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AMCBST Riisi OF mhm m tttB ij:useai«>s and wiybs 

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EDWARD \mnn of woburn, *^» «»■ other winn families 





Vol, III 


Copyright, i8gQ, 

By Edmund Janes Cleveland, Hartford, Conn. 




JOHN RIDDLE' CLEAVELAND (john v.Mohn«, John voss», 
Ebenezer*, josiah', josiah', Mosesi), m. New Orleans, La., June 4, 1872, 
Helen Bateman Worrall, born London, Eng., Sept. 23, 1851, da. 
David and Helen (Bateman). Ch.: 

15870 William Wheeler', b. Apr. 3, 1873, New Orleans; 
Ruth Alice', May 15, 1875, Central City, Col.; John Fred', 
Nov. 30, 1878, Denver, Col.; Florence' Cleaveland, July 29, 
1 88 1, Denver, 

John Riddle* Cleaveland, res. at Quincy, 111., to 1863 ; was 
elected, 1869, Clerk and Recorder, Gilpin co., Col.; was Clerk 
of 2d Judicial District from Feb., 1872, to 1876 ; Clerk of the 
Supreme Court, 1880 ; removed, Oct., 1876, to Denver, where he 
res. (1891); of Collier & Cleaveland, engravers and lithograph- 
ers; sec, 1 89 1, of Collier & Cleaveland Lithographing co. 


JAMES WILSON" CLEAVELAND (Aaron', Aaron*. Aaron», 
Aaron*, Josiah>, Josiah", Moses>), d. Washington C. H., O.,' July 30, 1877, 

a. 41, m. ist, there, Jan. 6, 1859, Mary Wendel, b. there June 11, 
1841, d. there Oct. 16, 1866, da. Peter and Elizabeth (Hay). He 
m. 2d, Brooklyn, N. Y., June 11, 1868, Mary Lyman Hubbard, 

b. Lebanon, N. H., July 8, 1835, da. Benjamin Tyler and Abby 
Blake (Bruce). Ch. b. Washington C H. (a son' and da" are m. 
bef. 1886), by ist m.: 1587 1-6 Charlotte Amelia', b. Aug. 2, 
i860, unm. 1883, of Washington C. H., teacher ; Charles Henry' 
Cleaveland, Aug. 9, 1861, druggist, Washington C. H.; resides 
Greenfield, O., 1895 ; Nellie Elizabeth", Dec. 26, 1862 ; Wilson 
Pitt*, Oct. 16, 1864; Benjamin Wardel', Oct. 7, 1866. By 2d 
m.: Edwin Eldridge', Dec. 27, 1869; Bessie Bruce' Cleave- 
land, June 13, 1876. 

Dr. James Wilson' Cleaveland removed, 1854, to Lebanon, 
where he was clerk for merchants; removed Apr., 1855, to Cin- 
cinnati, O., to learn the profession of druggist. He grad. from 
Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati, receiving Diploma as 
M.D. Jan. 28, 1858. Rem., 1858, to Washington C. H., and, in 
CO. with Louis Starkel, opened a pharmacy. Enlisted Aug., 
1862; was capt. Co. C, 114th O. V., from its organization; on 
account of ill-health resigned Mar., 1863. Afterward was U. S. 
Marshal. Was in co. with his bro., as J. W. & W. P. Cleave- 
land, druggists. Mrs. Mary (Wendel) Cleaveland res. Wash- 
ington C. H. 1886. 


WILLIAM PITT* CLEAVELAND (Aaron'), m. ist, Clare- 
mont, N. H., Apr. 5, 1865, Lizzie Louisa Sargent, b. C. July 21, 
1841, d. Washington C. H., O., July 4, 1866, da. Winthrop and 
Louisa Ladd (Smith). He m. 2d, Washington C. H., Oct. 14, 
1869, Addie Virginia Buckner, b. W. C. H. Apr. 7, 1848, da. Wil- 
liam Moore and Jane Elizabeth (Morrison), ist m.: s. p. Ch. 
by 2d m.: 15877 Carl Buckner*, b. June 27, 1875, New Rich- 
mond, Clermont co., O. 



William Pitt* Cleaveland removed from Brookfield, Vt, 
May 25, 1862, to Washington C. H., clerk for his brother, with 
whom he was afterward partner, as J. W. & W. P. Cleaveland, 
druggists. Enlisted Sept., 1861, Co. A, ist O. Cav. The regt. 
left Columbus, O., Sept., i86i. Was taken prisoner at Winches- 
ter battle. May 25, 1862, was at Belle Isle ; exchanged Sept. 12, 
1862; was member of Kilpatrick's brass band till his term, full 
3 years, expired. Continued "in service at Washington, D. C., as 
orderly. Was U. S. Ganger, Int. Rev., at Washington C. H. 
1875-84, and at Higginsport, Highland co., 0-, 1883. Mr. 
Cleaveland is thoroughly versed in paleontology of Ohio; res. 
1886-92, Wichita, Kan., real est., of Buckner [G. O. from O,] & 


JOHN ROBINSON* CLEAVELAND (Alpheus Baker^, Aaron«, 
Aaron*, Aaron*, Josiahs, Josiah", Mosesi), m. Murphysboro, 111., Aug. 29, 

1866, Anna Walley, born Cape Girardeau, Mo., Nov. 9, 1848, da. 
Thomas. Of Ark. 1 881, farmer. Ch.: 15878 Phernaby Eliz- 
abeth", b. Aug., Sept., 1867, Wayne co., Mo. 15879 Thomas 
Walley", June 10, 1869, Valle's Mines, St. Francois co., Mo.; 
Mary Ellen", Dec, 1872, V. M.; Alpheus Baker" and Sarah 
Eveline" Cleaveland (tw.), Apr. i, 1875, Elm Store, Randolph 
CO., Ark. 


MARY MALVINA" CLEAVELAND (Henry Janus', Aaron«, 
Aaron*, Aaron*, Josiahs, J osiahs, Mosesi), m. CoulterviUe, 111., DeC. 6, l866, 

Rev. Samuel Rutherford Stormont, b. n. Cedarville, Greene co., 
O., Aug. 30, 1836, s. John and Esther (McMillan). Ch.: 

15880 William Porter'' Stormont, b. Feb. i6, 1868, Elkhorn, 
Washington co., 111.; Frederick Irving'', Feb. 9, 1871, Cedarville; 
Riley McMillan", Dec. 2, 1874, Fayetteville, Lincoln co., Tenn.; 
Samuel Harvef, Apr. 24, 1877, F.; Harriet Esther'^, Mar. 21, 1881, 
Linden, Cumberland co., N. S.; Lewis Alfred" Stormont, Dec. 16, 
1882, L. 

Rev. Samuel Rutherford Stormont grad, Miami University, 
Oxford, O., 1859 ; Reformed Presbyterian School of Divinity, 
Philadelphia, Pa., 1871. Was a school teacher 1859-64; grad. 
Iron City Commercial coll. 1862; teacher of Freedmen in Alex- 
andria, Va., 1864 to 1866, Lived at Cedarville 1866-7, Elkhorn 
1867-9; licensed to preach Apr. 7, 1870, by Western Presbytery 
of Reformed Presb. Church ; ordained 187 1, by Ohio Presbytery, 
a Home Missionary for Middle Tenn., remaining there to 1878 ; 
preached in N. S. and N. B. 1879 ; received a call and located 
as pastor of Goose River Reformed Presb. Church, Linden, 
July, 1880, where he still remains, 1885 [not there Dec, 1894]. 
His congregation of some 50 families are scattered over a scope 
of 20 miles. See Reformed Pres. Advocate, Phila. 

Mrs. Mary Malvina' (Cleaveland) Stormont resided at 
Elkhorn Prairie, Washington co., 111., with her uncle and aunt, 
Mr. and Mrs. Josiah P. and Harriet C. (Ford) Hibbard, to 1863, 
when she accompanied Rev. and Mrs. [a maternal aunt] Nelson 



K. Crow to Alexandria, and taught 18 months in a Freedman's 
school Mr. Crow had established. Here she first met Mr. Stor- 
mont. Attended an Academy in Milton, Northumberland co., 
Pa., winter 1864; returned to Mr. Hibbard's residence fall of 


Henvy Sobbins' Saldwifl (Laura JVew^orfJ Iiobdins,mizaFayne', 
Camdene, Aaron*, Josiahs, Josiah", Moses'), born at YoungStOWn, O., May 

25, 1867, is unmarried and still a resident of Youngstown, 
1896, where he is engaged in the milling business. Mr. Bald- 
win is a member of, and has held the office designated in each 
of, the following Lodges : Western Star Lodge No. 21, Free and 
Accepted Masons ; Councilor Washington Council No. 2, Order 
United American Mechanics ; Past Councilor Samuel J. Randall 
Council No. 3, Jr., Order United American Mechanics ; ' National 
Representative Jr. Order United American Mechanics ; Past 
Commander Duquesne Legion No. 10, Select Knights of Amer- 
ica, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Past President Youngstown Council No. 78, 
and Past Supreme Representative American Protective Asso- 
ciation,— W. A. P. A.— N. O. D.— O. M. A.; Sons of William 
Loyal Orange Lodge No. 155 ; Deputy Master Daniels Own- 
Royal Black Preceptory No. 30 ; Pride of Ohio Council No. 12, 
Daughters of Liberty; Western Reserve Society Sons of the 
American Revolution (Cleveland, Ohio). Mr. Baldwin is a sub- 
scriber for this Genealogy. 


IRA° CLEVELAND (jonas^ Elijah*, jonas»), m. Dec. 4, 1854, 
Ruth Ann Baker, b. Salisbury, N. Y., Aug. 30, 1828, da. Joshua 
and Deborah (Dwelly). Dwelt bef. i86i Fayetteville, Washing- 
ton CO., Ark.; was in 13th Wis. Vols.; res. Apr., 1882, Freedom, 
Beaver co., Pa., carpenter. Ch.: 

1 5 88 1 Phil A Angeline' Cleveland, born Apr, i, 1858, m. 
Frank Mack of Rochester, Beaver co., Pa., farmer. Children : 
Georgian^" Mack j Sanford^^ Mack. 

15882-3 George Ellsworth', b. May 30, 1861, unmarried, 
mfr.; Jay' Cleveland, Aug. 9, 1868. 


LUCIUS' CLEVELAND (Henrys), m. Breedsville, Mich., 
June I, 1856, Lizzie Howard, b. Paw Paw, Mich., da. Mr. and 
Elizabeth (Anderson), Soldier 13th Mich. Vol. Of Parshall- 
ville, Mich., 1883, farmer. Ch. born Columbia, Van Buren co., 
Mich. : 

15884 Mary Vergenie" Cleveland, b. Aug. 30, 1857, m. 
Mar. 17, 1874, William A, Acker man. 

15885 G. W.° Cleveland, b. Mar. 17, 1875. 


JEWETT" CLEVELAND (Henrys), m. Glendale, Van Buren 
CO., Mich., July 13, 1873, Emma Abi Salisbury, b. Cass co., Mich., 


Jan. 21, 1855, da. Alva and Olive (Hedges). Was in ist Mich. 
Cav. Of Glendale, Mich., 1879-83, farmer. Ch. b. G.: 15886 
Grace Maud^ Apr. . 1877 ; Edna May", Aug. 9, 1880, 


ZELON" CLEVELAND (Henry'), m. Kalamazoo, Mich., 
Nov. 25, 1876, Lucy Ann Magoon, b. Lawrence, Mich., Apr. 5, 
1855, da. Emerson and Sylvia (Ellsworth). Served in ist Mich. 
Cav. Of Glendale, Mich., 1879-83, farmer. Ch.: 
15887 Roy M', b. Dec. 31, 1882. 


JOSIAH' CLEVELAND (jedediah d.t, Elijah*, jonas6), m. July 4, 
1863, Margaret Leppin of Fairfield. Of Pent Water, Mich., 
1878, carriage builder; Crystal Valley, Oceana co., Mich., 1883. 
Ch.: 15888 Ervil J." Cleveland. 


JAMES HARVEY' CLEVELAND (David», EiijahMonass), m. 

Apr. 27, 1867, Helen McKinney, she d. Jan. 26, 1874, a da. Hon. 

John. Rem., 1880, from Elk Rapids, Antrim co., Mich., to Col. 

1885). Ch.: 15889 Phebe A.», b. Feb. 4, 1868; Alice A.«, Apr. 

13, 187 1 ; Harriet* Cleveland, Jan. n, 1874, o£ Altona, Mich. 


JAMES HINCKLEY' CLEVELAND (james Scofield», Jonas*. 
John», John*, Joseph*, Josiaha, Moses>), d. bef. 1885, m. Louisa DooHttle, 

she res. Belle Plaine co., la., 1885. Ch. : 

+ 15890 Jay Henry® Cleveland. 

4-15891 Charles Dwight' Cleveland. Jennie Maria*, 
m. Koszta, la., Nov. 11, i88o, William Henry Rosecrans. Ch. : 
William Arthur^" Rosecrans, b. Oct. 6, 1882, Sadora, la. 


JONAS JAY' CLEVELAND (EliabPaschalFranchotf,Jonas«,John6, 

john«, Joseph*, josiah», Moses»), m. ist, Miss Clarissa Bushncll, she died. 
He m. 2d, January, 1869, Miss Sarah Littler of Florence, N. Y. 
Res., 1876-83, North Bay, N. Y., boat-builder 1876, taxpayer on 
land Vienna tp., N. Y., 1880. ist m. : s. p. Children by 2d m. : 
15892 Homer', b. June, 1873, N. Bay; Ida' Cleveland, 


JEHIAL HEM AN' CLEVELAND (Eliab Paschal Pranchott'), 

m. Vienna, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1866, Maria Louisa Woglum, b. Fort 
Schuyler, Westchester co., N. Y., Apr. 6, 1840, da. Cornelius and 
Sarah Ann (Cropsey). Ch. : 15892^ Heman Cornelius", b. Oct. 
29, 1867, North Bay, N. Y,, pharmacy Buffalo, N. Y., 1890-5; 



Helen Georgiana', June 24, 1869, N. B., unm., res. home 1890, 
stenographer; Hiram Wesley', July 9, 1871, N. B.; Howard 
Franchott*, Dec. lo, 1873, Buffalo; William Cropsey*, Oct. 19, 
1876, B.; Leland Legrand', Oct. 12, 1879, B.; Stephen Grover* 
Cleveland, h. Aug. i, 1882, B., d. B. Jan. 20, 1883. 

Jehial Heman' Cleveland was of Vienna 1866, real estate 
owner; residence, Buffalo 1877-98, merchant. 

Fan Wogium, Woglurn ancestry : — Van was dropped from the name 4 generations 


Jonas', John', John*, Josephs, Josiah', Moses>), m. ISt in McConnellsville, 

N. Y., Mar. i, 1871, Harriet Almira Tiffany, b. Vienna, N. Y., 
Aug. 13, 1854, died Palmyra, N. Y., Dec. 26, 1885, da. of Gilbert 
and Sarah (Nicholls) Tiffany. He m. 2d, Palmyra, Mar. 7, 1886, 
Mary Teresa Foley, b. AUiston, Canada, Oct. 4, 1863, da. James 
and Mary (Scanlan) Foley. Ch., b. Palmyra, by ist m. : 

Clara Louisa^ b. Mar. 30, 1873, ^- P- -^P^- 7> ^^74- 

15893 Frederick Gilbert* Cleveland, b. Aug. 11, 1877. 

15894 George Davis* Cleveland, b. Oct. 10, 1881. By 2dm.: 
Grover Folsom' Cleveland, b. Aug. 12, 1887, d. 

Palmyra Jan. 31, 1890. 

15985 Mary Elizabeth' Cleveland, b. Dec. 11, 1888. 
Mr. Frederick Verner' Cleveland, residence, Palmyra 
(1897), wholesale and retail grocer; much esteemed. Mr. Cleve- 
land is a. subscriber for this Genealogy. 

(Special to the Innkeeper.) 

Palmyra, N. Y-, Jan. 6, 1894. One of the best known men among the dealers in 
Wayne county is Mr. P. V. Cleveland, whose picture the Innkeeper gives to-day. It 
shows him to be good-looking, and represents a man of liberal thought and generous 
disposition. The Innkeeper knows that he possesses these traits to an eminent degree. 
He made one of the best presidents that the Wayne County Beer and Liquor Dealers 
ever had, and only stepped down at the last annual election to let some of his brethren 
" have a show at it," as he jokingly remarked. Mr. Cleveland has views of his own, and 
does not hesitate to express them. He was a Murphy man at the last convention, and 
couldn't be swerved either by Tekulsky or Kearns. In a recent letter to The Innkeeper., 
speaking of the New York and Brooklyn men whom he met at Syracuse, Mr. Cleveland 
says : "If any of them should happen to mention my name remember me to them, for 
they are all good fellows, although they were not all with us at the convention. I think 
they were wrong in dragging politics into that gathering, and in over-riding the rights 
of many delegates, and I further think that the very disgraceful manner in which the 
Syracuse Convention was ruled contributed to the defeat of the Democratic ticket this 
past fall." 

Mr. Cleveland, when he grew to boy's estate, received a good education. But he was 
ambitious, and he was barely over fourteen years of age when he induced his father to 
allow him to try and earn his own living, and he went to work for Maurice Richards in 
Utica, and remained with him for four years, gaining, during that period, the full confi- 
dence of. his employer. He was called back to his home, however, by the illness of his 
father, and he then lived with his parents until the time of his father's death ; and when 
the estate was settled up, young Cleveland moved to Palmyra, where he started in busi- 
ness in August, 1872, and has remained there ever since. He has been 14 years in the 
retail and three in the wholesale business, and has developed a business tact and judg- 
ment which has caused the firm to be most favorably known throughout all of Wayne 
county. When the importance of organization to the liquor interest became apparent, 
Mr. Cleveland was one of the foremost men to urge action, and his activity in behalf of 
the general welfare of the trade throughout the country has been fully recognized and 
appreciated. The honor of the presidency of the association was unsought by Mr. Cleve- 
land ; it was forced upon him for the simple reason that he was fully qualified for the 
responsibilities. The Innkeeper congratulates Mr. Cleveland, and in bestowing upon 
him the assurance of its most distinguished consideration, also takes the opportunity to 
wish him a happy new year. 

Covin ancestry of Harriet Almira Tiffiany : — V^a% a gr. daughter of Allen Covill, 
Esq., of Vienna, N. Y. 

Foley ancestry of Mary Teresa Foley : — Owen' of Sligo, Ireland, m. Winifred Mc- 
Laughlin, whose grandson, James' Foley, of AUiston, Can., m. Mary Scanlan, da. of 
Dominic and Ann Teresa (Wren). 



FRANKLIN DAVID' CLEVELAND (jerome Bonaparte, Jonas', 

Johns), m. Vienna, N. Y., Feb. 23, 1882, Mary Forgeon, b. Western, 
N. Y., Feb, 8, i860. Res. Shepardsville, Clinton co., Mich., 1895, 
merchant. Ch. : 15896 Jerome Bonaparte" Cleveland, b. 
July 6, 1883, Nunica, Mich.; Olive Lorane' Cleveland, b. 
Jan. 10, 1888, Shepardsville, Mich. 


JULIUS SCOVILLE' CLEVELAND (Jerome BonaparteT, Jonas'. 

John"), m. Vienna, N. Y., Apr. 8, 1882, Huldah Eugenie Clifford, 
b. Rome, N. Y., June 6, 1862, da. of Peter Cromwell and Char- 
lotte Lovina (Brown). Ch. b. Palmyra, N. Y. : 15897 Char- 
lotte Nina' Cleveland, b. Feb. 25, d. Sept. 23, 1883; Elsie 
Elizabeth' Cleveland, b. Mar. 13, 1884; Huldah Essie' Cleve- 
land, b. Mar. 20, 1885. 

Mr. Julius Scoville' Cleveland, residence Palmyra 1895, 

Clifford ancestry.- — Peter Cromwell Clifford, b. Stephento-wn, N. Y., July 17, 1812, d. 
Vienna Jan. i, 18^4, m. Charlotte Lovina Brown, b. Stephentown Mar. 23, 1816, d. Vienna 



John', john», Johns Josephs, josiah'), xn. Albion, N. Y., Apr. 9, 1 866, Mary 
A. Marsh, b. Barre, N. Y,, Feb, 25, 1847, da. William and Eliza 
(Batcheler). Residence, 7 Cleveland street, Rochester, N. Y., 
1884, fruit merchant, partner with John A, Taylor. Ch. : 

15898 George Marsh' Cleveland, born Jan. i, 1867, d. 
Sept. 5, 1875; William Marsh", Nov. 24, 1877; Henry P.', born 
Oct. 23, 1882, d. Aug. 9, 1883. 


GEORGE HENRY' CLEVELAND (George Washington', Nehe- 
miah', John», John*, Joseph', Josiah", Mosesi), m. Harriet SherwOOd, Of 

Canastota, N, Y., 1885, glass mfr. Ch. : 15899 James'; Blanche'. 


CHARLES OSCAR' CLEVELAND (wUliam Bames', James', 
Josiahs, John*, Joseph', Josiaha), m. Fond du LaC, Wis., July 3, 1 869, 

Luella Viola Bacon, b. Linden, Iowa co., Wis., May 15, 1850, da. 
William and Cynthia (Odell). Of Fond du Lac 1884, farmer. 
Ch. : 15900 Jessie Viola Albertie^ Cleveland, b. May lo, 1870; 
Bessie Lenore", Feb. 8, 1875; Charles Clay', May 11, 1877; 
Dell Gray", June 4, 1883. 


JAMES' CLEVELAND (josiah^, james«, josiah'), m. McGrcgor, 
la.. May 1, 1877, Annie Margaret Troutfetter, b. McG., Jan, 31, 
1856, da. Peter and Elizabeth (Weitz). Of McGregor 1884, 
farmer. Ch. : 15901 Belle', b. Apr. 13, 1879, McG. 




Laurentius Constantine^ Washburn (Leura', Asahei», 

Henry», William*, Henrys, josiah", Moses'), m. Deerfield, Randolph CO., Ind., 

Aug. 18, 1853, Mary Caroline Milligan, b. Sidney, Shelby co., O., 
Jan. 15, 1837, da. Samuel and Margaret (Graham). Ch. : 

15902 William RoswelP Washburn, b. Aug. 3, 1854, Deerf., 
ra. Fieldon, Jersey ca, 111., Jan. 30, 1884, Laura Minerva Brown, 
b. Christian co., 111., Apr. 26, 1863, da. Ephraim Frank and Mary 
Williams (Dennis). Of Jerseyville, 111., 1885, farmer. Children: 
Carrie Maud^" Washburn, b, Oct. 31, 1884, Fieldon. Andrew 
Perry'', born Oct. 8, Deerf., d. D. 9, 1855; Charles Melancthor^, b. 
Nov. 6, 1856, Clinton, Henry county, Mo., d. C. Aug. 26, 1857; 
Samuel AsaheV Washburn, born Dec. 2, 186 1, Jacksonville, 111., d. 
Delhi, Jersey co.. 111., Feb. 5, 1864. 

Dr. Laurentius Constantine* Washburn, by his own efforts, 
received an academic education, graduating from Coolville, O., 
High School 1849. Engaged in the practice of medicine 1850 ; 
grad. at Physio Medical College, Cincinnati, O., 1851, at Ameri- 
can Medical Coll., St. Louis, Mo., 1873, and at St. Louis Eclectic 
Medical College 1878; of the latter he is, 1885, President and 
Treas., and occupies the chair of Principles, Theory, and Prac- 
tice. Practising physician and surgeon in Deerfield 1850 to 
1856, Clinton to 1861, Delhi to 1870, Jerseyville since. Writes, 
May 30, 1885, that he expects soon to make Monroe co., Fla., 
his home. Dr. Washburn has often been a delegate to and 
officer in State and National Medical Associations; a member 
of Jerseyville Scientific Association; lecturer on scientific sub- 
jects before St. Louis and other Academies of Science. Doctor 
Washburn is remarkable for originality; claims to be originator 
of a new theory that we derive no heat from the sun. Of inter- 
est to scientists are his lectures for the advancement of medical 
science, entitled : Creation vs. Evolution, Philosophy of Eternal Life, 
New Theory upon Solar Heat. Has given much attention to our 
aborigines; has a cabinet of 3,000 specimens, relics of stone age 
of America, of mound-builders of 111., fossils, precious stones, 
etc., and a large library; a Democrat in politics, casting his first 
vote for Lewis Cass 1848, he has voted for every subsequent 
Democratic presidential nominee. In religion, a Baptist; a Free 
Mason since 1855. 


Malvina Laura^ Washburn (Leura^), m. ist, Coolville, 
O., Mar. 29, 185 1, Consider Chapin Frost, b. Troy, O., June 23, 
1827, d. Staunton, W. Va,, June 29, 1864, s. Heman (b. Chenango 
CO., N. Y., Mar. 25, 1795) ^.nd Susannah (Barrows, b. Rome, O., 
Dec. 27, 1800), farmer, d. of wounds in army. She m. 2d, Troy, 
July 16, 1866, Harvey Gilmore Frost, b. T. June 4, 1819, d. Frost, 
Athens county, O., May 3, 1881, s. William (b. Mass. 1783) and 
Siloam (Barrows, b. N. Y,, Dec. 30, 1792, m. 2d, Andrew Fisher 
of Troy), farmer. She res. Frost 1885. Ch. by ist m. : 

15903 Leura Belle' Frost, b. Sept. 9, 1856, Troy, m. Parkers- 
burg, W. Va., Dec. 19, 1872, John B, Lemon, b. Cooksville, 


Howard co., Md., Jan. 20, 1845, of Frost. Ch. b. Troy : Laura 
Bertha}'^ Lemon, Jan. 27, 1874; Charles Roscoe^" Lemon, July 14, 
1876; Mary Angie^" Lemon, June 30, 1878; Verner Ashbf-'^ Lemon, 
July 27, 1879 ■> Lynne^" Lemon, Dec. 31, 1880. 2d m. s. p. 


Alvira Leura" Washburn (Leura'), m. Coolville, O., Oct. 
30, 1850, John Bartlett, b. Little Hocking, Washington co , O., 
May 16, 1825, s. William (born Md. May 30, 1806) and Elizabeth 
(Allen, b. Shenandoah co., Va., May 8, 1803). Of Parkersburg, 
W. Va., '85, coal dealer and steamboat man. Ch. b. Little H. : 
15904 Jeannette Eolia" Bartlett, b. Feb. 23, 1852, d. Parkersburg 
Sept. 22, 1880, m. Little H., June 27, 1875, as first wife, Robert 
Basim, b. Decatur tp., Washington county, O., Sept. 9, 1852. Of 
Chillicothe, O., R. R. man. He m. 2d Feb. 17, 1885, Mary R. 
Connors, born C. Aug. 6, 1858. Ch. : Harry Bernard^'* Basim, b. 
Oct. 27, 1876, Little H. 

15905 Rollen Gordon^ Bartlett, b. Jan. 8, 1854, d. near Little 
H. May 14, 1876, m. Washington county, O., Jan. 17, 1875, Leotia 
Batten, b. W. co., Dec. 4, 1859; she res. Little H.; ship carpen- 
ter. Ch. : Leiira Lonia^" Bartlett, b. July 27," 1875, near L. H., d. 
Parkersb. Dec. 13, 188 1; Rollen Clyde'" Bartlett, b. Jan. 10, 1877, P. 

15906 Cynthia Gertrude'* Bartlett,h. Sept. 20, 1858, d. Torch, 
O., Nov. 30, 1882, tn. Little H., June 7, 1875, as ist w., Richard 
Hughs, b, Llanidloes, North Wales, Jan. 11, 1847. (Hem. 2d, 
Little H., Oct. 9, 1883, Ida Lenora Curtis, b. Middleport, Meigs 
CO., Ohio, Jan. 30, 1857. Ch. : Helen Lucile Hughs, b. July 11, 
1884, Torch.) Of T., R. R. engineer. Ch. b. T. : John Eddie'" 
and Freddie Bartlett'" Hughs (tw.). Mar. 19, 1876 ; Charles Forest 
Washburn'" Hughs, b. Nov. 6, 1877, d. T, July 23, 1878; Grade 
May'" Hughs, b. Dec. 14, 1879. 

15907 Elmer McLellan* Bartlett, b. Aug. 4, 1862, m. Anna- 
wan, 111., May 24, 1882, Harriet Louise Boss, b. Brooklyn, N Y., 
Apr. 16, 1859. Of Parkersb., merch., with father. Ch. : Ethel 
Pearle'" Bartlett, b. Apr. 3, P., d. P. July 6, 1883. 


Eli&aheth Hachael^ Washburn (Leura'), m. Little 
Hocking, O., Aug. 8, i860. Calvary Morris Cole, b. n. Gallipolis, 
O., Feb. 27, 1*832, s. Nathan and Levina (Bryan). Ch. : 

15908 Lelia Bertha" Cole, b. June 23, 1863, Coolville, O., m. 
Point Pleasant, Macon co., W. Va., Feb. 14, 1883, George Benja- 
min Sayre, b. New Haven, Mason county, W. Va., Mar. 25, 1862. 
Of Point Pleasant 1885, merchant. Ch. : George Beak'" Sayre, b. 
July 10, P. P., d. before Dec, 30, 1885. Elbert Gordo?t Washburn" 
Cole, b. July 8, 1869, Point Pleasant. 

Mrs. Cole was a teacher in Decatur, O., and Carthage, O.; 
res. Point Pleasant 1885. Mr. Cole, a miller. 

Cole ancestry : — Nathan Cole, b. Pittstown, N. Y., Feb. 20, 1796, farmer, d. n. Coolv., 
Feb. 26, 1882, tn. Marietta, C, Apr. 5, 1821, Levina Bryan, b. Fauquier co., Va., Jan. 17, 
1797, d. Coolv. Feb. 15, 1878. 



Leura LaOdicea* TubbS (Lauras Asahel*, Henry', Williams 

Henry', josiah', Mosesi), tn. Carthage, O., Nov. 4, 1838, William An- 
derson Dinsmoor, b. Chester, N. H,. Oct. 3, 1814, died Coolville, 
O., Sept. 6, 1884, a son Isaac and Hannah (Little). Ch.: /o^n 
Carlton\ h. Jan. 14, 1840, Lodi, O., d. Carthage, June 5, 1847. 

15909 Mary Anrt Dinsmoor, b. July 24, 1841, Carthage, m. 
n. Ravenswood, Jackson co.,W. Va., July 3, 1866, William Lewis 
Safreed, s. John and Frances (McKinley). Soldier U. S. A., 
wounded ; pensioner. Of Grant, Jackson co., W. Va., 1884, far- 
mer. Ch.: Samuel Dinsmoor^'^ Safreed, b. June i, 1867, G.; Nora 
May^" Safreed, Apr. 21, 1869, Coolv.; Frances Leura^" Safreed, 
May 26, 1879, Grant. 

+ 15910 Samuel Perry^ Dinsmoor, b. Mar. 8, 1843, Carthage, 

Elizabeth Creesy^ Dinsmoor, b. July 6, 1849, Lodi, m. 
Coolv. Dec. 6, 1874, Capt. David Whitcomb Gardner, b. May 24, 
1847, s. Thomas and Mary Ann (Rardon). When 10 years old 
was cabin boy, has served in every capacity up to capt. of ves- 
sel. Soldier in late war. Of Coolv., farmer. Ch,: William 
Thomas^" Gardner, b. Jan. 16, 1876, Coolv.; Mary Laodicea^'^ Gard- 
ner, b. June 9, 1878, Grant. 

Theresa Jane"" Dinsmoor, b. May 8, 185 1, Carthage, 
unm., teacher. 

Franklin Pierce^ Dinsmoor, b. Feb. ai, 1853, Garth., 
m. n. Coolv., Oct. 5, 1879, Honor Lizzie Cole, b. 186 1, da. John 
and Eliza Ann. Lives on his farm n. mouth of Federal Creek, 
Athens co., O. Ch.: John William^" Dinsmoor, b. Oct. 19, 1880; 
Leura Ant^'^ Dinsmoor, July 26, 1882. 

Rosa Laodicea^ Dinsmoor, b. June 23, 1857, Coolville, 
. m. Coolv., Dec. 30, 1879, William James Pruden, b. Jan. 16, 1857, s. 
William Martin and Hannah (Porter). Of Coolv., contractor, 
mason. Ch. b. Coolv.: William Adelmer^", b. July 7, and Laodi- 
cea Adeir Pruden (tw.), b. July 7, 1882, d. Coolv. Sept. 26, 1883. 
William Anderson Dinsmoor removed from N. H., 1836, to 
Athens co., O., of Coolville, farmer. Justice of Peace 3 terms. 

Dinsmoor ancestry :—\sAaa Dinsmoor, 5th generation, from Ireland, and 6th, from 
Scotland, m. Hannah Little*. 

Little ancestry .■— George', b. London, Eng., resided Unicorn St., n. London Bridge, 
of Newbury, Mass., 1640, tailor, m. ist, Alice Poor, had sons: Joseph', b. Sept. 22, 1653, 
m. Mary Coffin, da. Tristram; Moses", b. Mar. 11, 1657, m. Lydia Coffin, da. Tristram. 
Ancestor of Hannah' Little. See Little Genealogy. 


William^ Tubbs (Laura'), m. ist, Brunswick, Me., Feb. 10, 
1864, Mary Elizabeth Staples, b. Lee, Me., July 10, 1846, died 
Monticello, Wright co., Minn., June 27, 1879, da. George Lincoln 
and Emily Harriet (Jordan). He m. 2d, M., June 9, 1881, Mrs. 
Florence Adelia (Handy) Seamans, b. Fairfield, Mich., widow 
Albert Phillips Seamans, da. Joel and Emily Amelia (Bigelow). 
Ch. by 1st m.: Ulysses Cleaveland^ , born Jan. 5, 1865, Elk River, 
Sherburne co., Minn, 

15911 Hattie Laura" Tubbs, b. Oct. 2, 1866, E. R., m. Oct. 
I, 1885, J. W, Bowers, Of Clear Lake, Sherburne co,, Minn., 


1885; William George^, b, Oct. 4, 1868, Elk R.; Myron\ Oct. 5, 
1870, Monticello; Bosabella^, b. June 12, 1872, M., d. M. Feb. 2, 
1882. By 2d m.: Mildoed Susie^ Tubbs, b. Feb. 17, 1883, M. 

William^ Tubbs went to Minn. 1859; was appointed, 1859, one 
of commissioners to organize Isanti co., Minn.; elected ist 
County Auditor, re-elected, resigned 1863, and rem. to Elk River, 
merchant there. Elected, 1865, Auditor of Sherburne co. Rem., 
1870, to Monticello, built and operated a flour mill to 1874; 
elected, 1874, co. Auditor 3 terms. Of M. 1885. 

Florence Adelia Handy m. ist, Excelsior, Hennepin co., 
Minn., Oct. 5, 1870, Albert Phillips Seamens, b. R. I. Mar. 20, 
1846, d. Excels. June 23, 1877, s. Silas A. and Hannah E. (Phil- 
lips). Of Excels., painter. Ch.: Fay Salome Seamens, b. Apr. 
30, 1876, Minneapolis, Minn., died Watertown, Coddington co.. 
Dak., Dec. 15, 1879. 


LUCINDA LURA' CLEVELAND (Morgan Holmes'), m. ist, 

Rensselaer, Ind., Jan. 4, 1866, May berry Gohean Marker, born 
Baltimore, Md., Feb. 28, 1840, only s. of Paul and Isabella (West). 
He was, from June 19, 1861, 4 years in Co. G, 13th Ohio Vol. 
Residence 1885, Carthage, Mo., merchant. She m. 2d, Mr. 
Kurtzebom. She has been an advocate and speaker of the 
Prohibition party for some years, an organizer of the Women's 
Christian Temperance Union in Carthage, and of a Temperance 
School ; contributor, see Bibliography, Chap. IV. Dealer in 
hair goods ; teacher. Ch. byistm.: 

15912 Otto Maf Marker, b. Mar. 25, 1867, Solsberry, Ind., 
of Carthage, telegraph operator. 


LEWIS CASS* CLEVELAND (Morgan Holmes'), m.Linwood, 
Leavenworth co., Kan., Sept. 3, 1876, Irene Attebury, b. Law- 
rence, Kan., Aug. 10, 1858, da. Thomas and Caroline (Anderson), 
telegraph operator and R. R. agt, Silver Lake, Shawnee co., 
Kan. Ch.: Grace", b. June 22, Detroit, Dickinson co.,'Kan., d. 
Rossville, Shawnee co., Kan., Dec. 25, 1878. 


John Warren^ JSardin (Lydia', Aaron», Henry », William*, Henrys, 

josiah^, Mosesi), died Dalton, Mass., Jan. 8, 1858, a. 35, m. Derby, 
Conn., Sept. 20, 1848, Emma Maria Gay, b. Stroud, Gloucester- 
shire, Eng., Jan. 6, d. Hartford, Conn., Oct. 30, 1880, da. James 
and Hesper Keziah (Clutter brook). Of Dalton, farmer and 
school teacher. Ch.: 

159x3 James JVewlan' Bar din, b. Aug. 15, Dalton, m. Mar. 
23, 1881, Mary Elizabeth Albin. Ch.: Howard Gaf Bardin,h. 
Apr. 18; Edna May^" Bar din, June 5. 



NELSON WRIGHT' CLEVELAND (Jonathan Wright', Aaron», 
Henrys, Wm.S Henrys, Josiah=, Mosesi), m Qct. I4, 1844, Emily Smith of 

Alabama, N. Y., she died May, 1856. Went West 1856, to Cal. 
1862. Of Union, Mich., 1878. Ch.: George Washington", b. 
Oct. II, 1846, d. Jan. 11, 1847. 

-I-15914 Nellie Cornelia' Cleveland, born Jan. 18, 1848, 
Oakfield, N. Y. George Washington' (ag.), b. Feb. 28, 1850, 
of N. Y. state 1882; Albert Porter', b. May 14, 1853, of Mich. 
1882; Mary Emily', b, and d. May, 1856, 


m. Newsted, N. Y., July 2, 1843, Mary Jane Smith, b. Pembroke, 
N. Y., Feb. 16, 1828, a da. Ezra and Nancy S. (Durham). Since 
1855 [of Greenville, Mich., 1881], of Spencer, Kent co., Mich., 
1886, farmer. Ch. (17 grandchildren — 15 living 1882): 

15915 Harriet Maria' Cleveland, bom May 23, 1844, 
Pemb., m. Clinton W. Rose, b. Mansfield, Pa., Feb. i, 1841, far- 
mer. Ch.: Soh'\- Charity Ellen^" Rose, b, Nov. 23, 1866, Winfield, 
Ingham co., Mich.; John IVesiey"' Rose, Nov. 17, 1868, Watertown, 
Tuscola CO., Mich.; Bertha Viola^" Rose, Nov. 9, 1870, Wat.; Clin- 
ton Irving^" Rose, Oct. 8, 1872, Cato, Mich.; Ernest Sheldon^" Rose, 
Dec. 4, 1877, Spencer; Minnie Almira^"^ Rose, Apr. 24, 1880, Cato. 

15916 Nancy Abigail", May 6, 1846, Pemb., m. bef. 1882. 
Martha Jane', b. Apr. 29, 1852, Alabama, N. Y., d. Springfield, 
Oakland co., Mich., Apr. 26, 1863. 15917 Mary Ettie', b. July 
29, 1854, Alabama, N. Y., m. bef. 1882. 15918 Frances Emma', 
Jan. 7, 1858, Brandon, Oakland co., Mich., m. bef. 1882. Ella 
Willmattie', Oct. 9, 1862, Springfield, unm. Charles Edgar', 
Jan. 3, 1865, unm. 


LEVI CUTLER' CLEVELAND (Jonathan wnght'), m. [?On- 
ondaga, N. Y.], Jan. i, 1846, Laura A. Bingham, b. Onondaga, 
Jan. 31, 1823, da. Dr. Luther and Nancy (Graves). Ch.: 

15919 Hiram L.', b. Mar. 8, 1847. 15920 Luther H.', 
June 3, 1849; Lydia H.', Mar. 28, 185 1; Mary P.°, Dec. n, 1856; 
Son', June 5, 1858. 

Levi Cutler' Cleveland settled in Pembroke, N. Y., dwelt 
there 1858; of Iowa 1880, farmer. 

Bing-ham ancestry: — Thomas', Thomas* [see +8850, p. 18243; Thomas', b. Dec. 11, 
1667-9, of Norwich, Conn., Windham, Conn., d. Apr. 1, 1710, va. Hannah Backus'; Joseph*, 
m. Ruth Post*; Calvin'; Dr. Luther« Bingham m. Nancy Graves, da. Rufus and Eunice 

Post ancestry :— Stephen^, John" [see +357, p. 232] ; Samuel', b. Mar. 8, 1688, of Nor- 
wich, m. Ruth Lothrop; Ruth* Post m. Joseph Bingham*. 

Backus ancestry: — Williami, William" [see +819, p. 409]; Hannah' Backus va.. Thos. 
Bingham'.— CaK//42«.f' Norwich: Hyde gen.., 1042. 


d. Nov. 16, 1878, a. 53, m. Mar. 17, 1847, Edward C. Porter, born 



Cummington, Mass., Sept. lo, 1820, s. Seth and Polly (Mitchell). 
Ch.: Mary" Porter, b. Oct. 18, 1851, d. Aug. 30, 1855. 

15921 Harriet A ^ Porter, born Dec. 20, 1856, m. June 10, 
1875, Finley L. Smith ; James A.' Porter, b. Jan. 30, 1859; £(i- 
ward Cobb' Porter, July 14, 1861. 

Edward C. Porter, of S. Hadley, Mass., 1882, Haydenville, 
Mass., 1883. 

/'(Jr/^r a«<ri?j^n'.-— Richardi, Weymouth 1635; John'; Samuel', m. Mary Nash'; 
Jacob*, m. Esther Ford, da. Ensign Andrew and Mercy ( Whitmarsh); Seth», m. ist, Mary 
Cobb, da. Capt. Edward ; Seth* Porter m. Polly Mitchell.—/. W. Porter's Porter gen. 

Nash ancestry : — James*, Weymouth 1628, rep.; Jacob*, m. Abigail Dyer; Mary' 
Nash m. Samuel Porter'. 


JONATHAN ALLEN' CLEVELAND (Jonathan Wright^), m. 
Pembroke, N. Y., Jan. 12, i860, Martha Sarah Mosher, b. Evans, 
N. Y., May 11, 1839, da. Joshua and Mary (Ballon). Of Pem- 
broke, 1878, Waterloo, la., 1883. Ch.: 15922 Alma Orilla", b. 
Dec. 25, i860, Londonville, la. 15923 Nelson Wright", Jan. 10, 
1863, L.; WiLBER Wright" Cleveland, Apr. 30, 1865, Straw- 
berry Pt., la. 


WILLIAM HENRY' CLEVELAND (Jonathan wrightT), m. 
Pembroke, N. Y., Apr. 26, 1859, Lydia Jane Peck, b. P. Mar. 6, 
1839, da. William and Celinda (Ryckman). Of E. Pembroke, 
1883, farmer, Ch, b. JJ. P., all unm. and 1. home 1883 ; 

15924 Octavia Abigail', Dec. 20, 1861; Nellie Aurelia', 
Apr. 15, 1863; Effie', May 14, 1865; William Nelson", Mar, 20, 
1867; George Austin", Mar, 15, 1869; James Hesten", Dec. 30, 
1871; Mary Adaline", Jan. i, 1873; Albert Ernest", Nov. 2, 
1876; Edith May" Cleveland, Oct. 6, 1879. 


GEORGE LUCIAN' CLEVELAND (Cyrus', Aaron», Henry, 
William*, Henrys, Josiahs.Mosesi), b. DaltOn, MaSS., Oct. 12, 1 82 7, m. D. 

Sept. 21, 1851, Martha Aurelia Tower, born Washington, Mass., 
July 21, i8s9, da. Laban and Patty Barnes (Johnson). Children 
b. Dalton : 

15925 Emma Gridley" Cleveland, b. Aug. ii, 1852, m. 
D. Mar. 17, 1875, Homer Hudson Bicknell, b. Windsor, July 3, 
s. Ephraim and Eunice (Rhodes). Of Dalton (1896-7), book- 
keeper. Ch. b. Dalton : Martha Carlotta^^ Bicknell, Aug. 15, 1876; 
Mertice Ethel^" Bicknell, July i, 1878; George Cleveland'"^ Bicknell, 
Dec. 23, 1880; Kate Rhodes^" Bicknell, Nov. 27, 1882, 

15926 LiBBiE Tower" Cleveland, b. July 15, 1854, m. D. 
May 16, i888, as 2d w., James Frank Leslie. (He m. ist, Mary 
Johnson" Cleveland -|- 159 2 7.) Of Pittsfield, Mass., insurance 
agt. Ch.: Mary Cleveland^" Leslie, b. Apr. i, 1890, Dalton, d. D. 
Aug. 23, 1892; James Franklyn^" Leslie, Nov. 7, 1891, D.; Elizabeth 
Gilbert^" Leslie, Dec. 25, 1895, Pittsfield. 

15927 Mary Johnson" Cleveland, b. May 3, 1858, died 
Worthington, Mass., Feb 6, 1886, m. Dalton, Feb. 5, 1883, as ist 
w., James Frank Leslie, b. Worthington, Mass., Apr. 25, i860, s. 



James R. and Betsey S. (Cross). (He m. 2d, Libbie Tower' 
Cleveland +15926.) Ch.: EdiW Leslie, b. and d. West Worth- 
ington, Mass., Jan. 29, 1886. 

Hattie Bell' Cleveland, born Aug. 31, i860, m. 
Dalton, May 12, 1885, Charles Sabin Galusha, b. Williamstown, 
Mass., Sept. 6, s. Daniel Brown and Clarissa Adelaide (Prindle). 
Of Windsor, Mass., farmer. Ch.: Charles SabM" Galusha, born 
Aug. 16, 1888, Williamstown; Martha Miranda^" Galusha, b. Wil- 
liamst.; Clara Eliza '^ Galusha, b. Williamst.; George Cleveland^" 
Galusha, b. Dalton ; Donald Bryant^'' Galusha, b. Windsor; Doro- 
thy Edith^" Galusha, b. Mar. 16, 1896, Windsor. George Wesley", 
b. Feb. 22, 1864, d. Dalton, Apr. 14, 1865. 

+15928 Egbert Cyrus* Cleveland, b. Aug. 6, 1865. 

George Lucian* Cleveland, residence Dalton (1876-96,) 
lumberman, proprietor of saw mill, and farmer. 

Johnson ancestry .-—l/loody^ [see +69iOt P- 1640]; Patty Barnes^ Johnson m. Laban 


HOWLET CYRUS" CLEVELAND (cyms^, m. Hinsdale, 
Mass., Sept. 8, 1857, Augusta Ann Meacham, bom Peru, Mass., 
May 16, 1830, da. Ambrose and Electa (Thompson), of Middle- 
field, Mass. Residence Dalton, Mass., 1882, Windsor, Mass., 
1885-97, farmer. Ch. b, Windsor, Mass.: 

Frank Howlet* Cleveland, b. Apr. 13, i860, m. 
Windsor, Aug. 19, 1885, Alice Miranda Francis, b. W. June 26, 
1862, da. William P. and Mary M. (Spencer). Of Dalton, paper 
maker, s. p. 

+ 15929 George Ambrose" Cleveland, b. Mar. 9, 1862. 

+15930 Ernest Wilford* Cleveland, b. Feb. 28, 1867. 


MARY ELIZABETH^ CLEVELAND (cyrus^), d. Pittsfield, 
Mass., Aug. 22, 1855, a. 22, m. Dalton, Mass., Jan. 5, 1852, as ist 
w., Lorenzo Henry, b. Stoddard, N. H.,.Aug. 9, 1825, d. Pitts- 
field, Nov. 23, 1895, a s. John and Roxanna(Parmenter). (He 
m. 2d, see below.) Ch.: /ohn Cleveland^ Henry, b. Mar. 6, P., d. 
P., Oct. 28, 1853. 

Lorenzo Henry, residence from 1855 Pittsfield, paper dealer. 
He m. 2d, P. Nov. 6, 1856, Lydia Esther Hubbard, b. P. May 
23, 1835, da. Enoch and Marietta (Tracy). Ch. b. Pittsfield: i, 
Charles Lorenzo Henry, b. Mar. 17, 1858. 2. Marietta Harriet 
Henry, Feb. 10, 1861, m. David Johnson. 3. Carrie Esther 
Henry, b. Oct. 27, 1862, d. P. July 20, 1863. 4. Minnie E. Henry, 
b. May 23, d. P. Aug. 10, 1864. 5. Carolyn Alida Henry, b. Feb. 
7, d. P. July 25, 1866. 6. Ernest Livingston Henry, b. Aug. 27, 
1868, m. Minnie E. Lyon. 7. Stanley Roscoe Henry, b. Sept. 9, 
1872, m. Ellen Geneva Pratt. 



Henrys, William*, Henrys, Josiah", Mosesi), married at Dalton, MasS., Apr. 


24, 1854, Harvey Isaac Henry, b. Stoddard, N. H., Mar. 22, 1831, 
a son of John and Roxanna (Parmenter). Children : 

15931 Anna Elizabeth' Henry, b. Feb. 2, 1855, Falls Village, 
Conn., m. Pittsfield, Mass., Nov. 22, 1877, William Lyman White, 
b. Colerain, Mass., Mar. 31, s. Stephen and Almira (Halladay). 
Residence (1896-7), North Adams, Mass., shoemaker. Ch.: 
Henry Halladay^'^ White, b. Jan. i, 1880, Pittsfield; Harvey Grid- 
lef White, Aug. 30, 1889, P.; Aira Millicent'" White, Sept. 19, 
1892, N. Adams. 

15932 Cyrus Cleveland' Henry, b. Apr. 15, 1859, Pittsfield, 
m. Elizabeth, N. J., June 15, 1861, Annie Margaret Ewan, b. 
Jersey City, N. J., June 15, r86i, da. William and Barbara Mc- 
Indoe (Crawford). Residence, Pittsfield, wholesale merchant. 
Ch. b. Pittsfield : Annie Margaret^" Henry, Feb. 15, 1886; Jeannie 
Clarissa^" Henry, Apr. 7, 1889; William Ewan^" Henry, Sept. 18, 
1892 ; Cyrus Alexander'^'' Henry, Mar. 26, 1895. 

15933 Harvey Earl" Henry, b. Nov. 22, 1864, Pittsfield, m. 
P. Jan. 5, 1890, Ardella Jane Pulver, b. Valatie, N. Y., Jan. 16, 
1867, da. David Cashing and Mary Jeanette (Liteer). Resi- 
dence, Pittsfield, box-maker. Ch. b. Pittsfield : Earl Pulver^" 
Henry, b. Jan. 18, d. P. Aug. 16,. 1892 ; Rodman Cleveland^" Henry, 
b. July 16, 1896. 

15934 Wellington KirJ^ Henry, b. May 4, 1868, Pittsfield, 
m. Albany, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1887, Annie Ruth Butler, b. Pitts- 
field, Jan. 30, 1868, da. James Henry and Frances Elizabeth 
(Renne). Residence, Pittsfield, foreman. Ch. b. Pittsfield : 
Ruth Lydia^" Henry, Feb. 2,4, 1888; Richard Kirk^" Henry, July 17, 
1889 ; Frances Elizabeth^" Ilenry, May 28, 1894. 

Mr. Harvey Isaac Henry, residence from 1854 at Lunen- 
burg, Canaan, Conn., and Falls Village to 1858, since at Pitts- 
field ; for many years a hardware merchant, retiring from ac- 
tive business some years since (1897). Mr. Henry is a sub- 
scriber for this Genealogy. 


MILLICENT COLT' CLEVELAND (cyrus^), m. Dalton, 
Mass., Mar. 29, i86o, Theodore Rodney Glentz, b. Pittsfield, 
Mass., Aug. 14, 1834, son of George Frederick and Annie Louisa 
(Robbins). Children b. Pittsfield : 

15935 Bessie Gridley" Glentz, b. Aug. 6, 1866, m. Maryville, 
Nodaway co., Mo., Apr. 13, 1882, Fred Lewis Cheney, b. Lee, 
Mass., Jan. 6, i860, s. of George Washington and Hannah 
(Beach). Residence, Pittsfield (1896-7), book-keeper. Ch. : 
Harry Glentz^" Cheney, b. July 14, 1883, Omaha, Neb.; Lewis 
Beach^" Cheney, Oct. 4, 1884, Omaha ; Rodney Keith^" Cheney, May 
2, 1890, Pittsfield. Olin Theodore'' Glentz, b. Oct. 25, 1869, d. P. 
Nov. 22, 1886 ; Harvey Cleveland" Glentz, b. May 6, 1873. 

Mr. Theodore Rodney Glentz, residence Pittsfield, Mass. 
(1897), builder and contractor. 


ANSON GRIDLEY' CLEVELAND (cyrus^), m. Manches- 
ter, Conn., or la., Oct. 3, 1863, Ellen Sophia Babcock, b. Leba- 



non, Conn., Mar. 11, 1841, da. William and Lucy Olivia (Perkins). 
Of Hamburg-, la., stock raiser, 1883; Hubbell, Thayer co.. Neb., 
1896-7. Ch, b, Hamburg : 

+ 15936 William Cyrus^ Cleveland, b. November 4, 1868. 
MiLLiCENT Clarissa" Cleveland, b. Sept. 20, 1871, 
m. Rev. Orrin Forrest Cheseboro. Of Moorefield, Frontier co., 
Neb., M. E. clergyman. Ch.: Forrest Wesley^" Cheseboro ; Ray 
Wellington^'' Cheseboro. George Henry" Cleveland, b. May 3, 
1874; Lucy May" Cleveland, May 3, 1878; Anson Gridley* 
Cleveland, Dec. 11, 1880. 


LYDIA MATILDA' CLEVELAND (Aaron Schuyler^), m. ISt, 

Akron, O., Sept. 3, 185 1, Spencer Benjamin Stephens, b. Akron, 
Nov. 10, 1828, s. John White; of Akron, merch., divorced Apr. 13, 
1857. She m. 2d, Akron, Nov. 26, 1857, Frederick Merrick Kil- 
bourne, b. Atwater, O., Mar. 20, 1833, only s. Timothy E. and 
Louisa (Baldwin). Ch. by ist m,: John White'' Stephens, b. June 
25, 185 2, d. June 16, 1854 ; 2dm.: s. p. 

Frederick Merrick Kilbourne, of Hudson, O., to 1865, since 
Lakeville, Minn., 1884, fruit cultivator, 

Baldwin ancestry : — Richard', Richd.', Richd.', Joseph* [see + 24821 p- 932] ; Jona- 
than», b. rec. New Haven, Conn., Feb. 15, i64q, m. Hannah Ward'; Ezra', m. Ruth ; 
AbieF, m. Mehitable Johnson, da. Dea. Benjamin and Eunice of Durham, Middlesex co.. 
Conn.; Jonathan^, m. ist. Submit Lord, b. Sept., 1764, da. Christopher and Patience of 
Say brook. Conn.; Louisa" Baldwin, m. Timothy E. Kilbourne. — Baldwin g-en. 

Ward ancestry : ', prob. of Rutland co., Bng., m. Joyce , she d. Feb., 

1641, widow Joyce Ward, names in will Nov. 15, 1640, children : [prob. brought by her fr. 
Rutland CO.] Anthony*, Robert", all of Wethersfield, Conn., and William^, of Middle- 
town, Conn. Her son: John", Branford, Conn., rep., signer of new ^lanta. cov. Jan., 
1668, rem. soon to N. J., m. Sarah ; Hannah' Ward m. Jonathan Baldwin*. 



ler', Aaron*, HenryS, William*, HenryS, Josiah", Moses'), m. ChilllCOthe, O., 

Mar. 25, 1858, Sarah Elizabeth Smith, b. C. May, 1839, a da. 
Otho Daniel and Elizabeth (Glentzer). Resided at Chillicothe ; 
of Bradford, Pa., 1885-90, hotel proprietor, merchant. Ch. : 2^ 
Infants', d. y. 

4-15937 William Schuyler" Cleveland, b. Mar. 31, i860, 
Chillicothe, O. 

15938 Charles Edward' Cleveland, b. July 23, 1864, C, 
of Chillicothe, unm., business manager 1885-90 of W. S." Cleve- 
land's minstrels. 


LODEMA PEIRCE" CLEVELAND (Aaron Schuyler^), d. 

Hastings, Minn,, May 10, 1875, s- 37? ^^- Hudson, O., Aug. i, 
1859, Martin Ellsworth, s. Phylander and Caroline (Oviat). Of 
Hudson 1885, farmer. Ch. b. Hudson : 

15939 William Orson" Ellsworth, b. Aug. 9, i860, m. May 
14, 1885, Rose Reeve. 

15940 Emma May^ Ellsworth, b. Jan. 6, 1864, m. Nov. 12, 
1879, Myron Westley Dewey, b. Stow, O., July 16, 1855, s. Lo- 
renzo and Belinda (Myers). Of Hudson. Ch.: Ethel Lodema^^ 
Dewey, b. Mays, 1883, H. Clyde Ransom" Ellsworth, Dec. 25, 1867. 



JLe JRoy^ Holder (Ann rosbt, warren«), d. Niagara Falls, N. 
Y., Dec. 27, 1864, a. 32, m. N. F. or Rochester, N. Y., Nov., 1858, 
Margaret McFraquhar, b. Inverness, Scotland, da. Duncan 
and Bella (Fraser), engineer. Ch.: 

15941 Frank Wood" Holder, b. May 28, 1859, N. Falls or 
Batavia, N. Y^m. Chicago, 111., Jan. i, 1881, Mary Agnes Nagle, 
b. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 6, 1859, da. Joseph and Margaret (Scott). 
Of B. 1885, Ch. b. Chicago : Margarette Isabella^" Holder, Nov. 
22, 1881 ; Le Roy Warren^", Jan. 27, 1882. 


Tryphena Blanche' JSolder (Ann Rose'), m. at George 
Messenger's plantation, "Basconham," Warren co., Miss., June 
3, 1856, Dr. Daniel Raymond Fox, b. Pinkneyville, Wilkinson 
CO,, Miss., Oct. 14, 1823, s. Rev. James Angel and Sarah (Otis). 
Grad. University Medical Coll., New Orleans, La., 1845 ; many 
years practicing physician in Plaquemines Parish, La. ; of 
Jesuits' Bend, Plaquemines co., La., 1886. Ch.: 

15942 Fanny Otis' Fox, b. Sept. 14, 1857, Plaquemines P., 
m, Jesuits' B. Nov. 20, 1883, Louis Bartholomew Benecke, b. 
N. Orleans, July 8, 1854, s. William. Of Jesuits B, Ch.: Louis 
Raymond"^" Benecke, b. Dec. 21, 1884, J. B. Son^, b. Jan, 20, Plaq. 
Par., d. Jesuits' B. Feb. 3, i860 ; Ann, Hose" Fox, b. July 12, 1861, 
Plaq. P., d. Warren co., Miss., 1863; George Randolph", b, Sept. i, 
1863, De Soto, Clarke co,, Miss,; Frank Coleman*, Jan. 15, 1867, 
Plaq. P.; Blanche Cleveland", Oct. 4, 18.68, P. P.; John Angel", Dec. 
17, 1870, P. P.; Emma Catharine", Mar. 20, 1875, P. P. ; James 
Torrf Fox, Feb. 22, 1878, P, P. 


ELLA REBECCA" CLEVELAND (Henry warren"), m. spring 
Lake, Mich., Sept. 10, 1873, Benjamin Hopkins Bartow, b. Lyons, 
Ionia CO., Mich., Mar. 12, 1852, son of Henry and Maria Catharine 
(Hopkins). C. b. Portland, Ionia co., Mich.: 15943 Beatrice Ella" 
Bartow, Oct. 13, 1878 -, Lee Henry^ Bartow, May 3, 1888. 

Mr. Benjamin Hopkins Bartow grad. Albion Coll., Albion, 
Mich., 187 1, and from Albion Coll. Law School was admitted to 
the bar at Ionia, Mich., Feb., 1873 \ has always lived in Ionia 
CO., residence still in Portland 1897, attorney-at-law. 


GEORGE EDGAR' CLEVELAND (Henry warren'), unm., 
residence, Tacoma, Washington, 1893-7. State Agent of Home 
Life Insurance co., of New York, N. Y, 


GUY LOREN' CLEVELAND (Henfy Warren', Henry', Henry*, 

William*, Henrys, josiah», Mosesi), unm., residence Still at Nuuica, 
Mich., 1897, druggist. Mr. Cleveland is a subscriber for this 
• Genealogy. 



WILLIAM WALLACE" CLEVELAND (wniiam m.'. wm.«, 

Henrys, Wm.'«, Henrys, Josiah^, Mosesi), died Lanesboro, MaSS., July 16, 

1881, a. 29, m. Hawley, Mass., May 2, 1875, Julia Ann Hawkes, 
b. H. Jan. 14, 1859, da. Levi and Ann (Fuller), lived Pittsfield, 
Mass., 1877. Ch.: Ettie May", b. May 7, Lanesboro, d. Sept. 5, 


Marion /Sophia^ Russell {jason Cleveland'' Rtesseii), married 
Ripon, Wis., Apr. 3, i860, Dr. John Henry Callender, of An- 
thony, Harper co., Kan., 1883?' Ch.: 

15944 Charles^ Callender, M.D., b. Ripon ; Frank^, b. R., 
farmer ; Edwin RusselP Calender, b. R., newspaper man, printer ; 
William', h. R.; Maybell',h. Anthony; Harrie^ Callender, \t. A. 


ALVAH KITTREDGE' CLEVELAND (wm. k.', Aivah*, wm.», 
"Wm.*, Henry', josiah«), m. Pittsfield, Mass., Feb. 13, 1879, Amy Eliz- 
abeth Neate, b. Stroud, Gloucestershire, Eng., Oct. 6, 1859, da. 
Samuel and Mary Ann (Hemming). Of Dalton, Mass., 1886, 
farmer. Ch. born D.: 15945 Elizabeth May", Aug. 22, 1880; 
Ruby Barker', Sept. 9, 1882. 


THOMAS RUSSEL' CLEVELAND (charles^ wm. w.«. wm.», 
wm.«, Henry*, josiah"), killed by powder explosion, North San Juan, 
Nevada county, Cal,, Sept. 19, 1883, a, 28, m. Nevada City, Cal., 
Dec. 23, 1878, Martha Jane Moody, b. Spenceville, Nevada co., 
Cal., July 26, 1861, da. Isaiah and Susan (Miles). Farmer. Was 
hauling the powder on a wagon, see account : Nevada Daily 
Transcript, Sept. 21, 1883. Ch. b. Nevada C: 15946 Earl Leroy', 
Sept. 6, 1879; Clarence Edwin', May 18, 1881. 


ABEL LUTHER" CLEVELAND (Luther D.^ Jedediah', Jed.», 

Wm.*, Henrys, josiahs, Moses'), m. Sadie E. Landis, b. RccdviUe, Pa., 
Sept, 2 2, 1848. Of Randolph, N. Y., 1884. Ch.: Eli as Landis", 
b. May i, 1867, Urbana, O.; Mary M.', Sept. 23, 1869, U.; Bir- 
die A.', Sept. 17, 1875, Salamanca, N. Y, 


Lucinda Melvina^ Clarh (Emeline Lucy^, Merrell», Jedediah=, 

William*, Henrys, josiaha), m. Uuion Grove, Wis., Nov. 1 5, 1865, Orin 
Moe, b. Ridgefield, Lorain co., O., Mar. 16, 1S43, son of Edwin 
and Mehitabel (Case). Residence Burlington, Racine co., Wis. 
(1897), livery proprietor. Ch.: Linnie Emeline' Moe, b. Dec. 17, 
1866, Dover, Buchanan co., la.; Alan Stiles' Moe, Dec. 11, 1868, 
Hazelton, la.; Clifford Orin' Moe, Oct. 31, 1870, H.; Zelia Lyle' 


Moe, July 7, 1872, H.; Edwin Nathan^ Moe, July 15, 1876, H.; 
Roy S^ and Ray W Moe, Mar. 27, 1880, H.; Eltvyn Clark^ Moe, 
Jan. 7, 1884, H. 


Lucy Ann Hepsibeth^ Clark (EmeiineLucy'), d. at Union 
Grove, Wis., Oct. 3, 1869, a. 21, m. Union G. Nov. i, 1866, Leon- 
ard Alcott Brush, b. La Porte, Lorain co., O., Apr., 1841, son of 
Charles and Permelia (Alcott). Res. Hazelton, la., farmer. 
Ch.: Lucy May Brush, b. Jan. 25, 1868, Union G., d. there Sept. 
2, 1891. 


Wallace Cleaveland^ Clark (EmelmeLucyT,Merrell«,Jedediah», 

William*, Henry*, josiaw, Mosesi), m. at Rochester, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1884, 
Louise Catherine Werner, b. Rochester Nov. 27, 1868, daughter 
of George and Dorothy (Breber) Werner, s. p. 

Dr. Wallace Cleaveland* Clark grad. University City of New- 
York, N. Y., 1 891, Chicago (111.) Medical College 1892, studied 
medicine at Rush Medical and Cook county hospital. Resi- 
dence Chicago i89'7, homeopathic physician. Dr. Clark is a 
subscriber for this Genealogy. 



Merrell*, Jedediah*. William*, Henry', Josiahs, Mosesi), m. at Chicago, 111.^ 

May 15, 1883, Minnie Frances Gay, b. in Lake co., 111., Apr. ii, 
1862, da. of John Henry and Mary Etta Orphaette (Hanks) 
Gay. Residence Norwood Park, 111. (1897). Financial secre- 
tary in Chicago. Children b. Norwood Park : 

15947 Geneva Lillian Gay° Cleaveland, b. Oct. 7, 1885. 
Harold Haskins' Cleaveland, b. May 29, 1888. 



Merrell«, Jedediah", William*, Henrys, Josiaha), m. at NorwOod Park, 111., 

July 24, 1890, Ama Louise Drake, b. Chicago, 111., Sept. 12, 1865, 
da. of Alexander and Elizabeth (Naylor) Drake. Residence 
Norwood Park (1897), clerk and accountant in Chicago, 111. 
Children b. Norwood Park : 

15948 Herbert Merrell" Cleaveland, b. May 15, 1891. 
Hellen Margarete* Cleaveland, b. July 9, 1893. 


erson p.'', Sumner»,Jedediah6, Wm.*,Henry3, josiah"), m. Lina Olman. Of 
Chicago, 111., 1881-91, joiner. Ch.: Grace Maud", born Oct. i^ 
1877, Aurora, 111.; Lettie Elvira' Cleaveland, June 7, 1880, 
New Albany, Ind. 



David Prentice^ IthOadeS {Sumner> Rhoades, Electa', Nehemiahe, 
Neh.*, Henrys, Josiah", Mosesi), m. Chicopee Falls, MaSS., Oct. 28, 1 874, 

Isabella Carter, b. C. F. Nov. 8, 1849, ^ d^,. Timothy Walker and 
Eliza Harriette (Bayley). Ch.: Mabel Carter^, b. Nov. 12, 1875, 
Geddes, N. Y.; Sumner^ Rhoades, Jan. 30, 1881, Syracuse, N. Y. 
David Prentice* Rhoades res. Syracuse 1889, commercial trav- 
eler. Isabella Carter grad. Vassar Coll. 1868, A.M. 1872. 

Carter ancestry : — Thomasi [see +10171, p. 1867]; Timothy*, m. Anna Fiske' ; Ben- 
jamin', m. Sarah Stone ; Timothy*, m. Sarah Walker ; Elias", Chicopee Falls, m. Eudo- 
cia Lyon, b. Holland, Mass., da. Col. Alfred ; Hon. Timothy Walker* Carter, state sena- 
tor, m. Harriette Bayley ffor Bayley ancestry, address John Charles March Bayley, New- 
bur yport, Mass.] — Sewell's Woburn, 124: Genealogical Record, by Mary Prentice 
Rhoades, 1884. 

Fiske ancestry —"Brora. N. E. H. G. Reg., IV: /&— Candler manuscript in the Brit- 
ish Museum. Robert*, m. Mrs. Sybil (Gold) Barber, relict of Barber ; JeflEery*, m. Cooke; 
David', who went with his father to New England, m. Sarah Smith. It would seem is 
identical with following ment. by Savage : David', of Watertown, Mass., 1637, freeman 
Mar., 1638, will Sept. 10, 1660, pro. Jan. 22, 1662, m. Sarah Smith, da. of Edmund Smith of 
Wrentham, co. Suffolk, Eng.; Lt. David*, b. Eng. about 1623, of Cambridge Farms, now 
Lexington, Mass., freeman 1647, rep. in courts 1689-90, d. Feb. 14, 1711, m. 2d, Sept. 6, 1655, 
Seaborne, or Sarah Wilson, da. Theopilus and Elizabeth of Ipswich, Mass. ; Anna' Fiske, 
married Timothy Carter'. 


Wary Ann^ Saker (Bertha Aimira'), m. North Bloomfield, 
O., July 2, 1848, Luther D wight Crail, b. Palmyra, Portage co., 
O., Sept. 2, 1821, d. Warren, O., Feb. 5, 1861, s. Joseph La Selle 
and Keturah (Van Gordor). Ch. b. Warren : Mary Elizabetf^ 
Crail, b. July, 1849, d. W. July, 1850 ; Lutherd? Crail., b. Mar. 22, 
i86i, unm. (1896). 

Luther Dwight Crail of Warren, O., lumber business. 

Crail ancestry : — Arms {^GoiX'axi.di). Gu. on a bend ar. 3 hearts of the field. . . . 
John* ; Joseph La Selle' Crail, of Palmyra, C, m. Keturah Van Gordor. 


Caroline W^ SaTcer (Bertha Aimira^), d. Sharon, Pa., Apr. 
30, 1884, a. 52, m. Warren, O., Mar. 28, 1854, Joseph McClury, b. 
Hubbard, Trumbull co., O,, Mar. 25, 1823, s. George and Mary 
•(Beggo). Ch. b. Sharon : Charles J? McClury, Jan, 7, 1855, unm. 
1896 ; Jessie A* McClury, b. Feb. 6, 1859, unm. 

Joseph McClury, residence Sharon, Pa., farmer. 

McClury aMc«/ry.-—Johni, Scotch-Irish; George" McClury, of Hubbard, C, mar- 
ried Mary Beggo, da. Joseph, Scotch-Irish. 


Francis JProctor' JBaker (Bertha Aimira^), married Bea- 
trice, Neb., Aug. 21, 1864, Maria J. Artist, b. Westmoreland co., 
Pa., Nov. 22, 1845. Of Chagrin Falls, O., 1881, De Witt, Saline 
CO., Neb., 1896, farmer. Ch. b. Saline co.: Ida M.' Baker, horn 
Sept. I, 1865, m. Jesse Woods ; Ross'' Baker, born Apr. 8, 1867, 
m. Maggie Lattell. , 


JElizaheth SuntingtOn^ Baker (Bertha Almiraf, Willard*, Am- 
asa«, Nehemiah*, Henry', Josiah», Mosesi), m. Warren, O., NoV. 20, 1856, 

Alfred Adams, b. Warren, O., Feb. 6, 1833, son of Asahel and 


Lucy (Mygatt). Children : Fitch Mygatt^ Adams, b. Oct. 31, 
1857, Laporte, Ind., d. Chagrin Falls, O., Feb. 17, 1891, m. Ella 
A. Evans ; Julia EsteJ)" Adams, b. Oct. 10, 1864, Cleveland, O., 
m. Frank T. Barman ; Bertha Elizabeth" Adams, b. June 3, 1866, 
Cleveland, O., m. Charles Henry Wellman ; Alfred Henry' Ad- 
ams, b. June 5, 1870, Chagrin Falls, O., m. Florence Sylvia Fire- 
stone ; Elizabeth Huntington^, b. Jan. 11, 187 1, C. F., d. C. F. Aug. 
10, 1872. 

William Whittlesey* Adams, born Feb. 9, 1874, Cleve- 
land, O., m. Laura Evelyn Beamish, 

Mr. Alfred Adams, residence formerly at Chagrin Falls, 
1895-6 Cleveland, O., manufacturer ; and of Adams, Jewett & 
Co. [Alfred Adams, Estate of Fitch Adams], manufacturers of 
paper, cotton, and jute flour sacks, and exporters, Cleveland, O., 
and office in New York. 

Adams ancestry .• — Johni ; James' ; Richard' [see +722, p. 384] ; William* ; Phineas" ; 
Asahel', of Girard, C, m. Lucy Avery ; AsaheU Adams, m. Lucy Mygatt, da. Comfort 
S. and Lucy (Knapp). 


EDWARD WARNER" CLEAVELAND (osbom waies', waido«, 

Amasa», Nehemiah*, Henrys, Josiaha, Moses"), m. ist, Oxford, O., Oct. I, 

187 1, Clara Miller, b. Sixteen Mile, Hamilton co., O., June 19, 
1853, d. Contreras, Butler co., O., Oct. 16, 1879, da. Daniel Elli- 
ott and Johanna (Rail). He m. 2d, College Corner, Butler co.,. 
0., Oct. 20, 1 881, Alice Rebecca Stewart, da. Samuel Wilson 
and Mary Jane (Stewart). Of College Corner, 1883. Ch. by ist 
m.: 15949 WiNFiELD Miller* Cleaveland, b. July 7, 1872, Ox- 
ford ; Arthur Waldo' Cleaveland, Oct. 15, 1874, Ox.; Hattie 
LucELLE^ Cleaveland, Dec. 9, 1887, Bath tp., Franklin co.,Ind. 


Jktavy Anfia' Hoelmafl (Theodotia Niles^.^Waldo', Amasa=, Nehe- 
miahS Henrys, Josiaha, Moses»), m. Chicago, 111., Sept. 1 9, 1 87 2, GcOrge 

Woodward Haskell, b. Toledo, O., Mar. 24, 1844, s. of Edward 
and Charlotte (Williams). Children : 

15950 Georgina Lucile* Haskell, born Apr. 23, 1875, Evans- 
ton, 111. 

Hazel" Haskell, b. July 16, 1880, Chicago, 111. 

Sidney Cleaveland^ Haskell, b. June 21, 1887, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Jessica Theodotia" Haskell, b. Sept. 19, 1889, Chicago, 

Mr. George Woodward Haskell, residence, Chicago, 111., 
1872-95 ; foreign buyer for Marshall, Field & Co., merchants, 
Chicago, is residing in Dresden, Saxony, Germany (1895). 

Mrs. Mary Aniia^ {Bodnian) Haskell is a member of the Soci- 
ety of the Daughters of the American Revolution, notified of 
admission from Washington, D. C. Mrs. Haskell is a subscriber 
for this Genealogy. 

Haskell {Hascall) ancestry : —'iAbtz^, bom about 1746, of Rochester, Mass., later of 
Windsor, Conn., d. Sept. 4, 1816, a. 70, m. Nov. 19, 1769, Elizabeth Bissell* of W., b. Feb. 
7, 1747-8; d. July 8, 1833, a. 85 ; Eli Bissell", b. Oct. 17, 1778, m. ist, Sophia Bissell, both of 
East Windsor, Conn.; Edward* Haskell, b. May 8, 1813, of Toledo, C, married Charlotte 



Williams ancestry : * Williams, of the Williams family of Middletown, Conn., 

m. Miss Paget, of the noble Paget family in England, who and her son lived on Bermuda 
Island; Benjamin'", of Bermuda I.; Charles^, m. Emma Plum, da. of Col. Plum, of the 
Plum family of Middletown, a soldier of the Revolution ; Charlotte* Williams, m. Ed- 
■ward Haskell'. 

Bissell ancestry : — John', b. Somersetshire, Eng., 1590, came (according to tradition, 
with a brother Thomas) from Somersetshire to Plyinouth, Mass., 1628, and was of Wind- 
sor, Conn., 1635, received the monopoly of the Scantic ferry, Windsor, 1640, was the first 
settler on the east side of Conn. River, enlisted troops for Windsor 1657-8, d. W. Oct. 3, 
1677, ^- 861 his wife came to America with him, she died Windsor May 21, 1641 ; John^, b. 
Eng., m. Izrel, or Isabel Mason, da. Capt. John and Anne (Peck) ; Daniel^, bom Sept. 29, 
1663, m. Margaret Dewey, b. Jan. 10, 1674, da. of Tedediah and Sarah ; Daniel*, m. Jeru- 
sha Fitch* [see +66, p. 84] ; Daniel', m. Elizabeth Newberry' ; Elizabeth* Bissell, m. Jabez 

Newberry ancestry : — 'Xii^oraas^ ; Benjamin"; Benjamin' ; Roger* [see +8855, page 
1827] ; Elizabeth' Newberry, m. Daniel Bissell'. 


WILLIAM WALDO' CLE AVEL AND (Edward Eve^ett^ Waldo', 
Amasa', Nehemiah*, Henrys, Josiaha, Moses'), m. Jacksonville, Fla., Aug. 2 2, 

1883, Minnie Beall Lockhart, b. Columbus, Ga., Feb. 19, 1864, da. 
Robert Beall and Emma Jane (Rankin). Ch.: 15951 William 
Waldo" Cleaveland, b. Apr. 6, 1886, Jacksonv. 

Mr. William Waldo" Cleaveland, residence Lake City, Fla., 
to 1879, since at Jacksonville; of the firm Cleveland [E. E.] & 
Son, wholesale furniture and carpets from 1883, etc. ; Sec'y 
and Treas. Jacksonville Furniture Co. [E. E. Cleveland, Pres.], 
1886, etc. 


HARRY EDWARD^ CLEAVELAND (Edward Everett^), m. 

Jacksonville, Fla., Nov. 17, 1885, Annie Laura Lumpkins, born 
Georgetown, Scott co., Ky., Jan. 18, 1869, da. George Franklin 
and Adelaide Victoria (McCormick). Of Palatka, Putnam co., 
Fla., merchant. Ch. : 18952 Hazel Beale' Cleaveland, b. July 
12, 1884 ;' William Waldo*, Apr. 6, 1886. 


CLARK BENNETT' CLEVELAND (wiUiamv, George', Ezekiel', 

Simon* [?curtices, Isaac", Mosesi]), m. Gilroy, Cal., Nov. 24, 1 880, Minnie 
Elizabeth Hancock, born Sept. 13, 1854, a da. John and Mary 
Frances (Shaen), related to Gen. Winfi eld Scott Hancock; came 
to California with his father. Of San Francisco, Cal., 1885, '89, 
plumber, carp. Ch. : 15953 Albert George', born Dec. 3, 1881 ; 
Gertrux>e Bennett*, Mar. 14, 1883; Milton' Cleveland, Apr. 
7, 1885. 


WILLIAM*' CLEVELAND (william', George', Ezekiel', Simon*), m. 

Mary F. Removed from Utica and Rome, N. Y., i860, to Cal., 
of Lewis Creek, Peach Tree P. O., Monterey county, Cal., 1885. 
Ch. : 15954 Lewis" Cleveland. 



George', Ezekiel', Simon*, [? Curtice', Isaac", Mosesi]), m. LockpOrt, 111., May 

21, 1873, Mary Murray, born Lemont, 111., Dec. 23, 1855, a da. 



Patrick and Honorah (Sullivan). Of Chicago, 111., 1883-95, 
teamster. Ch. : 15955 George Clinton', b. March 22,' 1874; 
Spencer Carleton', Apr. 21, 1878; Mary Mabel", July 22, 
1883, C. 


CHARLES HENRY' CLEVELAND (GeorgeMsaac V.», Win.». 

Simon*), tn. Jan. 30, 1878, Bertha Ann Cook, b. Dec. 23, 1858. Ch.: 
15956 John Albert Hawley', b. Nov. 15, 1878. 


JatneS Worden^ Hatch {joelFUcK' Hatch, Rlwda^ sixty, Priscillas, 

Simon*), m. ist, Mexico, N. Y., Aug. 29, 1862, Polly Mary Ladd, 
b. Clay, Onondaga cc, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1844, d. Bernhard's Bay, 
N. Y., May 23, 1866, da. Ira and Lucilla (Fancher). He m. 2d, 
Big Rock, 111., Nov. 17, 1875, Annie Maria'' Hatch +13795 {Isaac' 
Hatch, Rhoda* Bixby), she d. Scranton, la., Apr. 14, 1880, a. 23. He 
m. 3d, Pembroke, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1881, Emma Jane Mook, b. 
Alabama, N. Y., Dec. 15, 1854, da. Anthony and Catherine 
(Martin), Of Constantia, N, Y., to 1874, Big Rock and Little 
Rock, 111., to 1879, Scranton to 1881, since N. Pembroke 1883, 
carpenter. Ch. hy ist m., b. Constantia >: Joel Fitch^ Hatch, May 
17, 1863, of Pembroke; Wallace Emery^, Feb. 22, 1865, of P. 
By 2d m. : Viola Annie^, July 13, 1877, Little Rock; Mabel Ada- 
liza", May 27, 1879, Scranton. By 3d. m. : Ida May*, Nov. 10, 
1882, N. Pembroke. 


Ephraim», Simon*), m. Castile, N. Y., Feb. 26, 1874, Ruth Adella 
Larkham, b. Castile June 6, 1856, da. Thomas H. and Amarilla 
(Green). Of Catlin, N. Y., 1884. Ch. : 15957 Rosie Belle', b. 
Mar. II, 1875, Castile; Ruth Amarilla' May 15, 1877, Orange, 
N. Y.; Grace Gertrude' Jan. 8, 1879, O.; Elizabeth Marga- 
ret', Aug. 24, 1880, Castile; Er Stafford" Cleveland, May 27, 
1882, Dix, N. Y. 


LUTHER ER' CLEVELAND (Ephraim'), m. Apr. 19, 1876, 
Mary E, Knapp, da. Thomas G. Ch. : 15958 Grover' Cleve- 
land, b. Oct. 12, 1882. 


JOSIAH FRANCIS' CLEVELAND (Festus Fortius^), m. xst, 

Newark, N. J., Nov. 2, 1869, Electa Garrison Price, b. N. Oct. 2, 
1847, d. N. Jan. 29, 1872, da. John and Mary (Walker). He m. 
2d, Chicago, 111., Sept. 25, 1873, Mary Elizabeth Frisbie, b. Little 
Falls, N. Y., May 20, 1845, ^^- ^^ Augustus and Hannah (Lucore). 
Children by ist m. : Festus Arthur, b. Feb. 18, 1871, Wauke- 
gan, 111., d. Chicago Feb. 8, 1880. By 2d m. : 

^5959 Augustus Frisbie Cleveland, b. Sept. 19, 1874, 
Chicago. Junior at Yale University, New Haven, Conn., 1897. 



Eva May, b. June 22, 1877, Chicago, 111. Josiah Judson, b. July 
31, 1882, Oak Park, 111. 

Josiah Francis Cleveland, residence, Chicago, 111., Assist- 
ant Land Coramisnr. of the Chicago & Northwestern R. R. Co., 
Land Department, Chicago, 1883, to July i, 1897, and since Land 
Commissioner of both the C. & N. W. and the Winona & St. 
Peter R. R. Co. 


EMERSON JOHN' CLEVELAND (john Emoryr), m. Canton, 
Pa., July 16, 1884, Jennie F. Elliot, b. Canton tp. Oct., 1859, a da. 
Francis S. and Elizabeth W. (Davis). Ch. : 15960 Florence J.°, 
born May 3, 1885; Eloise F. Cleveland, born February 19, 1887. 

Emerson John* Cleveland, res. Canton 1875-97, attorney 
at law; received his education in the graded schools; began 
reading law under Davis & Carnochan in 1878, and was admit- 
ted to the bar in February, 1881, and is a member of the United 
States Courts and of the Supreme Court of the State of Penn- 
sylvania; member of the F. & A. M., Canton Lodge No. 415; of 
Troy Chapter R. A. M. 261, a 3 2d degree Mason; member of the 
I. O. O. F. Canton Lodge No. 321, and Canton Encampment 
No. 184. Mrs. Cleveland is a member of the Disciple Church. 
Francis S. Elliot was born in Bradford co.. Pa., 1820 ; was a 
builder and contractor, d. at Canton 1880, a. 60, m. ElizalDeth W. 
Davis, b. in Bradford co. — From Bradford co., Pa., History, i8gi. 


ORDINE MONROE' CLEVELAND (Chauncey, John Platf, 
Williams, William*, pCurtioeS, Isaac", Mosesi]), married first at Cornlng, N. 

Y,, Sept. 18, 1872, Mary Bacon, b. Geneseo, N. Y., Oct. 30, 1851, 
d. Corning May 17, 1875, da. of Joseph and Mary (Smith). He 
married 2d at Newburgh, N. Y., Dec. 13, 1877, Louise Chapman, 
b. Newburgh Jan 23, 1845, da. of Paddock and Mary (Hoffman). 
Children by ist m. : 

15961 Frances Estella" Cleveland, born Nov. 22, 1873, 
Corning, unm. (1896). By 2d m., b. Newburgh : 

Edward Pond' Cleveland, born May 25, 1879, d. 
,N. Apr. 26, 1881. 

' Harry Whitehill' Cleveland, b. July 10, 1884. 

Louise Chapman* Cleveland, b. March 30, 1887. 
Mr. Ordine Monroe' Cleveland, residence Newburgh (1896), 
Of Whitehill [Hugh] & Cleveland, clothing manufacturers 1880 
to 1892 ; then of Cleveland & Whitehill Co., incorporated, engaged 
in same business, factory at Newburgh, with branch salesroom 
in New York city. W.r. Cleveland is a subscriber for this 


' PHILO PL ATT' CLEVELAND (cua^ncey^), m. Nov. 12, 
1878, Cora Mina Hummel, b. Kingston, N. Y., 1861, da. of John 
Frederick and Hattie Salina (Barnheart). Residence, Elmira, 
N. Y. (1882-96). Children: 


15962 Hattie Belle' Cleveland, b. October 31, 1881. 
Anna May' Cleveland, b. March 2, 1883. 
Estella Louise" Cleveland, b. August 2, 1889. 



William^, William*), m. May 1 3, 1 885, Emily Louise Bower, b. South- 
port May 24, 1862, da. of William F. and Marcia (Ray). Resi- 
dence, Newburgh, N. Y. (1894-6), stock clerk for the Cleveland 
& Whitehill Co. Children : 

Arthur Ray' Cleveland, b. April 16, 1887, d. 
Aug. 16, 1887. 

15963 Earnest William' Cleveland, b. July 5, 1891, 


tfOSeph Willard^ KeyeS {joel^ Keyes, Joel* Keyes, Josepfi Keyes, 
Jonathan* Keyes, Josefih^ JK'eyes,:ioa.wa.efi,Mo&es}), d. Warren, MaSS., Mar. 31, 

1883, a. 44, m. ist, Minneapolis, Minn., May 15, 1866, Anna M. 
Cooper, b. Lancaster co., Pa., Nov. 6, 1844, d. Webster, Mass., 
Mar. 3, 1 87 1. He m. 2d, Pelham, N. H., Oct. 6, 1874, Ellen Cut- 
ter of P. Ch. by ist m.: Bertha Anna^ Keyes, b. Apr. 18, 1868, 
Arlington, Middlesex co., Mass. By 2d rii.: Mary Wtllard^ Keyes, 
May 23, 1876, Auburn, N. Y. 

Rev. Joseph Willard^ Keyes, Universalist clergyman, grad. 
Normal School, Westfield, Mass., July, 1859, taught and preached 
awhile, ent. Theological Dep. St. Lawrence Univ., Canton, N. 
Y., graduating 1864. Then was ord. over a new parish, Minne- 
apolis, Minn., built a fine church, remained 2 years ; afterward 
pastor at Arlington, Webster, and at Auburn, where, by his 
efforts, the spacious church was rebuilt ; minister at Shirley 
Village, Middlesex co., Mass., 1878. 


Annie Shepavd^ Keyes {John She^artf Keyes, John^ Keyes, Josej)h^ 
Keyes, Jonathan* Keyes, Joseph^ Keyes, Joanna", Mosesi), m. ConCOrd, MasS., 

Sept. 19, 1794, Dr. Edward Waldo Emerson, b. Concord, July 10, 
1845, s. Ralph Waldo and Lydia (Jackson). Ch. b. Concord: 
William' Emerson, b. July 11, d. 14, 1875; Charles LoweW Emerson, 
b. July 3, 1876; John* Emerson, Jan. 6, 1878. 

Dr. Edward Waldo Emerson grad. Harvard College 1866; 
residence. Concord, physician. 

Emerson ancestry .— 'Vhora.a.s^, Joseph", Edward', Joseph*, William'; Rev. William', 
H. C. 1789, accomplished pulpit orator, m. Ruth Haskins, da. John" (Roberti) Haskins 
and Hannah (Upham') [see -j-3208, p. 1082]; Ralph Waldo' Emerson, LL.D., born Boston, 
Mass., May 25, 1803, H. C. 1821, of Concord, essayist and author, m. Lydia Jackson, da. 
Charles or Plymouth. 


JOSEPH GILBERT' CLEVELAND (john James', Josephs 
James', James*, PJames', Enoch", Mosesi]), m. at Round Lake, N. Y., June 

8, 1882, Mary Ella Townsend, b. Fort Ann, N. Y., July 13, 1857, 
da. of Rev. Gi^on Howe and Mary (Jones). Children : 

15963=^ Earl Townsend' Cleveland, born Mar. 30, 1883, 



Salem, N. Y.; Carl Gordon' Cleveland, b. Sept. 18, 1884, Sy- 
racuse, N.*Y., died Pittstown, N. Y., Sept. 2, 1886; Mary Jose- 
phine* Cleveland, b. June 9, 1889, Yonezawa, Japan; Pauline 
Eleanor" Cleveland, b. Dec. 27, 1890, Hirosaki, Japan. 

Rev. Joseph Gilbert" Cleveland, Ph.D., of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church, U. S. A., residence, Yokohama, Japan. Until 
the age of 18 years he worked on the farm in Brunswick, N. Y., 
summers, and attended school winters, and then began to teach 
district school. On being converted, in the summer of 1877, 
the first thing that presented itself to him was. that he must 
study for the ministry. Through the kindness of a friend he 
was enabled to enter the Troy Conference Academy at Poult- 
ney, Vt., Jan., 1878, and duly graduated, and then took examin- 
ations for entrance to Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn. But 
Rev. Gideon H. Townsend, a member of Troy Conference, then 
stationed at North Bennington, Bennington co., Vt., was that 
summer stricken with paralysis, and his daughter, to whom Mr. 
Cleveland had become engaged about a year before, requested 
Mr. Cleveland to come to her home for a few days. Mr. Cleve- 
land cared for and partially filled Rev. Mr. Townsend's appoint- 
ment ; taught school the next winter at North Shaftsbury, Vt., 
and accompanied Rev. Mr. Townsend's family to Round Lake 
in the spring, working for the Round Lake Association, giving 
all leisure hours to study. Entered Syracuse University Sept., 
1882, while in college supplying a church 7 miles from the city, 
grad. 1886. He was ordained deacon 1884, entered Troy Con- 
ference 1886, and was stationed at Pittstown. Was ordained 
elder 1887. He had previously thought of going to Japan, and, 
on receiving an urgent call, sailed from San Francisco Mar. 24, 
1887, and since 1887 has remained in Japan. 


MARY JANE" CLEVELAND (Thaddeus SobesWT, Timothy, 
Timothy', Joseph*, Jonathan=, Enoch", Mosesi), m. at Calais, O., Aug. 1 2, 

1859, Solomon Morris Railing, b. in Belmont co., O., Apr. 28, 
1837, s. of John Henry and Eliza (Morris). Children : 

Martha Belle^ Railing, born Oct. 10, 1861, Calais, m. 
Sancho, Tyler co., W. Va., Nov. 18, 1880, Freeman Clay Starr, 
b, Cornwallis, Ritchie co., W. Va., Nov. 15, 1859, s. Moses and 
Sarah Ann (Smith). Ch.: Johii" Starr, b. Oct. 30, 1881, Sancho; 
Clyde Elmore^" Starr, June 5, 1884, Sugar Creek, W. Va.; Purley 
Delvin^'^ Starr, Sept. i, 1887, Cornwallis; Mary Edna^" Starr, b. 
July 5, C, d. C. i8, 1889; Sallie Wineford^" Starr, b. Nov. 14, 18—, 
C, d. C. Feb. 2, 18 — ; Benjamin Franklin^" Starr, b. Mar. 31, C, 
d. C. May 24, 1894. 

Milroy^ Railing, b. Aug. 27, 1864, Calais, m. Sancho, 
Nov. 10, 1887, Ida Lawson, born Indian Creek, Mar. 5, 1871, da. 
Winfield Scott and Susan (Woodbourn). Of Next, Tyler co., 
W. Va. (1895), blacksmith. Ch.: Mamie May"' Railing, b. Mar. 
12, 1889, Sancho, d. S. June 20, 1894; Clemma Delvin^" Railing, b. 
Apr. 3, 1891, S.; Mazie Fay"" Railing, Dec. 8, 1894, Next. 

Sarah Ann^ Railing, b. Jan. 29, 1867. Calais, m. San- 
cho, Aug. 18, 1885, Clayton Commodore Baker, born S. Dec. 5, 


1863, a s. William and Elizabeth (Stealey). Of Middlebourne, 
Tyler co., W. Va., farmer. Ch. born Sancho : Icy BHle^" Baker, 
July 17, 1887; Ota Omar'" Baker, b. Aug. 27, d. S. Sept. 21, 1888; 
Evert Edwin'" Baker, b. Sept. 23, 1891. 

Ella May^ Railing, b. Dec. 9, 1868, Archer's Fork, 
Washington co., O., married Sancho, Sept. 16, 1885, Jacob Floyd 
Baker, a s. William and Elizabeth (Stealey). Of Moscow, Han- 
cock CO., W. Va., farmer. Ch.: Lozila'" Baker, b. Aug. 24, 1887, 
Sancho; Va Sara'" Baker, July 20, 1889, S.; Dora Wellington'" 
Baker, Dec. 19, 1890, S.; Lilian Edna'" Baker, Sept. 9, 1891, Mos- 
cow; Early Elsie'" Baker, Dec. i, 1894, M. 

Kate Gertrude^ Railing, b. Mar. 12, 187 1, Archer's 
Fork, m, Sancho, Dec. 24, 1893, Warren Wilber Ash, b. S. July 
18, 1869, s. James and Sarah Lucena (Smith). Of Sancho, far- 
mer. Ch.: Verla Dessie'" Ash, born Mar. 3, 1894, S. Thaddeus 
Henrf Railing, b. Nov. 14, 1872, Archer's F., unm., of Sancho, 
farmer; John WillianC Railing, b. Oct. 24, 1875, S.; Frank' Rail- 
ing, b. Sept. II, 1878, S.; Stella Alice* Railing, h. Feb. 21, 1884, S. 
Mr. Solomon Morris Railing, residence, Sancho, farmer. 

Railing- ancestry :— Mr. • Railing, of Strawsburg, Pa.; John Henry' Railing, b. 

Franklin co., Pa., 1804, of Belmont co., O., m. Eliza Morris, b. in Ohio, da. of Solomon of 
Bamesville, Belmont co., O. 


m. Calais, O., Sept. 10, i860, William Henning, b, near Johns- 
town, Pa., Dec. 17, 1829, son of John and Dora (Hildebrand). 
Ch.: Dora Martha* Henning, b. July i, 1862, Calais, d. Johnstown, 
Aug. 26, 1863. 

Emma Bella* Henning, b. Aug. 21, 1864, Johnstown, 
m. Cannelton, Beaver co., Pa., Apr. 9, 1882, Fredriech Godfrey 
Petry of Gallipolis, O. Residence, De Soto, Mo., cutter. Ch. 
b. De Soto: Vernon Henning'" Petry, b. Mar. 9, 1883; Sadie Cleve- 
land'" Petry, Feb. 20, 1885. 

Ella Maf Henning, h. Nov. 4, 1866, Cannelton. 

Nellie Gray* Henning, b. Nov. 4, 1866, Cannelton, d. there April 
8, 1867. 

15964 William Cleveland* Henning, b. Sept. 3, 1869, Cannel- 
ton, m. there Jan. 21, 1890, Maude Lee, born Cannelton, da. of 
Clemen Oscar and Angeline Adelaide (Barlow). Graduated at 
Greencastle, Ind., 1889, residence, Cannelton, 1895, lawyer, of 
the law firm, William Henning & Sons. Ch.: Cleveland'" Hen- 
ning, b. June 12, 1892, Cannelton. 

Flora Lucinda* Henning, b. Feb. 28, 1873, Cannelton. 

15965 Edwin Charles* Henning, b. Jan. 20, 1875, Cannelton, 
unm., grad. Ann Arbor, Mich., Law School 1894, lawyer, 
of William Henning & Sons, Cannelton. 

Elsie Sarah* Henning, b. May 18, 1878, Cannelton. 

Lillian Lucille* Henning, b. Feb. 17, 1882, Cannelton. 

Mayme V* Henning, b. Jan. 26, 1885, Cannelton. 

Guy Thaddeus* Henning, b. Aug. 12, 1887, Cannelton. 
Mr. William Henning, when aged 6 months, went with his 
parents to Germany, was reared and educated there, and re- 
turned to the U. S. in 1850, studied law with R. T. Taunchill, in 
Ohio. Residence, Cannelton, 1895, attorney-at-law, of the law 



firm, William Henning & Sons. Mr. Henning- is a subscriber 
for this Genealogy. 

John Henning was b. in Germany, m. Dora Hildebrand, Id. in Germany. 


WILLIAM PITTS' CLEVELAND (Dlnsmore', Joseph«, Josephs 

Joseph*, Jonathan', Enocha), m. Anson, Me., Jan. 5, 1878, Sarah Greene 
Pinkham, b. A. Mar. 20, 1851, da. Nahum and Mary (Marsh). 
Ch.: William Elmore" Cleveland, b. May 8, 1881, Caledonia, 
Traill co., Dak., now N. D. 

Dr. William Pitts* Cleveland grad. Bowdoin Medical coll., 
Brunswick, Me., 1878, of Caledonia 1884, regular physician and 


James', Joseph*, Joseph*, Jonathans, Enoch", Moses>), m. Skowhegan, Maine, 

Dec. 5, 1882, Nellie Emery, a daughter of Horatio C. and Mary 

Dr. Woodbury Fremont* Cleveland, of Eastport, Maine 
(1884-90), practising physician. 

Emery ancestry : — John', Anthony*, James', Zachariah*, Zachariahs, John', Joseph', 
Joseph* [see +7613, p. 1708]; Horatio C.* Emery m. Mary Wheeler. 


Julia Cooper^ Blancliard (Mary jane', James«, Joseph', Joseph*, 

Jonathan', Enoch", Mosesi), m. at Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 22, 1868, Ed- 
ward Payson McCormick, b. at Mill Hall, Clinton co., Pa., Apr. 
10, 1841, son of Samuel and-Catharine (Hood). Children : Mary 
Blanchard^ McCormick, b. July 25, 1869, Philadelphia, Pa. 

15966 Edwar<r McCormick, b. Jan. 30, 1873, Lock Haven, 
Pa., grad. Princeton University, Princeton, N. J., June lo, 1895; 
Helen Mayer^ McCormick, b. Aug. 30, 1879, L. H.; Katherine Huod^ 
McCormick, b. Sept. 17, 1882, Philadelphia, Pa.; James Cleveland^ 
McCormick, b. Jan. 25, 1884, P.; Bessie Blanchard* McCormick, b. 
May 17, 1885, P. 

Mr. Edward Payson McCormick grad. Pennsylvania State 
College 1 86 1. Residence, Philadelphia 1896; was admitted to 
the bar at Lock Haven, May, 1865, attorney-at-law in Philadel- 


Hose DurreW JBlanchard (Mary jane'), m. at Philadel- 
phia, Pa., Mar. 9, 1876, Charles Henry Elliot, b. at Philadelphia, 
Jan. 9, 1843, d. Feb. 23, 1890, son of John and Henretta (Gra- 
ham). Residence, Philadelphia, banker. 


Mlla Fidelia^ BlancJiard (Mary jane'), m. at Philadelphia, 
Pa., Dec. 25, 1874, Henry Boardman Neely, born Philadelphia, 
May 24, 1848, son of Josiah and Sarah (Robinson). Children : 



Florence" Neely, b. Oct. 29, 1875, Philadelphia ; Harry" Neely, Nov. 
5, 1877, P.; Charles Blanchard" Neely ^ Jllly 27, 1878, P.; Julia" 
Neely ^ Feb. 10, 1880, P.; Ella^ Neely, June 10, 1889, Germantown, 
Pa.; Merrill" Neely, Apr. 9, 1891, Meadowbrook, Montgomery 
CO., Pa.; Norman" Neely, Sept. 22, 1894, M. 

Mr. Henry Boardman Neely formerly resided in Philadel- 
phia. Residence, Meadowbrook, 1896, lumber merchant. 


Kate Cleveland^ Blanchard (Maryjane^), m. Philadel- 
phia, Pa., Jan, i, 1885, Isaac Stokes Lowry, b. at Philadelphia, 
Apr. 6, 1849, son of John Stroud and Elizabeth Collens (Stokes). 
Ch.: Margaretta Reamer" Lowry, b. Dec. 13, Germantown, Pa., d. 
15, 1886; John Blanchard" Lowry, b. Feb. 9, 1889, Camden, N. J. 

Mr. Isaac Stokes Lowry, res. Philadelphia, 1896, banker. 


Mary Cleveland'' blanchard (Mary jane'), m. at Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Jan. 17, 1882, William Newell Bannard, b. in New 
York, Dec. 30, 1848, son of William and Frances (Heath). Ch.: 
William NewelP Bannard, b. Aug. i6, 1883, Camden, N. J. 
Margaret Blanchard" Bannard, b. Aug. 29, 1887. 
Mr. -William Newell Bannard, residence, Wilmington, Del., 
1896; was, in 1885, Supt. of the Pa. & Schuylkill Valley R. R., 
Reading, Pa.; is Supt. of the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Balti- 
more R. R. (runs from Philadelphia to Baltimore, with branches). 


Bessie Cleveland* JBlanchard (Mary jane'), m. at Ger- 
mantown, Pa., Apr. 5, 1888, Henry William Dunne, b. Mt. Pleas- 
ant, Schuylkill co.. Pa., Nov. i, 1856, d. Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 
26, 1895, s. of Henry Hawthorne and Esther (Cherry). 

Mr. Henry William Dunne resided at Cape Charles, North- 
ampton CO., Va., 1885-6. Was from 1885 Supt. of the New York, 
Philadelphia & Norfolk Railroad (runs from Delmar, Sussex co., 
Del., to Cape Charles, with branch). 


Charles MerrilV JBlanchard (Mary jane', James«, Joseph», Jo- 
seph*, Jonathan', Enoch", Mosesi), m. at Germantown, Pa., Oct. 16, 1889, 
Alice Day Gregg, b. Wissinoming, Philadelphia co.. Pa., Aug. 
7, 1869, daughter of William Lampus and Harriet Louise (Day). 
Children, all born at Germantown : 

15967 Charles" Blanchard, b. Oct. 10, 1890. 

William Gregg" Blanchard, b. Sept. 30, 1891. 
Thomas Wood" Blanchard, b. July 17, 1894. 
Mr. Charles Merrill" Blanchard, residence Philadelphia, Pa., 
dealer in Winterburn bituminous coal, office in Philadelphia. 
Mr. Blanchard is a subscriber for this Genealogy. 




Young', Luthers, Joseph*, Joseph', Enoch=, Moses'), m. CreightOIl, Neb., Dcc. 

25, 1890, Mattie Coppage Reynolds, b. Moravia, Appanoose co., 
la., Nov. 5, 1868, da. Thomas Marshall and Emeline Claressa 
(Pollard). Residence, Creighton, 1 895, farmer. Ch. b. Creighton : 
Mattie Hope' Cleveland, Oct. 9, 1891; Eugenia 
Beryl" Cleveland, Jan. 16, 1893; Nellie Charline" Cleveland, 
Apr. 18, 1895. 


HENRY JUDSON" CLEVELAND (Hiramjudsons. Henry, 
\ J^se*^h»°' lzra»; } Joseph*, Ebenezer^, Moses^, Mosesi ), m. EdgartOWn, MaSS,, 

June 17, 1892, Hannah Robinson^ Vincent -(-14212 (Catherines, Tristram', 

John Neal", Ezra«, Joseph*, Bbenezer', Moses"). Of Edgartown (1896), 

farmer. Ch. : Alice Robinson" Cleveland, b. Dec. 15, 1893, E. 


JRichard'^ Defnifig ( Tlwmas Dur/ee^ Denting, Deborah', Henry', David*, 
Benjamin*, John*, Moses", Moses'), m. in Town of Ossining, N. Y., Aug. 

1, 1889, Emily Montague Bibby Mead, b. in Town of Ossining 
Oct. 25, 1865, da. of Robert Gillespie and Harriet Newell (Earle). 
Ch. b. in village of Sing Sing, N. Y. : 

Elizabeth Oakley^" Veming, b. June 16, 1890. 
Richard^" Deming^ b. Dec. 14, 1892. 
Mr. Richard'' Denting resides in the village of Sing Sing, N. Y., 
1896. Mr. Deming is agent in New York of the Harlan and 
HoUingsworth Company of Wilmington, Del., builders of iron 
steamships and steamboats; also car manufacturers. A sub- 
scriber for this Genealogy. 



tio Johnson", Aaron Porter«, Jbsiah*. Josiah*, Aaron', Aaron", Moses'), m. Martha 

Ann Dorris. Ch. : Burns Monroe" Cleveland: James Henry'" 


JAMES HENRY' CLEVELAND (Henry p.s), m. Fanny 
Spencer. Ch. : William Henry'" Cleveland. 


EUGENE", CLEVELAND (Charles josiah^, Horatio J.', Aaron P.«, 

Josiah*, 5, Aaron*, »j, m. Trempealeau, Wis., Feb. 22, 1873, Florence 
Elsie Cary, born Oshkosh, Wis., Mar. 10, 1851, da. Absalom and 
Elsie Lowena (Inman). Of Elysian, Le Sueur co., Minn., school 
teacher. Ch. : Edith May", b. May 22, 1874, Gale, Trempea- 
leau CO., Wis.; Charles Victor Leroy", Sept. 30, 1877, Trem- 
pealeau, Wis.; Earl Trevor", Nov. 27, 1880, Elysian. 



M-argaret Cur&on^ Marquand (joim Phuiips^ Marquand, Sa- 
rah WinslovS' Tyng, Sarah^ Higginson, Susanna^, Aaron*, Aaron^, Aaron>, Moses'), tQ. 

April 5, 1892, Herbert Dudley Hale, son Edward Everett and 
Emily Beecher (Perkins). Cli. : 15967'' Herbert Dudley^" Hale, b. 
February, 1893. 

Hale ancestry : — William*, Richard", Robert', John*, Samuel* [see +713, page 365] ; 
Richard', b. Newbury, Mass., Feb. 28, 1717, d. Coventry, Conn., June i, 1802, m. ist, Eliz- 
abeth Strong, da. Joseph of C, of the family of Governor Caleb Strong of Northampton, 
Mass. ; Rev. Enoch', b. Coventry Oct. 28, 1753, of Northampton, grad. Yale 1773, d. West- 
hampton, Mass., Jan. 14, 1817, ™- Sept. 30, 1781, Octavia Throop, b. ab. 1754, d. 1839, a. 85, da. 
Rev. Benjamin and Sjrbil (Dyer) of Bozrah, Conn. ; Hon. Nathan^, b. Westhampton Aug. 
17, 1784, graduate Williams 1804, LL.D. Harvard 1853, introduced steam printing into N. E., 
edited Boston Daily Advertiser 50 years, d. Brookline, Mass., Feb. g, 1863, m. Sept. 2, 1815, 
Sarah Preston Everett' ; Rev. Edward Everett* Hale, D.D., b. Boston Apr. 3, 1822, grad. 
Harvard 1839, pastor South Cong. Chh. of B. since 1856, author, m. Oct. 13, 1856, Emily 
Beecher Perkins, da. Thomas Clap and Mary Poote (Beecher), and descended from Pres. 
Thomas^ (Stephen' m. Temperance, Samuel* m. Hannah Gill, da. of Thomas and Hannah 
[Otis, da. of John and Margaret! oi Hingham, Mass., Thomas' of Dorchester, Mass., m. 

Abigail, Richard", Dorchester, England, », per. of Devonshire, Eng.) Clap and Mary 

iWhiting, da. of Rev. Samuel of Windham, Conn.), and desc. from the Perkins family of 
Ipswich, Mass., the Footes of Guilford, Conn., and Lyman Beecher's family. 

Everett ancestry : — 2 arms : Everett; /.■ Everet, Everett, and Everatt. Gu. 
three bears' heads couped ar. Crest — An arm in armour, couped, holding a spear, rest- 
ing the elbow on a chapeau. . . Richard', whose name is uniformly given Everard, of 
Watertown, Mass., an original founder of Dedham, Mass., 1636, m. ist Mary ; Capt. John", 
b. prob. Watertown, of Dedham, m. Elizabeth Pepper, b. Roxbury, Mass., May 25, 1645, 
da. Robert and Elizabeth (Johnson) of R. ; John' m. Mercy Brown ; Ebenezer* m. Joanna 
Stevens; Rev. Oliver or Olion', born June 11, 1752, gr^d. Harvard 1779, minister of New 
South Church of Boston, m. Lucy liill, da. of Alexander S. Hill, of Philadelphia, Pa., 
desc. of Arthur Hill, the emig^rant; Sarah Preston" Everett m. Nathan 'Ra.\efi.—N. E~ 
Reg., XJV: ziq: MunseWs Ancestry, IV: sq; Clapp Gen.; Savage. 


Dudley' Atkins {Francis Higginson^ Atkins, Dudley^ Atkins, Sarah"' 
Hlgginson, Susanna", Aaron*, Aaron', Aaron", Moses'), m. Manhattan, Kan., 

May 4, 1890, Jessie Fremont McDonald, b. at Zeandale, Kan., da. 
of C Perry and Mary Elizabeth (McCurdy). Studied at State 
Agricultural College, Manhattan; res. Manhattan 1881-5, book 
and job printer. Children b. Manhattan : 15968 Dudley^" Atkins^ 
b. Apr. II, 189 1 ; Dulce"^ Atkins, b. July 30, 1893. 


Stephen Uigginson' Tyng (step/ien nigginson^ Tyng), m. 
June 6, 1894, Juliet Kemp; grad. Williams Coll. 1886, of New 
York, N. Y., 1895, commercial life. 


Sewall Tappan^ Tyng {Stephen nigginson^ Tyng), m. May 29,. 

1894, Edith May Gale; grad. Williams Coll. 1888, Columbia Law 
School, lawyer 1891, of New York, N. Y., 1895. 


Mary Rockland' Tyng {ckarUs Rockland^ Tyng), m. Jan. 9,, 

1895, Robert Stowe Bushnell. 


Mary Cahot Wigginson {Francis Lee^ mgginson), m. Boston, 
Mass., Feb. 2, 1898, Philip Sears. Mr. Sears grad. Harvard,i889. 




Richard Cleveland^ Hastings (Annas, Richard PaiieyT, wil 

liam«, Aarons, Aaron*, AaronS, Aaron", Mosesi), m. Batticotta, Ccylon, Aug. 

10, 1883, Minnie Blanchard Truax, b. Cincinnati, O., Feb. 22, 
1855, da. Edwin Armstrong and Lucretia (Mason). Ch. ; Anna 
Lucretia^'* Hastings, born Sept. 26, 1884, Jaffna, Ceylon; Minnie 
Katherine'\ Feb. 2, 1886, J-; Alma Siblef\ July 20, 1888, J.; Car- 
oline Louise^^, Aug. 11, 1889, J. ; Mary Alidd'^ Hastings, b. Nov. 9, 
Cincinnati, d. C, Dec. 30, 1892. 

Rev. Richard Cleveland'^ Hastings grad. Hamilton Coll. 1875, 
Auburn, N. Y., Theological School 1878, Missionary at Jaffna 
1879 (arrived there Jan. 21, 1879) to the present, 1898 (except 2 
years at home). 


Catharine JElizabeth^ Hastings (Anna^), m. Hartford, 
June 9, 1892, Irving Francis Wood, b. Walton, N. Y., May 27, 
1 86 1, son Francis E. Ch. : b. Northampton, Mass. : Constance 
Hastings"^ Wood, May 9, 1895; Edna Francis^" Wood, Dec. 24, 1896. 

Rev. Irving Francis Wood grad. Hamilton Coll. 1885; was 
associated with Rev. E. P. Hastings at Jaffna, Ceylon, college 
4 years, returned and completed his theological studies at Yale 
Theol. Seminary^ grad. 1892. Residence Northampton 1897-8 ; 
from 1893 professor of Christian Ethics and Biblical Literature 
in Smith College. 


Henry JEiirotas^ Hastings (Anna^), d. Hartford, Conn., 
Jan. 22, 1894, a. 32 y. 5 mo. 18 d., m. H. Oct. 17, 1888, Harriet 
Greene Day, b. H. Feb. 5, 1864, only da. Robert Elijah and 
Harriet North (Greene). (She m. 2d, see below.) Ch- b. Hartford: 
Robert Day^'^ Hastings, Sept. 27, 1889; Henry Panef^, Aug. 18, 1891; 
Richard Cleveland^" Hastings, Jan. 23, 1893. 

Henry Eurotas^ Hastings, when aged 7 years, was sent to this 
country to be educated; grad. from Hartford P. High School. 
From 1 88 1 was clerk for, and from Feb., 1889, assist, treas. of, 
Security Company, Hartford. Was also treas. of Windsor Locks 
Water Co., member of Hansel, Sloan & Co., jewelers, a trustee 
of State Savings Bank; was member of and treasurer of several 
funds of the Center Cong, chh., committee-man, etc. Member 
(from 3d ward) and vice-pres. of Hartford Common Council 1891; 
a Police Commissioner from 1893. Obituary and portrait in 
Hartford Times, Jan. 22, 18^4. 

Mrs. Harriet Greene (Day) Hastings m. 2d, Hartford, Feb. 
17, 1897, Charles R. Hansel of H. 

Mr. Robert Elijah Day, pres. of Security Co., Hartford, m. ist, Harriet North Greene. 


Blanche Cleveland^ Herndon (juiiet Marias, john Treadweii^, 

Charles', Aaron^, Aaron*, Aaron', Aaron", Moses'), m. San FrancisCO, Cal., 

Feb. 28, 1872, Rev. Joseph Bailey Greenfield, b. Bettows parish, 
Monmouthshire, Eng., July 26, 1847, 4th s. of James and Mar- 



garet (Bailey). Ch. : Richard Bailey^" Greenfield, h. Jan. 31, 1873, 
San Francisco, d. S. F. Jan. 11, 1874; William Cleveland^", b. June 
10, 1874; Charles Joseph^'^, Feb. 4, 1876, Round Mountain, Tex.; 
Herbert Her ndon^'^, h.Vi.%. 2, 1877, R. M, ; Walter James TreadweW, 
Feb. 26, 1881; Edward Henry^\ May 22, 1882; Juliet Ida'''', Nov. 6, 
1883, Goldthwaite, Brown cc, Tex.; Benjamin FercivaP°, Oct. 12, 
1885, G.; Mary Louise Ophelia^" Greenfield, May 7, 1887, Downey, 

Rev. Joseph Bailey Greenfield, a Baptist clergyman; resi- 
dence, San Francisco to 1875, Round Mountain and Goldthwaite 
to Dec. I, 1886, since at Pasadena, Downey co., Cal. Ordained 
missionary in Brown co. Sept., 1885; lives on a fine fruit farm. 

James Greenfield, b. Isle Anglesea, North Wales, d. 1867, m. Margaret Bailey, she d- 
iSsg, eldest daughter of the late Sir Joseph Bailey, Baronet, M. P. 1858, of Glanusk Park, 
Crickhowell, Brecon, South Wales (father of the late Joseph Bailey, Esq., M. P. 1858, who 
m. Elizabeth Mary, da. of William Congreve Russell, Esq., of Leamington, whose son, 
Sir Joseph Russell Bailey, Baronet of Glanusk P. and Easton Court, Tenbury, Hertford- 
shire, Eng., 1862. — Baronetage). 


Ida JBelV Herndon (juiiet Manas), tn. Round Mountain, 
Tex., Mar. 3, 1873, Peter Getzwiller, b. Alton, 111., Nov. 16, as. 
John Peter and Dorothea Margaratha (Cavelage). Ch. : Joseph 
Herndon^'' Getzwiller, born Feb. 7, 1874, Round Mt.; Peter George 
Cleveland'"', May 29, 1877, R. M.; Bora Blanche'^\ April 9, 1884, 
Brady Tex. Res. Brady 1886. 

Getzwiller ancestry : — Gen. John Peteri, agitator against the government (general in 
French army, so thought), outlawed, but his sons were proud of him as a patriot, came 
to America May, 1833, ™- Susanna Thiirenge, b. France. Ch. : 3 s. a da. : John Peter', b. 
Canton Basel, Switzerland, Feb. 2, 1808, engineer, put together first steam engine set up 
at St. Louis, Mo., m. Dorothea Margaratha Cavelage, born Dincklage,' Holland, Mar. 31, 
1807, d. Alton bef. i860, da. Hinrich and Elizabeth (Espelage). Ch. : i. Joseph, 2. Susan- 
nah, 3. PeterS, 4. Matilda Francis, 5. Elizabeth, 6. Ferdanande Louis, 7. Mary Dorothea 


Frederick Stuart^ Stedman (Edmund Clarence^ Stedman, Eliza- 
beth Clementine'' Dodge, Sarah*, Aaron*, Aaron<, Aaron", Aaron', Moses^), m. N, Y. 

city Mar. 31, 1880, Ellen Montague Douglas, b. N. Y. city Dec. 
22, 1855, only da. of George and Martha Hanmer (Montague). 
Ch. : Laura Woodworth^" Stedman, b. Feb. 18, 1881, N. Y. c. 

Mr. Frederick Stuart^ Stedman, graduated Bryant, Stratton & 
Whitney's Business College, Newark, N. J., 1872. Residence, 
City of New York, except brief periods in Washington, D. C, 
and Newark. Formerly clerk in a N, Y. publishing house, and 
1880 to 1884 member in the firm E. C. Stedman & Co. Assistant 
editor of Literary Encyclopedia, N. Y. 1884 — see Bibliography, 
Chap. IV. 

Douglas ancestry .- — Robert^, William', William^, William^ [see +1560, p. 687] ; Maj. 
Asas, b. Plainfield, Conn., Dec. 11, 1715, major during Revolution (buried Stephentown, 
N. J.), d. Nov. 12, 1792, m. Rebecca Wheeler; Jonathan' m. Rhoda Hancock ; Jonathan 
. Hancock', b. Lebanon Springs, Columbia co., N. Y., Nov. 19, 1781, banker, m. Mrs. Har- 
riet Anne (Sheldon) Rossiter ; George^ Douglas, born Waterford, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1829, of 
New York, lawyer, m. Martha Hanmer Montague' '. 

Montague ancestry : — yN\\\\&.TS)y, Robert', Williams, Peter^, Richard^, m. Abigail 
Downing*, descendant of William I. [Plantagenet, etc., ancestries — see -I-452, p. 264-6 
-I-2273, p. 878]; John", b. Wethersfteld, Conn., 1655, m. Hannah Smith^ ; Richard' m. Abi- 
gail Camp ; Richards m. OUve Nott, only child of Capt. Gershom of Wethersf . ; Moses' 
m. Eunice Harris of W. ; "William") of Hartford, Conn., in E. India trade, m. Elizabeth 
Stillman, da. Nathaniel of Wethersf. ; Martha Hanmer' ' Montague, m. George Douglas*. 

Smith ancestry : ^avavi.e\> [see -|-i 1476, p. 1929] ; Chileab', b. 1636, m. Hannah Hitch- 
cock, da. Luke and Elizabeth (prob. Gibbons) of wethersfield ;. Hannah^ Smith m. John 
Montague'. — Montague gen. 




Kate Cleveland^ Pratt {Henry Cleveland^ Pratt, Henry ZachariaW 
Pratt, Susan", Aaron", Aaron*, Aaron^, Aaron^, Moses^), m. Hartford, Conil., 

Oct, 6, 1880, Hon. Wilbert Warren Perry, b. Canton, Conn., Dec. 
20, 1851, d. at Hartford Feb. 12, 1895, son of Franklin Reuel and 
Clarinda (Barbour) Perry. Children b. at Hartford : 

15969 Wilbert Warren^" Perry, b. Aug-. 29, 1881; residence, 
Hartford (1897). Grad. West Middle School, Hartford, 1896; 
Hartford High School, class of 1900. 

Katharine"' Ferry, b. March 25, 1883, res. Hartford. 
Graduated West Middle School, Hartford, 1896; Hartford High 
School, class of 1900. 

Cleveland^'' Perry, b. Mar. 13, 1885; res. Hartford; 
class of 1898 West Middle School, of which institution his aunt. 
Miss Esther Clarinda Perry of Hartford has continuously, since 
1 881, been the efficient principal. 

Mrs. Kate Cleveland' {Pratt) Perry, residence, Hartford. 

Hon. Wilbert Warren Perry was graduated from Yale Col- 
lege (now University), New Haven, Conn., 187 1; was the class 
valedictorian; was connected with a classical school at Morris- 
town, N. J., 4 years; grad. Columbia College Law School, city 
of New York, 1877; was admitted to the New York bar; resi- 
dence from Dec. i, 1877, Hartford, where he always afterward 
practised law. Was assistant State's Attorney of Conn, until 
April I, 1881. In politics a Democrat, and was elected a mem- 
ber of the House of Representatives, Connecticut Legislature, 

Barbour ancestry : — Thomasi, Thomas', Samuel^, John*, Jonathan* [see +7044, p. 
1661] ; Henry«, b. Canton Mar. 12, 1794, d. C. Apr. 12, i86q, m. Naomi Humphrey', b. Bark- 
hamsted. Conn. ; Clarinda' Barbour, m. Canton, May 2, 1838, Franklin Reuel Perry. 

Humphrey ancestry: — Michael', Samuel", Jonathan^ [see +586, p. 318] ; Solomon* m. 
Naomi Higleys ; Solomon' m. Hannah Brown* ; Naomi' Humphrey m. Henry Barbour' ' 

Brown ancestry : — Peter', Plymouth, Mass. ; Peter", Windsor, m. Mary Gillett, da. 
Jonathan of W. ; John' m. Elizabeth Loomis, da. JohnS (Joseph') Loomis and Elizabeth 
(Scott, da. Thomas of Hartford, Conn.) ; John* m. Mary Eggleston* ; John' m. Hannah 
Owen* ; Hannah' Brown m. Solomon Humphrey'. 

Owen ancestry : — S4 arms: Owen (Wales) Per bend ar. and sa. a lion ramp, counter- 
changed. . . . John', b. Dec. 25, 1624, of Windsor, Simsbury, m. Rebecca Wade, da. 
Robert, an original -proprietor of Hartford ; Isaac' m. Sarah Holcomb^ ; Elijah' m. Han- 
nah Higley' ; Hannah* Owen m. John Brown'. 

Higley ancestry : — 2 lines: John' fromFrimley, county Surry, Eng., of Windsor, m. 
Nov. Q, 1671, Hannah Drake, da. of John" (John' of Dorchester or Boston, Mass., 1630) 
Drake and Hannah (Moore, da. of John of Windsor); Brewster", b. 1681, m.. Esther Hbl- 
cpmb' ; Hannah^ m. Elijah Owen^ ; Naomi^ Higley m. Solomon Humphrey*. 

Holcomb ancestry : — z lines : Thomas', Dorchester, Mass., freeman May 14, 1634, 
Windsor 1635 ; Benajah", b. W. June 23, 1644, m. Sarah Eno, da. James and Anna (Bid- 
well) of W. ; Sarah' m. Isaac Owen" . . . Thomas', Nathaniel", b. W. Nov. 4, 1648, m. 
Mary Bliss' ; Esther' Holcomb m. Brewster Higley". 

Blt'ss ancestry : —Thomas'-, Thomas" [see +354, p. 219] ; Nathaniel', born England, of 
Springfield, Mass., m. Catharine Chapin, da. Samuel' and Cicely [see +3811 p. 241] ; Mary' 
Bliss m. Nathaniel Holcomb". 

Eggleston ancestry : — 4 arms : EGLESTON : (Lancashire, Eng.). Ar. a cross sa. betw. 
4 fleurs-de-lis. . . . Begat, Bagot, Bigod, Bigot, Biggot', b. isqo, fr. Eng. to Dorches- 
ter 1630, of E. Windsor; James", b. Eng., m. Hester or Esther ; Thomas', b. E. Windsor 
July 27, i66i, m. Grace Hoskins, da. Anthony (? John') Hoskins of W. and Isabel (Brown) ; 
Mary* Eggleston m. John Brown*. — My Wife and my Mother {Appendix ; Genealogy) by 
Heman H. Barbour, 1864. 


Eleanor Douglas^ Gold {Theodore Sedgwtck^ Gold, Vheh^\ 'E.ta.a- 
tus», Moses', Moses*, Aaron', Aaron", Moses'), m. Cornwall, Conn., Sept. 30, 

1868, Charles Henry Hubbard, b. Sandusky, O., Feb. 22, 1845, a 
s. of Rollin Barnard and Ann Morrison (Massey) Hubbard. 
Children : 


15970 Rollin Barnard^" Hubbard, b. July 22, 1869, San- 
dusky, O., unm., grad. Kenyon College, Gambier, O., 1892 ; res- 
idence, Hartford City, Blackford cc, Ind. (1897), editor of a 
newspaper. See Bibliography, Chap. IV. 

Caroline Lockwood^" Hubbard, b. Oct. 14, 187 1, Hart- 
ford City, unm.; Eleanor Gold^"", b. Sept. 20, 1873, H. C, d. H. C. 
Aug. II, 1874. I 

Charles Mills^" Hubbard, b. Oct. 24, 1875, Hartford 
City, unm. ; attended Kenyon College for a time; res. Hartford 
City, book-keeper for his father. 

Alice Gold^" Hubbard, b. Feb. 7, 1878, Hartford City. 

Charles Henry Hubbard grad. Shefifield Scientific School,. 

Yale, New Haven, Conn., 1867. Residence, Sandusky to 1870,. 

and since at Hartford City, is a manufacturer of spokes, and 

owns and operates an extensive farm. 


Rebecca Cleveland' Gold {Tl^odore Sedgwlck^ Coia, Phebe^, Eras- 

tus9, Mosess), m. Cornwall, Conn., Nov. 8, 1876, Samuel Mott Cor- 
nell, b. New York, N. Y., Jan. 18, 1841, a s. of Sidney and Sarah 
Ann (Nostrand) Cornell. Children b. Guilford, Conn. : 

1597 1 Martha GoW Cornell, born August 10, 1878. 
Theodore Gold^" Cornell, b. May 6, d. G. July 19, 1884. 

Mr. Samuel Mott Cornell, residence, Cornwall to 1877, and 
since at Guilford (1897), farmer. 


Caroline Simons'^ Gold {Theodore Sedgwtck^ Gold,V):iebQ',-E.rsi&~ 

tus«, Moses»), m. Cornwall, Conn., July 25, 1882, William Franklin 
Gibson, b. at sea on a small island on the coast of China, Jan. 7^ 
1856, a s. of Rev. Otis and Eliza (Chamberlain). Ch. b. San 
Francisco, Cal. : 

15972 Eleanor Eliza^" Gibson, born May 11, 1883. 
Otis"" Gibson, born October 7, 1884. 
Theodore Gold'" Gibson, born Oct. 11, 1886. 
Alice'" Gibson, born July 15, 1888. 

Myra Eliza^" Gibson, born November 7, 1890. 

Caroline Elizabeth^" Gibson, born August 23, 1892. 

Eunice Lockwood'" Gibson, born October 29, 1895. 
Mrs. Caroline Simons" {Gold) Gibson, grad. Yale Art School 
1879, residence since 1882 San Francisco. Mr. William Frank- 
lin Gibson grad. from the University of the Pacific, Santa Clara,, 
Cal., 1877, and Boston, Mass., Law School 1882, lawyer. Rev. 
Otis Gibson, D.D., Methodist missionary, grad. Dickinson coll., 
Carlisle, Pa., 1854, went to China 1855, in San Francisco 1882, 
labored with the Chinese, d. San F. ab. 1889. 


Alice TvaCy" Gold {Theodore Sedgwick^ Gold, Phebe', Brastus', Moses»), 

d. Washington, *D.C., Dec. 15, 1890, a. 31, m. West Cornwall, 
Litchfield CO., Conn., Oct. 18, 1887, Franz Ulrich von Puttkamer,. 
b. Versin bei Barnow, Pomerania, Germany, Sept. 7, 1861, d. 



there June 30, 1892, a son of Franz Gustav Carl Heinrich and 
Anna Marie Clara Henriette (von Trebra) von Puttkamer. 
Child : 

15973 Ottony Kriemhild^" von Puttkamer^ b. Sept. i, 1888, 
"Washington, D. C, res. Versin, Germany, 1897. 

Mrs. Alice Tracy"" {Gold) von Puttkamer grad. Wellesley college, 
Mass., June, 1883. Residence from 1887 Washington, D. C. 
Franz tJlrich von Puttkamer finished his education at Ritter 
Academy, Brandenburg a Havel, upper Saxony, Germany, 1880, 
was for a number of years a teacher in and finally principal of 
the Berlitz School of Languages, Washington. 

Of the eminent family of von Puttkamer, of Germany, and related to the Princess 
Johanna (von Puttkamer) von Bismarck, wife of Prince "Otto Eduard Leopold von Bis- 


Martha WadSWOrth^ Gold {Theodore Sedgwick^ Gold, Phebe', 

Erastus«, Moses"), m. West Cornwall, Conn., Sept. 30, 1885, Colin 
Daniel Morgan, b. West Linton, Peebleshire, Scotland, May 6, 
1846, a son of William and Jane (Brown) Morgan. Children : 

15974 Theodore Gold^" Morgan, b. February 9, 1887, Mon- 
treal, Can. 

Marjorie Tracy''' Morgan, b. December 31, 1888, 
Montreal, Can. 

Henry William^'' Morgan, b. Aug. 3, 1891, Cream 
Hill, Cornwall, Conn. 

Alice Gold^" Morgan, b. Apr. 2, 1895, Montreal, Can. 
Mr. Colin Daniel Morgan has lived in Canada since the fall 
of 1869, residence Montreal (1885-98), merchant, of the firm 
Henry Morgan & Co. [Colin Daniel Morgan and James Mor- 
gan, Jr., 4- 14749], wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods 
and carpets, Montreal. 

Morgan ancestry : — Colin', a landed proprietor and farmer at Saline, Fifeshire, 
Scotland, William' Morgan, of West Linton, draper, m. Jane Brown, da. Daniel Brown, 
of Ingraston, Peebleshire, Scot., sheep farmer. • 


Charles Lochwood" Gold {Theodore Sedgwick^ Gold), unm. 
(1898). Mr. Gold was graduated from Sheffield Scientific School, 
Yale College, New Haven, Conn., June, 1883; residence. West 
Cornwall, Conn., farmer. Was appointed Feb. 2, 1898, Connec- 
ticut State Statistical Agent for the United States Dep. of 


James Douglas^ Gold {Theodore Sedgwuk^ GoU, PhebeT, Erastus', 

Moses», Moses*, Aaron=, Aaron', Moses>), married at Bridgeport, Conn., 
Oct. 17, 1894, Gertrude House, b. Bridgeport, June 24, 1868, da. 
of James Alvord and Mary Frances (Dimond) House, s. p. 

Dr. James Douglas^ Gold graduated from Sheffield Scientific 
School, Yale College, New Haven, Conn., 1888, and from the 
College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, N. Y., 1891. 
Residence, Bridgeport 1895-8, regular physician. 




Anna Elizabeth!' Lyman {juua Loratm^ coia), m. Mon- 
treal, Can., Oct. 10, 1879, James Morgan, b. Glasgow, Scotland, 
Sept. 23, 1847, a son of James and Catherine (Matthew). Chil- 
dren b. Montreal : 

James Douglas^" Morgan, b. June 29, 1880. 

Frederick Cleveland^" Morgan, b. December i, 1881. 

Harold Matthews"' Morgan, b. December 16, 1882. 
James Morgan, Jr., residence, Montreal (1879-97), of Henry 
Morgan & Co. [Colin Daniel Morgan, James Morgan, Jr.], mer- 
chants, Montreal. 

Morgan ancestry : — Colini [see -|- 14746, p. 2037] ; James' Morgan, from Glasgow to 
America 1853, draper, m. Catherine Matthew, da. of Thomas Matthew, of Kincardine, 
Fifeshire, Scotland. 


Frederick Gold^ Lyman {juUa Loraine» Gold, Phebe^, Erastus", 
Moses*, MosesS Aaron^, Aaron", Mosesi), m. Biddeford, Me., DeC. lO, 1 885. 

Mary Isabella Goodwin, b. Biddeford, Feb. 22, 1857, d. Mon- 
treal, Can., Nov. 21, 1888, da. of Hon. John Monroe and Har- 
riet (Herrick). Children : 

John Goodwin^" Lyman, b. Sept. 29, 1886, Biddeford. 

Frederick GoW Lyman, b. Sept. 14, 1888, Montreal, 
d. M. Mar. 2, 1889. 

Mr. Frederick Gold'' Lyman, residence 1895 Montreal ; for- 
merly manufacturer of lumber ; is of Lyman, Knox & Co., im- 
porters and wholesale druggists, Montreal and Toronto, Can. 
Mr. Lyman subscribes for tliis Genealogy. 

Herrick ancestry : — See Herrick Genealogy. Harriet Herrick m. Hon. John Mon- 
roe Goodwin, connsellor-at-law, Biddeford. 


WALTER GOLD" CLEVELAND (james Douglas', Daniel', Eras- 
ttis«, Moses", Moses<, Aaron*, Aaron", Moses>), m. Elyria, O., Oct. 13, 1^85, 

Harriet Cary b. Boston, Mass., Dec. ii, 1858, da. of Samuel 
Avery and Anne Maria (Cook), of Elyria. s. p. 

Mr. Walter Gold* Cleveland, residence, Cleveland, O. Mr. 
Cleveland studied law at the University of Michigan, and since 
has been a lawyer in the office with his father. Judge Cleve- 
land, at Cleveland, O. (1895). 


GEORGE WILEY' CLEVELAND (Thomas Golds, Daniel', Eras- 

tus«, Moses*, Moses*, Aarons, Aaron", Mosesi), married at Westerly, R. I., 
Aug. 27, 1895, Sadie Stanton Stillman, b. at Westerly, R. I., 
June 15, 1872, daughter of Elias Anson and Florence Irene 
(Kenny) Stillman. Child : 

15975 Douglass Stillman" Cleveland, b. Apr. 23, 1897, 
at Cleveland, Ohio. 

George Wiley' Cleveland, residence always in Cleveland^ 
O.; for many years an Electrical Expert at Cleveland, office 
687 The Arcade (1897). Mr. Cleveland is a subscriber for this 




JEvneSt IBolleS^ JPtltnam {Henry Cleaveland^ Putnam, Ze:&mietteT, 

Erastus", Moses^), m. Eau Claire, Wis., Mar. 12, 1895, Helen Louisa 
Van Auken, b. Hastings, Minn., Apr. 5, 1867, da. of Philander 
G. and Charity (Van Inwegen). Mr. Putnam attended High 
School at Eau Claire, and studied 2 years at University of 
Heidelburg, Germany. Residence, Eau Claire to 1888, and 
since in St. Paul, Minn.; was Assist. Cashier of Chippewa Valley 
Bank, Eau Claire, now is a lumberman 1895. Philander G. Van 
Auken of St. Paul, Minn. 


Sarah Tiynm^ Putnam {Henry cieaveiand^ Putnam)^ m. Eau 
Claire, Wis., May 30, 1887, James Otis Hinkley, b. Westfield, N. 
Y., July 16, 1859, s. of Watson Spooner and Clara (Thacher). 
Mr. J. O. Hinkley grad. Greylock Institute and Union College 
of Jjaw, Chicago, 111. Residence, Chicago, lawyer. 

Hinkley, Otis, and Thacher ancestries : — James Otis Hinkley, descent from Thomas 
Hinkley last Gov. of Plymouth Colony. Grandmother on his paternal side was a de- 
scendant of Solomon Otis, srrandfather of James Otis, the patriot. Descent on maternal 
side from Rev. Thomas Thacher, pastor Old South Church, Boston, Mass. Watson 
Spooner Hinkley m. Clara Thacher of Manchester, Vt. 


John Walker' Adams {John Qmncy^ Adams, Lucius STnith'' Adams, 
Aaron^ Adams, Simon> Adams, Miriam*, Moses», Aaron", Moses'), m. St. Paul, 

Minn., June 5, 1888, Priscilla Fentham Horn, b. St. P. May 16, 
1868, da. Henry John and Francina (Banning). Ch. b. St. Paul: 
John Walker^" Adams, b. May 16, 1889; Banning Lowber^" Adams, 
b. Mar. i, 1894; Priscilla Fentham^'^ Adams, b. Apr. 12, 1895. 

John Walker^ Adams, residence, St. Paul 1895, grain mer- 
chant in Minneapolis, Minn. Was educated at St. Paul, and one 
year in Mass. Institute Technology, Boston. 

Horn ancestry •• — ib arms .- Horne ; / / Horne or Horn ; 7 .• HORN : (Germany). 
Or 3 bugrlehorns sa. . . . Johni, of Philadelphia, Pa., m. Priscilla Fentham ; Henry 
Johns Horn m. Francina Banning". 

Banning ancestry ; — z arms .- Erm. on a chief indented sa. 2 true-lovers' knots ar. 
John', of Wilmington, Del., m.. Elizabeth LowberS; Francina" Banning m. Henry John 

Lowber ancestry : — Matthew', of Amsterdam, settled on the eastern shore of Mary- 
land, no dates were given in the primer from which these names were copied ; Peter", 
moved into the gov. of the 3 counties, novr Delaware, and became a very rich man, m. 

Kain ; Michael^, m. Mary Cole; William*, m. Alice Ponder ; Elizabeth^ Lowber, m. 

John Banning!. 


Charlotte Sell AdatnS (adopted daughter of /(7A« Quincy'^ Adams), 

n^e Charlotte Bell, da. of Justus Blanchard and Eleanor (Henry), 
m. at St. Paul, Minn., May 15, 1888, Samuel Crosby Stickney, b. 
Stillwater, Minn., Nov. 19, 1859, s. of Alpheus Beede and Kath- 
arine Wilts Herzog (Hall). Ch.: Alpheus John Stickney b; 
Mar. 20, St. Paul, d. St. P. Dec. 21, 1889; Laurence Charles 
Stickney, b. Aug. 9, 1891, Chicago, 111.; Robert Adams Stick- 
ney, b. Sept. 17, 1893, St. Paul, Minn.; Son Stickney, b. Aug. 
14, 1895. 

Bell, Blanchard, Converse, Daggett, Henry, Hill, Hutchinson, Marshall, and Shel- 
don ancestries of Charlotte Bell Adams : — Justus Blanchard Bell of Ohio, m. Eleanor 



Henry o£ Ohio, both lon^ since deceased. Charlotte was descended from the Henry and 
Marshall southern families Justus Blanchard Bell's mother was Charlotte Blanchard 
descended from Thomas Blanchard of Charlestown, Mass., through John Blanchard of 
Billerica, Mass., whose branch intermarried with the Sheldons, through them reaching 
Edward Converse of Woburn, Mass., also descended from George Hutchinson, Ralph 
Hill, and the Daggets. 

Samuel Crosby Stickney res. St. Paul 1895 ; attended Mass. 
Inst. Technolog-y, Boston, Mass.; is gen. manager Chicago Great 
Western Railway. 

Stickney ancestry : — Robert^ William", William^, Samuel*, Samuel' [see + moi, P- 
igig] ; Thomas', b Bradford, Aug. 23, 1694, m. Mary MuUickin, b. Sept. 26, i6qz, da. Robert 
and Rebecca of Rowley, Mass.; Thomas', m. Sarah Tenny, da. Daniel and Ann ; William^, 
m. Anna Smith, b. Canaan, Somerset co., Me , Feb. 6, 1774; Daniel^, m. 2d, Ursula Mo- 
riah Beede, b. Sandwich, N. H., Aug. i, 1813 ; Alpheus Beede'" Stickney, b. Wilton, Me., 
June 27, 1840, lived at Stillwater, lawyer, now 1895 President Chicago Great Western R. 
R., m. Katharine Wilts Herzog Hall of Collinsville, 1\\.— Stickney gen.^ 407. 


Sara Frances^ Shepard {Henry H? Shei>ard, Laura Lovina-' Adams, 
Warren^ Adams, Zebediah^ Adams, Miriam*, Moses', Aaron*, Mosesi), m. Perry, 

O., May 7, 1890, Charles Sumner Gleason, b. Windsor, Ashta- 
bula CO., O., Sept. 20, 1861, s. Edwin Delos and Maria Charlotte 
(Stoughton). Ch.: 

RuM" Gleason, b. Sept. i, 1892, Seattle, Washington. 
Mr. Charles Sumner Gleason, grad. Grand River Institute 
(Academic), Austinburg, Ashtabula co., O., June 8, 1882. Ad- 
mitted to bar Ohio Supreme Court, Mar. 6, 1888. Residence, 
Seattle (1896), where he has practiced his profession since Oct. 
10, 1888 ; is of Law Firm Gleason & [C C.] Babcock. 

Gleason ancestry : — Thomas' Glezen of Watertown, Mass. The. Leson took oath of 
fidelity at Watertown 1652. Of Cambridge, Mass., Charlestown, Mass. Thomas Gleison 
of Cbarlestownheld possession of squa-sachem's lands, 1662, d. Cambridge 1684, m. Su- 
sanna, prob. father of Isaac*, soldier in the Palls fight 1676, of Enfield, Conn., 1681, d. 1698 ; 
Thomas^, b. Enfield ; Thomas*, Thomas", Jabez Onncen«, Edwin John'; Edwin Deloss 
Gleason m. Maria Charlotte Stoughton'*. 

Stoughton ancestry : — Thomas' [see + 1037, p. 467] came, no doubt in the Mary and 
John, or next month in fleet with Winthrop, Dorchester, Mass., 1630, desir. adm. as 
freem. Oct. 19, 1630, Windsor, Conn., 1636, m. ist, Mary Wadsworth of Hartford, Conn., 
a da. of William ; Capt. Thomas^, b. W. Nov. 21, 1662, m. 2d, Mrs. Abigail (Edwards') 
Lathrop, wid. of Benjamin Lathrop ; John", b. Dec. u, 1719 (?) ; Williamio, Oliver^, 
Shemia, Oweni', Maria Charlotte'* Stoughton m. Edwin Delos Gleason*. 

Edwards ancestry : — Richd.', Richd.», Wm.', Richd.*, Timothy' [see -|- 452, p. 264] ; 
Abigail' Edwards m. Thomas Stoughton^. 

Charles Sumner Gleason is also descended from John Steele of Newtown, Mass., 
1631, later of Hartford, Conn., Jonathan Gillette of Dorchester and Windsor, John Bis- 
sell of Plymouth 1628, Windsor 1640, Gov. William Bradford of Plymouth 1620, James 
Smith of Rutland, Mass., 1716; John Bent of Sudbury, Mass., 1638, Robert Hunter of Pal- 
mer, Mass., 1738, Robert Blair of Boston, Mass., 1718, later of Bl'andford, Mass., etc. 



Edward', Bliphas', Eliphas', Moses*, Benjamin*, Aaron', Moses'), married at 

Hartford, Conn., Nov. 20, 1895, Dr. Clifford Winship Porter, 
born at Farmington, Conn., March 28, 1869, ^i^d at Tryon, Polk 
CO., N. C, May 7, 1897, a son of William and Annette (Winship) 
Porter. Child : 

Clifford Lester Cleaveland^° Porter, born Oct. 4, 1896, 

Clifford Winship Porter, M.D., a practicing homoeopathic 
physician of Hartford. Residence, Hartford. Graduated from 
Hartford Public High School, class of 1888, and from the New 
York Homoeopathic Medical School, New York, N. Y., 1892, 



^dMuMf'z^ <J. ^<^^>sii^.i^/^- uo-t^aXy 



Studied medicine with Dr. Charles L. Beach of Hartford. De- 
clining health (consumption) compelled him to go to El Paso, 
Tex., in Feb., 1897, but he was not benefitted. Accompanied 
by Mrs. Porter and their child the doctor set out to return, and 
at one of the stops on the homeward journey died unexpect- 
edly, passing away during the night when thought to be asleep. 
Dr. Porter was held in high esteem and had a promising fu- 
ture, and his death caused deep sorrow among his many friends. 
The funeral was held in Wethersfield Ave. Congregational 
Church, Hartford, May 10, 1897, Rev. Samuel B. Forbes officiat- 
ing. There was a profusion of floral offerings including special 
emblematic designs from the Royal Arcanum and Parkville 
Lodge of Odd Fellows, of which the deceased was a member. 
The burial was at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford. The Hart- 
ford Times, Courant, and local papers contained obituary notices. 
Mrs. Porter resides at Hartford (1897). 


WILLIAM HENRY CLEVELAND (Andrew Beardsleys, Davidr, 
David", Tracys, David<, Samuel^, Samuel^, Mosesi), m. Lincoln, Neb., May 

x6, 1883, Margaret Spalman, da. Thomas and Mary. Of Lincoln 
1886, R. R. conductor. Ch. b. L.: 15976 Laura May", Apr. 18, 
1884; Florence'" Cleveland, June 25, 1885. 



ii>i<.w-8 9 I Albert Alvin', Elijah", Elijahs, Eph- 

AxoeiT - 1 j^aryjulia^ Darte, Betsey Hambliif Shej>ard, Polly^ Hamblin, Rachel^, Ben- 

jamin4, [jo^^P^^'S^™^^^"' ^"s**^')? ^- New Dorp, N. Y., June 17, 1893, 
Mary Emma Butler, b. New Dorp Nov. 16, 187 1, da. Daniel and 
Tamzen (Martling). Res. Dongan Hill, N. Y., 1894-7, carpen- 
ter. Ch. b. Dongan H.: 15977 Viola Butler"'" Cleveland, b. 
Mar. 7, 1894; Laura Mildred"'", May 7, 1895. 


GEORGE HENRY' CLEVELAND (Charles Monroes, Joseph 
Henry', John«, Joseph», Elijah*, Joseph^, Samuel^, Mosesi), m. Ann Arbor, 

Mich., May 18, 1880, Jennie Jolly, b. Ann A, Feb. 19, 1861, da. 
William Bliss and Mary Elizabeth (Judson). Ch.: 

15978 Charles William", b. Dec. 21, 1882, Coleman, Mid- 
land CO., Mich. 

Carlton Edward" Cleveland, b. Jan. 8, 1887, 
Pent Water, Mich. 

Dr. George Henry" Cleveland grad. M.D. Ann Arbor Uni- 
versity June 18, 1882, of Coleman 1883, practicing physician. 


EDGAR FRANCIS" CLEVELAND (charies Monroe^), married 
Adrian, Mich., June 3, 1885, Jennie Maude Hodges, b. England 
Feb. 12, 1865, da. James Nathaniel and Sarah Jane (Mullings). 
Of Adrian, merch. Ch. b. Adrian : 15979 Ollie Hedges", Oct. 
22, 1886 ; Beatrice Jennie" Cleveland, July 2, 1888. 




HENRY BURDETT^ CLEVELAND (Ferrand HartwellB, Henry 
Asa', Asa«, Asa», Elijah*, Josephs, SamueP, Mosesi), bom at SchcneVUS, N.Y., 

November 7, 1877, tinm. Graduated from Amsterdam (N. Y.) 
High School June, 1897, president of the class ; education not 
yet finished : residence at Amsterdam, N. Y., where he is a civil 
engineer (1898). Mr. Cleveland is a subscriber for this Gen- 


JAMES OVERTON" CLEVELAND (Oliver Edwin^, Porter', 
Ezra«, Ezra*, Ezra*, Joseph^, Samuel', Mosesi), m. FroStburgh, Alleghany 

CO., Md., Nov. 7, 1872, Mollie Catherine Parker, b. F. Nov. 10, 
1854, da. William Henry (b. F. Sept. i, 1821) and Rebecca Hum- 
berston). Soldier Co. B, loth West Va. U. S. A. 1863 to 1865, of 
Augusta CO., Va., to 1866, Lonaconing, Alleghany co., Md., Aug. 
23, 1866, to June 13, 1869, Cumberland, Alleghany co., Md., to 
Sept. 24, 187 1, Frostburgh to Apr. 30, 1879, since Oakland, Gar- 
rett CO., Md. (1882), plasterer. Ch. b. Frostburg : 15980 Bertie 
Cornelia'", Jan. 16, 1874; William Oliver", Feb. 28, 1876; 
Alice May" Cleveland, June 16, 1878. 


JOHN PORTER" CLEVELAND (onver Edwins), m. South 
River District, Augusta co., Va., Nov. 25, 1875, Bettie Stuart 
Berry, bom S. River D. Dec. 8, 1855, da. Thornton and Nancy 
(Lesley), res. near Laurel Hill P. O., Augusta co., Va., 1857 to 
1882, teacher. Ch. b. S. River Dist.: 15981 Mary Alice Stu- 
art", Oct. 14, 1876 ; Frederick Pilson^", July 21, 1880 ; Lily 
Cornelia" Cleveland, July 21, 1882. 


ter', Ezra*, Ezra*. Ezra*, Joseph', Samuel", Mosesi), m. Albemarle CO., Va., 

Feb. 3, 1876, Sallie' Pitts Carr, b. A. co. July 24, 1854, da. Sam- 
uel Dabney and Jane (Thomas). Of Albemarle co., merchant. 
Ch. b. A. CO.: 15982 Harvey Conway", Apr. 29, 1879; Annie 
Dora", Mar. 8, 1881 ; Lena Lewis" Cleveland, May 15, 1883. 


EMMET HOWARD" CLEVELAND (Albert Horatio«), m. Al- 
bemarle CO., Va., Jan. 18, 1883, Ella Florence Jennings, b. Flu- 
vanna CO., Va., Nov. 20, 1865, da. Henry Price and Julia Ann 
(Walton). Of Albemarle co. to 1885, Pa. 1885, New Martins- 
ville P. O., Wetzel county, W. Va., 1885, farmer. Ch.: 15982^ 
George Thomas", b. Dec. 17, 1883, Wetzel co. 


George Howard' Seach (Cynthla Marias, john Crandall', Ezra', 
Bzra», Ezra* Josephs, Samuel", Mosesi), m. ISt, at Hartford, Conn., July 1, 


r -/c- f^-*^- 


— ^-: 





1880, Augusta Ann Poindexter, b. at Hartford, d., da. of John 
H. and Vesta Ann (Edgerly) Poindexter. H^ m. 2d, Tyring- 
ham, Mass., Apr. i, 1891, Mary Elizabeth Jones, born East Lee, 
Mass., Mar. 12, 1865, daughter of Henry Jonsey and Sarah Jane 
(Thorp) Jones. Residence, Lee 1895-6, engineer, both mar- 
riages, s. p. 


JETubert Cleveland^ Beach (Cynthia Marias, John Crandam, Ezra», 

Ezra*, Ezra*, Josephs, Samuel^, Mosesi), married at Clinton, Couu., Sep- 
tember 21, 1882, Gracie Arlington Buell, b. Clinton March 26, 
1857, daughter of Harvey Edwin and Nancy Maria (Bushnell) 
Buell. Children : 

15983 Cleveland Harvey BuelP° Beach, b. July 25, 1884, 
Clinton, Conn. 

Hubert BuelP" Beach, b. July 29, 1886, Maiden, 
Mass., d. Clinton Aug. 7, 1888. 

Mr. Hubert Cleveland^ Beach, residence Maiden 1885-98, pres- 
ident of Beach & Clarridge Co. [George F. Clarridge, treasurer], 
manufacturing chemists, soda water flavors, factory and home 
office in Boston, Mass. This extensive manufactory and busi- 
ness were originated and established and the company organ- 
ized by Mr. H. Cleveland Beach, who has successfully conducted 
the constantly increasing business for years. Its interests are 
continually represented by commercial travelers on the road, 
and its goods are found in almost every city and town in the U. 
S. and in many foreign countries, where their many beverages 
are partaken of by the temperance public. Mr. Beach has been 
a newspaper manager, etc. See Bibliography, Chap. IV. Mr. 
Beach is a subscriber for this Genealogy. 


Adeline' Allen {Laura Ann^ Kellogg), m, Peru, N. Y., July 4, 
1866, Martin Baker, b. Mar. 7, 1847, s. Stephen and Lydia (Bar- 
low). Of Ausable, N. Y., 1883, machinist. Ch.: 

+ 15984 Emma Laura^^ Baker, b. Dec. 18, 1868; Adelbert^" 
Baker, Nov. 24, 1872; Cordelia^'^ Baker, Mar. 30, 1874; Cora^'^ 
Baker, Aug. 4, 1877 ; Alonzo^" Baker, Apr. 17, 1879 ; Lucia^'^ Baker, 
Apr. 18, 1882. 


FRANK B.CLEVELAND (Charles Gilmans, James Gould^, Samuel«, 
Tyxhalie, Ezra*, Josephs, Samuel', Mosesi), m. Akron, Ohio, Feb. 13, 1878, 

Helen Rogers, b. A. July ii, 1857, d. A. May 21, 1881, a daugh- 
ter James and Mary (Smith). Of Akron 1882-3, plumber; 
Cleveland, O., 1884-5, salesman. Ch.: Winnifred", b. Dec. 14, 
1878, d. Feh. 24, 1879. 15985 Helen Maude" Cleveland, born 
Feb. 5, 1880. 


Sert Henri'' Wood {Emlly Louisa^ Klnne, SophroniaT, Sylvester", Wil- 
liam Dartee", Samuel*, Joseph^ Samuel', Moses»), m. WeSt Superior, Wis., 

Oct. 31, 1896, Wealth a Louella Mills, b. Wheaton (n. Chippewa 



Falls), Wis., Apr. 27, 1880, da. Albert Edward and Helen Jen- 
nette (Cole). 

Mr. Bert HenrP Wood, residence, Hayward, Wis., to 1895, 
and since at Hawthorne, Douglas co., Wis. (1897) ; an elemen- 
tary graduate of the State Normal School at River Falls, Wis., 
is a teacher. Is commander of Wisconsin Division, Sons of Vet- 
erans. Mr. Wood is a subscriber for this Genealogy. 

Albert Edward Mills, b. Caton, N. Y., Sept. 29, 1S49, m. Wheaton Oct. 31, i86g, Helen 
Jennette Cole, b. Princeton, Green Lake, Wis., Oct. 3, 1851. 


