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Full text of "The history of Reynard the Foxe"

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€ne msroRY of ReYjvHRD me f oxe 








Of ReYNHRr rne f oxe, l 

The prologue to tbc bystorye of Reynart tbc f oxe, 
p. i. 

In tbc first, bow tbc fcynge of allc bestes, tbc Lyon, 
bcldc bis court, capitulo primo, p.z. 

capitulo ij,p.2, 

TTbe coinplaynt of Curtoys tbc Round, and of tbc 
CattcCy bcrt, capitulo iij, p, 3, 

How 6rymbert tbc Dasse, tbc foxes susters sone, 
answerdfortbefoxetotbekynge, capitulo iiij,p.5, 

Dow Cbantcclcr tbc Cob complayned on tbc foxe, 
capitulo v,p,8. 

Row tbc fcynge sayde touching tbc complaynt, cap- 
itulo, vj, p. io» 

Row Bruyn tbc Bcrc spedde wytb tbc foxc, capitulo 

Row tbc Bcrc etc tbc bony, capitulo viij, p, 14, 

^bc complaynt of tbc Berc vpon tbc foxc, capitulo 

Row tbc fcynge senteTTybert tbc Cattc for tbc foxc, 
capitulo x,p« 21. 

Row Grymbert brought tbc foxc to tbc lawc, capit- 
ulo xj,p« 28* 

Row tbc foxc was sbry uen to Grym bcrt, capitu lo xij, 

Row tbc foxc cam to tbc court, and bow be excused 
bym, capitulo xiij, p, 36* 

Row tbc jroxe was arestid and juged to dctb, capi- 
tu loxuij,p.38* 

Row tbe foxe was ledde to tbe galwcs, capitulo xv, 


Row tbef oxe made open confession tof ore the kyng 
and to fore alle tbem that wold here it, capitulo xvj, 
p. 42. 

Row the f oxe brought tbem in danger tbat wold 
baue brought bym to detb, and bow be gate tbe 
grace of tbe kyng, capitulo xvij, p. 45. 

How tbe Olulf and tbe Bere were arestyd by tbe la- 
bour of tbe f oxe, capitulo xviij, p,56. 

How tbe Glulf and bis wyf auff red ber sboys to be 
plucbyd of, & bow tbe f oxe dyde tbem on bis feet 
for to go to Rome, capitulo xix, p. 57. 

Row Kywaert tbe Hare was slayn by tbe f oxe, cap- 
itulo xx, p. 61. 

Row tbe f oxe sente tbe Hares beed to tbe kynge by 
JBellyn tbe Ramme, capitulo xxj, p. 65, 

Row Bellyn tbe Ramme and alle bis lynage were jug- 
ged to be gyuen to tbe Gdulf and to tbe Bere, cap- 
itulo xxij, p« 68. 

How tbe kynge belde bis feste, and Lapreel tbe Cony 
complayned to bym of tbe f oxe, ca. xxiij, p. 69. 

RowCorbant tbe Roeh complayned on tbe f oxe for 
tbe detb of bis wyf , capitulo xxiiij, p* 70. 

Row tbe kynge was angry of these complayntes, ca- 
pitulo xxv,p*72. 

Row <3rymbert warned tbe f oxe that tbe kynge was 
wroth and wold slee bym, capitulo xxvj, p» 75, 

Row tbef oxe cam agavn to tbe court,& of bis sbrif te, 

Row tbe f oxe excused bym byfore tbe hynge, cap- 
itulo xxviij, p. 86, 

Row dame Kukenawe tbe Sbe/Hpe answerd for the 
f oxe, capitulo xxix, p. 95* 

■■"■ ' r-rra 

H parable of a JVIan wbicbe delyuerd a Serpent fro 

detb, capitulo xxx, p. 98. 
Of tbem tbat were frendis and kyn to tbe f oxe, cap- 
itulo xxxj,p*ioi, 
How tbe f oxe subtylly excused bym of tbe detb of 

tbe Hare and of otber maters, and bow be gate bis 

pees, capttulo xxxij, p* 105* 
How tbe Cdulf complayned on tbe f oxe, cap, xxxiij, 

p* 124* 
Hparableof tbe f oxe andtbeCClulf, ca.xxxiiij, p,i2o. 
Row tbe Cdulf caste bis gloue tofigbt witb tbe f oxe, 

