- 
beth, b. 1603 ; Priscilla 2 Upham m. Thomas Crosswell 1 . 

Kettell ancestry : — Arms : Kettle (London) Az a bend betw. 2 bucks' heads erased 
or. Crest — Bundle of 5 arrows, buckled or, banded gu. Sergt. Richard 1 , b. 1609-14, 
Chariest., 1633, sealer of weights, m. Esther or Hester Ward, da. Samuel ; Hannah 2 Ket- 
tell m. John Call 2 . 


JOSIAH 4 CLEVELAND (Aaron", Aaron 2 , Moses 1 ), d. prob. Hal- 
ifax, N. S., af. 1749 or 1752, m. Cambridge, Mass., Jan. 1, 15, 


1734-5, Joanna Porter, b. Medford, Mass., Mar. 21, 22, 1719, d. 
prob. East Haddam, Conn., or Boston, Mass., bef. 1749 or 1752, 
a da. Rev. Aaron and Susannah (Sewall). Ch: 

351 Aaron 5 Cleveland, b. Dec. 12, 1736, Charlestown, 
Mass., or Medford, evidently was living with his father, Halifax, 
1749, 1752, perhaps was a clergyman. 

Moses 6 Cleveland, prob. went west, perhaps was a 

Joanna 5 Cleveland, b. June 15, 1739, E. Haddam, 
Conn., d. prob. bef. 1749. 

+ 352 Josiah 5 Cleveland, b. May 7, o. s., 18, 1742, E. Had- 
dam [Recorded at Haddam, Middlesex CO., Conn.]. 

+353 John 5 Cleveland, b. Dec. 26, 1746, East Haddam, 
Conn. ' «" 

+ 354 Mehitable 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1748, prob. Boston, 

Josiah 4 Cleveland owned the halfway covenant at Cam- 
bridge, Dec. 12, 1736, to procure the baptism of his children. 
Rem. to E. Haddam, 1738. E. Haddam Reg. Deeds, & paper dated 
Nov. 28, 1738, he styles himself Josiah Cleaveland, now of 
Millenton in E. Haddam, colony of Conn, and co. of Hartford, 
late of Charlestown, Mass., Dec* 3, 1744. Josiah* is deeded by 
Aaron 8 50 acres Millenton parish. Dec. 19, 1745, Josiah 4 sells 
to his honored father part of a house and 'a small lot for ^5. 
He rem. to Boston bet. 1746 and 1748. Feb. 10, 1748-9, Josiah 4 , 
now of Boston, pays mortgage on land E. Haddam. It is evi- 
dent that Josiah 4 with his children then bereft of their mother, 
accompanied his bro. Samuel 4 in his vessel with the N. E. colo- 
nists from Boston 'joining 'Gov. Cornwallis in founding Halifax. 
His wife d. prob. before removal from Haddam or Boston for in 
a list of families — Crown Land Off. Halifax — who set. in N. S., 
1749-T52 (see account of Rev. Aaron 4 +- 120). Josiah's family (of 
5 persons) has no female above 16, but 3 males and 1 female 
under 16 years. His children rem. from N. S., before their 
marriages. Very likely the little ones were entirely orphaned 
and their atmt Mrs. Susanna Sewall (Porter) Cleveland cared for 
and took them 1754, to Norwich, Conn., where Mehitable 5 was 
m. 1768. Desc. of John 5 and William 8 +1072 ret. to Canada, 
still res. there. 

Mrs. C. M. Hersey states that her grandfather John 6 +353, 
mentioned his brothers Aaron 6 and Moses 6 , one of whom went 
to Can., the other went west ; thinks one was a clergyman. 

Porter ancestry : —jd arms: Porter, Delaport (Warwickshire, Eng.) Ar. 3 bars 
az. over all a saltire gu. Crest — A bird standing with wings expanded ppr. . . . 
Hon. John 1 , b. at Wraxhall Abbey the ancient family seat Kenilworth, Warwickshire, 
Eng., 1590 ( lescended in 12th generation from William De La Porte, whose name appears 



on the Rolls of Battle Abbey, a Norman knight with Duke William of Normandy at 
conquest 1066), of Dorchester, Mass., May 30, 1627, an earliest settler of "Windsor, Conn., 

1638, rep. d. Apr. 21. 1648, m. in Eng., Rose , she was buried May 12, 1648 ; Samuel 2 , 

b. Eng. of Windsor, Hadley, Mass., 1659, d. Sep. 6, 1689, m. Hannah Stanley 2 ; Col. Sam- 
uel 8 , b. Apr. 6, 1660, of Hadley, judge, sheriff Hampshire co., d. 1722, m. Joanna Cooke 9 , 
b. July 10, 1665 ; Rev. Aaron* Porter b. Hadley, July 12, 1689, grad. Harvard, 1708, d. 
Medford, Jan. 23, 1722, m. M., Oct. 22, 1713, Susanna Sewall 5 , b. Salem, Mass., Oct. 24, 

Sewall, Sewell ancestry :— 1 arms: Sewell, Sewayi.l or Sewale;^.- Sew all : 
(Newport, Isle of Wight) Sa. a chev. betw. 3 bees volant ar. Crest — A dexter arm em- 
bowed in armour ppr. garnished or, holding an acorn of the first . . . Henry 1 , b. 
Eng., 1544, alderman Coventry, Warwickshire, Eng., mayor 1589, 1606, linen draper, d. 
Apr. 16, 1628, buried at St. Michaels, m. Margaret Grazebrook 2 ; Henry 2 v bap. St. Mich- 
aels, Apr. 8, 1376, of Manchester, Eng., 1623, Ipswich, Mass., Newberry, Mass. , 1635^ d. 
Rowley, Mass., 1657, m. Anne or Ellen Hunt : Rev.Henry 3 , b. Eng., 1614, sent by his father 
to N. E. , 1634, Ipswich, Newbury, 1635, returned to Eng., ot Warwick, Tun worth, Baddesly, 
Hants, Eng., minister in Eng., returned to Newbury, 1658, d. May 16, 1700, m. Mar. 25, 
1646, Jane Dummer 6 , b. 1628 ; Maj. Stephen 4 , b. Baddesly, Eng., Aug. 19, 1657, to N. E., 
1661, Newbury, Salem residence north side Essex st, (Sewall St. runs over his land,) 
served 1704 at the head of the volunteers in the successful expedition against pirate 
Quelch, d. Salem, Oct. 17, 182s, m. June 13, 1682, Margaret Mitchell 3 ; Susanna 6 Sewall, 
m. AaTon Porter' 1 . 

Mitchell ancestry :— 18 arms : Mitchell (Truro, Cornwall co., Eng.). Sa. escallop 
betw. 3 birds' heads. Crest — A demi pegasus or, winged az. charged on the shoulder 
with a demi rose gu. divided fesseways, rays issuing from the division. Hon. Matthew 1 
came in the "James" of Bristol, Eng., with Rev. Richard Mather, inhab. Chariest. 1634, 
Concord, Springfield, signed, May, 1636, compact with Pynchon, Saybrook, t. clerk 
Wethersf. 1639, to Stamford with Rev. Richard Denton, rep. d. 1645, m. Apr. 16, 1616, 
Susan Butterfield of Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng. ; Rev. Jonathan 2 , b. Eng. 1615, or b. Hali- 
fax, Eng., 1634, H. C, A.B. 1647, ord; Aug. hi, 1630, Cambridge, m. Mrs. Margaret (Bora- 
dale 2 ) Shepard of Cambridge, widow of Rev. Thomas Shepard; Margaret 3 Mitchell m. 
Stephen Sewall' 1 . 

Borrodale, Borrowdale, Boradale, Borodale, Borcdell ancestry : — Borradaile, 
Borrodaile, or Boradaile. Or, 3 water bougets in pale sa. betw. 2 roundles gu. a 
chief vert. Crest — Out of a tower a demi-greyhound holding betw. the fore paws a 
"branch of laurel . . . John 1 a gentleman of London, Eng., who also was of and owned 
property in Cork, Ireland \N. E. H. G. Reg., XLIX: 487— Gen. gleanings in Eng., by 
Henry F. Waters. Will of his s. John] ; Mrs. Margaret 2 (Borrodale) Shepard m. Jona- 
than Mitchell 2 . 

Pyldren, Pyldrym alias Domer, Dommer, Dumar, Dumere, Dummer ancestry : — 
Arms: Dummer. Az. a crescent betw. 6 billets, 3, 2, 1 or. (Southampton, Eng., con- 
firmed Oct. 22, 1711, to Edmund Dummer of Swathling, North Stoneham, Southampton 
co. et al., "his ancestors having time out of mind borne and used for their arms"; used 
by Lt. Gov. William Dummer, 1723): Az. 3 fleurs-de-lis or ; on a chief of the second a 
demi-lion of the first. Crest — On a wreath a demi-lion az. holding in his dexter' paw a 
fleur-de-lis or. . . . Henry de Domera living 7 and 28 Hen. I, 1107-28. His supposed 
son, Ralph de Dummera, living 1148, d. bef. 1205, m. Agnes de la Penne, heiress of Penne, 
Somerset co., Eng., afterward Penne-Domar, now Pendomer, 4 miles fr. Yeovil, Somer- 
set co., d. 1205-12. John Dummer was Proepositus or Reeve of Overton, Hampshire, 1471- 
1506 . ■. . Richard 1 Pyldrem alias Domer or Dummer of Owslebury, Hampshire, Eng., 
1523, freeholder of Overton, the earliest certain ancest. of the Dummers of Bishoptake and 
N. E., d. bef. Feb., 1540-1, bur. Owsle., m. Matilda or Maud, she lived at Owsle. 1549 as 
Mawde Pildrem or Pillgryme, presumed to be da. and heiress of John Dummer of Over- 
ton, and that her husband assumed her name, bur. Owsle. bef. Aug. 24, 1559 ; John 2 Pyl- 
dren, so called in lists of Free Renters, Overton, 1542, Durley, Hants co., will pro. Win- 
chester, Dec. ii, 1574, m. Alice ; Thomas 3 Pyldrim alias Dommer in Court Rolls, Bishops- 
take, Hants, d. bef. Mar. n, 1625-6, m. Joan; Stephen*, b. 1599, 1603, came 1638 Newbury 
(bro. of John of Swathling, Richard, b. Bish. 1598, of Newb., Thomas of Salisb., and Ed- 
mund), ret to Bish. 1647, bur. B., Sept. 6, 1670, m., Eng., Alice Archer, b. 1603 ; Jane* 
Dummer m. Henry Sewall 3 .— iV. E. H. G. Reg., XXXV : 254, 321 — Family of Dummer, 
by Col. Joseph Lemuel Chester, LL.D., of London, Eng., communicated by Prof. Edward 
E. Salisbury, LL.D-i of New Haven, Conn. 

Grazebrook ancestry .• — Arms : Grazebrooke. Ar. eagle displ. gu. beaked or, on 
chief sa. 3 bezants each charged with a fleur-de-lis az. Crest — Bear's head or, muzzled 
sa. charged on the neck with 3 fleurs-de-lis fesseways az. Avery 1 of England, prob. 
Coventry ; Margaret 2 Grazebrook m. Henry Sewall 1 . 


Cook, Cooke ancestry :— 78 arms : Cooke (Fullwell Hache Heath, Essex co., Eng.). 
Erm. on chev. gu. 3 door-staples or, on chief ar. 3 door staples of the second. Crest — 
wolf's head holding in mouth trefoil . . . Hon. Aaron 1 , b. 1610, Dorchester, freem. 
May 6, 1635, Windsor, 1636, Northam., Westfield, 1667, m. 1st a daughter of Hon. Thomas 
Ford of Dorch.; Capt. Aaron 2 , b. Feb. 21, 1641, m. Sarah Westwood 2 , b. 1644; Joanna 3 
Cooke m. Samuel Porter 3 . 

Westwood ancestry .•— 3 arms: Westwood (Worcestershire, confirmed 24 of Nov. 44 
of Elizabeth). Gu. 3 mullets or; canton erm. Crest— A wild man's arm vert., holding 
club gu. spiked. Hon. William 1 , b. 1606, of Essex co., Eng., came 1632 Camb., to Hart- 
ford with Hooker, rep. 1636 at 1st Gen. Court of Conn., first constable of Col. fr. Mass., 
d. Hadley, Apr. g, 1669, m. in Eng., Bridget, b. 1602 ; Sarah 2 Westwood m. Aaron Cooke 2 . 

Stanley, Standley ancestry :— iq arms : Stanley (Barnstable, Devon co., Eng., Wil- 
lington, Kent co., Moore Hall, Lancaster co., Lee House, Sussex co., Skottoe, Norfolk 
co.). Ar. on a bend az. 3 stags' heads cabossed or. Crest— Demi heraldic wolf. Thomas 1 , 
b. 1619, fr. London May, 1634, Cambridge, an orig. propr. of Hartford 1636 (bro. to Timo- 
thy of H., and John, who d. on passage, 1634), d. Hadley Jan. 30, 1663, m. Bennett (Bene- 

dicta?) , b. 1608; Hannah 2 Stanley m. Samuel Porter 2 . Stanley gen., by Israel P. 

Warren, D.D., 1887, p. 290; 3 Mass. His. Coll., VIII : 257 „• Mather's Magnolia, IV: 184 ; 
Sprague's An. ; N. B. Reg., V : 359, XIV: 307; Wyman ; Savage. 


AARON 4 CLEVELAND (Aaron*, Aaron 2 , Mosesi), d. Philadel- 
phia, Pa., Aug. 11, 1757, a. 41, m., Medford, Mass., 1735-6, Aug. 
4, 1739, Susannah Porter, b. Medford, Apr. 26, Mar. 1, 1716, d. 
Salem, Mass., Mar. 28, 1788, 29, 1789, a da. Rev. Aaron and Su- 
sanna (Sewall). Ch : 

+355 Susanna* Cleveland, b. 1736, 1740, Mar. 1, 1741, 
Medford, 1746, Haddam, Conn. 

+ 356 Stephen 5 Cleveland, b. 1738, 1 740-1, ab. Oct. 8, 1742, 
East Haddam. 

+ 357 Aaron 5 Cleveland, b. 1738, Medford, Feb. 2, 3, 13, 
1744, E. Haddam. 

+358 Dorcas 6 Cleveland, b. 1740, 1742-3, E. Haddam, 
prob. 1745. 

+359 William 3 Cleveland, b. 1742-4, E. Haddam, prob. 
1746. ' 

+ 360 George 5 Cleveland, b. July, 1746, 1747, E. Haddam, 
bap.- July 19, 1747, Maiden, Mass. 

y +361 Margaret 5 Cleveland, b. June 24, 1748, Maiden, 

+ 362 Lucy 6 Cleveland, b. Aug., 1749, Maiden, Medford,. 
bap. Aug. 20,' 1749, Maiden. 

4-363 Abigail 5 Cleveland, b. 1751-2, Maiden, Medford. 

+ 364 Elizabeth 5 Cleveland, b. 1752, 1754, 1757, Maiden,. 

(The varying data above are given just as received from 
different sources.) 

Rev. Aaron* Cleveland, a character of considerable note. 
Authorities differ as to his birthplace. The honor has been 
bestowed upon Medford, Charlestown, and Cambridge. It is 
altogether probable that he was b. at Cambridge, whose records- 


in the Clerk's office contain the entry of his birth. He was 
baptized in the church at Cambridge, Oct. 30, 17 15. Aaron 4 
entered Harvard Coll. 1731, at age of 16, grad. 1735. Concern- 
ing his college career, his gr. s. William" +1107 wrote : 

" He was a large, stocky, and powerful man, excelling in all exercises that required 
strength and activity. Was very superior in skating, swimming, wrestling; many of 
his feats my father has related to me, such as swimming from Cambridge to Boston and 
back for a wager, accompanied by a boat and a companion, who was obliged to be taken 
into the boat. I believe this was from old Cambridge bridge, now leading from Cam- 
bridge to Brighton. On one Commencement day a professed bully from Boston chal- 
lenged him to fight. My grandfather repeatedly declined, as he was averse to have any- 
thing to do with such a fellow, and, moreover, knew nothing of boxing. The blackguard, 
after trying various expedients without effect, spat in his face. This was beyond bear- 
ing, and young Cleveland commenced a battle with the professor of fisticuffs, and re- 
peatedly leaped over his head, striking him down with his heels as he passed. The pro- 
fessor was dreadfully beaten, and was obliged to be taken into Boston by his friends, 
being unable to help himself. Mr. Samuel Curwen [who was his classmate at college, 
and lived to 1802] and old Mr. Barret of this town (Salem) saw the battle, and related the 
facts to my father, Stephen^ Cleveland." Allen's Bio. Die, 234— Aaron 4 "was a 
prodigy of physical strength and agility." 

It is not known where he studied theology. He probably 
preached his first sermon at Medford, for N. E. His. Gen. Reg., 
XII: 267, "Extracts from the Diary of Thomas Seccom of 
Medford, 1738, May 28. Sermon by Mr. Aaron Cleveland." 
Ordained minister of the Strict Congregational 'Church, Had- 
dam Soc, July, 1739, the 3d regular pastor, preceded by Rev. 
Jeremiah Hobart, 1700-15, Rev. Phinehas Fiske, 1714, d. 1738. 
See His. Haddam and E. Haddam, by Rev. David D. Field. 

Prom MS. written by his gr. da., Mrs. Dorcas Cleveland* (Hiller) Cleveland +1120 
(wife of Richard Jeffry 6 ): "Susannah Porter was a great beauty and much cele- 
brated in her day. Her person was small and of perfect symmetry. Her face was dis- 
tinguished as much for its great intelligence and animation as for fine features and com- 
plexion ;— her high and polished forehead, her aquiline nose ; — her bright and beautiful 
black eye ; — her small and lovely mouth, had each its peculiar charm, and if all the 
witcheries of love were not employed by her, it was not because they were not within 
her control. She was the belle of her time, and some of the richest and most reputable 
men of the neighboring towns were suing for her hand, when she gave her heart to 
Aaron Cleveland, then a gay young collegian, whom her charms had attracted, and 
who, with as fine a person and as handsome a face ; — with a spirit as noble, and a humor 
more keen, had easily supplanted his older and richer rivals. 

" He was a man of fine understanding and great wit, and what is better, of pure 
morals and benevolent disposition. I am sorry to add that he was not celebrated for 
his prudence, at least in his youthful days,— and no one will dispute this point when in- 
formed that he married for love, without any means of supporting his wife, as soon as 
he left college. 

" After studying for the ministry, he was first settled in Haddam, 1739, and went 
there with his beautiful wife and the two little ones who were already added to his 
family. This change must have been a severe trial to his wife, who had been accus- 
tomed to ease and luxury. She was the darling of her family, and although her father 
was not opulent, he lived in high style for those days, and from his richly-furnished 
house, with servants and carriages at her disposal, she went, with only one domestic, to 
the little country town of Haddam, where the people of their parish had never seen any- 
thing better than wooden utensils for household use ; — where a piece of silk had never 
before been seen, and where the manners and customs of the people were of correspond- 
ing simplicity. The minister and his wife traveled on horseback, for no wheeled car- 
riage had ever penetrated so far into the wilderness. A house had been erected for 
them, which was the best in the village, and the parishioners conducted them to it, and 
helped them to arrange the furniture, which had been sent up the previous winter on 
sledges, and some of the men went home to their impatient wives with wonderful stories 


of the magnificent things they had seen. ' Why, madam has got a silk gown and petti- 
coat,' they said ; ' and they are so rich they eat off of pewter dishes.' ' But I don't know 
what madam will do,' said one man in a desponding accent, ' for I'm sure she can never 
work ; why, her hands are just like lilies, and she is so pretty, and little, and slender, 
she's just fit to be set up on top of the cupboard along with the cups and saucers, to be 
looked at.' 

It is not surprising that in such society and so circumstanced the good lady could 
not be very well contented, and it is no small evidence of her christian patience and be- 
nevolence, as well as that of her husband that they lived at Haddam for 7 years, then he 
asked a dismission from his church, and urged as a plea that he could not maintain his 
family, already enlarged to the number of six children, and that his wife was too dis- 
contented for him to remain. His request was granted with regret. Rev. Dr. David 
Dudley Field of Haddam writes in a letter Oct. 5, 1839 : " My supposition is that difficul- 
ties of support rose from the depreciated currency." That is, instead of being paid in 
specie, he was paid in bills of credit. " A large portion of the people very much lamented 
his dismissal, and an attempt was made to resettle him."- 

Annals of the American Episcopal Pulpit by Wm. D. Sprague, D.D., V : 164 —Rev. 
Aaron Cleveland by Charles D. 7 Cleveland [+3219]— "difficulties arose partly from the 
zeal with which he preached from impressions received under ministrations of White- 
field." He was succeeded by Rev. Mr. Elderkin. Rev. Aaron 4 ret. to Maiden, where 
his wife's father lived, May 23, 1747, having accepted call to South Precinct (on Nelson's 
Hill a secession church now in Everett) then vacant since Rev. Joseph Stimpson's pasto- 
rate, 1744. To encourage him to come the Precinct voted Apr. 24, 1747, £1,200 to buy a 
parsonage for his use. He was installed June 27, or J uly 15, 1747, their second pastor. 
See American Quarterly Register, XI; 195. A marriage performed by Rev. Aaron 4 , 
Sep. 13, 1750, Maiden rec. Marriages Middlesex co., II; 118, library N. E. His. Gen. Soc. 
Boston, " Remained to Oct. 19, 1750" — Precinct rec, succeeded by Rev. Eliakim Willis, 
who became sole minister of Maiden, Mar. 23, 1752, and the S. Church ceased to exist. 
Bi-Centennial celebration Maiden, 1840 — account of Rev. Aaron's ministry. N.B.His. 
Gen. Reg., XLII : 73 — Rev. Aaron Cleveland by Benjamin Rand, Ph.D., Cambridge, 
Mass. — Events were now happening which were to have a most important bearing upon 
the future of Rev. Aaron 4 Cleveland. Cape Breton had been restored to France, Oct. 
1748, by the treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle. It thus became necessary for the British to 
establish in Nova Scotia a new place of strength as a rival to that lost by surrender of 
Louisburg " so Halifax, N. - S., was founded summer of 1749, by a large company of peo- 
ple from Eng. com. by Col. Edward Cornwallis, Governor, joined by settlers from New 
England, and the " Protestant Dissenting church," at once organized. Constant reports 
concerning the progress of the new colony appeared in New England newspapers. Boston 
Weekly News Letter, Apr. 26, 1730 — publishes a letter dated Halifax, Apr. 12, 1750, stating 
"shall soon erect a large church." News Letter, July 5 — another letter June 14, " yes- 
terday the Gov. laid corner stone of church to be the handsomest in America ; will have 
a good dwelling built for the minister. I have subscribed to the support of Mr. Cleve- 
land for 2 months, as has the Gov. and gentlemen." Therefore the reputation of Rev. 
Aaron* had extended to Halifax, and he was chosen to organize a church not subject to 
Episcopal jurisdiction. Rev. Aaron 4 accepted the call, and in Dec, 1750, rem. to Hali- 
fax,- t where his bro. Samuel 4 and prob. his bro. Josiah 4 already lived, having in all prob- 
ability been of the colonists from Boston who joined Gov. Cornwallis. News L.,Jan. 1, 
J751— has letter from Halifax Dec. 7, 1750. "Rev. Mr. Cleaveland is arrived, was well 
received by the Gov. and other gentlemen. He preaches every Lord's day in the after- 
noon to good acceptance, and will continue so to do till a Meeting house can be built. 
At a meeting of those in the place who are for Mr. Cleaveland's settlement, voted Mr. 
Hugh Vans moderator and then voted Mr. Cleaveland £roo per annum, house rent, 
&c, making £50 more, in all ab. £1,350 old tenor." News L., Jan. 8, 1751. Halifax, Dec. 
22, 1750. " Mr. Cleveland's arrival is well pleasing to Gov. Cornwallis, and his excel- 
lency is so good that he gives us ground and builds us a Meeting House at his cost." 
The Gov. well understood the character of Rev. Aaron 4 , and hence gave him a cordial 
reception. Office Sec. Commonwealth, Boston, Mass. Archives, Book 54 — Letter to Hon. 
Josiah Willard, Sec. Prov. Ms. Bay. Halifax, Oct. 5, 1751. The religious cause of the 
Dissenters and their independency is what I am very hearty and warm in, and hitherto 
we have been much favored. The difficulty at present is the unhappy backwardness of 
many to support Mr. Cleaveland honorably who were forward in calling him to the work 
of the ministry among them. Benj. Green. 

Harper's Magazine, Aug., 1885, p. 484— Rev. AARON Cleveland became a resident 
of Halifax the year subsequent to the founding of that city. Here he established what 
was known as "Mather's Church," so called after the great New England divine of that 



time. His pastorate continued five years ; daring that period he founded a church 
library. Many o£ the volumes were his gift. The library is still in existence, and a 
number of the books containing his autograph presentations may still be seen. A Scot- 
tish preacher succeeded Mr. Cleveland, and the society has since that date been known 
as " St. Matthews." It was the first organized Presbyterian Church in the British lower 
provinces. To-day it is the fashionable church of that denomination in Halifax. The 
Word is preached from the old-fashioned, box-like pulpit, to which the minister ascends 
by two long winding stairways. The pews are as in the ancient time, padded through- 
out with scarlet, and the British "red-coats" constitute a large portion of the audience 
in the high gallery that reaches around three sides of the building. 

Rev. Robert Laing is the present pastor of St. Matthews. 
The following incident was related by his gr. s. William 6 : 

" While he was at Halifax some of his parishioners became dissatisfied with him, 
and did him all the injury in their power. On one occasion when a packet had arrived 
at Halifax, and Mr. C. went to the wharf to get the news (it was evening), on returning 
■up the wharf three armed men attacked him. He knocked one down, threw a second on 
to a sloop's deck, and the third ran off." 

Narrative of Stephen Cleveland* Bfyth+nzs — " My family on both sides were Epis- 
copalians, and my maternal grandfather Rev. Aaron Cleveland had been Rector of 

Descriptive Sketches of Nova Scotia, 1S64. — Whether their first minister Rev. Aaron 
Cleaveland was a Congregationalist or not is not known but Mr. Secomb who was Pastor 
1769 was one. 

Crown Land Office, Halifax — List of families who set. in N. S. bet. 1749 and 1752. 
South Suburbs Halifax. 

Heads of Families : 

above 16 

above 16 



under 16 




under 16 


Samuel Cleveland 
Josiah Cleveland 
Aaron Cleveland 





The massacre of his bro. Capt. Samuel 4 -t-116 by Indians 
occurred in the 3d year of Rev. Aaron's ministry His pastor- 
ate terminated 1754. Halifax Gazette fune is, 1754- — " Yesterday Rev. Mr. Cleveland 
arrived from Conn, in order to settle his affairs but whether he will tarry among us is 
uncertain." A change had gradually taken place in his religious views, and becoming 

conscientiously an Episcopalian he professed the faith of the 
Church of England resolved to become a priest and felt it his 
duty to resign his charge. He took his family, 1754, to Norwich 
where his widowed mother then lived. He was requested to 
preach alternately in the Episcopal churches at Norwich and 
Groton. He consented to do so after he should receive Epis- 
copal ordination. There was no Bishop in America, and after 
bringing his wife and 9 children to Boston and leaving them 
with her uncle Chief Justice Stephen Sewall he sailed, 1754, for 
England to take holy orders. In England he made friends and 
found relations, among the latter a Sir John Cleveland + 17796 
[prob. identical with John Cleveland+ 17795] an officer of the 
government in the Navy Department, a very respectable good 
and rich man, was particularly attentive and kind to him.. Rev. 
Aaron 4 was an inmate of his house until he embarked to return 
home and he received a promise from his new found relative 
to educate and provide for his two eldest sons if they were sent 
out to him. By enquiry at the Herald's college, London, rela- 



tive to ancestors Rev. Aaron* discovered that the letter a in the 
first syllable of his surname (which he had heretofore used ; 
thus Cleaveland) was an interpolation which had crept in since 
Moses 1 left England and he always afterward spelt the name 
Cleveland, and directed his descendants to do so. In London 
the Society would not appoint a missionary at Norwich but 
made him successor to Rev. Richard Locke, missionary to 
Sussex co., Delaware, chh. Rev. Aaron 4 Cleveland was 
ordained by Bishop Sherlock of London, July 28, 1755, priest in 
the Church of England. He sailed for America, Aug., 1755.. 
The vessel in danger of being wrecked upon Nantucket Shoals 
was poorly manned. While assisting the sailors Rev. Aaron 4 
was precipitated headlong and nearly killed. After a 7 weeks 
passage he landed at Halifax, Oct. 3, 1755, in company with 
other clergymen. He went to Boston and Norwich, and re- 
covering travelled to Lewes, Del. After several months of 
trial found the field unpromising. By his request the Society, 
Mar. 18, 1757, transferred him to the Parish at Newcastle, 
Delaware (then a part of Pennsylvania) to succeed Rev. Samuel 
Brooke. The following is a copy of the letter preserved in the 
church records of Newcastle : 

Charter House, July i"', 1757. 
To the Church Wardens and Vestry of the Episcopal Church of Newcastle in Pennsyl- 
vania. Good gentlemen,— 

The Society for the propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, have granted your 
request and appointed M r Cleveland their mifsionary in your church ; — but it is on this 
exprefs condition, which is now a standing rule in all their mifsions, that you provide 
him with a good house and glebe, and not lefs than twenty pounds sterling p r annum to- 
wards his more comfortable support. 

Heartily recommending you and M r Cleveland to God's blefsing — I am Sirs 

Your very faithful humble servant Philip Bearcroft. 

His Collections by Holmes Ammidown, I: 139 — "The Society for the Propagation of 
the Gospel in Foreign Parts was established 1701, incorporated by the British Parliament 
for the principal object of propagating the faith and forms of the English church ; the 
English colonies, wherever located were made the missionary fields for this purpose. It 
was composed of men of the first standing and influence in that Kingdom, not only 
clerically but politically. The grand design was to encourage loyalty and subserviency 
to authority but particularly to the British government. The leading men of England 
had noticed the tendency to self-government in their American colonies, and thus the 
design was to counteract this influence. At first it was thought best to establish literary 
institutions to mould public sentiment ; and later, the visit of George Berkley, Bishop of 
Cloyne, to this country in*i72g had for its object this purpose. The college at Williams- 
burg 'The William and Mary ' established 1693 was one of the first moves." 

Rev. Aaron 4 Cleveland went to Newcastle and was received 
and provided for to his heart's content, -a house was procured 
and furnished by his parishioners and all things made ready 
for his family, even to the various stores needful to begin 
housekeeping immediately on their arrival. He probably 
preached and administered the Holy Communion to his charge. 
He started for Norwich to bring his family and stopped at 
Philadelphia visiting Dr. Benjamin Franklin whose friendship 
and esteem he enjoyed which in itself is no trifling evidence of 



his merit and ability. He had suffered irreparable injury to 
his magnificent physique by over exertion in the storm ship- 
board. That night he was seized with a fever of which he died 
at Dr. FranMin's house Second st. Aug. n, 1757. 

Rev. Aaron 4 Cleveland was buried in Christ Church, or in 
Christ chh. cemetery. Book of Burials Christ chh. — Buried 
Aug. 11, 1757, The Reverend . . . Cleaveland. Mr. John 
Amonson, Clerk of Vestry, states that Rev. A. Cleveland is 
buried in Christ Church graveyard Fifth and Arch streets, no 
tombstone. The stone may have sunk in the ground ; several 
have been found at a depth of 5 feet. 

Pennsylvania Gazette (of which Benjamin Franklin was editor) 
contained, Aug. 18, 1757, the following obituary: 

"On Thursday last (ti tt ) died here Rev. MR. Cleveland, lately appointed to the 
Mission at Newcastle by the Society for propagating the Gospel. As he was a gentle- 
man of humane and pious disposition, indefatigable in his ministry, easy and affable in 
his conversation, open and sincere in his friendship, and above every species of mean- 
ness and dissimulation, his death is greatly lamented by all who knew him as a loss to 
the Church of Christ in general, and in particular to that congregation who had proposed 
to themselves so much satisfaction from his late appointment among them, agreeably to 
their own earnest request." 

For many years it was thought that the above obituary was 
written by Dr. Franklin, but Prof. Charles D.' Cleveland, in his 
manuscript ancestral register (a family record), states that 
Franklin sailed from Philadelphia and arrived in London, Eng., 
July 27, 1767, but Franklin's family were in the family mansion 
in Philadelphia. 

Rev. Aaron 4 Cleveland was a very able and zealous preacher, 
while a Congregationalist an admirer of Whitefield, and one 
who cultivated and exemplified his spirit. Nor does he seem 
to have lost any of his zeal on becoming an Episcopalian. The 
church at Newcastle, in a letter Oct. 2, 1757, to the Society in 
London, return hearty thanks for sending so worthy a man to 
that mission. 

"Prom whose good life," say they, "and sound doctrine we had promised ourselves 
great instruction and edification ; but now, to our unspeakable loss, Mr. Cleaveland is 
dead of a long illness which ended in dropsy, and therefore we pray for a successor." 

Sprague's An.— "Tradition says that Dr. Franklin wrote a beautiful consolatory let- 
ter to his wife." 

Trumbull's His. Conn., Chap. 26— about his ordination at Haddam. 

Sec. Venerable Soc, Mar. 16, 1759. "A letter from Mrs. Susannah Cleveland, wid. 
&c, Aug. 12, 1758, requesting that Rev. Mr. Cleveland's salary be paid up to the quarter 
before he d., and that the usual bounty D650.] upon such melancholy occasion be granted. 
Agreed to." 

His widow was left with ten children — the last born after 
her husband's departure for England. She was living with her 
. relatives in Salem, Mass., destitute, feeble, and without means 
of support. Her uncle, Judge Sewall, who was warmly at- 
tached to her, assisted her with advice and means to open a 
little retail shop, and though often depressed and anxious, yet 




so prudently did she manage that she not only reared her 
numerous family respectably, but preserved her social position, 
associating always with the best circles, and receiving as her 
visitors the learned, the witty, and the celebrated'of her time. 
Her sons left her at an early age to provide for themselves, and 
her daughters also were independent enough to earn their own 
living, while they resided with their mother and thus preserved 
the family circle unbroken, and their good sense, wit, beauty, 
and excellent qualities of heart rendered them the most ad- 
mired and courted belles of the place. 

Mrs. D. C. 6 (Hiller) Cleveland writes that she was overwhelmed by the heartrend- 
ing loss of her daughter Dorcas 8 by death, and " unable to overcome her grief, grew 
from deep to deeper melancholy, and from activity and health to listless indolence and 
disease. She became, in fact, deranged, and being fixed in the conviction that she had 
become resident among disembodied spirits, she thought herself the single object of 
malice of all the powers of evil. In this persuasion she could not be induced to leave 
her bed, or uncover her eyes, or hold any conversation with any living being except by 
compulsion, during the long and dreary period of 8 years." 

JPorter ancestry :— [see +119]. 


HOSES 4 CLEAVELAND (Aaron*, Aaron", Moses*), bap. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., July 19, 17 19, d., place and date tmk., prior to 
1761, supposed to be the Moses Cleaveland who m., prob. in 

Wethersfield, Conn., ab. 1744, Mary , supposed to be Mary 

Clarke, b. Wethersfield, June 9, 1724 [the wife of Moses 4 d. at 
Hopewell, Ontario co., N. Y., after 1824, a. over 100 years], a 
da. Thomas and Dorothy (Hurlbutt). (The mother of- Moses 5 
Cleaveland +365, m. 2d, Mr. Bliss.) They are thought to have 
been parents to following children : 

+365 Moses 6 Cleaveland, b. May 23, 1745, Wethersfield 
or Norwich, Conn. 

+366 John 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1750, Preston, New London 

co., Conn. 
"' 4-367 Samuel 5 Cleveland, b. July 14, 1753, Preston or 
' Chesterfield, Hampshire co., Mass. 

368 Sarah 5 Cleveland (?) traditional. 

369 Burrill 5 Cleveland (?) traditional, said to have 
been a noted Free Mason at that day. 

370 Ralph 6 Cleveland ( ? ) traditional, said to have lived 
at Warsaw, N. Y. 

371 Oren 6 Cleveland (?) traditional. 

372 (?) Lucy 5 Cleveland, m. Norwich, 1790, Blanchard 
Darby — Norwich rec, very probably a daughter of Moses 4 . 

Moses 4 Cleveland evidently left Wethersfield ab. 1745, and 
settled at East Haddam, Conn. Land rec. E. Haddam, 62 — 
Aaron Cleaveland of E. Haddam, in consideration of parental 
love and affection, conveys to his loving son, Moses Cleaveland 



of East Haddam, 15 acres of land, situated in Millington. Deed 
dated Dec. 16, 1746. New London co., Conn., Prob. rec. — Will of 
Aaron 3 Cleveland, dated Jan. 31, 1755, and will of Mrs. Abi- 
gail (Waters) Cleveland, Apr. 14, 1756, both name bequests to 
Moses 4 . 

We are not positive that this Moses 4 was identical with the 
father of Moses 5 Cleveland, who was b., ac. to Wethersfield rec. : 
— " Moses the "son of Moses Cleaveland and of Mary his wife 
was born on the 23 d Day of May, A. D. 1745. Y e above entry 
was made at y e desire of Tho s Clark, Sep. 3 d , 1746." Nor that 
above Mary was — W. rec. — Mary Clark, b. June 9, 1724; but 
the entry of Moses' birth being made at desire of Thos. Clark, 
would indicate that the latter was grandfather of the child. 

Mrs. Lucetta 7 (Cleveland) Gaylord +3276, a daughter 
of Gen. Erastus 8 , says : " I have heard my father, when he 
wished to establish the fact that he came of a long-lived race, 
assert that his grandmother Bliss, when she was 95 years, could 
dance a hornpipe, and touch every note." 

Mrs. Polly 6 (Cleveland) Russell +1147, a daughter of 
Samuel, says : " The reason for not knowing of a certainty of 
my grandfather [on the Cleveland side] was, that he d. when 
my father was but a mere boy, and consequently my father was 
apprenticed to learn the ' carpenter's and joiner's ' trade. These 
facts were told. me by my mother. My grandmother's 2d hus- 
band was Bliss. I was named [Mary] for my grandmother 

These statements would indicate that the father of Samuel 5 
and father of Lt. Moses 5 was the same person. The children 
marked " traditional " are remembered by descendants of the 
other children.. Lucy 6 Cleveland is found on Norwich t. rec. 
Gen. Erastus 6 Cleveland -t-1128 used to visit Samuel 6 Cleve- 
land +367 at Gorham, since Hopewell, N. Y. 

Clarke ancestry : — 72 arms : Clarke ; 1 : Clerkes ; 9 : Clark (Comrie Castle, Perth 
co. Eng. Alarms Clark, baron 1349) Or, a fesse chequy ar. and az. be tw 2 crescents in 
chief with boar's head. Crest — Demi huntsman winding a horn. Motto — Free for a 
blast. . . Nicholas 1 came in the "Lion," Boston Sep. 16, 1632, Cambridge, Mass. rem. 
to Hartford, Conn, where he built, 1635, the first frame house for Capt. John Talcott, d. 
July 2, 1680; Thomas 11 Hartford freem. 1658, 1669. (A Thomas of New Haven, Conn. 
master of iron works 1669 ; a Thomas of Milford, Conn. 1669). Perhaps father of ; Wil- 
liam 3 of Wethersfield, 1669, d. Dec, 1711, m. 1st. Susannah, not improbably father of ; 
Thomas 4 Clarke of W. d. W. Apr. 3, 1767 m. W. Dec. 9, 1710 Dorothy Hurlbutt 2 b. Mar. 
5, 1691. 

Hulbert, Hurlbutt ancestry : — Arms : HULBERT Az. a bend erm. betw. 6 mullets ar. 
. . Stephen 1 m. Wethersfield Dec. 12, 1678, Phebe ; Dorothy 2 Hurlbut m. Thomas 
Clarke 4 N. E. Reg. XVIII: 38; Hinman bos. 


MARY" CLEVELAND (Aaron*, Aaron*, Moses 1 ), bap. Cambridge, 
Mass., Jan. July 7, 1724, d. prior to Jan. 31, 1755, m. East Had- 


dam, Conn., Sep. 17, 1741, Elisha Clark of E. Haddam, prob. b. 
Wethersfield, Conn., Mar. 21, 17 18, a s. Thomas and Dorothy 
(Hurlbut). Ch. b. E. Haddam : 

373 Waterhouse, Waterius, Waters, or Watrous* Clark, b. June 
30, 1742. 

374 Elisha* Clark, b. Apr. 23, 1744. 375, William* Clark, b. 
Aug. 19, 1746 ; Mary* Clark, b. Apr. 4, 1749. 

Mary*, in will of her father Capt. Aaron 3 Cleveland dated 
Jan. 31, 1755, is mentioned Mary Clark deceased, and her 4 
children are bequeathed. The children are bequeathed in will 
of her mother Abigail Cleveland Apr. 14, 1756. 

E. Haddam land rec. — Capt Aaron Cleveland sells for ^280. 60 acres land to E. 
Clark his son-in-law. Clark ancestry : — See MOSES 4 CLEAVELAND+122. 


MIRIAM 4 CLEVELAND (Moses", Aaron*, Moses*), d. New 

Marlborough, Mass., June 18, 1766, a. 47, m. Canterbury, Conn., 
ab. 1735, Joseph Adams, b. Providence, R. I., July 28, 1706, d. 
New Marlborough, Mass., Oct., 1769, s. of Henry and Ruth 
(Ellis). Ch. : 

376 Mary" Adams, b. Sep. 23, 1738, Canterbury, recorded at 
New Marlborough, m. Elizur Dickinson, both were of Rich- 
mond, Mass., in 1775 ; of Lenox, Berkshire co., Mass. ; Aaron*, 
b. Apr. 14, 1 741, prob. d. y. 

377 Huldah* Adams, b. June 26, 1743, Canterbury, rec. at 
New M., m. Timothy Chittenden, both were of Lenox, 1775. 

+378 Simon* Adams, b. Mar. 12, 1746, New Marlborough, 

+379 Moses* Adams, b. Nov. 3, 1748, New Marlborough, 

380 Henry* Adams, b. July 30, 1750, New M., was of 
Shaftsbury in the New Hampshire Grants (Vt.) in 1775. Of 
Sunderland, Bennington co., Vt., blacksmith, lost sight of there ; 
nothing known regarding his children. . 

+ 381 Zebediah* Adams, b. July 3, 5, 1753, New Marlborough, 

" Elias"— Alice* Adams, b. Dec. 8, 1755, New M., m. 
William Griswold, both were of New Marlborough, 1775. 

Joseph* Adams, b. Apr. 3, 1758, New M., d. Aug. 18, 


+ 382 Aaron* Adams (ag.), b. July 20, 21, 1761, New Marl- 

Joseph Adams moved to New Marlborough about 1742-4, 
and was a founder of the town. He and Miriam's father were 
among the 5 who founded the 1st. church in N. M. Joseph 



Adams and Miriam 4 were Oct. 31, 1744, of organizers of 1st 
chh. in N. M. 

Berkshire co. Mass. land rec. — i^s : Henry Adams of a place called Shaftsbury in N. 
H. grant, Simon and Zebediah Adams, "William and Alice Griswold all of New M., 
Elizur and Mary Dickinson of Richmond, Timothy Chittenden and w. Huldah of Lenox 
sold land in New M. which had been set off to the heirs of Joseph Adams late of New M. 
from the homestead of Moses Cleveland dec. 

Adams ancestry .- — Henry 1 [see +58]; Ensign Edward 2 b. Eng. 1630 Medfield, Mass., 
1652, selectman, rep. in the 2 first Gen. Courts i68g after overthrow of Gov. Edmund 

Andros, d. Nov. 12, 1716, m. 1st. Lydia , prob. Lydia Rockwood da. Richard and 

Agnes ; Henry 3 Adams b. Medf. Oct. 29, 1663, Providence, Canterbury, d. C. June 28, 
1748, m. 2d Medfield 1698 Ruth Ellis'* b. M. Oct. 31, 1670. 

Ellis ancestry : — 27 arms : Ellis (Kidhall, co. .York, Eng. established in England at 
Conquest) Or. on a cross sa. 5 crescents. Crest — A woman . . . Thomas 1 bap. 
Wrentham, Eng., Dec. 13, 1629, Medfield 1649 (brother to John of M.) d. M. 1690, m. May 25, 
1659, Mary Wight da. Thomas and Alice of Dedham, Mass. ; Ruth 2 Ellis m. Henry 
Adams 3 . 


DORCAS 4 CLEVELAND (Moses 3 , Aaron 2 , Moses 1 ), d. af. 1772, 

m. Plainfield, Conn., Apr. n, 1739, Samuel Williams b. P., Nov. 
14, 1 7 17, d. P., Oct. 14, 1759, s. Joseph and Susannah (Lawrence). 
Ch. b. Plainfield: 383 Meriam h Williams, b. Feb. 28, 1740; Eliza- 
beth* Williams, b. Mar. 3, 1742 ; Mary" Williams, b. Mar. 26, 1744 ; 
Samuel 6 Williams, b. July 24, 1746 ; Obediah* Williams, b. Mar. 2, 
1749; Susannah" Williams, b. Nov. io 7 1751; RozeP Williams, b. 
Aug. 20, 1757. 


OBADIAH 4 CLEVELAND (Moses*, Aaron 2 ), d. New Marl- 
borough, Mass., Apr. 1, 1772, a. 48, m. Mary. Hampshire Reg. 
Deeds, Springfield, Mass. R: 299 — Apr. 23, 1747, Moses Cleve- 
land of New Marlboro deeded to his son Obadiah town lot 55 
near town of Sheffield) Mass. line. Pittsfield, Mass. Prob. rec : 
In admin, of est. his widow receives %, and heirs of Moses 3 
Cleveland, being his 4 living sisters, x />2. Therefore prob. s. p. 


Willing* Michardson (sarah>, Aaron 2 , Moses 1 ), m. Boston, 
Mass., North chh. rec. — Feb. 27, 1745, Hannah Snelling, b. B. June 
18, 1723, bap. New North chh., Oct. 25, 1724, da. Benjamin and 
Hannah (Porter). 

Willing' Richardson dwelt at Boston. No will or adm. of est. 

Suffolk deeds— Willing Richardson, Boston, cordwainer, andw. Hannah, who was a 
gr. ch. of Matthew Porter, late of Boston, victualler, deed., to John Baker, Boston, black- 
smith, % of the sth lot laid out to Benj. Snelling's ch. in div. of our gr. father's est., Oct. 
25i 1755- Some years prior the est. divided among Porter's heirs : Mary Morcrock, wid., 
Edward Porter, victu., Christopher Souther, caulker, for his w., Benj. Snelling, block- 
maker, for his ch., Nath'l Rogers, housewright, for his w. and ch. of her bro. William 
Porter, deed., of Boston. 

Snelling ancestry : —6 arms : Snellinge (Chadlewood, Devon co., Eng.; Wheatfield, 
Suffolk co.; Surrey; East Horsley, Sussex co. Her. Off. London c 24). Ar. 3 griffins' 
heads erased gu. ; a chief indented erm. Crest — Griffin's head or. — See N. E. His. Gen. 
Reg.., XL V; iqo : Positive Pedigrees and Authorized Arms. By William S. Appleton, 


A.M.— Snelling, William of Boston. Evidence : His own will, " youngest son of Thomas 
of Chaddenwood " . . . Thomas' of Chaddlewood Plympton, St. Mary, Devon ; John", 
Saco, York co., Me , 1653, Boston, 1657, d. 1672. Ch : Benjamin 3 , John, and Joseph, b. 
1667, tax payers Boston, 1695 [Alexander Snelling of B. m., bef. 1695, Rebecca, ch : Han- 
nah, b. B. Jan. 14, 1696]. More probable is it that above Benjamin 3 identical with Benja- 
min Snelling who m. Hannah Porter. 

Porter ancestry .-—Edward 1 came, 1636, Roxbury, dismissed July 23, 1671, to Boston 
3* chh., m. Ann ; thought to be father of Matthew" of B., gr. fa. to Hannah 4 Porter.— 


Ann* Richardson (sarah 3 , Aaron", Moses>), b. Woburn, Mass., 
Jan. 31, 1723-4, d. Boston, Mass., July 4, 1806, m. Boston, Apr. 14, 
1742, John Blake, b. Boston, 1720, d. Boston, Mar., 1799, a s - °f 
Jonathan and Elizabeth (Candage). Ch. : 

+384 Job 6 Blake, b. Aug-. 2, 1746, Boston, Mass. 

+385 Anne? Blake, b. Nov. 29, 1747 — Wrentham, Mass., rec, 
1 75 1 — family rec. 

+386 John 6 Blake, b. Aug. 29, 1753 — family rec, 1754 — 
Wrentham rec. 

+387 Dorcas* Blake, b. Feb. 14, 1757, "Wrentham, Mass. 

+388 Molly 6 Blake, b. Sept. 9, 1759, Wrentham, Mass. 

+389 Willing 6 Blake, b. May 27, 1762, Wrentham, Mass. 

+ 390 Susan 6 Blake, b. July 25, 1764, Wrentham, Mass. 

Mrs. Ann 1, {Richardson) Blake was a very superior woman, 
whose qualities have been rehearsed by her descendants. John 
Blake resided first at Boston, afterward at Wrentham ; farmer 
and tanner. He was highly esteemed. Much of his landed 
estate was in Wrentham, and came to him by his father's will. 

Suffolk co. Deeds — Jan. i, 1741, John Blake deeds Eben'r Messenger for ^140 4 acres 
in W., bounded N. on Eben'r, E. on land of Mary Blake ; also 56 rods 2d range, alio his 
right in fol., formerly of his father : Jonathan Blake 20 acres S. of his father's dwelling 
in W. ; cedar swamp in Stoughton, Mass. ; lands in Dorchester, Mass. 

John Blake was pressed on board British man-of-war about 
Feb., 1754, escaped soon and lived in the country, returned to 
town after the war. Like Hamilcar, father of Hannibal, he 
devoted his infant son John to the cause of freedom, praying 
that he might live to see the British Lion lying in the dust. 
He lost much property in business at Boston, 1742, and during 
the French and Indian wars, 1752, when he returned to Wren- 

Slake ancestry: — Burke' s Armory — 2j arms : Blake (Wiltshire and Somersetshire). 
Ar. a chev. betw. 3 garbs sa. Crest — On a chapeau gu. turned up erm. a martlet ar. 
. . . Robert 1 de Blakeland was assessed in Wiltshire Roll of Subsidies granted 1286 to 
Edward I ; Robert 2 Blake dropped de and land, resided Calne, Wilts co., Eng., m. 
Anne Cole 2 ; Henry 3 m. a da. of Edward Durant 1 ; William 4 m. Margaret Power 2 ; Henry fr 
of Calne m. Margaret Billott; Robert 6 of Calne and Quemberford m. Avice Wallop 2 , 
both buried under and had a memorial window in Calne church ; William 7 of White 
Parish d. 1471 ; William 8 of Old Hall, Andover Parish, m. Mary Coles 2 ; Humphrey 9 of 
Taxwell Spaxton, rem. early In 16th century to, and became Lord of, the Manor, Plain- 
field, Overstowey, Somersetshire, in Manor House are sculptured above Blake arms, d. 
1558, m. Agnes : (their s. or gr. s. Humphrey was father of Robert Blake, b. 1599, famous 


English Admiral, d. Aug. 17, 1657, unm., and of Humphrey, who came to S. C. 1660, whose 
s., Joseph Blake, was Colonial Gov. S. C, 1690) ; John 10 , b. 1521, of Plainfield, bur. under 
Aisholt Church, Dec. 10, 1576, m. Jane or Joan; William 11 bought, 1586, Pitminster est., 
Somersetshire, from ex. of Jacobus Spiring, m. Annie or Eleanor, (their s. John lived 
Somersetsh. 1630, his desc. of 7th and 8th generations exist in family of William Blake, 
Esq., magis., Bridge House, Ilminster, Somer.). Taunton Manor Rolls ; William 12 , b. 
Pitminster June 5, 1594 [Savage I : 1Q3 — " son of Giles of Little Baddow, Essex co., Eng.," 
but C. M. Blake's account is result of further research], sold house at Aisholt Jan., 1630, 
embarked with w. and 5 ch., Mar. 20, 1630, on "Mary and John," at Plymouth, Eng., arr. 
Nantasket, now Hull, Plymouth co., Mass., May 30, 1630, went, 1636, to Springfield, Mass., 
with Pynchon for 1 year, freem. Dorchester, Mar. 14, 1639, useful citizen, selectman, town 
elk., d. D , Aug., Oct. 25, 1663, m., Pitminster, Eng., Sept. 23, 27, 1617, Mrs. Agnes Bent or 
Bond; Edward 1 ', b. Eng. 1625, m. 1657, Patience (Jane) Pope; Jonathan 11 Blake, m. by 
Rev. Cotton Mather, Boston, Feb. 16, 1698-9, Elizabeth Candage 1 . — Bangor, Me., Histori- 
cal Magazine, II : i-ii, Memoir of Maj. Gen. John Blake and descendants. By his grand- 
son, Charles Morris Blake, A.M. and M.D., of San Francisco, Cal., +3410; Blakes of Som- 
ersetshire. By W. H. Whitmore, Esq., 1881 .- Blake Family in England. By Francis E. 
Blake, Esq., in N. E. His. Gen. Reg., XL V: 35. 

Candage, Cdndish, Cavendish ancestry : — barms: Candishe, 3: Cavendish (Grim- 
stead, Sussex co., Eng.). Ar. 3 piles wavy gu. Crest — Wolf's head collard gu. Eliza- 
beth 1 Candage m. Jonathan Blake 14 . 

Pope ancestry: — 14 arms: Pope (Shropshire).. Or, 2 chev. gu. canton az. Crest — 
Hand and scales. Motto — Mihitibi. John?, freem. Dorchester, Sept. 3, 1634, a founder, 
1636, of chh. at D. for Richard Mather, d. Apr. 12, 1646, m. ist, Jane, b. Eng., d. Jan. 12, 
1663, h er will — N. E. Reg., XI : 33Q, names da. Patience 2 Pope, w. of Edward Blake 13 . 

Coles ancestry: — 6 arms: Coles or Colles (Somersetshire). Gu. on a chev. betw. 
3 leopards' heads arg. an ermine spot. Crest — On a mount vert, an eagle displ. arg. 
. . . Humphrey 1 , Eng. ; Mary 2 Coles m. William Blake 9 . 

Wallop ancestry :— 4 arms: Wallop (Bugbroke, Salop co.). Ar. a bend wavy sa. 
Crest — Mermaid holding mirror and comb. . . . John 1 , Eng.; Avice 2 wallop m. 
Robert Blake 6 . 

Power ancestry :— 25 arms: Power (Oxfordshire). Ar. chief indented sa. Crest — 
Buck's head . . . Thomas 1 , Eng. ; Margaret 2 Power m. William Blake 4 . 

Durant ancestry : — 10 arms : Durant (Middlesex). Sa. a cross crosslet ar. Crest— 
Dragon pass, gu., in dexter claw a sword erect ar. point bloody, hilt and pomel or, on 
blade ducal coronet . . . Edward 1 Durant, Eng. ; Daughter 2 m. Henry Blake 3 . 

Cole ancestry :— 22 arms : Cole (Somerset.), like above Coles . . . William 1 
Eng. ab. 1280; Anne 2 Cole m. Robert Blake 2 . 


ESTHER 4 CLEVELAND (Benjamin 3 , Aaron 2 ), d. (rec. Wind- 
ham, Conn.) Oct. 28, 1754, a. 27, m. W., May 18, 1749, Rev. John 
Palmer. Ch. : 

Levi* Palmer, b. Feb. 7, 1749-50. 
"Rev. John Palmer of- Canterbury, Conn., noted Separate 
minister. Frequent, ment. in Lamed 's Windham co., 1 : 463 — 

When John Palmer, a descendant of an early Scotland settler [prob. Seth Palmer], 
exercised too freely his gift of exhortation, he was arrested and kept 4 months in Hart- 
ford jail. His imprisonment increased his zeal. The church called him, May 17, 1749, he 
was ordained. Under his guidance the Brunswick church (1 mile S. E. of Scotland) 
maintained many years good standing. Rev. Ebenezer Devotion of Windham was 
never reconciled to this intrusion within his parish, and every Sunday sent his negro 
with a rescript to Brunswick church forbidding Mr. Palmer, &c, to preach. 

He m. 2d [rec. W.), Oct. 28, 1755, Lydia Eames. Ch. : John 
Palmer, b. Sept. 12, 1756 ; Marshall Palmer, Dec. 24, 1758 ; Sam- 
uel Palmer, Jan. 6, 1762; Lydia Palmer, Dec. 16, 1764; David 
Palmer, Apr. 20, 1769. 



AARON 4 CLEAVELAND (Benjamins, Aaron', Moses>), d. Litch- 
field or Farmington, Conn., af. Mar. 12, 1778, m. 1st, East Had- 
dam, Conn., Oct. 24, 1 75 1, Sybil, " Sybbel " Brainard or Brainerd, 
b. E. H. June 17, 1736, d. E. H. July 5, 1755, a da. Noadiah and 
Hannah (Cone). He m. 2d E. H., Sept. 4, 1755, Eunice Spen- 
cer of E. H. ; she d. af. 1778. Ch. by 1st m. : Noadiah 5 , b. Aug. 
11, 1753, E. H., d. y. 

391 Briainerd 6 Cleaveland, b. E. H, bap. E. H. Aug. 
17, 1755- 

It is told of him that he was in the battle of- Groton, New London co., Conn. [Sept. 6, 
1781], and was run through by a British officer; he killed a British officer while his in- 
wards were running out on the ground ; it is thought that his name was on the Groton 
monument. [But his name is not found in Record of Conn. Men in War of Revolution^ 
Not mentioned in father's will. 

By 2dm.: 

+ 392 Dyer, Diar, or Noahdiah 5 Cleaveland (ag.), b. June 
6, 1756, E. H. 

393 Olive 6 Cleaveland, b. June i, 1758, E. H., m. Eph- 
raim Wright, I'd Sackett's Harbor, N. Y. Ch. : 
Matthew* Wright, 1. Sackett's H. 1881. 

+ 394 Sybil Cleaveland, b. July 19, 1760, East Haddam. 
395 Anne 6 Cleaveland, b. May 8, 1763, bap. E. H., m. 
Darius Berry, I'd Sackett's H., where desc. still 1. 

-}-396 Aaron 6 Cleaveland, b. Mar., May 17, 1765, bap. E. 
H. or Millington. 

+ 397 Esther 6 Cleaveland, b. Apr., 1767, bap. E. H. or 

+398 Benjamin 6 Qleaveland, b. Mar. 2, 1769, Litchfield, 

+399 Matthew 6 Cleaveland, b. May 12, 1771, bap. East 
Haddam. Polle 6 ment. Mar. 12, 1778, in father's will. 

Capt. Aaron 4 Cleaveland came from Windham to East 
Haddam; ship owner, merchant, tanner, currier, shoemaker. 
Was Captain of Militia in E. Haddam and Millington. He 
built part of a vessel and sent it, laden with potash of his manu- 
facture, from E. Haddam to the West Indies, and it was said 
the master took too great fees and there was much loss. The 
war brought him heavy reverses. He rem. 1775 to Litchfield 
co., Conn., and af. dwelt Farmington. 

Capt. Aaron 4 adm. chh. E. H. Mar. 10, 1745, rec'd to com- 
munion E. H. and Millington Aug. 10, 1755. 

Prob. Rec. Litchfield— 'Will. I, Aaron Cleaveland, of Litchfield, being very sick 
and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory, thanks he given unto God, do make 
and ordain this my last will, that is to say principally and first of all, I give and recom- 
mend my soul in the hand of Almighty God and my body to the earth to be buried, 
nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the 



mighty power of God. First, I give and bequeath to Eunice, my dearly beloved wife, 
% part of my lands and buildings which I now live upon during her natural life ; and 
after my just debts are paid, % part of my personal estate forever. Also I give to my 
well beloved son, DYER CLEAVELAND, 100 acres land in Hampton, N. H. Also I give 
unto son Aaron Cleaveland my shoe making shop and all my tools and implements 
belonging to it, together with my tan house and yard and all the tools and implements 
and appurtenances thereunto belonging, and so much of my land, land and buildings as 
to make him equal with his two brothers, viz. : Benjamin and Mathew. 

Also I give unto son, Benjamin Cleveland J^ part of my buildings and farm I now 
live upon after their mother's decease, and he to have his part in lands or buildings, not 
to interfere on what I give to Aaron. 

Also I give unto my son Mathew % part of my buildings and farm I now live upon 
after their mother's decease, and he to have his part in lands or buildings not to inter- 
fere with what I give to Aaron. 

Also I give unto my well beloved daugher, Olive Cleaveland (after my debts are 
paid and my wife has her thirds of the movable estate), the 1-5 part of the movable es- 
tate exclusive of what I give to my son Aaron. 

Also I give to daughter Syble Cleaveland (after, &c), the 1-5 part of the movable 
estate, &c. 

Also I give unto my daughter Esther Cleaveland (after, &c), the 1-5 part of the 
movable estate. 

Also I give unto my daughter ANN Cleaveland (after, &c), 1-5 part of the movable 
estate, exclusive, &c. 

Also I give unto my daughter Polle Cleaveland (after, &c), 1-5 part. 

Also I constitute my wife, Eunice Cleaveland, and Arthur Emons, jointly, to be 
my Executors, in witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal, this 12th day 
of March, 1778. Aaron Cleaveland [Seal]. 

Signed : Abel Barnes, Benjamin Hall, Gad Farnam. 

Brainard, Brainerd, Brainwood ancestry : — Dea. Daniel 1 , b. Eng. 1641, brought from 
Eng., 1649, to Hartford, Conn., lived with Wyllys to 1662, propr. and settler o£ Haddam 
1662, d. Apr. 1, 1713, m. 1st, Hannah Spencer 2 j Dea. Daniel 2 , b. Mar. 2, 1665, m. Susannah 
Ventres 2 , b. 1669; Dea. Noadiah 3 Brainard m. Hannah Cone 8 , b. Nov. 18, 1705. 

Cone ancestry .• — Arms ; Cone (Scotland). . Gu.'a fesse engr. betw. a cinquefoil in 
chief, and a crescent in base ar. . . . Daniel 1 , b. 1626, Haddam 1663, d. Oct. 24, 1706, m. 
Mehitable Spencer 2 ; Jared 2 , b. 1674, d. 1719, m. Elizabeth ; Hannah 3 Cone m. Noadiah 
Brainard 8 . 

Spencer, Spenser ancestry :— 45 arms: Spencer (Warwickshire granted 1504). Az. 
a fesse erm. betw. 6 sea-mew's heads erased ar. Crest— A moor-hen ppr. . . . Hon. 
Garade, Garrett, Gerret, or Jared 1 , Cambridge, Mass., 1634, Lynn, Mass., freem. Mar. 9, 
1637, had grant of ferry L. Mar., 1639, Haddam 1660, rep. d. 1685, m. Hannah ; Mehitable 2 
m. Daniel Cone 1 , Hannah 2 Spencer m. Daniel Brainard 1 . 

Venterus, Ventres, Ventris, Ventroos, Ventrous ancestry: — Arms: Ventris (Oak- 
ington, Cambridge co., Eng., Campton, Bedford co. Visitation 1619). Az. dolphin betw. 
3 bendlets wavy ar. Crest — Sword erect ar. betw. 2 wings expanded az. . . . Sergt. 

William 1 , b. 1623, of Farmington 1654 (per. bro. to Moses of F.), Haddam 1669, m. 1st ; 

Susanna 2 Ventres m. Daniel Brainerd 2 . Brainerd Family, by Rev. David D. Field, mem- 
ber Conn, His. Soc, iSj7; Brainerd gen. in prep, by Miss Lucy Abigail Brainard, Hart- 
ford, Conn.; Savage. 


BENJAMIN 4 CLEAVELAND (Benjamin 8 , Aaron 2 , Moses 1 ), d. 

Horton, Wolfville, Kings co., Nova Scotia, Mar. 9, 181 1, a. 77 ; m. 
1st Windham [rec.'] Conn, or Woburn, Mass., or Horton, N. S., 
Feb. 20, 1754, Mary Elderkin b. Windham, Dec. 16, 1735, d. 
Falmouth, N. S., Apr. 16, 20,! 24, 1783, da. Nathan Elderkin. 
He m. 2d, Scotland, Conn., Mar. 25, 1784, Sarah Hibbert, vari- 
ously called Hubbard, Hibbard, Herberts, and Heferan, b. 
Norwich or Scotland, Conn., d. Wolfville, 1830-5, a. 97. (She 
m. 2d, see below.) Ch. by 1st m. : 

+400 Anne 6 Cleaveland, b. May 2, 1755, Windham. 



+401 Roxalena 6 Cleaveland, b. Jan. 23, 1757, Windham. 

+402 Martin Luther 6 Cleaveland, b. Jan. 23, 1759, 

+403 Mary 6 Cleaveland, b. May 16, 1761, Windham or 

+404 Olive Cleaveland, b. Feb. 23, 1763, Windham or 

4-405 Enoch 5 Cleaveland, b. Sept. 14, 1765, Horton. 

4-406 Cynthia 6 Cleaveland, b. Nov. 29, 1767, Horton. 

+407 Eunice 6 Cleaveland, b. Feb. 25, 1770, Horton. 

+408 Jerusha Cleaveland, b. Mar. 28, 1773, Horton. 

+409 Sarah 6 Cleaveland, b. Nov. 16, 1775, Horton. 

+410 Nathan 6 Cleaveland, b. Nov. io, 1777, Horton. 

+ 411 Aaron 6 Cleveland, b. May 1, 1780, H. 2d m., s. p. 

Dea. Benjamin 4 Cleaveland, came from New England, 
Windham, soon after the expulsion of the Acadians, 1755, 
believed to have emigrated with the Loyalists, 176 1-4, to that 
part of Horton now called Wolfville, Nova Scotia, where he 
dwelt the remainder of his life. He was a farmer and cabinet 
maker ; his homestead the farm afterward owned and occupied 
by his son, Martin Luther 6 Cleveland. (See The Western Chron- 
icle, Kentville, Kings co., JY. S., Apr., May, 1890, for account of Emi- 
gration from Conn, and R. I. to N. S., 1760.) Dea. Benjamin 4 
Cleveland was a true Christian, a most exemplary man, prom- 
inent in the Baptist church in which he for many years held 
the office of deacon. He was a natural poet and employed his 
talents in the cause of his Master. He was author of a hymn 
book. See Bibliography, Chap. IV. Many of his hymns have 
appeared in later Baptist compilations, notably the hymn, 
"Oh could I find from day to day, a nearness to my God." 

(A copy of the Hymnal is in the library of James Hammond 
Trumbull, LL.D. of Hartford). 

Baptist Hymn Writers and their hymns, By Henry S. Burragt, D.D.., iSSS.— bio- 
graphical sketches of 125 American Baptist hymn writers, chronologically arranged, 
commencing with Benjamin Cleaveland. From Christian Messenger, Halifax and 
Berwick Star .■ — A Methuselath family. The family of Deacon Benjamin Cleve- 
land were all strictly temperate and pious. The first 7 at an adult age were converted 
under the ministry, and through the instrumentality of Rev. Henry Alline of Falmouth, 
the Whitefield of N. S. [Narrative of Mr. Alline in N. S. Church His., Christian Mes., 
Feb. 15, 29, Mar. 14, i860.] Benjamin Cleveland, the father of the modern antediluvi- 
ans, was a good deacon, and composed a volume of hymns, which are still in existence. 
Total ages of his children 984 years and one month, average age 8a years." 

Benjamin 4 returned to Conn, to marry his second wife. He 
is buried at Horton, with his two wives. 

A hymn, " The Christian's Triumph over Death, composed 
at the death-bed of Mrs. Benjamin [Mary (Elderkin)] Cleve- 
land of Horton in 1783 by Rev. Henry Alline" published in 



Christian Messenger, May 5, 1881, is sent us by her gr. gr. da., 
Miss Mamie Allisorf Young +3539. 

Mrs. Sarah (Hibbert) Cleveland (whose correct name is 
found on an old letter addressed : Sarah Hibbert, Windham) 
m. 2d, Duncasly, an Englishman, he d. bef. 1830. 


MOSES 4 CLEVELAND (Benjamins, Aaron*, Moms"), d. Whitehall, 

Washington co., N. Y., ab. 1 790-1, m. East Haddam, Conn., 
May 31, 1759, Tabitha Spencer of Windham, Conn., she d. prob. 
Whitehall af. 1817. Ch. b. Windham : 

+412 Eliphaz 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 13, 1761. 

413 Asa 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 13, 1763, d. Canterbury, 
Conn., ab. 18 10. He was much respected. 

414 Esther 5 Cleveland, b. June 7, 1765, d. 1835, m., 1st, 
Downs, 2d, Samuel Smith? dwelt Whitehall. Ch. by 1st m. : 
Maria 6 Downs m. ; Susan* Downs m. Snow ; Hiram" Downs. 

+ 415 Clark 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 12, 1768. 

+ 416 Abel 5 Cleveland, b. Jan. 25, 1770. 

+417 Dyer or Obadiah 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 22, 1772. 

4-418 James 6 Cleaveland, b. Dec. 18, 1777. 

Moses 4 Cleveland dwelt at Haddam, farmer. With his 

. father he was active in the Separate movement. Lamed 1 s 

Windham co., II : 57 — Moses Cleveland and his father with 18 

others petition for incorporation of Brunswick society. See 

Benjamin 3 Cleveland -f 37. 

Moses 4 Cleveland and w. adm. to com. Windham May 31,, 
1759. Mrs. Tabitha (Spencer) Cleveland lived at Whitehall, 
N. Y., 1 81 7. See Hinman's Conn. Settlers. 


CHLOE 4 CLEVELAND (Benjamins, Aaron", Moses*), m. Stoning- 

tqn, Conn., Sept. 28, 1763, William Yarrington, b. Jan. 27, 1738. 
William Yarrington was a private in Capt. Moulton's Co., 
Conn. Line, Gen. Waterbury's Brigade, 1781 ; Coast Defense 
from Horseneck to New T Haven, and under Gen. Heath in 
Westchester Line. Was a descendant of William Yarrington of 
Boston, Mass., 1630, whose posterity lived in Conn, and Long 
Island. Resided in Coram, Suffolk co., N. Y. Grandparents 
to Rev. Benjamin Mowalf Yarrington of Greenwich, Conn., 1897, 
who is uncle, and they great-grandparents to * 

Rev. Samuel Roosevelt Johnson^ Hoyt, D.D. (whose mother was 
a Yarrington). Residence Davenport, la., 1897, Secretary and 
Archdeacon of the Sons of the Revolution in the State of Iowa, 
was Chaplain 1893-4. Great grandson of John Hoyt, Jr., Prize 


Master (under commission of Congress) of Stamford, Conn., 
Committee of Safety, Stamford, 1775 ; Legislative Assembly, 
1777 ; Private in Capt. Lyman's Co., Conn. Militia, in com. of 
Gen. Wooster. Also great-great-grandson of Private Ebenezer 
Hait, Capt. Fuller's Co., 13th reg., Conn. Militia, and 8th reg., 
Conn. Line, and Capt. Lockwood's Co., Coast Guard, 1781. 
Also great-grandson of Capt. Robert Carr ; Private in 4th 
Conn. Line, 1781, and Capt. in 24th Conn. Militia, Westmore- 
land ; also under Gen. Heath in Westchester Line. 


Hezelciah* Ward (jane', Samuel, Moses i), d. Grafton, Worces- 
ter co., Mass., Mar. 6, 1777, a. 74, m. 1st, Marlborough, Mass., Nov. 
26, 1724, Abigail Perry, she d. Southboro, Mass., Mar. 30, 1735. 
He m. 2d, Oct. 13, 1737, Sarah Green, she d. Grafton, Mar. 9, 
1753. Ch. : 

-I-419 Hezekiah* Ward, b. Oct. 6, 1725. 

+420 Jonathan* Ward, b. Feb. 3, 1727. 

Frances* Ward, b. Mar. 11, 1729, d. Oct. 25, 1733. 

+421 Abigail* Ward, b. July 23, 1730, Timothy*, Mar. 12, 
1732, d. inf. 

4-422 Elizabeth* Ward, b. Apr. 13, 1733. William*, b. Feb. 
16, d. Mar. 13, 1735. 

4-423 Sarah* Ward, b. Oct. 7, 1738. Jane*, b. Feb. 10, 1740, 
d. Sept. 9, 1 741. 

424 Gershom* Ward, b. Feb. 1, 1742, d. Buckland, Franklin 
co., Mass., 1806, m. Sept. 1, 1768, Prudence Powers of Uxbridge, 
Worcester co., Mass., I'd Grafton, af. Buckl. Ch. : Deliverance* 
Ward, b. Feb. 3, 1769, G. ; Several* d. y. 

4-425 Nahum* Ward, b. Mar. 26, 1744. 

426 .Hepzibah* Ward, b. Sept. 13, 1747, d. 1707, m. Apr. 12, 
1797, Henry Daniels of Franklin, Mass., s. p. 

427 Bathsheba* Ward, b. May 31, 1750, d. Jan. 21, 1810, m. 
Benjamin Saddler of Upton, Worcester co., Mass. Mary*, b. 
May 9, 1753, d. y. ' • ' 

Hezekiah 4, Ward xlwelt Southboro, Westboro, Upton, and 

Journal House of Rep., Mass. — Feb., 1767. Granted to Hezekiah Ward et al. as- 
signees of Boston in proportion to losses of lands in Charlemont by running line of Col- 
erain or Colraine, Franklin co., Mass., 3,000 acres of unimproved lands adjoining Charle- 
mont, satisfaction for deficiency in the original grant. 


JElisha* Ward (jane*, Samuel), d. Westboro, Mass., Jan. 24, 
1756, a. 43, m. Nov. 28, 1738, Ruth Rice, b. 1721, da. Joseph 
and Elizabeth (She m. 2d, May 3, 1757, Joseph Brigham of 
Marlboro, Mass.). s. p. Dwelt Westb., wills his real est. to 
neph., William 6 Ward. 


Rice Ancestry : — warms: Rice (Preston, Suffolk co., Eng.). Ar. 3 spearheads. 
Crest — A raven's head. . . . Hon. Edmund 1 , b. 1594, fr. Barkhamstead, Herts co., 
Eng., a 1st set. Sudbury, Mass., 1639 (per s. of wid. Rice a prop, of S., 1640), rep. d. May 
3, 1663, m. 1st, in Eng., Thomasine ; Joseph 4 b. Eng., 1638, Sudb., m. 3d, Mary Beers, b. 
May 10, 1643, a da. Capt. Richard of Watertown, Mass., 1637, who was k. in Philip's war 
at Squakeag now Northfield, Franklin co., Mass., Sept 4, 1675 ; Joseph 3 Rice, b. June 5, 
1671, m.- Elizabeth, b. 1685. 


Hannah* Ward (jane 3 , Samuel*,), married as 2d w. Ephraim 
Ward, b. Marlboro, Mass., June 26, 1705, a s. Samuel and Mary. 
Ch. : 

+428 Abner* Ward, b. Sept. 2, 1743. Susanna?, b. Dec. 23, 
1746, d. Southboro, Mass., June 1, 1824, unm. 

429 Charles* Ward, b. Aug. 23, 1749, m. Alice. Dwelt 
Southboro, af. Corinth, Orange co., Vt. Ch. : Nelle* Ward, b. 
Aug. 18, 1773', S. 

430 Hannah* Ward, b. Dec. 25, 1751, m. Dec. 2, 1773, 
Jonas Woods. 

+ 431 Eneas* Ward, b. May 30, 1754. 

432 Jane* Ward, b. Aug. 26, 1757, m. Dec. 25, 1777, 
David Fay. 

433 Ezra* Ward, b. Apr. 14, 1761, d. in army, unm. 
Tirzah* Ward, b. Mar. 18, 1763, m. Benjamin Angier. Eph- 
raim Ward dwelt Southb. He m. 1st, Jan. 30, 1733, Susannah 
Weeks of Marlb., b. Jan. 11, 1712, d. Southb., June 13, 1740, a 
da., Supply and Susanna (Barnes). Ch. : Ephraim Ward, b. 
1733, d. Bradford, Merrimack co., N. H., May, 1820, m. Oct. 6, 
1755, Elizabeth Priest of Marlb., she died Bradford, Feb. 1816, 
ch. : Josiah, b. 1756, m. Hannah Morse, Betsy, Abner m. 
Polly Davis, Lydia m. George Presby, Stephen m. Betsy 
Davis, Patty m. Paul Abbott, Levinah m. Jonathan D. Cheney, 
Sally m. John Davis ; Solomon Ward, b. Nov. 14, 1734, d. Con- 
cord, Essex co., Vt., Mar. 25, 1817, m. Lydia Angier, ch. : 
Levinah b. Feb. 8, 1772, m. Nathaniel Este, Sally Oct. 6, 1773, 
m. John Williams; Abner Ward, b. June 18, 1736, d. 1740; 
Francis Ward, b. Feb. 2, 1737, d. 1740 ; Lucy Ward, b. Oct. 26, 
1739, d. 1740. For descendants see A. H. Ward's Ward gen., 
ijS-p, Weeks ancestry : — 

George 1 Dorchester, 1640, m. Jane Clap, sister of Roger ; Arnmiel 2 , b. Eng. of Dorch., 
m. Elizabeth ; Supply 3 Weeks, b. Aug. 26, 1671, m. Susanna Barnes, da. Richard. 

Ward Ancestry : — William 1 [see +38] ; Samuel 2 , b. Sudb., Sept. 24, 1641, Marlb., m. 
1st, Sarah How 8 , b. Sept. 25, 1644; Samuel 3 Ward, b. Mar., 1678, m. Mary. 

Howe Ancestry:— 9 arms: How; 7 : HOWE ; 5 : HOWES, HOWSE. (Langar, Not- 
tingham co., Eng.; Emble, Somerset co.) Or. fesse betw. 3 wolves' heads. Crest — 
Gauntlet holding falchion ar., middle of blade debruised by wolf's head. John 1 of War- 
wickshire, Eng., said by a writer in Worcester Magazine, II: 130, to be related to Howe, 
Earl of Lancaster ; John 3 , Waterb., 1640, Sudb., petitioner, 1656, for grant of Marlb., d. 
July io, 1678, m. Mary ; Sarah 3 How. 



Charles* Ward (jane", Samuel), d. at taking of Louisburg, 
N. S., 1745, m. Framingham, Mass., Aug. 25, 1742, Abigail Pike 
of F., b. May 26, 1724, d. af. 1759, da. William. (She m. 2d, see 
below.) Ch. : "^~. 

+434 William" Ward, b. Sept. 12, 1743, Sturbridge, Mass. 
Edward", b. Feb. 9, d. Apr. 26, 1745 ; Jane", b. Jan. 23, 1746, d. 
Southboro, Mass., Oct. 17, 1756. 

Charles* Ward dwelt Sturbridge ; soldier in exped. against 
Cape Breton, fell at Louisburg. 

Mrs. Abigail (Pike) Ward, m. 2d, Sept. 14, 1748, Joseph Bel- 
lows of Southb., he d. bef. 1759. Dwelt Holden, Worcester co., 

Pike, Spight, Spike Ancestry : — 6 arms : — Pike (Devonshire). Per pale ar. & gu. a 
chev. az. betw. 3 trefoils. Crest — A pike, naiant or . . . James 1 ad m. chh. Charles- 
town, Mass., 3 (3), 1647, Reading, Mass., d. 1699, ra. 1st, Naomi, 2d, Sarah ; Jeremiah , R., 
Framingh., selectman, d. Jan. 9, 1711 ; William 3 Pike, b. Mar. 14, 1687. Wyman ; Savage. 


Thomas* Hewitt (Persis 3 , samuei», Mosesi), m. Stevens ? Lived 
at Canaan, Conn., is thought to have moved to Pa. 

From History of Wyoming, by Charles Miner, 184s, PP- IT > I 37^ 
&c, Apx. 44 — 

July, 1753, formation of Susquehanna Company at Windham, Conn. ; committee sent 
to explore land on Susq. river, called Chiwaumuck island, presumed to be Minocasy. 
... In List of the 200 first enrolled actual settlers in 5 townships : Wilkesbarre, Han- 
over, Kingston, Plymouth, Pittston, Luzerne co , Pa. : June 2, 1769 : Gershom Hewit, Ben- 
jamin Hewit, Benj. Hewit, Jr. . . . Capt. Deathic or Dethick Hewitt was killed at 
battle of Wyoming, Westmoreland, July 3, 1778, m. da. of Constant Searles of Kingston 
(who was k. same battle, July 3, 1778; he had- sons:' William 'Searle, whose da. Abigail 
m. Stephen Abbott, Roger Searle, b. ab. 1759, Constant Searle^ b. ab. 1760, d. Providence, 
R. I., Aug. 4, 1804, and prob. lliner Searle). Capt. Dethic Hewitt com. the 3d co. raised 
at Westmoreland by ord. of Congress Mar. 16, 1778 ; he fell gallantly fighting, refusing to 
retreat. Americans led by Col. Zebulon Butler and Col. .Nathan Denison;- British and 
Indians com. by Col. John Butler. Capt. Dethic Hewitt had a son, b. 1760, in battle with 
him. — Geo. B. Kulp's Wyoming valley, 1S85. 


Mphraim* Hewitt (Persis', samuei*, Moses»), m. 1 748, Mary Ran- 
dall. Lived at Canaan, Conn. Ch. b. Canaan (most of them 
thought to have gone to N. Y. state): Benjamin" Hewitt, May 23, 
1749; Asa 6 Hewitt, Dec. 5, 1750; Joseph" Hewitt, Dec. 1, 1753; 
Nathaniel" Hewitt, Dec. 5, 1755 ; John* Hewitt, June 22, 1758. 435 
Randall" Hewitt, b. June 28, 1760, d. Seneca Falls, N. Y., May 2, 
1850. Revolution soldier. Mary" Heivitt, b. Aug. 3, 1762 ; Abigail" 
Hewitt, Aug. 29, 1764; Philander" Hewitt, Aug. 9, 1769. 


ELEAZER 4 CLEAVELAND (Samuel 3 , Samuel*, Moses'), d. per. 
Canterbury, Conn., more prob. Salisbury or New London, Conn., 



after 177 1, m. Canterbury, Apr. 25, 1749, Anna Brad- 
ford, a da. Lt. James and Susannah (Adams). Ch : 

+ 436 Anne 5 Cleaveland, b. Nov. 3, 1750, Canterbury. 
437 Susannah 6 Cleaveland, b. July 29, 1752, C, d. Royal- 
ton, Windsor co., Vt, Dec. 25, 1844, m. Forseth [Forsyth?], he 
•d. bef. Dec. 25,. 1844, sea capt. Ch. : 1, d. -y. 

+ 438 Squier 6 Cleaveland, b. July 29, 1754, Canterbury. 

439 Mehitable 5 Cleaveland, b. July 14, 1756, C, m. 

Batchelder of Pittsfield, Merrimack co., N. H. 

440 John 6 Cleaveland (Lt.), b. June 29, 1758, C, d. in 
New Jersey soon after Dec. 26, 1776, was a Lt. in Revolutionary 
.army, was at battle of Trenton, Mercer co., N. J. 

+ 441 Perez 6 Cleaveland, b. July 17, 1760, Canterbury. 

442 Polly 6 Cleaveland, b. Aug. 19, 1762, C, m. 

Batchelder of Pittsfield, N. H. 

+ 443 Bradford 6 Cleaveland, b. Sept. 9, 1764, Canterb. 
444 "Ellis" or Alice 6 Cleaveland, b. Dec. 16, 1767, C, 
m. as 1st w., Paine 6 Cleveland +553. 

+445 William 6 Cleaveland, b. Feb. 22, 1771, Salisbury, 

Eleazer* Cleaveland rem. from Canterbury to Salisbury 
between 1767-1771, after 1771 to New London. Eleazer 4 adm. 
C. Separate chh. Oct.; 1745. Hoadly's Conn. Col. Rec, II : 416— 
Assembly, May, 1760, exempt from chh. taxes, Eleazer Cleve- 
land and other dissenters. \ *&-<< >uo n& 

Bradford ancestry: — William 1 , William 2 , William^, William 4 [see -(-66]; Capt. 
Thomas 5 of Norwich, Conn., d. 1708, m. Anne Smitlr^ Lt. James Bradford [a James 
Bradford enlisted July 14, discii'd Sept. 17, 1775, was corp. 7th co., 8th reg., Conn, line, 
•Col. Jedediah Huntington], m. 2d, 1724, Susannah Adams 4 . 

Adams ancestry: — Henry 1 [see +58] ; Hon. Thomas 2 , b. 1612, freeman May 10, 1643, 
It., member Ancient and Hon. Artillery Co., representative, of Concord, Chelmsford, m. 
Mary Blackmore ; Samuel 3 , from Chelmsford, 1700, to Canterbury, Conn., m. Mary ; 
Susannah 4 Adams m. James Bradford 6 . 


DAVID 4 CLEAVELAND (Samuel, Samuel*, Mosesi), m. 1st, Can- 
terbury, Conn., June 25, 1744, Eunice Backus, b. C. Sept., Oct., 
Nov., or Dec. 9, 1722, d. C. Oct. 5, 1749, da. Timothy and Sarah 
(Post). He m. 2d, C, Aug. 15, 1750, Rebecca Tracy of Preston, 
Conn.; she d. C, Nov. 30, 1754. Ch. b. Canterbury by 1st m.: 

446 Sarah 5 Cleveland, b. Sep. 3, 1744-5, m. C, Sep. 21, 
1763, Peter Stanton, b. C, May 18, 1743, a s. Joseph and Abigail. 
Ch. b. Canterbury: David* Stanton, b. Dec. 26, 1764; Samuel" 
Stanton, b. Feb. 13, d. C, May 23, 1767; Sarah" Stanton, b. Mar. 

4, 1784- 

447 Samuel 5 Cleveland, b. Sep. 18, 1747, perhaps settled 
in Concord or Chardon, Geauga co., O. 




+ 448 Tracy 6 Cleveland, b. May 8, 175 r. 

449 Amy or Amee 5 Cleveland, b. Jan. 14, 1753. 

450 Daniel 5 Cleveland, bap. Sep. 16, 17.53, Canterbury, 

Corp. David 4 Cleveland dwelt in Canterbury to 1750, after- 
ward at Pomfret. He was corporal at Ft. Edward, Ticonderoga, 
and in the Lake George theatre of operations, 1755-6, under 
Capt. Israel Putnam, in French and Indian war. 

Lamed' 's Windham CO., J: j6j — In Nov., 1756, Israel Putnam received a commission 
as captain, and was ordered to raise a company of men to hold possession of Fort Ed- 
ward during the ensuing winter. Many young men in Pomfret and adjacent towns were 
eager to serve tinder so spirited and popular a leader, and soon the ranks were filled, as 
follows : — Israel Putnam, Captain ; Nathaniel Porter and Henry Chapin, lieutenants ; 
Henry Pearson, Peter Leavens, Peleg Sunderland, and William Manning, sergeants j 
David Cleveland, Nathan Hale, David Whitmore, Thomas Lyon, corporals ; Nathan 
Bacon, drummer ; Isaac Dean, clerk ; Soldiers — Robert Austin, Matthew Davis, Daniel 
Isham, Micajah Torrey, Eliphalet Carpenter, Samuel White, Littlefield Nash, Jeremiah 
Jackson, Peter Bowen, Timothy Harrington, Giles Harris, Ebenezer Cary, John Austin, 
Aaron Dewey, John Waters, Eli Lewis, Samuel Horton, Ezekiel White, Robert Newell, 
Samuel Webb, Gideon Webb, Solomon Mack, Zaccheus Crow, Roger Crow, Charles 
Biles, Edward Tryon, Edad Parson, Stephen Pease, Wareham Pease, Thomas Brigdon, 
James Hartford, Thomas Eddy, George Gregory, John Metcalf, John Philips, John 
Hutchinson, Benjamin Shipman. 


HOPESTILL 4 CLEVELAND (Samuel', Samuel", Moses'), d. Wil- 

braham, Mass., Jan. 6, 1809, a. 82, m. 1st, Canterbury, Conn., 
May 9, 1754, Patience Benjamin; she d. ab. 1770. He m. 2d, 
Hannah Goodman, b. ab. 1733, d. Wilbraham, Dec. 26, 181 9. 
Ch. by 1 st m.: 

4-451 Patience 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 12, 1757, Canterbury. 

4-452 Elisha 5 Cleveland, b. June 12, 1759, C. 

4-453 David 6 Cleveland, b. July 9, 1765, C. 

4-454 Esther 6 Cleveland, b. June 30, 1767, C. 

4-455 Samuel 5 Cleveland, b. June 14, 1769, Wilbraham. 

By 2d m., b. Wilbraham : 

Charity 6 Cleveland, d. W. Jan. 19, 1773; Da 6 , d. W. 
Nov. 11, 1778. 

4-456 Hannah 5 Cleveland. 

Hopestill 4 Cleveland dwelt : Canterbury, Palmer, Mass., 
Canterbury again; rem. bef. 1769 to Wilbraham, farmer. Of 
ability and influence. Hoadly's Conn. Col. Hec, XI : 416 — As- 
sembly, May, 1760, releases Hopestill Cleveland and other 
dissenters fr. church tax. See their memorial to Legis., under 
Josiah 4 4-228. His will mentions sons Elisha, David, Samuel;. 
das. Patience Wight, Hannah Bording, Esther Miller. 


HETTY or MEHITABLE 4 CLEVELAND (Samuel*, Samuei=, 
Mosesi), m. Canterbury, Conn., Oct. 15, 1746, Faxon Dean, b. Ded- 



ham, Mass., Jan. 27, 1718-19, s. Joseph and Mary (Faxon). Ch. 
b. Canterbury \-Marf Dean, b. Aug. 12, 1747, d. C. Mar. 6, 1 750-1; 
Joseph 9 ' Dean, b. Feb. 17, 1748-9, d. C. Feb. 11, 1750-1; Samuel? 
Dean, b.. Apr. 28, 175 1. 457 \>.Nathan i Dean, m. C, Nov. 16, 1774, 
Lucy Sharp]. 

Faxon Dean (his guardian, bro. Thomas Dean, ap. July 16, 
1 731), of Canterbury. Chh. rec. — Mehitable, w. of Faxon Dean, 
owned y e covenant June 23, 175 1. 

. Dean ancestry: — 4 arms: Dean; /.• Deans; 3$: DEANE (London: founded by- 
Richard de Dene [of Denelands], temp. Edw. III). Gu. lion ramp, guard, or, on chief ar. 
3 crescents of the field. Crest — Demi lion ramp, or holding in dexter paw crescent gu. 
. . . The Saxon word den or dene : a valley or woody place. . . . Robert de Dene, 
butler to Edw. the Confessor, held estates in Normandy and Eng. . . . Sir William 
of Dene, owner of Throwly, Kent, temp. Conquest. . . . Walter 1 , b. Chard 12 mi. fr. 
Taunton (in Taunton Dean or valley on river Tone), Somersetshire, Eng., 1615-20 (sup. 
to be of Dene family of Denelands), came ab. 1637 (with bro. John, b. 1600, of Taunton, 
Mass.1, arr. Boston, Dorchester, Mass., Taunton, rep. d. 1696-7, m. Eleanor Strong, da. 
Richard of Taunton, Eng., sister to Elder John of Northampton, Hampshire co., Mass., 
thought to be father of : John 2 of Dedham, Mass., 1677, d. 1727, m. Sarah ; Joseph 3 , b. D. 
Mar. 14, 1683, clothier, m. Mary Faxon 4 .— N. E. Reg., Ill : 375 — Deane Family. 

Faxon, Faxson, Fackson ancestry .-—Thomas 1 , b. Eng. ab.1601, Dedham, 1647, Brain- 
tree, Mass., m. ist, Joane, who came to America with him ; Richard 2 , b. Eng. ab. 1630, m. 
Elizabeth ; Thomas 3 , b. Aug. 2, 1662, m. Mary Blanchard 3 ; Mary 4 Faxon m. Joseph Dean. 
— See Faxon Fam., by George Luther Faxon, 1880, p. 57. 

Blanchard ancestry .- — 2 arms: (Wiltsh. and Somersetsh.). Gu. a chev. or, betw. in 
chief 2 bezants, in base griffin's head. Crest — On chapeau arm embowed, in armor, 
holding battle-axe. . . . Thomas 1 , fr. London, 1639, Braint., Charlestown, Mass., m. 
ist; Nathaniel 2 , b. Eng. 1636, m. Susanna Bates; Mary 3 Blanchard m. Thomas Faxon 3 . 


EPHRAIM 4 CLEVELAND (Joseph 3 , Samuel 2 , Moses'), died after 
1781, m. ist, Dedham, Norfolk co., Mass., Jan. 14, 1734-5, Abi- 
gail Curtis, b. Roxbury, Mass., Nov. 17 16, bap., First Chh., 
West Parish, Roxb., Dee. 2,-1716, d. Dedham, Aug. 30, 1738, a 
da. of Jonathan and Sarah (Lyon). He m. 2d, D., Nov. 21, 1738, 
Ruth Nichols of D., she d. D., Oct. 14, 1744. He m. 3d, Bridge- 
water, Mass., Mar. 26, 1746-7, Mrs. Hannah (Paige) Hayward 
of B., b. 1729, d. Hardwick, Mass., Nov. 21, 1810, wid. and 2d w. 
of Benoni Hayward. Ch. by ist m. : 

+458 Ephraim* Cleveland, b. Sep. 13, 1737, Dedham. By 
2d in., b. Dedham : 

+459 Jacob 6 Cleveland, b. Sep., Oct. 3, 1739. 
Sarah' Cleveland, b. Dec. 21, 1740. 
460 Rebekah 6 Cleveland, b. July 3, 1742, m. prob. New- 
ton, Mass., 1763, Simon Chamberlain, b. N., Sep. 5, 1739, s - Jacob 
and Susannah ; she then of Needham, Mass. Ch : Susanna}? 
Chamberlain, b. July 3, 1765 ; William 6 Chamberlain, b. Dec. 3, 
1767. — His. Newton. 

+ 461 Abigail 6 Cleveland, b. May 21, 28, 1744. By 3d m. 
b. Bridgewater : 


Lois p Cleveland, ) b. Jan. 9, 1747-8, d. B., Dec. 22, 

[ J 752- 
462 Louisa 6 Cleveland, ) b. Jan. 9, 1747-8, m. John 

Gardner, dwelt Hardwick. Gardner, Worcester co., Mass., was 

named for descendants. 

+463 Joseph 5 Cleveland, b. Apr. 26, 1749. 

+ 464 Benjamin 5 Cleveland, b. Dec. 18, 175 1. 

+ 465 Elijah 5 Cleveland, b. June 1, 1753, 1754. 

+466 Ebenezer 5 Cleveland, ) b. Dec. 21, 1755. 
467 Lucia 5 Cleveland, f b. Dec. 21, 1755, m. pub. 
Hardw., Dec. 24, 1780, Ichabod Eddy, desc. 1. Heath, Franklin, 
co., Mass., Northfield, Turner's Falls, Mass. 

+ 468 Olive 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 14, 1758. 

+469 Persis 5 Cleveland, b. Feb. 25, 1760. 

Ephraim 4 Cleveland settled first at Dedham, where he was 
m. to 1st and 2d wives by Rev. Samuel Dexter. In 1743 Eph- 
raim Cleveland of Dedham owned land at Hardwick. Removed 
to West Bridgewater, Plymouth co., Mass., and 1762 from Old 
.Bridgewater to westerly part of Hardwick, where he bought a 
farm Mar. 27, 1761 ; saddler. He built a house, the cellar of 
which is still (1893) to be seen at H. Tax List, Hardwick, Jan. 
30, 1776. — South side: Ephraim Cleveland, 2 polls, 10 s., 3 d., 
3 qr. Civil offices, Hardwick : Ephraim Cleveland, Assessor, 
1781. His farm passed to his son Elijah 6 . His. Bridgewater, 
including family register. By Nahum Mitchell, 1840, p. JJ7 ; 
Worcester co., Mass., rec. deeds j Records of Dedham, edited by Don 
Gleason Hill, town clerk, 1886, 1 ; His. Hardwick, with Genealogical 
Register. By LuciuS'R. Paige, 1883, p. 297, 317, 330. 

Curtis ancestry .• — William* m. Sarah Eliot [see +55'] ; John= bap. Nasing, Eng., 
July 17, 1629, of Roxbury, tax collector, m. 1st, Boston, Mass., Dec. 26, 1661, Rebecca 
Wheeler, b. B., June 17, 1643, only da. Thomas & Rebecca; Jonathans Curtis, bap. 
Roxb., Dec. 14, 1672, m. Sarah Lyons. 

Lyon ancestry:— William 1 , b. ab. 1621, came 1635 in the Hopewell, of Roxbury, m. 
Rachel Ruggles da. Thomas ; Samuel 2 , b. June 10, 1650, m. Deliverance ; Sarah" Lyon m. 
Jonathan Curtis*.— N. E. Reg., LI: /6b; Savage. 


BENJAMIN 4 CLEVELAND (Joseph, Samuel*, Moses'), b. in 
Canterbury, Conn., May 20, 17 14, d. East Brookfield, Orange 

co., Vt., 1797, m. j !73 6 > 

Rachel [family name not found], sjie d. at Lyme, 

Grafton co., N. H., 1792. Ch. b. at Canterbury : 

470 Joseph 5 Cleveland, b. May 14, 1737, d. C, Nov. 17, 

471 Benjamin 5 Cleveland, b. prob. 1740, d. C, 

Nov. 12, 1749. 



472 Dorothy 5 Cleveland, b. June 10, 1744, d. C, Nov. 
12, 1749. 

+473 Abigail 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 13, 1746. 

+ 474 Zenas 4 ' Cleveland, b. Sep. 21, 1748. 

+ 475 Rachel 6 Cleveland, b. May 18, 1750. 

■+-476 Persis 5 Cleveland, b. Jan., June 18, 1752. 

+477 Rufus 5 Cleveland, b. June 14, 1754. 
478 Mary 5 Cleveland, b. Apr. 14, 1756, d. C, Jan. 27, 

+479 Phebe 5 Cleveland, b. June 25, 1758. 

Benjamin 4 Cleveland was a resident of Canterbury until 
about 1780. A Genealogy of Benjamim Cleveland, a great-grandson 
of Moses Cleveland of Woburn, Mass., and a native of Canterbury, 
Windham co., Conn. With an Appendix, 1879. Compiled by his 
great-grandson Horace Gillette Cleveland +4480, (one of the com- 
pilers of this work) gives an exhaustive account of his descend- 
ants (found in succeeding pages of this book), and the follow- 
ing items : Canterbury Land rec. — A deed of land by Joseph 
Cleveland to his " well beloved son Benjamin Cleveland," 
bears date "Canterbury, Decern 1 ye 23rd, A. D. 1735," with a 
reservation and proviso which reads as follows : 

"Only reserving to my own use and ye use of my family, to get firewood and Tim- 
ber upon s d Land during my natural life, & said Land being in full of y e portion my said 
son shall ever have of my Estate." 

VII: bo— 
" To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come — 

"Know ye, that I, Benjamin Cleaveland, of Canterbury, in the County of Windham, 
in the Colony of Connecticut in New England, for divers good causes and considerations 
moving, have remised, relieved, and forever quited claim, and by these presents for me 
and my Heirs doth fully, clearly, and absolutely Remise, Release, and forever quit claim 
unto Jonathan Downing, Sen'., of Canterbury, in the County of Windham, and Colony 
afores a , in his full and peaceable possession & Teasure and to his heirs and assigns for- 
ever, all such right, Title, Interest and Demand whatsoever he the s d had or ought to 
have in or to a sartin Brook which runs through the west end of the s d Cleaveland's 
Land. To Have and to Hold all the said premises, &c, unto him the said Downing, his 
heirs and assigns, for the whole term of nine hundred and ninety years. As witness 
my hand this Sixteenth Day of August, A. D. 1751. 

" Signed, sealed and 
delivered in presents of 
Saumel Stevens. 
Rachel X Cleaveland 
" Received this January the 8th Day, 1751, [1752 ?], and the same truly recorded. 

Attest: Stephen Frost." 

Whether the wife of Benjamin Cleveland was incapable of 
writing her signature at all, or whether her agitation in relin- 
quishing her joint right, " in or to a sartin Brook which runs 
through the west end of the s d Cleaveland Land," rendered her 
unable to do so, is not manifest. Indeed, it now matters not. 
Over a century and a quarter has passed since that Deed was 



delivered to Jonathan Downing - , Sen., and centuries may come 
and go, till that "whole term of nine hundred and ninety- 
years " expires. What then ? " The Brook " will still run its 

" to swell the brimming river," 

supplied by the never failing springs of the hills of Windham 
county — white-clad with the glistening snows of winter, or 
green-robed with the glorious verdure of each returning sum- 
mer. Children will play upon its banks and bathe their bare 
feet in its limpid, sparkling waters, as did of yore the little ones 
of Benjamin and Rachel Cleveland. Will there be sorrow 
again like that which filled the hearts and darkened the home 
of this young couple, when, within a fortnight during that 
dreary month of November, in the year of grace 1749, three of 
their five children sickened and died, and were buried side by 
side in three little graves for violets to grow upon when the 
spring-tide came — "Joe " and " Bennie " and " Dollie " — leav- 
ing only little " Nabby " and baby "Zen as " — he whose crippled 
manhood in after years was evidently one- continued and heroic 
struggle with adversity ? The father may be pictured to us, 
sad and sedate, with his eyes fixedly gazing out o£ the window, 
while the sweeping gusts of early'winter rattle the casements, 
and break and scatter the ice-mailed branches of the trees 
around the little yard of his " broken home." With Puritan 
fortitude he endeavors, though vainly, to keep back the tears 
that silently steal down his cheeks, while he speaks to the sob- 
bing wife and mother — crushed with their great grief, and 
worn and weary, with watching and vigils by the bedsides of 
her darlings, — the' well remembered words of Holy Writ, "The 
Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away — blessed be the 
name of the Lord." There is no answer save a low moan and 
" a fresh outburst of tears. Another Rachel indeed, mourning 
her first born children and refusing to be comforted. 

