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Full text of "The history of Godefrey of Boloyne and of the conquest of Iherusalem"

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rne msroRY of eooefReY of so- 
Loy^e hj^d of rne coj^Qaesr of 




RG bye courageous faytes and 
valyaunt actes of noble illust- 
rous and vertuous personnes, 
ben digne to berecounted,putin 
memorye,and wreton,to tbende 
that tber may be gyuen to tbem 
name inmortal, by souuerayne 
Jaude and preysvng, & also for 
to moeue & tenflawme the bertes or tbe redars and 
bierers, for tescbewe and flee werhes vycious, dis~ 
bonnestand vytuperable, and for tern pryse andac- 
complyssbe enterprises bonnestes,and werkesof 
gloryousmeryte, to lyuein remembraunce perpetu- 
, al J? for as it is so, tbat tbystoryagrapbes baue 
wreton many a noble bystorye, as wel in metre as in 
.prose, by wbicbe tbactes and noble f ayttes of tbe 
auncyent conquerours ben bad in remembraunce, 
and remayne in grete, large, and aoumed volumes, 
and so sbal abyde in perpetual memorye, to tben- 
tente tbat gloryous prynces and bye men of noble 
and vertuouse courage, sbold take ensample tem- 
pryse werkys leeful & bonneste. f yrst, for goddes 
quarell,in mayntenynof ourefaytband tbelibertees 
of boly cbircbe, for tbe recuperacion of tbe boly 
land, wbicbe our blessyd lord Ibesu Criste batb 
u ^ wcc * by bis blessyd presence bumayne, and by 
sbedyng tberin for oure redem prion bis precious 
blood, ffor tbe releef of sucbe cristen men as tbere 

f C Irih !? l^ Ctc mv9Cr V c and tbraldome, and also 
for the defence of tbeyr royammes, londes, enbery- 



saunces and power, tadresse and remyse tbeym in 
to tbat we fynde wrcton in boly scripture of many 
noble bistoryes, wbicb were bere ouer long to re- 
berce. But in especial of tbre noble and mooste 
worthy of alle otberXbat is to wytte,fyrst of due 
losue, tbat noble pryn ce, wbicbe ladde & conducted 
tbe cbilderen of Israbel, tbe cbosen people of Cod, 
oute of deserte in to tbe londeof promyssvon, tbe 
londe flowing mylke & bony. Secondly, or Dauyd 
tbe kynge and boly propbete, wbome God cbaas 
after bis berte,andacbyeuyd many grete bataylles, 
gouemyng tbe sayd cbosen people of God by tbe 
space of fourty yeris, Hnd tbe tbyrde,of tbe noble 
ludas JYIacbabeus,bow be deif ended tbe sayd peo- 
ple in fygbtyngmany and merueyllous bataylles, 
for veray zeele and loue of bis lawe, &mayntenyng 
of tbe same vn to tbe detb, for wbicb causes a/f or- 
sayd, tbe names of tbyes tbre abvde perpetuel, for 
tbre of tbe moste and nobleste or tbe iewys,andin 
tbe n ombre of tbe moost digneandmoostwortby, 
]^D by cause valyaunce & prowesse 
is remembryd emong tbe gentyles 
& paynemes, as emong XTbebrewes, 
1 fynde wreton of tbe incredible cbe- 
ualrous prowesse of tbe noble and 
valyaunt Hector of XTroye, wbos ex- 
cellentacteswryten,Ouyde, Homer, Virgyle, Dares, 
Dyctes andotber dvuerse, & ecbe better tban otber, 
rebercbyng bis noble vermes, strengtbe and bu- 
manyte. Secondly, of Hlysaundre tbe arete kynge 
of JVIacedone, wbicb domyned & bad to bym obeys- 

7ulyus Cezar, Gmperour of Rome, wbos noble 
actes ben wreton by poetes, as Lucan, Stace and 
otber, and dayly remembryd as newe and ffressbe 
as be yet lyuyd, (Ubicbe tbre ben sette as for tbe 
moost wortby emong tbe gentyles and paynems. 
"^JOCCl lete vs tbenne remembre wbat 
bystoryes ben wreton of cristen men, 
of wbom tber be many wreton.Butin 
especial, as for tbe best & wortby est, 
1 fynde fyrsttbe gloryous,most ex- 
cellent™ rris tyme,andfyrst founder 
of tbe round table, kyng Hrtbur, kyng of tbe Bry- 
tons, tbat tyme regnyng in tbis royamme, of wbos 
retenue were many noble kynges, prynces, lordes & 
knygbtes, of wbicb tbe noblest were knygbtes of 
tbe round table, of wbos actes and bistoryes tbere 
be large volumes, and bookes grete plente and 
many, O blessyd lord, wban 1 remembre tbe grete 
and many volumes of Seynt <3raal,6balebot,and 
Laun celotte de Lake, ©awayn , per ceual, Lyon el, & 
TTristram, & many otber, of wbom were ouerlonge 
of tbe sayd Hrtbur is so gloryous and sbynyng, 
tbat be is stalled in tbe fyrst place of tbe moost 
noble, beste and wortbyest of tbe cristen men jj? 
Secondly, of Cbarlemayne, tbe grete emperour of 
Mllemayne,and kyng of f raunce, wbos noble actes 
a ? C0 "^ UC8 tC8 ben wreton in large volumes witb 
tbe noble faytesand actes of bis douze pieres, tbat 
is to save, Rowlon d & Oly u er, witb tbe otber, wbos 
nameandrenommee abydetb also perpetuel,and is 

stalled in the second place emongetbemostwortby 
of cristen men j&Of alle tbyec bistoryes afor re- 
berced, tbe bookes and volumes ben bad in Latyn, 
ftenegb and S nglyssbe, and otber langage, 

nejN JVG as for tbe tbyrd of tbe cris- 
ten prynces, taken, reputed and re- 
nommed for to be egal emong tbyse 
wortby and best tbat euer were, I 
wbicbe now but late, not yet four C 
yere sytb, beflowred,and was stalled in tbe tbyrde 
stalle of tbe moost wortby of cristen men, wbos 
bystoryeis made and wreton in Latyn & f renssbe 
in large and grete volumes, Hnd as not knowen 
emongevs bere, wbicbe ben adiacent& neygbbours 
to tbe place of bis natyuyte, wbos noble bystorye 
Hate fonde in a booke of f renssb, al alonge of bis 
noble actes,valyaunces, prowesses, & accomplys- 
causes, as me semetb,mocbe semblable&lykevnto 
sucbe as we baue now dayly tofore vs, by tbe mes- 
creauntes & XTurkes emprysed ayenst cristendom, 
and yet mocbe more nowe tban were in bis dayes. 
for in bis dayes tbe Curkes bad conquerd vpon 
cristendom but vnto tbe braas of Seynt George by 
Constan tynople, and badno f oote on tbis syde tbe 
sayd braas, But at tbis daye it is so tbat tbey baue 
comen ouer & goten tbat im perial cyte, Constan ty- 
nople aforsayd, and many royamme and countre, 
to tbe grete dommageand burte of alle cristendom. 
jfi?XTo tberesistence of wbome,as yet, f ewe cristen 
prynces baue put tbeym in deuoyrj^Cbenne I re- 

&-— ■ 

tome agayn vnto the conqueste atsucbe tyme as 
tbey were come to the sayd braas,tbat by the dyly- 
gen t solicitude of a pour beremy te, tbe sayd ©ode- 
frroy of Boloyne, & otber dyuerse prynces, lordes 
and conryn peple,auowed tbe croysyng& empryse 
to warre agayn tbe mescreauntes, and to recouere 
tbe boly cyte of Iberusalem : wbicbe afterward tbey 
acbyeuyd, and conquerd fro tbe sayd braas vnto 
tbe boly lande, and recouerd tbe boly cyte of Iberu- 
salem, as in tbis sayd book al alonge and playnly 
sbalappere. In wbicbe cyte tbe sayd ©odeffroy was 
elect and cbosen for bis vertue, prowesses blessyd 
disposition, to be kyng of tbe sayd Iberusalem, & 
tbe londe tber about, 

RS^ ^KsjnejSfJSfe I, tbus vysytyng tbis no- 
ble bystorye, wbicne is no fable ne 
fayned tbynge, but alle tbatis tberin 
trewe, considerynge also tbe grete 
puyssaunce of tbe Tlurke, grete ene- 
mye of oure cristen f aytb, destroyar 
of cristen blood, and vsurpar of certayn empyres 
and many cristen royammes and countrees,&now 
late tbis saydyere batb assaylled tbe cyte and castel 
in tbe isle of Kbodes wbere valyauntly be batb be 
resisted; but yet not witbstondyng be batb ap- 
procbed morener, & batb taken tbe cyte of Ydronte 
in puylle, by wbicbe be bad goten an entre to entre 
in to tbe royamme of JSaples ; and fro tbens, witb- 
outebe be resisted, vnto Rome andYtalye,towbos 
resistence X besecbe almygbty ©od to prouyde, yf 
it be biswylleXbennemesemetb Unnecessary &ex- 
pedyen t f or alle cristen pryn ces to make peas,amy te 


andallyaunceecbewitb other, and prouyde by tbeyr 
wysedommes the resistence agayn bym for the de- 
fense of our f ay tb, and moder boly cbircb, andalso 
for tbe recuperacion of tbe boly londeand boly cyte 

Cris t, redem ed ve wi tb bis precious blood, & to doo 
as tbis noble prynce 0odeffroy of Boloyne dyde, 
witbotber noble and bye prynces in bis companye. 
TTbenne for tbexbortacion of alle cristen prynces, 
lordes, barons, knygbtes, gen tilmen,marcbauntes! 
and all tbe comyn peple of this noble royamme, 
ttlalys and ynonde, I baue emprysed to translate 
tbts book of tbe conquest of Iberusalem out of 
frenssb m to our maternal tongue, to tbentente 
tencourage tbem by tbe redyngand beeryng of tbe 
merueyllous btstoryesberin comprysed,andof tbe 
boly myraclessbewyd,tbateuery man in bis party e 
endeuoyre tbey m vn to tbe resis ten ce afore say d,an Id 
recuperacion of tbe sayd boly londe & And for as 
mocbeaslhnoweno cristen fcyngebetter prouydin 
armes,andforwbom godbatb shewed more grace 

bappy and eurous, tban is our naturel, lawful, and 
souerayn lord and moost cristen kynge, Gdward 
by tbe grace of god, fcynge of Gnglond and of 

wbos noble protection 1 baue acbyeued tbis svm ole 
translacion, tbatbe of bis moost noble grace wold 
adresse, styre, or commaunde somme noble capv- 
taynof bis subgettes to empryse tbiswarre acravn 
tbe saydtTurhe and betben peple, to wbicbelcan 

tbynketbateuery man wyllputbis band to in tbevr 
vxxj 7 


proprc persones, and in tbeyr meuable goodesj? 
"Cbenne to bym,my moost drad naturcl and soue- 
rayn lord, I adresse tbis sample & rude booke, be- 
secbyngbis moost boimteuous and baboundaunt 
grace to receyue it of me, bis indigne and bumble 
subgette, <nilliam Caxton,and to pardonne me 90 
presumynge, Besecbyng almygbty God tbat tbis 
sayd book may encourage, moeue, & enfiamme tbe 
bertes of somme noble men, tbat by tbe same tbe 
mescreauntes maye beresistedandputtetorebuke, 
cristen f ay tb en creaced and enbaun ced, and tbe boly 
and may come agayn in to cristen mens bondes. 
"Cbenne I exborte alle noble men of bye courage to 
see tbis booke, and bere it redde; by wbicb ye sbal 
see wbat wayes were taken, wbat noble prowesses 
and valyaunces were acbyeuyd by tbe noble com- 
pany es, & especial by tbe said noble prynce Code- 
ffroy of Boloyne,duc of Loreyne, by wbicbe be de- 
seruyd tbe name of one of tbe moost wortby tbat 
euer were, and ys stalled in tbe tbyrd stalle of tbe 
cristen conquerours, &in tbe nyntbeof tbemooste 
wortby, wberebisnameandrenommesbalremayne 
and abyde perpetueU Hnd for to deseruetbe tentbe 
place,! besecbe almygbty God to graunt &ottroye 
to our sayd souerayn lord, or to one of bis noble 
progenye, I meane my lord prynce, and my lord 
Rycbard, due of Yorke and J^orfolke, to wbom I 
bumbly besecbe,at tbeyr leyzer and playsyr, to see 
and bmreddetbissympleoook, by wbicb tbeymay 
be en coraged to deserue lawde and nonour, and tbat 
tbeir name and renomme may encreace and remayn 


perpetuel, & after tbte lyf ebort and traneytorye, 
all we may atteyneto come to the euerlastyngjyf in 
beuen, where ieioyeandreete witboute ende,Hmen, 

^Re^e f or x:o K^oaie -cne cojrceNtre of 
-cms book, Ye srhj. p^HYjwe see by t;Re 
trHB^e f o^ooiYN© aiReROf eaeRY crhpt:- 
YRe trRentretrR hl hko]W36. 

"IRefyrstcbaptretreatetb bow Grades conqucrd perse 
s and slewe Cosdroe and brought in to Ibcrusalcm tbe 

J veray crosse, capitulo primo, p, n 
Rowt be puyssaunt Cosdroe wasted tbempyre of Rome, for 

tauenge tbe detb of tbemperour JVlauryce, fader to bis wyf, 

capitulo ij, p. 4* 
Row tbis puvssaunt hyng entred in to Iberusalem, and de- 

maunded dylygently of tbe temple, and reedefyed it, and 

assigned grete reuenues to entretiene it, capitulo iii, o. «>. 
Row Cbarlemayne by bis lyberalyte gate, for tbe prouffvt of 

cristen peple in betbenesse, tbamyte of betben prynces, 

capitulo in;, p, 6, * r ' 

Of tbenoysetbatsourdedemonge tbe betben peplediscord- 
ynge in tbeir lawe, and bow tbey of egypte yssued oute of 
tbeyr londe, and of tbe euy lies and barmes that tbey dyde, 
capitulov,p,9. * y * 

Rowthafnyction, iniuryes, & torm entesof cristen men grewe 
in tbe tvmeof calypbe Retbam, capitulo vi, p, 10, 

now at tbe requeste of tbemperour of Constantinople tbe 
cristen men obteyned licence to bylde agayn tbe cbircbe of 
tbe boly sepulcre, capitulo vij, p. 14* 

Of tbeXTurkes, fro wbens tbey cam, and bow tbey grewe in to 
grete puyssaunce, & dyde chose tbeym a hyng for to mavn - 
tene tbeir warrys, capitu lo viij, p. 17, * 

Of tborryble synnes regnyng thenne in cristiente, as wel in 
tbyse partyes as in tbo partyes, capitulo ix, p, 21, 

Of a batay lie that tbemperour Romayn of Constantinople 
badayenstaprynceof tborientnamed Belpbet,cap,x 02/ 

Of many maner torm en tes, tbat tbe cristen peple suffrecl for 
tbeir synnes in tbat tyme, capitulo xj, p. 27, 

Row after tbey bad been iiijC Ixxxx yere in tbe seruage of tbe 
betben men, our lord pourueyed remedye for bis cristen 
peple, capitulo xij, p. 29, 

Rowpeter'Cberemyteentreprisedtbe more bardly bis viacre 
by tbe reuelacion or vysyon tbat be sawe in bis sleeo. ca- 
pitulo xiij, p. 32. K 

Of the persecucions of the cbirebe in that tyme, and bow the 
of Rauenne, capitulo xiiij, p. 34* 

Of a general counseyl tbat tbe pope Vrban ordeyned for tbe 
reformation of holy cbircbeandtbamendementof tbe peo- 
ple, capitulo xv, p. 37. 

Row many noble and bye men, and other moyen peple of tbe 
royamme of f raunce crossyd tbeym for to goo ouer see, 
capitulo xvj, p. 40. 

Che names of noble men tbat enterprysed this pylgremage, 
as wel on tbis syde tbe see as beyonde tbe montaynes, 
capitulo xvij, p. 43. 

Of tbauentures tbat a rowteof cristen men bad in tbis vyage, 
of whom one Gaultyer without knowlecbe was capitayne, 
capitulo xviu, p. 45* 

Row pieter Cberemyte was cbyef and capitayne of a grete 
booste, in tbis vyage toward tbe boly londe, cap* xix, p. 48* 

Row somme of tboost of peter Cberemyte, vnwytyngbym, 
sette f yre in tbe subarbys of ]^yz at tbeyr departing, cap- 
itulo xx, p. 50* 

Row peter Cberemy te was aduertysed of al tbis, and of tbe 
barme tbat ensiewed, capitulo xx], p. 52. 

Rowtbemperour of Constantinople, beyng aduertysed of 
tbies oultrages, sente bis messagers to peter "Cberemy te, 

capitulo xxi)tp* 55* _ _, 

Of tbe mayntenyng of tboost of peter Cberemy te, and bow 

tbre M Ducbemen toke a castel by assault, and slewe alle 

tbeym tbat were tberin witb tbe swerd, capitulo xxiij, p. 57* 
Row Solyman, lordof tbat countre, reprised and toke agayn 

tbe castel, and slewe alle tbe Ducbemen tbat were tberin, 

capitulo xxiiij,p. 59* . ^ t . ~ 

Rowourmen armed tbeym fortauenge tbeDucbemen,andof 

arecountre tbat tbey badayenst Solyman, cap. xxv, p. 60. 

Row peter Cberemyte, beyng in Constantinople, was ad- 
uertysed of tbis disconfyture, and saued tbre thousand 
cristen men beyng in grete daunger, capitulo xxvj, p. 62. 

Row a preest named Godecban made bymself captayn of xl 
tbousandDucbemen in tbis vyage,andof tbeyr oultrages, 
capitulo xxvij, p. 63. _ . . n ^. 

Row two C thousand cristen mena/foote,and tbre thousand 
on bor8bak,witboutecapitayn,assembledin this pylgrem- 
age, and of tbeyr mayntene, capitulo xxviij,p* 07 

Row tbis peple began to destroye tbe londe of the kyngof 
Rongrye by cause be wold not graunte them leue to passe, 


Row the due Godeffroy of Boloynebeyngwitb a grete boost 

cam \>ntoRongrye,and sente bismessagers to tbc hyngto 

demande passage, capitulo xxx, p. 71. 
Row tbemessagers of due Godeffroy declared tbeyr message 

\>nto tbe hynge of Rongrye, ana tberupon bis answere, 

capitulo xxxj, p. 73. 
Row tbe sayd hynge sente for to f etcbe tbe due Godeffroye, 

and bow be wen te, & of tbe deuyses tbat tbey bad to gvdre, 

capi tu lo xxxij, p. 77. 
Row tbe due Godefroy sente bis messagers to tbemperour 

of Constantynople, to tbendetbatbesbolddelyuerto bym 

Ruon le JVIayne and other tbat be belde in pryson, capitulo 

xxxiij, p. 79. 

Row du c Godeffroy cons trayn ed tbem perour by force to ren - 

dreanddelyuer bis prysoners, capitulo xxxiiij, p. 81 • 
X:bc grete despyte tbat tbemperour tohe tbat due Godeffroy 

refused to goo in to Constantynople vnto bym, capitulo 

xxxv, p. 83* 
Of tbe description of tbecyteof Constantynople, &of manv 

countrees and londes tberabout, capitulo xxxvi, p. 84. 
Row our peple brente tbeyr lodges, and tohe tbeyr barnoys, 

and of an assault tbat tbe Grebes made on tbem, capitulo 

xxxvij, p. 86. 
Row after our peple began to destroye tbe contre,and of a 

message froBuymont \>nto due Godeffroy, & tbe answere 

of tbe due vpon tbe same agayn, capitulo xxxviij, p. 88. 
Row tbemperour appeased the due Godeffroy, and sente fbr 

bym, and of tbonourtbat be dyde to bym, cap. xxxix, p. 90. 
Of tbe yeftes tbat tbemperour made to due Godeffroye, to 

tbe barons, & to tbe gentilmen of bis booste, cap. xl, p. 92. 
Row Buymon t was made capitayn of a grete booste, and tbe 

names of many nobles or tbooste, and of tbeyr maytene 

capitulo xlj, p. 94. 
JVIessagers and lettres fro tbemperour to Buymont, and tbe 

contenue of tbe same, as fblowetb, capitulo xli|, p. 96 
Row Buymont approcbed Constantnople, and was sente for 

to come to tbe emperour, and bow by tbe prayer of due 

Godeffroye be wente toward bym, capitulo xliij, p, qs 
Row tberle Robert of f laundres witb bis boost aporoebvd 

Constantynople and bow tbemperour sente for bvm and 

of tbeyr deuyses to gydre, capitulo xliiij, p. 100. * 
Of tbe mayntyene of tboost wbicbe tberle of Tbolouee and 

tbe bissbop of puy brought ouer see, capitulo xlw d 101 
Hmbassadours of tbemperour to tbe sayd erle and bvssboo 

and of tbe contenue of bis lettres, & of tbedaunaerwberin 

tbe sayd bissbop was, capitulo xlvj, p. 103 

Row tberle of Tbolousc, beyng with tbemperour, wolde not 

doo bommageto bym,andof tbedespytetbat tbemperour 

dyde, capitulo xlvij, p. 105. 
Row tbemperour, for tau en gehym and tberle, made his cone- 
stables ten buss be tbem, & assaylle tboost of tberle, cap- 
itulo xlviij, p. 107. 
Row at thynstaunte prayer of tbe barons of tbooste, tberle 

made homage to tbemperour, wbicb tbenn egaf gretey ef tes 

to bym and bis, capitulo xlix, p. 110. 
Row due Robert of Normandye, and other here named, ap- 

proucbed Constantinople, and made bommage to tbem- 
perour, capitulo I, p. 112. 
Row tbemperour sente, for to destroye our cristen men, one 

bis seruaunt, f aynyngto be a trewe con duy tour andguyde, 

capitulo Ij, p. 114* 
Of tbe situacion of J^ycene,and bow our peple approucbed 

tberto,m eru ey llyngof tbe place, andof tbe s trengtbe,capi- 

tulo lij, p. 115. 
Row tbe puyssaunt *Curke, Solyman, with a grete booste 

aduysed tyme and boure to assaylle & smy te on our peple, 

for to reyse tbe siege, capitulo liij, p. 116. 
Row Solyman, beyngin tbemontaynes, sente bis messagers 

to tbem of tbe toun, and of tbe com forte that be gaf to 

tbeym, capitulo liiij, p. 117. 
Row tbe messagers of Solyman were taken by our men, and 

by tbem was knowen tbe couyn e of tbe say d Solyman, capi- 

tulo lv, p. 118. 
f>ow a grete batay 11 of Solyman cam and smote on our peple, 

and of tbende of tbe sckarmucbe, capitulo Ivj, p. 119* 
Row our barons were lodged in tbe say d siege, of tbeirmayn- 

tene, and bow euery day tbey enforced tbem tassaylle tbe 

toun, capitulo Ivij, p. 121. 
Row our barons made castellys of tree and approucbed tbe 

toun, and bow tbey witbin brake one of tbeym, and slewe 

tbem that were tberin, capitulo Iviij, p. 123. 
Of tbe counseyl tbat our men toke for tassiege tbe toun by 

water, for to constrayne tbem not for to entre ne yssue, 

capitulo lix, p. 124. 
Row, after tbe cy te was assieged by water and by londe, our 

men assaylle it; and of a sbotte tbat due Godeffroy dyde 

sbote, capitulo lx, p. 125. 
Row, after many assaultes, oure men beyng in counseyl, a 

JvOmbard cam to tbem, wbicbe offred to make an engyne 

tbat sbold destroy e tbe toun, capitulo Ixi, p. 128. 
f>ow after tbat this engyne was so wel wrought, tbe w^f of 


Solyman, with tweyne of her cbilderen, wente out of the 
toun, and were taken by our men, capitulo Ixij, p. i30. 

Row tbemperour sente arete barons for to receyue tbe toun, 
after tbat our peple bad acerteyned bym tbat tbey wold 
yelde it, capitulo Ixiij, p. 132, 

Row our boost departed on tbeyr iourneye, and bow somme 
departed fro tbeyr f elawsbip, & bowSolyman determined 
tassaille them, capitulo Ixiiij, p. 134* 

Of tbe bataylle tbat Solyman bad ay ens t somme of oure 
peple tbat were departed fro tbeyr f elawsbip f olyly, cap- 
itulo IXV, p. 136, 

Of tbe dylygence tbat due Godeff roy made wban be was ad- 

uertysed berof, and bow Solyman was disconfyted, and 

bis lygnage taken, capitulo Ixvj, p. 137. 
Row tbe fourth day after tbis vyctorye, our peple went fbrtb 

on tbeyr waye, and of tbe grete mesease of tbe booste tbe 

same daye, capitulo Ixvij, p. 140. 
Row somme of tbe grete barons of tboste, after to baue ap- 

them, capitulo Ixviij, p. 142. 

Rererecoun ted tbystorye of somme aduentures, tbat tbenne 

fylle in tboost of cristen men, capitulo Ixix, p. 144* 
RowCancre, tbat was departed fro tboost, assieged Carse, 

and toke it by certayn couenaunt, capitulo lxx,p. 146. 

saweXTancreandbis peple tof ore rarscandadressyd bym 

to tbeym, capitulo Ixxj, p. 147, 
Of tbenuye tbatBawdwynandbis peple bad, to see tbebaner 

of T:ancreon tbe walle of tbe toun, & bow^ancredeparted, 

capitulo Ixxij, p. 148. 

tbe TTurkes belde, and toke it by assault, cap. Ixxiij, p. 150 

Row Bawdwyn entred in to Cbarse, and bow tbre bonderd 
pylgryms were slayn of tbeCurkes afore tbe same toun 
capitulo Ixxiiij, p. 151. 

Row tbe peple of Bawdwyn knewe tbe departyng of tbe 
Curkes, and of tbe slaughter of tbe cristen men, capitulo 
Ixxv, p. 153. 

Rowtbe saydBawdwyn retomedto tbe grete boost, and bow 
Tancre mayntened bym mocbe wel in conqueryng coun- 
trees, capitulo Ixxvj, p. 157* ' 

Row Bawdwyn conquerd a grete con tre vpon tbe Curkes bv 
the counseyl of a knygbt Srmyne, named pancrace. cao- 
itulo Ixxvij, p. 158. ' K 


Row tbey of Rageesen te theirmessagers toBawdwyn, pray- 

engbym that Be wold come to tbeym, capita lolxxviij, p. 160. 
Row this due that was at Rages varyed for to holde this that 

be bad promysed to Bawdwyn, capitulo Ixxix, p. 163. 
Row Bawdwyn wente tassaylle f amosette, a cy te nygbe to 

Rages, capitulo Ixxx, p* 164* 
Row tbey of tbe toun of Rages slewe tbeyr due, and cbaas 

Bawdwyn for to be tbeyr lord, capitulo Ixxxj, p, 166, 
Row Bawdwyn wenteandassieged the tounofSororge,nygh 

to Rages, & tone it, & of bis ordenaunces, cap. lxxxij,p. i68. 
Row tbe grete boost cam to fore JMarese, and bow tbe'eurhes 

that were witbin fledde, and bow our peple payned tbem to 

conquere countrees, capitulo Ixxxiij, p* 169* 
Row it was commaunded vnto alle tbe barons to come to 

tboost, for to goo vnto Hntbyocbe, andof somme recoun- 

trees that tbey bad in tbe waye, capitulo Ixxxiiij, p. 172, 
Row Hntbyocbe by sucession of tyme, bad dyuerse names, 

andof tbe noblesse of auncyente, capitulo lxxxv,p, 175, 
Of tbe situacion of Hntbyocbe, capitulo Ixxxvj, p. 176. 
ttlbo was tben lord of Hntbyocbe, and by what man er be was 

comen vnto this seygnorye, capitulo Ixxxvij, p. 178. 
Diuerseoppinyonsof ourmen tofore tbey badassiegedHn- 

tbyocbe, andbow tbey acorded alle for tassiege it, capitulo 

Ixxxviij, p* i8o« 
Row, after tbe situacion of tbe toun, ecbe of tbe bye barons 

of tboost were lodged at tbe sayd siege, cap, Ixxxix, p. 182. 
Row ourpeple assembled in counseylfortofyndetbemoyen 

for to sende for vytaylle, and of a brydge tbat tbey made, 

capitulo Ixxxx, p. 184* 
Row our peple stopped a yate without forth, and of a castel 

of tree tbat tbey made, capitulo Ixxxxj, p. 186. 
Row oure peplewere in grete mescbyef , for as mocbe as tbey 

of tbe toun yssued and en tred in & out witb grete rowtes, 

capitulo Ixxxxij, p. 187. 
Of tbe f amyne and mortalyte of tboost, after tbat tbey bad 

be at tbe sayd siege tbe space of two monetbes, capitulo 

Ixxxxiij, p. 189. 
Row our peple ordeyned grete rowtes for to goo for vytaylle, 

f "dtp reteyne tbe peple wbicbe fledde for bongre, capitulo 

Ixxxxtiij, p. 191, 
Row Buytnont and tberle of f laundres mayntened tbeym, 

beyng in fburage, of tbeyr recountrees, and of tbe gayn tbat 

tbey made, capitulo Ixxxxv, p. 193. 
Rowagrete rowte of cristen men were in tbis tyme slayn by 

tbe "Curkes bytwene f ynemye fi'Cerme, cap, bexxxvj, p. 195. 


Row the vntrewe Greke katyns departed fraudelously fro 

tboost, and other moo by the en sample of bym, capitulo 

Ixxxxvij, p. 196. 
Row the prelates of tboost counselled to doo penaunce for 

tappesegod, & of tbordenaunces tbat were made tescbewe 

synne, capitulo Ixxxxviij, p. 198. 
Row Buymont f onde a subtil remedye, for to delyuer and 

purge tboost of tbespyes of tbe Curkes, capttulo Ixxxxix, 

p. 202. 
Row tbe calypbe of Ggypte sente bis messagers witb grete 

yef tes vnto our boost, capitulo C, p. 202. 
Row Hncean, lord of Hntbyocbe, and tbe barons, sente vnto 

tbe "Curkes tbeyr neygbbours for to demaunde socours, 

capttulo Cj, p. 203» 
Row oure peple knewe tbe couyne of tbcCurkes; of tbem- 

bussbetbattbey made, andoftbeyrvyctoryeandgayn tbat 

tbey bad, capitulo Cij, p. 205* 
Row tbe burkes of Hntbyocbe sprangout,and assaylled tbe 

lodgys of our peple, capitulo Ciij, p. 207, 
Of a castel tbat our men made, of somme pylgryms tbat ar- 

ryued atte porte, and bow tbey were disconfyted by a bus- 

sbement of Curkes, capitulo Cttij, p. 208* 
Of a bataylle wbere ourmen auenged tbem of tbe'Curkes, and 

of a stroke tbat due ©odeffroy gaf in tbis bataylle, cap- 

tuloO, p. 2J3. 

Row tbe cristen men tbanhed our lord of tbis vyctorye, and 

made a castel in tbeir mabommerye, wbere tbey founde 

grete gayne, capitulo Cvj, p. 217. 
Of a f ortresse tbat "Cancre made ouer tbe ryuer, and bow be 

deff ended it valyauntly, capttulo Cvij, p. 219 
Row tbenne tbe "turkes of tbe toun began to baue mesease 

and sorowe, and our peple ease, capitulo Cviij, p. 221. 
Row tberle Gstyeuen of Cbartres and of Bloys fledde fro 

tbooste shamefully, capitulo Cix, p. 223. 
Row a cristen man, Gmyrf eryus, wbicbe was in Hntbyocbe, 

acqueynted bym witb Buymont, capitulo Cx, p, 225, 
Of som deuises tbat tbe said emirf ertus sent to Buymont, 

& in wbatmaner beacorded to delyuer bym tbe toun, cap- 
itulo CXJ,P* 227, . 
Row Buymont discouertd tbis tbyng to due Godeffroy, to 

Ruon le JMayne, to tbe due of j^ormandye, and to tberle of 

f laundres, capttulo Cxtj, p. 229, 
Of tbe grete socours tbat tbe soudan of perse bad sente to 

tbem of Hntbyocbe, and bow Corbagat assieged Rages, 

capitulo Cxiij, P* 230. 

Row oure men, aduertysed of the grete boost of Corbagat, 

sente somme of tbeyr knygbtes for to esteme tbem, and 

wbat tbey reported of that tbey bad seen, cap. Cxiiij, p. 232. 
Of tbe counseyl that oure peple toke for to ordeyne tbeyr 

nedes, wban tbey sawe tbe comyng of this rygbte grete 

boost, capitulo Cxv, p. 233. 
Row after that Buymon t bad declared bis f ay te to alle tboos t, 

tbey acorded that tbe toun sbold be bis, sauf tberle of 

Hbolouse, capitulo Cxvj, p. 235. 
Row tbey of Hntbyocbe bad fere of treson, and bow tbey as- 
sembled in counseil, & of tbatwbicb Cmirferius deposed 

tberat, capitulo Cxvij, p. 238. 
Of tbe mescbyef that the'Curkesmade euery day to tbe cris- 

ten men tbat were in Hntbyocbe enbabytyng with them, 

capitulo Cxviij, p. 240. 
Of tbe dylygence tbat Buymont made in this werke, and 

emyrf eriusslewe bis broder, and delyuerd tbe toun to tbe 

cristen men, capitulo Cxix, p. 243. 
Of tbe maynteneof tbe cristen men in this pryse, & of tbaf - 

fraye of tbe TTurkes of tbe toun, capitulo Cxx, p. 246. 
RowHncean, lordof Hntbyocbe, fledde by a posteme outeof 

tbe toun, and be was recountredand put to detb, capitulo 

Row, after tbat our men bad made grete slaughter of tbeyr 

enemyes, our men belde counseyl for to take tbe dongeon, 

tbenne beyng seased of tbe "Curkes, capitulo Cxxij, p. 250. 
Row, wbyles tbat tbooste gamyssbed tbe toun, sommc of 

tboostCorbagat cam rennyng to fore it, cap. Cxxitj, p. 252. 
Row, tbe tbyrd day after tbe getynge& pryseof Hntbyocbe, 

Corbagat with bis boost arryued to fore it, capitulo Cxxiij, 

p. 254. 
Row after tbat tbe due was witbin tbe barres of tbe toun, 

many of bis men slayn, tbe'Curkes entred in to tbe toun, 

capitulo Cxxv, p. 256. 
Row oure cristen men, tbat a lytil tofore bad assieged tbe 

toun, were nowassieged in tbe same, capitulo Cxxvj, p. 258. 

2? Corbagat dyde do assaylle a f ortresse wbicb tberle of 

flaundres kepte without tbe gate, and of tbat ensiewed, 

^?& xtul ° c **™j> P. 260. 

or the grete f amyneand mesease tbat our men suff red in tbe 
CT tc 5 f Hntbyocbe,beyngassiegedonallesydesbytbesaid 

Corbagat, capitulo Cxxviij, p. 262. 
Row tbeXZurkes, felyng tbat ourmenwereinsucbemescbyef 
of bongre, enforced tbem for tassaylle tbe cyte, capitulo 
Cxxix, p. 264. 


RowCorbagat sente his men of armes, f ortoslee tbemaron- 

ners tbatwereattbeportewberof ourmenhada gretelosse, 

capitulo Cxxx, p. 265* 
Row Guyllem de Gratemenylle and bis f claws f ugitifs cam 

in to Hllexandrye tbc lasse, capitulo Cxxxj, p* 267. 
Row tbcrlc of Cbartrcs discouraged tbemperour of Con- 
stantinople, tbat be sbold not goo and socoure our peple 

in Hntbiocbe, capitulo Cxxxij, p* 268. 
Row by tbe warnynges of the sayd erle, tbemperour, wbicbe 

wold baue goon and socoured our men, retomed shortly, 

capitulo Cxxxiij,p. 271* 
Row our peple in Hntbyocbe, beyng aduertysed berof , were 

alle discouraged, and Corbagat enbaunced in pryde, cap- 
itulo Cxxxiiij,P« 273* 
Row tbe spere was founden tbatlbesus was percyd on tbe 

crosse witb, & of tbe comfort tbatour pilgrims tohetbere/ 

by, capitulo Cxxxv, p* 275* 
Row peter "Cberemy te was sent by our men vnto Corbagat, 

tbe wordes tbat be sayd, & answere of tbe sayd Corbagat, 

capitulo Cxxxvj, p* 277* 
Row tbe sayd peter retorned in to tbe toun, and wold openly 

baue sayd bis message, and of tbe subtyl counseyl of tbe 

due, wbicbe wold not suffre it, capitulo Cxxxvij, p* 281* 
Row tofore er our men departed, tbey made redy tbeyr ba- 

taylles right wel in poynt,andof tbenombreof tbem,cap- 

itulo Cxxxviij, p* 283, 
Row Corbagat was aduertysed of tbyssuyng of our peple, 

and sente archers f or todeff ende tbe brydgc, and bow tbey 

were disconfy ted, capitulo CxxxCx, p« 287* 
Row ouremen reioysed them of adewe descendyngf ro beuen, 


Cxi, p« 288, 
Row Corbagat ordeyned bis batay lies, & bow tbe two boostes 

marcbed to gydre in batay lie, capitulo CxU, p. 289, 
Of tbe fleyng of Corbagat, and of somme 'Curhes gadred to 

gydreandagayn discomfytedby ourmen, cap, Cxlij, p. 292. 
Row our peple retorned fro tbe cbaas, and wente to tbe py 11- 

age, and of tbe grete ryebesses tbat tbey fonde, capitulo 

Cxliaj, P* 295, 
Of tbe f ayr ordenaunces tbat oure peple made in tbe cbircbes 

of Hntbyocbe, and in other townes by, after this victorye, 

capitu lo Cxliiij, P* 298* 
Row our peple sente ambassadours to tbemperour of Con- 
stantinople, for to somone bym for to come socoure them 

as be bad promised, capitulo Cxlv, p. 301, 

for tescbewe tbe mortalyte and tacomplyssbe tbeyr vowe. 
capitulo Cxlvj, p. 302. 

Cbe dvlygence tbat due Godeffroye made for to socoure a 
Curhe, to wbom be bad promised to belpe bym,and bowbe 
reysed tbesiege, beyngtof orebiscaeteC cap. Cxlvii, p. 305. 

° f80 I n S cpyig P m8 9°VJ)8 froHntbyocbe toward tbe due 
©odeffroye, tbat were distressed by tbe "Curkes and res- 
cowed by tbe due, capitulo Cxlviij, pi 307. 

now tbeduc alway enforcedbym to augmente cristiente, and 
of somm e fortresses by bym beten and destroyed, capitulo 
Cxlix* p. 308. 

Row tbe knygbtes of Rages wold baue betrayed Bawdwyn 
tbeyr lord, & bowbe was tberof aduertysed, cap. CI, p. 300. 

now tberle Bawdwyn was in daunger of detb, by tbe treson 
of aJCurk named Balac, capitulo Clj, p. 311. 

?^I^I f.5r f ^°t U8C tokc tnc c ? te of Hlbane, and tberin 
constitueda bissbop, capitulo Clij, p. 315. 

? W V t^JK?L C t£ tornc ? in toHntbyocbe,and toke counseyl 

itulo $fij, p?3i6? rU ®* ' and ° f tbi8 tbat f olowctn > "P" 

Row tbe due Godeffroy wold goo to Rages to vysyte bis 

^Sm^U^^HS^ bi8 ^ a T to Jberusalem, and of somme 
of bis aduentures, capitulo Cliiij, p. 319. 
Row, after tbe cyte of Hlbane was conquerd, a grete debate 
aroos bytwene tberle of TTbolouse and Buymont, capitulo 

ClV, p« 320« 

Row, at tbe request of tbe comyn peple, tberle of ^bolouse 
ordevned day for to conduyte tbem, capitulo Clvj, p. 322, 

now tberle of ^bolouse auengyd bym of somme burkes 
robbours wbicb robbed bis boost, capitulo Clvij, p. 325, 

now tberle of rbolouse approcbyd witb bis boost vnto 
/irebys, andof tbe situacion of tbesame, cap. Clviij, p. 327, 
L? t ou "n a m cdx:ortu08 ^ wbicbe Raymont toke witb a 
J£ W I C of P^ l ?rym8* and of tbe departyng of tbe other ba- 

pJS" 8 * capitulo Clix, p.328. 

i2pfI , S- duc - a88ic ff cd <3ibelet,and of a trayson by wbicbebe 

andSJSiS! murmur «l of tbe spere founden in Hntbyocbe, 

tho^«£ ^? cm TT adc tbat bapped in tbe presence of alle 

Of?h°miSf ap i tuloC ^i»P*334- 

of^^^ dco t e ffVP tccomc n witn ournienintotboo8te 

eIJSSS^tZi and of tbc ^euerence tbat was don to tbem, 
capiruio Clxu, p, 336. 

Of an embassadefro tbemperour of Constantynople comen 


to our pylgryms, and of tbanswer to the sayd am bassiate. 

capitulo Clxiij, p. 338, ' 

Row the comyn peple complayned tbem of this, that they 

wente not bastely to Iherusalem, capitulo Clxiiij, p. 341. 
Of tbegretc dylygence that our men made f or tapprocbe to 

Iherusalem, and of thatyaunces of somme "Curkes made 

vnto them, capitulo Clxv, p. 343. 

Rowtbecristenmenof Bethlehem receyuedmocbewelOncre 
and bis rowte, and sette bis baner in tbe cbircbe of our ladv. 
capitulo Clxvj, p. 347. 

Of tbardauntdesiretbattbepeplebadt08eelberusalem,and 
bow tboost approcbed, & was lodged by ordenaunce, cap- 
itulo Clxvij, p. 348. 

Of tbe situacion of Iherusalem, and of tbe descripcion, and 
also of many other cytees, townes, &countrees tberaboute, 
capitulo Clxviij, p. 351. 

Row Iherusalem bath badmany names, after dyuerse lordes 
tberin regnyng, and yet of tbe situacion wel at longe, cac- 
itulo Clxix, p. 353. r 

Rere tbystorye deuysetbof many merueyllous edefyces con- 

capitulo Clxx, p. 355. 

Row tbe'Curkesoflberusalem, whan tbey knewe tbe comyng 

of oure booste, stopped tbe pyttes and fontaynes of tbe 

toun, capitulo Clxxj, p. 358* 
Of tbe nombre of tbem of tboost, of tbem of Iherusalem, & 

bow our men lodged tbem in tbe siege to fore Iherusalem, 

capitulo Clxxij, p. 360. 
Row our men began tassay lie Iherusalem, and of tbe grete 

dyligence that they dyde to make engyna for to take it, 

capitulo Clxxiij, p. 362* 
Row our peple were in grete mescbyef atte sayd siege, & bow 

tbe^urkes deserted tbem, by cause tbey mygbt yssueand 

en tre in and out of tbe toun, capitulo Clxxiiij, p. 365. 
Row tbe burkes enforced tbem to make merueyllous encrvns 

ayenst oures, and of tbe mescbyef don to tbe cristenmen 

dwellyng in tbe toun, capitulo Clxxv, p. 367. 

In this tymearryuedasbipof Genewysatteporteof Ralaooe 
and bow tbeyr messagers cam in to tbooste, and of tbevr 
request, capitulo Clxxvj, p. 368* 

Row alle tbe pylgryms, euericbaf ter bis estate, payned tbem 
to make tbengyns for tbassault, capitulo Clxxvii o 371 

Of tbe fayr processions that oure pylgryms made/to tbende 
that god sbold gy ue to tbeym vy ctorye, and bow tbey par- 
donned ecbe other tbeyr male talentes & euyll wylles, cap- 
tu lo Clxxviij, p. 372* 

Rowouremen sodenly transportedin thenygbttbeyrengyns 
vnto that other parte of the toun for tassaylleon thatsydc. 
capitulo Clxxix, p. 374, 

Row, the daye f olowyng, oure peple made a merueyllous as- 
sault, andbowtbe€urhes defended them subtyllyandwel, 
capitulo Clxxx, p. 376, 

Cbe nygbt departed tbe sayd assault, our peple witbdrewe 

tbem,and bow tbey watched tbeyr engyns, and tbe Curkes 

tbe toun, capitulo Clxxxj, p. 379. 
now oure peple retomedagayn on tbemorn to thassault,and 

of tbe sorceryes that they wold baue charmed one of our 

engyns, capitulo Clxxxij, p. 380. 
Of tbe dispar of our peple at tbe sayd assault, and bow they 


acles, capitulo Clxxxiij, p. 382. 
now tberle of Cbolouse assaylled vygorously toward tbe 

south, and of tbardaunt desire that ecbe man bad to doo 

wel, capitulo Clxxxiiij, p. 384. 
Oftbe pryse and takyngof Iberusalem, and bow due Gode- 

tfroy entred fyrston tbe walles.and wbofolowed, capitulo 

Of tbe mayntenyng of our peple en tred in to tbe toun toward 

tbe nortbeest, and tberle of Cbolouse, berof al ignoraunt, 

assaylled alwey, capitulo Clxxxvi, p. 388. 
nowxjn "Curhes wereslayn in tbe temple, andof tbe gretetre- 

sour tbat Cancre f onde in tbe temple, cap. Clxxxvi], p. 390. 
Of tbe ordenaunces tbat tbe cristen men made tofore tbey 

vnarmed tbem after tbat tbe toun was taken, capitulo 

Row tbe cristen men, tbat bad charged theyr message for 

tbeyr delyueraunce to peter Cberemyte, knewe bym, cap- 
itulo Clxxxix, p. 395. 
now tbey clensyd tbe toun of tbe dede bodyes; of many o- 

tber ordenaunces, & bow tbe dongeon was yolden to tberle 

of Cbolouse, capitulo Clxxxx, p. 396. 

of Iberusalem, and tboppynyon of tbe clergye vpon the 

same, capitulo Clxxxxj, p. 399. 
now tbe due Godeffroy was cbosen kynge of Iberusalem, and 

bow be was presented to our lord in bis cbircbe of tbe boly 

sepulcre, capitulo Clxxxxij, p. 402. 
now due Godeffroy after bis election requyred tberle of 

Cbolouse tbat be sbold delyuer to bym tbe tour Oauyd, 

capitulo Clxxxxiij,p. 404. 
Of a patriarke electe & chosen inlherusalem, & bow there was 

f ounden a part of tbe veray crosse, cap. Clxxxxiiij, p. 406. 


Row due Godeffroy payned bym toamende tberoyamme; of 
bis good conditions and statutes, cap, Clxxxxv, p. 407. 

Of the sayeng of the countesse of Boloyne, moder of the 
saydductbatsbesaydofberiij oldest sones was verefyed, 

capitulo Clxxxxvj, p* 4*0* 

and an bye baron of Hlmayne, capitulo Clxxxxvij, p. 411* 
Of a f ayr f ay te of armes, wbicb that tbe due dide in a bataille 

that tbemperour of Hlmayne bad ayenst tbem of Saxone, 

capitulo Clxxxxviij, p. 413. jt 


be woldneuer bere crowne, capitulo Clxxxxix, p. 416. 
Row tbe"Curkesof Hrabe&of Cgypte madetbeirsommance 

for to come in to Sury tassaylle our cristen men, capitulo 

CC, p. 418, 

to god for mercy and for to bauevyctorye, cap, CCj, p»420* 
Rowoure men assembled and ordeyned tbeyr bataylles for 


confyted, capitulo CCij, p. 422, 
Row somme of oure barons wolde retorne borne, after that 

tbey bad don tbeyr pylgremage, capitulo CCiij, p. 426* 
Row Buymontand Bawdwyn,acerteyned of tbeconquest of 

tberusalem, wold accomplyssbe tbeyr pylgremage, cap- 
itulo CCiiij, p* 429* 
Row our cristen men chosen a very patriark in tberusalem, 

and assigned to bym rentes, capitulo CC\>, p. 432* 

Rere recountetb tbistorye, bow tbe fourth part of tberusa- 
lem cam vnto tbe patriahe of tbe same, cap. CCvij, p. 435* 
Of tbe same mater, capitulo CCviij, p. 43/* 
Row due Godeffroy, f ortaugmente cristiente, assyeged one 

of tbe tounes of tbe "Curkes, capitulo CCix, p. 440. 
Row tbe'Curkes brought presentes to tbe ducGodeffroyeat 

tbe sayd siege & of tbeyr deuyses to gydre, cap.CCx, p. 442 
RowBuymontveas taken in goyngtoJVIeletene,wbicbecytetbe 

Row tbe due Godeffroy assembled bis peple and entred in to 

Hrabye, and of tbe gayn that be made, of two grete strokes 

tbat ne smote on two camellis, and of bis detb, capitulo 

CCxij,p»44^ M : 

Rere endetb tbe table of tbe content and cbaptres nombred 

of tbis present book, entitled tbe siege and conqueste of 

tberusalem by cristen men. 


f)ere beaynnetb tbebokeintituled Bracks, and 
also of ©odefrey of Boloyne, tbe wbicbe spek- 
etb of tbc conquest of tbc boly tonde of Ibe- 
rusakm, conteynyng diuerse warres andnobte 
faytes of Hrmes made in tbe same royamme, 
and in tbe con trees adiacent, and also many j 
meruayllous werkes bapped and fallen, as wel 
on tbis syde, as in tbo partyes tbis tyme du- 
ryng, and bow tbe valyant due ©odefrey of 
Boloyne conquerd witb tbe swerd tbe sayd 
royamme, and was kynge tbere. 
IO>e first cbapitre treatetb bow Bracks con- 
querd perse & slewe Cosdroe, & brought in to | 
Jerusalem tbe very crosse, capitulo prtmo & 

\Y)G Huncyent bystoryes sa~ & 
1 ye tbat Bracks was a good s 
crysten man,andgouernour 
of tbempyre of Kome, but ! 
in bis tyme JNflacbomet bad 
ben, wbicbe was messager 
of tbe deuil, and made tbe 
peple to vnderstonde tbat 
I be was a propbete sente from our lorde. In tbe 
tyme of feracks was tbe fals lawe of JMacbo- 
met sowen and sprad abrode in many partyes 
of tboryent, & namely in Hrabye, in so mocbe 
faitb to bis secte tbat be precbid and taugbt, 
wbicbe is cursed and euyl, but be constrayned 
tbem by force and by swerd to, and alk tbeir 
subgets toobeye to rris commandemens, and| 



tobyleuem bte lawejfrSlban ewdcBbadeom- 
quSdptret, and bad elayn p 8droc '" b # *^ a ! 
Suteeaunt kynge, be brought agayn to Iberuea- 
Cbc vVcrleee, wbicbc tbcy bad Wde ™ » 
Ocrec and abode and dwellyd in tbc londeof Sur- 
£?n£l didedo ordevne and cboee a patnarke, a 
eril be dvdc do make agayn tbe ^trcbee.and ba- 
hXd tbc boW pUcce, and cleneed tbem tbat tbc 
Kn<:o9d?o P c of Perec bad emeton doun and 
ScVtrovcd^eraclce eette grctc entente and made 
Seoetee for to re wre tbem, and wbilee be en- 
Sndcd tber aboute, Romar, tbc eone of Captap, 
wbfebe was aprynee of Hrabe, tbe tbtrde af ter JVIa- 
A*m*am tn to tbte contree named palcetyne, 
StTeo'Srtc nombreof pcple tbat alle tbe londe 

2? eouRitb tbem, and bft* , aJ*SS 
force a mocbc etronge cyte of tbat londe : namca 
w£c from tbens bedrewe bym toward Damaskc, 
I^Sd tbe cvtc&by etVcngtbe tokc byt,ffor 
he bad ^eo g«te aTombrl of people tbat notbyna 
n \vytrc8&cbymjyq,cmpcro U rncracto,wb»cft 

?ct dwellyd in a parte of tbte londe named Cylyce, 
berde tydyngce of tbie peple, and ecnte good ee- 

ficrcbe tbetr couine, for be deeyred mocbc to baue 
I doo witb tbyee peple on tbe fclde, and fygbtc 
Ldchaee tbem out of tbe londee & cvteee wbtcbe 
IbevedloCrtetente&to tbempyreofW.But 
™h?« hie meeeagere cam, be bad by tbcm know- 
&«?5S?*»t be bad not peple ynowb to 
t>bte ayenlt tbem, ffor tbey were eo fyere and eo 

orguyllous of tbe grete nombre of pcplc that tbey 
bad, that tbcy tbougbtc notbyng mygbt restate 
tbemj^Hnd tber vpon Heracles bad deliberation 
& counseilled witb bis peple, tbat it sbold be lest 
dishonour to departe and retome in to bia contre, 
tban auff re bia peple to be destroyed, and mygbt 
not amende it XTbua tbenne, be departed out of 
Surye, by cauae tbe kyngeof Hrabe and bia peple 
were of so grete power and ao proude,as tbcy tbat 
fonde alle tbe contre babandonned totbem,fror in 
a abort tyme tbey bad conquered alle tbe contre of 
Surye vnto Ggypte^One tbyng tbat waa to fore 
bappenned in tbya contree, wbycbc beelp mocbe 
tbem of Hrabe tencrece tbeir power, ffor Cosdroe 
tbe puisaaunt kynge of perse, of wbom I baue 
spoken to fore, bad ben witb grete puiaaaunce in 
Surye, and bad destroyed tbe cytees and castels, 
brent townes and cbircbes, and slayn grete partye 
of tbe peple, and tbe remenaunt bad brougbt in to 
captiuite, & toke tbe cy te of Iberusalem witb force, 
and slewe witbin tbe toun xxxvjM men, Hnd bare 
away witb bym tbe veray crosse tnat our lord Ibesu 
Cryste suffred detb on for vs, and laddewitb bym 
tbe patriarke of Iberusalem named Zacbarye, and 
brougbt bym witb bym witb tbe otber caytyf s. 


Here recountetb tbistorye bow tbat tbc puissaunt 
feynge Cosdroe wastyd tbc empyre of Rome, for 
tauenge tbc dctb of tbemperour JVlaurice, fader of 
bis wyf , capitulo i)^^ 

3|0<Gtl I sbal telle yow wby be bad 
bo doon ; lyfce as Isayde,bewas 
i arygbtmygbtykynge,nowbad 
tber be an emperour at Rome, 
named JMauryce, wbicbe as we 
fjmde was mocbe acqueynted 
witb seint Gregorie, & was bis 
gossib,ff ortbesayd seynt6re- 
fgoryt bad crtstenyd to bym a dougbter named 
^ariej^Cbis JVlaurice gaf ber in maryage to tbis 
Cosdroe,and tber by wasagrete frensbip bytwene 
tbem & grete alyaunce bytwene tbem of perse and 
tbe Romaynes as lonae as tbemperour lyued, in 
sucbe wyse tbat for tbe loue of bis wyf and tbe 
Romayns, wbyebe were Cristen, tbys emperour 
made Cosdroe to be baptised j? But after it be- 
fylletbat f ocaslewe in treson tbis emperour JMau- 
rice, and was emperour in bis place, and was called 
f oca Cezar. Sdban Cosdroe berd berof be bad mer- 
veyllous grete sorow, grete desdayne, grete orgu- 
yel, & grete bate ayenst tbe pepleof tbe Romayns, 
by cause tbat be wbicbe bad slayn tbeyr lordevn- 
trewly, and was yet blody of tbe blood of tbe em- 
perour, tbey bad cbosen to be tbeir lord, and bad 
gyuen to bym tbempire; if or tbis cause beentended 
to bis power to burte and destroye al tbempire of 
Rome. Hnd for tbis cause, for tauenge tbe detb of 

,be entred in to the londcof Surye, wbicbe tbennc 
>was subget to tbempyre of Rome, and wasted and 

destroyedit, lykeas I bauesaid to fore, and voyded 
• almost alle tbe peple tbat was tberin. for wbicbe 

cause tbis kynge fiomar aforsaid,and bis pepleof 

Hrabe, tbat f onde tbis londe so voyde, myabt tbe 

better doo tbeyr wy lies witb alle- 

I How tbis puissaunt kynge entred in to Xberusa- 
lem, & demaunded dylygently of tbe TTemple, and 
i reedyfied it, and assigned grete reuenues tberto for 
tentretene it, capit ulo iij^^ 

ir>H]^ tbey cam in tbe boly cyte 
of tberusalem, tbey f onde it de- 
stroyedand deserte, sauf a f ewe 

cristen men wbicbedwellyd tbere 
I andweresuffred tbattbey sbold 
I lyue as cristen men, and make 
agayn tbeir cbircbes, and tbat 
J tbey sbold baueapatriarkejfiTln 
tbewbile tbat tbismygbty prynceduellid in Iberu- 
salem, be began tenquyre mocbe ententifiy of tbe 
peple of tbe toun, and pryncipally of tbe patriarke 
wbicbe was named Sopbonye, and bad ben cbosen 
jarter JModeste, wbicbe was deed, of wbom I baue 
u P a u ^ for ^ in wba t place tbe templeof our lord 
naa bewban TTitus tbe pryncedeffeted& destroyed 

T n Atu y l c ' . c 9bcwid t0 ty™ tbe very certayn place, 
tlfSlj ef on ^mentes, and a parteof tbe muraylles 

} h*ll ~£ C t ^ cnnc ? ct apperyng, Remade anon to 

be sought and to be broubt to bym, without longe 

taryeng, grete nombre of masons & of carpenters, 

*and dide do be sette stones of marble andof otber 

b3 5 

manere, and allc tbynges necessarye tberto be dide 
do assemble as mocbc as sbold nede, and demsed 
tbc mancr and ordinance of tbc mesure, and of tbc 
dyspences for to make tbc temple* Hnd, as be was 
a noble prynce of bye affaire and noble, be brought 
anon to ende tbis tbat be bad emprised,in sucbe 
wise tbat tbe temple was reedef yed in sucbe forme 
self assygned grete rentes and reuenues if or euer 
more, for to sustene and repayre alle tbat sbold be 
nedef ul to tbedyfices and otber necessities of tbe 
temple, and for tbe seruvng of tbe lygbt, day and 
nygbt, by tbe bandes or tbem tbat be commysed 
to kepe tne templej^XTber is in tbe same temple, 
witbin and without, letters of golde musaique in 
tbe Ian gage of Hrabe, wbicbe deuy se as we su ppose, 
wbo was be tbat reedefyed tbe temple, and wbat 
tyme, and bow mocbe it coste to rebylde it 
Row Cbarlemayne by bis lyberalite gate for tbe 
prouffyt of cristen peple in betbenes, tbamytye of 
betben prynces,capitulo iiij^^ 

]r>QS it bapped tbat tbis boly 
cyteof Iberusalcm, for tbe syn- 
nes of tbe peple, was in seruage 
& in tbe daunger of betben pe- 
ple longe tyme, tbat is to wete 
ccccxxxriijyere contynuelly,but 
not allway in one mancreXbey 
were one tyme better, & anotber 

tyme werse,ly he as tbe lordes cbaunged,wbicbe were 
of dyuerse maners and condicions, but neuertbeles 
tbise peple were alway in subiectionj!? It bapped 

tbatonegretelorde of this saide lawebadnygbe in 
bis seignorye allc tbc londe of tboryent, sauf only 
YndeXbisprynce was namedHaron,and bis sur- 
name Ressit. tbis man was of so grctc cortosye, 

affaires in allc good maners,tbat yet tbc paynems 

mayn/Cbey were botbe in onetyme, tbisHaron and 
tbis Cbarlemain , & tberf ore, in tbeir tyme, tbe cris- 
ten peple in Xberusalem were in better poynt tban 
tbei bad euer be to fore vnder ony of tbe betben pe- 
ple, ffor Cbarlemayn tbe good emperour,wbicbe so 
mocbetrauailled and suffryd for our lorde,and so 
mocbe enbaunced tbe f aytb of Xbesu Criste, to tb- 
ende tbat tbe cristiente in Surye mygbt be tbe bet- 
ter and more debonairly cberyssbed and entreated, 
pourcbassed so longe tbat be bad tbe loue and ac- 
queyntaunce of tbe said Haron, by messages tbat 
wenteandcam.Cdberof tbis Haron badmocbegrete 
ioye,andaboue alletbepryncesof tbeworld belou- 

places tbat were vnder bis power, be wolde tbat tbey 
sbold be entretiened,mayntened andwell aoumea, 
ly ke as Cbarlemayne bad desyred and sen te to bym 
worde,wberof it semed tbat our peple beynge tbere, 
25 a P owcr of tbc betben men, <Oban be mygbt 
^U i 5 j mc88a SfCTB of Cbarlemayne, be charged 

b4 ? 

he sen te to bts f rende Cbarlemayn, & largely be gaf 
and rewarded the messagers.flnd emonge al other 

bonayrte pourcbased the good Cbarlemayn for the 
crysten men that were in captiuyte vnder the said 
ttaron, and tn lykewyse the saidHaron, f or tbeloue 
tbatbebare to Cbarlemayn, pourcbassed for other 
ensten men that were in al betbenes vnder dyuerse 
lordes, as in 6gypte, & in fluf rique, that is to seve 
m fllexandrye, and in Cartage, for be sente arete 
yef tes and mocbe good to sustene tbe poore ens- 
ten men, & sente grete presentes vnto tbeyr lordes 
and matstres myscreaun tes, andamyable letters, in 
sucbe wise, tbat be pourcbassed tbeir loue and ac- 
gueyntaunce, by wbicbe tbey conteyned tbem more 
debonairly vnto enstiens tbat were in tbeyr subiec- 

tbe betben lordes, tbat were f er fro bym, for it is to 
be btleutd, tbat y f be bad ben nygbe to tbem, tbat be 
wold baue essayed for to baue delyuerd in another 
maner the peple of our lord, lyke as be dyde rycrbt 
gloriously m many places. 


Of tbe noysetbat sourded emongetbe betben men 
discording in tbeyr lawe,and bow tbey of Ggypte 
yssued out of tbeyr londe, and of tbc euyllis tbat 
tbey dyde, capitulo v^a? 

JNf tbis season it bapped tbat a 

grctc debate sourdcd bytwene 

tbe mescreauntesof Ggypte, & 

tbe mescreaun tes of perse, ff or 

eueryebe partye of tbis peple 

wold baue tbe seignourye vpon 

tbe otberXbe rote of tbis grete 

. bateandenuyesourded&aroos 


tayn poyntesof tbeyr lawe,in sucbe wise tbat tbey 

bauedyuerse names, £ortbey tbat boldetbelaweof 

.perse baue tbe name in tbeyr langage Souni. Hnd 

be not so f erre fro tbe very crysten lawe,as ben tbe 
otberj^It bapped tbat tbey of Ggypte yssuedout 
of tbeyr londe,& conquered alle tbe londesvntoHn- 
' tyocbe,and emonge tbeotber cy tees tbat were taken, 
' tbe boly cyte of Iberusalem cam vnder tbeyr power 
and seignouryeXbe peple tbat were tbere in capti- 
uy te were resonably wel entreated, tyl it bapped by 
tbe suffraunce of god tbat bis peple sbold becbas- 
tised,and tbat was by adesloyal and cruel lord and 
calypbe of Ggypte, wbicbe was named fiecam. He 
passed in malyce and cruelte allebis predecessours 
m sucbe wysetbat tbe peple of bis owen lawe belde 
bym as wode of pryde, of rage, & of f alsebed- 6m- 
onge tbe otber tyrannyes, be commanded to caste 
doun to tbe ground tbe cbyrcbe of tbe sepulcre of 

our lordelbesu Cry ste, wbicbe bad ben made, first 
of Constantyne tbemperour, by a noble patryarke 
of Iberusalem named fytaxymcand after reedefyed 
by JVIodest tbat otber patriarke Jf In tbe tyme of 
Heracles, of wbom we baue spoken to fore, be sen te 
to tbem afals calipbe,onebis bay tywbicbe was lord 
of Rames, and named Dyart, Xihxe dyde tbe com- 
mandement of bis lord,& caste itdoun to grounde. 
In tbis tyme was patriarke of tbis cbyrcbe a rigbt 
valyaunt man named Oreste, and was vncle vnto 
tbis vntrew kynge of Ggypte, broder of bis moder, 
and tbis was tbe reson wby be was so cruel ayenste 
crystiente, fP or tbe beetben men sayde tbat be sbold 
neuer bef erme in tbeyr lawe, by cause be bad acrys- 
ten moder, Hnd for to take away tbis suspecion be 
destroyed tbis boly cbircbe of tbe boly sepulcre, 
wbicbe was tbe f ontayne & begynnyng of our very 

How tbaffliccyon, iniuries & tormentes of crysten 
men grewe in tbe tyme of calypbe fiecam, capitulo 

RO tbenne fortbon began tbes- 

tate of our peple at Xberusalem 

Jj to be more greuous & more sor- 

owful tban it was wonte to be, 

if or tbey toke grete displaysir at 

tbeyr berte for tbe cbircbe of tbe 

resurrexion of our lorde, wbicbe 

tbey sawe so destroyed emonge 

tbem, Hnd on tbat otber syde tbey were charged 

ouer sorowf ully wytb tributes, taskes & tayllages, 


ayenst the custome & preuy leges graun ted to tbem 
of betben prynces, Hnd also, tbey weredeffendedto 
make ony f estes on tbe dayes of tbeyr bye f estes, 
bu t tberme tbey were com pelly d to trauay lie by force 
and angre, or tbey were commanded not to yssue 
outof tbeyr bowses nedores, but boldetbem cloos 
wytbin, to tbende tbat tbey sbold make no sem- 
blaunce of feste wytbin tbem, Hnd yet also tbey 
mygbt not be tberin in pees ne assured, but tbey 
caste at tbem by tbe wyndows grete stones, don ge, 
dyrte, and foul ordure, Hnd yf it bapped som tyme 
a crysten man to saye a ligbt worde tbat dyspleas- 
ed ony of tbe betben men, anon be sbold be taken 
like a murderer, and brought to pryson,and sbold 
lose tberf ore bis fyste or fote, or be was brought to 
tbe gy bet, & alle tbe good tbat be bad, was brought 

take tbe cbyldren of tbe crysten peple, botbe sones 
and dougbtres,in to tbeyr owne bowses, and made 
tbem mescreauntes ayenst tbeyr wylle, and sorn- 
tymeby betynge,and another wytb lyes & flaterye, 
made many yonge folke to renye our faytb, Hnd 
thus tbey dyde to our peple mocbe sbame and grief 
^But notwytbstondyng,ofood crysten men lefte 
not, but admonested & contorted tbe peple to suf - 

u <J -^ 9 w * th a S ooc * ^ crtc anc * vcr * P*™**™* for 
the faitb of Xbesu Criste,and promysed tbem for 

tbise shames, tbe ioye, tbonour and tbe glorye of 


l C <5 P * C £ 80 10 ?? drc > tbat tbey enforced tbem to 
bolde & kepe tbeir cristen faytb tbe more surely by 
cause tbey dyde tbem so mocbe barm, and repreen 


C ebolde be oucr longc a tbinge to 
rccountcto you alle tbemeeeaeeeand 
tbc myecbiefe tbat tbc pcplc of our 
lord endured tbat tyme, but I ebal 
sbewyow one exampel, to tbende tbat 
by tbeeame yevnderetonde tbe more 
of other. One of tbe betben men, ouermocbe mali- 
cioue & vntrewe, wbicbe bated of ouermocbe cruel 
bate tbe crieten men, be aduieed and tbougbte on 
a day bow bemygbte brynge tbem to detb, ne eawe 
wel tbat alle tbecytebeld tbe temple in mocbe grete 
honour and reuerence, wbicbe wae reedefyed, & tbe 
laye peple named it tbe temple dominue, and tbat 
, tbey wbicbe bad tbe charge to kepe it dide al tbeir 
peyne to kepe it cleen & nette, ]Vow tberwae a place 
,to fore tbe temple, wbicbewae named tbaitreof tbe 
temple, wbicbe tbey wolde kepe ae dene ae crieten 
men kepe tbeir cbircbee and aultree, Hnd tbie vn- 
treu man, tbat 1 baue eaid yow of to fore, toke by 
nygbt, in euche wiee tbat no man eawe it, a dede 
bound al roten and etynkyng,and brought it in to 

tbey of tbe toun cam to tbe temple, tbey fonde tbie 
dogge* 'Cbenne eourded and arooe a crye, a noyee, 
and a clamour eo grete thumb alle tbe toun tbat 
tber wae notbinge epoken of but of tbie bounde, 
XTbey aeeembled, and put out of doubte tbat tbie 
wae not doon ne caete there but by tbe crietyene, 
Hlle tbe betben men accorded to tbie poyntthatalle 
tbe crieten pepleehold beput todeth with the ewerd, 
and there were theyr ewerdee drawen redy out of 
tboee that eholde emyte of all their beedee, 

JVlOJ^Ge the crysten men was a 
yonge man of a mocbe grctc bcrtc & 
of grctc pyte, and spak to tbc peple, 
& said to tbcm: fair lordes, troutbe 
it is, tbat I am not culpable in tbis 
'tbinge, nc none of yow, as I byleue 
icertaynly. But it sbold be ouermocbe gretc dom- 
mage yf we alle sbold deye tbus, ff or by tbis sbold 
alle tbc cristendomme be quencbid in tbis londe, 
wberf ore 1 baue tbougbt in my self, bow X sbal de- 
)lyuer yowalle, by tbayde of our lord* Zxoo tbynaes 
}X desyreof you, for tbe loueof god, tbat oneis that 
ye praye formy sowle in your orisons, tbat other is 
tbat ye deporte & bonoure my poure lygnage. for 
I will take tbis tbinge on me,and saye tbat 1 allone 
baue doon tbis f ayt, wbicbe tbey put on vs allejfiF 
Cbey tbat doubted tbe detb bad grete ioye wban 
tbey berd tbis, &promysed to bym tbeir orisons, 
and tbonoure of bis lygnage* In tbis maner, tbat 
tbey of bis lygnage euermore on palmsonday sbal 
bere tbolyue, wbicbe signyfyetb Ibesu Criste wban 
be cam intoiberusalem.TIbus tbis man cam to fore 
tbe lustice, and said to tbem tbat tbe otber cristcn 
men were notbyng culpable in tbis fayt,and sayde 
tbat be bym self bad doon tbe dede jj^Cdban tney 
berde tbis, tbey delyuerd all tbe otber, and be only 
bad bis beed smeton of* 


fiowat the requeste of tbempcrourof Constat! ty- 
noblc the cristen men obteyned lycence to bylde 
agayntbecbircbeo ftbebolysepulm,capitulovii>ft 

OCr>e diseases suffred tbe pe~ 
ple of our lord in tbis tyme; but 
tbesu cryste,tbatwelcan settere- 
mediesin tbinges merueillous & 
out of ordre, &recomforte tbem 
after, ffortbis vntrewe prynceof 
Ggipte, fiecam, deyde, and bis 
uA sone, named Daber,regned after 

peroure of Constantynoble, wbyebe bad to name 
fie prayde tbe said Daber, wbom be mocbe louyd, 
tbat be wold suffre tbat tbe Christen men mygbt 
redefye tbe cbircbe of tbe boly sepulcre, wbicbe bis 
fader bad do beten doun : be graun ted it for tbe loue 
of tbemperourjjFlt was not longe after tbat tbis 
emperour deyde, & after bymregned Constantyn, 
wbicbe bad to surname JVIonomaques, wbicbe is to 
saye in Greceas a man fygbtyng alloneXbepoure 
cristen tbat were in Iberusalem bad lycence for to 
make agayn tbeir cbircbes, but tbey bad not tbe 
power, for tbeir pouerte, and berupon tbey bad a 
counseyl tbat tbey wold sende to tbemperour, and 
requyre bvm for goddes sake tbat be wold belpe & 
socour or bis almesse, for tbe reedefyengof tbis 
boly werke, 


RSR was in the toun of Iberusalem 

a good man named loban Cariain- 

tes, bom in Constantinople, & bad 

ben agretegentilman of tbecontre as 

of bis lignage, but yet was be more 

gentil of berte & good maners, Tbis 

man was comen on pylgremage to tbe boly sepul- 

cre, and bad lef te alle tbe bobaunceand tbonour of 

tbe world, and bad taken tbabyteof relygion, ffor 

( to folowe our lord Ibesu Criste in pouerte in tbe 

place wbere be suffred pouerte and messease for 

vs^TTbis aaidloban wasprayd of alle tbe cristen 

' peple tbere, tbat be would en trepryse tbis message 

>f or to goto tbemperour, for tbe loue of god and of 

tbem. Re dyde it witb a good wylle, and departed, 

and cam in to Constantynoble,and spak to tbem- 

perour, & didealle tbat be was requyred, ffor tbem- 

perour graunted tbat be wolde make alle tbe dis- 

pencestbatsboldbenedefultotbebyldyngof tbis 
boly cbircbe, & wolde reedefye it at bis owen coste 
j^Cbis loban was mocbe ioyous wban be bad so 
wel accomplissyd bis message, & toke leue of tb- 
emperour, and cam agayn in to Iberusalem, Cdban 
be bad said to tbe peple tbe good tydinges tbat be 
brougbt, tbey made grete ioye, & many wepte grete 
teeres for py te,by cause tbey tbougbte tbat our lord 
wolde not al way forgete tbem, wban be bad doo to 
tbem sucb comfortejjSPIn tbis tyme was patriarke 
in Iberusalem an boly man named JSfycef ores. 


pBJMpeROaR held rygbt wcl bis 
promesse,fforbesente without tary- 
eng grete partye of bis tresour, and 
dide do make tbc cbyrebe of tbc boly 
ecpulcrc mocbe bye in tbestate and 
manere tbat it is yet, & was f ul made 
tbe yere of tbincamacion of our lord a JYIxlviij,and 
bad ben xxxvij yere destroyed, Cbis was rygbt tbe 
yere to fore tbat our peplerecouerd tbe cy te j^^lban 
tbecristen men there bad made agayn tbe cbircbe, 
tbey were mocbe ioyous, and were also tberin well 
comforted of all tbeyr meseases and repreues tbat 
J tbey suffred, wberof tbey bad grete plente, not only 
in Iberusalem, but also in alle tbe cytees aboute, as 
in Betbleem, and in tbe cyte where Hmos tbe pro- 
pbete was bom,named CecuajgFHs of teas tbeCa- 
lipbe sente in to tbe landeanewe bayly, so of te were 
sette on tbem new tributes &taillages,wbicbe tbey 
mygbt not wel pave; and yf tbey payed not, anon 
tbey menaced tbem for to caste doun tbeir cbircbes 
to tbe ground, & saide tbey bad of tbeir lord com- 
mandement sotodoo.'Cbus in this sorowwere tbe 
cristen peple, one wbile vnder tbem of Sgipte, an- 
other tyme vnder tbem of perse, but tbis was not 
but yet a begynning to tbem, as wban tbey cam 
vnder tbe power of tbe Curques, If or tbe XTurques 
conquerd tbe royame of perse, & also of e<*ypte 
Zbue tbe boly cyte fylle in to tbeir demayne, wbicbe 
demened it so cruelly and tormented it so cruely, 
tbat it semed to tbe pepleof our lord tbat tbey bad 
be in frauncbise and in grete reste vnder tbem of 

egypte & of persej^XTbusbeldetbeCurkestbem 
there viij yere, 

,Of the burkes, fro wens tbey cam, and bow tbey 
grewe in to grete puisaunce, and didc cbese tbcm a 
( yrigc f o r to mayn tene tbeir warres, capitulo viij,*£ 

HOR as mocbe as we baue spoken 
of tbe burkes, and sballe of te 
spefce of tbem in tbis book, me 
semetb good that I saye to yow 
fro wbens tbis peple cam first, & 
wberby tbey bad so grete power. 
HbeOirhe andOirhemans cam 
- out of a lynage, rote, & of a con- 
tre toward tbe eest wbicbe is in Hsye, and werea pe- 
ple mocbe rude and without ordynaunce,ne bad no 
contreye,ne no certayn dwelling place, butwent all 
,aboute fro londe to londe, & sought pastures for 
tbeir beestis,ne neuerduellid in castel ne toun.Hnd 
wban tbey wolde meue from one place to another, 
tbenne wen teeuery lynage by bym self, & they made 
in euery kynredor lygnage a prince wbicbe was tbeyr 
iusticer ; by tbise prynces, all tbeir mesfeates and 
trespeaces were redressyd and amendid, and tbey 
obeyed, and dide tbat be or tbey commandedXbey 
caryed witb tbem alle tbeyr tbynges, seruauntes, 
menages, bousbold, tbeir oxen, kyen, sbeep,& otber 
beestis.In tbis tbynge was alle tbeyr ryebesse, tbey 
laboured no londe by eeryng ne sowyng, ne tbey 
but tbeir beestes, tbeir cbese & mylke, changed tbei 
for to baue otber tbinges tbattbey n eded j^Cdban 
tbey bad ben in one place, and bad nede to goo in 
toanotber, tbey sente tbe wisest of tbeir peplevnto 
tbe princes of tbe contre, & tbey made couenantes 
ci 17 

for tbem for to dwelle in tbeir wodes and pastures 
for the tribute tbat tbey sbold paye lyke as tbey 
sbold accorde* 

OGd it bapped tbat a grete partye of 
tbis peple departed fro tbeotber, and 
entred in to tbe londe of perse, and 
fonde tbis londe mocbe plentyvous 
of pastures, & ryofbt good of sucbe 
as tbey neded, and gar to tbe kynge 
tbe trybute tbat tbey were accorded fore, &dwellyd 
tbere t can not telle now Ion ge. Oris peple began to 
growe and multeplye in sucbe wise tbat tbere were 
of tbem a meruayllous grete nombre, in so mocbe 
tbat tbe kyngeand tbey of tbe contre self began to 
baue grete doubte of tbem & fere, leste tbey mygbt 
doo barme by tbe power tbat ouermocbe grewe and 
encrecedjSFRere vpon tbey bad a counseyl emonge 
tbem, tbat tbey wold dryue & cbasse tbem by force 
out of tbeyr londe, but after tbey cbaungect tbeyr 
counseyl, and semed better tbat tbey sbold charge 
tbem wytb sucbe trybutes tbat tbey mygbte not 
suffre, & tbenne tbey sbold departe by annoy, and 

oftbeirowneagrementlykeas tbey were come/Cbus 
tbey dyde, but tbey suffred longe tbise greues, til 
atte laste, wban tbey mygbte nomore suffre, tbey 
counseylled emong tbem self tbat tbey wold no- 
more paye to tbe kyngej^COban tbe kynge berde 
tbis, be didc do cry e tburgb alle bis royamme, tbat 
tbey sbold yssue ou t of it by a certayn day tbat was 
named to tbem, & tbat tbey sbold passe tbe flood 
named Cobar, wbicbe is vtterist part of tbe roy- 
amme of perse on tbat other syde^Hndwban tbey 

were departed, & on the playn, tbey sawe tbem self 

ouer and apperceyued that tbey were so greteplente 

of peple that no londemygbt suffer tbem,ne with- 

stonde tbem yf tbey belde bem to gydre* for to fore, 

.wban tbey dwellidm perse, tbey dwellid fer a/son- 

\dre,in sucbe wise tbat tbey knewe not tbeir power; 

'but now wban tbey sawe tbat tbey were so many, 

tbey bad meruaillous grete desdayne of tbat tbey 

sbad suffred,and tbe pryde and grieuousnesof one 

'prince, ^bey take counseyl emonge tbem,and sawe 

tbat no peple mygbt resiste tbem, but mygbt con- 

quere alle lon des tber aboute* 

CTC one tbyngedestrobled tbem, and 
tbatwas,tbeybadno kyngeon tbem* 
Hnd tbennetbey dydein tbis manere, 
tbey f onde emonge tbem an bondred 
lignages, of wbicbe euericb bad bis 
J meyne,&euery lignage brougbtfortb 
an arowe marked in sucb wise tbat tbe arowe of ecbe 
lignage mygbt be knowen JP Hnd wban alle tbise 
arowes were brought to gydre, tbey called a lytil 
1 cbylde, and commanded bym to take vp sucbe one 
as be wolde, ffor tbey bad acorded emonge tbem, 
£jP) tbat of tbe lignage tbat tbe arowe sbold be taken vp 
vJi by tbe cbylde, tbey sbold cbese tbem a kynge* XTbe 
cbylde tokevp oneof a lignage tbat after was called 
Selduces. J^owtbey knewe tbat of tbis lignagetbey 
muste cbese a kynge,& tbey toke an bondred of tbe 
most prudent & wise men tbattbey coude fynde in 
u tA l ^nage, and commanded tbat ecbe of tbem 
sbold brynge an arowe, wberon bis name sbold be 
wreton, and after tbey called tbe cbylde, & bad bym 
C2 19 

take vpone of tbe arowes, and concluded emonge 
tbem, that be sbold be hynge, of wbom be tohe vp 
tbe arowe j&YSz tohe vp one, on wbicbe was wreton 
Selduc, OnsSelducwas a mocbe goodly man, and 
gretely honoured in bis lignage: be was grete and 
stronge,agood hnygbtandwel proued,andsemed 
wel to be a good man and of bye werhes. they cbees 
alle tbis man for to be tbeyr hynge, as tbey bad 
promysed, and dyde to bym bomage and f ealte by 
otb, and obeyed bym, and honoured bym, lyhe as 
18 don to a new kynge* 

HIS hynge, for tbe first of bis com- 
mandementis, commanded & made 
do crye ouer all, on payne of lesyng 
of tbeyr lyues, tbey sbold reoasse & 
goo ouer agayn tbe flood of Cobar, 
and retome agayn in to perse, if or 
tbey wold no lengre be in danger for to secbe place 
I and stede wbere tbey mygbt dwelle, but wolde tbat 
[tbey sbold conquere tbis londe and otber, and re- 
1 teyne tbem in tbeyr seignourye, Lyhe as be sayd & 
commanded it was don, fFor tbe peple conquerd in 
a sbort space by force of armes, not only tbe roy- 
ame of perse, but alle Hrabe and otber contrees of 
tboryent,and tohe tbem by strengtbe,andretevned 
tbem vndertbeyrpowerj^Hnd tbus itbapped tbat 
tbis peple tbat tof ore bad be so rude, and [yued so 
outof ruleas beestis,af ter gate in lasse tban f our- 
ty yere so grete seignouryes, as ye now bere, And 
mounted in so grete pryde, tbat tbey woldeno more 
baue tbe name lyke as tbe otber bad whence tbey 
came, wberf ore tbey were called TTurhes, Tbe otber 

that wold not leuetbeyrmanerof lyuyngewerealle- 
way named, and yet ben, TTurquemanajSTCbiae pe- 
ple, wban tbey bad conquerd tbia contre of tbory- 
ent, tbey wold entre in to tbe royamme of Sgypte, 
ffor tbey were of mocbe arete puiaaaunce, and dea- 
cended in to Surrye,andconquered tbecontre.Hnd 
emonge tbe otber cyteea, tbey tofce tbe boly cyte of 
Iberuaalem, &aucbe peple aa tbey fonde there tbey 
demened rigbt euyl, & tormentid and greued tbem 
more than tbey bad ben tof ore, tyke aa I baue aayd 
to you to fore* 

Of tborryble aynnearegn)mgtbenne in cryatiante, 
aa wel in tbyae partyea aa in tbo partyea, capitulo 

6 baue berd bow tbia peple tbat 
were cryaten weredemened,in tbia 
contre of tboryent* ]Vow ye may 
here bow tbe cryatiente ia con ten- 
ed A ruled in otber partyea of tbe 
world. Knowe ye for certayn tbat 
tbia tyme were f ounden but f ewe 
tbat bad tbe drede of our lord in 
tbeyr berte* Hlle riofbt wyaneaae, alle troutbe, alle 
py te were fay lied ; tne f ay tb of Ibeau cry ate waa aa 
it bad be quencbid, and of cbaryte men apach not: 
debatea, diacordea, and warrea were nybe oueral, in 
aucbe wyse tbat it aemed tbat tbende of tbe world 
waa ny gbe, by tbe aignea tbat our lord aay tb in tbe 
tbertbe, f erdfulnea of beuen, tremblyng of tbertbe 
in many placea,and many otber tbingea tbere were 

that ought to fere the bertee of men, to drawetbem 
fro euyl, and to brynge to tbem tbe remembraunce 
of our lord, but tbey were ae deef & blynde of beer- 
yng & of seeyng tbie tbat was nedef ul to tbem for 
to saue tbeyr eowlee jff Che pryn ces and tbe barone 
brente and destroyed tbe con trees of tbeyr neigh- 
bours : yf ony man bad saued ony tbynge in tbeyr 
kepyng, tbeyr ownelordestoke tbem, and put tbem 
in prison and in greuous tormentis,fortotake fro 
tbem sucbe as tbey bad, in sucbe wyse tbat tbe cby l- 
dren of tbem tbat nad ben ricbemen,men mygbtsee 
tbem goo fro dore to dore for to begge & gete tbeyr 
brede,and sommedeyefor bungre andmesease,Hs 
to tbe cbircbes ne religyouses, tbey kept not tbeyr 
priuy leges ne none other frauncbyses, but were ta- 
ken fro tbem alle that mocbt be founden, as wel me- 
obles, rentes, & other tbynges.Ye tbe crosses, cha- 
ly ces,& tbe sensour6,tbey toke fro tbe cbircbes, and 
molte tbem for to selle*Yf ony fiedde to the cbircbe 
for to warante and saue bym, be was taken & draw- 
en out vylaynously,as out of a tauerne or an other 
place* 'Co monkes and clerkes were doon wronges, 

andall tbe shames tbey mygbtj^Tber wasnoius- 
tyce, but on tbem that trespaced not ne f orfayted 
notbyng, Che contrees were ful of tbeues and of 
murdriers:in cytees ne in good townes was noman 
eureXbere regiied customably dronkensbip, lech- 
erye, playengatdyse and roberyes: tber was no ma- 
nage kepte,ne lignage,and also as of euyl lyf were 
the clerkes or werse,as tbe otberXbe byssbops ne 
tbe other prelates durst not reprebende ne cbas- 
tyse none for tbeyr euyl werkesXbe rentes of holy 


cbircbetbey gaf ne payd none, but solde the benefi- 
ces j0Bx\d fynably Isayeyow, tbat alle euylwerfces 
bad surprysed alle crystiente, in sucbe wyse tbat 
it semed tbat eueryebe dyde payne for to serue tbe 

Of a batay lie tbat tbemperour Romayne of Cons- 
tantinople badayensta^uissauntprynce of tbor- 
ent named Belpb et, capitulo x&& 

1<HR lorde, tbat by bis py te cbas- 
tysetb in tbis world for to spare 
in tbat otber, & can wel bete bis 
cbylderen tbat be louetb for to 
saue tbem, suffred a grete fliawe 
to come in to tbe contre for to 
cbastyse tbe peple, ffor in tbis 
Ityme, wban tbemperour Rom- 
ayn was lord in Constantynoblcyssued out of tbe 
partyes of tboryent a puissant betben prynce na- 
med Belpbet, wbicbe brought witb bym so grete 
plente or peple out of perse and Surye, tbat tbey 
couerd alle tbe contre, <& tbe multitude was sogrete 
tbat it mygbt not wel be nombred, TIbey brought 
witb tbem cartes, cbaryottes, borses, camels, beuf- 
f es, kyen, and otber smale beestys, so grete plente, 
tbat vnnetbe it mygbt be byleuyd, Hnd witb tbis 
grete apparayl, tbis grete force and strengtbe be 
brought in to tbempire of Constantinoble, and be- 
gan to take & waste alle tbat be f ondejS? Hnd where 
as they fonde fortresses, cytees or castellis, they 
tokeit al witb assault, ffor nothing mygbt resiste 
tbem but tbat tbey smotealle doun to tbertbe*Hlle 
tbe peple bool fliedde to fore bym, 

c^ 23 

RIS tydynges cam to tbemperour 
that this ofrete lord bad supprised 
and taken bis contre* Hnon without 
taryeng,be sente allc about in tbem- 

Circ, & dyde tbenne eomone allc bis 
oost & assembled as mocbe peple 
as be coude gete, and as mocbe good as be mygbt 
fine for tbis werke tbat was so ofrete^Oaban bis 
peple were comen, be yssued with as many men of 
armes and of warre as be mygbt baue, and drewe 
to tbat partewbere this Belpbet cam. fief ondebym 
to sone, as be tbat was f erre entred in to tbe londe* 
dban tbey knewe tbat ecbe of tbem was so nygb 
other, tbey ordeyned tbeyr bataylles for to fygbte, 
and assembled so cruelly and of so grete angre,as 
peple tbat bad ecbe to other grete bateXbe betben 
fougbte for tenbaunce tbeyr lawe, and for tencrece 
tbeyr power, and tbe cristen men defended tbeyr 
faytb and tbe lawe of Ibesu criste,and tosaue and 
kepe tbeyr liues and franchises, and tbeyr wyues, 
cbilderen, & tbeyr con tree* Xlbt bataylle was mocbe 
arete & cruelle,mocbe peple slayn,& blode sbadde 
here and there j^Htte laste tbe ©rekes mygbt not 
suffre tbe f aytes ne tbe cjrete plente of tbe mescre- 
auntes, and nedde as discomfyted soo f owle tbat 
none retomed agayn, but ranne away witboute or- 
denaunce, eueryebe where be mygbt best saue bym. 
Cbey tbat folowed tbem dyde well nigb alle that 
tbey wolde/Cbey slewe many, and toke grete plente 
a/lyue; & emonge alle other, tbemperour was taken 
hym self ♦ Qlban tydinges cam in to the con tre tbat 
the batayl was loste, & tbemperour taken, ther was 

grete soroweof alle tboldc men, wyues, & cbilderen 
that bad not ben there* 

BLpfietT, tbis prynce of myscrea- 
untes,seeyng tbat be bad tbus playn 
victorye of tbc cristen men, mount- 
edandaroos in to grete pryde,fforbe 
thought wel tbat be sbold fyndeno 
barre tbat sbold lette bym to doobis 
will tn tbempyre-jfrCClban be was lodged, and bis 
boost aboute bym, be commanded tbemperour to 
be brought to fore bym, wbicb bad be taken in tbe 
bataylle, and be sette bie f oote vpon tbe necke of 
tbemperour, & tbis dyde be of te, & wban be sbold 
mounte vpon borsbak or descende, in sbame and 
despiteof tbe fay tb of our lord and of tbe cristen 
peple. ttlben be bad tbus a wbyle sbamed, reuyled, 
and despyted tbemperour, be lete bym goo, and 
delyuerd bym and som of bis barons, tbat bad be 
prisoners, Hnd wban tbemperour was come agayn 
in to Constantynoble, tbe barons of tbe londe re- 
puted bym as ouermocbe dishonoured, as be tbat 
bad shamefully conduyted tbe bataille, and toke 
bym and raced out bis eyen,and let bym vse bis lif 
m sorowe and sbame, 

RIS prynce Belpbet began to take 
alle tbe londe, in sucb wyse tbat in 
a lytil wbyle be conquerd fro Lali- 
cbe in Surye, vnto tbe see called tbe 
braas of Seynt George, wbicb is wel 
xxx ioumeyes of lengtbe, and x of 
ibrede, & in som place xv, Hnd wban be cam to tbe 
'braas, be wold baue passed in to Constantinoble, 



wbicbe is on that other side of that litil see, but be 
mygbt notfinde sbippis ynowgb. TIbus tbe cris- 
ten pepleof tbat londe for tbeyr synnes werevnder 
tbis cruell peple; emong tbe otber, tbe noble & bye 
cyte wbere Saynt peter was, &made fyrst as cbyef 
of cristente, tbat isHntiocbe, was taken in tbeende, 
and subgette vnto tbeXurkesXbus bad tbis Bel- 
pbet in bis seygnorye and demayne tbe londes na- 
med Celessurye, tbe two Cilices, pampby lee, Lyce, 
Ly came, Cappadoce, ©alace, Betbyne, & a parte of 
tbe lasse Hsye. Hlle tbise countrees ar mocb fertile 
andf ul of peple^Cbis betben peple began to bete 
doun tbe cbircbes and greue tbe cristen peple, as it 
plesyd tbem, ffor so grete affraye and drede was in 
tbe bertes of tbe cristen peple, tbat tbey alle fledde xj 
iourneyes fro tbe said BelpbetXbis was a tbynge 
tbat greuydmerueylously tbe boly cyteof Iberusa- 
lem and tne peple of tbe coun tre, ffor whiles tbem- 
perour of Constantynoble was in good pees and 
in bis arete power, many grete socours, grete com- 
fort of ryebe yef tes & of large almesses cam vnto 
tbe peple of Surye, and also fro tbe londe of Hnti- 
ocbe. But tbenne tbey bad loste alle, and bad none 
bope tbat euer ony ayde ne socours sbold come to 
tbem, wberf or tbey supposed euer to be in seruage 
and captyuite without ony raunsom. 


Of many maners of tormens that the cristen peple 
suffred for tbeyr s ynnesin that time, capitulo %]& 

"RY^BS that this tyme was so 
peryllous for the scygnoryc of 
tbysc betben men, cam oftymes 
in pylgremages tbe6rekes& tbe 
Latyns in tolberusalem ffor to 
praye oure lord & cry e bym mer- 
bis peple*Yet many cam tbeder in 
gretepery lie, ffor alle tbe coun trees by wbicbe tbey 
sbold passe were f ill of tbeyr enemyes, & of te tbey 
were robbed and slayn, Hnd wban tbey mygbt es- 
cape and come to tbe boly cy te, tbey mygbt not en- 
tre tberin, but ecbe persone muste paye a besaunt 
for try bu te,wberof bapped of te tbat tbey tbat were 
despoylled bad not wberof tbey mygbt paye tbis 
tribute,andmygbt notentre in to tbe town, and for 
tbis tbey suffred colde,bungre,and grete mesease, 
and many deyde,Hnd berof tbe cristen men of tbe 
toun were mocbe greued, for tbey susteyned tbem 
tbat lyued, and muste burye tbem tbat were dede, 
and secbe sucb tbyng as was nedef ul to tbem self 
and otber, TTbey tnat mygbt entre in tbe toun were 
yet more greuea, ffor som were murdred in tbe boly 
places of tbe cyte secretely, and was doon to tbem 
mocbe sbame and repreef openly, 0>er was fyltbe 
caste in tbeir visage, & otber spy tte in tbe myddes 
of tbeyr visage, and som men bette tbem,wberf ore 
tbe cristen men of tbe town, tbat bad som acqueyn- 
taunceswitb tbe betben men,conduytedand ladde 


,tbem to tbeyr pylgremages, for to kepe tbem to 
tbeyr power. 

■JI^eRe were in tbe cyte of tbem of 
)Malf e,wbicb is a cy teof puy ell,wbicb 
bad a cbircbe in tberusalem named 
Saynte JVIarye de la Latyne, where- 
by was an hospital of poure peple, 
J wbere as was a cbappel tbat was na- 
med sayn t Xoban eieymon t, tbis saynt loban was 
a patriarke of HUesandrye. Cbabbot of tbe cbircbe 
of our lady bad in bis cure and in bis pourueyaunce 
tbis hospital, and pourcbassed alle tbat was nede- 
f ulf or tbem : there were receyuyd alle tbe pour pyl- 
gryms whicbe badnot wberof to lyue, & this bows 
was of mocbe gfrete chary tej^Cbus were the cristen 
peple in gfrete disease in tbe toun, but there was no- 
tbyng tbat displesyd tbem as whan they badmade 
tbeyr deuocions atte holy places in tbe toun, with 
grete trauey lies and arete costes, & whan they were 
m tbe seruyse of our lord, tbe hetbenmescreauntes 
cam in with grete noyse and crye, & satte vpon tbe 
au Iters, tbrewe doun the chaly ces, brake the lampes, 
and the tapres.Hndyet for more to angre tbe cris- 
ten peple, they toke of te tbe patriarke which was 
tbenne, by tbe berde and by the beer, & tbrewe bym 
doun to the grounde, & def owled bym vnder tbeyr 
feet, of wbiche alle cristen te bad grete sorowe and 
mocbe pytcjffln tbyse sorowes and meseases were 
you to fore, CCCC four score and ten yere, and al- 
wey cryed vnto our lord for mercy with syghes and 
teeres, and prayde bym deuoutly tbat be wold not 


alle f orgctc tbem. But the good lord, that after the 
tempeste and derke weder can wcl brynge clerenes 
and fayr season, bebclde this peple in pyte,&sente 
to tbem comforte & delyuerance of tbe tormentes 
mi wbicbe tbey bad longe ben. 
Row af tir tbey bad ben four CCCC ixxxx yere in 
seruage of tbebetben peple, our lord pourueyed re- 
medye for bis cri sten peple, capitulo xijV£*£ 

fiHGS wel said to you byf ore, 
tbatoutof many londes cam pil- 
grymsin toIberusalem.Bmong 
alleotber tber wasonewbicb was 
of tbe royame of fraunce, bom 
in tbebissbopprycb of Hmyens, 
tbat is towete,one named peter, 
wbicbe bad ben an beremyte in a 
'wode, and tberfor be was called peter ITberemyte. 
TTbis was a litil man of body, and as a persone bad 
in despite, and lytil preysed by semblaunt, but be 
was of amerueyllous grete berte, of mocbe clere en- 
gyne,and good vnderstondyng,& spafc rigbt wel. 
Slban be cam to tbe gate of Inerusalem, be payd tbe 
trybute of a besaunt and entred in to tbe cyte, and 
was lodged in a good cristen mans bows JSP tbis 
boost, of tnegouernaunce and estate of tbe cyte,& 
bow tbe cristen men conteyned tbem vnder tbe be- 
tben men, and bowtbeyr lord demened&aouerned 
tbem. r>isboost,wbicbe bad longe ben in tbetowne, 
tolde to bym alle tbe maner playnly of tbe tymes 
passyd,& bow tbe cristen te bad be defowled, and 
tbe boly places dishonoured, wbicbe was sorouful 


■* * 

tobere,Hnd be hym self , which agood while had be 
in the toun for to doo hie pylgremage, sawe wel & 
perceyued a grete partye of the caityfnes in which 
the cristen men were* He herd saye that the patri- 
ate wae a good wyse man, deuote and religyous, 
which wae named Symeon, peter thought that he 
wold goo and spehe with hym, & demande of hym 
the estate of the cbircbes, of the clergye, and of the 
peple: he camtobym t &dydesoa6 betbougbt,and 
ashed of hym alletbisetbyngesXbe patriarke ap- 
perceyuedwel by bis wordes and his countinaunce, 
that be was a man that dreddegod,and right wyse 
and vnderstondyng, Hnd began to telle to hym by 
layser, al le the meseases of the cristen peple, 

>HJV peter herde thise sorowes of 
the moutheof this good man , whom 
hebyleuydwel t he coudenotabsteyne 
hym fro grete sygbes, and wepyng 
manye teeres for pyte, and of te de- 
manded of the patriarke yf ther were 
( ony conseil and remedye for this werke jS^Hnd the 
iholy and deuote patriarke answerd hym : Cde haue 
made many ory sons & prayers vnto oure lord god 
for to receyue vs in to his mercy and grace, but we 
(apperceyue wel that our synnes be not yet purged, 
ff or we ben certaynly in the culpe and blame, whan 
oure lord whiche is so rightwys holdeth vs yet in 
the payne. But the renomme of the contrees by- 
yonde the montaynes is moche grete here, that the 
peple there, and specially of them of f raunce, ben 
good cristen peple & moche stedf ast in the f aytb, 
and therf or oure lord holdeth them at this day in 


mocbe grete peas and in bye puyssaunce. Vf tbcv 
wold praye our lord tbat bewolde bauc pyte on vs, 
or yf tbat tbey tokc counseyl for to socoure vs, we 
baue certaynly bopc tbat our lord sbold belpc vs 
by tbem for taccomplyssbeourewerke. for yc see 
wel tbat tbeGrekesandtbemperourof Constanti- 
nople, wbtcbe ben our neygbbours and as kynnes- 
men, mayenot belpene counseyle vs, flp or tbey tbem 
£self ben as wbo saytb destroyed, & baue no power 
: todefendetbeyr owne lande. 