capitulo xxxv, p, 134* 
How tbe f oxe toke vp tbe gloue, and tbe kynge sette 

day and f elde for to figbte, capitulo xxxvj, p. 135, 
How dame Rukenawe tbe Sbe/Hpe counseylled tbe 

f oxe bow be sbold doo in tbe f eld ay enst tbe 3du If, 

capitulo xxxvij, p. 136* 
How tbe f oxe cam in to tbe feld, ca,xxxviij, p, nS* 
Row tbe foxc and tbeCdulf fougbten to gydre, cap- 
itulo xxxix, p* 139* 
Row tbe foxe,beyng vnder tbe Cdulf,witb glosyng 

and fiateryng wordes cam to bis aboue, capitulo 

Row Ysegrym tbe SCIulf was ouercomen and tbe ba- 

tayl fynyssbyd, & bow tbe f oxe bad tbe worship, 

capitulo xlj,p* 147, 
Hn example tbat tbe f oxe told to tbe kyng wban be 

bad wonne tbe f elde, capitulo xlij, p* 150* 
Row tbe kyngforgaf tbef oxe all tb^ngis andmade 
bym souerayn oueralbis landes, capitulo xliijtP^* 
Row tbe f oxe witb bis frendes departed nobly fro 

tbe fcynge and wente to bis castel JVIaleperduys, 

capitulo xliiij, p. 155* 


Hyer begynnetb the bystorye of Reynard tbc 

tbys bystorye ben wreton 
tbeparables,goode lerynge, 
and dyuerse poyntes to be 
merkyd, by wbicbe poyntes 
men maye lerne to come to 
tbe subtylle knowelccbe of 
sucbetbynges as dayly ben 
Jvsed and bad in tbe coun- 
cil seyllys of lordes and prelates, gostely and 
worldly, and also emonge marcbantcs &otber 
comone peple, Hnd tbis boofce is maad f or nede 
and prouffyte of alle god folfce, as fer as tbey 
in redynge or beeryng of it sball mowe vnder- 
stand and fele tbe forsaid subtil deceytes tbat 
dayly ben vsed in tbe worlde, not to tbentente 
tbat men sbold vse tbem, but tbat euery man 
sbolde cscbewe and hepe bym from tbe subtyl 
false sbrewys,tbat tbey be not deceyuydj^ ! 
TTbennewbo tbat will baue tbe very vnderstan- 
dyng of tbys matter, be muste orte and many 
tymes rede in tbys boofce,and emestly and di- 
Ugen tly marfce well tbat be redetb, for it is sette 
not ones to rede it; for a man snail not wytb 
ones ouer redyng fynde tbe rigbt vnderstand- 1 
yng, ne comprise it wel, but of tymes to rede it 3 
sbal cause it wel to be vnderstande: and for E 
tbem tbat vnderstandetb it, it sball be rygbt 
joyous, playsant, and prouffitable. 


fiowe tbc Lyon, kynae of alle bestis, sent out tos 
mandementis tbat allc beestis sbolde come to bie 

feest and court, capitulo primo,^ 

"]€ was about tbe time of pentbe- 
1 coste or Cttbytsontyde, tbat tbe 
wodes comynly be lusty & glad- 
som,and tbe trees cladwitb leuys 
and blossoms, and tbe grounde 
witb berbes & flowris swete smel- 
lyng, & also tbe f owles & byrdes 
J eyngen melodyously in tbeyr ar- 
monye, tbat tbe Lyon, tbenoble kynge of all beestis, 
wolde in tbe boly dayes of tbys feest bolde an open 
court at Stade, wbyebe be dide to knowe ouer alle tn 
bys lande- Hnd comanded by strayte conmyssyons 
& maundements tbateuery beest sboldcometbyder, 
in sucbewyse tbat alle tbe beestis grete & smalecam 
to tbe courte, sauf Reynard tbe fox, for be knewe 
bimself f awty & gylty in many tbinges ayenst many 
beestis tbat tbydersbolde comen, tbat bedurste not 
auenture to goo tbyder jgf Olban tbe kynge of alle 
beestis bad assemblid all bis court, tberwasnoneof 
tbem alle but tbat be bad complayned sore on Key- 
narttbefoxe, t 