But the spring time followed, and while the birds were car- 
oling its return another daughter was born and christened for 
her mother, Rachel. Within two years more, still another 
daughter gladdened the household with the name of her great- 
grandmother, Persis. Two and a half years later, another son 
was born and called Rufus. Was he, or his elder brother 
Zenas, named f or the father or grandfather of the mother that 
bore them ? Next a daughter Mary, who died in midwinter, 
and was laid by the side of her little brothers and sister before 
attaining her seventh .year ; and lastly, Phebe, who grew to 
womanhood, married Ephraim Pearson, and waited and watched 
in vain for his return from sea, seven long years, with her 



family of four little ones, in their home in Manchester, Vt. 
Was the name of the mother of Rachel, wife of Benj. Cleve- 
land, Mary and grandmother Phebe ? 

Abigail or " Nabby " Cleveland was in her 16th year when 
little Mary, her sister, died, and was already engaged to young 
" Sam " Hovey of Windham. Her musical talent was the won- 
der and delight of the neighborhood, and her husband in after 
years used to say he had often heard her voice while singing 
of a clear evening out of doors a mile and a half away. Per- 
haps the hearing of the young lover was very acute at that 
particular period of his life. They were married in the autumn 
following the death of little Mary, and began the stormy voyage 
of life together in Windham, to peacefully close it among the 
green hills of Orange co., Vt. 

Canterbury Separate chh. rec. : — Baptisms June 20, 1714, Benjamin Cleveland. 
Oct. 23, 1738, Benjamin and Rachel Cleveland owned the covenant and adm. to 
church. Rachel Cleveland a signer of the church covenant Sep. 26, 1746. 1753, Ben- 
jamin and Rachel Cleveland in full communion, 

Larned's Windham Co., II : 42 — Canterbury. Division of First Soc, spring of 1767. 
With this vote the western inhabitants, viz. : Stephen Frost, Robert and John Herrick, 
Solomon Adams, Ebenezer Deane, Ezra and Amos Woodward, Ebenezer Goodell, 
Stephen Downing, Benjamin Cleveland, Nathaniel Cleveland, Samuel Parish, 
Matthias Button, Benjamin and John Durfee, David Munro, Solomon Allen, Stephen 
Ford, Jr., Joseph Burgess, Josiah, Joseph and Sherebiah Butts, Joseph Leach, John Cur- 
tis, William Foster, Benjamin Jewett, David Canada, Eliphalet and Zebulon Farnham, 
William Hebard, Frederic Carter, John Lewis, Jonas Bond, appeared before Assembly, 
secured committee in favor of division. May, 1769, Westminister society organized. 

Benjamin 4 Cleveland removed to Lyme, Grafton co., N. H., 
in 1780. 

The following letter, written by Benjamin 4 Cleveland to 
his son, Ruf us 5 Cleveland (the original of which was in possession 
of his great-grandson, Horace Gillette 7 Cleveland), is given 
here to show the unaffected piety and simple-heartedness of the 
writer, as well as to preserve the document itself from oblivion. 
It is written in a plain, steady hand, and signed with the a in 
the first syllable of the name, as customarily written by mem- 
bers of the Cleveland family in those days. 

"Lyme, October 19th, 1786. 
"Dear Children: 

" Our love to you and yours induces us to let you know that through 
the goodness of God we are in as comfortable states of health as can be expected people 
of our age will be. But we are not insensible of the decays of nature, for we daily ex- 
perience those shocks which show that our dissolution draws near. I have a bad cough, 
but am able to keep about. Your mother is better upon the account of her lameness. 

" We have to acquaint you of the sorrowful news of the death of Zenas's two young- 
est children. Zenas and Rachel have both been sick, but have recovered. Ephraim 
Pearson and his wife was here about the beginning of September, and were well. 

"Mr. Cook, the bearer, is going to Hartford, and he will bring my spectacles when 
he returns, if they are left at Capt. Chamberlain's, and I hope you will carry them there, 
and write to us by Mr. Cook. 

" Zenas, and Hovey and Hamblin and their folks are all well, and remember their 
love to you and yours. 

" This from your loving Parents, 



He was in his seventy-third year when he penned, the fore- 
going, and it is to be hoped that the good old gentleman got 
his spectacles, of which he doubtless stood in great need. 

About 1792 Rev. Samuel Hovey rem. from Lyme, N. H., to- 
E. Brookfield, Vt, where, greatly enfeebled by old age, Benja- 
min" died, 1797. * 

Efforts to obtain the exact date of the death of Benjamin 1 
Cleveland and his wife Rachel have proved futile. It is stated, 
however, that "grandma Cleveland" died when Rebecca'' Hovey 
was twenty years old, and "grandpa Cleveland" lived five 
years after her death. So it may be seen, according to this- 
statement, that Rachel d. in Lyme, N. H., in 1792, and he d. in 
E. Brookfield, Vt., in 1797, and is buried in the old cemetery 
south of where descendants live, 1887. There is no stone in the 
old burying grounds of either town to mark their respective 
places of burial. The old burial place where the dust of the 
first settlers of Lyme, N. H., repose is thickly covered with un- 
derbrush and half-grown trees, with here and there a broken 

The most earnest and persistent efforts have been made to- 

ascertain the maiden name of wife Rachel , date and 

place of her birth, and the names of her parents. Of the six 
grandchildren living in 1879, n °t one was a * a ^ sure °f an y 
facts concerning her, save that her given name was Rachel, 
The probate records have been carefully examined in the hope 
that something might be found to determine the maiden name 
of said Rachel. As no will of Joseph 8 Cleveland (Samuel 2 ) ap- 
pears on those records, the conclusion is that he d. intestate. 
No grandchild or great-grandchild of Rachel is found bearing 
her full maiden name. 

It has been intimated that she was of Welsh extraction, but 
this seems only a traditionary conjecture. Her name thought 
by different ones to have been Cobb, Hall, Hyde, Hurd, Law- 
rence, Pearson, Perkins, Smith, Stebbins, Craig, Norton, the 
two last declared by spiritual mediums. 

The Halls of New England. By Rev. David B. Hall, A.M., iSSj, p. 682 — Chapter of 
Scraps : Rachel Hall m. Benjamin Cleveland of Canterbury, Conn., where he was born, 
May 20, 1714. 

Evidently this is intended to apply to Benjamin 4 . In this 
JTal! genealogy, a thoroughly compiled and ably edited work, no 
attempt is made to give the Hall ancestry of this " Rachel Hall." 
No authority is given for the item, and no such entry is found 
on any town, church, family, or other record. From this we 
can form no opinion that Benjamin Cleveland's wife was Rachel 



In 1802, Oren 6 Cleveland +1472, visited cousins of Rufus 5 
+477. These cousins were named Cobb, and resided half-way 
between Winsted, Conn., and Amenia, N. Y. It may be that 
Cobb was the name of Rachel. Her granddaughter, Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Perkins 6 Hovey Hibbard, stated many years ago that her 
grandmother Cleveland's name was Rachel Stebbins. This 
statement was made to her daughter, Miss Eliza M. 7 Hibbard, 
and was written down on a paper which still exists. 

Mr. Horace Gillette 7 Cleveland was confident that Benjamin 4 
married a sister of Alice Lawrence, the wife of Elijah 4 Cleve- 
land + 161. 


ELIJAH 4 CLEVELAND (josepw, Samuel*, Mosesi), d. Hillsdale 
(formerly Nobletown or Spencertown), Columbia co., N. Y., 
Sep. 28, 1794, a. 73, m. ab. 1748, Alice Lawrence, b. Plainfield, 
Conn., Apr. 19, 1731, d. Hillsdale, June 12, 1799, a da. Daniel 
and Hannah (Jewett). Ch : 

+ 480 Joseph 5 Cleveland, b. ab. 1749, Middletown, Conn. 

+481 Lucinda 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1751, Hillsdale, N. Y. 

+482 Asa 6 or Asahel 5 Cleveland, b. ab. 1753, Hillsdale, 
N. Y. 

+ 483 John 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 13, 1757, Hillsdale, N. Y. 

-I-484 Abigail 5 Cleveland, b. Feb. 21, 1758, Hillsdale, N. Y. 

+485 Sarah 5 Cleveland, b. Jan. 16, 1763, Hillsdale, N. Y. 

+ 486 Waitstill 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 22, 1764, Hillsdale, 
N. Y. 

+ 487 Daniel 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1766, Hillsdale, N. Y. 

+ 488 Amy 5 Cleveland, b. ab. 1769, Hillsdale, N. Y. 

Elijah 4 Cleveland dwelt at Canterbury, Conn., to 1748, 
Middletown to 1750, Great Barrington, Mass., 1750, afterward 
at Hillsdale, farmer. Elijah Cleveland joined church Brook- 
lyn, Conn., Apr. 18, 1742. Elijah 4 and wife are buried near the 
site of the old Baptist church, Hillsdale, on the land of Robert 
Orr, subsequently land of Solomon B. Collin, in a graveyard 
now obliterated. Sketch of Elijah Cleveland in History of Hills- 
dale, a Memorabilia of persons and things of interest. By Hon. John 
Francis Collin, Ex. M. C, 1883, p. 62. 

Lawrence ancestry and genealogy ; — 2 arms : LAWRANCE ; 16: LAWRENCE. . . . 
Sir Robert 1 Lawrence or Laurens of Ashton Hall, Lancashire, Eng., had arms : A cross 
raguly gu. [Crest — (Washington, Lancash.) Demi turbot ar. tail upwards. Motto — 
(of Cowsfield House co. Wilts &c.) In cruce salus] conferred upon him by Richard Coeur 
de Lion for his bravery in scaling the walls of Acre, A. D. 1191 ; Sir Robert 3 Ashton H. 
m. a da. of James Trafford of Lancash. ; James 3 m., 1252, Matilda de Washington, da. 
John ; John* m. Margaret Chesford, da. Walter ; John 6 m. Elizabeth Holt of Stabley, 
Lacash. ; Sir Robert 6 m. Margaret Holden of Lancash. ; Sir Robert 7 Ashton H., 1454, m. 
Amphibus Longford, da. Edward ; Nicholas 8 of Agercroft ; Johns £ Suffolk, ancestor of 
the Lawrences of St. James Park, Suff., d. 1461 ; Thomas 10 of Rumburgh, Suff. ; John 11 


d. 1504, m. Margery; Robert 12 ; John 13 will Jan. 27, 1556, m. Elizabeth; John 14 to him 
Lord North alienated, 1560, New Park, S. Elmham, bur. Rumb., May 21, 1590, m. Agnes; 
John 15 of Wisset, Suff. bur. Jan. 16, 1607, m. Johan ; Henry 16 Wisset, prob. came to 
Charlestown, Mass., m. Mary ; John 17 bap. Wisset, Oct. 8, 1609, came, 1630, Watertown, 
Mass., Groton, 1662, carpenter, selectman, m. 1st, Elizabeth ; Enoch 18 , b. Mar. 5, 1649 — 
N. E. His. Gen. Reg., X: 207 — Pedigree of Lawrence — m. Mrs. Ruth (Whitney 3 ) Shat- 
tuck, wid. of John Shattuck ; Daniel 18 , b. Groton, Mar. 7, 1681, moved ab. 1707 to Plain- 
field, Conn. — see Bond's Watertown, <K?j — is evidently the Daniel Lawrence frequently 
mentioned in LarnecVs Windham Co., I. -131 — settled in Plainfield, 1708 ',332 — estab. 
himself, 1730, in the Owaneco purchase in Killingly, Conn., d. Canaan, Conn., May 8, 1777, 
m. 1st, Sarah, she d. Plainf., Jan. 26, 1711-12. He m. 2d, P., Nov. 25, 1712, Hannah Jewett, 
ch. b. P. : by 1st m. : following et ah: Sarah 20 m. Josiah CLEVELAND* 4228. By 2d m. 
following et ah: Elis or Alice 50 Lawrence, m. Elijah Cleveland*. 

Whitney ancestry : — John 1 , b. ab. 1600, from London 1635, of Watertown m. 1st, 
Elinor ; John 2 b. ab. 1624, brot. from Eng. by his father, of Watertown, m. Ruth Rey- 
nolds, da. of Robert & Mary of W. and Boston, Mass. ; Ruth 3 Whitney, m. 2d, Enoch 
Lawrence 18 . 


PERSIS 4 CLEVELAND (Joseph 3 , samuei«), m. Pomfret, Conn., 
Feb 18, 1745, Henry Bacon, he d. ab. 1752. — Windham co. Prob. 
rec. — Probate court appoints, Apr. 14, 1752, Maj. Joseph Hol- 
land of Pomfret guardian for 2 minor ch. of Henry Bacon. Ch : 
Abner* Bacon, b. after 1731 ; Joseph* Bacon, b. af. 1731. 


EZRA 4 CLEVELAND (Joseph 3 , Samuel", Moses 1 ), d. . Bristol or 
Burlington, Conn., Jan. [g. s.] Nov. 7, 1802, a. ab. 76, m. prob. 
Canterbury, Conn., bef. May, 1745, Jerusha Newcomb, b. Leb- 
anon, Conn., Mar. 24, 1729, d. Bristol or Burlington, Oct. 25, 28, 
1804, da. Hezekiah and Jerusha (Bradford). Ch : 

+ 489 Ezra 5 Cleveland, b. June 22, 1748, Canterbury. 

+ 490 Tyxhall 5 Cleveland, b. Apr. 26, 1750, C. 
491 Thomas 5 Cleveland, b. Mar. 25, 1752, C, m. . 

Capt. Eben. Webber's minute Co., Thomas Cleveland 6 days— Mass. Revol. Rolls, 
Lexington Alarm, xiii : 204. 

Muster roll of Capt. Webber's company that marched from Worthington the 20th 
day of. April, 1775: Captain, Ebenezer Webber, sergeants, Jere. Kinne, Jon. Prentice, 
Joshua Morse, Gershom Randall, drummer, Anthony Morse, fifer, Ezekiel Gardner : 
privates, Abner Dwelle, Thos. Cleveland, and twenty-two others.— His. Conn. Valley in 
Mass., Vol. I, p. 77. 

+492 Sarah 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 29, 1754, C. 
+493 Newcomb 5 Cleveland, b. Nov. 6, 1756, C. 

494 Jerusha 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 31, 1758, C. 

495- Asenath or Lucena 5 Cleveland,^ May 16, 1763, C, 
d. Mass., m. twice. 

496 Zeruriah 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 6, 1765, C, d. Junius, 
Seneca co., N. Y., m. Worthington, Mass., Oct. 28, 1787, Thomas 
Bruce of Cambridge, N. Y., ch : several s. and das. 

497 Dorothy 5 Cleveland, b. Sep. 14, 1767, C, d. Vt., m. 
■ Eastman, ch : 7 sons\ 

+498 Frederick 5 Cleveland, b. Apr. 11, 1770, Tolland, 



Ezra 4 Cleveland, in 1772, was "late of Tolland, but now of 
Worthington, Mass." Ezra 4 was deeded land, 1753, by his 
father. Jerusha w. of Ezra 4 , adm. Cong, chh., Canterbury, May 


Ezra Cleveland enlisted July 20, 1777; -was discharged July 31, 1777 : marched on 
expedition to Manchester Mass. Archives. 

On the opening of the campaign of 1777, a number of young men of the town, without 
arms or ammunition, offered to join the army of Washington at Morristown, N. J. The 
town thereupon voted that the selectmen should be empowered to draw powder and 
arms for any person or persons that should apply for same, and to send money to pur- 
chase the same, agreeable to a resolve of the General Assembly of the state. 

Ezra Cleveland lived on the south side of the road in a house situated in an angle of 
a lot north of the dwelling now occupied by Mr. Harvey T>evrey.— J?ice (&* Bisbee) His- 
tory of Worthington, p. 10 6? 21. 

Ezra Cleveland's homestead, a little north of the present house of George Pease — 
History Conn. Valley in Mass., VoL I, p. 455. 

. Conn. Col. Rec, XI : 416 — Assembly, May, 1760, releases 
Ezra Cleveland and other dissenters from church taxes. (See 
their memorial to Legis., under Josiah 4 +228.) Ezra 4 was bur- 
ied at Burlington, but in 1882, when his gr.-gr. s., James Monroe 1 
Cleveland +4471 (realizing that the gravestones would soon 
crumble), transported the remains of Ezra 4 and Ezra 6 to his lot 
in Elmwood Cemetery, Adams, Jefferson co., N. Y. 

Newcomb, Newcome ancestry: — z arms ; Newcome ; a: Newcombej 3: NEWCOME ; 
7 : Newcom ; / .• Newcom or Newcomen : (Saltfletby, co. Lincoln, Eng., temp. Richard 
I). Ar. a lion's head erased, sa. betw. three crescents gu. Crest— A lion's gamb, erased 
and erect sa. . . . Capt. Andrew 1 Newcome, b. Eng. 1638, came to America as capt. 
of a vessel, of Boston, Mass , 1664, master of a "ketch" bound from Charlestown, Mass., 
to Virginia, Feb. 28, 1666, will Jan. 31, 1683, probated Dec. 8, 1686, m. 1663, Mrs. Grace Rix, 
widow of William Rix of Boston ; Lt. Andrew 2 m. Sarah ; Simon 3 m. Deborah ; Heze- 
kiah 4 Newcomb m. Jerusha Bradford 6 . 

Bradford ancestry*- — William 1 , William 2 , William 3 , William 4 [see +66]; Thomas 5 
m. Ann Smith, da. Nehemiah ; Jerusha 6 Bradford m. Hezekiah Newcomb 4 . 

"I"'* .64. " 

SAMUEL 4 CLEVELAND (jose P h», Samuel 2 , Moses'), d. Royal- 
ton, Vt, Sept., 1809, a. 79, buried there, m. ist, Canterbury, 
Conn., Mar., May 7, 1751, Ruth Darbe, Derby, or Dorby, b. C, 
Sept. 26, 1732, d. Aug. 13, 1782, a da. William and Elizabeth. 
He m. 2d, Mar. 11, 1784, Anna Welch, she d. Bethel, Windsor 
co., Vt. (She m. 2d, and perhaps 3d, see below.) Ch. by ist 
m., b. Canterbury : 

+499 Joseph 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 7, 175 1-2. 

+ 500 Mary 5 Cleveland, b. Feb. 12, 1754. 

+ 501 Jedediah 6 Cleveland, b. May 8, 1756. 

+ 502 Abigail 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 6, 1758. 

Zeruiah 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 16, 19, 1761, d. C, Oct. 
25, 1766. 

+ 503 Samuel 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 7, 1763. 

+ 504 William Darbee 5 Cleveland, b. Feb. 8, 1766. 

Arlnah 8 Cleveland, b. Mar. 2, 21, 1768, d. C, Aug. 
17. 1773- 



- +505 Chester 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 22, 1770, 28, 1771. 
+ 506 Vester or Sylvester 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 22, 1778. 
By 2d m.: 

Ruth 5 , b. Aug. 31, 1786, Vt. or Mass., d. C, Nov. 26, 
1788, 1800. 

Hiram 5 Cleveland, d. recorded Canterbury between 
1800 and 1804. 

Samuel 4 Cleveland removed fr. Canterbury before 1792 to 
Vt. Lived at Royalton, Vt. Was deeded land, 1753, by his 
father, Joseph 3 . 

Larned's Windham co., II: 12 — Samuel Cleveland signs, recommending the peti- 
tion Apr. 10, 1770, to Gen. Court for exemption of petitioners building a house of worship 
according to Church of England, he being a subscriber adjacent to Brooklyn, Conn., 
united in building a church. 

Ruth Cleveland signs covenant Sept. 26, 1746, joins chh. 


Mrs. Anna (Welch) Cleveland (then of Royalton) m. 2d, as 

2d w., Samuel Denison, b. Jan. 8, 1741, or b. Lyme, New Lon- 
don co., Conn., Mar. n, 1742, d. Castleton, Rutland co., Vt., Feb., 
1824, >or d. 1836, s. John and Patience (Griswbld), s. p. He m. 
1st, 1760, Mary Champion or Champlin of Lyme, she d. Bridge- 
water, Windsor co., Vt. Ch. : Patience Denison, b. 1762, m. J. 
Perkins; Elizabeth Denison, b. 1764, m. Henry Boyee ; Sarah 
Denison, b. 1766, m. Francis Perkins ; Mary Denison, b. 1768, 
m. Sylvanus Griswold; William H. Denison, b. Nov. 26, 1776, m. 
Iola Higley ; Charlotte Denison, b. Jan. 5, 1779, m. John Purdy; 
Henry C. Denison, b. Mar. 8, 1781, m. Lucy Perrin ; Frances 
Denison, b. Oct. 23, 1785, m. Rev. Paul Dean ; Rev. John Deni- 
son, b. May 3, 1788, m^Lucretia Kellogg. 

Denison ancestry: — William 1 , George 3 , John 3 [see +1074] ; Robert 4 ; John 5 Denison 
m. Patience Griswold. — Denison gen., 74; Hyde gen., iqq. 

But, ac. to another account, Mrs. Ann (Welch) Cleveland m. 
2d, Luther Grover of Bethel. Perhaps this was her 3d m. She 
had sisters : Lois Welch, m. Bullon ; Judith Welch d. unm. 


Tyxhall* Ensworth (Elizabeth, samuei=, Mosesi), d. Canterbury, 
Conn., Jan. 6, 1776, a. 59, m. C, Dec. 6, 1742, Jerusha Fitch, b. C, 
Jan. 30, 1722-3, a da. Jabez and Lydia (Gale). Ch. b. Canterbury : 
Ephrain? Ensworth, d. C. June 23, 1749 ; Jerusha?, b. May 6, 1746 ; 
Lydicf, July 3, 1748, d. y.; Patience*, b. Nov. 20, 1749. 

507 Elizabeth' Ensworth, b. June 26, 1750, m. C, Dec. 10, 
1767, David Bacon. 

+ 508 Jesse 6 Ensworth, b. Sept. 29, 1753. Alice*, July 25, 1752. 

509 JedediaK* Ensworth (Dr.), b. Dec. 22, 1759, d. Pomfret, 

Conn., Oct. 26, 1795, m. Lucy Adams. Ch. b. P.: Lucy Adams* 


Ensworth, June 18, 1785 ; David Augustus*, Feb. 10, 1787 ; Jede- 
diah Sabiu", Jan. 17, 1792. . . . Peris or Per sis*, Nov. 26, 1754. 
Ephraim* (ag.), Dec. 1, 1760. 

5 [o Lydia* Ensworth (ag.), b. 1767, m. Canterbury, May 27, 
1790, James Dyar, b. C, Feb. 10, 1764, s. James and Anna. Ch. 
b. C: John* Dyar, Jan. 27, 1795 ; Mansiir* Dyar, June 23, 1801. 
. . . Abigail* Ensworth, Apr. 22, 1768. 

Fitch ancestry : — Thomas 1 , James 2 , James 3 [see +66], m. 1st, Elizabeth Mason, da. 
Maj. John and Anne (Peck) ; Jabez 4 Fitch, b. 1702, m. 1st, 1722, Lydia Gale 3 . 

Gale ancestry: — 1 arms : GALE or Gall; 2: GALL; 2: GALE or GALLE ; /.- GALES 
or Gale ; 7 : GALE : (An old Yorkshire family. Scruton, York co., Eng. Ashfield Hall. 
Queen's co.). Az. on a fesse betw. 3 saltires ar. 3 lions' heads erased, langued gu. Crest 
— Out of a ducal coronet or, a unicorn's head paly of 6 az. & or. . . . Richard 1 
Watertown, Mass., 1640 ; Abraham 2 , W., d. 1718, m. Sarah Fiske 2 ; Lydia 3 Gale, b. W., 
July 9, 1699, m. Jabez Fitch 4 . 

Fiske ancestry : — Nathan*, of an honorable fam. in Suffolk co., Eng., bearing coat of 
arms temp. Henry VI, as appears on rec, freem. May 10, 3643 [for arms, see +70], Watert. 
<prob. bro. to David of W., 1637), m. Susanna; Sarah 2 Fiske m. Abraham Gale 2 . 


William* Ensworth (Mary 3 , Samuel 2 ), m. 1st, Canterbury, 
Conn., Mar. 26, 1745, Grace Gale, she d. C, Oct. 10, 1752, per. da. 
Richard and Sarah. He m. 2d, C, Feb. 20, 1754, Hannah Cogswell, 
b. Lebanon, Conn., Mar. 3, 1738, da. Samuel and Elizabeth 
(Bingham). Ch. by 1st m., b. Canterbury: 

511 William* Ensworth, b. Nov. 5, 1745, m. C, Oct. 11, 1768, 
Catherine Young. 

+ 512 James* Ensworth, b. Dec. 17, 1746. 

Grace* Ensworth, b. Sept. 9, 1747. 2d m.: s. p. 

Gale ancestry : — Richard', Watertown; Abraham 2 m. Sarah Fiske, da. Nathan and 
Susanna; Richard 3 Gale, b. Sept. 25, 1677. Lamed 's Windham co., I: 156 — Apr. 30, 1723, 
Canterbury land distributed, a later settler % share, Richard Gale. m. Sarah. 

Cogswell ancestry : — John 1 , Ipswich; John 2 , d. 1653;. Samuel 3 , Saybrook, m. Susanna 
Hearn ; Samuel 4 , b. Aug. 3, 1677 ; Samuel 6 Cogswell m. Elizabeth Bingham. 


Jcibez*' Ensworth (Mary», samuei*, Moses 1 ), m., Canterbury, 
Conn., Nov. 17, 1748, Mehitable Tracy, she d. C, Mar. 22, 1757. 
Ch. b. Canterbury : 

513 Phebe* Ensworth, b. Aug. 2, 1749, evidently d. July 12, 
1800, and m. as 1st w., Apr. 1, 1771, Nathan* Adams +17974, b. 
Dec. 22, 1748, d. Feb. 4, 1837. , (He m. 2d, Mary Hale.) Pufus b 
Ensworth, b. May 25, 175 1, d. C, Feb. 2, 1756; Phelis* Ensworth, 
b. Apr. 26, 1753; Roswell or Rozel* Ensworth, b. May 9, 1755, d. 
C, May 11, 1776; Inf.*, b. and d. Mar. 19, 1757. 


Joseph* JEnsworth (Mary 3 , samuei 2 ), d. Norwich, Windsor co., 
"Vt, m., Canterbury, Conn., Jan. 25, 1763, Betty Washbon of 


Coventry, R. I., she d. Norwich. Of Canterb., af. Norwich, 
farmer. Ch. b. Canterbury : 

514 Clarissa* Ensworth, b. Oct. 19, 1763, d. Norw., m. Saf- 
ford, dwelt Norw., clothier. Ch : Several*. 

Leonard? Ensworth, b. Mar. 13, 1766, d. Norw., Vt., m. 
Hannah'' Ensworth, b. July 2, 1768, d. C. 1786, unm. 
+ 515 Lebbeus* Ensworth, b. May n, 177 1. 

Hezekiah* Ensworth, b. Feb. 22, 1775, prob. rem. to 
Norwich, Vt. 


ELIZABETH 4 CLEVELAND (Timothy*, Samuel*, Mosesi), m. 

Canterbury, Conn., Nov. 24, ,1748, Elihu Paine, b. C, Aug. 5, 
■ 1725, d. C, Feb. 27, 1752, a s. Rev. Solomon and Sarah (Carver). 
Ch. : Rufus* Paine, b. Apr. 8, 1750 ; Elizabeth'', July 25, 1752. 

516 Elisha b Paine, b. Mar. 31, 1763, d. C, Jan. 21, 1803, m. 
Anne. He signs Mar. 31, 1795, certificate as Justice of the 
Peace, Windham st., Canterbury. Ch. b. C : Solomon* Paine, 
Jan. 6, 1786 ; Betsey*, Dec. 27, 1787 ; Polly*, July 19, 1790 ; Olive*, 
July 24, 1792; Elisha*, Nov. 11, 1796; Lucretia* Paine, Oct. 31, 

Paine ancestry : — Thomas 1 , Thomas 2 [see +53]; Elisha 3 ; Rev. Solomon 4 Paine, b. 
Eastham, Mass., May 16, 1698, of Canterbury, the first and a faithful pastor of the Separ- 
ate church, frequent, ment. in Lamed' s Windham Co. biography in Paine Fam. by Dr. 
H. D. Paine, II: ibi, m. 1st, Sarah Carver. 


TIMOTHY 4 CLEVELAND (Timothys, Samuel, Moses'), d. Can- 
terbury, Conn., Oct. 27, 1803, 1804, a. 70, m. C, Jan. 30, 1,760, 
Esther Fish, b. C , Feb. 18, 1735-6, d. C, Nov. 3, 1803,' 1804, da. 
John and Esther ^Johnson). Ch. b. Canterbury : 

+517 Jacob 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 6, 1761. 

+518 Bethabra 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 31, 1763. 

+ 519 Cyrus 5 Cleveland, b. May 12, 1766. 

+520 Jeptha 5 Cleveland, b. Oct. 7, 1768. 

Dorothy* Cleveland, b. May 30, 1772, d. soon. 

521 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 6, 1774, m. C, Hathaway 
of Hingham, Mass., rem. to Mass., Washington. Ch : 2 s., 2 da. 

522 Dorothy 6 Cleveland (ag.), b. Oct. 12, 1779, d. Cant., 
Mar. 3, 1862, unm. 

Elkanah 5 Cleveland, b. June 9, d. C, 21, 1782. 
Lt. Timothy 4 Cleveland, dwelt at Canterbury. He was a 
soldier in the battle of Bunker's Hill. 

^^Connecticut State Library: Revolution Rolls, II— Men who marched from Conn, 
towns for relief of Boston. Prom Canterbury: 1775, Capt. Aaron* Cleveland's [+236] 
company bill in Lexington alarm; Timothy Cleveland, Jr., 9 days.— Conn. Men^in 
Revolution, 6. Larned's Windham Co., II : ijj — At Bunker Hill battle. "Boys," said 
Putnam to these old friends as he rode past them, " do you remember my orders at 



Ticonderoga ? " "You told us not to fire till we could see the whites of the enemy's 
eyes." " Well, I give the same order now," and most literally was it obeyed. Fresh 
companies coming up at the close of the fight were amazed at the audacity of these fire- 
hardened veterans. Timothy Cleveland of Canterbury had the breach of his gun- 
stock shot off when in full retreat and, exclaiming, " the darned British shall have no 
part of my gun" ran back in face of the advancing foe, and bore it off in triumph. 
Regardless of balls whistling by him, Putnam stood at a deserted field-piece urging the 
retreating troops to make one more stand, until the enemy's bayonets were almost upon 
him. 312 — 1788 about 30 prominent Separates, including Moses, Timothy, Tracy, and 
Eliphas Cleveland, returned to the First Society. 

Conn. Men in Revolution, p. 10b — 20th Continental regiment [known as Col. John 
Durkee's, 1776, was Gen. Israel Putnam's 3d reg. of 1775, recrganized for Continental 
Army, 1776. Marched from Boston to N. Y., Apr., 1776. In battle Trenton, Dec. 25, 1776, 
Princeton, Jan. 3, 1777, a portion of reg. at urgent request of Washington continuing in 
service 6 weeks after expiration of term of enlistment] Ensign TIMOTHY CLEVELAND, 
Canterbury, re-entered Continental service in 1777. Page iSb — 4th reg., Col. John Dur- 
kee : TIMOTHY CLEAVELAND, Canterbury, commissioned 2d lieutenant Jan. 1, 1777, 1st 
It. Nov. 25, 1777, retired by re-arrangement of officers Nov. 15, 1778. 

Public Records of Conn. By Charles J. Hoadly, LL.D., Slate ^Librarian, i$Q4, p. 25b. 
- Assembly May, 1777, ap. TIMOTHY CLEAVELAND 2d It. in Capt. Webb's co. instead of 
Abm. Wright who was before promoted. 

TIMOTHY 4 CLEVELAND and w. Esther are buried and have tombstones in the Old 
Cemetery at Canterbury. 

Fish ancestry ; John 1 m. Margaret (she m. 2d Samuel Cleveland 2 ) John 2 Fish m. 
Esther Johnson 6 . 

Johnson ancestry : — William 1 , Edward 2 , John 3 [see +32] Obadiah 4 ; Esther 6 Johnson 
m. John Fish 2 . 


EPHRAIM 4 CLEVELAND (Timothy*, Samuel 2 , Moses 1 ), d. tl. 

Naples, Ontario co., N. Y., bet. 1820 and 1827, m. 1st, Hampton 
(rec. Canterbury), "Windham co., Conn., Mar. 6, 1766, Mary 
Griffin, b. Hampton, Mar. 16, 1744, d. ab. 1810-15, a da. Eben- 
ezer and Hannah (Chandler). He m. 2d, ab. 181 9, name of 
wife not learned. Ch. by 1st m. b. Windham, Conn. : 

-f-523 Mary 5 Cleveland, b. Mar. 30, 1768. 
524 Dollee 5 Cleveland, bap. Nov. 18, 1770, Canterbury, 
Conn., m. Jacob Chamberlain, bro. to Martin. Dwelt Dalton. 
Ch. : 3 Daughters 9 , all unm., 181 9. 

+ 525 Ephraim 5 Cleveland, bap. Oct. 10, 1773, C. 

-f-526 Griffin 5 Cleveland, bap. Oct. 6, 1776, C. 

527 Franklin 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 13, 1779, d. unm. 

+528" Olive 5 Cleveland, b. ab. 1781. 2d m., s. p. 

Capt. Ephraim" Cleveland dwelt first at Canterbury and in 
Windham. He was taken prisoner in the French war by the 
Indians, held captive 3 years, and escaped. He was captain in 
the Revolutionary army. During the Revolution Ephraim 4 
and Mark Watkins were captured by Indians who pulled out all 
their hair, tied them to stakes, and prepared to burn them. An 
old squaw, who had befriended them, interfered and by her 
entreaty the Indians. 1 her have Ephraim 4 in the place of her 
son who was killed rL _ e war. He and Watkins afterward 
often went hunting with" le Indians, and later were trusted to 

1 44 


go alone a few times, and then escaped. From that time Eph- 
raim 1 was bald, and wore an eel skin-cap. 

Ephraim 4 Cleveland removed from Conn, to Mass., thence 
to Ontario co., N. Y., soon after 1783, with his son Ephraim 6 
and was one of the first settlers of Naples ; he lived on Naples 

Griffing ancestry . — // arms : GRIFFIN (Wales) Gu. on fesse or betw. 3 fusils charged 
with fleur de lis a demi quatrefoil betw. 2 gryphons segreant. Crest — Gryphon seg. 
Motto — Semper paratus . . Jasper Griffin, b. Wales, 1648, ancestors named Gruffid 
Essex co., Mass., 1670, Marblehead, Mass., 1674, Southold, N. Y., 1675, m. Hannah . . 
Hugh, Sudbury, 1645 . . Humphrey, Ipswich, 1641. . . John, Windsor, 1646 . 
Matthew, Saybrook, 1645, Charlestown, kinsman to Richard of Concord, 1635 
Thomas, New London, 1651. . . Dea. Ebenezer 1 from Cambridge, Mass., to Pom fret, to 
Canada Parish, Windham, now Hampton, Conn., joined H. chh. June 28, 1733, chosen 
dea. Mar. 1, 1744, m. Hannah Chandler 4 , b. Jan. 20, 1713. Ch: Hannah 2 , b. Sep. n, 173?, 
m. James Stedman ; Ebenezer 2 , b. July 20, 1734, m. Elizabeth Martin ; Sarah 2 , b. Aug. 12, 
1736, m. Thomas Fuller ; Lucy 2 , b. Apr. 17, 1737, m. Hezekiah Hammond ; Mehitable 2 , b. 
Nov. 29, 1741, m. Thomas Stedman; Mary 2 m. Ephraim Cleveland 4 ; Nathaniel 2 , 
Olive 2 , Benjamin 2 Griffin, b. May 10, 1754, m. 1st, Chloe Howard, 2d, Mary Howard.— 
JV. Y. Genealogical and Biographical Record, XXII : iqi : Jasper Griffin and descend- 
ants by E.J. Cleveland ; TV. E. His. Gen. Reg., XIII: 10S: Griffin Family. 

Chandler ancestry : — William 1 [see +1710J ; William 2 , b. Eng., 1636, Andover m. 
Mary Dane 3 , b. 1639 ; Philemon 3 m. Hannah Clary ; Hannah 4 Chandler m. Ebenezer 
Griffin 1 . — Chandler Family by Dr. George Chandler of Worcester, Mass., p. qS. 

Dane ancestry: — 4 arms: Dane (Wells, Somerset co., Eng.; Ireland.) Sa. a ser- 
pent entwined & erect ar. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or a demi lizard vert. John 1 

from Essex co., Eng., 1636, Roxbury, tn. 1st, , she died in Eng. ; Chirurgeon John 2 , 

b. Colchester, Eng., 1613, Koxb., 1636, d. Sep. 29, 1684; Mary 3 Dane m. William Chandler 2 . 


ELKA.NAH 4 CLEVELAND (Timothy 3 , Samuel 2 , Moses 1 ), bap. 

Canterbury, Conn., Nov. 20, 1744, date and place of death not 

learned, not known whether married. The only items thought 

to be traces found are : Documentary History of the State of -.New 

York j arranged under direction of the Hon. Christopher Morgan, 

Secretary of State. By Edmund Bailey O'Cattaghdn, M.D., IV : 

663-7 — 

' To the King's most Excellent Majesty. The Petition of the Subscribers in behalf of 
themselves and others, Inhabitants of the Province of N. Y. in the Counties of Cumber- 
land & Gloucester, on the West side of Connecticut River. Most humbly Sheweth. 
That your Majesty's Colony of N. Y. was anciently bounded to the eastward by Conn. 
River, the Grant from King Charles II to James, Duke of York, in 1663/4, comprehend- 
ing in express terms ; "All thelands from the West side of Conn. River to the East Side 
of Delaware Bay"; while your Majesty's Government of New Hampshire, the Limits 
whereof were first ascertained about the year 1739, is confined in its extent westward to 
other Govts. * * That in June disorderly persons in Windsor, co. of Cumberland, as- 
sembled & by threats obstructed the proceedings of the Court of Common pleas, pre- 
tending that the Jurisdiction belonged to N. H. That your Majesty's Royal Order 
aforesaid would soon be rescinded * That said riotous persons have eluded publick 
justice, by flight into N. H. * That your Petitioners are persuaded this measure is to 
elude punishment ; to promote interests of individuals, who have made a traffic of N. H. 
titles, and to aggrandize the family of the late Gov. Wentworth * Your Petitioners 
most humbly beseech your Majesty to grant relief * Province of N. Y., 1" Nov., 1770 
[433 signers] Thomas Chandler, Edward Howe, Moses Wrrght, Simon Stevens, Timothy 
Spencer, Daniel Gill, Samuel Scott, Jehiell Simmons, f jorge Hall, Johebed Widdoms, 
Joseph Douglas, William Dean, Jr., Joel Mathews, »' ,ses Evens, Asa Taylor, Matthias 
Rust, Lionel Uddel, Jacob Burtch, Timothy Lullj Thos. Sumner, John Peters, Abner 



Fowler, John Taplin, Jr., Thos. and Wellobuy Butterfield, Thos. Chamberlain, Robert 
Kennedy, Ezekiel Colby, David Sleeper, David Davis, Benjamin Jenkins, Stephen 
McConnel, Obededem Sanders, Ephraim Morton, Samuel Gott, Eben'er Green, Samuel 
Wise, Joseph Lord, Ebenezer Parkhurst, Alexander Brinck, Henry Bragg, Jonath Ocor, 
Mildad Benton, Elisha Burton, John Sargent, Ephraim Collins, Hezekiah Silliway, Jesse 
Pennock, Josiah Goodrich, Penuel Deming, Moses Johnson, Jr., Ebenezer Fullar, Jr., 
Fairbank More, Silvanus Titus, Jacob Stowel, Timothy Lovell, Zebediah Woodworth, 
•Cyrus Whitecomb, Anthy Morrel, Wm. Coper, Win. Gate, Joseph Steward, Wm. Creles, 
Rufus Shepherd, Peter Pattison, James Crary, Jr., Isaac Orr, James Woodward, Seth 
Knowell, Joseph Lyon's, Ebenezer Brooks, Daniel Shepherdson, Samuel Allen, AQUILA 
Cleveland [+223], Zacheus Farnsworth, Asaph Carpenter, Moses Carpenter, Moses 
Smith, David Weeks, Henry Hix, Wm. Brace, Jr., Jonathan Crawford, Elisha Pratt, 
Samuel Brown, David Rich, Ebenezer Sabine, Wm. Wilson, Elijah Clarke, Elkanah 
•Cleveland, John Bolton, Wm. Henderson, Samuel Morrison, Benjamin Henry, Samuel 
Haws, Wm. Scott, Nathan Willcocks, Wm. Bullock, John Ellis' et al. 

Revolution War Rolls, Office Sec. State, Boston, Mass., Misc. bj — Elkanah Cleave- 
LAND enlisted July 15, 1775, service 37 days, Capt. Lemuel Stewart's Co. f. 69— served 
July 12 to Sep. 6, 1776, Stewart's Co., pd. £8. 5s. 4d. 


Thomas* I*OWer8 {Abigail* Fosket, Miriam", Moses*), d. bef. Sept. 

•6, 1786, m. Charlestown, Mass., June 12, 1746, Joanna Austin, b. 
C. Nov. 20, 17 19, a da. Joseph and Joanna (Call). Ch. bap. 
Charlestown: Thomas* Powers, bap. Mar. 22, 1752, d. bef. 1760; 
Joanna* ', Feb. 24, 1754. 

529 Thomas' Powers (ag.), bap. June 15, 1760, m. Mary, I'd 
Boston, mariner. Deed to N. Gorham, Austin lot 

Thomas* Powers of Chariest., shop keeper. Taxed 1744, 1773. 
Buys of Jos. Austin" lot on square, 1785 ; 6y 2 acres of Eleanor 
Foster, 1786. Adm. B. Powers, Sept. 3, 1786; Adm., sells lot 
Wapping st, 1792. 

Austin ancestry: — 14 arms: Austen, Auston, Austin: (Walpoole, Norfolk co., 
EngJ. Gu. a chev. betw. 3 long crosses or. Richard 1 , b. 1598, of Bishoptake, Hants co., 
Eng., tailor, came, 1638, with w. and 2 ch., Charlestown, who, Savage thinks, prob. was 
[though Wyman says no certain evidence that he was] father of Richard 5 , b. 1632, of 
•Chariest., tailor, m. C, 11 (9), 1639, Abigail Batchelder, bap. 1 {5), 1637, a da. William, b. 
1597, and Jane of C, 1634 ; Joseph 8 m. Elizabeth Pitts ; Joseph 4 Austin m. Joanna Call 4 , 
b. May 13, 1698. 

Call ancestry : — Thomas 1 , Chariest. 1636; John 2 m. Hannah Kettell, da. Richard and 
Esther (Ward) ; Thomas 3 m. 1st, Elizabeth Croswell, da. Thomas and Priscilla (Upham) ; 
Joanna* Call. 


Battery* Powers (Abigail* Fosket), d. Boston, Mass., Dec, 1807, 
a. 72, m. 1st, Charlestown, Mass., June 19, 1759, Sarah Rand, b. C. 
July 11, 1729, d. C. Nov. 3, 1789, a da. Jonathan and Mellecent 
(Estabrook). He m. 2d, C, July n, 1790, Mrs. Abigail (Froth- 
ingham) Rand, b. C. Jan. 8, 1743-4, d. C. Jan., 1824, wid. Benja- 
min Rand, da. John and Esther (Call). Ch. by 1st m.: 

+530 Elizabeth? Powers, b. Jan. 15, 1761. Battery Manning 1 , 

Sept. 9, 1762, living 1783; Sarah*, June 23, 1764, d. before 1769; 

. Thomas*, bap. June 29, 1766; Sarah* (ag.), bap. Mar. 12, 1769, d. 

bef. 1773; Sarah* Powers (ag.), bap. Sept. 19, 1773. 2d m.: s. P. 

Battery* Powers of Chariest., overseer of almshouse, 1798, inn- 



holder. Taxed 1758-73. Sold W. Thompson father's lot, 1761,. 
of Thomas Powers adm. on Wapping St., 1792. Was agt. of 
Richard Miller est., 1798. Abigail Frothingham m. 1st, C, Dec. 
17, 1765, Benjamin Rand, b. C. Oct. 20, 1742, d. C. July 5, 1776,. 
a s. Jonathan and Mellecent (Estabrook), of Falmouth, baker. 
Ch.: Abigail Rand, m. Hobby; Esther Rand, m., 1790, Samuel 
Phipps ; Mary Rand, m., 1805, Joseph Parker. 

Rand ancestry .•— 2 arms: Rand; /.■ Rand or Randes; /.• Rande; $.- Randes; 
/.• Rande or Rand (Northampton and Rowell, 00. Northampton, Eng.). Or, a lion 
ramp. gu. charged on the shoulder with 3 chev. ar. Crest — On a ducal coronet a boar's- 
head couped, all ar. . . • . Robert 1 , from Eng., Chariest. 1635, m. in Eng., Alice, prob. 
Sharp, a da. Nicholas of Eng. ; Thomas 3 , b. Eng. ab. 1627, m. Sarah Eddenden, a da. Ed- 
mund and Elizabeth (Weightman or Whitman) of Scituate, 1641 ; John 3 , b. C. Mar. as,. 
1694, m - Mehetabel Call 3 , bap. 30 (6), 1668 ; Jonathan 4 Rand m. Mellecent Easterbrook 3 , b. 
Mar. 31, 1699-1700. 

Easterbrook, Estabrook ancestry: — Rev. Joseph 1 , from Enfield, Middlesex, Eng., 
1660 (with 2 bros. Thomas of Swanzey, Cheshire co., N. H., and another), Concord, Mass., 
1660, H. C. 1664, ord. 1667, collea. with Edward Bulkley, d. May 23, 1711, m. Mary Mason, 
b. Dec. 18, 1640, a da. Capt. Hugh, b. 1606, and Esther, b. 1612, fr. Ipswich, Suffolk co.,. 
Eng., 1634, of Watertown, tanner ; Joseph 2 , b. May 6, 1669, of Lexington, Middlesex co. r 
Mass., m. 2d, Mrs. Hannah (Leavitt) Loring, b. Mar. 20, 1664, a da. Dea. John, b. 1608, and 
Sarah, of Dorchester, 1634; Mellecent 3 Estabrook m. Jonathan Rand 4 . 

Frothingham ancestry : — Frothingham (South Frothingham, York co., Eng.) Az. 
a bend ar. betw. 6 mullets or. Crest — Stag tripping. Family fr. Scotland, of Holder- 
ness, Eng. Dea. William 1 , fr. Yorkshire, came 1630 with Winthrop, Chariest. 1630, land 
owner, m. Ann, t>. 1607 ; Samuel", b. 1648, m. Ruth George, da. John and Elizabeth of C, 
1650 ; Dea. Samuel 3 m. 3d; Abigail Oldham 4 ; Dea. John 4 Frothingham m. Esther Call 4 . 

Call ancestries : — Thomas 1 , John 3 [see +183] ; Mehitable 3 m. John Rand 3 ; Caleb 3 m, 
Ann Whaff ; Esther 4 Call m. John Frothingham 4 . 

Waffe, Whaff ancestry : — Waff (Cornwall, Eng.) Ar.' on chev. gu. 3 bezants . . 
John 1 Chariest, m. Katharine who was adm. chh. C. 1 (5), 1645 ; Thomas , b. 1646, 
Chariest, sea capt. of " Swan," &c, m. Alice, b. 1649 : Anne 3 Waffe m. Caleb Call 3 . 

Oldham ancestry : — 5 arms : Oldenham or Oldham (Oldham, Lancaster co., Eng.> 
Sa. chev. or betw. 3 owls ar. ; on chief 3 roses gu. ; Crest — Dove sa., in beak laurel . . 
Hon. John 1 , Plymouth, 1623, sided with Rev. John Lyford, Cape Ann, Eng., 1628, Water- 
town, 1629, rep., k. by Ind. in his shallop off mouth of Narraganset Bay, July, 1636, 
Trumbull Col. Rec, 143 ; Hinman, 127, per. fa. to Richard 3 , b. Eng., Cambridge freem. 
1651, m. Martha Eaton, da. William & Martha who came fr. Staple, Kent co., Eng., to- 
Watert., 1635 ; John 3 , b. 1652, of Carnb., m. 1st, Abigail Wood ; Abigail 4 Oldham m- 
Samuel Frothingham 3 . 


JOSIAH 4 CLEVELAND (Deliverance 3 , Ed ward , Moses 1 ), b. prob. 

North Kingston, R. I., or vicinity, ab. 1706-9, d. perhaps Kenil- 
worth, afterward Killingworth, Conn., prob. after 1752, m., place 
or date or name of wife not found, per. a da. of Simon Bryant, 
but very prob. had at least one ch : 

+531 Oliver 6 Cleveland, b. ab. Oct., 1733, in Rhode 

And it is conjectured that following un traced were other 
children : 

53i a Simon Cleveland +261, b. ab. 

53 1° Persis Cleveland +262, b. ab. f of Curtice 3 +72. 

173°- j 

also thought to be 



531° James Cleveland +281, b. ab. 1741, more prob. of 
James 3 +81. 

53i' d Martha Cleveland +19066. 

53i e Lemuel Cleveland -+-19065, b. ab. 1748. 

53 i f William Cleveland +266, b. "| 

ab. 1750. I also thought to be 

531 s Rathbone or Rodman Cleve- f of Curtice 3 +72. 
land +267, b. ab. 1752. J 

Josiah 4 Cleveland dwelt prob. in Rhode Island near the 
line and perhaps finally at Killingworth, whence his son Oliver" 
came, 1777, to Fair Haven, Vt. The only mention of Josiah 4 is 
_found in will his father or grandfather Edward 2 , to "y e heirs 
of Deliverance : Josiah, Mary, Hannah, Enoch and Eliza- 
beth all my moveable estate." In History of Fair Haven, Vt., 
by Andrew N. Adams, 1870, p. 316, jip, and Vt. Historical Gazetteer 
by Abby Maria Hemenway, 1877, III .-720 — Oliver 6 Cleveland 
is designated cousin of Solomon 6 Cleveland +535, and as 
Enoch 4 +189 had only one brother ment. in will of Edward 2 it 
is presumed that Josiah 4 was father of Oliver 5 , and the circum- 
stance that Oliver 6 named his first-born son Josiah 8 confirms; 
this theory, also several intermarriages between descendants of 
Oliver 6 and Solomon 6 . Locality and because there were 
Josiahs, Lemuels, or Williams in families of above 6 untraced 
are the reasons for supposing that they were other children of 
Josiah 4 . 


HANNAH 4 CLEVELAND (Deliverance*, Edward), m. Plain- 
field, Conn., Oct., 1729, Peter Button, s. Matthias and Mary. Ch. 
b. Plainfield : 

53 i g Matthias* Button, b. July 29, 1730. 

Lamed' s Windham Co., Z/".-^.— Canterbury, 1767, western inhabitants, Matthias 
Button et al. appeared before Assembly for division ; Westminster organized. Wil- 
liam*, Feb. 8, 1732-3 ; Deliverance* Button (son), Oct. 7, 1734. 

Button ancestry : — loarms: Button (Alton, Wilts co., Eng., desc. from Sir William 
de Button living 12 Hen. Ill, 1228.) Erm. a f esse gu. Crest — On each side of a chapeatt 
gu. turned up. erm. a horn or. . . Matthias 1 , a Dutchman, came, 1628, to Salem, Mass., 
with 1st Mass. Gov. John Endicott, Boston, 1634, Ipswich, 1639, after lived in a thatched 
house at Haverhill, Mass., d. H., 1672, at great age, m. Teagle, Tegell or Lettice; 
Daniel 2 , bap. Boston, Feb. 22, 1635, in Capt. Thomas Lothrop's Co., killed at Bloody 
Brook battle, Sep. 18, 1675, per fa. of ; Matthias 3 of Haverhill took oath of alleg. Nov. 28, 
1677 (prob. bro. of Peter of New London, Conn., who had Peter, b. 1688, Matthias, b. 
1692). Lamed, 1 : 106. — Mass. families took Quinebaug land e. of river, purchased of 
Winthrop's, 1690: Matthias Button & James Kingsbury from Haverhill. N.E.Reg:, 
VI, 246 ; XV, S3.— Matthias Button of Plainf . freeholder, Dec. 24, 1702, d. P. 1725, m. Mary ; 
Peter 4 Button. 


ENOCH 4 CLEVELAND (Deliverance*, Edward 2 , Mosesi), d. Hamp- 
ton, Washington co., N. Y., ab. 1795, a. ab. 70, m. prob. Wind- 
ham co., Conn., 1745, Deborah Fassett, b. prob. Conn., d. 


Hampton, N. Y., soon after 1795, per. da. Benjamin of Pomfret, 
Conn. Ch: 

+532 Amaziah 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 9, 1746 — rec. Pom/ret, 

+533 Deborah 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 27, 1747 — rec. Pom/ret, 

+534 Zilpah 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 29, 1749 — rec. Pomfret 


534 a Parker 5 Cleveland, b. Nov. 3, 175 1 — rec. Pomfret, 

Conn. — " died without children." Was he married ? 

+535 Solomon 6 Cleveland, b. Feb.. 27, 1754 — rec. Canter- 
bury, Conn. 

536 Anne 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 15, 1756 — rec. C, m. 
Hampton, N. Y., Thuel Bromley of H. Ch : El? Bromley, Ben- 
iamin" Bromley, Davie? Bromley, Lucy" Bromley. 

537 Zareph 6 Cleveland, b. 1758, Sheffield, Mass., m. 
Theodore Stevens of Hampton, N. Y., rem. to Canada. 

+538 Abigail 6 Cleveland, b. 1763, Sheffield, Mass. 

•4-539 Samuel 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 1.2, 1768, Sheffield, 

Enoch 4 Cleveland evidently rem. from the vicinity of N. 
Kingston, R. I., early in life, for he was bap. Canterbury, Mat. 
27, 1727, and ent. cov. same day, and dwelt at Pomfret to 1754, 
Canterbury to Apr., 1757, Sheffield to ab. 1764, and Fair Haven, 
Vt, as early as June 1, 1781, when he with others — 

History of Fair Haven, Vt., by Andrew N. Adams, j/z — signs at Greenfield (now 
Hampton) N. Y., then thought to be in Vermont. " To the Hon. Gen. Assembly of Vt. The 
petition of the subscribers being settlers and inhabitants of a tract of land called Qreen- 
field, on the southerly line of Fair Haven, &c, desirous of being under, and having such, 
privileges as incorporated towns in said state do enjoy, pray to be incorporated Green- 
field." p. 320 — 

Enoch Cleveland buys Sep., 1787, of John Smith of Poultney 4% acres of undivided 
land on the first division of the right of Wm. Seymour, and this lot is re-surveyed to 
hinxsame day. Sep. i, 1788, Enoch Cleveland " for and in consideration of the nat- 
ural good will I bear toward my beloved son Solomon" deeds the lot to Solomon, also 
mentions "the land joining on to Oliver 6 Cleveland's [+531] n. w. corner and lying 
along the river not far from Enoch Cleveland's house." 


JOHANNAH 4 CLEVELAND (Edward', Edward*, Moses*), m. 

John Backus, b. Canterbury, Conn., May 5, 1720, as. Dea. Timo- 
thy and Sarah (Post). Ch : Ebenezer 5 , b. Jan. 30, 1749-50, C. 

+540 Timothy 9 Backus, b. June 11, 1751, Canterbury, Conn. 
Solomon*, Dec. 11, 1752, C; Eunice 5 , Sept. 2, 1754, C. 

-f-541 Elijah or Elisha 5 Backus, b. June 18, 1756, Canterbury, 
Conn. Joseph 5 , b. af. 1756 ;' JJoh^j Jx ^af . 175 6) and other ch. whose 
desc. res., 1855, in Mooreheadville, Erie~co., Pa. 

Backus ancestry — William 1 , Norwich ; Stephen 2 , m. Sarah Gardiner, da. Lyon and 
Mary (Williamson) ; Timothy 8 Backus. Lamed' s Windham co., I: J07 — Dea. Timothy 




Backus active in church work. Frequent ment. by Larned. m. Sarah Post, da. John 
and Sarah (Reynolds). 


SOLOMON 4 CLEVELAND (Edward*, Edward', Mosesi), d. Can- 
terbury, Conn., Mar. 14, 1752, a. 31, m. C, Oct. 3, 1748, Abigail, 
Abiel, or Abiah Baker, bap. July 10, 1720, prob. da. Benjamin, 
her co-admin. Ch : 

542 Rebecca 6 Cleveland, b. July 6, 175 1, Canterbury. 

Solomon 4 Cleveland dwelt Canterbury, where he signs chh. 
cov. Sept. 26, 1746. 

Herald and News, West Randolph, Vt., Nov. 27, i8jq — Solomon Cleveland appears 
among the proprietors of Bethel, and in the division of lands drew what is known as the 
" Cleveland farm," but he never came to town to settle. He sold his claim to his nephew 

Plainfield, Conn., Prob. Sec, Book A, 12$ — "Est. Solomon Cleveland of Canterbury, 
dec'd, Apr. 6, 1752, the Court grants administration unto Mr. Benj. Baker and Mrs. Abial 
Cleveland of Canterbury. Est. ^818. 5s. 8d. B, zb2 — Est. ^1,900. A, 170 — Jan. g, 1753, 
Abial Cleveland appointed guardian for Rebecah Cleveland, a minor, daughter to 
Mr. Solomon Cleveland of Canterbury. Abiah Cleveland signs bond as principal 
and Benjamin Baker as surety ; bond ^100 proclamation money." 


SILAS 4 CLEVELAND (Edwards, E d wards, Mosesi), d. Hampton 

or Pomfret, Conn., Jan. 14, 1814, a. 87, m. Canterbury, Conn., 
May 10, 1750, Elizabeth Hyde, b. C. Apr. 8, i73r, d. Jtme 22, 
1806, a da. Isaac and Elizabeth. Ch. b. Canterbury: 
542* Mary 5 Cleveland, b. Jan. 22, 1752, d. unm. 
+ 543 Solomon 5 Cleveland, b. Apr. 21, 1754. 
+ 544 Silas 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 17, 1756. 

545 Elizabeth 5 Cleveland, b. Apr. 30, 1758, m. 

Hale, settled in N. Y. state. 

545 a Reme 5 Cleveland, bap. per. June 22, 1760, C, d. ab. 
1850, a. 90, unm. 

.+ 546 Laurenah 5 Cleveland, b. May 15, 1761. 

546* Palmer 5 Cleveland, b. Sept. 17, 1762, d. 1780, a. 18, 

4-547 Clarissa 6 Cleveland, b. June 14, 1765. 
548 Daniel 5 Cleveland, b. July 6, 1767, d. after* 1810, 
unm. He adopted Lomira 1 Knox +5299. 

+ 549 Isaac 5 Cleveland, b. Jan. 28, 1770, Hampton or Can- 

Silas 4 Cleveland lived at Canterbury, Hampton, and Wind- 
ham, Conn., farmer. A man of wonderful memory and fine 
abilities, which were much appreciated by his acquaintances. 
Silas 4 signs chh. cov. C. Sept. 26, 1746. Hoadly's Conn. Col. Rec, 
XI : 416 — Gen. Assembly, May, 1760, releases Silas Cleveland 
and other dissenters from chh. taxes. 



Putnam, Conn., Standard, ab. Aug., i8g2 — The old Cleveland mansion still exists 
■outside village of Putnam, in what was formerly Thompson. [It belongs, 1892, to an 
uncle of C. E. 8 Chandler.] It was built b5 r Solomon Cleveland's father 1721 [ ? ] It is 
the cradle of all the Conn. Clevelands. 

1 97. 

PAINE 4 CLEVELAND (Edward*, Edward", Mosesi), d. Canter- 
bury, Conn., Nov. 25, 1773, a. 42, m. 1st, C, Jan. 18, 1757, Pru- 
dence Buswell or Buzwell, she d. C. June 30, 1758. He m. 2d, 
C, Mar. 10, 1 761, Susannah N. Falkner or Faulkner, she d. C. 
.Jan. 26, 1766. He m. 3d, C, Apr. 16, 1767, Sarah Church. Ch. 
b. Canterbury, by 1st tn.: Inf. 6 , d. C. June 30, 1758. By 2d m.: 

+ 550 Edward 5 Cleveland, b. Nov. 19, 1761. 

+551 Stephen 5 Cleveland, b. Oct. 9, 1764. 

+ 552 Susannah 5 Cleveland, b. Jan. 26, 1766. By 3d m.: 

+ 553 Paine 5 Cleaveland, b. May 3, 1769. 

+554 Prudence 5 Cleveland, b. Oct. 13, 1770. 

+ 555 Delia or Deliverance 5 Cleveland (da.), b. May 30, 

555 a Sarah 5 Cleveland, b. May 22, 1774. 

Paine 4 Cleveland was a well-known citizen of Canterbury. 
Hoadly's Conn. Col. Rec, XI: 416 — Gen. Assembly, May, 1760, 
releases Paine Cleveland and other dissenters from church 
rates. See Herald and News, W. Randolph, Vt., Nov. 27, 1879. 


1*J 5°"h JOHN 4 CLEVELAND (palmer*, Edward', Moses'), d. Rhode Is- 
land af. 1782, m. 1st, North Kingston, R. I., Mary , she d. 

in R. I. He m. 2d, Elizabeth Albro, she d. in R. I. af. Jan. 17, 
1767. He m. 3d, North Kingston, Jan. 28, 1773, wid. Elizabeth 
Ennis, Enos, or Eunis of N. K. [originally Eanno, Ennoe, Eno], 
she d. in R. I. af. 1783. Ch. by 1st m.: 

556 Lois 5 Cleveland, m. Sylvester Hines, lived near 
homestead. Phebe 6 (a Phebe Cleveland was bap. Bozrah, Conn., 
Apr. 12, 1789). Hannah 6 . 

557 John 5 Cleveland. Either he or his father was, 
1776-8, 2d It. of Capt. West Coat's co., Col. Elliott's reg. (of 5 
companies), R. I. Artillery, revolution. — R. I. Col. Rec. 

+ 558 Edward 5 Cleveland, b. ab. 1749. ^ t> 

+ 559 Catherine 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1751. "^t^,;' " 

560 Deborah 5 Cleveland, m. Dayton of Newport, R. I., '" 

lived N. By 2d m.: 

+ 561 Palmer 5 Cleveland, b. prob. 1756. 

+562 Albro 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 15, 1761, North Kings- 
ton, R. I. 



+ 563 Gardner 5 Cleveland, b. Apr. 16, 1764, North Kings- 
ton, R. I. 

564 Elizabeth 5 Cleveland, m. ab. 1791, Jesse Carr, lived 
Exeter, R. I. Ch : 5 s. 5 da. (2 living, others d.). 

565 Abigail 5 Cleveland, m. Proud, lived East Green- 
wich, R. I. Ch : Several*, all d. or moved away. 3d m.: s.p. 

John 4 Cleveland dwelt at N. Kingston ; his homestead was 
about 3 .miles from Wickford, R. I. 

Rhode Island Colonial Records, IV; 551 — John Cleveland made freeman in N. 
Kingston y« 3d Tuesday in Feb., 1739. 

He was a man of high standing and ability. His name appears frequently on N. K. 
town rec. to 1782 ; 1763-4, surveyor of highways, later a petit juror. Apr., 1782, grand 
juror. He proxed for general officers Apr., 1781, 1782, &c. 

Richmond, R. I., rec, VI: 107— John Cleavland and Mary his w. of N. K., Dec. 6, 
1756, deeds land to Joseph Clarke, describing est. as being same formerly owned by 
Palmer Cleveland. 

Either John 4 Cleveland or his son John 5 was Lt. of Artil- 
lery, R./I. Batt., 1776. 

John* Cleveland admin. or± est. of his honored father, Palmers Cleveland, late 
•dec'd, and Jan. 17, 1767, joins in a deed for land in W. Greenwich with Margaret, wid. 
of Palmer 3 . In this deed, John 4 calls himself "yeoman of North Kingston." 

His homestead at N. K. passed to his son Albro 6 . 

R. I. Col. Rec.— ij%2, permission granted Mrs. Elizabeth Cleveland to go from R. I. to 
' N. Y. and return. 

Alborowt, Alboroug-k, Albroe, Aldbury, Alsberrie ancestry : — 2 arms : ALBOROUGH or 
Albrough. Ar. a fesse betw. 3 crosses crosslet fitchee az. . . . Alborough mural 
tablet in Stratford-on-Avon church, whither admirers of Shakespeare resort, would de- 
mote that this family came from Warwickshire, Eng. . . . Hon. John, b. 1610-17, sup. 
from Ipswich, Eng., 1634, a. 14, in the "Francis" to Boston, under charge of William 
Freeborne ; in R. I. 1639, Portsmouth, R. I., 1655, Assist., d. Dec. 14, 1712, a. 95, m. wid. 
Dorothy Potter, b. 1617.— Savage. R. I. Col. Rec, II: 3S7—E. Greenwich ordered laid 
out, 1677, by Assembly. Samuel and John Albro, Jr., of original grantees. Prob. an- 
cestor of Elizabeth Albro. 


DELIVERANCE 4 CLEVELAND (s.) (Palmer*, Edward*, Moses*), 

d. West Greenwich, R. I., Mar., 1766, a. ab. 45, m. North Kings- 
ton or'BxeterT-R-r-Ir, bef. 1743, Mrs. Hannah A. (Baker) Barber, 
b. ab. 1723, d. Salem, Washington co., N. Y., Sep. 1, 1796, widow 
of Mr. Barber, da. of W. M. Baker. Ch : 

+566 Benjamin 5 Cleveland, b. ab. 1744, Exeter, R. I. 

+ 567 Mary or Patience 5 or Deliverance 5 Cleveland (da.) 
568 Hannah 5 Cleveland, b. ab. 1753, d. Salem, N. Y., 
Dec. 17, 1830, a. 77, unm. 

+569 Job William 5 Cleveland, b. Mar. 27, 1757, N. King- 
ston (the part now Exeter) or W. Greenwich. 

+ 570 Abel 5 Cleveland, b. Nov. 4, 1761, W. G. 
571 Deliverance 5 Cleveland (da.), b. af. Mar. 29, 1766, 
probably married see +567. 

Deliverance 4 Cleveland lived in that part of North King- 
ston which in 1742 became Exeter. Tailor. He was a large 
owner of land and trader. Many of his deeds (one dated 1765) 



appear on Exeter and W. Greenwich rec, some of them of 
large amounts. He was once located at Nine Partures n. 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Inventory of est. of Deliverance 4 made 
Mar. 29, 1766, by Philip Greene and Judith Aylesworth, cow 
&c, ;£i6. 13s. 8d. His s. Benjamin 5 admin. His wid. Hannah 
and 5 ch. I'd W. Greenwich, 1774, ac. to census, R. I., she rem., 
1775, to Salem, N. Y., where she is buried on the homestead 
farm of s. Job Williams 5 . The N. Kingston records were 
burned. His. Washington co., JV. Y. — mentions Deliverance 4 . 
Mrs. Hannah A. Barber, a widow, came to Salem, 1782. 


JOHNSON 4 CLEVELAND (isaac*, Edward*, Mosesi), d. Middle- 
town, Rutland co., Vt., Aug. 24, 1802, a. 79, m. prob. Farming- 
ton, Hartford co., Conn., ab. 1750, Ruth Storey of F., b. Dec. j t 
1730, d. Galway, Saratoga co., N. Y., Aug. 22, 1795. Ch. fol. 
and prob. others : 

572 Stephen 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 27, 1754, Farmington,. 
or Bennington, Bennington co., Vt. Freeman in B., 1778. 
Settled near Utica, N. Y. 

+ 573 Solomon 5 Cleveland, b. Sep. 17, 1756, Farmington,. 

574 Lydia 5 Cleveland, b. Oct. 26, 1758, F., m. Benning- 
ton, Nathan Kingsley or Kinsley, rem. to Canada. 

+ 575 Lemuel 8 Cleveland, b. Sep. 23, 1760 — /am. rec, 21,. 
1 76 1, — town rec, F. 

576 Benajah 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 3, 1764, Bennington,, 
settled West Haven, Rutland co., Vt. 

577 Mary 5 Cleveland, b. Feb. 28, '1768, B., m. Beebe, 
settled at Middletown, Vt. 

Johnson* Cleveland lived first at Farmington, where he 
sold house, May 15, 1762, to James McNoughton. Johnson 4 
was one of the signers of call for treaty and original covenant- 
ers, Nov., 1767, with Stockbridge Indians'for Bennington. 

Johnson 4 and his brothers Isaac* and Lemuel* were in a 
Conn. reg. at taking of Quebec under Gen. James Wolfe (s. of 
Gen. Edward), Sep. 13, 1759, French and Indian war. 

O' Callagfian' s Doc. His. N. Y., IV : 585.— Johnson Cleveland and many others 
mentioned, Dec. 18, 1765, N. Y., in letter of Samuel Robinson and Jeremiah French "To 
His Excellency Sir Henry Moore, Baronet, Capt. Gen., Gov. and Commander in Chief in 
and over the Province of N. Y. and Territories Depending thereon in America," as set- 
tling bef. June 1, 1765, in Bennington. In a proclamation by Sheriff of N. Y., June 1, 1765, 
Johnson Cleveland reported with others as unlawfully occupying farm Bennington 
under grant from N. H. against peace and dignity of N. Y. colony, and he with Seth 
Warner, Ethan Allen, &c, soon after resisted same sheriff and posse in attempt to dis- 
possess them. 

Vertnont Historical Gazetteer by Abby Maria Hemenway, I ': 143 — Muster Roll of 
First Co. Militia in Bennington organized Oct. 24, 1764, John Fassett, Capt. ; Johnson 
Cleveland, private. Bennington Census, 1700 — Johnson Cleveland 1 son, 1 daughter. 




LEMUEL 4 CLEVELAND (Isaac*, Edward", Moses*), d. Upper 

Sussex, N. B., or Nova Scotia, m. Lebanon, Conn., Nov. 5, 1745, 
Lydia Woodward, b. ac. to trad, in Rhode Island, d. Upper 
Sussex, a da. prob. of Ezekiel, Ch : 

+578 Ezekiel 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1748. 

579 Lemuel 5 Cleveland, b. ab. 1750, d. af. 1800, m. Miss 
Sabeans. Went to N. S. with his father and bro. Ezekiel 6 and 
lived at Wilmont, Annapolis co., N. S., 1770 to 1800. Left his 
property, so stated, to Ezekiel Cleveland Banks, Nicteaux, N. S. 
Lydia 5 Cleveland, b. ab. 1756, d. prob. unm., I'd 

-f-580 Isaac 5 Cleveland, b. ab. 1764, Portland, Me. 
581 Johnson 6 or Richard 6 Cleveland traditional. 

Lemuel 4 Cleveland rem. to Nicteaux bef. 1760, where he was 
living, 1770. Ac. to statement of his gr. gr. s. George Miles 7 
Cleveland +5690, Lemuel* with his brothers Isaac 4 and John- 
son 4 were in a Conn, regiment, in the French and Indian war r 
1759, under Gen. Wolfe. 


MARY 4 CLEVELAND (Isaac 3 , Edward", Mosesi), b. Canterbury, 
Conn., Jan. 10, 1 730-1, entered covenant in C. chh. Mar. 20,. 
1736, no further record. But we presume that either she or 
Mary 6 Cleveland +665 (Josiah 4 , Josiah 3 , Josiah 2 ), is identical 
with following : Mary Cleveland, m. Oct. 30, 1768, as 2d w. 
Elijah Abell, b. Norwich, Conn., May 12, 1729, s. Benjamin and 
Lydia (Hazen). Ch. b. Norwich : 

382 Elizabeth* Abel, b. Mar. 19, 1769, m. Sep. .21, 1786, 
Ozias Backus, b. N., Dec. 9, 1762, s. Ozias and Lydia (Water- 
man). Of Bozrah, New London co., Conn. Ch. b. B. : Ozias* 
Backus, July 22, 1787; Abigail Backus, Mar. 10, 1789; Harriet 
Backus, Apr 23, 1799 ; Elizabeth Waterman and Lydia Waterman 
Backus, tw., b. May 24, 1802 ; Abel Backus, May 10, 1805. 

Benjamin* Abel, b. May 13, 1771 — Hyde gen., 213. 

Abell ancestry : — Caleb 1 m. Margaret Post 3 [see +357 for Post and Hyde ancestries] ; 
Benjamin 2 , Norwich, m. Lydia Hazen, bap. Topsfield, Essex co., Mass., Sep. 9, 1694. 

Hazen, Hassen ancestry: Hazens of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Eng., last century. . 
Edward 1 Rowley, Mass., bef. Sep. 18, 1649, selectman, m. ad, Hannah Grant, da. Thomas 
& Hannah ; Thomas 2 , b. Feb. 29, 1657-8, Boxford, Essex co., Mass., West Farms, Nor- 
wich, m. Mary Howlett 3 ; Lydia 3 Hazen.— N. E. Reg., XXXIII : 229; Hazen Family by 
Henry Allen Hazen. 

Howlett ancestry : Arms : (Sydenham, co. Kent, Eng., granted 1559.) Per chev. or 
and sa. in chief 2 triple- towers, in base, a ship. Crest — An owl. . . . Thomas 1 , Bos- 
ton, 1630, a founder of Agawam (Ipswich), Mass., 1632, m. 1st, Alice French of Bost., 2d,, 
Rebecca ; Thomas 2 , Mary 8 Howlet. 


ISAAC 4 CLEVELAND (Isaac 3 , Edward 2 , Moses 1 ), d. Harwinton, 
Litchfield co., Conn., Mar. 19, 1819, a. 84, m. 1st, Mar., 1754, 



Sarah , thought to be da. of Vacah Decastro. He m. 2d, 

Mary, thought to be da. of Samuel Rich. Ch. by 1st m. : 

+583 Isaac 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 22, 1755, in Conn, or Rut- 
land, Jefferson co., N. Y. 

+584 Hezekiah 5 Cleveland, b. . By 

2d m. : 

+ 585 Elizabeth 6 Cleveland, b. , 1757. 

+586 Johnson 5 Cleveland, b. , 1759. 

587 Susannah 6 Cleveland, b. 1761, m. Isaac Barber. 
Settled in Ellisburgh, Jefferson co., N. Y. 

+588 Sarah 5 Cleveland, b. : — , 1763. 

+ 589 Phebe 6 Cleveland, b. , 1765. 

590 Dorcas 5 Cleveland, b. 1767, d. Camden, Oneida co., 
N. Y., m. Hezekiah Rogers. Ch : Alva'' Rogers, b. 1798, 1. W. 
Camden, 1878 ; Julius or Junius" 1 Rogers 1. Utica, Oneida co., N. 
Y., 1878 ; Lucius* Rogers (Rev.) I'd across river fr. U. ; Leander* 
Rogers d. soon after m., m. Park ; Julia Ann* Rogers d. U. soon 
af. m. 

+591 Lemuel 5 Cleveland, b. 1768, Simsbury, Hartford co., 

-I-59Z Samuel Rich 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 10, 1771, Harwin- 
ton, Conn. 

Isaac 4 Cleveland of Farmington, Conn., is deeded Mar. 8, 
1756, by his father Isaac 8 land on Wood River, Exeter, R. I." 

Farmington Land rec: — Dec. 29, 1757, Isaac Cleveland of Waterbury, New 
Haven co., Conn., deeds Rubin Clark of Middletown house & 40 acres. Ac. to other 
• deeds Isaac 4 was of Waterbury, Nov. 4, 1763, of Farmington, June 30, 1767, Sep. 2, 1775. 


PHINEHAS 4 CLEVELAND (Samuel*, Edward", Mosesi), died 
Brooklyn, Conn., in old age, m. ist, Pomfret, Conn., Aug. 17, 
17,51, Zeruiah or Sophia Davis, she d. P. Dec. 6, 1774, per. a da. 
Matthew and Ann. He m. 2d, Pomfret, July 27, 1775, Rebekah 
Adams. Ch. by ist m.: Samuel 6 , b. Aug. 1, 1752, P., d. Oct. 9, 
1754; Grace 6 , b. Sept. 22, P., d. Oct. 17, 1754. 

593 Sarah 5 Cleveland, b. May 25, 1756, P., m. Brooklyn, 
Sept. 30, 1779, Lot Cook. 

-(-594 Samuel 6 Cleveland (ag.), bap. Sept. 4, 1759, Brook- 

+ 595 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. 1763. 

+ 596 William 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 24, 1765, Brooklyn. 

+ 597 Davis 6 Cleveland, bap. July 20, 1766, B. Per. by 
26. m.: 

597 a Stephen 6 Cleveland (?), traditional. 

Phinehas 4 Cleveland dwelt at Pomfret and Windham, 


Conn., and finally settled at Brooklyn. He was a trader and 

Davis ancestry: — William 1 , b. 1617, freem. Roxbury, Mass., 1673 (prob. Dro - of Rich- 
ard and Tobias of R.), d. Dec. 9, 1683, m. 2d, Oct. 21, 1658, Alice Thorp ; Matthew 2 , under 
age date of father's will, Dec. 6, 1683. Larned's Windham CO., I: 20 — 13 pioneers : Ben- 
jamin Sabin, Jonathan Smithers, Henry Bowen, John Frizzel, Matthew Davis, Nath. 
Garey, Thomas Bacon, John Marcy, Peter Aspinwall, Benj. and George Griggs, Joseph 
Lord, Ebenezer Morris, on records of Woodstock, left Roxbury Apr. 1, 1686. 


JAMES 4 CLEVELAND (samuei*, Edward 2 , Mosesi), m., Pomfret, 
Conn., Nov. 15, 1752, Susannah Hartshorn. Capt. James 4 Cleve- 
land lived at Pomfret. Ch. b. Pomfret : 

4-598 James 6 Cleveland, b. July 17, 1754. 

+ 599 Frederic 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 28, 1756. 

+ 600 Jabez 6 Cleveland, b. June 15, 1759. 601. Abigail", 
Apr. 30, 1762; Susannah 6 , Oct. 12, 1764; Clarissa 6 , July 12, 


CURTIS 4 CLEVELAND (Samuel", Edward 2 , Mosesi), d. Kort- 

xight, Delaware Co., N. Y., 1795, a. 62, m. Elizabeth Lord or 
Curtis, or Elizabeth (Lord) Curtis, b. ab. 1735, d. Kortright, 182 1, 
da. of a Presbyterian clergyman. Ch. : 

602 Elizabeth 6 Cleveland, bap. May 25, 1760 — rec. 
Brooklyn, Conn., chh., m. Jedediah 5 Cleveland +501. 

+ 603 Chester 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 8, 1762. 

+ 604 Samuel 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 15, 1764, Canterbury, 

6o4 a Tamasin 6 Cleveland, b. 177 1, d. Nov. 5, 1792, m. 
prob. Sanborn, settled somewhere in N. Y. Ch. : Several*. 

+605 Curtis 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 9, 1775, Kortright. 
606 Abigail 6 Cleveland, d. Kortright, May, i860, m. K., 
Jan. 17, 1799, James Farman, b. 1775, d. K., 1840, s. p. +607 
Polly 6 . +608 Anne 6 . 

Curtis 4 Cleveland and w. joined chh. Brooklyn, Conn., May 
25, 1760. Emigrated after March 1, 1783, from Canterbury to 


EDWARD 4 CLEVELAND (Samuel*, Edward 2 , Mosesi), d. killed 

at siege of Boston, Feb. 15, 1776, a. 38, m. Pomfret, Conn., Mar. 
18, 176 1, Sebary Horsmore or Sabra Hosmer ; she d. bef. revo- 
lutionary war ; (she m. 2d, see below). Ch. b. Pomfret : 

+609 Abilene or Abilence 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 18, 1762. 

+ 610 Gardner 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 5, 1763. 
611 Dorcas 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 15, 1765, d. Waterford, 



Caledonia co., Vt., ab. 1856, m. W. Harvey Holbrook of W., he 
d. bef. Apr. 6, 1846, I'd Waterford. Ch. : 10 Das\ of whorn^ d. 

+ 612 Resolved or Zalvid 5 Cleveland, b. Mar. 4, 1767. 

+613 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 18, 1768. 

+ 614 Thomas 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 24, 1769. 

+ 615 Hosmer 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 13, 1771. 

616 Ephraim 6 Cleveland, b. June 5, 1773, d. Pompey, N. 
Y., m. Didama, Deidamia, or Deidoma Morse. 

617 Edward* Cleveland, b. Mar. 20, 1776, d. in_Georgia r 
in the army, war of 181 2, unm, 

Edward 4 Cleveland, just after battles of Lexington and 
Concord, left his home in Woodstock (Pomfret), Conn., at mid- 
night to go to the Battle of Bunker Hill. He was killed at the 
siege of Boston. 

Mrs. Sabra (Hosmer) Cleveland m. 2d, Brooklyn, Conn., Dec. 
4, 1782, Benjamin Allen. 


MARY 4 CLEVELAND (Samuel", -Edwarda', Moses'), m., Pomfret, 

Conn., Jan. 25, 1760, May 13, 1764, Daniel MaCloud, MacCloud; 
he d. P., Nov. 19, 177a. Ch. b. Pomfret: 

618 Forest" MacCloud, b. Nov: 25, 1764. 

619 Norman" MacCloud, b. Oct. 16, 1766 ; Daniel" MacCloud y 
b. July 25, 1769; Eli* MacCloud, b. Sept. 2, 1771. 


JOHN 4 CLEVELAND (George*, Edward*, Moses'), d. Walpole r 

Norfolk co., Mass., Aug. 15, 1807, a. 85, m. W. pub., Dec. 20, 1760, 
Katurah Turner, ^b. W. 1734, d. W. Aug. 14, 1834. Lived at 
Walpole, where he is buried, no monument, farmer. Ch. born, 
Walpole : 

620 Matilda 5 Cleveland, b. Dec. 4, 1761, d. W. June 28, 
1848, m., Medway, Norfolk co., Mass., Aug. 5, 1793, Jacob Gay 
of W. Ch.: 4 sons 6 ,, all d. bef. 1848. 

621 John 5 Cleveland, b. Feb. 8, 1763, d. W. Feb. 14, 1844,. 
unm. Another account : " Left no children." 

+622 Katurah 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 9, 1764. 

Palmer 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 12, 1766, d. June 15, 1767, 

623 Esther 5 Cleveland, b. Nov. 24, 1768, d. New Marl- 
borough, N. H., Mar., 1848, m. 1st, Cooledge of Sherburne, 

he d. N. M. She m. 2d, Jonathan Frost of N. M., lived N. M. 

624 Delight 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 10, 1770, m. Fay 

of Athol, Worcester co., Mass., lived Athol, 1849-50. 

625 Sarah 5 Cleveland,.^ Mar. 5, 1773, I'd Walpole 1849, 
unm. (Rev. O. A. Taylor's informant.) 



626 Palmer 6 Cleveland (ag.), b. Oct. 27, 1778, d. W. Jan. 
19, 1822, unm. 

Aaron 5 Cleveland, d. inf. 


EDWARD 4 CLEVELAND (George*, Ed-wardi, Mosesi), b. Wal- 

pole, Mass., Dec. 30, 1738, d. Walpole, Dec. 18, 1830, m. 1st, prob. 
Walpole, May 14, 1759, Deborah Adams of Medfield, Mass., b. 
Aug. 22, 1741, d. 1797, da. George and Sarah (Partridge). He 
m. 2d, Jan. 8, 1798, Elizabeth Perry, b. Nov. 15, 1752, d. Sept. 18, 
1824, da. Moses and Deborah. Ch. by 1st m., b. Medfield : 

+ 627 Zimri 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 22, 1760. 
628 Zilpha 5 Cleveland, b. Feb. 22, 1762, d. Nov. 1, 1845, 
m. Francis Nelson. Ch.: Sarah 9 Nelson ; another da*. 

+ 629 Edward 5 Cleveland, b. Sept. 11, 1764. 

+ 630 Mildred or Mille 6 Cleveland, b. May 11, 1766. 

+ 631 Lydia 5 Cleveland, b. Sept. 30, 1767. 
632 Deborah 5 Cleveland, b. May 10, 1769, d. Webster, 
Mass., 1859, m. Isaac Morse, I'd Walpole. Ch.: 13. Patience 6 , 
b. Mar. 6, 17 71, d. Dedham, Mass., unm. 

+633 Dorcas 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 18, 1773. 

634 Susan 5 Cleveland, b. Dec. 12, 1775, d. Oct. 10, 1855, 
m. Daniel Boyden. Ch.: 5 s., 3 da. 

+ 635 Aquilla 3 Cleveland, b. Dec. 26, 1777. 

+ 636 Bela 5 Cleveland, b. Mar. 10, 1781. 

4-637 Aden 5 Cleveland, b. Apr. 27, 1784. Herman 5 , b. 
Nov. 23, 1789, d. y. 2d m. s. p. 

Edward* Cleveland lived at Walpole until 1780, afterward 
in Medfield, where he bought a place on Medfield road opposite 
Plain st. Edward* was Selectman, 1782, 1794, 1801. He was 
prominent in town affairs and much esteemed. 

Genealogy of Edward* in History of Medfield, Mass., 1650-1886, with Genealogies of 
Families that held real estate or made any considerable stay in the town. Edited by 
William S. Tilden, p. 36s, Ss*c. George H. Ellis, 141 Franklin st., Boston, 1881; N.'E. 
£eg., XIII : 370. 

Adams ancestry : — Henry 1 , Peter 2 [see +58] i Dr. Peter 3 , b. July 20, 1653, physician. 
at Med-way, Mass., m. Experience Cook ; George* Adams, b. Medfield, Jan. 16, 1699, m. 
Mar. 13, 1723, Sarah Partridge, da. John & Abigail. 


GEORGE* CLEVELAND (George*, Edward», Moses»), d. Wren- 
tham, Norfolk co., or Walpole, Mass., Mar. 7, 1825, 1826, a. 84, 
rm. W., Jan. 1, 1770, Sarah Cobb of W. and Union, Conn., b. 
July 27, 1749, d. W., Mar. 20, 1842. Ch. b. prob. Walpole : 

George 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 20, 1773, d- Apr. 2 4» 



-(-638 Liberty 5 Cleveland, b. May 28, 1775. 
+639 Joseph 5 Cleveland, b. Feb. 12, 1778. 

640 Clarina 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 1, 1779, d. Mar. 22, 
1862, m. Nov. 25, 1806, Phineas Frost. Ch. b. Walpole : Mary" 
Frost, b. July 14, 1807 ; Abigail* Frost, b. Aug. 24, 1809 ; Iran? 
Frost, b. Mar. 22, 1815. 

Sabra 3 Cleveland, b. Oct. 21, 1781, d. Oct. 10, i860, 

Iram 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 12, 1785, d. Sep. 5, 1807, 

George 4 Cleveland lived at Medway, Wrentham, and Wal- 

Mass. Revol. Rolls, Lexington Alarm f XIII : pj — Col. John 
Smith's reg., co. marched fr. Walpole, Apr. 19, 1775, com. by 
Capt. Jere Smith : George Cleveland 4 days. Colony's service. 

Pay Roll of Capt. Fisher's co. in the service of the U. S. in 
the reg. of militia detached from Mass. to do duty in R. I. 
George Cleveland, private, sworn to Dec. 18, 1779. 

II: 28— 4th reg. of Suffolk co. com. by Maj. Seth Bullard 
marched to Tiverton, R. I., alarm July, 1780, Capt. Samuel 
Fisher's co. : George Cleveland, Walpole, private. 

22 3 . 

AQUILLA 4 CLEVELAND (Georges, Edward", Moses') was killed 

by the Indians early in the Revolutionary War. Ac. to fam. 
tradition, m. Mercy Wellman. Ch.: 4. The eldest son killed by 
Indians with his father. Ch. : 

641 Aquilla 5 Cleveland and 2 daughters 5 . 

Aquilla 4 Cleveland dwelt Guilford tp., Cumberland co. 
(Vt), N. Y., 1770. 

O 'Callaghan 's Doc. His., N. Y., IV: 667 — petition Nov. 1, 1770, province N. Y., 
signed by Aquilla* & Elkanah 4 +180 (see ante), and many others, inhabitants of 
Cumberland & Gloucester co's concerning " punishment due to those lawless transgres- 
sors who have made a traffic of N. H. titles, and to aggrandize the family of the late 
Governor Wentworth, for whose benefit reservations of Land were made in all the 
numerous Grants which he thought proper to pass," p. 785. " Schedule of the names of 
the inhabitants of the Township of Guilford, June 9, 1772, 586 souls "Aquilla Cleve- 
land, wife, and four children." 


DAVID 4 CLEVELAND (Georges, Edward," Moses'), d. Dover, 

Mass., Apr. 14, 1820, a. 76, m. 1st, Dedham, Mass., Apr. 10, 1773, 
Rachel Allen, b. Dedham, Apr. 19, 1750, d. Dover, Mar. 12, 1799, 
da. Hezekiah and Jemime (perhaps Kingsbury). He m. 2d, 
Mrs. Keziah (Mason) Allen, she d. Pawtucket, R. I., ab. 1847, 
wid. of a brother to Rachel Allen. (She m. 3d, Gen. Crane). Ch. 
b. Dover, by 1st m : Ira 5 , b. Dec. 31, 1773, d. Dover, Aug. 28, 


+642 David 5 Cleveland, b. town rec. — Sep. 4, iTl 5, family 
rec. — 1776. 

+ 643 Ira 5 Cleveland (ag.), b. town rec. — Dec. 21, 1777,. 
fam. rec. — Feb. 25, 1778. 

+ 644 Cyrus 5 Cleveland, b. Feb. 28, 1780. 

+645 George 5 Cleveland, b. May 12, 1782. 

+ 646 Gad 5 Cleveland, b. Mar. 16, 1784. 

+ 647 Rachel 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 1, 1786. 

+ 648 Martha or Patty G. 5 Cleveland, ) b. Jan. 7, 1789 . 

+649 Mary 5 Cleveland, [ b. Jan. 7, 1789. 

+ 650 Hitty 5 Cleveland, b. Dec. 31, 1794, 2d m.: s. p. 

David 1 Cleveland lived at Walpole and Natick, Mass., 
before m., afterward at Dover, farmer. Soldier in French and 
Indian war, and in Revolution, when he was stationed at 

Historical Address delivered Dedkam, 21st Sep., 183b, being Second Centennial Anni- 
versary of Incorporation. By Samuel F. Haven, 67. — Soldiers from Dedham. Last 
French war, 1755 to 1763. Served : David Cleveland and 51 others. 

Mass. Archives, Lexington Alarm, JTI; 24s— David Cleveland of Dedham, 4th 
parish, Apr. 19, 1775, in Capt. Eb. Battle's co. private 4 days. ^XIX : 154% — Roxbury, 
Mar. 27, 1776, David Cleveland private 13 days in eo. marched fr. Dedham, Capt. 
Aaron Guild's co. of foot in Suffolk & York reg. Col. Lemuel Robson. 

Ac. to family tradition David Cleveland's father was Samuel. 
Cleveland of Walpole and his mother a Kingsbury. To Rev. 
O. A. Taylor, June 19, 1849, Mrs. Rachel 5 (Cleveland) Legge. 
+647 said her grandfather's name was John of Walpole, which 
she afterward found to be George Cleveland. Hill's Dedham rec. 

22 5 . 

SARAH 4 CLEVELAND (George,* Edward*), m. pub. Walpole, 
Mass., Apr. 29, 1769 (it is thought as 1st w.), George Adams, b. 
Wrentham, Mass., Mar. 18, 1747, d. Jan. 28, 1792, s. George and 
Sarah (Partridge). Ch.: 

Darius* Adams, d. Richmond, N. H., and it is thought that 
there was also a son George 5 Adams. 

George Adams lived at Franklin, Medfield, and Foxborough, 
Norfolk co., Mass. (It is thought that he m. 2d, Mrs. Rebecca 

Adams ancestry : — Henryi, Peter 3 , Peter*, George* Adams [see +221!. 


SAMUEL 4 CLEVELAND (George*, Edward^, Moses"), d. Med- 

way, Mass., ab. 1816, a. ab. 69, m. M. or Walpole, Mass., May 27, 
1773, Mary or Molly Daniels of Medway and Dover, Mass., she 
d. M. ab. 1816. Ch.: 

f 651 Samuel 5 Cleveland, b. Mar. 11, 1774, Medway, Mass. 


652 Mary 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 28, 1775, M., m. M., Feb. 
J 6, 1797, Jonathan Brick -of M. Ch.: Increase Sumner* Brick. 

653 Nancy 5 Caeveland, b. Nov. 5, 1776, M., m. Franklin, 
Mass., Sep. 20, 1832, Reuben Cook of Mass. s. p. 

+ 654 Moses 5 Cleveland, b. May 6, 1778, Medway, Mass. . 

655 Reuben 5 Cleveland, b. Nov. 23, 1779, M., d. young, 
settled in Canada. 

656 John 6 Cleveland, b. May 25, 1781, M., d. Bolton, 
Mass., unm. 

Maria 5 Cleveland, d. aged 50 years, unm., visited 
Camden, Me., Oct., 1824. 

+ 657 Ebenezer 5 Cleveland, b. Mar. 9, 1785, Medway, 

658 T.yler 6 Cleveland killed at Northport, Waldo co., 
Me., by falling tree, while chopping ; came to N. a young man. 
+ 659 Lewis 5 Cleveland. 660 Ezra 5 Cleveland. 
Samuel 4 Cleveland dwelt at Walpole 1773, af. at Medway, 
a worthv, respected man. 


KEZIAH 4 CLEAVELAND (josiah*, josiah*), d. Canterbury, 
Conn., Aug., Sept., 1758,. a. 46, m., C, Apr. 27, 1730, 1733 {int. 
Woodstock, Conn., rec, Apr. 2, 1731), Joseph Morse of W., s. An- 
thony. Ch. : Jedediah" Morse. 

+66 1 Anthony" Morse. And perhaps others*. 

Mrs. Keziah 4 (Cleveland) Morse adm. chh. Canterbury, 
Sept. 7, 1741. . 

Morse, Morss ancestry :— 3 arms: MORSE : Ar. battle axe in pale gu. betw. 3 pellets. 
Crest — Lion ramp, supporting plumb rule. . . . Germany the birthplace of the name ; 
prob. in Count de Mors""of Nassau, Germany, 1200-1300. Name of Morse is traced to 
temp. Edw. Ill, written Mors, Moss, Morss, and Morse. For 500 years the arms has the 
Motto — In Deo, non armis fido. Suffolk Morses after 1400 have same arms as Wiltshire 
Morses. The Morse monument at MedfLeld, Mass. : 3 obelisks, representing 3 families ; 
1st obelisk : Samuel, b. 1585, of Dedham, Mass., Joseph of Ipswich, Mass., 1635 (brothers, 
and investigations indicate to be sons of Rev. Thomas Morse of Essex co., Eng.) ; 2d 
obelisk: John, b. 1604, of New Haven, Conn, j 3d obelisk: Anthony, b. 1606, William, b. 
1608, d. Newbury, Mass., .Robert and Peter, their brothers, d. in New Jersey. . . . 

1 Morse [perhaps identical with or kin to Anthony Morse, who bought lands of the 

Manor of Dedham, Essex co., Eng., 1587, where the surname had been Mars], of Marl- 
borough, Wiltshire, Eng., 1606 (father of Anthony, William, Robert, and Peter) ; An- 
thony 3 , b. Marlboro, Eng., May 9, 1606, shoemaker of M., came in the " James " from 
Southampton, Eng., arr. Boston, Mass., June 3, 1635, of Newbury, d. N., Oct. 12, 1686, m. 
1st, Mary ; Peter 3 ; Anthony* ; Joseph 6 Morse m. Keziah Cleaveland 4 .— N. E. His. 
Gen. Reg., XII: sSr; XIX: z6j. 


JOSIAH 4 CLEVELAND (josiah 3 , josiah*, Mosesi), d. (g. s. Can- 
terbury, Conn.) May 7, 1793, a. 80, m. 1st, Canterbury, Oct. 15, 
1735, Sarah Lawrence, b. Plainfield, Conn., Feb. 7, 1709, d. Can- 
terbury Feb. 6, 1755, only da. of Daniel and Sarah. He m. 2d, 
Canterbury, June 5, 1755, Mrs. Johanna (Waldo) Brewster, b. 


Apr. 18, 1723, d. (g. s. Canterbury) Apr. 4, 1803, wid. of Jonah 
Brewster, da. of Edward and Thankful (Dimock). Ch. b. Can- 
terbury, by 1st m.: 

+ 662 Asa 5 Cleveland, b. Aug. 1, 1736. 
+ 663 Lois 5 Cleveland, b. 1739, bap. Sept. 16, 1739, Brook- 
lyn, Conn. 

Sarah 6 , bap. Mar. 21, 1742, B., d. C, Apr. 23, 1784, 

+ 664 Moses 5 Cleveland, b. June 26, 1744. 
665 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 6, 1748, perhaps is the 
Mary Cleveland who m. Elijah Abel — see +209. 

Lydia 5 Cleveland, b. May 25, 1751, d. C, Sept. 30, 


+ 666 Josiah 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 3, 1753. By 2d m.: 

667 Letitia 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 13, 1757, m. Phelps. 

+ 668 Thankful 5 Cleveland, b. Dec. 30, 1759. 

669 Abigail 5 Cleveland, b. Feb. 10, 1762, m. Timothy 

670 Lydia 5 Cleveland (ag.), m. Phelps. Lebanon, Conn., 
records — "Lydia Cleveland of Canterbury m., Oct. 26, 1795, 
Elijah Phelps of Lebanon." "Elijah Phelps of Lebanon in., 
Mar. 2, 1769, Elizabeth Smith of Norwich, Conn." 

Capt. Josiah 4 Cleveland dwelt at Canterbury, farmer and 
tanner. Became a communicant of the old Congregational 
church of Brooklyn, formerly Pomfret, Oct. 10, 1736. Joins 
church of Canterbury, Sept., 1745, signs cov. Sept. 26, 1746; 
joins Strict Cong. chh. C, Apr. 15, 1782. Apr. 9, 1782, it was 
voted to rebuild chh. As remembered by his grandson, Josiah 
Cady, he was "Tall, erect, and venerable looking, a man of 
dignified deportment. He was a deacon in the Congregational 
Church of the town, and deeply interested in the questions 
which exercised the church of that day." 

Hoadly's Conn. Col. Rec, XI: 413-6 — Assembly, May, 1760. Josiah Cleveland, 
Elisha Pain,, memorial of 1st Soc. of Canterbury, concerning division of chh., settlement 
of Rev. James Cogswell in established chh., praying for exemption from taxes for sup- 
port of settled minister, exemption to be extended to said dissenting brethren and ad- 
herents, by name, Josiah, Silas, Pain, Eleazer, Aaron, Ezra, Hopestill, and Asa 
Cleveland. [&c] 

Epitaph on Capt. Josiah Cleveland's g. s.: "Beloved in life, 
lamented in death, he calmly bid adieu to this world, with a 
pleasing hope of life immortal beyond the grave." 

Lawrence ancestry of Sarah Lawrence: — See +161. 

Waldo ancestry of Johanna Waldo :— According to one account, Peter Waldo of 
Lyons, France, was ancestor of Dea. Cornelius 1 of Ipswich, Mass., 1654, Chelmsford, 
Mass., m. Hannah Cogswell, a da. of John and Elizabeth Cogswell, who came from 
Bristol, Eng., 1635, to Ipswich ; Hon. John 2 , b. ab. 1658 [Larned's Windham co., Conn., J; 



73 — John Waldo of Boston, Mass., a reported descendant of Peter Waldo of Lyons [&c], 
was admitted an inhabitant of Windham 1698], m. Rebecca Adams 3 ; Nathan 3 ; Edward* 
Waldo. But another person makes following ancestry : Dea. Cornelius 1 , nothing is 
known of his ancestry, m. Hannah Cogswell ; John 2 , b. ab. 1658, of Windham, m. Re- 
becca Adams 3 ; Edward 3 Waldo, b. 1683, m. June 28, 1706, Thankful Dimock, da. of 

Abbreviated from Neviburyport, Mass., Herald: An Ancient Chair. Mrs. Cleave- 
land, widow of Rev. John Payne Cleaveland, has a chair made of carved oak, has 3 legs 
and arms, with fittings apparently for a desk, and is as old as time of Henry VIII. Its 
history is known, since it was brought to this country by Mr. Waldo from Lyons, France, 
1685, a Protestant Huguenot, who came to New England to escape persecution, being of 
Protestant ancestry, descendant of the Waldenses, settled in Boston, and his son Nathan 
Waldo went to Windham, taking the chair, which he left to his son Edward Waldo, who 
left it to his daughter Johanna Waldo, who m. Josiah Cleaveland. Their grand da., 
Lucy Palmer [+2124], presented it to Dr. Cleaveland. Mrs. Cleaveland loaned it to the 
Old South Church exhibition. 

Adams ancestry : — Henry 1 [see +58] ; Capt. Samuel 2 , b. Eng. 1616, of Charlestown, 
Mass., town elk., Chelmsford, 1668, town elk., d. Jan. 24, 1688-9, m. 1st, Rebecca Graves 3 ; 
Rececca 3 Adams m. John Waldo 2 . 