RHJV peter berd tbis, beanswerd in 
tbismaner: fayrfader,troutbeitis 
tbat ye baue sayd of tbat londe fro 
whence am I. Hnd god be thanked, 
the faytb of oure lord is mocbe beter 
bolden tbere and kepte, tban it is in 
ony otber londes tbat I baue ben in, sy tb tbat I de- 
parted on my journeye fro my contre.Hnd I byleue 
[ certaynly tbat if tbey bad knowlecbe of tbe mes- 
'ease & seruage in wbicbe tbise betben mysbyleuyd 
peple bolde you inne, tbat, by tbe playsyre of al- 
mygbty god, by tbeyr good wylles, tbey sbolde 
f ynde counseyl & ayde in tbis your grete nede and 
werk, Cdberf or I counseyl you one tbyng, yf it be 
aggreable to you and seme good, tbat is, tbat ye 
sende your lettres vnto oure boly fader tbe pope, 
& to tbe cbircbeof Rome, vnto tbe kynges,prynces 
and barons of tbe Occident & weste partem wbicb 
late tbem weteplaynly bow it iswitb you, Hnd tbat 
ye crye to tbem for mercy, tbat tbey wolde socoure 
you for tbe loue of god and for bis faytb in sucbe 
maner, tbattbey mygbt bauebonoure in tbis world 




and sauacion of tbcir souks in tbat otber, Hnd for 
that ye be pour peple, ye baue no nede to make grete 
dispencis ; yf ye tbynhe I be suflkiaunt for so grete 
a message, ffor tbe loue of Xbesu Criste and re- 
myssyon of my synnes, I sbal entreprise tbis vy- 
age, and offre my self to tahe so mocbe traueyl for 
yow. Hnd X promyse truly to you tbat X sbal late 
tbem baue Imowlecbe, bow it is witb you, yf god 
sende me grace to come tbydre jg?Gdban tbe patri- 
ate berde tbis, be bad mocbe grete ioye* Re sente 
anon for tbe moost saddest & wysest men of tbe 
cristen peple, andfortbe clerhes and laye men, and 
sayde and sbewde to tbem tbe bounte and tbe ser- 
uysetbat tbis good manoffryd to tbem Xbey were 
rigfbt glad,andf tbanked bym mocbe* 'Cbenneanon, 
witboute taryenge,tbeymade tbeyrwrytyngesand 
sealed tbem witb tbeyr seales, & delyuerd tbem to 
Peter Tberemyte* 

bardyly bis vyagc, by tbapparicion or vision tbat 
be sawe in bis sleep, capitulo xiij^,*? 

|RGLY our lord god is swete, 
pyteous, and mercyf ul, ffor be 
wylle not suffre to peryssbe, ne 
to be loste, tbem tbat baue in 
bym ferme and stedfast bope, 
and wban tbe men lacke belpe, 
god sendetb to tbem bis ayde, 
Hnd tbis may clerely be seen in 
tbis werfce, for fro wbens cometb tbat tbis pour 
man, wbicbe was lytil and despysed persone, wery 
& brused of so grete ioumeye & waye, tbat durste 

enterprise so grete a dtdz and werke? Row mycrbt 
bewene tbat our lord wolde accomylyssbe so grete 
a werke by bym, as for to dylyure bis peple fro tbe 
myserye and caytyfnes tbat tbey bad ben in, nyqb 

SueCyere? But tbis bardynesse cam to bym of 
e grete cbarytetbat be bad in bym, and tbe faytb 
wrought in bym for tbe loue tbat be bad to bis 
bretberen j0Xr\ tbise dayes bapped a tbynge tbat 
mocbe lyft vp bis berte to poursue bis enterprise; 
if or tbis good man, wban be bad taken tbis mes- 
sage and charge tberof , be wente mocbe of ter tban 
bewaswoonte to doo to tbe boly places in tbe cyte, 
and cam on an euentide to tbe cbircbe of tbe boly 
sepulchre, and made there bis prayers deuoutlv 
with grete ple nte of teeris, 

fXTeR tbis be sleepte vpon tbe pa- 
mente, and bym semed tbat our sa- 
ueour Ibesu Criste cam to fore bym, 
and charged bym to doo this same 
message, and said to bym : petre, 
aryse vp bastely, and goo surely tbe- 
dyrastbou bast entreprised,fforIsbalbewitb tbe. 
It is now tyme from bens forth, that my holy cyte 
be clensed, and tbat my peple be socouredjS^petre 
awoke in tbis poynt, and was fro tban fortbon 
more abandouned vnto tbe waye, and also sure as 
™ his ioumeye & message bad be doon. Re entermed 
W and appoyn ted bis departyngf or to doo bis erande, 
and bad leue and benediction of tbe patriarke. Re 
descended doun to tbe see, and f onde tbere a sbyp 
of merchandise tbat wolde passe in to puylle. Re 
entred m to tbe ship, tbe which bad good wynde, 
dl 33 


and in sborte tyme arryued at Ban peter yssued 
out, & wente by londe to Romej^fie fonde in the 
contre the popeVrban,&salewed bym in the name 
.of the patriarke and of the cristen peple of Surye, 
^and delyuerd to bym tbeyr lettres, & sayde to bym 
by moutbe, mocbe truli and wysely, tbe grete sor- 
owes, tbe miseryes and vyletees tbat tbe crieten 
suffredtbennein tbe boly londe, as be tbat wae ex- 
pert tberof ,and coude wel saye to bym tbetroutbe* 

Of tbe persecutions of tbe cbircbe in tbat tyme, & 
bow tbe pope Vrban was putte oute of tbe see of 
>Rome by tbebyssbop of Rauenne, capitulo xiiij,*? 

]JV tbis tyme, fiarry tbemperour 
ofHUemayne,badagrete debate 
ayensttbe pope Gregory tbe se- 
uentb, to fore tbis Vrban,& tbe 
discordearoos for tbe rynges & 
tbe croses of tbe bissboppes 
tbat were dzdt in tbem pyre* for 
sucbe a customme bad ronne a 
[grete wbyle tbere, tbat wban tbe prelates were dccd r 
'tberynges& croses of tbem were brought to tbem- 
perour, and be gaf tbem to bis clerkes & bis cbapy- 
j layns, or wbom be wolde,andsente to tbe cbyrcbes, 
& bad tbem tbattbey sboolde bolde tbem for tbeyr 
bissbops & arcbebissbops without otber election 
and otber proef, by wbicbeboly cbircbe wasadom- 
maged sore, for be sente of te personnes, tbat were 
not propice tbertojfiTCbepopeGregorie sawe tbat 
.tbis custome wasayenst tberigbtand lawewreton, 



and alsoayen6treason,andprayd bymamyablvto 
Icuc tbis for the loue of god, of boly cbircbe, & for 
sauacion of bis sowle, if or it apperteynednotbyna 
to bym. rbemperour wold not Icuc tbie for tbe 

our bad so grete despite and sogrete desdayne, tbat 
incontincntbc began towarre ayensttbecbyrcbeof 
Rome.Hnd ayenst tbe pope be made to rise an ad- 

uersarye, tbarcbiebissbop of Rauenne, wbicbewas 
named Gilbert, and was wel lettred & mocbe ricbe. 
Cbis bissbop trusted ouermocbe in tbayde of tb- 
emperour,and in tbe plente of bis rycbesse,andbe 
cam toRome,anddeposedand put out tbepopeof 
bis see by fauour and force.flnd becam so f eCand 
of so grete pryde tbat be bad, tbat be f orgate bis 
wy tte and reson tbat be ougbt to baue by bis clercrv, 
>and sette bym self in tbe see, and made bym to be 
bolden for po pe, as betbatwelwende to bauebenit. 
RHQe said you to fore, tbat at tbat 
tvme, cristen peple werein gret paryll 
; , tburgbout alle tbe world, and tbat 
% tbe comandemensoftbegospel were 
' mocbe forgotcn, & of boly cbyrcbe, 
-1 & men ranne faste & baboundantly 
to tbe werkes of tbe deuyl and to alle synnes. Hnd 
, whan tbis discorde & scysme was so grete, tbenne 
{alle troutbewas goon and tbefaytbof our saueour 
W 5 9 l Jr c i 8 * bad b ™ alle pery ssbedXbe by ssbop- 
pes, theabbottes, and tbe prouostes were beten and 
sette in prison, and alle tbeyr tbynges were taken 
awey fro tbem,namely by tbem tbat beldeof tbem- 
perour. in tbis debate was donealle tbesbamesand 

d2 3 5 

repreues to the popejjTCbennetbe holy fadersawe 
that be was not obeyed as be sbold be, and tbat be 
was in parylof bis lyf,and bewent in topuylle,by 
tbe belpeand counscyl of Robert Guicbaft, wbicbe 
tbenne was lord of tbe contre. Xlbxe Robert dyde 
vnto our boly fader, and to bis peple, as mocbe of 
honour, of servyse & boun te as tbey wold take, and 
yet more* 

C laste our boly fader wente bym in 
to Salerne,and becam seke, and laye 
j doun and tbere deyde and was tbere 
buryedj^Cbe cardynals tbat were 
tbere cbose another, wbicbe was na- 
med Victor, wbicbe endured but one 
Vrban tbatlspacfcof toforeXbis Vrban sawetbat 
> tbemperourwasyetin bismalicc and bisangre, and 
durst not abandone bym self to bym, ne put bym 
in bis power, but belde bym in tbe forteresses of 
some barons, tbat for goddes sake reteyned bym in 
grete doubtejS?<Qbiles be was in tbis poynt, peter 
^beremyte cam to bym, & brougbt to bym tbemes- 
sage fro tbe crysten men in tbe boly londe. Our boly 
fader tbe pope fcnewe mocbe wel tbe bounte, tbe 
wy tte, and tbe religion tbat was in tbis peter, and, 
ansuerd to bym mocbe swetly, and sayde tbat be 
sbold goobastyly spefce to tbe princes and barons 
of tbe royame of f raunce of tbis werke, for yf be 
mygbt escape sauely f ro tbe bandes of tbemper- 
our, be bym self bad intencion to passe tbe mon- 
taygnes,and drawe bym toward tbo parties for to 
belpe tbe better to tbis wberke, yf it were possible, 

ne^tyf e peter was right glad of 
this goodanswereof our boly fader, 
and passed Lombardye & tbe mon~ 
taygnes, and cam in to france, and 
began diligently to seke tbe barons, 
like as be was sent expresly to tbem, 
and tolde to ecbe of tbem tbe sbames and discon- 
venyences tbat tbe betben peple dyde to tbe crysten 
f olke in tbe boly londe, Hnd tbe same besaid to tbe 
mene peple, for be assembled tbem oftymes, and 
tolde to tbem tbe sorouful state of tbe londe & cy te 
of Iberusalem, in sucbe wyse tbat be made tbem to 
wepe many ateere,Hnd at euery tyme be made some 
truyt by mssayeng& exbortyng tbe peple to ovue 
socours to tbe boly lande, Hnd like wise, as saynt 
lobanBaptysteprecbed to fore to make tbe way to 
fore Ibesu Cryste, so in tbe same wyse tbis peter 
brought tydynges to fore tbe comyng of our boly 
fader, wberf ore be bym self wban be cam was tbe 
better berd and byleuid, and tbe more dyde in tbis 

Of ageneral counseyl tbat tbe pope Vrbanordeyn- 

ment of tbe pe ple, capitulo xv&& 

tbe yere of tbyncamacion of 
oure lorde JVI Ixxxxv regned tbe 
fourth Rarry, kyngeof Mlma^n 
and emperour of Rome, tbe xviij 
yere of bis regne, and xij of bis 
empire, and in fraunce regned 
tbennepbilipe,tbe soneof Har- 
ry ♦ XTbenne sawe our boly fader 
d3 37 

tbe pope Vrban, that tbc world was mocbe empeyr- 
ed andtorned to evyl,&belde a counseyl tbervpon 
of tbc prelates of ytalye at playsance, where be 
made establyssbemens by tbeyr counseyl, for ta- 
mende tbemaners of tbe clergye & of tbe laye peple 
j&Jlf ter be knewe wel tbat be was not sure in tbe 
power of tbemperour, and passed tbe montaynes 
and cam in to tbe royameof f raunce, He f onde tbe 
peple euvlendoctrynedand ouermocbe enclyned to 
synne, cnarite fay lied, & warres and discordes were 
emongetbericbemen,and tbougbt tbatitwasnede 
to doo bis power & mygbt for tamende cristiente* 
He ordeyned a general! counseylof alle tbe prelates 
tbat were by twene tbemon taynes & tbe see of Gng- 
lande* XTbis counseyl was sette fyrste at Clony, a- 
notber tyme at puy J^ostre Dame, and tbe tbirde 
tyme at Cleremont in Huuergne. TTbis was in tbe 
monetb of J^ouembre. TTbere were many arcbebis- 
sbops, bi88bop8,abbotes,& grete prelates & per- 
sonesof boli cbircbe of tbise parties* 0>er were by 
tbe general counseyl many conmandements gyuen 
for tamende clerkes & layetee, for tesbewe synnes 
and recouere good man ers.'Cbere was boly cnircbe 
' al reformed, of wbicbe it bad grete nede, 

"IJVIOJVGe alle other, peter TTbere- 

myte was tbere, wbicbe forgate not 

tbe werke tbat be was charged with, 

bu tadmonested tbe prelates ecbe pry- 

I uatly by bym self, and prayde tbe co- 

I munepeple openly mocbe wel & wyse- 

ly /Cbenne toke our boly fader tbe wordes, & shewed 

generally to alle tbe counseyl, wbat grete sbame it 


was to alle tbc cristen men, of our faitb that was 
so nygbe destroyed and faylled in the place where 
it began,and it mygbt begretefereand dredewban 
it f aylled at tbe beed & welle, tbat tbe ryvers sbold 
not endure, tbat were rennyng tburgb tbe world 
Hnd saide mocbe wel, tbat alle tbe very crysten pe- 
plesbold takeberof grete despite yf tbus desbery- 
ted by tbeir defaulte, and bis contre delyuered to 
bis enemyes, & promysed tbat yf tbey wolde take 
vpon tbis pylgremage,bewoldecbaungetbeyr pen- 
aunce m to tbis werke, Hnd yf tbey deyde in tbis 
waye, conf essidand repentaunt, be wolde takeit on 
bis faytb, tbat tbeyincontinentsbold gooin totbe 
joye of beuen. On tbat otber syde, as long as tbey 
were m tbe seruyse of our lord, tbey were in tbe 
warde and fcepyng of boly cbircbe, botbe tbey and 
tbeyr tbynges, in sucbe wvse tbat tbey tbat dyde 
to tbem ony domage sbold be acursed. Hnd alle 
tbis commanded be to be kept of alle tbe prelates 
tbat were atte counseyl J$Tj6\q doon, be gaf euery 
man leue, and commanded tbat be sbold precbe 
tbis pylgremage and pardon,& tolde totbem tbat 
alle men sbold trauaylle to gyue and make longe 
trewes and pees of tbe warres, for taccomplyssbe 
tbe better tbis pylgremage, and to perf orme it* 

d 4 



Row many noble and bye men, and otber of tbe 
royameof fraunce, crossed tbem for to goo ouer 
see, capttulo xvj,4**£ 

dlR lord gaf bis grace vn to our 
boly fader tbe pope in vtteryng 
of tbe word of god, wbicb was 
said in sucbe wyse, tbat it was 

Sxed and roted in tbe bertes of 
em tbat berde bym, and not 
only of tbem tbat were present, 
I but of alle otber tbat it was re- 
corded and tolde vnto, if or tbe bissbops wente in 
to tbeyr countrees and precbed to tbeyr peple like 
, as it was to tbem commanded Row beit tbat it was 
a strange tbyng and rigbt greuous for a man to 
)leue bis con tree, bis wyf, bis cbildren,and lygnage, 
and leue tbem tbat be louetb by nature. But wban 
,one tbynketb wbat reward be sbal baueof our lord 
so to doo, tbenne be aetetb a feruent loue in bym 
self for tbe cbaryte of our lord, and leuetb tbe na~ 
turel loue of bis flessb, for to saue bis sowle, Hnd 
tbis mygbt wel be perceyued and seen, ff or tbe pe- 
pleof tbe royameof f raunce,and tbe gretebarons, 
and otber lasse tbat were enclyned to synnesand 
acustomed to doo ylle, as! baue sayd to f ore,af tir 
tbey berde tbis precbyng, entreprysed so vycror- 
ously tbe werke of our lord, and auowed tbem to 
ward tbis pylgremage, as yesbal bere, ff or itsemed 
tbat euery man ougbt to entreprise tauenge tbe 
wronge & sbame tbat tbe betben dyde to our lord, 
and to bis peple, in tbe londe of Iberusalem jj? 
Ye sbolde baue seen tbe busbonde departe fro bvs 




w ■ n ■ m 

wyf , and the f aders fro the cbylderen, & the chil- 
dcrcn fro the f adres. End it seined that euery man 
wolde departe fro that be louyd bestin tbis world, 
for to wynne tbe ioye of tbat otber. 

^RGRwas so grete affrayer so grete 
a meuyng tburgb alle tbe londe, tbat 
vnnetbe ye sbolde baue founde an 
bows, but tbat som bad enterprysed 
tbys viage, I saye not tbat alle tbat 
- wente were wyse & of pure entencion 
tpwardourlord,forsommonkeswenteoutof tbeyr 
cloystres without leueof tbeyrabbotes or pryours, 
and the recluses wente outof tbe places where tbey 
bad ben closed in, and wente forth with tbe otber. 
bom wente forth for loue of tbeyr frendes, to bere 
them felawsbip; otber wente forth for bobaunce, 
lest tbey shold be reputed for euyl and not good; 
and som there were tbatwolde witbdrawe them for 
tbeyr creancers, and baue respite of tbeyr dettea 
But how tbat it was tbeyr entencions within tbeyr 
bertes,it semyd good for the grete enterpryse that 
tbey shewed outwardHnd itwasof gretenede tbat 
were in tbe world so many synnes tbat tbey witb- 
drewe tbe peple fro our lord Hnd it was wel be- 
houeful tbat god sbold sende to them som ad- 
dressement, by wbiche tbey myght come to beuen, 
and that he gaf them som trauey lie, as it were a pur- 
gatorye to fore tbeyr dctbj&Ht this counseyl a- 
uowedpresently tbis pylgremage, the good bis- 
legate tn the same boost, & conteyned hym mocbe 

wyeely & truly.Hleotbe bieebopof Orengewbicbe 
, was an boly man and relygyoue, auowed tbcrc tbc 
eame viage, and ynowbe of otbcr wbicbe were not 
at that couneeyl tbat enterprieed tbe eame vowe, 
CJR boly fader bad commanded, and 
made tbe bieebope to bolde it, tbat 
alle tbey tbat wolde auowe tbie pyl- 
gremage ebold eette tbe eigne of tbe 
croase on tbeir rigbt eboldre, ffor 
tbonoure of bym tbat bare tbe tor- 
ment of tbe croeee vpon bie eboldere for to 9aue 
ve, and taccomplyeebe tbie tbat oure lord eaytb in 
tbe goepell: «Ibo tbatwil lyue af tir me,renye bym 
eelf and take tbe croege and f olowe me, CUel f or- 
eaketb be bym 9elf , tbat leuetb tbat tbe fleeeb lo- 
uetb for eauyngof bie eowlej^OIban one of tbe 
grete barone wae croyeed eo on bi9 eboldre in a 
contre, alle tbe peple of tbe contre tbat were al9o 
croeeyd cam to bym, and cbeee bym for tbeyr cap- 
tayne, & made to bym f eaulte for to baue bte ayde 
.and warantige in tbe wayeof tbe eayd pylgremage. 
tXTbe nameeof noblemen tbat enterprieed tbie pyl- 
gremage, ae wel on tbie eide ae beyonde tbe mon- 
taynee, capitu lo xv\]g*g* 

IN tbe royame of f raunce and of 

Hllemayne,nugbela)VIaine, bro- 
ther of tbe kynge of f raunce, 
Robert tberle of f laundere, Ro- 
bert due of Normandye, eone to 
kyng KhUiam of 6nglond,Ste- 
pben tberle of cbartree and of 
fcHoye, wbicbe wae fader to erle 
^bybauld tbe olde, wbicbe lyetb at Laigny, Ray- 

londeXbe valyantman Godefroy or Buyllon, due 
of Lorayne,witb bis two bretberen,Bawdwyn and 
Gustace, and one tbeyr cosyn, Bawdwyn, sone to 
tbc countc fiuon de RetelXberleGarnyer deGres, 
Bawdwyn tbc erle of fienawde, Ysoart tbc crlc of 
Ye, Rembout tberle of Orenge, <miliam tberle of 
forests, Steuen tberle of Hubmalle, Rotrout tbe 
barons & knygbtes tbat werenot counted, as Raoul 

d ^^ug<md,euerarddupui6at,6uyde6arlande, 
wbicb was steward of fraunce, TTbomas de f erre, 
t>uy de possesse, Giles de Cbaumount, Girard 

of Beart, Guillem Hmanaix, Gaste tbe Bediers, 
Guillem de JMontpellyer, & Gyrard deRoussilon. 
Yc may wel fcnowe tbat witb tbis peple were croys- 
sedmocbe grete plenteof fcnygbtes and otber, witb 
myte gadred in tbe royamme of fraunce & in tbem- 

men croyssed tbem also, Buymount tbe prynce of 

was due of puylle,and TTancre bis neuew, bis sus- 
tres sone, & many otber grete barons of tbislonde 
tbatwerenotsorenommednefcnowen as tbisewere. 
made for tbis pylgremmagej^Cbe grete men bad 
enterprised, tbat assone as tbewynter was passed 
tbey woldputtetbem on tbispylgremageXbemene 
peple, tbe knygbtes,tbe barons, & otber, aftir tbey 
were acqueynted tbat one witb tbat otber, sente to 


ecbeotber lettres and messages for taccorde to goo 
to gydre, apoynted the tyme of departing, and of 
tbe waye tbat tbey sbolde bolde. 

baue seen borses arrayed, witb som~ 
myers, palfroyes, and stedes, tentes 
and pauy lions, and to make armures. 
J& Y e ma y e wc * knowe tbat tbere was 
mocbe to doo of many tbynges, ffor 
tbe barons were acorded tbat tbey sbold not goo 
alle to gydre, ff orno contre mygbt suffysenefynde 
tbat wbicb sbold be nedef ul for tbem, ff or wbicbe 
cause alle tbe boostes neuyr assembled, as ye sbal 
bere, tyl tbey cam vnto tbe cyte of JNfycenej^rbe 
menepeple charged tbem self notmocbewitb tentes 
ne armures, ff or tbey mygbt not bere it, & tberf or 
euery man gamyssbid bym af tir tbat bewas witb 
moneye & goods, as mocbe as be supposed sbold 
be nedef ulfor bymj^Cdban tbedayeof departing 
cam, tber were grete sorowes, grete wepynges, and 
grete cryes at departyngof tbe pylgryms, ffor tbere 
were but f ewe bowses but of tbem som wente.Hnd 
sucb bowsbolders tbere were tbat tbey wente alle, 
and caryed tbeyr wyues and bare tbeyr cbilderen 
witb tbem.ltwas a merueyllous tbynge tosee tbis 
meuynges, ffor it bad not byf ore be acustomed to 
see sucbe tbynges in f raunce, ne neuer byfore was 
crosse bom ne taken for pylgremage. 


Of tbauentures that a rowte of cristen men bad in 
this viage, of wbomeoneGaultyer witboute know- 
Iccbc was captayne , capitulo xviij^^ 

~]R6 y ere of tbyn camarion of our 
lord .JVI.f ourescorexvj, tbc egbt 
daye of JVIarcbe cam a gentil- 
ed Gaultier, witbout hnowlecbe 
to bis surname* Glitb bym cam 
a meruevllous grctc plentc of 
folhe a/root, for tber were but 
f ewe men a/bors/bak in tbis rowte, tbey passed in 
HUemayn e, & drewe bem toward Ron grye/Cbe roy- 
amme of Rongrye was alle enuyronnecl witb grete 
waters, and large mersbes,and depe lakes, in sucbe 
wyse tbat none mygbt entre ne yssue but by cer- 
tayne places and strayt entrees tbat ben as yates 
of tbe londej^In Rongerye was tbenne a hynge, a 
mocbe valyaunt man named Colemant, and was a 
very good cristen man. Re hnewe tbat Gaultier cam 
by londe witb grete peple, and bad tberof mocbe 
grete ioye, and belde wel witb tbe pylgremage tbat 
Be bad enterprised, Rereceyued tbem debonayrly in 
bis londe, and commanded tburgb bis rovame tbat 
tbey sbold baue alle maner vytaylle goocl cbeap, & 
alle tbat tb ey neded. 

RG pylgryms passed alle Rongrye 
in good peas, ty I tbey cam to tbe enae, 
wbere tbey f ounde a waterwbicb was 
named JVlarce. "Cbis was tbe bounde 
of Rongerye towarde tboryent J8F 
XTbey passed tbis water in good peas, 



and entred into Bougrye, and witboute knowyng 
of tbis ©aulteer, some of bis peple abode ouer tbe 
water, & cam to a castel named JVIalleuy Ue for to by 
vitaylles, of tbe wbicbe tbey badnedeXbe fiongres 
by cause tbat alle tbe boost was passed sauf tbey, 
wbtcbe were but a fewe,ranne vpon tbem, and bette 
tbem,and dyde to tbem ouermocbe sbamejfiXbey 
passed tbe water, and cam to Gaultier,and sbewde 
tobvm playnly bow tbey bad ben demened without 
f orraytteXbey bad mocbe grete despite, & mocbe 
sorowe berof and bad passed tbe water agayn, yf 
tbey bad not bad so grete peryl and so grete dis- 
tourblyna, and tbougbt tbey wold goo tbeyr wave, 
andleueTort auencre tbis tbynge, 

~]0 long tbey wente tyl tbey cam to 
Bellegraue, wbicbe is tbefirst cyte of 
Bougrye on tbys sydej^Gaultyer 
sente to tbe due of tbe town, and re- 
quyred bym tbat be wolde late tbem 
I tber by vytaylles, be wold not suff re 
|ony to be sold to tbem, O>oost bad grete disease 
[forlakeof vytaylle,&mygbtnot lenger hepe tbem, 
.but tbat a grete parte of tbem wente a fowragynq 
if or to aete vytaylles for tbem, & for tbeyr beestys, 
tlbey f ounde grete plente of beestes in tbe contre 
wbicbe tbey tohe and brought to tbeyr lodcrynaes' 

(Hbantbeyof tbe contre berdtbis,tbeyarmed tbem 
and assembled gretepeple of tbe coun tree, and ran 
vpon tbem wbere tbey droef tbeir proves, &fouqbt 
witb tbem, an d toke tbe beestes fro tbem, and many 
of tbem tbey slewe, & bunted tbe otber away, Zbe 
nombre wel of Cxi of oure men, sbytte tbem in a 

monasterye for to kepe tbem there sauf, but the 
[Bougres cam there aboute, and sette fyre on the 
cbircbe, and brente alle. 

|HCIJXieR sawe that be ledde with 
bym many folyssb peple, wbicbe be 
coude not rule ne sette alle in orden- 
aunce,and witbdrewe bym fro tbem, 
and toketbem tbatwold be ruled and 
_ obeve bym, and wente in to f orestes 
of Bougrye, wbicb ben large and long, and began 
to passe tbe moost wysely & stylle tbat be mygbt 
tyl ■* cam to a cytenamed Stralyce,and is a contre 
yarned Danemarcbe tbe JVfoyen, there fonde be a 
good man tbat was duke of tbe londe. (Oban tbis 
duke knewe wbat tbey wereand wbytber tbey wente, 
be receyued tbem mocbe debonaryly, & made tbem 
to bauevytaylles & other tbynges goodcbeep,and 
dyde to tbem bountes & seruyses ynowgb for tbe 
oultrage tbat was doon to tbem at Belgraue, and 
dyde redresse and yelde agayne to tbem as mocbe 
as be mygbt recouere, and aboue alle tbis, be dely- 
uerd to tbem good conduyte& sewrtyl tbey cam to 
Constantynoblejfif(Oban tbey were come to Con- 
vnto bym, and sayde to bym tboccasion of bis vi- 
age, & tbat be wolde abyde there peter TIberemyte, 
by tbe commandement of wbom be bad brought 
tbyse pylgryms. Cdban tbemperour berde tbis, be 
receyued bym mocbe weland swetly,and assygned 
to bym a f ayr place without tbe town, where as be 
lodged bym witb bis f elawsbip, & comanded tbat 
tbey sbold baue vytaylleand alle other necessaryes 
good cbepe, and tber soioumed tbey a wbyle. 


in tmsviage towa rd tnc boly londe, capitulo x\x# 

C wasnotlonge af tir tbat peter 
TTberemite cam fro bis contre, 
witb grete plente of peple, vnto 
tbe nombre of xl JVL De cam in 
to Lorayne,& passed f ran cone, 
Bauy ere,Ostery cb, & drewe bym 
towardftungrye.petersente nis 
. messagers to tbe kyng of fion- 
grye, to tbende tbat be mygbt passe bis royamme; 
be sente bym worde tbat be sbold baue good leue 
yf tbey wold goo in peas without medlynges and 
oultragesXbey answerd tbat tbey were pylgryms 
of our lord and bad no talente for to trouble tbe 
pees* TTbus entred tbey tbe royamme of fiongrye, 
and passed by tbe lande without ony debate: vy- 
tayllesand otber tbynges bad tbeyynougb ofood 
cbeepejSFHt tbende tbey cam totbecastelof wbicbe 
X spah to fore, named JVIaleuylle; tbere berd tbey 
saye, wbat was doon to tbeym of tbe retenue of 
©aultier, & tbe grete oultrage doon to tbem with- 
out cause, and sawe yet tbe armes and despoyllis 
of tbeyr f elawes tbat bad berobbed tbere bange yet 

aRe pylgryms tbat sawe tbis were 

alle as tbey bad ben out of tbeyr wytte, 

and ran to armes, & began euery man 

to do welXbey toketbetoun by force, 

and smote of tbe beedes of alle tbem 

tbat were witbin, sauf a f ewe wbicb 

ran in to tbe water and were drownedjSTCber were 

f ounde of tbem tbat were deed wel a four JVI, & of 


peters meyne were slayn an C<flban this was don 
the booste fonde there grete plente of vytaylles, 
and abode wel v dayes in that place jffXLhz due of 
Bougrie,wbicb was named JNicita, vnderstode bow 
of JVIaleuylle, and doubted for as mocbe as be bad 
defended tbe vytaylles to our peple, & tbat be bad 
slayn many of tbem, and bym semed tbat Belle- 
graue was not strong ynougb, tberf or be lef te tbe 
town, and wente in to a strenger castel TTbus alle 
tbey of tbe cyte yssued witb tbeir goodes, & drewe 
tbem to tbe depe fores tesj^ peter wbyles be laye 
yet at JVIaleuylle, berd saye tbat tbe kyng of Ron- 
grye bad berd of tbe detb of bis peple, wberof be 
was mocbe angry, and tbat be somoned & assem- 
bled alle bis power for tauenge bis men tbat bad be 
slayn, and doubted berof, and was no merueylle, 
wberf ore be made tassemble alle tbe sbippes tbat 
mygbt be founden atte ryueof tbe see to bym, and 
made bis peple to departe mocbe bastely bis cartes 
and cbaryottes, & tbe beestes* XTbey bad merueyl- 
lous grete praye, and lad away grete ryebesses fro 
tbecastelof JVlaleyulle tbat tbey bad tbere taken J9t 
Qlban tbey were passed ouer in to Bougrye, tbey 
cam to fore Bellegrauc, & fonde tbecyteallevoyde, 
ffor t bey were alle fled, 

fCXR tbey wente eabt grete iour- 
neyes by many grete f orestes ty I tbey 
cam to tore a cy tenanted JVyzeXbis 
town fonde tbey mocbe stronge, and 
wel wallyd witb grete towres and 
stronge, and witbin was grete gar- 

nyson,and tbe beste men of warreof alle tbelonde, 

and grete plcntc of armours & vytaylle* peter the 
fieremyte and bis boost f onde a brygge of stone 
by wbicbe tbey passed a water rennyng nygbe to 
tbe cyte; tbey passed tbe brygge and lodged tbem, 
bytwene tbe water & tbe towne* Hnd by cause tbey 
bad not mete ynougb, peter sente bis messages 
vnto tbe lord of tbe toun, and prayd bym f ayr for 
bym, and for bis peple tbat were cristen and pyl- 
gryms tbat wente in tbe seruyse of our lord, tbat 
tbey mygbt bye vytaylles of tbe toun at resonable 
prys^tTbenne tbe lord sende worde to peter tbat 
be wold not suff re tbat tbey sbold not entre in to 
tbe toun ; but and yf be would gyue bym good os- 
tages, tbat bis peple sbold doo no barme ne oult- 
rage to tbe peple and marcbeauntes of tbe toun 
tbat sbold come fortoselle tbem vytaylle, be sbold 
sende to tbem ynougb at resonable prys j^COban 
peter & bis peple berd tbis tbey were glad ynougb : 
tbey delyuered cjfood ostaaes,and anon tbey of tbe 
toun cam out witb grete ptente of vy tayl and otber 
tbynges necessarye in tbe boost. 
How some of tbe oost of peter Cbermyte vnwet- 
yng bym sette fyre in tbe subarbesof JVyzat tbeyr 
departyng, capitulo xx&& 

OCT)S was tbys nygbt tbe 
boost of tbe pylgryms refres- 
sbyd of alle tbynges tbat tbey 
bad nede, ff or tbey bad ben Ion g 
fro ony good toun, and tbey of 
tbe cyte were to tbem mocbe deb- 
onair & resonable.On tbemome 
tbey demanded tbeyr ostages, 

and tbey were delyuerd qfladly, & forth tbey wente 
in peas j^But now ye sbal here bow tbedeuyl dotb 
gretepeyne for to empessbeand lettegoodwerkes. 
tn tbiscompanye bad ben tbeeuena/foreastryf to 
one of tbe marccbauntes of tbe town, and som of 
tbeoost, (Oban tbe boost was departed, tbeDucbe- 
men assembled to tbe nombre of an bunderd, and 
f orvengeaunce of tbe stryf , tbey sawe vij my lien es 
wbicbe stode at brygge nygbe tbe town, and sette 
tbem a fyre, and brente tbem anone. "Cbis was not 
'ynougb, but tbere was a Util borougb witbout tbe 
cyte, and tbey sette tbat a fyre also and brende bit 
i to assbes, and sytb wente tbeyr waye aftir tbeyr 
fejawebi^wb iebe hnewe notbyng berof ♦ 

*|f tbis tbynge tbe lord of tbe town, 
wbicbe bad tbeeuen toforesbewde to 
tbem grete debonayrte, was gretely 
meuyd, for be sawe tbat tbey rendrid 
euyl for god, and was balf out of bis 
1 wy tte for angre, & tbis f elonnye tbat 
tbis f ewe dyde was wy ted alle tbe boost, wbicbe was 
euyl and pytejS?F)e madeanone arme alletbe town, 
and yssued on borsbak and on fote;bym self cam 
to fore, and prayde & mucb desyred bis peplef or to 
vengevpon tbyse false rowters,& tbeuys tbe ou It- 
rage tbat tbey bad don* ^Qban tbey approcbed tbe 
boost, tbey fondefyrsttbisemalefactours, wbicbe 
bad not yet ouertaken tbeyr f elaws, and ronne on 
tbem, and smote of tbeir needes* It bad tbenne be 
ynowgb, but tbey werenot content, butsmotein tbe 
af tirst parte of tboost, wbicbe doubted notbyng. 
"Cbey fonde cbaryottes, sommyers, males, seru- 
tz 5 1 

auntes, wymmen, and children, wbicbe mygbt not 
goo eo f aste as tbc other. Oey elewc many, and 
sommc tbey ouertbrewe,& laddc away tbc cariage, 
1 and tbusretoimd into tlxyr cyte without burte,and 
alle blody of tbc bloodc or tbc pylgryms. 
How peter Cberemyte was aduertysedof alle this, 
and of tbe barm tbat ensiewed, capita lo xx}&& 

SXTSR was goyng with tbc 
grcte companye of tboost, wbt- 
cbc hncwcnougbt of tbtstbyng, 
wban a messager cam to bym 
rydyng,andtold tobym of tbis 
aduenturetbatwas fallen in tbe 
taylle of tboost. peter sente a- 
non to tbem tbat were to fore, 
tbat tbey sbold retourne aaayn tbe way tbat tbey 
were comyn vntotbe cyte of jNvzjj?In tbis retorne 
tbey f onde tbynges ynowgb tnat displesyd tbem, 
ff or tbey f onde tbeir f elawes bybeded, lyeng by tbe 
■ waye.'Cbey bad arete sorowe berof ; one fonde bis 
1 fader deed, anotner bie brother or bis sone, and a- 
notber bis wyf or bis douabter, there were many 
disconueny en tsjjppeter, wbicbe bad bis en ten cion 
pure vnto oure lord, entended not but tappese tbc 
malyce&leyedoun the discorde which was sourded 
emong the peple. He sente som wyse and prudent 
men to tbe lord & to tbemoos te hyemen of the cyte, 
for to demaunde by what occaston tbey had don 
tbis euiland crueltees ayenst the peple of our lord. 
TTbey answerd tbat tbis was by tbe default of tbe 
pylgryms, & tbat tbey bad fyrst doon grete oult- 
rage to brenne tbeyr mylnes and burghe, 

f>HJN[ peter & the wysemen that were 
with bym herd this, they thought 
wel that it was no place ne tyme to 
venae theyr shames, &therf or torn- 
ed the mater vnto peas & acorde, for 
to recou vre the pray e, the prysonners 
andcaryagewbicbe they had ledde away fro tboost, 
ff or there wereof the mene peple which wold not be 
ruled, & wold not suffre them of thetowne to haue 
pees with vs, but woldauenge by force theoultrage 
that they had doonj^peter f elte this thynae, and 
apperceyuedanone the euylle that sourded & sente 
of the wyses t an d grettes t of his com pany e to make 
the pees* Ris peple wold not haue pees* Re made a 
crye on payne or deth,in his name and the name of 
the barons, that noman be so hardy to brefce the 
pees that was made, and this be charged vpon their 
py Igremages, theyr f eaulte, & on thobedyen ce that 
they had promysed bym* Hnd whan they of the 
boost herd this, they beleuydnot,but f olyssh peple 
jjSTCbemessagers thatwerein the toun for taccorde 
this that was don, sawe that the noyse grewe more 
and more,andretoumed to theyr felawshhip with- 
oute ony conclusion or doyng that they had enter- 
prised, and dyde theyr best to seece the debate, but 
they hadno power, for there were moo than a thou- 
send pylgryms, whiche noman myght holde ne re- 
teyne, but that they wold goo armed to the toun* 
Out of the toun yssued as many or moo ayenst 
them: ther began the bataylle and the medlegrete 
and thy k, & began to slee eche other largely* peter 
ne his route meuyd not, but byhelde the bataylle* 
e3 53 

ftGY of tbe toun that were on the 
walles & at wyndows sawe that theyr 
peple had the werse, and appercey ued 
that tbe grete power of thooet enter- 
meted not of this warre, & thought 
that they wolde not help them, and 
opened tbeyryatesandyssued outeby grete rowtes 
allearmed,andemotc in tbebataylle,andfoundeof 
our peple aboute a v C vppon the brygge, and ad- 
dressyd tbemselues to them and slewe them alle, 
sauf somme that were caste in the water, and alle 
were peryssbed* <Oban the grete boost apperceyued 
theyr peple thus euyl demened, they mygbt suff re 
it no lenger,butwentetoarmes,andsmotein to the 
bataylle, one af tir another, lyke as they mygbt be 
armed jfiTCbe peple that had bygonne this debate 
were discomfytea fyrst, and began to flee so fast 
that nothyngmyght tary them* they began to bete 
them on horsbak, that cam for to belpe them, by 
whiche the good men were discomfyted, and they of 
the cyte that were nygh to theyr retrayt, began to 
chase tbemmocbestra^tly,& to slee them* Ht last, 
whan oure peple were withdrawen, they retomed by 
the caryageand hamoys,and caryed alle, and ledde 
it with them, and toke wymmen and children that 
mygbtnotflee,& putte them in prison j^Chere were 
wel slayn and lost of the peple of the boost x M, 
and the Bougres wan alle the hamoys of thoost 
TThere was a cart lost that longed to peter there- 
myte,alle f ul of rychesse, whiche had ben youen to 
hymin frauncefor to socoure&sustene tbeneces- 
sytees of tbeboostjfiTCbey that mygbt escape fro 

1 this discomfiture, drewe tbcm in to tbc forestes, & 
>bydde tbcm in tbc depe valeyes in tbc nygbt, and 
on tbc mom tbey began to callc cebe other, and to 
wbystle, and sowne trumpes and busynes in tbc 
woodes,andtbus began to reassemble, and gadred 
tbem to gydre on a territories 
fiow tbemperourof Constantynoble, being aduer- 
tised of tbise oultrages, sente bis messagers to 
Peter Cheremy te, capitulo y&\)&& 

~\C tbe fourtb daye were nygbe 
alle assembled aboute peter, & 
tbey were about a four tbous- 
U and, 'Cbey were in mocbe grete 
mescbvef,as tbey tbat bad lost 
tbeyr frendes and tbeyr peple, 
ana almost alle tbeyr barnoys. 
IjflfJVotwitbstondyngtbey lefte 
not, but wente forth on tbe waye tbat tbey bad en- 
terprise^ witb grete mesease and payne for lak of 
vytaylle. Hnd as tbey were in tbis poynt, tbey sawe 
came ayenst tbem tbe messagers of tbemperourof 
Constantynoble, wbicbe spak to peter. Hnd anon 
be dyde assemble tbe beye men and capytaynes of 
[ tbe boost for to bere tbemessage tbat tbey brought 
j!S?Hnd aftir tbey sayd in tbismanere: fayrsyrs, 
mocbe euyl tydynges & renomme is comen of you 
to our lord tbemperour, for it is tolde to bym tbat 
ye goo by tbe countree of bis em pyre witb force, & 
)robbe tbe peple of sucbe as tbey bauc, breke bis 
townes, and sice bis peple, and doo alle tbe oult- 
rages and wronges tbat ye may. Cbe good cbere, 
*bounte, and alle tbe seruyse tbat is doon to you 
«4 55 

auaylletb notbyng,ne may adoulcc ne aswage your 
bertes, tbcrf ore be commandetb you tbat ye abyde 
in noneof bis cytees more tban tnredayes, butgoo 
your waye strayt fortb to Constantynoble, for be 
natb commanded vs to goo witb you, and tbat we 
do bryng to you on tbe waye vytayll good cbeep 

fiHJNT tbise good men berd tbis, tbat 
tbemperour bad don to tbem tbis 
bounte, tbey bad greteioye, & excus- 
ed tbem of tbise batay Ilea & fygbt- 
yng, & sbewd openly wbat tbeBou- 
gres baddoon witboute tbeyroff ence 
or culpe by force & grete oultrage, €be messagers 
dyrected tbem on tbe way tyl tbey cam to Conatan- 
tynoble* Oey fonde tbere Gaultyer sans sauoyr, 
and bis peple, tbat taryed for tbem, & tbenne tbey 
wente alle to gydre, and lodged tbem in tbe place 
tbat was assygned to tbem,and tbereecbe tolde to 
otber of tbeyr mysauenturesjjTCbemperour sente 
for peter, & be wente to bym. Re sawe in tbe towne 
many tbynges, and in tbe palaysse many ryebesses 
and marueylles, but be was a man of grete berte & 
courage, and abassbyd of notbyng, tbemperour 
demanded of bym of tbestate of bis peple, and of 
otber barons of tboccydent, tbat were tbus meuvd 
to tbis pylgremage. peter answerd bymmocbewel 
of alle tbynges, and said tbat tbey were pour peole 
and were come to fore, but tbepryncesand bye men 
cam aftirwitb mocbe grete peple, wbicb wold not 
bng tarye, Tbemperour and bis baronsof tbe pa- 
lays sawe alle tbat peter was so lytil and so wel, 

answerd that they merueylled oucr mocbe, and al- 
owed and preysea bym mocbe* 'Cbemperourgaf to 
bym grete yef tes, and receyued bym in bis grace, 
and sytb be lete bym retome to bis peplejj? there 
rested tbe oost of tbe pyl^fryms wel at ease and in 
peas, and a wbyle af tir sbippes were made red? by 
tbe commaundementoftbemperour,&tbey passed 
tbe see named tbe braas of Seynt George, and cam 
in to tbe lond named Bytbyne. TTbis is tbe fyrst 
party e of Hsy e, vpon tbe see, Hnd they lodged them 
in a place called Cinintot 
Of tbe mayntenyng of tbe boost of peter TTbere- 
myte, & bow tbre thousand Ducbemen tohe a cas- 
tel by assault, and slewe alle that were tberin with 
tbe swerde, capitulo xxi\j&& 

f)ISwasin tbe marches of tbeyr 
enemyes* 'Cbere was tbe boost 
about two monetbes, and euery 
toselle good cheep, wherof they 
were wel at ease, so mocb that it 
coudenotwel be suffred longe, 
ilbey began to meue, and made 
routes for to goo en fouragein the contrey.O>er 
wente wel somtyme x M or more, maulgre tbe ba- 
rons, that were capytayns in the boost JVeuertbe- 
lesse, peter commandedand sente lettres to them, 
that theysboldabyde,and not remeue frotheoost, 
to pylle tyl tbe grete prynces were comenj^Ona 
daye it happed that pieter passed tbe braas, and 
cam in to Constantynoble for tospehe f orvytayl- 

lee, that began to wexe dere. TTbe mene peple sawe 
that peter was not there, and were the more hardy : 
tbey assembled, and were of a companye wel eignt 
thousand a f ote, & tbre bonderd a borsback/Cbey 
made tbeyr bataylles, and wente alle in ordenaunce 
toward tbecyteof JVycene,ayenst tbewilleand def- 
f ence of alle tbe grete men of tboost j0 GCTban tbey 
cam nygbe to this grete cyte, tbey smote in to tbe 
townes about it, & tokemerueyllous many beestes, 
grete and smale, and brought mocbe grete gayne, 
and retomed saufly witboute burte borne agayne 
in to tbe oost, witb grete ioye and f este* 

pS Ducbemen, wbicbe ben a peple 
rudeand bardy, sawe tbis glorye and 
tbis gayne tbat tbey bad wonne,and 
bad grete enuye tberat & were meuid 
witb couetyse of good, and to baue 
- worship, relyed tbem to gydrealleof 
that tongue vnto tbe nombre of tbre thousand a 
f oote, & wente strayte toward JVycene. 'Cbere was 
a castel at f oote of an bylle, nygb vnto JVycene, at 
lestefoure myle of jS^Cbese Ducbemen cam tbeder 
& began tassaylle tbe castel mocbe strongly; tbey 
within defended tbem to tbeyr power as long as 
tbey mygbt. But it auaylled not, if or tbe castel was 
taken by force, & tbe Ducbemen entred tberin, and 
alle tbem tbat tbey fonde witbin, men, wymmen & 
cbylderen, tbey slewe without mercy. TLbty fonde 
ther in vytaylle ynowgb,& other tbynges,& sawe 
that tbe place was mocbe fayr and delectable, and 
gamyssbed it, and sayde tbat tbey wolde it bolde 
tyl the grete prynces,wbome tbey abode and taryed 
for, were comen. 


Row Solyman, lord of that con tre, reprysed & toke 
agayn the castel,and slewe allc the Ducbemen that 
where tberin, captt ulo xxiiij^^ 

OLYM^Nt wbicbe was lord of 
tbis con tre andgouernoure,bad 
berd longe to fore, tbat tbe cris- 
ten peplewere meuydof tbe roy- 
amme of f raun ce for to goo in to 
tbelonde of Surye, and tbat tbey 
addressed tbem for to passe by 
ZM bis londe, tberf ore be bad ben in 
tboryent,frowbens be was come, and bad brought 
grete plente of knygbtes andotber peple, by wbom 
be en tended to kepe bis londe, & greue bis enemyes 
tbat sbold passe tbere by, F)e was tbenne drawen to- 
wardour peple, andwitb bisfolkeswasin tbemon- 
taynes and woodes. F)e berde bow tbyseDucbemen 
bad taken bis castel and slayn bis men, and cam tbe 
tel, and toke it without taryeng, & be smote of tbe 
beedes of allc tbem tbat be f onde jff Oe tydvnae 
cam in to tbe boost tbat Solyman bad slayn allc tbe 
Ducbemen and tbeyr f elawsXbcy bad mocbe sor- 
ow, and tber arroos a grete crye and grete wepyng 
in tbe lodgys J& Oe peple arote toke berof grete 
despite emonge tbem, and began tospeke sbewdly, 
and said tbat tbe barons of tbe oost ougbt not to 
suff re this, but tbat tbey sbold renne a borsbak & 
auengebloodof tbeyr bretberen, tbat so nygbe was 
sbedXbe grete men of tboost, tbat knewe more of 
warre&of otber tbynges tban tbemenepeple,wold 
baue bolden tbem in peas, and sayde tbis may wel 



be yet amended, Hnd also them perour counccy tied, 
and it was troutbe, that tbey sbold abydetbe com- 
yngof tbegretebarons,wbicbe sboldnot longeta- 
ryeXbe peple and tbe folyssb folke were not con- 
tent with tbyse wordes, but tbey bad a capytayne 
named (3odefrey Bureau, wbicbe brought tbem in 
sucbe reuerye and murmur tbat tbey spake largely 
and rudely ayenst tbe knygbtes, & sayde alle clerly 
tbat tbey were vntrewe and euyland tbat tbey lete 
not to auenge tbis by wysedom, but for grete cow- 

Row oure men armed tbemfor tauenge tbe Ducbc- 
men, & of a recountour tbat tbey bad ayenst Soly- 
man, capitulo xxv&& 

Cbappetboftymetbat tbe werse 
counseyl ouercometb tbe better, 
and it is no meruaylle,ffor tbere 
ben more f ooles than wysemen. 
Cbysc mene peple, and without 
reson, meuyd them so mocbe & 
cry ed tbat tbe barons and other 
men tbat were with hem ran to 
armes, on horsbak & on f oote. TTbere were wel xxv 
,JV1 on f oote, and v C a/borsbak, alle wel arrayed J& 
XTbey madetbeyr bataylles, & wentef ortbin orden- 

aun ce toward tbe mon taygn es by tbe woodes s tray t 
toward Jtycene. XTbey were not departed tbre myle 
wban Solyman,wbicbe bad mocbe peple with bym, 
apperceyued tbem ; for be cam alle couerd & secrete- 
ly in tbe wode, f or tomakean assaylle in tbe oost of 
tbe py Igryms, But wban be herd tbe noyse & thaf- 
fraye in the f oreste, he wyst wel tbat thei were the 


crieten men that cam ayenet bym, & euffred tbcm 
to paeee. Re bym self witb alle nis peple drewe bym 
incontinent oute of tbe wode in to tbe playn wbere 
ae tbey sbold paeee, (Oban oure peple were yeeu- 
ed, tbey eewed tbem eodenlv, tbey tokenonebede of 
bym, and anon witb tbeir relawebip ran vpon our 
men witb tbeirsperes & swerdes for tauenge tbeyr 
bretberenXbe betben men sawe on tbatotbersyde 
tbat certaynly tbey wold fygbte,& tbat euery man 
dyd biebe9te,receyuedtbem mocbe fierslyXbe ba- 
taylle began mocbe cruelle, and many were dede on 
bo tbe eyde9,andtbe bataylledured longe,ButSo- 
lyman bad mocbe more peple on borsbacke, wbom 
tbe pylgryms a/fote mygbt not lenger suffre, but 
began tofleewitboutordenaunce,andweredi9com- 
fytedXbeCurkeefolowed tbem aftir,9leeyng alle 
tbem tbat tbey mygbt atteyne, tyl tbey cam to tbeyr 
Reygnald de Broyes & f oucber d'Orleane, wbicbe 
were good and valyaunt knygbtes,and almost alle 
were slayn and brought in to prison, if or of xxv JVI 
men,andfyuebonderdmen on borsbak,coudenot 
be f ounden tbre to gydre, but tbat tbey were taken 




fiow peter Cberemvte beyng in Constantynoble 
was aduertysedof tbisdisconfyture, &saued tbre 

tbousandcristenmen,beyngin grete daun<rer,capi- 
tuloxxvj^^ r 

HIS vyctorye brought Soly- 
man in grete pryde,andin grete 
sewrtebe smotein totbe lodgis 
of tbe cristen men, wbere as 
wer lef te tbauncyentpeple,men, 
wymmen, clerbes, and monkes, 
wbome be put alle to detb, He 
-fonde maydens and smale chil- 
dren, wbtcbe be ledde wttb bym, for to be euer af tir 
m seruagejffOn tbat one side of tbe tentes nygbe 
vn to tbe see, was an old fortress f orleten and beten 
doun, in wbicbe no man dwelled, netber was fonde 
tberem dorene wyndowe. Oeder fliedde of tbe pyl- 
gfryms aboute a tbre thousand, one aftir another 
for to kepe tbeyr lyues, they stopped then trees tbe 
best wyse they mygbt wytb grete tymbre and trees, 
andwitb grete stones.TTbetWkeeknewe tberof,& 
earn and began tassaylle it on allesides mocbe an- 
guyssbously, Tbev defended them the best wev 
they mygbte, ffor they bad gretenede, Olbvles tbev 
were thus assaylled, a messager wente hastely to 
peter Cberemyte, which was in Constantynoble, 

that alle bis men were perysshyd, sauf a lytil re- 
menaunt, wbicbe were at grete mischief in an old 
bows asyeged, wbicbe were in mocbe grete dancrer, 
yf tbey bad not hasty socoure* 



eiTGR was mocbc abassbed, & bad 
meruayllously grete sorowe. JVeuer- 
tbelesse, anon be rannc to tbemper- 
our, and fyld doun at bis feet, and 
prayd bym for goddes sake and for 
tbe sauacion of bis sowle, tbat be 
woldsendesocoure to tbis pourcpcplc tbat werein 
so grctc pery 11, tbat yf be basted not, tbey sbold be 
alle deed. TTbem perour tbat mocbe louyd peter sent 
anon bis messagers tbeder, and commaunded tbe 
TTurhes tbat essaylled tbem sbold leue tbassault 
&departetbensXbey wenteaweye anon wban tbey 
bad berde tbe commandement of tbemperour, but 
tbey ledde witb tbem prisonners ynowe, borses, 
mules, and otber beestes, tentes, pauyllons, and 
gonnes, and wytb alle tbey retoumed in to J^ycene 
jplSere yemaye bere bow so mocbe peple was loste, 
by tbe f olye of tbe moyen peple, wbicbe wold not 
baue ne endure tbegouemaunceof tbe wyse men a- 
boue tbem. Here may men wel see tbat it is grete 
peryl to truste totbebataylleorwarreof tbem, tbat 
nnowenotof it* 

Row a preest named Godecban made bym self cap- 
tayn of xl JV1 Ducbemen in tbis viage, and of tbeyr 
oultra gcs, capitulo xxvij^A? 

Y€H tbat pieter was passed in 

not longe af tir tbat a priest na- 
med Godecban bad precbyd in 

emyte bad doon in f raunce, and 
cam witb bis peple for to goo in 
in tbis pylgremagc, ff or be bad 

wel assembled xl M of Ducbemen, Cbey entred 
alle in to tbe londe of Hongrye, ffor tbe kyng bad 
by cause it was bisneygbours,and tbat tbey snold 

aevytaylle&otber necessytees at prys resonable, 
xy tbat f onde tbe londe rigbt good began to a- 
bydetberealletbewynter,and fortbeease tbat tbey 
bad tbey began to wexe prowd, in sucbe wyse tbat 
tbey toke away tbe vytaylles & otber tbynges,and 
ledcte awey tbe beestes ou te of tbe f eeldes, Cbey toke 
wyues, bete tbeyr busbondesandslewetbem, &for 
noman wold tbey leue tbise outrages jjTCbe kynge 
of tbe londe berde tbe tydynges of tbis peple, and 
was mocbe displaysed, and was mocbe sory tber- 
fore, &mygbtnotwytb bis honour no lenger suffre 
it, lest it sbold tome to ouermocbe burte of bis 
londe and of bis subgettes,and dyde do assemble 
mocbe peple on borsbak, and on rote for tauenge 
on tbise Ducbemen, He began to poursyewe tbem 
so f erre, tbat be f onde tbem rigbt in tbe mydle of 
bis royame by a castel named Bellgraue.^be kyng 
bad seen and also berd of tbou Itrages tbat tbey bad 
doon in bis londewbyles besiewedaftirtbem.'Cbe 
Ducbmen knewetbat tbe kynge cam vpon tbem and 
was nygbe,& tbey knewe wel tbat tbey bad not ben 
wel gouerned toward bym,but bad doon many ylle 
tornes and wronges in bis londe, wberf or tbey bad 
not deseruyd bis grace and bis loue, J^euirtbeless 
tbey ranne to armes,andsayde tbat tbey wolde de- 
f ende tbem fro tbe Honares, and wold neuer deye 
fornougbt, but erst wold tbey selle tbeyr lyf mocbe 
derej^ttlban tbe kyng and tbe Mongers sawe tbis, 

/they thought that this peple were moche stronge 
and hardy, & there as alle dispayred, and sawe that 
'bispeplein that m an er, &lef te the force of bataylle, 
and toke hym to subtilite & f alsbed, as peple that 
is f ill of barate, deceyte, and tryeberye- 

" He kynge & thenongers sente mes- 
sage to Godecban & to the grete men 
of the companyefor to deceyue them 
by f ayre wordesof peas, and sayd to 
them in thismanere:Ouer grete com- 
J playnte andmoche f owle renommeis 
comen to the kyng of you, f ayr syres, whiche hath 
sentevsbetber,foras he hath herd saye, ye hauenot 
had to none of youre hoostes no f ayth ne troutbe, 
but haue taken fro them that they badde,and haue 
beten & slayn them. Ye have taken their doughters 
i and wyues, and doo suche oultrages to them as it 
VST ougbtnot tobesaydXbe marcheauntes and other 
peple that ye fynde by the wayes, be not sure, and 
goonot quytefroyou,butbe robbedand pyled-Of 
wbicbetbyngestbe kyng hathgrete clamours aftir 
him ; neuirtheles the kyng knowetb wel, that ye be 
not alle in this default, but ther ben emong you 
many good men &wyse to whom this folye moche 
displaysy th, and the oultrage of the malef actours 
whiche haue so angred the kyng and his peple, ther- 
for the kyngwil not put thedefaulte of one partye 
vponalle,ne it is not right that tbetrewepylgryms 
shold a/bye the trespas of the bad, & he doubtetb 
to take vengeaunce on you alle* Slherf ore we coun- 
seyle vou that ye appese the kynge in thismaner, & 
fi 65 

we promyse you in good f aytb that ye sbal neuer 
bauc damage* Off re, and putte your bodyes, your 
amies, and alle your tbynges in bis wylleand in bis 
mercy, witboutmakyngofonyappoyntementwitb 
bym,f or yf yewilnot sodoo,yesee wel,ye bauenot 
tbe puysaunce ayenst bym, for ye be in tbe myddle 
of bis royamm e, and may not escape bym. 

a ODecnH)S[ & tbe grete men of bis 
boost to wbom tbisoultragesmocbe 
peple, trusted wel in tbe wordes tbat 
tbey bad brought to tbem, and bad 
arete bope in tbe byenes and mercy of 
tbe kyngj^Cbey called tbe peple, counseyled and 
prayde tbem tbat tbey wolde rendre tbeyr narnoys, 
and put tbem in tbe mercy of tbe kyngXbey wold 
not doo it, and sayde tber sbold neuer come good 
to tbem to put tbem under so vntrew peple: neuer- 
tbeles,atte laste tbey dyde by tbecounseyl & wylle 
of tbe wvsemenXbeyr barnoys, and alle tbat tney 
badde tbey delyuerd atte commandement of tbe 
kynge, Cdban tbey supposed tberby to baue goten 
tbeyr lyf ,tbey ran totbe detb,ffor tbefiongresas- 
saylled tbem anon in tbe mydle of tbem alle armed, 
of tbe wbicbe poynt tbey toke none bede. Tbey be- 
gan to slee&smyteof beedeswitbout demandyncr 

tbat tbey waded in tbe blood vnto tbebalf legge,it 
was soroweandpyte to see tbeyr bodyes of sofayr 
peple slayne in tbe stretes, wayesand feeldes.Som 
bapped tescape tbatwente emong tbeotberand re- 
torned in to tbeyr contre,& tolde tbis mescbeyf and 

trayson, by wbicbe tbcy taugbt allc tbc pylgryms 
tbat tbcy ronde tbat tbcy sbold not truste to tbc 
pcplc of Dongrye, 

How CC JW cristen men a f ootc & tbrc JW a bors- 
bak witboute capytayn assembled in tbis pyt- 
gremage, & of tbeyr mayntene, capitulo xxvxxj^^ 

JJS" a litil tyme af tir tbis ofrete oc- 
[ cisyon tbat I baue said to fore, 
assembled mocbe grete peple a 
f ootewitbout capitayne, pleuer- 
tbeles tber wer emong tbem bye 
men and good kny gbtes, bu t tbe 
comune peple obeyed tbem not 
I ne byleuyd tbem of notbynge, 
TZbere was emonge tbem Hbomas de fere, Clerem- 
bault of Vendueyl,(3uillem Carpenter,&tbe counte 
Herman, TTbese peple tbat were a f oote dyde many 
ylles and oultrages by tbe waye, and tber arrose 
emong tbem a madnesse and a rage of wbicbe tbey 
coude not kepe tbem fro sleyngof alle tbe lewes in 
alle tbe wayes and townes by wbicbe tbey passed, 
ITbey slewemerueyllous grete nombre at Coleyne, 
at)Vlagonce,and m otber places. In tbise partyes 
as tbey wentewas an erle,a rigbt noble lord named 
Bmycon : wban be sawe tbis peple, be put bym self 
in tbeyrcompanyefortogoowitbtbemin tbispyl- 
gremage, be cbastysed not ne blamed tbemysruled 
peple, but entysea tbem to doo euyl tomes. 


RSY passed by francone and by 
Bauyere so f crrc that tbey drewe in 
to nongrye, and cam in to a toun 
named JMleeszeborsjj^CCTel supposed 
tbey to baue passed in to nongrye 
witnoute ony gaynsayeng, but wban 
tbey cam to tbe brygge, it was deff ended tbem and 
closed* "Cbere was a fortresse wbicbe was closed* 
on tbat one syde witb tbe ryuer of tbe Dunoe, and 
on tbat other syde witb tbe ryuer named Lintans ; 
tbe remenauntwasenuyronnedwitbadepe mareys. 
<Hitbin tbe fortresse was grete plente of peple wel 
armed, wberf ore itwas not lygbt for to passe tbat 
toun by force, ff or tbe kynge of nongrye bad wel 
vnderstande of tbe comyng of tbis peple, wbicbe 
were witbou te fay lie wel cc JA on f ote, and on bors- 
bak were nomoo but tbre thousand, and doubted 
mocbe tbat tbey, wban tbey were entred in to bis 
londe, wolde auenge tboccision tbat was doon by 
falsebed and trayson vpon tbepepleof ©odecban, 
ff or tbe rumoure and specbewas mocbe yet of tbat 
f owle and vylanous f ayte tburgb out al tbe londe* 
XTbey tbat sawetbat tbeymygbt not passein to tbe 
londe, prayd tbem of tbe fortresse tbat tbey wold 
suffre tbem to sende messagers to tbe fcyng of 
nongrye, for to requyre bis grace tbat tbeymygbt 
passe in <?ood peas, and tbey wold lodge tbem tber 
wbylest m tbo places tbat wer ful of pastures to 
fore tbe paas* 


fiow tbis peple began to destroye the londc of the 
l kyng, by cause bewold not graunte to tbem leuefor 
)to passe, capitulo x xix&& 

1 LYOL wby le taryed tbey tbat 
wente to tbe kyng, but retomed 
anon,ffor tbey mygbtnotspede 
of sucb tbynges as tbey dem- 
anded. TLbz kyng answerd tbat 
for yef te ne for prayer sbolde 
tbey en tre in to bis londe. Cttban 
J tbey of tbe oost, grete & smale, 
berd tbis, tbey were mocbe angry, ffor tbey bad 
trauaylled & aespended mocbe cjood to come tbe- 
dyr, and now tbey bad loost tbeir wayeXbey con- 
cluded among tbem tbat tbey sbold brenne & de- 
stroye tbe contreye of tbe kynge, as mocbe as was 
on tbis syde tbe mareys ; tbey sette fyer on townes, 
and toke tbe men, and destroyed alle tbe con trey. 
Qlbyles tbey dydc tbus, tbe peple of tbe f ortresse 
cam out, and witb otber peple of tbe kynges to tbe 
nombre of viiCwbatof knygbtes and otber peple 
wel armed, and passed by sbippis er euer tbe pil- 
gryms knewe or it ony word, and tbey sette tbem 
for to deff ende tbe pylgryms at a paas tbat tbey 
ran vygorously vpon tbem in sucbe wyse tbat er 
tbey my gbt saue tbem self tbey were slayn alle, sauf 
a f ewe of tbem tbat witbdrewe tbem in to tbe ma- 
reys, and bydde tbem in tbe reed. 



RHJN" tbyse pylgryms tbus bad tbe 
victorye,tbey mounted in mocbc grcte 
bardynes, and said tbat by force tbey 
witboute leue tbey wold passe tburgb 
tbc londeXbenne tbey began to som- 
onne and recomf orte euery man to doo wel. *Cbey 
tohe poles & made scaffboldes mocbe grete plente, 
wbicbe tbey sette to tbe walks, & mounted vp cou- 
erd witb tbeyr sbeldes and targes, and assay lied it 
mocbe bardely* JVlany py bed witb pyhoys, & myned 
tbe walleswitb grete force tbat tbentree semed al 
redy f or to entreXbey tbat were witbin were nygbe 
deed for despayer,frortbeydefendedslowlyasmen 
affrayedin tbeir bertes,ffor tbey supposed anon to 
be slayn. Hnd sodenly cam a fere and a drede vpon 
tbe bertes of tbe pylgryms tbat wened anon to be 
slayn, and neuer was hnowen wberf ore it was, and 
anon fyl doun fro tbe scaff oldes, & taryed not, but 
fiedde sodeynly, &none wystewby tbey fleddeXbe 
Rongers wnan tbey sawe tbis, mygbt wytb grete 
peyne by leue it, tbat tbis was trou tbe, ffor tbey sawe 
no rayson wby* JVeuertbeles, wban tbey appercey- 
uyd tney descended doun and began to f olowe tne 
cbaas in sucbe wyse tbat tbem next to fore tbem 
were almost alle taken and slayn* In tbis auenture 
was fonden none otber reson, sauf tbat tbe peple 
was sofulof synne, tbat tbey badnotdeseruyd tbe 
loueofourlora,netbonoureof tbe world, and tber- 
for tbeyre synnes acowarded tbem in sucbe wyse 
tbat tbey mygbt not doo ne accomplyssbe tbis 
grete werhe, wrocbe tbey bad nygbe acbyeued* 

"EsZJgaRG crlc Gmycon cam agayn in to bis 

contrc with gretenombreof pejpledis- 


tbat I fore bauc named wente in to 

Lombardye, & so in to puylleXbere 

bad tbey miowlecbe tbat somme of 

tbe grete barons were passed in to Duras,and fro 

tbens in to ©rece, tbey wente af tir & f olowyd tbem. 

In tbis manere were tbe peple of f rauncedisperpled 

and of tbe contrees tber by. TTbe waye of nongrye 

wasmocbe more strayte & ner yf tbey mygbt baue 

goonit,and bad not bedestrowbledby tbeyrfolye- 

^But tbe otber tbat camaftirpeyned tbemmocbe 

for to goo more wysely and more in peas* 

Row tbe due ©odefroy of Boloyne beyng witb a 

grete boost cam vnto Dongrye,sente bis messag- 

ers to tbe fcyng for to demande passage, capitulo 

OJViejSfwas tbemonetb of Hu- 
guste, in tbe yere of tbyncama- 
cion of our lord, JVI Ixxxxvj, tbe 
xv day of tbe same monetb, tbe 
valyaunt Godefroy of Buyll- 

tbem tbat sbold be bis f elawes 
_ intbisioumcye,andcamfrobis 

contrey witb so grete apparayllement as it apper- 

teyned to bis estate. OTith bym Bawdwyn bis bro- 

, tber, Bawdwyn tbe erle of nenawde, Huge tbe erle 

V] of Seyntpol,euerard bissone,wbicbwasamocne 

valyaunt yongeman,(3amyertbeerle,sumamedor 

Crees, Bemarde tbe erle of ITouU,pieter bts bro- 

tber, Bauwdwyn de Bore, cosyn to tbc due, fienry 
d'Hsque, ©odefroy bis brother, and many otber 
good knygbtes witb tbemXbis men were so good 
frendee emonge tbem, and so wyse men, that in no 
wyse tbey wold departe tbat one fro that otber J& 
Xlbzy cam alle boot witb tbeir tbynges in toOster- 
yebe tbe xx daye of Septembre, vnto a town wbicb 
is named Cayllenborcb, tbere rennetb aryuer nam- 
ed Lyn tans, anddeparted tbem pyre of Hllemaygne 
fro tberoyamme or fiongrye.SIban tbey were com- 
en tbeder, tbey bad berd by tbe waye euyl tydynges 
of tbe grete mesauentures, tbat ©odecban and bis 
3eple bad in fiongrye* 

g^ i^gsignBY assembled and took counseyl 
emon ge tbem, bow tbey myabt passe 
tbis eontre in peasXbey alle acord- 
ed tbat tbey sbold sende messagers 
and lettres vnto tbe kyng of fiongrye 
for to demande first by wbat reason 
tbeyr f elaws, tbe pylgryms wbicbe were tbeyr bre- 
tberen, were tbus peryssbed in bis power and bis 
londe.Hf tir tbis tbey en cbarged tbemessagers tbat 
tbey sbold en tre witb bym in to comunicacion, tbat 
tbey my gbt passe bis royamme seurly and in peas, 
ana tbat berin tbeyput tbem in deuoyr and payne, 
if or tbis waye was tor tbem mocbe sborte, & more 
couenable yr tbey mygbt baue it tban for topasse 
by see^In tbis message wenteGodefroy d'Heque, 
brother of Henry, by cause be bad long to fore ben 
acqueynted witb tbe kynge of Rongrye; witb bym 
tbey sente otber wyse men. XTbey wente so f er tbat 
tbey f onde tbe kynge, and salewed bym in tbename 

, of bem that sente tbem, and delyuerd tbeyr lettres 
, of credence, andaf tir sayd to bym tbyse wordes* 
Row tbe messagers of tbe due 6odefroy declared 
tbeir message vnto tbe kyng of Rongrye,and tber 
upon bis answere, capituloxxxj^^" 

^R6 wyse man and noble, (3ode- 
1 froy, ducof Lorayne,& tbe other 
prynces tbat win) bym come in 
pylgremage, baue sente vs now 
vnto you, & by you wolde knowe 
by what occasion tbe otber pyl- 
gryms, whom tbey belde for f e- 
J laws & bretberen, baue so cruelly 
be slayn and smeton in pieces in your power* <Oel 
tbey knowe and sende you worde tbat tbey baue 
ben 800 slayn, flPor tbey baue founden many of 
tbem tbat ben escaped* JVIocbe tbey meruaylle now 
ye and your peple, wbicb ben cristen as ye saye, 
baue tbus destroyed tbe good companye, wbicbe 
for to enbaunse tbe faytb of Ibesu Crist ben de- 
parted out of tbeyr contre, in sucbe wyse tbat tbe 
most mortal enemyes tbat tbey baue, bad not don 
werseXbey desire mocbe to knowe yf it were by tbe 
defaulte or tbe pylgryms; if or yf ye baue doon it 
by iustyce,or in aeffendyna you andyoure londes, 
or otber wyse tbat tbey wold enforce and take ony 
tbyng away* Yf it were so, tbe due and bis f elaws 
wold take it more ligbtly, but yf it be doo without 
tbeir trespaas, or for bate tbat ye bad to tbem, and 
tbus murdred tbem, tbey tbat sente vs betber lete 
you wete by vs tbat tbey baue lefte tbeyr owne coun- 
treyes for tauenge tbe wronges and tbe oultrages 


that baue ben don to the pcplc of ourc lord, and yf 
tbey finde that ye baue so doo, tbey be not in wylle 
to passe f ertber, tyl tbey baue to tbeyr power au- 
enged tbedetb of tbe pylgryms of our lordj^Hnd 
.berwitb ©odefroy, tbat acounted tbis to tbekyng, 
'made an ende of bis wordes. 

fiG kyng was in bispalays, wbere be 
bad grete plente or barons of bis 
royamme andof otber pepleXbenne 
l \^//WA\ answerd and sayde J? Godef roy, it 
KVx^^a \ plesytb me mocbe tbat ye be come in 
r^^m-^mi to tbis contrey for to speke to me: it 
isamocbegoodtbyng for mefortwocausesXbat 
oneis tbatye be of myn acqueyn taunce &my frende 
longesytb,and we snal afferme&renewe our loues 
& ouracqueyntaunces in tbis yourecomyngXbat 
otber cause is tbat I knowe you to be a man wyse, 
resonable, and of good wille, and am mocbe ioyous 
of tbis tbat ye sbal bere my excusacionXroutbeit 
is tbat we baue tbe name of tbe cristiente,it were& 
sboldbemocbe fayrtovs yf we bad tbe werkes, but 
tbey tbat ben passed tof ore witb peter 0>eremy te 
&witb(3odecban, baue not tbe werkes ofpylgryms 

neofcristen men^forwereceyuyd peter X:beremyte 
and bis peplein ourelondes andin our townes witb 
grete debonayrte, and departed witb tbem oure vy~ 
tay lies, and otber tbyn ges we gaf to tbem, but tbey, 
lyke as tbe serpent tbat prycketb or styngetb bym 
tbat kepetb bym warme in bis bosomme, batb guer- 
donned and rewarded vs for our good dedes, for 
in tbende of tbe royamme of fiongrye, wban tbey 
ougbt to tbanke vs and rendre graces to god & to 

tbeyr frendes, tbey toke by force one of oure best 
castellis, and put to detb alle that were tberin, and 
caryed tbe beestys with tbem. 'Cbey toke alle tbe 
maydens of tbetown lykerowtersand tbeuesXbe 
companyeof ©odecban cam after tbem, tbey abode 
not to f orf aytte til tbe ende of our royamme, but 
assone as tbey were entred and passed tbeyatesof 
fiongrye, tbey began to make alle tboultrages tbey 
mygbteXbey brente tbe townes, slewe tbe men, en- 
forced tbe wymmen, and bare away alle tbynges: 
tbey dyde so mocbe tbat for tbeyr trespaces were 
wel worthy to baue bate of god and of tbe world. 
<Oe tbat be bere in tbe place and in tbe dygnytt, by 
please god, and our barons tbat baue swome tbe 
f eaulte of tbe royalme,mygbt not wel endure tbus 
to destroyeour peple andour contrey, but baueput 
to tbe band by force in vs def endyng. XTbe tbyrde 
companye cam also witb folke a f oote, we doubted 
itbenoyse& debate in sucbe wyse,tbatwewoldnot 
tsuffre tbem entre in to our londe ne come emonge 
vs. Our lord, tbatiugetb alle tbe wordes & knowetb 
alle tbynge, woteweltbat it is tbus,and tbatlbaue 
1 lyed to you no worde. JVow we praye you tbatye ex- 
cuse vs oueraal wbere ye sbal bere speke of it 

"1 fiflJV be bad said tbis, be sente tbe 
messagers in to tbeyr innes, wbere 
tbey bad mocbe grete honour and 

of bis barons, & ordeyned bis owne 
messagers, wbicbe be sente to tbe 


due ©odefroy and to tbeprynces tbat cam. Re bad 

spoken ynowgb to Godefroy d'Hsque, and made 
bym gretecbere,andgaf to bym & bis f elawsbippe 
yeftes,andaf tirtookleue of bim andretomed al to 
gydre witb tbemessagers^Glban tbey were comen 
sage in tbis manere: Oe kyng of Rongrye sale- 
wetb you, my lordes, and sendetb yow worde tbat 
be knowetbeertaynly by renomme tbatye be a man 
of mocbebye lygnage,puyssaunt of peple, wyse& 
treweof berte, prudent & valyauntof body,in sucbe 
wyse tbatyour prouesseis bornein to many londes, 
ffor tbysetbyngesour lord tbekynge, wbicbe neuer 
saweyow,preysetb& louetbyowmocbein bie berte, 
and batb mocbe grete desire to doo you bonoure* 
Cbesepylgryms tbat ben witb you, & tbat baueen- 
terprysed 90 bye a pylgremage be preysetb mocbe, 
and desyretb mocbe to 9eetbem,and to worgbippe, 
and to naue tbeyr acqueyntaunce, ff or be boldetb 
bym self ewrous& graciou9 tbat our lord bad 9ette 
bym in 9ucb a poynt, tbat be may doo 9eruy9e and 
bounte to one so valyaunt a man. Cberfore vnto 
you, f ayr lord, & to tbe bye men of your companye 
beprayetb, requyretb&ciemandetb for a synguler 
yefte, tbat it wold plese you tocomeseebym atone 
r>is castel named Ciperon, ffor bedesiretb mocbe 
to speke to you at leyser, and doo tbat ye wille de~ 


Row the said kynge scute for to fetebe the due 
<3odefroye, and bow be wente, and of tbe deuyses 
tbat they bad togydre, capitulo xm]&# 

RH]N[ tbe duc&bis barons bad 
berd tbe messager tbus spekc, 
be drewe tbem a parte and toke 
counseyl: tbey acordedwel tbat 
tbeduc sbold goo. Resente for 
and wentef ortb witb tbre bon- 
_ derd borse, witboute moo, on 
bis way. Rit was not long but be cam to Ciperon, 
be passed tbe bryggcand fonde tbe kynge, wbicbe 
made to bym grete ioye and mocbe bonour. Hnd 
long tbey spak to gydre,&tbe kynge excused bym 
of tbe detb of tbe pylgryms vnto tbe due, lyke as 
be bad doon to tbe messager JSfBx tbende tbe kyng 
cam so to poynt tbat tbey were appeased goodly: 
tbe kyng acorded to bym tbe passage tburgb bis 
royamme,yf bewoldsette bym sucbeboostagesas 
be sbold cbese for to kepe tbe pees. HUe tbis was 

graunted,and be demanded in boetage Bawdwyn, 
rotber of tbe sayd due, bis wyf and ber maygne, 
tbey were delyuerd to bym gladly J?Zbue entred 
tbey witb alletbeyr peple in to tbelondof Rongrye. 
Xlbe kynge belde to tbem wel bis couenauntes,ff or 
be dyde doo crye in alle tbe townes as tbey sbold 
passe,& also thereby, tbattbey sbold selle to tbem 
vytaylles good cbeep,and tbat noman sbold meue 
to tbem no debate, tbe due commanded also ana 
made to be cryed, tbat none on payneof bis lyr were 
so bardy to take ony tbynge fro tbe lond ne fro no 


man, ne for to doo no wronge, but boldc tbem for 
f elawes and brctbcrcnj^XTbue it bappcd tbat tbey 
passed allc Hongrye without ony manerstryf or 


F)G kynge rode alwey nyofbe to tbo- 
oste, on tbe lyfte syde, ledyng bis 
hostages witb bym, redy for tappese 
yf ony noyse arroos,Htte laste tbey 
cam to JVIalleuylle, wberof ye baue 
berd to fore, wbicbe stondetb on tbe 
ryuer of tbe Dunoe, XTbere tbey taryed tyl allc tbe 
boost were passed by sbippes, wberof were but 
f ewe, but to rore be bad don sette ouer a thousand 
men wel armed for to kepe tbe arryuyng on that 
other sydejfiFOIban tbe boost of tbe comyn peple 
were passed, tbe kyng cam to the due and to tbe 
barons, and brought the hostages tbat were dely- 
uerd to hym j?Y)e made to tbem moche ioye and 
honour at departyng, & gaf toeuerycb grete yef tes 
and ryebe* Hftir be toke leue, and retomed borne 
ageyn^be due and tbe barons passed ouer witb 
their peple, and cam to Bellegraue, a cyte of Bou- 
grye, of wbicbe we baue spoken to fore, and there 
tbey lodged tbemjSPHf ter tbey passed thurgb the 
wodes, til tbey cam to tbe cyte of JVyz, and after to 



fiow the due ©odeffroye sente bis messagers to 
tbemperour of Constantinoble, to tbendc that be 
sbold delyuer fiuon Ic fflayne & otbertbat bcbcldc 
in prison, capitulo xxxiij^^ 

GRSmay befcnowen tbc euildis- 
posicion sdeceyteof tbeOrefces, 
fFor sytb tbemperours Latyns 
faylled in Constantinople, and 
tbempyre cam vnto tbc ©rekes, 
of whom tbc f yrstwasj^y cef ores. 
Hnon tbc barbaryns tbat were a- 
, boutc tbcm, tbc Blacz & tbc Co- 
mans,tbey of Bougrye,wbicbe ben toward tbcnortb 
suppriscd & tofce tbyse londcs tbat were so good, 
plentyuous, and delytable, and conauerd alle fro 
tbeDunoe vnto Constantynople, ana on tbat oth- 
er parte vnto tbe see Hdryane jprbere is a cyte in 
Lombardye, nygb to tbe londe of tbe marquys of 
6ste named Hdre, and is right a Htil cyte. But by 
cause it is nygbe tbe see of Venyse and of Hncone, 
batb tbis see tbe name of tbe see Hdryane in wryt- 
yng. TTbis see gotb rigbt nygb Constantynoble, 
vnto a xxx myUJfXMs euyl peple of tbempvre of 
Constantynoble bad wel wonne vpon tbe ©rehes 
xxx joumeyesof lengtbe,and xof brede, ffor aboue 
tbis see tbat I baue spoken of, is a countre named 
epyre. Tbe cbyef cyte is named Duras, of wbicbe 
pyrrus was somtyme fcynge- In tbe contre where 
these pilgrims passed were twoDanemarcbes* cne 
one is named of tbe Ripe which is at the left band 
upon tbe rive of tbe Dunoe- €he other is named 



JVIayene, that 19 in tbc myddle of tbe londe, where 
ben also noble cytees, jNyz and Stralyce. In tbis 
londe was Hrcbade, TTbessale, and JWacbedone, and 
tbre landes euerycb wberof was called TTrace. Hnd 
alle tbise were conquerd vpon tbe Grekes j^But 
afterward tber was an Smperour named Basilie 
recouerd tbise londes, and brought tbe Blacz and 
tbe Bougres longe afore tbis tyme, in sucbe wyse 
tbat tbe two Danemarcbes were comen agayn to bis 
power. But yet wold not tbe Grekes suff re to re- 
sbold be right good, to tbende tbat none shold en - 
babyte there, by cause they bolde it for a strengtbe, 
and tbat notbyng sbold be f onde tberin. Hlso in 
Gspyre, wbicbe extendetb fro Duras vnto a mount 
ynamed Bagulars,and enduretb foure iourneys.By 
.that passed tbe other barons, but tbe due and bis 

f companyepassedbyDanemarcbelaJVIayen,wbicbe 
is named otb erwyse JVIese. 

aneY cam by a destrayte, wbicbe is 
named tbe cloystre of seynt Basyle, 
& sytb they descended in toaplayne, 
where they f onde grete plente of vy- 
taylle and of pastures,and cam vnto 
Hsinepol, wbicbe is a mocbefayr cyte 
>andgoodXbere herd they saye,and troutbe itwas 
tbat tbemperour of Constantynoble bad enpri- 
sonned fiuon le JYlayne, broder of tbe kvnae of 
Jfraunce,& many other barons tbat cam with bvm 
|f or tbise noble men were hasty, and cam by Lom- 
bardye in to puylle,ffrotbens they passed to Du- 
ras, and soioumed for tabyde tbe other barons, 

wbycbe ought to come in to tbo partyes, ne tbey 
supposed to baue doubted ony tbynqf in tbe londe 
of tbe Grebes, tbat were cristen as tbey were. But 
tbe baylly of Duras tohe alle tbemoost grete ba- 
rons, and sente tbem in yrons to tbemperour of 
Constantynoble to doo bis wylle witb tbem. Re 
belde tbem in prison, and abode tbe comyngof tbe 
otber barons, by causey f tbey cam witb grete power 
be wolde delyuer tbem for tbeyr loue, and yf tbey 
cam not witb grete mygbt be tbougbt not lygbtly 
tolete tbem passej^ulban tbe due Godefroyeand 
tbe otber barons berd tydynges of tbis prison- 
ment, be tofce good messagers, & sente tbem witb 
tbeyr lettres to tbemperour. Hnd tbey prayde and 
warned bym tbat be sbold sende to tnem without 
delaye tbis bye and noble man Ruon le JMayne and 
alle bis companye, if or tbey belde bym for lordes, 
bretberen & f elaws of tbis pylgremage. Hnd berin 
be bad don more bis wylle and bis force tban rigbt, 
wban be bad reteyned one so gentil & bye prynce. 
Row tbe due Godefroye constreyned tbemperour 
by force to rendre and delyuere bis prisonners,ca- 

pitulo xxxiiij^^ 

m-^m wv^^J T^tbistymewasemperouraGrehe, 

was named Hlexes, & to bis sur- 
name Conius. Re was mocbe ac- 
queynted & pryue witb tbat oth- 
er emperourj^yebof oresBotbo- 
niat,m sucbewyse tbat be made 
bym bis s teward,& was tbe grea- 

test man of tbe londe sauf tbemperour. Re by bis 

maly ce purcbaced euy I and barme ayenst bid lordc, 
by tnassen t of grete pcplc tbat be bcldc abou tc bym, 
and toke bym and bcldc bym in bis prison vj yere to- 
forctbatour pilgryms cam tbederj&TIbemessacr- 
ersof tbeduc& tbc otber barons demanded of tbis 
emperoure Ruon le JVlayne, lyke as tbey were com- 
maunded, and tbe otber prysonners in lyke wyse. 
Cbemperouranswerde shortly tbatbewoldnot de- 
lyueretbemXbey retoumed in to tbe boost, & said 
totbem tbansuerof tbemperour, 

tbis, tbey were mocbe wrotb, & con- 
cluded emong tbem by tbeyr coun- 
seyll, tbat tbey wold playnly make 
warre ayens t bym, tbat dy de so grete 
oultrage to bolde so bye a prynce in 
1 prison, ne wolde not answere by mesure ne reason* 
Xbey babandonned to tbeboosteto take, in tbat 
an d brcn te alle tf>e townesXbus abode tbey in tbise 
party cs, & destroyed alle tbc contrc, & dyde mocbe 
grctc dommagc an d barme ; & grctc plen tc of proy cs 
and otbergayncs cam in to tbc boost of tbe barons 
^TTbempcrour scnte vnto tbeduc & vnto tbe otb- 
er barons, tbat tbey sbold doo bolde tbeyr peple in 
pccs,and tbat be wold delyuere fiuon le JVlayne and 
tbe otber prisonncrsXbey agreed & acordid glad- 
ly, & cam witb alle tbeyr batay lies renged & in orde- 
naunce toforeConstantynoble,asfor tassiegctbe 
toun jjMnonyssued oute fiuon tbc JSflayne,6reue 
de J^eele, Cuyllaumc Cbarpenticr, Clarembault de 
Venduel, and entred in to tbe pauyllon of tbe due, 

and thanked bym mocbe and allc the other of tbeyr 

>delyueraunce* Mnd the due and the booste receyu- 

jed tbem witb mocbe grete ioye,ffor tbey bad mocbe 


Cbe grete despyte tbat tbemperour tolte, tbat due 
Godeffroy reffused to goo in to Constantinoble 
vnto bym^apituloxxxv,*^ 

^f>YL6S tbey spah tbus to gy- 

,dre, cam tbe messagers fro tb- 

I emperour totbeduc&requyred 

tbem in tbeyr lordes name tbat 

be wold entre witb a f ewe of bis 

com panye in to tbe toun, & come 

spefce witb tbemperour J9 Cbe 

due bad counseyl berupon, and 

answerd, tbat be wold not yet come in to tbe toune. 

T (Hban tbemperour berd tbis, be bad tberof mocbe 

grete despite, & deff ended oueral tbat tber sbold no 

more vytaylle be sold to tbem,ne none otber tbyn- 

f ges j^€be noble men sawe tbis, and sente out on 

f ouragyng ouer allc tbe countrey, & tbey brought 

. in vytaylle grete plente,in sucbe wyse tbat tbey bad 

ynowgb, poure & ry cbeXbem perour sawe tbat tbis 

contre sbold be destroyed, and doubted tbat tbey 

iwold yet doo werse, tberf or be commanded to bis 

marcbeauntes tbat tbey sbold goo in to tbe booste 

and se lle to tbem sucbe tbynge as tbey neded, 

" He daye or Cristemasse or of tbe 
Natyuite of oure Lorde approcbed, 
tberf oretbeduc andtbe barons dyde 
doo crye in tbe booste, tbat no man 
sbolde forfaytte ne trespace in tbo 
f oure dayes/cbe mene wbyle cam tbe 

g 2 83 

messagers of tbemperour, that spak to tbe barons 
mocbe fayr, tbat tbey wold passe tbc brygge and 
come on tbc syde of tbc palays wbiebe was named 
Btaquerne, if or tbcre my gbt alle tbc booste lodge in 
grete bowses wbiebe were nygb tbe braas of seynt 
George, Hnd alle tbis said tbey for tricberye and de- 
ceyte. JSeuertbeles our peple byleuyd tbem lygbtly, 
if or tbe wynter was mocbe cold&sbarpe of raynes 

and nc my gbt not bold out tbe water of tbe raync ; 
tbe borscs and poure peple mygbt not endure itjJF 
fierof toke tbemperour bis occasion for tosende in 
to tbe boost, and tbat tbey sbold passe toward tbe 
town : and semed tbat be bad grete pyte on tbem, 
but bis en tendon was alle other wyse, if or be dyde 
tbis to tbende tbat be sbold enclose tbem in a place 
more stray t,tbat tbey sboldnot renne in to tbe con- 
tre, & tbat be mygbt baue tbe gretter power to con - 
strayne tbem tberin. 

Of tbe description of Constantinoble,& of many 
c oun trees & londe s tber abou te, capitulo xxxvijg & 

"OR to vnderstonde bow tbe ba- 
rons were enclosed by tbe des- 
loyaulte of tbemperour, it is to 
wetebow tbecyteof Constanti- 
nople stondetbj^Cbe see wbi- 
ebe is in Venyse cometb nyqb 
vnto xxx myle of Constant!- 
noble; ffro tbens departetb an 
arme like a fressbe water, and estendetb it toward 
the eest in lengtbe x) C xxx myle, It is not like euen, 
tforinsommeplaceitisbut a myle broode,&inan- 

other it is wel xxx of brede or more, after the places 
that it rennetb in* Hnd it rennetb bytwene tbyse 
two auncyent cytees, Sexton & Hbydon,of wbicbe 
tbat one is in Hsye and tbat otber in Surope, flP or 
by the arme is deuyded tbyse two londcs, Constan- 
tinoble is in Surope: tbat otber parte is ]^ycene, 
wbicbe is in Hsye, vbis braas or arme, tbus as it is 
moost brode toward tbesee, lyke a roode wbere tbe 
porte is, it is sayde tbat it is mooste paysible, and 
easyer tban tbe see is jfr^ygbe tberto stondetb 

syde is bytwene tbe porte and tbis arme, tber stan- 
detb a cbircbeof sevnt George, of wbicb tbat seeis 
named tbe braas or sevnt George, & tbis enduritb 
vnto tbenew palays orBlacquerne, after tbe porte, 
Oat otber pan or tbe walle duretb fro tbis cbircbe 
of seynt George vnto tbe porte Oire, Cbe tbyrde 
pan fro tbat yate vnto tbe palays of Blacquerne^ 
*Cbe towne is mocbe wel closed toward tbe cbam- 
payne of walles, of dy cbes, of towres, and of bar- 
bicans, Htte porte descendetb a fressb water ren- 
nyng, wbicb is lytil in tbe somer, but in wynter it 
becometb mocbe grete for tbe rayneXbis water 
batb a brygge, on wbicbe oure men passed ouer, tbe 
wbicbe were enclosid bytwene tbe grete see and the 
braas, bebynde tbe porte, wbere tbey were lodged in 
bouses & were tbere made for tabyde tbat comyng 
of otber barons. 




sagers to the due, and sen tc for bym 
to come and speke with bym. XTbe due 
doubted mocbe bis tricberye,& wold 
not goo. But to tbende tbat be toke 
it not for euyl, be sente to bym tbre 
noble men, tbat is to wyte, Conon de JVIontagu, 
fienry d'Hsque, and Bawdwyn de Bort, & excused 
bym by tbem tbat tbe barons tbat were witb bym 
wold not counseylle bym to goo & speke witb bym 
tyl tbat tbe otber barons were comen jSTCbemper- 
our was mocbe wrotb, and deff ended agayn tbat 
no vytaylles sbold be sold to tbe boost. And dyde 
yet werse, ff or be sente on a daye erly in tbe morn- 
yngsbippes al fulof arcbers,tbat cam sodenly by 
tbe braas rigbt tbere as tbe due was lodged, £bey 
sbotte grete plente of arowes, in sucbe wyse tbat 
tbey slewe mocbe peple tbat was goon on tbe see 
syde,and many tbey burted by tbe dores and wyn- 

Row our peple brente tbeyr lodgys and toke tbeyr 
bamoys, and of an assault tbat tbe Grekes made 
on tbem, capitulo xxxvij;&s& 

RHJN" tbe due & tbe otber bar- 
ons berdtbis, by comyn coun- 
seyl tbey sente tbe brother of 
tbe due for to take tbe brigge, 
to tbende tbat tbey of tbe toun 
toke v bonderdmen, wbat kn- 
ygbtes as otber wel armed, & 

camfyrst to tbc brygge andkepteit,and sawe that 
alle tbc cyte was meued and armed for to come on 
tbem. Our men were tben adcerteyned tbat tbey of 
tbc townc were tbeyr enemyes,and sette fyer in tbe 
bowses where tbey lodged in, & in otber by wbicbe 
tbey doubted and rered, wel a vj thousand or seuen, 
in sucbewysetbat som of emperoursowne bowses 
were bren tej^Hf ter tbey dy de do sowne tbeyr trom- 
pettes,and wente tbem allc in ordenaunce after tbe 
due toward tbe brygge, ffor tbey doubted mocbe 
tbat tbey of tbe towne wold come tbeder for to def- 
f ende tbem tbe paas, Butaslbauesayd, Bawdwyn, 
brother of tbe due, bad tbenne goten it vpon the 
Crekes, whom be bad ouertbrowen & chased rygbt 
f erre* Che boost and alle tbe cariage passed ouer, 
allc in to the con trey, and arrested there alle in or- 
'denauncein a fayr playn, mocbe fyersand coura- 
geous, by tbe chircbeof seynt CosmeandDamyan, 
which now is named the palays of Buymont and 

~j HHN it was come nygb the euentyd 
tbereweremanyslaynof themof tbe 
towne, and of tbe otber, but not so 
many, 0>e <3rekes myght no lenger 
surrebut tbe pylgrymsdiscomfyt- 
J ed tbem &cbassed tbem,sleyngand 
bewyngalle tbem tbat they mygbt arreche,m sucbe 
wyse tbat tbey droof tbem in to the toun by force, 
tbenne retoumed they agayn as tbey tD ^Jl* a 
wonne tbe f elde, and lodged in tbe playne^^be 
©rekes were mocbe swollen and angry of tbat tbey 
bad lost somany men & bad ben so euyl demened, 

g4 S ? 



and began to ordeyne tburgb tbc town bow tbev 
mygbt yssue outc witb mocbe more affrave and 
strenger tban tbey bad. But tbenygbt cam tbat de- 
stourned tbetr counseyl JSt TTbis was an euident 
tbynge, tbat tbemperour bad don tbe barons passe 
the brvoge by tncberye and vntroutbe for to baue 
closed tbem as witbin barryers. 


froye, and tbe answer of tbe due vpon tbe same, 
capituto xxxvnj^^ 

S soneas tboostapperceyued on 
tbe morn tbe day, it was cryed 
tbateueryman on payneof detb 
8boldarmebim,on borsbakand 
on f ote. Tbe capitayns of som 
batayUes were ordeyned for to 
lede tbe peple in f ouragej^Cbe 
. other sette tbem in ordvnaunce 
for to kepe tbeir lodgys, ff or wel tbey apperceyued 
certaynly tbat tbemperour pourcbassed for tbem 
alle tbe euyl tbat be mygbt. Cbey tbat wen tef^r 
vytaylle witbdrewe tbem wel lxmyle:tbeypvlied % 
aboutetbem alle tbe townes tbat tbey fonde and 
brought corn, wyn, beestys, and otbe> rXssTs 
whereof tbe londe was full, tbat vnnetb* mS£ 
tbev conduyte alle. Hnd tbey were out sex dlvfs 
ancfafttr retomned in to tbc : booste w t b aUe&fs 
merueiUous gayne. uc rDI9 


TYyhGS as tbcy conteyned thus, 
messagers cam froBuymonttof ore 
tbe due, and salewed bim in tbcyr 
lordesname, & dclyucrd to bym let- 
trcs wbiebe saide in tbismanere. f)e 
m ealewed in bis lettres tbeducas be 
ougbt to salewe sucbe a manj^Hftir tbey sayde: 
Knoweye,sire,tbatyebaueto doowitb a mocbevn- 
treweman, wbiebe alwey sette bis berte <&purpoos 
to decey ue tbem tbat trus te in bym .Specially be bat/ 
etb tbeLatyns to tbe detb, & dotb bis power in alle 
maners tbat be can todooeu^l to our peple.Hndyf 
ye baue not yet apperceyued it, ye sbal knowe al by 
tyme as I saye to you, fror I knowe wel tbe malyce 
of tbeGrekes, & also tbe tryeberye of tbemperour. 
stantinoble, and retome to/ward tbe playnes of 
Hndrenoble or of Sympole, & tbere ye may wyn tre 
you wbere as is grete plente of alle goodes. Hnd I 
myself ,yf it please god, assone as tbe sprynge of 
tbe yere cometb, sbal come & baste to meue,&sbal 
assemblewitb you, and sbal belpe you, as my lord 
& frende,ayenst tbe vntrew prynce tbat entendetb 
todooeuyllwi tb alle bis power vnto cristiente. 

^HHJ^ tbe due badberd tbyse lettres, 
i by tbe counseyl of bis barons be 
I sente to bym aaeyn otber lettres 
tbat after tbe salewyng spak tbus : 
(De tbanke you gretely, and so doo 
J tbe otber prynces tbat ben witb vs, 
of tbe loue and troutbe tbat ye baue sente vs. Hnd 
knowe ye certaynly tbat we baue founden on tbe 




prynce and on tbc peple of <3rekes, lyke as ye wene 
wel to knowe, <Oc knowe wel that yesayeit of wyse- 
domc and of troutbe. But we doubte mocbe tbc 
armes, tbat wc tokc in our con trey for to warre on 
tbc betben men, sbold rctomc and conuertc ayenst 
tbcm tbat bcrc tbc name of cristiante as wc our self 
doo. <Oc attende and desyre mocb your comyng: 
tbenne, yf god will, wban yc sbal be comen we sbal 
doo take you to our counseyl. 
Row tbemperour appesed tbe due Godefroye and 
sente for bym, and of tbc bonour tbat be dydc to 
bym, capitulo xxxix&& 

fiejWpeROCIR was mocbe 
anguyssous emong bis pryue 
counseyl, and tbougbt bow be 
migbt appese to bym tbc due & 
bis peple by cause be destroyed 
bis contre, of wbicb be berd tbe 
clamours right grete and ofte. 
Hnd by cause tbat beknewetbat 
tbe messagers of Buymont were come, and bad 
brought tidynges tbat be wold bastely come, be 
sente ageyn bis meesagers to tbe due, and prayd 
i bym tbat be wold come speke to bym, and yf be 
doubted of ony tbyng be wold sende loban bis 
sone in hostage in to tbe boost j&Zbie message 
, plesyd mocbc to tbc barons wban tbey berde it, and 
tbey sente Conon de JVfontagu and Bawdwyn de 
Borgb for to reccyue tbe hostage. TTbcy reccyued 
bym & dclyuerd to Bawdwyn brother of tbe Due, 
wbicbe abode for to reule and gouerne tbe boost 

and to kepe the hostage JfVbz due and other ba- 
rons wente in to Constantynople to fore tbem- 
perour which had mocbedesyred tbemXbeGrekes 
made to them grete ioye merueyllously what som- 
euer they tbougbteXnemperour kyssed them alle, 
>and demanded of eueryebbis name, for to honoure 
eucryebbybym self, as he that wel coudedoitXbey 
,were wel beholden of alle them of the palays. 