€be firste compla)mt made Isegrym tbe ttlulf on 

Reynart, capitulo \)&& 

-j SeGRTN tbe Olulf wytb bis ly~ 
nage and frendes cam and stode 
to fore tbe kynge, & saydejSFfiye 
and mygbty prynce, my lord tbe 
kynge, I besecbe yow tbat tburgb 
your grete my gbt, ry gbt, & mercy, 
tbat ye wyl baue pyte on tbe grete 
Itrespas & tbe vnreasonable mys- 


dedes that Reynart the f bxe bath don tomcat to my 
wyf Xbat is to wete, beis comen in to my bows ayenst 
tbewylle of my wyf , and tbcre bebatb be/pyssed my 
cbyldren wbere as tbey lave, in suebe wyse as tbey 
tbcrof ben woxen blynde. ulberupon wasadaysette, 
i and was juged tbat Reygnart sbold come and baue 
excused bym bierof , and baue sworen on tbe boly 
sayntes tbat be was not gylty tberof ♦ Hnd wban tbe 
book wytb tbe sayntes was brought f ortb, tbo bad 
Reygnart bytbougbt bym otber wyse, and wente bis 
waye agayn in to bis bole as be bad nought sette 
tberby, and dere kynge, tbis knowen wel many of tbe 
bestes tbat now be comen bytber to your court Hnd 
yet batb be trespaced to me in many other tbinges, 
r>e is not lyuyng tbat coude telle alle tbat 1 now leue 
vntolde; but tbe sbame and vyllonye tbat be batb 
don to my wyf , tbatsbal I neuer byde nesuff reitvn- 
auengyd, but tbat besbal make tome large am en dee. 

XTbe complaynt of Courtoys tbe f)ounde, capitulo 

HHJN" tbysewordeswere spoken 
so stoode tbere a lytyl bounde, 
and was named Courtoys, and 
comjDlayned to tbe kynge, bow 
tbat in tbe colde wynter in tbe 
wynterd,in sucbe wyseas be bad 
kepte nomore mete tban a pud- 
dyng, wycb puddyng Reygnard tbe f oxe bad taken 
away from bym j^Cbo spak TTbybert tbe Catte. 

Y€f) this so cam €ybert tbc Catte 
wytb an irous moed, and sprange in 
emonge tbem,and sayde^JVIy lord 
tbc kyng, I bcrc bier tbat Reynart is 
sore complayned on, and bier is none 
buttbat be batb ynowbtodootoclere 
bym selfe: tbat Courtoys bier complaynetbof,tbat 
is passyd mony yeres goon ; bow be it tbat I com- 
playn not, tbat pudyng was myne, f or Ibadde wonne 
it by nygbte in a my Uc Tbe myllar laye and slepe: 
yf Courtoys bad ony parte bierin, tbat cam by me to 
^Cbennespak panther: 'Cbynke yc'Cybert, tbatit 
were good that Reynard sbolde not be complayned 
on? Re is a very murderer, a rouer, and a tbeef; be 
touetb noman so wel, not our lord tbe kynge bere, 
tbat be wel wold tbat be sbuld lese good and wor- 
sbyp, so tbat be mygbt wynne as mocbe as a legge 
of a fat benne, I sbal telle jow wbat I sawe bym do 
yesterday to Cuwaert tbe Hare tbat bier standetb in 
tbe kynges pees and saufgarde* Re ^romysed to 
Cuwart and sayde be wold tecbe bym bis credo, and 
make bym a good cbapelayn ; be made bym goosytte 
bytwene bis legges,& sange & cryde lowde: Credo t 
Credo t JYly way e laye tber by, tbere tbat 1 berde tbis 
songe; tbo wente I ner, and f onde maister Reynard 
tbat bad lefte tbat befyrst reddeandsong,&bygan 
to playe bis olde playe, for be bad caugbt Kywaert 
bytbe tbrotc&badlnot tbat tymecomen be sbolde 
baue taken bis lyf from bym, like as ye biere may see 
on Kywaert tbe Raretbefressewounoeyet. for sotbe, 
my lord tbe kynge, yf ye suffre tbis vnpunyssbyd, 
and lete bym go quyte tbat batb tbus broken your 
peas, and wyl do no rigbt after tbe sentence & juge- 


mctitof your men, your children manyyeris beraf ter 
sbal bemyspreysed and blamed tberforejj^Syherly 
>pantber, sayd Xsegrym, yc sayc troutbef F)it were 
good tbat right and justyse were don for tbem tbat 
1 wolde fayn lyue in peas* 