Georgia Louise^ Houghton (Louises, Oliver^, Josiah», Oliver', 
[?Josiah<, Deliverances, Edward']), m. Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 29, 1862, Jo- 

siah Granville Smith, b. Lexington, Mass., June i6, 1833, a son 
Josiah and Lucinda (Wyman), and cous. to G. W. Houghton — 
mothers being sisters. Res. Boston, Mass., 1862-74, N. Y. city 
since ; of Samuel P. Dexter & Co., woolens, N. Y., 1883. Ch. b. 
Jamaica Plain, Mass.: 

15986 Cleveland Houghton!''' Smith, b. May 19, 1865, entered 
Harvard College 1882, Class of 1886, thinks of studying Law ; 
Isobel Houghton^" Smith, b. May 24, 1867 ; Louise Houghtoi^° Smith, 
Mar. 30, 1873. 


HELEN MARY' CLEVELAND (George Smith«. 01iver',.Josiah«, 
Oliver^, ? Josiah*, Deliverances, Edward", Mosesi), m. Minneapolis, Minn., 

Apr. 24, 1873, Aaron Morley Wilcox, b, Painesville, O., July 24, 
1842, son of Hon. Aaron and Eliza Jane (Morley). Children b. 
Cleveland, Ohio : 

15987 Aaron Morley^" Wilcox, b. July 12, 1874. 
Horace Wilder^'' Wilcox, b. Jan. 5, 1876. 

Mr. Aaron Morley Wilcox, residence, Cleveland, O. (1868-97), 
has been since 1868 one of the firm Cleveland, Brown & Co. 
[see +4480, p. 13 1 7], iron manufacturers. 


JOHN NILES* CLEVELAND. (Chester Hurd^, Nicholas', Josiah", 

Oliver"), m. Wyoming, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1877, Ella Jane Newton, b. 
Yorkshire, N. Y., Sept. 7, 1856, daughter Joel Truman and Rose 
(Loomise). Still res. Warsaw, N. Y. (1895), farmer. Ch. born 
Warsaw: Clara Adell", b. Apr. 18, 1881, d. W. Oct. 15, 1887 ; 
Mabelle Rose"* Cleveland, b. Mar. 14, 1885. 


Edie DelV Kinttey (Maryettes, Solomon', Enoch', Solomons, Enoch*, 

Deliverances, Edward", Moses'), married Newburg, Mich., Jan. 19, 1879, 
Charles Fremont Smith, Jr., b. Penn, Vandalia, Mich., Sept. 29, 
1856, a son Amos and Martha J. (East). Ch.: 15988 Mary Eme- 
line^'^ Smith, b. Jan. 14, 1880 ; Archie Lloyd^" Smith, Oct. 26, 1882 ; 
Mattie May"" Smith, Dec. 26, 1884, Nance co.. Neb. 

Charles Freeraont Smith, Jr., resided homestead to 1884, 
located Apr. i, 1885, on farm, Cheboygan, Mich. 




East ancestry : — j armzj .• Gu. a chev. betw. 3 pairs of wings in lure or. . . . Wil- 
liami, b. about 173s, of N. C, m. Frances Cochran of Grayson co., Va.; Williams t. n. 
C. May 8, 1773, or Grayson co., Blount co., Tenn., Wayne co., Ind., Calvin tp., Cass co., 
Mich., m. Grayson co , Rachel Talbott*, b. n. Winchester, Va., Sept. 23, 1780; James', b. 
Tune I, iSog, of Wayiie co., m. Anna Jones, b. Jefferson co., Tenn., 1805, da. Jesse and 
Hannah iFrazier) ; Martha J,* East, m. Amos Smith. 

Talbot ancestry : — T arms : Talbott;^^.- Talbot. (Richard Talbot held domains 
in Normandy 1046, came 1066 with William, by Domesday Book had extensive possessions 
in Bng., m. da. of Gerard de Gournay, Baron of Yarmouth, by Editha, his wife, da. (by 
Gundred, da. of the Conqueror) of William, Earl of Warren and Surrey, issue : Baron 
Geoffrey (fourth in descent from whom was Thomas, had grant 37, Henry III of Bashall, 
York CO., etc.) and Hugh (ancestor of the house of Shrewsbury). Ar. 3 lioncels salient 
purpure. Crest — A talbot pass sa. Motto — 'Vo^xt& jours fidele. . . . John', from 
Eng., of n. Friend's Meeting-House, Middletown, Chester (now Delaware) co.. Pa., 1700, 
m. Mary, or Elizabeth, prob. Turner, da. or sister of John of M.; Joseph", m. ist, 1732, 
Hannah Baker'; Jacob', b. Aug. 19, 1748, of Concord tp., Delaware co., Pa., Hopewell, 
Va., m. Susanna Sharpies''* ; Rachel* Talbot, m. William Easf*. 

Sharpless ancestry : — j arwiJ.- Sharples (Sharpies, co. Lancaster). Sa. 3 crescents 
ar. between the points of each a muUett or. Crest — Dexter hand brandishing sword. 
Motto — Pro veritate suffer fortiter. . . . Adam' de Sharpies, 1320, from him descends 
in per. 3d or 4th generation, Richard^, of Sharpies 1473, his supposed son or grandson, 
John', of Sharpies, gent. ; Richard', of Sharpies, gent., m. Elizabeth Bolton of Bolton, 

Lancaster co., Eng., gent.; »; Richard", b. 15155, of Wynbury, Cheshire, England, 

m. Cicely : Geoffrey, or Jeffrey'", of Wynbury, m. Margaret Ashley; John", Isap. Wyn- 
bury, Aug. 15, 1624, of Mearemore, Blakenhall, Hatherton, Cheshire, England, a Quaker, 
Middletown, granted land by William Penn 1682 in Nether Providence, Delaware co.. 
Pa., died near Chester Sept. i, 1722, m. Jane Moor, perhaps sister to David of Hankelow ; 
Joseph"', b. Hatherton Sept. 28, 1698, m. Lydia Lewis, b. Glamorganshire, Wales. Mar. 8, 
1683, da. Ralph and Mary of Haverford tp.; Samuel", m. Jane Newlin* ; Susanna'* Shar- 
pies, m. Jacob Talbot'. 

Newlin ancestry : — Nicholas', a Friend, from Mt. Melick, Tyrone co., Ireland, 1683, 
Concord, m. Elizabeth; Nathaniel", born Dec. 18, 1665, m. Mary Mendenhall from Wilt- 
shire ; John', m. Mary Woodward, da. Richard and Jane of Middlet ; Jane* Newlin, ra. 
Samuel Sharpies". 

Baker ancestry : — Joseph', of Thornbury, m. Mary Worrilow of Edgemont, daugh- 
ter John and Ann (Mans) ; Hannah' Baker, m. Joseph tsWioi-'^.— Sharpless Family^ By 
Gilbert Cope, iSSz, p. 1232. 


wards, John*, Palmer', Edward', Moses'), tn. Lansing, Mich., June 26, 1 87 I, 

Mary Jeannette Worden, b. Gaines, N. Y., Apr. 20, 1852, daugh- 
ter George Washington and Sarah Maria (Alderson). Of Green- 
bush, Mich., May, 1875, farmer. Ch.: Harley Walter'" Cleve- 
land, b. May 4, 1872, St. John's, Mich.; Henry George'" Cleve- 
land, b. Aug. 27, 1873, Yates, Manistee co., Mich. 


m. Sullivan, Pa., Jan. 16, 1874, Helen Augusta Palmer, born S. 
Aug. 19, 1850, da. Mark and Elizabeth (Smith). Of Covington, 
Pa., Aug., 1875, farmer. Ch.: Jessie Cornelia'" Cleveland, b. 
Nov. 9, 1874. 


Henry Cleveland'' Wood (Emma MatUdaS John Hamilton', Pal- 
mer", Benjamin', Deliverance*, Palmer', Edward", Moses*), b. at Harrodsburg, 

Ky., Jan. 12, 1855, unm. The following biographical sketch 
(which is accompanied by his portrait and selections from his 
writings) is from Illustrated Kentuckian, Lexington, Ky., Nov., 18^4, 
JII : jpj — In early life he was thrown much upon his own re- 
sources, and such educational advantages as he lacked, a strong 
literary taste and extensive reading in general measure sup- 
plied. He at first turned his attention to journalism. [See 
Bibliography, Chap. IV.] Mr. Wood has led a very busy life, 
and possesses a happy combination of business tact and ability, 



with a talent for literary pursuits. By his thrift he has become 
a property-holder in his native town. His genius is composite, 
and with literature he combines both music and art. In the 
latter he is expert in wood carving, and has adorned his home 
in this place with products of his skill. In dramatic composi- 
tion, he is author of two librettos, and both operas were per- 
formed with much success in several cities in the State. Both 
in poetry and prose literature Mr. Wood has won laurels of dis- 
tinction, and he is well known in periodical literature, being a 
contributor to some of the most prominent magazines in the 
country, among them, the following : The Quiver, Appleton's 
Journal, Leslie's periodicals ; Harper's Weekly will soon pub- 
lish one of his clever short stories. In social life, Mr. Wood has 
ever a fund of sparkling wit and humor, which render him 
popular in a high degree. 

{Press Notices.) 

Communities, like men, are sometimes forgetful of their best friends, and they need 
at times to be reminded of the existence of strong personalities that affect their common 
life for good. Such a one in Harrodsbur^ is Henry Cleveland Wood, who quietly and 
modestly has grown to hold a unique part in the composite activities and sentiments of 
the place. He may be properly termed the poet laureate of Harrodsburg — and a poet, 
too, whose tender verses have ever been freely indited to Harrodsburg themes, whether 
gfrave or gay. If a lady desires to give an entertainment, and to have something^ bright 
and sparkling on her invitations, she goes to Mr. Wood for help; if a lover wishes to 
send a gift to his fair one with a tender sentiment expressed in verse, Mr. Wood is his 
refuge, and when the last sad summons has called away Harrodsburg's brightest and 
best ones, who has ever with such loving sympathy and tender grace sung their conse- 
crated virtues? Besides establishing himself as a distinct feature of Harrodsburg's in- 
tellectual and sentimental life, he has earned for himself recognition in the wider field 
of magazine literature. 

The New York Star contains an ably written article on " Young Literary Kentuck- 
ians," in whichRobt. Burns Wilson, James Lane Allen, and Henry Cleveland Wood are 
all given excellent notices for their work. 

Among the younger poets of the South, few show more vital . signs of promise than 
Henry Cleveland Wood and Ingram Crockett of Ky., John P. Sjolander of Tex., and 
Robert Loveman of Ala. Worthy also of being included in this list is Rufus J. Childress 
of Louisville. The South has other young poets of even gjreater fame. These will yet, 
if true to themselves, reflect honor upon the South by presenting her as she is to her 
own people and to many besides. Mr. Wood's fame has traveled East, and won him 
recognition from the higher magazines. His landscapes are Kentucky landscapes. Few 
photographs could be truer than the study he gives in his " When Fallow Fields Invite." 
Nor is he a mere landscape painter. His work, while a careful reproduction of nature, 
has something of deeper quality ; he sees living man the harvest field, as well as the 
rose by the wayside.— 7%^ Hound Table. 

Residence: Harrodsburg ,(1898). Mr. Wood, since the age 
of seventeen, has been and still is in mercantile business on his 
own account. Mr. Wood is a subsciber for this Genealogy. 


Walter Mussell Thornton' Lamhuth {Mary habeiia^ mc- 

Clellan, Sally Ann^, Palmer", Benj.», Delev.*, Palmer', Edward"), m. NashviUc, 

Tenn., Aug. 2, 1877, Daisy Lavinia Kelley, b. Huntsville, Ala., 
Feb. 24, 1859, da. of Rev. David Campbell and Mannie (Harris). 
Children : 

15989 David Kelley^^ Lambuth, b. Feb. 20, 1879, Shanghai, 

Mary Cleveland^'^ Lambuth, born Mar. 15, 1885, Soo- 
chow, China. 

Walter William^'' Laftibuth, born May 9, 1889, Kobe, 

Rev. Walter Russell Thornton^ Lambuth, M.D. [Vanderbilt 
University, 1877, Bellevue Hospital Medical Coll., N. Y., 1882], 



D.D. [Emory Coll., Ga., 1891, Randolph, Macon, College, Va.], 
grad. Emory and Henry College, Emory, Washington co., Va., 
M.A., 1875, Univ. of Nashville, scientific course, 1874; while he 
was a Medical Missionary in China, the Soochow Hospital of 
the M. E. Church South was erected, of which he was in charge 
(working together with Dr. William Hector Park) until obliged, 
on account of the health of his family, to leave Soochow, when 
Dr. Park was left in, and has since been continuously in, charge 
of this hospital. Residence, Nashville, 1895, clergyman and 
physician. Board of Missions, Methodist Episcopal Church 
South, Nashville, H. C. Morrison, W. R. Lambuth, Secretaries ; 
T. B. Holt, Treas. 

Rev. David Campbell Kelley, M.D., D.D., of Huntsville, m. 
Mannie Harris. 


JSova Kate* JJambuth {Mary Isabella^ Mccieiian), m. in Kobe, 
Japan, Oct. 6, 1886, Dr. William Hector Park, b. Rock Springs, 
Ga., Oct. 27, 1858, son of James Andrew and Ann (Smith) Park. 
Child : 

15990 Margarita Mary^" Park, b. Jan. 7, 1889, Kobe, Japan. 

Dr. William Hector Park graduated at Emory College, Ox- 
ford, Ga., 1880, Belle vue Medical College, City of New York, 
1880. His boyhood days were spent on his father's farm, but 
before he reached his teens he was inspired with the desire to 
become a Medical Missionary. He entered Emory College Jan. 
18, 1878, and in March, 1880, was appointed to China, and grad- 
uated June 30, 1880. He studied medicine in Edinburgh, Scot- 
land, and in London, Eng., but graduated from Bellevue Medi- 
cal College, New York, physician and surgeon. Since coming 
to China he has had charge of the Soochow Hospital of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church South. This hospital was erected 
while Dr. Walter R. T. Lambuth was a Medical Missionary in 
China, and he and Dr. Park worked together. When Dr. Lam- 
buth removed from Soochow, Dr. Park was left in charge of 
the hospital, which has continuously remained under his man- 
agement (except a two-years furlough) to the present, and now 
has an average of 9,000 patients a year. His work consists in 
seeing both clinic and in-patients, foreign missionaries, and 
wealthy Chinese, who send for him to their homes. He has 
also a class of medical students, who, after a course of five 
years, graduate with a medical diploma. One class of gradu- 
ates are successful physicians and druggists. For one case 
that was cured in the Hospital, Dr. Park was made an Honorary 
Mandarin. Rich and poor alike find in him a friend and ad- 
viser. Dr. Park took a special Medical Course in New York 
city, 189s, and returned with Mrs.- Park to China, June, 1895. 
Residence, Soochow, China. Mrs. Park subscribes for this 


Smith', John', Benjamin', Deliverance*, Palmer*, Edward^, Moses'), m. at One- 

onta, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1883, Leroy Eugene Harris, born Franklin, 


N. Y., Jan. 22, 1859, son George and Elizabeth (Farrington). 
Res. Merrickville, Delaware co., N. Y., farmer. Ch.: 

15991 Stanley Cleveland^° Harris, b. Jan. 22, 1887, M. 


EDWARD WARREN" CLEVELAND (George Clark^, George 
Clark', Job William', Job William', Deliverance*, Palmer^, Edward", Moses^), mar- 
ried at Cedar Vale, Kan., November 25, 1897, Marie Louise 
McGirk, b. at California, Moniteau co.. Mo., August i, 1876, 
daughter of Zachary Taylor and Martha Columbia (Rowland) 
McGirk, Residence, Cedar Vale (1898), liveryman and farmer, 
s. p. 


RICHARD CHESTER^-" CLEVELAND (ciarence Chester^, 
{iru^lfE^vS: GSeN;lson^,|Hosmer^ Edward*, SamueP, Edward^ Moses^), 

married at Worcester, Mass., Sept. 26, 1894, Gertrude Elizabeth 
Smith, b. Worcester, Apr. 13, 1872, only daughter of Jesse and 
Jane (Hopcroft). 

Mr. Richard Chester*"' Cleveland, residence from 1890,. 
Worcester (1897); is Treasurer of the Smith-Green Company 
at Worcester. Graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
1893. Mr. Cleveland is a subscriber for this Genealogy. 


Emma Mary^ Mutter [Cella Ann^ Cady, Horace Harvey-' Cady, Jos. 
a^y^/awdf'Carf)/, Lois6, Josiah*, Josiahs, Josiah', Mosesi), HI. Chicago, 111., Man 

2, 1868, William Gray, b. Romeo, Mich., Sept. 25, 1849, son Dr. 
Neil and Maria (Miller), res. Romeo, 1894. Ch. : 

+ 15992 Grace Ernest^'' Gray, b. Mar. 26, 1869, Chicago, 111. 
Bessie Rutter^° Gray, b. Dec. 3, 1870, Romeo, d. R. 
Sept. 3, 1 87 1. 

15993 William^" Gray, b. Sept. 26, 1873, R.; Nina Louise^" 
Gray, b. May 4, 1877, R.; Flossie Brabb'^ Gray, b. June 12, 1882,, 


HcOtf? JoVClan (ColUns Hausberg-er^ Jordan, Julm Ann-' Cady, Joseph Cleve- 
land^ Cady, Loiss, Josiah*, Josiahs, Josiahs, Mosesi), married at Piqua, Ohio,. 

Dec. 5, 1883, Clifford Moody Hall, born at Piqua, June 12, 1863, 
youngest daughter and child of Dr. William Perry and Ann 
Maria (Ward) Hall. Child : 

15994 Harold Scott'^'^ Jordan, b. Feb. 2, 1890, Chicago, 111. 
Mr. Scott" Jordan was born Jan. 29, 1859, in Piqua, Miami 

County, Ohio, has resided since March, 1859, in Chicago, IlL 
Was educated in the public schools of Chicago ; Mt. Vernon 
Military Academy, Morgan Parkj 111., followed by a course in 
Prof. Bell's Academv, Chicago. Is a secretary and treasurer. 
Became a Master Mason, July, 1886, in Lincoln Park Lodge, 
No. 611, A. F. and A. M., Chicago, in 1892, affiliated with Kil- 
winning Lodge, No. 311, A. F. and A. M., Chicago; a Knight 
Templar, Aug., 1886, in St. Bernard Commandry, No. 35, K. T.^ 

^^.r>^' '^-J-yrd^.'t 



Chicago ; received the thirty-second degree of Masonry, Nov. 
10, 1886, in Oriental Consistory, S.-. P.-. R.-. S 32°, Chicago. 

Admitted to membership in the following patriotic-heredi- 
tary societies: June 26, 1894, Illinois Society o£ the Sons of the 
American Revolution; Aug. i, 1894, Illinois Society, Sons of 
the Revolution ; a charter member of the Chicago Continental 
Guard, which was organized July 17, 1894, and is composed of 
members of the Sons of the American Revolution ; Oct. 13, 

1894, General Society of the War of 181 2, Philadelphia, Pa.; a 
charter member of the Society of the War of 181 2, organized in 
the State of 111., Oct., 1895; ^^^c. 7, 1894 (made Life Member, 
Dec, 1895), Society of Colonial Wars in State of 111.; Society of 
Mayflower Descendants (of passengers on the voyage of the 
Mayflower which terminated at Plymouth, Mass., Dec. 11, o. s., 
1620); elected Jan. 9, 1896, installed Feb. 13, 1896, a Companion of 
the First Class Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United 
States, Illinois Commandery, being eligible through his uncle, 
Capt. Everard Cadf' Jordan^ dec'd, through his father (Capt. Jor- 
dan's eldest brother), who waived his claim to the inheritance. 
Member of the Virginia Historical Society; was elected, Jan., 

1895, a life member of the Society for the Preservation of Vir- 
ginia Antiquities; Feb. 6, 1895, member of the New England 
Historic-Genealogical Society; and is a member of the Illinois 
Genealogical Society, chartered 1894, but not yet organized. Is 
a member of the Illinois Club of Chicago, and of Chicago Ath- 
letic Association. 

Mr. Jordan is a gentleman of decided literary and antiqua- 
rian taste, and a genealogist. To his efforts are due the very 
complete accounts in this work of the genealogy, ancestries, 
and biography of the descendants of David and Lois* (Cleve- 
land) Cady. Mr. Jordan is a subscriber for a number of copies 
of this Genealogy. 

Mrs. Clifford Moody (Hall) Jordan was elected, Dec. 5, 1895, 
a member of the Chicago Chapter Daughters of the American 
Revolution ; elected, Dec, 1895, an Hereditary Life Member of 
the National Mary Washington Memorial Association. 

Hall ancestry : — William*, born in South Carolina Mar. 29, 1763, of English family ; 
served in the Revolution (a first cousin of Gen. Anthony Wayne), d. in Montgomery cc, 
C. Mar. 3, 1858, m, in the Newberry District, S. C, Oct., 1792, Mary Cammack, b. New- 
berry D., Oct. 12, 1775, d. Montgomery CO., O., Mar. 4, 1850, da. James and Joanna (Inscoe), 
of Newberry D. ; James', b. in S. C, Dec. 27, 1794, d. Montgomery co., O., Dec. 13, 1854, 
m Feb. 22, 1816, Henrietta Siddons, b. in N. C. 1795, d. Montgomery co., C, Apr. 23, 1850 ; 
Dr. William Perry' Hall, born Montgomery co., O., Aug, 30, 1822, of Piqua, C, ra. Piqua, 
May I, 1849, Ann Maria Ward^, b. June 30. 1826. 

Ward ancestry ; 2 lines : William^ [see 4-38, p. 67], m. ist ; John' [see 4-3249i P. 

1114! ; Elizabeth" m. Joshua Fuller". Williami m. 2d Elizabeth ; Richard", b. Eng. 1635, of 
Sudburv, Mass., freem, 1664, was drowned in Sudbury river Mar. 31, 1666, m. S. Sept. 8, 1661, 
Mary Moore, b. ab. 1641, da. John and Elizabeth of S. ; Obadiahs, b. S. Dec. 10, 1663, d. "Wor- 
cester, Mass., Dec. 17, 1717, m. Dec. 20, 1693, Mrs. Joanna (Mixer^) Harrington,;born Dec. 14, 
1666, of Watertown, Mass., wid. of Joseph Harrington ; Richard*, born Sudbury 1694, d. 
Holden, Mass., 1756, m. Jan. i, 1718-19, Lydia Wheelock of Sudbury ; Jonas*, b. Worces- 
ter Jan. 21, 1720, d. Sutton, Mass., Sept., 1792, m. ist Abigail Child*, she died before 1768 ; 
Rums', b. Worcester Jan. 6, 1759, served in Revolution war June, 1776, to August, 1780; 
rem. to Pittsford, Vt., thence, Feb., 1814, to Mt. Vernon, Ohio, d, Mt. V. Sept. 8, 1834, m. 
Southington, Conn., Oct. 10, 1787, Elizabeth Barnes', b. Southington Oct. 21, 1764, d. Knox 
CO., O., June 19, 1849; Jonas', b. Hubbardtown, Vt., July 21, 1798, d. Piqua, May 7, 1867, 
m. Knox co., Oct. 4, 1821, Melinda Hinsdale Newell', b. Cornwall, Vt., Feb. 8, 1799, died 
Piqua Aug. 30, 1841 ; Ann MariaS "Ward m. Dr. William Perry Hall', 

Newell ancestry :— 1 arms : Newell or NewalL; /,• Newall; 4: NEWELL: Ar. 
3 bars gu. ; over all a bend eugr. .sa. . . -37KeriM.i Newell m. Lorena Moody ; Riverius 
of Cornwall, Vt., 1799, m. Southington, Conn., Sarah Peck ; Melinda Hinsdale' Newell 
tn. Jonas Ward." 

Barnes ancestry ; — Joshuai came, 1652, bound for 5 years from landing to Mr. Paine, 
in 1642 was fined for scoffing at religion, he, says Savage-, perhaps was of East Hampton, 




L. I., 1650, if so, is evidently identical with Joshua' of Easthampton 1649 i Samuel^ of East- 
hampton was, says Munsell's Ancestry, /l'\J72, probably father of Stephen', b. Southamp- 
ton, L. I. ; rem. to Branford, Conn., 1700 ( ? ), died B., m. Mary Barnes, gr.-dau. of John 
Linsley of Guilford, Conn., before 1650, Branford bef. 1667 ; Stephen*, b. Branford Jan. 7, 
1705, rem. to Southington, d. there Mar. 27, 1777, m. Jan. 5, 1725-6, Martha Wheadon', b. 
Branford ab. 1707, d. Southington Mar. 18, 177^ ; Jonathan^, b. Feb. 21, 1731, of Southingt., d. 
there Jan. 7, 1807, m. Aug. 4, 1757, Elizabeth WoodruflE<, b. there May i, 1738, d. there Feb. 
8, 1814 ; Elizabeth' Barnes m. Rufus Ward'. ' 

IVoodruff, Woodroiv, Woodroffe, H' oodroofe ancestry : —sarms ; Woodrof or WOOD- 
ROW ; I : WOODROFE ; /.• WOODROFFE or WOODRUFF'; 5 : WOODKOFFE : Paly of six, ar. 
andgn. abendgobonated. orandsa. . . . Matthew'of Hartford, Conn., rem. to Farmington 
1640-1, an orig. propr., freem. 1657, d. F. 1682, m. Hannah ; Samuel!', b.F. Aug. 26, 1661, rem. 
ab. 1698 to Southington, d. there Jan., June 8, 1742, m. 1686 Rebeckah Clark, b. ab. 1^162, d. 
there Aug. 4, 1737, da. John, an original prop, of Hartford, soldier in Pequot war, and of 
Farmington ; Hezekiah', b. Southingt. Aug. 9, 1801, d. there Mar. s, 1791, ni. Dec. 3, 1730, 
Sarah Mason, she d. July 20, 1785, of Stratford, Conn. ; Elizabeth* Woodruff m. Jonathan 
Barnes*. ^^^ Sketches of Southington, by Rev. Heman Rowlee Timlow. » 

Wheadon ancestry : — Thoiaa.s^, Thomas [see -I-4019, p. 1212] ; Martha' Whedou m. 
Stephen Barnes*. 

CM'ld ancestry : — William" (brother of Benjamin) came from Eng. to America either 
with or before his bro. Ephraim, Watertown freem. 1634, d. soon, m. prob. in Eng. ; Rich- 
ard', b. W. 1631, d. Nov. II, 1604, m. 2d, Jan. 16, 1878, Hannah Traine, b. Sept. 8, 1657, da. 
of John and Margaret (Dix) or Watertown ; Johns, b. May 16, 1687, of Newton, d. 1761, m. 
Jan. 27, 1715, Experience Fuller', b. Nov. 5, 1685, d. 1770 ; Abigail* Child, m. Jonas Ward.' 

Fuller ancestry : — John', b. 1611, of SJewton, Cambridge, Mass., may seem the youth 
who came with John Wmthrop, Jr., in the Abigail 1635, 15 years old, freem. i6go, d. Feb. 
7, 1699, in 87th year, m. Elizabeth, she d. Apr. 13, 1700 ; Joshua", b. Apr. 2, 1654, of Newton, 
freem. 1680, d. June 27, 1752, m. June 7, 1679, Elizabeth Ward', b. June 18, 1660, d. Sept. 6, 
1691 ; Experience' Fuller m. John Child'. 

Mixer, Mixter ancestry : — Isaac', b. Eng. 1603, embarked at Ipswich, Eng., Apr. 10, 
1634, in the Elizabeth, of Watertown, freem. May 2, 1638, selectman, d. ab. 1655, m. warah, 
b. ab. 1601, came here with him, d. Nov. 24, 1681 ; Isaac", b. Eng. 1630, of W. 1634, freem. 
1652, d. Nov. 22, 1716, m. 2d, Jan. 10, 1661, Rebecca Garfield', born Mar. 10, 1641, d. Mar. 16, 
1684 : Joanna' Mixer m. 2d, Obadiah Ward'.' 

Garfield ancestry : — 2 arms : (Tuddington, co. Middlesex), Or. 3 bars gti. on a canton 
erm. a cross f ormee'of the second. Crest — Out of a heart a hand holding a sword ppr. 
. . . Edward', b. 1575, of Watertown, d. June 14, 1672, a. 97 (?) ; Edward", b. Eng., of 
W., freem. May 6, 1635, d. June 14, 1672, m. Rebecca, b. ab. 1606, d. Apr. 16, i66i ; Rebecca' 
Garfield m. Isaac Mixer". 


Cudy JHorrOtlf Jordan {ColUns Hausberger^ Jordan, Julia Ami' 
Cady, Joseph Cleveland* Cady, Lois', Josiah*, Josiah', Josiah", Mosesi), married at 

Chicago, 111., February 8, 1888, Cassie Mae Deeves, born at 
Chicago June 19, 1871, only daughter and youngest child of Mr. 
Deeves. s. p. 

Mr. Cady Morrow'^ Jordan, residence, Chicago (1895); of C. H. 
Jordan 8c Co., Chicago. 


M^Ciry Adair^ Jordmi ( mmam Henrys Jordan, Julia Ann^ Cady, 
Joseph Cleveland^ Ccdy, Lois^, Josiah*, Josiah', Josiah"), m. at Ft. Clark, Tex., 

Mar. 3, 1887, Capt. Henry Fletcher Kendall, b. in Passy a Paris, 
now Paris, France, June 18, 1855, son of George Wilkin s and 
Adeline Suzanne_(d e Valcourt). Ch. : Elizabeth Adair^" Kendall, 
"h. and d. Ft. Meade, Meade co., S. Dakota, Mar. 23, 1895, aged 
5 hours. 

Captain Henry Fletcher Kendall grad. West Point Military 
Academy; was stationed, 1894, at Ft. Meade, capt. 8th Cavalry, 
U. S. A.; res. St. Louis, Mo., since Oct. i, 1895; is detailed on 
recruiting service there. 

Kendall 7-ecord : — George Wilkins Kendall, b. Amherst, N. H., i8o^, journalist and 
author, a printer by trade, went from N. Y. to N. Orleans 1835 and established there, Jan. 
27, 1837, in partnership with F. A. Lumsden, the Picayune, a leading Southern journal; 
joined the Santa Fe exped. 1841, of which he pub. an account, embracing his captivity, 
entitled Narrative of the Texan Santa Fe Expedi/ion,-siccompsinying Gens. Taylor and 
Scott, he witnessed the chief conflicts of the Mexican war. By means of pony express 
and steamers he supplied his newspaper regularly with the earliest and fullest intelligence 
of movements and battles. He afterward passed 2 years in Europe superintending the 
pub. of a costly illustrated work on the war 1851 ; d. Post Oak Spring, n. Bowie, Tex., Oct. 
21, 1867. — See Drake^s Dictionary of American Biography, 505 : N. Y. Internal, mag.. 
Ill : 145 — m. Adeline Suzanne de Valcourt da. of the Comte Dirudonne de Valcourt and 
Caroline^ainte .Suzanne) of France. 



JOSEPH WELCOME" CLEVELAND (Moses Welcome^ Moses', 
Augustus', Mosess, Josiah*, Josiahs, josiah^), Til. Menasha, Wis., DeC. 18, 

1880, Blanche Eva Butler. Of Clintonville, Wis. Ch. : 15995 
Lowell Valentink'" Cleveland; Viola^" Cleveland. 


tfeSSte^ Lyflde {Edwai-d Cleveland^ Lynde, Mary Ann Jerusha Alice', 
Dyer', Josiah^, Josiah*, Josiah^, Josiah". Moses"), m. Scranton, Pa., Oct. 20, 

1887, as 2d w., John Jacob Ryman, b. Dallas, Ltizerne co., Pa., 
Apr. 3, 1852, s. of Abraham and Jemima (Kunkle). Ch. : 

Lynde Hunter^" Ryman, b. Dec. 6, 1890, Dallas, Pa. 
Mr. John Jacob Ryman, residence, Dallas, Pa., of A. Ryman 
& Sons, wholesale and retail dealers in lumber and general 
merchandise, yard at Wilkes Barre, Pa., mills at Dallas (1895-6). 
Mr. Ryman subscribes for this Genealogy. He m. ist, Pittston, 
Pa., Oct. 6, 1875, Mary Cornelia Atwater, born Providence, Pa., 
Sept. 19, 1852, d. Dallas, Pa., Dec. 23, 1885, da. Charles Town- 
send and Elizabeth (Snyder). Ch. b. Dallas, Pa, ; Edith Louise 
Ryman, June i, 1877; Edna Marion Ryman, Aug. 11, 1880. 

Atwater ancestry : — j arms : (Kent) Sa. a fesse voided az. betw. 3 swans ppr. A 
history of the Atwaters has been printed, tracing back in close connection to the May- 
flower descendants. 


JAY HENRY' CLEVELAND (james mnckleya, James ScofleldT, 
Jonas', John», John*, Joseph', Josiah", Moses»), m. MarengO, la., DeC. 6, 1 883, 

Adriana Eaton. Of Cambridge, 111., Chicago, 111., 1883-94, 
machinist. Ch. : 15996 Lizzie Belle'", b. Oct. 18, 1884, Belle 
Plaine, la, 


CHARLES DWIGHT" CLEVELAND (james HinckleyB, James 
Scofield', Jonas', John^, John*, Joseph', Josiah^, Mosesi), m. MarengO, lowa. 

Sept, 27, 1883, Lucy Jane Elliott, b. Darke county, O., da. John. 
Of Belle Plaine, la., 1885. Ch. : 15997. Elmer Ellsworth'" 
Cleveland, b. Feb. 9, 1885, Belle Plaine. 


Samuel Perry^ DinSmOOr {Leura Laodtcea^ Tutts, Laura', 
Asahel', Henrys, William*, Henrys, Josiah", Mosesi), m. On horSCback, near 

Grafton, Jersey county. 111., Aug. 24, 1870, Mrs. Frances Ann 
(Barlow) Journey, born St. Joseph, Mo., Apr. 24, 1839, widow of 
Samuel Journey, da. Martin B. and Elizabeth (Dearing). Ch. 
b. Grafton : 15998 Charles Andrews'^ Dinsmoor, Aug. 25, 1871, m. 
Delhi, Osborne co., Kan., 1890, Louisiana Mosher, da. of Amos 
E. and Mary E., from Dutchess co., N. Y. Ch. : Inez Mildred^"- 
Dinsmoor, b. Jan. 22, 1891; Henry WtllianC^ Dinsmoor, Nov. 19, 
1892; Mary Frances^^ Dinsmoor, Sept. 21, 1894. 

James Franklin^'^ Dinsmoor, b. July 19, 1873; Samuel 
Anderson!''' Dinsmoor, b. Sept. 8, 1875; Thomas Barlotv^" Dinsmoor, 
b. Feb. 8, 1878; Laura Elizabeth^" Dinsmoor, b, Nov. 30, 1881. 



Samuel Perry^ Dinsmoor served 3 years in Co. B, 11 6th Ohio 
Vols., participated in 18 general engagements, was at capture of 
Petersburg, Va., and surrender of General Lee at Appomattox 
C. H., Appomattox co., Va., discharged 1865. Lived at Grafton 
1866 to 1888, and since at Lucas, Russell county, Kan., farmer. 
Frances Ann Barlow m. ist Samuel Journey. Ch. : 6, of whom 
3 died before 1884. 


Wayne, N. Y., Mar. 13, 187 1, as 2d w., Rev. Edward Lawrence 
Graves, b. Springfield, Mass., June 20, 1838, a s. Ashley Pomeroy 
and Mary Ann (Lawrence). Ch.: Mary Louisa^'' Graves, b. Aug. 
5, 1876, Albion, Mich., m. N. Scriba, N. Y., Jan. i, 1896, John F. 
Donnelly of N. Scriba. Rev. E. L. Graves, of N. Scriba 1896-7, 
m. ist, E. Pembroke, N. Y., June 20, 1861, Mary Elizabeth 
Cleveland, she d. Batavia, N. Y., Nov. 23, 1870. Ch.: Emily 
Luella Graves, b. Dec. 27, 1862, m. June 20, 1889, Bartholomew 
James of Short Tract, Allegany co., N. Y. 

Graves ancestry : — Thomas*, Isaac", JTohn' [see + 1805, p. 765] ; Elnathan*, b. Hat- 
field, Mass., Aug. 20, i6gg, m. ist, Martha Dickinson, da. Dea. Nathaniel of H.; Seth*, m. 
Mary Dickinson, da. Col. John and Mary (Coleman) ; Phineas', m. Lucy Pomeroy of 
WilliamsbitrK, Mass.; Ashley Pomeroy' Graves m. Mary Ann Lawrence of St. Johns- 
hury, Vt.— Graves gen., I : syg. 


EGBERT CYRUS' CLEVELAND (George Lucians, Cyrus^ Aaron«, 
Henry6, William^, Henry', Josiah*. Mosesi), m. Dalton, MaSS., DeC. 2 2, 

1887, Camilla Linsted Stedman, da. Lorenzo and Caroline E. 
(Linsted). Of North Adams, Mass. (1896-7), shoemaker. Ch. 
b. Dalton : Bella Mary" Cleveland, July 4, 1889 ; Robert 
Linsted'" Cleveland, Feb. 21, 1891. 


Aaron*, Henry s, William*, Henrys, Josiah"), m. ISt, Pittsfield, MaSS., Mar. 

8, 1888, Ida Smith, b. P. ab. 1865, d. P. Feb. 10, 1890, da. John 
Harvey and Amanda (Peaster). He m. 2d, New Haven, Conn., 
June 2,5, 1 89 1, Gazie Jane Barnes Copeley, b. Louisville, Ky., 
Sept. 13, 1863, da. William Hibbard and Elizabeth Hall (Morse). 
Of New Haven (1896-7), carpenter. Ch. by ist m.: Edith May'" 
Cleveland, b'. Apr. i, 1889, Springfield, Mass.; Merwin Loomis" 
Cleveland, Apr. 16, 1895, New Haven. 


ERNEST WILFORD' CLEVELAND (nowiet Cyruss), m. 
New York, N. Y., Sept. 27, 1888, Martha Dennison Osborn, b. 
N. Y. city, Oct. 5, da. William John and Rose Anna (Macdon- 
ald). Of Monson, Mass., 1896-7, telegraph operator and bag- 
gage-master. Ch. b. Pittsfield, Mass.: William Cyrus'* Cleve- 
land, Dec. 3, 1891; James Wylie'" Cleveland, July 3, 1893. 


.^ //I 






WILLIAM CYRUS' CLEVELAND (Anson Gridley^, Cyrus', 

Aarons, Henry», wiiiiams Henry^, josiah=), m. Grace Greenwood Cun- 
ningham. Ch.: Son'^ Rev. William Cyrus' Cleveland, a 
clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 


Aaron Schuyler'', Aaron', Henry*, William*, Henry^, Josiah*, Moses'), b. ChilH- 

cothe, O., Mar. 31, i860, received an academic ipducation in the 
schools of Chillicothe. Started out in life at the age of 13. 
When 15 he entered the Scioto Gazette printing house, Chilli- 
cothe to learn the printer's trade, at which he worked until 18. 
During these years he became acquainted with many showmen 
who did business with the Gazette, etc. They oflEered him posi- 
tions with their companies. He finally accepted the advertis- 
ing agency of O'Brien's Circus, traveling with this and other 
circuses to July, 188 1, when he left Coup's Hippodrome and 
joined Barlow, Wilson, Primrose & West's Minstrels as Ad- 
vertising agt. to June 10, 1882, then became Press and Genl. agt. 
of Barlow, Wilson & Co.'s Minstrels to Dec. i, 1883. Was Busi- 
ness manager of Leavitt's Minstrels Dec. 10, 1883, to July, 1884, 
and of Cal. Wagner's to Oct., 1884, with Hallen & Hart's Ideals 
to May 15, 1885. In the meantime he was engaged day and 
night in organizing the celebrated McNish [Frank E.], Johnson 
[Carroll] and Slavin [Robert] Minstrels until the opening night, 
July 30, 1885, was their manager (working very hard steadily), 
Feb. I, 1885, to May 17, 1887; their success was largely due to 
his indomitable will and fertile brain. He joined J. H. Hav- 
erly, May 18, manager of his enterprises. Commenced May 18 
to organize an entire new company to open July 18, 1887, Is 
sole Proprietor and Manager of W, S. Cleveland's Magnificent 
Mastodon Minstrels, the largest and most complete minstrel 
organization in existence. Address : Buffalo, N. Y., 1892-5. 
Mr. Cleveland is (since Dec, 1885) a member of Hartford, Conn., 
Lodge of Elks. William Schuyler' Cleveland is a subscriber 
for this Genealogy. 


Emtna Laura^'^ JBaJeer {Adeline^ Alien, Laura Ami« Kelloggy Polly 
Lovejoy', Samuel', Tyxhall^, Ezra*, Joseph^ Samuel=, Mosesi), m. Clintonville, 

Clinton co., N. Y., Jan. 8, 1883, Harry Crase, b. Camborne, Eng., 
May 4, 1 86 1, s. of James and Mary Ann (Willet). Residence, 
Au Sable, N. Y., 1885, miner. Child : 

15999 Annie Laura^^ Crase, b. Aug. 18, 1883. 


Grace Evtiesf Qvay {Evima Mary> Rutter,CeUa Ami^ Cady, Horace 
Harvey' Cady, Joseph Cleveland^ Cady, Lois', Josiah<, Josiah^, Josiah^, Moses'), m. 

Romeo, Mich., Mar. 4, 1891, Joel Howard Muzzy, b. Romeo, 
Feb. 23, 1865, s. Joel Prouty and Mary Torry (Reade); res. De- 
troit, Mich., 1895. Children b. Detroit : 

16000 Edith Dwig/it^^ Afuzzy,h. Mar. 28, 1892. 
Howard Gray^^ Muzzy, b. Feb. 2.1-, 1895. 



Chapter IL 



ALEXANDER' CLEVELAND, the ancestor of the Cleve- 
lands of Virginia origin, was born, evidently in England, prob- 
ably prior to 1620, and may' have remained in England, but it is 
generally believed by his descendants that he came to America, 
and settled in or near Prince William county, Virginia ; there is 
no record of his death, nor of his marriage ; the name of his 
wife is unknown. Had at least one child ; 

+ 16002 Alexander' Cleveland, b. probably about the 
year 1659, either in England or, perhaps, in Virginia. 

Alexander' Cleveland lived in England, locality not dis- 
covered. Concerning- him no. authentic record is found, and it 
is not definitely ascertained which of the two was the immi- 
grant ancestor from England,' he or his son Alexander' ; or 
whether they both came in company. The early shipping lists 
or lists of emigrants to American ports do not mention the 
names of any Clevelands. 

It may prove that he was the Mr. Cleveland of Loughboro,. 
county Leicester, Eng., stated to have accompanied, prior to 
1629, the Skipworths of Cotes, and Henry Herrick, 5th son of 
Sir William Herrick of Beau Manor Park, Loughboro parish, 
from England to Virginia, as already narrated in this Geneal- 
ogy. (See the account of Moses' Cleveland -|- i of Woburn, 
Mass., p. 24-5). If this was Alexander' Cleveland, he evidently 
remained in Virginia while Henry Herrick journeyed to Sa- 
lem, Mass., and was later a founder of the first church in Salem 
1629. There are Clevelands in Virginia from old times. 

So closely do the Southern Clevelands in feature resemble 
the New England Clevelands that they have been mistaken to 
be near relatives of each other, and it is not unreasonable to 
conjecture that Moses' Cleveland and Alexander' Cleveland 
were brothers, or of at least near kinship. 

Oliver* Cleveland + 16023 of Spring Valley, Albemarle co.,. 
Va., in a letter to Hon. Jesse Franklin" Cleveland, May 10, 
1839, said : 

" My father and grandfather were both named Alexander 
Cleveland. My grandfather lived to be 1 1 1 years old, and my 



grandmother to be 103 years old. My grandfather was an 
Englishman by birth." 

The descendants of Alexander' Cleveland have taken a most 

important part in the history of our Great Republic. 


ALEXANDERS CLEVELAND (Aiexanden), born, it is pre- 
sumed, either in England or in Virginia, about 1659, d. at the 
plantation of his son, John' Cleveland, on Blue Run, in Orange 
CO., Va., about 1770 (within 3 days of the death of his wife), at 
the age of iii years, m. perhaps Milly Presley (see below). His 
wife was b. (birthplace unknown) about 1667, d. at the home- 
stead of her son, John", on Blue Run, about 1770 (within 3 days 
of the death of her husband), at the age of 103 years. Evi- 
dently had at least the following children, b. either in England 
or in Virginia, perhaps in Prince William co., Va., on Bull Run: 

+ 16003 John' Cleveland, b. about 1 695-1 700. 

+ 16004 Alexander' Cleveland, b. about 1698-1 7 10. 

-|- 16005 Jeremiah' Cleveland, b. about 1700-17 12. 

-|- 1 6006 (?) Mica J ah' Cleveland (conjectured to be a son 
of Alexander*), b. about 1702-1 7 12. 

+16007 Elizabeth' Cleveland, b. about 1704-1716. 

+ 16008 William' Cleveland, born about the year 17 19, 
evidently was a son of Alexander''' Cleveland. 

Alexander" Cleveland may have been the original immi- 
grant from England, or his father may have come, bringing 
him ; the notes given in the account of his father may apply to 
himself. In the entire absence of reliable records, there must 
always be a wide field for conjecture. 

John Cleveland, with his father, the younger Alexander 
Cleveland, early migrated to Virginia. Settled on the since 
famous Bull Run, in Prince William co., Va. Removed [prior 
to 1734] some 60 miles to the southwest, locating in a border 
settlement on Blue Run, some six or eight miles above its junc- 
tion with the Rapidan, in Orange co., near the line of Albe- 
marle ; he and wife dying there about 1770, within three days 
of each other, when about 100 years. 

Alexander^ lived to be iii years old and his wife 103 years 
old. Not improbably they had other children than those whose 
names (except that of Micajah') are correctly given above, ac- 
cording to evidence. John' and Alexander' were deeded land 
in Orange co. 1734. The name of Micajah' is not certain, nor 
is it sure that he was a child of Alexander'', but it seems very 
probable that he was either a son or a nephew of Alexander', 
having evidently originated in Va. 

Orange CO., Va., Land fee. — Alexander Cleveland (alone) deeds John Taylor, Nov. 
22, 1752, 100 acres, part of a patent granted to Lawrence Franklyn for 400 acres, consid. 



5 shillinjjs ; cross mark to Cleveland's name to deed. Same to same, Nov. 23, 1752, 100 
acres, part of patent to same party, consid. £12. los. No will or settlement of estate. 

William" Cleveland 4-16348 stated that his great-grand- 
mother, or grandmother, was Milly Presley. But it is evident 
that she was not the wife of Alexander' Cleveland. 


JOHN' CLEVELAND (Alexanders, Alexanderi), d. On his estate 

on Blue Run, 6 or 8 miles above the junction with the Rapid 
Ann, Va., at a good old age, m. prob. in Va., Miss Martha Coffee, 
she d. at her home on Blue Run, quite aged. They had the fol- 
lowing, and perhaps other children : 

-j- 16009 John'' Cleveland, about the year 1730, in Virginia 
or North Carolina (the eldest child). 

4-16010 Mary^ Cleveland, born , 17 — . 

16011 Daughter^ m. Gillespie, or Gillusley of Va. 

-I- 1 601 2 Benjamin^ Cleveland, b. May 26, 1738, on Bull 
Run, in Prince William co., or Culpeper co., Va. 

4-16013 Robert* Cleveland, b. January 5, 8, or February 
8, June 8, 1744, in Orange county, Virginia. 

4- 160 14 Jeremiah* Cleveland, b. about 1746, probably in 
Culpeper county, Virginia. 

4-16015' Cleveland, b. April, 1748, probably in 
Culpeper county, Virginia. 

1 60 1 6 Another son*, name not learned. 

John^ Cleveland, with his father, Alexander^, were early 
settlers of Prince William co., but it is probable that John^ was 
born and reared there. He and his parents removed, prior to 
1734 or 1738, to Orange county, and located on Blue Run, where 
they lived and died ; house joiner or builder. Large real estate 
owner. Records of County Court Office, Orange co. Deeds: — (About 
the beginning of the records) 1734, Prince Curtis conveys to 
John Cleveland about 600 acres of land. 

Mrs. Sarah C. Abbott writes : " My father gave me this information, that my grand- 
father's father IJohn'] crossed the ocean from lingland and settled Va.; in first settling- 
of S. C. he came to S. C. and made that his home." 

Some of his descendants think that he removed to N. C. with his children. 

Martha Coffee was not improbably related to Hev. James Coffey, who m. Elizubutli-' 
Cleveland. A relative of hers, Rev. A. Coffey, d. 1880, Baptist clergyman, author of His- 
tory of Regular Baptist Church, pub. since 1880, with a biography of his life. 


ALEXANDER" CLEVELAND (Alexander^ Alexander!), d. aboUt 

1774-5. [He married, according to one account, Milly Presley, 
but he may have m. twice.] He married [so stated by his 
grandson, Henry Wilson'' Cleveland] Margaret Doolittle, of 
Irish descent. His children had children and grandchildren. 
Three of his daughters d. prior to 1839. Children : 

4-16017 Eli* C]-EVF,LANi), b. between the years 1729 and 
1734, so thought. 

16018 Mary" Clkvkland, evidently d. prior to 1H39, m. 
Johnson, she was prob. living Apr. j i, 1829. 

16019 Anca, or Ankkv' Clevklanm), m. Wood, she was 
living in Amherst co., Va., 1839, had numerous descendants. 

16020 Milly* Cleveland, m. Henry, she was living 

in Ky. 1839, had numerous descendants. 

4-16021 Alexander' Cleveland, born , 17 — . 



16022 John* Cleveland, d. evidently before 1839, ^'^'^^ ^^ 
Revolution ; he and 5 brothers at Yorktown surrender. Is men- 
tioned in his brother Eli's will Apr. 11, 1829. 

4-16023 Oliver^ Cleveland, b. 1748 or 1749. 

16024 Anna* Cleveland, b. 175 1, d. at her s. Dillard's, in 
Montgomery co., Ky., Jan. 14, 1838, a. 87, m. John Hazelrigg, b. 
about 1754, d. July 20, 1833, a. 79. J. D. Hazelrigg writes that 
they settled in Clarke co., Ky., farmer. Their gr.son, Hon. Di7- 
lard" Donahue of Greencastle, Putnam county, Ind.., is very old 
(1893). Their great-gr.son, Judge J. JfJ' Hazelrigg^ member of 
Court of Appeals of Ky., a young, brilliant man. Many of this 
family are distinguished. Ch. : Dillard^ Hazelrigg, of Mont- 
gomery CO. 

-I-16025 James* Cleveland, born , 17 — . 

-j-16026 Elizabeth* Cleveland, born about 1755-6. 

-I-16027 William* Cleveland, b. December 24, 1757, in Al- 
bemarle county, Virginia. 

-(-16028 Martha, or Patsy* Cleveland, b. June 9, 1764. 

Alexander' Cleveland evidently accompanied his father 
and brother, John\ from Bull Run to Orange co., Va. 

Ora7ige co. rec. — 1734 [about the commencement oC the records] Prince Curtis deeds 
ALEXANDER CLEVELAND loi acres. ALEXANDER ClevelaSd, JR., and Margaret, his 
wife, deed William Cowisey, June 28, 1759, 100 acres, part of patent to Col. Thomas Chew 
for 1.600 acres. No will or settlement o£ est. 

Records at Brentsville, Prince William co., Va.— 1778, Alexander Cleveland 
sworn receipt for 40'' for rent. 

The farm vacated by Robert* Cleveland -f 160J3, in Prince William co., was rented by 
Holtzcla-w to Alexander^ Cleveland... 

William' (son of Alexander^), on entering the Continental 
army about 1776, sold his interest in his father's estate ; it is 
therefore evident that Alexander* d. prior to that sale. 

Henry Wilson" Cleveland stated that Alexander' m. Marga- 
ret Doolittle. She was living after the war closed. 

Oliver'' Cleveland (son of Alexander^), in a letter May 10, 183^, says : "Last fall I de- 
termined to take a trip to Kentucky to visit my sisters and brothers, which trip I per- 
formed in ray carriage and have just returned home. They have children and grand- 
children. I have thfee sisters in Kentucky: Betsy, Milly, and Patsy, and one brother, 
William, and one sister, Anca, in Amherst co., Virginia. My mother had six sons and 
seven daughters, all of whom are dead except those named above and myself. My sis- 
ter Betsy's descendants have increased the population over loo." 


JEREMIAH" CLEVELAND (Alexander^ Aie-xanden), m., name 
of wife unknown. Ch. : the following and other sons and 
daughters, who, it is thought, remained in Culpeper co., A^a. : 

4-16029 Jacob' Cleveland, b. May 6, 1739, in Culpeper co., 
near Culpeper C. H., Va. 

-j- 16030 (?) Reuhkn* Cleveland (conjectured to be a son), 
b. ab. 1741-54. 

Jekkmiah" Cleveland lived with his parents on Bull Run. 
It is not known whether he removed with them to Blue Run, 
Va. His son Jacob* came from Culpeper eo., Va., 1780, to S. C, 
but none of Jacob's brothers and sisters [any of whose names 
we have been unable to learn J left Va. with him. Peter" Cleve- 
land -I-16397 remembers, 1S86, that Jacob' had brothers (but 
has not their names), and that his great-grandfather (who, it is 
thought, came from Eng.) was named either Jeremiah or John, 
is not positive which. But the name could not have been John, 
for Gen. Benjamin" Cleveland -\~\G22j[ stated that he was seci^nd 


cousin [probably meaning that his father, John*, was second 
cousin] of Reuben' Cleveland -j- 16 118. 


MICAJAH' CLEVELAND ([PAiexander^, Alexander']), m., name 
of his wife not known, she d. prob. in Tenn. after 1800. (She 
m. 2d — see below.) Children : 


16032 John, afterward Jack* Cleveland, was stolen by 
Indians. His mother, mourning for him as dead, named her 
next child John. But the first John returned home in several 
years, and then his name was changed to Jack, and familiarly 
called Indian Jack. He accompanied his mother to Tenn., and 
went with Mr. Hurly to Clinch mountain (toward Ky.), where 
he shouldered his gun and went away; not since heard from. 

4-16033 John* Cleveland. vSally*; Nancv' Cleveland. 

Micajah'^ Cleveland lived in Va., and was troubled by In- 
dians, wlao stole his son, as narrated above. 

Mrs. Micajah Cleveland m. 2d, prob. in Va., John Shaw, re- 
moved from Va. (with Mr. Hurly and family) to Tenn., and 
thence to Shelby co., Ky., and lived awhile. Ch.: Jimmy Shaw, 
Benjamin Shaw, Joseph Shaw, Jessy Shaw, Betsy Shaw. 


ELIZABETH' CLEVELAND (Alexander", Alexander^), m. ReV. 

James Coffey. Child : 

+ 16034. Elizabeth^ Coffey, b. ab. 1740-50, in North Carolina. 

Elizabeth^ lived in Prince William co., Va. Her father 
evidently was Alexander'. 

Rev. James Coffey, a Baptist clergyman, went early to N. 
C. Very probably he was brother to Martha Coffee, wife of 
John'' Cleveland. 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (Alexander^, Aiexanderi), died in or 
near Loudoun co., Va., between Oct. 17, 1787, and May 29, 1788, 

m. Mary , who survived him. Child : 

Dorkey or DoRKUs" Cleveland, survived her father. 

William' Cleveland lived in Loudoun co., Va. His will, 
dated Oct. 17, 1787, was probated June 9, 1788. He leaves all 
his estate to his wife Mary during widowhood ; if she marries, 
then it is to be equally divided between his wife Mary and 
daughter Dorkey (or Dorkus). — Clerk of Loudoun co., Va. 

Prof. Lewis Cass'' Woolery writes: "I do not know who Uiis WlLl.l.^M Ci.evel.xnd 
is, unless he was my grrandfather's uncle." 


JOHN'' CLEVELAND (john», Alexander", Alexander'), died at 

Cleveland's Ferry, Tugaloo River, S. C, or d. in Ga., ab. 1821, 
a. ab. 91, m. Mary or Mollie McCan, she d. at Cleveland's Ferry 
prior to 1809. Children, several sons gone West : 

+ 16035 John' Cleveland, born Va., Cleveland's Ferry, or 
Franklin co., Ga. 

+ 16036 Neal or Neely' Cleveland, b. 1762, Pickens Dis- 
trict, S. C., or Cleveland's Ferry. 



16037 Cornelius' Cleveland, b. Cleveland's Ferry, died 

+ 16038 William^ Cleveland, b. Va., Pendleton District, 
S. C, or Cleveland's Ferry. 

16039 Fanny' Cleveland, b. Cleveland's Ferry, died, m. 
there, John McNeel, Neal, or Neil, Carnesville, Franklin co., Ga. 

16040 Elizabeth* Cleveland, b. Cleveland's Ferry, died, 
m. there, Benjamin Harrison, Carnesville. 

-I-16041 Jeremiah' Cleveland, b. Cleveland's Ferry or Pen- 
dleton Dist. 

16042 Mary* Cleveland, b. Cleveland's Ferry, m. there, 
John Jackson Walters, Franklin co., Ga. 

16043 Larkin* Cleveland, born Cleveland's Ferry (this 
name is not found in all the family records of this family). 

4-16044 Benjamin* Cleveland, b. Cleveland's Ferry, Tuga- 
loo River, S. C. 

Rev. John* Cleveland, a Baptist clergyman ; went about 
1772, 1785, from Va. and N. C. with his brother Larkin", jour- 
nied on pack-horses, and cut their road through cane and brush 
as they traveled. 

"When he would preach, the wicked people would take him out of the house and 
beat him severely, but he would preach on, and when they let him go, would mount a 
stump or log and finish his sermon." 

They came to Pickens District, S. C, and were of the first 
settlers. Lived in Pendleton District, at Cleveland's Ferry. 
[Pendleton Dist. was divided, 1828, into Anderson and Pickens; 
Pickens was divided, 1866, into Pickens and Oconee counties. 
The Clevelands lived mostly in Oconee.] He was one of the 
very first settlers of Franklin co., Ga., ab. 1785 (then inhabited 
by Indians). His home on Tugaloo River (his brother Larkin 
lived on the Ga. side, in sight of each other), where he dwelt 
many years and reared his family, who settled at various points 
along Tugaloo River (a branch of the Savannah). Preached in 
Chauga church, Oconee co., and in Eastonala church, Ga. " He 
was good to his neighbors and the poor, kind to his many dark- 
ies, who thought their master better than any other man." 

He was living with his son-in-law, Benjamin Harrison, at 
time of his death. 


MARY* CLEVELAND (johns, Alexander^, Alexander^), died in 

Wilkes CO., N. C, m. prob. in Orange co., Va., Barnett or Ber- 
nard Franklin, b. May 26, 1731, d. Jan., 1828, a. 96 y. 8 mo., a s. 
of Laurence and Mary (Payne). Children (nearly all the sons 
served-in the Legislatures of N. C. and Ga.): 

4-16045 Jeremiah^ Franklin, b. Sept. 2, 1754. 

16046 Bernard^ Franklin, b. Apr. 28, 1756, m. Martha* 
Cleveland -]-i6o28. 

-|- 1 6047 Jesse" Franklin, b. Mar. 24, 1760, Orange co., Va., or 
Surry co., N. C. 

16048 Elizabeth or Betty' Franklin, b. Mar. 10, 1762. 

-f- 1 6049 Abner" Franklin, b. Apr. 28, 1764. 

4-16050 Shadrach" Franklin, b. Apr. 20, 1769. 

4-16051 Mary^ Franklin, born May 14, 1770, 1771, Surry co., 
N. C. 


+ 16052 MeshacK' Franklin, b. Sept. 17, 1773. 

4-16053 Abednega" Franklin, b. May 29, 1776, N. C. 

16054 Benjamin'' Franklin, m. Betsey Franklin. 

16055 Willis" Fratiklin, d. in Tenn. tinm.., went to West 

16056 Jane" Franklin, d. unm., went to West Tenn. 
Bernard Franklin and family removed from Orange co., Va., 

ab. 1760, or just before 1776, and settled in Surry co., N. C., on 
Mitchell's river (where Gill Bryant lived, the place now, 1884-5, 
owned by C. C. Cockerham), his lands extending into Wilkes 
CO., N. C. 

Franklin ancestry and genealogy ; — Of English origin, thought to have been " Round 
heads," who left Eng. upon restoration of Charles II, and settled in what is now Orange 
CO., Va. The earliest ancestor known : Laurencei, of Albemarle co., Va., by marriage 
with one of his wives, Mary Payne, had : Bernard!!, b. May 26, 1731, m. Mary Cleveland*; 
George"; Laurence^"; Nancy", m. Canterberry, and had John, Nimrod, Reuben, and Ben- 
jamin Canterberry, all went early to Ky.; Betsey" Franklin m. Anthony Wells. 


BENJAMIN' CLEVELAND (john», Alexander", Alexanderi), b. on 

Bull Run in Prince William co., Va., May 26, 1738, d. on his 
plantation at the junction of Tugaloo river and Chauga creek, in 
Pendleton District, now in Oconee co., S. C, now Fort Madison, 
Oct., 1806, buried on his farm, m. in Orange co., Va., before 1764. 
Miss Mary Graves, of an excellent family, of Culpeper co., Va. 
She d. prob. on their farm, now Fort Madison, Oconee co., S. C, 
1800. Children, b. prob. in Culpeper co. : 

4-16057 Jemima* Cleveland, bom r, , 1765. 

4-16058 Absalom^ Cleveland, born , , 17 — . 

-(-16059 JoHN^ Cleveland, born , , 17 — . 

Col. Benjamin* Cleveland, the hero of the battle of King's 
Mountain, one of the most prominent members of the Cleveland 
family mentioned in the History of the United States. Cleveland 
County (formed 1841), North Carolina, was named in his honor. 

Col. Benjamin* Cleveland may have been born on his father's 
plantation on Blue Run, Orange co., Va., for the Orange county 
Records show a deed for 600 acres of land from Prince Curtis to 
John Cleveland, 1734, about the commencement of the records. 
This was in all probability the plantation, and John^ may have 
removed to Orange co. even earlier. 

An excellent sketch of the life of Col. Benjamin Cleveland 
is given in the oration at the unveiling of his monument. Invi- 
tations were issued by Hon. Vannoy' Cleveland -I-16638: 

Fort Madison, S. C, July 18, 1887. 

As a member of the Cleveland Family you are cordially invited to be present at the 
unveiling of a monument to Colonel Ben Cleveland, who commanded a regiment of 
North and South Carolina troops at the battle of King's Mountain, Oct. 7, 1780. The 
monument has been erected at this place, where Colonel Cleveland is buried, by mem- 
bers of the Cleveland family of South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee, and will be 
unveiled July 28th. There will be an oration and appropriate ceremonies. 

Very respectfully, Vannoy Cleveland. 

From The Augusta^ Ga., Chronicle, July 2p, i88j : 



Greenville, S. C, July 28. — [Special.] — The monument 
erected at Fort Madison in honor of Col. Ben Cleveland, the 
distinguished soldier of revolutionary fame, was unveiled to-day 
with appropriate ceremonies in the presence of a large crowd, 
including many prominent citizens. The ceremonies began 
with an impressive prayer by Rev. Ellison Capers, after which 
the following ode, composed by Miss Mary Cleveland, was read 
by Gen. Capers : 


The marble shaft shall tell the story, 

For see ! It proudly bears a name, 
Recalling many deeds of glory, 

Glittering on the " Roll of Fame." 
Now as we read it war clouds "gather 

And cast their shadows o'er the land, 
Then we behold a noble hero 

As on he leads his gallant band. 
Through lone forest paths they wander, 

Up rough mountain sides they toil. 
Seeking out the bold marauder. 

And to him they give no quarter. 
For too well they know the doom 

Of mother, home, of wife and daughter, 
Where these Tory vandals roam. 

Well may they be struck with terror. 
When from some returning spy 

They hear the shout, " To horse ! Haste, comrades ! " 
Cleveland and his men are nigh, 

But rarely they escape his vengeance. 
As well his charger, true and tried. 

The noble Roebuck knows his master 
To victory or death will ride. 

See him now ! amidst the carnage, 
In a shower of leaden rain. 
■ • 'Tis the battle of King's Mountain 

Where bold Ferguson is slain, 

'Midst the awful roar of muskets, 
Pressing onward in his might. 

Inspiring fainter hearts with courage 
To reach the thickest of the fight. 

See him with that band of heroes — 
Williams, Shelby, and Sevier, 

McDowell and intrepid Campbell, — 


Men who never dream of fear, 

Leading where the flying bullets 
Fall like hailstones all around, 

And the blood of many comrades 
Drench in crimson streams the ground. 

Now the mountain seems volcanic, 
As one long and sulphurous blaze 

Flashing forth from base to summit. 
Lights the valley's misty haze. 

On they press and never falter 
'Till the bloody work is done ; 

'Till the foe is fairly vanquished 
And the battle fought and won. 

'Midst the brilliant constellation 
Of stars that gem our nation's sky 

Brightly shines the name of Cleveland 
With a light that cannot die. 

Gentle Peace on snowy pinion 
Crown our fair Southland to-day, 

Tho' late baptized in blood, we see her 
Proudly marching on her way. 

From the wave so dark and gory 
Venus-like she hath risen now, 

With a diadem of glory 
Resting on her lovely brow. 

True, she hath furled her conquered banner 
With a tender, reverent hand, 

Whilst the " Stars and Stripes " she is lifting 
Over all this sunny land, 

And loyally she will uphold them 
As she did in days gone by, 

When the British Lion sought to capture 
Yon Eagle, cleaving still the sky. 

For at our country's helm is standing 
A Patriot not a Partisan. 

He knows no North nor South, but equal 
Rights to all he gives — a brave, true man. 

Letters were read from President Cleveland, Governor Rich- 
ardson, ex-President Davis, and other prominent men. The 
unveiling was performed by six young girls of the Cleveland 
families. The monument is sixteen feet high, and on the pol- 
ished surface of the die is inscribed the following: " Erected by 
the members of the Cleveland family in South Carolina, Georgia, 
and Tennessee, in honor of Col. Benjamin Cleveland, a hero of 
the American revolution for independence, and a commander 
at the battle of King's Mountain." 

Under this are .the dates of the birth and death of Colonel 
Cleveland, "i 738-1806." 

Lieutenant-Governor Mauldin made appropriate remarks, 
and introduced Hon. Rufus Alexander Child, of Pickens, the 
orator of the occasion, who eloquently portrayed the life and 
character of Col. Cleveland as follows : 




Ladies and Gentlemen : 

One hundred years ago and our ancestors were engaged in 
that memorable struggle which resulted in the liberation of the 
American colonies and secured to us the blessings of self-gov- 
ernment and the heritage of republican institutions. America 
of that day as compared to the America of to-day was, to a 
great extent, a howling wilderness. The great West was un- 
known. From the banks of the beautiful Tugaloo to the far- 
away Rio Grande stretched a dense and unbroken forest. This 
vast territory was a terra incognita to the white man, and no 
human footfall was heard in its shaded solitudes save that of 
the native red man, who roamed over its hills and through its 
dark valleys and dense swamps as free as the wild antelope in 
its forest home. 

. . To-day the descendants and relatives of Col. Benjamin 
Cleveland unveil, with appropriate ceremonies, yon beautiful 
monument, and it is proper that something should be said of 
the character and services of such a man. Col. Cleveland was 
descended from an ancient family in the North Riding of York- 
shire, England, The family were originally called Clifflands or 
Clifflanders from the section of country in which they lived. 
In course of time, however, they came to be called Clevelands, 
the section of country also changing name along, with that of 
the family, and it is now also called Cleveland. In the latter 
part of the seventeenth century, probably about the year 1690, 
John Cleveland, father of our hero, emigrated with Alexander 
Cleveland, his father, from England to America, and settled on 
the since famous Bull Run creek, of Prince William county, Vir- 
ginia, where, on the 26th day of May, 1738, his distinguished 
son was born. In early boyhood Cleveland, like Daniel Boone, 
developed an unconquerable aversion to the tame pursuits of 
farm life, and, like Nimrod of old, became a "mighty hunter." 
For days at a time he would roam over the pathless forest in 
search of pelts and furs, meeting with many wild adventures 
and hair-breadth escapes. He could track down the wild beast 
almost equal to the bloodhound, and could all but scent the red 
man in the air. Thus in early life he became inured to all the 
trials and hardships of border life, became thoroughly initiated 
into the mysteries of woodcraft, and an expert in the arts of 
Indian warfare. Such a life developed in him a spirit of adven- 
ture and self-reliance, with qttickness of thought and rapidity 
of action in times of emergency and danger. These character- 
istics followed him through life, and were of great advantage to 
him in the stirring scenes in which he afterward played so 
prominent a part. In early manhood he married a Miss Mary 
Graves, of excellent family, and soon after took an active part 
in the French and Indian war, where he did good service and 
gave promise of the distinguished service he should afterward 
render his country. About the year 1769 young Cleveland, 
with his family, removed with his wife's father to North Caro- 
lina, and settled on Roaring Creek, an affluent of the Yadkin 
River, in what was then Rowan, afterward Surry, and what is 


now known as Wilkes county. Here he engaged in agriculture. 
Subsequently he located on the Round About tract on the Yad- 
kin. -Thi-ee years after he met his old friend, Daniel Boone, 
who was so enthusiastic in his description of the rich Kentucky 
country, with its cane and pea vine, and abounding in game of 
all kinds, that Cleveland was again seized with his spirit of 
adventure, and, with four companions, he started upon an ex- 
tensive hunt beyond the mountains. Crossing the Cumberland 
Gap, he was set upon by a roving band of Cherokees and plun- 
dered. He returned home by way of the Tugalo River valley, 
probably near where we now stand, and was so struck with its 
wild and picturesque beauty that he determined to remove here 
and settle. Another account tells us that Cleveland was pursu- 
ing a band of Indians and Tory outlaws, and that near this spot 
he overtook them. The Tugalo being full from recent rains, 
they could not cross the river, and a fight ensued, in which all 
the Indians and Tories were killed and buried in one grave in 
the fork of the Tugalo and Changa. However this may be, we 
know that Cleveland did visit this section before he settled here, 
whatever may have been the occasion of that visit. But his 
hunting days were soon to end, and the peaceful valley of the 
Yadkin was to be disturbed by contending forces and factions. 
The news of Colonial taxation had reached this secluded spot, 
and on the wings of the morning came the report of resounding 
arms froin the heights of Lexington and Bunker Hill. Cleve- 
land was among the first to enlist, entering as an ensign [2d N. C, 
reg., 1775] under Colonel Howe. It is impossible here to follow 
him through the eventful years and stirring scenes that followed. 
Suffice it to say that he was the hero of a hundred battles with 
the Tories, and took an important part in all the military move- 
ments and engagements in North Carolina and Upper and Mid- 
dle South Carolina. He rapidly gained promotion and distinc- 
tion, and was soon such a terror to the British that one hundred 
golden guineas were offered for his head. Of all his distin- 
guished services, perhaps that rendered at the battle of King's 
Mountain was the most important in its results. He had fought 
as bravely and as well before, but the defeat of the British and 
Tory forces at King's Mountain was so overwhelming and 
crushing that it completely destroyed the supremacy of the 
loyalists in all the interior of South Carolina except Ninety-Six, 
revived the drooping spirits of the patriots, and paved the way 
to Yorktown and final independence. Col. Patrick Ferguson, 
the marauder, had taken what he supposed to be a strong posi- 
tion on the summit of the mountain, and in confident expecta- 
tion of easy victory waited the approach of the little band of 
patriots led on by Cleveland, Col. Isaac Shelby, Col. William 
Campbell, and Colonel John Sevier. Reaching an open plain 
where the mountain stood out in bold relief, Cleveland, point- 
ing to its summit, exclaimed, " Men and patriots, yonder is your 
enemy and the enemy of mankind. I will show you to-day by 
my example how to fight. I can undertake no more, you will 
expect nothing less." A council of war was here held and the 
patriot forces arranged in four divisions, led respectively by 
Cleveland and Shelby on the left and Campbell and Sevier on 



the right. These arrangements completed, the several corps, 
led by their gallant commanders, started for the scene of con- 
flict. Many of the men threw aside their hats and tied their 
handkerchiefs around their heads that the limbs and brushes 
might not retard them in their charge up the mountain. Ram- 
sey, the North Carolina historian, says that Cleveland was the 
first to reach his position and engage the enemy, and that his 
men were the first to receive the shock of the enemy's charge. 
Others say that by reason of having to cross a marshy place, 
Cleveland was delayed a few minutes, and that Sevier was the 
first to engage the enemy. Be this as it may, Cleveland was 
there on time and in the hottest of the contest. Riding to the 
front of his column, sword in hand, he began the rapid ascent 
of the mountain, calling upon his men to follow. The enemy 
poured into the advancing line a galling fire, and Cleveland's 
noble charger, Roebuck, was shot from under him. Though a 
very large man, he pushed forward on foot, fighting like the 
veriest Roundhead of Cromwell until another horse was brought 
him from the rear. At this time the patriots were ascending 
the mountains from all sides, — Cleveland and Shelby from 
north and northeast, Campbell and Sevier from the south and 
southeast. The mountain appeared to be literally on fire. 
From the top, around the base, up the sides, was one continual 
rattle and roar and one unceasing blaze of fire. The shouts of 
the men, the rattle of the musketry, the loud commands and 
encouraging words of the officers, with ever and anon the shrill 
scream of Ferguson's silver whistle, high above the confusion 
and din of battle, was a scene never to be forgotten. Still the 
patriots pushed on. Presently the enemy's line began to waver 
and finally broke in confusion. Ferguson, seeing that all was 
lost, made a bold dash for liberty, but fell, pierced by a half 
dozen bullets. His gallant charger galloped off down the moun- 
tain side, but was captured, and, by general consent, voted the 
property of the heroic Cleveland. The victory was complete. 
Ferguson's entire army either killed or captured. This was a 
severe blow to the cause of the King and was the turning point 
in the war of the revolution. Lord Cornwallis stationed at 
Charlotte, N. C, and, awaiting Ferguson's return before com- 
mencing his march through North Carolina and Virginia, was 
crushed by the news of the defeat. He had confidently ex- 
pected a great victory, and then the speedy conquest of North 
Carolina and Virginia. This disaster changed all his plans. He 
at once began a retreat toward Ninety-Six, now the only point 
in the interior of South Carolina dominated by Tory and British 
influences. The news of the victory spread rapidly over the 
colonies, inspiring new life and energy into the waning cause 
of the patriots and reviving the drooping spirits of the heroes 
in all parts of the country. It was the silver lining to a dark 
cloud after a long night of plutonian darkness. And whilst we 
honor the name of every hero engaged in that important battle, 
and award to his memory the reverence due his distinguished 
service, no name is entitled to higher honors and no memory 
to profounder reverence than that of the brave, the noble, the 



gallant Cleveland. At the close of the Revolution he settled in 
the Tugalo valley, at the confluence of Tugalo and Chauga 
creeks, near the spot where we now stand, and, with the excep- 
tion of a few excursions against his troublesome neighbors — the 
Cherokees — on the west side of the Tugalo, never after 
engaged in active military service. But such a man as Cleve- 
land could not long remain in retirement. His State needed 
his services in another department, and he was accordingly 
called to the bench along with Gen. Andrew Pickens and Col. 
Robert Anderson, where he served for many years as judge of 
old Pendleton district, universally known, loved, honored, and 
respected. He made a faithful, fair-minded, and upright judge, 
and administered justice promptly and fairly. Naturally of a 
vigorous mind, and from habits formed through a long life of 
stirring events, he was quick to arrive at conclusions, and hence 
there was little cause to complain of the " law's delays." Com- 
bined with his promptness of decision was his accuracy of judg- 
ment and patient hearing. These indispensable qualities to a 
great or capable judge — patient hearing, clear jugdment, and 
prompt decision. He served his generation and his times faith- 
fully and well in all the relations of life, and in 1806, full of 
years and full of honors, he died suddenly one morning while 
at breakfast, leaving surviving him two sons and a daughter 
and many relatives. These have left behind them numerous 
descendants of the highest respectability, many of whom have 
filled high positions of honor and trust. 

Col. Cleveland was a great man in every sense of the word. 
Deprived of the advantages of early training, his strong natural 
endowments, finely balanced mind and vigorous brain raised 
him to distinction and fame. He would have been a conspicu- 
ous character anywhere and in any age. Of strong likes and 
dislikes, decided opinions and the courage of his convictions he 
was emphatically a leader of men. Quick to devise his schemes 
and rapid in the execution of them he was peculiarly fitted for 
the exciting and dangerous emergencies of border life and the 
troublous times in which he lived. Firm, and at times appar- 
ently harsh and severe, or even cruel, yet he really had a kind 
and loving heart, and was possessed of the noblest and most 
generous impulses. His apparent severity is to be attributed 
to the exciting times in which he lived and the dangerous class 
with which he had to deal. In short, brave, generous, and true, 
he properly ranks among the great spirits of the Revolution. 
Gen. John S. Preston, in a oration on the heroes of King's 
Mountain in 1855, says of him, "Cleveland, so brave and yet so 
gentle. As a soldier he ranked among the bravest of the brave. 
A strict disciplinarian, he was yet so kind and gentle that all 
his men loved him. The idol of his men, he was the pet aver- 
sion and terror of the British and Tories. Stubborn and per- 
sistent in defense, he was intrepid and fearless in charge. 
Deeply imbued with the justice of his cause and burning with 
patriotic fervor, almost equal to the religious fanaticism of 
Cromwell, like the illustrious Cromwell he possessed the happy 
faculty of imparting to his men a part of his own fiery nature 
and stubborn courage. In battle he was ever superb, cool and 


collected, or magnificent and dashing as occasion required. 
Our own poet, Paul H. Hayne, has sung of him : 

" ' Now, by God's grace ! ' cried Cleveland, 

My noble Colonel, he 
Resting to pick a Tory off 

Quite coolly on his knee. 
'Now, by God's grace, we have them. 

The snare is subtly set ; 
The game is bagged ; we have them 

Safe as pheasants in a net.' " 
As a friend, he was true and tried. No one ever had occa- 
sion to regret he ever trusted Cleveland. As true as steel and 
brave as a lion, he never deserted a friend in time of trouble or 
danger. When dangers thickened and foes multiplied he stuck 
closer than a brother. All his friends had implicit confidence 
in the integrity of his heart, the valor of his arm, and the al- 
most unerring certainty of his judgment. Where he was best 
known he was best loved, and where that judgment was often- 
est tried it was m.ost religiously trusted. It is related that on 
one occasion, during the absence of Col. Cleveland, a dangerous 
Tory horse thief was left with his sons, to be kept until their 
father's return. He remaining longer away than had been ex- 
pected, the sons fearing escape or rescue, appealed to their 
mother as to what should be done with the prisoner. Learn- 
ing the character of the man, and that the testimony against 
him was conclusive, she asked her sons what would their father 
do under the circumstances. "Hang him," replied the sons. 
"Then he must be hung," said the old lady, and it was accord- 
ingly done. This illustrates more forcibly than any language 
of mine the implicit confidence this life-long companion of 
Cleveland's had in the integrity of his judgment. Is it not 
fitting and proper that the memory of such a hero should be 
honored ? Not that these ceremonies can add one tittle to his 
fame or this feeble language of mine add to the glory of his 

Not that yonder granite shaft can add a single shade to the 
brightness of the halo that encircles his brow, or that the epi- 
itaph thereon written can shed new lustre on his historic deeds. 
No ; but by these ceremonies we show our appreciation of the 
heroic dead and teach the living that — 

" There is a tear for all who die 

A mourner o'er the humblest grave; 
But nations swell the funeral cry, 
And triumph shouts above the brave." 

King's Mountain took its name, says Memoirs of Maj.-Gen. 
William Moultrie, from one King who lived at the foot of the 
mount, and is in York co., S. C, and on the boundary of N. C. 
King's Mountain battle is immortalized in ballads and has the 
distinction of being the subject of a history, very thoroughly 
gotten up by an author who had very few equals in making re- 
searches. The work is a most important addition to our na- 
tional history and abounds in biography and family genealogy ; 
and is the result of many years' labor : King's Mountain and its 
Heroes : History of the Battle of King's Mountain, October jth, 1780, 


and the events which led to it, By Lyman Copeland Draper, LL.D., 
Secretary of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, and member of 
various Historical and Antiquarian Societies of the Country. With 
steel portraits, maps and plans, i88i,pp. 612. Pages 425 to 454 are 
occupied by a biographical sketch of Col. Benjamin* Cleve- 
land. P. 4 — The gathering at King's Mountain 1815 to re-inter 
the remains of those who fell in the conflict was limited in at- 
tendance. In 1855 the 75th anniversary was appropriately cel- 
ebrated, with Gen. John S. Preston and Hon. George Bancroft 
as speakers. But it remained for Oct. 7, 1880, to eclipse the 
others in a Centennial celebration, when thousands of people 
.assembled, a civic and military display, address by Hon. John 
W. Daniel, poems by Paul H. Hayne and Mrs. Clara Dargan 
HcLean. Then followed the unveiling of a [new] massive gran- 
ite monument [erected near the southwest end, on the summit 
— the old monument is located at the foot of the northeast end 
of the mountain, and near where Col. Cleveland's command as- 
cended the mountain], having a base 18 ft. square, a height of 
28 ft. Inscriptions are cut on marble slabs. P. 458 — Robert 
Cleveland, a brother of Col. Cleveland, was a capt. at King's 
Mountain. His brother, Lt. Larkin*, was badly wounded while 
on the march. John, a son of Col. Cleveland, led his co. at 
King's Mountain. 

Col. Benjamin* Cleveland was by trade a house carpenter 
and builder ; after the Revolution, was the Surveyor of Wilkes 
•county. He became very corpulent. An impediment .n his 
speech prevented his entering political life. His will was^made 
in 1806. 

The Courant, Cartersville, Bartow co., Ga., May 7, 1883 : Remi- 
niscences of the Cherokees. By Hon. John William Henderson Un- 
■derwood -V 165^8, contains sketch of Benjamin* Cleveland. Pic- 
.torial Field Book of the Revolution, By Benson John Lossing, II : 634 

— contains the engraved aiitograph of Col. " Benj" Cleavland " 

— as it was frequently written in those days. For other notices 
of Col. Cleveland see : Horse Shoe Robinson, p. §40 ; Lossing's 
American His. Record, I : ^2g — King's Mountain Battle Ground ; 
Allen's Biographical Die, 23^ j Drake's Die. of Biog., 1^4 ; His- 
torical Sketches of N. C, By John Hill Wheeler, 185 1, p. y2 ; Life 
Jof Washington, by Washington Irving j Speech of Hon. Alexander 
Smyth of Va., on bill for grantiug 5,000 acres to the heir of Gen. Wni. 
Campbell of Va., House of Representatives Feb. y, i82p ; Sketches by 
Gov. Benjamin Franklin Perry of S. C, 3 go j Battles of the Republic 
by Henry William Harrison, 1858, p. 114; Life of Francis Marion 
by William Gilmore Simms. 


ROBERT* CLEVELAND (johnS, Alexander^, Alexanderi), bom On 

Blue-Run, in Orange co., Va., Jan. 5, 8, Feb. 8, June 8, 1744, d. 
in Wilkes co., N. C, Apr. 12, 26, 1812, m. ist, Aley, or Ally Ma- 
this, or Matthis of Kentucky, b. Dec. n, 1750, d. Dec. :?, 13, 18, 
1791. He m. 2d, Miss Sallie Johnson, b. in Wilkes co., N, C, 
died at the house of her daughter Fanny in Monroe co., Tenn., 
after 1812. Children by ist marriage : 

16060 Mathis^, or Matthis^ Cleveland, b. Sept. 30, 1770, 



in Wilkes co , on Yadkin river, N. C, d. Charleston, S. C, date 
unknown, unm., merchant of Charleston. 

-j-16061 Larkin'' Cleveland, b. Oct. 31, 1772, Yadkin river, 
Wilkes CO. 

-j- 16062 Jeremiah* Cleveland, b. Dec. 7, 1774, Prince Wil- 
liam CO., Va., or Yadkin river. 

16063 Nancy^ Cleveland, b. Mar., May 9, 1777, Yadkin 
river, d. Feb. i, 1846, m. Reynolds, descendants unknown. 

-f-16064 Presley^ Cleveland, b. Sept. 16, 1779, Va., or Yad- 
kin river. 

-(-16065 Eli^, or Ely^ Cleveland, b. Oct. i, 1781, Yadkin 

16066 Eliza*, or Elizabeth^ Cleveland, b. July 15, 1782, 
T783, Yadkin river, d. Nov. 4, 1850, m. in Wilkes co., John Yates. 
Children : several sons" ; Jesse^ Yates was clerk for uncle, Jesse* 
Cleveland, Spartanburg, S. C; merchant La Fayette, Walker 
CO., Ga., residence 1885 Purlear, Wilkes co., N. C, owns and oc- 
cupies the old mansion and plantation of Capt. Robert* Cleve- 

-I-16067 Je'sse^ Cleveland, b. Feb. 8, 1785, Ya.dkin river, 
Wilkes CO. 

-I-16068 Martin^ Cleveland, b. Jan. 7, 1787, Yadkin river, 
Wilkes CO. 

16069 Sarah* Cleveland, b. Nov. 10, 1789, Yadkin river, 
d. prior to 1881, m. Jessie Rector, lived in S. C. 1855. Children: 
several sons^ J Lewis" J?ecf(?r lived in Texas about 1835-6, heir o£ 
uncle, Alfred' Cleveland, land at Austin, Tex. 

-I-16070 Aley*, or AiLY* Cleveland, b. Nov. 2, 1790, Yad- 
kin river, Wilkes. 

-f 1607 1 Mary' Cleveland, b. Dec. 2, 1791, Yadkin river, 
Wilkes CO. Unnamed child*, b. Dec. 2, Y. r., d. 18, 1791. By 
2d marriage : 

-f- 16072 James Harvey* Cleveland, b. Jan. 10, 1796, Yad- 
kin river, Wilkes. 

-f- 16073 Fanny* Cleveland, b. Oct. 11, 1797, Yadkin river, 
Wilkes CO. 

16074 Alfred* Cleveland, b. Nov. 27, 1800, Yadkin riv., 
d. in Texas soon after close of the Texan war for independence 
(Apr., 1835) after 1837, unm. He went West about the time 
Texas had severed connection with the Mexican Government, 
joined and fought in the Texan army, and rendered material 
aid by his valor in achieving the independence of Texas. At 
end of war he was compensated by a large grant — several 
leagues of land, now the site of Austin, etc. He lived occa- 
sionally, after Apr., 1837, with his niece, Mrs. Dr. Quarles, on 
Red River, and Mount Lebanon, Bienville co., La.; was always 
on the move ; in Texas he stayed with his nephew, Lewis Rec- 
tor, who became his heir in his will. 

-f-16075 Benjamin Franklin' Cleveland, b. Jan. 2, 1804, 
Yadkin river, Wilkes co. 

Capt. Robert* Cleveland, one of the heroes of King's 
Mountain. Lived in Fauquier co., Va. Records of Prince Wil- 
liam CO., Brentsville, Va., Book T,j'/f^ — Lease Holtzclaw to Rob- 
ert Cleveland of Fauquier co.; 1775, Robert Cleveland to Holta- 
claw for rent of farm in Prince William co. 



He accompanied his brother, Col. Benjamin Cleveland, to 
N. C. Removed from Prince William co. 1778 and settled in 
Wilkes CO., on the Yadkin river, and owned land there. 

Capt. Roberf Cleveland was captain of a volunteer com- 
pany in Col. Benjamin* Cleveland's regiment at th6 battle of 
King's Mountain Oct. 7, 1780, and bore a most important part. 
A soldier of his corps, Dan White, used to say that to this brave 
captain was due the success of this battle ; for, in the middle of 
the conflict, when all were giving away before Ferguson's bay- 
onets, Capt. Cleveland alone stood firm and unmoved, sustained 
the charge until Col. Benjamin Cleveland could rally the flying 
troops and come to his assistance. He was accessory to many 
of the daring deeds of Col. Ben. April 15, 1781, he lived on 
Lewis' fork of the Yadkin, when he gathered some 30 good men 
and next morning rescued Col. Cleveland, a prisoner of the 
Tories, with whom they had a skirmish. Captain Robert spent 
the remainder of his life on the Yadkin river. He was promi- 
nent in the community, and was one of the 5 Clevelands (the 
others being Gov. Chauncey Fitch° Cleveland +1717, Hon. Eli- 
jah" Cleveland +2315, Hon. Francis'' Cleveland -[-3212, Hon. 
Francis Landon'^ Cleveland +3256) who have served in the 
Electoral College, and was the j^rsf one of the name to be cho- 
sen to that distinguished and responsible office. He was elected 
for the 6th Presidential election, 1809. North Carolina electors: 
At Large, Francis Locke, Robert Cleveland ; Dist. i Thomas 
Wynns, 2 Kemp Plummer, 3 Samuel Ashe, Sr., 4 Joseph Tay- 
lor, 5 Murdock McKenzie, 6 Peter Forney, 7 Robert Love, 8 
James Rainey, 9 John Winslow, 10 Joseph Riddick, 11 William 
Gaston, 12 Henry I. Toole. For President, James Madison, 11 ; 
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, 3. Total for President, Madison 
122, Pinckney 47, George Clinton 6 ; for Vice-Pres., Clinton 113, 
Rufus King 47, Madison 3, James Monroe' 3 — Zanman's Diction- 
ary, 462. 

Capt. Robert* Cleveland and ist wife, Aley Matthis, are bur- 
ied side by side within 150 yards of the old homestead dwelling 
now owned and occupied by Jesse Yates. 

See Draper's King's Mountain Heroes, 441-j, 443, 458, 534; 
Wheeler's N. C. 


JEREMIAH* CLEVELAND (johns, Alexander', Alexander^), died 

in Albemarle co., Va., m. Mary Gentry, b. Albemarle co., died 
Albemarle co. Children : 

-f- 16076 Jeremiah^ Cleveland, born , 1783. 

-i-16077 William^ Cleveland, born , about 1785. 

-16078 Benjamin' Cleveland, m. Miss or Mrs. Moon. 

Nothing further ascertained concerning his record. 

16079 Mary*, m. Lincoln. 16080 Ann^, m. Moore. 
+ 16081 Oliver^ Cleveland, b. Nov. 7, 1797, Charlottesville, 

John' Cleveland, d. quite young. 
Jeremiah* Cleveland never removed from Va., whence he 
wrote last to Col. Benjamin* Cleveland in S. C; farmer. Rob- 
ert Gentry, an aged relative, is living at Charlottesville (1878). 




LARKIN* CLEVELAND (johnS, Alexander", Alexanderi), died in 

Giles CO., Tenn., Jiily 9, 1814, a. 66, m. Frances , b. August 

6, 1756, d. March 26, 1836. Children (all removed from Tugalo 
river, South Carolina, to Mississippi, several of the sons went 
West, one of the daughters m. Mr. Calloway) : 

16082 Betsey^ Cleveland, born January 8, 1774. 
Sally* Cleveland, born April 16, 1775. 

16083 Benjamin^ Cleveland, born May 7, 1777. 
David"* Cleveland, born March 9, 1779. 
Rhoda° Cleveland, born October 9, 1782. 
Abner* Cleveland, born December 20, 1783. 

16084 Oliver Cromwell' Cleveland, born May 26, 1786. 

Giles CO., Tenn., Deed Book B, p. 28 — Larkin Cleveland to Oliver C. Cleveland of 
Giles CO. conveys, Apr. 20, 1812, for $1 in hand paid, but more especially for the affection 
the said Larkin Cleveland bears the said Oliver C. Cleveland, his son, certain tract in 
Giles CO., on Polk's creek, 100 acres. Book C, p. y— Oliver is conveyed, Nov. 22, t8i6, by 
William Polk of Wake co., N. C, 40 acres in Giles co. Oliver C. Cleveland sells, Nov. 28, 
1816, to Thomas Lane of Giles co., 140 acres on Polk's creek. 

AsENATH^ b. May lo, 1788. 
+16085 Lucinda' Cleveland, b. December 9, 1793. 
-(-16086 Carter Harrison* Cleveland, b. April 19, 1795, 

Pamela' Cleveland, b. Dec. 19, 1796, d. Nov. 19, 

Nancy' Cleveland, b. May 31, 1798, d. Nov. 18, 

Lieutenant Larkin^ Cleveland removed from Virginia 
about 1772-5 to South Carolina. He served under Col. Benja- 
min* Cleveland and was badly wounded while on the march to 
King's Mountain, some 10 miles from Crider's Fort, crossing 
the Brushy mountain to Lovelady's Ford of the Catawba. While 
crossing the river, Lt. Cleveland, with the advance, after hav- 
ing passed a defile, was shot by some concealed Tories under 
Capt. John Murray in the cliff, severely wounding him in the 
thigh. The Tories probably mistook him for Col. Cleveland, 
whom he very much resembled. He was kindly cared for by 
Mrs. McDowell, at Quaker Meadows. Though he in time re- 
covered, he was a cripple for life. He was a colonel in the N. 
C. militia. He removed to Franklin, Ga. He settled in Lincoln 
CO., Tenn. See Draper's King's Mountain Heroes^ ^Sj-6, 436, 458. 

From McCollum's MS. History of Giles County in Tenn. State Historical Society 
Librarv printed in Giles County Record, May ^, iSgs — Early settlers. Col. L. Cleveland 
came about the time John and Samuel Jones came (in the early part of 1808), or soon 
after. They all raised corn in 1808. Col. L. Cleveland settled on part of the farm now 
owned by Mrs. Judge Spoflford, where he died, and his grave is near the building occu- 
pied by the superintendent of the farm. Giles co. Deeds A, 187 — William Polk of Wake 
CO., N. C, to Larkin Cleveland of Franklin co., Ga., July q, 1810, 300 acres on both sides 
Polk's creek, branch of Richland creek of Elk river, being part of tract granted Thomas 
Polk, by State of N. C, of 3,000 acres. 

His monument was noticed in the Nashville, Tenn., American, 
May, i8ps- It was erected by his son, Carter Harrison' Cleve- 
land, and bears the inscription : 



Col. larkin CLEVELAND 

formerly of 

Franklin County, Georgia, 

born APRIL, .1748, 

DIED JULY 9, 1 8 14, 




ELI' CLEVELAND (Alexander^, Alexandera), d. April Ot May, 

1829, age between 95 and 100 years ; his wife d. about 1827. s. p. 
Mr. John W, Winn of St. Louis, Mo., was raised within one-half 
mile of Eli* Cleveland (who left a large estate), and has heard 
him preach often. 

Froi. Lewis Cass Woo/erywrites : "My grandfather, William Franklin Cleveland, 
speaking of his iincles, wrote this : ' Eli, .son of Alexander and brother of my father, re- 
moved from Virginia to Kentucky early in the settlement of the state, and built a fort 
near the place where Boone's Creek flows into the Kentucky river, in Fayette co., Ky., 
about 10 miles south of Lexington. He, in partnership with Gen. Greene Clay,' owned a 
ferry across the Ky. river many years.' Although it is not stated that he died here, still 
I am pretty sure he died there in Ky. prior to visit of Oliver Cleveland 1838." 

Land Office of Va. — Alexander Cleveland and wife, Sarah Ann, deeds Aug. 8, 1786, 
Eli Cleveland 740, 400, and 260 acres (same grant as made to Alexander by Patrick Henry 
in Fayette co., Va. [prob. now Ky.]). Eli deeds Oct. 22, 1799, Henry Ball, Fayette co., 
Ky., 206 acres; Ball deeds July 11, 1809, Eli 206 a.; Eli deeds in Clarke co., Ky., 1816, Geo. 
Boone 20 acres and Daniel Bartlett 32 a. 

Eli and five brothers were in Revolution, and all at York- 
town surrender. " Likely Eli migrated to Ky. 1786." 

County Clerk's Office, Fayette co., Lexington : Will Book, 1 : 223. 
. . . I, Eli Cleveland of Fayette co., do make . . . this 
my last will. My wish is that my- body be decently buried. 
... I give my brothet, James Cleveland, 50 cents, brother 
Alexander Cleveland 50 cents, brother John Cleveland 50 cents, 
brother Olfver Cleveland 50 cents, brother William Cleveland 
50 cents, each of my sisters 50 cents, as named, Mary Johnson, 
Annie Hazelrig, Ankey Wood, Elizabeth McWilliams, Milly 
Henry. I then give and bequeath to Bernard Franklin and his 
wife Martha, she being a sister of myne, the tract of land I now 
live on, by survey is 624 acres, with all household . . . fur- 
niture to them and their heirs forever, for their services and 
good will to me, leaving their homes and standing my friend in 
many cases. I then give all my negroes to George Stapleton 
of Mo., all my horses, cattle . . . [etc.] I leave Lochauah 
Poindexter, Jesse Hutson, and Bernard Franklin, executors. 
. . . Witness my hand and seal this nth Apr., 1829. Wil- 
liam Stivers, E. Stivers, P. C. Aubry, James Johnson, Eli Cleve- 
land, [seal.] Probated June court 1829, contested to July 
court, then probated. 

" An Eli Cleveland built the first mill in Ky. in that part of 
the country about 100 years ago [1782]. It was on Boone's 
Creek, Clark co., Ky., and stood there a few years ago. Eli 
built also a large tobacco house and was wealthy. His farm 
owned 1883 by the Doderges." 


ALEXANDER* CLEVELAND (Alexander", Alexander", Alex- 

anderi), d. about 1 825, m. near head of Occoquan (Occoquan is in 
Prince William co., Va.), Bridget . Or, if he is the Alexan- 
der Cleveland mentioned in the deeds (see below), he m. Sarah 
Ann , or, not improbably he was twice married. Children : 

-4-16087 Eli" Cleveland, b. , 17 — . 

+ 1608S Levi* Cleveland, b. in Virginia, 

+ 16089 Jesse' Cleveland, b. at Mount Vernon, Va. 

-I-16090 Harrison' Cleveland, b. , 17 — , 



-|- 1 609 1 Elijah' Cleveland, b. in Clark co., Va. 

16092 Frances^ Cleveland, b. , m. Mr. Wilson. 

16093 John'* Cleveland, came from Va. with his broth- 
ers, William and George, and settled in Woodford co., Ky. 

+ 16094 William^ Cleveland, b. , 17 — . 

-I-16095 George^ Cleveland, b. , 17 — . 

Abby" Cleveland, m. Mr. Robinson of Harrison 
CO., Ky. ^ 

16096 Oliver^ Cleveland, d. at Lynchburg, Va., unm. ; 
left his wealth to a local preacher named Cleveland, but no re- 
lation, a stranger who made his house a stopping place. 

Son^, settled in New Jersey ; another Son* went 
further East, perhaps to Conn. ; these 2 sons^ exist only in tra- 

Alexander^ Cleveland and all his five brothers were in the 
Revolution war, and all six were present at the Yorktown sur- 
render. He is mentioned Apr. 11, 1829, in the will of his 
brother, Eli Cleveland. 

Capt. W. R. Gains, Register of the Land Office of Va., writes Prof. Lezvis Cass'' 
Woolery : " I find 3 grants of land made by Patrick Henry, then Gov., of 400, 740, and 
260 acres each, in Fayette co., to Alexander Cleveland in 1785." " This Fayette co. most 
likely was now Fayette co., Ky. (then a part of Va.) which received a grant early as Dec. 
20, 1782." " Deeds Aug. 8, 1786, Alexander Cleveland and his wife, Sarah Ann, to Eli 
Cleveland, 740, 4cx3, and 260 acres." 


OLIVER* CLEVELAND (Alexandei-s, Alexanders, Alexanderl), b. 

about 1749, d. at Mrs. Elizabeth Mc Williams' residence in Mad- 
ison CO., Ky., Feb., or about spring of 1844, a. 95, m., name of 
wife not learned, she d. before 1843. s. p. Oliver* Cleveland 
and his 5 brothers were in Revolutionary war ; all 6 were pres- 
ent at the Yorktown surrender. Oliver* Cleveland is men- 
tioned in the Zand Records of Pritice William co., Va., Brentsville. 
He resided from 1775 in Fauquier co., Va., from 1789 in Spring 
Valley, Va., whence he made, in fall of 1838, a trip to Ky. in his 
carriage and visited Cleveland relatives. He wrote from Youngs 
Mills May 11, 1839, to Hon. Jesse Franklin* Cleveland, a genea- 
logical letter. He sold (1829) his fine farm of 600 acres to Rev. 
Porter' Cleveland +4751. So closely did these Clevelands re- 
semble each other that they were thought, by strangers, to be 
related, and Porter' named a son for him. He had a number of 
slaves. He retained a life interest in 200 acres, on which he 
remained to fall of 1843, when, for his wife's relatives he re- 
moved to Ky. 

Oliver* is a legatee in will of his brother Eli, Apr. 11, 1829. 


JAMES* CLEVELAND (Alexander^, Alexander^), d. evidently 
bef. 1839. Was in Revolution, also his 5 brothers, all 6 present 
at Yorktown surrender. He is mentioned Apr. 11, 1829, in 
brother Eli's will. Locality, etc., indicates that he is identical 

JAMES* CLEVELAND, father of the following children : 

16097 Hon. and Judge Johnson or Johnstone^ Cleve- 
land, b. 1753-64, d. in Loudoun co., Va., near Winchester, Va., 



1823, 1834, age, over 70, tmrn., lived on his estate, "Hayfield," 
Loudoun CO., planter; was president of the court many years, 
prominent and honored. 

-I-16098 Frances^ or Hannah^ Cleveland, b. 


16098* Hannah' Cleveland, b. , 17 — . 

Capt. James* Cleveland held the commission of captain un- 
der Gen. Thomas Nelson (son of William) of Yorktown, Va., in 
Revolutionary war. See Records War Office. 

Dr. Samuel Johnstone'' Cockerille writes : " We find by his 
papers that he (Capt. James* Cleveland) was held in the highest 
estimation of all officers. The endorsements of Hon. Thomas 
Jefferson, Gov. of Virginia, and Gen. George Washington, we 
value highly. His children were noted for being truthful, hon- 
est, and of large fortune." 


ELIZABETH* CLEVELAND (Alexander^), d. 1845 or 1846, 
a. 90, so thought, m. in Albemarle co., Va., John McWilliams. 
Located and lived on a farm on Silver Creek, in Madison co., 
Ky., ab. 10 miles from Richmond, Ky. In 1839, they had over 
100 descendants. Their descendants, Hon. Mark M ampin and 
Hon. Buck Terrtll, were elected to Ky. legislature. Ch.: about 
3 sons, 5 daughters ; 

16099 J&hn^ McWilliams (Capt.), the oldest son, d. Clinton 
CO., Mo., a. ab. 72, so thought, captain in the war of 1812-13. 

Oliver" McWilliams, b. 1795, d. 1869, m. at Oliver* Cleve- 
land's, Albemarle co., Va., 1820, Jane C. Breedlove. Ch.: Oliver 
Cleveland^ McWilliams, born ab. 1830, of Kansas City, Mo., 1893. 
EW McWilliams, d. a. 76 years. 


WILLIAM* CLEVELAND (Alexanders, Alexander!", Alexanden), 

d. near Oakland Church, Pendleton co., Ky., June 18, 1842, a. 
84, m. prob. in Loudoun co., Va,, Margaret (usually called Peggy) 
Wilson, b. Nov. 12, 1770, d. Pendleton co.. Mar. 7, 1845, da. of 
Henry and Sally (Milton). Ch. (some of the daughters, when 
m., moved away): 

16100 Sarah Milton* Cleveland, b. ab. 1791, Loudoun 
CO., d. in Pendleton co., n. Havilandsville, Harrison co., Ky., 
1 85 1, iinm. 

-I-16101 Henry Wilson' Cleveland, b. Jan. 13, 1793, Lou- 
doun CO., Va. 

-|-i6io2 Margaret' Cleveland, b. Jan. 5, 1795, L. co., Va. 
Nancy^ b. Aug. 13, 1797, L. CO., d. L. co., Aug. 1, 

16103 Oliver' Cleveland, b. May 3, 1800, Loudoun co., d. 
Pendleton co., Apr. 21, 1822, unm. 

+ 16104 William Franklin* Cleveland, b. June 10, 1803, 
Loudoun CO., Va. 

16 105 Harriet M.' Cleveland, b. Mar. 27, 1806, Loudoun 
CO., Va., d. Pendleton co., Ky., Feb. x8, 1829. 

16106 Louisa W.' Cleveland, b. June 11, 1809, Clarke 
CO., Ky., d. Pendleton co., Ky., Apr. 3, 1845. 



16107 Jane Ellet^, b. Nov. 22, 181 1, Clarke co., d. Pen- 
dleton CO., Nov. 27, 1836. 

16108 Fenton Jackson^, b. 1813, Clarke co., d. Pendleton 
CO., Aug. 18, 1846. 

William* Cleveland, for some time after his marriage, 
lived in the same house as his father. He was a Revolution 
soldier. He said he enlisted when he was 18 years old, at the 
beginning of the war, and that he and his 5 brothers were pres- 
ent at the surrender of the British forces at Yorktown, 1781. 
He knew Generals Washington and Lafayette. As private, 
was granted a pension, $40 per annum, Aug. 22, 1833, by Lewis 
Cass, Sec. of War. Fension Report, 183s, p. 130 — William Cleve- 
land, Va. militia, pensioned from Mar. 4, 1831. 

" Williana* Cleveland had considerable property, sold it for Continental money, 
which died on his hands, and left him poor. — Harriet Lfi (Mitchel) Messick, grand- 
daughter of William* Cleveland. 

" When grandfather [William* Cleveland] -went to the Revolutionary War he sold 
his Vis interest in his father's estate for $i,ooo in Continental money [then worth par], 
gave it to his mother (Margaret) to keep till he returned. When he came home he gave 
the whole of it for i gill of whiskey. All his brothers were well off. He sold to Gen. 
Hickman at the age of 19, and at the close of the war Hickman was uneasy for fear he 
would have to buy his land again, so he said to grandfather, 'Billie, what about that 
deed you made me ? You were under age.' Grandfather said, ' I am now of age, I will 
make you a new deed,' so he AH." —Margaret Wilson'^ (Cleveland) Louderback. 

After the Revolution he moved from Loudoun co., thence, 
1807, to Clarke co., and 15 years later to Pendleton co. Was 
the first and only Cleveland family in that county. William^ 
Cleveland was an educated man, and a schoolteacher, but in 
later life a farmer. 

Sally Milton, sister of Elijah and John Milton. 


MARTHA' or PATSY' CLEVELAND (Alexander*, Alexander^ 

Aiexanderi), d. in Mo., Apr. 1 8, 1 849, a. 84, m. Bernard" Franklin. 

-|-l6o46 (Mary*, Johns, Alexander'), he d. in Ky. 1833, a. 77. He 

went from Orange co., Va., to Ky. after his parents removed to 
N. C. She raised her family n. Athens, Fayette co., Ky. Her 
brother, Eli Cleveland,' of Fayette co., Ky., wills, Apr. ii, 1829, 
to Bernard Franklin and w. Martha, a sister of myne, land I 
now live on, 624 acres, etc. Ch. : Jesse Wylie^'" Franklin, d. y. 


JACOB' CLEVELAND (jeremiah', Alexander', Alexander'), died 

near Elberton, Ga., ab. 1790, a. ab. 51, m. in Culpeper co., Va., 
Oct. 10, 1756, Millie White, b. supposed in New York city or 
state, Mar. 20, 1739, d. n. Elberton ab. i8o6, da. of a gentleman 
of New York, N. Y., sister to Rev. John White, a Baptist clerg. 
of Virginia, and near Ruckersville, Elbert co., Ga. Ch.: 

-I-16109 Jeremiah'* Cleveland, b. Aug, 12, 1757, Culpeper 
county, near Culpeper Court House, Va. 

16110 Rice* Cleveland, b. Mar. 13, 1760, C. co., d. near 
Ruckersv. a young man ; soldier in Revolution. 

161 1 1 James", b. July 2, 1762, Culpeper co., d. n. Ruckers- 
ville, a young man, 

-|-i6ii2 Wyatt* Cleveland, born Feb. 25, 1764, Culpeper 
county, near Culpeper Court House, Va. 



+ 161 13 William^ Cleveland, born Apr. 8, 1766, Culpeper 
county, near Culpeper Court House, Va. 

161 14 Mary^, born Jan. 7, 1768, Culpeper co., m. William 
Jones, rem. to Tenn. (so thought); address: IV. Cleveland Ward, 
Goshen, Lincoln co., Ga., 1884. 

4-16 1 15 John" Cleveland, born Nov. 8, 30, 1769, Culpeper 
county, near Culpeper Court House, Va. ' 

+ 161 16 Jacob* Cleveland, born Jan. 25, 1772, Culpeper 
county, near Culpeper Court House, Va. 

16117 Martha*, b. Feb. 20, 1774, Culpeper co., died sup- 
posed in Tuscaloosa, Ala., m. Castleton Lyons. Of Tuscaloosa, 

-f- 1 61 18 Reuben* Cleveland, born Aug, 13, 1776, Culpeper 
county, near Culpeper Court House, Va, 

161 19 Daniel' Cleveland, b. Sept. 9, 1778, Culpeper co., 
d. supposed in La., m, and rem, to La, American State Papers, 
Public Lands, III: 67 — Actual settlers on land in La., East of 
Miss, river and island of New Orleans, and W. of Pearl river, 
who have no claims thereto derived from the French, British, 
or Spanish : Daniel Cleveland, for C. S. Ingram, No. i, Nov., 
1810; Daniel Cleveland, No. i, Nov., 181 2. 

161 20 Elizabeth*, b. Jan. 24, 1782, Abbeville Dist, S. C, 
d. sup. in Tenn., m, Nathan Wanslow ; of Tenn. 

16121 Larkin^, b. Culpeper co., living in South Carolina. 
Jacob* Cleveland lived in Culpeper co., n. Culpeper C. H,, 

to 1780, Abbeville Dist. to 1782, afterward on the old Cleveland 
homestead, on Vaus or Vans Creek, Elbert co., n. Elberton ; 
farmer. Is buried in old family cemetery on the farm. 


REUBEN* CLEVELAND (?[Jeremiah3, Alexander", Alexander!]), 

b. ab. 1 741, m. Elizabeth . Ch.: 

16122 Rhoda* Cleveland [sister to Scynthia* — So be- 
lieved by descendants], m. Abner^ Franklin +16049. 

16123 Scynthia' Cleveland, b. Feb. 15, 1776. 
+16124 John* Cleveland. 

Reuben* Cleveland is conjectured to be son of Jeremiah', 
because Rhoda* was of Georgia, and Reuben a frequent name 
in this branch, who were of Geogia. 


MICAJAH* CLEVELAND (Micajah', [? Alexander', Alexanderq), d. 

He was reared by his uncle, came to Kentucky, did not know 
his mother was living until years afterward, visited her in Tenn. 
Supposed children : 

161 25 ?Eli' Cleveland. 

161 26 ? * Cleveland, father of William C." Cleve- 
land, b. 1803, of Cynthiana, Harrison co., Ky., 1885, who claims 
to be cousin of Micajah* +16127, and that he has an uncle Eli 


JOHN* CLEVELAND (Micajaha [PAlexanderS, Alexander']), m. 

Fanny White, she d. in [ ? Tenn.] Ch. : 


-|-i6i27 MiCAjAH^ Cleveland, b. July 4, 1765, Fairfax, or 
Loudoun CO., Va. 

16128 Daughter^, m. Knight. Ch. : Harriet^ Knight^ b. 
1793 from bef. 1830, of Ky., 1885. 

John'' Cleveland lived in Fairfax co., or Loudoun co.,Va., 
probably accompanied his mother to Tenn. 


EiiZahetTlf' Coffey (Elizabeth', Alexander^, Alexander'), m. Robert 

Whiteside, b. Rutherford co., N. C, ab. 1740, a s. William and 
Elizabeth or Betsey (Stockton). Ch. : 

+ 1 6 1 2 9 Jahnathart Whiteside, b. Apr. 13,1776, Burke co., N. C. 

Robert Whiteside of Whiteside settlement (named in his 
honor), Rutherford co., N. C, farmer. 

Whiteside ancestry : — William^, from Ireland, bef. ab. 1740, (with a brother who 
went to Pa.), of Whiteside, Rutherford co., m.,in U. S., Betty Stockton from Ireland. 
Ch.: Hon. Davis", member legis. revolution, d. Hillsboro, Orange Co., N. C, his family 
early settlers of III.; Robert' ; Hon. James", memb. N. C. legris., the first American to 
visit 111., where his family set.; John", father of Gen. Samuel', of 111.; William', of 111.; 
Hon. Thomas', memb. N, C. legis., of 111.; Samuel", d. Warren Co., Ky.; Hon. Adam", 
mem. Rutherford co.; Frank", of Mo.; Margaret", m. William Monroe (cousin to 
Pres. Jamesi, he fought at King's Mountain ; Ann", m. Col. Richard Singleton, b. Bruns- 
wick CO., Va., ab. 1750, maj. at Kings Mt.— Draper, Si, ^75 — mem. legis., sheriff Rutherf. 
CO., d. Lincoln Co., Ky.; Betsey", m. her cous., Davis Stockton ; Sallie", m. Lewis No- 
land ; all whigs, 7 of the Whiteside brothers were in King's M. battle. 


JOHN^ CLEVELAND j|john«, John'. Alexander", Alexander'), d. 

Mobile, Ala., betw. 1845 and 1850, a. 75-80, m. Comfort Gilbert, 
b. ab. 1770-5, d. Mobile 1845-50, a. 75, da. Rev. Thomas. Ch. b. 
Franklin co., Ga.: 

+ 16130 Reuben" Cleveland, b. Sept. 24, 1784, Tugalo river. 

16131 Gilbert' Cleveland, d. Autauga CO., Ala. Settled 
in Autauga co., Ala., m. Miss Jackson, she d. Autauga co. Set- 
tled in Autauga co., descendants unk. 

1 61 32 Ulysses' Cleveland went to Mobile 1825-30, mer- 
chant, was 1 85 1 tax collector for his county ; of Mobile bef. 
1861. Ch : 2 daughters', of M. bef. 1861. A Ulysses T. Cleve- 
land of Mobile 1883. 

+ 16133 Benjamin" Cleveland, b. Feb. 12, 1792. 

16134 William" Cleveland (Hon.) m. , went with 

bro. John G. to Mobile soon after 18 14, when it was a hamlet ; 
merchant, grew wealthy ; for years represented his co. in legis. 
Descendants live in Mobile 1884. 

16135 John Gealen' Cleveland (Capt.), d., m. , 

rem. with brother William to Mobile soon after 18 14, fiat-boated 
betw. Mobile and Tuscaloosa ; after Fulton's invention he 
steamboated ; piloted the first steamer plying between those 
points ; was successful steamboat capt. for years. In old age 
he was Inspector of Vessels for Port of Mobile, s. p. 

16136 Neal° Cleveland served 2 campaigns war 181 2 un- 
der Gen, Floyd, regimental commander, with bro. Benjamin^; 
left Ga., never since heard from, came to La. ab. 1825-30, sup- 
posed to have located on Red River. 

16137 Polly" Cleveland, d. Terrell co., Ga., 1863, m. 
Bowman, rem. to Murray co., Ga., ab. 1842, refugeed in Terrell 
CO. during war ; desc. unk. 



16138 Phoebe' Cleveland, m, bef. 1820 Obed Hooper, 
bro. to Amelia (w. of Benjamin^), rem, from Franklin co. 1837 
to Benton co., Ala. Ch.: large family. 

16 1 39 Betsey" Cleveland, m. Joseph Pullum, rem. to 
South Ala, Ch.: severaV. 

16140 Penelope" Cleveland, d. Mobile, unm. 

16141 Nelly" Cleveland. 

JoHN^ Cleveland lived in Franklin co. to 1835, a sparsely- 
settled country; rem. 1835 to Mobile. Was called " Cornfield 
John," being a practical farmer in his day. 


NEAL^ CLEVELAND (John*, Johns, Alexander", Alexander), d, U, 

Augusta, Ga., 1799, a. 37, m. n. A. 1789, Miss Jane Cornell, 
she d. 1807. (She m, 2d, 1803, Calhoun). Ch.: 

-I-16142 George Alexander Columbus", afterward George 
Columbus" Cleveland, b. Mar. 5, 1790, n. Augusta, 

Hon. Neal^ or Neely' Cleveland, located at Sand Hills, 
Richmond co., Ga., farmer. Member of Ga. legislature 1795-6-7. 
Mrs. Vining has his portrait painted at 25. His homestead was 
burned ab. 1807-8 destroying the Bible family record. 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (john*, Jo1id», Alexander", Alcxanderi), 

d. at Cleveland's Ferry, Tugalo River, S. C, [bef. 1864], m. 
Nancy Harrison (or Ann Harris), b. Va, 1766, d. a widow at 
house of Balus Hix, Fair Play, Oconee co., Pickens Dist., S, C, 
Feb., 1864, a. 98. Ch, b. Cleveland's Perry: 13, only 3 of the sons 
lived to be grown : Child". 16143 Oliver" Cleveland, d. Mo- 
bile, Ala., prob. unm. ; after his father's death lived at Mobile. 
1 6 144 Frances", m, Wright ; 4Th child". 16145 Martha", m, 

16146 Nancy" Cleveland, b. May 27, 1800, Cleveland's 
Ferry, Tugalo River, S. C, m, George Columbus" Cleveland 
+ 16142, 

+ 16147 Robert Harrison' Cleveland, b, 1802, 

in S, C. 

16148 Jane" Cleveland m. Balus Hix, of Fair Play. Ch.: 
William'' Hix, of Fair Play, 1885. 

16149 Catharine" Cleveland, m. Wright. 

+ 16150 LuciNDA M. 'Cleveland, b. May 4, 1808, 

16151 Elizabeth Caroline' Cleveland, b, June 9, 1809, 
Cleveland's Ferry, m. Thomas Calaway' Cleveland + 16163. 

4- 16152 William Earles" Cleveland. 

16153 Mary", m. O'Neill. 16154 ?Mrs. Paulina C. Cala- 
way, of Reddie's River, Wilkes co., N. C, 1886, her nephew : 
Robert Cleveland'' Staley, of Wilkesboro, Wilkes co., N. C, is great- 
grandson to Rev. John\ family records not yet received, per- 
haps this data belongs here. 

William" Cleveland owned lands on Tugalo river, S. C, 
also a ferry there ; farmer, Soldie,r in the Continental Army, 
Revolution war. His widow narrated their sufferings. To es- 



cape the cruelties of the Tories while he was gone to war, he 
took her and their eldest child, 4 days old, in a boat to the Fort. 
During war people had to tise thorns for pins, etc. Mr. Harri- 
son, her father, rem. to S. C. with Rev. John* Cleveland. 


JEREMIAH' CLEVELAND (jobn*, John', Alexander*, Alexanderi), 

d. in Pickens District, S. P., m. Obedient Calaway, she d. in 
Pickens Dist. Ch. b. Pendleton Dist., S. C: 

-I-16155 OsBORN Brewer° Cleveland, b. 1800. 

-[-16156 Eli' Cleveland, b. Mar. 3, 1803. 

36157 John", d. in Ga. 16158 Caloway', d. 16159 Susan*, 
d. in Tex., m. Pendleton Isbell, Polk co., Ga. 16160 Ceny", Se- 
NEY or Seena", d. in Ga., m, Silbon Wight, he d., of n. Fair 
Play, S. C. 

16161 Harriet" Cleveland, d. Pickens Dist, m. John 
Crooks, he d., left no descendants. 

16162 William E.° Cleveland, b. 1818, was raised in S. C, 
served 1838, in taking o£E the Cherokee Indians for which he 
drew 1855 a bounty of 120 acres in Hart co., Ga. Was in Co. C, 
1 6th Ga. Reg,, C. S. A., captured at Knoxville, Tenn., remained 
at Rock Island, 111., to close of late war ; of Hartwell, Ga., 


BENJAMIN" CLEVELAND (Johns John', Alexander", Alexanden), 

d. in Pendleton co., S. C, Sept., 1826, Oct. 7, 1828, m. in Pendle- 
ton, Peggy or Margaret Holland, b. Pendleton, d. Pickens (now 
Oconee) co., S. C, Sept. 10, 1857, a da. of Jake and Polly (Har- 
rison) (from E. Tenn.). Of Pendleton, farmer. Ch. b, Pickens 
(now Oconee) co. : 

+ 16 163 Thomas Calaway' Cleveland, b. Feb. 4, 1807. 

-i-16164 Jeremiah' Cleveland, b. Jan. 14, 1809. 

16165 Absalom Carter' Cleveland, b. July 4, 181 1, d. 
in Ala., n. Selma, Ala., Oct. 7, 1844, unm., farmer. 

4-16166 Sarah' Cleveland, b. Dec. 22, 1813, ab. i mile fr. 
Tugalo river. 

16167 Nancy', born May 7, 1816, m. Gibson Hix, s. John. 
Of Dalton, Whitfield co., Ga., 1 885-93, farmer. Ch. : 

Kiniori' Hix, Jane', Josephine'' Hix. 

16168 Margaret Ann', b. May 13, 1818, d. S. C. 1859, m. 
Andrew Looney, b. Franklin co., Ga., 1814 or 15, d. Carnesville, 
Franklin county, Ga., 1875, a s, Adam and Patsie (Walters). Of 
Carnesville, carpenter. Ch. : Taylor'' Looney, Sarah Elizabeth'' 
Looney, Nancf Looney, Benjamin Andrew' Looney, David Sloan' 
Looney'', Amanda' Looney, JEllen'' Looney. 

+ 16169 Benjamin Milton' Cleveland, b. Mar. 8, 1821. 

-[-16170 Marium' Cleveland, b. Oct. 29, 1825. 

-[-16171 Elizabeth Melvina' Cleveland, b. Mar. 26, 1829. 


JereTHiah" Fi*anklin (Mary 4), m. Phebe Franklin. Did 
not accompany his parents from Orange county, Va., but later 
removed to N. C. Ch. Cinda'' Franklin, m. Clarkston. 


+ 16173 Benjamitf Franklin. 16 174 Abner^ Franklin, d. nnva. 
4-16175 Willis^ Franklin. 161"] 6-"] Jane" Franklin went to 
Tenn.; and other children^. 


JeSSe^ FvanlxUni^^ry^loiixfi, Alexander^, Alexander!), b. Orange 

CO., Va., or Surry co., N. C, Mar. 24, 1760, d. Surry cc, Sept. 29, 
1823, m. Mickey or Meekey Perkins. Ch. : 

16 1 78 Bernard^ Franklin, m. Rebecca Welborne, she d. be- 
fore 1885, da. of Col. Welborne (who lived on farm on Yadkin 
river, 2 miles w. of Wilkesboro, N. C); moved to Miss. s. p. 

161 79 Eliza or Elizabeth^ Franklin, m. Dr. Benjamin^ Fran- 
lin -[-16173. 

-j-16180 Sallie PaniW Franklin. 

-[-16181 Mary Cleveland* Fratiklin. 

-(-16182 Anna P.^ Franklin. 

4-1 6183 Matilda C.° Franklin. 

-i-16184 James^ Franklin, b. Jan. 19, 1794, Surry co., N. C. 

-f- 16 185 Hardin Perkins* Franklin. 

Hon. Jesse' Franklin, Governor of North Carolina, one of the 
four of Cleveland blood who have been Governors, the others 
being Hon. Chauncey Fitch' Cleveland -(-1717, Hon. Grover^ 
Cleveland +8666, Gen. Alvifi Peterson' Hovey +4370. 

Jesse'' Franklin settled in Surry co. about 1777; served with 
credit in the Revolutionary war; a capt. and adjutant in Col. 
Benjamin^ Cleveland's regiment at King's Mountain battle, and 
shared in the Tory warfare; was in Guilford battle, became 
major before the war closed. He was member of House of 
Commons (or Delegates) Legislature of N. C, 1794, member of 
House of Representatives U. S. Congress, from N, C. 1795-7; 
again member of House of Commons N. C. 1797-1805 (10 years 
altogether); United States Senator (it appears he was one of 
the two of Cleveland blood ever U. S. Senators, the other Hon. 
Wm.'' Upham +3895) 1799 to 1805, officiating as President pro 
tern, of the Senate, 8th Congress, State Senator N.-C. 1805-6; 
again United States Senator 1807 to 1813; was superseded 1814 
by Hon. Francis Locke; was appointed 1816 by Pres. Madison 
a Commissioner to treat with the Chickasaws; was Governor of 
N. C. one term, 1820-1 (succeeding Gov. John Branch). For 
nearly 30 years he was almost continually in some public office 
of responsibility and honor, — depending on popular elections. 
"He was distinguished," says Wheeler, " for his sincere patriot- 
ism, sound sense, and unassuming deportment." A Jesse 
Franklin was Presidential Elector ist N. C. Dist. at the presi- 
dential elections eighth, 1817, and ninth, 1821; at both elections 
James Monroe, President, and Daniel D. Tompkins Vice-Pres., 
received the vote of N. C. 

Mrs. Sallie Rector "spoke of the devotion of Jesse Franklin 
to his mother, with whom Mrs. Rector lived. During her sick- 
ness he came everyday 12 miles to assist her. It was a rare 
instance of filial affection. He was a great and good man, and 
deserved all the honors bestowed on him." 

A sketch of Hon. Jesse^ Franklin, by his grandson. Judge 
Jesse Franklin^ Graves, in the 2d series of Incidents in the Old 


North State, by Rev. EH Washington Caruthers, p. 203-4, mentioned 
in Drapers King's Mountain, 287; 458-9, 554. Drake's American 
Bio.; Lanman's Die. of Congress, 143, 466-j; Wheeler's JV. C; 
Johnson's EncyclopcBdiaj Biographical Dictionary, by John Lauris 
Blake, D.D. 


Ahner^ Franklin {^a.Ty*),m. Rhoda^ Cleveland -j-16122. 
Ch. : 1 61 86 Jesse" Franklin. 



Shadrach? Franklin (Mary*, John', Alexander^, Alexanderi), d. 

i860, a. 91, m. Judith. Taliaferro, b. 1763, d. 1848, da. of Dr. John. 
Ch. : 

16187 ^fl/ZiV" jF^-awMw, d. in Ky., m. Thomas Scott. Rem. 
to Ky. Ch. : Benjamin'' Scott was reared by Shadrach^ Franklin. 

-|- 16 1 88 Lucy" Franklin, b. , , 1791. 

1 6 189 Pollie" Franklin, d. single, age 80, 
+ 16190 Bernard'^ Franklin, b. , , Surry CO., N. C, 

1 619 1 Benjamin" Franklin, d. unm., killed in storm by a 
stack of rails, near which he had taken shelter. 

161 92 Betsy" Franklin m. Richard Cunningham. Ch. : 
Sallie'' Cunningham; William'' Cunningham: ShadracK' Cunningham; 
Judith' Cunningham; Bernard"^ Cunningham. 

+ 16 1 93 Fatsy' Franklin. 

-[-16194 Wylie" Franklin, b. Dec. 25, 1801, Mitcheals River, 
Surry co., N. C. 

4" 1 6 195 John Taliaferro" Franklin. 

Shadrach^ Franklin contributed valuable materials to, and 
acknowledged in Draper s King's Mountain. 

Dr. John Taliaferro, the only practising physician of Surry 
City, N. C, during Revolution. 


M^ary^ Franklin (Mary*), d. Mooresburg, Hawkins county, 
Tenn., Feb. 7, 1836, a. 65, m. Surry or Stokes co., N. C, Feb. 12, 
1794, Robert Nail, b. Orange co., Va., Sept. 24, 1767, d. Lake co., 
Tenn., 1858, s. William and (Holloway). From Orange county; 
settled in Ashe co., N. C, rem. to Knox co., Tenn., farmer. Ch. : 
16196 Frances Franklin^ Nail, b. Oct. 28, 1797, Rogersville, Haw- 
kins CO., Tenn., m. James" Franklin -[-16184. -I-16197 Matilda" 
Nail, b. Mar, 20, 1799, Ashe co., N. C. Abner" Nail, b. Nov. 24, 
1801, Hawkins co., d. May 16, 1803. -I-16198 Abner Franklin" 
Nail, b. Apr. 6, 1805, Hawkins co. 16199 William Holaway" Nail, 
b. Mar. i, 1807, H. co., d. Obion county, Tenn., Oct. 10, 1846, m. 
Mooresburg, 1830, Eliza Moore, born M., died winter 1885-6, da. 
Ewell and Nancy (Creed). Of Mo. 1886, farmer, s. p. 16200 
Mary Cleveland" Nail, b, Oct. 30, 1810, H. co., d. Apr. 12, 181 1, 
16201 Robert Cleveland" Nail, b. July 12, 181 2, Hawkins 
CO., d. n. Tiptonville, Lake co., Tenn., 1882, m. Obion co., 1843, 
Polly Ann Eastwood. Lived near Tiptonville, on Miss, river. 
Ch.: SeveraV ; Frances F? Nail, unm., of Tiptonv., 1885. 




IMLeshach? FranMin (Mary*, Johns, Alexander^, Alexanderi), died 

Surry co., N. C, Dec. i8, 1839, Dec, 1841, m. Mildred Edwards. 
Ch., all have been prosperous : 

16202 Gideon Edwards^ Franklin, d. Early Grove, Marshall 
CO., Miss., 1867, m. Nancy Hughes. 

16203 Ann Perkins" Franklin, died Early Grove, 1884, m. 
William Wellborn. Of Early G., 1886. 

16204 Mary Cleveland" Franklin, m. Gabriel T. Moore, or 
J. Moore. Of Sardis, Panola co.. Miss., 1885. Ch.: Mary E? 
Moor$, of Sardis ; Sallie CJ Moore, unm., of S. 

16205 Mildred" Franklin, d., m. Enoch Hunt, went to Miss. 

16206 Fannie Frances" Franklin, m. David A. Abemathy 
or Abernatha. Of McKinney, Collin co., Tex. Address: Wil- 
liam M. Abernathy, McKinney. 

+ 16207 Columbus Bernard" Franklin, b. Mar. 15, 1806, Ed- 
wardsville, Surry co., N. C. 

16208 Sallie" Franklin, m. Thomas Thurmon. Address : 
G. E. Thurmand, Carpenteria, Santa Barbara co., Cal. 

-f- 16209 Jesse Daniel" Franklin. 

1 62 10 Meekey or Mickey" Franklin, d. unm., went to Miss. 

162 1 1 Martha E. P." Franklin, m. Hardin Perkins" , Frank- 
lin + 16185. 

Hon. MeshacJi" FranMin, member of House of Commons, N. 
C, 1800. A Representative in U. S. Congress from N. C, 1807 
to 1815. State Senator, N. C. Legislature, X828 and 1829. Also 
member of Executive Council of N. C; a Delegate to the Con- 
vention for revising the State Constitution. — Lanman's Die, 14^. 

He is buried at his homestead in Surry co., N. C, place 
owned, 1885, by Coltfmbus McMickle. 


AhedfiegO^ JFranklin (Mary*, John», Alexander^, Alexander!), d. in 

Ky. ab. 1817; married 1800, MARY GRAVES' CLEVELAND 

+ 16225 (john», Benjamin*, Johns, Alexander", Alexander"), she d. in Chero- 
kee CO., Ga., Aug., 1858, a. 72. Ch.: 162 12 Robert" ' Franklin, d. 
between 1826 and 1855, unm. 

+ 16212 Anne"''' Franklin, b. — , 1801, 

+ 16213 Benjamin Cleveland"''' Franklin, b. Apr. 25, 1805. 

+162 14 Leonidas"''' Franklin. 

16215 William W."''' Franklin, d. between 1826 and 1855, 

+ 16216 Marcus A."'"' Franklin. 

16217 Robert"''' Franklin, d. between 1826 and 1855, unm. 

16218 Abednego^ ' Franklin, died between 1826 and 1855, 
unm. Of above sons'"', 2 grad. as physicians at Philadelphia, 
I grad. at New Haven as a lawyer, 2 studied law in their native 
state, I d., just about graduating. 

Abednego^ Franklin was an influential and wealthy citizen of 
Athens, Ga., well known as a founder of " Franklin College," 
now University of the State of Georgia, at Athens. 

Mrs. Mary Graves' (Cleveland) Franklin was raised by 


Col. Benjamin* Cleveland, possessed the pride of character and 
ambition of the Clevelands ; residence, Madison, Morgan co., 
Ga., later in Athens and Cherokee co., Ga. After the death of 
her husband, removed to Athens for the purpose of educating 
her sons and giving them professions ; here she raised and 
educated her children, 6 boys and i girl. 


JEMIMA' CLEVELAND (Benjamin*, John', Alexanders, Alexanderi), 

died in La. perhaps 1810, m. 1870, as ist wife, James Wyly or 
Wyley, b. Iredell co., N. C., d. Blount co., Tenn., 1842. Ch.: 

-j-16219 James Rutherford^ Wyly, b. June 24, 1782, on East 
bank of Tugalo river, just above mouth of Choga creek, S. C, 
or Blount co., Tenn. 

16220 Elizabeth'' Wyly, b. 1784, m. ist, Ingraham, 2d, John 
or Jack Hall. Ch. by ist m.: Elizabeth'' Ingraham; Folly'' Ingra- 
ham; Mary Ann" Ingraham — one of these had a daughter : Mrs. 
Florida^ Brown of n. Gainesville, Ga., 1891. 2d m.: s. p. 

James Wyly dwelt Franklin co., Ga., went froni N. C. to 
Blount CO., Tenn. He m. 2d, ch.: several, living in Tenn. 1886. 

Wyl^ ancestry :—s arms : WiLEY: 2; Willey; /.• WyLE; j; WyliE (borne by Rob- 
ert Wylie of Beverley, Esq.). Az. a bend betw. a fox oourant in chief, and 2 mullets in 
base ar. . . . Of Irish descent and immigrant. James Wyly, a full-blooded Irishman, 
bro. to Robert Wyly, founder of Greenville co. college, Tenn. 


ABSALOM' CLEVELAND (Benj.Mohn>, Alexanders, Alexanderi), 

d. 1838, m. in Wilkes co., N. C, Patty Harrison. Ch., i son and 
6 daughters (their descendants in Ga. and S. C.) : 

1622 1 PoLLY^ Cleveland, m. Thomas Harbin, ch.: sev- 
eral': descendants, Harbins live on Tugalo river, S. C., 1886. 

16222 John" or Jack* Cleveland, died at house of his- 
cousin. Gen. Benjamin Cleveland, in Habersham co., Ga., 1858,. 
m. Lived at house of James R. Wyly, Clarkesville, Habersham 
CO., Ga., to Mar. 27, 1855. 

16223 Milley* Cleveland, m. Micajah Bryant. 

Lt. Absalom' Cleveland went with his parents from Cul- 
peper [Orange?] co., Va., to Wilkes co., N. C. He served during 
some part of the Revolution as It., and drew a pension on that 
account. With his father, brother, and families rem., ab. 1785, 
to S. C. and Ga., where they remained. He is buried near his 
father, at Ft. Madison, S. C. 

Mr. Absalom Gibson, b. 1787 (said to be of Cleveland blood), 
surveyor. Homer, Angelina co., Tex., 1882-6. 


JOHN^ CLEVELAND (Benjamin*, John»,Alexander2, Alexanderi), d. 

in Tugalo region, Franklin co., Ga., ab. 1810, m. Wilkes co., N. 
C, just before Revolution, prob. 1774-5, Mrs. Catharine (Sloum) 
Montgomery, from Ireland, wid. of Mt. Gomery. Ch., 2 sons, 
5 daughters : 

-f-16224 Benjamin* Cleveland, born June 13, 1782, 1783 
[gravestone], 1784, on E. bank of Tugalo river, above Choga 
creek, Pickens District, S. C. 



16225 Mary Graves® Cleveland, b. ab. 1784-6, m. Abed- 
nego^ Franklm -(-16053. 

16226 Absalom", or Fouch6®, or Zoucnf Cleveland, d. 
prior to 1858, age ab. 47-8, unm., or without heirs, dwelt Clin- 
ton, Jones CO., Ga. Second dau." d. infant. 

16227 Catherine" Cleveland, m. Col. Wellborn, Tenn., 
left 2 children, both of whom d. bef. 1884. 

-(-16228 Eliza" Cleveland, b. June 8, 1792, Franklin co., 

-(-16229 Martha" Cleveland. 

Capt. John' Cleveland, when aged 12, came from Culpeper 
<:o., Va., with his father, to Wilkes co., N. C. He entered the 
Continental army at age of 16 or 17, as a private, shortly after, 
promoted It, ; later was commissioned by state of N. C. capt. of 
Light Dragoons. Was a wild, reckless man — long known by 
the sobriquet " Devil John Cleveland " (to distinguish him from 
his cousin, preacher John). He was in Ramsour's Mills battle, 
June 20, 1780; battle Camden, Camden co., N. C, Aug. 16, 1780, 
when Gen. Horatio Gates was defeated, was under Col. Isaacs 
at Sumter's surprise, Aug. 18, 1780; he led his co. at King's 
Mountain ; and on the Raft Swamp expedition under Gen. 
.[Griffith?] Rutherford, fall of 1781. He served in N. C. through 
the war, and subsequently drew a captain's pension, which has 
been continued to his heirs. After war closed, ab. 1785, with 
Tiis father and bro., removed to S. C. and Ga., on the Tugalo ; 
was of good abilities ; is buried near his father, at Fort Madi- 
•son, S. C. See Draper's King's Mountain, 4^8; Drake's Bio. Die, 


LARKIN' CLEVELAND (Robert*, JohnS, Alexanders, Alexanderi), 

born Wilkes co., N. C, Oct. 3, 1772, d. n. Nixburgh, Coosa co., 
Ala., Apr. 19, 1852, m. Oglethorpe co., Ga., fall of 1803, Sarah 
Buchanan, or Buckhanan, b. Oglethorpe co., Sept. 5, 1787, d. at 
the old homestead, n. Nixburgh, 1856. Ch.: Polly M.", b. Oct. 
25, Clark CO., Ga., d. Dec, 21, 1804. 

4-16230 Caroline" Cleveland, b. June 14, 1806, Clark co., 

16231 Joseph B." Cleveland, b. Sept. 12, 1808, Clark co., 
d. Rockford, Coosa co., Ala., Nov. 28, 1844J unm. 

-(-16232 Robert Walter" Cleveland, born Nov. 22, 1810, 
Clark CO. Matthew", b. June 11, 1813, C. co., d. Nov. 28, 1814; 
Alley M.", b. Dec. 13, 1815, Montgomery co., Ala., died Jan. 9, 

-(-16233 Benjamin Franklin" Cleveland, b. Jan. 22, 1818, 
Montgomery co. 

16234 Jesse", b. Apr. 5, 1820, M. co., d. M. co., Oct., 1826. 
Sidney", b. May 30, 1822, M. co., d. Nixlaurgh, Oct. 
12, 1831. 

-(-16235 David Bartlett" Cleveland, born Feb. 19, 1825, 
Nixburgh, Ala. 

-(-16236 James Harvey" Cleveland, b. Jan. i, 1829, Nix- 
burgh, Ala. 

Hon. Larkin' Cleveland lived, in early life, in N. J., Pa., 





Va., S. C, Tenn., Ohio; came from N. C. to Ga.; after m. rem. 
from Oglethorpe co. to Clark co.; thence, 1814, to Montgomery 
CO., on N. side of Tallapoosa river, living there a number of 
years ; he represented Montgomery co. as member of the first. 
Legislature of Ala., meeting at Huntsville, Ala., and afterward 
served another term ; removed, 1834, to Coosa co., bought lands 
and settled near NixlDurgh (ab. 10 miles E. of Rockford C. H.), 
and lived on this old homestead, planter. Prominent and much 
esteemed. His house stands, 1885, occupied by one of his old 

See Alabatna : Her History, Resources, War Record, and Public 
Men. From 1540 to t8'/2. By W. Brewer. Montgomety, i8j2. 


JEREMIAH* CLEVELAND (Robert*, Jolin', Alexander", Alex- 

anderi), d. Greenville, S. C, Dec. 2, 1845, a. 71, m. Wilkes co., N. C.^ 
Aug, 31, 1801, Sallie or Sarah Vannoy, b. Wilkes co., Jan. 16, 
1779, d. Greenville, July 23, 1856, daughter of Nathaniel and 
Elizabeth (Ray) Vannoy. Children : 

+16237 Robert Mathis' Cleveland, b. Mar. 3, 1803, Ashe- 
ville, N. C. 

+ 16238 Jesse Franklin" Cleveland, b. Oct. 25, 1804, Green- 
ville, S. C. 

-f- 16239 jEREMiAH"CLEVELAND,b. Feb.4, 1806, Greenville,S.C. 

-{-16240 Barnet Frankilin® Cleveland, b. Apr. 26, 1808, 
Greenville, S. C. 

+ 16241 Caroline* Cleveland, ) . Feb. 2, 1811, 

-1-16242 Harriet" Cleveland, \ ' Greenville, S. C. 

+ 16243 Eliza* Cleveland, b. Oct. 6, 1813, Greenville, S. C. 

+ 16244 James Harvey" Cleveland, b. Dec. i, 1815, Green- 
ville, S. C. 

Capt. Jeremiah Cleveland moved from Asheville 1804, and 
became one of the first residents of Greenville, merchant ; left 
his children 20,000 acres in S. C. and Tenn., etc. From his 
obituary in Greenville Mountaineer, O. H. Wells, Ed., Dec. 184^. — 

The Late Mr. Jeremiah Cleveland. 

When one who has filled so large a space in a community 
as the venerable and excellent man whose name heads this 
article has so long done in ours descends to the tomb, it is fit 
that notice should be taken of his life. Born in Va., his father 
removed when he was very young to Wilkes co. The family 
was one of the most respectable in that part of the country. 
The celebrated Col. Benjamin Cleveland of King's Mountain 
was his uncle, and his father, Capt. Robert Cleveland, com- 
manded a CO. in that memorable engagement. At a very early 
age the subject of this notice left his father's house with no 
other patrimony than a vigorous form and those stern princi- 
ples of honesty and economy which had been so carefully in- 
stilled into his youthful mind. He found employment with the 
late Andrew Erwin and James Patton, extensively engaged in 
commercial pursuits in the upper part of N, C. The remarka- 


ble qualities of the young man soon attracted the attention of 
those sagacious and worthy men, and he was very soon taken 
into copartnership with them in a store which they established 
in this place in 1814, under the exclusive management of Mr. 
Cleveland, and which he continued until 1826, when, in the 
full tide of success, he closed his mercantile operations. He 
had sons grown who were capable of managing it. He wisely 
considered that he had an abundant competency. Since that 
time he has engaged himself in the superintendence of his 
farms, the management of his capital, and in reading and con- 
versation. Few men have read more in the last 20 years and 
none with more profit. The author of this small tribute to his 
memory was quite a child when Mr. Cleveland first settled in 
Greenville, and has known him intimately ever since ; and he 
can with entire truth say, that he never knew him to do an un- 
worthy action, nor to utter an unworthy sentiment; in the course 
of a very extensive business of 40 years that none has ever 
charged him with even a harsh or ungenerous action ; nor has 
an instance occurred of his sacrificing the property of any of 
his numerous debtors ; nor is it believed of his purchasing 
property at a sacrifice ; it was his principle not to do so. The 
"writer has known many instances where he purchased prop- 
erty at sheriffs' sale, and years afterwards sold it for five 
times as much as he gave for it, and he has retained only his 
debt and interest and paid over to the person, as whose prop- 
erty it was sold, the balance. Very many instances of a simi- 
lar benevolence and generosity have come within the knowl- 
edge of the writer. He was the last man in the world to speak 
of his own good deeds. Never was there any one of whom it 
could be more truly said that he — 

" Did good by stealth and blushed to find it fame." 
He was one of the oldest of his father's family, all of whom are 
prosperous and respectable men, and the same may be said of 
all the clerks who were in his service ; all of whom were as- 
sisted by him if they needed funds ; but they were much more 
indebted for their success to those habits of industry, economy, 
and integrity which he taught them. He was distinguished for 
accurate judgment, integrity, and firmness, — judgment to per- 
ceive the path of duty, integrity that cannot be tempted, and 
firmness that cannot be intimidated from pursuing it. Such 
was this wise and good man who has, at the advanced age of 
71 years, left a chasm in our society not soon to be filled up. 
This sketch of his character is a small tribute from one who, 
from his childhood, has known and respected him. 

Vanoy, Vannoy ancestry : — Ancestors came from New Jersey. Nathaniel Vannoy, 
b. bef. 1757, of Wilkes co. 


PRESLEY* CLEVELAND (Roberta Johna, Alexander^, Alexanderi), 

d. in Monroe co., near Philadelphia, Loudon co., Tenn., May 
31, 1861, June I, 1862, a. 82-3, m. Wilkes co., N. C, ab. 1814, 
Elizabeth Johnson or Johnston, b. Fork Creek, n. Madisonville, 
Monroe co., Tenn., 1784, d. n. Philadel. Oct. 19, Nov., 1854, sis- 
ter to Lewis. Ch. b. Sweetwater Valley, Monroe co., Tenn.: 
Alie', b, Oct. 14, 18 1 6, d. Sept. 3, 182 1. 


+16245 Robert" Cleveland, b. Sept. 14, 1818. 

16246 William" Cleveland, b. Oct. 11, 1820, d. in Sweet- 
water Valley, Apr. 22, 1835, unm. 

16247 Eliza Ann" Cleveland, b. Jan. 7, 1823, m. n. Phil- 
adel. 1849 William C.Johnson, b. Fork Creek 1819, a s. of Lewis, 
and bro. to Elizabeth Ann, who m. David H. Cleveland. Res. 
n. Philadel. 1884-5, farmer. 

+■16248 Larkin Jerry" Cleveland, b. Apr. 26, 1825. 

16249 Caroline" Cleveland, b. Nov. 15, 1^27, m. n. Phil- 
adel. Oct. 25, 1859, Hon. S. Jesse Martin. Of Sweetwater Creek, 
n. Philadel., farmer. Represented Monroe co., in Legis. 1874. 
Ch. b. n. Philadel.: Sallie EJ Martin, July 15, 1861, of Philadel., 
teacher; Samuel H.'' Martin, Oct. 22, 1862, civil engineer. 

16250 Harvey" Cleveland, b. Mar. 18,1830, d. Sept. 1,1854. 

16251 Alie" Cleveland (ag.), b. Sept. 6, 1833, ^- J^i^y 
25. 1854. 

Presley* Cleveland lived with Col. Ben. 1783, in Wilkes co. 
to 1801, in Sweetwater Valley afterward, farmer. A leading 


ELP CLEVELAND (Robert*, John', Alexander*, Alexanderi), d. n. 

Philadelphia, East Tenn., Nov. 23, 1859, a. f 8, m. in Tenn. Dec. 
29, 1803, Polly Ragon, b. July 4, 1786, d. Sweetwater Valley, 
Tenn., Jan. 22, 1862. Ch. b. Sweetwater Valley : 

+16252 Robert Ragon" Cleveland, b. Sept. 15, 1808, N. C. 

+16253 Matilda" Cleveland, b. Feb. 7, 181 1. . 

16254 Aley Mathus" Cleveland, b. May 7, 1813, xa. Joseph 
Dyke^ Jones +16281. 

16255 Clarissa Harlowe" Cleveland, b. Sept. 6, 1815, m. 
Jesse Franklin^ Jones +16280, 

+16256 Jesse Franklin" Cleveland, b. Apr. 19, 1817. 

-+- 16257 Caroline" Cleveland, b, Jan. 7, 1820. 

+ 16258 Eli Mathus" Cleveland, b. May 20, 1822. 

+ 16259 David Harvey" Cleveland, b. Nov. 5, 1824. 

Polly", b. Apr. 17, 1827, d. Sweetwater Valley, 
Sept. 14, 1831. 

Rev. Eli' Cleveland, an eminent Baptist preacher, resi- 
dence in Monroe co., Sweetwater Valley (near Philadelphia) ; 
here, with his own means, he built a handsome brick church, 
and gave it to his congregation. 


JESSE" CLEVELAND (Robert*, Johns, Alexander^, Alexanderi), b. 

Wilkes county, N. C, Feb. 8, 1785, d. Spartanburg, S. C, Dec. 3, 
1851, m. Greenville, S. C, Aug. 9, 1814, Mary Blossingame, born 
Greenville Apr. 4, 1797, died G. Jan. 4, 1884, a da. of Gen. John 
Blossingame and Elizabeth Smith (Easley). Children b. Spar- 
tanburg : 

+ 16260 Emily Caroline" Cleveland, b. Oct. 13, 1815. 

+ 16261 John Blossingame" Cleveland, b. Mar. 27, 1818. 

+ 16262 William Berry" Cleveland, b. Jan. 13, 1820. 

+ 16263 Robert Easley" Cleveland, b. Jan. 6, 1822. 

+ 16264 Sarah Elizabeth" Cleveland, b. Sept. 19, 1824. 


-16265 Mary Harriet" Cleveland, b. Sept. 26,1829,111. 
Barnet Franklin' Cleveland -I-16240. 

Jesse* Cleveland came from N. C. 1810, a founder of Spar- 
tanburg, prosperous merchant, possessor of large means, earned 
by his own enterprise. 

Carolina Spartan, 18^1 — 

Jesse Cleveland. 

A large portion of our last week's edition having passed 
through the press previous to his lamented death, we were only- 
able to publish in that issue a hurried notice of the event. It 
is not our design to write a lengthened obituary, for the remi- 
niscences of his virtuous life are impressed on the recollections 
of all. His epitaph is already written by good examples of the 
gentlemanly deportment of nearly half a century. For more 
than forty years of his well-spent life he was engaged in mer- 
cantile pursuits in this town. He never engaged in politics so 
as to alienate his friends or embitter the feelings of others, but 
evinced in his whole life all those characteristics which adorn 
the life of a plain, unpretending man and good citizen. Sim- 
plicity of manners, benignity of feeling, and a rigid honesty in 
his business transactions were his ruling and active traits. Mr. 
Cleveland will be long and affectionately remembered. 

Greenville Daily News, A. B. Williams, Ed., Jan. 26, 1884 — 

Mrs. Mary B. Cleveland. (Special to Augusta Chronicle), At- 
lanta, Jan. 24. There has been recently in Greenville the death 
of a lady, one of the old landmarks of Carolina, whose removal is 
as notable an event as the decease of Mrs. ex-Gov. Herschel V. 
Johnson. This lady was Mrs. Mary Blossingame Cleveland of 
Spartanburg. Her father was Gen. John Blossingame, who 
was raised on Pedee river, S. C, located in Greenville, and m. 
Mar. 23, 1794, Miss Elizabeth Smith Easley from Va. He was 
made general 181 2, was very popular, and a member of the 
Legislature. The union of Jesse Cleveland and Mary Blossin- 
game was a long and happy one, as well as a mating of the best 
blood of Carolina. Mrs. Cleveland was a noble Christian 
woman, revered and loved by all. In her last moments her 
mind wandered to the past and her old homestead in Spartan- 
burg, and she would often say, " I ought to go back and look 
after my poor negroes ; I know they need me." 


MARTIN' CLEVELAND (RobertMohns, Alexander^, Alex.i), died 

at his home near Red Hill, Grainger co., Tenn., June 17, 1849, 
a. 62, m. ist, doubtless in Wilkes co., about 1808, Polly, or Mary 
Gambrell, or Gamble, b. Mar. 21, 1791, d. at home near Red Hill 
Dec. 2, 1 83 1, da, of Robert of Yadkin county, N. C. He m. 2d, 
Grainger co., Oct. 9, 1832, Mrs. Anna (Griffith) McPheeters, b. 
Claiborne co., E. Tenn., Oct, 12, 1802, widow of Andrew Scott 
McPheeters, da, Levi and Jane (Shelton). Ch. by ist m.: 

16266 Aley° Cleveland, b. June 11, 1809, m, Jennings, of 
Augusta, Woodruff co.. Ark., 1885, address care W. B. Quiet, or 
Whitesburg, White co.. Ark., 1886. 

16267 Robert N.® Cleveland, b. Aug. i, 1812, d. ab. 1825 



age 13, ■unm. 16268 Jesse Franklin* Cleveland, b. Aug. 27, 
1814, d. ab. 1839, age 25,unin. 

--I-16269 Nancy" Cleveland, b. Feb. 3, 1817. 

16270 John Arwine" Cleveland, b. June 30, 1819, dwelt 
in Ark., Benton, Scott co.. Mo., of Jefferson city. Cole co., Mo., 

+ 16271 Alfred Mathews" Cleveland, b. Feb. 17, 1821. 
16272 Mary' Cleveland, b. Mar. 12, 1823, m. Canida Hill, 
of Powder Spring Gap, Grainger co., Tenn., 1883-6. 

-|- 1 6273 William Marona" Cleveland, b. Feb. 17, 1826, 
Grainger co. 

16274 Matilda** Cleveland, b. Jan. 9, 1828, d. Dec. 19, 
1868, m. Sept., 1859, John Prior Clark, went soon after 1868 to 
Tex. Child\ d. inf. 

16275 Eliza Ann" Cleveland, b. Feb. 4, 1831, died a few 
weeks after marriage, m. Green Bundren, he died, of Claiborne 
CO. She dwelt Knoxville, Tenn. Ch. : 2, both d. By2dni.: 

16276 Martin Albert' Cleveland, born May 27, 1834, 
Grainger co., d. Philadelphia, Tenn., Aug. 20, 185 1, 1854, unm. 
Learned tanning of cous., Jos. Jones, Philadel., merch. of P. 

-\-162Tj Eli Mathis* Cleveland, b. Dec. 15, 1836, Grainger 
CO. Green Franklin", b. June 27, 1839, d. Dandridge, Jefferson 
CO., Tenn., Dec. 7, 1857, while at school, a Christian. 

16278 Martha Emily", or Emma" Cleveland, b. June 7, 
1842, m. at house of Rev. Mr. Sawtell, Knox co., Tenn., Richard 
Madison Harris, b. Knox co , Jan. 15, 1840, d. Oct. 21, 1881, son 
Jacob and Elizabeth (Mynatt). Member 3d Tenn. Vols., U. S., 
wounded. After m. dwelt near Graveston, Knox co., Tenn., 
farmer ; sec. Graveston Lodge, F.& A. M., 1871-1881 ; accident- 
ally poisoned by fertilizer and d. 3 hours before youngest child 
was born. She 1. Mossy Creek, Jefferson co., Tenn., 1884. Ch.: 
Samuel Albert'' Harris, b. Aug. 23, 1872 ; Jacob Cleveland'' Harris, 
Feb. 17, 1874 ; Carr, June 30, 1876 ; Edgar'', May 11, 1878; Her- 
bert, Dec. 6, 1879 ; Richard Madison' Harris, b. Oct. 21, d. 31, 
1881. 16279 Robert H.', b. Feb. 12, 1846, m. Caroline Clark, of 
n. Powder S. Gap, Ambro, Grainger co., Tenn. ; ch. : several. . 