Graves ancestry: — 8 arms : Grave; 4: GRAVES: (Cornwall, Sussex, York, Glouces- 
ter; Baron Graves). Gu. eagle displ. ducally crowned, on canton an anchor. Crest — 
Demi eagle encircled by ducal coronet. Motto — Aquila non captat muscas. . . . 
John 1 , Ratcliffe, n. London, Eng. ; Rear Admiral Thomas 2 Greaues, b. Ratcl. June 6, 
1605, mate of the "Talbot," who came to Salem 1629, of Chariest. 1638, capt., appointed 
by Oliver Cromwell, made by Parliament title of rear admiral, plied betw. London and 
Boston, had the first ship built at Boston for foreign trade, in which his step-bro., Thos. 
Coytemore (who came 1636), made first voyage, 1642, d. July 31, 1653, m - in Eng., before 
1635, Katharine Gray 2 , b. 1613 ; Rebecca 3 Graves m. Samuel Adams 2 . 

Gray ancestry :— 24 arms: Gray; 2: GREY or Gray; 30: Grey. Gray (Bishop- 
wearmouth, co. Durham, Eng.) : Vert, a lion ramp, within a bordure engr. ar. Crest — 

An anchor erect or, the rope waved ppr. Motto — Anchor fast anchor. . . . ' 

Gray of Eng., evidently d. in Eng. many years prior to 1635, m. in Eng. Katharine Myles, 
she d. Charlestown, Mass., Nov. 29, 1659. (She m. 2d, in Eng. Rowland or Roland Coit- 
more, Coytemore or Quotmore, who d. bef. 1636, and she came a widow to America and 
was of Charlestown, 1636, will 30 (2) 1658 ; Katharine 2 Graym. Thomas Graves 2 .— Savage ; 


ABIGAIL 4 CLEVELAND (josiah 3 , josiah 2 , Mosesi), d. at home- 
stead, North Society, Canterbury, Conn., Dec. 15, 19, 1782, a. 67, 
m.. John Adams, b. Medfield, Mass., Dec. 14, 1695, d. Jan. 16, 
1762, g. s. at Canterbury, a s. John and Michal (Bloyse). Ch. b. 
N. Canterbury: L'ois b Adams, Nov. 17, 1741. 

671 Mar f Adams, June 23, 1743, m. Joshua Parker. 
+672 John* Adams, b. Feb. 12, 1744. 

673 Lydio? Adams, b. June 12, 1746, prob. m. John Wheeler. 
+ 674 Cornelius* Adams, b. Mar. 21, 1748. 
+675 jEbenezer* Adams,, b. Oct. 6, 1749. 

676 Abigail* Adams, b. June 13, 1751, m., as 1st w., Rev. 
John 6 Cleaveland +702. 

+ 677 Samuel 5 Adams, b. May 16, 1753. 

678 Ruth* Adams, b. Mar. 12, 1757, m. Samuel Parker. 
John Adams seems to have resided quietly on the large 



estate which his father had bought in Canterbury all the earlier 
years of his life. He and Abigail 4 are buried and have tomb- 
stones in the Morse Cemetery, near Knowland's brook. In 
May, 1762, John, Lydia, and Cornelius, minors of John Adams, 
deceased, chose wid. Abigail their guardian. The estate was 
divided in Sept. into 10 parts, the widow sharing with the chil- 
dren equally. 

Adams' ancestry .• — Henry', Peter 2 , John 3 Adams m. Michal Bloyse 3 [see +58]. 


ELISHA 4 CLEVELAND (josiah», josiah*, Moses'), m. 1st, Wood- 
stock, Conn., June 26, 1740, Esther Morse, b. 1714, 1715, d. W., 
Feb. 22, 1741, 1742, da. per. of Anthony. He m. 2d, Canterbury, 
Conn., 1742, Ruth Paine, b. C, May 25, 1723, only da. Rev. 
Solomon and Sarah (Carver). Ch. by 1st m. : 

679 Peter 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 9, 1741, Woodstock, d. 
W., Apr. 26, 1741. By 2d m.: Elisha 5 , bap. Aug. 24, 1743, Can- 

680 Martha 5 or Pat^y 5 Cleveland, b. Canterbury. 

68 r Ebenezer 5 Cleveland, bap. Sep.' 14, 1746, Canter- 

+ 682 Solomon 6 Cleveland, bap. Dec. 13, 1747, Canterbury: 

683 Ruth 5 Cleveland, d. Bath, N. H., m. Carver Merrill. 

Ch.: (some of whom are m. and dwelt at Bethel, N. H.) Joseph 6 

Merrill; John* Merrill ; Carver" Merrill; Ebenezer 9 Merrill ; 

Ruth* Merrill ; Nancy' Merrill. 

-f-684 Esther 5 Cleveland, b. July 24, 1754. 

+ 685 Abigail 5 Cleveland. 

+ 686 Sarah 5 Cleveland, b. Feb. 20, 1762(1761?). 

+ 687 Elisha 5 Cleveland (ag.), b.. Aug. 3, 1762, Woodstock. 

4-688 Eliphalet 5 Cleveland, b. Lebanon, Conn., or in N. 
H., or Cambridge, Mass. 

Elisha 4 Cleveland lived at Canterbury, and at Nine Part- 
ners or Partures n. Amenia, N. Y., 1755-8; Landaff, 1769; 
Bath, N. H., Dec, 1773. He returned from a not prosperous 
voyage to Nova Scotia, &c, and went from Canterbury to his 
home in bad health and low spirits. Afterward set. at Pawlet, 
Vt., farmer and mariner. 

Chh. rec— Elisha Cleveland s. to Josiah adm. to chh. Cauterb., Oct. 12, 1740. 
Signs cov. Sep. 26, 1746. Capt. ELISHA CLEVELAND was set apart to office of deacon 
Apr. 26, 1775, Separate chh. A new church was formed Apr. 15, 1782. Capt. Elisha 
Cleveland chosen deacon May 20, 1782. 

Lamed' s Windham co., I .-4(6 — Elisha Cleveland, Josiah Cleveland, &c, sign 
Canterb., Sep. 16, 1744, a communication to the first society, protesting against settle- 
ment of Rev. James Cogswell. 


On one genealogical account of this branch he is called 
" Elisha or Eliphalet Cleveland." 

Paine ancestry of Ruth Paine : — ;See +173. 


MARY 4 CLEAVELAND (josiah*, josiah 2 , Moses"), d. Canter- 
bury, Conn., Aug. 6, 1765, a. 45, m. C, Apr. 6, 1743, as 2d w. 
William Bradford, b. C, July 1, 1718, d. C. ab. 1780, a s. Lt. 
James and Edith, or Lt. James and Susannah (Adams). Ch. b. 
Canterbury : 

+689 Mary* Bradford, b. Mar. 1, 1744. 

+690 William' Bradford, b. Mar. 4, 9, 1745. 

h6gi Ebenezer* Bradford, b. May 29, 1746. 

+692 David" Bradford, b. May 8, 1748. 

+ 693 John 1 Bradford, b. July 27, 1750. 

694 Joshua 1 Bradford, b. Oct! 17, 1751, m. Anne 5 Cleve- 
land +436. " * ■ 

+ 695 Abigail? Bradford, b. Sep. 2, 1753. fames 5 ,.b. Feb. 1, 
d. Sep. 17, 1755. 

+ 696 Olive 3 Bradford, b. July 13,. 1756. 

+697 Josiah? Bradford, b. Nov. 25, 1757. Da 5 , d. immedi- 

+698 Lydia* Bradford, b. July 2, 1760. Elisha?, b. Mar., 1762. 

+ 699 Beulah 5 Bradford, b. Sep. 3, 1763. 

-I-700 Moses* Bradford, b. Aug. 6, 1765. 

Marv 4 adm. chh. Canterbury, Mar. 20, 1736, separated 1744. 
Is buried in cemetery £ mile N. of Canterb. She was an orna- 
ment to her sex and indeed to all her Christian friends.— 
Paine Genealogy j Lamed' s Windham co., II : 40. 

William Bradford dwelt always at Canterbury, farmer. He, 
was killed by a sudden blow from his horse's head, raised 
quickly as he was stooping. He m. 1st, 1740, Zerviah Lathrop 
or Lothrop, she d. 1741. He m. 3d, 1766-7, Martha Warren of 
C, she d. during Revolution, of camp disease. He m. 4th, ab. 
1778, Wid. Stedman. Ch. by 1st m.: Zerviah Bradford, b. Sep. 

6, 1740, d. y. By 3d m : Joseph Bradford, b. Jan. 22, 1767, d. 
Sep. 23,, 1775; Benjamin Bradford, b. Mar. 29, 1768, m. Ruby 
Allen. Ch.: 

Maria Bradford, b. Aug. 24, 1798, d. Jan. 2, 1799 ; Emily Bradford, b. July 6, 1801, m. 
Joseph Wedge; Keziah Bradford, b. Mar. 29, 1805; Sophronia Bradford, b. Apr. n, 1807, 
m. Thomas Wedge ; Kezia Bradford, b. June n, d. 20, 1770 ; Zerviah Bradford (ag.), b. 
June 11, 1770, d. Sep. 22, 1775 ; Samuel W. Bradford, b. Nov. 5, 1772, d. Sep. 3, 1775. 

Bradford ancestry : — William 1 , William 2 , William 3 , Dep. Gov. William 4 , Thomas 5 
m. Hannah Fitch 2 [see +152] ; Lt. James 8 Bradford of Canterbury, m. 1st, Edith, 2d, Dec. 

7, 1724, Susannah Adams, da. Samuel of Chelmsford, Mass.— Aotes of James Bradford 1 
Adams +6470, Garnett, Anderson co., Kan. 



Fitch ancestry : — Rev. James 1 , b. Booking, Eng., Dec. 24, 1622, a founder of Norwich, 
Conn., m. 1st, Abigail Whitfield, da. Rev. Henry, 2d, Priscilla Mason, a da. Maj. John & 
Anne (Peck) ; Hannah 2 Fitch, m. Thomas Bradford 6 . N. E, Reg., IV :jo; Drake, iij. 


JOHN 4 CLEAVELAND (josiah", josiah*, Moses'), d. Ipswich, 
Essex co., Mass., Apr. 22, 1799, a - 77) m - ist > Ipswich, July 15, 
1747, Mary Dodge, b. Ipswich, Mar. 1, 1723, d. Chebacco, Ips- 
wich, Apr. 21, 1768, only da. Parker and Mary (Choate). He 
m. 2d, Salem, Mass., Sep. 28, 1769, Mrs. Mary (Neale) Foster, b. 
Mar. 29 (bap. Salem, Apr. 5), 1730, d. Chebacco, now Essex, 
Apr. 19, 1810, wid. Capt. John Foster, and a da. Joseph and 
Eunice (Pickering). Ch. b. Chebacco, by 1st m. : 

+701 Mary 5 Cleaveland, b. July 10. 1748. 

+ 702 John 6 Cleaveland, b. Jan. 6, 1749-50. 

+703 Parker 5 Cleaveland, b. Oct. 14, 1751. 

+704 Ebenezer 5 Cleaveland, b. Mar. 19, 1754. 

+ 705 Elizabeth 5 Cleaveland, b. Jan. 25, 1757. 

+ 706 Nehemiah 5 Cleaveland, b. Aug. 26, 1760. 

+ 707 Abigail 5 Cleaveland, b. Dec. 28, 1762. 

Lois" Cleaveland, ") b. July 17, 1767, d. C, July 

I 2 7, 1767- 
Eunice 6 Cleaveland, ( b. July 17, 1767, d. C, July 

j 27, 1767. 

2d m., s. p. 

Rev. John* Cleaveland, A.M., one of the most prominent 
characters of the family, was a distinguished divine, a public- 
spirited man, and a powerful writer and speaker. Canterbury 
Separate chh. rec. — 1740, Sep. 14. John Cleaveland s. Josiah 
Owned cov. and adm. chh. Entered Yale college, 1741, and 
remained there till a few weeks before the close of his senior 
year, 1745." While at home during the preceding vacation, 
May, 1744, exhibiting that independence and courage in the 
cause of truth which ever after characterized him, he (with his 
bro. Ebenezer 1 , also Yale student), attended the Separatist 
church, Canterbury, or Strict Congregationalists seceding from 
the ecclesiastical establishment of the Colony, to hear their 
uncle Solomon Paine, a layman, follower of Rev. George 
Whitefield (Calvinistic Methodist) who officiated there, they 
and their parents being members. 

\_Genealogy Allen &° Witter Families by Asa W. Allen, 124 — " two nephews of Elisha 
Paine, lawyer, expelled for attending his preaching]. He " had commenced a course of 
education preparatory to the Christian ministry on legal principles, but was early en- 
lightened to the true principles of the gospel, and from that time became a zealous and 
able advocate of the truth as it is in Jesus,"— from ms. of his gr. son Nehemiah* +2249. 


It appears that early in his college life he had been a frequent 
attendant at these " New Light " meetings. A discourse com- 
memorative of the history of the church of Christ in Yale college, 
preached in the college chapel, Nov. 22, iSjy, by George P. Fisher, 
Livingston Professor of Divinity, jp. 

John Cleaveland's Diary, Jan. 15, May n, 1742; Lamed's Windham co., I:jgS 
(including both a period in college and at home on vacation), gives an insight into group 
of pious young men, among whom was conspicuous David Brainerd (expelled from Yale, 
1742), his room-mates, Thaddeus B. Betts and Nathaniel Draper, Thos. Lewis grad. 1741, 
Joseph Hawley, Edward Dorr, Asher Rossiter, all 1742, Saml. Pish, Jos. Fowler, Isaac 
Jones, all 1743, Freegrace Leavitt, Jer. Learning, James Cogswell, Jos. Clarke, John H. 
Lord, Simon Ely, Daniel Lyman, Elihu Lyman, Warham Williams, all 1745, Eliphalet 
Williams, Saml. Field, David Strong, Saml. Lockwood, Wm. Throop, Nathl. Lloyd, 
Saml. Tracy ; entry Apr. 20, spends forenoon at C. with LUCY Cleaveland, da. of his 
uncle Henry. John* and Ebenezer 4 on their return to college were called to account by 
the faculty. They were required on the penalty of expulsion to confess publicly in the 
Hall that they had violated the laws of God, of the Colony, and of the college. (The 
Colonial govt, and college sustained the Congregational Establishment.) Their conver- 
sations with the Rector and tutor Chauncey Whittlesey were written down by John 4 , 
who presented following petition : " To the Rev d . and Hon a . Rector and Tutors of Yale 
college, It hath been a very great concern and trouble to me that my conduct in the late 
vacation has been such as not to maintain interest in your favor, and still retain the 
great privileges that I have enjoyed for three years past under your learned, wise, and 
faithful instruction and government. Nothing of an outward nature can equally affect 
me with that of being henceforward wholly secluded from the same. Hon 1 . Fathers 
suffer me to lie at your feet, and intreat your compassionate forgiveness to an offending 
child wherein I have transgressed. Venerable Sirs : I entreat yon, for your paternal 
wisdom and clemency, to make in my case such kind allowance for the want of that pen- 
etration and solid judgment expected in riper heads — as tender parents are naturally 
disposed in respect of their weak children. But more especially I beg to be admitted in 
the humblest manner to suggest as a motive of your compassion to the ignorant,— that I 
did not know it was a transgression of either the Laws of God, this Colony, or the Col- 
lege, for me, as a member, and in covenant with a particular church as is generally 
owned to be a church of Jesus Christ, to meet together with a major part of said church 
for social worship. And therefore do beg and intreat that my ignorance may be suf- 
fered to apologize. For in respect to that fact, which to riper heads may appear to be a 
real transgression, I can assure you, Ven ble Sirs, that I have endeavored to' keep and 
observe all the known laws and customs of College unblameably. And I hope I shall 
for the future be enabled So to do, if I may be restored to a standing again in my class. 
Thus begging your compassion, I subscribe, your humble servant and obedient pupil. 

John Cleaveland. 
New Haven, Nov. 26, 1744. 

The Rector and Tutors regarded the above confession as good for nothing, because 
it cast no censure on the separatist meetings, and the young men were disciplined still 
farther. The following passages will illustrate the style of these colloquies. 

John — Sirs— I should be glad to know what the Scriptures say, as to the call of a 
person to preach. 

Recto) — The Scripture saith, "How can they preach, except they be sent?" and 
" no man taketh this honor to himself, but he that is called of God as was Aaron." 

Ebenezer — I have somethingto offer. When I was at home, I was under the care of 
my parents, and they told me, if I did not meet where they met, I could not expect they 
would maintain me at College ; and the meeting not appearing contrary to the word of 
God, I thought it my duty to obey my parents in this thing. 

Rector. If you went in obedience to your parents, this extenuates the crime. How- 
ever, we shall proceed according to what appears right to us notwithstanding. 

John. Sir, I find it to be impossible to serve 2 masters and am in a dilemma ; for if 
we don't make a full recantation we must be expelled college, and if we do our parents 
will not support us at college. So that whether we confess or do not confess, we are 
under necessity of leaving college. 

Wherefore the Rector and Tutors of Yale college Nov. 19, 1744, presented the Ad- 
monition and Act of expulsion. [For the wording see Fisher's Discourse, 57, fS.] 

Upon advice of Rev. Eleazer Wheelock, D.D. et al. in 1745, 


the two Cleavelands petitioned Gen. Assembly to be restored 
to college ; their petition was dismissed without action. — Pres. 
Theodore Dwight Woolsey's His. Discourse, 10S. On title page of 
a sermon pub. Boston, 1763, he designates himself John 
Cleaveland, V.D.M., for he had not yet received his degree, 
and being unable to use the customary A.M., he substituted 
the initials of Verbis Dei Minister. (His bro. Ebenezer 4 and s. 
John 5 also used V.D.M. until degree was received.) Subse- 
quently convinced that they had wronged the Cleavelands the 
college granted them their degrees, which were sent them, 
1764, by Rector Thomas Clap, Pres. Yale. In the catalogue 
John 4 is recorded with his class, 1745, and Ebenezer 4 , 1748. In 
Feb., 1745, John 4 was pursuing his studies at Branford, New 
Haven co., Conn. — Lam. Wind, co., 1 : 440. 

Rev. John 4 Cleaveland having obtained a license com- 
menced preaching immediately after leaving college, and for 2 
years ministered to a Separatist society, Boston (in the Hugue- 
not church, School St., where Daille 1 and Le Mercier had before 
preached to the expatriated Bowdoins and Amorys), who sym- 
pathized with Rev. James Davenport, then visiting N. E. Rev. 
John 4 was invited to become their pastor, but declined. He 
was called by a new church at Chebacco, Ipswich, — a secession 
from Rev. Theopilus Pickering's, resulting from Mr. P.'s 
refusal to invite Whitefield and Davenport into his pulpit, and 
he tried to prevent John 4 Cleaveland's ordination, but it was 
favored by the leading ministers, and he was ordained Feb. 25, 

A sketch of ecclesiastical hist, of Ipswich, discourse Dec, 1820, 31, and The Pastor 's 
Jubilee in Ipswich, Oct. 8, iS$b, qb, both discourses, by Rev. David T. Kimball, narrate his 
ordination. Soon Mr. Pickering published a pamphlet, A bad omen to the churches in the 
instance of Mr. John Cleaveland' 1 s ordination over a Separation in Chebacco parish, which 
John 4 answered in A plain narrative by the new church. Mr. Pickering d. Oct 7, 1747, 
his church pub. his rejoinder, to which John 4 replied in the Chebacco narrative, 1748. 
This drew forth An answer to the Chebacco narrative, a letter from the Second [First ?] 
Church in Ipswich to their Separated brethren, Boston, 1748. ( The last sermon preached 
in the ancient meeting house of the First Parish, Ipswich, Feb. 22, 184b, by D. T. Kimball, 
pastor, 6, "John Cleaveland was pastor Second church, Ipswich, now the church in 

His first marriage occurred soon after his ordination. Mary 
Dodge had many wooers whom she refused. After the cere- 
mony, when the guests were saluting the bride, one of these 
unsuccessful suitors offered his congratulations in this strain : 

" Mary Dodge was thy name, 
Dodge thou hast many a man, . 
But thy Dodging all is o'er, 
Dodge thou may'st not any more." 

Lamed 's Windham co., J : 470 — John 4 and Ebenezer 4 cast out 
of Separate chh., C'by, 1749, for questioning its infallibility. 

Rev. John 4 Cleaveland was in French and Indian war, 
1756-60. In 1758, chaplain Col. Jonathan Bagley's reg. in Gen. 


James Abercrombie's exped. (15,000 men attacked Ticonderoga, 
July 8, 1758, with bayonet, costing- 2,000 lives), and was in the 
battle when Lord George Howe was killed ; was at Ft. Edward, 
Louisburg, &c. His daily Journal [pub. in Essex Ins. Col., XII : 
85-103, 179-196, XIII : 53-63, edited by his gr. son Nehemiah 6 ], 
and letters to his wife describe these scenes. During encamp- 
ment at Ft. George the chaplains met twice a week for prayer. 
Bancroft's U. S., IV, alludes to these meetings. N. E. His. Gen. 
Reg., X : 307 — Journals of Joseph Holt of Wilton, N. H., of 
march of Capt. Eben Jones' co. Canada exped. " went into Col. 
Bagley's regt., heard Mr. Cleaveland preach Sundays, June 
11, and Aug. 6, 1758. (There exists a sermon preached by 
Chaplain Cleaveland at camp on Lake George, Aug. 20, 1758, 
inscribed on a sheet, size 3x3^ inches, can be read only with 
magnifying glass.) Essex I. C, XVII : 81. Journal of Dr. 
Caleb Rea, surgeon Bagley's reg., mentions arrival of Rev. 
John 4 , May '21, 1758, and preaching at different dates. 

Rev. John 4 wrote, Dec. 25, 1759, letter of inquiry to John 
Cleveland +17805, maltster, Ipswich, Eng., concerning ancest- 
ors of Moses 1 — see +1. 

That John 4 was far in advance of his ag-e appears, 1763, in 
following letter on the duty of Christianizing the Indians : 
" Very dear sir : Since I have understood that the prelimmry 
articles of Peace are ratified, by which the vast country on the 
eastern side of the river Mississippi from the source of said 
river to the ocean is ceded by France to his Brittanic majesty, 
I have been ready to think we never had so loud a call and so 
wide a door opened to use endeavor to propagate the gosple 
and spread the savor of the knowledge of Christ among the 
Indian tribes which inhabit, or rather, range in the extended 
wilds of North America as now we have. A view to christian- 
ize the heathen was a pious motive with our Forefathers to 
come to America at first. The obstruction to their conversion 
God has now removed. * * Moreover, can it be supposed 
that God has wonderfully crowned the British arms with suc- 
cess, and given us all the vast country which is now ceded to 
us, merely for Great Britains' and British American Colonies' 
sake — seeing the promise is of the heathen to Christ for an in- 
heritance." Essex Ins. Col., XXIV : 140. — " Epicedum composed 
1752, by Rev. John Cleaveland, by E. P. Crowell, Prof. Amherst 

The years 1763-4 witnessed a great revival among his peo- 
ple. In 1763, his " Essay against Dr. Mayhew," who replied in 


The title page of this scathing piece of invective reads : A Letter of Reproof to Mr. 
John Cleaveland of Ipswich, occasioned by A defamatory Libel, published under his name, 
intitled An Essay to defend some of the most important principles in the Protestant re- 
formed system of Christianity, &"c., against the injurious aspersions cast on the same by 
Jonathan Mayhew, D.D., in his late Thanksgiving- sermon on Psalm CXLV ; q, in, which, 
£s°c. By Jonathan Mayhew, D.D., Pastor of the West Church in Boston. — Thou shall in 
any wise rebuke thy neighbor and not suffer sin upon him. Levit. XIX : 17. — If thy 
brother trespass against thee rebuke him. Luke XVII : 3. Boston: Printed and sold by 
P. and S. Draper, in Newbury street; Edes and Gill, in Queen-street, and T.andJ. 
Fleet, in Cornhill, 1764. sm. 8°, pp. 49, each page head line, Mr. Cleaveland reproved ; on 
p. 49, Advertisement. It is hinted in the foregoing Letter that Mr. Cleveland was for- 
merly dismissed from Yale College in a way not to his credit. The author has heard 
this in such a manner that he has not the least doubt of its truth [!] But if he should 
hereafter find himself in a mistake with reference hereto, he will give Mr. Cleaveland 
reasonable and public satisfaction in that respect, even without being called upon there- 
for. The End. 

[We have a copy of this pamphlet, and also a number of 
time-worn publications by Rev. John" Cleaveland. See Bibli- 
ography, Chap. IV, for list of his writings.] Rev. John 4 
promptly replied, notwithstanding. The 2 churches in Che- 
bacco were reunited 1774, under Rev. John 4 , and have continued 
united. Entered Continental army May 19, 1775, was chaplain 
at Cambridge during Boston siege. In same camp were 2 of 
his brothers and his 4 sons. 

Office Sec. Commonwealth, Boston. Pay Rolls, XXVI : zio — Abstract of Muster Roll 
of field and staff officers of 17th regt. of foot In the service of the United Colonies, com- 
manded by Coll. Moses Little. John Cleaveland, from Ipswich, chaplain, inlisted 
July 1, 1775, time, of service, 1 m., 3 d. 

In 1776, with army, short campaign In Conn, and N. Y. His 
gr. son, Hon. Nehemiah" Cleaveland, wrote : 

" We have in good preservation his journals kept daily during those hard times, and 
the sword he wore, and an autograph letter of Gen. George Washington inviting him to 
dinner, written soon after taking command of the army at Cambridge." His camp- 
chest, powder-horn, and study chair now in possession of descendants.— Child gen., 808. 

These occasional absences from his flock seem but to have 
endeared him to them the more. After a few years of religious 
dissension, the two congregations in Chebacco re-united under 
him, and went on in harmony. An earnest spirit and a sincer- 
ity which none could question characterized him in the pulpit. 
His familiarity with the Scriptures was proverbial. Rev. John 4 
Cleaveland had blue eyes and a florid complexion, 6 feet tall ; 
his voice was heavy and of great compass. Rev. Nathaniel 
Emmons, D.D., said of him, that he was "a pattern of piety 
and an ornament to the Christian and clerical profession." 

Lamed' s Windham co., II: 311 — mentions Rev. John 4 Cleveland one of those who 
met in council, Sept. 29, 1784, at Canterbury, to reunite the Separate society and the 
Standing church. 

His earnest ministry of 52 years at Chebacco ended with his 
life, after a short and painful illness. His funeral sermon was 
preached by Rev. Joseph Dana, D.D., of Ipswich, from II Kings, 
ii : i2. The parish defrayed his funeral expenses. Sprague's 
Annals, 1 : 461, Rev. Daniel Dana writes : " Though his life was 



spent for the most part in comparative seclusion, his good influ- 
ence was felt much beyond the immediate sphere of his labors." 
Sermon by Joseph Dana, D.D., to his own people, Apr. 25, ijgg, fast 
day, contains an eloquent tribute. See also — 

Funeral Sermon by Elijah Parish, A.M., Newburyport , ijqq : Parkman's Montcalm, 
and Wolfe, rrj ■ Memorial Rev. E. L. Cleaveland, 7 ; Allen's Bio. Die, 234 ; Dictionary of 
American Biography, by Francis S. Drake, 1S76, p. iqs ; History of Ipswich, Essex, and 
Hamilton, by Joseph B. Felt, iSj4,p. 263-6,- Lamed 's Windham co., I '.• 419-21, 444, 481,572: 
Paine Genealogy, 136; Mass. Miss. Mag., II: I2q~33 ; Backus, III: 241 : Pan., XII : 4Q ; 
Essex His. Col., IV: 163 ; Trumbull's Conn., II: 7Q ; Centennial Reminiscences, in Bos- 
ton Recorder, Jan., i£bi. 

Dodge ancestry of Mary Dodge : — John*, of Middle Chinnock, Somerset co., Eng., d. 
there 1631, will in Somerset House, London, Eng., date Apr. 2, 1635, proved Oct. 15, 1635, 
recites : wife Margery, sons William [of Salem 1629], Richard, Michael [of East Coker, 
Somerset co.], and da. Mary; Richard 2 , b. Somerset co. early as 1602, of Salem Oct. 29, 
1638, land owner, the first in a list of 21 subscribers to Harvard Coll., 1653, d. Beverly 
June 15, 1671-2, tn. Edith; Samuel 3 , of Ipswich, wealthy farmer, m. Mary Parker 2 , b. 
Mar. 11, 1647 ; Parker 4 Dodge m. Mary Choate 3 , b. Mar. 18, 1695. — Dodge Family of Essex 
co., by Joseph Thompson Dodge, A.M., Ph.D., in N. E. H. G. Reg., XLVI: 3S3. 

Choate ancestry : — Serg. John 1 , b. 1624, prob. from Sudbury, Suffolk co., Eng. (per. 
s. of goodman Choate, who, June, 1633, sent his regards to Gov. Winthrop as convey, by 
Rev. Henry Jacie, in letter to the younger John), came 1645, Ipswich 1648, military in- 
structor, d. Feb. 28, 1692, m. Ann ; Thomas 2 , of I., Hogg Island, was called Gov., d. Apr., 
1745, m. 1st, Mary, Mercy Varney, per. da. Thomas and Mary of Ips. ; Mary 3 Choate m. 
Parker Dodge 3 . 

Parker ancestry : — bq arms: Parker (Ratton, Sussex co., Eng., desc. fr. Geoffrey 
Parker of Bexley, temp. Edward I,' 1272). Az. fretty or, over all fesse. Crest — On a 
chapeau az. turned up erm. a greyhound or. Thomas 1 , b. 1605, came 1635, Lynn, Read- 
ing, m. Amy ; Mary 2 Parker m. Samuel Dodge 2 . ' 

Mary Neale m. ist, July 9; 1752, as 2d w., Capt. John Foster, 
b. Manchester, Mass., 1713, d. at sea Dec. 19, 1766, s. John and 
Margaret (Jacobs). Dwelt Salem and Manch., master mariner; 
owned Tewksbury place. Ch.: Son, d. inf. He m. ist, Apr. 26, 
1733, Mary Norton, prob. da. George. Ch. b. M.: John Foster, 
b. Jan. 26, 1733-4, d. 1821; Mary Foster, b. Mar. 9, 1735-6, m. 
Hathorne; Timothy Foster, bap. Apr. 13, 1740; Joseph Foster, 
b. Feb. 27, 1737-8; Elizabeth Foster, m. Ingalls ; Daniel Foster, 
bap. Apr. 28, 1745, d. bef. 1766. [Foster ancestry — see below.] 

. ,., Neale ancestry of Mary Neale: — 23 arms : Neale, Keele (Lynn-Magna, Leicester 
co., Eng. 20 Hen. VI, 1+42). Gu. 3 greyhounds' heads erased ar. collared sa. ringed or. 
Crest — Greyhound's head. John 1 , Salem, freem. May 18, 1642, m. Mary Lawes 2 ; Joseph 2 , ' 
b. 1662-3, rem. to Pa. 1689, m. Judith Croad 2 ; Joseph 3 Neal m. Eunice Pickering 4 , bap. 
. Nov., 1705. 

Pickering ancestry:— 24 arms: Pickering (Tichmarsh, Northampton co., Eng., 
desc. fr. Gilbert Pickering, Esq., who purchased manor of Tichmarch temp. Elizabeth, 
1558, gr. s. of James Pickering of Winderwath, Westmoreland co., Eng.). Erm. lion, 
ramp. az. crowned or. Crest — A lion's gamb. erect az. . . . John 1 , Ipswich 1634, 
Salem 1637, his est. in S., got fr. Emanuel Downing, descended to John 7 Pickering, m. 
Elizabeth ; John 2 , b. 1637 (ancestor of Hon. Timothy), m. Alice Flint 2 ; John 3 , m. Sarah 
Burrill ; Eunice 4 Pickering m. Joseph Neal 3 . 

Flint ancestry : — 8 arms : Flint (Norwich). Az. on a chev. betw. 3 flintstones ar. 
2 lions combatant gu. Crest — An estoile. . . . William 1 , Salem 1645, d. May, 1673; 
Alice 2 Flint m. John Pickering 2 . 

Croade, Crode ancestry: — Arms: Sa. on chev. betw. 3 quatrefoils ar. 3 pellets. 
Crest — On a cloud a celestial globe. . . . Richard 1 of Frampton, Dorset co., Eng. ; 
Richard 2 , b. 1628, fr. Bristol, Eng., Hingham, Boston 1664, Salem, merch., m. Frances 
Hersey 2 ; Judith 2 Croad m. Joseph Neal 2 . 

Harsie, Hersey ancestry : — 3 arms: Hersey (Kent). Gu. chief ar. label of 3 points 



az. Crest — Stag sejant. . . . William 1 , from Eng., Hingham, 1635, member Anc. and 
Hon. art. co., m. Elizabeth ; Frances 5 Hersey m. Richard Croad 1 . 

Laurie, Lawes ancestry : — Arms : Or. chief az. 3 estoiles. Crest — On ducal coronet 
or, an ermine pass. . . . Francis 1 , b. Norwich, Eng., arr. Boston June 20, 1637, of 
Salem, m. Lydia, b. 1588 ; Mary 2 Lawes m. John Neal 1 . 

Foster ancestry of John Foster : — 39 arms: FOSTER (Berkshire). Ar. a chev. betw. 
3 buglehorns stringed sa. Crest — Stag's head. John 1 , b. 1616, of North Fields, Salem 
bef. 1650, m. Martha; Samuel 2 , b. Mar. 7, 1652, m. 1st, Sarah Stuard ; John 3 Foster, b. 
Nov. 30, 1678, m. Margaret Jacobs, da. George and Rebecca (Frost). 


EBENEZER 4 CLEAVELAND (josia^, josiah*, Mosesi), b. Can- 
terbury, Conn., Dec. 25, O. S., 1725, Jan. 5, N. S., 1725-6, d. 
Gloucester, Sandy Bay, now Rockport, Essex, Cape Ann, Mass., 
July 4, 1805, m. Groton (rec. Canterbury), Conn., Oct. 16, 1745, 
Abigail Stevens of C, b. 1727, d. Gloucester, Dec. 25, 1804, da. 
Cyprian and Abigail (Johnson) of Killingly, Windham co., 
Conn. Ch.: ■ ~ 

+708 Lydia 5 .Cleaveland, b. Mar. 29, 1747, Canterbury, 

+ 709 Olive 6 Cleaveland, b. Feb. 17, 1749, Canterbury, 

+ 710 Abigail 5 Cleaveland, b. Mar. 16, 1751, Gloucester, 

Filia Nata 6 Cleaveland, b. 1753. G., d. inf., g. s. 

+ 711 Ebenezer 5 Cleaveland, b. Oct. 12, 1754, Gloucester, 

Alice 5 Cleaveland, b. Mar., Nov. 6, 1757, G., d. Jan., 
July 31, 1766. 

+ 712 Mary 6 Cleaveland, b. Aug. 22, 1759, Gloucester, 

Anna or Hannah 6 , d. Sandy B. June 28, 1795, inf.; 
William Pitt Amherst 6 , b. Jan. 15, 1762, Gloucester, d. Ames- 
bury, Essex co., Mass., Jan. 22, 1762, or d. a. 22. 

+ 7*3 John Voss 8 Cleaveland, b. July 8, 1764, Gloucester, 

Alice 6 Cleaveland (ag.), b. Dec. 12, 1766-7, d. Sandy 
B., Sept. 1, 1 8 14, unm. 

Hepzibah 6 Cleaveland, b. Oct. 3, 1769, d. Rockport 
1788, unm. 

+ 714 Beulah 5 Cleaveland, b. Feb. 2, 1772. 

Rev. Ebenezer 4 Cleaveland entered Yale college 1741. He 
was adm. into Canterbury Separate church Apr. 7, 1742. 

Larned's Windham CO., 1 : 447 — Ebenezer, Josiah, and Lydia Cleveland and others 
sign at Pomfret, Conn., Nov. 5, 1742, the manifesto to church : " You are of the number 
that have the form of godliness and deny the power thereof, that we can hold commun- 
ion no longer with you, and withdraw." 403 — Apr. 7, 1743, Ebenezer 4 is adm. to all 



privileges ist chh. Canterbury. "While home on vacation, May, 1744, Ebenezer* with 
his bro. John 4 attended the Separate church. For this, on return to Yale, they were 
suspended from college, Nov. 19, 1744 [see +233]. However, in 1764 the college granted 
them their degrees ; in the catalogue, Ebenezer 4 is recorded with class of 1748. Sept. 26, 
1746, Ebenezer and Abigail sign chh. cov. Larned's Wind, co., J: 450 — Ebenezer 4 is 
taken back into church fellowship. 470 — A fast was ap. June 14, 1749, because of drought, 
&c, at which time Ebenezer Cleveland handed in a statement, " That he had long 
labored under great trials by reason of certain erroneous opinions which he believed 
were held by certain members of the church," &c. This letter fell like a bombshell upon 
the assembled brethren. And when they went on with the work of the day, the pastor 
solemnly prayed, "Lord, convince Brother Ebenezer Cleveland of his sin, in that he hath 
brought this against the face of thj "Word and Spirit." The brothers Ebenezer and John 
were both cast out from the church for presuming to question its infallibility, though 
expelled from Yale for fidelity to this church. 

Rev. Ebenezer 4 Cleaveland commenced preaching at Sandy- 
Bay (now Rockport) in 1751. The rec. of Fifth church of Christ 
in Gloucester (now the First church of Rockport), show : In 1752 
several contemplate a dismission from First church to form a 
new church; Mar. 18, 1752, vote passed to build a meeting 
house. Rev. Ebenezer's name first mentioned on records Apr. 
14, 1752, Henry Withash and Jonathan Pool then chosen asses- 
sors to make parish rate ; Ebenezer Graves to collect and pay- 
to Mr. Cleaveland. Feb. 8, 1753, Capt. Sam'l Davis, Insign 
John Rowe, and Jonathan Pool chosen to draw petition to par- 
ish to set off the Cape [Ann] to be a parish at the next meet- 
ing, and to treat with Mr. Cleaveland. May 11, 1753, Commit- 
tee ap. to treat with Mr. C. Sept. 18, 1753, Mr. C. to receive 
^450 old tenor for preaching the present year. Feb. 9, 1755, 
Ten members of First chh. petition for dismission to form a 
separate church, which being granted, a council was convened 
Feb. 13, consisting of Revs. John White and Sam^l Chandler, 
pastors ist chh., Rev. Benj. Bradstreet of 3d chh., Rev. John 
Rogers, 4th chh., and delegates, and Fifth church was then con- 
stituted. Feb. 28, Rev. Ebenezer Cleaveland called, "provided 
he a Grees in full with the church's Principels." ■ May 12, j£6o 
yearly salary, with ^£5-3. 3s. 8d. and dwelling house, voted him. 
Oct. 31, 1755, parish voted to concur with church choosing Mr. 
C. their pastor and teacher, and made arrangements for his or- 
dination. He was ordained Nov. or Dec, 1755, day not found. 
He was adm. to the church Nov. 9, 1755, his wife Abigail (from 
rst. chh. Cant.) Mar. 25, 1759. He attests as pastor the parish 
meeting, Dec. 23, 1755, always writing his name with V. D. M., 
initials of Verbis Dei Minister, not yet having received his college 
degree. (Also designated V. D. M. on title page of his dis- 
course pub. 1773. See Bibliography Chap. IV.) His bro. Rev. 
John 4 and nephew Rev. John 6 +702 also used V. D. M. 

History of Norwich, Conn., by Frances Manwaring Caulkins, 460 — Sixth, or Chelsea 
Society, now the Second. Early in 1755, Mr. Ebenezer Cleveland was engaged to 
preach for a year, and paid by monthly contributions. 



Rev. Ebenezer 4 Cleaveland served in French and Indian 
war, 1756-60, as chaplain of a Mass. reg. ; chh. rec. June 3, 1758, 
voted that the Parish will not concur with what the church has 
done concerning Mr. C. having leave to tarry in the army. 
June 24, 1760, church considers Capt. John Whitcomb's letter 
inviting Rev. Ebenezer to go as his chaplain and gives leave. 
He was at Ticonderoga, July 8, 1758, and in the intrenched 
camp at Lake George mentioned in Parkman's Montcalm and 
Wolfe, 115, as walking about Gen. James Abercrombie's defenses 
with his bro. John 4 , and was in the triumphant Canada exped., 
1759. chh. rec, Dec. 19, 1762, Voted that Mr. C. preach at 
Squam. May 15, 1768, he receives consent of parish for 6 
months' absence on tour to the Mohawks, and is ap. Lebanon, 
Ct, July 20, 1768, by Rev. Eleazer Wheelock with his s. Ralph 
Wheelock (while Rev. Dr. Whittaker is performing a like part 
in Pa.) to wait upon Gov. John Wentworth of N. H., to know 
what encouragement they will give to accommodate Indian 
school estab. by Mr. Wheelock, and Ebenezer 4 reports that he 
waited upon Gov. Wentworth who was friendly to the design, 
and promised to grant a township 6 mi. sq. to use of school if 
fixed in that Province. He proceeded to Plymouth, Romney, 
and Compton. 5,000 acres were proposed to be given if school 
estab. in either of these towns, and ^75 and 20,000 ft. boards if 
fixed in Compton. Thence he traveled to Cohoes on Conn, 
river where inhabitants were in favor of having the school. 
These places were about 40 mi. nearer the Six Nations, 100 mi. 
from Mount Royal (Montreal) and 60 from Crown Point. In 
this new country are 200 towns chartered which soon will want 
ministers, and they have no college in that Province. He 
visited Berkshire Co. and Albany, N. Y., and attended a large 
Congress of Indians at Ft. Stanwix. 

O'Callaghan's Doc. His. N. K, IV: 388— Memorial of Rev. E. Wheelock "To their 
Excellencies Sir Wm. Johnson, Bart, Supt. Indian Affairs, N. A., Sir Henry Moore, Gov. 
Prov. N. Y., Ben]. Franklin, Gov. N. J., and John Penn, Dep. Gov. Pa. now convened at 
Ft. Stanwix ; Lebanon, Oct. 16, 1768." sends '• Rev. Ebenezer Cleaveland and Allen 
Mather to solicit your assistance by recommending to them the design of sending mis- 
sionaries and school masters among the Tribes, &c." 

Rev. Ebenezer's report was acted upon London, Apr. 3, 1769, 
by the English subscribers headed by Lord Dartmouth, and the 
site was accordingly fixed in Cohos or Cowas district, Hanover, 
N. H. The Indian school afterward developed into Dartmouth 
college. His. Dartmouth coll. by Baxter Perry Smith. — His church 
was prosperous, many additions by letter and profession. 
"June 11, 1775, the chh. halted after the blessing and voted 
that their pastor have liberty to serve the army as chaplain," 
During Revolution he was absent from his people much time 
in army. 



Office Sec. State, Boston, XXV], leaf 314 — Pay Roll of field and staff, Col. Jam 1 
Wood regt., to Aug. 1, 1775. Ebenezer Cleaveland, chaplain, engaged May 19, served 
2 mo. 18 d. He was chaplain in Col. Jonathan Ward's regt. at siege of Boston. Rev. 
Ebenezer writes his bro. John, dated Camp at Dorchester, Sept. 20, 1775. N. B. His. Gen. 
Reg., XXII : // — Ebenezer 4 Cleaveland with Col. Jonathan Ward, signs spirited 
memorial, Dorchester, Sept. 27, 1775, against secret enemies and Tories. 

Rev. E. C. is often spoken of in orderly book of Capt. Cush- 
ing's co. Col. Ward's regt. Though he returned at close of 
campaign he went again, 1776-7. Chh. rec. show that Mr. C. 
was voted per an. 1778, June 8, ^200. Dec. 1 r, ^300. Dec. 26, 
^2700, paper money. Essex Ins. Col. XXI: 152 — pub. 5th 
Parish rec. comm. by Calvin W. Pool. During this period the 
parish suffered by war and prospects becoming unpromising, 
and Rev. Ebenezer notified them that he would leave. They 
were very unwilling to consent to his dismission, and the 5th 
church voted, Mar. 2, 1780 — 

It a grievous dispensation to part with him, "finding we can't prevent it, consent to 
his dismission," and he was dismissed June 25, 1780. Sermon at re-opening of Congrega- 
tional Meeting-house Rockport, fan. 1, 1840, by Rev. Wakefield Gale pastor, 5 — "Rev. 
Ebenezer Cleaveland continued his labors in his church without interruption 20 
years, when he served 3 years as chaplain. 86 were received to church to time of Mr. 
Cleaveland's leaving. During 25 years, when the church had no pastor, only 3 additions 
were made." 

Sermon, after repairing meeting-house 1st parish, Gloucester, 

from the wanton spoliations of Capt. Lynsey in Falcon sloop of war, 

Sep. ij, 1792, by Rev. Eli Forbes, pastor, ij — mentions 4 other 

churches of G , Rev. Ebenezer Cleaveland, &c, pastorates 

now vacant. Rev. Ebenezer's successor, Rev. David Jewett 

(settled Oct. 30, 1805), left on the chh. records a handsome and 

commendatory notice of Mr. Cleaveland. In 1780 he rem. to 

Coos, N. H., on some land that he had received, also as supt. of 

the Dartmouth .college lands [Sewall's Woburn, 604]. Sept. 4, 

1780, he performs m. ceremony at Apthorp, N. H., and Feb. 8, 

1781, he officiates at his da.'s wedding at Coos. Other marriages 
attended at Bath, Landaff, 1785, and Morristown. Returned to 
Rockport 1785. Remained preaching at Hanover, N. H., to ab. 
1788, at Randolph, Vt. Then went to Maine an evangelist one 
year. Was settled in the ministry at Amesbury, 1792-7, then 
returned to his old parish, Rockport, now Gloucester, and 
preached until 1805. His monument at Rockport bears this 
inscription : — 

Erected to the Memory of the Rev. Ebenezer Cleaveland, A.M., who departed this 
life July 4, 1805, in the 79th year of his age. He was born in Canterbury, Conn., Jan. 5, 
1725, ordained to the pastoral charge of this church and congregation, Dec, 1755, and 
remained their faithful and much-beloved pastor, till the events of the American war 
opened the way for his removal to a distance, but soon after he returned and spent the 
remainder of his days in this place. He was a sincere friend to his country, a firm sup- 
porter of the doctrine of free grace, and even declared in his last moments that they 
were the ground of his hope of immortal glory. 

Farewell, thou man of God, we saw thy grief 

Nor youth, nor hours produced relief, 



By painful crosses try'd, by sorrow prov'd 
By good men hotior'd, and by Jesus lov'd 
Thy many years one hallow'd current ran 
A faithful pastor, and a godly uian. 
See Lamed' s Windham co., I- 419-22, 481, 573 ; Barbels Mass. His. Col., 626 ,• Fisher's 
Discourse, 59/ Paine genealogy, 15b; Memorial of E. L. Cleaveland, 7 ; History of Glou- 
cester by John J. Babson, iSbo, p. 340 ; Sprague's Annals, 1 : 438: Allen, 235. 

Stevens ancestry: 4 arms: Stephen; 12: Stephens; i: Steven; 6: Stevens: 
(Smetlrwick, co. Stafford, Eng.) Gu. on a bend or, 3 garlands vert . . . Thomas 1 , 
Plainfield, Conn., 1689 ; Cyprian 2 Stevens m. Abigail Johnson 5 . - 

Johnson ancestry .- — William 1 , Edward 2 , John 3 [see +32] ; William 4 , b. 9, 29, 1662, m. 
Mary ; Abigail 5 Johnson, m. Cyprian Stevens 2 . ^ 


AARON 4 CLEAVELAND (josiah", josiah 2 , Moses*), d. Canter- 
bury, Conn., Apr. 4, 1785, a. 5.7, m. C, June 7, 18 N. S. 1748, his 
cousin Thankful Paine, b. C, Mar. 25, Apr. 5 N. S., 1733, d. C, 
Sep. 29, 30, 1822, 1827, or Oct. 29, 1822, a da. Rev. Elisha and 
Mary (Johnson). Ch. b. Canterbury : 

+715 Aaron 6 Cleaveland, b. June 18, 29 N. S., 1750. 
+ 716 Moses 6 Cleaveland, b. Jan. 29, 1754. 

Ann 5 Cleaveland, b. Aug. 29, 1756, d. C, Mar. 11, 
1759, 1760. 

717 Abigail 6 Cleaveland, b. Aug. 5, 1759, m - Parker 5 
Cleaveland +703. 

+718 John 5 Cleaveland, b. June 28, 1762. 

Mary 6 Cleaveland, b. July 3, 1765, d. C, Oct. 12, 


+ 719 Paine 5 Cleaveland, b. Mar. 20, 1768. 

+ 720 William Pitt 6 Cleaveland, b. Dec. 18, 1770. 

+ 721 Thankful 5 Cleaveland, b. Oct. 29, 1773. 

+ 722 Camden 6 Cleaveland, b. Apr. 8, 1778. 

Col. Aaron 4 .Cleaveland dwelt at Canterbury, farmer. A 
man of wealth and prominence in Conn. He was capt. in 
French and Indian war, at Fort Edward winter of 1756-7, with 
his command. 

The French War Journal of his bro.^Rev. John 4 , July 21, 1758, at English camp, Ft. 
Wm. Henry, mentions calling on Aaron 4 Cleaveland. Hoadly's Conn. Col. rec, X ': 472 — 
Assembly, Mar., 1756, 1st reg., Aaron Cleveland, 2d It. 3d co., he refused and Thos. 
Baldwin ap. instead. XI : 97 — Session, Mar., 1758, Israel Putnam, Esq., maj. 3d reg. and 
capt. of 3d co., Aaron Cleveland 1st It., Joseph Payne 2d It., Peter Levinze ensign. 
XII: 86 — Oct.. 1762, Mr. Aaron Cleveland estab. ensign 16th co., 12th reg., p. 252 — 
May, 1764, capt. 16th co. XIII : 292 — May, 1770, capt. 9th co., nth reg., p. 93 — At a Gen. 
Assembly of the Gov. and Company of His Majesty's [George III] English colony of 
Conn., liolden at New Haven, Oct., 1768, Representatives or Deputies of the Freemen of 
the several towns : Aaron Cleveland, Capt. Elkanah Cobb for Canterbury ; p. 124 — 
session Jan., 1769, same reps. ; p. 414, session May, 1771, Capt. Aaron Cleaveland, Mr. 
John Curtiss for Canterbury. XI : 416— session May, 1760, Aaron and other separates 
released from chh. taxes. Lamed 's Windham co., 1 : 56b ; II : 44. — Aaron 4 on chh. com- 
mittee Apr. 22, 1771, p. 46 — was among Canterbury's rising young men, 1771, p. 132 — 
Israel Putnam, Pomfret, Sep. 3, 1774, writes Capt. Cleveland the news that the men of 
w^r and troops fire on Boston, which dispatch is endorsed by Capt. C and forwarded 
to Norwich, New Haven, and N. Y., rousing the people, and is laid before Continental 
Congress Phila. next morning, p. 128 — Aaron* Cleaveland sends a fatted cow with 


letter to Committee of Boston who take Donations : "Gentlemen, being affected with a 
sense of the righteousness of the cause that the people of Boston are suffering under, as 
it concerns all the people of America to be aroused to Support them that they may not 
faint under their distress, it took hold on my covetous heart and made me willing to con- 
tribute my little mite, which I have sent by Mr. Green of Maiden — a beef cow for the 
distressed — and ordered him to deliver it to the committee for that purpose ; and may 
the Lord deliver the people of America oul of the hands of a wicked and despotic power, 
who are exerting all the subtilty and malice of hell to enslave us. O ! may Almighty 
God still rouse and farther unite the people of America as one man to a sense of their 
liberties, and never give them up as long as the sun, moon, and stars shall endure ; and 
never submit to be slaves, but be willing to sacrifice life, and all things to the defence 
and preservation of them ; which is the earnest desire of your humble servant. 
Canterbury, Nov. 27, 1774. Aaron Cleveland. 

Col. Mass. His. Soc, IV, 1858, p. rjo — above letter. Conn. Men in Revol.,f. b, also 
Conn. State Library, Hartford, Rolls II: Aaron Cleveland's bill Lexing- 
ton Alarm £50. June 15, 1775, march'd from Canterbury for the relief of Boston. Apr., 
1775, Aaron Cleveland, capt., 20 days in service wages ,£5. In his co. were Timothy* 
CLEVELAND +175, Aaron 5 Cleaveland +715, Benj. Bacon, Jedediah Waterman, Lt. John 
Adams, Ebenezer Adams, Joshua Bradford, Darius Stevens, Isaac Hide, Jr., Benj. 
Hyde, Thomas Buswell, David Payne, John Spaulding. 

Office Sec. State, Boston, Revolution Rolls, XXVI : 68. Muster of field and staff 
officers, 16th reg. foot on the old establishment from first entrance to July 31, 1775, Aaron 
Cleveland, rank Lt. Col. of Canterbury, entrance May 21, service 2 mos. 15 ds., £14. 

Col. Aaron 4 Cleaveland was present at time of Gov. William 
Tryon's assault upon Horseneck and saw Gen. Israel Putnam 
plunge down the steep bluff, the bullets of the baffled dragoons 
whizzing around him, and even passing through his hat. He 
lived to see the war brought to a successful close, and d. of 
apoplexy. His tomb in the old cemetery at Canterbury is 
appropriately inscribed. See Caulkins' Norwich, 377 j Tarbox's 
Putnam, 78 j Barber's Conn.— biographical sketch. 

Paine ancestry; — Thomas 1 , Thomas 3 , Elisha 8 [see +53]; Rev. Elisha 4 Paine, b. 
Eastham, Mass., Dec. 29, 1693, d. Bridge Hampton, L. I., Aug. 26, 1755, m. Mary Johnson, 
b. Nov. 24, 1720. — H. D. Paing s Paine records, II: 157 — Sketch of Rev. Elisha Paine, the 


JONAS 4 CLEAVELAND (Joseph*, josiah*, Mosesi), d. Brooklyn, 
Conn., ab. 1788, a. ab. 70, m, Pomfret, Conn., Sep. 14, 1749, Pru- 
dence Phillips, b. ab. 1727, d. Brooklyn, ab. 1820. Ch. b. Pom- 
fret: Deborah 5 , b. Nov. 10, 1751, d. P., Sep. 18, 1754. 

723 Jonas 5 Cleaveland, b.- July 17, 1754, d. prob. young, 
or before 1842, s. p. ' / 

723 s1 Frederick 6 Cleaveland, b. Nov. 28, 1756, d. prob. 
y. or bef. 1842, s. p. 

724 Deborah 5 Cleaveland (ag.), b. July 2, 1762, Brookl., 
d. B., Feb., 1842, unm. Her bro. Elijah P. 5 was sole heir to her 
estate, Perrin 6 Scarborough +2338, admin. 

-I-725 Elijah Phillips 5 Cleaveland, b. Aug. 5, 1765, Brook- 
lyn, Conn. 

Jonas 4 Cleaveland dwelt at Brooklyn, farmer. 

Lamed 's Windham co., 1 : 520. — Israel Putnam, after his wolf 
adventure, had risen in public favor, and on condition of mend- 



ing the glass in meeting house, was allowed with John Hub- 
bard, Daniel Tyler, and Benjamin Pierce to replace the hind- 
most seats with pews for their private use. Jonas Cleveland, 
Ebenezer Hubbard, Caleb Spalding, and Leonard Cady were 
allowed to build a pew over the stairs. II : 3 — A remodeling 
of sqhool districts in 1762, shows the distribution of the inhab- 
itants. District 3. To contain Peter and Richard Adams, 
Reuben Darbe, Jonas Cleveland, Josiah Fasset, &c. p. 11 — 
To General Court : " Your petitioners desirous of worshiping 
God in public * in Oct., 1769, did engage for building in parish 
of Brooklyn, a house of worship according to Church of Eng- 
land and for supplying same with a minister * and have carried 
the same into execution. That the inhabitants of Brooklyn at 
a meeting Feb. 6, 1770, did vote that the public meeting house 
be pulled down and a new one erected, the expense paid by .an 
assessment of the parish * your' memorialists pray they may 
stand discharged from said tax. Godfrey Malbone, Joseph Hub- 
bard, Jerre Cleveland, Timothy Lowe, Jedidiah Ashcroft, 
Sen., Ahaziah Adams, Jacob Staple, Daniel McCloud, Caleb 
Spalding, Benjamin Jewett, Leonard Cady, Jonathan Wheeler, 
Jacob Geer, William Walton, Jonas Cleveland, Jabez Allyn, 
Seth Sabin, &c. It is evident that Jonas 5 and Frederick 6 d. 
without issue for Elijah P. 5 was sole heir to Deborah 6 . 


JOHN 4 CLEVELAND (Joseph", Josiah^, Moses*) is prob. the 

John Cleveland who d. Mar. 1, 1754, m. ab. 1746, Sally , 

whose surname was prob. Fox (or did she m. 2d Fox ?). 

While there are no authentic records, it is very prob. that at 
least the following were ch : 

+ 726 Jonas 5 Cleveland, b. ab. 1748, Salisbury, Conn. 

+727 John 5 Cleveland, b. Jan. 2, 1750, New Fairfield, 
Fairfield co., or New Haven, Conn. 

-|-728 Josiah 5 Cleveland, b. Jan. 10, 1753. 

John 4 Cleveland is mentioned among the heirs in distribu- 
tion of the est. of his father Capt. Josiah 3 , April 10, 1755. — 
Plainfield, Conn., Prob. rec. Isaac" Cleveland +2332 states that 
his father Josiah 5 +728 had brothers John and Jonas, and came 
from Conn. The maiden name of wife of John 4 was prob. Fox, 
for Josiah 7 Cleveland of McGregor, Clayton co., la., remem- 
bers that his father's grandmother's name was Sally Fox Cleve- 
land. James 6 +2333 was visited by his gr. mother, Sally Fox ; 
perhaps she m. 2d a Fox. 



JOSEPH 4 CLEVELAND (Joseph*, josiah=, Moses*), d. Brooklyn, 
Conn., Feb. 9, 1795, a. 65, m. 1st, B., June 9, 1765, Abigail Miles, 
b. prob. Canterbury, ^ m. s. of Brooklyn, d., 1768, young. He 
m. 2d, Brooklyn rec, Jan. 11, 1781, Olive Hubbard, b. Pomfret, 
Conn., 1734, d. Brooklyn, Mar. 20, 1820. Ch. by 1st m. : 

+ 729 Molly 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 18, 1768, Brooklyn, 2d m. 
s. P. 

Capt. Joseph 4 Cleveland dwelt at Brooklyn, and is buried 
there. A prominent and honored man. 

Lamed s Windham co., II: 138. — Congress at Philadelphia, of which Col. Eliphalet 
Dyer was a member, while also expressing its loyalty and attachment to the King, pub- 
lished an elaborate declaration of the rights of the Colonists, agreed " that all America 
ought to support the inhabitants of Mass.," requested the merchants to suspend all im- 
portation of merchandise from Great Britain, and further stipulated that all exportation 
of merchandise to Great Britain, Ireland, and the West Indies should cease after Sep. 
10, 1775." "Agreeable tothe nth Resolve of the General Congress," Canterbury elected 
David Paine, John Herrick, Thomas Adams, Jabez Fitch, Jr., Joseph Burgess, and Cap- 
tains Obadiah Johnson, and Joseph Cleveland, a com. of inspection. Captain Asa 
Bacon, Thomas Bacon, and Samuel Ensworth were added to the com. of corres." 
Joseph* Cleveland was b. in Pomfret on the same spot where he d., but Brooklyn was 
formed during his life. 


JESSE 4 CLEVELAND (Joseph*, josiah", Moses'), d. prob. Bel- 
chertown, Hampshire co., Mass., m. Brooklyn, Conn., Nov. 5, 
1769, Anna or Hannah Darbey or Darby. Ch. : 
+730 Anna 6 Cleveland. 

+ 731 Truman 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 18, 1770, Brooklyn or 

732 Sally 5 Cleveland, m. Elisha Fuller of Ludlow, 
Mass., b. ab. 1744,/!. 1848, a. 104. He owned the greater part 
of Ludlow, where Fuller desc. still live. [Ac. to another 
account it was Sally 6 who m. Roswell Thompson.] 

+ 733 Reuben 6 Cleveland, ) b. June 21, 1780, Belchertown. 
733 a Rufus 6 Cleveland, f b. June 21, 1780, B., d. young. 
Willard 6 Cleveland, ) , • d. young. 
Willis 5 Cleveland, f ' d. young.. 

Jesse 4 Cleveland dwelt at Canterbury, Conn., and Belcher- 
town ; farmer ; prominent in public affairs. 

Lamed? s Windham co-, II : is. — To General Court: Your petitioners desirous of 
worshiping God in public according to their own sentiments in Oct., 1769, did engage for 
building within parish of Brooklyn a house of worship according to model of Church of 
England, and for supplying a minister j have carried same into execution, &c, your 
memorialists pray they may stand acquitted and discharged from said tax [for building 
new meeting-house]. Jerre [doubtless Jesse] Cleveland, Jonas, Edward, & Sam- 
uel Cleveland et al. 


John,* Smith (Marys, josiah*, Moses"), d. Canterbury, Conn., 
Nov. 3, 1760, a. 41, m. QL Feb. 26, 1739, 1 740-1, Mehitable 



Adams, b. Medfield, Mass., d. Canterbury, Mar. 16, 1749-50, da. 
Samuel and Mary (Plimpton). Ch. b. Canterbury : Zurviah*, 
Nov. 7, 1741. 

+ 734 John" Smith, b. Jan. 14, 1743-4. 

Samuel*, Jan. 28, 1745-6 ; Jeremiah*, June 10, 1748. 

Adams ancestry : — Henry*, Peter 2 , John 3 [see +58]; Samuel 4 Adams, b. Feb. 25, 
1684-5, d. Apr. 24, 1742, m. Mary Plimpton. 


JEbenezer* Smith (Marys, j 0S iah2) was killed at battle of 
Lake George, Sep. 8, 1755, a. 32, m. Canterbury, Conn., Jan. 31, 
1743, Patience Robbins. Ch. b. Canterbury: Richard?, Oct. 1, 
1743 ; Ebenezer*, Apr. 13, 1745, d. C, Oct. 4, 1749 ; SibbiV", b. 
Nov. 21, 1748. 

735 Asa* Smith, b. Feb. 19, 1751, m. C, Apr. 16, 1777, Sarah 
Leach, per. da. Joseph and Mary. Ch. b. C : Ebenezer*, Nov. 
2 5» x 777 > Sarah", Mar. 25, 1779. Lydia? Smith, b. May 27, 1755. 

Ebenezer* Smith and his soldier comrade, John Searl, died in ' 
ye army at Battle of Lake George, Sep. 8, 1755. — Canterbury 


WILLIAM 4 CLEVELAND (Henrys, josiah*, Moses'), d. Windsor, 
Berkshire co., Mass., 1791, a. 72 [Probate], m. prob. Plainfield, 

Conn., Rachel , evidently Rachel Warren, b. P. [rec. 

both P. and Canterbury, Conn.], Aug. 23,. 17 17, d. prob. Windsor, 
a da. Jacob and Abigail (Haines). Ch. : 

+736 Alice 5 Cleveland, b. July 21, 1740, Canterbury, ^ 
Conn. -"" 

737 Rachel 5 Cleveland, bap. Dec. 19, 1741, Canterbury, 

738 Silvia 5 Cleveland, b. C, m. Dr. Ball of Mass., rem. 
East and dwelt n. Boston, Mass. Ch. : 3. 

739 Lucy 5 Cleveland, b. Canterb., m. Abial Stephens or 
Stevens, dwelt New Lebanon, N. Y. Ch. : 6 : Waterman 6 
Stevens et al. 

+740 Henry 5 Cleveland, b. May 1, 11, 1744 [/am rec] 
1746 [town rec.~\ Mansfield, Conn. 

741 Abby or Abijah 5 Cleveland, b. M., m. int. Pittsfield, 
Berkshire co., Mass., Oct. 21, 1770, Silas Hall, both of Williams- 
burg, Mass., or m. [/am. rec~] Clark Hall or Hull of Windsor. 
Dwelt Castleton, Rensselaer co., N. Y. Ch. : Several 8 . 

+742 Jacob 5 Cleveland, b. ab. 1750, Mansfield, 


+743 William 5 Cleveland, , 1752, Mansfield, 



744 Lydia 5 Cleveland, b. Mar. 9, 1755, Dalton, Mass., m. 
D. Ball. 

+ 745 Jedediah 5 Cleveland, b. Sep. 5, 1758, Dalton, Mass. 

745 a Israel 5 Cleveland, d. Windsor. Dwelt Windsor. 
Capt. William 4 Cleveland and wife Rachel owned cov. and 
adm. Canterbury Separate chh. Aug. 17, 1739-40. He served 
as capt. in the French and Indian war, 1756-63. 

Hoadly's Conn. Col. Rec, XI :48s— Gen. Assembly, Mar., 1761. First Regiment: 
Phineas Lyman, col.; 10th Company : Robert Durkee, capt., Josiah Smith, istlt., WIL- 
LIAM Cleveland, 2d It., Thomas Knowlton, ensign. 

William 4 emigrated from Mansfield, 1755, to Dalton ; farmer 
and miller. He was a pioneer of Windsor, attracted by the 
fine water power when the country was a wilderness. Here he 
built the first mill, and started it about 1760. The last remains 
of it — two large mill-stones — are still preserved on the old 
mill site by the owner of the property, Zenas M. Crane, Esq., 
of Dalton, who has had " William Cleveland built this mill, 
1760," cut into the stones. William 4 deeded land, 1772, to his 
s. William 5 , lying in Gageborough, Berkshire co , Province of 
Mass. Bay. His grandson, Warren 8 Cleveland evidently was 
nam$d for father of Rachel Warren.^ 

Warren, Warins ancestry : — 4$ arms : (Aldenham, Herts co., Eng. ; Swanton, Glou- 
cester co'.; Shepperton, Middlesex co. ; London.) Chequy or & az., on canton gu. Hon 
ramp. ar. Crest — Eagle's leg sa. out of a plume of feathers ar. within a ducal coronet 
or. . . Jacob 1 Chelmsford, 1674, a first sett, of Plainfield, 1699, freq. ment. in Lamed's 
Wind, co., m. Sarah; Dea. Jacob 2 , b. P., July 13, 1691, in. 1st, P., Jan. n, 1715, Abigail 
Haines, she d. P., July 5, 1722, da. Samuel. He m. zd. P., Mar. 12, 1723, Abigail Carey of 
Windham. Ch. by 1st m. : Sarah 3 , b. Apr. 17, 1716, Rachel 3 , m. William Cleveland, 
Jacob 3 , Apr. 16, 1719, Abigail 3 Warren, June 16, 1721. 


NEHEMIAH 4 CLEAVELAND (Henry 3 , josiah*, Mose Sl ), d. Wil- 
liamsburg, Mass., Oct. 29, 1791, 1792, a. 71, m. Mansfield, Conn., 
Nov. 8, 18, 1744, Diana or Dinah Brown, -b. Canterbury, Conn., 
Jan. 15, 1721, d. Williamsburg, Jan. 1, 15, 1805, da. Mr. Deliver- 
ance and Abigail (Waldo). Ch. b. Mansfield : 

746 Azariah 5 Cleaveland, b. Dec. 2, 22, 1745, d. Williams- 
burg, Mar. 15, 18, 1825, unm. Dwelt at W. 

+ 747 Miss Deliverance 6 Cleaveland, b. Aug. 22, 1749. 

+ 748 Nehemiah 5 Cleaveland, b. Apr. 5, 1753. 

+749 Amasa 6 Cleaveland, b. June 16, 1756. 

+ 750 Roswell 6 Cleaveland, b. July 2, 1759. 

Nehemiah 4 Cleaveland lived at Mansfield to 1769, when he 
moved to Williamsburg, about the time of first settlement, 
farmer. He was highly esteemed. Things that J remember at 
pj, by Mrs. O. C. Clarke. 

Brown ancestry :— 134 arms : Browne. 22 : Brown (Blackburn, Berwick co., Eng.). 
Sa a dagger in bend ppr. jn chief boar's head. Crest — Vine tree ppr. Motto — Proe- 


mium virtutis honor. . . . Deliverance 1 of Canterbury, elected at the first recorded 
town meeting, Dec. 10, 1717, collector — Lamed' s Windham co., 1 : 755, town clerk 1745-6, 
m. C, Oct. 28, 1717, Abigail Waldo. Ch. : Dinah 2 , m. Nehemiah Cleaveland 4 . John 3 
of Windsor, Mass. Ch. : Alpheus 3 Brown, b. 1881, Dalton, Mass. 


LUCY 4 CLEAVELAND (Henry*, josiah*), in. Dec. 3, 1743-4, 
Judah Storrs, b. Sept. 26, 1723, d. Towef Hill, Mansfield, Conn., 
May 29, 1791, a s. Thomas and Mehitable. Ch : 
+ 751 Asahel" Storrs, b. May 3, 1745. 

Lucy 1 Storrs, b. May 3, 1747, d. Sept. 11, 1751. 
752 Olive* Storrs, b. May 15, 1749. 

Justus* Storrs, b. Apr. 26, 1751, d. Oct. 26, 1754. 
+ 753 Henry* Storrs, b. Sept. 14, 1753. 
+ 754 Justus* Storrs (ag.), b. Oct. 11, 1755. 

755 William Fitch* Storrs, b. July 3, 1757. 
+ 756 Lucy* Storrs (ag.), b. Oct. 26, '1759. 

757 Bezaleel* Storrs, b. Aug. 6, 1761, m. Mar. 20, 1825, Olive 
Farwell of Mansfield, lived Willington, Conn., Philadelphia, Pa. 

758 Frederick* Storrs, b. May 2, 1764. 

+ 759 Chester* Storrs, b. , 1767. 

Judah Storrs lived on Tower Hill, Mansf. An interesting 
sketch of Judah Storrs, with letter from his gr. s. Frederick, 
Apr. 17, 1854, in Storrs Family Genealogy, comp. by Charles Storrs, 
1886, p. 392. 

Storrs ancestry : — i arms: Storr. i: Storrs (Newcastle-on-Tyne, Eng ). Gu. 2 
bars engr. erm. ; on a chief or, a lion pass, guard. . . . Samuel 1 of Eng. ; Samuel" of 
Sutton-cum-Lound, Nottinghamshire, Eng., Barnstable, Mass., 1663, d. Mansf. Apr. 30, 
1719, m. ist, Mary Huckins 5 , bap. Mar. 29, 1646; Thomas 8 Storrs m. Mehitable. 

Huckins ancestry: — Thomas 1 , b. t6i7, Boston, of Anc. and Hon. Artillery co., 1637, 
bore its standard 1639, BarnstaSle, d. Nov. 29, 1679, m. ist, Mary Wells; Mary 8 Huckins 
m. Samuel Storrs 2 . Genealogical Notes, by Nathaniel Goodwin, 2ig. 


JABEZ 4 CLEAVELAND (Hem-yMosiah*, Moses 1 ); it is stated 
by descendants that he was killed at the battle of Bunker Hill, 
Charlestown, Mass., June 17, 1775, a - 3^, m - Mansfield, Conn., 
July 30, 1760, Jane Trumble or Trumbull of Voluntown, Conn., 
she d. York Springs, Pa., da. Walter. (She m. 2d, see below.) 
Ch. b. Mansfield: Rachel 6 , b. July 3, 1761, d. M., Aug. 10, 1763; 
Sarah 6 , b. Sept. 30, 1762. 760 Rachel 6 (ag.), b. Nov. 22, 1764, 
d. York Springs, unm. 

-+-761 Frederick 6 Cleaveland, b. Oct. 22, 1766. 

+762 Charlotte 6 Cleaveland, b. July 26, 1768. 

Jabez 4 Cleaveland, it is stated by descendants, was a revo- 
lution soldier (reg. not known to desc), and that he was one of 
the first to fall in the war — at Bunker Hill. A descendant has 
a brass-bound plane, the sides bear Bible inscriptions ; on the 


top: ''Manufactured Dec. 15, 1774, Jabez Cleveland, jointer, 
made by me, one of the Sons of Liberty in Connecticut, Mans- 

Mrs. Jane (Trumbull) Cleaveland m. 2d, Dr. John Arnold. 
Ch. : Dr. John Arnold, dwelt n. York Springs. 


William* Johnson (Lydiaa, josiaha, Moses^), d. Canterbury, 
Conn., Oct. 2, 1810, m. 1st, C, Nov. 29, 1750, Betty Fasset, b. C. 
Jan. 13, 1727, d. C. Apr. 1, 1779, a da. Stephen and Mary (Adams). 

He m. 2d, Leedeoma ; she d. C. Sept. 14, 1797. Ch. b. 

Canterbury : 

Olive* Johnson, b. Oct. 17, 1751. 

763 Better 1 Johnson, b. Oct. 25, 1753, m. Elisha 5 Backus +541. 
Sarah" Johnson, b. Nov. 5, 1755. 

Lydia* Johnson, b. Nov. 17, 1757. 

764 Abigail* Johnson, b. Oct. 20, 1759, m., May 10, 1786, 
Luther Bingham. 

765 Samuel* Johnson, b. June 4, 1761, m. Hannah . 

Ch. : Salome* Johnson, b. Sept. 30, 1792, C. 

Amos* Johnson, b. June 11, 1763, d. C, Mar. 1, 1781. 
. 766 Lucy* Johnson, b. June 22, 1766, m. C, Jan. 2, 1793, 
Jeremiah Pellet, b. Oct. 11, 1763, s. Samuel and Hannah (Under- 
wood). Ch. b. C: Lora* Pellet, b. Dec. 24, 1793; DeLucena* Pel- 
let (s.), b. Nov. 1, 1796 ; Alice 6 Pellet, b. June 16, 1799. 

767 William* Johnson, b. Mar. 25, 1768, m. C, Mar. 29, 1795, 
Welthy Pellet. He m. 2d, C, Oct. 7, 1798, Elizabeth Dyar, b. 
C. June 19, 1772, da. Elijah and Elizabeth (Williams). Ch. b. 
C, by 1st m.: Ruby'' Johnson, b. Dec. 24, 1795 ; Mason Johnson, b. 
June 8, 1799 ; Ralph" Johnson, b. Apr. 23, 1804. 

Alice* Johnson, b. Sept. 22, 1769. 

768 Ruby* Johnson, b. May 31, 1774, m. C, Apr. 22, 1794, 
William Bingham. 


John* Johnson (Lydia 3 , josiaha, Mo^esi), d. Canterbury, Conn., 
Mar. 13, 1804, a. 72, m. C, Mar. 15, 1756, Frelis or Phyllis Pellet, 
prob. da. Richard and Anne (Brooks). Ch. b. Canterbury : Orra*, 
Jan. 13, 1757 ; John*, b. Sept. 13, 1759, d - Feb. 3, 1763. 

769 Jedediah* Johnson, b. Nov. 29, 1762, m. C, Mar. 4, 1790, 
Eunice Dyar, b. C. Dec. 2, 1766, a da. Elijah and Elizabeth 
(Williams). Ch. : Harriet* Johnson, b. Jan. 23, 179*1 ; Emma* and 
Emmeline* (tw.), b. Nov. 29, 1792; Betsey*, June 10, 1797; Polly*, 
Mar. 17, 1800. 770 John* (ag.), Nov. 5, 1764; 771 Joseph*, May 
20, 1767. 

772 Jonathan 5 and David* Johnson (tw.), b. Jan. 13, 1770. 


Peltate, Pellet ancestry .- — Arms : Pellat, Pellet, or Pellot (Bignall Park and 
Bolney, Sussex co., Eng.). Ar. 2 bars sa., on the first a bezant. Crest — A lion pass. ar. 
guttee sa., in dexter paw an acorn. . . . Thomas, Concord, m. Mar. 5, 1660, Mary 
Dane or Deane, per. fa. of Daniel, Concord, 1690 — the only Pellets mentioned by Savage, 
Richard 1 , Canterbury. Lamed 1 : 77/ — Petition to Assembly to ap. committee to lay 
■out allotments, &c, May 9, 1699. East Settlers : Richard Pellet, &c. ; m. Apr. a, 1703. 
Anne Brooks. Ch. : Patience Pellet, b. C. Aug. 8, 1721. 


Obadiah* Johnson (Lydia^, josiah*), d. .Canterbury, Conn., 
m. 1st, C, Apr. 29, 1762, Mary Howard of Windham, Conn., she 
d. C, Dec. 10, 1763. He m. 2d, C, July 6, 1765, Lucy Spaulding 
of Plainfield, Conn. Ch. b. Canterbury by 1st m.: 
.-(-773 Rufus 1 " Johnson, b. Nov. 24, 1763. By 2d m.: 

774 Obediah* Johnson, b. Feb. 21, 1766, m. C, Aug. 16, 1789, 
Lucinda Cobb. Ch. : Luanda 6 , b. Jan. 5, 1790, C. 

Olive*, b. Oct. 23, 1767 ; Eleazer*, b. May 29, 1770, d. C. 
Feb. 4, i77i- 

775 Nathan* Johnson, b. Dec. 20, 1771, m. Mary. Ch.b. C: 
Henry Hubbard*, Feb. 15, 1801 ; Obadiah 6 , Dec. 8, 1802 ; Mar/, 
Jan. 23, 1805. 

John 6 , b. Sept. 26, 1774. 
Capt. Obadiah* Johnson, a revolution officer. Prominent in 
the affairs of Canterbury. 

Frequently ment. in Lamed 's Windham co., II : 141} — Windham co. soldiers were 
mostly enrolled in the Third reg., Israel Putnam, col. ; Experience Storrs, It. col. ; John 
Durkee, Norwich, maj. Company 4 : Obediah Johnson, capt. ; Ephraim Lyon, 1st It. ; 
"Wells Clift, 2d It. ; Isaac Hide, Jr., ensign. Lt. Clift of Windham, others of Canterb. 


Jacob* Johnson (Lydias, josian*), d. Canterbury, Conn., Aug. 
9, 1819, a. 79, m. C, Apr. 7, 1763, Abigail Waldo, b. C. Mar. 31, 
1743, d. C. Mar. 7, 1822, da. Cornelius and Abigail. Ch. : 

776 Obadiah Elderkin 5 Johnson, b. 1784, d. C. Sept. 22, 181 1. 
Jnscrip. on g. s. Canterb. — " Wife, child, and parents now survive 
to mourn." m. ch. : 1. 


Ebene&er* Johnson (Lydia=), d. Canterbury, Conn., Oct. 8, 
1774, a. 29, m. C. Dec. 12, 1765, Ledeah Bruster or Lydia Brews- 
ter of Preston, Conn., b. prob. Canterb. Oct. 30, 1741, da. William 
and Damaris. (She m. 2d, C, Sept. 20, 1789, Jedidiah Brown.) 
Ch. b. C: Lydia 6 , Dec. 26, 1766; Anna*, Dec. 9, 1769. 

777 Lydia? Johnson (ag.), b. Apr. 17, 1772. 

778 Ebenezer* Johnson, b. Aug. 16, 1774. 

1 84 


2 5 6. 

PENELOPE 4 CLEVELAND (Deliverances, Josiah*, Moses'), m. 

Canterbury, Conn., Nov. 7, 1753, Ezekiel Park, per. s. Thomas 
and Patience. Ch. b. Canterbury : ^ 

779 Asa* Park, b. Apr. 25, 1755, m. Elizabeth . 

Ch. b. Canterbury: Eleazer Ed/hon 6 Park, b. Apr. 30, 18 13 ; 
Charles Burnham* Park, b. Feb. 8, 18 15 ; Rosalinda* Park, b. June 
23, 1816. 

780 Nathan* Park, b. July 2, 1763. 

78 r Jesse* Park, b. Apr. 20, 1769, m. Sarah . Ch. 

b. Canterbury : Susannah* Park, b. Apr. 14, 1796 ; Walter* Park, 
b. Jan. 2, 1796-7 ; Benjamin* Park, b. Jan. 26, 1800. 


SHUB AEL 4 CLEVELAND (Deliverances, josiah*, Mosesi), d. Can- 
terbury or Stafford, Conn., Apr. 25, 1795, a. 60, m. C, Mar. 30, 
1769, Eunice Luce. Ch. : 

+782 Kesiah 5 Cleveland, b. Sep. 24, 1770, Canterbury. . 

Shubael 4 Cleveland is buried at Canterbury. Luce ancestry 
— An old Scotland Family of Huguenot descent. 

258. . 

RACHEL 4 CLEVELAND (Deliverance", Josiah*, Moses*), m. 

Canterbury, Conn., Jan. 18, 1758, George Austin, s. George. 
Ch. b. Canterbury: Ebenezer 1 Austin, b. Oct. 13, 1758; ShubaeP 
Austin, b. Dec. 21, 1763 ; William* Austin, b. July 10, 1766 ; Sarah* 
Austin, b. Mar. 29, 1770 ; Erastus* Austin, b. Apr. 10, 1776. 


KEZIAH 4 CLEVELAND (Deliverances, josiah*, Moses*), m. Can- 
terbury, Conn., Nov. 21, 1771, Levi Downing, b. C, Oct. 5, 1746, 
s. Jonathan and Elizabeth. Ch. b. Canterbury : Erastus* Down- 
ing, b. Sep. 1, 1774, d. C, Aug. 8, 1776 ; Nelly* Doivning, b. June 
10, 1778; Levi* Downing, b. Apr. 20, 1781, d. C, Oct. 2, 1781 \ 
Levi* Downing (ag.) , b. Sep. 23, 1782. 


SARAH 4 CLEVELAND ' (Deliverances, josiah», Moses'), m. Can- 
terbury, Conn., Apr. 11, 1776, as 2d w. Joseph Butt or But, b. 
C, June 16, 1731, s. Josiah and Elizabeth (Williams). Ch. : 

783 George Washington 6 Butt, b. Jan. 28, 1777, Canterbury, 
One of the very first named in honor of the Father of his 


Joseph Butt lived at Canterbury, m. ist, Irene or Lurene 
-, she d. C, Dec. 25, 1775. Ch. b. Canterbury : Esaias 

Butt, b. June 4, 1766 ; Irene Butt, b. May 2, 1768 ; Joseph Butt 
(capt.), b. Apr. 7, 1770, m. ist, C, Jan. 31, 1796, Mary Button of 
Rutland co., Vt., she d. C, Apr. 27, 1808; he m. 2d, C, Apr. 27, 
1809, Phebe Baldwin. Ch. b. C. ; by ist m. : Charlotte Butt, b. 
Feb. 3, 1799 ; Phebe Butt, b. Apr. 24, 1801 ; Alvin Butt, b. Sep. 
8, 1803 ; Nelson Butt, b. Dec. 12, 1805 ; Mary Butt, b. Mar. 31, 
1808; by 2d m. : Lucy Butt, b. May 20, 1811. Thirza Butt 
(da), b. Aug. 11, 1772. 


SIMON 4 CLEVELAND ( [ ? Curtice*, Isaac", Moses'}). It is also 

thought that he may have been Simon 6 (? Josiah 4 +185, Deliv- 
erance 3 , Edward 2 ), or Simon 6 , (? 4 , Ephraim 3 +41, 

Samuel 2 ), b. prob. in either Canterbury or Norwich, Conn., ab. 
1728, d. ac. to differing traditions ab. Feb. 1, 1773, or ab. Jan., 
1774, or d. in the Continental army soon before or after Dec. 20, 
1777, killed in battle, m. Salisbury, Litchfield co., Conn., Feb. 
2 S» I 7S 6 > Elizabeth White of Conn., she d. bef. son Ezekiel 6 was 
bound out ; (she m. 2d, see below). Ch. : 

+ 784 Simon 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 13, 1757, Salisbury, Conn. . 

+785 Josiah 6 Cleveland, b. Dec, 1758, prob. Salisbury. 

+ 786 George 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1762, prob. Salisbury, 

+787 Ezekiel 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1764, prob. Salisbury, 

+7S8 "William 6 Cleveland, b. May 27, 1766, Salisbury, 

+ 789 Priscilla 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1767, prob. Salisbury, 

790 David 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1769, prob. S. settled in 
Western, Oneida co., N. Y., thought to have removed to 
Nauvoo, 1842. Lydia 6 remembered by Mrs. Phebe 6 (Cleveland) 

-f-791 Ephraim 6 Cleveland, b. July 21, 1773, Salisbury. 

Simon 4 Cleveland, the entry of whose marriage and that of 
Persis 4 +263 appear on the old records of Salisbury, is thought 
to have belonged to either of 3 above lines. A grandson of 
Simon 4 writes that he has heard his "father speak of aunt 
Persis and uncle Philip Cooley," which indicates that Simon 4 
and Persis 4 were brother and sister. By reason of the circum- 
stance that Simon 4 and Oliver 6 +531 each named an elder son 
Josiah, they are supposed to have been sons to Josiah 4 -I-185. 
Or Simon 4 who named a son Ephraim may have been grandson 
to Ephraim 3 +41, the record of whom does not state that he 


died single. We conjecture that Simon* and Persis 4 were ch. of 
Curtice 3 by a presumed first marriage because of the naming 
by Persis 4 of 2 of her ch. respectively, Isaac and Gideon, these 
names so favorite in the family of Curtice 3 that he repeated 
each once in the naming of his ch. 

Simon 4 and Persis 4 evidently were thrown on their own 
resources soon after becoming of age, probably by the death of 
their father. It is likely that they together emigrated from 
Norwich, or some place in Conn., Mass., or R. I. to Salisbury, 
for Persis 4 would not have gone into a new settlement unat- 
tended. Simon 4 is said to have dwelt after July, 1773, at 
Canaan on the Hudson, N. Y., and was pressed into Continental 
army, and not heard from after. 

Office Sec. State, Boston, Mass., Rev. Rolls, p. 31, Vol. for 3d Reg., Mass. line, Col. John 
Greaton's:'— Company Watrous. Cleverland Simon served Apr. 15 to Dec. 20, 1777, 
8 mo., 5 days, enlisted for D[uring] W[ar] S. "Those marked thus S are for deserters." 

Prob. Simon 4 was then already dead, or that above refers to 
Simon 6 whose brothers, Josiah 6 and George 5 , were in same co. 
Mrs. Phebe" {Cleveland') Shepard +2451 remembers that her 
father's father was killed in battle, Revolution. . . Another 
account is that Simon 4 d. when Ephralm 6 was 6 months old. 

Mrs. Elizabeth (White) Cleveland ,m. 2d, Curtis. Ch.: Eliza- 
beth Curtis m. Robb, dwelt Hudson, N. Y., bookbinder. . 

White ancestry: — Barber's His. Col. Conn., 48b — Salisbury was surveyed, 1732, 
sold, 1737, by gov. and co. of Conn., at Hartford; chartered, 1745. In 1720, 3 families, 
Dutchers, Whites, and Van Dozers, came into that part of the town called Weatog. 
White was an Englishman, but connected in marriage with the Dutch. In 1740 there 
were 4 families of Whites in Weatog. Ephraim Cleveland and descendants prepared 
by Stafford Canning 7 Cleveland [+7281] p. 2 — White family was of Dutch blood. 
Emanuel White and Isaac White dwelt at Cayuta, N. Y., were Revolution soldiers. 


PERSIS 4 CLEVELAND ([?CurticeMsaac»] ), m. Salisbury, 
Conn., Apr. 2, 1756, Philip Coal or Coole, he d. bef. Dec. 7, 1774. 
Ch. b. Salisbury : 

Philip* Coole, b. Oct. 22, 1756, d. S. Mar. 28, 1761. 

792 Isaac* Coole, b. Feb. 3, 1759. 

793 Gideon'' Coole, b. Sept. 16, 1760. 

794 Hyman Jacob* Coole, b. Aug. 21, 1762. 

Philip* Coole (ag.), b. Jan. 16, 1765, d. S. Jan. 2, 1770. 

795 Lemuel" Coole, b. Sept. 3, 1766. 
Samuel* Coole, b. Mar. 29, 1768. 

Sarah* Coole, b. Apr. 1, 1770, d. S. Aug. 24, 1770. 

796 Josiah* Coole, b. Dec. 17, 1773. 

Philip Coole dwelt at Salisbury. Prob. rec, IV: 347 — At a 
court of Probate holden at Salisbury, in and for the District of 
Sharon, this 7th day of Dec, 1774, present, Joshua Porter, Esq., 
Judge, holding same, grants adm. on the Est. of Phillip Coal, 


I8 7 

late of Salisbury, deceased, unto Persis Coal of sd. Salisbury, 
who gave bonds ^100 for faithful adm. on sd. Est., &c. Court 
appoints John Hutchinson and Luke Camp of Salisbury to ex- 
amine claims on sd. Est. Feb. 2, 1775, admx. exhibits Inventory. 
For conjectures concerning lineage of Persis 4 , see account 
of Simon 4 +261. 


ISAAC 4 CLEVELAND (curtice=, Isaac*, Moses*), b. Norwich, 
Conn., Jan. n, 1740-1, m. prob. Killingly, Conn., Mrs. Sarah 

( ) Gilson, wid. of Benjamin Gilson of K. Ch. b. Killingly, 

Conn. : 

+ 797 Edan b Cleveland, b. Apr. 3, 1764. 
798 Jacob 5 Cleveland, b. May 31, 1768, very probably 
the Jacob Cleveland who owned the "half-way covenant" in 
Woodbury, Conn., church, Nov. 16, 1777 — Cothreris Woodbury. 

Isaac 4 Cleveland dwelt at Killingly till after May, 1773. 

Hoadly's Conn. Colonial Rec, XIV : 141— May, 1773. Proceedings of Conn. Assembly 
upon memorial of Isaac Cleveland and Sarah his wife, late widow and relict of Benjamin 
Gilson, late of Killingly, and she administratrix of his estate, praying to sell real estate 
to pay debt £35, she was impowered to sell, taking the advice of probate court of Plain- 
field, Conn. 

This family, the only Clevelands on Killingly rec, 17 20-1 882, 
prob. rem. first to Woodbury, and af. 1777 prob. followed tide 
of immigration into N. Y. state. 


WILLIAM 4 CLEVELAND (?curUce», Isaac"), also thought to 
have been William 6 (pjosiah^+iSs, Deliverance*, Edward=), b. per. Nor- 
wich, Conn., ab. 1752, d. in the Revolution war ab. 1778, m. Mary 
, she d. af. May 25, 1790. Ch. : 

+ 799 William 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 8, 1774, New London, 

Fanny 6 Cleveland, d. unm. 

William 4 Cleveland dwelt at New London, near Norwich, 
and for that reason is supposed to be a younger son of Curtice 3 . 
He was a sailor. Mrs. William 6 mentioned an aunt Persia and 
uncle Philip Cooley +263. There still exists a deed dated New 
London, May 25, 1790, executed by Mary Cleveland to Thos. 
Cail. She was widow of William 4 +266. 


RATHBONE 4 or RODMAN 4 CLEVELAND (? Curtice', Isaac*), 

d. prob. unm. According to trad, was the owner of considera- 
ble property. He told his nephew, William 6 +799, that he was 
his nearest relative, and that he would help him sometime. 



Azariah* Spalding (Anne», isaac^, Moses*), d. Mar. 3, 1795, a - 
71, m. ? Conn., Sept. 7, 1744, Mary Jearould, b. July 8, 1725, d. 
Oct. 2, 1769. Ch. : 

800 Mary* Spalding, b. July 21, 1745, m. Aaron Wheeler. 
Magdalen* Spalding, b. June r8, 1747, d. Dec. 2, 1768. 

801 Martha 5 Spalding, b. Mar. 22, 1749, m. Waterman. 

Rufus* Spalding, b. May 16, 175 1, d. July 26, 1772, unm. 

802 Susannah*' Spalding, b. Sep. 20, 1753, m. Peter Kendall. 

803 Hannah* Spaldiftg, b. June 21, 1755, m - Moses Wheeler. 

804 Zilpah* Spalding, b. Nov. 23, 1757, m. Cole. 

+ 805 Daniel* Spalding, b. Dec. 13, 1759. 

Esther" Spalding, b. Apr. 20, 1762, d. June 15, 1768. 
Charles* Spalding, b. Mar. 12, 1764, d. Oct. 4, 1791. 
Mille* Spalding, b. Mar. 5, 1767, d. May 27, 1790, unm. 


Curtis* Spalding (Anne*, isaac^, Mosesi), m. 1st, Dec. 19, 1750, 
Hannah Shepard, she d. July 8, 1752. He m. 2d, Dec. 26, 1753, 
Bette Shepard, she d. Feb. 23, 1767T' Ch. b. Plainfield, Conn., 
by 1st m.: 

+ 806 Dennisori' Spalding, b. July 8, 1752. By 2d m.: 

807 Hannah* Spalding, b. Sept. 3, 1754, m. Samuel Barstow 
of Canterbury, Conn. 

Phineas* Spalding, b. Mar. 10, 1756, d. May 29, 1758. 
Dolle* Spalding, b. July 14, 1758, d. May 13, 1759. 
Andrew* Spalding, b. July ir, 1760; Molle*,Dec. 13, 1764. 

808 Cale* Spalding, b. Sept. 5, 1766, m. Augustus Barstow 
of Canterbury. 


Jacob* Spalding (Ann e s, Isaac*, Moses"), d. Canterbury, Conn., 
Sept., 1805, a. 75, m. 1st, Plainfield, Conn., May 1, 2, 1753, Martha 
Gerould. He m. 2d, P., Nov. 27, 1760, Thankful Burgess, she d. 
Rhinebeck, N. Y., 1815, very aged. Ch. by 1st m.: Da*, b. 1754, 
d. Sept. 23, 1755. 

809 Anne* Spalding, b. May 15, 1755, m. Brown. By 

2d m.: 

Sally* Spalding, b. Jan. 17, 1761, d. Newton Lower 
Falls, Mass., Sept. 12, 1848, unm. 

4-810 Phillip* Spalding, b. Sept. 17, 1764. 

Adolphus 5 Spalding, d. Canterbury, unm. 

Jacotr 1 Spalding, d. Sharon, Conn., unm. 
+ 811 Rufus* Spalding, b. May 31, 1772. 

Alpheus* Spalding, d. a. 25, lost at sea. 


Reuben* Spalding, d. Savannah Ga., yellow fever. 
+812 Joseph 1 ' Spalding, b. July, 1781. 

813 Thankful 6 Spalding, m. 1st, John Storrs of Royalton, 
Vt; 2d, Pitman. 

814 Lucy* Spalding, d. Phelpstown, N. Y., m. Elnathan 
Robinson ; lived Homer, N. Y. 

Polly* Spalding, m. Stephen Allen. 


Henry* Cramer (Anne*, Isaac*,), b. Norwich, Conn., Jan. 8, 
1734, evidently m. twice, m. 1st? perhaps a Bishop; m. 2d? 
Woodbury, Litchfield co., Conn., Dec. 5, 1773, Joanna Curtiss, b. 
1733, she was "Mrs. Cramer, d. Woodbury, July, 1816, a. 83." 
Ch. bap. Woodbury, by 1st? m.: 

815 John* Cramer, b. prob. 1758, bap. July 5, 1772, m., wife 
b. 1744, d. Woo., Mar., 1813, Revolution soldier. Ch. : Infant*, d. 
Woo. Apr. 9, 1820. 

Bishop* Cramer, b. prob. i766,bap. July 5, 1772. 

Henry* Cramer, b. prob. 1772, bap. July 5, 1772, m., ' 
Washington, Litchfield co., Conn., Feb. 13, 1797, Olive Carr. 
By 2d? m.: 

Martha* Cramer, b. prob, 1776, bap. Apr. 28, 1776. 

Henry* Cramer dwelt Woodbury, where he owned in chh. 
"half-way covenant," Dec. 1, 1771. — History Woodbury, by William 
Cothren, 826. 


MufllS* JOIieS (Keziahs, Isaac!, Moses 1 ), m. Norwich, Conn., Nov. 

2, 1757, Annie Hartshorn, b. N., Mar. 9, 1734-5, a da. David and 
Abigail (Hebard). Ch: Tryphena*, b. Oct. 12, 1758. 

-f-816 Elizabeth* Jones, b. July 24, 1760. Walter*, May, July 
8, 1762; Anna*, Nov. 7, 1765; Hannah*, June 11, 1768; Lucretia*, 
July 4, 1770; Nabby or Abigail*, June 26, 1772; Lura*, Nov. 12, 


-4-817 Azariah* Jones, b. May 3, 1779. 


Ebenezer* Jones (Keziaw, isaac=), d. Norwich, Conn., m. N., 
Nov. 10, 1765, Elizabeth Prior or Rogers of N. Ch. : 

+ 818 Lucy* Jones, b. Apr. 4, 1766, 1767. 

-f-819 Rachel Clark* Jones, b. Nov. 14, 177 1. Mary*, b. Sept. 
14, 1775, d- inf. 


JParmenius* Jones (Keziah*, Isaac, Mosesi), d. Albany, N. Y., 
m. 1st, Norwich, Conn., Aug. 24, 1777, Eunice Herri ck. He 

1 90 


m. 2d, N., Dec. 8, 1788, Rosanna Weeks of N., ist m., s. p. Ch. 
by 2d m. b. Norwich : 

820 Sarah* Jones, b. Oct. 14, 1789, m. ist, Truax, 2d, Good- 
rich ; dwelt Albany, N. Y. ^ 

821 Eunice* Jones, b. Sept. 8, 1790, m. Anthony Jeffrey. 
-f-822 Thomas Silvanus* Jones,h. Feb. 11, 1792. 

-(-823 Elizabeth Williams* Jones, b. Sept. 12, 1793. 

Ebenezer* Jones, b. Apr. 18, 1796, d. N., Nov. 16, 1797. 
Mary Weeks* Jones, b. May 16, 1798, unm. 


Jonathan* Keyes (Joseph* Keyes, Joanna^, Mosesi), m. ist, Jan. 
20, 1746, Elizabeth Fletcher of Westford, Mass., b. 1720, d. July 
23, 1761. He m. 2d, 1762, Mrs. Elizabeth (Hartwell) Read of 
Lyttleton, Mass., b. Westford, Feb. 17, 1731, d, W., Feb. 17, 
1826, ae. 95, wid. (She m. 3d, see below.) Ch. by ist m. : 

+ 824 Joseph* Keyes, b. Nov., 1746. Joanna*, b. 1748, d. 1753 ; 
. Aaron*, b. 1751, d. 1753 ; Stephen*, b. 1754, d. Aug. 3, 1758. 

+825 Joanna* Keyes (ag.), b. 1757. 

826 Elizabeth* Keyes, h. 1759,^111. 1770, Capt. Zaccheus or 
Zachariah Hildreth of Townsend. 

+827 Hannah* Keyes, b. May 6, 1761. 

4-828 Jonathan* Keyes, b. Mar. 30, 1763. 

829 Lydia* Keyes, b. Nov. 15, 1765, m. Isaac Patten, was 
left a wid. 

830 Lucy* Keyes, b. Nov. 15, 1765, m. Jesse Fletcher. 

831 Merriam or Miriam* Keyes, b. Mar. 13, 1767 ; d*. West- 
ford, Mass., Mar. 1, 1869, a. 102, m. Dea. Samuel Fletcher of 

832 Patty* Keyes, b. 1769, d. Dec. 9, 1786, m. Dec. 5, 1785, 
Pelatiah Fletcher, Jr. 

833 Frances Grant* Keyes, b. 177 1, m. Apr. 7, 1794, Joseph 
Fletcher, I'd Westford. Ch. : Joseph* Fletcher ; Frances Grant 6 
Fletcher, m. 1815, Gardiner Fletcher; Walter-* Fletcher j Louisa* 
Fletcher ; Charles H* Fletcher ; Polly* Fletcher ■ Abijah* Fletcher j 
Nancy* Fletcher ■ Jonathan Varnum* Fletcher. 

Aaron* Keyes (ag.), b. 1774, d. y. 
Mrs. Elizabeth (Hartwell) [Read] Keyes m. 3d, as 2d w., 
Pelatiah Fletcher, he d. ab. 1806. She ret, 1806, to the Keyes 
mansion, Westford, dwelt there always after. Ch. by her ist 
m. 6, including 2 pairs of twins ; 3d m. s. p. In 1826 she had 
119 grandchildren and 90 gr. gr. ch. She could say, " Arise, my 
daughter, go to thy daughter, for thy daughter's daughter hath 
a daughter." — Keyes gen., 149. 




JONATHAN 4 CLEVELAND (Enoch*, Enoch*, Moses-) is thought 
to have m. 3 times, but there is no account of but one mar- 
riage : m. (1st?), Acton, Mass., 1748, Hannah Hays. Ch. : 

834 Persis 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 5, 1749. 

Jonathan 4 Cleveland was a soldier in the memorable 
expedition against Louisburg, 1745. He served in 9th Mass. 

Col. Joseph Dwight, gth co. Capt. Gershom Davis, Ensign Ebenezer Davis, Ser- 
geants Septaniah Emery, and Jonathan Robbins, Caleb Blodget, John Brown, Jonathan 
Cleveland, James & Joseph Drake, John Derry, Joseph Dudley, Ephraim Fletcher, 
Sampson French, Enoch Hastings, Joseph Heald, Simon Heath, George Long, Amos 
Munrow, Tsaac Prier, William Skinner, Peter Tufts, William Thompson, Jonathan 
Wales, Thomas Wooley, Sylvester Wood, Job Walker. Jonathan 4 Cleveland was 
also in Dwight's reg., Capt. Jonathan Smith's co., Lt. John Moore, Ensign Jerahmeel 
Powers, Sergeants William Holden, Nathaniel Page, Zachariah Emery, and Timothy 
Heald ; Corporals Phineas Parker, Benjamin Gould, Jonas Sartell, and Aaron Alexander ; 
Francis Alexander, Stephen Bennett, Solomon Blood, Shure Berry, Jonathan Cleave- 
land, Samuel Emery, Joshua & Wm, Farnsworth, Jonathan Fletcher, John Green, 
Enoch Hastings, Joseph & Simon Heald, Peter Harvey, Charles Holden, George Long, 
Isaac Moore, Amos Munroe, David Nutting, Isaac Payer, Abel & Daniel Parker, Joseph 
Platts, John Robb, Joseph Robins, Wm. Swan, Wm. Thompson, Peter Tufts, Thomas 
Turner, Job. Walker, Jonathan Wares, Phineas Whitney, Seth Willard, Sylvanus 
Woods, Thomas Wooley. After returning fr. Louisburg, Col. or Gen. Joseph Dwight 
raised a reg-. fr. the Conn, valley for exped. against Canada ; destination being changed 
this reg. erected Fort Massachusetts.— iV. B. Gen. Reg:, XXV : 265-6. 