WC last themperour eatte in his mag- 
I; este,andtbebaronsaboutebym, and 
sayde to the due thysewordee^CHe 
haue herd saye many tymes in tbys 
londe, that thou art of hyghe lygn- 
I age, and of moche grete power in thy 
jcontre, and a good knygbte and trewe, in sucbe 
wyse that for the fayth of Ibesu criste tenbaunce, 
hast enterprised to warrre ayent the mescreauntes 
and hethen peple, whiche greue the cristen peple 
merueyllously. for alle tbyse tbynges we prayse 
the and loue in our berte, & wylle nonoure the with 
grettest honour that we may doo, if or thou art 
worthy and dygne. It playsetb vs and therto ac- 
corden our barons, that we cheese the & auowe for 
our sone, & we put our empyre in to thyn hande, 
that thou kepe tt as our sone from henssforth in 
good estate and in termes of louejflFCdban be bad 
seyde this, he dyde bym to be clad with the robe of 
an emperour, and to sytte by bym. Hnd tbenne the 
barons made to bym rigbtorete festeandsolemp- 
ny te af tir the custom of thelonde in sucbe tbynges. 
Hnd thus was the peesaffermed bytwene the pryn- 
ces and also bytwene the peple. 



Of the yeftes that tbemperour made to due Gode- 
froye, to the barons and to the gentilmen of bis 
boost, capitulo xl&& 

JSOJVG wban tbis was don, tbe 
tresour of tbemperour was op- 
ened, and was presented to tbe 
due & to bis felawsbip so grete 
yeftes and so grete ryebesses 
was grete plenteof gold, of syl~ 
uer, &of precious stones, many 
clotbes of sylk rygbt ryebe, vayssellys of dyuerse 
facions, wbicbe were merueyllous or faeions and 
of matere. Oure peplemeruellyd mocbeof tbis arete 
rycbessejj^tTbyse yeftes cessed not at tbe fyrst 
tjjnie, but fro tbe daye of tbe Gpypbanye vnto 
XTbassencion tyde, tbemperour gaf totbeduceuery 
of pierrye, of pens of gold, of copper, and of tyn 
be gaf to bym ten muyes, euery muye is four bus- 
sbellys. But tbe due departed alle tbvse tbynges 
vnto knygbtes and alle aboute wbere ne sawe tbat 
it sbold be wel em ploy edj#<Klban tbey bad ben witb 
tbemperour a lytil wbyle, tbey toke leue and cam 
agayn in to tbe boost. Ilbey sen te agayn loban bis 
sone, wbom tbey bad bolden in bostage mocbe 
honourably. Tbemperour dyde do cryevpon peyne 
of detb, tbat noman sbold doo barme to tbe pyl- 
gryms, but sbold do selle to tbemalle maner wares 
at prys resonable. Tbe due in lyke wyse dyde doo 
crye, tbat euery man as dere as be louyd bis lyf 


'sbold doo no force ne wronof to tbcm of tbc con- 
trcejffTT bus f ortbon lyuyd tbey in mocbc peas* 

f>HJ^ JMarcbe cam tbc due knewe wel 
tbat tbc otber barons wold come, and 
apperceyued wcl tbat tbc willc of tb- 
cm perour was tbat be wold pass witb 
bis peple tbe braas of seynt George: 
to tbe same acorded tbe barons & tbe 
otber of tbe boost, Hnd saide to tbemperour tbat 
be wold passe ouer, and be anon dydedomake redy 
jmany sbippes & passed welalle and cam in toBetb- 
rnie, wbicbe is tbe ryrs t partye of Hsy ej^Cbey lodg- 
ed tbem aboutetbe cyte of CalcedonicOf tbis cyte 
fynde we wryten, tbat in tbe tyme of pope Lyon and 
JVIarcyen tbem perour assam bled tbere one of tbeiiij 
grete counseyllis, wbere tber were iij C xxxvj prela- 
tes, for to condempne an beresye tbat a monke na- 
med Bntyses bad founden, and tbat belde a patri- 
ble tbat tbere is but tbe braas bytwene tbem botbe. 
Hnd tbere was tbe boost lodged mocbe easely, if or 
wbo so bad to doo in tbe cyte of Constantynoble 
be mygbt passe twyes or tbryes in a daye JlfCbz 
cause wby tbemperour made tbe due to passe, was 
forbewoldnot tbat tbe boostesof tbe barons tbat 
were to come sbold not assemble to gydre sonygbe 
bym. Hnd in lyke dyde be to tbe otber barons tbat 
cam af tir, ff or be neuer wold lodge tweyne to gydre. 


Row Buymont was made capit ayn of a grctc boost, 
and the names of many nobles of tboost &of tbeir 
mayntene,capitulo xij^^ 

IfCIR tbis maner con tened bym 
tbemperour and due <3odefroy. 
But Buymont tbe sone of Ro- 
bert ©uyebart, prynce of XTar- 
ente, bad passed tbe see Hdry- 
anc,and was come vnto Duras. 
Qlban alle bis boost was com- 
len be toke bis waye tburgb tbe 
desertes of Bougrye, and wente sof te and f ayr by 
cause of tbem tbat f olowed bym. In bis rowte were 
many noble men, of wbom we sbal name to you a 
part; tbat is to wyte,€ancre tbe sone of Graal tbe 
marquys, Rycbard tbepryncipal sone of Olilliam 
f lerbrace, tbe brother of Robert Guy chart, Raym- 
on t bis brother, Robert tbe fianse, Herman of Car- 
yn, Robert of Sourdeval, Robert fytzOisten,Vm- 
frey fytz Raoul, Rycbard sone of tberle, Ranyol 
erle of Rousygnol,and alle bis bretberen,Ogan of 
Cbartes,Hubery of Cannacand Tmf rey of JVIon- 

tygneux^ Hlle tbyse bad made Buymont tbeir capy- 
taynj^XTbey cam in to tbe cite of Castore and made 
there tbe f este of Cristemasse and helde it mocbe 
byely- But by cause they of tbe con tre wold selle to 
them notbyng,whicb helde tbem for enemyes, tber- 
for by force they muste sende out on fouragyng& 
brought grete proyes and good gaynes,of wbicbe 
they dyde moche barme to alle tbe contrey. Hftir 
tbey cam in to the londe of pclagoine, wbicbe is 


mocbe good and fertile, & lodged tbem tberej^Hf ~ 
tir tbey berd saye tbat nygb by was a castel rigbt 
stronge,wberin alle tbe popeliquans of tbe lande 
were withdrawal for tbe strengbt of tbe place,and 
tbere were none but sucbe mysbyleued peple* Buy- 
mont & bis peple armed tbem and wente tbeder a- 
non,and founde tbere mocbe grete ryebesse in tbe 
towne and grete proyes, wbicbetbey putouta part, 
and after sette fyer tber in tbe town, and alle tbem 
tbat yssued tbey slewe witb tbe swerde,and tbe re- 
menaunt botbe men and wymmen tbey brent alle, 
mon t cam witb grete peple, & doubt- 
edmocbe,andbadbis comyng mocbe 
9uepecyonou9, ff or be bad many de- 
bate9 ayenst bym and bi9, of wbicbe 
_ be bad alwey tbe werse. XLbz souldy- 
ours of tbemperour and alle tbey tbat entermeted 
of arme9 9oioumed & wyntred in tbyse partye9 by 
wbicbe Buymont passed, Tbemperour commaun- 
dzd to bi9 cone9table9 of alle bis peple, tbat tbey 
9bold coo9te Buymont witb a9 mocbe people a9 
tbey mygbte gete vnto tbe water named Bardare, 
in 9ucbe manere tbat yf tbey mygbt greue, ennoye, 
& dommage in ony paa9 to tbem, tbat tbey 9bold 
come on bym 9trongly J? Ous be bad ordeyned 
cautelously bebynde tbem. But to fore a9 be was 
mocbe disloyal & couuert,& coude wel make sem- 
blaunt of otber tbynge tban be tbougbte, be sente 
vnto Buymont of bis grete men, & by tbem lettres 
mocbe payssyble and of fayr wordes,& of boun- 
tes mocbe debonayr and deceyualle wbicbe were as 



Messages and letres fro tbemperourtoJBuymont, 
and tbe contcnucof tbc same as f olowetb, capitulo 

IfiBsalewyng to fore was mocbe 
fayr,and af tirsayde: <Oe knowe 
certaynly tbat tbou art an bye 
prynce & mocb noble sone of an 
noble & valyaunt man, ff or tbis 
in gretemanerwe preysetbe,and 
baue tbe in cbierte.Hnd also for 
tbou bast enterprise^ witb so 
good berte & so good wille in tbis tyme tbe seruyse 
of our lord, and tbepyloremage wbicbe is due from 
alletbem tbatbyleue in ibesu criste-<aebaue ferme 
wy lie & certayn ly purpoos to bonoure tbe, & sbewe 
by dede our grace tbat we baue tbougbt- TTberfor 
we praye and requyre tbe in good f aytb, tbat tbou 
commande to tby peple tbat tbey doo noneoultrage 
toourepeple,and baste tbe to come to vsall surely, 
fFor tbou sbalt baue tber by honour and prouffyt. 
Our messagers tbat come to tbe sbal by our com- 
mandement doo tbyn booste baue resonable mar- 
ket of vytaylles &of allotber tbyngesjfiFTTbesem- 
blaunt of tbise wordes were fayr, but tber was tber 
vndermoebvenym and of f elonnye. 

"aYMOJVr, wbicbe was wyse and 
knowyng many tbynges, bad many 
tymes preuyd tbedesloyalteof tbem- 
perour, and receyued tbyse wordes 
by semblaunce mocbe awortb and in 
_ tbanke, but be preysed tbem lytil in 
'bis courage. JVeuertbelcsse, be tbanketb bym by 


mouth and by lettres that be daygned to wryte to 
bym and sende, considered tbat be was so smal a 
man ay enst bym & sen te bym otber curtoy s wordes, 
&cj^Cbisemes6agiers tbat were tbus comen, con- 
duyted tbe boost vnto tbe ryuer of Bardre- Olban 
tbemoost partye of tbe boost were passed ouer, & 
tbe otber ordeyned tbem for to passeaf ter, tbe con- 
estables of tbe soldy ours wbicbe bad awaytedand 
folowed tbem wened tobaue founden tbeyr poynt, 
and launcedon tbis parte of tboost wbicbe wasnot 
yet passed, and were many moo of tbem tban of 
oures. 0>e noyse and tbe crye aroose mocbe grete. 
€ancre wbicbe mocbe was appert& bardy,bad tbo 
passed balf tberyuerwbicbewas grete, butwban be 
herd tbis, beretomed agayn as bastly as bemygbt, 
and ij ]VI of tbe moost noble retoumed witb bym 
land discomfyted tbem vigorously andputte tbem 
to flygbt Hndmany be took of tbem a4yue,wbom 

^ 6 demanded tbem in tbe presence of 
alle, wberfore tbey bad ronne so on 
tbe boost of tbe cristen men, wbicbe 
were also cristen and peple of tbem- 
perour tbeir lord&frende?0>ey an- 
J swered tbat tbey were seruaun tes and 
soldyoursof tbemperour andmuste doo bis com- 
'mandemen^ffor by bym tbey bad tbis donj^fiere 
by mygbtalle tbey apperceyue tbat berde tbis, tbat 
tbe f ayre wordes tbat tbemperour sayde were but 
deceyuaunce and tricberye. Buymont, wbicbe was 
wyse and knewe tbat be muste passe by tbempyre, 

hi 97 

i good cbere to tbise men for to couure bis courage* 
>Hnd tbat plesyd not som of bis barons* 

f)ow Buymont approucbed Constantinoble, and 
was sente to come to tbemperour, and bow by tbe 
jprayer of due Godefroye be wente toward bym, 
capitulo xliij^^ 

ICIYMON^ & Ws boost wente so 
I ferre by tbe con trees tbat tbey ap- 
procbed Constantynoble, (uban 
tbemperour knew tbat, be sente a- 
gayngretemessagers tobymand 
prayde bym entierly tbat be wold 
leue bis boost & come speke witb 
bym witb a pryue meyne, Buym- 
ont wvst not wbat to doo, if or be was in tbe daun- 
ger or bym so ofrete a man. wbom be doubted to 
angre ; and, on tbat otber parte, be knewe bis false- 
ncsse& deceyuaunce,andbad welapperceyuedtbat 
i be louyd bym not,& tberf ore, be f ered to goo to bym 
JP&lbyke be was tbus entredeux, tbe due Gode- 
froye cam to bym tbe'Cbursdaye afore Gsterdaye, 
ffor tbemperour bad so mocbe prayd tbe due, by 
cause be doubted tbat be wold not gladly come to 
bym, tbat tbe due wente to bym for to make bym 
come to tbemperour, (Oban tbe due and Buymont 
,mette, tbey made mocbe greteioye to gydre,&spak 
to gydre of many tbynges ; after en tred tbe ducf or 
to pray e bym to come to bis fader tbem perour.Buy ~ 
montwaslotb tobey bis prayer & request, butwitb 
grete peynetbe due vaynquyssbyd bym by prayer, 
witb grete honour and ioye and kyssyd bym, and 





af tir span so mocbe to bym & to tbeduc, tbatBuy- 
mont by tbc counseylof tbc ducmade to tbemper- 
our bommage witb bis bondes, and swar to bym 
fcaulte as to bis lordeXbenne sboldc ye bauc seen 
come out of tbc trcsour of tbemperour many grctc 
ryebesses, gold, syluer, vessel, precious stones, & 
clotbes of syln, so mocbe tbat vnnetb mygbt be 

preysed. . . - , 

~ r>YL6S tbat Buymont abode in tbe 
suster, tbat was rigbt wyse and of 
grete berte,retcbed not for to seetb- 
emperour ne to speke to bym, but 
_ madealle tbe boost to passe ouer tbe 
braas seynt George, and to lodge in Betbine,nygb 
toCalcedoine, wberetboste of tbe otber barons bad 
ben a good wbyle^Cdban tbemperour knewetbat 

be made no semblaunt tberof ,as be tbat wel coude 
tbem greteyef tes andnewetbynges.Hftir tbey de- 
parted by bis leue, and passed tbe braas witb tbe 
otber/Cbere soioumed tbey , and abode tbe comyng 
of tbe otber barons, Oere was brought to tbem 
grete plen teof vy tay lies, & of otber tbynges fro tbe 
cyte of Constantynoble&fro tbe countree aboute. 



how tbe erle Robert of f launders with bis booste 

^approcbed Constantynoble, and bow tbemperour 

sen te for bym , & of tbeir deuy ses to gy dre, capitulo 

OBeRC, tbe erle of f laundres, 
wbicbe was comen to fore tbe 
h wvnter to Bar, a cyte of puylle, 
wnere tbe body of seyn tj^icbolas 
Hetb, bad passed tbe see, & was 
descended at Durasj^Cber in a 
be badwynterdbym,butas6one 
asitbegan towexefayrtyme, tokebisjourneyeafter 
, tbe other, and basted f aste to f olowe tbem. But it 

happed tbat erbe cam to tbebarons,bereceyued tbe 
messagers of tbemperour, tbat sayd to bym in bys 
name, tbat be sbold leue bis booste and come see 
tbemperour, and spekewitbbym wytbafeweof bis 
meyne. Redemaunded and knewewel, bow tbe other 
barons bad don to fore bym, and tberf or be cam in 
to Constantynoble witb a fewe of bis companye. 
'Cbemperour recevued bym wytb grete ioye & bon/ 
ourXbey spak or many tbynges to gydre, Rafter, 
> lyke as other barons bad don, be dyde bommage & 
made otbof feaulteXbemperour gaf to bym grete 
yef tes, and to alle tbem of bis companye. ulban be 
>andbispeple bad abyden & sojourned tbere, by tbe 
wylle or tbemperour be made bis peple passe ouer, 
and be bym self wente after vnto tbe other barons, 
wbicbe witb grete ioye receyued bym,&spakmocbe 
to gydre of tbeyrauenturesof tbewaye,&oftetbey 

■ <T *■ m - 

were in counseyl, bow tbey sbold doo fro tban f or- 
, tbon Xbey were mocbe displesyd for tary en g of tbe 
.otber barons wbom tbey abodej^ltwasnotlonge 
after, but tbat tbe messagers of tbe erle of XTbo- 
louse and of tbe bissbop of puy were come, & tolde 
bowtbeyr lordes cam, and tbat tbey werenygb,and 
sbold be bastely in Constantinople. 
Of tbe mayntieneof tbe boostetbattberleof Cbo- 
louse and tbe bissbop of puy brought ouersee, 
capitulo xlv&& 

|f)YSetweynenoblemen depart- 
ed to gydrc out of tbeir coun- 
trees wi tb grete n om bre of peple 
witb tbernXbey were accompa- 
nied witb many valyaunt and 
puyssaunt men of tneyr coun- 
treyesXber was fyrst GliUiam 
byssbop of Orenge, Ray bout 
erle of tbe same cyte, Gaste de Bedyers, Giralt de 
Roussylon, Guillem de JVIontpeliers, Guillem erle 
of f orestes, Raymont peles, Centon de Beart, 
(3uillemdeHmaneux,& many otber barons mocbe 
worsbipf ul,wbicbef or tbeseruyseof oure lord lef te 
tbeyr coun trees, tbeyr lygnages & alle tbeyr delytes 
j^tbey cam alle in toLombardye, & passed by tbe 
sydeof Hquylee,andaftircamin totbelonde called 
Ister, ffro tbens in to Oalmace, wbicbe is a grete 
contrey bytwene fiongreye and tbe see Hdryane. 
Cberin be foure arcbiebissbopps, ladre, Spalete, 
Hntibare, and RaguseXbe peple of tbat contre is 
cruel & mocbe acustomed to robbe& to sleeXbere 
be montaynes, and tbe londe is f ul of depe waters 
rennyng, & largemareyses in sucbe wyse tbat tbere 
b3 101 



is but lytil londc gaynable. Beestes tbcr be grctc 
plcntc in tbc pastures by wbiebe tbey lyuc; neuer- 
tbeles, tbey tbat dwelle nygb tbc see ben of otber 
mancr lyuyng of babytc and of langage, ffor tbey 
uoun a s tbey be nouryssbid. 
P^ J^ giSJinGnoblemenofwbomlspak, camen 
in to tbis londe & bad tber many grete 
trauayllys& diseases for tbewynter, 
wbicb was ouer cold, & f or tbe contre, 
wbiebe was euylgarnyssbydof vyta- 
ylles. ^bey badde merueyllous grete 
suffraunccfFor alletbe peple of tbe con tree forfeer 
of tbe py Igryms bad lefte cy tees,castelly8,&towne8 
f or toflee& byde tbem in montaynes : tbey bad bom 
tbeder all tbeyr tbyngesj^f rom tbens tbey pour- 
siewed tbe pylgryms,and tbem tbat wereolde,8eke 
and feble, & taryed after tbe boost, tbey slewe alle. 
Cbe erle wbiebe was wy se toke bede of tbe boost, tbe 
otber barons be sentetofore,bekeptealwey tberier 
garde witb grete nombre of bis peple wel armed 
aboute bym. TTbe ayer of tbe contre was so f ul of 
mystes and so tbycke, tbat tbey bybynde mygbt 
vnnetbf olowe tbem tofore;ffor tbis londe,asIsaid 
to fore,i8fulofryuersrennyngandwaters,of lakes 
andmareys, tbata grete nyle sourdetb euery day, it 
semed tbatit sbold neuersesse. On tbatotbersyde 
tbe Sclauouns and tbe Dalmaces tbat knowe tbe 
places and tbe countrees made on tbem many as- 
saultes at certayn paas, & slewemany of tbem tbat 
were vnarmed. Cbe erle and tbe good men of tbe 
boost closed tbem in, and slewe many of tbem, and 
many moo sbold baue slayn yf tbe wodes & tbeir 

retraytesbad not be sonygbe. Somtymeit napped 
tbeyr feet and bandes, & lef te tbem lye in tbe waye 
for to fere witb tbe otber tbat cam af ter* 
ft^S^^^N tbis maner tbey were tbre wekes in 
i§r5l /wr tbatlondeingreteparyl,andingrete 
Xil t a i% my sease,Hf ter tbey cam in to a castel 
named Serdre, tbere tbey f ounde tbe 
kyng of Sklauonye j0 XTbe erle tbat 
was wel bespoken, spak mocbe f ayr 

to bym&gaf to bym largely greteyeftes andiewel- 
tys,ffor be boped tber by tnat be wold bauebolden 
bid peplein peas, and baue don bem bad couenable 
market of vytaylles. But it auaylled not, forneuer 
for prayer,ne f or no seruyse,migbt tbey aswage bis 
courage, nemollyfye tbe peple of tbe countre, but 
tbey f ounde tbem more cruel&morevyllanoustban 
to rorejflPCbus were tbey f oure wekes after in tbis 
sorowe,ffor tbey were fourty dayesin passyngtbis 
contre*Hf ter cam tbey to Duras* 
Hmbassadoursof tbemperourtotbe sayderle and 
bissbop, and of tbe contenue of bis lettres, and of 
tbe daunger wberin tbe said bissbop was tbenne, 

nejVIpeROaR bad in sus~ 
pection tbe comyngof tberle, by 
cause tbat be knewe wel tbat be 
courage, and wel berd saye tbat 
be bad witb bym greteplente of 
good menXberf ore be sente to 
tbem to Duras noble men of bis 


londe that delyuerdtobym lettresfro tbemperour, 
which spack in this maner after the salewyng J& 
TTbegood renomme that renneth of the tburgb the 
world, hath made V6 tobauecertayn tydynges that 
thou art a man ofgrete wytte,of grete power, and 
of grete prouesse.'Cberf ore we moche desyre to see 
thee, & honoure as bym that we loue of good berte, 
& preyse. Hnd we praye the moche acertaynly, & re- 
quyre for a grete yef te, that thou do thy peple passe 
our contrees witnout oultrages and doyng barme. 
Hnd haste the to come to vs, alle sure to baue oure 
grace and oure bounte. (Oe haue commanded that 
vytaylles andother necessytees shal be sold to thy 
peple at prys resonablej^dban the erle & alle the 
barons berde tbise tydynges by tbyse lettres,tbey 
were glad and ioyous, ffor tbey bad longe suff red 
grete diseases/Cbey toke tbeyr waye by f orestes & 
by montaynes,& passed the londe of 6pyre.Hftir 
tbey cam in to pelagonne, where tbey f onde mocbe 
grete plente o f alle goodes, 

F)G valyaunt bissbop of puy lodg- 
ed bym on a day f er fro the boost in 
afayr place that befounde,andin the 
nygbt tbeBougres assay lied bym in 
bis lodgys & toke bym. But by cause 
be was necessarye to cristiente oure 
lord sauyd bym, that tbey slewe bym not, ffor one 
t of the barbaryns demaunded of bym gold, tberf ore 
Ibe defended bym fro the other, that tbey slewe bym 
'not. In the mene wbyle the noyse was berde in the 
Jboost- Oenne tbey ranne to armes, and sytb ran 
on them, and recouured the bissbop with alle bis 


tbynges jSFOn tbe mom tbey tohe tbeyr waye and 
passed Salenyfce,& alle JMacedonie, and after grete 
trauay lies & many iourneyes tbey cam to a cyte na- 
med RedostXbetber cam tbe messagers of tbem- 
perour agayne, and spah to tbe erle, prayeng bym in 
tbeyr lordes name, tbat be wold come to fore bis 
boostewitbaf ewe of bis companye in to Constan- 
tynoble. JVIessagers tber were also fro tbe barons 
that bad passed tbe braas, & requyred tbe same by 
moutbe,&by lettres fro tbeyr lordes* TIbe erle bym 
of tbe country and of tbe barons, and tbey werere- 
torned,wbicbeacordedmocbetotbe same, & coun- 
seylled bym to doo tbat tbemperour requyred. 
F)ow tbe erle of O>olouse beyng witb tbemperour 
wold not do bommage to bym, and of tbe despyte 
tbat tbemperour dyde, capitulo xlviij^^ 

jY tbe prayer of so mocbe peple 
tberle muste nedes doo soo at 
tbeyr instaunce,& tbus lef tebis 
booste, & cam in to Constanti- 
noble witb a f ewe of bis meyne. 
(Vlany messagers encountred 
bym,wbicbe alle cam for to f et- 
cbe bym. dban be cam to fore 
tbemperour be was well receyued witb mocbe grete 
cbere and ioye of bym, & alle tbe barons of tbe pa- 
lays. Hfter tbemperour dyde to be sayd to bym,& 
requyred bym rigbt swetly,tbat for to baue alwey 
alyaun ce and amy tee witb bym, & also for tbe grete 
proufty t tbat be sbold baue tberof , be sbold make 





bommage to tbemperour, lyke as allc tbc other bad 
donj&nz answerd shortly tbat be woldnone make 
ne doo to bymXbemperour bad grete desdayne, & 
of bis souldyours,& for tbem tbat bad tbe charge 
of bis men or armes, & commaunded tbem secretely 
in counseyl,tbat they sbold auyse tbeyr tyme and 
poynt, and smyte in to tbebooste of tbe erle,& doo 
to tbem alle tbe barme they mygbte, and alee grete 
plente of tbemj^Cbisdydetbemperourcomaunde 
tbey tbat were on tbat otbersyde mygnt not belpe 
tbem,and by cause tbey werebismen tbey woldnot 
sone greue bym.Hnd bad commaunded tnat alle tbe 
sbippes to bereouer vytaylle, sbolde come bastely 
aaeyn in to tbe cyte,so tbat tbey on tbat other syde 
shold not come ouer agayn,ff or euer he bad suspec- 
tbem to passe ouer ecbe after other as tbey cam jf 
Che grete cbere tbat be made to tbem, and tbe grete 
yef tes tbat begaf , cam more by barate and of drede 
than of loue or of largesse* But oure peple, & spe- 
cially tbe f renssmen, mygbt not byleue tbat this 
ioye tbat be made to tbem, ne tbe ryebesse tbat be 
gaf , mygbt come of ony trayson ne of euylXbey 
fcnewe not by experyence so mocbe tbenne as tbey 
dyde afterward. 


f)ow tbemperour, for tauenge bym on tberle,made 
bis conestables tenbussbe tbem, and assaylle tbc 
boost of tberle, capitulo xlviij^^ 

T)G conestables wbicbe bad co- 
mmandement of tbemperour, 
spak to gydre to tbeyr men, and 
made a bussbement nygbe to 
tbe booste of tbe erle of TTbo- 
louse. In tbe nygbt, wban tbey 
bad supposed alle wel to be as- 
sured, tbemperours peple smote 

in emong tbem, and slewe and wounded many or 
tbey were awaked and apperceyued it, Butwban tbe 
cryearoos, & tbe noblemen of tboosteapperceyued 
*tbe trayson, tbey armed tbem and reteyned tbeyr 
peple tbat began to flee, and after ran vpon tbem of 
•tbemperour, and slewe many, and cbassed tbe re- 
menaun tj9 On tbe mom tbey of tbe booste began 
to bemocbe esmayed of tbe trauaylle tbat tbey bad 
suffred in tbe nygbt, and of tbe trayson of tbe 
Grekes, and tbeyr bertes began to cole, & to f aylle 
of tbe purpoose of tbeyr waye & pylgremage. Hnd 
not only tbe smal and comune peple, but many of 
tbe grete and noble men bad f orgoten tbeyr vowes 
and tbeyr honours, and wold baue retorned borne 
vn to tbeyr countrev.But tbe noble bissbopof puy 
and tbe bissbopor Orenge were emonge tbem, and 
many good, wyse, rely gyous men and clerkys,tbat 
precbyd to tbem tbe wordes of our lord, & recom- 
f orted tbem mocbe wel, and sbewde tbem tbat ^f 
tbey retourned, tbey sbold lese tbonour of tbis 


iworld, & also of that other, Cbuswitb gretepeyne 
;tbey reteyned them. 

iHfi the erle, wbiebe was in Con- 


stantynople, bcrdc of tbc trayson 
tbat was don to bym in bis boost, 
be was as a man out of bis wytte, & 
anon sente bis men to tbemperour, 
and sente bym word tbat be bad be- 
trayed bym,ff orwbyles be reteyned bym and made 
»bym good cbere, be nad doo slee bis peple by tray- 
son, Hnd sente worde bereof to tbe barons tbat 
were on tbat otber syde, pray en g tbem as bis bre- 
tberen tbat tbey wold come to bym to auenge itj0 
'CHel may ye knowe tbat yf tberle bad power suffi- 
cient, be wold not baue departed ty I bebadauengyd 
bym, and tbat it sbold baue ben dere bougbt, ffor 
be was a man of grete courage, and forgate not 
lygbtly sbame don to bym J? tbemperour sawe 
i tbat tbis tbyngewasgoon ouer ferre,in sucbewyse 
tbat be repented bym tbat be bad so commaunded 
in bis angre and bastynes,and basted bym mocbe 
for to sette counseyl in tbis werke, Hnd sente for 
Buymont and tberle of flaundres to come & speke 
witb bym, by cause be wold sende tbem for to ap- 
pese tberle of Cbolousej^tTbey cam, wbiebe were 
.mocbe angrv of tbis tbat was don, 

R6Y wente to tberle in tbe name of 
tbemperour, but tbey sayd to bym 
more on tbeyrowne bebalue tban of 
tbemperours.'Cbey sbewde bym wel 
tbat it was not tyme ne place for ta- 
uenge bis sbames tbat bad ben don 

to bym in the seruyse of oure lord, ff or it sbold be 
empessbement vnto tbe gfretewerhe tbat tbey bad 
enterprised f or to saue tbeyr sowles, and on tbat 
otber syde, yf tbey wolde so doo, tbey bad not tbc 
power nepuyssaunceXberf or it were better to byde 
tbeir tbougbtes tban to discouere tbeyr bertes to 
tbeyr domage and sbame j&FO>e erle, tbus angry, 
was no fool, but soulfred tbat bio wytte vayn- 
quyssbe bisangre,and said tbat bewold submette 
to tbyse two noble men tbat spak to bym, and by- 
leue tbem j^XTbey cam to tbemperour priuely, and 
sbewd to bym al tbe fowle dede and werhe tbat was 
commysedXbemperourvnderstode tbe greteyre 
tbat tbey bad in tbeir bertes,and9ente fortberle to 
come to bym in to bis palays, and excused bym to 
fore alle pryue,and apperte,and estrangers, tbat 
be bad not comanded tbis f ayte to be doon, but it 
displesyd bym mocbe* Hnd yet be, beyng without 
culpe and blame tberof , be was redy to restore to 
tbe due alle tbe dammages tbat were don to bis 
booste after bis power jfiTCbus euery day by day, 
and more and more, mygbt wel be perceyued tbe 
grete bate tbat tbe Grehes bad to tbe Latyns, and 
of tbe desloyal felonnye tbat tbemperour bad in 
bis berte ayenst oure peple, but it must be suffred, 
ff or it mygbt not tbenne be amended. 



How at tbynstaunt prayer of the barons of the 
booste, the crlc made bommage to tbemperour, 
wbicbe gaf grete yeftes to bym and bis, capitulo 

fC6R tbecounseylof tbe otber 
& by tbe grete prayers of tbem- 
bym, and sware to bym feaulte, 
lyke as tbe otber bad doon, and 
tbe pees was affermed emong 
tbem, O>emperour gaf to tbem 
so grete yef tes, tbat alle tbey were menieyUously 
esmayedXbe otber barons, that were come ouer a- 
gayn on tbe betber syde, receyued newe yef tes and 
presentesj^Hf ter, tbey passed tbe braas, and re- 
toumed in to Betbnie, & tbey prayd mocbe tbe erle 
tbat besbold not longe tarye and abyde tbereXbe 
erles boost cam in to Constantynoble, & be made 
tbem passe ouer tbe braas, and to lodge witb tbe 
otber, He bym self abode in tbe toun, for certayn 
necessytees tbat be bad do to doo and to ordeyne 
j?Hndbe,as a mocbe wyseman,praydeandin cited 
oftetbemperour,tbatbesbolde enterpryse tbeser- 
uyseof our lord, and tbat bewold be lord and cap- 
tayn of alle tbe boost, wbere as were so many noble 
men, and be bad bope tbat our lord sbold sendeto 
bym su cbe bonnour tbat be sbold delyuere bis peple 
andlonde by bym. <Hel coude tbe erle make to bym 
remonstrance, acordyng to tbat wbicb tbe other 
barons bad shown bim wbicbe bad spoken in tbis 


mater jgFTIbemperour answerd to tbem allc in one 
maner, that tbis pylgremage was a mocbc bygbe 
tbyng,and tbatbc mocbedesyred tbepardon,& a- 
men plesyd bym mocbe,Hnd about bym & bis em- 
pyre, be sayd, be bad mocb cruel peple and mocb vn - 
trew, as tbe Bougres, tbe Comans, and otber tbat 
gladly wold doo barme to bym & to bis londe,and 
conquere bis empyre,asmocbe as tbey mygbt cjete 
j^Hnd tberf oreit was grete parylle for me to witb- 
drawe fro my countreyej^Gdell &fayre be excused 
bym witboute fortb,but tbat be sayd to oure peple 
was but tryeberye and falsebed; ne be bad neuer 
>talente to belpe our peple, but tbougbt wel in bis 
bertebowbem ygbt noye tbem to bis power, 

~]f)6Y tbat were ouer tbe braas, tbe 
due Godeffroy, Buymont, tberle of 
f laundres, and tbe bissbop of puy, 
aduysedand ordeynedtbeyraffayres 
for tbem,and sayde tbey wolddrawe 
i tbem to ward JSycene, ffor to abyde 
tbere tbeotber barons tbatwere comyngon tbewaye 
.J&X&bm tbey approcbed a cyte wbicb was named" 
JSycomede, wbicb is tbe oldest cyte of tbe countre 
of Bytbyne, be ye certayne tbat pieter Cberemyte, 
witb a f ewe peple tbat bad abyden tbere, y ssued ou te 
of tbe poure place, and bad ben tbere for tbe wynter, 
and cam ayenst tbyse barons, and salewed tbem, 
j^TJbev madetotbem goodcbere,and demaunded 
tbem or tbeyr wayeand ioumeysXbey gaf to tbem 
grete yef tes, of wbicbe tbey bad grete nede, pieter 
tolde to tbem tbeyr grete mesauentures,and sayde 


noblemen orwbomeIbauesayd,badpepleynowgb, 
and cam to JVycene, and assieged it tbexv day of 
JVIaye. XTbey lef te places ynougb for to lodge tbe 
otber barons tbat cam after. XTbe erleof TTbolouse, 
w ban be baddomade sucbetbynges as bym neded 
in Constantynoble, be toke leue of tbemperour, 
wbicbe gaf to bym ryebe yef tee alle newe, and cam 
after bastely to tbe syege of JVy cene. 
RowducRobertof JVormandye, &otber bere nam- 
ed, approcbed Constantinoble, and made bomage 
to tbemperour, ca pitulo 1&& 

" tbe wbyle tbat tbey leyde tbe 
syege, Robert due of JVorman- 
tbat is to saye, Steuen tberle of 
Cbartresand of Bloys,6ustace 
broder of due GodeHrYoye, sente 
totbemperour& tootber barons 
_ tbeyr messagers. In tbeyr com- 
panye were Steven Daubmarle, Hlayn f ergaunt,& 
.Conayn, two bye barons of Bry tayne, tbe erle Ro- 
tberon of perse, RogyerdeBameuvlle^rbyse^ 
otber ynowgb were witb tbe count off launders and 
fiuon leJVIaynein tbeyere to fore, in tbentre of wyn- 
tcr, comen in to puylle & in to Calabre.But wban 
tbe otbers passed ouer unto Duras, tbese for tbe 
force of tbe winter rassembled to tbem tbeir men, 
and cam again into puylle & into Calabre, wbicbe 
ben good countreyesj^^Hban tbe newe tyme was 
comen, tbey assembled tbeyr peple, and ordeyned 
hheyr passage on tbe see, and cam to Duras, & by 

cause tbey bad taryed so longe, tbey basted tbem 
mocbe,andpassedMacedomoneand tbe twoTTba- 
arses, and by grete iourneyes and grete trauaylles 
cam vnto Cons tan tynopleXbemperour scnte for 
tbcm to come to bymj^€bey, tbat knewe bow tbe 
otber barons bad don , cam in to bis palays to bym : 
be receyued tbem witb mocbe grete ioye,alle bis ba- 
rons made to tbem grete f este* Re spak to euery cbe 
by bym self rygbt swetly, & acqueynted witb bem, 
arter dyde dorequyreof tbem bommage & f eaulte. 
XTbey dyde as tbe otber bad don tbat were passed 
to fore, and sayd it was no sbame to ensiewe tben- 
sample of so valyaunt men,netodootbattbeybad 
don: tbey becam bismen,and dydebym bommage, 
& swore to bym . 0>em peroure receyued tbem in bis 
grace, & gaf to tbem so greteyef tes tbat tbey were 
abassbed alle, ffor tbe yef tes were so ryebe and so 
dyuerse, tbat tbey neuer to fore bad seennonesucb. 
Hnd after toke tbeyr leue of tbemperour & passed 
tbe braas of seynt Ceorge, & cam witb grete baste 
to Nycene, wbere as tbe booste of cristiente abode 
for tbemXbeioye was grete wban tbey were comen, 
wbyebe were tbe laste. €bey lodged tbeym in tbe 
places tbat were kept for tbem* 



How tbempcrour sente for to destroye ourc crtsten 
men one bis seruaunt, faynyng to be a trewe con-* 
duyteur and guyde, capitulo lj&& 

HTTYNS was a Greke, and w el ac- 
queynted wytb tbemperour, the 
moostfals,vn trewe man tbateuer 
was.Hnd so bewel semed, ffor be 
bad bis nosetbrellysremuledand 
tourned. This f elawe, by tbe com- 
mandement of bis lorde, wente 
witb oure men, and sayd tbat be 
wold conduyte tbem, ffor be knewewel alle tbe con- 
tre and tbe paases by wbicbe tbey wold passe and 
goojSFBut tbemperour dyde alle tbis for euyl,ffor 
be trusted in tbe falsenesse of tbvs false Greek, 
wbicbe counseylledtbemallewey to tneyrdammage, 
and was alway as tbe serpent emonge tbe elis.Hnd 
tbemperour bad charged bym for to late bym wyte 
euery day bow tbe boost bebaued tbem, & of tbeyr 
purpose, and tberupon be wold send to bym bis 
wylle and entente j!?Ht tbis siege oure peple first 
assembled to gydre, & tbe capyteyns and barons 
spak of tbeyr comune werkes and counseyls, ffor 
to fore tbey bad neuer ben to gydre, ne seen ecbe 
other. There was knowen certaynly tbat tbey bad 
by nombre & by extymacion to fore JVycene, wban 
tbey were alle assembled, sixe C thousand men a 
f ote, and of knygbtes and men of armes on bors- 
bak, an hundred thousand or moo. XTbey alle bad 
moche grete wylle for to employe tbem wel in tbis 


>warre*Hnd desyred mocbeattbisfyrstbegynnyng 

of tbeyr warre to enterprise so byely and doo 90 

'wel, tbat alle otber peple sbold doubte tbem, 

> Of tbe situation of JSy cene, and bow our pepleap- 

procbed tberto, merueyllyng of tbe place & of tbe 

strengtbe, capitulo lij,*^ 

f tbe cyte of JSycene, hnowe ye 
tbat it bad be vn der tbarcbeby s- 
sbop, & it was a place of hon- 
our, by cause tbe fyret of tbe 
iiij grete counseylles bad besette 
tbere; ffor in tbe tyme of eeynt 
Syluestre tbe pope, tber was a 
Ipatryarke of Constantynoble, 
named Hlexandre, and emperour Constantin, tber 
rwas a meecreauntnamed Hrrius, wbicb mesprised 
certeyn poyntes of tbe f aytb, and many men f ol- 
oweabym.Oerfor assembled in tbe cyteof JNfy- 
>cene iij C xviij prelates, and tbere was disputed 
ayenst tbis popelican.Hndby wytnesof scripture, 
and by tbaccord of bolv men tbat were tbere, Hr- 
ryus was condempned « bis myscreaunce jSFSytb 
after, in tbe tyme of an anotber Constantyn em- 
^perour, wbicbewas sone vnto Hyerne, assembled 
'another counseyl in tbe same place, wbicbe was tbe 
vij* 0>enne was Hdryan pope of Rome, and Car- 
este was patriarke of Constantinople, TTbere were 
dampned som mysbyleuyd peple, tbat said tbat 
^alle tbe ymages tbat were made in boly cbircbewere 
ayenst tbe f aytb, and tbey were false cristen men 
and vntrewe tbat suffred tbemj^Cbis cyteof J^y- 
ieene stondetb in a playn, but tbe montaynes ben 



nygbe, and it lacked not mocbe, but tbey be round 
aboute it boot 0>e countrey is mocbe fayr and 
plentyous, tbe grete f orestes ben by a ryuer nygbe 
tbe cyte, toward tbe weste, mocbe longe and brode. 
By tbat ryuer tbe sbyppes brynge vytaylle & otber 
marcbandysein to tbe cyte; wban itis a grete wynde, 
tbe grete wawes smyte sore on tbe walles. On tbat 
otber part of tbe toun ben grete dy cbes, brode and 
depe, & f ul of water of a lake & otber ffontaynes. 
TIbe walles aboute be stronge, bye, tbycke, & f ulle 
of grete tourettys* Cbe peple witbin tne toun were 
fiers and bardy, and wel aduysed of armes, and 
cjrete plen te tbere werej^GIban ouremen approcbed 
it, tbey merueylled mocbe of tbe strengtbe of tbe 

Row tbe puyssaunt ^urke Solyman, witb a grete 
boost, aduysed tyme & boure to assa^le & emyte 
on our peple, for to reyse tbe siege, capitulo liij^ 

OLYM^^°f WDOm I Daucs P°- 
ken to fore, wbicbe was a mocbe 

puyssaunfCurke, bad tbeseya- 
\ nofye of tbis cyte, and of alle tbe 
countre aboute* Re was mocbe 
wise,bardy &manly of bis body* 
fro tbe tyme tbat beberdeof tbe 
M comynge of our peple, be was 

gamyssbed of bis frendes and soldyours for to 
defende bis cyte and bis londe^Hn vncle of bis, 
named Belpbet, mocbe puyssaunt and ryebe, bad 
late conquerd alle tbe londe tbat is fro tbe braasof 
seynt George vnto Surry, wbicbe is xxx ioumeyes 
longe. In tbat tyme Romanus Diogenes was em- 

perour, wbicbe was to fore Hlexes, that was depo- 
sed j?€bis Belpbet, soudan of perse, bad gyuen 
tbc gretter part of tbc londetoSolyman bis neuew, 
in sucbewysetbat be bad alle tbe londe frotbecyte 
of Carce,tbat is in Cylyce,vnto tbe braasof seynt 
George, Cbus tbis Solyman bad bis baylleswitb 
in sigbt of tbe town of Constantinoble, wbyebe 
resseyuyd bis passages & custommesof tbe mar- 
cbans of tbe toune and of otber j^Ons Solyman 
was witbdrawen to tbe montaynes witb as mocbe 
peple as bemygbt baue, a x myle fro tbe boost,and 
dyde lye in a wayte and espye bow be mygbt fynde 
tbe maner to reyse tbe siege, yf be bad mocbt* 
How Solyman, beynof in tbe montaynes, sente bis 
(messagers to tbem of tbe toun, and of tbe comfort 
tbat be gaf to tbem, capitulo \\\\j&& 

nCQRBpeple cam toforetbe toun, 
i and witboute acorde & witbout 
ony ordenaun ce began tassay lie, 
J in sucbe wyse tbat tbey witbin 
mygbt not yssue,ne tbey witb- 
out entre*8ut tbe grete lake tbat 
toucbed tbe towne destroubled 
J mocbe, ff or tbey mygbte, maul- 
'gre tbe booste, goo and come by tbe see as of te as 
tbey wolde, Oure peple badnone sbippes,ne mygbt 
not deffende tbe lake: certaynly tbey bad besyeged 
it wel by Ion de j^Solyman , tbat sawe tbis cy te tbus 
enuyronned witb peple, wberof be was wrotb and 
angry ,&dou b ted mocbe tbat tbey of tbe toun sbold 
be abassbed of tbe grete multytude, tber for bee 
sente two of bis preuy messagers, and commaund- 



It. m m bl9 n . ame tbat tb *y sb »W mtrc in to tbc 
toun, and saw tbyse wordes : I boldc you so valy- 

t^ i m !H' and of 8ucbc P'oucssc, tbatl by Icuc cer- 
taynty tbat ye preyse and sctte lytil by this pepte, 

^tter^ 8 ^ fCTConm Ves,wbmtbc8onnc 
^«h^ U 5'l nd tbe * b l w ^euyl ordeyned & gar- 

Zll mi t ba Jl e n< L n £ '"J™ 8 £ at may endure tra- 
uaylL OTeben fressb, and our horses rested in our 

contre,wberof it isno doubte we be better than tbey 
an <_. tymes. And tbat ye maye wel knowe. ffor it i« 

tbantJVfXberfor conforteyou &maynteneyou as 
noble men.ffor to/morn, to fore the bourTo/nonc 
ye sbal be without f aytledelyuerd of tbem alle But 

£Z* °° 9 u' ye open -. e ? oure ? a tes and yssue vpon 
tbem in sucbe wysc tbat ye tbenne be parteyners of 
tbe vyctorye, of tbonour, and of the proufiVt. 

mS^,kI , lf 8agcrs , 0f Sol ^ an were ^ken by our 
men, & by tbem was hnowen tbe couync of tbe sayd 
Solyman,capitulo Iv^t^t r y " 

~~ RSmessagers of Solyman cam 

upon tbe lahe,andarryuedalvtil 
ferrcfrotbctoun.&aftcr be<ran 
pcrceyued tbem & ran on tbem, 
mat one of tbem was slayn atte 

"!r'I T " ^hyngctbatotberwasbrouffbt 
en^ynedtosaye tbe troutbe: be confessyd and 

sayde that Solyman bad sente tbem in to the cyte 
ffor to garny ssbe tbcm &make tbcm redy ,ff or tbeyr 
lord on tbemorn sbold come and smyte sodanly in 
tbc boost j^Cbc barons byleuyd bym wel,&com- 
maunded bym to be kept, and toke counseyl cmong 
tbcm bow tbeysbolddoo/CberleofCbolouse&tbe 
bissbop of puy wcrcnot yet come vnto tbc boost; 
1 tbc barons scntcfor tbcm bastely for tbis tbynge- 
TTbey cam & rode allc tbenygbt,in sucbe wyse tbat 
) tbey cam in to tbc boost to fore tbe sonne rysyng. 
) XTbc bancrs were displayed, & tbe trom pes sowned. 
Xber was mocbc peple, and vnnetb mygbt tbey be 
) lodged in tbeplaces tbat were keptf or tbem/Cbenne 
>Solyman at tbe bour of tierce, lyke as be sayd tbat 
was taken, cam doun from tbe montayne in to tbc 
*playn» Cbcnnc our peple tbat were wel aducrtysed 
vanned tbcm, and dyde do sownc tbe trompettes, 
eucry man drewe bym in to bis bataylle as it was 
ordeyned,and mocbc quyckely were allesette in or- 

► How a grcte bataylle of Solyman cam smy tc vpon 

> our peple, and of tbendc of tbescarmucbccapttulo 


If tbeboostcof Solyman depart- 
jeda bataylle frotbeotber, wber- 
in werexJVImen on borsbak,and 
drew tbem toward tbe gate rigbt 
toward tbe sou tb/Cber was lod- 
ged tberle of TTbolouse, and tbis 
yate was delyuerd bym to kepe, 
J But Solyman tbat tbe day to 
fore bad espyed tbat waye and bad seen no man 
i 4 »9 

there lodged, and wende that no man bad ben tbere, 
ffor be knewe notbyngeof tbecomyngeof tberlene 
bis companye, tbis bataylle emote in emonge tbe 
peuple tbat were comen.TTbey receuyed tbem mocbe 
nersly witb glayues & swerdes, & sore adommaged 
tbem, and made tbem to resorte agayn bakward. 
Solyman tbat ensiewed made tbem toretournewitb 
bym, & assembled to tbe pepleof tbe erleoff laun- 
ders, Xlht due Godefroye, Buymont, and tberle of 
suffrealle, &adressyd tbeyre bataylle to tbat parte, 
and smote in emonge tbem, tTbe medle was mocbe 
barde & aspre, and many tTurkes were slaynXber 
was so mocbe don & so wel, tbat Guy deGerlande, 
senesbal of tbe kynge of fraunce, Guy du puy- 
sette, Rogier de Barneuylle, tbyse bare aweye tbe 
pry s to fore alle otber.Bu t tbis bataylle en dured wel 
an boure al boole. 


* more our peple,butwerediscomfyted 

&fleddeaway mocbe fowly.Ourpeple 


taynes & tbe wodes were ouer nere in 

wbicb tbey fledde,but were of tlurkes 
f slayn iiij thousand, &som tberwerea/lyue taken & 
Oure peple bad mocbe grete ioye of tbis vyctorye, 
and cam ageyn to tbeyr siege,&besieged tbe toun as 
wel as tbey my gbte.f or to an gre & discourage tbem 
witbin tbe toun, wbicbeaway ted after socoure, tbey 
'made to be caste witb enaynes to tbem witbin tbe 
toun, grete plente of beedesof tbe Turkes tbat bad 

ben slayn in tbebataylleXbeprisonnersa/lyue & a 
>tbousand becdes of tbe Oirkes tbey sentetotbem- 
perour.Re coudctbem grctc tbanke and bad tbcrof 

iewelly s, of clotbes of sy Ik an d otber tby n ges rigfbt 
tbey sbold ledevytaylleynowevnto tbeboostcand 
, otber tbynges necessary e. 
How ourc barons were lodged in tbe sayd siege, of 
i tbeir mayntene, and bow euery daye tbey enforced 
^tbe m taesayH c tbe toun, capitulo Ivij,*?,*? 

]OCR6tbougbtour barons bow 
tbis cyte mygbt be assieged on 
alle parties, fror otber wysetbem 
semed tney mygbte not aete it. 
By comyn counseyl tbey lodged 
tbem alle: tbey sette ayenst tbe 
sonne rysyng tbe duc& bis two 
bretberen, toward tbe nortb were 
lodged Buymont & Oncre and tbe otber barons 
andtbe erle of f launders lodged by tbemXoward 
tbe soutb, tbe erle of Oolouse, Hue le JVIayne, tbe 
bissbop of puy ,tberle of Cbartres, & otber barons 
many, witballetbeir peple, were so lodged tbat alle 
tbe cytewas enclosed sauftbelakewbicbewasin tbe 

weste*Hnd after sente tbey bastely in to tbe forest, 
engyns.Hlletbe carpentersof tbe boost&sawyers 
cam fortb, of wbom was grete nombre: in a lytill 
wbyle reysed tbey engynes & slynqfes, & made in 
tbertbewayes & caues couerdfor to fylle tbedyebes 


&to myne tbewallesXber was grctc caste of gfrctc 
atones at tbc walls and tourettes, so that in many 
places the walks were clef te & broken in many par- 
tes^ or to do tby se tbyn ges,tbey were wel vij wekes. 
Xbere were in tbis wbilemany assaultes & fygbtes 
oft to fore tb e yates, 

JS a day tbe barons acorded tbat tbe 
toune sbolde be assay lied; but tbys 
assault endamaged lytil tbe toune ne 
tbem witbin ; but tber were loste two 
valyaunt men, "Cbat one was named 
- Bawdwyn Cbauderon,a ryebeman & 
agood knygbtof BerryXbat other was of found- 
ers named Bawdwyn of Gaunt, noble and bardy. 
Tbysetwo wente so ferre to fore tbat daye,tbat tbe 
one was slayn witb a stroke of a stone, and tbat 
otber witb an arowe.Hn other day tbe barons were 
accorded to make agayn tbe assault, and was slayn 
witb an arowe, Guyllem erle of forest, and Calles 
deLylle ; tbyse two were bye noblemen, & assay lied 
mocbe tbat day JSTLrt tbis tymedeydeof sekenesin 
tbeboostOuy de possesses mocbe good knygbt 

men, but euery man bad a f erm bope tbat our lord 
wold gwerdone tbem perpetually in beuen ffor tbe 
good seruyse tbat tbey deyde in, Tbey were hon- 
ourably buryed. Hnd after entended tboost unto 
tbeyr werke* 


^^^■"^ ^"^"~ 


How our barons made tbeyr castellys of tree & ap- 
proucbed tbe toun, and bow tbey witbin tbe toun 
brake one of tbem &slewetbem witb inne, capitulo 

JS" a day tbe capytaynes of tbe 
booste wereacoraedtbattbe cas- 
tellys tbat tbey bad made sbold 
be drawen fortb andaprocbetbe 
I walks, ffor ecbe of tbe greet men 
bad commaundedtomakeanen- 
|f? gyne bastely in bys parte^Cbe 
« erle Herman of Ducbelond and 
fienry d'Hsque, tbat were good knygbtes & enter- 
prisers, baddeuyseda tbyngof agretetronke of an 
>oke, and bad sette tberon xx knygbtes alle couerd 
aboue, and vnder tbey bad menynougb fortomyne 
to tbe walle/Cbe knygbtes aboue began to deff ende 
tbem, and tbey vnder persed tbe walleXbe tTurkes 
witbin bad dressed tbe greatest part of tbeyr en- 
gyns to tbis castel,and many strokes badsmeton 
so longe tbat wytb tbe strok of a grete stone tbey 
brake bit, andf yllealle doun to gydre in sucb wyse 
tbat neueroneescaped aboue ne vnder, but alle were 
deedXbere was grete sorowe in tbe boost, & mocbe 
more sbold be, ne bad not be tbe arete com forte tbat 
tbey bad in our lord j^Cbey lefte not berfore, but 
euefy man paynedbym more & more to greue tbem 
witb inne, and gaf to tbem so many assaultes day 
onetbyngtber was tbat greued ourpeple mocbe,& 
tbat was tbat tbere cam euery day m to tbe toune 


[fressbe vytaylles and newe men, armours and ar- 
: tyllefy, by tbc lake, and tbey coude not def ende it, 
wberof tbey were mocbe marryd. 

Of tbe counseyl tbat our men take for tassiegetbe 
>toun by watre for to constreynetbemnotforto en- 
tre ne yssue, capitulo \\%&& 

S226ROf wold our barons baue 
counseyl bow tbey mygbt die- 
trouble this comyng by water, 
'Cbey assembled and acorded 
tbat tbey would sendeof tbeyr 
knygbtes grete plen te,wysemen, 
and men a fote, and take alletbe 
sbippes at the see syde tbat tbey 
coude f ynde, and set tbem vpon cbaryottes of tbe 
boost & brynge sucbe as tbey mygbt bryngeboole, 
an d tbe otber tbey sbold part in two pyeces or three, 
and also tbey wold sende to tbemperourandpraye 
bym tbat be wold delyuer to tbemsbippesj^Cbey 
tbat bad charge of tbis wer ke cam to tbe see witbou t 
taryeng and fonde sbippes grete plente, sucbe as 
tbey bad nede of, and by tbe commaundement of 
tbemperour, wbicbe graunted gladly, drewe out of 
tbe water ynowgb. Cbenne coupled tbey to gydre 
four cartes or fyue, after tbat tbe sbyppes were, and 
sette tbem tberon by force of pepleal bole, and witb 
many men drewe tbem f ortb witb cordes and witb 
trayse of tbe cartes in one nypfbt vij long myle or 
morej^Cbise sbippes were taken or and launched 
in to tbe lakemocbe nastely, if or many bondes make 
\ligbt werke,and tbe peple wente tberto witb a good 
wylle/Cbey bad emongetbemmanymaronners tbat 

,— =s 

coude wel sbippecrafte, and tbey were sette tberin. 
JViocbe peple oflferd tbem selfe to entre alle armed ; 
tbey toke as many as neded,& garnyssbed wel tbyse 
sbippes; somme sbippe bad in an bonderd, & otber 
I, or xxx, or xx, after tbeyr gretenes. In sucbe wyse 
tbat tbe waye tbat tbey bad in tbe lake, oure men 
badde taken from tbem. Cdban tbey of tbe booste 
sawe tbat tbis way e of tbe lake was taken from tbem 
of tbe toun tbey bad grete ioye,and boped tbat tbe 
siege sbold not endure^Oe Curkes of tbe toun 
when tbey apperceuyed tbat oure men bad don so 
grete a werke and so stronge, tbey fyll in despayre 
our peple tbat bad don this in so sbort tyme, and 
tbenne were enclosed on alle sydes, & bad loste tbe 
waye for tbeyr sbippes. 

Row after tbe cyte was asseyged by water and by 
londe oure men assaylled it, and or a sbotte tbat 
due ©odefroye dyde, capitulo \x&& 

IRHJV tbe barons sawe tbat tbeyr 
sbippes were in tbe lake in sucne 
Iwyse tbat no man mygbt greue 
tbem, anon tbey dyde do crye 
tbat alle men sbold arme tbem 
| and come to tbassault, and it 
I wasacorded tbat ecbeof tbeba- 
I ronssboldassayllein tbatparte 
wbere be was lodged ; tbey admonested & enforced 
tbeyr peple to doo wel. cbassault was more tban 
gretenombreof stones. Guery man dyde bis parte: 
toward tbe south, in tbe partye tbat was delyuerd 


to tbcrlc of TIboulose, there was an bye toure more 
grete tban ony of tbeotber; by tbat tour was tbe 
palays in wmebe Solymans wyf was, XTberle bad 
flPor bebaddoo tbrowen tberat grete stones, & bad 
not broken one stone of tbe tour, Hnd by cause be 
wold not for sbameso leue it without takyngof it, 
and ordeyned gretter stones alle newe, wbicb began 
to breke tbe creuacbes of tbe same tour, & witb tbe 
strokesof tbe stones mocbepowdre cam outof tbe 
clyftesXbe peple of tbe boost apperceyuedit,and 
sawe tbat tbe toure began to falle, tbey passed tbe 
dycbe& brought engyns vnto tbe wallesXber be- 
gan tbey witb greteexploit tomyne tbewalle and to 
perseit: tbey witbin caste gretestones upon tbeen- 
gyns,&witb sbotteof bandbowes andarbalestres 
began to f aylle, tbey walled it witbin f ortb witb 
stones &cbalk, and made arigbtstrong wallgood 
and tbycke. Our men tbat were atte tour bad made 
an bole in tbe balle, tbat two men mygbt wel entre 
attones frelv* 

JN[ tbe walle in tbe parte wbere due 

Godeffroye assaylled, tber was a 

XTurke stronge, grete & bardy,wbicb 

dyde grete dommage to oure men, & 

burte many witb a strongebowetur- 

quoys tbat be bad, and witb a lytil of 

oure langage tbat be coude cessed not to saye euyl 

and discourage tbem tbat assaylled & called tbem 

cowardes.fiit bapped tbat due Godeffroye sawe it 



andauysed bymmany tymes &wasmerueyllously 
displesyd with bym, and thought how he mygbt 
cbevyssbe to be at his easejSFRetoke in his hand a 
arbalestegoodandmygbty,and held it bent til the 
XTurk camagayn & abandouned bym.'Cbeductoke 
,bis sygbtandmarkeandsbotteat bym,andsmote 
Jhym right tburgb the bely, that he ryl doun to the 
ground fro the walle. Hbe crye and the sbowtyng 
began gretein the boosteand tbeioyeXbe due bad 
Igrete honour andmany good prayers tberforeXbe 
other Sarasy ns that were on t r>at other parte of this 
f ended them the more cowardly, 

SjRe other that were in the other par- 
tyes of the toun caste fro the tours 
stones vpon our peple that were atte 
assault, & hurte many with castyng, 
sbotyng,& tbrowyng vpon oure en- 
gyns pytcbe,oyleandgrecealleboyll- 
yng, and tbrewe also brondes and other tbynges 
brenny n g moche thy eke, in su cbe wyse that somme 
they brente. Hbey that assaylled on the partye of 
therle of 'Cbolouse,attbetourtbatIsaydtoyou to 
. fore, laboured sore for to myne the walle, but one 
vty tbyng destroubled them sore, what someuer they 
brak on the day, they within made it again in the 
nyght, in suche wise that they were in wylle to leu* 
it, and wrought more slowly tr>an they dyde byf ore. 
Qlberf ore a moche valyaunt knyght of the hooste 
of tbej^ormans cam right theder and admonested 
the assay lers for to goo forth. Repassed the dy cbe 
tof ore with bis helm laced, the shelde vpon his heed, 




& brak vygorously the walle where as tbellurkes 
bad made agayn. But tber was none tbat f olowed 
bym, and tbey of tbe wallys tbrewe sogrete stones 
on bim & so tby eke tbat tbey slewe bym in tbe pre- 
►senceof tbeotber tbat were by,& after witb bookes 
and crocbettes tbey drewe tbe bodye vp to tbem on 
tbe walk, and tbere disarmed bym, and tbrewe tbe 
bodye toour pepleXbenneour men tbat were tbere 
toke tbe body, and buryed it worsbipf ully* Re was 
mocbe bewaylled in tboost of cristen men, 
f)ow aftermany assaultes^ouremen beingin coun- 
sey I, a Lorn bard cam to tbem, wbicbe offred to make 
an engyne tbat sbold destroye tbe toun, capitulo 

IfiejSJ^S sawe tbe barons tbat 
tbey loste mocbe peple witb tb- 
witb tbeyrengyns vntotbetoun 
and tbeyr enemy es,& assembled 
for to make counseyl bow tbey 
mygbt doojj?Cbere cam a man 
to tbem, a Lombard, wbicb bad 
seen tbe grete burte and losseof our peple, & sayd 
to tbe barons tbat be was a good maister to make 
engyns,yf be mygbt baue stuff and maters tberto 
propice and necessary, wbicb witb goddes belpe 
sbold in sbort tyme ouertbrowe tbe tour wbere to 
tbey bad don so mocbe payne, and wold make large 
waye for toentre in to tbe toun wbosowolde.'Cbey 
tbat berde bym promysed bym tbat be sbold bauc 
alle tbat sbold be nedeful, &yet a goodrewardand 

rycbe for bis laboure. XTbis maister toke werhmen 
and made tbem to werke as be commaunded, tbat 
in sbort tyme be bad made bis engyn, wbicbe was 
merueillously strong & grete, and ioyned it to tbe 
walle alle f ul of men of armes and footemenXbey 
tbat were on tbe walles vpon tbe tour tbrewe witb 
gretemy gbt grete stones andfyre brennyng mocbe 
tbycke, but tbengrynewassostrongeandrude, tbat 
tbe strokesdyde it nobarme,netbefyermygbt not 
fastne on it 

RHJS" tbey of tbe toune apperceyued 
vu tbat tbeycoude not noyetbisengyn, 
( tbey were sore a/f erde, and discour- 
\ aged merueyllously,and alle in des- 
j payrejiSFOur men trau ey lied to tbey r 
cl power to take oute tbe grete stones 
atte f ote of tbe walleof tbe toure, Hnd vndersetted 
it witb strongstancbons&grete^ban tbey bad so 
mocbemyned tbat tbem semedtbat itwasynowgb, 
tbey tofce tbeyr babyllemens and sette tbem f erre 
fro tbe walle, & tbenne put fyer on alle sydes vnder 
tbe toure, & wytbdrewe tbem to tbeir babyllemens 
and to tbengynes alle in sauf te, wbicbe were agrete 
way of. Hbout mydnygbt tbe fyre bad soo brente 
and wrought tbat tbis tour fylle doun to tbertbe 
witb so grete a noyse and tempeste tbat it semed 
tbat alle tbertbe trembled, and tbere was none but 
be bad grete borrourandfeerinbisberte^Oure 
peple made bastely do sowne tbe trumpettes, and 
crye to armes for to come dilygently to tbassault* 



Row after that this engyn bad so wel wrought, 
the wyf of Solyman, with two of ber cbilderen, 
wente out of the toun and were taken by our men, 
capitulo Ixij^A^ 

r>6 wyf of Solyman, tbat longe 
bad be in mesease of drede, bad 
so grete feere tbat almost sbe 
deyde for drede, and sayde sbe 
myofbt no lenger see itnesuffre, 
and made sodanly make redy a 
vessel, and put it on tbelake tor 
tescape by nygbtButourepeple 

tbat were in tbe sbippes for to kepe tbe water fro 
tbeyr enemyes cam ayenste ber, and toke tbe lady 
witn ber two sones tbat sbe bad with ber tbenne in 
ber companye, Oey presented tbem in tbe morn- 
yng to fore tbe barons, Oey made tbem to be kept 
rigbt surely witb tbe other prisoners tbat tbey bad, 
Cbe burkes in tbe toun were tbenne in grete mes- 
cbief , as wel for tbentre tbat was so grete & brode, 
as for tbeir lady tbat tbey bad loste; tbenne tbey 
axed trewes for to speke to tbe barons togyueouer 
tbe toun & tbem self in to tbeyr ban desj^ Latins, 
tbe Greek of wbom X baue spoken to fore, wbicbe 
was mocbe double & malycious, spak to tbe noble 
men tbat bad tbe gouemaunceof tbe toun in coun- 
seyl, and sbewd to tbem tbat tbyse pylgryms were 
straungers of ferre countrees and euyl and cruel 
men, and sbold doo to tbem alle tbe barme tbey 
mygbt, and destroy e tbe peple&tbe londe, yf tbey 
yelded tbe cyte to tbem. But and yf tbey wold ad- 


uowe and take tbemperour to tbeyr lord, and yelde 
tbcm to bym tbeyr lyues sauf , and tbeyr goocies in 
to bis bande,be sbold kepe tbcm well 6. saufly,and 
sbold doo to tbcm grctc good, ffor be was tbcyr 
neygbbour. So mocbc sayd be and dyde, tbat tbey 
of tbe toun toke tbeyr counseyl and cam to tbe ba- 
rons, and sayd to tbcm tbat tbey wolde put in tbe 
bandes of tbempcrour tbeyr lyues sauf, tbeyr bo- 
dyes, tbe cyte, and tbeyr godesXbisdisplesydnot 
mocbc to tbe barons, flP or tbeyr entencion was for 
to passe fortber, & boped tbat tbemperour wolde 
departe tbe gayn, proye and goodes of tbe toun, 
generally in tboost. J^euertbeles, to fore tbat tbey 
wolde graunte tbem tbis tbynge, tbey sayde tbat 
tbey sbold delyuer entierly, and doo come in to tbe 
boost alle tbe prisonnersof pietcrXTbcremytctbat 
were in tbe castel of Civintot, and in lyke wyse alle 
tbeotber tbat tbey bad taken in tbesiege,and tbem 
to fore tbat Solyman belde. Hnd tbis don, tbey a- 
corded tbat tbey sbold yeld tbem to tbemperour J9 
XTbenne tbe barons, prynces and knygbtes, & also 
tbe comyn peple, sen te by one acorde messagers to 
tbemperour tor to sygnefye bym bow tbey of tbe 
cyte bad yelded tbem to bym. tberf ore tbey scnte 
to bym, tbat be sbold send of bis bye and noble 
men witb grete nombre of pcplef or to rcsseyue tbe 
toun, and tbe pcrsoncs of wbom tbey bad many, 
ffor tbey alle acorded tbat tbe bonour sbold be bis, 
and tbat tbe toun sbold come in bis demaync, and 
tbe prisonners at bis wylle jfiTCbey tbat bad ent- 
erprised tbeyr vowe for taccomplyssbe, bad pur- 
posed for to departe fro tbis place, & to goo f ortb 
vnto tbe lande of Surye. 

k2 131 

How tbetnperour sente grete barons for to receyue 
the sayd toun after that our pcplc bad acerteyned 
bym tnat tbey wo lde yelde it, capitulo Ivttj^^ 

1RBCB ioye bad tbcmpcrour of 
tbyse tidyngesj^He taryed not, 
as wel barons as knygbtes, witb 
grete quantite of men of armes, 
tbat resseyued tbe cyte in bys 
name, and garnyssbed it of alle 
tbynge tbat was nedeful, and 
jdyde repayre tbe walles and alle tbat was broken 
of tbe torettes, Hlle tbat euer tbey founde in tbe 
toune of armures, of ryebesses, and of vytaylles 
tbey seased for tbetnperour, and sente tbe prison- 
ners in to ConstantinoblejSTCbemperoursenteto 
euerycb of tbe barons special lettres, presented to 
tbem grete yeftes, and tbanketb tbem mocbe of 
tbonour tbat tbey bad don to bym, & of tbis tbat 
tbey so wel kepte tbeyr promesse, ffor tbat toun 
bad don grete gryef and anoyaunce to tbem pyre, 
0>e mene peple tbat mocb bad trauaylled in tbe 
siege & bad bolpen witb grete courage, compleyned 
sore, ffor tbey bad boped tbat alle tbe bauoyr and 
goodes of tbe toun sbold baue ben departed emonge 
tbem, but tbemperours men bare it alle away, and 
tbey tbat trauaylled foritwerenot rewardidjTCbe 
worde tbat was mocbe grete cam vnto tbe barons, 
and tbey sayd tbat tbey bad grete wronge, ffor tbe 
couenauntes made bvtwene tbetnperour and tbem 
were sucbe, tbat yf tbey gate in tbeyr waye ony cy- 
tees tbat bad ben to fore tbemperours, tbey sbold 


delyuere tbe cyte and tbe londe to tbemperour, but 
tbe proyesand gayne sbold be departed in tboost. 
Hyenst tbyse couenauntes dyde tbemperour, but 
it was not tyme tbenne ne place to make argument 
ne debate ayenst tbe Grekes, tberf or tbe noble men 
made tbe comyn peple to tarye, to tbende tbat tbey 
sbold not enpessbe tbis pylgremage j&TLbuQ was 
suffred tbat tbe wyf of Soliman & bis ij sonesand 
grete plente of prisoners were ledde in saef te vnto 
tbemperour, wbicb made mocbe grete f este to tbe 
lady and ber cbilderen, and as longe as tbey were 
in tbe toun be belde tbem mocbe bonorably. Hf ter 
in sbort tyme besente tbem agayn toSolyman,alle 
quyte delyuerd, witbout demanding of ony raun- 
son. XTbis dyde be to tbende to baue tbe loue and 
grace of tbe Oirhes, in sucbe wyse tbat tber was 
bytwene tbem a counseyl and acorde to gfreue our 
peple, and also for anotber rayson, tbat is to wete 
yf tbey were in sucb poyntof anotber cyte or place, 
tbat tbe cristiens constreyned so by force, tbat tbey 
sbold not be af erd to yelde tbem f rely in tbe bande 
of tbemperour/Cbus was taken tbecyteof J^ycene, 
tbe yere of tbyncamacion of our lord a JVI Ixxxxvij, 
tbe xx day of tbe monetb of luyn. 




Rowourboostdepartedon tbeyr iourney,and bow 
eom departed fro tbeyr f elawsbip, and bow Soly- 
mandetermyned t assayte tbem,capitulo bciiij,*£*£ 

RG boost of tbe pylgryms de- 
tbe barons, tbe iij daye to fore 
tbentree of luylle, fro tbe place 
wbere tbey bad bolden syegejp 
ITbey wente two dayes to gydre 
mocnepeasybly,& after lodged 
tbem by a brygge for tbe ease of 
1 tbe water. On tbe morn,af ter tbeyr customme atte 
spryngyng of tbe day, tbey passed tbe bryggej^ 
>Duryng tbederfmesseof tbenygbt,ffor it was not 
wel day, or perauen ture, tbey departed wetyn gly tbe 
dye, tber le Steuen of Cbar tres, On ere an d tberle of 
Seyn t pol tomed away on tbe lyft syde,& descend- 
ed in to a valeye named 6uraom,and lodged tbem 
of water, TTbere rested tbey al tbat nygbt in peas, 
but, neuertbeles, tbey made tbeyr booste cbaunge 
tbeyrwatcbediligently.Hlle tbeotber tomed on tbe 
rigbt bonde alle tbe day, and went tburgb a fayre 
i countre, and lodged tbem in fayre grete medowes 
vpon tbe water syde, and tbat one boost was fro 
"tbat otber mo re tnan two myle, 

~}OU]VIHJVbad bis berte swollen, and 
was felly an angrred tbat bebadtbus 
loste bis wyf witb bis children and 
bis noble cyte. Re commaunded to 
f olowe on re peple on tbe lyfte syde, & 

grcuc tbem, be bad witb bymamocbe grete notnbre 
of men of armes on borsbafc, Ris espyes were witb 
tbey dyde bym towetetbatoureboostwasdeuyded 
in two parties, and tbat tbe Usee party e was tomed 
toward tbe lyfte side ner to bym tban tbat otber 
parte. Rewasmocbegladandioiefulwban be berde 
tbysetydnges,be sawetbat bewaswel in poyntfor 
to venge bym,and bad bis men al redy & ordeyned 
bis bataylle to poynt at tbe day sette, departed for 
to befygbte oure men. 

r>QS as tbe spryngynge of tbe day 
began to clere, tbe men tbat made tbe 
watcbe tbis nygbt tbat were witb- 
drawen a lytil fro tboost, appercey- 
ued tbem, and cryed to armes, and 
blewe bomes and trompettes mocbe 
affrayedlyXbe boost awooksodenly,and ourmen 
armed tbem rigbt bastely, and ordeyned tbeyr ba- 
taylles as tbey bad deuysedXbe wymmen, seke- 
men and children were ledd a part besyde a water al 
fulof reed, by wbicbemenmygbt not cometo tbem, 
to fore were tbey closed witb cartes and cbaryottes, 
wberof tbey bad grete plente.Hnd after sente mes- 
sagers vnto tbe grete booste, ffrom wbicbe tbey 
were folyly departed, for to praye tbem tbat tbey 
dylygently woldecome socoure tnem,ffor tbey were 
in mocbe grete paryll 3Hban tbeyr bataylles were 
tbus renged, euen rigbt tbe first day of luyllat tbe 
boure of pryme, be ye certayn tbat Solyman, witb 
a grete nombre of men of armes, estemed at two 
bonderd thousand wel armed topoyntandborsed, 
M 13 5 

arryued. 'Cber was not one of tbem but be was on 
borsbak. Oure peple were but f ewe, and tbe moost 
part of tbem on foote,&itwasnomerueylletbougb 
tbey doubted tbe comyng of tbeyr enemyes. 
Of tbe bataylle tbat Solyman bad ayenst som of 
our peple tbat were departed fro tbeyr felawsbip 
folyly, capitulo lxv,$V2* 

ptlff tbe booste of tbe burkes 
smotein on our men, tbe noyse 
wasmocbegreteof busynes,of 
trompes, of men, & of borses, 
tbat none mygbt be berd, and 
was grete bydour to bere tbe 
fyrst comyngon of tbe'Curkes. 
TJbey sbotte so tbycke vppon 
our peple tbat tbere was neuer rayn ne bayl so like, in 
so mocb tbat tber were many burte of our peple JSF 
(Oban tbe firste route bad made tbeyr sbotte, tbe 
'second route cam after, wbere moo arcbyers were 
tban to fore, and began sbote mocbe more tbycke 
tban may be recounted. Our knygbtes sawe tbat 
tbeyloste tbeyr borses and tbem self by tbesbotte, 
ana smote in to tbe 'Curfces vygorously, but tbe 
multitudeof tbeOirkes were so grete, tbat our men 
bad grete dammage, wbicb were but f ewejgTCbey 
tbat bad tbeyr sbeldes & targes tbey kept tbem som 
wbat, but tbey tbat were without armourmusteflee. 
or ellys tbey bad be slayn emong tbe borses, and 
many were slayn & burte* 'Cbere were slayn of oure 
sandXber was slayn a mocbe valyauntyong man, 
noble and bardy, wbicbebad don wel alle tbat day, 

Cuyllam, sone to tbc marquya, brother of Oncre, 

be waa amoton witban aroweanddydein tbeplace. 

Hndanotbervalyantman in like wiaenamed Robert 

of parie, be dey de by bia proweaee/Can ere tbat was 

bardy made merueyllea of armea,and abandouned 

bym aelf , as be tbat eette not by bia lyf.Buymont 

sawe bym, and be brake alle tbe prees, and cam tbere 

aa be was,andtokebymby tbe brydle and brought 

bymbaMTCbe'Curkessaweouremen mocbe burte 

i and trauaylled, and toke tbeyr bowes on tbe lyf te 

arme, and after ran on tbem witbeawerdee &maces 

\j\ in sucbewyse tbat tbey ouertbrewe tbem &puttbem 

yl a bak vnto tbeyr caryageXbere tbey belde tbem and 

w bydde tbem by tbe reed, and deflP ended tbem vygo- 

rously,andsuffred tbe grete plente of TTurkes dia- 

cbarge vpon tbem one route after another. 

Of tbe dilygence tbat due Codeff roy made wban 

be was aduertieed berof , & bow Solyman waa dia- 

comfyt and bia bagage taken, capitulo \vo]&& 

jflCIR barons, ©odeffroy tbe no- 
ble due, and tbe otber pryncea 
berde tbyae tydynges bow Buy- 
mont and bia companye were 
at aucbe meacbyef ,baated tbem 
sore. Tiber cam to gydre tbe due 
and bia ij bretberen, Bawdwyn 
_ and Guatace, tbe erle Raymont, 
Hue le JWayne, & many otber barona ynowgb.O> c 
peple a f oote, and tbey tbat were euyl borsed, tbey 
lef te for to kepe tbe lodgys : tbey wente f ort £> and 
were wel xi m, alle armed and wel boraed J0 vUban 

tbeyapprocbed the placewbere tbebatayllwas,and 
sawe tbem so put a back, and bcrdc tbaffraye of 
trompes and bore, tbc pcplc of Buymont espyed 
tbem, anon tber bcrtc cam agayn and were entierly 
refressbyd, and smote in to tbeir enemyes as tbey 
tbat notbynge doubted, and began to doo well^ 
Oe good bissbopof puy was there, & comforted 
of te tbe barons and the hnvgbtes for tauenge tbe 
blood of tbe cristen men wnicbe tbenemyes of our 
faytb bad there sbedde. Incontinent tne barons 
tbat cam smote in totbeCurfcessovygoruslytbat 
it semed tbat euericb mygbt abyde tbe burtbon of 
tbe batayle. "Cbey slewe so many, and bete doun in 
tbeyr comynge, tbat tbe other durst not abyde, but 
and cbaced tbem wel iiij myle, sleyng al tbem tbat 
tbey mygbt atteyne, and tbey f ounde many of our 
men prisonners tbat tbe Zurkce ledde witb tbem, 
wbom tbey d elyuerd, 

"fCSR tbey wente to tbe tentes of 
Solyman, and there tbey founde so 

of sheep, of horses, and other beestes 
tbat it can not be recounted, robes, 
vayssel, & pauyllons of dyuerse col- 
ours and of straunge f acions, in sucbe wyse that 
tber was none but be was ryebe; ffor ye may well 
knowe tbat ij c fA men tbat Solyman had, beboued 
grete plenteof lodgys and of other estorementes 
j^Our peplecam agayn m tooure tentes with grete 
ioye and honour, Cherwere lost wel in tbat batayll 
of our men a f oote aboute a iiij JVI, and of borsmen 

but f ewe* Of the TTurkes were f oimden dcdc iij M., 
and there were of tbem many grete men, TTbis ba- 
taylle endured fro tbe bour of pryme vnto nygbe 
none, and ofteour peple bad tbe werse; if or, as I 
baue said, Solyman bad ij c JA men, alle on bore- 
bah* Our peple were but I JVI on borsbah wban tbey 
» were alle assembled tbe one witb tbe other. 

jfJHJS our lord bad tbus gyuen tbis 
victorye to bis peple,tbey rested tbem 
in tbis fayr place wbere tbe tentes 
weretbre dayes; tbeyrborses refres- 
sbed tbem right wel in tbis wbyle* 
Of tbe armures & otber gayne mat 
>tbeybad conquerdvpon tbeyrenemyes,tbeyarayed 
and apparaylled tbem rigbt wel tbat to fore were 
euyl armed, JWocbe wel dyde tbey in tbis bataylle, 
and grete bonour bad tbey and sbal euer baue,and 
in especial tbey tbat bere be named, Bawdwyn le 
Borgb, TTbomas de f edre, Regnault de Beauvaye, 
Gale de Cbamont, CJaste de fiedyers, and 6erart 
de Cberysy* Cbenne was ordeyned and acorded by 
tbe barons and cryed in tboost, tbat noman sbold 
ryde fro tbens f ortb by bym self without leue of 
the captayns* 


Row the tit] day after this victorye our pcplc went 
forth on their wayc, and of the grete mesease of 
tboost the same da y, capitulo Ixvij,*?^ 

]fCGRtbis,wban they badaby- 
den there tbre dayes, the fourth 
daye f olowyng by tymes to fore 
! day, they dyde doo sowne tbeyr 
trompetes, and wente forth on 
I tbeyr wayej!?Sytb they passed 
Bytbyne, and entred in to the 
londe that was named piside. 
Cbey trauaylledso long,thatattbelaatetbey fonde 
a contre mocbe drye and infertile, without watere. 
The tyme was mocbe boot & brennyng, as it f all- 
eth of te in luyll j&Zbcy bad so grete tburat that 
they wvet not what to doo. The peple on f ote spe- 
cially faylled and faynted, alle for the duste, for 
the beete,and for tburste; tber deyed wel this same 
day of mysease fyue bonderd men and wymmen. 
Hnd knowe ye certaynly that tber happed a mer- 

ueylloustbyngetbatdayin the boost, tbatwefynde 
nowber in none other bistorye, if or the wymmen 
with cbilde that yet were not come to tbeyr terme, 
i by thanguyssb of the beete and of the mesease of 
tburst, that they were delyuerd of tbeyr cbiideren 
and cbilded, and not only the pour wymmen, but 
the ryebe also; this was a grete sorow,and pyte to 
see. ^bemen, that ought to bemore bard & stronge 
ayenst trauaylle, wente tbeyr moutbes open, and 
sought thaver and moysture tberof, wbicbe they 
mygbt not baue: the beete, and also the swote de- 

stroked tbem. Y* sbold baue seen tbe borses and 
otber beestes, tbat mygbt not goo f ortb, in sucbe 
wysetbat tbey muste leue tbem, wbiebe deyde in tbc 
waye, boundes for tbc cbacc and buntyng, f owles 
for tbc flygbt, as ff awcons, bawkes, & sperbawkes, 
yc sbold baueseen tbat day abydcand dcyc*Hnd in 
, lyke wyse tbc grctc stedes and cursours, wbiebe 
were moost peryllous,becam allc araged and wood 
for tburst, and witb arete paync were ledde f ortb, 
^RHJ^tbey bad ben longintbismes- 
ease our lord bebeld tbem in py te, & 
made tbem to adresse in to a valeye, 
wbere tbey fondea rennyng water, 
fayr and grete; tbenne ranne oure 
peple to tbe brynke or ryuagewitb 
Igrete baste, JVIany tberwere tnat drank eo mocbe 
tbat tbey deyde vpon tbe place; fforsom of tbem 
tbat bad escnewed tbe detb,fonde it tberc by cause 
tbey kepte no mesure. Hnd tbis fylle vnto knygb- 
tes and otber men, and beestes, wbiebe dranke as 
mocbe as tbey wolde jff Cdban tbey were escaped 
tbis euyl aduenture, tbey cam in to a londemocb 
fayr and fertile, fill of woodes, of ryuers, of me- 
dowes, and of good f eldes labourable. Vb\Q was 
by Hntbyocbetbelasse, wbiebe is tbe cbyef cyte of 
tbe londe of pisside; and tbere lodged tbey witb 
tbeyr boost 



Row sommeof the grete barons of tboost, after to 
baue approucbedHntyocbe tbc lasse, departed for 
to goo vytaylle tb em, capitulo lxv\ij&& 

~RO tbens departed som of tbe 
barons of tboost & belde tbeir 
waye, by cause it was a greuous 
tbyng to fynde vytaylles to so 
mocbe peple to gydreXbefyrst 
was Bawdwyn, brother to tbe 
due; witb bym was peter tberle 
of Stadenay, Reynart tberle of 
>Coul, Bawdwyn de Borgb, & Guyllebert de JVIont- 
cler, tber wer wel v C on borsbak, and ladde witb 
witb bym Rycbard du pryncipat, Robert d'Hnse, 
and other knygbtes grete nombre, tbat tbey were 
v C on borsbak, and bad also many men a footeas 
tbeotber badjjTCbeyr entencion and purpose was 
} to ride about tbe tboost in tbe contre, for to secbe 
somme aduenture and vytaylle; andyf tbey bad 
founde ony parylle of a grieuoue paae, or plente 
of tbeyr enemyee, tbat tbey wold lete tboost baue 
knowlecbe tberof . ITbey wente strayte tbeyr waye 
and passed by syde ij cy tees : tbat one was named 
Ly cbonie, & tbat otber Gradee. Hfter, tbey tomed 
on tbe rigbt bonde and passed toward tbe see side 
\j^€beduc Oodeffroy and tbeotber prynces abode 
in tbeyr lodgys, for tbe plesaun t & dely table places 
f tbat tbey bad founden, by cause tbey wolde playe 
and ref reasbe tbem of tbe trauaylles and annoyes 
tbat tbey bad suffred. XTbenne said tbey tbat tbey 

to tbem on allesydes and were ful of wilde beestes. 

ft the mom tbey entred in the woode, 
as bewenteapatb tburgb tbeforeste, 
bcrdc a man crye, & be drove tbeder- 
ward, and be sawe a poure man, tbat 
was goo for to f etcbe wode for to bere 
in to tbe boost, fiedde strongly cryeng to fore a 
grete bere^'Cbe due ran vpon bym,and drewe bis 
swerd for to delyuere tbe pour man fro tbe beeste. 
Cbenne tbe bere adressyd bym vnto tbe due, and 
lef te tbe pour man tbat fiedde fro bym ; be burte tbe 
dukes borssosore tbat becastetbe due to tbertbe* 
'Cbe due leep a foot, and drewe oute bis swerde. 
TIbe beeste was notbyng aferd of bym, but made 
a felonnous crye, borryble and bydous, and sytb 
ran vpon tbe due, and bote bym rigbt cruelly in 
tbe tbye* Hf ter,be adressyd bym rigbt vp,andem- 
braceabym witb bis potes, or feet to fore, for to 
baue caste bym to grounde* TIbe due, tbus burt as 
be was, was yet mocb stronpf, & fyl not to tbe ertb 
witb bis lyf te bande, for to put away bis beed from 
bym ; & witb tbat otber band be put bis swerd in to 
bis body, tburgb botbe tbe sydes vnto tbe crosse, 
an d so slewe by m ♦ Hfter, be wen te & sette by m doun 
on tbertbe rigbt by, ffor be bad so mocb bledde of 
bis wounde tbat be bad in bis tbye, & was so mer- 
ueyllously sore burte tbat be mygbte not stonde 


P^nsp§3r>e poure man,wbicb be bad delyuerd 

rk\3&fK& ^° ^ ct ^ f ran haetcl T * n t0 t ^ c boost 
« &toldetbem tbistydyngeof tbeduc. 
Hlle tbey that berdc it were so effray- 
ed tbat tbey ranne witb grete baste 
tbeder, tbe barons, and alle tbe otber 
tbatmygbt goo, XTbey founde bym lyeng on tbe 
ground, pale & discoloured; and after tofce bym in 
alyttier, & bare bym in to tbe boostBut neuerman 
was more demened, ne more sorowe made, ne noe 
moo pytyous cryes and lamentations tburgb alle 
tbe lodgyses, as welrycbe as poure, & men as wym- 
men. Hnon were sette alle tbe maistres and cirur- 
gensforto dyebte bym and to belebym ; there were 
many, ffor euerycb of tbe prynces bad of tbem for 
to awayte on tbem in tbe boost 
Here recountetb tbystorye of somme aduentures 
tbat tbenne fylle in tbe boost of cristen men, capi- 
tulo lxxx/&& 

|N tbis sayson,tbe same tyme,it 
bapped tbat another valyaunt 
man, named Raymont, erle of 
TTbolouse, laye doun seke of a 
lous- JVeuertbelesse, tbe booste 
wente forth alwey, TTberfor he 
muste be caryed forth in a tot- 
tier. On a day it bapped tbat be was so deteyned of 
bis maledye tbat certeynly they supposed tbat be 
sbold deye, Tbey tbat kepte bym made tbe littier 
to be sette doun to tbe grounde,ffor they sawe bym 

so fcblc that tbey tbougbt certaynly tbattbesowle 
sbolddeparteXbe bissbop of Orenge, wbicbewas 
a mocbe boly man and a religyous, sayd tbc com- 
mendation for tbc sowleand the seruyse,as of one 
ouermocbe discomforted by cause tbey supposed 
alle tbat anon and sodanly to lese tbise two grete 
men, wbicbe were of mocbe grete counseyl and of 
alle tboost, wbere as tbey songemassesXbe ryebe 
and tbe pour praydemocbe bumbly andwitbgood 
berte, tbat our lord wold rendre tbem bool & sauf , 
for to socoure & counseyle tbem as tbey bad nede. 
Cbe barons departed in cbaryte largely almesse 
vnto tbe pour peple.So mocbe dyde tbey, one & tbe 
otber, tbat oure lord, wbicbe is f ul of pyte, berde 
tbem and gaf beltbe to tbe twonoble men in sbort 
tyme, in sucbe wyse tbat tbey rood al bool, and in 
qood poynt witb tbooste, 

F)6Y passed al pissyde& after en- 

tred in to a lande named Ly caone, & 

cam vnto a cyte called Licoine; tbey 

f oundeit alle voyde, ^notbyng tber- 

in, 'Cbey bad grete meseases of vyt- 

J aylle, ffor tbe Curkes, wbicbe bad 

berde tbe tydynges tbat ourepeple cam,trusted in 

none of tbeyr fortresses, but voyded tbem & fkdde 

in to tbe forestes and montaynes,men, wymmen & 

cbilderen, borses, beestes, vytaylle, and alle otber 

tbyngtbey caryed witb tbem jSFCbeysuffredmocbe 

disease to passe tbat con tre ; tbey cam in to Graclee, 

and after cam in to a cyte namedjVlaraseXbere tbey 

li H5 

lodged and soiourned tbrc dayes, Bawdwyn, bro- 
ther of the due, that was departed fro the boost, 
lefte bis wyf with bis two bretberen. Sbe deyde tbere 
of sefcenesse, sbe was an bye lady of Gnglond, val- 
yaunt, wyse, and good, Gutiera was ber name, Sbe 
was buryed and enteered mocbe honorably in tbe 
same place, Sbe was mocbe bewaylled in tbe boost. 
Row Cancre tbat was departed fro tbe boost, as- 
sieged TTarse, and toke it by certeyn couenaunt,ca- 
pitulo lxx&,& 

JSCRG, wbyebe was a wyse 
man, and of grete courage, rode 
itburgb tbe londe sekyng auen- 
ture,in sucbe wyse tbatbef onde 
in bis waye a cy te called TTarse, 
XTbis londe of Scylyceisacoun- 
treof tboryent, toward tbe son- 
-negooyng doun,In tbis londe 
ben twoo grete cytees, wbicbe ben arcbebissbop- 

therm was bom seyntpoul tbappostleXbat oth- 
er was namedHnauazie, Hnd eche of thise two cv- 
tees baue other cytees vnder them, XTarse founded 
>oneof the cbildmnofJVoe,Ionen, wbicbe was sone 
of lapbet, the sone of JVoej^JVeuertbeles, Solins 
say tb that person* founded it, but it maye be wel 
► tbat one founded it, and tbat other repayredand 
amended it j* Oncre assieged tbis cyte, and con- 
streyned them within, what by menaces and f avr 
wordes, that they yelded it to hym in a manere, 
bey sette his banere vpon tbe hyest toure of tbe 

i toun, and be swar and aff ermed to kepetbem from 
^damage and burte; nc non sbold be put out of bis 
bows, ne Use ony tbyng tbat apperteyned to tbem 
vnto tbe comynge of tbe grete boost, and tbenne 
sbold tbey yelde tbe toun vnto tbe grete prynces of 
tboost without ony debatej^PCbus was it acorded 
bytwene bym and tbem of tbe toun. In tbis toun 
were cristen men, fiermyns and 6rekes,and in alle 
tbe londe about But tbe €urke belde alle tbe for- 
tresses tbat medledwitb armes,and bad tbe seyg- 
noryevpon tbis peple, and wold not suffre tbem of 
>notnyng, sauf tooccupyeand laboure tbertbe,and 
for to marcbaunte to bye and selle* 
T)owBawdwyn,brotberof 6odeffroy,secbyng bis 
auentures, sawe Oncre & bis peple to fore TTarse, 
'and adressed bym to tbem, capitulo tocj>P>P 

jH<nD<KlYJV, brother of tbe due, 
and tbe peple tbat be ledde witb 
bym, were entred in to a countre 
moost barayn, wbere tbey suf- 
f red grete peyne f or vy tay lle.Hf - 
ter, tbey cam vpon a montayne, 
wbere tbey mygbt see alle tbe 
londe of ©cilice, and tbe cytees 
vnto tbe see* XTbey sawe ^arse nygb tbem, and tbe 
pauyllons, and tbey supposed tbat tbey bad be 
Curkes tbat bad assieged tbe cyteXbey descended 
doun for to knowe wbat peple tbey were, and also 
for tenquere tbe beyng of tbe countre about 0>ey 
tbat were witb tlancre, in tbauaunt garde, sawe 
tbyse men of armes approucbe, and lete tbeyr lord 
baue knowlecbe, Oncre wende certaynly tbat tbey 
1 2 H7 

bad be TTurfces, tbat cam f or tosocoure tbem of tbc 
toun, and made ecbe man to arme bym dylygently, 
and sette tbem in ordenaunce; & after yssued out 
ayenst tbem, tbe baners displayed. Butwban tbey 
approucbed tbat one to tbe other, and knewe ecbe 
otber by tbe armes, tbey opened tbeyr belmes and 
embraced ecbe otber, & made mocbe grete ioye, and 
after cam to tbe cyte.Hnd tbenne Bawdwyn was by 
TTancrerigbt wel & honourably lodged, ffor TTan- 
cre bad arete plente of vytaylles, of wbicbe Bawd- 
wyn and bis peple bad grete nede. 
Of tbenuye tbat Bawdwyn and bis peple bad tosee 
tbebanerof Tancrevpon tbewalleof tbe toun, and 
bow Tancre depart ed, capitulo Ixxxi)^,*? 

"N" tbe mornewban tbesonne was 
vp, & deer daye, Bawdwyn and 
tbey tbat were witb bym sawe 
tbe baner of On ere vpon tbe 
byest tour of tbe toun.Hnd bad 
tberof mocbe grete enuye, & be- 
gan to murmure and speke ma- 
_ uciouslyof tbat tbey bad gretter 
power, and moo peple and better, and said tbat 
, tbey ougbte to baue tbe worship of this toun.Itis 
troutbe tbat vnto this day there, Bawdwyn and 
'XTancre bad ben lyke two bretberen,in mocbe prvue 
acqueyntaunce and trewe loue, but Bawdwyn, bv 
, enuyeof bis berte,and by euyl wordes tbat som of 
bis men made bym to vnderstonde, was tbus of 

Dattemperat and resonable man, vnderstode tbise 
wordes, and dyde mocbe payne for tapese bym. 


Hnd cam in persone to Bawdwyn, & sbewde bym 
bowe to fore that be was comen, ne tbat noman 
by twene bym and tbem of tbe toune, and bis baner 
sette vpon tbe toure, and berin be vnderstodenot 
wyn was not content of tbise wordes, & be f ounde 
somme tbat attysed bym in bis f otye; bes^ak grete 
(wordes, ylle and iniuryouses, to Can ere, in sucbe 
wyse, tbat witb lytil more tbey wolde baue don 
ar med tbeyr m en tor to baue destroyed ecbe otber, 
RejSfJSfe sente Bawdwyn for tbem 
of tbe toun, and wban tbey cam be 
menaced tbem strongly,&saide tbat 
tbey sbold tbrowe doun tbe baner of 
Cancre to tbertbe, & sette vp bis on 
J tbe tour : and yf tbey dyde not, tbey 
sbold welknowe tbat be wold destroye tbem, A alle 
tbat tbey badwitbouttbetoun,&taketbetoun and 
caste itto tbertbe,maulgre alle tbatCancre mygbt 
waraunte nedeff ende tbem ayenstBawdwyn,made 
witb bym sucbe couenauntes as tbey bad made to 
fore witb Can ere, and sette bis baner wbere as be 
commaunded/Cancre saw tbe force tbat was don to 
bym, and was gretely desplesyd, &bad grete yrein 
bis berte.But be couerd bis tbougbt wysely,& wold 
notsuffretbepeple,tbatwere comen in tbispylgre- 
mage for to make warre ayenst tbenemyes of tbe 

casionof bym j0V>t departed fro tbis place, flr or be 

doubted tbat somme noyseor medlemygbt sourde 

1 3 H9 

hcrof f and cam to a cyte nygb by, named fldane. 
vbere mygbt be not entre, ifor anoblc man of Bur- 
goyn, named Gelpbes, was parted fro tboost witb 
a grete route of men of armes as tbe otber dyde 
f or toseke auentures, and be bad taken tbis cyte bv 
force, and bad caste out tbe burkes, and belde it 
entierlyj^rancre berde tbatsommeof our peple 
belde it, & sente good messagers to Gelpbes; and 
prayd bym to opene tbe yates, and suffre bis men 
that tbey mygbt goo in to tbe toun for to bye to 
tbem sucbe as tbey nededj^tlbis <3elpbes dvde it 
debonayrto, and bym self gaf to tbem largely ifor 
nought, ifor be bad founde tbe toun ful of crold 
and syluer, of robes, of beestes, of wbete, of wyne, 
of oyle, and of alle good tbat a man bad nede of. 
How a lytil after Tancrecam to tbe cyte of Hnam- 
ystre, wbicbe tbeOirkes belde it,and toke it bvas- 
eault, capitu lo Ixxiij^/^ y 

HJ^CRG on tbe mom toke leue 
of bis booste, and toke bis way 
witb bis peple, & rode so f er tbat 
be cam to a cyte named Hnamy- 
stre. Cbis was one of tbe beste 
cy tees of tbat londe, it was f ayr 
& mocbe delytable. XTancre cam 
J tneaer,and knewe certevnlvthat 
tbe XTurkes belde it; be assieged it al aboute, & fro 
tbe tyme tbat be cam be assay lied tbe toun. Tbus 
be dyde tbe first, tbe second, and tbe tbirde dav • so 
many assaultes be made to tbem, and burted tbem 
of tbe toun, tbat tbey were strongly greuyd and a- 

bassbed. Oey without toke the toun, and entred 
vnder tbc walles, and thus was the toun taken by 
force, and alle tbem tbat be f onde tberin of betben 
peple be put to detb without mercy. Hbe toun was 
ful of ryebesses, and alle maner of vytaylles were 
grete plente. Han ere departed al tbe aayn and tbe 
goodes of tbe toun to bis men, as be tbat wel knewe 
bow tbat be sbold doo, and to ecbe man after tbat 
be was, in sucbe wyse tbat alle bis men were ryebe. 
Xbey refressbed tbem mocbe wel, & tbeyr beestes, 
of tbemesease tbat tbey badsuffred in tbeyr waye. 
jj^Hbey soioumed tbere a grete wbyle witb mocbe 
grete deduyt. 

\TioxQ Bawdwyn entred in Orse, and bow iiiC of 
four pylgryms were slayn of tbe turkes to fore tbe 
same toun, capitulo Ixxiitj^^ 

(HaOOlYN s^we tbat Xmcre 
was departed fro Harse, & sen te 
for tbem of tbe toun & sayde to 
tbem tbat tbey sbold lete tbem 
entre in to tbe toun, ffor bym 
tbougbt sbame to lye long and 
abyde tbere ydle without doyng 
ony tbyng, tyl tbe comynge of 
tbe grete boostXbey sawe&aduysed weltbat tbey 
badnot powerynougb to resiste tbem,and tbougbt 
yf tbey lete tbem not entre witb tbeyr agreement 
tbat tbey wold entre ayenst tbeyr wylle and witb 
w forceXbennetbey opened tbeir gates, & wold tbat 
^ Bawdwyn sbold baue two toures where be sbold 
lodge, and other of tboste in tbe bowses in tbe toun 
alle peasibly Xbe^urkes tbat bad tbe sey gnorye of 
1 4 '5 1 

the toun beldeyet tbe other towres in tbeyr puis- 
tion Bawdwyn and bis men that were lodged in tbe 
toun, & tbey thought that they sbold haue no so- 
cours. Hnd aboue this tbey bad moche grete drede 
of tbe grete boost that shortly sbold arryue there, 
and sought emonge them tbe moyens and maner 
>bow tbey mygbt yssue oute of tbe toun, and lede 
7 witb them tbeyr wyues and childeren with tbeyr 
>ryncipal bague s and jewellys. 