Hon. Martin' Cleveland, in whose honor was named the 
town of Cleveland, county seat of Bradley County, Tennes- 
see. He removed from Wilkes co. 1811, ab. Nov., to Grainger 
CO. ; here he afterward dwelt. Farmer, run machinery, and sur- 
veyor. Was a prominent politician in his county, and known 
as the best stump speaker. He secured the establishment of 
the first P. O. — named Red River (now Clear Spring, Grainger 
CO., Tenn.) — and was appointed P. M. In his first canvass for 
State Senate he was beaten by only 2 votes, by Dr. Cocke. He 
served altogether 4 terms in Legislature and 3 terms in State 
Senate, representing Grainger co. The high esteem of his fel- 
low citizens was shown by his frequent nomination. His advice 
was sought in all matters concerning the welfare of the county. 
By careful management he accumulated property. Was from 
early life member of Missionary Baptist Church, a liberal donor 
to erection of churches ; beloved by all. He was canvassing for 
re-election to Senate, made a speech during the day and died 
that night. 



Mrs. Anna (Griffith) [McPheeters] Cleveland resides in the 
old homestead near Rutledge, Grainger co., Tenn., 1884, Mossy 
Creek 1885. She m. ist, June 4, 1820, Andrew Scott McPhee- 
ters, b. Mar. 17, 1802, d. July 17, 1829, 1830, s. Andrew and Axis 
(Briggs), farmer. She m. 3d, Red Hill homestead, July 26, 1855, 
Aug , 1856, as 2d w., John X. Cox, b. Va. 1800, d. near Maynard- 
ville, Union co., Tenn., Oct., 1859 (he m. ist, ; ch.: 5), me- 
chanic and farmer, wealthy. Ch. by ist m.: Azariah McPhee- 
ters, b. Mar. i, 1821, went to Mo. with grandfather McPheeters; 
Amanda McPheeters, b. Jan. 3, 1823, m. Oct. 28, 1841, Franklin 
Sanders, he d. during war, she 1. Mossy Creek ; Alfred McPhee- 
ters, b. Dec. 19, 1825, m. Union county, Tenn., Jennie Taylor, of 
Washington, Rhea co., Tenn.; Malinda McPheeters, b. July 13, 
1827, m. Grainger co. Dec. 22, 1847, John Cox, of Knoxville ; 
Jane McPheeters, b. Aug. 22, 1829, m. Nov. 10, 1850, Benjamin 
Peck, of Rutledge. 3d m.: s. p. 


ALEY^ CLEVELAND (Robert*, JohnS, Alexander*, Alexanderi), d. 

Wilkes CO., N. C, date unk., m. Oct. 27, 1803, Morton Jones, b. 
N. C, d. Wartrace, Bedford co., Tenn., s. of Morton and Frankey 
(Jhernoy or Vernoy). Of Wartrace, farmer. Ch. b. Wartrace : 

-I-16280 Jesse Franklin^ Jones, b. Aug. 9, 1808. 

-|- 1 62 8 1 Joseph Dyke* Jones, b. Feb, 20, 1810. 

16282 Eliza" Jones, b. Oct. 17, 1812, d. prob. Ala., m. ist 
Hatchet, he d. prob. Ala. She m. 2d Harris; dwelt Ala. Ch. : 
Address : Mrs. Alex. Rhea, Tehuacana, Limestone co., Texas, 
1886. Caroline* Jones, b. Jan. 28, 1814, d.; Polly Eliza* Jones, h. 
Dec. 4, 1 815, d. 

-I- 16283 Emily* Jones, b. Sept. 7, 181 7. 

-I-16284 Lodusky* Jones, b. Oct. 23, 1820. 

16285 Robert Cleveland* Jones, \>. Aug. 15, 1821, unm., of 
Philadelphia, Tenn., tanner. 


MARY* CLEVELAND (Robert*), d. Oct. 11, 1850-1, a. 59-60, 
m. Robbs of Greenville, S. C, he died. Ch. : 16286 Son*, died at 
Hon. T. J. Rusk's house, Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches co., Tex., 
unm. 16287 Daughter*, d. long since, m. Cunningham. 


JAMES HARVEY* CLEVELAND (Robert*, Jolin», Alexander^, 

Alexander'), b. Wilkes CO., N. C, Jan. 10, 1796, d. at or near Minden, 
La., July 13, 1842, m. May 16, 1822, Sarah W. Thompson of S. C, 
b. Mar. 4, 1801, d. Oct. 2, 1861, third da. of Chancellor and Gen. 
Waddy, sister to Hon. Waddy (b. Pickensville, S. C, Sept. 8, 
1798, U. S. Minister to Mexico) and aunt to Hon. Hugh S. 
Thompson (b. 1836, Gov. of S. C. 1882). Ch. : 

+ 16288 Eliza Williams" Cleveland, born Apr. 21, 1823, 
Greenville, S. C. 

+16289 Emily C." Cleveland, b. Feb. 5, 1825. 

+ 16290 Sarah Jessie" Cleveland, b. Dec. 25, 1827, Edge- 
field, Edgefield co., S. C. 



-I-1629X Waddy Thompson* Cleveland, b. Sept. 22, 1829, 
Columbia, S. C. 

16292 Robert Jamie I.° Cleveland, born Apr. 26, 1832, d. 
ab. 185 1, a. 19; Henry Tazwell^ born July 9, 1835, d. Apr. 26, 
1839; Alfred T.°, b. June 11, 1838, d. Apr. 25, 1839. 

James Harvey* Cleveland lived several years at Lawrence- 
ville, Georgia; afterward, residence at Minden, merchant. His 
family resided at Red River 1845. 


FANNY' CLEVELAND (Roberts Johns, Alexander', Alexander!), 

born in Wilkes co., North Carolina, October 11, 1797, d. at Oolte- 
wah, James co., Tennessee, Apr. 2, 1884, m. ist at the old home- 
stead, Rocky Hill, Wilkes co., N. C, about 181 1, Edward Bryant 
Watkins, b. N. C, 1785, d. in Monroe county near Philadelphia, 
Tenn., about August, 1828, a son of Robert and Cecilia (Bryant) 
Watkins. She m. 2d, Monroe co., near Philadelphia, September 
28, 1835, as 2d w., Caleb Isaac Parker, b. in Virginia January 9, 
1789, d. Ooltewah January 18, 1870, a son of George and Sarah 
(Jones) Parker. Children by first marriage : 

-I-16293 Clarissa Harlowe^ Watkins, b. Apr. 13, 1813, in Mon- 
roe county, Tennesse. 

+ 16294 Finhy Patterson^ Watkins, b. December 10, 1815, in 
Monroe county. 

16295 Josef hine Adelaide'^ Watkins, b, August 12, 181 8, in 
Monroe co,, d. in Dalton, Ga., 1845, unm. 

4-16296 Harvey Cleveland'^ Watkins, b. 1821, Monroe co. 

4- 16297 Eli Bryant" Watkins, b. February i, 1823, Monroe 

-{-16298 Alfred Moore'' Watkins, b. January 2, 1825, in Mon- 
roe county, and near Philadelphia, Tennessee. 

-f-16299 Robert Franklin'^ Watkins, b. February 27, 1827, Mon- 
roe county, and near Philadelphia, Tennessee. 

+ 16300 Edward Minerva^ Watkins, b. March 21, 1829, Mon- 
roe county, and near Philadelphia, Tennessee. By 2d marriage : 

+ 16301 Louisa Hastletine* Parker, born July i, 1836, Monroe 
county, and near Philadelphia, Tenn. 

+ 16302 Mathis or Mathus W' Parker, bom Feb. 11, 1838, 
Monroe county, and near Philadelphia, Tenn. 

+ 16303 Joseph Peler" Parker, b. Apr. 6, 1840, Monroe county, 
and near Philadelphia, Tenn. 

+ 16304 Cleveland T^ Parker, b. Nov. 28, 1842, Monroe co., 
and near Philadelphia, Tenn. 

The Cleveland [Bradley county, Tenn.,] Banner contained the 
following tribute to the memory of Mrs. Fannie* (Cleveland) 
[Watkins] Parker : 

DIED: — Mrs. Fannie Parker, daughter of Robert Cleve- 
land, at the residence of her son, Mr. C. T. Parker, of Ooltewah, 
Apr. 2, 1884. She was a devoted Christian for over sixty years. 
Our whole community are bowed with grief over the loss of 
this most estimable w©man. The family deeply appreciate the 
kindness of the many friends who aided in alleviating her suffer- 
ings in her last illness. c. 



Edward Bryant Watkins removed with his parents, 1793, to 
Oglethorpe co., Ga. Lived at Wartrace, Tenn.; residence after- 
ward in Monroe co., near Philadelphia, school teacher, — a very 
worthy, estimable gentleman, of fine business capacity. 

Caleb Isaac Parker, residence successively : Philadelphia; 
Fork Creek, near Madisonville, Tenn.; Loudon, Tenn., to 1849; 
Julian Gap, Hamilton county, Tenn., now Ooltewah, here he is 
buried in the old graveyard. Hem. ist in East Tenn., probably 
Hawkins county, Sept. 7, 1813, Elizabeth Sanders, she d. Phila- 
delphia, Tenn., ab. 1830. Ch. : 

Cinderella Parker, b. July 7, 1814, m. Allen Blair, 
farmer, Ch. : large family. 

William Parker, b. Jan. 18, 1816, went to Texas, 
wounded by the troops of President Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana 
of Mexico, while under Cap t. Fanning, at Fanning massacre, 1834 
[ ? was this Col. James W. Fannin massacred at Goliad, Goliad co., 
Tex., Mar. 27, 1836]. 

James Parker, b. J an. 31,1818, m., of E. Tenn., tanner. 

Chesley Parker, b. Feb. 24, 1820, m. in Texas, of 
Texas, 1884-5, farmer. 

Tabitha Parker, b. Oct. 7, 1823, m. Richard Hudson 
of Monroe co., farmer and blacksmith. Ch. : 1 2 sons. 

Mary Ann Parker, b. Dec, 3, 1825, m. 
16304** Minerva Parker, b. Dec. 26, 1828, m. Larkin Jerry' 
Cleveland 4-16248. 

Martha Parker, b. May 23, 1830, m. ist Hawkins; 
2d, Montgomery, of Sweet Water, Monroe co., Tenn,, farmer. 

Sarah Elizabeth Parker, b. Jan, 26, 1834, m. Benja- 
min Council of Texas, farmer. 


rens CO., S. C, early, m. Tabitha Saxon, she d. early, only da. 
of Col. Louis Saxon of Laurens Dist. Lived in Laurens county, 
Ch, : 16305 Robert" Cleveland, b. about 1826, of Scufiletown, 
Laurens co., S, C, 1884. 16306 ? William^ (so thought). 


JEREMIAH* CLEVELAND (jeremiah*, Johns, Alexander^, Alex.i), 

d. Fork Union, Fluvanna county, Va., Apr., 1866, a. 83, m. ist, 
Albemarle co., Va., 181 2, Elizabeth Moon of A. co., a da. and 
one of II ch. of Richard and Winifred (Tilmon of A. co). H^e 
m. 2d Susan Payne of Fluvanna county, da. and one of 8 ch. of 
Capt. Beckwith and Mary (Anderson of F. co.). Ch, by ist m. : 
16307 Mary Winifred", b. 1814 F. co., d. Jan., 1839, unm. 

-(-16308 Richard -Moon" Cleveland, born Aug. 29, 1817, F. 
CO., or Albemarle co. 

16309 Jeremiah' Cleveland, born Apr. 3, 1819, Fluvanna 
CO,, d. 1867, m. Nov., 1841, Sally Ann Wills, both of F, county. 
She res. Central Plains, Fluvanna co., Va., 1883. 

16310 Thomas' Cleveland, b. Jan. 10, 1821, F. county, m. 
Nov., 1846, Elizabeth Perkins of F. co. Of Palmyra, Fluvanna 
CO., Va., farmer and mechanic. 



+ 1631 1 William* Cleveland, b. Oct. 9, 1822, Fluvanna co. 
16312 Sarah Elizabeth" Cleveland, b. 1824, F. co., died 

1863, m. Feb. 17, 1845, as ist w., Robert Beckwith Hughes of F. 
CO. (He m. 2d, Martha Ann' +16315.) 0£ Fork Union, inde- 
pendent farmer. 

-1-16313 Samuel Woodward" Cleveland, b. Sept. 9, 1826, 
Fluvanna co., Va. 

16314 Nathaniel Moon" Cleveland, b. Dec. 25, 1828, F. 
CO., d. 1864, m. 1855, Mattie Marshall of Albemarle. (She m. 
2d, Stephen Perkins of Fluvanna co.); farmer, enterprising man. 

16315 Martha Ann° Cleveland, b. Mar., 1831, F. co., m. 
1865, as 2d w., Robert Beckwith Hughes. (He m. ist, Sarah 
Elizabeth' +16312.) By 2dm.: 

16316 George Beckwith* Cleveland, b. 1841, F. co., m. 

1864, Apalana Seag of Fluvanna. Of Fork Union, writes from 
Islands, Fluvanna co., Va., farmer. 

16317 Mary Susan" Cleveland, b, Aug., 1842, m. Jan., 

1865, William Jennings. 

16318 Jennie Morton' Cleveland, born Sept., 1844, m. 
1868, Alfred Burgess. Of Central Plains, merchant. 

16319 John Poindexter* Cleveland (Dr.), b. 1846, unm. 
Of Central Plains, physician. James Flemming", b. 1848, d. y.; 
Son", d. inf. 

16320 Paynie' Cleveland, b. Mar., 1855, m. fall of 1881, 
Lunsford Luckadoo. Of Fluvanna, farmer. 

Dea. Jeremiah* Cleveland, in his early days, was clerk or 
bookkeeper, was of Albemarle co., 1812, and finally settled on a 
farm in Fluvanna co. A prominent deacon in the church. 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (jeremiah*, JohnS, Alexandera, Alex.i), 

died in Fluvanna co., Va., quite aged, m. a da. of Richard and 
Winifred (Tilmon) Moon of Albemarle co., Va., and sister to 
Elizabeth Moon, wife of his bro. Jeremiah^ Dwelt Fluvanna 

16321 Location and name seem to indicate that Rev. 
William M. Cleveland, Baptist clergyman of Central Plains, 
Va., 1886, is a son. 


OLIVER" CLEVELAND (jeremiah*, Johns, Alexander", Alexanderi), 

b. Charlottesville, Va., Nov. 7, 1797, d. Knoxville, III, Aug. 3, 
1870, m. near Charlottesville, Dec. 23, 1817, Susan Gay, b. on a 
farm n. Charlottesv., July 28, 1795, d. on a farm n. Eaton, O., 
Sept. 14, 1830, da. Samuel and Lucy (Fitchpatrick). He m. 2d, 
Orangeburg, Preble co., O., July 3, 1832, Nancy Weist, b. Little 
York, York co.. Pa., Feb. 22, 1791, d. New London, Henry co., 
la.. Mar. 12, 1861, da. John Henry and Nancy Ann (McDonal). 
He m. 3d, Burlington, la., 1863, Lydia I. Vanpelt, she res. Knox- 
ville 1879. Ch. by ist m.: 

16322 Samuel Gay® Cleveland, b. July 17, 1819, Char- 
lottesv., d. Knoxv., 1873, unm. Lived always with his father, 


-I-16323 Benjamin Franklin' Cleveland, b. May 24, 1822, 

-I-16324 William Alexander* Cleveland, b. Sept. 21, iSai]., 

-1-16325 Mary Luis" Cleveland, b. Jan. 21, 1827, Lexing- 
ton, Rockbridge cc, Va. Chastine Cyrus", b. Oct. 25, 1829, n. 
Eaton, d. n. E., Aug. 30, 1830. 2d m.: s. p. By 3d m.: 

16326 Daughter", b. n. Mt. Pleasant, la. 

16327 Daughter", b. Knoxville, of K. 16328 Daughter', 
b. K., of K. 

Oliver' Cleveland, residence: Charlottesville to 1827, mil- 
ler and millwright there; Lexington to 1829; near Eaton to 
1858, carpenter, farmer, elected coroner in Preble co., 3 terms, 
superintendent of Preble co. farm and poorhouse 1844 to 1858; 
Mt. Pleasant to i860; New London to 1862; Monmouth, 111., to 
1864; Knoxville afterward. Became supt. of Knox co. Infirm- 
ary and farm until decease. Was much esteemed. 

Gay awc^j/ry •■— Samuel' Gay, b. ab. 1750, of Albemarle co., Va., d. Jan. 20, 1829, a. 79, 
m. Lucy Fitchpatrick, b. ab. 1755, d. Nov. 10, 1820, a. 65. Ch.: Inf.^ d.: Margaret', d. Ky. 
Nov., 1830; John", d. Va.; Elizabeth*, d. May, 1824; Sarah", m. Robertson, he d., she rem. 
to Mo.; Samuel Steele', d. June 21, 1850, m. Jan. 7, 1817, Mrs. Elizabeth Hamner, a young 
■wid., she d. Nov. 22, i860; Frankey', m. John Wood. Ch.: several ; David', d. Albemarle 
CO., m. Miss Huston of Ky., she d. Ky., be ret. to, and bought land in, Albemarle co. Ch.: 
James Huston', of North Garden, Albemarle co.; Lucy', b. July 28, 1795, m. David Wood, 
rem. ab. 1841 to Mo.; Susan* (tw.), m. Oliver Cleveland"; Thomas'; Nancy' Gay, d. 
Mar. 22, 1816. 


LUCINDA' CLEVELAND (LarWn*), m. ab. iSxo, as ist w., 
German Lester, he d. n. Florence, Ala. Ch.: German Wright^ 
Lester, to whom Larkin* Cleveland, by deed Apr. 3, 1814, gives 
a negro boy, Moris, aged i year. 

German Lester and Fountain Lester were among the first 
settlers of Giles co., Tenn. German Lester came in 1809, prob- 
ably the latter part of the year. Giles county was established 
1809. The first county court was held the third Monday in 
Feb., 1810, when he was, by the court, elected clerk of the 
county court. He improved the place upon which Maj. B. F. 
Carter now resides. The first house he built was a large brick 
smoke house. His wife had not then come to Pulaski, Giles co., 
Tenn., to reside. It was contemplated that she would wait 
until a residence was erected, but the inconvenience to him was 
such that she proposed to live in the smoke house until a house 
could be built, and lived in it several months. He was a com- 
petent clerk. He had considerable experience in the duties of 
the office before he came to the county. It is said he had a 
regular training under James Ewing (grandfather of Hon. Ed- 
win H. Ewing), who was clerk of court in Davidson co. Mr. 
Lester held the office until 1836, when the officers elected under 
the constitution of 1834 were inducted into office. He accumu- 
lated a handsome estate, but from 1835 to 1838 he became en- 
dorser for friends who failed. Was one of the earliest and most 
prominent members of the Baptist church in Pulaski. — From 
McCollum's MS. History of Giles Co., in Tenn. State Historical 
Soc. Library, printed in Giles Co. Record, Mar. 8, June 28, i8gs — 
Early Settlers. 

German Lester was married 4 or 5 times. 




ander2, Alexander!), d. Jan. 3, 1864, a. 69, HI. MadisOIl CO., Ala., July 

9, 1816, Mary Smith, b. Mar. 6, 1799, d. Apr. 18, 1880. Children 
(grandchildren are in Alabama, Texas, and Missouri) : 

16329 Larkin Green" Cleveland, b. May 18, 1817, died 
Apr. 28, 1882, was of Giles co., Tenn., 1817. Narcissa Jane* 
Cleveland, b. Aug. 30, 181 9, unm., res. n. Selma, Ala., 1878-89, 
Morgan Smith", b. Oct. 29, 1821, d. Jan. 10, 1824; Juliet Anne', 
b. Dec. 10, 1823, d. Aug. 10, 1826; John Smith", b. Jan. 7, 1826, 
d. Mar. 4, 1874. 

16330 Carter Harrison' Cleveland, b. Dec. 7, 1827, res. 
1878-95, Selma, Ala., of the law firm of C. H. & M. S. Cleveland. 

1 633 1 James Smith" Cleveland, b. Nov. 23, 1829, d. Mar. 
II, 1863. 

16332 Morgan Smith" Cleveland (ag.), b. Mar. 23, 1832, 
d. Oct. 21, 1864, of Selma. Was of the law firm„C. H. & M. S. 

+16333 William Calloway" Cleveland, b. June 22, 1834, 
Dallas CO., Ala. 

16334 Charles Crow" Cleveland, b. Aug. 10, 1836, died 
Mar. 2, 1872. 

16335 George Washington" Cleveland, b. May 28, 1839, 

d. Oct. 15, 1864. One of above sons" m. Elizabeth , who 

resides at Nashville, Tenn., 1894-5. Ch.: 16336 Rev. William 
Calloway' Cleveland, res. Springfield, Washington co., Ky., 
1895-6, Baptist clergyman. 

Carter Harrison* Cleveland went from Georgia to Tenn. 
with his father, was of Giles co., Tenn., 18 14, came to Alabama 
1 81 8, and settled near Selma. 


ELI CLEVELAND (Alexander*, Alexander", Alexander', Alexander]), 

d. Harrison co., Ky., m. Miss George, sister of Gabriel George 
of Ky. Ch. : 

-f- 1 6337 Alexander" Cleveland, b. perhaps 1795. 

16338 Daughter", m. Plasters, dwelt in Hendricks co., Ind. 

16339 Daughter", m. Plasters, dwelt in Hendricks co., Ind. 
Eli* Cleveland settled up the Shenandoah, but went to 

Ohio ab. 1805. Lived and d. Harrison co., Ky. 


LEVr CLEVELAND (Alexander^), d. Kcuton CO., Ky., young, 
m. Rachel McCo}'^, a Quakeress, she d. Kenton co. when Louisa" 
was young, da. of Jacob McCoy, a Quaker. Ch. : 
Robert" d. bef. 1884, m. and went to Mo. 

-f- 1 6340 James" Cleveland. 

-[-16341 Pollie" Cleveland. 

-i-16342 Joseph" Cleveland, b. Oct. 20, 1799, K. co. Lucre- 
tia", d. soon after marriage, m. Souther. 

+ 16343 Washington" Cleveland, b. Oct. 15, 1805, K. co. 

+16344 Louisa" Cleveland, the youngest child. 



Levi^ Cleveland settled first near Charlestown, Va. Re- 
moved, 1790, from Va., and settled in Kenton county, Ky., dwelt 
there afterward. Levi and Rachel are buried in Covington, 
Ky., in a family burial ground overlooking Ohio river, and in 
sight of Cincinnati, O. 


JESSE* CLEVELAND (Alexander*, Alexander^, Alexander", Alexan- 
der!), d. at Galesburg, 111., ab. 1864, in extreme old age, m. Lucy 
Graves. Ch. : 

+ 16345 Jesse Alexander Harrison" Cleveland, b. 1801 
or July 6, 1803, Jefferson co., Va. 

16346 Lucy or Lucinda" Cleveland, born Va., m. in Ky. 
Henry Lander, brother to Sarah Lander (wife of Jesse Alexan- 
der Harrison" Cleveland. She was still living in 111. 1886. Ch.: 
Alexander'' Lander, Thomas' Lander, both young men in 1846, 
when they visited relatives in Texas thought to have then lived 
in 111.: other softs' and daughters''; res. St. Louis, Mo., 1895. 

Jesse' Cleveland lived in Shenandoah, Va., on Shenandoah 
river; went, 1805,10 Ohio; went West from Va. when his son, 
Jesse A. H.° was a small boy. Resided at Galesburg, farmer. 
In 1 846 he visited Texas. 


HARRISON* CLEVELAND (Alexander*), m. Sarah Richards. 
Started from Alexander 1829 to Charlestown,W.Va., on business, 
never heard from. Ch. : 16347 Ann° (eldest da.), m. Samuel 
Burch of Washington, D. C.,res., 1877, Falls Church, Fairfax co., 
Va. Another da.* of Georgetown, D. C, 1877. 

-f-16348 William" Cleveland, b. ab. 1804 at head of Occo- 
quan Creek. 

-I-16.349 John Henry" Cleveland, b. 181 1, Winchester, Va. 


ELIJAH* CLEVELAND (Alexander*), died Edgehill Farm, 
Clark CO., Va., 1836, m. Miss Celia Florence, she d. Clark county, 
da. of Mr. Florence, who m. Miss (Pelty). Ch. : 

-I-16350 Ann* Cleveland. 

Elijah^ Cleveland settled near Charlestown, Va. Lived in 
Edgehill, farmer. Prince William co., Brentsville records — 1796, 
Florence to Elijah Cleveland, his son-in-law, deed of gift for lot 
of negroes. 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (Alexander*), Came from Virginia. 
Settled in Woodford co., Ky., with bro. George\ Ch: : 1635 1 
Maria", m. Mr. Bowen of James River, Va. 16352 William" 
m. Miss Able of Charlestown, W. Va., settled in Mo. 


GEORGE' CLEVELAND (Alexander*), with bros. John and 
Wm. from Va. to Ky.; settled in Woodford cb., Ky.; from Ky. 
to Mo. ab. 1838. Ch. (grandchildren are 1889 in Jessamine co.. 



Ky.) : 16353 Daughter", m, Mr. Lingle. Ch. : 16354-5 71/.' 
Lingle of Lingle Brothers, proprs. Henry co. Democrat, Clinton, 
Mo., Apr. 6, i88g. See Bibliography, Chap. IV. 


FRANCES^ (or HANNAH^) CLEVELAND (jamess Aiexan- 

dera, Alexander^, Alexander'), m. JameS Coleman. Of LoudoUn CO., Va. 

Ch. : 16356 Fa?tny'' Coleman, m. Robert Newman. John /.°, d. 
ab. 1874. 16357 Dr. James R.^ Coleman d. ab. 1865, rem. to Miss. 
Johnson" d. a young man; Sally^, d. a maiden lady. 
+ 16358 Anne" Coleman. 


HENRY WILSON' CLEVELAND (WilUani*, Alexander', Alexan- 

■der2, Aiexanderi), d. Pendleton CO., Ky., near Havilandsville, Ky., 
Aug. 14, 1874, a. 81, m. ab. 1818, Elizabeth Mariah Bare of Fayette 
CO., Ky., b. July 4, 1801, d. 1872, da. Christopher and Catharine 
{Lemon) of Pa. Ch. : Albert Galliton", b. 1819, Clark co., Ky., 
d. 1820. 16359 Oliver Alexander", b. Aug. 25, 1821, m., ch. 
16360 Catharine Lemon* Cleveland, b. Oct. 22, 1822, 
Pendleton co., m., ch. 

George Washington" Cleveland, b. 1826, Pendle- 
ton CO., d. 1 83 1. 

+ 16361 William Harrison^ Cleveland, b. June 25, 1827, 
Pendleton co., Ky. 

+16362 James Armenaius" Cleveland, born Oct. 10, 1828, 
Pendleton co. 

16363 Margaret Wilson", b. Dec. 10, 1830, Pendleton co., 
m. Harrison co., Sept. 23, 1861, Francis Marion Louderback. 
Ch.: Bettie Louisa\ b. Nov. 3, 1866, H. co., d. Feb. 8, 1868; Henry 
Lee', b. Sept. 4, 1868, Robertson co., Ky., d. July 2, 1887; Charley 
French^, b. Aug. 4, 1870, R. co.; Georgia Bare', b. Oct. 3, 1874, R. 
CO.; Ina Chandler'' Louderback, Oct. 7, 1877, R. co. 

16364 Elizabeth Louisa", b. May 3, 1833, Pendleton co., 
m. ist, in Harrison co., John Habdy. She m. 2d, in H. co"., 
Hardin Louderback. Ch. by ist m.: several. 

+ 16365 Andrew Jackson" Cleveland, born June 20, 1835, 
Pendleton co. Louisa Jane", b. Oct. 7, 1837, P. co., m. Ch.: 

Henry Wilson' Cleveland was in war of 1812. While liv- 
ing in Clarke co., Ky., spring of 181 3, volunteered under Gen. 
Green Clay (of Albemarle co., Va., partner with his uncle Eli" 
in ferry), who, in charge of 1,200 Ky. riflemen, went to relieve 
Gen. William H. Harrison at Ft. Meigs. Was in battle of Dud- 
ley's defeat, on the Maumee rapids, opposite Ft. Meigs, and 
was, with many others, captured, May 5, 1813, by the Indians. 
Was compelled to run the gauntlet between 2 long lines of In- 
dians armed with tomahawks and clubs, but, by his agility, 
received no hurt. The Indians massacred until stopped by 
Tecumseh. Moved, 181 8, to Pendleton co.; and rem. with bro. 
William F.' to 2 miles E. of Havilandsville, on S. side of Lick- 
ing i.^ver; farmer. Member of lower house Ky, Legisl.. 1844-5, 




MARGARET'' CLEVELAND (wiiuam*), d. Cynthiana, Har- 
rison CO., Ky., Feb. 14, 1876, a. 81, m. in 1833, as 2d w., Joseph 
Mitchel, he died 1851, s. of William. A Disciple, or Christian, 
minister. Ch. : 

16366 Harriet L.^ Mitchel, born Oct. 4, 1835, Harrison co.,, 
Ky., ra. 1858, Matthew Messick, b. Jessamine co., Ky., July 4, 
1837, s. Jacob and Annie (McConnell), of Scott co., Ky., afterw. 
moved to 111. Ch. b. Cynthiana : James W? Messick, b. Aug. 7, 
1859, unm. Jan., 1893; Joseph TJ Messick, b. Jan. 16, 1864, d. C, 
Aug. 7, 1866; Jacob Z.' Messicky b. Mar. 19, 1867, unm.; Margaret 
T? Messick, b. Apr. 12, 1871, unm. 

16367 Nancy /.° Mitchel^ b. Feb. 6, 1840, d. Jan. 18, i86i,. 
m. Jan., i860, W. J. Todd. Ch.: Ed. F? Todd, b. Jan. 15, 1861, 
of Olney, Richland co.. 111. ' 


der*, Alexander", Alexanderi), b. Loudoun CO., Va., June 10, 1803, died 
Pendleton co., Ky., June 20, 1888, m. ist, Harrison co., Ky., Oct. 
25, 1826, Cassandrew Scott, b. H. co., July 22, 1801, died at her 
home, I mile East of Havilandsville, Ky., Mar. 4, 1 849, da. of 
David and Nancy (Welch). He m. 2d, Aug. 2, 1849, Mrs. Eliza- 
beth (Stump) Woblery, widow. Ch.: Martha Jane', b. Aug. 
18, 1827, Pendleton co., m. Dr. Thomas Baltzelle, reared a large 
family of children, nearly all now (1893) m. 

-f-16368 Sarah Ann° Cleveland, b. Oct. 15, 1829, Pendle- 
ton CO., Ky. 

-{-16369 Henry Jasper" Cleveland, b. Nov. 17, 1831, Har- 
rison CO., Ky. 

16370 James William* Cleveland, b. Dec. 9, 1833, H. co.,. 
d. Atlanta, Ga., June 6, 1864, unm. Farmer. Enlisted C. S. A. 
Apr. 23, 1861. Was ist Lt. under Capt. Joe Desha, ist Ky, L 
Prof. Woolery writes : 

"I copy from his Capt. He served as private Co. C, ist Ky. He fought at Dranes- 
ville, Dam No. i, Warwick river Peninsula, reg. disch. spring 1862. Was afterward in 
Cameron's Battal. in S. W. Va., and in Mar. in Ky. In Sept., 1862, assisted recruiting an 
Inf. CO., was elected ist Lt.; his co. served in Ky., fought at Hartwell. At Murfreesboro 
he com. Co. D. His co. detached from qth Ky., spring 1863, to S. W. Va. and Tenn. dur- 
ing summer. Then his co. was attached to 5th Ky., as Co. I. 1864, fought at Rocky Fall 
Gap, Resaca, and Dallas." While gallantly leading his men at Dallas, he was wounded 
4 times, and mortally. See History of ist Ky. Brigade : Winchester Bttlleitn, 1864; for 
fuller sketch, see Life of IV. H. Woolery. A life-sized picture is owned by his Capt., Joe 
Desha of Cynthiana, Ky. 

1637 1 Fenton Jackson" Cleveland, born May 28, 1836,. 
Harrison co., m. Sue Courtney of Shelby co., Ky. s. p. Was 
made a cripple when 8 years old ; ed. at Ky. Normal School,. 
Lexington, etc. School teacher and farmer. Joined Co. A, ist 
Battal. Ky. Cav., C. S., n. Petersburg, ab. Oct. 20, 1861, Capt. 
John Shawhaw, was in battle Middle Creek, against Gen. J. A. 
Garfield, served to ab. Nov. 20, 1862. 

-{-16372 Nancy Louisa® Cleveland, b. Nov. 19, 1838, Har- 
rison CO. 2d m.: s. p. 

William Franklin* Cleveland, of Pendleton co., Ky., 
moved on border of Harrison co., near Havilandsville. In his- 
younger days was an athelete, excelling in running, etc. 



Scott ancestry : — David Scott, b. ab. 1755. moved from Pa. to Ky. ab. 1785, o£ Harri- 
son CO., farmer, d.. H. co., Dec. 25, 1813, m. ab. 1778, Nancy Welch. 


JEREMIAH^ CLEVELAND (Jacob*, Jeremiah^, Alex.^ Alex.i), d. 

Habersham co., Ga., m. ist, H. co., Nancy Helen Clark, b. H. 
CO., d. H. CO. He m, ad, Martha Smith. Ch. by ist m.: 

+16373 James" Cleveland. 

-j-16374 John' Cleveland. 16375 Siletta', m. William 
McCrary. 16376 Helen', m. Ellis Cannon. Jefferson". 

+ 16377 William', b. Nov. 4, 1798, S. C. By 2d m., b. in 
McDonald co., Mo.: 16378-9 Jeremiah"; Charles"; Reuben"; 
Nancy" Cleveland. 

Jeremiah* Cleveland v\ras a Revolution soldier. Of Haber- 
sham CO., school teacher, farmer, miller. 


WYATT^ CLEVELAND (Jacob*), died Franklin co., Ga., or 
La., m. Of Franklin co. Ch.: 2 ; 16380 Joseph", went to Miss. 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (jacob*), died Crawford co., Ga., 
1842, or ab. 1851, m. Franklin co., Ga., Mary Seaggs, she died 
Crawford co. Ch.: 1638 1 Absalom Carter", was murdered 
1857, m. Miss Harp of Crawford co. 16382 Mary", m. Allen G. 
Simmons. 16383 Mildred or Milly", m. Reaves of Fayette 
CO., Ga. 16384 Elizabeth", m. Allen Morgan of Crawford co. 
16385 Martha", m. Green Harp of C. co. Son", d. y. 

+ 16386 Washington Cromwell" Cleveland, born Apr. 3, 

William^ Cleveland, Revolution soldier. He m. in Frank- 
lin CO., and in a few years went to Jasper co., Ga., finally set- 
tled in Crawford co. 


JOHN^ CLEVELAND (jacob*), d. Elbert co., Ga., m. Rhoda 
Kidd of E. co;, b. Feb. 8, 1779. Ch. b. Elbert co.: 

-I-16387 Jacob Mims" Cleveland, b. July 16, 1798. 

16388 Sarah Wesley" Cleveland, b. Dec. 21, 1804, d. E. 
CO., 1870, m. Daniel Thornton. Of Elbert co. Ch.: Martha' 
Thorntofi; Elmira' Thornton; Priscilla'' Thornton j Helen' Thornton. 

+ 16389 James Madison" Cleveland, b. May 14, 1808. 

16390 Martha Lee", b. Feb. 8, 18 11, d. Franklin co., Ga., 
1882, m. ist, St Wiley Wansley. She m. 2d [? William] Briant, 
of Ga., farmer. Ch. by ist m.: Julia Attn'' Wansley. By 2d m.; 
William'' Briant. 

+ 16391 John Wyat" Cleveland, b. Mar. 26, 1813, 1814. 

-f-16392 Ibra Harris" Cleveland, b. Sept. 16, 1819. 

John^ Cleveland lived in Elbert co. Did Mrs. Rhoda 
(Kidd) Cleveland become a widow and m. zd, Abner^ Franklin 
-|-i6o49 ? 



JACOB* CLEVELAND (Jacob*), d. Henry co., Ga., ab. 1840, 
a. ab. 68, m. Elbert co., Ga., Martha Lyons, she d. Henry co., ab. 
1840. Ch.: 

+16393 Allen' Cleveland, b. 1803, S. C. 16394 Olim° 
Cleveland (Rev.), a Baptist clergyman. 16395 Benjamin 
F'ranklin" Cleveland (Rev.), Baptist clerg. 

Jacob'* Cleveland, m. in Elbert co., went to Abbeville Dist., 
S. C., lived there some time, then settled in Henry co, 


REUBEN' CLEVELAND (jacob*, JeremiaW, Alex.2, Alex.i), d. n. 

Elberton, Ga., Dec. 29, 185 1, a. 75, ra. n. Ruckersville, Ga., Sept. 
20, 1804, Mary Alexander, b. n. Elberton, Oct. 6, 1784, d. n. E. 
Oct. 8, 1855, da. William and Frances (Rucker). Ch. b. Elbert 
CO., n. Ruckersville, ab. i mile from Savannah river : 

+ 16396 Early' Cleveland, b. June 5, 1806. 

-t- 16397 Peter" Cleveland, b. Dec. 11, 1807. 

+16398 Lee Roy or Leroy' Cleveland, b. Aug. 10, 1809. 
16399 Frances', b. Jan. 27, 181 1, d. Elbert co.,n. Elberton, July 3, 
1856, unm. 

+16400 Emillia' Cleveland, b. Oct. 13, 181 2. 

+16401 Daniel' Cleveland, b. Nov. 4, 1814. 

+16402 Eliza' Cleveland, b. Mar. 14, 1817. 

16403 Louisa' Cleveland, b. Oct. 14, 1819, m. ist, Deca- 
tur, Newton co., Miss., Thomas M. Rousey, he d. Newton co., s, 
Winslow. Of Elberton to ab. i860, Newton co. afterw. She 
m. 2d, Thomas Johnston, he d. She res. 1883, Decatur. 

+ 16404 William' Cleveland, b. Oct. 15, 1821. 

+ 16405 Weston' Cleveland, b. Nov. i, 1825. 

Reuben' Cleveland lived on a farm on Vans Creek, near 
Savannah river, in Elbert co., farmer. Is buried in family 
burying lot on Cleveland homestead. 


JOHN' CLEVELAND (Reubens [?Jeremiah3,Alexander2, Alexander!]) 

m. Ch.: 

+ 16406 William Leroy' Cleveland. 


MICAJAH' CLEVELAND (johnS Micajah^, [? Alexander", Alex'ri]), 

d. Posey co., Ind., July 29, 1834, a. 69, m. Loudoun co., Va., ab. 
1790-1, Sarah Whaley, b. L. co., Apr. 25, 1777, died Posey co., 
Aug. 29, 1834, sister to James. Ch.: 

+ 16407 William' Cleveland, b. , 1792, Fairfax co., 


+ 16408 Andrew Jackson' Cleveland, born , 1794, 

Fairfax co., Va. 

+ 16409 James' Cleveland, b. , 1796, Fairfax co.,Va. 

+ 16410 Charles" Cleveland, b. May i, 1800, Harrison co., 


1 641 1 Rebeck A° Cleveland, b. H. co., d. Gibson co., Ind., 
in. John White, o£ Gibson co., 1885, farmer. Ch., 3 living: 
George' White; Janus' White ; Mary White. 

+ 1 641 2 Leland" Cleveland, b. , 18 — , Harrison co., 


16413 Patsy" Cleveland, b. H. co., d. Neb., m. Benjamin 
Williams, of Neb., blacksmith. Ch.: SamueV Williams; William'' 

16414 Katie" Cleveland, b. Harrison co., d. Kan., m. ist, 
Thomas Barrett, of Posey co., farmer. She m. 2d, Elison Kale, 
of Posey CO., atictioneer. Ch. by istm.: largfe family of sons, 
all went West. By 2d m.: Franklin'' Kale, of Kan. 

+ 16415 Alvin" Cleveland, b. , 18 — , Harrison co., 


16416 Anna" Cleveland, born H. co., m., of Cynthiana, 
Posey CO., Ind. Ch.: Da.\ of C. 

16417 Fanny'' Cleveland, b. Harrison co., d. Posey co., 
m. Verdaman Ester, he d. P. co., farmer. 

MicAjAH^ Cleveland rem. from Fairfax co. to Harrison co. 
ab. 1796, thence, 1832, to Posey co.; here he is buried. Was a 
soldier in 3 different wars, not known whether an officer. 
Member of Predestinarian Baptist Church for years, possessing 
many social qualities. 

Mrs. Harriet Knight, Millersburg, Bourbon co., Ky., da. 
James and Ellen (Holly) Whaley, bro. to Sarah. 


tfohnathanf' Whiteside (£'Aza4«M*a#<y, Elizabeth^, Alex.s, Alex.i), 

d. Lookout Mountain, Hamilton co., Tenn., i860, a. 84, m. Ky., 
1798, Thankful Anderson, b. Va., Apr., May, 1775, d. Lookout 
Mt. 1859. Of Garnett and Pulaski co., Ky., to ab. 1810, Pike- 
ville, Bledsoe co., Tenn., afterward; merchant. Ch.: Elizabeth'^ 
Whiteside, b. 1799. 164 18 Henry* Whiteside, b. Oct. 31, 1801, Gar- 
nett of Kan., 1885. 

-|- 1 64 1 9 James Anderson^ Whiteside, born Sept. i, 1803, on a 
farm in Ky. 16420 William Boleif Whiteside, born 1805, Pulaski 
CO., d. Chattanooga, Tenn., ab. 1874. Anderson^ Whiteside. 


REUBEN" CLEVELAND (john», john«, johns, Aiex.=, Aiex.i), died 
Franklin co., Ga., now (organized 1854) Hart co., Apr. 5, 1874, 
a. 90, m. ab. i8og, Nancy Bryant or Obreon, b. Sept. 24, 1791, d. 
on Tugalo river. Hart co., Aug. i, 1868. Reuben* was the first 
white child b. on Tugalo river ; dwelt Franklin (now Hart) co. 
Ch.: 8, 3 d. bef. 1890: 

+ 1642T John Ashley'' Cleveland. 16422 Cornelius'^ 
Cleveland, born Feb. 29, 1832, m. Feb. 15, 1857, Miss Melvina 


BENJAMIN" CLEVELAND (john»), d. Stewart co., Ga., Jan. 
26, 1879, aged 87, m. Franklin county, Ga., Mar. 3, 1816, Amelia 
Hooper, she d. 1870, da. Richard (a Revolution soldier) and sis- 
ter to Obed Hooper. Ch. b. Franklin co.: 


4-16423 Arminda' Cleveland. 

-j-16424 James Monroe' Cleveland, b. May 2, 1819. Wil- 
liam', d. inf. 

4-16425 Richard Hooper' Cleveland, b. June 28, 1823. 
16426 Martha' Cleveland, b. 1825, d. 1875, m. 1848,35 
ist w., Churchill Allen, he d., of Stewart co., farmer. Ch.: 6. 

4-16427 Louisa' Cleveland, b. , 1827. 

16428 Oliver Cromwell' Cleveland, m. Martha Armer; 
soldier Mexican war, and C. S. A., under Gen. John H. Morgan; 
of Dawson, Terrell co., Ga., 1884, farmer. 

16429 Benjamin Franklin' Cleveland, born 1831, was 
killed in battle n. Richmond, Va., in civil war, m. 1856, Sarah 
Smith of Troup co., Ga. Member Stewart's Cav., C. S. A. Ch.: 
2 das. 16430 John Word', b. 1833, killed at Mountain Meadows 
massacre, Utah, unm. 

4-16431 Harriet Amelia' Cleveland, born Apr. 27, 1837. 

Hon. Benjamin" Cleveland for some years speculated in 
buying and selling Cherokee lands. Entered military service 
first in 181 2, as It. under Gen. Floyd. When his enlistment ex- 
pired he returned to Franklin co., Ga., enrolled a co. of vols., 
re-entered as capt., served through the entire war, did effective 
service under Gen. Andrew Jackson at New Orleans ; was be- 
hind the cotton bales with his riflemen. Returned to Franklin 
CO. Represented for i year his county in convention at Mil- 
ledgeville, Ga., presided over by Gen. Mcintosh. Col. Cleve- 
land served in the Creek war under Gen. Wilburne ; was elected 
Quartermaster, but at the hot battle of Pea River he com- 
manded a CO., and for his gallantry was rewarded with the first 
choice of the captured ponies ; was capt. of a co. in the Chero- 
kee war, 1837, was in battles of Otlessie and Collebe, Ala. Was 
State Senator from Franklin co., 1838-39, elected by an almost 
unanimous vote, so highly was he appreciated. Removed, 1840, 
to Troup CO., Ga.; by careful management he acquired a com- 
petence. Removed, 1851, to, and dwelt afterward in, Stewart 
CO.; planter. Obituary in Columbus, Ga., Times (communicated 
by " W."), which was reprinted in Shreveport, La., Standard. 


Alexander', Aiexanderi), d. residence of James M. McGhee, n. spring 
Place, Murray co., Ga., Dec. 19, 1883, a. 93, m. Cleveland's Ferry, 
Tugalo river, S. C, June 9, 1816, Nancy' Cleveland 4-16146 

(Williams, Johns John', Alex.s), slie d. n. Spring P., Oct. lO, 1878, a. 78. 

Ch.: Neely Columbus', b. Jan. lo, 1818, d. Aug. 23, 1822. 

-I-16432 Jane Cornell' Cleveland, b. May 18, 1820. 

4-16433 Mary Ann Amanda' Cleveland, b. Jan. 10, 1823, 
n. Cleveland's Ferry, S. C. 

4-16434 Martha Louisa' Cleveland, b. Feb. 10, 1825. 

4-16435 William Earles' Cleveland, b. Feb. 5, 1827. 
16436 Oliver Franklin', b. May 23, 1829, d. Murray co., 
July 6, 1858, unm., sold goods to the Osages in Mo., 1847 to 
Aug., 1857, when he returned home. 



16437 George Washington', born Sept. 23, 1831, was at 
Pikes Peak Feb., 1859, to 1862, tried to get through Federal 
lines, not succeeding, went to Helena, Mont; ret. home Nov. 
20, 1866; went ag. Mar. 5, 1867, to Pikes P., is contractor and 
miner there, 1885, P. O., Helena. Frances Sarian', b. Dec. 23, 
1834, d. Feb. 29, 1836; Nancy Catherine', b. Dec. 23, 1834, d. 
Apr. 28, 1836. 

+ 16438 Melvina Elizabeth' Cleveland, b. May 7, 1841. 

George Columbus" Cleveland was educated at Augusta, 
Ga., lived there to war of 181 2, then entered Gen. Andrew 
Jackson's army, wounded thrice in battle, then returned home. 
Drew a pension. Went, 1815, to Pendleton dist, S. C, where 
he bought lands at Rosses Landing, Tugalo river ; there dwelt 
to 1848, then rem. to Murray co., 8 miles above Spring Place, 
on the Spring P. & Cleveland, Tenn., road. Became a Bap- 
tist 1852. Joined, spring of 1863, C. S. A. militia of old men 
and young boys, com. by Capt. Charles Bond, remaining several 
months. Sold everything winter of 1863, refugeed to Hart co., 
Ga.; ret. Oct., 1865, to Spring P., 2 of his negroes stayed with 
liim. Rem., 1869, to J. M. McGhee's house, lived there after- 
ward. Farmer. 


ROBERT HARRISON" CLEVELAND (William«, John*, John*, 

Alexander", Aiexanderi), died Franklin CO., Ga., fall of 1839, ^' 37. ^'^• 
Richmond co., n. Augusta, Ga., 1825, Mary Ann Jones, b. Rich- 
Tnond CO., 1802-3, d. Franklin co., Feb. 4, 1877, da. Thomas and 
Elizabeth. Lived Franklin co., on Ga. side of Tugalo river, 
opposite his father, who dwelt on S. C. side of river ; farmer. 
Ch. b. Franklin co.: 

16439 Elizabeth' Cleveland, m. [William?] Carothon. 
She res. Parker's Store, Franklin co., Ga., 1885. Ch.: William^ 
Carothon, of Parker's S. 

16440 Robert Freeman', d. Honey Creek, Mo., i860, m. 
Miss McGhee of Honey C; lived 10 or 15 years in Murray co., 
Ga., went to Mo. Ch.: Da.'. 

-|- 1 6441 William Thomas' Cleveland. 

-j- 1 6442 Mary Ann' Cleveland, b. , 1834. 

16443 Augusta', unm., of Dalton, Ga. 16444 Nancy', 
now Mrs. A; H. Moore, Westminster, Oconee co., S. C. 16445 
Frances', now Mrs. F. C. McGhee, Woodlawn, Murray co., Ga. 


LUCINDAM." CLEVELAND (wiiuame), died, m. Mar. 22, 
1827, Maj. Benjamin Loughridge, b. Sept. 22, 1800, d. Of Mon- 
roe CO., Ga. Ch.: 16446 Mary A.'' Loughridge, b. May 5, 1828, 
m. Jan. 22, 1847, Reuben R. Keith of Murray co., Ga., farmer. 
Nancy Catharine' Loughridge, b. Mar. 2, 1830. 16447 Susan Jane' , 
b. Feb. 7, 1832, m. Gideon Jackson of Murray co., farmer. 16448 
Frances M?, b. July 17, 1834, m. May 22, 1856, Dr. L. P. Gudger 
of N. C. Son^, b. Sept. 17, 1836, d. in a few hours. 16449 Maria 
E?, b. Oct. 27, 1837, m. Oct. 27, 1856, Amos L. Keith of Dalton, 
'Ga., farmer. 16450 William Rufus' Loughridge, b. May 22, 1841, 



m. Mary Keith of D., farmer. Sot^ and Da^ (tw.), b. Mar. 16^ 
d. 23, 1843. 1645 1 James G)-^^ , b. Dec. 14, 1844, m. Annie Har- 
ris of Murray co., farmer. 1&452 Benjamin Franklin Columbus\ 
b. Sept. 7, 1847, m. Sept. 22, i872>Miss Allen of Dalton, farmer. 
16453 John Henry H? Loughridge, fe. Jan. 9, 1851, m. Oct. 6, 1874^ 
M. C. Terry of Murray co., farmer. \ 


WILLIAM EARLES" CLEVELAND (wmiam^), d. Oct. 4, 
1868, m. ist, near Fair Play, S. C, Miss Mary Ann Calaway of 
Pendleton Dist., S. C, niece of Dr. Franklin Calaway. He m. 
2d, Miss Anna Pepham. Ch. by ist m.: 3 Daughters'. By 2d 
m.: 3: 16454 Balus Hix' Cleveland, of Ark., 1885. 16455 
.? George A. Cleveland we suppose to be a son, being 2d cousin 
to Mrs. Mary Ann Amanda' (Cleveland) McGhee +16433. 



Alex.", Aiex.i), m. Lives near Fair Play, S. C, 1883. Ch.: Jerry'. 

4-16456 Frederick' Cleveland. 

-j- 1645 7 Larkin' Cleveland. 

-I-16458 Eli' Cleveland. 16459 Frank' Cleveland. 

-j- 1 6460 William' Cleveland. 

4-16461 Pickens' Cleveland. 

-f-16462 Freeman' Cleveland. 16463-6 Harriet'; Mary'* 
Nancy' Cleveland ; Susan' Cleveland. 


ELI" CLEVELAND (Jeremiah^, JohnS Johns, Alex.", Alex.i), d. Pick- 
ens Dist., S. C, Oct. 21, 185 1, aged 48, m. Pendleton Dist., S. C, 
Mary Reeder, b. Pendlet. D. Nov. 5, 1806, da. Johnathan and 
Sarah (Ward). Dwelt Pickens Dist., farmer. His widow is 
living, 1887. Ch. b. Pickens D.: 16467 Sarah', d. Oconee co., 
S. C, since 1885. 

4-16468 Johnathan Reeder' Cleveland, b. Sept. 9, 1828. 
16469 William O.', d. Pickens D. bef. 1861. 16470 Fran- 
cis M.', d. Oconee City, 1882. 16471 Ad aline M.', living 1887. 
16472 Mary E.', d. Cal, 1883. 16473 Cenith M.', living 1887. 
16474 Eli Elias',- 1. 1887. 16475 Jeremiah', d. on battlefield,. 
Va., during war. 16476 Harriet', d. Pickens D. bef. 1861. 



Alexander", Alex.'), d. Butler, Taylor CO., Ga., June 7, 1864, a. 57, m. 
Cleveland's Ferry, S. C, Feb. 4, 1829, Elizabeth Caroline" 
Cleveland 4-16151 (wiiuams, john^), she d. Ruralvale, Whitfield 
CO., Ga., Aug. 10, 1876, a. 67. Of Franklin co., Ga., to 1839, Mur- 
ray CO., Ga., to 1863, Taylor co., Ga., afterw. His wid. dwelt 
Taylor co. to 1866, Ruralvale afterw. Ch.: 

16477 Benjamin Franklin' Cleveland, b. Dec. 22, 1830, 
Franklin co., m. Whitfield eo., Ga., Martin. Soldier C. S. A. 
Of Atkins, Pope co.. Ark., 1885. 



16478 William Earl', Tj. Apr. 20, 1833, Franklin co., m. 
Murray co., Ga., Sally Roarix. Soldier C. S. A. 

16479 Robert Harrison', b. Jan. i, 1835, Franklin co., 
m. Taylor co., Matilda Bran. Soldier C. S. A., of Reynolds, 
Taylor co., Ga. 

16480 Nancy Margaret' Cleveland, born Jan. 11, 1838, 
Franklin co., m. William Findley' Mouth +16783. 

+ 1648 1 David Dumas' Cleveland, b. Mar. 9, 1840, Mixr- 
ray co. 

16482 John Oneal' Cleveland, b. Dec. 4, 1844, M. co., 
killed in battle Winchester, Va., June 13, 1863, soldier C. S. A. 
Mary F.', b. Aug. 19, 1846, Murray co., d. M. co., June 13, 1848. 

16483 Zachary Taylor", b. Aug. 3, 1848, M. co,, m. M. 
CO., Emily Editha Etheredge, b. Wilkinson co., Ga., Nov. 9, 1850, 
da. Edmund Early and Mary Annie (Shinholser), Was in C. 
S. A., of Springplace, Ga., farmer, s. p., has adopted ch. Thomas 
L.', b. Feb. 12, 1854, Murray co., d. M. co., Jan. 12, 1855. 


JEREMIAH'' CLEVELAND (BenjaminO, died at Mrs. L W. 
Randall's, Martin, Franklin co., Ga., July 29, 1892, a. 83, m. Pen- 
dleton Dist, S. C, Oct. 9, 1832, Clara Isbell, b. Anderson, Feb. 
18, 1810, d. Feb. 14, 1892, da. Robert and Sallie (Rolison). Of 
Martin, Carnesville, Ga., farmer. Ch. (45 grandch., 22 great- 
grandch.): 16484 Nancy', b. Aug. 16, 1833, Pickens co., S. C, 
m. Franklin co., Ga., Jan. 12, 185 1, Willis Dickson, b. Pickens 
Dist., s. William and Betsey Ann (sister of George Washington 

16485 Robert Absalom Carter', b. Aug. 6, 1835, Pickens 
CO., d., in the war 1863, member Co. H, McMillan's Reg., C. S. A. 

16486 Benjamin Jefferson', b. June 7, 1837, Franklin co., farmer. 

16487 John Marion', b. June 6, 1839, F. co., d., lost on a march 
in war 1862, Co. H, McMillan's reg., C. S. A. 

4-16488 William Thomas' Cleveland, born May 4, 1841, 
Franklin co. 

4-16489 Sarah Margaret' Cleveland, born Dec. 18, 1842, 
Franklin co. 

Mary Elizabeth'. Cleveland, born Dec. 4, 1844, 
Franklin co. 

+ 16490 Lucinda Jane' Cleveland, b. Oct. 27, 1846, Frank- 
lin CO. 

David Simmons', b. Sept. 8, 1848, F. co., died F. co., 
1850. Milton Hix', b. May 8, 1850, F. co. Susan Rebecca', 
Dec. 26, 1852, F. CO. Jeremiah', b. Mar. 9, 1854, F. co., d. F. co., 


SARAH" CLEVELAND (Benjamin'), m. Pickens co., S. C. (in 
the house where she was born), Dec. 31, 1837, George Washing- 
ton Abbott (formerly Abbett), b. in Pickens co., on Connerow's 
Creek, 4^ miles S. of Walhalla, July 20, 181 1, d. Pickens Dist, 
S. C, Sept. 13, 1854, a s. John and Mary (Smith). Farmer, of 
Pickens Dist. Mrs. Sarah" Cleveland Abbott came to Tex. 1870, 


residence: Thorp's Spring, Hood co., Tex., 1885, Weatherford, 
Parker co., Tex., Dec, 1891, Center Mill, Hood co., Tex., 1885- 
96. Ch., all b. in the same house on Connerow's Creek and in 
Oconee co., S. C, near Walhalla P. O.: 

+ 16491 John BevjamM Abbott, b. Jan. 19, 1839. 

16492 Waddie Thompson' Abbott, b. May 3, 1840, d. Ballew 
Springs, Parker co., Tex., May 25, 1881, m. Hood co., Tex., May 

3, 1876, Sarah Jane Johnson, b. Mobile, Ala., Mar. 8, 1856, da. 
William Murray and Mary (Conway). Teacher. Lived at Gar- 
ner, Tex., and Ballew Springs, where his widow resides. Ch.: 
Eugenia Blanche^ Abbott, b. Feb. 4, 1877, Center Mill; William 
Wayne^, June 22, 1880, Ballew S.; Murray Lee^ Abbott, Nov. 10, 
1883, B. S. 

George Winchester Lampkin Foster'' Abbott, b. Dec. 25, 
1841, m. Center Mill, Feb. i, i88i, Rebecca Jane Humphreys, 
b. S. C, Jan. 4, da. Thomas Jefferson and Isabelle Reed (Tow- 
ers). Of Ballew Springs (P. O., Gamer, Parker co.), Tex., far- 
mer, s. p. Mary Margaret'', b. Aug. 9, 1843, ^^i^d Center Mill, 
Feb. 18, 1874. 

16493 Nancy Josephine' Abbott, bom July 22, 1845, m. ist, 
Center Mill, Oct. 9, 1876, John Lee Anderson, b. Homer, Banks 
CO., Ga., Jan. 8, 1840, died Center Mill, Feb. 9, 1882. Of Gran- 
bury, Hood CO., Tex., farmer. She m. 2d, Thorp's Spring, June 
2, 1887, Philip Jefferson Steele, b. Steel Station, Ala., Feb. 8. 
Of Hood CO., farmer. Ch. by ist m., b. Center Mill : Lvia Flor- 
ence^ Anderson, Oct. 7, 1877 ; Sarah Margaret* Anderson, Sept. 13, 
1879. 2d m.: s. p. 

16494 Frances Jane'' Abbott, b. July 7, 1847, m. Center Mill, 
Tex., Oct. 25, 1874, George Washington Barton, b. Bartow co., 
Ga., Oct. IS, 1852, s. Joshua and Anna (Windsor). Of Hood co., 
lives on Brazos river, farmer. Ch.: Katie Berry* Barton, b. Oct. 

4, 1875, Hightower Valley, Hood co., Tex., m. Jan. 26, 1896, 
Peter Marrow Baccus. s. Benjamin Smith and Cassa (Cumings). 
Of Center Mill; Mary Bailey* Barton, Jan. 13, 1881, Granbury; 
Sarah* Barton, b. Jan. 13, i88i, H. co., d. Center Mill, Jan. 27, 
1881; Martha Alice* Barton, born Jan. 15, 1886, Granbury; Anna 
Lee* Barton, Mar. 24, 1888, Centre M. 

16495 Ebenezer Preleui' Abbott, b. Sept. 7, 1849, m. Parker 
CO., Tex., Jan. 18, 1874, Cynthia Laurinda Hurst, b. Rusk co., 
Tex., fall. of 1853, eldest da. James and Rhoda Ann (Lane). Of 
Acton, Hood co., Tex. Ch.: James Edgar*, b. Sept. 3, 1878, Par- 
ker CO., Tex.; EtheP, Nov. 2, 1880, Hood co.; Eve Myrtle'' Abbott, 
Dec. 25, 1883, H. CO.; Antloona*, Aug. 7, 1886, H. co.; Lena Pearl*, 
June 17, 1888, H. CO.; Ruby Clyde*, Feb. 15,. 1890, H. co.; George 
Winchester* , Aug. 23, 1892, H. co.; Franklin Prelew^ Abbott, Aug. 
23, 1894, H. CO. 

-I-16496 William Thomas' Abbott, b. Jan. 11, 1854. 


more, Upshur CO., Tex., 1852, m. in Tex., Adaline. Lived in 
Texas, farmer. Ch.: 16497 Lewis' Cleveland; Margaret' 




MARIUM^ CLEVELAND (Benjamin^), m. Fair Play, S. C, 
Dec. 17, 1840, Martin Luther Looney, b. Franklin co. (now Hart 
CO.), Ga., Oct. 29, 181 1, d. in Franklin co., n. Martin, Ga., Dec. 3, 
1 881, a s. Adam and Patsie (Walters). In Capt. John M. Free- 
man's militia co., C. S. A., in battles, at Atlanta when Atlanta 
surrendered. Dwelt in Franklin co. (near Martin), where his 
widow still res., 1893. Mechanic and farmer. Ch.: 

+ 16498 Thomas Milton'' Loo?tey, b. Sept. 15, 1841, Oconee co., 
S. C. 

16499 Anita Margaref Looney^ b. Mar. 18, 1843, Hart CO., 
m. Franklin co., Sept. 18, 1867, James Jackson Isbell, b. n. Toc- 
coa, Nov. 12, 1840, a son Allen and Cynthia. Of Ga., farmer. 
Ch.: Martin Allen^ IsbelL b. Sept. 17, 1878, Wetumpka, Ala.; 
Mary Elizabeth^, b. Sept. 7, 1870, Ga., d. Coffeeville, Upshur co., 
Tex., Aug. 30, 1875 ; James Newton^, b. Oct. 30, 1872, C; Maud 
Maxville'^, b. Sept. 12, 1874, C; JVora Talulah^, Mar. 25, 1877, C, 
and Anna Belle^ Isbell^ Feb. 7, 1881, Franklin co. 

-J- 1 6500 Clara Elizabeth'' Looney, b. Feb. 13, 1845, H. co. 

-I-T6501 Absalom Carter'' Looney, b. Dec. 15, 1846, H. co. 

-j- 1 6502 George Washington'' Looney, b. July 19, 1848, H. co. 

16503 Lucy Catharine MaxweW Looney, born Nov. 6, 1857, 
Oconee co., unm. 1893. 

16504 Mary Cybill Harrison Cleveland'' Looney^ b. Jan. 11, 
1 86 1, Franklin co., m. F. co., Aug. 15, 1887, William David De- 
foar, b. F. co., 1868, s. Martin and Elizabeth (Stowe). Of Ark., 
farmer. Ch.. Z«^^'.£■?«»^flf'' Z?^/(?ar,b. July 17, 1888; Thomas Mar- 
tin* Defoar, Jan. 17, 1889 ; Marium Elizabeth^ Defoar, Oct. 6, 1891. 


Fair Play, S. C, 1866, William Thomas Dickson, s. William and 
Elizabeth (Abbott). Of Westminster, S. C, 1892-3, farmer. 
Ch.: 16505 John M? Dickson, m. Clara Reeder, of W., machin- 
ist ; Daughter'', m. John Murphy, of W. 


HenjainiU^ Fvanhlin {jeremtah^ FrankUn, Marys Jolm^ Alex.^), 

m. Elizabeth^ Franklin +16 179 (jesse^ Franklin, Mary<). Dr. Benjamin'^ 
Franklin, when m., was of Buckingham co., Va., moved to Tenn. 
Ch.: 16506 Mary Ann' Franklin, m. Don Carlos. 16507 Jesse 
Bertiard'' Franklin, m. Mary Wilson, dwelt Bolivar, Ilardeman 
CO., Tenn. James M? Frankliti. 


Willis^ Franklin {Jeremiah^ Franklin), m. Dr. JVillls" Frank- 
lin, went to Tenn. single. Residence 1845, ^t Chinnabee, Talla- 
dega CO., Ala. Ch.: 16508 Abner'' Fraiiklin. Louisa' Franklin. 
16509 Another daughter'' , m. bef. 1845, Rev. S. Scales. 



Sarah JPaniW FranJdin {jesse^ Franklin), d., m. Jonathan 
Unthank of Guilford co., N. C, he d. Settled 2 miles E. of 
Mount Airy, Surry co., N. C, on a high hill, naming it Mt. Airy, 
which this town was afterw. named. Ch.: 16510-11 Ruf its' Un- 
thank, d. Hardeman co.,Tenn., unm.; William Franklin'' Unthank, 
d. unm. 

1 65 1 2 James Hardi7i^ Unthank, m. Miss Polk of Tenn. 
Read law, rem. to Memphis, Tenn., practised successfully. Ch.: 

165 13-14 Mary Ann' Unthank, m. ist. Rev. Hillary Hay- 
den Tippett, he d. Methodist clerg. She m. 2d, Robert Nail. 
Ch. by ist m.: Several^. Ruth A.'' Unthank, m. Smith of De Soto 
CO., Miss., res. there 1885. 


Wavy Cleveland^ FranMin (jesse^ Frankun), d., m. Hon. 
Solomon Graves, b. Caswell co., N. C, Feb. 14, 1784, son Rev. 
Barzillai and Ursula (Simmens). Ch.: 

-I-16515 Meeky Ann^ Graves. 16516 Sarah Emilf, m. Joseph 
W. Hackett of Wilkes co., N. C, he died Surry co., N. C, 1872. 
Rem. to Surry co. Ch., all of Mt. Airy, N. C, 1885: Edwin 
Graves^ Hackett; Alice^ ; Robert Lee^ Hackett; Jennie^ Hackett. 

4-16517 Mary Ursula'. 165 18 EJlsabeth F.\ tinm., of Mt. A. 

-j- 1 65 1 9 Jesse Franklin\ 16520 Margaret Isabella'', unm., of 
Mt. Airy, 

16521 Barzillai Yancey'' Graves (Hon.), m. ist, Mattie E. 
Rankin of Wilmington, N. C, she d. He m, 2d, Mary Moore 
of Steuben co., N. C. He was ed. at Wake Forest College, Wake 
CO., N. C, served with distinction in C. S. A., became Lt.-Col. 
2 ist N. C, disabled at 2d Battle Manassas. Mayor, 1885, of Mt. 
Airy, ist m.: s. p.- Ch. by 2d m.: William Franklin^; Barzillai 
Yancey^ Graves. 

Hon. Solomon Graves of Surry co., N. C, lawyer, repres. 
and senator in Legislature many years. 

Graves ancestry: — Thomas', of James City co., Va., 1608; John*; John'; John*, went 
from Va. to N. C. ab. 1770, m. Isabella Lea ; Rev. Barzillai* Graves, b. Dec. 12, 1759, m. 
Ursula Simmens of Caswell co.—John Card Graves, Buffalo, N. Y., compiler Graves 
Family, thinks that this is the complete pedigree. 


Ann, JP.° Franklin {jesseo FrankUtt), d., m. William Slade, b. 
Caswell CO., N. C. Settled ist, Stuart's Creek, Surry co., N. C, 
rem. to Lenox Castle, Rockingham co., N. C. Ch.: 

16522 Meeky Hardi7i^ Slade, d., m. Azariah Graves, s. p. 

16523 Jesse Franklin' Slade, killed in C. S. A., at Gettysburg. 

16524 Thomas'' Slade, m. Susan Howard; of Highrock P. O., 
Rockingham co., N. C., 1886. Ch.: Anabel" Slade; Thomas How- 
ard^ Slade. 16525-6 'William B.'' Slade, unm., of Rockingham 
CO.; Annie', d. unm. 


Matilda C." FranMin {jesse^ FrankHn), d., m. Samuel Dal- 
ton Moore. Ch.: 16527 Jesse Franklin' Moore, m. Ann Banner, 



of J. F. & W. A. Moore, manufacturers and merchants, Mt. Airv, 
N. C, 1885. s. p. 

+ 16528 William Alf or d'' Moore. 

-j- 1 65 29 Matilda C? Moore. 


Ja'tnes'' Franklin {jesse^ i^yankun), d. Sept. 19, 1837, a. 44, 
m. Sept. 12, 1820, Fratices Franklin^ Nail +16196 {jsiary^ FrankUn, 
MaryS johns, Aiex.a), she d. Aug. 6, 1 868, a. 7 1. Educated at Chapel 
Hill, Orange co., N. C, farmer. She was educated at Salem, 
Forsyth co., N. C. Ch.: 

16530 Mary Ann'' Franklin, h. Aug. i6, 1821, Shelby co,, 
Ala., m. July 30, 1839, Andrew Jackson Carloss, b. Chatham co.-, 
N. C, Oct. 27, 1 81 5, s.iArchelaus and Ruth (Pride), farmer near 
Fayetteville, Tenn., 1886. Ch.: Frances Ruth^ Carloss, b. Apr. 
21, 1841, d. Dec. 7, 1855. 

16531 Jesse Slade'' Franklin, b. Jan. i, 1823, Shelby co., d. 
La Mesilla, N. Mex., Mar. 20, 1866, m. Sept. i, 1859, Mrs. Mary 
Ann (Carloss) Kimboo, born Chatham co., N. C, Dec. 17, 1826, 
wid., da. Robert and Hannah Hill (Stokes). Ed. at Fayettev. 
Ch. b. Grayson co., Tex,: Robert Albert^ Frankliti, b. Oct. 15, i860, 
d. Murfreesboro, Tenn., Apr. 20, 1870; Jessie Slade* Franklin, b. 
Feb. 8, 1863, of n. Fayettev. 

16532 Macon' Franklin, b. Jan. 12, 1825, Shelby co., died 
Obion CO., Tenn., Aug. 10, 1847, m. July i, 1846, Louise Carloss, 
b. Apr. 27, 1824, d. Pulaski, Giles co., Tenn., Nov. 20, 1879, da. 
Archelaus and Ruth (Pride). Ed. at Fayettev. s. p. 

16533 James Benjamin'' Franklin, b. June 30, 1830, Lincoln 
CO., Tenn., d. Jan. 8, 1835. 

16534 Robert Hardin'' Franklin, b. May 13, 1833, L. CO., m. 
Dec. 8, 1853, Fannie S. Ross, bom Obion co., Oct. 16, 1832, da. 

James and — '- (Brown). Ed. at Fayettev. Of Nashville, 

Tenn., dentist. Ch. b. Obion co.: James Slade^ Franklin, Dec. 
20, 1854, dentist, Nashv.; Mary Fannie^ Franklin, born Nov. 23, 
1856, d. Madrid Bend, Tenn., Aug. 6, 1859; Anna Munrow^, b. 
Feb. 5, 1859, d. Durango, Mex., Feb. 5, 1870. 


Hardin Perkins^ FranMin {jesse^ FrankUn), d., m. Mar- 
tha E. P,^ Franklin +162 11 [Meshack^ Franklin, Ua^vy^), she d. Early 
Grove, Miss., 1866. Went to Miss. 1848. Ch.; 16535 Ann Eliza'' 
Franklin, m. Wilson of Hardenaan co., Tenn. Ch.: Several^. 
16536 Meshacli' Franklin, m., of Early G. 16537 Jesse'' Franklin, 
m., of Cal. 16538 Mildred'' Franklin, unm. 16539 Hardie' 
Franklin, m. Covington, of Marshall co., Miss. 


LUCy^ Friinhlin {Shadrach^ FrankUn, Mary<, JohnS, Alexander'), d. 

1883, a. 92, m. Ambrose Johnson, he died'in church in old age. 
Ch.: 16540 Franklin' Johnson, m. Woodrough. 16541 Sallie'' 
Johnson, m. Ambrose Roberts. 16542 Pollie'' Johnson, m. Jack- 
son McMichel. 16543 RacheV Johnson, m. PhilHps. 16544 Bet- 


tie'' Johnson, -unm., of Jonesville, Yadkin co., N. C, 1884. 16545 
Paitie' Johnson, m. Ervin Parker. 


JBemard^ Franklin {s/iadrac/t^ FrankUu), d. Roane co. (n. 
Philadelphia), Tenn., ab. 1835, m. Rockford, Surry co., N. C, 
Ann Moore Dobson, b. Stokes co., N. C, d. London, Roane co., 
Tenn., Mar., 1884, da. William Polk and Mary (Hughes). Served 
in war 181 2; rem. fr. Surry co. to Roane co., bought and occu- 
pied farm n. Phila. Ch. b. Roane co.: 

-I-16546 William Dobson'' Franklin, Apr. 4, 1822. 

16547 Sarah Loutitid' Franklin, born May, 1824, m. R. co., 
James Alexander Kline, farmer, Loudon, Loudon co., Tenn., 
1884-6. Ch. b. Loudon: Mary Ann^ Kline j William Lowref' 
Kline. 16548 Mary' Franklin, d. a. 18. 

16549 Benjamin^ Franklin (Dr.), b. May, 1830, m. Roane 
CO., Tenn., 1854, Margaret Jane Blair, a da. William. Removed 
from Philadelphia to Osborn, Mo., practising physician of note. 
Ch. : William*; Ann*; John^j James^ ; Benjamin HUP Franklin. 


Patsy" Franklin {shadrach^ FrankUn), m. Elijah Thompson. 
He served in war of 181 2. Ch.: 16550 Benjamin' Thompson, d. 
a, 35. 1655 1 Sallie', m. James Martin, rem. to Mo. 16552 Co- 
lumbus'', m. Crockerham. 

16553 Kimbro' Thompson (Rev. and Dr.), m. Miss McMichel. 
Physician and Baptist clergyman. 

16554 Shadrach^ Thompson (Rev.), m. Ky., Beasley ; Bap- 
tist preacher. 16555 Mary\ m. Knapp. 16556 Bettie', m. a 
Baptist minister of Louisville, Ky. 16557 Lucf. 


Wylie' Franklin {skadrach^ FrankUn), m. Dec. 29, 1827, Mary 
Taliaferro, b. on Fisher's River, Surry co., N. C, Apr. 25, 1800. 
Of Pine Ridge, Mt. Airy, Surry co., N. C, 1884. Ch.: 16558 
Sallie', b. Nov. 20, 1828, died Jan. 3, 1845. ^^559 Virginia', m. 
West Freeman. 

-(-16560 Martha or Pattie'' Franklin, born July 12, 1831, 
Mitcheals river, N. C. 

-j- 1 65 6 1 Bettie or Elizabeth'' Franklin, Jan. 8, 1834. Benjamin'' , 
d. a. few months. 16562 Judith', b. Feb. 9, 1838, Fisher's river, 
unm., res. home. 16563 Matilda Cleveland'', b. July 25, 1840, F. 
.river, unm., res. home. 

4-16564 Lucindd' Franklin, b. Dec. 14, 1842, Fisher's river. 

-j- 16565 Shadrach Cleveland'' Franklin, b. July 23, 1845, Fish- 
er's river. 


John Taliaferro" Franklin {shadrach<- Frankun), m. Nancy 
Easley, she d. Rem. to Mo., and after she d. rem. to Cal. Ch.: 
16566 Sallie''. 16567 William E.'' Franklin (Dr.), of La Grange, 
Fayette co., Tenn., phys. 16568 ^ Judith\ m. Hodg. 16569 


James\ m. Martin. 16570 Jesse' Franklin, killed in C. S. A.; 
Mary' ; Henry' . 


Wafilda'^ IS^all {Mary^ Franklm, Mary*, JohnS, Alex.a, Alex.i), died 

Mooresburg, Tenn., Nov., 1867, aged 69, m. M., Mar. 26, 1816, 
Thomas Amis Rogers, b. Rogersville, Hawkins co., Tenn., Mar. 
18, 1792, d. Shelby co., Ala., Sept. 22, 1821, a s. Joseph and Mary 
(Amis). Ch.: 16571 Mungo\\i. Jan. i, 1817, Rogersv., d. near 
Cahaba, Ala., July, 182 1; Mary Wilds'', b. June 9, 1818, Shelby 
CO., d. n. Cahaba, July, 182 1. 

' -{-16572 Joseph Ponsonby'' Rogers, b. Mar. 6, 1820, Shelby co., 

-{-16573 Thomas Amis' Rogers, b. Feb. 22, 1822, Mooresburg, 

Matilda^ Nail was educated at Salem, N. C, 181 2-1 3. She 
dwelt at Rogersville always after 1855. 

Hon. Thomas Amis Rogers went to Shelby co., Ala., 1818; 
practising lawyer. Elected to Convention that framed first 
Constitution of Ala. When the first Legislature convened, 
was elected the first Secretary of that State, and died while in 
that office. 

Rogers ancestry :— J avaes^, lived and d. in Ireland ; Joseph", b. Cooks Town, Tyrone 
CO., Ireland, Aug., 1764, came to America 1784, landed in Philadelphia, rem. 178s to Big 
Creek, Hawkins co., Tenn., when newly married was, by Thomas Amis, given land on 
which, 1787, the seat of justice for Hawkins co., Rogersville, was founded by and named 
for Joseph Rogers, who settled on the site 1786. At June, 1787, term CO. court, commis- 
sioners appointed for fixing on place for court house, reported that it be at Joseph Rog- 
ers, on Crocket creek. Rogers relinquished 2 acres for public buildings; Thomas 
Hutchings, Huston Johnston, Francis Doherty, Joseph Cloud, Thomas Gibbons, ap. 
comsrs. to lay off the town, which was done June 15, 1787. He d. 1833, m. 1785, Mary 

Ami's ancestry :— Haynes', born France, came to America bef. 1775 ; Hon. Thomas", 
Capt. in Revolution, whig, from N. C, 1783, to Tenn., built, 17S0-1, n. Fort at Big Creek, 
3^ miles above Rogersv., stone house (now occupied by gr. s., Thomas Amis) and palis- 
ade, also mill; represented Hawkins co. Legis. 1789, owned site of Rogersv., etc., d. 1798, 
m. twice, m. Matilda Lee, born Wales, d. bef. 1789, her parents came fr. Wales, ch.: 14 ; 
Mary' Amis m. Joseph Rogers'. See History of Tennessee, by Joint Stock Co., 1887, f. 


Ahner Franhlifl'^ Nail {Mary^ FrankUn, Mary*, John', Alex."), d. 

Mo., 1878, a. 73, m. Mooresburg, Tenn., 1830, Matilda Moore, b. 
M. 1 81 2, d. Mo., da. Ewell and Nancy (Creed). Rem. to North- 
western Mo. 1845, dwelt Missouri City, Clay -co., Mo., farmer. 
Ch., all of whom left families : 16574-80 Mary Ann' Nail, born 
1831, Hawkins co., Tenn., d., m.; James Franklin'' Nail, b. 1832, 
H. CO., d., m.; Robert Franklin^ Nail, b. H. co., d., m.; Nicholas'' 
Nail, b. H. CO., d., m.; Jane'' Nail, b. H. co., d., m.; Jlelon' Nail, 
b. H. CO., d., m.; Colinan' Nail, b. Mo., prob. of Missouri City 


Columbus Hernard" Franklin {Meshach^ FrankUn, Mary*, 

John', Alex,", Alex.i), died Early Grove, Miss., Feb. i, 1865, ^- 59) ^- 
Elkin, Surry co., N. C, Dec. 5, 1843, Amelia Gwyn, b. Jones- 
ville, N. C, Jan. 5, 1820, died Early Grove, July 28, 1858, da. of 
Hon. Richard and Elizabeth (Hunt). Ch.: 16581 James Gwyji' , 
b. Dec. 20, 1844, Surry co., killed in battle Fredericksburg, Va., 
Dec. 13, 1862, C. S. A., private Co. B, i8th Miss., Barksdale. 



-f-16582 MeshacK' Franklin^ b. Jan. 15, 1846, Elkin, N. C. 

Annie Elizabeth'', b. July 24, 1848, Surry co., d. Elkin, 
July 8, 1852. 

-1-16583 Richard Gwyn' Franklin, b. Apr. 9, 1850, E. 

16584 Sallie Frances^ Franklin, b. Nov. 22, 1852, E., grad. 
Martha Washington coll., Va., 1864, of Santa Barbara, Cal., 1885, 
Carpenteria, Cal., 1886, 16585 Mildred Edwards'' Franklin, born 
Apr. II, 1854, Elkin, m. Albert Augustus Oglesby, son Albert 
Augustus. She grad. Martha Wash. coll. 1864. Of Santa Bar- 
bara, banker. 16586 Gideon Edwards' Franklin, b. Dec. i, 1855, 
Elkin, grad. Trinity coll., N. C, 1876, teacher, Carpenteria. 

16587 Columbus Bernard'' Franklin, b. Dec. 25, 1857, Early 
G., grad. Trinity 1876, of Santa Paula, Ventura co., Cal., 1885, 
Carpenteria 1886; farmer. 

Col. Columbus . Bernard^ Franklin, col. N. C. M. ; member 
House of Commons, N. C, 1840, from Surry co.; built, 1850, 
Elkin Mfg. Cotton Mills, still in operation ; rem., 1856, to Early 
Grove. Prominent citizen, spoke languages fluently. 

Hon. Richard Gwyn, member N. C. Commons 1846; his 
father occupied over 50 years his homestead at Elkin, which 
was bought, 1880, by Hon. Richard Gwyn' Franklin.. 


Jesse Daniel* Franklin (Meskac/i' Frankiin\ d. Sardis, Miss., 
184- m. Amelia Thurman, or Miss "Hunt. Ch. 16588 Daughter'', 
now Mrs. G. W. Gordon, Columbia, Maury co., Tenn., 1885. 


Anne^-" FranUin \M.ry'h'^i^:i^:{l^^'i:iSS:s\^-^-^ Aiexan- 
ders, Aiexanderi), d. 1834, a. 33, m. CHnton, Ga., 1818, Gov. Charles 
Jatnes McDonald, b. Charleston, S. C, 1793, died Marietta, Ga., 
Dec, 1 860, s. Charles and Mary (Burns), leaving 5 ch.: 

Bedney Franklin^'^ McDonald, b. 1819, married Mary 

-I-16589 Mary Anne""'^ McDonald, b. '■ , 1823, Ft. Hawkins. 

Katherine Elizd''^ McDonald, b. 1826, m. Dean M. 

Ella C:-^ McDonald, b. , 1830, d. , 1856. 

Charles /.' * McDonald, b. . 1834, d. , 


Gov. Charles James McDonald, Governor of the State of 
Georgia 1839 to 1843, grad. Columbia, S. C, College i8i6, studied 
law at Augusta, Ga. Residence: Marietta, Ga., lawyer. His 
intimate friend and contemporary, Henry G. Lamar, stated that 
Gov. McDonald began practising law 1818, was Solicitor-Gen. 
of Flint circuit 1822 to 1825, elected by legislature ; elected, 1825, 
Judge of Flint circuit; elected, 1830, representative from Bibb 
CO.; elected, 1834 and 1837, State Senator from Bibb; elected, 
1839 and 1841, governor 2 terms; for many years, to decease, 
was a Trustee of the State University. Was President of the 
Nashville Convention; elected, 1857, to the Supreme Court 
Bench, holding that office to fall of 1859, when declining health 



constrained him to resign. A few months later his career 

McDonald ancestry : — Mr.i McDonald lived in Scotland; Charles" McDonald, of 
Charleston, S. C, 1793, m. Mary Burns. 


Benjamin Cleveland"' Franklin ] n'^ry 'crf ves^'Tolfn^; 

BenjSt; [ J^t^'^'- Ai«^-^ Ai«^-0, d. Dec. 25, 1873, a. 68. Ch.: 

16590 Sidney Johnston'''^ Franklin, b. ab. 1842, d. 1865, a. 23, 
tmm., served in Hood's brigade, C. S. A., late civil war. 

+ 16591 Hobert MJ-" Franklin, b. , 1839. 

Judge Benjamin Cleveland'"'' Franklin, residence : Galveston, 
Tex., judge. 


Leonidas'- Jfranklin ] Marylf/St^j^rn^.^feSi; J J^^n', 
Alexander", Aiexanderi), d. 1867, m. Corinne Myrtle Thomas, b. 181 2, 
d. 1882, a da. Col: Jett and Susan (Cox). Left 2 ch. : 

Mary /etf''' Franklin, unmarried, residence : Paris, 
France; for many years (1895). 

4-16592 Bernard'''^ Franklin, b. in Georgia. 

Leonidas^''' Fratiklin, residence, Athens, Ga., lawyer of Athens. 

Tliomas aficestry :— r arms : Thomas orTOMMAs; eg: Thom.\S: (femf. Henry VII.) 
Ar. a chev. sa. betw. three Cornish choug-hs ppr. . . . Capt. James*, of Virginia, m. 
Mary Loeus, isatie numerous; Col. Jett" Thomas, U. S. A., o£ Ga., d. 1817, tn. New Or- 
leans, La., Dec. 29, 1805, Susan Cox, she d. 1818, da. Dr. Edward Cox of Oglethorpe co., 
Ga., issue numerous. 


Marcus A,'-' Franklin ] Marf oSCef i'.TohS K d. 1858, leav- 
ing 2 das., I son : Helen''^ Franklin, d. iinm. 

Annie'''^ Franklin, m. G. W. Butler, res. Macon, Ga., 
1895 ; Cleveland B?'^ Franklin, d. unm. 

Dr. Marcus Ay Franklin, residence : Macon, Ga. 


James Rutherford^ Wyly (jemimas, Benjamins Johns, Alexan- 
der", Alexanderi), d. Clarksville, Ga., Mar. 16, 1854, a. 72, 1856, a. 74, 
m. Pendleton Dist., S. C, Juiie i, 1802, Sarah Hawkins Clark, b. 
Washington co., Tenn., Oct. 25, 1782, 1784, d. Clarksv., June 29, 
1867, a da. William and Elizabeth (Sevier). Ch.: 

4-16593 William Clark'' Wyly, born Jan. 25, 1804, at a place 
now called Landin, in Blount co., Tenn. 

Elizabeth Ingram'' Wyly, b. Jan. 30, 1806, L., died at 
her home in Banks co., Ga., 1889, m. Thomas Kenteth Sparks, 
he d. many years ago. Ch.: Son^, of Banks co., 1891. 

Oliver CromwelV Wyly, born Landin, m. 3 times, of 
Rabun Gap Junction, Habersham co., Ga., 1886 ; on farm in 
Franklin CO., Ga., 1 89 1, farmer. Ch.: 20 living: son B. F.^ Wyly, 
of Atlanta, Ga., has 10 sons\ Roberf Wyly, born Dec. 18, 1809, 
Landin, d. Vicksburg, Miss., Nov. 30, 1833. 

Benjamin Cleveland'' Wyly, b. Apr. 12, 181 2, Landin, 
d. Jacksonville, Calhoun co., Ala., June 5, 1885, m. Ann Maghee, 




farmer, wid, and ch. res. Jacksonv. Ch., 6 : John M.^ Wyfy, of 
Montgomery, Montgomery cc, Ala., R. R. man, ch.: B. F.^Wyly^ 
Jr., m., of Atlanta, ch.: Son^\ R. R. man. 

-I-16594 James' Wyly, b. Jan. 14, 1814, Landin, Blount co. 

16595 John Harris' Wyly, b. Feb. i, 181 6, L., d. Atlanta^ 
Oct. 15, 1886, m. Mary Henrietta Parks. Ch.: 2 s., 4 da. 

16596 Louisiana Jemima^ Wyly, b. Sept. 24, 25, 1818, Lan- 
din or Clarksv., d. Cass, now Bartow co., Ga., June 27, 1846, m. 
Mar. 27, 1837, Elijah Bird of Franklin co. Ch.: 2 s., 3 da. 

16597 Walton' Wyly (Dr.), b. 1820, Habersham co., died 
Bartow co., Sept., 1854, m. Mary Johnson, da. Col. Linsley and 
Miss (Oglesby), popular practising physician, Talladega, Talla- 
dega CO. His wid. res., 1886-91, Cartersville, Ga. The John- 
sons wealthy and influential, s. p. 

-f- 165 98 Sabry Minerva'', Q.ite.v'^ ox A. Mary Ann' W^'/y, b. June 
28, 1824, Habersham co., Ga. 

16599 Sarah Catharine'' Wyly, b. July i, 1826, H. co., died 
Yadkin College, Davidson co., N. C., July, 1886, m. Clarksv., 1846,. 
Rev. William A. Rogers. Ch. : 3 daughters*, all m. 

4-16600 Augustin Clayton'' Wyly, born Aug. 30, 1829, Haber- 
sham CO. 

Gen. James Rutherford^ Wyly grad. Greenville co. coll., Tenn.; 
from 1802 occupied a farm on Tenn. river, at now Landin, 
Blount CO. Was, from 1804 during life, of the co. working out 
Unicory turnpike from Walton's ford, Tugalo river, to Tellico- 
Plains, Tenn. ; a State Commissioner to improve navigation of 
Savannah and Tugalo rivers. Served under James and Heze- 
kiah Terrell as Sheriff of Franklin co., Tenn., for 12 years,, 
prompt and efficient officer. Was capt. in reg. of Maj. Benja- 
min* Cleveland +16224, in Creek Indian war, under Gen. John 
Floyd. Fought gallantly at battles of Autossee, Ala., Nov. 29, 
1 81 3, Calibbee and Othtawalla war, 181 2. Rem. betw. 1818 and 
1820 to Habersham co., on Tugalo river, opp. Walton's ford. 
Planter ; of good judgment ; had a fine library, was well read, 
and accumulated a handsome property. Parents and family 
were Baptists. 

William Clark was a soldier imder John Sevier. 

Xavier, Havta, Sevier ancestry : 1 Sevier, b. Paris, Prance (the family name 

Xavier now had become Sevier), Huguenot, fled from Paris because of persecution and 
St. Bartholomew's massacre, [the name Huguenot (origin of the name not positively 
known, although differing writers claim that it is derived from Hugues, a notable here- 
tic, i6th century, or from Hugo or Hugon, or from the German "Eidgenossen," or from 
"Hue nos," which words begin an early public document of French Protestantism, or 
from Hugh Capet, founder of the Capetian dynasty and king of France, A. D. 987) was 
first applied, as a political nickname, to the French Protestants, 1560. Charles IX of 
France pretended to make overtures of peace to the Huguenots, and at the marriage of 
his sister Margaret to Henry IV of Navarre, he invited Coligny and other Protestant 
leaders to the wedding ceremonies. Having treated them at court with simulated favor, 
he managed to lull their suspicions, and the result of his machinations was the general 
massacre of the Protestants on St. Bartholomew's day, Aug. 25, 1572. In 1598, Henry IV 
issued the Edict of Nantes, which restored toleration and defined the position of the 
Reformed Church. The revocation of the Edict of Nantes, Oct. 22, 1685, ^7 Louis XIV, 
caused a loss to France of more than half a million of its best people.— See N. Y. Gen. 
and Bio. Rec, XXIV : c)7-q\, was in London, Eng., 3 years, then came to North Carolina, 
m. in London, Miss Smith ; Valentine'', b. London, came in youth (with bro. William) to- 
Baltimore, Md., ab. 1740, settled in Augusta (now Rockingham) co., Va. (n. now New 
Market, Va.), farmed and traded with Indians, m. Miss Joanna Goade; Gov. John' Se- 
vier, b. Augusta co.^ Sept. 23, 1745, Revolution col , a hero of King's Mt. battle, steel por- 
trait in Draper's King's Mt., j>. 17s, sketch, p. 418, the ist Gov. of Tenn. (then Franklin), 
1796-1801, 1803-9, d. Fort Decatur, Tallapoosa riv., Ala., or Ga., Sept. 24, 1815, remains 
rem. i8goto Nashville, Tenn., m. ist, in N. C, 1761, Sarah Hawkins of N. C, da. of Gov. 
Benjamin, 2d, Aug. 14, 1780, Miss Katharine Sherrill, ch. by ist m.: 10, by 2d m.: 8 ; Eliz- 
abeth* Sevierj d. Pickens Dist., S. C, 1791, m. William Clark (sister of Maj. James). See 
Lanman's Die. of Congress; Allen's Bio. Die; Drake's Die. Bio.; Reminiscences of the 



Clierokees^ by Hon. John William Henderson Underwood, in Courant, Cartersville, Ga., 

May 7, rSS^. 


BENJAMIN" CLEVELAND (john«, Benjamin*, Johns, Alexander^, 

Aiexanderi), died 4^ miles W. of Clarksville, on lot No. i6i, nth 
district of Habersham co., Ga., June 29, 1858, a. 75, m. Franklin 
CO., Ga., 1802, Argin Blair, she d. at the home of her son-in-law, 
in Miss, or Clarksv., 1867, eldest da. of Col. James Blair, a Revo- 
lution officer. Ch.: 16601 John', d. a. 21, nnm. 

+16602' Polly' Cleveland. 

-J--16603 Catharine' Cleveland. 

16604 Ann', d., m. ist, Leander Smith, he died, rem, to 
Tex. She m. 2d, Hoyle. istm.: s. p. Ch. by2dm.: Son^ Hoyle, 
of Miss., 1855 or 1884. 16605 James', d. aged 21 years. 

Gen. Benjamin" Cleveland was reared by his gr.-fa. Benja- 
min*; was long a prominent citizen of Habersham co.; an offi- 
cer in the Creek Indian war, maj. and commandant of a .regi- 
ment, under Gens. John Floyd and Newman, at battles of 
Autossee, Ala., Nov. 29, 18 13, Calibbee Swamp, also Othtewalla, 
war of 181 2. Owned large landed possessions at foot of Curra- 
hee mountain, Habersham co. ; by trade, carpenter builder; sold 
and rem. to lower part of Nacoochee valley, in Habersham co., 
bought lands there and became a merchant. Afterward was 
partner with Gen. Thomas J. Rusk. He was gen. in the militia. 
Represented Habersham co. over 20 years in Legislature. Per- 
sonally popular and being a Whig, the co. Democratic, was 
sometimes elected, sometimes defeated. Was, 1848, candidate 
for Representative in Congress, and ran ahead of his ticket 
against Howell Cobb. He went with the Southern Rights 
Party, 1850. He was noted for his kindness, and ruined by 
securityship. He has been known, in times of scarcity, to haul 
corn 25 miles and sell it to poor neighbors on credit at cost. 
Judge Underwood' s Reminiscences of the Ckerookees, in Cartersville 
Courant, May 7, 1883, narrates his services and generosity. Gen. 
Cleveland, wrote Hon. Nehemiah Cleaveland, Feb. 25, 1855, 
from Clarksville — 

"Patriotic and Republican principles and love of country do not cease in risingr 
generations o£ the Cleveland families ; they are first in war, and always ready for an 
honorable peace. We do not wish to boast of our brave ancestors, but refer to history 
for proof of our conduct." 

He and wife are buried at Clarksville. His widow went to 


ELIZA" CLEVELAND (john^), d. Macon, Ga., Mar. 11, 1879, 
a. 87, m. Morgan co., Ga., May i, 1810, Col. James Smith, born 
Feb. 24, 1788, d. Macon, May 5, 1852. Ch. b, Jones co., Ga.: 

+ 16606 Juliet Ann^ Smith, b. Mar. 9, 181 1. 

-i-16607 Martha Caroline'' Smith, b. Feb. 10, 1813. 

16608 Mary Franklin' Smith, born Mar. 4, 1815, m. Hon. 
Jesse Franklin* Cleveland +16238. 

+ 16609 William Green'' Smith, b. Mar. 14, 1817. 

+ 16610 Eliza CromweW Smith, b. Feb. 9, 1819. 

1 661 1 Benjamin Cleveland?, b. Dec. 26, 1820, d. Macon, Jan. 


23, 1838, unm. 16612 James Sloan'' Smith, b. Mar. 2, 1823, d. M. 
July 22, 1845, unm., lawyer. 

4-16613 Robert Anderson'' Smith, b. Dec. 24, 1824. 

1 66 1 4 Elliott Iverson'' Smith (Dr.), b. Nov. 25, 1826, d. M. 
July 2, 1853, unm., practising phys.; Catherine'^, b. Sept. 28, 1828, 
d. M. July 26, 1829; Catherine'' (ag.), b. Sept. 27, 1831, d. M. Feb. 
14, 1833. 

Col. James Smith, residence, Macon, practising lawyer there. 


MARTHA^ CLEVELAND (john»), d., m. Col. Thomas Bon- 
ner. Of Ga., 185s, Morgan co., Ga., i8'86. Ch.: 9 sons, 7 are 
living, 1855, and respectable: 16615 William'' Bonner, from 
Morgan co., of Homer, Claiborne co., La., 1855. 


CAROLINE" CLEVELAND (Larkln», Robert*, Johns, Alexanders, 

Alexander'), died Rockford, Ala., Apr. 13, 1855, a. 49, m. in Mont- 
gomery CO., near Montgomery, Apr. 27, 1826, Judge Ebenezer 
Pond, b. Vt., May 3, 1799, d. Rockf. June 3, 1878, s. Adam and 
Sarah (Billings). Came young to Richmond, Va., thence to Co- 
lumbia, S. C, read law there, thence to Montgomery to 1828, 
thence to V/etumpka, Ala. (kept hotel and P. O. there) to 1839, 
Rockford afterward; farmer; elected several years co. Judge 
of Coosa CO. Ch.: Sarah Jane\ b, Aug. 29, 1827, Montg., d. M. 
Sept., 1828 ; Mary Ann Rebecca', b. Aug, 27, 1829, Mbntg. co., d. 
Wetump. Mar. i, 1834. 

1 66 1 6 William Larkin' Fond, b. Sept. 22, 1831, Wetump., 
d. Wood CO., Tex., 1864, m. Tyler, Smith co., Tex., fall of 1855, 
Emma B. Bates. 

-j- 1 66 1 7 Joseph Ebenezer'' Fond, b. June 2, 1834, Wetumpka. 

16618 Fannie Ellen' Fond, b. July 14, 1836, W., m. Rockf., 
Jan. 21, 1857, Isam Leonadus Lee, he d. Sept. 21, 1878. She is 
P. M. of Rockford, 1885. Ch. b. R.: Caroline Eunice^ Lee, Mar. 

24, 1858, unm.; Dixie Ann^ Lee, b. Feb., 1862, died Oct. 2, 1881; 
Mollie Jessie^ Lee, b. May i, 1866, unm. Son\ b. Sept. 27, Rockf., 
d. Oct. 4, 1838. 

16619 Henry Wright"^ Fond, b. Oct. 10, 1839, R., m. Dec. 
24, 1867, Martha Ann Wilson, b. Coosa co. 1842, da. William A. 
and Ann (Harkins), in C. S. A. July, 1861, to Mar., 1865, cap- 
tured at Gettysburg Jtily i, 1863, paroled from Johnson's Island, 
O., Mar., 1865, with Lewis E. Parsons, Jr., atty.-at-law, Rock- 
ford, 1885 ; Packwood, Talladega co., Ala., trader. Ch.: Beulah 
Olevia^ Fond, b. 1868 ; Caroline Ofelia^, 1870 ; Henry Wilson^, 1872 ; 
William David^, 1874; Birchard^, 1876; Son^, d. y.; Jesse Eben- 
ezer^, b. 1879; Luther^ Fond, 1882. 

-j- 16620 Cynthia Atiri' Fond, b. Apr. 21, 1842. 

16621 George HarveJ Fond, b. Dec. 17, 1845, Rockf., m. 
ist, 1866, Miss Mollie J. Childerson, b. Talladega, Ala., d. 1868, 
He m. 187 1, Mary Brasier. Of Shelby Iron Works, Shelby co., 
Ala. Ch. by ist m.: Minnie^ Fond, b. 1867. 




ROBERT WALTER' CLEVELAND (Larkin«), died Rock- 
ford, Ala., Sept. 6, 1844, a. 34, m. Jackson co., Ala., Dec, 1832, 
Adaline Bulger, b. Sept. 14, 181 2, da. John Roderic and Eliza- 
beth (Clark-). Ch.: Sarah', b. Oct. 28, 1833, d. Nov. 16, 1837; 
Joseph', b. Mar. 4, 1836, d. Nov. 6, 1837. 

16622 Elizabeth' Cleveland, born Sept. 26, 1838, died 
Rockf., Feb. 13, 1863, m. R., E. R. Vernon, s. Mr. and Elizabeth 
(Cleveland). Ch.: George Roherf Vernon, h. Mar. 15, 1862. 

+ 16623 Robert Walter', b. June 9, 1841. Mariah', born 
Mar. 26, d. 27, 1844. 

16624 Caroline Jane', b. Apr. 6, 1845, m. June 9, 1862, 
Henry Clay Parker ; of Georgiana, Butler co., Ala. 

Robert Walter" Cleveland was twice elected County 
Clerk of Coosa co., and in the office at decease. Many years 
an active member of M. E. church, much esteemed. His widow 
res. Coosa co. 1884. 


Nixburg, Ala., Aug. 6, 1848, a. 31, m. Coosa co., Ala., Dec. 17, 
1840, Mrs. Elenor Axa (Pond) Topping, b. Weathersfield, Vt., 
Oct. 14, 1810, d. Childersburg, Talladega co., Ala., Oct. 17, 1881, 
wid. of Edward Topping, a da. Adam and Sarah (Billings). Ch.: 

+ 16625 Sarah Buchanan' Cleveland, b. Sept. 21, 1841. 

16626 Annabella', b. Oct., 1844, died Wildwood, Sumter 
CO., Fla., Sept. 4, 1884, m. Cross Plains, Calhoun co., Ala., June 

' 2, 1878, William T. Little, b. Charleston, S. C. Of Spartanburg, 
S. C, and Tex. s. p. 

16627 Mary Douglas' Cleveland, b. July, 1848, m. in 
Ala., Sept. II, 1871, James S. Sharp. Res. Wildwood, 1885-95. 
Ch.: Edward Rawdon^ Sharp ; Sydney B.^ Sharp ; Maurice M.^ 
Sharp; Victor V.^ Sharp; Mable C.^ Sharp; Felix Little^ Sharp. 

16628 Emma Harriet' Cleveland, b. Aug. 9, 1849, died 
Childersburg, Nov. 21, 1879, m. near C, Apr. 8, 1868, Joseph 
Keith, res. Childersburg. Ch.: Percy Cleveland^ Keith, b. June 3, 
1869, of Selma, Ala. 

Benjamin Franklin" Cleveland, of Montgomery co., Ala., 
many years, farmer ; [a B. F. Cleveland was P. M. Hanover, 
Coosa CO., Ala., fr. Apr. 20 or Sept. 30, 1847. — U. S. Reg\ 

Elenor Axa Pond m. ist, Wetumpka, Ala., 1836, Edward 
Topping, he d. ab. 1838, only s. of Mr. Topping. She m. 3d, 
Lyle. Ch. by ist m.: Jennie Topping, b. 1838, Hartford, Conn., 
d. Talladega, Ala., May 6, 1862. 


DAVID BARTLETT^ CLEVELAND (Larkin»), d. Hill co., 
Tex., May 13, 1869, aged 44, m. in Northwestern Tex., Mary E. 
Mullins, b. Jasper, Marion co., Tenn., June 10, 1831, da, Morgan. 
Served in Mexican war, went to Tex., had much land, surveyed 
western counties; leader of co. of Rangers to decease. Ch.: 


16629 John Milling', b. Sept. i, 1859, of Whitney C. H., 
Hill CO., Tex., 1885. 16630 William Larkin', b. 1863, of Whit- 
ney. 1663 1 Sarah David', b. 1869, of Tex. 

16236. ^ 

JAMES HARVEY" CLEVELAND (Larkin»), b. Montgom- 
ery CO., Ala., Jan. i, 1829, d. Edinburgh, Leake co.. Miss., Dec, 
1869, m. Coosa co., Ala., Nov. 11, 1847, Mary Jane Graves, born 
Nixbtirg, Ala., Nov. 25, 1828, a da. John Kirk and Celia Ann 
(Jones). Ch. b. Nixburg: 

+ 16632 James Henry' Cleveland, b. Aug. 22, 1848. 

-j-16633 William Benjamin^ Cleveland, b. Oct. 20, 1850. 

16634 Mary Emergene'', born Nov. 28, 1853, m. Coosa, 
Leake co.. Miss., Aug. 27, 1876, Elijah Wilbanks Home, bom 
Coosa, Mar. 13, 1855, a s. Elijah Thomas and Susan A. (Ray), of 
Bezer, Smith co.. Miss., 1885, farmer. Ch.: Pearl Cleveland^ 
Home, b. July 31, 1877 ; William Larkin^, July 22, 1879 ; Carl Le- 
roy*, Dec. 27, 1880; Lacy Gray* Home, Oct. 23, 1882. 

16635 Minnie Louella', Jan. i, 1869. 

James Harvey* Cleveland taught school 1848-53 ; took cen- 
sus of Coosa CO. 1854. Rem. 1857 to Rockford, Ala., to take 
Sheriff's office, which was vacant. Settled, fall of 1859, ^- Edin- 
burg, and started a farm. Joined C. S. A. 1861, as private 40th 
Miss. After Vicksburg siege was Quartermaster to close of 
war. At the first election after the war, he was i of only 4 men 
to vote Democratic ticket at his place — of 200 voters. Was 
dangerous to vote Democratic, the other party (Elephant Party, 
or Loyal League, afterward Republican Party) being a secret 
organization to defeat the South. The Democrats had, 1868, a 
majority in the co., and he was nominated by the convention 
for legislature, but he was disqualified, having held ofiice in 
Confederate service. He came down in favor of Seth Baker, 
who was elected. 


ROBERT MATHIS" CLEVELAND (jeremiah», Robert*, Johns, 

Alexanders, Aiexanderi), b. at Asheville, N. C, Mar. 3, 1 803, died at 
Wartrace, Tenn., Apr. 4, 1876, m. rst, at Lawrenceville, Ga., 
Nov. 22, 1833, Harriet Neal, b. in Franklin co., Ga., d. at Law- 
renceville May 6, 1839, daughter of Major and Nancy (May field) 
Neal. He m. 2d, Bristol, R. L, Aug. 11, 13, 1840, Fanny Leon- 
ard Wight, bom Bristol Sept. 16, 17, 1816, a daughter of Rev. 
Henry and Clarissa or Clara (Leonard) Wight. Children born 
at Lawrenceville, by ist m. : 

+ 16636 William Choice'' Cleveland, b. July 25, 1834. 

+ 16637 Jeremiah'' Cleveland, b. Sept. 21, 1836. By 2d m.: 

+16638 Vannoy'' Cleveland, b. Mar. 11, 1841. 

16639 Caroline Choice' Cleveland, b. June 17, 18, 1842, 
m. Marietta, Ga., June 23, 1884, Walter Sims Ryall, b. Chapel 
Hill, Marshall co., Tenn., Oct. 9, 1841, s. of Thomas Coleman 
and Elizabeth Sims (Scudder). Residence: Marietta, 1884, has 
a planting interest in Florida. 

7 /,••?' 

-^ <M.. 





16640 Harriet Dawkins' Cleveland, b. Nov. 14, 1844. 
Miss Cleveland, residence. Marietta, 1878-96; is a subscriber 
for this Genealogy. 

4-16641 Barnet Franklin' Cleveland, b. Aug. 11, 1846. 

Jesse Dougherty'^ Cleveland, b. Sept. 12, 1853, d. 
Lawrence V. Nov. 21, 1858. 

p'^% 16642 Georgia Alden' Cleveland, born Dec. 6, 185 1, m. 
Hon. John Bomar' Cleveland +16712. 

+ 16643 Robert Mathis' Cleveland, b. Aug. 25, 1855. 

Robert Mathis" Cleveland, residence : Lawrenceville, was 
a merchant of that city for a number of years. Retired early 
from active business, and spent the remainder of his days in 
dignified ease. Removed, 1866, to, and afterward lived at, 

Mrs. Fanny Leonard (Wight) Cleveland, residence, Mari- 
etta, with her daughter, Miss Cleveland. 

Wight ancestry r—Th.oiaa.s^ [See +2024, p. 8iq]; Samuel^", b. Dedham, Mass., Feb. 5, 
1639, of Medfield, Mass., suffered great loss in Philip's war, m. Hannah Albee or Alby, 
da. Benjamin of Braintree, Mass.; Jonathan', b. Sept. n, 1682, m. Margaret Fairbanks 
of Medfield; Jonathan*, b. Oct. 11, 1705, m. Sarah Plimpton; Henry', b. May 26, 1752, of 
Bristol, R. I., m. Clarissa Wight ; Rev. Henry*, of Bristol, Congregational clergyman, 
m. Clarissa Leonard'. Cli.; i. Alice, d. 1884, m. Rev. Charles Alden of Providence, R. I. 
2. Clara, m. William Rowland of Augusta, Ga. 3. Fanny Leonard' Wight, m. Robert 
Mathis Cleveland'. 

Leonard ancestry, 2 lines:— Henry 1, Thomas'", James", Hannah*, m. Isaac Deane*. 
James* [see 4-8683, p^ 1799]; Jtidge Stephen', b. Dec. 14, 1680, judge of Court of Common 
Pleas; Maj. Zephaniah', b. Mar. 18, 1704, m. Hannah King*: Col. ZephaniahT, Yale 1758, 
sheriff o£ Bristol co., mentioned in Aipleton [Daniel] &" Co.'s Encyclofiedia, d. Apr. u, 
1814, m. Oct. 30, 1765, Abigail Alden'; Clarissas Leonard m. Henry Wight*. 

Alden ancestry : — Johni [see 4-325Si P- 872]; Joseph", b. 1624, of Duxbury, Mass., d. 
Peb. 8, 1697, m. Mary Simmons or Symonson, da. Moses of Plymouth, Mass.; John*, m. 
Hannah White'; David*, m. Judith Paddleford ; Abigail' Alden m. Zephaniah Leonard^. 

White ancestry: — Capt. Thomas^, b. Eng. ab. 1599, of Weymouth, Mass., freeman 
Mar. 3, 1635-6, selectman, commanded military company, rep. to Gen. Court ; Capt. Bben- 
«zer2, b. 1648, m. Hannah Phillips, b. W. Nov. 25, 1654, a da. Nicholas and Hannah (Salter), 
of Boston, Mass.; Hannah' White m. John Alden'. 

King ancestry : — ]ohn^, of Newtowne 1636, Sandwich, Mass., 1637, Weymouth 1639, 
-owned land at King's Cove and King's Oak Hill, seaman, m. 2d, Mrs. Dorothy Hunt, 
widow of Enoch Hunt ; Philip", b. W. 1645, town officer at W., d. Taunton, Dec. 26, 1710, 
m. Judith Whitman, a da. John of Weymouth; Capt. John', b. W. 1676, capt. in militia, 
rep., m. Alice Deane'; Hannah* King m. Zephaniah Leonard'. 

Deane ancestry :— J ohn^, b. 1600, from Chard or Taunton, co. Somerset, Eng., of Dor- 
-chester, Mass., an original purchaser of Taunton, Mass., 1639, m. Alice ; Isaac", m. Jan. 
24, 1678, Hannah Leonard*; Alice' Deane m. John'King'. 


JESSE FRANKLIN' CLEVELAND (jeremiah', Robert*, John', 

Alexander^, Alexander^), born at Greenville, S'. C, Oct. 25, 1804, died 
Charleston, S. C, June 22, 1841, m. in Clinton, Ga., Nov. i, 1832, 

Mary Franklin' Smith -|- 16608 (EHza«, John', Benj.*, John', Alex.", Alex. 1), 

she d. Macon, Ga., May 18, 1844, a. 29. Ch. : 

+ 16644 Jesse Franklin''"" Cleveland, born Nov. 15, 1834, 
Clinton, Ga. 

-f-16645 Jeremiah Cap'*' Cleveland, born Feb. 11, 1837, 
Macon, Ga. 

Hon. Jesse Franklin" Cleveland was a member of U. S. 
Congress, Representative from the Dekalb District of Ga. for 4 
years, from 1836 to 1839, but subsequently removed to Charles- 
ton, S. C, where he became a merchant, and died. U. S. Regis- 
ter, Blue Book, jSjj — Congress: Cleveland, J. F., Decatur, Ga. 

Hon. Jesse Franklin" Cleveland was highly esteemed, and 
very popular with his constituents. He is well remembered to 



this day by all the elder members of the Southern Cleveland 
Family. The plate portrait of Hon. Jesse Franklin^ Cleveland 
was contributed to the Cleveland Family Genealogy by the 
Hon, Williajn Choice' Cleveland -{-16636. 

See Dictionary of the United States Congress^ by Charles Lanmany 
1868, p. 85. 


JEREMIAH" CLEVELAND (jeremiah», Roberts John', Alexander^ 

Alexander'), b. Greenville, S. C, Feb. 4, 1806, d. Greenville, May 
19, 1877, m. ist, in Maury co., Tenn., Sept. 17, 1833, Sarah Eliz- 
abeth Stone, b. Maury co. Dec. 9, 1816, d. Wartrace, Tenn., May 
23, 1840, a da. of Thomas Jefferson and Nancy (Dogan). He 
m. 2d, Maury co., Oct. 27, 1841, Mary Ann Stone, b. Maury co. 
June 20, 1820, d. Wartrace, July 20, 1847, a da. Thomas Jeffer- 
son and Nancy (Dogan). Children, all b. at Wartrace, by ist m.: 

-I-16646 Sarah Philadelphia' Cleveland, b. Apr. 4, 1835. 

-[-16647 Eliza Dawkins' Cleveland, b. Sept. 23, 1837. 

-[-16648 Thomas Stone' Cleveland, b. Apr. 25, 1840. By 
2d m.: 

16649 Harriet Dawkins' Cleveland, b. Aug. 9, 1842, d. 
Wartrace, May 29, 1861, unm. 

16650 Jeremiah'' Cleveland, b. Aug. 20, 1844, killed in 
battle in front of Richmond, Va., May 16, 1864, uhm. Private 
Co. G, 17th Tenn. Reg., C. S. A., noted in his regiment for 
bravery. Mary', b. Apr. 7, d. Wartrace, May 6, 1847. 

Jeremiah' Cleveland removed to Tenn. in 1833, and settled 
in Bedford co., Tenn., in 1833, and always afterward lived at 
Wartrace. He owned there the finest farm in Tenn. Mr. 
Cleveland was one of the first promoters of the Nashville & 
Chattanooga R. R., Tenn., which has always been so important 
to the interests of the State. He was a much esteemed, useful 
member of the community. The compilers of the Cleveland 
Family Genealogy are glad to insert (through the kindness of 
his son, Mr. Thomas Stone' Cleveland) the portrait of Jere- 
miah*, with those of Thomas S.' and wife, in a group. 


Johns, Alexander", Alexanderi), b. Greenville, S. C, Apr. 26, 1808, died 

Greenville, Oct. 23, 1865, m. Spartanburg, S. C., Apr. 13, 1847, 
Mary Harriet^ Cleveland 4-16265 (jesse», Robt«, john^, Aiex.2, Aiex.i). 
Child : 

-|- 1665 1 Mary McLeod' Cleveland, born Mar. 30, 1848, 

Mr. Barnet Franklin® Cleveland, residence : always 
Greenville C. H., S. C. Of large means, he was noted for kind- 
ness of heart, great charity, and hospitality. Mrs. Mary Har- 
riet' (Cleveland) Cleveland resides with her daughter, Mrs. 
Harris, at Cleveland place, Greenville, 1884. Mrs. Cleveland is 
a well-known poet, author, and contributor ; see Bibliography, 
Chap. IV. 


>'<^-2.,^ r^^-T-ZX^ 





CAROLINE' CLEVELAND (jeremiah», Roberts John*, Alexander^ 

Aiexanderi), d. Greenville, S. C, May 17, 1887, a. 76, m. G. M^ 10, 
1832, Capt. William Choice, b. G. Oct. 24, 1796, died Greenville, 
June 27, 1877, s. of William and Mary (McDonald) Choice, s. p. 
From obituary of Mrs. Caroline^ (Cleveland) Choice : 
Greenville Daily News, May .27, 1887 — 


Died in Greenville, on Tuesday, the 17th of May, 1887, in the seventy-seventh year of 
her age, Mrs. Caroline Choice, wife of the late William Choice, Esq. 

The subject of this sketch, although but little known to the younger portion of our 
community outside of the circle of her personal friends and relatives, has for many 
years, during the active portion of her liie, and the earliest history of (ireenville, filled 
an important and conspicuous place in its best society. 

Born on the 2d of February, 1811, but one square removed from the spot where she 
died, she has been identified with Greenville three-fourths of a century, a period com- 
prising all its phases of growth, as hamlet, village, town, and city. 

Her father, Capt. Jeremiah Cleveland, is well remembered by our older citizens. 
He was among the earliest settlers of this busy, stirring city. Among men he was ac- 
counted a strong man in his day and generation, and his stern virtues were typical of 
the times in which he lived. Here he passed his long and active life, known of all men 
for his high character, strong intellect, and pure and unsullied record as a citizen and 
man of business. By force of character and application he amassed, even at that early 
day, one of the largest estates in the upper part of the State. 

In the ojjinion of the writer, of whom she was a lifelong and valued friend, Mrs. 
Choice inherited much of the strength of mind and sterling qualities of her father. The 
contemplation of these characteristics for a few moments by the rising generation, many 

of whom have already taken her place in the active duties of life, cannot fail to inspire 

in their bosoms feelings of sincerest respect and generous emulation. Independence, 
truth, integrity, love of justice, and devotion to duty, were prominent and controlling 
traits of her character. To these were added the softer graces of charity, unstinted hos- 
pitality, kindness of heart, and beneficence. Toward the humble and the lowly were 
these truly Christian virtues most constantly exercised, and many of these would bear 
witness to-day that for long years their lives have been cheered and their hopes renewed 
by the refreshing dews of her continuous bounty. It was the blessing of her old age, 
and doubtless the greatest source of her own happiness, that she was thus able to con- 
tribute to the happiness of others. To a liberal education and a natural refinement of 
manner was added the culture which comes of travel, and a wide range of reading, 
always from carefully selected authors, causing her companionship to be alike interest- 
ing and instructive to those around her. 

Having no children of their own, and in entire accord with the wishes of her late 
husband, Capt. William Choice, she took upon herself at different periods of her life the 
entire charge of several of her nieces and nephews, rearing them from infancy, and be- 
stowing upon them the priceless advantages of a liberal education. Among those 
brought thus near to her by ties of blood and almost filial association, is our townsman, 
William C. Cleveland. 

By her death a noble, high-minded, and conscientious woman has passed away, and 
the good deeds of a long life will follow her. 

She now rests quietly beside him with whom she joined her young life when she was 
but twenty-one years of age, and for whom she entertained until her latest breath the 
kindest veneration and most tender regard. Under the shadow of the Episcopal Church, 
of which she was a lifelong member, and toward the building of which they larggly 
contributed, both of them now sleeis. 

Another link is broken connecting the past with the present of Greenville, and we 
who are left may well pause at their graves and study the lesson of their lives, resolving 
to emulate their virtues, that we, too, at the close may offer to those coming after us the 
example of well rounded lives •, the record of which is richly stored with duties well per- 
formed, and obligations well fulfilled. S. S. C. 

From The Herald : 


When an old, prominent, and most worthy citizen of the community departs this life 
it is right and proper and respectful to his memory that something more should be said 
of him than simply the announcement of his death. 

William Choice was a native of Greenville District, and, at the time of his death, 
perhaps the oldest native born citizen in the District. His father, William Choice, Sr., 
was a substantial farmer, and one of the earliest settlers in Greenville. When the Dis- 
trict was first organized, and a county seat to be selected, William Choice, Sr., was 
appointed one of the Commissioners to locate the Court House. He lived to an advanced 
age, and was greatly respected by all his neighbors. He had a large family of children, 
and most of them moved to Georgia in the lifetime of their father. 

William Choice, the subject of this sketch, after completing his English education at 
the ordinary schools of the country, was sent to the Pendleton Academy to complete his 
classical education, which had been commenced under the tuition of Dr. Thomas Aus- 


tin, a venerable citizen of the District, still living: ! He then commenced the study of 
law in the office of Mr. Tillinghast, who then resided in Greenville, and was afterwards 
elected Comptroller General, andmoved to Columbia. 

In due course of time Mr. Choice was admitted to the bar, and commenced the prac- 
tice of his profession at Greenville Court House in his native district. He was studious 
and inaustrious, attentive to his business, and punctual in the discharge of all his duties 
as a lawyer. There was no neglect or delay in the business entrusted to him. He soon 
acquired the reputation of being; the best and most prompt collecting lawyer in the Circuit. 
He never kept his client's money on hand after he had an opportunity of paying it over. 
Soon he acquired a large and lucrative practice. Judge Earle, at that time Solicitor of 
the Western Circuit, formed a partnership with him, which continued to the mutual 
advantage of both of them, till Earle was elected one of the Circuit Judges of the State. 
There was then a pa,rtnership formed between him and Judge Wardlaw, which continued 
for many years. Soon after the election of J^idge Wardlaw to the bench Mr. Choice 
retired from the bar with a fortune most honestly made by industry and economy. 

Mr. Choice was elected the first Commissioner in Equity for Greenville District, and 
continued to discharge the duties of the office for a great number of years. No one ever 
filled this important office in South Carolina more faithfully than he did. His accounts 
were all kept with scrupulous accuracy, so that every one could understand them who 
looked at them. He wrote a beautiful hand, and was a first rate accountant. The chan- 
cellors invariably complimented him at court for the neatness of his dockets, the correct- 
ness of his reports, and the promptness with which he paid over the funds in his hands. 

Having accumulated a large fortune by his profession, he was not vain of it, nor did 
he make any show of his wealth. He was kind-hearted and charitable, but his charity 
was like his' wealth — not intended for display. It is known to some that he spent large 
sums — several thousand dollars — in the education of his and his wife's relations. In 
one instance which accidentally came to the knowledge of the writer, he sent a young 
man, a distant relation of his wife, whom he had never seen, five hundred dollars, to 
complete his education. This y;oung gentleman had graduated at the South Carolina 
College with the first honors of his class, and was of brilliant promise. He had exhausted 
his patrimonjr, and could not pursue his intended study of the law. Mr. Choice heard of 
him and his situation and sent him five hundred dollars to enable him to complete his 
legal studies ; but death claimed him as his victim, and his studies were never completed. 

Mr. Choice was a man of grreat firmness and sincerity of character. He formed his 
own opinions and 'could not be swerved from them. No one ever charged him with a 
want of sincerity. He never deceived any one, but was always frank and open in every 
thing he did. His enmities, as well as his friendships, were known to the world. He 
was a most cordial and genial companion with his friends, and he delighted in their 
society. His conversation was always interesting. He had read a good deal, and had 
traveled all over the United States. He possessed a very_ observing mind and a fine 
memory. His remarks were always wise and judicious. His mind was practical and his 
judgment wise and good on all subjects. 

The best evidence that could be adduced of William Choice's kindness, charity, and 
goodness was shown at his funeral. His family wished to have a private one, knowing 
that he who had eschewed all pomp and show in life would not desire a public display in 
death. But his tenants, his former slaves, his domestics, and his near neighbors insisted 
on attending his funeral. He treated his slaves all his life as if they had been his chil- 
dren, and when they were emancipated he provided them all with comfortable homes. 

Like most men of marked character as for firmness, sincerity, frankness, integrity, 
Mr. Choice was strong in his friendships and bitter in his enmities. He was not one or 
those characters known as " all things to all men." If he liked you he showed it, and if 
he did not there was no concealment about it. In politics he was a warm partisan, a 
nullifier and secessionist, and when the war came on he invested thirty or forty thousand 
dollars in Confederate bonds. This was all lost,' of course, and his slaves, worth forty or 
fifty thousand dollars, were emancipated. He lost largely, too, by his private debtors and 
stocks, and still he died possessed of an ample fortune, all accumulated by his industry, 
energy, and prudence. 

For several years Mr. Choice's health has been bad, but his mind was as clear in his 
eightieth year as it ever had been. He left a widow, many relatives, and numerous 
friends to lament his loss and cherish his memory. B. F. P. [Gov. Benjamin P. Perry.] 


HARRIET" CLEVELAND (jeremiah^, Roberts John^, Alex.^!), d. 

Greenville, S. C, Sept. 8, 1842, a. 31, m. G., Nov. 13, 1832, Col. 
Thomas Nuckolls Dawkins, b. Union co., N. C, Dec. 15, 1806, 
d. Unionville, S. C, Mar. 20, 1870, a s. Elijah and Nancy (Nuck- 
olls). Residence : Unionville, lawyer ; Judge of Circuit Court ; 
col. and aid to Gov. James Hamilton of S. C. s. p. 


ELIZA' CLEVELAND (jeremiahs, Robert', John^, Alex.s), died at 

Greenville, S. C, July 27, 1886, a. 73, m. ist, at G., Apr. 20, 1841, 
Col. Benjamin Franklin Dawkins of Gowdeysville, Union co., 
S. C, b. Union, Union co., S. C, May 10, 1810, died Greenville, 




Sept. 4, 1847, a son Elijah and Nancy (Nuckolls). Of Union, 
merchant. She m. 2d, at Union, Mar. 4, 1852, Henry Coleman 
Poole of Gowde^^sville, b. Spartanburg, S. C, Mar. 4, 183 1, d. 
Greenville, Sept. 9, 1868, a son Robert Coleman and Sabina 
(Turner). Of Greenv., farmer. Both m.: s. p. 

From a fublished Obituary Notice : 

Few better women than Mrs. Poole have ever lived. Her kindness and cordiality of 
manner expressed the nobility of her character, and she made warm friends of all who 
came in contact with her, and retained their affections always. ' Her heart was full of 
charity and love for fellow creatures, and the poor and unfortunate of two s;enerations 
have cause to remember her benefactions and attentions with love and gratitude. Her 
old age was peaceful and pleasant, full of good work and lighted by the memory of 
kindly deeds and the blessings of the many who had cause to bless her. During her 
latter years she has given charity much of her time and attention and was the admira- 
tion of all who visit that part of the city, and has doubtless given pleasure to many 
thousands of people who knew nothing of the owner. 


JAMES HARVEY' CLEVELAND (jeremiah>, Robert*, John', 

Alexander", Alexander'), died in Greenville, S. C, Sept. 4, 1892, a. 77, 
and was buried at Marietta, Greenville co., S. C, m. Greenville, 
S. C, Oct. 7, 1837, Mary Louisa Williams, b. Greenville, S. C, 
June 21, 1820, a daughter of Thomas Blackburn and Elizabeth 
Thomas (Maxwell). Children : 

-I-16652 Sallie Vannoy' Cleveland, born Jan. 16, 1839, ^^ 
" Cleveland Homestead," Greenville, S. C. 

16653 Elizabeth Maxwell' Cleveland, b. Feb. 2, 1841, 
at "Williams Homestead," Greenville, S. C, m. Jeremiah Cap' 
Cleveland +16645. 

.4-16654 Harriet Dawkins' Cleveland, born Mar. i, 1843, 
Hilly Home, Greenville co., S. C. 

-j-16655 Eliza Tallula' Cleveland, born Sept. 9, 1845, at 
Hilly Home, Greenville co., S. C. 

-J--16656 Jesse Franklin' Cleveland, born Oct. 9, 1847, at 
Hilly Home, Greenville co., S. C. 

+16657 Richard Mays' Cleveland, born Sept. 9, 1853, at 
Marietta, Greenville co., S. C. 

Mr. James Harvey' Cleveland was highly esteemed and 
much beloved. The following and other obituary notices ap- 
peared in the newspapers throughout the U. S. at the time of 
his decease. From T/ie Greenville Daily News, Sept. 6, z8g2 [writ- 
ten by the Editor, Mr. Alfred Brockenborough Williams]: 


By the death of James Harvey Cleveland Greenville county has lost one of her most 
honored landmarks. He had lived all his long life here without a shadow of reproach, 
holding the reverence, confidence, and affection of his neighbors. Hospitality and be- 
nevolence were not duties with him, but were as natural as his breathing, and inex- 
haustible. A man of pure and upright life, he had endless patience and compassion for 
the weaknesses and faults of his fellow men. None were so depraved as to be beneath 
the scope of his kindly pity and ready help ; no wickedness could outstretch his wide 
charity. When he could not speak good of others he was silent. Where he could not 
give his respect or friendship, kindly recognition of the brotherhood of man extended, 
and his hand was ever ready to make felt in living deeds the warmth of his heart. 

Few men have been so blest as to look back upon a life as blameless, as happy, and 
as useful as his. He never mingled much in public affairs, and vexed his soul little with 
the contentions of men or the battles of the world. Far from the madding crowd's igno- 
ble strife, he kept the even tenor of his way, content to do his duty as man, citizen, and 
neighbor. Ostentation was contrary to his nature. Simplicity and modesty character- 


ized him always, and made his benevolence and his life doubly beautiful. He was as 
unassuming as the most shrinking child, and had the perfect poise and self-control of 
the strongest man. In movements for the public welfare he was always among the fore- 
most and most generous in action, the most backward in accepting praise or reward. 
He did his full duty always, and always as if it would not have been possible for him or 
any man to have done otherwise. 

In these times of rush and hurly-burly and false purposes and base standards and 
loud seltishness and false pretence, it is refreshing and comforting to find a life like that 
of Mr. Cleveland's — pure, simple, gentle, kindly, and modest — a life marked by duties 
and good works well done, without proclamations of the doing or demands for recogni- 
tion, by far-reaching charitj; for which no trumpets were sounded, by a very sweet and 
very practical Christianity, in which there was no praying at the street corners or obtru- 
sion of his own righteousness. 

There are many honored graves in South Carolina, marked and unmarked, many 
places where high and noble and true men sleep. In none of them will there rest a 
nobler, kindlier gentleman, a higher or more manly man than he who will be buried to- 
day near the blue mountains he loved. He lived gentle, generous, and honest ; hs will 
sleep peacefully : and when the time comes he will rise in peace to go before the Creator 
whose will he did well, whose spirit of love and compassion he faithfully illustrated in 
his life. 

From Enter pi-ise and Mountaitteer, Greenville, S. C, Sept. 7, i8p2 : 


On last Sunday, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Hamlin Beattie, of this city, 
Mr. James Harvey Cleveland breathed his last. 

One of the old landmarks of Greenville County, and one whose name has, during his 
life of more than three score years and ten, been associated with Greenville, has passed 
away. A son of Capt. Jeremiah Cleveland, who was one of the pioneer settlers of this 
county, and a descendant of the Clevelands who fought at King s Mountain, J. Harvey 
Cleveland was born in Greenville on December i, 1815. His early life was Sfjent at the 
place of his birth until, about 1838, upon his marriage to Miss Mary L. Williams, he 
moved to Cleveland's mill, about four miles above Marietta, and entered upon his life's 
work of farming. Subsequently, upon the death of Dr. Williams, his wife's father, he 
purchased from that estate the place upon which he was living at the time of his death, 
and to ■which he gave the name of Marietta. He removed for a season back to his birth- 
place for the purpose of educating his children, of whom there were given to him six. 
Of this number there survive him five, three daughters and two son.i: Mrs. William 
Wilkins, Mrs. H. Beattie, Mrs. Lizzie Cleveland, Hon. R. Mays Cleveland, and Mr. Jesse 
F. Cleveland. The other daughter, Mrs. J. T. Williams, preceded her father several 
years ago. 

Mr. Cleveland was himself the youngest of eight children, having had four brothers 
and three sisters, all of whom he had survived for several years. In his death, there- 
fore, passes away the last of his father's family. Some of his brothers migrated to 
Georgia and Tennessee, and one of them, Hon. Jesse F. Cleveland, was at one time the 
Congressman from the Atlanta District. The deceased was also an uncle of Mr. W. C. 
Cleveland, of our city, and had a very large circle of relatives and friends in this imme- 
diate neighborhood. 

At the commencement of the war between the States, Mr. Cleveland enlisted as a 
private in the Brooks Troop, and was attached to the Hampton Legion, but after a ser- 
vice of somewhat more than a year he was discharged, being exempt from duty by rea- 
son of his age. 

Mr. Cleveland studied in his youth civil engineering, but possessing by inheritance 
a competency he never made a pursuit of his profession. Possessed of large landed 
estates, he gave his attention almost entirely to their management, and prosperity at- 
tended his efforts. For over forty years he had resided at Marietta, passing his life in 
the enjoyment of home pleasures and farming pursuits, wherein was his chief delight. 
His life was uneventful Of gentle disposition, and far more fond of domestic pursuits 
than the turmoil of public life, Mr. Cleveland never sought or seemed to desire office. 
The family circle and familiar intercourse with friends were congenial to him, and his 
affectionate, cheerful disposition made him particularly welcome and happy in these 
spheres. Kind and sympathetic, he was willing and ready to give aid when needed ; 
and of an amiable, even-tempered frame of mind, he never wittingly injured or need- 
lessly offended any one. Of generous nature, he delighted in hospitality, and although 
a patriarch in years and appearance, his heart was ever warm with the glow of youth. 
We would imagine that nothing would be more enjoyed by hi.m than the thronging of 
relatives and friends within the precincts of hospitable old "Antiquity," as his home 
was called. 

He spent his life in trying to do right, and felt no fears when the end was near. It 
was during last spring that he remarked that he knew his days must needs be few on 
earth, but he felt no concern ; that God had been good to him, and he was in no wise 
troubled as to the future welfare of his children or family ; and almost his last words 
were. " God is love." 

The immediate cause of his death was jaundice, to which he at last succumbed after 
an illness of about six weeks. He had come down from Marietta and, as stated, was so- 
journing with his daughter, Mrs. Hamlin Beattie, when he died. 

The funeral services were held on yesterday at Christ Church, in this city, and the 
remains were afterwards taken to Marietta for interment. 



111 pltmjovtj 


games ^'Axvtvi ^Uvzliind, 

Greenville, S. C, September 4, 1892. 

" 'God is love,' and hath been good to me," 
In his last hours on earth he softly said, 

As in that quiet room, on bended knee. 
Loved ones were gathered 'round his dying bed. 

" God is love ! " No other trust had he, 
But that for hira the blessed Saviour died ; 

A perfect sense of pardon, full and free, 
Sealed by the blood that flowed from His dear side. 

" God is love ! " He urged no claim but this. 
As through death's lonely valley, dark and drear, 

He journeyed onward to a land of bliss, 
Unfettered by a single doubt or fear. 

The last of his father's house below, 
To him on high a welcome now is given- ; 

Where the broken wreath is bound, we know. 
And the severed chain linked in heaven. 

Ah, love hath ruled his life, dav by day ; 

Love to his neighbor, and to "God above ; 
And through the gates of pearl he hath passed away, 

To ioin the angel chorus, " God is love ! " 

M. H. C. 

Greenville, S. C, September 13, 1892. 

Mrs. Mary Louisa (Williams) Cleveland resides (1896) at her 
home, the Cleveland Homestead, Marietta, Greenville co., S. C. 

Williatns ancestry : — Capt. Jamesi of Virginia. From Office of Secretary of War, 
Washingtoji, D. C. — James Williams (Va.), ad Lt. loth Va., Dec. 17, 1776, ist Lt Mar. 18, 
1777, Capt.-Lt. June 2, 1778, reg. designated 6th Va. Sept. 14, 1778, Capt. Sept. iq, 1778, 
and served to close of war. (Had a brother in Lexington, Ky.) m. Elizabeth Blackburn, 
b. London, Eng. ; Thomas Blackburn" Williams of Greenville m. Elizabeth Thomas 


ROBERT" CLEVELAND (Presleys, Robert*, JohnS, Alexander", 

Alexander^), d. n. Ooltewah, Tenn., Aug., 1854, a. 36; m. Sweet 
Water, Tenn., 1844, Elizabeth Sneed, b. n. Sweet W. 1824, a da. 
Rev. Robert. Rem. from n. Philadelphia, Tenn., soon after m. 
to Ooltewah, dwelt there, farmer, Ch. b. Ooltewah : 4, 3 living 

+ 16658 William' Cleveland (the eldest child). 

16659 Presley' Cleveland of Albany, or Gentry ville; 
P. O., Gentry co.. Mo., 1884. 



LARKIN JERRY" CLEVELAND (Presiey^), m. Ooltewah, 
Tenn., Aug. i8, 1850, Minerva Parker -{-i6^o4:-\ b. Monroe co., 
Tenn., Dec. 26, 1828, a da. Caleb Isaac and Elizabeth (Sanders). 
Of Monroe co., near Philadelphia, to 1882, n. Golden City, Mo., 
since, farmer 1885. Ch. b. Monroe co. : 

+ 16660 Presley Parker' Cleveland, b. Aug. 18, 1850. 
16661-3 William Alfred', Feb. 18, 1853, unm., res., 1885, 
with parents, farmer; Harvey Hawood', b. Aug. 15, 1857, m. 
Golden C, Mar., 1884, Belle Lee, b. Wayne co., O., the da. Abel 
and Mary. Of Dekalb co., n. Cameron, Mo.; Cordelia Eliza- 
beth', b. Oct. 12, 1859, unm. 16664 Eliza Minerva', b. July 4, 
1862, m. Golden C, Sept. 10, 1883, David Black, born Pa. 1849, the 
s. James and Mary (Carter). Of Golden C, wealthy farmer. Ch. : 
James Larkin Peler" Black, born July 3, 1884, near Golden C. 
16665-6 Robert Mathus', b. Mar. 6, 1866; Francis May', b. 
May II, 1869, d. Monroe co. Jan. 4, 1878. 


ROBERT RAGON' CLEVELAND (eH^, Roberts Johns, Alexan- 
der', Alexanden), d. Philadelphia, Tenn., Apr. 7, 1868, a. 60, m. P. 
Jan. 20, 1835, Sydney Gamble Nelson, b. P. July 5, 181 1, d. P. 
Oct. 23, 1884, only da. Matthew and Martha (Gannon). Of Phil- 
adelphia always; merchant. Ch. b. P.: Eli Nelson', b. June 8, 
d. Oct. 12, 1836; Martha Ann', b. May 23, 1838, d. Apr. 18, 1839; 
Mary Eliza', b. June 2, 1840, d. Aug. 31, 1841. 

■ 16667 Caroline' Cleveland, b. Feb. 2, 1843, m. P. Apr. 
15, 1868, Dr. Franklin King Berry, born P. Dec. 4, 1841, s. Dr. 
Franklin King and Emily (Loughlin). Grad. Jefferson Medical 
Coll., Philadelphia, Pa., received their diploma Mar., 1867. Of 
Philadelphia, Tenn., 1884-5; Sweet Water, East Tenn., 1895, 
allopath, phys. She was ed. at Mary Sharp Coll., Winchester, 
Tenn. Ch. b. Phila., Tenn.: Frank Alberf Berry, Jan. 28, 1869; 
Robert Sydney Cleveland*, Dec. 30, 1870; Caroline'^, Oct. 14, 1873; 
Emily Ether, Nov. 4, '1875; Luke Dayton^, July 26, 1879; Ann 
Eliza^ Berry, Sept. 21, 188 1. 


MATILDA' CLEVELAND (Eli^ Roberts johns, Alex.!!), d. Oolte- 
wah, Tenn., 1878, a, 67, m. Philadelphia, Tenn., Dec. 14, 1827, John 
Chesnutt, b. Hawkins co., Tenn., Dec. 3, 1802, a s. Henry and 
Tabitha (Sanders). Always of Ooltewah, farmer 1885. Ch. : 

16668 Mary Tabitha' Chesnutt, b. Oct. 8, 1827, Philadelphia, 
m. ist, Ooltewah, Oct. 2, 1845, Hugh McDaniel; he d. O. 1858. 
Of O., farmer. She m. 2d, 1859, William Joshua Parks, of Ells- 
worth, Logan CO., Ark. Ch. by ist m.: Granville Winfield" Mc- 
Daniel, born 1844; Caledonia^ McDaniel, 1846. By 2d m. : John 
Chesnutt" Parks; Robert* Parks; Matilda Pauline* Parks. 

16669 Robert NelsorC Chesnutt, b. Dec. 18, 1830, Ooltewah, 
m. Edward Minerva^ Watkins -f- 16300; Eli Cleveland'' Chesnutt, b. 
Nov. 18, 1833, O., d. O. Aug. 12, 1834; Elender Caroline\ b. Sept. 



24, 1836, O., d. O. Oct. 18, 1839; Harriet Minervy\ b. Nov. ^4, 
1839, ^-1 d- O- Ji^iis 6) 1859, unm. 

16670 Henry^ Chesnutt, b. Feb. 18, 1843, O-j "i. n. O. June 
5, 1862, Sarah Sopshire Phillips, b. n. Greenville, S. C, Oct. 15, 
1845, da. Stephen B. and Juliette (Hawkins). Dwelt James co., 
Tenn., of Ennis, Ellis co., Tex., farmer. Ch. b. James county: 
Mary Ella\ May 8, 1866; Hugh Edward\ Nov. 26, 1868; John 
Stephen^, May 5, 1875; Emma Maude^ Chesnutt, July 24, 1880. 

1667 1 Joseph Dyke'^ Chesnutt, b. Aug. 30, 1845, Ooltewah, 
m. O. Oct. 26, 1873, Mary" Cynthia Jones, of Ooltewah, farmer. 
Ch. : Arthur Lee^, born Sept. 4, 1874; Eli Mathus^, Mar. 13, 1876; 
Matilda Elizabeth^, Mar. 27, i878>; Claude^, Aug. 26, 1880; Joseph 
Edgar^ Chesnutt, Nov. 28, 1882. 16672 John Cleveland'' Chesnutt, 
b. Oct. 6, 185 1, O., m. Mar. 16, 1882, Eva Eliza Shugart; she d. 
Sept. 6, 1884, of Ooltewah, farmer. Ch. : Mary Eva^, b. Dec. 29, 
1882. Eli Mathus' Chestiutt,h. Jan. 5, 1855, O., d. O. Sept. 13, 1857. 


JESSE FRANKLIN" CLEVELAND (Eli^ Roberts John', Alex%), 

d. 9 miles N. of Cleveland, Bradley co., Tenn., June 14, 1878, a. 
61, m. ist, 2 mi. S.W. of Charleston, Bradley co., Tenn., Nov. 17, 
1839, Caroline Spriggs, b. S. C. Jan. 30, 1819, died 9 miles N. of 
Cleveland, Tenn., Sept. 6, 1874, da. Ezekial and Louisa (McCay); 
m. 2d, James co., Tenn., Mar. 2, 1875, Mary Jane Sanders, born 
Hawkins county, Tenn., Dec. 13, 1840, a da. William and PoUie 
(Smith). Many years of Cleveland, Tenn., farmer. Ch. by ist 
m. : Mary Louisa', b. Sept. 3, 1840, 4 miles S.W. of Charleston, 
d. 4 mi. S.W. of Cleveland Nov. 7, 1848. 16673 Eli', b. Mar. 15, 
1843, 4 mi. S.W. of Ch., d. Weber's Falls, Cherokee Nation, Aug. 
19, 1867, unm., gov't agt. to Cherokee N. 1867. 

16674 Ezekial Spriggs' Cleveland, b. June 28, 1845, 4 
mi. S.W. of Ch.; m. twice; of Harrison, Boone co.. Mo., 1884-5. 
Ch. : 8 living, i d. 

+ 16675 Caroline' Cleveland, b. Oct. 30, 1847, 9 mi. N. of 
Cleveland, Tenn. 

16676 Robert Lafayette' Cleveland, b. Dec. 15, 1849, 
9 mi. N. of Cleveland, m.; of Cleveland, Tenn. Ch. : 5. 

16677 John' Cleveland, b. Nov. 15, 1851,9 miles N. of 
Cleveland, Tenn., m.; of Chattanooga, Tenn. Ch. : 4 living, i d. 

16678 Jesse Franklin', b. Oct. 5, 1853, 9 mi. N. of CL, m. 
Oct. 3, 1886, of Charleston. Martha', b. Dec. 21, 1855, 9 mi. N. 
of CI., d. do. Aug. II, 1857. 16679 Laura', b. May 6, 1858, do., 
m.; of Charleston, s. p. 

16680 Mat Matilda', b. June 30, 1861, 9 mi. N. of Cleve- 
land, m. ; of Meigs CO., Tenn. Ch. : 2. By 2d m. : Billie Eva- 
lenia', b. Feb. 9, 9 mi. N. of CL, d. do. Mar. 22, 1876. 


CAROLINE' CLEVELAND (ehs Robertsjohns, Aiex.2),d. near 
Madisonville, Tenn., Aug. 24, 1840, a. 21, m., as ist w., Joseph 
Walker, born M., of Madisonville, farmer. (He m. 3d, Lodusky\ 

Jones -[-16284 (Aleys, Robert^, JohnS, Alexander'). 



ELI MATHUS' CLEVELAND (Elia, Roberts John3, Alexander'), 

d. Ooltewah, Tenn., 1883, aged 61, m. Philadelphia, Tenn., Sept., 
1843, Emmeline Pennington, b. P. May 11, 1827, only da. John 
and Alpha (Johnson). Ch. : 12, b. Ooltewah : 

16681 Eliza Matilda', b. Dec. 26, 1844, m. Dec. 21, 1865, 
Alexander McNabb, b. Dec. 5, 1842, a s. Robert Liisk and Eliza 
Ann (Boyd). Of n. Ooltewah 1884, farmer. Ch. b. O., attend- 
ing O. High School : Harriet Lillie" McNabb, b. Nov. 26, 1867 ; 
Annie Leona^, b. Jan. 17, 1870, d. Sept. 5, 1884; Robert Mathus^, b. 
Jan. 29, 1872; Cleveland Alexander^, Oct. 15, 1873; Daisy May^, 
Aug. 14, 1875; Fanny Emmeline^, July 28, 1878; Louisa EarP, 
Sept. 26, 1880 ; Arthur Roscoe^ McNabb, Jan. 6, 1883. 

16682 Polly Ann', b. Nov. 9, 1846, m. July 16, 187 1, 
William Penn Davis. Ch. : Nettie Susan^ Davis, b. May 13, 1872; 
Mathus Cleveland^, Dec. 13, 1873; Alpha Emmeline^, May 8, 1877 ; 
Alie Ann^, July 22, 1879; Nannie Louisa^, Mar. 10, 1882; Virginia 
M^y^ Davis, May 24, 1884. 

16683 Clarissa Caroline', b. Aug. 12, 1848, d. Ooltewah, 
Oct. 16, 1879, m. O. Sept. 7, 1865, John Fletcher Fitzgerald, b. 
Hamilton (now James) co., Tenn., s. Samuel and Nancy (Blan- 
kinship). Ch. : Mary Matilda'' Fitzgerald, born Dec. 23, 1866, of 
Ooltewah. +16684 Alpha Emmeline', Jan. 18, 1851. +16685 
Alie Jones', Feb. 14, 1853. 16686 Eli Mathus', Aug. 9, 1855, 
unm., of Ooltew. [an Eli M. Cleveland of Chattanooga, Tenn., 

+ 16687 John Pennington' Cleveland, b. Feb. 25, 1857, 1858. 

Maj. Eli Mathus' Cleveland, residence from 1844, Oolte- 
wah; served in U. S. Army, late war, as major 2d Tenn. Union 
Vols. Mrs. Cleveland res. Ooltewah. 


DAVID HARVEY" CLEVELAND (Eli», Robert*, Johns, Alex.»), 

m. I St, Philadelphia, Tenn., 1844, Elizabeth Ann Johnson, born 
Fork Creek, Tenn., 1825, d. Phila. 1881, a da. Lewis (brother to 
Elizabeth Johnson who m. Presley^ -f 16064). He m. 2d, 1884, 
Malinda Niel Shearman, b. May 27, 1851, da. John F. and Ma- 
linda (Niel). Always lived in the old Cleveland homestead, 
same house, Philadelphia, 1885 ; res. Sweet Water, Tenn., 1895, 
farmer. Ch. b., raised, and m. in Phila., has grandchildren ; by 
ist m.: 

16688 Jesse Franklin' Cleveland, born July 11, 1845. 
16689 Mary Katherine', Jan. 4, 1847. 16690 Eli', Dec. 11, 
1849. 16691 Sydney Ann', Feb. 19, 1851. 16692 Lewis John- 
son'', Feb. 17, 1853, formerly of Cog Hill, McMinn co., Tenn. 
16693 Caroline', Aug. ir, 1854. 16694 Robert Mathis', Nov. 
9, 1856. 16695 Joseph Jones', Nov. 20, 1858. 16696 Eliza', 
Aug. 28, 1861. 16697 Aley Francis', Dec. 11, 1863. 16698 Vi- 
ola Jessamine', Dec. 15, 1865. 16699 Benjamin David', Dec. 
14, 1867. By 2d m.: 16700 John Shearman', Oct. 23, 1885. 




EMILY CAROLINE* CLEVELAND (jesse», Robert^, John^, 

Alexander"), d. Spartanburg, S. C, May 10, 1893, a. 77, m. S. May 
10, 1836, Jefferson Choice, b. Greenville, S. C, Apr. 29, 181 1, d. 
Spartanb. May 12, i860, a s. William and Mary (Alexander). Of 
Spartanburg, lawyer. Ch.: 

+ 16701 William'' Choice, b. Jan. 26, 1839, Spartanburg, S. C. 
16702 Jesse' Choice, b. May 22, 1841, Greenv., d. in child- 

-1-16703 Harriet Dawkins'' Choice, b. Jan. 30, 1843, Green- 
ville, S. C. 


JOHN BLOSSINGAME' CLEVELAND (jesse*, Robt.4, John', 
Alexander", Alexander"), d. Spartanburg, S. C, Apr. 19, 1870, a. 52, 
m. Bivingsville, Spartanburg co., S. C, n. Spartanburg, Aug. 
28, 1844, Susan Elizabeth Bivings,' b. Bivingsville or Lincoln- 
ton, Lincoln co., N. C, May 3, 1825, da. Dr. James and Susan 
(Von Storre). Ch. b. Spartanburg : 

4-16704 Laura' Cleveland, b. May 21, 1845. 

16705 William Bivings', b. July 17, 1847, d. S. May 20, 
1 87 1, unm., E^ttended Wofford coll., of Spartanb., farmer. Alice', 
b. May 9, 1849, d. S. Feb. 27, 1850. 

16706 Catharine', b. Sept. 27, 1852, m. S., Nov. 16, 1873, 
William Millikin Hagood, b. Pickens co., S. C, Dec. 29, 1850, s. 
James Earl and Esther Benson (Robinson), and distantly con- 
nected with Gov. Hagood of S. C. Of Easley, Pickens co., S. C, 
merch. Ch., ab. 6 : Lidie Miles'^, b. Sept. 26, 1874, Pickens C. H., 
Pickens co., S. C; Mamie Gertrude^, Sept. 30, 1876, P.; Harry 
Cleveland^ Hagood, Aug. 31, 1878, Easley; Clarence Bruce^, Aug. 
9, 1883, E. Mary', b. July 6, 1855, d. Spart. July 3, 1856. 

16707 John Albert' Cleveland, b. Apr. 13, 1857, m. Mrs. 
Edith McKenzie, of Spartanburg, clerk, s. p.; Ida', b. Nov. 27, 
1859, d. S. July 15, i86r. 

John Blossingame" Cleveland. From his Obituary — Was 
the oldest native citizen of our town. He received a practical 
training for mercantile profession, and upon attaining majority 
became a partner in the house which his father conducted from 
the early settlement of the place. After the death of his father, 
he continued the business until a few months ago, his declining 
health admonished him of the danger of confining himself so 
closely, when he withdrew and was devoting himself to agricul- 
ture. In mercantile transactions of 30 years he had been 
brought into contact with the people of our district. He en- 
joyed the confidence and esteem of a very large number. He 
possessed a sound judgment, clear perceptions of right, marked 
equanimity of temper. These qualities, with a quiet disposi- 
tion, made him the chosen arbiter of more differences between 
neighbors than any other man in the district. His influence 
was always a power. For many years he was the chosen In- 
tendant of the Town, in which position he gave such general 
satisfaction that it was only necessary to show that he would 
serve to have him elected. After serving several terms he re- 
fused to be a candidate. 



WILLIAM BERRY" CLEVELAND (jesse», Robert*, John', 

Alexanders), d. Dec. 4, 1856, a. 37, m. 1848, Miss Amanda Wright, 
she d. McNairy co., Tenn., a da. of Mr. Wright. Was, 1855, of 
S. C, planter and merchant. Ch.: 

16708 Susan Nuckolls' Cleveland, d. Dec. 22, 1875, m. 
Jan. 13, 1875, Liddell Elmore Farley. Ch.: William Cleveland^ 
Farley, b. Nov. 29, 1875. 

16709 Jesse' Cleveland, | These two went with their 

16710 Benjamin' Cleveland, [ mother to Tenn., then 
to Arkansas or Texas. 


ROBERT EASLEY" CLEVELAND (jesse", Robert^, JohnV 

Alexander^, Alexander'), died Spartanburg, S. C, Feb. 25, 1882, a. 60,. 
m. S , Nov. 5, 1844, Elizabeth Bomar, b. S. June 18, 1837, d. S. 
June 18, 1862, a da. of John and Mary (Vernon) Bomar. Ch. b. 
Spartanburg : 

-I-16711 Jesse Franklin' Cleveland, b. Feb. 7, 1847. 

4-16712 John Bomar' Cleveland, b. Nov. 9, 1848. 

Choice' Cleveland, b. Oct. 27, 1850, d. S. 1852, a. 2. 

Dr. Robert Easley° Cleveland. From his Obituary — His 
education was obtained in the town schools. After' reading 
medicine, he took his diploma at Charleston, S. C, Medical Col- 
lege, 1843. He at once began the practice of medicine, and 
took rank amongst the first physicians of the co. If he had 
given up all other kinds of business and devoted his time en- 
tirely to his profession, no doubt he could have become emin- 
ent. He continued practice of medicine until close of the war. 
Early in life he began to deal in real estate, and there his fine 
judgment served a good purpose. He had unbounded faith in 
the future of our town and co., and desired no better invest- 
ments than could be found at home. His activity in business 
matters caused him to take rank among the leading business 
men of the place. His desire was to see his town become a 
prosperous place. His love for old Spartanburg was very 
strong, and nothing could have induced him to , leave it. A 
plain man, quick to take the part of a friend. He knew nearly 
all the older men of the co., and he was accustomed, as he saw 
them driving into town, to give many interesting incidents 
illustrating life as it was 40 years ago. He will be much 
missed on the street, at our public meetings. He took a special 
interest in important cases in court. A prominent lawyer says 
his opinion of men and cases was very remarkable. He had a 
fine judicial mind. His suggestions were often valuable to 
lawyers managing suits. His last illness lasted about 3 weeks ; 
was buried Sunday [26th], Mr. Vess, pastor of Baptist Church, 
conducting the funeral services. A large crowd were in attend- 
ance, and a noticeable feature was the great number of colored 
people in the procession. 


SARAH ELIZABETH' CLEVELAND (jesse», RobertMohn',. 
Alexander"), d. Dalton, Ga., May 16, 1876, a. 52, m. Spartanburg, 



S. C, Jan. 18, 1842, as ist w., Dr. Albert Washington Bivings, 
he d. Dalton a few years ago, a s. Dr. James and Susan Van 
(Storre). Ch. b. in S. C: 

-j-16713 Mary Elizabeth'' Bivings, b. Nov. 25, 1842. 