ENOCH 4 CLEVELAND (Enoch 3 , Enoch*, Moses'), b. Concord, 

Mass., Aug. 31, 1732, d. prior to June 5, 1765, m. Westford, 
Mass., Martha Butterfield, b. W., 1731, a da. Joseph and Dor- 
othy (Heald). Ch. prob. b. "Westford : 

835 Martha 6 Cleveland, b. 1753, m. 1773, John Stearns 
of Littleton, Middlesex co., Mass. 

-1-836 Enoch 6 Cleveland, b. , 1754. 

Enoch 4 Cleveland dwelt at Westford. History of Westford r 
1659-Z883, By Rev. Edivin R. Hodgman, Member N. E. His. Gen. 
Soc, 1883, p. 440, 443. 

Butterfield ancestry : — Benjamin 1 Woburn, 1640; Jonathan 2 , b. Eng., m. 1st, Mary 
Dixon 2 , b. June 17, 1649-50, da. William & Jane of Cambridge, Mass. ; Joseph 3 , m. Eliza- 
beth Richardson* ; Joseph* Butterfield m. Dorothy Heald 3 , b. Mar. 9, 1674. N. E. Reg-., 
XLIV: 3 q. 

Heald ancestry : — 2 arms : Ar. on chev. betw. 3 bombs, 3 bezants. Crest — Sword 
and key. . . . John 1 , from Berwick on Tweed, Concord, freem., June 2, 1641 ; Ger- 
shoin 2 , b. Mar. 23, 1647, m. Ann Vinton [per. the Ann b. Apr. 4, 1656, and da. John & Ann 
of Lynn — see Vinton Memorial by John Adams Vinton, 14] ; Dorothy 3 Heald m. Joseph 
Butterfield*. (Deed June 5, 1765, of Ebenezer Butterfield, Martha Cleveland, wid., et al. 
heirs of Dorothy Butterfield sell est. of Gershom Heald —Midx. Deeds, LXVI ; is/.) 

Richardson ancestry : — Ezekiel 1 of Woburn; James 2 , bap. Chariest., July n, 1641, m. 
Bridget Henchman, da. Maj. Thomas of Chelmsford ; Ezekiel 3 , m. Mary Bunker 3 ; 
Elizabeth* Richardson m. Joseph Butterfield 3 . 

Bunker ancestry : George 1 , Chariest. ; Jonathan 2 , bap. C. 8 (2), 1638, m. Mary How- 
ard, sis. to Nathaniel ; Mary 3 Bunker m. Ezekiel Richardson 3 . 



JAMES 4 CLEVELAND (? James", Enochs, Moses'), b. prob. in 

Rhode Island ab. 1741, d. Brunswick, Rensselaer co., N. Y., m. 
prob. in R. I., Katy De Long, she d. Brunswick. Ch. b. Bruns- 
wick : 

+ 837 James 5 Cleveland, b. Sept. 3, 1768. 

+ 838 William 6 Cleveland. 
839 John 6 Cleveland, m. Christina Miller, d. Rensselaer, 
N. Y., dwelt Luzerne, Warren co., N. Y,, s. p. 

+ 840 Robert 5 Cleveland. 

841 Polly 6 Cleveland, d. Rensselaer, m. Abram 

842 Nancy 6 Cleveland, d. Rensselaer, m. 


843 Katy 6 Cleveland, d. Rensselaer, m. Garret Miller. 

844 Lena 6 Cleveland, d. Rensselaer, m. Riley. 

845 Hannah? 6 Cleveland, d. Rennselaer, Nov. 1, 1833. 
James 4 Cleveland is conjectured to have been son of 

James 3 , also thought to have been son of Josiah 4 +185 (Deliv- 
erance 3 , Edward 2 , Moses 1 ). JameS 4 with his wife, Katy, came 
from Rhode Island. He was a member of the old church at 
Haynersville, Rensselaer co., whose records are in the Dutch 
language. James 4 lived at Brunswick and descendants still 
farm some 200 acres of the old Van Rensselaer estate. 


• JOSEPH 4 CLEVELAND (Jonathans, Enoch*, Moses*) d. Fairfield, 

Somerset co., Me., 1806, a. 68, m. Acton, Mass., May 5, 1763, 
Dolly or Dorothea Cragin, b. A., Jan. 3, 1738, d. Fairfield, Nov. : 
21, 1813, a da. John and Judith (Barker). Ch. : 

+846 Jonathan 5 Cleveland, b. May 9, 1764, Acton, Mass. 

+847 Calvin 6 Cleveland, b. 1768, Embden, Somerset 
co., Me. 

+848 Timothy 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 8, 1770, E. or Dresden, 
Lincoln co., Me. 

+ 849 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. 1772, Acton or Embden. 

+ 850 Joseph 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 19, 1773, Dresden, Me. 

+ 851 Luther 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 13, 1774, Embden, Me. 

+ 852 John 6 Cleveland, b. 1776, E. or Bloomfield, Somer- 
set co., Me. 

+853 Abel 6 Cleveland, b. June 6, 1777, Embden, Maine. 

Jane 6 Cleveland, b. , 1779, Embden, Me. 

d. July 1, 1835. 

-4-854 Benjamin 5 Cleveland, b. Mar. 6, 1781, Embden, Me 



Joseph 4 Cleveland lived at Etnbden, builder and wheel- 
wright. Rev. John Dennis (b. New Portland, Me.), an aged 
minister of Madison, Wis., knew Joseph 4 who framed the first 
frame building in New Portland. According to an old mem- 
orandum Joseph 4 moved from Pepson, Maine, to Acton, Mass., 
thence to Embden. Mrs. Dorothy (Cragin) Cleveland was very 
useful among the sick and poor, and highly respected. 

Craggan, Cragin, Cragon ancestry : — John 1 of Scotland, when aged 16 pressed into 
King Charles service, made prisoner at Dunbar tattle, 1650, impris. 2 years, allowed to 
come to America, 1652, the first Cragin here, Woburn, Mass., m. W., Nov. 4, 1661, Sarah 
Dawes, who saved his life on board ship ; John 2 , b. Sep.'ig, 1677, of Concord, m. Deborah 
Skelton; John 3 Cragin, b. Mar. 25, 1701, m. Judith Barker — Cragin genealogy. 


LYDIA 4 CLEVELAND (Jonathans, Enoch*, Moses»), d. WeStfard, 

Mass., bef. May 7, 1777, m. Acton, Mass., Feb. 15, 1763, as 1st 
w., Josiah Spaulding or Spalding, b. Westford, Apr. 29, 1734, d. 
W., Nov. 2, 1791, s. Josiah and Mary (Fletcher). (He m. 2d, 
May 7, 1777, Jemima Shattuck.) Ch : 

855 Zydia 6 Spalding, b. Apr. 12, 1764, d. Pepperell, Mass., 
Oct. 14, 1817, unm. 

+ 856 Josiah* Spalding, b. Sept. 4, 1765. 

857 Rebecca* Spalding, b. Dec. 20, 1767, d. P., Aug. 9, 1813, 

858 Sarah 1 ' Spalding, b. Mar. 16, 1770, m. 1st, Nov. 7, 1793, 
Noah Shattuck of Pepperell, m. 2d, Jonathan Stevens of Hollis, 
N. H., rem. to Hardwick, Caledonia co., Vt. 


AARON 5 CLEVELAND (Ebenezer*, Ebenezer 3 , Moses*, Moses'), d. 

Nov., 1803, a. 6o, m. Nantucket, Mass., July 2, 1765, Charity 
Meader, b. May 6, 1745, d. Nantucket rec, Apr., June 19, 1812, 
da. John and Hannah (Stewart). Ch : 

859 Mary Coleman Cleveland, b. Jan. 5, 1766, d. unm. 
or m. Coleman. 

859 s1 (?) Lydia 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1768, d. Savannah, Ga., 
1799, unm. [Coffin's book of deaths, JVant.] 

-|-86o Reuben 6 Cleveland, b. July 31, 1770. 
+861 Henry 6 Cleveland. 
862 David Cleveland, prob. d. bef. 1800. Son 6 , and 3 
daughters 6 d. infants. 

Capt. Aaron 6 Cleveland was a sea captain. According to 
Nantucket Census, 1800, 3 sons and 4 daughters of Aaron 5 Cleve- 
land were then dead. He was last seen in Liverpool, Eng. 



Nantucket Rec, XIX: 5 — Deed Apr. 30, 1805, children and grand ch. of Caleb 
Bunker to Charity Cleveland, widow of Aaron Cleveland. 


LYDIA 6 CLEVELAND (Ebenezer>, Ebenezer", Moses 2 , Moses'), d. 

Nantucket, Mass., Oct. i, 4, 1786, a. 41, m. N. (pub. Nov. 26, 
1768), Nov. 23, 1769, as 1st w., Elijah Luce, b. Nantucket, June 
23, 1746, d. N, Oct. 29, 1 81 9. Ch. b. Nantucket : 

+ 863 Obed* Luce, b. Feb. 13, 177 1. 

+864 Elizabeth* Luce, b. July 26, 1773. 

+865 Reuben* Luce. 

-j-866 Susan* Luce, b. Jan. 4, 1777. 

+ 867 Barzillai* Luce, b. Mar. 7, 1782. 
868 Lydia* Luce, b. Dec. 31, 1784, d. Ohio, 1818, m. July 
19, 1810, Nathaniel Meader, b. Nov. 23, 1784, s. Nathaniel and 
Lucy (Ferguson), rem. to O., 1814. 

Capt. Elijah Luce, with his crew and brig " Eagle " [Ameri- 
can eagle afterward adopted as U. S. emblem), were captured, 
1778, by the British out of Boston, Mass. All were committed 
Oct. 20, 1778, to Forton Prison, JEng. (See full account under 
Seth 6 Cleveland +294, P. Master "Eagle.") N. E. His. Gen. 
Reg., XXXIII : 38. He m. 2d, Love 6 Cleveland +293. 

Luce ancestry: — Arms: Az. a crescent ar. Crest — Eagle wings displ. reguard. 
holding in dexter claw a sword erect. An old Scotland name. 


JOHN 6 CLEVELAND (Ebenezer*, Ebenezer", Moses*), d. Tisbury, 

Duke's co., Martha's Vineyard, Mass., Oct. 19, 1825, a. 74, m. 
(pub. Nantucket), Tisbury, Sept. 1, 1775, Catherine Look, b." 
Chilmark, Dukes co., Martha's Vineyard, Apr. 16, 1758, d. Tis- 
bury, Oct. 1, 18 13. Ch. b. Tisbury : 

+869 Love 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 31, 1777. 

+ 870 James* Cleveland, b. Dec. 24, 1778. 

+871 Nancy 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 3, 1780. 

872 John 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 14, 1783, d. Martinique, 
W. I., Sept. 12, 1801. [Did he m. as 1st hus., Anna 6 Cleve- 
land + 892 ?] 

873 George 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 13, 1785, d. Havana, 
Cuba, Mar. 15, 1809, not known if unm. or m. 

874 Aaron 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 20, 1788, not known if 
unm. or m. last seen in Liverpool. 

-(-875 Betsey 6 Cleveland, b. July 30, 1790. 

Polly 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 2, 1792, d. West Tisbury, 
Oct. 20, 1792. 



+876 David 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 21, 1794. 

John 5 .Cleveland dwelt Nantucket to 1775, aft. on Martha's 
Vineyard, mariner and cooper, was beloved and respected by- 
all. Probate rec, Edgartown. A Janette Cleveland adm., 
1829, on est. of a John Cleveland of Tisbury. 


ZABDIEL 5 CLEVELAND (Ebenezer*, Ebenezer', Moses*), d. Tis- 

bury, Mass., Feb. 22, 1814, a. 64, m., Martha's Vineyard, Mass., 
Dec. 15, 1772, Abigail Luce, b. Tisbury, Mar. 30, 1752, d. Vine- 
yard Haven, Mass., May 31, 1839, da. Robert and Rebecca 
(Allen). (She m. 2d, see below.) Ch. b. Tisbury : 
+ 877 Sylvanus" Cleveland, b. Feb. 25, 1775., 
+ 878 Susannah 9 Cleveland, b. Sept. 25, 1776. 

879 Hannah 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 16, 1778, d. May 8, 1865, 
m. T., Jan. 2, 1801, Isaac Chase, he d. ab. 1809, I'd Holmes Hole, 
Mass. Ch. : Prudence 1 Chase, d. af. 1865 ; Abigail" 1 Chase, d. after 
1865 ; Another 1 , d. af. 1865. 

880 Lucy 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 27, 1780, d. Chautauqua co., 
N. Y., bef. 1859, m., Pittsfield, Mass., Tristram Luce, he d. bef. 
1833, dwelt P. 1833 and many years, rem. to Ohio. Ch. : Albert 1 
Luce, d. Chau. co. bef. 1859 ; Tristram'' Luce, d. C. co. bef. 1859. 

881 Margaret or Peggy" Cleveland, b. Sept. 13, 1781, d- 
Dec. 28, 1872, m., Martha's V., Aug. 2, 21, 1802, Silas Daggett,, 
s. Silas, I'd Pittsf. and prob. O. Ch.: Hiram 7 Daggett, I'd Cal.; 
Silas 1 Daggett, I'd Me.; Joseph 1 Daggett, I'd Vineyard H.; Isaac 1 
Daggett (Capt), 1. V. H.; Deborah 1 Daggett, 1. V. H.; and 4 ch. 1 d. 

882 Zabdiel 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 8, 1782, d. V. H. Aug. 6, 
1801. Shipped on U. S. Vessel "Constitution." 

4-883 Lydia 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 13, 1786. 
+ 884 Warren 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 23, 1789, North Shore, 
M. V. 

Son", b. Sept. 13, 1791, d. Vineyard Haven, Dec. 18, 

Elijah 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 18, 1794, d. V. H. Nov. 

19, r 795- 

+ 885 Elijah 6 Cleveland (ag.), b. Nov. 19, 1796. 

Zabdiel 3 Cleveland, variously called by his desc. Zeb, Zeba- 
dial, Zebadiel, Zebedee, Zebulon, dwelt Nantucket to 1775, aL - 
on Martha's Vineyard, mariner. His est. was adm. 1828 by son 
Warren 6 . 

Hoadly's Conn. Public Records, 350 — July 15, 1777, permit to export provisions granted 
to Zebadiah Cleaveland of Martha's Vineyard. 

Mrs. Abigail (Luce; Cleveland m. 2d, Nov. 23, 1815, David 
Dunham, s. p. 



Luce ancestry :— [See +286] ; Robert Luce m. Rebecca Allen of Chilmark, Mass., da. 
James and Martha (Mayhew). 

Mayliew ancestry : — / arms: Mayhugh ; /.• Mayhew ; /.■ Mayhewe (co. Norfolk, 
Eng., confirmed 9 Nov., 1563). Az. a chev. vaire ar. and gu. betw. V 3 ducal coronets or. 
Crest — (Suffolk), Unicorn's head erased gu. armed and maned or, charged on neck with 
chev. vaire. . . . Rev. Thomas 1 , b. 1591, merchant, Southampton, Eng., Medford, 
Mass., 1630, Watertown, 1634, Martha's V., 1647, proprietors' Gov. and preacher to Indians, 
first minister of M. V., d. 1681, m. 1st, Martha. Parkhurst, she d. in Eng. He m. 2d, Mrs. 
Grace Paine, wid. Thomas Paine of London, Eng. Ch. by 1st m. : his only/pen : Rev. 
Thomas 3 , b. Eng., of M. V., Nantucket, lost sailing fr. Boston to London, Nov., 1657, m. 
Jane Paine, prob. da. Thomas and Grace. Ch: Matthew 3 , Ind. teacher, d. 1710, Judge 
Thomas 3 , John 3 , b. 1652, of Chilmark, Ind. teacher. Martha 5 Mayhew m. James Allen. — 
Savage's Genealogical Dictionary, III: 1S5 ; JV. B. His. Gen. Reg., IX : 220,- Gookin's His. 
Coll.; Mass. Col. Rec, 1 : 95. 


SUSANNA 6 CLEVELAND (Ebenezer*, Ebenezer 3 , Moses"), d. Nan- 

tucket, Mass., Oct. 27, 1841, a> 88, m. 1st, N., Jan. 10, 1771, Paul 
Long, s. James and Eleanor. She m. 2d, as 2d w., Joseph Cath- 
cart, b. N. June 11, 1747, d. N. Feb. 14, 1823, s. Hugh and Dinah 
(Swain). Ch. b. Nantucket, by 1st m.: 

+886 Eunice* Long, b. Dec. 6, 1771. Paul* Long, Jan., 1772 ; 
James* Long, b. Sept. 27, 1774, d. unm. By 2d. m.: 

887 Set/? Cathcart, b. Aug. 27, 1784, m. Anna Swain, da, 
Grafton. Owen* Cathcart, b. Dec. 18, 1787 ; -George* Cathcart, Sep. 
15, 1786. 

888 Obed* Cathcart, b. Oct. 15, 1789, d. N. Nov. ti, 1861, m. 
Sally McCleave, she d. N. June 4, 1850, da. Thomas Varney. s. p. 

+ 889 David* Cathcart, b. Apr. 4, 1792. 

Joseph Cathcart m. 1st, N., Mrs. Susannah (Swain) Meader, 
wid. Benjamin Meader, da. Jethro. Ch. : Anna Cathcart, tvjuly 
I2 > 1773, d. Feb. 26, 1823, m. Franklin Swain, s. Reuben. 


DAVID 8 CLEVELAND (Ebenezer*, Ebenezer 3 , Moses"), d. , 

North Carolina, 1794, a. 40, m., Nantucket, Mass., May 8, 1783, 
Mrs. Lydia (Marshall) Cottle, b. Nov. 26, 1757, d. Nantucket, 
Dec. 18, 1835, wid. James Cottle, da. Greenleaf and Anna (Cath- 
cart). Ch. b. Nantucket : 

890 ?Obed" Cleveland, d. Jamaica, 1807 — Nantucket rec, 
conjectured to be son of David 5 . 

+ 891 Lydia 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 17, 1786. 

+ 892 Anna" Cleveland, b. Feb. 7, 1790. 

+893 Betsey or Elizabeth 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 19, 1794. 
894 Reuben 6 Cleveland, dt unm. 

David 5 Cleveland lived on Nantucket, mariner. Nantucket 
census, 1800 — calls him deceased. 

Cathcart ancestry : — 8 arms r Cathcart (Carlton, Scotland). Ar. 3 crosses crosslet issuing out of 3 crescents ar. Crest — Hand issuing out of wreath holding cres- 
cent. . . . Hugh', b. ah. '1698, m. Anna Swain; Anna 5 Cathcart m. Greenleaf Cottle. 



SETH 6 CLEVELAND (EbenezerS Ebenezers, Moses'), d. Nan- 

tucket, Mass., Sept. 9. 1823, 15, 1824, a. 63, m. N., Sept. 28, 1786, 
Mary Jones, b. N. May 30, 1762, d. N. Apr. 6, 1834, da. Ebenezer 
and Delight (Davis or Dimick). Ch. b. Nantucket : 
+ 895 Love 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 2, 1787. 
+ 896 Zimri 6 . Cleveland, b. Mar. 12, 1789. 
+ 897 Mary" Cleveland, ) b. Aug. 19, 1791. 
Abigail 6 Cleveland, ) b. Aug. 19, 1791. 
-I-898 Davis 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 12, 1794. 

Phebe 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 25, 1797, d. N. July 24, 1797. 
-4-899 Henry 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 22, 1798. 

Phebe" Cleveland (ag.), b. May 15, 1801, d. N. Jan. 
15, 1812. 

Seth 5 Cleveland dwelt Nantucket, mariner. In war of 
1.812, Seth 6 and son Zimri 6 ran an open whale boat to the main 
land for provisions, &c, choosing stormy nights to avoid Eng- 
lish cruisers in Vineyard sound. When overtaken by daylight, 
they would sail to nearest land, hide cargo in bushes, sink boat 
n .shoal water until dark. 


LOVE 6 CLEVELAND (Ebenezer*, Ebenezer*, Moses"), d. Nan- 

tucket, Oct. 15, 1837, a. 74, m. N., as 2d w., Elijah Luce. Ch. b. 
Nantucket : 

+ 900 David* Luce, b. Dec. 27, 1787. 
+901 George* Luce, b. Feb. 20, 1789. 
+ 902 William* Luce, b. Nov. 22, 1791. 

Henry" Luce, b. Apr. 18, 1794, d. Aug. 1, 1839, unm. 
+ 903 Mary* Luce, b. Mar. 29, 1797. 
+ 904 John* Luce, b. Jan. 30, 1800. 
< 905 Eliza* Luce, B. July 31, 1803, m. Silvester Newman of 


906 Winifred* Luce, b. June 27, 1806, m. 1st, Enos S. B.urt 
-of Taunton, Mass., 2d, Elijah Noket. 

Capt. Elijah Luce, privateer Revolution, taken by. British. 
See +286. He m. 1st, Lydia 6 Cleveland +286. 

294. ' 

SETH 5 CLEVELAND (Joseph*, Ebenezer*, Moses?, Mosesi), b. Ed- 

gartown, Mass., Nov. 16, 1742, d. E. May 21, 1809, m. Jedidah 
Claghorn, b. Chilmark, Mass., Mar. 8, 1748-9, d. Edgart. Jan. 13, 
1820. Ch. b. Edgartown : 

+ 907 Susannah" Cleveland, b. Sept. 29, 1767. 



908 Martha" Cleveland, b. Mar. 5, 1772, m. Joseph 6 
Cleveland +910. 

Seth 6 Cleveland resided Edgartown, master of whale ship, 
taught navigation, jail keeper. 


EZRA 6 CLEVELAND (Joseph*, EbenezerS, Moses", Moses^), d. Ed- 

gartown, Mass., Oct. 27, 1822, a. 76, m. E., Dec. 13, 30, 1770, 
Abiah Neal, b. Sept. 14, 1749, d. E., Dec. 31, 1833, da. Thomas. 
Ch. b. Edgartown : 

+ 909 Tristram 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 15, 1771. 

+910 Joseph' Cleveland, b. Nov. n, 1773. 

+911 Ezra 6 Cleveland, b. May 25, 1776. 

Mary 6 b. Dec. 24, 1778, d. E., Nov. 21, 1830, unm. 
Lois Neal", b. Feb. 13, 1782, d. E., Apr. 21, 1845, unm. 

+912 John Neal" Cleveland, b. Oct. 13, 1787. 

+ 913 Sally 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 23, 1790. 

Ezra 6 Cleveland lived at Edgartown ; prominent in the 
community. Mariner and shoemaker. Ezra and wife adm. 
chh., Edgartown, Jan. 28, 1781. ^ 


ICHABOD 5 CLEVELAND (Joseph*, Ebenezer3, Moses*), d. Ed- 

gartown, Mass., Oct. 27, 1823, a. 75, m. 1st, E., Dec. 20, 1770, 
Martha or "Patty" Dunham, b. E., prob. 1748-1749, d. E., Nov. 
8, 1799, da. Gershom. He m. 2d, E., Jan. 4^ 1800, Sally Clag- 
horn, bap. E., Aug. 5, 1804, d. E., Mar., 1827, da. Thomas. Ch. 
by ist m. b. Edgartown : 

+914 James 6 Cleveland, b. 1773. 

Ichabod" Cleveland, b. Mar. 31, 1777, d. y. 

915 Peter 6 Cleveland, b. 1780, d. Jamaica, West Indies, 


916 Abraham 6 Cleveland, bap. June 23, 1782. d. Nov. 8, 
1800, lost at sea. 

+917 William 6 Cleveland, bap. Oct. 30, 1785. 

+ 918 Ralph 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 9, 1791, 2dm. : s. p. 

Ichabod 5 Cleveland dwelt Edgartown. 

Edgartown Prob. rec, VI: zjS—ijSz, Uriah Dunham speaks of "my brother, 
Ichabod Cleveland." 


ELIZABETH 6 CLEVELAND (Joseph*, ed»., Moses"), d. Edgar- 
town, Mass., Nov. i, 1833, a. 79, m. E., Aug. 15, 1770, John 
Rawson. Ch : 

+919 Polly'' Rawson, b. Edgartown. 




JERUSHA 6 CLEVELAND (Joseph*, Ebenezer*, Moses"), d. Ed- 

gartown, Mass., June 27, 1854, a. 71, m. 1st, E., Oct. 9, 1803, 
William Bird. She m. 2d, E., Benjamin Dunham, b. Tisbury, 
Mass., Sept. 15, 1790, d. E., Nov. 20, 1845. 1st m., s. p. Ch. by 
2d m. b. Edgartown : 

Thomas*, b. Apr. 3, 1813, d. y. 

+920 Eliza Gray 9 Dunham, b. June 29, 1816. 

+921 Phebe Walker* Dunham, b. July 20, 181 8. 

+922 Thomas* Dunham (ag.), b. Dec. 20, 1819. 
Henry* Dunham, b. Oct. 20, 1822. 

-j-923 William* Dunham, b. June 20, 1825. 



Moses"), d. Edgartown, Mass., Jan. 13, 1847, a. 61, m. E., Mar. 29, 
1803, Sally Daggett, she d. bef. 1847, a da. John or George. Ch. 
b. Edgartown : 

+924 Ethan a 8 Cleveland, b. Nov. 19, 1803. 

+925 George Daggett 8 Cleveland, bap. Aug. 15, 1809. 

Elizabeth B. 6 Cleveland, bap. July 30, 181 1, d. E., 
prob. y. 

+926 Charles 6 Cleveland. 
926" Mary 6 Cleveland, b. Nov., 1819, d. E., Nov. 7, 1873, 


BENJAMIN 6 CLEVELAND (Joseph*, Ebenezers, Moses"), d. May 

3, i860, a. 73, m. Tisbury, Mass., Jan. 21, 1813, Hannah Smith, 
b. 1790, d. Jan. 10, 1862, da. Zachariah. Ch : 

+ 927 Lucinda Stanley 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 1, 1814. 

+928 Eliza D." Cleveland, b. Dec. 20, 1816. 

+ 929 William 6 Cleveland, b. July 31, 1819. 

+930 Adeline S." Cleveland, b. Oct. 12, 1821. 

+93 1 Charles Edwin 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 18, 1824. 

■+932 Leonard S." Cleveland, b. Mar. 31, 1826. 

+ 933 Josiah 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 4, 183 1. 


HEPZIBAH 5 CLEVELAND (Joseph*, Ebenezers, Moses"), m. as 

r* f 2d w. Isaac Powers, b. prob. in New England, s. p. He m. 1st, 
\$oq wife's name unknown. Ch. : Thomas Powers m. Eliza Gray* 

Dunham +920, 



Consider 5 Chase (Elizabeth*, jonn<>, Moses a , Moses*), m. Elizabeth 
Chester. Ch. : 

+ 934 Abner* Chase, b. Dec. 10, 1782* Stonington, Conn. 

(L. C. Eastman has names of the other children 5 .) 

Consider* Chase, Revolution soldier, private Capt. Prentice's 
co., Col. Samuel" Holden Parsons' 6th Conn. Reg. — Conn. Men in 
Revolution, 74. 


3?0ah b Chase (Thankful, John 3 , Moses", Mosesi), m. Dec. 12, 1763, 

Phebe Davis, b. Mar. 26, 1742, a da. Remembrance and Sarah 
(Soule). Ch. : 

Noah 6 Chase, b. June 17, 1764, m. Rebecca Hathaway 
of Freetown, Mass. 

935 Phebe* Chase, b. Mar. 24, 1769, m. Abial Chase of P. 
+ 936 Lydia* Chase, b. June 24, 1773. 
937 Jesse* Chase, b. Dec. 22, 1775, d. June, 1800, m. Dec. 
2i, 1798, Ruby Reed of F. 

Noah 5 Chase lived at Freetown. 

Davis ancestry : — William 1 [see +88] ; Remembrance 4 Davis m. xst, Sarah Soule of 
Tiverton, R. I. 


MARY 6 CLEVELAND (Benjamin*, Johns, Moses", Mosesi), d. after 

1765, m. Freetown, Mass., Jan. 6, 1765, Jonathan Soule. 


HANNAH 5 CLEVELAND (Benjamin, John*, Moses*), d. Mar. 
15, 1817, a. 66, m. Olfrey King, he d. July, 1826. Ch. : 
+938 Thurston* King, b. Aug. 2, 1776. 

Job* King, rem. to Orleans co., N. Y., years ago. 

John* King, rem. to Michigan. 


BENJAMIN 6 CLEVELAND (Benjamin*, Johns, Moses", Mosesi), d. 

Coeyman's Landing, N. Y., Sept., 1803, a. 49, m. Weston, Mid- 
dlesex co., Mass., April 13,-1778, Sarah Stratton, bap. Water- 
town, Mass., Nov. 18, 1750, d. Cincinnatus, Cortland co., N. Y., 
Feb. 22, 1837, a da. Samuel and Hannah. Ch. : 

939 John Winslow" Cleveland, b. Nov. 16, 1779, Weston, 
d. at his uncle's res., Boston, Mass., 1800. 

+940 Betsey 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 22, 1781, W. 

+941 Benjamin 8 Cleveland, b. Sept. 21, 1783, W. 
942 Sally 6 Cleveland, b. July 1, 1785, W., d. bef. 1830, 
m. Levi Bosley, settled in Conn. Ch. : 9. 


Molly Lawson 6 Cleveland, b. July i, 1786, d. y. 

+943 Martha 6 Cleveland, b. July 7, 1787, Claremont, 
Sullivan co., N. H. 

+944 Hannah 8 Cleveland, b. Mar. 20, 1790, C. 

+945 Polly 6 Cleveland, b. July 28, 1795, German tp., Che- 
nango co., N. Y. 

Benjamin 5 Cleveland was a Revolution soldier. 

Statement on file Pension Def. Washington, D. C. — Benjamin Cleveland, he 
having died in September, 1803, before a law was passed granting pensions for service 
in the war of the Revolution, there is no statement on file of his military services, ex- 
cept the one made by his widow, Sarah, in her application for a pension, dated in Janu- 
uary, 1837, at which date she was residing in Cincinnatns, aged 81 years. 

In her application she stated that her husband was born (no date given) in Rhode 
Island, and that he enlisted at Tiverton, R. I. (where he was living with his father), in 
1775, for the term of one year in the troops of Mass., but the names of the officers of the 
company and regiment she could not recollect. He was with the soldiers under com- 
mand of Gen. Warren, and in the battle at Bunker Hill ( June 17, 1775), on which occa- 
sion he received a wound on his head (or his hand), and had his leg broken, which inju- 
ries caused his confinement some time in the hospital. For this service she alleged he 
received from Mass*". 200 acres in Maine. Spring of 1776 he again enlisted at Tiverton for 
3 years or during the war, under Capt. Lilly in the Mass 8 *, reg. of artillery, commanded 
by Col. Crane, and was for a time waiter to Capt. Lilly, and then bombadier. He joined 
the northern army under Gen. Gates at Ticonderoga, N. Y., and was in the battles that 
preceded the surrender of Burgoyne. After that event he was marched from Saratoga 
to the south. When Capt. Lilly retired he was succeeded by Capt. Winslow. Cleveland 
was at storming Stony Point (July 16, 1779), and Cowpens, S. C, battle (Jan. 17, 1781). 
Office Sec. State Mass. Index to Crane's Artillery. — " Cleveland Benj. reed. $200 
bounty Col. John Crane's Artillery reg. [1777-1779 1780] time of service 48 mos enlisted 
D [uring] W [ar] res. Boston, Capt. Lillie's co." Genealogies Early Settlers of Water- 
town, Mass. by Henry Bond, 1: 162 — Benjamin Cleveland was of the U. S. service. 

Either his father was re-elected or Benjamin 6 was elected 
pound keeper, Freetown, Mass., Mar. 1785, served 9 years. 

Historical and Statistical Gazetteer, of N. Y. State, by f. H. French, iSbo, p. 22b — 
" Chenango Co., Bast German. The first settlement was made in 1795 by Benjamin 
Cleveland, from Oneida co. Abraham Livermore [kept the first inn,] settled at Liver- 
more's corners in 1796. From their isolated position in the wilderness, remote from any 
settlement, the Cleveland and Livermore families suffered great privations during the 
first years of their settlement. In June, 1796, Mr. Cleveland set out for " Fort Stanwix " 
for provisions, his family being entirely destitute. He intended to return in 3 or 4 days, 
but was detained for some time. On the 4th day of his absence his wife and children, 
who had eaten nothing for 3 days except a few roots found in the woods, set out for their 
nearest neighbors in Cincinnatus, on Otselic River, 4} mi. distant. When about a mile 
from home they encountered a bear, and were frightened back. The next morning the 
mother was too weak to walk, and the two older children set out for Mr. Raymond's, on 
the Otselic. Upon learning the suffering condition of the family Mrs. Raymond made 
them a pudding of bran, the only food she had in the house. This and the bottle of milk 
kept the family from starvation until relief came. At another time when the family 
were reduced to the last extremity, two unmilked cows came to their house one night 
and went away in the morning furnishing them with milk for several days. It was 
never known where the cows came from or where they went to. Other families suf- 

In 1796 his da. Polly was the first child b. in that town. 
Benjamin 6 went from Chenango or Cortland co., N. Y., to Bos- 
ton, claiming property left by a relative in Eng., returning via 
Albany, d. there. Tailor. 

Stratton ancestry : — Arms : Stratton (Suffolk) Or on a chief indented az. 3 es- 
callops ar. Crest — Hawk belled and jessed . . Samuel 1 b. Eng. 1592, came bef. 1648, 
Watertown, Mass., frem. May 18, 1653, first w. d. bef. he came ; John 2 b. Eng;, m. Eliza- 
beth Train, b. Sept. 30, 1640 ; Samuel 3 m. Mary Perry; Samuel 4 Stratton m. Hannah. 


Train, Traine ancestry : — Arms : TRANE (temp. Henry IV) Or, lion ramp. gu. tail 
forked. . . John 1 b. Eng., 1610, from London 1635, in the " Susan & Ellen," Water- 
town, freem. 1652, d. Jan. 29, 1681, m. 1st, Margaret Dix, b. 1616, d. Dec. 18, 1660 ; Eliz- 
abeth" Train m. John Stratton 2 . 


DAVID 6 CLEVELAND (Benjamin*, joh^, Moses*), m . Free- 
town, Mass., Mar. 29, 1787, Deborah Durfee. Ch. : 

-I-946 Henry 6 Cleveland. 

+947. David" Cleveland. 
948 Lydia" Cleveland, m. Fall River, Mass., Feb. 15, 
18 10, Silas Terry. 

Ensign David 5 Cleveland was commissioned. Ensign Sec- 
ond co., local militia, Freetown, June 8, 1789. 


JOSEPH 6 CLEVELAND (Benjamin*, Johns, Moses", Moses*), b. 

Freetown, Mass., Aug. 28, 1766, d. prob. in R. I. bef. Feb. 20, 1790, 
m. Freetown, Apr./-5, 1787, Content Read of Pawlet, Rutland. 
co., Vt. (she m. 2d and 3d, see below). Ch. b. Rhode Island : 

4-949 Charles 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1787-8. 

4-950 Benjamin 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1788-9. 

Joseph 6 Cleveland evidently removed to Rhode Island 
soon after marriage. Having died early he is not remembered 
distinctly by descendants. His two sons were reared by their 
grandfather Cleveland. 

Mrs. Content (Read) Cleveland m. 2d int. Freetown Feb. 20, 

1790, David Butts. She m. 3d Dutchess co., Lathrop ; 

settled near Schenectady. 


ALPHEUS 5 CLEVELAND (Benjamin*, Johns, Moses", Mosesi), m. 

Freetown, Mass., Jan. 28, 1792 (rec. Easton, Mass., Feb. 20, 1792), 
Olive Drake of Easton, or of Dighton, Mass. Ch. rec. Fall 
River, Mass. : 

4-951 Joseph 6 Cleveland, b. July 30, 1792. 

952 Betsey 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 3, 1794. 

953 Olive 8 Cleveland, b. July 6, 1797. 

954 John 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 14, 1799. 
Enos 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 20, d. Nov., i8or. 

955 Bethia 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 3, 1803. 

956 Sally 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 25, 1805. 
Alpheus 5 Cleveland lived at Dighton. 

Chh. rec. Dighton. Altheus Cleveland paid his rate 12 s. for 
support of minister 1799. 




AMBROSE 6 . CLEVELAND (Ambrose", John', Moses", Mosesi), d. 

1840, a. 85, m. Mary Barney of Newport, R. I., she d. at Free- 
town, Mass. Ch. b. Freetown : 

957 Hannah 6 Cleveland, d. Freetown, a. 14. 

958 Mary" Cleveland, d. Fall River, Mass., July 30, 1846, 

959 Ambrose 6 Cleveland, d. lost at sea, a. 24, unm. 

960 William 6 Cleveland, d. Savannah, Ga., or Cuba, W. I,, 
unm., of yellow fever, shoe dealer. 

+961 Katurah* Cleveland, b. Sept. 7-22, 1790. 
962 Lucy" Cleveland, d. Providence, R. I., unm., a young 

+ 963 Sally Barnaby 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 29, 1791. 
+964 Cynthia 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 8, 1792. 
965 Hannah 6 Cleveland (ag.), d. Fall R. or Freetown, 
unm., a young lady. 

966 Rhoda 6 Cleveland, d. Freetown, Apr., 1826, m. David 
Durfee Chase, dwelt F. ; ch. : David? Chase, res. unk. ; William 1 
Chase, lost at sea. 

John 6 Cleveland, ) twins, d. Freetown, a. 6 

+967 Fanny Smith" Cleveland, ) weeks. 
968 James 8 Cleveland, d. Havana, W. I., or Savannah, 
Ga., m. Chloe Whitwell, she d. Freetown within one year of her 
husband's death, s. p. 

+969 Abby 6 Cleveland, b. June 20, 1800. 
+970 Bethia 6 Cleveland, b. May 9, 1802. 

971 Jonathan 6 Cleveland. 
Ambrose 5 Cleveland lived at Freetown. During the Rev- 
olution he accompanied his father to St. John, N. B., was loyal 
to the crown, and would not enter the war. While in St. Johns he 
had direct communication with the king of England ; after the 
war returned to Freetown, boat builder. 


WILLIAM 5 CLEVELAND (Ambrose*, John*, Moses*), m. Free- 
town, Mass., July 17, 1786, Rhoda Hathaway of Fall River, Mass., 
having returned from St. John, N. B., after the Revolution, to 
Freetown ; settled in Ohio, s. p. 


JONATHAN 5 CLEVELAND (Ambrose*, Johns, Moses,* Mosesi), b. 

Freetown, Mass., Jan. 27, 1766, m. int. Freetown, Apr. 27, 1792, 



Abigail Bennet of Fall River, Mass., da. Benjamin and Anna 
(Miller). Ch : 

+972 Cynthia 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 29, 1792, Freetown, 

+973 Elizabeth, or Betsey" Cleveland, b. Oct. 22, 1794, 

+ 974 Benjamin 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 1, 1798, Freetown, 

Anna 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 12, 1800, Freet, d. F. R. 
May 4, 1805. 

975 John 6 Cleveland^. Dec. 28, 1802, Fall R., d. 1822-5, 
tmm., rem. to Me. or New Brunswick. 

+ 976 Abigail" Cleveland, b. May 6, 1806, Fall River, Mass. 

+977 James 8 Cleveland, b. June 7, 181 1, Fall River, Mass. 

Jonathan 5 Cleveland resided at Freetown, and when Fall 

River was set off it contained his homestead. 

Benjamin Bennett, b. East Greenwich, R. I., m. Anna Miller, 
b. Fall River, forrperly called Troy. 


SYLVIA 6 CLEVELAND (Ambroses Johns, Moses*), m. ist Free- 
town, Mass., Oct. 26, 1791, 1797, Job Read, b. F., d. killed, fell 
from masthead. She m. 2d Thomas Davis, b. F., d. F., merchant. 
Ch. by ist m. : 

978 Lucy 6 Read, d. F. summer 1836 ; m. Jacob Stacey of F. 

+ 979 Betsey Cleveland 9 Read, b. Fall River. 

By 2d m. : 

980 Maria* Davis, m. Joseph Hobart of Hanson, Plymouth 
co., Mass.; set. in California. 

981 Rhoda* Davis, m. Jefferson Martin of Vt., farmer. 

982 Content* Davis, m. Dr. Franklin Martin ; set. Vt. 

983 Thomas* Davis, m., res. Pawtucket, R. I. 

984 Charles Button* Davis, m. Mary Barker of Newport, 
R. I., res. out west. 

JOHN 5 CLEVELAND (Ambrose*, John*, Moses", Moses*), ttl. St. 

John, N. B., Lydia Jewett, b. in the Province of N. B. Ch., b. 
Sheffield, Sunbury co., N. B. : 
+ 985 Hannah 6 Cleveland. 

986 Isabella 8 Cleveland, m. Louis Gitchell. 
Lydia 6 , d. Sheffield, unm.; Rebecca", d. S., unm. 

987 Ambrose 6 Cleveland, d. Sheffield, N. B., unm. 
+ 988 John' Cleveland, b. Aug. 9, 1814. 

989 William 6 Cleveland, m. Fredericton, N. B., Mary 
Jane Bennett. 



John 5 Cleveland, rem. from Fall River, Mass., during the 
Revolutionary war to St. John with his sisters Elizabeth 6 and 
Susan 5 . Lived afterward at Sheffield. 


JOSEPH 5 CLEVELAND (Joseph*, Josephs, Moses*, Moses*), d. 

Rocky Hill, Hartford co., Conn., Feb. 7, 1813, a. 47, m. Rocky 
H., then in Wethersfield, Feb. 23, 1787, Rebecca Collins, b. R. 
H., d. R. H., 1838. Ch. b. and bap. Rocky Hill : 

990 Sarah 6 Cleveland, bap. Nov. 8, 1789, m. R. H. June 
27, 181 1, Asa Dow of Western N. Y., rem. af. 181 1 to Oneida co. 

991 Nancy 6 Cleveland, bap. Oct. 31, 1790, d. Rocky 
Hill Dec. 28, 1833, m. R. H. Apr. 9, 1809, John Dorrell, he d. 
R. H. 182 1. Ch. b. and bap. R. H. : Joseph Cleveland'' Dorrell, b. 
1813, bap. July 12, 1818, d. 1846, unm. rem. fr. R. H., farmer; 
Thomas Gibbs" 1 Dorrell,b. 1817, bap. July 12, 1818, I'd 50 miles w. 
of Hartford, farmer. 

+992 Freeman 8 Cleveland, b. Mar. 25, 1793. 
993 David" Cleveland, bap. Aug. 29, 1798, d. at sea 1827 
unm., by boiler explosion, vessel engineer. 

Joseph Cleveland, according to statement of his grand- 
children, came from the west on a traveling tour, and while 
passing through Rocky Hill met and loved Rebecca Collins, and 
that settled him there. Mariner, afterward farmer. Locality 
and name point to this lineage. Many other desc. of Moses 2 
were mariners. 


BENJAMIN NORTON 5 CLEVELAND (Joseph*, ichabod*, 
Moses*, Mpsesi) d. Newark, Essex co., N. J., Dec. 20, 1837, a. 70, m. 
1st, Southold, N. Y., July 9, 1789, Mary Gardiner, b. S., Aug. 31, 
1770, d. Newark May 25, 1795, da. David and Jerusha (Strong). 
He m. 2d, in N. J. May 5, 1800, Mrs. Sarepta (Skinner) Oliver, 
b. Springfield, Essex now Union co., N. J., Aug. 4, 1776, d. 
Eden ton, Chowan co., N. C, Dec. 1, 1862, wid. of Mr. Oliver, 
da. Jonathan and Affhia. Ch. b. Newark, by 1st m. : 
-L-994 Sophronia 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 17, 1791. 
-f-995 Mary 8 Cleveland, b. Nov. 24, 1792. 

Joseph 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 13, 1794, d. N. May 11, 
1795. By 2d m.: 

William Baldwin 6 Cleveland, b. July 1, 1801, d. inf. 
William Baldwin 6 Cleveland (ag.), b. Sept. 20, 1803, 
d. N. Oct. 15, 1813. 

+996 Louisa Antonetta 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 6, 1806. 
997 Benjamin 6 Cleveland, b. July 2, 1808, d. at res. of Ed- 


ward McPherson, Fayette, Jefferson co., Miss., Sept. 21, 1847; 
Horace V. 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 5, 1811, d. Charleston, S. C, Aug. 
20, 1839 ; George Griswold 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 15, 18 13, d. 
N. Oct. 26, 1815. 

998 Emily Lauretta" Cleveland, b. Jan. 14, 181.6, d. 
Nixonton, Pasquotank co., N. C, Oct. 13, 1849, m. Oct. 22, 1844, 
Dr. Joseph F. Manning, now of La., ch. b. Edenton, N. C. : 
Thomas Cleveland" 1 Manning, b. April 17, 1846, d. E. Nov. 21, 1848; 
Julia Louisa 1 Manning, b. Sept. 1, d. E. 9, 1848. 

999 Julia Antonetta Cleveland, b. Aug. 20, 1818, m. 
Richard Voorhies, he d. Annapolis, Anne Arundel co., Md., 
July 7, 1863, dwelt Annapolis, Washington, D. C, Newark ; 
atty. at law. A brother of Philip F. Voorhees or Voorhies, 
Commodore U. S. N. 

Benjamin Norton 5 Cleveland rem. from Southold ab. 1790 
to Newark, where he was a real estate owner and well known. 
Was a manufacturer of clocks, watches, and silver ware, and 
carried on the bj*siness many years. His store was on the east 
side of Broad St., ab. 4 doors north of Market st. Articles of 
his make still exist. We have in our possession a number of 
spoons of varied and beautiful designs, each stamped with the 
name of the maker in raised letters : B. Cleveland. A tall 
regulator clock, with B. Cleveland New Ark painted on the 
face, now stands in the hall of the homestead of N. H. 7 Cleve- 
land +3056, Southold, N. Y. 

History of Newark, N. J. By Joseph Atkinson, 1878, p. 173 — " Voluntary Associa- 
tion of the people of Newark to observe the Sabbath " July 10, 1795 : Alexr. Macwhorter, 
James V. Pool, James Crane, John Ward, Jos. T. Baldwin, Ezekiel Ball, Jr., Moses Fait- 
out, Samuel Pennington, Isaac Ailing, John C. Burnet, David Tichenor, Elias Dodd, 
Joseph Riggs, David Hayes, Sr., Stephen Ogden Thompson* Satn'l Sayre, Jr., Elisha 
Boudinot, Benjamin Coe, Caleb Parkhurst, Nathaniel Camp, Josiah Conger, Samuel 
Whitaker, Robert Nichols, Matthias Bruen, Jacob Simpson, Eleazer Brown, BENJAMIN 
Cleveland, Robert B. Campfield, Caleb Campbell, Johnson Tuttle, Edward Jones, &c. 
Manual First Presbyterian Church, Newark, 182J, p. 23 — BENJAMIN CLEVELAND joined 
previous to 1802 ; Sarepta Cleveland, 1803. 

Benjamin N. 5 Cleveland, his first wife, and 4 children are 
buried in 1st. Pres. chh. grave yard. 

Inscriptions from Monumental Stones in Newark Cemeteries, 1847. By William 
Adee Whitehead, librarian N.J. Historical Society, I — Epitaph of wife Mary and child. 
Wife Sarepta is buried at Edenton. 


JKary'' Terry (Abigail 4 , ichabods, Moses 2 ), d. Somerville, Somer- 
set co., N. J., Aug. 22, 1841, a. 81, m. 1783, Jason Horton, b. 
Cutchogue, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1758, d. Somerv., a. s. Lt. Israel and 
Sarah (Lee). Ch. : 

+ 1000 Uriah Terry"' Horton, b. 1784, Sugar Loaf, Orange 
co., N. B. 

100 1 Sarah 6 Horton, b. Jan. 20, 1788, Basking Ridge, Som- 



erset co., N. J., m. 1808, William Guest ; he d. White House, 
Hunterdon co., N. J., Mar. 6, 1857. Ch. : George 1 Guest, d. ; 
Mary 1 Guest; Elizabeth 1 Guest; Fanny 1 Guest; Phebe 1 Guest; 
Martha 1 Guest, d.; Sarah Ann 1 Guest ; William 1 Guest; Amy 1 

+ 1002 Elizabeth" Horton, b. Jan. 6, 1790, Basking Ridge, N. J. 

1003 Mary" Horton, b. 1793, m. George Beemer of Beemer- 
ville, Sussex co., N.J. Ch. : Sarah 1 Beemer ; Horton 1 Beemer; 
Elton 1 and Halsey 1 Beemer, tw. ; Abbey 1 Beemer ; Harriet 1 Beemer ; 
Jane 1 Beemer. 

1004 Abigail 6 Horton, b. Mar. 6, 1793, Somerv., d. Aug. 19, 
1875, unm., teacher, author. See Bibliography, Chap. IV. 

+ 1005 Eiinice 6 Horton, b. Feb. 20, 1796, Basking Ridge, N.J. 
1006 Fanny* Horton, b. Sept. 15, 1799, B. R. ; m. N. Branch, 
Feb. 14, 1817, John Williams, b. Redington, N. J., Aug. 27, 1791, 
d. Dec. 11, 1867, farmer. Ch. : George 1 Williams,h. Nov. 15, 1818, 
merch. N- Y. city ; Jason 1 Williams, b. Mar. 6, 1824, merch. N. Y. 
c. : John William Kline 1 Williams, b. Sept. 15, 1831, merch. N. Y. 
c. ; Samuel Williams 1 , b. May 29, 1833, d. Mar. 9, 1845. Israel* 
Horton, b. 1801, d. y. 

Jason Horton resided Chester, Orang-e co., N. Y., Bosken- 
ridge, now Basking Ridge, many years at Somerville ; clothier. 
A zealous Presbyterian ; was of strong Christian influence. 

Horton Aticestry.— William 1 , Joseph 2 , Barnabas 3 , Caleb 4 [see + 20], Jonathan 5 , m. 
per. Bethia Conklin ; Jonathan , ra. Elizabeth Goldsmith, b. Southold Nov. 3, 1701, da. 
John ; Lt. Israel 7 Horton, b. Cutchogue, 1728, m. Sarah Lee of Lyme, Conn., da. Rev. 
John.— Horton Gen. So. 


MARY Or POLLY 5 CLEVELAND (Benjamin Norton*, Ichabod*, 

Moses 2 , Mosesi), d. Elizabethtown, now Elizabeth, N. J., Mar. 5, 1837, 
a. 73, m/E., John Crane, b. E. Mar. 4, 1761, d. E. Apr. 7, 1840, 
a. s. Matthias. Ch. b. Elizabethtown : 

-f-1007 Mat/iias" Crane, b. June 30, 1785. 

+ 1008 Abigail 1 Crane, b. Aug. 20, 1787. 

1009 Ichabod* Crane, b. Aug. 18, 1789, m. E. or N. Y. state, 
went to N. Y. ab. 1810, mason or carpenter, descendants live in 
or n. Utica, N. Y., 1882-9. 

+ 10 10 Aaron* Crane, b. Feb. 12, 1792. 

-i-ioii Phebe 6 Crane, b. Mar. 12, 1794. 

•f- 10 1 2 George 6 Crane, b. Mar. 20, 1797. 

+ 1013 Charles* Crane, b. Apr. 10, 1799. 

+ 1014 Elihu 6 Crane, b. Oct. 20, 1803. 

John Crane resided at Elizabethtown, farmer. 

Crane, Crayne, Crain ancestry.— 7 arms : Crane : (Chilton, co. Suffolk, Eng.) Ar. a 
fesse betw. 3 crosses crosslet fitohee gu. Crest — A crane ppr. . . An ancient and 
honorable family. . . Ralph Crane accompanied Sir Francis Drake to America, 1577. . . . 


Stephen 1 , b. ab. 1620-40, came over (it is stated) in the "Caledonia," that sank in the 
Amboy harbor, N. J., from Conn., one of the first " Elizabethtown, N. J., Associates, 
1665, who were owners of 500,000 acres, bought of the Indians, lived on Crane's Brook, 
Elizabethtown, next to Samuel Trotter, and owned 156 acres, d. ab. 1700, m. prior to 1663, 
a Danish woman : John 2 ; Matthias 3 , of Elizabethtown, his wife d. E. Dec. 24, 1804, buried 
in First Presbyterian Church Cemetery at E. ; John* Crane, m. Polly 6 Cleveland. — 
Family Records, Genealogies of the First Settlers of Passaic Valley, by John Littell, 1S52, 
p. 101 ; History of Elizabeth, N. J., by Rev. Edwin F. Hatfield, 1S0S, p. 57, 73, 2jS, 266, 40S, 
411, boo: N. E. His. Gen. Reg. XXVII: /<?. ' 


ICHABOD 5 CLEVELAND (Benjamin Norton*, Ichabod", Moses", 

Mosesi), b. Elizabethtown, N. J., June 28, 1765, d. Hackensack, 
■Bergen co., N. J., Aug. 12, 1844, m. Newark, N. J., Mar. 1, 1784, 
Katurah Baldwin, b. West Bloomfield, Essex co., N. J., Apr. 23, 
1765, d. Hackensack, Aug. 18, 1856, a. da. James and Elizabeth 
(Ward). Ch : 

+1015 James Baldwin 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 5, 1784, Cald- 
well, Essex co., N. J. 

Hannah 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 18, 1787, Bottle Hill, 
now Summit, l^hion co., N. J., d. Hackensack, Nov. 11, 1859, 
unm. ; lived at Hackensack. 

+ 1016 Elizabeth 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 16, 1788, Bottle Hill, 

+ 1017 Phosbe 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 26, 1791, Bottle Hill, 
N. J. 

-|-i 01 8 Mary" Cleveland, b. Aug. 21, 1793, Bloomfield, 

+ 1019 Benjamin Norton 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 26, 1795, 
Hackensack, N. J. 

+ 1020 Ichabod 6 Cleveland, ) b. May 31, 1798, Hacken- 
Caty 8 Cleveland, f sack, N. J. 

+102 1 Henry Traphagen 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 8, 1800, 
Hackensack, N. J. 

+ 1022 Nicholas 6 Cleveland, b.. Nov. 13, 1803, Hacken- 
sack, N. J. 

Lt. Ichabod 5 Cleveland, a soldier of the Revolution. 

Official Register of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War. 
By William S Stryker, Adj. -Gen. 1872, p. ^/.—Cleveland Ichabod, drummer, Essex 
co., 542 — Cleveland Ichabod, private, Bergen co. 

He enlisted at the age of 16, served till end of the war. He was with the Continental 
troops at the execution of Maj. John Andre, at Tappan, Oct. 2, 1780. He afterward used 
to relate that Andre in his struggles nearly kicked off one of his boots. 

Elizabeth, N.J., Daily Herald, Aug. 30, aS^— Execution of Andre. A statement 
is published on the authority of a son of Col. Shreve, who was in command of the 2d Reg., 
saying that the father was an eye witness of the execution. There was a wagon stand- 
ing under the gallows with a coffin in it, and Andre stepped up into it. General Par- 
sons, of our army, was officer of the day ; he rode near and read the sentence of the court- 
martial against him, and, looking at his watch, said: "Major Andre, you have fifteen 
minutes to live ; if you have anything to say you can say it" Andre replied : " I have 
nothing to say, but this is for you to bear witness that I meet my fate like a brave man." 
He then took two white handkerchiefs out of his pocket, pulled off his scarlet coat and 



handed it to his servant, telling him to put it in his trunk. The man obeyed, going to 
the house where the trunk was, the tears running down his cheeks as he went. The 
wagon moved to let Andre swing clear. I have seen several men hung, but he flounced 
about more than any one I ever saw. When dead he was taken down, put in the coffin, 
and driven, under an escort, to the landing place at the river, where a boat belonging to 
the enemy was waiting, by permission, and took the corpse of Major Andre to New York 
city, and arrived with it at the British camp before midnight. His body was not buried 
under or near the gallows, as some historians have asserted. 

Ichabod 6 Cleveland drew a pension of $8 per mo. from 
1831, and the pay was continued to his widow until her death. 
He learned the trade of gig and wagon making with Mr. Mann 
of Elizabetht. After entering the army he did not return to 
Elizabetht. He lived at Newark and Caldwell to 1786, Bottle 
Hill to 1794, Hackensack afterwards. 

Lt. Ichabod Cleveland was commissioned by Gov. Joseph 
Bloomfield of N. J., Oct. 9, 1802, 2d Lt. of Artillery Co. of 2d 
Batt. 1st Reg. Bergen Militia ; and Oct. 24, 1808, Lt. of Artil- 
lery Co. 2d Batt. 1st Reg. Bergen Brigade. He was tall, cor- 
pulative, and of fine presence. He was prominent, influential, 
and greatly esteemed. 

Richard Thompson 7 Cleveland +3010 states he heard his 
grandmother Katurah (Baldwin) Cleveland narrate that in 1776 
she lived at Elizabethtown with Mr. Brown's fatnily. One 
morning at daylight the English army passed in retreat. Sol- 
diers in red coats entered her room; she arose and stood shiver- 
ing while they drove bayonets through the bedding in search 
of plunder. They robbed the house of all provisions and cloth- 
ing. Shortly after the American troops in pursuit passed the 

Baldwin, Bawldwyn ancestry : —2 arms : Baldwyn ; 12 : Baldwin : St. Leonard's 
Chapel, (Aston Clinton). Ar. 3 oak leaves slipped unacomed. Crest— A squirrel 
sejant or, holding a hazle sprig vert. . . . Robert Fitz-Baldwin of Burton, Bucks co., 
Eng., 1198. . . . Roger of Dodlebury, Salop Co., Eng. 1390. . . . Richard 1 Baldwyn 
of Donrigge, Dundridge, Aston Clinton parish, Bucks co., Eng. (uncle of Hughe Bald- 
wyn, will Jan. 16, 1552-3, m. Ellen, prob. Apuke (now Pooke), prob. sister of John ; 
Henry 2 , owner Dundridge, 1577-8, bur. Aston C. June 1, 1602, m. Alice King ; John' had 
1599 from his father lands in Wendover, of Chesham, Bucks CO., Eng., adm. to wid. Oct. 
14, 1637, m. Hannah ; John 4 , prob. of Bucks co. , not improb. he who on the "Martin" 
1638 witnessed will of [his prob. cousin] Sylvester (who d. coming over 1638), with New 
, Haven CO., Nov. ag, 1639, Milford, Conn., m. 1st, Mary; John 6 , bap. M. Mar. 26, 1648, an 
orig. sett. Newark, N. J., 1666, m. ist, Hannah Bruen 15 ; Samuel 6 , b. N. 1674; Jeremy', b. 
N. 1695, of N., d. 1778, m. Mehitable. Baldwin Genealogy Supplement by Charles Candee 
Baldwin, Cleveland, O., /SSq, p. roji — "I think I must add to his doubtful history in my 
first volume, a son, on the authority of H. G. Cleveland, Esq., of Cleveland, giving 
him : James 8 , b. N. 1735, d. 1772, m. Elizabeth Ward. Ch. : Samuel 9 , Katurah 8 , m. Icha- 
bod Cleveland 6 , Lewis', Phebe 9 Baldwin." 

Bremen, Bruen ancestry : — N. E. His. Gen. Reg: XL V : 1S7 — Positive Pedigrees and 
Authorized Arms by William S. Appleton, A. M. — Bruen, Obadiah of New London, 
Conn. Visitation of Cheshire. (Stapleford, Cheshire, Eng.), Ar. an eagle displ. sa. . 
. Robert 1 Le Bruen in grant of lands, A.D. 1230 ; Robert 2 , heir of Bruen Stapleford, 
Cheshire, Eng., family seat of the Bruens 500 years ; Emma 3 , sole da. and heiress, m. 
Roger Le Bruen ; Robert 4 , d. bef. 1354 ; Roger 6 , s. and h. by deed 11 Edw. II, 1309, d. 35, 
Edw. Ill, 1357 ; Nicholas 6 , m. Ellena de Praers, da. Roger ; Roger 7 , after he d.. by inqui- 
sition 4 Hen. VI, 1426, it appears he held in demesne the manor of Bruen Sapleford 
from the Bp. of Coventry and Litchfield by military service, m. 1383 Catharine Norris, 



da. Sir John ; Thomas 8 , m. Alice Green-way of Biddulph, Stafford co., Eng., da. Thomas ; 
James 9 , m. the daughter who is heiress of John Dedwoods of Chester ; James 10 , m. Anne 
Starkie, da. Geoffrey and-Sybella ; John 11 , m. a da. of Ottey [Otley] of Ottey, Salop co., 
Eng. ; John 12 , d. 1587, m. zd, Dorothy Holford, da. Thomas of Holford ; John 13 , bap. 1560 
gentleman commoner of Oxford (Alban Hall) 1574-80, twice Mayor of Chester and Sheriff 
of that co. The very singular Life of John Bruen, Esq., of Bruen Stafleford Hall, Che- 
shire, 1641, [reprint JV. Y., 1S57] ; Life of John Bruen in Monuments of the Fathers and 
Reformers, London, 1706. d. Jan. 1, 1625, m. 2d, Anne Pox ; Hon. Obadiah 14 , bap. Tarves 
n. Chester, Dec. 25, 1606, draper of Shrewsbury, Salop co., Eng., to America 1640, prob. 
with Rev. Richard Blinman, Marshfield, Gloucester, rep. New London, grantee in the 
royal charter of Conn., 1662, assoc. purchaser of Newark, June n, 1667, m. in Eng., Sarah; 
Hannah 15 Bruen, m. John Baldwin 8 . — Baldwin Genealogy from 1500 to 1SS1. By Charles 
Candee Baldwin, M. A., Cleveland, O., 1881. 

33 5 . 

HANNAH 6 CLEVELAND (Benjamin Norton*, Ichabod", Moses* r 

Moses 1 ), b. Elizabethtown, now Elizabeth, N. J., Oct. 21, 1774, d. 
New York, New York co., N. Y., Feb. 13, 1847, m. Elizabetht, 
May 16, 1789, David Day Crane, b. Oct. 26, 1769, d. N. Y. city 

June 21, 1851, a son of and Ester ( — : ). Removed 

to N. Y. city early in life, and resided there afterward. Well 
known in thej^usiness community. Ch. : 
+ 1023 Aletta* Crane, b. Mar. 23, 1790. 

1024 Susan* Crane, b. Apr. 10, 1792, d. Sept. 12, 1822, m. 
Oct. 20, 1S20, as 1st w. John Gable, he d. Feb. 19, 1856, of Balti- 
more, Baltimore co., Md., carpet dealer. Abner*, b. Mar. 27,. 

1794, d. Sept. 28, 1805. 

+ 1025 Sarah Potter* Crane, b. Oct. 14, 1796. 

1026 Phebe Thompson* Crane, b. Oct. 14, 1796, d. Aug. 5,. 
1828, m. Dec. 3, 1827, Dr. John Tiebout of Staten Island, N. Y.,. 
b. Oct., 1802, d. Nov., 1829, s. p.; Matthias Allen*, b. Dec. 23, 
1798, d. Apr. 14, 1805. 

1027 David* Crane, b. May 17, 1801, d. N. Y. city Mar. 27, 
1881, m. 1st Mar. 29, 1827, Margaret Marsh of N. Y., b. Dec. 26,. 

1795, d. Jan. 14, 1850. He m. 2d May 6, 1851, Jane L. Isham of 
Toledo, O., b. Dec. 23, 1823, former a sea capt, resided in N. Y. 
city, s. P. Betsey Allen*, b. June 25, 1803, d. Mar. 1, 1807 ; Maria, 
b. Oct. 1, 1805, d. Aug. 14, 1806. 

+1028 William Watrous* Crane, b.'Dec. 2, 1807. 

1029 Robert Thompson* Crane, b. Feb. 16, i8iq, supposed d. 

1030 Ann Maria* Crane, b. Feb. 8, 1812, d. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Apr. 22, 1885, lived with her nephew, William Turner 1 Patterson. 

1031 Alexander Patterson* Crane, b. Dec. 29, 1814, m. Dec. 9, 
1838, Angelina Hurrell, b. Feb. 27, 1819. Ch. : Edith Hawhorne' ', 
Crane, b. Sept. ir, 1859. 

1032 Elizabeth* Crane, b. Apr. 9, 1819, d. May 8, 1840, m. 
Sept. 7, 1839, as 1st w. Albert Howe of N. Y., b. Oct. 2, 18 15, d. 
Sept. 1, 1876, s. p. He m. 2d Mrs. Ann Elizabeth (Littell) Archer,, 
wid. William Archer, da. Caleb. 



BENJAMIN NORTON 5 CLEVELAND (Benjamin Norton*, Ich- 

abods, Moses^ Mosesi), b. Elizabethtown, N. J., Feb. 14, 1 781, d. Eliz- 
abethtown, now Elizabeth, Mar. 25, 1857, m. E. Dec. 26, 1802, 
Elizabeth Gibbs, b. E. Mar. 25, 1784, d. E. May 10, 1855, a da. 
Joseph and Abigail (Bonnell). Ch. b. Elizabethtown : 

+ 1033 Ezra 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 24, 1804. 

+ 1034 Abigail 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 16, 1805. 

+ 1035 Joanna 6 Cleveland, b. May 2, 1807. 

Julia Ann 6 , b. Mar. 30, 1809, d. E. Nov. 9, 1810. 

+ 1036 Phebe" Cleveland, b. Feb. 17, 181 1. 

+ 1037 Joseph Cleveland, b. June 11, 181 3. 

1038 Lydia Hays 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 13, 1815, d. E. 
Nov. 10, 1855, unm - Resided at Elizabethtown. 

+ 1039 Cornelius Sullivan 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 1, 1820. 

+ 1040 Robert Lutton 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 17, 1824. 

Benjamin Norton 6 Cleveland, lived at Elizabethtown. 

Essex co., N. /., Land rec, Book O. , 43Q. — Deed Joseph and Abigail Gibbs to Benja- 
min N. Cleveland, Aug. 8, 1805, property binding on land of Benjamin Smith and Isaac 
Spinning, fronting 47 links on road leading from Stone Bridge to Caleb Halsted's. 

Marriages A Essex co., 31. —Dec. 26, 1802, Benjamin Cleveland and Miss Betsey 
Gibbs, by Rev. Henry Kollock, minister of the First Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth- 

Benjamin Norton" Cleveland, by the early death of his 
father, was left to care for himself at a very tender age. He 
learned the trade of boot and shoe making, and for many years 
carried on the business at his store and residence on Old Broad 
street (now Washington Avenue), his place being a land- 
mark of the day. He was successful in business, and provided 
for himself a comfortable home. From youth all his lifetime 
he was a, member of the Water street, formerly the Morrell 
street, and later the Elizabeth Avenue Methodist Episcopal 
Church. He was an ardent Methodist, and every one revered 
him as a most exemplary Christian. He and his wife, Elizabeth, 
were first buried in the graveyard of the Water st. church, and 
afterward re-interred in'the lot of his son Joseph 6 in Evergreen 
Cemetery, near Elizabeth, N. J. 

Gibbs Ancestry — iS arms: Gibbes, Gibbs (Honington, Warwick co., Eng.) Sa. 3 
battle-axes in pale ar. Crest — 3 broken tilting spears or, 2 in saltire, one in pale, entiled 
with a wreath ar. and sa. Motto — Tenax propositi, . . . Joseph 1 , b. England, perhaps 
descends from Thomas Gibbys of Warwicksh, time of Richard II, 1377. Joseph 1 was an 
immigrant some years before the Revolution. He was a farmer and dealer in meats 
many years, on Pearl St., Elizabethtown, N. J. Although a strong adherent of Church 
of England and of communion of St. John's E. Town, during the Revolutionary war 
he rendered valuable aid to the American troops whenever the British invaded the town 
by acting as skirmisher. He often related that on one occasion he fired at a British 
soldier who was top of a fence, and who thereupon dropped on the other side, wounded 
or killed. He m. Abigail Bonnell. Ch. : Samuel 2 , aged 25 ; Elizabeth 2 ; Maria**, m. as 2d 
w. Jeremiah Price, gr. parents to Frederick A. Price, Sec. Elizabeth Gas Light Co.; Abi- 
gail 2 , m. Hugh Caldwell ; Sarah 2 , m. as 1st w. Jeremiah Price, he m. 3d Hannah Meeker; 



Mary2 Gibbs m. ist Charles Washington, 2d, Moses Williams. For account of Thomas 
Gibbys see Memoir of the Gibbs Family of Warwickshire, Bng., and United States, by 
J. Willard Gibbs, 1S7Q. 


. MOSES 5 CLEVELAND (ichabodS Ichabods, Moses*, Moses'), d; 

Southold, N. Y., Nov. 14, 1848, a. 77, m. S. Jan. 23, 1793, Parnel 
Conklin, b. S. Feb. 16, 1772, d. S! Nov. 5, 1857, da. Jonathan and 
Parnel (Booth). Ch. b. Southold : 

+ 1041 Moses Conklin 6 Cleveland, b. July 4, 1795. 

+ 1042 William Henry 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 9, 1797. 

Parnel 6 Cleveland, b. Apr., 1799, d. May 19, 1800. 

+ 1043 Joseph 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 2, 1803. 

Moses 5 Cleveland dwelt always Southold, N. Y., master 
builder and joiner. He was a prominent man in the church 
and highly respected. He was one of 27 proprietors of the 
Brick School House. They sold it Dec. 30, 1816, to the Trustees 
of School Dist. No. 5 of Southold. It stood upon the site now 
occupied by the Chapel of the Presbyterian Church! The 
building was taken down in 1844. 

JEbenezer* Manser (John* Manser), d. Boston, Mass., Oct. 6, 
1806, a. 46, m. pub. Nov. 23, 1781, Elizabeth Brown of Boston, 
b. Sep. 6, 1765, d. July 31, 1812. Ch. : 

Seth* Manser, b. July 1, 1782. 
John* Manser, b. June 7, 1784. 
+ 1044 Sarah B. e Manser, b. June 19, 1786. 
William* Manser, b. Dec. 26, 1788. 
io44 a Eben Brown* Manser, b. July 17, 1791, d. Dec. 12, 
1825, m. Aug. 25, 1816, Mary Rea. 

Thomas* Manser, b. Jan. 31, 1794. 
Betsey Brown 1 Manser, b. May 29, 1797. 
Polly* Manser, b. June 15, 1799. 
George Washington* Manser, b. May 9, 1801. 
Robert Manser, b. Jan. 25, 1803. 
Ebenezer" Manser, name appears in census Charlestown, 
Mass., 1789, with wife and ch., Seth, John, Sally, and William. 
Estate. Buys, June 20, 1794, of bro. Samuel, house in Bow St., 
lately of father John. 

SamueV Manser (john* Manser), d. Feb., 1829, m. ist, Jan. 3, 
1790, Hephzibah Goodwin, bap. July 31, 1768, d. Feb. 10, 1793, a. 
25, only da. Benjamin and Hephzibah (Bradish). He m. 2d, Dec. 
2, 1793, Nancy Brown of Boston, b. 1775, d - J an - J 4, I 794- He 
m. 3d, pub. Oct., 18 1 7, Mary Ann French. No. rec. of ch. found. 



Samuel* Manser and wife in census, 1789. Several deeds in 
Wymaris Charlestown Est. Adm. to wid. Aug. 18, 1829, left house. 

340 d . 

Math* Henshaw (wiiiiam* Henshaw), m. Amos Forbes. Ch. .- 
1045 Louisa* Forbes, m. Baxter 1 ' Henshaw +1046. 
Melinda* Forbes, d., aged 18. 

340 e . 

Thomas* Henshaw (waiiam* Henshaw), m. Sarah Lamb of 
Charlton, Mass., desc. 1. Brookfield, Mass. Ch. b. W. Brookfield : 

Betsey* Henshaw, m. Lathe. Ch. : 2. 

Nancy* Henshaw, d. Brimfield, Mass., m. Fay or Lay. 
Ch. : 3. Fanny* Henshaw. 

Foster* Henshaw, m. 1st, , 2d, of Lowell, 

Mass. Ch : 2. 

Sarah* Henshaw, d. m. of Reedbury, Vt. 

Clarissa* Henshaw, d. 

Dexter 6 Henshaw, m. Nichols. Ch. : 2. 

340 f . 

Deborah* Henshaw (minam* Henshaw), m. Joseph Childs, 
b. Sturbridge, Mass., Oct. 16, 1765, a s. Isaac and Elizabeth 
(Weld), s. p. Dwelt Slurb. 

Child ancestry ; Benjamin 2 [see +6607], Jostma 3 , b. Roxbury, Mass., 1658, m. Elizabeth 
Morris, a da. Dea. Edward and Grace (Bett) ; Isaac 4 , m. 2d, 17 16, Elizabeth Weld; Isaac 5 
Child, m. Dec. 12, 1745, Elizabeth Weld. — Child gen., by Rev. Elias Child, 402. 


Joshua* Henshaw {wuuam* Henshaw), m. Ruth Nichols, 
descendants 1., 1855, Brookfield, Mass. Ch. b. W. Brookfield : 
1046 Baxter* Henshaw m. Louisa Forbes +1045. 
Alvan* Henshaw, m. 
William' 1 ' Henshaw, d., m. 
Leonard or Louisa* Henshaw, m. 
Hiram 6 Henshaw, m. 
Royal* Henshaw, m. 
Lucy* Henshaw, m. 
Eliza* Henshaw, m. 
Caroline* Henshaw, m. ; Ruth* Henshaw, unm. 


Oliver* Henshaw (maiam* Henshaw), d. 1844, a. 77, m., 1788, 
Lydia Andrews of Montpelier, Washington co., Vt. Dwelt fr. 
1788, Montpelier. Ch. b. Montpelier : 



John* Henshaiv, d. ; Infant*, d., a. few months. 
1047 William* Henshaw, m. Sarah Wetherbee of Cam- 
bridge, Mass., I'd C. to 1842, teacher; then was stationer, Corn- 
hill, Boston, short time, moved away. Ch. : G. E? Hetishaw, I'd 
Camb., Feb. 29, 1858 ; et al. 


JOHN 6 CLEAVELAND (Samuel*, Aaron', Aaron*, Moses-), d. Hal- 
ifax, Nova Scotia, Nov. 24, 1819-20, a. 68, m. 1st, H., Elizabeth 
, b. 1758, d. H., Nov. 8, 1798. He m. 2d, H., Marga- 
ret , she d. H. . Ch. b. Halifax, bap. St. Matthews 

chh., by 1st m. : 

+ 1048 Elizabeth 6 Cleaveland, b. 1773, bap. Oct. 19, 1775. 

+ 1049 William 6 Cleaveland. 

John 6 Cleaveland, bap. Mar. 15, 177.7, d. H., Apr. 
18, 1784. 

Richard 6 Cleaveland, bap. Dec. 12, 1779. 

+ 1050 -Sarah: 6 Cleaveland, bap. Sep. 2, 1781. 

-j-1051 Harriet 6 Cleaveland, bap. Mar. 16, 1783. 

1052 Stephen 6 Cleaveland, bap. Oct. 18, 1791, tmm. 

1053 Dorcas Melinda 6 Cleaveland, bap. Dec, 1793, m. 
Halifax, Aug. 21, 181 1, William Bremner, I'd H., merch. Ch. 
bap. St. M. : Elizabeth HUP Bremner, bap. June 18, 1812 ; James 
William'' Bremner, bap. Mar. 26, 1815 ; Lucf Bremner. Mary 6 or 
Lucy 6 Cleaveland, bap. Nov. 26, 1797, d. unm., a minor, 

+ 1054 Lucy 6 Cleaveland, bap. Nov. 26, 1797, or Mary 6 

io54 a Thomas Bennet 6 Cleaveland, bap. May 1, 1803, d. 
Halifax, Feb. 25, 1832, unm. ; Emma Haynes 6 Cleaveland, bap. 
May 26, 1804, d. H., unm. ; I'd once in Eng., near Edward D. 6 , 
and ret. to Halifax. 

1054" John Richard Samuel 6 Cleaveland, bap. 1805, 
bachelor. y 

1054° Edward Drinker 6 Cleaveland, bap. Jan. 6, 1808, 
m. 1st, London, Eng., wife d. He m. 2d. Went, 1834, to Lon., 
brass founder. Ch. by ist'm. : 9. 

John 6 Cleaveland lived at Halifax, residence cor. Granville 
and Sackville sts. For years he was City Treasurer and Col- 
lector of licenses ; highly esteemed. Was an accomplished 
musician and is remembered by U. S. relatives to have played 
delightfully on the hautboy. A family tradition has it that his 
" father or gr.father was a Presbyterian minister from north of 
Ireland, who was killed by the Indians," but Murdochs Nova 
Scotia — see ante — gives correct ancestry. John 6 and wife are 



buried in Old Cemetery, Halifax, where also are interred Fillis 
and Boydes, who are connected. 


Abigail* Usher (Abigail*, Aaron*, Aar<m=), m. John Stewart, 
who claimed close relation to the royal Stewarts of Eng. 
Lived at Hartford, Conn. Ch. : John* Stewart. 

+ 1055 Sarah* Stewart, b. Aug. 13, 1759, Hartford, Conn. 


HezeJeiah* Usher (Abigail*, Aaron*, Aaron", Mosesi), m. NOV. 3, 

1757, Lydia Baker. Ch. : b. East Haddam, Conn.: Jane*, b. Aug. 
2, 1758 ; Lydia*, Feb. 18, 1760; Harris* Usher, Sept. 10, 1762, d. 
May 17, 1771 ; Abigail* Usher, b. Aug. 12, 1764; Sarah* Usher, 
April 1, 1765. 

Hezekiah* Usher, b. Apr. 2, 1767, m. May 11, 1795, 
Alice Ransom. Ch. : Nancy 1 Usher, b. 1797, d. May 2, 1803. 

Susanna* Usher, b. Mar. 1, 1769, m. Mar. 23, 1800, 
Paul Palmer. 

Aaron Cleveland* Usher, b. Oct. 17, 1770, m. Feb. 2, 
1794, Rachel Church. Olive*, b. Oct. 17, 1772, d. Mar. 17, 1775. 

Harris* Usher (ag.), b. May 12, 1774, m. May 31, 1801, 
Elizabeth Shaw. Charles Lee*, b. Mar. 13, 1776; Watrous*, Feb. 7, 

1056 Moses Craft* Usher, b. Oct.. 12, 1782, d. soon after 
marriage, m. Lucy Palmer, b. Colchester, Conn., Oct. 22, 1791, 
da. of John of the Stonington, Conn., Palmers (she m. 2d, Na- 
haniel* Usher, +1057). 

+ 1057 Nathaniel* Usher,h. Oct. 28, 1785, 1786. 
Hezekiph* Usher lived at E. Haddam and Brookfield, Che- 
nango co., N. Y, Wyman's Charle.stown makes his marriage pub. 
in Boston, Mass., Sept. 22, 1768, to Elizabeth Whittemore, but 
relatives are positive that he never lived in Boston, and that 
he had only one wife, Lydia Baker, who was mother of his 14 


John" Usher (Abigails Aaron*, Aaron"), d. Gloucester, R. I., 
July, 1837, a. 101, m. 1st [prob. E. Haddam, Conn.], Freelove 
Luther, she d. Oct. 15, 181 5. He m. 2d, Zilpha Phillips. Sold 
land in E. Haddam 1758, 1775. Dwelt Smithfield, R. I. Ch. 
by 1st m. : Jane*; John*; James* 

+ 1058 Daniel 6 Usher, b. Feb. 15, 1786. 

Stephen 6 Usher, m. Miss Col well. Ch. : 7. 
Freelove 6 Usher, m. Ebenezer Southwick. 
Delia 6 Usher, m. Valentine Inman, 2d, m : s. p. 



HobeVt* UsheV (Abigail*, Aarona, Aaron*, Mosesi), b. " On a Coaster 

at Cape Cod, Mass.," while the family were removing Jan. 31, 
1742-3, d. Westchester, Conn., Mar. 27, 1820, m. 1st, W. May 23, 
1765, Susanna Gates, b. W. (bap. by Rev. Thomas Skinner, 
Aug. 28, 1748), d. W. Dec. 13, 1777, a da. Jonathan and Susanna 
(Olmstead). He m. 2d (prob. at Millington, E. Haddam, Conn.), 
Jan. 25, 1779, Anna Cone of M., b. 1755, d. Plainville, Hartford 
co., Conn., May 20, 1849 (bur. Westchester), da. Capt. Jonah and 
Elizabeth. Ch. : (it is thought all b. Westchester), by 1st m. : 
+ 1059 Oliver* Usher, b. Sept. 16, 1766. 

Jonathan 6 Usher, b. July 4, 1768, d. Sept. 22, 1769. 
+ 1060 Jonathan* Usher (ag.), b. Nov. 7, 1770, Westchester, 

-j-1061 Robert* Usher, b. Dec. 14, 1772. 

Susanna 6 Usher, b. Aug. 23, 1774, m. ab. 1803, Eben- 
ener Rollo, rem. to N. Y. state. Ch. : Harriet 1 Rotto, m. Fitch ; 
Son 1 . By 2d m.y James 6 , b. Feb. 25, d. Aug. 12, 1780. 

1062 Dr. James 6 Usher (ag.), b. July 18, 17.81, d. Mur- 
freesboro, Hertford co., N. C, Oct. 1, 1817, unm. M. D. 
+ 1063 Revilo Cone* Usher, b. Jan. 19, 1783. 

Anna 6 Usher, b. Oct. 25, 1784, d. Sept. 21, 1801. 
io63 a Statira 6 Usher, b. July 22, 1786, d. June 8, 1848, m. as 
2d w. Gen. Stephen F. Palmer of Ashford, Windham co., Conn., 
then Member Assembly, Hartford, Conn. She a teacher in 
Hartford, s. p. 

+ 1064 Abigail 6 Usher, b. May 30, 1788. 

Deodate Johnson 6 Usher, b. Apr. 6, 1790, d. Mar. 24, 
1871, unm. 

1064* Sophron 6 Usher, b. Jan. 29, 1792, m. Nov. 8, 1826, Ab- 
igail Lord, da. Elisha Jr. and Beersheba (Sellen), of Marlboro. 
Dwelt Westchester. Ch. : Elisha Lord 1 Usher, b. Aug. 23, 1835, 
d. Sept. 3, 1839. 

Harriet 6 Usher, b. Dec. 16, 1793, d. Jan. 26, 1868, unm. 
Elizabeth 6 Usher, b. Jan. 19, 1796, d. Feb. 16, 1838, unm. 
-{-1065 Josiah Cleveland 6 Usher, b. Aug. 24, 1802. 
Dr. Robert* Usher, when 9 years old, went to live and study 
with Hon. Jonathan Huntington of Windham, Conn, (member 
council, judge, and a successful practitioner of physic). At age 
of 19 he began practice, living in Westchester from that time, 
and had a large circuit — Westchester, Colchester, New London 
co., Conn., Millington, Chatham, &c. He went as a private to 
Bunker Hill, but was soon required as surgeon, reed, commis- 
sion Jan. 29, 1776, as surg. of Wadsworth's reg., aftw. served in 
New London hospital. 


Early Medicine and Early Medical Men in Conn. Read at Centennial Meeting of 
Conn. Medical Soc. at New Haven, May 23, iSQ2' By Gurdon Wadsworth Russell, M.D. 
of Hartford, p. So, — 7770 Dr. Robert Usher of Colchester, p. 132 — 1776, Jan. 30, Dr. Rob- 
ert Usher of Chatham, Physician 1st Reg. New London, Reg. 


JameS 5 JJsheV (Abigail*, Aarons, Aaron*, Moses'), III. Colchester, 

Conn., Jan. 20, 1774, Sarah Brainerd, b. June 22, 1755, a da. Na- 
than and Sarah (Gates). Ch. : Abbie* ; Sallie* ; Ruth* ; Fanny 6 ; 
fames 6 Usher ; James" Usher of Westchester, Conn., 1774. Chat- 
ham, Conn., Canaan, Columbia co., N. Y. 

Brainerd Ancestry : — Daniel* [see + 137] ; "William 2 , b. Mar. 30, 1673, of Haddam 
Neck, Conn., m. Sarah Bidwell ; Nathan 3 Brainerd, m. 2d, Sarah Gates of E. Haddam.— 
Brainerd gen. 177. 


JOSIAH 6 CLEVELAND (josiah*, Aaron', Aaron", Mosesi), d. Lis- 
bon Aug., 1825, a. 83, m. Apr. 22, 1765, Ruth Johnson, b. Apr. 7, 
1742, d. Apr. 13, 1802. Ch. fol. and prob. others : 

+ 1066 Aaron Porter 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 20, 1766. 
+ 1067 Sally or Sarah 6 Cleveland, b. May 19, 1768. 

Josiah 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 6, 1770, d. Sep. 10, 1770. 
+ 1068 Clarissa 8 Cleveland, b. Sept. 26, 1771 (she and the 
family lived in Conn.; she attended school in Conn.). 

-j-1069 Josiah" Cleveland (ag.), b. July 19, 1773. Dutchess 
,c&. N. Y„ June 6, 1774. 

Joanna 6 Cleveland, b. June 24, 1775, d. Mar. 25, 26, 

1070 Horatio 8 Cleveland, b. Nov. 18, 1777, d.prob. unm. 
+ 107 1 John 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 4, 1779. 

Harry 6 Cleveland, thought to be another son, who 
was taken by a press gang to Gibraltar, and for attempts to es- 
cape was/condemned to the galleys. 

Josiah 5 Cleveland dwelt in Connecticut, and removed to 

the bomber region of^ewYork, in Delaware co. Lived on the 

l> Oblong' 1 — now Amenia, Dutchess Co., N. Y. — a long strip of 

land between Conn, and the Hudson river. He was all through 

the Revolution, fought under Washington. 

Dutchess co., N. Y. Record — Josiah Cleveland, grantee. 
New London, Conn., Gazette, Aug. 24, 1825 — In Lisbon, Josiah 
Cleveland, a. 83. 

JOHN 5 CLEVELAND (josiah*, Aaron*, Aaron 2 ), died Malone, 
Franklin co., N. Y., Jan. 30, 1824, a. 77, m. Plainfield, Conn, \_chh. 
rec\ Nov. 26, 1778, Mary Peirce or Pearce, b. Plainfield or in 
Mass., Feb. 13, Apr. 5, 1757, d. Potsdam, St. Lawrence co., N. Y.> 
Apr. 2, 1832, a da. John and Zeruiah (Spalding). Ch. : 


+ 1072 William 6 Cleveland, b. June 5, 1780, prob. Plain- 

+ 1073 Susannah 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 21, 1782. 

-4-1074 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. June 10, 1785. 

+ 1075 Lucy 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 19, 1787. 

1076 Fanny 6 Cleveland,, b. Aug. 18, 1790, m. Healy, I'd 
Potsdam, farmer. 

+ 1077 Zeruiah 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 18, 1793. 

-I-1078 Esther 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 8, 1796. 

+ 1079 Joanna 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 20, 1799. 

+ 1080 Julia 6 Cleveland, b. May 20, 1802. 

John 5 Cleveland rem., 1818, from Plainfield to Stonington, 
Conn., was in charge of Samuel F. Dennison's cloth factories, 
thence to Malone, and dwelt with his son William 6 . 


MEHITABLE 5 CLEVELAND (josiah*. Aarons, Aaron*), m. Nor- 
wich, Conn., Apr. 24, 1768, Zachariah Lathrop, b. N., Mar. 25, 
1742, d. Dec. 26, 1817, a s. William and Mary (Kelley). Ch. : 

1081 Solomon* Lathrop, b. Sept. 12, 1769, named in father's 
will, 1 81 8. 

+ 1082 George" Lathrop, b. Oct. 1, 1770. 
1083 Polly" Lathrop, b. Mar. 24, 1772, m. 1st, Hezekiah 
Allen, he d. af. 18 18; 2d, Smith. 

+ 1084 Gurdon* Lathrop, b. Nov. 24, 1773. 

1085 Sally" Lathrop, b. June 19, 1775, d. Sept. 10, 1825, m. 
bef. 1 818, Solomon Williams. 

1086 Phebe* Lathrop, b. Dec. 13, 1776, m. Abel Bliss of 
Wilbraham, Hampden co., Mass. 

1087 Fanny" Lathrop, b. Oct. 15, 1778, 1779, Norwich, m. 
Josiah 6 Cleveland +1069. 

Stephen Sewall* Lathrop, b. Dec. 31, 1780, d. Apr. 25, 

+ 1088 Nancy* Lathrop, b. Oct. 31, 1782. 

1089 Bille or William" Lathrop, b. Sept. 21, 1784, m. Phebe 

1090 Henry* Lathrop, b. Sept. 23, 1786, m. May 30, 18 14, 
Linda Ringe, dwelt Genesee co., 1. Bethany, N. Y. Ch. : Henry 
Utlef Lathrop, b. Feb. 27, 18 15 ; William Porter" 1 Lathrop, b. Feb. 
27. 181 7 ; Charles 1 Lathrop, b. B. 

Rosweir Lathrop, b. July 6, 1788, d. Oct. 13, 1802. 

1091 Charles" Lathrop, b. Apr. 22, 1790, d. May 1, 1826, unm. 

Lathrop, Lawthrofi, Lothrop ancestry : —Walter de Lowthrope, sheriff for Yorkshire, 
Eng., 1216. . . . John* Lowthroppe of Lowthorpe, Dickering, Wapentake, East Rid- 
ing, Yorkshire, Eng., and Cherry Burton: on subsidy roll, 1545; Robert 2 of Cherry B., d. 



1588, m. Ellen; Thomas", b. C. B., of Etton, Harthill, Wapent, E. K., Yorksh., 1576, d. E. 
1606, m. 2d, Mary ; Rev. John* Lothropp, bap. E. Dec. 20, 1584, Queen's coll., Camb., 1609, 
curate Egerton L. H., Scray Lathe, Kent co., Eng., Indep. min , Union St., London, 1624, 
himself and congregation of 42 siezed by Tomlinson, Apr. 22, 1632, caused by Bp. Laud, 
imprisoned Newgate, came Sept. 18, 1634. Boston, Scituate, Barnstable, Oct. n, 1639, d. 

Barns. Nov. 8, 1653, m. 1st, , she d. in Eng. ab. 1633 — Winthrofsjour., 7/ ,- Samuel 5 , 

b. Eng., Barns., m. 1st, Elizabeth Scudder fr. Bost. 1644 (sister to John of Barnst. 1640) ; 
Israel 6 , b. Oct., i65q, m. Rebecca Bliss', b. Mar., 1663 ; William 7 Lathrop, b. Norwich, 
Sept. 20, 1688, m. 2d, Mary Kelly .— Memoir of Lo-LathroJ> Family, By Rev. E. B. Hunt- 
ington, 1884, p. us. 

Bliss ancestry : — / arms : Bliss or Blisse ; 2 .• Bliss : Gu. a bend vaire, betw. 2 
fleurs-de-lis or. Crest — An arm from the elbow, holding a bundle of 4 arrows, points 
downwards. Motto — Semper sursum. . . . Thomas 1 , b. 1550, of Okehampton Bel- 
stone, co. Devon, Eng., large land owner, imprisoned and lost his property because he 
was a Puritan and on Parliament side temp. Charles I, d. 1635-40 ; Thomas 2 , b. Okehamp- 
ton 1580-5, of Braintree, Mass., an orig. proprietor of Hartford, Conn., 1639, d. 1650, m., 
1612-15, Margaret Lawrence; Thomas 3 of Norwich 1660, m. Elizabeth; Rebecca 4 Bliss m. 
Israel Lothrup 6 .— Bliss gen., by John Homer Bliss. 


SUSANNA 5 CLEVELAND (Aaron*, Aaron 3 , Aaron 2 , Moses*), b. 

Medford, Mass., Mar. i, 1741, d. Salem, Mass., June 24, 1788, m. 
Portsmouth, N. H., Oct. 20, 1763, as 1st w., Hon. Stephen Hig- 
ginson, b. Salem, Nov. 28, 1743, d. Boston, Mass., Nov. 22, 1828, 
eldest s. of Hon. Stephen and Elizabeth (Cabot). Ch. : 

4-1092 John* Higginson, b. Jan. 15, 1765. 

4-1093 Sarah 6 Higginson, b. June 11, 1766. 

4-1094 Nathaniel 6 Higginson, b. Feb. 12, 1768. 

-f-1095 Stephen 6 Higginson, b. Nov. 20, 1770, Salem, Mass. 

4-1096 Barbara Cooper 6 Higginson, b. Jan. 15, 1774. 

-(-1097 Elizabeth 6 Higginson, b. Aug. 5, 1776. 

4-1098 George 6 Higginson, b. July 19, 1779, Boston, Mass. 

4-1099 Henry* Higginson, b. Feb. 5, 1781, Boston, Mass. 

4~i 100 Susan Cleveland* Higginson, b. Apr. 20, 1783, Boston, 

Susan'na 5 inherited her mother's personal attractions, and 
was celebrated alike for her beauty and her dignity of mind 
and manners — From ?ns. of Mrs. Dorcas Cleveland 6 (Hille.r) Cleve- 
land 4- 1 1 20. The marriage certificate, an unusual document of 
its kind, is now in possession of Col. Thomas Wentwort/i' Higgin- 
son 4-3174. It reads thus : 

" By his excellency Benning Wcntworth, Esq., Captain General, Governor and Com- 
mander-in-Chief in and over His Majesty's Province of New Hampshire To Either 

of the Ordained Ministers of the Gospel of said Province Except one Drowne, You are 
hereby Authorized and Impowered to join together in Holy Matrimony Stephen Higgin- 
son, Susanna Cleveland, Unless some Lawfull Impediment appears to you to the Con- 
trary. Given at Portsmouth the 20th day of October, 1763. B. WentwortH. 

Reced 13/6 Sterling for the above Lixence. 

S. Atkinson, Jun., Secy 

Rambles about Portsmouth. By Charles Warren Brewster, iS6q, j>. .'^-The New 
Lights were held in poor repute by Gov. Wentworth, who issued a special notice grant- 
ing all ministers permission to perform the marriage ceremony "except one [Rev. Sam- 
uel] Drown," who was at first a Calvin Baptist Minister, afterward an Independent Con- 
gregationalism stigmatized "New Lights." 


Hon. Stephen Higginson, bred to mercantile pursuits, was a 
successful shipmaster 1765 to 1775. When in Great Britain, 
1774-5, he was called to the bar of the House of Commons and 
questioned as to the state of feeling in Massachusetts. He was 
a member of Continental Congress, 1782-3 ; a firm supporter of 
Washington and Adams. He was Navy agent for Mass., 1797— 
1801; was one of Gov. James Bowdoin's most active and reso- 
lute advisers in suppression of Shay's rebellion, and lt.-col. of 
reg. from Boston ; merchant of Boston and Salem 30 years ; in 
war of 18 1 2 he suffered disaster, and lost a large part of his 
ample fortune. It is said of him that he sustained with credit 
the reputation of an ancient and honorable family, and their 
descendants continue to this day to maintain the good name 
they inherited. In many instances they have attained marked 
distinction in literature, and in professional or commercial pur- 

Stephen Higginson was the generally reputed author of 
"The writingS'-of Laco," as published in the Massachusetts 
Centinel, Feb. and Mar., 1789. "The liberty of the press is 
essential to the security of freedom in a state, it ought not, 
therefore, be restrained in this Commonwealth." — Mass. Bill of 
Rights, Boston, i/Sp. " An examination of Jay's Treaty, by Cato, 
Boston, 1795 " (Pamphlet). " Ten Chapters in the Life of John 
Hancock, now first published since 1789. N. Y.,- 1857." pp. 68. 

Hon. Stephen Higginson m. 2d, Elizabeth Perkins of Boston, 
she d., da. Thomas (an Englishman of Boston, merch.). He m. 
3d, Boston, Sarah Perkins, she d. Boston, sister to his 2d w. Ch. 
by 2d m.: noo a James Perkins Higginson, b. July, 1791, Boston, 
m. Mrs. Martha (Babcock) Higginson, wid. of George 6 Higgin- 
son -I-1098. 

Higginson ancestry: — 3 arms: HIGGINSON (Ireland; Saltmarshe, Hereford co., 
Eng.). Or on a fesse sa. a tower of the first. Crest — On a chapeau a dexter arm, in 
armour, embowed and couped, holding a tilting spear all ppr. tied at the shoulders with 
cord and tassels or. . . . Rev. John', Vicar of Claybrooke, Leicester co., Eng., where 
Church Register records his children [see JV. E. Reg., XLVI : irS~\, buried [Claybrooke 
Reg.'] Feb. 19 [N. S.], 1624, m. Elizabeth ; Rev. Francis 2 , b. Eng., bap. Claybrooke Aug. 
6 [N. S.], 1586, ed. at Emanuel coll., Cambridge, Jesus coll., A. B. 1609, St. John's, A. M. 
1613, was settled in ministry at Claybrooke, adhered to Episcopal chh. some years, but 
after carefully examining the merits of the controversy then agitating the community, 
he was led to adopt the Puritan belief as being most consistent with his religious views. 
Becoming thereby a non-conformist, he was articled against in the High Communion 
Court by the Laudian Faction. His high reputation as a divine induced the Gov. and 
Co. of Mass. Bay to invite him to N. E. Came in the " Talbot," arr. Naumkeeke, Salem, 
June 29, 1629. Here he gathered ihe first chh. in the colony, ord. Aug. 6, 1629, d. S. Aug. 
6, 1630, m. Ann, she d. New Haven, Conn., early in 1640— Memoir, by Rev. Joseph B. Felt., 
in N. E. Reg., VI : ioj; Rev. John 3 , b. Claybrook Aug. 6, 1616, m. Sarah Whitfield, da. 
of Rev. Henry, his collea. at Guilford; Lt. Col. John 4 , b. 1646, of Salem, merch., member 
Council, m. Sarah Savage 3 , b. June 25, 1653; John 6 of Salem, merch., m. 2d, Margaret 
Sewall 6 ; Stephen 6 Higginson, b. July 31, 1716, m. Apr. 22, 1743, Elizabeth Cabot, b. Mar. 
8, 1710, da. John and Anna (Orne). [John, George, and Francis Cabot came from Island 
of Jersey — Reg., XLIX : joj.'] — Higginson Family, By Henry Wheatland, in Essex Ins. 
Coll., V : 33; Memoir of Rev. Wm. Henry Channing -\-31g2, iSSb ; Drake, 43s. 

* - %>,, 


Sewall ancestry : — Henry 1 , Henry 2 , Henry 3 , Stephen 4 [see +119] ; Margaret 6 Sewall 
m. John Higginson 5 . 

Savage aticestry .- — 15 arms: Savage (Portaferry, co. Down, Ireland, one of the 
most ancient families in Ireland, established there under John de Courcy, Earl of Ulster, 
1 177). Ar. 6 lions ramp. sa. langued gu. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a lion's gamb 
erect sa. Motto — Fortis atque fidelis. . . . William 1 of Taunton, Somerset co., Eng., 
blacksmith, where the name prevails in parish reg. temp. Elizabeth; Hon. Thomas 2 , b. 
1608, apprent. at Merchant Tailors, London, Jan. g, 1621, from L. Apr., 1635, Boston, m. 
2d, Mary Symmes 3 ; Sarah 3 Savage m. John Higginson 4 . 

Symmes ancestry : — 2 arms: SYMES, Symmes (Chard and Ponsted, Somerset co., 
Eng.). Az. 3 escallops in pale or. Crest — Demi hind ramp. . . . Rev. William 1 of 
Canterbury, Kent co., Eng. ; Rev. Zechariah 2 , b. Canterb. Apr. 5, 1599, Emanuel, 1617, 
Camb. A. B., 1620-1, preached St. Atholine's, London, rector Dunstable 1625, came Sept. 
18, 1634, with Rev. John Lothrop, Boston, Chariest., ord. Dec, 1634, teacher with Rev. 
Thomas James, pastor of First chh., C, m. London, July, 1621, Sarah, concerning her, 
set Johnson's Wonderworking Prov. ; Mary 3 Symmes m. Thomas Savage 2 . — Savage. 


STEPHEN 5 CLEVELAND (Aaron 4 , Aaron 3 , Aaron 2 , Moses 1 ), d. 

South Salem, Mass., Oct. 8, 1801, a. 59, m. Hampton Falls, 
Rockingham co., .N. H., Oct. 28, 1772, Margaret Jeffry, b. Salem, 
Sept. 10, 1745, d. S., Nov. 27, 1784, da. James and Ruth (Pratt). 
Ch. b. Salem : 

+ 1101 Richard Jeffry 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 19, 1773. 

+ 1102 William 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 13, 1777. 

1 103 Susannah 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 3, 1779, d. S., Mar. 
4, 1816, unm. 

+ 1104 George 8 Cleveland, b. Jan. 26, 1781. 

+ 1105 John Jeffry 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 2, 1782. 

Capt. Stephen 5 Cleveland was the first captain in the 
United Colonies infant Navy (now United States Navy) be- 
lieved to be the first commission issued by the United Colonies 
government in what was strictly naval service. His grandson, 
Horace William Shaler 7 Cleveland +3195, kindly furnishes 
the following sketch from manuscript written by William 6 
+ 1102/ A friend of the family offered to provide for Stephen 5 
when a youth, but soon after placed him with a hatter, but he 
thought that there was something better in store for himself 
and ran off from Salem (whence his mother and family had 
removed in 1756) to Boston, and shipped as cabin boy on a 
packet to Halifax. Returning to Boston, on his arrival he 
addressed a letter to his uncle, Judge Sewall (for whom he was 
named), and signed his name at full length, Stephen Sewall 
Cleveland. The judge stated to him the inconvenience of 
writing his name in full, and this so displeased him that there- 
after through life he omitted Sewall from his name. 