Row ©rymbart tbe Dasse, tbe foxes dusters sone, 
spach for Reynart and answerd to fore tbe kynge, 

jRO spach Grymbart tbe Dasse, 
& was Reynarts suster sone t wytb 
Ian angrye moedj^Sir Isegrym, 
tbat is euyl saydf It is a comyn 
prouerb,Hn enemies moutb saitb 
iseeld wet Cdbat leye ye and wyte 
ye myn erne Reynart? I wold tbat 
I ye wolde aventuretbatwboof yow 
tweyne bad moste trespaced to otber sbolde bange 
by tbe neche as a tbeef on a tree* But and yf be were 
as wel in tbis court, and as wel wytb tbe hynge as ye 
be,itsbold not be tbougbt in bym tbatitwere ynowb 
tbat ye sbold come and ashe bym forgyuenes* Y e 
baue by ten and nypte myn vncle wytb your f elle and 
sbarp teetb many mo tymes tban t can telle; yet wil 
X telle some poyntes tbat I wel fmowe. Knowe not ye 
ibow ye mysdeled on tbe plays wbicbe be tbrewedoun 
fro tne carre, wban ye folowed after fro ferre,and ye 
ete tbe good plays allone,andgaf bym nomore tban 
tbe grate or bones, wbyebe ye mygbt not ete your 
self ? In lyfce wysedydeye to bym also of tbe fatte 
Myccbeor bacon, wbicbsauourdsowel tbat yeallone 
ete in your bely, and wban myn erne asfcyd bis parte 
jtbo answerd ye bym aaayn in scome: Reynart, fayr 
yonglyng, I sbal gladly gyue you your part! But 

*> 3 5 



myn erne gate tic bad nought, tic was not the better, 
notwithstanding he had wonnen the fly cche of ba- 
con wytb grete drede, for the man cam and threw 
>bym in a sacke that bescarsely cam outwytb bis lyf, 
Sucbe maner tbynges bath Reynart many tymes 
suff red thum b Ysegrym, 

YB lordes, tbynkeyetbattbisis good; 
yet ts tber morel Re complaynetb bow 
tbatReynartmyn erne bath mocbe tree- 
paced to bym by cause of bis wyf ♦ JViyn 
erne bath leyn oy her, but that is wel 
seuen yer to fore er be wedded her; and 
yf Reynart for loue and curtosye dyde with her bis 
wille, what was that? she was sone heled therof, 
Rierof by right shold be no complaynt; were Ise- 
grym wyse be shold baue lefte that; be doth to bym 
self no worship thus to sklaundre his wyf ;sbe playn- 
etb not JVow maketh Kywaert the Rare a complaynt 
also,tbattbynkethmeavyseuase;yf beredenelemed 
a/right bis lesson, sbolde not Reynard bis maister 
jbete bym tberfore? Yf the scolers were not beten ne 
smyten and reprised of their truantrye, they shold 
neuer lerne* 

JIOQI complaynetb Courtoys that be 
with payne bad goten a puddyng in 
the wynter at sucbe tyme as the coste 
is euyl to fynde. Tberof bym bad be 
better to baue bolde bispees, for be bad 
stolen it; male quesistt et male perdi- 
disti, bit is rygbt that it be euil loste that is euil 
jWonne, Qlbo sbal blame Reynart yf be baue taken 
If ro a tbeef stolen good ? Rit is reson , who that vnder- 
standetb the lawe and can disceme the right, & that 