-I-16714 James Cleveland'' Bivings, b. June 18, 1847. 

-I-16715 Emily' Bivings, b. Oct. 17, 1849, i^SO- 

16716 Jesse Franklin^, b. Jan. 21, 1852, d. betw. Tex. and 
Dalton, Nov. 5, 1878 (on way home), m. D., Nov. 11, 1869, Lula 
Bell or Beel, da. Sanford of D. Divorced. {She m. 2d.) Dwelt 
Dalton a few years, went to Tex. Ch.: Emma Gertrude^, born 
May, 1871, d. 1873 ; William Beel' Bivings, b. Apr., 1872, d. a few 
years ago. 

16717 Barney Cleveland'' Bivings, b. Mar. 25, 1854, m. Dal- 
ton, Aug. I, 1877, Mary Robert Wyche, b. Ellaville, Schley co., 
Ga., Dec. 2, 1859, da. Robert Henry and Lula E. Of Dalton, 
1884, merch., town officer. Ch.: Emma Avery^ Bivings, b. Mar. 
14, 1879. 

16718 Jessie'^, b. Aug. 27, 1856, m Oct. 15, 1872, Eugene 
Oglethorpe Herndon, b. Union, S. C, Aug. 25, 1850, a s. Benja- 
min Zachariah and Elizabeth Laura (Pratt). Of Dalton, R. R. 
man. Ch. b. D. : Lily'' Herndon, July 12, 1873; Bessie^ Herndon, 
Mar. 7, 1876; Benjamin Zachariah^, June 25, 1880. Albert Sidney'' 
Bivings, b. June 16, i86i, d. July 4, 1867. 

Dr. Albert Washington Bivings, practising physic'n, Dalton. 
He m. 2d, Lizzie Green, b. Ky., da. Gen. Duff. She res. D. s. p. 


NANCY" CLEVELAND (Martin', Robert*, John^, Alexander*), died 

Powder Spring Gap, Tenn., Aug. 10, 1884, aged 67, m. at her 
father's, n. Red Hill, Tenn., Jan. 5, 11, 1831, Jacob Beeler, b. n. 
Liberty Hill, Grainger co., Tenn., Dec. 27, 1804, d. Powder S. G. 
Feb. 20, 1876, a s Joseph and Catherine (Petre). Settled, Jan. 
31, 1831, and afterw. lived, on farm n. Powder S. G., prosperous 
farmer ; large tax payer, member and benefactor of Missy 
Baptist Chh. Ch. b. P. S. G.: Martin\ b. Nov. 14, d. P. Dec. 20, 


-I-167E9 Joseph Cleveland'' Beeler, b. Nov. 29, 1832. 

-[-16720 Mary Martha' Beeler, b. June 17, 1835. 

4-16721 Enoch CromweW Beeler, Dec. 26, 2836. 

-j-16722 'William Tilmon' Beeler, Mar. 18, 1839. 

16723 Catharine'' , b. June 29, 1841, d. P. Aug. 16, 1862, unm. 

-|- 167 24 David'' Beeler, b. July 10, 1843. 

-|- 16725 Louisa'' Beeler, Sept. 22, 1845. 

-(-16726 Sarah Elizabeth'' Beeler, Nov. 5, 1847. 

-[-16727 Molisa Isidora'' Beeler, ' 6, i%^o. 16728 Lodusca 
Adaline\ b. Aug. 30, 1852, d. P. Dec. 22, 1865. 

-f- 16729 Robert Bartoji' Beeler, b. Dec. 11, 1854. Lsaac New- 

ton\ b. Jan. 14, 1857, d. P. Aug. 18, 1862. 


U ALFRED MATHEWS' CLEVELAND (Martin', Roberts John^, 

, Alexanders, Alexander'), m. Manerva Hill. Throughout war in ist 


Tenn. Cav., C. S. A., twice wounded. Dwelt near Ringgold, 
Catoosa county, Ga., of Blain's Cross Roads, Grainger co., Tenn., 
1885. P. O. care D. D. Anderson, Atty.-Gen. Knox Dist, Knox- 
ville, Tenn. Ch., 5 living : 16730 Matilda Geraldine', m. 
Popejoy of Tex. 

+ 16731 James Martin' Cleveland, b. Oct. 22, 1850, Ring- 
gold. 16732 Martha Dallas'. 16733 Emeline.' 16734 John'. 


WILLIAM MARONA" CLEVELAND (Martin^ Robert*, Johns. 

Alexander"), d. Claibome CO., Tenn., June 29, 1859, a. 33, m. C. co., 
Apr. 17, 1850, Eliza Amanda Jennings, b. Tazewell, Claiborne 
CO., Tenn., Aug. 4, 1827, da. Anderson and Zylpho (Moor). (She 
m. 2d and 1. Bloomfield, Stoddard co., Mo., 1884.) Educated at 
Rogersville, Jefferson co., Tenn., and Spartanburg, S. C, school 
teacher and merch., of Mo., May 5, 1850, to 1856, ret., 1856, to 
Claibome county. Ch. : 16735 Margaret Virginia', b. Jan. 28, 
1852, Bloomf., d. Oct. 10, 1868^ ed. at Tazewell. 

+ 16736 John Anderson' Cleveland, born Apr. 6, 1854, 
Bloomf. 16737 William Morton', b. Feb. 26, 1859, Ball Creek, 
Claiborne co., Tenn. Ed. at Newtonia, Newton co., Mo. Acad, 
and Cape Girardeau, Mo., State Normal School, unm., of Bloomf. 


ELI MATHIS" CLEVELAND (Martin', Robert*, Johns, Alexander'), 

m. May 9, 1858, Mary Adelaide Ellis, born Grainger co., Tenn., 
May 3, 1843, da. Lewis Mabry and Sallie (Jennings). Enlisted, 
Oct., 1862, Co. .H, 26th Tenn., C. S. A., orderly serg. in battles 
Murfreesboro, Stone River, Tenn., while home on furlough was 
cut off from returning to C. S. A. Of Powder Spring Gap, 
Tenn., N. side of Clinch Mt. 1886, farmer, a consistent Christian. 
Ch. : 16738 Ivanora', b. May 8, 1859, m. Nov. 26, 1876, James 
Leroy Beeler, s. Daniel and Sallie (Clark). Ch. : Lillie*\ Dena*; 
Jesse Everetf Beeler. 16739 Vallie', b. Feb. 3, 1861, d. Sept. 14, 
187 1. 16740 Sallie', b. Oct. x6, 1862, unm., ed. Fairview Acad., 
of Powder S. G., teacher penmanship. 16741 Benjamin Frank- 
lin', born Dec. 4, 1871. 16742 Hubert Ellis', Apr. 9, 1873. 
16743 Lewis Martin' Cleveland, Aug. 13, 1876. 


Jesse Franklin'^ Jones (Aley», Robert*, John', Alexander"), d. 

Philadelphia, Tenn., Dec. 31, 1868, aged 60, m. P. Sept. 1, 1832, 
Clarissa Harlowe" Cleveland +16255 (eh', Robert*, johns, Aiex.2). 
She d. P. Mar. 10, 1880, a. 65, Dea. Jesse Franklin'' Jones, of Phila. 
to 1840, Bradley co., Tenn., to 1854, Phila. afterw.; merchant, 
retired and became farmer. Deacon and clerk of Sweet Water, 
Tenn., Baptist Chh. Ch. b. Phila. : 

16744 William Napoleon Bonaparte'' Jones, b. Sept. 19, 1836, 
Phila., m. Loudon co., n. Loudon, Tenn., Nov. 26, 1868, Martha 
Ellen Blair, b. Roane co., Tenn., May 25, 1841, da. William and 
Elizabeth (Carmichal). Of Phila. to Apr. 7, 1878, merchant, 
Osborn, De Kalb county, Mo., since, owns fine farm. Ed. at 



Hiwasse Coll. Ch. b. Phila. : Jesse Blair^ Jones, Aug. 8, 1876; 
Bettie Florence^, Nov. 26, 1877. Mary\ born Nov. 1838, P., d. P. 
Nov., 1839, a. I year. 16745 Aley Mathis'' Jones, b. Dec, 1840, 
Bradley co., m. Monroe co., Tenn., 1858, William H. H. Ragan. 
She was ed. at Mary Sharp Coll., Winchester, Tenn. Lives on 
the old homestead, Monroe CO., Tenn. P. O., Sweet Water. Ch.: 
Bettie^, Dora^, Damel\ Florence^, Robert, and William^ Ragan, 
16746 Eli Cleveland'' Jones, b. 1842 Bradley co., m. Monroe co., 
1867, Sarah Johnson. Ed. at Riceville, McMinn co., Tenn. Coll. 
Of near Colfax, Wash. T., 1885. P. O., Garfield. Ch. : Jesse 
Franklin^, Oscar^, James*, and Clarissa Harlowe* Jones. Joseph 
Dyke'', b. 1844, Bradley co., d. inf. 

16747 Robert Mathus\ b. 1846, B. CO., m. 1868, Elizabeth 
Harrison, of B. co.; P. O., Phila. Ch. : Jesse Franklin", William 
Harrison^. 16748 Florence'' Jones, b. 1850 Monroe co., d. M. co., 
1865, unm. 


Joseph DyTae'^ Jones (Aley«, Robert*, JohnS.Alexandera, Alexander'), 

d. Philadelphia, Tenn., 1883, aged 73, m. ist P., Aley Mathus° 
Cleveland -j-16254 (Eii», Robert^, johna, Alexander"), she d. P. May 30, 
1855, aged 42. He m. 2d, P., Mrs. Louise Caroline (Cannon) 
[Nelson] Chesnutt, b. Muddy Creek, Loudon co., Tenn., wid. of 
James Chesnutt, da. Robert and Ann (Gailbraith). (She m. ist 
Lawrence Perry Nelson.) Residence, Philadelphia, Tenn., a 
large farmer and tanner, an old, well-known, and highly esteemed 
citizen. Took great interest in his Cleveland ancestry, and was 
a valued correspondent. Ch. b. Philadelphia, Tenn., by ist m. : 
16749 Ludusky Caroline' Jones, b. 1842, d. P. 1864, m. P. i860, as 
ist wife, Charles F. Cannon, born P., 1824, a s. Robert and Ann 
(Gailbraith). (He m. 2d); farmer. Sweet Water, Tenn. Ch. b. 
Sweet Water Val., Tenn. : William* Cannon; Alice* Cannon, b. 1 863, 
unm., of S. v., Sweet Water, 1884, of fine intellect and mental 

16750 Eli Cleveland'' Jones (Capt.), b. 1844, m. ist Phila., 
1869; was capt. Tenn. reg. C. S. A., late war, of Phila., merch.; 
"has family." 

1675 1 Mary Louise'' Jones, b. 1846, d. P., m. P. 1864, Samuel 
Williams of Sweet Water or Phila., always with E. Tenn., Va. & 
Ga. R. R. ticket agt. Ch. : Charles*, born 1850, d. Sweet W. 1871; 
Ida* Williams, born 1854, unm., of S. 16752 James Chamherlayn'' 
Jones, b. 1848, d. by accident, Phila. 1872, unm., farmer. 16753 
Joseph Morton'', d. prob. in youth. 16754 Robert Augustus'', m. P., 
of P., merchant, farmer. 16755 Jesse Frankliii}, d. prob. youth. 

16756 Aley Mathis'' Jones, b. 1854, d. P. 1869, unm.; 2d m. s. p. 


Emily' Jones (Aley^, Roberts Johns, Alexander"), m. Mar. 20, 1 85 I, 

James Herd Stalcup, b. Ky. Dec. 8, 1817, s. Moses and Rose Anna 
(Herd). Of James co., Tenn., 1884, farmer. Ch. b. James co., 
n. Ooltewah, Tenn. : Joseph Nelson\ b. Dec. 6, 1856, d. Feb., 1857. 

16757 Alie Ann' Stalcup, b. Apr. 3, 1858, m. James co., Feb. 29, 
1876, Luther Green, b. J. county. May 5, 1850, only ch. of Jesse 


Adam and Rebecca (Furg-ason). Of n. Ooltewah, farmer. Ch. 
b. J. CO. n. O. : Jesse Carl^, Feb. 27, 1878; Emma Grace^, Mar. 10, 
1880; Herd Sfalcuf Green, b. Dec. 9, 1883, d. July 18, 1884. 


LodllSky' Jones (Aleys, Roberts JohnS, Alexander^), d., m. Phila- 
delphia, Tenn., as 3d w., Joseph Walker, he d. near Madison- 
ville, Tenn., 1858. (He m. ist Caroline" Cleveland +16257 
(Eii5, Robert*, Johns). Ch.: iG^^?) Elizabeth'' f'Fa/ifr, m. M. Callie Lowry 
of Sweet Water, Tenn. 


ELIZA WILLIAMS' CLEVELAND (james Harvey'. Robert*, 
John', Alexander", Alexanderi), d. Minden, La., Sept. 21, 1872, a. 49, m. 

M. Apr. 21, 183.7, Dr. James Williamson Quarles of Edgefield, 
S. C, b. Aug. 4, 1807, d. at his daughter's n. Homer, La., Apr. 21, 
1880. Grad. Transylvania Univ., Lexington, Ky.; rem., after 
m., fr. Red River to Mt. Lebanon, La., later to Minden, afterw. 
years ago to Shreveport, La., practising phys. She was ed. at 
Tuscaloosa, Ala., a fine musician, of rare talents; buried in 
Minden Cemetery. Children, of fine culture; sons educated at 
Chapel Hill, N. C. : 16759' George McDuffie\ b. 1838, Mt. Leba- 
non, d. Winchester, Va., during war, graduate Univ. of N. C, 
Chapel Hill, 1859, private 2d La. C. S. A., in Peninsular battles, 
Va. 16760 Sarah Eliza' Quarles, b. 1840, m. Ooltewah, Tenn., 
1875-6, as 2d w., Col. W. E. Hamilton, b. Ga. Sept. 17, 1828, a s. 
William and Elizabeth (Bryan), colonel C. S. A., of Shreveport, 
cotton seed oil mfr., etc., of wealth and distinction. (By ist m. 
had ch.) She grad. Minden Female coll. 1856, teacher 1865-72. 
s. p. 16761 Caroline Thompson'' Quarles, b. Jan. 10, 1843, Natchi- 
toches, La., m. Minden July 4, 1865, Capt. Richard S. Harper, b. 
Prince Edward co., Va., Mar. 29, 1836, d. St. Louis, Mo , June 23, 
1877, s. Vivaldi and Mary (Archer), a Mo. soldier in Gen. Price's 
Div., of Chariton county, Mo., farmer. She res. St. Louis 1885; 
grad. Minden F. Coll. Ch. : Samuel Herberf Harper, b. Mar. 29, 
1866, d St. L. June 29, 1877 ; Mary Cleveland^ Harper, b. Nov. 23, 
1868; Eliza Quarles^ Harper, Sept. 23, 1870; Paul Hamilton^ Har- 
per, Dec. 12, 1872; Carrie Quarles^ Harper, May 8, 1874. 16762 
William Lowndes'' Quarles, b. 1844, Minden, brutally murdered in 
Tex. 1866; grad. high honors Univ. of N. C, studied law, began 
to practice. Upright and honorable. 16763 Roberf . 16764 

16765 Mary Susanna'' Quarles, b. Oct. 13, 1850, m. Wallace 
Kerr, of Scotch descent. Ed. at Washington and Lee Univ. Va., 
of n. Homer, planter. She grad, Minden F. Coll. Ch. : Lyle^ 
Kerr; Eannie Hamilton" ; James^ ; Eliza^ ; Sallie Quarles^ Kerr. 

16766 Fanny Hamilton^ Quarles, born Oct. 3, 1852, Minden, 
m. Shreveport Sept. 18, 1883, Guy Borden, s. Paschal P. and 
Martha Ann (Stafford).. In C. S. A. May, 1864- Apr., 1865. Of 
Shreveport 1884, Galveston, Tex., 1885, San Antonio, Tex. cat- 
tle merch. She grad. Minden F. coll. Ch. : Nellie Hamilton^, 
Borden, b. June 21, 1884. 

16767 Edward Rutledge' Quarles, b. Sept. 10, 1854, Minden. 



Ed. at La. State Univ., Baton Rouge, La.; was in Enquirer o^ce, 
Cincinnati, O.; 1885 with The American, Nashville, Tenn. See 
Bibliography, Chap. IV. 16768 Lucy E7nma\ b. July 25, 1856, 
Minden, graduate M. F. Coll., school teacher, Galveston; Annie 
Laurie'', died young; Lizzie Virginia'', d. y.; 16769 Hugh Cleveland^ 
Quarks, born Apr. 12, 1863, Minden; ed. at Bossier Parish, La., 
merch., Pandora, La., n. Shrevep. 16770 Mackie Means' Quarks, 
b. Sept. 16, 1865, Minden, will grad. Columbia, Tenn., Institute, 
June, 1885. 1677 1 John Esten' Quarks, b. Nov. 29, 1868, Natchi- 
toches, ed. at S. W. Univ., Georgetown, Williamson co., Texas; 
insurance, Galveston. 


EMILY C.° CLEVELAND (james Harvey*, Robert*, JohnS, Alex.>), 

d. (Minden, La.?), Sept. 12, 1864, a. 39, or d. after May 5, 1872, 
m. at Judge R. M. Drew's, Claiborne Parish, La., Judge Nelson 
Jackson Scott, b. Claiborne co., Miss., May 29,'i8i7, s. Robert 
and Isabelle.(Bell). Ed. at Minden Acad. 1 841-3, ap. 1844, Par- 
ish Judge fr. Bossier co.; in C. S. A., Aug., 1862-Mar., 1864, 1st 
It. Cav. Trans-Miss. Dep., under Gen. Harrison ; elected Par- 
ish Judge, Claiborne co., 1868 to close of 1878; practising atty. 
Homer, La., 1872-85. Ch. b. Homer: 

16772 Mary Belk'' Scott, b. Oct; 22, 1850, m. H. Feb. 26, 
1879, Valdaura Edwin Winston, born Memphis, Tenn., May 27, 
1851, son Dr. Charles Wesley and Sarah Elizabeth (Garrison). 
Dwelt Dallas, Tex. ; since July, 1883, Williams Ranch, Brown 
CO., Tex., on cattle ranch. She ed. at Homer Masonic Inst., 
La., and Locquette Inst., New Orleans. Ch.: Charks Nelson*, b. 
Nov. I, 1879, d. Dallas, Nov. 4, 1881; Val Graham*, b. Sept. 12, 
i89i; Arthur Herbert*, Jan. 29, 1883 ; Kenneth Ckveland* Winston, 
Nov. 5, 1884. 

16773 Sarah Cornelia'' Scott, b. Feb., 1852, d. Jan. 6, 1864. 

16774 Lidie or Eliza Cleveland'' Scott, b. May 29, 1855, m. 
at her father's res., Feb. 24, 1880, Adam Hawthorne Davidson, 
b. Ga., Oct. I, 1851, s. Joseph Thomson and Mary (Hawthorne). 
Dwelt Homer, was of Davidson & Ferguson, merch.; of Gaines- 
ville, Cook CO., Tex., 1884-5 ! Homer, Arcadia, Bienville co., La., 
1885, planter. Ch.: Charles^, b. Jan. 14, d. 19, 1881; Louie Scott* 
Davidson, b. July 6, 1882. 

16775 Jessie Corinne' Scott, born Dec. 29, 1858, m. Homer, 
Dec. 21, 1882, James C. Drew, of Gainesville, bookkeeper. 


SARAH JESSIE" CLEVELAND (jatnesH.»), died Homer, 
La., May 31, 1875, a. 49, married ist, Minden, La., 1846, Judge 
Richard Maxwell Drew, he d. M. 1849. Ed. at Minden, of M., 
lawyer. She m. 2d, Homer, 1855, Dr. William Williams Ar- 
buckle, b. Accomack, Accomack co., Va., of Homer, phys. 1886. 
Ch. by ist m., b. Overton, La.: 

16776 Sallie Entma"^ Drew, born Sept. 3, 1847, m. Homer, 
Feb. 9, 1869, Capt. George Washington Taylor, b. Marion, Perry 
CO., Ala., 1848. Grad. Chapel Hill Univ., N. C, capt. 12th Tenn., 
C. S. A., dwelt Mt. Zion, Homer ; of Hope, Hempstead co.. Ark., 



merch. She grad. Homer Masonic Fern. Coll., June 15, 1865. 
Ch. : Effie Clyde^, born Apr. 27, 1870; Clarence Cleveland^, June 7, 
1872; Kathleen Mavourneen^, Feb. 21, 1874; Maude^ Taylor, Dec. 
13, 1875. 

16777 Richard Cleveland'^ Drew (Judge), b. Apr. 17, 1849, 
m. af. 1872, Miss Catharine Caldwell. Studied law at Minden, 
dwelt Bossier co., La., of Minden, lawyer, judge of Dist. court, 
s. p. By 2d m.: 

16778 Kate Eliza'' Arbuckle, b. Oct. 25, 1857, m. Dr. Mixon,. 
he d.; of Hope. s. p. 

i6'jjg Birdie or Corinne'' Arbuckle, b. Mar. 3, 1859, m. Hall,, 
cotton speculator, Texarkana, Miller co., Ark., Hope. Ch.: i. 


WADDY THOMPSON" CLEVELAND (james Harvey'), d. 

in Confederate Army, Charlottesville, Va., during war, buried 
in Va., m. Homer, La., 1856, Kate Cunningham, b. n. Lexington, 
Oglethorpe co., Ga., Jan. 3, 1839, ^ ^^- ^^j- David and Maria 
(Crook). (She m. 2d, Crawford Cox, and res., 1884, Robeline, 
La.) Ed. at Natchitoches, La., St. Joseph's Coll., dwelt Homer, 
a perfect gentleman ; enlisted in 2d co. from H., 8th La., C. S. A. 
Ch. b. Homer : 

16780 Clotilde' Cleveland, married on Red River, Red 
River Parish, La., Apr. 17, 1883, Dr. George Richard McHenry, 
b. on Ouchita river. Ark., Jan. 26, 1854, a s. Josiah W. and Jane 
Winter (Price), grad. Coll. of Phys. and Surg., Baltimoije, Md., 
of Homer, prac. phys. s. p. Sally', d. inf. 

16781 Kate Ellis', unm., ed. at Mansfield, La., res. on 
Red River. 


Clarissa HarlOlVe' WatkinS (Panny^ Robert*, Johns, Alex.s), 

d. Deep Spring, Whitfield co. (now Spring Place), Ga., Apr. 15, 
1 86 1, a. 48, m. Monroe co., n. Philadelphia, Tenn., 1833, as 2d w., 
Pleasant Mills Routh, b. n. Phila. Oct. 15, 1808, d. at house of s. 
William, n. Fort Worth, Tarrant co., Tex., Jan. i, 1874, buried 
Plum Grove Cemetery, 6 mi. fr. La Grange, Tex., a s. Joseph. 

16782. James Cannon^ Routh, b. Apr. 10, 1835, Monroe co., 
n. Phila., was killed in battle, Resaca, Gordon co., Ga., May 15, 
1864, m. Pleasant Valley, Murray co., Ga,, Oct. 14, 1858, Mary 
McClure, born Cummin g, Ga., May 27, 1834, died Cotaco A^ alley 
(Somerville P. O.), Sept. 22, 1868, da. Robert and Martha, far- 
mer, served in Co. B, 30th Ga. reg., C. S. A. Ch. : James Henry 
Leonadas* Routh, born Oct. 6, 1861, Ga., or Murra}'- co., Pleasant 
Val., reared in Ala. 

-j-16783 William Findley'' Routh, born Aug. 28, 1836, Monroe 
CO., n. Phila. 

16784 Kenzie Lafayette"' Routh, b. Dec. 17, 1837, M. co., n. 
P., m. n. Marshallville, Macon co., Ga., Dec. 19, 1866, Louanna 
Lafley, b. Tenn., June 26, 1844, daughter William and Margaret 
(Wilkes), of Calhoun, McMinn co., Tenn., 1884, R. R. man, Phil- 
adelphia, Tenn., 1897. Ch.: Mary Alice'' Routh, b. Apr. 4, 1874. 



4-16785 Mary Adelaide' Routh, b. Aug. 16, 1839, Monroe co., 
n, Philadelphia, Tenn,, or Deep Spring, Ga. 

+ 16786 Joseph Edward'' Houth, b. Dec. 5, 1841, Deep Spring, 
or at Monroe, Monroe co. (n. Philadelphia), Tenn. 

16787 Rice Judsori' Routh, b. Sept. 11, 1843, Deep Spring, 
m. prior to 1893. Was a member of 34th Ga., C. S. A., Col. 
Washington Johnson ; in battles of Richmond, Madison co., Ky., 
Perryville, Ky., Baker's Creek, Miss., Vicksburg, Chattanooga 
to Atlanta, Franklin, Tenn., Nashville, retreat fr. N., Bentonv., 
N. C; of Macon co. (P. O., Marshall v.), 1865-84, planter. Of 
Fairmount, Ark., 1897. 

+ 16788 Robert Franklin' Routh, born Sept. 18, 1845, Deep 
Spring, Whitfield co. 

16789 Samtiel Houstofi', Oct. 22, 1847, D. S., m. Dawnville, 
Whitfield county, Ga., Nov. 12, 1868, Ann Virginia Burson, born 
Thompson, Warren county, Ga., Jan. 27, 1844, a da. Hazel Green 
and Rebecca (Story). Of "Deep S. Farm., farmer; since Sept. 4, 
1874, P. M. of Rural Vale, Ga., 1884. Of Florida (?) 1897. Ch. : 
Mary Josephine*, b. July 31, 1869, Crawfish Springs, Walker co., 
Ga.; Mattie Lula^, Mar. 9, 1874, Rural V.; Aljred Lee^, Oct. 18, 
1876, R. v.; Clarissa Harlowe Adelia* Routh, Jan. 12, 1882, R. V. 
16790 Harvey Cleveland'' Routh, Jan. 7, 1850, Deep S., m. at res. 
of her father, Anderson co., S. C, Nov. 13, 1879, Mary Anna 
Hyde, b. Laurens county, S. C, June 25, 185 1, da. Rev. Ezekiel 
Foster and Nancy Adella (Hunter). Of near Anderson C. H. 
Broyles, Anderson county, P. O., S. C. (1884-97), farmer. Ch. : 
Walter Cleveland^ Routh, born Apr. 5, 1881, Anderson co. 16791 
Alfred WoodvilW , Sept. 6, 1851, Deep S., m. Coryell county, Tex., 
Feb. 17, 1884, Kate Eliza Criswell, b. Fayette county Dec. 12, 
1858, a da. Joseph Eve and Sarah Ann (McMickin); came to 
Tex. 1872, of Flatonia (1884-97), druggist. Ch. : Amanda Eliza- 
beth'' Routh, b. Jan. 26, 1885, F. 

16792 Frances Adelia Josephine' Routh, born May 25, 1853, 
Deep S., m. Pin Oak, Fayette co., Tex., Jan. 12, 1876, Francis 
Marion Tuttle, b. Pin O., Aug. 19, 1855, s. George Washington 
and Mary Ann (Karnes). Of Houston, Tex. (1884-97), cashier 
Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio R'y. Ch. : Edna Jose- 
phitie* Tuttle, b. Jan. 28, 1877, Pin O., unm., of Houston 1892-7 ; 
Pearl Agnes*, born Nov. 19, 1878, Flatonia, d. F. Apr. 17, i88i ; 
Mary Stella\ born Sept. 22, 1881, F., d. F. Feb. 24, 1882; Helen 
Baker'^ Tuttle, b. Sept. 19, 1883, Houston. 

16793 Annie Eliza' Routh, born July 4, 1855, Deep S., m. 
Broyles Oct. 26, 1876, James Hartwell Cromer, b. Newberry co., 
S. C, a s. Adam Francis and Sarah Caroline (Counts): since 
Oct., 187 1, of n. Anderson C. H. P. O. Broyles, farmer. Ch. b. 
Anderson co. : Haskel HaskeW Cromer, Sept. 18, 1877 ; Wallace 
Broyles-, May 28, 1879; Claude Jaines^, Apr. 22, 1881 ; John Adam^ 
Cromer, Nov. 9, 1882. 

Pleasant Mills Routh lived his early years in Monroe county; 
successful operator and proprietor there of plantation, mills, 
still houses, blacksmith shops, tannery. Sold all 1844, rem. to 
and bought and operated large farm at Deep Spring to 1861, 
refugeed to Apr., 1865, returned then to Spring PI., sold prop- 
erty; went, 1873, to Texas. He m. ist, Philadelphia, Tenn., 1825, 



Miss Narsissus Lillard, she d. at Philadelphia, Tenn., sister to 
Miss Nancy Lillard (of Philadelphia, Tenn., 1884). Child : 

I. Evaline Elizabeth Routh, b. June 21, 1830, Philadelphia, 
Tenn., m. Dalton, Ga., Sept. 4, 1846, Crosby Littleberry Vining, 
b. Springplace Nov. 4, 1824, son of Albert Miller and Elizabeth 
Ann (Jarrard) Vining. Resides in Murray county, merchant. 
Children : Margaret Ann Vining, b. May 28, 1850, Murray co., 
m. June 22, 1882, Dudley Campbell; Amanda Clarissa Vining, b. 
Feb. 16, 1853, Whitfield co., m. ist, 1893, D. P. Evans, 2d 1896, 
W. R. Daniel; Benjamin James Vining, b. June 22, 1864, Macon, 
Ga., m. Clara Hand; Lizzie Berlin Vining, born June 23, 1867, 
Marshallville, m. Apr. 13, 1886, Joseph J. Hovet; Fannie Ida 
Vining, b. Mar. 20, 1870, M., d. M., Dec. 17, 1895, m. W. F. Ben- 


Finley JPatterSOn" WathinS (Fanny», Rob.«, JohnS, Alexander"), 

d. Ooltewah, Tenn., June 3, 1861, a. 45, m. Fork Creek, Madison- 
ville, near Phila., Tenn., July 16, 1843, ^''s. Theresa M. (Kelso) 
[Price] Carmichael, b. M. June 27, 181 1, wid. of Carmichael, a 
da. Charles. Ch. : 16794 Cleopatra' Watkins, b. June 10, 1844, n. 
Phila., m. James co., Tenn., Oct. i, 1868, James Monroe Igou, b. 
J. CO. Sept. 5, 1840, s. Samuel Thompson and Mary Jane (Yar- 
nell). Dwelt James co., farmer; was in 43d Tenn. C. S. A.; of 
"Fort Mason, Orange co., Fla., 1884, orange grower, P. M. s. p. 
Mary\ b. July 15, 1845, ^i- Philadelphia, d. Aug. 31, 1848. 16795 
Zachary Taylor' Watkins, born Feb. 8, 1847, near Ooltew., m. ist, 
Sept. 20, 1880, Annie Laurie Vest, b. Jan. 7, 1859, d. O. Nov. 9, 
1882, da. C. C. of Ducktown, Polk -co., Tenn. He m. 2d, Feb., 
1884, Lillie May Sanders, b. James co., n. Ooltew., Feb. 9, 1863, 
a da. William and Pollie (Smith). Of Ooltewah always, merch. 
Ch. by ist m.: Vida*, b. June 17, 1881, O. 2d m. s. p. 

-f- 16796 Reese Kelso' Watkins, b. Mar. 8, 1849, n. Ooltewah, 

16797 Mary Josephine' Watkins, born Apr. 24, 185 1, near O. 
Miss Watkins ed. at Mary Sharp College, Winchester, Tenn.; of 
Ooltewah, valued correspondent. 

16798 Eolene Alfred'' Watkins, b. Apr. 22, 1853, n. Ooltew. 
Miss E. A.' Watkins, ed. at Mary Sharp College, of Ooltewah, 
music teacher. And So Forth'' Watkins, b. Apr. 13, 1857, n. O., 
d. June, 1858. 

Finley Patterson^ Watkins resided at Madisonville to 1846, sold 
then his plantation, bought another in James co., gave Ooltewah 
its pretty Indian name, dwelt there afterward. Theresa M. 
Kelso m. ist, as 2d w., Isaac Price, he d. (he had ch. by ist m. : 
William Price, d. unm.). She m. 2d Charles ? Carmichael, he d. 
She res. Ooltew. Ch. by ist m. : 16798=^ Laura Elmira Price, b. 
1824, Fork Creek, m. Robert Franklin^ Watkins +16299; Fanny 
Price, d. when her da. a few months old, m. George Guthrie, he 
d. Ch. : Bruce Guthrie owns and occupies • farm n. Ooltewah. 
Laura Blanche Guthrie m. Milton Bird Templeton of Tenn., law- 
yer of Waxahatchie, Ellis county, Tex., she ed. at Martha Wash- 
ington Fem. Coll., Abington, Washington co., Va. Ch. : Bruce 
Templeton, b. 1884. By 2d m. : Charles Carmichael, d. a young 

rWa ,^'^ 




/ ^ i < 



man, unm.; James Carmichael, died unm.; Samuel Carmichael, 
d. unm. 


Harvey Cleveland'^ WatJeinS (Fanny », Robert*, JohnS, Alexan- 
der^ Alexander'), d. n. Ooltewah, Tenn., June, 1865, a. 44, m. Har- 
rison, Hamilton (now James county, Tenn., 1856, Eliza Douglas 
Martin, she d. 1874 (she m. 2d, see below). Ch. : 

16799 Susan Douglas'. WatkinSy\i. Dec. 25, i860, Oltewah, 
m. O., Sept. 29, 1880, Franklin Pierce Hale, b. n. Trenton, Dade 
CO., Ga., a s. Shadrach Calvin and Frances Sanders (Thompson), 
of Whiteside, Marion co., Tenn., 1885, merch. of Bond & Hale. 
Ch. b. W. : Stonewall Jackson^ Hale, Mar. 2, 1882 ; Graver Cleve- 
land^ Hale, June 8, 1884. 

Dr. Harvey Cleveland'' Watkins grad. University of Pa., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., 1852, practising physician of Ooltewah. Mrs. Eliza 
Douglas (Martin) Cleveland m. 2d, O., 1870, as 2d w.. Dr. Thomas 
A. Roddy (he m. a 3d w.). Ch. : Aunie Roddy, b. Apr., 1872. 


Eli Hvyanf' Watkins (Fannys, Robert*, Johns, Alexander^, Alex- 
ander'), d. Jacksonville, Cherokee co., Tex., July 12, 1851, a. 28, 
m. Ooltewah, Tenn., 1850, Eliza Karnes, b. Philadelphia, Tenn., 
1 824, a da. Frederick. (She m. 2d, Tanner.) Residence, Ooltewah 
to Oct., 1850, afterward in Tex. He was buried with Masonic 
rites. Ch. : 16800 Daughter'', living July, 1885. 


Alfred Woore" Wtttkina (Fannys, Robert*, John^, Alex.a, Alex.i), 

married at Franklin, Simpson co., Ky., August 31, 1854, Jane 
Douglas Crowdus, born in Franklin, Dec. 31, 1833, a daughter 
of Dr. John Arnold and Julia Emily (Stevenson) Crowdus. 
Children : 

-|- 1 6 80 1 Eugene'' Watkins, b. Nov. 18, 1855, Franklin, Ky, 

-j- 1 6802 Jemiy' Watkins, b. in Franklin, Ky. 

16803- "Vernon Stevenson'' Watkins, b. Jan. 15, 1859, Chicka- 
mauga, Tenn., d. at his grandinother's, Mrs. Crowdus's, Franklin, 
Mar. 2, 1862. 

+ 16804 John' M^atkins, born Aug. 24, i860, Chickamauga, 

16805 Stonewall Jackson'' Watkins, b. June 20, 1866, Frank- 
lin, Ky., educated at Crawford College, Dalton, Ga. 

Maj. Alfred Moore^ Watkins received a preliminary education 
in the county schools of Monroe co., and finished his studies at 
Hiwassee College, Bat Creek, Tenn. Residence : at Philadel- 
phia, Tenn., to 1845, Athens, McMinn co., Tenn., to 1S48, Htints- 
ville, Ala., merchant to 185 1, Charleston, S. C, dry goods jobber 
to 1859, New York, N. Y., with Bay State Shoe & Leather Co., to 
1 86 1, returned, i86t, to Chickamauga, Ooltewah Blue Springs, 
Tenn. Enlisted, 1863, as private in 35th Tenn. regiment, Con- 
federate States Army. Was commissioned, 1864, Major and 
Inspector-General on staff of Brig.-Gen. Benjamin J. Hill, Con- 
federate States Army of Tenn., successively commanded by 



Gens. Braxton Bragg, Joseph Eccleston Johnston, and John B. 
Hood, was in battles from Dalton — New Hope Church, Peach 
Tree Creek, etc. — to Atlanta, 1864, afterward at Jonesborough, 
Nashville, and Franklin, Tenn., serving until war ended. After 
Lee's capitulation, he surrendered his brigade at Calhoun, Ga., 
to Gen. Judah, U. S. A. Lived from close of war at Dalton to 
Dec, 1865 ; since with Bay State Shoe & L. Co. [Charles E. 
Bigelow, Pres.], and living at: Perry, Houston co., Ga., Griffin, 
Spalding co., Ga., Franklin, Ky., Marshallville, Ga., Bingham- 
ton, N. Y., Brooklyn, N. Y., Glen Cove, L. L, Hoboken, N. J., 
Kensico, Westchester co., N. Y., Newtown, Fairfield co., Conn., 
Orange, N. J., 1874, Rahway, N. J., N. Y. city, 1880, etc. Resi- 
dence since 188 1, Rome, Floyd co., Ga., 1898. Maj. Watkins at 
same time owns and operates a fine 320-acre farm, 4 miles from 
Rome, principally cotton ; is proprietor of Montsana mountain, 
on top a i2-acre vineyard of fruit and grapes, in James co., 
Tenn., n. Ooltewah ; and of a 50-acre orange grove n. Brooks- 
ville, Fla. The following from a newspaper, 1884: 



A few days ago we visited the orange grove at Buena Vista located on one of Her- 
nando's famous hills, just ij^ miles S. E. of Brooksville, and in plain view from the 
court house square. 

The first thing that attracts the attention after leaving town is the broad expanse of 
the Choocoochatta prairie, now like an immense emerald in a setting of massive live 
oaks draped in long gray moss, but when overflowed is a beautiful sheet of water, 
sparkling under the stmlight like myriads of jewels. Wnen this prairie is overflowed 
the scene often changes like magic — away off in the southeast corner is a deep sink that 
connects with a subterranean channel that from some unknown cause opens, and in a 
few hours the prairie is dry. As there was no water on the ground we drove directly 
across this magnificent natural pasture, stopping now and then to wait on our friend, 
who must needs take an occasional pop at some of the thousands of birds and ducks, or 
stray aligators that were prospecting some of the sinks for a late dinner ; we'd have 
iieen there yet if the birds had not risen and sailed away out of reach as the echo of the 
shots were reverberating around the amphitheatre.- The 'gators also knew the signal 
indicated a sore head or black eye for them, so left incontinently in a wild hunt for the 
hole the water goes out at. There being nothing more to keep us we resumed our search 
for Buena Vista. Soon something white, like a bow of promise, began to loom up in the 
distance, but not liking to display our ignorance we held our peace and waited develop- 
ments ; as we drew near the thing assumed the shape and form of an immense gate — 
the biggest seen since the one old Noah opened when he let out all the living creatures 
left over from the flood. It was immense, gigantic, a — well, when our friend took his 
lazy eyes off the lazier cattle grazing on the prairie, he found us stupified, but still hang- 
ing on to the ragged edge of a knowing look, we didn't want to admit that we were as- 
tonished at anything ; but you are not to tell this to anyone, it's strictly confidential. 
While our friend was opening the ponderous shutters, we took in the grand arch bearing 
the words: "Buena Vista Grove," in large, shaded letters, and just -underneath them 
the motto, "Finis coronat o/»z/j" — the end crowns the work. We got through the gate 
and found other inscriptions, but as we were going ahead up-hill we concluded they 
were admonitions to keep off the grass, not to pull the flowers, don't deface the statuary, 
or something of that sort, so, rather than display our ignorance by stopping, we let our 
friend drive on, resolved to see it out some other time. All around we saw that a master 
hand and head was directing operations, as the land was in a fine state of cultivation, 
and the orange trees stretching in every direction were in splendid condition. When 
we had climbed about two-thirds of the way up, our friend stopped to show us a curi- 
osity; it proved to be a fine spring of water, cool and fresh, and never failing. Truly, it 
was a curious freak, for here it gushed out of the hillside full one hundred feet above 
the prairie or water level. Satisfied with our inspection and assured that there was yet 
more to be seen and that it was only a few hundred yards to the top, we resumed our 
seat and traveled on up to the front of the tenement house, on top of one of the highest 
hills in the county, and about as near heaven as the average editor generally gets. Sit- 
ting in our buggy on top of this hill the country around spread out like a panorama. 
Brooksville was in plain view, we could see the people in town as they walked the streets. 
'Turning our eyes to the northward, we could see Judge Mayo's, 8 miles off ; a few miles 
nearer was Dr. Snow's place. Mount Airy, and a nun-fber of other notable places ; to the 
eastward, 3 miles off, was Anna Dale grove, which looked as though it was on anothe 
hill equally as high as the one we stood on ; south and west was the prairie with its 
herds of cattle, horses, sheep, and hogs, and just over on the other side was South Brooks- 
ville, with its ha:ndsome residences and thrifty young groves and healthy, happy people; 
a little to the left was the residence and beautiful grove of Capt. Wm. Hope, one of the 
first white men to settle in Hernando county, and just a littte nearer was the grove of 
his son, W. Esten Hope ; it is just seven years old, and is now showing fruit for the first 
time. We had barely finished our inspection when we were recalled to our whereabouts 
by a harmonious sound that unerringly tells the Southerner there is a well fed, comfort- 
ably clad "nigger" around — a jolly Southern cornfield hoeing song — and sure enough,. 



there they were just over the hill, some twenty-five of the best humored fellows, hoe in 
hand, digrging^ and singing away for dear life. We had always heard that the Major 
worked things blue that staid around him, and this singing father surprised us, but 
there it was and considerably modified the awe in which we had stood of him — fearing 
that in his pushing business way he might think our visit a trespass on his valuable 
time ; but our friend had been here before and didn't stand a bit in awe of him, so began 
yelling at the top of his voice to attract the Major's attention, and he came up smiling 
and extending an old-fashioned Southern plantation welcome, expressing his pleasure 
at seeing us, but he added : "Gentlemen, if you expect to tramp around here much you 
should have provided yourselves each with a pair of Bay State shoes, as most any others 
are liable to rip and let your feet get wet. " 

The Major told ns that he had enclosed 56^^ acres of land, which he bought two years 
ago for three thousand dollars, this summer he set out on it about 2,800 orange trees, and 
would not take $10,000 for the property. Three years ago he purchased the Anna Dale 
property for $4,000, and this, under his vigorous management, has doubled its value. 
The Major was so hospitable and pleasant that we could not leave as soon as we pro- 
posed, and were compelled to postpone our visit to Anna Dale until some day in the 
near future — at any rate before the oranges and bananas are all gone. We had a sample 
of the bananas and propose trying them again. 

Maj. Alfred Moore" Watkins is a Director of the Florida Or- 
ange Land Co. [ex- Gov. George F. Drew, Pres.], Brooksville. 
A subscriber for this Genealogy. 

Crowdus record: — Dr. John Arnold Crowdus, practising physician o£ Franklin,' Ky., 
d. 1847, m. Julia Emily Stevenson, she d. at Franklin, Nov. 19, 1871, sister to Mr. Vernon 
King Stevenson of K. Y. city [Stevensons descended from the ancient family of Douglas, 
of Scotch ancestry]. (She m. 2d, Lemuel Van Swearingen of Scottsville, Allen co., Ky.) 
Their daughter, Jane Douglas Crowdus, was educated at St. Mary's Convent, Nashville. 


Robert FranMin^ Watkins (Fanny^, Roberts Johns, Alexan- 
der", Alexander!), ni. ist, Whitfield cc, Ga., Aug. 21, 1853, Laura 
Elmira Price +16798'^, b. Fork Creek, Tenn., 1834, d. Ooltewah, 
Tenn., 1858, a da. Isaac and Theresa M. (Kelso). He m. 2d, 
Lawrenceville, Ga., Dec. 25, 1866, Mary EHzabeth Dunlap, born 
Lawrencev. Oct. 6, 1843, a da. James Conser and Rebecca Ann 
(Sammon). Was in C. S. A. service in medical director's office, 
Knoxville, Tenn., afterward in medical purveyor's office in Va. 
and Ala. Of Whitfield co., Chickamauga, Tenn., Lawrenceville 
to 1875, Dalton, Ga., to 1876, since at Chamblee, n. Atlanta, Ga., 
1884, farmer. Ch. by ist m.: 

16806 Fanny Lou Elen' Watkins, b. June i, 1854, Whitfield 
CO., near Dalton, m. Atlanta Nov. 21, 1872, Thomas Franklin 
Eubanks, born Hall co., Ga., Sept. 13, 1846, s. Joseph Robinson 
and Rachel (Elrod). Of Atlanta, foreman Fire Co. 2, fire de- 
partment, s. p. 

16807 William'' Watkins, b. May 29, 1856, Whitfield co., n. 
Dalton, unm., of Atlanta, member Hook & Ladder, fire dep't. 
By 2d m.: 

16808 Minnie Dunlap' Watkins, b. Feb. 8, 1870, Gwinnett 
CO., Ga., n. Lawrencev., unm., of Atlanta. 16809 Jo-^^i^^ Edward'' 

Watkins, b. Mar. 26, 1872, Gwinnett co., near L., unm. 16810-2 
John Cleveland'' Watkins, b. Nov. 2t, 1874, Dalton, unm.; Robert 
Franklin' Watkins, b. Oct. 12, 1879, De Kalb co., Ga., n. Atlanta; 
Samuel Clifford'' Watkins, b. Sept. 5, 1881, De Kalb co., n. A. 


MdWard Minerva"^ Watkins (Fanny», Roberts JohnS, Alexan- 

der2, Alexander!) , m. at Ooltewah, Tenn., Nov. II, 1855, Robert Nel- 

SOrC Chesnutt -[-16669 (Matilda", Eli', Robert-*, John', Alexander", Alexander'). 

First of Chickamauga, Tenn., farmer on homestead farm ; C. S, 



A. soldier in battle of Chickamauga ; next of Ringgold, Ga., 
march.; since of Ennis, Tex., 1884, farmer. Ch.: 

16813 Jesse Cleveland'''^ Chesnutt, b. July 14, 1857, Chicka- 
mauga, m. Henrietta, Clay co., Tex., Dec. 5, 1883, Kate Phelps, 
b. Richmond co., Va. Mar. 4, 1862, da. John and Mary (Owens), 
ed. at Crawford College, Dalton, Ga., was of D., of Henrietta, 
in law firm Chesnutt & [R. D.] Welborne. s. p. 16814 Leon''''^, b. 
Oct. 25, 1858, Ringgold, d. Sept. 19, 1865. 168 15 Harriet Lela' ^ 
Chesnutt, born Oct. 25, 1858, Ringgold, m. at Ennis, Dec. 30, 1884, 
Jesse Bartlett Ragon, b. Ooltew. Oct. 28, 1855, son Jesse Smith 
and Paulina (Murphy). Ed. at Hiwassee coll., Monroe co., Tenn., 
lawyer, Chattanooga, Tenn. 


JjOUisa HaStletine^ Parher (Fanny», Roberta Jotms, Alexan- 

der=, Aiexanderi), m. Ooltewah, Tcnn., May 4, 1869, as 2d w., Judge 
William Lyle Adams, b. about 1798, d. O. Mar. 26, 1873, a. 75, 
was of Athens, Tenn. (by ist m. had ch.: i), lawyer and circuit 
judge. Mrs. Adams res. Athens 1884. s. p. 


Mathis" or MatheW W Parker (Fanny», Roberts John», Alex- 
anders, Aiexanderi), m. Edgefield, Davidson co., Tenn., Mar. 19, 1870, 

Martha Pasley, b. in North Ga. 1846, d. Jan. 10, 1882, a. 36, da. 

of and (Beachum) Pasley. Rem. 1870 to Cal. to 187 1, 

Waxahachie, Texas, to 187- Corsicana, Texas, to 187- since at 
Ennis, Texas, traveling salesman for a St. Louis firm ; has a 
fine residence. Ch.: 

1 68 1 6-8 Wallace Deckard'' Parker, b. Nov. 21, 187 1, Waxa- 
hachie ; Hubert Cleveland'' Parker, June 9, 1875, Corsicana-, 
Fanny Cleveland'' Parker, Oct. 7, 1876, C. 


JoSeifh Peler^ Parher (Fanny«, Robert*, Johns, Alexanders, Aiex- 
anderi), unm. 1884. Hon. Joseph P.' Parker, residence Ooltewah, 
Tenn.; a prominent lawyer there; was (1884) candidate-ai-large 
for the Tennessee Legislature. 


Cleveland T' Parker (Fanny*, Robert*, John3, Alexander', Aiex- 
anderi), unmarried 1884. Capt. Cleveland T Parker, residence, and 
owns and operates a fine farm in Ooltewah, Tenn., 1884. Was 
captain in the United States Army in a Federal Tenn. regiment 
in the civil war, 1861-1865. 


RICHARD MOON" CLEVELAND (jeremiahMeremiah*. John', 

Aiexanderi", Aiexanderi), m. Fluvauna CO., Va., May I, 1843, Elizabeth 
Frances Wills, b. F. co., July 6, 1822, d. F. co. Aug. 24, i86c, da. 
Miles Cary and Rebecca Mitchell (Bowles). Of Fork Urion, 
Va., 1886, mechanic and farmer. Ch. b. Fluvanna co.: 



+ 16819 Robert Lilly' Cleveland, b. Mar. 11, 1844. 

16820 Mary Winnifred' Cleveland, b. July 14, 1845. 

1 682 1 Rebecca Bowles' Cleveland, b. Apr. 20, 1847, un- 
married, of Fork Union. 

16822 Elizabeth Francis', b. Aug. 23,-1849, m. Fluvanna 
CO., Jan. 10, 1881, Arthur L. Blanchard. Of Hillsboro, Hills co., 
Texas. Ch. : Myra Elizabeth* Blanchard, died ; Horace Cleveland ° 

16823 Alice Baxter', b. Sept. 12, 1851, m. Harrisonburg 
Oct. 20, 1880, Samuel J. Dundore, of Hinton, Va. Ch.: Willie 
Cleveland^ Dundore, born 1881 ; Elizabeth Moffet'^ Dundore, 1883. 
16824 Martha Ann', b. Aug. 15, 1853. 

+ 16825 Richard Cromwell' Cleveland, b. July 12, 1855. 
16826 Frederick' Cleveland, b. Mar. 4, 1859, mechanic. 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (jeremiah', Jeremiah*, JohnS, Alexander^, 

Aiexanderi), married Buckingham co , Va., Oct. i, 1844, Elizabeth 
Cobbs, b. B. CO. July 29, 1823, a da. Capt. Nicholas and Cynthia 
(Toler). Of Dover, Mason co., Ky., 1883, farmer. Ch.: Son', 
b. and d. Albemarle co., Va., July 4, 1845 ; Mary Eliza', b. May 
12, 1847, A. CO., d. July 7, 1848. 

+ 16827 Edward Franklin' Cleveland, b. Apr. 23, 1850,. 
Albemarle co. 

16828 Martha Ella' Cleveland, b. Oct. 4, 1852, Lewis 
CO. [now West], Va., m. Dover July 11, 1876, James Anderson 
Ross, b. Bath, Va., Apr. 27, 1845, son Benjamin Franklin and 
Jean (Smith). Of Dover, farmer. Ch.: Alice Enima^ Ross, born 
May 2, 1877, Doddridge co., W. Va.; Lizzie Vine^ Ross, Feb. 8,. 
1879, D. CO.; Benjamin Cleveland^ Ross, Mar. 11, 1881, D. co.; and 
Two Ch.\ b. Mason co. 

16829 Mildred Emma', b. Feb. 28, 1855, Gilmer co. [now 
W.], Va.; Susan Elizabeth', b. July 17, 1857, G. co., d. June 20, 
1861 ; Da.', b. and d. G. co., Oct. 20, 1859. 16830 Willie Ann', 
b. Sept. 20, i860, G. CO., unm. 16831 Cynthia Valeria', May 
18, 1863, 16832 Frances Alice', July 13, 1865, G. co. 


miah*, John^, Alexander^, Alexander'), m. May 28, 1850, Mildred Virgin 
Cobbs, b. Buckingham co., Va., Apr. 4, 1825, a da. Capt. Nicho- 
las and Cynthia (Toler). Ch. b. Gilmer co., [West] Va.: 

16833 Isabella Jefferson' Cleveland, b. July 15, 185 1, 
m. Maysville, Mason co., Ky., Oct. 8, 1874, Gatewood Stokes 
Anderson, b. Dover, Ky., Mar. 17, 1849, son Stokes and Mary 
(Evans). Of Dover, 1883, merchant's clerk. Ch. b. D.: John 
Elgin^ Anderson, Sept. 30, 1875 ; Cleveland Burgess^ Anderson, Oct. 
6, 1877 ; Leslie Gatewood* Anderson, Dec. 20, 1879; Samuel Stokes* 
Atiderson, ^Q^t. 11, 1881. 

16834-5 William Nicholas', b. Nov. 30, 1852, unmarried,, 
wagon and buggy business in Dover ; Jeremiah Moon', b. Jan. 
26, 1855, d. Gilmer co., July 7, i860. 



16836 Mary Elizabeth' Cleveland, b. July 17, 1857, m. 
Dover, Sept. 9, 1878, John Bainum, b. Belmont, Bullitt co., Ky., 
Aug. 21, 1857, s. Hezekiah and Martha (Thomas). Of Dover, 
formerly merch., farmer. Ch. b. D.: Edna^ Bainum, b. June 9, 
1879, d. Higginsport, Brown co., O., Apr. 7, 1880; Claude^ Bai- 
num, b. Jan. 20, 1881, d. H. Feb. 6, 1882. 

Samuel Woodward^ Cleveland left the old homestead 
when quite young ; in the earlier part of his life taught school ; 
residence 1883, Dover, mechanic. 


John', Alexander', Alexanderi), m. ij, EatOn, O., July 30, 1846, Elizabeth 

McCabe Campbell, born Dagsborough, Sussex co., Del., Oct. 6, 
1834, da. Eber and Lydia Winter (McCabe). Of Charlottesville, 
Va., to 1827, Rockbridge co., Va., to 1829, Eaton 1883-6, West 
Florence, Preble co., O., 1884, carpenter. Ch. b. Eaton: 

16837 Mary Ellen' Cleveland, b. Sept. 2, 1847, m. E., 
Dec. 24, 1867, Charles Melville Woody, b. "Darke cc, O., Jan. 13, 
1843, s. John and Willhilmina Stansbury (Jellison); in 69th Ind. 
Vol. late war, rem., 187 1, to Kan. Of Clifton, Washington co., 
Kan., contractor and builder, carpenter. Ch.: Minnie Jessie^ 
Woody, b. Jan. 31, 1869, Eaton, m. Mar. 8, 1885, Richard Peek; 
Edith PearP Woody, b. Oct. 9, 1871, n. Clifton; Oscar Bertram'' 
Woody, Nov. 20, 1873, nearC; Charles Melville^ Woody, Feb. 15, 
1876, Winterset, la.; Leonidas John^ Woody, Jan. 6, 1879, Clifton ; 
Jennie Octava^ Woody, Oct. 10, 1881, C. 

16838 Lydia Viletta' Cleveland, b. June 11, 1850, m. 
E., May 11, 1876, John Wesley Booker, b. n. E. June 27, 1855, s. 
James Harrison and Sarah Ann (Wolf). Of Eaton, blacksmith, 
s. p. 16839-43 William Oliver', b. Mar. 28, 1853, unm,, harness 
mfr,; Eber Campbell', b. Sept. 14, 1856; Joseph Lybern', June 
17, i860, unm., harness mfr.; Ida Izola', Aug. 27, 1864; Chas. 
Franklin', b. Aug. 16, 1867, d. Eaton, Jan. 4, 1871. 


Charlottesville, Va., Sept. 21, 1824, m. n. Eaton, O., Dec. 14, 1845, 
Lydia Meroney, b. n. Eaton, July 7, 1814, d. at Eaton, May 22, 
1885, da. of Judge John and Esther (Ozias). Child : Daughter', 
b. and d. Eaton, Apr. 8, 1849. 

William Alexander" Cleveland, residence : Charlotteville 
to 1827, Rockbridge co., Va., to 1829; near Eaton, farmer, to 
1848; of Eaton since (1886), merchant and grocer; from Jan. i, 
1876, of the firm W. A. Cleveland & Co. A trustee in the M. 
E. Church of Eaton. 

Meroney record : — Hon. John Meroney, b. Sussex co., Del., June 27, 1765, rem. 1802 to 
0., settled m Warren Co., ent. land 1805 in Preble co., rem. to P. co. spring of 1806, helped 
lay out, 1806, Eaton, one of the first co. judges, represented co. in Legislature 2 terms, d. 
n. E. Oct. 17, 1848, m. i8cx>, Esther Ozias, b. Guilford co., N. C, Aug. 26, 1779, d. n. Eaton 
Feb. 18, 1855. Ch.: Lydia ; Isaac Meroney, of Leganier, Ind., m. 




MARY LUIS" CLEVELAND (oiiver^), died Marion, Ind., 
Mar. 21, 1875, a. 48, m. Eaton, O., Dec. 28, 1843, James Henry 
Stephens, b. E. Aug. 9, 1822, s. David Vance and Mary (Ship- 
pen). Of E. to Oct., 1851, New London, la., to Apr., 1861, then 
rem. to Ind., Wabash co., Ind., to Nov., 1870, Marion, Ind., 1882, 
there owner and operator of farm; P. O., Hastings, Neb., 1883. 

16844 David Vance' Stephens, b. Sept. 14, 1844, Eaton, m. 
Paw Paw, Miami co., Ind., Dec. 24, 1867, Nancy Ann Thompson, 
b. Wabash co., Ind., Feb. 15, 1850, da. David and Lncinda Ann 
(Carpenter). Of Juniata, Adams co. (P. O., Hastings), Neb., 
farm owner. Ch.: Eva May^, b. Feb. 21, 1871, Miami co., died 
Wabash co., Sept. 10, 1872 ; Francis Milton^, born June 26, 1873, 
Wabash, Ind.; Clement Vance^, Oct. i, 1877, W.; Nellie^ Stephens, 
b. Nov. 23, 1879, Weld co., Col., d. age 4 hours. 

16845 William Henry' Stephens, b. Oct. 13, 1846, Eaton, m. 
Warsaw, Ind., May 27, 1869, Hannah Elizabeth Schott, b. Erie 
CO., Pa., Apr. 20, 1845, da. Jacob and Susan (Shoe). Of Adams 
CO., P. O., Hastings. Ch.: Olive Orta^ Stephens, b. Nov. 2, 1870, 
Grant co., Ind.; James Henry*, Jan. 17, 1872, G. co.; Mary Blanche^, 
b. Oct. 24, 1882, Rooks CO., Kan., d. Adams co., Oct. 4, 1884. 

16846 Nancy Jennett'' Stephens, b. Jan. 19, 1849, Eaton, m. 
ist, Paw Paw, Oct. 14, 1869, John Debolt, s. John and Catherine 
(Bigley). She m. 2d, Marion, Jan. 15, 1879, William Henry Har- 
rison Turner, b. Xenia, O., July 25, 1842, s. Lemuel and Mary 
A., of Marion, printer. Ch.: William^ Turner, b. Sept. 9, 1882, 

16847 Susan Olive' Stephens, b. Apr. 23, 1852, New London, 
la., m. Logansport, Ind., Oct. 16, 1872, William Trustum Morris, 
b. Marion, July 23, 1843, son Caleb and Mary (Conner). Of 
Greeley, Weld co.. Col., farmer, s. p. 

16848 Julia Ami' Stephens, b. May 27, 1855, New London, 
m. Marion, Dec. 31, 1876, Daniel Overman, b. M. Feb. 2, 1845, s. , 
John and Ann (McCracken). Of Marion, merchant. A sub- 
scriber for this Genealogy. Ch. : Mary Cleveland^ Overman, born 
Apr. 17, 1885, M. 

16849 Mary Francis'' Stephens, b. Maj'' 10, 1858, New L., m. 
•Fairmount, Grant co., Ind., July 27, 1881, Mahlon Harvey Os- 

born, b. F. Aug. 15, 1858, s. Samuel and Mary (Reader). Of 
Fairmount, carpenter. Ch. b. F.: Charles E.^ Osborn, Mar. 4, 
1883; William Z.' Osborn, May 20, 1885. 

16850 Alice May'' Stephens, b. Feb. 16, 1862, Wabash, died 
Logansport, Ind., Dec. 11, 1872. 

16851 Laura Shackelford'' Stephens, b. July 16, 1864, Wa- 
bash, m. Marion, May 27, 1885, Arch V. Hahn, born Jonesboro, 
Grant co., Ind., Feb. 15, 1862, farmer. Emma Lee' Stephens, b. 
Apr. 18, Paw Paw, d. P. P. Sept. 10, 1868. 


Larkin*, JohnS, Alexander^, Alexander^), m. Eliza Cleveland^ Smith -|- 1 7 272, 

she d. Sept. 3, 1867, a. 29. 



Rev. William Calloway" Cleveland resided at Montevallo, 
Shelby co., Ala., 1884, Gadsden, Etowah co., Ala., 1885. Resi- 
dence 1895, Columbia, Henry co., Ala. 

From Baptist Encyclopedia, by William Cathcart, D.D., 1881: 

Cleveland, W. C, M.D., D.D., a native of Dallas co., Ala., b. June 22, 1835. His 
father, Deacon Carter W. Cleveland (deceased), was one of the most prominent citi- 
zens of that county, and one of the most influential laymen in the state. He was wealthy, 
intelligent, wise, and upright. Dr. Cleveland grad. when a youth in the University of 
Ala. [Tuscaloosa, Ala.], and in medicine in city of N. Y., and arose to distinction as a 
physician. He abandoned that profession and entered the ministry in i86g, was called 
immediately to Carlowville; soon after and for several years his time as pastor was 
divided betw. thatjplace, Snow Hill [Wilcox co., Ala.], and Pleasant Hill — 3 village 
churches in refined and intelligent communities — where most gratifying results attended 
his ministrations. Some 4 years since [ab. 1874] he was called to the church in Selma 
[Ala.], where he is in charge of a church which has become second to none in that State. 
D.D. was conferred by Harvard Coll., 1875. Dr. Cleveland is an accomplished Christian 
gentleman, standing in the front rank of the Southern Baptist pulpit. 


ALEXANDER' CLEVELAND (Eli», Alexander*, Alex. 3. Alex.»), 

d. Monroe co., Ind., m. Kendrick. Ch.: 

4-16852 Benjamin F.' Cleveland, "b. 1830. 

16853-4 William', of Bushnell, McDonough co.. 111., 1885; 
Nancy' Cleveland, m. Peter Baker, of Dota, Independence co., 


JAMES' CLEVELAND (Levis, Alexander*, Alex.», Alex.?), d., tn. 

Sally Stancifer, settled in Kenton co., Ky. Ch. (descendants 
live 5 miles helow Covington, Ky., on Ohio river, 1885, address 
N. W. Dollins, Indianapolis, Ind.) : 

16855-8 Washington' Cleveland, b. per. ab. 1818; Jef- 
ferson' Cleveland ; Sidney Ann' ; Sarah Jane' ; Rachel' 


POLLIE' CLEVELAND (Levi^, m. Elmore Scott. Ch.: 
16859 Warren Elmore'' Scott, b. Sept. 28, 1817, Kenton co., 

Ky., m. Alice Ann' Cleveland -|- 16863. 

1 6860-1 Cleveland'' Scott, m.; Amanda'' Scott, m. Gerrett, of 

Chicago, 111. 


JOSEPH' CLEVELAND (Levi»), died Big Bone Springs, * 
Boone co., Ky., Oct. 15, 1825, a. 26, m. Woodford co., Ky., Jan. 
17, 1822, Nancy Allen, b. W. co., Dec. 15, 1803, d. Carrollton co., 
Ky., June 29, 1881, a da. John. Hotel propr., Big Bone Springs. 
Ch. b. Boone co., Ky.: 

16862 ]\Iary Jane', b. Aug. 2, 1823, d. Carrollt., Mar. 21, 
1878, unm. 

+ 16863 Alice Ann' Cleveland, b. May 25, 1825. 
16864 Son' Cleveland, of Covington, Ky., 1883. 


WASHINGTON' CLEVELAND (Levi^), d. Covington, Ky., 
Dec. 22, 1880, a. 75, m. Woodford co., Ky., Oct. 16, 1828, Hannah 
Allen, b. Woodford co., Feb. 12, 1808, d. Kenton co., Ky., July 



18, 1878, a da. John and Alice (McKay). Residence in Kenton 
CO., farmer. Ch.; 

+ 16865 Rachel^ Cleveland, b. , 18 — . 

+ 16866 Joseph' Cleveland, b. , 18 — . 

+ 16867 John Levi' Cleveland, b. Sept. 20, 1841, Kenton 
CO., Ky. 


LOUISA" CLEVELAND (Levi»), m. Thomas Kennedy of 
Covington, Ky. She res. Ky. 1885. Ch.: 16868 Moivre'' Ken- 
nedy, m. Van Vechten Tousey, he d. 1872. She res. 1884, Cin- 
cinnati, O. Ch.: 2\f£'«j', living Kan. 

16869 /(i»^^ Kennedy, m. Leonard Lassing of Boone co., 
Ky., of n. Union, Boone co., Ky. 16870 Thomas'' Kennedy, d. a. 
16. 1 687 1 Louisa' Kennedy. 



(jesse», Alexander*, Alexander8,Alexander3, Alexander'), d. Galveston, Tex., 

Feb. 29, 1876, aged 72, m. ist, Fayette co., Ky., ab. 1820, Sarah 
Lander, b. Fayette co., died Brazoria, Brazoria co., Tex., 1833, 
after April, sister to Henry Lander (husband of his sister, Lucy" 
Cleveland)., He m. 2d, Brazoria co., Tex., 1835, Mrs. Mary D. 
Millicon, she d. Galveston, July 5, 1848, widow of Andrew Mil- 
licon. He m, 3d, Galveston, May 11, 1855, Mrs. Eliza Jane 
(Cash) Wortham, b. St. Francesville, La., Dec. 25, 1825, da. of 
Craven and Eveylyn (Davis). Ch. by ist m.: 

+ 16872 Martha' Cleveland, b. Nov. 22, 1821, Brecken- 
ridge co., Ky. 

+ 16873 Anne Wharton' Cleveland, born Dec. 25, 1822, 
Breckenridge co., Ky. 

+ 16874 Charles Lander^ Cleveland, born Aug. 25, 1824, 
Breckenridge co., Ky. 

William Lewis', born 1826, Memphis, Tenn., died 
Breckenridge co., Ky., 1830. 

16875 Lucy' Cleveland,* b. Nov. 3, 1828, Memphis, died 
bef. 1895, m. Owen D. Johnson. Sarah Caroline', b. Feb. 20, 
1830, M.,-d. Brec. co., Sept., 183 1. 

16876 Fannie' Cleveland, b. Sept. 12, 1832, Memphis, m. 
John J. Durn. Mrs. Fannie Dunn res. Waxahachie, Tex., 1895. 
By 2d m.: 

+ 16877 Mary Jane' Cleveland, b. Dec. 2, 1836, Brazoria 
CO., Tex. 

16878 Zachary Taylor' Cleveland, d. Galveston, 1867, 
unm., of Galveston, clerk. 

16879 Robert Emmet' Cleveland, died Galveston, 1876, 
unm., of G, clerk. By 3d m.: 

+ 16880 Jessie Hale' Cleveland, b. Dec. 20, 1857, Galves- 
ton, Texas. 

Jesse Alexander Harrison" Cleveland, residence: Hard- 
insburg, Breckenridge co., Ky., to 1831, Memphis to 1833; the 
vessel carrying himself and family to Texas was wrecked, and 
their household goods and family records and Bible lost. Lived 



in Brazoria co. to 1835, merchant. In 1835 settled on a farm 
near Barnard river. Was a soldier under Gen. Sam Houston, 
1836. Resided at Galveston after 1841 always, and was the 
possessor of a considerable fortune, principally of slaves. Was 
a surveyor and farmer ; was Dep. U. S. Marshal under Gen. 
Benjamin McCulloch. Without pretending to have knowledge 
of practice of medicine, while yellow fever raged at Galveston, 
1844, was wonderfully successful (over 500 cases) in his method of 
cure (without medicine) of that disease — the " Cleveland treat- 
ment." This was published in the papers. It proved the most 
successful of any ever adopted. The following from the Gal- 
veston Press : 

"Jesse a. H. Cleveland. His parents were Jesse Cleveland and Lucy Graves, 
and dwelt on the Shenandoah river, Va., at the date of his birth, i8oi. His education 
was perfected in Virginia. He attained wonderful excellence in the English branches, 
especially in mathematics, including surveying. His father designed him for law, but 
this was intercejjted by his early marriage to Sarah Lander, in Ky. He was 19 years 
old at first marriage. He had followed teaching for a time, surveying, and editmg a 
newspaper. He often indulged in contributing something flashing with spirit for the 
Press during political excitement. [See BIBLIOGRAPHY, Chap. IV.] He arrived in 
Tex. Apr., 1833, at Brazoria, where his wife soon died. He then settled on a cotton plan- 
tation on the Bernard river, where he married Mrs. Millicon, 1835, afterward moved to 
Galveston, 1842. During the war with Mexico he volunteered, and was efficient and 
earnest in the cause of Texan independence. In 1856, he married Mrs. E. J. Wortham, 
who survives him. In the yellow fever epidemic he was one of the first to go forward 
and nurse the sick, tender-hearted and kind in trouble, and a devoted father and friend . 
He died in 1876, and is buried in Galveston." 

His 2d wife, Mary D., had m. ist, Andrew Millicon, he died 
Brazoria co., Aug., 1833, was of Brazoria co., farmer. Ch.: C. 
C. Millicon, b. Dec. 25, 1827, m. Mrs. L. J. Bunton. 

Mrs. Eliza Jane (Cash) [Wortham] Cleveland, residence : 
Galveston, 1895. 

Cash ances/ry: — Craven Cash, b. Alexandria, Va., died on the Mississippi river, m, 
Eveylyn Davis, da. of Duke and (Spirey) Davis. 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (Harrison^, Alex.*, Alex.8, Alex.", Alex.i), 

married . In 1877, was mail carrier from Alexandria, 

Va., to Fairfax, Va., Theological Seminary. Residence, 1886-7, 
in Fairfax county, Va., near the Seminary, Children, 13 : 

16881 Arthur^ Cleveland, m. Anna Shreves, residence, 
Fairfax, Fairfax co., Va. 

-I-16882 . William' Cleveland, b. May 15, 1851. 

16883 Daughter', m. Mr. Frinks, res. Fairfax. 

16884 Elijah'' Cleveland, m. Hattie Sweeney, res. F. 

+ 16885 Charles C Cleveland. 16886 Philip B.', m. 
Mollie Sweeney, res. Washington, D. C, 1886-91, merchant. 

16887-90 Henry', unm.; Jennie', unm.; Thomas'', unm.; 
Peter' Cleveland, unm. 


JOHN HENRY' CLEVELAND (Harrison^), died June 11, 
1852, a. 41, m. Apr. 2, 1839, Nancy (Ann) Shields Walker, born 
Fairfax co., Va., Nov. 25, 1811. She res. Washington, D. C, 
1886. Ch.: 

16891 Sarah Elizabeth' Cleveland, b. Feb. 3, 1840, m. 
Feb. 3, 1858, William Elias Owens. Ch.: John William'' Owens, 
b. Apr. I, 1861; Laura Virginia^ Owens, July 10, 1866. 



16892 Julia Ann', "b. Nov. 15, 1841, d. 1848; John Har- 
rison', b. July 14, 1842, d. June, 1843. 

-I-16893 James Willi AAf Cleveland, b. Feb. 7, 1844. Cath- 
arine', b. Aug. 5, d. 6, 1845. 

16894 Caroline', b. Dec. 31, 1846, m. Jan., 1870, George 
Funk. Ch.: /uh'a RanrC' Funk, b. Nov. 12, 1865, m. Jan. 6, 1886, 
Lawrence Mclntire ; Alice Agnes^ Funk, b. Dec. 6, 1867 ; Ella M.^, 
May 27, 1871; John Frederick^, Sept. 22, 1873; Walter WmfiehPj 
George Harrison^, Nov. 11, 1878; Edward Bernard', Ji^ly 21, 1881; 
Graver Cleveland' Funk, Feb. 22, 1886. 

16895 Eliza Matilda' Cleveland, born June 8, 1848, m. 
Jan. 28, 1868, Alexander Tennant, b. Aug. 2, 1846. Ch.: Anna 
Cloredine^ Tennant, b. Dec. 2, 1868; Maggie Cecilia', Aug. 6, 1870; 
Francis Joseph*, Aug. 11, 1875; Agnes Estella*, Mar. 26, 1878; 
Alice Virginia' Tennant, Aug. 17, 1881. 

16896 Laura Virginia' Cleveland, b. Feb. 5, 1850, m. 
July 21, 1872, James R. Phipps, mechanic, s. p. 


ANN" CLEVELAND (Elijahs, Alexander*, Alex.', Alex.^, Alex.i), m. 

Capt. Solomon Redman Jackson, b. prob. Berry villa, Va., 1789, 
d. in Fort Delaware, on Pea Patch Island, at the head of Dela- 
ware Bay, near Delaware City, Del., 'Aug. 30, 1863, s. of Thomas 
and Ann (Smith). Ch. : 

4-16897 Mary Ann Elizabeth'' Jackson, born Dec. 18, 1816, 
Clarke co., Va. 

-I-16898 Frances Cecilia'' Jackson, b. Oct. 26, 1818, Jefferson 
CO., Va. [now West Va.]. 

-f-16899 Matilda Jane' Jackson, born Mar. 29, 1820, Harper's 
Ferry, Jefferson co., Va. [now West Virginia]. 

Capt. Solomon Redman Jackson lived at Edgehill, Va., far- 
mer. Was an officer in the war of 1812, was drafted at Win- 
chester, Va., served from Apr. i, 1813, as an ensign in Capt. 
Province McCormick's co., 5th reg. Va. Militia, com. by Col. 
Armisted T. Mason, honorably discharged at Norfolk, Va., Oct. 
13, 1813, made application for a land warrant Dec. 14, 1850, was 
then residing in Clarke co., and 60 years of age. In the late 
war he was a Southern sympathizer. Tn 1863, he teceived from 
Gen. Robert H. Milroy, U. S. A., commandant at Winchester, 
a pass to buy goods in Baltimore, Md. The ladies in the party 
bought more than their permit allowed, and the party was ar- 
rested at Harper's Ferry, W. Va., for smuggling, and the goods 
confiscated. The women were released, but he was held pris- 
oner and sent to Ft. McHenry, Baltimore, and thence to Fort 
Delaware, but was taken sick in August, and died before ar- 
rangements could be made for release. He was a true Chris- 
tian, and his religious conversations during his last days are 
pathetically described in the book : United States Bonds, or Duress, 
by Federal Authority, a journal of current events during an imprison- 
ment of fifteen months at Fort Delaware, by Isaac W. K. Handy, D.D., 
of Augusta CO., Va., 1874, on pages 15, 24, 43, 56, 61, 69, 79, 85, 95, 
99, 114. 

Jackson ancestry: — Thomasi Jackson, of Berryville, Va., m. ist, Ann Smith. The 
Jacksons and Clevelands owned slaves. 




A.7h7lie^ Coleman (Frances or Hannah', James*, Alex.a, Alex.!!, Alex.i), 

m. 1826, as 2d w., Richard Henry Cockerille, b. Fairfax co., Va., 
ab. 1792. Ch.: 

16900 James' Cockerille, b. 1827, d. bef. 1886. 16901 Amer- 
icus' Cockerille (Dr.), of Alexandria, Rapides co., La., 1886. 

+ 16902 Fannf Cockerille. 16903 Samuel Johnstone'' Cockerille 
(Dr.), res. Washington, D. C, 1887, practising physician. 

16904 Lucy' Cockerille, unm., of Leesburg ; Florida' Cock- 
erille, d. y. Grandchild : Fanny Cleveland^ Cockerille. 

Richard Henry Cockerille res. in Fairfax co. He xa. ist, 
Nannie Lee of Jefferson co., Va., she d. 1822, da. of Lancelot 
Lee. Ch.: Mary Catherine Cockerille, b. 1817, m. Joseph R. 
Rowles, she res; Chantilly, Va.; Sally Lee Cockerille, b. 1820, 
unm., of Daysville, Loudoun co., Va.; Richard Henry Cockerille 
(Judge), b. 1822, of Washington. 

Lee ancestry: — Col. George', of Westmoreland co., Va.; Lancelot!" Lee. 


liam*, Alexander^Alex.a, Alex.i), m, June 17, 1853, Nannie Casey, born 
Jan. 5, 1835, da. of Abraham; Harrison co., Ky. Ch.: Mary 
Frances', b. Nov. 17, 1854, H. co., d.. H. co., July 15, 1855 ; Wil- 
lie Hamilton', b. Mar. 4, H. co., d. H. co., Sept. 28, 1855; James 
Buckhannon', b. July 24, 1856, H. co., d. H. co., Sept. 25, 1861. 

+ 16905 Annie' Cleveland, b. Apr. 13, 1858, Harrison co. 
Bettie', b. Dec. 22, i860, H. co., d. H. co., June 23, 
1888. Sarah Thomas', b. Apr. 11, 1863, H. co.; Dave A.', born 
Feb. 26, 1866, H. CO., d. Pendleton co., Ky., Nov. 27, 1868; Milly', 
b. Sept. 30, 1873, P- CO., d. P. CO., Apr. 8, 1875. 

16906 George Lindsey' Cleveland, born Aug. 23, 1878, 
Pendleton co., Ky. 



n. Havilandsville, Ky., Feb. 22, 1888, a. 59, m. Jan. 16, 1868, Ellen 
Raymond, born Apr. 16, 1842, da. of David ; Harrison co., Ky. 
Was in C. S. A. 3 years, under com. of John Morgan and Hum- 
phrey Marshall. Farmer. Ch. : Clay Morey' Cleveland, b. 
Oct. 23, 1868, H. CO.; Ernest Cromwell', Oct. 30, 1869, H. co.; 
Clark Raymond', Mar. 5, 1873, Pendleton co., Ky.; David Cen- 
tennial' Cleveland, July 4, 1876, P. co.; Minnie McGarvey', 
Oct. 2, 1879, P. CO.; Myrtie Frances', Oct. 23, 1882, P. co. 


ANDREW JACKSON" CLEVELAND (Henry wiison^), m. 
ist, Oct. 15, 1871, Sallie J. Whaten, b. Mar. 15, 1839, d. bef. 1892, 
da. W. C. Whaten. He m. 2d, Mar. 4, i886, Sallie F. Hill, born 
Nov. 20, 1852, da. Thomas. Joined C. S. forces under Hum- 
phrey Marshall, 1862, came home Feb. 7, 1865 ; farmer. Ch. b. 
Harrison co., Ky., by ist m.: May' and Martha', b. and d. H. 
CO., Aug. 14, 1872 ; Mattie F.', b. Oct. 11, 1874. By 2d m.: Da.', 



d. soon; Minor A.', b. May 16, 1888; Henry Clay' Cleveland, 
Nov. 24, 1890. 


SARAH ANN" CLEVELAND (william Blranklms, WmiamS Alex.a, 

Aiex.», Aiex.i), m. Aug. 2, 1849, Janies Woolery of Harrison co., 
Ky., b. Dec. 21, 1824, s. of Joseph and Elizabeth (Stump). Ch.: 

+ 16907 William Henry Woolery, b. Oct. 26, 1850, Harrison 
CO., Ky. 

+ 16908 George Edward'' Woolery, b. Jan. 21, 1853, Pendleton 
CO., Ky. 

16909 Martha Alice' Woolery, b. Jan. 29, 1855, P. co., m. 
June 23, 1881, Rev. Julius S. Kendrick, b. Grant co., Ky., Feb. 
21, 1850, a s. of Joseph and Sarah (Hall). Grad. Ky. Uni. Has 
been pastor of Disciples Church, Selma, Ala., Augusta, Ky., 
Dallas, Tex., Winchester, Ky., and Danville, Ky., res. Danville, 
1892. Ch. : William Henry* Kendrick, b. Mar. 7, 1882, Selma. 

+ 169 10 Lewis Cass' Woolery, born Apr. 11, 1858, Pendleton 
CO., Ky. 

16911 Jefferson Davis'' Woolery, b. June 21, 1861, P. co., m. 
Annie' Cleveland +16905. 

+ 16912 Joseph Fenton^ Woolery, b. July 2, 1864, Pendleton 
CO., Ky. 

1 69 1 3 Emmett Sims' Woolery, b. Nov. 18, 1867, P. co., died 
Harrison co., Nov. 6, 1886, unm., lived at his father's, was be- 
ginning the study of medicine. 

16914 Kirby Smith'' Woolery, b. Nov. 25, 1870, Pendleton 
CO., will grad. June, 1893, with degree A.B., from Bethany col- 
lege, Bethany, Brooke co., W. Va., with very high honor. By 
profession, surveyor and C. E. 

James Woolery, residence in Pendleton co., near Antioch, 
Harrison co., Ky., farmer. 

Ulerich, Woolery ancestry : — John' Ulerich, b. prob. Holland ab. 1750, came to Pa., 
•moved from Pa. to Bourbon co., Ky., afterward to Harrison co., d. ab. 1828, va. Polly ; 
Joseph" Wolery (spelled with one o), b. June 27, 1793, of Harrison co., d. Apr. 30, 1838, m. 
Elizabeth Stump, b. Mar. ig, 1798, d. Sept. 10, 1878, da. of Jacob and Betsey (Smelser). 
Biography of W. H. Woolery contains a Chapter on Woolery ancestry. 


HENRY JASPER' CLEVELAND (wiuiamFrankiinO, died 
Cynthiana, Ky., i8 — , m. Oct. 26, 185 1, Polly Mitchel, da. Joseph 
and Mary (Bell). Farmer. Ch. : 

16915 Adda' Cleveland, m. ist, Ephraim Ashcroft, Rob- 
ertson CO., Ky., he d. leaving no ch., farmer. She m. 2d, John 
Reeves, R. co., farmer. 

+ 16916 Fenton' Cleveland. 16917 Robert' Cleveland, 
d., m. Mattie Wagner, Pendleton co., Ky., farmer, s. p. 

16918 Sydney' Cleveland, m. Fannie Bristow, da. John, 
P. CO. Farmer, ch. 


NANCY LOUISA' CLEVELAND (wiUiamFrankiin»), d. Lex- 
ington, Ky., Sept. 20, 1888, a. 49, m. ist, Todd, he died, live^ in 
W"is. She m. 2d, W. H. Cravens of Fayette co., Ky. Ch. by 
ist m.: Da\ d. in girlhood, buried at Lexington. By 2d m.: 



16919 Ord} Cravens, unm. 1893, an accomplished school 
teacher. Editor. See Bibliography, Chap. IV. 16920 Frank' 
Cravens, tinm.; Laura'' Cravens, unm.; Mattie' Cravens, unm. 


JAMES" CLEVELAND (Jeremiah^, Jacobs Jeremiah^, Alex.=.Alex.i), 

m. Huldah Shirley. Ch.: 16921-2 Sevier' Cleveland (s.); 


JOHN" CLEVELAND (jeremiahe), d. I month after marriage, 
m. Rachel Scott. Ch.: 16923 Helen' Cleveland. 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (jeremiah»), d. Johnson co., Mo., 
1868, a. 70, m. Pendleton co., S. C, July 29, 1819, Isabella Mor- 
ris, b. Randolph co., N. C, May 20, 1799, da. Jordan and Eliza- 
beth (Washburn). Of Habersham and Raburn cos., 1819-20 to 
1832, Ala. to July, 1834, when rem. to McDonald co., Mo., rem., 
1856, to Cal., i860 to Mo., millwright. His widow res. Ukiah, 
Mendocino CO., Cal., 1885. Ch.: 

-I-16924 John Clark' Cleveland, b. Mar. 9, 1820, Haber- 
sham CO. 

+ 16925 William Jasper' Cleveland, born Dec. 21, 1822, 
Habersham co. Lieu Allen', b. Dec. 27, 1823, Raburn co., d. 
R. CO., Mar. 9, 1824. 

4-16926 Lieu Allen' Cleveland (ag.), born Oct. i, 1824, 
Habersham co. 

16927 Mary Ann', b. July 13, 1829, H. co., m. Butte co., 
Cal., Joseph Allen; of Camonville, Ore., farmer. Ch.: Belle" 
Allen; Nancy^j Willie^; Delila^ Allen. 16928 Eliza', b. Apr. 17, 
1831, Habersham co., d. McDonald co., Jan. 25, 1847. 

-j-16929 Martin Van' Cleveland, b. Nov. 20, 1833, in Ala,, 
near Wetumkeh, Ga. 

16930 Martha', b. Aug. 20, 1836, McDonald co., m. Butte 
CO., James Hunter. Ch.: Mary^, Addie^, Cora", Wilbur^, Helen 
Morris^ Hunter. 

16931 Nancy', b. Nov. 27, 1839, McDonald co., m. Butte 
CO., Wilbur Fisk Wilson ; of Carson City, Nev., stage line con- 
tractor. Ch.: Mary^j Wilbur^ Wtlso7i. 

16932 James', b. Aug. 11, 1844, Ukiah, d. U. Jan. 5, 1869, 

16933 Lucy', m. Butte co., May i, 1858, Jackson Parshley, 
Ch.: George" Parshley, b. Oct. 10, 1859, Butte co. 



Jacobs Jeremiahs Alexander^ Alex.i), m. iSt, JaSper CO., Ga., MrS. Edna 

(Armstrong) McLendon, she d. Crawford co., Ga., June, 1841, 
wid. of Johnathan McLendon, da. William and Mary. He m. 2d, 
Mrs. — ■ — ; 3d, Mrs. . Rev. Washington Cromwell" Cleve- 
land, of Crawford co., 1878-86, Baptist clergyman. Ch. by ist 
m.: 16934 Emeline', b. Apr. 5, 1827, Meriwether co., Ga., m. 
Jordan, of Knoxville, Crawford co., Ga. 



+ 16935 William' Cleveland, b. Aug., 1830, Meriwether 
CO. 16936 Mary', b. 1833, Crawford co., m. Chandless. 16937 
Wilde Clayton' (Rev.), b. Apr., 1836, C. co. 16938 Edna', b. 
1839, C. CO., m. Culpper. 2d m.: s. p. By 3d m., b. C. co.: 

16939 Orlena', m. Lama. 16940 Oliver' Cleveland. 


JACOB MIMS" CLEVELAND (johnMacob*, Jeremiahs, Alexan- 
der^, Alexander), d. Elbert co., Ga., 1872, a. 74, m. Permelia Rucker. 
Of Ga. Ch., several of them, 1883, of Ellsert co.: 

1694 1 Willis or Willie' Cleveland, killed at battle of 
Mansfield, Tarrant co., Tex., or went to Tex. and died. 

16942 Elizabeth', d., m. John Shealds, he d., settled in 
La. 16943 Mildred', unm. 1883. 16944 Andrew Jackson' 
Cleveland, m. Mildred Baily, of Ruckersville, Ga., 1883, Elber- 
ton, Ga., 1895. 16945 Antonett', m. R. E. Adams, of Elbert 
CO. 16946 Francis B.', m, Ida McCalla of S. C. Of Ruckersv. 
1883. 16947 Sarah', m. William D. Thornton, dead. 16948 
James Madison', d., went to Miss. 16949 John Washington' 
Cleveland, died, m. Alexander. 16950 Martha', m. Tandy 
Wansley, of Banks co., Ga. 1695 1 Ivory' Cleveland, married 
Adams, of Miss. 


JAMES MADISON" CLEVELAND (John*), d. Bosque co., 
Tex., July 14, 1878, a. 70, m. Pinnina or Penina Haley, b. July 
30, 1 8 lo, wheelwright. Ch.: 

16952-60 Sarah J.' Cleveland, b. Jan. 16, 1829, in Tex. 
1885; Mary F.', Aug. i8, 1830; Martha E.', Apr. 15, 1832; 
John M.', b. Dec. 2, 1833, d. in Army, at Columbus, Miss., 1862 ; 
Tabitha a.', b. Nov. 3, 1835; Elmir'a H.', Mar. 13, 1838; Nancy 
P.', b. Jan. 10, 1840, d.; Eliza J.'', b. Dec. 10, 1842 ; Emily M.', 
July 18, 1844. 

-4-16961 William M.' Cleveland, b. June 13, 1846, Elber- 
ton, Ga. 

16962 Cora A.' Cleveland, b. Mar. 24, 1851, d. Aug. 22, 

16963 Thomas L.' Cleveland ; Daughter'. 


JOHN WYET" CLEVELAND (john^), d. Elbert co,, Ga., 
1836, a. 22-3, m. Matilda Alexander. Of Elbert co. Ch.: 

16964 William', b. 1834 16965 Thomas Daniel' Cleve- 
land, b. 1836. 


IBRA HARRIS^ CLEVELAND (john^), died Newton cq., 
Miss., Apr. 29, 1882, aged 63, m. Ruckersville, Ga., July 9, 1840, 
Pietty Adams, b. R. Feb. 22, 1824, da. Thomas and Ritta (Haley). 
Of Union, Newton co.. Miss., farmer. Ch. (all but i living 1885, 
half m., with large familes of 8 ch., etc.): 

16966-8 Martha Sarah', b. 1841, Ruckersv.; Elizabeth 
Malissa', b. 1843, R-; John Ibra', b. 1844, R.; Permelia Ofelia', 
b. and d. R. 1846. 



+ 16969 Joseph Mims' CLEVELAND,.b. June 13, 1847, Ruckers- 

16970-80 Easton Lataline', b. 1849, R.; George Wash- 
ington', b. 1850, R. ; Richard Leroy', b. 185 1, R. ; Lonesa 
Pietty', b. 1853, R. ; James Berton', b. 1854, Miss.; Andrew 
Thomas', b. 1857, Miss.; Mary Jane', b. i860, Miss.; Amanda 
Emily', b. 1861, Miss.; Reuben Kidd', b. 1863, Miss.; Daniel 
Frank', b. 1865, Miss.; Isham Haley' Cleveland, b. 1867, Miss. 


ALLEN* CLEVELAND (jacobs, Jacobs Jeremiaha, Alex.', Alex.i), d. 

Henry co., Ga., ab. 1878, a. 75, m. S. C. ab. 1823, Rebecca Ander- 
son, b. S. C. ab. 1800. Rev. and Dr. Allen" Cleveland was 
educated in co. schools of S. C, grad. at a Medical College. Of 
Henry co., Baptist minister, physician, dentist, and farmer. 
His widow is living, 1886. Ch. b. Henry co., Ga., except eld- 
est, b. Butts CO., Ga.: 16981 Elizabeth'; Jane', d. Dal ton, Ga., 
bef. 1861. 16982 William', m. Troup co., farmer. 
+ 16983 James R.' Cleveland, b. May 10, 1833. 

16984-6 Allen', d.y.; Henry' Cleveland, killed at Chan- 
cellorsville battle ; Ann' Cleveland. 


EARLY" CLEVELAND (Reuben", Jacob*, Jeremiahs, Alex.', Alex.'), 

d. Monroe co., n. Forsyth, Ga., 1873, a. 67, m. Lucy B. Wilder 
(a teacher who came from Mass. ab. 1830 to South), b. prob. 
Mass., d. n. Forsyth. Of Monroe co., n. Monroe, many years, 
teacher. Ch. 6 (all d. but Emma) b. n. Forsyth : 

16987 Emma'' Cleveland, m. John Scott, of near Forsyth, 


PETER" CLEVELAND (Reuben«), m. ist,. Elbert co., near 
Ruckersville, Ga., Mar. 28, 1833, Amerial Catharine Rousey or 
Rouzee, b. Ruckersv. July 19, 1815, died R. Apr. 12, 1835, da. 
Winslow and Frances (Rucker). He m. 2d, Beaverdam Creek, 
n. Elberton, Elbert co., Ga., May 10, 1838, Mary Frances White, 
b. n. E. Feb. 13, 1834, da. Stephen and Rebecca (Pulliam). Ch. 
by ist m. : 

+ 16988 Mary Frances' Cleveland, b. Feb. 13, 1834, Up- 
son CO., n. Thomaston, Ga., or Elbert co., n. Elberton. By 2d m.: 

+ 16989 William Leroy' Cleveland, b. June 6, 1841, Broad 
River, Elbert co. 

+ 16990 Reuben Weston' Cleveland, born Mar. 14, 1843, 
Broad River. 

+ 16991 Daniel Early' Cleveland, b. Apr. 3, 1845, Broad 

16992 Eliza Mildred', born Aug. 10, 1847, B. R., m. at 
father's, Beaverdam Creek, Jan. 17, i86r, Dixon Henry Warren, 
b. n. Ruckersv. Dec. 31, 1837, s. Jeremiah S. and Elizabeth 
(Thornton). Of Elbert co. to Dec, 1882, since Dallas co., near 
Grape Vine P. O., Tarrant co., Tex., 1883, farmer. Ch.: Wiiliam 
Early* Warren, b. Oct. 31, 1861; Joseph Milton^, Mar. 31, 1865; 



Fannie Mildred^, Feb. 4, 1867; Mary Elizabeth^, Aug. 14, 1868; 
Peter Jeremiah^, Apr. 5, 1871; Eugenie Rebecca^, Jan. 23, 1873; 
George Washington^, Jan. 3, 1875 ; Thomas Henry Martin*, Feb. 10, 
1878; Clara Elenor* Warren, Jan. i, 1880. 

16993 Louisa Rebecca', b. Mar. 5, 1850, Broad River, m. 
Sept. 24, 1869, Benjamin Thornton Almand, son William and 
Mary (Thornton). He is livinor 1883. Separated 1873, divorced. 
She res. with father. Ch.: Maggy Lelah* Almand, born July 26, 

4-16994 Peter Washington' Cleveland, b. Apr. 4, 1852, 
Beaverd. Ck. Emily Victoria', b. Nov. 15, 1854, B. C, d. near 
Elberton, July 7, 1856. 

16995-7 Alexander Stephens' Cleveland, born Feb. 24, 
1857, Beaverd. Ck., unm., with his father, farmer; Richard 
Toombs' Cleveland, b. Nov. 3, 1859, B. C, d. near E. June 14, 
1861; James Alfred'', born Feb. 2, 1862, B. C, student; Clara 
Elizabeth'' Cleveland, b. May 9, 1864, B. C, unm. « 

Peter* Cleveland lived on his father's farm. Vans Creek, 
to I St m.; .n. Ruckersv. to 2d m.; since on Beaverdam Creek, 3 
miles S. of Elberton, farmer. Was visited by Col. Benjamin 
Cleveland between 1840-50. 


LEROY" CLEVELAND (Reut.en»), d. Elbert co., on Vans 
Creek, n. Savannah river, Ga., 1869, a. 60, m. late in life, Saman- 
tha Rosey. Lived on his father's farm. Vans Creek, n. Ruckers- 
ville, Ga., which his family own and occupy, 1883. Ch. born 
Vans Creek : 

16998 Lilla Leroy' Cleveland, died 1880, m. Little G. 
Adams, lived on the old farm, Vans C. Ch. : 2 little girls, living 
1883. 16999 John William', b. i860, unm. 17000-2 Theodore 
Franklin', b. 1863; Mary Frances', b. 1865, upm., owns home- 
stead; Virginia' Cleveland, b. 1868. 


EMILLIA' CLEVELAND (Reuben^), m. Elbert co., Ga., July 
26, 1830, Reuben Thornton, b. E. co. Nov. 26, 1807, d. [? Russell 
CO., Ala.], s. of Reuben and Elizabeth (Allen), farmer. Rem. 
from Elbert co. to Russell co. She 1. 1883 Three Notch, Bul- 
lock CO., Ala. Ch.: 

17003 Mai-y Elizabeth'' Thornton, b. Aug. 3, 1834, Elbert, d. 
Bullock, Nov. 3, 1879, m. William Ellis, he d. 17004 William 
Earlf Thornton, b. July 26, 1837, Elbert, died Bullock, July 26, 
1863, in Confederate Army. 17005 Ann Fannie'', b. May 1, 1840, 
Talbut, Ga., m. Jordan. 17006-7 Reuben^, Mar. 26, 1848, T., m.; 
Emilia Minnie'' Thornton, b. Apr. 26, 1854, T., d. Meridian, Miss., 
Feb. 31?, 1871, m. 


DANIEL" CLEVELAND (Reuben»), m. ist, n. Ruckersville, 
Ga., Oct. 9, 1834, Harriet McGarity, b. Ruckersv. Dec. 17, 181 7, 
d. Decatur, Miss., Nov. 16, 1873, da. Gardner and Sarah (Hilly). 
He m. 2d, n. Decatur, Jan. 12, 1875, Mrs. Mary King (Turner) 


Gardner, b. n. Forsyth, Ga., Mar. 31, 1825, wid. of Elijah Gard- 
ner, da. James and Jennie (Spear). Ch. by ist m.: 

+ 17008 Reuben Gardner' Cleveland, born Jtily 18, 1835, 
Ruckersville, Ga. 

Martha Frances', b. Dec. 16, n. R. d. 28, 1836. 

17009 Sarah Elizabeth', b, Aug. 15, 1840, n. R., m. ist, 
n. R., Dec. 14, 1854, John Mountecue Raiford Adams, b. n. R. 
Dec. 14, 1835, d. n. Decatur, Aug. 30, 1862, son William Henry 
and Nancy (Cheek), farmer of n. D. She m. 2d, McMullan. 
Ch. by ist.m.: Reburda Debora^ Adams, b. Oct. 22, 1855, Elbert 
CO., Ga.; Judge Millard^, Mar. 24, 1858, Decatur; Georgia Ellen^, 
Jan. 25, i860, D.; John Raiford Mountecue^ Adams, Aug. 22, 1862, 
D. By 2d m.,: 5 Sons\ 

17010 William Early', b. Dec. 29, 1842, n. Ruckersville, 
killed in charge by Federals, Franklin, Tenn., Nov. 20, 1864. 
Of Ruckersv. to 1857, Decatur af.; private 8th Miss., C. S. A. 

I50II Eliza Jane', b. Jan. 24, 1846, n. Ruckersv., m. De- 
catur, Sept. 21, 1865, Thomas Singleton Reeves, b. Griffin, Ga., 
May 4, 1840, s. Allen Howel and Jane (Harper). Of Newton 
CO., Miss., 1856-83, farmer. During war in Co. B, ist Miss. Cav. 
Ch. b. Decatur: Mary Lovinia^ Reeves, Aug. 12, 1866; Deborah 
Alice^, Dec. 26, 1867; William Rodolphus^, July .27, 1869; John 
Harris^, June 20, 187 1; Roy Vernon^, Feb. 19, 1874; Eby Eugene^, 
Tune 15, 1877 ; Harriet Jane^, Apr. 1, 1879 i Susan lone^ Reeves, 
Feb. 13, 1881. 

+ 17012 Amanda Emily' Cleveland, b. Sept. 29, 1849, near 
Ruckersville, Ga. 

+ 17013 Judge Leroy' Cleveland, born Feb. 7, 1856, near 
Ruckersville, Ga. 

Mr. Daniel^ Cleveland, of Ruckersville to 1857, since of 
Decatur, 1883, farmer. 

Mary King Turner m. ist, n. Forsyth, Mar. 2, 1841, Elijah 
Gardner, b. n. Camden, Kershaw co., S. C., Oct. 28, 1818, d. n. 
Decatur, Aug. 14, 1864, s. John and Katie (Pringle). Ch.: Sarah 
Jane Gardner, b. July 28, 1842, n. Forsyth, m. n. Decatur, Feb. 
25, 1867 ; John Haris Gardner, b. Feb. 9, 1844, n. Forsyth, killed 
in battle Murfreesboro, Dec. 31, 1862; Elizabeth Welcome Gard- 
ner, b. June 28, 1846, n. Barnesville, Pike co., Ga., m. Jan. 12, 
1865 ; James Turner Gardner, b. July 23, 1848, n. Forsyth, d. n. 
Decatur, Aug. 14, 1869; Frederick Golson Gardner, b. Aug. 8, 
1850, n. Forsyth, d. n. F. Apr. 26, 1853 ; Jacob Virgil Gardner, 
b. July 27, 1852, n. F., d. n. F. July 30, 1853 ; Daniel Pierce Gard- 
ner, b. Sept. 2, 1854, n. F., d. Belleview, Talbot co., Ga., Aug. 
30, 1877 ; Edmund Dumas Gardner, b. Dec. 25, 1857, n. Decatur, 
d. n. D. Aug. 21, 1873; Ann Eliza lone Gardner, b. Feb. 22, 
i860, n. D., m. Jan. 12, 1883; Richard Austin Gardner, b. May 
9, 1862, n. D. 


ELIZA" CLEVELAND (Reuben^), m. McCajah Thomas Al- 
mand, farmer. Ch.: 17014 Reuben Early\ d. a young man. 

17015 Mary Ann' Almand, m. Delancy A. Fortson, of near 
Elberton, Ga., 1883. Ch.: several. 

17016 Louisa Frances'' Almand, m. ist, John W. Black, he 



d., of Elbert co., farmer. She m. 2d, John W. Etheridge, of 
Elberton, stone cutter. Ch. by ist m.: left 2 girls. By 2d m.; 

1 701 7 Sarah Mildred'' Almand, d., m. Reuben M. Camp- 
bell, farmer. Ch.: several. 

17018 Alniarine Elizabeth'' Almand, d., m. Ira C. Campbell, 
farmer, U. S. Marshal or Revenue officer. Ch.: left several. 

17019-21 Alfred Oliver'' J Simeon Weston''; Emma Louanna\ 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (Reuben«), died Elbert co., Ga., 
July 5, i86r, a. 40, m. Lucy A. M. Terrell. Lived Elbert co., on 
farm on Savannah river and Coldwater creek to decease; far- 
mer. Ch.: 17022 Ophelia O.', b. 1S56, d. when small. 

17023 Robert William' Cleveland, unm., res. on his 
father's farm, 1883, farmer. 17024 Mary Louisa', b. i860, m. 
Joseph Alexander, of lower Elbert co., farmer. 


WESTON' CLEVELAND (Reuben^), m. n. Ruckersville, Ga., 
Oct. 19, 1848, Sarah Emily Johnston, b. Elberton, Ga., Mar. 24, 
1830, a da. Thomas and Mildred Harriet (Roebuck). Ch.: 

-I-17025 Mary Eugenia' Cleveland, b. May 24, 1851, El- 
berton, Ga. 

-I-17026 Thomas Reuben' Cleveland, b. Dec. 6, 1853, El- 
berton, Ga. 

-I-17027 William Harper' Cleveland, b. Dec. 25, 1855, El- 
berton, Ga. 

+ 17028 Harriet Ellen' Cleveland, born Apr. 15, 1858, 5 
miles N. of Decatur, Miss. 

+ 17029 Louisa Frances', b. Sept. 20, i860, 5 mi. N. of D. 
Viola Adelia', b. Jan. 24, 1863, 5 mi. N. of D., d. D. Aug. 10, 
1864. 17030-2 James Robert', b. July to, 1865, 5 mi. N. of D.; 
Eppy Daniel', b. Oct. 24, 1867, 5 mi. N. of D., died D. Aug. 11, 
1870; Newton Early', b. Oct. 12, 1869, 5 mi. N. of D.; George 
Washington', b. Feb. 26, 1872, 5 mi. N. of D. 

Weston' Cleveland, of near Ruckersville to 1856, since at 
Decatur, P. O., Mt. Vernon, Miss., 1883, farmer. Confederate 
soldier, Co. D., 39th Miss., Beal's Brigade. 


WILLIAM LEROY' CLEVELAND (John^ Reuben*, [?Jere. 
miahs, Alexanders]), m., is living 1885. Ch. : 17033-6 G. W.' CLEVE- 
LAND, of Ocala, Marion co., Fla.; W. K.', of O.; S. L.', of Town- 
ville, Anderson co., S. C; R. H.', of Calhoun's Mills, Abbeville 
CO., S. C. 

17037 John T.' Cleveland, from S. C. 1882, of Ocala, 
writes he has many Cleveland relations in Elbert co., Ga., his 
father is William Leroy, gr.-fa., John, gr.-gr.-fa., Reuben. 




WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (Micajah^, John*, Micajah', [? Alexander', 

Aiexanderi]), d. Poscy CO., Ind., ab. 1842, a. 50, m. ist, she d., left 
ist wife in Ky. He m. 2d in Ind., 2d wife d. Ch. by ist m.: 2, 
who were left in Ky., no trace. By 2d m.: 2 ; id. 17038 Vir- 
ginia'', m. Leroya Endicott, of Saline co.. 111., 1885. 


ANDREW JACKSON" CLEVELAND (nicajah^), d. Posey 
CO., Ind., m. Anna Tillet. Was first of family to emigrate from 
Harrison co., Ky., ab. 1826, to Posey co. Ch.: large family, fol- 
lowing only survive, 1885: 17039-43 Job' Cleveland, of 111.; 
Alvin', of Posey CO.; William', of Tex.; Sally', of 111.; Nancy', 
of Illinois. 


JAMES" CLEVELAND (Micajah=), d. Posey co., Ind., 1867, 
a. 71, m. Nancy Johnson. Removed from Harrison co., Ky., to 
Bourbon co., almost everything confiscated in the war, rem. 
thence, 1865, to Posey co. A noted prize fighter, had 77 hard 
fights, besides skirmishes, and was never knocked out, though 
antagonists were much heavier. Ch.: several, following only 
survive, 1885, sons and grandsons a time in Camp Chase prison : 
17044-5 William'', of New Harmony, Ind.; Harvey' Cleve- 
land, of South part of Kentucky. 


CHARLES' CLEVELAND (Micajah»), d. Gibson co., Ind., 
May 29, 1870, a. 70, m. Harrison co., Ky., 1821, Phebe Lunce- 
ford, b. Fairfax co., Va., Sept. 12, 1806, a da. James. Left Ky. 
1830; came, 1830, to Gibson co., then a wilderness, lived there 
afterward, successful farmer. He and wife Predestinarian 
Baptists. Ch.: 17046-7 Sarah Ann', b. Jan. 12, 1822, Harri- 
son CO.; Mary Francis', July 25, 1823, H. co. 

+ 17048 John Thomas' Cleveland, b. Feb. 25, 1826, H. co. 

-1-17049 WiNFiELD Scott' Cleveland, born Nov. 24, 1828, 
H. CO. 

-J-170S0 Charles Henry' Cleveland, born Sept. 25, 1830, 
H. CO. 

-I-17051 James William' Cleveland, b. Oct 7, 1832, Gibson 
CO., Ind. 17052 Leland', b. 1834, G. co., d. G. co., Aug., 1849; 
Nameless', b. G. co.; Nameless', b. G. co., d. soon. 

-I-17053 Rany Carter' Cleveland, b. Dec. 6, 1839, Gr. co. 

-i-17054 Lewis Wilson' Cleveland, b. June 16, 1842, G. co. 

-i-17055 Eliza Ann' Cleveland, b. Nov. 16, 1845, G. co. 

-[-17056 Emmaline' Cleveland, b. July 8, 1847, G. co. 


LELAND" CLEVELAND (uicajah^), d. Posey co., Ind., m. 
ist, Nancy Lunceford, a da. James. He m. 2d, Eliza Mont- 



gomery. He m. 3d. Farmer, owned 160 acres. Ch. by ist m., 
following living 1885 : 17057-61 William', of Illinois; James', 
of Indiana; Andrew Jackson', of Ind.; George Washington' 
Cleveland, of Ind. By 2d m.: Jessa' Cleveland, of Ind. 3d 
m.: s. p. 


ALVIN" CLEVELAND (Micajah>), d. Franklin co., 111., m. 
Polly Anderson. Rem. from Ind., 1850, to Franklin co., there 
dwelt afterw. Ch.: 17062-7 Maria', born Posey co., Ind., m. 
Franklin co., 111., William Pry, born 111., of Franklin co. 1886 ; 
Samuel', b. Posey co., of Franklin co.; Martha', b. Posey co., 
m. Franklin co., Dan Links, b. 111., of F. co.; Elizabeth', born 
Posey CO., m. Franklin co., Bonner, of F. co.; Sarah', b. F. co., 
m. F. CO., Riley Ramsey, of F. co.; Anna' Cleveland, b. F. co., 
m. F. CO., James Miller, of F. co. 

James Anderson" Whiteside (/o/maaan^ whueside, EUzabeth^ 

Coffey, Elizabeth', Alexander', Alexander'), d. ChattanOOga, Tenn., NoV. 21, 

1861, a. 58, m. ist Mary Massengale, she d. He m. 2d C, Feb., 
1844, Harriet Leonora Straw, b. Va. May 3, 1824, d. Leonard. 
Ch. by istm. : 17068-72 JohnB.'' Whiteside; Penelope' ; Anderson' ; 
Thankful A.''; Foster'. By 2d m. : 9 : 17073 James Leonard'' 
Whiteside, b. Apr. 17, 1845, Chattanoog-a, m., enlisted at 16 1st 
Tenn. C. S. A.; served through war. 

17074 Florence'' Whiteside, b. Feb. 18, 1847, Chattanooga, 
unm.; inherited the part of Lookout Mountain in Tenn.; Battle 
above the Clouds fought around her home; of Boston, Mass., 

17075 Helen'' Whiteside, b. Aug. 24, 1849, C, m. 

17076 Vernon'' Whiteside, b. May 10, 1853, C, m. 

17077 Hugh' Whiteside, b. Dec. 9, 1855, C., m. An owner 
of Lookout Mt. Park. 

17078 William Mowbray' ?F/^^V^j-/^(7, b. Dec. 4, 1857, C, unm. 

17079 Charles' Whiteside,h. Jan. 10, 1858, Nashville, Tenn., 
m., of Chattanooga; Citizens Mutual Gas Co. 

17080 Glenti' Whiteside, b. July 24, i860, Lookout Mt., m. 
Another child'' . 

Hon. James Anderson"" Whiteside educated himself through 
difficulties, and took rank later with the best lawyers of Tenn. 
Residence, Pikeville, Tenn., to 1840, Chattanooga afterward. 
Became one of the largest landed proprietors of East Tenn.; 
was interested in internal improvements, mines, projecting and 
building railroads centering at C; was vice-pres. Nashville & 
Chatt. R. R. at decease. Several terms in Legislature, import- 
ant sessions, when difficult work was done. Lookout Mt, since 
1845 the summer home of his family, who are the owners of 
Lookout Mountain Park (1885). 


JOHN ASHLEY' CLEVELAND (Reuben., John», John*, Johns, 

Alexander^ Alexander'), killed in civil War, FredericksbuTg, Va., 
Dec. 17, 1862, 1863, m. Anderson co., S. C., Aug. 18, 1839, Mary 


Ann Skelton or Skilton, b. Gilbert county, Ga., July ii, 1817, da. 
Noel and Margaret Hannah (McGee). Of Franklin county, Ga., 
and Hart county, Ga., 14 months in Co. H, 24th Ga., C. S. A. 
She is living- 1890. Ch. : 

17081 William Reuben' Cleveland, b. June 11, 1844, 
Franklin co., nnm., reared there, of Hartwell, Ga. 17082-7 
DiAH Perry', b. June 13, 1840, of H. 1883; Noel Buory', July 
9, 1842; Mary Elizabeth', May 13, 1846; Alice Matilda", Aug. 
7, 1848; Millie Louisa', July 2, 1853; George Columbus', Aug. 
15, 1859; Joel Wesley' Cleveland, Feb. 27, i860. 


ARMINDA' CLEVELAND (Benjamin', John», John*, John', Alex- 
ander'), d. n. Mobile, Ala., 1868, m. (Arcadia, La. ?), 183-, George 
Garner. Ch. : 3 girls : 17088 Eldest Daughter^, m. John L. Den- 
nis, of Arcadia 1885. 


JAMES MONROE' CLEVELAND (Benjamin', John», John*, 
John', Alexander", Alexanderi), m. PickenS Dist., S. C, Dec. 25, 1839, 

Catharine Wright, da. Thomas. Ch. : 17089 Sultanie' Cleve- 
land, b. May 26, 1841, Troup co., Ga., d. Oct. 5, 1861; educated 
at Lumpkin, Stewart coiinty, Ga. 17090 Benjamin Hillard', 
b. Jan. 4, 1843, Pickens Dist.; killed in a hand-to-hand fight at 
Kenesaw Mountain; was in C. S. A. 17 091 Cromwell Silburne' 
Cleveland, b. Jan. 14, 1845, Troup county, m.; educated at Emory 
coll., Va., of Cleburne, Johnson co., Tex., 1S85. Ch. : 4. 

17092 Thomas Wright', b. May 6, 1847, Troup co., m.; 
educated at Cave Spring, Floyd county, Ga. Of Hannahatchee, 
Stewart co., Ga. Ch. : 4. 

17093 William Allen', b. Aug. 28, 1849, Troup co., m., 
of Cleburne. Ch. : several'. 

17094 John Luther', born Oct. 28, 185 1, Stewart co., m.; 
educated at Athens, Ga., and Poughkeepsie, N. Y.: of Cleburne. 
Ch. : several'. 17095 Ulysses' Cleveland, born Jan. 22, 1854, 
Stewart county, m.; educated in Toccoa, Ga., of Cleburne. Ch. : 
several'. 17096 Morgan Harber' Cleveland (Lt.), b. May 22, 
1856, Stewart county, of Cleburne, 2d Lt. Cleburne Lt. Guards 
visiting Inter-state encampment, Houston, Tex. — Houston Post, 
May 4, 1884. 17097 Eldora Esterdes', b. July 20, 1858, Stew- 
art CO., m. Charles B. Hill, of Navarro co., Tex. Ch. : several'. 
17098 Joseph E. Brown' Cleveland, born Apr. 29, 1861, 
Stewart co.; educated at old field school; res. homestead Han- 
nahatchee. 17099 Bednigo Franklin' Cleveland, b. Nov. 22, 
1864, Stewart co., of Cleburne. 

James Monroe'' Cleveland was mustered into military ser- 
vice at Nuachotee Indian Station (now Rome, Ga.), Mar. 4, 1837, 
with duty to rem. Cherokees to reservation; soldier Cherokee 
war with father. Was in C. S. A. with 3 sons to close of war. 
Of Hannahatchee, farmer. 



Johns, Alexander', Alexander'), m. TrOUp CO., Ga., Jan. I, 1 846, Sarah 

Ann Frost, b. Athens, Ga., July i, 1826, d. Homer, La., July 5, 
1884, da. Rev. Johnson and Rebecca (Hogue). Ch. : 

--I-17100 William Howell^ Cleveland, born Feb. 25, 1847, 
Troup county. 

+17101 Josephine Hill' Cleveland, born Sept. 26, 1848, 
Troup county. 

+ 17102 John Gelon' Cleveland, b. Apr. 3, 1850, Troup co. 
Benjamin Leslie^ born Sept. 7, 1852, died July 14, 1853. 17103 
Judge Thomas', b. Aug. 16, 1854, d. May 15, 1871, unm. 17104 
James Johnson', b. Dec. 30, 1856, d. Oct. 15, 1871, unm.; Emma 
Clark', b. Aug. 4, i86o, d. Sept. 30, 1861. 

17105 Sallie Matt' Cleveland, b. Apr. 12, 1864, Clai- 
borne Parish, La., n. Homer, m. at father's house n. H., Jan. 25, 
1883, Dr. Luther Longino, b. Campbell co., Ga., Jan. 21, 1857, 
s. James Walton and Jerusha Dickerson (Wilkerson). Received 
academic education, grad. Mo. Medical College Mar. 2, 1882; of 
Homer 1885, practis. phys. She grad. Homer Masonic Female 
Inst. June 25, i88i. Ch. : Lelia' Longino, b. Jan., 1884. 17106 
Richard Hooper' Cleveland, b. Dec. 21, 1865, d. Aug. 27, 1866. 
Son', d. inf. 

Richard Hoofer' Cleveland, a schoolmate of Morgan H. 
Looney, the mathematician; of Franklin county, Ga., to 1840, 
Troup CO. to 185 1, residence since Claiborne Parish, 9 miles N. 
of Homer, 7 miles S. of Ark. line, farmer. By years of industry 
has secured a competence. 


LOUISA' CLEVELAND (Benjamin*), married Capt. N. Jack 
Williams, b. Covington, Newton co., Ga., Jan. 8, i8i6, capt. in 
Indian war 1836, of Hannahatchee, Ga., 1885, farmer. Ch., b. 
and ed. at Antioch, Troup co., Ga. 17 107 Mattie^ Williams, b. 
July 22, 1852, m., 1868, Jack Shierling. 17108 Benjamin Franklin* 
Williams, b. Mar. 7, 1854, m. 1881, Lucy Lightner. 17 109 Fa?i- 
nie Estelle* Williams, born Mar. 30, 1857, m., 1879, James Burks. 
171 10 Ida Corene^ Williams, b, Dec. 10, 1858, unm. 171 11 JoJm 
Word^,}). ]a.n. 20, i860, unm. 171 12 Stonewall" Williams, h. Sept. 
I, 1863, unm.; Josephine^, Feb. 14, 1865; Nathaniel Harper^, Sept. 
17, 1867; Minnie Ola'', Sept. 8, 1870. 


HARRIET AMELIA' CLEVELAND (Benjamin'), d. 187-,* 
m. Mar. 3, 1853, Thomas C. Johnston, b. Lincoln co., Ga., June 
16, 1828, s. Samuel and Margaret (Burks). Of Stewart co., Ga., 
always; Hannahatchee, Ga., 1884, farmer. Ch. : 

1 71 13 Benjamin Hooper^ Johnston, b. June 10, 1854, m. 
Nov. 12, 1877, Sallie J. Chambless; ed. at Antioch, Ga., farmer. 
Ch. : Herberf, Cornelius'^, Mattie' Johnston. 171 14 Fannie Mag- 
gie'^ Johnston, born Mar. 20, 1859, m. Dec. 19, 1875, I^^- William 
Wodson Peek, b. Buncombe co., N. C, Dec. 12, 1852, practising 



phys. Ch. b. Stewart co. n. Antioch: John Thomas^ Peek, Oct. 24, 
1876; Samuel Walker^, Sept. 13, 1878; Claudie Amelia^, May 28, 
1880; JBenjatnin Hooper" Feck, Mar. 16, 1882; Clifford', May 23, 1884. 
17115 Mattie Lou* Johnston, b. Feb. 26, i86i,in. ist, Dec. 18, 1878, 
John D. Hightower, born Springvale, Randolph co., Ga., d. near 
Lumpkin, Ga., Aug. 20, 1880, farmer. She m. 2d, Nov. 29, 1883, 
James N. Glenn, b. Stewart co., Jul^23, 1848, ed. at Red Hill, 
Franklin co., Ga., farmer. Ch. by ist m. : John Thomas^ High- 

17116 Julia Thomas^ Johnston, b. Aug. 27, 1863, m. Dec. 29, 
1881, James Z. Deason, b. Marion co., Ga., June 18, 1853, farmer. 
Ch. : Eva" Deason. John Thomas* Johnson, b. Jan. 14, d. Feb. 4, 
1866; Samuel*, b. Aug. 28, 1867; James Conilious*, Apr. 3, 1870; 
Harriet Amelia^ , Sept. 22, 1872; Mollie Ethef Johnston,OQ.\.. 14, 1878. 


JANE CORNELL' CLEVELAND (George Columbus', Neal», John*, 

John', Alexander", Aiexanderi), d. Boiling Springs, Ga., July lO, 1 866, 
a. 46, m. Sept., 1841, Nathaniel Agnew Magee or Megee, b. near 
Fair Play, S. C, April 23, 1817. Of Woodlawn, Ga., Boiling 
Springs, 6 miles from Spring Place, Ga., 1885-6, farmer. Ch. : 

17117 Frances Louisa^ Magee, b. Sept. 11, 1842, m. Apr. 30, 
1865, William L. Stanton of n. Red Clay, Whitfield co., Ga.; res. 
West End, Atlanta, Ga.; of W. L. Stanton and J. H. Abernathy, 
wholesale grocers. Ch. : 4. 171 18 Maria Josephine^ Magee, b. 
July 19, 1844, m. Feb. 2, 1870, Frank Barrett, of Flowery Branch, 
Hall CO., Ga.; merch. Ch. : 5. 

171 19 Benjamin Franklin^ Magee, b. Dec. 12, 1847, m. n. 
Atlanta Dec. 28, 1870, Ida Baugh, of Atlanta, merch. 17 120 
Emma Susan*, b. Aug. 16, 1852, unm. 17121 Rosaltha Ida* Magee., 
born Oct. 11, 1856, m. June 20, 1882, John Henry Abernathy, of 
Atlanta, of W. L. Stanton and J. H. Abernathy. Ch. : 2. 17122 
Washington Decatur'^ Magee, b. June'^26, i860, unm., of Tex. 



m. Pickens Dist., S. C, Oct. 14, 1845, James Monroe McGhee of 
East Tenn., b. 1819, a s. James and Mary (Crouch). Of Spring 
Place, Ga., 1885; owns and operates farm bought by his father 
soon after the Indians left. Ch. : 

17123 George Burton* McGhee, m. Sept. i, 1874, Sena or 
Senie Rouse; went, 1873, to Tex., of Mount Vernon, Franklin 
, CO., Tex., farmer. Ch. : Mamie"", born 1876; Lela^, 1878; Myrtle^ 
McGhee, 1880. 17124 Martha Elizabeth^ McGhee, m. Jan. 4, 1869, 
James Weaver of Athens, Tenn., res. near Ringgold, Ga., P. O. 
Rock Spring, Walker co., Ga., farmer, s. p. 

17125 Frances Talitha* McGhee, m. Dec. 14, 1870, William 
Jefferson Johnson, of Calhoun, E. Tenn., b. C. 1848, s. Dr. Wil- 
liam Jefferson. Of Spring PL, merch. Ch. : Edward^ Johnson, 
b. Nov. 23, 1872; Mary^, Feb* 28; Bonnie^ Johnson (da.), b. Jan. 15, 
d. July 15, i88i. 

17 126 Mary Theodosia* McGhee, m. July 15, 1874, George 



Warren of Ky. Of Black Jack Grove, Hopkins co., Tex. Ch. : 
Martha* Warren, b. July 10, 1875; fames'^, Dec. 11, 1877; Georgia^ 
Warren, 1883. 

17127 Jatnes Alberf McGfiee, m. Spring Place, Dec. 25, 1883, 
Lula Jarvis Ramsey, b. n. S. P. Feb. 23, 1868, da. William Har- 
vey and Judith (Seals). Of n. Spring P., farmer, s. p. 17128 
Robert Edward* McGhee, m. Dec. 19, 1884, Jennie Hill; since 
1878 of Mt. Vernon, farmer. 17129 William Franklin^ McGhee, 
b. 1863, unm., of Spring P. 


MARTHA LOUISA' CLEVELAND (George Columbus'), died 
July 14, 1882, a. 57, m. Pendleton District, S. C, Nov. 28, 1844, 
Wiley Maret of Hart co., Ga., b. Dec. 11, 1817, d. July 7, 1865. 
Of n. Parker's Store, Hart co., Ga., farmer. Ch.: Mary Eliza- 
beth*, b. Nov. 20, 1845, d. Oct. 22, 1848. 

17 130 Nancy Jane* Maret, b. Sept. 30, 1847, n^- 1865, Wil- 
liam Thomas Jorden of E. Tenn. Of Tex. 1885. 

17 131 William Isem* Maret, b. July 20, 1849, ^- Miss Bur- 
ten of Hart CO., 1. there. 17132 Phebe Louisa^, b. May 20, 1851, 
d- July 7, 1865. 

17133 Joseph Franklin^ Maret, b. July 25, 1853, m. his cous., 
Sallie Maret, of n. Parker's Store. 

17134 George Harrison" Maret, born Aug. 9, 1855, m. Ida 
Bradley of Hart co. 17135 Sallie E* Maret, b. Nov. 8, 1857, m., 
of Tex. 1 7136 Robert Monroe*, b. Sept. 18, i860. 17137 Wiley 
J* Maret, b. May 17, 1863, unm., of Parker's S. 


WILLIAM EARLES' CLEVELAND (George Coiumbus«), m. 
1849, Matilda L. Anderson. Ch.: 17 138 Nancy Elizabeth*, 
m. Andrew J. Anderson of Spring Place, Ga., rem. to Tex. 

17139 James A.^ Cleveland, of Tex. 1885. 17140 George 
Washington", of Galveston, Tex. 17141 Walter" Cleveland, 
m. 1875, Miss Carrie Robinson, of Galveston. 

Capt. William Ea'Rles'' Cleveland was ed. at Fair Play, S. 
C; merchant several years, 1849, etc., afterward taught school 
several years. Went to Pikes Peak 1858, ret. home fall of i860. 
Joined C. S. A., Col. Stiles Ga. reg., 1861, became capt. of Co. 
E. Fought under Stonewall Jackson. Was in 100 fights, among 
them : 7 days' Richmond, June 28, '62, Mechanicsville, Gaines' 
Mills, Savage Sta., Cold Harbor, Frazer's farm, Beaver Dam, 
Malvern Hill, July 9, Cedar Run ; 29th, 2d Manassas, wounded 
left arm; Fredericksburg; May i, Chancellorsv., Wilderness, 
May 4, Spottsylvania, Md., under Gen. Jubal A. Early ; Marye's 
Heights, wounded left ankle; Monocacy; Winchester, Sept. 19, 
1864, wounded left shoulder, left hip, left in enemy's line ; in 
Ft. Delaware to June, 1865, a cripple for life. Went, Mar. 5, 
1867, to Helena, Mont, mining, to Ga. 187 1. Of near Denton, 
Denton co., Tex., 1885, farmer. 



m. Apr. 28, 1867, Reuben Alexander Vining, son Albert Miller 
and Elizabeth Ann (Jarrett). Of Atlanta, Ga., emp. on Ga. R. 
R. to Aug., tSyo, since of Fayetteville, Tenn., engineer Nashv., 
Chat. & St. Louis R. R. to Decherd, Franklin co., Tenn. Ch. 
b. Fayettev.: 17142 Minnie Cleveland'' Vining, Feb. 13, 1874; 
Emma^, b. and d. Oct. 13, 1875. 17 143 John W. Eastman^ Vining, 
b. Oct. 28, 1877 ; Callie Henry^, b. June 13, 1882, d. July 5, 1883. 


WILLIAM THOMAS' CLEVELAND (Robert Harrison', Wm.». 
Johns Johns, Alexander", Alexanderi), died 1868, m. Miss Perry of S. C. 

Grad. State Coll., Columbia, S. C, " with highest honors of any 
man who ever left that college "; d. from effects of wound re- 
ceived in war. Ch.: 17144 Florence E.* Cleveland, d. just 
before 1861. 


MARY ANN' CLEVELAND (Robert Harrison'), m. Dalton, 
Ga., Feb. ii, 1857, Thomas Dolan Reilly, born Liverpool, Eng., 
Mar. 17, 1831, d. Nov. 9, 1883, s. John and Mary Annie (Dolan), 
machinist. Widow res. Dalton, 1885. Ch. : 17145 Mary Annie^ 
Reilly, b. Mar. 14, 1858, m. Feb. 19, 1879, William Winfield Scott, 
of Anstell, Cobb co., Ga. 


FREDERICK^ CLEVELAND (Osbom Brewer', Jeremiah», JohnS 
Johns, Alexander", Alexanderi), m. Of Fair Play, S. C, 1 886. Ch.: 

17146 William'. 17147 JoHN^ 17148 Mamie'. 17149 
Wade Hampton' Cleveland. 17150 Samuel' Cleveland. 


LARKIN' CLEVELAND (osbom Brewer'), m. Of Fair Play, 
S. C, 1886. Ch.: 17151 Theresa'. 17152 Anna'. 17153 Hus- 
kell' Cleveland. 


ELI' CLEVELAND (osbom Brewer'), m. . Of Fair Play, 

S. C, 1886. Ch.: 17 154 Mollie' and 17155 Lila' Cleveland 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (osbom Brewer'), m. Of Fair 
Play, S. C, 1886. Ch.: 

17156 Ada Boss'. 17157 Grover' Cleveland. 


PICKENS' CLEVELAND (Osbom Brewer-), m. . Of 

Fair Play, S. C, 1886. Ch.: 17158 William'. 17159 Ollie'. 
1 7 160 Doral'. 1 7 161 Claudius' Cleveland. 



FREEMAN' CLEVELAND (Osbom Brewer.), m. . Of 

Fair Play, S. C, 1886. Ch.: 17162 Eula" Cleveland. 17163 
Samuel'. 17 164 Edgar* Cleveland. 


Johns, Alexander", Alexanderi), m. ISt, PickenS Dist., S. C, Oct. 14, 1847, 

Elizabeth Bryce, b. P. D. Aug. 23, 1829, d. P. D. May 16, 1858, 
da. Thomas and Mahala (White). He m. 2d, Elizabeth Leeroy, 
she d. during war. He m. 3d, Maj-y Elizabeth Miller, b. Oct. 
21, 1842. Of Fair Play, S. C, 1886-7^ farmer. Ch. by ist m., b. 
Pickens D.: 

17165 Mary Elizabeth* Cleveland, b. Feb. i, 1849, m. 
G. W. Rice, 1. 1877. 

1 7166 Thomas Milton* Cleveland, b. Sept. 3, 1850, m., 
of Panola co., Tex. 

17167 Matilda Jane* Cleveland, b. Oct. 19, 1852, m. J. 
W. Bailey ; living. 

17168 William Eli* Cleveland, b. July 30, 1854, m. Ch.: 
5, living. 

17169 Sarah Mahala*, b. Aug. 5, 1856, m. n. Townville, 
Oconee co., S. C, Oct. 3, 1882, Ferdinand Alonzo Daniels* bom 
Pendleton Village, Anderson co., S. C, July 25, 1843, s. William 
Duncan Clinch and Frances (Grant). Of Townv., farmer. Ch.: 
James Edwards'' Daniels, b. Sept. 29, 1883, T. By 2d m., born 
Pickens D.: 17170 Harriet Frances*, b. Sept. 2, 1859, m. Heze- 
kiah Simmons. By 3d m., b. Oconee co.: 17 171 Jeremiah*, 
Sept. 30, 1869. 17172 Nancy Emaline*, b. Sept. 14, 1870, m. D. 
W. Simmons, I'd Grayson co., Tex. 

17173 Josephine Pickens*, b. Feb. 18, 1872. 17174 Ida 
Lee*, Jan. 7, 1874. 17175 Alice Rusan*, Sept. 4, 1875. 17176 
Pearl*, Feb. 6, 1877. 17177 Paul Sloan*, Sept. 13, 1878. 17178 
GussiE*, Aug. 28, 1880. 17179 Martha Isabell*, Sept. 2, 1882. 
Johnathan Spurgeon* Cleveland, May 26, 1884. 


DAVID DUMAS' CLEVELAND (Thomas Calaway», Benjamin*, 
John*, Johns, Alexander", Alexander'), m. Whitfield, Ga., Nov. 29, 1866, 

Sarah McCluer, b. Rabun co., Ga., Dec. 23, 1842, da. Walter and 
Mary Ann (Jackson). Soldier C. S. A., in battles : Vicksburg, 
etc. Of Rural Vale, Ga., 1885, farmer. Ch.: 17180 William 
Franklin*, b. Oct. 17, 1867 ; Mary Elizabeth*, b. Sept. 14, 1869, 
d. Dec. 30, 1870. 17181 John Thomas*, b. Jan. 30, 1871. 17182 
James Robert*, Sept. 5, 1872 ; Zachariah Benjamin*, b. Feb. 2, 
d. Aug. 10, 1874. 17183 Epp Jackson*, b. June 18, 1875. 17184 
Margaret Francis*, Oct. 18, 1876. David Quin* Cleveland, 
Feb. 23, 1878. 


WILLIAM THOMAS' CLEVELAND (jeremiah», Benjamm^ 
John', John3, Alexander", Alexander"), m. DeC. 12, 1866, Elizabeth Jane 


Smith, b. Franklin co., Ga., July 28, 1843, da. Ezekiel Niel and 
Nancy. Of Halfway P. O., Clark co., Ark., 1885. Was educated 
in Franklin co., Ga., farmer. Ch.: William Raford", b. Nov. 
8, 1869, Grimes co.; Tex., d. Clark co., Aug. 12, 1875 ; Twins^ b. 
and died May 27, 1872. 17185 John Milton', b. Jan. 28, 1874. 
17186 Sarah Josephine*, Jan, 3, 1877; James Ira* Cleveland, 
Oct. 28, 1880. 


SARAH MARGARET' CLEVELAND (jeremiahe), m. Dec. 
20, 1878, as 2d w., Ira W. Randall. (He m. ist, Lucinda Jane' 
Cleveland +16490.) She res. Martin, Ga., 1892. 


LUCINDA JANE' CLEVELAND (jeremiah»), d. Apr. 16, 
1878, a. 32, m. Franklin co., Ga., Feb. 8, 1866, as ist w., Ira W. 
Randall. (He m. 2d, Sarah Margaret' Cleveland +16489), 
merchant. Ch. : 

17187 Mary Luanna^ Randall^ b. Nov. 26, 1866, m. Martin, 
Ga., Dec. 24, 1884, William Alexander Mitchell, s. Ervin and 
Mary, merchant. 

1 7 188 Elizabeth Jane^ Randall, b. Aug. 31, 1868, m. S. C, 
Aug. 6, 1883, William Mitchell, s. Henry and Rhoda, merchant. 
Fannie Lee" Randall, b. July 9, 1870,- William Reeves^, April 26, 
1872; Ona Richard^ , Apr. 7, 1874; Susan Viola*, b. July 26, 1876, 
d. Aug. 12, 1877. 


John Henjamin' Abbott (sarah«), m. ist, Anderson co., 
S. C, Oct. 10, 1866, Elizabeth Patience Carpenter, b. Anderson 
Dist, S. C, Feb. 26, 1840, died Walhalla, S. C, Aug. 2, 1876, da. 
Alford and Catharine (Brown). He m. 2d, Anderson District, 
Feb. 14, 1877, Clearcie Elizabeth Isbell, b, Fairplay, S. C, July 
31, 1835, da. Levingston and Martha Matilda (Magee). Of 
Walhalla 1885, came to Tex. 1885, of Weatherf ord, Tex., 1895-6, 
farmer. Ch. by ist m., b. Walhalla : 

1 7189 Alvah Cliff ton* Abbott, born July 15, 1867, m. Seguin, 
Guadalupe county, Tex., Dec. i, 1891, Mollie Sowell. Of Texas 
Line, ranch goods. Ch. : Alvah^ Abbott, born Feb., at Espuela, 
Dickens county, Tex. Sarah Catharine* Abbott, b. Sept. 25, 1869, 
m. Granbury, Tex., Dec. 18, 1890, James Thomas Shaw, b. Ben- 
ton county. Mo., Dec. 26, 1850, s. Thomas Jefferson and Louisa 
Ann (Long). Of Granbury, stockman. Ch. born Weatherford, 
Tex. ; Nora Elizabeth^ Shaw, b. Nov. 23, 1890; James Benjamin^ 
Shaw, Nov. 29, 1893; George Thomas^ Shaw, Sept. i, 1895. George 
Thurston* Abbott, b. Aug. 31, 1871, unm. Of Dimmitt, Castro 
county, Tex., windmiller for D. J. T. Ranch; Benjamin Frestott* 
Abbott, born Nov. 3, 1873, unm. Of Dimmitt, camp boss, 2d 
m. s. p. 


William ThoTnas" Abbott (sarah"), m. Parker co., Tex., 
Jan. II, 1877, Mary Elizabeth Wallen, b. Washington co.. Mo., 
Oct. 5, 1838, da. John and Mary (Dent). Of Center Mill, Tex., 
farmer. Ch. b. Center Mill : 


17191 Vatidalia Scotf Abbott, b. Jan. 10, 1878, m. Center M., 
May 8, 1895, Thomas Berten Liles, b. Granbury, Tex., Jan. 11, 
1876,3. Goe and Cynthia (Dillard). Lives on Brazos River, Tex., 
P. O. Granbury, farmer. Ch. : Infant'^, b. Apr. 26, 1896, Brazos 
River; Dollie Dove^ Abbott, born Oct. 6, 1879; Etnia lona^ Abbott, 
Oct. 19, 1 881; Sarah Elcie^ Abbott, Dec. 30, 1883; Absalom Cleve- 
land* Abbott, Dec. 10, 1885; Mary Frankey^ Abbott, Jan. 23, 1888; 
William Waddie^ Abbott, March 13, 1890; Lucy Edwinna* Abbott, 
Oct. 13, 1893. 


Thomas Wilton' LoOney (Marium«, Benjamin», John*, Johns, 

Alexander', Aiexanderi), m. Franklin CO., Ga., Aug-. 28, 1866, Nancy 
Catharine Eskew, b. Hart co., Ga., Feb. 18, 1838, a da. John and 
Elizabeth (Maulder); was 2d It. co. K, 4th Ga., C. S, A. Of 
Franklin county, Ga., 1893; owns and operates a farm. Ch. b. 
Franklin co. : 

17 192 John Martin^ Looney, born Aug. 12, 1867, m. Martin, 
Ga., Oct. 10, 1887, Martha Elizabeth Mitchell. Of Martin. 
Commenced teaching in his i8th year, one of the first teachers 
of the county. Ch.;: James Lawrence", born Jan. 21, 1889, and 
Mary^ Looney, Nov. 16, 1891. William Lake^ Looney, b. July 30, 1870. 


Clara Elizabeth' Looney (Marium»), d. in Forsythe co., 
Ga., n. Gumming F. co., Ga., Jan. 7, 1877, a. 32, m. Franklin co., 
Ga., Dec. 2, 1869, as ist w.. Rev.. Alfred Pinkney Burgess, b. 
Forsythe co. ab. 1848, s. Rev. Thomas and Sophia (Williams). 
Ch. b. Forsythe : 17 193 Annie Jane^ Burgess, \>.S&^t.,i2>'jo,va.. 
Dec. 19, 1 89 1, Goode Pelgrim of Gumming, Ga. Ch. : Thomas' 
Felgrim, bom Jan., 1892. Thomas Martin Theron^ Burgess, b. 1872. 
Rev. Alfred Pinkney Burgess a Baptist clergyman, ordained 
1871 or 1872, m. 2d, Hester Ellis. Ch.: 17193=' Guy Burgess, 
Ernest Burgess, Minnie Burgess. 


Absalom Carter' Looney (Marium*), m. Franklin county, 
Ga., Jan. 14, 1866, Mary Eliza Brown, b. Ga., May 15, 1842, a da. 
James and Matilda Jane (Bailey); was in Co. K, 4th Ga., C. S. A. 
Of Franklin co., Ga., 1893; owns and operates farm. Ch. : 

1 7 194 William TVwwaj' Z^^Wijy.b. Oct. 15, 1886, Habersham 
CO., Ga., m. Hart co., Ga., Jan. 2, 1887, Mamie Shirley. Ch. b. 
Hart CO. : Bessie Lee'' Looney, b. Nov. 25, 1887; Anna Carter", b. 
July 22, 1890, d. Atlanta, Ga., June 16, 1891. Martin Lucas^, b. 
June 21, 1869, Franklin co. 

17 195 George Maxville^ Looney, b. Apr. 4, 1871, F. co., m. 
F. county Mar. 6, 1882, Sarah Ann Defoar. Ch. : Myrtle Lee", b. 
Dec. 31, 1887; Minnie Elenda", Mar. 15, 1890; Abbie Carter" Looney, 
Oct. 7, 1892. 

17196 Emma Jane^ Looney, b. Feb. 17, 1872, F. co., m. Nov. 
22, 1888, William Henry Smith. Ch. : Jolm Thomas' Smith, b. 
Oct. 20, 1889; Ila Estelle" Smith, Oct. 6, 1891. Ernest Lee* Looney, 
Jan. II, 1876; Mead Anderson^, May 30, 1880; Lorinda Lawrence''^ 
Looney, Aug. 18, 1882. 



George Washington' Looney (Marmm»), m. Carnesville, 
Ga., Feb. 29, 1872, Martha Malinda Burroughs, b. Franklin co., 
Ga., 1854, a da. James and Jane (Kelly). Of Franklin co. (1893). 
Brick mason, owns and operates farm. Ch. : William Balus^, b. 
Dec. 14, 1872, F. CO. 17197 James Martin^ Looney, b. Oct. 10, 
1874, m. Mar. 26, 1893, Ida Crump. Mathus Beltorf', b. Apr. 14, 
1876; John Henry* Looney, Nov. 10, 1879. 


Weehy Ann" Graves {Mary Cleveland^ Frankim), d., m. Miles 
Foy. Ch. : Mary Marcella^ Foy, unm., of Mt. Airy, N. C, 1885. 
17198 William Graves* Foy, m. Miss Banner, she d.; served 
with distinction in C. S. A. Of Tex. Ch. : Kate^ Foy, res. with 
aunt, Mrs. J. F. Moore, Mt. Airy. 17 199 James Harvey* Foy, d. 
in Confederate service. Emma Caroline* Foy, unm., res. Mt. Airy. 


M^ary Ursula'' Graves [Mary cieve/ana' PrankUt^^ d. 1852, 
m. 1844, Col. Harrison M. Waugh. Ch. : 17200 Luther Graves^ 
Waugh, ed. at Emory and Henry coll., Va., of Dobson, Surry 
CO., N. C, 1885, lawyer. 


Jesse FranTilin' Graves {Mary Cleveland' Frankim, Jesse^ 
/=Vaw/fe/2«, MaryS Johns, Alexanderii, Alexanderi), m. 1 85 8, Mary E. Porter 

of Wythe co., Va. Ch. : 17 201 Mary Blanche^ Graves, m. Arch 
Hines of Mount Airy, N. C. She grad. Greensboro Female 
Coll. Ch. : Mary G." Hines; Maggie^ Hines. 

17202 Bernard Franklin* Graves, unm., ed. at Chapel Hill 
Univ., N. C; of Walnut Hill Farm, Mount Airy, 1885, farmer. 
17203 Stephen Porter' Graves, ed. at Chapel Hill, practising law- 
yer at Mt. Airy 1893. 17204 Susan Isabella^ Graves, grad. Saint 
Mary's School, Raleigh, N. C, with highest honor, June, 1884. 
Malvina^, b. 1870. • 

Judge Jesse Franklin' Graves was educated at Emory and 
Henry Coll., Va., practised law with success a number of years ; 
was elected, 1878, and still is Judge of the Superior Court of 
N. C, 1886; residence, Mount Airy. Author of a sketch of 
Hon. Jesse'' Franklin [see Bibliography, Chap. IV]. 


William Alford' Moore {UatUda C.» Frankim, /esse' Franklin, 

Maryi), m. Rachel Moore. Of J. F. & A. W. Moore, merchant of 
Mt. Airy, N. C, 1885-6. Ch. : 

Matthew Dalton*, unm. 

17205 Mary Matilda'' Moore, m. Dr. J. B. Hollingsworth 
of Mt. Airy. She ed. at Pease Inst., Raleigh, N. C. Ch. : PauP 

17206-8 Cora Redd' Moore, m. Dr. E. F. Hollingsworth, of 
Mount Airy; Margaret Fratiklin* Moore, unm.; Willie Mc Henry*, 




Matilda CV Woore {Matuda c.^ Frankun)^ m. Samuel L. Gil- 
mer. Ch.: 

17209 Alice Daltojf Gilmer, m.. Robert T. Joyce of Stokes 
CO., N. C. Ch. : 3 : Alic^ Joyce; Gilmer^ Joyce. 

1 72 10 Robert Donald^ Gilmer, m. Love Branner of Ashe- 
ville, N. C. Went to Emory and Henry coll., Va., studied law 
at Greensboro, N. C. Ch.: Robert DonalcP Gilmer. 

17211 Mary Belle^ Gilmer, m. James G. Banner. Ch.: 
Mary^ Banner. 

17212-18 William Fra7iklin^ Gilmer, m. Emma Prather. 
Of Charlotte, N. C, 1885 ; Samuel L.^ Gilmer, unm., of Greens- 
boro ; Edgar Graves* Gilmer; Jessie Slade* Gilmer; Gertie*^ Gilmer; 
Nettie^ Gilmer; Bernard Graves* Gilmer. 


William DobSOn' Franklin {Bernard^ PrankUn, Shadrac» 
Franklin, Mary*, John^, Alexander"), m. Marshall CO., Tenn., Aug. 22, 

1848, his ist cousin on his mother's side, Mary Ann Hughes, b. 
Surry co., N. C, Dec. 31, 1829, d. Mar. i, 1883, a da. William and 
Martha (Dobson). Of Roane co., Tenn., tt> fall of 1849, since, 
Plainville, Gordon co., Ga., 1885, farmer. Ch.: 17219 William 
Bernard^, b. Oct. 15, 1849, Roane co., m., of Brooksville, Fla., far- 
mer, a mute. 

-I-17220 Mary Ami^ Franklin, b. Oct. 28, 1851, Gordon co. 

1 722 1 Benjamin^ Franklin, b. Apr. 13, 1856, G. co., m. Cal- 
houn, Gordon co., Ga., Miss Johnson, dwelt C. ; of Brooksville, 
Hernando co., Fla., 1884, farmer. 

17222 Henry Dobson^ Franklin, born Sept. 7, 1858, G. CO., 
unm., orange grower for Maj. A. M.° Watkins at Brooksville. 

17223 Albert Lee*, b. Dec. r, 1869, Gordon co., unm., with 
father, Plainville, farmer. 


JMCartlMl' FTanJeliTl (iVyUeo FrankUn, Shadraclfi Franklin, Mary*, 

john», Alexander"), m. Blount CO., Tenn., Jan. 20, 1869, as 2d wife, 
William Hardin Taliaferro, b. Hamilton, Hamilton co., Tenn., 
Mar. 15, 1830, d. Blount co., n. Concord, Dec. 8, 1876, a s. John 
and Martha (Wright). Ch.: 17224 Charles Franklin^ Taliaferro, 
b. Jan. 15, 1870, B. co. 

Mrs. Pattie'' {^Franklin) Taliaferro relates many adventures 
during the late war ; the Franklins were Whigs in the Revolu- 
tion, and sided with the South in the Civil War. She has fur- 
nished the greater part of these Franklin records. Residence : 
Concord, Knox co., Tenn., 1884. William Hardin Taliaferro, 
after m., bought a farm ; enlisted Co. B, ist Tenn. Cav., C. S. A. 
Lost nearly all in the war, property mostly negroes. Free 
Mason. Was buried with Masonic honors, at Holston College. 
He m. ist, Hamilton co., Tenn., July 20, 1854, Rachel Maranda 
Wood, b. Mar. 8, 1834, d. Hamilton co. July 4, 1861, da. Jonathan 
and Margaret. Ch. b. Hamilton co.: Maggie M. Taliaferro, b. 
Oct. I, 1856, m, George Johnston, ed. at Holston College ; John 
Wood Taliaferro, b. Sept. 8, 1858, is blind, ed. at Nashville Blind 




Elizabeth' Franklin {wyUe^ Frankuri)^ died at her father's, 
Feb. 16, i868, a. 34, m. Dec. 16, 1852, James A. Loville of Surry 
CO., N. C, he was killed at Manassas Junction (Bull Run), Va., 
battle [July?], 1861. Tradesman. Member Co. I, 21st N. C, 
C. S. A. Ch.: 3 d. bef. 1884. 

-I-1722S Walter Wylie^ Loville^ b. Sept. 19, 1853. 


Lucinda' Franklin {wyHe' Frankim), m. Blount co., Tenn., 
Nov. I, 1881, as 2d w., James M. Callaway, b. Knox co., Tenn., 
Nov. 20, s. Shadrach and Mary (Hendrex). Ch.: 17226 Mary 
Mat^ Callaway^ b. Aug. 8, 1882, K. co. 

James M. Callaway, of Concord, Tenn., 1884, farmer. He m. 
I St. Ch.: Samuel Callaway, b. 1862 ; Frank Callaway, 1864. 


Shadrach Cleveland" FranMin [wyue^ Franknn), m. 
Surry co., N. C, Feb. 18, i88o, Martha Whitlock, b. S. co., Sept. 
23, 1851, d. n. Mt. Airy, N. C, Sept. 22, 1884, youngest da. Hon. 
Charles and Celia (Roberts). Ch.: 17227 James Whitlock'^, b. 
June 3, 1881, on Stewart's Creek, Surry co. 17228 Charles Wylte", 
May 27, 1883, on Tenn. river, Blount co., Tenn. 

Hon. Shadrach Cleveland'' Franklin entered C. S. A. 1863, 45th 
Va. reg. Fought in Valley of Va. under Gen. Breckenridge and 
Gen. W. E. Jones ; was taken prisoner by Gen. Hunter, June 9, 

1864, remained at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Ind., to Mar. 4, 

1865, then was paroled and returned home. Was educated at 
Rockford Seminary, N. C, leaving there 1866 ; took charge of 
his father's farm, Surry co., to 1869, bought and resided on a 
farm near Knoxville, Tenn., to 1883, then sold it and purchased, 
and has since occupied, his farm near Mount Airy, Member 
of the N. C. House of Representatives, 1887. 


Joseph PonSOnby'' Rogers {Mait-iaw Nall, Mary* Franklm, Mary*, 

Johns, Alexander"), m. near RogersviUe, Tenn., Apr. 6, 1859, Mary 
Frances Johnston, b. n. R. Nov. 3, 1833, ^^34, a da. Joseph Rog- 
ers and Diana (Beal). Ch. b. n, Galbraith's Springs, Hawkins 
CO., Tenn.: 17229 Thomas Amis^, b. Feb. 22, i860, d. Sept. 26, 

17230 John Janies^ Rogers, b. Feb. 17, r86i. 17231 Henry 
Franklin^, Jtme 9, 1862. 17232 Joseph Johnston^, July 20, 1863. 

17233 Matilda Caroline^ Rogers, b. Sept. 11, 1864, m. near 
Mooresburg, Tenn., Dec. 24, 1886, Lafayette Kirkpatrick of 
Hamblen co., Tenn., s. Pleasant and Harriet (Rutherford). Of 
Mooresb. 1889, farmer. Ch.: 2. 

17234 Robert Cleveland NalP Rogers, b. Jan. i, 1866, d. Dec. 
17, 1875. 17235 Charles Taliaferro^, b. Jan. i, 1867. 17236 Lynn 
Holmes", b. Jan. 20, 1868, d. Sept., 1882. 17237 Mary Ella*, born 
Mar. 3, 1869; Jessie Atwood^, b. Mar. 3, d. July 20, 1869. 17238 



Hugh Fratiklin^, b. Mar. 3, 1870; Jesse Afwood^, b. July 12, 1871, 
d. June I, 1872; Clarence Fari^, b. Sept. 6, d. 12, 1872. 17239 
Rufus Nuttf' Rogers, b. Dec. "29, 1874; Diana May', b. Sept. 29, 
1877, d. Sept., 1883 ; Ross Roy^, b. Dec. 29, 1879, d. July 12, 1880. 
Joseph Ponsonby'' Rogers, residence, Galbraith's Springs, P. O., 
Dell Monell, Tenn., 1885, farmer. 

Johnston ancestry :— Jdhn'^, from Ireland, d. n. Rogersville, July, 1829, m. Mary E. 
Rogers, she d. R. June, 1848, da. of James Rogers, who died in Ireland ; Joseph Rogers" 
Johnston m. Diana BeaP. 

Sea/ ancestry: — s arms : BEALorBEALL; 6.- Beale : (der. fr. William Beale, port- 
reeve of Maidstone, Eng., close of i^th century). Sa. on chev. or betw. 3 griffins' heads 
erased ar. :( estoiles gu. Cr^^/ — Unicorn's head, estoiles. . . . John^, b. Md., of Va., 
m. M. E. Bertram, b. Md., da. of Tulius Bertram, who -was b. Germany, was sold by 
Prince of Ger. for £2° to Geo. Ill, Sessian, deserted British and fought for the Ameri- 
can's, and d. aged 122 years ; Diana^ Beal. 


Thomas Avnis' Rogers {Matuda^ Naii), b. n. Mooresburg, 
Tenn., Feb. 22, 1822, m. n.' M. Oct. 28, 1869, Mary Matilda Left- 
wich, born Bedford co., Va., Oct. 9, 1839, a da. James and Mary 
(Brown). Ch. b. in the old homestead, n. Mooresburg: 

17240 Minnie Blevins^ Rogers, born July 25, 1870, m. near 
Mooresburg, May 7, 1889, George McNutt Kyle, born Hamblen 
CO., Tenn., Sept., 1867, s. Robert Massengill and Anne (McNutt). 
She was educated at Rogersville Female college. Residence : 
Walnut Hill, Hawkins co., Tenn., farmer and miller. 

1 7 24 1 James Leftivtch" Rogers, b. Dec. 7, 1872. 

17242 Thomas Amis' Rogers, b. Mar. 7, 1875. 

17243 Matilda' Rogers, b. Jan. 19, 1878. 

17244 Mary Brown^ Rogers, b. Feb. 25, 1882. 

Thomas Atnis'' Rogers, Esq., was born in the house where he 
still lives, in Hawkins co., Tenn,, near Mooresburg, which is his 
P. O. address. Was educated at Rogersville, Tenn. Farmer. 

Leftwich ancestry : — / arms: (Shropshire, Eng.). Ar. on a. fesse engr. az. 3 garbs or. 
. . . John', b. Northumberland CO., Va., of Bedford co.jVa. (brother to Gen. Joel Left- 
wich, b. B. CO., 1759, capt. in Revolution, wounded at Guilford, Brig.-Gen. under Harri- 
son at Ft. Meigs, war iSfs — see Allen's, s^, Drake's, S40, and Jier). John Lauris Blake's 
Biographical Dictionaries), m. Susan Smith ; Capt. Tames' Leftwich", m. Mary Brown, da. 
of Reuben (of Bedford co., b. and d. Franklin co., Va.) and Elizabeth (McGhee) Brown. 


JKeShacli' Franklin {Columbus B^ FrankHn, Meshaclfi Franklin^ 

Mary*, John', Alex"-), m. Glade Spring, Washington co., Va., Nov. 23, 
1870, Nannie Beattie Dickinson, b. Grayson, Va., August 10, 
1850, da. William Bourn and Mary Elizabeth (Edmondson). 
Ch. : William Bernard^, b. Sept. 24, 187 1, Carpenteria, Cal., d. 
C. Nov. I, 1873. 17245 Grace Eugenia^, b. Oct. 12, 1874, C. 
17246 Meshach Ernesf, Dec. u, 1877, C.; Bernard Edwards^, 
Aug. 16, 1879, C. ; Ellen^, Jan. 13, 1882, C; Mary Elizabeth^ 
Franklin, Oct. 24, 1884, Saticoy, Ventura co., Cal. 