XL bapped that this same nygbt tbre 
bonderdmen afotetbat were depart- 
ed fro Buymont for to folowe'Cancre 
arryuedalle to fore this cyte of TTar- 
se, where tbey thought to fynde bym. 
1 Cdban Bawdwyn knewe what peple 
,tbey were&tbat tbey wente in tbaydeof TTancre,be 
wold not suffre them to entre in to tbe toun. "Cbey 
were wery and trauaylled and prayde bym moche 
swetly,and cryed bym mercy many tymes, that for 
tbe loue of god be wold doo so moche that tbey 
mygbt this nygbt be lodged in tbe toun, ffor tbey 
woldnotbyngbutgood,fierof tbefoteman of bis 
companye prayde bym in lyke wise, but be wold in 
nowyse here tbem. jNeuertbeles by cause tbey with- 
out bad mesease, tbe mene peplein tbe toun aualed 
doun with cordes, breed ynougb, & wyn in barellys, 
and other vytaylles, with wbicbe tbey mygbt wel 
passe this nygbt 



F>HJNf our pcplc were a slepe in the 
toun, and they without began tbeyr 
that were witbin tbe toures opened 
the yates of wbicbe they bad tbe 
_ keyes secretely witboute noyse, and 
ledde outtbeyr wyues, tbeyr children, andalletbeir 
tbyngsJindalltbebetben men of tbetoun thought 

they were not sure with tbeyr gbestes, and yssued 
out of alle the toun, (Hban tbeyr wyues & children 
were witbdrawen a ly til fro the toun , they wolde leve 
tokenes cruellandylleof tbeyr departyng; they cam 
vntotbethre bondred pylgrims tbat laye witboute 
gate and slepte strongly as they that doubted of 
notbyng, & put them alle to deth and slewe them ; 
yf ony of them escaped be was happy* 
tbe TTurkes, and of the slaughter of tbe cristen 
men, capitulotocv,*?,*? 

HSiN the mome erly when oure men 
awoke in the toun they sawe the 
toures, where the TTurkes bad be 
lodged,open & the bowses voide. 
€hey knewe wel tbat they were 
fledae ; they serched tbe walles 
& yates for to enquyre how they 
-\ were goon, XTbey wente so ferre 
tbat they f onde this greteoccision and slaughter at 
the gateXhenne began a sorow and a moche grete 
crve in thetoun ;allemen put tbe blame and culpe on 
Bawdwyn & bys knygbtes, ffor they wold auenge 
the deth of tbeyr bretberen, whom the Sarasyns 

badso sbamely &vylaynously slayn, by cause tbat 
tbc knygbtes of Bawdwyn and also be bym self 
wold not suffre tbem to come in to tbe toun, Hnd 
in dede tbe m en of f oo te say d tbis was don by arete 
oultrage and grete falsbede, and yf tbey bacf not 
lygbtly witbdrawen tbem in totbetoures,tbey bad 
smy ten tbem alle to detb, rbe knygbtes belde tbem 
alle stylle tyl tbat tbe footemen were cooled, and 
aftersente messagerswbicbe spak to tbem and re- 
quyred tbem to forbere so longtyl tbat Bawdwyn 

dwyn speke; Bawdwyn excused bym to fore alle,& 

was deffended tbem, but for tbat be bad sworn to 
tbem of tbe toun, tbat by bym sbold none entre tyl 
tbe grete booste cam. By tbyse wordes and by cause 
otber entermeted to make tbe peas and spoken de- 
bonayrly to tbe menepeple, was Bawdwyn acorded 
tomefootemen and bis knygbtes also, 

"jj^ tbis toun tbey soioumed & abode 
a certayn wbyle, vntyl a mornynge 
tbey sawe in tbe see nygbe tbem a 
sbippe abou te iii my le fro tbem : tbev 
yssuedouteof tbe toun & descended 
to tbe see, Tbey tbat werein tbe sbip 
approcbed to tbem m sucbe wyse tbat tbey spak 
>to gydre, Tbey of tbe sbip sayde tbat tbev were 
crtsten men; tbey demaundedof wbat contre,and 
tbey answerd of f laundres, of fiolande, & of f rv- 
selande, Hnd troiitb tt was tbey bad be escumours 
of tbe see and robbers tbe space of viij yere. Now 
tbey repented tbem, & by penaunce cam in py <?re- 

mage to IberusalemXbey desyred tbem to come a 
londe, and tbey cam and made to gydre grete ioye. 
Hbey bad a maister ouer tbem named Guynemer, 
and was bom of Boloyne vpon tbesee in tbe londe 
of erle Gustace, fader of tbe said due Godeffroy. 
GIban be berde tbat Bawdwyn tbesoneof bis lord 
wastbere,be lefte bissbip & said bewold goo witb 
bym tolberusalem. Rewasmocberycbeof tbiseuyl 
gayne, and bad many men witb bym tbat be laddetn 
bis snip. Hbenne Bawdwyn lef te v C men of armes 
for to kepe tbetoun wel in poynt, and after be toke 
bis way for to seke somme auentures as be dyde 
to fore* 

G belde tbe rygbt way til be cam to 
tbe cy te of Hnamy ster,wbicbe Han ere 
baddfoten by force of armes vpon tbe 
Oirkes, as I baue sayd you to fore. 
Bawdwyn tbougbt wel tbat be wold 
I not lete bym entre in to tbe cyte, and 
tberfor be lodged bym in tbe gardynsaboutXan- 
creknewe tbat Bawdwyn wbicbe loued bimnotwas 
so ny gb bym, and be bad not f orgoten tbe wronge 
and tbe oultraofe tbat Bawdwyn bad don to bym. 
tTbenne be dyde do arme bis men, and sayde tbat 
bis retrayt, and Bawdwyn was f er fro bis J&TLbzy 
sente arcbiers to fore in grete nombre for to burte 
and slee tbeyr borses, wbicbe tbey bad sente in to 
tbe pastures. Han ere bad witb bym fyue bonderd 
men of armes in good poynt and wel borsed, and 
smoteinsodanlyin to tbe pepleof Bawdwyn wbicbe 
were not aduysed of tbem. Hbey slewe many and 


moo tbey burted; the men of Bawdw^n ran bastely 
to arme tbcm and cam and f ougbt witb tbcm tbat 
ran by tbc tentes. Cbere began a bataylle bytwene 
tbem mocbe grete& tiers, but it endured not longe, 
If or Can ere bad not so grete plente of peple tbat 
mygbt endure ayenst tbe men of Bawdwyn, tber- 
for tbey wold witbdrawe tbem in to tbeyrtoun,but 
tbeyr enemyes encbassed tbem strongly so mocbe 
tbat tbey muste flee. Cbere was a brygge ouer a 
water bytwene tbe boosteand tbe cyte; tbe peple of 
Cancre entred so tbyck tbat many were lost and 
slayn vpon tbe brygge anddrowned in tbewaterj^ 
<Oban tbeywereputin totbetouneagayn tbeywere 
mocbe angry in tbeirberte,& wold take more peple 
&retomeagayn ; buttbenygbt cam tbat destroub- 

JN" tbis scarmucbe was taken Rycbard 
lepryncipat,cosyn germayn ofCan- 
cre, & Robert dTinse, botn two were 
noblemen, by tbeir counseyl & atyse- 
menfCancre bad ronnevpon Bawd- 
wyn. Of tbat otber syde was taken a 
mocbe noble man, named Cylbert de JVfountcler. 
ICbey were mocbe angry on tbat one syde and on 
.tbat otber for tbem tbat tbey bad loste, If or tbey 
doubted tbat tbey bad ben slayn or drowned. <dban 
it cam on tbe mom & tbeyr bertes a lytil aswaged, 
tbey sente messagers ecbe to otber, and knewe cer- 
taynly tbat tbyse men tbat were taken lyued, of 
wbom tbey dredde tbat bad ben deed, & good men 
wente bytwene and medled for to speke of pees, in 
sucbewyse tbat tbey cam agayn to en tier concord- 

auncc and parfygbt louc by tbc grace of tbc boly 
gboost tbat adressyd tbeyr bertesXbey amended 
tbeyr trespaas ecbe to otber, and kyssecl to gydre 
as f rendes in good f aytb. 
Dow tbe sayd Bawdwyn retomed to tbe grete 
booste, and bow Cancre mayntenyd bym mocbe 
welin conqueryng contrees, capitulo Ixxvi^^ 

JHSIOSIYN bad counseyl wban 
1 be was come to JWaraze, as I bave 
recompted, tbat be sbold goo no 
fertber fortb, but retomed in to 
tboost of tbe barons, by cause be 
berd saye bow tbe due bis brother 
bad be burte peryllously, & wold 
I see and knoweof bis estate & bow 
be f erdej^Cbeyr counseyl was tbat Han ere sbold 
goo fortb. Bawdwyn lef te witb bym Guynemers, 
and tbem tbat were in bis companye comen fro tbe 
sbippe. XTbey passed all Sylyce and bete doun alle 
tbe fortresses of tbe betben men tbat tbey mygbt 
fynde, tbey brente tbe townes,and slewe tbeyr ene- 
myes. Hnd after cam vnto a cyte called Hlexandrye 
tbe lasse, tbat tbey toke by force, and conquerd al 
tbe contre about^OttDermynsandOrkes tbat 
dwellyd in tbe montaynes of tbis contre, berde ty- 
dynges tbat Hancre and bis men were so valyaunt 
and so mygbty tbat notbyng mygbt bolde ayenst 
tbem, and sore dredde tbat lykeas be conquerd tbe 
playne, be wold come vpon tbem in tbe montaynes, 
and destroye tbe londe entierly and tbe peple. for 
tappease bis courage tbey sente to bym good and 
certeyn messagers, wbicbe brought to bym grete 


yef tee, as gold, syluer, precious stones, clothes or 
'sylk, horses, and mulettis. TTbey sente bym moche 
largely, fforwbicbe cause TTancre leftethemin peas, 
j^Chus dyde he wel his honoure and his prouffy t 
in alle places that he went by, in suche wyse that it 
semed wel to euery man, that oure lord god adres- 
syd his way and mayntened his werkes vertuosly, 
Row Bawdwyn conquerd a grete contre vpon the 
TTurkesby tbecounseylof a knygbt Rermyn,nam- 
ed pancrace, capitulo Ixxvij^^ 

OUl ye haue herde how TTancre 
mayntened hym in Sylyce, TTbe 
grete hoost that folowed hym 
came vnto JVforas^Bawdwyn 
S3 F^V/^!/ ^H t ^ at ^ a ^ 0een ^brotbertbeduc 
If Ik^Ai^l/ftPl D0 °l & sound, bad herd agayne 

ty dinges of On cre,how bedyde 

by the contrewbere be wente, Re 

}ad mocb grete desire to gadre to gydre peple, and 

goo sercbetbe contre lyke as be dyde to fore, butbe 

bad lost moche the good wyl and grace of tboost, 

ffor they of tboost bad herd tolde tboultrage that 

be had don to tlancre and to bis men, and tberfore 

many doubted for to entreprise the way with hym, 

1 Buymontandbismen also bad not lygbtly suffred 

k tbis tbyng vnauenged,ne bad itben for tbeloueof 

the due bis brotberXberf or Bawdwyn foundebut 

few f elawes that wold goo with hym, Codeffroy the 

» due, wbicbe was amocbewyseman,&of good wyl, 

blamed &repreuyd moche bis brother of this werk ; 

be brought hym berto that beknowlecbedbisfolye 

)to fore alle the peple, and sayde that be bad made 


amendes to Cancre after bis will, and yet wolde a- 
mende itvntobisplaysyr,&swar that bebaddoon 
it more by tbe counseyl & atysementof otber tban 
of many men ; for be was a mocbe valyaunt man 
and mocb curtoy 8 and neuer was perceyued in bym 


jje bad an fiermyne witb bym mocbe 
! pryue named pancrace* Re was rigbt 
wyse & an bardy kny gbt, but be was 
ouermocbe tryeberous and vntrewe, 
be was escaped oute of tbe prison of 
5 tbemperour of Constantynoble,and 
cam into tbe boost at J^ycene, wbere be acqueynted 
bym witb Bawdwyn. Hnd be prayd bym and ad- 
monested tbat be sbold take men and goo in to a 
contre wbere be sbold lede bym to, wbicbe was 
mocbe plentyuous and f ulof goodes, &yf be wold 
croo be sbold conqu ere it ligbtly.So ofte be said to 
bym berof tbat be began to take bis way and de- 
parted witb two bonderd knygbtes and otber men 

folowed pancrace alle, wbicbe brought tbem to- 
ward byse in a mocbrycbelondXbey tbat dwellyd 
in tbis londe were alle cristen men, sauf a fewe 
meddle witb ony armes innowyse,&lban tbey tbat 
were of oure f ay tb sawe Bawdwyn & bis men, tbey 
were glad & ioyef ul, ff or tbey loued not tbe Xurkes ; 
tbey delyuerd ouer tbe contre wbere tbey bad puys- 
saunce, in sucbe wyse tbat in a sbort tyme tbat be 


jjFBawdwyn was mocb drad & doubted tburgb allc 
tbc contrc tber about in sucb wyse tbat for drede 
tbey lefte bym allc tbc fortresses wel garnyssbed, 
and toke tbem without debate, TTbe cristen men 
wbicbe bad receyued bym in to bis londe, by cam so 
tiers & bardy,tbat tbey bunted allc tbc betbenmen 
out of tbe contre* Hber were somme barons of tbc 
contre tbat seruydBawdwyn witb alletbeyr puys- 
sanccand beelpebym tobryngetbyng to bis wylle. 
Row tbey of Rages sente tbeyrmessagers toBaw- 
dwyn prayeng bym tbat be wolde come to tbem, 
capit ulo tovitj^ ^ 

IR6 renomme of tbis grete man, 
I of wbom bis prowesse & wytte 
spredde oueral, cam vnto tbe cy- 
tezeyns of Rages, bopyng by 
bym to be delyuerid or tbe ser- 
uagein wbicbe tbey bad ben long, 
TTbe grettest men tbat bad tbe 
gouemauncc of tbe toun sente 
certavn messagers to Bawdwyn, and prayd bym 
for tbc loueof god, for bis bonourc and prouff vt 
tbat be wold come vnto tbeyr cyte, wbicbe was na- 
med Kage&jPHs is founden in tbe byble, tbetber 
sente Tbobye bis sone, yong Cbobyc, for to de- 
maunde tbe moneye tbat Gable bis cosyn oucrbt 
bym, and on tbe way wedded Sara bis wyf jsrCbe 
cytezeyns of tbts cyte receyued cristen faytb anon 
after tbc detb of oure lord Ibesu criste, by tbe pre- 
cbyn£ of seynt Iude appostle, brother of Symon, 
as tt ts f ounde wreton tbe book of Gusebee of Ce- 

E-U= ^ 

saireXbey beldeyetfermly tbis lawetbattyme, but 
tbc Tlurkes tbatwereabout tbem constreyncd tbcm 
80 mocb tbat tbey made tbcm paye greuous and 
grctc tributes euery yere. In so mocbc, wban tyme 
cam for to gadrc tbeyr fruvtcs, of tbeyr vynes and 
otber, tbey raunsouned tnem and muste paye at 
tbeyr wylle, or ellys tbey wolde destroye alle. JVe- 
uertbeles in tbe toun durst noman dwelle but be 
byleuyd in Ibesu criste, flPor tbis only toun was 
bolden bool and entierly in tbe f aytb. tbe betben 
peple bad conquerd tbe otber townes, and tberf or 
tbey greued mocbe tbe cristen peple of tbis toun, 
ne wold not suffre tbem yssue out of tbe toun for 
to doo tbeyr nedes, ff or on alle sydes of tbem was 
tbepuyeeaun ce of tbe Tlurkes. 

ft tbis toun bad tbeseygnorye aGreek 
tbat was mocbeoold, & bad no child/ 
eren. Re bad ben tbere sytb tbe tyme 
tbat tbis londe was vnder tbempe- 
rour of Constantynoblcffor be was 
sente tbyder by tbemperour for to be 
bay lly, and wban tbe'Curkes tokealle tbe countrey, 
be departed not tbens,but abodealweyin bis bayl- 
liage. JNeuertbeles be was tbat made neytber boot 
nc cold, ne kept not tbe peple, but at tbeyr wyll. 
(Oban tbe cytezevns were acorded for to sende 
for Bawdwyn be miewe it wel and was content^ 
Qlban Bawdwyn berde tbat tbey of Rages bad 
sente for bym by comyn counseyl and acorde, be 
toke counseyl witb bis men & f onde by bis coun- 
seyl for to goo tbeder. Re ordeyned ixxx borsmen 
without moo for to goo witb bym. Re passed tbe 
mi 161 


ryuer of eufrates, and lef tc tbc remenaunt of bis 
pcplc in tbc fortresses tbat be bad conquerd in tbe 
contre to kepe them surelyXbe tlurkes tbat dwel- 
led in tbis lande knewe tbe tydynges bow Bawd- 
wyn sbold come to Rages witb a fewe men, and 
madean embussbement by tbewaye wberebesbold 
passe, & sett e tbere grete plente of men of armes. 
RY^B tydynges wer sayde to Bawd- 
wyn, and tberef or be tomed toa cas- 
tel by, wbicbe an fiermyn belde. F)e 
receyued bym gladly and al bis men 
mocb honorably, & was lodged tbere 
ij daysXhetlurkes tbat were ennoy- 
ed to be so longe so embussbed, yssued out and 
cam witb baners displayed to fore tbe castel where 
Bawdwyn was inne; none yssued out for tber were 
Souer many menXbe proye tbat tbey f ounde in tbe 
Jpastures, tbey brought alle witb tbem, and after 
tomed in to tbeyr countrey J? On tbe tbirde daye 
Bawdwyn yssued out and toke bis waye and cam 
to Rages, the due of tbe toun tbat was a Greek, 
as X baue said to fore, cam ayenst bym, Hnd alle 
tbe other on borsbak and a foote with trompes 
and busynesXbe peple of tbe toun receyued bym 
witb procession the m oost honorably thev m vcrbt 
euerycb peyned bym to make bym f este after bis 


Row tbc due tbatwas atRagesvaryed for toboldc 
tbis tbat be bad promysed to Bawdwyn, capitulo 

|R6€6 suspection bad tbe due 
in bis berte wban be sawe tbis 
ioye tbat alle made to Bawd- 
wynXbenne by enuye be began 
to fynde occasions by wbicbe 
be mygbt parte fro tbe couen- 
auntes sucbe as be bad sente, 
.wbicbe were eucbe, Bawdwyn 
sbold baue balf tbe rentes of alle tbe cyte & of alle 
tbexploytes, as long as tbe due lyued* Hfter bis 
detb, wbicb was olde, be sbold baue alle tbe seyg- 
norye entirely and bool j^J^ow tbe due wold not 
bolde tbis, but sayde, tbat yf Bawdwyn wold def - 
fende tbe cyte fro tbe strengtbeof tbet;urhes,and 
fro tbeyr gryeues tbat tbey made in tbe countre, be 
wold oyue to bym & bis men reasonable souldye 
and good wages, Olban Bawdwyn berd tbis tbat 
be was come tbeder for to be a souldyour, be bad 
mocbe grete desdayne, and sayd tbat be wold not 
abyde there so, but wold ordeyne for bym and bis 
men for to retorne. 

HB cy tezeyns of tbe toun sawe tbat 
tbis tbynge wente not well, and cam 
to tbe duc,& sbewde bym tbat grete 
euyl & pery U sbold f olowe yf be lete 
tbis noble man departe, if or by tb- 
-ayde of bym tbey and alle tbeyr tby- 
nges sbold be kept in peas and deff ended, & tbey 


sbold be tn grete francbyse JSfZbt due sawe wel 
by tbyse wordes tbat be sbold do f olyc yf be sette 
bym ayenst tbem of tbe toun, tberf ore be couered 
Ms berte for tbat tyme, notwitbstondyng be con- 

SfSSi m *"l tb l n Q ce & tbougbt, but sayde tbat 
be wold acorde tberto, & made semblaunt tbat be 
ayae it witb good wille in tbe presence of alle tbem 
or tbe toun.Hnd avowed Bawdwyn to bis sone. 
and graunted bym tbe balf of alle tbat be bad and 
sbold baue bis lyf duryng, and after bis decees to 
baue alle as bis beyrjfr Grete ioye bad tbey in tbe 
cyte wban tbis was made, and bad moost f erme 

tK??tu*r r T U l zr S r . bc twncbyeeof tbe tributes 
rrj"*5 ba <* barged tbem witb. fro tbat 
day f ortb tbey began to remembre in tbeyr bertes 
tbe wronges and gryefs tbat tbeir due bad done 
to tbem m tyme passed, and tbougbt mocbe tbat 
yr tyme and place cam to poynt, tbey wold suffre 
itnolenger, but tbougbt bow tbeymygbtauenge 
tbis tbat tbey bad suffred alle tbe tyme tbat be 
bad be due, 

Row Bawdwyn wente to assay lie f amossette, tbe 
cyte nygbe to Rag es, capitulo IxxxW 

CYjre was tbere nygbe by, 
mocbe stronge and wel garn- 

3 AS ^2™* named f amosette. fln 
' vntr fw Turke named Blanduc 
was lord tberof , be was a tryc- 
bour, but be was noble & bardy 
in armesXbis sarasyn bad don 
-- moc y c barme to tbe cytezeyns 

of Rages: be sette on tbem trybutes and dyuerse 

dcmaundes ofte, as tbey bad ben bis bondemen, 
&for tobauc tbyse tbynges be bad good ostages. 
fie bcldc tbeyr cbildercn so f owle as tbey bad ben 
in seruage, be made tbem to bere donge and fyltbe, 
anddoo fowle werkes; berof tbey of Rages were 
mocbe greuyd. Tbey cam to fore Bawdwyn, and 
kneled tobymat bis feet,&prayd bym witbioyned 
bandes right numbly, wepyng grete teres, tbat be 
wold delyuer tbem fro tbis €urk forsayd,in sucbe 
wyse tbat tbey mygbte recouure tbeyr cbilderen, 
wbom be belde so shamefully jSFBawdwyn wold 
fayne doo tbeyr requeste after tbeyr desire; at tbis 
tbeyr first requeste, & to gete tbeyr loue & tbanke, 
be dyde do arme bym and alle tbat be mygbt baue, 
i and yssued witb tbem out of tbe toun,and cam to 
fore f amosete, and assay lied tbe toun mocbe vy- 
gorously, but tbey witbin deffended tbem as men 
► wel qfarnyssbed anc | { n a strong place. 

IRHJ^ Bawdwyne bad ben tbere, I 
wote not bow many dayes, & sawe 
it coude not ligbtly be taken, be lef te 
in af ortresse nygbe by ixxx knygb- 
tes, and put in it gamyson of men 
I of armes and vytaylles, and com- 
manded tbem tbat euery day tney sbold renne to 
fore tbe toun of f amosete, and suffre to yssue of 
tbe toun neytber man ne beste; and after be cam 
agayn to Rages. XLht cytezeyns of tbe toun sawe 
wel tbatBawdwyn was a mocbe curtoys man, wyse, 
noble, andvalyaunt in alle bis tbynges, &baddes- 
pyte and grete desdayne, tbat tbis old due wbicbe 
was nougbt wortbe, and tbat bad don to tbeym 
m3 165 


mocbc sorowe, and was not bis f claw but bis lord 
in tbc tounjgFtTberfor tbey toke counseyl emonge 
tbem, and sente for a puyssaunt man, wbicbc bad 
many fortresses by tbem in tbemontaynes, named 
Constantyn, and acorded alle to gydre for to slee 
tbeir due, & wold make Bawdwyn due & lord vp~ 
on tbem, ffor tbey mocb bated tbis old man, tbat 
without fayll bad greued tbem long tyme in many 
maners, for be toke fro tbem gold and syluer and 
all tbat plesyd bym in tbe toun,and tberwas none 
so bardy tbat durst witbstande bym ne displese 
bym, ffor yf tbey dide, anon by tbe burkes witb 
wbom be was acqueynted, made tbem to destroye 
tbeyr vygnes and fruytes, and brenne tbeyr wbete 
and come, and lede away tbeyr bees tee, and yf ony 
of tbem went out of tbe toun, tbey bad fere for to 
lese tbeyr beedes. 

Row tbey of tbe toun of Rages slewe tbeyr due, 
and cbees Bawdwyn for to be tbeyr lord, capitulo 

peyB bad not forgeten tbe 
wronges andiniuryes tbat tbey 
bad suffred of tbeyr due, Tbey 
boped al, tbat yf be were deed f 
tbat Bawdwyn sbold deffende 
tbem better tban be, Tberf ore 
tbey wente al armed, as it was 
enterprised, vnto a tour wbere 
as be laye,and began strongly tassayleit, & enuy- 
ronnedroundabout j^t^beducsawe tbat tbe peple 
was so sore meuyd and angry on bym, and called 


Bawdwyn, and prayd bym to take of bis tresour 
as mocbc as be wolde, & repease tbe peple. Bawd- 
wyn cam emong tbem, and trauaylled mocbe by 
prayers & menaces for to baue supposed to baue 
repeased tbem, but be mygbt doo notbyng, ff or al 
way tber cam moo & more, in sucbe wyse tbat tbe 
companye encreced, Bawdwyn departed tbus fro 
tbem, and spak to tbe due, and said tbat be sbold 
take to bym sucbe counseyle, tbat be mygbt es- 
cbewe tbe f urye of tbe peple, ff or be mygbt not re- 
medye it J9 vbenne tbe due, as a man despayred, 
bonde a corde to a wyndowe and descended doun 
tberby ; but wban tbey apperceyued, be was tburgb 
smeton witb arowes er be mygbt come to tbertne* 
rj^Tbennetbey toke bym al deed,anddrewebym 
'tburgb tbe town,and after smote of bis beed, and 
coude not doo ynougb to satisfie tbeyr crueltees. 
JS tbe mom tbey toke Bawdwyn by 
force, ayenst bis will in deff endyng 
bym self, and lyf t bym vp as tbeyr 
kyng and lorde. €bey made to bym 
otb of f eaulte, and after delyuerd to 
bym tbe grete fortresse of tbe toun, 
(and gave to bym at bis will ryebesses and mocbe 
grete tresours tbat tbe Grekes bad assembled by 
long time. €bus was tbe cyte of Rages delyuerd 
>witboute contradiction to Bawdwyn j0 Blanduc, 
tbat was lord of f amosete, sawe bow Bawdwyn 
conquerd alwey tbe londes and contrees, and en- 
creced bis puyssaunce, & sente to bym messagers 
wbicbe lete bym wete bow tbat bis cyte was mocbe 
stronge, and mygbt not lightly be wonne, but be 
m4 167 


wold gyue bym x JW besauntes j0 Bawdwyn ad~ 
uysed bym berupon, and by counseyl acordcd to 
bye it, and payd to bym tbat somme, and receyued 
tbe toun entierly, and Blanduc rendred tbostages 
tbat be bad bolden alle tbennej^Hnd tbus be con- 
querd tbe bertee and loueof tbem of tbe toun, tbat 
tbey called bym tbeyr fader, & tbey dyde alle tbat 
plesyd bym to tbeyr power, and redy tobeye bym 

Row Bawdwyn wente and assyeged tbe toun of 
Serorge, nygb to Rages, and tofce it, and of bis 
ordenaunces, capita lo ixxxij&& 

PS" tbis londe was a cyte named 

Serorge, wberin dwellyd none o- 

tber peple sauf betben men ; tbe 

lord of tbe toun was named Ba- 

lahXbe 'Curkes tbat were tberin 

dydemany traueylsandvylayn- 

ou8 oultrage8,8omany tbattbey 

prayde Bawdwyn tbeyr lord for 

tbe loue of god, and for tbaff ection tbat be bad to 

tbem, tbat be wold take counseyl and sette a reme- 

dye of tbis tbyng. Re answerd curtoysly & sayde 

tbat be wold doo it gladly Xbenne be commaund- 

ed tbat euery man sboldarme bym dylygently, and 

>wban tbey wereredy tbey sbold yssueoutof Rages, 

and goo strayt for to assiege tbe cyte of Sororge. 

0>enne dressyd tbey tbeyr engyns, and began to 

' leje tbesiegeand brak tbe walles and torettesXbe 

XTurkes tbat were witbin tbe toun were mocb abas- 

,sbed, for tbey tbougbt wel tbat Bawdwyn ne bis 

'peple woldnotligbtly departe fro tbe siege, ne tbey 


vnderstode of no socours fro noo syde, wberfore 
tbey scntc tbeyr messagers to Bawdwyn,and so 
entreted that, tbeyr lyues saued, tbey wolde yelde 
tbc toun to bymjSFBawdwyn receyued tbc toun,& 
put in tbc grettest fortresse one, bis bayly, tbat 
sbold doo bis commaundement in tbat countrey, 
and ordeyned a mocbc grctc tribute on tbem of tbc 
toun,&lefte bem tberin,for be bad not otber pcplc 
ynougb for to people tbe toun yf tbey wente tbeyr 
waye. By tbe prise of tbis cyte, was alle tbe way de- 

toforemygbtnonegoovnto tbe ryuer of Sufrates 
for tbe peple of Sororge. Cbus cam Bawdwyn to 
grete honour and to mocbe ioyous feste in tbe cyte 
of Ragesjj^JSow we sbal leue to speke of Bawdwyn 
and sbal spehenowof tbe grete booste tbat cam be 
bynde after. 

Row tbe grete boost cam to fore JVlarese, and bow 
tbeCurhes tbat were witbin fiedde, and bow our 
peple payned tbem toconquere countrees,capitulo 

He ducGodeffroy andtbe grete 
plen teof tbe barons & knygbtes 
and noble men and otber witb 
tbem, tbey passed mocbe greu- 
ous wayes, and were comen by 
valeyes &montaynes vn to a cyte 
named JVIareseXbis is not that 
toun tbat I span of to fore, for 
tbat is named JVIarazejfiTCbis cyte named JVlarese 
was enbabyted witb crieten men. JSeuertbeless tbe 
Curkesbeldetbe fortresses, and badtbeseignorye 

of tbc toun, &euylentreted tbecristen pepleXbyse 
bctbcn pcplcbcrd of tbc comying of our peple,and 
flicddc by nygbt for f crc of tbem, and tbcrc abode 
noneof tbc toun sauf tbey of ourc faytb J9 (Oban 
tbc booste approu cbed,tbe barons knewe tbc troutb 
of tbis toun, Tbcn tbey deffended generally tbat 
none sbolddoonobarmeto tbem of tbe touneneto 
tbeyr tbyngesXbey lodged tbem in a mocbe fayre 
place and dely table, and bad vytay lies ynougb and 
~ood cbeetx 

f)6Y of tbe countre lete tbe barons 


fast by was a ryebe cyte and f ul of 

goodes named Hrtavsse, & dwellyd 

in tbe fortresses of tbe toun none 

otber but betben men. tTbe prynces 

toke counseyl berupon, and sente Robert tbe erle 

of f laundres tbederj^Re toke witb bym Robert 

deRosoye&Gossolyn tbesone of ConondeJMon- 

tagu, tbey were wel a thousand men of armes wban 

fcl tbey cam to fore tbe toun, anon tbey assieged ifc 

MYl ^eTTurkestbat were witbin trusted not tbe walles 

of tbe toun, and wold baue witbdrawen tbem to 

tbe gretter fortresses of tbe toun, but tbe fiermvns 

bad don long tyme grete sbames and mocb barme 
m tbetoun, wban tbeysawe ouremen tbey badcrrete 
affyance & trust in tbem, & toke vnto tbem mocbe 
grete bardyncsse, and ranne to armes, and er tbe 
€urkes my gbt witb drawe tbem in to tbe fortresses 
and toures, tbey slewe tbem & tbrewe tbeir beedes 
ouer tbewalles to our men, ^aftir opened tbe gates 


and receyucd tbem in to the toun with grete iovc, 
and therein tbey fondeal that tbey bad nedeof,for 
tbe cyte was merueyllously ryebe. fro tbens vnto 
Hntbyocbe was but xv myle, tbis cyte of wbicbe 1 
speke is vnder tbe patriarkeof Hntbyocbe, and for 
fere of oure peple were tbe moost parties of tbe 
Oirhes fledde in to Hntbyocbe. 

nHJ^T tbey berd save tbat Hrtayse was 
tbus tahen,and tney badslayn tbem 
tbat were lordes, tbey tohe counseyl 
emonge tbem for to aduyse bow tbey 
my gbt burte tboos t. XTbey cboos ou t 
xJVfl to wbom tbey comanctedtaccom- 
plyssbe tbis tbyng, Tlbey wentef ortb, & wban tbey 
approcbed tboost tbey put tbem all in a bussbe- 
ment sauf xxxwel borsedandligbtly armed, wbom 
tbey sente f ortb for to drawe men fro tboost TTbey 
approcbed so ny gb tbat tbe booste of tbe toun sawe 
tbem t fortbeymadesamblauntfortotahefourriers 
& tbe borses nygbe tbem, Oure peple ran to armes, 
and began to folowe so ferr tbat tbey fougbt to 
gydre folyly vpon tbeyr watcbe, tbey sprange out 
and wold baue ronne bytwene tbem & tbe toun for 
tenclosetbemin,butourmen assembled tbem &ran 
to gydre,andcam deff endyng tbem vntyl tbey cam 
intotbetoun in sucbe wyse tbat tbey loste noman. 
7&y ^^RB^urhessawewel tbattbeymygbt 
not recouure tbe toun, and began to 
& after began tassayleitXbey witb- 
in deffended tbem wel tbat tbey with- 
out loste more tban wan, (Oban tbe 


XTurkessawe that tbegrete booste made tbem redy 
and approucbe, and tbat tbey prouffytcd not, tbcv 
toke counseylandretornedin toHntbiocbe, buttbe 
brygge tbat was bytwene tbey garnyssbed mocbe 
- LT of f ^undres and tbc otber tbat were 

witb bym witbin Hrtayse wen t not out, but kept tbe 
toun, but tbat day maladye toke Goselyn, tbe sone 
of Conon of JVTontagu, a yong man, curtoys and 
mocbe valyaunt. fie deyde of tbat maladye, & was 
buryed in tbat toun witb worship & grete lamen ta~ 

fiow it was commaunded vnto alle tbe barons to 
comevnto tboost for to goo vntoflntbyocbe,and 

SS3S5^ that tbcy had in tbc ™ y > "*- 

fro Hntbyocbe for to recouure 
Hrtayse were departed from 
tbens, at tbespryngyngf of tbe 
day, tydyngs cam tbat tbegrete 
boostewas lodgednygb by, for 
tbey bad berd saye bow tberle 
of f laundres was besieged,and 
tberfor by comyn counseyl tbey bad sente ivC 
borsmen to fore to socoure tbem yf tbey bad ned^ 
XTbey commaunded tbem tbat yf tbe siecre were de- 
parted, tbey sbold leue pepleresonably to kepe tbe 
toun,and sbold save to tberleof f laundres, and to 
tbem tbat were wttb bym, tbat tbey sbold come a- 

alleSylyce,badincommaundement to comeagavn, 
and be retomed, & alle tbe otber also tbat were de- 

parted fro tbe boos tc generally werecomenagayne, 
sauf Bawdwyn, wbicbe abode aboute Rages, where 
be did wel bis tbynges. 

RHJN tbe boost was tbus counsey li- 
ed and ordeyned, tbey dyde do crye 
tburgb out alle tboost that noman 
sbold departe without leueXbenne 
tohe tbey alle tbeyr way for to goo 
strayt vnto Hntbyocbe* TTbey berd 
wel saye tbat tber ran a water wnicbe tbey muste 
gamyssbed of tbeyr enemyes, Xio tbende tbenne 
tbat tbe boost sbold not be destroubled for to 
pass wban tbey sbold arryuetbere, by comyn coun- 
seyl of tbem alle, Robert tbe due of J^ormandye, 
sbold goo to fortohnoweyf bemygbtdelyuere tbe 
passage, and to sendeworde to tbe barons wbat be 
f ounde. Qlitb bym wen te Suerard du puysau t and 
Rogyer de BameuylleXbyse two be made cone- 
stables of bis booste and bad tbauaunt garde, for 
tbey were botbe mocbe cbeualrous and proued in 
amies, TTbus departed tbey fro tbe booste & cam to 
tbe brygge* Tlbe brygge was vpon tbe water wbicb 
it is called in tbe con tre fielle ; tbe brygge was mocbe 
strong,and bad at tbentre on tbissydebye towres 
and stronge. In euery tourwere I men of armes for 
to deffende witb bowes and arabalestres tbe entree 
of tbebryggeandtbepassageof tbe water. On tbat 
derd borsmen for to hepe tbat sydeof tbe water to- 
ward tbemXbisryuerof F>elle rennetb on tbe syde 



and is called Jtfalbec, & descended) in to tbc see bv 
t here as I baue sayd. r 

WtBft our peple were comen to tbis 
bryggetbentrewaswcldenycd tbem, 
for grete plente of Curkes were de- 
scended doun to tbebarieraXbe oth- 
er toures rested not to caste stones 
J& sbote so sore tbat it was a mocbe 

^^ , T 1 ^ bcandfier8 - t:b ^ foi, ff bt9 on'ocbeto 
( gydre tbat tydynges cam in to tboost, wbicb alwev 
,meuyd andwastbennenotfer frotbebryg<?eXbev 
auauncedtbeyrpaa 8 & sownedtrompesand busv- 
nes, andsmoteon tbem tbat bclde ayenst tbem tbe 

no lengcr tbere for fere of tbe grete peple tbat tbcv 
sawe come witb tbe grete boost, f or they thought 
tbey sbolde not be tbere sure. Cbe otber also de- 
scended and were put alle to flygbt, in sucbe wyse 
that our men tobe tbe brydge. ifbe otber bnygbtcs 
of cure peple tbat mygbt not come to tbebaryers 
for tbe preeswbihstbe scarmucbe was, were mod* 
anguyssbous, and descended doun wbcre astbere 

not of, and passed ouer & discomfyted 1 tbeseul 

bonderd Sarasynstbat heptetbebaS SomoTe 

dyde one and otber tbat aUe tbe boostepassed iT- 

lyuerly ouer and caryage after. Cbcy lodged tbem 

ma mocbe fayr place, a vj myle fro tbe toun JrOn 

tbe morn tbey approcbed alle tbe grete wayf by- 

Si! be i n T t ?!! ,C8 3nd . th <ryuer% sucbe wyse 
tbat tbey lodged but a myle fro tbe cyte 

fiowHn tyocbe, by succession of tyme, bad dyuerse 
names, and of tbc noblesse of auncyente, capitulo 

ZjmZTiYOCr>e\e a mocbe noble 

B cyte t wbicbconteynetbtbetbird 

■y place emong tbepatriarkes after 

f£ tbe cbircbe of Rome* Cbis cyte 

H was named sometymeReblada, 

3j| after tbattbe auncyent wrytyn- 

ges witnesse Jf JSabugodono- 


Sedecbyas, kyna of Iberusalem, tbeder, wban be 
bad taken bym &slewe bis sones to fore bym, and 
after put out bis eyen, as is founden in tbe fourth 
book of kyngesjfiP&Iban Hlysaundre, kyng of JMa- 
cedone, was deed, Hntbyocbus bad tbis part of tbe 
londe, and enforced mocbe tbe cyte of grete toures 
and wallys, and wold baue it named after bym Hn- 
tbyocbe, and ordeyned it cbyef of alle tbe royame 
^Cbe prynce of tbappostlys, seyntpeter, was 
first bissbop tbere, in a cbircbe tbat tbeopbilus 
made to bym of bis bows, wbicb was a noble and a 
mygbty man in tbe tounj^Seynt Luke, tbe boly 
euangelyste, was bom in tbis toun. Co tbe same 
Cbeopbile wrotebetbactesof tbappostles, wbicbe 
was tbe vij bissbop in Hntbyocbe, Cber was tbe 
first counseylof tbem tbat byleuydinlbesu Criste 
after bis detb, and tbenne was established tbat 
tbey sbold be called crysten men of Crist ;ff or by- 
fore tbey were called J^azaryens, of tbe cyte tbat be 
was of 1 j^Cbis cyte was conuertedby tbeprecbyng 


of scynt peter. Xberf ore be gaf it the name of 
Xbeopoble, wbtcbe is as mocbe to saye as of god 
oure lordjfiFVnder Hntyocbe ben xx grete cytees of 
wbtcbe ben xtttj arcbebyssboprycbesXbe sex baue 
two prymates, wbtcbe ben called Catboltcos; tbat 
one is in tbe cyte wbtcbe is named Hmene, and 
that otber is at Bandras, Hnd alle tbts is clavmed 

O f tb eettuation of flntbyocbe, capttulo Ixxxvj^^ 

^RIS cyte, of wbom I baue spok- 
en, is Hntbyocbe and stondetb 
in tbe londe of tbts Surye, and 
is parteof tbe londe of tbe grete 
Surye, It stondetb in a mocbe 
fayr place and dely table, JVow I 
sball recounte to you bow it 
- stondetb. It is a mocbe grete 
towne, and aboute mocbe good londe, for to bere 
Jbabondaunce of wbete, of com, of fayr fontaynes 
and smale rennyngf waters, and it is emonge tbe 
montaynes toward tbe eest, wbtcbe contre duretb 
wel xl myle of lengtbe,and wel vj myle of brede,H~ 
boue tber is a lake or mere, assembled of sprvnaes 
( & wellys, tbatrenne tbertn, wbtcbe tsfullof fvsebe 
Of tbts lakeyssuetba rennyng water, wbtcbe com- 
>etb nygb tbe cyte, and rennetb in to tbe ryuer tbat 
rennetb by tbe toun, rbemontaynes closed tbe two 
sides of tbe toun ; neuertbeles, tber ben vnder tbem 
fressb waters and erablelondeXbe mount wbtcbe 

.you of tbe ryuer; for seynt Gregotre saytb tbat 
'Hntyocbe is sette bytwene Oronte tbe ryuer and 

Orontetbemontayne;onepartieoftbis montayne, 
that gotb toward tbc see,ismocb bye, in suebwyse 
tbat it bad a name by bym self ♦ Somme peple wene 
tbat tbis bylle bepernasus,a montayneof wbicbe 
scripture speketb mocbe, by cause of a fontayne 
tbat is atte tbe foote of tbe same bylle, wbicb is 
named Lescbielle Buymand. But, without faulte, 
^tbis is not tbe mountof wbicbe tbe auctors speke, 
for tbismontaynepemasusstondetb in tbelande 

named tibess aylle. 

H r>EC otber montayne, wbicbe is to- 
ward tbe soutb, is named tbe black 
montayne, fulle also of sprynges & 
welly s,ofwodes & of pas tures/Cbere 
were wonte aunciently tbermytesfor 
I todwelle/Cburgb tbis valeyerennetb 
tberyuer tbatlspakof tofore,andrennetbtoward 
tbe see^In tbe montayne toward tbe soutb, be~ 
gynnetb tbewallesof Hntyocbe,and comevntotbe 
ryuer, bit is a greteespace witbin tbe closure, "Cber 
ben enclosed witbin tbe walks twoo montaynes ; 
vpon tbe byest stondetb a fortresse, so stronge 
tbat it is not prenable, but by famyne- Bytwene 
tbyse two montaynes, wbicbe ben mocbe bye, is a 
valeye rigbt depe,but itis strayt; in tbat rennetb a 
litil water, rigbt fasteand swyfte,and entred in to 
tbe toun and dotb mocbe good to tbe toun* In tbe 
cyte ben man^ fontaynes,but tbe beste is tbefon<- 
tayne wbicbe is named tbe f onteyn of seynt pom, 
and ie nygb to tbe eest gate* t^ber is anotber fon- 
tayne witbout tbe toun, wbicbe by craf te and con- 
duces is brougbt in to tbe toun rigbt subtylly. 
ni V7 



Hlletbe wallesof tbe toun ; tbat is to wete, tbey tbat 
ben on tbc mon taynes, and tbey tbat ben bangyng, 
& also tbey tbat ben in tbe playn, ben merueyllous 
toures mocbe bye & wel def ensable, tbatie toward 
tbe sonne goyng dounXbe ryuerrennetb so nygb 
etb to tbe walles and to tbe gate of tbe cyte. T^be 
lengtbe of tbe toun is wel two or tbre myle. Hit is 
nygbe vnto tbe see xij myle of ♦ 
(Obo tbat was tbenne lord of Hntyocbe, & in wbat 
manere be was comen vn to tbis seygnorye, capitulo 

a Hurk, named Hnceam He bad 
ben of tbemeyneof a puyssaunt 
sowdan of perse, of wbom we 
baue spoken to fore, named Bel- 
pbet, wbicb bad conquerd alle 
tbyse londes, and after wban be 
woldretomeagayn in to bis con- 

and to somme of bis meyne, by cause tbat be wold 

bolde peas, ecbe in bis partye, and sbold be as de- 
f endours and tbe closyng of tbe londe, He gaf to 
bts neuew Solyman,JVycque, orj^ycene, witb alle 
tbeyr appertenaunts, as ye baue berd to fore. Zo 

maske, and alle tbe countre about, and wold tbat 
ecbeof tbem sbold bere tbe name of Soudan, and 


lykedygnyte. Solyman,by cause bemarcbed on tbe 
©rekes, bad euery day debate ayenst tbemperour 
of Constantynoolej^Ducar was ayenst tbein of 
Ggypte,and of te madewarreecbe to otber, for tbey 
Solyman and Ducar, mygbt tbe better mayntene 
tbeyr warre, be wold tbat tbey were puyssaunt and 
bye men as soudans. To one bis seruaunt, named 
Hssougur, wbicb was fader of Sangum,& graunt 
fader of J^oradyn, of wbom ye sbalbere bere after, 
begaf tberenommed cyte called Halappej^Co tbis 
) Hncean, of wbom I spak to fore, be gaf tbis bye& 
noble cyte Hntyocbe, and lytil lond about, for tbe 
Calypbe of Ggypte beldealle tbe countre vnto tbe 
boundesof Surye. 

^^SgrvlSHncean, wban be berd tbat tbe 

grete boost of cristen men cam, be 

sente messagers and lettres to tbe 

barons of tbory ent, & bym self spak 

to tbem by moutb expressedly, and 

J requyredtbe calipbeof Bandras and 

tbe soudan of perse, wbicb was moremygbty tban 

ony otber, tbat tbey wolde socoure bis londe and 

bymXbey beleuy d al tbis lightly, for Solyman was 

comen to tbem tnatbadwel assayed wbatouremen 

coude doo, tberf ore be also requyred mocbe to greue 

oure cristen men, and tbat tbey wolde auenae bym 

j^Hncean requyred tbat tbey wold deffendebym. 

Vhz grete barons of tboryent, and otber bye and 


certaynlye. Hncean forgate not in tbe mene wbyle, 
but gadred as mocbe peple as tbey my gbt baue in 

X\2 179 

d^X?! ab -° Ut£ Jfe 1 ' a9 tb *y t^t fro day to 
day abode tbe exegejff B £ assembled vytavlles ar- 
mures, engyns, and alle other tbynges S. 
to peple assyeged, and prayd moebf en "enXX 
eytezeyns of the toun that eucry man sbold mahe 
raXrT* S a ™Veonforby 7 mself asmoebeas 
+Z2l g bt ' Zh ™ n i W£ "t« ^e eytezeyns of tbe toun 

alle m to tbe eyte, wbete, wyn, oyle, & allemlnefof 
beestes.somoebe that tbe toun was merueyUous?! 

garnyssbed^any bye,puyssaunt,andnob S 
were eomen fro tbe eontrees that oure pep le bad 
passed, wbiebe were fledde in to this srVonae toun 
for to hepe tbem self; in somoebe that k wassavd 
and was troutbe, tbat there were in the eTte S 
borsmen^allearmed andwelin poynt.andof foott- 
men there were tbat bare barnoys mcio tbar . £ M 

Siw^TO" 0f l urmcn toforetbeyassieged 

|CIRe men were approcbed so 
nygb tbe eyte, tbat tbey sawe it 
n Vffh totbem.Hf ter.tbey assem- 
bled for to take eounseyl bow 
tbey sbold proeede forth fo? 
there were sommeof tbe barons 
J ^^y'fedthattbeysbold 

be moebe greuous to lye out. On that «be?2rtf 
tber were manv of tbooste tbat were sprad about 

in the cytees & castellys,wbicbe mygbt not lygbt- 
ly be assembled tyl after tbe wynter. Hud fertber- 
more t tbeysaydetnattbeiriperourof Constantino- 
ple sboldsendegrete peplefor tobelpetbem/Cber- 
f or it were wel reason tbat tbey sbold abyde tbem* 
tbey sbold baue peple al fressb,of wbom tbey bad 
grete nede for tassiege sucbe a toun. Hnd in tbe 
mene wbyle mygbt tbe peple and tbeyr borses so- 
ioume alle tbe wynter in tbe coun tre about, & sbold 
be tbe fressber & harder, and strenger for tendure 
traua ylle and payne whan it sbold nede* 
\\E^ ^^4^ othcr baron9 ^corded tbat tbey 
I J ^7T!^7?*§ sbold sette tbe siege forthwith witb- 
aV Aw J f\£\n out delaye, if or yf tbenemyes tbat 

were in tbe cyte bad tbe respyte, tbey 
sbold gamy ssbetbem better of men, 
of armures, of engyns, and of otber 

( estoremen tes tban tbey bad tbenne : tbey also tbat 
were comyng, sbold baste tbem tbe more y f tbe cy te 
werebeseged for to belpe them/Co this counseyl a- 
corded fynably alle jPZbcy ordeyned tbeyr ba~ 
taylles, & cam to fore tbe toun, tbere tbey lodged 
tbem tbe x day of Octobre- In oure booste were 
men well armed to tbe nombre of ccc JVI, without 
wymmen, cbilderen, & otber men tbat bare no bar- 
noys- Hnd yet mygbt not alle tbey besiege alle tbe 

toleyenosiege,was at tbefootof tbe bylle vnto the 
ryuer,agretepartof tbe walle in afayr playn,wmcb 
my gbt not be leyedabou t witb peple-In tbe comyng 
of this grete boost, was a mocbe grete bruy t &n oy se 
ns lSl 

&noman tbcrin; but tbis was don by cause tbey bad 
mocbegretegarnysonof peple&orotber tbynges, 
fiow,af ter tbe situation of tbetoun,ecbeof tbe bye 
barons of tbc boost were lodged at tbe sayd siege, 
capita lo Ixxxix^^ 

If^mYOCn bad conteynyeng 
in tbe cyte v yates J& toward 
tboryent tberwas one,&wasna- 
was by causeit was vnder tbemo- 
nastery of seyntpoulwbicbe is 
bangyng on tbe territoire, TLbz 
second was toward tboccident, 
and tbe lengtbe of tbe toun is bytwene botb tbyse 
yates, and tbat is named tbe porte of seynt George, 
On tbe syde toward byse ben tbre yates,wbicbe alle 
yssue toward tbe ryuer. tTbat yate above is named 
tbe porte of tbe bound ; tber is a bry gge to fore tbis 
yate, by wbicbe men passe tbe mareys wbicb is vn- 
der tbe walles of tbe cy teXbe seconde is named tbe 
porte of tbe due : tberyuer is tber welamyle lonafro 
tbyse two yatesXbetbirde is named tbe yate of tbe 
bry gge, by cause tbe bry gge is tbere, by wbicbe men 
passe tbe ryuer; trot 'bytwene tbe port of tbe due, 
wbicbe is in tbe my ddle of tbyse tbre, & tbis tbat is 
tbe laste on tbat sy de, approu cbe so tbe flood of tbe 
toun, tbat fro tbens it rennetb costeyeng tbe toun 

alle ioynyng to the walles.GIberf or it was that this 
yate, nc the yate of seynt ©eorge, our men mygbt 
Jnot assiege, for noman mygbt come tbeder but yf 
•be wente ouer tbe ryuer, 

QYM^N^ assieged tbis yate af or- 
sayd of tbound, witb tbem tbat were 
comen in bis companye. Beside bym, 
inaualyngdoun,were lodged Robert 
tbe due of JVormandye, Robert tberle 
J of f laundres, Steuen tberle of Bloys, 
and fiuon le JVIayneXbyse bad pourprised fro tbe 
lodgys of Buymon t vn to tbe yate of tbounde, ff or 
tbe f renssbemen, tbe]Sormans & tbeBretons,were 
witb tbem to fore tbis gatejfiTCbenne was lodged 
tberle Remontof€bolouse,&tbebi88bopofpuy, 

witb tbem tbat were come in tbeyr companye; tbat 
were tbe prouyn ceaulx, tbe Oascoyns, and tbeBur- 

ctovnons, tber wasmocbe grete peple/Cbey tokealle 
tbe place vnto tbe gate next after, Ht tbis gate were 
lodged tbe due Godeffroy, 6ustace bis brother, 
Conon de ]YIontagu,& otber barons, many wbicbe 
alwey belde tbem witb tbyse prynces/Cber were tbe 
Bauyere, and tbey of f rancoine; tbey toke vp alle tbe 
place almoost to tbe yate of tbe brygge, and belde 
tbe ryuer tbat ranne tberej^ln tbis partye, toward 

and of otber trees beryng f ruy t,wbicbe our peple cut 
andbewe of alleforto lodge tbemXbey of tbe toun 
bybelde, by tbe bourdeys and batyllemens of tbe 
walles, tbemanereandcontenaunce of tbooste,and 
n4 *& 

rncruayUcd mocbe of the armes,of the tentes,and 
of tbef acion and manere that tbey bad for to lodge 
tbemXbey were in grete doubte,ffor tbey were wel 
adcerteyned, tbat so mocbe and grete peple wold 
not ligbtly departe fro tbis siege without doyng 
tbem grete dammage and barmeXber were many 
tbat were so aretely effrayed for tbeyr wyues, tbeyr 
cbilderen & tbeyr otber frendes, tbat tbey wold tbat 
tbey bad ben deed & buryed long to fore, to tbende 
tbat tbey sbold not see tbe destruction wbicb tbev 
doubted for to see, 7 

Row our peple assembled in counseyl for to fynde 

tbe moyen for to sende for vy taylle, & of a brvdet e 

tbat tbey made, ca pitulo lxxxx&& 

-~— i(HR peple, tbat were tbus lodg- 

ed,founde not about tbem past- 
uresf ortbeyr borsesnef ortbeyr 
otber bees tes. XTberf ore tbem be- 
boeued of te to passe tbe ryuer, 
and torenne tburgbtbe con trey, 
Cbus dyde tbey many tymes, by 

yet; & it was a noyous and greuous tbynge to passe 

botes botbe borse and man jgr&ban tbe^urkes of 
tbe cyte apperceyued tbts, tbev sen te secretely ouer 
tbeyr brygge tbeyr peple,wbicbetoke and slewe our 
men, tbat tbey fonde so sprad in tbe contre. And 
tbis dyde tbey surely ynowgb, by cause tbey mycrbt 
not retourne but by tbe ryuer, and tbey of tboost 
mygbt not socoure tbem.CClberf or our barons con- 



seylled tbem to gydre, & concluded that tbey wold 
make a brygge in somme maner, by wbyebe tbey 
mygbt passewitboutdaunger of tbem of tbetoun. 
TZbcy fonde sbippes in tbelaye,&abouein tberyuer 
tbey toke & ioyned tbem to gydre, and setteplankes 
on tbem, and nayled tbem in sucbe wyse tbat tbre 
or four men mygbt passe on a front, tbis brigge 
dyde mocbe ease toalle tboostj^TTbis brygge was 
nygb tbe lodgys of due Codeff roy, rigbt ayenst 
tbe yatetbat be kepte; & tberfor tbe yate wasnam- 
ed tbe yate of tbe duc;ffro tbis brygge of tree vnto 
tbe brygge of stone was a grete myle, as 1 sayd to 
you to f orejfiP By tbis yate and by tbis bryge was 
mocbe barme don to our peple, & fey tbe yate nam- 
ed tbe porte of tbe bounde ; tbey greued mocbe our 
peple, ff or tbey bad a brydge of stone by tbe toun 
ff or to pass tbe marese of dyuerse waters gadred 
to gydre, tbat ran tbere ; by tbat brygge tbey made 
tbeyr assaylles day and nygbt vpon tbe peple of 
tberleof TTbolouse, wbicb kepte tbe gate- Of tymes 
tbey opened tbe yates, and yssued out vpon tbeyr 
lodgy es, and dyuerse tbey burted, and slewe many ; 
& wban tbey bad don, tbey retomed in to tbe toun, 
fforouremenmygbtnot poursiewetbem butby tbe 
bryggeXberforebit bappedtbat tbebissboppeof 
Puy , tberle of TTbolouse, and tbe otber barons tbat 
were tbere,were more burte in tbeyr mounture tban 
alle tbe otber of tboost 




fiow our peple stopped a yate of the toun without 
forth, & of a castelof tree that they made, capitulo 

RIS peple had grete despyte & 
barmes that were thus don to 
them, &tokecounseyl that they 
wold bete doun the brygge,and 
theder they cam al armed, vnder 
theyr targes and sheldes grete 
hammers of yron & grete plen te 
of pyquoys, and began to smyte for to breke the 
brydge, but the walles were so stronge and barde 
that they myght not hurte it* And on that other 
sy de they of the toun were on the walles & tourettes, 
whicbe threwe grete stones & tbycke on them that 
so pecked to breke the brygge, that they were f ayn 
to leue their enter prise &retome fro tbensjjSFHf ter 
this they thought of another thynge, and made a 
newe castelof tree, & sette it ayenst the bryggefor 
to kepe ittbattbey sboldnot passeouer it on them, 
it was moche werke and payne to make it (Oban it 
was sette & dressyd therle gamysshed it with his 
menXhey of the toun adressyd theyr gonnes and 
engynes at this castel, & smote itwith gretestones, 
and they in thetoures shotte therat grete plente of 

in this castel ne about itjSTOn aday it happed that 
our men withdrewe them fro the brydge & fro ther 
about, andthey within opened theyate and yssued 
out by the rowtes. €hey that were in the castel of 
tree fiedde, and the other sette fyer on it, and brent 

,tt to assbesji^Our men sawe wel tbennc that tbey 

.warred not wel tbus,andordeynedtbre gonnesfor 

to sbote stonesat tbe brygge.<ftbyles tbey sbotte 

> none of tbe XTurkes yssued ou te tbere, but as sone 

as tbey cessed tbey cam oute and made tbeyr as- 

, saylles as tbey dyde to f orej^It displesyd mocbe 

to oure barons tbat tbey mygbt not sette noreme- 

dye ayenst tbe comyngeouteof tbyse'Curkes.Htte 

laste tbey acorded tbat tbey wold take arete stones 

i of tbe rocbe, sucb as were conuenyent for a gate, & 

s toppe tbe passage. Xibzy tohe an bonderd men and 

>more, and stopped tbe gate ouer tbe brydge: tber 

weresomany tbattt was doon in sucbe wyse tbatit 

coudenot be ligbtly broken agayneXbey bad grete 

' trauaylle and payne to mahe it, but tbey tbat were 


stones. €bus was tbe gate stopped in sucbe wyse 
tbat tboost abode alle m peas tbere, for tberurhes 
, mygbt nomore make tbeyr assay lies tbere. 
Row our peplewere in gretemescbyef for as mocbe 
as tbey of tbe touneyssued and entred in and oute 
; witb grete rowtes, capitulo ixxmj&& 

^N a day it bapped tbat tber went 
i outof tboost as wel on footeas 
I on borsbak a tbrebonderdmen, 
& passed ou er tbe brydge of tree, 
and sprad tbe contreye as men 
tbatwent on foragyng.ltis tbe 
custome of an boostfor to 900 
J out so of tymes & retome wttb- 
out dammage or burte, tberf or tbey bad supposed 
kobaueben sureXbey of tbe toun apperceyued tt & 


yssued out with grete plente of peple, & wen teoucr 
tbebrydgeof stone frantic on tnem that tbeysawe 
goo so f oly ly, and somme tbey slewe, & other fledde 
to the brydge.of sbippis where tbey supposed to 
baue passed. But tbenem^es were there to fore, and 
deff ended tbem tbe wa^e in sucbe wyse tbat many 
of tbem were drowned in tbe water tbat supposed 
to baue passed ouer. Other of oure men recountred 
tbeTTurkes tbat bad slayn and discomfyted our 
men and bare away witb tbem tbeir proves & dis- 
poylles, & ranne on tbem, Tbe TTurkes nedde, and 
ourmen poursiewed tbem,sleyngandbetyngtbem 
vntowitbintbe brydge of stone, 
p^_J ^ ^ar>eYof tbe toun tbat sawe tbeyrmen 
sopoursiewedsprangout witn grete 
prees and passed tbe brydge, and ran 
on our men, wbicb wold bauedeff end- 
ed tbem, but tbey mygbt not suifre 
so grete nombre of peple and fiedde. 

0>ey folowed tbem doyngtotbem grete dommage, 
til tbey cam to tbe brydge of ebippis, tbere tbey as- 
say lied tbem so barde tbat many men armed fyll in 
tbe water, wbicbe were tbere drowned & loste. Oure 
men losttberemany men on foote & on borsbakjfiF 
In tbismanereweretbey of tboostein gretemesease 
ffortbey were better besieged tban tbey of tbetoun. 
Tbere were many of tbeyr enemyes in tbe woodes 
and montaygnes,wbicbe of teranne vpon our peple 

tbey of tbe toun yssued out wban it plesed tbem, 
in sucbe wyse tbat our men durst not goo f er fro 



also in tbeyrlodgys were tbey not assured, if or the 
tydynge was that the burkes assembled mocbe 
grete plen te of peple for to smy te in tboos te on tbat 
one side, & tbey of tbe toun on tbat other side sbold 
yssue on tbem* 

Of tbe f amyne and mortalyte of tboost after tbat 
tbey bad be at tbe sayd siege tbe space of two 
monetbes, capitulo ixxxxi\j&& 

"OR to recounte alle tbe auent- 
ures tbat were in so grete a sieae 
sboldbeouergreuous &amocbe 
yn j^Cbooste bad bolden siege 
vnto tbe tbyrdemonetb, vytayll 
-began to faylle, and was grete 
suffrete and scarsenes in tboost. XLbty bad in tbe 
becrynnyng largely & grete babundaunce botb for 
menandborses;but tbey made gretewaast&more 
tban neded,andsoby tbeir oultrageandfolye tbey 
lacked in sbort tyme, wbicb mygbt baue long sus- 
teyned tbem yf tbey bad kepte it wel and gouerned 
by mesureXney suffred grete penurye in tboostof 
vitayl for men & beestes,in sucb wise tbattbepour 
peple were in grete peryUBuery day assembled ijor 
iij C men of armes to gydre for to sercbe tbe con- 
trey andfetcbe vytayllesXbey swore to gydre tbat 
alle tbegaynetbat tbey mygbt fyndeandconquere, 
tbey sbold departe egally emon ge tbemXbey wen te 
fortb fer fro tboost, and fonde tbe townes mocbe 
wel gamyssbed, by cause tbey were fer fro tboost 



they thought tbatnoman sboldrobbenetakenotb- 
^ frotbcm .and thus brougbtvytayll to tboste. 
"JCTC whan the Oir kes of the toun , an d 
alsootberin the countrey, badapper- 
ceyued this, they made embussbe- 
mentesandrannevpon our men whan 
they retorned, or other wbyle whan 

tyme alle, that none retomedfor to brynge tydyn- 
ges to tboost, tberfor and dursttbey goo nomore 

a/fouragyngXbedertbewasmocbegretein tboost 
and euery day grewe the famyn in sucbe wyse that 
man ete wel at a mele in brede four d. H cowe was 
worth four marc weyght of syluer, which a man 
mygbt haue at begynnyng for echt or ten sbyll- 
yngis. H lambe or a fcyd was at sex sbyllyngis, 
wbicbe toforewasworthbuttbre orfour pensXbe 
mete for an horse for a nygbt cost xvj pens, Tber 
deydemany for bongerin sucbewyse tbatattbebe- 
ofynnynge of the siege the horses were nombredat 
lxxJVI,and at that tyme were scarse ij JVI, & they were 
so poure, feble and lene, that vnnetbe tbeymyabt 
helpe ony manXbe tentes & pauyllons roted,ffor 
it rayned continuelly a rayne so tbycl*e& grete'tbat 
no cloth mygbt susteyne it, wberf ore mocbe peple 
in the hooste deyde for colde and mesease, Cbevr 
clothes roted on tbeyr backs by cause they mvcrbt 
fynde no place to drye them, tThere was oneso crrete 
mortahte m tboost, that vnnetbe mygbt bef onden 
men forto burye them that deyde. Many that sawe 
this grete daunger and peryll m thooste wente and 
departed pryuely to Rages where Bawdwyn was, 


,& in toScilicewbere other cyteeswere alsojTCbus 
were many slayn, and grete plente deed of famyne 
J and of otnermaladyes, & the boost was so mynu- 
>yssbid that tber were not half so mocbe peple as 
tbey were at begynnyng. 

Row our peple ordeyn ed grete rowtes for to goo for 
vytayll, & toreteyne tbe peple wbicb fled for bungre, 
capitulo lyyyytitj^ ^ 

fCYNBS assembled tbe bar- 
ons for to fynde counseyl bow 
tbus departed, and also in wbat 
maner & bow tbey migbt aduise 
& ordeyn for vytayll for tboost* 
j^Hnd tbey concluded tbat one 
Jpartyeof tbe barons sboldbaue 
grete plente of men witbtbem,andgorigbtdepein 
and alle tbat tbey mygbt fynde and gete on tbeyr 
enemyes. Co tbis were cbosen Buymont & tbe erle 
of f laundresjfiTCboost was delyuerd to tberle of 
Cboulouse and to Huon le JVIayne to gouerne, ff or 
tbe ducof J^ormandye was not tbere, & due Godef- 
froy layesekemocbegreuouslyXbey departed for 
to goo on fourage; many folowed for to gete some 


n T)Efl tbe Curhes of tbe toun sawe 
tbooste tbus voyde and waxe lasse, 
and hnewe for certayn tbat tberleof 
f laundres, Buymont, & tbe due of 

tbe due ©odeffroy laye in bis bedde 


seke,tbey preysedand doubted mocb tbc lasse tbc 
remenaunt,and tokecounseyl tbat tbey wold make 
an assayllyng by tbc brydge. But tbey tbat kept 
tboost bad knowlecbe beror, and were aduertysed 
and were al armed on borsbak, & cam ayenst tbem 
&slewemany of tbe burkes tbat were come to fore 
and were many grete men of tbe toun j^Cdban tbe 
p otber barons sawe tbis, wbat for sorow & for fere, 
were discomf yted and fled agayn in to tbe toun, 
mXC a grete mesauenture bapped to 
oure peple; ffor,as tbe burkes fiedde 
dyscomfyted,oneof tbem was beten 
doun of bis bors, and bis bors fiedd 
toward tbe lodgys, and many of our 
men ranne after to wynne bym. Tbe 
jrnene peple & otber tbat sawe tbe borse, supposed 
jtbat our men bad been disconfyted and tbat tbey 
{bad fled to fore tbeyr enemyes, and tbey began to 
mee, and otber tbat sawe tbem flee fledde also, in 
>sucbe wyse tbat alle tomed to discomfyture ouer 
fowlejg?CClban tbeTTurkes bebelde tbis, and sawe 
tbat our men disconfyted tbem self, anonc tbey re- 
tomed and passed tbe brygge, and began to cbace 
tbem tbatsofledde,andbeteandslewe tbem fro tbe 
brydge of stone vnto tbe brydge of tbe sbippis, 
XTbere were slayn of our men on borsbak a xx and a 
foot yet moo, CbelTurkes retomed in to tbeyr cy te 
demenyng grete ioye and feste for tbis iourneye. 


ftowBuymontand tberleof flaundree mayntened 
bem beynginfouragcOf tbeyrrecountrees and of 
tbe aaync tbat tbey made, capitulo Ixxxxvfjf 

— -^pAOJSTCandtberleof flaun- 
dree, tbat were acntc by comyn 
couneeyl in f ouragyng, entrcd 
fer in to tbe lande of tbeyr ene- 
myee, & f ounde a mocbe ryebe 
toun,good&ful of tbyng tbat 
tbey badnedeof in tboo8t;tbey 
J tone all,ffor tbey f ondeneytber 

man ne woman tbat empesabed ne letted tbcm£ 

partyea of tbe londe fortcnauyrc ^9j*n*m 

ftowTttfappcd tbat one" of tbe W^X, "£ 
mont&saydetbatagrete eompany of Curhee wm 

MubuBfibedin a place nygbe by tbem, for torenne 
Z tbeTwban tfcey wentt on fouragyng. Cbenne 
tbev o^deyned tbat tberle of flaundree abold goo 
fSb witbbte men, and Buymon t fbold come fer 
aftw.^d so waedoonXberle of f laundreefonde 

3tonge and cruel, ffor tbeTTurkce bad mo men 

tbanS of f laundrca. Ht tbe Uett ™™™™£ 

butneddeerBuymontcam,and so were lefteof. pur 
men there welan bundcrd or morein tbe place .ma 
tbenne our men retorncd in to tbooat wtb grete 
good and gayn tbat tbey bad gadred to gycire. 



>YLGS tbey were there cam to tbem 
other capyca of an other contre,tbat 
aduerty aed them of o tberOir kea that 
way ted to hurte them whan they aawe 
theyr aduantagejjTCbey were tbenne 
moo men and better armed than tbey 
bad ben to fore, tbey were in counaeyl, and tberle of 
f laundrea wold that noman ahold enterprise the 
batayl but be, but be tokemomen with bym than be 
dyde tof ore. Buymont cam after with as many aa 
be mygbt baue. Tberle of f laundrea baated bym 
&aurpriaed tbeCurkea in a valeye atrayt,in aucbe 
wyae that tbey mygbt not renne betber ne tbeder 
for to abote, but were conatreyned to deff ende tbem 
atrongly with theyr awerdea & macea, wbicbe waa 
not aure for tbem, by cauae wban oure meyne dia- 
cbarged on tbem tbey mygbt not auateyne it, but 
fliedde anon. Oure men f olowed tbem in newyng & 
aleyng tbem, and ouertbrewe many of tbem; tbey 
wanne boraea, mulea, armourea & robes grete plen- 
te, and after retomed in to tbe booat witb grete vie* 
torye and grete gayne. Grete ioye was made tbenne 
in tboost wban tbey were comen. Hlle tbey were re- 
freaaby d & alleged of tbeir meaeaaea tbat tbev bad 
longe auff redXbey bad vytayllea reaonable a cer- 

bad brought with tbem. 7 



fiow a grete rowte of cristen men were in this tyme 
slayn by the Curkes bytwene f ynemyne & Cerme, 

capitulo lxxxxvj&& 

"W this tyme cam tydynges fro 
Romane tbat doubled tbeyrsor- 
ow and anguyssbis&tbeyr me- 
sease doubled. It was sayd,and 
troutb it was, tbat an bye noble 
,man &puyssauntof Denmarke, 

'named Guennes, of mocb fayr 
-beaulte & of good maners,berd 
/ say tbat tbe barons of f raunce and tbe valyaunt 
V* men of tbat londe were goon in pylgremaae ouer 
w tbe see for to make warre to tbe SarasynsXbis no- 
ble man tof ore named, wbicbe bad **f**™£^ 
and bye,bad grete wylle for to goo ^tighT* 
toke of bisfader certeyn good, and ^^*W 
wel v C knvtfbtes and otber men yongand wel arm- 
ed, fie basted mocbe for to ouertake tboost : of tbe 
f rcnssbemen,but bemygbt notouertake tbem,ffor 
be cam ouer late, & bad none m bts companye sauf 
Imen of bis countrey. T>t cam by Constantmobie, 
wbere tbemperour dyde to bym bonour,& after be 
wente toNycene witb alle bis companye & lodged 
bym by twene two cy tees ; tbat one was named f yn- 
emyne, & tbat otberCermeXbere tbey dyde not as 
tbey ougbttodoo,by causetbey were in tbelonde or 
tbeyr enemyes, but tbey assured tbem ou *™°™*> 
in sucbe wysetbat on a nygbt a grete partye of tbe 
Turkes tbat bad espyed tbem smote m sodanly on 
tbem & began to slee tbem in tbeyr beddes.JNeuer- 

tbeles somme tbcr were that appercey ued tbem and 
^ran to tbeyr armes,& cam ayenst tbeTTurkes & sold 
tbeyr lyf dere. But in tbende tbey were alle slayn, & 
none escaped of alle tboost except a tbre or foure 

)F>ow tbe vntrew <3reek Latyns departed fraude- 
louslv fro tbe boost, and otber moo by tbensam- 
*ple or bym, capitulo lxxxxvi}&& 

HTTfN^tbis disloyal 6reek of 
wbom we baue spoken to fore, 
wbom tbem perour bad delyuerd 
to oure peple,for to lede & con- 
duy te tbem, bad f oynously tak- 
en beede of tbe gouernaunce of 
tboost vn to tbis day, and of tbe 
Irewle of tbe barons, and alway 
peyned bym for to deceyue tbem alle tbe maners 
tbat be mygbt. JVow apperceeued be wel, tbat tbaf- 
fayres of tbooste were not in good poynt, ne in 
good disposicion, and doubted mocbe, for be was 
nil of cowardyse, & tbougbt tbe pylgryms sbold 
sommeday be surprisedof tbeTTurkesof tbetoun, 
and sbold alle be slayn. TTberf or be spak secretely 
to one and otber, and counseylled tbem to leue tbe 
\ siege, and tbat al tbooste sbold departe in to tbe 
cytees tbat our men belde vnto tbe newe tyme; ffor 
*tt was certayn, be sayde, tbat tbemperour bad sen te 
for tbe grettest boostetbat be mygbt assemble, 
, for to come and socouretbem as sone as be mygbt 
fynde grasse on tbe ertbe for tbe borses^Hnd be 
bym self, by cause be loued tbe werke of oure lord 
jwitb tbe noble men tbat be bad, wold enterprise 
vpon bym for tbe comyn prouffy t a grete trauay 11, 

and be bym self c woldgoo dylygently to tbemper- 
our for to baste bym witb bis boost & allc tbc vy- 
tavUe tbat be mygbt fynde, & to make bym come- 
"Hjojy of tbe barons knewe vpon tbis 
tbat be sougbt manere by tbis waye 
fortoflee,and byleuyd bym not, but 
acordedtbat be sbold goo bis waye- 
- Re made semblaunt for to retoume 
andcome soneageyn,&left bispauyllonsandsom 
of bis men to wbom pereaduenture be badsayd that 
tbey sbold f olowe and come after, or elly s tbat be n e 
rauabt wbat mygbt come of tbemXbus departed 
be wbom tbedeuy I bad brougbt, and lad bym away 
aaayn ; if or by tbe wordes tbat be bad sowen, and 
by tbensample of bis departyng, began many men 
to departe fro tboost, and toke no regarde to tbeyr 
auowe ne to tbe otb tbat tbey bad promysed, but 
wente secretly one after anotber- €be f amyne was 
mocbe arete in tbooste ; tbe barons coude fynde no 
remedye ne counseyl tberf ore, €routb it was tbey 
sente of te two and two of tbe grettest lordes witb 
grete companye of men for to pourcbasse vytayl- 
lesXbey wente mocb surely in tbe landes of tbeyr 
enemyes rigbt deep and f era, and sleyng many of 
tbem tbat wold baue deff ended tbeyr passage, but 
vy tay lies brougbt tbey none ; if or tbeCurkes of tbe 
contre, tbat bad apperceyued tbat oure peple wente 
for to secbe vytalles, bad do ledde away alle tbeyr 
beestes & tbeyr vytaylles vnto tbe montaynes and 
desert places wbere none mygbt come, and somme 
bad tbey bydde in tbe wodes and caues vnder tbe 
ertbe,wr>icbe our men coude not fynde, 

3 197 



f)ow tbc prelates of the boost counseylled to doo 
penaun ce for tappese god, & of thordenaun ces that 
were made tescbewe synne, capitulo lxxxxvi\j&& 

WRffl&f mortalyte, and many 
other perillis cessednot torenne 
on the peple of oure lorde. Che 
noble and wyse men of tbooste 
tbat were trewe, good, and re- 
ly gy ous,as tbe bissbop of puy , 
tbat was legate for our boly fa- 
der tbe pope, and other, spak to 
gydre tbenne, and sayd it was mocbe to drede and 
doubte tbat ourlordwereangry witb bispylgryms 
for their synnes, €berfor tbey aduysed tbat tbey 
wold speke witb tbe barons for to make peas and 
acorde vn toour lord* Hnd was ordeyned by tbe con- 
sentement of alle tbem of tboost, tbat tbey sbold 
faste in prayers and in penaun ce for to crye mercy 
vnto our lord by tbe space of iij dayes, to tbende 
tbat bewold pardone tbeyr trespaces and bebolde 
tbem in pyte.'Cbis was don witbgretewepyngand 
wayllyngesof bertej^Hfter tbis tbey commanded 
tbat alle tbe comyn wymmen of euil lyf sbold be 
voydedand castoutof tboost, & was cryed tburgb 
out alle tbe booste, tbat wbo tbat after tbat were 
taken in adulteryeorinfomycacion sbold baue bis 
beed smeton of ♦Incontinent tbedroncardysof the 
tauemes, tbe players of dyse, and tbe grete otbes, 
were deff ended vpon tbe same payne,fals mesures 
& tbef te, alle sucbe tbynges were commaunded to 
be lef te and eschewed, 'Cbere were chosen wise men 

malefactours.Hf ter tbyseordenaunces & statutes 
were somme f ounden culpable in tbe same, wbere 
were so punnyssbed tberfore tbat tbe otber were 
cbastysedtberby^Glban tbe peple were amended 
vnto our lord, tbe mercy of our lord cam without 
taryeng on tbem, ffor tbe Due Godeffroy, wbicbe 
was all tbe surete of tboost, and as tbeyr es tandart, 
bad ben longeseke by tboccasion of bis burte, tbat 
be bad taken in tbe londe of pysside by a bere, as 
it batb be sayd to fore,nygb by lytilHntbyocbe,& 
was now sodenly come to good beltbe, wberof alle 
tbey of tbooste bad mocbe grete ioye,and byleuyd 
fermely tbat tbeyr penaunce sprayers bad lengtb- 
ed bis lyf and respyted it. 
How Buymont f onde a subtil remydye for to de- 
lyuer and purge tbe booste of tbe espyes of tbe 
burkes, capitulo ixxxx\x&& 

"R6C6 renommee was spradd 
tburgb out al tboryent, and to- 
ward tbe contrees of tbe soutb, 
tbat ouer grete nombre of peple 
of tbe contrees wbere tbe sonne 
gotbdoun were comen, and bad 
besieged tbe noble cyte of Hn- 
i tbyocbe. Hit was a grete tbyng 
lordes of tbat countrees & londes bad sente tbeyr 
espyes in to tbe boost, and tber were so many that 
tbey cessednot to come and goo, & continuelly, and 
vnnetbemygbtony tbyng be don or saydin tbooste 

04 1 99 

paynemye.Itwasa light & easy tbyng for tbcm to 
)be with our peplein tbost XTbcr were of tbeCurkes 
tbatcoudspeke Greek, & tbe Ian gage of ermenye, 
and tohe tbabyte of tbe Surrey ens, of Grebes, &of 
tbem of RermenyXber were many of* sucbe maner 

Y)G barons tohe counseyl emong 
tbem bow tbey my gb t voy de & purge 
tboost of tbis pestelence of espyes, 
ffor tbey belde tbem in arete paryll 
andgretedaunaer, tbat tbeyr couyne 
andpurpoos sboldbe knowen in tbe 
londesof tbeyr enemyes,anditwasnoligbttbynge 
but to bolde tbeyr counseyl secrete, and fro tban 
f ortbon say lasse to tbe peple tban tbey were wont 
to dooj^Buymont, wbvebe was of mocbe grete 
wytte and bye berte, spak to tbe barons, and sayd 
in tbis manere:f ayr lordes,! praye you tbat ye wil 
late me cbeuyssbe witb tbis matere, ffor 1 baue re- 
membryd bow we sbal be delyuerd of tbis peryl, 
wberfor, 1 praye you, give to me tbe cbarge tberof 
jj^Cbe barons belde Buymont for a mocbe wyse- 
,man,and prudent, & gladly sette tbecbarge tberof 
onbym, and d eparted fro tbe counseyll 

"laYNONX: forgate not tbis tbat 
be bad promysedj^OIban tyme of 
souppercam be disposed & ordeyn- 
ed bym for to souppe, He made tbe 
knygbtes of bis contre to take out 

sommeXTurkes tbatbebadin prison, 


and madetbeyr tbrotes tobecutte,andafter smote 

r tbem in pyeces and arrayed tbem for to be rested. 

fcbennebegan tbey todemaundewbat bewolddoo. 

Olbenne Buymont sayd to bis men, & bad bismen 

also to saye to otber, tbat alle tbe barons bad tbus 

^ordeyned & sworn, tbat alle tbe espy es tbat my gbt 

be taken in tbost sbold be rosted andseruyd at tbe 

tables of tbe barons, and tbe barons sbold ete tbem 

by tbeir otb, . 

^nyse tidynges were anon spred 


was don in tbe lodgys of Buymont 
Hlle men ran tbeder for to see tbis 
merueylleXbeHurkes tbem self tbat 
J were comen in to tboost for to espye, 
were mocbeaffrayed,and euerycb of tbem tbougbt 
lonae or be was departed fro tbe lodgys, by cause 
tbey doubted tbattbey sbold beseruid mlykewyse, 
f Hftirwban tbey wereretomed borne totbeir lordes 
tbat bad sent tbem, tbey sayd to tbem, and tolde 
m alaboutetbe countrey tbat sucbe men as were come 
vl£ for tassiege Hntbyocbe suifred mocbe mesease,& 
werebarderayenst trauyall and labouretban stone 
or yron. Of cruelte tbey passed alle beres and lyons, 
ffor tbe wylde beestes ete men alle rawe, but tbyee 
men roste tbem afore, & after deuoure tbem j^Ons 
tydynge was in sucbe wyse knowen &publyssbyd 
in alle paynemye, tbat after tbe soudan and tbe 

and espye tbe boost Oey bad were m tbe cyte as- 
sy eged were so effray ed an d bad so grete by dour or 
tbis tbat fro tbat tyme afterward tbe counseyl of 


tbc barons was better kept and more secretely tban 
it was to fore* 

How tbe calepbe of Sgypt sente bis messagers 
witbgreteyeftesv nto our boost, capitulo c^^ 

~]JVIOJV6 otber mescreaunts gfrete 
lordes & prynces, tbe calipbe of 
Cgipte was tbe moost mygbty 
be sente bis messagers vnto tbe 
barons tbat were in tboost.flnd 
Xsbal sayebow,& by wbat occa- 
sion, grete bate and mocbe tiers 
batb ben bytwene tbe TTurkes of tboryentand tbe 
pirkes of egypte, and batb be of auncyent and 
long tyme, by cause tbey discorde in tbeyr creaunce 
>and mysbyleue,andecbe sayd to otber and yetdoo 
tbat tbey be fals Sarasyns, as 1 baue sayd to fore 
in tbe begynnyng of tbis book, and tberfore tbey 
ben of te in warre. Somtyme one partye is aboue, 
andanotber tymetbat otber j0\x\ tbetyme tbat our 
peple were toforeHn tbyocbe, tbis calipbe of wbom 
I speke now, belde all tbe londe of egy pte vn to tbe 

> long, Tbe soudan of perse, a ly ty I tof ore tbat oure 
peple cam, bad conquerd tbe toun of Hntbvocbe, 
wbicbeis by tbe royame of 6gypte, & alle tbe londe 
>entterly ^tottebraas of seynt George, as I baue 
sayd to forej^JVow bad tbe calypbe of egipte in 
mocbe suspection tbesowdan of perse, andmocbe 
plesyd bym bis destruction and dommage, & bad 
jnocbe ioye tbat Solyman bad lost JVycene, wbicbe 

Solyman was neuew to tbesaydsoudan, & was so 
enf ebled of bis m en ,and also be was plesyd tbat our 
cristen peple bad besieged tbe cyte of Hntbyocbe* 
Xlberf or be sen te aood messagers to speke to tbem, 
tbat tbe calipbe was redy for to gyue to tbem soc- 
oureand ayde rigbt largely of men,of goodand of 
vy tay ll,and prayd tbem mocbe derely tbat tbey wold 
maynteneand coritenue tbeyr siegeXbe barons of 
our boost receyued tbe noble men tbat were comen 
and sent from bym bonorably, and made tbem to 
soioumewitb tbem, and tbey tbat were wyse knewe 
anon tbe wytte and vygour of our barons, and be- 
gonne to baue mocbe grete doubte and suspection 
tbat our peple were so valyaunt, and tbat yet tbey 
sbolde do grete dommage in tbeyr londe, so tbat 
tbey deuysed in tbis tbyngeas ye sbal nowe berein 
\redyng boolly tbis book* 
f>ow Hncean,tbe lord of Hntbyocbe,& bis barons 
sen te vnto tbe€urkes, tbeyr neygbbours,f or to de- 
maunde socours, capitulo t)&& 

"3D6 lord of Hntbyocbe and tbe 
1 otber greteand noble men of tbe 
toun,seyngf tbat our men suffred 
so mocbe f amyne & mesease, as 
we baue sayd to fore, & fore alle 
tbyse tbynges wold in no wyse 
leue tbeyr siege, but sbewed by 

„_., 'tbeyr countenaunces tbat tbis 

trauaylgreuedtbem not, wberfore tbey were mocbe 
abassbyd- Hnd tbenne Hncean, by tbe counseyl of 


bis men and them that were moost pryuewitbbym, 
sente messagers and lettres to bis moost ryebe 
neygbbours, and prayd bym rigbt derely for tbe 
bonour of tbeyr lawe,for tbe sauyng of tnem self, 
and for bis loue, tbat tbey wold come and socoure 
tbem without taryeng* Hnd be sente tbem word in 
wbat maner tbey sbold approcbe secretely to Hn- 
tbyocbe,and after tbey sbold couere tbem in abus- 
sbement nygbby,and tbere abydetbepylgrymsas 
tbey bad benacustomed,andat sucbe tyme as tbey 
sbold come to tbe brydge, ffor tbere sbold tbey 
sprynge outof tbe toun, and sbold assaylle tbem* 
Hnd wbyle tbey were besy in fygbtyng, tbey tbat 
were embussbed sbold sodenly breke and come by 
byndeon tbem and fygbt, and so sbold tbey be en- 
closed bytwene tbem witbin and tbem witboute,in 
sucbe wyse tb at none sbold escape* 

RBY tbat berd tbise lettres & tbyse 
messagers doubted tbem mocbe of 
our peple^wberf or tbey acorded glad- 
ly to tbis counseyL cbey assembled 
tbem of f)allape, tbem of Cezayre, 
tbem of Raman, and of otber cytees 
about, tyl tbey were a grete nombre of peple, and 
tbis dyae tbey tbe moost secretely tbey mygbt, as 
was to tbem commaunded, and began to departe 
and approucbe Hntbyocbe. Hnd cam to a castel 
named naran t, wbicbe is fro tbens axiiij my le, tbere 
tbey lodged;and tbougbton tbe mome,assoneas 
tbe scarmucbe sbold be bytwene tbepylgrymsand 
tbem of tbe toun tbey sbold smyte in witb tbeyr 


in grctc pcryl; butone tbyngtber was tbenne, tbat 
tbo & other tymes dyde tbem grctc good, ffor tber 
were cristen men, fiermyns & Surryens in tbe cytees 
of wbicbe tbe€urkes were departed, wbicbe anon 
concluded bytwene tbe €urkes^€bey assembled 
anon for to take aduys berupon, and was acorded 
emonge tbem tbat alle tbey tbat bad ony borses to 
ride on sbold be arayed and on borsbak as sone as 
it were nygbt, and tbat euery man sbold drawem 
to bis bataylle lyke as tbey were assygned, & arter 
sbold yssue outof tboost without ony yoyseXbe 
peple on foote sbold abyde 8tyllalle,and be redy to 
deffende tbe lodgys, yf ony tbyng sourded ayenst 

fioToure peple knewe tbe couyne of tbcZurhte £f 
tbenbussbe tbat tbey made, and of tlw victorye 
and gayn e tbat tbe y bad, capitulo *J** 

— *HS sone as it was nygbt tbey 
yssued out lyke as tbey were 
J commaunded; tbey passed tbe 
I brydge of ebippes, & tbey were 
not passy ng vij C men on bors- 
bak. €bey tbat wente cam to a 

of wbicbelbauespokcn to fore, 

and tbe ryuer named ftelle, wbicbe ben tbat one fro 



isupon tberyuerof fi?lle>In tbemomyng,as8one 


asourmen apperceyued tbe day, tbey armed tbem& 
made vj bataylles of tbem:tbe€urkesbadsenteby 
fore tbeir corrours, wbicb cam and sayde tbat tbe 
grete peple cam ayenst tbem, Cbey sente to fore ij 
of tbeyr bataylles, and af tir cam tbe grete peple, 
tUban tbey approucbed tbey were in grete desraye; 
tbe arcbers approucbed first, wbicbesbotte tbycke, 
in 6u cbe wyse tbat tbey made tbem to flee, & cbaced 
tbem to tbeyr grete bataylles, €bere were tbey in 
sucbe adestray t betwene tberyuer, and tbe laye tbat 
tbey mygbtnot sbote ne flee after tbeyr customme. 
T~bere was tbe medlyng greteand fiers,and tbe ba~ 
J ™ | and men of armes dyde mocbe wel But tbe 

not deffende tbem, ne endure tbe strokes of oure 
xple, but fled de tbeyr way al tbat tbey my c?bt. 

RejVjNGwban our baron ssawetbis 
tbey began to doo wel, & commaund- 
ed tbatnoman sboldfayone,butfol- 
owe tbe cbaas asprely, tbe burkes 
fiedde vnto Rernant; oure men fol- 
owed alwev, sleyng and bewyng of 

beedesandaiws,tbatal tbe wave tbat tbev passed 
by was sowen witb dede men. tbis cbaas endured 

of nemantsawe tbat tbeyr men cam alle discom- 
fyted, tbey sette fyere on tbe castel, and tbev tbem 
self fiedde. But tbe Rermyns and tbe otbercristen 
men, of wbom were many in tbe castel, recouuerd 
tbe fortresse and yelded it to oure men wban tbev 
cam j? rbis day were slayn of tbe TTurkes moo 

than ij thousand. tlbey toke v C beedes of tbem 
that were best arrayed, and brought with tbem in 
eigne of vyctorye. Xibty wan there wel a JVI horses 
for armes, grete and my gbty , wberof they had grete 
f ul of proyes of armures & of dispoy lies, makyng 
arete joye, and tbankyng oure lord that bad com- 
forted tbem in tbeyr meseases. 
Row the tlurkee of Hntbyocbc sprange out A as- 
sayled the todays of oure peple, capitulo riipW 

n RG cytezeyns & babytantee of 
Hntbyoche bad herd tydynges 
bow tneOirkes, that bad ben so 
discomfy ted, were departed and 
meuyd fro tbeyr con trees for to 
come socoure them, tberfortbey 
_ ynaes of tbeyr comyng, & were 
alle armed and redy for to make thassayUe by the 
brvdac alle incontinentwban they sbold see tbem. 
But whan they sawe that the nygbt passed, & that 
tbedaycamwithoutbauyngonyknowlecbeof tbeyr 
approucbement, tbeyr espyes made them certayn 
that our men were goon on borsbak ayenst tbem. 
Tberf ore they toke herte, &y ssued vn to the lodgys, 
fforourmen werenotyetcomenagaymn totboost. 
tlbey assaylled tbem mocbe asprely and barde, in 
so mocbe tbatsommeof them that were wttbtn tbe 
toun saw tbem ; than signed they to tbeir men tnat 
they sbolde retome, for they sawe come our men. 
Cbey entred in to the toun and wente vppon tne 

toures and vppon the walls for to knowe if tbev 
were tbeyr peple that sbold come Jf End as oure 
peple approucbed tbe tTurkes, tbey apperceyued 
that tbe other tbat tbey abode were discomfyted, 
by cause oure men came ioyously wytb alle tbeyre 
despoylles. tzbenne aroos tbe sorow grete tburgb 
alle tbe toim* Our men approucbed tbe toun, and 
dyde do tbrowe ij C beedes of tbe TTurkes, tbat 
tbey bad brought, witb engyns in to tbe cyte for 
to make tbem certayn of tbeyr victorye. And yet, 
to tbende tbat tbey sboldnot forgete tbeyr sorowe 
tbat was entred in to tbeyr bertes, tbe other iij C 
that were lef te tbey pygbt tbem on stakes at tbe 
toote of tbe walle, and sette there men for to kepe 
tbem, by cause tbey sbold be alwey in tbeyr svabt 
wban tbey cam to tbe deffencej^TTbe nombre of 
tbem tbat were disconfyted were xxviij M. tTbus 
were somme grete tTurkes taken and brought pri- 
soners. TTbis was don in feuerertbe vj day, tbe 
yere of tbyncamacion of our lord JSfl Ixxxxvij. 
Of a castel tbat our men made, of somme pvUrrvms 
tbat arryued at tbe ported bow tbey were discom- 
fited by a bussbo n en t of burkes, capitulo ciiij> 

ILLe tbe barons of tboost toke 

a terntoire, wbicbe was at tbe 
tentes of Buymont, sbolde be 

welgarnyssbyd witb good men 
of armes, to tbende tbat yf tbe 
r "ir—~' ■ " — J Curhes made tbeyr assavllies, 


rcnnc on bem, and tbis tower was a barbycane of 
tbooste. Like ae tbey bad deuysed and ordeyned, 
80 was it madewitbout taryeng,and valyauntmen 

was alle tbost assured as tbey bad ben witbin tbe 
walks of a good cy te, €be siege bad endured tbenn e 
v monetbesj^Hsbyppeof Genewes cam tbeder, 
wbicbe bad brought pylgryms and vytay lies ; tbey 
aryued at tbe porte, and sette tbem in tbe ryuer of 
fielle as it falletb in to tbe seeXbey badsente ofte 
messagers in to tbe boost, tbat tbey sbolde f etcbe 
tbem by som of tbe grete barons,witb so good com- 
pany tbattbeymygbtbesaufly conduytedin to tbe 
boost. €bey of tbe toun bad tbenne apperceyued 
tbat messagers wenteand cam fro tbe sbippe in to 
tboost, and sente out men, tbat slewe somme of 
tbem, and tberfor durstenone goo more without 

rrete companye* 

idR barons bad aduysed to make a 

1 gretefortresseattbendof tbebrydge, 

ui a mabommerye tbat tbe €urkes 

bad, & wold settemen of armes there 

for to kepe and deff ende tbyssue of 

J tbebrydgeyf tbe Curkes woldecome. 

?But by cause tbat there were peple yssued out of 

k tboost for to goo to tbe ship, were chosen somme 

of tbe barons wbicbe sbold goo and fetcbe tbem, 

if or tbey were peple tbat were goon for to here tyd- 


but tbey durst not. XTberto was cbosen Buymont, 

tbeerleof ^bolouse, euerarddu puyssat, & tberle 

Garnyer of Grece, wbicbe also sbold conduyte tbe 

pi 209 

messagers of the calypbe vnto the port of the see, 
and at retomyng sbold brynae agayn & conduyte 

tbc sayd barons were departed fro tboost,andde- 


at tbeyr retomyng. It bapped tbat tbe fourth day 
tbat our men eette tbem on tbe way for to retorne, 
and brought armuresand many borses laden wttb 

tbem tbat layetn awayteXbeTTurkes brakesodenly 
2i!? cm and 0ur P r i0cd our men at a paasXbe erle 

Xbecrye bega n mocbe grete, 

RHJN" tbe burkes sawe tbyse noble 
men, tbey beld tbemal stylle,and be- 
gan tensrigne tbe pepleon f oote, tbat 
tbey sbold bolde tbem to gydreXbey 
of tbe grete affraye tbat tbey berde, 
ffordredetbat tbey bad, bydde tbem 
in tbe bus8hes,andfledde in to tbe montaynesand 
jwoodes, and toke none beed to tbat tbey brought 
KOban our barons sawe this, tbey knewe wel tbat 
tbeyr strengtbe was not lyke tbeyrs, and began to 
jcome to tbe odgys dylygently witb as many men 
as tbey mygbt conduyteXbe otber, tbat wold not 
folowe, ne mygbt not, were alle tbere slayn, Tbere 
wereslayn welof men and wymmen to tbenombre 
of uj C. Tbis duryng, tydynges cam to tbe boost, 
tbat alle tbey tbat were comyng were al slayn and 
put to detb by tbe TTurkes, tbat bad espyed tbem. 
Of tbe barons tbem self, tbat conduy ted tbem, was 


not knowen whether they were a/lyueordeedjjTCbe 
due ©odeffroy, that was not ydle, had grete an- 
guyssbe in his herte for the peple of our lord that 
was thus lost, and lete do crye that alle men shold 
armetbem in thoost on peyne of detb,& that none 
shold abyde be bynde in so grete a werke. fllle as- 
sembled, and passed the brygge of the shippis, & 
thev made v bataylles- Robert, due of JHormandye, 
lad that one; the ij lad tberle of flaundres; the 
tbyrd,F)uon le JVIayne; the forth, Gustace, brother 
Lto tbeduc Codefroy ; andthe due hymself bad the 
'fyftbejSFOIban they were all ordeyned, the due 
called them, and, alle they beryng, sayde in this 

>manere. _ , , - 

qHYRlordes, yf tt be trouthe thus as 
the tydynges renne, that for owe 
synnes tbise cruel boundesand fals 
baue slayn so valyaunt men and of 
so grete counseyl, whom ye sente to 
J the see side, and with them beperys- 
isbed also our f elows whom they shold baue con- 
duyted, X see not but of two wayes that one, Ur 
thatwedeyewith them as good enstenmen in this 
world, and certeyn to receyue the reward of Ibesu 
Criste, whom we shal serue vnto the detb- Or yr 
oure lord wyll that oure seruyce be to hym accept- 
able, that we take vengeaunce on thyse mastyfs, 
that baue thus en paired cristiente, & endommageci 
and destroyed tbysevalyaunt men.Hsfor my seir, 
X say toyou certaynlyXbad leuertodeye presently, 
than to lyue without to be aduenged on them- JNow 
vnderstondeye wbatXsbal saye toyou ; me semetb 
p2 211 



tbat tbyse Curhes, yf tbey bauc tbc victorye vpon 

grete pnde,and by grete bobaunce for to angrero 
wyl come to the cyte, and brynge tbcyr proyeV and 
fardellys to fore vs. And ye sbal wel sec that tbev 

l?2lL* n * thxe 8balbc 9W»uantagetov8Xber- 
£S ~ bM 7 8 T* C0un8 !? U '? f * seem good, tbat we 
ffor wbicb we departedoute of ourc coun trees late 
vs baue m bymstedfast bope,fforbe guerdonnetb 

come to vs, late ve receyue tbem vygorouslv with 
flEE^T fd.fwerdes. Late eueryebe ofZ 
remembrewel m bis berte of tbewronge and sbame 
tbat they baue don oure lord, and to Sure self 

HIS worde tbat the due sayde, was 
wel vnderstande of alle, and plesvd 
tbemmerueyllously well^Cbey be- 
gan to warne ecbeotber, and somone 
to doo well, as there tbey hnewe to 
^f--—»-^gydre, and there belde tbem al red* 

, tbey tolde to tbem of toyr^SSSSS* 
bad mocbe grete ioyc of tbeirronW^^ £FF* 

after sayd to tbem tbe counscvl tf "dSl d 
Cbey acorded tberto,and «$ tffiSffi^' 
bedoo;and so abode tberealfoSto«£$J*H t0 

be sawe, bnewe tbat bis pepk LdXcom^bc 

oures. Mocbe doubted be of tbeyr comyng agayn, 

by cause tbat our men were yssued ayenst tbem; 

tberf ore be dyde do crye in tbe toun, tbat alle men 

sbold armetbem & come to tbe yate of tbe brydge, 

for to be redy in araye for tosocoure tbeir peple,yf 

nede were. Our men bad sen te tbeir espy es and tbeyr 

courreurs in dy uerse party es, for tenquyre & knowe 

wban tbe €urkes sbold come, and fro wbat parte. 