In 1756, during the "old French and Indian war," when 
Stephen 6 Cleveland was but 16 years old, he was seized by a 
press-gang in the streets of Boston and impressed (or impressed 


from a Boston vessel in England, as William 6 was told) on 
board an English 6o-gun frigate, at first commanded by a brave 
and gentlemanly captain, beloved by his crew, who afterward 
became Sir William Trelawney, Governor of Jamaica, and 
who, on being promoted to a larger ship, was succeeded by a 
contemptible dandy captain, to the annoyance of the officers 
and crew. Stephen 5 and his American companions were imme- 
diately offered the bounty to sign the ship's papers, but 
declined. They were treated well and young Cleveland was 
promoted first to the position of captain of the foretop, and was 
soon made an acting midshipman. The ship was for a time of 
a squadron under Commodore Richard Howe stationed ' off 
Brest, watching a French fleet. During his 8 years' service 
Stephen 15 acquired a thorough knowledge of navigation and 
naval architecture. The ship was paid off after the peace of 
1763. After his discharge he went to London, and resided in 
" St. George's Field," long since built over, though then with 
few houses. Here he had the small pox, and while sick with it 
the neighboring women used to come in to see the American, 
and were surprised to find him as white as themselves, as 
among this class of people the Americans were supposed to be 

On recovering he returned home to his mother and sisters. 
Coming down the next morning he combed his wig before the 
fire, which so disturbed his sisters that he was obliged to give it 
up, for wigs for boys had then gone out of fashion in New Eng- 
land, though when he and his brother, William 5 , were 9 or 10 
years old they spent their vacation in Boston with their great 
uncle Sewall, who had their heads shaved and furnished each with 
a wig according to the fashion. Stephen 5 then entered the mer- 
chant service, and continued to follow the sea in the several 
offices of seaman, mate, and master. He became an accom- 
plished seaman, and had a thorough knowledge in building, 
sparring, and rigging ships, which was turned to account in a 
most efficient manner in the service of his country in her most 
trying days — the Revolution. 

" It must be remembered that the Colonies began that contest with the leading naval 
power of Europe without a single ship of war, with their own commerce ruined, and 
with the ports of Boston and New York in the hands of the enemy, a fate soon after 
shared by Newport, Philadelphia, Savannah, and Charleston. Salem' saw her oppor- 
tunity and proved herself equal to its demands. She turned her vessels into men of war, 
equipped and manned them, and sent them out to prey on British commerce. During 
the war, more than 150 vessels, carrying upwards of 2,000 guns, were sent out of Salem, 
and about 450 prizes were captured and sent in by them. They intercepted the transport 
and supply ships sent from England and Nova Scotia to the troops in Boston and New 
York. They brought in munitions of war from France and the French Islands ; they 
cruised in the English and Irish channels and the Bay of Biscay : they raised the rate of 
insurance on British ships to 23 per cent., and compelled England to employ her navy in 
convoying merchantmen." — Fro7n an Historical Sketch of Salem. 


It was during these exciting times that Stephen Cleveland's 
naval requirements proved of essential service. 

He modeled and superintended the construction of several 
vessels, among others the celebrated privateer Pilgrim, 20 
guns, which ship was built and equipped under his direction. 
She was a very fast sailer and captured many prizes, 52 of 
which were brought safely into port. She was finally run 
ashore on Cape Cod to escape capture by the Chatham of 60 

Aug. 8, 1776 — (only 36 days after the declaration of inde- 
pendence) — he received a Commission from President John 
Hancock, as Capt. of the Brig Despatch, with a letter of instruc- 
tions from Benj n . Franklin, Benj n . Harrison, and Robert Morris, 
— a Committee of Congress. This was certainly one of the 
earliest, if not the very first, naval commission issued by the 
Continental Government, and we here give verbatim copies of 
both these interesting documents : 

" The delegates of the United Colonies of New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, 
Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylania, —the Counties of New 
Castle, Kent, and Sussex on Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia 
to Stephen Cleveland, Esq. 

We — reposing especial trust and confidence in your patriotism, valor, conduct, and 
fidelity — do by these presents, constitute and appoint you to be Captain of the armed 
brig called the Despatch in the service of the Thirteen United Colonies of North America, 
fitted out for the defence of American Liberty ; — for repelling every hostile invasion 
thereof. You are therefore carefully and diligently to discharge the duty of Captain by 
doing and performing all manner of things thereunto belonging. And we do strictly 
charge and require all officers, mariners, and seamen under your command to be obedi- 
ent to your orders as Captain. And you are to observe and follow such orders and 
directions from time to time, as you shall receive from this or a future Congress of the 
United Colonies, or Committee of Congress for that purpose appointed, or Commander- 
in-Chief for the time being of the Navy of the United Colonies, or any other your superior 
officer according to the rules and discipline of war, the usage of the seas, and the instruc- 
tions herewith given you, in pursuance of the trust reposed in you ; — this Commission to 
continue in force until revoked by this or a future Congress. By order of Congress. 

John Hancock, President, 
Philadelphia, Aug. 8, 1776. Attest, Charles Thompson, Secretary." 

" Committee of Congress, Philadelphia, July 30th, 1776. 
Capt". Stephen Cleveland, Sir: We have been regularly informed by John 
Bradford, Esq., of his purchasing, loading, and fitting the brig Dispatch in conse- 
quence of our orders, and we approve of his having appointed you to the. command of 
that brig in the continental service, as he gives you an extreme good character of which 
we hope and expect to find you very deserving. The Honorable Continental Congress 
of which we are members, authorized us as a committee to purchase the brig, and order 
her on such a voyage as would best answer certain purposes to the States of America. 
You will receive this by the hands of John Philips Merkle, Esq., and are to be governed 
by the following instructions during the present voyage, or until you receive others 
from Congress. Mr. Bradford will require bills of lading of the cargo from you, for the 
entire cargo on board the Dispatch, consigned to the above J. P. Merkle, Esq. (who is to 
go a passenger), at her discharging port in Europe, which bills of lading you are to sign, 
receive Mr. Merkle on board, assist him in providing sea stores, and then proceed with 
the utmost diligence for the coast of France, avoiding most carefully all vessels at sea, 
and put into the first convenient port you can make in that kingdom — Nantz or Bor- 
deaux may perhaps be the safest — You must then deliver Mr. Merkle any part of the 
cargo he may find it convenient to sell, or the whole of it if he chooses it. We enclose 
Mr. Bradford a packet directed to Messrs. Samuel and J. H. Delop, merchants, in Bor- 
deaux. Mr. Bradford will deliver that packet to you, and we require your utmost care 


of it. Should you have the misfortune to be taken, you must throw it overboard slung 
with a weight that will sink it, for on no account must this fall into the hands of our 
enemies. On the contrary if you get safe into Bordeaux, deliver it yourself to Messrs. 
Delop. If you go into any other port, forward it to them by post, or special conveyance 
as you may be advised is safest and best. You must also advise these gentlemen what 
other ports or places Mr. Merkle intends to order you for and desire them to write you a 
few lines telling you how to direct letters to Silas Deane, Esq., so that they will certainly 
fall into his hands. We expect Mr. Merkle will direct you to proceed from Prance to 
Amsterdam, and you must obey his orders, delivering to him the rest of the cargo at any 
port he may desire. He is not to pay any freight, but will supply you with all things 
necessary for the brigand money to pay charges. For all you receive in money, stores, 
outfits, &c, you will grant him proper receipts, and when you have discharged entirely 
the present cargo, you are to receive from him all such goods, wares, merchandise, 
arms, and ammunition as he may think proper to s £hip, granting him bills of lading for 
what he puts on board. We also give you leave to arm the brig in the most complete 
manner with as many 4-pounder cannon, swivills, blunderbusses, muskets, cutlasses, 
&c, as may be proper for such a vessel. You may also ship as many good seamen as 
you can conveniently accommodate, obtaining them on the best terms in your power. 
Lay in a suitable stock of provisions, a sufficient quantity of ammunition, &c, the cost and 
charges of all of which Mr. Merkle will defray, taking your receipts. Whilst this busi- 
ness is transacting, you will write immediately after your arrival at the port where it is 
to be done to Messrs. Saml. & J. H. Delop of Bordeaux and also to Silas Deane, Esq., if 
you obtain from them in time his address tell them to direct letters to you, and when 
you expect to sail. And we expect you will receive back from them letters and packets 
for us. If you do the utmost care must be taken of them. Don't let them be seen by any 
person whatever. Sling them with a weight ready for sinking, and if taken, be sure to 
let them go overboard in time ; but we hope you will have better fortune and bring 
them safe. When your vessel is completely fitted, the cargo on board, and you have 
received your despatches from Mr. Merkle, you are then to put out to sea, and make the 
best of your way to America. We think it best not to fix on any particular port for you 
to aim for, but leave you at liberty to push into the first safe harbor you can make, in 
any of the United States of America, and on your arrival apply to the Continental 
agent if there be one at or near that place, if not, to the persons in authority there, desir- 
ing their advice and assistance to forward with the utmost expedition to us, all the 
letters, packets, &c, you bring. You will also write us the state and condition of your 
vessel, and we shall return orders for your further proceedings. We send herewith a 
commission, a book of regulations respecting captures, &c, and a list of Continental 
agents, for your government if you should take any prizes. But you are to remember 
prizes are not your object. We wish you to make an expeditious and safe voyage, and 
for this reason we desire you will make all possible despatch, both at sea and in port. 
We expect you will be careful of the brig, her stores, and materials, allow your people 
plenty of good provisions, but suffer no waste, and be as frugal as is consistent with true 
economy in your expenses and charges. These things being observed will recommend 
you to the governing powers in America, and in time your utmost ambition may be 
gratified, provided merit leads the way to promotion. If any American masters or 
mates of ships, or seamen, want passages, you may accommodate them free of any charge 
or expense. Probably Mr. Merkle may find it proper to make your vessel a French or 
Dutch bottom, and clear you out for the West Indies. In such case you will do what is 
needful on your part to answer his views, and we hope you will be attentive to accom- 
modate and please him during this voyage. We are, Sir, your humble servants. 

B. Franklin, 
Benjamin Harrison, 
Robert Morris." 

Vexatious delay seems to have attended the voyage from 
the outset. Capt. Stephen 5 before his departure wrote John 
Bradford of Boston, Continental agent, complaining at being 
detained after he was ready for sea, at great cost and loss. 
He carried a cargo of sperm oil, fish, and potash loaded by 
Mr. Bradford, and the oil which composed a large portion 
was leaking from the barrels. Mr. Bradford replied from Bos- 
ton, Aug. 25, 1776, that the great secret of their long detention 


was the non-arrival of Samuel Adams with the passenger, Mr. 
Merkle, who went out with him as government agent. The 
Despatch sailed from Salem, Ms., Sept. 22, 1776, and proceeded 
to Townsend, Maine, and sailed thence in 38 days to Bor- 
deaux, France, arriving Nov. 10, 1776, being the first National 
vessel to exhibit the new flag in that harbor. The sympathies 
of the French being warmly enlisted in our favor, her arrival 
was an event of great public interest, and Capt. Cleveland was 
cordially welcomed and much feasted. From Capt. Stephen's 
letters it appears that Mr. Merkle was unable to furnish the 
cargo, and the vessel was detained 9 months waiting a return 
cargo. Capt. Stephen 5 wrote the agents of the American gov- 
ernment in Paris, to Silas Deane (then in France), and to Dr. 
Franklin stating the facts, and complaining of the delay, and 
they aided him. By direction of his government he armed the 
Despatch with 8 four-pound cannon, 8 swivels, small arms, &c, 
and manned her with 40 men. Her cargo consisted of cannon, 
muskets, soldiers' clothing, and other munitions of war which 
were extremely valuable to his country. He left Bordeaux 
about July 31, 1777, arrived safely at Townsend, and learned 
that a British sloop of war had left the place on the morning of 
his arrival, and would probably be back that night, therefore 
he proceeded toward Boston bay, whence a sloop of war chased 
"him into Salem, throwing a shot over him as he passed Baker's 
Island, at the mouth of Salem Harbor, and nearly capturing 
him. He afterwards took the vessel safely to Boston. H. W. 
S. 7 Cleveland has still in his possession all the shipping papers 
■of the Despatch with the autographs of the crew, also copies 
{in his handwriting) of his interesting letters to and the letters 
from Silas Deane, Benjamin Franklin, Arthur Lee (American 
Commissioners in Paris), and John Bradford (Govt. Agent in 
Boston), while he was in Bordeaux. This correspondence 
shows plainly from the outset how he was hampered and the 
object of his voyage nearly defeated by the dilatoriness of the 
agent who was sent out in charge of the cargo. The duty per- 
formed by Stephen 6 was one of immense value to the country, 
and the funds to buy these warlike articles were obtained by 
the Americans from the ocean and the forest, as at that time 
the bankers of Europe would of course give us no credit. 

Allen's Bio. Die, p. 23b — "Before he sailed he had been promised the command of 
one of the 3 frigates then being constructed. But in consequence of his long delay in 
France others got the appointment, and his ambitious spirit would not suffer him to ac- 
cept an inferior post." 

He threw up his commission and did not go to sea again 
•during the war, but was employed as agent for several priva- 


teers. The despondency resulting from the death of his wife 
was so great that he never recovered from its effects, and his 
property became reduced. He dwelt always at Salem, where 
he became a merchant. He lived many years on Federal st, 
and died at No. 288 Mill St., a plain two-story wooden house 
still standing. 

Mrs. Dorcas C. Hiller 8 Cleveland wrote that he was " called in honor of his 
venerable and respected great maternal uncle, Stephen Sewall. The father of my hus- 
band, and the brother of my mother, it becomes me to be doubly respectful in speaking 1 
of his character, yet truth is the essence of all that is valuable in such a statement as 
this, nor must love or respect induce me to flatter even the dead. 

With a person and face formed to attract attention, he possessed in an eminent de- 
gree those fascinating powers of conversation which are a general passport into all 

At home and abroad, — in humble life and in courtly companies, he was equally ca- 
pable of pleasing by his unaffected yet polished manners, his entertaining conversation, 
and his strongly marked benevolence of heart. Less obtrusive and with better judg- 
ment than his younger brothers he surpassed them in ardency of feeling, yet he fell be- 
low them in that never failing good humor and cheerfulness which rendered life a gar- 
den to its latest period. With a sensibility too quick for repression and a pride too 
high for happiness, — disappointment at length obscured the bloom and brilliancy of his 
days and caused him to sink by degrees from the notice and remembrance of men whom 
he once delighted and inspired, and to end his life in obscurity and sorrow." 

Stephen -Cleveland and w. Margaret are buried in the 
Charter st. Cemetery, Salem. > 

See Voyages of a Merchant Navigator, by H. W. S. Cleveland, pp. 412 ; Drake i<)$. 
Salem Gazette, Nov. 30, 17S4. — On Saturday last died, aged 38, Mrs. MARGARET 
Cleveland, wife of Stephen Cleveland of this town, merchant. Her pleasing, benevo- 
lent, and virtuous deportment through life rendered her peculiarly dear to the whole cir- 
cle of her acquaintance. Her numerous friends and an amiable family have, in the 
death of this excellent woman, sustained an irreparable loss. To her surviving consort 
the bereavement is inexpressibly, distressing. 

Jeffrey, Jeffry ancestry. — 1 arms : Jeffereys. 2: Jeffery. 5: Jeffreys. 6: 
Jeffrey. 8: Jeffreys, i : Jeffries or Jefferys. 2 : Jeffry. s:Jeffryes. i: 
Jeffrys. 1 : Jefferyes or Geffreys : (Clifton, Homecastle, Worcester co., Eng.) 
Sa a lion ramp, or betw. 3 scaling ladders. Crest — On a rock ar. castle or . . . Cyprian 1 
m. Ann ; James 2 , b. St. Agniss Parish, Cornwall co., Eng., Mar. 10, 1676 ; first set. in New 
Hampshire, Clerk of Assembly, coroner, 1738-41, of committee to lay out lands, Ports- 
mouth, N. H., Apr. 27, 1711, and Mar. 10, 1713, d. Apr. 23, 1753, 1S DU - m St. Peters' church- 
yard, Salem, m. Jan. 2, 1700, Mrs. Anna (Gerrish) Brock, wid. Andrew Brock. Ch. : Cy- 
prian 3 , b. Julj r 20, 1701 ; James, 3 , b. Aug. 10, 1706, of Salem, merchant, d. Feb. 13, 1755, 
m. S. Dec. 10, 1732 ; Ruth Pratt 2 , b. Dec. 25, 1704, d. Sept. 16, 1792. Ch. : James*, b. Aug. 
20, 1733 ;. Arthur 6 , b. Aug. 27, 1735. W.illiam 4 , Aug. 12, 1737, John*, Sept. 19, 1739. Benja- 
min 4 , Oct. 1, 1741 ; Ann 4 , Aug. 2, 1743, Margaret 4 m. Stephen Cleveland 5 , Richard 4 
Jeffry, b. June 18, 1750. The family of high social position in Salem. Jeffry Court, lead- 
ing off Washington st, named for them, .occupies garden of their residence, wh. fronted 
Essex st. 

Prat, Pratt ancestry. — q arms : Pratt (Ryston Hall, Norfolk co., Eng., derived. 
from marriage of Edmund Pratt, esq., Lord of the Manor of Carles in Hockwold, temp. 
Hen. VIII (1509), with Anne, only da. and heiress of Walter Gylour of Ryston, esq.). Ar. 
on a chev. sa. 3 mascles or betw. 3 ogresses, each charged with a martlet. Crest — Wolf's 
head. Motto — Rident florentia prata. . . . John 1 , Boston, 1691, vintner, Salem, d. Mar. 
12, 1729, m. July 29, 1691, Margaret Maverick 3 , b. 1664, d. Mar. 22, 1752 ; ch.»: Mary 2 , Abi- 
gail 2 , Hannah 2 , Ruth 2 m. James Jeffry 3 , Maverick 2 , Lydia 2 Pratt. 

Maverick ancestry.— Elias 1 , of Winnesimmet, Chelsea, Boston, 1630, Charlestown, 
Mass., 1632 (sup. bro. to Samuel, b. 1602, who came, 1628, and had a fort with 4 cannon on 
Noddles Island, now East Boston), of Anc. and Hon. Artill. co., m. Ann Harris, da. 
Thomas and Elizabeth of Chariest., 1630 ; Elias 2 , b. Mar. 17, 1644, shipwright, m. Marga- 
ret Sherwood. Margaret 3 Maverick, m. John Pratt 1 . 

Gerrish ancestry. — Hon. William 1 , b. Bristol, Eng., Aug. 20, 1617-20, came 1634, New- 
bury, was first capt. N. band— Johnson's Wonderworking Prov., rep. m. Mrs. Joanna 



(Goodale) Oliver, wid. John Oliver, da. of wid. Elizabeth, who came £r. Yarmouth, Nor- 
folk co , Eng., to Newbury, 1638, and sis. of Richard and Susanna of N. ; Hon. John 2 , b. 
Feb. iz, 1646, of Dover, judge Supreme Ct. of N. H., m. Elizabeth Waldron 2 ; Annas Ger- 
rish, m. James Jeffry 2 . 

Waldron ancestry. — S arms: Waldron (temp. William the Conqueror 1066). Loz- 
engy, or. and az. a bend gu. bezantee. Crest — 2 laurel branches in saltire. . . . Maj . 
Richard 1 , b. Alcester, Warwick co., Eng., Jan. 6, 1616, came first 1635, Dover, 1645, rep. of 
great influence, killed by Indians June 27, 1689, m. 2d, Ann Scammon, per. da. of William 
of Boston, and sis. of Humphrey of Saco, John of Kittery, and Richard of Dover ; Eliza- 
beth 2 Waldron, m. John Gerrish 2 . 


AARON 6 CLEVELAND (Aaron", Aarons, Aaron 2 , Mosesi), d. New 

Haven, Conn., Sept. 21, 1815, a. 71, m. 1st, Norwich, Conn., 
Apr. 12, 1768, Abiah Hyde, b. Norwich, Jan. 9, or Dec. 27, 1749, 
d. Norwich, Aug. 23, 1788, only da. Capt. James and Sarah 
(Marshall). He m. 2d, Norwich, Oct. 23, 1788, Mrs. Elizabeth 
(Clement) Breed, b. Norwich, June 10, 1755, d. New York City, 
Dec. 23, 1826, wid. of David Breed and a da. Jeremiah and 
Mary (Mosely). Ch. b. Norwich, by 1st m. : 

+ 1106 George 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 9, 29, 1769. 
. +1107 William 8 Cleveland, b. Dec. 20, 1770. 

+ 1108 Charles 8 Cleveland, b. June 21, 1772. 

1 109 Francis 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 9, 1774, d. Norwich, 
Sept. 26, 1796, unm., of yellow fever caught at New London, 

Sarah 8 Cleveland, b. Sept., Dec. 29, 1775, d. Nor- 
wich, Nov. 27, 1779. 

Aaron Porter 6 Cleveland, b. July 11, 1778, d. 
Norwich, Sept. 24, 1780. 

+ 1110 Sarah 6 Cleveland (ag.), b. Nov. 7, 1780. 

+ 1111 Aaron Porter 6 Cleveland (ag.), b. Sept. 26, 1782. 

+ 11 12 Susannah or Susan 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 26, 1784. 

+ 1113 Lucy? Cleveland, b. June 17, 1787. By 2d m. : 

+ 11,14 Anthony Benezet 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 22, 1789. 

+ 1115 Stephen Blythe 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 15, 18, 1792. 

+ 1116 Jeremiah Clement 6 Cleveland, b. June 14, 1794. 

+ 1117 Abia Hyde 8 Cleveland, b. Apr. 24, 1796. 

-L-1118 Francis 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 22, 1798. 

Rev. Aaron 5 Cleveland was one of the most prominent 
characters of the Cleveland family. It was early perceived 
that he was a boy of more than ordinary mental endowments, 
his father intended him for college and he began to fit himself. 
(We have in our possession A Law Grammar. For the particular 
instruction of all young gentlemen, either at schools, colleges, or the uni- 
versities, or privately educated. By Giles Jacob, Gent., 1754. On the 
fly leaf is the autograph, 3/6 Aaron Cleveland, His Book, iydp, 
Jan. ip, bought at Newhaven. This leaf and the sheep cover con- 


tain 5 of his signatures, some written Cleaveland.) His father 
died and the estate of a missionary left him but little. Aaron 5 
was apprenticed to a hatter of Haddam. While learning his 
trade he devoted all his leisure to study, and at age of 19 he 
wrote the poem, The Philosopher and Boy, first pub. with a bio- 
graphical sketch of him in Charles W. Everest's Poets of Connec- 
ticut, 1843. As the production of an apprentice whose days 
were devoted to hard mechanical work, it is a remarkable 
poem, evincing a love of nature and lively descriptive powers. 
Judging from his account of himself as a botanic enthusiast, he ' 
was not without pretensions to scientific attainment. About 
Aug., 1764, he was drafted into the English army and served 6 
months. Soon after becoming 21 he was a journeyman em- 
ployed by Jeremiah Clement at Norwich. About 1768 he set 
up for himself at Bean Hill, Norwich Port.. Concerning his 
residence on Bean Hill, 

Canlktns' Norwich, j/o— Aaron Cleveland, a man of wonderful versatility of 
talent, was another noted dweller upon the hill. He carried on the hat business, but at 
the same time wrote poems, essays, lectures, and sermons upon all the prominent sub- 
jects of the day, social, political, religious. His speeches in public and his private har- 
angues, his exhortations at meetings, and his stirring articles in the newspapers were 
always thrown in to swell the current in favor of religious truth and human freedom." 

He spent the central and most active part of his life at Nor- 
wich. He was a ready writer, and contributed to The Norwich 
Packet and the Conn,, Mass., JV. H. r and R. I. Weekly Advertiser for 
1773 many articles that had the ringing sound of genuine 
patriotism, one of which was a sermon upon the text, " Touch 
not mine anointed" — Ps. 105 : jj. His argument was designed 
to prove that " not kings, but the people are the anointed of 
God, and the kings are forbidden to touch them," thus revers- 
ing the interpretation that had been given to the passage by 
others. It was further maintained that a free people are 
touched when their laws and civil rights are infringed or vio- 
lated. He was the first writer in Conn, to question the lawful- 
ness of slavery and to argue against it. Several communica- 
tions on this subject in the Packet doubtless came from his pen. 
At this time and for years he coincided his views with the 
Universalists, and became a leader in that denomination, 
though he attended the Orthodox Congregational Church. His 
pastor uttered some words apologetic of slavery, whereupon 
Aaron 5 wrote his 680 line Poem against Slavery in reply to the 
sentiments advanced from the pulpit. The poem, a production 
of which his descendants may justly be proud, was published, 
Norwich, 1775. In 1779, he was elected a member from Nor- 
wich to the House of Representatives, and introduced a bill 
into the Legislature for the abolition of slavery, having been 



elected for this very purpose, as the popular sentiment was then 
in favor of immediate emancipation. He was made Chairman 
of Committee to consider the disagreements between the Sen- 
ate and the House on the petition of Great Prince, Little 
Prince, &c, slaves who had deserted to the enemy and desired 
to be made free oa condition of serving the American interest 
again. This shows his views of slavery as known and under- 
stood, for the house in appointing him was in favor of the 
prayer of the petitioners, but the Senate non-concurred. He 
declined a re-election, having found the duties of the position 
to conflict too much with business. 

In '1778 — Caitlkins" Norwich, 3qb — Benjamin Huntington, Dr. Theopilus Rogers, 
Dr. Elisha Tracy, Aaron Cleveland, Jonathan Huntington, and Nathaniel Niles, some 
of the choice spirits of Norwich, were a committee upon a memorial to Assembly 
praying for a just system of taxation and representation. The following letter, which 
has recently gone the rounds of the press, affords a pleasant glimpse of his character- 
istics here reproduced with the original spelling and capitals : 

Norwich, Ct, May 1, 1780. 

DEAR BROTHER — I rec'd your kind favor by Capt. Lord, who advised me to send 
back the rum and sugar and by no means receive it, as you wilfully omitted sending the 
third ingredient, without which punch could not be made — but as a Prize has since ar- 
rived at New London with a plenty of lemons I shall e'en conclude to keep what you sent 
me. Indeed my friend Lord advised me to do so for the above reason. I should, how- 
ever, be glad to know in your next whether the sugar is to go with the rum or the tea, as 
a dispute arises betwixt my wife and myself about the matter. We readily agreed that 
the spirits was for my use and the tea for hers —the sugar I am willing to divide but she 
says 'twill spoil the shape of the loaf, and by my troth there is no withstanding such a 
weighty argument. But not to trifle I expect to convoy Aunt Porter to Boston the latter 
end of this month and if mother has a mind to come up here I wish she would be at Mr. 
Higginson's as I don't expect to go myself, otherwise I could fetch her from Salem. I 
shall send by some good hand — Aunt Porter and my wife, desire abundantly to be re- 
membered to you and wife and a little to the old bachelor Bill, [his brother]. They 
' are all desper't glad of their handkerchiefs and return a 'nation deal of thanks. In the 
greatest hurry. Yours afftly, 

To Capt. Stephen Cleveland, 
In Salem, Mass. 

He was engaged altogether 25 years or more in business, 
continuing at Guilford, Conn. There his partners or business 
successors were at different periods (as we are informed by 
Hon. Charles J. Hoadly, State Librarian of Connecticut), 
Thomas Tilestone (d. 1837, a. 90, deacon S. Cong, chh., Hart- 
ford), Oliver Phelps, Joseph Rogers, and Jeremy Hoadley (d. 
1847, a. 71), the youngest of them, who came to Hartford and 
was in business 1806, grandfather to Mr. Charles Jeremy 
Hoadly. In 1793 Aaron 6 and s., George 6 , removed to Norwich 
Landing to manufacture hats more largely, but within a week 
a disastrous fire consumed their factory property. 

The well known poem of Aaron 5 is so relevant to genea- 
logical research that it is here given verbatim from the 
original manuscript : 

A Burlesque on the pride of Family Blood, written after 



hearing a conversation on the subject : " Genus et proavos et 
quod non fecimus ipsi Vix ea nostra voco." 

Four kinds of blood flow in my veins, 

And govern each, in turn, my brains ; 

From Cleveland, Porter, Sewall, Waters, 

I had my blood distinct in quarters. 

My parents' parents' names I know, 

But I no farther back can go. 

Compound on compound from the flood, 

Forms now my own ancestral blood, 

But what my sires of old time were, 

I neither wish to know nor care. 

Some might be wise, and others fools ; 

Some might be tyrants, others tools ; 

Some might be rich, and others lack ; 

Some might be white, and others bkick ; 

No matter what in days of yore, 

Since they are known and sung no more. 

The name of Cleveland I must wear, 

Which some poor foundling first might bear. 

Porter, I 'm told, from Scotlond came, 

A bonny bard of ancient fame ; 

Sewall, an English derivation, 

Perhaps some outcast from the nation ; 

Waters, an Irishman, I ween, 

Straight roundabout from Aberdeen — 

Such is my heterogeneous " blood," 

A motley mixture, bad and good ; 

Each blood aspires to rule alone, 

And each in turn ascends the throne, 

And rules till others tear him down. 

Each change must twist about my brains, 

And move my tongue in different strains ; 

My mental powers are captive led, 

And whim or wisdom rules the head. 

My character, no one can know, 

For none I have while things are so, 

I 'm something, nothing, wise or fool, 

As suits the blood which haps to rule. 

When Cleveland reigns, I 'm thought a wit, 
In making words the funny hit ; 
In social glee and humorous song, 
I charm the fools that round me throng ; 
But soon, perhaps, this blood is down, 
When Porter next may wear the crown. 
Now all is calm, discreet, and wise, 
Whate'er I do, whate'er advise, 

What common sense and wisdom teach, 

Direct my action — form my speech ; 

The wise and good now with me stay, 

While laughing fools keep far away ; 

But soon, alas ! — this happy reign 

M ust, for some other, change again. 

Sewall, perhaps, may next bear rule, 

I 'm then a philosophic fool 7 

With Jefferson I correspond, 

And soar with him the stars beyond, 

While every fibre of the brain 

To sense profound I nicely strain, 

A nd then arise beyond the ken 

Of common sense and common men. 

Wise fools may soar themselves above, 

And dream in rapturous spheres they move 

But airy castles must recoil, 

And all their imagery despoil. 

Thus great was I till Se wall's crown 

About my head came tumbling down. 

But who comes next ? alas ! 't is Waters 

Rushing fearless to head-quarters. 

He knows no manners, nor decorum, 

But elbows headlong to the forum, 

Uncouth and odd, abrupt and bold, 

Untaught, unteachable, uncontrolled, 

Devoid of wisdom, sense or wit, 

Not one thing right he ever hit, 

Unless by accident — not skill, 

He blundered right, against his will — 

Such am I now, no transmigration 

Can sink me to a loiver station. 

Come, Porter, come, depose this clown 

And once for all assume the crown. 

If aught in Sewall's blood you find 

Will make your own still more refined, 

If found in Cleveland's blood a trait 

To aid you in the affairs of state, 

Select such parts, but spurn the rest, 

Never to rule my brains or breast ; 

Of Waters' blood expel the whole, 

Let not one drop pollute my soul. 

Then rule my head, then rule my heart, 

From folly, weakness, wit apart ; 

With all such qualities I '11 dispense, 

And only give me common sense. 

His poetry is written in old-fashioned octosyllabics, but he 
considered verse-making- a frivolous practice. Notwithstanding 
this, our American poets, Rt. Rev. Arthur Cleveland' 1 Coxe -f-3258 
and Edmund Clarence 8 Stedman +8722, are among his descendants. 

In 1792 the views of Aaron 5 upon religious subjects under- 
went an entire change, and he embraced with zeal the orthodox 
system. One evening he was boiling hat bodies, and the kettle 
made a loud report, putting out the fire ; next morning no water 
remained. The brick work was removed, but no crack was 
found in the kettle, which was afterward sold as sound. This 



he considered a command to give up business. He had for 
some time desired to enter the ministry. He studied theology 
with Walter King of Norwich, and in 1794 the church chose 
him Deacon. In 1797 he was licensed to preach. He went as 
missionary to the new settlements in Vermont. He preached 
for a season, in 1799, at Canaan, st. N. H., was invited to settle, 
hut the Norwich Association refused assent, telling him he was 
too large a man to be wasted among the pine forests of N. H. 
In 1800 he was settled in Braintree, Vt. For a year or two he 
labored as a missionary at Royalton, Vt. From Nov., 1803, to 
Oct., 1804, he was pastor of the Congregational Church, Wethers- 
field, Society of Newington, between the long pastorates of 
Revs. Joshua Belden and Joab Brace, and preached 4th July 
sermon, 1804. [See Hartford Courant, July 18, 1804.] He lived 
at W. Hartford and then Hartford, Conn., chiefly during rest 
of life. 

Conn. Register, New London, Printed by Samuel Green — unsettled ministers and 
licentiates from the several associations: Rev. Aaron Cleveland, Wethersfield, iSoq 
Hartford, 1813 ; Suffield, Hartford co., Conn., 1814. 

A narrative on the subject of Missions for 1807, of the Missionary Society of Conn., p. 
3 — Last spring and summer Rev. Aaron Cleveland performed a mission of 17 weeks 
in the same field, preached 92 sermons in 25 towns, in 9 of -which churches have been 
formed. He administered the Lord's Supper, baptized, attended funerals, visited, &c. 

His chief characteristics were ardent piety, great earnestness, sincere love of tjuth, 
much exuberance of animal spirits, and a most ready wit. He was a favorite in every 
circle. In politics he was of the school of Washington, Jay, and Hamilton, and zealously 
supported the Federal cause, perhaps not without the prejudice which ranked all Jeffer- 
sonians with French fatalists. A characteristic anecdote is frequently toid of him. Rid- 
ing on horseback, between Middletown and Durham, one Sunday morning, deeply medi- 
tating his sermon, he stopped at the brook which bounds the two towns to water his 
horse. A young man reined up opposite him to give his own horse a drink. "Good 
morning, Mr. Priest," said the stranger roughly. "Good morning, Mr. Democrat," re- 
plied Mr. Cleveland, courteously. "How did you know I was a Democrat?" "Pray 
why did you take me for a minister?" "By your dress." "And I knew you were a 
Democrat by your ad-dress." (This event is illustrated in Recollections of a Lifetime, by 
Samuel Griswold Goodrich (" Peter Parley "), 1856, p. 130.) 

He performed missionary services in Hartford co. and vicin- 
ity, preaching in all the towns. In March, 1815, he delivered, 
at Colchester, 2 sermons on Peace, which were published, and 
soon re-published in England. [See Bibliography, Chap. IV.] 
He left behind him a stainless and beloved name. He died 
suddenly while visiting a son-in-law in New Haven, and lies 
buried in the beautiful cemetery there. His monumental in- 
scription : 

"This monument is erected in memory of the Rev. Aaron Cleveland, late of Nor- 
wich, in this state, who died at New Haven, Sep. 21, 1815, aged 71. If piety to God, made 
manifest by good works in all the various relations of life, merits from Christians love 
and respect, then Christians should have loved him when living, should love to dwell on 
his praise now he is gone." 

A portrait of Rev. Aaron 5 Cleveland exists, painted when a 
member of Legislature. 

Portrait of Rev. Aaron 6 Cleveland in New York Herald, Apr. sS, 18Q5 ; Sprague's An., 


V: 166; Allen, 236; Drake, iab; Sewall's JVoburn, 603; His. Sketch of First Conn. Chh., 
Haddam, by Rev. Everett E. Lezvis, 1S7Q : Harper's Mag., Aug., 18S5, p. 484. 

Mrs. Abiah (Hyde) Cleveland and her two young children are buried at Norwich. 

Hyde ancestry, two lines : — William J, from Eng. 1633, Hartford 1636, an original pro- 
prietor, Saybrook, d. Norwich, Jan. 6, 1681; Esther 2 m. John Post 2 . Samuel 2 , b. Hartf., 
1637, of Norwich, m. Jane Lee 2 ; John 3 m. Experience Abel" ; James 4 Hyde, b. Feb. 28, 
1707, ship master, d. Apr. 24, 1793, m., Dec. 26, 1743, Sarah Marshall 2 — Hyde Genealogy, by 
Reuben H. Walworth, 1864, p. 05. 

Marshall ancestry : — 67 arms: (Earl Pembroke). Per pale, or and vert, over all a 
lion ramp gu. . . . Abiel 1 , d. June 1, 1758, m., Nov. 18, 1708, Abiah Hough 4 ; Sarah 2 
Marshall m. James Hyde 4 . 

Haugh, Hough ancestry .- — (Chester). Ar. a bend sa. Crest— A wolf's head^ . . . 
Edward 1 of Westchester, Cheshire, Eng. ; William 2 , from Cheshire, Eng., came 1640, 
Gloucester, Mass., New London, Conn., housewright, m. Sarah Caulkins, da. of Hugh 
and Ann, fr. Wales, of Gloucester ; Capt. John 3 , b. N. London, Oct. 17, 1655, m. Sarah 
Post 3 ; Abiah 4 Hough m. Abiel Marshall 1 . 

Abell ancestry:— s arms: , Abell (Essex). Ar. fesse purp. betw. 3 boars' heads 
couped gu. Crest — Arm in armour holding sword. . . . Caleb 1 , b. 1647, of Dedham, 
1665, Norw. 1668 (prob. bro. to Benjamin and Joshua of N.), m. 1st, Margaret Post 8 ; Ex- 
. perience 2 Abel m. John Hyde 3 . 

Post ancestries: — Stephen 1 , Cambridge 1634, an orig. propr. Hartford, 1636, Say- 
brook ; John 2 , b. Eng., of Norwich, m. Esther or Hester Hyde 2 ; Sarah 3 m. John Hough 3 ; 
Margaret 3 Post m. Caleb Abel 1 . — Caulkins' Norwich, zoq. 

Lee ancestry: — 54. arms: Lee ; 3: LEES; 5: Lea; i: Leygh or Ley; 68: LEIGH; 
11: Legh : (High Legh, Chester co., uninterrupted male descent from Edward de Lega, 
of Saxon origin, ancient and distinguished family). Ar. a lion ramp. gu. Crest— Demi 
lion ramp. gu. Motto -^La vie durante. . . . Lee from Saxon lay or leagh — "the 
pasture of the place." In Doomsday, Lega, DeLe, De La Lee. . . . Launcelot Lee, of 
Norman origin, received from the Conqueror a fine estate nth century. . . . Lionel 
Lee made Earl of Litchfield, 1192, for gallantry at Acre. . ^ . High Legh of Cheshire, 
1154, gr. gr. fa. of Elfward de Lega or de Lehe, 1228. . . . Richard de Leigh of West 
Hallf High Leigh, ancestor of Thomas, 1305. . . . Thomas 1 , from Eng., d. on voyage 
coming, m. the daughter of Brown, who was at of Providence ; Jane 2 , came 1641 (with 
mo., bro., Hon. Thomas, af. of Lyme, and sis., Phebe Lee, all rem. fr. Boston to Sayb.), 
m. Samuel Hyde 2 .— Savage. 

Mrs. Elizabeth (Clement) [Breed] Cleveland d. at res. of Rev. S. H. Cox. 
Her obituary was published. She m. 1st, David Breed, b. 1800, d. Dec. 7, 1828. Ch. b. 
Norwich: Betsey Breed, Apr. 13, 1778, Dolly Breed, July 16, 1781, David Breed, Nov. 2g, 
1783. Betsey Breed d. Jan. 18, 1829, a - 5°> m -i Brandon, Vt., Mar. u, 1801, as 2d w., Rev. 
Enos Bliss, b. Nov. 25, 1765, d. Feb. 14, 1852, a s. Ebenezer and Abigail (Cooley). Ch. : 
Sally Bliss, b. Oct. 3, 1802, Betsey Elizabeth Clement Bliss, b. Aug. 18, 1804, Piermont, N. 
H., d. Thawville, 111., Oct., 1878, m. Rev. Lumund Wilcox, Sally Cleveland Bliss, b. June 
12, 1806, E. Windsor, Conn., d. 1853, m. Rev. Josephus Morton, David Breed Bliss, b. Sep. 
15, 1808, Watertown, N. Y., m. Jane Lay, da. Robert and Chloe (Chapman), Fanny Abiah 
Bliss, b. Apr. 28, 181 1, m. Sidney W. Barton. [For further desc, see Bliss Gen., by John 
Homer Bliss, i88r.~\ Rev. Enos Bliss grad. Yale 1787, Cong, minister, Brandon, Vt., New 
Haven, Conn., Piermont, N. H., Loraine, N. Y. ; m. 1st, Feb. n, 1793, Abigail Newton, 
she d. Mar. 22, 1800, da. Christopher and Mary. Ch. : Abigail Bliss, b. Mar. 17, 1794, Bran- 
don, Vt., d. Aug. q, 1828, m. as 1st w., Abner Gould, Florilla Bliss, b. Jan. 15, 1796, Corn- 
wall, d. Mar., 1839, m. as 2d w., Abner Gould, Alanson Bliss, b. Apr. 17, 1798, New Haven, 
d. Feb. 4, 1820, unm. 

Bliss ancestry : — Thomas' , Thomas 2 (see +354) ; John 3 , b. H. 1640, m. Patience Burt, 
da. Henry and Ulalia of Springfield ; Ebenezer 4 , m. Joanna Lamb, da. Samuel and Re- 
becca; Ebenezer 6 Bliss m. 2d, Abigail Cooley, da. Joseph and Mary. — Bliss gen., 97. 

Clement record: — Jeremiah Clement, merchant and hatter, the first deacon of the 
church * engrafted into the history of the town about the middle of the century. In 
1774, the three men who paid the highest tax in Chelsea were Jeremiah Clement, &c. — 
Caulkins' Norwich, 311-12. m. Norwich, Sept. 5, 1745, Mary Mosely. 


DORCAS" CLEVELAND (Aaron*,- Aaron 3 , Aaron 2 ), d. Salem, 

Mass., 1766, a. 24, unm. Lived at Salem. From Mrs. Dorcas C. 
Hiller 6 Cleveland's ms.: 



" Dorcas was the flower and pride of the family. It is not alone from her relations I 
have heard the eulogies of this incomparable woman of noble character and fascinating 
powers. The first scholars and most sensible men of the town, made my grandmother's 
house a constant place of rendezvous, in order to enjoy the charms of her beauty and 
conversation. Her sound sense, ready wit, exquisite humor and descriptive talent, 
added to her unaffected piety, sweetness of temper, and indescribable grace and beauty 
rendered her the joy and boast of all her acquaintance. — But alas ! — those charms were 
not destined to delight for any long periodrthe circle they illvtminated. At the age of 
twenty she sunk tinder a lingering disease and sought in the arms of death a happier 
state of being." Dorcas 5 had a remarkable vision of the burial of her bro. George 6 , see 
+ 360- 


WILLIAM 5 CLEVELAND (Aaron*, Aaron*, Aaron*), d. Salem, 

Mass., Dec. 30, 1815, a. 73, m. prob. S. Nov. 23, 1783, Elizabeth 
Barton, b. Sept. 28, 1765, d. July 12, 1805, a da. Capt. Samuel 
and Margaret (Gardner), s. p. William 6 Cleveland dwelt Sa- 
lem, where he was a ship owner, watchmaker, merchant, Excise 
Collector for Essex county. In our possession is a license to 
"Elias H. Derby to sell wine, rum, &c. dated Dec. 31, 1785, 
signed William Cleveland Collector" &c. Mrs. D. C. Cleve- 
land describes him as : 

" Of a character very different in some respect from the other members of ftie fam- 
ily, yet in many traits he discovered the spirit of the stock. He would have everything 
reduced to reason. He had less of genius and enthusiasm than his brothers and more of 
judgment and cool deliberation. Yet his prejudices were deep and his self complacency 
quite equal to his brothers ! He was the mentor of the family." 

Barton ancestry ; — 28 arms : Barton or Burton (Barton Hall, Lancaster co., Eng., 
Grove, Tipperary co., Clonelly, Fermanagh co.), Ar. 3 boars' heads couped gu. Crest — 
Boar's head. . . . James 1 , b. 1643, Boston, rope maker, Newton 1688, d. 1729, m. Mar- 
garet, b. 1644, prob. fa. of : Dr. John 2 fr. Eng., Salem physician, capt., went home sev- 
eral times, started for Eng. to settle his father's est. d. at Bermuda, m. Salem, Apr. 20, 
1676, Lydia Roberts 3 ; Samuel 3 , b. Aug. 30, 1688, m. Elizabeth Marston f da. Benjamin and 
Patience (Rogers) ; Capt Samuel 4 Barton, residence Barton Sq. & Washington St., Sa- 
lem, m. Margaret Gardner, da. Jonathan and Elizabeth (Gardner). — From ms. of Geo. D. 
Phippen, Barton genealogy furnished by kindness of Perley Derby, Esq., Salem ; Essex Ins. 
Col., VI : ibi ; Savage. 

Gardner ancestry : — Hon. Thomas* said fr. Scotland, prob. fr. Sherborne, Dorset 
co., Eng., Cape Ann overseer fishery 1624, Salem rep. m. Margaret ; Samuel 2 , b. in this 
country 1629, Salem 1657 m. Mary White ; Jonathan 3 Gardner, b. July 18, 1669. 

Roberts ancestry: — 27 arms : Roberts (Glassenbury, Kent co., Eng., desc. from 
Stephen Robertes, m. da. of William Tyllye of G. temp. Richard II.) Az. on a chev. ar. 
3 mullets sa. Crest — Eagle displ. ar. John 1 Roxbury, soldier k. by Ind. at Sudbury 
fight, under Wadsworth, Apr. 1676, per. fa. to : Thomas 2 Roxb., Boston, of Anc. and 
Hon. Art., m. Eunice ; Lydia 3 Roberts m. John Barton 2 . 


GEORGE 5 CLEVELAND (Aaron*, Aaron 3 , Aaron 2 ), d. Havana, 

Cuba, W. I., July or Aug. 1763, a. 16, unm. Determined to be 
a navigator at age of 16 he left Salem, Mass., and made his first 
voyage to Havana and d. of yellow fever, was interred in the 
Strangers' burying-ground, Havana. Mrs. D. C. Cleveland 
wrote : 

He was thought to be the flower of the boys, was handsome and finely endowed, 
and was remarkable for the sweetness of his temper, which in a family naturally dis- 
posed to nervous excitement was valuable for its rarity as well as its intrinsic worth. 
' Connected with the death of this youth, one of the marvelous stories of the family 


is related, for we have been a family of dreamers and seers. After he sailed his sister 
Dorcas 6 suffered from disease which finally ended her life. She then dwelt adjoining 
the burying ground. On a fine summer evening a party of young friends were assem- 
bled around this fading beauty, when suddenly she started up and hastening to the win- 
dow exclaimed — " Why — look at that funeral '. " — Her companions followed — but see- 
ing nothing, enquired "Where — where is it?" She pointed to the burying ground say- 
ing " There — don't you see it, — how strange they should have no pall upon the coffin,— 
nor that they shouldn't even have painted it. — It is a white pine coffin without any cov- 
ering and borne by four sailors." "But where do you see it ? " again asked her compan- 
ions with one voice, " for we do not see it." 

" Don't see it ! " — exclaimed the alarmed invalid — " open your eyes and look straight 
forward and you can't help seeing. They are now just passing by that black woman 
who is milking the cow." 

But they all declared they could see nothing but the woman and her cow, and the 
poor sick girl thinking they were trying to tease her grew vexed, whereupon they as- 
sured her in all seriousness that they had seen nothing of the funeral she described. 
Dorcas still pointed them out, — saw them put the coffin in the grave and retire;— and 
then sat down and burst into tears and declared it was her brother George's funeral she 
had seen,— and it is asserted by the whole sisterhood that she wrote a memorandum of 
the vision, and that soon after the vessel returned and it was ascertained from the Cap- 
tain that George had died at Havana of yellow fever and was buried precisely in the 
manner described by his sister, — being carried to his grave by four seamen, on the very 
■day she had seen it. 


MARGARET 5 CLEVELAND (AaronS Aaron*, Aaron"), d. Boston, 

Mass., Apr. 30, 1804, a. 55, m. Salem, Mass., Oc;t. 31, 1770, Maj. 
Joseph Hiller, b. Boston, Mar. 24, 0. S. 1748, d. Lancaster, Mass., 
Feb. 9, 1814, a. s. Joseph and Hannah(Weish). Ch. b. Salem : 

-i-1119 Hannah* Hiller, b. Sept. 6, 1771. 

1 120 Dorcas Cleveland* Hiller, b. Sept. "11, 1773, m. Rich- 
ard Jeffry 6 Cleveland + 11 01. 

+ 1121 Margaret* Hiller, b. July 29, 1775. 

1 1 22 Joseph* Hiller, b. June 21, 1777, d. drowned Aug. 22, 
1795, unm., lost overboard from a vessel off Cape of Good Hope. 

1123 Mary* Hiller, b. Jan. 31, 1779, m. as 1st w. William 
Cleveland + 1102. 

-f-1124 Lucy* Hiller, b. Dec. 25, 1780. 

The following tribute is paid to Margaret 5 by her daughter, 
Dorcas C. : 

" My venerable, respected, and beloved mother, of whom I cannot be expected to 
speak impartially, yet of whom I may be pardoned for speaking in glowing language 
and with affectionate warmth, I will not pretend either that she was a perfect being or 
that she approached nearer to it than any of her family ; but if she did not equal them in 
some intellectual endowments, she certainly did exceed them in the best qualities of the 
heart, and, altogether, formed as pure, as blameless, and as actively useful a character 
as it has been my lot to meet." 

Margaret 5 is buried in the Sewall tomb. 

Maj. Joseph Hiller came to Salem May, 1770. He was capt. 
of volunteers in exped. to R. I., 1781 ; maj. U. S. A. Revolution ; 
was ap., 1789, by Pres. George Washington the first Col. of Cus- 
toms, after Revolution, of Ports o£ dist. of Salem and Beverly ; 
he retired Aug. 12, 1802. A fine portrait of him, painted from 
life, still adorns the walls of the Salem Custom House. 



Essex Ins. Col., Ill, 152. — Joseph Hiller adm. Jan. 25, 1780, to Essex Lodge, appoint- 
ed Master Mar. 30, 1781. 

Maj. Joseph Hiller was of great mechanical ingenuity. Of rare purity and excellence 
of character. Removed to Boston, and is buried in the Old Commons Cemetery. 

Hiller ancestry .—Joseph 1 , b. Watford, Hertfordshire, Eng., June 28, 1653, to Boston 
Sept. 21, 1677, m. B. June u, 1684, Elizabeth or Susannah Dennis, b. May 2g, 1655; Benja- 
min 2 , b. Jan. ig, 1688, m. Elizabeth Russell, b. 1697 ; Joseph 3 Hiller, Bost. Charlestown, 
m. Hannah "Welch or Welsh. 4 "* 

Welch ancestry . — S arms. : Walsh; n : Walshe ; 8: Welch; i-: Welche ; 9: 
WELSH ; 2 : WELSHE (Shadesley, Worcester co., Eng.). Ar. a fesse betw. 6 marthets sa. 
Crest — Griffin's head . . Sergt. Thomas', b. 1622, Chariest. 1650, m. Elizabeth Upham, b. 
1629, da. John and Elizabeth of Weymouth ; Thomas 2 , b. July 7, 1655, m. Hannah Mousal 3 ; 
Thomas 3 , m. Elizabeth Hurd 8 ; Hannah* Welch, m. Joseph Hiller 3 . 

Hurd ancestry : — Vert, a bend erm. betw. 3 escallops ar. Crest —A bear's head sa. 
muzzled gu. betw. 2 wings. . . . John 1 , Boston, 1639 ; Jacob 2 , m. Anna Wilson, da. Benj. 
and Anna; Jacob 3 , m. Elizabeth Tufts 3 ; Elizabeth* Hurd, m. Thomas Welch 3 . 

Tttfts ancestry : — Peter 1 , b. 1617, fr. Eng., Chariest., Maiden side, bef. 1638, with bro. 
Wm. Bridge, kept ferry 1646, m. Mary Pierce, b. 1627, da. Thomas, b. 1584, and Elizabeth 
of Chariest., 1634 ; Capt. Peter 2 , m. 1st Elizabeth Lynde 3 ; Elizabeth 3 Tufts, m. Jacob 
Hurd 3 . 

Lynde ancestry . — Dea. Thomas 1 [see +27], m. 1st , she d. in Eng.; Thomas 2 , b. 

Eng., m. Elizabeth, b. 1612 ; Elizabeth 3 Lynde, m. Peter Tufts 2 . 

Mousall ancestry: — Dea. Ralph 1 , Chariest. 1630, m. Alice; Thomas 2 , b. 1632, m. 1st 
Mary Richardson, da. Samuel and Joanna of Woburn ; Hannah 3 Mousal, m. Thomas 
Welch 2 . Wyman's Charlestown. 


LUCY 6 CLEVELAND (Aaron*), d. Salem, Mass., Aug. 20, 
1787, a. 38, m. S. 1767, Samuel Blyth. Ch. : 

+ 1125 Stephen Cleveland* Blyth, b. Jan. 20, 1771, and 4 sons 6 , 
d. infants or in childhood. 

Concerning Lucy 5 Mrs. D. C. Cleveland wrote : 

"Lucy was lively, sensible, enterprising, and resolute. Had she been a man she 
would have mounted over all obstacles to eminence and wealth. Had she lived in age of 
refinement and intellectual cultivation she would certainly have attained celebrity. Her 
whole life was spent in supporting her own station in society, which, by her fine powers, 
she did do effectually; but she died early, leaving only one child, — a son, — on whom 
she doated." 

Samuel Blyth removed from Salem to Canada. 


ABIGAIL 6 " CLEVELAND (Aaron*, Aaron 3 , Aaron 2 ), m. Salem, 

Mass., Oct. 7, 1804, 1805, as 2d w., Capt. Thomas Hartshorne, b. 
Reading, Mass., 1742, d. Salem May 6, 1819, s. Thomas and 
Abiah. s. p. Capt. Thomas Hartshorne came to Salem 1783, 
was an officer in Salem Custom House. Soldier in French and 
Indian war. Served in Revolution as captain 8th Mass., Col. 
Michael Jackson. The bravery of this regiment is well known. 
Was for many years deacon of First Church, Salem, most exem- 
plary and highly respected. Salem Gazette : 

Essex Ins. Col., Ill: 132. — Thomas Hartshorn admitted to Essex Lodge F. A. A. M. 
July 5, 1 791, chosen Master Dec. 3, 1805. 

Capt. Thomas Hartshorne m. ist Tamar Flint. 

Hartshorn ancestry. — Arms : Hartshorne. Ar. chev. gu. betw. 3 bucks' heads. 
Crest — Buck's head. Thomas 1 , Reading, a first sett, freem. 1648, m. ist Susan ; Thomas 2 
Hartshorn, b. Sept. 30, 1648, of Haverhill, took oath of fidel. Nov. 28, 1677. 



ELIZABETH 5 CLEVELAND (Aaron*, Aaron*, Aaron*), m. Apr. 

12, 1803, as 2d w. Nathaniel Ropes, b. Salem or Dan vers, Mass., 
June 13, 1759, s. Nathaniel and Priscilla (Sparhawk), s. p. 

Elizabeth was much celebrated for beauty, sense, and taste. 
Her thirst for knowledge outstripped any of her family. — Ms. 
of I). C. Cleveland. 

Nathaniel Ropes dwelt at Salem, merchant. He died prior 
to death of his wife, and left a fortune. 

Ropes ancestry.— Arms: Rope (Rope and Staple, Chester co., Eng. ; Tunstall, De- 
von co.). Ar. lion ramp. gu. betw. 8 pheons sa. Crest — Lion ramp, or, in dexter paw 
pheonsa. George 1 , fr. Eng. Salem 1637, constable, m. Mary; John 2 , b. July 4, 1647, m. 
Lydia Wells; Nathaniel 4 Ropes, H. C, 1745, judge of Sup. Court of theProv., m. Priscilla 
Sparhawk. 5 

Sparhawk, Sparrowhawk ancestry. — Dea. Nathaniel 1 , fr. Braintree or Dedham, Es- 
sex co., Eng. ; Cambridge, Mass., 1638 (prob. bro. of John of C.) ; rep. m. 2d, Catharine \. 
Nathaniel 3 , b. Eng., m. Patience Newman 3 ; Rev. John 3 , b. 1674, H. C. 1689, Bristol, Bris- 
tol co., R. I., no. Elizabeth Poole ; Rev. John*, b. 1713, H. C. 1731, minister of Salem, Hav- 
erhill, m. Jane Porters ; Priscilla^ Sparhawk, m. Nathaniel Ropes 4 . 

Porter ancestry.— John 1 , j ,Samuel 2 , Samuel 3 , Aaron 4 [see +119]; Jane? Porter, m. 
John Sparhawk 4 . 

Newman ancestry. — 17 arms : (Mamhead, Devon co., Bart.). Sa. 3 demi lions ramp. 
Crest — Lion ramp. Motto — Ubi amor ibi fides. . . . Richard 1 ; Rev. Samuel 2 , b. Ban- 
bury. Oxford co., Eng., bap. May =+, r6o=, matric. Trinity, Oxf., Mar. 3, 1620, benefice 
Midhope, Ecclesfield, York co., 1625-35, came, 1636, Dorchester, Weymouth, Rehoboth, m. 
Sybel ; Patience 3 Newman, m. Nathaniel Sparhawk 2 . — Essex Ins. Col. ; Savage. 


MOSES 5 CLEAVELAND ([PMoses 4 , Aaron", Aaron 2 , Moses 1 ]), d. 

prob. Morrisville, Madison co., N. Y., 1817, a. ab. 72, m. Nor- 
wich, Conn., Feb. 20, 1766, Phebe Fergo or Fargo, b. N. Feb. 14, 
1747-8, a da. Aaron and Sarah. Ch. : 

+1126 Aaron 6 Cleaveland, b. Nov. 10, 1766, Norwich. 

-I-1127 Phebe 6 Cleaveland, b. Aug. 16, 1768, Norwich. 

+ 1128 Erastus 8 Cleaveland, b. June 20, 1771, Norwich. 

+ 1129 Eunice 6 Cleaveland, b. Oct. 3, i777, > Norwich. 

-I-1130 William Pitt 6 Cleaveland, b. Feb. 22, 1779, Nor- 

+ 1131 Sarah 6 Cleaveland, b. Sept. 4, 17 81, New London, 

Lt. Moses 6 Cleaveland lived at Norwich and New London, 
and finally at Morrisville, N. Y. He was one of Washington's 
most trusted scouts in the Revolution. His son, Gen. Erastus* 
Cleaveland, in his written statement says : " My father's name 
was Moses ; he was born in Norwich. During the Revolutionary 
war he was a great advocate for his country, had a commission as 
lieutenant in a company of cavalry stationed at Roxbury." 
[During the siege of .Boston ? 

Conn. Men in Revolution z8 — mentions: Marched "from Sundry Places." "For 
the relief of Boston &c. in Lexington Alarm, Apr. 1775, and formed into an Independent 
and Ranging co. at Roxbury." Moses Cleaveland, It., 1 month 4 days in service.] 



Gen. Erastus Cleveland thought that Gen. Moses Cleveland, 
founder of Cleveland, O., was cousin to his father. Third cousin 
was not improbably the relationship. Rhode Island Colonial 
Records : ^ 

, VII. 3QS — Mr. Moses Cleveland, a trusty and active person first post between 
Norwich and Boston. 

It is believed by the oldest and best informed of his de- 
scendants that he was the Moses, the son of Moses Cleaveland 
and of Mary his wife, b. May 23, 1745 — Wethersfield, Conn, rec. 
Ac. to family tradition Moses 5 was aged over 60 years at death. 
He is buried at Morrisville, N! Y. 

Fargo, Fergo, Firgo ancestry and record . — Moses 1 , New London 1680, Norwich ab. 
1690, obtained 16(54 grant of land on hill above rocks where his house stands ; on roll 1702 
— Caulkins' Norwich, 228, 304., a smith, d. N. 1726, m. Sarah. Ch : 8 : Moses 2 , b 1691 ; 
Aaron 2 , m. Sarah. Ch. : Ichabod 3 , b. Aug. 12, 1731, Jabez", Nov. 15, 1733, Jason 3 , Oct. 20, 
1735, Daniel 3 , Oct. 24, 1737, Elisha 3 , Nov. 18, 1739, Sarah 3 , Oct. 1, 1741, d. Apr. 24, 1755, 
Phebe 8 , b. Aug. 7, d. Sept. 2, 1744, Samuel* Nov. 30, 1745;, Phebe 3 (ag.), m. MOSES CLEAVE- 
LAND 6 , Elisha 3 Fergo (ag.), b. Sept. 5, 1751 — Norwich t. r. ,- Savage. 


JOHN 5 CLEVELAND ([PMoses*, Aaron 3 , Aaron"]), d. Leicester 
Livingston co., N. Y., Sept. 3, 1832, a. 82, m. 1st, Preston, Conn., 
Apr. 21, 1773, Eunice Cutler or Burrell ; she d. Norwich, New 
' London co., Conn., Aug. 12, 1782. He m. 2d, Norwich, Dec. n, 
1783. Jerusha Bushnell, b. N. July 8, 1754, a da. David and 
Mary (Leffingwell), B. He tn. 3d, Mrs. Sarah (Torrey) Fen- 
ton ; she d. N. Y. state af. 1837, wid. Ch. by 1st m.: 

1 132 Waterous" or Waters 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 11, 1773, 
Preston, d. Aug., Nov. 18, 1776. 

+1133 Sarah 6 Cleveland, b. July 2, 1776, Scotland, Conn., 
or Preston. 

-(-1134 Polly Cleveland, b. Aug. 8, 1778, Norwich, Conn. 

-(-1 135 Burrell 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 1, 17 81, N. By 2d m. : 

-f-1136 John 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 25, 1785, or Mar. 4, 1787, N. 

+ 1137 Shubael 6 Cleveland, b. July 14, 1788. 

+ 1138 Daniel" Cleveland, b. June 22, 1791, Norwich, Conn. 

+ 1139 Eunice 6 Cleveland, b. May 7, 1793. 

John 5 Cleveland dwelt in Preston, Scotland, Norwich, and 
Stafford, Conn. At Norwich he dwelt on Bean Hill, and his 
1st wife owned the property where the wharf now is. Early 
in the present century he rem. to Livingston co., N. Y., with 
son Burrill and daughter Polly. Farmer and mechanic. Gen. 
Erastus 6 Cleveland spoke of his uncle John, though none of 
John's descendants ever visited the Gen. Statements conflict 
concerning name of 1st wife. Perhaps she was a widow, 
Mrs. Eunice (Burrell) Cutler. Mrs. Sarah (Torrey) Fenton 
had by 1st m. Ch. : Betsey Fenton, m. Col. Daniel 1 Gates 

+ 33°5- 


Bushnell ancestry of Jerusha Bushnell : — Arms : BUSHNELL, Ar. 5 fusils in fesse 
gu. in chief 3 mullets sa. Crest— On ducal coronet wivern . . . Richard 1 , Saybrook, 
m. Oct. 11, 1648, Mary Marvyn, b. 1632, da. Matthew and Elizabeth of Hartford, 1638 ; 
Joseph 2 , b. May, 1651, of Norwich, m. Mary Leffingwell, da. Lt. Thomas of Sayb. Ch. : 
Joseph 3 , Jonathan 3 , Nathaniel 3 , Jerusha 3 Bushnell, b. Nov. 17, 1695, prob. aunt of Jeru- 
sha 4 Bushnell. 


SAMUEL 5 CLEVELAND ( ['Moses*, Aaron 3 , Aaron 2 ]), d. Char- 

don, Geauga co., Ohio, May 30, 1839, a. 86, m. Preston, Conn., 
May 22, 1777, Mercy or Marcy Wilbur, b. Rhode Island, Apr. 2, 
1759, d. Mentor or Chardon, Ohio, Sept. 15, 1849, P er - da. 
George and Susannah. Ch. : 

+ 1140 Ralph* Cleveland, b. June 5, 1778, Preston, Conn. 
Samuel 8 Cleveland, b. Oct. 9, 1780, Norwich, d. N. 
Oct. 5, 1784. 

-f-1141 Moses 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 7, 1782, Norwich, Conn. 
Samuel 6 Cleveland (ag.), b. Oct. 6, 1784, N., d. N. 
Nov. 1, 1785. 

+1142 Sarah 8 Cleveland, b. Sept. 25, 1786, New Haven, 
Conn. "~~ 

-f 1143 Susanna* Cleveland, b. Feb. 6, 1789, New Haven, 

-f-1144 George Wilber 6 Cleveland, b. June 17, 1791, New 
Haven, Conn. 

+ 1145 William 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 6, 1793, New Haven, 

-f-1146 John 8 Cleveland, b. Oct. 5, 1795, Chesterfield, Mass. 

+1147 Polly 6 Cleveland, b. June 29, 1797, Chesterfield. 

+1148 Maria 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 25, 1799, Chesterfield. 

+1149 Laura 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 31, 1805, Gorham, N. Y. 

Samuel 5 Cleveland served through the Revolution. While 
at Roxbury, Mass., under Washington, Samuel 5 was detailed 
with a squad to search for an Indian scout, Abimilic Uncus, 
whom Washington had sent out to watch the British, and who 
did not return on time. The squad captured the scout while 
he was returning to camp, and by the intercession of Samuel 5 
escaped punishment. In gratitude the Indian presented Sam- 
uel 6 a large powder horn beautifully engraved with a likeness 
of Washington, the Roxbury church, &c, and inscribed " Made 
at Roxbury camp 1775, and presented to Samuel Cleveland my 
noble friend." It was preserved in the family many years. 
Samuel 5 rem. 1780 from Norwich Landing, to New Haven, 
thence, 1793, to Gorham, now Hopewell, N. Y. About 1828 he 
settled at Chardon. 

Epitaph on gravestone at Chardon : 

" Soldier, rest, thy battle done, True in life— in memory blest, 
All thy toils and marches o'er, Angels bear thee to thy rest." 



His wife Mercy is buried by his side. The mother of Mercy 
Wilber m. 2d, Myers. 


Simon" AdairiS (Miriam*, Moses", Aaron*, Mosesi), d. Columbia, 

N. Y., Feb. 2, 1825, a. 79, m. 1st, Dinah Spaulding, she d. New 
Marlborough, Mass., ab. 1771, da. perhaps Aaron, but prob. of 
Samuel and Susanna. He m. 2d, prob. New M. ab. 1778, Han- 
nah Taft, she d. prob. Columbia, a da. Robert and Deborah 
(Lovett). Ch. by 1st m. : 

Rachel 6 Adams, b. Jan. 22, 1767, New M., m. 1790, 
Asa Pole, lived at New Marlborough. 

+ 1150 Aaron 1 Adams, b. July 22, 1771, New Marlborough, 

Moses 6 Adams, b. July 22, 177 1, New M., m. Nov. 25, 
1790 (Phebe Hutchinson?), lived somewhere in N. Y. state. 
By 2d m. : 

Barney* Adams, b. Apr. 8, 1779, New M., d. Columbia, 
N. Y., Feb. 4, 1805, not known whether m., lived at New Marl- , 
borough and Columbia. 

Alice 6 Adams, b. Apr., 1783, New M., d. Columbia, 
Oct. 6, 1808, not known whether m. 

+ 115 1 Chauncey 6 Adams, b. Sep. 30, 1794, Columbia, N. Y. 

Hannah 6 Adams, b. Columbia, d. Galesburg, 111., 1872, 
m. Dunn., lived Galesb. 

Clarissa 6 Adams, b. Columbia, d. Galesb., Feb. 12, 
1852, m. Isaac Mills, res. Galesburg, 1895. 

Daniel* Adams, b. July, 1803, Columbia, d. C, Sept. 
10, 182 1, not known whether m. Dwelt at Columbia. 

Abby 6 Adams, b. Columbia, d. C, not known whether 

Capt. Simon'' Adams was a soldier in the war of the Revolu- 
tion. Lived at New Marlboro and Columbia, farmer. 

Spaulding- ancestry: — Edward 1 [see +68] unquestionably the ancestor. Aaron 
Spaulding who adopted Aaron 6 Adams was uncle or grandfather, though Samuel 
Spaulding o£ New Marlborough — it is inferred from old deeds in possession of Mr. John 
Quincy 8 Adams of St. Paul, Minn., — will dated 1776, mentions son, Uriah Spaulding,|filed 
1780, m. Susannah, was prob. father of : Dinah Spaulding, m. Simon Ada?>is*. 


Moses* Adams (Miriam*, Moses", Aaron=) d. at Valley Forge, 
Pa., 1778, m. Ann Willard. (She m. 2d, see below.) Ch. : 

+ 1 1 5 2 Moses" Adams. 

Lyman* Adams, d. in Pa. Norman* Adams, d. Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Moses" Adams was a Revolution soldier. Mrs. Ann (Willard) 



Adams m. 2d, McKeever, and moved from Lenox, Mass., to 
Broadalbin, N. Y. 


ZebediaJl 5 Adams (Miriam*, Moses", Aaron", Mosesi), d. New 

Marlborough, Mass., Aug. 3, 1837, a. 84, m. New M. ab. 1782, 
Abigail Taft, b. New M. 1761, d. there May 15, 1814, a da. of 
Robert and Deborah (Lovett). Ch. b. New Marlborough : 

Obadiah" Adams, b. Apr. .14, 1783, d. Aug. 3, 1837, m. 
Feb. 12, 1807, Lucy Church, residence, Wolcott, N. Y. 
4- 1 153 Warren* Adams, b. October 8, 1784. 

William 6 Ada?ns, b. Nov. 4, 1786, m. 18 10, Roxalena 
Stow, settled in Ohio. 

Betsey 9 Adams, b. Nov. 14, 1788, d. Apr. 20, 1850, unm. 
Polly* Adams, b. May 28, 1793, d. Feb. 11, 1861, m. 
June, 1 814, Mark Norton. 

-|-i 154 Harry 9 Adams, b. March 11, 1795. 

Chauncey 6 Adams, b. Mar. 1, 1797, "ran away when 
young, never heard from," " removed west." 
4-1155 Milton 6 Adams, b. July 24, 1799. 

Barney 6 Adams, b. May 1, 1804, d. 1878, m. Harriet 
T. Williams of Stockbridge, Mass., she d. 1878. Of New Marl- 
borough ch. : several ; their only surviving child, Berend or 
Bernard William 1 Adams, b. ab. 1856, of Kansas City, Mo., 1895, 

Zebediah 5 Adams, residence New Marlborough, was a soldier 
in the Revolution ; minuteman at Lexington, afterwards ser- 
geant in the Mass. troops. 

Taft, Taffe ancestry : — Robert 1 Taffe, b. Eng., 1640, of Mendon, Mass., 1665-82, com- 
plained of as trad, with Ind., Bristol, R. I., 1684, d. Mendon, Feb. 9, 172s, m. Sarah, she d. 
1725 ; Robert 3 Taft, b. Mendon, 1674, d. M., Apr. 29, 1748, m. M., 1694, Elizabeth ; Capt. 
Robert 3 , b. M., Dec. 24, 1697, in colonial forces, rep., d. M., 1776, m. Nov. 20, 1720, Mary 
Chapin 4 , b. Apr. 30, 1700, d. 1776 ; Robert* Taft, b. 1724, d. New Marlborough, 1776, m. 
Mendon, Deborah Lovett 4 . 

Lovett, Lovett ancestry \Savage evidently uses the names synonymously] 28 arms: 
LOVELL ; 1 : LOVELL or LUVEL ; 2 : LOVELL or LOVET (Buckinghamshire, Eng.) : Sa. 3 
square padlocks ar, . (Baron Lovell, Castle Kary co., Somerset, Eng., summ. to Par- 
liament, 1348.) . . . Daniel 1 Lovett or Lovell, Boston, Mass., 1640, lived with his 
mother in that part which became Braintree, Mass., to Mendon ab. 1665, with early set- 
tlers, freeman, 1673, d. M., 1, 24, 1691, m. Braintree, Joanna Blott, da. Robert & Susanna ; 
Capt. James 8 Lovett, b. Braintree, May, July, 8, 1648, d. Mendon, m. M., Jan. 20, 1668, 
Hannah Tyler, b. Andover, Mass., da. Job & Mary, Maj. Daniels, b. Mendon, Sept. 1, 
1680, d. M., Sept., 1748, m. 2d, Apr. n, 1724, Abigail Thompson 3 , b. Braintree or Boston, 
Mass., Nov. 25, 1670 ; Deborah 4 Lovett m. Robert Taft 4 . 

Tliompson, Thomson, Tompson, Tomson ancestry :— n arms : Thomson; 29 : Thomp- 
son : (London). Gu. a lion pass, guard, or within a bordure ar. Crest — A lion ramp, 
git. . . . Rev. William 1 , b. Lancashire, Eng., ab. 1599, matric. at Brazen Nose coll., 
Oxford, Eng., Jan. 28, 1620, preached at Wiriwick, Lancashire, Eng., came 1637, engaged 
first at Kittery or York, ordained at Braintree, in co. with Rev^ Henry Flint, Sept. 24 or 
Nov. 19, 1639, of B., gov., 1640, granted him 120 acres, freem., 1656, d. Dec. io, 1666, m. 1st, 
in Eng., Abigail, she d. Jan. 1, 1643 ; Dr. Benjamin 2 , b. Braintree, July 14, 1642, of B. 
town elk., 1696, d. Apr. 13, 1714, m. Susanna Kirtland, prob. b. Mar. 8, 1652, and prob. da. 
Philip & Alice of Lynn, Mass. ; Abigail 3 Thompson m. Daniel Lovett 8 . 



Chapin ancestry : — Dea. Samuel 1 from Eng., Roxbury, Mass., 1638, the founder of 
Springfield, Mass., d. S., Nov. 11, 1675, m. Cicely, called Sisly on records, whom he 
"brought from Eng. ; Capt Josiah 2 , b. Eng., 1634, of Mendon, was in Mass. colonial forces, 
rep., d. Mendon, Sept. 10, 1726, m. Weymouth, Mass., Nov., 1658, Mary King, b. Eng., 
July 15, 1639, d. Mendon, Apr. 30, 1676, da. of John of Weymouth ; Capt Seth 3 , b. Brain- 
tree, Aug. 4, 1668, of Mendon, was in colonial forces,_d. Mendon, Apr. 1, 1746, m. Mar. or 
Apr. 2p, 1691, Bethia Thurston 3 , b. Medfield, Apr. 30, 1672, d. Mendon, Mar. 2, 1744 ; Mary* 
Chapin m. Robert Taft 3 . 

Thurston, Thirston ancestry .■ — 1 arms : Thurstone ; 4: Thurston: (Kent) Sa. a 
chev . betw. 3 buglehorns. Crest — Out of a plume of five ostrich feathers a demi griffon. 
Motto— Thurst on . . . John*, b. 1601, bap. ac. to parish reg., Wrentham co., Suf- 
folk, Eng., Jan. 13, 1601, a carpenter, came in the Mary Ann of Yarmouth, 1637, of Ded- 
ham, Mass., d. Nov. 1, 1685, m. Margaret, b. 1605, whom he brot. ; John", b. Eng., Aug. 3, 
163s, brot. from Eng. by his f. 1637, of Medfield, rep. 1683, d. Mar. 3, 1712, m. Oct. 4, 1660, 
Mary Wood 2 , b. Dec. 25, 1642, d. Nov. 13, 1722 ; Bethia 3 Thurston, m. Seth Chapin 3 . 

Wood, Woods ancestry : — 4 arms: Woods; 81: Wood: (Yorkshire) Az. 3 woodmen 
in fesse ppr. with clubs and targets or . . . Nicholas 1 of Braintree, freeman, June 2, 
1641, overseer of John Glover's farm, 1640-54, Dorchester, Mass., a petitioner, 1645, for 
Pumham's Id., Medfield, 1656, will Jan. 16, 1670, ample est., d. Feb. 7, 1670, m. Mary Wil- 
liams, she d. Feb. 19, 1663, da. Robert & Elizabeth (Stratton) ; Mary 2 Wood m. John 
Thurston 2 . 


Aaron 6 Adams (Miriam,* Moses 3 , Aaron 2 ), d. Geneseo, N. Y., 
July 24, 1843, a. 82, m. Lydia Washburn, b. 1772, d. G., July 18, 
1850. Soldier in the Revolution. Ch. : Frances 9 Adams, Vashti* 
Adams, Clara 6 Adams, Eliza 6 Adams. 

+1156 Laura 6 Adams. 


tfob b UlaT&e {Anna*' Richardson, Sarah 3 , Aaron 2 , Mosesi), d. Boston, 

Mass., 1787, a. 41, by accident, m. int. ent. Nov. 21, 1770, Eliza- 
beth Brown. Ch. : 

Job Blake, to.. May 15, 1797, Lucretia Pike. In 1799, 
he is assessed in Ward 1 2, Boston, for state, town, and co. tax. 
He worked in a chandler's store, State St., with Joseph Lover - 
ing. In 1802, still of Ward 12 as tallow chandler in Warren st. 

Daniel 6 Blake. 

William 6 Blake. 
Job* Blake was out of health ab. 1776. Job Blake appears 
first on the tax lists in 1786, in Ward 12, and is called a fisher- 
man. It is said that his wid. rem. with the young children into 
Vt. She was an English lady and a most excellent woman. 

38 5 . 

Anna 5 Slake (Ann* Richardson), d. Boston, Mass.July 9, 1 841, 
a.. 89, m. 1st Capt. John Flowers ; she m. 2d Dec. 2, 1776, Capt. 
Joseph Goddard ; he d. at sea Aug. 17, 1791. She m. 3d Jan. 1 
1792, Robert Price; he d. Boston Sept. 26, 1792. Ch. by 1st m.: 
Anna 6 Flowers, b. Nov. 19, 1773, d. Boston Nov. 24, 
1850, m. Capt. William Kempton, b. New Bedford, Bristol co., 
Mass., Aug. 8, 1766; d. Mar. 11, 1838 ; ch. b. Boston : John Flow- 







ers" 1 Kempton, b. May 12, 1792, d. y. ; William' 1 Kempton, b. Dec. 
7> 1795, d- y- J John Flowers' Kempton (ag.), b. Sept. 12, 1797, d. 
Sept. 2, 1816; Joseph'' Kempton, b. May 25, 1803, d. Sept. 3, 1829. 
By 2d m. : 

John* Goddard, b. Aug. 20, 1777, lost at sea in W. I. 
in gale 1806 ; was shipmaster at age 20 years. 
+ 1157 William* Goddard, b. Oct. 6, 1779. 
+1158 Susan 6 Goddard, b. Aug. 15, 1781. By 3d m. : 
Samuel 6 Price, b. July 26, 1792, Boston. 


John,* Blake (Ann* Richardson, Sarahs, Aaron 2 , Moses*), d. Bangor, 

Me., Jan. i2, 1842, a. 88, m. Wrentham, Mass., May 14, 1782, 
Mary Dupee, orig. Dupuis, b. Wrentham or Boston, Mass., May 
14, 1762, d. Brewer, Me., June 9, 1835, a da. Charles and Han- 
nah (Smith). Ch : 

-I-1159 George 8 Blake, b. May 8, 1783, Wrentham, Mass. 

Sarah 6 ^Blake, b. Jan. 24, 1786, Wrentham, Mass. 

James 6 Blake, b. Oct. 25, 1789, Orrington, Me. 

John 6 Blake, b. Apr. 5, 1792, Brewer, Me., d. young. 

Charles 6 Blake, b. Mar. 29, 1794, Brewer, Me. 

Elias 6 Blake, b. Sept. 24, 1796, Brewer, Me. 
Maj.-Gen. John 5 Blake spent his youth on his father's farm, 
where his chance for education was limited. He was plowing 
in the field Apr. 19, 1775, when the signal of alarm called him 
to arms, just after noon, at Wrentham, and he ent. service as 
Serg. in Capt. Oliver Pond's co., minute-men, 13th Cont. Inf., — 
Col. Joseph Reed. That night they rendezvoused at Roxbury. 
His own narrative of the next 7 years is here inserted, — from 
Memoir of Maj.-Gen. John Blake. By Charles Morris Blake, in 
Bangor Historical Magazine, July, 1886 — being his letter July, 1820. 

" To the Hon. J. C. Calhoun, Esq., Secretary at War, at Washington. 

Sir: Agreeably to your statement of May n, 1820, respecting pensioners I beg 
leave to make to your Honor a statement of some of the military services per- 
formed by myself during the revolution. On April 19, 1775, it is well known the 
battle at Lexington took place, and the sound of war spread with the rapidity of 
lightning through our country. I was at that time a young man of 21, Sergeant 
in the Light Infantry company in Wrentham, 27 miles from Boston, the seat of 
war. This Company was com. by Capt. Oliver Pond. On April 19, I marched 
with this Co. to Roxbury, and enlisted under Capt. Pond as a Sergeant for the 
term of eight months. We were put under com. of Col. Joseph Reed, of Ux- 
bridge, Massachusetts; which Regiment was afterwards known as the 13th Regt. 
U. S. In. I continued in this Regt. 8 months, according to my term of enlist- 
ment. January 1, 1776, I re-enlisted into the same co. and Regt. as a Sergt. for the 
term of 1 year. April 1, 1776, I marched from Roxbury to New York, under the 
com. of Gen. Washington. In August following, I was in the action on Long 
Island, under Lord Stirling; at which time our Co. suffered severely, both in 
killed and wounded. Lord Stirling and the right wing of his army were made 
prisoners. The left wing, in which I was placed, by the skillful maneuvre of Gen. 
Washington, made good their retreat in the twilight of the morning to York 
Island. Sept. 6, following, I was detached, and put under com. of Capt. Gleason, 
of the 6th Regt. The next day I was in an action under Capt. Gleason 
on Harlem Heights on N. Y. Island, n. King's Bridge, in which our Ijrave Capt. 
fell, and the Co. suffered very great loss. Sept. 8 I again encountered the enemy 
in an action at East Chester, under com. of Capt. Walbridge of 13th Regt. ; 
at which time our company suffered the loss of 7 killed, 3 wounded. On the 10th 

^ £T'*r 

> , ,^v 

^7 /-C ^ 


I was engaged with the enemy at the White Plains, under Col. M'Doogle, of 
N. Y. The action continued iJ4 hours, when we were overpowered by superior 
numbers, and were obliged to retreat with considerable loss. October 1, Gen. 
Washington was pleased to appoint me an ensign. I did not, however, receive 
my commission until January 1, 1777, which commission I have forwarded to 
the War Department. Our term of enlistment being for 1 year, would expire 
on the first day of 1777. Gen. Washington therefore, about the middle of Dec, 
1776 (knowing that his men's time was nearly out), solicited volunteers for 6 
weeks. I then volunteered, and called for trthers to follow me; when at this 
very depressed state of American affairs, 24 brave soldiers, in defence of their coun- 
try s rights, stepped forward, altho' almost naked, and their feet bare and bleeding 
in the snow; exclaimed that they would follow me in vindication of their country's 
rights wherever I should see fit to lead them. We were then at Peekskill, N. Y., 
on the margin of Hudsons river. After three days' march I found my men's 
feet lacerated by the ice and snow, and bleeding in a shocking manner; insomuch 
that I found it impossible to continue the march in that situation. I then took 
from my pocket the last Dollar, purchased two raw hides and gave them to my 
men, of which they made moccasins, and so were enabled to pursue their march. 
We then continued our march to the forks of the Delaware, from which we went 
to Corills Ferry, on the Delaware. We next marched upon Trenton, where we 
attacked and captured a large body of Hessians. 900 prisoners was the fruit of 
this brilliant affair. This' happened about the 25th of Dec, 1776. Immediately 
after this, a reorganization of the army took place. I was put into Capt. 
Nathan Goodales co. 5th Massachusetts Regt., com. by Col. Rufus Putnam. In 
March, 1777, we joined the Northern Army, com. by Gen. Gates, and I was with 
that Gen. in his retreat from Skeensborough to Fort Edward, and the Half 
Moon. When we had retreated as far as Fort Edward I was sent out by 
Gen. Gates on a scout to Fort George, 14 miles through a wilderness. On my 
return to camp, the Indians having received information of my route, laid an am- 
buscade two mile- before we arrived at Camp, and there fired upon us, and killed 
1 Sergeant and 6 privates. I instantly charged the Savages, and they retired- 
We then took up our dead and wounded and carried them to the camp. Sept. 2 
Gen. Gates sent for me to his quarters, and informed me that a Hessian guard was 
posted ab. 2 miles from his left wing; to ascertain the situation and numbers of 
which he said would be only sport for me to do. On the night of Sept. 3 I took 
a party of men and went out and took their two sentinals, and then their guard, 
consisting of a Lieut, and 18 . men, without the loss of a man. On the first of 
October following, I was notified by Gen. Gates to repair to his quarters, which I 
immediately did. Upon my arrival he told me that the same conduct that took 
a Hessian guard would undoubtedly conquer a British guard. ' There is (said 
he) a British guard posted about one mile in front of my line. The situation of 
the guard, together with the ground, I was informed of yesterday by an Indian." 
The ensuing night, therefore, I took with me a party consisting of 30 men, and went 
and brought off the British guard without any essential loss on our side, 3 men 
only being slightly wounded with the bayonet. Oct. 5 I was detached and put 
under Capt. Shaves, and annexed to Col. Morgan's Regt. of Riflemen, and posted 
on the left of the army. On the morning of the 7th, a guard was sent out from 
our Regt. of Riflemen about 160 rods. About 11 o'clock this guard was attacked 
by a small body of British trbups. I immediately received orders from Col. Mor- 
gan with 36 men, to support the guard, with orders to maintain the ground if 
possible; if not, to retreat to him in good order. Having arrived at the scene of 
action I found the enemy to be vastly superior in numbers. We fought them a 
few moments, lost two men, and then retired to .the Regt. in good order. _ lne 
action soon became general through our line. We fought from, 11 o clock 
A. M. until the twilight of the evening, without the least cessation. Heme 
among the light troops, I had frequently that day to contend with the British 
Grenadiers at the point of the bayonet; but they had constantly .to recede before 
the charge of our brave troops. We encamped on the field of battle In the 
nieht the British army retreated, leaving their dead and wounded on the ground. 
Never perhaps did embattled armies contend with greater obstinacy and persever- 
ance. Our loss that day was 2 Commissioned officers and 17 privates killed out 
of our Company, and 19 wounded. Oct. 17 I was with my own Regt., com by 
Col Putnam, and had no command in the line, but was the bearer of the standard 
nf lipTrt On this dav our Regt., with the rest of the army, were engaged 
with H th ^nemy about 3 hoVs. Ouf.ioss was considerable. Not long after our 
intrepid Commander again drew up his troops, in order once more to > give battle 
to the enemy, but Gen. Burgoyne dreading the event of another conflict , was 
clad to sign the articles of capitulation. From Oct. 17, 177.7. to May 15, i779, 
notning more than the common fatigues and hardships of armies . happened to me 
being on?v engaged in a few skirmishes, too trifling to mention ma statement of 
thk kind On May is, being then encamped at Crumpond, in New York State 
I receded a lme from Gen. Washington, requesting me to repair to his quarters 

quarters. Take, therefore, a party , OI T m "' A t , j obeyed the order, and taking 
together with his men, to my camp. i "J. mettl ?"J, y / °"lly, to Delancev's station, 
with me 37 chosen men, proceeded with a forced ^ ™£* ^^g^^h having 
We were challenged by his ^.fe^WtaKVfc the Col. anS 
taken without opposition, we instantly repairea to tne nous ordere d my men to 
his troops were. quartered. f H ^f/Xskets- and on entering the house 1 received 

orte ^VasL^^ts 1 ^ T£ dlw^yourVm^ instantly, ? or you will all fall 


beneath the bayonets of my soldiers.' I took without further opposition 6 offi- 
cers and 30 privates; also Col. Delancey's servant. The Col. himself being absent, 
escaped capture. I also took from a neighboring stable, 8 horses and their 
equipments, belonging to Col. De Worm's corps of Hessian Cavalry. I now set 
out with my prisoners on my return to camp, and after proceeding at a rapid march 
about 6 miles, was overtaken by a large body of Col. De Worm's cavalry, con- 
sisting of 200 horse, who made repeated attempts to force my guard, but all was 
in vain. Having formed my men into close column, we kept up a scattering but 
incessant fire, which made the numerous and violent charges of the enemy ineffect- 
ual. I succeeded in arriving at camp in safety, with all my prisoners ; but found 
myself much exhausted with the fatigues of the night, and the loss of blood. I 
had 7 men wounded, which we mounted on horseback, and so brought them in 
safety to the camp. This service called forth the public thanks of Gen. Wash- 
ington in my behalf. 

In July, 1779, I was with Gen. Wayne at the storming of the fort at Stony Point, 
and had the honor of commanding one of his advance guards. It may perhaps be 
unnecessary to inform your honor that our arms were crowned with the most 
signal success ; and that the whole garrison, consisting of 500 men, became pris- 
oners to the Americans, 'with a small loss on either side. 

Thus, sir, have I given you, in as concise a manner as possible, a history of 
the most important services which I rendered my Country during her struggle 
with Great Britain. 

Oct. 14, 1780, I received an honorable discharge from Col. Harrison, Gen. Wash- 
ington's Secretary. Gen. Washington manifested much reluctance in consent- 
ing to my resignation, as I had been with him several years, and had ever been 
found a faithful and successful officer. My resignation did violence to my own 
feelings and inclinations. It was with much regret that I left the service of my 
beloved Country. But filial duty and considerations ' triumphed over every other 
consideration. My parents were sickly, were far advanced in life, and were also 
in destitute circumstances, became very anxious for me to retire from the service, 
in order to afford them some assistance in their necessitous situation; it being 
absolutely impossible for me to grant them any pecuniary aid while I remained 
in the army, my pay and emoluments (owing to the depreciation of our paper cur- 
rency) being scarcely ^sufficient for my own maintenance. I accordingly com- 
plied with what I considered my duty, and so left the army. 

From the commencement of the war to the date of- my resignation, in 1780, I 
performed every tour of duty assigned me, being always in health, and ever ready 
to meet my fate. ' 

When I entered the service I had $150 which I had accumulated by my in- 
dustry. When I left it, I was not worth a dollar. In April, '82, I was married. 
In '87 I removed from Boston to Penobscot River (Maine). 1 went back 6 miles 
from the river into the wilderness, and the same distance from any inhabitant, 
purchased 100 acres of wild land upon credit where I now live, and where I have 
suffered so many hardships and privations, and by incessant labor accumulated a 
small estate, which will be set forth to your honor in a schedule which will be 
herewith transmitted. I am now 67 years old, and my health, owing to my age, 
and the hardships and fatigues of my life, is very much impaired, so that labor is 
no longer practicable. I have 4 sons, who have all become of age, and have left 

I received a pension certificate from your Honor, dated Apr. 10, 1819, as an offi- 
cer on the pension list, for services performed in the revolutionary war between 
the U. S. and Great Britain, the No. of which is 9162; and I cannot but hope and be- 
lieve that your Honor will continue to me the small pittance, to cheer and make 
glad my few remaining days. 

I am, dear sir, your Hon.'s friend and hum. Serv't. Very respectfully, 

[Signed] JNO. BLAKE." 

He was a soldier in all his bearing, trained 1777-8, with the officers by Baron 
Von Steuben, Maj. Gen. of Drills. He went from Wrentham, Ms., Apr., 1786, to 
Penobscot River country Dist. of Me., and spent the season surveying the un- 
explored region opposite Bangor with a view of bringing in a colony. In 1787 
he entered this region with his wife and 2 children, built a log cabin S. of Potash 
Hill (6 mi. E. of the river), near the Congregational church in Holden (then 
Orrington), afterward Brewer. It was named by him New Wrentham Settlement. 
Here he led a busy, laborious life, caring for the white settlement and for the 
Penobscot Indians, whose Agt. lie was on the part of Ms. for 30 years. He rep- 
resented, 1800-1820, the Eastern Dist., Hancock Co. General Court of Ms. He 
held military commissions from all the Governors of Ms. who promoted him suc- 
cessively from Lieut, in 1786 to Maj. Gen. in 1816. In 1799 he was appointed by 
Pres. Adams, Capt. 15th Inf. U. S. A., under Lt. Gen. Washington. The war 
of 1812 was very trying to Gen. Blake, who could not give himself orders, and of 
course, as his papers show, received no campaign orders, not even to use precau- 
tions against surprise. While Gen. Jackson was fighting at New Orleans, Blake, 
then Brigadier General, was working on his farm. The Penobscots were all bound 
in firmest ties to him by the justice and liberality of Ms. Suddenly the British 
Admiral, Aug. 27, 1814, sails from Halifax with 8 men-of-war and 4,000 Waterloo 
veterans, bound to valley of the Penobscot to annex it to British N. A. Brig.- 
Gen. Blake was present at the battle of Hampden, Sep. 3, 1814, where the very 
British battalions who conquered Napoleon turned the scale against us. A 
Court of Inquiry approved of Brig.-Gen. Blake's conduct and he was promoted by 



Gov. Caleb Strong, 1816, to Maj.-Gen., 10th Div. Mass. In 1854 Gen. Blake 
broke his arm by a fall on ice, and in 1834 fractured his femur, but perfectly re- 
covered. After holding every office in the gift of his people, he was chosen, 
1829, Pres. of Brewer Temperance Soc. From that day intoxicating drinks were 
banished from the sideboard of his mansion. No pension was allowed Gen. Blake 
till 1832, though in the Revolution he had spent his last dollar (of several hundred 
laid by to purchase land), in buying green hides to make moccasins to protect the 
bleeding feet of his men, not one cent of which was ever refunded him. 

•The close of the General's life was peaceful and happy, stir- 
rounded by children and grandchildren. His remains repose 
on the mound-like eminence overlooking New Wrentham, now 

Dupee, Dupuis ancestry : — The Dupee family, of Huguenot origin, went from near 
Bordeaux, France, via La RocheUe, to Eng., where a branch still lives at Eton College 
Cloisters, of whom is Capt. Arthur Edward Dupuis 6 , R. N. (Rev. George John 6 , George 1 , 

Rev. Abraham 8 , Philip*, 1, of Bordeaux). John, Charles, and Charles Dupee, Jr., 

a Huguenot family of Picardy, France, who fled persecution and came to Boston, 1685. 
Jean 1 Dupuis the elder, 1704, of French Protestant (Hug.) chh., Boston; Charles 2 ; 
Charles 3 , m. Hannah Smith, b. July 16, 1737. Ch. : Elizabeth 1 , m. Col. Solomon Blake, 
Lydia 4 , m. Billings Barstow, Mary 4 , m. Gen. John Blake", James 4 Dupee of Walpole m. 
Esther Hawes. 

Smithancestry:—88arms: Smyth; 10: Smythe ; 141: Smith : (Madford and Exe- 
ter, Devon co., Eng.). Sa. a fesse cotised betw. 3 martlets or. Crest — A greyhound se- 
jant gu. collared, and line reflexed over the back or. . . . John 1 , b. ab. 1585, no doubt 
fr. Devon co., Eng., man of distinction, served as quartermaster British Army, Nether- 
lands, came at past mid. age in "Mary and John," Dorchester 1630, brought family, 
prob, sons John and Lawrence. Perhaps ancestor of James 4 of Walpole, Mass., bef. 1737: 
Hannah 6 Smith m. Charles Dupee 3 . Or : Henry 1 ; Samuel 2 ; James 3 ; James 4 ; Hannah 5 
Smith.— See Genealogies of Hadley Families. 


DOTC€LS % BlaJee (Ann* Richardson, Sarah 3 , Aaron 2 ), d. CharleStOWn, 

Mass., 1846, a. 89, m. 1st, Frost, he d. after 11 months. She m. 
2d, Lapham, he d. soon after. She m. 3d, ab. 18 16, Capt. Thos. 
Rice, a prominent man. Ch. by 1st m.: 

Olive 6 Frost. By 2d m.: Son*, d. 
Rev. C. M. 1 Blake saw Dorcas* in Boston with his great uncle 
Willing'' Blake. 


Mary 6 Blake (Ann* Richardson), d. in Vt., m. 1st, Jeremy 
Frost, 2d, Goddard, 3d, Price. 


Willing* BlaJee (Ann* Richardson), d. prob. on the old home- 
stead, North Warren, Knox co., Me., June 18, 1844, a. 82, m. prob. 
Walpole, Mass., May 27, 1792, Mary Lindley, b. prob. Walpole, 
1766, d. prob. North Warren, Me., May 30, 1842. Ch. : 

1 1 64 John Warren 6 Blake, b. Sept. 14, 1793, d. N. Warren, 
June 12, 1874, unm. 

+ 1165 Mary 6 Blake, b. June 23, 1796, Warren, Me. 

1 166 Elono? Blake, b. Sept. 10, 1798, 1. on the homestead, 
N. Warren. 


1 167 Harvey 6 Blake, b. Sept. 14, 1801, d. Sept. 20, 1869, m. 
Sept. 20, 1854, Theresa F. Crouse, I'd N. Warren, storekeeper. 

1 168 Hannah 6 Blake, b. Jan. 5, 1804, d. Apr. 16, 1872, m. 
Sept., 1856, Ward Adams of Franklin, Mass., I'd F. 

1 1 69 Daraxa Lindley 9 Blake, b. Jan. 24, 1809, lived on the 
homestead, N. Warren, unm. 

Capt. Willing* Blake refn., June, 1794, to N. Warren, and set- 
tled, where his descendants still remain, on what is known as 
the Blake farm. He was captain of a militia company in War- 
ren, 1798. Yeoman. 


Susan 5 Slake (a?™* Richardson), d. Boston, Mass., m. Stevens, 
he d. She survived him and taught school in Boston. Ch. : 3. 


LAND (Aaron*, Benjamins, Aaron», Moses*), m. ISt, Wattsburg, Vt., Je- 
mima White of Wattsb. He m. 2d, Granville, Hampden co., 
Mass., Sarah Hamilton, b. G., d. Vt., a da. Thomas. Ch. by 
1st m.: 

-(-1 1 70 Peter 6 Cleveland, b. '■ ab. 1778, in Mass. 

1 17 1 Alpheus" Cleveland, left 'Shoreham, Addison co., 
Vt, 1808, went to Mackinaw, Mich., 1812, on trapping tour, 
never heard from, thought killed by Indians. By 2d m., b. 
Hartland, Hartford co., Conn.: 

+1172 Philemon 6 Cleveland, b. May 12, 1784. 

+ 1173 William Hamilton 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 7, 20, 1786, 
Blandford, Hampden co., Mass. 

+1174 Orrason 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 10, 1789. 

-f-1175 Sally 8 Cleveland, b. Mar. 3, 1791. 

Capt. Noadiah 5 Cleveland, called Dyer by the will of his 
father, who leaves him 100 acres land in Hampton, Rocking- 
ham co., N. H. Entered the Continental army. Capt. Shubael 
Griswold was appointed capt., Torrington, Litchfield co., Conn., 
Dec, 1776, and Mar. 4, 1777 ; among the "marching men" was 
Dyer Cleveland of Litchfield, and he was at taking of Ft. St. 
John's, Crown Point, and Montreal. After Revolution he set- 
tled at Hartland ; shoemaker. 


SYBIL 8 CLEVELAND (Aaron*, Benjamins, Aaron*), m. Azariah 

Orton, dwelt Litchfield, Conn., and many years at Florence 
Oneida co., N. Y. Ch. : 



+ 1 1 76 Olive* Orion, b. Nov. 10, 1788, Litchfield. Prob. 
Others 6 . 

396. ■> 

AARON 5 CLEVELAND (Aaron«, Benjamins, Aaron'), d. prob. 

Cayuga co., N. Y., ab. 1806, a. ab. 397 m. prob. in Conn., name 
of wife not learned. (She m. 2d, see below.) Ch. : 

+1177 Brainard 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 15, 1790, in Conn. 

+117S Betsey 6 Cleveland, b. June 29, 1793, in Conn. 

Aaron 6 Cleveland rem. with his family from Conn, to Cay- 
niga co., 1795. Will of his father, Aaron 4 , gives Aaron 6 "my 
shoemaking shop, tools belonging to it ; and tan house, yard, 
land and buildings, to make him equal with his brothers, Benja- 
min and Matthew." Farmer. His widow m. 2d, Monroe. Ch. : 
son, daughter. 


ESTHER 5 CLEVELAND (Aaron*, Benjamin', Aaron*), m. 1 785 

Rev. Thaddeus Palmer of Windham, Conn. Dwelt on stage 
road betw. Norwich and Brooklyn, Conn., now called Hyde st. 
[or, ac. to another account, Esther 5 m. Rev. Aaron Palmer of 
Scotland society, Conn.]. Ch. b. Canterbury, Conn. : 

1 1 79 Thaddeus" Palmer, b. 1786, m. 1810, I'd Susquehanna 
co., Pa. 

1 1 80 Elisha* Palmer. It is stated became a noted infidel 

1181 Orrin 6 Palmer, b. 1788, m. Canterb. 1810-15, Mehita- 
bel Adams, b. C. July 7, 1789, a da. John Bradford and Sarah 
(Davenport), occupied the homestead; ch. b. C. : Joseph Adams' 1 
Palmer, 1816 ; Thaddeus 1 , 1818 ; Maria 1 . 

1 182 Joanna 6 Palmer, b. 1789, d. 1835, unm. Lydia*, b. 
1790, unm.: Lucy 6 , b. 1792, unm., 1836. 

1 183 Mason* Palmer, b. 1794, m. Windh., 1825, Miss Rob- 
inson. Bought farm in Scotland, dwelt there. 