Mr. Meshach'' Franklin was in C. S. A., private Co. B, 17th 
Miss.; Barksdale's Brig., Longstreet's Corps, 3 years; wounded 
in these battles: Fredericksburg, Sharpsburg, Gettysburg, 
Knoxville, and between Richmond and Appomattox C. House, 
wounded on the day before Lee's surrender. Residence, Early 
Grove, Miss., to Mar., 1869, Carpenteria to 1883, and since at 
Saticoy 1886, merchant and farmer. 




Richard Gwyri' Franhlin {Colutntus Bernard'^ FrankHn, Me- 
sach^ Franklin, Mary*, John', Alexander!", Alexanderi), b. Elkin, N. C, Apr. 9, 

1850, m. in Wilkes co., N. C, Sept. 7, 1882, Annie Victoria Har- 
ris, b. Vox P. O., Wilkes co., N. C, Mar. 15, 1864, a da. Fletcher 
Asbury and Sarah Henry (Moore). Ch. b. Elkin : 17247 Jesse 
Harris^ Franklin, b. Aug. 14, 1883; Columbus Bernard^ Franklin, 
b. Mar. 13, 1885. 

Hon. Richard Gwyri} Franklin grad. Trinity Coll., Randolph 
county, N. C, 1868, with first honors; remained on his father's 
farm at Early Grove, Miss., to 1865, when he was a merchant one 
year with W. H. Bailey; went to Cal. fall of 1868, engaged in stock 
raising to 1880; held several high county offices of Santa Bar- 
bara county, Cal., returned, 1880, to Elkin, purchased his grand- 
father Gwyn's old homestead; was unanimously nominated, 
1882, high sheriif for Surry co., but declined to run; was elected, 
Nov., 1884, State Senator from 33d District — Surry and Yadkin 
counties. Is a practical civil engineer and surveyor, chief 
engineer of R. R. and farmer. Residence, Elkin, 1885. 


Mary Anne''* McDonald (Anne'--' FrankUn \ ^^^^ Graves'. 
Abed^^ego^ Franklin, Mary^*^.^^^ ^ j„i,„,_ Alexander", Alexander-), d. n. Marietta" 

Ga., i88i,a. 58, m. Alexander S. Atkinson. Residence, Marietta 
1895; lawyer. Ch. : Buswell^^ Atkinson. 

1 7 248 Lilla Caroline^'^ Atkinson, m. Irwin. Spencer Rolon^'^ 

17249 Ella McDonaW''^ Atkinson, m. Blonta. Dean Dun- 
wodf^ Atkinson; Samuel Coster^'^ Atkinson. 

17250 Ann Eliza^-^ Atkinson, m. Marietta, 1867, Robert de 
Treville Lawrence, b. Beaufort, Beaufort county, S. C, 1841, s. 
Samuel and Amanda (Bolon). Robert de Treville Lawrence, 
C. E., grad. Columbia, S. C, i860. Residence, Marietta, civil 
engineer. Ch. : Alexander ^.'■'" Lawrence, b. 1869; Amanda Bolotf'^^ 
Lawrence, Feb., 187 1; Robert de Trevi/le^'^" Lawrence, Oct., 1872; 
SatnueP'^^ Lawrence, 1874; James Bolon^'^" Lawrence, 1879; Moryon 
'McDonald^''^'^ Lawrence, 1881. 


Robert M.''^ FranJi'Mn {Benjamin Cleveland'^--' Franklin), m. 

Sarah F. Shields of Kentucky. Of Galveston, Tex., 1895, lawyer 
Ch. : 5 living: Benjamin R^^ Franklin; Sidney J.^'^ Franklin; 
William By^ Franklin. 17 251 Caroline W^ Franklin, m. C. M. 
Kemp. Martha A.^'^ Franklin. 


JBernard''^ Franklin (Leomdas^--' FrankHn, -^^ary Graves", 
Abednego<^ Franklin, ^^^^X^V^,^ ^ Johns, Alexander^ Alexander'), m. Isabella 

Victoria Harris, b. in Alabama, da. of Sampson Willis and Pau- 
lina T. (Thomas) Harris, s. p. 


Mr. Bernard'"'^ Franklin^ residence from 1865, Augusta, Ga., 
1895, a cotton broker for many years. 

Harris ancestry ■ — Genesis of the U. S. A narrative of the movement in Englatid 
which resulted in planting Nor th America. By Alexander Brown, iSqo: II : Q13 — Harris, 
Thomas gent., Henrico CO., Va., 2 Sub. ; paid ^25 ; was first one known. This may have 
been son of Sir William Harris. Thought to be the person of the name who went 
to Va. with {Sir Thomas) Dale 1611, and was living- at the Neck-of-Land, Charles City, 
Feb., 1625, aged 38, with his wife, a. 23. Sir William Harris, sub i-j', of Crixith, Eng., and 
Woodham Mortimer, Essex j knighted at Whitehall July 2, 1603, d. Nov., 1616. Himself 
and wife are buried at Crixith, m. Alice Smith, da. of Thomas' (b. 1520, Collector of the 
Queen's Majestees Subsidy for tonnage, etc., of large wealth, seated at Osten (Weston), 
hanger Kent, at the coming of the Spanish Armada 1588, he lent the Queen ;£i,ooo, m. 
Alice, da. Sir Andrew Judde, Lord Mayor of London, by whom he acquired the manors 
of Ashford and Westure, d. June 7, 1591 ; John' Smythe of Corsham, co. Wilts, esq., d. 
1538, m. Joan, da. Robert Brouncker of Melksham esq.) Smith. . . . Walton' Harris, 
a descendant of above Thomas Harris, was taken prisoner at siege of AugustJi, Revolu- 
tionary war, m. Rebecca Lanier*, b. Bridge's Creek, Westmoreland co., Va. 17^0 ; Samp- 
son2 m. Susannah Willis ; Stephen W.' m. Sarah Watkins ; Hon. Sampson Willis* Har- 
ris, whose life can be found in Benton's Histoiy of prominent Alabamians, m. Paulina T. 

Thomas ancestry: — James' [see +16214, p. 21 13] ; his granddaughter, Paulina T.' 
Thomas m. Sampson Willis Harris*. 

Cary ancestry : — 8 arms : Gary : (Devonshire ; descended from Adam de Karry, 
Lord of Castle Karry, co. Somerset, living iigS). Ar. on a bend sa. 3 roses of the field. 
Cr«j/ — A swan ppr. il/o^^i? — Virtute excerptae. . . . Col. Dudley' Cary of Virginia 
of the Cary family of Va., gfrandfather of Paulina T.' Thomas. 

Lanier ancestry : — Lewis' of Bordeaux, Prance, about 1687 ; Thomas" m. Elizabeth 
Washington"* or '», b. Bridge's Creek, Va., ab. 1665 ; Sampson', b. Bridge's Creek ab. 
1700, m, Elizabeth (ihatnberlain ; Rebecca* Lanier m. Walton Harris'. 

Washington ancestry : — Leonard's or Rev. Lawrence" [see +16880, p. 2203] ; Col. John^s 
or 2q, b. in Eng. or bap. Warton, co. Lancaster, Eng., 1627, to America i6sq, inashijjowned 
by Edward Presoott, of which John Greene was capt., lived on the Potomac river, in 
Westmoreland co., Va., prior to Sept. 30, le^q, d. early in Jan., 1677, interred in a vault 
at Bridge's Creek, m. 2d, n. Pope's Creek in Westmoreland co. ab. 1660, Ann Pope, da. of 
Nathaniel of Pope's Creek [ancestors of Laurence'* or ">, b. ab. 1661, m. Mildred Warner, 
da. Col. Augustine Warner, Augustine'" or ",b. i6g4, m. 2d, Mary Ball, da. Col. William, 
President (leorge Washington" or '', b. Wakefield, Westmoreland co., Va., Feb. n O. 
S., 22 N. S. 1732, ist Pres. U. S. A., d. Mount Vernon, Va., Dec. 14, 1799, m. White House, 
New Kent CO., Va., Jan. 6, 1759, Mrs. Martha (Dandridge) Custis, widow of Col. Daniel 
Parke Custis, da. of John Dandridge of New Kent co.] ; Elizabeth'" or "> Washington m. 
Thomas Lamer'. 


Wilfiam ClarW Wyly {james Rutherford* Wyly, Jemima*, Benja- 
min*, john», Alex.'), d. Smith CO., Tex., m. Amelia Starr. Ch. : 7, 
and many grandchildren : 

17252 Robert Fletcher^ W^/v (Judge), b. after 1829 (eldest 
son), res. in Cherokee nation, 4 miles W. of Arkansas line, P. O. 
Maysville, Benton co.. Ark., 1886-91, lawyer. 

17253 Eliza Hannah* Wyly (eldest da.), m. Col. William 
Thilman Trammell, of GrifFin, Ga. Other children^, res. in Tex. 


J'aines' Wyly (james Rutherford* Wyly), d. Union CO., Ga., after 
Jan. 14, 1846, aged 32, m. Ann Horshaw. She res. Atlanta, Ga., 

1885. Ch. : 17254 Mary Hannah^ Wyly, m. Verner, of 

Atlanta. Da.", d. after maturity; Son*, d. after maturity. 


jyEciVy' Wyly {^James Rutherford* Wyly, Jemima', Benjamin*, 
John', Alexander', Alexander'), d. Rome, Ga., Feb. 25, 1892, a. 68, m. 

Nauchooche Valley, Habersham co., Ga., July 14, 1839, John 
William Henderson Underwood, born Elbert co., Ga., Nov. 20, 
1820, d. Rome, July 18, 1888, a s. Judge William Henderson and 
Nancy (Ferrell). Ch.: 



4-17255 Helen Adelaide Josephine^ Underwood, born Jan. 6, 
Clarkesville, Ga. 

-1-17256 Sarah Louisiana^ Underwood, b. Dec. 24, 184-, C. 

+ 17257 Florence Wyly" Underwood, b. May 15, 1846, C. 

-{-17258 Marie Cordelia'' Underwood, b. Feb. 5. 

-j- 1 7259 Ida Virginia^ Underwood, b. May 22, 1851, Rome. 
17260 Wilhelmina Bertha* Underwood, b. Feb. 8, R., tn. R., 
Apr. 27, 1892, John H. Pitt. She was educated at Rome Female 

4-17261 Rosa Tallulah^ Underwood, b. Sept. 8, 1856, R. 

John Janies^ Underwood, b. Apr. 4, 1861, R. d. Sept. 
I, 1875. 

-I-17262 Charles Walton^ Underwood, b. Apr. 5, 1864, Atlanta, 

Mrs. Mary Ann' {Wyly) Underwood (named Sabry Minerva 
until 1832, when her father re-named her Mary Ann), residence, 
Rome. From J?ome Herald and Tribune, Mar. j, 18^2 : 


A few hours' sickness brought to a close the life of a grand and remarkable woman 
in Rome Thursday. The news will cause universal sadness in Rome and North Georgia, 
and to a devoted son, daughters, and grandchildren, it is a sad blow indeed. Mrs. Un- 
derwood was raised and went to school in Clarksville. She was a most remarkable 
, woman in every respect, possessing a wonderfully fine intellect, great will power, and 
was always a lovely and devoted wife and mother. As a biblical scholar she had few 
equals, and was equally as well posted on other literature and matters in general. She 
came of one of the most aristocratic families in the State. The funeral occurred from 
the Presbyterian church Sunday afternoon, and this edifice was crowded with friends to 
pay the last sad tribute to a grand and noble woman. A long procession followed the 
remains to their last resting place in Myrtle Hill cemetery. The pall bearers were Col. 
T. W. Alexander, Judge Joel Branham, Capt. John H. Reece, Mir. Robert T. Fouche, 
Judge John W. Maddox, Mr. R. G. Clark, Mr. W. P. Simpson, Col. C. 1. Graves, and Col. 
A. W. Walton. The music at the services was beautiful and appropriate. The grand 
words and sentences uttered by Rev. Dr. Goetchius, in speaking of the life and death of 
Mrs. Underwood, stirred the very soul. 

From Rome Daily Bulletin, Feb. 22, 188^ [with portrait] : 

Judge John William Henderson Underwood graduated with honors from the 
State University, with the distinguished class of 1837. The same year, at the youthful 
age of seventeen years, he was admitted to the bar at Dahlonega, Lumpkin cc, Ga., 
where he practiced his profession with marked success for two years, and then moved 
to Clarksville, Ga. The brilliant young barrister took a lively interest in politics from 
the moment ne emerged from the doors of the University to take an active part in the 
great battle of life. After marriage Mr. Underwood applied himself with renewed vigor 
to the practice of law. Success, that ever follows where brains and industry lead, 
crowned his efforts, and while yet a young man he ranked among the first lawyers in 
the State. He was made Solicitor-General of the Western Circuit in 1843, but resigned 
the office before the exjiiration of his term. In 1850 he was sent as a delegate to the State 
Gubernatorial Convention, in which he played a conspicuous part, and made his debut 
into State politics. He moved to Rome in 1851, and ever since that time has played an 
important part in State and national politics, and took an active interest in the affairs of 
this town and county. He canvassed North Georgia for the Democracy in 1855, making 
a brilliant canvass, and again in 1856, and again in 1868, for Seymour and Blair. He was 
a delegate from the State at large to the Democratic Convention of 1856, which nominated 
Buchanan and Breckenridge, and a delegate to the Democratic Convention of i86o, which 
nominated Breckenridge and Lane, at Baltimore. In 1857 he was elected to the legisla- 
ture of Georgia, was elected Speaker of the House on the first day, and filled the office 
with honor and distinction. The same year he was appointed and confirmed Judge of 
the Supreme Court of Nebraska, which appointment he declined. In 1859 ^s was elected 
to the United States Congress, and though one of the youngest members he was also 
counted one of the ablest members of that historic Congress, which played such an im- 
portant part in the most stormy days the Republic ever witnessed. In January, i86r, 
when it became evident that secession was inevitable, Mr. Underwood resigned his seat 
in Congress, and gave his allegiance to the young Confederacy. 

In 1867 he was appointed Judge of the Tallapoosa circuit, by Gov. Charles J. Jenkins, 
for 4 years, and removed by the reconstruction laws under Bullock's administration. 
Judge Underwood then again drifted into politics, and did noble service in the work of 
redeeming his State from radical misrule. He is probably one of the finest stump speak- 
ers in the South, .and many a Republican champion has gone down before his lance. 
His sarcasm is withering, his eloquence irresistible, the force of his logic convincing, 
and his native wit, inherited from his father, as free, easy, and sparkling as the flowing 


In 1873, Judge Underwood was appointed Judge of the Rome circuit by (iov. Smith, 
■which office he held for 8 years, discharging its duties with a distinguished ability and 
regard for equity, that marked him one of the ablest jurists of his day. In 1882, Judge 
Underwood was appointed on the Tariff Commission, and the picture at the head of this 
article was taken while he was a member of that Commission. In a private letter to one 
of our citizens, Maj. John H. Dent has this to say regarding Judge Underwood's appoint- 
ment to the Commission : 

"I am sorry to see so fine a judge leave the bench. It is a loss to the judiciary of 
Georgia." It is generally conceded by those of the bar who know Judge Underwood 
best that he is one of the ablest lawyers in the State, that his legal discrimination and 
quickness of perception is unusually marked, his mind well stored with a thorough 
knowled|;e of the statutes, the decisions of our courts, and the principles of the common 
law. It IS surprising to see how readily he gathers the facts of a case from a simple 
reading of the most complicated and confused record, and with what readiness he ap- 

Elies the law to the facts of the case : his legal ability is beyond question. So far from 
is having heretofore been, as his detractors would have it, an old and obscure man, he 
has been literally crowned with honors, and his life has been devoted to the interest of 
the Democratic party and to the public good. 

Judge Underwood is now out of politics and devoting his time to the practice of his 
profession. Last year his name was prominently mentioned in connection with the Su- 
preme Court Judgeship, and his friends throughout the State were anxious to secure his 
election to the high office. But when the legislature met Judge Underwood declined to 
allow his name to go before the body as a candidate for a seat on the Supreme Court 
bench. He is now sixty-four years old. But he carries his age well, and having always 
been temperate, his mind is as active and vigorous as ever ;. and to-day he is acknowl- 
edged to be one of the ablest lawyers at the State bar. Though the frost of years has 
whitened his hair and beard, it has not bent the proud, erect head or caused the stalwart 
form to stoop. His carriage is still erect and his step elastic ; and the fire of that indom- 
itable energy that has never known rest still looks out upon you from the piercing blue 
eye ; and the fountain of wit and good humor still flows with the ripple of spring. The 
Judge will live many years to do good service for his party and State. A mind and 
nature like his cannot rest contented outside of active public life, and his friends hope to 
see him in public harness again, ere his long summer of life is passed. In honoring him, 
the State will ever honor herself. 

Sketch in Lanman's Die. Congress, jSg. 

Undenvood ancestry • — 7 arms : (Norfolk, Engr.). Sa. on fesfie erm. betw. 3 annulets 
or, a lion pass. Crest — Hind's head gorged with chaplet. . . . William Thomas Un- 
derwood settled in Va. about middle of 17th century (perhaps related to Alexander of 
Md., same period), ancestor of : Judge William Henderson Underwood of Elbert 00., (Ja., 
he d. Mar., 1859, ™- Nancy Ferrell, she d. Apr. z, 1849. (Ancestor also of: U. S. Senator 
Joseph R., b. Goochland co., Va., Oct. 24, 1791, of Ky.; and Rep. Warner L., b. Goochl. 
CO. Aug. 7, 1808, of Ky.) — Underwood Families, by Prof. Lucien Marcus Underwood, in N. 
E. H. G. Reg., XXXVIII: 400. 


Augustin Clayton^ Wyly {fames Rutiie?-ford<> ivyiy), xa. Jose- 
phine Hamilton, da. Dr. Thomas, a descenciant of Alexander 
Hamilton. Ch.: 17263 Daughter^ (now grown, 1891). 17264 
Youngest Daughter^ (grown), educated in a Baltimore convent, 
has taken the vail, is in a St. Louis, Mo., convent ; Son*, b. 1880. 

Col. Augustin Clayton' Wyly, of Atlanta, Ga., 1885-9, merchant, 
Kansas City, Mo., 1891. 

Gen. Alexander Hamilton's ancestry :— AMiherAic arms of the Hamiltons of Grange, 
Scotland : Gu. a lion ramp. ar. betw. 3 cinquefoils erm. Crest — Kn oak tree ppr. Motto 
— Viridis et fructifera. . . . Bernard' (a near kinsman and brother Viking to RoUo 
or Rolf -ganger, the first Duke of Normandy, the celebrated Northman or Norman leader 
of men, who named him Governor to his son Duke William), m. 912 Sphreta de Burgun- 
dia : Turfus or Turlofus" gave name to town of Tourville, Normandy, m., 95;, Emberga 
de Brigenberg ; Turolphe', Lord of Pontaudemar in right of his mother, m. Wcevia, sis- 
ter to Duchess of Normandy ; Humphrey*, surnamed De Vetulis, m. Albreda de la Haye 
Auberie ; Roger^, surnamed De Bellomont, created Earl of Warwick by William I, 
1076, m. Adelina, only da. and h. of Count of Mellent, and thus assumed that title ; Rob- 
ert", Earl of Mellent, created Earl of Leicester, com. right wing at Hastings battle, d. 
1118, ra. Elizabeth Isabella', common ancestress of all the Hamiltons and Beaumonts, 
da. Hugh Magnus', Earl of Vermandois ; Robert' De Bellomont, surnamed Bossu, 2d 
Earl of Leicester, Chief Justiciary of Eng. 15 years, d. 1167 ; Robert^ De Blanchemains, 
3d Earl L., d. 1190 ; William' De Hamilton took his designat^an from manor of Hamble- 
don, Buckinghamshire, Eng., where he was b. ; Sir Gilbert'" De Hamilton, ancestor of 
Dukes of Hamilton, Dukes of Abercorn, Earls of Haddington, Viscounts Boyne, Barons 
Belhaven, and of all the Scottish and Irish Hamiltons ; Sir Walter'' De Hamilton, upon 
whom King Robert I. (the Bruce) conferred Castle of Cadyow (now Hamilton) Lanark- 
shire, Scot!., etc. ; Sir David" De Hamilton, one of the Scottish Magnates who met at 
Scone, Scotl., Mar. 27, 1371 ; Walter'^ De Hamilton ; David'* Hamilton of Cambuskeith, 
had charter of lands Jan. 29, 1411 ; James" of C. ; John" of C. ; Alexander" of C. ; John" 
of C. ; William" of C. ; John'" of C. ; David'' of Ladieton, acquired Grange from his 
father 1571 ; Alexander" of Grange ; John"' of G. ; John"* of G., heir to his fa. Jan. 31, 
1677 ; Alexander's of G., m. Elizabeth Pollock, da. of Sir Robert ; James"", Scotch merch- 



ant, of Nevis island, West Indies, or St. Croix, m. Faucette, of Huguenot descent, with 
son she came to N. Y. ab. 1772 ; Gen. Alexander^', born St. C. or Nevis, Jan. 1 1, 1757, at : 
Francis Barber's school, Elizabeth, N. J., 1772, King's (Columbia^ coll., N. Y., 1773-6, 
Washington's A. D. C, Mar., 1777-Feb., 1781, lawyer, first Sec. U. S. Treasury, Sept., 1789, 
com.-in-chief U. S. A., Dec, 1799, fell in duel with Aaron Burr, vice-pres. U. S., at Ho- 
boken, N. J., July 11, d. N. Y. 12, 1804, m. Elizabeth Schuyler, b. Aug. 9, 1757, da. Gen. 
Philip (b. Albany, N. Y., Nov. 22, 1733, s. of Petrus Johannes of N. Y., desc. of Philip 
Pietersen, fr. Holland 1650) and Catherine (Van Rensselaer, da. of Patroon Stephen). 
Ch.: Philip's, b. 1782, fell in duel, Hoboken, 1801, John Churchas, b. 1792, Philadelphia, Pa. 
(father of Gen. Schuvler), Col. William Steven^s Hamilton, b. 1800. 

Ancestries of Elizabeth Isabella^ Countess of Mellent : — Henryi, King of France, 
whose Queen was the daughter of Jeroslaus", Czar of Russia ; Hugh", sumamed Magnus, 
Earl of Vermandois, Valois, Chaumontand Amiens; Elizabeth Isabellas m. Robert', 
Earl of Mellent. 

Ancestry of Jeroslaus, Czar of Russia : — Rurick', founder of the first Russian mon- 
archy, of the same race as Bernard', RoUo, and the other Normans ; Igor" ; Swatoslaus' ; 
Wolodomir*, Czar or Grand Duke of Russia, the Apostle, converted his subjects to 
Christianity, m. Princess Anne, da. of Romanus II., Emperor of the Eastern or Graeco- 
Koman Empire, the son of Constantine VII, Emperor, the son of Leo VI, Emperor, the 
son of Basil I, Emperor, "the Macedonian," founder of a dynasty of Roman Emperors, a 
descendant of the Royal Parthian family of the Arsacides, and from Alexander the 
Great, B.C. 336, and his mother descended from the Great Constantine ; Jeroslaus* Czar 
of Russia. — Lineage of Alexander Hamilton, by Pierce Stevens Hamilton of Yarmouth, 
N. S.y in N. V. Gen. Bio. Rec, XX : 62. 


POLLY' CLEVELAND (Benjamin", JohnS, Benjamin*, John', Alexan- 

der2, Aiexanderi), d. Tex. before Jtilv 29, 1856, m. 1830, Thomas J. 
Rusk, b. S. C. i8o2, d. Nacogdoches, Tex., July 29, 1856. Ch. 
(some of them m. and have children ; descendants live in Texas, 
1855-85): 17265 y<?^«* i?w.r/^, formerly of Houston, Tex. 17266 
Son'', formerly of H. 

Hon. Thomas J. Rusk practised law with success in Ga., was 
partner with Gen. Benjamin' Cleveland, merch., to 1835 ; rem. 
early in 1835 to Tex., a prominent actor in the important events 
in the Republic, af terw. State of Tex. ; member of convention. 
Mar., 1836, that declared Tex. an independent Republic, was 
the first Secretary of War, participated in San Jacinto battle ; 
after Gen. Houston was wounded, took command of army until 
organization of constitutional government, Oct., 1836, then was 
again Sec. War a few months. Afterw. commanded expedi- 
tions against Indians ; representative in Legislature ; Chief 
Justice of Supreme Court, resigned that office early in 1842. 
Was, 1845, President of the Convention annexing Tex. to the 
U. S., and upon admission of Tex., 1845, was elected a U. S. 
Senator 2 terms, 1846 to 1856; was Pres.j)r<? tem. of Senate to 
decease ; chairman of committee on P. O. Was elected Senator 
for a 3d term, ending 1863. Lanmanj Drake. 


CATHARINE' CLEVELAND (Benjamin*), d. Miss, before 
1858, m. twice, ist, Johnson, he d. Miss. Of Miss. 1855. Ch.: 
several* , Kad^ grandchildren' . 


Juliet Ann' Smith (Eliza«, John^, Benj.*, Johns, Alexander"), m. 

Clinton, Ga., Nov. i, 1827, Benjamin Verling Iverson, b. Putnam 
CO., Ga., Apr. 6, 1807 (bro. to Judge Alfred Iverson, U. S. Sena- 
tor), grad. Univ. of Ga.. of Atlanta, Ga., 1884, farmer. Ch.: 

17267-8 V. E." Iverson, b. 1836, d. 1855 ; /«/.^ d. y.; Inf.\ 
d. y.; James Smith^ Iverson, b. July 8, 185 1, Columbus, Ga., of At- 
lanta, merchant. 




Martha Caroline^ Smith (Eiiza«), d. Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 
27, 1884, a. 71, m. May i, 1834, Col. John L. Lewis, b. Putnam 
CO., Ga., d. 1870; lawyer, formerly Atty.-Gen. of State of Ga. 
Ch.: 17269 William S." Lewis, b. 1840, d. on his plantation 1878, 
member La. Vols., C. S. A.; Inf.\ d. y.; /«/.', d. y. ; Robert Smith*, 
b. Feb. 6, 1847, d. Dec. g, 1881. 17270 Eliza Elliott^ Lewis, died 
Atlanta, Feb., 1892, m. Mr. Harper, bro. of Dr. W. D. Harper 
(of Minden, Webster parish. La.), of Atlanta, 1885. She was 
an author. See Bibliography, Chap. IV. 17271 Mary* Lewis, 
m. Warier or AValler, of Atlanta 1884, she res. Chicago, 111., 1892. 


Williain Green" Smith (EUza*), b. Jones co., Ga., Mar. 14, 
1817, d. Macon, Ga., Sept. 25, 1846, m. Jan. 7, 1836, Mary Ann 
Calhoun. Ch. b. Macon: 

17272 Eliza Cleveland* Smith, born Aug. 20, 1838, m. Rev. 
William Calloway" Cleveland -{-I^ZZZ- 

17273 Benjamin Cleveland* Smith, b. June 3, 1842, m. Mar- 
garet Plater of Nashville, Tenn. Grad. Emory Coll., Oxford, 
Newton co., Ga.; private in Army Northern Va., under Gen. R. 
E. Lee, 4 years, and surrendered at Appomattox, Va.; residence 
since 1865, Macon, 1884, of Tinsley Bros. & Co, wholesale gro- 
cers and provision dealers. Of Atlanta, Ga., 1892. Ch.: Cleve- 
land^ Smith (daughter). 2 Lnf*, d. y. 

Gen. William Green' Smith grad. Univ. of Ga., Athens ; law- 
yer ; was P. M. at Macon under Pres, Polk ; member of Legis- 
lature of Ga.; served as Solicitor-General. A Gen. of Georgia 
State Militia. 


JElisa CromwelV Smith (Eiiza»), m. Macon, Ga., Apr. 27, 
1837, Dr. Robert Collins, b. Buncombe co., N. C, Jan. 5, 1798, 
d. Macon, Mar. 12, 1861; of Macon, banker and engaged in rail- 
roads. His widow res. Macon 1885-6. Ch. : 17274-7 Juliet 
Roberta* Collins, b. July 4, 1842, Charleston, d. Macon, Feb. 2, 
1873; Mary*, d. M. Oct. 24, 1869; Robert*, d. M.; Martha*, d. M. 


Robert Anderson^ Smith (Eiiza«), was killed in battle, 
Malvern Hill, Va., June 28, 1862, a. 38, m. s. p. 

Col. Robert Anderson^ Smith commanded 44th Ga. reg., Army 
N. Va., fell while leading his regiment in the charge. A gen- 
tleman of considerable prominence, both socially and as a sol- 
dier, and would have been promoted General had he lived a 
few months longer. 


Joseph Ebene^er'' Pond (Caroline«, Larking Roberf, Johns, Alex- 

ander^), m. u. Rockford, Ala., winter 1854, Ellen Temperance 
Lee. Of Moulton, Lawrence co., Ala., 1885. Ch.: 17278 Wm. 
Ebenezer* Pond, b. July, 1858, m. 1881, Fannie Glenn of Jefferson 
CO., Ala. Of Moulton. Ch.: 2. 





Cynthia Ann,' Pond (Caroline*), m. June, 1858, James F. 
McLane of Talladega, Ala. Ch., 3 : 17279 Charles Pond^ Mc- 
Laiie, b. July, 1859, T., of Shelby Iron Works, Ala., 1885. 17280 
James H.^ McLane, b. Dec. 23, 1861, Talla., m. Shelby I. W., Dec. 
23, 1884, Beulah Dupree, of Shelby I. W. 


ROBERT WALTER' CLEVELAND (Robert waiter', Larkin^ 
Rotierf, Johns, Alexanders, Alexanderi), m. near Rockford, Ala., DeC. 24, 

1867, Elizabeth Adaline Porter, b. Coosa co., Ala., Sept. 21, 1843. 
da. Spratley Jefferson and Charlotte Ann (Darsey), res. since 
marriage near Rockford, 1884. Ch. b. n. Rockford : William 
Walter", b. Sept. 4, 1868, d. n. R. July 25, 1870, 17281-2 Lar- 
KiN Spratley* Cleveland, b. Mar. n, 1870; Daisy' Cleveland,, 
Sept. 23, 1873. 


Larkin', Robert*, Johns, Alexanders, Alexander^), m. ISt, Talladega, Ala., 

Sept. 28, 1859, John Potts Rawdon, b. S. C, died Childersburg, 
Ala., Nov. 23, 1862.. She m. 2d, Feb. 6, 1876, William Henry 
Montgomery, b. Hardin co., Ky., Nov. 14, 1844, son James Ed- 
ward and Eliza (Sims). Of Childersburg, 1885. Ch. by ist m.: 
17283 EtheP Rawdon, born July 20, i860, m. Oct. 26, 1879, 
Justus MacBarnes. She was ed. at Univ. of Ky., Lexington ; 
of Argus, Crenshaw co., Ala. 17284 Jefferson -Davis"^ Rawdon, b. 
Nov. 23, 1861, of Gainesville, Tex. By 2d m.: 17285 Nellie 
Pauline^ Montgomery, born Dec. 11, 1876. 17286 Emma Florence^ 
Montgomery, July 26, 1880. 


JAMES HENRY' CLEVELAND (james Harvey, Larking RoU.S 
John', Alexander", Alexanderi), died Jan. 24, 1897, a. 49, m. Edinburg, 

•Miss., Oct. 4, 1874, Willie Irene Jay, born E. Feb. 4, 1848, a da. 
William Brown and Ruth Smiley (Reid). Mrs. Cleveland was 
P. M. of Edinburg, 1884. Res. 1889, Hattiesburg, Miss., 1.897, 
Uvalde, Uvalde co., Tex. Successively a printer, photographer, 
jeweler, engineer, now merchant. Ch.: 17287 Robert Bruce^ 
Cleveland, b. Feb. i, 1876. 17288 Henry Leroy^ Cleveland, 
b. Feb. 25, 1882. 


Leake CO., Miss., June i, 1874, Mary Ellen Barr, b. Neshoba co., 
Miss., a da. Humphreys and Rebecca (Roper). Of EUisville, 
Jones CO., Miss., 1885, farmer. Ch.: 17289-92 Oscar Oliver* 
Cleveland, b. Oct. 9, 1875 ; Leumas Dawson^, b. Mar. 25, 1878 ; 
Daisy Eveline", b. Oct. 20, 1880; Otho Carson* Cleveland, b. 
June 14, 1883. 




WILLIAM CHOICE' CLEVELAND (Robert Mathis«, Jeremiah^, 
Robert*, Johns, Alexander", Alexander'), b. in Lawfenceville, Ga., July 25, 

1834, m. Rome^ Ga., June 5, 1867, Amelia Theresa Omberg, b. 
in Arendal, Norway, Europe, May 22, 1845, o^i^y daughter of 
Adolph Anthon and Ingoberg Marie (Wiltland). Child : 

17293 Harriet Emma* Cleveland, born Apr. 29, 1868, at 
Rome, Ga., d. at Greenville, S. C, Dec. 6, 1885, at midnight. 
Greenville Daily News, Dec. 12, 1885 — 


Out of the darkness into the light. So placidly calm and free from all care. 

What perfect rapture is thine to-night ! 'Tis the impress of patience, and gentleness 
Out of the pain and constant unrest still 

Into repose, in the home of the blest. That taught thee submission to God's holy- 
Out of the wilderness, tangled and wild, will. 

The Saviour hath borne his dutiful child ; Ah ! those beautiful hands that rivaled the 
Up through the "Vallev and shadow of snow, 

death " ' The soft palms, like sea-shells, with roseate 

To the sheltering wings thou resteth be- glow, 

neath. Like cold sculptured marble, now quietly 
Short was the pathway thy young feet rest, 

hath trod One laid at thy side, while the one on thy 
Up to the radiant City of God ; breast 

Short, yet bestrewn with earth's fairest Clasps a camelia, so spotless and fair, 

flowers ; Fit enjblem of thee ; loving hands placed it 
For love untiring guarded the hours there. 

Of childhood and girlhood with tenderness Now as we gaze, while the blinding tears. 

sweet, flow, 

Smoothing the way for thV delicate feet. 'Tis only the casket we see, for we know 

But the journey is ended, and, robed all in The white pearl hath vanished, to sparkle 

white, • on high. 

In sweet, dreamless slumber, thou art lying A crown-jewel rare, only meet for the sky. 

to-night M. H. 

With a look on thy face an angel might 

wear, Greenville, December 10, 1885. 

Hon. William Choice'. Cleveland was educated at Jesuit 
College, Georgetown, D. C. Was a lieutenant in the 4th S. C. 
Vols., C. S. A., and afterwards Conscript ofificer. Residence, 
Greenville, S. C. (1896). Was an alderman of Greenville ; and 
from 1875 to 1877 Mayor of Greenville; member House of Rep- 
resentatives, S. C. Legis., 1878 to 1880, and on the Ways and 
Means Committee. Member S. C. State Democratic Conven- 
tion, 1881, and by that body elected member National Demo- 
cratic Convention which, at Cincinnati, nominated Gen. Winfield 
Scott Hancock for president. Was, 1878, president of the first 
Building and Loan Association organized in Greenville. Is a 
railroad director. His entire time has always been occupied in 
attending to his landed and other interests. Mr. Cleveland is a 
subscriber for this Genealogy. 


JEREMIAH' CLEVELAND (Robert MatWse), m. Grove Sta- 
tion, Greenville CO., S. C, Dec. 8, 1869, Florence McKenzie, b. 
Camden, S. C, Dec. 2, 1850, a da. Francis Edward and Margaret 
(Simmons). Of Greenville CO., 1881-6, a prosperous planter. 
Ch. b. Grove Station : 

17294 Robert Mathis^ Cleveland, b. May 1, 1 871; Frank 
McKenzie^, b. Dec. 2, 1872, d. G. S., Dec. 8, 1873; Sarah Van- 
N0Y^ b. Mar. 8, 1874,' d. G. S., Jan. 16, 1875 ; Eliza*, b. July 5, 
1877, d. G. S., Sept. 29, 1878. 


17295 Jeremiah", b. Aug. 30, 1879. 

17296-8 Grace Donald', Mays, 1881; William Choice' 
Cleveland, Mar. 5, 1883; Benjamin', Mar. 11, 1887. 


VANNOY' CLEVELAND (Robert Mathis«), b. Lawrenceville, 
Tya.., Mar. 11, 1841, unm. Residence, Wartrace, Tenn., 1881-7, 
merchant ; Greenville, S. C. To him great credit is due for his 
-instrumentality in the erection of the handsome monument to 
the memory of Col. Benj. Cleveland. 


at Bethsalem church, n. Wartrace, Tenn., June 5, 1872, Eliza- 
beth Hightower Pepper, b. near Wartrace, Feb. 14, 1851, a da. 
William and Jane, (Stone). Residence near Wartrace, on a 
farm, 188 1-6 ; Banking House of B. F. Cleveland, Wartrace. 
Ch. b. in Bedford co., on Knob Creek, Tenn. : Mary Alice', b. 
July 24, 1873, d. on Knob Creek, Jan. 14, 1874. 

17299-302 Martha Wright', b. Jan. 18, 1875; William 
Pepper' Cleveland, b. Nov. 3, 1877; Robert Mathis', b. Jan. 
3, died K. C, Sept. 29, 1879 ; Jesse Franklin', b.' Dec. 28, 1881, 
born without a right hand ; Eliza Poole' Cleveland, Aug. 8, 


ROBERT MATHIS' CLEVELAND (Robert Mathis'), mar- 
ried Marietta, Ga., Oct. 4, 1882, Martha Elizabeth Marvin, born 
Monticello, Jasper co., Ga., Oct. 19, 1859, da. Joseph Benson and 
Mary Louisa (Linton). Grad. Wofford college, Spartanburg, S. 
C; res. Marietta, 1881-4; cashier in B. F. Cleveland's Banking 
House, Wartrace, Tenn. Ch. b. Marietta: Robert Marvin', b. 
Nov. 21, 1883, d. Mar. 10, 1884. 

17303 Marie Louise' Cleveland, b. Jan. 10, 1885. 


l^esse^Frankline, |eremiah», Rob^rt^,^^^ ^ j,^,,, Ale.ander^, Alexander^), died In- 

dian Springs, Butts co., Ga., Aug. 3, 1888, a. 54, m. ist, Indian 
S., Jan. 12, 1859, Mary Penelope Collier, b. Hawkinsville, Pu- 
laski CO., Ga., Aug. 10, 1839, died Indian Springs, Oct. 4, 1873, ^ 
da. Bryan Whitfield and Martha (Bryan). He m. 2d, Indian S., 
Dec. 15, 1875, Susie Frances Collier, b. Indian S., Apr. 11, 1853, 
died Indian S., Oct. 19, 189 1, a da. Bryan Whitfield and Martha 
(Bryan). Ch. b. Indian S., by ist m.: 

17304 Jesse Franklin'"' Cleveland, born May 25, i860, 
unm., was educated at Furman Univ., Greenville, S. C, 1880 ; 
residence: Greenville to Apr., 1882, Moody, Tex., 1884, City of 
Mexico, Mexico, 1895 ; formerly teller or cashier National Bank 


of Greenville ; book-keeper. Martha^^ b. May 4, d. Indian S. 
Sept. 27, 1862. 17305 Jeremiah'"', b. Dec. 15, 1864, d. Indian S. 
Feb. 16, 1888, unm. 

17306 Mary Penelope*"" Cleveland, born Dec. 31, 1866, 
nnm., was educated at Greenville Female College, res. Indian 
S. Bryan Collier*"', b. Apr, 16, d. Indian S. 23, 1868. By 2d 
m.: 17307-8 Lizzie'"', b. Oct. 11, 1879, died Indian S. Feb. 16, 
1890; Benjamin*"', b. Jan. 3, 1884. 

Capt. Jesse Franklin'"^ Cleveland grad. first at George- 
town college; then at Princeton, N. J., college. Residence, In- 
dian Springs, lawyer and farmer. Was capt. of Montgomery 
Guards, loth Ga. reg., Confederate Army. 

Collier ancestry : — Thomas', of Laurens co., Ga., d. there, married Sarah Whitfield ; 
Bryan Whitfield' Collier, b. Laurens co., Dec. 3, 1810, merchant, d. Indian S. Oct. 13, 1894, 
m. Martha Bryan", b. Twiggs co., Ga., Nov. 24, iStg. 

Bryan ancestry :—'^&xaes Campbell', of Twiggs co., Ga., m. Penelope Franks, da. 
John and Sarah (Williams); Martha' Bryan m. Bryan Whitfield Collier". 


JEREMIAH CAP'-* CLEVELAND {Mary Franklin^ Smith, 
{^lfza%f'""''"°MS"''''cWe*n.«,}john3.Alexander». Alexander.), d. at the 

Cleveland Homestead, Marietta, Greenville co., S. C, May 19, 
1869, a, 32, was buried in Christ Church Cemetery, Greenville, 
S. C, m. in Christ Church, Greenville, S. C, Feb.'aS, 1866, Eliz- 
abeth Maxwell' Cleveland -[-16653 (james Harvey", Jeremiah^, Robt.*, 
John', Alexander", Alexanden). Their Only child : 

17309 Robert Benjamin*"' Cleveland, b. Nov. 28, 1867, 
at the " Cleveland Homestead," Marietta, S. C, d. at the " Cleve- 
land Homestead," Sept. 12, 1873. Lines on seeing the Portrait of 
little R. Ben. Cleveland, Jtily 10, 1874 (by Mrs. Mary H. Cleve- 
land), appeared in The Greenville Daily News. 

Dr. Jeremiah Cap''' Cleveland graduated at Georgetown, 
D. C, and afterward at Princeton College, N. J., 1856 ; studied 
medicine at Philadelphia, Pa., and New Orleans, La. Served 
in Hart's Battery, Hampton's S. C. Legion, C. S. A. Resided 
at Greenville, S. C. 

Greenville Mountaineer, i86g — Death of Jeremiah Cap Cleve- 
land. The death of this young gentleman, so highly beloved 
and esteemed by his family, occurred at the residence of his 
father-in-law, J. Harvey Cleveland, Esq., on May 19 last. He 
was a grandson of Capt. Jeremiah Cleveland, who was early 
and long identified with Greenville, and in his day was one of 
the wisest and most respected of her citizens. His father, Jesse 
Cleveland, was distinguished as a man of talents and social and 
popular manners, and for several years represented the State 
of Ga. in the Congress of the U. S. Young Jeremiah seemed 
to have inherited the best qualities of head and heart of his im- 
mediate ancestors, but enjoyed superior advantages of educa- 
tion, and his own fine talents made them available in acquiring 
remarkable scholastic accomplishments. He was exceedingly 
kind, just, and amiable in his nature. Such qualities evinced 
in every sphere, and especially in the family circle, leaves it, 
with his youthful and devoted wife and little son, bereaved in- 
deed. It is scarcely necessary to state that a young man of his 


spirit and character made a good soldier in the South ; he was 
an early volunteer in her cause. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Maxwell' Cleveland, residence still at 
Marietta (1896), is a subscriber to this Genealogy. 


miahs, Robert", John^, Alexander^, Alexanderi), d. Wartrace, Tenn., May 19, 

1862, a. 27, m. W., Sept. 22, 1853, Dr. Walter Hightower Sims, 
b. Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 16, 1815, d. Wartrace, July 2, 1882, a s. 
John Green and Elizabeth (Hightower). Grad. Nashville Uni- 
versity 1840, Louisville Medical.School 1844. Ch. b. Wartrace: 
17310 John Greer^ Stms,h. Nov. 24, 1854, married at Cave 
Spring, Ga., Mary Wright. 17311-12 Carrie Choice^ Sims, b. May 
22, 1857, took the first honors at Georgetown, and was crowned 
by U. S. Grant; Jeremiah Cleveland^ Sims, b. Apr. 23, 1859. 


ELIZA DAWKINS' CLE VELAND (Jeremiah.), d. Wartrace, 
Tenn., Apr. 16, i860, aged 23, m. W., Oct. 3, 1855, John Green 
Webster, b. Lexington, Holmes co., Miss., Dec, 1831, s. Robert 
Pinkney and Sarah Henry (Anderson). Mr. Webster was in 
Q. M. Dept., Confederate Army of Tenn. Residence, Wartrace, 
1884, farmer. Ch. b. Wartrace: 17313 Cleveland^ Webster, born 
June 27, 1856, d. Mar. 27, 1884, unm., farmer. 

17314 Robert Pinkney^ Webster, b. Jan. 24, 1858, m. Fair- 
field, Bedford co., Tenn., Nov. 20, 1878, Sallie Elizabeth Scruggs, 
b. F. July 21, 1858, da. Matt and Nannie Jones (Osborne). Of 
Wartrace, farmer. Ch. : Nannie Elizabeth^ Webster, b. Nov. 30, 
1879; Eliza Dawkins^ Webster, Jan. 12, 1882; Vannoy Cleveland'^ 
Webster, July 9, 1884; Matt Scruggs'" Webster, Mar. 1, 1886. 


THOMAS STONE^ CLEVELAND (jeremiah«), b. at War- 
trace, Tenn., Apr. 25, 1840, m. at Cave Spring, Ga., Sept. 4, 1867, 
Annie Elizabeth Wright, b. Cave Spring, Mar. 2, 1848, a da. of 
Moses Rochester and Elizabeth Thornton (Harper). Ch.: 

17315 Sallie Stone' Cleveland, b. Sept. 10, 1868, Cave 
Spring, Ga. 

1 7316 Elizabeth Harper*' Cleveland, b. Mar. 28, 1870, 
Cave Spring, Ga., m. Jesse^ Cleveland +17355. 

17317 Hattie Dawkins! Cleveland, born Nov. 29, 1872, 
Cave Spring, Ga. 

17318 Annie Laurie' Cleveland, b. June 22, 1875, Cave 
Spring. Ga. 

17319 Caroline Choice' Cleveland, b. July 6, 1882, War- 
trace, Tenn. 

Thomas Stone' Cleveland, Esq., was educated at Cumber- 
land University, Lebanon, Wilson co., Tenn. Resides, 1884, at 
Wartrace, on the farm his father left him, and is a prosperous 



MARY McLEOD' CLEVELAND (Barnet Franklin«, Jeremiah^, 

Robert*, Johns, Alexander^), m. Greeiiville, S. C., Oct. 5, 1880, John 
William Harris, b. in Edgefield co., S. C, Sept. 7, 1848, s. Willis 
Glover and Susan Taylor (Jones). Before graduating served 
in C. S. A., private Co. A, Thomas' Battalion, S. C. V.; grad. 
N. C. Military Institute 1864. Residence still at Greenville, 
1896, planter. Mrs. Harris is a subscriber for this Genealogy. 
Ch.: 17320 Susan Cleveland* Harris, b. Nov. 18, 1881, G. 


SALLIE VANNOY' CLEVELAND (james HarveyMeremiahS, 
Robert*, Johns, Alexander^, Alexander'), m. in Christ Church, Greeuville, 

S. C, April 20, 1858, Hamlin Beattie, b. at Greenville, May 6, 
1835, eldest son of Fountain Fox and Emily Edgevsrorth (Ham- 
lin). Ch. b. Greenville : 

-(-17321 William Edgeworth^ Beattie, b. Sept. 25, 1859. 

-j-17322 Harvey Cleveland^ Beattie, b. Mar. 23, 1863. 

Mrs. Sallie' Cleveland Beattie. . Residence, Greenville. 
From a pamphlet, 1884: The South, State of South Carolina, City 
vf Greenville: 


Hamlin Beattie, President. 

In reviewing the commerce and industries of South Caro- 
lina, we are devoting no inconsiderable attention to her mone- 
tary institutions, believing that upon their soundness depends 
in a great measure the success and prosperity of the whole. 

The National Bank of Greenville was established in 1872, 
and has had a successful career. 

Its capital is $100,000 

Authorized capital, ..... 200,000 

Surplus, 20,000 

Average deposits, 150,000 

a statement which shows its standing and stability. The shares, 
$roo par, are selling at $130. 

The building is a substantial and handsome brick one, 
26 X 100 feet in extent, located on Main Street, in the center of 
the town. The office is well fitted up and nicely furnished, as 
are also the President's and Directors' rooms. The vault, a 
large brick one, incloses one of Hall's burglar proof chests, pro- 
vided with the latest triumph of American genius, the time-lock. 
The institution since its commencement has been managed by 
Hamlin Beattie, Pres., who is at present assisted by W. E. Beat- 
tie, cashier. Mr. Beattie graduated from Princeton College in 
1856, and read law with ex- Gov. Benjamin Franklin Perry of 
S. C, being admitted to the bar in 1857. Having more of a 
financial turn of mind, he has not devoted particular attention 
to the practice of the profession in which he had fitly qualified 
himself, and has been engaged in many large mercantile under- 
takings. He has guarded with scrupulous care the funds placed 


in the care of his bank, and the prosperity which has attended 
this institution indicates not only his fitness but that he duly 
appreciates the responsibility of the trust reposed in him. He 
is, among- other things, President of the Camperdown Mills. 

B eat tie ancestry and genealogy :— I arms: Beatie; i: BEAty (Scotland). Gu. 3 
spears' heads ar. . . . John', b. in Ireland, came to America, settled first in Md., then 
Rockbridge cc, Va., moved later to Washington 00., Va., m. in Ireland, Ellen Gilmore. 
Ch. b. in Md. and Va. : i. Mary, m. David Sayers; 2. Nancy, m. 1775, Col. James Dys- 
cort, b. Donegal co., Ireland, ab. 1744, of Philadelphia, Pa., 1761, set. on the Little Holston 
1775, capt., and wounded at King's Mountain battle, N. C., d. Rockcastle co., Ky., May 
26, 1818 ; 3. Ellen, m. Robert Logan j 4. Capt. David, b. on Carr's creek, in now Rook- 
bridge CO., Va., ab. 1752, an officer of Gen. William Campbell at King's Mt. battle, m. 
Mary Beattie, distant relation, ch.: 4 s., 1 da.; 5. Jane, m. James Buchanan; 6. Ensign 
John, of Capt Andrew Colville's co., Gen. William Campbell's Va. reg., killed in battle 
at King's Mt., Oct 7, 1780, unm.; 7. William', b. Rockbridge co. 1760. 

William', d. Mar. or Apr. 4, i860, a. 100 years, the last of Campbell's King's Mt. men, 
m. Mary Allison. Ch.: i. Elizabeth, m. William Byars ; 2. John, m. Sarah Edmonson ; 3. 
Robert, m. Paulina White ; 4. James, m. Elizabeth Stephenson ; 5. Samuel, m. Miss 
Denny of Ky.; 6. David, unm.; 7. Josiah N., m. ist, Ellen White, 2d, Evans; 8. Ellen, m. 
Richard White ; q. Absalom, ra. Eliza Davis; 10. William, m. Rhoda White; 11. Fountain 
Fox', m. ab. 1S34, Emily Edgeworth Hamlin, da. Elisha and Emily (Edgeworth); 12. 
Nancy Dyscort, m. Robert Edmonson ; 13. Madison Beattie, m. Martha Ann Cunningliam. 


in Christ Church, Greenville, S. C, Apr. 30, 1867, William Wil- 
kins, b. in Spartanburg co., S. C, July 28, 1825, a son of John 
and Mary Holdman (Lipscomb). Child : 

+ 17323 William^ Wilkins, b. Mar. 26, 1868, Greenville, S. C. 

Mr. William Wilkins lives in his handsome residence at 
Greenville, S. C, where for many years he has been a large 
hai'dware merchant. 


ELIZA TALLULA' CLEVELAND (james Harvey), died in 
Greenville, S. C, at the "Cleveland Homestead," Oct. 13, 1877, a. 
32, was buried in Christ Church Cemetery, Greenville, S. C, m. 
Greenville, S. C, July 29, 1875, as ist w., James Thomas Wil- 
liams, born Greenville, S. C, June 28, 1845, eldest son of James 
Thomas, and Anna (D'Oyley). Their only child : 

17324 Lizzie Cleveland^ Williams, born August 20, 1877, at 
"Cleveland Homestead," Greenville, S. C, died at "Cleveland 
Hoinestead," Greenville, S. C, Sept. 23, 1877, and buried in Christ 
Church Cemetery, Greenville, S. C. The following, In Memory 
of Lizzie Cleveland^ Williams, written by Mrs. Mary H. Cleveland 
of Greenville, appeared in a Greenville newspaper : 


There bloomed in August a lily fair, That gladdened awhile the dear " old 
Sweet was its breath on the summer air ; home "; 

But when came the chill September days Vainly we wander through garden bower. 

And wrapped the blue sky in misty haze, There's nothing left like that one pure 
Lest our beautiful flower should feel the flower. 

blight Roses are 'round us still fresh and bright, 

Of a cruel frost on some wintry night, All gemmed with the dew, and crowned 
Kindly gathered by an angel hand with light, 

'Twas gently borne to the " Spirit Land "; Yet the bud that opened that summer morn 

And there, methinks, it was surely given We see no more — alas ! it is gone, 

To the " Virgin Mother," " Queen of Heav- Leaving still another vacant spot 

en," To be filled with the pale "/i'r.^e/-we-«6!/, " 

For of all flowers of which we are blest While two sad hearts are left to sigh 

It is said she loves the lily best. For the August Lily beyond the sky. 
Ah ! sadly we miss the cherished bloom M. 

Greenville, S. C. 



The following, written also by Mrs. Mary H. Cleveland, ap- 
peared : 


who died in Greenville, S. C, 

October 13, 1877. 

The sweet perfume of orange buds Ah ! let us join the sad "amen," 

Still lingers round her brow, She's now the bride of heaven- 

Yet we must sadly twine for her Adown the aisle, through open door, 

A wreath of cypress now. Out in the glad sunlight, 

In pure, unsullied bridal robes They bear that precious form once more 

We see her clad once more. Where all is fresh and bright. 

But her eyes are veiled, her cheeks have And the infant bud that scarce had bloomed 

paled. Ere it withered on her breast. 

She smiles not as before. Was given a^ain to her loving arms. 

And to the church once more she's borne. As they laid her down to rest. 

And they step with measured tread. Oh ! may the golden eye of day 

For the organ peals no "wedding march," On that dear spot now dwell, 

But a "requiem for the dead." Shed there its earliest morning- ray. 

Now to the altar she hath come, Leave there its last farewell. 

Yet see-! in dreamless sleep Yet, in '■'■that city" she shall find 

She's lying there serenely calm They "need not sun nor moon ; 

Whilst all around her weep. The glory of God doth lighten it," 

Again the solemn words are sai'd, "The Lamb " makes radiant noon. 
The "benediction" given, M. 
Greenville, S. C, October 22, 1877. 

Hon. James Thomas Williams still resides at Greenville, S. C, 
1895 ; is a hardware merchant, and is Mayor of the city of 
Greenville, S. C. He m. 2d, Miss McBee of N. C. 

Williams ancestry :—]araes^, Thomas Blackburn' [see +16244, p. 2155]; James 
Thomas' Williams m. Anna D'Oyley'. 

D'Oyley ancestry:— 13 arms: D'Oyly (anciently De Oiglii, De Oilly, and De Oyly, 
Barons Doilly of I-Xocknaton, co. Oxford, and of Oxford Castle, temp. Hen. I ; came to 
Eng. 1066, with the Conqueror). Az. two bends or. . . . DanieU, of Charleston, S. C, 
m. Anna Webb ; Charles William''', moved from Charleston, 1827, to Greenville, d. 1841, 
m. Sarah Eliza Baker, da. William Bohnn and Sarah Eliza (Broughton); Anna' D'Oyley 
m. James Thomas Williams'. 


JESSE FRANKLIN' CLEVELAND (james Harvey), m. in 
Greenville co., S. C, June 7, 1877, Emma Caroline Goodwin, b. 
in Greenville co. Oct. 29, 1849, a da. of William Calvin and Sarah 
Cleveland (Hawkins). Children : 

17325 James Harvey" Cleveland, b. Feb. 14, 1878, Cleve- 
land Homestead, Marietta, S. G. 

17326 Sallie Vannoy" Cleveland, b. July 24, 1879, Hilly 
Home, Greenville co., S. C; Mary Louise' Cleveland, b. Aug. 
27, 1881, Hilly Home. 

Mr. Jesse Franklin' Cleveland, residence, Hilly Home 
(1879-96), farmer. 

Goodwin rtK«.5/rv.- — Joseph', b. in Va., was Sheriff of Amherst co., Va., prior to 
1800, then removed to S. C, residence, Merrittsville, Greenville co., S. C., farmer, m. 
Annie Hightower ; William Calvin" Goodwin, b. Greenville co., Sept. 5, 1824, m. Sarah 
Cleveland Hawkins, b. Greenville co., July 18, 182S, da. of John (born in Greenville co., 
where he resided, farmer) and Charlotte (West). 


RICHARD MAYS' CLEVELAND (james Harvey), married 
in Trinity Church, Abbeville, S. C, Apr. 25, 1889, Bessie Nor- 
wood, b. Abbeville, Nov. 26, 1869, d. Wildwood, Greenville co., 
■ S. C., July 13, 1893, -buried in Trinity Church Cemetery, Abbe- 
ville, da. James Alexander and Sarah Ann (Hester). Ch. : 

17327 James. Norwood" Cleveland, b. Nov. 7, 1890, at 
the Norwood Homestead, Abbeville ; Richard Mays' Cleve- 
land, b. July 26, 1892, at the Cleveland Homestead, Marietta, 
S. C. 


Hon. Richard Mays' Cleveland, residence, Cleveland 
Homestead, Marietta, farmer. Represented Greenville county 
in the South Carolina Legislature, 1886-9. 

Norwood ancestry :— 2 arms : NORWOOD or NoiTHWOOD ; a.- NORWOOD: (Devon- 
shire and Gloucestershire). Erm. a cross engr. sa. Williamson', of Abbeville co., S. C, 
farmer, m. Mrs. Mary (Hughes) Tatum, widow ; James Alexander" Norwood, b. Abbe- 
ville CO., Aug. I, 1810, ni. Sarah Ann Hester. 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (Robert', Presleys, Robert*, John', Alex- 
ander", Alexander'), m. Of Sweet Water, Tenn., 1884, farmer. Ch.: 
17328 SeveraF, who d. hefore 1885, m. and had families. 


PRESLEY PARKER' CLEVELAND (Larkin Jerry«, Presleys, 

Robert*, John', Alexander"), m. Monroe CO., Tenn., Oct., 1877, Nancy 
Jane Rausin, born M. co. Dec. 2, 1856, da. John and Elizabeth 
(Dunn). Lived in Monroe co.; resides, 1884, n. Golden City, 
Mo., farmer. Ch.: 17329-31 Charles Frederick^ b. July 4, 
1879, Monroe co.; Robert Bruce*, June 4, 1881, DeKalb co., Mo.; 
Benjamin Justus' Cleveland, July 29, 1883, n. Golden City. 


CAROLINE' CLEVELAND (jesse PrankUnS, EliS, Robert*, Johns, 

Alexander"), m. at old home, u. Cleveland, Tenn., Sept. 20, 1866, 
John Pickens Davis, b. in McMinn co., Tenn., Apr. 23, 1843, s. 
Henry Brazeel and Nancy (Pickens). Resides 9 miles north of 
Cleveland, at the old Cleveland homestead (P. O., Charleston, 
Tenn.) 1886, farmer and miller. Ch.: 17332-6 Fannie Adelia^ 
Davis, b. Dec. 8, 1867, Georgetown, Meigs co., Tenn., unm.; Eli 
Frafiklin* Davis, Feb. 2, 1870, Bradley co., Tenn., unm.; Hetiry 
Basir, b. Oct. 17, 1871, B. co., d., m. Charleston, Tenn., Jan. 14, 
1881; Robert Claude^, b. Sept. 25, 1876, n. Chariest.; Carrie Agnes^ 
Davis, Nov. 13, 1882, Charleston. 


ALPHA EMMELINE' CLEVELAND (EiiMathus», Eii^, Robt.*, 
Johns, Alexander"), died Ooltewah, Tenn., Aug. 7, 1874, a. 23, m. O., 
Nov. 7, 1870, as ist w., Hannibal Henderson McNabb, b. James 
CO., Tenn., July 3, 1847, a s. Robert Lusk and Eliza Ann (Boyd), 
and bro. to Alexander. (He m. 2d, Alie Jones' Cleveland 
+ 16685.) Was. educated by his father, a teacher. Of Oolte- 
wah, 1884, lawyer. Ch. b. Ooltewah: 17337 ^<^^ Belle^, Dec. 28, 
187 1. 17338 Lula Maf McNabb, Dec. 10, 1873, both educated at 
Ooltewah High School. 


ALIE JONES^ CLEVELAND (Eli Mathus»), died Ooltewah, 
Tenn., Aug. 20, 1882, a. 29, m. O. Apr. 9, 1876, as 2d w., Hanni- 
bal Henderson McNabb. (He m. ist. Alpha Emmaline' Cleve- 
land + 16684.) Ch. b. Ooltewah: 17339 Lillie Maud^, June 7, 
1879. ' 17340 John Chester^ McNabb, Jan. 30, 1881, both educated 
at Ooltewah High School. 



ried Sept. 20, 1876, Kizzie Haleston, b. June 17, 1857. Divorced. 
Private in U. S. A., 1878-9. Of Ooltewah, Tenn., 1884, farmer, 
of Chattanooga, Tenn. Ch. : 1734-1 Bennie L.* Cleveland, b. 
Aug. 6, 1877. 


WilliaHi' Choice (Emily Caroline*, Josse^ Robert*, John^, Alexander^, 

Aiexanderi), m. July 6, 1875, Mary Evangeline Ladshaw, b. Dec. 
20, 1852, da. Edward and Elizaiseth (Poulton). Ch. b. Spartan- 
burg, S. C: Emily^, b. July 14, 1876, d. Sept. 9, 1877. 17342-3 
Eliza Ladshaw* Choice^ b. Apr. 2, 1878; William^ Choice^ June 9, 

William^ Choice grad. Georgetown, D. C. Residence, Spar- 
tanburg, 1884. Contributor to the jiress — see Bibliography, 
Chap. IV. 


Harriet Dawkins' Choice (Emiiy Caroline*), m. Spartan- 
burg, S. C, June 15, 1865, Hon. John Hamilton Evins, born in 
Spartanburg District (now county), S. C, July 18, 1830, d. Spar- 
tanburg, Oct. 20, 1884, son of Samuel Nesbit and Elizabeth 
(Moore). Ch. b. Spartanburg- : 

17344 Mary Elizabeth^ Evins, Mar. 17, 1866; Caroline Cleve- 
land^, b. Sept. 19, 1867, d. Aug. 27, 1868. 17345 Jefferson Choice^ 
Evifis, b. June 5, 1869. 1734^ Samuel Nesbif Evins, Sept. 2, 187 1. 
17347 Emily Mar garef Evins, Aug. 23, 1873; Tom Moore^ Evins, 
Apr. 26, 1875 ; John Hamilton^ Evins, Jan. 7, 1879 ; Andreiv Cleve- 
land" Evins, Jan. 23, 1881; Cleveland'^ Evins, May i, 1884. 

Hon. John Hamilton Evins, M. C., 45th, 46th, 47th, 48th 
Congresses, 1876 to 1885, 4th Dist. (counties of Fairfield, Green- 
ville, Laurens ; Spartanburg — except White Plains and Lime- 
stone Springs tps. — Union — except Gowdeysville and Dray- 
tonville tps. — and Centre, Columbia, and Upper tps., in Rich- 
land CO.), S. C. See 4Sih Congress, Congressional Directory. By 
Ben : Perley Poore, 1884. 

Spartanburg Herald, Oct. 22, 1884 — 

Death of Hon. John Hamilton Evins. 

It has been very seldom in the history of this county that 
the announcement of the death of one of its citizens has caused 
such a deep and universal throb of grief and regret as did the 
sad intelligence that Hon. John H. Evins breathe^i his last on 
Monday morning, the 20th inst. 

Whilst it was generally known that his health was bad and 
his recovery doubtful, but very few of us knev/ that his case 
was hopeless, and that his days had been numbered. Only the 
day before his death, some of his friends were indulging strong 
hopes that he might rally his physical strength and be spared 
to his family and friends for a season. But the symptoms which 
had been gladly translated into an improved condition were 
only bright and cheerful reflections from his own resigned and 
happy spirit before taking its final flight. 


His physician had spent some time with him on Monday- 
morning, and saw no immediate danger. Mrs. Evins accom- 
panied the doctor to the door. When she returned Col. Evins 
had fallen asleep. In a few fleeting minutes he had passed, 
without a struggle, from the repose of sleep to the repose of 

Col. Evins was born in Spartanburg county on the i8th of 
July, 1830. His father was one of the most thrifty, energetic, 
honest, and intelligent citizens of the county. His mother was 
a woman of unusual strength of intellect and character, and by 
her precept and example thoroughly indoctrinated her children 
in the principles of virtue, truth, honor, and piety. Col. Evins 
never proved truant to these principles. He was graduated in 
the South Carolina College in the class of 1853 ; immediately 
began the study of law, and was admitted to the bar in 1856. 
Very soon after his admission he became one of the editors and 
proprietors of the Spartanburg Express^ which he conducted 
with marked ability until the war. He was one of the first in 
the State to enlist in the cause of the Southern Confederacy, 
and as soon as his company was called went to the front. He 
was with his regiment [5th S. C] in the first battle of Manassas, 
and proved himself there to be a brave and true soldier. 

On the reorganization of the army, in the spring of 1862, he 
was elected capt. of his company, K, [Palmetto] sharpshooters. 
Whilst engaged in a terrific struggle at Seven Pines, he was 
wounded in the arm by a ball which splintered the bone just 
below the shoulder joint ; in consequence of which he patiently 
and bravely endured many weeks of intense agony, during 
which he was attended by his brother, Dr. Thomas Evins, a 
Confederate surgeon. It was owing to the skill and devotion 
of his brother that his arm was saved. 

His wounded arm was for a long time the cause of much 
irritation and suffering, from which he never recovered suffi- 
ciently to rejoin his command, and was appointed to the very 
important and responsible position of Lt.-Col. of the Home 
Guards in Spartanburg Co. We are assured by those who 
know the facts, that the people of this and adjoining counties 
are largely indebted to his skill, patience, energy, and courage 
for the preservation of their lives and property, which were 
threatened by native renegades, who eagerly sought to gratify 
their lust of blood and plunder upon the true and loyal men 
and women who had scorned and denounced them as traitors 
and cowards. 

In 1863-4, he was elected by an almost unanimous vote of 
civilians and soldiers to a seat in the House of Representatives 
of the State. This high position he filled with the same earn- 
estness, prudence, and fidelity which had previously marked 
his career of public usefulness. 

Very soon after the close of the war he devoted himself with 
unusual energy to the practice of his profession, and soon rose 
to distinction as a pleader and advocate. He was one of the 
most timid and self-distrusting men we have ever known at the 
bar. When he first began to speak at the bar his natural diffi- 
dence would so overpower him as to make it painful to his 



friends to witness his discomfiture ; but with an indomitable 
will he would subjugate his own self-consciousness, and rising 
to the demands of the occasion, would soon transform an appar- 
ant failure into a brilliant success. He never succeeded in 
overcoming his natural diffidence, only in so far as to be able 
always to fully meet the requirements of the cause which called 
him before the public. It was only a sense of duty that brought 
him before the public gaze, and that he always met at any sac- 
rifice to his persoaal comfort or convenience. The success of 
his public career was due to this — his conscience was stronger 
than his consciousness. [Member Democratic National Con- 
vention, St. Louis, 1S76.] 

In 1876, without any premeditation on his part, he was 
elected by the Convention as a candidate for Congress in this 
district. One who was in Columbia at the time well remembers 
this remark of his — "I desire to consult you as to my duty. 
Some of my friends urge me to accept the nomination for Con- 
gress. I have no ambition to lead a 'forlorn hope,' but if I can 
be of any service to the party, I am willing to make the sacri- 
fice ; I feel confident that I will be counted out, if not beaten, 
but if I can help the cause I can submit to either. What would 
you advise me to do ? " His friend advised him to accept. 
With all the zeal and energy which could be inspired by as- 
sured success, he entered the campaign, devoted all the fire and 
energy of his indomitable nature to its conduct, and thereby 
won a signal and splendid victory. So wisely and faithfully 
has he discharged his duty in that high position, that his proud 
constituents have not hesitated to return him for four success- 
ive terms. [For 48th Cong, he received 11,662 votes, D. B. 
Elkins, Greenback, 4,588 votes.] There can be no doubt that he 
would have again l3een nominated and elected but for the fact 
that his failing health compelled him to decline. In the death 
of Col. Evins, the U. S. Congress will feel the loss of one of its 
most diligent, faithful, and useful members. The State of S. 
C. will mourn one of her noblest citizens, and Spartanburg will 
fructify his memory in the tears she sheds over the grave of 
her honored son. 

If one word we could add could alleviate the painful bereave- 
ment of his family, we would gladly protract this notice ; but 
the recital of the virtues of a kind and loving husband, of a 
patient and generous father, whose heart has been chilled in 
the coldness of death, must necessarily excite emotions of grief 
which we would gladly repress. 


LAURA' CLEVELAND (John Blossingame«, Jesse^, Robert*, John', 
Alexander!!, Alexander'), d. at Spartanburg, S. C, Oct. 23, 1882, a. 37, 

m. at Spartanburg, Jan. 8, 1867, James Young Goodlett, born 
Greenville, S. C, Oct. 11, 1844, son of Col. Robert Poole and 
Lucretia (Young). Children : 

-|- 1 7348 Lucretia^ Goodlett, b. Jan. 19, 1868, Lee co.. Miss. 

4-17349 Elizabeth^ Goodlett , born Oct. 24, 1869, Spartanburg, 
S. C. 



17350 Pmdine'' Goodlett, b. July 26, 187 1, Spartanburg, S. 
C, unrri., residence, Pacolet, Spartanburg co., S. C. (1896). 

4-17351 John Cleveland^ Goodletf, b. June 17, 1873, Spartan- 
burg, S. C. 

Robert Patrick^ Goodktt, b. Apr. 5, 1875, S., d. S. Mar. 
19, 1880. 

Mr. James Young Goodlett, at the age of 16, ran away from 
school and enlisted' as private in 6ih S. C. Inf., C. S. A., served 
the year 1861, came out of the army 1862, and went to school 
I year, then returned to C. S. A., in 2d S. C. Cav., served as pri- 
vate soldier to close of war; lived in Miss. 1867-9. Residence 
since, nearly always in Spartanburg co.; res. Pacolet Mills (1896). 
Since 1882, has been cashier of the Pacolet Manufacturing Co., 
Pacolet. Mr. Goodlett is a subscriber for this Genealogy. 

Goodlett ancestry: — 2 arms; GOODLET: (Scotland). Or. a fesse gu. betw. 2 lions 
pass, guard, sa. . . . It is claimed that in 1635 the Goodlett ances'or of following 
moved from Bath, Eng., to Paisley, Scotland. Mr. Thomas Goodlett, Paisley, has the 

History of this branch. . . . ' Goodlett, b n. Glasgow, Scotland, and lived there, 

came to America some time prior to Revolutionary war, settled first in Pa., later in Va., 
it is thought that he was a Revolution soldier ; James^, b. in Va., rem. after marriage to 
Spartanburg co., m. in Va,, Miss Jones of Va.; Col. Robert Poole' Goodlett, b. Spartan- 
burg CO., Deo. 27, i8og, of Greenville, col. of the Upper Reg. in Greenville co., S. C. Mili- 
tia, d. in Greenville co., Jan. 14, 1881, m. Lucretia Young^. b. Greenville Co., May 30, 1816, 
d. May 29, 1890, nearly all of their family rem. to Texas prior to the war. 

Young ancestry : — John^, b. Dec. i, 1762. of Greenville co., a soldier in the American 
Revolution, d. ab. 1834, m. Nancy Salmons, b. Anderson co., S. C, Oct. 5, 1777, d. Green- 
ville CO., ab. 1854 ; Lucretia^ Young m. Robert Poole Goodlett'. 


JESSE FRANKLIN' CLEVELAND (Robert Easley^, Jesses, 

Robert*, John', Alexander^, Aiexanderi), married at Glenn Springs, Spar- 
tanburg CO., S. C, June 19, 1873, Coro Virginia Zimmerman, 
b. at Glenn Springs, April 20, 1849, a daughter of John Conrad 
and Selina Pierce (Wannamaker) Zimmerman. Children b. at 
Glenn Springs : 

17352 Elizabeth Emily* Cleveland, b. Apr. 13, 1874, is . 
attending Converse College, Spartanburg, S. C, 1895. 

17353 John Zimmerman* Cleveland, b. Oct. 5, 1875, is 
attending Wofford College, Spartanburg. 

17354 Robert Benjamin^ Cleveland, b. June 23, 1879, is 
attending Wofford College, Spartanburg. 

Dr. Jesse Franklin' Cleveland, M.D., graduated from Phil- 
adelphia, Pa., Medical College, March, 1869. Residence, always 
at Spartanburg (1897), physician and planter. After a number 
of years gave up the practice of medicine, and is now interested 
in the manufacture of cotton goods. Is President of Tupacau 
Mills, Spartanburg co. Dr. Cleveland is a subscriber for this 

Zimmerman ancestry : — John', was originally from Germany, but came from Eng- 
land to America accompanied by his brother Tames who settled in Virginia. He settled 
in Orangeburg co., S. C, and married Margaret Dantzler of Orangeburg co.; Daniel', of 
Saint Matthews Parish, Orangeburg District and co., S. C; m. Elizabeth Holman^; John 
Conrad' Zimmerman, b. Saint -Matthews Parish, Sept. 26, 1802, ra. Selina Pierce Wanna- 
maker*, b. St. Matthews, SepL 26, 1810. 

Wannamaker ancestry ■ — John Jacob', from Germany, of Orangeburg co.: Lt. Ja- 
cob', b. Orangeburg co., served in the Revolutionary war under Capt. Ruraph in Col. 
William Russell Thompson's Reg. In a hand-to-hand encounter in a skirmish near 
Orangeburg in 1780 he killed the noted Tory Lt. Parker of Bloody Bill [William] Cun- 
ningham's command [see Draper's King's Mountain^ 83^ 242, 4tiS\ m. Annie Rumph of 
Orangeburg co.; Jacob', b. Orangeburg co., m. Mary Magdalen Miller, da. of John and 


Margaret (Ott) Miller. The Otts came from Austria ; Selina Pierce' Wannamaker m. 
John Conrad Zimmerman a. 

Holman ancestry : — Mr.' Holman m. Miss Conrad ; Conrad", m. Mary Brown from 
Charleston, S. C; Elizabeth^ Holman m. Daniel Zimmerman'. 


JOHN BOMAR' CLEVELAND (Robert Easley«, Jesses, Robert', 

Johns, Alexander', Alexander'), married at WaTtrace, Tenn., Novem- 
ber 4, 1871, Georgia Alden' Cleveland + 16642 (Robert Mathis«, 

Jeremiaho, Robert', John', Alexander', Alexander'). Children : 

+ 17355 Jesse^ Cleveland, b. Nov. 27, 1872, Spartan- 
burg, S. C. 

17356 Henry Mathis* Cleveland, b. Aug. 26, 1874, Spar- 
tanburg, unm. Attended Wofford College, Spartanburg, C. H., 
S. C, to the close of the junior year. Residence, Spartanburg, 
(1897), is in the National Bank of Spartanburg. 

+ 17357 Fanny Leonard* Cleveland, b. June 13, 1876, 
Wartrace, Tenn. 

17358 John Alden" Cleveland, b. June 4, 1878, Spar- 
tanburg, d. there Apr. 29, 1886. From Augusta {Ga.) Chronicle, 
June 7, 1886 : 

A pretty tribute. 

[Lines suggested by the death of little John Alden Cleveland, who asked 
while dying, "What will happen to-day? "J 

For the Aug'usia Chronicle. 

What will happen, my child ? Why only this : 

An angel will enter a world of bliss. 

A small, new angel, with wings of snow, 

Up to a beautiful home shall go ; 

A fevered brow will grow calm and white 

And meet for a glittering crown of light. 

What will happen ? A pair of bright eyes 
Will close to open in Paradise, 
And oh ! to-day, two dear little feet 
Shall begin to walk the "golden street" ; 
A tender lamb will be borne on high 
To pastures green, where still waters lie ; 
Borne in the '"gentle Shepherd's" arms, 
Forever free from earth's rude storms. 

What will happen ? Alas ! the home 
Joyous once, will be full of gloom ; 
The gold of the sunlight will fade away, 
And the flowers their perfume lose to-day ; 
For the child, who seemed of sunshine born, 
And the flowers loved, will to-day be gone. 
The children shall hush their songs of glee, 
And two stricken hearts shall mourn for thee ; 
But soon they shall lift their tearful eyes 
To that fair " Bonhaven " beyond the skies, 
And say, " For so it seemed good in Thy sight," 
"Even so. Father," we know it is right. 

Cleveland Place, May 25, 1886. M. H. C. 

17359 Carrie Choice' Cleveland, b. Feb. 25, 1880, Spar- 

17360 Vannoy Vernon^ Cleveland, b. Mar. 24, 1884, 

17361 Alice Victoria^ Cleveland, b. Mar. 19, 1887, Spar- 

Margaret Chesnee* Cleveland, b. Mar. 13, 1891, 

Hon. John Bomar' Cleveland graduated at Wofford Col- 
lege 1869; studied and practiced law. Residence always at 
Spartanburg (1898). Attorney -at-law and banker. Mr. Cleve- 



land is a leading, very useful, and highly esteemed citizen of 
Spartanburg, and thoroughly identified with her interests. A 
promoter of the public schools. He was elected to represent 
his District in the South Carolina Legislature 1882-3 ; was a 
delegate from South Carolina in the Democratic National Con- 
vention at Chicago, 111., July, 1884, which nominated Hon. Gro- 
ver Cleveland for President. 

Hon. John Bomar' Cleveland is President of the Charleston 
& Western Carolina Railway Co., office at Spartanburg; Pres- 
ident of the Whitney Manufacturing Co. (in which he has been 
a director many years), whose cotton mills are situate two miles 
from Spartanburg, Vice-president of the First National Bank 
of Spartanburg of which he was a founder, Vice-president of 
the Pacolet (S. C.) Manufacturing Co. ; served as Receiver of 
the Port Royal & Western Carolina Railway Co., and of the 
Augusta & Knoxville R. R. Co., Spartanburg, and has held 
many places of honor and trust in the State. 

Mr. Cleveland is a subscriber for this Genealogy. 


Mary Mli&abetK Jiivings (sarah Eiizabeth«), m. ist, Oct. 25, 
i860, Richard R. King, b. S. C!, d. She m. 2d Hon. Benjamin 
Zachariah Herndon, a s. Benjamin Zachariah and Elizabeth 
Laura (Pratt). Residence, Dalton, Ga., 1884, practising lawyer: 
member Ga. Legis. from Whitfield co. Ch, by ist m. : 17362 
Richard Cleveland^ King, b. Sept. 21, 1861, S. C, d. Dalton, July 
26, 1876, then a student in Crawford College; 2d m., s. p. 


James Cleveland' Jiivings (sarah Eiizabeth«), m. Kingston, 
S. C, Nov. 12, 1868, Rosa Caroline Flagler, b. Spartanburg, S. C, 
Mar. 10, 1849, da. William Gregg and Martha W. (Troy). Ch. 
b. Dalton, Ga. : 17363 Blanche Alpen^ Bivings, Oct. 13, 1869, edu- 
cated at Dalton Female College. 1 7364 MaudAllene^ Bivings, July 
28, 1871, ed. at DaltonFemale Coll.; Maggie May\h. June 25, 1873, 
d. D. July 25, 1874. 17365-8 William Troy^ Bivings, b. Aug. 19, 
1875; Robert Hampton^, b. Oct. 17, 1877, d. D. July 15, 1878; Frank 
Carlisle^, b. May 12, 1879. Rosa Cleveland* Bivings, Jan. 19, 1883. 

Dr. James Cleveland'' Bivings grad. Augusta, Ga., Medical 
College 1868; physican Dalton (1884). 


Ent.TTia'' JBivingS (Sarah EUzabeth*, Jesse^ Robert*, John^, Alexander^, 

Alexander^), m. at Dalton, Ga., Jan. i, 1868, Gen. Isaac Wheeler 
Avery, born New York city May 2, 1837, son of Isaac Wheeler 
and Mary Moore (King). Ch. b. Atlanta, Ga. : 

17369 Emma Mary^ Avery, born Nov, i, 1872, m. William^ 
Wilkins ■\- 17323. 17370-3 Elizabeth Cleveland^, b. July 3, d. A. 
Aug. 14, 1874; Albert Wheeler' Avery, born June 3, 1876; Logan 
Cleveland^, h. Oct. 5, d. A. 19. 1880; Newhope^ Avery (named for 
battle of New Hope Church, N. C), b. Sept. ro, d. A. 25, 1882. 
Gen. Isaac Wheeler Avery, residence Atlanta 1882, served 



gallantly during the war; saved General Johnston from, being 
hemmed in by Gen. Sherman at desperate battle of New Hope 
Church; was successively Capt., Maj., Lt.-Col., and Brig.-Gen. 
in C. S. A.; was in Executive Dept. Atlanta 1882. Author of 
History of Georgia from iSjo to iSSi, Brown 6^ Derby, N. V., 8°, 
pp. 600. As editor of the Atlanta Constitution he took an active 
part in reconstruction 1865-71. Newspaper correspondent. 

Avery ancestry : — Gen. Avery has his Avery line traced back to 1352. 


Joseph Cleveland' Beeler (Nancy), m. Powder Spring 
Gap, Tenn., Sept. 13, 1859, Adalid Hickle, b. n. Maynardville, 
Tenn., Oct. 23, 1843, da. Calvin and Winny (Needham). Ch. b. 
n. Clear Spring, Tenn.: 17374 Delena^, b, Sept. 19, i860, d. near 
Clear S., Sept. 30, 1861. 

4-17375 Alice^ Beeler, b. Sept. 21, 1862. 17376. Martin 
Luther* Beeler, born Oct. 22, 1872, ed. at Carson College, Mossy 
Creek, Tenn. 

Joseph Cleveland'' Beeler, ed. at Baptist (now Carson) College, 
1859; joined C. S. A., Nov. i, 1862, Co. I, 59th Tenn., under Lt.- 
Gen. John C. Pemberton, discharged for sickness at Vicksburg, 
Miss., Apr. 28, 1863; lived at Clear Spring to Dec, 1874, since 
at Mossy Creek (1884), merchant, of Beeler & HuflE [John Jeffer- 
son Huff to Aug., 1882, Mrs. Alice Huff since]. 


Wary Martha^ Seeler (Nancy«), m. at home n. Powder 
Spr. Gap, Tenn., Aug. 17, 1856, James Newton Hill, b. Claiborne 
CO., Tenn., Mar. 7, 1831, s. John and Mary (McNeil); educated 
at Sneedsville, Hancock co., Tenn., College; ent. C. S. A. 1862, 
private 26th Tefin. I., Gen. John C. Breckenridge's Div.; capt'd 
at battle of Murfreesboro, Tenn., remained at Chicago, 111., till 
paroled 1864; re-ent. C. S. A. Nov., 1864, to close of war; of 
Morristown, Hamblen county, Tenn,, 1884, merchant. Ch. b. 
Grainger co., Tenn.: Lodusky Jeraldine^, b. July 31, 1857, d. G. CO., 
Sept. 20, 1862; Laura Viola^, b. May 7, 1859, d. G. CO., Oct. i, 1862; 
Olevia Stelloua^, b. Sept. 21, i860, d. G. co., Oct. 12, 1862. 

+ 17377 Maetta" Hill, b. July 31, 1862. 

-j-17378 Lona^ Hill, b. June 13, 1864. 

17379-80 Emma Estella*, b. July 27, 1866, d. Morristown, 
Aug. 20, 1883, unm., ed. at Tazewell College and Mossy Creek 
College, Tenn.; Katie^, b. Aug. 5, 1868, d. Grainger co. Sept. 19, 
1871; Nannie^, b. June 13, 1871, d. G. co. June 25, 1875; Delia*, 
Mar. 30, 1875. 


Enoch CromwelV Beeler (Nancyo), was killed in battle 
n. Brown's Gap, Va., Sept. 26, 1864, a. 28, unm.; ed. at Mossy 
Creek Baptist College; ent. C. S. A. spring of 1862, private; in 
many battles, Vicksburg, etc. His regiment was not ordered 
into the fight at Brown's Gap, but he volunteered to go in 
another reg. in place of a man who begged to remain in the 
rear. Buried near the battle ground. 



WilHain Tilmon^ Seeler (Nancy«), was drowned in Ger- 
man Creek, near Bean's Station, Grainger co., Tenn., Mar. 4, 
1865, a. 26, unm. Member C. S. A., in many battles. 


David'' Heeler (Nancy »), m. Casey co., Ky., at her parents' 
residence, Oct. 30, 1872, Paulina Anderson, b. C. co., Apr. 22, 
1857, da. William and Millie (Weatherford). Cb. b. Sumner co., 
Kan. : 17381-3 Jacob Newton^, Jan. i, 1874; William Frankland^^ 
Aug. 22, 1876; Wrightman White^ Beeler, Jan. 16, 1879. 

Dr. David' Beeler, M.D., attended Jefferson schoolhouse near 
his birthplace; educated in medicine at, and was conferred 
degree M.D. March 28, 1883, by Louisville, Ky., University 
(Medical Dep.). In C. S. A. throughout war, in many battles, 
Vicksburg, etc. Of London, Sumner county, Kan.; practising 
physician (1884). 


Louisa' Beeler (Nancy*), m. at home n. Powder Spr. Gap, 
Tenn., Aug. 12, 1869, William Cooper Davidson Willis, b. near 
Blain's Cross Roads, Tenn., Aug. 16, 1837, d. at his home n. Clear 
Spring, Tenn., August 24, 1882, s. Harden and Maria (Cooper). 
Judge William Cooper Davidson Willis was educated at Walnut 
Grove, Knox co., Tenn. Taught school several years before 
marriage; after that, settled on a farm n. Clear Spring. Elected 
District Magistrate 2 terms — 6 years; Probate Judge of Grain- 
ger CO. 2 years to decease; was regarded as one of the best men 
in his CO. Ch. b. Clear Spring: 17384-5 Cleopatra Igou* Willis, 
Oct. 19, 187c, ed. at Mossy Creek, Tenn., Seminary; Uretha 
Mercedes^ Willis, Nov. 23, 1878. 


Sarah Elizabeth' JSeeler (Nancy), m. at home n. Powder 
Spring Gap, Tenn., Aug. 23, 1876, William Henry Cadle, b. n. 
Cumberland Gap, Claiborne co., Tenn., Jan. 15, 1848, s. Mark and 
Mary (Coval): res. n. Powder Spring Gap 1884, farmer; chair- 
man of the County Court. Ch. : 17386-7 Newton Porter^, born 
Sept. II, 1881; Albert Ross^ Cadle, Nov. 25, 1883. 


Molisa Isidord' JSeeler (Nancy «), m. at home n. Powder 
Spring Gap, Tenn., Sept. 5, 1875, John Nelson Petre, b. n. Clear 
Spring, Tenn., Feb. 21, 1854, s. John Nelson and Jane (Watson). 
Res. Powder Spring Gap 1884, farmer. Ch. b. Powder S. G. : 
17388-90 Samuel Herman^, Aug. i, 1877; Robert Cleveland^ Petre, 
Mar. 30, 1881; Charlie'', b. and d. P. S. G. Apr. 12, 1883; William 
Shields^, b. Apr. 25, 1884. 




Robert BartonH Beeler (Nancy«), m. Red Hill, Tenn., 
Dec. i6, i88o, Martha Jane Dotsan, b. n. Red Hill Dec. 20, i86i, 
daughter Claiborne Hicks and Frances Minerva (Wells). Has 
always lived on his father's homestead at Powder Spring Gap, 
Tenn., farmer. Ch. b. Powder S. G. : 17391 ^oy Hood^, Feb. 10, 
1882; 17392 Grover Hicks^ Beeler, Apr. 9, 1885. 


JAMES MARTIN' CLEVELAND (Alfred Mathews*, Martino, 

Robt.Mohn', Alexanders-'), m. at Worwlcks Chapel, Tenn., Feb. 28, 
1873, Matilda Cordelia Vittetoe, b. n. Powder Spring Gap, Tenn,, 
Nov. 4, 1853, d. James and Elizabeth (Sellars). Res. n. Powder 
Spring Gap 1885, farmer. Ch. b. n. Powder Spring Gap : 17393 
Andrew Fongo" Cleveland, Dec. 23, 1874. 17394 Walter 
Young', Jan. 14, 1875. ^7395 Luther Napoleon*, Feb. 22, 1877; 
William Martin", b. Mar. 15, 1879, d. n. P. S. G. May 10, 1880; 
17396 James Arthur", Oct. 15, 1880. 17397 Alfred Candee", 
Dec. 15, i88r. 17398 Sarah Dallis' Cleveland, Oct. 23, 1883. 


JOHN ANDERSON' CLEVELAND (william Marona«, Martins, 

Rottsjohns, Alexander"-'), m. Claibome county, Tenn., Oct. 12, 1875, 
Amanda Carroll. Educated at Love Not, Tenn.; of Pierce City, 
Lawrence co.. Mo., 1885, farmer. Children: 17399 Frank M.° 
17400 Margaret W.^ 17401 Anderson'; 17402 Lilla May" 


William Findley^ Mouth {ciaHssa Harlowe^ Watkms, Fanny', 

Robt.«, Johns, Alexander"-'), m. ist, Murray CO., Ga., Jan. 15, 1857, Nancy 

Margaret' Cleveland +16480 ] S&eth gl"rS\ w^s } J"!'"^ J°i^-'. 
Alexander"-'), she d. Deep Spring, Whitfield co., Ga., July 10, 1866, 
aged 28. He m. 2d, Rural Vale, Murray co., Ga., Mar. 28, 1867, 
Susan Emily Gambrell, b. Calhoun, S. C., Oct. 21, 1849, d. near 
Moody, McLennan county, Tex., Jan. 12, 1876, da. Rev. James 
Madison and Amarilla Evaline (Horton). He m. 3d, Dalton, 
Ga., Nov. 6, 1876, Mrs. Rosanna Vashti (Selvidge) [Sitton^ 
Jones, born Sweet Water, Tenn., May 9, 1836, wid. of Richarc 
Jones, a da. Rev. George Washington and Elizabeth (Luty). 
Ch. by ist m. : 

-(-17403 Frances Eugenia^ Routh, b. Mar. 24, i860, Rural Vale. 
By 2d m. : 

17404 Clarissa Atnma^ Routh, b. Mar. 16, 1870, Dalton, m. 
about April i, 1891, Joe Lee Jameson. Of San Antonio, Tex., 
1892-3. Ch. : Malcolm RouM Jameson, born about Dec. 20, 1891. 
17405 William Frank^ Routh, b. June 25, 1874, in McLennan co., 
n. Moody, Tex. Of M. 1892-3, builder. By 3d m.: 17406 Elmo^ 
Routh, b. Oct. 3t, 1877, McLennan co., n. Moody; of M., farmer. 

Capt. William Findley' Routh was ed. in county schools n. his 
birthplace; a capt. in C. S. A. Lived on his farm, Rural Vale, 



and at Deep Spring; then dwelt at Dalton to Jan., 1872, and 
since in McLennan co., n. Moody, Tex. (1897), carpenter. In 
1884 Capt. Routh, John Smith, James C. Kirby, L. A. Trimble, 
Thomas Mitchell, John Cox, O. H. McClain, John Cook, Thomas 
Kirby, F. M. McElroy, James Hargett, J. L. Hodge, A. A. Coons, 
and D. M. McClain commenced on Tuesday to build, on Nat. 
McCartney's field at Moody, a 5-room house for the preacher, 
and completed it by Saturday noon ! For which J. H. Trimble 
returns thanks in Moody Monitor. 

Rosanna Vashti Selvidge married ist, Daiton, Feb. 28, 1851, 
Joseph Henry Sitton, born Habersham co., Ga., Oct. 21, 1831, d. 
Dalton Oct. 28, 1859, son James Tarrant and Mary (Halcome). 
Of Dalton, R. R. engineer. She m. 2d, Corinth, Miss., Sept. 28, 
iSeo, Richard Jones, he d. Giles co., Tenn., Nov. 10, 1865. Of 
Corinth and Giles co., carriage maker. Ch. by ist m. : James 
Washington Sitton, b. Aug. 18, Dalton, d. D. 21, ^853; William 
Franklin Sitton, b. July 7, 1854, D., of D.; Henry Cruison Sitton, 
b. Sept. 18, 1856, D., d. London, Tenn., May 30, 1858; John Luty 
Sitton, b. Dec. 8, 1858, Acworth, Cobb co., Ga., m. Carry West 
of Dalton, res. D. ; 2d m. s. p. 


3Iavy Adelaide' Mouth {ciaHssa Hariowe^ watkms), m. Deep 
Spring, Ga., Sept. 16, 1858, Dr. William Lowndes Broyles, born 
Monroe co., Tenn., Dec. 3, 1826, d. Anderson C. H., S. C, June 
14, 1877, s. Cain and Lucinda (Nash). Ch. : 17407 George Nash^ 
Broyles, b. June 26, 1859, Whitfield co., Ga., ed. S. C. University, 
Anderson; of A. 1892-3; mercantile business. 

4-17408 Fannie Murtis* Broyles, b. May 5, 1861, Whitfield co., 

17409 James Marcellus^ Broyles, b. Oct. 29, 1863, W. co.; 
ed. at Adger College, Walhalla, S. C. ; of Broyles, S. C, farmer. 
17410 Lula Josephine"^ Broyles, Oct. 2, 1866, Anderson co., S. C, 
m. bef. 1893, J. A. Gault. She was ed. at Female Coll., William- 
ston, Anderson county, S. C; res. Broyles. 17411 Willie Clifton^ 
Broyles, June 3, 1871, A. co.; of Broyles, farmer. 

Dr. William Lowndes I3royles received medical education 
Nashville, Tenn. Practising physician n. Deep Spring; rem., 
Dec, 1863, to Anderson C. H. Mrs. Mary Adelaide' {Routh) 
Broyles res., and, with her sons, keep the P. O. at Broyles (named 
in honor of Dr. William Lowndes Broyles), Anderson co., S. C. 
(1884). Residence, Broyles (1897). 


Joseph JEdwaVd'' Routh {ciarissa Harlome^ Wdtkins, Fannys, Rob- 
ert*, John', Alexander', Aiexanderi), died at Plum, Fayette CO., Tex., July 
3, 1890, a. 48, married in Fayette co.. Mar. 5, 1874, Mary Ellen 
Stramler, born in Bastrop co., Tex., Aug. 8, 1854, a daughter of 
William Calhoun and Frances Ann Elizabeth (Breeden). (She 
m. 2d, see below.) Children : 

1 741 2 Eugene Coke^ Routh, born Nov. 26, 1874, in Fayette 
CO., Tex., unm. Residence, Flatonia, Fayette co., Tex. (1892-7). 



Graduated A.B., University of Texas, Austin, Tex., June 15, 
1897. Teacher. Mr. Routh is a subscriber for this Genealogy. 

17413 Leila Irene* Routh, born Dec. 28, 1889, at Plum. 
Mr. Joseph Edward'' Routh removed to Texas in 1870; resi- 
dence many years at Plum, t''- .., in the valley of the Colorado, 
and was a prosperous farnitr. 

Mrs. Mary Ellen (Stramler) Routh m. 2d, Dec. i, 1895, John 
M. Wroe. Residence, Winchester, Fayette co., Tex., 1897. 


Robert Franklin'' Routh {ciariSsa Hariowe'^ watkins), married 
Whitfield CO., Ga., July i, 1868, Tabitha B arson, b. Warren co., 
Ga., Apr. 28, 1846, a da. Hazel Green and Rebecca (Story). Ch.: 

17414 James HazeP Routh, born Oct. 23, 1869, Walker co., 
Ga. 17415 Isaac Miller^ Routh, Jan. 24, 1871, Whitfield county; 
Annie Clarissa*, b. Aug. 25, Catoosa co., Ga., d. C. co. Sept. 29, 
1872 ; Judson Bur son* Routh, b. Sept. 3, 1873, Arkansas co., Ark.; 
Mattie Harlowe*, b. Dec. 17, 1875, Prairie co.. Ark., d. P. co. Oct. 
27, 1876; William*, b. June 13, 1877, P. co.; Susie*, b. Jan. 7, P. 
CO., d. P. CO. Oct. 26, 1879; Hattie Belle*, b. Oct. 18, 1880, P. co., 
d. P. CO. Jan. 15, 1881; Vesta. Virgi?iia*, b. Feb. 28, 1882, P. co., d. 
P. CO., Aug. 18, 1884; Lucy Alice* Routh, b. Oct. 17, 1883, P. co., 
d. P. CO. Atxg-. 22, 1884. 

Rev. Robert Franklin^ Routh, a Baptist clergyman, was or- 
dained to preach the Gospel Sept. 16, 1877 ; rem. Oct., 1872, 
from Ga. Lived in (P. O., Belcher) Prairie co.. Ark., 1884, Fair- 
mount, Prairie co., Ark., 1897. 


Reese JKelSO^ WatkinS {Finley Patterson^ Watkins, Panny», Rob- 
ert*, Johns, Alexanders, Alexander'), married Feb. 24, 1 874, Jenny Wright 
Smith, b. July 4, 1853. Ch.: C/i.', b. Aug. 15, Ooltewah, Tenn., 
d. 19, 1875. 17416 Claude Wright* Watkins, b. Nov. 19, 1876, O. 
17417 Mary Blanche*, May 3, 1879, O- i74i8 Ethel Theresa* Wat- 
kins, Mar. 23, 1883, Spring City, Rhea co., Tenn. 

Dr. Reese Kelso'' Watkijis, residence, Spring City, practising 
allopathic physician of Rhea co. (1884). 


Mligene'' Watkins {Alfred Moore'' Watkins, Fannys, Robert*, Johns, 

Aiexandei-a, Alexander'), m. by Rev. G. A. Menally, Baptist, in Rome, 
Ga., Dec. 25, 1884, Florence Perry, b. in Floyd co., 15 miles from 
Rome, Ga., Mar. 22, 1867, da. of William Nazareth and Sarah 
Emaline (Dempsey). Ch.: 17419 Grover Cleveland* Watkins, b. 

Mr. Eugene' Watkins received a preliminary education at a 
public school in Brooklyn, N. Y., and at a boarding high school, 
Middletown, Conn.; finishing at Military College (under guid- 
ance of Church of England), Lenoxville, Canada. Residence, 
Rome, Ga., 1884-5, schoolteacher; is studying law. 




Miss Jenny"^ Watkins (Maj. Ai/rea Moore" watkins). Residence 
still in Rome, Ga. (1898). Miss Watkins was educated at the 
Convent of the Sacred Heart, Manhattanville, New York. The 
well-known writer and able contributor of literary, political, 
and historic articles to magazines and newspapers. See Bibli- 
ography, Chap. IV. 

From The Tribune, Rome, Ga., May 11, i8po — 

The leading feature of the forthcoming June issue of Belford's Magazine will be a 
completed novel by Miss Jennie Watkins of Rome, entitled, "The Woman's Version." 
The proprietor of Belford's announce that it is a very superior story. The scene is laid 
in Virginia after the war, and the plot involves some fine delineations and contrasts of 

An interesting personage is an old negro " Mammy," who figures prominently in the 
affairs of the fortunes of the " Howard " family. 

Editorial —The complete novel in the June number of Belford's Magazine will be 
the "Woman's Version,' by Miss Jennie Watkins; it is in every way a superior novel. 
Miss Watkins is a well-known resident of Rome, and is fast winning fame as a writer of 

The compilers desire to express their obligations to Miss 
Watkins for much important assistance, voluntarily rendered, 
in obtaining, by a large correspondence, the very complete 
family records in her branch of the descendants of Alexander' 


J'ohn' Watkins {Ai/rea Moore" ivafktns), unm. Residence : 
Rome, Ga.; New York city to Feb., 1887, and since at Boston, 
Mass. Mr. Watkins attended high school, Middletown, Conn., 
and completed education at Military College, Lenoxville, Can. 
Salesman and representative of wholesale merchants. 


ROBERT LILLY' CLEVELAND (Richard Moon*, Jeremiah*, 
Jeremiah*, Johns, Alexander^, Alexander'), m. Charlottesville, Va,, Jan. 22, 

1868, Alice Thomas Trowers, b. Richmond, Va., Sept. 26, 1847, 
da. Thomas and Sarah Ann (Phelps). Of Culpeper C. H., Va., 
1886, merchant. Ch. : 17420-1 Lura Ross', born June 5, 1870, 
Staunton, Va.; Bessie Bell' Cleveland, b. July 24, 1872, Flu- 
vanna CO., Va. 


m. Hillsboro, Tex., 1882, Mrs. Amanda Fancher. Of Hillsboro, 
1886, farmer. Ch.: 17422 Dana Cromwell' Cleveland. 


Jeremiahs Johns, Alexander^ Alexander!), m. Dover, Ky., Nov. 5, 1 87 2, 

Theodosia Long, b. D. Apr. 7, 1848, da. Edmund and Xantippa 
(Aubra). Of Dover, 1883; fine house joiner. Ch. b. Dover: 

T7423-6 Vernetta', Aug. 9, 1873; James Hess' Cleve- 
land, Sept. 12, 1875; Lizzie Aubra', Dec. 13, 1877; Katie 
Long', Aug. 2, 1882. 




BENJAMIN F.' CLEVELAND (Alexander«,EU^ Alex.*, 3, a, .)^ 

b. 1830. Rev. Benjamin F.' Cleveland, res. 1885, Walkerville, 
Green co., 111. Has been a Baptist preacher for 30 years. 


ALICE ANN' CLEVELAND (joseph«, Levi», Alexanders 3, », i)^ 

m. Kenton co., Ky., Jan. 19, 1843, Warren Elmore' Scott -[-16859 
(Poiiie«, Levis, Alexanders 3, 3, 1)^ he d. Carrollton, Ky., Sept. 8, 1864, a. 
47, farmer. She res. Lexington, Ky., 1884. Ch.: 17427 Joseph 
Cleveland^ Scott, b. Apr. 23, 1844, Kenton co., died Fort Adams, 
Wilkinson co., Miss., Sept. 15, 1867. 

-I-17428 IsabeP Scott, b. Mar. 26, 1846, Kenton co., Ky. 

17429 William Elmore^ Scott, b. Dec. 17, 1849, Woodford 
CO., Ky., m. Carrollton, Dec. 17, 1876, Alice Roberts, b. Boone 
CO., Ky., June 9, 1854, da. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Smith). Of 
Montgomery City, Montgomery co., Mo., farmer. Ch.: Nellie 
Elizabeth" Scott, b. Sept. 7, 1878, Carrollton. 

4-17430 George Washington^ Scott, born June 20, 1852, Wood- 
ford CO. 

-f- 17 43 1 Nancy^ Scott, b. Feb. 22, 1856, Woodford co., Ky. 
17432-3 Prudie Watts^, Nov. 3, 1859, Carroll co., Ky., unm.; 
John AIM Scott, Apr. 14, 1862, Carrollton, Ky., unm. 


RACHEL'' CLEVELAND (Washington", Levi", Alexanders Alexan- 
der^, Alexander'), d. prior to 1895, m. D. C. Collins. Ch.: 17434-6 
William D.^ Collins, m. Martha Graham, res. Crescent Springs, 
Kenton co., Ky., 1895; Lelia^ Collins, m. Dorsey Elbert; Stella? 
Collins, m. Shakleford Lee. Amos^ Collins; Cleveland^ Collins. 


JOSEPH' CLEVELAND (Washington*), d. prior to 1895, m. 
Sydney Allen. Ch.: 17437 Charles' Cleveland, m. Kate 
Riggs, res. Crescent Springs, Ky., 1895. Gertrude'; Edna 



JOHN LEVI' CLEVELAND (Washington*), m. ist, at Cov- 
ington, Ky., July 25, 1872, Clara Bertrand Whittaker, b. Cincin- 
nati, O., May 8, 1845, ^- there, June 25, 1882, da. of James and 
Olivia Sophia (Lyon). He m. 2d, Maysville, Ky., Aug. 8, 1892, 
Louisa Rebecca KieflEer, b. Lancaster, Pa., Mar. 25, 1852, da. of 
William and Susan Elizabeth (Carpenter). Ch. by ist m.: 

17438 Olivia Hannah* Cleveland, b. July 24, 1874, Cin- 
cinnati, unm., res. Cincinnati, 1895. 2d m.: s. p. 

Dr. John Levi' Cleveland grad. Centre College, Danville, 
Boyle CO., Ky., 1862, and then studied theology at Princeton, 
N. J. Grad. from the Ohio Medical College, 1868. Residence 
since 1869, Cincinnati, 0.(1896); and during that period has 
been a practising physician of Cincinnati. He is the owner of 
the old home place, a short distance from the graves of his 
grandparents, Levi and Rachel Cleveland. 



MARTHA' CLEVELAND (jesse Alexander Harrison*, Jesse«, Alex- 
ander*, Alexander', Alexanders), m. I St, BrazOria CO., TcX., NoV. 20, 1 83 9, 

Dr. John McNiell Stewart, born Harnett co., N. C, d. Brazoria, 
Tex., 1841, s. Hector and — • — (McNeill). She m. 2d, B. Dec. 
12, 1847, Stephen Mealy Westervelt, b. New York, N. Y., Nov. 
24, 1819, d. Tex. Jan. 15, 1850, s. James and Ellen (Mealy). Ch. 
b. Brazovia, by ist m. : 

4-17439 Ann Maria^ Stewart, b. Nov. 16, 1840. Sallte Whar- 
ton^ Stewart,h. Feb. 27, 1842, unm., res. Brazoria 1895; 2d m. s. p. 

Dr. John McNiell Stewart grad. University of N. C, Chapel 
Hill, N. C, 1841; Medical School University of Pa., Philadelphia,. 
Pa. ; was a resident and regular physician of Brazoria. Mrs. Mar- 
tha (Cleveland) [Stewart J Westervelt still res. at Brazoria 1895. 


ANNE WHARTON' CLEVELAND (jesse Alexander Harrison',. 
Jesse«, Alexander*, Alexander", Alexander^, Alexanderi), d. Liberty, TeX.,. 

Jan. 27, 1867, aged 44, m. Brazoria, Tex., Aug. 19, 1838, Edward 
Thomas Branch, b. Chesterfield co., Va., Dec. 10, 1811, d. Liberty, 
Sept. 22, 1861, s. Mr. and Mary (Walker). Ch. : 

4-17440 Cornelia^ Branch, b. Feb. 13, 1840, Nacogdoches, Tex. 

4-17441 Olive'' Branch, b. Nov. 20, 1849, Liberty, Texas. 

4-17442 Elizabeth Wortley' Branch, b. Sept. 22, 1843. 

17443 Wharton* Branch, b. Mar. 4, 1847, tmm. Took his 
classical course -with a priest. Residence, Dallas, Tex., 1895J 
attorney at law. 

17444 Anne* Branch, b. Apr. 20, 1852, m. Dr. Henry Clay 
Moss, residence, Galveston, Tex., 1895, regular physician. Ch.: 
Rose^ Moss, b. Aug. 19, 1873, G., unm. 

Anne Wharton' Cleveland, when 2 years old, was adopted 
by Hon. William H. Wharton, minister to the U. S. from the 
Republic of Texas. 

Judge Edward Thomas Branch grad. from a Virginia College 
(quite probably William and Mary Coll.), residence, Galveston, 
lawyer and planter; was appointed, 1838, Judge of the District 
and Supreme Court of the Republic of Texas; member of the 
first and second Congresses of Republic of Tex. 


CHARLES LANDER' CLEVELAND (jesse Alexander Harrl- 
son', Jesse*, Alexander*, Alexander', Alexander', Alexander'), d. HoUStOn, Tex.,. 

Feb. 8, 1892, a. 67, m. ist, Liberty co., Tex., Apr. 9, 1849, Mrs. Mary 
Ann (Hardin) Booker, b. Liberty co., Jan. 5, 1829, d. Galveston, 
Tex., Oct. 25, 1882, widow of William G. Booker, da. of Benja- 
min Watson and Adelia (Coleman). ' His 2d wife, Mrs. Louise 
H. Cleveland, still resides at Galveston (1897). Ch. by ist m. : 

17445 Watson Hardin^ Cleveland, born Mar. 16, 1850, 
Liberty, Tex., d. L. July 18, 1867. Stewart*, b. Sept. 24, 1852,. 
L., d. L. Mar. 17, 1854. 

17446 John Stewart* Cleveland (Judge), b. Dec. 18, 1854, 
L., m. Nov. 15, 1876, Lula Ritchie. Ed. at Roanoke Coll., Va. 






Attorney; commissioned County Judge of Brown county, Tex., 
Dec. I, 1880. 

17447 Lander* Cleveland, b. March 17, 1857, Liberty, 
m. Eula Hntchings; ed. at Roanoke Coll., Va. 

17448 Oliver' Cleveland, b. Dec. 16, 1859, Liberty, m. 
Libbie Smith; ed. at A. and M. Coll., Bryan, Brazos co., Tex. 
Sarah^, b. Nov. 26, 1862, L., d. L. July 12, 1864. 

17449 Charles Sidney* Cleveland, b. Sept. 16, 1865, L. 
Ed. at S. W. Univ., Georgetown, Tex. 17450 Jesse Watson', 
March 31, 1869, Liberty. 17451 Willie Frank*, March 3, 1872, 
Galveston; 2d m. s. p. 

Hon. Charles Lander' Cleveland, of Galveston. From 
Encyclopedia of the New West, containing present condition of Tex., 
Ark., Col., New Mexico, and Indian Territory; also biographical 
sketches of their representative men and women. U. S. Bio. Publishing 
Co., 1881, p. 53 — (Steel-plate portrait of C. L. Cleveland.) Judge 
Charles Lander Cleveland was a farmer's boy till age of 13, 
when he entered the office of the Texas Republican, Brazoria, 
while Col. Wm. H. Jack, known in Texas history, was a contrib- 
utor; also worked in the office of the Telegrciph at Columbia 
[Brazoria co.], then seat or government of Republic of Texas. 
Having worked several months in that office, he ent. Ruters- 
ville Coll., Fayette co.; graduated M.A. 1842. The same year 
he went to Galveston and began study of law, preceptor being 
Judge Benjamin Cleveland' ' Franklin. Adm. to bar in Liberty 
1846. Remained at Liberty, and for 25 years devoted himself 
to practice there. Met with pecuniary as well as professional 
success, and is now owner of valuable property. In June, 1871, 
he formed a partnership with Judge Asa Hoxie Willie [a sketch 
and portrait of whom also appears in Enc. New West\ of Gal- 
veston, to which city he removed, and where he now still res. 
1891 [Judge Criminal Dist. Court, Galveston and Harris cos., 
office in Houston, Tex.]. The business of the firm is extensive, 
and no lawyers rank higher at the Galveston bar. From Lib- 
erty CO. Mr. Cleveland was elected to 6th Legislature of Tex., 
Gov. Edward M. Pease then [1853 or 1857] executive. Major 
John Henry Brown characterizes his career in legislature as 
especially useful. August, i860, he was elected Judge of 15th 
dist. of Tex.; this position he held until removed by Provisional 
Gov. A. J. Hamilton, 1865. No civil officers of the state were 
allowed to remain in office unless they would take the iron-clad 
oath. January, 1861, he was elected delegate to the secession 
convention from Liberty and Polk counties. Judge Cleveland 
voted for ordinance of secession, urging its submission to the 
people, by whom it was ratified by a vote of 4 to i. Judge 
Cleveland supported secession and the war with all his influence 
and energy. Was delegate to Democratic State Convention 
1857, from Liberty county, and 1873 ^'^^ 1876 from Galveston. 
Judge Cleveland and wife are members of M. E. Church South. 
He became a Mason 1848, in Liberty Lodge No. 48; was master 
of lodge 16 years. Has taken the Royal Arch degrees. Was 
deputy district grand master for ist dist. several years. Judge 
Cleveland's possessions' are extensive: dwelling houses in Galves- 
ton; 50,000 acres unimproved in Bastrop, Bexar, Blanco, Bosque, 


Brown, Burnet, Callahan, Chambers, Clay, Coleman, Comanche, 
Denton, Hardin, Jefferson, Karnes, Liberty, Montgomery, Polk, 
San Jacinto, Taylor, Travis, Tyler, and Williamson counties. 
Is a director of the Tex. Banking & Ins. Co. ; a stockholder in 
Gulf Loan & Homestead Co., Southern Cotton Compress Co., 
Tex. Cotton Press and Mfg. Co., Galveston Gas Co., and is Vice- 
Pres. of Island City Protestant Orphans' Home. Judge Cleve- 
land is a first-class man, whether we regard him as a civilian, a 
lawyer, or business man. His position has been reached by the 
employment of the highest principles known to enlightened 

From a pamphlet : Proceedings of Mass Meeting, Galveston, Aug. rS, 1S71, to takeinto 
consideration Governor's proclamation ordering troops to surround election polls, etc., — 
pp. 10 to t6, speech of Judge C. L. Cleveland ; C. L. Cleveland of Committee signers to 
letter to E. J. Davis, Gov. Extended obituary notices of Judge Cleveland appeared in 
the newspapers. 

■ Hardin record : —Benjamin Watson Hardin from Maury co., Tenn., a Texas pioneer, 
came with brothers 1828, member of the Ayuntiemento of Jurisdiction of Liberty, under 
gov't of Mexico ; sheriff under Texas republic, d. Liberty co. Jan. 2, 1849. Had 3 broth- 
ers : William Hardin, primary judge of jurisdiction of Liberty, Nacogdoches departm't 
1833-6, one of II original proprietors of GalveSton, with M. B. Menard in organization of 
G., d. G. 1838; Augustine Blackburne Hardin, member of the "Consultation" which 
convened San Felipe [Austin co., Tex.], 1835, and estab. a provisional govt, for Tex. bef. 
final separation fr. Mex., soldier of Tex. revolution in bro. Franklin's co., d. Liberty 1871 ; 
Franklin Hardin, ist surveyor of Liberty land dist., It. in capt. Logan's co. 1836, in San 
Jacinto battle, in fall of 1836 com. a co. under Gen. Kusk, member Legislature from Lib- 
erty CO. 1858, d. Apr. 20, 1879. 


MARY JANE' CLEVELAND (j esse Alexander Harrison', Jesse', 
Alexander*, Alexanders, Alexander"), d. Brazoria CO , Tex., June 14, 1894, 

a. 57, m. Galveston, Tex., May 22, 1853, Christopher Randolph 
Cox, born Bowling Green, Ky., Aug. 31, 1828, s. Christopher 
Greenup and Harriet Hite (Reese). Res. Quintana, Brazoria 
CO., Tex., 1895, stock raiser. Ch. : 

17452 Sallie' Stumps Cox., b. Nov. 26, 1854, Brazoria, Tex., 
m. Brazoria co., 1879, William Crawford Norris, b. Brazoria co., 
s. John Hancock Norris. Residence Brazoria, book and sewing 
machine agent. 

17453 Minnie Heese'^ Cox, born Aug. 25, 1857, Brazoria, m. 
Brazoria co., Jan., 1876, Joseph Perry Reese, b. Brazoria county, 
Jan. I, 1851, son Charles Keller and Sarah Tate (Norris); res. 
Quintana. Ch. : William Perry^ Reese; Harrief Reese; Mary 
Randolph'^ Reese; Minnie' Reese; Elizabeth W^istger" Reese. 17454 
Harriet Hite'' Cox, born Oct. 31, 1859, Brazoria, m. J. V. Hinkle. 
1745s Carrie Lee^ Cox, b. Apr. 6, 1865, Brazoria, m. E. H. Mather. 
17456 Charles Randolph"^ Cox, b. Nov. 5, 1869, Brazoria co., unm. 
1895; Mary or Mamie Emin^ Cox, born July 3, 1872, B. co., unm., 
res. Quintana; Fannie Dunrf Cox, b. Dec. 27, 1874, Brazoria co., 
unm., res. Quintana; Josephine Bennet^ Cox, iDorn Feb. 10, 1880, 
Brazoria co., unm.; res. Quintana. 


JESSIE HALE"" CLEVELAND (jesse Alexander Harrison*. Jesse», 
Alexander*, Alexanders, Alexander^, Alexanderi), m. Galveston, Tex., May 

3, 1881, Courtenay Washington, b. Prince William co., Va., Aug. 


14, 1848, son of Lt. Temple Mason and Georgianna Langhorne 
(Dade) Washington. Child : 

17457 Courtenay Cleveland" Washington^ born June 7, 1883, 
Bryan, Tex. 

Mr. Courtenay Washington, residence, Galveston, Tex. 

Washington ancestry: — General Armory^ by John Burke, Esq., and John Bernard 
Burke, Esq., /<?^ — Washington (Sulgrave, co. Northampton: derived from Robert 
Washington of Warton, second son of John Washington of Whitfield : Robert's eldest 
son, John Washington of Warton, was father, by Margaret, his wife, da. of Robert Kit- 
son, Esq., of Lawrence Washington, Esq., of Northampton and Gray's Inn, who had a 
grant of the lands of Sulgrave 30, Henry VIII : his §reat-grandson, John Washington, 
younger brother of Sir William Washington, of Packmgton, uo. Leicester, emigrated to 
America circa 1657 [etc.]). Arms and Crest same as Lancashire: Ar. two bars gu.; in 
chief, three mullets of the second. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, an eagle issuant, 
with wings endorsed, sa. . . . Motto [not given by Burke'] — Exitus acta probat. 
[The origin of the Flag of the United States.] . . . The name Washington is of Saxon 
origin, derived from a village juxta Ravensworth, Eng., called originally Wessyngton, 
or Wassyngton, mentioned in a Saxon charter gfranted by King Edgar, A. D. 973, to 
Thomby Abbey ; above village is now called Wharleton, or Wharton. There has been 
much controversy concerning the name of the father of Laurence and John Washington, 
who came to Va. 1657. The following from The Pedigree and History of the Washington 
Family, by Albert Welles, 1S7Q, p. xv: — beginning with the first- mentioned male ances- 
ter : Sveidei, the Viking, living A. D. 760-80 ; Halfdan^, the Aged, b. ab. A. D. 800 ; Ivar^, 
Jarl or Earl of Upland, A. D. 850, m. A. D. 850. the Daughter" of Eisten Glumru's, King 
of Thrandia [whose ancestry see below]; Eisten Glumru, or Vors*, living A*. D. 870; 
Rogvalds, Jarl or Earl of Moere, A. D. 885, m. ist, ; Einar", Jarl or Earl of the Ork- 
ney Isles ; Torfidur', Earl of the Orkneys, A. D. 9.^2, m. Grelota, Countess of the Ork- 
neys, da. of Dungad, Earl of Caithness, whose wite, Groa, Countess of Caithness, was 
da. of Turstain Rauda ; Lodvers, Earl of Orkness ; Sigurd", Earl of Orkneys, died at 
Clontarf 1014, m. Thora, da. of Malcolm II* [see ancestry +^^,2, p. 266], k. of Scotl. 1003, 
who allied himself to Sigurd, jarl of Orkney, in 1008, by giving hira his da. in marriage ; 
Thorfinio, the Dane, b. ab. loog-io, or Torkill, of Richmondshire, Baron, Lord of Tan- 
field, whose ancestors came from Schleswig, Denmark, and settled in ancient Ebor or 
Yorkshire prior to Norman conquest. Arms — (Normandy): Gu. 2 leopards or lions pass, 
guard, or, a bend compony or and az.; founder of the Washington family in Eng., a boy 
of 5 on the death of his father, 1014, was made Earl of Caithness and Sunderland, settled 
In Yorkshire, Eng., a.\>. 1050-5. Domesday Book — In Molsonby and Diddaston bailiwick 
of the Geld [that portion respecting N. Riding, Yorkshire, including dist. of Wharleton, 
alias Washington, 1070-80], Torfin had i manor, d. ab. 1080 ; Bardolf'i, b. Kirkby Ravens- 
wath, Yorksh., ab. 1045, Lord of Ravenswath, in his age took the habit of a monk of the 
Abbey of St. Marie's, York, m. the heiress of Hanselyn (or Alselyn) of this Baronial 
Family, and she carried to Bardolf the Manor of Egginton, Derbyshire, which was held 
at Domesday Survey by Azelin, under Geilreyde Alselyn ; Akaris'", b. Ravenswath ab. 
J080, the pious founder of Jourvaulx, a famous Abbey of the Cisterian order, died n6i; 
Bondo'', Lord of Wessyngton, juxta Ravensworth, Richmondshire co., York, b. Ravens- 
worth ab. 1122, was called indifferently Bondo de Wassyngton, or Washington, and 
Hondo de Ravenswath, these two places join each other, d. ab. 1200; Walter", fil Bondo 
de Washington, b. Washington, co. York, Eng., ab. 1160, of W., Lord of Milleburne, co. 
Westmoreland, Eng., in right of his wife, Agnes, iigg-1215, died ab. 1245, m. ist, Agnes, 
Lady Milleburne, da. and heiress of Ivo de Welleburne, or Milleburne, of Milleburne ; 
Robertis de Washington, Lord of Milleburne, b. ab. 1195. was siezed of lands in Strick- 
land Kettell, CO. Westmoreland, by gift of Walter de Strickland in marriage, d. ab. 1260, 
m. Johanna, da. of Walter de Strickland, chevalier, by wife Elizabeth, da. and heiress 
of Sir Ralph Deincourt, knt.; Robert'* de Washington, b. Milleburne ab. 1230, was siezed 
of lands in Kerneford, co. Lancaster, in right of his wife, where he res. 1302, m. Amercia, 
da. and h. of Hugh de Kerneford and Lady Kerneford ; Robert'' Washington, Lord of 
Welleburne, b; Milleburne ab. 1265, ''■<^o\ part with Thomas, Earl Lancaster, and was 
pardoned by Edw. II, 1319, d. ab. 1325, m. Agnes, da. and h. of Adam Derling ; John'8, b. 
Kerneford ab. 1305, m. Alianna or Alianora, da. and h. of John de Warton of Warton,'in 
Lonesdale, co. Lancaster; John">, b. Warton 1334, m. Johanna; John=°, b. W. ab. 1365; 
Robert^', b. Warton ab. 1400, of W., gent., d. 1470 ; John's, b. W. ab. 1430 [others think it 
more probable that the ancestry is from his brother Robert, b. W, ab. 1440 —see below] ; 
Robert'^, b. W. 1467, Sergeant-at-Arms to Henry VII and Henry VIII, d. Sept. 20, 1517, 

m. ist, ; Thomas"*, b. W. 1493; Laurence''^ b. W. 1515 ; Laurence'*, b. W. 1540; 

Laurence", b. W. 1569; Leonard's, b. W. ab. 1595, d. 16571 m. Anne; Laurence'", bap. 
Warton 1625, or, if of 28th generation, as below, bap. at Tring, co. Herts, Eng., July 23, 
1635. He and brother John (ancestor of Pres. George Washington) emigrated to Va. ab. 
1657. . . . N. E. His. Gen. Reg., X LI II : 383— Genealogical Gleanings in England. 
By Henrv F. Waters, A.M. The Ancestry of Washington. It appears that upon the 
death of Lawrence Washington of Va. [grandfather of President George Washington], 
although his will was proved in Va., letters of administration on his goods were granted 
in England, May 30, 1677, Luton, co. Bedford. 420^, Washington of Northampton and 
Virginia [pedigree]: and Welles — John'", [see above]; John", of Whitfield, co. Lancas- 
ter [called by Welles Robert"— see above]; Robert", of Warton, gent., m. ist, Eliza- 
beth, da. Ralph Westfield of Westfield, co. Lancaster, Eng.; John'-', b. Terwhitfield, co. 
Lancaster, Eng., ab. 1465, ra. Margaret, da. Robert Kitson of Warton ; Hon. Lawrence'*, 
b. Terwhitfield ab. 1500, Mayor of Northampton, Eng., 1532, 1345, d. July 10, 1584, m. iSt, 
Elizabeth, wid. of William Chough [according to Register, this m.: s. P.]. He m. 2d, Ann 
or Aimee, da. of Robert Pargiter of Gretworth, gent.; Robert'", b. Grey's Inn, Middle- 
sex, Eng., ab. 1544, m. ist, Elizabeth, da. Walter Light of Redway, co. Warwick, Eng.; 
Lawrence", b. Sulgrave, co Northampton, Eng., ab. 1565, d. Brington, co. Northamp- 
ton, Eng., Dec. 13, i6i6. m. Margaret, da. William Butler of Tighes, co. Sussex, Eng.; 
Rev. Lawrence" Washington, M.A., bap. Sulgrave ab. 15Q7, matriculated Nov. 2, 1621, 



Fellow of Brasenose Coll., Oxford, Eng., 1624, lector of the college 1627-32, rector of Pur* Essex, Eng., 1633-43, d. ante 1654-5, m. Amphillis, da. of Roades (?), bur- 

at Tring, co. Herts, Eng., Jan. ig, 1654-5, admon. gr. to son, John Washington ; Law- 
rence'*, bap. Tring, June 23, 1635, or if 29, as above, bap. Warton 1625, to Va. ab. 1657, 
purchased land for plantation in Westmoreland co., Va.. between Potomac and Rappa- 
hannock rivers, at or n. Bridge's Creek, removed into Rappahannock Co., d. there Jan., 
1677, will proved Jan. 6, 1677, m. 2d, Jane or Joyce Fleming, da. Capt. Alexander of Va.; 
John=» or '", b. Bridge's Creek ab. 1660-7, ra. Mary Townsend or 'Townshend'; Henry"> 
or ", d. 1747, m. Miss Butler or Miss Bailey; Bailey" or'', b. Stafford co., 1730-3, m. 
Catherine Storke; Bailey^' or '^ b. Stafford co. Dec. 12, 1754, d. in Va., m. Euphan Wal- 
lace', who often spoke of Gen. George Washington visiting them in their Stafford co. 
home, named "'Windsor Forest" (brother of Col. William Augustine Washington, born 
Stafford co. Feb. 28, 1752, a distinguished cavalry officer of the Revolution, who was 
voted, by special resolution of Congress, a silver medal, which had for a device an 
equestrian portrait of himself at Cowpens battle, he m. Jane Riley Elliott); Lt. Temple 
Mason"' or S"* Washington, It. in the old United States Navy, d. ab. 1863, m. Georgianna 
Langhorne Dade'. See Virg'mia Genealogies, by Rev. Horace Edwin Hayden, jfS-2i : 
Virginia Documents Relative to Revolutioti Service, fitb. by the State, iS$3, iSjj. 

Ancestry of Eisfen Gluniru, King of Thrandia : — Fridulfi; Odin', first King of Scan- 
dinavia, B. C. 70. His true name, according to tradition, was Sigge, son of Fridulph, 
but he assumed that of Odin, the Supreme Deity of the Scythians, of whose religion he 
was chief priest. Was supreme ruler of the Scythians in Asaland or Asaheim, Turkes- 
tan, between the Euxine and Caspian Seas, in Asia, and reigned at the capital Asgard, 
whence he removed, in the year B. C. 70, and became the first King of Scandinavia. 
After achieving many conquests, Odin retired to Sweden, d. there ab. B. C. 50; Skiold', 
became King of Zealand and Jutland B. C. 50, reigned at Ledra, Zealand, and at Jutland, 
became the head of an illustrious race of Kings, called Skioldunger, who reigned at 
Leire (Ledra), 20 miles from Copenhagen, d. B. C. 40; Fridleif I*, istKingof Denmark, B. 
C. 40, d. B. C. 23 ; Frode Fredigods, Kin^ of Denmark, B. C. 23 ; Frode II', King of Den- 
mark, A. D. 5g ; Vermund', the Sage, King of Denmark, A. D. 87 ; Olaf*, the Mild, King 
of Denmark, A. D. 140; His Daughter" became Queen of Denmark, in. his successor, 
Dan Mykillati (the Splendid), who became King of Denmark, A. D. 190, the founder of 
the Kingdom of Denmark, d. A. D. 270 ; Frode III"', King of Denmark, A. D. 270 ; Half- 
dan I", King of Denmark, A. D. 310; Fridleif IIIi', King of Denmark, A. D. 324; Frode 
IV^', King of Denmark, A. D. 348; Haltdan II'*, succeeded his bro. Inglid as King of 
Denmark, A. D. 4?6; Roe^^, King of Denmark, A. D. 460; Frode VIi«, King of Denmark, 
A. D. 494 ; Frode VII", or Olaf, the Sharp Eyed, King of Denmark, A. D. 522 ; Half dan 
nil", or Snaile I, King of Dftimark, A. D. 548 ; Ivar Vidfamei', King of Denmark, A. D. 
s88, and of Sweden, A. D. 630 ; Auda Diuphaudza'*, Queen of Holmgard, m. Rerik or 
Robert, King of Holmgard; Harald Hildetand", or Hillditur (Golden Tooth), King of 
Denmark, A. D. 647 : Throud", or Fronde, King of Frondheim, m. A. D. 750, a daughter 
of Sigurd King, or Hring ; Eisten", King of Frondheim, m. A. D. 780 ; Halfdan'*, King 
of Frondheim, m. A. D. 8ro; Eisten Glumru's, King of Frondheim or Thrandia, A. D. 
840 ; His Daughter" m. Ivar^, Earl of Upland.— »'«//«' Wash. Fam. 

Dade ancestry: — Dade (settled at a very early period at Tanningfton, co. Suffolk? 
Eng., and at Woodton, co. Norfolk, Eng., temp. Edw. VI). Gu. a chev. betw. 3 garbs or- 
Crest — A garb or, enfiled with a ducal coronet per pale az. and gu. Langhorne' Dadei 
of Va., ro, Sarah Ashton ; their granddaughter, Georgianna Langhorne' Dade, m. Tem- 
ple Mason Washington" or '*. 

Wallace ancestry ; — ib arms: (Eldersly ; The Science of Heraldry by Sir George 
Mackenzie). Gu. a lion ramp. ar. within a bordure gobonated of the last and az. . . . 
James', of Back River, near Hampton, Va., m. Elizabeth Westwood*; Euphan' Wallace 
m. ist, Bailey Washington" or ", 2d, Daniel Carroll Brent. 

Westwood ancestry: — Sir Humphrey' Westwood, Duke of Norfolk; his great-grand 
da., Elizabeth* Westwood, m. ist, James Wallace', zd, Thompson Mason, a near relative 
of Sir William Temple of England. 

Toiiinsend, Townshend ancestry ;— 6 arms: Townsend; 6.- Townshend: tWin- 
cham, CO. Chester). Az. a chev. engr. erm. betw. 3 escallops ar. Crest — A. buck's head 
couped ppr. attired or, collared az., on the collar 3 escallojjs ar. . . . Richard', from 
England 1636, first owner of the estate upon which" Mt. Vernon now stands; Richard'; 
Mary' Townshend m. John Washington'* or '». 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (William», Harrisons, Alex.", ', ', '), 111. 

ist, Dec, 1876, Laura Mackellett. He m. 2d, May 15, 1885, 
Mary Watt. Of Washington, D. C, 1886. Ch. by ist m.: 
17458 ADELIE^ By 2d m.: Son^, b. Mar. 6, 1886. 


CHARLES C CLEVELAND (wiiiiam«, Harrison^), m. Alex- 
andria, Va., Nov. 24, 1878, Margaret America Lyles, b. A. May 
12, 1855, da. Christopher and Margaret (Hevron). Of Wash- 
ington, D. C, 1886-91, clerk, inspector. Ch.: Da.^ b. and d. 
July 24, 1879, 17459 Arrie-Lee* Cleveland, b. Oct. 8, 1880; 
Son", b. and d. June 20, 1882 ; Son', b. and d. May 2, 1884. 




JAMES WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (john Henry«, Harrison^), d. 

1881, a. 37, m. Jan. 29, 1865, Margaret Harp. She res. Wash- 
ington, D. C, 1883-91. Ch.: 17460 John Robert' Cleveland, 
b. Nov. 28, 1865, of Washington, plumber, engineer, 1891; Ida 
May', Feb. 6, 1867; Charles Henry^ July 29, 1872; Maggy 
Virginia', Sept. 10, 1875 ; Laura Virginia', Feb. 18, 1878; Ma- 
bel Ann*, Feb. 28, 1880 ; William Leonard' Cleveland, born 
Oct. 10, 1870, d. May 14, 1885. 


Mary Ann Eli^ahetli' Jachson (Ann«, Elijah^, Aiexs 3, a, >), 
d. Clarke cc, Va., Jan. 10, 1852, a. 35, m. Frederick City, Md., 
July, 1842, James Mathias Kiger, b. Winchester, Va., Apr. 14, 
1814, d. Frederick co., Va., Aug. 4, 1886, s. Isaac N. and Lydia 
(Ritter). Lived in Clarke co., farmer. Ch.: 

-|- 1 746 1 Emma Smitif Kiger, b. Aug. 17, 1843, Winchester, 
Va. Williain Jackson^ Kiger, res. Sunbury, Northumberland co., 
Pa., 1896; Edward Mitchell* Kiger, of Sunbury, Charles Won- 
der ly" Kiger, b. Jan. 29, 1850. 

+ 17462 Mary Elisabeth* Kiger, b. Jan. 10, 1852. 


Frances Cecilia^ Jackson (Ann«), m. Winchester, Va., 
Sept. 29, 1842, Pay ton Ross Mitchell, he d. She res., a widow, 
Clinton, 111., 1895-6. Ch.: 

17463-4 Ann* Mitchell, m. James D. Campbell of Ky., res. 
Home City, Hamilton co., O., 1895-6 ; Frances* Afitchell, m. Mar- 
tin, res. Clinton. 


Matilda Jane" Jackson (Ann«, Elijah^, Alexander^ Alexander", 

Alexanders, Alexander!), d. Mar. 22, 1893, a. 73, buried in Congres- 
sional Cemetery, Washington, D. C, m. Edgehill Farm, Clarke 
CO., Va., Mar. lo, 1842, Richard Mitchell Sydnor, b. Jan. 26, 1818, 
d. Winchester, Va., July 20, 1897, a s. William Chinn and Sarah 
(Redman). Ch. : 

17465 Ellen Fauntleroy* Sydnor, b. June 8, 1843, Berry ville, 
Va., unm. 1897; was an efficient volunteer nurse in the Union 
hospitals at Winchester during the civil war, of which services 
Gen. Robert H. Milroy, in a letter, gives an account; for many 
years and is now a gov't employe in Washington; res. there. 
Florence Lemoin*, b. May 29, 1845, B., d. B. July 24, 1847. 17466 
Fannie Mitchell* Sydnor, b. Feb. 9, 1847, Berryv., m. Baltimore, 
Md., June 29, 1876, Joseph McGarrell. Dodridge Chichester*, b. 
Mar. 24, 1848, Winch., d. W. Mar. 18, 1850; Virgifiia Lemoin* Sydnor, 
b. Apr. 27, 1850, W. 

17467 Gertrude Fillmore* Sydnor, b. May 19, 1851, Clarke co., 
died Balto. Mar. 4, 1890, m. Winchester Mar. 9, 1872, Joseph T. 
Lowry, b, Balto. Mar. i, 1847. Ch. : Franklin Palmer^, b. Feb. 


II, Winch., d. Balto. Dec. 12, 1873; Eva Matilda!' Lowry, b. Nov. 
I, 1874, Baltimore; Gertrude Sydnor'' Lowry, Oct. 7, 1876, Balto. 
Mary Cleveland^ Sydnor^ b. Mar. i, 1853, Berryv., untn., of Wash- 
ington. 17468 Annie Redmar^ Sydnor, b. July 10, 1855, Winch., 
m. Washington Apr. 16, 1 881,^ George W. Raun. Lucy Pay ton^, 
b. Mar. i, 1857, Winch., d. W. Sept. 8, 1858; Clarence Dodridge\ 
b. Sept. 20, 1858, W. 17469 Emma Jackson^ Sydnor, b. Aug. 4, 
1861, Winch., m. Wash., June 10, 1884, Edwin L. Helm. Frank 
Clifford', b. July 24, 1863, Winch. 

Richard Mitchell Sydnor, residence Winchester, merchant. 

Sydnor ancestry : — V^iWiaxa Chinn Sydnor, b. Aug. 30, 1788, of Va., d. Aug. 30, 1828, 
m. Sarah Redman, b. June 25, lySg, d. Berryville Dec. 3, 1847. Tlie Sydnors and Redmans 
owned slaves. 


Fanny'' CoeJeerille {Atime* coieman), m. Charles B. Tibbs, 
Leesburg, Loudon co., Va. Ch. : 17470 Judged?. H,^ Tibbs oi 
Leesburg, 1886. 


ANNIE' CLEVELAND (William Harrison', Henry Wilsons, WilliamS 
Alexanders, », 1), m. Sept. 9, 1 886, Jefferson Davis' fVoole ry -\-i6gii 
(sarah Ann', William Franklin', William*), farmer. Ch. : Nannie Frances^ 
Woolery, b. Sept. 30, 1887, Harrison co., Ky. 


Williaim Henry^ Woolery (Sarah Ann», WiUlam Pranklin», Wil- 
liams Alexander*, Alexander", Alexander'), b. Harrison co., Ky., Oct. 26, 
1850, d. Bethany, W. Va., July 30, 1889, m. Flushing, Belmont 
county, O., Oct. 19, 1876, Linnie Kirk, da. of Kersey Kirk. Ch. : 
Mary Alice", b. Sept. 2, 1879, Hopedale, Harrison county, O., d. 
Bethany, Aug. 13, 18 — . Annie' Woolery,\). Sept. 2, 1881, Somer- 
set, Somerset co., Pa.; William Kirk' Woolery, b. June 20, 1888, 

Prof. William Henrf Woolery, A.M. [Bethany, 1883], LL.D. 
[W. Va. Univ. 1888], attended Ky. Uni. and Bethany College; 
was grad. from Bethany Coll. June, 1876, with second honors 
in his class. Was pastor of Disciple church at Pompey, N. Y., 
Hopedale, Somerset; was elected to chair of Latin, Bethany 
Coll., 1883; was elected (the 3d) President of Bethany Coll. 1887. 
Lectured and wrote "The Wine Discussion," " Ministerial Edu- 
cation," and " The Higher Criticism." See Bibliography, 
Chap. IV. A Pamphlet contains a brief sketch of him. Biogra- 
phy of William H. Woolery, late President of Bethany College, by 
Lewis Cass Woolery, is in preparation, 1892-3. 


George JEdlVard' Woolery (Sarah Ann', WilUam FrankHn», Wil- 
liam*, Alexander*, Alexander 1), m. Dec. 24, 1874, Martha Jolly, b. Pen- 
dleton county, Ky., Apr. 10, 1858, da. of Robert. Farmer. Ch. b. 
Harrison co., Ky. : Delia Homer' Woolery, Dec. 26, 1875; Luther', 
b. Dec. 22, d. H. co., 24, 1876; Pearl' Woolery, b. Mar. 23, 1881, 
d. H. CO., Sept., 1882. 




Lewis Cass' WoOlery (Sarah Ann», William Franklin», William*, 
Alexanders, Alexander", Alexander"), b. PendletOn CO., Ky., Apr. II, 1 858, 

m. Aug. 7, 1888, Mattie Virginia Paul of Hopedale, O., h. Knox 
county, O., June 15, 1859, da. of Albert Bettel and Annie Hayes 
(Knox). Ch. : Annie Pauline^ Woolery, b. Dec. 14, 1889, Bethany, 
W. Va. 

Prof. Lewis Cass' Woolery remained on his father's farm until 
he was 20 years old. He attended Hopedale Normal College 
and Bethany College, Bethany, W. Va. Grad. A.B. Bethany 
College, June, 1884, receiving the first honor of the class. Re- 
turned to Pendleton co., studied and practised law in Falmouth, 
Ky. Was principal of LaFayette College, Higginsville, LaFay- 
ette county, Mo. Was elected to the chair of Greek in Bethany 
College 1887, which he still (1893) occupies. 


Joseph Fenton'' Woolery (sarahAnn»), m. New Lisbon, 
Columbiana CO., O., Aug. 13, 1890,8116 Neill, da. of William. Ch. : 
William NeiW Woolery, b. Nov. 7, 1891, N. L., d. N. L. Feb. 7, 

Prof. Joseph Fenton' Woolery attended Bethany College, and 
grad. B.D. June, 1887, receiving first honors of his class; took post 
grad. course and received degree A.M. in course in 1889. Was 
elected President of Nevada Christian Uni., Nevada, Mo., 1889. 
Resigned in 1891 and accepted the chair of Math'ics in Fremont 
Normal College, Fremont, Neb., res. Fremont 1893. 


FENTON' CLEVELAND (Henry Jaspere,WilltamFranklin5,WilUamS 

Aiex.s, Aiex.2, Alexander"), d. i8 — , m. Harrisou CO., Ky., Tucker. 

Farmer. Ch. : 17471 Edward^; Annie" Cleveland. 


JOHN CLARK' CLEVELAND (William», JeremiahMacobS Jere- 
miah', Alexander*, >), m. McDonald co., Mo., Mrs. Susa (Foreman) 
Bowman. Of Tahlequah, Cherokee N., Indian T., 1885, farmer. 
Ch. : 17472-3 William"; Gabriel'; Fannie"; Bark" Cleveland. 


WILLIAM JASPER' CLEVELAND (wiiiiam«), m. ist, Mc- 
Donald CO., Mo., Tennessee Owens, she d. Butte co., Cal. He 
m. 2d several years after ist w. died, Sarah Ann Owens, she d. 
Ukiah, Cal.; cousin to ist w. He m. 3d Mrs. Elizabeth (Parton) 
[Card] Wright, wid. Dr. Joseph Wright, da. Thomas. Ch. by 
ist m. : 17474-7 Missouri" Cleveland, b. McDonald county; 
George", b. Fort Gibson, Mo. By 2d m. : Napoleon Bona- 
parte, b. McDonald co.; Robert Lee" Cleveland, b. Butte co. 

William Jasper' Cleveland of Ukiah 1876-85, flour miller. 
Elizabeth Parton m. ist Mr. Card; 2d, Dr. Joseph Wright. 



LIEU ALLEN^ CLEVELAND (wiiuam-), d. McDonald co., 
Mo., July 5, 1884, a. 60, m. ist, McD. co., Catherine Reynolds, 
b. 1838, d. Madison co., Ark., 1865. He m. 2d Mrs. Mary Ann 
(Frazier) Ray, wid. Franklin Ray, da. James and Isabell (Frazier); 
was of Pineville, McDonald co., Mo., farmer. His widow res. 
Pineville 1885. Ch. by ist m. ; 17478-85 Alpha' Cleveland; 
Lavada^; Susan'. Bj'- 2d ra. : James"; John'; Joel'; Nancy'; 
Charles' Cleveland. 


MARTIN VAN^ CLEVELAND (wimam»), m. Geyserville, 
Sonoma co., Cal., May 25, 1858, Phalba Ann Howard, b. McMinn 
CO., Terin., Oct. 10, 1838, da. William Mark and Rachel (Marcum). 
Ch. : 17486 Bonaparte' Cleveland, b. Feb. 4, 1859, Marysville, 
Cal., unm. 1885. 

17487 Emma' Cleveland, b. Mar. 17, i860, Ukiah, Cal., 
ra. U. Jan. 17, 1881, Henry Milton Davis, b. Solano county, Cal., 
Oct. 10, 1858, s. Henry Milton and Clemenza Elzina (Goss). Of 
Vacaville, Solano county, Cal., book-keeper. Ch. : Hirvel May" 
Davis, b. Dec. 5, 1884, V. 

17488-92 Newton Dennis' Cleveland, b. July 14, 1861, 
Ukiah; Dora', Aug. 25, 1863, U.; Oliver, March 14, 1865, U.; 
Flora' and May (tw.), b. Dec. 9, 1866, U. 17493 Lucy' Cleve- 
land, Jan. 25, 1869, U., unm., of Ukiah. 

17494-5 James', Dec. 9, 1870, U.; Rachel', Jan. 30, 1872, U. 
Mr. Martin Van' Cleveland lived in McDonald county to 
1852; came, 1852, to Cal., was of Butte co., Cal., to 1859, since 
of Ukiah, harness manufacturer. Has a good property. Mr. 
Cleveland speaks 3 languages of the Indians, also Spanish and 
French, continually busy as court interpreter. 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (Washington Cromwelis, Wm.S Jacob*, 
Jeremiahs, Alexander^, i), m. ISt, Monroe CO., Ga., DeC. 4, 1850, Susanua 

Hollis, b. M. CO. Apr. 5, 1830, d. Limestone co., Tex., Sept. 23, 
1859, da. Thomas and Elizabeth (Taylor). He m. 2d, L. county, 
Dec. 25, 1865, Harriet Grayson, b. Wilcox co., Ala., Oct. 20, 1837, 
da. Squier Grant. Ch. by ist m. : 17496 Fannie Cromwell', 
b. Sept. 5, 1851, Crawford co., Ga., d. Falls co., Tex., Aug. 23, 

4-17497 Frank Ezekiel' Cleveland, born Apr. 28, 1853, 
Marion co., Ga. 

17498-9 Carlos Clayton' Cleveland, born Oct. 21, 1855, 
Grimes co., Tex.; Susan Sneed', Mar. 23, 1858, Limestone co. 
17500 Willie Hollis', born Aug. 27, 1859, L. co., m. bef. 1886, 
res. far West. By 2d m. : 17501-6 John Homer', born Oct. 22, 
1869; Eugene Grayson', b. May 14, d. Sept. 25, 1872; Julia', b. 
Oct. r, 1873; Anna Christine', July 9, 1875; Mary', Sept. i, 
1878; Ella Merle', Feb. 7, 1881. 

Capt. William' Cleveland came to Tex. 1853; enlisted in 
C. S. A. June 5, i86i, was captain of Co. B, loth Tex. Resides 
Thornton, Limestone co., Tex., 1886. 



WILLIAM M.' CLEVELAND (james Madison«, Johns, Jacob*, Jer- 
emiahs, Alexanders >), tn. Decatur, Miss., Dec. lo, 1863, Nancy Hol- 
lingsworth, b. D. May 21, 1848, da. and (Alexan- 
der) Holling-sworth. Rem. to Miss. 1852, to Tex. 1868; of Kim- 
ball, Bosque county, Tex., 1883-5, blacksmith. Ch. : 17507-12 
William Bartow' Cleveland, b. Sept. 21, 1865, Decatur; Rosa 
Lee", Sept. 15, 1867, D.: Jesse Mason', March 3, 187 1, Homer, 
Tex.; Albert', July 18, 1874, Kimball; Josephine', August 18, 
1880, K.; Cora' Cleveland, Aug. 5, 1882, K. 


JOSEPH MIMS' CLEVELAND (ibra Harris^, John», Jacobs Jer- 
emiahs, Alexander", Alexander'), m_ Union, Miss., June i, 1882, Fannie 
Madora Pettey, b. Scott county, Miss., Sept. 14, 1852, da. Albert 
Gallatin and Luvenia (Brewer). Children: 17513 Junie Etta' 
Cleveland, b. June 24, 1883, Union, Miss. 

Dr. Joseph Mums' Cleveland, grad. Louisville, Ky., Medical 
College Feb. 26, 1880. Residence, Union, Miss., 1883-5, regular 


JAMES R.' CLEVELAND (Alien', Jacob», Jacob*, Jeremiah', Alex- 
andera, Alexander"), m. Griffin, Ga., Nov. II, 1856, Martha Hulit 
Beall, b. Columbus, Ga., Feb. i6, 1839, da. Josiah and Martha 
(Cook). Ch. b. Griffin : 175 14 Claude Allen', b. Apr. 16, 1858, 
d. Wilmington, N. C, July 12, 1863. 

17515 Lloyd' Cleveland, b. July 13, i860 [Lloyd Cleve- 
land, Griffin, 1885, lawyer]. 175 16-18 Marie Louise', died G. 
July 15, 1869; Albert", b. Aug. 4, 1866; Esther', Feb. 22, 1872. 

Dr. James R.' Cleveland was in medical dept. during late 
war, in hospital at Wilmington. Residence, Griffin, 1886, phy- 
sician and dentist, of firm Drs. Cleveland & Gate. 


MARY FRANCES' CLEVELAND (Peter«, Reuben«, Jacob*, Jere- 
miahs, Alexander', 1), m. Elberton, Ga., Nov., 1851, Alfred James 
Teasley, b. in Elberton, the part now Hart co., Ga., son Bevily 
Allen and Elizabeth (Eavenson). Of Hart co., farmer, 1883. 
Ch.: 17519 William Early^ Teasley^ b. Aug. 13, 1852, on Beaver- 
dam creek, Elbert co., Ga., m. 17520-9 Eliza Catharine^, Jan. 
16, 1854, B. creek, m.; Bevily Allen", Apr. 21, 1856, B. creek, m.; 
Mary Elizabeth^, Dec. 6, 1857, B. creek, m.; Sarah Jane^, May i, 
1859, B. creek, m.; Peter Cleveland^, b. Dec. 15, i860, B. creek, d. 
there Aug. 2, 1861; Frances Adaline^, b. July 12, 1862, B. creek, 
d. Hart co., Sept. 13, 1878, unm.; George Alfred^, b. Feb. 25, 1867, 
B. creek; Thomas Weston^, Dec. 12, 1868, on Coldwater creek. 
Hart CO.; John Andrew^, Apr. 28, 1870, C. creek; Minnie Lee^, 
June 6, 1873, C. creek ; Alice Amerial^ Teasley, Sept. 24, 1877, C. 




WILLIAM LEROY' CLEVELAND (Peter«), d. in C. S. A., 
Strasburg, Va., Oct. 22, 1862, a. 21, m. n. Elberton, Ga., Feb. 2^ 
i860, Mary Amanda Haley, b. n. E., da. William R. (now of De- 
catur, Miss., 1883) and Sarah (Gaines). (She m. 2d, Decatur^ 
Johnson, res. n. D.) Farmer. Enrolled recruit C. S. A. of Va. 
ab. Jan., 1862, Co. I, 15th Ga., d. of fever. Ch.: 17530 Sarah 
Frances", b. Mar. 4, 1861, m., now widow, of n. Decatur. 


REUBEN WESTON' CLEVELAND (peter«), m. on Broad 
river, n. Elherton, Ga., Dec. 15, 1859, Mary Ann Victoria Fort- 
son, b. n. E. Nov. 5, 1842, da. Jesse Marion and Fannie (Mills). 
Ch. b. n. Elberton : 

-}-i753i Georgia Elvira' Cleveland, b. Nov. 17, i860. 
17532-6 William Weston', Nov. 27, 1863 ; Edward Fort- 
son', Oct. II, 1866; Fannie Estelle', Oct. 27, 1869; Mary 
Blanche', Jan. 20, 1873; Jesse Peter' Cleveland, Feb. 13,. 

Orderly Sergt. Reuben Weston' Cleveland lived in Elbert 
CO., Ga., to June 15, 1861, then enlisted private in C. S. A., Co. I, 
15th Ga., the ist co. that left the county, soon prom, to corporal, 
was ist sergt. 2 last years of the war. Was in battle of Gar- 
nett's farm, n. Richmond, charge and siege Knoxville ; severely 
wounded in battle of Sharpsburg, Md.; in Brig.-Gen. Henry L. 
Benning's Brigade, Longstreet's Corps, in charge at Gettysburg,, 
wounded that evening; was wounded in the Wilderness ; con- 
tinued in Gen. Lee's army until the surrender, 1865, then re- 
turned to Elbert co.; lived there to 1870, in Wilkes co., Ga., to 
1872, and since in Elbert co., P. O., Elberton (1885). Sxirveyor 
and farmer. 


DANIEL EARLY' CLEVELAND (petere), m. ist, Dec.,, 
1865, Clara Ann Glenn, b. Goosepond dist., Oglethorpe co., Ga., 
July 25, 1846, d. n, Elberton, Ga., May ii, 1868, a da. William 
Henry and Elizabeth Frances (Huff). He m. 2d, Aug., 1868, 
Sarah Elizabeth Glenn, sister to ist w. Was in Co. I, 15th Ga., 
C. S. A.; was at Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, 
Chicamauga; captured, 1863, foraging in E. Tenn., held to end 
of war at Rock Island, 111., etc. Of Elberton, 1883, clerk. Ch., 
all b. Goosepond dist. except youngest ; by rst m.: 

i7537~43 Augusta Leona®, Jan, 20, 1867. By 2d m.: 
Clara Gertrude', Jan. 27, 1870; Harry Leonidus', Aug. 22, 
1872; Bessy Pauline', Feb. 19, 1875; Peter Early', July 30, 
1877; Mary Daisy', Mar. 2, 1880; Sarah Glenn' Cleveland, 
Nov. 16, 1882, Elberton. 


Beaverdam creek, ri. Elberton, Ga., July 22, 1875, Cora Amarin- 
tha Turner, da. John William qfl.d Jane (Holt). Lives on Bea- 


verdam creek, n. Elberton, 1883. Ch.: 17544-6 William Le- 
ROY°, b. June 22, 1876; Mary Jane', Oct. 18, 1878; George 
Washington' Cleveland, Dec. 23, 1880. 


Jacobs Jeremiahs, Alexander^, 1), d. n. Decatur, MisS., Mar. 24, 1880, a. 

45, m. n. D., Feb. 25, 1866, Ann Eliza Roebuck, b. n. Ruckers- 
ville, Ga., Mar. 26, 1842, da. Eppy White and Caroline Milissie 
(Carter). In war 1861 to close, member Pinkney Guards, 8th 
Miss. Of Ruckersville to 1857, Decatur afterward, farmer. 
Ch. b. n. Decatur: 17547-52 William Early', June 14, 1867; 
Albert Velpo', b. Oct. 27, 1869, d. Newton, Newton co., Miss., 
Aug. 10, 1870; Leevonia", b. Aug. 15, 1871, d. N. July 20, 1873; 
Leonia Velma', b. Aug. 22, 1874; Harriet Caroline', Feb. 25, 
1878; Reuben Gardner, June 24, 1880. 


AMANDA EARLY' CLEVELAND (Daniel-), m. n. Deca- 
tur, Miss., July 22, 1866, John Henry Taylor, b. Elberton, Ga., 
Apr. 21, 1834, s. William Terrel and Martha Morgan (Means). 
Private 8th Miss., of Elberton to 1855, near Decatur afterward, 
farmer, 1883. Ch. b. n. Decatur: 17553-7 Mary Martha^ Tay- 
lor, June 15, 1867 ;. Charles Lee^, July 12, 1869 ; Elizabeth^, Sept. 7, 
1872 ; Viola^, May 15, 1875 ; Jesse^ Taylor, Mar. 23, 1878. 