Of a bataylle, wbere our men auenged tbem of tbe 

TTurkes, and of a stroke tbat duc6odeffroy gaf in 

tbis bataylle, capitulo Cv&& 


as tbey taryed tbere & bad tbeyr 

yf tbey bad tyme and place, tbat 

nyng, wbicbe tolde to tbem tbat 

tbe Curkes were nygb. ^bey be- 

Jgan to recomande tbem self to 

oure lord,and wente forward in tbeyrbatay lies like 

as tbey were ordeyned. OTban tbey sawe tyme and 

place, tbeysmote tbeyr borswitb tbeyr spores, and 

cam to so ftersly tbat tbeOirkes were alabassbed. 

TTbenne tbey began to smyte asprety on tbe rigbt 

sydeand lyft,&fleweinto tbepressem sucbe wyse 

tbateueryman wold be tbe best &™ostvalyaunt, 

to aduyse tbem wbat tbey sbold do jfiTCbey mygbt 
not endure tbe grete strength of our men, but wold 

froy tbat mocbe knewe of sucbe tbynges, was pour- 

ueyed tberof to fore, and bad taken alytiltemtoire, 

ps 213 


wbicbe was ayenst the brydac, & there be belde bym 
in bis bataylle. Hlle tbe turkes tbat they cbaced to- 
ward bym neslewe them, or be maderetorneayenst 
them fro wbenstbey cam, where they slewe them alle 
and bewe them. 

R6 erle of f laundres dyde rigbt wel 
this day,as a good, valy aunt & hardy 
man in armesXbeducof JNbrmandye 
brak tbe presse, that no fcurke durst 
approcbe bymXbe erle of XTbolouse 
bym self wold auenge tbis that they 
bad made bym to spore bis bors tbe daye to fore* 
Ruon leJVlayneforgate not to sbewe of what lygn- 
to bis enemyes tbat alle tbe werke and charge bad 
ben bis, TTbenne Gustace, brother of due Codef- 
froy, Bawdwyn erle of Renawd, Rugbe tberle of 
Seynt poul, and alle tbe other barons, knygbtes 
jand noble men in theyr countrees, dyde merueylles 
of armes. Tiber was neuer man lyuyng tbat sawe 
ony werk better enterprised and more valyauntly 
acbyeuyd,and tbat communely of alle* 

JSCGHJJ sawe tbis bataylle so grete, 
5j &did bis peple toyssue out, &for to 
a gyuetbemberteandcourage,&toput 
a awaye tbesperaunce of theyr flygbt, 
ItbemXbey cam pryckyngayenstoure 
men, & wold baue madetbeyrs retornediscomfyt- 
ed, but tbe affrayer the dredewas so grete in them 
that they neuermadesemblaunt thertoXbey them 
'self ,tbatfrely cam on,wban they sawe tbe prowesse 

of ourmen,and felt tbe grete strokes that tbey gaf , 
tomed tbeyr baches witb tbe otber, ne neuer made 

merueyllous betyng doun of tbe Tlurkes, tbat men 
mygbt not but witb grete payne passe €ber was 
so grete noyse, so grete crye,andso terryble neyb- 
yng of borses oueral, tbat a man sbold not baue 
berd tbondrejSTCbey tbat badmade tbeyatestobe 
sbette after tbem, did many tbis day to lese tbeyr 
lyues. €be wyues of tbe €urkes, tbe maydens and 
feble peple of tbe toun, were vpon tbe walles and 
tourettes, wbere tbey sawe tbeyr peple torn e to mes- 
cbyef and to destruction : ye may wel tbynke tbat 
tbey bad grete sorowe, wepynge,& mocbe cryeand 
noyse.OIelcursedtbeytbattyme t tbattbeysolonge 

bad lyued tbat tbey sbold see sucbe mescbyef bap- 
pen to tbem^Hncean sawe tbat be loste alle bis 
men, and bad none bope for to recoure tbem, and 
commaunded tbat tbat yatesbold ^opened for to 
recey uein to tbe toun tbem tbat were lef te. Olban tbe 
TTurkes sawe tbe yateopene/tbey bad so grete wy lie 
to entre in to tbe toun, tbat vpon tbe brydge tbey 
pressyd so euyl for baste, tbat tbey fylle in to tbe 
water of tbem grete plente. 

"ine due Oodeffroye, tbat al tbat day 
bad so wel don,and wban it cam for 
to departe to fore tbe bridge, be gaf 
a strook mocbe valyaunt, and sucbe 
onetbat it sbalpenxtuallyandeuer- 
-more be spoken of in wele & in hon- 
our, ffor I trowe tber bapped neuer none sucbe to 


daye many beedes smeton of, amies, & sbolders, at 
onestroke. Tit wel apperceyued oneof bis enemyes, 
wbicbc belde bym nygb to <3odeffroy, and auaunc- 
ed bym of te, and peyned to greue bym, XLbz valy- 
auntc due smote bym witb bys swerde by sucbe 
mygbt and vertue that besmote bym in two pyeces 
in tbe myddle, in sucbe wyse tbat tbe ouerste parte 
of bym fy I to tbe ground, & tbat otber parte abode 
styll syttyng on tbe bors, wbicbe entred in to tbe 
cyte witb tbe other. Hnd knowe ye certaynly tbat 
this sayd Turke was armed witb a good bauberk 
& mocbe stron ge.Hlle tbey tbat sawe tbis meruevlle 
weregretely abassbed; & tbe^urkes them self bad 
grete fere &dredej0FOmercyf ul God, what myqbt 
andstrengtbe oyuest tbou to tby seruauntes, that 
baue tbeir faytb and truste in tbef Sucbe a stroke 
batbnotbebe rdof to fore tbis tyme. 

R7TC same daye tbey of Hntbyocbe 

loste moo tban two thousand men, 

and yf tbe nygbt bad not comen so 

sone on, tbey sbold baue ben so en- 

febledof men, tbat witb paynesbold 

-tbey baue conne bolden and keot the 

toune ayenst oure men. It semed well tbatTt the 

brydge weremany burkes slayn, If or it wT« thwEf 

there of deede boW 

1 9 S! < blod ? t° tbc 9ce > Som ™ ^SS 

men of tbe londe yssued oute of tbe toun and cam 

bad tbeCurkes loste m the batay lie, for whom tbev 
were ouermocbe sorouful; for tbey were soendom- 

netond *"*" '" y * iyfsho{d tbc ? bc dwof 


f)ow tbc cristen men thanked ourc lord of tbisvyc- 
I torye, & made a castel in tbeyr mabommerye,wbere 
they f onde grete gayne, capitulo cvj^^ 

nne next day,wban tbedaye was 

1 wel deer, tbe barons assembled 

alienor bumbly to tbancke our 

| lord of tbe victorye tbat be bad 

gyuen to tbem ; and after spak 

of tbe comyn besynes^Com- 

ynly was deuysea and acorded 

J of alle tbat tbere sbold be made 

a tour, as tbey bad enterprysed, at tbende of tbe 

1 brydge, for to take away tbe yssue fro tbem or tbe 

i toun, and for to kepe and warante oure peple wban 

tbey ranne to fore itXbere bad tbe€urkes buryed 

sbv nvabt tbe dede men tbat bad ben slayn in tbe 

} bataylle tofore^ban tbe peple *^tc k^ ttas, 

v tbev ranne and tbere vnburyed tbem,& toke tbem 

out of tbeyr sepultures and graues, and tohe and 


tbev bad buryed witb tbem in tbeir sepultures, af - 
tertbeyr customme^€hey of tbe toun bad mocbe 
sorowe, by cause tbey sawe to fore tbeyr eyen tbe 
corses taken vp of tbeyr frendes,wbicbe tbey bad 
burved witb grete costes & despenses, and it dis- 
plesvd tbem mocbe tbat tbe nombre of tbeyr deed 
men sbold be knowen,wbom tbey bad euppoeed to 
baue kepte secrete, for witbout tbem tbat fyU : in 
tbe flooSor ryuer, & witboute tbem tbat were bury- 
ed in tbe toune, and tbem tbat were burt vnto the 
detb and buryed in tbe toun, were taken vp oute or 
tbeyr graues in tbe mabomerye a thousand & ryue 
bonderd- ^ 



^^ J^^aRey emote of tbrc bonderd beedes, 
^VT5^f§} andsente tbem to tbemperour, for to 
fWrJM late bym bauc certayn tydynges of 
tbc bataylle tbat tbey bad avenst tbe 
Tlurkes. XTbc messagers or tbc cal- 
vpbe of Ggypte were not yet depart- 
ed fro tbens, « wban tbey sawe tbis, tbey were ioy- 
ou8 of tbe detb of tbeyr enemyes, but tbey were al- 
way after afeerd,and dred oure peplej^Cbere were 
many of oure owne men tbat bad fkdde in to tbe 
woodes & montaygnes, wbkbe after retourned in 
totbooste; tbere cam many in to tbooste tbat men 
supposed bad ben deed j^XTbe barons command- 
ed tbat tbe fortresse sbold be made, and adressyd 
mocb bye & stronge, bastely . It was made of sucb 
stones astbej drewe out of tbe tombes and sepul- 
tures of tbevurkes;andafter, tbe baronsbegan to 
aduyse to wbom tbe kepyng of tbis tour sbold be 
delyuerd, wbkb was fayr and strong; and to fore 
was made a dyebe, mocbe depe* Tiber were barons 
ynowe wbkbe excused tbem by many reasons wby 
tbey mygbt not kepe it; but tbevalyanterle of XTbo- 
louse prouff red bym self, & prayde tbat it myqbt 
be delyuerd to bym if or to gouerne,ff or by tbe crrace 
of ffod be sbo ld kepe it wet 

"LLG tbe barons coude bym mocbe 
good tban eke, and by tbis recouerd be 
tbe graceand loue of tbe comyn peple, 
wbicbe be bad alle loste; ffor fro tbe 
somertofore, by tboccasion of aseke- 
nes&maladyetbatbebad,bebad don 
; none auauncement of ony werkes and nedes of tbe 

boost* Cuerycbe of the other barons bad don bis 
coudc bym tbank,ffor it was supposed tbat be was 
tbe rycbest.But for tentrepriseof tbistbyng,tbey 
sayd wel alle tbat be was not a/f erd, ne euyll- Hnd 
on tbat otber syde, yet be dyde more, ffor be leyd 
out v C marck wey gbt of sy luer in tbe band of tbe 
bissbop of puy & otber good men, for to belpe to 
restore tbe dommages of tbe borsestbat tbepoure 
men bad taken in tbe bataylle/Cbere were many af- 
ter tbat were tbe more bardy for to goo ayenst tbeir 
enemy es, for bope to baue & recouere tbeyr borses, 
for tbyse tbynges were tberle of Cbolouse mocbe 
louyd&preysed,in so mocbe tbat tbey callyd bym 
fader and wardeyn of tboost* 
Of a fortressetbatCancremade ouer tberyuerand 
deff ended it valyauntly, capitulo Cvij^ 

~1N tbys newe fortresse of tbe 

brydge tberle of Cbolouse sette 

tbyrin v C men of armes, bardy 

and valyaunt knygbtes & otber, 

& by cause of tbis fortresse tbe 


of tbe toun was deffended, Oure 

J men tbenne wente surely in tbe 

countre- €be Curkes mygbt not yssue but by tbe 

west yate, wbicbe is by twene tbe foot of tbe bylle 

and the ryuer of Helle, Hnd tbis yssue mygbt not 

mocbe greue ne burteoure men,ffor alle tbe loagys 

were ouer tbe ryuer ; but alway by tbat way cam vy~ 

taylles&fressbemetes totbemof tbetoun,&tnus 

tbey were not ynowgb constreyned by 90 mocbe as 
tbey bad tbis yssuejfiTCbe barons assembled and 
counselled bow tbey mygbt take tbis waye fro 
tbem/Cbey acordedweltbat tbismygbtnot be, but 
yf tber wereafortresse made ouer tbe ryuer wbicbe 
muste be delyuerd to one of tbe barons for to kepe, 
TTbey acorded well alle tbat tbe f ortresse sbold be 
made, butnoneproferd ne sayde tbat be wold kepe 
itJVlany of tbem sayde tbat tan ere was rygbt pro- 
pyce to tbis tbynge, but be excused bym, and sayd 
tbat be was ouer poure for tendure and beresogrete 
dispence^Cberleof TTbolouse sterte fortb to fore 
andgaf to bym an Cmarck of syluerfor to makeit 
witb,and it was ordeyned tbat besbold baue euery 
monetbxlma rke of tbe comune* 

HJVCRG, wbicbe was mocbe valy- 

aunt & wyse, dyde do make tbis tour 

in a lytil tertre nygb ynowgb to tbe 

gate, and after receyued it in to bis 

warde and kepyng, Hnd god gaf to 

bvm so mocbe worship tbat be lo9te 

notbynge, but kepte it al bool vnto tbe ende of tbe 

siege.In tbe 9yde bynetbe by tbe ryuer wag a mocbe 

fayr playne in wbicbe babounded many favr pas- 

ture9,and greteplenteof trees a iij orfour mvlefro 

tures ynowgb, tbey bad sente grete plente of tbevr 
borses and mounture in to tbat place, (Oban tbev 

tbeder, butnot by tbe rigbt way, but by patbes and 
byd wayes, so longe tbat tbey assaylecftbem tbat 


kept tbem and slewe tbem- Zbty brought in to tbc 
boost ij M borses for men of armes, grete, gente, 
andfayr, besyde tbe mules & otber beestes, wberof 
tbey bad largely- Of tbis gayne bad tbey grctc loye, 
ffor tbey badof notbyngso grctc nede in tboostas 

of borses, ffor tbey bad ben mynnyssbedmocbefc 
lasscd in tbc bataylle, & many deyed tbat tymef or 
bungrc and mesease- 

Row tbenne tbc TTurkes of tbc toun began to baue 
Imesease and sorowe, and our pcplc case, capitulo 

nfiHN tbc cyte was tbus on alle 
i sydesassyeged tbat tbeTIurkes 
mygbt not yssue oute, tbey be- 
gan witbintobauemesease,ffor 
tbeyr borsses badnotvytaylle 
ynowgb, wberof it bapped tbat 
tbey mygbt not belpe tbem in 
J tbeyrnede,ffrc88bemctcffayllcd 

tbem, wbicbe grcuyd tbem ™°^°Z C £nK?ht 
bandon to goo vnto tbe portc of tbe see, by wb cbc 
tbey badnotsomocbetosuffreas tbey badendured 

all tbe wynter, if or tbc pryme temps & swetc : tymc 
was comein sucbe wysetbatsbippes mygbt goo& 
come by tbesee, wbicbe brought vytavllce ypowgb- 
TTbere were many of oure peple tbat badeoiourned 
all tbe wynter in tbe townes, wbicbe tbennccam a~ 
gaync in to tbooste alle fressb and wel »"W 
Bawdwyn tbe brother of due <3o^effroy,of whom 
ycbaue welberdspeke to fore, wbicbe bad eomoebe 
ryebesse, bad bcrd tydynges tbat tbe barons bad 

suff red many meseases in tboost, &sente to tbcm 
allc greteyef tes and presentes, not onlv to the grctc 
prynces,but also to tbemoyen peple,&to tbeleste 
gaf be alsoynowgbof bisowen,wberforbebadtbe 
louc and arace of allc tbis companye. Re gaf to bis 
brother tbe due alle tbyssues of bis londe tbat be 
bad on tbissyde tbe ryuer of Bufrates, witb wbicb 
be gaf to bym tbe cyte of XTorbesel and tbe contre 
tber about, wberin was mocbewbete, wyneandoyle. 
Hndyetabou e al tbis be gaf to bym JVl besauntes. 
~WJD there was a noble man of f)er- 
monye wbyebe was named J^ycose, 
wbicn was welacquey n ted witb Bawd- 
wyn, and for bis loue sente vnto due 
©odeffroy a pauyllon, tbemoostfayr 
I and moost ryebe tbat mygbt o/wber 
be seen; it was of ouer straunge facion and mer- 
'uellously grete J& But wban bis messagers bare 
.it in to tbe booste, one pancrace, amocberyebeman 
of r>ermonye,of wbomlbaue spoken to fore,dyde 
1 do espye tbem by tbe waye,anddyd to take it from 
tbem. And after sente tbe pauyllon to Buymont, 
and was presented to bym in bis namejSFdlban tbe 
seruauntes of J^ycose cam to due ©odeffroy, and 
bad told bym alle tbis tbatpancrace bad don to 
bym tbeerleof f laundres,towbom be badmore loue 
and acqueyntaun ce tban to ony other of tbe barons, 
and wente to Buymont and demaunded bis pauyl- 
lon tbatwasgyuen tobym.Buymont answerdtbat 
a nobleman of tbecountrebadgyuenittobym.But 


wban be knewe tbattbeduc woldnot sufrreit,by bys 
curtosycand atte prayer and requeste of tbc otber 
barons, be rendrcd and delyuerd to bim bis sayd 
pauyllon, to tbendc tbat no noysesbold sourdc nc 
arryse betwene tbcm and mygbt Uttc tbc werke of 
oure lord. €bus were tbey good frendes. JVfcmy men 
mcrucyllcd tbcm bowtbatsovalyauntamanastbe 
du c Godcff roy was,in wbom was no tbin g f ounden 
to be reprehended, was so meuyd ayenstsobyeand 
noble a man for so ly til a tbyng as was a pauyllon. 

maye not suffre sbame,and it was late bym vnder- 
stande tbat it sbold be to bym a grete sbame, and 
also it sbold be ayenst bis honour yf be suff red it 
to be taken away fro bym : ffor couetyse be dyde it 


Row tbe erle Sstyeuen of Cbartres and of Bloys 
fleddefro tbebooste shamefully, capituloCtx^^ 

He renommee sourded mocbe 
grete, and grewe euery day bow 
so ryebe and puyssaunt, by tbe 
requeste of tbem of Hntbyocbe 
bad doosumonebispepleof alle 
bis power for to come socoure 
. tbiscytetbebadassembledmer- 

ueyllous grete peple.f or tbetydynae cam not only 
to tbcm of tboost,butit wassaydof many men that 
yssued out of tbc cite for to come in to tboost, as 
hermyens & Surrycns,wbicbc wereensten.^ber- 
of it bappedtbatStcucn, tbcrlc of Cbartrcsandof 

Bloye, wbtcbe wae eo noble, puyeeaun t, and wyee, 
that for bte wyedom tbc otbcr barone of tbooete 
named bym tbc fader of couneeyl, made bym self 
eeke ae was saydj^Re tohe leue of bie frendee, bv 
cause be eayde be wold goo in to flllexandrye the 
laeee, wbtcbe wae nygbe to tbe porte, and wolde a- 
byde there til be were deed or ellys bool TTbue be 
departed and lad away witb bym grete good, and 
with bym departed iiij JV! men, wbtcbe were of bie 
com pan ve and of bie countreye* 

*ie wente etrayte in toHllexandrye tbe 
I laeee, and tbere belde bym to tbende 
that yf our peple bad vyctorye of tbe 

wold retome in to tbooet ae guarye- 
_ ebyd and bool of bie maladye; & yf 
tt had meebapped them, anon be wold baue entred 
tn to ebtppte wbtcbe were allredy for to retoume in 
to bte countryjfiFOf tbie tbynge all tbe barone of 
thooetewereeo abaeebed & angry that they wepte 
boote teerte, for pyte that they bad of eo bye and 
noble man tbat tohe none bede to bie gentilneeee 
to bte wyttcne to the worebyppe tbat men dyde to 
bym, but departed eoeuyl in poynt tbatm*™mJ« 

and dyde do crye tburgb tbe booete, tKomln 
ebold be eo hardy to departe witboute leue, ffor vf 
ony wen t they ebold be bolden for mur^Jd 
tuetyceebold bedoon toeucbemen.By tbie orden- 
£"? fo l tC0 ^ l ewc l 5 be pa?™ and for to kept tbeyr 
honour they held them tn peae in tbooet, & obeyed 

alle in pecs in tbc booste, and obeyed debonayrly to 
tbe barons of tbooste, as monkes or cloystrers to 
tbeyrabbotwitboutedepartyngonyoftbeyr com- 

Row a cristenman,emyrferius,wbicbewasinHn- 
tbyocbe, acqueynted bym witb Buymont,capitulo 

~N€f> YOCfi, tbis boly cy te tbat 
[1 baue spoken of to fore, was 
conuerted by tbe precbyng of 
seynt peter tbe appostle, alle- 
way it belde wel tbis f aytb, and 
yet boldetb certaynlye, aod be 
tbanked, SIban tbe disloyalte 
. and falsenes of JVIabomet ran 
tburgb tboryent tbis cyte wold neuer receyue bis 
lawe, & wban tbe mygbty men of tbe countre wold 
t constraynetbembyforcetotbiseuyUawe,tbeydef- 

\f ended tbem well ayenst alle sucbe- ulberof it nap- 
ped tbat wban tbe deuylbad sette tbisfalse byleue 
tburgb alle tbe londe of perse vnto tbe braas of 
seynt George, and fro Inde vnto Spayne, tbis cyte 
abode alway in tbe faytb of tbe troutbe of Ibesu 
CristeXroutbe it is tbat fourten yere to fore tbat 
our peple cam tbeder, tbe grete soudan of perse bad 
conquerd alle tbe londes vnto Hntbyocbe, and by 
cause tbey were not mygbty to bolde itony lenger, 
tbey yelded it vnder tbe puyssaunce of tbis grete 
man. Cbenne after cam oure men for tassiege it. 



LJMOSOlletbey of the toune bcldc 

tbe f ay th of ourc lord, but witboute 

fay lie tbey bad no power ncno seyg- 

norye in tbc cyte, ffor tbey medled 

of notbynge sauf tbeyr craf tes and 

J tbeyr mercbaundyses to wyn tbeyr 

breed 'CheZurkce bad tbe bay Hies, and wente to 

armes wban it was nede, Tiber was none so bardy 

of tbe cristen men tbat durst arme bym, & specially 

>sytbour peple cam to fore tbe toun, tbe cristenmen 

, tbat were tberin were bolden suspect tbat tbey durst 

not yssue ne goo oute of tbeyr bowses, €bere were 

jinany of sucbe cristen men tbatwereof grete lygn- 

aae, to wbom was don mocbe sbamej^Cbere was 

a lygnage of noble men tbat were Reremyens ; tbey 

were named in tbeyr langage, Beni f erra, tbat is to 

saye tbe sones of baubergyers. Hnd fro certeyn of 

tbe same langage were descended tbeyr lygnages, 

>and yet ben tber somme tbat make bauberks ; tbey 

bad a toure wbicbe was named tbe tour of tbe two 


JV tbis toure were ij bretberen tbat 
were lordesof tbis lygnageXbe old- 
est bad tonameemerferyus,a mocbe 
sage & prudent man ; acqueyn ted be 
was and pryue witb tbe lord of tbe 
toun,m sucbewysetbatbebadmade 
, bym bisnotaryewitbm tbe palaysXbis man berde 


nynge of tbe siege, & wel vnderstode by tbecomyn 

^enomee tbat be was a wyse man and trewe,of arete 

berte and enterpryseXberfore be sente to bym bis 

226 7 

messager, & acqueynted with bym mocbe pruyely, 
and Ictc bym knowe allc the beynof and state of tbc 
cy te, and tbc purpoos of tbe€urkes ; but tbey were 
botbe two wysemen, tberfor coude tbey wel couere 
tbeyr counntenanncesXbere were but few peple a- 

bout Buymont tbat knewe bym* 

to Buymont,& in wbat maner be acorded to dely uer 
to bym tbe toun,ca pitulo C%)&& 

"eue)^ monetbes bad tbo en- 
dured tbe siege to fore tbe toun. 
many tymes essayed bis frende 
of tbe toun bow tbe cy te mygbt 
be yolden to tbe cristen men jfiF 
So of te be sente to bym by bis 
-sone tbat sayd tbus to bym in 
tbis manerejfrfayre swete syre,I trowe certaynly 
tbat our lordlbesu Criste wold tbatl bad tbis ac- 
queyntaunce witbyou and tbis loue; ffor euer sytb 
tbauebeacqueyntedwitbyou,mynberteneuer rest- 
ed to drawe and acorde euery day more and more in 
your bonnte, &your maner plesydmemocbeJbaue 
veray ferme and fast bope tbatl and tbe myne sbal 
be yet in tyme comynge mocbe bolpen and honour- 
ed by you of tbis tbynge tbat ye baue discouertd to 
me, of wbicblbaueben merueyllously pensyf ,syt*> 
I baue berde of it, I baue mocb counterpeysed tbe 
wayesof tbat one side&of tbatotber,fforItbynhe 
111/ wel certeynly tbat yf Xmay delyuer my countrey fro 
V tbe peple tbat ben enemyes of oure lord, andrendre 


and delyuere it to the eeygnoryeof my faytb ,Iabal 
baue grete guerdon of ourc lord & grete honour in 

weredeecouered tbatlbaue enterpriaed,tofore cr it 
cam toanende or concluaion,Iabold bedelyuerdto 

or after, Hnd neuertbelea many tbyngea be put in 

aduenture, tberforelwylle diacouere to you allemv 

berte, as to bym tbat I bold for a trewe frende, Yf tbe 

barona tbat be tn your companye wylle crraunte as 

trewe men as tbey be, tbat tbie cyte ebalbe youree 

for euermore&your beyree yf it may be conquerd, 

I abal put me tn aduenture bo tbatlabal delvuer to 

you tbte tour tbat 1 . bolde, wbicbe ie mocbe strong 

& wel garnyaabedflnd tbialabal doofor goddee 

loue & yourea. But yf tbey entende tbat eue% men 

ebalbauebta part,aa of tbynggoten by warre, tber- 

upon wyll I not laboure ne doo payne, ffor I wote 

neuer to wbat ende it abold come. Tberfor I prav 

you, f ayr awete ayre & trew frende, tbat ye put vou 

tn deuoyr and payne tbat tbis toun be yourea not 

for couetyse, but for tbe prouffy t of tbe cyte cria- 

ten,and I promyee to you tbat tbe day tbat I abal 

knowe tbat tt abal be tbua oraunted to you I aba 

delyuer to you tbe entree o? tbe toun &vc one 

tbyncfe I aaye to you for certayn, tbat yfltll nS 

maycTe wttbtn abort tyme tbat ye abal neuer day of 

tbe world recouere tt,fforeuery day cometo tbe lord 

of tbta toun lettree and meaaagera certefyeng tbat 

JZ2r^l C °£\ t0 e0 u?u C - tbc toun bcn ***** tbe 
ryuerof eufratee,wbtcbe ta not ferre,andtbey ben 

wel a ij C M men of armes/VT tbey come an you on 

that one syde, and tbey of the cy te on that otber,y e 

may not suffre ne witbstande tbem, but ye sbal be 

alle deed or taken* Hnd tberfore take ye bere vpon 

basty counseyl* 

Row Buymont discouerd tbis tbynge to du c 6ode- 


and to tberle of flaundres, capitulo Of\w# 

"IRO tbe day tbat Buymont bad 
berde tbys, be began to enquyre 
mocb subtylly and examyne tbe 
bertes of tbe barouns, and de- 
I maunded tbem otberwbyle wbat 
tbey wold doo witb tbis cy te yf 
it were taken J9 Of tbe answere 
J somme of tbem tbougbt tbat It 
wasfer ofXberfore taryed Buymont to discouere 
bis berte & bis tbougbt till be sawe better bis poynt 
and tyme, neuertbeless be drewe a/part due ©ode- 
froy, Huon de JVIayne, tbe due of Normandye, and 
tberleofflaundresXotbembesaydetbatbe trust- 
led so mocbe in oure lord, tbat yf tbe cyte my gbt be 
graunted to bym it mygbt be welin sbort tyme con- 
querdXbey acorded it and mocbe preysed in tbeyr 
courage tbe wytte of tbis man tbat bad in wylle to 
accomplyssbe so grete a tbynge- By tbaccord lor 
tbem tbis tbyng was discouerd to tberle of J^o- 
louse, beansueratbatbewoldneuer.yft^ecytewere 

taken, gyue bis parte to another man* ^ e J*™ 9 
pray d bym mocne, but be wold not consente tber- 
tofor notbyngeXberfor tbe tbynge was in sucbe 

daunger, that almost the tbynge was alle loste,ff or 
Buymont put not the payne, nc bis frende of the 
toun wold not but yf the toun sbold be alle bis, 
J^euertbeles for alle tbis, Buymont sente to bym 
ofte grete yef tes for to kepe bym in acqueyntaunce 
and m tbe loue tbat was begonne bytwene tbem. 
Of tbegrete socours tbat tbe soudan of perse bad 
syeged Rages, capitulo Cxiij/^/^ 

JV tbe wbyle tbat tbyse tbynges 
ran thus in Hn tbyocbe, tbe mes- 
sagers tbat fro Hn cean were gon 
to tbe soudan of perse for to 
demmaunde ayde, were retomed 
as tbey tbat bad wel don tbeyr 
tbynges. for tbat grete prynce, 
atte requeste of tbem of Hntby- 
ocbe, and atte prayer of bis men, bad enterprysed 
to efface and destroy e alle ourpylgryms tbat trad- 
er were comen. Hnd tberfore be sente tbeder grete 
plente of 'Curkes and of Cordyns in to tbis coun- 
tre, and bad delyuerd all tbe seygnorye & gouern- 
aunce of tbe booste to one bis acqueyntecf,ffor be 
trusted mocbe in bis wytte,in bis loyalte,and in bis 
prowesseXbis man was named Corbagat; be com- 
maunded alle men to obeye to bym ; be sente lettres 
pendantes oueral bis londes,& commaunded tbat 
tbey sbold be delyuerd ouer all,tbatwbere be sbold 
lede tbem tbat tbey sbold goo, & alle tbat be com- 
maunded tbem tbey sbold doo without contra- 



\S departed fro bis conn trey with alle 
bis peple and bis power, be passed so 
f erre tbat be cam in to tbe countre of 
RagesXber was told to by m tbat on e 
of tbebaronsof f raunce beldtbecyte 
Jof Rages wbicbe be bad conquerd, & 

and saydtofore and er be passed tbe ryuer of £>u- 
frates,be sbold take tbe toun and destroye alle tbe 
f renssbemen tbat be sboldfynde witbtn^Bawd- 
wvn wasnotof Utyl courage, and bad wel berdtyd- 
ynaesoftbis peple, Hebadwelgarnyssbedbiscyte 

witb armes,vy taylles, and noble men, and doubted 
but lytil bis comynge, ne tbe menaces, ne tbe grete 
wordes of tbyse peple tbat were reported to bym 
JSf Corbaaat commaunded tbat tbe cyte of Rages 
sbold be assieged, & after dydedo crye to assault; 

f3e tbem tbat were tbenn. But tbey tbat kept 
tbe toun deff ended tbem mocbe wel,in sucbe wyse 

about tbe toun tbre wekes; be bad no worsbyp ne 

prouffyttbere. _ .. - 

"|€ laste tbe grete and noble men or 

tbooste cam to bym, and sayde and 

C counseylled bym to departe fro tbe 

* siege, ffor be ougbt fyrst do tbat 

tbyng for wbicbe be cam, tbat is to 

^J 4.Lte take& slee alle tbem tbat 


in a morowtyde be sbold baue tbe toun of Rages, 

~ * 231 



and Bawdwyn,yf be were not deed, tbey sbold take 
and bynde bym, and presente bym to tbeyr lordas 
a sbeep or a motonjj^fieacorded to tbeyr counseyl 
and departed fro tbens, but allewaye tbe taryeng 
tbat tbe TTurkes bad made sauyd oure pylgryms, 
ffor tbe mater was not so acorded bytwene Buy- 
mont & bis frende, tbat yf tbey bad com en strayt 
to Hntbyocbe, oure men bad ben in ouer gretemes- 
cbyef bytwene tbem tbat be brought, and tbe otber 
TTurkes tbat were in tbe toun, 
Rowour men, beyng aduertysedof tbe grete boost 
of Corbagat, sente somme of tbeyr knygbtes for 
to esteme tbem, & wbat tbey reported of tbat tbey 
bad seen, capitulo Cxiiij,*?,*? 

H6 tydynges began strongly to 
growe of tbis people tbat cam, 
and it was no merueyll yf tbey 
were effrayed in tbe booste of 
tbe pylgryms, TTbe barons as- 
sembled in counseyl,&ordeyn- 
ed by comyn acord, tbat somme 
of tbeyr wysemen tbat under- 

stode tbem in sucbe tbynges as to esteme peple in 
tbe f elde sbold goo and knowe tbeir couyneXo tbis 
were cbosen Dreues de J^elle, Clarembault de Ven- 
Tlbey ledde witb tbem otber knyabtes, knowen and 
preuy d in armes, Tlbey departed fro tboost so f erre, 
tbattbeyapproucbed tbeUurkes, wbom tbey sawe, 
and folowed tbem fro fer.JSeuertbeles tbey wel ap- 
perceyued, tbatlyke as water rennetb in tbesee, cam 



fro alle partes grete rowtesandmerueyllousplente 
of pcplc in tbis boosteof Cor bagatj^Oise noble 
men wenteso ferr tbat tbey sawe& knewe alletbevr 
beyng and strengtbe, and sytb drewe tbem to tbe 
barons,and sayd to tbem tbe troutbeXbe barons 
prayde and deflP ended tbem al 90 dere as tbey bad 
tbe werk of oure lord, tbat tbey wold not descouere 
tbis tbyng to tbe foote men of tboost in no wyse, 
but kepe it secrete fro tbem, flPor it sbold be grete 
peryll yf tbey knewe tbe troutb tbat tbey sbold flee 
away by nygbt, and be alle in despayr. 
Of tbe counseyl tbat our peple toke for to ordeyne 
tbeyr nedes wf>an tbey knewe tbe comyngof tbis 
,rigbt grete boost, capitulo Cxv&& 

HB barouns toke counseyl, on 
wbom tbefaites and burtbon of 
tbiswerke laye,bow tbeymygbt 
conteyne tbem in tbis greuous 
poynt in wbicbe tbey were, Som 
tberwere tbatgaf counseyl tbat 
tbey sbolddeparte fro tbe siege, 
. &tr>atsommeof tbemon bors- 
bak,andtbey on footesboldeabydefortokepetbat 
tbey of tbe toun sboldnotmoweioynetotbeotber, 
& sommeotber tbe best borsedsbold ledeof tbem 
on foote a grete partye ayenst Corbagat, & fygbt 
ayenst bym. Tbe tbyng was in grete doubte, and 
wystenotbow to acordej^Buymont, wban besawe 
tbem so surprised, called tbe duc6odeffroy,tberle 
of f laundres, fiuon de)VLayne, tbe du c of Norman - 
dye,and tberleofCbolouse, and sytb sayd to tbem 



HYRlordc8,l8ccyou in mocbe grctc 
doubtc, and it is no merueyl, ffor the 
comyngeof tbis puyssauntman that 
cometb on vs and bryngetb witb bym 
so grctc plcntc of our enemyes.JNeye 
be not yet acorded in wbat maner ye 
sbalattende, ne wbat sballe be your countenaunce 
wban be sbal come, ne 1 can not saye to you as me 
memetbtbyngtbat by tbis waymay mocbe auaylle. 
for yf weyssue all ayenst tbe turhes, lyheas some 
men counseylle, somme in one partye & tbat otber 
to abyde, as otber counseyl, we baue loste our payne 
and our dispencis in tbe siege of tbis toun, ffor as 
soneaswe sbaldepartefro bens, or alle orbalf, tbey 
tbatcomen sbalsendein totbetoun greteplenteof 
vytaylles, and fressbe men put in to it. Yeoman 
abyaeat tbe siege tbissbal be good for tbem to do, 
&yf tberabyde a parte tbey sbal not leue for tbem. 
for wban we be alle togydre, vnnetbe maye we con- 
straynetbemof tbe tounjtbenne tbe fewetbatsbal 
abyde,bow may tbev baue tbe force & my gbt ay ens t 
tbem witbin.'Cberror me tbyncketb tbat we muste 
secbe otber remedye& counseyl, tbat wemay fynde 
maner bow tbis cy te maye beyolden to vs, & tbat we 
maye be witbin to fore er tbyse Curhes come: tbis 
sbal beamoresuretbyng.Yfyedemaunde bow tbis 
maye be,Isbalsbewe you tbe way andmanerebow it 
sbal wel be as me semetb.l baue a frende in tbis cyte, 
a treweman & wyse, after tbat 1 can apperceyue. ttle 
baue couenaunted, be and 1 to gydre, wberfor be 
ougbt to delyuer to me a tour mocbe strong & wel 
gamyssbed of alle tbat nedetb,wbicbe be boldetb, 


wban I sbal demaunde bym.l muste ayue to bym, 
tbusdoyng,agretepartye of my goodand bauoyr, 
and francbysesand other alyaunces muste kepe to 
bym and bys. But this mayc not be, but tbat cebe 
of you gyue oucr bis part to me, and quytc bym of 
ony part of tbecyte, tbat itsbal abydc tomcandto 
myn beyres for euermore,fror other wyse be enten- 
detb not tbat shall delyuer bit. Y? ** plese you, in 
tbismaneryemay baue tbe toun ; &if yewilgraunte 
this, I will somone and warne bim to doo tn sucbe 
wyse, tbat tbyse couenauntes bewelaccomplyssb- 
ed by godes grace. Hnd yf it plese you not, and ye 

my parte to one of you or to another of oure com- 
panye, yf be wyl delyuer to vs tbe cyte. Hnd god 
knowetb it sbal plese wel, & I sbal be rigbt ioyous 
in good f ay tb. 

Row after tbat Buymont bad declared bisfayte to 
alle tbebooste, tbey acorded tbat tbe toun sbold be 
bis, sauf tbe erle of Cbolouse, capitulo Cxvj^^ 

TBH^ tbe baron 8 berd tbis tbey 
bad grete ioye in tbeir bertes, 
and anon acorded to tbis tbat 
Buymont requyredjfiFSuery 
man graunted bis part tbat 
be sbold be quyte tberof , ex- 
cept only tberle of TTbolouse, 
J wbicbe, in a reuerrye wberyn be 
was, sayde tbat be wold not acqiiyte bis part, ne 
gyue it ouer to noman lyuyngj^Cbe other barons 
promyeed certeynly tobolde it, Agaf tobym tfteyr 
f aytb tbat tbey sbold not discouere it to noman. 


Tbey prayd bym that be wold wysely brynge tbis 
mater aboute, & dylygently laboure taccomplissbe 
it, ffor gfrete peryllmygbt come in tbe taryeng of 
it Tbe counseyl departed tbus^Tbis Buymont, 
wbicb was wyse and trewe, spak to tbe messager 
tbat knewe tbeyr couyne, & sen te bym to bis frende* 
Hnd bad bym saye tbat tbe barons bad graun ted to 
bym tbat tbe toun sbold be bolly bis with mocbe 
iglad cbere, tberfor be somoned bym by bis faytb 
tbat be sbold accom ply ssbe tbisnextnygbt booly 
tbat be bad promyeed bym. 

J^B tbyngnapped tbis same day tbat 
was mocb belpyng to tbis werke, and 
frende of Buymont named Gmyrf er- 
yus entremedled mocbe of tbaff ayres 
andtbyngesof Hncean &of tbetoun, 
'Tbis same day, wban be was besy in tbis werke, be 
sente bis sone, tbat was tbo grete, to bis bows for 
to f etcbe somwbat.<Hban be cam to tbe tour baste- 
ly, be f ounde tbat one of tbe grete admyrals of tbe 
toun pleyed & deled witb bismodenCCman be sawe 
tbis, be bad so grete sorowe in bis bertetbat be ran 
agayn to bis fader, and told to bym ly ke as be bad 
f ounden it j0 Tbe fader was a mocbe wyseman, & 
was mocbe sore angry, and sayd tbyse wordes to 
bis sone : f ayr sone, it semetb not ynowgb to tbyse 
f als boundes tbat tbey takefro vsalletbat webaue, 
& kepe vsf owle in tbeir seruage, but witb tbis, tbey 
doo vs alle tbe sbame tbat tbey maye. By tbe ayde 
of Ibesu Criste, in wbom I by leue, I sbal laboure & 
doopaynetofyndetbemaner by wbicbe tbeir power 


and mygbt ebal be lassed, mynnyssbed, & sbort- 
fed, & tbey sbal baue guerdon for tbe euyl tbat tbey 
; bauedontovs. 

B made tbenne no semblaunt of an- 
gre tbat be bad, but sentc bis sonc to 
fcuymont anon by tbe maner tbat be 
was acustomed to goo, & badde bym 
tbat be sbold be redy, ffor as to bym 
$ be wold bold bym tbisnygbt alle bis 
coucnauntes* Re badde bym also tbat alle tbe bar- 
,ons of tbooste sbold yssue oute about none, euery 
[man armed in bis bataylle,&mahe semblaunt for to 
goo ayenst Corbagat, & after in tbe begynnyngof 
tbenygbt toretomeagayn pryuely witboutenoyse, 
and bepe tbem so armed &redy to dootbat sbal be 
sayd to tbem aboute mydnygnt J9 Buymont was 
mocbe ioyouswban be berdtbis message, and aftir 
ledde bym to fore tbe barons, to wbom tbis tbyng 
was discouerd, & made bym saye in tbeyr presence 
tbe wordes as be bad brougbt. Tbe barons wban 
tbey berd bym were mocbe ioyous, & sayd wel tbat 
tbis counseyl was good and faytbf ul,and of grete 
courage acorded tberto. 



Row tbey of flntbyocbe bad f ere of treson, & bow 
tbey assembled in counseyl, & of tbat wbicbe6m~ 
yrfrnus deposed t bere at, capitulo Cxvij^^ 

[IVetbyngbappedin tbis toun 
tbat is acustomed of te to come 
in grete werkes, TTbey tbat bad 
tbe kepyng& cbarge of tbe toun 
began to baue suspection witbin 
tbeyr bertes,&deuyned tbat tbe 
cyte sbold be by/trayed, TTbey 
knewe no reson ne bow, ne tbey 
apperceyued no grete semblaunce, but alway tbat 
one spak to tbat otber of tbe grete men, and tbem 
semed tbat it sbold falle jfiF So mocbe aroos tbis 
murmur and wordes, tbat tbey assembled to fore 
Hncean, lord of tbe toun, and told to bym tbat bis 
men bad sucbe fere, and it was not witbout reson, 
fFor tbe cristen men were in tbe toun, and were in 
doubte tbat by tbem dominate mygbt come to tbe 
cyte, *Cbey ledde so Hncean witb wordes tbat tbev 
made bym to be af erd also, Hnon be sente for bvm 
tbat was named Gmyrf ery us, and told to bvm bow 
tbts worde ranneabout,& by cause be belde bvm for 
a wyseman, be demaunded wbat counseyl be wold 
gyue bere on. Re, tbat was sbarp of entendement& 
apperceyuyng, knewanon tbat bis lord demaunded 

tbynge by wbtcbe besbold besuspecte, & knewe wel 
tbat tbis assemblee was tbere made by cause tbey 
bad suspection ♦ fie tbougbt wel to bryn ge tbem out 
of tbis wenyng by bis answere, and sayd: 


H Y^ lordes,ye be by e, noble,& wyse- 
men, allc tbey of tbe toun ougbt to 
conne ye good tbancke, and tbc lord 
]] specially, of tbis tbat ye ymagyne & 
doubte of trayson,ffor in so grctc a 
tbyngasye baue to kepe, ougbt to be 
doubted allc tbat may be/falle; ffor we be in peryll 
of our lyues, of oure f rancbyses, of wyues, of cbyl- 
deren & berytages. Xlbxec ben tbynges tbat ougbt 
to be well vnderstanden and kepte. But me semetb 
tbat by two wayes maye be gyuen counseyl in tbis 
'tbyng, in sucbe wyse tbat yf ony were vntrew and 
sucbe a traytre tbat wold deetroye bis countrey be 
,sbold baue no power. Tbis tbynge mygbt not be 
don ne spoken of but by tbem tbat baue tbe toures 
in kepyngXberfor me tbynketbyf ye baue suspec- 
tion berof , yemay wel remedye it by ofte remeuyng 
tbem fro tbeyr places, ffor tbis tbynge may not be 
deuysed but by mocbe grete leyser. Hnd wban ye 
cbaunge tbem tbus ofte, in sucbe wyse tbat tbey 
tbat beberetbis nygbt sbal be settetbe next nygbt 
fer tbens,wberetbey sbal bauenoknowlecbe,ber by 
ye sbal take fro tbem alle tbe ease for to commune 
^orspeke of ony trayson, 

|fiHJN tbey berd tbis counseyl tbat 
tbis cristen man Bmyrf eryus gaf to 
tbem , tbey acorded alle wel tberto, & 
by tbis fy lie from tbem alle tbe sus- 
pection from tbeyr bertes tbat tbey 
badayenst tbem, Hnd tbus as be bad 
it was nygbt, and so grete remeuyngmygbt not be 


made but by space of tymeXbelordcommaunded 
tbem to kepe alle tbe cyte boolyXbus departed tbey 
fro tbe counseyl jfiF Gmyrf eryus tbat sawe wel tbat 
tbe tbynge tbat be bad enterprised,yf be and Buy- 
effect without tbat ony man sbold perceyue it 

Of tbe mescbyef tbat tbe TTurkes made euery daye 
to tbe cristen men tbat were in Hn tbyocbe en baby t- 
yng witb tbem, ca pltulo Cxviij^^ 

RO tbe begynnyng tbat tbe cyte 

was assyeged, tbe tTurkes of tbe 

j toun bad in great suspection tbe 

Grekes, Surryens & fteremyns, 

& generally alle tbe otber cristen 

men tbat duellyd in Hntbyocbe- 

Qlberof it bapped tbat tbe poure 

cristen men tnat badnot in tbeyr 

bowses gamyson sufficiaunt for longe tyme, tbey 

jmade tbem to voyde tbe toun and alle tbeyrmeyne, 

) if or tbey wold not tbat tbe cyte were charged ne en- 

combred witb tbem, 0>ey reteyned tbe ryebe men 

witbin by causetbey bad vytayllynowgb; tbey kepte 

daye, & toke fro tbem alle tbeyr tbyngesXbey cbac- 
ed tbem to tbe labours and werkes of tbe toun • vf 
tbey bad walles for to make or amende, tbey bare 'tbe 
stones, tbemorter, & sande;yf tbey woldeadresse 
engyns for to caste stones or otber instrumentes 
of warretbey mustedrawe tbe cordes;andneuer as 
longe as tbey f onde cristen men tbey sought none 
otber for to doo sucbe werkes. And wban tbey bad 

trauaylled longe, in etede of rewardee tbev leddc 
tbem & bctc tbem tburgb tbc etretee, in eucbe wyee 
tbat tbey badlcucr tobaucbcn caeteout of tbetoun 
attebegynnyngewitb tbc otbcr tban to be reteyned 
witb inu^Cbieeuffieednot to tbyee fale boundee, 
tbat tbue grcucd tbcm of tbc toun tbat were crieten ; 
tbus were tbey acorded viij dayee to f ore, to epeke to 
6myrferyue,frende of Buymont, tbat tbey wolde 
eleealle tbe crieten men, and bad don it yf oneof tbe 
admyraleof tbetoun bad not letted and empeeeb- 
ed it, wbicb wae alway pry ue and frende of tbe crie- 
ten men jSf He made to delaye it vij dayee by tbie 
reaeon , ff or be eayd to tbem : f ayr eire, I bope tbat 
tbe crieten men tbat baue aeeieged ve ebal departe 
fro tbe eieae witb in viij dayee for doubte of Corb- 
agat wbicb cometb, and yf tbey departe, wby eball 
we elee tbe crieten men tbat ben in tbie toun? Hnd 
yf tbey departe not, tbenne maye ye doo ae ye baue 
deuyeed J? Cbyee viij dayee were now paeeed, in 
1 ly to tbem tbat bad tbe cbarge, tbat tbey ebold elee 
tbem tbeeame nygbt. 

" RGJHJS tbe eame day at none tt wae 

cryed tburgb tbe booete of tbe pyl- 

gryme,tbatalle tbey tbat bad boreee 

were armed, and to drawe euery man 

to bie bataylle, wbere be wae coneti- 

tuted and ordeyned for to doo tbat 

tbeyr captayne ebold commaunde tbem* 0>e men 

on foote knewe notbyng wbat tbey ebold doo, ne 

tbe boreemen neytber, eauf tbey tbat Buymont bad 

aduertyeedXbue departed tbey frotbooete allem 

ordenaunce;it seemed wel tbat tbey wold goof erre; 
tbey wente forth tyl it was nygbtj^CHban it was 
derfee it was commaunded that tbey sbolde retome 
agayne secretely without ony noyse, and that tbey 
sbold bolde tbem armed in tbeyr todays JS? 'Cbis 
to fore, bad a brotner witb bym, but be was not of 
sucbe courage as be was* tlbe good man bad sayd 
no tbynge to bym of tbat be purposed to doo, Ifor 
be doubted mocbe be wold not be agreable tberto. 
XZbcy weretogyderein tbe tourat tbe bourof none; 
wban tbe batayllesyssuedof tbooste, tbey bebelde 
it by tbe bata yllementes, 

WYRfeKyUSwold preue& knowe 
tbe courage of bis broder, wbicbe was 
yonger tban be, and sayd to bym: 
f ayr swete broder, I baue mocbe grete 
pyteof tbyse byemen tbat tbou seest 
there, ffor tbey be of oure creaunce, 
mocbe f ay tbful & good cristen men, JNfowryde tbey 
al so surely asyf tbey ougbtnotbyngtodoubte, & 
their detb 19 f ul nygh tbem, ifor it may not be that 
they may resiste ayenst tbem that come, & ayenst 
tbem of the toun,and yf tbey knewe it 1 trowe tbey 
wold take other counseylj^fiis broder answerd* 
This is a mocb folyssh pyte tbat tbou bast,andl 
seethe m a gretemusardye.Certainly it sbold plese 
me wel tbat tbe Turkes bad nowe smeton of alle 
their beedes, and slayn tbem alle tbat tbou seest 
there depart, and alle the other in lyke wyse, Ifor 
neuersyth tbey entred in totbislonde we had neuer 



fre many euilles by tboccasion of tbcir comyng, & 
tberf or t may not louc tbem* But 1 wold tbat tbey 
sbold bauc an euyl endyng, and tbat rigbt soone 
jj^CHban Gmyrferyus bad bcrd tbyse wordes be 
doubted to fore wnat to saye to bis broder of bis 
purpoos, but fro tbis fortb be doubted nomore,& 
began to batebym mocbein bis courage*Re tbougbt 
wel tbat by bym mygbt be destroubled tbe grete 
avauncement of cristendome; tberfore be was in 
arete anguyssbe bow be mygbt delyuer bym self 
from bym* 

Of tbedilygence tbatBuymont made in tbis werke, 
and bow Gm vrf eryus slewe bis brother, & delyuerd 
tbe toun to tne cr isten men, capitulo Qxi%g*g* 

dYNOJ^tTsleptenot tbisnygbt, 
if or be sbold baue ben mocbedis- 
}' plesyd, yf by bis neclygence tbis 
werke sbold be taryecL Re wente 
ofte to tbe barons tbat knew of 
tbis tbynge, f or tobe counseylled. 
Re belde in bis bonde a laddre of 
cordes,mocbe subtylly made; a- 
boue, it sbold be fasted to tbe creneaux of tbe walle 
witb goodand stronge crocbettes of yron,and for 
to fastne also in tbe ertbe J& (Oban it cam aboute 
mydnygbt, be toke bis messaofer tbat knewe bis 
secrete pryuely, & sen te bym to bis frende to knowe 
yf it were yet tyme tbat be sbold approucbe to the 
wallys, ffor bym tbougbt tbat alle tbe cyte was in 
mocne peas and restejj^CClban tbis messager cam 
be bad bym abyde tbere stylle, and saye no worde 



tyl that the maysterof the watcbe were departed & 
passyd by; if or the custome was sucbe in tbecyte, 
tbat a noble and wyseman sbold sercbeand vysyte 
euery nygbt tbe watcbe, and amende tbat as tbey 
in tbe nygbt, witb a grete companye of peple tbat 
bare ligntj^Itwasnotlongeafter, tbat becamand 
sawe in tbe tour wbere Gmyrferyus was, and sawe 
alletbynges welordeynedandin gooddisposicion ; 
and it pleeyd bym wel, and passed fortb. 

R1S man sawe tbenne tbat it was 
tyme to perf orme bis werke^and say d 
to tbe messager : Goo tby way dyly- 
gfen tly, and saye to tby lord tbatnow 
is tyme to doo well, and tbat be come 
to tore tbis tour; & see tbat be baue 
good companye witb bym &trewejSTCbe messager 
departed forthwith. Gmyrferyus entred in to tbe 
tour, and founde bis broder slepyng mocbe faste. 
He bad fere tbat be sbold awake er tbe werke were 
accomplyssbyd, and tbat be mygbt destrouble it; 
tberfore be toke bis swerd, and roof bym tburab 
botbe sydes, & slewe bymj^€be messager cam to 
Buymont, and told bym bis erande. Re cam incon- 
tinent to fore tbe tour, and tbe otber barons witb 
bym tbat kneweof tbe werke. 6cbeof tbem bad but 
a f ewe witb tbem, but tbey were good & trew. 6m- 
yrfenus put out bis beedandsalewed tbem, & tbey 
resalewed bym; and after aualeda corde doun tbe 
wall. €bey toke it, and bounde it faste to tbende 
of tbe laddre of cordes. Cdban it was bounden and 
drawen vp,fastned & attached witb tbe crocbettes 

of yron aboue, there was none that was so bardy 
tbat wold fyrst goo vp* CCIban Buymont sawe tbis 
be toke tbenne tbeladdrefirst,asavalyaunt man & 
ardant taccomplyssbe tbe werke, and wente vp til 
be cam to tbe batillemen t. Bmyrf eryus knewe anon 
tbat it was Buymont, & toke bym by tbe arme, and 
kyssed bis bonde. Buymont wente vpon tbe walle, 
and kyssed bym swetly. He tbanked bym of tbe 
seruvce tbat be bad don. 

myRf 6RYCIS ladde bym in to tbe 
1 towre, &sayde to bym t Bebolde,and 
see wbatlbaue don for god and you* 
Cbis man, tbatye see bere deed, is my 
brotber germayn; I baue slayn bym 
I by cause be wolde not acorde to tbis 
werke tbatye & IbaueenterprysedjSPBuymontbad 
mocbe grete ioye, if or fro tbenne f ortbon knewe be 
well tbatbisfrendedyde alle in good faytb; tbenne 
cam to tbe creneuls,andput oute bis beede& called 
bis peple, and sayd tbat tbey sbold come vp dyly- 
gently by tbe laddre. €bey durste not go vp, but 
tbat was mocbe valyaun t & iust, put doon bis f oote 
on tbe laddre,andaescended doun to tbe ertbe,and 
sayd to tbem : f ayr lordes, ye tarye ouer longe, tbere 
is no doubte, ff or knowe ye certaynly tbat tbis good 
man batb sbewde to me bis brotber, wbom be bath 
slayn f or loue of vs j&Glban tbey berd tbis, tbey all 
toke tbe laddre, be tbat my gbt best beste, & moun t> 
ed vp so many, tbat tber were men ynowgb on tbe 
walleXberle of f laundres went vp, andean ere, for 
tenseyn tbe otber bow tbey sbold doo, <Oban tbe 
rs M5 

fyret towr was wel garnyssbcd with men, tbey 


)Of tbe mayntene of tbc cristen men in tbis pryse, 
and of tbe affraye of tbe Curkes of tbc tounf capi- 
l tulo Cxx& & * 

YC tbe foote of tbe laddre abode 

duyte tbooste,<JCIban tbey sawe 
tbat tbey bad vpon tbe walles 
men ynowe tbat my gbt gamy 9- 
isbe dyuerse toweres, tbeye ran 
has tely to tbe lodgys f or tomake 
t n ,~» ** +u -Jtbepeple arme tbem/& todrawe 
nerer to tbende tbat tbey mygbt al be redy for to 
entre in wban our men tbat were on tbe walles made 
to them a mgne^Our men tbat were mounted vp 
I on tbe walles were notydle, but were noble & bardv 
in such wise tbat tbey bad anon x towres taken alle 
marenge,andbadslayn alle tbem tbat tbey founde 


men of tbe toun wban tbey berde tbe novse bad 

supposed certaynly tbat tbey badslayn thicrfeSn 

»mcn, lyke a S tbey bad commaunded, and tbat th£ 

affraye bad be fornoneotber tbyngf 1 t fS meued 

)not oute of tbeyr bcddcs WtS^^ ™hS 

►oure men were goon vp, wa 9 a posterne. Our mm 

tbatwereon tbe w*Ues descended 

lock9,and opened tbe yate,m9ucbwyse tbat many 

tbat was called tbe gate of tbe brydge, and all? tbe 

> watcbe that kepte it tbey slewe, & after opened the 

>gate^H squ^erof Buymontysran til be cam toan 

bye towre, wbicbe was vpon the tertre by tbe don- 

geon of tbe toun; tbere be fyxed tbe baner of Buy- 

mont bis lord. 

RHJHourepeple tbatwere in tbe toun 
apperceyued tbat tbedaye was nygb, 
3 and tbe dawenyng appiered, tbenne 
anabusynes,f or to calle altbe people 
of tbe boostejjTCbe barons vnder- 
>stode tbe signe, &smote tbe bors witb tbe spores, 
and entred by tbe yates wbicbe tbey founde opene 
witballe tbeyr batayllesXbe foote men of tbooste 
awoke,tbat knewe notbyng of tbis counseyllXbey 
'sawe tbe tentes empty and voyde, and apperceyued 
tbat tbe toun was taken ; tbenne began tbey bastely 
lOtberjfiTCbeTAirkes of tbe toun awoke, &berde tbe 
noyse, & sawe tbe men of armes tburgb tbe stretes. 
tbenne apperceyued tbey in wbat poynt tbey were; 
tbey began to flee out of tbeyr bowses, &lede tbeyr 
wyues and cbilderen witb tbem. 3dban tbey fiedae 
^f ro one rowte of our men tbey recountred another 
' fretter, wbicbe slewe tbem alle. 

RG Surryens,tbe fiermyens, and tbe 
otber cristen men of tbe toun apper- 
ceyued tbat tbe tbyng wente so ; tbey 
bad mocbe arete ioye, and toke tbe 
armes bastely, and wente fortb witb 
our men and tolde to tbem tbe places 
where mooste peple were, and where the tresours 
M *47 

werej^Cbey tben slewe tbe Curkes mocbc gladly ; 
tbey payned tbcm mocbc torendre to tbcm tbc guer- 
don of betynges andtormentes tbat tbey bad don 
totbemj^tboost wastbenneentredin totbetoun ; 
tbc barons bad sette tbeir baners on tbc toures; 
grctc occision & slaughter bad be in tbe toun ; tbey 
spared noman, ne woman, ne cbilde; tbey brak vp 
dores and cbestes ; ye sbold baue seen gold & sy luer 
departed in tbe stretes.Xt semetb well a tbyngcon- 
quered& wonne by warrej^^dbat sballmakelong 
deuyses ? Tiber were slayn of tbem of tbe toun tbat 
day moo tban x JVI, of wbom tbe bodyes laye alle 
bare in tbe wayes and stretes. 
f>ow Hncean, lord of Hntbyocbe, fkdde by a pos~ 
terne out of tbe toun, and be was recountred& put 
to detb,capitulo O XXJ&4* 

^S^ftH]^ Hncean sawe tbat tbe cvte 
wastbus bytrayed,and tbat nis 
peple tbat mygbt escape fledde 
an bye in to tne f ortresse of tbe 
^ dongeon, be doubted mocbe to 
1 goo tbeder,ffor be tbougbt wel 
tbat tbe cristen men wold enuy- 
ronne incontinent tbis tour yf 
ibe entrcdXberfor be yssued out at a posterne out 
/of tbe toun, & wente allone as be bad be oute of bis 
'wytte,ne be knewe not wbetber be mygbt goo & flee 
for to kepe bym^ban be wente tbus by tbe f eldes 
mocbe ferre fro tbe cyte, certeyne Rermyns mette 
bym & knewe bym, & mocbe merueylled wbat tbis 
mygbt be; & after tbougbt tbat tbe cyte was taken, 
Hnd tbey approcbed bym, lyke as tbey wold baue 
enclyned to bym as tbey were woonte, but tbenne 

.?— "=* 



tbey toke bym, and smote bym doun to tbc tbertbe, 
ana after witb a swerde smote of bis beed, & bare 
it in to tbe toun, and presented it vnto tbe barons 
to fore tbe peple* 

JjpTG maner peple was comenin toHn- 
tbyocbe,wbicb were not of tbe toun, 
tbat were come for to deff ende tbeyr 
lawe,andotber for to be souldyours, 
andotberforprowesse of armes,and 
to gete bonour & prysXbyse knewe 
tbeir borses alle armed, & begonne to renne ayenst 
tbe bylle toward tbedongeon, & by aduenture tbey 
mette a route of our men, tbus as tbey wente secb- 
yngin tbe toun, wbicbe ran on tbem mocbe bardy- 
lyXbyse maner of peple wold baue escbewedtbem, 
and smote tbeyr bors toward tbe valeye, and fylle 
doun of a ban eke in sucbe wyse tbat tr>ey were alle 
to brused, men, bors, bamoys & aby llementes, tber 
were deed wel a iij C j& Som tber were tbat in tbe 
toun were bom,wban tbey apperceyuedin tbemorn- 
yng tbat our men were witbin,tbey toke tbeir bors 
and rode out bv tbe yates tbat our men bad open- 
edXber were ofoure men tbat wente aftir and sued 
tbem, & brougbt many of tbem agayn, wbom tbey 
put in pryson ; som otber escaped, S. ran vnto tbe 

BOOT: tbe bour of tierce, wban tbe 
toun was sercbed,our peple assem- 
bled, and anon apperceyued tbat in 
alle tbe toun was no vytayll; and it 
was not wondre, ff or tbe siege bad 
tbenne endured nygb ix monetbes, 






and mocbe pcplc bad ben tberin duryng tbe siege, 
but gold,syluer, preceous iewellis,& vessel of dy- 
uerse facions, clothes of sylke, and ryebe tappets, 
& of otber tbynges tbey founde so mocb, tbat ecbe 
^of our men was all charged, as mocb as tbey mygbt cam wel to poyn t to oure poure py Igryms for 

tbey bad suffredXber were f ounden in tbe toun v C 
good bors of armes, but tbey were right lene & wery 
JP'Cbue was tbe cyte of Hntbyocbe taken, tbe yere 
of tbyncamacion of our lord a JV1 toexxviij, tbe iij 
day of tbe monetb of luyn. 
Row, after tbat our men made grete slaughter of 
tbeyr enemyes,our men belde counseyl for to take 
tbe dongeon, tbenne beyng seased or tbe burkes, 
capttulo Cxxifr&P 

R6 pylofryms tbat were tbeder 
comen fro many countrees by 
grete labour, were tbenne f ul of 
sbedyng of tbe blood of tbeir 
enemyes.TTbe barons assembl- 
ed in counseyl, and aduysed e- 
monge tbem tbat tbis werk was 
not yet parfygbt, but tbat tber 

was yet trauay 11 & peryll tyl tbat tbe dongeon were 
taken &goten,wbicbe was right stronger wel crar- 
nyssbed with walles of the toun. Cbey sette good 
warde and kepersof allethe yates,and dydedo crye 
thurgb alle tbe toun to assault, and commaunded 

taynej^Olhan tbey cam tbeder, they knewe wel cer- 


taynly that tbiswasnot atbyngeligbtly tobegot- 
en, ffor the fortresse mygbte not be goten but by 
famyne;tberfortbey trauay lied but lytil,but witb- 
drewe tbem, & made tbe peple toretorneXbis mon- 
tayne, tbat is aboue tbe toun, is deuydedin tweyne, 
like as I sayd to fore, by a depe valley e,wbicbe is as 
stepe as it were plom doun.tbe sycte wbicbe is to- 
ward tboryent is mocb fayrer, vpon a playne wel 
brode, ful of vygnes and londe erableXbat otber 
partye, toward tbe weste, is mocbe byer, as a man 
sbold goo vp rigbt, and rigbt vpon tbe sommet, at 
toppe of tbe tertre, stondetb tbedongeon,f erme of 
ouer stronge walles and tby eke toures,tbey be bye & 
grete toward tboryent; & toward nortbeste, about 
tbe valeye, it is so deep tbat it semetb a rigbt belle, 
& it is an bydoustbyngetobebolde,ltcoudeneuer 
be ymagyned bow it mygbt be myned/Co ward tbe 
,west tbe bill is lower; bytwene tbts bille&tbedon- 
'geon is a valleye, & in tnis valleye fro tbe dongeon 
vn to tbe toun is a way , wbicbe is so stray t tbat witb 
g rete payne o ne man allone maye ofoo or come. 

r>G barons acorded tbat tbey wold 
closetbis litil terter&waye,totbende 
tbat tbey of tbe dongeon sbold not 
mowedescendcnedooeuyllne barme 
to oure men in tbe cyte* tbey made a 
wall mocbe stronge of lyme&sonde, 
in wbicbe tbey put men of armes ynowe,and welin 
poynt/Cbey sette on tbe walks stones, andengyns 
>redy for to caste stones yf tbe burkes descended 
and cam doun j^O>e barons wente in to tbe toun 
for to take counsey I of otber werkes* It was ordeyn- 
ed and deuysed tbat alle men sbold retome and a- 



byde there about tbis newe walle tyl that the don- 
geon were taken, sauf the due Godefiroye, wbicbe 
by comyn counseylof alle, sbold abyde for to kepe 
the gate of the est; and the fortresse that our men 
bad made witboute tbe gate, tbat was delyuerd to 
Buymont j^TTbey berde tydyngee tbat tbis grete 
prynce Corbagat, of wbom X baue spoken to fore, 
sbold arryue shortly, ffor be was tbenne entred in 
to tbe londe of Hn tbyocbe. It was acorded tbat tbey 
sbolde sende a wyse man vnto tbe see, and saye to 
tbem tbatweregoon for to doo tbeyr tbynges, tbat 
tbey sbold retourne bastely, and brynge in to tbe 
cyte alle tbe vytaylles tbat tbey mygbtf yndeXbey 
tbem self tbat were in Hn tbyocbe, ran alle tbe coun- 
trey about for to secbe vytaylles, but tbey f ounde 
but litilXbe labourers of tbe playnecoun trey were 
mocbeioyous tbat tbe cyte was in tbe bandes of tbe 
pylgryms,for tbey were of ourfaytb.HU tbat tbey 
bad byd tbey brought; but it was not mocbe, for 
tbe longe siege baddestroyed tbe countrewitbout, 
and emptyd tbe toun witbin, 
Row wby les tbooste gamyssbed tbe toun, somme 

oftboostofCorbagatcamrennyngtoforeit ca»i- 
tulo Cxxiij^?^ K 

IRB second day after tbe toun 
wastaken,wbylesoure peple en- 
tended to gamyssbe tbe cyte, 

| cam three bonderd men of tbe 
boost,al in poynt, of Corbagat, 
wel armed & borsed vpon lygbt 
borses,for to see yf tbey mygbt 

I fynde ony of oure men tbat rode 

folyly by the countre* They embussbed tbcm allc 
sauf xxx, tbc best borsed, wbicbe cam to fore tbe 
toun/Cbey began torennenycely,for todraweoure 
men out of arraye Jf GIban oure men sawe tbem, 
tbey bad grete desdayne, and wende tbat it bad be 
a grete sbameyf tbey founde not to wbom tospeke 
wbom I bave spoken to fore, by wbom tbe booste 
bad bad many prouffytes by bis wy tte & prowesse, 
and was named Rogier de Barneuylle, and was of 
tbe companye of tbe due of JVormandye, be toke 
witb bym xv kny gbtes tbat be bad of bis meyne,and 
cam out of tbe toun ayenst tbe Turkes, as be tbat 
'was noble, valyaunt and bardy, and acustomed to 
doo f ayr f ay tes* 

DHJ^ besawe tbem^besmotebisbors 
witb bis spores toward tbem, and 
tbey by cautele torned& fledde,Our 
men folowed bastely so ferre tbat 
tbey launced vpon tbeyrwatcbe;tbey 
sprange oute of tbeembussbement, 
and ran vpon oure men, ffor tbey were many, & wel 
jproued in armes, Rogier relyed bis lytil f elawsbip, 
and cam deffendyng bym toward tbe toun, GIban 
bowe smote Rogier tburgb tbe body, in sucbe wyse 
tbat be fyl doun deed to fore bis nors, Hnon bis 
felaws witbdrewe tbem in to tbe tounXbeCurkes 
descended vpon bym, & smote of bis beed, seeynof 
tbey tbat were on tbe walles, tbey bare away tbe beed, 
andtbusdepartedj^Xbey of tbe toun yssuedoute 
witb grete crye, and tamentacion, as tbey tbat bad 

grctc losse. ITbey toke the body, and buryed it 

( honorably and witb grctc sorowein the porcbe of 

tbe cbircbeof seyntpeterXbe barons compleyned 

mocbe abouc tbc otber tbis noble man, as tbev tbat 

beste knewe bym. 

1 gow tbc tbyrde day after tbc gctyngc and pryse of 
Jttntbyocbe, Corbagat witb bis boost arrvued to 
fore tt, capita lo Cx xiKkfop 

™ \ ^6 tbe tbyrdc day after tbat 

Hn tbyocbe was tahen,tbis grete 
1 pryn ce Corbagat cam to tbe cy te 
in tbe momyng at tbe sonne 
rysyng, witb so grete plente of 
peple tbat alle tbe countre tbat 

— I of tbe toun was couerd witb 
them/che barons sawe mocbemore peple tban tbey 
berde saye of, for tbeyr boost en creced euery day, nc 
passed tbe brydge, and lodged bym bytwene tbe 
laye and tbe rvuer of Helle, wbicbe is wel a myle fro 
tbat one to tbat otber. r>e bad so grete plente of 

Ions, tbat tbe grete playne wberof I baue spoken to 

allereceyuetbem, but many of tbem lodaed tbem in 
tbe terrytoryes byj^Clban Corbagat bad be tbus 
> tbre dayes lodged bym tbougbt t&t be was oZ 
IZ a? ^ cyte, & by bis counseyl wold bemore ner 
tbe dongeon wbicb tbe Turkes belde, for to ayde & 
comforte tbem, and tbougbt for to put men in to 
.tbetoun by tbe yate tbat was under tbe dongeon 

— ~ 

ftlban be was lodged on that party e, be comprised 
fro the yate of the eest to the west yate all the syde 
of the toun toward the south, 

syde tbe parteof tbe eestwasafort- 
3resse,wbicbeouremen badmadevpon 
a litil tertre as 1 baue sayd, and was 
delyuerd to Buymont, but wban tbe 
toun was taken and tbe yate, be de- 
lyuerd tbis f ortresse to otber for to 
jkepe. TTberby lodged som burkes of tbooste of 
Corbagfat,tbey began tassay lie tbis tour/Cbey tbat 
Jwere wttbin dyde grete payne to deff ende tbem, but 
(it was ouermocbe cbarged witb grete plen te of peple 
tbat were tbere, & also witb archers, of wbom tbey 

tbat bis men bad ouermocbe to aoo,and bad good 

tbat were come ouer f er forth Re yssued out witb 
al bis bataylle, and smote bis bors witb bis spores 
toward tbe f ortresse, and sawe tbat tbere were ouer 
grete plen te of "Curkes to forebym, wbicb smote in 
to bis men, and began to demene tbem euyll,ffor 
ayenst one of tbem tber were x Oirkes^TTbe due 
knewe tbat bis strenatbe was not like tbeyres,and 
began to witbdrawe bym toward tbe toun, but to 
fore tbat tbey mygbt reentre in to tbe gate, tbe 
TTurkes assay led tbem so euyll tbat tber were ij C 
of tbe batayll of tbe due taken and deed* 


f)ow after that the due was within the barresof the 
toun, & many of bis men slayn, the Curkes entred 
in to the toun, capitulo Cxxv&& 

T)S due cam in to the toun mocbe 
angry of this dommagej^But 
wban tbeTTurkes knewe tbattbis 
bad be Godeffroye of Boloyne 
aroos in mocbe grete pryde; tber/ 
fore tbey wente tbens vnto tbe 
montayne and entred in to tbe 
toun by tbe yate of tbe dongeon, and surprysed 
somme of our men tbattokenonebede; witb bowes 
and witb swerdes tbey slewe tbem. But wban tbey 
were apperceyuedourmen cbassed tbem, but tbev 
put tbem in to tbe dongeon where tbey were saur. 
jj^busdyde tbey oftymesbarme,frbr tbey knewe 
another way to descende than that wbicbe our men 
bad garnyssbed, Cbe barons assembled for to take 
counseyl wbat tbey sbold doo of tbe peryll wberin 
tbey were. By corny n acorde it was ordeyned tbat 
Buymont & tbe erle of XTbolouse sboldmake tbere 
adyebe mocbe depe andbrode ynowgb bytwene tbe 
toun and the pendaunt of tbe montayne, 
^ iSs^afieYmade ittbereas it wasdeuysed, 
&made there a fortresse wbicbe tbey 
garnyssbedwel witb men wel armed. 
cbeCurkes tbatwerein tbe dongeon, 
and tbey also tbat were com en in by 
tbis gate, descended ofte by a way 
couerte vn to tbis fortresse, Hnd assay lied it mocbe 




fiersly,in sucbe wyseas tbey lete tbem bauenoreste; 
tbat it bappcd on a day, tbat so grete plente of 
Curkes descended tbat tbecryaroosin totbe toun. 
Cbatandyf tbeotber barons & knygbtes wbicbe 
were a/brodein tbe toun badnot comeandronne to 
tbem tbey bad slayn or taken tbyse noble men, tbat 
is to wete Buymont, Guerard du puyssat, Raoul 
er lordes tbat were in tbeyr companye jj^Hlle tbey 
were grete men and good knygbtes tbat were put in 
tbis newe fortresse for to def ende it But tberle of 
f laundres, tbe due of J^ormandye, and f)uon tbe 
^layneranne mocbe bastely tbeder,andmette witb 
tbe Curkes er tbey mygbt entre in to tbe dongeon. 
f Cbey slewe many, and many tbey receyued pryson- 


psx i^yjggfiS otber Curkes tbat escaped cam 
to foreCorbagat, & counted to bym 
tbat tbyse men of tbetoun were ouer 
f eers and bardye, and it semetb wban 
tbey ben in werke tbat tbey doubte 
notbynge tbe detb, ne tbis, ne tbat 
j^Corbagat, wbicbe was lodged in tbe montayne 
as I bauesayd, dydenot tberon mocbe bis prouffyt 
ne bis bonoure, ne be f ounde not tbere pasture for 
bis bors,asbe dyde bynetbe in tbe valeye/<Oban be 
sawe tbis be commaunded tbat be sbold be dis- 
lodged, & descended in to tbe valeye witb bis men, 
Re passed tbe riuer of fielle; tbere deuised be tbe 
places to bis barons about tbe toun^On tbe mom 
it bapped tbatlcan not say bow many Curkes ap- 
proved tbe cyte, and descended fro tbeyr borses, 
si 2 57 


for tosbote atourpeple that were on the wallesfor 
to comemorenerXan creyssued by the gate toward 
the eest,& stopped the way fro tbem in sucbewyse 
that er tbey myabt take tbeyr borses be slewe yj of 
tbem, & brougnt tbem tn to tbe toun fortorecom- 
Row our cristen men tbat a lytil to fore assieged 
tbe toun, were now assteged tn tbe same, capitulo 

ft tbts tymc durynge, tbe peple 
of tbe crtsten men tbat bad as- 
syeged flntbyocbe but a litil to 
fore, as ye baue berd, tbey were 
now tbem self assteged wttbtn ; 
tbus goon tbe cbaunges and mu- 
tations of tbe worldXbey bad 
_ mocbe grete trauayll for to kepe 
and deff ende tbe cyte ; it was to tbem ouer pery llous 
tbat tbe dongeon was so strong & so wel garnys- 
sbed as tt was. XTbey made to tbem of te grete as- 
say ties by daye & by nygbt, if or tbey of tbe booste 
cam in by tbe yate vnder tbe dongeon as of te as it 
plesyd tbem. Our men beaan to be mocbe abassb- 
>ed; tber weremany tbat tokenoregarde to tbeyr otb 
tbat tbey bad made to mayntene tbe companye ne 
to tbeyr bonoure, but by ny abt descended doun of 
i tbe walles by ropes and cordes andfledde to tbe see, 
&many of tbem tbeTTurkes toke wbom tbey slewe 
& brought in prisonXbey tbat mygbt escape cam 
vn to tbe porte, sayeng to tbe mercbauns & to otber 
pylgryms tbat were tbere comen, tbat tbey sbold 

disancre tbeyr sbippes &flee anon, flfor this prynce 
Corbagfat,wbom somocbe pcplc f olowed, bad tak- 
en Hntbyocbe by force, and bad slayn alle tbe bar- 
ons and alle tbem tbat be founde witbin, and tbey 
were escaped by ouer grete peryll and tiers aduent- 
ureXberf ore, sayd tbey to tbe maronners tbat tbey 
Hurques cam sercbynge tbe countre vnto tbe see & 
founde tbem tbere tbey sbold be alle delyuered to 
detbXbus tbey fledde alle for f eere, and tbey tbem 
self tbat brought tbise tydynges wente with tbem 
j0 Hnd to tbende tbat ye snold not suppose tbat 
tbyse were but mene peple, for tbe troutbe of tbis 
bystorye sparetbnoman,! sball name somme tbat 
tbus departed shamefully Xbat is to wete, <3uyl- 
lamme de 6ratemenyl, a noble man bom in JVor- 
mandye, wbicbe beld grete londe in puylle,& bad 
to bis wyf tbe suster of Buymont; Hubery Cbar- 
pen ter, Guy Croseaubc, Lambert le poure, & many 
otber bad they with tbem, 

^OJVIJVIS tbere were tbat dide werse, 
and for tbe messease of bungre and 
drede for to be slayn,yoldc tbem to 
tbet:urke8,& they tolde tbe certaynte 
of tbe meschief tbat oure men suffr- 
ed alle a longeto tbeOirkesj^JVIany 

abode in tbe toun tbat gladly wold baue goon, but 
Buymont by tbe counseyl of tbe bissbop of puy, 
dyde so make watcbe atte alle tbe gates and vpon 
tbe walles, and tohe kepe botbe by daye andnygbt 
that none sbold goo vp ne doun* Hnd tbey swore 
alle that tbey sbold not departe fro tbe companye, 
ne breke the commaundementes of Buymont, He 

92 2 59 

bym self wen tc euery nygbt tburgb the toun wytb 
grctc plente of men,and with grctc lygbt to tbende 
that no peryll sbold bappc nc trayson, f ourc for- 
tresses bad be wbicbe be muste nedes kepe, & bet- 
ter than tbe otberXbat one was on tbe lasse tertre 
ayenst tbedongeon, & that other was lower ayenst 
tbe assay lies that tbey madeXbetbyrde was witb- 
oute tbe eest gate, tbe wbicbe was made to kepe 
tbooste er tbe toun was take, XTbe f ourtbe was at 
tbende of tbe brydge, by wbicbe tbe porte of tbe 
brydge was kept, and tberle of Tbolouse kepte it 
fyrst, but wban tbe cyte was taken be lef te it, and 
entred into tbe tounXberle of f laundres toke it& 
aarnyssbyd it witb fyue bonderd men of armes, of 
knygbtes & other wel in poynt, ffor be thought yf 
tbeCurkes toke it our men mygbt not after yssue 
by tbe brydge, by which their strengtbe be mocbe 

Row Corbagat dyde do assaylle a f ortresse which 
tberle of f laundres kepte witboute tbe gate and of 
that ensiewed, c apitulo Cxxvij^^ 

|jV a daye it bapped that Corba- 
gat tbougbte that tbey of the 
toun bad ouermocbe lyberte to 
yssue oute and to entre agayn. 
p>erfor be commaunded to a 
I bataylle of bis peple, in wbicbe 
were ij thousand XTurkes wel in 
I poynt, that tbey sbold so loncre 
assaylle the fortresse of the brydge tyl tbey were 
taken ; & it bapped so that tberle of f laundres was 
then wythin tbe same fortressej^XThassault be- 


ganneatsonnerysynge, mocbefiers &mocbegrete; 
there were so many arcbiers aboute it tbat none 
mygbte sbewe bisbeadatte creneulx but tbat anon 
it was couerd witb arowes. TTbey tbat were witbin 
deff ended tbem mocbewell, in sucbe wyse tbat tbey 
lost notbyng of tbe fortresse, and tbassault en- 
dured tyltbesonnewentdounXbeTTurkes depart- 
ed alle wery. liberie of f laundres doubte tbat tbey 
sbold come on tbe morn to tbassault, ffor tbey 
my gbtnot longe suffre tbem tbere ; tberf or, as sone 
as it was nygbt, be put out alle bis men preuyly, 
andsette fyere tberin,and brent tbe fortresse with- 
out f ay llyng. TTbe TTurkes bad deuysed tbat in tbe 
momyng erly tbey sbold baue begonneagayn tbe 
assault & tbat twoJVImen more sbold baue comen 
tban bad ben tbe nygbt byfore. 

TTwas not longe after tbatarouete of 
tlurkes departed fro tboosteof Cor- 
bagat. I wote not bow many poure 
pylgryms tbat wente pourcbassb- 
lesin tbe countre, tbey toke tbem and 
, brought tbem alle in tbe state tbat tbey were in to 
fore Corbagat. Cdben be sawe tbem be mocbe de- 
spysed tbem, ffor tbey badno armures, & butf eble 
bowes of tree, tbeir swerdes rusty, tbeir gownes and 
babellemens were old&rotenj^XTbenne saydCor- 
sbold takeaway fro tbesoudan of perse bis empyre 
and conquere tbe londe of tboryent, TTbyse sbold 
be wel content & pay d y f tbey bad breed, and a gobet 
of bacon, Xlbeir bowes ben not strongeynowgb for 




to slee a sparowofb. J^owlsbal saye to you what ye 
sbal doo, ye sbal lede tbem bounden in tbis poynt 
as tbey now be in vnto my lord tbc soudan tbat 
batb sent vs betber, and telle bym tbat be dar not 
besoreaferdof tbysemen tbatbecomen betber, ffor 
we baue enterprysed&begonne warreayenstsucbe 
men as be may see. Late me allowe witb tbis werke, 
ffor there sbal not abyde many of tbem, but I sbal 
efface and des troy e tbem alle in sucbewyse as there 
sbal nomore be spoken of tbem, as they bad neuer 
beborn j^Cbus ledde tbey tboo cristen men vnto 
tbe soudan. Re wende wel to baue don bis honour, 
in tbis tbat be sente tbem to tbe soudan, but it 
tomed bym afterward to bis sbame.Rym tbougbta 
bad not yet wel assayled tbem. 
Of tbe grete famyne&messease tbat ouremensuf~ 
fred in tbe cy te of Hntbyocbe, beynge assyeged on 
allesydes by tbesaydeCorbagat, capitulo Cxxviij. 

jN alle partyes was tbe cyte tbus 
assieged j& *Cbcy of tbe toun 
ne mygbt not yssue out for to 
pourcbasse vytaylle for tbem, 
€bey were euyl at ease of tbis 
ib mescbyef .H famyn aroos in tbe 
toun mocbe grete and greuous 
■ fordeifaulteof vytaylle,in sucbe 
wyse tbat tbey ete camels, asses, &tbo borses;and 
yet toke tbey werse tbynges wban tbey mygbt gete 
it, ffor wbo tbat bad founden a deed bound or catte 
tbey ete itdelyciously in stede of grete delices,ffor 


ae they mygbt fylle tbcm witbj^tbe grete, bye, & 
noblemen tbat were acustomed to be mocbe Hon- 
oured bad now nosbame to come tberwbertbey ete 
eucbe mete, but wente oueralmocbe fowlly,andde- 
maunded playnly eucbe ae tbey nededXbe lactyee, 
gen til wymmen and maydene, bad alle langour of 
bon gre ; tbey were alle pale and lene. JYIany were com- 
pelled to begge, and aeke witb mocbe grete ebame. 
TIberewae none tbatmygbt baue eobarde an berte 
buttbatbeeb old baue grete py te to baue eeen it. 
RBR were many men and wymmen 
tbat aduysed tbem of wbat lygnage 
tbey were of bom, tbat bad eucbe 
courage ferme in tbeyr bertee, tbat 
for none anguyeebe tbat tbeyeuffr- 
ed of bongre wold not goo axe tbeir 
breed fro dore to dore. TTbyee peple bydde tbem in 
eomme eocour, but tber were many tbat deyed for 
'bongretbattbey badnotforto etejjTCbere mygbt 
men eee knygbtee and otbervalyauntmen tbatbad 
betofore etronge& noble in tbeyrwerkee, tbatnow 
were so feble &poure tbat tbey wente by tbeetretee 
lenyngon tbeir etaues, and tbeyrbeedee enclynyng 
doun,aekynge breed for croddee loueXbere ebold 
ye baue eeen tbe lytil cbilderen tbateoke tbeyr mo- 
dere pappee, & tbemodere bad notbyng to ete, but 
tbrew tbem doun in tbeetretee to tbende tbat otber 
eboldnoryeebe tbem j^GCIitb grete payneebold ye 
baue f ounde one onely man emong eo mocbe peple 




ffor be f oundc no mete for to bye with it. TTbe ba- 
rons and tbe bye prynces tbat were acustomed to 
bolde tbefayr courtesand togyue mete anddrynke 
to many men, tbey bydde tbem now, by cause none 
sbold fynde tbem etyng ne drynkyngXbey bad 
gretter anguyssbe in tbeyr bertes of tbis famyne 
tban bad tbe pourepeple,ffbr tbeymette euery day 
tbeyr knygbtes and tbeyr men of tbeyr countrees 
tbat deyde for bungre, & tbey bad no mete to gyue 
tbem j^Xt were a long tbyng to recounte alle tbe 
meseases & tbe mescbyef s tbat were suffred witbin 
Hntbyocbe wbyles tbe tempeste endured. But so 
mocbe may wel be sayd, tbat selde or neuer sbal ye 
fynde in bystorye tbat so arete prynces, & one so 
gretean booste suffredsucbe anguyssb of bungre 
J>o w tbe XTurkes f elyng tbat our men were in sucbe 
mescbyef of bongre, enforced tbem for tassavlle 
tbecyte, capitulo Cxxix&& 

|F>Yk£S tbat tbe cytewas tbus 
on alle partes assyeged wytb 
TTurkes, and tbe famyne ran so 
anguyssbous, tbey tbat were 
without & knewe tbe euyl cou- 
i Q f9^Jbz walles alle tbe longe 

tu^tu^^u , J - d ^ c ;P c Voftbedongeon t and 
tbe otber tbatcam tn by tbeyate,cam & madegrete 
assay les tn tbe tounXbey bad made tbem so werv 

tbatouremenmygbtnotweldeffendetbem t andvn- 
netbe kepe tbe toun; ffor wban tbey bad defended 

!^ C mi Uct ^ l ? ngcd ^: atcucntbc y^ d notbyngto 
ete,«Iberof it bapped tbata tour by tbat syde wbere 

our men cntrcd was euyl kept, and on a nygbt the 

Xurkes cam witboute fortb, and apperceyued wel 

.tbat noman was witbin tbe tourXnenne tbey toke 

laddres tbat tbey badmade, and mounted vpon tbe 

i wallesXber were xxx tbat wente vnto tbis tour for 

to entre in, and tbis was at tbe begynnynge of tbe 

nygbrjSTCbemaisterof tbewatcbewentesercbyng 

rigbt tbere, and sawe tbe^urkes comen vp tbere, 


and ran tbeder Rarry d'Hsque, & two of bis cosyns 

witb bym, tbat one named f ranke, and tbat otber 

SemerXbey were botbe of tbe toun called JMatbale 

►vpon tbeJMaseXbysetbre smote in emong tbexxx 

'turkes; at tbeyr ryrst comyng tbey slewe four. 

Xlbzy of tbe toures sawe tbem, butnotsosoneXbe 

otber xxvj Curkes deffended tbem, but tbis dured 

but a wbyle, fFor tbey of tbe toures tbrewe tbem 


neckes. t^ber was none tbat fylle, but be was deed 

, or maymed. Cber was slayn Semer, if or be was burt 

witba swerdtburgbtbebely.frankwasborn away, 

wbicbe was burte peryllously. 

Row Corbagat sente bis men of armes for to slee 

tbe maronners tbat were at tbe port, wberof oure 

^ men bad a grete losse, capitulo Cycxx&& 

RHJN" tbe famyne grewe tbus 
euery day in Hntbyocbe; many 
tbere were in tbe toun tbat bad 
leuer be slayn, tban to abyde 
tbus tbebongreXbey put tbem 
in aduenture, and by nygbt ys- 
sued ou te of tbe toun wban tbey 
mygbt escape, after tbey wente 


to the porte of the see, Somme sbippis there were 
yet of Crekes, and of fiermyens that brought 
vytaylle- Many there were that bought it, and cam 
& solde it tn the toun by nygbt in bydlesj^Cdhan 
the ITurkes apperceyued this, many tymes they a- 
wayted them, and slewe many of them, Htte laste 
for to take away this lytil socour that they bad, the 
curkes sente two thousand horsmen to the see, 
wbiche slewe alle the maronners and mercbauntes 
that they f ounde, and bren te their sbippes, Somme 
ther were that laye at an an ere in the see, and tbev 
fledde* J 

RBJVJ^e bad our men lostealle tbeyr 

hope for vytayll, ffor the yles of the 

see, as Cypres, Rhodes; and other 

lyenge on the see side, as Cylyce, 

pampbyle,& of other costes,durste 

-nomore sende tbeyr sbippes tbeder, 

cney of the toun of Hntbyocbe werenoweeuyl de- 

,m ened, ffor to fore to them cam somme comf orte of 

bemercbauns; now they bad alle loste itj^Jdban 

pour ptlgryms wbiche wente that way; tbev slewe 
them alle, sauf somme wbiche bydde them in TE 
bussbes^ban they of the touii berde KgJs 
^1 ° f tY Z? bad ° UCr *"** anguysshe in tbeyr 
In this povn t were they with in the C y te, and wold 
take none bede to tbeyr warde,ne woldnotobeye to 
^ a ™ 9 ' whlch l m ^gbt tbenne doo to them no 
good, \Zb\ie were they m grete pervlle 
266 r 


fiowGu)?Uem deGratemenylle & bis f claws fugy- 
tyfs cam in toHUexandrye the lasse, capitulo Cxxxj 

V^LLSJA de Gratemenylle and 
tbe other that fieddc with bym 
cam in to Hllexandrye tbc IvtyL 
XTbcrc tbey foundeSteuen.tnerle 
of Cbartres, of wbom tbey of 
Hntbyocbe abode bis comynge 
fro day to day e, ff or tbe baron s & 
tbe mene peple supposed tbat be 

woldremembre bow be departed, and retorne agayn 
jSTCbey told bym tbe grete sorowe of tbe f amyne 
tbat was in Hntbyocbe, and to tbende tbat tbey ex- 
cused tbem of tbeir departyng, truly tbe troutbeof 
tbe mesease was grete, but tbey told mocbe more 
tban it was* It was a light tbynge to reteyne tbis 
erle,ffor be badno grete talente fortoretorneXbey 
tokecounseylbytwene tbem,&madetbeyr sbippes 
to be in poyntand redy, and after entred in to tbem 
& so wen te to tbe see* Hnd wban tbey bad ben ,1 wote 
of tbem perours of Constan tynoble, wbicbe as was 
sayd to tbem cam witb alle bis boostmocb greet and 
merueyllous.of Grebes and of Latyns,and basted 
mocbe for to goo to Hntbyocbc 

6 was tbenne in a cyte not f erre from 
tbensnamedf ynemyne.r>e wold well 
bolde couenaunte tbat be bad made, 
to socourour peple witb tbe peple of 
bis empyre, and tber cam in bis com- 
pany wel xl JVI pylgryms tbat bad a- 


i byden in bis londe of the grete booste, by cause of 
fsekenes or for other causes, Hnd grete nombre were 
comen sytb fro tbeyr countrees for tbeyr pylgre- 
mages, wbicbe durste not passe bis londes vnto 
jHntbyocbe by tbem self, and tbenne stewed tbem- 
perour j^GCIban tbeerle Stephen knewe tbat tbeem- 
,perour was so nygb, be went stray t to bym, and 
brought bis felaws cowardes witb bym^ofrban 
1 tbemperour sawe tbem be made grete ioye, and re- 
,ceyuedtberleGsteuen honorably, ffor be belde bym 
in passyngtburgbbislonde for a mocbewyseman 
'and a valyaunt,and was wel acqueynted witb bym, 
>aunt of tbe barons, &sayde be bad grete merueylle 
bow be was tbus departed fro tbeir companye. 
Row tberle of Cbartres discoraged tbemperour of 
Constantinople tbat be sboldnot goo and socoure 
our peple in Hnth yoche, capitulo Cxxxij^^ 

"jfiB erle answerd in this maner, 

1 andsaydetotbemperourjfiFSire, 

tbe barons of fraunce wbicbe 

passed tbisyere by your empyre, 
Iwbom ye receyued so curtoys- 
1 ly and witb arete honour, wban 
tbey bad taken JVycene, wbicbe 
tbey rendred to you,tbey passed 
vnto Hntbyocbe, Tbey assieged tbat cyte wel ix 
monetbes, Cbey baue taken it entierly, reserued a 
'dongeon, wbicbe stondetb upon an hylic within 
the walles, wbicbe tbe burkes bolde so strongly 
that it is unprenable, €bey supposed to baue wel 
'cxploy ted whan tbey had goten tbis cyte,but tbenne 


tbey fylle in gretter peryll than to fore; if or on the 
tbirdc day after that tbey entred cam Corbagat, 
a puyssaunt prince of perse, wbicbe brought so 
mocne peple tbat alle the countrey by was couerd 
with tbem J? Oure peple suf fred cjret anguyssb 
tbenne, ffor tbis Corbagat with bis peple enuy- 
ronned tbem on alle partes, in sucbe wyse tbat 
oure men mygbt not yssue, and dyde to tbem 
mocbe payne in assayllyng tbem with out forth. 
Hnd tbe dongeon made to tbem grete assaylles 
within forth, by wbicbe our men suffred grete 
mesease^Hnd also tbanguyssb of bongre was 
so grete, tbat tbey bad no power to defende tbem. 
On tbat other syde tbey bad otberwbyle comfort 
of youre londe,fror fro tbe yles of tbe see, and also 
fro other portes cam somtyme vytaylle, tbat was 
brought in to Hnthyocbe.But now late ben comen 
tbetfurkes, and baue slayn alle tbe maronners and 
the mercbauntes that tbey fondeatte port, in sucbe 
wysetbatnowe tber dare nomooarryue tbere,wber~ 
f ore tbey baue loste alle tbeyr socours of vytaylle. 
and day by tbem of tbe dongeon ; ffor by tbe yate 
vnder it tne TTurkes may entre and yssue whan it 
plesytb tbem. Qlesawetbattbiswerkemygbt come 
to no goodende in tbis maner, wberf ore we warned 
tbem, botbe my self and thyse tbat be in my com- 
panye,wbicbe be mocbenoble&wysemen,ortyme8 
tbat ayenst tbe wylle of god tbey sbold not enter- 
prise to conquere tbis countrey, but sbold departe 
with the lest losse tbey mygbt, and tbe peple tbat 
f olowed them tbey sbold conduy tein to su cb a place 


we sayd to tbcm in tbis manere, and ncucr wold tbey 
bcrc V9 nc byleue, but mayntene tbeyr reuerye, if or 
tbcr be many emonge tbem in wbom is lytil reson* 
Cde our self bad ben deed yf we bad abyden tbere, 
ne we mygbtdoonone honour to our lordne to our 
proffyte, tberfore we departed, and commaunded 
tbem to god, wbicbe saue tbem and kepe, for tbey 
bauenede, Y c ^syre t to wboml am bounden in good 
f ay tb, I aduyse you tbat ye take counsey I of your 
wyse men to fore ye goo ony fertber, "Croutb it is 
tbat ye be tbe moost bye man of tbe world; but for 
al tbat, ye baue not bere now in your companye 90 
mocbe peple as Corbaaat batb abouteHntbyocbe, 
and ayenst one of you be batb seuen, tberfore myn 
men be put in sogret aduenture ye retome borne a- 
gayn.f oryf ye approucbe tbem, and tbat tbey baue 
acbyeuedtbeyrwerkein tbe cyte,yesbalfynde tbem 
redy ; and tbe more ner yeapproucbe tbem,tbemore 
shame and vyle sbal it be to retome fro tbem wban 
ye be so nygbe tbemXbise tbynges tbat I baue a- 
counted to you, knowe wel tbise valyauntmen tbat 
be bere witbme, & also a grete parte maye ye knowe 
by tbis good man tbat ye delyuerd to vs, tbat ie to 
wete Latyns your seruaunt, wbicbe is so wyse and 
trewe, wbicbe departed fro vs for many def aultes 
tbat be apperceyued witb vs. 


was mocbc ameuydof tbise wordes. 
Cditbbym wasabrotberof Buymont 
8 named 6uyon,tbat wban be bad berd 
tberleStepben tbusspekebewas alle 
wrotb and angrye, and as balf araged 

for despyte sayde al on bye tbat be sayd not tbe 
trutbe, but tbey were departed as cowardes. Re bad 
moo grete wordes, but Cuyllem de Gratemenylle, 
wbicb was a gentilman bom of lygnage, and not 
of courage, &bad to biswyf tbesusterof tbe same 
<3uyen, made bym to bolde bis peas, and blamed 
bym by cause be spak ayenst tberle Steuen. Hnd 
so tbis 6uyen f orbare bym. 
Row b^ tbe warnynges of tbe sayd erle, tbemper- 
our,wbicbe wold bauegoon and socouredour men, 
retorned shortly, capitulo Cxxxiij^^ 

PO]^ tbyse wordes tbat tbem- 
perour bad berd, be wolde be 
counseylled, and called bis ba- 
rons. Hnd all tbey acorded tbat 
tbemperour sbold retorne fro 
tbens wbere be was, witboute 
goyng ony fertber, (for tbey 
tbougbt it were better to remeue 
bis peple witboute perylle and burte tban for to 
fygbt in so grete mescbyef ayenst Corbaaat, and 
to meue ayenst bym in bate&in warre all tbe londe 
1 of tboryent J9 Re byleuyd so f ermely tbe wordes 
of tberleStepben, tbat be doubted tbat tbetTurkes 
bad slayn tbem of Hntbyocbe,& wold tbenne goo 
in to bis londe for to receyue tbe cyte of J^ycene. 


Hnd allc the londe of Bytbynie, wbiebe ourc men 
bad delyuerd to bym, be wold garny99be itj^<flban 
be departed fro tbene be brente and destroyed alle 
the londe frolcoine vnto JVycene on botb eydes, by 
cause tbe XTurkee sbold not folowe bym, Vytaylle 
began to faylt e bim, and so be muste retourne, 

RCIS itbappedtbatby tbewordesof 
ed fro tbe otber barone,tbemperour 
retorned,andtbe cri9tenpeplebeyng 
in Hntbyocbe lost so grete eocoure, 
by wbiebe mygbt baue comen alle 
r tbeyr delyueraunce in 90 grete neceeeyte ae tbey 
were tbennej^JBut consydered tbig tbat was gyue 
^to be vnderetonde to tbemperour, yet be dyde not 
but bis deuoyre j0 Certaynly it was tbe werke of 
our lord; ffor yf tbie emperour tbat cam witb bis 
peple & grete power of men al freeebe, bad reyeed 
tbe eiege and discomfyted tbe TTurkes, oure lord 
ebold not baue ben 90 honoured ne tbanfced.Hnd 
yf of tbe trauayll tbat tbe barons and tbe otber 
pylgrymg bad 9uff red, tbemperour tbat come la9te 
9bold bauebadtbe vyctorye, tbeyr payne 9boldnot 
baue ben 90 welguerdonnedXberfor our lord 9uf- 
fred tbat tbemperour departed, and tbat tbe werfce 
9bold be accomply99bed, a9 ye 9ball bere, to bi9 
glorye and tbonour of bi9 peple. 