BENJAMIN 6 CLEVELAND (Aaron*, Benjamins, Aaron*), d. 

Republic, Seneca co., Ohio, Aug. 10, 1840, a. 71, m. 1st Sept. 6, 
1792, Lucretia Bonney, b. Mar. 15, 1774, d. Homer, Cortland co., 
N. Y., Sept. 22, 1821, da. Levi. He m. 2d Apr. 3, 1822, Mrs. 
Hannah (Stacey) Page; she d. Aug. 21, 1837, wid. Ch. by 
1st m. : 

+1184 Aaron 6 Cleveland, b. May 23, 1794. 

+1185 Brainerd 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 25, 1795, I 79^> Litch- 
field, Conn. 




+1186 Benjamin Bonney 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 30, 1799, 
Hamilton, Madison co., N. Y. 

1 187 Lydia 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 11, 1801, d. Mar. 8, 1839, 

1188 Sally 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 14, 1805, d. Jan. 23, 1822,. 
June 2, 1822. 

1 1 89 Mahlah 6 Cleveland, b., Feb. 19, 1809, d. Norwalk, 
Vernon co., Ohio, July 3, 1876, m. N. June 10, 1849, Matthias B. 
Smith, s. p. 

+11 90 Matthew Spencer* Cleveland, b. May 23, 18 12. 
+ 1191 George Morris 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 11, 1816, Homer, 
N. Y. By 2dm.: 

1 192 Sophronia 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 8, 1823, d. Hamilton, 
N. Y., soon after 1840. Son 6 , b. 1824, d. inf. 

1 1 93 Charles Nymph as 6 Cleveland, b. June 14, 1826; 
dwelt Mass. 1842, started for Cal. 1849, via Cape Horn, not since 
heard from. 

1 194 Amy Lucinda 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 20, 1828, I'd Pa.. 

Dr. Benjamin 5 Cleveland studied medicine with Dr. Bird 
of Litchfield, but never practiced after ab. 1820. 

Hannah Stacey m. 1st Page, ch. : Page (da.) ; 

dwelt in Pa. 1865. 


MATTHEW 6 CLEVELAND (Aaron^ Benjamin*, Aaron*), d. in 

England, prob. after 1800-10, m. , ch. several, no. rec. 

Capt. Matthew Cleveland of Litchfield, Conn., left his home 
at East Haddam, Conn., in early life, and became a seafaring 
man and capt. of vessels. He was one of the few Americans 
who went to England, settled there, and made a fortune. He. 
left a family. John G. Cook, Esq., Kirkwood, Mo. (formerly 
British consul St. Louis), is said to know about descendants of 
Matthew 5 . It is said that Mr. A. Z. Taylor, Stanton, 111., claims 
to be an heir of Matthew 5 . 


ANNE 5 CLEAVELAND (Benjamin*, Benjamin*, Aaron=, Moses*), d.. 

N. S. 1836, a. 81, m. Thomas Pitts ; he d. in N. S., dwelt Horton 
and Wolfville, Kings co., N. S. Ch. : 

1 195 Elizabeth'' Pitts, m. James Lawrence. 
-f-1196 James* Pitts. 

1 197 Thomas* Pitts. Benjamir? Pitts. 
+1198 Olive* Pitts, b. , 1792, Horton, N. S. 



ROXALENA 6 CLEAVELAND (Benjamin*, Benjamins, Aaron*), d. 

Oct., 1834, a. 77, m. Hugh Pudsey ; he d. ab. 1825 ; came from 
England ; I'd Greenwich, N. S., settled in Wolfville, N. S., where 
owned farm ; gardener, orchardist ; brought grape vines from 
England, and other fruit scions rare in the Province. He was 
intellectual and scientific, and had a choice library. Ch. b. 
Horton, N. S. : 

-f-1199 Hugh* Pudsey; Henry* Pudsey, d. unm. 

+1200 Elizabeth* Pudsey. 

-)-i2oi Olive* Pudsey. 

1202 Eunice* Pudsey, m. John*, Coaldwell-\-\2A,%. 


Aaron* ), d. Greenwich Ridge, N. S., July 17, 1839, a. 80, m. June, 
Sept. 2, 1784, Hannah Fielding, b. Yorkshire, Eng., 1763, d. 

Greenwich, Mar. 16, 1863, da. and (Kelden). 

Ch. b. Greenwich : 

-+-1203 William 6 Cleaveland, b. July 28, Sept. 2, 17S5, 
Wolfville, N. S. 

1204 Lucy 6 Cleaveland, b. Apr. 20, 1788, m. John Dun- 
kerton, I'd Horton, farmer. 

1205 Jacob 6 Cleaveland, b. 1790, d. went to unknown 

1206 Enoch 6 Cleaveland, b. Jan. 11, 1792, d. Aug. 24, 

1207 Lavinia or Levina 6 Cleaveland, b. Oct. 10, 1793, 

m. George Potter, b. Falmouth, N. S., d., a s. and Theresa 

(Northrup). Farmer and music teacher, s. p. 

+1208 Mary Survinia or Servan 6 Cleaveland, b. July 5, 

1209 Ann Adwin 6 Cleaveland, b. Mar. 20, 1807, d. Jan. 
24, 1820. 

+ 1210 John Joseph 6 Cleaveland, b. July 6, 1810. 
i2ii Nancy 6 Cleaveland. 

Martin Luther 6 Cleaveland lived at Greenwich, N. S., 
settled near Wolfville on his father's farm, where he found a 
pot of money supposed to have been left by the French when 
expelled from Acadia. His old house still standing*. It is said 
that the heirs of Martin Luther 6 Cleaveland are heirs to a for- 
tune left by 2 bachelor brothers of Hannah Fielding in Eng. 



MARY 6 CLEAVELAND (Benjamin*, Benj.3, Aaron*), d. Wolfville, 

N. S., Nov. 22, 1839, a. 78, m. W. Apr. 27, 1780, George Johnson, 
b. Ellerton, E. Riding of Yorkshire, Eng., Sept. 27, 1749, d. Wolf- 
ville, Sept. 18, 1834, a s. John or George and Sarah or Emma 
(Wallgate). Ch. b. ITorton, N. S. [dates from sampler of Mrs. 
Pettingill, &c] : William*, b. Mar. 21, Apr. 28, d. Apr. 21, May, 

+ 12 1 2 Sarah Wallgate* Johnson, b. June 30, 1782. 

4-12 13 Mary* Johnson, b. Oct. 5, 1785. 

+ 1214 John* Johnson, b. Jan. 10, 1788. 

+ 1215 William* Johnson (ag.), b. Apr. 19, 1790. 

-f-1216 Ann A* Johnson, b. Jan. 16, 1793. 

4-1217 Olivia Sophia* Johnson, b. Mar. 22, 1801; Joseph*, b. 
Mar. 15, 1795, d. inf.; Emma*, b. Aug., d. inf.; Benjamin*, d. a. 6 

George Johnson came from Yorkshire to Horton, abode in 
Wolfville. He wa» so noted for hospitality that about all An- 
napolis honored his house by visiting. In 1798 he rem. to 
Springfield, Halifax co., 18 miles from the city, and engaged 
extensively in lumbering, having large Gov't contracts to sup- 
ply spars and masts for Navy, employed many men and teams. 
In 1 801 ret. to Horton, resumed farming, at one time owning 
3 farms. 

Johnson ancestry .— John 1 or" George 1 , b. Ellerton, n. Hull, Yorkshire, Eng., m. 
Emma or Sarah Wallgate, da. and Emma (Wxlberforce connected with the an- 
cestors of William Wilberforce, the great emancipator, the name originally Wilber- 
foss), had a sister, Deborah Johnson, lived in Ellerton, came to N. S. 1775, with family ; 
Ch. b. Ellerton : George 1 *; William 2 , m. Peck ; Joseph 2 , m. 1st, Reid; John 2 , m. his cousin, 
Miss Wallgate, da. Richard ; Emma 3 Johnson, m. Jeptha Elderkin. 


OLIVE 8 CLEAVELAND (Benjamins Benj.', Aaron 2 ), d. Bridge- 

ton, Annapolis co., N. S., Nov. 21, 1856, a. 93, m. Cornwallis, 
Kings co., N. S., May 16, 1787, as 2d w. Cornelius Fox, b. county 
of Cork, Ireland, 1745, d. Cornwallis, Aug. 29, 1815. Ch. : 

4- 1 2 18 James Charles* Fox, b. Apr., 24, 1788, Cornwallis. 

4-1219 John* Fox, b. May 23, 1793, Cornwallis. 

4-1220 Charles James* Fox, b. Mar. 19, 1798, Sydney, Cape 

1 221 Cornelius Cleveland* Fox, b. Oct. 10, 1804, Cornwallis, 
d. Horton, Grand Pre, Apr. 28, 1877, unm., carpenter. 

Cornelius Fox came from N. Ireland, 1763, and settled in 
Sydney, teacher of grammar school. He m. 1st, 1776, Eliza- 
beth Condon. Ch. : Peter Fox, d. Whitehead, e. of Halifax ; 
and 2 d. y. 




ENOCH 5 CLEVELAND (Benjamin*, Benjamin 3 , Aaron?), d. Com- 

wallis, N. S., 1853, a. 88, m. prob. Windsor, N. S., Jan. 1, 1795, 
Isabella Little, b. Horton, N. S., N. J., or Conn., 1765-7, d. C. 
1864, a. da. Isaac and *(Sweet). Ch. b. Cornwallis : 

+ 1222 Mary Ann" Cleveland, b. Jan. 31, 1796. 

1223 Eunice 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 2, 1797, d. Cornwallis, 
m. C. Luther Porter of C. Ch. : 3. 

+ 1224 Elijah* Cleveland, [ b. Dec. 1, 1799. 
' +1225 Enoch* Cleveland, ) b. Dec. 1, 1799. 

+ 1226 Elisha 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 21, 1804. 

+ 1227 Benjamin 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 14, 1806, Feb. 15, 20, 


1228 Maria 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 13, 1808, m. Cornwallis, 
Dec. 10, 1833, Addanijah Crocker of C; she res. Weston, West 
Cornwallis. Ch. : Harriet 1 Crocker; Sophronid 1 Crocker; Jediah 1 
Crocker ; Ellen 1 Crocker ; Laura 1 Crocker. 

+ 1229 Nathan 6 Cleveland, b. July 5, 1811. 

Enoch 5 Cleveland dwelt Horton to 1796, always af. at 
Cornwallis, carpenter. He was burned to death. The family 
records destroyed by fire. 


CYNTHIA 5 CLEVELAND (Benjamin,* Ben.*, Aaron*), d. Horton, 

N. S., 1820, a. 53, m., 1795, John Morse or Moss, b. Manchester, 
Eng., 1759, d. Wolfville, N. S., Nov., 1821. * Dwelt Horton, Wolf- 
ville, where bought large wild track ; cleared it, built house, still 
standing, where they died. Cooper at London, Eng. Ch. b. 
Horton : 

+ 1230 Nancy* Morse or Moss, b. Feb. 4, 1796. 

+ 1 23 1 Lavinia* Morse or Moss, b. May 28, 1799. 

+ 1232 Benjamin Cleveland* Morse or Moss, b. Dec. 14, 1802. 


EUNICE 6 CLEAVELAND (Benjamin*, Benj.3, Aaron*), d. Fal- 

mouth, Hants co., N. S., Aug., 1856, a. 86, m. John Sangster, b. 
Scotland, d. Falmouth, dwelt F., hotel keeper and farmer. Ch. 
b. Falmouth : 

+ 1233 Benjamin* Sangster, b. June 8, 1808. 

+ 1234 Frances 6 Sangster, b. 18 10. 

+ 1235 Cynthia 6 Sangster, b. Mar. 17, 1812. 

+ 1236 Olivia* Sangster, 


. JERUSHA 5 CLEAVELAND (Ben.*, Ben.*, Aaron*), d. Green- 
wich Hill, N. S., Feb. 4, 1838, a. 64, m. Horton, Wolfville, N. S., 



Dec. 25, 1794, James Neary, b. Kilkenny, Ireland, 1764, d. Green- 
wich, N. S., Nov. 25, 1853, only s. James. Of Kentville, N. S. f 
and Greenwich Hill, farmer. Ch. : 

-I-1237 Harriet* Neary, b. Nov. 20, 1795, Kentville, N. S. 

Mary*, b. Nov. 30, 1797, K., d. Wolfville, Mar. 28, 
1846, unm. 

-f-1238 Charlotte* Neary, b. Apr. 28, 1800, Greenwich, N. S. 

+ 1239 William* Neary, b. July 1, 1802, Greenwich, N. S. 

-(-1240 Henry* Neary, b. Aug-. 18, 1804, Greenwich, N. S. 

Eliza*, b. Jan. 28, 1807, G"., d. G. Mar. 31, Nov. 30, 
1837, unm., of G. 

+ 1241 James* Neary, b. Apr. 16, 1809, Greenwich, N. S. 

-I-1242 Enoch* Neary, b. June 5, 181 1, Greenwich, N. S. 

+ 1243 Wellington* Neary, b. , 1815, Greenwich, N. S. 


SARAH" CLEAVELAND (Benj.*, Benj.s, Aaron*, Moses'), d. New 

Minas, N. S., Mar. 28, June, 1877, a. 101, m., Horton, N. S., Wil- 
liam Coldwell, Cbaldwell, or Caldwell, b. Aug. 21, 1770, d. New 
Minas, ab. 1876, a. 106, a s. Jonathan and Susan (Pyke). Ch. :. 

i243 a Caroline S* Coldwell, b. Sept. 14, 1803, Horton, d. Pros- 
ser Brook, Elgin, Albert co., N. B., Aug. 13, 1889 — obituary pub- 
lished, m. Haines. Ch. : Son 1 ; Da. 7 m. Rev. James C. Steadman 
of Prosser B., 1889. 

1244 Mary A* Coldwell, m. 1st, Hugh* Pudsey +1,199, z ^r 
Elijah Roop. 

+1245 John* Coldwell, b. Horton, N. S. 

-[-1246 William H* Coldwell, b. 1812. 

1247 Cynthia Amelia* Coldwell, m. Canard, N. S., Sept. 26, 
1854, as 2d w., Daniel Cogswell of Cornwallis, N. S., res. Corn- 

1248 Olivia Caroline* Coldwell, m. Griffin ; a Samuel 

Griffin was an original grantee of Horton, 1760. 

1249 Sarah* Coldwell, m. Hugh 8 Pudsey +1199. 
William Coldwell lived at Wolfville, N. S., and New Minas. 

Coldwell, Colville ancestry : — William 1 , b. in $outh f Eng. 1690-5, was pressed into 
navy, left the ship in America, and settled in Conn., came to and was an orig. grantee of 
Horton, 1760, d. 1801, a. 106, m. ab. 1795, Abigail Sutherland ; Jonathan 2 Coldwell m. Susan 
Pyke [see +18967].— Notes of Dr. William Pitt Brechin of Boston, Mass. 


NATHAN 6 CLEAVELAND (Benjamins Benj.3, Aaron=), d. Alma, 

Albert co., N. B., June 30, 1868, 1869, a. 92, m., Liverpool, N. S., 
Nov. 10, 1799, Diademia Dextor, b. Liverpool, N. S., or there- 
abouts, Oct. io, 1778, d. Alma, Aug. 16, 1869. Ch. b. Albert co.. 



+ 1250 Cynthia 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 3, 1801. 
-{-1251 John 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 13, 1803. 

i25i a Rebecca 6 Cleveland, b. July 4, 1805, d. Harvey, N. 
B., Sept. 23, 1820, unm. 

Rev. Nathan 6 Cleaveland, a Baptist clergyman, was or- 
dained at Yarmouth, N. S., June 29, 1808. — Bell's His. of the 
Baptists, 262 — 

"This Evangelical minister was a very early associate of the Fathers. As he grew 
to manhood he became the subject of redeeming mercy, and felt constrained by love to 
Christ and to the souls of men to proclaim salvation in the name of Jesus to those who 
were living ' without God and without hope in the world.' 

"After itinerating for some time through different sections of the Province, he set- 
tled as pastor of the church in Onslen, 1809. In that connection he continued to 1818, and 
there was an encouraging increase under his ministry. About this time he removed to 
Hopewell, N. B., where he continued his ministry with the people for 10 years, with com- 
mendable zeal and with considerable success. Then, feeling the infirmities of age press- 
ing heavily upon him, he retired from active labour in the ministry and became a resi- 
dent of Alma." Up to the year 1816, within the present limits of the Eastern Baptist Asso- 
ciation, he was the only ordained minister. 

Rev. J. M. Cramp, D.D., wrote his obituary for The Christian 
Messenger. * 


AARON 6 CLEAVELAND (Benjamin*, Benj.a, Aaron*), d. Clar- 
ence, Annapolis Co., N. S., Nov. 23, 1867, a. 87, m., Gaspereaux, 
N. S., June, 1803, Jerusha Miner, b. Gaspereaux Mar. 8, 1781, d. 
Clarence, Nov., 1869, a da. Samuel and Sarah (Witter). Resided 
at Greenwich, Bridgeton, Clarence, and Paradise, Annapolis co., 
, N. S. Farmer. Ch. : 

1252 Sarah Ann 8 Cleveland, b. Aug. 8, 1804, Clarence, 
•d. 1836, m., Annapolis, N. S., 182 1, Capt. Clement Pettit, he d. 
St. Johns, N. B., af. 1836. Ch., all went to the U. S. or foreign 
parts : Eliza Ann 1 Pettit; Mary Jane 1 Pettit ; James'' Pettit, tailor; 
Philenda 1 Pettit j Victoria" 1 Pettit. 

+1253 James William 6 Cleaveland, b. Sept. 8, 1806, Clar- 

1254 Mary Eliza 6 Cleaveland, b. Sept. 7, 1808, Green- 

1254* Daniel Miner 6 Cleaveland, b. 181 1, Clarence, d. 

i254 b Elisha 6 Cleaveland, b. 1813, C, d. Sept., 1825. 

George Johnson 6 Cleaveland, b. Sept., 1815, C, d. 
Bridgeton, Sept., 1827, drowned. 

1255 Harriet Newell 6 Cleaveland, b. Sept. 6, 1817, C, 
-d. May 17, 1846, m. Apr. 14, 1844, Jeptha Elderkin, b. Wolfville, 
N. S., d. Feb., 1886, s. Jeptha and Emma (Johnson). Settled in 

-f-1256 Charles DeWolf 6 Cleaveland, b. Oct. 12, 1820, 
Horton, N. S. 


+ 1257 Nancy Chipman 6 Cleaveland, b. Oct. 6, 1824, 


ELIPHAS 6 CLEVELAND (Moses*, Benj.a, Aaron", Moses'), died 

Claverack, Columbia co., N. Y., Oct., 1813, a. 52, m., Canterbury, 
Conn., Sept. 5, 1784, Anna or Anne Pellett, b. Canterbury, July 
7, 1756, d. Claverack spring of 1814-15, a da. Hezekiah and Abi- 
gail (Brown). Ch. b. Canterbury : 

1258 Abigail 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 22, 1784. 

-(-1259 Eliphas 8 Cleveland, b. ab. Dec. 12, 1786. 

+ 1260 Maria 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 22, 1789. 

Julian" Cleveland, b. Oct. 21, 1793, d. 1798. 

-f-1261 Anna 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 20, 1797. 

Eliphas 5 Cleveland, with his wife and fam., rem. from Can- 
terbury to Claverack. He was a builder and joiner. He arid 
Eliphas" built a church at Hudson, N. Y., still standing, Eli- 
phas 5 was 6 ft. tall, and well-proportioned. He and wife are 
buried in the Dutch Reformed churchyard at Claverack. 

Pellett : — HezeTEIah 1 Pellett m., Canterbury, Mar. 5, 1738-9, Abigail Brown. 


CLARK 5 CLEVELAND (Moses*, Benjamins, Aaron"), d. Green 

Creek, tp. Clyde, Sandusky co., Ohio, Nov. 14, 1831, a. 63, m. in 
Conn., 1789, Jemima Downing, b. Canterbury, Conn., June 5, 
1771, d. G. C. tp. Aug. 19, i860 ; da. Stephen and Abigail (Butler). 
Ch. : 

+ 1262 Abigail 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 22, 1790, '91, Tioga, 
Tioga co., Pa. 

+ 1263 Zesiah 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 9, 1791, '93, Tioga, Pa. 

-\-1264 Moses 6 Cleveland, b. 1794, '95, in N. Y. state. 

+ 1265 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. 1798, Tioga, Pa. 

-\-1266 Sarah 6 Cleveland, b. 1800, Tioga, Pa. 

-j-1267 Clark 6 Cleveland, b. June 25, 1801, '2, Tioga, Pa. 

+ 1268 Elizabeth 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 9, 1803, Mt. Morris, 
Livingston co., N. Y. 

-I-1269 James 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 14, 1806, Mt Morris, N. Y. 
Abel 6 Cleveland, b. 181 1, d. 1812. 
Abel 6 Cleveland (ag.), b. 1813, d. 1815. 

Clark 8 Cleveland dwelt in Tioga co., or town, Pa., 1790 to 
1794 or 1801 ; Mt. Morris, N. Y., 1794 or 1801 to 1820, Huron co., 
O., to 1824, and af. at Clyde, being one of the early pioneers of 
Sandusky co. Farmer and mason. — History of Livingston co., N. Y., 
by Lockwood L. Doty, 626. History of Sandusky co., O., — Sketch of 
James 6 Cleveland. — Clark 5 Cleveland lost the title to the farm 


he settled on in Huron co., and then rem. to Green Creek tp., 
where he bought 80 acres of government, on which he made 
improvements and remained always afterward. 


ABEL 5 CLEVELAND (Moses*, Benjamins, Aaron*), d. Wood- 

stock, Lenawee co., Mich., Oct. 15, 1848, a. 78, m. Miss Elizabeth 
Cooper ; she d. W. 1839. Ch. : 

1270 Whiting 6 Cleveland, d. prob. unm. Went from 
home a young man, prob. met a tragic fate. 

-(-1271 John 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 14, 1801, Canton, Brad- 
ford co., Pa. 

-f-1272 Eliza 6 Cleveland, b. 1803, Groveland, Livingston 
co., N. Y. 

-f-1273 Charles 8 Cleveland, b. April 4, 1804, Geneseo, Liv- 
ingston co., N. Y. 

+ 1274 Sophia 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 31, 1807, Groveland, N.Y. 
1275 Esther 6 Cleveland, b. 1809, d. Woodstock, Mich., 
1838, unm. 

+ 1276 Emeline 6 Cleveland, b. June 4, 181 1. 

-(-1277 George* Cleveland, b„ Oct. 13, 1813. 

Abel 6 . Cleveland dwelt first at Groveland, n. Genesee, N. Y.; 
rem., Oct., 1836, to Mich. 

The mother of Elizabeth Cooper m. 2d McWhillen. 


DYAR 6 or OBADIAH 6 CLEVELAND (Moses-, Benj.*, Aaron*), 
d. Castalia, Erie co., Ohio, July 25, 1845, a. 72, m. Argyle, Vt. 
1793, Sally Grisse, or Grice, or Crise, b. prob. France, Aug. 15, 
1765, d. Grand Detour, Ogle co., 111., July 9, 1850, 15, 1852, da. 
Samuel and Millie [Millicent or Mildred] (Moffat). Ch. : 

+ 1278 Sally 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 27, 1794, Sandgate, Ben- 
nington co., Vt. 

+ 1279 James 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 11, 1796, in Vt. 

1280 Emily 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 27, 1797, d. Arkport, 
Hornellsville, Stetiben co., N. Y., Sept. 14, 1869, unm. 

+ 1281 Polly 6 Cleveland, b. May 27, 1800. 

+ 1282 Esther 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 22, 1802, in Vt. 

+ 1283 Luther 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 20, 1804. 

+1284 Elizabeth 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 16, 1807, in Vt. 

-f-1285 Lucy 6 Cleveland, b. May 2, 1812, Argyle, Vt. 

Dyar 6 or Obadiah 5 Cleveland settled first in Vt., rem. to 
Steuben co., N. Y., and eventually located in Erie co., O. Farm- 
er. His gravestone at Sandusky, O., records his name Dyar 



Cleaveland. After his death his wid. went "West with his young- 
est daughter. Crise* : — Samuel 1 Grisse was a French sea capt. 


JAMES 6 CLEVELAND (Moses*, Benjamins, Aaron"), d. Danville, 

Steuben co., N. Y., Apr. 28, 1851, a. 73, m. 1st Sept. 18, 1799, 
Mary Travis, b. Aug. 13, 1782, d. May 14, 1823, da. Sylvanus 
and Hannah (Randall). He m. 2d D. May 31, 1823, Mrs. Eu- 
phemia (McMichael) Kile, b. Columbia co., N. Y., Dec. 18, 1790, 
d. Dubuque, Dubuque co., la., Nov. 14, 1873, wid. Conrad Kile, 
da. William and Elizabeth. Ch. by 1st m. : 

-J-I286 Lovina 6 Cleveland, b. July 29, 1802. 

-L-1287 Sylvanus 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 29, 1804, Steuben co., 
N. Y. 

+ 1288 Hannah 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 24, 1807, Arkport, 
Steuben co., N. Y. 

+ 1289 Sarah 6 Cleveland, b. June 25, 1809. v 

-f-1290 Clark 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 11, 1811. 

-f-1291 Elizabeth 8 Cleveland, b. Oct. 25, 1815. 

+1292 JaT&es 8 Cleveland, b. Apr. 26, 1817. 

-f-1293 Oliver 8 Cleveland, b. May 19, 1819, Arkport, N. Y. 

+ 1294 John 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 9, .1823, A. 

By 2d m. b. Danville : 

1295 William McMichael 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 20, 1824, 
d. Maysville, Yuba co., Cal., Sept. 10, 1855, unm. 

-f-1296 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 2, 1826. 

1297 Euphemia 8 Cleveland, b. Aug. 9, 1.828, d. Danv. 
Apr. io, 1 83 1. 

1298 Loring Grant 6 Cleveland (Brig.-Gen.), b. Nov. 25, 
1830, d. Dubuque, Oct. 18, i860, unm. Studied for ministry, ill 
health prevented ordination. Resided first in Ky., taught school; 
lived n. Topeka, Kan., on farm. By Kan. territorial legislature 
was elected Brig.-Gen. under Gen. James Lane ; served one 
year during troubles, then went to Pittsburgh, Pa., water cure 
for health. 

+ 1299 Darius. Williams 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 28, 1832. 

1300 Charles Empire 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 20, 1834, d. 
Pittsb. Aug. 7, i860. 

1301 George Washington Wilson 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 
27, 1837, d. Dubq. Oct. 17, 1854, unm. Mining in lead mine, 
caved, burying and killing him. 


Hezekiah* Ward {Hezekiah* Ward, Jane*, Samuel*, Moses 1 ), d. Pax- 

ton, Worcester co., Mass., May 11, 1802, a. 77. He m. 1st 





Southboro'. Mass., June 7, 1749, Hannah Bellows, of S. ; she 
d. Grafton, Mass., July 18, 1765. He m. 2d Leicester, Wor- 
cester co., Mass., Apr. 7, 1768, Mrs. Martha (Newton) Earle, wid. 
Removed to Grafton and Leicester, and last dwelt at Paxton. 
Magistrate. Ch. : 

1302 Abigail* Ward, h. Apr. 2, 1750. 
-(-1303 Kerley* Ward, b. Feb. 17, 1752. 

1304 Martha* Ward, b. June 14, 1754, d. 181,7,01. 1789, 
Solomon Este of Southboro'. 

1305 Elisha* Ward, b. Jan 7, 1757, m. Lucy Newton of 
Paxton, where they I'd to 1791 ; dwelt Chester, Windsor co., Vt., 
1834. Ch. b. Paxton : Mary 1 Ward, b. Oct. 30^ 1780 ; Jemima 1 
Ward, b. June 9, 1788; Davis' Ward, b. June 11, 1790. 

1306 Calvin* Ward, b. July 1, 1759, d. Barre, Worcester co., 
Mass., m. 1st Apr. 9, 1797, Betsey Flagg of Paxton, she d. P. 
Feb. 1, 1801. He m. 2d, Barre, May, 1804, Mary Tatmau; dwelt 
P. to 1802, af. B. Ch. b. B. ; by 1st m., Hoderah 1 Ward, b. Jan. 
11, 1798 ; Betty 1 Ward, b. Apr. 19, 1800; 2d m., s. p. 

1307 Luther* Ward, b. June 10, 1761, m. Feb. 14, 1787, Anna 
Tenney of Leicester. Dwelt Paxton a few years, then rem. to 
Halifax or Chester, Vt. Ch. b. Paxton : Anna 1 Ward; Hannah 1 

Jonathan* Ward, b. Apr. 8, 1763, d. Leicester Aug. io„ 


Maria* Ward, b. June 22, 1765, d. June, 1765. 
Hannah* Ward, b. Mar. 29, 1769. 
+ 1308 Hezekiah* Ward, b. July 7, 1771. 


Jonathan' Ward {tiezekiah* ward), d. Southborough, Mass., 
July 7, 1761, a. 64, m. Oct. 3, 1773, Susannah Stone, b. 1741, d. S. 
1790, a da. Samuel of S. Col., Jonathan" Ward, dwelt at South- 
boro', was in command of a reg. at Cambridge on day of Battle 
of Bunker Hill, a vigilant officer. Magistrate many years. Ch. : 

1309 Jonathan* Ward, b. Oct. 25,1774, d. Stonington, Conn., 
Dec. 9, 1848, m. S., Mar. 3, 1802, Zeruiah Cheeseborough, b. 
Mar. 17, 1777, I'd S. Ch. : Gurdon 1 Ward, b. July 1, 1803, d. 
Sept. 16, 1803 ; infant, b. Dec. 1, 1807, d. soon ; Albert'' Ward, b. 
Aug. ii, 1810, d. Jan. 4, 181 1 ; Winthrop 1 Ward, b. Mar. 2, 1819, 
dwelt S., 1848. 

Susanna* Ward, b. Nov. 25, 1777, d. Dec. 5, 1782. 
William 5 Ward, b. Nov. 17, 1779, mate of vessel from 
Norfolk to Africa ab. 1825, not since heard of. 

1310 Winthrop* Ward, b. Apr. 25, 1781, m. Oct., 1820, 



Sophronia Macumber of Waltham, she d. Weston, June 17, 1840, 
s. p. He living 1850. 


Abigail* Ward {ffezekiah* ward), m. Dec. 2, 1755, Hannaniah 
Parker of Southboro, Mass., b. Oct. 30, 1735, s. James, I'd West- 
boro, Mass. Ch. : b. Westboro : Pierpont* Parker ; Hepzibah* 
Parker; Harvey* Parker; Winslow* Parker, b. Aug. 3, 1765 ; James* 
Parker, b. Mar. 20, 1769. 

i3io a Anna* Parker, b. Nov. 8, 1769, d. Shrewsbury, Mass., 
May 6, 1831, m. 1796, Joel Nurse of Westb., b. 1774, d. Shr., 
Nov. 16, 1830, I'd S. and Royalston, Mass. Pierpont* Parker 
(ag.), b. Mar. 27, 1772. 


Elizabeth" Ward (&eze&iaA* ward), d. Ashfield or Conway, 
Franklin co., Mass., m. as 1st w., Stephen Keyes or Kies, b. 
Feb. 8, 1738, d. Ashf., Feb. 17, 1812, as. Oliver and Rebecca 
(Patterson). Ch. : Levinah* Keyes, b. July 6, 1760 ; Elizabeth 
Keyes, Oct. 3, 1762. 

+ 1311 £alvin* Keyes, b. Mar. 17, 1765, Lancaster, Mass. 

Gerrish* Keyes, July 2, 1767 ; Lydia* Keyes, bap. Oct. 
4, 1772, Ashf. ; Nabbf Keyes, bap. July 9,' 17 75, A. 

Stephen Keyes dwelt Charlemont, Buckland, Conway, adm. 
Cong, chh., Ashf., Dec. 14, 1800. He m. 2d, Oct. 3, 1799, wid. 
Molly Cross of A. 

Keyes ancestry : —Robert 1 Watertovrn; Elias 2 , b. May 20, 1643, of Sudbury, m. Sarah 
Blanchard or Blandford, da. John & Dorothy [Wright] of S. ; Elias 8 , b. S., Nov. 15, 1666, 
had family Marlboro bet. 1696-1702. — Ward's His. Shrewsbury,- Asa Keyes' Keyes gen., 
336. Prob. father of Oliver 4 Keyes tbro. to Eli) of Framingham, soldier under Col. Buck- 
minster. — Barry's Framin., m. Nov. 13, 1727, Rebecca Patterson. 


Sarah? Ward {HezeMak* ward, janea, Samuel*), d. Leicester, . 
Mass., Sept. 10, 1832, a. 94, m. Nov. 10, 1861, Jonas Livermore, 
b. L., Feb. 28, 1736, d. L., Jan. 31, 1825, s. Jonas and Elizabeth 
(Stone), I'd Leic. Ch. : Hannah* Livermore, b. May 13, 1762, 
d. Aug. 24, 1767 ; Jonas 6 Livermore, b. Apr. 13, 1764, d. L., Apr. 20, 
1790, unm. ; Sally* Livermore, b. June 28, 1766, d. unm, 

+ 131 2 Patty 6 Livermore, b. Oct. 22, 1768. 

1313 Salem* Livermore, b. Sept. 26, 1770, m. 1st, Nancy 
Walker, 2d, Ruth Livermore, both of L., dwelt L., 1850. 

13 14 Bathsheba* Livermore, b. July 23, 1772, m. John Page, 
dwelt Cambridge, Lamoille co., Vt. 

1315 Louisa* Livermore, b. Apr. 27, 1774, d. Dec, 1800, m. 
Abner Gale. 

1316 Daniel* Livermore, b. June 10, 1776, m. May 29, 1801, 
Betsey Parker of L., dwelt at L. 



13 1 7 Rebecca* Livermore, b. Nov. 13, 1778, m. Libbeus 


Naiium? Ward (HezeMak* ward), d. Upton, Mass., Feb. 6, 
1812, a. 67, m. TJ., May 3, 1770, Anna Wood, b. 1752, d. U., Aug. 
29, 1805. Capt. NahunC Ward entered service when a minor, 
during French war, rem. to U. Ch. : 

+ 1318 Jonathan* Ward, b. Jan. 24, 1770, Buckland, Mass. 

1319 Anna* Ward, b. Sept. 9, 1773, B., d. Croydon, Sulli- 
van co., N. H., June 4, 1804, m. Sept. 5, 1790, David Holbrook. 

1320 Sarah* Ward, b. June 27, 1776, Charlemont, Mass., d. 
TJpton, June 27, 1844, m. Pardius Thurston. 

1321 Sabrina* Ward, b. Oct. 20, 1778, C, d. U., Mar. 24, 
1828, m. Grafton, Mass., Nov. 19, 1797, Daniel Holbrook of 

1322 Hepzibah* Ward, b. July 19, 1781, U., m. Thomas 

1323 Deborah* Ward, b. Mar. 29, 1788, U., m. Jonathan 

1324 Bethia* Ward, b. Feb. 15, 1795, U., m. Elihu 


Abrier* Ward {Hannah* Ward, Jane", Samuel", Moses 1 ), d. South- 

horo, Mass., July 27, 1806, a. 62, m. Dec. 30, 1773, Elizabeth 
Fay, she d. at S., Nov. 1797, da. Robert of S. Dwelt S., Athol 
to 1782 and always af. at S. Ch. : 

Elizabeth* Ward, b. Nov. 8, 1774, Athol ; Jane* Ward, 
b. Sept. 20, 1776, A. 

+ 1325 Ephraim* Ward, b. May 5, 1779, Athol, Mass. 

+ 1326 Elijah* Ward, b. Mar. 13, 1783, Southboro, Mass. 


Eneas" Ward {Hannah* ward), d. Stanstead, Can., May 27, 
1822, a. 68, m. 1774, Rebecca Newton of Southboro, Mass., she 
d. Belchertown, Mass., Oct. 29, 1828. Ch. : 

Rebecca* Ward, b. Jan. 2, Southboro, d. 10, 1775 ; 
Pattf Ward, b. and d. May 15, 1776, S. ; Hezekiah* Ward, b. Mar. 
3, S., d. 24, 1777. 

+ 1327 Ezra* Ward, b. Sept. 4, 1778, Southboro, Mass. 

1328 Mehitable* Ward, b. Nov. 18, 1782, Royalston, Wor- 
cester co., Mass., m. Nov. 2, 181 2, Gideon Ames of Belchertown, 
dwelt, 1850, B., s. p. 

-1-1329 Isaac* Ward, b. Feb., 1785, Royalston, Mass. 



Mary 6 Ward, b. Aug. 12, 1793, at Fitzwilliam, Ches- 
hire co., N. H., unm. Dwelt Belch. 1850. 


William* Ward {Charles* Ward, Jane*, Samuel", Mosesi), d. Poult- 

ney, Rutland co., Vt., Aug. 3, 1819, m. Marlborough, Mass., 
Dec. 11, 1763, Lucy Church of M., b. Feb. 14, 1748, d. Poultney, 
Jan. 6, 1846, da. Noah. Ch. : 

+ 1330 Bernard 6 Ward, b. Nov. 4, 1764. 

1331 Lucy 6 Ward, b. Apr. 14, 1768, d. Poultney, Oct. 12, 
1839, m. Philip Brookins of P., he d. P., Oct. 5, 1835, a. 71. 
Dwelt P. Ch. : 1 d. y. 

-(-1332 Dexter 6 Ward, b. May 28, 1770. 

+ 1333 Louisa or Lovisa 6 Ward, b. Jan., June 25, 1772. 

-I-1334 Abigail 6 Ward, b. July 26, 1774. 

+ 1-335 William 6 Ward, b. Feb. 28, 1778. 

-j-1336 Elisha 6 Ward, b. July 30, 1780. 

Almira 6 Ward, b. Dec. 13, 1782, d. 1786. 

-f-1337 Lorenzo 6 Ward, b. July 11, 1785. 

+1338 'Orlando 6 Ward, b. June 24, 1787. 

+ 1339 Sidna 6 Ward, b. May 20, 1789., 

4-1340 Charles 6 Ward,-b. Jan. 3, 1792. 

Hon. William* Ward dwelt Westborough to Feb. 1766, New 
Marlborough to Nov., 1775, and always af. Finel Hollow, 
Poultney, Vt., where was a first settler, Revolution soldier, par- 
ticipated in Burgoyne's capture, &c, was devised by will of his 
uncle Elisha* Ward his real estate. Ward Family, p. 84; Hem- 
enway's Vt. His. Gaz., Ill, Poultney, 906, 982, 994; His. Poultney, 
by Joseph Joslin, B. Frisbie, and F. Ruggles, 356 — William? Ward 
was a member of convention forming state constitution ; a 
Judge of Rutland co. court 6 years ; first Probate Judge of Fair 
Haven for 22 years; J. P. 40 years; first Representative of 
town ; church deacon 40 years, was highly esteemed. 


ANNE 6 CLEVELAND (Eleazer*, Samuel, Samuel', Mosesi) d. July 

22, 1832, a. 81, m. Canterbury, Conn., Feb. 9, 1775, Joshua? Brad- 
ford -\-by\ (Mary, 4 Josiah 3 , Josiah 3 ) ; he d. Braceville, Trumbull 
co., Ohio, June n, 1819, a. 67. Ch. (all raised families) : 

1 34 1 Anne 6 Bradford, b. Canterbury, m. Pa. Rhodes, 

Mary 6 Bradford, b. Dec. 1, 1775, set. in Pa. 

1342 James 6 Bradford, b. Oct. 27, 1777, Canterbury. 

1343 Joshua 6 Bradford, b. Apr. 12, 1779, C, m., ch. : Moses- 
D: Bradford, res. Clyde, O., 1884. 


1344 Joel* Bradford, b. Jan. 18, 178 1, C. 

Susannah* Bradford, b. Nov. 19, 1782, C. 
Mehitable* Bradford, b. Feb. 17, 1785, C. 
William* Bradford, b. Apr. 14, d. July 26, 1788 ; 
Beulah* Bradford, b. May 30, 1791, Braceville, O. 

1345 William* Bradford (ag.), Apr. 5, 1794, B. 


SQUIER 6 CLEVELAND (Eleazer*, Samuel', Samuel, Mosesi), d. 

Royalton, Vt., June 14, 1834, a. 79, m. Nov. 16, 1788, Patnelia 
Green of Royalston, Mass., b. Mar. 3, 1764, d. Royalton, Vt, 
Apr. 25, 1 85 1, da. and Dorcas (Sanger). Soon after mar- 
riage settled in Royalton on the farm where he died. Ch. b. 
Royalton : 

1346 Bradford 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 24, 1789, d. Royal- 
ton, Vt., Jan. 12, 1865, m. Feb. 2, 1818, Mrs. Annah ( ) Com- 

stock, b. Apr. 20, 1778, d. R. Oct. 9, 1861. Lived at East 
Bethel, Vt. 

-(-1347 John 6 Cleveland, b. June 6, 1791. 

1348 Anna 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 1, 1793, d. June 19, 
1838, uum. 

1349 Polly 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 31, 1795, d. Lucas co., 
Ohio, Jan. 4, 1867, m. Oct. 16, 1825, Samuel Babcock, b. Oct. 31, 
1793. Ch. : Pamelia Green 7 Babcock,b. July 29, 1826; Alpheus 
Gurlef Babcock, b. Oct. 27, 1827; Martha Gay 1 Babcock, b. Jan. 
21, 1829; Laura 1 Babcock, b. June, 1833. 

1350 Olive" Cleveland, b. Mar. 9, 1797, d. Lucas co., 
Ohio, Feb. 2, 1852, m. Samuel Hannahs. Dwelt Lucas co. Ch. : 
1 d. y. 

+1351 Bethabra 6 Cleveland, b. May 31, 1799. 

+1352 Pamelia 6 Cleveland, ) b. June 23, 1802. 

1353 Zurviah 6 Cleveland, j b. June 23, 1802, d. Royal- 
ton, Apr. 23, 1880, m. R. Sep. 16, 1849, Apolydore or Pollydore 
Williams, he d. Mar. 30, 1873, I'd R. s. p. 

+ 1354 Nahum 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 24, 1804. 


PEREZ 6 CLEVELAND (Eieazer*, samueP, Samuel"), d. Canter- 
bury, Conn., 1807, a. 47, m. Boston, Mass., May 18, 1788, 

Eliza or Betsey Fulton, b. Newburyport, Mass., Oct. — , , d. 

Oswayo, Potter co., Pa., June 20, 1850, 1857, da. Capt. John. Ch.: 

+ X 3S5 John 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 17, 1789, Boston or Can- 

+1356 Rebecca 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 6, 1790, Boston, rec. 


+ 1357 Sophia 8 Cleveland, b. Feb. 17, 1793, Canterbury. 

+1358 Marvin* Cleveland, b. May 8, 1795, Canterbury. 

Moses 9 Cleveland, b. ab. 1797, d. Canterbury, Mar. r 

+ 1359 Perez Franklin 6 Cleveland, b. May 29, 1798, Can- 

-(-1360 Moses 6 Cleveland (ag.), b. June 10, 1800, Canter- 

+1361 Lucius 6 Cleveland, b. July 29, 1803, Rhode Island, 
rec. Canterbury. 

+1362 Betsey Ann 8 Cleveland, b. June 12, 1805, Can- 

Perez 6 Cleveland lived in Boston. Architect and con- 
tractor. Capt. John Fulton was a sea capt. of Boston. 


BRADFORD 6 CLEAVELAND (Eleazer*, Samuel", Samuel", Moses*), 

d. Salisbury, Conn., Apr. 24, 1849, a - 87,. m. Eunice Farnam, b. 
Nov. 12, 1768, d. S. Apr. 21, 1849, a da. Bezaleel and Phebe 
(Kirtland). ~Ch. : 

+1363 Elisha Whittlesey 6 Cleaveland, by May 26, 1797, 
Salisbury, Conn., or Copake, Columbia co., N. Y. 

+ 1364 Mason 9 Cleaveland, b. July 23, 1799, Taghkanick, 
Dutchess (now Columbia) co., N. Y. 

+1365 John Farnum 6 Cleaveland, b. Feb. 18, 1802, Co- 
pake, N.Y. 

+ 1366 Bezaleel Farnum 9 Cleaveland, b. Aug. 28, 1804, 
Salisbury, Conn. 

+ 1367 Cyrus 6 Cleaveland, b. Feb. 1, 1807, Salisbury, Conn. 
1368 Mary Jane 8 , b. Feb. 21, 1810, S., m. N. Y. city, Dec. 
21, 1853, as 2d w. Benjamin S. Reed, he d. Darien, Fairfield co., 
Conn., Oct. 4, 1864. (He had by his 1st m. : 2 sons), s. p. 

+ 1369 Frederick Farnum 6 Cleaveland, b. Apr. 8, 1813, 
Salisbury, Conn. 

Bradford 6 Cleaveland residence, Salisbury, where he pur- 
chased a tract of land in 181 9. By trade a cooper. 

Farnam ancestry : —5 arms : Farnham. Or, a crescent az. . . . The line is 
traced back to 1644 in America. Bezaleel Farnam, b. 1723 of Conn., d. 1776, m. 1750 Phebe: 


WILLIAM 5 CLEVELAND (Eleazer*, Samuel, S amuel=), d. Ott 

the Manor, back of Hudson, N. Y., Oct., 1811, a. 40, m. on the 
Manor, 1803, Balacha (the name in German) Obelia (in Eng- 
lish) Brizzie or Brizzy, b. on the Manor, or in Columbia co.,, 
Jan., 1769, d. Avon tp., 1 mile from Hainesville, Lake co., 111., 
£[OV. 15, 1854, a da. John and Clauchie (Vosburg). Ch. : 


-f-1370 John Milton 6 Cleveland, b. July 24, 1804, on the 

+ 1371 George Laurence 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 12, 1807, 
Hillsdale, Columbia co., N. Y. 

+ 1372 Eliza 6 Cleveland, b. July 18, 1809, Hillsdale. 

William 6 Cleveland lived on the Manor, back of Hudson, 
N. Y., farmer. His widow lived once at Kinderhook, Columbia 
co., N. Y. 


TRACY 6 CLEVELAND (David*, Samuel*, Samuel", Mosesi), d. Kirt- 

land, Lake co., O., Feb. 27, 1836, a. 85, m. Canterbury, Conn., 
Apr. 25, 1773, Phebe Hyde, b. C. Apr. 2, 1748, d. Kirtl. Nov. 5, 
1829, a da. Jonathan and Lucy (Tracy). Ch. : 

+ 1373 Wealthy 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 4, 1774, Canterbury, 

+ 1374- David 6 Cleveland, Dec. 16, 1775, C. Son 6 b. Feb. 
20, C, d. C. 24, 1778. 

-f-1375 Arubah or Ruby 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 25, 1778, Can- 
terbury, Conn. 

-f-1376 Rebekah" Cleveland, b. July 18, 1780, Canterbury, 

+ 1377 Hardin 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 7, 1784, Canterbury, 

+ 1378 Lois 6 Cleveland, b. July 3, 1788, Canterb. or Paw- 
let, Vt. 

+ 1379 Fidelia 6 Cleveland, b. June 9, 1793, Pawlet, Vt. 

Tracy 6 Cleveland came from Pawlet or Granville, Wash- 
ington co., N. Y., between 1820 and 1831 to Kirtland. He was 
a farmer and the pioneer miller of Kirtland. Horace G. 7 Cleve- 
land + 4480 in 1 844 saw his homestead and the old mill and 
dam built by Tracy 5 at K: 


PATIENCE 5 CLEVELAND (HopestilH, Samuel", Samuel", Moses'), 

d. prob. Ludlow, Hampden co., Mass., ab. 18.00, a. ab. 57, funeral 
at L., m. Palmer, Mass., Dec. 6, 1774, Dr. Ephraim Wight, b. 
Sturbridge, Mass., Feb. 25, 1754, d. in Ohio, s. Ephraim and 
Abigail (Upham). Residence, Ludlow, Wilbraham, Mass., Ches- 
ter, Vt., and Ohio, physician. Was living Nov. 16, 1812, some- 
where between Waterford, Washington co., O., and Roxbury, 
Morgan co., O. Ch. : 1380 Abigail Up/iam* Wight, b. Apr. 24, 1777, 
Montpelier, Vt., m. twice, 2d Dean, who I'd in Vt. Ch. : large 
family, one of her sons 1 is said to have been a Methodist minis- 
ter. 1 38 1 Orange* Wight. 

4-1382 Patience* Wight, b. May 10, 1780. 


+1383 Bathsheba* Wight. +1384 Charlotte* Wight. 

Ephraim* Wight and his father were 1. Nov. 16, 1812, 
between Waterbury and Roxbury, O. 

+ 1385 Mary Wight, b. Nov. 4, 1792, Chester, Vt. 


ELISHA 6 CLEVELAND (Hopestill 4 , Samuel 3 , Samuel, Moses 1 ), d. 

Palmer, Hampden co., Mass., Mar. 19, 182 1, a. 61, m. Wilbra- 
ham, Hampden co., Mass., Apr. 13, 1780, Adah Clark, b. Wilb. 
May 16, 1759, d. Ware, Hampshire co., Mass., July 15, 1841, ada- 
Rev7^Sh~and~Elirier (Edwards). Ch. b. Wilbraham : 

+ 1386 Lovisa 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 12, 1781. 

+ 1387 Adah" Cleveland, b. June 9, 1783. 

+ 1388 Elisha 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 7, 1785. John 6 , b. and d. 
Dec. 19, 1786. 

+ 1389 Naomi 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 10, 1788. 

+ 1390 Benjamin" Cleveland, b. Jan. 27, 1790. 

+ 1391 Ruth 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 19, 1792. Miriam 6 , b. June 
15, 1794, d. Wilb. Jan. 10, 1808. 

+ 1392 —Abigail S. 6 Cleveland, b. May 23, 1796. 

+ 1393 Joseph 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 27', 1798. 

+ 1394 Pulcheria" Cleveland, b. Sept. 6, 1800. 

+ 1395 Simeon 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 20, 1807. 

Dea. Elisha 5 Cleveland was ord. deacon ; filled the office 42 
years with honor to the Baptist chh. He lived at Wilbraham 
to 1 814, Palmer afterward. He d. on the same farm that his 
father settled on. 

-Rev r Seth Clark, a Baptist pastor at Wilbraham and Belcher- 

Edwards ancestry. — Rev. Richard 1 of Oxford, Eng., supposed father to Rev. Rich- 
ard 2 , London, Eng., Welch minister 1558 or temp.- Elizabeth, d. bef. his w. and fam. came 
to America, m. Ann ; William 3 , Hartford, 1639, m. Mrs. Agnes Spencer, wid. Hon. Wil- 
.liam Spencer of H.; Richard 4 , b. H. May, 1647, of H., merch., m. 1st Elizabeth Turtle 2 , 
bap. New Haven, Nov. 9. 1645 ; Rev. Timothy 5 , b. May 14, 1669, H. C., 1691, of E. Windsor, 
ord. May, 1694, m. Esther Stoddard' ; Elmer" Edwards, m.Rev. Seth Clark. 

Stoddard ancestry : arms (Leith, N. B. and Suffolk, Eng.). — Sa. 3 estoiles. Crest — 
Demi horse erm. environed round the body with a ducal coronet or. . . Hon. Anthony 1 , 
Boston, 1639, linen draper, recorder, rep. m. 1st Mary Downing 6 ; Rev. Solomon 2 , b. Sept 
28, 1643, H. C, 1662, Northampton, noted divine, m. Mrs. Esther (Warham 2 ) Mather, wid. 
Rev. Eleazer Mather ; Esthers Stoddard, m. Timothy Edwards 4 . 

Warham ancestry : 7 arms : (Hampshire). — Gu. a fesse engr. or ; in chief three 
goats' heads couped ar. ; the fesse charged with as many escallops of the field . . . Rev. 
John 1 , minister at Exeter, co. Devon, Eng., came 1620, of Dorchester, Windsor, m. 2d 
Jane ; Esther 2 Warham, m. Solomon Stoddard 2 . 

Downing ancestry : (Poles, Belcham co., Essex). — Barry of ten ar. and vert, over all 
a griffin segreant or. Crest — An arm embowed in armour, tied round the wrist with a 
bow ar. holding in the hand ppr. a broad arrow or, feathered and headed of the first. . . 
Sir Jeffery 1 of Poles Belcham and Norwich, Eng., m. Elizabeth Wingfield 6 ; George 2 Ips- 
wich, Eng. and Sand Crosse, schoolmaster, m. Dorcas Blois, da. of William of Grunds- 
berg; Rev. Emanuel 3 of Dublin, Ireland; Hon. Emanuel 4 of St. Michael Parish, Corn- 
hill Ward, lawyer Inner Temple, London, came to America 1638, of Salem, Mass., rep. m. 



Lucy Winthrop 4 , bap. Groton, co. Suffolk, Eng., Jan. 27, 1601 ; Mary 5 Downing, m. An- 
thony Stoddard 1 . 

Winthrop ancestry : — Winthrop (Groton, Suffolk co., Eng.). Ar. three chevronels 
embattled gu. ; over all a lion ramp, sa., armed and langued az. — See N. E. Reg., XL V, 
iqb. Positive Pedigree and Authorized Arms, by Win. S. Appleton, Winthrop John, 
Boston. From Groton. Evidence : Life and Letters of John Winthrop, 1864. . . Adam 1 , 
m. Anne, Countess of Warwick in her own right, da. of Henry, 13th Earl of Warwick, 
and Cicely Fitzhugh, da. of Henry, Lord Fitzhugh, and Alice Neville, da. of Richard 
Neville, Earl of Salisbury and Alice Dudley, da. of John Dudley, 12th Earl of Warwick 
and Lord of the Isles, son of Ralph Neville, Duke of Northumberland and Joan of Beau- 
fort, both of whom descended from William the Conqueror; Adam 2 (wife's name un- 
known) ; Adam 3 , esq., of Groton, Eng., buried Mar. 28, 1623, m. Alice Henry, da. of 

Henry of Edwardstone, Eng., adjoining Groton ; Lucy 4 Winthrop (sister to Gov. John 
Winthrop, b. Edwardstone Jan. 12, 1588, came 1630, first Gov. of Mass.), m. Emanuel 
Downing 4 .— Notes of Gilbert M. Tucker, Esq.; Savage, &c. 

Wingfield ancestry : 5 arms (Letheringham). Ar. on a bend gu. cotised sa., 3 pairs 
of wings conjoined in lure of the field. Crest — A cap per pale ermines and ar. charged 
with a fesse gu. betw. 2 wings expanded. . . . Sir John, a renowned warrior temp. 
Edward III, 1327. Sir John 1 of Letheringham, Suffolk co., Eng., 1461, m. Elizabeth Gou- 
sell 2 ; Sir John 2 of L. m. Elizabeth Fitz Lewis 2 ; Sir John 3 of Durham, Magna, Norfolk 
co., Eng., m. Margaret Dorward 3 ; Thomas 4 m. Elizabeth Woodhouse, da. Sir Thomas of 
Kimberly, Norfolk co. ; Elizabeths Wingfield m. Sir Jeffry Downing. 1 

Dorward ancestry : — John 1 , Speaker of House of Commons ; Richard 2 , whose sole 
da. and heiress, Margaret 3 Dorward, m. Sir John Wingfield. 

Fitz Lewis ancestry 2 arms .- — Ar. a chev. betw. 3 trefoils sa. . . Sir John 1 of West 
Homdon, Essex co., Eng., m. Anne de Montacute 11 .;- Elizabeth 2 Fitz Lewis m. Sir John 
Wingfield 2 - 

De Montacute or Montague ancestry : 10 arms : — (Bovaney and Dorney, Bucking- 
ham co., Eng.), Ar. 3 fusils in gu. betw. 3 pellets (or ogresses). Crest — Griffin's head or, 
wings sa. beaked. . . Drogo or Drue de Montacute, b. 1040, came into Eng. at Conquest, 
1066, with Robert, Earl of Moriton, bro. of William I, his descendant : William 5 de Mon- 
tacute ; William 6 , Sheriff cos. Dorset and Somerset temp. John, 1199, 1st Baron Montagu, 
1249; Sir Simon 7 , summ. to Pari. 1300, &c. ; William 8 , sd Baron M,; William 9 , b. 1301, 
Earl Salisbury ; John 10 , Baron, 1357, m. Margaret de Monthermer 3 , b. 1330 ; Anne 11 Mon- 
tacute, m. Sir John FitzLewis 1 . 

De Monthermer ancestry .- 4 arms: — Or, eagle displ. vert, armed sa. . . Sir Ralph 1 , 
Earl Gloucester and Hertford, M. P. 1299, m. Joane Plantagenet 10 , Princess of Acres, wid. 
of Gilbert de Clare : Thomas 2 , m. Margaret ; Margaret 3 de Monthermer m. John de Mon- 

Gousell ancestry : 3 arms : — Paly of 6, ar. and gu. ; on a chief az. a barrulet indented 
or. . . Sir Robert 1 , Kt, m. Eleanor Fitzalan 11 ; Elizabeth 2 Gousell m, John Wingfield. 1 

Fitz- Alan ancestry: — (Clun Salop co.). Ar. a chief az. . . . Alan 1 Fitz-Fleald, Ba- 
ron, obtained Castle Oswaldestre from William I ; William 2 Fitz Alan, Lord of Oswaldes. 
d. 1160; William 3 , Lord of O. and Clun in right of his w. Isabel de Say 4 ; John 4 , 5th Ba- 
ron, m. Isabel de Albini 6 , sister and coh. to Hugh, Earl of Arundel ; John 6 , Lord of Clun 
and Oswaldes, and of the Honour of Arundel ; John«, b. 1246, Lord of C. and O. ; Rich- 
ard', b. 1268, 1st Earl Arundel ; Edmund 8 , 2d Earl A., m. Lady Alice Warren 7 ; Richard 9 
3d Earl A., 1331, m. Lady Eleanor Plantagenet 9 ; Sir John 10 , Lord A., Baron Maltravers, 
m. Eleanor Maltravers 3 , b. 1345, Eleanor 11 Fitz Alan, m. Sir Robert Gousell 1 . 

Maltravers ancestry : — (Leicestersh.). Sa. a fret or : a label of 4 points erm 

John, 1 Baron, 1327 ; John 2 , 1st Baron, 1330 ; Eleanor 3 Maltravers, m. John Fitzalan, 10 

De Warrene ancestry: — William 1 , Earl de Warrenne in Normandy, accomp. his 
kinsman, Duke William, to Eng. , built Castle Lewes, Earl Surrey, 1087, m. Gundreda 
Plantagenet 2 ; William 2 , 2d Earl Surrey, 1089, m. Elizabeth, da. of Hugh the Great ; Wil- 
liam 3 , d. in Holy Land, 1148, m. Ada da. of William, Earl of Belesme ; Isabella 4 de 
Warren, m. 2d, 1163, Hameline Plantagenet, or de Warren, Earl Warren, naturals, of 
Geoffrey, Count of Anjou (she having m. 1st William de Blois, 4th Earl Surrey, 3d s. of 
K. Stephen) ; William 6 Plantagenet, or de Warren, 4th Earl Surrey and Warren, m. 
Maud Marshal 4 ; John* Plantagenet, or de Warren, b. 1235, 5th Earl Surrey, 1st Earl Sus- 
sex, m. Alice, da. of Earl March ; Lady Alice 7 Warren, m. Edmond Fitz- Alan 8 . 

Mareschall, Marsliall ancestry: — Gilbert 1 , 1st Baron Marshal, Marshal to King 
Henry I; John 2 , Marshal to K. Steph. 2d, Baron M. ; William 3 , Earl Pembroke, 1189, 
Marshal of Eng., d. 1219, m. Isabel de Clare 8 ; Maud 4 Marshal, m. William Plantagenet 
or de Warren 6 . 

De Clare ancestry : — Gilbert 1 , Count of Brion or of Auci in Normandy ; Richard 2 


FitzGilbert, Earl Clare 1066, accom. his kinsman, William I, to Eng., of Clare Manor, 
Suffolk co., Justice of Eng. ; Gilbert 3 , Earl Clare Hen. I ; Gilbert 4 Strongbow, Earl Pem- 
broke, 1138 ; Richard-*, 2d Earl P., Justice of Ireland ; Isabel 6 de Clare, m. William Mar- 

Plant agenet ancestry, 4 lines: — Arms: see Royal Armory. . . . William I, Duke 
of Normandy, " The Conqueror," crowned King of Eng. Dec. 25, 1066, m. Maud or Matil- 
da, of Baldwin V, Count of Flanders, descended from Charlemagne 6 , King of France ; 
Gundreda 2 , m. William de Warren 1 , Henry I*, " Beauclerc," crowned Aug. 5, nco, m. 1st 
Maud 8 , da. of Malcomb Canmore 7 , King of Scotland ; The Empress Matilda or Maud s , 
" Domina Anglorum,'" m. 2d Geoffrey Plantagenet, Earl of Anjou (having m. 1st Emper- 
or Henry V) ; Henry II 4 , crowned Dec. 19, 1154, m. Eleanor, da. of William Duke of Aqui- 
taine ; John* "Lackland," crowned May 27, 1199, m. Isabel, da. of Aymer, Count of An- 
gouleme ; Henry III 6 , crowned Oct. 28, 1216, m. Eleanor, da. of Raymond Count of Pro- 
vence ; Edinond 7 Plantagenet, Earl of Lancaster, m. Blanche, Queen Dowager of Navarre ; 
Henry 8 , Earl of Lancaster, m. Maud, da. of Sir Patrick Chaworth ; Lady Eleanor 9 , m. 
Richard Fitzalan 8 : Edward 7 , King, 1272 ; Princess Joan 8 Plantagenet of Acres, tn. Sir 
Ralph Monthermer 1 . — Genealogy of the Montague Family. By George William Montague 
and William L. Montague: i8Sb. 

Ancestry of Malcolm III, Canmore, king of Scotland: — Donald 11 ; Malcolm I s (Mac- 
Donald) king of Scotland, succeeded to the crown 943, when Constantine II became a 
monk at St. Andrews, d. 954 ; Kenneth II or III s , king of Scotland A.D. 970, succeeded to 
the Scottish Pictish monarchy on the death of Culen [q. v.] in 971, is said to have harried 
as far as Stanemore at head of the Tees "Cliva," perhaps Cleveland in Yorkshire, d. 99s; 
Malcolm II 4 Mackeneth, king of Scotland, succeeded to the throne 1003, 1005, d. 1029, or 
Nov. 25, 1034 ; Bethoc 6 (according to 12th century tradition, the name of the daughter of 
Malcolm I), m. Crinan or Cronan, abbott of Dunkeld — Chronicles of the Picts and Scots, 
$. 152; Duncan I 8 , king of Scotland, succeeded his grandfather, Malcolm I Mackeneth in 
the throne of Scotland, was murdered 1039, 1040, by Macbeda, or Macbeth ; Malcolm III 7 
Canmore (from-the Celtic Caenmohr, meaning "great head"), king- of Scotland 1057-93, 
m. St. Margaret or Margaret 14 , who d. 1093, da. of Prince Edward 13 ; Maud 8 m. Henry V. 

Ancestry of Prince Edward, the Saxon : — Inglis 1 (the brother of Ine), great grand- 
father of : Eahlmund 4 , an under king of the kingdom of Kent, which at this time, beside 
Kent, included Surrey, Sussex, and Essex ; Egbert, Ecgberht, or Ecgbryht 6 , first king 
of England, A. D. 802-839, a Saxon prince of the blood, king of the West Saxons, king of 
Wessex and chief of Saxon confederacy, A. D. 800, represented the branch of the house 
of Cerdic that sprang from Cuthwine, the son of Ceawlin, for his father was great grand- 
son of Inglis, the brother of Ine, unites kingdoms of the Saxon Heptarchy, 827, d. 839 ; 
iEthelwulf, or Ethelwulf 6 , king 838 or 839-857, m. Osbush, da. of Oslac ; Alfred, or Al- 
fred 7 (the Great), b. 848, king, 871-901, m. Elfwitha ; Eadward I, or Edward I 8 , the Elder, 
king, 900 or 901-924, m. 2d, Edgiva ; Eadmund I, or Edmund I 8 , the Magnificent, b. 924, 
king, 940-946, m. Elgiva ; Eadgar, or Edgar 10 , the Pacific, b. 944, king, 959-975, m. 2d, Aelf- 
thryth or Elfrida, wid. of Athelwold, da. of Ordung, count of Devon ; iEthelred II, or 
Ethelred II 11 , b. 967, king, 978-Apr., 1016, m. 1st, Elgiva, 2d, Emma (.<351fgifu), who d. 1052, 
da. of Richard I of Normandy ; Eadmtmd II, or Edmund II 12 , Ironsides, king, Apr.-Nov., 
1016, m. Algitha, or Ealdggyth, wid. of Sigeferth ; Prince Eadward, or Edward 13 , to 
Hungary, 1016, returning to Eng. 1056, d. 1057, m - Agatha, niece of the Emperor Henry II ; 
St. Margaret or Margaret 14 m. Malcolm III Canmore 7 . — Genealogical Tables, illustrative 
of modern history, by Hereford B. George, M.A., F. R. G. S., Oxford, iSSb — Pedigrees I, 
X. ; Dictionary of National Biography, edited by Sidney Lee, &°c, 1SS7. 

De Albini ancestry : — [William 1 , Pincerna Regis, 1st Baron Albini, 1100 ; William 2 , 2d 
Baron Albini, Lord of Buckenham, Norfolk co„ Eng., Earl Arundel, 1155, 1st Earl Sussex 
and Chichester, m. Adeliza, Queen Dowager of Eng., wid. of Henry I ; William 3 , 2d Earl 
Sussex, 1 177, 2d Earl Arundel ; William 4 , 3d Earl Sussex and Arundel ; Isabel 6 de Albini 
m. John Fitz-Alan 4 . 

De Say ancestry .•— Helias 1 ; Hugh 2 , father of Hugh, Baron de Say, Lord of Richard's 
Castle, Hertford co. Of same family was Ingleram 8 , Baron, Lord of Clun, 1135 ; Isabel 4 
de Say m. 1st, William Botterell, 2d, William Fitz-Alan 3 . 

Ancestry of Charlemagne .-— Arnulphe 1 , A. D. 612 ; Ansegise 2 ; Pepin 3 ; Charles Mar- 
tel 4 ; Pepin 6 [see +6693] ; Charlemagne 6 , Empereur, 772, claimed descent from Julius 

Tuttle ancestry: — William 1 , b. 1609, from co. Northampton, Eng., of Boston, July, 
1635, New Haven, merchant, m. Elizabeth ; Elizabeth 2 Tuttle m. Richard Edwards 4 . 



DAVID 6 CLEAVELAND (Hopestill*, Samuel*, Samuel*), d. Lud- 

low, Mass., Sept. 18, 1838, a. 73, m., Hampton, Conn., March 1, 
1793, Aurelia Brown, b. Canterbury, Conn., August 27, 1774, d. 
Shutesbury, Franklin co., Mass., Apr. 4, 1809. Dwelt at Shutes- 
bury. Ch. : 

1396 David 6 Cleaveland, b. June 17, 1797, Ludlow, Mass. 
-j-1397 Cyrus' Cleaveland, b. Apr. 30, 1801, Palmer, Mass. 

1398 Hiram 6 Cleaveland, b. Aug. 17, 1802, Wilbraham, 
Mass., d., m., and moved away. 

1399 Aurelia' Cleaveland, b. Dec. 3, 1803, W., m. Walker, 
lived Ohio. s. p. 

4-1400 Almira 8 Cleaveland, b. Oct. 17, 1806, Shutesbury, 


ESTHER 6 CLEAVELAND (Hopestms samuei*, Samuel*), d. Lud- 
low, Mass., 1827, a. 60, m. George Miller, s. Joseph and Cather- 
ine. Settled in Ludlow. Ch. : Seth 6 , b. 1790. 

1401 Dolly* Miller, b. 1792, d. 1856, m. Abner Beebe. Ch. : 
Alonzo 1 Beebe ; Dolly' Beebe ; George 1 Beebe ; Julia Ann 1 Beebe; 
Lyman Miller 1 Beebe ; Henry 1 Beebe. 

+ 1402 Zebina* Miller, b. , 1794. 

-(-1403 Almira* Miller, b. 1796. Esther* Miller, b. 1797, d. 


1404 Esther* Miller (ag.), b. 1799, m. Henry Fuller. Ch. : 
Esther 1 Fuller j Sarah 1 Fuller. 

1405 George* Miller, b. 1801, m. Mary Ann Burges. 


SAMUEL 6 CLEVELAND (HopestillS Samuel', Samuel 2 , Moses'), d. 

Jubilee, Peoria co., 111., Jan. 30, 1852, a. 82, m. Catherine Graves, 
b. Palmer, Mass., Aug. 26, 1781, d. Brimfield, Peoria co., 111., Nov. 
22, 1849, da. Simion and Caty (Crane). Ch. b. Palmer : 

+ 1406 Lorin Graves 6 Cleveland, b. June 14, 19, 1800. 
1407 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 12, 1802, d. Brimfield bef. 
1883, m. Braman Bennett, he d. 1857, lived B. Ch. : Mary Jane 1 
Bennett, b. June 14, 1831, d.; Henry Alanz 1 Bennett, b. June 14, 
1833, d.; Helen Maria 1 Bennett, b. Nov. 6, 1835 ; Emeretta Augusta 1 
Bennett, Nov. 24, 1839; Henry Alonzo 1 Bennett (ag.), Nov. 9, 1841; 
Lorin Braman 1 Bennett (ag.), Aug. 31, 1845. 

+ 1408 Maria' Cleveland, b. Nov. 12, 181 1. 

Samuel 5 Cleveland dwelt at Palmer to 1844, af. at Jubilee ; 
reed maker. 



HANNAH 5 CLEVELAND (Hopestill*, Samuel*, Samuel), d. 

Charleston, Tioga co., Pa., m. Sept. 8, 1785, Selden Borden, he 
•d. Charleston. Ch. : 

+ 1409 Clarissa'' Borden, b. June 25, 1787. 

+ 1410 Rachel 6 Borden, b. Dec. 25, 1789. 141 1 Betsef Borden, 
Apr. 23, 1792 ; Roswell* Borden, Aug. 3, 1794 ; Selden* Borden, Feb. 
18, 1797 ; Hopesiill* Borden, Aug. 21, 1799 ; Armando? Borden, Jan. 
31, 1802 ; Ansel* Borden, Apr. 26, 1804. 


EPHRAIM 5 CLEVELAND (Ephraim*, Joseph, Samuel', Mosesi), d. 

"ac. to trad." Dana, Worcester co., Mass., 1820, a. 81, unm., or, 
ac. to town rec., d. Hardwick, Worcester co., Mass., Apr. 9, 1822, 
a. 86, m. H., Nov. 15, 1770, Dorothy, Dolly, or Lydia Whipple, 
prob. da. Rev. Jacob, or perhaps da. Capt. Thomas, prob. s. p. 

Ephraim 6 Cleveland resided at Hardwick, a prominent patriot in Revolutionary 
^affairs, and who served an exigency in the ranks. Paiges Hardy)., 82 — Civil history. 
Town meeting, Aug. 22, 1774, chose 13 a Committee of Correspondence to correspond 
with other town Committees * on important matters relating to our rights * to agree 
-to . measures'"* to frustrate purposes of designing men to deprive us and posterity of 
just rights and privileges. To appoint persons from among themselves to attend any 
Convention of committees of other towns to consult * town will pay expenses. Com. 
of Cor. elected, Boston, Mass., Nov. 2, 1772, the first in the Province, was a device of Sam- 
uel Adams. Successors of Committee, 1779 : David Allen, Samuel Dexter, Aaron Barlow, 
Ephraim Cleveland, Jr., James Paige, Jr., Daniel "Warner, Ezra Leonard, Elisha Bil- 
lings, John Hastings, Timothy Paige, John Haskell, Thomas Robinson, Timothy New- 
ton, Jonathan Warner, and Ephraim Pratt. 230 — Baptist Society, Mar. 31, 1777. Eph- 
raim Cleveland et al., whose tax for ministry remitted. 295 — Hardw. Tax, 1776, North 
Side. Ephraim Cleveland, Jr., 1 poll, 8s. 4d. 

Whipple ancestry : — Matthew* of Ipswich, Mass., 1638, bro. of John, d. I., Sept. 28, 
1647, m. 2d, Rose ; Joseph 2 of I., m. Sarah ; Dea. James 3 , b. 1681, of Grafton, Mass. ; Rev. 
Jacob 4 , d. 1818, Baptist clerg. of N. part of Hardw., now Dana ; James 8 [probably brother 
to Lydia Whipple]. — Page' s Hardw., 350, 534-5 ; Whipple genealogy ; Savage, IV : 506. 


JACOB 5 CLEVELAND (Ephraim*, Joseph', Samuel"), bap. First 

-chh., Dedham, Mass., Oct. 7, 1739. He is remembered by his 
nephew Joseph 6 +1425, who thinks that Jacob 5 was unmarried, 
but is not certain ; he had a cancer, doctored it, and got well, 
afterward went from Hardwick to parts unknown, when Joseph 
was a lad, prob. 1808. 


ABIGAIL" CLEVELAND (Ephraim 4 , Joseph", Samuel"), m. AmOS 

Hunter. Ch. : 

+ 141 2 Amos* Hunter. 


JOSEPH 5 CLEVELAND (Ephraim*, Joseph*, Sam.»), d. Rich- 
mond, Ontario co., N. Y., Apr. 9, 1844, a. 104 [or a. 96], m. 1st, 




Hardwick, Mass., May 4, 1772, Elizabeth Wheeler, b. 1750, d.- 

Oct. 22, 1827. He m. 2d, Mrs. , wid., she d.. 

Richmond, N. Y. Ch. b. in Mass. : 

+1413 Jacob 6 Cleveland, b. , 1776. 

+ 1414 Be-njamin 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 9, 1783. 

-f-1415 Ephraim" Cleveland, b. Apr. 2, 1784. 

1416 Betsey 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1786, d. in Mich, or Wis.,, 
m. Phillip Phillips, lived at Detroit, Mich. Ch. : is., 3 da. 

1417 Nancy 8 Cleveland, b. , ab. 1788. 

141 8 Persis 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1790, d. Southport, Pa., 
m. Holmes. 

+ 1419 Charles 6 Cleveland, b. , ab. 1.792. 

1420 Lydia 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1794, d. Wis., ab. 1867, m. 
1st, William Arnold, 2d, Holmes or Stacey, dwelt N. Y. state. 
Ch. : Daughter 7 , d. y. 

142 1 Rebecca 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1796, d. Unadilla, . 
Otsego eo., N. Y., m. Ethan Havens. 

Joseph 6 Cleveland was a soldier tinder Washington, lived 
at Hardwick. Paige's Hardw., 330 .- — went to N. Y. State and ' 
" was a mighty hunter."' 


BENJAMIN 6 CLEVELAND (Ephraim*, Josephs, Samuel*, Moses*), 

b. Bridgewater, Mass., Dec. 18, 1751. Paige's Hardwick, 297 — 
Tax July 30, 1776, South Side Benjamin Cleveland i poll 2 s 
7 d 1 qr./. 350 — "all the children of Ephraim except Benjamin 
were m. in H." Reported to have settled on the Holland Pur- 
chase [Patent), Oneida co., N. Y. 


ELIJAH 5 CLEVELAND (Bphraim*. Joseph*, Samuel*), d. Hard- 
wick, Mass., July 15, 1812, a. 59, m. H., May 15, 1789, Sarah 
Marsh, bap. H., Apr. 28, 1751, or b. Ware, Mass., Apr. 22, 1757, 
d. Hardw., Apr. 2, 1842, a da. Thomas (bap. Ephraim) and 
Sarah (Olmstead). Ch. b. Hardwick: 

-(-1422 Elijah 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 16, 1790. 

-{-1423 Royal 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 25, 1793. Sally", b. 


+ 1424 Polly 6 Cleveland, b. May 12, 1797. 

+ 1425 Joseph 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 16, 1800. 

+ 1426 Calvin 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 2, 1803, 4, 1804. 

+ 1427 Alvin 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 23, 1807. 

1428 Cutler 6 Cleveland, b. , 1811, d. • 

, 1812. 

Elijah 8 Cleveland lived at Hardwick. Cothren's Hardwick, 



297 — Tax list, 1776, Elijah Cleveland i poll 2 s. 7 d. 1 gr. 
His father Ephraim's farm came into his hands, and af. was 
owned by his s. Elijah 6 . 

Marsh ancestry : — 8 arms : (Marton & Langden, Kent co., Eng., conf. 1602). Quar- 
terly gu. & ar. ; in chief dexter quarter horse's head. Crest — Out of a mural crown gu. 
horse's head ar. ducally gorged or. John 1 of Braintree, Eng., Chelmsford, Mass., 1638 ; 
John 2 (bro. to Joseph, who made will, 1676, at Braintree, Eng., clothier), an orig. propr. 
of Hartford, Conn., 1636, Hadley, Northampton, d. 1688, m. 1st, Anne Webster*, b. Eng. ; 
Hon. Samuel 3 , b. Hartf. of Hatfield, Mass., rep., m. Mary Allison ; Thomas 4 , m. 1702, 
Mary Trumbull 3 , b. Suffield, Conn., Mar. 20, 1681 ; Ephraim' 6 afterw. Thomas 6 Marsh, b. 
Jan. s, 1717, m. Sarah Olmstead". 

Obnstead ancestry: — Capt. Jabez 1 of Brookfield bef. 1712 made first settlement, 
Ware, 1729, was energetic, had Indian blood in his veins, officer in Louisbourg exped., m. 
Thankful Barnes, da. Thomas; Sarah 2 Olmstead m. Ephraim Marsh 6 .— Paige's Hard- 

Trumbatt, Trumbett, Trumble, Trumboll, Trumbull, Trummell ancestry : — Arms: 
Trumbull (East Hatnpstead, Berks co., Eng.) Ar. 3 bulls' heads erased sa. breathing 
fire ppr. Crest — Bull's head breathing fire. . John 1 Tramell, Roxbury, 1639, m. Row- 
ley, Ann Swan, da. Richard & Ann of Rowl. ; Judah 2 of Rowl., .Suffield, 1676, m. Mary ; 
Mary 3 Trumbull m. Thomas Marsh 4 . 

Webster ancestry : —10 arms: (Cambridgeshire, Essex and Huntingdonshire, settled 
in Eng. at a very early period, Henry VIII granted John Webster estates in aforesaid 
cos.) Az. 5 swans, close, in cross, ar. betw. 4 annulets or. Crest — Swan's neck, in beak 
annulets. . Hon. John 1 from Warwick co., Eng., to Mass., an orig. proprietor of Hart- 
ford, 1636, dep. gov. of Conn, colony, 1655, governor, 1656, one of 59 signers agreement, 
Apr. 18, 1659, to buy Mass. lands, founder of Hadley, 1659 — see Trumbull's Conn., I, 
Chap, is., d. Hadley, Apr. 5, 1661, m. Agnes, she came from Eng. with him; Anne 2 
Webster m/John Marsh 2 . 


EBENEZER 6 CLEVELAND (Ephraim 4 , Joseph*, Samuel 2 ), d. 

Hardwick, Mass., Dec. 7, 1800, a. 44, m. Greenwich, Hampshire 
co., Mass., Nov. 28, 1790, Betsey Barnard of Hardw., she d. H., 
a da. Joseph and Betty. (She m. 2d, see below.) Ch. b. Hard- 
wick : 

+ 1429 Polly 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 6, 1791. 

+1430 Asaph 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 6, Dec, 1795. 

1430* William 6 Cleveland, b. Sep. 1, 1797, 1798, d. 

, 1811. 

+ 1431 Newcomb 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 18, 1800. And per- 
haps others 6 . 

Ebenezer" Cleveland dwelt Ware, Mass. Mrs. Betsey 
(Barnard) Cleveland m. 2d, John Smith, 3d, Griffin. Ch. by 2d 
m. : John Cleveland Smith, b. 1804, m. 1st, Belila Terry, 2d, 
Porter. Ch. by 1st m. : Ann Maria Smith, d. ; John Warner 
Smith, d. ; Luthera Ann Smith ; Henry Griffin Smith ; Nancy 
Jane Smith ; Mary Esther Smith ; Martha Osiva Smith ; Har- 
riet Isabella Smith. By 2d m. : Porter Judson Smith. By 3d 
m. : Nancy Griffin, b. 1807, d. 1842, m. William Converse of 
East Brookfield, Worcester co., Mass., s. p. 




OLIVE 5 CLEVELAND (Ephraim*), m. Hardwick (rec. Peter- 
sham), Mass., Apr. 17, 1785, Silas Whittaker of P. and Northfield, 
Mass. Paige's Hardwick, 350. Ch. : William 6 Whittaker, b. North- 
field Farms, Franklin co., Mass. ; Daughter*, m. Seth Doolittle of 
Winchester, N. H., i8§o. 


PERSIS 5 CLEVELAND (Ephraim*, Josephs, Samuel, Moses'), d. 

Richmond, N. H., Dec, 1798, a. 34, m. Hardwick, Mass., Oct. 9, 
1783, as 1st w., Aaron Cooley, b. 1743, d. Landaff, Grafton co., 
N. H, June, 1833. Ch. : 

+ 1432 Ephraim 6 Cooley, b. , 1785, Richmond, 

N. H. 

+ 1433 Benjamin 6 Cooley, b. Jan. 12, 1787, Richmond, N. H. 

+ 1434 Achsa 6 Cooley, b. , 1789, R. Israel 6 , d. 


Aaron Cleveland* Cooley, b. 1793, m. Esther Aldrich. 
Infant 6 , d. soon. 

. Aaron Cooley came from Conn. Appears in List of Men of 
Worcester co., Mass. Enlisted Dec. 5, 1775, as private in Capt. 
Daniel How's Co. Appears in Return of Men enlisted for 3 
years into Continental Army from Capt. How's or Capt. 
Spooner's co. of the 7th Worcester co., dated Petersham, Mass., 
Dec, 1777. Joined Capt. Benjamin Gates co., Col. Putnam's 
Reg. Appears on Continental Army Pay Accounts of Capt 
Garder's co. for services from May, 1777, to Dec. 1779. Appears 
on Pay Accounts Col. Putnam's co. for services Jan. — June, 
1780. Was of Athol, Mass., 1783. At close of Revolution set- 
tled at Lisbon, Grafton co., N. H., lived there 30 years. Re- 
sided at Peterborough, Mass., teacher. — Paige's Hardwick, 330. 
He m. 2d, Richmond, 1798, his second wife d. at Irasburg, Vt. 
Ch. : 

i. Seneca B. Cooley, b. 1800, Richmond, d. Charleston, 
Vt., m. Marisa Sawyer. Was a first settler of Charleston, 1825 
— Hemenway's Vt, III: 109, np-20. ii Alvan Cooley, b. 1802, 
Lisbon, m. Hepdiale Lochlin. iii Hiram Cooley, b. 1804, Con- 
cord, d. Lisbon, 1831, m. Hannah Morrill, iv Moses Cooley, b. 
1807, Concord, d. Utah, m. Cynthia Blood, v Persis Cooley, b. 
181 1, Concord, m. Justis Blood, vi Israel Cooley, b. 1815, C. 
vii Eli Cooley, b. 1815, C. viii Eliza Cooley, b. 1820, C. ' 


ABIGAIL 6 CLEVELAND (Benjamins Joseph^, Samuel", Moses'), d. 

East Brookfield, Orange co., Vt., June 2,' 1832, a. 85, m. Wind- 
ham, Conn., Sept. 29, 1763, Rev. Samuel Hovey b. Wind- 


ham, Mar. 7, 1743, d. E. Brookfield, May 12, 1833, a s. Samuel 
and Elizabeth (Perkins). Ch.: 

+ 1435 Daniel Hovey, b. July 24, 1764, Windham, Conn. 

+ 1436 Abner* Hovey, b. Nov. 5, 1766, Canterbury, Conn. 

+ 1437 Mary" Hovey, b. May 26, 1768, Canterbury, Conn. 

+ 1438 Rufus Cleveland"' Hovey, b. Aug. 29, 1770, Canterbury. 

+ 1439 Rebecca* Hovey, b. Sept. 6, 1772, Canterbury, Conn. 

+ 1440 Samuel* Hovey, b. Oct. 20, 1774, Lyme, Grafton co., 
N. H. 

+ 144 1 Abiel" Hovey, b. Oct. 30, 1776, Lyme, N. H. 

+ 1442 Alvan* Hovey, b. Mar. 3, 1779, Lyme, N. H. 

+ 1443 Abigail* Hovey, b. Dec. 25, 1780, Lyme, N. H. 

+ 1444 Elizabeth* Hovey, b. Apr. 15, 1783, Lyme, N. H. 

+1445 John Fairfield* Hovey, b. Apr. n, 1785, Lyme, N. H. 
Lucy* Hovey, b. Mar. 7, 1787, L., d. July 27, 1788. 

+ 1446 Lucy* Hovey (ag.), b. Oct. 17, 1789, Lyme, N. H. 

Abigail 6 was of a most amiable disposition and a thrifty 
housewife. Her love of music was intense, and v her voice was 
remarkable for its sweetness, power, and compass. She was 
very kind to her aged parents, watched over and nursed them 
most tenderly and untiringly in their declining years. Rev. 
Samuel Hovey, near the close of the Revolution was drafted 
into the army, and his son Daniel, though but 1 7 years of age, 
was accepted as a substitute. 

It appears that when Samuel Hovey removed from Wind- 
ham, Conn., to Graftqn co., N. H., he purchased and settled upon 
what is known as " Grant's Island " in the Connecticut river, 
between Lyme, in Grafton icounty, N. H., and Thetford, in 
Orange county, Vt. It contains about 30 acres of arable land, 
free from stones, and the soil very fertile. Here he had early 
erected a comfortable dwelling house, barn, etc., and here the 
family dwelt and prospered until after the youngest child was 
born. From old records of the Congregational or Presbyterian 
Society, Lyme — 

" Lime, Dec r 28, 1794, then Abigail Hovey, the wife of Samuel Hovey, by the consent 
of the Brethren was dismissed from this chh, to join any chh. of Christ which she 
might choose for her better edification. 

Attest: ' WE CONANT, Pas." 

" Lime, April 13, 1795, then Samuel Hovey, a member of this chh. was recommended 
to the chh. of Christ in Brookfield." 

From the same records it appears that "Samuel Hovey and 
Abigail Hovey were admitted to the chh. at Lime, June 2, 
1782," and on "Nov. 11, 1784, six more ruling elders chosen," 
among which number is " Samuel Hovey " ; showing him to 
have been an active member in the ecclesiastical organization 
at "Lime." His connection with the Baptists was after his 


removal to Brookfield, Vt. He cultivated successfully a farm, 
and never took any compensation for his ministerial labors. 

In the burying-ground on " East Hill," Brookfield, Vt, may 
be found the stones which mark the graves of this worthy pio- 
neer and his wife, bearing the following inscriptions : 

" Elder Samuel Hovey, Preacher of the Gospel, died May 12, 1833, aged go years 
and 2 mo. A 

" Mrs. Abigail Hovey, wife of Elder Samuel Hovey, died June 2, 1832, aged 85 years 
and 10 mo." 

Around them are the graves of many of their kindred and 
descendants, including children, grandchildren and great-grand- 
children, and the living may well learn a lesson from the lives 
and characters of Samuel Hovey and Abigail Cleveland. 

" To rescue from oblivion, even for a brief period,' the memory of those we love, is a 
solace and a pleasure. This sentiment prompts me to pen a brief sketch of my grand- 
mother, Abigail Cleveland, wife of Rev. Samuel Hovey. 

"In 1791, the family removed to Norwich, Vt., and one year thereafter her aged 
mother died. 

"In 1794, they removed to Brookfield, Vt., bringing with them her aged and infirm 
father, for whom she filially cared till his death in 1797. Few daughters have been priv- 
ileged to care for a parent as she for her father, his state of mind and body requiring al- 
most constant attention, which was given lovingly and cheerfully. Her husband was 
much from home, laboring with the churches in adjoining towns, holding meetings in 
schoolhouses, dwelling houses and barns, for church edifices were in that new country 
few and far between. Her large family, which sometimes numbered sixteen persons, 
with the labor of clearing away forests and cultivating a large farm, manufacturing 
woolen and linen cloth for the family, was directed by her and her children. They 
planted a very large orchard, which remains to this day, built the first cider mill, and 
literally made the desert blossom. Many are the times she, her neighbors, and her 
children, have, on Sunday mornings, dressed themselves in their clean homespun cloth- 
ing, and, taking their shoes in their hands, walked barefoot for miles to some neighbor- 
ing town to join in public worship under the preaching of the husband, father and neigh- 
bor. No such thing as a carriage, or scarcely a decent carriage-road, was then and 
there known. ' Elder Hovey ' never made charges for preaching, and sometimes when 
a nice little present was given him, he would ride his old horse towards home till he came 
to a home poorer than his own, then the present was sure to be left. In process of years 
the original log house gave place to a 'framed' one, a better barn was built, a school 
house soon followed, and thrifty New England homes multiplied on every side. 

" Having reared all their children in habits of industry, morality and Christian prin- 
ciples, their old age is quiet and peaceful, as they sit in their snug little cottage, enjoying 
the fruit of their labor. 

" Mrs. Hovey was eminently a woman of peace, possessing ' the soft answer that 
turneth away wrath,' always excusing when others accused ; one of those who never 
have an enemy. 

"Elder Hovey continued to preach to extreme old age, and I have his picture dis- 
tinctly before my mind's eye, standing behind a table in our school house, his white hair 
falling over his shoulders, his ruddy face and full blue eyes ; preaching to an assembly 
perhaps half of whom were his children and grandchildren. 

The church edifice and cemetery occupy a part of what was the farm he bought on 
coming to Brookfield. In that most pleasant of rural burial places they sleep side by 
side ; here sleep four of their children, and almost a multitude of their grandchildren 
and other relatives. RUTH H. SPRAGUE." 

— Geiiealogy of Benjamin Cleveland by ff. G. Cleveland 11, 735. 


ZENAS* CLEVELAND (Benjamin*, Joseph", Samuel', Moses'), d. 

Litchfield, Bradford co., Pa., Aug. 27, 182 1, a. 72, m. 



, 1773, Eunice Ludington, b. , d. Litchfield, Pa. r 

May 1, 1824, parentage not learned. Ch. : 

+ 1447 Eunice 8 Cleveland, b. ab. 1773-1774. 

+ 1448 Betsey 6 Cleveland, b. , ab. 1776. 

+ 1449 Zenas 8 Cleveland, b. Sept. , 1778. 

+ 1450 Elinor or Eleanor" Cleveland, b. Apr. 10, 1780. 

1451 Anna 6 , b. 1782, d. Brookfield, Vt., Aug. 5, 10, 1786; 
James 8 , b. Oct. 30, 1784, Brookf., d. B., Aug. 10, 1786. 

1452 Flora 6 Cleveland lived with her father at Bethel, 
Sullivan co., N. Y., and went West with him. 

Zenas 5 Cleveland dwelt at Brookfield, Vt., 1786 to 1790. 
Bee. Brookfield: One Zenas Cleveland sold and conveyed to 
Francis Thompson, Jan.- 19, 1790, 74 acres of land "for the con- 
sideration J of Forty pounds, L. M." [lawful money]. And also, 
on the 8th of March, 1791, he sold and conveyed to Joseph Col- 
lins, physician, of Berlin, Vt., 160 acres of land " for the consid- 
aration of Pne hundred and fifty pounds, L. M." 

He was lame from boyhood, from a fever sore, and became 
a shoemaker. All traces of him lost from 1791, when he left . 
Brookfield, Vt., until found in Bethel ab. 1811, where he leased 
land -from William Peck. Shortly afterward he rem. to Litch- 
field, Pa., and joined Zenas 6 . 

They were both buried on the place of his son Zenas 6 , a few 
rods from the house, but no stone marks their resting-place 
now. The farm is now owned and cultivated by Joshua Turk, 
Esq., who kindly pointed out to Horace G\ Cleveland the slight 
knoll designating the two .graves of Zenas Cleveland 5 , and 
Eunice. Ludington, his wife. 


RACHEL 5 CLEVELAND (Benjamin*, Josephs, Samuel*), d. East 

Brookfield, Vt, Sept. '27, 1837, a. 87, m. Tolland, Tolland co. 

Conn., , 1777, Oliver Hamblin, b. Enfield, Hartford 

co., Conn., Sept. 3, 1751, d. E. Brookfield, Vt., Oct. 28, 1829, s. 
Joel and Polly (Channing). Ch. : 

+ 1453 Polly* Hamblin, b. , 1778. 

+ 1454 Betsey" Hamblin, b. May 6, 1780. 

+ 1455 Joel* Hamblin, b. Feb. 27, 1783. 

1456 Theodotia* Hamblin, b. Mar. 9, 1785,1. (1879), North 
Montpelier, Washington co., Vt. 

+1457 James* Hamblin, b. May 24, 1788. 

+ 1458 Nancy* Hamblin, b. Mar. 8, 1791. 

Rachel 6 was a large and stately woman, of indomitable 
pluck and courage, and a most industrious worker. At the 



burning of Royalton, Vt., by the Indians, in 1784, she and her 
children barely escaped with their lives, and concealed them- 
selves in the forest hard by. She was separated for more than 
three weeks from her husband, and each supposed the other 
killed by the savages. The next child born to them (Theo- 
dotia) was marked by the terrible fright to which the mother 
had been subjected. They did not return to Royalton, but set- 
tled in Brookfield, some twelve or fifteen miles further to the 
northward, and about two miles from the place where Samuel 
Hovey located some six or seven years later. 

In the old cemetery not far from the East Brookfield post- 
office are two gravestones, with the following inscriptions upon 
them : 

"Mr. Oliver Hamblin, died Oct. 28, 1829, in the 79th year of his age." 
"Rachel, widow of Oliver Hamblin, died Sept. 27, 1837, in her 88th year." 

Oliver Hamblin was one of the charter members of the 
town of Brookfield, charter dated Aug. 5, 1781. 

"My grandfather Hamblin moved from Connecticut to Vermont. He, with two 
other men and their families, were the first settlers in the eastern part of Brookfield, on 
"the Branch," as it was called. Soon after, the Indians became very troublesome, and 
the men always worked together, as they did not consider it safe to work alone. Grand- 
mother was very timid. She took off her gold beads and her ear ornaments and put 
them into a pewter porringer and buried them in the cellar for fear the Indians -would 
tear the rings from her ears. She lived in great fear of being taken by them. Indeed, 
she learned subsequently they had a narrow escape on one occasion. A man by the 
name of Johnson being captured by the Indians was held in custody for several months, 
and the chief of the tribe gave Johnson charge of some braves while on a scouting expe- 
dition. They saw grandfather and the other men at work while concealed on a hill 
above them, and begged of Johnson permission to go and kill the men, but he managed 
to restrain them. Soon after the Indians burnt Royalton, and grandfather and the 
others with their families started for Lebanon, N. H., some fifty miles distant. While 
making the hurried journey, they saw cattle with their tongues cut out and otherwise 
barbarously injured ; feather beds emptied and burnt to a crisp ; and two men mur- 
dered, whom they buried under an old log. But the party arrived safely at last in Leb- 
anon, and staid there two years before it was deemed safe to return. A few years after 
grandfather's return he sold out the place and moved to a hill farm, where he and grand- 
mother remained till their death. They were both hardworking, industrious people, and 
accumulated a good property. 

" My grandmother was a good-looking woman, rather stout, and was greatly beloved 
by all who knew her. I well remember the linen thread she used to spin ; it was as 
white as snow, and exquisitely fine. She used to make her muslin caps with it. She 
made me a present of some ; and I still have one pair of linen pillow slips made from 
linen she spun and wove, all her own handiwork, and I shall always keep them. She 
was an excellent butter and cheese maker, and took care of the milk from ten cows the 
summer she was eighty, but after that she commenced to fail. She nearly lost her mind 
before her death at the age of 86. She was one of those cheerful, happy women — it was 
all sunshine with her. My mother resembled her very much in appearance, both having 
dark hair and blue eyes. Very truly, etc., 

Genealogy of Benjamin Cleveland by H. GS Cleveland, 23-4, 171-2. 


PERSIS 6 CLEVELAND (Benjamins Josephs, Samuel"), d. Mon- 
tague, Mass., Mar. 30, 1834, a. 81, m. Pomfret, Windham co., 
Conn., 1772, Edward Payne. He b. Pomfret, June 10, 1750, d. 
Montague, June 19, 1845, s - Edward and Lois (Kinney). Ch. : 


+ 1459 James* Payne, b. Dec. 18, 1774, Montague. 
+ 1460 Edward 6 Payne, b. Oct. 2, 1776. 

1461 Lois 9 Payne, b. May 22, 1778, d. Jan. 13, 1809, tram. 
Lebbeus 6 Payne, b. Mar. 1, 1780, d. Dec. 5, 1782. 

1462 Alvin* Payne, b. Jan. 19, 1782, d. Montague, Feb. 1, 
1843, m. 1st, Dana, Mass., Aug. 12, 1806, Betsey Woodward, b. 
Dana, May 12, 1784, d. M., Dec. 17, 1807, da. Benjamin and 
Betsey (Hall). He m. 2d, M., Fanny Sibley. Ch. by 1st m. : 
Benjamin 1 Payne, b. June 3, 1807, 1. M. 

1463 Lebbeus 6 Payne (ag.), b. Dec. 1, 1783, d. Montague, 
July 28, 1844, m. M., June 16, 181 1, Martha Locke, b. Fitzwilliam, 
N. H., June 24, 1782, d. M., Dec. 6, 1820, a da. William and 
Rebecca (Barrett), I'd M., farmer. Ch. : William Locke' Payne, 
b. Dec. 25, 1817 ; Stephen 1 Payne, b. Aug. 29, 1820, d. Oct. 19, 1841. 

+ 1464 Persis" Payne, b. Oct. 1, 1785. 

1465 Oren 6 Payne, b. June 1, 1787, d. Montague, Sept. 21, 
1873, m. Wendell, Franklin co., Mass., Feb. 5, 1822, Meorry 
Taylor Benjamin, b. M., Sept. 19, 1790, a da. \ Joel and Sally 
Anderson, farmer. His wid. 1. at the old homestead (1878), s. p. 

+1466 John" Payne, b.. July 1, 1789. 
-T-467 SenT Payne, b. Apr. 28, 1791, 6,. Oct. 20, 1829, unm. 

+ 1468 Ira* Payne, b. Sept. 29, 1793. 

Persis 6 was of small stature, fair complexion, raven black 
hair and black eyes. She was very ambitious, with no dower 
except her beauty, and her marriage into one of the aristocratic 
families of Conn, was bitterly opposed by some of her husband's 
relatives. She was a devoted wife and mother, though some- 
what fretful as she grew in years ; aided her husband to acquire 
a handsome property, and reared a large family to habits of 
energetic industry. Edward Payne was a farmer. 

They are buried in the old cemetery some distance from the 
village, in the eastern part of the township. The inscriptions 
upon the marble are as follows : 

" Edward Payne, died Jan. 19, 1845, aged 95 years. Erected by Oren Payne." 
"Persis, wife of Edward Payne, died March 30, 1834, aged 82 years." 


RUFUS* CLEVELAND (Benjamin*, Josephs, Samuel', Mosesi), d. at 

Barkhamsted, Litchfield co., Conn., Feb. 22, 1838, a. 83, m. 1st, 
Ellington, Tolland co., Conn., Sept. 9, 1779, Mary Chamberlain, 
b. Coventry, Conn., Aug. 7, 1759, d. Barkhamsted or Winsted, 
Litchfield co., Conn., Nov. 13, 1807, eldest da. of Capt. James 
and Abigail (Boynton) [Palmer]. He m. 2d, Winsted, May 1, 
1808, Mrs. Alice (Jenkins) Kent, b. Boston or Bridgewater, Mass., 
1771, d. Winsted, Oct. 14, 1833, a. 62, widow of John Kent, da. of 
Edward and Jerusha (Neal). Ch. by 1st m.: 



1469 Chester 6 Cleveland, b. June 30, 1780, fell from 
ferry boat and drowned, crossing Connecticut River at Ware- 
house Point, Hartford co., Conn., Aug. 26, 1795. 

+1470 Clarissa" Cleveland, b. Feb. 6, 1782, Ellington, 

+ 147 1 Alexander 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 16, 1783, East Wind- 
sor, Hartford co., Conn. 

+ 1472 Oren" Cleveland, b. May 3, 1785, East Windsor, 

+ 1473 James 8 Cleveland, b. Jan. 9, 1787, East Windsor, 

+ 1474 Horace 8 Cleveland, b. Feb. 25, 1789, Barkhamsted, 

Mary 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 21, B., d. B. Sep. 21, 1791. 

+•1475 Nancy 8 Cleveland, b. Aug. 22, 1792, Barkhamsted, 

+ 1476 Betsey 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 31, 1794, Barkhamsted, 

+ 1477 Mary 6 Cleveland (ag:), b. May 23, 1796, Bark- 
hamsted, Conn. 

Son 8 , b. and d. B., June 5, 1798; Da. 6 , b. and d. B., 
Feb. 17, 1800; Da. 6 , b. and d. B., Sept. 14, 1801. 

+ 1478 Charles Chester Warner 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 20, 
1803, Barkhamsted, Conn. By 2d m.:\- 

+ 1479 Alice 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 2, 1809, Barkhamsted, 

+ 1480 John Kent" Cleveland, b. May 12, 181 x, Barkham- 
sted, Conn. 

Rufus 6 Cleveland was of medium height, florid complexion, 
light curly hair, and blue eyes. He served as a soldier during 
the Revolutionary war, and paid his marriage fee in $100 of 
Continental currency. 