JUDGE LEROY' CLEVELAND (Daniei»), m. n. Decatur, 
Miss., Nov. 10, 1880, Emma Jane Harris, b. Pushmataha, Choc- 
taw CO., Ala., Nov. 5, 1858, da. Stanton Young and Sarah Ann 
(Knighton). Of n. Ruckersville, Ga., to 1857, n. Decatur after- 
ward, farmer, 1883. Ch.: 17558 Daniel Stanton', b, Aug. 26, 
1881, Newton co. 


MARY EUGENIA' CLEVELAND (Weston«, Reuben», Jacob*, 

Jeremiahs, Alexanders), m. n. Decatur, Miss., Dec. 24, 1867, John Hol- 
lingworth, b. n. D. Dec. 6, 1846, s. Isham and Elizabeth (Miller). 
C. S. A. soldier, Raburn's co., Perin's reg., Fergison's brig,. Van 
Dorn's Cav., in 7 days' fight at Jackson, Miss., 1863, thence to 
Rome, Ga., and Savannah, Ga. Dwelt always in Miss., farmer. 
Ch. b. n. Decatur: 17559-63 Mary Felicia^ Hollingworth, May 
14, 1870; Elizabeth Foster^, Mar. 19, 1873; Emma Clara*, Mar. 20, 
1876 ; Fanny Lavinia^ , Dec. 22, 1872 ; Ada Longmore^, Feb. 15, 1881 


THOMAS REUBEN' CLEVELAND (weston»), d. Decatur, 
Miss., Nov. 28, 1876, a. 23, m. n. D., Nov. 28, 1875, Fannie Lu- 
cretia White, b. near D. Oct. r, 1857, da. Thomas and Lucretia 
(Mapp). Of Elbertj Ga., to 1856, Decatur afterw., farmer, 1883. 
Ch.: 17564 Uela Viola', b. Aug. i, 1876, n. D., d. n. D. Jan. 15, 



WILLIAM HARPER' CLEVELAND (weston«), m. n. De- 
catur, Miss., Dec. 12, 1878, Sarah Jane Macelhany, b. Butts co., 
near Jefiferson, Ga., Sept. i, 1856, da. George Washington and 
Susan Jane (Johnson). Of Elbert, Ga., to 1856, Decatur since, 
farmer, 1883. Ch. b. n. Decatur: 17565-6 William Thomas'* 
Cleveland, Dec. 12, 1879; George Weston^, b. Oct. 12, 1881, d. 
n. D. Jan. 13, 1882. 


HARRIET ELLEN' CLEVELAND (westone), m. n. Deca- 
tur, Miss., Nov. 4, 1875, James Haly McMulen, b. n. Ruckersv., 
Ga., Nov. 8, 1855, s. Patrick and Elizabeth (Haly). Of Elbert, 
Ga., to 1856, Decatur since, farmer, 1883. Ch.: 17567 Thomas 
Lerof' McMulen, b. June 10, 1880, n. D. 


LOUISA FRANCES^ CLEVELAND (weston»), m. n. Deca- 
tur, Miss., Dec. 6, 1876, Thomas Benton Heard, b. n. D. Apr. 28, 
1855, s. Samuel and Tempa (Johnson). Alway of Miss., farmer, 
1883. Ch. b. n. Decatur: 17568-9 James Robert^, Aug. 7, 1880; 
George Thomas^ Heard, Sept. 10, 1882. 


JOHN THOMAS' CLEVELAND (Charles', Micajahs, John*, MI- 
cajahs, pAlexanderS, Alexanderi]), m. ISt, Gibson CO., Ind., Apr. 15, 1852, 

Mary Jane Davis, b. G. co. Jan. 26, 1836, d. Gr. co. June 20, 1865, 
da. William and Sarah Ann (Johnson). He m, 2d, Posey co., 
Ind., Nov. 25, 1866, Mrs. Nancy (Eaton) Williams, b. Vander- 
burg, Ind., Jan. 20, 1837, wid. James Williams (who was killed 
by cannon, near Cynthiana, Ind., July 4, 1861). Of Cynthiana,. 
1885, farmer. Ch. b. Gibson co., by ist m. ; 17570-7 James 
Marshal* Cleveland, July 5, 1853 ; William Franklin", July 
23, 1856; Joel Davis", b. Mar. 6, 1859, d. G. co. June 18, 1879; 
Thomas Monroe', b. Nov. 19, 1861; George McClellan', b. 
1865, d. G. CO. Dec. 3, 1867. By 2dm.: Pelina Jane', b. June 
13, 1868; Mary Etta', Oct. 30, 1871; Anna Alice" Cleveland, 
Aug. 16, 1873. 


WINFIELD SCOTT' CLEVELAND (charies*), m. Posey 
CO., Ind., Mar. 5, 185 1, Rachel Amanda Rutledge, b. Posey co., 
Nov. 8, 1835, da. William. Ch. : 17578-83 Zerelda' Cleveland, 
born July 3, 1852; Charles William", April 6, 1854; George 
Washington", Jan. 4, 1856; Thomas Erany", March 5, 1858; 
Alice", Feb. i, i860; Lee" Cleveland, Sept. 12, 1863. 

Rev. Winfield Scott' Cleveland, residence, Burnt Prairie, 
White county, 111., 1885-6, a regular Baptist preacher of the old 




CHARLES HENRY' CLEVELAND (charies«), m. Oct. 31, 
1850, America Smith, b. Posey co., Ind., Sept. 23, 1830. Rem., 
1854, to 111., of Eraser's, White co.. 111., 1885, market gardener. 
Ch. : 17584-93 Cornelia Ann^, b. Aug-. 23, 1850, Gibson county, 
Ind.; Laura Ellen*, Apr. 22, 1853, G. co.; Sophronia Jane', 
Dec. 19, 1854, Franklin co., 111.; John Franklin', Feb. 15, 1855, 
F. CO.; Phcebe", Dec. 25, 1857, F. co.; James Harvey', Sept. 5, 
i860, F. CO.: Nancy Victory', Jan. 15, 1863, F. co.; George', b. 
Feb. 4, 1865, F. CO., d. F. co. Nov. 27, 1877; Charles Samuel', 
b. Jan. 26, 1868, F. co.; Louis' Cleveland, Aug. 8, 1870, F. co. 


JAMES WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (charies«), m. Posey co., 
Ind., Aug. 3, 1854, Malinda Endicott, b. Posey co., Aug. 11, 1830, 
da. Hary and Mary Jane (Calvert). Of Cynthiana, Ind., 1885, 
farmer. Ch. b. Gibson county, Ind. : 17594-9 Charles Henry', 
Aug. II, 1861; Joseph Casey', Sept. 2, 1863; Louella', June 7, 
1865; Mary Ida', Apr. 26, 1868; Jasper' and Newton' Cleve- 
land (tw.), Feb. 25, 1870. 


RANY CARTER' CLEVELAND (charies«), m. ist, Gibson 
CO., Ind., Aug. 29, i860, Elizabeth Weintz, h. in Germany Mar. 
28, 1842, d. Carmi, White county, 111., July 7, 1879, a da. Jacob and 

(Krutz). He m. 2d, C, Aug. 17, 1879, Barbara Catherine 

Weintz, b. in 111., sister to ist w. Res., since Nov. 18, 1868, at 
Carmi, merchant. Ch. by ist m. : 17600 Amanda', July 8. 1861, 
Gibson co. 17 60 1-4 Emma', Feb. 6, 1864, G. co.; John', b. Jan. 
26, 1867, G. CO., d. Carmi, Feb. 22, 1883; Lily', b. Aug. 13, 1870, 
C; James', b. Jan. 14, 1873, C, d. C. Aug. 17, 1875. By 2d m.: 
17605 Grover Verner' Cleveland, b. July 8, 1883, C. 


LEWIS WILSON' CLEVELAND (charies"), m. in Posey 
CO., Ind., May 25, 1862, Elizabeth Meadows, b. in Posey county, 
August 26, 1842, da. of George Herndon and Matilda (Allen). 
Of Cynthiana, , Ind. (1878-86). Children b. in Gibson co., Ind. : 
17606-12 Arthy Millen', May 18, 1863; George Washington', 
April 17, 1865; LuciAN Neely', Oct. 6, 1868; Laura Ellen', 
Sept. 27, 1872; Mandalina', Aug. 13, 1875; Effa Girtrue', b. 
Aug. 13, 1877, d. Nov. 7, 1880; Dexter Lee', b. Aug. 17, 1879. 
17613 Grover', Mar. 22, 1885. 17614 Colonel Guy' Cleveland, 
Nov. 18, 1886. 


ELIZA ANN' CLEVELAND (charies«), m. Gibson co., Ind., 
Apr. 13, 1865, James Thompson Martin, b. Vanderburgh county, 
Ind., July 2, 1842, son William and Nancy (Robinson). Since 
1870 of Eraser's, 111., farmer. Ch. b. Gibson co.: 17615-9 Nancy 
Jane^, Feb. 24, 1866; Laura Emma*, Dec. 12, 1868; Charles Wil- 
liavi", April 8, 1871; Lemuel Foiter^, ]aM. 18, 1873; Minnie Bell* 
Martin, Jan. 25, 1875. 




EMM ALINE' CLEVELAND (Charles'), m. Gibson co., Ind., 
Jan. 4, 1864, Elias Williams, b. G. co., Sept. 20, 1843, a s. James 
and Juliann (McDonald). Of Haubstadt, Gibson co., Ind., 1885, 
farmer. Ch. b. Gibson co. : 17620-7 Amanda Francis^, Oct. 24, 
1866: Eliza Etta^, born May 20, d. Nov. 9, 1868; James Calvin^, b. 
Aug. II, 1869; Della^, Jan. 19, 1873; Sarah Elvn^, Nov. 30, 1874; 
Rany^, May 7, 1877; Harley and Ethel' Williams (tw.), May 21, 1883. 


WILLIAM HOWELL' CLEVELAND (Richard Hooper', Benja- 
min', Johns, 4, 3^ Alexander^, i), died Jefferson, Marion co., Tex., Oct. 4, 
1882, a. 35, m. Marshall, Harrison co., Tex., winter 187 1-2, Miss 
Charlie Ora Rogers. He was in home guards, C. S. A., toward 
close of war, saw little fighting; came to Tex. fall of 1870, farmer. 
She has entered a convent at San Antonio, Tex., with her chil- 
dren, 1885. Ch. : Son^ d. inf. 1876. 17628-9 Maud Reeves", b. 
1874; Sallie May° Cleveland, b. 1878. 


JOSEPHINE HILL' CLEVELAND (Richard Hooper'), m. 8 

miles north of Homer, La., Dec. 5, 1867, Prof. Lucius Horace 
Featherston, b. Heard co., Ga., Aug. 35, 1844, s. Lucius Horace 
and Maria Ann (Tompkins). She was ed. at Homer Masonic 
Female Coll. Prof. Featherston was ed. at Franklin, Heard co., 
Ga.; was successively, from 186 1 in 4th Ga. State troops and 
5 6th Ga. Reg. In battles of Western C. S. A., thrice wounded. 
In one fight received 11 bullet holes through left side of his 
clothes; surrendered at High Point, Guilford co., N. C, May 5, 
1865; res. Homer 1885, school teacher and farmer. Ch. b. Clai- 
borne Parish, La. : 17630-7 Lillian BelP, Nov. 20, 1868; Richard- 
Nicholas^, Dec. 17, 1870; Lucius Horace', June 25, 1872; Rosa Dell', 
b. July 28, 1873, d. Nov. 3, 1874; John Winfield\ b. Mar. 7, 1875; 
Sallie Maria^, Feb. 20, 1878; Katie Cleveland'', March 2, 1881; 
Charles Gelan^ Featherston, Sept. 27, 1884. 


JOHN GELON' CLEVELAND (Richard Hooper'), m. near 
Dallas City, Texas, Dec. 21, 1873, Amanda Medora High, b. 
Pickens county, Ala., Dec. 17, 1853, da. Andrew Jackson and 
Amanda Ann (Webb). Has lived in Texas since Dec, 1873. 
Of Roanoke, Denton co., Texas, 1885, farmer and stock raiser. 
Ch. : 17638-42 Clarence', b. Dec. 10, 1874-5, Dallas co., Texas, 
d. Roanoke June 22, 1878; Sallie Blanch', born Dec. 3, 1876, 
Denton co.; Pat', b. Feb. 6, D. co., d. n. Roanoke June 19, 1879; 
Richard", b. Feb. 12, 1880, Denton co.; Ella May' Cleveland, b. 
Jan. 27, D. CO., d. Oct. 7, 1884. 


3Iartha Ann^ Ffankliti {wiiHam Dobson-' Frankiui), m. Cal- 
houn, Ga., Oct. 12, 1869, William Augustus Roberts, b. Walton 
CO., Ga., Jan. 10, 1847, s. Absalom E. and Mary W. (Culbraith). 



Has a larg-e plantation at Monroe, Walton co., Ga., saw-mill, etc., 
1884-6. Ch. : 17643-6 Franklin^, born Aug. 27, 1870, Calhoun; 
John R.\ July 8, 1877, Monroe; Toombs^ and Stephens' Roberts (tw.), 
Jan. 21, 1884, M. 


Walter Wylie' Loville {Elizabeth-' FrankUn), m. Martha 
Jones, Of Pine Ridge, N, C, 1884. Children : 17647-51 5 little 
boys; Cleveland^ Loville, the baby. 


Helen Adelaide Josephine^ Underwood {Mary Anni 
Wyiy\ m. Rome, Ga., Dec. 20, 1867, Albert Mitchell Nevin. Child- 
ren: 17652 Ida Cliftotf Nevin, b. Dec. 13, 1869, attended Wesleyan 
Female College, Macon, Ga., 1886. 17653-4 James Banks Un- 
derwood^ Nevin, Sept., 1873; Mary Mitchell^ Nevin,Se'pt. 16, 1876. 
One of Mrs. Mary A. Underwood's granddaughters died Oct., 
Nov., 1891. 

Mrs. Helen Adelaide Josephine^ {Underwood) Nevin grad. Cass- 
ville, Bartow co., Ga., Female Coll., 1857; is (1891) President of 
the Rome Branch of Daughters of the Revolution. Hon. Albert 
Mitchell Nevin, residence, Rome, Ga.; was mayor three terms; 
county school commissioner for years — appointed by Governor 
James M. Smith; clerk of city council 1886; built Nevin Opera 
House and other edifices; a prominent member of the M. E. 


Sarah Louisiana^ Underwood {Mary Ann-' wyiy), m. 
Home, Ga., Feb. 26, 1863, Christopher Rowell, b. at Alban Wood, 
n. FlorcApe, Lauderdale co., Ala., Oct. 13, 18 — , only s. Dr. Neal 
and Martha Ann (Cheatam). Mr. Rowell grad. Princeton coll., 
N. J., also grad. in the law course; studied law Univ. of Va., res. 
Rome (1885), lawyer. Ch. : 17655 William Sinclair' JRowell, b. 
Oct. 6, 1864, Clarksville, Ga., grad. Univ. of the South, Sewanee, 
Tenn. 17656-7 Mary Wyly^, Oct. 27, i868, Rome, ed. Shorter 
■coll.; Martha Cheatam^, Dec. 22, 1870, Rome, ed Shorter College; 
Florence Underwood'', June 26, 1872, Rome, ed. Shorter coll.; 
Elizabeth Clifton^, Mar. 18, 1874, R. ; Annie Louise^ Rowell, July 26, 
1876, R. 


Florence Wyh/ Underwood {Mary Ann-' wyiy), m. Rome, 
Ga., June 6, 1867, Edmund Madison Eastman, b. Canton, N. Y., 
June 27, 1834, s. Guy Cuyler and Sarah Madison (Dyer). He 
grad. Miamiville, Clermont co., O., coll., of Rome 1891., in P. O. 
Ch. b. Rome : 17658-9 Zoe Madison" Eastman, born Apr. 19, 1868, 
grad. Rome F. coll. June 10, 1885; John William Underwood", b. 
Sept. 19, 1870; Helen Underwood" Eastman, Apr. 19, 1872; Guy 
Oliver" Eastman, Ma)^ 22, 1876. 



Marie Cordelia^ Underwood {Mary Anfi-' ivyiy), m. Dec. 19, 
•1872, David Daniel Plumb, b. Augusta, Ga., Mar. 21, 1848, a s. 
Daniel Berroni and. Ann Smith (Hankinson). Ch. : 17660 Rosa 
Milledge^ Plumb, b. Oct. 27, 1873, Rome, Ga. 

Mr. David Daniel Plumb, of Augusta 1891; for years con- 
ductor Augusta & Port Royal R. R. Daniel Berroni Plumb m. 
2d Ann Milledge Barnes, da. John A. and sister to Hon. Geo, Y. 
Barnes, M. C. loth Ga. Dist. 1886. 


Ida Virginia^ JJhderwood {Mary Ann' wyiy), m. Rome, 
Ga., Apr. 29, 1872, George Henry Snyder, b. Dayton, O., Sept. 12, 
1838, s. Simon and Barbara Leah Ann (Share). He grad. Wit- 
tenburg Coll., Springfield, O.; of Rome 1886, gen. agt. Springf. 
Mfg. Co. Ch. : 17661 /o/tn M. Wyly' Snyder, born Feb. i, 1873, 
Rome; George Henry*, Feb. 23, 1876, R.; Clifford Shelley", Mar. 
13, 1879. 


Rosa Tallulah^ Underwood {Mary Antf wyiy), m. Rome, 
Ga., Nov. 7, 1878, Charles Richard Clark, born Edgefield, S. C, 
July 24, 1848, a s. John Mulford and Sarah Ann Elizabeth 
(Butler), Ch. b. Augusta, Ga. : 17662 Helen Louise*, b. Dec. i, 
1879, ^- May 12, 1880; Charles Richard* Clark, b, Oct, 13, 1882. 

Mr. Charles Richard Clark was educated at Elizabeth, N. J., 
and Augusta; merchant St. Louis, Mo., 1886. 

Clarke ancestry : — 'R.iclaa.rd.^ Clarke, South Hampton, L. I., N. Y., 1661, Southold, N. 
Y., 1675, EHzabethtown, N. J., 1678, Elizabethtown Associate 1693, had 300 acres Feb. 25, 
1679, shipwright, will dated New York Apr. i, 1697, m. Elizabeth ; Richard', b. South- 
Hampton ab. i66i, Elizt. Assoc. 1699 ; Thomas' lived betw. Elizabethtown and Rahway ; 
Thomas*, b. 1701, was named in the ist charter of the borough, Alderman, ^udge, etc., d. 
Sept. II, 1765 ; Hon. Abraham' Clark, b. at the homestead Feb. 15, 1726, a signer of the 
Declaration of Independence ; of Provincial Congress Sept., 1775, elected by them June 
22, 1776, a Delegate from N. J. to Continental Congress, in which capacity he affixed his 
name to the Declaration, M. C. 1776-8, 1780-8 ; of ist Constitutional Convention, Annapo- 
lis, 1786-7, d. Sept. IS, 1794, m. Sarah Hatfield, eldest da. Elder Isaac of Elizabethtown. — 
Hatfield's Elizabeth, 2S3'>SS(> — aacssior of John Mulford Clark, b. Oct. 8, 1813. 


Charles Walton^ Underwood {Mary Anrc wyiy), m. Feb. 
25, 1882, Martha Jones Moore, only da. John C. and Mary (Jones). 
Ed. at University of Tenn., Knox villa, and Eastman's Business 
College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Res, n. Rome, Ga.j broker, com- 
mission merchant. Ch. : 17663 Johtf Underwood, b. May, 18 — , 
Palatka, Fla.; Charles Walton*, Dec, 1884, Rome; 17664 William 
Henderson* Underwood, Sept., 1886, R, 


William EdgeWOrth^ lieattie (Sallie Vannoy', James Harvey«, 
Jeremiah', Robert*, John', Alexander", Alex.>), m. in Christ Church, Green- 
ville, S, C, Dec. 17, 1885, Kittie Marshall, born in Fla. Sept. 18, 



1862, da. of Dr. Samuel Steen and Anne Elizabeth (Barratt). 
Children b. Greenville : 

17665 Samuel Marshall Beattie, b. Oct. 27, 1886. 

17666 Elizabeth Cleveland^ Beattie^ b. Apr. 26, 1890. 

17667 William Hamlir^ Beattie, b. Jan. i, 1894. 

Mr. William Edgeworth^ Beattie grad. Princeton College, N, 
J., June, 1882. Residence, Greenville (1896). Cashier of the 
National Bank of Greenville from Oct., 1882. 

Marshall ancestry : — Samuel', b. 1745, came from co. Tyrone, Ireland, 1792, of New- 
berry, Newberry co., S. C m. Mary Steen ; Dr. Samuel", of Abbeville, Abbeville CO., S. 
C, m. Eliza Clopton Foster, da. John and Margaret (Perrin); Samuel Steen^ Marshall, 
M.D., m. Anne Elizabeth Barratt, da. John Perkins and Lavina (Brooks). 


Harvey Cleveland^ Beattie (saiuevannoy), m. in Christ 
Church, Greenville, S. C, Dec. lo, 1891, Margaret Hayne, born 
Waverly, Richland co., S. C, Mar. 9, 187 1, da. of Theodore Bre- 
vard and Elizabeth (Adams). Child : 

17668 Harvey Cleveland'^ Beattie, b. Dec. 23, 1892, Green- 
ville, S. C. 

Mr. Harvey Cleveland^ Beattie, residence, Greenville, S. C. 

Hayne ancestry : — Isaac', m. Shubrick ; Isaac William', residence, Charleston, 

S. C, Attorney-Gen. State of S. C, m. Alicia P. Trapier; Theodore Brevard* Hayne m. 
Elizabeth Adams, da, James Picket and Margaret Crawrford (Johnstone). 


William^ WilkinS (Harriet Dawkins', James Harvey', Jeremiah", 
Robert*, Johns, Alexander^, Alexander'), m. in the Methodist Church, At- 
lanta, Ga., Oct. I, 1890, Emma May^ Avery -f- 17369 {Emma-' Bivings, 
Sarah Elizabeth', Jesse', Robert*, etc.). Child : 

17669 Albert Avery' Wilkins, b. Feb. 6, 1893, Atlanta, Ga. 
Mr. William^ Wilkins was educated at Bingham School, N. 

C. Residence, Greenville, S. C. (1896). 


Lucretia' G-OOdlett (Laura^, John Blossingame', Jesse^, Robert*, John', 
Alexander", Alexander'), m. Pacolet, S. C, Apr. 30, 1 889, Reubeit 

Thomas Thornton, b. Hart co., Ga., Oct. 29, 1866, s. of Reuben 
Benjamin and Mar)' Jane (Teasley). Children : 

17670 Janie^ Thornton, b, Jan. 5, 1890, Easley, Pickens co., 
S. C. 

17671 James Goodlett^ Thornton, b. Sept. 2, 1891, in Seneca 
CO., S. C. 

Mr. Reuben Thomas Thornton, residence, Anderson, S. C. 
R. R. Agent, Columbia & Greenville R. R. Co. 

Thornton ancestry: — zq arms : (Lancashire). Sa. a chev. or, within a bordure ar. 
. . . Benjamin', of Elbert co., Ga.; John", d. Elbert co. 1832, m. Frances Adams, da. 
William and Katie (Mansfield); Reuben Benjamin' Thornton, b. Elbert co. Dec. 22, 1830, 
d. Hartwell, Ga , May 21, i8gi, m. Mary Jane Teasley', b. Elbert co. Nov. 14, 1833. 

Teasley ancestry :—laha.m^,ot Elbert co.,m. Gercy Adams, da. James; John Adams", 
of Elbert co., m. Elizabeth Carroll Harley, da. William and Mary (Furman); Mary Jane' 
Teasley m. Reuben Benjamin Thornton'. 



Elizabeth^ Goodlett (Laura'), m. Pacolet, S. C, July 27, 

1 89 1, John Wilkins Norwood, b. Hartsville, Darlington co., S. 
C, Mar. 18, 1865, a s. of George Alexander and Mary Louisa 
(Wilkins). Children : 

17672 George Alexander" Norwood, b. Sept. 9, 1892, Green- 
ville, S. C. 

17673 Laura Cleveland" Norwood, born Oct. 23, 1894, Wil- 
mington, N. C. 

Mr. John Wilkins Norwood, residence formerly in Green- 
ville, was Cashier of the People's Bank, Greenville, and after- 
wards President of the Greenville Savings Bank (organized 
1887), elected 1887. Residence, Wilmington, N. C. (1896). Presi- 
dent of The Atlantic National Bank, Wilmington (W. J. Toomer, 
cashier), chartered Apr. 18, 1892, commenced business May i, 

1892, and now has the largest business of any bank in N. C, 20 
per cent, more deposits than any other, capital (fully paid in by 
Oct., 1892), $125,000, surplus, $38,000, dividends, 6 per cent, per 
annum, stock, 128. Is President of the Wilmington Savings 
and Trust Co., organized 1888, re-organized 1894, when he be- 
came President, capital, $25,000, business is about three times 
as much as when organized, and now has the largest deposit 
account of any savings bank in N. C. Mr. Norwood is a sub- 
scriber for this Genealogy. 

Norwood ancesiry :— This Norwood family emigrated from England, about 1648, to 
Virginia. Theopilus' moved from Orange co., N. C, to S. C.; Capt. John', b. in the old 
Cheraw district, now Darlington, Darlington co., S. C, 1755, capt. in Gen. Francis Mari- 
on's Brigade during the Revolution, see History of the Old Cheraws, by Rev. Alexander 
Gregg-, d. in Cheraw district 1830, m. Martha Warren, da. of Jesse and Martha (Du Bose); 
Joseph', b. Darlington 17(32, d. there 1869, m. Sarah Mcintosh', born Darlington District 
i8o2, d. 1872 : George Alexander* Norwood, born Darlington 00. Oct. 22, 183T,' residence, 
Greenville, banker, was a Union man during the war, though all his brothers -v^ere com- 
missioned officers in the Confederate service, m. Mary Louisa Wilkins', b. Darlington 
Dist. Dec. 23, 1836. 

Wilkins ancestry :— I arms: WiLKIN ; //.• WiLKINS ; 3 : WiLKlNS, no'w De WintoN: 
{Glamorganshire and Brecknockshire, South Wales, descended from John Wilcolyne, or 
Wilkyn, living tem:p. Edward III, who derived from Robert de Wintona, Lord of the 
Manor of Languian, near Cowbridge, who came into Glamorganshire with Robert Fitz- 
hamon). Per pale, or and ar. a wivern vert. Crest — A wivern ppr. Motto — Estofe 
prudentes. . . . The Wilkins are of Welch and English descent. . . . John>, living 
1716, m. Mary; Archibald', b. 1716, d. 1760, m. Ann Bellinger; John', b. 1746, d. 1779, m. 
Elizabeth Bettison : John William*, born 1774, of Coosawhatchie, Beaufort co., S. C., m. 
Mary Broughton ; Rev. Samuel Bellinger^, b. Coosawhatchie Apr. 4, 1802, grad. S. C. Col- 
lege 1820, moved to Darlington, studied law, adm. to the bar soon as he became of age, 
gave up a lucrative profession before middle life, and was the remainder of his days 
preacher and teacher, was a Union man during nullification days of 1832, raised a co. to 
defend the Union, and was elected capt., was of great moral courage, force of character, 
generosity, and, after middle life, of earnest piety and broad-minded charity, d. at resi- 
dence of his son-in-law, G. A. Norwood, Esq., C;harleston, S. C, Apr. 11, 1879, m. Mary 
Louisa King', b. Georgetown, Georgetown co., S. C, Jan. 7, i8ro, died Darlington 1848; 
Mary Louisa" Wilkins m. George Alexander Norwood*. 

King ancestry ;— John^, Philip', John' [see -[-16237, P- ^"9]; Benjamin*, b. Raynham, 
Mass., Oct. 21, 1720, rep., delegate to the Provincial Congress which met at Salem, Mass., 
1774, member Committee of Safety, d. Raynham Dec. 4, 1803, m. 2d, Deliverance Eddy, da. 
Joseph; EU^, b. R. Nov. 17, 1759, grad. Brown Univ., Providence, R. I., 1787, principal of 
St. David's Academy, Chefaw, Chesterfield co., S. C, 1788 to 1791, 3 years, afterwards 
taught some years in Newport, R. I., returned to S. C. and taught the remainder of his 
life, all his brothers served in Revolution, d. Darlington Dec. 25, 1835, m. Rachel Mur- 
phy2; Mary Louisa' King m. Samuel Bellinger Wilkins'. 

Murphy, Murfee ancestry :— i arms ; MURPHV <2//aj O'MuRPHY ; z: Murphy : (Ire- 
land). Quarterly, ar. and gu. 4 lions ramp, counterchanged ; over all on a fesse sa. 3 
garbs or. Crest — A lion ramp. gu. holding a garb or. . . . Maurice" Murfee and his 
brothers Moses, Malachi, and Michael settled on the Pee Dee River, near what is now 
called Mars Bluff, Florence co., S. C. about 1730; Col. Maurice^, of the Pee Dee section 
of S. C, was one of the most reckless, violent, and at times dissipated officers in Gen. 
Marion's Brigade, but commanded the confidence of the people for his integrity, gener- 
osity, and bravery ; Rachel' Murphy m. Eli Kings. 

Mcintosh ancestry .■—] ohn^, came from Scotland just after Culloden battle (where 
Col. and Ensign Mcintosh were slain, and the wife of the Laird of Mcintosh taken in 



custody by the English), 1746) with his bro. Alexander (who became a Gen. in the Revo- 
lution, served in Ga., was wealthy, d. ab, 1787), and settled in the old Cheraw dist., now 
Darlington, d. before the Revolution ; John^, born at Society Hill, Darlington dist., 1762, 
served the latter part o£ the Revolution, wounded in skirmish with Tories near Black 
Creek, Darlington Dist., m. Sarah Edwards^; Sarah' Mcintosh m. Joseph Norwood^. 

Ed-wards ancestry: — Rev. Joshua', b. Pembrokeshire, Wales, 1703, a distinguished 
Baptist preacher, died Welch Neck (now part of Darlington Dist.), S. C., 1784 ; Thomas', 
m. Sarab Roblyn ; Joshua', m. Ann James Kolb'; Sarah* Edwards m. John Mcintosh". 

Kolb ancestry .-—'PQier''^, lived in Welch Neck, near now Society Hill, m. Ann James'; 
Ann James^ Kolb m. Joshua Edwards'. 

James ancestry :— Ja.mes' and friends first settled in Pa., of Pennepeck, Pa., leader 
of the first colony of Welch who settled in that section of S. C, lived at Welch Neck, S. 
C; Rev. Philip^ib. Pennepeck 1701, came to S. C. with a colony of Welch Baptists about 
1735, iirst pastor of Welsh Neck Church, one of the first Baptist Churches organized in 
S. C; Ann' James m. Peter Kolb'. 

Dii Base ancestry: — Isaac', from Dieppe, Normandy, just after the Revocation o£ 
the Edict of Nantes (1685), when the Huguenots were expelled from France, settled, so 
thought, on the Santee River, not far from Charleston, S. C, m. Susan Couillandean, 
who came from Dieppe with him ; John"; Martha' Du Bose m. Jesse Warren. 


John Cleveland^ Goodlett (Laura'), m. Pacolet, S. C, 
Nov. 20, 1892, Mary Senn, born Spartanburg co., S. C, Aug. 9, 
1873, da. of James Lewis Grant and Susan Jane (Watson), s. p. 

Mr. John Cleveland^ Goodlett, residence, Pacolet, S. C. (1896), 
is section man in cotton mills of Pacolet Manufacturing Co. 

Senn awirw/ry.— Frederick', of Newberry co. , S. C; James Lewis Grant" Senn, born 
Newberry co. Jan. i6, 1846, m. Susan Jane Watson, da. of Elijah. 


TTTCCTTB r*T T?'\7'TrT A 'Wri / J John Bomar'', Robert Easley', Jesse*, I 
J JSaOJl/ K^\uiij V Jl,i-,ii.iN \J \ \ Georgia Alden', Robert Mathis», Jeremiah^, \ 

Roberf, John', Alexander", Alexander'), married at Wartrace, Tenn., Dec. 
20, 1893, Elizabeth Harper' Cleveland -\-\i2,\b (Thomas stoned 

Jeremiah", Jeremiah^, Robert*, John', Alexander", Alexander'), who died at 

Wartrace Dec. 24, 1894, aged 24, buried Christmas day from her 
father's house at Wartrace. s. p. 

Mr. Jesse" Cleveland, residence, Spartanburg. S. C, 1897, 
formerly in the National Bank of Spartanburg; is in the rail- 
road office at Spartanburg, connected with the R. R. 


Spartanburg, S. C, Sept. 9, 1896, William James Screven, b. in 
Fairfield co. (near Blackstock), S. C, Mar. 7, 1874, s. of William 
James and Ellen (Mobley) Screven. Residence in Polk county, 
N. C. (1897), farmer. 


Alice' JBeeler {Joseph Cleveland^ Beeier), m. at home near Mossy 
Creek, Tenn., June 18, 1879, Prof. John Jefferson Huff, b. near 
Big Creek, Cook co., Tenn., Oct. 2, 1859, d. at his father's house, 
Big Creek, Aug. 31, 1882, s. Andrew and Narcissa Talitha (Bur- 
nett). He grad. Corson Coll., Mossy Creek, June, 1873, and was 
elected, 1873, by the Trustees to its faculty; was of Beeler & 
Huff, merchants, Mossy Creek. Mrs. Beeler was ed. at Masonic 
Female Inst., Mossy Creek, res. Mossy C. 1885. Ch. b. Mossy C: 
17674-5 Lydia Grace'', horn June 2, 1880, d. June 26, 1882; John 
Bernard^ Huff, b. Mar. 8, 1882. 



IMLaetta^ Hill {Mary Martha-' Beeier), m. Clear Spring, Tenn., 
Nov. 25, 1880, John Thurman Essory, b. Russell co., Va., Oct. 17, 
1855, s. Thomas Sneed and Eliza Ann (Countiss). Of Morris- 
town, Tenn., 1885, lawyer. Mrs. Essory was ed. at Tazewell 
Coll. and Mossy Creek Coll. Ch.: 17676-7 Jesse Fred\ b. Aug. 
22, 1881, Grainger co., Tenn.; Anna BelP Essory, b. Jan. 10, 1885. 


lona* Hill {Mary Marthai Beeier)^ TO.. Clear Spring, Tenn., 
Nov. 17, 1881, Dr. William Rogers Jenkins, b. Knox co., Tenn., 
1854, s. Joseph and Nancy (Neil). Of Tampico, Grainger co., 
Tenn., 1885, practising physician. Mrs. Jenkins was educated at 
Tazewell Coll. and Mossy Creek Coll. Ch. : 17678 Estella" Jen- 
kins, b. Mar. 14, 1883, Tampico. 


Frances Mugenia^ Routh {wunam Findiey^ Routk), vasn-riedi 
Moody, Tex., Jan. 3, 1878, Joseph Franklin Smyer, born Catawba 
CO., N. C, Oct. 39, 1854, son Jacob Anderson and Martha 
(Smyer). Of McLennan co., Tex., farmer. Ch. b. McLennan 
CO.: 17679-80 Horace^ Smyer, Oct. 21, 1878; Lena Leoto" Smyer^ 
July 15, 1880. 


Fannie Murtis* Broyles {Mary Adeiatdei jiouth), m. Kudi&x- 
son, S. C., Oct. 8, 1879, Wayman Asbury Holland, b. Holland's 
Store, Anderson county, S. C, a s. Asbury Morgan and Margaret 
(Sherard). Of Sen/sca, Oconee co., S. C, 1884, merchant. Ch. : 
17681-2 Mary Margie^, b. July i, 1880, Abbeville county, S. C; 
Lula MurhY, horn Apr. 16, Oconee co., d. Dec. i, 1882; IVayman 
Asbury' Holland, b. Oct. 15, 1883, O. co. 


IsabeV Scott (]^!?;.4"1/W.t5c..., &^''[l^-i•^Alexander^Alex. 
anders, Alexander!", Alexanderi), m. Carrolton, Ky., DeC. 12, 1865, Robert 

James Wilson, b. Lexington co., Ky., Apr. i6, 1836, s. Richard 
Spaulding and Sallie C. (Hunter). Of Carroll ton 1885, book- 
keeper. Ch. b. • Carrollton : 17683-4 Marian Hunter'' Wilson, 
Oct. 4, 1867; Stella Reberts^, March 28, 1870; Cora Scoit\T)QC. 
15, 1872; Nannie Yellman", Oct. 18, 1874; Josie Cleveland' Wilson, 
Aug. 20, 1877; Scott Spaulding' Wilson, May 6, 1880. 


George Washington^ Scott {Jvarrtf%more^ scoft} > married 
Denver, Col, Oct. 25, 1880, Amanda Hughs Dean, b. Carroll co., 
Ky., Jime 28, 1859, da. Chats Tutman and Permelia (Tucker). 
Of River View (P. O. Worthville), Carroll co., Ky., 1885, farmer. 
Ch. b. Carroll co. : 17685 Bettie Reunicfi Scott, July 5, 1882; Elli- 
ott Goslee' Scott, Oct. 12, 1884. 



Nancy'' Scott jt^j;^;^,"^;^^^^,^^^/^, m. Carrollton, Ky., May 
19, 1874, John Henry Yellman, b. Lexing-ton, Ky., Dec. 26, 1849, 
son John Georg-e and Sophia Cathrina (Kastle). Of Lexington 
1884, dealer in hemp. Ch. b. Lexington : 17686-7 Alice Clevelajid^ 
Yellman, Apr. 2, 1878; Grace Elmore^, Nov. 23, 1880; John Scotf 
Yellwan, July i, 1883. 


Ann Jifaria' Stewart (Martha^ Jesse Alexander Harrison«, Jesse», 
Alexander*, Alexander', Alexander^, Alexanderi), d. BraZOria, TeX., Feb. 12, 

1872, a. 31, m. ist, B. May 25, 1859, Capt. James Neill Turner, 
b. North Carolina, July 27, 1835, ^^^^ ^t Richmond, Va., 1863, s. 
Henry Marshall and Caroline (McNeill). She m. 2d, Brazoria, 
Feb., 1868, John Lynch Cochran, M.D., born Alabama 1820, d. 
Brazoria 1886. Ch. by iSt m. : 17688 Sallie Stewarf Turner, b. 
June 29, i860, N. C. d. Brazoria Jan. 14, 1894, m. Harris Master- 
son. 17689 Lucy Marshall Turner, born July 10, 1861, in North 
Carolina. 17690 Martha Cleveland^ Turner, born Dec. 30, 1862, 
N. C, m. Henry Perry. By 2d m., b. Brazoria : 1 7691-2 John 
Lynch^ Cochran, b. Sept. 12, 1869; Stewart* Cochran, Feb. 29, 1870; 
Owen^ Cochran, Apr. i, 1873; Mary"* Cochran, Nov. 5, 1874; Allan 
Hush" Cochran, Sept. 9, 1876; Henry MarshalP Cochran, Mar. ai, 
1878; Charles Cleveland^ Cochran, Dec. 12, 1879. Capt. James 
Neill Turner resided in N. C, civil engineer; was capt. in N. C. 
Cavalry C. S. A. Dr. John Lynch Cochran g-rad. Kenyon Coll., 
Louisville Medical School. Residence, Brazoria; regular physi- 
cian, practised in South America, California, and Texas. 


Cornelia*' Urancll (Anne Wharton', Jesse Alexander Harrison*, Jesse^, 
Alexanders Alexander', Alexander^, Alexander"), married at Liberty, Tex., 

Apr. 16, 1856, Henry Clay Stone, born Henry co., Va., Aug. 19, 
1828, son of Daniel Stone. Children b. Liberty : 

Branch^ Stone, b. Dec. 10, i86i, d. Liberty Dec. 20, 
1861; Lena" Stone, b. Oct. 31, 1863, d. Liberty July 31, 1865. 

17693 Harry Branch^ Stone, b. Apr. 30, 1872, unm. Resi- 
dence, Galveston, Tex., 1895, student of medicine. 

Mr. Henry Clay Stone is a resident of Galveston, where he 
is engaged in the cotton commission and factorage business. 
A subscriber for this Genealogy. 


■ Olive^ JBranch (Anne Wharton», Jesse Alexander Harrison', Jesse», 
Alexander*, Alexander', Alexander"), m. Liberty, TexaS, DeC. lO, 1 868, 

George Demster Briggs, b. Galveston, Tex., May 20, 1842, s. of 
Jacob Lawrence and Marcia Maria (Garfield). Residence, Gal- 
veston 1895; cashier and book-keeper. Ch. b. Galveston : 

17694 Lillian Mary^ Briggs, b. May 4,, 1869, m. Galveston 
Oct. 4, 1893, Edgar French Brown, b. June 8, 1867, s. of Edgar 


F. and Hannah (King). Mr. Edgar French Brown grad. Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania; residence, Syracuse, N. Y., lawyer, s. p. 

17695 Clay Stone* Briggs, b. Jan. 8, 1876. 


Elisabeth Wortley^ Sraneh (Anne Wharton', Jesse Alexander 
Harrison', Jesse^, Alexander*, Alexander^, Alexander', Alexander'), d. Liberty, 

Tex., Oct. II, 1877, aged 34, m. Liberty Sept. 22, 1861, William 
Casle, b. in Mobile, Ala., so thought, s. of John Casle. Resi- 
dence, Liberty 1895. Ch. : 

17696 Edit}^ Casle, b. Aug. at Liberty, m. James Findlay, 
res. Galveston, Tex. 


Emma Smith^ Kiger {Mary Ami ElizabetW Jackson, Ann«, Elijahs, 

Alexander*, Alexander', Alexander", Alexanderi), m. Winchester, Va., . DeC. 

10, 1868, Edward Mortimer Barr, b. W. May 5, 1840, s. Robert 
and Mary Catherine (Kremer), res. Winchester 1896, brick man- 
ufacturer. Ch. b. Winchester : Charles Frederick^ Barr, Feb. 6,. 
1869; Mary Jacksoi^ Barr, May 22, 1874; Edward MitchelP Barr, 
July 12, 1877. 


Wary Elizabeth/ Kiger {Mary Ann. Elizabeth-' Jackson), m. 

Clarke co., Va., Nov. 18, 1879, Thomas George Mesmer, born 
Winchester, Va., Jan. 2, 1831, s. Jacob and Nancy (Jackson). 
Ch. b. Winchester : Naticy A.* Mesmer, Sept. 5, 1880; Frank G.^ 
Mesmer, Jan. 21, 1885; Thomas'* Mesmer, Mar. i, 1887. 

Thomas George Mesmer res. Winchester (1896); is with 
B. & O. Express Co. 

Jackson ancestry : — Thomas' [see 4-16350. P- 2149] ; Nancy' Jackson m. Jacob Mesmer. 


FRANK EZEKIEL' CLEVELAND (William'' Washington, Crom- 
well', William', Jacob*, Jeremiahs, Alexander'. Alexander'), m. ThomtOn, Tex., 

Nov. 28, 1878, Martha Jane Fox, b. Marshall, Tex., Nov. 29, i860, 
da. John Wesley and Mary Ann (Craver). Ch. born Thornton : 
Etta May', b. and d. T. Dec. 2, 1879; Ula May", b. Jan. 2, d. 
T., Feb. 3, 1880. 17697-8 Edna Arbertia" Cleveland, b. June 
17, 1882; John Lewis' Cleveland, Sept. 21, 1885. 

Frank Ezekiel* Cleveland erected the first building in 
Thornton, then a wilderness, years before the R. R. built a 
depot there. Merchant. Was appointed Jan. i, 1875, and still 
is (1886) P. M. of Thornton. 


GEORGIA ELVIRA' CLEVELAND (Reuben Weston', Peter", 
Reuben', Jacob*, Jeremiah', Alexander', Alexander'), m. 3 milcS N. of Elber- 

ton, Ga., Dec. 7, 1874, Larkin Alexander Clark, b. n. Elberton, 
June 25, 1863, son William Henry and Sarah Frances (Brown). 
Ch. b. Elbert co., Ga. : Inf., b. Nov. 3, d. E. co., 6, 1875. 17699 
Fannie Fester" Clark, b. Dec. 11, 1879. 17700 JVora Bell" Clark,b. 
Oct. 28, 1881. 

Chapter III. 


The following is arranged to conform to the plan of this 
Genealogy : 

From History and Antiquities of Hinckley^ co. Leicester, by John 
Nichols, F. S. A., 17S2. Bib. Top. Brit., VII : 134-141 — 

The more ancient Genealogy of Cleiveland or Cleveland : 


THORKIL' DE CLIVELAND lived soon before, at, or just 
after the Norman Conquest. [The battle of Hastings (Sussex 
CO., Eng.) was fought Oct. 14, 1066, and Harold II, the English 
king, was killed. The battle terminated the Saxon dynasty,, 
and put William the Norman — to whom the victory gave the 
title of the' Conqueror — in possession of the throne of England.], 
Thorkir had at least a son 


Thorkil' DE Cliveland \_History of Christian Names by Miss 
Charlotte Mary Yonge — Thorkjell m. Nor. Teu. [Saxon] Thor's 
(m. Ger. Teu. Thor, the thunder god) cauldron], the most 
ancient Cleveland of whom there is- any record. The earliest 
mention of his name appears to be in the deed, " Ex dono 
Uctredi filii Thorkil de Cliveland " — " Uctred, son of Thorkil de 
Cliveland," to Whitby Abbey, Cleveland, Yorkshire, Eng. As 
already stated in this work, Thorkil' evidently resided at Gise- 
burne, the urbs Calicvium mentioned by Baxter \see page 9 to 
pedigree, p. 16, 17], now Guisborough, Cleveland, North Riding 
of Yorkshire, England. Evidently here he assumed the sur- 
name, calling himself Thorkil de (of) Cliveland, probably when 
well along in years, and at the same time that his son adopted 
the patronymic. Thorkil' was of Saxon ancestry, and likely 
had other children of less prominence. 

Graves" Cleveland, 175, 370; Ord's Cleveland, 268, 477 — Domes- 
day Book — Torchil, or Turchil, before the Conquest the Saxon 
land owner of Kilton, Skelton Parish. Tor and Carle held 
property in East Rounton, Hutton Rudby Parish. Perhaps 
these were identical with Thorkil' de Cliveland. 

Thor was the ancient king or general of our Saxon ancestors 
while they lived in Scythia or Tartary, and before they came 
into Germany, whom, after death, they deified and worshiped 


SO much that nearly 40 towns in England bear his name, as well 
as one day in our week, Thursday. Scandinavian Mythology — 
Thor, the son of Odin and Freya, answering to Jove of the 


UCTRED' DE CLIVELAND (xhorkm), had at least a son : 

+ 17703 Robert' de Cleiveland. 

UcTRED^ DE Cliveland \Yonge' s Christian Natnes — Uchtred, 
m. Eng. Teu. (Saxon) mind council], evidently had his seat at 
Gisborough, Cleveland, Eng., and, it is presumed, was identical 
with Uctred, the Saxon, owner of considerable landed property, 
being 10 manors, etc., all situated in Cliveland, Cleveland, York- 
shire, Eng., held, before the Norman Conquest, in his first or 
given name, Uctred. (And if the following were different 
Uctreds, he 'may have been one of them.) Graves' Cleveland, 
223, 325, 350, 363, 372, 3^P, 4^S, 429, 443, 477s Ord's Cleveland, 
202, 231, 245, 264, 266, 2p7, 367, 393, 506, 5(5^ — Gisborough. 
Domesday Book — Terra Comitis Moritoniensis. In Ghigesburg 
et Middleton et Hotun ad geldum XXV carucatse, et XIIII car. 
possuhtesse. Ibi habebat Uctred III maner. Nunc habet comes 
in domino I. car. et X villani cum IIII car. Presbiter et aecclesia 
ibi est, et I mold. IIII solid. T. R. E. valebat XL. solid, modo 
XVI. sol. " In Ghigesburgh, Middleton, and Hutton-Lowcross, 
to be taxed 25 carucates [carucate same as hide of land, meas- 
urement introduced by the Normans, 60 to 120 acres, 100 acres 
the average] and 14 ploughs. Uctred possessed 3 manors. 
The Earl of Morton now has in the demense i plough and 10 
villanes [villani, or villeins, tenants of superior degree to servi 
or serfs, and held some cottage and lands] with 4 ploughs. 
There is a priest and church there, and i mill of 4 shillings 
value." The whole, in King Edward the Confessor's time, was 
valued at 40s, but at the period of the survey (through the rav- 
ages of the Conqueror) only i6s. Toccotes, or Tocketts, Gis- 
borough Parish — Uctred was the Saxon possessor of this 
manor, "to be taxed 2 car. and i plough." Was first granted 
by the Conqueror to Robert, Earl of Moreton ; it afterward be- 
came part of the fee of Robert de Brus. Normanby, Ormesby 
Par. — Uctred had there i manor. The Earl now has it, and 
it is waste. Rousby, or Roxby — Uctred i manor; wood ^ 
mile long and a quarenten [called quadragenaria in the Exeter 
Danes day, was the forty-long, or furlong, 40 perches of 20 feet] 
broad, formerly belonged to Suuen and Uctred. Skeltoh Castle, 
Skelton Parish — This manor, from Domesday Book, was held 
before the Conquest by Uctred. Brotton, Skelton Par., before 
the Conquest, was in the hands of Uctred. Moorsham, or 
Moorsholm, Skelton Par. — Vctred i manor. Kirkleatham Par. 
— Uctred i manor. Stainsby, Stainton Par. — Uctred had 
lands to i plough. Stokesley Par. — Uctred i car. 8 villanes, 
with 4 pi. One Ulchil or Ulchel held lands in Gisborough, 
Stainton, Thornaby, or Thornton, Stainton Par., Broughton, 
Kirkby Par., Marton Par., who may prove to be Uctred. Mor- 
timer's Wirral. Apx 8 — Domesday — Robert de Rodelent holds 



Walea (Wallasey Par-., Chester co.). Uctred, a freeman, held 

Uctred^ de Cliveland assumed the surname Cliveland, 
calling himself de (of) Cliveland previous to 1119, he and his 
father, Thorkir, probably taking the surname at the same time. 

Monasticon Anglicanum. A History of the Abbies and other Mon- 
asteries^ Hospitals, Frieries, and Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, 
with their Dependencies in England and Wales. By Sir William 
Dugdale. London, 1846 — VI: 26"/ — Gisborough Priory, in the 
deanery and archdeaconry of Cleveland, built 11 19 by Robert 
de Brus, lord of the town, whose foundation charter: Num i. 
Carta Fondationis * Dedi etiam prasfectse ecclesiae molendina 
mea in Gyseburna cum soca et molta, sicut ea habui ; et ita, ut 
nuUus faciat molendina in parochia ejusdem villae, absque 
canonicorum licentia et concessu. De terra autem filii Gaufridi, 
et de terra Uctred de Clivelanda liberum habeant servicium, 
quod mihi debebatur. 

Dugdale' s Monasticofi, 1 : 40^ — Whitby Monastery, called also 
Streoneshalh, Sinus Phari, and Presteby, is situated in the 
Deanery and Archdeaconry of Cleveland, North Riding of 
York. Hilda, abbess of Heruteu, founded here, about A. D. 657, 
a monastery. Charlton [History of Whitby and of Whitby Abbey by 
Lionel Charlton'] York, ifjp, p. 22, states it to have been refounded 
by William de Percy, 1074, although not mentioned in Domesday. 
Was refounded in the reig-n of the Conqueror. The monks 
placed it under government of Reinf rid, first Prior ever brought 
from the Benedictine Abbey of Evesham, in Worcestershire, 
Eng. The Abbey was surrendered to the King, Dec. 14, 1540, 
and afterward plundered. Of Whitby Abbey nothing is now 
left standing but the ruins of the church, on a high cliff about 
a quarter of a mile from the sea. In the ist and 2d of Philip 
and Mary, the queen granted license to Sir John York to alien- 
ate the manor of Whitby-Lathes to Sir Richard Cholmley, Knt., 
in the possession of whose descendants the site of the abbey 
still remains. 411 — Num.11. De Dotatione Monasterii. Ex 
dono UcTREDi filii Thorkil de Cliveland, duas carucatas terrae 
in Brimstone, sine danegald, et molendinum ejusdem villse. In 
the days of King Edmund Ironside, 1016, the Earl of Northum- 
berland bore the name Ucthred. 


ROBERT' DE CLEIVELAND (uctred», Thorkiu), had at least 
2 ch.: 

+ 17704 Robert'' de Cleiveland. 

+ 17705 Ralph* de Cleveland. 

Robert^ de Cleiveland, so the name is spelt. Dugdale's 
Monasticon, I: 411 — Whitby Monastery. Num. II. De Dota- 
tione Monasterii. Ex dono Roberti de Clieveland unam ac- 
ram et unam perchatam terrae in Ormesbi. 

Monasticon Eboracense and the Ecclesiastical History of Yorkshire. 
By John Burton, M.D. York. MDCCLVIII, p. 74—Ormesby. 
Robert de Baius gave i acre of land ; Robert de Cleveland 
gave I acre and i perch, and Warner de Upsale gave 2 acres 




ROBERT* DE CLEIVELAND (Robert', uctred=, Thorkiu), had 
at least 3 ch.: 

-{-17706 Peter'* de Cliveland. 

-j-17707 Henry* Cliveland. 

-i-17708 Ralph* de Cliveland. 

RoiiERT* DE Cleiveland dwclt at Ormesby, co. Ebor, Eng. 
Robert*, it appears, gave land to Whitby Abbey, which — Charl- 
ton's Whitby, 183-6 — Ralph de Cleveland confirmed his brother's 
gift of land. Burton's Monasticon Eboracense, 84 — Ormesby. Ralph 
de Cleveland gives all the land in this field which Robert, his 
brother, had given to him. 


RALPH* de CLEVELAND (Robert', uctred>, Thorkiii), being 
the first who omits the letter i from his surname, making it 
Cleveland. Burton's Monasticon Eboracense, 8j, 84 — Midlesburgh, 
in the archdeaconry of Cleveland, was another cell subordinate 
to the abbey of Whitby. List of places given to and for the 
use of this cell. Ormesby. Ralph, son of Robert de Cleveland, 
gave to the church of St. John the Baptist and St. Hilda de 
Midlesburg all the land in this field which Robert, his brother,, 
had given to him [R. de W. f. 26, app. no. 17 1\, and Peter, son of 
Robert de Cleveland, confirmed what Ralph, his uncle, had 
given \Ibid, app. no. 172], p. 351 — Ormesby. Peter de Cliveland 
confirmed 3 acres of land here that Ralph and Henry, his 
brothers, had given. 


PETER* DE CLIVELAND (Robert*, Roberts, Uctred^, Thorkili), 

had at least a son. 

-f 1 7 709 Robert" de Cliveland. 

Peter* de Cliveland dwelt at Ormesby, Eng. Dugdak's 
Monasticon, VI: 271 — Gisborough . Priory, Num. XX. Charta 
Petri de Cliveland de tribus Acris Terras Canonicis de Giseburn 
concessis. Ord's Cleveland, S54 — Gifts to Gisborough Abbey, as 
appears in the Monasticoti: et ex dono Petro de Cliveland 
duas bovates terrae et quatuor acras et tres rodas in Ormesby, 
et totam terram sine ullo retinemento, quam habuit ad vallem 
de M orton . Burton's Monasticon Eboracense, 84 — Ormesby. Peter, 
son of Robert de Cleveland, confirmed what Ralph, his uncle, 
had given \R. de W. f. 26, app. no. 172]. p. 341 — Gisebtirne, or 
Gysburgh. Bernaldby, or Scruggedale. Peter de Cleveland 
gave 2 oxgangs [the oxgang or bovate as much as an ox-team 
could plow in a year ; 8 bovates made a carucate, therefore, i 
oxgang, 12 acres] of land in this territory. [Append, no. 28]. 349 
— Marton. Peter de Cliveland gave all his land in the vale 
of Marton [Append. no.ic>6\ p. 351 — Ormesby. Peter de Clive- 
land confirmed 3 acres of land here, that Ralph, his brother, 
and what Henry, his brother, and Robert, son of Stephen de 
Lackenby,-had given. [John Stevens's contin. mon. append., no. 3Q4, 
p. J41.I Robert, son of Peter de Cliveland, confirmed meadow 
given to them by his father [Peter*] in Kecelpictes [Stevens's 
mon., J4d]. See Charlton's Whitby, i8j. 




HENRY^ CLIVELAND (Robert*, Roberts, Uctred=,Thorkili), being- 

the first who drops de from the name. Burton's Man. Ebor., j^r 
— Henry Cliveland, a benefactor to the priory of Gisburne, or 
Gisburgh, in co. Ebor, Eng. Dugdale's Monasticon, VI : 2yi^ wit- 
nesses two deeds, Num. XVII, Num. XIX Charta Roberti filii 
Petri de Cliveland to Gisborough Priory ; Hiis testibus Hen- 
rico DE Cliveland et multis aliis. Burtons Monasticon Ebora- 
cense, jso-i — Ormesby. Peter de Cliveland confirmed 3 acres 
of land here that Ralph and Henry, his brothers, had given. 
Henry de Cliveland gave 13 acres and i rood of land in divers 
parts of this territory. {Append., no. 226.] 


RALPH^ de CLIVELAND (Robert*, Robert', Uctred^, ThorkiU). 

Burton's Monasticon Eboracense, j^i — Ralph de Cliveland, a bene- 
factor to the priory of Gisburne, or Gisburgh [Gisborough, 
Cleveland], in co. Ebor, Eng. Ormesby. Peter de Cliveland 
confirmed 3 acres of land here that his brothers, Ralph and 
Henrv, had given. 


ROBERT" DE CLIVELAND (Peter», Roberts Roberta.Uctred^.Thor- 
kii'), had at least a son : 

+ 17710 John' de Cliveland. 

Robert" de Cliveland. DugdaWs Mo7iasticon, VI: 2^1 — 
Gisborough Priory. Num. XVII. Charta Roberti filii Petri 
de Cliveland de Prato Canonicis de Giseburn concesso . . . 
Hiis testibus Henrico de Cliveland et multis aliis. Num. XIX. 
Charta Roberti filii Petri de Cliveland de [confirmasse] dua- 
bus Acris [in Ormesby, Engf.J Terrse Canonicis de Giseburn 
concessis. Omnibus hanc cartam visuris vel audituris Robert us 
filius Petri de Clivelandia salutem, etc. Hiis testibus Henrico 
de Clivelanda et multis aliis. Deeds of Robert, son of Peter 
de Cliveland, granting and confirming to Gisborough Priory 2 
acres of land in Ormesby. Burton's Monasticon Eboracense, 350-1 

— Ormesby. Robert, son of Peter de Cliveland, confirmed the 
meadow given to them by his father in Kecelpictes {Stevens's 
contin man. append, no. jgi, p. J40] ; which John, his son, con- 
firmed [Ibid, J 41]. 


JOHN' DE CLIVELAND (Roberts, Peters, Robert*, Roberta, Uctred», 

Thorkiu). Dugdalc' s Monasticou, VI: 2ji — Gisborough Priory. 
Num. XVIII. Charta Johannis de Cliveland, de Terris et Tene- 
nientis in Ormesby Canonicis de Giseburn concessis. Deed of 
John de Cliveland, granting to Gisborough Priory lands and 
tenements in Ormesby, Eng. Burton's Alonasticon Eboracense, jjr 

— Ormesby. John, his [Robert" de Cliveland's] son, confirmed 
[meadow in Kecelpictes given by his grandfather, Peter']. 
{Stevens's mon., 34ii\ See ante. 

Mr. Nichols connects following child by dotted lines to John' 
de Cliveland in the pedigree, and evidently only conjectures 


him to be son of John'. But of this there is little or no proba- 
bility, there being room for more generations than 8 between 
1066 and 1403 =337 years, however, for convenience we annex 
as being of 8th generation : 

4- 177 1 1 John [*?] Cleveland, b. perhaps 1343. 


JOHN' CLEVELAND (?john''), drops de from the surname. 
Citizen of York, Yorkshire, Eng,, fior. 1403, is witness to a deed 
dated March, ann. 4 R. Hen. IV. See :p. 16, 17. 

And then in the pedigree follows, connected to John* by a 
dotted line, as if a possible son, the name of : 

17712 William [?°] Cleveland, Sheriff of York, 1456 — 
Francis Drake's York, jdj. Prom him, continues Mr. Nichols, 
was apparently descended William' Cleiveland [4-17714]. 


Rev. JOHN CLYVELAND (whose name in the pedigree is opposite 

John*, as if a descendant of Thorkiii), presbyter, vicar St. Cuthbert's 
Chapel, York, 1405, of St. Elen's 141 8. Drake's York, 323,344.. 

William' Cleiveland of Hinckley, Leicestershire, Eng. 

The following from Nichols' Hinckley; Bib. Top. Brit. VII: 
122 — Appendix. Memoirs of Eminent Persons, Natives of 
Hinckley, Pedigree facing p. 132 — Genealogy of Cleiveland of 
Hinckley (to which additions, as noted, are now made), ap- 
peared in N. E. His. Gen. Reg., XXXIX: 212, commencing thus : 

"THE Genealogy of the Cleivelands of Hinckley in Leicestershire, 

" Communicated by H. G. Cleveland, Esq., of Cleveland, O. 

"I have arranged in modern form, for the Register, the records of Mr. Nichols con- 
cerning the Cleivelands of Hinckley, Leicestershire, in order that they may have a ■per- 
manent place in our libraries for reference. Mr. Nichols prefixed the following dedica- 

'"To the Right Reverend Father in God, Thomas {Thomas* /Vrcy +17762], Lord 
Bishop of DROMORE, this Genealogy, carefully formed from Family Deeds, Extracts from 
Registers, and the Information of living Persons, is humbly inscribed by his much 
obliged and most faithful humble Servant, J. Nichols.' 

"It does not appear that Thomas Cleiveland, of the second generation, had a son 
Moses (as generally supposed) who came from Ipswich, Suffolk, to America about 163s 
to 1638 ; of Woburn." 

An eminent English antiquary in 1851 sjtated that the Cleve- 
lands of America were descended from following William' 
Cleiveland, who had a son Thomas, who may have been father 
to Moyses, the emigrant, but the informant thought Samuel, a 
younger brother, was his father. 


WILLIAM' CLEIVELAND (perhaps descended from Wil- 
liam Cleveland -f 177 12, and probably from Thorkil' de Clive- 
land +17701), came from Yorkshire (most probably from York), 
Eng., where his family lived for several generations, and their 
early ancestors had much landed property in North Riding of 

Drawn, by TrNiruis, 

Enfprsivi'd Dy FLiUiodes. 


7^/^7/1, jZ- ^-c^ytc^^^^Ai^&fy.e^t.'^^^A^a^^^-u:^. i^^y,iJti-Cc^. 

l0ni]iart,JaMA.jMw • Fiibiiskea, by WWsJJar S Gmfs Inn Square. 




Yorkshire, particularly in Cleveland. He removed to Hinckley, 
Eng., d. at Hinckley Jan., about 15, 1630-1, an aged man, and 
was buried there Jan. 17, 1630-1. Will'mus Cleveland senex, 
pater Thome Cleveland is the entry made by his son in the 
parish register. Ch., at least a son : 

-{-177 15 Thomas- Cleiveland, b. at York or in Yorkshire. 


THOMAS^ CLEIVELAND (wiiuam.), d. Oct., ab. 24, 1652, 
buried Hirickley, Eng., Oct. 26, 1652, m. Elizabeth, she died H. 
July, ab. 4, 1649, buried H. July 6, 1649. Ch.: 

17716 Mary' Cleiveland, bap. Oct. 17, 1611, Loughbor- 
ough, Leicestershire, Eng., bur. L. Oct. 19, 161 1. 

+ 17717 John' Cleiveland, or Cleveland, b. 1613, Lough- 
borough or Hinckley, bap. June 20, 1613, Loughborough. 

17718 Margaret' Cleiveland, bap. Aug. 27, 1615, L., m. 
Hinckley, Feb. 10, 1647, Thomas Hebb. 17719 Thomas' Cleive- 
land, bap. July 5, 1618, Loughboro', buried Hinckley, Mar. 24, 

+ 17720 Joseph' Cleiveland, bap. June 4, 1620, Loughboro'. 

17721 Samuel' Cleiveland, bap. June 9, 1622, Hinckley. 

17722 Thomas^ Cleiveland (ag.), b. 1624, bap. Sept. 19, 
1624, Hinckley, d. 1643, bur. H. June 11, 1643. He was admit- 
ted of Christ's College, Cambridge, Eng., in July, 1642, a. 18, 
but d. year following. 

+ 17723 ■ Elizabeth' Cleiveland, b, 1626, bap. Sept. 6, 1626, 

+ 17724 William' Cleiveland, bap. Sept. 30, 1628, H. 
17725 Timothy' Cleiveland, bap. June 19, 1631, H. 

+ 17726 Richard' Cleiveland, bap. Sept. i, 1633, H. 

Rev. Thomas" Cleiveland, admitted of St. John's, Cam- 
bridge, Nov. 5, 1605, a scholar of Dr. Fell's foundation ; took 
the degree of A.B. or B.A. 1608 ; of A.M. or M.A. 1614, was first 
of all assistant to rector of Loughboro'; became Vicar of Hinck- 
ley, with the rectory of Stoke and chaplainship of Dadlington 
annexed, all in Leicestershire, about the beginning of 1621. 

Sufferings of the Clergy^ 6y John Walker, 221 — He was a very great sufferer for his 
loyalty and attachment to the ancient constitution of church aad state ; was father of 
the famous John Cleiveland, the poet, and had at the time of his sequestration q [8] chil- 
dren (several of which besides the poet were sufferers also). He was dispossessed by 
the committee of Leicester. 

It appears that he always wrote his name Cleiveland, which 
orthography was generally followed by his descendants, but not 
universally, for some wrote it Cleveland and Cleaveland. 


JOHN' CLEIVELAND or CLEVELAND (Thomas^, wiuiami), 
the Poet, d. Gray's Inn, London, Eng., Apr. 29, 1658, a. 44. The 
title pages of the various editions of his works render his name 
Cleaveland, Cleavland, Cleveland, Clieveland. See Bibliogra- 
phy, Chap. IV. His portrait appears in his Works : in Nichols' 
Bib. Top. Brit., VII : ij6, encircled with the words: This is he 



who^ in poetic rage, tvith scorpions lash'd the madness of t/ie age. John 
Cleiveland, Esq., yET Circ. 32. Painted by Fuller. Engrav'd by 
J. Bastre ; and also in other publications. The Original in the 
Possession of Dr. [77w/««/] Percy +17762, Bp. of Dromore. 
Nichols' Bib., VII : 136 — John^ Cleveland was educated at Hinck- 
ley under Rev. Richard Vines or Vynes, a noted Puritan ; adm. 
of Christ's Coll., Camb., Sept. 4, 1627; took degree B.A. 1631. 
Then rem. to St. John's Coll., same University, being elected 
Fellow Mar. 27, 1634, M.A. 1635. He continued for many years 
the delight and ornament of the house in which he was. a tutor. 
Being excused from going into holy orders, became their rhet- 
oric reader, usually drew up all epistles and addresses for that 
Society, being much admired for the purity and terseness of 
his Latin style. He also became celebrated for his occasional 
poems in English, especially on the breaking out of the civil 
wars, where he is said to have been the first champion that 
appeared in verse for the royal cause — Athen. Oxon., by Anthony 
a Wood, 2d ed., II : 274. In 1642, John' had the honour of speak- 
ing an oration before the king, Charles I, and prince, at -St. 
John's coll., with which, Winstanley [ William^ says, the king was 
so well pleased that he sent for him, gave him his hand to kiss, 
ordered a copy to be sent after him to Huntingdon. When Oliver 
Cromwell was in election to be member fori Cambridge, as 
John' engaged all his friends and interests to oppose it, iso when 
it was carried but by one vote, he cried out with much passion, 
"that that single vote had ruined church and kingdom," such 
fatal events did he presage from the success of Oliver. See 
London Post, No. 23, Feb. 11, 1644-3, when John Cleveland is 
brought to London for libelling. When the opposite party pre- 
vailed, he retired to the king at Oxford, and was, in his absence, 
ejected from his fellowship, Apr. 8, 1644 (or ejected by the earl 
of Manchester, Feb. 13, 1644) — see Walker's Sufferings, II: i4g. 
In Newark Castle, the garrison which so long supported the 
king's declining cause, he was Judge- Advocate under Gov. Sir 
Richard Willis. There he drew up a gallant return to the 
summons of the besiegers. After the surrender, 1646, by the 
express command of the King, then a prisoner with the Scot- 
tish army, Cleveland followed the fates of distressed loyalty, 
concealed for some years, till, in Nov., 1655, ^^ was seized at 
Norwich as a person of great abilities adverse and dangerous 
to the reigning government — State Papers, by John Thurloe, IV : 
184-3. He lay many months in prison at Yartnouth, till, ad- 
dressing the Protector, Oliver Cromwell, he was by his order 
set at liberty. His petition (which he signs J. Cleiveland) 
begins : 

" May it please your highness : Rulers within the circle of their government have a 
claim to that which is said o£ the Deity ; they have their centre everywhere and their 
circumference is nowhere" ; it is remarkable for the address with which the writer em- 
ploys such moving topics as might neither do violence to his conscience nor betray his 

John' Cleveland was contemporary with the poet John Mil- 
ton. The Bibliographer' s Manual of English Literature. By Wil- 
liam Thomas Lowndes, 1873, p. 480; Retrosp. Rev., XII : 123-42 — 
While the first edition and sheets of Paradise Lost were slowly 




struggling through the mists of bigotry and party prejudice 
into public reputation, the Poems of Cleveland were poured 
forth in innumerable impressions. The reverse is now the 
singular contrast ; and Cleveland has had the fate of those 
poets, described in Life of Abraham Cowley, by Dr. Samuel John- 
son, who, " paying their court to temporary prejudices, have been 
at one time too much praised, and at another too much 

Mr. John Cole, the antiquary, mentions an extract from The 
Kingdomes Weekly Intelligencer, 'May 2j, 164^, No. loi, p. 811. 

Clievelandi VindicicB, idyj j The Works of Mr. John Cleveland, 
1687 — After many intermediate Stages (which contended as 
emulously for his aboad, as the 7 cities for Homer's birth), 
Gray's Inn was his last, which, when he had ennobled with 
some short residence, an intermitting fever siezed him, whereof 
he dyed. Worthies in Leicester, by Thomas Fuller — His body was 
brought to Hunsdon House and was interred May i, 1658, in 
Parish Church of St. Michael Royal, College Hill, London. 
Cleveland's Works — To which, being attended by many Persons 
of Learning and Loyalty, Mr. Edward Thurman performed the 
Office of Burial, and the Reverend and Learned Dr. Pearson 
(now [1677] Lord Bishop of Chester) Preached his Funeral Ser- 
mon, and made his Death Glorious. And now there wanteth 
nothing but a Monument for him : and in this Book he hath 
erected one to himself, which Envy may repine at, but cannot 
Teach. See Memoirs of persons who suffered for Charles I, by Dr. 
David Lloyd, 1668-1677, p. 261, 604-18. 

Soon after his decease there were published several elegies 
on him. One a broadside, Upon the most ingenious and incompara- 
ble Musophilist of his Time, Mr. John Cleaveland, written by Phil- 
Cleaveland. Printed. London, 1658. Phil-Cleaveland signifying 
Lover of Cleiveland. — Wood Fast., 1 : 274. Another, An Elegy 
upon the death of the most excellent poet, Mr. John Cleveland, by 
Francis Vaux, a servitor in Queen's College, Oxford. Another : A 
Memoriall at the Tomb of the incomparable Mr. John Cleveland, by 
T P., 1662. 

Walks in London, by Augustus John Cuthbert Hare, ^# — St. Michael Pater Noster 
Royal, built from funds left by Whittington, Lord Mayor of London, destroyed in the 

great fire, rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren. John Cleveland, the poetical champion of 
harles I, whose works had such an enormous sale at the time, was buried in this 
church in i65q. 

The Works fff Mr. John Cleveland, 1687, p. 228 — 

AN Epitaph on his Deceased Friend. By John Cleveland. 

Here lies the ruin'd Cabinet Of his short continued Days, 

Of a rich Soul more highly set. Each minute had its Weight of Worth, 

The Dross and Refuse of a Mind, Each pregnant Hour some Sta?- brought 

Too glorious to be here confin'd. forth 

Earth for awhile bespake his stay, So whiles he travell'd here beneath, 

Only to bait, and so away : He liv'd, when others only breath. 

So that what here he doted on For not a Sand of time flip'd by 

Was meerly Accommodation. Without its Action sweet as high. 

Not that his active Soul could be So good, so peaceable, so blest. 

At home, but in Eternity. Angels alone can speak the rest. 

Yet while he blest us with the Rays 

See Bib. Anglo Poet, ibi ; Discourse Apologetical, i6^^, by Rev. Thomas Gataker : Bio. 
Die, bvjohii Gorton, iSss.- History of his times, by William Lilly, lyij, p. Ss : N. A. Rev., 
171 ; Ret. Rev., XII; 123; Uni. Bio. Die, N. V., iSsj, Hartford, Conn., iS'jb ; etc. 



JOSEPH' CLEIVELAND (Thomas=, wmiami), m. ist, Dorothy 
-, she d. May, ab. 5, 1662, bur. Hinckley, Eng., May 7, 1662. 

He m. a 2d wife, who survived him, sup. to be a da. Mr. Bayley 
of the Mithe. Ch. by ist tn., b. Hinckley : 

17727 Elizabeth^ Cleiveland, b. June 29, 1655-. 

17728 Dorothy^ Cleiveland, b. Mar. 26, 1657, bur. H., 
Mar. 20, 1680. 

17729 Edith^ Cleiveland, -b. Apr. 5, 1659. 
4-17730 John* Cleiveland, b. Aug. 3, 1661. By 2d m. : 

17731 Anne'' Cleiveland, bap. Jan. i, 1663-4. 
Joseph' Cleiveland. Nichols' Hinckley, III : 602 — was the 
owner of and lived at the Star Inn, Hinckley, Jan. 29, 1694. 


ELIZABETH' CLEIVELAND (Thomas"), died Sept., ab. 26, 
1658, a. 32, bur. Sept. 28, 1658, m. Mar. 6, 1649-50, as first wife, 
William Iliffe, he d. Jan., ab. 10, 1688-9, bur. Jan. 12, 1688-9 — 
Nichols" Hinckley, Eng., HI., /op. Ch. : 
• +17732 Joseph* Iliffe. 


WILLIAM' CLEIVELAND (Thomas=, wniiami), died Quatt, 
Eng., 1666, a. 38, m. Elizabeth Woodcock, b. 1629, died Dudley, 
Eng., Apr. 24, 1705. Ch.: 

+ 17733 William* Cleiveland, b. 1654 or 1655. 

17734-S Elizabeth* Cleiveland, d. London, Eng., Feb. 10, 
1726-7, unm.; Anne^ Cleiveland, d. London, Apr. 24, 1727, unm. 
17736 Catharine* Cleiveland, died Bridgenorth, Shrop- 
shire, Eng., May, ab. 14, 1731, bur. St. Leonards, Eng., May 16, 
1 73 1, m. ist, Noah Blancha of Stepney, Middlesex, Eng., b. 1666, 
d. Feb. 9, 1708. She m. 2d, William Cowdery of Wimbledon, 
Surrey, Eng., b. 1662, 1664, d. May 17, 1723, 1725. 

+ 17737 Margaret* Cleiveland, b. 1666, after her father's 

Rev. William' Cleiveland, adm. of Pembroke Hall, Cam- 
bridge, Eng., took degree A.B. 1650 ; became rector of Oldbury,^ 
to which he was presented by the lord chancellor, Oct. 10, 1660, 
was also rector of Quatt, both n. Bridgenorth, Shropshire, Eng. 


RICHARD' CLEIVELAND (Thomas", wmiami), died prob. 
Liverpool, Eng., in or bef. 1683, m. Miss [Susannah?] Danvers 
of Oxfordshire, Eng., n. Banbury, she d. prob. Liverpool, in or 

bef. 1685, da. Danvers, Esq. Ch.: 

17738 Daughter*, d. young, m. at Liverpool . s. p. 

Richard' Cleiveland resided at Liverpool, merchant. Hav- 
ing no son, adopted John* Cleiveland +17730, son of his brother 
Joseph'. Will of Richard Cleavland of Liverpool, 1683. Will 
of Susannah Cleavland of Liverpool, 1685, whom we suppose to 
be his wife. 




JOHN* CLEIVELAND (joseph», Thomas', wiiuam'), died prob. 
Liverpool, Eng., Aug. 17, 17 16, a. 55, bur. St. Nicholas church, 

Liverpool, m. Anne Williamson of L., she d. after 1726, da. 

Williamson, Esq. Ch.: 

17739 John' Cleiveland, d. after Aug. 17, 1716, unm. 

17740 William' Cleiveland (Hon.), born Apr. — , 1695, 
Liverpool, d. prob. L. Mar. 25, 1724, bur. L., unm. M. P. for 
Liverpool, 1722. See account of his funeral St. James Evening 
Post, Apr. 28, 1724. Monument in St. Nicholas Church, Liver- 
pool — see below. ' 

+17741 Alice' Cleiveland, b. , 1701. 

Hon. JoHN^ Cleiveland or Cleveland, M. P., rem. to Liver- 
pool, to his uncle Richard^ 4-^7726, by whom he was adopted. 
There he acquired a large fortune. Merchant. Purchased, ab. 
17 13, Birkenhead Priory, Birkenhead, Chester co., on the river 
Mersey, across from Liverpool. 

History of the Hundred of Wirral. By William Williams Mor- 
timer, 320 — The executors of Samuel Powell of Horsley, in 
whom the property of the Baronet vested, sold that portion 
which had belonged to the priory (built by Sir Thomas Powell 
before 16 Charles I, 1641), and which is described as an estate 
in Cheshire called the manor of Birkenhead, alias Birkett and 
Claughton-cutn-Grange, with all the demesne lands, tenements, 
etc., to them belonging, together with divers lands, messuages, 
etc., in Birkenhead, Wallasey, Tranmere, to John Cleveland of 
Liverpool, Esq. Three years after he had made the purchase, 
Mr. Cleveland died, leaving two sons and one daughter, Alice, 
married to Francis Price of Bryn-y-pys, in the county of Flint, 
Esq., to whose great-grandson, Francis Richard Price of the 
same place, Esq., the manor, lordship, and estates, have de- 
scended, according to the following table : — [pedigree]. Mr. 
Cleveland resided at Cleveland Place, " in the parish and near 
the docke of Liverpool." Some of the trees in his Parke, the 
site of which is now used as a market, remained until 1825. 
Mr. Cleveland was one of the most eminent merchants of his 
day. He was M. P. for Liverpool in 1710-13, and Mayor of 
that borough in 1703. Cleveland Street, Birkenhead, was 
named by William Laird, Esq., after the late owner of the 
township, John Cleveland, Esq. The Town Hall and Bride- 
well, in Hamilton Square, toward Cleveland Street. Mr. Cleve- 
land was buried in the parochial chapel of St. Nicholas, Liver- 
pool, near the place where, on the south wall, a marble cenotaph 
is inscribed, " Here lies the body of John Cleveland, Esq., for- 
merly a Representative in Parliament for Liverpool, who died 
17th August, 1716 ; and of William Cleveland, his son, M. P. for 
Liverpool, who died 25th March, 1724, aged 28 years." Nichols'' 
Leicestershire — On the monument the Arms of Cleiveland : 

Party per chev. sa. and erm. a chev. engrailed coutiterchanged. Crest — Head and 
neck erased of a white fishing eagle — see pi. CXVI,fig. ib. 

Mortimer's Wirral, 340 — In 1726, " Woodside house, the ferry 
boat and house," were leased by Ann Cleveland, the executrix 
of John Cleveland, for 11 years, annual rent, ^^39; and in the 


next lease which occurs, there is a covenant to pay the Hon. 
Thomas Molyneux 40s. per year for " the taking of passengers 
from Liverpool town side." One of the ferryboats in 1845, the 
Cleveland, an iron packet of 150 tons and 50-horse power. 


Joseph* Iliffe (Elizabeth^, Thomass, Williami), buried July 24, 

1695, m. Hannah Wood. Ch.: 

-(-17742 John^ Iliffe, bap. Aug. 30, 1695. 


WILLIAM* CLEIVELAND (wuiiams, Thomas", wuiiam'), died 
Dudley, Worcestershire, Eng., June 5, 1721, a. 66, bur. 8, m. St. 
Mary's, Bridgenorth, Eng., June 20, 1682, Elizabeth Rogerson 
of B., bap. Nov. 27, 1656, d. Oct. 11, 1694, laur. Dudley, da. John 
and Alice. Ch.: 

+ 17743 JoHN^ Cleiveland, b. Feb. 13, 1682-3. 

William^ Cleiveland, b. Apr. 22, 1684, bur. July 
6, 1684. 

17744 Elizabeth^ Cleiveland, b. Sept. 24, 1685, Dudley, 

d. Apr. 25, 1745, unm. Mary* Cleiveland, b. Oct. 24, 1686, d. 

1686. Catharine' Cleiveland, b. Dec. 26, 1687, d. Jan. 12, 1688. 

+ 17745 William* Cleiveland (ag.), b. Jan. 12, 1689, Dudley. 

Thomas* Cleiveland, b. Sept. 27, 1690, d. May 13, 


17746 Thomas* Cleiveland (ag.), b. Nov. i, 1691, Dudley, 
d. Pershore, Eng., Apr. 13, 1722, was of Christ's College, Cam- 
bridge, Eng., 17 10, B.A. 1 7 13. 

17747 Catharine* Cleiveland (ag.), born Aug. 24, 1693, 
Dudley, d. Mar. 25, 1751, unm. Son*, b. and d. Oct. 11, 1694. 

Rev. William* Cleiveland, of Christ's Coll., Camb., adm. 
A.B. 1677, A.M. 1681, rector of Upton Cressent, Shropshire, 
Eng., 1681, Vicar of Dudley 1684. 


MARGARET' CLEIVELAND (wiiuams), d. Bridgenorth, 
Eng., June 29, 1745, a. 79, m. Dudley, Eng., July 3, 1699, Arthur 
Percy, he d. Bridgenorth, 1741, s. John and Elizabeth (Lowe). 
Children : 

17748 Catharine'^ Percy ; Daughter^. 

-j- 1 7749 Arthur Lowe^ Percy, b. 1704 ; Daughter^. 

17750 Edward" Percy, b. 1707, d. 1746, m. Margaret Nott, 
she d. 1777, a da. Thomas, gent. s. p. 

Percy ancesiry .-—Some doubt has been expressed in JSng: Cyc. Biog., by Charles 
Knight, 1S57, IV: ysS : Notes ajid Queries, i8bS;II; ibq, 2oj — oi his beine of the noble 
house of Percy. His descent can be seen in Nash's Worcestershire, JI : jtS, deduced 
from the Earls of Northumberland, and he certainly esteemed himself the "heir male of 
the ancient P^Tcies" — Allidone, II : tsbr : Gorton's Bio. Die: Nichols' Bib. Top. Brit., 
VII. Nicolas' His. Peerage — Earls of Northumberland: Percy — Henryi, created July 
16, 1377, slain 1408, Earldom forfeited ; Sir Henry», renowned Hotspur ; Henry', restored 
Earldom Nov. u, 1414; Henry* Percy, etc. 




ALICE' CLEIVELAND (johm, Joseph^, Thomas=, wiuiami), died 
Overton, Flintshire, Eng., Nov. 3, 1769, a. 68, m. ist, Thomas 
Lloyd, Esq., of Guernhayled, Flintshire, Eng. She married 2d, 
Francis Price, Esq., of Brinypiece or Bryn-y-Pys, Flintshire, 
Eng., and of Castle Lions, Ireland, he d. 1747. Ch. by ist m.: 
Daughter'', d. y. By 2d m.: 

+ 17751 Richard Par r-y'' Price, b. May 19, 1736. 

Alice" was sole heiress of her father, Hon. John* Cleveland. 
Mortimer s Hundred of the Wirral : J2i — Pedigree showing de- 
scent of the manor, lordship, and estate at Birkenhead, Eng., to 
Alice', etc. She d. of a third stroke of palsy. 

Francis Price, of Bryn-y-Pys, and of Castle Lyons, Ireland, 
Esq. Nichols' Bib. Top. Brit., VII — 'Pedigree facing 132, by 
error, calls him Francis Parry Price. 

Arms — Price (Bryn-y-Pys, co. Flint : Francis Price, of Bryn-y-Pys and of Castle 
Lyons, Ireland, esq., m. Alice, da. and eventually heiress of John Cleveland of Birken- 
head, CO. Chester, etc.). Az. on a chev. ar. betw. three leopards' heads erased or, three 
spear heads sa. 

Burke's Heraldry Illusi., 111. Plate /j^ — PRICE, of Bryn-y-Pys. Quarterlv (ist and 
4th, Price. 2d and 3d, Cleveland). Az. on a chev. erm. Crest — k. oock. Motio — ln- 
viglia sic vinces. 


John" 114 ffe {Joseph* mffe), d. Aug., 1742, a. 47, m. Apr. 12, 
1 716, Christian Robinson. Ch.: Elizabeth^, d. y. 

17752-5 fbseph'j George'; John's Williatu^ Hi fe,aX\ living 
in 1782. 

+ 17756 Mary'' Iliffe. 

JOHN* CLEIVELAND (wmiamS WilUamS, Thomas^, WilUami), d. 

Apr. 17, 1745, a. 62, m. ist, Moseley Chapel, Jan. i, 1706, Mary 
Collas or Colles, she d. Dudley, Eng., Sept. 20, 17 12, bur. North- 
field, Eng., 24. He m. 2d, Dec. 6, 17 19, Catharine Grove, da. 
Rev. Henry, rector of St. Martins, Birmingham, Eng. Ch. by 
ist m.: 

''7757~9 Mary° Cleiveland, b. July 4, 1708, King's Nor- 
ton, d. Apr. 27, 1 7 14; John', b. Oct. 4, 1709, King's Norton, d. 
July 12, 1721, bur. Dudley; William', b. Mar. 8, 1710-11, Dud- 
ley, d. Apr. 12, 1729, bur. D. 16. By 2d m.: Catharine" Cleive- 
land, b. Mar. 11, 1720-1, d. Jan. 29, 1721-2. 

Rev. John" Cleiveland, of Christ's coll., Cambridge, Eng., 
1700, A.B. 1703, A.M. 1707, rector in Himley, Staffordshire, Eng. 


WILLIAM' CLEIVELAND (wiinam*), d. Feb. 12, 1758, a. 
69, buried Lindridge, Worcestershire, Eng., 14, m. L., Aug. 27, 
1725, Elizabeth Lowe, b. Aug. 14, 1698, d. Feb. i6, 1769, eldest 
da. Joshua and Elizabeth (Lowe). Ch.: 

17760 Elizabeth' Cleiveland, born July 5, 1726, at the 
Lowe, Lindridge parish, d. Worcester, Eng., Nov. 9, 1786, unm. 

+ 17761 William" Cleiveland, b. June 27, 1731, Worcester, 
Eng. ♦ 


Rev, William^ Cleiveland was of St. John's college, Cam- 
bridge, Eng., B.A. 171 1, M.A. 17 15. Rector of All Saints, Wor- 
cester, 1731, 1736. 

Lowe ancestry: — LowE (Bromsgrove). On a bend sinister cotised sa. j wolves' 
heads. Crest — Demi griffin ramp. Low is the Old English word for a small hill. . . . 
Family established in Eng. by a ^' captayne" who fought under the Conqueror. . . . 
Guido Lowe de Clive of Shropshire, 7 Hen. VL . . . Alanus de Lawe, ancestor of the 
family before us, whose son, Stephanus de Law, gave land in Lawefield to Worcester 
priory, m. Dionysia. . . . Thomas' Lowe, of the Lowe parish, Lindridge, Worcester- 
shire, head of this ancient house, m., toward close of i6th century, Anne Foster ; Henry', 
of Lowe 1594, m., Knighton Chapel, Feb. 3, 1566, Dorothy Baylies, of the Bower, parish 
of Rock, da. William ; Thomas', of Lowe; Arthur*, of Lowe, m. Elizabeth Pembruge, 
da. Anthony, esq., of Wellington, Herefordshire; Arthur', of Lowe, m. Mary Packing- 
ton, da. Thomas, esq-.; Elizabeth" Lowe, b. 1666, m. Joshua Lowe of Bh-mingham.— /f2>- 
tory of the Commoners of Great Britain. By fohn Burke, esq., iSjS, IV: sq. 


Arthur LOWe^ JPerCy (Margaret*, WilUam', Thomas", Williami), d. 

1764, a. 60, m. Jane Nott, she d. i76ora daughter Thomas, gent. 
Dwelt Bridgenorth, Eng., grocer. Ch. : 

-j- 17762 Thomas^ Percy, b. Apr. 13, 1728, Bridgenorth. 

-[-17763 Anthony'^ Percy,h.\lii. ly •] 64. Ari/ti^r' Percy (Lient.), 
d. 1756. s. p. 


Michard Parry'' Frice (AUce», John*, Joseph», Thomas^, WilUara'), 

d. May 14. 1782, a. 46, bur. Birkenhead, Eng., 1782, m. ist, Dec. 

18, 1759, Dorothea Brine or Byrne, she died Dec, 1761, da. Sir 

John Byrne, bart., and sister to Sir Peter Leycester of Tabley, 

bart. He m. 2d, 1765, Anne Puleston, she d. after i8io, da. 

and sole heir of John, Esq., of Emeral or Emrall, Flintshire, 

Eng. Ch. b. Bryn-y-Pys, Eng., by ist m. : 

+ 17765 Francis Parry'' Price, b. Nov. 9, 1761. By 2d m. .■ 
-i-I7766 Richard Parry"" Price, b. Sept. 3, 1765. 
Richard^ Price, Esq., F. R. S., assumed the name of Parry on 

a bequest by the Right Hon. Benjamin Parry. 

Richard Parrf Price, of Bryn-y-Pys, and of Castle Lyons, 

Ireland, Esq. 

Burke's Armory: Mortimer's Hundred of Wirral, 321 — to whom Birkenhead 
Priory, manor, lordship, and estates descended. — From the time Birkenhead and 
Claughton were granted to Worsley, they are seldom mentioned. Sir Thomas Powell 
built the old hall [before 164x1, of late years called the Priory, on the site of the ancient 
hotel or lodging house erected under the licenses of the Edwards. At this he occasion- 
ally resided, and during the civii war, when the passage over the Mersey was deemed of 
great importance, the house was fortified by the royalists. It surrendered to parlia- 
mentary troops Sept. 22, 1644 ; the hall was rebuilt and considerable additions made to it 
by Mr. Parry Price, who lived in it for some time. At length, in 1843, after having been 
alternately occupied as a farm house, boarding school, a temporary chapel, a lodging 
house, and a private residence, it was demolished, the gardens laid out for streets, now 
covered with 100 shops and houses. 340 — In 1773, William Woods was tenant of Wood- 
side Ferry, under Mrs. Price. 

Puleston Arms. Sa. three mullets ar. Crests — YvcsX, an oak tree ppr., pendant 
therefrom, by a band az., an escutcheon gu. charged with three ostrich feathers ; second, 
on a chapeau gu., turned up erm., a buck statant ppr. attired or. Mott9 — C\&Tiore5 e 
tenebris. Burke's Armory says he m. ist, Anne Puleston, and 2d, Dorothea Byrne. 


THary^ Iliffe {fohn^mffe), m. Jan. 2, 1750-1, William Green. 
Ch.: Charles', died bef. 1782. 17767-9 Jokti' j Charles'' {a-gSiXa.); 
Thomas'', all living in 1782. 
•+1777° Martha' Green. 




WILLIAM" CLEIVELAND (wniiams, William*, WUliamS, Thomas^, 

wiiiiami), d. Sept. 8, 1794, a. 6;^, m. Sept 24, 1767, Margaret Mary- 
Jones of Stadhampton, Oxfordshire, Eng., b. Feb. 23, 1736-7, d. 
Jan. 19, 1777, da. James, Esq. Ch.: 17771 Margaret Eliza- 
beth Anne^Cleiveland, b. Jan. 13, d. 15, 1777. 

Rev. William" Cleiveland, of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, Eng. 
B.A. 1754; M.A. 1757, succeeded his father, 1758, in the rectory 
of All Saints, Worcester, minor canon of Worcester cathedral, 

of which he had been incumbent near 37 years, having, Feb. 8, 1758, succeeded his father, 
who had been presented to the same by that excellent prelate, Bishop Hough, and insti- 
tuted by him June 10, 1731. So that the father and son had held this benefice upwards 
of 63 years, even from the birth of the latter, who may be said to have spent his whole 
life, from his cradle to his death-bed, in the parsonage house at All Saints ; for which he 
bad such a predilection, and such an attachment to this his first and only church (al- 
though attended with very severe duty, which he continued to the last to discharge him- 
self), that no desire or prospect of preferment could tempt him to forsake it ; for the ' 
Bishop of Dromore assured me that, to bis knowledge, Mr. Cleiveland once refused the 
offer of a considerable benefice, which would have required him to abandon his beloved 
parishioners at All Saints. This conscientious, worthy clergyman (who has died with- 
out issue) was the last of the name of Cleiveland of the family at Hinckley. 

Inherited the estate of the Lowe mentioned in Genfs Mag., 
17 S8, XXVIII: 94. 


Thomas'^ Percy {Arthur Lowe^ Percy, Margaret*, WiUiamS, Thomasa, 

wiiiiami), d, at the Bishop's Palace of Dromore, Ireland, Sept. 30, 
181 1, a. 83, m. Anne Goodriche of Desborough, Northampton 
CO., Eng., b. 1731, d. Dec. 30, 1806, da. Bartin Goodriche, gent. 
Ch.: 17772 Ann Cleiveland'' Percy, d, 1770. 

17773 Barbara' Percy, m. Oct. 20, 1795, Samuel Isted, Esq., 
of Ecton, Northamptonshire, Eng., living 1810. Ch.: Ambrose^ 
Isted, b. Feb. 15, 1797 ; Annie^ Isted, d. inf. 

17774 Henrf Percy, d. Marseilles, France, Apr. 2, 1783; 
of Emanuel college, Cambridge, Eng, 

17775 Elizabeth' Percy, m. April 5, 1801, Hon. and Rev. 
Pierce Meade, b. Nov. 21, 1776, 4th s. John, the first earl Clan- 
william. Living 1 810, Ch.: John Pierce^ Meade ; Thomas Percy* 
Meade s Theodosia Barbara* Meade j Edward Richard* Meade ; 
Henry Hugh Francis* Meade. 

i']Tj(i-'j Charlotte'', d. 1772; Hester'', d. 1774. 
Rt. Rev. Thomas^ Persy, D.D., was educated at Christ church, 
Oxford, Eng., became vicar of Easton Manduit, Northampton- 
shire, Eng. (which he held with the rectory of Wilby, North- 
ampton CO.), 1756. Domestic chaplain to the Duke of Northum- 
berland ab. 1766. Chaplain to the King, 1769. Dean of Carlisle 
1778. Promoted to the Bishoprick of Dromore, Ireland, 1782. 
Is best known by his "Reliques of Ancient English Poetry." 
For his writings, see Bibliography, Chap. IV. A life greatly 
distinguished by an active zeal for the promotion of sound 
learning, elegant literature, the advancement of the temporal 
and spiritual interests of the subjects of his charge. 

John NichoW Lit., Illust., VIII : sii — 'R.ev. W. Sturrockto James Macpherson, Aug. 
21, 1787 : " No bishop in the kingdom exercises the various functions of his office with more 
ability, diligence, and approbation." 435 — The bishop's efforts to counteract the per- 
nicious influence of the works of Volney and Paine, his personal exertions, his charge to 
the clergy, his distribution of the scriptures, his encouragement of literary societies and 
Sunday-schools, will be long remembered in the North of Ireland [Mr. Nichols dedicates 
to Bishop Percy the Genealogy — see ante]. z- 


A noble tribute was paid to the Bishop's memory bv the 
establishment, 1840, of The Percy Society for publication of 
Ballad Poetry, etc. President, the Rt. Hon. Lord Graybrooke, 
F. S. A. (d. 1858); Secretary, Thomas Wright, M.A., F. S. A., 
etc. This Society was dissolved 1852, after printing 96 volumes. 


Anthony" Percy {Arthur uwe^ Percy), d. Nov. 7, 1795, a. 64, 
m. Mary Mason, she d. Jan. 21, 1795, da. John, gent. Ch.:' 
+ 17778 Thomas' Percy, b. Sept. 13, 1768. 


Francis 'Parry'' Price {mckard Parry^ Price, &.lic&^,i6iin\ Joseph^, 

Thomas", William'), d. after i8io, m. June 13, 1783, Francisca Wright, 
a da. Rev. Henry Offley Wright of Mottram, St. Andrew, Ches- 
ter CO., Eng. Ch.: 

+ 17779 Francis Richard^ Price. 

17780 Francisca^ Price, m. George Kenyon of Cefn, Esq. 

Francis Parrf Price, of Bryn-y-Pys, Eng., and of Castle 
Lyons, Ireland, Esq. See ante and Mortimer's Wirral, jzi; 
Burke's Armory. 


Richard Parry'' Price {Richard Parry^ Price), d. after 1813,. 
m. twice. Ch.: Several. 

Richard Parry'' Price Pul.eston, of Emrall, Esq., inherited the 
Emral estates, assumed the name of Puleston, and was created 
a Baronet in 1813 — Mortimer's Wirral, 321; Burke's Armory. 


'Martha^ Green {Mary'- lUffe, JoM^ lUffe, Joseph'^ Iliffe, Elizabeth^, 

Thomasa, wiiiiami), m. June 14, 1778, as 2d w., John Nichols, b. Feb. 
2, 1744-5, d. Nov. 26, 1826. Ch.: 

+ 17781 John Bowyer^ Nichols. 

17782 Thomas Cleiveland* Nichols, d. Apr. 2, 1782. 

John Nichols, F. S. A., the well-known author and publisher. 

Allibone's Dictionary, /^^-rOne of the most eminent literary benefactors of modern 
times has already claimed our respectful notice in our articles on Atterbury, Francis ; 
Ayscbugh, Samuel ; Bowyer, William ; Cave, Edward ; Gough, Richard ; Hardinge, 
George ; Hogarth, William, etc., and will be hereafter mentioned from time to time as 
we have occasion to refer to valuable works, made more valuable by his intelligent edi- 
torial supervision. Lowndes Bib. Man. — This industrious man was either author or 
editor of 60 works, a list of which in the Gentlemefi's Magazine, Dec, 1826, of which val- 
uable periodical he was editor and proprietor 48 years. . . . Autobiographical sketch 
in his Literary Anecdotes of the i8th Century. Among his works ; The origin of Print- 
ing; Bibliotheca Topographica Britannica, Printed by and for John Nichols, London, 
1780-1790, 4»,- Supplement to Bib. Top. Brit. Miscel. Antiq., i7gi, 1800, 2 vols., 4" ; His. and 
Antiq. of Leicester co., I7q5-i8i5, 4 vols., fol.; Royal and Noble wills; Biographies and 
Anecdotes of Wm. Ged, Wm. Bowyer, Wm. Hogarth, 1781-1817 ; Poems ; Processions of 
Q. Elizabeth and of James I; Times in Eng., 15th, i6th, and 17th Centuries; His. and 
Antiq. of Hinckley, 17 plates, 1813. 

Memoir of John Nichols, Esq., F. S. A., by Alexander] C [haimersj, 182b, repr. from 
Gent. Mag. 

Nichols Bib. Top., VII John Nichols m.- ist, June 22, 

1766, Anne Cradock, she d. Feb. 18, 1777, da. William and Sarah 



(Gent). Ch.: William Bowyer Nichols, b. 1775, d. 1776; Anne 
Nichols, 1. 1782 ; 'Sarah Nichols, 1. 1782. 

Ondeby-, Oneby, or Onebye ancestry : — John', res'd Hinckley middle of i6th century, 
his family of Newton Burguland, Leicestershire, 14th century ; John^, barrister, born 
Hinckley 1582, m. Emme Byard, da. Barth. ; Emme^ Onebye m. Dr. William Mason; 
Richard* Mason m. Anne Jarman ; Dorothy' Mason m. William Cradock, related to Earl 
of Huntingdon ; William' Cradock. 


Thomas' JPercy, D. C. L. {Amkony* Percy), d. May 14, 1808, 
a. 39. Fellow of St. John's Coll., Oxford, Eng. LL.B. 1792, 
LL.D. 1797. Vicar of Thurrock Greys 1793. Poet and author, 
see Bibliography, Chap. IV. 

Allibone's Dictionary — Rev. Thomas'' Percy excited the wonder 
of Daines Barrington by an epic poem of more than 600 lines, 
written in his ninth year. Nichols Lit. Anec, VIII : 14J; Lit. 
Illu., VII: S4, 192, VIII: loi, 108, 256 — An elegant scholar, a 
poet, and a very accomplished, amiable man. 


Francis MichaVd" Pvice {Francis Parry-' Price, Richard Parry^ 
/'rzV^.Alice', John*, Josephs, Thomas', Williami), m. jst, Susan Patker, da. 

Thomas Townley Parker, of Entwistle, Eng.,.Esq. He m. 2d, 

Eliza Philipson, da. Philipson, Esq. Ch.: Several^, all died 

prior to 1845. 

Francis Richard^ Price, of Bryn-y-Pys and Birkenhead, Eng., 
Esq., whose name Will ever occupy a most prominent situation 
in the history of Birkenhead, to whom have descended the 
manor, lordship, and estates in Cheshire called the manor of 
Birkenhead, alias Birkett and Claughton-cum-Grange, with all 
the demesne lands, tenements, etc., to them belonging, together 
with divers lands, messuages, etc., in Birkenhead [Priory, etc.], 
Wallasey, Tranmere, and Claughton. 

Alor timer's Wirral, 323— Birkenhead. Soon after the demise of his father, Mr. 
Price, who had succeeded to the entire townships of Birkenhead and Claughton, barred 
the entail created in 1765 by the will of his great-grandmother, Mrs. Alice Price, which 
limited the estates to her gr. s., Francis Parry Price, and the heirs of his body in tail 
male. In 1817 and 1818, Messrs. Hetherington and Grindrod, whose attention was at- 
tracted by the facility of transit likely to result from the introduction of steam-boats on 
the Mersey, where they first appeared in 1815, purchased from Mr. Price a large portion 
of the sea front, and the lands surrounding the priory. In their agreement with Mr. 
Price, it was stipulated that certain streets should be cut through the fields, and a new 
church built by that gentleman ; they engaging to form another landing place and to 
construct a hotel, on that part of the property now occupied by the Birkenhead Hotel 
and Ferry. 327— In 1822, the new Church was opened. In 1823, an actual survey of 
Birkenhead and Claughton was made by Mr. William Lawton, a land-surveyor and 
agent to Mr. Price, from which it appears there were 61 houses. 330 — Woodside Ferrj' 
Co.., lessees under Mr. Price, "had an ancient right of Ferry from Birkenhead to Liver- 
pool." 341 —In 1S23, Mr. Price erected a new pier, the present landing slip of the Ferry. 
342 — Mr. Price agreed to extend the lease of Ferry to 21 years. 347 — Mr. Jackson 
offered benefit of the contracts he had made with Mr. Price for his reversionary interest 
in the Ferry to the township, an offer gladly accepted. 349 — Ferry boat Eliza Price, of 
150 tons. 357 — By the Corporation of Liverpool considerable purchases near Wallasey 
Pool made from Mr. Price, land for purposes of trade of port of Liverpool docks. 362 — 
Commissioners for Improvement of Birkenhead, by the act for their incorporation, were 
empowered to erect a Town Hall, Prison, and a Public Market. Towards these pur- 
poses Mr. Price contributed an acre of land for the site, in addition to paying a moiety 
of the expenses of obtaining the act of parliament. 373 — Mr. Price bound purchasers of 
land not to erect steam-engines or nuisances in the town. 374 — Price Street, 2,700 yards 
length, 84 ft. breadth, named after the late owner of the township, Mr. Price. 38^ — In 
1S44, Adelphi Hotel and Woodside Hotel were purchased from Mr. Price by Mr. William 
Jackson. 387 — Statement of Commissioners of Birkenhead. To F. R. Price, for Fee- 
simple of Woodside Perry, ^£44,000. 351 — St. Mary's church, erected by Mr. Price, at his 
own expense, on elevated ground adjacent to ruins of ancient Priory. July Tq, 1819, 



foundation stone was laid with much ceremony by Right Hon. Lord Kenyon. The de- 
signs furnished by the eminent architect and antiquary, Thomas Rickman. Church 90 
feet long by 57 feet breadth, of Decorated English Architecture, which prevailed during 
14th century, during reign of 2d and 3d Edwards, by whom charters were granted to the 
Priory. Tower and spire 130 ft. high. 335 — In 1844; Mr. Price sold the residue of his 
Birkenhead property, together with St. Mary's Church and the manor of Claughton, to 
William Jackson, Esq., thus terminating the connection that had existed between those 
townships and the house of Bryn-y-pys for upwards of a century. 


John JSotVyer^ JVicholS, F. S. A. {Martha-' Green, Mary' Iliffe, 
Jolm^ IHffe, Joseph* Iliffe, Elizabeths, Thomas", William'). Residence 1806, 

Red Lion Passage, Fleet street, London, Eng. The distin- 
guished author. See Bibliography, Chap. IV. His son : 
+ 177^3 John GougJt' Nichols, b. May 22, 1806, London. 


Johlfl G-OUgW Nichols {jokn Sowyer^ Nichols, Martha'' Green, Mary» 
Iliffe, John<- Iliffe, Joseph* Iliffe, Elizabeth', Thomas', Williami), b. at his father's 

residence, Red Lion Passage, Fleet st., London, Eng., May 22, 
1806, d. at Holmwood Park, near Dorking, in Surry, Eng., Nov. 
13, 14, 1873, "^- J^ly 22, 1843, Lucy Lewis, eldest daughter of 
Frederick Lewis, Esq., Commander R. N, Children : 

17784 John Bruce"" Nichols, b. Nov. 18, 1848, whose name 
was joined, in 18^3, to those of his father and uncle as " Printers 
of the Votes and Proceedings of the House of Commons." 
Two daughters^". 

From N. E. His. Gen. Reg., XXX : 118: Necrology of the New- 
England Historic Genealogical Society — Prepared by the Rev. 
Dorus Clarke, D.D., late Historiographer of the Society : John 
GouGH Nichols, F. S. A., a corresponding member. He was 
the representative of a family which, while carrying on success- 
fully the business of printing, has for three generations, more 
or less, distinguished itself in the sphere of literature and arch- 
aeological research. In 181 1, the subject of this notice was 
placed at a school at Islington, where Benjamin Disraeli was 
his school -fellow. In 181 4, he was sent to Lewisham, where he 
remained until 1816, and in 181 7 was placed at Merchant Tay- 
lor's, from which, in the summer of 1824, he left school to join 
in the business and literary labors of his father and grandfather, 
to whom, before his school-days were over, he was a useful 
assistant. Journals kept by him during his school-days, are 
still in existence, and indicate the bent of his mind. He makes 
notes on churches, and copies inscriptions and epitaphs. His 
first literary work, after leaving school, was to help in the com- 
pilation of the " Progresses of King James the First," the latest 
work of his father, which lie completed after his father's death. 
He took an active part in the editorial management of The 
Gentleman's Magazine until 1856 (when the proprietorship was 
relinquished by the Messrs. Nichols), contributing to its pages 
many essays of considerable historical value. [For a catalogue 
of his writings, see Bibliography, Chap. IV.] In 1829, he pub- 
lished his first separate work, a collection of Autographs of 
Royal, Noble, Learned, and Remarkable Personages, accom- 
panied by Biographical Memoirs, which show extensive research 



and historical knowledge in its young author. In 183 1, he pub- 
lished a volume on London Pageants, which was received with 
considerable favor. In 1835, he was elected a. Fellow of the 
Society of Antiquaries, of which he was an active and useful 
member until the time of his death. In 1838, he suggested 
and, in conjunction with other friends, established the Camden 
Society, the objects of which were announced to be "to perpet- 
uate and render accessible whatever is valuable, but at present 
little known amongst the materials for the Civil, Ecclesiastical, 
or Literary History of the United Kingdom." This society 
rapidly achieved a triumph beyond the hopes of its projectors. 
In 1844, he became an original member of the Archaeological 
Association. The termination of Mr. Nichols's connection with 
the management of The Gentleman's Magazine had been ren- 
dered necessary by the state of his health, but it was with great 
reluctance that he renounced it, and in little more than a year" 
we find him planning the establishment of another periodical, 
which ultimately took the form of the Herald and Genealogist, 
which met with great favor, but other engagements and uncer- 
tain health interfered seriously with the regularity of the pub- 
lication. Mr. Nichols joined the London and Middlesex Arch- 
seological Association on its first establishment in 1855, and was 
elected a member of its Council in 1857, and a Vice-President 
in 1865, which offices he retained until his death. The Trans- 
actions of this society also bear witness to his untiring industry 
and extensive knowledge. Throughout the summer of 1873 
his friends had observed with regret a decided falling off in his 
health and strength, but he still bestowed an immense amount 
of labor upon his different undertakings. A few days before 
his death he read a proof of a new edition of Mr. Evelyn Shir- 
ley's "Stemmata Shirleiana." He was admitted a member of 
this institution July 23, 1864. 

Allibone, 1423 — John Gough Nichols inherited the antiqua- 
rian tastes which have made the name so famous in " Old buck 
literature." See Etiglish Cyclopadia Btog., iS^J, IV: 487. 

Early and Modern Clevelands in England. 

17785 WiLLELMUS DE Cliuelande : Publications of the Sur- 
tees Society, established in the year MDCCCXXXIV, LVIII : 7j?p> — 
Estates of the Prior and Convent of Durham, Eng. Northam- 
shire and Islandshire. Wolveston, parish of Billingham. Grant 
from Earl Robert in favor of Bishop William First, 109 1-2. 
This gift was confirmed by Bishop Hugo de Pusat, in a charter 
having the same witnesses with Willelmus de Cliuelande, 
Ricardus de Parco, and Walterus de Insula. Further confirmed 
by Henry II [1154-89]. 

17786 Hugo or Hugone de Cliveland. Surtees Soc. Pub., 
1837, II : 143 — The Priory of Finchdale, Durham co., Eng. 
Charters of Endowment CLIV De VIII Acris Terrae in Thorp. 
Willielmus filius Johannis de Thorp. * Hiis testibus domino 
Hugone de Capella, Ada de Fulthorp, Galfrido de Parco militi- 
bus, Elya de Aldacres, Nigillo de Thorp, Roberto de eadem 




clerico, Radulpho filio Hulin, Gilberto Franceys, Johanne Belle, 
HuGONE DE Cliveland, Roberto filio Adae de Wyttone et aliis. 
[CLV, with Roberto de Thorp a witness, is dated 1265.] 

17787 OsBURN DE Cliveland, of co. Danark, Scotland, 
swore fealty, 1296, to Edward I. Lyon office of Edinburgh, 

17788 Sir Guy de Cleveland was present at the siege of 
Boulogne, France, 1349, and there Knighted, afterward com- 
manded the spearmen at the battle of Poitiers, Vienne, France, 
fought Sept. 19, 1356, between Edward Plantagenet, the Black 
Prince, Prince of Wales, with 12,000 men, and King John of 
France (who was defeated and taken prisoner), with 6o,coo. 
[Note the Cleveland Crest — A spearman.] 

17789 WiLLELMO Clyveland. Surtees Soc. Fub., LIII : 
114-IJ — Testamenta Eboracensia. Will of Mr. William Warde 
of York, June 20, 1496. Willelmo Clyveland j muske ball de 

17789"* Willelmi Cleveland. Surtees Soc. Pub., LIII : 
300 — The Horse Fair, York. Testamenta Eboracensia. Ex- 
ecutor' testamenti magistri Willelmi Cleveland nuper vicarii 
de Tadcastre xxvj li. xiij s. iiij d. [Perhaps 1500.] 

17790 William Cleveland. Surtees Soc. Pub., LIII : 244. 

— May 6, 1506. Will of Dan John Fell, Chantry Priest at St. 
William's Altar, in York Minster. 

I yeve to y« Beddeme and y" vicars yeroff oon goblett W a cover off silver and gilt, 
to pray for my saule and ys saule of Maister William Cleveland. 

1 7791 Rev. John Cleveland, of Byland Abbey, York- 
shire, Eng. Monasticon Eboracense. By John Burton, M.D., IJ^S, 
P- 339 — Abbotts of Byland. 30th Jan., 28 Hen. VIII, 1536, this 
abbey was, by king's letters patent, preserved from the dissolu- 
tion of the lesser monasteries, and refounded, but 30 Hen. VIII, 
1540, it was surrendered by John Leeds alias Alanbrigg, the 
abbott, and 24 monks. Amongst whom following annual pen- 
sions were granted : To the abbot, John Bainton, John Moyser, 
Christopher Cromacke, Richard Parson, Thomas Metcalf, John 
Cleveland, and Robert Wilkinson [each 5I., 5s.], William 
Weatherhall. All remaining in charge 1553, ist Mary. Site 
granted, 32 Hen. VIII, to Sir William Pickeringe. At present 
belongs to Sir Bryan Stapleton. 

17792 Jacob Cleveland, m. — Parish Register of St. Dun- 
stan in the East, London, Eng. — Feb. 23, 1611-12, Dorathy Smith 

— N.Y. Gen. Bio. Pec, XXVI: 21— Parish Reg. of St. Dunstan, 
transcribed by James Greenstreet, Hon. Sec. of Pipe Roll Soc. 

17792^ Benjamin Cleveland or Cheland. N. E. Keg., 
XLV : 230 — Joseph Maye, of the Strand, Middlesex co., Eng., 
will. Mar. (?) 5, 1631. To my cousin, Benjamin Cheland, ^5. 
Codicil ab. Nov. 20, 1635. His cousin, Benjamin Cleveland, 
should have but 40s. 

17793 Benjamin Cleveland, rector of Moreleigh, Eng., 
1641. Presentations to benefices, 16 Car. i: John Armourer to 
vicarage of Eyworth ; William Styles to the vicarage of Stal- 
ham ; Benjamin Cleveland, to the rectory of Moreleigh — 
Syllabus in English of Pymer's Eoedera [by Thomas Rymer and 
Robert Sanderson\ By Sir Thomas Duffy Hardy, 1885, II: goi. 



17793" John Cleveland, of Newton, Eng., administration 
of his will 1646. [There is a Newton in Hundred of Wirrai, 


JOHN' CLEVELAND, b. prob. 1670-88, of Eng., had a son : 

17795 John'' Cleveland . . . 1731, Mr. Cleveland 
clerk of the cheque at Plymouth, Eng. . . . 1753, John 
Cleveland, Jr., esq. Secretary of the Admiralty, and a chief 
clerk, . . . 1754, John Cleveland, Jr., esq., to be judge ad- 
vocate, Portsmouth, Eng. . . . Writes June 4, 1757, from 
Admiralty Office, to Capt., since Commodore William Wilson. 
. . . Sir Edward Hawke writes, Nov. 24, 1759, from Royal 
George, off Penris Point, to Mr. Cleveland. . . . 1760. agt. 
of marine. . . . Apr. 13, 1763, John Cleveland, Esq., ist sec. 
to the admiralty and member for Plymouth. . . . Relict of 
the late sec. Cleveland, died Dec. 5, 1764 — Gent. Magazine, I: 
85; XXIII: 2p7j XXIV: 580; XXX: 250 ; XXXIII: 314; 
XXXIV : 603; Gravels Cleveland, 201; Peerage of Eng., by Arthur 
Collins, edited by Sir Samuel Egerton Brydges, VII : 466. 

17796 Sir John Cleveland, of the Navy Department, 
one of the relations found in Eng. 1754-5, by Rev. Aaron* 
Cleveland -{-120. 

17797 Capt. Cleveland, removed 1757 to the Shannon, a 
new fir ship, 28 guns. Capt. Cleveland, 1759, of the Windsor, 
60 guns. 17797* Capt. Cleveland, 1763, capt. of the Phenix. 
17798 Capt. Rt. Cleveland, of the W. I. trade, m. Aug. 25, 
1768, Miss Amelia Cole of Rotherhite, Eng. — Gent. Mag. 

17799 Ezra Cleveland, B. D., author of Histojy of Fam- 
ily of Courtenay, 1735. See Bibliography, Chap. IV. Gibbon 
observes : " The rector of Honiton [Eng.] (Ezra Cleaveland) 
has more gratitude than industry, and more industry than criti- 
cism " — Lowndes' BibL, 1864. 

17800 Augustus Cleveland, b. 1755, d. 1784, said to have 
been a cousin of Sir John Shore, ist lord of Teignmouth [Peer- 
age of Ireland, Gov.-Gen. of India, b. Oct. 8, 1751, m. Charlotte, 
only da. of James Cornish, esq.]. Bengal civilian, an Indian 
administrator of exceptional ability. Collector and Magistrate 
of Boligpoor. Founded a school, raised a corps of Sepoys. 
Gov. Warren Hastings erected a monument to him at Calcutta. 
John Shore wrote a monody on his death — Life of Lord Teign- 
mouth, 1 : 48g, 4gp. Bp. Heber, who reached Calcutta years 
afterward, found his memory still treasured — Die. of National 
Biog., by Leslie Stephen, XI : 4g. Judge Cleveland noticed in 
Works of Rt. Rev. Reginald Heber, Bishop of Calcutta — the people 
of India hold a religious feast in his memory. Mentioned in 
William Makepeace Thackeray' s Lectures on the Four Georges, 44J. 

1 7 80 1 Col. Cleveland, 1762, 2d in command under Earl 
of Albemarle (Gen. Michelson, dec.) — Gent. M., XXXII. 

17802 Lt.-Col. Samuel Cleveland, 4th Battalion Royal 

O^ce N. Y. Sec. State, XXII : ZSQ — May 14, 1774. Agreement as to s,ooo acres land 
not yet located, to which Lt.-Col. SAMUEL CLEVELAND is entitled by virtue of His Maj- 
esty's proclamation, Oct. 7, 1763, he agreeing to convey % of sd. 5,000 acres to John Kelly. 
Signed in presence of Robert Foster. 



Memoirs of Capt. William Glanville Evelyn of 4th Reg. (" King's 
Own ") from N. Atnerica, IJJ4-6. Ed. by Gideon Delaplaine Scull, 
i8jg — Sketch of Col. Cleaveland, R. .A. New London, Conn., 
Gazette, Oct. 28, 17^4 — Attempt on the life of Col. Cleveland, 

17803 Gen. Cleveland. American Biography. By fared 
Sparks: Life of Joseph Warren, by Alexiinder Hill Everett, X: i^j — 

Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775. After the British landed it was discovered that the can- 
non balls were too large for the pieces. This blunder arose from the dotage of an ofHcer, 
Gen. Cleveland. It created delay, and diminished the British fire during the first two 
attacks. [In honor of Gen. Cleveland, Capt. Alexander' (Capt. Alexander') Forbes, B. A., 
named his son: Capt. Cleaveland Alexander Forbes — of Perth Amboy, N. J., ab. 1790, 
among whose posterity Cleaveland often appears as a given name — see N. Y. Gen. Bio. 
Rec, XXI : isq.\ 17804 Col. and Maj.-Gen. SAMUEL CLEVELAND, war office, Feb. 24, 
ijn- Gent. M./XLJX : 2TS. 

17805 JOHN Cleaveland, malster, Ipswich, Eng., Silent st., n. St. Clemence Church, 
to whom Rev. John Cleaveland +233 wrote, Dec. 25, 1750. See +i. 

17800 T. Jackson Cleveland, High Holbhaberd [Eng.], Sept. 21, 1771. 

17807 Breholt Cleveland, London, Eng., mariner, Jan., 1775. 

17808 Miss Selina CleveLjVND. with io,oool. fortune, m., Aug. 16, 1777, John Udney, 
esq., British Consul at Leghorn — Gent. Mag:, XLVII: 4^q. 

17809 John Clevland, of Tapley, Eng., m. Jan. lo, 1782, 
Mrs. Hawese. — Gent. Magazine, LIL : 4^. 


JOHN CLEVELAND, Member of Parliament for Barn- 
staple, Eng., d. 1817, m. Ibbetson and Saltren. 

Burke's Armorv ~Cise.vl\tst> (Tapley, co. Devon, the sisters and heirs of JOHN 
Cleveland, esq., M.P. for Barnstaple, who d. in 1817, m. Ibbetson and Saltren). Az. a 
hare salient or, collared gu. to the collar a buglehorn pendent sa. Crest — A cubit arm 
erect, vested az. cuffed ar. holding in the hand ppr. a dagger of the second, hilt and pom- 
mel or. Motto — Audaces juvat. 

Burke's Armory — Willett (Combe in Abbotsham, Porthill 
in Northam, Tapeley in Westleigh, co. Devon ; the last male 
heir. John Willet, esq., d. 1836, having bequeathed his estates 
to William Saltren (2d s. of Thomas Saltren of Stone, in Park- 
ham, esq.), whose elder s., Augustus, assumed the addtl. sur- 
name of Willett, and dying, 1803, left a s. [4-17811] Augustus 
Saltren- Willett, esq., who inherited Tapeley from John 

(Same as Walthamstow, co. Essex.) Ar. three bars gemelles sa.; in chief as many 
lions ramp, of the second. Crest — On a ducal coronet or, a moorcock, with wings ex- 
panded, sa. combed and wattled gu. 

Landed Gentry, by Sir Bernard Burke, 254 — Margaret Caro- 
line Clevland [Cleveland], of Tapeley Park, wid. of [m. 1830] 


D. L. for Devon, and col. North Devon Militia — n^e Augustus 
Saltren Willet, assumed name of Cleveland compliance with 
will of his uncle, John Cleveland, esq., the last male represent- 
ative of the Clevlands of Faskine, co. Lanark — County Families 
of the United Kingdom, by Edward Walford, M.A., i86s\, and 
eldest da. of the late Col. John Palmer Chichester, esq., of Ar- 
lington Court, CO. Devon, by his 2d wife, Agnes, eldest da. of 
James Hamilton, esq., of Bangour and Ninewaz, N. B., s to the 
Tapeley Est. Mrs. Clevland has had issue : 

I. Archibald, of Tapeley Park, cornet 17th lancers, b. May 
10, 1833, fell at Inkerman, Nov. 5, 1854, left his property to his 



2. Agnes Hamilton, m. Oct., 1855, William Langham Chris- 
tie, esq., of Preston Deanery, co. Northampton, and has issue, 
Augustus-Langham, b. 1857, Langham Charles, b. 1859, Archi- 
bald, b. i860. 

3. Caroline Chichester, m., 1857, William-Wither Beach, 
esq., M. P. of Oakley Hall Hants, and has a son, Archibald 
William-Hicks, b. Oct. 21, 1859. 

17812 Mr. Cleveland, surgeon, Gracechinchstral, Eng., 
m. Jan. 15, 1785, Miss Sally Ward — Gent. M., LV : 75. 

1 7813 Mr. Cleveland, coal merch., Dorset st., Salisbury- 
square, London, Eng., d. Dorset st.-, Feb. 14, 1785, his wid., Mrs, 
Cleveland, m. 2d, July 7, 1790, William Girdler of Harehatch, 
Sunning, Berks, Eng. — G. M., LV : 138 ; LX .- 763. 

1 7814 Richard' Cleveland, esq., of Leacock, Eng., his 
da.: Miss'' Cleveland, d. Apr. 21, 1792. — G. M., LXII: 480. 

17815 John Cleveland, No. 32426 — Index to Heirs at law, 
missing friends, creditors, advertised for ijo years. By Robert Cham- 
bers, revised by Edward Preston, London, i8j2,p. 75. John 9 — In- 
dex Register for Next of Kin, by Constantine William DeBernardy, 
London, 18^8. John (Barbecan, London) 7 — do. 

17816 Miss Mary Cleveland, No. 8845 — Chamber's Ix. 

17817 Mary Maria Cleveland 7 — JDe Bernardy's Reg. 
Mary Maria (Barnaby?) 9 — do. Mary Maria, Isl'gt'n, No. 
4019s — Robert Gun's Index to Advertisements in newspapers in Eng., 
Wales, Scotl., Irel., U. S., Can., Australia, E. and W. Indies, France, 
Holland, Belgium, Germany, etc., since 1600, for next of kin, heirs, 
cases of unclaimed money, London. Mary Maria (Middlesex), No. 
30180 — Chamber's Ix. 

17818 Matthew Cleveland, No. 12732 — do. Matthew 
7 — De B. Ix. 17819 Thomas Cleveland, 18328, Chamber's Ix. 
Thomas 6 — Gun's Ix. 

17820 Mr. James Cleveland, d. London, Eng., Apr. 29, 
1783, carver in Charlestr, London, Eng., m. Apr. 29, 1783, Mrs. 
S. Dickinson. Soon after they returned from church Ijride- 
groom was seized with an apoplectic fit and expired. — Gents. 
M., LIII: 451. 

1782 1 Col. Frederick-Darby Cleaveland, Royal Artil- 
lery, b. 1822, d. Sept. 27, 1861, m. Sept. 30, 1852, Hon. Sophia, a 
da. of Sir Edward-Burtenshaw Sugden. Edward-Burtenshaw 
Sugden, Baron St. Leonards, of Slaugham, co. Sussex, Eng., in 
the Peerage of the United Kingdom ; late Lord High Chancel- 
lor of Great Britain, P. C. of Great Britain and Ireland, High 
Steward of Kingston-upon-Thames, a Bencher of Lincoln's Inn, 
LL.D. and D. C. L.; b. Feb., 1781, m. Dec. 23, i8o8, Winifred, 
only ch. of Mr. John Knapp, she d. May 19, 186 1. His Lordship 
is an eminent lawyer, and author of several standard legal 
works; was called to the bar 1807, Knighted as Solicitor-Gen- 
eral 1829, has been at two several periods Lord Chancellor of 
Ireland, and was advanced to the Peerage on his appointment, 
Feb. 29, 1852, as Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, being 
the first person who ever held this high dignity both in Eng- 
land and Ireland. Creation — Mar. i, 1852. 


^^a/ — Boyle Farm, Thames-Ditton, Surrey. Sugden (Shropshire; as borne by Sir 
Edward B. Sugden). Az. a fesse or, in chief 3 maidens' heads couped at the shoulders 
ppr. vested and crined or ; in base a leopard's head of the last. Crest — A leopard's head 
erased or, ducally gorged az. Motto — Lahore vinces. — Lodgers Peerage, iSbs, page 507 : 
Burke's Armory. 

17822 Capt. Henry Cleveland, of H. B. M. Iron Clad, 
Iron Duke, which went ashore at Shanghai, May, 1879. 

17823 Miss Emily Cleveland, 51 Woburn Place, W. C, 
London, Eng. — Directory, 18^4. 

17824 William Frederick Cleveland, stock jobber, 70 
Cornhill. — London, Eng., Directory, l8g4. 

17824^ Cleveland & Lightbody, solicitors, 222 Strand, W. 
C. — London, Eng., Directory, 18^4. 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND, of Lowestoft, county Suffolk, 
England, merchant. Born at Lowestoft 1750, died at Lowestoft 
July 26, 1805, aged 55, married first, Margaret Boulter, born 
1745, died June 18, 1782, aged 37. He married secondly. Chil- 
dren born at Lowestoft, by first marriage : 

+ 17826 William' Cleveland, born Mar. 2, 1781. By sec- 
ond marriage : 

17827 James' Cleveland, born May 20, 1785, died at Low- 
estoft, Sept. 27, 1864. 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (wiiiiann), died at Lowestoft, 
Eng., Oct. 16, 1861, aged 80, married Ann Hogg, born at Low- 
estoft Dec. 20, 1790, Their son : 

-f- 1 7 828 William Frederick' Cleveland, bom Aug. 13, 
1823, at Lowestoft. 


born at Lowestoft, county Suffolk, England, August 13, 1823, 
married Sept. 27, 1851, Cordelia Churchill, who was the younger 
daughter of Joseph and Mary (Turner) Churchill. Children : 

17829 Three sons and thr^e daughters. The eldest son 
is a Member of the London Stock Exchange, and the youngest 
son is a Solicitor and Journalist. 

William Frederick' Cleveland, M.D., was educated at 
Guy's Hospital, and became a Member of the Royal College of 
Surgeons, England, and Licentiate of the Apothecaries' Com- 
pany in 1846, and graduated M.D. of St. Andrews' University, 
Scotland, 1862. Residence since 185 1, in Maida Vale, London, 
Eng. Surgeon. In 1870, Dr. Cleveland was elected President 
of the Harveian Society of London, and published, as his Presi- 
dential Address, " The modes of dying." [See Bibliography, 
Chap. IV.] He is an original Fellow of the Obstetrical Society 
of London, and has twice been Vice-President, viz.: in 1875-7 
and 1887-9. In 1890, was elected President of the Metropolitan 
Counties Branch of the British Medical Association, and pub- 
lished, as his Presidential Address, " The Energy of the Animal 
Body." In 1894, Dr. Cleveland was appointed President of the 



Section of " Ethics " at the forthcoming meeting of the British 
Medical Association in London, 1895. Carries the Cleveland 

■Crest — A demi old man ppr. habited az. having on a cap gu. turned up with a hair front, 
holding in the dexter hand a spear headed ar., on the top of which is fixed a line ppr. 
passing behind him, and coiled up in the sinister hand. 

Dr. Cleveland is a subscriber for this Genealogy. 



CLEVELAND, of Loughbro, Eng., went to America 

with the Skipworths of Cotes, Eng., and Henry Herrick, who 
removed from Virginia to Salem, Mass., before June 28, 1653. 
See page 25. 


MOSES' CLEVELAND, b. in Ipswich, Suffolk co., Eng., 
May 13, 15, 1718, d. Ipswich Sept. 5, 1800. Ch.: 

-[-17832 John" Cleveland, b. Feb. 17, 1750, Ipswich. And 
probably other children. 

Moses' Cleveland lived in Ipswich, the very town, whence 
•came, loo years previously, the ancestor of the New England 
Clevelands, Moses' Cleveland -f i, of Woburn, Mass., who very 
probably was of the same stock in Eng. 


JOHN" CLEVELAND (Mosesi), d. Turnstall (20 miles from 
Ipswich), Eng., Apr. 5, 1825, a. 75. He was a carpenter. Ch. 
"b. Ipswich [from church rec.^ Ipswich\ all of whom were living, 
1835, in vicinity of Ipswich, Turnstall, and Blaxhall, Suffolk co., 
Eng., and have since intended to come to America : 

17833-4 Thurza' Cleveland, b. June 10, 1792, m. John 
Barker, merch. Susannah^, b. Mar. 23, 1794, m. James Gray- 
ston, master builder. 

+ 17835 James^ Cleveland, b. Apr. 6, Oct. 8, 1796. 

+ 17836 JoHN^ Cleveland, b. Aug. 17, 1798. 

17837 Margaret^ b. Sept. 2, 1800, m. James Reed, book- 


JAMES' CLEVELAND (john>, MosesO, d. Rochester, N. Y., 
Oct. 6, 1859, a. 63, m. Turnstall, Eng., 1821, Jemima Robinson, 
b. Eng. Sept. 2, 1800. Ch. : 17838 Mary Ann*, born Sept. 23, 
1823-4, Turnstall, d. Hamilton, Ont, or Niagara, N. Y., 1842-4, 

-[-17839 James" Cleveland, b. June 24, 1825, Ipswich, Eng. 
17840 Susannah^, b. May 31, 1827, 30, 1828, 1., m. Roches- 
ter, Nov. 12, 1849-50, Edwin M. Langdon. Of Rochester 1878, 
decorator. Ch. born R.: James Edwi/i'', Aug. 17, 1851; Cora A,'' 
Langdon^ May 31, 1857. Charles^ b. Aug. i, Ipsw., d. I. Oct. i, 

4-17841 John* Cleveland, b. Oct. 12, 1830, i, 1831, Ipswich. 


4-17842 Sarah^ Cleveland, b. Sept. 16, 1832, 18, 1833, Ips- 
wich, Eng. 

Jambs'* Cleveland came from Eng., and landed in New 
York city Apr. 18, 1835. Resided successively in Mass., Troy, 
N. Y., Buffalo, N. Y., Toronto, Hamilton, Ont., Can., 1841-51, 
Rochester afterward. Mason builder. His widow res. R. 


JOHN' CLEVELAND (john», Mosesi), still lives, 1878, in Ips- 
wich, Eng., builder. Ch.: 17843 John'', builder, prob. others. 


JAMES" CLEVELAND (james', John", Moses'), m. Syracuse, N. 
Y., Jan. I, 2, 1 85 1, Mary Elizabeth Homer or Horner. Ch.: 

+ 17844 James Henry" Cleveland, b. Aug. 5, 1852, Roches- 
ter, N. Y. 

17845 Emma Jane^ Cleveland, b. Jan. 17, 1855, Roches- 
ter, N. Y., m. Detroit, Mich., Sept. 23, 1875, McFarland Nielson. 
Ch.: George Henry^, b. Mar. 5, 1877, D.; Frederick McFarland", b. 
Nov. I, 1879, Jackson, Mich.; Wyiie Cleveland'' Nielson, July 28, 
1882, Jackson, 

17846-9 Ann Maria', born Nov. 23, 1857, R., m. Detroit, 
Mich., May 30, 1883, George G. Spencer. George William', b. 
Dec. 12, 1870, D., d. D. Jan. 13, 1871. Hattie Bell*, b. May 11, 
1872, D. Fannie Irene', Oct. 25, 1874, D.' 

James* Cleveland, from Eng. with his father's family 1835. 
Learned mason business with his father — stone and brick 
structures. Worked in Syracuse, N. Y., returned to Rochester 
1 85 1. To Milwaukee, May, 1852, in charge of building Custom 
House. Returned to former home, and later built the canal 
boat. Morning Star, which he sailed on Erie canal from Buffala 
to N. Y. 3 years. Then built gas houses West, far as Minn.; 
was at Toledo, O., 8 months, to Oct., 1866, and rem. to Detroit,, 
where he res. 1884. Built the gas works there. 


JOHN' CLEVELAND (James', John", Mosesi), m. Rochester, N.. 
Y., Oct. 7, 1852-3, Mary Elizabeth Beadle or Beebe, b. Birming- 
ham, Greene co., N. Y. Dwelt Trent, Muskegon county, Mich. 
Of Sparta, Mich., 1884, mason. Ch.: 17850-6 Adda Susan- 
nah', b. Sept. 18, 1854, Rochester, m.; William Henry', July 6, 
1856, R., m.; Abraham Lincoln' Cleveland, b. May 10, 1858, 
Grand Rapids, Mich., d. G. R. Aug. 17, 1862 ; Mary Elizabeth', 
b. Feb. 2, 1862, Moon, Muskegon co., Mich., m.; Charles H.', 
Oct. 4, 1866, M., m.; Albert B.', Dec. 9, 1868, M., m.; Eatta 
C Cleveland, May 14, 1869, M. 


SARAH* CLEVELAND (jamess), m. Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 
12, 19, 1850, Samuel Jones Smith, he d. Toronto, Ont., Sept. 23,, 
1871, machinist. She resided Rochester 1884. Ch.: 17857-9 



Charles HJ" Smith, b. Feb. 17, 1851, R., m.; George W.% b. Sept. 
24, 1852, R., d. R. Jan. 7, 1853; Albert H.\ b. Aug. 9, 1855, R, 
m.; Lillie A.\ Sept. 23, 1857, Toronto, m.; Harvey S.\ Aug. 10, 
1859, T., m.; JVellie F." Smith, Sept. 16, 1861, T., m. 


JAMES HENRY' CLEVELAND (james* James^, John», Moses'), 

m. Detroit, Mich., May 16, 1878, Persie A. Allen, Graduate of 
College. Of Detroit, 1884, in Merchants and Manufacturers 
National Bank. Ch.: 17860 Edith Pearl' Cleveland, born 
July 31, 1880, D. 


Elijah or Elisha " Lord '" Cleveland, residence, London, 
Eng., Old London, Eng., Wimbledon, Surrey, Eng., was pos- 
sessed of considerable property, married twice. The Parish 
and Vestry Clerk of Parish of Wimbledon has (January, 1897) 
searched through the Registers, but cannot find any names of 

He died after 1764, m. ist, Sarah or Anne Macintosh, she 

died at the birth of her son. He m. 2d, . Had at least 

the following children : by first marriage : 

+ 17862 James" Cleveland, b. 1763-4, in London, Old Lon- 
don, or Wimbledon. By second marriage : 

17863 John" Cleveland, remained in Old London or 
Wimbledon. Ann" Cleveland, resided in Old London or Wim- 
bledon. 17864 Son", accompanied his brother James from Eng. 
to Halifax, N. S. 17865 Two other sons", who are thought to 
have also accompanied their brother James, or to have come 
to the U. S. 



JAMES" CLEVELAND (Elijah or EUsha" Lord"'), d. Blandford, 
Lunenburg co., N. S., Apr. 22, 1828, aged about 65, m. in St. 
Paul's church, Halifax, N. S., May 3, 1798, Miss Elizabeth Fleet, 
b. 1778. Children (nearly all of whom married and had chil- 
dren): JoHN^ Cleveland, b. Aug. 19, 1799, d. n. Chester, N. S.; 
James^ b. Jan. 20, 1801, d. n. C; Hannah', b. Aug. 26, 1802 (the 
daughters of James" died near Chester, except one daughter, 
who was living near Halifax 1883); Nancy^, b. Jan. 11, 1804; 
William' Cleveland, b. Nov. 6, 1805, died n. Chester, was of 
Blandford, 1881. 

-I-17866 Joseph' Cleveland, b. Sept. 22, 1807. 

-j-17867 Henry' Cleveland, born Sept. 6, 1809. Charles' 
Cleveland, b. May 3, 181 2, died n. Chester. 17868 Elizabeth 
Susan' Cleveland, born Jan. 26, 1814, Blandford, m. John S. 

-4-17869 Paul' Cleveland, b. Nov. 6, 1.815. 

-i-17870 Elisha James' Cleveland, b. Nov. 26, 1820, Bland- 
ford, N. S. 

James" Cleveland, according to an account from Halifax 
(received Jan., 1897), was born in London, Eng.; at the age of 
fourteen he was bound as apprentice on board H. M. S. (?), 



which arrived at Halifax, from whence he deserted ; the Ad- 
miral had him cried through the streets,-but finally gave him 
up as drowned. He took his mother's name, and coasted be- 
tween Shelburne and Halifax for years. At the marriage altar 
he resumed his right name. According to another account, he 
came from England to Halifax 1779. He was accompanied by 
one, and perhaps by three, of his brothers. They went soon to 
the United States. All had ran away from their English home. 
He remained in Nova Scotia. The date of his decease, " April 
22, 1828, aged 65 years," was obtained from a "sampler," a 
piece of needle work still existing. 


JOSEPH' CLEVELAND (james", Elijah or Elisha "Lord"i), res. 

near Chester, N. S., 1883-6. Ch,: 

17871 Caroline* Cleveland, born Sept. 28, 1845, m. her 
cousin, James* Cleveland -j-17872, of Bayswater, Lunenburg 
CO., N. S., his father res. Chester, 1883. 

Joseph* Cleveland, born Dec. 6, 1847, iii- Sept. 21, 
1872, Henrietta Verge. Of South West Cove, Lunenburg co., 
N. S., fisherman. 

17873 Isabella*, b. Apr. 30, 1849, d., m. ist, William Bou- 
tilier of St. Margaret's Bay, 2d, William Murphy, fisherman. 
17874 JoHN^, b. Dec. 27, 1850, unm. 1886, fisherman. 

17875 Elisha* Cleveland, bom Dec. 24, 1852, m. Sophia 
Baker of Chester, fisherman. 

17876 James* Cleveland, b. Oct. 27, 1854, m. Ada Meis- 
ner of Blandford, N, S., fisherman. 

17877 Elias E.* Cleveland, b. Mar. 5, 1857, unm., res. 10 
mi. from Chester, blacksmith. 17878 Lucy*, b. Feb. 4, 1859, m. 
Caleb Snow of Chester, fisherman. 17879 George*, b. Feb. 14, 
1861, unm., fisherm. 17880 Angeline*, born June 29, 1862, 
m. Nicodemus Coolin of St. Margaret's B., fisherm. 1 7881-2 
Josiah*, b May 3, 1864, unm., fisherm. Jeremiah*, b. Dec. 5, 
1865, d. Sept. 18, 1876. Richard*, b. Oct. 11, 1867, unm., fisher- 
man. David*, Oct. 7, 1869. Daniel*, Apr. 13, 1871. Sarah* 
Cleveland, Nov. 20, 1873. 


HENRY' CLEVELAND (jamesVEUjah or Elisha" Lord "i), living 

1881, Ch.: 17883 Isaac*, writes from Lunenburg co., N. S., 
Apr. 10, 1881. 


PAUL' CLEVELAND (James», Elijah or Elisha" Lord"'), married 

Sarah Keddy of St. Margaret's Bay, N, S. Went to U. S. Ch. 
(these 5 now, 1884, living): 17884-6 Thomas*, b. St. M.'s Bay. 
Georgiana*, b. St. M. B. John*, b. 1846, St. M. B., of Toronto, 
Can. Elijah*, b. 1848, St. M. B. Eleanor* Cleveland, born 
Halifax, N. S. 


ELISHA JAMES' CLEVELAND (jamesi',Elij.orElisha"Lord''0, 

h. at Blandford, N. S., Nov. 26, 1820, d. East Boston, Mass., Oct. 


T, 1866, m. Chelsea, Mass., Apr. 3, 1845, Mary Ann Callahan, b. 
Wiscasset, Me., Mar. 6, 1824, d. Exeter, N. H., Oct. 22, 1883, da. 
of Thomas and Mary (Mitchell). Children : 

17887 James Albion" Cleveland, b. Sept. 3, 1848, East 
Boston. Mary Elizabeth', b. Aug. 6, E. Boston, d. E. Bos- 

ton, Sept. 22, 185 1. 

-I-17888 Annie Melissa* Cleveland, b. Oct. 29, 1852, East 
Boston. Lizzie Justin* Cleveland, b. Sept. 13, 1855, Lex- 

ington, Mass., d. Chelsea, Mass., Mar. 29, 1873, unm. 

Elisha Jambs'* Cleveland, residence, East Boston, ship- 

Thomas Callahan, b. at Wiscasset, m. Mary Mitchell, b. at 


ANNIE MELISSA* CLEVELAND (EUsha James3, James", Elijah 

■or Elisha "Lord"'), married at East Boston, Mass., Oct. 29, 1872, 
Charles Leeds, M.D., born at Boston, Mass., Jan. 30, 1849, son 
of Henry and Mary (Smith). Child : 

17889 Edith May^ Leeds, b. Jan. 19, 1874, Chelsea, Mass. 
Dr. Charles Leeds graduated at Boston University 1878, and 
at the Medical School of Boston University 1878. Residence, 
Chelsea, Mass. (1896-7), a practising homeopathic physician. 
Dr. Leeds is a subscriber for this Genealogy. 

Leeds ancestry :— I arms : LEEDES; /.■ LEEDES or Leebs; 3: Leeds: (Kent and 
Leeds, co. York, Eng.). Ar. a fesse gu. bet-w. three-eagles displ. sa. armed of the second. 
. . . Richard^, b. Eng. 1595 or 1605, embarked Apr., 1637, at Great Yarmouth, co. Nor- 
folk, Eng., had grant of land at Salem, Mass., 1637, of Oorchester, Mass., freeman 1645, 
selectman 1653, constable 1664, d. D. Mar. 18, 1693, m. Joan, b. Eng. 1614, d. Dorchester 
1642, who came with him to America ; Joseph", b. D. July 14, 1637, of Northampton, Mass., 
1661, was in the Falls fight, May 19, 1676, went back to Dorchester 1677, d. D. Jan. 28, 1715, 
m. D. Nov. 8, 1661, Minam Cook", b. Northampton 1642, died Dorchester Aug. 23, 1720 ; 
Samuels, b. D. Dec. 15, i66g, d. D. Mar. 16, 1744-5, m. D. Nov. 18, 1702, Elizabeth Wales, b. 
D. Jan. q, 1680, d. D. Apr. 14, 1727 : Samuel*, b. D. Nov. 15, 1709, d. D. Mar. 18. :778, m. D. 
Sept. i6, 1734, Thankful Bird, b. D. Dec. 15, 1710, d. D. June 26, 1778 ; Samuel*, b. D. Jan. 
a, 1745, m. D. Dec. 18, 1766, Ann Atkins, she d. D. May 20, 1808 ; Samuel", b. D. Jan. 5, 1769, 
of Dorchester, mariner, d. 1851, m. D. July 8, 1790, Martha Faxon', b. Braintree, Mass., 
Apr. 27, 1771, d. Dorchester, Sept. 4, 1844; Henry' Leeds, b. D. Feb. 2, 1803, of Chelsea, 
merchant, d. Somerville, Mass., Oct. 26, 1886, m. ad, Boston, Oct 21, 1833, M^ry Smith, b. 
B. Oct. 21, 1811, d. Chelsea Oct. 25, 1883, da. John and Elizabeth (Hayden). 

Faxon ancestry : — Thomas', Richard' [see +155, p. 131]; Josiah", b. Braintree, Mass., 
Sept. 8, 1663, of B., selectman 1722, m. Mehitable Adams', b. Mar. 20, 1665 ; Josiah*, m. De- 
borah Thayer*, bap. Apr. n, 1097; Isaiah*, m. Catherine Fitz-Gerald of Roxbury, Mass.; 
Martha* Faxon m. Samuel Leeds".— i^ajcoM gen.. So. 

T flayer ancestry .-—Arms (Thaydon, co. Essex, Eng.). Per pale erm. and gu. three 
talbots' heads erased, counterchanged. Crest — Atalbot's head erased, per fesse, erm. 
and gu. . . . Richard', from Eng., Boston 1640; Richard', brot. from Eng,, of Brain- 
tree, d. Dec. 4, 1705, m. Dec. 24, 1651, Dorothy Pray ; Richard', born Aug. 31, 1655, of B., 
prob. serv. in Philip's war, of Capt. Isaac Johnson's co., 1675, m. Rebecca Mycall of B., a 
4a. James and Mary (Farr); Deborah* Thayer m. Josiah Faxon*. 

Adams attcestry :— Henrys, Edward" [see -j-i24, p. 119]; Mehitable' Adams m. Josiah 

Cooi ancestry :— Xa.ron\ [see +ii9i P- "o]; Miriam" Cook m. Joseph Leeds". 


Mr. ' CLEVELAND, of Yorkshire, Eng., first name 

not known, nor whether he came to America. Had following 
ch., b. (as stated by his grandson, Peter Simon) either in York- 
shire or in New York, N. Y. : 

17891 Maria^ b. ab. 1783-5, d. N. Y. city ab. 1837-40, it 
is not known whether single or m. She came to N. Y. city with 
her brc, Peter Simon. 



17892 Joseph'-' Cleveland, settled in South Carolina, hav- 
ing gone South with a brother whose name is not remembered. 
+ 17893 Peter Simon^ Cleveland, b. ab. 1801-4. 


PETER SIMON^ CLEVELAND (Mr.i), d. New York, N. Y., 
1832, "aged 28," m. twice, ist wife's name unknown. He m. 
2d, Mary, she d. in N. Y. city 1832, within a week of his death. 
He was either b. in Yorkshire, Eng., whence he came to N. Y. 
city (came to N. Y. c. with his sister Maria), or was b. in N. Y. 

c. He aiid wife Mary d. within a week of each other of cholera, 
in the epidemic of 1832. By trade a cooper. Ch. byistm. : 

17894 John' Cleveland, d. prob. in California, ab. 1870-2, 
unm., when a boy he enlisted in U. S. N., was last seen in Ely- 
sian Fields, Hoboken, Hudson co., N. J., 1852, after which he 
went to Cat By 2d m.: 

+ 17895 Peter Simon' Cleveland, b. Nov. 25, 1824, N, Y. 


PETER SIMON' CLEVELAND (peter simon»), m. New 
York, N. Y., Sept. 7, 1844, Sarah Jane Sharrott, b. Quarantine 
Village, Tompkinsyille, N. Y., June 9, 1826, d. N. Y. city, Sept. 
22, 1882, da. Abraham and Sarah Jane (Arnold). He was, by 
his aunt, Maria Cleveland, indentured to a mason ; has always 
(1894) resided in N. Y. city, except 1845-9, at Tompkins ville, 
where he organized a Fire Company, having for years been a 
member of the N. Y, Volunteer Fire Dept., serving with 40 En- 
gine and 29 Hose. A member of Baxter Guards. Builder. 
The funeral sermon of his good wife was preached by Rev. 
Edward Horace' Cleveland +10592. Ch. : Edwin Forest*, b. 
Sept. 8, 1845, Tompkinsv., d. T. Aug. 8, 1846 ; Frederick", born 
Dec. 18, 1846, T., d. T. Aug. ab. 15, 1848. 

17896 Sarah Adelaide* Cleveland, b. June 29, 1848, T., 
m. N. Y. city, Dec. 28, 1877, Dudley Edward Benyons, born in 
Spain ab. 1852, his father an Englishman, and mother a Spanish 
lady. Of N. Y. city, interpreter. Ch. b, N. Y. c: Da.\ b. and 

d. July 20, 1878 ; Dudley Edward^ Benyons, b. Aug. lo, i88i. 

17897 Maria Louisa* Cleveland, b. Sept. 27, 1850, N. Y. 
c, m. N. Y. c. Aug. 20, 1873, George Anthony Wheeler, b. Har- 
lem, N. Y. c, Apr. 10, s. Edmund Edwin Bunce and Anna 
(Green). Of N. Y. city 1882, clerk. Ch. b. N. Y. c: Edmund 
Francis^ Wheeler, July 28, 31, 1874; Mary Adelaide^ Wheeler, May 
13, 14, 1880. 

17898 Francis Augustus" Cleveland, b. May 10, 1852, 
N. Y. c, m. Hudson City, N. J., Dec. 15, 1878, Nellie Pierson. 
Of S. Bergen, N. J., 1882, merch., in co. with Hezekiah Camp- 
bell ; Jersey City, N. J., 1883-95. Ch.: Harriet', b. ab. Sept., 
1879. Edward", b. Sept. 17, 1855, N. Y. c, d. Tompkinsv. Oct. 
8, 1859. 

17899 George Washington* Cleveland, b. July 20, i860, 
N. Y. c, m. N. Y. c. Dec. 6, 1880, Eveline lone Taylor, b. N. Y. 
c. Mar. I, 1864, da. John Henry, and Adeline Sarah (Tower). 


Of N. Y. c. 1882, 2d Steward steamer Colon to Aspinwall. Ch.: 
Jeanette MABEr", b. Sept. 26, 1881, N. Y. c. Emma Eugenia'', 
b. Nov. 20, 1862, unm., of N. Y. c. 17900 Anna Elizabeth*, b. 
Aug. 8, 1866, N. Y. c, m. N. Y. c. May 3, 1886, Albert Charles 
Medenil, b. Martinique, W. I. Of N. Y. c. 1887, bookkeeper. 
Ch.: Mabel Estelle" Medenil, b. Feb. 18, 1887, N. Y. c. 


the name is variously remembered by descendants, who have 
heard that he was an English emigrant to New York, N. Y., 
and both he and his wife d. on the spot where now stands Old 
City Hall, N. Y. city, ab. 1 801-2, of yellow fever. Ch.: Da.°, b. 
ab. 1794, d. young. 

17902 George^ Cleveland, b. ab. 1796, d. unm., killed in 
battle of Lake Erie, war of 181 2. 

+ 17903 William^ Cleveland, b. 1798, New York city. 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (George or Rosweiii), d. Norwalk, 
Conn., Feb., 1871, m. N., Polly Nash, b. Westport, Conn., Sept., 
1797, d. Norwalk, Aug., 1868, a da. Benjamin and Mary (Brad- 
ley). Dwelt many years at Redding, Fairfield co., Conn., finally 
at Norwalk, miller, Ch. b. Redding : 

+ 17904 William Henry' Cleveland, b. '■ : — ,1822. 

+ 17905 EuLALiA Maria' Cleveland, b. , 1824. 

+ 17906 Mary' Cleveland, b. Sept. 16, 1829. 

+ i79°7 George' Cleveland, b. ,1831. 


WILLIAM HENRY' CLEVELAND (William«, George, Roswell, 

orRosiini), died Savannah, Ga., Sept. 22, 1854, a. 32, m. Norwalk, 
Conn., Sept. 7, 1843, Angeline Raymond, born Five Mile River, 
Conn., June 30, 1823, da. Gershom and Delia (Raymond). (She 
m. 2d, see below.) Ch.: 

17908 William Henry^ Cleveland, born June 28, 1844, 
Norwalk, Conn., married Syracuse, N. Y., ab. Oct., 1866, Julia 
Amanda Westcott, b. Greenpoint, n. Syracuse, Aug., ab. 1842, a 
da. Studied law when U. S. M. agt. on Syracuse & Binghamton 
R. R., adm. to bar, lawyer Syracuse 1886. Ch.: Harry West- 
cott', b. June 8, 1867, S. 

17909 Arthur Raymond* Cleveland, b. Oct. 29, 1848, 
Five Mile Run, d. South Norwalk, Conn., Mar. 22, 1863. 

William Henry ^ Cleveland, of Norwalk to 1845, Bridge- 
port, Conn., to 1846, Five Mile R. to 1847, Bridgep. ag. to 1853, 
Savannah, St. Mary's, Ga., Savannah afterwards, merchant, 
lumber mill. 

Mrs. Angeline (Raymond) Cleveland m. 2d, Bridgep., Feb. 
5, 1856, as 2d w., John Scott, b. Selkirk, Scotland, Dec. 31, 1817, 
a s. John and Helen (White). Ch.: i. John Winfield Scott, b. 
Dec. 22, 1856, Stratfield, Conn., unm. 1886, reporter N. Y. Assoc. 


Press, ii. Delia Raymond Scott, b. Aug-. 5, 1858, Bridgep., m, 
Norw. June 6, 1883, as 2d w., Rev. Georg-e Edgar Weeks, b. N. 
Nov. 21, only son George and (Titus), s. p. Grad. Hamilton 
coll. 1872, H. Theo. Sem. '75, pastor Vale Ave. Baptist church, 
Troy, N. Y.; he m. ist, Julia Keith, ch.: Nelly Louise Weeks, 
George Keith Weeks, iii. Angeline Scott, b. July 16, 1867, Sy- 
racuse, N. Y. John Scott, merchant, Bridgeport, S. Norwalk, 
m. 1st, Bridgep., Nov. 4, 1844, Mary Burr Sherwood, b. B. Oct. 
17, 1819, died Stamford, Conn., Aug. 22, 1847, a da. Charles and 
Mary (Burr). Ch.: Charles Sherwood Scott, b. Aug. 14, 1845,. 
Bridgep., of N. Y. city, mfr., m. and ch.; James Cooke Scott, b. 
May 22, 1847, Staraf., m. ist, Lydia Green, 2d, Ellen Green, art- 
ist, Yonkers, N. Y. 