! of were all discouraged, and Corbagat enbaunced 
in pryde, capitulo Cxxxnij>P>P 

e]^0)VI)Viee cam in to Hntby- 
ocb tbat tbemperour tbat was ap- 
procbed, by tbe wordes of tberle 
Stepben, of ©uyllem de <3rate~ 
meny U & tbeyr f elaws, was tomed 
back, €bey bad on alle sydes an- 
guyssbes, but tbise tydynges em- 
poysonned tbem alle,& put tbem 
as in despayrXbenne began tbey to curse tbe erle 
Stepben and alle bis companye tbat bad taken fro 
tbem so grete ayde^Corbagat tbat bad knowlecbe 

yng,ffor it was agrete tbyngof tbepuyssaunce of 
tbemperour, J^ow was be certayn tbat be was re- 
torned,wberof be bad mocb grete ioye in bis berte; 
be was risen in a mocb tiers pryde. He ran tbe more 
asprely on tbem of tbe toun. Oure men in tbe toun 
were so abassbed, tbat tbem semed wel tbat oure 
lord god bad alle forgete tbem /Cbeylete tbem falle 
perteynedto tbe defence of tbe cyte; alle bydde tbem 
in tbeyr bowses, 

J^ a daye it bapped tbat Buymont, 
wbicbe bad alle tbe power of tboost, 
badtodoowitb men ffor tbassaultes 
witboute f ortb, and for tbassaylles 
witbin f ortb, Hedydedo crye on peyn 
. of detb tbat alle sbold come, & tbere 
came none. He sente bis men for to f etcbe tbem in 


tbeyr bowses and somonc tbem to command none 
wold come oute. Re wasabassbed, & tbougbt wbat 
be sbold doo j^Htte laste be sette fyre in tbe toun 
in dyuerse places, & tbenne yssued in to tbe stretes 
greterowtes. Buymon t sawe tbem, and sayd to bem 
bis commaundement, & bad wbat tbey sbold doo, 
and tbey dyd it J?H worde sourded in tbe toun tbat 
many fcnygbtesand barons bad badcounseyl pry- 
uely emonge tbem tbat tbey wold yssue oute of tbe 
toun by nygbt, and leue tbe pepolewitbin, and wold 
doo tbe best tbey my gb t, & drawe tbem to tbe porte 
fortoentrev pon tbe see* 

RS due GJodeffrey knewe tbis word. 

Re sente bastelv for tbe bissbop of 

puy, and alle tne barons, and grete 

partye of tbe knygbtes, and be fylle 

at tbeyr feet, and requyred tbem for 

tbe loue of god tbat tbey wold neuer 

tbynke sucbe a tbynge; ffor yf tbey dyd so, god 

sbold bate tbem, & tbey sbold lese tbeyr sowles,as 

men tbat were in despayre of tbemercy of oure lord, 

Hndon tbatotber syde,in tbe world tbey sbold lese 

tbeir honour for euer, & also tbeyr lygnage,wbicbe 

badnotbyngforfayted,and sbold be sbamedeuer, 

tbey yssued sbold be tbe lasse renomed and lasse 
preysed as long as tbe world sbold endure. Of alle 
tbise departynges mygbt tbey neuer receyue good 
worde ne bonoure jff By tbyse wordes, and by tbe 
precbyng of tbe bissbop of puv tbey loste tbis 
euyl talente, alle tbat bad be in tbis euyll purpoos ; 
but tbey began to affeble in tbe toun for bonger 



& mcsease, in sucbe wyse that tbey abode not but 
tbc wylle of ourc lord JPOf tc cam tn tbcyr remem- 
braun cc wbat goodes, ry chesses, & grctc cases tbey 
bad lefte in tbcyr countrccs for tbclouc of tbc ser- 
uysc of ourc lord.Hndnow yclded be to tbem suebe 
guerdon tbat tbey deyed eucry day for bonger,and 
kept bem not fro tbyse dogges cruel, wbicbe by- 
leuydnot in bym, but tbey slewe and bebeded tbem 
in despyte and reproucbe of tbe cristen f aytb jfrln 
tbis maner wold tbey cbyde witb our lord often as 
men tbat wyste not wbat to do ne saye* 
Row tbe spere was f ounden of wbicbe Xbesus was 
percyd on tbe crosse. Hnd of tbe comfort tbat our 
pylgryms toke thereby, capitulo Cxxxv&& 

jRILBS as tbey were in tbis an- 
guyssbe tberle Herman, an bye 
man of 2 Ducbeland, was in so 
grete pouerte tbat due <3ode- 
froy dyde do delyuer to bym 
euery daye one loof of breede 
for pytejwbicbewasnotmocbe 
I grete, but tbe due mygbte no 
more gyue bym, ffor be bad not wberofj!? Harry 
d'Hsque, wbicbe was one of tbe beste knygbtcs of 
tbooste, was brought in so grete pouerte tbat be 
deyde for bongrej^Xt were a long tbyng for to re- 
counte alle tbetr meseases; but our lord tbat in alle 
bis werfces may not f orgete mercy, sente to tbem 
grete comfort for a clerk bom in prouynce nam- 
ed peter, cam on a day to tbe byssbop of puy and 
to tberle of €bolouse, and sayd to tbem m mocbe 

appiered to bym tbryes in the nygbt ekovna and 

lidi^hl^A bter T mthw ^^ our lord waspe?- 
od in tbe syde on tbe crosse was byd in tbc cbtreh 
of seint peter in tbe cyte; tbe place wbmftS* 
bad certainly sbewd to bym. "fie said we tbaV he 


for &fa£ £1« n &T Ue * Ue ? f tbc ^erfiedoubftd 
5 ror to saye this, ffor be was a poure man and of * 

/* * '**"* «• and but ly til lettred. 

lhJm^i,? u bye m "\ wb ™ tbey herd 
bym, tbey brought bym to fore tbe 

tatEk^tPP a88£ ml>lecltbem, 
| and tbey wolde that be sbold saye to 

tbem tbesamewordesasbebadsayd 
k»-j *«^~ 1T~^ t0 tbem ^ wban tbe other ervneea 

m to tbe cbirebe of seynt peter, & sayd tbevr eoT 
fesstons, and eryed our lord merey iV teres ™« 
pynges and wayllyngea, and repentaVnees on*£ 
r synnesXbenne began to delue <6 d*™Z of - tb 7 r 
placetbattbeelerheLd ^shewed S?bT^&S T 
tbe spere lyke as be bad sayd to S «te dc 
bad tbey a ioye emonge tbem s<W«l m £ Cbcnnc 
man bad baJas moclie a™ St fe? CUtry 
tbe belles, & this tbynge wasS:^! r Z n & 
tbe toun. Cbey ran aTtoTbe cSffiJrrf^J 

tbertbe, TTbenne were tbev rerrtmiwl^ i .. !: . 

lord emong them and seen bym, TTbere were thus 
many other goodmen that sayde certaynly that cer- 
teyn vysyonsof angeles andapostleswere appered 

to tbem. 

Y tbyse tbynges the peple forgate 
mocbe of tbeyr meseases. T^be bis- 
sbop of puy & otber boly men tbat 
were in tbe companye sayd to tbe pil- 
grym8,tbatourelord8bewdeto tbem 
_ toReneandsignetbatsbortlybewold 
sende to tbem bis ayde and bis counseyl/Cbey con- 
cluded alle, noble and vnnoble, men and wymmen, 
grete and lytil, and sware vpon tbe boly relyques, 
tbat yf our lord wold delyuer tbem oute of tbe peryll 
in wbicbe tbey were, & gyue tbem vyctorye of tbeyr 
enemyes,tbat tbey sbold neuer departe fro tbis boly 
companye vnto tbe tyme tbat tbey bad conquerd 
Iberusalem, tbat noble cyte,wbere our lord suffred 
detb for to saue bis peple, & sbold delyuer tbe boly 
sepulcre oute of tbe bandes of tbe f als mysbyleu- 
yngboundes,€urkes and Saresyns,tbat kept it in 
tbeyr power. 

Row peter Cberemyte was sente by our men vnto 
Corbagat, tbe wordes wbatbe sayde, & tbe answer 
of tbe sayd Corbagat, capitulo Cxxxv)## 

fiey bad suffred tbis famyne 
xxv j days in tbe cyte, in somocbe 
tbat tbe people to wbome our 
lord god bad sente good bope 
in tbeyr bertes began mocb to be 
comforted, and fylle alle to one 
wylle,in su cb wise tbattbey sayd 

ta 2 77 


that bad assieged tbem, ff or tbey tbougbt a fayrer 
tbyng tbat yf our lord wold tbat tbey deyde in ba- 
taylle, tbat tbcy sbold doo it in deffendyng tbcyr 
cytetbattbey bad conquered to tbe cristiente,tban 
to languyssbe& to faylle witbin without essay en a 
yf our lordwoldayde tbem, fierofsourdedacomyn 
word emonge tbem tbat alle cryed: Bataylle, bat- 
ay lie, tbe bataylle fwban tbey mygbt see ony of tbe 

pbts word was tbusmeuydof tbe mene pepleXbe 
barons tbougbt tbat tbis enterprise mygbt well 
come of our lord, and so by comon acord tbey as- 
sembled tn counseylXbey alowed mucbe tbis tbat 
the peple made tbis request,and acorded tbat tbey 
wold sende to tbisproude prynceCorbagat, peter 
Uberemyte, wbicbe was an boly man, mocbe wyse 
and wel bespokin.flnd delyuerd to bym for felaw a 

tbat coudewelspeketbelangageof tbe Sarasyns,& 
specially tbe langage of perseXbey charged tbem 
with tbe message, like as ye sbal bere wbat tbev 
sayde toCorbaaat jfiF^bisetwo sad men to fore 
sayd, dyde do cfemaunde trews for to goo to tbe 
sayd Corbagat, ffor tbey wold speke wTtb bym in 
tbe name o£ tbe pylgryms. fiit was graunted witb 
good wyllXbey wenteout of tbecyteand tokewitb 
btmgood companve, wbicbe wereassygned to tbem 
^Cbey wente so f erre tbat tbey arryued at tbe pa- 
uyllon of tbis noble prynce Corbagat Tbey sawe 
bym sytte tn mocbe grete bobaunce emonge bis 
ryebemen. b 


IBCBR salewed bym notbynge, ne 
made to bym honour nc reuerence, 
but spak beeryng allc in tbis mancr 

jjjj jfiTChis boly companye of bye and 
T noble men, barons, noble knygbtes, 

_3 andotber peple of our lordgod, tbat 
ben yonder witbin tbe cy te,sende to tbe & comaunde 
tbat tbou departe fro trris siege, and tbat tbou no- 
more assaylle tbem, but late tbem baue & kepe tbe 
toun in pees, wbicb our lordlbesu crist batb de- 
lyuered to tbem for to bolde bis f aitb and for to doo 
bym seruyse. for seynt peter tbe prynce of tbap- 
postles, vpon tbe creaunce of wbom our faytb is 
founded, batb conuerted it fyrst by bis precbyng, 
and by tbe merueyllous myracles tbat be dyde. Our 
peple batb conquerdit not longsytb by tbe wyll & 
ayde of our lord vpon tbeOirkes, tbat baue bolden 
itwitb wrongandby force a certeyn tymeXberfore 
tbou ougbtest to suffix vs to enjoye our berytage, 
and retome tbou in to tby countrey- Hnd yf tbou 
wilt not so doo, knowe tbou for certayn tbat witbin 
tbe tbyrde day swerdes scbalfynyssbe&ende tbis 
we desire and wille tbe detb pourcbasseof somocb 
peple in comyn bataylle, tbey sbal oflPre to tbe tbis: 
tbat is to wete, yf tbou wilt fygbte in tbyne owne 
persone, tbey sbal sendeayenst tbe one,al so bye a 
prynce as tbou art, to wbom tbou sbaltfygbt. Hnd 
wbicbe of you maye vaynquyssbe & ouercome that 

outeotber debate/^f tbis tbynge plese tbenot, take 

certayn nombre of tby men, vj,x, or xij, or as many 

M % 79 

as tbou wylt,andour pilgrymssbal sette as manv 
ayenst tbem, wvtboute ony moo of tbat one svete 
and tbat other. And tbat tbey tbat sbal wynne tbe 

^ig^i£L^^T bauc tbc $*y m of tb ™ debate. 
nSJVCorbagat berde tbis message 
be was mocbe wrotbandangry,and 
bad grete desdayne and despyteji? 

ITbennebetournedbym toward pe- 
ter & sayd to bym : peter, tbey tbat 

. poyntasme semetb tbat tbey sboldoffre tomefor 
>to cbose of tbeyr deuyses, but tbey be brouabt bv 

notbynge of tbeyr wylle, butlsball doo with tbem 

13« W ; C ' But rct ? urnc thou AeayetoSS 
nnisardes,and saye to tbem tbat baue made tbe to 

meue fro tbe cyteand come betber, tbat tbey vnder- 

stonde not yet tbe maluerte tbat tbey be in, Hnd 

bfc CCr !,T ly that X J had wold > i h ^ or now 
broken and destroyed tbis toun and sette my men 

therm by force, m sucbe wyse tbat tbe cresten men 
bad be alleslayn,men andwymmen, lytil andcrrete 
But I wyll tbatye abyde in more cay tvfnes £ m,! 
ease, dyeng andWuyssbyna foVbonZ [JE! Z 
otber boundeaHncfwban it sfial please mc 1 sbal 
entre m to tbe toun, andalle tbem SatlsbTlAnde 
men & wymmen of couenable eage,Isbal mitt hfm 
alle bounden bandes & feet in pwfous estate 5nd 
sbal lede tbem alle to my lorde for to ^ufhvm ^ 
tbey sbal be bis esclauel WtfccSS^&fi 
wttb rt>e swerd, ly he an euy I tree tbat wyll bere no 



iyd peter retorned in to the toun, and 
le sayd hid message, and of the 
of the duewbiebe wold not suffre 

et36R Cberemyte vnderstode 
bys pryde, wbyebe was moche 
grete of grete quantite of peple 
that he bad, & also of his ryeb- 
esses whiche were ouermocbejfiF 
XThenne he departed and cam a- 
gaynin totbetoun.Rewoldbaue 
sayd the message of Corbagat 
openlyinthe presence of them that wold here hym, 
fror theder ran grete andsmale.But the ducOode- 
hym a part, & called only the barons, and bad hym 
saye that he hath foundenj^Rerecounted to them 
alle, as he that had wel reteyned in his mynde, and 
coude saye and vtter it in the bestmanereXhe due 
doubted thatyf the peple had herd this grete pryde, 
and the menaces that Corbagat had sayd, that they 
shold beouer mocheabasshed and f eerd, therf or he 
commaundedto peter that he shold saye none oth- 
er thyng, but that only Corbagat desyred and de- 
maunded the bataylle ayenst them, and that thev 
eholdmake them redy* peter acorded wel therto, « 
saydtothemlykeastheduchad commaunded hym 
jpttnd vnnethe peter had saydtheworde, butthat 
alle cryed with one voys : Hnd we wy lie also the ba- 
taylle ayenst hym in godes namef j^Cbev sbewde 
wel by theyr sight and semblaunce that the desyre 

of the bataylle was grete in tbeir bertes, Hlle tbeir 
meseases were forgoten for ioye to baue tbe vyc- 
toryeXbe barons, wban tbey sawe tbat tbey rpeple 
made sucbe ioye tbey were mocbe glad, and mocbe 
tbe more trusted in tbem. By comyn counseyl tbey 
ordeyned tbe bay of tbe bataylle on tbe mom ; and 
tbat tbus wold Corbagat baue it, tbey byleuyd it 
wel Hnd bastely wente every man to bis lodgyng. 
"Cbere ye sbold baue seen armourers put in poynt, 
bauberks and belmes fourboussbed, swerdes and 
custrellis wbette J&TlbiQ nygbt slepte tbey not in 
tbe tounnomanXbey tbat kept tbe bors tokegood 
bede tbis nyg bt, and made alle tbvnge redy, 

~\S soone as it was nygbt, it was cryed 
vpon peyne of detne, tbat alle man 
sbolde be in tbe morning to fore tbe 
sonne rysynofe alle armed as be best 
mygbt,and drawe bym in to tbe bat- 
_ aylle wbere as be was ordeyned, and 
1 tbat euery man sbold f olowe tbe baner or bis cap- 
|tayne j^Cdban tbe spryngyna of tbe day apperid 
in tbe mornyng tbe men of tbe cbircbe were redy 
fortosynge masse, andsongedeuoutly/Cbey tbat 
1 sbold goo to tbe batayll were conf essyd, & alle re- 
ceyued tbe bodye of oure lord, wbicb gaf to tbem 
surete of body and of sowle, Hlle rancour & wratb 
were entierly perdonned, by cause tbey wold be in 
parfygbt cbary te, and tberin doo tbeseruyse of our 
lord, wbicbe saytb in tbe gospell: In tbis sbal alle 
men knowe tbat ye be my disciples, yf ye baue loue 
and cbaryte emonge you j? (Oban tbey were tbus 
redy, oure lord sente to tbem bis grace, wbicb gaf 

to tbem so grctc bardines, that tbey that were the 
daye to fore so ferdf ul, feble and lene, that tbey 
mygbt not susteyne tbem self for f eblencsse, be- 
cam stronge and delyuer, in sucbe wyse tbat tbe 
armes tbat tbey bare weyed notbyngastbem settl- 
ed, and were bardy and vy gorous, so tbat tber was 
none 90 litil but be bad talente to doo grete tbyng 
in tbe bataylle jg^Cbe tyme cam tbat tbe bissbops 
and alle tbe otber men of tbe cbircbe were rcuested 
as for to synge masse. Cbey belde tbe crosse and 
tbe 8ainctuaryes,witbwbicbetbey blessyd tbepe- 
ple & recommaunded tbem to godXbey graunted 
pardon & remyssyon to tbem of alle tbeir synncs, 
yf tbey deyde in tbe seruyse of our lordXo fore alle 
tbe otner tbe bissbop or puy precbyd and e pah to 
tbe barons, & prayd tbem tbat tbey sbold tbyncke 
to auenge tbe sbame of our lord Xbesu Criste, tbat 
tbyse vntrewe Sarasyns bad don to bym so longe 
in witbboldyngof bis berytage.Htte laste be bles- 
syd tbem witb bis band, and commaundedtbemto 
god deuoutly* 

f>ow to fore er our men departed, tbey made redy 
tbeyr bataylles right wel in poynt,& of tbe nom- 
bre of tbe m, capttulo Cxxxviij^^ 

|H tbe mom erly our pylgryms 
assembled as it was oraeyned & 
deuysed, tbe tbyrde day to fore 
tbentre of luyll, to fore tbe yate 
of tbe brydge, to fore tbyssue 
oute of tbe yateXbey bad tbeyr 
j batayllesordeynedanddeuysed 
lyke as wbo sbold goo to fore 

& who sbold come af tcrj&Zbc fyrst bataylle bad 
fiuon le JVlayne, broder of tbc kynge of f raunce, & 
witb bym Hncean dc Rybemont,and tbc otber ba- 
rons & toiygbtes of tbeyr countreyXbey tbougbt 
wel tbat tbc men tbat tbey ledde sbold not lygbt- 
ly be discomfyted,tberfore wente tbey first, for to 
perse in tbe better to fore J& TTbe second batayll 
ledde Robert tberle of f laundres, wbicb was called 
tbe f ryson : be bad none otber in bis bataylle but 
peple of bis owne countree jff XTbe tbyrde batayll 
ledde Robert tbe due of JVormandye witb bis neu~ 
euw, wbicbe was mocbe valyaunt, tberle Steuen of 
Hubuale, & alle tbem of bis owen countreyej^TTbe 
f ourtb batayll was dely uerd to tbe bissbop of puy , 
wbicbe bad don of tbabyt of tbe cbyrcbe, and rode 
upon a good stede,tbe belme laced, Hnd be bare in 
bis bond tbe boly spere of wbicbe oure saueour 
IbesuCriste was perced in tbe side, and conduyt- 
ed vygorously tbe bataylle of tberle of TTbolouse, 
wbicbe was not tberejJTCbe erle Reignald of TToul 
bad tbe v bataylle ; witb bym was peter de Stad- 
enous bis broder, tberle CSarnyer of Crece, Renrv 
d'Hsque, Reynart of Hnmellac, Caultier of Dome- 
dart^ln tbe vj bataylle were Rembold tbe erle of 
OrengcLoys deJMoncon, & Lambert sone of Co- 
non deMotitagu j^XTbe vij bataylle ledde tbe ricrbt 

eustace bis brother, and tbem tbat be brought out 
of bis countrey J? XTbe viij bataylle conduyted tbe 
noble, wyse, and wel preuyd €ancre, witb tbe men 
that were delyuerd to bym j^XTbe ix bataylle ledde 
tberle ftuon of seynt pout Hniaran bis sone was 

with bym,Tbomas de fere,Bawdwyn deBourgb, 
Robert fytz Gerard, Regnauld de Beauuoys,and 
Gales de Cbamont j^Tbe x ladde tberle of perse, 
and bad witb bymGuerard du puyssat,Droon de 
JVloncy,Raoul fytz ©odeffroy &Conayn tbe Bre- 
ton J& Of tbe xj was capytayn Ysacbar tberle of 
Dye; witb bym were Remon pelez, Caste de Bed- 
yers, <3yrard de Roussylon, Guy Hem de )V1on pel- 
Iyer, and Guy llem Hmeneuxj^ Tbe xij & tbe laste, 
in wbicbe was moost peple, was delyuerd to Buy- 
mont, and was ordeyned tbat be snold goo soc- 
oure sucbe batayllos as bad moost nedejp Tberle 
of Tbolouse,wbicbe was merueyllously seke, lefte 
tbey in tbe toun for to hepe fro tbeTTufces in tbe 
don geon ; If or y f tber bad be no garde, tbey my gbt 
baue sprongen and baue slayn alle tbe sebe men, 
wymmen and children, and tbe feble men tbat a- 
bode bybynde in tbe toun, of wbom tber were grete 
nombre in tbeyr berberous* Tbey bad made, as I 
baue sayd tof ore,vpon a lytil tertre astronge walk 
of cbalhe, in wbicbe were ordeyned places for to 
dresse engyns, wbicbe were all redy for to caste* 
Tbey bad leftijCmen of armes, noble & hardy, for 
to deffend tbis paas fro tbe Turhes, wbicbe were 
on bye on tbe dongeon. 



f)ow Corbagatwasaduertysed of tbyssue of ourc 
peple, and scute bis arcbyers for to deffende tbc 
brydge, and bow tbey were disconfyted, capitulo 

RHJNf tbey bad tbus deuysed 
tbeyr bataylles, in euery batayll 
tbey bad sette men on foote. It 
was acorded emonge tbem tbat 
tbey a foote sbold goo to fore, 
an cube knyabtes tbat cam after 
sbold kepe tbem.Itwas deff end- 
ed and cryed on payne of detb 


tbat none sbold be so bardy tbat sbold entende to 
ony gayn as longe as ony TTurke deffended bym. 
But wban oure lord bad gyuen tbem tbe vyctorye, 
tbenne sbold tbey retorne,andmygbt tarye to take 
and gadre tbe despoyllesj^Corbagfat fro tbe be- 
gynnyngof tbe siege of tbe cytebadalwaye doubte 
and grete suspection tbat our peple sbold sodanly 
comevpon bis boost, andspeciallysytb tbat peter 
TTberemyte bad be witbbym in message, Hndtber- 
forbe bad commaunded to tbem tbat were in tbe 
dongeon, tbat yf oure men tbougbt to yssue tbey 
sbold sowneabusyne,and sette oute a banerwbere 
tbey sbold yssue, Sdberof it bapped tbat wban 
tbyse bataylles were renged to fore tbeyate, to fore 
tbey yssued,aboute tbeboure of pryme, tbey of tbe 
tourmadetbe signe like as tbey were commaunded, 
Corbagatvnderstode tbat our men cam ; and anon 

it tbat tbey sbold not passe. 

HHJS" the TTurkes cam tbeder for to 
mayn tene tbe passage, tbey descend- 
% edalle afooteXbeyateswere opened, 
oure menyssued after tbordenaunce 
tbat was deuysed* Ruon le JVlayne 
witb alle bis batay lie cam fyrst vn to 
tbis paas, wbicbe was tbus kepte witb bis enemyes, 
so tbat bis arcbiers & men af oote taryed a ly til and 
'mygbt not passe in no wysejjSF^Oban Ruon tbe 
nobleman apperceyued tbis, be smote tbe bors witb 
tbe spores, and so smote in on botbe sydes, tbat 
it was to late for tbe TTurkes a f oote to take tbeyr 
& sbotyngwitb tbeir bowes.Hncean de Ribemont 
rode ayenst tbem, and bete and belde tbe rowte so 
comeandsmytein emong tbem and delyuerd many. 
Hnd of tymes be plun ged so depe in tbe presse tbat 
certaynly our men bad supposed be bad ben lost; 
but wban be cam agayn,be discouerd bym wel and 
made large place about bym. Hllemen bebeldebym, 
begate tberemocbe grete bonourandprys.Ruon le 
JVIayne f orgate not bis swerd, & be dyde so mocbe 
tbat our pylgryms bad by bym good luck and bope 
at tbis fyrst assembleej^tberle of flaundres and 
tbe due of JNbrmandye, witb tbe valyaunt erle of 
Denawde cam to tbis cbaas. 'Cbe arcbyers of tbe 
Curkes tbat sofleddeweresoeuyl mened, tbat tbey 
were but a fewe wban tbey retomed in to tboostj^ 
Ourmen f olowed tbem ty Iny gb tbeyr lodgys,many 
of tbem tbey bete doun tbat neuer releuyd. 



Row oure men raoyced tbcmof a dewor rouseede- 
scendyng tbenne frobeuen,andof tbeyrmayntven 
' " »PPg*fr"f l b . e 5 " rfeefl - ""*-'" <*-* * * 7 

"NS tbynge bapped wban ourc 
menysauedoutof tbetoun tbat 
ought not to be forgoten; ffor 
wban tbyae arcbiera were dis- 
confyted, tbe Latyns cam after 
"J tbeyr ordenaunce a aoftpaae. 
T-benne began to falle arayne or 
■ a dewe; so swete a rousee wan semed to eueryman vervtablv tbatl? 

and'al Z ^^^^tUy^mJ^ 
r\ & tfZllu * tbc ? neuer bad 8uffr «> mesease. 
tbeyr horses were anon ao strong, ao fressbTand 

££2*fc B %> b ^l- bad alwa ? al *at wbfebe 

bad notbyng toete aauf leeueaof treea& ahorcben 
orryndea, were in tbta bataylle more stronccand 
W"TMc than were the boraea of tbeffiel 
wbKbe^lwaye as moebe as tbey mygbj^ ' 
me captayns acorded tbattbey abold 
I drawe them toward tbe monta™? 

ffor yf tbe Curhes wbicbe bad mocb 

,h„ ^ a T ry, b£ b T tw«"« oure men and 

tbe toun, and abold close tbcm in. In tbis maner 
Iwent^one bataylle to fore another. witboutTtbfe 

that one touched another in ony wysejgF<Hban the 
turkes sawe them alle they merueylled & were ab- 
assbed, ffor they had supposed that they hadnot be 
but a fewe enclosed in the toun. J^ow they semedby 
the myracle of our lord that they were as many of 
them as were of tbe€urkes,and yet moo, Gmonge 
the menofarmes were themenof the chirchereuest- 
ed with awbes and stooles, they that were preestes, 
and the clerhys in surplys,and eche of them bare a 
crosse in his hand, £bey that were abyden in the 
oroysonsand teeris cryeng mercy tooure lord that 
be wold baue pyte of his peple,andsaue them that 
faythshold tome to reproche by the mescreauntes 
and hethen peple. 

How Corbagat ordeyn ed his batay lies, andhow the 
two hoostes marched to gydre in batay lie, capitulo 

]Ythe signes that they of the don- 
] geon made to them of tboost, and 
by the tydyngestbat the archiers 
brougbt,Corbagat kneweandvn- 
derstode certaynly that oure men 
were yssued oute of the cyte, and 
cam toward hym for to figbtcj? 
J €henn he was adcerteyned of this 
wher of he had desdayne to fore and holden it for 
mocquerye^fie tone counseyl of his barons, and 
hastely ordeyned his bataylles by the counseyl of 
his wysemen,and specially of them that were born 

in flntbyocbc,of wbom be bad many witb bym. Be 

^itL 2 tayUcof "^rett Plcntc of hnygbtes, 
tbe best & moost bardy that be bad ; this bataylle 
dclyucrd be to Solyman, of whom ye baue herd fn 

te 8 j pUcc t t0 fore - ne wmmaunded that tbey 
f^wk raW / t L bemt 5 wardtbc8ce ' tofo "« , ownieii 
sboldbauetahenand pourpryscdalletbe plavn bv- 
twene the montayne and tbe cyte. Cbis did be bv 
intent that when our men were descomfytcd, and 
tbey would draw tbem selves to ward tbc sea or to 
ward tbecy tc, this grete batayllesbold eome tbenne 
to fore, and tbey sfiould be stahed as by twene two 
bills and closed>fii 8 otber bataylles be settein 
poynt by levser and made that oni t^oo to fore 

£%£*£* °»2f h ,5 > tbc "Ptoyn«e, and sayde 
to tbem, tbattbey sboldmayntene tbem as byemen 
and good hnygbtes, & not to be aferd ne esmayed 
!ii S y k e ^P™*:™™ «nft»myn«* cuyll armed, & 
sufrred ^^ traua y lles tbat tbc ? ba <i 

RHf«f our men bad pourpryscd en- 

doubtednottobe closed in.tbeyap- 
proucbed so nygbe tbe TTurKat 

.fyrst bataylles to gydre- wel fouS tbey tba 2 

ceyued tbem, ffor tbeCurhes werearetc mm * L^T 

'armcd^Our men dyde rigbt wel^ tbfe com™ 

omtbefrenssbemen l*di& jE£££™^ 


tbem vigorously in brekynge well tbe presse. But 
tbenne cam 90 grete rowtes of TTurkes, tbat it be- 
boucd tbc otber bataylles of our men to assemble 
bastely for to socoure tbe tbre first batayllesjfiF 
Hbey were alle at tbe medle, sauf tbe laste bataylle, 
wbicbeBuymontconduytedas ye bauc berdXbere 
sbold ye baue seen fiers skarmocbe of swerdes, of 
maces & axesse* TTbe malles were so grete & strokes 
tbat ye sbold not baue berd yf it bad tbondredj^ 
XTbe due Godeffroy sawe a bataylle come wbere in 
were moo men tban ony of tbe otber. <Helltbougbt 
be tbat yf tbat were disconfyted, tbe otber sbold be 
mocbe abassbed. Re drewe tbederward, and smote 
in tbem asprely and vygorouslyXbere dydebeand 
bis f elawsbip mocbe wel, and so valyauntly tbat 
tbey slewe many, and bewe of beedes and armes,in 
& wounded, in so many tbat tbeXTurkes mygbtno 
Slenger suff re it ne lenger endure, but were discon- 
>fyted and were put to flygbt. 

^OLYN^N tDatDadtDC ^ rctebata ^ Uc> 
as I baue sayd to fore, apperceyued 

fro f erre bis men conteyned tbem but 
febly, and approcbed and sawe tbe 
bataylle of Buymont, wbicb yet bad 
J not be in tbe medle witb tbeotber* Re 
adressidbym tbedre,&dyde do sbote at bym grete 
benge tbeyr bowes on tbeyr armes, and ran vpon 
tbem witbaxes and swerdes,and smote so soreon 
tbem tbatalmost tbey toumed tbe beedes of tbeyr 
borses, ffor tbey my gbt not abide so grete estour ne 
U2 2 °i 

so sbarpe of eo mocbc peple jflTCbe du c Godcfrro^e 
knewe and sawe tbem fro f errc,anddrewebym dili- 
gently to tbat parte* Oncre toke bede also of bis 
vncle, and cam dilygcntly to socoure bym, Ht tbe 
comyng of tbem two, wbicb brought many men 
witb tbem, was Solyman discomfyted, and muste 
parte fro tbe place. But tbe burkes bad made redy 
fyre grekyssb, & tbrewe it in to tbe grasse, wbicbe 
was longe anddrye in tbef elde, Ourmen tbennede- 
parted for tbe smoke, wbicbe was blak & tbycke^ 
Glban tbe turkes sawe tbat tbey on borsbak were 
witbdrawen, tbey ran vpon ourmen af oote, & slewe 
many of tbem. Our men tbat were on borsbak were 
yssued out of tbe tbyck smoke, and berde tbe crye 
of tbem tbat tbey so slewe, and smote tbe borses 
witb tbe spores, & camen agayn alle,and alle tbem 
tbat tbey founde of tbeyr enemyes tbey bete and 
slewe, & put to flygbt. So f erre tbey cbassed tbem, 
betyngandbewvngtbem,tbattbey cam to tbegrete 
to flygbt. 

Of tbe fleynge of Corbagat, and of som burkes 
g^dtcd to gydre and agayn discomfyted by our 
men,capitulo Cxlij^^ 

|J^ tbis partye wbere tbe bataylle 
bad bee,was in a valeye,as wbere 
descended in to tbe see a lytil 
brook or rennyng water, Vnto 
tbatplace bad our men cbassed 
tbeCurkes, & tbere tbey drewe 
and assembled tbem agayn vp- 
on a tertre rigbt bye, & made do 


sowne tbeyr trompettes & busynes for to brynge 
tbcir pcplc to gidre. But our men, that tbenne bad 
not to doo in none otberplace, camen alle to tbem, 
fiuon leJNlayne,tberle of f laundres,tbeducof JNfor- 
mandye,tbe ducGodeffroy,Buymont andOncre, 
& tbey tbat were witb tbem, began mocbe mygbte- 
ly to assaylle tbeyr enemyes tburgb tbe water, so 
fiersly ana by so grete bardynesse and force tbat 
tbey padded ouer, and sodaynly ran on tbat bylle 
wbere tbey were on,& made tbem to descende doun 
mocbe perilously J& fro tbenne tbe'Curhes bad 
none bope to abyde no longer on tbef elde ne on tbe 
cbampayns, but euery man wente and flcdde bere& 
r tbere wbere be mygbt and tbougbt beste, 

lORBHGHi: tbe lord of tbe boost, 
fro tbe begynnyng tbat tbe batay lies 
assembled, bad escbewed tbe peryll, 
and was witbdrawen vpon an bylle a 
ferre of, for to see tbe ende, fie sente 
of te messagers for to knowe bow bis 
|men conteyned and demened tbem, 3CTberf ore be a- 
bode tbere, and sawe bow tbeOirkes cam alle dis- 
confy ted, without kepynof araye ne ordenaunce of 
bataylle J9 fiis frendes tbat were about bym sayd 
to bym : Syre, ye see well at tbis tyme bow it gootb, 
tberfore tbynke ye dylygently for your self,& de~ 
parte bastely fro tbis placejj? Re tnenne wente bis 
waye and fledde as bastely as be mygbt; be bad so 
grete fere & drede in bis berte tbat be durst abyde 
m no place* Re passed tbe ryuer and flood of Bu- 
f rates, & by tbe rennyng of bis bors be witbdrewe 
bym as f er as be mygbt. 

U3 293 

|f)HJV bis men knewe that they were 
without capytayne they were mocbe 
abassbed* tbenne thought none of 
them of other, but euery man dyde 
the best be coude or mygbte to saue 
bymself ,and fledde alle as mocbe as 
they mygbt jff Our valyaunt barons, wbicbe that 
had sore trauavlled tbeyr horses, durste not fol- 
owe them ouer rerrelest tbeyr horses mygbt faylle 
them* Can ere with a companye of four thousand 
folowed,sleyng&betyngdoun alle them that they 
mygbt atteyne, ffor the fere and drede was so grete 
in the hertes of the Sarasyns that x men myght 
haue chassed v C SarasynsXher was iteuydently 
proued& sbewd, that there is no counseyl,ne none 
maye be gyuen ayenst our lord god, and that our 
lord forgetetb not them that haue stedfast hope 
in hym ; for a smalle peple, poure, and as alle deed 
for bonger, wbicbe were come frof er coun trees and 
londes, by the ayde of Ibesu Criste vaynquyssbyd 
alle the power of tboryent in tbeyr owne londe and 
coun tree, wbicbe were so grete plente of peple gar- 
nyssbyd and replenessbyd of alle that tbey bad 
nede on 


fiow our pcplc rctomcd fro the cbaasse,and wente 
to the pillage, and of the grete ryebesses tbattbey 
fonde, capitulo Cxliij,*^ 

aF)G batayllewastbus fynyssb- 
yd, in sucbe wyse tbat tbc pil- 
gryms bad tbc vyctorye* ITbcy 
wentestray te to tbc lodgyses of 
tbc XTurkce; tberc founde tbey 
90 grete ryebesses of gold, of 
syluer, of precious stones, of 
vayssell of dyuerse f acions, ta- 

pytes and clotbesof sylMomocbetbatneuerman 
mygbte well preysejG?Oxen, sbeep, and kyen were 
tbere grete plentye; wbete and mele grounden, of 
wbicb tbey bad grete nede, tber was so mocb tbat 
all tbey were encombredtobere it/Cbey wan borses 
in tbis discomfyture good and fatte, so many tbat 
tbey wereabassbedof tbe grete multitude tbat was 
tbere, €bey toke and gadred tbe despoylles & tbe 
tentes,wberof tbey bad so grete ryebesses, tbat of 
sucbe an boost, was neucr none seen more f aire ne 
rycbe-Hnd tbis cam to tbem merueyllously well to 
poynt,ffor alletbeyr ten tes & tbeyrpauy lions were 
bolly rotten. Gdymmen, cbilderen, and other peple 
wbicbe bare none armes tbey founde ouer many in 
tbe lodgyses, wbom alle tbey brou gbt in to tbe cy te 
emong tne other tbyngesjfiTCbe barons assembled 
tbem for to see tbe ten tes of Corbagat, wbicbe was 
merueyllous,fforit wasmadein tbe f ormeof a cyte- 
Itbadtowres&crestesofdyuersecolours wrought 

with fyn sylke; ffro tbe mayster palays were aleys 

in to other tentes tyke to stretes in a grete toun JSf 
Khcr mygbt sytte in the grete balle moo than two 
thousand men, 

RHfJourmen badrecuyelled thus the 
ryebesaes and despoylles, they alle 
maade grete trusses full of ryebe 
tbynges,and charged them on tbeyr 
horses and baches and entred in to 
_ the cytye of Hntbyocbe j& Yf they 
yj thenne were glad and ioyous, it was no merueylle; 
/ ffor in lon^e tyme to fore, fylle ne happed suche 
^aduenture in cristiente. "Cbey rendred and gaf to 
four lord many tbankes and graces of lawde with 
alle tbeyr very hartes humbly & deuoutly, ffor wel 
knewetbey that alle was comen fro bymj^TTbe 
curkes wbicbe were in the dongeon bad wel seen 
tbattbeyr peple were vaynquyssbyd, and badnone 
hope thenneto berescowedne of nosocoureXber- 
f or anon as the barons were entred in the cyte they 
made them to speke and trete with tbem. End ac- 
orded tooydre that they alle sbold take tbeyr wy ues 
and cbilderen and here with tbem sucbe goodes as 
they had, and rendre and gyue ouer the donaeon 
vhe baners of our barons were sette aboue on it 
tbenne ^ Che werkes of our lord Ibesu Crist ben 
mocbe bye and merueyllous, ffor fro riqbt arete 
pouerte, cam oure peple to ouer grete ryebesses in 
so sbortatyme .It is mocbe good to affye& truste 
in bym that bath such power and mygbt It was 
meruaylof the disease & pouerte that our barons 
had suffred j0 Che valyaunt due Godefroy was 
brought to this poyntat the day of the batayl that 


'be bad not wberon to ryde, but be must praye and 
requyre mocbe swetly tberle of Tbolouse, wbicbe 
remeuyd not oute of tbe toun, tbat be wold leue to 
bym an bors, but be bad grete payne to gete it* 

S bad despended alle bis bauoyr & 
good entierly for to susteyne tbe 
| pour gentflmen,in sucbe wyse tbat be 
(r bad notbynae bym self. XTbere were 
! many knygbtes tbat ryebely were 
a come in to tbe booste atte begynn- 
yng, tbat were brought to so grete pouerte tbat tbis 
day tbey rode on asses and on pour mares. Hnd 
many bye men, as knyabtes valyaunt and bardy, 
mygbt not cbeuyssbe for to ryde, but wente afoot 
emong tbe f oote men, wbere tbey belde mocbe wel 
tbeyrplace,ffor tbeymayntened &taugbttbemene 
peple bow tbey mygbt dooto tbeyr enemy esgrett- 
est dommage jff £be power of perse was mocbe 
affebled tbis day, ffor tber wer so many slayn and 
deed tbat alle tbertbe tber aboute was couerd, XTbe 
nombre of tbem tbatwereslayn was neuer very tab- 
ly knowen. JMocbe was cbaunged tbe state of our 
men ; fPor be tbat in tbe momyng yssued oute alle 
poure, in sucbe wyse tbat be nad not for to ete, at 
euen be entred in to tbe cyte ryebe of aood and of 
vitaylles, in sucbe wyse as be mygbt baue bolden 
a arete court & companye^Cbis good aduenture 
wbicbe bonoured alle cristiente, and specially tbe 
royamme of fraunce, bapped tbey ere of tbyncar- 
nacion of oure lord fA Ixxxxviij, tbe xxj day of tbe 
monetb of luyn. 




Of the fayre ordenaunces that oure peple made in 
>tbe cbircbesof Hntbyocbe,andin other townee by, 
after tbis vyctorye, capitulo CxUiij^^ 

PJXfi tbat tbe barons were re- 

tomed fro tbe bataylle, and tbe 

| tbynges of tbe cyte were wel or- 

I deyned, by tbe counseyl of tbe 

| valyaunt oyssbop of puy, and 

I by tbe prelates tbat were in tbe 

boost, was acorded by tbem alle 

tbattbecbircbesof tbetoun were 

'entierly made clene,& ordeyned to doo tbe seruyse 

of oure lord god, Hnd especially tbe cbyef catbed- 


peterXbey establyssbed tberin clerkes& curates 

tbat sbold serue in tbe cbircbe, & otber to goueme 

and kepe tbe boly places dene, for tbef alse and vn- 

trew Sarasyns bad def owled tbem ; tbey bad sette 

)in tbe cbircbes somme tbeyr kyen,oxen and sbeep, 

and otber tbeyr borses & assesXbe comyn wym- 

men and euylle knaues bad made tbeyr ordure and 

fy Itbe in tbem tbat it was py te to see, and also tbey 

def owled tbymages of Ibesu Crist, of our lady, « 

of otber sayntes witb fyltb,myre and ordure,Hnd 

1 ly ke as tbey bad ben a/ly ue,tbey bad drawe tbem an d 

cut o f tbeyr n oses, and pycked out tbeyr eyen, 

52359F>6 barons and alle tbe pylgrymes 
acorded tbere sbold be ordeynedand 
establyssyd rentes to tbe clerkes 
tbat sbold serue in tbe cbircbesjj^ 
Cbere was offerd gold and syluer 
ynowgbe for to make crosses and 

cbaly ces, & also clothes of sylk for to make agayn 
vestements for men of the cbircb, & aoumementes 
f or aultersj^Cbe patriarke of the toun, wbicbe was 
a greek, named loban, tbey ordeyned and sette bym 
agayn in bis place witb mocbe more grete bonour 
and solempnyteXbeTIurkesbad caste & put bym 
oute witb grete sbame, and bad don to bym many 
euyllis for tbe faytb of our sauyourlbesu Criste 
tbat be belde j&ln tbe c^tees beyng aboute Hn- 
tbyocbe oure men sette bissboppes, in tbe cytees 
wbere as none were at tbat tyme; but in Hntbyocbe, 
wbere as tbey f onde one, tbey sette none other, til 
afterward tbat tbe good man apperceyued tbat be 
lytil prouffyted there, by cause tne Latyns vnder- 
stode nogrekyssbe language, & lef te bis dygnyte, 
& wente in to Constantynoble, witb bis good wy 11 
without ony f orse or constraynt* 

fiGJ^G assembled tbe men of tbe 
cbircbe, & tbey cbose and elected for 
to be patriarke tbebissbop of TIarse, 
wbicbe was named Bernard, bom at 
Valence.Rewascomen witb tbe good 
'byssbop of Puy, and be bad made 
I bym bis cbappellayn* Re was made patriarke. TLbz 
,seygnorye of tbe cyte graunted alle tbe barons to 
Buymont,lykeas tbey bad promysed& couenaunt- 
ed. Sauf tbe erleof TIbolouse, wbicbe belde tbeyate 
of tbe brydge, & I wote not witb bow many toures 
be bad garnyssbed it, and in no wyse wold gyue it 
ouer,butsayde tbatitwas bis partejg?Hndby cause 
tbat Buy m on t to fore was called pry n ce of tbe peple 
of bis contre,tberfortbatname abode to bym,and 




to alle the lordes after bym of the cyte, and ben al~ 
waye called prynces of Hntbyocbe. 
Row ourpeple senteambassadours to tbemperour 
of Conetantinoplef or to eomone bym to come and 
socoure tbem as be bad promy sed, capitulo Oclv^ 

r>6 tydynges weretbus ordeyn- 
ed in tbe cyte as 1 baue deuysed 
toyou/Cbenne was tbe counsey I 
taken emonge tbe barons tbat 
tbey sbold sende to tbemperour 
of Constantinoble for to som- 
onebym by bisf aytb,tbatacord- 
yng to tbe couenauntes tbat be 

bad made to tbem, tbat be sboldnot tarye, but come 
in bis proprepersonefor to belpe tbem, & specially 
at tbe siege of Iberusalem to wnicbe tbey entended 
for to goo, YT be wold not, tbenne did tbey bim wel 
to knowe tbat tbey wold not fortbonbolde tbe cou- 
enauntes tbatwere madewitbbym,nekepetbem J& 
Hnd for to doo tbis message tbey cbaas Ruon le 
wyn tberle of Renawd ^Cbyse two departed fro 
tboost for togoo vnto Constantinoble. But in tbe 
way e certayntTurkes assay lied tbem,in wbicb medle 
was lost tberle Bawdwyn, in sucbewyse tbat neuer 
afterwere tydynges berdof bym.Sommesayd tbat 
be was slayn tbere, & otber sayde tbat be was taken 
& ladde in to f erre coun trees,bu t tbe trou tbe of by m 
was neuer knowen j!?Ruon le JVIayne escaped alle 
bool without burt, & cam vnto Constantantinoble 
to tbemperour. But tbere be empeyred mocbe bis 

renommee, ffor be that was of bo bye lygnage,and 
alway bad ben in tboost, large, wyse, noble, and a 
mocbe valyaunt knygbt bad tbenne no regarde to 
tbem tbat sent bym,newolde not retourne to tbem 
agayn , but departed fro tbem perour & wen t stray te 
in to f raunce* Rit was a gretter blame in bym tban 

nyi-BS tbe pylgryms soioumed 
in Hntbyocbeamortalyteand detb 
sourded androos emong tbem, so 
grete tbat tber was no day but tbere 
were xxx or xl biers in tbe 
s was so grete tbat euery man away ted 
presently tbe detb; tbere was none tbat supposed 
in tbooste, ffor tbe valyaunt man of grete troutbe 
and of bye counseyl deyde tbat tyme, Hymart tbe 
bissbop of puy ; #or bis detb was grete sorowe 
tbenne tburgb tbe toun.Rewasenteredand honor- 
ably buryed in tbe cbircbe of seynt peter, wbere 
as tbe spere tbat opened tbe syde of oure lord was 
f ounden ; be was mocbe bewaylled as tbe fader of 
tboostj^flf ter deyde a rigbt valyaunt knygbt, a 
trew wyseman & of grete courage, fienry d'Hsque, 
in tbe castel of XTorbesel wbere be soioumed, and 
tbere be deyde, and was buryed in tbe same placed 
Reynard ae JVIollac, a good knygbt and of bye 
lygiiage, deyde in Hntbyocbe; be was buryed in tbe 
porcbe of seynt peter* 


LLG the wymmen that were in the 

toun dcyed by this pestylence sauf 

a fewe, in sucbe wyse tbat of tbis 

lytil peple deyde in a lytil wbyle in 

tbys toun I J\fl men and wymmen J? 

Vbc occasion of tbis mortaly te was 

-many tymes demaunded of tbe fisiciens and wyee 

clerkesXbe somme saydetbat tbayer wascorrom- 

pedXbe otber sayde tbat tbe peple bad bad ouer 

>longe mocbe anguyssb of bongre and of tburst, 

f and wban tbey cam tberto and plente of vytalles, 

tbey toketberof oueroultrageously, by wbicbe tbey 

ranne inagrete infirmyteandsekenesXbis sbewde 

tbey euydently by tbem tbat ete but lytil & by me- 

sure, if or tbey tbat so dyde cam lygbtly to conua- 


Row tbe pylgryms of tboost desired to goo vnto 
Iberusalem for to escbewe tbe mortality and tac- 
complissbe tbeir v owe, capitulo Cxlvj7ftȣ 

F>6 pylgryme, for tescbewe tbe 
mortalyte of tbe toun, and also 
for taccomplyssbe tbeir pilgre- 
maae, began to crye for to goo 
toIberusalem,fror tberfor were 
tbey departed out of tbeir coun - 
treesXbey mocbe prayd tbe ba- 
rons tbat tbey wold make tbem 
, redy, & dylygently lede and conduy te tbem tbeder. 
Tbe barons tbat mygbt not be in reste for tbeyr re- 
questee, assembled & bad counseyl on tbis mater. 
JfBommt sayde tbat it were good tbat tbey sbold 


anon go forth toward tbc holy cyte, by cause the 
comyn pcplc desyred it & also that euery man was 
bounden by bis vowe so to doo. XTbc otber sayde 
tbat it wasnot tymefor togoofortb,ffortbebren- 
nynge bctc was oucr grete, and tbc drought sbold 
cause tbat tbey sbold lacke water; tbc pcplc sbold 
not fynde wbete, tbc borses sbold lacke pastures. 
But counselled to tarye &delaye tbis passage tyl 
.JViycbelmasse; tbennc sbold tbe tyme be more at- 
tempered & moderate Hnd duryng tbe mene wbyle, 
tbem tbat bad none and bad nede of somme, and 
(also men mygbt refressbe tbem self wbicbe were 
wery and sehe J& "Co tbis laste counseyll acorded 
tbey alle, and tberf or it was late or tbey departed, 
HSJVJVS deuysed tbe barons tbat 
tbey wolde remeue for tbynfyrmyte 
of tbe place, and to goo tbere as tbey 
mygbt baue vytailles better cbepejfr 
Buymont descended in to tbe londe 
of Cylyce; tbere toke be Carse, Hd- 
ane, JYIamstre, Hunaure* €byse four cytees a fore 
sayd be gamyssbed well witb bis men, and belde 
en tierly alle tbe countree aboutejg^be otber wente 
f crtber in tbe countre, & ladde tbeder tbeyr borses 
for to soioumeXbere were many hnygbtes &men 
s a/fote tbat passed tbe ryuerof Gufrates,f or to goo 
W fortb at al aucnture tburgb tbe countrees tyl tbey 
come to Bawdwyn, broder of due Godeffroye, to 
Rages,wbicbe receyued tbem gladly, and gaf tbem 
vytaylles, and made tbem good cbere as long as 
tbev were tbere, and atte departyng be gaf to tbem 

7 303 

fayre & good yef tes jPlt was not longe after that 
it bapped that one Rodaban,tbe lord of Ralappe, 
bad debate and warre ayenst a baron of bis,wbicbe 
was castelayn of a castelnamed Rasart Hndye sbal 
vnderstande for certayne tbat tbere was founden 
first tbe playe of dyse,and fro tbens it cam, and it 
is named QOjgfCbxe grete man of Ralappe assem- 
bled bis peple, & assyeged tbis castel witb alle bis 
power, XTbe lord tbat was witbin sawe wel tbat be 
mygbt not bolde it ayenst bis lord, and be bad no 
'Curkes for to socoure bym,ne belpe bymXberfor 
be spak to on bis frende,a crysten man,wbicb was 
pryue witb bym, and sente to due ©odefroy many 
grete yef tes, and requyred and prayd bym mocbe 
affectuously tbat be wold socoure bym in bis nede, 
(for be bad desire to be bis, and wold be bounden 
to bym to doo bym grete playsyrs and seruyses* 
And sente to bym bis sone in hostage for surete, 
RG valyaunt due, tbat bad a softe 
berte & debonayr, receyued tbe loue 
and tbalyaunce of tbe lord of Ra- 
sart. Re tbougbt wel tbat it was not 
ayenst tbe wylle of our lord for to 
afeblyssbe one of bis enemyes for 
another jjPO>enne sente be to bis brother Bawd- 
wyn to Rages for to send bym peple ynowe, (for 
bis purpoos and wylle was to reyse the siege to 
fore tbis castel fortosocoure bisfrende,Rodaban 
bad bolden vij dayes longe siege to fore tbis castel 
JSfXibt due Godefroy cam by grete ioumeyes; tbe 
messagers of tbe lord of tbe castel were witb bym, 
(for tbey mygbt not goo in to tbe castel to their 

lord, ffor it was besieged round about Tlberfor 
tbey toke two douues or culuers, wbicb tbey bad 
taken and brought witb tbem for todoo tbis; tbat 
is to saye, tbey toke lettres and wrote tberyn alle 
tbeyr entent, and bonde tboo lettres to tbe taytee 
of tbe douues, and lete tbem flee* Hnd tbe douues 
fiewe and cam strayt to fiasart, fro wbens tbey 
were, and bad ben tbere nourissbed, TTbey tbat a- 
wayted on tbem toke tbem, Cbe lord toke tbe let- 
tres, and fonde tberin bow be bad alyaunce of tbe 
due, bis loue and grace, and bow be cam for to so- 
coure bym witb grete strengthen Re bad tbenne 
grete ioye, and toke to bym grete bardynesse, in 
sucbe wyse tbat be bym self yssued out of tbe 
yates witb bis men largely, and assaylled tbem of 
tbe siege vygorously, whom be bad sore doubted 
not long byfore, 

Tlbe dylygence tbat due ©odeffroy made for to 
socoure a Curke, to wbom be bad promised, and 
bow be reysed tbe siege, beyng to fore bis castell, 
capitulo Cxlvij,*?,*^ 

OCd was tbe due 6odeffroy ap- 
proucbedwban bis brother cam 
witb Hi JVfl borsmen, noble, valy- 
aunt and bardy men, and rigr>t 
pq'i m g wel arm ed* TTbey were but oon 
HI ltuAi^(/^Pv ournc V fro tbe castel jfi^Cberle 

Bawdwyn acorded wel to tben- 
terprise of tbe due bis broder, 
but be said wel tbat Rodoban tbe lord of Halappe 
badd mocbe grete peple, and tbat be knewe wel for 


certaynXberf ore be counsey Ued bym tbat be sbold 
sende for tbe otber barons tbat were abyden in 
Hntbyocbe, and praye tbem as bis frendes tbat 
tbey wold addresse tbem taccomplissbe tbis tbat 
be bad enterprysed jjgFtTroutb it was tbat be bad 
mocbe prayd Buymont and tberle of TTbolouse to 
fore er be departed, but tbey bad a lytil enuye, by 
cause tbe 'Curke bad more requyred tbe due tban 
ony of tbem.Butnowwban be badsente for tbem, 
tbem tbougbt tbat tbey mygbt not goodly abyde 
bebynde, and ordeyned mocbe dilygfently tbeyr 
goyng fortb, & wente so f erre tbat tbey ouertohe 
bymj^Cdban tbey were alle to gydre, tbey werewel 
xxxjVLmenof armes. 

~^ODHr>H^[ bad bis espyes,by wbome 
be bnewe certaynly tbat tbyse men 
cam vpon bymj!S?oe doubted tbem 
mocbe,and be badwel xl M men, but 
yet be durst not abide tbem, but de- 
parted fro tbe siege, and retomed to 
RalappejfiTCbe due knewe notbyng tbat tbe siege 
was departed, but wente stray t toward Rasart. 
'Cbere were ynowe in Hntbyocbe of knygbtes, gen- 
tilmen and otber, wbicbe fmewe tbat tbe valyaunt 
due bad to doo witb men, and departed fro tbens, 
and wente toward bym for to belpe bym. 


, Of somme pylgryms govngf ro Hn tbyocbe toward 
<3odeffroy, were disconryted by the turkes, & re- 
scowed by tbe due, capitulo CxmijjPjP 

<3R6t:e quanttte of burkes 
were embussbed besyde tbe way 
wbere by tbey sbold passe, for 
to away te tbem* Cdban our peple 
approucbed, as tbey tbat toke 
none bede, tbe ^urfees sprang 
on tbem sodanly, wbicbe were 
many moo tban our men were* 
'Somme tbey slewe, & many moo toke prysonners, 
and bonde tbem, and retomed to tbeyr retrayteXbe 
tydynges cam to tbe due and to tbe boost, wbicb 
were out of tbeir wytte for sorow tbat tbey bad* 
'"Cbenneretomedtbey bastely for tosiewe tbe male- 
factours jSF'Zbc people of tbe countre told tbem 
wbicb way tbey were goon,andaddressyd tbem to- 
, ward tbyse burkes, Olban tbey bad ouertaken and 
approucbedtbem,tbey ran on tbem witbgreteberte, 
and slewe tbem som of tbem, and somme tbey toke 
prysonnersjfewe or none escaped* Hnd tbey de- 
lyuerd tbem tbat were taken prysonners, tbe cristen 
L men wbom tbey bad taken* 

lODORHJV was mocbe endommag- 
' ed, for tbey were wel x M burkes of 
tbe best and cbosen men* Cdban oure 
m en bad don tbis tbey toke agayn tbe 
waye toward fiasartjSFftlban tbey 
approucbed, tbe lord of tbe tounys- 
sued out witb tbre bonderd men on borsbak, and 
Itbere as be founde tbe due, be descended totbertbe, 
X2 307 


'and kneled to fore bym, and thanked bymmocbe, 
andaf ter alle the other that were therewith bym, for 
the socours that they had don tohym in tmsnede. 

^henne swarbe to fore them alle, that to tbyse ba- 
rons and to the other cristen men he sbold be euer 
more trewe and good frende, in suche wyse thatbe 

Iwold to his power pourcbace to them the best that 

'he coude,and warne them of tbeyrbarme. Re lodg- 
ed them mocb weland honorably, and made to them 
grete presentee, J& On the mom tberle Bawdwyn 
retorned vn toRages,& that other boost belde theyr 
waye vnto Hntbyocbe. 

Rowtbe due alway enforced bym to augment cris- 
tiente,andof somme fortresses by bym beten and 
^destroyed, capitulo Q,yX\x&& 

|RG due Godeffroy knewe well 
that the pestylence&mortalyte 
endured yet m Hntbyocbe, and 
bis broder badmocbe praydbym 
tbatbewold come andsoiourne 
in his londe vnto Hugust, that 
than the tyme sbold be better 
attempered. Re toke with bym a 
rtytilcompanye of tbem that were moost suffrable, 
and cam to tTorbosel, and to two other castellys, 
'that one named Ratap & that other RauendaL Of 
'tbyse landes dyde beentierly bis wylle. Ris brother 
visy ted and sawe bym of te wbytes he abode there 
I jTCbc peple of the country & specially men of re- 
lygyon, complayned mocbe of two Rermyens that 
were bretberen, that one was named pancrace,and 





that other Conasylles. Cbey bad a f ortresse in that 
con tre, and were grete andnoble men there, but they 
had notrouthe in them ; tbeyreceyuedtberobbours 
and tbeuys that pylled & def owlled the holy places, 
pepleXbey were enhaunced in so moch pryde, that 
they tohe the presente of the pauyllon that Bawd- 
wyn had sente to hie brother to the siege of Hn- 
tbyocbe, and dyde it to be presented to feuymont 
in theyr namejbftlban the due herde thyse com- 
playntes he sen te of his men of armes, & the people 
of his countre, and dyde doo take the fortresses of 
thyse twor>erm^ens,and bete anddestroyed them 
totbertbejtfFCdbiles that the valiaunt due soioum- 
ed in thyse partyes,many of the pepleof the boost 
wente to therle Bawdwyn to Rages, if or be dyde 
them moche good, and refresshyd them wel, and 
largely departedof his good to themXhe way was 
thenne alle sure and good, sytb that the castel of 
Hasartwas alyedentierly witf> our peple,as yehaue 

Row the knyghtes of Rages wolde haue betrayed 
Bawdwyn theyr lorde, and how he was therof ad- 
uertyse d, capitulo Cl^^ 

O moche people of cristen men 
cam to Rages that it desplesyd 
mocbe to the cytezeyns of the 
discorded in many thynges,ffor 
withoute faylle oure men wold 
baue the seygnorye. Chey dyde 
many ennoyes and vylonyes to 

1 1 

tbeyrbosteswitbintbeirbowsesXbeerle bym self, 
by cause be badsogrete plente of men of bysowne 
countre, be called tbe fewer and lasse to counseyll 
of tbe noble men of tbe cyte, by wbos belpe be was 
comen to bisbyenesse &noble lordsbipXbey bad 
tberof mocbegrete desdaynewitbin tbeyr bertes, & 
repented tbemof tbat tbey badebosen bym &sette 
bym to be tbeir lord ouer tbem ; fFor tbey doubted 
tbat tberle, wbicbe was so lyberallas be that gaf to 
euery man, sbold on a day take all tbat tbey bad, 
TTberfor tbey sente to tbe admyrals of tbeTIurkes, 
tbat were tbeyrneygbbours, tbat tbey would pour- 
cbasse gladly by tbeyr belpe bow tberle Bawdwyne 
sbold be slayn, or atte leste put oute and ebassed 
away e fro tbe cyte, in su cbe wyse tbat be sbold n eu er 
retome. TTbe XTurkemans acorded wel to tbis werk 
j^Cbis mater was so f erf ortb tbat tbey of Rages 
toke alle tbeyr goodes pryuely, and sette it in tbe 
bowses of tbeyr acqueynted neygbbours in cytees 
and castellys tber about, 

f)YkSS tbey spak and aduysed of 
this trey son ,a fren de of tber leBawd- 
wyn cam to bym and recounted tbis 
f ay te al a/lon ge : be meruey lied mocb 
tberof ,&dyde enquyreof tbis thing, 
and foundetbatitwassoo.fie knewe 
>wel tbem tbat bad ordeyned tbis tray son, and by 
wbom it sbold be doo. Hnd secretely be sende bis 
men,and toke tbe captaynsof tbisfalsenes;beput 
out tbeyr eyen of tbeyr beedes: otber tbat bad so 
mocbe trespaced, be ebassed tbem out of tbe toun, 
& toke alle tbat tbey bad, Somme tbere were tbat be 


Ictc dwelle stylle in the cyte, but be toke tbeir good 
as mocbc as be mygbt gete. Re bad wel by tbocca- 
sion of tbis murcler tbat tbise tray tree deuysed xx 
JM besauntes, but be departed alle to tbe pylgryms 
tbat bad bolpen bym to take tbe castellys & f ort- 
resses,& somme cy tees about Ragfes.Rewas mocbe 
dradde and doubted mocbe of bis neighbours, in 
sucbewyse tbat noneof tbem durst enterprise ony 
debate ayenst bym. tTbe grete and bye men of tbe 
contre wold ofladly baue pourcbased tbe moyens 
and maners for to be delyuerdof bym, yf tbey bad 

Row tberle Bawdwyn was in daunger of detb by 
tbe treson of a CurR named Balac, capitulo CljV? 

]N" tbis countre was a grete & an 
bye man, a tTurke, & was named 
Balac. Re was acqueynted and 
mocbe pryue witb tberle Bawd- 
wyn. Re was somtyme lord of 
tbe cy te of Sorarge, to fore tbat 
our peple cam in to tbat countre 
jSTCbisCurke apperceyued tbat 
tberle Bawdwyn sayde not to bym alle bis coun- 
seyll and secrete, as be was wonte, ne sbewde bym 
so good cbere. On a daye be cam to bym, & sbewde 
bym by f ayr langage, tbat be sbold come to a for- 
tresse of bis, wbicbe be wold gyue to bym and de- 
lyuer, by cause be bad no more, and also be wold 
bauenomoo,asbesaide,ffor bis louesboldsuffyse 
bym. Hnd be would sende bis wyf & bis cbilderen 
in to Rages for to dwell tbere vnder bym, by cause 

as be sayde that the tTurkes bis neygbbours, and 
specially tbey of bis lygnage, bated bym mocbe, 
and pourcbassed alle tbe barme tbey mygbt, for 
tbe grete acquentaunce tbat be bad witb tbecristen 
men jgTCbe erle tbougbt notbyng but alle wel, and 
sayd tbat be wold goo at bis requeste to tbis for- 
tresses Ht tbe day appointed bytwene tbem botbe, 
tberle cam tbeder witb an bonderd borsmen, 

HLHC wente to fore, and as a fals 
traytre bad byd an bonderd of bis 
men, well armed, witbin tbe fortresse 
jj?<tlban tbey were arryued to fore 
tbe fortresse, Balac prayd tberle tbat 
be wold come vp on bye and see tbe 
place bow stronge it was, & tbat be sbold brynge 
but f ewe men witb bym, if or besayd be bad certayn 
tbyngesof wbicbbemygbt take barme, yf tbey alle 
entredj^'Cbe good erle wold baue doon soo, but 
be bad in bis company a valyaunt knygbt, wel ad- 
uysed & a wise man, wbicbe aduertysed bis felaws 
otber knygbtes bow itwas grete perylle and da lin- 
ger so to lete bym goo, Hnd tbey wold not suff re 
bym, but reteyned bym by force, ffor tbey doubted 
mocbe tbe malyce or tbis man, in sucbe wyse tbat 
in tbeyr bertes tbey bad suspection of tresonjfiF 
XTbe erle abode by tbeir counseyl, and sente vp xij 
of bis men wel armed in to tbe toure for to see yf 
bis men J9 tbey tnat wente vp anon apperceyued 
wel tbe trayson, ffor tbe tTurkes sprange oute of 
tbeyr places wbere tbey were byd, and toke tbise 
xij men by force, and desarmea tbem, & reteyned 
tbem bounden bandes and feet 


RHJV the erle knewe this, be was 
mocbc sorouful for bis men tbat be 
bad tbus lostjJFTTbenne be drewe 
bym fortb and spak to Balac, and 
mocbe prayd bym, & coniured bym 
by tbe feaulte and otb tbat be bad 
,made to bym, tnat be wold yeld bis men to bym, 
oratte leste sette tbem at rawnson,and bewolde 
gyue for tbem as mocbe as be wold bauej^Balac 
answerd to bym tbat be trauaylled for nought, 
I ffor be sbold neuer baue none of tbem, but yf be 
wold gyue to bym tbe cyte of Sororge, wnicbe 
bad ben bis to fore jSTCberle sawe tbat tbis for- 
tresse was not lygbtly to be goten, ffor it was ouer 
stronge, and stode in a strange place, and ryebely 
garnyssbyd. Hnd retorned to Kages mocbe an- 
guyssbousof tbe paryll tbat be bad bein,wban be 
wold by tbatycementof tbis felon TTurk bauegoon 
|vp in to tbe tour, and sorouful be was for tbem 
tbat were taken* 

6 bad delyuerd tbe cyte of Sororge 
to kepe vnto a mocbe wise, valyaunt 
and good knygbt, named foubert 
de Cbartres; tbis man kept bit witb 
an C men of armes, valyaunt menjflf 
Cdban beberdsayetbat bis lord bad 
ben tbus almost be bytrayed, and bow be bad lost 
xij men, be was sory, and tbougbt bou be mygbt 
belpe tbem ayenst trris f als XTurk, tbat bad don to 
bym tbis feet j0 It was not longe after tbat in a 
^nygbt be sette a bussbement nygb vnto tbis f or- 
> tresse, a part of bis men, and in tbe momynge be 


with a f ewe of bis companye cam to fore tbis toure, 
and toke tbe proye of beestesjj^ITbey tbat were on 
bye on tbe batayllement sawe tbat tbey were but a 
f ewe, and told it to Balak & to tbe otber men tbat 
were in tbe f ortresse, Hbey tohe tbeir borses bas te- 
ly and folowed tbem, for to rescowe tbat wbicbe 
tbey droof awaye. In sucbe wyse tbey exployted 
tbattbey cam vpon tbem bussbement; tbey sprang 
sodanly oute and closed tbem in.f oubert retomed 
vpon tnem, and slewe 1 wote not bow many, but 
vj be toke a lyue, ffor wbom be bad incontinent vj 
of our men, of tbem tbat be belde in bis f ortresse 
j&lt was not longe aftir tbat four of tbe otber 
escaped out of tbe fortresse & brake tbeyr prison, 
wby les tbeyr kepars slepte, <Oban Balac sawe tbat 
tber were nomoo but two, be dyde do smyte of 
tbeyr beddes* 

RO tban fortb on tberle Bawdwyn, 
tbat bad acqueyn tan ce to dy uerse ad- 
myrals aboute by m, wold neuer after 
acqueynte bym more ne truste ony 
TTurk,but eschewed tbeir company es 
& tbeyr amy tee, Hnd tbat be sbewde 
wel sone after, ffor tber was an bye and grete man 
[a Turk in tbat contre, named Balduc, of wbom 1 
baue spoken to fore, wbicbe sold tbis auncyen cyte 
named Samoloc vnto Bawdwyn, Hnd tbis Turk 
bad encouenaunted and promysed tbat be sbold 
brynge bis wyf and cbilderen witbin Rages, but be 
sought f als occasions for to delaye tbis tbyngej^ 
On a day be cam to Bawdwyn,as be was acustom- 
ed to doo, and Bawdwyn demaunded bym wby be 

dyde not that be bad couenaunted and promysed. 
Re began to excuse bym by tbynges tbat were not 
trewe^be erle toke bym, and incontinent dyde do 
smyte of bis beed. 

Row tberle of Oolouse toke tbe cyte of Hlbane, 
and tbere constitu ed a bissbop, capitulo Clij^^ 

"RB due Godeffroy soioumed 
tbus as I baue sayd in tbe land 
of ^orbesel j^O>erle of O>ol~ 
ouse assembled bis peple, and 
toke grete plente of poure pyl- 
gryms tbat were tbere ydle and 
dyde nougbt Re wenteto acyte 
ij ioumeys fro Hntbyocbe. Re assyeged it, and so 
constreyned tbem witbin tbat tbev yelded tbe toun 
to bym, and be entred tberin and belde it, and by 
tbe moyen tberof be bad alle tbe countre about Re 
tbanked oure lord bumbly of tbonour tbat be bad 
gyuen to bymXbenne cbasse be a bissbop in tbe 
toun, a good wyseman tbat was namedpeter, and 
born in F4erbonne,and be gaf to bym entierly balf 
this cyte. Hf ter tbis be cam in to Hntbiocbe, and 
was tbere sacred by tbe patriarke Bernard, and gaf 
to bym bis enterinement and made bym arcbibis- 
sbopj^In tbe company of tberle of TTbolouse was 
a noble knygbt and valyaunt named Guyllamme. 
0>is man wban Hntbyocbe was taken, toke by ad- 
uenture tbe wyf of Hncean, lord of tbe toun, & two 
of bis neuewes sones of bis broder, named San sa- 
dol, and belde tbem yet prysoners* But tbis San- 

sadol aaf to bym for tbcm grete good & ry cbesse, 

I wberof be delyuerd tbem,botbe tbc lady & cbildcrcn 

t J?lt\ tbis sayson cam grete plente of pcplc out of 

Ducbelande,and arryued attc port seynt Symeon, 

& soiourned witbin Hntbyocbe, But tbc mortalytc 

endured yet, in sucbe wyse tbat tbey deyde almost 

alle; tbere escaped but few but tbat tbey were all 

\dttd in sbort tyme; ffor tbis pestylence continued 

tbre monetbes nool vnto tbentree of wynterXbere 

were deed of knygbtes only v C;of tbe mene peple 

noman knewe tne nombre* 

Row our peple retomed in to Hntbyocbe, and toke 

counsey I for to goo tolberusalem, and of tbis tbat 

folowetb, capitulo Cliij^^? 

\T)G fyrst day of J^ouembre, tbe 
barons tbat were departed for 
tbe pestelence were alle retourn- 
ed in to Hntbyocbe, lyke as tbey 
bad promysed* Oeyr counseyl 
and delyberacion was tbat tbey 
sbold goo and assiege tbe cyte 
of JMarran, wbicbe was stronge 
&wel garnyssbyd;froHlbare tbat tbey bad taken, 
it was not but viij myle jfi? J^oman mygbt bolde 
lenger tbeyr comyn peple; all were desirous to goo 
to tberusalem jj^Htte daye named tbey were alle 
redy ; tberle of Cbolouse, tbe due 6odeffroye, Gu- 
stace bys broder, tberle of f laundres, tbe due of 
JVormandye,andCancre cam to tbe cyte of JVIarran 
andassiegeditXbey of tbe toun were mocb ryeb, & 
full of grete pryde* Hnd specially by cause tbat tbe 
same yere at assemblee of tbem was a scarmocbe 




- -'* 

ayenst ourc men, of wbome tbey toke somme and 
8omnic slewe,in sucbe wyse tbat tbey bad tbc bet- 
ter; ffor tbat cause tbey preysed tbe lasse our pyl- 
grymsXbey blamed and iniured our barons, and 
despyted tbem and alle tboost, tbey beyng on tbe 
walles, Vpon tbe bye towres tbey sette vp crosses 
and spytte on tbem in despyt of our faytb, and 
made otber sbameful tbynges for to angre witb 
alle oure peple J& *Cbe barons were mocbe wrotb, 
and dyde do crye do assault, & assailled tbe toun 
asprely in sucbe wyse tbat yf tbey bad bad laddres 
tbey wolde baue entred in to tbe cyte by force tbe ij 
,daye after tbat tbey cam tbeder. 

F)G tbirdeday cam Buymont,wbicbe 
brought men witb bym largely, and 
lodged where as tbe cyte was not as- 
sieged jj^'Cbenne bad our men grete 
despyte of tbis tbat tbey dydenotb- 
yng, & bastely dyde do make engyns 
and reysed tbem castellys, berfroyes, and slynges 
to caste stones, and fylled tbe dyebes for to goo 
and vnder myne tbe wallesXbey witbin deffended 
tbem mocbe wel, & tbrewe vpon tbem grete stones, 
fy/e, brent lyme,oyle boyllyng,and sbotte at tbem 
witb arbalasters, and bowe turquoys arowes pas- 
syng tbycke, but god be thanked tbey hurted but 
f ewe of oure menXbey within began mocbe to be 
mery; oure men apperceyued tbat,& tbeyr volente 
& bardenesse grewe & encreaced. Hnon tbey dres- 
sed tbe laddres ayenst the walles, & wente vp dy- 
lygentlyj!S?Bmong alle otber tber was a noble and 
valyaunt man, & was of Limosyn, named Geffrey 


devours; be mayntened the fyrst tyme merueyl- 
lously well Other f olowed bym : tber were ynowe 
tbat en tred in to tbe toures ; tbey bad taken tbe cy te 
,yf tbe nygbt bad not come on &destroubledtbem, 
TTberfore tbey left of til on tbe mom, (for tbat as- 
sault bad endured fro tbe sonne rysyng tyl tbat 

f)SY kept wel tbe gates tbat tbay of 
tbe toun sbold not yssue, and made 
good watcbe in tbooste. But tbemene 
peplesawetbat nonesbewdebym vp- 
on tbe walles,and en tred in tbe toun, 
and fonde tbat it wasallvoyde of pe- 
pleXbey toke alle tbat tbey wolde and badnede of, 
F as tbey tbat longe bad suffred famyne and grete 
>pouerte jPHik tbay of tbe cyte were en tred in to 
bnge caues and depe,& supposed to baue saued& 
kept tbem there* On tbe morn tbe barons sawe tbat 
tbe cyte was taken,&entred in, but tbey founde but 
lytil gayne,ffortbecomyn peple badtakyn sucbe as 
tbey f ounde jfiFCbey knewe wel tbat tbeTTurkes of 
tbe toun were byd vnder tbe ertbe; tbey sette fyre 
in tbe mowtbes of alle tbe caues, and sen te in to it 
so mocbe smoke, tbat by force tbey muste come 
out. Oure men slewe ynougb of tbem, and tbe re- 
menaunt tbey toke prysonners J? Zbcrc deyde of 
sekenesse tbe good man boly & relygyous, wbicbe 
mocbe louyd & dredde our lord god, Guyllaumme 
tbe bissbop of Orengfe jff (Oban tbe due bad aby- 
den there xv dayes with tbe otber be departed witb 
tberle of f laundres & cam in to flntbyocbe, wbere 
tbey bad to do* 



Row tbe due <3odeffroy wolde goo to Rages to 
vysy te bie brother er be began bis way to Iberusa- 
lem t & of somme of bie aduentures, eapitulo CUiij 

^0D6f f ROYt tbe valyaunt due 
of Loreyne, sawe bow tbe men a 
fotemadetbem redyfor taccom- 
plyssbe tbeyr vowe and goo to- 
ward Iberusalem, and mocbe re- 
quyred &admonested tbe grete 
lordes to tbesame*But tbe valy- 
_aunt due would see and vysyte 
bis brother to fore tbat be sbold separate fro tbis 
countre, and toke bis pryue companye, and wente 
to Ragesj^Cttban be bad seen bis broder,and doo 
sucbe tbynges as it plesytb bym, be wold retome 
to Hntbyocbe to tbe other barons and other pyl- 
gryms tbat abode there for bym,<Hban be was ap- 
they f ounde in tbeyr waye a mocbe f ayre place for 
to dyne and ete in by a f ayre welle, mocbe delectable 
and f ul of grete berbes & cjrasse. Hlle tbey acord- 
ed gladly for to dyne in this fayre placejj? (flbyles 
tbey made redy tbeyr dyner be ye certayn tbat oute 
of mocbe reed, wbicbe was nyabe a mareys by, a- 
roos certayn Curkes wel armecTjj?CQban tbe noble 
due & tbe otber barons sawe tbem come, tbey toke 
tbeyr armes bastely as tbey mygbt,and toke tbeyr 
borses and ran vpon tbem vygorously, and tbere 
was tbe skarmocbe grete and tiers* Cbe due dyde 
mocbe wel and valyaun tly ; tber were many Curkes 
slayn, A tbe remenaunt fledde. Our men lost tbere 






notbyng,but cam with mocbc grete ioye vnto Hn- 

How after tbat tbc cyte of Hlbare was conquerd, a 
grete debate arose bytwene tberleof Ox>louse and 
Buymont, capitulo Clv^^ 

f tbis noble cite of Hlbare, wbicb 
was taken as tbaue sayd to fore, 
aroos a grete debate bytwene 
J Buymontandtbeerleof tbolo- 
use,flfor tberle wold bauealleHl- 
barejSFBuymontsayde be wold 
not gyue away bis part, yf be 
yelded not and gaf ouer certeyn 
►towres tbat be beld in Hntbyocbe* Hnd berupon 
Buymont departed, and made tbe towres to be as- 
saylled,tbat tbe men of tbe erle of TTbolousebelde, 
i Hnd toke tbem by strength, and made tbem to goo 
( out tbat kept tbem in tbe name of tberle, and fro 
tben fortbon bebeldealleHntbyocbe witboutfelaw 
or partener j&'Zbcrlc sawe tbat Buymont was de- 
parted fro tbe cyte so conquerd, and gaf tbe toun 
entierly to tbe bissbop of Hlbare j^ttlbyles tbey 
>ordeyned and disposed bytwene bym and tbe bis- 
sbop, bow tbe cyte mygbt be mayntened and kept, 
in sucbe wyse tbat tbe turkes sboldnot recouer it, 
tbepeple a/foote began tomurmure of tbis tbat tbe 
bye &noble men taryed for to take tbiseuyl cytees, 
►and made debate and nojse emong tbem for tbeyr 
conquest But tbe pryncipal cause wberf or tbey de- 
parted fro tbeyr coun trees lef te tbey, as forgetyng 
•and settyng not tberby, and as it semed tbey sette 
notbynge by tbaccomplyssbyng of tbeyr vowe, 


SggSgRGRfOR the tnene pcplc acorded 
emona tbem self, that as sone as the 
crlc of Cbolouse sbold be departed 
fro tbe cyte of JMarran tbey sbold 
confounae and destroye it alle vnto 
tbeertbe,in sucbewysetbattbey wold 
not tarye for bym fro tban fortbonj^It bapped 
tbat tbe barons assembled at Rouge, a cytewbicbe 
is balf waye bytwene JMarran and Hntbyocbe, ffor 
to baue a counsey I tbere emonge tbem,yf tbey sbold 
fro tbens drawe fortb toward to Iberusalem, ffor 
tbe tnene peple Ian guyssbydmocbe and basted for 
to goo tbederjjTXTbere tbe barons coudenotacorde, 
so tbat tbere was no conclusion taken j^Cdbyles 
tbat tberle of Hbolouse abode at tbis parlemen t,tbe 
foote men tbat were lefte atJMarran,ayensttbewyll 
and deffence of tbe bissbop bete doun tbe walles 
and touresof tbe cyteof JMarran, ffor tbey woldnot 
for tboccasyon of tbys toun abyde lenger in tbis 
countre j^ulban tbe erle retorned, be was mocbe 
angry of tbis tbat tbey bad don; but for tbat be 
coudenot amend itbecouerd well bis couragewitb- 
out fortb j^O>e men a/foote began alway to crye 
and requyre mocbe tbe barons tbat tbey wold con- 
duyte tbem for taccomplyssbe tbeyr pylgremage; 
or yf tbey wold not, tbey wold cbese a fcnygbt and 
make bym captayn ouer tbem, & tbey sbold folowe 
bym vnto tbe cyte of Iberusalem^On tbat otber 
syde was grete scarsete in tboost of vy taylles, in 
sucb wyse tbat tbe poure peple deyde tor bonger. 
JVIen sayde tbat many of tbem ete flessbe of men & 
otber tbynges tbat were not fayr ne good, dene, ne 
yi 32i 


boneste for to etc* Rerof sourdedagretemortalyte, 
ff or tbey bad bolden siege about tbis cy te of JViar- 
ran witb sucbe mescbyef of famyne tbat tbey bad 
lostmocbe of tbeyr peple; & not so many byarmes, 
but by mesease tbat tbey suffredj^ITber deydea 
mocb noble, valyaunt yonge man, Gnjorran, sone 
was grete dommage, and mocb was bewaylled in 
Row atte request of tbe comyn peple tbe erle of 

tulo Clvj^^ 

iJPtbyseinconuenientes tbat ran 
in tboost of tbe pylgryms tbe 
vygorous and valyaunt erle of 
tTbolousewasin mocb grete an- 
guyssbe, ffor be wyste not wel 
syde be badpy te & grete sorowe 
of tbe meseases tbat be sawe tbe 
poure peple suffre,and was mocbe meuyd by tbeyr 
requestes wban tbey so swetly prayd bym and tbe 
otber barons to lede tbem for taccomplyssbe tbeyr 
> vowesand pylgremage. On tbat otber syde be bad 
wel vnderstonden tbat tbe barons acorded not to 
tbis tbat tbe comyn peple requyred, Hnd tberf or be, 
, tbat was of grete courage and valyaunt man, sayde 
tbat be wold no longre suffre tbus tbe pour peple 
languyssbe ne deye. Hnd ordeyned to tbem a daye 
tbat be wolde departe witboute faylle for to goo 
strayte vnto Iberusalem, and tbat sbold be tbe xv 

L ^_ 



day folowynof jgFHnd for talledge the mesease of 
f amyne, be tone with bym a part of bis Imygbtes & 
of footc men tbe strengest and most delyuer, and 
lefte tbe remnaunt in tbe cyte, and went fortb and 
entred in to tbe londe of bis enemyes and brake vp 
tounes, stronge bowses, and brought grete plente 
of beestys and otber vytaylles, and brought also 
esclaues, men and wymmen. 

RHJNf be cam to JMarran be departed 
all tbe gayn tbatbe badgoten,aswel 
totbemtbatabodeastotbem tbatbe 
badwitb bym,in sucbewysetbattbey 
all wereryebeof goodes& of vytayl- 
lesj^TIbedaye began tapprocbetbat 
tberle bad named* Cbe comyn peple cryed fast for 
tbedepartynge,andsaydalle playnty tbatbe sbold 
baue no lengfer respite of tbem. Re wistnotwbatto 
But be bad but a lytil company on borsbah; tber- 
fore berequyred tbe bissbopof Hlbare to goo witb 
bym. Re graunted it to bim gladly, and lefte bis 
londein tbe bande of GuyllammedeCuuylly, valy- 
aunt, wyse,and trewe fcnygbt,and delyuerd tobym 
but xxx borsmen and xl men af ote. But it was not 
longe after, tbat tbe good hnygbt amended soo 
tbat be bad xl on borsbak and Ixxx afotej^Gdban 
tbe day cam tbat was appoynted, tberle put fyre in 
tbe cyte of JVIarran and brente it alleto assbe8,and 
after toke bis way. Re bad in bis companye aboute 
ax)Vlmen t ofwbomtberewerenotbutiijConbor8- 
bah^CHban be was departed tbe due of Norman- 
dye &TIancre departed after, and abode for togoo 
witb bym. 

y2 323 

|C HS of tbyet two bad but xi men on 
borsbak, but tbey bad mocbe pcplc 
afote witb tbem. In tbeyrwaye tbey 
fondc plenty of vytaylles, ffor tbey 
passed by Cezaire, by Raman, and 
by Cbamelej^Of tbelordesof tbyse 
townee bad tbey grete yef tee, gold, syluer & otber 
ryebesses; tbey presented to tbem oxen, kyen, mo- 
tons and otber vytaylles. TTbey dyde tbem baue 
resonable cbeepof alle tbynges. Gene of tbem con- 
duyted tbem surely tborugb bis countre & wbere 
as tbey bad power j^TTboost encreced and grewe 
more and more fro daye to daye, ffor tbey f ounde 
many good passages oueralwbere tbey wente;of 
borses also, wbereof tbey bad grete nede, fonde 
tbey ofrete cbeep, in sucb wise tbat many bought 
fressb borses, Hnd so mocbe dyde tbyse to fore 
tbat tbeotber barons cam, tbat dyde somocbetbat 
tbey bad in tbeyrcompanye a JM men wel borsedjj^ 
tbey cam tbus a f erre fro tbe see syde, but after 
tbey acorded tbat tbey wold drawe tbem to tbe see 
syde, for to bere more lygbtly tydyngesof tbe ba- 
rons tbat were abyden in Hntbyocbe, and for to 
fynde tbe better and bye tbeyr necessytees at tbe 
sbippes tbat were in tbe bauenes and portes* 


Row tberle of XTbolousc auengyd bym of somme 
Curkes robbours tbat robbed bis boost, capitulo 

|]S all tbc way e sy tb tbey departed 
fro JMarran tbey were wel comen 
in peas and sauete, sauf only of 
onetbyng; tbat is to wete,tbat 
somtyme Curkes tbeuys cam 
after tboost and slewe somme 
of our peple, and toke tbe f eble 
_ & seke tbat abode bebynde tbe 
'otber, liberie was mocbewrotbof tbis inconueny- 
ent, tberfor be made tbe otber to goo to fore, and 
be and tbe bissbop of Hlbare reteyned a fewe men 
wel borsed, embussbed tbem bebynde tbe boost 
for to see yf tbey wold come tbat tbus endom- 
maged tbe boost jSFCttban tbey bad a litil wbyle 
taryed tbe Curkes cam and sprang vpon somme 
of oure men, wbicbe alwylbnge made semblaunt 
tbat tbey mygbe not goo* tberle sawe tbem, and 
.sprange sodenly on tbem out of bis embussbe- 
)ment, and smote of alle tbeyr beedes, sauf somme 
tbat be laddewitb bymXberewan be good borses 
and armures many, and after be cam agayn in to 
tbooste witb grete ioyejflFf ro tbis daye fortb tbey 
wente tburgb tbe londe mocbe surely without ony 
lack of vytaylles. Of cytees &of castellys on botb 
sydes wnan tbey passed, tber was no lord but be 
sente to tbem grete yef tes ffor to gete tbeyr loue, 
and dyde tbem baue resonable cbeep of vytaylles 

BSBRVBD one castel, where the 
men that were tberin trusted ouer- 
mocbe in tbeyr f ortresse ; tberf or 
tbey sent to tbem neuer presente ne 
message, but descended alle armed 
ayenstouremen fortodeffendetbem 
I a passage. But our men wban tbey sawe tbem as- 
saylled tbem vigorously, in sucbe wyse tbat tbey 
were anone disconfyted,TTberewere but fewe but 
tbey were alle slayn or taken jSFCdban tbe barons 
sawe tbat tbey were rebelle ayenst tbem, anon tbey 
I wente in to tbe fortresse & toke it alle at tbe fyrst 
comyng, smote doun tbe walles vnto tbertbe, and 
"tbe bowses tbey brente, after tbey bad taken out 
'all tbat tbey fynde tberinXbey ledde away borses 
our men were diuerse messagers of tbe con tre, tbat 
tbe grete lordes and men tber aboutes bad sente 
for to seetbeyr couyne,wbicbe wban tbey sawe tbat 
oure barons dyde tbus tbeyr wylle, and tbat no- 
tbynge mygbt resiste tbem, tbey wente to tbeyr 
lordes, and told tbem tbat tbey were ouer cruel and 
tiers peple, aspre and bardy, XTbenne sbold ye baue 
seen brougbt,and presented to oure men qrete pre- 
sentes and honorable, and vytaylles asfor nouabt 
fro alle partes. In so mocbe tbey doubted tbem, 
tbat tbey dyde grete cure for tacqueynte tbem, and 
to brynge tbem in to tbeir louejfrlt was not lonae 
but tbey passed alle tbe con tre til tbey cam to tbe 
playnesof an auncyent cyte by tbe see syde,named 
Hrcbys. Tbey lodged nygb by tbe toun, 


V L. 

Dowtberleof Cboloueeapproucbedwitb bie bost 
vnto Hrcbie, and of tbc eituacion of tbc eame, ca- 
pitulo Clviij^^ 

^jRCr>YS ieacyteof tbc landeof 
f enyce,and etandetbatte footc 
of a montayne named Lybane, 
in a territorye mocbc etronge, 
and 18 a fourorvmyle fro tbc 
eee,and batbmocbeplenteuoue 
j londc aboutc it, and delectable 
_ of pastures and of watereXbe 
ecripturee eaye tbat it wae founded mocbe auncy- 
ently. for J^oe tbat wae in tbe arhe bad iij eonee; 
tbat one of tbem wae named Caym ; be bad a eone 
named Canabam : of bym cam a eone tbat wae Hr- 
racbeue, be founded tbie cyte. Hnd after bym tbie 
cytewae named HrcbyejfiTCber were prieonnere of 
oure men in tbie toun. Bit wae eente worde by tbe 
pryeonnere to tberle of ^bolouee tbat be ebold 
aeeiege tbie cyte, & aleo to tbe otber barone, ffor 
tbey ebold baue grete good tberby^Cbe cite of 
Cnple, wbicb wae mocb noble and ryeb, wae but 
vj myle from tbene; tbere were aleo of our peple 
pryeonnere, for eytb tbe begynnynge of tbe eiege 
of Hn tbyocb and after it wae go ten, our people be- 
gan to renne in tbe contree nycely and folyly for to 
retcbe eommc vy tay llee and otber neceeeyteee tbat 
tbey lacked, in eu cbe wy ee tbat tber wae vnnetb cyte 
ne caetel in tbe contre but tber were tberin eome of 
our pylgryme pryeonnerejjfrln tbe cyte of Oyple 
were moo tban tj <J. Cbey tbem eelf bad eente to oure 
y4 &7 

men tbatyf tbey woldemaResemblaunttoconquere 
the coun tree, the kynge of TTripple wold gyue tbem 
grete bauoyr & good for to departe tbens, & sbold 
delyuer to tbem alle tbeyr prysonnersj^It bapped 
tbenne to tbem tbus tbat our peple approucbed tbe 
cyte of Hrcbisfortoseewbat semblaunt tbey wold 
make, and also for tabyde tbe otber barons tbat 
shortly sbold come and f olowe tbem. 

Of a toun namedHortouscwbicbe Raymont tofce 
tbe otber baron8f roHntbyocbe,capituloCUx^^ 

"pBR yssued out of our lodgys 
of ouremen,an bondredmen on 
borsbah & two bonderd a f oote, 
and made tbeyr captayne Ray- 
mont pelet,wmcbe was a wyse- 
man&amocbe valyaunt knygbt. 
TTbey wente to fore a cyte wbicbe 
a was named Hortouse, for to see 
yf tbey mygbt fynde ony auenture for to gete som 
&tjfayne*0>ey approcbed tbe cyte andbegan tassayle 
Jit vygorously & mocbe sbarpely/Cbey witbin def- 
f ended tbem, botbemen & wymmen valiauntly tbat 
our men burte tbem but litilornougbtXbe nycybt 
cam on tbem, and tbey left tbassault for to be more 
fressb on tbe mom,and abode formore companye 
of tbooste tbat sbold f olowe tbem, and to begyn 
on tbe mom tbassault aaayn J&Zhcy of tbe toun 
bad mocbe grete drede that our men woldassaille 
tbem agayn on tbe morn, & my gbt not resiste tbem. 
Tberfor in tbe nygbt tbey wen tepryuely out of tbe 
toun and wente to tbe montains,and caryednotb- 



yng with tbem but tbeyr wyues and cbilderen, alle 
tbeyr otbcr g eer tbey lefte in tbc toun. 

CIRGmen tbatkneweno tbyngeberof 
aroos erly,& began to make redy and 
en corage ecbe other todoo welat tbas- 
saultXbey approcbed tbe wallesalle 
armed, and tbey berde noman. ^bey 
entred in to tbe toun,and opened tbe 
yates in such wyse tbat alle entred. Cbenne sawe 
tbey tbat tbey of tbe toun were yssued and goon. 
Cbey founde tbe cyte f ul of goodes, in 90 mocbe 
tbat tbey were allerycbeXbey trussedall, and bare 
as mocbe as tbey mygbt in to tboost, & recounted 
tbeyr aduenture, of wbicbe tbey were alle glad and 
ioyous,and thanked our lor<wGHhan tbe monetb 
of JNflarcbe was come, and tbat tbe season was more 
attemperat, tbe people tbat was left in Hntbyocbe 
sawe tbat it was tyme to departe. Vbcy spack to due 
<3odeffroyeand totberle of f laundres,and prayde 
tbem mocbe effectuously tbat tbey wold enterprise 
and conducte tbem tolberusalem fortaccomplys- 
sbe tbeir pilgremaofejsrcbe goyng fortb of tberle 
of TTbolouse, tbe due of J^ormandye, and TTancre, 
caused tbem mocbe to baue tbe wyll fortb, if or tbey 
were goon to fore, & ledde witb tbem grete nombre 
of pvlgryms, and tbey happened wel in tbe waye, 
and bad therby grete proutf yte and grete honour. 
Y tbysewordes were tbe baronsgrete- 
ly steredand meuydXbey ordeyned 
tbeyr affayres dylygently, and toke 
alle tbeyr peple, as wel on borsbakas 
I a f oote, and wente so f er fortb tbat 
tbey cam to theLycbeof SurryeXbey 


were xxv Jfi men, all in poynt and armed, eueryebe 
after that be was JSFVbe good man and valyaunt 
fcnygbtBuymont conueyed tbem tbeder witb bie 
men. But it was not tbeyr entente ne wyll tbat be 
sbold goo ony fertber, ffor tbe cyte of Hntbyocbe 
was newly conquerd, and tbeyr enemyes were fast 
byXberforeit bebouedbym notto witbdrawe bym 
ly daye and nygbt. But of bis grete courage be bad 
conueyed tbem tbeder, and tbere tohe bis leue, and 
weptemocbe at departyng.Rerecommaunded tbem 
to god, and retomed agayn to Hntbyocbe, and tbe 
cyte & noble,and stondetb vpon tbe ryuage of tbe 
seeXbatwas tbe only cytein Suryeof wbicbtbem- 
perour of Constantinople was lord. 

OJV6G to fore oure men cam tbeder 
was co men <3uynemyers,of wbom X 
spak long to fore, tbat was born at 
Boloyne vpon tbe seesyde,andarryu- 
ed at TTbarse wbyles tnat Bawdwyn, 
broder of tbe due, belde itjfiPRe was 
comen to tbe Lycbe witb bis sbippe, and supposed 
to baue taken tbe toun by force, and f olyssbly be 
conteyned bym and assaylled it. TTbey of tbe toun 
yssued out lygbtlyand tofce bym,&yet belde bym 
m pryson wbanoure barons cam tbeder jgrtbe due 
knewe tbat be was bom in tbe londe of bis fader, & 
tbat be bad been in tbe companye of tberle Bawd- 
wyn bis brotber. Oerfor be demaunded bym of 
tbe grete men of tbe toun,and prayde tbem entierly 
tbat tbey wold delyuere tbem to bym. Tbey durst 


not gayne saye bym, but delyuered bym and bis 
f elawsbip witb bis sbippej^TTbe due commaundid 
bym tbat be sbold goo to tbe see, & alway e cooste- 
yeng by tbe booste, He dyde it gladly, and saylled 


Row tbe due asseeged6ybelet,and of atrayson by 

wbicbe be left tbe siege, capitulo Clx^^ 

wban oure barons bad receyued 
tbeir prysonnersXbey tbat were 
late departed fro Cyly ce,f roHn- 
tbyocbe, and fro otber cy tees a- 
boute,were alle comen andarryu- 
edtbeder, in sucbe wyse tbat alle 
_j wentetogydreby tbeseesydevn- 
to a cyte named 6ybelet, wbicbe was fro tbe Lycbe 
about a xij my leXbey abode tbere and assiegedtbc 
cyte, H baylly of tbe calypbe of Ggypte belde tbis 
cyteXbis was tbe first cyte on tbe see side vnder 
tbe power of tbe calypbe of egyptej^€bis baylle 
yssuedout by sauf conduyt,& spaktoducGode- 
froy, to wbom be oflred vj JVI besauntes and many 
grete yef tes aboue tbat, for to departe and reyse 
tbe siege fro tbensXbe due wolde in no wyse bere 
tbyse wordes, but sayde tbat it were treson & vn- 
troutb: and god forbede tbat I sbold take sucbe 
byref Re tbenne departed wban be sawe ^ mVgbt 
not make bis bargayn witb tbe noble duc^ttmr 
be sente bis messagers to tberle of Cbolouscana 
offred to bym tbis grete somme of moneye,yt be 
mygbt fynde tbe moyen to reyse tbe siege fro this 



toun,It was sayd that be receyued the moneye,and 
for to make the barons to departe be f ounde a les- 
ynge,ffor be dyde to be sayd to tbem, tbat be was 
wel acerteyned by messagers and lettres tbat tbe 
soudan or perse bad so mocbe angre & desdayne 
of tbis tbat Corbagat bis conestable bad be dis- 
confyted, and so mocbe peple of bis slayn, tbat 
be assembled alle bis power, & cam witb grete pe- 
ple for to fygbt, and to destroye tbem alle tbat be 
coude f ynde o f tbe cristen f ay tr>, 

ouse by tbe bissbop of Hlbare to tbe 
due a fore sayd & to tberle of f laun- 
dres,and sen te to tbem bis lettres, by 
wbicbe be prayd tbem mocbe swetly 
& expresly tbat tbey wold leue tbeyr 
siege and come dylygently to bym, in sucbe wyse 
'tbat tbey mygbt be alle to gydre wban tbis peple 
>cam J& Qlban tbe due and otner barons berde tbis 
tbynge, tbey were mocbe anguyssbous & meuyd, 
ffor tbey supposed certaynly tbat alle tbis bad be 
trewe, Hnon tbey departed fro(3ybelet*By tbe cyte 
of Valerne tbey wente, wbicbe was aboue tbe castel 
of Margat Sytb tbey cam to JVflarclee, wbicbe is tbe 
first cyte of tbe londe of fenyce,wban tbey wente 
toward tbe nortbeest; fro tbens tbey cam to tbe cyte 
of CortouseXbere is an isle,wbere somtyme was a 
cyte, tbere abode tbe sbippes, tbeyr nauyej^l wote 
not bow many dayes after tbey basted and came 
to fore tbe cyte of HrcbysXancre yssued out of 
tboost & cam ayenst tbem, and tolde to tbem alle 
a longe tbe tromperye and tbe barat tbat tberle of 



'Cbolouse bad donXbey were mocbe angry, tber- 
f ore tbey lodged tbem a part fro tbem tbat bad doo 
broken tbeyr syeae jgf tbe erle hnewe tbat be bad 
Inot tbe loue or tbe barons tbat were newe comen, 
>tberf or be sente to tbem messagers, tbat sayde to 
tbem in bis name mocbe fayre wordes,& brought 
to tbem greteyeftes.^Oberforein short tymeitbap- 
'ped tbat tbey were alle repeased &amyable&good 
frendes to gydre,sauf only€ancre,wbicbe acorded 
notwitbhym, but accused bym of many tbynges. 
"Tjf ORG tbe comynge of tbisejaste 

barons, tbe peple of tberlesof Cbol- 
j^J ouse mygbt notbynge aua^lle and 
prouffy te ayenst tne cy te wbicb tbey 
bad assyeged. But now tbey bad 
i grete bope, tbat it sbold now soon 
be brought to an en de, & accom plyssby d by tbay de 
of tbem tbat werenewe come, JVeuertbelesit fyllnot 
so as tbey supposed, ffor alle tbe tymes tbat tbey 
contryued by ony engyne for tassaylle tbe walles, 
alway it fyll contrarye to tbat tbey purposed, and 
tbey of tbe toun brake alle tbeyr ouurages,in sucb 
wyse tbat tbey loste tbeir costes and payne* It ap- 
pered wel tbat our lord bad witbdrawen fro tbem 
nis ayde and bis good wyllXbey witbin tbe toun 
slewe many of tbem without TJbere deyde tweyne 
noble & valyaunt knygbtes,tbat is to wete, Hnce- 
an of Ribemon t, tbat alway dyde valyaun tly where 
sommeuer be cam, and potom de JBaladon,an bye 
man and wel acqueynted with tberle of O>olouse 
j^XLbiQ siegfe displesyd ouer mocbe to all tbem of 
tbooste,& in especial to the footemen,wbiche bad 



mocbe grctc desyre taccomplyssbe tbeyr vowe to 
Iberusalemj^Hnd also wban tbc due was comen, 
tbey tbat bad ben tbere to fore began to witbdrawe 
tbem fro tbe werke, in sucbe wyse tbat euery man 
dyde nougbt, ffor it plesyd tbem well tbat tberle 
were greued and ennoyed tbat be mygbt departe & 
lede tbem f ortb witb tbe otber barons. 
How tboost murmured of tbe spere founden in Hn~ 
tbyocbe,andof tbe gretemyracle tbat bappedin tbe 
presence of alle tbe boste, capitulo Clxj^^? 