be be of bye burtbe as myn eme Reynart is, wbicbe 
knowetb wel bow be sbal reseeyue stolen good; ye, 
al bad be Courtoys banged wban befondebym wytb 
tbe menowr, be badde not mocbe mysdon ne tres- 
paced, sauf ayenst tbe crowne, tbat be bad don jus- 
tysewytboute leue, wberf ore for tbe honour of tbe 
kynge be dyde it not, all batb be but lytel tbanke* 
GIbat skatned it bym, tbat be is tbus complayned 
on ?Myn eme is a gentil & a treweman, bemay suffre 
no ralsbede; bedotb notbynge but by bys prestes 
counseyl, & I saye yowsytb tbat my lorde tbe kynge 
batb do proclamed bis pees be neuer tbougbte to 
burte ony man,for be etetb no more tban ones a day. 
fie lyuetb as a recluse, be cbastisetb bis body and 
weretb a sberte of beer, bit is more tban a yere tbat 
be batb eten no fiessbe, as 1 yesterday berd saye of 
tbem tbat cam fro bym ; be batb lef teand geuen ouer 
bis castel JMaleperduys&batb byldedacluse,tberyn 
dwelletb be & buntetb nomore, ne desyretb no wyn- 
nynge,but be lyuetb byalmesseand taketb notbyna 
but sucbe as men cjfyue bym for cbaryte, and aotb 
grete penance for bis synnes,and beiswoxen mocbe 
pale and leneof prayeng andwakyngfor bewoldebe 
fayn wytb (3odJS?Ttbue as Orymbert bis eme stode 
and precbed tbise wordes,so sawe tbey comen doun 
tbe by lie to bem Cbauntecler tbe Cock, and brought 
on a biere a deed borne of wbom Reynart bad byten 
tbe beed of, and tbat muste be sbewed to tbe kynge 
for to baue knowlecbe tberof ♦ 

b 4 


How tbeCockecomplaynedon Reynart, capitulo v& 

RHajSTreCLeR came fortb & 
smote pyteously bis bandes and 
bis f etneris, and on ecbe side of 
tbe byer wenten tweyne sorouf ul 
bennes; tbat one was called Can- 
tart, and tbat otber goode benne 
Crayant, tbey were two tbe fairest 
_ bennes tbat were bitwene Holland 
and Hrdeme* 'Cbise bennes bareecbeof tbem a bren- 
nyng tapre wbicbe was longe and strayte, tbise two 
bennes were Coppens susters and tbey cryed so pi- 
tously, Hlas and weleaway for tbe detne of ber dere 
suster Coppen* ITwo yonge bennes bare tbe byere, 
wbicbe kakled so beuyly and wepte so lowde for tbe 
detb of Coppen tbeir moder tbat it was f erre berde. 
Q>us cam tbey to gydre to fore tbe kynge,& Cban- 
tecleer tbo seyde j^jvlercif ul lord, my lord tbe kyng, 
plese it yow to bere our complaynte and abborren 
tbe grete scatbt tbat Reynart batb don to me & my 
children tbat biere stonaen. It was so tbat in tbebe- 
gynnyngof Hppryl wban tbe weder is f ayr, as tbat I 
was bardy and prowde,bycauseof tbe grete lynage 
tbat I am comen of, and also badde, for I bad viij 
fayr sonesand seuen f ayr douofbters wbicbe my wyf 
bad batcbed, and tbey were alle stronge and ratte, 
& wente in a yerde wbicbe was walled round a/boute, 
in wbicbe was a sbadde wbere in were six grete dod- 
ges wbicbe bad to/tore and plucked many a beestis 
skyn in sucbe wyse as my cbyldren were not aferd. 
On wbom Reynart tbe tbeef bad greteenuyeby cause 

ino- 1 


tbey were eo sure that be cowde none gete of tbem, 
bow wel oftymee batb tbie fel tbeef goon rounde 
aboute tbie wal, and batb leyde forve in eucbe wyee 
tbat tbe doggee baue be eetteon bym & baue bunted 
bym away, Hnd ones tbey leep on bym vpon tbe 
banke, and tbat cost bym eomwbat for bie tbefte* 
1 saw tbat bie ekyn smoked; neuertbeleee be wente 
b J9waye,6od amende it 