Raymond ancestry : — Richarfli [see -|- 3194, page 1075] ; John", Norw., m . Mary Betts, 
da. Thomas of N. ; John", b. Sept. 9, 1665, m. Elizabeth St. John; John*m. Catharine 
Hanford ; Gershom'm. Abigail Taylor ; Gershom' m. Mary Whiting; Gershom' Ray- 
mond m. Delia Raymond. — Raymond gen. 


EULALIA MARIA' CLEVELAND (wiiiiam=), d. N. Y. city 
1870, a. 46, m. Norwalk, Conn., as ist w., Walter C. Lobdell, b. 
DanlDury, Conn, (he m. 2d and 3d) of Springfield, Mass., hatter. 
Ch. b. Norw. : Sarah Frances *, d. N., y. 

17910 Mary Eliza'' Lobdell, m. Yonkers, N. Y., James Tall- 
man, painter, Newburg, N. Y. Ch. : Charles' Tallman, d. ; 
Emma^ Tallman, m. ; Catharine^ Tallman; Laura^ Tollman; Na- 
than* Tallman. Eulalia^ Lobdell, d. y. William Henry^ Lobdell; 
Edward Francis' Lobdell. Oscar* Lobdell, killed on cars Hunters 
Point, N. Y., 1867, newsboy. Ida" Lobdell, m. in Newark, N. J., 

John , in business in N. Y. Walter*' Lobdell, m. in N. Y. 

city, of N. Y. c. Ch. : son\ 


MARY' CLEVELAND (wiiiiam!"), d. Norwalk, Conn., Nov. 4, 
1885, a. 56, m. Richard Harvey Bucknam, b. N. Y. city, Nov. 18, 
1823, a son Richard Stoward and Harriet Newell (Buxton). 
Always of Norwalk, manfr. 1886, E. Norwalk. Ch. b. Norwalk: 
179T1 Josephine' Bucknam, b. Mar. 29, 1848, m. Port Ches- 
ter, Westchester county, N. Y., Jan. 25, 1868, George Frederick 
Benedict, b. Norw. Sept. 3, 1849, only son David Warren and 
Harriet Newell (St. John), hatter, Norwalk. Ch. b. N. : William 
Frederick^ Benedict, Sept. 9, 1869; Harry^ Be7iedict, Feb. 19, 1871; 
Charles'" Benedict, Dec. 24, 1873; Ada Louise" Benedict, Dec. 26, 
1875; Edward^ Benedict, Dec. 23, 1878; Howard Warren", Aug. 14, 

1 791 2 George* Bucknatn, born Aug. 23, 1851, m. 1878, Mrs. 
Jenny (Colis) Weingardner, wid. (her ist m. s. p.). Of Bridge- 
port, Conn., hatter. Ch. : Edith May" Bucknam, b. Jan., 1883. 

17913 Frederick Cleveland* Bucknam, b. Feb. 15, 1853, m. 
Auburn, N. Y., Aug. 12, 1884, of Auburn, hotel employe. Ch. : 
Richard Conrad^ Bucknam, b. Jan., d. Mar. 13, 1885, a. 2 mos. 

17914 William* Bucknam, b. Feb. 19, 1856, m. Feb. 4, 1885^ 
Mary Ann McCarty, born Norwich 1859, a da. Timothy. Lock- 
fitter, Norwich. 



17915 Lillian Amelia Angeline^ Bucknam, b. Apr. 20, 1861, 
m. N. Nov. 20, -1883, Ansley Bedell Reed, b. Staten I., N. Y., 
Mar. 7, 1862, as. William Benjamin and Catharine (Post), oyster- 
man, E. Norw. Ch.: Mabel Louise" Reed, b. June 29, 1884, N. 
Ella Williams'^ Bucknam, b. Jan. 19, 1864, unm., of N. ; Hetiry 
Francis", b. Jan. 5, 1868. 


GEORGE' CLEVELAND (Williams, George Roswell or Roslhi'), d. 

Norwalk, Conn., m. ist, Brooklyn, N. Y., Celia Burns, b. Lon- 
donderry, Ireland, 1828, d. Norw. Nov. 20, 1871, d. Joseph and 
Harriet (Lockwood). He m. 2d, Danbury, Conn., Eliza Beers, 
b. Yorkshire, Eng., d. Norw. Nov. 29, da. Henry (she m. 2d, 1882, 
Greenburg-, of N., mfr.). Of Norwalk, mariner, mason. Ch. b. 
Norwalk, by ist m. : 

1 7916 George* Cleveland, born Dec. 29, 1 85 i,m. Hartford, 
Conn., Aug. 10, 1874, Estella Egnor, b. Broome Center, Schoharie 
county, N. Y., Aug. 9, 1855, ^ ^^- Dennis and Charlotte (Pryer). 
Of Boston, Mass., during the great fire, Holyoke, Mass., to 1883, 
Springfield, Mass., to 1891; was a mate on Black Ball S. S. line 
to 1880; decorator; an intelligent gentleman. Ch. : Elnora', 
b. Feb. 18, 1875, Holyoke; William'', July 31, 1879, H,; Henry"", 
May 8, 1881, H., d. H. Mar. 7, 1882; George', b. Aug. 25, 1882, 
H., d. H. Feb. 7, 1883; Walter', b. Sept. i, 1884, Springf. 

John Henry% b. July 2, 1853, d. Norwalk or N. Y,, 
1872; William*, b. Nov. 13, 1854, drowned. By 2d m.: Arthur*, 
b. 1879; Walter*, 1880, both of Norwalk. 


HENRY D.' CLEVELAND, of Bayswater, N. S., 1876. Ch.: 
1 79 18 Daughters^ 17919 Agnes Adelaide" Cleveland (the 
youngest daughter), m. All Saints chh., Bayswater, Nov. 7, 1876, 
Clarence Watts McCully of Halifax, N. S., barrister. 

17920 H. D. Cleveland, perished in the woods Blandford, 
N. S., 1 881, census enumerator. 


Mr.' CLEVELAND had ch. +17922, Son', of Ireland 1770-90.. 
17923 SoN^ the "uncle who brought William' to New York, 
N. Y., ab. 1790." 


Mr." CLEVELAND (Mr.') of Ireland 1770-90. Ch. 17924 

ROBERT^ 17925 JAMES^ -I-17926 WiLLIAM' CLEVELAND, bom 

1775-85, Ireland. 


WILLIAM' CLEVELAND (Mr.=, .), d. Perry St., New York, 
N.Y., ab. i822,ofyellowfever, m. istinN. Y. city. Hem. 2d Mrs. 
Hannah (Loveless) Odell, born Hartford, Conn., widow of Isaac 
Odell; was brought by his uncle to N. Y., hatter. Ch. by ist 
m. : 17927 Gilbert*. 17928 James*. 17929 Robert*. 17930 


Alice\ By 2d m. : 17931 Juliana* Cleveland, b. 1819-20, m. 
Wooley. She res., Nov., 1886, a few miles from Big Bend (or 
Tillinghast), Waukesha co., Wis. 


ish soldier, from Eng. to Can. during the rebellion 1837-9, sold 
out his commission, d. soon after 1841, m. a French Canadian. 
(She m. 2d a French Canadian). Ch. : 

4-17933 Edmund Francis Xavier^ Cleveland, b. Sept. 29, 
1841, n. Malone, N. Y. 


Francisi), m. Dundee, Kane co.. 111., Sept. 22, 1870, Ella Lucinda 
Edwards, b. June 27, 1849, ^ ^a. Alfred and Lucinda (Bosworth). 
Ch. : 17934 Anabell', b. Oct. 6, 1871. 17935 Mary Elizabeth^ 
Dec. 10, 1875. 17936 Grace F.° Cleveland, Oct. 2, 1881. 

Rev. Edmund Francis Xavier" Cleveland, M.D., received 
primary education in the public schools of Essex co., N, Y., and 
attended St. Mary's Coll., Can., 1855-60. Enlisted June, 1862, 
private Co. A, 9th Vt., successively corp. July 9, 1862, sergt., ist 
sergt., ad Lt. July 4, 1863, and ist Lt. to close of war ; disch'd 
July 14, 1865. IHemenway's Vt. Gaz., II: 42g — mentions his 
army career.] Studied medicine in Can., attending lectures at 
Mich. Univ., Ann Arbor, grad. there Mar., 1868; rem. to Dun- 
dee, has since resided there (1886), practising physician, surgeon, 
and druggist. Was ordained Deacon in the Cathedral. Chicago, 
Apr., 1879, by Rt. Rev. William Edward McLaren, Bishop of 
Chicago. Is officiating minister in charge of parish, 1880-6, 
without salary; was editor and proprietor of Dundee Record two 
years; see Bibliography, Chap. IV. Is a member of American 
Medical Assoc, Fox River Valley Med. Soc, Elgin Med. Assoc, 
Elgin Scientific Soc, and corresponding member Buffalo Soc. 
Natural Sciences. History of Kane co.. III., contains a notice of 
Dr. Cleveland. 

Child ancestry : — Benjamin', Benjamin", Benjamin', Ephraim* [see -[-6607, p. 1603] ; 
Ephraim^ m. Mary Lyon ; Increase', m. Olive Pease ; Olive' Child, m. Alfred Bosworth, 
whose ancestor came after 1630, and was of Bristol, R. I. ;JjUcinda S.' Bosworth, b. 
Greenfield, Sar. co., N. Y., Mar. ag, 1806, m. Alfred Edwards of Qt .— Child gen., jjpy.j , 


JOHN ST. CLAIR CLEVELAND, b. Eng., from London, 
Eng., clerk of mayor of Chicago, 111., 1876; Denver, Col., editor, 
1883, 1888. See Bibliography, Chap. IV; real estate 1891. 


Mr.' CLEVELAND, of Eng. Ch. : 17939 Charles', from 
Eng., of Cleveland, O., 1855, shoemaker. 17940 George" Cleve- 
land, from Eng., of Cleveland, 1861, sailor. 




CHARLES'" CLEVELAND, b. n. Tunbridge, co. Kent, 
Eng., per, 1770-80, rem. to Galway co., Ireland. Ch. : + 17942 
JoHN° Cleveland, b. Galway co. 


JOHN^ CLEVELAND (chariest). Ch. b. Galway cc, Ire- 
land : 17943 Charles', d. 17944 Maria', d. -[-17945 John' 
Cleveland, b. July 13, 1833, and others. 


JOHN' CLEVELAND (John", charies>), m. New York, N. Y., 
Oct. 14, 1864, Mary Loftus, b. Old Castle, co. Meath, Ireland, 
Dec. 2, 1844, a da. John and Julia (Keman). Came to America 
before 1864; lived in Jersey city ab. 1877-9, near Petersburg, 
Va., ab. 1878-80 farmer; and since in N. Y, city, commercial 
traveler. Roman Catholics — the religion of their fathers. 
Ch.: 17946 Abraham*, b. July 6, 1866, Old Castle, d. there Feb., 
1877. 17947 Catherine", b. May 16, 1867, N. Y. or Jersey City. 
17948 Margaret*, Nov. 28, 1870, Old C. 17949 Mary*, Mar. 6, 
1873, N. Y. c. 17950 Charles*, Aug. 25, 1874, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
17951 John*, May i, 1875, O^d C. 17952 Eugene Edward* 
Cleveland, Apr. 26, 1882, N. Y. c. 


JAMES' CLEVELAND, b. in Ireland, m. Jane Ritchie, b. 
St. Johns, N. B.; of Springfield, , Mass., 1864. Ch. b. Springf.: 
17954 Alexander B." and 17955 George H." Cleveland (twins), 
Aug. 4, 1864 — Springfield rec. 

17956 Charles Chester Cleveland, from Eng., Boston, 
Mass., 1882-5, carpenter. 

17957 Mr. Cleveland, a Scandinavian, of Hastings, 
Neb., 1882. 

17958 Mr. Cleveland, from Eng., of Havana, W. I., 1883, 
with Cuba Submarine Cable Co., Palaccio del Captain-General. 

17959 B.Cleveland. New inventions. A patent for an 
ore reducing and smelting furnace granted to J. C. Newbury, J. 
C. Morely, and B. Cleveland, of Melbourne, Australia. — Iron 
Age, Oct. 16, 1884. 

Untraced Clevelands everywhere. 

From Family and other Records, Army Rolls, Histories, Printed 
Registers, Newspapers, Directories, and other publications. 

17960 A. Cleveland bought lands in Anderson co., S. 
C, 1795. 17961 A. Cleveland, Cincinnati, O., 1883, baggage 
master. 17962 Dr. A. Cleveland, Erie, Pa., 1878-9. 17963 A. 


Cleveland, Philadelphia, Pa., 1879. 17964 A. Cleveland,. 
Texas cattle man at Vinita, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, 
Oct. 28, 1883. 17965 A. A. Cleveland, Los Angeles, Cal., 1887, 

17966 Cleaveland, C, May 20, 1892, Messengers L. H. Bannister and A. B. Cleve- 
land, in the great relay bicycle race, left Ashtabula with the message for Conneaut at 
9.54. Bannister wheeled the fourteen miles from Ashtabula to Conneaut in 54 minutes. 
— [Race was from Chicago, May 18, i P. M., with Gen. Nelson A. Miles's message to Gen. 
Oliver Otis Howard ; last relay reached N. Y., May 23, 1892, 1.05 A. M.] 

17967 A. B. Cleveland, Cincinnati, O., 1886-7, U. S. int. 
rev. ganger, collector's office. 17968 A. C. Cleveland, Kansas 
City, Mo., 1888-9, storekeeper, Coates House. 17969 A. P. Cleve- 
land, Chicago, 111., 1891, bds. 9325 S. Chic. Av. 

17970 Office Sec. State^ Boston, Mass., Revol. Rolls, XL : 22 — Pay Roll brig" Active 
com., by Allen Hallet, Esq., AARON CLEVELAND, entry June 13, 1779, seaman, disch'd. 
Aug. 31. 


ABIGAIL' CLEVELAND, m., ist, about 1739 as 2d'w., 
Capt. Samuel Adams, b. Canterbury, Conn., Sept. 4, 17 10, d. C. 
Dec. 27, 1760, a s. Capt. Joseph and Eunice (Spaulding). She 
m, 2d, as 2d w, Dea. Richard Hale, b. New^bury, Mass., Feb. 
28, 1717, d. Coventry, Conn., June i, 1802, s. Samuel and Ap- 
phia (Moody). Ch. by ist m.: 

17972 Gideon ^ Adams., b. May 2, 1743, Canterbury, Conn., d. 
PawletjVt., 1827, a. 84, m. Jan. 5, 1764, Mary or Jude Leach, b. ab. 
1744, d. P. 1819, a. 75, sister of James Leach, Sen. (who came 
from Canterbury to Pawlet ab. 1800). From Canterbury to 
Pavplet, . 1-770, town clerk and justice in P. 39 years, member 
legislature 6 years after, 1778. Ch. : Jude^ Adams., Margaret^ 
Adams m. Joseph Keigwin ; Mary^ Adams m. John Kirby, Mid- 
dlebury, Vt. 

17973 Eunice^ Adams., b. June 17, 1746, m. Apr. 16, 1764, 
Capt. John Stark, he was killed by kick of horse soon after 
1800, cousin of Maj.-Gen. John Stark (b. Londonderry, N. H.,. 
Aug. 28, 1728, s. of Archibald Stark, b. Glasgow, Scotland). 
From N. H., bef. 1770 to Pawlet, large land owner, commanded 
a CO. in Bennington battle.was one of the first judges appointed 
in the state (in 1788), rem. to Grand Isle, Vt., ab. 1800. Ch. : 
12 daughters^ ; SamueP Stark rem. to Oswego co., N. Y., raised 
a family before leaving Pawlet of 10 daughters* and 4 sons*. 

17974 Nathar^ Adams, b. Dec. 22, 1748, d. Feb. 4, 1837, m. 
ist, Apr. I, 1771, Phebe Ensworth, evidently +513, b. Aug. 2,. 
1749, d. July 12, 1800. He m. 2d, Mary Hale, b. Dec. 3, 1743, d. 
Dec. 22, 1808. AbigaiP Adams, b. Apr. 12, 1750-1, m. Nov. 19,. 
1768, Elijah Williams of Canterbury. 

1797s Sarah"^ Adams, b. Nov. i, 1753, m. Richard Hale,. 
Jr., of Coventry, Conn., a s. Richard and Elizabeth (Strong) [see 

4-17976 Alicea or Alice^ Adams, b. July i, 1756, Canterbury, 

+ 17977 Joseph? Adams, b. Dec. 19, 1758, Canterbury, Conn. 

Capt. Samuel Adams of Canterbury. 

Adams Ancestry : — Henry', Thomas', Samuel', Joseph* Adams, m. ist, Eunice 
Spaulding [see +2187, p. 849]. 

Dea. Richard Hale of Coventry. He m. ist May 17, 1746, 
Elizabeth Strong, dau. of Joseph Strong of the family of Gov. 



Caleb Strong of Northampton. Ch.: 12 (the father outlived 6 
of them): 

i. Richard Hale m. Sarah'' Adams +^7975 ; ii- Enoch Hale 
(Rev.), m. Octavia Throop. Ch.: Nathan Hale [see +14486, p. 
2032], Enoch Hale, M.D., b. Jan. 19, 1790, Westhampton, Mass., 
Harvard 1813, author, d. Boston, Nov. 12, 1848 ; iii. Nathan Hale 
(Capt.), b. June 6, 1755, Coventry, grad. Yale 1773, teacher of 
East Haddam, Conn., and New London, Conn., soon after Lex- 
ington alarm became capt. in Col. Thomas Knowlton's Conn, 
reg., n. Boston. In N. Y. Sept., 1776, captured British provision 
sloop. After retreat from L. I., Washington applied to Knowl- 
ton for an officer to furnish information about enemy. Capt. 
Hale volunteered, passed in disguise to L. L, examined every 
part of British army, obtamed the best information, while re- 
turning was captured, taken before Sir William Howe, executed 
the next morning at New York, Sept. 22, 1776. A statue of 
of him in the Capitol at Hartford, another in front of the Athe- 
naeum at H., and another in City Hall Park, N. Y. A powder 
horn made by Nathan Hale when student at Yale is in collec- 
tion of William R. Lawrence of Hartford. 

Hale ancestry ■ — William', Richard"-', Robert', John*, Samuel' Hale m. Apphia 
Moody [see +713, p. 365.] 


Alice^ Adams (Abigail'), d. Hartford, Conn., Sept. 4, 1845, 
aged 89, m. ist, Elisha Ripley, he d. She m. 2d, Nov. 24, 1782, 
William Lawrence, b. Dec. 25, 175 1, d. Apr. 21, 182 1, a s. Hon. 
John and Margaret (Chenevard). Ch.: Sarah^ Lawrence. 

-I-17978 Alicia^ Lawrence. William Henry^ Lawrence.^ b. ab. 
1789, d. Nov. 10, 1792, a. 3. 

Roderick^ Lawrence, m. ist, May 29, 1823, Mrs. Hester 
(Moliere) Sickles of Philadelphia, Pa., b. ab. 1796, d. Newark, 
N. J , July 22, 1830, a. 34, buried there. He m. 2d, Elizabeth 
L. Lownds of N. Y., b. ab. 1807, d. 1837, a. 30, buried in family 
vault, under St. Thomas Church, N. Y, He m. 3d, 1850, Cla- 
rinda Chevers of New York. Ch. by ist m. : William Roderick* 
Lawrence. By 2d m. : John Beauchamp* Lawrence j Cecelia Roder- 
ika* Lawrence. 

Alice^ Adams had been betrothed to Nathan Hale, martyr 
spy. William Lawrence resided at Hartford, Conn. 

Lawrence ancestry : — Capt. John', b. Dec. ij, 1682, of Jersey, Eng., Boston, Mass. 
Was lost at sea in year 1719, m. — Boston records — puh. Aug. 28, 1713, Mary Ann or Mar- 
ian Beauchamp', b. June 24, 1696 : Hon. John" Lawrence, b. June 11, 1719, was appointed 
by the King Treasurer of Conn. Colony, held the office after Conn, became a state, in all 
over 20 years, Commissioner of Loans, borrowed a large sum from Holland to carry on 
war with Eng. Roger Sherman, William Williams, John Hancock, and Gov. Jonathan 
Trumbull were his sincere friends, d. Hartford, Dec. 25, 1802, ra. Sept. 26, 1748, Margaret 

Chenevard ancestry : — Mr. John Michael' Chenevard, b. Geneva, Switzerland, about 
1679, came to Hartford ab. 1723, d. Apr. 7, 1735, a. 56, m. Margaret Beauchamp^, b. ab. 1707, 
d. Mar. 18, 1783; Margaret" Chenevard m. John Lawrence". 

Beauchamp ancestry, 2 lines :— 18 arms : Beauchampe ; 29 : Beauchamp : ^Haohe, 
CO. Somerset, an old baronial family, whose chief, John de Beauchamp, was sum. to 
Pari. i2og). Vaire az. and ar. . . . John', of London, a large merchant, at time Wil- 
liam Bradford, Miles Standish, etc., of Plymouth Colony, hired the colony's trade 6 years, 
James Shirley, John Beauchamp, Richard Andrews, and Timothy Hatherly of London 
were joined to them, and called the undertakers, may have been father or grandfather- 
says Hinman — of: John", b. ab. 1652, a Huguenot — says Savage — brot. some ch. to N. 
E., of Boston, leather dresser, called John Bashoon in a list of taxab. inhab. of Boston, 
1695, rem. after 1711 to Hartford, had large est , d. H. Nov. 14, 1740, a. 88, m. Marguerite 
or Margaret, b. ab. 1668, d. Dec. 8, 1727, a. 59 ; Margaret^, m. John Michael Chenevard'; 
Marian' Beauchamp m. John Lawrence'. 



Joseph' Adams (Abigail'), d. Dec. 25, 1835, a. 77, m. 1792, 
Abiah Edgerton of Pawlet, Vt., a da. Capt. Simeon and Abiah 

Joseph^ Adams ent. Yale 1773, left and joined the army 1775, 
served till 1780, set. in Pawlet 1783, rem., 1793, to Grand Isle, 
Vt., where he was sheriff, etc. 

Edgar ton, Edgerton ancestry :— Arms : EdgeRTON. Ar. a lion ramp. gu. betw. 3 
pheons sa. . . . Richard*, b. Eng., Saybrook, Conn., an orig. propr. Norwich, Conn., 
constable, d. N. Mar., i6g2, m. Saj'brook, Apr. 8, 1653, Mary Sylvester; Richard', b. Nor- 
wich, Mar. 10, 1665, died 1729, m. Jan. 4, i6g2, Elizabeth Scudder; Joseph', m. Elizabeth 
Hastings ; Capt. Benjamin*, or Capt. Joseph*, of Norwich, sea capt., lost at sea just be- 
fore the Revolution, m. Susannah Griswold ; Capt. Simeon* Edgerton, b. Norwich 1731, 
served in Revolution, to Pawlet 1781, d. P. 1809, m. Abiah Hough, b. ab. 1736, d. 182 1, a. 
85, da. Capt. John and Hannah (Denison), of N. 


Alicia^ Lawrence {AUce^ Adams, Abigail), d. 1864-5, m. Charles 
Sheldon, he d. 1855-6, a s. Charles and Elizabeth (Bellamy). 
Ch.: Alicia^ Sheldon ; Elizabeth Bellamy' Sheldon, unm., res. Hart- 
ford, Conn., 1898. 

+ 17979 Jane*' Sheldon ; Sarah^ Sheldon; Charles Henry* Shel- 
don; William Lawrence* Sheldon, died Romeo, Mich., before 1852. 
Edward* Sheldon,Ta. Harriet Curtiss. Ch.: Harriet" Sheldon, Ed- 
ward" Sheldon. Henry* Sheldon, of Hartford, 1841-68 ; Catharine* 
Sheldon, d. bef. 1852 ; George'^ Sheldon, d. bef. 1852. 

Charles Sheldon, of Hartford, 1841-55, merchant. 

Bellamy ancestry : —3 arms: (Middlesex). Az. on a bend betw. 2 cottises or, 5 cres- 
cents gu. . . . Matthewi, schoolmaster at Stamford, Conn., 1658-70, Fairfield, Conn., 
B. Stone of Guilford, Conn., conveys, Aug. 17, 1682, lands in Killingworth, Conn., to Mat- 
thew Bellamy of Fairfield, m. New Haven, Conn., 1671, Bethia Ford, da. of Timothy, who 
rem, from Charlestown, Mass., 1639, to New Haven; Matthew", b. ab. 1675, of Killing- 
worth, Wallingford, Conn., wealthy farmer, weaver, d. June 7, 1732, a. 77, m. ist, Killing- 
worth, Sept. 26, 1705, Sarah Wood, she d. Mar. 8, 1721, sister of Richard Wood of Walling- 
ford; Joseph^, D.D. [Aberdeen Univ., Scotland], b. New Cheshire, now Cheshire, Conn., 
Feb. 20, 171Q, Yale (classmate of Aaron Burr — father of Col. Aaron — Daniel Bucking- 
ham, and John Trumbull) 1735, ordained Apr. 2, 1740, minister at Bethlehem, Woodbury, 
Conn., author, biography in Sfrague's, 1 : 404, Hinman, 183, d. Mar. 6, 1790, m. ist, Apr. 
27, 1744, Miss Frances Sherman of New Haven, b. ab. 1723, d. Aug. 30, 1785, a. 62 ; Eliza- 
beth* Bellamy m. Charles Sheldon of Springfield, Mass., and SuSield, Conn. 


Jane* Sheldon {AUcia^ Lawrence), d. Hartford, Conn., 1888, 
m. 1844 Panet M. Hastings, M.D., b. Clinton, N. Y., 1816, d. New 
Rochelle, N. Y., June 4, 1898, a s. of Seth and Huldah (Clark, 
see +8662, p. 1779). Children: 17980 Charles Sheldon" Hastings, 
Ph.D., professor of physics in Sheffield Scientific School at Yale 
Univ., New Haven, Conn., 1898 ; Seth Clarence" Hastings (twin 
to Charles S.) d. bef. 1898, for years with Continental Life Ins. 
Co. ; Frank E". Hastings of Nassau, Bahamas ; Alice Lawrence" 
Hastings m. John Habberton of N. Y., res. New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Dr. Panet M. Hastings grad. Hamilton College 1836; resi- 
dence from 1854 Hartford, physician ; a member of the Con- 
necticut Medical Society and the Hartford County Medical So- 
•ciety; was from 1883 a Director of the Hartford Hospital, later 
its Vice-President, and afterward for many years its Supervisor; 
was for years Supervisor of the Old People's Home. Portrait 
and obituary in Hartford Times, June 6, iSpS. 


ABIGAIL' CLEAVELAND, of Wyalusing, Bradford co., 
Pa., m., as ist w., Oliver Heydon, b. Harwinton, Conn., May 24, 


1770, d. 1855, a s. David and Jemima (Ellsworth). Ch.: IVt'l- 
liani^ Hey don ; S<»i''. 

Oliver Heydon dwelt Alexandria, Huntingdon co., Pa. He 
m. 2d, Eliza Funk of Hanover, Pa., she d. Sept. 22, 1822. Ch.: 
Henry Keys Heydon, b. Jan. 6, 1819, m. Dec. 31, 1856, Hannah 
Allyn Sheffield ; Wayne co., N. Y., N. Y. journalist. Ch.: Allen 
Henry Heydon, b. Jan. 6, d. Apr. 5, 1858, Frederick Ellsworth 
Heydon, b. Mar. 7, 1859, chemist, Howard Sheffield Heydon, b. 
Mar. 28, 1 86 1, Southern dispatch. 

Hatden-on, Hayden-on, Heideiu Heydon-ton^ Hoiden ancestry: — 2 arms: Haidon ; 
/.• Heiton ; /.• HeadON ; 4: Heydon ; /.• Heyton ; <?.- HaYdON (Norfolk, 1275) Quar- 
terly ar. and gu. a cross engr. counterch. Crest — Talbot ar. spotted sa. . . . Thomas 
de Heydon, temp. Hen. III. . . . Gideon' Hayden of Ottrey, St. Mary, Devon co., 
Eng., supposed father to : William", b. Eng., sup. fr. Devonshire or Somersetsh., arr. N. 
E. May 30, 1630 (bro. to James of Charlestown and John of Braintree, both from Hinton 
Blewitt, Somerset co., Eng.), Hartford, Conn., d. Kenilworth (Clinton, Middlesex co.), 
Conn., Sept. 27, i66g, m. ist ; Lt. Daniels, b. Windsor, Sept. 2, 1640, m. Hannah Wilcoek- 
son, da. William, b. 1602, and Margaret, of Hartford ; Ebenezer*, ni. Mindwell Griswold, 
prob. gr. da. of Edward of Windsor ; David', m. Dorothy Allen ; David* Hayden m. 
Jemima' Ellsworth, b. 1743, da. William* (Thomas', Josiah" of Windsor, Sir John') &\\5- 
vtovVa.— Hayden Pajnily, by Jabez Haskell Hayden^ iSSS, p. 137. 

1 7981* Abraham Cleveland, Cleveland, O., Direc. 1843-6, 
carpenter. 17981'^ Elizabeth, wid. of Adam Cleveland, 5th av., 
1887, Chicago, 111. 17981'= Adella Cleveland, Owego, N. Y., 
1876-82, teacher. Normal Building. 

Albert Cleveland, from Amherst, Mass., d. Ne- 
vada City, Cal., a few years bef. 1885, a. 60. Albert, Buffalo, 
N. Y., 1847-8, bar — N. Y. Com. Ad. Direc. Albert, Chicago, 
111., 1876, Gardner House. Albert, Hoboken, Jersey City, N. 
J., 1883-4, butcher. Albert, Pembroke, N. Y., 1883. 

17982 Albert A. Cleaveland, from New England, 1857, 
Newark, N. J., 1857-61, dentist with Dr. William W. Ward, en- 
listed in Co. H, 2d N. J., but remained in N. J., to Valparaiso, 
Chili, 1861, d. V. 1871, unm. See 4-6129, p. 816. 

Albert R. Cleveland, Minneapolis, Minn., per- 
haps 1884. 17983 Albro E. Cleveland, Nashville, Tenn., 1891, 
salesman. Albrough Cleveland, Nashville, Tenn., 1892, bds. 
85 Russell. Alexander, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1894, collector. 
17984 Alfred Cleveland, 298 Adelaide St., West, Toronto, 
Ont., June, 1892. 17985 Alfred W. Cleveland, Minneapolis, 
Minn., 1892, clerk, boards Hotel Ardm ore. 17986 Alice Cleve- 
land, Kansas City, Mo., 1888-9, dressmaker. 17987 Alice 
Cleveland, Milwaukee, Wis., 1885, clerk. 17988 Mrs. Alice 
Cleveland, N. Y. city, 1883-4, removed elsewhere, May i, 1884. 
Ch. : Son and Da., both living with the mother. 17989 Alice 
Cleveland, Syracuse, N. Y., 1889-90, dressmaker. 17990 Allie 
Cleveland, Kansas City, Mo., 1886-7-92, bookkeeper. 17991-4 
Alma or Almer Cleveland, laborer, Mrs. Rose and Miss Pose, 
all at 523 Arapahoe, 1883-5, 249 9th, 1886-7, Denver, Col. Mrs. 
Rosie, Denver, 1891. 17995 Almira Cleveland, Providence, 
R. I., 1855, 22 Federal. 17996 Almond F. Cleveland, Dor- 
chester, Boston, Mass., 1891-4, clerk. 17997 Alonzo C. Cleve- 
land, Kearney, Newark, N. J., 1891, 23 Johnson. 

17998 Conn. Men in Revolution, p. 75- — 6th reg., raised on ist call for troops, Apr., 
177s, fr. New London, Hartford, and Middlesex cos., at Roxbury, in Gen. Joseph Spen- 
cer s brig, till exp. of term, Dec. 10, '75. Col. Samuel Hoiden Parsons, of New London; 
5th CO., Capt. James Chapman, New London, private ; Alpheus Cleveland, enl. May 
8, disc. Dec. 10. 


lygqq Mass. Revol. Rolis, XXIV : 125 — Reg. com. by Col. David Wells in exped. to 
Ticonderoga, Capt. Salmon White's co. from Mass.: Am.^sa Cleveland, service May 10 

to July 7, 1777- 

18000 Freetown., Muss. ^ Rec.— \viKs:nWaT\^ of Marriage: AMBROSE Cleveland and 
Lavinia Hathaway, Aug. 8, 1803. 18001 Mrs. Amelia Cleveland, Tacoma, Pierce co., 
Washington, 1893-4. 18002 And. J. Cleaveland, author Harmonist, pub. N.Y. city 1859, 
see Bibliography, Chap. IV. 

18003 Andrew Cleveland, Denver, Col., 1891, teamster. 
18004 Andrew B., New York city, 1888. 18005 Andrew Jack- 
son Cleveland, b. near Tugaloo, Habersham co., Ga., 1835, of 
Ruckersville, Ga., 1885. 18006 Andrew W. Cleaveland, Wor- 
cester, Mass., 1888, rem. to Cambridge, Mass., 1888-9. 

18007 Angeline Cleveland, of Dover, N. S., m. Feb. 28, 
1884, Angus Philips of Black Point, N. S. 

18008 Ann Cleveland, New York city, 1859, seamsti-ess. 
1 8009-1 2 Mr. Cleveland and wife of Oshkosh, Wis., spring 

of 18S0, old people, well-to-do, had a da. or grandda. Anna. 

18013 Another Mr. Cleveland of Oshkosh, Wis., spring 
1880, had family. 

18014 Anna Cleveland, Conneaut, O., 1878 — Duplicate 
of S. H. Cook, treas., Ashtabula co. 

18015 Annie Cleveland, Kansas City, Mo., 1888-9, cook. 

18016 Mrs. Annie T. Cleveland, Savannah, Ga., 1 880-1, 
music teacher. 

18017 Anson B. Cleveland, Buffalo, N. Y., 1890, steam 

18018 Miss Antoinette Cleveland, Helena, Mont, 1891, 
stenographer M. C. Ry. 

18019 AsHBY D. Cleveland, Birmingham, Jefferson co., 
Ala., 1891, clerk, bds. Sterrett's Station, S. Highlands. 

18020 Augustus Cleaveland, Arlington, Lawrence, 
Mass., 1886-7, h. Methuen, Mass. 18021 Augustus B. Cleve- 
land, Birmingham, Ala., 1891, paper hanger. 18022 Augustus 
C, Rochester, N. Y., prob. 1881, salesman, 93 N. Water. 18023 
C. Augustus, Rochester, 1884, salesman, 141 N. Water. 

18024 Arthur Cleveland, Oakland, Cal., 1886, black- 
smith. 18025 AuTHUR F., Boston, Mass., 1894, salesman ; Ar- 
thur H., Waterbury, Conn., 1890, driver M. & H. Ladder co. 
18026 Arthur J., Ogdensburg, N. Y., 1888-92, pat. medicine, 
N. Y. c. 18027 Arthur W., Minneapolis, Minn., 1890, salesman. 

18028 Arunah Cleveland, b. Apr. 20, 1778, d. Royalton, 
Vt, Oct. 9, 1861. 

18029-30 Conn. Men in Revol,, big — Nobel Town, Nov. 18, 1776. Return of Captain 
Jonathan Bixby Co. in the Continental Searvis : Corprel ASA Cleavland, time, 30 days. 
5>. 5jg — Capt. Nath' Wales ['80, Windham] co. militia: Pr. ASA ClevelON, com'c'm't of 
pay, Apr. 26, dis. Jan. i. 

1803 1 Asa Cleveland, from Conn, or Mass., a first settler 
of Jackson, Wa,shington co., N. Y., not known to be of this (De- 
liverance'', Palmer", Edward^ Moses') stock, they are all away 
from Jackson now (1877); his sister's daughter m. Liman Crowl, 
went to Cleveland, O., some years ago. 

18032-3 Asa and Isaac Cleveland (who d. bef. Feb. 24, 
1855), brothers, and 18034 John Cleveland, all from Conn., and 
were once of Quincy, 111., John Cleveland's wife became a Mor- 
mon, he went with them to the Salt Lake, so thought — Carres. 
Nehemiah Cleveland. 


18035 B, Cleveland bought lands in Anderson co., S. C, 
1792 — Land rec. 

18036 Mrs. B. Cleveland, Denver, Col., 1888. 18037 
Bayard Cleveland, Boston, Mass., 1894, clerk. Belle Cleve- 
land, Portland, Ore., 1890. 18038 Benjamin Cleveland, Brook- 
lyn, Hants CO., N. S., 1881. Benjamin, New Albany, Floyd co., 
Ind., 1884. 

18039-41 A^. Y. State Archives., XV. New York in the Revolution, prepared tinder 
direction of the Board of Res-ents, by Bert hold Fernow, Vol. /, iS^ : 27b, 344 — Cleveland, 
Benjamin, pr. Reg.: Webster; Co.: Armstrong [p. 276— Apr. ^, 1778, Alex. Webster, 
It.-col. Dorset reg. (Dr. John Williams, col.). Charlotte co. Militia, Alex. Webster, col., 
vice Williams, John Armstrong, capt. Mar. 4, 1780. p. 344, Cleveland, Benjamin, pri- 
vate, Reg.: Williams, Co. Armstrong; Cleveland, Benjamin, private, Reg.: Arm- 
strong, Co. Armstrong [p. 540 — Col. Dr. John Williams' reg. o£ Charlotte co. Militia, 
called out fr. Apr. 22 to 25, 1778; Charlotte co. Mil. was in pay during 1781, under Major 

18042-3 Mass. Rmol. Rolls, Lexington Alarm, XII: //o — Roll marked "Water- 
town," Col. Woodbridge's reg., Middlesex, Dec. 22, 1775, New Salem. Capt. Ebenezer 
Goodale's minute men: Cleaveland, Benjamin, n days. C<j«^V re^.— Lt.-CoL John 
Brooks, 7th Mass., Capt. Ballard, ^d co.: BENJAMIN Cleveland of Plymouth, Mass., en- 
list, for 3 years, served Jan. 22 to May 10, 1777, marked dead. 

18044 Benjamin, N. Y. city, 1891-2, carpenter. 18045 
Benjamin, San Francisco, Cal., 1889, porter. 

18046-7 Benjamin, father of: Zillah Cleveland, unm., 
fr. S. C, of Shreveport, La., bef. 1884, milliner. 

18048 Benjamin, Toledo, O., 1886-7, real est. 18049 Ben- 
jamin F., 1878, elk. Atlantic Hotel, and Benjamin F., 1882, S. 
4th St., both St. Louis, Mo. Benjamin F., San Francisco, Cal., 
1889, laborer. Benjamin W. Cleaveland, Chicago, 111., 189T, 

18050 Berry Cleveland, New Albany, Ind., 1884. Bery 
W., Chicago, 111., 1894. Bertram R., Portland, Me., 1893. John 
R., Portland, 1893. Bertrand, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1894. 18051 
Mrs. Bessie Cleaveland, Chicago, 111., 1891. 18052 Miss Bessie 
Cleveland, Culpeper, Va., July 16, 1892. 18053 Betsey Cleve- 
land, m. Covell, of Elmira, N. Y., 18S1. 

18054 The 17th chime [10] of bells now in use in Mass. 
has recently [1885, Oct.] been placed in St. Peter's Church, 
Salem. May well be called an " In Memoriam Chime," persons 
have given bells in memory of members of their families, as 
will be seen by the inscriptions : 

Ei — 365 lbs.: In memoriam Betsey Cleveland Russell, Born Oct. 16, 1806, Died Dec. 
22, 1883. Presented by her son, Benjamin W. Russell.— iV. E. H. G. Reg., XXXIX: 38s. 

18055 Bettie Cleveland, Cincinnati, O., 1885-7, Strong 
St., 24 Ward. 

18056 BuEL Cleveland, buried in Graceland Cemetery, 
Baltimore, Md., Nov., 1862. Address Richard R. Jenkins, 143 
W. Baltimore st.. Bait., 1879. 18057-9 Buel or Buell Cleve- 
land, 1859, laborer, 320 St. Clair ; 1861, teaman, 238 St. C; 1862, 
clerk of propeller Mineral Rock, bd. 194 St. C, all Cleveland, O. 
18060 Buel Cleveland, Milwaukee, Wis., 1855. 

1 8061 Burton Cleveland, Washington, D. C, 1884-6, lab. 

18062 C. Cleveland, editor, see Bibliography, Chap. IV, 
d. Detroit, Mich., 1834, of cholera — New London, Conn., Gazette, 
Aug. 24, 1834. 18063 Miss C. Cleveland, Hartford, Conn., 1846, 
dressmaker. 18064 C. A. Cleveland, Rochester, N. Y., 1876, 
boot mfr. 18065 C. B. Cleveland, Montreal, Can., 1879, Mon- 


treal House. 18066 C. C. Cleveland, San Francisco, California, 
1885-6, with A. L. Bancroft & Co. 18067 C. E. Cleveland, 
Denver, Col., 1 89 1, carpenter. 18068 C. E. Cleveland, m. Hart- 
ford, Conn., Nov. 5, 1888, Ella Phelps. 18069 C. E., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn., 1884-5, of Baker & Cleveland. 18070 C. G. Cleve- 
land, Hartford, Conn., 1862, law student. 18071 C. H. Cleve- 
land, Floresville, Wilson co., Tex., 1896. C. Harrison Cleve- 
land, Birmingham, Ala., 1891, clerk. 18072 C. J. Cleveland, 
Minneapolis, Minn., 1883, baggage mas. M. & St. L. 18073 C. S. 
Cleveland, Hartford, Conn., 1845, clerk. 18074 C. Z. Cleve- 
land, Leadville, Col., 1887, teamster American Smelter. 18075 
Caleb Cleveland, Washington, D. C, 1891, driver. 18076 Mrs. 
Carrie A. Cleveland, Lowell, Mass., Direc, died Dec. 27, 1879. 
18077 Catharine Cleveland, Sangerfield, N. Y., deed 1871 — 
Oneida co. land rec. 18078 Miss Celia E. Cleveland, Boston, 
Mass., 1894. 

18079 Rev. Charles Cleveland, Bloomfield, Conn., 1855. 

18080 Charles Cleveland, 1879-80, '82, '85, '91, '94, Bos- 
ton, Mass., carpenter. 18081 Charles, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1881,. 
turner, 486 7th av. 18082 Charles, b. Canaan, Conn., 1858, d. 
Canton, Conn., Oct. 7, i860. 18083 Charles, Chicago, 111., 1894,. 
fireman, bds. 18084 Charles, Chicago, 1894, stenograp'r, bds. 
18085 Emma, wid. of Charles Cleveland, Chicago, 1894. 

18086 Charles Cleveland of Cleveland, O., 1891, retired. 
Charles, Denver, Col., 1883-5, carver Windsor Hotel. 18087 
Charles, grantor, Dutchess co. {Poughkeepsie), N. Y., rec. 1808S 
Charles of Eureka Springs, Carroll co.. Ark., 1882, Charles, 
Huntsville, Madison co.. Ark., 1875-6, tinner. Charles, New- 
ark, N. J., 1894, painter. 18089 Charles, b. ab. 1849, ancestors 
from N. C, not an orphan, but attended orphan school, Ironton, 
Iron CO., Mo., 186 1, because of valuable service conveying U. S. 
mail through enemy's country and camp. Mrs. Harriet N. 
Tucker had care of the school. 18090 Charles, Peoria, 111., 
1880-1, express mes. 18091 Charles, Philadelphia, Pa., 1890, 
salesman. 18092 Charles, Rutland, Vt, i887-*8, emp. Charles 
Sheldon & Sons. 18093 Charles, St. Paul, Minn., 1883, conduc- 
tor St. P. & D. R. R., bds. 481 E. 5th. Charles, St. P. 1885, 
brakeman St. P. & D. R. R. Charles, St. P. 1886-7, bds. 451 
E. 6th. 18094 Charles, Saratoga Springs, N. Y., 1888-9, baker. 
18095 Charles, educated at Episcopal college, Sewanee, Tenn.; 
left in 1871. 18096 Charles, Sioux City, la., 1891-2, brakeman 
C, St. P., M. & O. Ry. 18097 Charles, Wichita, Kan., 1887, 
carriage emp. 18098 Charles Cleaveland, enlisted Nov. 25,. 
1864, from Windsor Locks, Conn., ist Conn. Light Battery. 
18099 Charles Cleveland, Worcester, Mass., 1882-3, bds. 93 
Main. 18100 Charles A. Cleveland, Minneapolis, Minn., 1883,. 
clerk. 1 8101-3 Charles A. and Harry S. (both H. S. Cleve- 
land & Co., hardware), also Miss E. Mae Cleveland, all at 516 
S. 9th, Minneapolis, 1890. 18104 Charles B., Boston, Mass., 
boards 1891-94. 18105 Charles B., St. Louis, Mo., Olive 1883, 
Pine 1885-7, stenographer; police 1894. i8io6 Charles C, 
Boston, Mass., 1881, 271 North. 18107 Charles C. Cleaveland,. 
Boston, Mass., 1884-5, 41 Kneeland, not there Jy, '85. iSioS 
Charles C. Cleaveland, Boston, 1891, elk., bds. Cambridge. 


Charles C. Cleveland, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1894, printer. 18109 
Charles E., St. Louis, Mo., 1894. Charles E., St. Paul, Minn., 
1884-5, carpenter. 181 10 Charles F., St. P. 1884-5; yard mas- 
ter ; 1890-2 foreman St. P. & D. R. R. 18111 Charles F., is 
1891 since a few years, after 1871 partner in firm James H. Ad- 
ams & Co. (C. F. Cleveland and F. G. Burt who withdrew some 
years bef. 1891) dry. g., Windsor Locks, Conn. 18112 Charles 
H., of Hartford, Conn., enlisted Jan. 30, 1862, 2d Conn. H. A., 
CO. L, disch'd for disability at Harrison's Landing, Va., Aug. 
14, 1862 — Rolls Adj. -Gen. Conn. 18113 Charles J., Waterbury, 
. Conn., 1890 emp. 18114-5 Charles Joseph, Jefferson, Wis., 
1882, his son. Dr. John, formerly lived in O. 181 16 Charles L., 
Chicago, 111., 1 89 1, clerk. 181 17 Charles M., Cleveland, O., 
1891, salesman. 181 18 Charles M., St. Paul, Minn., 1891-2, of 
Cleveland & [Lawrence M.] Hayes. Charles P., Brooklyn, N. 
Y., 1894, clerk. Charles R., Cleveland, O., 1891 r. Bkin. vil. 
181 1 9 Charles S. Cleveland, Chester M., woodworker, and 
Elizabeth, dressmaker, all at 2075 Utah st., St. Louis, Mo., 
1894. 18120 Charles W., Charleston, S. C, carrier P. O. before 
1887. 18121 Charles W., Grand Rapids, Mich., 1889, machin- 
ist, bds. loi N. Ave. 18122 Charles W., Medford, Taylor 
county, Wis., 1876-9, attorney. 181 23 Charles W., Philadel- 
phia, Pa., 1879, 37°4 Lancaster ave. 18124 Charles W., St. 
Paul, Minn., 1886-7, wagon-maker J. T. Le Due. 18125 Miss 
Charlotle Cleaveland, Newport, R. I., 1890. 181 26 Char- 
lotte A. Cleveland, North Ridge, N. Y., 1887, grocer. 18127 
Chauncey D. Cleveland of Winchester, Conn., enlisted May 7, 
1861, Rifle CO. E, 2d C. V., honorably discharged Aug. 7, 1861. 
18128 Chauncey F. of Essex, Conn., enlisted Nov. 14, 1861, Co. 
K, nth reg., died Newberne, N. C, May 6, 1862. Chester 
Cleveland, Chicago, 111., 1894, painter. Chester E. Cleve- 
land, Jarvis & Cleveland, Chicago, 111., 1894. 

18129-31 Conn. Men in Jievol.,sSS — Militia: Capt. Beni. Durkee's co. of Matrosses, 
Chester Cleavlind, Qr. Gunr., enlist. Aug. 19, '82-3. (I. S. Pens. Rep. 183s, ^.342 — 
Webster, N. Y., Chester Cleveland, pr. Conn, militia, pens'd fr. Mar. 4, 1831. 
U. S. Census Pensioners /i'^o— Chester Cleveland, living with Chester Cleveland, 

18132 Mrs. Clara Cleveland, Holyoke, Mass., 1873-4, 
Dwight St. 18133 Miss M. Clara Cleveland, Holyoke, Mass., 
1891, teacher. 18134 Clara Maria Cleveland, of Pittsfield, 
Mass., m. as 3d w., Mar. 23, 1866, George Sylvester Strong, born 
Sept. 19, 1807, d. P. July 15, 1868, a s. Noble and Anna (King), 
s. p. George S. Strong m. ist, May 12, 1833, Anna Maria Cald- 
well, she d. Sept. 2, 1848. He m. 2d Nancy Isham. Ch. b. P. : 
William Hall Strong, born May i, 1834, m. Nov. 5, 1866, Louisa 
Jane Jackson, Galesburg, 111.; George Sylvester Strong, b. Feb. 
2, 1837 ; Ambrose Caldwell Strong, born Aug. 16, 1839; Samuel 
Bergen Strong, b. Aug. 19, 1841, d. U. S. army Sept. 17, 1864 ; 
Frederic Strong; John Clifford Strong, b. Aug. 13, 1853; Mar- 
tha Alice Strong, b. Nov. 5, 1857. 

Loomis ancestry : Josepb> [see -^-3047, P- 1031] ; Lt. Samuel^ m. Elizabeth Judd, da. 
Thomas; Philips m. Hannah; Abigail* m. David Noble; Hannahs Noble m. King 
Strong ; Noble" Strong m. Anna King.— Loomis gen.., 486. 

18135 Clarence Cleveland, Hartford, Conn., 1872-3, 
bds. 29)^ Main ; 1872-3, rooms 6 Ann; 1873-4, rooms 54 Allyn ; 


machinist. 18136 Clarence A., Boston, Mass., 1891, supt. pub- 
lic buildings. 18137 Clarence C, Chicago, 111., 1894, salesman. 
■Clarence C, San Francisco, Cal., 1889, salesman. 


CLARISSA' CLEVELAND settled n. Rtitland, Vt, 1790; 
rem. to Seneca co., N. Y., d. Ovid, Seneca co., N. Y., Apr. 11, 

1813, a. 37 y. 10 mo, 30 da., m. ist Smith. She m. 2d, Fair- 
haven, Vt, Jan. I, 1795, as ist w., William Lee, he d. Fayette- 
ville, Cumberland county, N. C, July 8, 1820. (He m. 2d, Ovid, 
Aug. 29, 1 813, Polly Richmond); ist m. s. p. Ch. by 2d m. : 

18139 Huldah^ Lee, b. Aug. 12, 1796, Dorset, Bennington 
CO., Vt., d. Harrison co., Miss., Nov. 4, 1880, m. Ovid, Mar. 26, 

1814, William Folwell, b. Moreland tp., Lycoming co.. Pa., Oct. 
6, 1787, d. Harrison co., Pa., Feb. 9. 1871. Ch. : Nathaniel Boli- 
var'' Folwell, born Apr. 25, 18 15, drowned in Miss. Sound Apr. 7, 
1876 ; James Seymour^ Folwell, b. Feb. 8, 181 7; murdered in Cal., 
1866; Elizabeth S.', b. Mar. 15, 1818, d. Handsboro, Harrison co., 
Miss., Oct. 16, 1884, m. Fleming ; Sarah Ann', born Mar. 2, 1821, 
-ni. McClintock, of Neb.; Feter If.', b. Aug. 11, 1823, d. Mar. i, 
1824; Mary Lee', born May 17, 1825, m. Samuel Drew, of Green 
Isl., Wis.; George Washington Lee', b. Sept. 11, 1828, d. Oct. 20, 
1858; Joseph Lee', born Dec. 5, 1830, d. Green Bay, Wis., Jan. 7, 
1869 ; William Zee', b. June 24, 1832, d. Oct. 24, 1858 ; Rebecca', 
h. Oct. 17, 1836, d. Oct. 4, 1876, m. Curtis; Hugh Fleming' Folwell, 
b. Jan. 4, 1838. Of Austin, Travis co., Tex., in Gen, Land ofifice. 

-[-18140 Anna^ Lee, b. Oct. 3, T798J Danby, Rutland co., Vt. 

+ 18141 Sallf Lee, b. Jan. i, 1801, Danby, Vt.; Peter Smith', 
b. Jan. 12, Onondaga co., N. Y., d. Sept. 6, 1803; Parker Smith', 
b. July 16, 1804, O. CO., d. Rome, Oneida co., N. Y., Aug. 16, 1805; 
William Smith' Lee, b. Aug. 21, 1806, R., d. R. Oct. 11, 1807. 

George Fasset' Lee, b. Apr. 7, 1808, R., d. in Mexico, 
m., removed to Kentucky. 

18142 Joseph Cleveland' Zi?^, born Sept.\ 16, 1809, Rome, d. 
Ypsilanti, Washtenaw county, Mich., 1841, unm.; commissioned 
colonel in "Patriot War" in Canada [1837?]: rendevouzed his 
troops on Hog Island, was defeated in first skirmish at stone 
windmill. Owned and operated upper sawmill at Ypsilanti, 
a scholar, had a large library. William Lacey' Lee, b. Nov. 10, 
1 811, Rome, drowned in youth. Adoniram' Lee, b. Mar. 13, Ovid, 
d. O., May 23, 1813. 


Aifina' Lee (ciarissai), d., m. Vienna, N. Y., May, 1823, 
Thomas R. Brown, b. N. J., d. Battle Creek, Mich., Apr., 1862, 
s. Henry and Mary (McCarrack). Dwelt Ovid Landing, N. Y., 
to 1827, Ypsilanti, Mich., to 1853, Battle C, af. millwright. Ch.: 

18143 Delia Heleii' Brown, b. May, 1824, m. 1852, her cous. 
Anthony C. Brown, s. William and Margaret (Wintermote), 
I'd Dayton, O., retired merch. Ch.: Henry Lee^ Brown, d. a, 18. 

1 8144 Louisa Amanda' Brown, b. Dec. 6, 1826, Vienna, m. 
Ypsilanti, Mich., Mar. 24, 1853, Rev. George Phillips Tindall, b. 
Lawrenceville, Mercer co., N. J., Apr. 29, 1822, s. Thomas and 


Elizabeth (Howell). He was educated at University of Mich., 
and Union Theo. Seminary, N. Y. city, tst pastorate was 2d 
Pr6sb. chh., Dayton, O., 1853 to 1857 ; 2d pastorate 2d Presb. 
chh., Indianapolis, Ind., 1857 to 1863 ; 3d pastorate in Ypsilanti 
1863 to 1876 ; 4th pastorate Flint, Mich., 1876 to 1881 ; from 
1881 to present, 1887, has conducted the Academy at Placerville, 
Cal. Ch. : George Lee" Tindall, b. Mar. 26, 1855, Dayton, d. In- 
dianapolis, Mar. 8, i860 ; Lizzie Howell^ Tindall, b. Dec. 2, 1856, 
Dayton ; Anna Louise'^ Tindall, Apr. 21, i86t, Indianapolis. 

1 8145 Henry Hotigh^ Brown, b. Aug. 14, 1828, m. Ypsi- 
lanti, June 24, 1864, Mrs. Isabella Alice (Stewart) Rockwell, b. 
Romulus, N. Y., Nov. 6, 1823, wid., da. Taylor and Nancy 
(Brown). Hon. Henry Hoiigh^ Brown in 1842 ent. the Naval 
School then taught in classes on school ships, prior to establish- 
ment of Annapolis Academy. Sailed 1843 ^^ Yeoman of sloop- 
■of-war "Boston"; was in Brazil up the La Platte to 1846, came 
home, went to W. coast of Africa and the Mediterranean as ex- 
ecutive clerk in frigate "U. S.," shipmate with Elisha Kent' 
Kane, returned 1849, then ordered to U. S. S. "Mich." on the 
lakes ; resigned here ; went to Cal. and Ore. ; member Oregon 
Legislature 1856-7 ; editor of Yreka {Siskiyou co., Cal.) Union 
1858-9, see Bibliography, Chap. IV ; went to Harrison co., 
Miss., clerk of Harrison co. Circuit Court 1859-60 ; Master of 
•Confederate gunboat "Carondelet," 1862-3; burned by orders 
from Richmond, Va., on Gen. Benjamin F. Butler capturing 
New Orleans. Rem. 1864 to Battle Creek, Mich., there studied 
law, adm. to bar 1866 ; alderman 2 terms, defeated candidate 
for Mayor, City Atty. and Counsellor 1886 ; of Battle Creek 1887. 


Sall'if (ciarissa') d. Monroe, Kan., Nov. i, 1880, a. 79, 
m. N. Y. state May i, 1817, William Gilmorc, b. N. Y. s. Aug. 
10, 1797, d. Monroe, Aug. 31, 1881. Settled n. Connersville, 
Fayette co., Ind., farmer. Ch. : Clarissa Lee^ Gilmore, b. Jan. 5, 

18146 Huldah Ann^ Gilmore, b. July 3, 1821, d. Fayette co., 
Feb. 12, 1851, m, July 8, 1849, Harvey Millspaugh, s. p. Temper- 
•ance^, b. Feb. 12, 1822. 

1 8147 John Burroughs^ Gilmore, b. Oct. 11, 1824, d. Sept. 
29, 1859, m. F. CO., Dec. 27, 1852, Mary Elizabeth Klum. Ch. : 
Mary May* Gilmore, b. Mar. 25, 1854, d. Eureka, Greenwood co., 
Kan., ab. 1884, m. Harry Brunner. 

18148 William Lee^ Gillmore, b. Sept. 15, 1835, tn. Fayette 
■CO., Ind., Oct. ,31, 1858, Mary Jane Vilott ; res. 1887 Beverly, 
Sumner co., Kan., wagon manufacturer. Ch. : Silonia D\ b. 
Aug. 19, 1859, Fayette co.; Frances Fletcher", Oct. 14, i860, F. co.; 
Carry Belle^, June 7, 1862, F. co.; Sally Lee"-, Dec. 15, 1863, F. co.; 
John Burroughs", Aug. 21, 1866, F. co.; Clarence James", Apr. 26, 
1868, F. CO.; William Harrison", Nov. 30, 1870, Lincoln co., Kan.; 
Harvey Lee", Aug. 12, 1873, L. co.; Florence Ettie", July 4, 1875, 
L. CO. Martha Jane^ Gilmore, b. Feb. 22, 1838. 

18149 Conn. Men in Revol., J07 — Latimer's reg. Eben Lathrop's co. CuRTES Cleve- 
land attached [1777] Aiisr. 24, dis'd Oct.; 18150, p-533 — ^o\- Samuel Chapman's reg. 
[Aug., 1778, militia under Brig.-Gen. John Tvler. under Maj.-Gen. Sullivan at Newport, in 
iDattle of R. I., Aug. 29], Capt. David Cady's Co., CUKTISS CleavlaND ent. Aug. 2, 


disch. Sept. 12 ; 18151, /. jj^— 3d reg. [2d formation Jan. i, 1781, to Jan. i, 1783, composed 
of 2d and 9th regs., of previous formations']. Col. Samuel B. Webb, Wethersfield, Capt. 
Elisha Hopkins [of Hartford] co. ; Private Curtis Cleveland pd. Jan. i, to Dec. 31, 
1781; 18152, p. bo3 — Continental Frigate Confederacy [36 guns, built on Thames, below 
Norwich, launched 1778, sailed Oct. 20, 1779, from Phila. for France, having on board 
French Minister (Conrad Alexander) Gerard, and newly-appointed American Minister 
to Spain, Hon. John Jauy (Jay?j; to Martinico Dec. 18. Was, Apr., 1781, captured off 
Capes of Va. by British 74, taken to Charleston, S. C], Capt. Seth Harding. Men's 

18153 Corson Cleveland, Philadelphia, Pa., 1882, box- 

18 154 D. Cleveland bought lands in Anderson co., S. C, 
1807. — County rec. 

18155 Married on Wednesday evg. Feb. 5, at residence of 
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. Cleveland, in Sauk Center, by 
Rev. Chas. W. Lawson of Alexandria, Minn., Mr. W. E. Dobbs 
to Miss Marion E. Cleveland. For years these young people 
have been active in the S. S. Epworth League. 

18156 Mrs. D. Cleveland from Ohio, of Wichita, Kan.,, 
. 1887, 614 Ohio St. 18157 D. C. Cleveland, Houston, Texas, 

1890-4, rooms 277^ Preston. 18158 D. E. Cleveland, trav. 
Frayer & Bradley, Atlanta, Ga., 1891, res. Toccoa, Ga. 18159. 

D. W. Cleveland, m. Dec. 17, 1846, Anna Merrill. — Cleveland^ 
Cuyahoga co., O., Probate Rec. 18160 Dana Cleveland, Camden 
City, N. ]., 1890-1, artist. 18161 Daniel Cleveland had a son, 
Frank Cleveland of Albany or Troy, N. Y., d., m. Hattie (she 
m. 2d George La Hue of South Amboy, Middlesex co., N. J., 
she is a temperance speaker, 1883). 18162 Daniel Cleveland, 
married, Cleveland, O., 1809, Harriet Melvin. 181 63 Daniel 
Cleveland, m. July 7, 1853, Margaret McLean. — Cleveland, O., 

probate r. 18164 Daniel Cleveland of Salisbury, Montgomery 
county, N. Y., m. bef. 1815, Delilah, they mortg. 44^ acres in S. 
Apr. I, 1815, to Isaac Burrill ; mortg. canceled Jan. 18, 1828. — 
Fonda, N. Y., rec. 18165 David Cleveland, Washington, D. C.,, 
1882, coachman. 18166 David, Wash'n, 1891, waiter. 18167 
David B., Tyler, Tex., 1884, lawyer. 18168 David G., Wash- 
ington, D. C, 1887, waiter. 18169 Davis CLEVtiLAND, N. Y. city, 
1881-2, 315 E. 80th, rem. thence bef. Dec. 15, 1882. 18170 Dennis 
Cleveland, N. Y. city 1879-80, 27 Rosevelt st. 

18171 Conn. Men in Revol.^ p. icfj — 5th reg. Conn. Line [recruited in Fairfield and 
Litchfield cos. to Peekskill spring 1777 ; Sep. to Pa., McDougall's brig. At battle German- 
town, Oct 4, Monmouth June 28, 1778 ; its light co. at storming Stony Point July 15, '79, 
wintered '80-1 camp Conn. Village above Robinson House on the Hudson] Col. Philip Burr 
Bradley, Ridgefield, Conn. Dyer Cleveland, priv. enlist Apr. 25, 1777, rejoined 
Jan. I, '80. 

18172 E. Cleveland, private Co. I, i8th Pa. Cav., d. Nov. 
8, 1864, grave No. 11922, Andersonville Cemetery, Sumter co., 
Ga. 18173 Mrs. E. Cleveland, Denver, Col., 1880-1. Mrs. E.,. 
Denv. i882-'3, '5. 18174 Mrs. E. A. Cleaveland, Chicago, III, 
1891. 18175-6 E. B. Cleveland, clerk, and Mrs. Susan L. K. 
Cleveland, both 16 Follen street, Boston, Mass., 1891. 181 77 

E. C. Cleveland, Denver, Col., 1879-81. 18178 Mrs. E. D. 
Cleveland, Buffalo, N. Y., 1894. Ebe C, Denver, 1884-6. 
18179 E.Charles, Denver, 1884-6, 324 Larimer; 1888, cook 
Union Hotel, 1955 Larimer. 18180 E. C. Cleveland, Elmira,. 
N. Y., 1882-3. i8i8i Dr. E. C. Cleveland, Lawrence, Mich. — 
Medical Direc, iS^g, 18182 E. J. Cleveland, Galveston, Tex.,. 
1877. 18183 E. K. Cleveland, Cincinnati, O., 1894, conductor. 



18184 E. R. Cleveland, Philadelphia, Pa., 1885-6. 18185 
Edgar A. Cleveland of New Berlin, N. Y., was killed in army, 
his wid. of N. Berlin 1878. 18186 Edith L. Cleavland, N. Y. 
city, 1891-2. 18187 Edson Cleveland, Waterbury, Conn., 1890. 
Edson M., N. Y. city 1894. 18188 Edward Cleveland, Balti- 
more, Md., 1891, clerk. 18189 Edward Cleveland, owned 
lands in Barnwell co., S. C, 1804-12. 18190 Edward Cleve- 
land, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1894, tinsmith. Edward Cleveland 
came to Cattaraugus co., N. Y., 1881, on business, mentioned 
in a local newspaper. Edward Cleveland, Cincinnati, O., 1884-5, 
barber, 1891 1894, fireman 1891 1894. 

18191 Conn. Men in Revol.,s33 —Col. Sam'l Chapman's reg., Capt. David Cady's co. 
Edward Cleavland ent. [1778], Aug. 2, dis. Sept. 12 ; 18192, p. 6os— Frigate Confederacy 
1778-81 Men : Edward Cle.'^veland. 18193 — ^ Mass. Revol. Rolls, Lexington Alarm, 
XIII: 03 — Col. John Smith's reg., co. inarched from Walpole, on alarm, Apr. 19,' 1773, 
Capt. Jere Smith : Edward Cleveland, private Walpole, 10 days in Colony's service. 
/.• iiS— Col. Ephraim Wheelockreg. com. by Maj. James Metcalfupon alarm Warwick, 

LAND, private. 

18197-9 Edward, Greenfield, Mass., 1876, printer. Ed- 
ward, San Francisco, Cal., 1878, 9 O'Farrell ; Edward 
(descended from Josiah^, Moses') from Vermont, of Boston, 
Mass., 1875-7, drygoods store Tremont street. 18200-1 Edward 
H., Boston 1879-81, cutler ; Edward H., Chicago, 111., 1891, 
watchman. 18202 Edward L., Minneapolis, Minn., ab. 1885-6. 
18203-5 Edward M., Chicago, 111, 1894, fireman. Edwin 
Cleveland, Cincinnati, O., 1886-7, fireman ; Edwin, Glade, 
Warren co.. Pa., 1885; Edwin, Providence, R. I., 1855, jeweler; 
Edwin & w. Ruth G., convey, Dec. 7, 1840, land to John Doug- 
lass in Richland, N. Y. — Oswego co. rec. 18206 N. E. His. Gen. 
Reg., XLVIII : 438 — Letters of Col. Thomas Westbrook and others, 
relative to Indian Affairs in Maine. Communicated by William 
Blake Trask, A.M. — Muster Roll of Capt. Robert Temple & 
Co. from June 26 to Dec. 10, 1722 : Eeb'' Cleveland. 18207 
Elbert Cleveland, Minneapolis, Minn., 1884-5, lumber, bds. 

18208 Conn. Men, War ofiSrz, J>. j6 — Cleveland, Elihu, private, commander 
Capt. Daniel Deming, whose com'r Lt.-Col. Ezra Brainard, service Aug. 15 to Oct. 26, 


18209 Elijah Cleveland, Toronto, Can., 1886. Elijah 
B., Boston, Mass., 1894, stock broker. 182 10 Elijah J. Cleve- 
land, Washington, D. C, 1891, driver. 

18211 Conn. Men in Revol., 2i5&, — 4th reg., Capt. Jedidiah Hyde of Norwich: 
Eliphaz Cleveland enlist Apr. 28, 1777, for 8 mo., dis. Jan. i, '78; 18212, p. 583— \Jt.- 
■Col. Samuel Canfield's [of N«w Milford] reg. at West Point, Sept., 1781. ELISHA P. 
CLE aveland, Pomphret. 18213 ^'^s^- Revol. Rolls, XXIII; gr — Col. Elisha Porter's reg. 
detached to join Gen. Gates for 30 days in service of Mass., Lt. Joshua Shaw's co. : 
Elisha Cleveland, private, Sept. 26 to Oct 18, 1777 (pd. 1778). 18214 XX: /^ — Militia 
in service U. S. com. by Israel Cnapen, 3 mos., Oct., Nov., Dec, 1779, Capt. Caleb Keep's 
CO. : Elisha Cleaveland, pr. Oct. 15 to Nov. 21, 1779. 

18215 Elisha Cleveland — Dutchess county, N,Y. Records. 
1 82 1 6-1 8 Mrs. Eliza B. Cleveland, widow, San Francisco, 
Cal., 1878; Eliza J. Cleveland, m., Boston, Mass., Jan. 4, 1881, 
Daniel D. Bates. Mrs. Eliza J. Cleveland, Galveston, Tex., ab. 
1886, h. J. C. Wortham. 18219 Elizabeth Cleveland, Western, 
N. Y., 1835. — Oneida co. land rec. 18220 Elizabeth L. Cleve- 
land, born Buffalo, N. Y., May 9, 1849, m. Oct. 17, 1869, Charles 



Emmot Flannery, b. July 7, 1843, a s. John and Mary (Corwin).. 
Of Oil City, Pa. 

Corwin ancestry : — Matthias' [see -1-4036, p. 1214] ; John', freem. Conn. 1662 ; John', 
John* ; James' ; Moses' ; Mary^ Corwin m. John Flannery. — Corwin gen. 

18221 Miss Elizabeth M. Cleveland, from Mansfield, 
Conn., teacher ab. 1860-4 of public school, Columbia, Conn., S. 
Mill. dist. of E. Hartford. 18222 Elizabeth R., Philadelphia, Pa., 
1890, laundry. 18223 Elizabeth W., Winsted, Conn., 1890-91, 
teacher. 18224 Miss Ella, Lowell, Mass., 1887. 18225 ^- ^■ 
Herald, June 28, 1882 — Recovery through prayer. [Telegram} 
Troy, N. Y., June 27, 1882, Miss Ella Cleveland of Pawlet, 
Vt., has been for 2 years entirely helpless and confined to bed; 
on Thursday [June 22] she arose and was able to walk. 18226-8 
Miss Ellen Cleveland and George, cotton mills, also William, 
all of Watkins St., Nashville, Tenn., 1891. 18229 Emeron L. 
Cleveland, Chicago, 111., 1885, carpet house. 


Emily Cleveland m. Gershom Flagg Brownson. Ch. : 

18231 Emma Caroline Brownson, b. May 27, 1847, m. Feb. 27," 1863,. 
Timothy Follett Strong, b. Burlington, Vt., Apr. 29, 1840, a s. 
Timothy Follett and Olivia (Clark). Ch. : William Albert Strong, 
b. Dec. 22, 1864; George Lee Strong, Sept. 22, 1867. Of Fond du 
Lac, ab. 1869-70 printer. 

Strong ancestry : — Mr.>, Richard', John' [see +748, p. 394], m. 2d, Abigail Ford; 
Ebenezer* m. Hannah Clapp, da. Nicholas' (of Dorchester, Mass. ; Richard' of Dorchester, 

Eng.; ' per. of Devonshire, Eng.) Clapp and Sarah' ( ' of Salcombe, Devonsh. \ 

» per. of Devonsh.) Clapp ; Jonathan' m. Mehitable Stebbins, da. of Joseph' (m. 

Sarah Dorchester, da. Anthony of Springfield, Mass.) s. of Thomas^ (Rowland' of S. 1641) 
Stebbins' and Hannah' (Samuel' m. Elizabeth Burt, da. Henry of S. ; Samuel' of S., t64i> 
Wright ; Lt. Elisha' m. Sarah Lewis, da. Daniel and Mary (Strong) ; Asahel' m. Susan 
Follett of Bennington, Vt., da. Timothy and Susannah (Pay) ; Timothy Follet^ Strong, 
m. Olivia Clark, da. Nathan Satterlee and Mercy (T-aTnet) — Strong gen. : izyj. 

Miss Emily Cleveland, Chicago, 111., 1894, stenographer. 

18232 Emily T. Cleveland, m. Plymouth, C(^nn., Feb. 16, 1870, 
Frederick T. Aldis — town rec. Emma Cleveland, Buffalo, N. Y., 
1894. Miss Emma, Chicago, 111., 1876. Emma, E. Saginaw, 
Mich., bef. 1887. 18233 N. E. His. Gen. Reg., XLVIII : 438— 
Letters of Col. Thomas Westbrook and others relative to Indian 
Affairs in Maine — Muster Roll of Capt. John Shipley's Co. 
from June 26 to Dec. 10, 1722 : Enoch Cleavland — Mass. Arch. 
gi : 78, 79. 

18234-8 Histor'^ of Chelmsford., Mass., Haver/till, Mass., 1820, p. 176 — Soldiers in the 
Revolution from Chelmsford : ENOCH CLEVELAND, privalte in Capt. John Ford's co. of 
the 27 reg. of foot in the Continental Army stationed at Cambridge, was in the engage- 
ment Apr. 27, 1775 and engaged in the memorable battle at Breed's commonly called 
Bunker Hill [June 17] 1775. 

Mass. Revol. Rolls, Lexington Alarm, XITI : /jj — Lt. Benji Walker's roll. Col. 
Moses Parker's co. 1775 : Enoch Cleaveland, private from Chelmsford, 8 days. Con- 
tinental Regiments — ^ih reg. Lt.-Col. John Brooks, Capt. Ballard's co.: ENOCH CLEVE- 
LAND, Jan. I, 1777, to Dec. 31, 1779, res. Chelmsford. Jv. B. H. G. Reg., L.: 4t)Q — James 
Barrett's returns of men mustered 1777-8, Mass. Bay, Feb. 26, 1777 : Col. Alden's Battal. 
Capt. Parker's Co. ENOCH Cleveland; Revolution Pensioners living 1818 — Enoch 
Cleveland, private Mass. line living Vt. U. S. Pension Rep. fSjs — Enoch Cleve- 
land of Orange co., Vt., private Mass. line, pensioned from Apr. 7, i8i8, then aged 74, d. 
Aug. 8, 1823. 

18239-44 Conn. Men in Revol., iz2 — Knowlton's Rangers 1776, Ephraim Cleveland 
[Mass.] ist Lt. Sargent's [Mass.] reg. 18240-4 Mass. Revol. Rolls, III, 207 — Feb. 3, 1779, 
EPHRAIM Cleveland, private Capt. William Tucker's co., Col. Jacob Gerishe's reg., 
so/ — Commissioned officers and staff, Capt. Ephraim Cleaveland, Col. Michael Jack- 
son's 8th reg., 27 mo., Jan. i, 1777, to Apr. i, 1779. 265 — Capt. Ephraim wages to Dec. 31, 



1779, Mass. Continental 8th reg. Ephraim Cleveland commissioned capt. 1780 ; XXV: 
163 — Pay Roll Capt. Thomas Whipple's co., Guards doing duty at Rutland, commenc- 
ing Apr. 20, 1780, for term 8 months ; Ephraim Cleveland. 

Ephraim Cleveland, Waverly, Van Buren co., Mich., Apr. 
20, 1879. 18245 Ernest Cleveland, Pittsfield, Mass., 1888, B. 
& A. R. R. freight depot. 18246 ErnEst Cleveland, Gow st, 
Balmain, Sydney, New South Wales Directory, 18^4. 18247 Ern- 
est A. Cleveland, Vancouver, B. C, Canada, 1897, surveyor. 
18248 Miss Etta Cleveland, Norwich, Conn., 1891, milliner, 66 
High. 18249 Eugene S. Cleveland, Boston, Mass., 1891, bds. 
25 Hancock. 

18250 Mass. Revol. Rolls, XXVIII : loy — Dukes co. Militia reg. sth co. : Of&cers ap. 
to command June 7, 1775 : Matthew Mayhew, capt., Joseph Norton, istlt. Cleaveland 
Ezra, ad It. in room of the officers first chosen. 18251 XXXVI : 243 — Roll Capt. Benj. 
Smith's CO., stationed Martha's V. ; Ezra Cleveland, pr. Sept. i to Nov. 21, 1776. 18252 
XVIII : 222 — Lt. Abner Dwellie's co., Mass. Bay militia exped. to Manchester, pd. Dec. 
ig, 1777 : Ezra Cleveland, pr. 18253 TV. Y. State, Ar : XV. Fernow 1 : 266 — Militia : 
Henry Quackenbush col. vice Garret Vandenburgh, Apr. 4, 1778 — Feb. 6, 1779, Jurian 
Hogan's co., Matthew Flansborough ist It.; Ezra Cleveland, ensign. 

18254 Ezra Cleveland, m. Salem, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1803,. 
Rebecca Oswald ; lived formerly at S., or Jackson, N. Y. — Sa- 
lem rec. 18255 F. A. Cleveland b. 1831, m. Julia M., b. 1837. 
Ch. : 18256 F. A., b. July 17, 1863. — New Haven, Conn., town rec. 
18257 F. A. Cleveland, wife living 1887, from Syracuse, N. Y.,. 
to and of Baltimore, Md., of Boston Book co., Hartford, Conn.,. 
1887. Ch.: 2. 18258 Fred A. Cleveland, Albany, N. Y., 1891, 
bookseller. 18259 Fred A. Cleveland, Baltimore, Md., 1891,^ 
stationer, house in N. Y. 18260 F. C. Cleveland, Compton Cen- 
tre, Compton CO., P. Q., 1882. 18261 F. E.Cleveland, Balmain,. 
Sydney, N. S. W. — Direc. 1894. 18262 F. J. J. Cleveland, Cin- 
cinnati, O., 1886-7, clerk. 18263 T. J. J. Cleveland, Cincinnati,. 
189 1, trav. salesman. 18264 F. M. Cleveland, N. Y. city, ab. 
1886-7. 18265-7 Cleveland Brothers (Felix S., of Molaile, 
Ala., 1891, Frank or Frank B., of M. 1883, '91, and Stonewall 
J., of M., 1883, '91), wholesale grocers, 1891 Mobile. 


Florence Cleveland, m. Dec. 31, 1877, Frank William Whit- 
ney, b. Apr. 17, 1855, a s. William Montague and Augusta Haw- 
ley (Marsh). Ch. : Isaac Raymond Whitney, b. May 11, 1879, d. 
Sept., 1 881 ; Oscar Franklin Whitney, b. Jan. 2, 1881; Erasmus 
Montague Whitney, Apr. 14, 1884. 

IVliitney ancestry : —lsa.a.c^, b. Montague, Mass., Jan. 22, 1788, d. Lafayette, Wal- 
worth co., Wis., May 12, i8sq, m. Laura Montague'"; William Montague' Whitney, m. 
Augusta Hawley Marsh, of Montague, da. Enos Jr., and gr. da. of Chester Hawley of 
Plain ville. 

Montague ancestry ; — Richard^, John' [see + 14702, p. 2034] : Samuel', b. Apr. 2, 
1695, m. ist Elizabeth White, da. Nathaniel' (.Nathaniel"; John', Hartford, Conn., 1636), 
White & Elizabeth" (John', Middletown, Conn., ni. Elizabeth Dubbin) Savage ; Daniel^, 
m. Lydia Smith, da. Nathaniel ; William", m. Persis Russell, da. Nathaniel (desc. fr. 
Rev. John — s. of John — 1st pastor at Hadley, Mass.) Russell & Mary (Smith); Laura'" 
Montague m. Isaac Whitney'.— Montague gen. 

18269 Francis Cleveland, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1881, clerk. 18270 
Francis Clevel'and, Easton, Fairfield co.. Conn., enlisted Dec. 
23, 1863, Co. E, 2d Conn. H. A., d. Fort Monroe, Va., Feb. 26,. 
1 865 — Conn. Men in Civil War. 


18271 3 Cleveland [given name torn off, thought to be Francis, Curtis, 

James, Jonas, or Phineas] private Capt. Jabez Barnap co. militia, Col. Drury's regr. de- 
tached fr. Mass. state to reinforce Cont'l army for 3 mos. service at West Point, N. Y., 
by ord. Gov. John Harvey, Nov. 20, 1783 — Mass. Revol. Rolls, I ; s^- 

18272-5 Francis Cleveland, N. Y. city 1879-80, 11 Broad; 
Francis, N. Bay Vienna, N. Y., taxpayer on land 1879-80 ; 
Francis, Worcester, Mass., 1878 ; Francis D., Newark, N. J., 
1894, fibre mfr.; Francis H., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1887-90, store 
N. Y. city. 

18276 Frank Cleveland, Boston, Mass., 1894. 

18277-9 Frank Cleveland, Morris City, 111., 1885, propr. 
Cleveland House ; Frank Cleavland, Pittsburg, Pa., 1890, 
blacksmith; Frank Cleveland, Salt Lake City, Utah, 189 1-2, 
deputy U. S. Marshal. 

18280 Frank B. Cleveland, Buffalo, N. Y., 1894, foreman. 

18281 Frank B., Seattle, King county, Wash., 1891 (John 
Leek & Co.), rms,; 18282 Frank J., Seattle, 1891, propr. Puget 
Sound steam laundry, rms.; 18283 Frank S., Seattle direc'y, i8gi 
(age 25), died Nov. 6, 1890. 18284 Frank D., Champaign, 111., 
1885, clerk of Doane House. 18285 Frank G., Milwaukee, Wis., 
1885, carrier. 

18286 Frank P. Cleveland, Chicago, III., 1891, mangr., 
17, 184 Dearborn, h. 357 Cleveland av.; of Cleveland & (Judd 
B.) Light, 1894. 

18287 Franklin Cleveland, whose ancestors of Mich.; 
of Wood River, Idaho, m., Grass Valley, Cal., Sept. 12, 1859, Ida 
Bernadet, b. Bordeaux, France, Mar. 9, 1845, came to Cal. 1855. 
Ch. b. Grass V.: 18288 Kate Cleveland, b, Nov. 25, i860, m. 
Nov. 25, 1883, Fred C. Burchard, of St. Paul, Minn. 18289-90 
Ida May, b. Oct. 29, 1863; Camille Cleveland, June 2, 1870. 

18291-2 Fred Cleveland, Chicago, 111., 1891, clerk; Fred, 
Hartford, Conn., 1883, clerk ; Fred, m., from Lee, Mass., Mans- 
field; of Sheffield, Mass., 1857, afterwards to paper co. at Hol- 
yoke, Mass.; Fred, Winsted, Conn., 1 890-1, empl'ydby W. L. G. 
Clock CO.; Fred A., Lowell, Mass., 1887, opei^ative ; Fred A., St. 
Paul, Minn., 1886-7, clerk. 

18293 Frederick Cleveland, of Acton, Texas, 1895, is 
father of 18294 John Cleveland, of Acton, Tex., merch. there. 

18295 Frederick Cleveland, b. 1787, d. Calhoun county, 
Mich., Sept. 15, 1838. 

18296 Conn. Men in Revol., 4.12 — 6th Batt., 6th co., 1776, Lt. Abner Bacon, Canter- 
bury. Drummer: F* Cleaveland; 18297 _^. /(?o — 3d reg. Conn. Levies, enlisted short 
term: Cleaveland, Frederick, enl. July i, dis. Deo. 4, '80. 

18298-9 Frederick Cleveland, d. about 1865. Ch.: Miss 
Helen M. Cleveland, residence, 1882, Holyoke, Mass., with her 

1 8300-6 Frederick Cleveland — thought to be the name 
— from Mass. ab. 1819-20, and settled in Petersburgh, Pa., d. P. 
ab. 1823, m. Amelia Pierceon. (His widow taught school ab. 8 
years, and then m. 2d, ab. 1831.) Ch. : James Orval Cleveland, 
b. Apr. 28, 182 1, P., d. n. Grand Rapids, Wood co., O., Apr., 1868, 
m. Fairfield, Huron co., O., Lydia Macklin, b. Lancaster, Fair- 
field CO., O., July 29, 1822, da. Peter and Mary (Boyer). Of 
Fairfield to 1855, Grand Rapids afterwards, blacksmith. Ch.: 



Sarah Catharine Cleveland, b. Mar., 1846, Lancaster, m, Wil- 
liam Swain Warner. Michael Pierceon Cleveland, b. Mar., 
1849, L., d. Grand R. Dec, i868; John Spellman Cleveland, b. 
Aug., 185 1, L., d. G. R. Aug., 1864. Hannah Eliza Cleveland, 
b. Aug., 1854, L., ra. Richard Davis. Mary Rebecca Cleve- 
land, b. Aug., 1856, G. R., m. Aaron Lewis Bartel. Watson 
J. Cleveland, b. Dec, 1859, G. R., m. Mahala M. Houser, of G. 
R. 1883, carries on his father's farm. Flora Ann Cleveland, 
b. July, 1865, G. R. 

Frederick Cleveland, died at Phelps, N. Y., May 
17, 1895. 

18307 Frederick Cleveland, 28th Conn. Vols.; name on 
bronze tablet (with names of many other Salisbury, Conn., men 
of a large number of Conn, regiments), on Soldiers' Memorial 
Statue at Salisbury, dedicated July, 1891, in honor of the soldier 
dead of the town. 

18308 Frederick H. Cleveland, telegrapher, Boston, 
Mass., 1894, h. at Everett. Frederick J., Chicago, 111., 1894, 
baker. Frederick S., St. Louis, Mo., 1894. 

18309 Rev. G. A. Cleveland, of Gloucester, Mass., 1883, 
corresp. of Cape Ann Advertiser. See Bibliography, Chap. IV. 

18310 G. B. Cleveland, Denton, Tex., 1885, grocer. 
18311-12 G. Fred Cleveland, plumber, with William 

H., plumber, Cleveland, O., 1891 (1894). 18313 G. H. Cleve- 
land, Capt. Co. G, 38th Ala., resigned Apr. 5, 1864 — Adjiitant 
and Inspector- General' s Office^ Richmond, [Va.], June 10, 1864, 
General Orders, No. 51 [Confederate States Army], p. 19. 
18314 G. W. Cleveland, Minneapolis, Minn., 1880-1. 

18315 Conti. Men in Revol., /<So — ^dreg. Levies: Cleaveland, Gardner, enl. July 
I, dis. Dec. 4, 1780. 18316 p. ^^2 —3d reg. [2d form'n], Capt. Elisha Hopkins [of Hartford] 

CO. laARDINER CLEVELAND, pd. Jan. I tO DeC. 31, 1781. 

18317 Geneva E. Cleveland, Boston, Mass., 1884, book- 
store, left before Jan. 26, 1885. 

18318 George Cleveland, bought lands Anderson co., S. 
C, 1817 — CO. rec. 18319-21 George, Binghamton, N. Y., 1883, 
blacksmith, bds.; George, Boston, Mass., 1891, carpenter; 1894, 
painter; George, Birmingham, Ala., 1891, ins. agent. 18322 
George and sister, Carthage, Mo., 1885; George, Chicago, 111.. 
No. 5928 S. Sangamon, 1894. 18323 George Cleveland, of 
Clarke co., Ky., executed, 1806, a deed of gift to Annie Haynic, 
or Haynie, of personal property that, in 1811, Sally Cleveland, 
widow of George Cleveland, executed power of atty. to Wm. 
B. Brannum. 18324 George, chh. member, Exeter, R. I., 1842- 
72. 18325 George, Hartford, Conn.. 1841, Directory, by Isaac N. 
Bolles. 18326 George, b. 1832, of Hartford 1854, m. Catharine, 
b. 183s, laborer; Da. b. Aug. 23, 1854, H. — George B. Hawley, 
phys. 18327 George Cleaveland, m. H., Feb. 10, 1883, Estella 
Ring. 18328-9 George Cleveland, Kansas City, Mo., 1883, 
confectioner ; George, K. C. ab. 1885-6, head waiter. 

18330-2 George' Cleveland, of Ky. Ch.: JoHN^ Ch.: 
J. W.' Cleveland, Chillicothe, Mo., 1885, march. 

1S333 George Cleveland, New Orleans, La., 1888, broker. 
18334-40 George, N. O. ab. 1881, laborer; George, Philadel- 
phia, Pa., 1885-6, laborer ; George, Pittsfield, Mass., 1887-8, rem. 



to Springfield, Mass.; George, Portland, Ore., 1890, engineer, 
bds.; George, Putnam, Conn., 1881; George, 5, 70, 1660 Wa- 
keshma Scotts, Kalamazoo co., Mich., 1889. 

18341 George Cleveland, Ridge Mills, N. Y., tax payer 
on land, 1880. 18342 George Aaron Cleaveland, author, see 
Bibliography, Chap. IV. 


WILLIAM B.' CLEVELAND, b. in Vermont, d. prior to 
1882, m. Nancy Stevenson, b. Nassau, Rensselaer co., N. Y., d. 
bef. 1882, Said to have been in the war of 181 2. Ch.: 

+ 18344 George Washington^ Cleveland. 

18345-50 Chancy", Jacob^, Allen'', m. Laura Turner, of 
Nassau 1895 ; Mary Ann'', Sarah", Louisa*. 


before 1895, m. Jan. i, 1842, Christina Bliss, b. Schodack, Rens- 
selaer CO., N. Y., Feb. 9, 181 7, a da. Samuel and Elizabeth (Pem- 
broke). Ch.: 

1835 1 Albert B.' Cleveland, born Apr. 2, 1843, m. 1870, 
Maria Shaver, farmer. 18352-3 Sylvanus' Cleveland, b. Oct. 

1, 1845, m. 1869, Jennie Harrington. Of W. Constant, N. Y., 
and, 1878-96, Brodhead, Wis., of S. Cleveland & Son, proprietors 
of The Climax Barber Shop. Ch.: Son\ 18354-6 William B.', 
b. Sept. II, 1847, d. Dec. 3, 1871. Thomas P.^ b. Feb. 21, 1849, 
m. 1878, Emma Shaver. Eugenie', b. Nov. 22, 1852, m. 1872, 
John N. Castle, farmer. 

George Washington" Cleveland, of West Nassau, N. Y., 
1878, farmer. 

Bliss aM«J/ry.-— Thomas' (see +354, p. aig); Jonathan", b. Belstone Parish, Devonsh., 
Eng., 1575 ; Thomas^, Braintree, Mass., 1636, Rehoboth, 1643, m. Mrs. Ide or Hyde ; Jona- 
than*, m. Miriam Harmon, sis. of Nathaniel of Braint.; Samuel^, m. Mary Kendrick; 
Abraham', m. Sarah Ormsbee; Abraham', m. Polly Scudder; Samuel^ Bliss m. Eliza- 
beth Pembroke. — Bliss s^en. 


18357-62 William — Troy, Rensselaer co., JST. Y., rec. — Dec. 

2, 1826, land of Jonathan Warren ; Apr. 26, 1828, of and to Jo- 
seph Cleveland; Apr. 26, 1828, to Hannah Cleveland; Apr. 
16, 1833, to James Cleveland, Jr.; Sept. 26, 1856, to John Riley; 
deed, 1872 ; William and Allen Cleveland, 1870 and 1875 

18363-4 William B. releases mortg. 1852 — Albany, N. Y., 
land rec. William B. — Troy, N. Y., Rensselaer co. rec. — land of 
Roswell R. Chapman, Mar. 25, 1830. 

18365-70 George and Allen Cleveland — Rens. co. rec. 
— land of Shern Vanhees, May 9, 1851; George W. and Allen 
Cleveland — Rens. co. rec, land of Alfred Webster, Dec. 19, 1839. 
George W., asst. to Allen, May 9, 1851; of Maryette Hemen- 
way, Apr. 13, 1858; of Samuel Conniff, Apr. 3, 1866. George 
W., Nassau, N. Y., 1879. 

18371-2 Chancellor Cleveland — Rensselaer co., N. Y., 
rec , land of Jonathan Rider, Aug. 9, 1853 ; of John H. Haynes, 
Jan. 2, 185s ; of Rensaeller Delavan, Oct. 17, 1863 ; deed, 1871. 
Chancellor, of East Nassau, Rensselaer co., N. Y., 1879. 

18373-4 Jacob Cleveland — Rens. co., N. Y., rec, et al., 



land of John Hassom, Sept. 26, 1836; Jacob (trustee) of David 
Cleveland, June 8, 1838. 

18375-6 Allen Cleveland — Rens. co., N. ¥., rec. — asst. 
of John Turner, Apr. 2, 1846; land of David P. Gussett, May 9, 
1851; of Wm. Brockway, Apr. i, 1867 ; of Philander W. Hicks, 
Apr. 4, 1867, in Nassau village, N. Y.; of Nassau, 1879. 18377 
Allen A., Nassau, 1879. 

18378-83 Joseph and James Cleveland — Rens. co., N. Y., 
rec. — land of Wm. Hayner, Mar. 5, 1823; Joseph, of Hannah 
Cleveland, Apr. 26, 1828. James — Rens. co. rec, deed, 187 1. 
David Cleveland — Rens. co. rec, land of Isaac McChesney, 
Mar. 20, 1838; to John Cleveland, May 11, 1853. 

18384 Hiram Cleveland — Rens. co.,N. Y., rec. — land of 
Josiah Granger, Aug. 31, 1822. 18385 Henry W. — Rens. co. rec, 
land of Isaac Mustin, July 6, 1830. 18386 Augustus — Rens. co. 
rec, land of Lew^is Ellsenth, May 16, 1836. 18387 William H. 
— Rens. CO. rec, land of William H. Myers, Mar. 29, 185 1. 18388 
Thomas — Rens. co. rec. — land of Thomas Hicks, Apr. 15, 1862. 
18389 Frederick — Rens. co. rec. — deed, 1874. 18390 George 
L. — Rens. co. rec. — deed, 1875. 

1 839 1-2 From a newspaper : — 

The following resolutions in reference to the death of Mrs. Leslie, a native of this 
town, who d. at worthington, Mass., were adopted by the Agassiz Association : 

Chapter 843 : 

Whereas, It has pleased God to remove from our midst our Secretary, Mrs. M. C. 
Leslie ; 

Whereas, It is just that we recognize her many good qualities ; therefore be it 

Resolved, That we send a copy of our Resolutions to her husband, Mr. Frank Leslie, 
and to Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE Cleveland, her parents, and family. 

WEST WORTHINGTON, MASS., Apr. 22, 1886. 

18393 Mary (wid. of George Cleveland), m. Sept. 5, 1841, 
Elias Metcalf of Wrentham, Mass. 18394 George A., Bangor, 
Me., 1894. 18395 George A., student Theol. Seminary, New- 
ton Centre, Middlesex co., Mass., 1883. 18396 George A., Nor- 
wich, Conn., 1 89 1, h. E. G. P., n. Fair Grounds, bookkeeper. 
George B., Chicago, 111., 1894, clerk. 

18397 George B., estate N. Ridge, N. Y., 1887. 18398-9 
George B. and Harry M., both with Pacific Union Club, San 
Francisco, Cal., 1889. 18400 George C, Los Angeles, Cal., 1887. 
George E., Chicago, 111., 1894, elk. 18401 George E., Detroit, 
Mich., 1889, supt. agencies Home Life Ins. co. 18402 George 
F., Boston, Mass., 1882-5, moulder. 18403 George F., Boston, 
1 89 1, head waiter Crawford House. 18404 Dr. George H. 
Cleveland, Chicago, 111., 1891, 1894. 

18405 George H. Cleaveland, Hartford, Conn., shoe- 
maker, bds. 18 Church, 1869; 610 Main, 1870. 18406 George 
H., Lawrence, Mass., 1886-7, operative, rms. 18407 George H. 
Cleveland, Providence, R. I., 1891. 18408 Rev. George H., 
St. Louis, Mo., 1885. 18409-10 [George L.], Mrs. Ann, Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., 1879. Mrs. Ann (wid. of George L.), Syracuse, 1880. 
18411 George O., Chicago, 111., 1891-4, machinist. 18412 George 
O. Cleveland, m. Stafford Springs, Conn., Apr. 21, 1894, Hattie 
L. Eaton. 18413 George R. Cleaveland, Chicago, 1891, sales- 
man. 18414 George R. Cleveland, San Francisco, Cal., 1215 
Jones, 1883-4; salesman 1886. 18415 George S., Tacoma, 
Wash., 1893-4, clerk. 



Cleveland (George W.) & McClure (Milton H.), Carthage, 
Mo., 1885, blacksm., wagons. 18416 . George W., Chelsea, Vt., 

1886, stabler. 18417 George W., Helena, Mont., 1891, date of 
arrival, 1864, of Assoc, of Montana Pioneers, organized at He- 
lena Sept. 10, 1884. 18418-20 George W. and William B., at 
Dauphin!- car stables, Mobile, Ala., 1883. George W., Mobile 

1887, 226 Dauphin, porter. 18421 George W., Philadelphia, 
Pa., 1879, laborer 1882-3. 18422 George W., Newton, Sydney, 
N. S. W., mason, 1894. 18423 George W., Voluntown, Conn., 
m. v., May 9, 1891, Miss Cora Danues of Clark's Falls, R. I. 
18424 George Washington Cleveland, Houston, Tex., 1890-1, 
of Wallace [Theodore F.], Waggener [Richard H.] & Co. 

18425 German Atlas Cleveland (not traceable to Alex- 
ander'), his people from Ky., of Wartrace, Tenn., years bef. 1881. 
18426 German A. Cleveland, Nashville, Tenn., 189 1-2, de- 
signer E. & N. Mfg. Co. 

18427-9 GiD Cleveland, an East Tennesseean, and two 
married sisters of Shelby ville, Bedford co., Tenn., 1885. 

18430 Green Cleveland, New Orleans, La., 1888, laborer. 

18431 GusTAv Cleveland, Chicago, 111., 1885, publisher, 
473 Sth av. 

18432 H. Cleaveland, Kobe, Japan, 1894. 18433 H. 
Cleveland, Huntsville, Sydney, N. S. W., 1894. 

18434 H. A. Cleveland, Minneapolis, Minn., 1883-5, 
transit elk. C, St. P., M. & O., 1. ^% Av. S ; bookkeeper 1883, 1. 
^% Av. S. 18435-6 Mrs. H. B. Cleveland and Charles B., 
Frankfort, N. Y., 1883, 108 Main. 

18437 H. C. Cleveland & Co., Bolton Centre, Broome 
CO., P. Q. 1882, tub factory. 18438 H. Frank, Boston, Mass., 
1891, rms. 18439 Susan M. (wid. of H. H. Cleveland), Law- 
rence, Mass., 1886-7. 18440 Dr. H. H. Cleveland, stopping at 
the Brunswick, Asbury Park, N. J. — JV. Y. Herald, Atig. 21, i8g2. 
18441 H. H. Cleveland, Mount Eden, Spencer co., Ky.-, 1882, 
justice peace. 18442 H. H. Cleveland^ grad. May 17, 1882, 
Columbia coll. Law School, N. Y. c. — N. Y. Times, May 18, 1882. 
18443 H. J. Cleveland & Bro., Ruckersville, Ga., 1876, general 
store. 18444 H. J. Cleveland, rancher, res. Mission Valley — 
San Diego, Cal., Dir., i888-p. 18445 H. M. Cleveland, Jr., Bos- 
ton, Mass., 1 89 1, elk., bds. 18446 H. P. Cleveland, Chicago, 
111., 1883, student H. B. Bryant's bus. coll. 18447 H. W. Cleve- 
land, N. Y. city 189 1-2, 14 W. 28. 

18448-50 Harley W. and Norman Cleaveland (1887, 
lab.), 100 N. av.. Grand Rapids, Mich., 1889. Harold L. Cleve- 
land, Chicago, 111., 1894, elk. 

18451 Harriet Cleveland, N. Y. city 1888, dressmaker. 

18452 Miss Harriet, b. 1802, died Sandgate, Vt, Dec. 2, 1837. 

18453 Harriet, Washington, D. C, 1891. Lottie, widow of 
Harry Cleveland, Brewer, Me., 1894. 

18454 Harry Cleveland, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1890, lawyer, 
432 Berry. 18455 Harry, Brookl. 1890, foreman, 590 Pacific. 

18456-9 Harry Cleveland, Cambridge, Mass., removed 
thence, 1885, to New Hampshire. Ch.: Thomas, Anne, Maud, 
Stella, and Etta. 

18460 Harry A. Cleveland, Concord, N. H., 1892-3, fore- 



■man of coopers, Penacock, and Thomas W., Concord, cooper, P. 

1 846 1 Harry Cleveland, New Orleans, La., 1886, switchman, 

18462 Harry, -Huntsville, Sydney, N. S. W., draper, 1894. 

18463 Harry, Syracuse, N. Y., 1879, 1. Stevens Block. 18464 
Harry, emp. (W. Winsted), Torrington, Conn., 1 890-1. 18465 
Harry H., Minneapolis, Minn., 1883-5, ^^k. 18466 Harry L., 
Chicago, 111., 1876. 18467 Harry L., St. Paul, Minn., 1885-7. 
Harry T., Buffalo, N. Y., 1894, plumber. 

18468 Hattie Cleveland, Sangerfield, N. Y., 1873 — 
Oneida co. land rec. 18469 Miss Hattie J., Lowell, Mass., 1887. 
18470 Lucy, wid. Hazard P. Cleveland, Nashville, Tenn., 1886. 
Miss Helen J., Portland, Me., 1893. 

1847 1 Miss Helen M. Cleveland, Windsor, Conn., teacher 
in high school, has been traveling in Europe, Sept. 2, 1891. 

18472-3 Ledger and Transcript, Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 7, 
1885 — 

In Orange there lives a prominent citizen who is related to President Cleveland. 
His wife is related to Vice-President Hendricks. They have an only son, whose name is 
Hendricks Cleveland. Perhaps there never was such a remarkable and similar co- . 
\T\ci^'&rx&. — San Antonio (Texas) Times. 

18474 Henrietta E. Cleveland, Louisville, Ky., 1885-6. 

18475-7 Mass. Revol. Polls, XXII : 203 — Col. John Brown's 
reg. militia, Berkshire co., Mass. Northan Dep., Capt. John 
Strong's CO. Henry Cleaveland, Sept. 6-Oct. 2, 1777. IV : p2 
— 6 months men of Deerfield, Franklin co., Mass., Oct. 5, 1780 : 
Henry Cleaveland; Pension Rep. jSjj, p. 26 — Berkshire co. 
Henry Cleveland, pens'd fr. Mar. 4, 1831. 

18478-84 Henry Cleveland, d. Bristol, Conn., 1835, aged 
21, of small pox — Hartford Times, Jan. 8, 1835. Henry, Cale- 
donia, 111., 1879. Henry, Charleston, S. C, ab. 1885-6, 7 Beres- 
ford, fisherman. Henry, Chicago, 111., 1876, 1491 Indiana av. 
Henry, Chicago, 1894, bds. 144 N. Curtis, teamster. Henry, 
Cincinnati, O., ab. 1882, 43 Peirson. Henry, Fayetteville, Ark., 
bef. 1861. Henry, Kansas City, Mo., ab. 1885-6, appr. 18485 
Henry Cleaveland and Talcott Howard, Postmasters, Perry 
Centre, Wyoming co., N. Y.— U. S. Blue Book, 1834. 18486 
Henry Cleveland, St. Louis, Mo., 1887, trav. Simmons h. ware. 
18487 Henry, Kogarah, Sydney, N. S. W., 1894. 18488 Henry, 
Rockdale, Sydney, N. S. W., 1894. 18489 Henry, a trustee fr. 
Vt. in N. E. Agricult'l fair at Worcester, Mass., Sept. 5-8, 1882. 
18490 Henry, fr. Wolcottville, Conn., d. Canton, Conn., Aug. 
18, 1870, by accident, teamster. 18491 Henry A., West Farm- 
ington, Franklin co., Me., 1876, dry g. 18492 Mary C. Cleve- 
land, wid. of Henry C. Cleveland, Cleveland, O., 1894. 18493 
Henry D., Savannah, Ga., 1880-1. Henry E., N. Y. city, 1894. 
Henry F., Hartford, Conn., 1870, mechanic. 18494 Henry H., 
Chicago, 111., 1876; 1894: mfrs. agt. 18495 Henry H., Lowell, 
Mass., about 1885, bds. 18496 Henry L., Boston, Mass., 1880. 
18497-9 Henry L., Chicago, 111., 1894, musician ; Henry L., St. 
Paul, Minn., 1883, messeng. N. P. exp.; 1891-2, elk. C, M. & St. 
P. R. 18500-1 Henry W. (clerk ab. 1886), and William H. 
(salesman, 1888), both at Boyd Bros., Charleston, S. C. 18502 
Henry W., Chicago, 111., 1885, elk. 18503 Henry W., Seattle, 
Wash., 1891, waiter. Herbert, Buffalo, N. Y., 1894. 



18504 Herbert Cleveland, Kansas City, Mo., 1888-9, 
salesm., rms. 18505 Herbert E. (his parents of Alton, 111.), fr. 
A. to Chicago, in C. & A. R. R. office, C, 1891-2. 18506-7 Her- 
bert R,, Minneapolis, Minn., 1890, fireman Mil. Ry., bds. Her- 
bert R., Minneapolis, 1883-5, machinist. 18508 Hervey Cleve- 
land, P. M. Laurens C. H., Laurens co., S. C. — U. S. Blue Book, 


18509 Horace Cleveland, Nashville, Tenn., 1886, with 
Tenn. Mfg. co. 185 10-14 Horace C, Andrew H., fireman, L. 
& N. R. R., William W., tinner, Sarah H., saleslady, Nancy J. 
(wid. of William J. Cleveland), all 1. on N. 4th st, Nashville, 
1891-2. 185 15 William J., Nashv. 1886, farmer. 185 16-19 Miss 
Eva, N. Sumner st., 1891-2, Miss Effie, N. Sumner, 1892, Miss 
Martha, 1891, and William, 1891, all Nashv., with Tenn. Mfg. 
CO. 18520 Horatio S. Cleveland, Los Angeles, Cal., 1887, 

18521 Mass. Revol. Rolls, XXXVI: 238-9., 240, 260 — Capt. Benjamin Smith's co., 
stationed on Martlias Vineyard: Ichabod Cleaveland, private, service Jan. 20, to 
Sept. I, 1776. 

18522 Ida Cleveland, Elmira, N. Y., 1883. 

18523 Hoadly's Conn. Col. Rec, XIV : sb8 — Assembly, May, 1774, establish Isaac 
Cleaveland lientenant 13th trainband, 15th Conn, colony res:- 

18524-7 Conn. Men in Revol., 4g — 2d. reg., Gen. Joseph Spencer's, raised May, 1775, 
in Middlesex co. and eastern part of colony. At Roxbury till expiration service, Dec, 
1775.] 6th CO., Capt. Noadiah Hooker, Farmington. Private Isaac Cleveland, enl. 
May 5, dis. Dec. 18, 1775. p.sqb — 2d Batt., Wadsworth's Brigade., Col. Fisher Gay, Farm- 
ington [Raised June '76. • At battle Long Island, Aug. 27, time exp. Dec. s, '76I. ist co., 
Capt. Gad Stanley, Farmlngton. CLEAVELAND, ISAAC, pr., Tune 24, 1776. *. 50/— Mili- 
tia : Col. Noadiah Hooker's [of F.] reg., Capt. James Stoddard's co. Isaac Cleveland, 
dis. May 16 [1777]. p. 233 — 8th reg. [raised Jan., 1777] Litchfield and other cos. to serve 
thro war. Into Pa. Sept., under Gen. (Alexander) McDougall ; fought at Germantown, 
Oct. 4, 1777, assigned to (James M.) Varnum's brigade, Oct. 16, at defence Ft. Mifflin, Mud 
Isl., Pa., Nov. i2-i6, 1777, Valley Forge, '77-8], Col. John Chandler (of Newton) to Mar. 5, 
'78. Jesse Kimball, capt. Cleaveland, Isaac, enl. May 26, '77, 8 mos., dis. Jan. i, '78. 

18528 U. S. Pension Rep., 1^5, p. 326— J eSerson co., N. Y.: Isaac Cleaveland, 
private R. I. militia, pens'd fr. Mar. 4, 1831, a. 77. 18529 Isaac Cleveland of Wolcott, 
Conn., m. Sarah Adkms or Atkins, b. ab. 1739, a da. of Joseph (Josiah, of Middletown, 
Conn., m. Mary Wheeler of Stratford, Conn., Josiah> of M. m., Oct. 8, 1673, Elizabeth 
Wetmore) Adkins of Bristol, Conn., and Abigail (Rich). Rem. to Cherries Brook parish, 
East Simsbury, Conn. Ch.: 2 sons, 3 da. — Orcutt's JVolcoit, 440. 18530-4 Mrs. Isaac 
Cleaveland, d. St. Martins, N. S., Oct. 4, 1891, a. 62, leaving 2 s., 3 da. 18535 Israel A. 
Cleveland, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1891-2. 

18536 J, or J. S. Cleveland, kept the first store in Bur- 
ton, O., ab. 1800, went thence to New Castle, Del., or Wilming- 
ton, Del. — Pioneer His. Geauga co., O., 441. 18537-8 J. Cleve- 
land, Guilford, Vt, ab. 1878, wheelwright, J. Cleveland, from 
Mich., of Wichita, Kan., 1887, carpenter. 18539 Mrs. J. Cleve- 
land, San Francisco, Cal., 1878. 18540-2 J. A. Cleveland, 
Cincinnati, O., 1894, trav. salesman. J. A. Cleveland, Gilroy, 
Cal., 1882. J. A., Los Angeles, Cal., 1887, carriage painter. 

18543 J. Anson Cleveland, Worcester, Mass., 1889, driver. 

18544 J. C. Cleveland, Chicago, 111., elk. C, M. & St. P. after 
1883. 18545 Dr. J. C. Cleveland, Minneapolis, Minn., 1884-5, 
phys. 18546-7 J. D. Cleveland, Chicago, 111., 1883, bookpr. 
J. D. Cleveland, Springfield, Mass., 1882, employe. J. F. Cleve- 
land, Acton, Tex., .1896, merch., his father is living. 18548 J- 
G. Cleveland, Alalaama, route 5564, contracter carrying mail, 
Apr. 1, Sept. 30, 1847 — U. S. Register. 18549 J. G., Los Ange- 
les, Cal., 1887. 18550 J. H. Cleveland, P. M. Catourah, Green- 
ville CO., S. C., Sept. 30, 1847 — U. S. Reg. 




Rev. J. H.. Cleveland fell before Vicksburg-; his wife d. 
2 years previous, her mother was b. in Glasgow, Scotl. Of 
83d Ind. reg. Ch.: Helen, aged 11 when her father was 
killed, m. Sept. 12, 1872, John P. MacLean, b. Franklin, O., Mar. 
12, 1848, son James and Rachel (Dearth). Grad. Nat. Normal 
Univ., Lebanon, O., 1867, St. Lawrence Univ., Canton, N. Y., 
1869, attended Medical Inst., Cincinnati, O., 1873, of Franklin, 
1889, Earlville, 111., 1890, author of History of Clan MacLean frotn 
its first settlement at Duard Castle, Isle of Mull [Scotland], etc. 

MacLean ancestry .■—Ma.cliea.n is a contraction o£ the Gaelic Mac-Ghille-eoin, mean- 
ing son of the servant of St. John. John', b. Argyleshire, Scot., 1738, to Ireland 1760, 
Loudon county, Va., 1765, XJniontown, Pa., ab. 1802, Monroe, C, 1807, of the Kingerldoh 
branch of clan MacLean, m. 1765, Margaret Lynn, b. Derry, Ireland ; William*, m. Mar- 

faret Clarke, of Scotch-Irish descent ; James' MacLean married Rachel, da. Elder Isaac 
learth, preacher among the New Lights, of Scotch-English origin. See Munsell's 
American Ancestry, JV: 47. 

18552 Second Lt. J. H. Cleveland, Co. F, 5th Ky. Vols., 
resigned Jan. 13, 1864. — Adj.-Gen. C. S. A., Gen. Ord. j-/, p. 4. 

18553 J. Henry Cleveland, Detroit, Mich., elk. Merch. 
and Mfrs. Nat. Bank, 1882-3; paying teller Home Sav. Bank, 
1889. 18554-5 J. J. Cleveland, Cog Hill, Tenn., July 31, 1885, 
Bell's, Grayson co., Tex., Aug. 12, 1885, teacher. 18556 Prof. 
J. J. Cleveland, La Crosse, Wis., 1885. 18557 J.M.Cleveland, 
Newark, N. J., to May, 1894, of Cleveland & [William G.] Hoar, 
art gallery. J. M. Cleveland, Palo Pinto, Palo Pinto co., Tex., 
1896. 18558 Captain J. McCleveland, Co. K, sad Ala. Vols., 
resigned Apr. 6, 1864 — C. S. A. Ord. 51, p. ig. 18559 J. N. 
Cleveland, Hooper, Broome co., N. Y., 1878. 18560 J. P. 
Cleveland, Montreal, Can., 1888-90, officer. 185 6 1-2 J. R. 
Cleveland, painter, and Mrs. J. R. Cleveland, music teacher, 
75 Banning, Los Angeles, Cal., 1887. 18563 J. R. Cleveland, 
house. New Britain, Conn., farmer, 1875. 18564 J. S. Cleve; 
land, Brownwood, Brown co., Tex., 1882, real estate agt. 18565 
Rev. J. S. Cleveland (Baptist), Geneva, O., 1891. 18566 Rev. 
John S. Cleveland (Baptist), Columbus, O., 1891. 18567 Dr. 
J. T. C. Cleveland, Minneapolis, Minn., 1883, phys., bds. 306 
N. ist. 18568 J. W. Cleveland, Cincinnati, O., 1886-7, cutter, 
rooms. 18569 Jackson S. Cleveland, Augusta, Ga., 1891, 
student Med. Dep. u. Ga. 

18570-4 Mass. Revolution Rolls, XI: 5o6 — Lexington Alarm, Apr. iq, 1775, Jacob 
Cleveland of Dedham marched. Haven's Centennial Address, 183b, p. bis — From Ded- 
ham 106 served in Revolution : JACOB Cleveland in the list. Mass. Revolution Rolls, 
XXXV: 795— Jacob CLEVEL-i^ND, age iq, stature, 5 ft. n in., complexion, ruddy, of 
Sturbridge, Mass., arrived Springfield, Mass., July 13, 1780. Descriptive list 14th iDiv., 
6 mos. men, marched under com. of Capt. Thomas Prftchard. IV : 22b — Jacob Cleve- 
land, 6 mos. Sturbridge men, Continental Service, 1780. Ammidown's Charlton, Mass., 
II: 45 — Revolution soldiers residing Sturbridge : lACOB Cleveland, John Congdon, 

18575-8 Conn. Men in Revol., 7*5 — 4th reg. Traised for war ; in battle Germantown, 
Oct. 4, 1777 ; detach, of reg. in brave defence of Ft. MifHin, on Del., Nov. 12-16, 1777, Val- 
ley Forge, '77-8, June 28 following, at battle Monmouth], Col. John Durkee, Capt. Abner 
Bacon : CLEVELAND, JACOB, Canterbury, enlisted June 14, '771 fo' war, corp. July, '80, 
serj. Aug. i, '80. p. 321 — ist reg., 2d formation, composed of 3d and 4th reg's of previous 
formation, Col. John Durkee; Capt. John Durkee's [of Norwich] co : Jacob Cleve- 
land, serj., pd. Jan. i-Dec. ^i, '81. Revol. Pensioners living iS/S—] A.COB Cleveland, 

private Conn. line. U. .S. Pen. Rep., iSss, P- 77 — Windham co., Conn. Jacob Cleve- 
land, private Conn, line, pensioned fr. Mar. 25, 1818, susp. under act of May i, 1820. 

i857g-8o Jacob Cleveland, father of Andrew W. of New Berlin, N. Y., who was 

killed in army or d. at Hampton Roads, Va. 

i8s8i Cothren's IVooddury, Q)«».— Jacob Cleveland owned the "half-way cov- 
enant" in Woodbury church, Nov. 16, 1777. James Cleveland, Addison, Mich., 1885. 
18582 James Cleveland owned lands in Barnwell co., S. C., 1804-12. 

18583 The following receipt, in the handwriting of Washington, is (iSqz) in a collec- 
tion of autographs in Boston, Mas*.: ]a,W io'\ 1775. Then received from George Wash- 


ington the sum of Sixty pounds, Maryland or Peny currency, to be applied towards 
purchasing Provisions and necessaries for his business on the Ohio. James Cleveland. 

18584 Mass. Revol. Rolls, XXI : ,?9 — Mass. Militia, N. A., com. by Col. Israel Cha- 
pen, to Cont'l Army, Capt. Moses Montague's co.: James Cleveland, private, service 
Oct. 14 to Nov. ri, 1779. 

18585 Conn. Men in Revol., 8S — 8th reg., 1775, 6th co., Capt. Abijah Rowrlee : Fifer ; 
JAS. Cleveland, enl. July 8, dis. Dec. 1;. 18586 JS.566 — Brig.-Gen. David Waterbury's 
[of Stamford] State Brigade, ap. Mar., 1781. [July joined Washington at Phillipsburg.] 
Capt. James Dana's co. James Cleveland, Pomphret, joined Apr. 29. 

18587 James, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1890, h. 164 Leonard. 1858S James, Buffalo, N. Y., 
i88o-i. 18589 James, Buffalo, 1885, lab. 18590 Mrs. E. A. (wid. JAMES Cleveland), 
Chicago, 111., 1876. James, Chicago, 1894. 

185Q1 Writing's of Thomas Paine, Sec. Foreign Affairs, to Congress, U. S., in Late 
War, iyq3 — Subscribers: p. vii. James Cleveland, Coeymans. 18592 James Cleav- 
LAND,-deeds land Coxsackie, N. Y., 1879. 18553-5 James Cleveland, Detroit, Mich.: 
176 Howard, Oct. 17, 1878 ; 653 Fort, 1882 ; 136 i6th, 1883. 

18596-7 Larnea's Windliam Co., I: jj/ — James Cleveland joins 2d church, Mort- 
lake, Pomfret, bef. 1740. //.• 76 — James Cleveland, etc., sign memorial, Plainiield, 
Conn., May 9, 1763, '"That the Quinebaug river, from Danielson's Falls until the Thames 
empties into cove, Norwich, is so flat that it may be made passable for boats at expense 
of £400, and pray for a lottery." 

18598 Mary C. (wid. James Cleveland), N. Y. city, 1855, 
737 B'way. 18599 James, N. Y. c. 1886, driver. 18600 Emily 
C. (wid. James Cleveland), St. Louis, Mo., 1885. 18601 Mary 
(wid. James Cleveland), 1806 Olive St., St. Louis, 1885. 18602-3 
Caroline (wid. James Cleveland), and James A., lab., 3322 Rut- 
ger, St. Louis, 1887. 18604 Susan E. (wid. William Cleveland, 
and James, 1125 Pine, St. Louis, 1887. 

1860S Farmington, Conn., land rec. — Sept. q, 1784, q. c. deed 30 acres from Casino 
Gordon, Dunstable, Mass., an heir of his father, William Gordon, executor of his mother. 
Temperance Gordon's, will, to James Cleveland of Stafford, Conn. 

18606 James, Ashfield, Sydney, N. S. W. — Direc. i8g4. 
18607 Lucinda P., widow of James Cleveland, Portland, Me., 
1894. 18608 Emily, widow of James Cleveland, St. Louis, Mo., 
1894. 18609 James Cleveland, Tacoma, Wash., 1893-4, prop. 
Cleveland hotel; Matilda L., wid. of William Cleveland, res. 
at Cleveland hotel, St. Louis, 1893-4. James, of Tarrytown, N. 
Y., 1859, teacher, 32 Crosby St., N. Y. c. 18610 James, grand- 
father of Benjamin B., Warsaw, N. Y., 1879. James A., Boston, 
Mass., 1880-2, piano tuner. James A., Buffalo, N. Y., 1890-4, 
roofer. 18611 James A., N. Y. city, 1859, artist, 75^ W. 13th. 
18612 James A., N. Y. c. 1886, 1891-5, piano maker. 18613 
James B., Cincinnati, O., ab. 1884-6, traveling agt., bds. 18614 
James E., Elmira, N. Y., 1883. 18615 Almira A. (wid. James F. 
Cleveland), Bridgeport, Conn., 1891. 18616 James H., Buffalo, 
N. Y., 1880-1, auctioneer. 18617 James H., New Haven, Conn., 
1879, machinist. 18618 James H., Philadel., Pa., 1879. 18619 
James J., fr. New Hartford, Conn., Co. K, loth Conn., Oct. 16, 
1861, re-en. vet. Jan. i, 1864, disch. Washington, D. C, Jan. 31, 
1865. 18620 James O., Brooklyn, N. Y., dry goods, N. Y. city, 
1888-90, '91-2, '94. 18621 Catharine (wid. James R. Cleave- 
land), Brooklyn, N. Y., 1888. 18622 James R. Cleveland, 
Brooklyn, 1890, ins. 1894. 18623-4 James R., Worcester, Mass., 
1883, machinist, 1889. 18625 Elizabeth (wid. James S. Cleve- 
land), Nashville, Tenn., 1886. 18626 Miss Jane Cleveland, 
Chicago, 111., 1876. 18627 Mrs. Jane Cleveland, wid., Wash- 
ington, D. C, 1887. 

18628 Conn. Men in Revol., 4/2 — 6th Batt., 1776, Capt. Asa Bacon co. Private J«* 
Cleaveland, Pris. 18629 i>. j'j^ — Maj. John Palsgrave Wyllys, Hartford, detachm. fr. 
3d reg., to serve with Gimat's batt. in Va., Feb., Nov., 1781, commanded battalion in 
battle "Green Spring," n. Jamestown, July 6, in assault redoubt, Oet. 14, at Surrender, 
Oct. ig. [Return of Light Inf. Co., 3d reg., that marched Southard under com. of La Fay- 
ette]: Capt. John St. John, Ridgefield co., Capt. Elijah Chapman, Tolland: JedeDIa'h 
Cleavland, private. 

18630 Mass. Revol. Rolls, XXI : iii—Q,a\. Benj. Simonds' reg., fr. Berkshire co., 
Mass., service done at St. Coyse June 30 to Aug. 14, 1777, Capt. Samuel Low's Co.: Jedi.aH 


Cleveland, service Jan. 30, Aug. 4, 1777. 18631 XXIV : //j — Col. Benj. Simonds' reg., 
fr. Berks, co., for march to Saratoga, Capt. Shubael Wellmark co.: Jeddediah CleavE- 
LAND, service Apr. 26 to May ig [1778). 18632 234. — The late Col. Brown's reg., fr. Berks. 
CO., service at Stone Arabia, N. Y., Capt. William White's co.: JEDEPIAH Cleaveland, 
serg., service July I'o-Oct. 22, i77g. 

18633 . Charles Cleveland, Schoharie co., N. Y., editor; 
see Bibliography, Chapter IV. 

18634 Jefferson Cleveland, Three Rivers, Mich., to 
Spearfish, Lawrence co., Dak., July, 1887, brother of Mrs. M. J. 
Howes, Three R. 18635 Mrs. Jennie Cleveland, Chicago, 111., 
1876, '83, dressmaker. 18636 Jeptha Cleveland, of Norwich, 
Vt., 1797, joint land owner with Norman Cloud. — Norwich rec. 

18637 Jeremiah Cleveland, Cleveland, O., 1891. 18638 
Jerry Cleveland, m. Apr. 7, 1878, Paulina Carter — Probate 
rec. Warren, Trumbull co., O. Jerry, Cleveland, O., 1894, porter. 
18639 Miss Jessie Cleveland, Springfield, Mass., 1891. 18640 
Annie (wid. John Cleveland) Atlanta, Ga., 1891. 18641-3 Mr. 
Cleveland and sons, John and George, of Aurora, III, before 
1878. 18644 John, Baltimore, Md. i89i-4eng. John, Buffalo, 
N. Y., 1895. John, Buffalo, 1894, merch. 18645 Canterbury, 
Cojin., Township Records — Births: John, son of Abigail Cleve- 
land, Feb. 27, 1734-5- 

18646 Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Soc, 1S34, JV : zjs — Aug. 14, 1755 : A 
Roll of Lt.-Col. [afterward Maj.-Gen. John] Winslow's to embarque this day : JOHN 
CLEAVELAND. Journal of Winslow's expedition : John Cleaveland was born in Can- 
tibery, where he lived until he reached the age of 25, where he enlisted in spring of 1755, 
under Col. John Winslow in exped. sent by Gov. [William] Shirley of Mass. to N. S. in 
war against the French. He was present at the siogo and capture of Ft. Beausegour, 
Cumberland, N. S., June 16, 1755. He embarqued Aug. 14, 1755, from Ft. Cumberland, 
N. S., with a portion of the N. E. troops under Winslow, proceeded to Grand Pre, N. S. 
He took part autumn, 175s, in the imhappy expulsion of the French Acadians from the 
district so celebrated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow' s Evangeline. 

18647 Mass. Revel. Rolls, XIII : 92 — Co. which marched from Walpole alarm Apr. 
iQ, 1775, com. by Capt. Jere. Smith: JOHN Cleveland, Walpole 2 days. 18648-51 Conn. 
Men in Revol., id — 8th reg. 1775, zd co., Capt. John Douglass, Plainfield, Lt. Moses Camp- 
bell, Voluntown : John Cleveland, pr. enlist. July u, dis. Deo. i6, p. 412— (>Va. Batt. 
1776, Ensign Aaron Cleveland, Canterbury : Private JOHN Cleveland missing,/, jbi — 
2d reg. [recruited throughout state ; Dec. 8 ( 1777) at Whitemarsh, July 28 C'78) Monmouth ; 
Capt. Stephen Betts, Stamford. Cleveland, John, pr. enl. Jan. i, '77, 3 yrs., dis. Jan. 
I, '80, i. iSb—^Vn reg.; Capt. Abner Bacon, Pr. Clevel\ND, John enlist. Apr. 23 ['77J for 
war, died Jan., '78. 18652-4 p. /c^ — 4th reg., Ensign JOHN Cleaveland, Canterbury, 
serg., Apr. 28, '77, ensign Dec. 27, '77, It. Oct. 26, '80, continued in '81, p. 338, 4th reg., 2d 
formation Jan. i, 1781, to Jan. i, 1783, composed of the enlisted men of 6th reg. Col. Zeb- 
ulon Butler, Ensign. John Cleaveland, Canterbury, cont'd fr.. '77-81, served in next 
formation to end of war. p. 360 — 2d reg. [3d formation Jan., June, 1783, composed of zd 
reg. and 5th: in camp W. Point Jan. i, 1783-June], Col. Heman Swift, JOHN Cleave- 
land, ensign, Canterbury, retired with army" June, '83. p. 373 — Conn. Soc. of the Cin- 
cinnati : [The Real Members were Admitted July 7, 1784] do hereby become parties to 
aforegoing Institution : JOHN Cleaveland, ensign, Canterbury, time of service Jan. 4, 
'80. Revol. Pensi07iers living 181S — John Cleveland, private Conn. Line, 1. in N. Y., 
U. S. Pens. Rep. 1835, p. 234 — Washington co., N. Y. JOHN Cleveland, pr. Conn, line 
pens'd fr. Dec. 20, 1818, a. 70, d. June 25, 1826. 

18655 Conn. Men, War iSi2,J>. j6— Militia : Cleveland, John, private : Commander 
James Wilson [capt.] service : Sept. 13, '13, to Nov. 1, '13, 


JOHN' CLEVELAND, b. Canterbury, Conn., Feb. 28, 1735, 
d. Upper Coos, Colebrook, Coos county, N. H., Feb. 15, 1818, m. 
Canterbury, Feb. 17, 1762, Betsey Downer of Windham, Conn., 
b. Hebron, Conn,, Apr. 17, 1739, d. Colebrook, Nov., 1822, da. of 
Caleb Downer. He was in the French and Indian War ; under 
Gen. James Wolfe at taking of Quebec, Can., Sept. 13, 1759. 

John' Cleveland, before the Revolution, moved up the Con- 
necticut river to Bath, Grafton co., N. H., lived there many 
years, farmer. He and his wife are buried at Upper Coos. 
Ch. b. Canterbury : 

+ 18657 Martha'' Cleveland, b. May 17, 1763. 


-|-i86s8 John" Cleveland, b. Aug. 13, 19, 1764. 

18659 Abigail', b. May 18, 1766, m. Bath, 1784, Jonathan 
Ingalls, born May 4, 1762, s. Israel and Betsey (French). Ch. : 
Betsey^ Ingalls, b. Oct. 12, 1785; Hannah", Apr. 5, 1787; Dorothy", 
Mar. 12, 1789; Martha", Apr. 16, 1791; Jacob", July 17, 1793; 
Folly", Oct. 6, i795,unm., of Union Village, Washington co., N. Y., 
1877; Johr^, Mar. 21, 1797; Irene", Mar. 22, 1800; Susannah", 
May 19, 1802; Jonathan", June 25, 1804; Sherburne F", June 5, 
1807; and Keziah" Ingalls, Aug. 12, 1809. 

18660 Downer\ b. Feb. 10, 1768, d. Bath 'Dec. 7, 1787, unm. 
+ 18661 Caleb" Cleveland, b. Feb. 9, 1770. 

-|- 1 8662 Anson" Cleveland, b. Aug. 4, 1772. 


MARTHA" CLEVELAND (johm), d. Colebrook, N. H., 1837, 
, , a. 74, m. Landaff, N. Hy Jan. 13, 1785, Eleazer Titus, b. prob. 

'^jCLi oA^n^/e^^i Jittlchoro , Mass., Apr.^ 1763, s. Capt. Samuel and Ann (Bige- 
low). Of Colebrook. Ch. b. Colebrook : 18663 Rev. John Cleve- 
land^ Titus, b. July 18, 1786, d. Ashtabula co., O., ab. 1830, m. 
Mehitabel Hawkins, who survived him. Lived in Ashtabula 
CO.; minister of the Christian denomination. Ch. : Belden* ; 
Solon*, Jane*, d. Oberlin, O., ab. 1853, student there; and Antoin- 
ette* Titus, ± a.. 4. ,^.%a-\ii.(iSi 

18664 Samuel" Titus, b. Oct. 15, 1787, d.''bef. )i88o, m. ist, 
Katharine, 2d, Cynthia Bowen; lived in N. H. Ch. : Ernest 
Anson*, of Amboy, O., 1883, and others. 

18665 Betsey" Titus, born Nov. 15, 1789, d. Iowa, 1874, m. 
Colebrook, Elijah Dart. Of Oneida co., N. Y., 1827-38, Ashta- 
bula CO. froni 1838, afterw. in la. Ch. : several. 

18666 Caleb" Titus, b. June 19, 1791, d. N. H. Of Cole- 
brook. Ch. : Hiram* J Anson* Titus, of South Weymouth, Nor- 
folk CO., Mass., is tracing Titus genealogy. 

18667 Eleazer" Titus, b. Jan. 29, 1793, d. Colebrook, m. 
and lived there. Ch. : several*. Abigail",^, y. 

-{-18668 Anna" Titus, b Dec. 10, 1794, 1797. 
-[-18669 Anson" Titus, b. Oct. 19, 1799. 

18670 Martha", b. Sept. 25, 1800, d. N. H. ab. 1830, m. in 
Colebrook, Mr. Cory. 

-I-18671 Mary" Titus, b. Nov. 10, 1802. 

18672 Abigail" (ag.), b. Sept. 27, 1805, d. Canada years 
ago, m., Colebrook, John Hoyt; rem. to Can. after 1833. Ch. : 


JOHN" CLEVELAND (johm), d. Bridgewater, Grafton co., 
N. H., June 6, 1809, a. 45, m. Bridgewater, Sept. i, 1786, Sally 
Kidder, b. Grafton co., d. Bristol, Grafton co., N. H., Feb., 1840, 
a da. Aaron or John. Ch. b. Bridgewater: 18673 Betsey' Cleve- 
land, b. Nov. 9, 1787, d. Bristol ab. 1844, unm. 

-I-18674 Downer' Cleveland, b. Aug. 25, 1792. 

18675 John' Cleveland, b. Mar. 20, 1795, d. prior to 1840. 

-I-18676 Smith' Cleveland, b. Apr. 5, 1798. 

-}-i8677 Moses^ Cleveland, b. July 9, 1802. 

-j-18678 Sally' Cleveland, b. Apr. 2,-3, 1805. 



John" Cleveland resided at Bridgewater. For many years 
was Collector of Taxes and constable, and was greatly re- 


CALEB- CLEVELAND (johm), d. Compton, P. Q , July 15, 
1846-8, a. 76-8, m. I St Bath, N. H., Nov. 13, 1794, Betsey In- 
galls, b. B. Apr. 19, 1795, d. B. Nov. 28, 1799, da. Israel and 
Betsey (French). He m. 2d, Salisbury, N. H., Nov. 26, 1801, 
Eleanor Bowen, b. S. Feb. 8, 1778, d. Comp. 1863, da. John and 
Catharine (French). Ch. by ist tn.: 

+ 18679 Betsey French" Cleveland, b. Apr. 19, 1795, 
Bath, N. H. 

18680 Polly Ingalls' Cleveland, b. Feb. 8, 1797, B., d. 
Strafford, Orange co., Vt, July, 1852; Caleb Downer^ b. Nov. 
II, 1799, B., d. Nov. 26, 1801. 

-j-18681 Caleb Downer' Cleveland (ag.), b. Nov. 9, 1800, 
B. By 2d m.: 18682 Catherine^ Cleveland, b. Dec. 19, 1802, 
B., d. Columbia, Coos co., N. H., Feb., 1856. 

18683 Charlotte' Cleveland, b. Apr. 15, 1804, Bath, d. 
Comp. Apr., 1878, m. Comp. ab. 1850, Ingalls, he d. bef. 1876. 
Ch. : John^ Ingalls, b. Comp. Frederick C b. Apr. 29, 1805, 
B., d. B. Oct. 15, 1806. 

18684 Peter Carlton' Cleveland, b. Jan. 31, 1807, B., 
m. Comp. ab. 1852, 1. 1882 Oak Grove, Dodge co., Wis., was in 
R. R. building or organization, s. p. Da.', b. Sept. 9, B., d. 10, 

+ 18685 Fanny F.' Cleveland, b. Sept. 14, 1809, Bath, N. H. 

-j- 1 8686 John Adams' Cleveland, b. Nov. 24, 181 1, Bath, 
Whitefield, N. H. 

18687 Martha Smith' Cleveland, b. Sept. 15, 1813, B., 
TCI. ist, Comp. 1841, Sutton, he d. 1846. She m. 2d, Wis., Wil- 
bur, rem. to 111. 18688 Frederick', b. Sept. 5, 1815, Bath, d. 
Comp. May, i860, unm. 

18689 Ellen Tewksberry' Cleveland, b, July 2, 1817, 
Columbia, d. Stanstead, P. Q., Apr., 1895, m, Comp., George 
Heath of Comp. s. p. 

18690 Sarah Jane' Cleveland, b. July 13, 1819, Cole- 
brook, N. H., d. Lebanon, N. H., 187 1, m. Comp. Mar., 1846, 
Daniel Wardrobe. Ch.: 7 Sons*', 3 Da\ 

18691 Cynthia Bowen' Cleveland, b. Nov. 29, 1823, d. 
Comp. 1849, m. C, 1846, Alonzo Crosby. Ch.: Z>«.*, m. Levi 
Hodlock of C. 1882; Da.\ m., of Stanstead. 

Caleb" Cleveland, of Bath to i8i6, Columbia to 1840, 
where iept a hotel, " Cleveland House "; at Compton afterward. 
Farmer ; was much respected. 


ANSON" CLEVELAND (johni), d. May 13, 1832, a. 60, m. 
Mansfield, Conn., Dec. 24, 1797, Mehitabel Hammond, b. Coven- 
try, Conn., Nov. 2, 1774, d. Middletown, Rensselaer co., N. Y., 

da. Zepheniah and (Babcock]. Ch.: 

+ 18692 Andrew Downer' Cleveland, b. Nov. 25, 1798, 
Burlington, Otsego co., N. Y. 



+ 18693 William Phelps' Cleveland, b. Aug, 10, 1800, 
Westmoreland, Oneida co., N. Y. 

+18694 GuRDiAN Burt' Cleveland, b. Jan. 12, 1803, West- 

18695 Mary Hammond', b. Sept. 19, 1805, W., m. Sept. 
30, 1832, Orlando Town of Elba, N. Y., farmer, n. Rochester, 
N. Y., 1883. Ch.: Albert' Town, d.; Mary\ had 4 sons; Reuben\ 
had 3 s. ; Sarah', had 2 s., 2 da. ; Elizabeth', had i s., 2 da. ; Or- 
lando', of Pine Hill, N. Y., had i s., i da. ; George' j Lina' Town, 
had I s. 

+ 18696 George Washington' Cleveland, b. June 27, 1808, 

+ 18697 Betsey^ Cleveland, b. Apr. 16, 1812, Westmore- 
land, N. Y. ■ ' 

18698 Polly Celina' Cleveland, b. Sept. 15, 1814, W., 
d. Half Moon, N. Y., Feb. 1871, unm. 

Anson^ Cleveland resided at Westmoreland, 1808-1814 ; 
millwright and farmer ; much esteemed in the community. 


Anna^ Titus (Martha"), d. Sparta, Stark co., O., Aug. 20, 
1844, a. 47, m. Colebrook, N. H., 1815, Joseph Chase Adams, b. 
Plainfield, N. Y., Feb. 15, 1793, d. after 1839, a s. William and 
Elizabeth (Chase). Ch. : 

+18699 Wealthy' Adams, b. Nov. 4, 18 16, Colebrook. 

+ 18700 Anson Titus' Adams, b. Mar. 4, 1818, Bethel, Vt. 

+ 18701 Martha Ann' Adams, b. May 16, 181 9, Woodstock, Vt. 
Joseph Chase Adams of Colebrook to 1817, Bethel to 181 8, 
Woodstock to 1 81 9, Stark co., and Tuscarawas co., O., to 1836, 
Wayne co., O., to 1838, then he left home, not heard from after 
1839; sent his family one letter with an unkept promise of an- 
other ; clothier. 

Adams record : — William Adams b. Bennington, Vt., of Plainfield, d. a. 79, m. Eliz- 
abeth Chase, b. Bennington, d. a. 74. Ch.: 9 sons, 5 das. Bible record : Jeremiah Ad- 
ams, b. Exeter, N. Y., Apr. 22, 1779. 


Anson^ Titus (Martha^), d. n. Conneaut, O., Oct. 15, 188 1, a. 
82, m. ist, Colebrook, N. H., Mrs. Mary Davis, she d. Kingsville, 
O., wid. He m. 2d, Conneaut tp., Mrs. Glancy, wid. Ch. by 
ist ra..: by Kingsville : Sarah', d. soon after maturity; Amanda',. 
d. soon after maturity. 18702 Almira* Titus, of Ashtabula co., 
O., 1883, family unknown. 

18703 Marcus Aurelius' Titus, of Conneaut. Ch. : Daugh- 
ter'', m., of Indianapolis, Ind., 1883; 2 Sons^. 

18704 He7try' Titus (Capt.), res. Kingsville, living at De- 
troit with wife, lake capt., has care of 4 boats during winter, 
Ch.: Daughter^, m.; Son^, d. Dec. 12, 1882. 

18705 Mary Ann' Titus, m., her husband d,, she a wid, 
with 2 Daughters^, 1. Geneva, O. By 2d m. b. Conneaut : 

18706 Mary' Titus, m. Ring, farmer. Ch.: 2 Sons". 

18707 Belle' Titus, b. Dec, 1861, 1. home ; Ernest Anson' 
Titus, 1. home with his mother and sister, works the farm. 

Anson Titus dwelt on his farm in Kingsville until after first 
wife d., then sold farm and bought a farm in Conneaut. 




Marif Titus (Martha", johni), died at Virden, Macoupin co., 
111., Sept. 25, 1877, a. 75, m. ist, at Bath, N. H., Feb. 27, 1827, 
Zechariah Cowen, b. Coos, N. H., or in Grafton co., N. H., Mar. 
31, 1801, died in Greene co. (now Jersey co.), 10 miles N. E. of 
Jerseyville, 111., July 29, 1836, a son of Zechariah and Zeruiah 
(Streeter) Cowen. She m. 2d, Otterville (then in Greene co.), 
Jersey co.. 111., Jan. 8, 1839, as 2d w., Ezekiel Gillham, born, ac- 
cording to tradition, in South Carolina or in North Carolina, 
Feb. 20, 1791, d. Newbern, Jersey co., 111., Apr. 8, 1845, ^ son of 

and (Dew) Gillham, and brother to John Dew 

Gillham. She m. 3d, at her home, 4 miles N. E. from Jersey- 
ville, 111., Oct. 23, 1855, as 3d w., Rev. William Jerome, born in 
Conn, or in N. Y. state, ab. 1791-2, d. Carbondale, Jackson co., 
111., June 15, 1865. Children by ist m., b. Bath, N. H.: 

4-18708 Llewellyn^ Cowen, b. Aug. i, 1828. 

-j-18709 Norredden^ Cowen, b. Dec. 19, 1829. 

+ 18710 Balfour" Cowen, b. June 30, 1832. By 2d m., b. in 
Jersey co. (at a place 10 miles from Alton), 111.: 

-I-18711 MariaJf Gillham, b. Nov. 18, 1839. 

187 1 2 Henry Clay'*' Gillham, b. May 19, 1842, d. Carbondale, 
111., Jan. 28, 1861, unm., of Carbondale. 3d m.: s. p. 

Zechariah Cowen and family removed to Illinois in 1835, 
and settled first on a farm 9 miles northwest of Alton. He 
entered land 3^ miles northeast of Jerseyville. By trade he 
was a brick mason. 

Cowen ancestiy: — Arms: COWEN. Argent three foxes' heads erased gules. Crest 

— On a winged globe an eagle rising ppr. . . . Zechariah* Cowen, b. New Ipswich, 
Mass., May ig, 1770, "was taken, when very young, by a Mr. Hurd, and brought up in 
New Hampshire. "Was too young to remember anything of his parentage " (brother 
of John Cowen of near Alton)J d. at Lyman, N. H., Oct., 1846, m. Zeruiah Streeter, bom 
Lisbon, N. H., Mar. 20, 1772, d. Lyman, May, 1846. 

Hon. Balfour^ Cowen contributes the following reminiscences 
of his mother : 

At father's death, my mother and her 3 boys were left almost among strangers, and 
with but little to provide for our wants, as father had expended all his means in buying 
lands on which to make a home, and mother, anxious that we children should. have the 
land kept for us as a remembrancer of what our father had provided, and of his plans 
for the mture, with true motherly courage attempted the battle of life with her single 
arms, burdened with our support and education, and right nobly did she wage the un- 
equal contest ; but every week she found a constantly accumulating debt for the board 
of her then helpless little ones, and was forced to arrange for our support by a separa- 
tion of the family ; this went on for about 2 years, when she received an otter of mar- 
riage from Ezekiel Gillham, a widower of small means and with a large family, but a 
man who feared God and did righteously in all his dealings with his fellow man (farmer 
and shoemaker); this offer she was, by the advice of friends, induced to accept, and the 
result was that we were once more provided with a home, humble and unpretentious, 
but happy and good, where we could be together, no, not all, for before the marriage 
mother had, under the necessities then upon her, consented to the indenture of her old- 
est, Llewellyn, to a farmer, and he remained there until he was grown to an age when 
he could take care of himself, and the indenture was released. This marriage took us 
away from the acquaintances we had made in the first years of our sojourn in the then 
far West, and from the only relatives we had in the state, the family of a paternal uncle, 
John Cowen. 

I hardly see how I could write of my "queen " of a mother without giving them as 
pointers to the struggles she had for our support and education, which, now that she is 
no more, stand out with ever increasing grandeur as I come to know how much she ac- 
complished with the meagre opportunities and advantages she had. These years of our 
life were spent on a small farm, nine miles northwest of Alton. About 1839, some three 
years after the death of my stepfather, we moved to the land that our father had entered, 
three and a half miles northeast from Jerseyville, rented a place for the first year, and 
then built on and occupied the land that all those years had been held as a sacred trust 
by mother. It was raw prairie, and had to be fenced, broken, and planted by two boys 
with one team, which we began to do, taking forty acres as a first attempt. This was m 
1850, neither of us of age when we contracted for the building of our house in the spring 
of 1849, but we found a man who had confidence enough to lend us five hundred dollars 
on the note of myself and Norredden (and I am speaking now of he and I, as Llewellyn 
wa,s then at work for himself), and we fenced 40 acres and gathered material for a house. 


Ezekiel Gillham m. ist, Feb. 24, 1814, Jane Watson, b. Oct. 
24, 1797, sister to 2 twin brothers, who were Presbyterian min- 
isters. Ch.: Harriet Gillham, d. a. 50 years, unm.; Julia Gill- 
ham, m. Richard Spaulding, he d. bef. 1883; Jane Gillham, d. 
bef. 1883, m. Joseph Jacobs, he d. bef. 1883 ; Electa Gillham, d. 
bef. 1 883, m. Caleb Noble ; William Watson Gillham, died a. 20 
years; John Dew Gillham, d. inf.; John Dew Gillham (again) 
(Rev.), M. E. preacher, stationed Belleville, St. Clair co., 111., 
1883, Grand Chaplain, Grand Lodge, A. F. & A. M. of 111., later 
of Centralia, 111., superannuated minister ; Elvira Gillham, died 
bef. 1883, m. Rev. William L. Jerome. 

Rev. William Jerome came, while a small lad, from Conn, 
or N. Y., a pioneer Methodist preacher of some repute, rem. to 
Carbondale after marriage, m. ist [name of wife not remem- 
bered], she d. Godfrey, Madison co., 111., 1847 ; he m. 2d, Mrs. 
Ferguson of N. Y., she d. 1854. Ch. by ist m.: Prof. Charles 
Wesley Jerome, of Southern Normal Univ., Carbondale ; Rev. 
William L. Jerome, m. Elvira Gillham (above). 


DOWNER' CLEVELAND (john«, John-), died Alden, N. Y., 
Oct. 24, 1851, a. 59, m. A., Feb. 4, 1821, Ruth Parker, bom Ran- 
dolph, Vt., Jan. 27, 1802, d. Lake Mills, Jefferson co.. Wis., Mar. 
24, 1892, only da. Stephen and Neoma (Thayer) [Washburn]. Of 
Alden, carpenter. Mrs. Ruth (Parker) Cleveland lived from 
1877 at Lake Mills. Ch.: 

18713 Ruth Lorette* Cleveland, b. Oct. 16, 1821, Les- 
ter, Wyoming co., N. Y., married Alden, Nov. 20, 1842, Lilabeus 
Whitney, b. Elba, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1820, son John and Rebecca 
(Blodgett). Of Lake M. 1884, Ticonic, Monona co., la., 1895, 
shoemaker. Ch.: Oscar I'arker^ IVMfnej, h. Dec. 11, 184^, Alden, 
m. 1866-7, of Smithland, Woodbury co., la., 1895. Ch.: Daughter'^, 
m., 1. in Cal.; Dau\ unm., of Cal. 

-I-18714 John Downer* Cleveland, b. Feb. 11, 1824, Les- 
ter, N. Y. 

-4-18715 Sarah Sophia" Cleveland, b. Apr. 15, 1826, Alden, 
N. Y. 

-1-18716 Washburn Parker* Cleveland, born Apr. 8, 1828, 
Clarence, N. Y. 

-{-18717 Rhodes Mortimer* Cleveland, born Feb. 8, 1S31, 
Clarence, N. Y. 

18718 Betsey Josephine Vesta*, b. Mar. 12, 1835, Alden, 
d. Monroe, Mich., Feb. 25, 1859, m. Alden, May 14, 1851, as 1st 

w., Lyman Burnham, born Mich., s. John and (Hanson). 

Wagon maker. (He m. 2d, , she d., he m. 3d. Ch. by his 

2d m.: I, he res. Mich. 1895). Ch.: Alice Josephine' Burnham, b. 
Mar. 30, 1852, Alden, d. bef. 1884; Gustavus Allar^ Burnham, b. 
Oct. 19, 1854, A., d. bef, 1884; Emma France^' Burnham, b. Jan. 
14, 1857, Milan, Monroe co., Mich., m. bef. 1895. 

-I-18719 Mary Frances* Cleveland, born Dec. 22, 1838, 
Alden, N. Y. 



SMITH=' CLEVELAND (john", johtu), died Spragueville, St. 
Lawrence co., N. Y., July, 1877, a. 79, m. Nov., 1823, Hannah 
Campbell, b. 1807, d. Fowler, N. Y., May, 1873, da. William and 
Mary. Ch.: 

18720 William D.* Cleveland, b. July 3, 1829, Fowler, 
m. Oct. 19, 1855, Louisa S. Rolph, da. John and Esther (Holden). 
Of Macomb, St. Lawrence co., N. Y., 1883. 


MOSES' CLEVELAND (john^ John'), died Littleton, N. H., 
July 23, 1880, a. 78, m. Bath, N. H., June 17, 1824, Mary Hunt, 
b. B. Jan. 12, 1804, died Littleton, Apr. 26, 1872, a da. Thomas. 
Dwelt always at Littleton, mason. Ch. b. Bath : 

+ 18721 Sarah Jane* Cleveland, b. Oct. 3, 1825. 

18722 ' Susan S.* Cleveland, b. July 12, 1827, d. Sept. 9, 
1850, m. Littlet., Dec. 27, 1847, Alfred Bowman, s. p. Mary 
A.", b. May 21, 1832, d. Mar., Nov. 16, 1842. 18723 John W.', 
b. Mar. 6, 1834, d. Boston, Mass., June 30, 1856, unm. 


SALLY' CLEVELAND (john". johni), d. Bath, N. H., Feb. 
25, 1842, a. 37, m. Bath, Apr. i, 1830, as ist w., Erastus Fisk, b. 
Lunenburg, Vt., Apr. 4, 1S07, s. Asa and Betsey (Henry), mason, 
is living with his 7th wife, at Lyman, Grafton co., N. H., 1884. 
Ch. b. Bath : 

18724 Chester Carlton^ Fisk, b. Jan. 13, 1832, died Boston, 
Mass., Mar. 16, 1883, m. Newbury, Vt., Alice Bailey. Ch.: Ada" 
Fisk, d. a. 2 yrs.; Hattie^ Fisk, d. a. 2 yrs. Betsey Cleveland* Fisk, 
b. May 12, 1833, d. Bath, Feb. 19, 1852 ; Aaron Hibbard* Fisk, b. 
Apr. s, 1835, d. B. Apr. 30, 1837 ; Downer Cleveland'' Fisk, b. Nov. 
28, 1836, d. B. Oct. I, 1838; Harriet Ferry" Fisk, b. May 30, 1838, 
d. B. July 15, 1842. 

18725 Sarah Cleveland* Fisk, b. Sept. 11, 1840, m. Lisbon, 
N. H., Sept. 26, 1864, David Moulton Hibbard, b. Monroe, Graf- 
ton CO., N. H., Oct. 20, 1840, s. Horatio and Joanna (Moulton), 
lived, 1864-72, Lisbon, since at Canton, Lewis co., Mo., miller, 
merch., and farmer. Ch.: Edward Horatio'' Hibbard, b. Sept. 24, 
1865, d. Sept. 12, 1867 ; Cleon Mellville' Hibbard, b. July 20, 1868 ; 
George Fisk^ Hibbard, Dec. 10, 1870; Josephine Louisa'' Hibbard, 
Apr. 26, 1875 ; Fred Cleveland'' Hibbard, June 15, 1881. 


BETSEY FRENCH' CLEVELAND (caieb^ johm), d. Cole- 
brook, N. H., ab. 1881, a. ab. 86, m. prob. Columbia, N. H., Mr. 
Ray, he d. Columbia ab. 1864; or res. Columbia 1882. Ch. b. 
Columbia : 

18726 Abigail'' Ray, b. ab. 1840, d. Colebrook ab. 1879, ^■ 
Columbia, ab. 1857, John McClellan, he d. Colebrook ab. 1879, s. 
William; farmer. Ch. : Dau!', b. ab. 1859, d. ab. 1871; Dau.'', b. 
ab. 1861, d. ab. 1867. 

18727 Mary* Ray, b. ab. 1842, m. Colebrook, ab. 1867, Wil- 
liam Merrell, b. Columbia ab. 1838, s. John ; of Columb., cooper. 



CALEB DOWNERS" CLEVELAND (caieb>, johm), d. Colum- 
bia, N. H., Nov. 9, 1879, a. 79, m. Lee, Penobscot co., Me., Oct. 
6, Dec. 12, 1833, Priscilla Brown, b. Monfrville, Waldo co., Me., 
Dec. 16, 18 13, died Lee, Aug. 16, 1845, da. Elisha and Lowise 
(Cushman). Ch. : 

+ 18728 William Howard'' Cleveland, born Oct. 16, 1834, 
Springfield, Penobscot co., Me. 

18729 Elisha Brown* Cleveland, b. July 3, 1837, 2, 1838, 
Lee, m. Lee, Harriet Thompson, b. Bangor, Me., da. John and 
Susan (Cushtom). Ent. Union service 186 1, Co, A, ist Me. Cav., 
Sergt., in 30 battles, not wounded or in hospital, complimented 
as one of best soldiers in rag., ret. to Lee, went to Washington 
Ten after m.; to Puget Sound, Cal., ab. 1877; in Snohomish, 
Snohomish co., Wash., 1882, lumberm.; his family in Prentiss, 
Me. Ch.: 2, b. bef. 1877. 

18730 Charles Addison* Cleveland, b. Sept. 7, 13, 1842, 
Lee, d. Richmond, Va., Aug. 16, 1862, unm.; enlisted Aug., 1861, 
Co. A, ist Me. Cav., captured with his bro., Wm. H., May 24, 
1862, d. in Libby or Castle Tunder. 

Caleb Downer^ Cleveland dwelt Bath, N. H., to 1830, then 
went to Me.; was proprietor of several mills in Lee, that at one 
time were burnt and afterw. rebuilt ; dwelt Lee to 1875, Colum- 
bia afterward. 

Brown record: — Elisha Brown, b. Satibornton, N. H., m. Louise Cushman, b. Paris, 
Me., sister to Jonathan and Hon. Samuel Cushman. 


FANNY P.' CLEVELAND (Caiebo, johm), d. Colebrook, N. 
H., ab. 1862, m. Colebr., ab. 1842, Eliphalet Morgan, he d. Cole- 
brook ab. 1857, or both res. Compton, P. Q., 1882, shoemaker. 
Ch. b. Colebrook : 

18731 Charlotte^ Morgan, b. ab. 1841, d. Columbia, N. H., 
ab. 1876, m. Colebr., ab. 1867, Mr. HickB, b. Colebr., a s. of Os- 
good Hicks; 1. Colebr. 1882, shoemaker. Ch.: i, d. bef. 1882. 

18732 Fanny" Morgan, died Colebr., m. Colebr., ab. 1868, 
Levi Hicks, b. Colebr., a s. Osgood ; 1. Colebr., farmer. Ch., 2 : 
Lewis^ Hicks ; Another^. 

18733 George'^ Morgan, m. Colebr., ab. 1867, Miss Jordan, 
she d. Stewardstown, Coos co., N. H., ab. 1869 ; he 1. Stewardst., 
shoemaker. Ch.: Da.'', d. bef. 1882. 