^^^^RBRB was renewed a word by 

wbicbetbecomyn peopleandal- 

so somme of tbe barons began 

to doubte of tbe spere tbat was 

founden in Hntbyocbe, lyhe as 

ye baue berde tof ore,ff or somme 

sayde certaynly tbat it was tbe 

very spere tbat opened tbe syde 

fof oure lord on tbe crosse, and tbat was witb bis 

precious blood bydewed,and by reuelacion of oure 

lord bad be founden by an boly good man for to 

recomf orte bis people, wbicbe bad grete necessyte 

& nede* Otber sayde tbat it was not but f als barat, 

tromperye and abuse, ffor tberle of XTbolouse bad 

f onden tbis and contryued, for to meue tbe peple 

to drawe and gete syluerof tbeyr offryngesj^Hnd 

(tbis altercacion was meuyd by a preest named Hr~ 

nold, cbappellayn,and mocbe acqueynted witb tbe 

i noble due of J^ormandye, Re was wel lettred, but 

be was not of good lyf. Re was ouer malycious 

& pourcbassoure of discordes, as ye sbal bere af ~ 


terward in tbia book jtifCbie rumour was grete in 
' tboo8t,aaIb aue aayd. 

RG man that bad fondc tbc apere 
bcrdc tbc doubtc of tbc peple, & cam 
to fore tbc barons mocbe bardily, & 
aayd to tbcm in tbia mancr jp fayr 
lordea, doubtc ye notbyng tbat tbia 
werke batb ben by barat ne by trom- 
perye, f or tberyn batb benone, but ia comen of god, 
and certaynly for tbc comfort of tbc criaten pcplc, 
Seynte Hndrew appered to mc by tbc wylle of our 
aaueour Ibeau Criat,wbicbe dcuyaed to mc alle tbc 
mancr, bow 1 bauc founden it. Hnd for to abewe 
to yow, tbat tbia tbat 1 aaye ia troutb,! praye you 
tbat yc make a grcte fyre and merueylloua, &labal 
entrc in to it, and bolde tbc aperc in my band, and 
abal paaae & goo tburgb bool and aauf JP (Uban 
tbey berd tbia tbey acorded alle tberto. Oe fyre 
waa made and brennyd lygbt, wbicb waa greete & 
merueylloua. Hnd tbia waa on tbe bleaayd Good 
f riday. Hnd it pleaed tbem tbat tbia tbynge ebold 
be tbua preuyd tbe aame day tbat oure lord waa 
ameton to tbe berte witb tbe aame apere. 

6 tbat tbua oflPred bym aelf tbua, & 
enterpryaed for to preue it waa nam- 
ed peter Bertilmewe, clerk, and but 
litil lettred after tbat it coude be vn- 
deratonde without f ortb, and waa a 
- mocbe eymple man j0 Cbenne waa 
alle tbooete assembled aboute tbe fyre. peter cam 
fortb & kneled doun for to recommande bym vn- 
to tfod. <BCIban be bad made bis prayer, be toke tbe 


epere and entred in to the fyre,and passed tburgb 
it, and wae notbynge on bym peryssbed nc burtc 
tbat ony man coude see or knowe J7<0ban tbc pe~ 
plc sawe tbis,alle tbey rannc for tokysse bym,and 
made to bym mocbc grete ioye J? Of tbys doubtc 
tbennetbey wendeveryly tbat it badbequencbidj^ 
But yetsourdedagretter errour &murmur tban to 
fore, if or it was not longe after but tbat tbis clerke 
dcydc. Tlbenne sayd somme tbat by tbanguyssbe 
of tbefyre betoke bis detb, and tbat sbold be tboc- 
casion tberof Xbe otber saydetbat be yssuedoute 
al bool and sauf fro tbe fyre, but it was tbe wylle 
of oure lord sytb tbe troutbe wae Imowen tbat be 
sbolddeyetbus; or peraduenturetbeprees tbat cam 
vpon bym was so grete wban be yssued out of tbe 
fyre, tbat be was tberby bur te tbat bedeyde.In tbis 
maner murmured yet tbe peple emong tbem. 
Of tbambassadeof Bgipte comen witb our men in 
to tboostof pylgryms, &of tbe reuerence tbat was 
don to tbem, capitulo Clxij^^ 

OJVIJVIG messagiers tbat were 
senteintoGgypte by our barons 
atte requeste of tbem tbat cam 
vntoHntbyocbe fro tbe calypbe 
of Ggypte, bad be reteynea and 
bolden tbere by force and barat 
wel a yere. But now tbey were 
retourned, and witb tbem were 
comentbemessagersoftbecalypbcwbicb brought 
to our barons fro bym wordes mocbe dyuerse and 
mocb cbaunged fro tbat tbey bad sen te to tbem to 

fore Hntbyocbe, for tbenne be sente to tbem tbat 
tbey sbold conteyne tbem vigorously ayenst tbe 
sowdan of perse, & tbey sbold baue of bym grete 
ayde of gold, of syluer,and of vytaylles.fJow bad 
be cbaungedmocbe bis langage,flfor be sente tbem 
worde tbat be tbougbte tbat be dyde mocb grete 
tbynge for tbem, yf be suffred tbat tbe pylgryms 
my gbt goo to Iberusalem ij C to gydre, or iij C, alle 
vnarmed, & wban tbey bad made tbeyr prayers and 
don tbeyr pylgremage to retome sauny agaynjj? 
[ Cdban oure barons berd tbis, tbey bad berof grete 
)desdayne, and sayde to tbe messagers tbat tbey 
sbold retome agayn to tbeyr lord, & telle bym tbat 
by bis licence ne leue wold tbey wold not goo to 
Jlberusalem vnarmed one after another. But tbey 
sbold goo maulgre bym, alle to gydre in bataylles 
rencred, and tbe baners reysed and desployed* 


| of Bgypte was reysen in so grete 
pryde* vuban our men bad discom- 
fyted Corbagat to fore Hntbyocbe, 
mocbe aff ebledin su cb wise tbat none 
of bis neygbbours doubted bym,ne fered to mahe 
warre agaynst bym, ffor be bad alwaye tbe werse. 
By wbicbe occasion it bapped tbat a conestable of 
, tbe caly pbes of Bgy pte named Smites, bad taken 
tbe cy te of Iberusalem fro tbe men of tbe soudan 
of perse, wbicbe bad bolden it xxsviij yere- 0>er- 
foresawenowetbecalypbetbatbe wasat bisaboue, 
by tbe disconfyture tbat our men bad don to Cor- 
bagat, and bad wende tbat be sbold not baue bad 
zi **7 



M * 

nede of ony aydejTtTberfor be deepyeed now our 

Of an ambaeeade fro tbemperour of Conetanti- 
noble comen to our pylgryme, and of tbanewer to 
the eayd amba eeade, capitulo Clxiij^^ 

|JN" tbat other eyde were commen 
meeeagiere fro tbemperour of 
Conetantinoble, wbyebe com- 
playned mocbe on Buymont, & 
aleo on tbe otber baroune. for 
tbey eayden tbat all tbe barone 
^jwere becomen bie men, and bad 
WS ewom vpon tbe boly ewan gely ee 
tbatalleeucbecyteee & caetellye by tbem conquerd, 
wbicbe bad be vnder tbe power of Conetantynoble, 
ebold berendred to bym ae bie owen tburgb out alle 
tbe londe to Iberuealem*Now Buymont dydecon- 
trarye tbie, wbicbe belde Hntbyocbe, and tbe otber 
barone tbat bad gyuen it to bym jfiTCbue spak tbey 
of tbe couenauntee, but tbey epak not of alle* for 
witboutefaylle troutbe it wae tbat tbey bad couen- 
auntedtbie,buttbemperour badpromyeedto tbem 
tbat be ebold f olowe tbem witb bie grete booet, and 
ebold f umyeebe to tbem grete plente of vytayllee 
by eee, Hewae tbe fyret tbatbadbroken tbe couen- 
auntand promeeeee,fror be badnotdon tbe onene 
tbatotber,andbe mygbtwelbauedon it,Hnd tber- 
for tbey werenot bounden to bolde bie couenaun tee 
made by oure barone, by cauee be belde not tbat be 
bad promyeed; if or tbe lawe wyll not tbat a man 
ebal bolde couenaunt to bym tbat boldetb not bie 


"— : 

jFCbue answered the barons to tbem,and tberfor 

, sayd tbey tbat tbe yef te tbattbey made toBuymont 


land so wold tbey mayntene it to bym and to bis 

beyres for euer. 

FJHJN" tbe messagers berd tbis, tbey 
mocbe praydtbe barons tbat would 
tarye tbeyr goyng to Iberusalem til 
tbat tbemperour was commen, ffor 
tbey sayde tbat without faulte be 
woldecome toforetbentreeof luyll, 
and brynge witb bym mocbe grete plente of peple, 
iHndyf tbey wolddootbusmocbefor bym, besbold 
tonne tbem grete tbanke, and sbal gyue to ecbe of 
tbe barons many grete and ryebe yeftes, and also 
sbal departe largely to tbe gentil men and to tbe 
f ootemen jfifQIban our barons berd tbis tbey sayde 
tbat tbey wold counseylletbem togydre anddrewe 
tbat tbey sbold abyde so grete an ayde as was tbe 
puyssaunceof tbemperour, and sayd be supposed 
certaynly tbat be sbold corneas it was sayd. But 
tbe otber supposed tbat be sayd so for to kepe tbe 
barons and otber men atte siege til tbe cyte were 
taken; ffor it sbold be mocbe desbonour & fowlfor 
bym to departe fro tben s witbou t accom ply ssbyng 
tbatwbicbebebadenterprised^'Cbe otber barons 
acordednotbyngetberto,butwolde tbattbey sbold 

goodylygently assiegetbe boly cyte of Iberusalem 
fortodootbeyrpylgremage&accomplyssbe tbeyr 
vowe, for wbicbe tbey bad suff red so many trau- 
aylles and deseases, for tbey knewe mocbe wel tbe 

Z2 339 

delaye of tbemperour, and bis f ayr wordes full of 
tromperyeeand dcccytceXbcrf or it wasnot tbcyr 
oppynyon for to truste ony more bis coucrt die- 

F)OS sourded a grctc debate bytwene 

tbe barone, & mygbt not acorde. Of 

wbicbe it bapped tbat be tbat belde 

tbe cy teof Cry pple,wbicbe bad oflred 

to tbem eo mocbe good bycouenaunt 

tbat tbey ebold depart fro tbe eiege, 

jand goo out of tbe londe, wban be knewe tbat tbe 

barone were emonge tbem eelf in diecorde be wold 

Jno more olfre to tbem ony tbyng, but enterprieed 

J ?5 bc baron s acorded tberto,& lefte tbe bieebop 
of fllbare for to kepe tbe lodgye, And wban tbey 
badeodoo, tbey wente eoallein batayllee ordeyned 
toward Crypple. (Oban tbey cam tbere tbey f onde 
tbe lord of tbe toun & tbe cytezeyneoutwitbgrete 

ordeyned tbevr bataylles& abode our peple, wbicbe 
tbey doubtednot mocbe. for tbey bad eeen tbat tbe 
erle of Cbolouse bad bolde eiege to fore tbie cvte 

andbadnotbyngepreuayled t wberfortbevpreveed 
our men mocbe tbe laese tban tbey dyde bvf ore 

Butwbanouremenapproucbedeonyqbe tbat tbev 
eawe tbe Curkee, anon tbey ranne on tbem mocbe 
fierely, m eucbe wyee tbat tbey loet anon vij C of 
tbeyr men wbyebe oure men elewe. Hnd of ouree 
were elayn but xmjjSTCbere belde tbey tbe f eete of 
Ceter or paeque, tbe x day of Hpry 11. 



Row tbe comyn pcplc complayned tbeym of tbys, 
that tbey wen tenot bastely totberusalem, capitulo 

SIR barouns tbat bad descon- 
fyted tbyse men, retoumed in 
to tbeyr lodgys witb allc tbeyr 
gayne, Cbenne recommenced & 
began agayn tbe playnteand tbe 
clamour mocbe grete tbat tbe 
peple made by cause tbey wente 
1 not bastely to Iberusalem, HU 
tbey cryed witb bye vois tbat tbey sbold departe 
fro tbe siege. So long contynued tbeyr crye tbat 
tbe valyaunt due Codeffrey, tberle of flaundres, 
tbe due of JVormandyeandtancre sayde tbat tbey 
woldedoo tbe requeste of tbe peple a/foote. Mnd 
tbennerecuylled tbey tbeyr tentes and pauyllons, 
brent tbeyr lodgys, and departed jSf It displesyd 
mocbe tberle of €bolouse, be prayde tbem mocbe 
affectuously to abyde, but it mygbte not be, ffor 
tbey tbem self tbat fyrste were comen witb bym 
were wery & anguyssbousof tbe siege, Hnd stray t 
beld tbey tbe way toward Cry pple. Sttban tberle or 
Cbolouse sawe tbat be mygbte none otber wyse 
cbeuissbe ne accomplyssbe bis empryse, be wold 
not abyde tbere allone, and be bad rigbt, but dis- 
lodged bym & f olowed tbe otber. «lban tbey were 
a v myle fro Oypple, tbey lodged tbem^^be 
baylly tbat belde tbe cy te and tbe countre about in 
tbe name of tbe calypbe, sente tbeder to tbem bis 
messagers. Re bad mocbe leyde doun bis pryde, 

ffor as I sayd to you to fore, be wende to baue 
f augbten peer to peer J9 His messagers hnewe wel 
tbat be was to f eble, and tbat it was f olye, 

"|G tbenne desyred & mocbe requyred 
tbatoure men wold taheof bim ngbt 
largely, and goo oute of bis power, 
Vhc mater was so demened tbat be 
gaf xv JM besauntes,and delyuerd to 
_ tbemalle tbe prysonners tbat be bad 
of our pilgryms, Hnd aboue tbat be gaf to tbem 
grete yeftes & ryebe presentes, as borses, mulets, 
clotb of sylk, and vessel of dyuerse f acions, Hnd 
tbey promysed to bym tbat tbey wold do none 
barme to tbe cytees tbat be bad and belde; tbat is 
to wete, Hrcbys, Oypple, andYbelyn, ne to tbeir 
appertenauntes, Hnd be bym self sente to tbem 
oxen, hyen, sbeep, and mocbe grete plente of otber 
vytaylles, to tbende tbat tbey sbold not destroye 
bis londej^Cbenne cam in to tboost somme Sur- 
ryens wbicbe dwellyd upon tbe mount of Lybane, 
wbicbeisnyjfbevnto tbyse cytees toward tbe est 
mocbe bye/Cbey were of oure f aytb, wyse men and 
trewe, and were come for to see our barons for to 
salewe and feste tbem, Tbe good men of tboost 
called tbem,and desyredof tbem affectuously tbat 
tbey wold tecbe tbe moost strait way and easiest 
for to goo to IberusalemjjTCbey tohe aduys and 
counseylled to gydre, & bebelde alle tbynges tbat 
in sucbe a case beboued, & cam to our barons, and 
eayd to tbem tbat tbey counseylled to bolde tbe 
waye by tbe see coste for many reasons, f yrst, for 
tbe surete and comforte of tbeyr sbippes, ffor in 


tbe nauye were not only tbe sbippee of Guynemy- 
ere tbat cam fro f laundree, but tber were sbippes 
of Gene, of Venyee, of Cy pree, of Rbodee, and of 
otber ylee of Grece, cbarged witb vytayllee and 
marcbaundyses wbicbe dyde mocbe grete good in 
tboost j^XIbe Surry ens wente to fore for to con- 
duce tbe booet- €be baylly of Oypple delyuerd 
to tbem alsomen tbat knewewel tbe countrees and 
tbe londe, Xlbcy paesed alle tbe eee syde and tbe 
cyte of Yb*ty n > anc * lodged vpon a ryuer tbat ren- 
netb tbere in a place tbat ie named JVlans. Hnd for 
tabyde tbe feble peple tbat were not comen ne ar- 
ryued, tbey soioumed tbere a day* 
Of tbe grete dylygence tbat our men made for to 
approcbe to Iberuealem, and of tbe alyauncee of 
somme Oirkee made vnto tbem, capitulo Clxv^ 

RB tbyrde day tbey cam to fore 
tbe cyte of Barutb, and lodged 
tbem upon a ryuer tbat ran to 
fore tbe toun* tbe baylly of tbe 
toun gaf to tbem grete good, & 
made do come plente or vitayll 
& good cbeep, for to epare tbe 
. treee & tbe f ruy tes of tbe con tre 
j^On tbe morn cam tbey to tbe cyte of Sayette, 
tbere tbey lodged tbem vpon a ryuer tberby- ne 
tbat gouemed&kept tbe cytewold notdootbynge 
ne bounte to tbem,l wote not wberin be j trusted, 
but be eente out many of bis men for to doo burte 
to tbooste, and for to atteyne certayn knygbtes 
wbicb were lodged by for tassaylle tbem, but our 


men tokc tbeyr horses & ran on tbem vigorously, 
and slewe of tbem I wote not bow many. End tbe 
other fliedde in to tbe cyte, and bad nomore talente 
to atteyne our peple, in sucbe wyse tbat our men 
rested tbem in pees tbat nygbt^On tbemorn, for 
toresteand refressbe tbemene peple, tbey departed 
not tbens, but sente oute for fourage many men a 
f oote, and certayn men of armes to kepe tbem, in to 
tbe contre & vyllages aboutXbey brought largely 
vy taylles & horses wytb grete quantite of beestes, 
grete and smale,and cam agayn without lesyngof 
ony tbyng, alle togydre, Sauf only a knygbt named 
faultier de Vere, be wente by bis valyaunce ouer 
f erre, (for be retorned neuer agayn, ne neuer was 
knowen where be becam : tbey were all mocbe sory 
for bym in tboostj0F€be day af tir passed tbey by 
a mocbe sharp and ae pre way, and after descended 
by a destrayt in to a playne, and on tbe right syde 
tbey lefte this auncyent cyte named Sarepte, wber- 
in nelyas the propbete was in, 

fCBR tbey pessed a water wbicbe is 

bytwene Sur & Sayette, t^bey wente 

so f erre tbat tbey cam to this noble 

cyte of Sur ; XTbere tbey lodged tbem 

by tbe noble fontayne and pytte of 

water lyuyng,lykeas scripture say tb, 

€bey lodaed tbis nygbt m gardyns mocbe delect- 

>ablej^<Oban it was daye tbey sette tbem forth on 

tbeyr ioumeye, & passed by a strayt mocbe peryl- 

lous, wbicbe is bytwene tbe montaines and tbesee- 

J TTbey descended in to tbe playnes of tbe cyte of 

Hcres there vpon, & by a water rennyng tbey sette 


vp tbeyr pauyllons, He that bad the charge of the 
toun maade tbcm to baue vytaylles at resonable 
prys, and made acqueyntaunces good and honor- 
able with oure barons, & made also couenauntwitb 
tbem in this man er, tbat y f oure people my gbt take 
tbe cyte of Iberusalem, and dwelle tbere after xx 
dayee in tbe royamme,in sucbewysetbat tbey were 
not put out of it by force, or yf tbey mygbt dis- 
conryte in tbe felde tbe puyssaunce of Ggypte, 
tbat f ro tbenne f ortbon tbey sbold yelde and gyue 
over tbe cyte of Hcres, without makyng of ony re- 
sistencejfifCbe pylgryms wente fro tbens on the 
lyf t syde: tbey left fealylee b^twene the mount of 
Carmely & tbe see, Cbey cam in toCezaire, wbicbe 
is tbe second arcbebissbopricb of tbe londe of 
palestyne, tTbey lodged tbem vpon a water tbat 
>yssuetb outeof tbe palus or maryses wbicbe ben 
by tbe toun; there belde they tbeyr penthecost or 
)wytsontyde. €bre dayesafter tbentreof Xuyn they 
abo de tbere; o n tbe iij day they toke their way* 

"IS the right side tbey lef te lapbe, and 
by a grete playn and euen waye tbey 
cam in to tbe cyte of Lide, where tbe 
bodye of tbe glorious martir seynt 
George lyetb, in thonoure of whom 
Jlustynyen, tbat was emperoure of 
Rome, made tbere a moche fair cbircbe and ryebe. 
But whan tbe'Curkes herde tydynges tbat our men 
[cam, tbey bete it doun & brente tbe tymbre werke, 
which was moche grete, for tbey doubted tbat oure 
pilgrims sbold take tbem for to make engyns to 
caste stones & castellis to assaile with jS?\Thenne 


berdeour barons saye tbat tber f ast by was a mocbe 
noble cyte named Rames. TTbey sente tbe erle of 
f laundres witb v C borsmen to fore tbe toun for 
to knowe wbat semblaunte tbey wold make, J^one 
yssued out wban tbey approucbed it: tbey camner 
and founde tbe yates open, and entred in to tbe 
cyte, and founde neytber man ne woman, for tbe 
nygbt to fore tbey bad berd tydynges bow oure 
pilgrims cam, and ladde to tbe montaynes wyues 
and cbilderen, and alle tbeir bowsboldj^<flban 
tberle knewe berof be sente to tbe barons bow tbe 
mater was, and counseylled tbem to come in to tbe 
toun ; tbey were mocbe glad of tbyse tidynges. 
Ubey made deuoutly tbeyr prayers at tbe tombeof 
seynt George, and after cam in to tbe cyte, wbicbe 
was al ful of wyne, of wbete, of oy lie, and of other 
vytaylles to tbem necessarye; tbey abode there iij 
dayes. XTbey chose tber a bissbop of tbe cyte, and 
was a dormant named Robert, wbicbe was bom 
m tbarcbebissbopryebeof RoenXbey gaf tobym 
entierly tbe twocytees for euermore, tbatistowete, 
Lyde and Rames, and tbe countree and vyllaaes 
about tbem, ffor tbey gaf it to bonoure aod and 
seyntGeorge for tbe fyrst gayneof tbe same bolv 
londe. 7 


ftow the cristen men of Bethlehem receyued well 
On ere and his rowte, and sette his baner on the 
chirche of our lady, capitulo Cl*vjV$V£ 

ir>6 Turkes beyngf in Iberusa- 
lem herde wel tydynges of the 
comyng of our pylgryms, (Oel 
knewe they certaynly that alle 
tbeyr entencion was to come to 
the holy cyte,ffor whiche tbynge 
they were pryncypally meuyd 
ana departed fro the coun trees* 
3Hban they herde this they were moche esmeuyd, & 
sayd that it was reason to deffende it jSfCbz cris- 
ten men that were in Bethlehem sente certayn mes- 
sagers to the barons, & desyred of them tnat they 
wold delyuere the toun in to their bandes, if they 
wold sende men to receyue and kepe itXbey sayd 
that it was reson to doo that they requyredXhey 
toke an honderd men of armes wel horsed, noble, 
valyaunt and hardy, and delyuerd to tbenXancre 
for a capytaynXhey that cam to fetche them con- 
duyted them in such wise that erly in the momyng 
they entred in to the toun, Hlle they of the cyte, 
clerkesand lay e men, receyued them honorably,and 
with moche grete ioye with procession broughte 
them in to the chirche,whiche standeth in the place 
in whiche the gloryouse vyrgyne JVIarye was dely- 
uerd & chy Ided oure lordlhesu Criste, the saueour 
of the world, TThey sawe the crybbe in which was 
leyde in to reste the swete childe that made heuen 
and ertbe.<flban our peple sawe thyse holy places 


tbey weremocbe ioyous,and badgretetendrenesin 
tbeyr bcrteejPCbc cytezeynsof tbc toun for signe 
of ioyc, and for demonstraunce tbat ourc lord and 
bis dere modcr ourc lady sbold gyue to tbcm vyc- 
torye, tokc tbc bancr of tan ere and sette it on bye 
ypon tbc cbirebe of ourc ladyXbcy tbat were leftc 
in tboost bad mocbc gretedesyre to sec andvysyte 
tbc boly places tbat were nygb by, as it was sayd; 
ffor, for tbc loue of god and for to bonoure bym 
weretbey departed fro tbeyrcoun tree and bad suf- 
frcd many annoyes and grcte trauaylles.Hnd tbey 
mygbt not slepe tbis nygbt, sucbe brennyng de- 
sire bad tbey for to see tbe cyte, wbicbe sbold be 
tbende of tbeir trauayllc and tbaccomplissbement 
of tbeyr voweXbem thought longe er tbc day cam, 
and tbemscmed tbat tbysnygbt was mocbc lenger 
tban tbe otber, ffor to a corageous desire tber is not 
baste ynowgb. 

Of tbardaunt desire tbat tbe pcple bad for to see 
Xbcrusalem, and bow tboost approcbed and were 
lodged by ordenaunce, capitulo Clxvij^^ 

|Y^r> tbat it was knowen ccr- 
taynly in tbe lodgys tbat tbc 
due badde receyued tbys nygbt 
| tbe messagers of Betblebem,& 
tbat be bad sentc bys men in to 
tbc toun, tbe peple afootc abode 
neuer for leue of tbc barons, ne 
Imygbtc not suffre til tbc daye 
was come, but begun to callc alle tbc nygbt for to 
goo vnto Xberusalem jfiF (Oban t h C y were goon a 
wby le f ortb, one of tbc noble men of tbooste nam- 

ed Caste de Bedyere bad mocbe grete pyte of this 
pcplc that tbey ebold be elayn in tbc waye, Hnd 
tberf ore be tohe bis bore, & toke xxx men of armee 
witb bym wel boreed and ordeyned in arraye, and 
tbougbt tbat be wolde goonygbtolberuealemfor 
to see yf tbey myabt fynde out of tbe toun beestes 
and otber gayne for to take & lede away witb bym, 
wban be cam nygb tbe toun bef onde oxen and kyen 
largely in tbe pastures, & but f ewe tbat kept tbem. 
tTbey fkdde away wban tbey sawe our men comej^ 
^Gaste and bis men began to gadre tbe beestes to 
gydre and droof tbem bastely toward tbooet,but 
tbe berdmen a nd kepars of tbem made a grete crye. 
JS[ tbe toun were burkes bardy, and 
desyryng to doo armes; tbey armed 
tbem dilygently, and ronne bastely 
after for to rescowe tbe proye* Gaete 
and bys men sawe tbem come, and 
knewe well tbat tbey were not strong 
ynougb for tbe €urkee, tberf or tbey lef te tbis tbat 
tbey brought, and mounted vpon an bye montayne 
tberby,mocbe angry of tbis meeauenturej^<flban 
tbey bad abyden a wbyle vpon tbis montayne, tbey 
bebelde in to tbe valeye, and eaweOncre come fro 
Betblebem retomyng to tboost witb an C men on 
borebak.OIban Gaete sawe tbem be emote bis bore 
witb bie eporee and cam to bym, and tolde bym 
of bie meeauenture and mocbe anguyeeboue,and 
eayd tbat tbe TTurkee were not f erreXbey ran alle 
togydre after tbem &ouertoke tbem er tbey mygbt 
come in to tbe cyte. In tbeyr comyng tbey diecom- 



Sted tbeTTurkes that tbey that mygbt ficddc in to 
e cyte; tberemenaunt tbcy slewe, and oure men re- 
coueryd tbeyr proye, & brought it in to tboost witb 
grctc ioye. Hlle tbcy tbat were in tbe lodgys assem- 
bled about tbem, & demaunded of tbem en ten tyfly 
fro wbens tbis proye camXbey answerd tbat tbey 
bad take it to fore tbe yates of Iberusalem. Cdban 
tbey berde named tbe boly cyte of Iberusalem, and 
knewe certayn ly tbat it was so nygb, tbenne began 
tbey tendrely to wepe,& fylle doun on tbeyr knees, 
and rendred tbankynges to oure lord witb mocbe 
grete sygbes, of tbis tbat be bad so mocbe loued 
tbem and con duy ted, tbat tbey mygbt see shortly 
tbe ende of tbeyr pylgremacjfe; tbat is to wete, tbe 
boly cyte of Iberusalem,wbicbe oure lord so mocbe 
lou^tbatbe wold dyetberin for tosauetbe world, 
"ReiTS pyte was it to see and bere 
tbe teres and tbe cryes of tbis good 
peple. TTbey departed in tbis same 
maner, and wente so f ortb tbat tbey 
sawe tbe towres and tbe walks of 
tbe toun. Cbenne lyf t tbey vp tbeyr 
bandes toward beuen and dyd of tbeyr bosen and 
sboes,men and wymmen,and kyssedtbertbe:wbo 
1 t} P\ ?? d 9Ccn tbl0 > lbou S» be bad an berd berte be 
sbold baue be meuyd to pyte. fro tbens f ortbon tbe 
waye ofreued tbem notbynge, but tbey wente mocb 
lygbtly till tbey cam to fore tbe toun; tbere tbey 
lodged tbem all af tir tbordenaunce and deuyse of 
tbe barons, wbicbe delyuerd to tbem tbe places jfiF 
vbennesemed verytably tbat tbeworde of tbe boly 

longe to fore: Leualberusalem, &<;♦ : Hryse vplbe- 
rusalem,& lyft vptbyneyen,and bebolde tbe puis- 
saunce of tbc hyng tby sauiour,wbicbe cotnetb to 
onbynde tbc and put tbc outc of tbc bondc wber- 
in tbou art J90 lord god, bowe tbc bye barons, tbc 
knygbtes, tbc gentylmen of our boost, and allc tbc 
otber generally, men &wymmen, were recomforted 
and reconcyled of tbe grete trauaylles & meseascs 
tbat tbey bad longe endured, wban tbey founde 
tbem to fore tbe boly cyte of Iberusalem, and bow 
ecbe of tbem bad good wylle to conteyne bym self 
in tbis nede and werhe. 

Of tbe situacion of iberusalem & description, and 
also of many otber cy tees, town es, and countrees 
tber aboute, capitulo Clxviij^^ 

W£sr5£^& ^7&SHROUrr>e it is tbat tbe boly 

cytee of Iberusalem stondetb 
bytwene two montaynes, wber- 
or Dauid saytb in tbe psaulter : 
fundamenta eius in montibus 
Sanctis; tbe fondementes of it 
ben in tbe boly montaynes* 'Co- 
ward tbe west is tbe see and tbe 

londe of tbe pbilistees, xxiiij mile vn to portlapbe, 
& tbat in tbe next part of tbe see* Bytwene botbeis 
tbe castelof Bmaus, wbereasourelord after bis re- 
surexion appered to two discyples ; tbere is jviodyn 
tbecyte and tbe fortresseof tbeJVfacbabewsXbere 
is tbe place and temple, wbere Hbymelecb tbe boly 
prees t gaf to Dauid and to bis squyres tbe loues of 
breed to ete tbat were offred vpon tbe table of our 

lord, wberf or Saul dyde do slee bym,and the other 
admynystratours of the cbirebe & men of the toun. 
Cbere is Lyde where seynt peter heeled a lameman 
named Gneaux, and had leyen viij yere paralityk. 
jjgTCbere is also lapbe,as X haue sayd, where seynt 
peter reysed a dede woman named Tlbabyte ; there 
was seint peter herberowed in a tanners hows, that 
tann ed leder, whan be receyued the message fro Cor/ 
nelle,wbom be baptysed as is say din tbactes of the 
apostlesjjSTCoward the eest is the flomelordan,& 
woontetorepayrXbis is the vale sauage,wbicbeis 
named the dede see,wbicbe was a mocbe fayr & de- 
lectable countre, lyke a paradyse, to fore that oure 
lord made do synhe v cytees, Sodome & the other, 
as is sayd in Genesys. 

"jj^ thys syde lordan is the cytee of 
Iberycbo, that losue wan more by 
prayer than by bataylle ; tbeder wente 
oure lord Ibesu Criste, and made a 
blynde man to seeXbere is Calgala, 
where Relyzeus the propbete dwell- 
yd^Coward the south is the cyte of Bethlehem, 
, where our lord was bom, and leyde in the crybbe 
emong the beestesXbere by is TTecua, the cyte where 
Hmos and Hbacuc the propbetes were bornj^to- 
warde nortbeeste is Gabaon, where atte prayer of 
losue the sonne rested, til be had vaynquyssbed 
to the woman of Samarye. Xlbcrc is Bethel, where 
as the peple of Israhel worshipped the calf of gold 
ayenst the wylle of oure lord, TTbere is Sebaste, 

wbicbe 19 named seynt loban dc Sebaste* Cbcrc is 
tbe sepulcre of seynt loban Baptist; fielizus, and 
tayneof Somerwbicbe is tber by alle tbis londc was 
sommetymenamedSamarye/Cbecyteof J^aples is 
tbere, wbicb sommc tyme was named Sy cbem ; and 
it was tbere wbereSymeon &Leuy,sones of lacob, 
for tovengetbeyrsuster, wbicbe bad ben enforced, 
slewe tbem of tbe toun, and brente alle tbe cyte* 
Row Iberusalem bad many names after dyuerse 
lordes tberin rennyngf,and yet of tbe situacion wel 
at a longe, capitulo Cbcix^^ 

neRaSHLejVIis tbe cbiefcite 
&witboute ryuers,ne nobrooke 
newelle.Itwasfirst called Salem, 
&afterZebus*Hf ter in tbe tyme, 
rubesees, wban Dauid badregn- 
i ed vij yere in Gbron, be grewe & 
amended mocbe tbis cyte, and wold tbat it sboldbe 
tbe cbyef & bede place of alle tberoyamme; tbenne 
was it named iberusalem* Co fore tbat Dauid as- 
say lied tbe toun, be toke tbe toure of Syon, wbicbe 
tbe cyte tobemadeabouttbeplacewbicbewasnam- 
ed JVIellon. loab made tbe remenaunt of tbe toun, 
Hf ter wban Salamon regned in Iberusalem, it was 
named Iberosolima; tbat is to saye, Iberusalem of 
Salamon, He tbey sey e tbat made tbystory es, af tir 
tbe detb of Ibesu Criste, Citus tbe sone of Vaspa- 
aai 3 53 

sian was a mocbc grete pryn cc of Rome, & assieged 
this cyte with a grctc boost, & tofce it by force and 
destroyed it, and tbrewe it doun to tbertbe. Hf tir 
cam eiyus Hdrian tbe fourth emperour after bym, 
& called it after bis name 6lye, ffor be reedefyed it 
mocb wel. first it stode in an bangyng of an bylle, 
in sucbe wyse as toward tbeest and soutb it was 
sette in tbe roundnesse of tbe tertre of tbe mount 
of Syon,and of another mount named JVIoriaXbe 
temple only and tbe toure named Hntbone was on 
toppe of tbe t ertre. 

GC tbe same Slyus made alle tbe cyte 
to be bom and reedefyed rigbt on tbe 
toppeorsommetof tbetertre,in sucbe 
wyse tbat tbe place wbere oure lord 
was crucyfyed,and tbe boly sepulcre, 
wbere bis blessid body was leyed in, 
wbicbe to fore were without tbe cyte, were tben en- 
closed witbin tbe wallesjfiTCbe cyte was not ouer 
grete, ne ouer lytic ; it was more long tban brood. 
Bit is on tbe four quarters enuyronned witb depe 
valeyes. Coward tbe eest is tbe valeye of lopbat; 
tberestondetb a mocbe fayr cbircbe made in tbon- 
ourof tbe glorious vyrgyne JMarye, wbere it issayd 
tbat sbe was buryed, and there is shewed vet tbe 
sepulcreXber vnder is tbe rennyng water or wbicb 
seynt lobn euangelyste saytb tbat Ibesu Criste 
passed. Coward tbe soutbe is a valeye named Gn- 
non ; there is tbe f elde tbat was bouaht witb tbe 
pens tbatludas sold oure lord fore, wbicbeis made 
in sepulture of pilgrims, andnamedHcbeldemacb. 
Coward tbe weste is a parte of tbe valeye wbere as 



the piscyne is, wbiebe was a grete tbynge wban tbc 
kynges of lude were tbere: and it stratcbetb vnto 
tbe cysterne, wbiebe is called tbe lake of tbe patri- 
ate. By tbe old cymetyerwbicbe is in tbe caue nam- 
ed Lyon, toward tbe nortb/eest, may men goo vp 
blayne to tbe cyte, €bere is shewed tbe place where 
'seyntStepben tbe protbomarter was stoned of tbe 
luys, wban be prayd vpon bis knees for tbem,tbat 
so pytte bym to detb, and so deyed a very marten 
Here tbystorye deuysetb of many merueyllyus edy- 
fyces conteyned in tbe same cyte of Iberusalem, & 

wbo made them, c apitulo Clxx^^ 

ben encbayned within tbe walles 
twene them both wbiebe depart- 
ed tbe toun asin tbemyddle.Syon 
is toward tbe weste,on tbesom- 
mete or toppe tberon stondetb 
_ tbe cbircbe wbicbisnamedSyon, 

and after tbere is a tour of Dauyd, wbiebe is tbe 

walles and barby cans tbere bemany tbat ben aboute 
tbe toun jfiTLn lyke manner also, but on tbe bang- 
yng of tbe bill wbiebe looketb toward tboryent, 
is sette tbe cbircbe of tbe blessyd Resurrectyon, 
rounde of fasbyon, wbiebe, wbereas it is sette up- 
on tbe bent of tbe montayne aforesayd, in i sucbe 
wise tbat tbe cliff e oerbangetb tbe same bard bye the 
cbircbe, batb a bylling, witb beames raised bigbe 
alof te & woven togeder witb wondrous craf te into 
fasbyon of a crown, open & ever coverlesse, whence 

tbelygbtenedefulletotbe cbircbe is powred in,Be- 
neetb wbicbe open gutfc issettedown tbc monu- 
ment of oursauyourXroutbeitis tbattofore oure 
pylgryms cam in to tbis boly lande, tbe place wbere 

& tbere wbere tbe very crosse was f ounden, & wbere 
our sauyour Ibesu Criste was taken doune of tbe 
crossed enoyntedwitb precious oynementis,and 
envoluped m wbyte lynnen clotb, tbise places were 
etrayteas ytil cbapellyaBu t after tbat oure cristen 
men bad tbe power, tbem tbougbt tbat tbe cbircbe 
was made ouer strait and lytil wbere so arete and 

^SSffl? 9 ZS"* °? Crforc tb *y madc * * "ewe 
walledabout witb aood strong werke & bve,wbicb 

conteyned and enclosed witbin it tbe fyrst cbircbe 
and tbe boly names tbat I baue named j^TToward 
tbe part* of tbe oryent is tbe otber mount named 
Nona. On tbe bangyng tberof as wbo beboldetb 
toward tbe soutb stondetb tbe temple, wbicbe tbe 
laye peple calle itTTemplem domini, tbere aeDauvd 
a% i c P^cefortoeettein tbearkeof oure lord 
andSalamon bis sone madetbere tbetemole bv th* 
commaundement of Godj^Ht tbe begynnyna of 

rw°°5 *? S * y ? c *? y ? u > tbat Omar tbe son? of 
Captap dyde make tbe forme in tbis manere? tbere 
19 a place square, longe as mocbe as an arcber mav 

two gates by wbicbe men entreXbatone is named 

S^ tpCter bcclcd h ? m th <* was 
£H C fro 4 bl9 l birth ^ *£ satte to fore tbe gate for to 
demaunde almesse, rbat otber gate bad no name 

toward the north eest. Howard tboryent is an- 
other gate named the ©olden gatej^Coward the 
south is the hows ryall, whiche is the temple of 

^SST^SpOJV eche of tbyse yates, by whiche 
3 men entre in to the toun, and on the 
comers, ben bye towres,vpon whiche 
the prouosteswerewoonte togoovp 
at certayn bowres for to warne and 
somone the peple to praye and saye 

theyr orysons, & to bonoure our lord after tbeyr 
custommes ; somme endure yet, and the other ben 
f allejSttn the cloysture of this place tber dar no- 
man dwelle, ne noman is suffred to entre but bare 
foot and dene wasben, ffor there ben porters sette 
at alle the yates that take bedetberof ♦ In tbemydle 
of tbys place, wbyebe is thus cloosed, is another 
place, more bye and square; toward the weste men 
goovptberto in two places, by degrees orstappes, 
and in lyke wyse toward the soutbe, but toward 
the south goetb noman vp but by one placej^In 
eueryebe of the angles or corners were woont to be 
oratory es, where the Sarasyns made tbeyr orysons 
and prayers; somme endure yet, &many ben beten 
doun.In tbemyddleof this bye place stondetb the 
temple, whiche is made viij square, & with out ben 
the walles couerd with tables of marble wrought 
with fyn gold mocbe ryebely ; the couerture aboue 
was of leed alle round right wel madej^ecbe of 
tbyse places aboue & bynetbe is paued with mocbe 
f ayre wbyte stone, in sucbe wyse whan it raynetb, 
aa3 3 57 


alle tbe waters of tbe temple, of wbicbe tber f alletb 
grete plente, falletb doun cleene and deer in tbe 
cysternes wbicbe ben witbin tbe cloystrej^tbere 
bytwene tbe temple and tbe place wbicb is emonge 
tbe pylers, there stondetb an bye rocbe, and lowe 
bynetbe a dyebe or a f osse. It ie sayd tbat tbe an- 
gele etondetb there on, whan be elewe tbepeple for 
tbeeynnetbatDauyd bad nombred bie peple, vnto 
tbetyme tbatoure lord commaunded tbatbeebold 
put tbeewerde in to tbe ebetbe: there made Dauyd 
after an aulter. XTo fore tbat oure men entred in to 
tbetoun,it bad been a certayn tyme all discoueryd, 
but after tbat tbey bolde it, tbey couerid it with a 
fayrwbyte marble, and made an aulterabouewbere 
tbe clerkes dyde tbe eeruyee of oure lord, 
How tbe Curkes of Iberusalem, wban tbey knewe 
tbe comyngof our booete, stopped tbe pyttesand 
fontaynesoftbet oun, capitulo Clxxj^^ 

~F)6 londe in wbyebe Iberusa- 
lem stondetb is named lurye, 
by cause tbat wban tbe x lyg- 
nages or trybus departed fro 
tbe beyerof Salamon,and belde 
tbem to Ieroboam, tbe tweyne 
abode in Iberusalem witb Ro~ 

r *!? t - bat wcrc tbc trybe of 

Juda and tbe trybe of Bemamyn, And of tbe name 
of Iuda it is named lurye- It is named also pales- 
tyne for tbe pbylystees, Zbie cy te standetb as it 
were in tbe nauyll of tbe londe of bybeste or of 
promyssion, after tbe termes tbat were named by 





?osue, wbicbe endure fro deserteto the mount of 
ybane, and fro the grete flood of 6uf rates vnto 
the see J? Cbe place in wbicbe tbe cyte standetb 
in is mocbe ayerye and drye. Cbere be no waters in 
tbe toun but only of tbe rayn ; If or in wynter tyme, 
wban it is acustomed to rayne mocbe in tbe londe, 
it is recey uyd in to tbe cisternes, of wbom be many 
in tbe toun, and tbey occupye tbis water in alle 
scriptures saye tbat tbey werewoonte to bauef on- 
taynes, wbicbe were witbout tbe toun and ran in 
to bit, but tbey were stopped by warn. €be leste 
of alle tbe fontaynes was ©yon, wbicbe Szecbyas 
isnowaplace in tbe toun toward tbe soutb, witbin 
tbe valeye tbat is named Brmon ,♦ tbere is a cbircbe 
founded in tbe worship of seynt procope marter. 
Cberein tbat same place was Salamon enoynted, 
as is red in tbe tbirde book of kingesj^Ohtbout 
tbe toun a two myle or tbre ben founden somme 
fontaynes, but tbey be but fewe, and tbey rendre 
but lytil water* 

TJS" tbe partye toward tbe soutb, where 
as tbe two valeyes assemble, is a 
f ontayne mocbrenommed, wbicbe is 
named Sy loe. Our lord commaundes 
to tbe blynde man tbat neuer bad 
seen tbatbesbold goowassbebym 
in tbe water tbere of tbis fontavne, and be sawe 
clerely, and incontinent was made bool; tbis fon- 
tayne is but a lytil myle fro tbe toun. It semetb 
tbat it boylletb a lytil, som tyme it spryngetbnot, 
aa4 359 

eomme saye tbatatwaye tbe iij daye tbe water com- 
ctb agayn attc f ertbestj^OIban tbc TTurkes of tbc 
toun knewe tbat ourc men cam, they stopped tbc 
mowtbes of tbyse f ontaynes and of tbc cysternes 
a fyue or vj myle aboute, ffor tbey tbougbt tbat 
tbc py Igryms for lacke of watres sbolde not mayn - 
teyne tbeyr syege to fore tbe toun, Hnd without 
fawte tbat tbey bad grete lack and mesease tberby, 
as ye sbal bere folowyngjTCbey tbat were within 
tbe cytc bad gretc plente of water in cisternes, and 
fro tbe fontaynes without cam gretc babound- 
annce by conduytes,wbicbe descended in to ij pys- 
cynes right grete by tbetcmpleXbat one enduretb 
yet m to this day, & is named probatica piscina, 
where as tbey were wonte to wasshe tbe flessbe of 
tbe sacrefyses, of wbicbe tbe gospel speketb, and 
saytb tbat it bad v porches where the angele de- 
scended and meuid tbewater,and be tbat fyrsten- 
tred after the meuynge of tbewaterwas made hool 
of whatdysease tbateuerbe bad, In that placeoure 
sauyour Ibesu Crist heeled a lame man tbat had 
leyn there many yeres* 

Of the nombre of them of tboost, of them of Ibe- 
rusalem, & bow oure men lodged them in tbe sieae 
toforelberusalem , capitulo £ixxij&# 

N the yere of tbyncamasion of 
our sauyour Ibesu Criste JVIlxx- 
xxix, m tbe monetb of luyn, tbe 
vijdayeof tbe sayd monetb, was 
lodged tbeboostof cristiente to 
fore tbe holy cyteof Iberusalem. 
che nombre of them tbat were 
there, as wel men and wymmen, 

were xl J^L Cbere were not men defensable of the 
foote men aboue xx fA. On borsbacl* were not pas- 
sing a xv C. Hlle tbe other were f eble men, as sefce 
men and wymmen, and also old peplej^^Hitbin 
tbe toun were men able to bere armes xl thousand, 
wbiche were comen in fro cytees and castellys tber 
aboute, and they were the best men of armes, and 
chosen fortbevalyauntest that they coude fynde 
jfiFHf ter that oure men were arryued to fore tbe 
toun, tbey hadde a grete counseyl emonge tbem, 
and called the cristen men of the countree for to 
demaunde of tbem in what syde they mygbt beste 
asiege tbe toun* Chey sawewel that toward tbory- 
ent,ne toward tbe southe, tbey mygbt nought doo 
for tbe deepe valeys that ben there, therefore tbey 
accorded to sette tbe syege to fore tbe nortbeste. 
jPQlbtrf ore it was so that fro tbe yate named tbe 
yate of seyn t Steuen, wbiche stondetb in tbe nortb- 
este, vnto tbe other yate tbatstandetb toward tbe 
wee te, an d is n amed tbe yate of Pauy d, were lodged 
alle tbe barons and the other pylgryms- 
^TSS^ane valyaunte due of Loreyne had 
the fyrste place* In the second was 
the erle of f laundres. In tbe thyrde 
was tbe due of JVormandyejSFTTbe 
fourth place held On ere besyde a 
tour of a comer, wbiche yet is named 

tbe tour of Oncre, & other grete men were lodged 
there with bym. fro this toure vnto the yate of Oc- 
cident com prysed therle of €bolouse the place, and 
the people that were with bym* But after Oncre 
sawe that by cause tbe tour defended tbe yate so 


wel, and also for the valeye that was so nygbe, be 

mygbt but lytil proufytc tbere. Therefore by tbe 

I counseylof tbe wyse men tbat knewe wel tbe beyna 

of tbe toun be remeuyd fro tbens,and wenteon tbe 

'tertre on wbicbe tbe cyte is sette on bytwene tbe 

> toun & tbe cbircbe tbat is named Syon, wbicbe is 

witboute tbe cyte as far as an arcber maye sbote at 

ones, Xlbere be lodged bym to tbende tbat be my abt 

beste greue tbe toun there, and for to deff ende tbe 

X:\srhc8 tbissayd cbircbe, wbicbe is boly,ffortbere 

sowped our lord witb bis discyples, and weesbe 

bumblytbeyrfeetXbere descended tbebolygboost 

an fyry tonges on OKtsondaye, In tbe same place 

jpassed oute of tbis world the gloryous vyroyne 

f jYiarye, wbicbe bare in ber precious body tbe saue- 

our of tbe world Tiber is sbewde tbe sepulture of 


Row oure men began tassaylle Iberusalem,and of 
tbe grete dilygence tbat tbey dyde tomake engyns 
fcytotaheit,capitu lo Clxxiij^ 

IfiHJV tbe barouns were tbus 

I lodged fro tbe yate towarde 


to tbetouron tbecomerwbicb 

ana fro tbens vnto tbat otber 
comerof tbe cyte wbicbe is on 
. - tbc P^aauntof tbe same vale 

, toward tbe soutb, tbenne was it tbyncre euvdente 
tbat tbe one half of tbe toun was wytb pa?mor 
vnnetbe assieged, for fro tbens tbat 1 baue sayd 


vnto tbe yate named mount Syon, tbe cyte was no 
tbynge assiegedjaTCbe fyftdaye after tbat tboost 
was lodgcdto fore tbc cyte,itwasacordedcomynly, 
andcryed tburgballc tbc lodgys, tbat allmen sbold 
be armed tbe best wyse tbey mygbt & come to tbe 
assaultXbey cam alle,and began mocbc strongly 
tbassaylle aboute tbe toun. €bey baddc tbe bertes 
mocbe bardy, and brennyng desyres and wylle to 
doo tbewerkeof ourelord-In tbeyr comyngon tbey 
j toke tbe barby Cannes tbat were rigbt ayenst tbem, 
and tbe Curkes embatilled tbem witbin tbe grete 

E^H^533F>eY of tbe toun were so effrayed of 
tbe grete bardynesse and prowesse 
tbat tbey sawe witb oure peple, & bad 
ouergretefere,in sucbewyse tbat tbey 
loste alle tbeyr bope for to deffende 
J tbe toun, and was wel knowen after- 
ward tbatyf tbe talent of our men badendured, and 
tbat tbey bad bad skalyng laddres & castellys, by 
wbicbe tbey mygbt baue approucbed tbe walles of 
tbe toun, tbey bad taken it certaynly.Butwban tbe 
assault bad endured fro erly momynge tbat same 
daye vntoone of tbe clok of tbe same daye at after 
none, tbey apperceyued wel tbat witboute engynes 
tbey mygbtnotdoo grete burtene dommage to tbe 
toun, tberfor tbey witbdrewe tbem abak, and pur- 
posed to come agayn to tbassault, wban tbeyr en- 
gyns sbold be better ordeyned^Tbe barons toke 
counsey I emon g tbem, for taduyse bow tbey my gbt 
fynde manere to make engynes for tassaylle tbe 


tbynges as tbey sbolde nede* But a valyaunt man 
of tbc countre cam f ortb & told to tbcm of a valeye 
vj or vij myle tbens, wbicbe was ful of trees & grete 
ynowgbe for to make engyns.TTbey sente tbeder 
grete nombre of carpenters, and somme of tbe ba- 
rons to co nduyte tbem* 

f5Cr>6 of tbem bewe doun tbe tres, & 

Sde do brynge tbem in cbaryottes, 
oenne made tbey come alle tbem of 
tboost tbat coude medle witb sucbe 
tbynge,&dydedomakeengyns, peri- 
&wayescouerd,mocbe grete plenteXbepylgryms 
tbat coude werke toke none byre ne wages yf tbey 
bad as mocb as tbey mygbt entretiene and kepe 
Stbem self Xbe otber tbat were pour receyued tbeyr 
Jwages of tbe comyns, ffor of alle tbe barons of 
tboost tber was none tbat mygbt paye tbe costes 
of tbis werke sauf tberle of cbolouse* for be bym 
self allone susteined of bis propre good all tbe 
werkemen without tbaide of ony otber, andalso to 
many knygbtes tbat bad despended tbeyr good 
dyde be gyue many grete yeftesj^Cdbyles tbat tbe 
barons were tbus besy, tbat eueryebe dyde do make 
bis engyns for bym self, tbe otber knygbtes & tbe 
mene peple ran vnto bussbes and bedges ffor to 
fetcbe stockes and roddes witb grete dilygence for 
to make burdles* JVone was ydle, but alle men beelp 
to tbis werke, Tiber was noman bad sbeme ne de- 
spy te to doo tbynge tbat mygbt auaylle;ffor tbey 
sayd well tbat alle tbeyr trauaylle and despences, 


that tbey bad don and madein alle tbeyr waye, were 
notbyng worth yf this enterprise for to take this 
toun were not wel accomplished. 
Row our peple were in grete mescbyef at the sayd 
siege, and how the 'Curkes desertea them by cause 
tbey mygbt en treandyssue in and outof the toune 
I capitulo Cbcxiiij,*?,*? 

JJ^tboost bad they grete mesease 
jof tburst; ffor, as I baue sayd 
to you, the place where the cite 
stondetb in is mocb ayerye and 
drye, witboute fontaynes, with- 
oute wellys and oyttes of water 
spryngyngejjFfor tbey of the 
J toun, wnan tbey herd saye that 
oure peple cam,they fylledsomme pyttes that were 
witboute the toun and the cystemes also where as 
was rayn water, and tbey bad couerd and stopped 
them to thende that thepylgrymssholdehauenone 
ease of water.But the cytezeynsof Betblebem,and 
tbey of a lytil cytee called tecua, that knewe the 
countre al aboute, told and ensseygned to them 
^omme fontaynes, brokes, pyttes, and cisternes. 
'Cher was grete prees & grete mesease, sucbe tyme 
there was that whan the pour peple mygbt brynge 
tbeyr barellis and vessellys full of troubled water 
& tbycke, tbey sold it ryebely in thoosteXbe fon- 
tayne of Syloe, of whicbe 1 baue spoken to fore, 
mygbt not suffyse them, ffor it spryngetb not al- 
way, and yet that was not right goodXhanguys- 
sbe of tburste grewe mocbe, of the heete that was 




in luyn and of the trauaylle that tbey suff red, and 
for tbe duett that entred in tbeyr mowtbes. Cdban 
two ortbrcbadfounden ony water rennyngorwelle, 
allerantbeder , in sucbe wyse tbat it faylled anon. 
^RB men a f oote were not in so grete 
deseaseastbey tbat bad borses,ffor 
tbey ledde tbem somtyme tbre or 
foure myle ferre for to watre tbem, 
& yet vnnetbe f ounde tbey ynowgb. 
jj^tbere were many tbat lef te tbeyr 
borses,and babandouned to goo wbere tbey wold, 
knd otber beestys for defaulte of water. Y c sbold 
baue seen mules, asses, oxen, kyen, & borses goon 
witboute garde or kepar in tbe f eldesjflFHtte laste, 
wban tbe beestis bad long languissbed, tbey deyde, 
wberof cam grete s ten cbe in tboos t, wberof tbe ay er 
was corrupte ouer peryllously. 0>e peple was not 
in lasseanguyssbe tbere for tnurste, tban tbey bad 
ben to f oreatHn tbyocbef or bongre. Ouremen were 
acustomed for to secbe pasture for tbeyr borse 
mocbe ferre fro tbe toun in vyllages tber about. 0>e 
Tlurkes of tbe toun marked it. and yssued wbere 
as tbesyege laye not, and cam ayenste tbem and 
slewe many, and toke away tbeyr borse, & brought 
tbem in to tbe cyte.JVlany escaped tbat fiedde vnto 
tbooste. €>uery daye lassed tbe nombre of tbe pyl- 
grymsby many su cbe aduentures,and by grete in- 
fyrmyte and sekenesses tbat were in tbooste, and 
by many otber causes, wberof many deyed.Hnd in 
tbe place of tbem cam none otber; out tbey in tbe 
toun en creced and grewe euery day , if or to tbem cam 
newe ayde and grete refressbementes of men and 

vytaylle tbatmygbt cntrc andyeaue by tbc yatee 
beyng outc of tbc siege. 

Row tbetTurkea enforced tbem to make merueyl- 
leoue engyne ayenet tbe owree, & of tbe meecbyef 
tbat tbey dyde to tbe crieten men tbat dwellyd in 
tbe toun, capitulo Clxxv^^ 

OCfiBwere our barone in grete 
paynefor tomake&adreeee tbe 
engyneeXbemene peple payn- 
ed tbem ententyfly toaecbe and 
pourcbaaae aucbe ayde & belpe 
ae tbey mygbt. Cbey tbat were 
in tbe toun f aynednotbyng, but 
. made grete cure & grete entente 
bede to tbe inetrumentee tbat oure men made for 
taaeay Ue tbem, and tbey adreaey d ae good or better 
to defende tbem, (for tbey bad gretter plente of 
tymbre witbin tbe toun tban tbey badde tbat were 
witboutXbe toun wae mocbe wet gamyeebed of 
alle tbyngee tbat tbey neded to fore tbat our peple 
cam. TTbey bad grete plente of cordee, etonee wel 
fetyced, and otber tbyngea more tban tbey neded. 
Xlht criaten men of tbe toun were more trauaylled 
and charged witb tbyae werkea tban ony otber men, 
and aleo tbey were beten cruelly, and eomme tbey 
elewe. Hnd witb alle tbyee meaauenturee tbey bare 
tbem on bonde tbat tbey were traytoura, and de- 
ecouerd tbevr counaeyl to tbeyr enemyea jS?0>ere 
wae none or tbe criaten men tbat duret goo vpon 
tbe wallee, but yf be were charged or laden witb 
etonee or tymbre:and yf tbey bad ony vytaylleein 


tbcir bowses it was take from tbem, in sucbe wyse 
tbat tbey suffredmany meseases jPUlban one bad 
nede of ony tree, anon tbey bete doun tbe bows of 
a crysten man, for to baue a lytil pyece of tymbre. 
Yf tbeytaryed a lytil to com eat tbe bourassygned, 
anon tbey were beten & burt ouer sorowf ully/Cbey 
were brougbttosomoebsorow, tbat there were but 
f ewe but tbey bad leuer to baue been deed tban a4yue. 
Cbey durst in no wyse yssue out of tbeir bowses 
without commaundement 
In this tyme arryued a sbippe of Oenewys atte 
porte of Halappe, and bow tbeyr messagers cam 
m tboost,and bow tbe barons tbey made tbeyr re- 
queste, capitulo C lyyyj^^ 

~ \C tbe syege of Iberusalem tbe 

pylgryms conteyned tbem as I 
baue sayde.Cbenne cam a mes- 
sager tbat brougbte tydynges, 
tbatsomme sbippes of tbe ©e- 
newes were arryued atte porte of 
fialappe. Hnd mocbe requyred 
tbe barons of tboost tbey tbat 
were come m tbe sbippes, tbat tbey wold sende to 
tbem somme knygbtes for to conduyte tbem vnto 
tboostej^Tbe barons prayde tberle of Tbolouse, 
wmebe was most ryebest of tbem, tbat be wold 
sende tbeder somme of bis men. He dyde tbat tbey 
requyred,and sentea knygbt of bis named Olylde- 
martCarpynele,and delyuerd tobym xxxborsmen 
and I men a foote JPHf ter tbat tbey were departed 
tbe barons sayde to tberle tbat be bad sente ouer 

f ewe men, and prayd bym that be wolde eende yet 
moo; be agreed wel, and eente Remon pelet and 
©uyllamme de Hrebran witb I boreemen. But er 
tbey bad ouertaken tbie Olyldemart, wbicbe wente 
alwayfortb til bewaecomebytweneLyde&Ramee 
in tbe playnee tbat ben tbere, tber mette bym vj C 
Curkee on borebak, wbicb ran vpon bym rudely . Ht 
tbie fyret recountre tbey elewe four of oure bore- 
men,and mooof tbem a footcyetourmen werenot 
dieconfyted but belde tbem to gydre, and warned 
ecbe otber to doo weUj^In tbie tyme, wbylee tbey 
f ou gbt to gydre,tby ee two kny gbtee tbat cam after 
and tbeyr companye eawe tbie ecarmucbe, and eo 
mocbe baeted tbat tbey cam and ioyned witb our 
otber menXbenne began tbey to doo wel, in eucbe 
wise tbat tbey dieconfyted tbe€urkee& put tbem 
to flygbt, and elewe ij C Curkee of tbem. Of our 
men were elayn two valyaunt kny gbtee, for wbom 
lalle tbe otber were eory, tbat one was named foyl- 
bert de€reue,andtbat otber HcbartdeMounttille. 
1 fiHJSour men bad tbue dieconfyted 
tbe TTurkee, tbey cam tolapbe, wbere 
tbey were receyued witb mocb grete 
ioye: tbe maronnereof ©enereceyu- 
I aetbey eoiournedtbere&diecbamed 
> tbeyr ebippee,for to aduyeeandordeyne bow tbey 
>mygbt come in tbe booete, eodanly or ony man 
>tok? bede of bit, tbe nauye of tbem , of ,€££"> 
'wbicbe wae more redy in tbe porteof Bekla uonye, 
eawe tbeyr tyme for toburte ourpeple^and cam to 
forelapbe- «Jban oure men and tbe ©enewee ap- 
b b i 36 9 


perceyued this, bastely tbey descended to the see. 
f yrst tbey essayed for to deff ende tbem, but tbey, 
wban tbey sawetbat there cam so mocbe pepletbat 
tbey mygbt not resiste tbem, tbey disgamyssbed 
tbeyr sbyppes as faste as tbey mygbt, and bare 
away cordes, cables and saylles, & the other takle, 
and bare it & leyde it in the f ortresse. One sbippe 
of tbe(3enewes, wbicbewasgoon forsommegayne 
vpon tbe see, cam alle laden witb grete gayneand 
wold arryued at tbe porteof Iapbe. But tbey of tbe 
sbippe knewe wel fro ferre tbat tbe nauye of tbe 
burkes belde tbe porte, tberf or tbey caste about & 
tomed tbeyr saylle, and wente to tbe Lycbe. Zhc 
cyte of Iapbe was tbenne alle deserte and voyde of 
peple; ffor tbe cytezeyns of tbe toun trusted not 
wel in tbeyr f ortresse, tberf or tbey were goon a 
litil byfore tbat our men cam, of wbicb it bapped 
tbat oure men kepte nomore tban tbe tourj^Hnd 
wban tbey sawe tbeyr tyme, tbey made tbem redy, 
and sette tbeyr tbynges all in ordenaunce, & wente 
tbeyr waye and cam in to tboost, where tbey were 
receyued witb grete ioye, ffor tbe maronners of 
Gene were mocbe good carpenters, and coude wel 
make engynes and other instrumentes of warre in 
suche wyse that syth tbey were comen, the barons 



I — ■ 

fiow alle tbe pylgryms, cucrycbc after bis estate, 
payned tbem to make tbengyns for tbassault, ca- 
pitulo Ctovij^/? 

iney tbatabodein tboost dyde 
I tbeyr power for tadresse tbeir 
engyns,ffor tbe due ©odefroy, 
tbe due of flormandye & tberle 
of f laundres, bad a valyaunt 
man wbicb was mocb wise and 
iuste named ©ace de Beer, be 
I bad tbe cbarge for to take bede 
to tbe werkmenj^Cbis man dyde do make tbeyr 
werkesjustly and wet ^be barons conducted the 
men a foote for to gadre to gydre tbe roddes and 
bowes of trees for to make wittbes & burdles for 
to couere tbe engyns, and also to bewe tbe grete 
tymbre and brynge it to tbe boost to tbe workmen, 
Tbey toke tbe bydes of tbe beestes tbat deyde and 
stratcbed tbem vpon tbengynes for to kepe and 
def endetbem fro fyrejfiHn tbis partye toward tbe 
nortbest tbe barons entremedled vygorousty, as I 
baue sayd, for to assayle fro tbe tour of tbe angle 
or comer vnto tbe west gateXan ere trauay lied also 
| mocbe,&tbe otber kny gbtes tbat were tbere lodged, 
for taduyse bow tbe cyte mygbt be wel assay lied 
on tbeyr sydej^On tbe syde toward tbe soutb, 
tbere was tberle of Tbolouseand bis peple- fie was 
moost ryebe of tbem, & tberf or be bad tbe moost 
peple tbat wrought. XTbey of Genes were drawen 
jalle to bym, wbicbe bad a captayn, a mocbe excel- 
lent werkman named ©uylham Sbryac, be made 

tbem to baste mocbe tbe werke, and to amende it 
tCbue was alle tboost occupied in tbis werke four 
monetbes all bool Cbey bad eo mocbe exploited 
tbat eueryebe of tbe barons bad doo made rigbt 
tbat wbicbe be bad begonne & entreprysed* Cber- 
for tbey counseylled emonge tbem, and ordeyned 
at a day sett to goo to tbassault* But for as mocb 
as tberle of Cbolouse & Oncre bad be grete ran- 
cour and wratb, & somme of tbe otber barons and 
knygbtes tbat loued not wel to gyder for dyuerse 
reasons, tbe barone by tbe admonestacion of tbe 
bissbops wolde tbat of alle debate sbold be good 
peas, and tbat ecbe sbold pardone otber all euyll 
wyll & talente, by cause tbat our lord sbold belpe 
tbem tbe better in doynge and accomplyssbyng 
bis worke, and yf it bapped tbem to dye, tbe surer 
mygbt tbey attende tbe detb* 

Of tbe f ayr processions tbatoure pylgryms made 
to tbende tbat god sbold gyue tbem vyctorye, and 
bow tbey pardonned ecbe otber tbeyr mal talentes 
and euyll wylles, capitulo Clxxviij^^ 

\T)G daye was ordeyned & taken 
by comyn accorde of alle, tbat 
procession sbold be made, and 
tbe relyquyes sbolde be borne 
sucbe as were bad in tboost. 
TJbey sbolde alle goo vnto tbe 
mount of Olyuet, & tbey sbold 
mayntenetbem tbisdayin fast- 
ing, in repentaunce of tbeyr synnes, & in orysons 
and prayer vnto our lord, to tbende tbat be wold 
baue pyteof bis pepleand receyue in gree tbeyr ser- 

uyse, in sucbe wyse that by tbem bis berytages 
mygbt be rccoucrd fro tbc bandes of bie enemyes 
wbicb bcldc it in tbeir possessionjjFpeter XTbcrc- 
myte on tbat one part, & Hrnold, tbe cbappellayn 
of tbe due of J^ormandye, wbicbe was a grete clerk 
and wyse, of tbat otber parte, made tbe sermon to 
tbe people* €bey exborted tbem by swete wordes 
to enterpryse vygorously tbe werke of oure lord, 
wberin it were better to deye tban to lyuejjTCbe 
mount of Olyueteisayenstlberusalem in tbeeeste 
partye, about a myle f er fro tbe toun, ff or tbe vaal 
'iof losapbat is bytwene botbe* €bere assembled 
our lord bie discyples,and styed and ascended vp 
to fore tbem alle in to beuen, tbe day of tbassen- 
sion, and went e up in a clowde wbicb toke bym. 
HHJNf alle tbe peple bad ben tbere in 
greete wepynges and prayers, and 
alle tbe debates appeased tbat were 
emongtbem, tbey descended fro tbe 
bylle in to tbe cbyrcbe of mount 
Syon, wbyebe is by tbe cytee, as I 
baue sayd, in tbe side toward tbe soutb on tbe 
toppe of a tertre. Xibt Sarasyns of tbe toun, tbat 
were in tbe toures and vpon tbewallesof tbe toun, 
merueylled mocbe wbat tbis mygbt be tbat oure 
men made tbere, Hnd wbere tbey mygbt see tbe 
pressenygb totbemwitbinsbotte, tbey cessed not 
to sbote arowes and quarellys, in sucbe wyse tbat 
tbey burted somme, XTbenne addressyd tbey cross- 
es vpon tbe walles, and in despy te of our sauyour 
and in reprocbe of oure faytb, spytteon tbem, and 
made otber sbames and fowle tnynges wbicb be 
bb3 373 


not for to be sayd, XLbz people of our lord, which 
were in holy wylle for to serue bym, sawe wel tbise 
tbyn ges that the 'Curkce made, theyr desyre grewe 
and encreaced moche in theyr bertes for tauenge 
the shame of our lord Ibesu Cristej^Slhan they 
had made theyr ory sons and prayers in tbecbircbe 
of mount Syon, the day was to them ordeyned and 
named for to make thassault by comyn acorde. 
'Cbenne they retourned to theyr lodgysj^Yf tber 
wasonythyngto bemadeon theyr en oyns, anon it 
was accomplyssbyd,foreueryman tokegood hede 
cessarye to make thassault ayenst theyr enemyes. 
Row oure men sodenly transported in the nyght 
theyr engyns vnto the other part of the toun for 
tassaylle on that side, capitulo Clxxxix^^ 

RHJN" the day approched that 
they had named for tassayle 
the cyte, the nyght to fore, the 
valyaunt due ©odeffroy, the 
erle of f laundres, and the due 
of pformandye sawe that this 
partyeof the cyte that they had 
assieged was moche wel gar- 
jnyssbed of alle maner of engyns, and the moost 
jdefensable men of the cyte they had sette there. 
XTherfore they doubted more this part, than ony 
[otherXhenoblemen had herupon counseyll; they 
>knewe wel that they myght not endommage the 
toun there, and enterprysed a thynge of a right 
grete aff ayre and of moche grete trauay lie. for alle 
thengynes that they had by them, and the castel to 

fore the sydeswere ioyned togydrc, tbey baretbem 
allc on that other syde, wbicbe ie bytwene the gate 
of seynt Stephen and the tour of tbangle tbatie 
toward the nortbeest ; ffortbem semed,and it was 
troutbe, tbat by cause tbat tbe cyte bad not be as- 
sieged on tbatsyde tbat tbersbold betbe lasse de- 
fen ce* Cdberof it bapped tbat tbey wofceal tbenygbt 
as wel tbey as tbeyr peple, in sucbewyse tbattbeyr 
engyns were alle ioyned and reysed vp byf ore day 
or er tbe sonnearoos, in tbe places wbere tney ought 
to be»0>e castel was so approucbed tbe walle,and 
was mocbe byer, in so mocbe tbat tbey tbat were 
tberin were almoost as bye as one of tbe touresjj? 
Hnd hnowe ye for certayne tbat tbis was noo lytil 
trauaylle, fF or fro tbis place wbere tbey were fyrst 
f lodged vn to tbe place wbere tbey settetneyr engyns 
vwas nygb balf a myle*Hnd tbe tbynges were so wel 
and so booly ordeyned, tbat to fore tbesonne rys- 
yngalltbyng was redy at them* 

JN" tbe mornynge tbe Curves bybelde 
on tbe walles and toures, and mer- 
ueylled wbat tbis mygbt be tbat our 
men so trauaylledall tbenygbtXbey 
sawe tbat tbe lodgys of tbe due and 
of tbe other barons aboute bym were 
iremeuyd*'Cbey sought them about tbat other side 
of tbe toun, and f ounde tbem there wbere as tbey 
had sette no garde* Gdban tbey sawe tbengyns and 
Jtbey mygbt doo tbis werhe in so lytille tyme* for 
this cause tbey doubted mocbe the more tnem tbat 
had thus enterprysedandaccomplyssbed so so- 
bb4 375 

devnly in the nygbt about that syde of the toun JSF 
TTbe barons tbatwere lodged asye bauc bcrd tof ore, 
were not ydle, but reysed tbeyr engyns eueryebe 
in bis parte, Hnd tberle of TZbolouse bad made 
tapprocbetbewallesacastel tbat be badmadewitb 

mocbegretetrauayllebytwenetbecbircbeof mount 
Syon and tbe cyte, Cbe otber tbat were nygbe tbe 
comer, wbicbeis called tbetour of Oncre,redress- 
yd a castel of tree mocbe bye* Hbyse tbre castellys 
tbat were about tbe toun were nybe alle of one f a- 
cion, ff or tbey were alle square; tbe sydes tbatwere 
toward tbe toun were double, in sucbe wyse tbat 
oneof tbe panes tbat was without, mygbt beaualed 
vpon tbe walles, & tbenne it sbold be lykea brydge. 
But for alle tbat tbe side was not vnclosed ne dis- 
couerd, but it was bool for to deffende tbem tbat 
were in tbe castel 

How tbe day folowyng ourpeple made a merueyl- 
lous assault, and bow tbe Curkes defended tbem 
subty lly and wel, capitulo Clxxx/&*£ 

fiG daye beaonne strongly to 
wexe clereXbenne,as it was en- 
terprysedand deuysed,ourmen 

walles, Tbey alle were and bad 
one purpoos : tbat is to wete, or 
tbey wolde take tbe toun vpon 
tbenemyes of our lord, and de- 
l lyuer tbe ordures of tbe mescreauntes fro tbe boly 
f places, or ellys in tbis seruise tbey wold rendre tbeir 

bad wy lie to draw aback fro tbis werke; tbe old men 



f orgate tbeyr age, the seke men tbeyr malady es, tbe 
wyues andcbilderen enterprysed in tbeyr bertes to 
doo grctc tbynges, Hlle generally payned tbem to 
in sucbewyse tbat tbey mygbt approcbe tbem tbat 
defended itjSFCbey of tbe toun cessydnottodrawe 
and sbote incessantly grete plenty of arowes and 
quarellys,&witb tbeyr engyns caste grete stones, 
and tbrewe tbe moyen and maniable witb tbeyr 
ban dis , fro t be walks an d towres ; tbeir en ten te was 
tberwitb to make oure men to witbdrawen fro tbe 
walles, ITbe good cristen men, tbat doubted notb- 
jynge to deye,couerdtbem witb targes and sbeldes, 
tbise and otber babyllemens tbey sette to fore tbem 
for to hepe tb em fro tbe stones and sbotte* 

HBY tbat were witbin tbe castellis of 
tree lef te not to sbote & caste stones 
vpon tbe ITurhes incessantly* Hnd 
otber bad grete leuers and plente of 
ropes and cordes witb wbicbe tbey 
J laboured and payned tbem to drawe 
fortb tbe castellysXbey tbatwere putfor totbrowe 
>tbe stonesand to occupye tbengyns were not ydle, 
but bad tbeyrtbynges wel adressyd, andtbreweto 
, tbem tbat defended tbe toun grete stones mocbe 
asprely,& traua^lled mocbe for to do tbynge tbat 
mygbt greue tbeir enemyesj^But tbey tbat wold 
baue put fortb tbe castellys mygbt not doo tbat 
tbey wold; for tber was a dyeb mocbe depe to fore 
tbe barbycane, flPor wbicbe tbey mwbt not make 
tbeyr engyns ioyne to tbe walles. Cbe strokes of 
tbe stones tbat were tbrowen on tbe walles dyde 




not mocbe barme to the walles of the cyte, ffor the 
burkes bad8ackesfulofbeyeandofcoton,&grete 
peces of tymbre bounden witb cables of sbippes, 
wbiebe benge a longe by tbc walles and towres, in 
sucb wyse tbatwban tbc stones of tbengyns smote 
tbyse softe tbynges, tbe strokes were lost & made 
no burte to tbe walles* 

tbat otber syde tbe burkes witbin 
tbe toun bad moo engyns adressyd 
tban we bad without, & more quan tite 
oute comparison tban we badde, by 
wbiebe tbey slewe many of tbe pil- 
grims, and it mygbt not be but tbat our peple were 
| sore aferdjSTCbus was tbassault mocbe grete and 
rperyllous fro tbe momyng vnto euensong tyme, 
jandduring tbassault it cessedneuerof arowesand 
stonesfleynge more tbycke, tban was in aJVlyere to 
foreXbereweresomany tbatofte tbe stonesmette 
and bytte ecbe otber in tbayer, in sucbe wyse tbat 
I tbey brakand fiewein pyecesXbaseaultwasin tbre 
'places, & tbe barone payned tbem soretogreue tbe 
ITTurkes: men mygbt not wel knowe wbiebe partye 
bad tbe better* Oure pylgryms were put to grete 
payne to bere ertbe for tofylle tbe dyebe, to tbende 
tbat tbe castellys mygbt ioyne to tbe wallesXbey 
witbin tbrewe fyre mocbe tbyckein to tbe castellys, 
men mygbt see many arowes brennyng, brondes, 
pottes ful of sulpbre, of oylle, and otber tbynges 
nouryssbyng tofyreXbe stones smote tbem witb 
so grete strokes tbattbey brak and tbe pyecesflewe 
tburgbouttbe sydes,and it mygbt not be but tbat 


many wereburte that were aboue for tassaylle. f)yt 
semed many tymes that alle sbold falle to toe 
ground; but our men quencbyd the fyre with water 
and vynegar, and badredy pynnes for to stoppe tbe 
boles,andalsofortobolde togydre tbeyr castellys 
mocbe iustely, in eucbe wyse tbat tbeyr conten- 
>aunces were in alle tbynges good and bardy* 
'Cbe nygbt departed tbe sayd assault, our peple 
; gyns, & tbe TTurkes tbe toun, capitulo Clxxxj^^ 

IRIS greteassault and pery llous, 
tbat so long endured, tbe derk 
nygbt departed Ourmen return- 
ed to tbeyr lodgys for to ete and 
ireste; tbey lefte grete watcbe a- 
boute tbeyr engyns, by cause tbe 
Curkes sbold not brenne tbem, 
I and tbey of tbe toun made grete 
'watcbe to kepe tbeyr walles, ffor tbeye doubted 
) mocbe tbat oure peple, wbom tbey bad seen so vy~ 
come vp on tbe walles by laddres and entre in to 
rtbe toun. XTberf or tbey peyned tbem to make good 
[watcbe alle tbis nygbt, and to goo roundabout tbe 
, walles & sercbe tne towres. XTbe stretes also made 
watcbewitbintbetounwitbgretenombreof people, 
by cause of fere of traysonXbey sette beron grete 
entente, ffor it was for tbe sauacton of tbeyr lyues, 
tbeyr wyues, tbeyr cbtlderen, and alle tbeyr goodes 
boolly JfOxxt peple tbat were in tbe tentes and in 
ftbe lodgys bad not tbeyr bertes in reste, but tbey 



remembryd of tbassault that bad be* Guery man 
remembryd bym wbat be bad don, and bym scmed 
tbat be bad left many tbynges vndon tbatbe ougbt 
to baue don, and mocbe desired tbey alle to come 
to tbe poynt for to doo prowesseXbe daye taryed 
long er it cam as tbey tbougbt; tbem semed tbat 
tbey bad no greef ne ennoye of tbe trauaylle tbat 
tbey bad suflred tbat day* TLbzy bad grete bope in 
tbeyrbertes,tbatassone as tbey sbold come agayn 
togydre for tassay lie, tbat tbey by tbe belpe of our 
lord tbey sbold baue tbe better* Hnd tbey were in 
grete anguyssbe, by cause tbem semed to be in more 
mesease in tbeir lodgys tban in tbassault* 
How our peple retomed agayn on tbe mome to 
tbassault, & of tbe sorceryes tbat tbey wold baue 
cbarmed one of our engyns, capitulo Cbcxxij^^ 
%£^Z8p& spryngeof tbe daye appier- 
ed; tne peple incontynent were 
awahed*Gcbewente to tbe place 
where be bad ben tbe daye to 
fore* 0>enne sbold ye baue seen 
somme renne totbengynes and 
otber goo vpone tbe castellys 
for to sbote witb bowes & ara- 

balestres, and many abode vnder for to drawe tbe 
sayd castellys f ortbj^J^owe were tbey of tbe toun 
anon redy for to defende vygorously ayenst tbe 
assayllers* Hbere deyed ynowgbe on botbe sydes 
as well of stones as of quarellys, but not for tbat 
tbe otber lef te not, but gretely tbey dyde tbeyr de- 
uoyr, ne neuer was f ounden lasse cowardyse in so 

peryllous affayre and werke^Onc tbynge bappcd 
that ought not to beforgoten. Abatis, tbat our 
men bad an instrument called caable, so strong 
and so wel made tbat it tbrewe tbre grete stones 
attones, and dyde mocbe burte in tbe toun wbere 
it atteyned, €be €urkes saw welle tbat tbey coude 
not breke it, ff or it tbrewe from so f erre tbat tbeir 
engins mygbt not come tbere toj^€berfor tbey 
dyde do come vpon tbe walles ij old wytcbes or en- 
cbaunteresses, wbicbe sbold cbarme tbis enofyne, 
and tbey bad witb tbem iij maydens for to belpe 
to make tbeyr cbarme, Hlle tbey of oure booste be- 
belde tbem mocbe ententyfly, ffor tbey made tbetr 
encbauntementvpon tbe wallesj^Cbey abode so 
longe tber tbat tbengyns tbrewe tbe stones, and at- 
teyned tbe two old wytcbes and tbe tbre maydens, 
in sucb wise tbat tbey were smeton alle to pyeces, 
& fyl doun deed fro tbe walles, of wbom tbesowles 
wente fortbe tobellejjTCbenne oure peple made an 
bu andacryesogrete,andso grete ioyetberof , tbat 
euery man of tbem was refressbyd of this good 
strookj^Cbey of tbe toun were ouersorowfulland 
mocbe abassbed, in sucbe wyse tbat tbey semed 
tbat tbey bad lost alle tbeyr good ewr and fortune 
for tbe losse of tbyse two wytcbes tbat tbus were 


Of tbe deapayr of our peple at tbc eayd aaaault, & 
bow tbey wererecomforted by a knygbt vnknowen, 
andeuydcnt myraclea, capitulo Clxxxiij,*^ 

|]ST tbia poynt endured tbaaaault 
vnto after myddaye, tbat men 
knewe not wbyebe of tbem bad 
tbe betterj^Our men began to 
wexe wery, & tbaaaault toumed 
tbem to annoye and gryef, ffor 
tbey bad longe don alle tbeyr 
power, and tbe werke wae not 

> mocbe amended, but were f alle in a deaperaunce, in 
1 aucbe wyae tbat tbey bad talente to leue tbe caatell 
i of tree, wbicbe waenygbal to/broken of tbe atones 
andabotte, and woldedraweabaktbe other engyne 
^tbatamoked of tbe fyeretbat tbellurkea badcaate 
tberin, tberfore wold tbey prolonge tbaaaault til 
on tbe mom, and berof to doo tbue tbey bad good 
wylle* tTbeyr enemyea apperceyued tbia tbat tbey 
lefte tbaaaault tbua, and were reyaed in to grete 
pryde; tbey mocqued oure peple, and aayd to tbem 
fowleand shamefuUwordea,and more aaprely de- 
fended tbem self, and burted tbengyna. In mocbe 

> f eble poyn t waa tbe conduyte of our py Igryma, and 
y f ne bad be tbe debonayrte of oure lord, wbicbe by 
myracle comforted tbem, like aa ye abal berejJFf ro 

>tbe mount of Olyuetappiered a knygbt wbicbe waa 
not knowen ne neuer mygbt be founden.j^ITbia 
knygbt began toabakeandmeuebia abelde, wbicbe 
waa mocbe deer and abynyng, and made eigne to 
our peple tbat tbey abold now retorne, and come a- 

gayne to tbassaultXbe due Godeflroy was in bis 
estage of tbc castell, and Gustace bis brodcr witb 
bym, for to deuyse and ordeyne tberc tbat ougbtc 
j?He sone as be sawe tbis eigne tbat tbis knygbt 
made, be began to call all tbe peple agayn witb a 
mocb bye voys, and cryed and aff ermed tbat ^f tbey 
wold retome tbe toun sbold be taken* fierof itbap- 
ped tbat by tbe debonayrte of oure lord, wbicbe put 
in tbe bertes bardynesse, in sucbe wyse tbat tbey 
cam agayn witb so grete ioye,as tbat euery man bad 
be in certain te of tbe vyctorye* So grete bardynes 
was come in to tbeir bertes, tbat tbey were entierly 
jrefressbyd, as tbey tbat in al tbat day bad suffred 
no trauaylle, 

JW one tbyng bapped wbicbe was 
grete meruaylle; ffor tbey tbat were 
burte peryllously and laye in tbeyr 
beddes,sprangevpanon &reprysed 
tbeyr bamoys and armes, in sucbe 
wyse tbat more dylygently and of 
greter berte tban tbe otber tbey began to assavlle. 
tbe barons of tbooste, tbat were capytayns of tbe 
people, f or to gyue ensample tootbermen puttbem 
self alway to forej^iXlbere tbe grettest daungiers 
were, were founden tbe moost bye men of tboost, 
by wbicbe tbe mene peple were tbe more bardyXbe 
wymmen tbat mygbt bere no armes, ranne witb 
tbeyr pottes ful of water tburgb tboost, and gaf 
toall tbem tbat were wery of assayllyngto drynke, 
and mocbe admonested tbem by f ayr wordes for 
to doo wel, and to serue our lord vy gorously. Oure 


py Igryms bad so grctc ioy e in tbey r bertes t bat tbey 
laboured and toke tbc werke 80 bertely, tbat witbin 
tbc space of balf an bour tbey fylled tbe dy cbe, & a 
barbycan wbicbe wasmocbe stronge,in sucbe wyse 
tbat tbey brought tbe castel vnto tbe wallcTTbe 
TTurkes of tbe toun bad banged, as I baue sayd, 
witb cordes long pyeces of tymbre a/long tbe wall 
forto receyuetbe strokes of tbestones.Gmongall 
otber tbere were two grete pyeces of tymbre mocbe 
longe, of wbicbeour men tbat werein tne castel cu tte 
tbe cordes, in sucbe wyse tbat tbey fylle to tbe 
groundXbey tbat werevndertoke tbem witb grete 
perylle, and drewe tbem ner tbe castel for to belpe 
to staye and sette vnder tbe brydge of tbe castel 
wban it sbold be aualed, for tbe side of tbe castel 
tbat sbold be lete falle vpon tbe walle, was of f eble 
tymbre, in sucbe wyse tbat yf tbyse two pyeces of 
tymbre bad not be, tbe men of armes mocbt not 
baue passed on it 

Row tberle of TTbolouse assay lied vygorouely to- 
ward tbe soutb, and of tbardaunt desire tbat ecbe 
man bad to doo we l, capituto Cbocxiiij^,*? 

tbus vigorously in tbe partye 
toward tbe nortbeest, tbe erleof 
vbolouse, & tbe otber tbat were 
witb by m on tbe side toward tbe 
80utb,a6saylled tbere witb grete 
strengtbej^rbey bad fylled a 
ed I wote not bow many dayes, in sucbe wyse tbat 
by force tbey bad drawen tbeyr castelso ferrefortb 

that itwas nygbe the walle,in sucbewyse tbattbey 

k tbat were aboue in tbe last stage mygbt smyte tbe 

TTurfceswitbtbeirglaues tbat defended tbe tourjfi? 

} H man coude not tbynfce tbe ardaunt desyre, ne so 

i grete anguyssbeaseueryebeof tbe cristen men bad 

in bis bertefortodowelintbisassault.Onetbinge 

tbere was tbat gaf to tbem mocbe grete courage, & 

merueyllously grete bardynesse* for a man tbat 

was an beremyte on tbe mount of Olyuete bad pro- 

mysed to tbem mocbe certaynly, tbat tbat same 

dayesboldbe taken tbe boly cyte of Iberusalem^e 

tbey bad not f orgoten tbe demonstraunce tbat tbe 

>fcnygbt made to tbem wban be sboke bis sbelde,ne 

neuer after was seenXbey bad mocbe bope of tbe 

vyctorye by tbise signefyaunces tbat were shewed 

> to tbem^It semed tbat tbassaultes were botbe in 

f one poynt in eytber syde tbat 1 baue named, Cbey 

dyde botbe rigbt wel,and certaynly it appeeredwel 

tbatourelordwoldbelpe bis80uldyours,&brynge 

tbeyr pylgremage to an ende, wbicbe so longe bad 

1 suffred so many maners of mesease for to doo to 

bym seruyse* 

Of tbe pryse and takynge of Iberusalem, and bow 
tbe due Godeffroye entred fyrst vpon tbe walles, 
^and wbo f olowed after, capitulo Clxxxv^^ 

ine people of tbe due ©odefroy 
& tbe otber barons wbicbe were 

i mocbe asprely ayenst tbeyr ene- 
myes on tbeyr syde, and dely- 
uerd to tbem a mocb marueyl- 
lous assault, €bey bad don so 
mocbe tbat tbeyr en emyeswexed 

c c i 3 $5 


wery,& weryly & slowly defended tbem.Oure men 
were drawen forth to fore, the dvebes were fylled, 
the barbycans taken, in sucbe wise tbat tbey cam 
playn totbe walles,tbougbtbeywitbin entremeted 
notmocbe tosbote and launcb fro aboue vpon tbe 
walls, ne by tbe loope/bolesXbe due commaunded 
to bis peple tbat were vppon tbe castel, tbat tbey 
sette fire in tbe pokes or cotton and in tbe sackes 
of beye tbat benge on tbe walks, TTbey dyde bie 
commaundement; tbenne aroos a smoke so blacke 
and so tbycke tbat tbey mygbt notbynge see, TTbe 
wynd was nortbe/este, and blew vpon tbe TTurkes 
tbat were at defense upon tbe walks, in sucb wyse 
tbat tbey myofbtnot open tbeyr even ne tbeyrmow- 
tbes, but by force tbey muste avoyde tbe placetbat 
was delyuerd to tbem to deflfendejjSTCbe valyaunt 
due ©odeflfroye,wbicbesoynou8ly entendedto tbe 
werke, appercey uedfirst tbat tbey sbold drawedili- 
gently tbe ij pyeces of tymbre tbat were fallen fro 
tbe walk, as ye baue berde to fore, TTbis was don 
anon, in sucbe wyse tbat tbe two endes of tbe two 
trees were leyd upon tbe castel, and tbe two otber 
endes vpon tbe walkj^Cbenne commaunded tbat 
tbe syde of tbe castel, tbat mygbt be late doun, 
sbold be late doun vpon tbe two pyeces of tymbre, 
and tbus was tbe brydge made good and strong 
vpon tbe tymbre of tbeyr enemyes, 

"fie fyrst tbat entred and passed by 
tbe brydge vpon tbe walles was tbe 
du c 6odeflProv of Boloyne&Gustace 
bis brotber witb bym j&Ef ter tbyse 
tweyne cam two otber kny gbtes, that 
were also bretberen, wbicbe also were 


fyers,noble and hardy; that onewas named Lutol 
& that other Gylbert; they were borne in tTomay, 
Hnon ther siewed them grete nombre of knygbtes 
and of peple a f oote, whiche ranne moche tbycke, 
as moche as they mygbte susteynejS^Hnon the 
TTurkes apperceyued that ourmen were entred in to 
the toun, and sawe the baner of the due vpon the 
wallys, & were disconfyted & gaf ouer the toures, 
and descended in to the toun, and put them in to 
the strayt andnarowe stretes for to defendetbem, 
jS^Oure peple sawe that the due andgrete partye of 
the knygbtes were now entred, and that they had 
taken 1 wote not how many towres* XZhcy abode 
no commaundement, but adressyd laddres to the 
walles and wente vp. It was commaunded a good 
wbyle to fore that euery ij knyghtee sbold haue a 
laddre, therfor ther were grete nombre in tboost, 
whiche anon were adressyd vpjSTCbe due ranne 
moche dylygently vppon the walles, and sette the 
peple as they cam in the towres, He moche hasted 
for to take the fortressej^Hn on, after that the due 
was entred, entred in theducof ]^ormandye,therle 
of f laundres, Oncre the valyaunt, therle of seynt 
poul, JBawdyn d'Gltors, Gace de Barce, Gaste de 
Bedyers, Thomas de f ere, Gyralt de Roussylon, 
Lowys de JVIoncon, Conain of JBrytayne, therle 
Remboult of Orenge, Conain de JMontagfu, Lam- 
bert his sone, & many other knygbtes whiche 1 can 
not namej^CHhan the valyaunt due knewecertayn- 
ly that they were in the toun, he called them and 
commaunaed that they sbold goo hastely to the 
yate named the yate of seynt Stephen, & that they 
c c 2 387 

sbold opene it. 3CIban it was open, alle the people 
cam in with mocbe grete prees, in sucbe wyse tbat 
there abode but f ewe witboute, but alle were comen 
wttbtn tbe toun. TTbis was vpon a f rydaye,aboute 
none jj?It is a tbynge for to be beleuyd, tbat oure 
lord dyde tbts by grete sygnefyaunce, ffor on tbis 
daye and about tbat bour suffred be detb on tbe 
crosse rygbt cruel in tbe same place, for tbe re- 
dempcton of man. TTberfore wolde tbeswete lord 
tbat tbe pepleof bis trewe pylgrymssbold geteon 
this day tbts toun, and delyuer it oute of tbe ser- 
uage and tbraldom of tbe betben men, and make it 
free vnto crtsten men, tbat bis seruyse mygbt be 
bad tbenn and encreced. 

Of tbemayntenyng of our peple entred in to tbe 
toun toward tbe nortbeest, and tberle of XTbolouse 
berof alleygnoraunt assaylled alle way, capitulo 

fi€ valyaunt due Godeffroy of 

Buy lion, tbe knygbtes,and tbe 

otber men of armes tbat were 

witb bym, descended from tbe 

walks all armed in to tbe toun, 

\bey wen te to gydre tburgb tbe 

stretes witb tbeir swercfes in 

. their handes and orlavues* aVU 

tbem tbat tbey mette tbey slewe ^Stkqbt 

doun,men,wymmen and cbilderen,sparyn<rnone: 

) there mygbt no prayers necryengof mercy auaylle. 

^hey slewe so many in tbe stretes tbat tberewere 

beeps of dede bodyes, & mygbt not goo ne passe 

but vpon tbcm that so laye deed, 0>e f oote men 
wente in the other partyes of the toun by grete 
rowtes, boldyng in tbeyr bands grete polaxes, 
swerdes, malles and otber wepens, sleyng alle tbe 
TTurkes tbat tbey coude fynde, ffor tbei were tbe 
men of tbe world wbom our men bad grettest bate 
vnto, and gladlyest wold put to detb- XTbey were 
tbenne comen vnto tbe mydle of tbe cyte j^berle 
of €bolouse ne bis men hnewe notbynof yet that 
tbe toun was taken, but assaylled mocbe fversly 
tbe toun ayenst Syon. €be €urkes tbat defended 
.tbem ayenst bym apperceyued not tbat our peple 
j were in tbe toun, 

\WC wban tbe crye and tbe noyseof 
tbem tbat men slowe began to growe, 
tbe XTurkes bebelde and sawe fro tbe 
walks, and knewewel tbe baners and 
armes of tbe cristen men, and were 
. mocbeabassbedXbey lef tealle tbeyr 
deffences, and fiedde tbere wbere tbey supposed 
best to be saued, and by cause tbat tbe dongeon 
of tbe toun wbicbe was by, and was tbe cjrettest 
strengtbe of tbe cyte, alle tbey tbat mygbt entre 
entred tberin, and sbette fast tbe doores on tbem 
jpZbc erle of €bolouse made tbe brydge of bis 
castle auale vpon tbe walks, and entred tbere m 
tbe toun, be bym self, and tbe erle of Dye, Vfocar, 
Remonpelet,<3uyllem de Sabram,tbe bissbopof 
Hlbare, and tbe otber barons, mocbe bastely, and 
wende tbat tbey on tbat parte of tbe toun bad be 
tbe first tbat bad entred. €benne tbey went doun 
of tbe walks, and alle tbeTTurkes tbat tbey founde 
CC3 38 9 

in the strctcs and in tbc bowses tbey brought to 
dctb & slewe doun right fro than f ortbon mygbt 
none escape, ffor tbey that fledde to fore due God- 
effroye and bis rowte, mette with other rowtes of 
oure peple, wbicbe smote them doun & slewe them 
without mercy J? I may not reberce ne can not to 
vou the f aites of euery man by bym self, but there 
was so mocbe blood sbedde that the canellys and 
ruissbeauls ronne alle of blood, & alle the stretes 
of the toun were couerd with dede men, in suche 
wyse that it was grete pyte for to see,yf it bad not 
be of tbenemyes of our lord 7besu Creste, 
Row x ]VI €urkes were slayn in the temple, and of 
the grete tresour that Can ere founde in the sayd 
temple, capitulo Clxxxvij^^ 

IN to tbynner part of the temple 

were fledde mocbe grete peple 

of the toun, by cause it was the 

moost seynorously & rial place 

of the toun, and the sayd place 

was fast sbette and closed with 

good walles, of towres & yates* 

- But this auaylled them but lytil, 

ffor incontinentCancre, which laddeagrete partye 

of thoost with bym, ranne tbeder and toke it by 

strengtbe,and slewe many tberimHnd itwas savd 

that Cancre founde tberin grete hauoyr,and gold, 

syluer, precious stones and cloth of sylk Re made 

alle to'be bom away; but after, whan alle was sette 

in reste, he rendryd all, & made it al to be brought 

in to the comyn j^€he other barons, that bad en- 


'sercbed tbe toun & slayn alle tbeTTurkes tbat tbey 
encountred, bcrd saye tbat wytbyn tbe cloysture 
of tbc temple were fled alle tbe retnenaimt or tbeyr 
enemyes. Vbcy alle cam to gydre tbeder, & founde 
tbat it was trewe J? Cbenne commaunded tbey to 
tbeyr men tbat tbey sbold entre in to tbe place.and 
>ut tbem alle to detb, and so tbey dyde. 