*\r>QS were we quyte of Reynart a longe 
wbyle. Htte laete cam be in lyknee of 
an beremyte, & brought to me a lettre 
for to rede, sealed wy tb tbe kyn gee seal, 
in wbicbe etode wreton tbat tbe kynge 
bad made pees oueral in bis royame, & 
tbat allemanerbeeetie and fowllee ebold doonone 
barme ner ecatbe to ony otben Yet eayd be to me 
more tbat be was a cloyeterer or a cloeyd recluse be- 
comen, and tbat be wolde receyue grete penance for 
bis eynnee. Re ebewd me bis elauyne & pylcbe, and 
an beren eberte tber vnder, & tbenne eayd bejfi?Syr 
Cbaunteclere, after tbye tyme be no more aferd of 
me,ne take nobede, forlnow will ete no more fleeeb; 
1 am fortbon eo olde tbat 1 wolde fayn remembre 
my eowle.X wil now go f ortb, for 1 baue yete to eaye 
my eexte, none, and myn eueneonge; to Cod 1 by- 
take yowjjWTbo wente Reynart tbene, eayeng bie 
Credo, and leyde bym vnder an bawtborn, XTbenne 
wae X glad and mery, and aleo toke none bede, and 
wente to my cbyldren,and clucked bem togyder,and 
wente wytbout tbe wal for to walke, wberof ie mocbe 
barme comen to ve ; for Reynart lave vnder a bueebe 
and cam krepyng bitweneve and tneyate,eo tbat be 
cagbt one or my cbyldren and leyd bym in bie male, 

wberof wbe baue bad grctc barme, for sytb be batb 
Itasted of bym tber mygbt neuer bunter ne boundc 
'saue nekepe bym from vs. fie batb wayted by nygbte 
& daye in sucnewyse tbat be batb stolen somany of 
my cbyldren tbat of xv 1 baue but f oure, in sucbe 
>wyse batb tbis tbeef f orslongen tbem.Hnd yet yes- 
terday was Coppen mydougbter,tbat bier lyetb vp- 
on tbe byer, with tbe boundes rescowed. 'Cbis com- 
playne 1 to yow, gracious kynge; baue pyte on myn 
1 grete & vnresonable damage and losse of my f ayre 
> cbyldren. 

>fiow tbe kyngspacktoucbyng this conplaynt,capi- 

IRejy spacke tbe kynge J? Syre 
Dasse, bere ye tbys wel of tbe re- 
cluse your erne; be batb fasted & 
prayde tbat if I liue a y ere be sbal 
J abye it. JVow berke Cbaunteclere, 
youre playnte is ynougbe; youre 
dougbter tbat lyetb bere dede, we 
J wyll gyue to ber tbe detbes right; 
we may kepe ber no lenger, we wil betake ber to (3od. 
Ole wylle syngen bere vygylie and brynge ber wor- 
sbypf ully on ertbe, and tbenne we wille speke wytb 
,tbyse lordes,& take counseyl bow we may do rygbt 
and justyse of tbys grete murdre and brynge tbys 
*f als tbeef to tbe lawe jff Tbo begonne tbey placebo 
Domino, wytb tbe verses tbat to longen, wbicbe yf 
» I sbold say were me to longe. Qlban tbis vigily e was 
don & tbe commendacion, sbe was leyde in tbe py tte, 
and tbere vpon was leyde a marble stone polysbed 
\as clere as ony glas, and tberon was bewen in grete 
lettres in tbis wyse J9 Coppe, Cbanteklers dougb- 

ter, wbome Reynart tbc f oxe batb byten, lyetb bier 
vnder buryed: complayne ye ber, for sbe is shame- 
fully comen to bcr detbet j0 Hfter tbys tbc kynge 
sen tc for bys lordes and wisest of bis counseyl, for 
to take aduyse bow tbis arete murdre and trespaas 
sbold be punyssbyd on Reynart tbe f oxeXber was 
concluded and apoynted for tbe beste, tbat Reynart 
sbold be sent fore, & tbat be lef te not for ony cause, 
butbecamin to tbe hinges court for to berewat sbold 
be say d to bym , & tbat Bruyn tbe Bere sbold doo tbe 
messacjeXbe kynge tbougbt tbat alle tbis was good, 
and saide to Brune tbe Berej^Syr Brune,Iwyl tbat 
ye doo tbis message but see wel to for your self, for 
Reynart is a sbrewe,and felle,and knowetbsomany 
wyles tbat be sballye andflatre,andsbaltbynkebow 
bemay beoyle, decey ue, & brynge yow to some mock- 
erye jgf Cbo sayde Brune : SCIbat, aood lord, late it 
allone. Deceyuetb me tbe f oxe ? so baue I ylle lemed 
my casus.Itrowebesball come to late to mocqueme 
j0 Zbue departed Brune meryly fro tbens, but it is 
to drede tbat be cam not so meryly agayn* 