Record of Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolution. Com- 
piled under direction of the Adjutant- General, 8j — 8th regiment, 
1775, Col. Jedediah Huntington ; 5th company, Capt. Charles 
Ellsworth, East Windsor ; Ensign, Barzillai Markham, Enfield ; 
Corporal, Rufus Cleveland, 'time enlisted, July 9, when dis- 
charged, Oct. 17. The regiment was stationed on the Sound 
until Sept. 14, and at Roxbury, Mass., to expiration of term, 
December, 1775. 

Being employed by Capt. James Chamberlain upon his farm, 
he conveniently courted, and in due time married, his first wife, 
Miss Mollie, eldest daughter of his employer ; and when his 
father-in-law rem. from Ellington, spring of 1782-3, to Ware- 
house Point, in E. Windsor, he accompanied them, remaining 
there until spring of 1787, when he rem. to Barkhamsted and 


purchased a farm on Wallen's Hill. Here his wife died in the 
autumn of 1807, of a fever contracted from nursing a neighbor's 
wife, and who also died of the same fever, which at that time 
prevailed as an epidemic in the neighborhood. Her kindness 
to the sick, and readiness to watch with and care for them at all 
times, made her greatly beloved, and her departure from earth 
was mourned as if a ministering angel had been taken away 
indeed. In the old burying-ground on the " Hill " may be seen 
the graves of this worthy couple, and the inscriptions upon the 
headstones placed there are as follows : 

" In memory of Rufus Cleveland, who died Feb. 22, 1838, aged 82 years." 
" In memory of Mrs. Mary Cleveland, wife of Rufus Cleveland, and daughter of 
Capt. James Chamberlain, who died Novem. 13, T807, in the 49th year of her age. 

Rufus Cleveland and wife Mary were members of the Con- 
gregational Church, and he and all his sons were, without ex- 
ception, Whigs. 

His second wife was buried in the cemetery at Winsted. 
The inscription on her tombstone is simply — \ 

"Alice, wife of Rufus Cleveland, died Oct. 14, 1833." 

Chamberlain, Chamberlin ancestry of Mary Chamberlain : — / arms: Chamberlain ; 
3: Chamberlaine ; /.- Chamberlan; 20: Chamberlayn; i: Chamberlen; i: 
Chamberlin; 3: Chamberlyn; /.• Chamberlayne ot Chambers; 8: Chamber- 
layn e : (Presbury, co. Gloucester, Eng., Wickham, co. Oxford, and Thoroldby, co. York ; 
originally sprung from the Counts of Tankerville, and founded by Richard, Chamber- 
lain to King Stephen, 1135, &c, who, from his office, assumed his surname). Gu. an in- 
escutcheon ar. within an orle of mullets or. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, an ass's 
head ar, . . . William 1 , b. ab. 1621, of Woburn, Mass. (brother to Edmund or Edward 
of Woburn), of Concord, Mass., Billerica, Mass., ab. 1654, d. May 31, 1706, a. 85, m. Re- 
becca, she d. in prison, Sept. 26, 1692, on the preposterous charge of witchcraft, was 
mother of his 4 last children, and perhaps of more, not improbably of : Thomas 8 , b. Bil- 
lerica, Feb. 20, 1659, who, it is concluded, was the Thomas 2 of Newton, Mass., m. Apr. 18, 
1682, Elizabeth Hammond, b. N., Nov. 3, 1664, da. Thomas 8 (Thomas 1 , b. Lavenham, co. 
Suffolk, Eng., bap. there Jan. 9, 1587, of Hingham, Mass., 1636, m. Elizabeth) Hammond 
and Elizabeth 2 (Isaac 1 of Scituate, Mass., m. Elizabeth) Stedman, who, it is conjectured, 
was father of Joseph 8 of Tolland, Conn., 1737, m., it is believed, Mary ; Capt. James 4 
Chamberlain, b. (it is thought, in Mansfield, Conn.), Feb. u, 1734, O. S., was of fine per- 
sonal appearance, stature 6 feet. Was well known throughout the Colony of Conn. He 
became dissatisfied with the Congregationalism of that period, and, with Gen. Jenks, 
William C. Warner, and others of like mind, organized a church parish for worship ac- 
cording to the forms of the mother Church of England, and was a devout and consistent 
churchman until his death. He was noted as a peacemaker, and was often selected an 
umpire or arbitrator to settle differences, and belligerent parties would end their quar- 
rels by agreeing to leave the matter in dispute to Capt. Chamberlain. 

Early History of Tolland-, Conn., 77 — James Chamberlain commanded a Cavalry co. 
2 terms of duty. He came to Tolland from Coventry, 1772, and rem. to East Windsor 
bef. 1782, on a farm lying east of the one owned by Jesse West. He was a Representa- 
tive in the General Assembly, October session, 1775, d. Apr. 28, 1812, m., Coventry, Conn., 
Jan. 27, 1757, Mrs. Abigail (Boynton 4 ) Palmer, b. June 17, 1729, widow of John Palmer. 

Three headstones, standing side by side, mark three graves in the old Cemetery in 
Amherst, Hampshire co., Mass., and bear the following inscriptions : 

Mrs. Capt. maj. 


Wife of 
Capt. James Chamberlain, Died Died 

Died 28 April, 1812, 22 February, 18 14, 

5 March, 1814, JEt. 78. JEt. 47. 

JEt. 8s. 


Thou I walk through the The memory of the just Ye living men come 
valley of the shadow of death, is blessed. view the ground, 

I will fear no evil, for Thou "Where you must shortly lie. 

.art with me, Thy rod and Thy 
staff they comfort me. 

Near by are gravestones bearing these inscriptions : 
Erected II to the memory || of Capt. Kos- Mr. || Charles, son of || Capt. Roswell and 
well !l Paine, who died March 7, 1806, I in Mrs. || Sarah Paine, died 1 16 February, 1817, 1 
the 51st year of his age. .. JEt. 17. || 

Prepare before it is too late, 1 
Depart my friends, || Dry up your tears, || Lest you should meet with sorrow, 1 

I must lie here II Till Christ appears. Attend [ye] to this youthful date, II 

And boast not of tomorrow. 

Boyington, Boynton, Byington ancestry : 9 arms : — Boynton (Barmston co., York, 
Eng., bart. derived from Bartholomew de Boynton, lord of the manor, of Boynton 1067.) 
Or a fesse betw. 3 crescents gu. (Anciently, the fesse was charged with a lion pass, 
or.) Crest — A goat pass. sa. guttee d' eau, beard, horns, and hoofs, or. Motto — II 
tempo passa. 

The Boynton family resided in York, Eng., as early as 1014. 

William 1 , b. Eng., 1605, came from Yorkshire, Eng., with his youngest brother John, 
and both settled in Rowley, Mass., 1638, freeman May 13, 1640, was sometime of Ipswich, 
Mass., was long time school master (the first appointed), a husbandman, weaver, tailor, 
the leader in all that was required to make the Colony self sustaining. He introduced 
all kinds of manufactures of the age, and the Colony having always something to sell 
was independent. Had a i% acre lot on Bradford st., next his bro. John's lot, 1643, was 
a large land owner in Essex co. He gave a farm to each of his children in his life time, 
-and the remainder of his estate to his widow, d. Dec. 8, 1686, m. Elizabeth Jackson of 
Yorkshire, who came to America with him, she d. at Salisbury, Mass.; Joshua 2 , b. Row- 
ley, 10-6 mo. 1646, was a soldier, received £5. 10s 4d for his services (N. E. Jteg. XL ; qi) 
in the Company of Capt. Samuel Brocklebank, with whom he was, and who was slain 
by Indians in the fight at Sudbury, Mass., Apr. si, 1673. His father gave him, 1673, that 
farm at Newbury, Mass., bought 1654 of Dr. John Clark of Boston, containing 100 acres 
■" on S. side of Newbury river in the neck called Woodbridg Poynt where he dwelt 50 
years. He was in King Philip's war, was 4 times impressed, saw hard service, was un- 
der Maj. Samuel Appleton in Narraganset war 1673 (as he says in deed Feb. 10, 1728-9 to 
his son "William), was of Rowley 1725, Bradford 1729, Haverhill 1733, will Dec. 20, 1729. 
prov. Nov. 12, 1736, mentions all his children, d. Haverhill 1736, m. 1st, Newbury, Apr. 9, 
1678, Hannah Barnett, she d. Jan. 12, 1722-3 ; Zachariah 3 , b. Newbury, bap. July 20, 1690, 
d. Coventry, Dec. 30, 1750, a. 60, m. Newbury, Nov. 15, 1715, Sarah Wicom ["Wickham 3 ], b. 
Rowley, Aug. 29, 1688 ; Abigail 4 Boynton, m. James Chamberlain* — Essex Ins. Col. 
XX : 63 — early settlers of Rowley bef. 1662 by George B. Blodgette, A. M. Boynton. 

Wickham, Wickum, Wicom, Wicum, Wikeham ancestry: — Wickham — Sax. From 
*wic, the winding of a river or port, and comb, a valley. A town in Buckinghamshire, 
Eng. The sheltered place, house or town — Arthur's Names, 265 — 9 arms (Abingdon, 
Berks co., Eng. ; Kent : Swallcliffe, Oxford co. ; Horsington derived fr. Anthony Wick- 
lam of Horsington, living 1612). Ar. 2 chev. sa. betw. 3 roses gu. seeded or, barbed vert. 
Crest — A bull's head sa, armed or, charged on the neck with 2 chev. ar. Motto — Man- 
ners maketh the man. . . . Richard 1 had ij^-acre home lot at Rowley, 1643, gave all 
his estate, 1661, to son John, in consideration of support of self and wife during life, 
in the deed mentions s. Daniel as having received enough already, is called Rich- 
ard Nalam in History of Rowley, Mass., by Thomas Gage, 130; was buried Jan. 27, 1663-4; 
m. Anna, she was buried Aug. 25, 1674 ; John 8 , b. ab. 1647, of Newbury, d. Apr. 1, 1715, 
g. s. at Byfield, Mass., m. May 14, 1673, Abigail Kimball ; Sarah 8 Wicom or Wickham, m. 
Zachariah Boynton 8 . 


PHEBE 5 CLEVELAND (Benjamin*, Joseph, Samuel), d. Sher- 
burne, Chenango co., N. Y., Aug. 6, 1838, a. 80, m. 1st Ellington, 
Conn., Feb. 22, 1779, Ephraim Pearson, b. East Windsor, Conn., 
June 18, 25, 1758, d. Savannah, Chatham co., Ga., ab. 1804, a s. 
Ephraim and Hannah (Barrett). Supposing him lost at sea, 
she m. 2dm Manchester, Bennington co., Vt, Oct. 13, 1796, Timo- 


thy O'Brien, b. Providence, Providence co., R. I., May 15, 1766, 
d. Sherburne, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1827, s. Timothy and Margaretta 
or Sarah. Ch. by 1st m. : 

+ 1481 Anna* Pearson, b. Dec. 13, 1779, East Windsor, Conn., 
or Manchester, Vt. 

+ 1482 Mary 6 Pearson, b. Jan. 12, 1782, Manchester, Vt. 

+ 1483 Eunice* Pearson, b. Oct. 13, 1784, Manchester, Vt. 

+ 1484 Jacob 6 Pearson, b. Apr. 28, 1787, M. By 2d m. : 

1485 Joseph* O'Brien, b. July 24, 1797, d. Sherburne, N. Y.,. 
May 2, 1826, m. S. Mar. 18, 1824, Clarissa Stetson, b. Barnard, 
"Windsor co., Vt., Dec. 25, 1794, d. Sangerfield, Oneida co., N. Y.,. 
Oct. 1, 1855, a - da. Benjamin and Mary (Johnson), s. p. 

+ 1486 Timothy* O'Brien, b. Oct. 25, 1799. 

+ 1487 Drusella* O'Brien, b. Apr. 8, 1801. 

+1488 Sarah* O'Brien, b. Sept. 15, 1803. 

Ephraim Pearson was a trader in Manchester. In the fall 
of 1787 he, with others, took a drove of swine to Boston, but, 
failing to dispose of them to their satisfaction, Mr. Pearson 
chartered a vessel to take his live stock to Halifax. ' Adverse 
gales drove the vessel out of her course, and she was captured 
by a-Spanish privateer, and he taken to Algiers and sold into- 
slavery. Nine years elapsed before he escaped and arrived in 
Savannah, Ga. His wife, after waiting his return seven years,, 
mourned him as dead, and married again. Learning this fact 
from his brother, and exacting a sacred pledge that his wherea- 
bouts should never be revealed to her during his lifetime, he re- 
married in Savannah, opened a butcher's shop, and prospered 
for several years, when he died suddenly after a short illness. 
The pledge given was faithfully observed, and she knew noth- 
ing of the matter until after his decease. Timothy O'Brien was 
a farmer. No stone with the proper inscription marks her 
grave in Sherburne cemetery, though there is said to be one to- 
the memory of her last husband. 

Who of her descendants will see that this token of respect, 
to her memory is no longer neglected ? — Gen. of Benj. Cleve- 
land, 68. 

Pearson, Person, Pierson, Porsune ancestry: -^8 arms; Pierson ; 18: Pearson. 
(Tankerton and Maize Hill, Greenwich, Kent co., Eng., descended from Thomas Pearson 
of Spratton, Northampton co., living temp. Richard III, 1483.) Erm. on 2 bars gu. 3 bez- 
ants. Crest — A boar's head couped sa., in his mouth an acorn or leaved vert 

Henry 1 , Southampton, Suffolk co., L. I., N. Y., 1640, Hempstead, L. I., 1686, m. Mary 
Cooper ; Joseph 2 ; Ephraim 3 ; Ephraim 4 Pearson m. Hannah Barrett. — Pierson Genealogy^ 
By Lizzie Pierson of Andover, Mass.; iSjS, p. 79. 


JOSEPH 5 CLEVELAND (Elijah*, Joseph 3 , Samuel", Moses'), d. in 

Hillsdale, N. Y., or per. Athens, Greene co., N. Y., in 1802, a. 52,, 



m. Hillsdale, Elizabeth Fenton, b. Vt. 1748, d. ab. 1838, a da. 
Daniel. He was reared in Conn., set. in Hillsdale, farmer. His 
w. buried in Filmore Chapel Cemetery, Porter, Niagara co., 
N. Y. Ch. : 

+ 1489 Elijah 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 6, 1775. 

+ 1490 Thomas 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 12, 1779, Claverack, N. Y. 

-I-1491 JosEPHf Cleveland, b. ab. 1783-4. 

+1492 Daniel 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1785-90 in Conn. 

4-1493 John 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 22, 1786, Hillsdale. 

+ 1494 David 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1787, Athens, N. Y. 

-{-1495 Lucy or Lucinda 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 11, 1788, 
Nobletown, Dutchess co., N. Y. 

1496 Alice 6 or Elsie 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1790, d. Porter, 
N. Y., m. 1st Raymond, 2d James Reynolds, 3d as 2d w. Jonathan 
Moss, he d. soon after his 3d m. (He m. 3d after Alice 6 d.) 
Dwelt at Baragot, Green co.., N. Y., and Ransomville, Niagara 
co., N. Y. Ch. by 1st m.: Thomas' Raymond, I'd Baragot, 2d 
and 3d m. : s. p. 

+ 1497 Ellen 6 or Eleanor 6 Cleyeland, b. ab. 1792. 


LUCINDA 5 CLEVELAND (Elijah*, Joseph, Samuel*), d. Kort- 
right, Delaware co., N..Y'., af. 1834, m. ab. 177 1, Henry Dibble, 
he d. K. 1834, s. Henry and Abigail, I'd Kortright. Ch. : 

+ 1498 Henry* Dibble. 

1499 Patrick* Dibble, d. 

1500 John* Dibble, d. 

1 501 Amos* Dibble, d., moved away, large family. 

1502 Sarah* Dibble, b. 1792, m. 1st Beardsley, 2d Thorp. 
Ch. by 1st m. 2 ; by 2d m. : William 1 Thorp; Wheeler" 1 Thorp. 

1503 Rachel* Dibble, b. 1793, d. 

1504 Elijah* Dibble, b. Jan. 17, 1794, d. 

1505 Abigail* Dibble, b. Jan. 27, 1797, d. Jan. 7, 1875. 

1506 Lucy* Dibble, b. 1799, d. 1872, m. Nov. 1838, McMorrier. 


ASA 6 CLEAVELAND (Elijah*, Joseph*, Samuel"), d. Summit, 
Schoharie co., N. Y., ab. 1831, or ab. 1838, a. 84, m. prob. in 
Schoharie co., N. Y., ab. 1774, Mary Dibble, b. Hillsdale, or 
Spencertown, Columbia co., N. Y., ab. 1750, d. Summit ab. 1831 
or 1838, a. 87 (ab. one month after Asa 5 d.), a da. Henry and 
Abigail. Ch. b. Hillsdale : 

+1507 Abigail 6 Cleaveland, b. Mar. 18, 1775. 

+ 1508 Isaac" Cleaveland, b. July 1, 1778. 

+ 1509 Waitstill 6 Cleaveland, b. Sept. 28, 1780. 


+ 15 10 Henry" Cleaveland, b. Jan. 28, 1783. 

+1511 Asa 6 Cleaveland, b. Sept. 3, 26, 1786. 

Asa 6 Cleaveland dwelt at Hillsdale to 1793. He rem. 1793, 
into the woods in Schoharie co., to the section now Fulton 
township ; and th. 1798, to the part now called Summit, on 
Charlotte creek; rem. to Pa. Nov., 181 7, ret. to Summit 1824. 
His Bible, in possession of Jacob M. Moak, contains the lines : 

" Asa Cleveland is my name, And English is my nation, 
Noble Town is my abiding place, And Christ is my salvation." 

He and his wife are buried Lutheranville, Summit, N. Y. 


JOHN 5 CLEVELAND (Elijah*, Josephs, Samuel"), d. Durham, 
Greene co., N. Y., May 17, 1822, a. 64 y. 3 mo. 4 da., m. Hills- 
dale, N. Y., ab. 1777, Elizabeth Searing, Sering, or Sereign, b. 
prob. Hillsdale or Long I., N. Y., 1763, d. Durham, June 26, 
1847, a da. Amos Searing by his 1st w. Ch. : 

4-1512 Rachel 6 Cleveland, b. 1779, H. Inf.", b. 1781, d. 
H., soon. 

+15 13 Sereign" Cleveland, b. May, 1783, Hillsdale. 

4*15 14 Amos 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 4, 1785, Hillsdale. 

+1515 Lydia 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 13, 1787, Hillsdale. 

+ 1516 Ezra" Cleveland, b. Jan. 10, 1792, Hillsdale. 
1517 Phebe 6 Cleveland, b. 1794-5, H., d. Durham, Apr. 
4, 1846, unm. 

+ 15 1 8 Lucinda 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 1, 1799, Hillsdale. 

+1519 John 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 23, 1803, Durham. 

Dea. John 6 Cleveland was a Revolution soldier. It is re- 
lated that he received one ball through his hat and another 
through his pants. John and his w. Elizabeth dismissed fr. 
Hillsdale chh. 1801. He owned a farm in H. formerly belong- 
ing to his father, which he sold, 1801, and rem. to Durham. 
John 5 owned for many years a fine farm, 300 acres, in Durham 
Centre, always since known as the "Cleveland farm," a part of 
which is owned by his gr. gr.s., Judson Emerson 8 Cleveland. 
The farm house built by John 6 is still standing in excellent 
condition. He was a deacon of the first Baptist chh. in Rens- 
selaerville, Albany co., N. Y., and an earnest Christian, beloved 
by all. Both himself and w. are buried in the Stone Bridge 
cemetery, East Durham. 


ABIGAIL 5 CLEVELAND (Elijah*, Joseph', Samuel*), d. Kort- 
right, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1820, a. 61, m. 1st, John or Thomas Bath- 
rick. She m. 2d, Peter Smith, b. in Conn., Dec. 25, 1742, d. 


Davenport or Meredith, Delaware co., N. Y., Jan. 16, 1843. Ch. 

"by 1st m. : 

+1520 Abigail' Bathrick, b. May 24, 1782. 

+ 1521 John'' Bathrick, b. Apr. 2, 1783. By 2d m. : 

+ 1522 Elijah Cleveland* Smith, b. May 20, 1788, Chatham, 

Columbia co., N. Y. 

1523 Alice Lawrence* Smith,b. Sept. 29, 1789, C, d. Aug. 23, 
1848, m. Alexander White. Ch. : 2, 1 1. Kansas. 

1524 Thomas Bathrick" Smith, b. May 17, 1791, C, d. Mere- 
dith, N. Y., May 3, 1856, m. Clarissa Frost. Ch. : 1 1. Windsor, 
Broome co., N. Y. 

+ 1525 Lucinda* Smith, b. Aug. 8, 1794, Chatham. 

1526 Jane" Smith, b. July 21, 1796, C, d. Windsor, N. Y., 
Jan. 22, 1848, m. Rufus Butts. Ch. : 2 s. 

1527 Anna' Smith, b. Oct. 6, 1798, Kortright, d. Hanover, 
Jo Daviess co., 111., Dec. 28, 1865, m. William Hunt. Ch. : 2, 
who 1. n. Galena, Jo Daviess co., 111. 

1528 James Harris* Smith, b. Apr. 15, 1801, K., tn. Sally 
Button, res. (1878) Wellsboro, Tioga co., Pa. 


SARAH 6 CLEVELAND (Elijah*, Joseph, Samuel*), d. Kortright, 
N. Y., Feb. 4, 1811, a. 48, m. 1785, as 1st w., Andrew Reynolds, 
b. Rye, Westchester co., N. Y., Mar. 4, 1764, d. July 28, 1855, s. 
Reuben and Hepzibah. Ch. : 

+ 1529 Isaac 6 Reynolds, b. Sept. 9, 1787, Chatham, N. Y. 

+ 1530 Hosea* Reynolds, b. Oct. 15, 1788, Chatham, N. Y. 

+ 1531 Henry* Reynolds, b. Jan. 1, 1790. 

+ 1532 Sally* Reynolds, b. Jan. 14, 1791. 

+ 1533 Andrew* Reynolds, b. Oct. 28, 1792, Kortright, N. Y. 

1534 Hepzibah* Reynolds, b. Feb. 25, 1794, K., m. Edward 
Bissell, farmer, she 1. Brooklyn, Susquehanna co., Pa., 1880. 
Ch. : Charles' 1 Bissell; Nelson 7 Bissell; Edward'' Bissell; Sarah? 
Bissell; Lydia 7 Bissell. 

1535 Lucy* Reynolds, b. Sept. 14, 1795, Kort., d. Nov., 1859, 
m. Amos Roberts, farmer. Ch. : Debs'* Roberts, d. ; Emma 1 
Roberts, d. ; J. Cleveland'' Roberts, 1. Delhi, Delaware co., N. Y. 

+ 1536 Amy* Reynolds, b. June 5, 1798, Kortright, N. Y. 

+ 1537 Patty* or Polly* Reynolds, b. Dec. 8, 1800, Kortright, 
N. Y. 

1 53^ John* Reynolds, b. Feb. 11, 1802, K., d. June 20, 1857, 
m. Sally Kenyon, harness, trunk mfr. Ch. : George W. Rey- 
nolds, 1. Oneonta, Otsego co., N. Y., grocer ; Edgar 1 Reynolds, 
flour merch. ; Charles' 1 Reynolds, 1. Oneonta, harness ; 2 Others'. 


+ 1539 Charles* Reynolds, b. Dec. 8, 1804, K. Z>a\, b. and. d., 

Andrew Reynolds, a currier, harness mfr., farmer, he tn. 2d, 
Mrs. Frances Peck, b. Feb. n, 1771, d. winter 1853. 


WAITSTILL 6 CLEVELAND (Elijahs Josephs, samuei»), d. Sum- 
mit, N. Y., Feb. 17, 1815, a. 50, m. Jan. 5, 1792, Martha or Patty 
Taber or Tabor, b. Sept. 4, Oct. 14, 1765, d. Summit, Jan. or 

June 7, 1815, a da. of prob. Abraham and (Amey) or 

Amy ( ). Ch. : 

+ 1540 Stephen 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 2, 1793, Schoharie co. 
1 541 Amy 8 Cleveland, b. Mar. 20, 1795, d. early, m. 

-f-1542 Abraham Taber 8 Cleveland, b. Jan. 8, 1797, S. co. 

+1543 Lemuel 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 7, 17, 1798. 

+ 1544 Waitstill 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 20, 1801, Summit. 

Anna" Cleveland, b. Feb. 21, 27, 1803, d. May, 
Aug. 8, 1804. 

1545 Anna 6 Cleveland (ag.), b. Dec. 25, 1804, d., m. 
James Mackenzie of Jefferson. 

1546 Martha 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 5, 1807, d. Jan. 7, 
1815, or Aug. 28, 1834. 

Waitstill 5 Cleveland was dismissed by letter from Hills- 
dale chh., 1797. Dwelt Kortright and Summit, farmer. 


DANIEL 6 CLEVELAND (Elijah*, Joseph, Samuel"), d. Daven- 
port, N. Y., Apr. 10, 1810, a. 50, m. Amy Dibble, b. Sept. 16, 
1765, d. Virgil, now Lapeer, Cortland co., N. Y., May 22, 1836, a 
da. Henry and Abigail. Dwelt at Davenport, N. Y., farmer. 
Ch. : 

+ 1547 Margery 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 12, 1789, in Delaware 
co., N. Y. 

1548 Elizabeth 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 26, 1791, d. ab. 1802. 

1549 Dorcas 6 Cleveland, b. July 14, 1793, d. Davenport, 
Dec. 12, 1831, m. D., Oct. 11, 1811, Michael Ira Smith, b. Clav- 
erack, N. Y., Sept. 6, 1788, d. D., May 31, 1873, s - Jeremiah and 
Sophia (Harger), I'd Davenport. Ch. : Jeremiah? Smith, b. July 
13, 1 812, 1. D. ; Daniel Cleveland'' Smith, b. June 12, 1814, d. Mar. 
6, 1881 ; Henry 1 Smith, b. May 29, 1816, 1. Dunlap, Harrison co., 
la.; Michaef Smith, b. July 29, 1823, 1. Spring Creek, Warren 
co., Pa. ; Ira 1 Smith, b. Apr. 6, 1821, d. Sept. 11, 1869. 

+ 1550 Henry Marshal 8 Cleveland, b. Oct. 9, 1797, Kort- 
right, N. Y. 


+ 1551 Nancy 8 Cleveland, b. Apr. 2, 1804. 


AMY' CLEVELAND (Elijahs Joseph', Samuel"), d. 1812-13,' a. 

46, m. Henry Salisbury, he d. Roxbury, Delaware co., N. Y., 
1812-13, within a few weeks of his wife, s. Cornelhis. Ch. : 

1552 Andrew* Salisbury, d. Milford, Otsego co., N. Y., ab. 
1875, m. Rebecca Van Buren. Ch. : Waitstill Cleveland'' Salisbury, 
1. Milford, Elk Creek or Schenevus, Otsego co., N. Y., et al. 
+ 1553 Melinda 6 Salisbury, b. Columbia co., N. Y. 

1554 Cornelius 6 Salisbury, d., m. Payne, I'd n. Elmira, 
Chemung co., N. Y., rem. to 111. 

1555 Alice 9 Salisbury, b. ab. 1798, m. Kellogg, 1. Daven- 
port, N. Y. 

+ 1556 Henry* Salisbury, b. Sept. 8, 1803, Kortright, N. Y. 
1557 Nelson 6 Salisbury, m. Mary. Ch. : Henry" 1 Salisbury, 1. 
Plat Rock, Floyd co., Iowa ; et al. 

-I-1558 Elijah Cleveland* Salisbury, b. Aug. 10, 18 10, Daven- 
port, N. Y. Son 9 , d. y., 1813. ' 


EZRA 6 CLEVELAND (Ezra*, Joseph', Samuel", Mosesi), d. Bur- 
lington, Hartford co., Conn., Nov. 17, 1833, a - 85, m. 1st, Staf- 
ford, Tolland co., Conn., 1 77 2 , Mrs. Abigail 

•(Walbridge) Victory, b. S. 1744, d. Burlington, Dec. 8, 1826, 

widow of Mr. Victory, da. of and (Porter). 

He m. 2d B. Jan. 21, 1827, Eunice Doolittle of Waterbury, New 
Haven co., Conn.; (she m. 2d, see below). Ch. by 1st m. : 

-I-1559 Ezra 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 7, 1774, Coeymans, Al- 
bany co., N. Y. 

+ 1560 Abigail 6 Cleveland, b. July 11, 1777, 1778, Coey- 
mans or Queemans Patent. 

1561 Theodotia 6 or Theda 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1779, 
Coeymans, d. C. Mar. 28, 1795, unm,, burned up with Capt. John 
Spencer's house. 

+ 1562 Elihu 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 20, 1781, Bristol, Hart- 
ford co., Conn., or Burlington. 

+ 1563 Polly 6 Cleveland, b. July 3, 1785, Bristol ; 2d 
m. s. p. 

Ezra 5 Cleveland dwelt at Coeymans or Queemans Patent 
1780, then at Bristol, where he bought and sold land, and deed- 
ed land to sons, Ezra 6 and Elihu 6 ; and always after at Bur- 

jFarmzngion, Conn., Land Records : — May 3, 1784, Deed from Benjamin West of 
Farmington to an Ezra Cleveland of Albany co., N. Y., no acres with house and barn 
.for £280. 


Ezra 5 was an active member of the Baptist church, so faith- 
ful to its tenets that he was called a "Hard shell Baptist." He d. 
in his wagon while on the way to the grist mill. He was buried 
first at Burlington to 1882 ; his remains now repose in Elm- 
wood Cemetery, Adams, N. Y., in the lot of his gr. s. James 
Monroe 7 Cleveland, + 477i- 

Abigail Walbridge of Albany, Albany co., N. Y., m. 1st, Mr. 
Victory. Ch. by 1st m. b. Stafford : r. John Victory, 2. Memory 
Victory (son), 3. Sally Victory, b. Albany, m. at Burlington, 
Joshua Phelps of Simsbury, Conn. Ch. b. Burlington : (1) Lydia 
Phelps, m. Zenas Hotchkiss ; (2) Abigail Phelps, m. Collyer ; 
(3) Fanny Phelps, m. Woodruff. Mrs. Eunice (Doolittle) Cleve- 
land, m. 2d, Burlington, May 26, 1842, Mark Hadsell. 


TYXHALL 6 CLEVELAND (Ezra*, Josephs, Samuel), d. Albany, 
N. Y., date unk., m. Tolland, Conn., Nov. 15, 1770, Abigail 
Crane, b. Ashford, Conn., Mar. 24, 1726, d. Hanover, Grafton 
co., N. H., 1789-91, a da. Amariah and Sarah (Curtis). Ch.: 

+1564 Samuel 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 2, 1771, Stafford, Conn., 
rec. Hanover, N. H. 

Abigail 6 Cleveland," b. Aug. 5, 1773, &• Aug. 5, 1773, 
rec. H. 

Ephraim 6 Cleveland, b. May 17, 1774, d. May 17, 
1774, rec. H. 

Abigail Crane 6 Cleveland, b. July 16, 1776, d. Oct., 
1776, rec. H. 

-f-1565 Abigail Crane 6 Cleveland (ag.), b. Apr. 12, 1777, 
Tolland or Canterbury, Conn., rec. H. 

+ 1566 Jerusha Newcomb 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 16, 1779, 
Hanover, rec. H. 

-j-1567 Sarah 6 Cleveland, b. June 4, 1780. 

-f-1568 Caroline Matilda 6 Cleveland, b. May 20, 30, 1782, 

Tvxhall 5 Cleveland dwelt Hanover from 1770 until he left 
for parts unknown, ab. 1789. His w. spent the remainder of 
her life in H. A sampler made by her in 1768 is treasured by 
her gr. da. Mrs. Caroline M. 1 {Smith) Lyman. 


SARAH 6 CLEVELAND (Ezra*, Joseph, Samuel), d. Canter- 
bury, Conn., Nov. 26, 1784, a. 30, m. C. May 28, 1772, as 2d w., 
Samuel Ensworth, b. C. Nov. 20, 1737, s. Nehemiah and Abigail. 
Ch. b. Canterbury : Abigail 6 Ensworth, b. Mar. 17, d. C. May 29, 


1773 ; Waterman* Ensworth, b. May 24, 1774, d. Aug-. 21, 1776 ; 
Luther* Ensworth, b. Apr. 9, d. C. Sept. 16, 1776; 1569 Septa? Ens- 
worth, b. Aug. 17, 1777; Nehemiah* Ensworth, b. June 30, 1779; 
Sarah" and SibaV Ensworth, tw. b. Nov. 26, 1784. 

Samuel Ensworth m. 1st, C. Nov. 17, 1763, Sibbil Tracy. Ch. 
b. C: Mehitable Ensworth, b. Nov. 18, 1764, m. C. June 24, 1784, 
Ebenezer Dyar; Waite Ensworth, b. Oct. 18, 1766; Sibbil Ens- 
worth, b. Dec. 9, 1768, d. C. Aug. 28, 1776. 


NEWCOMB 6 CLEVELAND (Ezra*, Joseph*, Samuel"), d. Worth- 

ington, Mass., Sept. 3, 1825, a. 68, m. Abigail Willis, shed. Vestal, 
Broome co., N. Y., Nov. 12, 1838, or Jan. 26, 1842. Ch. b. Worth- 
ington : 

1570 Thomas' Cleveland, b. Aug. 8, 1780. 
-I-1571 Chester 8 Cleveland, b. Apr. 20, 1783. 

+ 1572 Charlotte 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 1, 1786. 

+ 1573 Asahel" Cleveland, b. Apr. 9, 1793. 

Newcomb 6 Cleveland dwelt Worthington, Hampshire co., 
Mass., was Sheriff or Sheriff's Deputy of Berkshire co., Mass., a 
prominent and respected citizen. Blacksmith by trade, and 


FREDERICK 5 CLEVELAND (Ezra*, Joseph*, Samuel), d. ab. 
1815, a - aD - 45> m - Anna Sadler ; (she m. 2d, see below). Ch. : 
1574 Charles 6 Cleveland, d. ab. 1831, prob. unm. 

+ 1575 Dorothea 8 or Dolly" Cleveland, b. Sept. 11, 1794, 
Salem, N. Y. 

+ 1576 Ezra 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 8, 1800, Easton, Washing- 
ton co., N. Y. 

+ 1577 Charlotte 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 21, 1806, Saratoga 
Springs, Saratoga co., N. Y. 

+ 1578 Newcomb 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 20, 1807, Salem, N. Y. 

+ 1579 Mary Elizabeth 6 Cleveland, ) b. Aug. 17, 1813. 

+ 1580 Rebecca" Cleveland, j b. Aug. 17, 1813. 

Frederick 5 Cleveland early in life rem. to N. Y. state, and 
soon after marriage settled at Salem ; farmer. He d. when 
Newcomb 6 was ab. 8 years old. Mrs. Anna (Sadler) Cleve- 
land, m. 2d, ab. 1815, Allen. Ch. : Maria Allen. 


JOSEPH 6 CLEVELAND (Samuel*, Joseph", Samuel", Mosesi), d. 

Union, Broome co., N. Y., Jan. 31, 1836, a. 83, m. Barnard, Vt, 
1785, Diademia Woodward of Stockbridge, Windsor co., Vt, b. 


1753, d. Union, July 5, 1834, sister of Ezekiel, prob. a da. of 
Ezekiel. Ch. : 

+ 1581 Aletheia" Cleveland, b. Apr. 24, 1786, in Vt. 

+ 1582 Lucinda 6 Cleveland, b. prob. 1790 in Vt. 

+ 1583 Ezekiel 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 18,. 1792, Bethel, Vt. 

+ 1584 Joseph 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 28, 1794, Stockbridge, Vt. 

+ 1585 Rodolphus" Cleveland, b. May 28, 1802, Stock- 
bridge, Vt. 

Joseph 5 Cleveland dwelt in Bethel and Stockbridge to 1802, 
Duanesburg, Schenectady co., N. Y., to 1814, Chenango Point, 
now Binghamton, Broome co., N. Y., to 1815, af. at Union. 

Town list inhabitants of Stockbridge 1803 — Joseph Cleveland, 
w. and 4 ch., including Rodolphus. 


MARY 6 CLEVELAND (samueH, Josephs, Samuel), m., Canter- 
bury, Conn., May 16, 1776, Dr. Silas Allen, b. C. Feb. 9, 17, 1754, 
a s. Barnabas and Elizabeth (Fuller). Ch. b. Canterbury : 

1586 Lemuel" Allen, b. Mar. 11, 1777, m. Billings of Royal- 
ton, Vt. ; Whiting 6 Allen, b. Apr. 16, 1779; fedediah 6 Allen, Sept. 
25, 1 7 Si ; Ruth Allen; Dolly Allen. 

Dr. Silas Allen lived at Royalton to 1800, rem. 1800 to Ohio, 
rem. 1841 to Cleveland, O., physician. 

Allen ancestry : — Samuel 1 and first wife Ann of Bridgewater, Somerset co., Eng., 
1620, the first Allen who came, Braintree, Mass., 1632 ; Dea. Samuel 2 , to. 1632, town clerk 
of East Bridgewater, Mass., 1660, m. Sarah Partridge 2 , b. 1639 ; Samuel 8 , m. 2d, Mary 
Pratt ; Joseph 4 , b. Bridgew.. 1701, of Newent Soc, Norwich, Conn., 1727, m. Rebecca Ful- 
ler : Barnabas 6 Allen of Canterb. m. Elizabeth Fuller.— Allen and Witter gen., 115. 

Partridge ancestry :— 7 arms : PARTRICH ; 1 : PARTRYCHE ; is: PARTRIDGE 
{Breakspeares, Middlesex co., Eng.). Vert. chev. erm. betw. 3 partridges rising or. 
Crest — Partridge rising or, in beak ear of wheat. . . . George 1 , Duxbury, 1636 (per. 
bro. to Rev. Ralph of D.), prop. 1645, Bridgew., an orig. purch. of Middleborough, Mass., 
1662, m. Sarah Tracy 2 ; Sarah 2 Partridge m. Samuel Aliens. 

Tracy ancestry :— 13 arms: (Barnstaple, Devon co., Eng., and Stanway, Gloucester 
co.). Or. betw. 2 bendlets gu. escallop in dexter chief point sa. Crest — On a chapeau 
gu. turned up erm. escallop sa. betw. 2 wings. . . . Stephen 1 , came in the " Ann " 
1623, Plymouth, Mass., Duxb. 1645, ret. home 1655, of Great Yarmouth, Eng., when will 
made, m. Leyden, Holland, Jan. 2, 1621, Trifasa [ — Dutch reel, or Tryphosa; Sarah 2 
Tracy m. George Partridge'. 


JEDEDIAH 6 CLEVELAND (Samuel,* Joseph", Samuel 2 ), d. Roy- 

alton, Vt, Feb. 19, 1829, a. 72, m. in Conn., ab. 1785, Elizabeth 6 
Cleveland -I-602 (Curtis 4 , Samuel 3 , Edward 2 ); she d. Royalton, 
July s, 1828, a. 68. Removed from Canterbury to Royalton. 
Ch. b. Royalton: 

+ 1587 Jedediah" Cleveland, b. Nov. 27, 1786, 1787. 

1588 Elizabeth 8 Cleveland, b. May 18, 1789, d. Tun- 
bridge, Orange co., Vt., m. Royalton, as 2d w., Elisha Chamber- 


lain of Barnard, Vt, b. Mar. 1, 1783, d. B. May 2, 1859, s. Joseph 
and Deborah. (He tn. 1st, Edna Gates, 2d, Alice Cutting.) s. p. 

+ 1589 Ruth 6 Cleveland, b. May 10, 1789, 1791. 

+ 1590 Curtis 8 Cleveland, b. Jan. 21, 1796. 

+ 1591 Lucy Elnette' Cleveland, b. Jan. 14, 1799. 

+ 1592 Norman 8 Cleveland, b. Oct. 12, 1801. 


ABIGAIL 6 CLEVELAND (Samuel*, Joseph", Samuel), d., m. Can- 
terbury, Conn., Mar. 17, 1777, John Hebbard or Hibbard, b. C. 
Sept. 15, 1755, d. Royalton, Vt., s. James or — C. rec. — s. John 
and Elizabeth (Pearl). Elder John Hibbard was a Christian 
preacher ; he, Abigail 6 , and 2 s. are buried at R. Ch. : 

1593 Polly 6 Hibbard, d., m. Daniel Woodward of R. Ch.: 
Amos' Woodward, 1. Jacksonville, Morgan co., 111. Aruna" Hib- 
bard, d. • 

1594 John 9 Hibbard, d. 1874, m. Archa Kingsbury. 
Samuel 6 Hibbard, d.; Miner* Hibbard, d. 

1595 Nabby* Hibbard, d., m. Sanborn of Mich. 

1596 Zeruiah or Zilena* Hibbard, d., m. Lyman Eaton. 

1597 Sarah Ensworth 6 ? Hibbard, d., m. Horace Farnum of 
Tunbridge, Vt. ; Pkilinda 6 Hibbard, d. 


SAMUEL 5 CLEVELAND (Samuel*, Joseph", Samuel*), d. Sutton, 

Canada, June 10, 1839, a. 55, m., Jan. 15, 1784, Martha Hibbard, 
b. July 12, 1765, d. Royalton, Vt, Feb. 27, Mar. 20, 1834, da. Jedi- 
diah and Martha (Porter) of Canada or of Lebanon, Grafton co., 
N. H. Ch.: 

1598 Martha Hibbard 8 Cleveland, b. May 23, 1786, 
Lebanon, N. H., d. Hopkinton, Merrimack co., N. H., or Royal- 
ton, Vt, Feb. 20, 1812, or 2, 1813. ' 

1599 Mary Allen 6 Cleveland, b. May 2, 1787, June 21, 
1788, Bethel, Vt. 

1600 Samuel Porter 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 21, 1789, 22, 
1790, B., d. Tunbridge, Vt., Apr. 14, 1870, unm. 

+1601 Susan 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 16, 1792, Bethel. 

1602 Nancy Ann 8 Cleveland, b. Aug. 2, 1795, 1796, Pitts- 
field, Rutland Co., Vt., m., as 2d w., Sutton, P. Q., Oct. 26, 1843, 
Martin Pierce of Stanbridge, Can., he d. Stanbridge, i860. She 
1. St. Albans, Franklin Co., Vt. s. p. 

+ 1603 Ruth Darby 6 Cleveland, b. June 2,1798, 13,1799,?. 

Samuel 6 Cleveland dwelt Pittsfield, Royalton, Vt., and af. 
1834 with his da., Ruth Darby 6 , at St. Armon, Davis Patent, 
Can., where he is buried. His wife is buried at Royalton. 
J 9 



WILLIAM DARBEE 6 CLEVELAND (Samuel*, Josephs, Sam'l*), 

d. near White River, Vt., ab. 1801, a. ab. 35, m., Stockbridge or 
Royalton, Vt, Phebe Abbott, b. S. 1769, and d. in Pike, Wyom- 
ing, then Allegany Co., N. Y., Aug. 1, 3, 1846, a da. Nathan and 
Lydia (Hatch). (She m. 2d, see below.) Ch.: 

+1604 Judith 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 11, 1791, Pittsfield or 
Bethel, Vt. 

+ 1605 Dolly 6 or Dorothy 6 Cleveland, b. June 29, 1793, 

-{-1606 Vester or Sylvester 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 19, 1795, 

+1607 Alba 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 12, 1796, Roxbury, Wash- 
ington Co., Vt. 

+ 1608 Plinny" Cleveland, b. July 7, 1801, Stockbridge, Vt. 
1609 Peleg 6 Cleveland, b. in Vermont. 

William Darbee 6 Cleveland I'd White River, near Green 
Mountains, Vt., whence his fam. rem. betw. Jan. 1, 1804, and 
1812, 1814, to Pike, N. Y. He was small in stature, fair hair, 
blue eyes. 

Mrs. Phebe (Abbott) Cleveland m. 2d, Vt., ab. 1803, Sam- 
uel Marsh of Stockbridge, Berkshire co., Mass., b. Vt., d. Har- 
rison, Winnebago co., 111., miller, I'd Pike, N. Y. Ch.: Otis 
Marsh, b. Jan. 1, 1804 ; Samuel Marsh ; Phebe Marsh ; Fanny 
Marsh ; Peleg Marsh. 


CHESTER 5 CLEAVELAND (Samuel*, Josephs, Samuel*), d. Tun- 

bridge, Vt., Feb. 6, 9, 1864, a. 93, m. 1st Royalton, Vt., May 7, 
1795, Mary Hibbard, b. R. May 7, 1777, d. R. May 20, 1817, only 
da. James and Susan .(Shepard). He m. 2d Tunbridge, Mar., 
1820, Elizabeth Sophia Dodge, b. Claremont, N. H., Nov. 29, 
1782, d. S. Royalton Oct. 17, 1855, a da. David and Mercy (Pressy). 
Ch. by 1 st m. : 

Ira 8 Cleaveland, b. Jan. 25, 1796, Royalton, d. R., 
Mar. 24, 1802. 

+ 1610 Oel 6 Cleaveland, b. Aug. 21, 1797, Royalton. 

Eli 6 Cleaveland, b. July n, 1799, R., d. R. Mar. 23,. 

+1611 Asa" Cleaveland, b. Mar. 31, 1801, Royalton. 

Minerva 8 Cleaveland, b. May 1, 1803, R., d. R. Sept. 
19, 1804 ; Charles 6 Cleaveland, b. May 18, East Bethel, Vt., 
d. E. B. Nov. 20, 1807. 

-J-1612 Selby" Cleaveland, b. Mar. 18, 1807, E. Bethel. 

+ 1613 Eliza 6 Cleaveland, b. Feb. 28, 1809, E. Bethel. 



+ 1614 Mary Hibbard 6 Cleaveland, b. Mar. 15, 181 1, E. 

Martha" Cleaveland, b. Nov. 29, 1813, E. B., d. E. 
B. Mar. 1, 1815 ; Francis" Cleaveland, b. Jan. 21, 1815, E. B., d. 
E. B. Feb. 9, 1819. 

Harry 8 Cleaveland, b. Aug. 18, 1817, E. B., d. E. B. 
Dec. 10, 1837. By 2d m. : 

+ 1615 Laura" Cleaveland, b. Apr. 2, 1823, Tunbridge, Vt. 
Chester 6 Cleaveland I'd in E. Bethel 181 7 ; Tunbridge, Vt, 
af. 1820. 

James Hibbard, s. John Hibbard, bro. to Jedediah, the father 
. of Martha Hibbard, who m. Samuel 5 (Cleveland, +503. 


SYLVESTER" or VESTER 5 CLEVELAND (samuei,* Joseph', 
samueia), d. in Barnston, Stanstead co., P. Q., Canada, Apr. 1855, 
a. 76, m. in Vt., 1802, Relief Converse, b. Spencer, Mass., Feb. 
22, 1783, d. Barnston Aug., 1853. Ch. b. Barnston : 

+ 1616 Samuel" Cleveland, b. Nov. 7, 1802, 1803. 

-f-1617 Lydia 8 Cleveland, b. May 10, 1804. 

+ 1618 William 8 Cleveland, b. Feb. 22, 1806. 

1619 Ruth 8 Cleveland, b. Dec. 18, 1808, d. prob. Barns- 
ton, Nov. 16, 1829, unm., a lovely Christian girl, betrothed, but 
instead of a bridal came a burial. 

+ i62p Cynthia 8 Cleveland, b. Dec. 2, 18 10. 

+ 162 1 Huldah" Cleveland, b. Mar. 5, 1812. 

+ 1622 Levi 8 Cleveland, b. Feb. 24, 1814. 

+ 1623 Ezra" Cleveland, b. May 19, 1816. 

1624 Asaph' Cleveland, b. Aug. 28, 1881, m. prob. Barn- 
ston, Winnifred Marsh, or Nash, 1., 1878-83, San Francisco, Cal. 
Went to Cal. many years ago. 

1625 Mehitable 8 Cleveland, b. Aug. 29, 1820, d., m. 
Charles or Lewis Wheeler, b. Barnston Mar. 21, 1821; lived 
Barnston to 1882, since at Denver, Col. Ch. : Da 1 , d.; Son 1 , 1. 

1626 Abigail 8 Cleveland, b. Mar. 5, 1825, m. Geo. Adams ; 
he d. She res. Coaticook, Can. Ch. : Edgar 1 Adams, Laura 1 
Adams, 7 Adams. 

Vester 8 or Sylvester" Cleveland rem. from Conn, when a 
child to Royalton, Vt., where he was reared, and went, 1801, to 
Barnston, now Eastern tp., — then a vast wilderness, — endured 
many privations. He was an industrious, successful man, be- 
came possessed of large storehouses, blooded animals, etc. 
Although entirely uneducated, he had a system of hieroglyphics 
in which he kept his accounts always correct. 

Jonathan Converse, Reuben Converse, Asaph Converse and 


Mehitable Converse, brothers and sister of Relief Converse, 
were pioneers of the town. 


Jesse 5 Ensworth (Tyxkam ^w^zworM, Elizabeths , Samuel), m. Can- 
terbury, Conn., Apr. 17, 1777, Lotilla Dyar, b. C. May 8, 1757, 
da. Joseph and Martha (Darbe). Ch., b. Canterbury : 

Lurinda* Ensworth, b. Jan. 27, 1778. 

Chloe* Ensworth, b. Aug - . 8, 1779. 

1627 Roswell* Ensworth, b. May 23, 1784, m. C. Aug. 12, 1804, 
Mary Knight of Plainfield. Ch. b. C. : Andrew Whitney Ensworth, 
!b, Nov. 3, 1805 ; Annis 1 Ensworth, b. Nov. 11, 1809. 

1628 Luther* Ensworth,h. Jan. 30, 1788, m. C. Sept. 30, 1813, 
Polly Baldwin. Ch. b. C. : Lotillia Dyer 1 Ensworth, b. Nov. 11, 
1815 ; Susan Zeraldine 1 Ensworth, b. June 22, 1821. 

1629 Jedediah* Ensworth, b. Sept. 23, 1796, m. Joanna" 
Cleveland +1079. 


James* Ensworth {minam* Ensworth, Marys, Samuel^), m. Can- 
terbury, Conn., Nov. 15, 1770, Ann Tracy. Ch. b. Canterbury: 

1630 fames" Ensworth, b. Mar. 25, 1773, m. C. Mar. 2, 1797, 
Iyficy Backus. Ch. b. C. : Ruby Tracy 1 Ensworth, b. Aug. 31, 1798 : 
Backus' Ensworth, b. Mar. 31, 181 2. 

Samuel" Ensworth, b. Nov. 12, 1775. 
Rachel" Ensworth, b. Jan. 13, 1778. 

1631 Tracy or Trarey* Ensworth, b. May 9, 1780, m. C. Dec. 
27, 1799, Elizabeth Mun Row [Munroe?], b. C. Sept. 19, 1778, a 
da. David and Mary (Woodward). Ch. : Traref Ensworth, b. 
Aug. 15, 1800, C. 

Eunice* Ensworth, b. Sept. 14, 1782. 
Jerusha* Ensworth, b. Feb. 11, 1786. 


Lebbeus b Ensworth (Joseph* Ensworth, Mary*, Samuel"), d. Can- 
terbury, Conn., Aug., 1840, a. 68, m. C. Sept. 14, 1802, Mrs. 
Thankful (Stewart) Congdon, b. Griswold, New London co., 
Conn., 1774, d. South Kingston, R. I., Apr., 1840, wid. Stephen 
Congdon, a da. Alexander and Thankful (Dennison). Ch. : 

+ 1632 Elizabeth Stuart" Ensworth, b. Dec. 1 1, 1803, Wickford, 
Washington co., R. I. 

1633 Lebbeus* Ensworth, b. May 11, 1805, Canterbury, d. 
Savannah, Ga., Oct. 15, 1838, m. Newport, Newport co., R. I., 
Oct., 1835, Abby Francis Wilbur, b. N. 1815, d. N. Nov., 1877, a 
da. Arnold and Abby (Congdon) dwelt Savannah, ship chandler 
store. Ch. : Georgia 1 Ensworth, b. 1836 S., d. S. a. 5 m. 



+ 1634 Clarissa Congdon 6 Ensworth, b. Aug. 10, 1809, Canter- 

Zebbeus* Ensworth dwelt Canterbury, farmer. He was much 
esteemed. Thankful Stewart m. 1st, Griswold, Conn., 1798, 
Stephen Congdon, b, Narragansett, Washington co., R. I., 1778, 
d. N. 1800; sea capt. Ch. b. N. : Thankful Dennison Congdon, 
b, Sept. 28, 1799, d. Willimantic, Conn., Sept. 6, 1884, unm. 


JACOB 8 CLEVELAND (Timothy^ Timothy', Samuel", Moses'), d. 

Canterbury or Plainfield, Conn., July 26, 1826, a. 65, m. Rebecca 
Shepard, b. 1766, d. P. or Canterb., Sept. 30, 1825, s. p. 

Jacob 6 Cleveland resided at Canterbury and Plainfield. 
His property was divided at Plainfield among his brothers and 
sisters. Gravestones of Jacob and wife in old cemetery, Can- 


BETHABRA 6 CLEVELAND (Timothy*, Timothy', Samuel"), d. 

Ware, Hampshire co., Mass., Apr. 15, 17, 1835, a. 71, m. Canter- 
bury, Conn., Dec. 31, 1794, Margaret or Margery Pellett, b. C, 
ab. 1770, d. Ware, May 11, 1847, prob. da. Thomas and Mary 
(Davison), or per. a da. Samuel and Hannah (Underwood). Ch. 
b. Canterbury : 

1635 Nancy 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 4, 1795, d. Hartford, 
Conn., Apr. 15, 1863, unm. 

+ 1636 Hiram" Cleveland, b. Jan. 8, 1798. 

+ 1637 Thomas 8 Cleveland, b. Sept., Oct. 14, 1801. 

+ 1638 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 25, 1803. 

+ 1639 Luther 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 25, 1806. 

+ 1640 Emeline 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 25, 1809. 

Bethabra 6 Cleveland dwelt at Canterbury, farmer. He d. 
while visiting his daughter. He and his wife Margery are of 
the few Clevelands buried in the old cemetery at Canterbury, 
have gravestones. Samuel Pellet m. Canterbury, July, 1752, 
Hannah Underwood. Ch. : Margaret Pellet, b. June 12, 1757, 
prob. d. y. ; Jeremiah Pellet, b. Oct. 11, 1763 ; per. there was a 
Margaret Pellet (ag.) as above b. 1770. 


CYRUS 6 CLEVELAND (Timothys Timothys, Samuel), d. Dun- 
ham, P. Q., Canada East, Mar. 13, 1840, a. 73, m* Richmond, 
Chittenden co., Vt, Jan. 6, 1792, Mary Stevens, b. R., May 4, 
1770, d. Dunham, May 4, 1851, a da. James and Lydia (Hazle- 
ton). Ch. : 

-(-1641 Sally 6 Cleveland, b. June 7, 1793, Richmond, Vt. 




1642 Fanny" Cleveland, b. May 6, 1795, Broome, P. Q., 
d. Dunham, July 10, 1815, unm. 

1643 Esther 8 Cleveland, b. Apr. 12, 1798, B., d. D., July 
22, 1843, unm. 

+1644 Charles' Cleveland, b. Sept. 27, 1799, Broome, 

+ 1645 Cyrus' Cleveland, b. Aug. 14, 1800, Broome, P. Q. 

+ 1646 Mary' Cleveland, b. Aug. 1, 1802, B. Inf.', b. and 
d., 1804. 

1647 Timothy' Cleveland, b. Mar. 20, 1806, B., d. Dun- 
ham, Mar. 22, 1878, m. Montreal, Can., Jan. 5, 1842, Margaret 
Smith, b. Cornwall, Ont., Mar. 2, 1804, d. D., Feb. 15, 1877, da. 
James and Anna. Dwelt at Dunham. Blacksmith and farmer, 
s. p. 

+ 1648 Daniel Spencer' Cleveland, b. Jan. 19, 1808, 

+1649 Susan 8 Cleveland, b. Jan. 29, 1809, Broome, P. Q. 
James' Cleveland, b. Feb. 9, 181 1, B., d. D., Apr. 
14, 181 9. 

Cyrus 5 Cleveland served in the Revolution, was a U. S. 
pensioner. He was one of the first settlers of Broome, P. Q., 
1795, then a wilderness. It is related that, then they had no 
windows, and the wolves came at night and looked in on them. 
He carried on the blacksmith business at Broome to 1830. 


JEPTHA 5 CLEVELAND (Timothy*, Timothy*, Samuel"), d. in 

Mass., afa. 1820, a. 52, m. Canterbury, Conn., Mary Fish, b. C, 
ab. 1789, d. Providence, R. I., Mar. 2, 1861. Ch. : 

+ 1650 Louise 8 Cleveland, b. Feb. 16, 1819, Canterbury. 

Jeptha 5 Cleveland dwelt at Canterbury. His widow dwelt 
always at Providence. A Jeptha Cleveland bought land, 
'i 797, at Norwich, Conn., jointly with a Norman Cleveland. 


MARY 8 CLEVELAND (Ephraim*, Tim.», Sam."), m. Martin 
Chamberlain, bro. to Jacob, I'd Dalton, Berkshire co., Mass., 
rem. to a place 40 mi. below Albany. Ch. : 
JParmely* Chamberlain, b. ab. 1798. 
165 1 Mary" Chamberlain, m. Rev. Mr. Benadic. Son 9 ; Da. 6 , 
b. ab. 1804. * 


EPHRAIM 6 CLEVELAND (Ephraim*, Timothy", Samuel", Moses»), 

d. Naples, N. Y., Mar. 6, 1813, a. 40, m. in Conn., Martha Brace 



Bushnell, b. Conn., Feb. 13, 1775, d. Mottville, St. Joseph co., 
Mich., or near Elkhart, Elkhart co., Ind., Jan. 9, 16, 1845, a da. 
Elisha and Martha (Brace). Ch. b. Naples : 

+ 1652 E. W.° Cleveland, b. Oct. 6, 1793. 

Allison* Cleveland, b. i799, d. y. , 


+ 1653 Stephen Bushnell 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 16, Apr. 
20, 1800. 

Alba* Cleveland, b. 1802, d. : — 

, 1810. 

+ 1654 Alma 8 Cleveland, b. May 6, 1804. 

4-1655 Ephraim 8 Cleveland, b. Aug. 24, 1805, 28, 1806. 
1656 Elisha Bushnell 8 Cleveland, b. 1808, d. out west, 
1832, unm. Went 100 miles from Naples and worked land. 

4-1657 Clarissa" Cleveland, b. Aug. 12, 1810. 

4-1658 Timothy" Cleveland, b. Mar. 22, 1812. 

+1659 Martha Brace" Cleveland, b. Feb. 13, 1813. 

Capt. Ephraim 5 Cleveland served as captain in the war of 
1812. He came from Conn, or Mass. to New York state ab. 
1783, farmer. He was a faithful adherent to the Methodist 

Bushnell ancestry:— Elisha 1 m. Martha Brace. Ch. : 13, of whom Elisha? and 
Stephen^ dwelt at Sodus, Ontario, Wayne co., N. Y. ; Clarissa 9 , Alma 3 , Martha Brace 3 


GRIFFIN 5 CLEVELAND (Ephraim*, Timothys, Samuel*), d. ab. 

1807, a. ab. 4f, m. Miss Clark; a da. Elijah. (She m. 2d, 

Grimes and dwelt at Naples, N. Y.) Ch. : 

1660 Dolly or Rebecca" Cleveland, b. ab. 1801, d. 
spring of 1 81 5. 

1 66 1 Molly" Cleveland, b. ab. 1803, m - I 8i6, Lyman 
Abbey, I'd Cincinnati, O., blacksmith. Ch. : several'. 


OLIVE 6 CLEVELAND (Ephraim*, Timothy', Samuel!"), d., m. 

Huron Sabin of Naples, N. Y. ; he d. Dwelt at Naples. Ch. : 

John* Sabin, living 1880, much respected ; Griffith 
Sabin, d. ; Portia* Sabin, d. 

1662 Billings 9 Sabin, d. ab. 1879, his widow and children 1. 
Naples, 1883. Camel" Sabin, d. ; Charles* Sabin, d. 

1663 Sophia* Sabin, d., m. Ch. : twin daughters' 1 . 

HJH&abeth 6 Powers (Battery* Powers), m. Charlestown, Mass., 
Jan. 23, 1790, Nathaniel Rand, bap. C, Feb. 13, 1757, d. C, Sept. 



27, 1826, a s. Nathaniel and Mary (Wyer), I'd Haverhill, Mass., 
1790, mariner, Charl. in hotel. Ch. : Nathaniel? Rand, I'd Bos- 
ton, store, Prince St., 1822 ; Son 9 , b. 1794, d. C, Jan. 5, 1797. 

1664 Elizabeth* Rand, m. C, Dec. 20, 1818, Joseph P. 


OLIVER 6 CLEVELAND (josiah*, Deliverances, Edward", Mosesi), 

b. ac. to tradition in Rhode Island, thought ab. Oct. 1733, d. 
Ha'mpton, Washington co., N. Y., Sept. 5, 1803, m. Azubah 
Smith, b. Sheffield, Mass., Apr. 10, 1738, d. Fair Haven, Rut- 
land co., Vt., Aug. 20, 1823, a da. James and Azubah. Ch. : 

+ 1665 Sarah" Cleveland, b. Nov. 15, 1756. 

+ 1666 Azubah 8 Cleveland, b. Apr. 16, 1759. 

+ 1667 Josiah 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 23, 1761, 1764, Fair Ha- 
ven, Vt. 

+ 1668 Rhoda" Cleveland, b. Aug. 18, 1764, 1765. 

+ 1669 Anna 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 28, 1766. 

+ 1670 Esther" Cleveland, b. Aug. 8, 1770. 

+ 167 1 Albert 6 Cleveland, b. June 19, 1772, Fair Ha- 
ven, Vt. 

+1672 James 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 6, 1774, prob. Fair Haven. 

+1673 Lydia 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. .31, 1775, 1776. Sabria 6 
Cleveland, b. Dec. 16, 1779, d. Ham., Mar. 12, 1796. 

1674 Nicholas 6 Cleveland, traditional. 

1675 Cyrus 6 Cleveland, traditional. 

Oliver 6 Cleveland of Hampton, N. Y., reported to have 
come from Killingworth, Middlesex co., Conn., to Fair Haven, 
1777 [but Josiah 8 was b. in Fair Haven, 1761 or 1764 — Comp.], 
and rem. to Hampton, then Greenfield. Various accounts state 
that he was nephew of Enoch 4 Cleveland + 189, and cousin 
to Solomon 6 Cleveland + 535. Hence it is evident that he 
must have been son to Josiah 4 Cleveland, and that he named 
his first-born son in his honor. 

Adams' Fair Haven 31b — Oliver Cleveland had a son Soloman. Hemenways 7 
Vt. Ill : 672, being Adams' F. H — The charter of Pair Haven was granted at Man- 
chester, Vt., Oct. 27, 1779, in consid. of £6930, signed at Arlington, Bennington co., Vt., by 
Gov. Thomas Chittenden, Apr. 26, 1782, Oliver Cleveland, one of the original grantees 
and proprietors. 673 — Oliver Cleveland, an active, pioneer in the settlement and or- 
ganization had made improvements before act of incorporation, and appears to be the 
only one of the original settlers who is represented in the charter. He had come from 
Killingworth, Conn., and sat down with other members of his father's family on what is 
now New York, or Hantpton side of the river, then called "Greenfield," which it was at 
that, time expected would be in Vermont, the State line or boundary between the two 
states not being as yet settled. While residing near the river, the road running close by 
the bank, instead of over the flat as now, he had commenced clearing the land which 
about this time became his home farm in Fair Haven. It extended from Poultney river 
to Poultney west line, and is said in a survey of 1746 to contain 205 acres, laid, all but 64 
acres of it, on his own proprietary right. At his death the farm became divided among 
his sons, Joshua, Albert & James. James' part, ab. 80 acres, he sold in Nov., 1807. Al- 



bert also sold his 60 acres in 1813, but prob. continued to occupy it until Sept., 1817. 
Joshua had 60 acres and lived on the same until near the spring of 1818, when he rem. to 
Hampton and sold his part. 

Mr. Cleveland -was a rough illiterate man, unable even to write his own name, yet a 
man of great natural force and ability, and was elected one of the selectmen of the town 
from Mar., 1784, nearly every year till his death, p. 674 — John Meacham, Abel Parker, 
Solomon Cleveland, Abel Sharp, Oliver Cleveland, Derrick earner, Isaac Race, 
Benjamin Parmenter, and Stephen Holt, sign June 1, 1781, petition to Assembly of Vt., 
the subscribers being settlers of a tract of land called Greenfield [now in Hampton] to 
be incorporated under gov't of Vt., p. 6S2 Lt. Elisha Clark, Oliver Cleveland and Asa 
Dudley chosen at first meeting proprietors June 14, 1780, to lay out first division of lots 
on public rights, see pp. 683, 4, 5. 

Ac. to gravestone Hampton burying-ground Oliver 5 Cleve- 
land, d. in his 70th year. Azubah Smith was sister to James 
Smith, the Revolution soldier. 


AMAZIAH 5 CLEVELAND (Enoch*, Deliverances, Edwards, Mosesi), 

d. in Shelby co., Ky., Mar. 1810, a. 64, m. Sarah Marvin ; she d. 
in Orange co., Ind., Apr. 16, 1825, da. prob. of Col. Jesse. Ch. 
b. Hampton, N. Y. : 

-[-1676 Adden 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 3, 1777. 

-(-1677 Amaziah 6 Cleveland. 

1678 Hezekiah' Cleveland, not known whether m. 

-I-1679 Ebenezer 8 or Ezer 8 , Cleveland, b. Oct. 12, 1782. 

1680 Zachariah" Cleveland. 

1681 Abigail 6 Cleveland, m. George De Board. 
1682. Effa 6 Cleveland, m. Robert Cunningham. 

1683 J uni a 6 Cleveland, m. William Cunningham. 

1684 Passah 6 Cleveland. 

Amaziah 5 Cleveland. The first account of him had by the 
compilers was that "he went early to Virginia, and prob. died 
there." Nothing known of him until his descendants were dis- 
covered by us Nov., 1884. He first settled in Wythe co., Va., 
rem. to Shelby co., Ky., and always afterwards dwelt there ; 

Col. Jesse Marvin of Revolutionary fame. 


DEBORAH 6 CLEVELAND (Enoch*, Dei.», Ed.*), m. Samuel 
Bibbins of Hampton, N. Y., 1789, and of Fair Haven, Vt., 1809. 
Rem. from H. to Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N. Y. — Adams' Fair 
Haven, 2pp. Ch. : 

1685 Luther" Bibbins, dwelt, April, 1805, in the old house 
on F. H. common. 

1686 Alvira 6 Bibbins, b. May, June, 1776, 1777, m. Albert" 
Cleveland -f-1671. 

1687 William* Bibbins ; Samuel 6 Bibbins ; Calvin* Bibbins. 



1688 Samantha" Bibbins ; Susan" Bibbins ; Elisha" Bibbins ; 
Elijah* Bibbins. 


ZILPAH 6 CLEVELAND (Enoch*, Dei.', raw.»), m. Nicholas 
Spoor or Spur of Hampton, N. Y. Ch.: 

1689 Chloe" Spoor, b. 1764, 1768, m., as 1st w., Josiah 6 
Cleveland +1667. 

1690 Deborah" Spoor, m., as 2d w., Josiah 6 Cleveland 

1 69 1 Louisa" Spoor; Lydia" Spoor ; Molly" Spoor j Zilpah" 
Spoor ; David" Spoor; Jonathan" Spoor ; Cornelia" Spoor; Alice" 
Spoor ; Cornelius" Spoor. 


SOLOMON 6 CLEVELAND (Enoch*, Deliverance', Edward"), d. 

Wilna, Jefferson co., N.Y., June 16, 1844, a. 90, m., Canaan, Conn., 

, 17 — , Martha Rathbone or Rathbun of Stonington, 

Conn., b. prob. S. or Poultney, Vt., , 1760, d. Wilna, 

Dec. 25, 1850, a da. Job and Abigail (Russel). Ch.: 

+1692 Almeda 6 Cleveland, b. 1779, 1781, 1782. 

1693 Solomon" Cleveland, b. 1780, 1783, in Vt., d. in 
-Georgia, unm. " Went to Florida." We hope to discover fur- 
ther trace of him. 

4-1694 Enoch 8 Cleveland, b. Sept. 8, 1786, Fair Haven, Vt. 

-(-1695 Patty or Martha 8 Cleveland, b. 1787, 1795, in' Vt. 
1696 Abigail 8 Cleveland, b. Dec. 27, 1789, in Vt., m. 
.Lorenzo" Ward +1337. 

+ 1697 Samuel 8 Cleveland, b. July 11, 1793, Poultney, Vt. 

+1698, Lydia 8 Cleveland, b. 1794, 1795, 1797, in Vt. 

-(-1699 Fassett 8 Cleveland, b. Mar. 3, 1799, in Vt. 

Solomon 5 Cleveland served in the Revolutionary war, but 
in what capacity his daughter Abigail 6 did not recollect. Lived 
at Hampton, N. Y., Poultney, and Wilna. He d. at house of 
his son Fassett 6 . 

Hemenway's Vt., Ill: 1213 — Solomon Cleveland, pr. Conn. cont'I line, res. Rut- 
land co., pensioned from Apr. 14, 1818. Joslin's Poultney, 241 — SOLOMON Cleveland 
•came to Poultney soon af. Revolution, and set. on farm still known as the CLEVELAND 
FARM, on E. side of Finel Hollow road. He rem. fr. Poultney to Hydeville, Rutland co., 
and I'd there many years. Was much respected. Adams' Fair Haven, 108, 14Q, 31Q-20 — 
Solomon Cleveland, a son of Enoch Cleveland of Hampton, and cousin of Oliver 6 
Cleveland +53 x > of Fair Haven, and an intimate friend of Col. Matthew Lyon, was for 
a time resident in this town. He came from Canaan, Conn., to Hampton, then known as 
"Greenfield," and thought to be in Vt., with others of his father's family, summer of 
1777, bef. the battle of Hubbardton, was one who went to meet the English in battle of 
Bennington. In May, 1786, there was surveyed to him 4^ acres of land in Fair Haven, 
on the 4 th division of the right of Oliver 5 Cleveland. 

On Sept. 1, 1788, his father, Enoch, "for and in consideration 
■of the natural good will I bear towards my son Solomon," deeds 



him 4^4 acres bo't of John Smith of Poultney in Sept., 1787, 
and he, in Nov., deeds it to Col. Lyon. Solomon 6 took free- 
man's oath in Fail- Haven, July, 1791. In August, 1796, he res. 
Hampton, when he buys of Col. Matthew Lyon J4 interest of 
saw and grist-mill, on the lower falls, and 17^ acres where Z. 
C. Ellis 1., and rem. into F. H. He rebuilt the mills. Gen. Jona- 
than Orms was his chief millwright, and built a house on the 
lot S. of paper mill. He sold his share of mills and land April, 
1798, to Pliny Adams of Hampton, taking in exch. farm in E. 
Poultney, to which he rem. Hemenway, III: 674 — Solomon 
Cleveland, June 1, 1781, signs petition to be under gov't of Vt. 

Rathbone ancestry : — 2 arms : Ar. 3 doves az. Crest — Dove and olive branch. . . . 
[There were John, Thomas, Thomas, Jr., and William Rathbon of Block Island, R. I., 
1678— Savage.] Job" of Stonington, d. Poultney, m. Abigail Russel, she d. Canaan. Ch.: 
Martha", Josiah", Solomon", Job", d. man., John", Russel", Whitfield", Sylva", Sally", 
Abigail", d. unm., Hitty", Sally" Rathbone (ag.). 


ABIGAIL 6 CLEVELAND (Enochs Dei.*, Edw."), m., as ist w., 
Noah Priest, b. 1780, d. Western N. Y., a s. Philip and Trubey 
(Merritt). (He m. 2d, Spoor.) Dwelt W. Haven, Vt., rem. to 
Western N. Y. An active Federalist politician, and noted anti- 
Mason. — Adams' Fair Haven, 449. Ch. : 

1700 Clara* Priest, m. Harry Dibble; Chauncey* Priest j 
Erastus* Priest ; Trubey* Priest. 


SAMUEL 5 CLEVELAND (Enoch*, Deliverance", Edward"), d. St. 

Albans, Vt, or Burlington, Chittenden co., Vt., Aug. 10, 1831, a. 

63, m. Poultney, Vt., ■ , , Louisa Hyde, she d. St. 

Albans, Sept. 4, 1854, da. James. Dwelt at Middlebury. Ch.: 

+1701 Deborah 6 Cleveland, b. , 1797, Poult- 
ney, Vt. 

1702 Parker 6 Cleveland. 

1703 Minerva 6 Cleveland; Phebe 6 Cleveland; Han- 
nah 6 Cleveland. 

1704 Laura Ann 6 Cleveland, m. Heman Langworthy 
of Middlebury. 


Timothy* Backus (johannah*, Edward", Edward"), m. Canter- 
bury, Conn., Feb. 14, 1776, Ruby Tracy, b. C, Feb. 24, 1755, d. 
C, July 18, 1787, a da. Phineas and Mehitable (Adams). Ch. b. 
Canterbury : 

1705 Lucy* Backus, b. Jan. 28, 1777 ; Ruby* Backus, b. Aug. 
17, 1779 > Patty* Backus, b. Sept. 4, 1782 ; Sabrah* Backus, b. Feb. 
3, 1785- 



1706 Eliashil Tracy* Backus, b. July 18, 1787, m. Jerusha 
-. Ch. b. C: Susan' Backus, b. Mar. 14, 18 10 ; Timothy 7 

Backus, b. May 1, 1815. 


Elijah or Elisha b Backus (johannah'>,Ed.s,Ed.i',), m. Canter- 
bury, Conn., Feb. 12, 1777, Bette* Johnson +763. Ch. b. Canter- 
bury : 

1707 Betsey Basse f Backus, b. Aug. 4, 1780. 

1708 Elisha' Backus, b. Nov. 17, 1782. 


SOLOMON 6 CLEVELAND (Silas,*, Edward,* Edward=, Moses'), b. 

Canterbury, Conn., Apr. 21, 1754, d. Thompson, or Pomfret, 
Conn., May 9, 1823, m. Pomfret, Apr. 19, 1781, Hannah Sharpe, 
b. Thompson Feb. 27, 1760, Sept. 12, 1761, d. Pomfret, Apr. 13, 
1852, a da. Gershom and Hannah (Dana). Ch. b. Pomfret : 

+ 1709 Palmer" Cleveland, b. Feb. 14, 1782. 

-f-1710 Hannah Cleveland, b. Nov. 3, 1783. 

+ 1711 Lois 8 Cleveland, b. Mar. 26, 1785. 

+ 1712 Betsey 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 26, 1787. 

+ 1713 Charles" Cleveland, b. Oct. 3, 1789. 

1714 Solomon 8 Cleveland, b. Jan. July 1,-1792, d. at 
Rochester, Monroe co., N. Y., Dec. 26, 1828, unm. 

Solomon 8 Cleveland resided at Pomfret. His old house, 
now standing, was built by Capt. Joseph Cady about 1715, and 
is mentioned in Putnam, Conn., Patriot, June 28, i£p5- — Putnam's 
Noted Places and Persons. He was a farmer. A soldier in the 
Revolution. Mrs. Caroline Elizabeth 8 (Fairfield) Corbin re^ 
members the stories her gr. gr. mo., Hannah (Sharpe) Cleveland, 
used to tell her about Solomon being in the battle of L. I. &c. 

Putnam, June 25, 1892. 

C. E. Chandler,— Dear Sir : I hereby certify that I well remember your great- 
grandfather, Solomon Cleveland, who resided in Thompson (now Putnam) at the time of 
his death. He was a soldier in the war of the American Revolution. 

I married his granddaughter, Frances Lee, and, after his death, his widow, Hannah 
Sharpe Cleveland, lived in my family and frequently related stories about her husband's 
experiences in the Revolutionary war. 

His company were on the northern frontier and were once three days without rations. 
They finally came upon a cornfield, in which there was left a single pumpkin. This they 
stewed in an old crock, and, after providing those with sticks who had no jackknives, 
they were marched in single file past the pumpkin stew, taking each a mouthful. There 
proved to be enough to go around three times. 

Attest : Gilbert Chandler [+5276.]. 

Putnam, Conn., Standard, ab. Aug., 1892. — The remains of Solomon and Hannah 
Cleveland were taken from the old abandoned Pigeon Hill Cemetery at Putnam and re- 
moved to the new Putnam Cemetery, June 29, 1892, 

Lamed* s Windham Co., II: zoo, j/g. — Mrs. Hannah (Sharpe) Cleveland, the 
heroine of the Revolutionary " Pink Satin," a woman of rare intelligence and wonderful 
gift of language. Goods became abundant, 1780-1, brought into Norwich, Conn., by pri- 
vateer or smuggler. A fair young fiancee [Hannah Sharpe] in Pomfret, who had been 



much troubled in reference to her wedding dress, was gladdened by the sight of a trav- 
eling merchant with the lovliest pattern of pink satin. But the cost was so enormous ! 
The young girl knew what heavy burdens her father had borne, how much he had paid 
out for taxes, bounties, soldiers' clothing ; how good money advanced by him had been 
repaid by worthless scrip, how strongly he and other patriots denounced these peddlers, 
but how could she resist this exquisite piece of goods which more than realized her highest 
aspiration. Woman's tact won the day and dress. She did not dare to ask the favor, but 
stealing into the room where the rough old father sat brooding in his armchair, she knelt 
before him, and, with pleading glance, held up the satin. Revolutionary fathers, though 
rough, were not adamant. The graceful tableau melted his heart ; without a word placed 
in her hand forty silver dollars, and the ten yards of satin made the tastefullest of wed- 
ding dresses, also furnished a frontispiece for. the wedding waistcoat of the bridegroom. 
Sharpe ancestry ■ jo arms : — Sharp ; i 1 : Sharpe (Devonshire ; Stoke, Northampton 
co., Eng. ; Staffordshire ; Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick CO.). Ar. 3 eagle's heads 
erased sa. Crest — Wolf's head gorged with ducal coronet. . . . Robert, b. 1615, fr. 
London, 1635, Braintree, bot. 1650, with Peter Aspinwall, farm of William Colborn at 
Muddy riv., Roxbury, m. Abigail. William, settler of Pomfret, 1720. Gershom 1 , b. 
May, 1720, prominent patriot'of Pomfret. — Larned's Windham co., d. Sept. 29, 1802, m. 
June 5, 1755, Hannah Dana, b. 1735-6, d. Nov. 27, 1804. 


SILAS 6 CLEVELAND (Silas", Edward*, Edward', Moses"), d. 

Hampton, Conn., Sept. 24, 1840, a. 84, m. Pomfret, Conn., Mar. 
22, 1793. Lois Sharpe, b. P. June 24, 1757, d. Canterbury, Conn., 
June 29, 181 1, a da. Gershom and Hannah (Dana). Ch. b. 
Hampton : 

+ 1715 Mason" Cleveland, b. Feb. 25, 1796. 

+ 1716 John 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 5, 1797. 

+ 1717 Chauncey Fitch 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 16, 1799. 

Capt. Silas 6 Cleveland was a captain, Fifth Reg. of Conn. 

Hon. Chauncey Fitch 6 Cleveland +1717 related the fol- 
lowing' : " Silas 6 Cleveland was much like his father, — a man of 
wonderful memory and fine abilities. During the Revolutionary 
war my father [Silas 6 ], then a young man, ab. Sept. 1, 1780, went 
to Bethel, Vt., with the intention of settling there. When in 
the woods at work with a man by the name of David Stone a 
band of Indians from Montreal captured them and took them 
to Canada. Silas was so copper-colored, they dressed him in 
their paint and feathers. Stone they killed. My father they 
kept six months, when they put him in the British Prison called 
the Stone Jug, in Montreal, Can.; there he was kept six months 
longer, and then exchanged. Dwelt awhile in Bethel, and then 
ret. to Hampton," where most of his life was spent ; farmer. 

Larned's Windham Co., II; 37.— At a town meeting, 1761, Silas Cleveland chosen 
one of the listers, p. 239. At the first town meeting in Hampton, held Nov. 13, 1786, SILAS 
CLEVELAND chosen of committee to act in conjunction with that appointed by the Gen. 
Assembly to view the situation of the bridges, p. 4.17. Capt. Silas Cleveland, Mr. 
Amasa Clark, and others, thought capable of giving legal advice, though not formally 
initiated in the legal profession. He was prominent in town affairs. Herald and News, 
Randolph, Vt., Nov. 27, i8jS— The Cleveland Family, —mentions Silas 6 captured by In- 
dians. See, also, Witlimantic Journal, May 27, 1864; Hinman's Conn. Settlers, bzz. 

Sharpe ancestry : •— See +543- 




(siias*, Ed. 8 , Ed."), d. May 16, 1831, m., as 2d w., Benjamin Griggs, 
b. Pomfret, Conn., Apr, 5, 1767, d. P. Oct. 5, 1831, s. Capt. Stephen 
and Sarah (Chandler). Ch. : 4. Benjamin Griggs, m. 1st Nov. 
21, 1792, Selah Howe of Plainfield, Conn., b. 1760, d. Jan. 28, 
1805, da. John. Ch. 14. 

Chandler ancestry ; — William 1 , John 2 , Joseph 3 , David 4 [see +1710] ; Sarah 6 Chandler 
m. Stephen Griggs. — Chandler Fatn., 263. 


CLARISSA 5 CLEVELAND (siias*), d. Pomfret, Conn., 1853, 

a. 88, m. 1st Crandell, Crandall, or Cundell. She m. 2d, 

Canterbury, Conn., , 1784, Whitemore Shepard, b. 

C. Aug. 12, 176 1, a s. Benjamin and Martha. Ch.b. Canterbury : 
1 7 18 David 9 Shepard, b. Jan. 17, 1785. 

-(-1719 Clarissa'' Shepard. 

Steny* Shepard j Betsey* Shepard. 

Whitemore Shepard dwelt at Pomfret and Brooklyn, Conn. 
Benjamin Shepard, his father, m. 1st C. Nov. 24, 1748, Hannah. 


ISAAC 5 CLEVELAND (Silas*, Edward 3 , Edward", Mosesi), d. 

Brooklyn, Conn., Dec. 29, 1863, a. 92, m. B. Jan. 15, 1808, Abigail 
Brown, b. Canterbury, Conn., Oct. 8, 1778, d. B. Apr. 3, 1850, da. 
John and Tryphena (Allen). Ch. b. Brooklyn : 

-(-1720 Olive Brown 6 Cleveland,^ Oct. 13, 1809. 

1 72 1 Nancy Juliette 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 17, 18 13, d. 
Apr. 12, 1825. 

+ 1722 James Harvey 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 3, 1816. 

Isaac 5 Cleveland dwelt always in Brooklyn ; owned and 
operated a fine farm, 1 25 acres, lying in Brooklyn, Canterbury, 
and Hampton. Learned saddler's trade, farmer. 


EDWARD 5 CLEVELAND (Paine*, Edward 3 , Edwards, Mosesi), d. 

prob. Bethel, Vt., between July, 1801, and Mar., 1802, a. ab. 40, 

Herald and News, W. Randolph, Vt., Nov. 27, 187Q. — "Edward Cleveland was a 
soldier in the war of the Revolution, and was taken prisoner, carried to England. After 
his release, 1785, he came to this country, and subsequently Bethel, where he worked as. 
a blacksmith. He was buried in the old town cemetery." There still exists a court 
calendar, brought from England by him. 



STEPHEN 6 CLEVELAND (Paine*, Edwards, Edward", Moses'), d. 

Bethel, Vt., May 17, 1835, a. 70, m. Lebanon, N. H., Apr. 6, 
1789, Hannah Huntington, b. Norwich, Conn., Mar. 16, 1768, d. 
Bethel, Mar. 21, 1846, a da. James and Hannah (Curtiss). Ch. : 
1723 Susannah 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 6, 7, 1789, Plainfield, 
Sullivan co., N. H., d. Bethel, Jan. 14, 1852, unm. 

4-1724 Stephen 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 26, 1791, 1792, Bethel, 

James 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 24, 1793, B., d. B. Feb. 1, 1800. 
+1725 Hannah Huntington 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 3, 1796, 
Bethel, Vt. 

-(-1726 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. June 9, 1798, Bethel, Vt. 
1727 Harriet 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 25, 1800, B., d. B., 
Aug. 21, 1887, unm. Dwelt always at Bethel. 

4-1728 James Payne 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 20, 1803, Bethel. 
+1729 Elizabeth 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 18, 1805, Bethel. 
-(-1730 Daniel 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 17, 1807, Bethel. 

1731 Charles Edward 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 26, 1809, B., 
d. B., Feb. 26, 1890, unm., always lived on the old Cleveland 
farm at Bethel, farmer. 

Hon. Stephen 1 Cleveland was in the Revolutionary Army 
and rose to the rank of Orderly Sergeant^ enlisted Aug. 19, 
1782, in Capt. Benjamin Durkee's company of Matrosses, Conn, 
troops, and served 1 year with him, stationed at Fort Trumbull, 
New London, Conn., and Fort Griswold, Groton, Conn. 

Record of Service of Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolution, Compiled by 
Authority of the General Assembly, under direction of the Adjutants General, j>. 388 — 
Militia Regiments, Capt. Benjamin Durkee's co. of Matrosses : Stephen Cleveland, 
private, enlistment Aug. 19, '82, July 19, '83. 

Stephen 6 applied, Aug. 16, 1832, for a pension as a Revolu- 
tionary soldier. In his declaration he stated that he was then 
67 years of age, that he moved from Conn, at the end of the 
Revolutionary war to Plainfield, N. H., where he remained 4 or 
5 years, and then removed to Bethel, Vt. He was a pensioner 
until decease, and afterward his widow was a pensioner. U. S. 
Census Pensioners, 1S40, p. 70 — Bethel, Vt., Hannah Cleveland. 

Rem. from Canterbury, Conn., to Plainfield, N. H., thence to 
Bethel, spring of 1791. By trade a blacksmith, he built a shop 
on the stream near his house, known as Cleveland Brook, where 
he put in trip-hammer run by water. From 1798 to 1814 kept 
hotel in village. Through his efforts a woolen mill was started 
in 1815 on the White river at Bethel. He soon became the sole 
proprietor of this mill, where some of the first broadcloth made 
in the United States was manufactured and was in great de- 



mand, commanding a better price than the imported article. 
The mill was burned and rebuilt in 1832, and sold by him, 1840, 
since when it was never run as a cloth mill. He was highly- 
respected, prominent, and influential. 

About 1802 he was commissioned a Justice of the Peace, and 
held the office to 1832, during which time he officiated at most 
of the marriages in that section of Vt. A Masonic Lodge was 
established in Bethel ab. 181 6, of which he became Master. 
He was several times elected to the Legislature and once to the 
Governor's council. See Herald and News, W. Randolph, Nov. 
27, 1879 — ^ ne Cleveland Family. 

Huntington ancestry : — Simon 1 [see +43] j Dea. Simon 2 , b. Eng., 1629, of Norwich, 
Conn., d. June 28, 1706, m. Oct., 1653, Sarah Clarke, da. of Dea. Joseph of Windsor and 
Saybrook ; James 3 , b. Norwich, May 16, 1680, d. Sept. 3, 1727, m. Priscilla Miller ; James*, 
b. N. Feb. 2, 1707, d. May 12, 1785, m. Elizabeth Darby or Derby ; James 6 Huntington, b. 
at Norwich, Oct. 1, 1743, sergt. 8th Co., 8th Reg. Conn, troops under Col. Jedediah Hunt- 
ington, commissioned at Roxbury, Mass., in Camp Sept. 30, 1775, was at Bunker Hill 
battle under Israel Putnam and in Lexington alarm, removed to Lebanon ab. 1783, to 
Royalton, Vt., ab. 1790, d. R., buried there,. m. Mar. 24, 1767, Hannah Curtiss 6 , b. Apr. 24, 
1747, d. Royalton, buried there — Huntington Genealogy by Rev. E. B. Huntington, 200. 

Curtiss, Curtice, Cur Use, Curtize ancestry : — garms: Curteis ; 1: CURTEIS, CUR- 
Curtis : Sa. 3 fleurs-de-lis ar. . . . William 1 , b. ab. 1592 (it is thought to be almost 
certain that he was identical with William Curtiss bap. in the chh. at Nazeing, co. Essex, 
Eng., 1592-, — see Boston Ev. Transcript, Mar. 10, iSoy,~ Genealogical Notes), of Roxbury, 
Mass., 1632, freeman of Mass. Bay Colony, Mar. 6, 1632, member of "The Jury of Life 
and Death " at Boston, Sept. 19, 1637 — Mass. Records, I ': 203,367, d. Dec. 8, 1672, a. 8o, m. 
prob. in Eng., Sarah, b. ab. 1599, d. Mar. 20 or 26, 1673 ; Isaac 2 , b. Roxbury, July 22, 1641, 
m. May 10, 1670, Hannah Polley, b. Feb. 15, 1652, a da. John and Susanna of R. ; Samuel', 
b. R., Sept. 2, 1688, settled at Jamaica Plain, Mass., d. there Nov. 19, 1772, m. June 6, 1711, 
Hannah Gore, b. R., 1687, d. 1775 ; Philip 4 , b. Mass., 1717, m. 1744, Eliza Bass of Newbury- 
port, Mass., supposed to be father of: Hannah 5 Curtiss who m. James Huntington 6 . 


SUSANNAH 6 CLEVELAND (Paine 4 , Edwards, Edward*), d. 

Montpelier, Vt, Aug. 28, 1846, a. 80, m. Canterbury, Conn., 
Sept. 23, 1790, Col. Thomas Waterman, b. Lebanon, N. H., July 
11, 1766, d. L. Feb. 19, 1838, a s. Silas and Silence (Peck). Ch. 
b. Lebanon : 

-(-1732 Thomas* Waterman, b. Sept. 14, 1791. 

1733 Mary" Waterman, b. Dec. 3, 1792, m. Jan. i, 1815, 
. John Wood. 

Susan 6 Waterman, b. June 17, 1794, d. Oct. 17, 1839, unm. 

1734 Harriet" Waterman, b. May 20, 1796, d. June 15, 1824, 
m., as 1st w., Jan. 5, 1818, Rev. George Storrs. 

1735 Silas 6 Waterman, b. Apr. 9, 1798, m. Feb. 2, 1832, 
Sally Wood. 

1736 Martha 6 Waterman, b. Apr. 13, 1800, m., as 2d w., 
Mar. 8, 1825, Rev. Geo. Storrs. 

1737 Harry 6 Waterman, b. Dec. 15, 1802, d. in Illinois, Jan., 
1857, m. Oct. 9, 1830, Phebe Williams. 



1738 Emily 9 Waterman, b. July 15, 1805, m. Feb. n, 1831, 
Joel Demick. 

1739 Louisa* Waterman, b. Feb. 3, 1808, m. Sept. 24, 1834, 
Oscar F. Fowler. 

Col. Thomas Waterman dwelt always at Lebanon, farmer. 
He was the first male child born in L. He inherited his fath- 
er's estate, was much respected, represented the town in the 
legis. of N. H. several years ; member of board of selectmen 
30 years, 17 98-1 828, and a magistrate. No name is found so 
often as his in the town rec. as Moderator, Town Clerk, Repre- 
sentative, and Selectman. Passed through all the grades of the 
militia from corp. to col. 

— A sermon delivered at Interment of Col. Thomas Waterman, 1838. 
By Rev. Phineas Cooke, 8°, pp. 14. 

Waterman ancestry : — s arms : (Devonshire) Or. a buck's head gu. . . . Hon. 
Robert 1 , Salem 1636, Plymouth 1638, Marshfield, Plymouth co., Mass. (bro. to Thomas of 
Roxbury), rep. m. Elizabeth Bourne 2 ; Thomas 2 , b. 1644, of Saybrook, Norwich, Conn., 
m. Miriam Tracy, da. Lt. Thomas of Salem, 1637 & Norw.; Thomas 3 , m. Elizabeth Allen 
of Groton, Conn.; Thomas 4 , m. Sarah Haskins; Silas 6 Waterman, a 1st sett. Lebanon, m. 
Silence Peck — N. E. H. G. Reg. XXIII : 204. — Descendants of Robert Waterman, By 
Thomas* Waterman. 

Bourne ancestry : — 10 arms : (Chesterton, Oxford co., Eng.; Hilderstone Hall, Staf- 
ford eo.) Ar. on mount vert, on 4 bars wavy castle triple towered gu. on a chief sun 
hetw. 2 estoiles. Crest — Pegasus holding in mouth rose. Motto — Hac omnia tran- 
.seunt . . . Thomas', b. 1581, prob. fr. Kent co., Eng. Plym. 1637, Marshf., m. 1st, Eliz- 
"beth, b. 15Q0 ; Elizabeth 2 Bourne, m. Robert Waterman 1 . 


PAINE 6 CLEAVELAND (Paine*, Edward', Edward 2 , Moses'), d. 

"Wellington, Tolland co., Conn., Feb. 7, 185 1, a. 82, m. 1st, in 
Conn, (possibly in Canterbury), ALICE 6 CLEVELAND + 444 

{Eleazer*, Samuel 3 , Samuel 2 , Moses 1 ), she d. Union tp., Tolland CO., Conn., 

Oct. 18, 1820, a. 52. He m. 2d, Charlton, Mass., Mrs. Mary 
Dodge of Charlton, she d. Charlton, 1839. Ch. by 1st m. : 

1740 Lurinda" Cleaveland, b. Sept. 7, 1792, possibly at 
Canterbury, Conn., d. Lockport, N. Y., Mar. 20, 1873, m - Ocea 
£Hosea?] Webber. Ch. : Alice B. 7 Webber, b. Nov. 16, 1820, m. 
July 3, 1840 ; Marlin Cleaveland" 1 Webber, b. Dec. 7, 1822 ; Susan 
Amelia 1 Webber, b. Jan. 16, 1825, m. July 30, 1848; John K 7 Web- 
ier, b. Apr. 16, 1828 ; Henry R 7 Webber, b. June 20, 1831. 

1 741 Church 6 Cleaveland, b. July 17, 1794, Tolland, 
Conn., d. Scriba, Oswego co., N. Y., ab. i860, leaving a wid- 
ow, s. p. 

+ 1742 Orange 8 Cleaveland, b. July 7, 1796, Tolland, Conn. 
1743 Marlin 6 Cleaveland, b. June 12, 1798, Union, 
-Conn., a teacher in the South, last heard from in Walton co., 
Ga., Mar. 26, 1832, merchant, thought to have d. years ago. 




Susannah 6 Cleaveland, b. Apr. 23, 1800, Union, d. U. 
Apr. 27, 1824, unm. 

Martha or Patty 6 Cleaveland, b. Mar. 28, 1802, U., d. 
U. Apr. 20, 1833, unm. 

1744 Freeman" Cleaveland, b. Mar. 16, 1804, U., d. Stur- 
bridge, Mass., Oct. 13, 1830, unm. Killed by caving in of lead 
mine where he worked. John 6 , b. May 18, 1806, U., d. U. June 
14, 1825. 

+ 1745 Anna 6 Cleaveland, b. Apr. 20, 1808, Union, Conn. 
+1746 Solomon 6 Cleaveland, b. Jan. 27, 181 2, Union, Conn. 
Paine 6 Cleaveland was apprenticed to learn trade of tan- 
ner and shoemaker, and was a farmer. Conn. Register Civil Offi- 
cers, 1827, p. 134 — P. Cleaveland, a Selectman of Union, Conn., 
and Nath'l Cleaveland was, 1827, Treasurer of Union. 


PRUDENCE 6 CLEVELAND (Paine* Edward', Edwards, Mosesi), 

d. Moretown, Washington co., Vt., May 31, 1861, a. 90, m. at 
Bethel, Vt., so thought, Nov. 6, 1794, Constant Freeman, b. Nor- 
wich, Conn ; , Sept. 7, 1771, d. Moretown, Nov. 4, 1815, s. Joseph 
and Sarah (Kimball). Children : 

J 747 Joseph* Freeman, b. July 6, 1796, Bethel, d. Trinity, 
Trinity co., Tex., Nov. 2, 1842, m. Sally Spafford, b. Barre, Vt., 
d. Waitsfield, Washington co.,Vt, Aug., 1870, da. Abram. Lived 
in Texas, blacksmith, s. p. 

Sarah 6 Freeman, b. Jan. 15, 1798, Bethel, d. Waits- 
field, Apr. 15, 1833, unm., of Moretown. Sophia 6 , b. Jan. 15, 
Bethel, d. prob. B. Aug. 11, 1798. 

-f-1748 Constant 6 Freeman, b. Feb. 24, 1800, Hancock, Vt. 

Daniel" Freeman, b. Nov. 15, 1802, H., d. prob. HL 
June 17, 1803. 

Daniel Kimball" Freeman, b. Mar. 11, 1804, Bethel, d. 
Oshkosh, Wis., Mar. 15, 1854, unm., lived in Wis., farmer. 

Benjamin Kimball 6 Freeman, b. Apr. 19, 1806, d. Trin- 
ity, Aug. 17, 1835, unm., lived in Texas, printer. 

Sophia 6 Freeman (ag.), b. Nov. 27, 1808, d. William- 
town, Vt., Sept. 14, 1840, unm. 

-)-i749 Hiram 6 Freeman, b. Mar. 20, 181 1, Waitsfield, Vt. 
Constant Freeman resided at Bethel, Hancock, Waitsfield/ 
and finally at Moretown, where he built a flour mill ; black- 

Freeman ancestry : — 22 arms : (Yorkshire, Eng.) Azure three lozenges in fesse or. 
Crest — A demi fox argent holding a lozenge or. . . . John* came in the ship Abigail, 
in 1635, settled in Sudbury, Mass., 1639, an original proprietor, m. Elizabeth ; Sergt. 
Joseph 2 , b. Sudbury, Mar. 29, 1644, An Accompt of Losse sustained by Several Inhabitants 
of ye towne of Sudbury, by ye Indian Enemy ye 21st Aprill itrjb — Joseph ffreeman ,£80. Free- 



man 1678, representative of Sudbury 1691, rem. to Preston, Conn., ab. 1692, of P. 1695-8, 
Caulkins' Norwich, Conn ., 247 — Sergt. Joseph Freeman's inventory presented 1706, m. 
May 6, 1680, Dorothy Haynes 3 , b. 1651 ; Joseph 3 , b. Sudbury, Deo. 18, 1684, m. Dec, 2, 1708, 
Hannah Brewster 8 ; Joseph 4 , b. Mar. 4, 1709-10, m. Mar. 8, 1743-4, Anna Rock-well of 
Norwich ; Joseph 6 Freeman, b. Dec. 16, 1743-4, either he or his father -was undoubtedly 
the Corp. Joseph Freeman who enlisted at the Lexington Alarm, m. Apr. 10, 1766, Sarah 

Brewster, Bruster ancestry : — 3 arms : (Northamptonshire). Az. a chev. erm. betw. 
3 estoiles ar. Crest — A leopard's head erased az. bezantee. . . . William 1 — prob. 
the name — was tenant under liberal lease from Archbishop Edwyn Sandys, Prebendary 
of Peterborough, Archbp. of York, Eng., Jan. 25, 1576-7 ; Elder William 2 , b. Scrooby, 
Nottinghamshire, Eng., 1563, educated at Cambridge Univ., Eng., rejected ceremonies 
of Church of Eng., earliest Puritan Layman, P. M. of Scrooby 1594, the famous elder of 
Leyden, Holland chh., came in "Mayflower" 1620, Plymouth, Mass., d. Duxbury, Apr. 
16, 1643, m. in Scrooby, Mary; Jonathan 3 , b. Scrooby, came in "Fortune" 1621, rep. Dux. 
b. 1639, New London 1649 — see Caulkins' Norwich 211-13 : Hinman's Conn. Settlers 328-q 
— d. JN. L. 1661, m. Lucretia ; Lt. Benjamin 4 , b. ab. 1633, It. in N. London troops 1673, d. 
Brewster's Neck, N. London, Sept. 10, 1710, a. 77, m. Feb. 1659, Anna Dart, sister perhaps 
of Richard of N. L.; Daniel 6 , b. Mar. 1667, m. Hannah Gager ; Hannah 8 Brewster, m. 
Joseph Freeman 3 . — N. E. Reg: IV : 174; Bradford's Memoir Young's Chron. of Pilg. 
461 ; Davis 1 Morton ; Hunter's First Colonists N. B. ; 4 Mass. His. Col. I :J2: Shurtleff's 
Recol. of Pilg. ; Russell's Guide to Plymouth. 

Haines, Haynes ancestry : — 1 arms : Haine ; / : Hains ; 4 : HAYNE ; 2 : HAYNE or 
Haynes ; 9 : Haynes ; / .■ Hayns ; 3 : Haines : (Berkshire) Ar. a fesse az. bezantee, 
betw. 3 annulets of the second. . . . Walter 1 , b. ab. 1583, of Sutton Mandeville, co. 
Wilts, Eng., linen weaver, owned a tenement at Shaston, co. Dorset, Eng., came in the 
Confidence from Southampton 1638, a. 55 with w., ch. and 3 servants, of Sudbury, a first 
propr., freem. May 13, 1641, rep. 1641, 4, 8, 51, selectman 10 yrs., d. Feb. 14, 1665, m. Eliza- 
beth ; John 2 , b. Eng. of Sudbury, rep. 1669, m. May 6, 1680, Dorothy Noyes, a da. of Peter 
Noyes, b. ab. 1592, from Penton, co. Hants, Eng., came in the Confidence 1638, of Sud- 
bury 1639 ; Dorothy 3 Haynes m. Joseph Freeman 2 . 