^IftC was wel couenable tbyng tbat tbe 
betben men and fals mysbyleuyd, 
wbicbe bad fowled and sbamefully 
bad maculated witb tbeyr mabome- 
try & f owle laweof JVIacbomet,sbold 
abye tbere tbeyr fals rytes, and tbat 
tbeyr blood sbold also besbedd wbere as tbey bad 
spred tbe ordure of mescreauncejfifllt was an byd- 
eouse tbyncj to see tbe multitude of peple wbicb 
were slayn in tbis place* "Cbey tbem self tbat bad 
slayn bem were sore ennoyed so for to bebolde 
tbem, ffor fro tbe plante of tbe foot vnto tbe beed 
was noneotber tbyng but bloodXberwas founde 
tbat witbin tbe closyng of tbe temple were slayn 
x JYI Curkes, witboute tbem tbat leye in tbe stretes 
and otber places of tbe cyte J? Unenne tbe mene 
peple of tbe pyloryms ran sercbyng tbe lanes and 
narowstretes.GIban tbey fonde ony of tbeCurkes 
tbat bad byd tbem, were it man or woman, anon be 
was put to detb jb XTbe barons bad deuysed to 
fore tbat tbe toun was taken, tbat eueryman sbold 
baue tbe bows in tbe toun tbat be tokeand fyrst 
seased, Ait sbold be bis witb alle appertenauntes ; 
wberefor it was so tbat tbe barons sette vpon tbe 
bowses tbat tbey bad conquered tbeyr baners, tbe 
CC4 391 


lasse knygbtes and men of armes tbeyr sbeldes; 
the men a foote sette vp tbeyr battes and tbeyr 
swerdes,ffor tosbewe tbe tokenes tbat tbe bowses 
were tbenne taken and seased, to tbende tbat none 
otber sbold come in to it* 

Of tbefayrordenaunces tbat tbecristen men made 
to fore tbey wente for to vnarme tbem, after tbe 
toun was taken, capitulo Clxxxviij^^ 

RHJ^ tbe boly cyte was tbus 
taken, and alle tbe Sarasyns 
tbat coude be founden were 
slayn, tbe barons assembled 
tbem togydre to fore tbey vn- 
armed tbem, & commaunded 
to sette men in tbe towres for 
to make good watcbe, & kepe 
tbe toun* Hnd sette porters for to kepe tbe yates, 
tbat noman from witboute sbold come in to tbe 
> toun without leue, vntotbe tyme tbat tbey bad or- 
deyned and cbosen a lord by comyn acorde, tbat 
sbould bolde tbe toun and goueme it at bis wylle. 
It was not merueylle if tbey doubted yet, fFor alle 
tbe countre was f ul of Sarasyns, and mygbt per- 
aduenture assemble and sodenly come and smyte 
in to tbe toun yf tber were not good watcbe and 
bede taken jjTCbenne departed tbe barons, & dis- 
armed tbem and toke of tbeyr bamoys in tbeyr 
bostellys, & wessbe tbeyr bandes and f eete mocbe 
el, and cbaunged tbeyr clotbesj^Cbenne began 
tbey goo bare foot, and in wepynges and teeres, 
vntotbe boly places of tbe cyte wbere oure sauyour 


^XbesuCristebad ben bodyly ; tbey kyssed tbe place 
fmocbe swetly wbere as bis reet bad touched, 

^jF)6 crysten peple and tbe clergye of 
tbe toun, to wbom tbe TTurkes bad 
many tymes don grete sbames for 
tbe name of Xbesu Criste, cam witb 
procession and bare sucbe relyques 
as tbey bad ayenst tbe barons, and 
vnto tbe sepulcre*Hnd tbere it wasapytous tbyng 
[to see bow tbe peple wepte for ioye and pyte, and 
jbow tbey fylle doun a crosse to fore tbe sepulcre. 
It semed to eueryebe of tbem tbat ecbe sawe tbere 
tbe bodye of our lord tbere deed j^TTbere were so 
many teeres & wepynges tbat euery man tbougbt 
certaynly oure lord was tbere, COban tbey cam in 
one of tbe boly places, tbey coude not departe, but 
yf it were for tbardaunt desire tbat tbey bad for 
to goo in another j^Cbey bad so mocbeioye and 
gladnesseof tbis bonour, tbat our lord bad gyuen 
tbem tbe grace to see tbe day tbat tbe boly cyte was 
delyuerd fro tbenemyes of Ibesu Cryste by tbeyr 
trauaylles, in sucb wyse tbat tbey rougbt not ne 
sette not by tbe remenaunt of tbeyr lyues, XTbey 
offred and gaf lamely to tbe cbircbes, and to men 
of tbe cbircbe, and made vowes to yeue yeftes in 
tbeir countrees, wbicbe tbenne sette lytil by tem- 
poral tbynges, ffor tbem tbougbt tbat tbey were 
atte yates and entree of paradys, ffor neuer m tbis 
world mygbt gretter ioye entre in to tbe berte of a 
man tban was in tbem in secbyng and goyng to 
tbe bolye places wbere our sauyour Xbesu Cnste 



bad benjfiPOnesbold baue badamocbe bardc bcrtc 
and lytil pyteous, tbat bad seen tbis sygbt, and 
iri^gbt bauc boldc bym fro wepynge, 

"HHJS" tbyse barons and allc tbeotber 
peple bad made tbus glad cbiereof 
tbts tbat tbey bad accomplyssbyd 
tbeyr pylgremage, tbc byssboppes, 
and generally alle tbe peple of tbe 
- cbircbe, mygbt not departe fro tbe 
cbircbeof tbe sepulcre,ne fro tbeotber boly places, 
'Cbcy prayd our lord mocbe deuoutly & ententyfly 
f ortbe peple, and rendred grete graces and tbank- 
ynges vnto Ibesu Criste of tbis tbat be bad suf ~ 
fred tbem to see tbyse boly places wbere tbe f ay tb 
of crystendom was fyrste gyuen jp In tbys daye 
bapped certayn tbynge tbat was seen of many men 
in tbe cyte of Iberusalem: tbat was, tbe valyaunt 
manHymart,tbe bessbopof puy,wbicbewas dede 
in Hntbyocbe, lyke as ye baue berd to fore, many 
noble men, wbom men ougbt to byleue, affermed 
certaynly tbat tbey sawe bym firste mounte and 
goo vpon tbe walles of tbe toun, and tbat be cal- 
led otber to come aftir bym J?Of many otber pyl- 
gryms also, tbat were to fore by tbe waye deed it 
was certayne tbat tbey appiered to many men tbe 
da^wb^ntbey vysyted tbe cbircbes of tbe cyte, 
"Y tbyse tbynges may wel be knowen 
tbat our lord louetb tbis boly cyte 
aboue alle otber, and tbat tbis is tbe 
byest pylgremage tbat may be, wban 
deed men ben reysed by tbewylleof 
oure lord for taccomplyssbe tbeyr 
pylgremage, (Oban oure lord Ibesu Criste aroos 


ffrodetb to lyf, the gospel saytb that the samedav 
aroos many bodyes of tbcm that bad ben deed, &. 
appicrcd to many in tbc cyteXbis myracle was re- 
newed tbis day bylbesuCriste,by tbis cytewbicbe 
bad ben longfe bolden in tbe seygnoryeof tbe pay- 
nems,wban itwas vnder tbem tbat serued tbe lawe 
of JVIacbommet JP So grete noyse was tburgb tbe 
toun of tbe ioye tbat was made, tbat tbey remem- 
bred not tbe grete trauaylle tbat tbey bad suffred 
by alle tbeyr wayeXbennewas accomplyssbed alle 
| euydently tbis tbat tbe propbete sayd: Snioye ye 
witb Iberusalem, and make ye ioye tberin, ye tbat 
loue her. 

Row tbe cristen men, tbat bad charged tbeir mes- 
sage for tbeir delyueraunce to peter Oeremyte, 
knewe hym, capitu lo Clxxx\x&& 

' S many pour cristen men as bad 
dwellid in tbe toun, wbicb bad 
seen peter Tberemyte four or 
fyue yere to fore, wban tbey de- 
lyuerd tobym lettres for tobere 
to our boly fader tbe pope, and 
to tbe barons of f raunce,to tbe 
_ ende tbat tbey mygbt sette re- 
medye for tbeyr affayres, tbey fmewe bym emonge 
tbe otberj^XTbenne tbey cam to bym and f yl doun 
,to bis feet, and wepte for ioye, and mocbe gretely 
thanked bym of tbis tbat be bad so wel performed 
bis message, ne tbey cessed not to yeue preysyng 
^nd lawde to our lord tbat bad gyuen sucbe coun- 
seyl to tbe barons and to tbe peple, by which tbey 

bad performed such an byewerke, wbiebwasaboue 
tbe nope of alle men, sauf by tbayde of oure lord. 
Hll tbe oree and tbanke tbey gaf to peter TTbere- 
myte, wfiicbe so vygorously bad enterprysed for 
to delyuere tbem by tbelpe of our lord fro tbe cay- 
tyfnes and seruage dolorous, in wbicbe tbey bad 
ben so long bolden by tbe cruelte of tbe Sarasyns, 
lyhe as ye baue berde to fore J& 0>e patryarke of 
Iberusalem was goon in to Cypres, for to dem- 
aunde almesse and ayde of tbe cristen men tbere, 
for to belpe and socoure tbe cristen men of Iberu- 
salem to pay tbe cruel taillages tbat tbe burkes bad 
sette vpon tbem, ff or be doubted yf tbey fay lied of 
tbeir payment, tbat tbey wold bete & tbrowe doun 
tbeyr cbircbes or put to detb tbe beste of tbeyr pe- 
ple,lyke as tbey bad don many tymes to foreXbis 
good man, tbe patriarke, hnewe notbyng of tbis 
good auenture tbat oure lord bad don of tbe dely- 
ueraunceof tbe toun, but supposed to baue come 
and to baue founden it in sucbe seruage ae it was 
1 wban be departed. 

Row tbey clensed tbe toun of tbe dede bodyes; of 
many other ordenaunces, & bow tbe "Curkes ren- 
dred tbe dongeon vnto tbe eric of Cbolouee, ca- 
pitulo Clxxxx/?^ 

|F>HJV tbe barons and tbe otber 
pylgrymsbad made tbeyr pray- 
ers & vysyted tbe boly cbircbes 
tburgb tbe cyte of Iberusalem, 
tbe bye men of tbe booste as- 
sembled, and sayd tbat it was 
la peryllous tbynge yf tbe toun 
Iwere not voyded of tbe dede bo- 

dyes, and purged of the blood and ordure, ffor in 
snort tyme the ayer sbold be corrupt by wbicbe 
sekenessand infyrmytes mygbtenstewe&folowe. 
there were sommeTIurkes yet that were not slayn, 
but were kepte in yrons; totbem wascommaunded 
this werke for to bere tbe bodyes out of the toun, 
but by cause tbey were but f ewe of tbem, & mygbt 
not suffyee to doo it shortly, tbey toke tbe poure 
men of tboost, and ofaf to tnem good byre for to 
belpeto accomplyssbe tbis werkej#<Oban tbe ba- 
rons bad tbus deuysed tbyse tbynges, tbey wente 
in to tbeyr bowses & made mocbe grete ioye; tbey 
gaf largeli to ete and drynke, ffor tbe toun was re- 
plenesbed of alle goodes, in sucbe wise tbat tbey 
tbat were to fore poure fonde in tbe bowses alle 
tbynof was nedeful to tbem, wberof tbey bad en- 
durecTto fore grete anguyssbe& penurye,ffor tbey 
fonde tbe cysternes alle nil in alle tbe bowses* 

JV tbe tbyrd day was ordeyned tbat 
market sbold be bolden in tbe toun, 
and tbat tbey sbold bye & selle sucbe 
tbynges as tbey bad conquerd in tbe 
cyte jJ^TIbey were mocbe refressbyd 
and rested, ffor tbey abode now no 
^trauayll. XTbey f orgate not our lorde, wbyebe bad 
, brought tbem in so grete honour as for taccom- 
plyssbe bis werke by tbem,and by comyn acord of 
tbe prelates, of tbe barons, and of all tbe people, 
was ordeyned tbat tbis daye in wbicbe Iberusalem 
wos goten and conquerd, sbold euermore after be 
bolden f este and boly day in remembraunce of tbe 


prayeto our lord fortbesowlesof tbem that tbyse 
tbynges bad accomplished jfrfl gretc partye of 
tbe Curkes tbat were tn tbe dongeon of tbe toun 
named tbe tour Dauid, sawe wel tbat alle tbe cyte 
was taken, and tbat tbey bad no more hope of res- 
cows ne socour ayenst our men. t^berfor tbey re- 
quired by messagers tberle of TTbolouse wbicbe 
was next to tbem, and dyde do be sayd to bym, yf 
tbey mygbte departe witb tbeyr wyues, children, 
& sucbe goodes as tbey bad in tbe tour, tbey wold 
go tbeyr waye & delyuere ouer tbe tour. Re agreed 
and acorded it to tbem, and so tbey departed, and 
be dyde tbem to be conduyted saufly vnto 6sca- 
lonne. 'Ubus was tbe tour yolden. 

RBYtbatbad tbe charge for to purge 
and voyde tbe dede bodyes oute of 
tbe toun dyde it ententyfly anddyly- 
gently, in sucbe wyse tbat in sborte 
tyme tbis tbynge was alle don ; if or 
tbey bery ed tbem in depe py ttes witb- 
oute tbe toun tbe moost parte, tbe remenaunt tbey 
[brente in toa9sbe9,tbattbecendres witb tbe wynde 
wae blowen awayj^Cbenne were our men in good 
teewrte and ease witbin tbe toun to goo and walke 
kburgb tbe stretes and otber places, & dyde dayly 
goo in pylgremages, tbat vnnetbe mygbt tbey de- 
parte tbens, tbey abode so gladly tbere j^in tbis 
manere, as ye baue berd, was taken tbe boly cyte of 
Iberusalem, in tbe yere of tbyncamacion or oure 
sauyour Ibesu Criste JVI Ixxxxix, tbe xv daye of 
tbe monetb of luyll, on a f ryday at tbe bour of 
none, tbe iij yereaf ter tbat the pylgryms bad enter- 



prysed tbis viage* TTbo was pope of Rome Clrban, 
and fienry emperour of the Romayns, Hlexis em~ 
perour of Constantinople, and pbylyp kyngof 

Jftowe the bye barons of tboost assembled for to 
cbese a hyngeof Iberusalem, and tboppynyon of 
^betlergye 1 pontbe same, capitulo Cbcxxxj/^fr 

]YKB as ye baue berd, tbe pyl- 
1 gryms wbicbe bad grete nede of 
Ireste soiournedin tbetoun.Tbe 
barons deuysed tbe affaires of 
tbe cy te» In mocbe greteioye were 
tbey tbere vij dayes J9 On tbe 
Iviijdaye assembled alle tbe ba- 
I rons for to cbeseone of tbem, to 
wbome tbe garde, gouemaunce and kepyng of tbe 
toun sbold be delyuerd, and tbe seygnorye of tbe 
boly cyte, and tbe charge of tbe royamme entierly, 
as it was reason and rigbtj^tTbey made tbeyr 
prayers and orysons, & witb alle tbeyr berte called 
tbe boly gbooste, tbat be wold counseylle tbem 
(that daye,and to yeue to tbem grace to cbese sucbe 
;a man as were wortby and couenable to susteyne 
tbe faytes of tbe royammej^SIbyles as tbey were 
>in tbis affayre,& mocbe entendedwitb good faytb 
tber about, an bepe of clerkes assembled, wbicbe 
bad not good entencion but tbougbton malyce by 
pryde and couetyseXbey cam wbere as tbe barons 
I were assembled, and sente to tbem for to speke to 
'tbem a sbortword or two.Cbey suffred tbem to 
come in* 


RHJVtbey were comen in, oncoftbem 

apak in tbia manere:fayr lordea,we 

bauevndcratanden tbatyebeaaaem- 

bledbereforto cbeae akingtbatabal 

goueme tbia londe, wbicbe tbynge 

pleaitb ve mocbe, and we bolden it 

for right wel don,yf ye dooit in tbe manere tbatye 

ought to doo it, ffor without doubte the apyrituel 

>tbyngea be more digne and worthy than tbe tem- 

( porallXberforewe aaye to you, that tbe mooatbye 

tbyngea ought to goo to fore, and tbua wolde we 

that ye ahold doo, and tbordenaunce abold not go 

1 forth other wyae than it ought to be, JNk>w tbenne, 

we prave you and requyre you in tbe name of oure 

lord, that ye entremete not you to make a kynge til 

that ye baue cboaen a patriarke in tbia toun that can 

goueme the criatiente, Yf it pleaeyou that tbia be 

don fyrat, it abal be good andweel for you,andwe 

abal tbenne bolde bym for kyng that ye abal gyue 

it for good, ne wel don, but we abal diecorde, and 
> after that ye doo abal not be ferme* 

filS worde aemed outwarde to baue 
aomme apparence of weel, but it cam 
of euy I purpooa ; tber waa tberin but 

and barate, waa maiater & capitayne 
a biaabop of Calabre, born of a cyte 
>wbicbe waa namedjVIaturaneXbia biaabopacord- 
ed mocbe to oneHrnold, of whom 1 baue apoken to 
fore, wbicbe waa ful of dealoyalte. Re waa not yet 
aubdeken, and waa a preeatea aone, and of ao euyl 

~ , ■ ■ 


andfowl lyf that the boyesandgarsons bad made 
songes of bym tburgb tbooste, Hnd yet, notwitb 
godandreson, wolde baue made bym patriark,ffor 
tbey knewe ouermocbe euyl, tberfor were tbey botb 
tbem tbat as soneas tbisHrnold sboldbe patriarke 
tbe sayd bissbop sbold baue tbarebbissopry cb of 
Betblebem,But oure lord ordeyned tbis tbynge in 
anotber maner as ye sbal bereXber were in tboost 
many clerkes of euylle contenaunce, tbat lytic en- 
tended to tbe seruyceof our lord; tbey litil preysed 
relygyon and bonneste, if or sytb tbe tyme tbat tbe 
valyaunt byssbop of puy was dede, wbyebewas 
legat of our boly fader tbe pope, tbe bissbop Olil- 
liam of Orenge was in bis place, wbicbe was a re- 
lycryous man, and mocb doubted our lord, but be 
abode not longe after, but was deed He was buried 
in tbe cbircbe of JVlarran in sucbe wyse lyke as ye 

and garde, and lete tbem f alle in euyl lyf\ €be bis- 
sbop of Hlbare conteyned bym bolyly in tbis pyl- 

comyn of tbe clerkes made it alle ylle* 



F)owtbeduc<3odeffroywas chosen kyngof Iberu- 
salem, and bow be was presented to our lord in bis 
cbircbe pf tbe boly sepulcre, capita lo Clxxxxij&& 

]f)G wordes tbat tbe clerkes bad 
brought to tbe barons in tbeyr 
election was not mocbe preysed, 
but aretted it to grete folye, ne 
tberfore letted not to doo tbat 
tbey badbygonnen jfiTCo tbende 
tbenne tbat tbey mygbt knowe 
tbe better tbe couynesof alle tbe 
barouns,tbey ordeyned wyse men tbat sbolde en- 
sercbe tbe lyf of eueryebe of tbem and tbe maners 
>L #rbey dyde do come to fore tbem sucbe men as 
| were moost pryue of tbe barons, and toke ecbe of 
I tbem a parte by tbe leue of tbeyr lordes, and toke of 
i tbem tbeyr otbes to saye tbe troutbe of tbat tbey 
I sbold be examyned, tbatwas of tbe lyf andmanere 
» troutbe, TTbus it was accorded emonge tbem j&Xt 
was a grete tbynge wban tbe lordes abandouned 
tbem self tensercbe tbeyr lyues, but tbe wyse men 
>tbat made tbis enquest were trewe men, and belde 
alle tbyng secrete as tbat ougbt not to be knowen 
JVIany tbyn^es were sayd to tbem of wbicbe tbev 
toke but lytil bede, 

1MOJVG alle otber tbynges, tbey tbat 
were moost pryuee of tbe due <3od- 
effroy e wban tbey were demaunded of 
bismanersandbis tetcbes, tbey ans- 
werde tbat be bad one manere rygbte 
I greuous and ennoyous, ffor wban be 

herd masse and the seruyse of oure lorde, be coude 
not departe out of the cbircbe, but questioned of 
tbe pictures and glass windowes to tbe clerkes and 
preestes,and entendedmocbe to tbe bistoryes,and 
tbe livesof tbe saintes^Re berd gladly tbe ryngyng 
of tbe belles, and entendetb so mocbe in tbis wyse 
tbat many times it displesyd mocbe to bis felaw- 
sbipandseruauntes, & oftymesbismeteappayred 
by cause of bis longe taryeng in tbe monasteryes 
and boly placesj^<Uban tbe wysemen berd tbis, & 
tbat tbis was tbe grettest vy ce tbat coude be found- 
en in tbe due, tbey bad mocbe grete ioye, ffor tbey 
thought wel tbat be dyde tbis for tbe loue of oure 
faytb & for tbonour of our sauyourjj^Cdban tbey 
bad berd alletbat tbey wold enquyre of tbe barons, 
tbey spak to gydre, and grete partye of tbem were 
acorded upon tberle of vbolouse, if it bad not be 
for one tbynge, ffor alle tbey of bis countre tbat 
were moost pryue witb bym, tbougbte tbatyf be 
were cbosen kyngtbat be sboldabyde there and re- 
teyne tbe peple of bis countrey*Hnd yf be were not 
cbosen be sboldsone retornein to bis countrey fro 
wbens be cam,andtbat desyred tbey mocbeXber- 
fore men wene tbat tbey were forsworn wyllyngly, 
andsaydevpon bym somme euyl tatcbes of wbicbe 
toretoum to bis londe, as it apperedafter ; ffor euer 
after be abode in tbe seruyse of our lord wbicbe be 
bad enterprysed^Sdban tbe barons berde all tbe 
tetcbes, after many wordes tbey acorded alvpon 
<3ode1froy of Boloyne, & named bym to be kyng, 
and was lad witb alle tbe peple witb grete ioye vn to 
ddz 403 


tbe cbirebe of the holy sepulcre, and presented to 
oure lorde. Guery man was glad, grete and smal, 
ffor be was the man that bad the bertes of alle the 
comyn peple. 

Row the ducGodeffroy,afterbiselection,requyred 
tberleof TIbolousetbat be sbold delyuer to bym tbe 
tour Dauid, capitulo Clxxxxiij^^ 

tbis maner was tbe ducGode- 
ffroy cbosen to be fcyng andlord 
of tbe boly cyte of Iberusalem. 
jjSTCberleof tbolouse beldetbe 
grettest fortresse of tbe toun, 
wbicb was called tbetourDauyd; 
tbe XTurhes bad delyueryd it to 
bym lyfceasye baue nerd to fore. 

It is sette in tbe by est parte of tbe cyte toward tbe 
weste, strongly walled witbsquarestones,andtber 
on men may see oueraltbe cyteentierlyjjFGClban tbe 
due sawe tbis tour was not in bis power, it semed 
to bym tbat be bad not tbe seygnorye, wban tbe 
grettest fortresseof alle tbe countrewas notin bis 
possession. TTberfor be demaundedtberleof XTbo- 
lousein tbe presence of tbe barons,andpraydbym 
debonayrly tbat be wold delyuer it to bym. XTberle 
answerdtbatbe bad conquerdit,and tbenemyesof 
oure lord bad y olden it to bym,andtberforbebelde 
it, but be bad concluded to goo in to bis countre at 
Gster, and tbenne be wold delyuer it witb a good 
wylle, but in tbe mene wbyle be wold fcepe it. tbis 
requyred be for to be more honoured, and in tbe 
gretter surete^Cbe due ansuerd playnly, tbat yf 





be be lord of tbe countre wban another bad gretter 
power and gretter strengtbe in bis londe tban be? 
'Cbuswere tbey in debate* 

T)S due of JVormandye and tberle of 
f laundres belde witb tbe due Gode- 
flfroy* Of tbe otber barons tber were 
tbat counselled tbat be sbold doo 
bis wilwitb tberle of 0>olouseXbey 
of tberles countre attysed and coun- 
teeylled bym tbat be sbold notleve tbe tour, by cause 
tbey wolde gyue bym occasion by tbis discorde to 
[retorne in to bis countre jSFHtte laste tbey acorded 
tbat tbe fortresse sbold be put in tbe bande of tbe 
byssbop of Hlbare vnto tbe tyme tbat tbey were 
acorded wbat sbold be doo tberin*<flban be bad it, 
witbin a short tyme after, bedelyuerd it to tbe due 
jplt was demaundedbym wby be bad so delyuerd 
it?0>enne be answerd tbat it was taken fro bym 
by f orce* Itwas not knowen for troutbe whether it 
was taken from bym by constraynte, or yf be de- 
lyuerd it witb bis aree and wyllj^SIban tberle of 
vbolousesawe this, be wasmocbe angry,andbym 
semed tbat tbe barons bad not wel con teyned them 
selves to bym ward lyke as tbey ought to do, con- 
syderyng tnat by tbe way be bad don to tbem many 
grete bountees and good seruyses, wbicbe tbey re- 
membryd not, as it was sayd.f or desdayne berof, 
and by atysement tbat bis knygbtesmade tobym, 
be enterprysed to retoume in to bis countre, & de- 
scended vnto tbe fflome 7ordan, and tbere bayned 
bym* Hf ter be ordeyned bis affayre for to departe 
out of tbe londe* 

dd3 405 

Of a patriark chosen and elect in Iberu8alem,and 
bow there was founden a part of the very crosse, 
capitulo Cixxxxii\j&& 

^^^^RIS euyl man of whom I baue 
spoken to fore, the bissbop of 
JVlaturane, was ful of grete ma- 

bym mocbe in alle maners to 
sette discorde bytwene tbe ba- 
rons and tbe people, for tbey 
sayde tbat tbe barons wold not 
suffretbatapatriarksboldbecbosen bycause tbey 
belde tbe rentes of tbe cbircbe, an d wold not delyuer 
tbem, fie fonde mocbe peple tbat byleuydbym and 
acorded to bym, in sucbe wyse tbat by tbayde of 
tbem, ayenst tbe wylle of other, and also by tbayde 
of tbe due of JVormandye, to wbom be was mocbe 
pryue and bad be at bis table in all tbis werk, be 
chose for patriark tbis Hrnold tbat was bis f elaw 
in alle euyl conditions, and by force tbey sette bym 
in tbe seate of tbe patriarcbe in tbe cbircbe of tbe 
sepulcrej^Cbis was ayenst reason and ayenst alle 
rigbt, tberf ore it bapped ne fyll not wel to bvm ne 
to tbat other, 7 

fiejyjye it bapped tbata parte of tbe 
very crosse was founden in tberthe by 
tbe cbircbe of tbe sepulcre in a secrete 
place, for tbe cristen men tbat were in 
tbe toun to fore it was taken, in so 
y^frete mescbief asyebaueberd, doubt- 
ed tbat tbe Curkes wold baue taken it fro them, 

Cberfore bad tbey byd it mocbe surely, and fewe 
kneweit, discoueridit to tbc barons. Hnd wban tbey 
a cbeste of syluer, ly ke as be bad to tbem sayd and 
tbepeplewenteafter, wbicb wepte forpyte,asmocb 
as if tbey bad seen our sauyourlbesu Criste yet 
bangyng on tbe crossej^Cbey alle belde tbem for 
mocbe recomf orted of tbis grete tresour tbat our 
lord bad tbus discoueryd. 

Rowtbeduc(3odefFroy payned bym toamendetbe 
royamme, of bis good constitutions & estatutes, 

capttulo Cixxxxv&/& 

RS"Ce ioye was it tburgb tbe 
londe of tfris, tbat tbe valyaunt 
ducGodefroy wascbosen kyng. 
Hlle tbey obeyed bym witbgood 
bertej^ne amended dylygently 
alle tbe discordes tburabe tbe 
londe, & alle tbe otber tbynges 
J tbat bad nede of amendement, 
in sucbe wyse tbat bis power grewe fro day to day 
mocbe appertely jffOf bym sbal I saye in sborte 

and tbatwas mocbe grete dommage,ffor be bad tbe 
wylle, wytte, and power to doo grete goode in tbe 

Crist,&fortenbaunce and exalte tbe crtstenfaytb. 
But our lord called bym fro tbis world to bym, to 
tbende tbat tbe malyce of it sboldnot cbaunge bis 

bcrtcin tbonourwberin be was^fie was born in tbc 
royammeof f raunceat Boloynevpon tbc see, wbicb 
was somtyme a cyte, and nowe it is but lytil more 
tban a castel. He cam of bye and noble folke& good 
crysten peple. Hie fader was named Gustace, noble 
& puyssaunt erle in tbat countre, wbicbe bad doon 
many bye werhes and bountees vnto our lord and 
noblewerkes vnto tbe world. His moderwas anoble 
lady of gentilesse, morenobleof bertetban of bye- 
nes of lygnage* Sbe was named Yde, & was suster 
to tbe du c of Loreyne, wbicbe was named GodefFroy 
Bouce. Hedeydewitboute beyer, tberfor be lefte alle 
tbe ducbye and tbe countreye to bis neuewe wbicbe 
barebisname, ^adopted bym in to sone and beyr. 
jfiTCberf ore be was due of Loreyne wban bis vncle 
was deed* 

|6 bad tbree bretberen, wbyebe were 
mocbewisemenandgood hnygbtes, 
and also mocbe faytbf ul and trewe. 
j^Cbat one was Bawdwyn, tberle of 
Rages, wbicbe after bym was kyng 
of Iberusalem, 0>e second was na- 
med Gustace, wbicbe bare tbe name of bis fader, 
and was erle of Boloyne* 'Cbe hynge Stephen of 
Gnglond toke bis dougbter to wyfe, wbyebe was 
named JVIau IdeXbe barons of Surye sente fortbis 
Gustace for to make bym kyng after tbe detb of 
bis broder Bawdwyn, wbicbe deyde witboutebeyer, 
but be wold not goo, ffor be doubted tbe barats & 
discordes of tbe londe wbicbe be knewe wel. Cbe 
fourth broder was William, a good knygbt and a 
trewe, ne be discorded not in tbe bounte of bis 



bretberenjJ?BawdwvnandGu9tace folowcd tbeyr 
lord and brodcr in tne pylgremage to Iberusalem. 
*Cbe fourth broder Guylliam abode in bis countre 
for tokepe tbc londcj^HUc tbefour bretberen were 
of mocbe grete valeur, but tbe ducGodeffroye, lyke 
be was tbe oldest, 90 bare be awaye tbe prys and 
auantage of tbe otber, as be tbat was ful of ver- 
mes, of bountes, and was mocbe noble and rigbt- 
f ul witboute couetyse. Re dredde and louyd oure 
lorde aboue alle tbynge ; be honoured relygyouse 
men & good; be was mocbe ferme and constant of 
bie worde; be despysed merueyllously bobaunces, 
pompee, and disbonestees, & bated tbem ; be was 
in almesse large and plentyuousj^Gladly be berd 
tbe seruyse of our lord, & mocbe wel vnderstonde 
it, and in bie prayers & oryeone prayeng our lord 
be was rigbt longe, and fylle oftein wepyng ba~ 
boundantly teeris, & vnto alle men be wae pytoue 
and amyable* By tbis it semed wel tbat oure lord 
louyd bym, wberof bewas wortbytobaue tbe grace 
of tbe world,and 90 be bad certaynly. He wae grete 
of body, not of tbegrettest,butof menegretnesse, 
more stronge tban an otber man, bie armes grete 
and wel quartred, tbe breste mocbe brode & large, 
and vysagewel made and coloured, beerisabroune, 
and in bis barnoys and armee wel enducte & acus- 
tomed, tbat it semed tbat bit greued ne coste bym 
notbyng to bere tbem. 


Of the sayengof tbe countesseof Boloyne, moder 
\of tbe sayd due, that she sayde of ber tbrc oldest 
sones was verified , capitulo Cixxxxv}&/& 

JNfG tbyng is sayd for troutb, 
and it napped in tbetyme of tbe 
yongtbe of tbyse four bretber- 
en, wbicbe ougbt not to be lef te 
\ vnremembrydne f orgoten. 0>e 
moder of tbyse four bretberen 
of wbom I baue spoken, was an 
boly woman and en ten dab le to 
good werkes. It was notbynge merueylle tbougb 
oure lord spak by ber moutb a propbecye; ffor it 
ibapped on adayetbat ber tbreoldest sones, wbicbe 
were yong and smale, pleyde ecbe witb otber, and 
as tbey cbaced ecbe otber in tbeyr playe, alle tbre 
fliedde vnto tbeyr moder wbere sbe satte, & by dde 
tbem vnder ber mantel Oeyr fader Gustace cam 
jtberwbere tbe lady was, and be sawe ber mantel 
meue, wbere tbe cbilderen playde vnder it. Re de- 
maunded tbe lady wbat it was. Sbe answerd tbat 
sbe bad tbre grete prynces. TTbe fyrste of tbeym 
sbold be a due; tbe second sbolde be a kyng; and 
tbe tbyrde an erle. for Godeffroye was due of Lo- 
revne after bis vncle, & bad alsoaf ter tberoyamme 
or Iberusalem, but be was neuer crowned, ne wold 
'not be callyd kynge. Xiht second was Sawdwyn, 
wbicbe bad after bym tbe sayd royamme, and was 
crowned. TJbe tbyrdewas Sustace, wbicb after tbe 
detbof bis fader was erle of BoloygnejS?JVow late 
vs retome for to speke of tbe valyaunt due <3ode- 
>ffroy ; for mocbe bonour may be sayd of bym, and 
also of tbe valyaunces don by bym. 

Of tbe wagyng of a bataylle that was bytwene tbc 
due Oodefroy and an bye baron of Hlmayne, ca- 
pitulo Clxxxxvij^^ 

M0JN6 all otber bye feetes tbat 
be dyde, 1 ebal recounte to you 
one witboute lesyngej&Ffiit was 
so certaynly tbat oneof tbe byest 
barons of Hllemayne, agreteand 
strong knygbt, valyaunt & no- 
ble, siewed tbe due Godeffroy, 
wbicbe was bis cosyn, in plee m 
were men both two, XLbxs man demaunded of due 
Godefroy grete parte of bis londe tbat be belde in 
\ tbe ducb^e of Loreyne, and tbis baron sayd tbat it 
was bis rigbt, and apperteyned to bym. So longe 
wente tbe plee fortb by da^es and respytes, tbat 
tbey of tbe court iuged tbat itsbold bedetermyned 
by wagynge of tbe bataylle, and named to tbem a 
l day to fygbt for it Ht tbe day named tbey cam in 
* to tbe felde armed & aparaylledof tbat tbey ougbt 
Ito baueXbenne bissbops and good men laboured 
/mocbe, and otber barons tbat were tbere payned 
'tbem mocbe, for to seke moyen & manere bow tbe 
;pees mygbt be made, and sbewde to tbem bow tbey 
r were of one blood and lynage, & tbat tbey ougbt to 
1 departe tbem ten terpryse tbynge, of wbicbe muste 
nedes falle to one or tnem sbame and dishonour, 
[ Cbey payned tbem mocbe, one and otber, but in no 
Lmanere coude tbey fynde tbe peas to be made by- 
twene tbem, 


RejVJVe began the bataylle by- 
twene tbyse two barons mocbc fiers 
and sharp, ffortbey were bo the good 
andstrongknygbtes: they smote to 
gydre right vigorously J&TlbxQ ba- 
taylle endured so long that tbevaly- 
^aunt due Godeffroy smote that other so grete a 
,strook with his swerde that it flewe in pyeces, in 
suchewysethat there abode nomore in bis hande 
therof but half afoote longe aboue the crosse of 
the swerde. Che baronsthat bebeldetbefelde,sawe 
bow the due had broke his swerde & had tbewerse, 
and were moche sory and wroth therof, & cam to 
tbemperour, and they prayd bym swetely that be 
wold suffre that they mygbt comene of the peas 
bytwene them. Re graunted it gladly. The frendes 
spak togydreand acordedvnto a peas, wbicbe was 
ynowgb resonable, but they lef te somwhat of the 
dukes rigbtj^Oban they brought tbisacordeand 
pees to them, the due in no wyse wold here herof , 
but began the bataylle more cruel and fiers than it 
was to fore, tlhat other that had bis swerd bool 
doubtedne f ered not moche thestrokesof the due' 
wbicbe had but a tron ebon, but ranne vpon theduc 
and oppressed bym that be bad no leyzer to rate 
bym, til the due began to tbynke and to take berte. 
pbenne bedressyd bym on his steroppes,& smote 
bis aduersarye with the pommelle of bis swerde 
that be helde,ypon the lyfte temple,sucbe a strook 
tburgb the helme that be fyl doun astonyed, that 
it semed that be was deed, if or be remeuyd nofoote 
ne bandejSTCbenne thenobleduc a/lygbtdoun and 
412 ^ 


descended fro bis bors,and tbrewe a way bis tron- 
cbon of bis swerde, and toke tbc swerde fro bym 
tbat be bad beten doun, & mounted vpon bis bore 
agaynXbenne called be tbe barons tbat bad made 
and brought to bym to fore tbe peas, and sayd to 
tbem : ye, lordes, sucbe maner of peas as ye offred 
to me rtgbt now is now to me agreable, & am redy 
nowe to take & abide, ff or tbougb I baue tbedom- 
mage and losse, atte leste I baue no sbame ne dis- 
bonour*Hnd it plesytb mewel to gyueand departe 
of my rigbt, to tbende tbat I slee not tbis wbicbe 
is my cosynj^Cdban tbe barouns berd tbis, alle 
tbey began to wepe* Ok peas was made sucbe as 
be sayde* Re bad more bonoure and loos for the 
pees to wbicbe be adressyd bym so swetly, tban of 
alle tbe prowesses tbat ne bad in tbis bataylle, in 
wbicbe be dyde many. 

Of a f ayr feat of armes tbat tbe due dyde in a ba- 
taylle tbat tbe emperour of Hlmayne bad ayenst 
tbem of Saxone, capitulo Clxxxxviij^^ 

fj otber feat of prowesse I sbal 
recounte to you, lyke as it bap- 
ped without lesyngej^XTbe pe- 
ple of Saxone, wbyebe ben tbe 
moostefelleand moost cruel of 
alle tbem of Hlmayne, bad des- 
dayne and despyte tobey to tbe 
_ emperour, and sayde tbat tbey 
wolde doo notbynge for tbe emperour Henry, But 
sayde tbat tbey wold baue a lord vpon tbem self, 
wbicbe sbold obeye to none otber j!?Hnd made an 

bye noble man of tbe countre, wbicbe was emonge 
tbem, an erle named Raoul, for to be kynge vpon 
tbem,bywbom tbey wold beiustisedand gouemed 
j^Cdban tbemperour berd tbis be was mocbe wrotb 
and desired mocbe to be auenged of so grete oult- 
rageXberfor sente be f oralle tbe barons of tbem- 
pyre, and assembled mocbe grete court, and made 
to be sayd and sbewde in tbe presence of tbem alle 
tbe pry de and rebellion of tbem of Saxon e, wberof 
be demaunded debonairly counseyl & tbeyr belpe* 
jSTZhcy acorded alle tbat tbis tbynge was for to 
beauenged asprelyXbey babandouned bodye and 
paas, Tbey departed, & ecbe wente in to bis coun- 
try tbemperour somoned bis booste as strongly 
asbemygbta t a castel on tbe marcbe of Saxone. 
RHJV tbey were entred in to tbelonde, 
tbeyr enemyessayde tbat tbey wolde 
fygbte ayenst tbem, Ifor tbey were 
prowd and fiers, in sucbe wyee tbat 
tbey eette but lytil by tbe power of 
tbemperour* CEban tney knewe tbat 
tbey must fygbt, tbey ordeyned tbeyr bataylles 
I ifor tbey bad mocbe peple, so tbey made ynowe! 
^^benne demaunded tbemperour, of wbom tbev 
( were acorded tbat sbold bere tbaygle, wbicb is tbe 
gonfanon of tbempyrejfiFrbey cboos to fore alle 
otber for todoo tbat, tbe valyaunt ducof Loreyne, 
wortby & moostsufficiant to do itXbey reputed it 
for a mocbe grete worsbip tbat be was tbus cbosen 
by comyn acord of tbem alle, JVeuertbeles, be witb 
sayde it and refused as mocbe as bemygbt: but be 

muste nedes take it on bymj^Cbis daye cam, and 
that one partye approucbed that other in sucbe 
wyse that tbey assembled fiersly, 'Cber were many 
men put to detb, for tbey were merueillouslywrotD 
ecbe ayenst otber, 

|F>Yk6S tbus as tbe bataylle was 
grete and fyers in many places, tbe 
ducGodeffroye, tbat conduyted tbe 
bataylle of tnemperoure, espyed a 
grete rowte of men, wberin was tbis 
Kaoul wbicbe was lorde of Saxon e, 
Hyenst tbem tbe due dyde do assemble tbe peple 
or tbemperourj^XTbe chic knewe tbis Raoul, and 
smote tbe bors witb bis spores ayenst bym, Hnd 
witbtbe gonf anon tbat bebare,iusted ayenst bym 
in sucbe wyse tbat be bare bym tburgb tbe bodye 
and slewe bym, tbat befylledoun deed in tbe place* 
Hnd incontinent beredressyd&reysedon beygbte 
bis baner alle blody. F>is people sawe tbat tbey bad 
lost tbeyr lord, & anon were disconfyted, Somme 
fkdde, & somme fylle doun vnto tbe feet of tbem- 
perour, and put tbem in bis mercy, Hlle tbe gen- 
tilmen and otber gaf goode postages for tobeye 
euer after to bym, and be at bis comaundement, 
|HJ^Y otber prowesses made tbe va- 
lyaunt due ©odeffroye, but it bebo- 
uetbnot to put tbem alle in tbis bis- 
torye, ffor my purpose now is for to 
recounte of tbe boly londe by yonde 
tbe see, & not of tbem on tbis syde, 
>but of tbem of wbom ye may vnderstande tbat be 
>was in bis countre nobleanda valyaunt knygbtjSF 


Of bis largesse ayenstoure lordlsbal saye to you 
one tbyna, by wbicbe ye maye vnderstande tbe o- 
tber,In tbe ducbye of Loreyne was a castel, wbicbe 
was moost renommed and cbyef of tbonour of 
Buyllon,and bare tbat name j0 Olban be sbold 
meue to goo in bis pylgremage by yonde tbe see,be 
gar tbts castel as tbe mooste noble and byest of 
bis berytage vnto oure lorde, in almesse, in to tbe 
cbircbe of Xyege, for to abyde tbere for euermore. 
Row tbe valyaunt due ©odeffroye augmented tbe 
holy cbircbe, and bow be wold neuer bere crowne, 
capttulo Cixxntix&& 

\XIY) tbat be bad tbus by elec- 
| tion tbe royamme, like as a de- 
uoute & a relygyous man as be 
was, be louid mocb boly cbircb 
and tbe seruise of our lord. By 
conseyl of tbe bissbops and of 
otber wise clerbes tbat were in 
_ tboost, beordeyned fyrst in tbe 
cbircbe of tbe sepulcre of our lord, and in tbe tem- 
ple, clerkes for toserucand establyssbed cbanon- 
nes, and I gaf to tbem grete rentes and lame berv- 
tages, of wbicb tbey sbold take tbeyr prebend™ 
^Hnd bewold tbat tbecbircbes Z^pl^ls 
tbere sbold be ordeyned after tbe establemends, 
, vses, & customes of tbe grete cbircbes of f raunce, 
He began mocbe byly,and wel bad accomplyssbed 
yf our lord bad gyuen to bym lenger lyf j^he bad 
^brougbtwitb bym outeof bis countre relygyous 
monkes, wbicbe sayde & songe tbeyr bowres and 


.seruyse alle a longe the waye as be cam. Re gaf to 
>tbem an abbayein tbevaleof Iosapbat,and estab- 
lyssbed tbem tbere, & endowed tbem tbere mocbe 
ryebely witb good rentes and reuenues, & gaf to 
Mem grete pryueleges. Re was a very relygyous & 
deuoute man, and bad bis berte mocbe large vnto 
boly cbircbe, a nd gaf tberto many grete tbynges. 
>HJV be was cboosen to be kynge, 
alletbe barons requyred bym tbat be 
wold do bym be crowned, & receyue 
tbonour of tbe royamme as byly as 
tbe otber kynges in cristendom doo. 
Re answerde tbat in tbis boly cyte, 
wbere our sauyour Ibesu Criste suflPred detb, and 
bad bom a crowne of tbornes vpon bis beed for 
bym and for tbe synners, be wold neuer bere, yf it 
playsydgod, crowneof goldneof precious stones, 
but bym semed tbat it wasynowe of tbat coron- 
acion tbat be bad tbe daye of bis passion for to 
bonoure alletbe kynges cristen tbat sbold be after 
bym in Iberusalemjiff or tbis causetbat beref us- 
ed tbe crowne, tber ben sommemen tbat wyll not 
accomptebym emong tbe kynges of Iberusalem, 
but me tbynketb tbat tberfore be ougbt not to be 
lassed ne dymynued of bis bonoure, but tbe more 
andbyerexalted&enbaunced*f or be dyde not tbis 
for despysyng of tbe sacrament of boly cbircbe, 
but be dyde it for tescbewe tbe bobaunce & pryde 
of tbe world, and for tbe grete mekenes & bumy- 
lyte tbat be bad in bis berte, Cdberfore tbenne 1 
saye not only tbat be was kynge, but be was greter 
tban ony kynge tbat boldetb ony royamme sytb 
tbat tbe boly londe of Iberusalem was conquerd* 
eei 4*7 



Row the Ilurkes of Hrabe and of Ggypte made 
tbeyr somaunce for to come in to Surye tassaylle 
our cristen men, capitulo CC ,*£,*£ 

edLY wban the cy te was tak- 
en, yet er that the barons were 
departed, cam tydynges in to 
tbe toun of Iberusalem, & trew 
tbey were, tbat tbe calypbe of 
Sgypte, wbicb was tbe mooste 
puyssaunt and mygbtyest of 
alle tbe londeof tboryent, bad 

i somoned alle bis power, knygbtes, gen tilmen, and 
alle otber tbat mygbte bere armes, in sucbe wyse 
i tbat be bad assembled a grete booste merueyllous- 
ly, for be bad grete desdayne and despyte of tbis 
tbat so lytil peple, wbicbe wereof astraunge londe 
and f erre countrey, were so bardy and durst come 
in to tbis londe and royamme, and bad taken tbe 
cytewbicbe be bad conquerd vpon bis enemyes.Re 
made come to fore bym bis conestable, wbicbe was 
prynce of bis boost: be was named Glaf dales, Co 
tbis man be commaunded tbat be sbold take all 
tbis peple witb bym & goo in to Surye, and renne 
\ vygorously vpon tbis peple, tbat were so f olyssb 
andoultrageous, tbat bad tomed bis peas&made 
warre to bis peple, Cberf or be commaunded bym 
, tbat be sbold efface & destroye tbem alle, in sucbe 
wyse tbat neuer worde be spoken of tbem jj^Cbis 
Slafdales was of Srmenye bom, and was called 
eimirieux by another name. Of tbe cristen men be 
was comen, but for tbe ryebesses tbat was gyuen 


bym, & for the lecberye that be fonde emonge the 
fmescreaun tes, berenyedour lord and cristen f aytb 
■for to become Sarasyn. 

IRIS sameman bad conquerd tbe cyte 
of Iberusalem vpon tbe Hurkes, and 
sette it in tbepuvssaunceof bis lord 
tbe same yere tnat tbe cristen men 
bad besieged it, & bad not yet bold- 
en it xj monetbis wban tboost of tbe 
pylgryms toke it vpon tbem, & rendred it to cris- 
, tiente. Rit was a tbyngfe tbat it mocbe displaysyd 
Ibis conestable tbat bis lord bad bold it so sbort 
a wbyle, and enioyed nomore bis conqueste; if or 
tbis cause be enterprysed in bym tbis werke, and 
for to renne vpon oure peple. Hnd bym thought it 
but a little tbynge & a light for to doo, consyder- 
yng tbe grete ptente of peple tbat be bad, for to 
disconfyte tbem tbat bad taken tbe cytej^Re cam 
in to Surye, and brought with bym alle tbe power 
of Ggypte. Re bad grete pryde in bis berte by cause 
of tbe grete people tbat he bad, and was mocbean- 
gry toward our men. But our lord, tbat can sette 
wel counseyl in alle tbe purpoos of men, ordeyned 
tbis werke all in another maner than be deuysed 
jS?Re cam with alle bis men to fore tbe cy te of Ss- 
calone. XTbere they lodged tbem, and pourprised 
grete space of ground, ulitb tbem were ioyned alle 
tbe dukes of Damaske, & they of Hrabe tbat were 
in tboo partyes, mocbe grete peple j^TTrou tbe it is 
tbat to fore er oure peple entred in to tbe londe, 
they of Ggypte & tbe tTurkes of Hrabe louyd not 
to gydre, but doubted mocb each tbencreacyng of 
ee2 4*9 



tbe one and otber^But after, tbey accompanied 
tbem to gydre to come vppon oure men, more for 
bate of oure peple, tban for loue tbat tbey bad e- 
monge tbem self* "Cbey were alle to gydre to fore 
Gscalone, and tbey tbere concluded to come after 
to f orelberusalem for tassiege tbe toun, if or tbey 
supposed veryly, tbat oure barons durste in no 
wyse yssue out ayenst tbem in bataylle. 
Row our cristen men, wban tbey knewe tbyse tyd- 
ynges, cryed to <3od for mercy and for to baue tbe 
vyctorye, capitulo CCj^^ 

tburab tbe cyte of Iberusalem, 
alle tbe peple were oretely affray- 
ed, grete and smaTe, By comyne 
accorde of tbe bissboppes tney 
cam wullen and barfote in tbe 
cbircbe of our lord, 0>ere were 
alle tbe peple, and cryed mercy to 

oure lorde with sygbes and teeris. and besoucjbt 
Ibesu Criste mocbe swetly tbat bis peple, wbicbe 
be bad kept and deffended vnto tbat day, be wold 
delyuerfro tbisperyll,ne8uffre tbat tbe cyte &boly 
places tbat tbey late bad rendred and yeuen to bis 
name and to bis seruyse, and tbat be woldnot tbat 
tbey sbold be remysed agayn and babandouned in 
ordureandfyltbe, &in tbe desloyalte of tbe betben 
men^f ro tnens tbey wen te a procession, singing, 
witb mocbe grete py te, vnto tbe templeof oure lord. 
T^bere dyde tbe bissbops&tbe clerkestbe seruyse, 
and tbe laye peple prayde witb mocbe good berte 


and pytous,(31ban tbis was don, the bissbopsgaf 
to tbcm tbc benediction, and after tbey departed^? 
tbeducordeyned baronsand knygbtestbat sbold 
e tbe cyte. 

^HfCCR tbis be yeeued out, and tberle 
| of f laundres,&camin to tbe play nee 
'#. i of RamesXbeotber baronsabode in 
1 iberusalemj^^becytezeyns of ^ap- 
ples bad sen te to f etcbe Gustace, bro- 
der of tbe due, & Oncre,for to come 
tbedertotbem and tbey wold yelde to tbem tbecyte. 
XTbey were goon by tbe commaundementof tbeduc, 
andgarnyssbedmocbe weltbe toun witb peple and 
vytaylle, of wbicb tbe countre was mocbe fertile, 
vberfor tbey abode tbere, and knewe notbynge of 
tbyse tydynges, but tbe due sen te for tbem, & tbey 
cam bastely, & were witb tbe other baron s^GBban 
tbe due and tbe erle of f laundres arryued atte cyte 
of Rames, tbey knewe wel tbe troutbe certaynly tbat 
tbis admiral was lodged to fore Cscalone witb so 
grete peple tbat tbe countre was couerdjgFCbenne 
tbe otber barons, wbicbe abode and awayted tbe 
certaynteof tbis tbynge.Hndbebade tbem bastely 
to come alle,sauf sucbe as sbold kepe tbe cyte, and 
sbold brynge alle tbe peple mocbe bastely, as for 
to fygbte ayenst grete plente of tbeyr enemyes. 



f)ow our men assembled and ordeyned tbeyr bat> 
ajllesfortofycjbteavenst tbe^urkes^and bow tbe 
vurkes were disconryted, capitulo CCij^^ 

RGRLG of T^bolouse and tbe 
otber barons tbatwere witb bym 
knewe tbe certaynte bow tbeyr 
enemyes cam vpon tbem witb so 
grete power, tberf or tbey gadred 
togydrealle tbeyr men tbatwere 
come to tbem mocb dilygen tly in 
now Ybelyn j^Cdban tbey were all assembled, tbey 
jnombred tbeyr peple and fonde xijC borsmen,and 
!of footemen ix/VIj^GCIban tboost of our men bad 
been there one day or tberabout, after euensonge, 
I wban it began to wexe derk, tbey espyed a/f er a greet 
! prees tbat cam takyngvp tbe countrey,and couerd 
>grete partesof tbe playnes.Oure men bad suppos- 
ed certaynly tbat it bad be tboostof tbe Sarasyns, 
and merueylled mocbe bow tbey cam ayenst tbem 
at tbat bour.ITbenne tbey sente oute ijCborsmen, 
armed ligbtly and wel borsed,for to see more nygb 
wbat pepletbey were tbat cam, and bow many more 
were of tbem, TTbey roode f ortb a good paas, and 
wban tbey approached tbem, tbey knewe tbat it were 
>oxen, kyen,and maresXberwereso many of tbem, 
ftbat tbem semed if there were no moo in alle that 
con tre, tbat it mygbt suffyse for alle tbe peple tber 
1 about Qlitb tbyse beestes were comen men on bors- 
bak,wbicbe kepte tbem from tbeuys, & commaund- 
ed to tbe berdmen wbat tbey sbold doo, 


HSY that were een te forth by the ba- 
roneretomed & sayde that tber was 
oure men ran tbeder, *Cbe hepars of 
them fiedde tbat mygbt Somme tber 
were that were tahen,wbicbetolde the 
troutbe of tbeHurhes,in sucb wyse that it was wel 
hnowen, that tbis grete booste of Sarasyns were 
lodged but vij myle fro tbem, and tbat tbeyr pur- 
pooe wae to come on tbem and to slee tbem allejfif 
Our barone were tbenne certayn of tbe bataylle, and 
deuysed emonge tbem ix bataylles, & commaunded 
tbattbresboldgooto fore on tbatonesyde,fortbe 
playnes were greets tbre sbold go in tbemy die, and 
tbre ebold come bebynde* Of tbe Sarasyns mygbt 
noman hnowe tbe nombre, ffor tber was so grete 
plente tbat euery dave tbey en creased and gfrewe of 
tbe contre about, wnicbe ranne to tbem in sucbe 
wyse tbat it was not for to be estemed^&Iban our 
men bad goten tbis grete gayne tbatlspahof, tbat 
is tosaye of alle tbe beestes, tbey bad grete ioyeand 
ioyously restyd tbem tbatn vgbt ; but tbey tbat bad 
tbe cbarge ma de good watcne upon tbooste* 

tbe due dyde do crye tbat euery man 
sbold arme bym and goo to bis ba- 
taylle, & after wen te fortb asof t paas 
rigbt tbeder wbere tbey tbougbt to 
fynde tbeyr enemyes.O>ey badsted- 
f aste bope in our lord, to wbom is a lygbt tbynge 
to mahe tbat tbe lasse in nombre vaynquyssbe tbe 
more andgretterj^Cbey of 6gypte,and tbe otber 
ee4 4 23 

meecreauntee that were with tbem, cam in mocbe 

alle in tbe playne* Cdban tbey eawe and knewe tbat 
our men bad noo talente to witbdrawe tbem ne ee- 
cbewe tbem, but cam for to eecbe tbem, tbey began 
mocbe to doubte»3dban tbey eawe tbat our men bad 
taken and pourprieed so grete a place on tbe playne, 
wel supposed tbey tbat tbey bad ben mocbe more 
people and in greter nombre. But tbe troutbe wae 
eucbe ae I baue eayd. Our men were but fewe on 
borebak& a footeXbe grete companyeof beeetee, 
ae 1 baue eayd, were witb tbem ; wban tbey drewe 
fortb on, tbe beeetee wente witb tbemXbeiTurkee 
wende tbat tbey bad ben alle men armed and bad 
ouergretefer e and drede. 

2}r>6 gretteet men and tbey tbat men 
supposed ebold beet baue born tbe 
fayte of tbe bataylle, tbey began to 
witbdrawe tbem lytil and lytil and 
lefte tbeyr batayllee tbe one after tbe 
other and fledde alle pryuely^<Jdban 
tbe laeee knygbtee of tbe XTurkmane apperceyued 
tbie, tbey neuer toke hope on tbem, but tomed tbeir 
boreeeand emote witb tbeir eporee, & fliedde euerv 

daye wae be loete, tbat bad eette al bio berte for to 
i eowe& pourcbaeee diecordeeouer al where be wae 
byleuyd;noman wote wber be becamXbie wae tbe 
bieebop of JWaturane. Somme men eayde tbat tbe 
baue take bym and elayn bym, or brought bym in 


~~ "- 


pryson* Cdbat sommcucr cam of bym it was no 
grete barme,so tbat be was effaced out of tbis boly 
companyj^CHban oure barons sawe tbat our lord 
bad fogbten for tbem, and tbat be bad put in tbe 
bertes of tbe XTurkes so grete fere and drede, tbat 
tbey wmfledwitboutsmytyngeofstroke, tbey bad 
grete ioye and rendred graces and tbankynges to 
oure lorde deuoutly, XTbey bad counseyl tbat tbey 
sbold not f olowe tbem witboute araye tburgb tbe 
feldes, flPor tbey were ouer grete nombre of peple 
vntotbereaarde of tbem,andyf tbey bapped to re- 
lyeand gadre togydre agayn,tbeymygbtperauen- 
ture put oure men to tbe werse, 

ORG men roode alle in ordenaunce 
vnto tbe tentes of tbe betben men, 
fFor tbey tbat fledde loked neuer be- 
bynde them* XZhcrc founde oure men 
so grete plente of gold, of syluer, of 
robes,of iewellys, and of vessell, tbat 
tbe leest of tbem bad ynowgb, Hbus gadred tbey 
alle tbat tbey fonde there, and retomed and wente 
agayn toIberusalem,eueryman laden and charged 
witb despoylles, tbanhyng and preysing our lord, 
by wbom was comen to tbem tbis vyctorye, honour, 
& gaynejj^^bennemade tbey witbin tbe cytemocbe 
ioye and grete, as doon tbe vaynquers and conquer- 
ours wban tbey departe tbeyr gayne. 




Row somme of our barons wolde rctomc bomc 
after tbey bad doon tbeyre pylgremage, capitulo 

N tbys maner tbeye conteyned 
tbem in tbc cyte of Iberusalem 
j^be two valyaunt men tbat 
bad benlongtymeintbeseruyse 
of our lord, and bad perfourmed 
tbcyr py Igremage, tbatis to wy tc 
tbc due or JVormandye, & tberle 
of f laundres, tbey tofce leue of 

tbe otber barons and tofce tbeyrwaye for toretorne 
in to tbeyr countrey, Tbey cam by sbippe to Con- 
stantinople* TbemperourHlexys wbicbe bad seen 
tbem to fore,receuyed tbem witbmocbefayr cbiere, 
and gaf to tbem mocbe f ayre y eftes at tbeyr depart- 
yng, Hf ter tbey cam in to tbeyr countre bool and 
joyousj^rbat one of tbem, tbat was tbe due of 
JVormandye, foundetbe tbyngealle cbaunged oth- 
erwise in bis countre tban be lef te it; if or wby les be 
was in mayntenyng tbis boly pylgremage, lyhe as 
ye baue berd, bis oldest broderdeyde without bey er 
of bis body, Cdylliam Rous, wbicbe was kyn<? of 
englond by rigbt Hnd after tbe customes of tbe 
countre tbe royamme was fallen totbisducof J^or- 
mandye; but bis broder wbicbe was yon ger, named 
Renry, cam to tbe barons of tbe countrey and made 
tbem to vnderstande tbat tbe due bis broder was 
fcyng of Iberusalem, & badno talente,ne purposed 
neuertoretomeon tbis svdetbemontaynes.By tbis 
lesynge tbey made bym hynge of Snglond, & tbey 




becam bis menjg?<Ilban bis broder retorned fro tbe 
holy londe, be demaundedof bym bis berytage en- 
tierly, and be wold not delyuer it to bym, 

F)S due made redy a grete nauye, and 
cjadryd as mocbe peple as be mygbt 
tn J^ormandye and other places, and 
passed tbe see; be arryued in Bng- 
lond witb gretef orce. Pis broder tbat 
was kynge camayenst bym witb alle 
f tbe power of tbe lande. t be batey lies were alredy for 
i tassemble; but tbe noble & wysemen sawe tbat it 
sbold be ouer grete burt and damage yf tbyse two 
bretberensbold fygbt tbus* t^berfor tbey spak of 
pees, &made it in tbis manere, tbat tbesayd Henry 
sbold boldetberoyamme,but besboldegyueeuery 
& camin tobislonde.Hfteritbappedtbattbefiyng, 
wbicbebadsomme castellys in fiormandye to fore 
tbat be bad tbe royamme of Gnglond, tbem wolde 
be kepe as bis berytageXbe due demaunded tbem, 
and be woldnot delyuere tbemXbenne tbe due as- 
sieged tbem, and toke tbem by force j^Cttban tbe 
kyngberd tbis, be was mocbeangry. Reassembled 
tber cam ayenst bym, and tbey fougbt to gydre at 
TTyncbebrayXber was tbeducdisconfyted& taken ; 
bis broder put bym in pryson, wberin be deydej^ 
Cbenne bad tbis Renry alle to gydre tbe royamme 
of Bnglond and ducbye of J^ormandye* 


RBRLB of TTbou louse cam vntotbe 
Lycbe in SuryeXbere icftc be bis wyf 
tbe countesse, and wente vnto Con- 
TTbemperour made to bym grete ioye 
Jandreceyued bym mocbe wel, an dgaf 
to bym greteyeftes. Hnd after cam agayn to bis wyf 
booleand sauf , to bis f elawsbipin Surye, butit was 
two^ereafter,asye sbal berej^Cbe ducGodeffroy 
was in Iberusalem. Olel gouerned be tbe royamme 

bym tbe erle Garnyer of Grece, and otber barons, 
sucbe as be mygbt bauej^Tancre tbe valyaunt a- 
bode witb bym, to wbom tbe due gaf for to bolde 
m berytage tbe cyte of TTabarye, wbicbe stondetb 
on the laye of Genesar,and witbtbat alle tbe pryn- 
cipalyte of Galylee, witb tbe cytewbicbe was woned 
t0 5 e S ai Il ed P or P b H andnowe named Caypbas, 
belde tbyse londes so wel & so wysely, tbat be was 

cbircbes of tbis countrey mocbe rycbely; be gaf to 
tbem grete rentes, and endowed tbem witb aourne- 
mentes fayr &of grete valure. Specially tbe cbircbe 

be lef te tbem m bye estate &m mocbe ryebe poynt! 
But tbe barons tbat after bym baue be lordesof tbe 
countrevbauetaken from tbem ynowgbof tbeirten- 
oursXbisOncrewas wyse and trewe,and delyted 
bym to doo wel to tbe cbircbes, as it apperetb after 
wban bewasprynceof Hntbyocbe-f or be enbaunc- 
ed tbe cbircbe of seyn t peter, and tbe pryncipalyte 


, & seygnorye of Hn tbyocbe made be mocb tencrece 
and enlarged, as ye sbal bere* 

Row Buymont & Bawdwyn beyng certain of tbe 
i pryse and conqueste of Iberusalem wolde accom- 
plyssbe tbeyr pylgremage, capitulo CCiuj^^ 

IRYkBS * nat *be royammeof 
Iberusalem was in sucbestate, 
% Buymont tbe prynce of Hn- 
tbyocbe, and Bawdwyn erle 
of Rages, broder of tbe due 
Codeffroy, bad berd certayn 
tydynges tbat tbe otber bar- 
ons tbat tbey beldeas bretber- 
t en for tbe accom panye of tbeyr pylgremage, bad 
by tbayde and belpe of our lord Ibesu Criste con- 
'querd vpon tbe Curkes and recouerd to oure faytb 
tbe boly cyte of Iberusalem, by wbicbe tbey bad 
accomplyssbyd tbeyrvowes& tbeyr pylgremages* 
►Oerfor tbey assembled on a day named for to goo 
to tbe boly sepulcre, to tbende tbat tbey were as- 
soylled of tbeyr vowes* Hnd desired mocbe for to 
see tbe due and tbe otber barons, to wbom tbey 
wold gyue ayde vf tbey bad nede, tbat is to wete of 
ttbeir bodyes, or tbeyrofoodes, and of tbeyr men 
'tbat were vnder tbem* tnyse two bye men were not 
at tbe takynge of tbe boly cyte of Iberusalem, ffor 
by tbe wylle of tbe pylgryms tbat one of tbem 
abode in Hntbyocbe, and tbat otber at Rages, for 
}to kepe soygnousty and def ende tbe XTurkes fro 
tbyse two cytees wbicbe were bolden in so bye es- 


fgCRG man bad todoo ynowgb in bis 
countrey, but tbey leftc allc for to 
comcto tbeotber.Buymont cam fyrst 
fro bis cyte witb a mocbc fayr com- 
pany, grete nombrc of men of armes 
on borsbak and a f oote. Re cam vnto 
a cyte vpon tbe see,namedValerne,on tbe castel of 
JjVIargat, tbere be lodged bym maulgre tbem of tbe 
' cy te.Bawdwyn cam fro bis countrey sone after & so 
mocbe iourneied after, tbat be ouertoke tbe prynce 
Buymont to fore tbis cyte, and tbere tbey assem- 
\bkaj0Xn tbat same tyme were arryued pylgryms 
of Ytalye at tbe Lycbe in Surye»Bmong tbem was 
a good man wyse and wel lettred,relygyousand of 
grete bonneste, named Daybart, arcbebissbop of 
Pyse* Hnotberwas in bis company, arcbebissbop 
of puylle, of a cytenamedHrriene. fcbyse men witb 
, tbeyr meyne cam in tbe companyeof tbyse two ba- 
rons for to oasse more surely vnto tbe cyteof Ibe- 
rusalem^Of tbem was mocne encreced tboost of 
tbyse two prynces, in sucbe wyse tbat tbey were 
wel xxv ) M on borsbak and a f oote, 

r>ClS tbenne belde tbey tbeyr waye 
by sucbe manere, tbat tbey f onde no 
cyte but of tbeyr enemyes, wberfore 
tbey passed witb mocb grete payne. 
t^bey suffred mocbein tbeyr way for 
lack of vytaylles, ffor tbey fonde 
none for to bye, & sucbe as tbey brougbt fro tbeyr 
i countrey was f ayllcd. XTbey bad grete cold and so 
, grete rayne tbat notbyng mygbt endure, it was so 
merueyllous. It was m tbe monetbe of December 

wbicbe is mocbc rayny customable in that coun- 
trey. for tbis cause many dcyed of mesease in that 
companye, ffor in allc this longe way, tbey mygbt 
fynde none that wold selle to tbem ony vytaylte, 
sauf tbey of Tlry pie, and tbey of Cesaire. tTney bad 
grete scarcete or vytaylles for tbeyr borses. 

"ICXTo laste by tbe mercy of our lord 
tbey cam to Iberusalem. Oerewere 
tbey receyued witb mocb grete ioye, 
of god, of tbe barons, of tbe clergy e, 
and of alle tbe peple. Oey vysyted 
tbe boly places of tbe cy te in teeris & 
[grete sorowes of berte. TTbey fylle doun fiat and 
? stratcbed in tbe cbircbes,tbey kyssed&ete tbertbe 
►tbat our lord bad walked vpon : after tbey cam in to 
tbeyr bostellys, where alle tbey of tbe toun made 
to tbem grete ioyej?<nban tbe bye festeof tbe na- 
tyuyte of our lord tbesu Criste approucbed, alle 
the prelates and barons yssued out of tberusalem 
and wente to Betblebem. TTbere belde tbey tbeyr 
CristemasXbere bebelde tbey gladly and mocne 
ententyfly tbe boly crybbe, wbenn tbe sauyour of 
tbeworld laye bytwene tbe beestes.Deuoutlymade 
tbey tbeyr prayers and orysons in tbe place, wbicbe 
is as a lytil dyebe, wbere tbe swete lady tbat was 
moder and vyrgyne, after tbat sbe bad cbylded, 
wrapped bersonewitb lytiland smale clotbys,and 
gaf bym souke of tbe mylke of ber pappes. 


FJowe our cristen men chosen a very patriarke in 
Iberusalem and assigned to bym rentes, capitulo 

^^^-^t«wN to this tyme bad the see of 

Iberusalem ben without pas- 
tour and patriark tbat duely & 
truly bad entred. It was wel 
tbenne v monetbes tbattbecyte 
was conquerd, XTbenne assem- 
bled tbe barons for to coun- 
seylle to baue sucbe a man tbat 
werewortby of honour & mygbt tobere tbefaytes, 
ITber were wordes ynowgb, €be somme wold baue 
one, and otber wolde baue another j^Htte laste by 
tbe counseyl and good wyll of alle tbey cbees tbys 
Daybart, arebbissbop of pyse, wbicbe was but 
newly comeXbey constituted and sette bym in tbe 
siege of patriark, ffor be tbat bad be made by tbis 
baratour Hrnold, of wbom 1 baue spoken to fore, 
lyke as be was made ayenst rigbt & reson, in lyke 
wj^eberetorned agayn to nought, 

^f^HN tbis good, wise man was sette 
in bis dignyte tbe due Godeffroy 
and tbe prynce Buymont cam to 
fore bym, wbicbe bad gyuen to bym 
tbis honour as for to be tbevycayre 
of Ibesu Criste in tbat londe, and 
thankedand preysed alle togydreoure lord*QJban 
this was don tbey assygned rentes to tbe newe pa- 
triark, sucbe as bis predecessour, wbicbe was a 
Creeke, bad bolden, and otber gretter aboue tbat, 
in sucbe wyse tbat be mygbt honorably mayntene 

a good and boneet company of people jg?rbenne 
Bawdwyn andBuymont toke leueof the due and 
of the other barone,and descended vnto fiom lor- 
dan, and there bayned them, fro tbene they wente 
by the ryuer eyde til they cam to Cabarye, thenne 
paeeed by the londe named f enyce, and lef te Ce- 
eayre on the right eyde* Hf ter they cam to the cyte 
named Maubec. Hf ter helde they the eee eyde and 
eo moche exployted that they carnal hool &eound 
to Hntbyocne. 

How by thatyeementof eomme men a grete debate 
eourded bytwene the due and the patriarke of Ihe- 
ruealem, capit ulo CCvj^^ 

f>G cuetomme of eomme men 
ieeuche that they may not euffre 
the peas emong the peple, where 
they may eette diecorde.By tha- 
tyeement of euche maner folke 
eourded a debate bytwene the 
due and the patriate, ffor the 
patriarke demaunded of hym 
the chyef tour of the toun, whiche ie named the 
toure Dauyd, and the holye cite of Iberuealem. 
Hboue that he wold haue the cyte of laphe and alle 
tbappertenauntee, ffor he eayde that they were the 
droytee and rightee of hie cbircbe of the eepulcre. 
j^<£lban thie debate had a whyle endured bytwene 
them, the due, whiche wae humble and meeurable 
and moche doubted our lord, on Candlemae day, 
in the preeenceof all the clergy and all the peple, he 
gaf the iiij part of laphe moche debonayrly to the 

patriarke and to bis cbircbc to bolde for euermore* 
Hf tertbis wban it cam to tbc day of Sester, to fore 
all tbcm tbat were assembled at tbis f este, be gaf 
in to tbe bonde of tbe patriark, tbe fourth part of 
Iberusalem and tbe tour Dauyd witb all tbe apper- 
tenauntes. Hlway forseen by couenaunt tbat tbe 
ducsbold bolde tbyse cy tees and tbe londesaboute 
vnto tbe tyme tbat by tbe ayde of oure lord be bad 
conquered vpon tbe burkes two otber cytees, by 
wbicbe tbe royamme mygbt be enlarged, Hnd yf 
it bapped tbat be deyed in tbe mene wbyle witbout 
beyer, alle tbyse tbynges witboute contradiction 
sbold come in to tbe bonde of tbe patriarke,and to 
tbe cbircbe, Cbe troutbe was sucbe as I baue sayd, 
but it is ouer grete merueylle ff or wbat reson tnis 
holy man, tbat was so wyse, demanded tbus tbyse 
cytees of tbis noble man, tbe due, as X baue sayd, 
XTbey tbat knewe tbe state of tbe londe, belde and 
reputed tbem self for lasse wban tbey vnderstode 
tbis werke and couetyse in tbe cbircne, and mer- 
ueylled tberof , ffor tbe barons tbat bad conquerd 
tbe cyte gaf it to tbe due so f rely, tbat tbey wold 

bym, but tbat be sbold bolde it bym self entierly 
witbout making to ony otber ony obeyssauncc* 


Rier recountetb tbystorye bow tbc fourtb parte of 
Iberusalem cam vnto tbc patriarke of tbe same, 
capitulo CCvij^^ 

LQIHY it is certayn, tbat fro 
tbe tyme tbat tbe Latins entred 
in to tbe cyte, and yet of more 
auncyente, tbe patriarke of Ibe- 
4 rusalem bad tbe fourtb part of 
pfS tf~!¥&J& tbe cyte of Iberusalem, & belde 

1 itasbisowen.Rowtbisbapped, 
_ and by wbat reson, I sbal saye 
to you shortly, ffor tbe troutbe tberof batb ben 
sercbedj^It is founden by tbauncyent bistoryes, 
tbat wbyles tbis cyte was in tbe bondes of tbe 
betben peple, it mygbt neuer baue peas tbat longe 
endured, but was of te assieged of betben prynces 
tbat were about it, ffor ecbe of tbem wold conquere 
it and put it in bis seygnorye, ^berfor tbey toke 
of te tbe proves, and mesdyde and trespaced to tbe 
cytezeyns or tbe toun, 'Zbcy brake tbe towres and 
vwalles mocbe oultrageously by tbeyr engyns, and 
/for tbeoldenesof tbewalles tbe cyte was disclosed 
and open in many places* In tbis tyme tberoyamme 
of Bgypte was more ryebeand more puyssauntof 
bauoyr and good and of wisedome tban onyotber 
of tbe royammes of t^urkye, ffor tbe calypbe belde 
tbenne Inerusalem and tbe londe tberabout, and 
witb bis grete boost tbat be sente tbeder be con- 
querd alle Surye vnto tbe Lycbe, wbicbe is by Hn- 
tbyocbe. Hbus bad be encreced bis empyre. 


6 establyssbyd bis bayllyes in tbc 
cytees tbat stonde on tbc see syde, & 
in tbem also on tbc Ion de. 'Cbcnnc 
commanded be tbatalle sboldc paye 
bym trybute,and ordeyned &deuys- 
ed wbat be wold baue of euery cyte* 
Hf ter tbis be wold tbat tbe cytezeyns sbold make 
agayn tbe wallis of euery cyte, & mayntene in good 
1 poynt tbe towres,andredresse alle aboute sucbeas 
neded j^By tbe aduyse of bis men, and after tbeyr 
establyssbement^tbe bayllyeof Xberusalem com- 
maunded to tbem of tbc toun torcpayre tbcyrwalles 
andsctte tbem entierly in poynt lyke as tbey to fore 
bad ben, 'Cbenne ordeyned be &deuysed bowmocb 
euery strete of tbe toun sbold make. By grete cruelte 
and malyce be commaunded tbat tbe captyf s cris- 
tiens tbat were in tbe cyte sbold make tbe fourth 
part of tbe wallesXbey were sopourandso oreued 
of tayllages and excises, tbat vnnetbe tbey bad a- 
mong tbem a lle wberof to repayre two towrettys, 
RSY sawe wel tbat be sougbt occa- 
sion for to destroye tbem alle, ITber- 
for tbey assembled and cam mocbe 
bumbly to fore tbe bayly, and fyl at 
bis feet, & mocb requyred in weping, 
tbat be wold comande tbem to doo 
tbynge tbat tbey mygbt doo, ffor tbis tbat be bad 
commaunded tbem to doo was ouermocbe ouer 
itbeyr powerXbat in bumayn bay lly , wbicbe was f u I 
of cruelte and of pryde, louyd not tbe cristen men, 
and menaced tbem mocbe fiersly,andsware tbatyf 
tbey accomplissbyd not tbe commaundement of 

this lord the calypbe, be wold do smyte of tbcyr 

beedes as traytours^OIban tbey bcrd tbis, tbey 

were mocbe aferd,and on tbatotbersyde tbey sawe 

wel tbat tbey mygbt not bere tbe cbarge that be 

leyde on tbem. XTberfor tbey dyde so mocbe atte 

laste by tbe prayer of somme Curfces, wbicbe bad 

>pyte on tbem, tbat tbe baylly gaf tbem respyte, til 

'tbat tbey bad sent to tbemperour of Constanty- 

nople,& torequyre bym for tbe loueof god tbatbe 

wolde sende bis almesse to performe tbis borrible 

| werfce, for to delyuer tbem fro tbe peryll of detb in 

wbicbetbey were condempnedyfitwerenotby tbem 

Of tbe same mater, capitulo CCviij^^ 

RGmessagers cam fro tbem to 
tbemperourin toConstantyno- 
ple, tbey sey d to bym tbe trou tb 
of tbeir message, bow tbey were 
in subiection, & wbat meseases, 
wbat fyltbes tbe TTurfces made 
tbem t08uflre;andfynally tbey 
muste alle deye yf be socoured 
tbem not, Hll tbey tbat berde tbem began to wepe 
for com passion ♦tbenne was emperour a valyaunt 
& surname JVfonamaques; be gouemed mocbe vy- 
gorously tbempyre. <Bban be berd tbe requeste of 
tbe poure cristenmenbewasmeuydwitbgretepyte 
in bis berte, & say d tbat be wold belpe tbem gladly, 
and sboldgyue to tbem so largely of bis good tbat 
tbe iiij part of tbe wallis wbicb was commanded 
ff3 437 

tbem to make sbold beaccomplyssbyd, but be pro- 
mised tbem wel tbat be sbold doonotbyng butby 
couenaunt J& €bat is to wete tbat yf tbey mygbt 
pourcbase of tbe lord of tbe londe, tbat witbin the 
partye of tbe cyte tbat ebold be closed witb bis 
money, none sbold dwelle but cristen men,on tbis 
* condicion wold be doo it, and otber wyse not. 

^jN tbis fourme be delyuerd to tbem 

1 bis lettres patentes,and sente to bis 

I bay ly of Cy pre, tbat yf tbe cristen 

men of Iberusalem my gbt pourcbace 

of tbe calypbe of 6<jypte tbis tbat 

J ye baue berd, tbat of tbe rente tbat 

toe ought to baue in tbat londe be sbold letemake 

1 tbef ourtb part of tbe wallys of tbis boly cy tejfiTCbe 

^messagers, tbat bad tbus don tbeyr message, re- 

*tomed vnto tbe patryarke and to tbem tbat bad 

'sente tbem, and recounted to tbem truly bow tbey 

baddon and spedjSFCbey ansuerd tbat itsboldbe 

bard to be bad, not witbstandyng tbey muste es- 

saye, ffor tbey mygbt passe in none otber maner. 

t:bey sente good messagers and trewe to tbis grete 

lord tbe calypbe of Ggypte. Our lord belpe bym in 

sucb wyse tbat tbei fonde in bym tbis tbat tbey 

sought; and shortly to saye, be delyuerd to tbem 

a good cbartre sealid witb bis seal and conf ermed 

witb bis propre band, tbat so closyng tbe iiij part, 

be graunted to tbem tbe fourth part of Iberusalem 

jp'Cbc messagers retomed. 'Cbey tbat bad sente 

tbem made to tbem grete ioye wban tbey knewe bow 

tbey bad acbyeued tbeir message, Xlbe bailyes of 

Cy pre passed in to Surye, & tbey made tbe fourth 



part of the walks with tbe goodce of tbemperour, 
lyke ae be bad commaunded. Hnd tbis werke was 
made in tbc yere of tbyncarnacion of ourc lord JW 
'Ixiij. 'Cbenne was calypbe and kynge of Ggypte, 
Bommensor, & tbis was xxxvj yere to fore tbc cyte 

^%^ x^ijN^O tbie tyme tbc cristen men were 
iA lodgedin tbe toun emongetbe'Curkes 
fortntbattbecalypbebad commaun- 
ded, tbe fourth part of tbe toun was 
delvuerd to tbemj^'Cbenne were tbe 
jcristen men mocne eased, fforwban tbey dwellyd e- 
mongtbe'Curke6,tbey tbatwere tbeyr neygbbours 
dyde to tbem grete ennoye and sbames, but wban 
tbeywmby tbem self , tbey dydetbemnotsomocbe. 
Yf tbey bad ony debate emonge tbem self it was 
brought to fore tbe patriark, ffor fro tbenne fortb 
was in tbat part of tbe toun none otber iustice but 
be; tbus gouemed be it as bis ounej^fiis iiij part 
is bounded as Isball saye to you. fro tbe yate tbat 
tbe sonne aotb doun, wbicbe is named tbe yate 
Dauid by the tour of tbe angle, otberwyse named 
tbe tour TIancre, tbe walles tbat tbey made witbin 
is bounded by tbe cbyef way tbat gotb fro tbat gate 
vnto tbe cbaunge,&fro tbens agayn vnto tbe west 
yate. In tbis spacestondetb tbemountof Caluarye 
wbere our sauyour Xbesu Criste was crucified, and 
tbe boly sepulcre wbere be laye deed in, and out 
wberof be aroos fro detb to lyf , tbe bows of tbe 
bospytal,twoabbayes,one of monkesand another 
of nonnes, tbe bows of tbe patriarke, & tbe cloys- 
ture of tbe cbanonnes of tbe sepulcre. 

ff4 439 

fiowtbe duc<3odeffroy,for to augumentethe cris- 
tiante, assieged one of the townes of tbe Curkes, 
capitulo CCix ,*£,*£ 

|N this tyme, after that alle the 
barons that were come in pyl- 
gremage were departed fro the 
londe, and retomed in to tbeyr 
countrees, the valyaunt due, to 
whom the royamme was dely- 
uered, and Can ere wbicbe was 
abiden witb bym, tbey were al~ 

mostalone in tbo partes ; tbey were mocbe pour of 
good andof menTnnetbe mygbt tbeymake,wban 
tbey dyde alle tbeyr power, tbre bonderd men on 
borsbak, and two thousand a f ooteXbe cytees tbat 
tbepylgryms bad conquerd were ferreasondre,and 
none mygbt come to otber without grete peryll of 
tbeyr enemyes* 0>e vyllages tbat were about tbe 
cytees, wbicbe were called casiaus,tberin dwellid tbe 
Curkes tbat were tbeyr subgettis, & obeyed to tbe 
lordes of tbe cytees, but tbiseTTurkesbatednomen 
moretban tbey dyde tbe cristen men, & pourcbaced 
incessantly alle tbe barme &euyl tbat tbey mygbt. 
<Oban tbey fonde ony of our men allone oute of tbe 
way,gladly tbey murdred tbem,andsomtyme tbey 
ledde to tbe cytees of tbe Sarasyns for to selle tbem . 
Yet thought they of gretter meschyef & folye; flPor 
they woldnot ere nelabouretbeyr londes, totbende 
tbattbelordesandmenoftbe cytees sboldnot take 
tbeyr rentes, and desired them self lyuer to suffre 
mesease,ratber than our peple sbold haueony good 
or auay lie. 


Y)G cristen men were not well assur- 
ed within the cytees, ffor tbey bad but 
fewe people, and tbere cam tbeuys by 
nygbttbatrobbed tbeyr bouses, and 
slewe tbem in tbeyr beddes,and bare 
awaye alle tbeyr tbynges* By tbis oc- 
casion many tbere were of tbe cristen men, tbat lef te 
tbeyrfayrtenementesandbouses in tbe cytees,and 
retoumed pryuely in to tbeyr countreyes; ffor tbey 
badde grete dredde tbat tbe Oirkes, wbyebe tbat 
dwellydaboute tbem,sbold assemble somme daye 
and tahe tbe townes by strengtbe and destresse, 
anddestroye tbem for euer in suebwyse tbatneuer 
sbold be memory of tbemjj^f or bate of tbem tbat 
tbus wente was establyssbyd fyrst in tbat londe, 
tbat wbo tbat belde a yere longe in peas bis tene- 
ment and bis londe, be sbold neuer after answere 
tberof to ony otber* By cause tber were many tbat 
for fere and for cowardice lef te alle tbeyr tbynges 
and fled away; after wban tbe countrey was better 
assured, tbey cam agayn, and wold baue recouerd 
tbem, but by tbis lawe tbat was tbus establyssbyd 
tbey w ere neuer berd* 

RY^BS tbat tbe royamme was tbus 
in grete pouerte, tbe valyaunt due 
©odeffroy, wbicb bad mocbe grete 
courage and good bope in our lord, 
enlarged bis royamme^ He assem- 
I bled as mocbe peple as be mygbt, & 
wente for tassiege a cyte nygb to Xapbe on tbe see 
of vy tay lies, of men of armes, & otber engyns, and 



tber were tberin Oirkes many, hardy & def ensable. 
TTbe boost of tbe cristen men tbat were witboute, 
were but f ewe and suffretous by cause tbey bad no 
sbippes by wbicbe tbey mygbt defende tbe waye of 
"tbe see, where tbey mygbt entre and yssue wban it 
plesyd them, for tbise tbynges tbe due was con- 
strained to leue tbe siege, and departed tbynkyng 
to come agayn to tbe same place, wban tbe tyme 
sbold be more couenable, and tbat bis men were 
better pourueyed of tbat wberof tbey bad nede for 
to take tbe toun . Hnd so bad be don yf our lord bad 
gyuen bym long lyf in tbis world. 

Rowtbe'Curkes brought presen tes to tbe ducGodc- 
flroy at tbe sayd siege & of tbeyrdeuyses togydre, 
capitulo CCx,«P,jP 

]Cbapped,in tbis siege of wbicbe 
I baue spoken, a tbynge tbat 
ougbt not to be forgoten. for 
tbe montaynes of tbe londe of 
Samarye, in wbicbe is tbe londe 
of JSapples, cam summe'Curkes 
wbicbe were lordes of casiaus 
tberaboute, and brought vnto 
the valvaunt due CodeflProy presen tes of brede, of 
wyn, or dates, and of other fruyte. It mygbt wel be 
tbat tbey cam more for tespye tbe beyng and con- 
tenaunce of our men than for other tbynge, *Cbey 
prayde so mocb tbe men of tbe due that tbey were 
sucbeas tbey bad brougbtXbenobleducasbetbat 
was bumble & without bobaunce,sat in bis pauyl- 

Ion on tbe ground, & lened vnto a eak full of stuff . 
TTbereabode be a part of bie pcplc tbatbc badecntc 

in fourag e* 

RHJ^ tbey tbat bad made tbyee pre- 
sentee eawe tbe due eytte eo lowe, 
tbey meruey lied tbem ouermocbe,& 
began to demande of tbe peple tbat 
vnderetonde tbeyre langage, wbere 
fore it was so, tbat eo bye a prynce 
of tbe wee te, wbicbe bad trou bled alle tbory en t, an d 
bad elayn eo many men, and taken and conquerd eo 
puveeaunt a royamme, conteyned bym eo pourely , 
ne nad notvnder bym tappytyene clotbee of eylk, 
nebabyteof akynge on bym,nebadnotaboutebym 
eergeanteeor knygbtee boldyng naked ewerdeeor 
bacbee or axie danoye, by wbicbe alle tbey tbat eawe 
bym ebold doubte and fere bym, but eatte eo lowe 
ae be were a m an of lytil affayre. 
^SFTS3533f)G valiaunt due demaunded of tbem 
tbatknewe& vnderetode tbeyr lang- 
age wbat tbey wae told and 
anewerdof tbie wbicbe tbey merueyl- 
ledj^tTbenne be eayd tbat it wae no 
ebame to a man mortelto eytte vpon 
tbertbe,ffor tbeder muete be retome after bie detb 
an d lodge tbere in bie body & becom e ertbej^SIban 
tbey berd tbie an e were, tbey tbat were com en for 
teepyeand eeeaye wbat be wae, began mocbe for to 
allowe and preyee bie wy tte and bie bumily te* tTbey 
departed fro tbene,eayengtbat be wae ebapen and 
lykeforto be lord of alle tbatlonde,andto gouerne 
tbe peple, tbat wae eo witboute pryde, and knewe 




poucrtc & the fragilyteof bis nature sowel^Oris 
Re was so mocbedradde& doubted of bis en emyes, 
tbat en quyred of bis afFayres, wbicbe founde not in 
bym but vygour, rayson and mesure, without ony 
pryde or oultrage. 

Row Buymont was taken in goyng to JVkletene, 
wbicbe cyte tbe lord of the same woldyelde to bym, 
capitulo CCxj^/^ 

IN" tbe royamme of Iberusalem 
tbey conteyned tbem tbus as ye 
baue berd* Oxnne it happened 
tbat a ryebe man of Srmenve 
named ©abryel was lord of tne 
cyte of JVleletene, wbicb stondetb 
by yonde tbe ryuer of Sufrates 
i in tbe londe of JVksopotayne. 
*Cbi8 Gabriel doubted mocbe tbat tbe burkes of 
Perse sbold come on bym, ffor tbe men tbat tbey 
belde ran ofteon bym, in sucbewysetbatbe mygbt 
notwel suffre itXberforebe tokecounseyl, &sente 
messagers to Buymont, prvneeof Hntbyocbe, tbat 
tbey sbold saye to bym in nis name, tbat be sbold 
*baste bym in to bis londe, fFor be wold gyue ouer 
to bym bis cyte by certayn couenauntes resonable 
ynougb wbicbe be sente to bymjj?Re louyd Buy- 
mont, & sayde tbat be bad leuer tbat Buymont bad 
bis cyte by bis agrement, tban tbe burkes sbolde 
take it fro bym ayenst bis wyll^^^^^^^ 

RHJS" Buymonte bcrde tbyse tyd- 
ynges, as be tbat was bardy baetcd 
nym mocbe for to make bym redy, 
and toke witb bym a good company, 
& wente fortb on bis way* Re passed 
tbe ryuer of Gufrates and entred in 
toJVIesopotaync&wasnygbe tbe cyte of JVIeletene, 
fFor wbicbe be wente for to receyue, wban a puys- 
saunt amyral of tbe Tlurkes named Donysmayn, 
tbat bad certaynly tbe very knowlecbe of nis com- 
ynge, and laye in a wayte for bym, and ranne vpon 
nym sodenly,and bis men beyng alle out of arraye 
'and dispourueyed, tbey tbat abode were alle slayn, 
fiedde. Buymont was taken and reteyned,and tbey 
ladde bym tbe bandes bounden witb cordes, and bis 
'feet cbayned witb yron, 

f tbis alien ture mounted tbeTIurkein 
grete pryde, and trusted mocbe in bis 
tbe cyte of JVleletene, and assieged it, 
by cause be supposed tbat tbey wold 
bauedelyuerditwitbout taryeng*But 
somme of tbem tbat escaped fro tbens wbere tbe 
I prynce was taken cam fleyngin to tbe cyte of Rages* 
>Cbey told to tberle Bawdwyn tbis grete mesauen- 
ture tbat was fallen to tbemj^Qdban tbe valyaunt 
erle berd tbis, be was mocbe angrye, and bad grete 
pyteof tbe prynce, wbom be beldefor broderfor tbe 
icompanye of tbe pylgremage* Hnd by cause tbey 
bad tbeyr coun trees so ny of b to ay dre, it sbold bau e 
displesyd tbem mocbe yr tbe Curkes sbold con- 


ifor be somoned bastely alle bismen tbatbe mygbt 
baueon borsbakand a rote, and tokewitbbym tbat 
wasnecessaryeforsucbe a vyage andwente toward 
tboo partyes* 

BL a tbre daye iourneye was Rages 

froJVleletene.De bad sone passed tbis 

wayein sucbewyse tbatbewasnygbe 

tbc cyte* But tbe sayd Donysmayn 

knewe wcl tbc comyng of tbcrlc and 

_ durst not abyde nc fygbt witb bym, 


bym Buymont fastc bounden & stray tlyj^dlban 

Bawdwyn berdc tbat be durst not abyde bym, but 

fiedde to fore bym, be ran after witb bis men and 

cbacedbym tbre dayes longej?3Bban be sawe tbat 

be mygbt not ouertake bym, be retoumed in to tbe 

cyte of JMeletene. Gabryel tbe lord of tbe toun re- 

l ceyued bym witb mocbegrete ioye witb alle bismen, 

land made to tbem good cbere,and after gaf ouer 

tbe cyte to bym by tbe same couenauntes tbat be 

'bad olfred to Buymont j^<Hban be bad don tbis 

be retomed borne agayn to Rages* 

f)ow tbe due Oodeffroy assembled allc bis peple, 

, and entred in to Hrabye, and of tbe gayn tbat be 

' made, and of bis detb, capitulo CCxij^^ 

lODef fROY, tbe valyauntduc, 
and bis men tbat were lef te witb 
bym for to kepe tberoyamme, be- 
gan to bauemocbegretemesease, 
netbeitmay be deuysedXbenne 
it bapped tbat good espyes and 
I trewe brought to bym tidynges 


that in the parties of flrabye on that other syde of 
fiom lordan were mocbe ryebe peplewbicbe doubt- 
ed notbynge,and tberforetbey dwellyd out of for- 
tresses^ tbey were surprised tbere sbold be mocb 
grete gayne wonnej^^be valyaunt due tbat so 
mocbe bad suffred, toke witb bym peple a f oote and 
on borsbabasmany as bemygbt, sauf tbe aardeof 
tbe cyteXbenne entred be sodeynly in to tbe londe 
of bis enemy esXberegadred be many grete proyes, 
that is to wete, borses, beuf es, kyen and sbeep, and 
ryebe prvsonners brought be grete plente.Xbenne 
retornea be toward Iherusalem* 

OJV1JMB XTurkes tber were, bye and 
and bad grete prys.Gmongeallotber 
tber was one tbat bad longe desired 
for to see tbe ducGodeffroye of Bo- 
loyne, and wold fayne knowe yf it were trewe tbat 
rwas said of bisforce andstrengtbe, andacqueynte 
bym witb bis pepleof f raunce, of wbom bebadberd 
so mocb, tbat were come fro tbe Occident vnto tbe 
oryent,and bad conquerd so many londes,& sette 
ed to see due Godeffroy and knowe y f it were trou tb 
tbat was sayd of bis prowesse and bis strengtbe. 

good surete and triews to come vnto tbe ducj0T)z 
salewed bym mocbe lowe en clynyng lykeasis tbeyr 
customme, and after be prayd and desired of tbe 
ducmocbebumbly tbat itwoldplese bym to smyte 
witb bisswerd a camel tbat be bad brought mocbe 



grete, for, as be sayd, it sbold be grete honour to 
, bym tn bts countre, yf be mygbt recounte ony of 
hts str okes th at be bad seen bym self, 

"jfie due knewe wel tbat be was come 
fro fer to see bym, and dyde tbat be 
required bym, He drewe bis swerd, 
& smote tbe camel on tbe neck where 
tt was grettest, and smote it of as 
J lygbtly as tt bad been a sheep, <Bban 
the j:urke sawe tbts, be merueylled ouer mocbe, in 
sucb wyse tbat be was al abassbedj^Olban be bad 
|a Itttl bethought bym, be sayd in bis langacre:Isee 
f wel, sayd be, tbattbe due bath a good swerd& wel 
tren cban tand cuttyng, but! wote neueryf be coude 
smyte so grete a strook with another swerdj^Tbe 
valyaunt due demaunded what be sayde,and wban 
be knewe, be : began to smyle a lytil, and after sayd 
tbatbe sbolddehjuer to bym hisowen swerdeXbe 
Curke dyde so, Che due tbenne smote tberwitb a- 
notber camel, tn suche wys tbat be made tbe bede to 
nee of mocbe lygbtlyer tban of tbe other, Cbenne 
merueylled ouermocbe tbe TTurk, and sayde that it 
was more by tbe strengtbe of tbe arme than bv th* 
bounte of the swerd, fie bad wel preuyd thatit wa« 
trewe that was savd of the due in bis eountrevT^ 

and of ryche stones, and mocbe acqueynted with 
bym, and after retomed borne in to bis countrej^ 
£be valyaunt due cam vnto Iberusalem with alle 
bts proye, and tbe trusses & f ardellys of bis cravn, 
wbtcbe wer so grete tbat all the men of bis com- 
panye were ryche. 

N that monetb of luyll the valyaunt 
9 du c Godefroy ,wbicbe was gouern our 
of the royamme of Iberusalem, bad 
a maladye and sekenes mocb grete* 
Hlle tbc pbisiciensof tbe contrc were 
sentefor/Cbeydydealletbatin tbem 
was possible, but alle auaylled not, ffor tbe payne 
encresyd alway more, Hfter this be sente for men 
of relygyon, as prelates, curates, & other goodand 
deuoute men, for to baue counseyll of tbem for tbe 
beltbe of bis sowle. Re was mocbe wel confessed 
►and veray repentaunt with grete wepynges, and in 
bis right mynde with grete deuocion departed out 
of this world Certaynly we ought to tbynke that 
the sowle was brouobt vp with angelis to fore tbe 
face of Ibesu Crist He deyde tbe xiij day of luylle, 
tbe y ere of tbyncarnacion of oure lord ffi. C* Re was 
en tiered andburyed in tbe cbircbe of holy sepulcre 
,vnder tbe place of tbe mount of Caluarye, where 
our lord was put on tbe crosse. TThat place is kept 
mocbe honestly forto entereand burye the kynges 
vnto t his day, 

RCIS endeth this book Intitled the 
Laste Siege & Conquest of Iberusa- 
lem,witbmanyotberbistoryes therin 
comprysed, fyrst of Bracks, and of 
tbemeseasesof tbecristen men in tbe 
holy londe, and of their releef & con- 
quest of Iberusalem, & bow Godeffroy of Boloyne 
wasfirst kyngof tbeLatyns in that royamme,and 
of his detb, translated & reduced out of f renssbe 
in to Gnglysshe by me, symple persone, <nylliam 

ggi 449 

Caxton, to tbcndc that euery cristen man may be 
the better encoraged tenterprisewarrefor the de- 
fense of cristendom, & to recouer the sayd cyte of 
Iberusalem in wbicbe oure blessyd sauyour Ibesu 
Criste suflreddetb for al man kyn demand roosefro 
detb to lyf , and fro tbe same boly londe ascended 
in to beuen* Hnd also tbat cristen peple,one vnyed 
in a veray peas, mygbt empryse to goo tbeder in 
pylgremage witb stronge bonde for to expelle tbe 
mygbt be tber seruyd& worshipped of bis cbosen 
cristen peple in tbat boly & blessyd londe in wbicb 
be was incarnate, and blissyd it witb tbe presence 
of bis blessyd body wbyles be was bere in ertbe 
emonge vs, by wbicbe conquese we mygbt deserue 
after tbis present ebort and transitorye lyf , tbe 
celestial lyf to dwellein beuen eternally in ioye with- 
out ende,Hmenj^<Oicb booh 1 presente vnto tbe 
mooste cristen kynge, kynge Sdward tbe fourth, 
bumbly besecbyng bis byenes to take nodisplesyr 
at me so presumyng J& SIbicbe book I began in 
JVIarcbe, tbe xij daye, and fynyssbyd tbe vij day of 
luyn, tbe yere of our lord JVICCCClxxxj, and tbe 
xxjyereof tberegne of oursajdsouerayn lordkyng 
Sdward tbe fourth, & in tbis maner sette in forme 
and enprynted tbe xx day of JVouembre tbe yere a- 
forsayd, in tbabbay of Cdestmester, by tbe sayd 
Slylliam Caxton, 


h cHsive of sojvie sxtrhngb chords. 

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stages and mounted on 

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sure, pastime. 
Deport, p. 13 (f r: deportez), to 

bear; hence, to protect, tahe 

care of. 
Bnterinement, p. 3i5(f r: inter/ 

inement) anabsolute admit/ 

ting, a confirmation. 
Bntermed,p.33 (fr:enterina), 

admitted, approved. 
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shim), pirates, scourers of 

the sea. 
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ter the penny less, "Gau tier 

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the slope of the hill. 
Chaitre, p. 12 (fr: Taitre), the 

square before the cathedral. 



CfilS new edition of ftKlliam Caxton's God- 
eflroy of Boloyne, done after the first edition, was 
corrected for the press by r>, fialliday Sparling, 
and printed by me,<nilliam JVIorri8,at the Kelms- 
cott press, dpper JYIall, fiammersmitb, in tbe 
County of Middlesex, & finished on tbe 27th day 
of Hpril,i893. 

Sold by Olilliam JVIorris^at tbe Kelmscott press. 






if St Wu