Row Brune tbe Beere was sped of Reynart tbe f oxe, 
capitulo v\j&& 

OCd is Brune goon on bis waye 
towarde tbe f oxe wytb a stowte 
moede, wbicbe supposed wel tbat 
tbe f oxe sbolde not baue begyled 
bym, Hs be cam in a derke wode in 
a f oreste wbereas Reynard bad a 
bypatb wban be was minted, tber 
bysyde was an bie montayne and 
lande, & tbere muste Brune in tbe myddel ofoon ouer 
for to goo to JVlaleperduys, for Reynart bad many 




a dwellyngf place, but tbe castel of JNflaleperduys was 
tbc beste& tbc fastest burgb tbat be bad; tber laye 
be inne wban be bad nede, & was in ony dredeor fere, 
jj^J^ow wban Bruyn was comen to JVlaleperduys be 
f onde tbe yate faste sbette; tbo wente be to fore tbe 
yate, and satte vpon bis taylle,and caledjSPReynart, 
be yeat borne ?lam Brownyng, tbe kynge batb sente 
me for yow tbat ye sbolde come to court for to plete 
your caas. F)e batb sworn tbere by bvs God, come ye 
not, or bringe X yow not witb me, for tabyde sucne 
rigbt& sentence as sbal be tbere gyuen,it sbal coste 
you your lyf ; be wyl bange yow or sette yow on tbe 
ratte. Reynart, doo by my counseyl and come to tbe 
court j^ Reynart laye witbin tbe gate as be of te was 
wonte to doo for tbe warmtb of tbe sonne»<Obanne 
Reynart berd Bruyn, tbo went be inneward in to bis 
bole, for JVlaleperduys wasfulof boles, bier one bool 
& tbere an other & yonder an otber, narowe, croked, 
and longe, wytb many weyes to goo out, wbyebe be 
opend and snette after tbat be bad nede. (Oban be 
badd ony proye brought borne, or tbat be wiste tbat 
ony sougbte bym for bys mysdedes and trespaces, 
tbenne be ran and bydde bym fro bis enemyes in to 
bys secrete cbambres, tbat tbey coudenot fynd bym, 
by wbicbe be deceyuyd many a beeste tbat sougbte 
bym.Hnd tbo tbougbt Reynart in bym self bow be 
mygbt best brynge tbe Beere in cbarge & nede, and 
tbat be abode in worship. 

Etbis tbougbte Reynart cam out and 
*ayd jff Bruyn, erne, ye be welcome! 1 
j berdeyouweltofore,butlwasinmyn 
ryed a lytyl. Dere erne, be batb done to 
younogoodseruyse,andlcan bymno 

thank that batb scute you oucr tbys longc bylle,for 
I sec tbat ye be al so wery tbat tbe swete rennetb doun 
by your cbekys. It was no nede; I bad neuertbeless 
comen to courte to morowe* But 1 sorowe now tbe 
lasse, for your wyse counseyl sball wel belpe me in 
tbe court Hndcoude tbe kyngfynde nonelasse mes- 
sager but yow f or tosendebitber ?Cbatis grete won- 
der, for next tbe kynae ye be tbe mooste gentyl and 
richest of leeuys and of landef 1 wolde wel tbat we 
were now at tbe court, but I fere me tbat I sbal not 
conne wel goo tbyder,for I baue eten so mocbe new 
metetbat me tbynketb my bely wylle brekeor cleue a- 
sonder, & by cause tbe mete was nyewelete tbe more 
j^Cbo spack tbeBere :Lyef neue, wbat mete baue ye 
eten tbat maked yow so ful?jfi?Oere erne, tbat I ete, 
wbat my gbt it belpe yow tbat yf I told yow ?I ete but 
symple mete; a poure man is no lorde; tbat may ye 
knowe,eme, by me,QIe poure folkemuste ete of tymes 
sucbe as we gladly wolde not ete yf we badd better; 
tbey were grete bony combes wbyebe I muste nedes 
ete for hunger; tbey baue made my bely soo grete 
tbatlcannowber endurejfiFBruyn tbospacke anone: 
]Me ougbte to preyse and loue it aboue all mete. Lief 
Reynart, belpe me tbat I mygbt gete a deel of tbys 
bony, and as longe as I lyue I sbal be to you a tryew 
friend, and abyde by yowasferre as ye belpe me tbat 
I may baue a parte of tbys bony! 