JOHN ADAMS= CLEVELAND (caieb^ John'), m. Colebrook, 
N. H., ab. 1841, Mary Ann Titus, b. Colebrook, Dec. 22, 1819, 
da. Caleb and Drusilla (Warner). Dwelt at Bath and Columbia, 
N. H., to 1842, since in Colebrook, 1882 ; farmer, horse farrier. 

18734 Caleb Titus* Cleveland, born June 4, 1842, Cole- 
brook, m. Old Town, Me., Mar. 13, 1871, Sarah Philena Carlton, 
b. Colebrook, Apr. 19, 1841, da. Simeon and Mary Jane (Wal- 
lace). Enlisted Aug., 1863, 13th N. H. V., 9th A. Corps, partici- 


pated in Fredericksburg battle; resided at Colebrook to 1863, 
Lewiston, Me., pattern maker for European & North American 
R. R. (Bangor, Me., to St. John, Can.) to 1866 ; Old Town to 
1880 ; New York, N.. Y.; since in Brooklyn, N. Y., 1884, business 
in N. Y. city. s. p. 

18735 finiLY Ann^ Cleveland, born May 13, 1844, Cole- 
brook, m. Colebrook, Noy. ab. 1873, John Crawford, b. Barry, 
Can., ab. 1847, d. Colebrook ab. 1875 ; lived Colebrook, farmer; 
she 1. Colebrook. Ch.: Roland IVort^ Crawford, b. Apr. 21, 1872, 

18736 John Titus* Cleveland, b. July 12, 1846, Colum- 
bia, N. H., m. ist, Lewiston, ab. 1870, Hannah Burgess, born 
Vassalboro, Me., ab. 1844, d. Lewiston, June, ab. 1872, da. Isaiah. 
He m. 2d, L., Matilda or Abigail Willis, b. in Me., n. N. H. line. 
Dwelt Colebrook to 1865, since at Lewiston, machinist. Ch. by 
ist m.: Isaiah Burgess^ Cleveland, b. ab. 1871, Lewiston, d. L. 
ab. 1873, 2.. 2. 2d m.: s. p. 

18737 Ellen Tewksberrv* Cleveland, b. July 12, 1846, 
Columbia, unm., 1. Colebrook and Lewiston. 


Pine Hill, Genesee co., N. Y., m. Brookfield, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1820, 
Content Berry, b. B. Jan. 17, 1802, died B. Apr. 21, 1824; kept 
hotel with his bro., Gurdian B., at Waterville, Oneida co., N. 
Y. . Ch.: Louisa*, b. Mar. 14, 1822, d. May 25, 1840. 

-(-18738 Mary Ett* Cleveland, born Apr. 17, 1824, West- 
nioreland, N. Y. 


ried Waterville, N. Y., Feb. 14, 27, 1830, Mary Ann Tower, b. 
Waterville, Nov. 2, 1808, a da. Maj. Jotham and Polly (Barrett). 
Ch. b. Waterville : 

18739 Ellen Cornelia^ Cleveland, b. Aug. 2, 1831, m. 
Aug. 8, 1855, William Wallace Osborne, b. 1832, d. 1865. Ch. b. 
St. Joseph, Mo.: Mary Amelia^ Osborne, Nov. 12, 1859 ; Ada Caro- 
line^ Osborne, Dec. 14, 1861; Emma Cleveland'" Osborne, b. Dec. 7, 
1863, d. Nov. 7,- 1870-1. Mary*, b. May 5, 1832-3, d. Aug., 1833. 

-j- 18740 William Albert* Cleveland, b. May 6, 1834. 

18741 Mary Jane" Cleveland, b. Jan. 21, 1836, d. Mar. 
29, 1884, m. June 18, 1862, Rev. William H. Moffett. Ch.; Cleve- 
land Langstor^ Moffett, b. Apr. 27, 1863 '■> Charles Willianf Moffett, 
b. Apr. 10, 27, 1866, June 8, 1867 ; Emma Gosler or Goshee^ Mof- 
fett, b. Oct. 21, 1869, d. Mar. 16, 1870 ; Mabel" Moffett, b. Apr. 21, 
1876. Emery Bissell*, b. Mar. 29, 1839, d. June 24, 1848. 

18742 Emma Celina* Cleveland, born Dec. 31, 1842, m. 
Sept. 6, 1865, Clarke Purdy Washburne. Hbrbert Colburn*, 
b. Jan. 21, 1847, d. July 17, 1851. 

18743 Anna Caroline* Cleveland, b. Oct., Nov. i, 1849, 
m. June 13, 1877, George Edwin Westcott. Ch.: Hattie Cleve- 
land^ Westcott, b. Mar. 27, 1878; George Edwin^ Westcott, Apr. 13, 




18744 Harriet Reed* Cleveland, b. Nov. 21, 1851, m. 
Dec. I, 1881, Fred H. Coggeshall. Catherine*, b. Dec. 9, d. 19, 

Dr. William Phelps' Cleveland graduated Fairfield, N. Y., 
Medical College, and established himself at W^terville. His 
cousin, Mrs. Leonard, writes : 

" Dr. Cleveland found that the people preferred the old physicians to the young', con- 
sequently had few calls ; but after a time a young lady, da, of Maj. Tower, a prominent 
man, fell sick. The old doctors exhausted their skill m vain. A counsel was called ; by 
courtesy, the young doc. was invited. The doctors decided on a course of treatment, 
and asked the young doctor's opinion ; he replied that the proposed treatment would 
make the patient deaf, dumb, and blind. They did not believe him, but proceeded, 
with the result predicted. They were then dismissed ; he was called and successfully 
treated the case, and married the lady. He had all the practice he could attend to after 

Barrett ancestry: — i arms : Barritt ; /.• Barrette ; 30: BARRETT: (London, 
1S83). Gu. a chief indented ar. a bordure dz. . . . Humphrey^, b. Eng;. 1592, Concord, 
Mass., 1640, m. Mary ; Humphrey*, b. Eng., m. 2d, Mary Potter"; Benjamin', b Concord, 
m. Lydia Minott'; Stephen*, m. Mrs. Elizabeth (Hubbard*) How, widow Israel How; 
Stephen', b. Paxton, Mass., Feb. 8, 1753, married 2d, Molly Barrett, da. Oliver and Anna 
(Fiske); Mary' Barrett, b. Winchendon, Mass., Nov. 2, 1783, m. Maj. Jotham Tower. 

Hubbard ancestry :— George", John" [see +5773, p. 1519] ; Jonathan', m. Hannah Rice, 
da. Samuel and Elizabeth (King); Capt. Joseph*, b. Concord, Feb. 8, 1688-9, in. Rebecca 
Bulk-eley, da. John and Rebecca (Minott); Elizabeth' Hubbard m. Stephen Barrett*. 

Minot awctfj^n;.-— Thomas^ George", John', James* [see -I-8778, p. 1815]; Lydia' Mi- 
not m. Benjamin Barrett'. 

Potter ancestry: — Luke", b. Eng. 1608, Concord 1639, m. 2d, Mary Edmunds, da. 'Wal- 
ter and Dorothy of C; Mary' Potter m. Humphrey Barrett'. — Concord Genealogies. By 
Charles Edward Potter, 1S&7, I: 4S. 


GURDIAN BURT' CLEVELAND (Anson', johm), d. Pool- 
ville, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1880, aged 77, m. Paris Hill, N. Y., Sept. 6, 
1842, Hannah Stanford Smith, bom Paris H. Aug. i, 1816, da. 
Capt. Ebenezer and Mary (Ayer). Dwelt Waterville, N. Y., to 
1850, Forge Hollow to 1853, Waterville again to 1870, Poolville 
afterw.; millwright ; hotel keeper at Waterv. with bro. Andrew 
D. Ch.b. Waterville: 

18745 Anson Burt' Cleveland, b. June 19, 1844, m. Ilion, 
N. Y., Feb. 3, 1875, Mary Jane Jackson, b. Hamilton, Ont., Mar. 
4, da. Isaiah and Rachel (Nelson), of Ilion. Enlisted, May 13, 
1861, for 2 yrs., fifer Co. I, 26th N. Y. V\ The reg. in battles of : 
Cedar Mt., Aug. 9, 1862, Rappahannock Station, Aug. 24, Thoro- 
fare Gap, Aug. 28, Gainesville, Aug. 29, Bull Run, Aug. 30, 
Chantilly, Sept. 2, South Mt., Sept. 14, Antietam, Sept. 16, Fred- 
ericksb., Dec. 13 ; Chancellorsville, May 2-7, 1863 ; discharged 
at Utica, N. Y., May 28, 1863 ; dwelt Utica, 1879-1886, machin- 
ist [an Anson B. Cleveland, Syracuse, N. Y., 1889-90, steam fit- 
ter]. Ch.: Hannah Mehitable'', b. Feb. 26, Ilion, d. I. Mar. 12, 
1876. Mary Adella\ b. Jan. 6, 1846, d. Waterv. Dec. 2, 1864, 
unm. Rosella Merit able*, b. May n, 1848, d. W. Oct. 19, 1864, 


born Westmoreland, N. Y., June 27, 1808, d. Waterville, N. Y., 
Dec. 4, 1884, m. Springfield, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1832, Almira Barrett, 
b. Wilton, Hillsborough co., N. H., Aug. 27, 1808, died Mar. 11, 
1886, only da. of Benjamin Fiske and Betsey (Gerrish). Ch.: 
Orlando Samuel*, b. Nov. 21, 1833, Sherburne, N. Y., d. Water- 
ville, Oct. 22, 1835. 



18746 Alice Cornelia" Cleveland, b. Sept. 18, 1836, 1837, 
Sherburne, tn. Waterville, Aug-. 13, 1868, Herman Miner Clarke, 
b. Brookfield, N. Y., Oct. 26, 1838, s. Silas and Eleanor (Miner). 
Of Waterville, 1885-96, accountant, s. p. 

-4-18747 George Barrett" Cleveland, born Aug. 6, 1838, 

-j- 18748 William Fiske"* Cleveland, born Aug. 30, 1844, 

Dr. George Washington^ Cleveland grad. University State 
of N. Y., college of Physicians and Surgeons, western district, 
Fairfield, N. Y., 1831; studied with his brother. Dr. William P.; 
practising physician and surgeon ; located 2 years in Mich., and 
in Sherburne, afterward at Waterville always to decease. Dr. 
Cleveland was highly esteeined. In politics a Democrat ; for 
16 years he was Magistrate ; was elected to the Board of Super- 
visors 4 terms: 1850, 1851, 1882, and in 1883, representing the 
town of Sangerfield, N. Y., was elected in the spring of 1883 by 
a majority of no over C. F. Havens, and was the oldest mem- 
ber. Biographical sketch in Utica^ N. Y., Daily Press, Nov. 14, 

Mrs. Almira (Barrett) Cleveland received a finished educa- 
tion at one of the very best schools of her day in New England, 
the then justly celebrated school of Miss Prescott, at Groton, 
Mass., where she spent 3 years under the instruction of that 
most accomplislied and successful teacher. She was united in 
marriage to George W. Cleveland, M.D., on the loth day of Oc- 
tober, 1832, at Springfield, N. Y. With him she lived at Water- 
ville, N. Y., for a period of 50 years, departing this life on the 
nth day of March, 1886, at the age of over 77 years, surviving 
her husband two years. 

Mrs. Cleveland was a lady of many rare and accomplished 
virtues, of a sweet, cheerful disposition, and was sympathetic, 
gentle, and affectionate in her nature. A long life of purity in 
thought and action and deeds of disinterested kindness and 
charity, crowned by a Christian's belief in a future life as sim- 
ple as it was pure, self- satisfying, and self-sustaining, endeared 
her to all who came within the charmed circle of her acquaint- 

The hallowed memory and blessed influence of her sweet 
life and character are the priceless jewels left by her for her 
children and friends, richer by far than silver or gold. 

Barrett ancestry :—T'ncimas^, b. perhaps i6ig^ for Savage says, "may prob. be he 
who came, at i6 yrs., in the Increase, 1635," of Bramtree, Mass., freeman 1645, one of the 
32 granted, 1645, by Gen. Court, 10,000 acres in Warwick, removed prior to Mar., 1660, to 
Chelmsford, Mass., where he and his son Thomas bought, Apr. 10, 1663, bouse and 52 
acres on "Robbins Hill," and settled there, d. C. Oct. 6, 1668, m. Margaret ; Joseph^ d. 
C. Dec. 17, 171 1, m. Sept. 17, 1672, Martha Gould, b. Braintree, Oct. 15, 1654, da. of Francis 
and Rose; Joseph', b. Chelmsf. Feb. 24, 1600, d. C. 1743, m. Mar. 24, 1714, Mary Taylor^, 
b. Concord, Mass., Oct. 24, 1688 ; Oliver*, b. Chelmsford, Jan. q, 1726-7, of Westford, Mass., 
at outbreak of Revolution, was called out as a " minute man " at Lexington alarm, in 
Capt. Underwood's co., Col. William Prescott's teg. Enlisted Jan. 2, 1777, in loth Mass. 
Continental reg., Col. Thomas Marshall, served until killed in 2a battle of Stillwater, n. 
Saratoga, N. Y., Oct. 7, 1777, m. Anna Fiske', b. Lexington, July 29, 1735, d. Winchendon, 
Mass., July 27, 1823; Maj. Benjamin Fiske' Barrett, b. Jan. 16, 1770, immediately upon 
marriage located in Royalston, Mass., where he carried on business of tanner and cur- 
rier to 1803, then rem. to Wilton, N. H., and was there in same business, thence, March, 
1811, to Springfield, N. Y., and always afterward resided there. Maj. Barrett was an up- 
right, broad-guaged, liberal-minded man, a public-spirited citizen, a kind neighbor, an 
affectionate husband and father, and left behind him the example of one who had not 
lived for self alone, but for the community in which he was a prominent actor for his 
fellow men. He and Mrs. B. were members of the Presbyterian chh., of which he was a 



deacon. He was known as a person of unusual intelligence, of integrity and enterprise, 
and she as a lady of gentle, womanly nature, modest and retiring, and one of the best of 
mothers. Died Oct. 31, 1S44, ™- Westminster, Worcester CO., Mass., Jan. i, 1795, Miss Bet- 
sey Gerrish, b. Westminster, Nov. 10, 1774, d. Springfield, N. Y., Dec. 17, 1836. — Barrett 
Genealogy^ by William Barrett of St. Paul, Minn., iSqo. 

Fiske ancestry .-—Rohert^, Jeffery", David', David* [see+13531, p. 2021]; David', of 
Cambridge, Mass , m. Ipswich, June 17, 1674, Sarah Day, perhaps da. of Robert, perhaps, 
savs Savage, father of Ebenezer", who d. Lexington, Dec. 10, 1773, a. 84, who was evi- 
dently the Capt. Ebenezer' who m. Bethia Muzzey ; Anna' Fiske m. Oliver Barrett*.— 
American Ancestry, III: bS. 

Taylor ancestry : — James', of Concord, 1639, d. C, Jan. 22, 1690, m. ist, 1641, Isabel or 
Elizabeth Tompkins ; Samuel", b. C. June 21, 1656, m. Mary Robbins ; Mary' Taylor m. 
Joseph Barrett^. 


BETSEY" CLEVELAND (Anson^, johm), b. Apr. i6, 1812, m. 
Dr. George Washington Blair of Homer, Mich.; of Homer, 
1878-81. Ch.: 18749-51 j5'//^«*^/a/r,m. Nelson; Alberf^ Blair ra.., 
ch.: Bessie'' Blair ; Edwin* Blair va.,ch..: Daisy^ Blair, Josie^ Blair, 
Nettie^ Blair, George^ Blair j Folly Celina* Blair, d. 


Wealthy* Adams (Anna^ thus), d. near Sparta, O., Dec 13, 
1863, aged 47, m. Sandyville, Tuscarawas co., O., Sept. 30, 1841, 
Thomas Russell, b. n. Cadiz, Harrison co., O., Feb. 18, 1809, s. 
John and Anna (Ellis). Of Cadiz to 1814, Pike, Stark co., O., 
since, farmer, 1883. Ch. b. Sparta, O.: 

18752 John" Russell, born July 20, 1843, m. June 10, 1868, 
Lydia Smalley of Wyandot co., O., da. Abraham. Since 1868 
of Nevada, Wyandot co., O., tile mfr. 

18753 Joseph Adams'' Russell, b. Nov. 26, 1843, m. Pleasant 
Hill, Pike tp., Stark co., O., Apr. 19, 1871, Elizabeth Smith, b. 
n. Pleasant Hill tp. July 12, 1846, da. Rev. Lawrence Bonsman 
and Catharine (Hbckensmith). Was 4 months a soldier. Of 
Pike, Pierce P. O.; farmer. Ch. b. n Sparta: Thomas Lawrence^ 
Russell, Feb. 1, 1872; Belmah Grace* Russell, May 11, 1874; Per- 
cival Ira*, Raymond Smith', and Tyra Anson* Russell (triplets), b. 
and d. n. Sparta, Apr. 4, 1876; John Oireno* Russell, b. Apr. 3, 
1878; Chester B lain* Russell, Oct. 10, 1881. 

18754 Anna^ Russell, b. Jan. 15, 1846, m. Sparta, Pierce, 
Stark CO., O., Apr. 5, 187 1, Joseph Sponhaur, born Bethlehem, 
Stark CO., O., Feb. 2, 1829, s. Jacob and Elizabeth (White). Of 
Canton, O., to 1878, since of Nevada, O.; teacher. Ch.: Ida 
Myrtle* Sponhaur, b. Dec. 18, 1872, Navarre, Stark co., O.; Cor- 
delia Olive* Sponhaur, June 5, 1874, Canton; Clayton Russell* Spon- 
haur, Dec. 5, 1875, C. 

18755 Cordelia^ Russell,h. Feb. 3, 1848, m. Pierce, Apr. 15, 
1874, William Edgar Ranne, b. Waynesburg, Stark co., O., Sept. 
7, 1847, s. Joseph and Mary Jane (Harmah). Of Coshocton co., 
O., to 1877, since Wabaunsee co., Kan., farmer. Ch.: Laura 
May* Ranne, b. Feb. 3, 1876, Coshocton co.; Mary Lulu* Ranne, 
Nov. 25, 1877, C. CO.; Clara Wesley* Ranne, Feb. 2, 1879, Wa- 
baunsee CO.; Martha Ann* Ranne, Aug. 15, 1882, W. CO. 

18756 Martha Jane^ Russell, born Aug. 4, 1850, m. Pierce, 
Jan. I, 1882, William Wallace Miller, b. New Philadelphia, Tus- 
carawas CO., O., Aug. 4, 1836, s. David and Mary Ann (Nagley). 
Was member Co. G, 2d la. Cav., 186 1-4. Of Augusta, Butler 
CO., Kan., carpenter. Ch. : Edith* Miller, b. Jan. 11, 1883. A. 




Anson Titus* Adams (^««as ntus), m. 1st, Annie Mitch- 
euer of Canton or Massilon, O. Divorced. He m. 2d, Miss 
Lucy Dennison of Henrietta, Lorain co., O. Ch., all d. but the 
following : 

18757 Charles^ Adams (printer) and Annie' Adams (twins), 
she d. unm.; Louise"^ d. unm.; George"^ d. unm. 

Dr. Anson Titus'^ Adams studied medicine with Dr. G. W. 
Cleveland, at Waterville, N. Y., and grad. Was for years a 
successful practitioner in the Maumee country, O., but went, a 
few years before 1883, to Indianapolis, Ind.; was afterward at 
Hot Springs, Ark., seeking health. 


Martha Ann* Adams {Anna* thus), m. Sparta, O., Feb. i, 
1843, Elizur Martin Leonard, b. n. New Haven, Conn., Apr. i, 
181 X, s. Martin and Elizabeth (Ford). Learned musket lock 
making in Whitney's Armory, Whitney ville, to 1832 ; studied in 
N. Haven to 1833, since of Oberlin, O., 1883, cooper. She was 
a student at Oberlin, 1842. Ch. b. Oberlin : 

18758 Anna Elizabeth^ Leonard, b. Apr. 10, 1845, m. Ober- 
lin, Mar. 23, 1865, Lt. William Pierson Michener, b. Cardington, 
Morrow co., O., Mar. 17, 1838, d. Oberlin, Mar. 31, 1868, s. John 
and Susan (Pierson). (Quakers.) Of New Sharon, Mahaska 
CO., la., to 1 86 1, then to O.; enlisted in la. as private. Mar., 1862, 
It. in 144th U. S. Col. Troops, discharged June, 1865, teacher, 
etc. She 1. Oberlin 1883. Ch.: Martha Elizabeth' Michener, b. 
Dec. 23, 1865, Oberlin, is in Oberlin Conservatory of Music, 1883. 
Martin Luther^ Leonard, b. Apr. 22, 1847, d. Oberlin, Dec. 3, 1853. 

18759 David Nelson^ Leonard, b. June 24, 1849, i^- Oberlin, 
Dec. 29, 1870, Emily Antoinette Andrus, b. Avon, Lorain co., 
O., Oct. 29, 1850, a da. John Gillett and Julia Eliza (Smith). Of 
Oberlin, manages machinery. Ch. b. Oberlin : Houmrd Martin* 
Leo7iard, b. Nov. 15, 1871; Grace Estelle' Leonard, b. Oct. 11, 1874, 
d. Ob. June 18, 1881; Mabel Antoinette^ Leonard, b. June 14, 1878; 
Louis David' Leonard, June 26, 1881. 

18760 John Morgan^ Leonard, b. July 28, 1855, unm. 1883, 
in composing room of N. Y. Tribune since 1881. 

18761 Cyreno Nathaniel^ Leonard, b. Nov. 30, 1857, m. Ober- 
lin, Aug. 10, 1880, Eva Beth Andrus, b. Lowville, N. Y., Dec. 
23, 1859, da. Rev. James Ladd (Baptist clergyinan) and Electa 
(Lake). Of Cleveland, O., printer in Cleveland Herald office, s. 
p. Horace Jerome^ Leonard, b. Nov. 16, i860, d. Oberlin, Mar. 29, 


Zilewellyn* Cowen {Ma>y3 tuus, Martha^, joimi), d. Virden, 111., 
Apr. 29, 1881, a. 52, m. 2)^ miles n. e. of Jerseyville, 111., Dec. 
3c, 1852, Louisa Conn, b. Erie, Pa., Feb. 3, 1836, a da. of John 
and Sarah (Bell). Ch. : Lda May\ b. Mar. 15, 1856, Jerseyv., d. 
Virden, Nov. 28, i860; Hattie Maria", b. June 23, 1858, V., d. 
Jerseyv. Feb. 17, 1859 ; John Llewellyn", b. Nov. 20, i860, Virden, 
d. V. Jan. 8, 1861. 



-{-18762 Lela May" Coweti, b. Mar. 23, 1864, Jerseyville, 111. 

Orrin Edsotfi Cowen, b. Nov. 9, 1866, Virden, d. 
Jersey V. Aug. 7, 1868. 

-I-18763 Sarah BelP Cowen, b. Dec. 3, 1871, Virden, 111. 

Mary Luella^ Cowen, b. May 10, 1874, V., d. V. Sept. 
9, 1879. 

Capt. Llewellyn* Cowen lived on the homestead and engaged 
in teaching to marriage, sold his interest in the farm to brother 
Balfour' Cowen, and located in Jerseyville in mercantile busi- 
ness. Was mustered in ist It. of Co. D, 9th 111. Cav., soon pro- 
moted to capt., served three years, was in many engagments. 
Returned to yirden ; was a merchant with Mrs. Cowen's 
brother, Lt. George W. Conn (who was his It. in Co. D), to fall 
of 1879, when he sold out the business and opened a Commer- 
cial Traveller's Home at Virden to accommodate his numerous 
business acquaintances on their journeyings. Capt. Cowen offi- 
ciated as M. E. local preacher for 4 years prior decease. A 
sketch of this gallant soldier appeared in Virden Reporter, May 
6, 1881, Mrs. Louisa (Conn) Covven, residence Virden 1883-96. 


Novreddett'^ Cotven {Mary> ntus, Martha^ John"), d. at Car- 
lyle, Clinton co., 111., Oct. 12, 1872, a. 43, m. in Montgomery co., 
n. Walshville, 111., Mar. .12, 1851, Melvina Jane Murphy, b. Mad- 
ison CO., 111., June 20, 1828, d. Carlyle Feb. 12, 1890, da. Daniel 
and Matilda (Alexander). Ch.: Henry Leo^, b. Aug. 6, n. Walsh- 
ville, d. n. W. 27, 1853; Frederick Anson", b. Aug. 28, 1855, n. W., 
d. n. W. Jan. 14, 1858. 

4-18764 Ada Maria'' Cowen, \i. Apr. 26, 1857, n. Walshville. 
Mi^mie Alice' Cowen, b. Oct. 24, i860, n. Walshville, m. 
Carlyle, Oct. 6, 1881, Clark Matson Piper, b. Fayetteville, Pa., 
June II, 1858, s. James Alexander and Annie Maria (Horner). 
Residence, Bridgeport, Lawrence co.. 111., (1883-96), telegrapher 
and R. R. agent. Ch. b. Bridgeport: Hel'en Cowen"" Piper, Aug. 7, 
1882 ; Frazer Horner'' Piper, Sept. 19, 1885. Mary Maf Cowen, 
b. July 5, 1863, n. Walshville, d. Litchfield, Montgomery co., 111., 
Sept. 5, 1864. 

4-18765 Norredderi" Cowen, b. Feb. 11, 1873, Carlyle. 

Lieut. Norredden* Cowen, enlisted Sept., 1861, was commis- 
sioned first It. Co. L, 2d 111. Cav. Reg., Sept. 13, 1861. His 
brother, Hon. Balfour^ Cowen, thus writes concerning him: 

Brother Norredden was Judge Advocate of a general court 
martial, was in the battle of Pea Ridge, and many other en- 
gagements of less importance ; he was promoted to a captaincy 
in the same co. He was remarkable when a boy, and even after 
he was married, for his timidity at the sight of blood. I have 
known him to faint at sight of blood, and I was surprised to 
hear of his enlistment, but mother's conscientious teachings as 
to duty had led him to regard it as his duty to go, and he went 
leaving the consequences with Him in whom he had ever been 
taught to trust. I asked him after the battle of Pea Ridge how 
he managed to go through without losing control of himself 
when men were falling ail 'round ; he replied that he had no 

^ruJV^ ^?^ 




business with the dead then, it was the living he was after; but 
after the battle he was detailed to remove the rebel wounded 
and then he was sorely tried. In '64, I think, he was in La., 
and two companies being on a scout, one of the companies had 
a skulker that they had never been able to get into a fight, and 
the captain detailed an orderly to look after him, with orders 
to see that if they got into a fight that he should be kept in the 
ranks. When they had gone some distance the shirk's horse 
suddenly became unmanageable and he was left some distance 
behind, but the orderly stopped and tried to get the horse to 
go, but the soldier insisted he couldn't manage him, so the or- 
derly determined to have him go, changed horses with him, and 
when the shirk mounted the orderly's horse he started him, and 
the horse by this time being so far behind took the bits in his 
teeth and started for his place in line at a tremendous speed; in 
passing my brother the soldier's carbine caught on my broth- 
er's horse in some way and was thrown up with such force that 
it struck Norredden on the back of the head and felled him from 
his horse as if he had been shot ; he was for a long time on the 
verge of the grave in consequence, and when able to travel re- 
signed and returned home. For several years after he was un- 
ble to do any kind of work ; he was granted a pension. He 
formed a copartnership with his former captain in the milling 
business, and being able to earn his own support would not 
take the pension and it lapsed. He then in company with his 
partner and another man bought a mill in Carlyle, where he 
moved ab. 1868, and continued there until his death. 


Balfour'^- Cowen {Mary^ ntus, Martha^, John'), m. Jerseyville, 
111., Mar. 29, 1855, Amanda Bartlett, b. Waterville, Me., Dec. 28, 
1833, a da. of Joseph Waterman and Mary (Twombly). Ch.: 

-j-18766 Nora Amanda^ Cowen, b. Feb. 12, 1856, near Jer- 

+ 18767 Blanche Balfour'' Cowen, b. Apr. 23, 1858, Virden, 111. 

18768 Elmer A'' Cowen, b. May 6, i860, Virden, unm. Res- 
idence, Virden 1882 ; Springfield, 111., to 1887 ; St. Louis, Mo., 
was a printer and compositor in the offices of the largest 
newspapers in these cities. For several years has lived on a 
farm 2j4 miles north of Virden (1896), farming. 

18769 Herbert Henry^ Cowen, b. July 4, 1867, Virden, unm. 
Attended Blackburn University, Carlinville, Macoupin co., 111., 
1885-9, Michigan University Law School, Ann Arbor, Mich., 
I year, 189 1-2. Residence since at Virden. Was admitted to 
the bar Illinois Supreme Court, Nov. 19, 1891, counsellor-at-law, 
office with his father at Virden. 

4-18770 Mary Augusta^ Cowen, b. Aug. 2, 1873, Virden, 111. 

Hon. Balfour" Cowen gives the following autobiographical 
sketch : "I found myself unable to do the work of the farm, 
and much as I disliked to part with the patrimony I sold out 
in the fall of. 1857, and the next spring moved to this place, and 
with my brother Lew commenced in mercantile business ; soon 
after buying him out and continuing the business alone to 


spring of i860, then took in a partner. Continued to Sept., 
1862, when I enlisted and was elected Captain of Co. G, i22d 
111. Inf., both my brothers being then in the service with the 
rank of lieutenant. In December, 1862, I was detached as Pro- 
vost Marshal of Trenton, Gibson co., Tenn.; was captured Dec, 
20, by Gen'l Forrest in his raid on the Mobile & Ohio R. R. 
Having some $300 of government money in my possession, and 
fearing that I would be robbed when I come to give my rank 
and position, I made an excuse and got out of sight of my 
guards and stowed the money in my boots until I was turned 
over to our forces at Columbus, Hickman co., Ky. Once dur- 
ing the march to our lines under rebel guard I gave up all 
hopes of ever again seeing the loved ones at. home, and sitting 
down on a convenient log leaned forward to receive the shot I 
felt sure was to end all earthly things with me. 'Twas just at 
sundown; the heavy timber where we were was casting a gloom 
over everything before the shades of night had set in. Our 
flag of truce had been sent forward and the prisoners were 
resting after a hard day's march. We thought we were near 
our forces, and the flag had gone forward to ascertain if that 
was true, when a band of rebel cavalry burst on us from the 
deep woods ; the prisoners took them for our friends, and they 
took us for Union soldiers. I saw the mistake at a glance, and 
saw what had escaped the notice of the others that the rebels 
were coming with their carbines presented. I tried to stop our 
men (the prisoners), from their wild shouts which were taken 
by the rebels as yells of defiance, but my voice was drowned ; 
there we stood 200 or 300. On came the rebels with furious 
speed, when just as I had committed my spirit- to Him who gave 
it, I heard a loud shout from a different direction, and raising 
my eyes to see what new danger was at hand I espied the Col. 
in command of our escort running at the top of his speed (for 
he was not mounted then), and waving his flag of truce, and in 
thunder tones calling on his friends not to fire, he was coming 
between us and the advancing host. Ihstantly every gun was 
lowered and we were saved. I made friends with our guards, 
some of whom were noble fellows. I was in command under 
them of the prisoners, our senior officers having been sent by 
another route, or were so disabled that they could not take 
command, and when we parted with the guard at our lines at 
Columbus, it seemed like parting with friends. I shook hands 
with the colonel and corporal and said I hoped we would be 
able to return the compliment before long. I came home, and 
in less than ten days I had the privilege of meeting one of our 
guards on his way to Camp Butler, a prison carnp, he with a 
number of others having been taken by my own company on 
the field at " Parker's Cross-Roads," Tenn., Forrest's adjutant, 
who signed our paroles, being one of the number. In May, 1862, 
(if I remember rightly the date), I was exchanged and returned 
to the field. Some time that fall we started for the Tennessee 
river by way of luka, Tishomingo co.. Miss., my brother " Lew " 
being in the cavalry, and belonging to our corps was with our 
rear guard and had a skirmish with Forrest's cavalry who were 
hanging on our rear. During the fight some of brother's men 



got quite close to the rebels and they talked back and forth. 
The rebels enquired for Captain Cowen ; of- course they knew 
Capt. Cowen as he was their capt. But in the conversation 
that ensued with the ' Johnnies ' they couldn't make out how 
they had learned about him ; and after the skirmish they 
wanted to know of their capt. how he came to be on such inti- 
mate terms with the rebels. He was badly puzzled over it until 
he afterwards met me. I was in the battle at Nashville, and 
the last battle of the war, ' Blakely,' Ala., besides several oth- 
ers. After the war, being out of business, I determined to do 
what I had long had a desire to do, but which I had never be- 
fore found the opportunity for, and I at once entered upon the 
study of .the law. Borrowing a volume of 'Blackstone' I be- 
gan and pursued my studies at home without an instructor, and 
after finding that I could master its intricacies I purchased 
books as I needed, and after a year or two was admitted to the 
bar, and have ever since been engaged in that profession. In 
1 88 1 I was nominated by the Republicans of the 40th sena- 
torial district as their candidate for the lower house of our Gen- 
eral Assembly, served in the regular and called session of ^26. 
Assembly. Was renominated last fall, but the Republicans 
put up 2 candidates ; I was defeated by a division of ray own 
party. Was 1883 publisher of local Republican paper, the Fi'r- 
den Recorder, which was started by a stock company 1880." See 
Bibliography, Chap. IV. 

Judge Balfour'' Cowen residence at Virden to Nov. 14, 1894, 
then removed to Carlinville, where he intends to remain during 
his incumbency as judge, and afterward return to Virden, 
Attorney- at-law. Was elected Nov. 6, 1 894, County Judge o£ 
Macoupin co.. 111., for the term of four years, beginning the 
first Monday in December, 1894, County Court at Carlinville. 
Judge Cowen is a subscriber for this Genealogy. 

Bart let t ancestrv : — Richard Bartlett descended, it is thought, from the Barttelots of 
Stophatn, Sussex, Ehg., through Edmund Barttelot, who d. 1591, an old Norman family, 
who came to Eng. with William the Conqueror. Came from Sussex, Eng., 1635, settled 
at Newbury, Mass., 1635-7, shoemaker, ancestor of Josiah Bartlett, signer of the Declara- 
tion of Independence, and, according to family tradition, of following : William" m. 
Ruth Waterman, she d. in Jersey co.. 111., about 1873, ^^"^ mother's maiden name was 
Joslyn ; Joseph Waterman" "Bartlett of Waterville, Me., m. Mary Twombly, b. Norway, 
Oxford CO., Me., Aug. 13, 1805, d. Jersey co., Apr. 21, 1885, da. William and (Hicks). 


Mariah* Gillhatii {Mary^ ntus, Martha^, John"), d. Virden, 111., 
June I, 1876, a. 37, m. Carbondale, 111., June 2, 1861, Dr. John 
Washington Lawrence, b. Pike co., O., July 4, 1831, d. Carbon- 
dale, Dec. 20, 1872, s. John Gray & Elizabeth (Ensinger). Ch. 
b. Carbondale : 

-f- 1 87 7 1 'Mary Louise'' La7vrence, b. Oct. 3, 1862. 

Abbie Roberts\ b. July 20, 1866, d. C. Apr. 13, 1868. 

-{-18772 Elizabeth Hattie'' Lawrence, b. Mar. 14, 1868. John 
Gillhani', born April 17, 1870, d. C. Dec. 30, 1872; Abbie Roberts'" 
Lawrence (ag.), b. Apr. 12, 1872, unm. 1896, res. Carbondale 1884. 

Maj-iah^ Gillhani graduated at Female College of the M. E. 
Church, Jacksonville, 111. 

Dr. John Washington Lawrence, allopathic physician, grad. 
Rush Medical Coll. 1859. Soon after marriage was ist Lt. i8th 


111. Vol., wounded at Ft. Donelson; transferred as Asst Surg, 
to Ram Fleet, resigning-, was commissioned Major; com- 
manded ram Queen of the West; in command of ram Switzerland, 
and run Vicksburg blockade Mar. 25, 1863, boiler was burst by 
shot, but he escaped with little loss of life. After the war he 
practised at Carbondale. 


JOHN DOWNER* CLEVELAND (Downer^, John", Johni), m. 

ist, Alden, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1853, Cornelia Vesta Ferguson, b. A., 
Yeb. 12, 1857, a da. John. He m. 2d, Westminster tp., Middle- 
sex CO., Ont, Can., July 20, 1859, Nancy Jarvis, b. W. tp., Dec. 14, 
1835, a da. Thomas and Harriet (Brink). Of Westminster 
(Glen dale R O.) 1889, Glendale 1895, contractor and builder. 
Ch. by 1st m., b. Alden : Frances LouISA^ b. May 24, 1855, d. 
A. Nov. 24, 1855, Oct. 25, 1856; Cornelia Vesta^, b. Oct. 15, 16, 
1856, d. A. Apr. 12, 1856, 14, 1857. By 2d m., b. Westminster : 
Alice RuTH^ b. July 8, i860, d. W. July 21, 1862. 

18773 Elmer Jarvis^ Cleveland, b. May 24, 1862, unm. 
Of Detroit, Mich., 1884; Chicago, 111., 1889-95, Ins. Agency of 
E. J. Cleveland & Co. 18774-5 Zachary Washburn', b. June 
19, 1865, m., of Chicago 1891-5, printer. Ch. : i son. Frank 
Mary^ or Mary Frances', Sept. 12, 1868, unm., of Glendale 
1884-95; William", b. Aug. 24, d. Westm. Sept. 7, 1873. 


SARAH SOPHIA* CLEVELAND (Oowner', John', Johni) m. 

Alden, N. Y., Nov. 20, 1842, Arial Gousby Tousley. b. Oxford co.. 
Can., Aug. 5, 1820, d. Nashville, Tenn., June 14, 1863, s. Alanson 
and Mary (Herrington); school teacher. She res. Parkhill, Ont., 
Can., 1889; Chicago, 111., 1894. Ch. : 18776 Mary Ruth" Tousley, 
b. Feb. 5, 1845, Alden, m. Pontiac, Mich., Oct. 22, 1852, John 
Griffeth, b. Westminster, Ont., Mar. 8, 1839, s. Eli and Alexan- 
dria (McAdam). Of Park Hill, woolei^ mills. Ch. b. Byron, 
Ont. : Carrie^ Griffeth, born Aug. 2, d. B. 10, 1864; Oscar AriaP 
Griffeth, b. Jan. 6, 1866; Sarah' Grtffeth, Oct. 22, 1867; F?'ederick 
Howard' Griffeth, Mar. 24, 1874. 

18777 Loretta Victoria^ Tousley, b. Sept. 7, 1 849, Thorold, Can., 
m. London, Ont., Apr. 8, 1873, Harry Chalmers Malcomson, born 
Orkney Isles, Scot!., Dec. 31, 1844, s. Hugh and Jessie (Chal- 
mers). Of Chicago, 111., grocer 1884-95. Ch. : Charles Tousley' 
Malco7nson, b. Jan. 31, 1874, St. Thomas, Ont., unm., res. Chicago 
1895; Jessie Ross' Malcomson, Sept. 18, 1875, St. T., m., 1894, 
Clarence Clark; Grace Loretta' Malcomson, Nov. 6, 1878, Seaforth, 
Ont. Abbie Augusta^ Tousley, born Sept. 10, 1852, Alden, d. A. 
Apr. 7, 1853. 18778 Ida Frances" Tousley, b. Nov. 24, 1855, Lon- 
don, Can., m. London, Can., Oct. 22, 1874, Rev. Robert W. Wal- 
lace, born London, Eng., Oct. 6, 1847, only s. Charles and Anne 
(Green). Grad. in Arts, McGill Univ., Montreal, Can., June, 
1872, Montreal Cong. Theol. School, May, 1872. Congregational 
clergyman; ordained Wakefield, Middlesex co., Mass., May 26, 
1872; pastor at London, Ont., 1872-80, Detroit, Mich,, 1880-8, 
Wakefield 1888-9. Ch. : Ethelwyn' Wallace, b. Feb. i, 1876, Lon- 


don, Ont. ; Charles Cleveland^ Wallace, b. Mar. 9, 1879, d. Detroit, 
Mar. 3, 1882; Rose Standish" Wallace, b. Mar. 24, 1883, D., d. D. 
Jan. s, 1884; Olive Parker" Wallace, b. Dec. 24, 1885, D. 

18779 Rose Josephine^ Tousley, b. Mar. 29, 1859, London, 
Can., d. there Mar. 7, 1879, i^- there J tine 4, 1878, as istw., Don- 
ald Angus McDermid, born Martintown, Ont., Jan. 7, 1850, s. 
Angus and Katherine (St. Clair). (He m. 2d Janet Millar, s. p.) 
Of London, Ont., publisher, s. p. 


d. Lake Mills, Wis., Oct. 19, 1872, a. 44, m. ist, Lancaster, N. Y., 
June 9, 1848, Marietta, Cbeseborough, b. Alden, N. Y., 1831, d. 
Alden, N. Y., 1853, a da. Nathan and Lucy (Herrick). He m. 
2d, Fox Lake, Wis., July 5, i860, Annie Butterfield, da. Jonathan. 
Of Lake Mills, carpenter. Ch. by istni., b. Alden : 

+ 18780 David Franklin* Cleveland, b. July 21, 1849. 

18781 Anice Henrietta^, born Aug. 9, 1852, m. Alden 
Hoyt. Of Ticonic, la. Ch. : Charles" Hoyt; Alia" Hoyt s Ida" 
Hoyt; Guy" Hoyt. By 2d m. : 

18782 Nellie Josephine", b. Feb. 25, 1861, Randolph, Wis. 
m. Crump. Of Deerfield, Dane co.. Wis. Ch.: Myrtle C." Crump; 
Bessie N." Crump; Harland W." Crump. 

18783 Henrv AsHLEY^ b. Feb. 2, 1863, Randolph, unm. 
Of Iowa. 

18784 Gustavus Parker^, b. June 19, 1865, Lake M., m. 
Of la. Ch. : 5. 18785-7 Perry Washburn', born May 17, 1867, 
Lake M., unm.; Jennie Cornelia^, b. June 28, 1869, Lake M., 
unm. Of Rodney, Monoma co., la.; Mertie Idella^ Cleve- 
land, b. Mar. 6, 1871, Lake M., unm. Of la. 


1891, a. 60, m. Whitewater, Wis., Jan. i, 1856, Nancy M. Flint, b. 
Elbridge, N. Y., 1838, da. John and Eva (Flint). Of Osage, la., 
1880-3, propr. Merchant's Hotel, Brookings, S. Dak. 1889. Ch.: 
18788 Ida Ruth', born Aug. 21, 1857, Beaver Dam., Wis., 
rex. Spicer. Of LaCrosse, Wis., 1895. 18789 Byron Mortimer^, 
b. Nov. 13, 1858, Beaver D., married. Of Waterloo, la. Ch.: 2. 
18790 Sarah Effie* Cleveland, b. July 16, 1862, Pardeeville, 
Wis., unm. Of Osage; John Whitney^ b. Aug. 16, 1864, P., d. 
la., Nov. 16, 1865. 


MARY FRANCES^ CLEVELAND (Dovvner3),m, Lake Mills, 
Wis., Dec. 24, 1857, George S. Hoyt, b. Wheelock, Caledonia co., 
Vt, Jan. 2, 1830, d. Jefferson, Wis., Feb. 14, 1894, s. Laban and 
Mary Ann (Sanborn). Of Lake Mills, farmer. She res. Lake 
Mills (1895). Ch. b. Lake M.: George Laban\ b. Feb. 28, 1859, 
d. Lake M. Nov. 3, 1875. 

18791 Frederick Cleveland'' Hoyt, b. July 27, 1862, m. Jef- 
ferson, June I, 1892, Theresa McNulty, born New York, N. Y., 



July 30, 1864, da. Charles and Mary Beatrice (Foy). Of Jeffer- 
son, attendant in insane hospital. Ch. b. Lake M : Leslie Fred- 
erick" Hoyt, Apr. 3, 1893; Hazel Frances^ fJ^oyt, Nov. 17, 1894. 
Alice Marietta'' Hoyt, b. June i, 1870, unm.; Sarah Lorette" Hoyt^ 
Feb. 24, 1872, unm. 


SARAH J ANE< CLEVELAND (Mosess, John", john>), m. Lit- 
tleton, N. H., Dec. 4, 1845, Joshua Berry Shaw. Of Littleton, 
.1884, shoemaker. Ch.: 

18792 Mary Arabella^ Shaw, b. Jan., 1848, L., m. Water- 
ford, Vt., 1869, William Henry Kidder, b. Bradford, Vt., Oct. 23, 
1848, only s. James Mills and Lucy Lusannah (Houghton), and 
relative to Sally Kidder, w. of John" Cleveland +18658. Of Lit- 
tleton, livery business. Ch. b. L.: Jennie Lucy' Kidder, Nov. 29, 
1871; Ned Jarvif Kidder, Nov. 18, 1873 ; Mary Elizabeth^ Kidder, 
Mar. 14, 1876. 


WILLIAM HOWARD' CLEVELAND (Caleb Downer^, Caleb>. 

john>), m. Columbia, N. H., Jan. 15, 1866, Ellen Cleveland Dar- 
ling, b. Columbia, Apr. 4, 185 1, da. George and Eleanor Bowen 
(Morgan). Ch. b. Columbia: 18793 Charles Addison^, May 
10, 1867. George Darling", Dec. 26, 1869, 1870; Julia May', 
Aug. 16, 1871, 1872 ; Lillian Best' Cleveland, Aug. 7, 1875. 

William Howard'' Cleveland lived at Lee, Me., until the 
war; entered, Aug., 1861, Co. A, ist Me. Cav., taken prisoner 
(with his bro. Addison) on his first campaign under Banks, in 
the Valley at Middletown, May 24, 1862, paroled at Belle Island, 
Sept. I, 1862; was with McClellan in Md.; at Fredericksburg; 
while charging battery at Brandy Station, on Stoneman's raid, 
spring of '63, was captured, but exchanged in 3 days ; was with 
Meade in Pa., with Sheridan in the Valley, wounded at Island 
Ford, July 18, 1864, right arm amputatfed, mustered out Nov. 
25, 1864 ; since lived in Columbia, lumberman. 


MARY ETT* CLEVELAND (Andrew Downers.Ansons, Johni), m. 

Apr. 27, 1848, William Henry Hollister, b. Burnt Hills, Saratoga 
CO., N. Y., July 24, 1818, a s. Solomon D. and Zilpha (Cady). 
Ch.: Cady Cleveland^ Hollister, b. Apr. i6, 1849, d. Nov. 21, 1850. 
18794 William Cleveland^ Hollister, t). Sept. 25, 1864, Cohoes, 
N. Y., m. Half Moon, N. Y., Oct. 13, 1880, Annette Shires, born 
Waterford, N. Y., Jan. 12. 1853, da. Thomas and Maria. Ch.: 
Mary Louisa'' Hollister, b. Apr. 27, 1883. Stephen ClarM' Hollister, 
Sept. 4, 1858; Andrew Howe^ Hollister, Oct. 21, i860. 

William Henry Hollister dwelt Cohoes; 1885, Half Moon, 

Hollister anceslry; — J ohn^ [see +3179, p. 1070]; John'', b. 1642, m. Sarah Goodrich, 
da. William of Wethersfield, Conn., and Sarah (Marvin, da. Matthew and Elizabeth of 
Hartford, Conn.); Thomas', m. Dorothy Hill, da. Joseph of Glastonbury, Conn.; Josiah*. 
m. Martha .Miller, da. William of G.; Josiah', m. ist, Keziah ; Solomon", m. Mary Davis; 
Solomon D.' Hollister m. Zilpha C^&y.— Hollister Family., by Lafayette Wallace Case. 





johni), m. Oct. 28, 1862, Catharine E. Carter, b. 1838. Of Water- 
ville, N. Y., 1877-81, veterinary surgeon. Ch.: 18795 Mary 
Gate or Catherine'', b. Oct. 19, 1863. William Phelps", b. Jan. 
16, 1866-7 ; Grace Carter', b. Sept. 27, Oct. 2, 1872, 1873, died 
Apr. 7, 1875 ; Francis Sortwell' Cleveland, b. Feb. 27, 1875, 
25, 1876. 


GEORGE BARRETT* CLEVELAND (George Washington'), 

ta. Waterville, N. Y., May 16, 1874, Isabella Carpenter, born 
Bridgewater, Mar. 11, 1853, da. Charles and Julia (Gaffin). Of 
Des Moines, la., 1896, hotel clerk. Ch.: 18796 George Wash- 
ington', b. June 26, 1876, Waterville, unm., of W. 


WILLIAM FISKE* CLEVELAND (George Washington', Anson", 

johni), married first, at Dubuque, la., October 2, 1871, Kate Le- 
queer Collins, born at Galena, 111., February 21, 1849, died at 
Persia, la., August 24, 1885, of consumption, and rests in the 
cemetery at Shelby, la., a daughter of Eli Atkinson and Nancy 
Anna (Purkeiser) Collins. He married second, at Omaha, Neb., 
February 16, 1893, Mrs. Luella (Noble) Pratt, born at Mineral 
Point, Iowa co., Wis., August 4, 1861, widow of Sidney Kirtland 
Pratt and daughter of Peter and Susan (Matthews) Noble. 
Children by first marriage, born at New Orleans, La.: 

William John' Cleveland, born August 31, 1873, 
•died at New Orleans, March 11, 1876, and is buried in the ceme- 
tery at Shelby. 

18797 Anna' Cleveland, born February 2, 1876. By 
-second marriage : 

Dorothy' Cleveland, born December 11, 1893, at 
Harlan, Shelby co., la. 

Hon. William Fiske* Cleveland, the subject of this sketch, 
was born at Waterville, Oneida County, New York, on the 30th 
day of Aug., 1844, and is the youngest of 4 children born to Dr. 
George W. and Almira B. Cleveland. 

In 1861, he was graduated from the Waterville seminary, 
and at once, in accordance with the wishes of his father, entered 
upon the study of medicine ; but after a few months' applica- 
tion, from a natural disinclination to the profession, he gave up 
the work, and entered a retail dry goods store in his native 
town. Prompted by a natural desire to see more of the world, 
four years later he removed to Louisville, Ky., and afterwards 
to Nashville, Tenn., where he was employed in a large hat, cap, 
and fur establishment. In the spring of 1867, he engaged in 
business for himself, in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, and 
there continued until 1876. On the 2d of October 187 1, he was 
joined in marriage to Miss Kate L. Collins of Galena. 

In the autumn of 1877, after having spent a year in the ser- 
vice of the government in Wyoming, he became a resident of 
■ Shelby Countj^, Iowa, and in the spring of the following year, 


established a general mercantile business in the town of Shelby, 
where he continued to reside until his election to the office of 
treasurer of his county. To this office he was re-elected in 
1887, and in 1889, he was honored with the nomination and 
election, by the Democratic party, of State Senator from the 
i8th senatorial district, composed of the counties of Cass and 
Shelby. During- the four years of his term in the state senate, 
Mr. Cleveland became the recognized leader of his party, and 
left his impress upon the legislation of the 23d and 24th Gen- 
eral Assemblies (i 890-1 894). 

In 1893, Senator Cleveland intermarried with Mrs. Ella 
Pratt {nee Noble), a lady of many accomplishments and graces ; 
to them has been born a daughter, Dorothy, who, no less than 
her sister, Miss Anna, assists in making the home of Senator 
Cleveland one of the most hospitable in the city of Harlan. 

From the days of his boyhood, Mr. Cleveland has been a 
communicant of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and is at 
present the Senior Warden of St. Paul's, in the city of his resi- 

Of the Masonic fraternity, the subject of this brief article 
has been, from his 21st year, an active member and an honored 
officer. Made a mason by his father when he had barely passed 
his majority, at Waterville, N. Y., he received the Capitular de- 
grees and passed the cryptic circle in Nashville, and had the 
orders of Christian Knighthood conferred upon him by the In- 
visible Friends' Commandery in New Orleans, La. 

Always active in Masonic circles, he became especially so 
when, after his removal to Harlan, the County seat of Shelby 
County, Iowa, he was chosen the first Eminent Commander of 
Mt. Zion Commandery, No. 49, stationed at Harlan, Iowa, and 
later the Right Eminent Grand Commander of the Grand Com- 
mandery of Knights Templars of Iowa, and as such led the 
Iowa contingent at the Denver Conclave in August, 1892. As 
an officer, it is but faint praise to say that the Masonic frater- 
nity has never had a more competent one at the head of the 
lines ; as a citizen, in all of the positions of honor, trust, and 
confidence which he has been called to fill, he has proved him- 
self to be an able, honest, faithful, and conscientious public ser- 
vant ; in all the walks of life he has ably and consistently per- 
formed the duties incumbent upon him, ever remembering 
that one's own interests must not conflict with the rights of 
others. He is a scholarly and effective speaker, a successful 
business man, and in his family and social relations a most ex- 
emplary man. He has been through his life a brilliant, intelli- 
gent, cultivated gentleman, genial and courteous in his manners, 
pleasant, entertaining, and instructive in his conversation, and 
devotedly fond of his friends. That he may long be spared is 
the heart-felt wish of his many social, business, political, relig- 
ious, and masonic friends. 

Hon. William Fiske^ Cleveland is a subscriber for this Gene- 
alogy. Luella Noble m. ist, Harlan, Jan. 19, 1887, Sidney Kirt- 
land Pratt, b. Essex, Conn., Oct. 7, 1859, died Harlan, May 28, 
1890, s. Edward William and Cornelia Minerva (Doane). Of 
Harlan, bank clerk. He grad. Hartford High School, s. p. 




Lela M^ay" COWen {Llewellyn^ Cowen, Mary^ Titus, Martha^, John'), 

m. Virden, 111., Dec. 22, 1886, Howard Mason Lumsden, b. V. 
Apr. 24, 1861, only s. James and Mary (Utt). Ch. b. Virden: 
James Llewellyn" Lumsden, Sept. 30, 1892 ; Howard^ Mason'' Lums- 
den, Jan. 10, 1897. 

Howard Mason Lumsden, residence, Virden, 111., 1896, mer- 
chant. Mrs. Lumsden grad. Almira college. Has been a music 
teacher. Pianist. 

Lumsden ancestry :— i arms: Lumsden or Lumsdon; 5: LiUMSden (that Ilk, co. 
Berwick, Scotland, an ancient family of that shire). Az. on a chev. betw. 3 mullets or, 
a buckle of the first. . . . James Lumsden, b. Edinburg, Scotl., July 14, 1800, did the 
stone -work on State Capitol at Jefferson City, Mo., stone mason, lived later and owned 
farm 4 mi. s. of Jerseyville, 111., to 1857, of Virden afterw., d. V. Aug. 6, 1883, m. Mary 
Utt', b. Jefferson tp., Sciota co., O., Dec. 20, 1B18, she res. Virden. 

Utt ancestry ; — Jacob', b. Pa., d. Virden, m. his zd cousin, Margaret Utt, b. Ohio, d. 
Virden ; Mary" Utt m. James Lumsden. 


Sarah HefV Cowen (Lieweiiyn* cowen), m. Virden, 111., Nov. 
14, 1895, Dr. Frank Leroy Tucker, born Sycamore, 111., June 3, 
187 1, s. of John and Mary Jane (Burton). Ch.: 

18798 Lela Luct'le" Tucker, b. Jan. 4, 1897, Virden, 111. 

Dr. Frank Leroy Tucker grad. Missotiri Dental College 1897. 
Present residence, Virden, dentist. 

John Tucker, b. East Dixfield, Franklin co.. Me., 1826, m. Mary Jane Burton, b. Bos- 
ton, Mass., 1833, d. Sycamore, Apr. is, 1892. 


Ada Jitaria^ Cowen {NorredSen* cowen), m. Carlyle, 111., Dec. 
5, 1883, as 2d w., Orville Greer Sinclair, b. Hanoverton, Colum- 
biana CO., O., Oct. 17, 1855, s. Levi Miller and Elizabeth (Myers). 
Ch. b. Carlyle : 18799 Orville Greer'' Sinclair, May i, 1886 ; Nel- 
lie Cowen'' Sinclair, Jan. 3, 1893. 

Orville Greer Sinclair res. (1883-96) Carlyle, merchant. He 
m. ist, Waterloo, Monroe co., 111., Dec. 24, 1878, Grace Eliza 
Slater, she d. Carlyle, Nov. 17, 1882. Ch.: Elfleda Blanche Sin- 
clair, b. Dec. 19, 1879. 

Sinclair ancestry:— r arms: Sinclair or St. Clair; 22: Sinclair (Scotland; 
Lyon Register). At. a cross engr. sa. betw. 2 mullets az. Motto — Fear God and live. 
. . . David', b. Edinburgh, Scotl.; Levi Milleri* Sinclair, b. Hanoverton, O., Mar. 3, 
iSig, m. Elizabeth Myers, b. Austintown, C, Feb. 25, 1822, da. John (b. Loudoun co., Va.). 


JS'orredden'' Cowen {Norredden^ cowen), m. Sorento, Bond 
CO., 111., Oct. 10, 1895, Amelia Strehle, b. Litchfield, 111., July 15, 
1875, d-3,. John and Amelia (Huber). Ch.: 18800 Jane^ Cowen, 
b. Sept. 2, 1896, Madison co.. 111. 

Mr. Norredden' Ce^en, residence, Sorento, 1896, furniture 
merchant and funeral director. 

Strehle ancestry : ' Strehle and wife were born in Switzerland ; John" Strehle, 

of Litchfield, m. Amelia Huber, she d. L. Mar. 30, 1883, her parents were born in Swit- 


Nova Amanda'' CotVen (Bal/our* Cozven, Mary^ Titus, Martha", 

John'), m. at Virden, 111., Oct. 7, 1879, Rev. Ebenezer Charles 



Sage, b. in Sangamon co., 111., near Virden, Nov. 14, 1855, a son 
of Charles Truman and Sophia Elizabeth (Gunnison). Ch. : 

18801 Nora Amatida" Sage, b. Nov. 18, 1880, Virden, 111. 
Eben Balfour" Sage, b. Apr. 14, 1883, Geneseo, 111. 

JVora Amanda^ Cowen grad. from Almira College, Greenville, 
Bond CO., 111., 1877. 

Rev. Eben Charles Sage grad. A.B. ShurtleflE College, Upper 
Alton, 111., June 13, 1878 ; received A.M. from Shurtleff Coll. 
1881. Graduated, receiving degree of B.D., from Baptist Union 
Theological Seminary, Morgan Park, Chicago, 111., May 22, 1882, 
also receiving degree of Ph. D. from Yale University (Graduate 
Department) 1890. Was ordained Baptist minister in Livings- 
ton CO., near Dwight, 111., Apr. 16, 1880 ; pastor at Geneseo 1883 
to 1886, Urbana, 111., to 1887. Residence since at New Haven, 
Conn. (1897). From Mar., 1889, has been pastor of Grand Ave. 
Baptist Church, New Haven. From 1890, has been Sec. Conn. 
Baptist Ministers Conference. In 1896, was elected Secretary 
of Connecticut Baptist Education Society ; Trustee of Conn. 
Literary Institute. 


Blanche Salfouv^ Cowen {Bai/our* Cowen, Mary" Tiius), mar- 
ried at her residence, Pueblo, Col., Mar. 29, 1892, Richard Wal- 
ter Hill, b. Litchfield, 111., July 23, 1857, a son of Rev. William 
Brooks and Henrietta James (Robinson). Children b. Pueblo : 
Mary Orilla^ Hill, b. May 5, 1893, d. P. Feb. 14, 1894. 

18802 Raymond Sage^ Hill, b. Jan. 14, 1895. 
Warren Robinson'' Hill, b. Sept. 29, 1896. 

Blanche Balfour" Cowen grad. from Almira College, Green- 
ville, 111., 1879. 

Mr. Richard Walter Hill, residence, Pueblo, Col. (1892-7), 

Hill ancestry :—'ilLr.^ Hill, supposed to have been born in Ensrland ; William", o£ 
King and Queen co., Va., m. Elizabeth Baylor; Rev. William', b. King and Queen co., 
Nov. 10, 1791, m. Lucy Garnett Baylor ; Rev. William Brooks* Hill, b. King and Queen 
CO. Jan. 8, 1817, of Virden, ordained Baptist minister, m. Henrietta James Robinson, b. 
Virginia, da. of Gregory and Louisa (Baylor). 


Mary Augusta? Cowen, {Bai/our^ cowen, Afary^ thus), m. Car- 
linville, 111., May 28, 1896, Charles Hugh Bridges, b. Zanesville, 
Montgomery CO., 111., Dec. 15, 1870, a son Leroy Napoleon and 
Nancy Elizabeth (Rusk). Ch.: 18803 -f^ugk Cowen" Bridges, b. 
Feb. 23, 1897, Shipman, Macoupin co.. 111. 

Mr. Charles Hugh Bridges res. Shipman (1896-7), principal 
of the common schools there. 

Bridges ancestry : — warms: (Norfolk, Eng.). Or.^ bars gu. a canton sa. . . . 
Williami, b. Charleston, S. C, July 9, 178,3, d. Aug. 5, i8ft, m. Margaret Armstrong, born 
Ky. Jan. 27, 1788, d. July 8, 1852 ; L«roy Napoleon^ Bridges, b. O'Fallon, St. Clair co., 111., 
Apr. 1, 1834, of Atwater, Macoupin co.. 111., farmer, m. Nancy Elizabeth Rusk, b. Fieldon, 
111., Dec. 31, 1841, d. Zanesville, May 10, 1870, da. Hugh (b. S. C.) and Ellen (Barr, b. C). 


Mary Louise" Lawrence {Mariah* Guiham), m. Coolidge, 
Bernalillo co., N. M., Oct. 20, 1886, Ben Loan Holmes, b. Lex- 



ington, Lafayette co., Mo., May 23, 1863, son Edward Christian 
and Jane (Hughes), s. p. 

Mr. Ben Loan Holmes, residence, Needles, San Bernardino 
CO., Cal. (1896), agt. there of Atlantic & Pacific R. R. 

Holmes ancestry : — Peter", from Wales, came to America ab. 1750, settled first in 
Washington co., Ma., fought all through the Revolution war, d. 1832, verv old, m. Cath- 
arine Beltz, b. Lancaster, Pa., 1766, d. Loudoun co., Va., 1853 ; Jacob", b. Washington Co., 
Md., ab. 1790, d. Jefferson co., Va. (now W. Va.), 1832, m. Catharine Nisewner, b. Lou- 
doun CO. 1792, d. Jefferson co. 1829 ; Edward Christian' Holmes, b. Jefferson co. Sept 14, 
1827, is farming in Rice co., Kan., P. O., Windom, Mcpherson co., Kan., va. Jane Hughes', 
b. Bourbon co., Ky., Nov. 14, 1827. ■ 

Hughes ancestry : — Enoch', b. in Va. Aug. 15, 1788, d. Lexington, Mo., Mar. i, 1850, 
m. Mary P. Norlhcut, b. Bourbon co., Ky., Sept. 11, 1805, d. Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 20, 
1876; Jane' Hughes m. Edward Christian Holmes'. 


JElizabeth Hattie'' Ldivrence {Mariah* Guiham), m. Cen- 
tralia, 111., Oct. 31, 1892, Harry Edwin Lufkin, b. Anna, Union 
CO., 111., Apr. 18, 1865, s. John Edwin and Chloe Allen (Bagg).. 
Cb. b. Anna, 111.: Priscilla Allen", b. May 27, d. A. 29, 1894. 
18804 Ckloe Allen" Lufkin, b. July 24, 1895. 

Mr. Harry Edwin Lufkin, residence, Anna, 111., merchant. 

Lufkin ancestry .-— Lufkyn. Sa. on a chev. betw. j eagles displ. as many mullets. 
. . . Joseph', b. North Yarmouth, Me., July 4, 1806, d. Anna, 111., Dec, 1886, m. Mary 
Chase Merrill, b. Falmouth, Cumberland co.. Me., 1807, d. La Grange, Lewis co., Mo., 
i8gi ; John Edwin" Lufkin, b. New Gloucester, Me., Mar. 23, 1830, m. Chloe Allen Bagg", 
b. West Springfield, Mass., May 26, 1840, d. Anna, IlL, Dec. 18, 1894. 

BagfC ancestry :r-2 arms : BaggE ; i : BaggS ; / .• Bagg (Plymouth, co. Devon, Eng., 


-. _ . .... .. -. w. 

Springfield, d. Vandalia ; Chloe Allen" Bagg m. John Edwin Lufkin". 


DAVID FRANKLIN' CLEVELAND (washbum Parker*), m. 
Of Rodney, la. (1895). Ch., all unmarried, res. home: 18805-7 
Lewis' Cleveland ; David"; Don"; Frederick' ; Marietta". 

18808 Helen M. Cleveland, author, see Bibliography, 
Chap. IV. 

18808" John Cleveland, of Charleston, S. C, 1888, dray- 
man. 18809 John, Chicago, 111., 1885, bds. 45 1 8th. 18810 John, 
of Cleveland, O., 1859-61, carpenter. 18811 John, of Cleveland, 
O., 1855, drug clerk. 18812 John, Duluth. St. Louis co., Minn., 
1891-2, lab. 18813 John, b. ab. 1806, of Glens Falls, N. Y., ab. 
1831, lumberman and contractor. 18814 John Cleaveland, 
Indianapolis, Ind., 1886, lab., bds. 188 15 John Cleveland, 
Kansas City, Mo., 1888-9, solicitor. 18S16 John, Minneapolis, 
Minn., 1883, carpenter. 18817 John, Moline, Elk co., Kan., 1882. 
18818 Mary (wid. John Cleveland), N. Y. city, 1877, 308 West 
34th. 18819 Mary (wid. John Cleveland), N. Y. c. 1S78, 308. 
W. 41st. 18820 John, N. Y. city, 1877-8, clerk, 137 Thompson. 
18821-4 Ellen (wid. John Cleveland), 1879, Maria (wid. John 
Cleveland), 1881, John F., 1881-2, elk., and George F., 1881-2, 
all at 127 Sullivan, N. Y. c. John, N. Y. c. 1888, elk. 178 Varick ; 
1S91-2. 55 King. 


JOHN' CLEVELAND, m. Sabastian Graves. His son, 
Simon Davis Cleveland, does not know whence John' '^ame to 



Onondaga co., N. Y., where he lived a number of years, and the 
whole family rem. thence, about 1813, to Illinois, leaving- Simon 
D. in N. Y., who remembers only his brother William G. Ch.: 

18826-7 LyDIA'^ L0RENZ0^ 

18828 William Graves^ Cleveland, m. at Le Roy, N.Y., 
his cousin, Mary St. John. He wrote Simon D., from Clymer, 
N. Y., Mar. 22, 1837: 

Has sold his farm and is about taking a trip through the West, to return in the fall, 
and if he likes it, will buy farm and move West next spring. Stei3hen M. St. John 
moved there last spring, and is well suited. Suggests that they "go via Jamestown, N. 
Y., and thence by water on raft. If our lives are spared we shall expect to see our 
brother and sisters ; would be a satisfaction to us to have you go along." Simon D. has 
not since heard from him; but got it somehow that he and family went ofif with the Mor- 
mons. Ch.: several. 

+ 18829 Mary" Cleveland. 

-j-18830 Simon Davis" Cleveland, b. Mar. 30, 1809, Onon- 
daga CO., N. Y. 

18831 Malinda" Cleveland, b. Aug. 6, 1811, d. Mar. 27, 
1880, m. June 7, 1836, as 2d w., Carter Willkey, he d. Apr., 1876. 

(He m. ist, . Ch.: Dr. James H. Wilkey, of Moore's 

Prairie, Jefferson co., 111., 1883.) Dwelt Moore's Prairie, Nov. 
5, 1848. s. p. 


MARY" CLEVELAND (john'), d. ab. 1836, m. Jacob Geiger, 
he d. ab, 1848. Ch.: 8. 18832 Susan A.^ Geiger, b. ab. 1828, m. 
Jacob Seigle Clark. Of Macedonia, Hamilton co., 111., 1883. 
Ch.: /acolf Seigle' Clark, of M. 

18833 George^ Geiger, d. bef. 1883, his wife d., dwelt Madi- 
son CO., 111. Ch. : 3 or 4. 


SIMON DAVIS" CLEVELAND (john'), m. Le Roy, N. Y., 
Feb. 7, 1833, Jane Youngs, b. Otsego co., N. Y., Dec. 11, 1799, ^• 
East Pembroke, N. Y., Nov. 27, 1863, da. of David. His parents 
left him a bound-out boy when 4 years old. Resided at Le 
Roy 1813 to 1855, since at E. Pembroke, 1883. Farmer. Simon 
D. Cleveland is mentioned in M. Y. Gazetteer, 1882, a resident 
of Genesee co. Ch. b. Le Roy: Mary Ann^ b. Jan, 24, 1834, d, 
L. R. Apr. 30, 1847. 

+ 18834 John' Cleveland, b. Oct. r6, 1835. 

+ 18835 William', Dec. 8, 1838. 


JOHN' CLEVELAND (simon DavisMohm), m. Pembroke, N. 
Y., Nov. 18, 1862, Mrs. Harriet Lauretta (Janes) Waterman, b. 
Livingston co., N. Y., Jan. 10, 1828, d. Pembroke, Jan. 22, 1880, 
wid. Harvey Waterman, da. Julius. Of East Pembroke, 1883. 
Ch. b. Pembroke: 18836-7 Mary Jane*, June 23, 1863; Mar- 
tha Emma^ May 29, 1868. 


WILLIAM" CLEVELAND (simon Davis', johm), m. E. Pem- 
broke, N. Y., 1865, Maria Baker, born P., da. Horace and So- 
phronia (Wells). Of Le Roy, N. Y., to 1856, Pembroke to 1878, 



since at Cambridge, 111., 1883, joiner. Ch. b. Pembroke: 4 (3 
living): 18838-9 Lulu", Rose^ Arthur' Cleveland. 

18840 John Cleveland, Chicago, 111., 1894, sec. Rogers 
Park B. & L. Ass'n. 18841 John, of Roxbury, Mass., 181 2, m. 
Dedham, Mass., July 23, 181 2, Miss Susanna Hardin Torrance 
of D. 18842 Rachel, wid. of John Cleveland, St. Louis, Mo., 
1894. John, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1 891-2, farmer. 18843 John 
Cleveland, m. Almira. Ch.: 18844-5 John, m. June, 1873, 
Emma Dennis, b. Niles, Cayuga co., N. Y., Feb. 16, 1856, a da. 
Lewis and Eliza Jane (Luyster). Ch.: Nellie, b. Aug. 18, 1876, 
Sempronius, N. Y. Of S. Oct., 1877. 


Keei , , 

— Phoenix's Whitney gen. 

18846 John, St. Louis, Mo., 1885, elk. Sec. Dock. 18847 
John, Sioux City, la., 1891-2, groom. 18848 John, Syracuse, 
N. Y., 1889-90, driver. 18849-50 Janette Cleveland, admin- 
istered est. John Cleveland of Tisbury, Mass., 1829. 18851 
John, Toronto, Can., 1883-4, 18852-3 John and William, bros., 
old men, n. Troy, N. Y., 1877. 18854 John, Troy, 1883, painter. 
18855-6 John, 1882, fireman, 1883-5, engineer, Washington, D. 
C. 18857 John, Winsted, Conn., 1 890-1, bridge carpenter. John 
C, Chicago, 111., 1894, clj:. 18858 John C, Salt Lake City, Utah, 
1891-2, teamster. 18859 John D., Chicago, 111., 3705 Vincennes, 
1885, h. Rogers Park, 1891, clerk. 18860 Maj. John D., New- 
Haven, Conn., aid-d.-c. One Military Div. (Wm. T. King, Sharon, 
Conn., maj, -gen.), Conn, militia. — Conn. Reg., 1831-2. 18861 
John D., St. Louis, Mo., 1887, machinist. 18862 John F. Cleve- 
land, physician, Batavia, N. Y., 1894. 18863 John J., formerly of 
Canterbury, Conn., d. Rensselaerville, N. Y., Apr. 28, 1812, a. 25. — 
Conn. Courant. i88<54 John J.. Chicago, 111., 1894, carpet layer. 
18865 John J., cooper, and Mrs. J. J., 98 Transit, Lockport, N. 
Y., 1887. 18866 John J., Syracuse, N. Y., 1889-90, elk. 18867 
John M., Boston, Mass., 1891, car driver, 1894, motorman. 
18868 Mrs. Nancy J. (wid. John M. Cleveland), Mobile, Ala., 
1891. 18869 John M., deed, Western N. Y., 1835. — Oneida co. 
land rec. 18870 John R. Cleveland, Brooklyn, Hants co., Can., 

18871 Dr. John T. Cleveland, Pine Bluff, Ark., 1877. 
John W. Cleveland, Albany, N. Y., 1891, currier. John W., 
Kansas City, Mo., 1885, carpenter. John W, Mobile, Ala., 1883, 
1887, clerk. John W., St. Louis, Mo., 1894. 18872 Johnson 
Cleveland, Fair Play, Oconee co., S. C, 1883. 


Johnson' Cleveland, b. in Conn., was in Wolfe's army at 
Quebec, Can., 1759, mustered out of service at Halifax, N. S., 
settled at Annapolis Royal, N. S., had a son ; 

18874 ^ Cleveland (son), b. Annapolis Royal, who 

had a son : 

18875 Johnson^ Cleveland, b. N. S., m. Sarah Cecilia'' 
Cleveland -j-5292. 


18876-7 Conn. Men tH Revol.: aop— 6th reg. form'n '77-81 [recruited New Haven Co., 
etc., Aug., Oct., in Parsons' brig, under Putnam, engaged in all movements consequence 
of enemy's move on Ft. Montgomery, at Stony Point storming, July 15, '79 ; '80-1 at camp 
Conn. Vill.], Col. William Douglas, Northford, Capt. [? David or? Elijah] Humphry s of 
Derby. Pr. JOHSSOS CLKVELaND, Wallingford, enlist. May 26, 1777, 3 years. Exchanged 
for Jos. Minor, 2>. 666, List of applicants for pensions for Revol. service on file Co. Clerk's 
Ofiice, Hartford : JOHNSON Cleaveland, Canterbury. Revol. Pensioners living 1S18— 
JOHNSON Cleveland, jar. Conn. line. U. S. Pens. Rep. iSsSit. jJ— Hartford co., Conn.: 
JOHNSON Cleaveland per. an. $96, Conn, line, pensioned Nov. 12, 1818, fr. Apr. 8, i3i8, 
a. 65, d. Mar. 23, 1823. 

18878 Conn. Men. War (?/ 7<?/5, ^. j6 — Militia : CLEVELAND, JOHNSON, pr. Comman- 
der : Oliver C. Sanford [capt., whose commander, Lt.-Col. Elisha Sterling] service : Sept. 
13, '13. to Nov. I, '13. 

18879 Conn. Men. in Revol., Hi — Col. Charles Burrall's reg. [Northern Dep., 1776, term 
expired Jan. 19, 1777 ; besieging Quebec under Arnold and Wooster, Apr., '76] Capt. John 
Stevens's Co.: Tonas Cleveland enlisted Apr. 13, p. 112, also Am. Archives, jth Ser., I: 
ibS— Officers and Men in Capt. John Stevens s Co. taken prisoners at Cedars [40 miles 
above Montreal], Can., May 19, 1776, Pr. Jonas Cleveland. 18880 N. Y. Archives XV, 
Pernow /, ;*. zbb, ^/c— Cleveland, Jonas, pr.: Reg.: Whiting; Co. Gilbert [/. 27^ Al- 
bany CO. committee May 4, 1775, app'td foU'g officers subject to approval of Congress : 
William Bradford Whiting. Col. 17th Albany co. (Kings dist.) reg. reapp. June 16, 1778 ; 
Elijah Gilbert, capt. 8th co.] 

18881 Hoodies Conn. Col. Rec, X// : sos ~ Assemhiy Oct., 1764, Joseph Cleaveland 
established Lt. 5th co. nth re'g.j XIII : 374 — Session Oct., 1770, ord. commissioned capt. 
5th trainband, nth reg. 

18882-8 Mass. Revol. Rolls, XIII: So, Lexington Alarm — "hiiMtiSk co. marched fr. Ux.- 
bridge Apr. 19, 1775, com. by Capt. Samuel Read: JOSEPH CLEVELAND pn service five 
days. XIX : 2^ — Col. Samuel Brewer's reg., Capt. Nathan Hamilton co., to return 
home from Ft. Edward, June i, 1776, to Feb. 6, 1777 : Joseph Cleaveland, place of abode 
Oakham [Worcester co.], Mass. XLII: iii—'Usa rec'd by Hon. Noah Goodman, sup't 
for Hampshire co., to serve in Cont'l army 9 mos., agreeable to Resolve of Gen. Court 
June 9, 1779: Joseph Cleveland, Greenwich [.Mass.]. 138: XLV : 266— Return of 9 
moE.' men for Hampshire co., June 9, 1779; Porter's reg.. Power's co.: JOSEPH Cleve- 
land, Greenwich, age 29, stature 6 ft. 2 in., light hair. ///.■ i>— Col. Nathan Taylor's 
reg. militia marched to Tiverton, R. I. Capt. Thaddeus Read's co.: Joseph Cleve- 
land, pr., ent. July 28, dis. Aug. 7, 1780. XXXII: SQ— [B]oston, 31 Aug., 1782, Mus- 
tered and rec'd of Capt. John Ellis of class No. 2 for Dedham certam Joseph Cleave- 
land, a recruit enlisted for 3 years, John Popkin, Muster Master. Revol. Pensioners 
living 1818— Joseph Cleveland, pr. Mass. line, 1. Vt. [/. S. Pens. Rep., TS35, P-7o— 

Windham co., Vt., JOSEPH CLEVELAND, pr. Mass. line, pens'd Sept. 6, 1819, from June 5, 

J819, a. 79, d. June 17, 1827, p. 124, Chenango co., N. Y., Joseph Cleveland, pr., pens'd 
from Oct. II, 1821, Mass. hne. 18889/. •s7o— Broome co., N. Y.: Joseph Cleveland, 
dragoon, Conn. Cont'l, pens'd Oct. 23, 1833, from May 4, 1831, a. 82. i88qo Conn. Men in 
Revol.,33 — 3d reg., Col. Israel Putnam, Pomfret [raised on ist call by Legis. Apr., 1775, 
in Windham co., i Co. from New London. Boston siege at Cambridge till expiration of 
term Deo. to, 1775. Detachment in Bunker Hill battle] Lt.-Col. Experience Storrs, Mans- 
field ; Lt.-Col. John Durkee, Norwich, 4th co., Obadiah Johnson, capt.: Joseph Cleeve- 
LAND, pr., enlisted May i, dis. Dec. i6. 

18891-4 Widow Cleveland (husband thoug-ht to be Joseph) 
was called aunt Bellet, went from Hillsdale, N. Y. to 111. about 
1838. Ch.: George, went to Western N. Y. about 1833 ; John 
and Eliza went with her to 111. 18895 Joseph, Nashville, 
Tenn., 1886, lab. 18896 Joseph, Taunton, Mass., 1880, ma- 


MR. ' CLEVELAND had ch.: +18898 JosEPH^ 

18899 EzEKiEL^, of Troy, N. Y., worked in shipyard with bro. 
Joseph, and afterward went West. 


JOSEPH" CLEVELAND (Mr.i), d. Troy, N. Y., May, 1839, 
m. in Vt., Mrs. Catharine Caroline (Whipple) Harris, b. Vt. or 
Troy, Dec. 12, 1789, d. T. June 5, i848-'9, wid. Thomas Harris, 
da. Waters and Abigail (Wright). Joseph" of Washington co., 
N. Y., was of Troy many years, foreman of shipyard there ; 
ship carpenter. He was killed by falling from a vessel at the 
yard. Ch. b. Troy : 

-I-18900 Francis' Cleveland, b. , 1813, 1815, 1820. 

Joseph" Cleveland, h. 1822, d. Troy 1823, a. i year. 



18901 Caroline', b. Aug. 10, 1824, d. Philadelphia, Pa., 
m. Troy, Samuel Smith of Phila., 1884, stove foundry. Wil- 
liam', b. 1826, d. 1828. 

18902 Charles Harvey' Cleveland, b. Dec, 1828, Mar. 
20, 1830, of Albany, N. Y., Serg. of Police Dist., 1884. Waters', 
b. 1832, d. T., a. 6 mos. 

18903 Archie Anna' Cleveland, b. Nov. i, 1837, m. ist, 
Troy, May i, 1854, William Ray, b. Eng. Oct. 23, 1827, d. Troy 
Nov. 7, 1865 (?), baker. She m. 2d, T., Nov. 11, 186-, Robert 
Ritchie, b. Edinburgh, Scotland, Mar., May 12, 1837, s. James 
and Jennie McKensie (Chambers). Of Lansingburg, Rensse- 
laer CO., N. Y., a prosperous merchant and real estate owner. 
Ch. by ist m., b. Troy: Mary Caroline" Ray, b. Sept. 23, 1859 ; 
Corlista Eliza*' Ray, Oct. 13, i860 ; Frances M} Ray, b. Aug. 13, 
1864, d. July 13, 1864 [?]. By 2d m.: Son\ b. 1863 ; Son\ b. 1864 ; 
Son", b. 1866; Son", b. 1868; and Da\ b. 1869, each of whom d. 
day of birth; Jennie Chambers" Ritchie, \i. Dec. 23, 1870; Robert 
William^ Ritchie, Nov. 11, 1874; Helen Chambers" Ritchie, b. Dec. 
6, 1877, d. Oct. 26, 1879. 


FRANCIS' CLEVELAND (Joseph'. Mr.>), died Troy, N. Y., 
June 7, 30, i848-'9, m. T. Oct., 1835, Eliza Swift, b. Catskill, N. 
Y., Jan. 12, 1815 (she m. 2d and 1. W. Troy, 1884). Merchant. 
Children : 

18904 Tamar* Cleveland, b. Jan. 16, 1837, m. ist, T., Jan. 
12, 1852, Charles Home, b. N. Y., d. in U. S. marine service in 
late war, son John and Anna (Johnson). She m. 2d, Newark, 
N. J., Thomas Greene. Of Newark, ornamental plasterer. Ch. 
by 1st m.: Anna France^ Home. 2d m.: s. p. Lydia*, b. Feb., 
1839, ^- ^^%-, 1840, a. 18 mo. 18905 William", b. Nov. 10, 1841, 
unm., of W. Troy 1884, engineer. 18906 Catherine^ b. Jan. 
10, 1845, m. Mar. 17, 1851, William Alexander; he was accident- 
ally killed by a brother soldier while on guard, Mar., 1863 ; en- 
listed at Troy, 125th N. Y. V. She res. Newark, s. p. 

18907 Joseph, W. Rutland, Vt, 1887-8. 18908 Joseph J., 
Brooklyn, N. Y., 1888-90, cigars. 18909-10 Joseph L., salesm., 
and William O., salesm, supt., both Cincinnati, O., 1883, both 
75 W. 7th, 1891. 18911 Conn. Men in Mexican War — Regular 
Array : Cleveland, Joseph W., pr., residence, Conn., muster Jan. 
8, 1848, Co. C, 7th Inf. 18912 Mrs. Josephine, wid., Troy, N.Y., 

i8gi3 ■ Conn. Col. Rec, XI : zbj — Assembly, May, 1759, ap. Josiah Cleveland cap- 
tain qth CO. or trainband, nth reg. 

i8qi4 Pension Rep., /.?j'5, /. 7/0 — JostAH Cleveland, ensign Mass. line, pensioned 
from Feb. q, i8iq. 

i8qi5 Conn. Men. in Revol., p. fii — Col. Charles Burrall's 1776 reg., Capt. John Ste- 
vens's CO., Josiah Cleveland enl. Jan. 24 ; p. uz and Am. Ar., I : /Oi"— taken prisoner 
at Cedars, Can., May iq, 1776, Pr. JosiAH Cleveland. 18916-7 /. 2/9— 7th reg. [Raised 
Jan. 1, '77, Fairfield and other cos., fought at Germantown Oct. 4, '77, June 28, Mon- 
mouthl. Col. Heman Swift, Capt. Theodore Woodbridge; Corp. JosLAH Cleveland, 
Sharon, enlist. Mar. 25, '77, for the war, serg. Nov. i, '77, dis. Feb. s6, '81 ; /. 325 — ad reg. 
[fo'rmation Jan. i, 1781-3, composed of 5th and 7th regt's of prev. form n]. Col. Heman 
Swift, Cornwall, Capt. James Morris [of Litchfield] co. Serg. Josiah Cleaveland pd. 
Jan. I — Dec. 31, '81. i8qi8 Hoadiy's Conn. Public Rec, 557 — Assembly, May, 1777, Eben- 
ezer Moseley, Windham, capt., Josiah Cleaveland, It. 18919/. 6/4— Col. John Ely's 
State reg., June, 1777 : ist Lt., josiah Cleaveland, Canterbury. 18920-21 Revol. Pen- 
sioners, rSrS— }osiMi Cleveland, pr. Conn. line. Report Sec. War, /&5,^. 67 — New 
London co.. Conn., Josiah Cleaveland, pr. Conn, line, pensioned fr. Apr. i, 1818, sus- 
pended under Act of May 1, 1820. 18922 N. Y. Archives, XV : 79.^ — 2d reg., Philipp Van 
Cortlandt, col. 7th co.; Cleveland, Josiah, pr. Mar. 5, '78, 9 m. 

23 lO 


18923 JosiAH and Russell D., both lab., 946 Hutchinson 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. 18924 Josiah E., at G. Norton, Newton, 
Mass., 1883, farmer. 18925 Josiah H., N. Bay, N. Y., 1876, 
blacksmith. 18926 Miss Josie Cleveland, Kansas City, Mo., 
i88o-r, dressmaker. 

. 18927 JuDD A. Cleveland, Duluth, Minn., 1891-2, pine 
lands. 18928-9 JuDSON Cleaveland, Holyoke, Mass., 1873-4, 
carriage maker; Judson A. Cleveland, Holyoke, 1880-91, 
wheelwr., 19 Taylor. 

18930-2 Mrs. Julia A. Cleveland, Syracuse, N.Y. (1883- 
'85 teacher Montgomer}' school, 1889-90, 120 Cortland), and da.. 
Miss Julia A., teacher, Syracuse, 1879-83, '85 ; Henry W., tele- 
grapher, 120 Cortland, Syracuse, 1889-90. Kate Cleveland, 
Brooklyn, N. Y., 1884, oper. 

18933 Miss Katie Cleveland, Toronto, Ont., 1892. 

18934 Mrs. Katie Cleveland, Cincinnati, O., 1891. 

18935 Kinney Cleveland, m. Mary C. Fowler, born Mar. 
23, 1839, da. Daniel and Mary A. Coan, s. of Daniel Fowler and 
Rachel" (Ezra* m. Rachel Talcott, Ezekiel* m. Mary Temple ; 
[see 4-5167, p. 1432] John', Johns, Joseph') Loomis. Of Hudson, 
N. Y., and Mobile, Ala., about 1874. s. p. 

18936-41 H. Kinney Cleveland, policeman ; Daniel T.; 
HuGGiNS G., clerk ; John D., clerk ; John G., assistant harbor- 
master ; and Thomas D., fireman tug, all res. Springhill shell 
road, Mobile, 1887. 

18942 Knut p. Cleveland, St. Paul, Minn., 1891-2, shoe- 

18943 L. B. Cleveland, Hartford, Conn., 1882-3, rem. 
1883 to Chicago, Til., lawyer, bds. 18944 Mrs. L. B. of Putnam, 
Conn., d. Brooklyn, Conn., July 7, 1890. 18945 L. C, Denver, 
Col., 1880-1. 

18946 L. H. Cleveland, m. Torrington, Conn., Aug. 27, 
1885, Miss Nellie I. Richardson. 18947 Dr. L. J. Cleveland, 
Minneapolis, Minn., 1884-5, phys. 18948 Miss L. M., on steam- 
ship Scythia from Liverpool, Eng., arr. N. Y. city Nov. 26, 1879. 
— N. Y. Times. 

18949 Mass. Revolution Holls, XX: is7, — Col. Hopkins's Berkshire co. militia reg 
marched to Highland, N. Y., Capt. Geo. King co.: Corp. Lemuel Cleveland, service 
July 15 to Aug. 5, 1776. 18950 IX^: iSi — Descriptive List, Aug. 20, 1781, Col. John Ashley' 
reg., Lt. Persons's co., raised by Great Barrington, Inlistment during war, accounted 
for by Mr. Bliss : Lemuel Cleveland, aged 32, stature 5 ft. 10 in., res. Noble Town. 
18951 N. Y. Archives, XF— CLEVELAND, LEMUEL, pr. Reg.: Harper, co.: Bogart ip. 
zqrj — Harper, John, col. 5th Tryon co. reg. (Ulster and Albany rangers ord. by Council 
of Safety, July 17, 1777J ; p. ?s6 — liay 11, 1780 : Lt.-Col. com't 2d reg., John Harper, Capt. 
Isaac Bogart. 18952 CLEVELAND, LEMUEL, corp. Reg.: Van Rensselaer; co.: Graves. 
ifi. 267 — Col. Robt. Van Rensselaer, 8th reg. (First Claverack Battal.), Feb. 29, 1778]. 

Leonard Cleveland, Chicago, 111., 1894. 
18953 Isabella (wid. of Leonard M. Cleveland), N. Y. 

city 1886. 


LEVI' CLEVELAND lived n. Charlestown, Va., farmer. 
Mrs. Sarah Josepha* (Cleveland) Edwards states that her father, 
William L.", was first cousin to Jesse Cleveland of Ky., and that 
her grandfather [evidently meaning great-grandfatherj had 
sons: 18955-6 Oliver", ELISHA^ +18957 Levi'^ Cleveland. 




LEVP CLEVELAND (Levi.), diedbef. 1839, m. Mary Green ; 
lived n. Charlestown, farmer. Ch.: 18958 Maria^, b. ab. 1800, 
m. Jackson, and settled in lower part of Va. +18959 William 
L.' Cleveland, b. Mar. 24, 1802. 


WILLIAM L.' CLEVELAND (Levi»), d. Cal. Oct. 4, 185 1, 
a. 50, m. ist, Hester Snyder, b. 1806, d. July, 1825, da. Daniel 
and Polly. He m. 2d, n. Charlestown, [W.] Va., Mar. 3, 1829, 
Jane Elizabeth Abell, b. Elkwood (or Charlestown), Va., Jan. 
16, 1809, da. John and Sally (Forrist). Capt. William L.' 
Cleveland, a merch. of Charlestown, capt. of militia. His wid. 
res., 1885-7, St. Louis, Mo. Ch. by ist m.: Daniel Levi'', born 
July 19, 1825, d. Aug., 1829. By 2d m.: 

18960 Sarah Josepha*, b. Dec. 30, 1829, Huntsville, Mo., 
m. Apr. 30, 1857, Franklin Cook Edwards, born Edwardsville, 
Madison co., 111., Apr. 19, 1828, d. Kirkwood, St. Louis co., Mo., 
Oct. 26, 1873, s. Benjamin Franklin and Eliza (Green), m^erch. 
His widow res. Kirkwood, 1883, St. Louis, 1885. Ch.: Jennie' 
Edwards, b. Feb. 26, 1858, Pana, Christian co., 111.; Eliza!' Ed- 
wards, Aug. 2, 1862, Bunker Hill, 111.; Martha Letitia^ Edwards, 
Jan. 27, 1865, B. H.; Josephine Cleveland^ Edtvards, Feb. 5, 1867, 
B. H. 

+18961 John Daniel* Cleveland, b. Mar. 6, 1831. 18962 
Mary Susan F.\ b. Nov. 2, 1832, unm. Was a gov'm't clerk at 
Washington, D. C; of St. Louis, teacher. Anna Boarman*, b. 
Aug. II, 1834, d. Martinsburg, [W.] Va., Aug. 13, 1835 ; William 
Johnson", b. Jan. 31, 1836, d. near Charlestown, Mar. 27, 1838; 
Martha Virginia*, b. June 29, 1838, d. near Huntsv., Nov. 22, 

+18962 Charles Boarman* Cleveland, b. May 13, 1840. 
William Hunter*, b. Jan. 22, 1842, d. n. Huntsv. Nov. 10, 1849. 
18963 Benjamin Abell Forrist*, b. June 8, 1843, d. in Confed- 
erate Army, Oxford, La Fayette co.. Miss., Nov. 21, 1862. 

+ 18964 Alexander Abell* Cleveland, b. Jan. 27, 1847. 


JOHN DANIEL* CLEVELAND (wiiuam», LevP.Levi'), d. n. 
Huntsville, Mo., Sept. 15, 1874, a. 43, m. June 2, 1864, Mrs. Mary 
Elizabeth (Dameron) Gray, b. May 9, 1838, wid. William Gray, 
da. John and Polly (Dameron) Dameron. Ch. : 

18965 Jane Maud" Cleveland, b. May 4, 1865, "^- near 
Huntsville, Sept. 16, 1882, James William Malone, b. 1863, son 
George M. and Mary (Lee). Ch.: Da\ b. July, 1883, d. imme- 
diately; Grover Cleveland^ Malone, b. Nov. 11, 1884. 

18966-8 John Dameron^ born Dec. 29, 1868; Charles 
Bowen*, Feb. x6, 1871; Abell Forrist' Cleveland, Mar. 6, 1874. 


CHARLES BOARMAN* CLEVELAND (wiuiam». Levi*), m. 
Linden, Marengo co., Ala., Nov. 21, 1872, Mrs. Lizzie Houston 
(Woolf) Bruce, wid. Henry Bruce, da. Jefferson and Lucy Ann. 
Was in U. S. N. at Annapolis, Md., 2 years, resigned 1857, went 



to Huntsville, Mo., was in C. S. A. through the war, then set- 
tled at Linden. Is clerk of court in L. Ch.: 18969-70 Lucy 
Ann' Cleveland, b. Nov. 16, 1873 ; John Abell", Mar. 8, 1876; 
Charles Benjamin", b. Dec. 12, 1877, d. July 14, 1882; Thomas 
Jeffepson', b. Sept. 3, 1880; Winfield Woolf", b. May 19, died 
Aug-. 14, 1882. 


ALEXANDER ABELL* CLEVELAND (wiiiiam», Levi»), m. 
Bunker Hill, 111., Jan. 31, 1872, Ella Cornelia Van Dorn, b. B. 
H. Oct. 18, 1851, da. Thomas Jefferson and Henrietta (Wilber). 
Of Bunker Hill, 1885, merchant. Ch.: 18971-2 Thomas Van 
Dorn', b. Nov. 22, 1872; William Alexander', Dec. 9, 1874; 
Edward Ellet* Cleveland, b. May 22, 1876, d. 1879. 

18973 Lewis Cleaveland & Co., N. Y. city, 1840-1, im- 
porters cloths, cassimeres, 99 Maiden Lane — N. V. Justness 
Direc.^ 1S40-1, p. 36. 18974 Lewis C-, Atlanta, Ga., i88o-r. 
1897s Lewis P., N. Y. city, 1872, deeds land — Oneida co., JV. K, 
rec. Miss Lillian Cleveland, Chicago, 1894, teacher. 18976 
Mrs. Lillian Cleveland, Kansas City, Mo., 1888-9. 18977-8 
LiLLiE, 1884, and Martha, ab. 1881-4, bookkeeper, both Roches- 
ter, N. Y., bd. 244 Court. 18979 Lillie E., Waterbury, Conn., 
1890, clerk. 

18980 LiNDELL Cleveland, Boston, Mass., 1891-4, police 
sta. 10, rms. 

1898 r Lorenzo H. Cleveland, engineer, Torrington (W. 
Winsted), Conn., 1890-1. 

18982 Louis Cleveland, Denver, Col., 1891, lab. 18983 
Louis H., Salt Lake City, Utah, 1891-2, bds. 18984 Louis H., 
San Francisco, Cal., 1889, bookkeeper, 557 Mission. 18985 Mrs. 
Maggie (wid. Louis W. Cleveland), Syracuse, N. Y., 1889-90. 
18986 Louisa, Cincinnati, O., 1883, waitress. 18987 Louisa L., 
Milwaukee, Wis., 1855. 

18988 Rev. LuciAN Cleveland (Baptist), Scottsville, Al- 
bemarle CO., Va., 1884. 

18989 Lucy Cleveland, m. bef. 1883, Samuel C. Adams. 
18990 Miss Lucy C, Winsted, Conn., 1890-1. 18991 Lurinda 
A., New Haven, Conn., 1884, cook. 

18992 M. Cleveland, bou't. land in Anderson co., S. C., 


18993-4 Mr. and Mrs. M. Cleveland present at, and Miss 

Marguerite Cleveland of California acted as maid of honor 

at marriage of Miss Elizabeth H. Tilley, eldest da. of Mr. and 

Mrs. G. H. Tilley of Darien, Conn., to Frederick Clark Taylor 

of Stamford, Conn., at St. Luke's chh., Noroton, Conn., on 25th 

anniversary of wedding of the bride's parents. — IV, Y. Herald, 

Nov. 6, i8g2. 

18995 Lucella (wid. of M. Cleveland), Louisville, Ky., 

1886, 18996 Mrs. M. Cleveland, Newark, N. J., 1894. 18997 

Mrs. M.A.Cleveland, San Francisco, Cal., 1885-6. 18998 Mrs. 

M. C. and Mills G. Cleveland, Galveston, Tex., 1886. 18999 

M. C. Cleveland, St. Louis, Mo., 1887, elk. 19000 Dr. M. L. 

Cleveland, Atlanta, Ga., ab. 1879 — Medical Dir., 1882-7. M. M. 

Cleveland, Minneapolis, Minn., 1884-5. 19001 Mablen W., 



Milwaukee, Wis., 1885, stationery. 19002-3 M.\llon W., carp,, 
and William, caulker, 527 Reed, Milwaukee, Wis., 1885-6. 

19004 Miss Mamie Cleveland, Amsterdam, N. Y., 1883. 
19005 Mamie, Cincinnati, O, 1891. 19006 Maria, b. 1795, died 
Franklin, Mass., May 20, 1873. 19007 Maria E., contributor to 
Sea Side Sanitarium, Rockaway Beach, N. Y., for destitute chil- 
dren.— N. Y. rimes, May 18, 1882. 

19008 Mark Cleveland, Minneapolis, Minn., ab. 1885-6. 
19009 Marvin N., New Albany, Ind., 1884. 

19010-13 Mary Cleveland, Adams, Decatur co., Ind., ab. 
1885-6. Miss Mary, Auburn, Allen co., Ind., 1882, milliner. 
Mrs. Mary, Chicago, 111., 1885-7. Miss Mary, Chicago, 1894. 
Mary, Detroit, Mich., 1882. Mary, Ft. Wayne, 1882, emp. 

19014 Mrs. Mary Cleveland, b. ab. 1733-4, of New Marl- 
boro, Mass., d. Hardwick, Mass., Dec. 7, x8io, m. pub. H., Apr. 
2, 1775, as 2d w., Daniel Wheeler, b. ab. 1729, d. H. Jan. 10, 1813, 
a s. Thomas of Acton, Mass. From Worcester, Mass., to Hard- 
wick ab. 1761, farmer, militia capt. He m. ist, Betty Holloway 
of Marlboro, Mass., b. ab. 1735, d. Hardwick Mar. 7, 1774, da. 
Lt. William. Ch. : John Wheeler, b. ab. 1757, d. June 8, 1794, 
m. H. Nov. 18, 1779, Mary Paige, b. Sept. 10, 1760, a da. John 
and Mary (Cutler); Mary Wheeler, b. ab. 1759, d. H. Apr. 20, 
1782, m. H. May 28, 1777, Moses Mandell. s. p. — Paige's Hard- 
wick,^ j2j Spooner gen., by Thomas- Spooner, 2y 6. 

19015-18 Mary Cleveland, San Francisco, Cal., 1883-5, 
domestic. Mary, m. ab. 1788-98, John Lawrence of Stonington, 
Conn., their great-grandch. : Ida I. Pease, unm., of Ann Arbor, 
Mich., 1886-8. Mary, Waterbury, Conn., 1890, teacher, boards. 
Mary, deed. Western N. Y., 1835 — Oneida co. land rec. 19019 
Mary A., Dutchess co., N. Y., grantee — land rec. 19020 Mrs. 
Mary C, Cleveland, O., 1891. 1902 1 Mary E., wid., Cincinnati, 
O., 1883. 19022 Mary E., wid.. Providence, R. I., 1878, boards. 

19023 Mary E., Saratoga Springs, N. Y., 1888-9, domestic. 

19024 Mrs. Mary F., Elmira, N. Y., 1883. 19025 Mary F., 
Georgetown, D. C, 1881. 19026 Mrs. Mary J., Baltimore, Md., 
1882. 19027 Mary L., wid., Cincinnati, O., 1885. 19028 Mary 
L., Georgetown, D. C, 1881. 19028 Mason Cleveland, signs. 
May 9, 1763, petition that Quinebaug river be made passable 
for boats. — Lamed' s Windham co., Conn., II: j6. 19029 Miss 
Matilda Cleveland, died Plainfield, Conn., 1828, a. 20. — Conn. 
Courant, Aug. 18, 1828. Matthew Cleveland, Baltimore, Md., 
1893, watchman. 19030 Merritt J. Cleveland, Kansas City, 
Mo., ab. 1885-6, wagon yard. 19031 Miss Millie Cleveland, 
Chicago, 111., 1 89 1, clerk. 


Milton' Cleveland, b. N. C. or S. C, thought Charleston, 
S. C, supposed d. ab. 1837-8, m. Cincinnati, O., ab. 1831, Sarah 
Evans, b. Exeter or Devonshire, Eng., Mar. 15, 181 3, d. Cincin- 
nati, June 7, 1863, da. Richard and Charity (Rattenbury). Mil- 
ton' Cleveland said his parents were wealthy ; he came from 
N. C, had no occupation, left his family about 1837, returned 
South, never since heard from. Ch. b, Cincinnati : 



19033 Nancy", b. Jan. 10, 1833, m. C. Oct. 5, 1848, William 
Charles Young, b. Pa., d. i860, s. William Charles and Frances 
Jane. She res. Cincinnati, 1883. Ch, b. C: Caroline^, b. Oct. 2r, 
1849, d. C. Aug, 10, 1851; Anna Jane*, b. Feb. 2, 1852, d. Jan. 4, 
1854; William Charles^, b. Oct. 29, 1854, died C. Sept. 24, 1883; 
Alexander^ Young, b. Feb. 19, 1857 ; Samuel Cliferd^ Young, Oct. 
13, 1859. 

19034-7 Thomas Martin" Cleveland, b. Oct. 20, 1836, m. 
C. Jan. 25, 1858, Susan Elmira Carr, b. Charleston, Ind., Mar. 
12, 1839, d. Cine. Nov. 27, 1873. Enlisted, Apr. 18, 1861, 6th O., 
mustered out in 3 years; re-enlisted i year, Aug. 21, 1864, i8ist 
O., in Array of Cumberland, through all campaigns, 186 1-5, 
from W. Va. to Johnson's surrender ; had 2 flesh wounds, but 
his disability is rheumatism. Was, June 19, 1878, in Cincinnati, 
is, 1883, in Soldiers' Home, Dayton, O. Children b. Cincinnati : 
Harry Percy^ Cleveland, Oct. 21, i860, of Chicago, 111., tele- 
graph op.; Sarah Evans', b. June 10, 1862, died July 18, 1864; 
Annie Cora', b. Nov. i, 1865, of Oakford, Howard co., Ind. 

19038 Minnie Cleveland, Chicago, 111., 1891, cash. 

19039 Moses Cleaveland, Delaware co., N. Y., 1878. 
19040 Moses, from Ky., emp., d. Wartrace, Tenn., during war, 
1861-5. 19041-2 MosEs, b. ab. 1803, his wife d. bef. 1845, from 
N. Y. state, said he was related to, and visited Paine' Cleaveland 
+553 ^t Mashapaug, Conn., 1845, worked for Solomon" in 1863, 
had a da., b. ab. 1827, d. bef, 1863. 

i()o43 Mass. Revol. Rolls : Index to r6 Cont'l reg's — gth Mass. Cont'l Inf., 1777-80, 
Col. James Wesson, Capt. Miller: Moses Cleveland of Sheffield, Mass., enlisted tors 
years, served 14 mo., 5 days, on roll marked dead. 

19044 MosEs, Sparta, Wis., 1883. 19045 Mvron Cleve- 
land, Denver, Col., 1 880-1, team. Myron A., Syracuse, N. Y., 
ab. 1881-6, conductor. Annie P. Cleaveland, wid. of Nathan, 
Halifax, N. S., 1893-4. 

19046 -Nathaniel Cleveland and Benjamin Cleveland, 
of the Western inhabitants, Canterbury, Conn., appeared before 
Assembly, spring of 1767, with First Society's vote, and secured 
division of First Society — Lamed' s Windham Co., II: 42. 

19047 Nathaniel Cleaveland, Town Treasurer, Union, 
Conn. — Conn. Register, 182J. 19048 Ned Cleveland, accident, 
shot himself hunting, at Brookline, Hillsborough co., N. H., 
awhile bef. Apr. 24, 1882. 

10049-57 Mass. Revol. Rolls, XIII: 40. Lexington ^/arwi — Williamsburg : Capt. 
Abel Thayer's co., Nehemiah Cleveland, pr., Apr. 21 to 27, 1775. Coat Rolls, men 8 
mos., siege of Boston, May to Dec, 177^ — Col. John Fellows reg., Capt. Abel Thayer's co. 
Nehemiah Cleveland, pr. Misc. Roils Index. XZ,/^.j-j — Capt. Perkins' co. Nehe- 
miah CLEAVELAND, pr., Sept. to Nov., 1776. XIX : 26— Col. Ezra May reg., Capt. Sam- 
uel Fairfield co. NEHEMIAH Cleaveland, July 9 to Aug. 12, 1777. XX : /60 — Mass. 
Bay Militia, reg. whereof Ezra May is col., expedition to Stillwater and Saratoga, Lt. 
Russell Kellogg's Co.: Nehemiah Cleaveland, serg. major, Sept. 20 to Oct. 14, 1777, 
III miles from home.; dated Hampshire ss, May 28, 1778. IV; 63—6 months' men raised 
by town of Ipswich, June 3 and 23, 1780 : Nehemiah Cleaveland. XXXV: iSs — T>es. 
list 4th div., 6 mo. men, raised to reinforce Cont'l army by the state of Mass. Bay, who 
marched under command of Capt. Prothingham, of artillery, July 5, 1780: Nehemiah 
Cleaveland, age 20, stature 5 ft. n, complexion dark, town Ipswich, arrived at Spring- 
field July 5, 1780. Revol. Pensioners living jSiS—'Hkhv.uimi Cleaveland, seargt. Mass. 

1819, from Apr. so, 1818, drop'd under act May i, 1820, a. 79, 



19058 Nellie Cleveland, Cincinnati, O., 1883, bds. Nel- 
son Cleveland & Co., Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mass., 1894, 
hardware. Nelson W. Cleveland, Buffalo, N. Y., 1894. 

19059 Mass. Revol. Rolls, XXIII: igg — Col. Ruggels 
Woodbridge, reg. militia from state of Mass. Bay in the 
Northern Army, Capt. Warner's co. : Newcomb Cleavland pr. 
enlisted Sept. 25, dis. Nov. 29, 1777. 

19060 O. Cleveland, of Cleveland's Corners, 4 miles from 
Mansfield. Pa., 1876-7; his daughter 19061 Mertie married 
Dec. 24, 1876, Willis Cass, he accidentally shot himself at Cleve- 
land's Corners, ab. 3 o'clock, Jan. 4, 1877, and d. ab. 5 o'clock, 
son of Mart Cass. Funeral at Canoe Camp, Pa., Jan. 6, 1877. — 
From newspaper account of accident. 

19062 Olive Cleveland, Lowell, Mass., 1887. 

19063 Oliver Cleveland, of Ala. 1885, of the Southern 


OLIVER' CLEVELAND, the name stated to be grand- 
father of Dr. John Lemuel Cleveland (although another infor- 
mant feels sure that Eliphalet Cleveland was the name). 
The progenitor's grandson, Conrad Cleveland, said that three 
brothers came from Eng. and settled at Middletown, Conn. 
The ancestor's only known children were : 

-j~i9o65 Lemuel" Cleveland, b. ab. 1748-55 in Mass. ) 

19066 Martha^ Cleveland, thought to have married [ 
[also conjectured to have been children of Josiah* Cleveland 

+ 185-] 


LEMUEL' CLEVELAND (divert), b. Mass. ab. 1748-55, d. 
Bloomfield, Ontario co., N. Y., or Mendon, Monroe co., N. Y., 
about 1820, aged 65 or 70, ra. in Schoharie co., N. Y., Margaret 
Burgett, b. S. co., d. Mendon about 18 15, a da. Conrad and Mar- 
garet (Van Valkenburgh). Ch. : 

19067 JoNAH^ Cleveland, bap. Aug, 26, 1770, Nobletown, 
N. Y., recorded St. James Parish, Great Barrington, Berkshire co., 

-I-19068 Judith^ Cleveland, b. Apr. 26, 1771, bap. June 23, 
17 71, Nobletown, rec. St. J. Parish. 

-|--i9o69 William^ Cleveland, born Middleburg, N. Y., bap. 
Aug. 25, 1775, St. J. Parish. 

19070 Mary', bap. Nov. 29, 1780, St. J. Parish, d. Benton 
Center, Yates CO., N. Y., m. William Laman. Ch.; Mason* Laman; 
Alonzo* Laman, d. y; Sally* Laman. 

4-19071 Clarissa^ Cleveland, b. Jan. 3, 1782, Schoharie, 
N. Y. 

-{-19072 Susannah' Cleveland, b. May 20, 1785, Middle- 
burg, N. Y. 

-I-19073 Conrad' Cleveland. 

-i-19074 John Lemuel' Cleveland, b. Sept. 21, 1792, Mid- 
dleburg, N. Y. 

Lemuel'' Cleveland lived in Great Barrington. He hired 
as a Revolution soldier about 1780. He removed from Great 


Barrington about 1797 to Middleburg, and thence, about 1798-9, 
to Mendon or Bloomfield. Farmer. 

Burgett ancestry: — Conrad' Burgtttand family were driven out of N. Y. in the 
Indian massacre in the Revolution, into Schoharie Valley, left large property there, m. 
Margaret Van Valkenburgh, who, in above massacre, was shot through the body by an 
Indian, but recovered. Had lo ch. : Margaret" m. Lemuel Cleveland'; John'' ; Lam- 
bert' Burgett (thegth ch.), whose daughter m. Isaac Ward of Painted Post, N. Y., whose 
son, Aaron Ward of Bath, claimed descent from Annetje Jans. 


JUDITH''- CLEVELAND (Lemuel", Oliver!), d. Commerce, 
Oakland co., Mich., Oct. ir, 1851, a. 80, m. June 10, 1792, Medad. 
Barrett, b. Alford, Mass., Sept. 27, 1769, d. Commerce, Nov. 25, 
1846. Rem. from Berkshire co., Mass., 1795, to Mendon, N. Y. 
Of Commerce, farmer. Ch. : 

+ 19075 Hiram^ Barrett, b. Feb. 10, 1799, Alford, Mass. 


WILLIAM^ CLEVELAND (Lemuel", oiiveri), m. . Ch.: 

+ 19076 Peter' Cleveland. 

19077 Polly' Cleveland, m. Henry Storms, lived in 
Allegany co., N. Y. 

19078-9 Achsa' Cleveland; Henry' Cleveland. 


■ CLARISSA"" CLEVELAND (Lemuel", oiiver>), d. Middleburg, 
N. Y., spring of 1844, a. 62, m. Schoharie, N. Y., 1798, William 
Mattice, b. Schoharie co., N, Y., 1765, d. Middleburg, 1847, son 
of Frederick and Gertrude (Warner). Inherited, lived on, and 
died, on his father's farm in Schoharie co. Ch. b. Schoharie co. : 
+ 19080 Charity" Mattice, b. Mar. 15, i8o4;.iVa«r>'', d. Steuben 

19081 Peter", born Jan. 3, 1806, m. ist, Middleburg, 1826, 
Polly Vroman, born, m. 1808, d. Iowa 1878. He m. 2d, Geneva, 
N. Y., t88o. Retired farmer; magistrate. Ch., 6 : William!', 
Charitf, Zacarialv' Mattice, 19082 Christina'', b. 1808, d. Scho- 
harie CO., m. James Dibble, 

19083 Betsey" Mattice, b. 181 8, m. Middleburg, Theodore 
Head, a s. George. Of Independence, Buchanan co., la , 1884, 
farmer. Ch. : George'' Head, Margaret'', Jane'', Elizabeth^ Head. 
19084 Lucy" Mattice, b. 1820, m. Russell. 19085 Zacharias", born 
1822, m. 19086 John", b. Mar. 28, 1823, m. Eliza Benedict. 

19087 Sabra" Mattice, b. 1825, m. M., Jacob Onderkirk, of 
Wallace Station, Steuben county, N. Y., s. John. Ch., 6 : Johrf 
Onderkirk, Catharine'', Augusta'', Sarah'', Charity^ Onderkirk. 

19088 Margaret" Mattice, b. 1827, m., Middleburg, Hiram 
Williams, b. Schenectady co., N. Y., 1822, a s. Hiram and (Vro- 
man). Of Three Rivers, Mich. Ch. : several'', b. West; Rhoda'' 
Williams, etc. 

19089 Diana* Mattice, b. 1829, m. ist Elias Burchard ; 2d, 
John Cramer. Ch. by ist m. ; Melvin" Burchard, Hattie*, Anna^, 
Ella" Burchard. 

19090 Sarah" Mattice, b. 1831, m. Amos Alger. Children: 
Webster", Charles' Alger. 




SUSANNAH^" CLEVELAND (Lemuel', oiiver'),d.W. Bloomfield, 
N. Y., May 13, 1822, a. 37, m. Mendon, N. Y., Samuel Miller, b. 
Granby, Hartford co., Conn., Jan. 26, 1777, d. W. Bloomf. Jan. 
23, 1848, s. Samuel and Zilpha (Hays). Ch. : b. Miller's Cor- 
ners, N. Y. : 

+ 19091 Silas* Miller^ b. May 23, 1804. 

19092 Carlton'' Miller, b. Dec. 9, 1807, d. Miller's Corners, 
Nov. 15, 1843. 

-I-19093 Sarah* Miller, ) b. Sept. 11, 1810. 

-i-19094 Mary* Miller, [ b. Sept. 11, 1810. 

-i-19095 Julia* Miller, b. Dec. 10, 181 3. 

19096 Margaret Jane* Miller, b. June 14, 1816, m. Nelson 
Edmonds of Ann Arbor, Mich., 1893, carpenter. Ch. : Edwin' 
Mdvwnds, Susannah^ Edmonds, Jefferson^ Edmonds, Mary Jane^ Ed- 
monds, Carlton^ Edmonds, of Ann Arbor 1895: HuldaJv" Edmonds, 
Eunice^ Edmonds. 

Samuel Miller lived at Bloomfield, N". Y., early as 1808, 

Miller ancestry : — The Miller family was originally from England. The Millers 
came from Granby to Miller's Corners 1789. . . . Samuel^ of Granby ; Samuel' Mil- 
ler was a private solder in Revolutionary army, went out from Granby or Simsbury, 
■Conn., m. Zilpha Hays, b. at Granby. 


CONRAD' CLEVELAND (Lemuel', oiiven), d. Benton Center, 
N. Y., m. Great Barrington, Mass., Abigail Patterson of G. B., 
she d. Alford, Berkshire co., Mass., ab. 1818. Ch. : 

-|- 1 9097 Carlow* Cleveland, b. Mar. 8, 1809, Stockbridge, 

19098 Pamelia a.' Cleveland, m. Jacobus. Of Benton 
1820-84; res. Geneva, N. Y., 189.5. 

+ 19099 Charles P.* Cleveland. Sarah Ann*, unmarried; 


JOHN LEMUEL' CLEVELAND (Lemuel^, oiiver>), d. Benton 
Center, N. Y., Sept. 25, 1876, a. 84, m. ist, Benton, N. Y., Jan. 29, 
1816, Sabra Cole, b. Benton (then Jerusalem, N. Y.), Sept. 21, 
1796, d. B. Apr. 6, 1855, a. da. Ezra and Sabra (Patchen). He 
m. 2d, 1857, Caroline Lewis of Geneva, N. Y., b. Madison co., 
N. Y., May, 1804, da. Barnett. Ch. : 

+ 19100 Susan Ann* Cleveland, born Dec. 16, 1816, Star- 
key, Yates CO., N. Y. 

-I-19101 Charles Darwin* Cleveland, born May 22, 1818. 
Clarissa Emily*, b. June 5, 1 823, B., d. Jan. 18, 1825. 

+19102 Caroline Matilda* Cleveland, b. May 7, 1827, 
Benton, N. Y. 

•Lucy Margaret*, b. Dec. 27, 1830, B.,d. May 24, 1831, 
Benton, N. Y. 

+ 19103 Mary Charlotte* Cleveland, born Apr. 7, 1832, 
Benton, N.Y. 

Dr. John Lemuel' Cleveland was an allopathic physician. 


At age of 4 he was adopted by his uncle, John Burget, with 
whom he lived at Great Barrington, Mass. 

Clevelanifs History Yates co., zob. — Dr. John L. Cleveland came to Penn Yan, N. Y., 
1814, where he taught the first select school. Among his pupils still living: George ana 
Charles C. Sheppard, Charles Wagener, James Dwigjht Morgan. He soon resumed 
study of medicine under Dr. Joshua Lee. He had previously studied with another M.D. 
He received his diploma and began practice at Eddytown, N. Y., early in 1816, remained 
2 years, rem. to Benton Center, where he was a popular practitioner a long period, and 
acquired considerable estate in land. He was acting Under Sheriff under Samuel Law- 
rence, Sheriff of Ontario Co., when Yates was set off. Subsequently was Associate 
Judge of Yates CO. Supreme, etc.. Courts 9 years by appointment of Govs. Marcy and 
Bouck. Has always been a firm Democratic politician, and a strong adherent of the 
Methodist church. Resided, 1873. Geneva. J>.J4S—X>T. John L. Cleveland joined the 
M. E. class winter 1825-6. Ji.s^J —Benton, Sucervisor 1824, John L. Cleveland. 

Co/e ancestry : — Capt. Ezra', born Litchfield, Conn., Apr. 26, 1751, d. Benton 1821, m. 
Dec. 21, 1774, the sister of Jared Patchen. Was formerly M. E. local preacher, member 
Philadelphia Conference 1793. They and ch. of colony, from Unadilla, N. Y., 1792. Por 
biog. and desc. of Ezra Cole see Cleveland's Yates co., 203-6. Sabra' Cole died on the 
premises where she was born. 



Hiram* JBavrett (judith», Lemuel^, oiiveri), died Muskegon, 
Mich., Apr. 6, 1878, a. 79, m. Aug. 3, 1820, Lticinda Barrett, b. 
Courtwright, N. Y.; May 29, 1800, d. Walled Lake, Oakland co., 
Mich., Nov. 6, 1862. Rem. from Walled Lake many years ago 
to Muskegon, farmer. Ch.: Delia' Barrett, born Aug. 7, 182 1, 
Mendon, N. Y., d, Wheeler, Steuben co., N. Y., Aug. 9, 1827. 

-I-19104 Margaret^ Barrett, b. Aug. 22, 1823, Wheeler, Steu- 
ben CO., N. Y. 

Clinton'' Barrett, b. Aug. st, 1825, Wheeler, married 
Frances Paddock, lived at Walled Lake, resided, 1896, Shelby, 
Oceana co., Mich., carpenter. Ch.: Hiram Q." Barrett, Jack P." 
Barrett, Margaret £.' Barrett, George C.° Barrett. 

Jackson'' Barrett, b. Oct. 21, 1827, Wheeler, d. bef. 
1896, m. Frances Fuller. 

19105 Myron^ Barrett, b. Oct. 23, 1829, Wheeler, d. Com- 
merce, Mich., Aug. 5, 1859, m. Caroline Orr. Ch.: Susan" Bar- 
rett, unm., res. Walled Lake. 

Susan^ Barrett, b. Oct. 23, 1831, Wheeler, d. Walled 
L. Jan. 16, 1862, m. Milford, Mich., Jan. 23, 1856, James Dexter 
Bateman, b, Egypt, Monroe co., N. Y., Nov. 19, 1830, d. Walled 
L. Nov. 15, 1888, s. Elezer P. and Maria (Wilmarth); lived at 
Walled Lake, attorney-at-law. Ch. b. Walled L.: James Wesley" 
Bateman, b. July 9, 1858, d. Pontiac, Mich., Sept. 7, i886, unm.; 
Hiram Willin" Bateman, b. Oct. 12, 1859, d. Walled L. Mar. 22, 
1861; Susan" Bateman, b. Dec. 29, 1862, d. W. L. Mar. 15, 1863. 


PETER' CLEVELAND (wiiiiam', Lemuel, oiiveri), d. at Nash- 
ville, Tenn., during civil war, 1861-5. Dr. Peter* Clevelani> 
lived in or near Boston, Mass. ; was engaged in^ and d. in, hos- 
pital work at Nashville. Ch.: 4 ; 3 of them died before 1883. 
1 9 106 Daughter^ m. some years ago the editor (then or after- 
wards) of the Newport News, and was thought to be living 1883. 


Charity* JWattice (ciarissas, Lemuel*, Oliver^), m. Middleburg,. 
N. Y., May 10, 1820, Augustus Jones, b. Westerlo, N. Y., Oct. 



25, 1798, s. Stephen and Betsey (Paddock). Residence, The 
Grove, Oaklawn, Geneva, N. Y., 1883-4, retired merchant. Ch. 
b. Schoharie co., N. Y.: 

19107 Betsey Ann'' Jofies, b. Jan. i, 1821, d. Schoharie co., 
Mar. 27, 1^5, m. ist, Middleburg-, Oct. 17, 1838, John Crapser, 
b. Dutchess co., N. Y., 1816, d. Middleb. Mar. 2, 1840, only son 
Cornelius; farmer. She m. 2d, Middleb., Mar. 6, 1843, Stephen 
S. Nelson, b. Dutchess co., Albany co., N. Y., 1811, s. Stephen; 
he 1. Breakabeen, Schoharie co., N. Y., 1883-4. Ch. by ist m.: 
William Augustus" Crapser, born 1840, Summit, N. Y., of Fulton- 
ham, Schoharie co., N. Y. 

19108 William Augustus^ Jones^ born Aug. 24, 1822, m. ist, 
Middleburg, 1848, Elizabeth Poor, b. Saratoga, N. Y., d. Inde- 
pendence, la., da. Rev. David. He m. 2d, Saratoga Springs, N. 
Y., 6 months afterward, Elizabeth Annabel Cronkhite. Hon. 
William Augustus" Jones lived at Benton, N. Y., to 1851, since at 
Independence, a prosperous dealer in cattle ; Mayor of Inde- 
pendence 1884, Republican candidate for Assemljly. Ch. by 
ist m.: 10 (7 d. young): Ella'^ Jones, m. Brownell or Brunei!, 
clerk, N. Y. city ; Lois* Jones, m. Wells, 1. Independence ; Mary" 
Jones, d. Benton, y.; Millard Filmore^ Jones, d. B., y. 2d m.: s. p. 

19169 James Madison' Jones, b. Nov. 7, 1824, d. Maysville, 
Cal., Oct. 30, 1850. 

191 10 Harvey Brown* Jones, b. Dec. 26, 1826, m. ist, Mid- 
dleburg, 1 85 1, Frances Longinhealth, b. Cherry Valley, N. Y., 
d. C. V. 1857. He m. 2d, Silver City, Cal., 1871, Viola Scott, b. 
Des Moines, la., 1855, d. 111. 1881, da. Milton. He ra. 3d, Cal., 
1874? Geneva Gazette, July 18, 1884 — Valediction Poem, by 
Mrs. R. E. Jones, inscribed to Viola Scott Jones. Mining 
builder. Ch. by ist m.: Marietta" Jones, m. Middleburg, Oct. 
19, 1875, William Culver Roberts, b. Reading Centre, Schuyler 
CO., N. Y., Jan, 27, 1853, a s. Octavius and Philena Walsworth 
(Culver), grad. Harvard Law School, Camb., 1876, dwelt Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., to 1878, N. Y. city to 1883, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1884, 
lawyer N. Y. c. s. p. 2d m.: s. p. 

191 1 1 Clara Louise^ Jones, b. Aug. 10, 1828, m. Geneva, N. 
Y., Nov. 18, 1867, Erastus Humphrey, dwelt Shreveport, La., 
machinist, Grand Cane, La. Ch.: Lizzie" Humphrey, b. Jan. i8, 
1 871, Geneva. 

191 12 Lydia Eugenia^ Jones, b. June 10, 1830, m. Middle- 
burg, 1850, Hiram Larkin Dean, b. Schoharie co., d. Mansfield, 

De Soto CO., La., 1882, a s. Moses and (Larkin), merch., 

Aurora, Dearborn co., Ind., to 1865, Mansfield afterw. Ch. b. 
Aurora: Augustus Jones" Dean m. in la., 1. Mansf. Ch.: i; Da.°, 
d.; Jehial Larkin" Dean, m. in La., 1. Mansf. s. p. 

19113 Alanson Alfred'' Jones, b. Aug. 7, 1832, Fulton, N.Y., 
m. Albany, N. Y., June 26, 1866, Margaret ISTesbit, b. Newbliss, 
Monaghan co., Ireland, Feb. 4, 1842, da. John and Sarah (More). 
Dwelt Fulton to spring of 1839, Middleburg to Aug. 18, 1850, 
Aurora to 185 1-2, was clerk of steamer plying .bet. Cincinnati, 
O., and Madison, boat blew up at Carrollton, Carroll co., Ky., 
Apr. 3, 1 85 1, 50 killed, but he, fortunately, had got left ashore; 
of Albany to 1853, N. Y. city to 1869, Geneva to 1872, N. Y. city 
since ; Member, from 1872, of N. Y. Produce Exchange, general 


broker [not there 1894]. Ch. : Clara Lo2iisa^ Jones, b. Nov. 30, 
1868, N. Y. c; Ebenezer Pray" Jones, Sept. 29, 187 1, Geneva. 

191 14 Seih Adams^ Jones, b. Feb. 17, 1834, m. Penn Yan, 
N. Y., Dec. 24, 1854, Rebecca Arnold, b. P. Y. Jan. 22, 1835, da. 
Alfred and Mary Ann (Castner), res. Grand Rapids, Mich., of 
Jones & Primley Co., manufacturers of proprietary medicines 
at Elkhart, Ind. Ch. b. Benton : Alfred Arnold" Jones, b. Sept. 
21, i86i,unm., grad. Pharmacy Dep. Univ. of Mich., Ann Arbor, 
June, 1881, traveling for Jones & P. co., 1. Grand R.; Mary 
Eliza'', b. June 24, d. Benton, Aug. 24, 1863. 

19115 John WesleJ" Jones, b. Feb. 2, 1836, m. Amboy, Lee 
CO., 111., Jan. 8, 1882, Mary Eliza Stone, b. York, O., Nov. 7, 1850, 
da. Levi H. and Lurana E. (Parsons), farmer, Americus, vSum- 
ter CO., Ga. Ch. : Mabel Loise" Jones, b. Aug., 1883, Americus. 

191 16 Carver'' Jones, bom Mar. 18, 1839, m. Chesterville, 
Dearborn co., Ind., Jan. 18, 1870, Rosaline Ewan, b. Chesterv. 
May 7, 1846, da. Charles and Ann Augusta (King). Mrs. Rosa- 
line Ewan Jones, authoress and poet, for years contributor to 
Boston, Mass., Evg. Transcript: — A Dream of Rest, July 8, 1884, 
etc. Life Illust., N. Y. ; Travelers Record, Hartford, Conn.: — 
Dream of the Past, etc.; Indianapolis, Ind., Herald; Geneva Ga- 
zette, etc. Of Geneva, merchant. 

191 17 Eliza Becker'' Jones, born Aug. 6, 1843, m. Geneva, 
May 26, 1869, Rev. James Dada Stebbins Pardee, P. E., rector 
Chittenango, N. Y., to 1872, Burlington, Vt., to 1875, Mystic 
Bridge, Conn., to 1878, Ansonia, Conn., to 1881, Seymour, Conn., 
since. Ch.: Stephen Augustus'^ Pardee, b. 1873, Geneva. 


Silas* Miller (Susannahs, Lemuel', Oliver^), d. Mumford, MonrOe 

CO., N. Y., Jan. 19, 1888, a. 83, m. ist, at Miller's Corners, N. Y., 
Mar. 30, 1830, Mrs. Almira (Wilcox) Bond, b. Sandy Creek, Os- 
wego CO., N. Y., Aug. 24, 1809, <!• Miller's C. Apr. 2, 1873, wid. 
of Uzal Bond, da. Henry and Polly (Sibley). He m. 2d, Mum- 
ford, Aug. 30, 1877, Deborah Mansfield Remington, b. Aug. 27, 
1809, d. Mumford, Nov. 7, 1894. Resided at Mumford. Ch. by 
ist m., b. Miller's Corners : 

-I-19118 Carlton Silas" Miller, b. Aug. 10, 1833. 

Silas ClaJ' Miller, b. Sept. 4, 1844, died Ann Arbor, 
Mich., Aug. 31, 1865, unm. 

Samuel Wilcox'' Miller, b. Mar. 21, 1850, d. Miller's 
C. Aug. 13, 1875, m. Elizabeth Clafiin. Resided at Miller's Cor- 
ners, s. p. 2d m.: s. p. 


Sarah* JMLiller (susannahs), died Ann Arbor, Mich., June 12, 
1880, a. 69, m. Samuel Fay. Mr. Fay res. Ann Arbor, 1884. Ch.: 
Susan'' Fay, m. Dillon, res. Ann Arbor, 1884, Petos- 
key, Mich., 1895. Son\ d. before 1884. 

Mary* Miller (susannahs), d. Burlington, Mich., Oct. 8, 1873, 



a. 63, m. Miller Corners, N. Y., Jesse Blake, he d. at Burlington. 
Lived at Burlington, farmer. Ch.: 

Jo)m Cleveland'' Blake, m., res. Tekonsha, Calhoun 
CO., Mich., 1884-95, propr. Blake House. Ch.: Jessie'' Blake. 


Julia^ Miller (Susannah^), m. Roswell Matteson, b. Vt., Dec. 

10, iSio, d. West Bloomfield, N. Y., Nov. 3, 1859, s. and 

Rose. Dwelt W. Bloomfield, carpenter. Mrs. Matteson res. 
Miller's Corners, N. Y., 1895. . Ch.: 

Daniel Weaver" Matteson, b. Nov. 12, 1855, W. Bloom- 
field, m. Cassopolis, Mich., June 9, 1875, Myrtie Holcomb, born 
Brownhelm, O., Aug. 5, 1845, da. Ira and Mary (McConnell). 
Of Union City, Mich., 1895, tinsmith and hardware merch. Ch.: 
Mary Daisy^ Matteson, b. Dec. i, 1877, Union C. 


CARLOW CLEVELAND (Conrad», Lemuel", Oliven), m. iSt, 

Williamstown, Mass., Nov. 4, 1832, Harriet Maria Fox, b. Feb. 
19, 1813, d. Westfield, Mass., Jan. 27, 1866, da. Steven and Sarah 
{Alderman). He m. 2d, Westfield, Oct. 6, 1869, Mrs. Eliza Ann 
Longley, b. ab. 1820, d. New Haven, Conn., May 6, 1893, a. 73. 
Ch. by ist m.: 

19119 John Wesley^ Cleveland, b. Jan. 11, 1834, North 
Adams, Mass., d. Middletown, Conn., Dec. 21, 1872, m. "Westfield, 
Jan. 16, 1862, Susan Winship Rackliff, b. Middletown, Mar. 18, 
1 83 1, a da. Ezekiel and Etinice (Winship). Lived at Westfield 
and Middletown, whip manufacturer. His widow res., 1880-95, 
South Norwalk, Conn. s. p. 

+ 19120 Charles Henry^ Cleveland, born May 19, 1836, 
North Adams, Mass. 

+ 19121 William Edgar'* Cleveland, born July 25, 1839, 
Westfield. 2dm.: s. p. 

Carlow* Cleveland lived at Westfield, 1877-84, New Haven, 
1886, Westfield, 1888-96, whip manufacturer. Mrs. Ann Eliza 
Longley's daughter, Mrs. William J. Leston, res. New Haven. 


CHARLES P.* CLEVELAND (Conrads, Lemuel", OUveri), died 

Little Falls, N. Y., bef. 1880. Ch.: 3 daughters^ 

19122 Helen* Cleveland, m. Kenyon, res. Little Falls, 
1880-4, Benton Centre, N. Y., 1895. Ch.: Birtie'' Kenyon, m. bef. 



SUSAN ANN' CLEVELAND (John Lemuel', LemueH, OUven), 

m. Dec. 26, 1841, Israel Harrison Arnold, b. Potter, N. Y., Dec. 
3, 1816, d. May 25, 1881, a s. Col. Israel and Penelope (Brown). 
Ch. b. Benton, N. Y.: Israel Carlton'' Arnold, Aug. 6, 1843, of B. 
1884; John Cleveland" Arnold, b. Sept. 18, 1845, d. Jan. 9, 1865. 



191 23 George Benjamin" Arnold, b. Dec. 24, 184S, m. Dec. 9, 1873, 
Mary Lloyd, b. 1853, da. Edward and Catharine. 
Israel Harrison Arnold lived at Benton. 

Cleveland's Yates Co., s^ — By arrangement of Josiah White, Albert R, Cowing, 
Darwin Shattuck, Jackson Wright, and others of lerusaleni, Yates co., N. Y., Israel H. 
Arnold, Oct. 13, 1870, made observations with his Transit Instrument [as to altitudes of 
surrounding country]. 

Brown aticestrv : — Benjamin', b. prob. ab. 1730, from New London, Conn., with a 
large family, a Friend, an earliest settler of Jerusalem, now Benton, bro. to James, Mi- 
cajah, Elijah, and Daniel, all early settlers of B.; Benjamin", m. Penelope Potter'; Pene- 
lope' Brown m. Col. Israel Arnold. 

Potter a«c^j/rv. — Nathaniel', b. Eng., d. bef. 1644, m. Dorothy; Ichabod^, of Ports- 
mouth, R. I., m. Martha Hazard, da. Thomas and Martha of P.; John', m. Sarah Wilson, 

da.Samuel and (Teft); Col. John*, m. Mercy Robinson, da. Rowland and Mary (Allen); 

Judge William', of Barnngton, N. Y., m. Penelope Hazard^; Penelope' Potter m. Ben- 
jamin Brown'.— /b/Zer gen., IV: j. 

Hazard ancestrv :—2 arms: Az. garb or. Crest-On top of anchor in sea, dove 
holding olive branch, . . . Thomas', fr. Wales or Eng. to Aquidneck, Boston, 1635, 
freem. 1636, Newport, R. I., Newton, L. I., 1656, ship carpenter, d. Portsm. 1669, m. Mar- 
tha; Robert', b. Wales or Eng. 1631, of P., had sons; Thomas, b. 1656, George, Stephen, 
, Robert, Jeremiah. Jonathan J.^ b. 1728 (4th generation from Thomas'), paymaster in 
Revol., 1777, memb. Confederated Congress (bro. of Thomas, a Tory, to whom British 
Govt, gave 5,000 acres at St. John, N. B.), memb. R. I. assembly, came, 1805, to Friends' 
settlement, Yates co., m. ist. Patience Hassard, b. Scotland ; Col. Thomas'; Penelope^ 
Hazard m. William Potter*. 


CHARLES DARWIN* CLEVELAND (johnLemuel^, Lemuel'), 

m. July 18, 1839, Louisa A. Payne of Potter, N, Y., da. John. 
Dwelt Geneva, N. Y., Benton, N. Y., 1856, 1880, Rochester, N. 
Y., 1883-4, painter. Ch. : 

19124 John Wesley' Cleveland, d. Jan. 7, 1864, of dis- 
ease contracted in the army ; successful school teacher, enlisted 
on the first call, honorable record as a soldier. 

19125-8 Caroline* Cleveland, m. E. T. Roberts. Of 
Lincoln, Neb.; Charles\ died; Catharine May', of Lincoln; 
Myron Cole' Cleveland, 



m. June 8, 1845, ^s 2d w., her cousin, Myron Cole, a s. Asa and 
Sally (Sprague). Ch.: 

19129 /o/m A." Cole, born July 15, 1849, ™- Nov 18, 1874, 
Delia A. Page. Sabra C} Cole, b. Apr. 15, 1854. 

Myron Cole dwelt Benton, N. Y., to 1845, Elmira, N. Y., 18 
years, in mercantile pursuits; ret., Aug., 1876, to Benton, res., 
1883, on Cleveland homestead farm, Benton. He m. ist, Susan 
Sheppard, she d., da. Morris F. s. p. 

Cole ancestry : — Rev. Ezra'; Asa' Cole, b. May 25, 1788, Pres. Yates co. Bank, Penn 
Yan, N. Y., m. tst, Sally Sprague of Benton.— Cleveland's Yates co., 20^. 


MARY CHARLOTTE* CLEVELAND (johnLs, Lemuel'), m. 
ist, Aug. 10, 1849, Erasmus Darwin Lewis, a son Anthony H. 
and Polly (Cole, da. Ezra), of Benton, N. Y. She m. 2d, Feb. 8, 
1870, Charles Snyder, 1. Geneva, N. Y., 1880-3. Ch. by istm.: 
Sabra FJ' Lewis, b. May 12, 1856, m. Feb. 6, 1879, D. D. Chapin 
of Geneva. 




Mtirgat'et^ JBarVett {Hiram* Barrett, Judith', Lemuel', Oliveri), d. 

Walled Lake, Mich., July 25, 1859, a. 36, m. Mr. James M. Hoyt. 
Of Walled Lake, physician. Ch.: 

19130 Hiram^ Hoyt, of Muskegon, Mich., 1883-96, atty.-at- 
law. Harriet N^ Hoyt ; James M.^ Hoyt ; B. Rush' Hoyt ; Wil- 
liam E.^ Hoyt ; Susan'^ Hoyt; Lucinda* Hoyt ; Caroline'' Hoyt. 


Carlton SilaS^ Ji£iUer {Saas* MUUr, Susannahs, Lemuel", Oliveri), 

m. at Marshall, Mich., Mar. 13, 1862, Harriet Lorinda Var 5% b. 
Lima, N. Y., Feb. 20, 1840, da. of Abial Thomas and Lorinda 
( Vars). " Their only child : 

19 13 1 Craig Carlton'' Miller, b. Sept. 6, 1870, at Miller Cor- 
ners, N. Y., unm.; graduated from Williams College, Williams- 
town, Mass., 1895; is Treasurer of the College Fraternity. He 
sailed June 29, 1895, for Europe, returning home Sept., 1895 ; 
res, Marshall. Is attending Law Dep. Univ. of Mich., Ann Ar- 
bor, 1895. Member 373 (then of Canandaigua, N. Y.) of Em- 
pire State Soc. Sons of American Revolution. 

Mr. Carlton Silas'' Miller resided at Miller Corners to 1892, 
and since at Marshall ; retired. Is member No. 379 of Empire 
State Society (joined 1892) Sons of the American Revolution, 
through his great-grandfather, Samuel Miller. 

Vary ancestry : — Samuel', of Ghent, N. Y., Aug., 1834, m. MahitabeV Thomas; Abial 
Thomas' Vary, b. Berlin, N. Y., July 2, 1807, d. Dec. 16. i88g, m. LorindaVars, b. Berlin, 
Aug. 20, 1818, d. Dec. 20, 1840, whose ancestry, originally named De Vars, have arms and 
trace back to about noo A. D.— Nelson Byron Vars of E. Greenwich, R. I., and Gardner's 
Lake, New London cc. Conn. (1888) is compiling a Vars Genealogy. 


CHARLES HENRY^ CLEVELAND (Carlow*, Conrad^ Lem- 
uel*), m. West Springfield, Mass., Nov. 27, 1855, Anna Young, b. 
Suffield, Conn., Sept. 12, 1830, da. Rensselaer and Roxanna 
(Moore). Res. 1883-1891 Springfield, Mass. Blacksmith, at 
work in Haddam, Deep River, Conn. Ch. b. Westfield, Mass.: 
Harriet Ann'^, by Sept. 7, 1856, d. W. May 8, 1858. 19132 Cora 
Belle^, May 4, 1859, unm., of Springfield 1891. 


WILLIAM EDGAR' CLEVELAND (CarlowS Conrad', Lemuel', 

Oliver'), d. Indian Orchard, Hampden co., Mass., Mar. 17, 1886, 
a. 46, m. ist, Hartford, Conn., Dec. 31, 1861, Isabella Reed, b. 
West Springfield, Mass. Divorced. He m. 2d Erlunia S. 
Streetor, b. Wilbraham, Mass., 1846. Dwelt Indian Orchard, 
tinsmith. His widow res. Springfield, Mass., 1879-91. Ch. by 
ist m. b. Springfield: 19133 Harriet Isabel", Oct. 7, 1863; Car- 
rie Louisa", July 7, 1864. By 2d m. : 19134 Frank Eugene* 
Cleveland, Jan, 24, 1872, Hartford, of Indian Orchard 1891, 

19135 Edith Minerva" Cleveland, b. Feb. 13, 1874, m. 



Ludlow, Mass., July 4, 1894, Georgfe Hubbard; Edna Erlunia", 
b. Jan. 22, 1880, d. Springfield, May 24, 1884. 
19136 Olney, Philadelphia, Pa., 1890. 

19137 Orrin Clevel.\nd was drowned at Middletown, Vt., July, 1811, during 
freshet, attempting to save 14 lives at the Corbin House ; endeavored to cross stream by 
a tree fallen across, but the hero was carried down the flood. His body was recovered. 
— Hemenway's Vt., Ill : SzS. 

19138 Oscar S., N. Y. city 1877-8, agt. 19139 P. Cleve- 
land, Bloomville, N. Y., 1879, cattle dealer. 19140 P. Cleve- 
land, fr. Havana, Cuba, in S. S. Nankin, arr. N. Y. c, Feb. 23, 
1882. 19141 Mrs. P. Cleveland, wid., San Francisco, Cal., 1883-5. 

19142 Miss P. Cleveland, m. Dr. Fitch, he d. bef. 1884, she 1. 
1884, Worden, Madison co., 111., son, Charles Fitch, principal of 
schools, W. P. P. Cleveland, Chicago, 111., 1855, orn't'l painter, 

19143 Pearl Cleveland, Tacoma,Wash., 1893-4, student. 19 144 
Percy E. Cleveland, Nashville, Tenn., 1886, carpenter. 19 145-6 
Percy E. Cleveland, physician, and Elizabeth J. (wid. James 
Cleveland) 1415, Grundy, Nashville, 1891-2. Perry Cleve- 
land, Stamford, Conn., 1894, carpenter. 19147 Persis A. Cleave- 
land, Washington, D.C., 189 1. 19148 Peter D. Cleveland, Salt 
Lake City, Utah, 1891-2 confy. 19149 Phebe Cleveland, bap- 
tized at Bozrah, Conn., Apr. 12, 1789 — Chh. rec. 


PHINPAS' CLEAVELAND, d. prob. Sturbridge, Worces- 
ter CO., Mass., ab. 1802, m. twice, name of ist wife unknown. 
He m. 2d, Miss Sarah Clark, she d. Naples, Ontario co., N. Y,, 
ab. 1820-5. Ch. by ist m. : Several sons° and daughters". By 
2d m. b. Sturbridge : . 

-(-19151 Sewell" Cleaveland, \ b. Aug. 18, 1797, bef. mid- 
twins > night. 
Sarah" Cleaveland ) b. Aug. 19, 1797, after mid- 
night, d, S, Nov. 22, 1797. 

Martha" Cleaveland, b. July 15, 1799, ^- S. Aug. 
21, 1800. 

19152 Eliza' Cleaveland, b. Apr. 26, 1802, d. ab. June, 
1 83 1, not known whether unm. or m. 

Phineas' Cleaveland raised one family of children prior to 
his second marriage. He dwelt a time at Sturbridge. SewelP 
stated that he had half brothers and sisters whom he had never 
seen. Mrs. Sarah (Clark) Cleveland did not again marry, but 
after her husband's death, with her children and brothers, Na- 
than and Enos Clark, rem. into N. Y. state. 


SEWELL' CLEAVELAND (Phineasi), d. Naples, N. Y., Mar. 
18, 1872, a. 74, m. N. Apr. 22, 1825. Julia Proctor, b. Milton, Mass., 
July 24, 1800, d. Naples, June 6, 1870, da. Aaron and Sarah 
(Jones). Ch. b. Naples : 

19153 Edwin Aug.ustus' Cleaveland, b. Aug. 30, 1827, 
m. Lenox, Madison co., N. Y., Mar. 13, 1862, Harriet Frances 
Parker, b. Stockbridge, N. Y., Mar. 25, 1841, da. Chester Gar- 



wood and Electa (Parks). Of N. Cohocton, N. Y., 1876-85, pro- 
duce dealer, farmer. Ch.: Son% b. and d. Jan. 19, 1870. 

19 1 54 Sarah^, b. Dec. 4, 1828, m. Naples, N. Y., Dec. 30, 
1847, Horace Dunton, b. N. Jan. 26, 1824, s. Joseph and Mary 
(Green). Of Middlesex, Yates co., N. Y., 1885, farmer. Ch. : 
Sarah Eugenia* Dunton, b. Jan. 15, 1853, m.; Frank Eugene*' Dun- 
ton^ b. Dec. 17, 1857, m.; Cora Belle" Dunton, b. Sept. 19, i860, m. 

4-1915S Ambrose' Cleaveland, b. May 9, 1830. 

-f-19156 OrlandoVCleaveland, b. Mar. 4, 1832. 

19157 Betsey ELIZA^ b. Aug. 25, 1833, m. Scriba, N. Y., 
Sept. 17, 1865, Squier Elston Hooper, b. Cato, N. Y., June 18, 
1828, s. Cornelius and Mary Jane (Squier). Of Cato, farmer. 
Ch. : Bertie Sewell* Hooper, b. Aug. 26, 1867; Minnie Belle'' and 
Caroline Estelle*, b. Nov. 27, 1868 ; Frederick Squier* Hooper, June 
10, 1871. 

19158 Alexander Blake^ Cleaveland, b. Dec. 9, 1835, 
va. Eva Clark, of Naples, res. Naples, s. p. 

19159 Miriam Eveline' Cleaveland, b. Apr. 8, 1839, m. 
Oscar Henry, 1. Naples. Ch.: 4. 

19160 Bela Horatio' Cleaveland, b. Sept. 12, 1842, m. 
Jennie Farr, of Naples, s. p. 

Sewell° Cleveland rem., when quite young, with his wid- 
owed mother and uncles, Nathan and Enos Clark, from (prob. 
Sturbridge) Mass., to N. Y. state, dwelt at Naples, farmer and 


AMBROSE' CLEAVELAND (sewem, Phineas>), m. Naples, N. 
Y., May 3, 1858, Nancy Porter, b. N. June 27, 1827, da. William. 
Of Naples 1885, farmer. Ch. b. Naples : 

19161 Alice'' Cleaveland, b. May 18, i860, m. N. Dec. 
24, 1884, Charles N. Barber. Of Italy, N. Y., farmer. 

19162 Willis* Cleaveland, b. Feb. 3, 1865. 

19163 Ira* Cleaveland, b. June i, 1869. 


ORLANDO" CLEAVELAND (seweii», Phineasi), m. 1st, Bris- 
tol, N. Y., Nov. 9, 1853, Ruth Knight, b. Fayette, N. Y., Nov. 
29, 1836, d. Naples, N. Y., June 10, 1859, a da. Ebenezer and 
Elizabeth (Sullivan). He m. 2d, Middlesex, N. Y., Jan. 27, 1867, 
Sarah Ann Rackham, b. Benton, N. Y., Mar. 22, 1838, d. Mid- 
dlesex Apr. 24, 1883, da. Robert and Mary (Ball). Ch. by ist m.: 
Sewell Anson'' Cleaveland, b. Apr. 8, 1855, *^- 
Nov. 18, 1861. 

19164 Elizabeth Sarah^ Cleaveland, b. July 20, 1857, 
Bristol, N. Y., m. Middlesex Dec. 18, 1878, James Herbert Wa- 
gar, b. M. July 28, 1856, son John Elias and Tamar (Warner), 1. 
Middlesex, farmer. Ch.: Anson Orlando'' Wagar, horn Nov. 28, 
1879 ; A7ny EtheP IVagar, Feb. 17, 1884. By 2d m.: 

19165 Edna Lodema* Cleaveland, b. Sept. i, 1877. 

19166 Orlando^ Cleaveland, b. Apr. 24, 1881. 
Orlando' Cleaveland resides at Middlesex, N. Y., 1882-95. 

Owner of steam grist and saw-mills, spoke manufacturer, dealer 


in vehicles, etc. In 1882 the firm was Cleaveland & Knight, 

1885 Orlando Cleaveland. 

19167 PiERCY Clevelanb, Watctbury, Conn., 1890. 19168 
R. E. Cleveland, Chicago, 111., 1894, printer. 191 69 R. L. 
Cleaveland, Scottsville, Va., merchant — Fa. Bus. Direc, 1880-1. 

19170 Reuben A. Cleveland, from Easthampton, Mass., to 
Louisville, Ky., went to the war 1861-5^ of Nashville, Tenn. 

19171 Richard, of Port Sanilac, Sanilac co., Mich., deeds, ^'872, 
land in Oneida co., N. Y. — Oneida co. rec. 

1 91 72-5 Robert' Cleveland, m. Maria Arnold ; of Chat- 
ham, Can., 1844. Ch.: Silas", b. July 9, 1844, C, m. Maquoketa, 
la., Aug. II, 1870, Livonia Ely, b. Wolcott, N. Y., Dec. 19, 1844, 
da. Heman. Ch. born Morton, la.: Jay' Cleveland, Aug. 27, 
1871 ; Lois May', Mar. 31, 1879 — Ely gen., 36^. 

19 1 76-7 Mr. Cleveland of Conn. d. before 1880, farmer, 
left property, had sons and das.; a m. da. of Unionville, Conn., 

1886 ; son Robert b. about 1851, of Newington, near Hartford, 
Conn., 1876-80. 

19178 Robert Cleveland, or Clelland, d. ab. 1782, m. 
Anne Otis, b. Sept. 21, 1702, a da. Judge Joseph and Dorothy 
(Thomas) ; Dea. Nath'l Otis his executor. 

Otis ancestry : —John' [see +1813, p. 770] ; John', b. Barnstable, Eng., Jan. 14, 1622, 
Hingbam, Mass., m. Mary Jacob, a da. Nicholas and Mary oE H., 1633 ; Joseph* Otis, Scit- 
uate, Mass.. and 1721 New London, Conn., m. Dorothy Thomas, da. Nathaniel" (Nath'l", 
William', Marshfield, Mass., 1640) Thomas and Deborah (Jacob, a da. Nicholas)— TV. E. 
Reg., IV: 164. 

19179 Robert Cleveland, Philadelphia, Pa., 1882. 19180 
Robert, Pittsburg, Pa., 1890, clerk. 19181 Robert A., St. Paul, 
Minn., 1885, bookkeeper. 19182 Robert L., Denver, Col., 1891, 
carp. 19183 Robert M., St. Paul, Minn., 1885-7, shade maker. 

igi8^ Mass. Revol. Rolls, II: isS—Cq\. John Ashley's reg. £r. Berkshire co. marcht 
to sustainfort at West Point. Capt. John King's co.: Rodman Cleaveland service June 
27 — July 4, 178D, 6d miles' travel from home. 

1 9185 Roy S. Cleveland, Boston, Mass., 1S94, elk. Mass. 
Nat. Bank, boards at Melrose. 19186 Royal C. Cleveland, 
Omaha, Neb., 1887. 191 87 Rozier F. Cleveland, Washington, 
D. C, 1884-5, lives in Va. 19188 Russell C. Cleveland, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., 1888, foreman. 

191S9 S, Cleveland, Elmira, N.Y., 1883. 19190 S. Cleave- 
land, Holyoke, Mass., 1873-4, workman, bds. 19191 S. Cleve- 
land, Milwaukee, Wis., 1855, teacher. 19192 Miss S. Cleve- 
land, Nashville, Tenn., 1866, emp. . 19193 S. Cleveland, Yon- 
kers, N. Y., 1877-8, real estate, N. Y. city. 191 94 S. A. Cleve- 
land, Washington Mills, Oneida co., N. Y., 1880. 19195 S. B. 
Cleveland, Choctaw Corner, Clarke co., Ala., 1876, dry goods. 
19196 S. C. Cleveland, San Francisco, Cal., 1878. 19197 S. E. 
Cleveland, Cincinnati, O., 1885, agt. Car Spring Works, bds. 

19198-204 — Ci3««. Men in Revol, ibQ — 3d reg. [recruited mainly in Hartford Co.; 
repel, enemy at Danbury Apr. 26, '77, under Putnam, Jan., '78, construct, works West 
Point there, Ft. Wyllis named for col,] Col. Samuel Wyllvs, Hartford, Capt. Willis Clift 
of Plainfield co.: CLEAVELAND, SAMUEL, serj., enlist. Mar. 8, '77, dis. Mar. 7, '80; p. iSo — 
Levies in 3d reg., Cleaveland, Samuel, enl. July i, dis. Nov. 9, '80; ^.j66 — Gen. David 
Waterbury's batt., 1781, Capt. James Dana's Co.: Samuel Cleaveland [residence 
blank, Canterbury next above] joined May 16. Mass. Revol. Coat Rolls: Men S vionths 
in Army at siege Boston — May to Dec, 1775, Col. Tim Davidson's reg., Capt. Nathan 
Peters' co.: Sam'l Cleaveland, corporal, res. Preston. Revol. Pensioners living 181S— 
Samuel Cleaveland, pr. Conn. line. U. S. Pens. Rep., 1S35, p. jo — Geauga co., C: 
Samuel Cleaveland, pr. Mass. state troops, pensioned Apr. 27. 1833, from Mar. 4, 1S31, 
age 81 ; p. 77 — Windham co., Conn.: SAMUEL Clevelanp, pr. (ionn. line, pensioned tr. 



Apr. g, 1818 ;;>. /^6— Windsor co., Vt.: Samuel Cleveland, pr. Conn. State troops, 
pensioned Aug. 31, 1833, fr. Mar. 4, 1S31, age 71. 

19205-6 Mr. Cleveland m. twice; son by ist m.: Sam- 
uel, when a boy, came from Shipton, Can., about 1820, to Ran- 
dolph, Vt., learned blacksniithing, d. in hospital, Boston, Mass. 
By 2d m.: several ch. 

19207 Samuel E. Cleveland, Detroit, Mich., 1882-3, trav. 
rms, ,19208 Samuel G., Clinton, N. Y.