Edward 2 ), m. Apr., 1 793, William Huntington, b. Norwich, Conn., 
Sept. 21, 1768, d. Whiting, Addison co., Vt, May 18, 1844, a s. 
William and Anne (Pride). Ch. : 

1750 Delta" Huntington, d. Highgate, Franklin co., Vt., m. 
Jesse Cutler. 

175 1 William Paine" Huntington, d. in Iowa or Wis., m. 
Wealthy Van Dusen. Ch. : several. 

1752 Susan" Huntington, m. Rood, I'd in Mich., s. p. 

1753 Betsey" Huntington, m. Olmstead, I'd in Mid- 

dlebury, Addison Co., Vt. Ch. : Edgar 1 Olmstead, 1. M.; 7 

Olmstead, d. 

1754 Sally" Huntington, d. Whiting, unm. James" Hunting- 
ton, d. W. unm. 

William Huntington lived at Whiting, Vt. Huntington ancestry: Simon 1 , Simon 2 , 
James 3 , James 4 [see + 551]; William 6 Huntington, m. 1st, Anne Pride. 


EDWARD 6 CLEVELAND (John 4 , Palmer 3 , Edward 2 , Moses 1 ), d. at 

Sterling, now Morristown, Lamoille co., Vt., m. in or near Wood- 
stock, Windsor co., Vt., when aged 28, Mrs." Mary (Horsington 
or Hawsington) Hendricks of Conn.; she d. Jackson, Susque- 



hanna co., Pa., Dec. 19, 1830, wid. Francis Hendricks. Ch. b. 
Woodstock : 

+ 1755 Edward 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 3, 1775. 

+ 1756 Benjamin" Cleveland, b. June 22, 1777. 

+ *757 Jerusha" Cleveland, b. Sept. 11, 1777 [1778?]. 

+ 1758 John 6 Cleveland, b. May 18, 1782. 

+ 1759 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 29, 1787. 

+ 1760 Enos 6 Cleveland, b. prob. 1790. 

+ 1761 William 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 16, 21, 1794. 

Edward 6 Cleveland, according to tradition, "the first, he 
could remember was aboard a British man-of-war, where he re- 
mained until aged 27. While on coast of America, deserted and 
went into Vt." Was from R. I., Revolution soldier and pen- 
sioner. It is quite evident to us that he is the Edward 6 , son of 
John*, of whom relatives say, "he went to Conn, early in life," 
locality and naming of children indicate this ancestry. 

Woodstock, Vt, rec. Deeds — Asa Call to Mary Cleveland, w. 
of Edward, dated Nov. 5, 1787. Simeon Dunham to Edward 
Cleveland, Jr., Oct. 29, 1794. Simeon Dunham also bo't land 

of Hendricks. Edward Cleveland and w. to Ebenezer 

Dike, Apr. 16, 1802. Rem. from W. af. 1802. 

Edward 6 Cleveland was large in stature ; as a peculiarity he 
had 5 fingers on each hand, and 6 toes on each foot.- 

Mrs. Mary (Horsington) Hendricks had by 1st m. 1 son. 


CATHERINE 6 CLEVELAND (John*, Palmer*, Edw.s), m. John 
McKenzie of Wickford, R. I., I'd Wickford. Ch.: 

1762 6 McKenzie (son), m. , I'd Wickford, ship 

builder. Ch.: Edward" 1 McKenzie, res. Wickford. 

i7 6 3 " McKenzie (son), I'd Wickford, ship builder. 

1764 " McKenzie (da.), d. a. 90, m. Matherson, 

lived West Greenwich, Kent co., R. I. 

" McKenzie (daughter), living (1877). 


PALMER 6 CLEVELAND (John*, Palmers, Edw.»), d. " on board 
prison ship," or "in prison of the British," or "enlisted and was 

lost at sea," m. prob. N. Kingston, R. I., Deborah . Ch.: 

X 1^S John" Cleveland, b. Dec. 11, undoubtedly 1777, N. 
Kingston, for entry on town rec. was made Dec. 18, 1777, by 
George Thomas, Tp. cl'k. And prob. others. 

Palmer 6 Cleveland followed the sea in early life. He is 
variously reported to have been " impressed by the British on 
board a British man-of-war during the Revolution, and refused 



to serve, and to have died in prison ship or prison," and "to 
have enlisted on a frigate and was never heard from after he 


ALBRO 6 CLEVELAND (john*, Palmer", Edward'), d. Exeter, 
Washington co., R. I., Mar. 4, 1839, a. 77, m. 1st, Apr. 19, 1787, 
Barbara Randall or Randale of Scituate, Plymouth co., Mass.; 
she d. Oct. 22, 29, 1788. . He m. 2d, Feb. 11, 1790, Sarah Angell 
of Johnston, R. I.; she d. Exeter, Oct. 10, 1849, da. Col. Israel. 
Ctf. by 1st m.: Child 6 , b. 1788, d. Oct. 22, 1788. By 2d m.: 

+ 1766 Israel 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 16, 1791, Johnston or 

+ 1767 Angell 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 12, 1793, Johnston. 

+ 1768 Albro 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 5, 1796, Johnston. 
1769 Barbara Randall 8 Cleveland, b. Mar. 20, 1798, m. 
July 3, 1818, Henry Vaughn Joslin. Settled in Exeter, rem. to 
Warwick, R. I., 1873, 1- W. Ch.: Daughter 1 living, et al. 

+ 1770 Palmer 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 15, 1799, N. Kingston 
or Exeter. 

1771 Sarah 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 13, i8oz, N. K., d. Earl- 
ville, Madison co., N. Y., Mar., 1878, m. Feb., 1819, Archibald 
Congdon ; he d. ab. 1852. Ch.: 3. William M. H? Congdon, I'd 
Earlville and Smyrna, Chenango co., N. Y.; Son 7 , lived S. 

+ 1772 Eliza M." Cleveland, b. Mar. 20, 1810, N. Kingston. 

-[-1773 Almira C. G." Cleveland, b. June 6, 1814, North 

Albro 5 Cleveland owned his father's homestead, N. Kings- 
ton, 3 miles from Wickford. List of Persons in N. X., June, 1784, 
rec. — Albro Cleveland, &c. Dwelt a time W. Greenwich. In 
spring of 18 18 rem. to Exeter. 

Angell ancestry : — 4 arms : Anegall, Anegoll, Angle, Angell (Lancashire; 
London). Or. 3 fusils in fesse az. over all baston gu. Crest— Out of a ducal coronet or 
demi pegasus. . . . Thomas 1 , fr. London, came to R. I. with Roger Williams, signs, 
Aug. 13, 1636, compact to org. Providence — R. I. Coll. Rec. Constable, d. 1694. Ch. : 
James 2 , Prov., m. Abigail Dexter, da. Rev. Gregory and Abigail of P. ; John 3 , m. Jan. 7, 
1670, Ruth Field. Prob. ancestor of Col. Israel Angell. 


GARDNER 6 CLEVELAND (John*, Palmed, Edward^), d. Duanes- 
burg, N. Y., Aug. 26, 1826, a. 62, m. Hoosick, Rensselaer co., 
N. Y., Mar. 16, 1788, Annis Durkee, b. South Brimfield, Hamp- 
den co., Mass., May 11, 1772, and d. Camptown, Bradford co., 
Pa., Dec, 1871. Ch. b. Duanesburg : 

+ 1774 John 6 Cleveland, b. May 21, 1790. 

1775 Gardner 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 12, 1792, d. Esper- 
ance, Schoharie co., N. Y., Aug., 1875, m. Eleanor Robinson. 
L'd E. s. p. 



-I-1776 Palmer 6 Cleveland, b. June 28, 1794. 

1777 Phebe 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 11, 1796, m 1820, Sam- 
uel Whipple ; I'd Susquehanna co., Pa., to 1848 ; th. to Monroe 
co., N. Y.; 1. Cal., 1880. Ch. : John 1 Whipple ; Annis 1 Whipple ; 
Sarah' Whipple; Zadf Whipple; William'' Whipple ; Job 1 Whipple; 
James 1 Whipple ; Charles 1 Whipple ; Rufus 1 Whipple ; Gardner 1 
and Eleanor 1 Whipple (twins) ; Edwin 1 Whipple. 

1778 Robert D. e Cleveland, b. Dec. i, 1798, d. in La., 
n. New Orleans, Orleans co., ab. 1824-5. 

Rufus 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 16, 1800, d. Mar. 16, 1801. 
-J-1779 Joel 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 5, 1802. 
+1780 Job 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 15, 1804. 
-J-1781 James 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 15, 1806. 
t 1782 Sarah 6 Cleveland, b. May 11, 1809, m. 1833, David 

Carpenter ; set. in Delaware co., O. Ch. : Martha 1 Carpenter; 
Charles Darwin 1 Carpenter ; Thomas Corwin 1 Carpenter ; Scott 1 Car- 
\ penter. 

\ + x 783 Seneca" Cleveland, b. Aug. 16, 1812. 

-I-1784 Rufus Durkee 6 Cleveland, b. May 24, 1815. 
Judge Gardner 6 Cleveland, when aged 17, went to Vt., 
, — ,. -and was at Bennington, Vt., during the battle. He enlisted at 
18 years, and served sometime in the Revolution. Afterward 
emigrated to Duanesburg, and there located. Was Justice of 
Peace ; ap. Master in Chancery in 181 2 by Gov. Daniel D. 
Tompkins. For ten years was (sometime President) Judge of 
Court of Common Pleas in Schenectady co., and of the 'first 
court established in Schoharie co. A man of decided ability 
and prominent in politics and society. 

Gardner Cleveland deeds land New Hartford, Oneida co., 


BENJAMIN 6 CLEVELAND (Deliverances Palmer 3 , Edward", Moses'), 

d. Salem, N. Y., Apr. 19, 1806, a. 62, m. prob. West Greenwich, 
R. I., Feb. 5, 1767, Margaret Hopkins of W. G., b. in north of 
Ireland 1746, d. prob. Salem, June 18, 1836, a da. David and 
Sarah (Polk). Ch. : 

+ 1785 Palmer" Cleveland, b. prob. 1768, Greenwich, R. I. 

■4-1786 Sarah 6 Cleveland, b. Salem, N. Y. 

+ 1787 Hannah" Cleveland. 

+ 1788 David 6 Cleveland, b. 1777. 

+ 1789 John" Cleveland, b. Mar. 3, 1779. 

-f-1790 Aaron" Cleveland, b. ab. 1780, Salem. 

1 791 Margaret" Cleveland, m. 1st Eli Wilson ; she m. 
2d John Herron. Ch. by 1st m. : Madison 1 Wilson; Eli 1 Wilson ; 
David 1 Wilson. By 2d m. : Margaret 1 Herron ; Martha 1 Herron. 



+ 1792 Moses 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1780-85, Salem, N. Y. 
+ 1793 . Daniel R. 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1781, 1787, Salem, N. Y. 

1794 Benjamin 6 Cleveland, d. Madras, Hindostan, 1805-6, 
unm., of sunstroke ; capt. of an ocean vessel, buried at sea. 

1795 Letty" Cleveland, m. Nathan Wilson. Ch. : Julius' 
Wilson; John 1 Wilson, 1. 1877, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Lois' 1 

1796 Mary or Martha 8 Cleveland, m. Ephraim Berry 

of Salem ; ch. : Ephraim 1 Berry. 

'Benjamin 6 Cleveland, marriage entry, Book 2, p. 26, W. Greenwich rec— " Ben ja- 
min Cleveland and Margaret Hopkins, both of West Greenwich, were lawfully joyned 
together in ye marriage covenant 5th day of Feb., A.D. 1767. Witness, Benjamin Tilling- 
hast, Justice of ye Peace." In 1767 he emigrated to Salem, N. Y., then called White 
Creek, and, having located, he brought his wife and son, Palmer, there ab. a year old, 
and made a permanent settlement. His. Washington co. — It is an incident worthy of 
note that when Benjamin Cleveland came into this wilderness he moved his entire 
effects, including his wife, on the back of a horse." He commenced business as tanner, 
and, finding it necessary to have a barrel of oil, he ret. to R. I. with one horse and a 
'• pung," drew his oil from Providence to Salem. He acquired a fortune in the Revolu- 
tionary war by the manufacture of leather and soldiers' shoes. In 1779 he bought 1,000 
acres of land in "The Turner Patent," a short distance above Salem, and then built a 
large house, which is still owned by his gr. s., John 7 , +5526. Salem rec. — Yeoman Ben- 
jamin Cleveland, 1st purchase of Joseph Cooper, 1779. Book 4, j>. /o?, Land Evidence, 
W. G. — Benjamin signs by mark as witness to the mark of his mother in a deed of land 
to George Sherman of Newport, R. I., Aug. 25, in the zd year of the reign of our Sover- 
eign Lord George III, King of Great Britain A.D. 1762"; consideration of sale £8,000 old 
tenor. In 1762 was unable to write, but afterwards taught himself and always did his 
own writing, even to drawing deeds. Benjamin 8 is buried on top of a small hill on his 
farm, near the house. His ch., like himself, were all of great size and immense strength 
and vigor. Dates of their birth were lost with the family Bible, which was left over 
night in the Cleveland schoolhouse, 4 mi. fr. Salem, and destroyed by fire, 1880. 

Hopkins ancestry : — David 1 , from North of Ireland, came from W. Greenwich, and 
settled in Salem before Revolution ; m. Sarah Polk. Ch. : Samuel 2 ; Isaac 2 ; David 2 ; 
James 2 ; George 3 ; Martha 2 ; Margaret 2 Hopkins, b. in N. of Ireland, came to America 
at age of 13. 


LAND (daughter ; her first name thus stated by varying ac- 
counts) (Deliverances Palmed, Edward, 2 Moses*), m. Exeter, R. I., Feb. 2Cf," fO 

1780, Benjamin Lewis, b. Aug. 9, 1755, d. May 5, 181 4, s. Jona- 
than and Sarah (Barber). Ch. (these children lived in and 
about Salem, N. Y., Hebron, N. Y., and Rupert, Vt.) : 

+ 1797 Amos 6 Lewis, b. July 8, 1780, R. I. 
Cynthia 6 Lewis, Dec. 12, 17 Si. 

+ 1798 Jason 6 Lewis, Mar. 13, 1783, Jareb 6 Lewis, Oct. 2, 1786; 
Annis 6 Lewis, b. June 22, 1788, d. bef. 1879, worked in cotton fac- 
tory in R. I. ; Benjamin 6 Lewis, b. June 13, 1790 ; Hannah 6 Lewis 
Oct. 6, 1793, m. Benjamin Locke; Clark 6 ; Ruth 6 ; Esther*; John 6 

Benjamin Lewis dwelt West Greenwich, R. 1., afterward set- 
tled at Salem. 

Lewis ancestry : — sq arms: (Bristol and London). Sa. a chev. erm. betw, 3 spears' 
heads, ar. . . . John 1 came from Eng. Mar. 22, 1661, a first settler of Westerly, R. I., 



his signature is on an article as to Misquamicut lands Mar. 22, 1661, farmer, d. Westerly, 
1690 ; Samuel 3 , d. W. 1739, m. Joanna ; Jonathan 3 , of W. or Exeter, m. Jemima White- 
head ; Jonathan* Lewis, of Richmond, R. I., d. Exeter 1785, m. 1st, July 24, 1744, Sarah 
Barber 3 , b. Nov. 28, 1719. 

Barber ancestry: — ; 2 arms ; BARBOR ; 2: Barbour ; /.• BARBER or BARBERRY; 
8: Barber : Gu. a chev. erm. betw. 3 round buckles, or, . . . Moses 1 , of South Kings- 
ton, R. I. ; Samuel' 2 , m. Ann ; Sarah 3 Barber, m. Jonathan Lewis' 1 . — Munsell's American 
Ancestries, V; 1Q4; X: 131. 


JOB WILLIAM 6 CLEVELAND (Deliverance*, Palmer 3 , Edward"), 

d. on his farm, 4 miles fr. Salem, N. Y., Apr. 5, 1826, a. 69, m. 
in Shaftsbtny, Bennington Co., Vt, June 5, 1783, Hannah Clark, 
b. prob. in Conn., Nov. 25, 1767, d. on their farm n. Salem, Apr. 
11, 1824, a da. William and Anna. Ch. b. Salem : 

+ 1799 Anna" Cleveland, b. July 9, 1784. 

1800 Hannah' Cleveland, b. July 28, 1786, m. Amos 6 
Lewis +1797. 

-f-1801 Daniel Clark 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 23, 1788. 

+1802 Lydia 6 Cleveland, b. May 9, 1791. 

+ 1803 Susannah 6 Cleveland, b. June 18, 1794. 

+ 1804 Job William" Cleveland, b. Aug. 7, 1796. 

-f-1805 Polly" Cleveland, b. Jan., June 10, 1798. 

+ 1808 Ira" Cleveland, b. Mar. 3, 1800. 

-f-1807 Roxania" Cleveland, b. Aug. 2, 1802. 

-j-1808 Levi Hopkins" Cleveland, b. Aug. 21, 1805. 

-I-1809 Benjamin 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 20, 1808. 

Job William 6 Cleveland went from W. Greenwich, R. I., 
1774, to Shaftsbury, Vt., and 1775 to Salem, N. Y. (4 years bef. 
the town was org.), preceded, in 1767, by his bro. Benjamin 6 . 

■ His. Washington Co.— "Job William Cleveland was Revolution soldier, endured 
privations, and was in many battles. His son Benjamin states that his father said that 
he once heard Gen. Washington ask a soldier to remove a rail. The man, drawing him- 
self up, replied, ' I am a corporal.' Washington answered quietly, ' Oh, I did not know 
that,' and getting down from his horse, immediately moved the rail himself." 

Soon af. the war, he set. on a farm 4 miles N. of village of 
Salem, and in the northern part of the town of S. Job William 5 
was an elder in 1st Pres. chh. (some of the time a log meeting- 
house) bef. Jan., 1801, and Trustee fr. Jan., 1802, each to time 
of his d. A leading man of the town, a trusted citizen in all 
local matters. 

William Clark came from Conn, to Shaftsbury bef. Revolu- 
tion, and was killed at battle of Saratoga, Stillwater, Sept. 19, 


ABEL 6 CLEVELAND (Deliverance*, Palmer 3 , Ed ward"), d. Jack- 

son, N. Y., Feb. 28, 1826, a. 64, m. Shaftsbury, Vt, Jan. 6, 1785, 
Ruth Clark, b. Conn. Jan. 17, 1765, d. Salem, N. Y., Dec. 7, 1844, 
da. William and Ann. Ch. b. Salem : 


+ 1810 Palmer Downing 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. ir, 1786. 
1811 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. n, 1786, d. Auburn, Ca- 
yuga co., N. Y , May 9, 1844, a. 58, m. Levi Hopkins. He d. 
several years af. 1844. Rem. to Auburn, N. Y., where he was 
a Keeper in the State Prison. 

+ 1812 Ruth" Cleveland, b. June 6, 1788. 

4- 18 13 Lois 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 18, 1790. 

+ 1814 Abel 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 24, 1792. 

+ 1815 David 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 10, 16, 1795. 

+ 1816 James 6 Cleveland, b. June 27, 1797. 

+ 1817 Almira 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 20, 1799. 

Abel 6 Cleveland went fr. W. Greenwich, R. I., to Shafts- 
bury, 1775, thence to Salem, N. Y., 1777, set. Northern part of 
S., on a farm belonging to himself and his bro. Job William 5 , 
they living together in a log house. In 1780 he went on his 
part of the divided farm and built a log house, afterwards 
erected a qommodious farm dwelling, and lived there to 181 1, 
when rem. ab. 3 miles s. from Salem, on a farm in Jackson, N. Y. 

French's N. Y. Gaz., iSbo, p. 213— Abel Cleveland and David Dickerson among 
1st settlers in 1802 of Hanover, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., and in 1804 Abel Cleveland 
and David Dickerson built the first saw-mill, and in 1806 the first grist-mill at Silver 


SOLOMON 6 CLEVELAND (johnson«, Isaac', Edward", Mosesi), d. 

Spafford Hollow, Onondaga Co., N. Y., Sept. 27, 1836, a. 80, m. 
Bennington, Vt, Esther Knight of Norwich, Conn., b. Sept.,, 
1760, d. Spafford, N. Y., Mar. 21, 1836, da. John. Ch. b. Ben- - f" 

nington : 

1818 Ruth 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 15, 1781, d. Spafford, Oct: 
28, 1828, m. Abijah Storey, set. in S. Ch.: William'' Storey ; Hi- 
ram 1 Storey ; Solomon 1 Storey ; Justin 1 Storey ; Merritf 1 Storey j 
Laura'' Storey. 

-J7-1819 Isaac 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 5, 1784. 

1820 Lydia" Cleveland, b, Feb. 22, 1786, d. Waterford, 
Saratoga Co., N. Y., Jan. 24, 1814, m. Ebenezer Keeler or Kelar; 
set. Waterford. s. p. 

4-1821 Benajah" Cleveland, b. Jan. 28, 1788. 

1822 Esther 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 4, 1790, d. S. June 14, 
1834, m., as 1st w., Nathan Bracey. Ch.: 7^ — Ward 1 Bracey, I'd 
S., et al. 

4-1823 Laura 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 14, 1792. 

1824 Celinda 8 Cleveland, b. May 9, 1795, d. Wirt, Alle- 
gany Co., N. Y., m., Spafford, 1835, as 2d w., Nathan Bracey, he 
d. Wirt, lived Wirt. s. p. 

1825 Henry 6 Cleveland, b. prob. 1797, d. y. 


3 H 


1826 Harriet 6 Cleveland, b. July 18, 1799, d. Marcellus, 
Onondaga Co., N. Y., June 7, 1877, m. Spafford, Feb. 20, 1831, 
Aaron Bearse of S., b. Nov. 9, 1783, d. Borodino, Onondaga Co., 
N. Y., Feb. 14, 1842, farmer. Ch. b. Spafford: Harriet" 1 Bearse. 
b. Sept. 30, 1832, 1. Marcellus, unm.; Esther Maria 7 Bearse, b. 
Mar. 21, 1836, d. Feb. 10, 1870, unm. 

+ 1827 Luman Johnson 6 Cleveland, b. 1806. 

Solomon 5 Cleveland bought land in Bennington, Feb. 27, 
1786, of Samuel Herrick. 

Census of Bennington, Vt., iyqo — Solomon 6 and family. Bennington rec, B.sjS — 
Nov. 21, 1803. Solomon Cleveland among the persons who " declare we do not agree 
in religious opinion with a majority of the inhabitants of Bennington." 

Removed, 1821, from B. to Spafford, farmer. 

Solomons Cleveland enlisted, Mar. 1, 1776, in Capt. Samuel Sloan's Co., Col. John 
Patterson's Reg., Mass. line, service, 10 mos. Certificate of his enlistment sworn to by 
Andrew Wood of Bennington, Sept. 28, 1819, before Judge Stephen Robinson. 


LEMUEL 6 CLEVELAND (Johnsons isaac», Edward'), d. Lisle, 
Broome Co., N. Y., Sept. 26, 1807, a. 46, m., ab. 1785, Sybil John- 
son, b. May 10, 1765, d. Milo, Yates co., N. Y., 1858. (She m. 2d, 
see below!) Ch. b. Gal way, N. Y.: 

+ 1828 Libbeus 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 1, 1789, in Vt. 

+ 1829 Marcus 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 27, 1791. 

-j-1830 Chillson 6 Cleveland. 

1831 Martia 6 Cleveland, b. 1797, d. Hammondsport, 
Steuben co., N. Y., May 5, 1842, unm. 

1832 Sybil 8 Cleveland, b. 1799, d. out West years ago, 
m. Daniel Spaulding, he d. years ago, rem. to, 1838, Kalamazoo, 
Mich., farmer. Ch.: Mary 1 Spaulding j Lucf Spaulding. 

1833 Sarah 5 Cleveland, b. 1802, d. May 13, 1875, m. 
George Nichols, he lived Milo. 

+ 1834 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 5, 1806, Lisle, N. Y. 

18 35 Johnson" Cleveland, went South. A Johnson 
Cleveland d. n. Winchester, Va., ab. 1823, " a. ab. 70." 

1836 Orin 6 Cleveland, d. a. 14 to 16, drowned in the 
Mohawk river while trying to save a boy who had broken 
through the ice. 

1837 Delos 6 Cleveland, d. y.; 2 Da,', d. y. 

Lemuel 6 Cleveland settled in Southern part of N. Y. This 
ancestry is determined by the fact that " Lemuel's nephew, 
Ben a j ah" Cleveland +1821, came from Onondaga Co. to visit 
his 1st cousin, Marcus" Cleveland." 

Mrs. Sybil (Johnson) Cleveland m. 2d, Stuart Hazard, a sol- 
dier of war of 1776 or 181 2. She was buried at Penn Yan, Yates 
co., N. Y. 




EZEKIEL 5 CLEVELAND (Lemuel*, Isaac', Edwards, Moses'), d., it 

is thought, in- Nicteaux, N. S., 1777-8, m. N., 1772, Salome 
Whitman, b. in Conn., Mar. 25, 1755, d. Nicteaux, June 5, 1831, 
da. John and Mary (Foster). (She m. 2d, see below.) Ch. b. 
Nicteaux : 

-I-1838 Ezekiel 8 Cleveland, b. June 17, 1774. • 

+ 1839 Salome 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 5, 1776. 

Maj. Ezekiel 6 Cleveland, came from Sackville, New Bruns- 
wick to Nicteaux — so the old people think. Cleveland, An- 
napolis co., N. S., was named in his honor, 1865, when the name 
was changed from Banks' Mountain to Cleveland. He visited 
relatives in N. B. It is thought that he was a major of militia. 

Mrs. Salome (Whitman) Cleveland m. 2d, 1.779, as 2d w., 
Maj. Nathaniel Parker, b. ab. 1753, d. 1830, a. 87, believed to be 
son of William and Mary D. (Maynard). Ch. : 

i Henry Parker, b. 1780, d. Nicteaux, 1835, m. 1st, Eleanor 
Starratt, 2d, Sophia (Tupper) Prentiss, b. 1793, d. 1842. Ch. by 
1st m. : 4 ; by 2d m. : 4. 

ii Elizabeth Parker, b. 1781, d. 1866, m. 1st, 1800, Church 
Morse, he was drowned 1817. She m. 2d, Sam Felch, b. 1776, 
d. 1852. Ch. by 1st m. : 9. 

iii Parney Parker, b. 1783, d. 1875, m. Nov. 20, 1801, Abel 
Wheelock, Jr., b. 1777, d. 1856. Ch. : 9. 

iv Irene Parker, b. 1785, d. 1823, m. Hugh Grimes, b. 1775, 
d. i860, s. Patrick. Ch. : 10. 

v Mittie Parker, b. 1788, d. 1863, m. John Wheelock, b. 
1767, d. 1845, bro. to Abel, Jr. 

vi Love Peri Parker, b. 1790, d. 1836, m. 1st, Capt. Beriah 
Bent, he was lost at sea, 1820. She m. 2d, 1828, Simeon Free- 
man, b. 1762, d. 1847, son of Elisha 4 (Samuel 3 , Samuel 2 , Samuel 1 
of Watertown, 1630, m. Mary, perhaps da. of William Collier) 

vii Charlotte Parker, b; 1792, d. 1863, m. 1819, as 2d w., 
Dea. Joheth Freeman, b. 1794, d. 1848, son of Peleg 6 (Simeon 6 
Elisha 4 , Samuel 3, *• ') Freeman. (He m. 1st, Rebecca Kempton, 
b. 1797, d. 1818.) Ch. : Rev. David Freeman, b. 1820, m. 1857, 
Annie E. Parker, b. 1832, d. 1884, da. Abel and Susan. Grad. 
Acadia Coll., 1850, Baptist clerg. Ch. : 5. 

viii Letitia Parker, b. 1794, d. 1880, m. 1818, Donald Mc- 
Pherson, b. 1793, d. 1874. Ch. : 9. 

ix Rev. Maynard Parker, b. 1795, d. i860, m. 1st, 1821, 
Catharine Spurr, b. 1805, d. 185 1. He m. 2d, Margaret (Miller) 
Nowell. Ch. by 1st m. : 13. 

x Maria Parker, b. 1800, d. 1874, m. 1824, Dea. Luther 
Leadbetter, b. 1790, d. 1866, Brookfield, Queens co., N. S. Ch. : 5. 

Maj. Nathaniel Parker lived at Shrewsbury, Worcester co., 
Mass. He m. 1st, Hardy. Ch. : 3 s., 3 da. : William Parker m. 
Lydia Benjamin, da. of Obed' (Obed 4 , Joseph 3 , 1642, Joseph 2 , 
John 1 , over in ship Lion, 1632, d. 1645) Benjamin and Mary 
(Ward, 1755). 


Parker ancestry : — Nathaniel 1 of Groton, 1700, m. Lydia ; William 3 Parker m. Mary 
D. Maynard 6 . 

Maynard ancestry : — 10 arms : (Kent). Ar. a chev. sa. betw. 3 sinister hands, couped 
at the wrist gu. . . . John 1 from Cambridge, Eng., of Sudbury, 1638, an orig. propr., 
freeman, 1644, a petitioner for grant of Marlboro, Mass., 1656, d. Dec. 10, 1672, m. 1st, 

; John 2 , prob. brought by his f. from Eng., of Sudbury, m. Apr. 5, 1658, Mary 

Gates, da. Stephen of Lancaster ; Simon 3 , b. 1668, of Marlboro, m. Hannah ; Serg. 
Simon*, b. 1696 ; Mary D. s Maynard m. William Parker 2 . 

Whiteman, Whitman ancestry ;— 2 arms: Whiteman : Per fesse or and sa. a 
maunch counterchanged. Crest — On the stump of a tree a buck. . . Dea. John 1 , b. 
ab. 1603, from Eng., 1637, Dorchester* freeman, Mar. 13, 1639, appoint, by Gen. Court "to 
end small causes," Weymouth, d. Nov. 13, 1692, a little short of 90 ; Rev. Zechariah 2 , b. 
1644, H. C, ;668, Hull, ord., Sept. 13, 1670, m. Sarah Alcock 3 ; Dea. John 3 m. 1st, Dorothy ; 
Dea. John 4 Whitman m. Mary Poster, da. of Rev. Mr. Poster, Stafford, Conn. 

Alcock ancestry : —8 arms .• Ar. fesse betw. 3 cocks' heads erased sa. membered gu. 
Crest— A cock ppr. . . . George' came in fleet with Rev. John Winthrop, 1630, Dor-' 
Chester, Roxbury, freem., May 18, 1631, phys. (bro. to Thomas of Dedham), m. 1st, a sister 
of Rev. Thomas Hooker 4 (Hooker ancestry^ see +1059) ; John", H. C, 1646, phys., Hart- 
ford, m. Sarah Palgrave, a da. Richard,— phys, fr. Stepney, Enj?., of Charlestown, Mass.— 
& Anne ; Sarah 3 Alcock m. Zechariah Whitman 5 . — Savage; Wyman. 


ISAAC 6 CLEVELAND (Lemuel*, Isaac 3 , Edward 2 ), d. Upper SUS- 

sex, N. B., ab. 1854, a. 90, m. 1st, Sussex, 1794, Bella Armstrong-, 

she d. He m. 2d, Secord, she d. Ch. by 1st m. b. Upper 

Sussex : 

4-1840 -Lemuel 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1794. 

1 841 Thomas 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1796, d. without issue. 

+ 1842 Isaac 6 Cleveland, b. 1800. 

1843 Bartholemew 6 Cleveland, d. without issue. By- 
ad m. : 

1844 Johnson 8 Cleveland, m., res. in United States. 

1845 William 8 Cleveland, d. in U. S., m., farmer. 

1846 Ezekiel 8 Cleveland, m., res. Sussex, farmer. 
Isaac 6 Cleveland came to New Brunswick with his father, 

He and his brothers and sister all lived at one time at Nicteaux, 
N. B., after a few years did not like the soil and came to Upper 
Sussex, was the first settler, and there he remained and took a 
farm at Drury Cove. An interesting biographical sketch of 
Isaac 6 and descendants appeared at time of his decease, 1854, in 
the Religious Intelligencer (organ of the Free Will Baptists) pub. 
St. Johns, N. B. 


ISAAC 6 CLEVELAND (lsaac<, Isaac 3 , Edward 2 , Moses 1 ), d. Rut- 
land, N. Y., May 14, 1838, a. 83, m. prob. Conn., 1779, Mamre or 
Mamra Matthews, b. June, July 4, 1760, d. Rutland or Adams, 
N. Y., July 3, 1845. Ch.: 

+1847 Isaac 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 23, 1780, Claremont, 
N. H. 

-f-1848 Harvey 8 Cleveland, b. Aug. 20, 1782, in N. H. or 



+ 1849 Sarah 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 9, 1784. 

1850 Mamre" Cleveland, b. May 30, 1786, d. May, 1826, 
m. Phineas Wiswell, he d. 1834. Ch. : JVahum 7 Wiswell, d. ; 
Albert'' Wiswell, d. ; Franklin 1 Wiswell, d. ; Washington 1 Wiswell, 
d. ; Nancy 1 Wiswell, d. ; Aaron 1 Wiswell, d. 

+ 1851 Irene 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 9, 1788. 

1852 Decastro 6 Cleveland, b. July 3, d. Nov. 18, 1791. 

1853 Nancy 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 19, 1794, d. Feb. 17, 
1878, m. July 21, 1816, Anson Moore, b. Oct. 3, 1792, d. June 20, 
1854, I'd Rutland. Ch. : George A\ Moore, Felts Mills, Jefferson 
cb., N. Y., 1. Rutland. 

4-1854 Abner" Cleveland, b. May 20, 1797, Claremont, 
N. H. 

. +1855 Rhoda" Cleveland, b. Apr. 25, 1801. 

Orlin" Cleveland, b. Mar. 11, 1805, d. May 8, 1805. 
Isaac 5 Cleveland was a Revolutionary soldier, served 3 or 
4 seasons as an 8 mos. man in a Conn. Reg., going home winters 
and with the army summers ; was discharged bef. 1779. 

Rem. from Conn, to Claremont, N. H., and finally set. at 
Rutland, N. Y., farmer. 


HEZEKIAH 6 CLEVELAND (Isaac*, Isaacs, Ed».), d. years ago, 
m. [name of w. not learned]. Ch. : 

1856 Tracy 6 Cleveland. 

1857 John" Cleveland ; Hannah 6 Cleveland. 

1858 Josiah 6 Cleveland. No further rec. of this family. 


ELIZABETH 5 CLEVELAND (Isaac*), d., m. Jeremiah 
Smith. Removed to Geneseo, N. Y. Ch. : 

1859 Jeremiah* Smith, m. Amy 1 Bailey -+-1871. 
i860 Isaac* Smith, m. Sally Prior. Josiah 6 Smith. 
1 86 1 Jonas 6 Smith, m. Eliza Holt. 


JOHNSON 6 CLEVELAND (Isaac*, Isaacs, Edward*), d. Canton 

Village, Hartford co., Conn., Mar. 22, 1823, a. ab. 65, m. 1st, 
1782, Mary or Sylvia Harris, b. Say brook, Middlesex co., Conn., 
d. Canton, 1806, a da. of Capt. Stephen of Say brook. He m. 
2d, Canton, ab. Nov., 1806, Mrs. Lovisa (Humphrey) Knapp, b. 
Simsbury, Conn., 1772, d. Bristol, Conn., Oct., 1836, wid. of Dr. 
Colby Knapp, a da. Michael and Hannah (Andrus). Ch. by 
1st m. 

4-1862 Mary Jane" Cleveland, b. 1782. 



+ 1863 Sarah" Cleveland, b. Aug. 8, 1784, Wolcott, New 
Haven co., Conn. 

+ 1864 Clarissa 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. — , 1787, Canton, Conn. 

+ 1865 Wealtha Cleveland, b. Feb. 4, 1789. 
Son 6 , b. 1 791, d. immediately. 

+1866 Temperance 6 Cleveland, b. June 4, 1802. By 2d 
m. b. Canton : 

+ 1867 Horatio 6 Cleveland, b. 1804 or 1807. 

-4-1868 Emeline" Cleveland, b. Apr. 25, 1809. 

1869 Louisa", b. 181 1, d., m. 1st, Arthur Kellogg, 2d, An- 
drew Nading or Nodine (or some such name). Dwelt Hast- 
ings, Mich., s. p. 

1870 Henry 6 , b. 1813, d. ab. 1836. 

Johnson 6 Cleveland came from Waterbury,, Conn., during 
the Revolution to Canton. Went West, bought cattle and sold 
them in the East ; farmer. He is buried in the South Ceme- 
tery at Canton. 

Lovisa Humphrey m. 1st, Colby Knapp, M.D., of Norfolk, 
Litchfield co., Conn., of Oxford, Chenango co., N. Y. Ch. : 
Sophia Knapp, b. 1790, m. Dr. Thomas Hughan of Ox. Ch. : 
Louisa Hughan, m. Bonsall. Ch. : Birdsey Bonsall, merch. 
Binghamton, N. Y. 

Humphrey, Humphries, Umphrys ancestry, 2 lines : — // arms : Humfrey ; 1 : Hum- 
PHREYS ; / .• Humphries ; Humphrys, Humphreys, Humphries, Humphris and Huu- 

trich feathers ar. Crest — Demi griffin holding coronet. . . . Michael*, Dorchester, 
Mass., Ancient Windsor, Conn., 1643, Massaco (now Simsbury), m. Priscilla Grant 2 , b, 
Eng.; Serg. John", b. June 7, 1650, m. Hannah Griffin 2 , b. July 4, 1649 ; Dea. John 3 , m. 
Mrs. Sarah (Pettibone 2 ) Mills, wid. John Mills; Michael 4 , m. -Mercy Humphrey 1 ; 
Michael 6 , m. Hannah Andrus, da. Asahel of Simsb. Michael 1 ; Lt. Samuel 2 , b. May 15, 
1656,-ensign, dep., m. Mary Mills 8 ; Jonathan', m. Mercy Ruggles*; Mercy*, m. Michael 
Humphrey*— Humphreys Family by Frederick Humphreys, M.D., N. Y., 1883, P- if- 

Ruggles ancestry : — (Essex & Suffolk, desc. fr. Thomas Rogyell or Ruggles of Sud- 
bury, whose will 1547). Ar. chev. betw. 3 roses. Crest — Tower, behind tower 4 arrows. 
. . . Johni, b. 1591, from Nazing, co. Essex, Eng., of Roxbury, Mass., 1635 (bro. of 
Thomas of R. and prob. cousin of John of Boston), m. Barbara ; John 2 , b. Eng. 1633, d. 
Feb. 25, 1712, m. id, Mar. 15, 1675, Sarah Dyer of Weymouth, Mass.; Rev. Benjamin', b. 
Aug. 11, 1676, H. C. 1693, of Suffield, Conn., m. Mercy Woodbridge 4 ; Mercy* Ruggles m. 
Jonathan Humphrey 3 . 

Woodbridge ancestry : — Woodbridge. Ar. on a bend gu. three chaplets of roses, 
ppr. Crest — A chaplet of roses. . . . Rev. John* of Stanton Wilts, Eng., d. in Eng. 
1637, m. 1st, Sarah Parker,~a da. of Rev. Robert, who was an early English puritan ; Rev. 
John 3 b. Stanton 1613, bred at Oxford, came here. 1634 with his uncle, Rev. Thomas 
Parker, and Rev. James Noyes was a first settler of Newbury, surveyor of arms New- 
bury 1637, of Boston, ordained Oct. 24, 1645, member Ancient and Hon. Artillery Co., of 
Andover, Isle of Wight 1647, chaplain to Parlm. Commsnrs., minister in Hants and Wilts, 
Eng.. of Boston July 27, 1663, Governor's Assist. 1683-4, dep., d. Newbury, Mar. 17, 1694-5, 
m. Mercy Dudley" ; Rev. John 8 , H. C. 1664, of Killingworth, Wethersfield, Conn., m. 
Abigail Leete, da. of Gov. William & Ann ; Mercy 4 Woodbridge m. Benjamin Ruggles' 
— Woodbridge Record edited by Donald G. Mitchell of New Haven ,■ N. B. H. G. Meg., 
XXXII : 2Q2 — Wood bridge Family by Miss Mary K. Talcott. 

Dudley ancestry : — Heroius 1 , man or tenant to Earl Allan, from him descended ; 
Hervey 2 de Sutton [who, for convenience of reference, is here designated 2d generation 
though, evidently, he was of 5th generation] Lord of Sutton upon Trent, co. Notts. 



Eng. 1175 ; Rowland 3 de Sutton m. 1215 Alice da. of Richard de Lexington ; William 4 de 
Sutton b. 1217, d. 1267, m. Matilda ? ; Robert 6 de Sutton b. 1265, of Warsop, m. Isabel, da. 
of Roderic, son of Griffin Lord of Shochelach, Cheshire, Eng.; Sir John 6 de Sutton, 
Knight, Lord of Castle of Dudley 1326, m. Margaret da. of Roger and eldest sister and 
co-heir of the last Baron John 6 (Roger 5 b. 1254, Roger 4 , Roger 3 , John Ralph 2 , John 1 de 
Somerie, Baron Dudley temp. Henry II, 1154, who acquired the Castle and Lordship of 
Dudley, co. Stafford, Eng., having married Hawyse, da. and heiress of Ralph 3 [Fulk 2 , 
Ralph 1 , living 1089] Paganell) de Somery, b. 1295, Baron of Dudley and Newport Pagnel ; 
John 7 de Sutton, Lord Dudley b. 1289, Baron Dudley 1342, d. 1359, m. Isabel da. of John de 
Cherleton, Baron Powys ; John 8 Sutton, Lord Dudley, b. 1338, d. 1381, m. 2d, Margaret, 
da. of Roger de Mortimer, Baron of Wigmore ; John 9 , Sutton, m. 2d, Jane ; John 10 Sut- 
ton, b. 1379, m. Constance da. of Sir Walter Thomas Belmont, Knight, of Barton, co. Sut- 
ton, Eng.; John 11 Sutton, 1st Baron Dudley, b. 1401, d. 1488, m. Elizabeth Barkley, wid- 
ow of Ed. Lord Powis, da. of Sir John Beverston ; Edmund 12 Dudley m. Joyce, da. of 
Sir John Baron Tiptoft ; Edward 13 2d Baron, b. 1459, d. 1531, m. Cecily, da. of Sir Wil- 
liam Willoughby ; Thomas 14 d. 1549, m. Margaret? ; John 15 Dudley m.- Elizabeth, da. of 
John Clerke; Capt. Roger 18 Dudley, a captain in the wars, temp. Elizabeth 1558. Arms 
— Or, a lion ramp. vert. Crest — A lion's head az. A crescent in the dexter chief signi- 
fies that he was descended from the second son of Baron Dudley. He was slain in bat- 
tle when his children were young, his wife was related to Sir Augustine Nicolls of Fax- 
on, Knight, son of Thomas, esq. of Pytchley, and Ann, da. of John Pell, and grandson of 
William, esq.; Gov. Thomas 1 ', b. Northampton, Eng., 1576, commissioned 1596, capt. by 
Queen Elizabeth, served under Henry IV of France, commanded a co. of volunteers at 
siege of Amiens, Picardy 1597, after at Clipsham, co. Rutland, Eng., became a Puritan, 
was chosen in Eng., Deputy Gov. of Mass. Company, came to America 1630, was elected 
3d Gov. of Mass. Bay of Newtown, d. Roxbury, July, Dec. 31, 1653, m. 1st, Dorothy Yorke, 
b. prob. Eng. ab. 1582, d. Roxbury, June, Dec. 27, 1643 ; Mercy 18 Dudley m. John Wood- 
bridge 2 — Adlard's Sutton- Dudleys. 

. Mills ancestry : 1 arms ; MEYLES ; 2 : MYLLES ; 13 : MILLS : (Berks) Erm. millrind 
sa. Crest — Lion ramp, holding in mouth a hand. . . . Simon 1 fr. Yorkshire, Eng., 
Windsor 1639 ; Simon 2 , b. Eng., Windsor, m. Feb. 23, 1669, Mary Buell, da. William and 
Mary of W. ; Mary 3 Mills m. Samuel Humphrey 2 . 

Pettibone ancestry : — John 1 Windsor, freem. 1658, m. Sarah Egglestone, da. Bigot ; 
Sarah 2 Pettibone m. John Humphrey 3 . 

Griffin ancestry — Serg. John 1 , Windsor 1646, a first sett, at Simbury where he had 
gr. of Id. as reward for his introd. of manuf. of pitch and tar, dep. to gen. court 1670, 
commander of Simsbury trainband 1673, d. 1681, m. May 13, 1647, Ann Bancroft : Han- 
nah 2 Griffin, m. John Humphrey 2 . 

Grant ancestry : Matthew 1 , prob. of Devon co., Eng., came 1630 in "Mary & John," 
with Revs. John Maverick and John Warham of Exeter, Devon co., Eng., Dorchester, 
freem. May 18, 1631, Windsor 1635 (ancestor of Gen. U. S. Grant), m. 1st, [Priscilla ?], b. 
Eng.; Priscella 2 Grant, b. Eng., m. Michael Humphrey 1 . 


SARAH 6 CLEVELAND (Isaac 4 , Isaac 3 , Edward 2 ), d. Camden, 
N. Y., m. Elijah Bailey. Dwelt Camden. Ch.: 

187 1 Amy 6 Bailey, m. Jeremiad Smith -\- 1859. 

+ 1872 Betsey'' Bailey, b. Feb. 22, i782,Wolcott, Conn., Polly*; 
Patty 6 ; Sarah Ann*; Roxania? Bailey. 

1873 Jere7niah* Bailey, b. 1787, d. 1877, m. Ch.: Fanny 1 
Bailey ; Julia Ann 1 Bailey. James* Bailey. 

1874 Winthrop* Bailey, d., m. Ch.: Norris 1 Bailey, d.; Bur- 
detf Bailey, d. ; Merritf Bailey, d. ' ■ 


PHEBE 5 CLEVELAND (Isaac 4 , Isaac 3 , Edward 2 ), d. Harwin- 
ton, Conn., m. Samuel Harrison, b. Apr. 3, 1744, he d. H. Feb. 
3, 1817. Ch.: 

iE ...,/' 


+ 1875 Rachel* Harrison. 

1876 Betsey * Harrison, m. Preston, 1. Camden, N. Y. Ch.: 
Daughters '. 

+ 1877 Phebe" Harrison. 

1878 Samuel* Harrison, d. Harwinton, May 20, 1861, m. 
Amanda , she d. Plain ville, Conn., 1883, Ephraim* Harri- 
son ; Tracy 9 Harrison. 


LEMUEL 6 CLEVELAND (Isaac*, Isaacs, Edward"), d. Harwin- 

ton, Conn., May 12, 1839, a. 71, m. 1787-8, Abigail Pritchard, b. 
Waterbury, Conn., 1766, d. Harwinton, Oct. 3, 1856, da. Abra- 
ham. Farmer. Ch. b. Harwinton : 

+ 1879 Ephraim Smith" Cleveland, b. 1788. 

1880 Johnson 8 Cleveland (Capt), b. 1789, d. H. July 23, 
1861, unm. Of H., farmer. Johnson Cleaveland, It, 1822-5, 
capt. 1825^6, (Uriel Tuttle, col. 1818-24, Augustus Coleman, col. 
1824-6,) 16th reg. Conn. Militia, formed fr. Litchfield, Goshen, 
Torrington, Harwinton, Plymouth, Warren. — Conn. Registers. 

+ 1881 Tracy 6 Cleveland, b. May 12, 1791. 1882, Shel- 
don", b. ab.^1793, d. Harwinton, 1807, unm. Inf. b. and d. ab. 1795. 
1883 Sally", b.ab. 1798, d., m. Martin Cook of H. He 
1. New Haven, Conn., 1878-86. Ch.: Lucetta 1 Cook, m. Garwood 
Griswold, of N. Haven ; Fanny 7 Cook. 

+ 1884 Sherman 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 4, 1800. 

1885 Harriet 6 , b. ab. 1803, d., m. Harwinton, May 17, 
1825, Orrin Curtis; he 1. Watertown, Thomaston, Litchfield co., 
Conn. Ch.: Burton' Curtis of Northfield, Litchfield co., Conn. ; 
Wallace" 1 Curtis of Thomaston, unm. ; Another 1 , unm. 


SAMUEL RICH 6 CLEVELAND (isaac'/lsaac*, Edward"), d. 

Camden, N. Y., Nov. 1, 1847, a. 76, m. 1st, prob. in Bristol 
Conn., Nov. 25, 28, 1792, Sabra Davis, b. Harwinton, Conn., 
Aug. 25, 1768, d. Camden, Aug. 17, 1820, a da. Eliphalet or 
Nathan and Zeruiah or Zerviah (Hopkins). He m. 2d, C, 182 1, 
Mrs. Esther (Cook) Soper, b. Harwinton, 1785, d. Camden, Oct. 
7, 1865, wid. Amos Soper, da. Oliver and Submit (Cogsdell). 
Ch. by 1st m. : 

1886 Cyrene 6 , b. Oct. 4, 1794, Conn., d. Ind., m. Philo Sco- 
ville of Conn., s. Dr. Sco ville ; I'd, 1815, Watertown, Jefferson 
co., N. Y. Ch. : Philo L? Scoville, supt., 1879, f° r Rand, Mc- 
Nally & Co., publishers, Chicago, 111. ; Calista A. 1 Scoville j Sabra 
Maria 1 Scoville; Mariuns 1 , Charlotte Cyrene 1 , William Philander 1 
Scoville ; Byron Cleveland 1 Scoville. 




-4-1887 Richard 8 Cleveland, b. Mar. 19, 1797, in Conn. 

-f-1888 Laura" Cleveland, b. Nov. 7, 1799, in Conn. 

+ 1889 Zeruiah" Cleveland, b. June 1, 1801, Camden, N. Y. 

-(-1890 Fanny 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 28, 1806, Camden, N. Y. 

+ 1891 Samuel Davis" Cleveland, b. Apr. 15, 1809, C. By 
2d m. b. Camden : 

4-1892 Henry Thompson 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 6, 1822. 
Roxanna 6 , d. C, a. 1 y. 

Samuel Rich 5 Cleveland was of Harwinton or Bristol to 
1799 or 1802 and Camden afterward, where he and his 2 wives 
are buried. Samuel R. 5 deeds land at Camden, 1802. — Oneida 
co. rec. 

Esther Cook m. 1st, Camden, Amos Soper, b. Huntington, 
Suffolk co., L. I., N. Y., 1779, d. Taberg, Oneida co., N. Y., Apr. 
14, 181 3, s. Amos and Elizabeth (Piatt). Ch. b. Camden : Piatt 
Soper, b. June 19, 1804, d. Cal., Mar., 185 1, leaving wife and 5 
ch., I'd Orange, N. J., and Cal. ; Ariadne Soper, b. June 16, 
1808, d. Chicago, July 21, 1873 ; Amos Soper, b. Apr. 23, 1813, 1. 


SAMUEL, 6 CLEVELAND (Phinehas*, Samuel", Edward*, Moses^), d. 

Brooklyn, Conn., June 6, 1829, a. 7-0, m. 1st, Brooklyn, Jan. 11, 
1781, Betsey or Molly Allen of B., b. in Conn. ab. 1744, d. 
Brooklyn, Aug., 1814, da. Jabez and Mary. He m. 2d, B., April 
17, 1820, Mrs. Lucy (Comstock) Jones, wid., b. in Conn., d. 
Montville, New London co., Conn. Ch. by 1st m. b. Brooklyn : 

+ 1893 John" Cleveland, b. 

-4-1894 Zebiah 6 Cleveland, b. , 1783. 

1895 Polly 6 Cleveland, d. in Ohio, m. Susquehanna, 
John Curtiss. Dwelt awhile in Pa. and rem. to O. 

4-1896 Harriet 6 Cleveland, b. , 1790. 

4-1897 Allen 8 Cleveland, b. Mar. 1, 1794, 1795. 

4-1898 Colbe Chancy 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 23, 1800. 

Betsey" Cleveland, b. Jan. 22, 1795, d. B., Oct. 7, 

1899 Eliza 6 Cleveland, d. Utica, N. Y., m. John 
Wheaton Porter, s. Levi and Ann (Wheaton). 

4-1900 Lydia 6 Cleveland, b. , 1809, 2d m. s. p. 

Samuel 6 Cleveland dwelt Brooklyn, cooper ; was a soldier 
in the Revolutionary war nearly 8 years. 


MARY 5 CLEVELAND (phinehas", sam.3, Ed.=), d. Stafford, 
Conn., bef. 1825, m. Brooklyn, Conn., Dec. 23, 1784, Benjamin 



or Lemuel Holmes; he d. S., bef. 1825. Dwelt at Stafford. 
Ch. : 

+ 1901 Benjamin* Holmes, b. Jan. 9, 1786, Pomfret, Conn. 
1902 Mary* Holmes, b. ab. 1788, d. prob. Zanesfield, Logan 
co., O., ab. 1825, m. ab. 1810, Leonard Lull, b. Stafford, d. prob. 
Z., rem. to Z. ab. 181 2. Ch., 6 : Ereptd 1 Lull, b. Stafford, et al. 

+1903 Lemuel* Holmes, b. ab. 1790, Stafford, Conn. 


WILLIAM 6 CLEVELAND (Phinehas«, Samuel', Edward'), d. 

Greenfield, Saratoga co., N. Y., Dec. 4, 1835, a. 70, m. Brookline, 
Norfolk co., Mass., 1791, Amy Tourtellotte, b. Thompson, 
Conn., Dec. 18, 1772, 1774, d. Greenf., May 6, 1838, a da. Michael 
and Betsey (Smith). Ch. : 

+1904 Thomas 8 Cleveland, b. Apr. 11, 1793, Thompson, 

+ 1905 Davis 8 Cleveland, b. Nov. 3, 1797, Greenfield, N. Y. 
+ 1906 Noah Diah 6 Cleveland, b. Nov., Dec, 4, 1800, 
Greenfield, N. Y. 

+ 1907 Asa Barney 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 15, 1805, Green- 
field, N. Y? 

+ 1908 Sally 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 3, 1807, Greenfield, N. Y. 

b. Aug. 3, 4, 
1809, Green- 

b. Aug. 3, 4, 
1809, Green- 
, field. 

Michael Tourtelotte 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 25, 
1812, G., d. G., Dec. 21, 1813. 

191 1 William Smith" Cleveland, b. Sept. 7, 1816, G., 
unm., res. Broadalbin, Fulton co., N. Y., 1883, farmer. 

Sergt. William 6 Cleveland dwelt Brooklyn to .1792, Thomp- 
son to 1795, afterward at Greenfield. A gallant soldier of the 
American Revolution ; was a sergeant in the Connecticut line, 
enlisted at age of 14 and served to close of the war. 


DAVIS 6 CLEVELAND (pwnehas*, Samuel 3 , Edward"), d. Brook- 
lyn, Conn., Mar. 17, 1805, a. 39, m. B., Nov. 25, 1792, Lydia 
Cady, b. B., Feb. 23, 1771, d. B., May 24, 1810, a da. Capt. 
Daniel and Mary (Spalding). Ch. b. Brooklyn : 

1912 Harriet 6 Cleveland, b. May 27, 1793, d. B., Sept. 
8, 1796. 

+ 1909 Daniel Tourtellotte 6 Cleveland, " 
+1910 George Washington 8 Cleveland, 



1913 ^Betsey 8 Cleveland, b. Jan. 23, 1795, d. B., Oct. 7 

+ 19 14 Lucia Cleveland, b. Mar. 8, 1797. 

-j-1915 Augustus 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 4, 1799. 

+ 1916 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 15, 1800. 

1917 George Davis" Cleveland, b. Mar. 14, 1803, d. 
West Bloomfield, Ontario co., N. Y., Dec. 11, 1882, unm. 

+ 1918 Henry Morcton Franklin" Cleveland, b. Aug. 
14, 1805. 

Capt. Davis 5 Cleveland, a prominent citizen of Brooklyn, 
highly esteemed. He was capt. in Conn, militia. He carried 
on a large blacksmi thing business. Lamed 's Windham co., 
II : 2jo — List of Polls and Rateable Est, Brooklyn, Aug.~2-o r 
1788: Cleveland, Davis. A handsome monument marks his 
grave in his lot at Brooklyn. 

When the parents died his children were young, and in 
accordance with the custom of the times were bound out, and 
their property saved for them until they were of age. 

Cady record:— Capt. Daniel 1 of Brookl. d. Jan. n, 1807, m. Mary Spalding, b. B., 
Dec. 6, 1743, d. Mar., 1820. 


JAMES 5 CLEVELAND (james*, Samuel", Edward", Mosesi), d. Du- 

anesburg, N. Y., ab. 1822, a. ab. 68, m., ac. to tradition, in Mass., 

or m. more prob. Pomfret, Conn., ab. 1775, Susannah , she 

d. Duanesburg before 18 18. Ch.: 

1919 Parmelia 6 Cleveland, b. Pomfret, Conn., prob. d. 

+1920 Achsa" Cleveland. 

192 1 Samuel" Cleveland of Schoharie, Schoharie co., N. 
Y., who sells, Apr. 30, 1809, to Joseph Jeliff of Albany, N. Y., 
250 acres in Hannibal, Montgomery co. [Oswego co.], N. Y., bo't 
of Joseph Ten Eyck. 

-f-1922 Betsey 6 Cleveland. 

1923 Roxie" or Sophia" Cleveland, m. and lived at Coey- 
man's Patent, N. Y. 

1924 Fanny" or Philinda" Cleveland, b. Bethlehem, on 
Hudson river, Albany co., N. Y., d. Albany, m. and lived at 

1925 Wealthy" Cleveland, dwelt at Bethlehem, N. Y. 

1926 Patty 8 or Martha" Cleveland, dwelt at Bethle- 
hem, N. Y. 

+ 1927 James" Cleveland, b. Apr. 18, 1792, New Baltimore, 
Greene co., N. Y. 

• 1928 John Squire" Cleveland, went to Vt., was after- 
ward in U. S. Gov. employ, Washington, D. C, is said to res. 



Oswego, Oswego co., N. Y., 1878, farmer. Oneida cx>. rec. — May 
20, 1820, James Cleveland sells to " his dutiful son, John Squire 
Cleveland," 250 acres in Hannibal, for $1,000. — Aug. 24, 1820, 
John Squire Cleveland sells land to Jeremiah Cole. 

James 6 Cleveland was born in Mass., according to tradition. 
Location and names, however, indicate that he was the James 
Cleveland recorded Pomfret, Conn., b. July 17, 1754. Brooklyn, 
Conn., church rec. — James Cleveland, bap. Oct. 15, 1758. He 
dwelt, 1782, at Enfield, Conn., 1792, New Baltimore, N. Y. Later 
he settled at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess co., N. Y., where he prac- 
tised law to 1820. He was prosperous, widely known, and 
greatly respected. Owned farms in Poughkeepsie, Oswego, 
Coxsackie, Green co., N. Y., and conducted vendue sales of 
farms for owners. Was Justice of Peace many years. Oswego 
and Oneida co. rec. — Feb. 8, 1808, James Cleveland of Coeymans, 
N. Y., buys 600 acres in Hannibal, of Joseph Ten Eyck of 
Poughkeepsie. — May 2, 1820, James Cleveland of .Cobleskill, 
Schoharie co., N. Y., sells son John Squire Cleveland 250 
acres in Hannibal. 


FREDERIC 6 CLEVELAND (jamess Samuel*, Edward*), d. Can- 
ton, St. Lawrence co., N. Y., Mar. 7, 1827, a. 70, m., Windham, 
Conn., 1780, Susannah Hill, b. W., 1764-5, d. Canton, May 20, 
1846, da. John and Lucia (Whiting). Ch.: 

-(-1929 Lucia 6 Cleveland, b. ab. 1780, Winchester, Chesh- 
ire co., N. H. 

+1930 Pamelia 6 Cleveland, b. May 20, 1782, Tolland, En- 
field, Conn. 

+ 193 1 Rebecca 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 3, 1784, Suffield, Conn. 

-f-1932 Susannah 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 5, 1785, 18, 1786, 
Winchester, rec. Suff. 

+1933 Henrietta Harriet 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 24, 1787 
— rec. S. 

-f-1934 Matilda 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 16, 1789 — rec. Suffield, 

+ 1935 Frederick 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 5, 1791 — rec. Suf- 
field, Conn. 

+ 1936 Whiting 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 5, 1793 — rec. Suffield, 

1937 Warren 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 7, 1795 — rec. S., prob. 
d. unm. Enlisted U. S. A., 1811, drummer, was at Plattsburg, 
N. Y., battle. Was not heard from until 20 years later, when 
he wrote that he was settled on Missouri river. Not since 
heard from. 



Frederick 6 Cleveland dwelt in Tolland, Suffield, Wethers- 
field, Conn., to 1798, Winchester to 1820, Canton afterward. He 
was a Revolution soldier. Gravestones of Frederick 6 and wife 
in Brick Church Cemetery. 


JABEZ 6 CLEVELAND (james*, Samuel*, Edward), m., West 

Springfield, Hampden co., Mass., Feb. 11, 1787, Keziah Cooper 
of West Springfield. Dr. Jabez 6 Cleveland was of Spencer- 
town, now Spencer, Tioga co., N. Y., a noted physician. Re- 
moved thence bef. 1820. A Dr. Jabez Cleveland was m. in 
Schoharie co., N. Y., ab. time of Revolution. 


CHESTER 6 CLEVELAND (CurtisS Samuel Edward*, Moses'), d. 

Penfield, Monroe co., N. Y., July 18, 1840, a. 78, m., 1788, Eliza- 
beth Hutchings, b. Mar. 28, 1770, d. Monroe co., Feb. 8, 1845. 

Susannah 6 Cleveland, b. June 13, 1789. 

Elizabeth 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 13, 1790. 

Curtis Cleveland, b. 1794, d. y. 

Elias" Cleveland, b. 1796, d. 1796. 

Roswell 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 30, 1797, Rutland, 

Abigail 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 26, 1798, in Vt. 

Almira 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 22, 1801, in N. Y. state. 

Harriet 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 15, 1804, in N. Y. state. 

Alfred 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 12, 1807. 

Calvin 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 31, 1809, Cherry Valley, 
Otsego co., N. Y. f^ 

+1948 Chester Hudson 6 Cleveland, b. June 8, 1813, On- ^ 

tario, Ontario co., N. Y\ 

Chester 6 Cleveland lived in Conn, to after 1783; rem. to 
Vt. and dwelt at Rutland, 1798; rem. to Cherry Valley before 
1809, and dwelt later at Penfield, joiner. 


SAMUEL 6 CLEVELAND (Curtis-', Samuel, Edward'), d. RenSSe- 

laerville, N. Y., Dec. 13, 1831, a. 67, m. 1790-1, Rosetta Cowles, 
b. Sheffield, Mass., Apr. 25, 1774, d. R., Nov. 26, 1820. Ch. b. 
Rensselaerville : 

1949 Eunice 6 , b. June 4, 8, 1792, d. 1853, unm. 

Elizabeth 6 , b. Sept. 19, 1793, d. Sept. 28, 1796. 
+ 1950 Abiah Bianca 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 15, 1795. 
+ 195 1 Curtis 8 Cleveland, b. Sept. 30, 1796. 




1 941 


Rutland co. 

+ 1943 

+ 1944 

+ 1945 

+ 1946 

+ 1947 



+ 1952 Elizabeth 6 Cleveland (ag.), b. Dec. 27, 1798. 

1953 Sally", b. Nov. 14, 1799, d. y. 

1954 Leander 6 , b. July 6, 1801, d. soon. 

+ 1955 Matilda 6 Cleveland, b. June 29, 1802. 

1956 Rosetta" Cleveland, b. Oct. 30, 1813, d. Saugerties, 
Ulster co., N. Y., 1833, m. probably Middleburgh, now Broome, 
Schoharie co., N. Y., ab. 1824, Charles Edwards, b. Rens. ab. 1806, 
d. "out west " ab. 1878, s. Peter and Catharine (Steenburgh), I'd 
Saugerties to 1857, when went West, farmer. Ch. : Louise 7 
Edwards, b. 1829, in Durham, N. Y., 1882; Da?, d. a. 1 y. 

1957 John Cole 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 24, 1814, d. i860, m. 
Polly King. 

Samuel 6 Cleveland came to Rensselaerville Oct. 2, 1787, 
mfr. of grain cradles. 


CURTIS 6 CLEVELAND (Curtis,*, SamneH, Edward"), d. Koit- 

right, N. Y., Mar. 23, 1869, a. 93, m. K., Jan. 17, 1799, Polly Bartlett, 
b. Sept. 9, 1781, d. Sidney Center, N. Y., Apr. 7, 1876, da. Levi 
and Sally (Betts); of Kortright to 1829, Sidney Center afterw., 
farmer. Ch?b. Kortright : 

+ 1958 Levi Bartlett 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 25, 1800. 
1959 Chester 6 Cleveland, b. July 29, 1802, d. Sidney 
Sept. 3, 185 1, unm. 

+1960 James Forman 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 10, 1805. 

1961 Sally 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 5, 1808, d. Feb. 25, 1877, 

1962 Elizabeth 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 27, 1810, m. July 14, 
1841, Rutty T. Hunt, of Unadilla, N. Y. Ch. : 2 da. 

1963 Abigail 6 Cleveland, b. June 4, 1813, m. Aug. io, 
1838, Reuben Barton; 1. Sidney and Mason ville, Delaware co., 
N. Y. Ch. : 2 s., 3 da. 

1964 Marvin Betts 6 Cleveland, b. Jan» 5, 1816, d. Sept. 
30, 1840, unm. 

Polly Ann 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 23, 1818, d. a. 3yrs. 
+ 1965 Nelson" Cleveland, b. Jan. 20, 1820. 

1966 Phebe Ann 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 4, 1822, of Sidney 
C. unm. 

+ 1967 Harriet Amanda" Cleveland, b. Dec. 26, 1825. 
-(-1968 Polly Maria 6 Cleveland, b. May 26, 1827. 


POLLY 5 CLEVELAND (amis*), m. 1st Clark, 2d. Ch. by 
1st m. : 1969-70, Darnel" Clark, dwelt Conesus, Livingston co., 
N. Y.; James" Clark, of Ohio. 



ANNE 5 CLEVELAND (Curtis*), m. Daniel Rix, dwelt Roy- 
alton and Tunbridge, Vt. Ch. : 197 1, Dr. Lyman* Rix of Tun- 


ABILENCE or ABILENE 5 CLEVELAND (Edward*, samuei*. 
Edward"), d. Pomfret, Conn., Jan. 10, 1803, a. 40, m. P. Nov. 16, 
1794, as 2d w., Appleton Osgood, b. Andover, Mass., Mar. 4, 1743, 
d. Abington, Windham co., Conn., May 21, 1814, a s. William 
and Mary (Appleton). Ch. b. Pomfret : 

4-1972 Israel* Osgood, b. Oct. 15, 1795 ; John*, b. Jan., July 5, 
d. P. Feb. 22, 1798 ; Nabby* Osgood, b. Oct. 21, 1799, d. Mar. 2, 

Appleton Osgood m. 1st, P., Nov. n, 1784, Abigail Welch of 
Windham, Conn., she d. P. May 18, 1788. Ch. : Abigail Osgood, 
b. and d. P. Apr. Dec. 9, 1787 ; Appleton Osgood, b. and d. P. 
May 16, 1788. 

Osgood, Ossgood ancestry ;— Hon. John 1 , b. Andover, Hampshire, Eng., July 23, 1595, 
fr. A. or Norfolk, or Orrell, Lancashire, or Herrell, Wherwell, Hants, Eng., bef. 1638 to 
Ipswich, Mass., Newbury freem., May 22, 1639, Andover, the zst rep. of A. (bro. to Chris- 
topher of Ips., Z634, and William, b. 160s, of Salisbury. 164.0), m. Sarah, who came from 
Orrell or Wherwell, who embarked Southampton, Eng., Apr. n, 24, 1638, with 4 ch.., of 
wh. 1 was William Jones, and 1 William Osgood ; Capt. John 2 , b. Eng., 1631, of Andover 
dep., m. Mary Clements 2 from Coventry, Warwickshire, Eng., indicted, 1692, for witch- 
craft ; Lt. John 8 , m. Hannah Ayres of Haverhill ; William 4 Osgood, b. 1697, Feb. 16, 1702, 
m. 2d Mary Appleton of Ips. — Osgood Fam., by C. M. Endicott in N. E. H. G. Reg. XIII, 

Clemence, Clemens, Clements ancestry: — / arms: Clements; q: Clement (Kent; 
Norfolk). Gu. 3 garbs ar. Crest — Lion pass. ar. . . Robert 1 , fr. London of Haverhill, 
1642 (bro. to John of H.) ; Mary 2 Clements, m. John Osgood 2 . — Savage. 


GARDNER 5 CLEVELAND (Edward, 4 Samuel*, Samuel 2 , Mosesi), 

d. Clymer or Portland, Chautauqua co., N. Y., Apr. 22, 185 1, a. 
87, m. 1st, Rutland, N. Y., June 18, 1787, Mary Holmes, or 
Homes, she d. Clymer Feb. 8, 1830. He m. 2d, Chau. co., N. Y., 
May 7, Aug., 1833, Huldah Demming of Portland, b. ab. 1790, 
d. Hemvard, 111., Mar. 3, 1872, da. Samuel and Huldah (Dewey). 
Ch. b. Rutland, by 1st m. : 

+ I 973 John 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 22, 1788. 

+ 1974 Gardner 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 9, 1790. 

+ 1975 Roxanna" Cleveland, b. July 22, 1793. 2d m. s. p. 

Gardner 6 Cleveland enlisted in Revolution at age of 16; 
served 4 y. and 6 mos. Was at Harper's Ferry, Va., and accom- 
panied Washington on his march in Southern campaigns ; was 
present at the surrender of Cornwallis, Yorktown, Va. ; endured 
privations, — at one time was without food for three days. 

Pens. Rep. 1835, p. 281. — Gardner Cleveland pr. Conn. Cont'l pens'd from Mar. 4, 
18^:. Census pensioners, 1840. — Gardner Cleveland res. Clymer. 



French's N. Y. Gaz., p. sbi. — " Gardner Cleveland among ist settlers of Rutland, 
who come in during first and second years of its settlement, 1799-1800." 

Dwelt Rutland to 1816, and Clymer afterward; buried at 
Clymer, farmer and clothier. 



Samuel 2 ), d. Peoria, Peoria co., 111., 1834, a. 67, m. ab. 1795, 
Elizabeth Richardson, da. Benjamin and Alice. Ch. : 

-f-1976 Hiram 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 31, 1796, Onondaga Hol- 
low, N. Y. 

1977 Lyman 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 4, 1798, d. Attica, on 
Wabash river, Fountain co., Ind., date unk. 

1978 Sophia 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 15, 1800, d. Sept. 12, 1870, 
m. ist, in Canada, William Wright; she m. 2d Holock. 

1979 Alice 6 Cleveland, b. May 20, 1802, d. Apr. 26, 1850, 
m. in Ind., Samuel Barker. 

+ 1980 John 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 3, 1806. 

1981 Elizabeth 6 Cleveland, b. Aug. 19, 1808, m. William 
Dickens ; he d. She 1. Bloomington, McLean co., 111. 

1982 Benjamin 5 Cleveland, b. Mar. 7, • .181.1, d. Jan. 1, 
1832, unm. 

x 9^>3 Joseph 5 Cleveland, b. Dec. 7, 1812 ; was in Placer- 
ville, El Dorado co., Cal. ; not heard from since war. 

1984 Charlotte 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 1, 1815, m. James 
Taliaferro, 1. Snachwine, Putnam co., 111.; farmer. 

Resolved 6 Cleveland dwelt in Mass. to 1799 ; Canada 
(where he owned a farm), and N. Y. state to 1823, when he rem. 
to Ohio ; thence went to Coleman's Prairie ; on Wabash river, 
10 m. fr. Terre Haute, Ind., and rem., 1828, to Peoria ; tailor. 


MARY 6 CLEVELAND (Edwards Samuels, Samuels), m. per. 1 792, 

Jacob Bachelder, desc. of Rev. Stephen Bachilor, pastor first 
chh. Hampton, N. H. Ch.: 

+ 1985 Calvin* Bachelder, b. per. 1794, Pittsfield, N. H. And 
prob. Others*.— N. E. Reg., XIX: 84. 


THOMAS 6 CLEVELAND (Edward*, Samuel*, Samuel*), d. Hart- 
land, Windsor Co., Vt., Dec. 22, 1861, a. 93, m. ist, Pomfret, 
Conn., Jan. 2, 1794, Anna Crafts, b. P. July 5, 1772, d. Hartland, 
Sept. 30, 1835, a da. Samuel and Anna (Richardson). He m. 
2d, H., June 2, 1836, Mrs. Abigail (Roberts) True, b. Plainfield, 
N. H., Dec. 12, 1792, d. Bolton, P. Q., Oct. 8, 1880, wid. Josiah 



Bartlett True, da. Ziba and Mary (Kimball). Ch. by 1st m., b. 
Hartland : 

-(-1986 Hannah 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 20, 1794. 

1987 Lucy 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 12, 1796, m. Israel 6 Osgood 
+ 1972. 

4-1988 Galen" Cleveland, b. Mar. 1, 1798. 

Gardner 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 18, 1800, d. H., Mar. 
1, 1800. 

-L-1989 Ephraim Cleveland, b. Apr. 14, 1801. 

1990 Abilene" Cleveland, b. Dec. 16, 1803, d. H., Nov. 
24, 1830, unm. 

-(-1991 Ann Crafts 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 18, 1807. 

4-1992 Elvira 6 Cleveland, b. May 18, 1809. 

+ 1993 Thomas Crafts Cleveland, b. Sept. 5, 1811. 

1994 Septimus Allen 8 Cleveland, b. Apr. 17, 1814, unm., 
1. Modesto, Stanislaus co., Cal., 1882, joiner; Mary Woodward 8 
Cleveland, .b. Feb. 14, 1817, d. H., Feb. 8, 1821. 2dm.: s. p. 

Thomas 6 Cleveland dwelt Hartland to 1842 ; Montpelier to 
1848, and Hartland again. He purchased and cleared land in 
H.; built a house and a factory, in which he manufactured 
shoes, employing' workmen, doing a large business. He de- 
voted his later years to agriculture. Was respected and influ- 

Abigail Roberts m. 1st, Plainfield, N. H., Jan., 1815, Josiah 
Bartlett True, he d. Burlington, Vt., 1831, s. Reuben and Rhoda 
(Bartlett, da. Josiah, Gov. N. H. 1793), dwelt Salisbury, Merri- 
mack co., N. H., Williston, Chittenden co., and Burlington, Vt., 
currier. Ch. b. Salisbury: Ziba R. True, b. June 7, 1816, d. 
Montpelier, m.; Elias R. True, 1. Bolton, P. Q., 5 ch.; Rhoda 
Bartlett True. 

Rev. H. B. Smith's His. discourse at Abington, Conn., Jan. 30, 
1853, mentions Samuel Craft, one of 1st deacons of church, 1753. 


HOSMER 6 CLEVELAND (Edward*, Samuel', Ed ward=), d. Ship- 

ton, P. Q., Canada East, May 22, 1848, a. 79, m. East Windsor, 
Conn., June — , 1790, Fluvia Bissell, b. E. W., Aug. 27, 28, 1772, 
d. Shipton, Jan. 29, 1853, da. Daniel and Lydia (Munsell). Ch.: 

-f-1995 Cynthia 6 Cleveland, b. Sept 9, 1791, E. Windsor 
or Pomfret, Conn. 

4-1996 Halsey 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 10, 1795, E.Windsor or 

+ 1997 Chester Bissell Cleveland, b. June 24, 179.7, East 
Windsor or Pomfret. 



4-1998 Thomas 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 4, 1800, E. Windsor or 

1999 Mary" Cleveland, b. Mar. 27, 1802, P., d. Shipton, 
July 15, 1865, unm. 

4-2000 Edward 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 9, 1804, Shipton, C. E. 

4-2001 Charles 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 23, 1806, Shipton, C. E. 

4-2002 Levi 6 Cleveland, b. Aug-. 23, 1809, Shipton, C. E. 

4-2003 George Nelson 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 7, 1812, Ship- 
ton, C. E. 

4-2004 Lucina" Cleveland, ) b. June i, 1815, Shipton, C.E. 

4-2005 Elvira 6 Cleveland, f b. June 1, 1815, Shipton, C. E. 

Hosmer 5 Cleveland dwelt at East Granville, Hampden co., 
Mass., Pomfret, Windsor co., Vt. He removed to Shipton 1803, 
being one of the first settlers there, farmer. A useful, promi- 
nent, and honored man. 

Bissell, Byssel ancestry : — Arms: Bissell [illustrated in Stiles Ancient Windsor, 
S40]. Gu. on a bend ar. ; three escallops sa. Crest — A demi eagle with wings displ. sa. 
charged on the neck with an escallop shell or. . . . Name from the French Bysselle, 
family of Huguenot descent, fled to England to escape the persecutions which followed 
the massacre of St. Bartholomew, 1572, and settled in Somersetshire. . . . Daniel, 1 
one of the first settlers of East Windsor, Conn. ; Daniel" Bisell, b. ab. 1726, d. Jan. 30, 
1809, a. 83, m. Lydia, Munsell, b. ab. 1748, d. Dec. 14, 1791, in 43d year, both buried in Wap- 
ping, old ground. 


KAT.URAH 5 CLEVELAND (john*, George', Edward*, Mosesi), m. 

Samuel Guild, was living at Walpole, Mass., 1849-50, where she 
- was interviewed by Rev. O. A. Taylor, June 14,. 1849. -Ch. : 6. 


ZIMRI 5 CLEVELAND (Edward*, Georges, Edward", Mosesi), d. 

Medfield, Mass., May 19, 1827, a. 67, m. Apr. 10, 1782, Eunice 
Clark, b. M., Nov. 21, 1761, d. M., Mar. 14, 1826, 13, 1827, a da. 
Nathan and Mary (Morse). Ch. : 

4-2006 Eunice 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 4, 1783. 

4-2007 Sylvia 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 26, 1784. 
2008 Orinda 6 Cleveland, b. Nov. 30, 1786, d. Apr. 12, 
1845, m. 1826, Apr. 25, 1827, Levi Goodale of West Boylston, , 
Worcester co., Mass. Ch. : Orinda 1 Goodale, b. Apr. 12, 1825 
[1827-8?] ; Jonathan Morse 1 Goodale, Jan. 13, 1828 [1829-30?]. 

4-2009 Nathan 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 26, 1789, Medfield, 

4-2010 Shubal" Cleveland, b. May 11, 1791, Medfield, 

201 1 Willard 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 20, 1794, d., went to 
Ohio, f854, as overseer of stone work on R. R., never since 
heard from. 


+ 2012 Laton or Lotan" Cleveland, b. Oct. 20, 1796, Med- 
field, Mass. 

+2013 Anthony Wayne 8 Cleveland, b. Apr. 11, 1799. 

+ 2014 Chloe 6 Cleveland, b. May 19, 1801. 

+2015 Martha 9 Cleveland, b. Sept. 21, 1808. 

Zimri 6 Cleveland rem. from Walpole, Mass., to Medfield. 
His house was on Granite st, near Rocky Lane, Medfield, 
farmer. He was a Revolution soldier under Gen. Anthony 

Clark ancestry : — Joseph 1 , one of 13 settlers of Dedham, freeman, 1652, Medfield, m. 
Alse ; Joseph 2 , b. Dedh.-, July 27, 1642, m. Mary Allen, da. James and Ann (Guild) of D. ; 
Solomon 3 m. 1st, Mary White; David 4 m. 1st, Mary Smith 4 ; Nathan 5 Clark m. 1st, 
Mary Morse 6 . 

Morse ancestry : — [See +227] Rev. Thomas 1 of Foxeants or Poxearth, London Dio- 
cese, co. Essex, Eng. (bro. to Richard and Margaret of Eng., and prob. gr. gr. s. of wid. 
Margaret, whose will, 1510), will Nov. 10, 1596, — IV. E. H. G. Reg., XIX : 264 — m Marga- 
ret, was no doubt (says Rev. Abner Morse) father of : Samuel 2 , b. Eng., 1585, fr. London, 
1635, Dedham, 1636, Watertown, Medfield (bro. of Joseph of Ipswich, 1646), m. Elizabeth ; 
Joseph 3 , b. Eng., 1615, m. Hannah Phillips of Watert., per. sister of Rev. George ; Jere- 
miah 4 m. Elizabeth Hamant, da. Francis & Sarah of Dedh. ; Samuel 6 , b. Sept. 24, 1694, 
m. 2d, Abigail Fisher of D. ; Mary 6 Morse m. Nathan Clark 8 . 

Smith ancestry ,■ — Henry 1 , b. 1607, fr. New Buckenham, Norfolk co., Eng., 1637, Bos- 
ton, June 20, 1637, Medfield, m. Elizabeth ; Samuel 2 m. 2d, Mrs. Sarah (Clark) Bowers, 
wid. John, da. Joseph & Alse ; Henry' m. Mary Adams 4 ; Mary 4 Smith, m. David Clark 4 . 

Adams ancestry : — Henry 1 , Edward 8 [see +124] ; Jonathan 3 , b. Apr. 4, 1655, m. 1st, 
Mary Ellis 2 ; Mary 4 Adams m. Henry Smith 8 . 

Ellis ancestry .- — Thomas 1 [see +124], Mary 3 Ellis m. Jonathan Adams. 3 


EDWARD 5 CLEVELAND (Edward 4 , George 3 , Edward 2 ), d. Charl- 
ton, Mass., June 10, 1859, a. 94, m. Medway, Mass., Apr. 5, 14, 
1799, Elizabeth Adams of M., b. June 29, 1773, d. Feb. 9, 1850, a 
da. Oliver and Elizabeth (Adams). Ch. : 

+2016 Fanny 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 3, 1800. 

2017 Betsey" Cleveland, b. Sept. 23, 1801, d. June 24, 

Welcome 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 30, 1803, d. Oct. 13, 



2018 Abigail Lovell 8 Cleveland, b. Dec. 5, 1804, d. Feb. 
21, 1880, m. Asa Conant. Dwelt at Charlton. 

4-2019 Edward Chancey" Cleveland, b. Feb. 20, 1810. 
2020 Elmira 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 19, 181 1, d. May 6, 1877. 
Emery" Cleveland, b. June 13, 1813, d. Apr. 22, 1817. 
Edward 6 Cleveland came from Medway and settled in 

Adams ancestry, 2 lines: — Henry 1 [see +58] ; Dea. Jonathan 2 , b. 1619, of Medfield, 
Mass., m. Elizabeth Fassell, da. of John ; Jonathan 3 m. Tamezin Sheffield ; Capt. Jona- 
than 4 m. Patience Clark ; Lt. Oliver 6 , b. June 30, 1738, m. Sept. 11, 1760, Elizabeth Adams 5 . 
Lt. Henry 2 , b. Eng., 1604, town clerk of Braintree, Mass., and of Medfield, rep. to Gen. 
Court, 1659, 65, 74-5, member Anc. and Hon. Artillery co. of Boston, lt. of town of Med- 
field, in King Philip's war, when town was burnt, he was shot by the Indians at his own 
door, Feb. 21, 1675-6, m. Nov. 17, 1643, Elizabeth Paine, who was wounded by accident, 



Feb. 21, 1675-6, and d. within 6 days, da. of Moses of Braintree ; Henry 3 , b. Medfield, 
Nov. ig, 1657, m. Apr. 15, 1684, Lydia Whitney ; Henry 4 m. Jemima Morse ; Elizabeth 5 m. 
Oliver Adams 5 . 


MILDRED Or MILLIE 5 CLEVELAND (Edward 4 , George 3 , Ed- 
ward 2 ), d. Dec. 25, 1 85 7, a. 91, m. Aug. 17, 1786, Ziba or Zilbe 
Baker, b. Walpole, Mass., July 14, 1757, d. Aug. 15, 1846, a. s. 
Ebenezer and Esther (Kingsbury). Ch. : 

-|-202i Patty" Baker, b. Oct. 1, 1787. 

+2022 Polly' Baker, b. June 2, 1794. 

202 2 a Willard" Baker, b. Sept. 22, 1800, d. Apr. 6, 1880, m. 
Sept. 7, 1826, Lucetta Clark of Foxboro, Mass., s. p. 

Ziba Baker had his homestead in Walpole Plains, now West 

Baker ancestry: — 34 arms; Baker (London and. Worcestershire, Eng.) Erm. a 
fesse engr. betw. 3 horses' heads couped sa. Crest — Hand from clouds holding cross sa. 
Motto — Nemo sine cruce beatus. Richard 1 , b. 1614, fr. London, Aug. 18, 1635, arr. Bos- 
ton, Mass., Nov. 28, 1635, master's mate of the Bachelor, joined chh., Dorchester, Mass., 
Nov. 4, 1639, town officer, 1642-85, m. Faith Withington 2 ; John 2 m. Preserved Trott 2 ; 
Abijah 3 m. Hannah Lyon of Milton, Mass. ; Ebenezer 4 Baker of Walpole. — N. E. Reg., 
XLIII : 279-86 : Genealogy of Richard Baker by Edmund James Baker. 

Trott ancestry: — 3 arms: Trott. Sa. a horse ar. bridled gu. Thomas 1 , b. 1614, 
Dorchester, 1644, d. Aug. 28, 1696, m. Sarah ; Preserved 2 Trott m. John Baker 2 . 

Withington ancestry: Henry 1 , b. 1538, came 1635, one of 6 founders, Dorch. chh., 
Aug. 23, 1636, for Richard Mather, instal., elder, d. Feb. 2, 1677, m. Elizabeth ; Faith 2 
Withington m. Richard Baker 1 .— Savage, IV; 332, bi8. 


LYDIA 6 CLEVELAND (Edward 4 , Geo. 3 , Ed. 2 ), d. 1863, a. 96, m. 
1st, Nov. 13, 1788, David Hill, b. Sherborn, Middlesex co., 
Mass., 1765, d. 1820, s. Caleb. She m. 2d, Nathan Turner of 
Medfield and Walpole, Mass. She m. 3d, Boyden. Ch. by 1st 
m. : Caleb* Hill, b. 1789, d. y. 2022 b Calvin" Hill, m. 1st, Betsey 
Bowker, 2d, Lydia Adams. 

+2023 Charlotte* Hill, b. , 1797. 

+2024 Caleb* Hill, b. , 1800. 

2025 Lydia" Hill, m. 1st, 1824, Joseph Prince of Boston, 
2d, Jesse Newell of Dover, 3d, James Buntin. 

2026 Corina C. C." Hill, went to Nashua, N. H. 

2027 Harriet* Hill, b. 1791, d. 1877, m. Ezra Leland. 

2028 Horace" Hill, b. 1796, d. 1878, m. 1823, Sophia Beak 
of Medway, Mass. 

+ 2029 David" Hill, b. 1801, N. Y. Hiram" Hill dwelt Med- 
way. 2d and 3d m. : s. p. 

David Hill rem. af. 1789 to Medway, ret, 1803, to Medfield. 

Hill ancestry : — 4 arms: Hills ; 77 Hill : (Hill's End, Hertford co., Eng. ; London 
& Finchley, Middlesex co.) Per chev. embattled ar. & sa. 3 cinquefoils counterch. 
Crest — On a mount a branch vert, with 3 cinquef. ar. . . . John 1 of Dorchester, 
Mass., 1641, m. Frances ; John 2 came to "the farms" w. of Charles River ab. 1658 ; John 3 
m. Hannah Rockwood 4 ; John 4 ; Caleb 6 Hill. 



Rocket t, Rockwood ancestry .—2 arms: ROCKWOOD (Kirkby, Suffolk co., Eng. ; 
Ewston & Weston, Norfolk co.) Ar. 3 chessrooks sa. ; a chief of the last. Crest — A lion 
sejant guard, ar. supporting a spear sa. headed of the first. . . Richard 1 , Dorchester, 
1635 (per. bro. to John of D., 1633), Braintree, Mass., m. Agnes, per. da. Zachary Bicknell, 
whose est. they sold. — Col. Rec, I: iSg; Nicholas 2 , Dedham, 1640, Medf., m. Jane; 
Samuel 3 m. Hannah Ellis, b. Apr. 9, 1651, da. John & Susan (Lumber) of M. ; Hannah* 
Rockwood m. John Hill 3 .— Tilden's Medfield, 414: Savage. 


DORCAS 5 CLEVELAND (Edwards Geo.=r, Ed.=), d. af. 1855, m. 
1st, Franklin, Norfolk co., Mass., May 28, 1795, Timothy Fisher 
of Walpole, Mass. She m. 2d, Ziba Baker of W. She m. 3d, 
Nelson, he d. bef. 1855. She resided Franklin, 1855, a widow. 
Ch. by 1st m. : Herman C* Fisher, 1. F., 1855 ; Aden C* Fisher, 1. 
F. ; Charlotte" Fisher, unm., 1855 '■> 2 °3° Hannah Fisher m. 
Dean, living 1855. 2031 Adeline* Fisher m. Clark. By 2dm.: 
Several*. » By 3d m. : Sarah* Nelson. 


AQUILLA 6 CLEVELAND (EdwardS George*, Edward 2 ), b. Med- 

field, Mass., Dec. 26, .1777, d. prob. Dedham, Mass., 1803, bef. 
Dec, m. D., May 10, 1803, Sally Dana of D., perhaps the Sally 
Dana bap. 1st chh* D., Oct. 7, 1787, d. prob. af. 1805, da. David 
and Rebecca. No rec. of children. Mrs. Sally (Dana) Cleve- 
land was prob. the Mrs. Sally Cleveland of D. who m. 1st 
chh. D., Jan. 1, 1805, Abraham Mallard. — Hill's Dedham rec. 


BELA 5 CLEVELAND (Edwards Georges, Edward", Moses'), d. Med- 

field, Mass., May 20, 1831, 23, 25, 1832, a. 50, m. Franklin, Mass., 
May 23, 1804, Hannah Adams, b. F. Apr. 8, 1781, d. July 21, 1846, 
a da. Capt. Nathaniel and Hannah (Fisher). Ch. : 

+ 2032 Hannah 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. 25, 1803, Franklin, 

+ 2033 Albert" Cleveland, b. Oct. 28, 1805, Franklin, Mass. 
Caroline 6 Cleveland, b. Oct. 16, 1807, F., d. May 
20, 1809, 1829, unm. 

Charlotte 8 Cleveland, b. July 14, 1809, d. Jan. 27, 

2034 Horace" Cleveland, b. Nov. 21, 181 1, Medfield, d. 
Bellingham, Norfolk co., Mass., June 5, 1876, m. Mrs. Davis of 
Woonsocket, Providence co., R. I., widow. Lived at Belling- 
ham, farmer, s. p. 

Eliza 6 Cleveland, b. Dec. 9, 1813, Medfield, d. May 
19, 1837. 

2035 Mary 6 Cleveland, b. Apr. 7, 1816, M., d. July 29, 
1839, m. Franklin, Nov. 19, 1835, William G. Whipple of F. Ch.: 



Mary Cleveland'' Whipple, b. Sept. 24, 1837, d. Mar. 1, 1838 ; Lu- 

cian 1 Whipple, b. Jan. 23, d. May 5, 1839. 

+ 2036 Fisher Adams 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 30, 1819, Med- 

way, Mass. 

2037 Henry" Cleveland, ) & Franklin, June 30, 1834. 

20-58 Harriet 6 Cleveland, { ' •, ^°* 2 ' * 2 °o 
■ ' ) d. June 14, 1849. 

Capt. Bela 5 Cleveland lived at Medfield, carpenter. He 

was commissioned captain 18 14. Built a house on South St., 

owned by heirs of Moses Bullard. 

Adams ancestry : — John 1 , a first settler in South Franklin, Norfolk co., Mass.; John 2 ; 
Nathaniel 3 Adams, m. Hannah Fisher. 


ADIN 6 CLEVELAND (Edwards George", Edward"); d. Otisfield, 

Cumberland co., Me., Dec. 2, 1848, a. 64, m. Medfield, Mass., 
1804, Miranda Smith, b. M. Nov. 4, 1784, d. Otisfield, Mar. 27, 
1 86 1, a da. Lebbeus and Martha (Clark). Ch.: 

2039 Emily S." Cleveland, b. 1805, m. Apr. 18, 1841, Ira 
Crookes of Otisfield ; farmer and shoemaker. 

2040 Rozel'la A. 6 Cleveland, b. 1807, m. Mar. 18, 1824, 
Israel Pike of Norway, farmer. 

2041 Henrietta M. b Cleveland, b. 1810, m. Sept. 14, 
1829, Nathan Lombard of Otisfield, carpenter. 

2042 Lydia H. N." Cleveland, b. 1813, m. Jan. 27, 1838, 
Jeremiah Lovell of Otisfield, farmer. 

2043 Miranda S. 6 Cleveland, m. Dec. 13, 1849, Robert 
S. Townsend of Wilton, Franklin co., Me., shoemaker. 

+ 2044 Adin Cornelius 8 Cleveland, b. Jan. 21, 1824, Ox- 
ford, Oxford co., Me. 

Adin 6 Cleveland dwelt at Medfield, Mass., to 1821, and al- 
ways after at Oxford, Me. Farmer. Adin 6 and wife are buried 
at E. Otisfield. 

Smith ancestry : — Henry' [see 4- 627] ; Samuel 5 , b. 1674, m. 1st,. Elizabeth Turner, 
da. John & Deborah of M.; Samuel 3 , m. Elizabeth Adams 4 ; Samuel 4 , m. Silence; Seth s , 
m. Drusilla Lyon of Walpole, da. Peter; Lebbeus 6 Smith, m. 1st, Martha Clark 6 . 

Clark ancestries ; — [See + 627] David 4 ; Jacob 6 , m. 2d, Milletiah Hamant 4 ; Mar- 
tha 6 Clark, m. Lebbeus Smith 6 . Joseph 1 of Medf.; Ephraim s , b. 1646, m. Mary Bullen a ; 
Miletiah 8 Clark, m. Timothy Hamant 2 . 

Hamant ancestry : — Francis 1 , Medfield, 1650; m. Sarah ; Timothy 2 , b. 1667, m. Mele- 
tiah Clark 3 ; Samuel 3 , m. Hannah Partridge 3 ; Meletiah 4 Hamant, m. Jacob Clark 5 . 

Partridge ancestry: — William 1 , b. 1622, Medf. 1649 (bro. of John of M.), m. 2d, Sarah 
Colburn ; William 3 , m. 1st, Hannah Fisher 5 ; Hannah 3 Partridge, m. Samuel Hamant 3 . 

Fisher ancestry : — 43 arms : (Staffordsh.) Or, a kingfisher. Crest — Kingfisher, a 
fish in its mouth. . . . Anthony 1 , Sylham, Syleham, Sylsham or Sylesham, co. Suf- 
folk, near Eye, Eng.; Dea. Joshua 8 , b. S. 1585, Dedham 1639 (bro. of Anthony of D.), m. 
Elizabeth ; Joshua 3 , b. 1621 ; John 4 , m. Hannah Adams 3 ; Hannah 6 Fisher, m. William 

Adams ancestries : — Henry 1 , Peter 2 [see + 58] ; Hannah', m. 1st, John Fisher 3 , 
Henry 2 , b. Eng. 1604, Medf., m. Elizabeth Paine, da. Moses of Braintree ; Eleazer 3 , m. 
Elizabeth Harding 3 ; Elizabeth 4 Adams, m. Samuel Smith 3 . 



Harden, Harding ancestry : — garms : Arden ; / .- Arderne ; / .• HARDINGE ; ij .■ 
HARDING : (Devon, early at Comb Martin). Ar. on a bend az 3 martlets or. Crest — A 
falcon, wings expanded. . . . John', freem. May 13, 1640. Weymouth, prob. father to : 
Abraham 2 , Dedham, freem. 1645, a founder, Medfield, m. Elizabeth; Elizabeth 3 Hard- 
ing, m. Eleazer Adams 3 . 

Boleyn, Sullen ancestry :— 2 arms : Boleyn ; / .■ BOLEN, Bollein, BulLavn ; 
5 .■ BULLEN (Baecon). Ar. chev. gu. betw. 3 bulls' heads. . . . Samuel', Watertown 
1636, Medf. 1641, m. Mary Morse, da. Samuel & Elizabeth of M. ; Mary2 Bullen, m. 
Ephraim Clark 2 . 


LIBERTY 6 CLEVELAND (George*, George 3 , Edward 2 , Mosesi), d. 

Oct. 24, 1798, a. 25, m. Mary Scott of Wrentham, Mass.; she d. 

Shrewsbury, Mass., May, 1855, da. and Sarah (Cobb). 

Dwelt Walpole, Mass., farmer. Ch. : 

+2045 George 6 Cleveland, b. June 1, 1797, Walpole. 


JOSEPH 6 CLEVELAND (George*, George 3 , Edward"), d. lost at Sea 

1839, a. 61, m. Buckport, Hancock co., Me., Aug. 9, 1809, Eliza- 
beth Hancock, b. Orland, Hancock co., Me., April 1, 1787, d. Wal- 
pole, Mass., Apr. 1, 1859, a da. Nathan "and Sarah (Craig). Ch.: 
2046 Eliza Jane 6 Cleveland, b. June 14, 1810, Castine, 
Hancock co., Me., d. Walpole, Jan. 23, 1873, m. W.June 19, 1837, 
John Bradford Waters, b. Stpughton, Norfolk co., Mass., Feb. 
17, 1810, d. Aug., 1858, s. Zebulon and Lucy (Belcher). His 
grandmother was a Bradford, a descendant of Gov. William 
Bradford. Lived at Walpole. Ch. b. Walpole : Caroline Eliza- 
beth'' Waters, b. May 18, 1838, d. W. Mar. 10, 1873, an d Ellen 
Maria 7 Waters, b. Feb. 16, 1840. 

+ 2047 George Iram" Cleveland, b. Mar. 3, 1813, Castine. 

+2048 Anna 6 Cleveland, b. July 10, 1816, Wrentham, Mass. 

+ 2049 Henry Hancock 6 Cleveland, b. May 10, 1823, Wren- 
tham, Mass. 

Sarah Maria' Cleveland,^ July 26, 1826, Walpole, 
d. W. in her teens, umn. 

Joseph 5 Cleveland lived at Castine, Wrentham, and Walpole. 

Hancock ancestry: — 2 arms : HANCOCKE ; 2 : HANCOKE ; 4 : HANDCOCK ; 3 •' HAN- 
COCK : (Leicestershire) Gu. a plate, on a chief ar. 3 cocks of the first. Crest — A cock's 
head erminois, combed, wattled, beaked, and ducally gorged gu. . . . Nathaniel 1 of 
Cambridge, Mass., 1635, d. 1652, m. Jane or Joan ; Nathaniel 2 , b. Dec. 18, 1638, m. Mary 
Prentice, b. Nov. 25, 1644, a da. Henry & Joanna of Cambridge [ancestor of John 3 , John*, 
John 5 , b. Jan. 23, 1737, signer of Declaration of Independence] ; Samuel 3 , b. Jan. 2, 1672, 
of Charlestown, Mass., cordwainer, d. Dec. 21, 1735, m. Dorothy, she d. Dec. 24, 1756; Dea. 
Nathan 4 , b. July 12, 1716, deacon First Baptist church of Boston, Mass., m. July 7, 1737, 
Prudence White ; John 6 , b. July 21, 1738, moved to Orland, ab. 1765, d. 1819, m. by Rev. 
Wm. Elliot (who was paid ,£4. 6s. 10), Feb. 26, 1761, Mary Walker of Holliston, da. of Sam- 
uel & Mary; Nathan 6 Hancock, b. Dec. 16, 1762, enlisted Nov. 30, 1780, fiferof Capt. John 
Mills' co. 1st Mass. Reg. in U. S. service, com. by Col. Joseph Vose, Jan. 7, 1781, at West 
Point, N. Y., Feb. 1781, after serving 5 mos. 1 day as fifer to Apr. 30, 1781, he enlisted as 
private for the war, d. Oct. 1, 1823, m. Sarah Craig, b. May 20, 1765, d. 1840. 




DAVID 5 CLEVELAND (David*, George', Edward*), d. Dover, 

Mass., Oct. 10, 1845, a. 69, m; D. Lucy Battelle, b. Orange, 
Franklin co., Mass., d. Needham, Norfolk co., Mass., da. John. 
Resided at Dover, farmer. A worthy man. Ch. b. Dover : 

+ 2051 Pamelia 6 Cleveland, b. July 27, 1799. 

+ 2052 Harriet 6 Cleveland, b. Sept. — ,1803. 

Lucy 6 Cleveland, d. y. ; Luciana or Lucinda" 
Cleveland, d. y. 


IRA 5 CLEVELAND (David*, George', Edward*), d. Milford, 

Mass., Aug. 6, 1852, 5, 1858, m. in Dover, Mass., Apr. 3, 8, 1801, 
Mehitabel Battelle, b. D. Aug. 8, 1777, d. Dedham rec, Jan. 2, 
1826, da. Capt. Ebenezer and Hannah (Allen). Ch.: 

+2053 Ira 6 Cleveland, b. Feb. 1, 1802, Hop (Mendon), Wor- 
cester co., Mass. 

2054 Mehitable Battelle 6 Cleveland, b. Mar. 6, 1804, 
Holl, Mass., d. 1888, unm., I'd Milford, 1849 to 1884. 

2055 Alinda 6 Cleveland, b. Jan. 3, 1807, Milford, d. Mch. 
10, 1831, unm. 

2056 Reuel Allen 6 Cleveland, June 7, 1809, M., d. bef. 
Nov., 1894, unm., 1. Dover. 

2057 Almira* Cleveland, b. Apr. 2, 1812, Milford, d. 
Feb. 25, 1835. 

+ 2058 Warren Augustus" Cleveland, b. Nov. 15, 181 6, M. 
Ira 5 Cleveland resided a short time in