How Br uyn etc th e bony, capitulo viij^^ 

IRQ^N* cmc >* bad supposed that 
ye bad iaped tberwytbjSFSo betp 
me 6od, Reynart, nay I sbold not 
gladly iape wytb yow^ Thome 
ernesttbatyeloueso wel tbe bony? 
I sbal do late you baue eo mocbe 
_ tbat ten of yow sbold not ete it at 
onemele,mygfbtl gete tberwitb your friendsbipjfiF 
Not we ten, Reyner neue, sayd tbe Bere, bow ebold 
tbat be? Had 1 alletbe bony tbat is bytwene tbisand 

[bat saye ye, erne ? fiier by dwelletb an busbondman 
named Lantf ert, wbicbe batb so mocbe bony tbat ye 
sbold noteteitin vij yere, wbicbe yesbal bauein your 
bolde, yf ye will be to me friendly & belpyng ayenst 
myn enemyes in tbe kynges court j^Tbenne prom- 
ysed Bruyn tbe Bere to bym tbat yf be mygbt baue 
bis bely full be wold truly be to bym to fore all otber 
a f aytbf ul frende. fierof laugbed Reynart tbe sbrew, 
and sayde^Yf ye wolde baue vij bamber barelis f ul 
X sbal wel gete tbem and belpe you to baue tbemj^ 
Cbese wordes plesyd tbe Bere so wel, and made bym 
so mocbe to lawbe, tbat be coude not wel standejj? 
"Cbo tbougbtReynartt'Cbis is good luckjsbal lede 
bym tbyder tbat be sball lawbe by mesure. 

^eYNHR€ sayd tbennejjTCbis mater 
may not be longe taryed, Imuste payne 
my self for you; ye sbal wel vnaer- 
stande tbe very yonste and good wyl 
tbat 1 bere to you ward, 1 knowe none 
in al my lygnage tbat 1 nou wolde la- 

bourefore tbueeoreU^bat tbanfced bym tbc Bere, 
and tbougbtbetaryed longej!?JVow, erne, late ve goo 
a good paae, and folowe ye me, X ebal make you to 
baueaemocbebonyae yemay berejgrcbe f oxemente 
of good strokes, but tbe caytyf markyd not wbat 
tbe f oxe mente, & tbey wente eo longe to gydre tbat 
tbey cam vnto Lantferte yerde: tbo wae eir Bruyn 
mery.JNk>wberhe,of Lantfertieittruetbatmeneaye, 
eo was Lantfert a etronge carpenter of gretetymbre, 
and bad brought tbat otber day to fore in to bie 
yerde a greteokewbicbebe bad begonnetocleue,Hnd 
ae men be woned, be bad emeten two betels tberin, 
one after tbat otber, in eucbe wyee tbe ohe was wyde 
open, wberof Reynart wae glaa, for be bad founde 
it rigbt ae bewieebed,and eayde to tbe Bere all law- 
bynqj&Scc nou well ebarply to, in tbye tree ie eo 
mocbe bony tbat it ie without meeure* Heaye yf ye 
can come tberin, and ete but ly till ; for tbougb toe 
bonycombee be ewete and good, yet beware tbat ye 
ete not to many, but take of tbem by meeure, tbat ye 
caccbenobarme in your body ; for, ewete erne, lebold 
be blaemed yf tbey dyde you ony barme^CJdbat, 
Reynart coeyn, eorowe ye not for me, wene ye tbat 1 
were a fole?^Ieeure ie good in alle mete^Reynart 
eayde: Ye eaye troutbe, wberfore ebold 1 eorowe? 
Goo to tbende and crepe tberynjSFBruyn tbe Bere 
baeted eore toward tbe bony, and trad in wytb bie 
two formeet feet, and put bie beed ouer bie eerie in 
to tbe clyft of tbe tree, and Reynart epranof lygbtly 
& brak out tbe betle of tbe tree* Cbo belpecT tbe Bere 
netberflateryngne cbydyng; be wae f aetebette in tbe 
treej^Tbue batb tbeneueu wytb decey te brougbt bie 
erne in pryeon in tbetreein eucbe wyee ae be coudenot 
gete out wytb mygbt ne wytb crarte,bede ne foote, 


. )JTC prouffytetb Brup tbc Bere that 
be etronge and bardy ie?tbat may not 
belpe bym* fie eawe wel tbat be be~ 
gyled wae: be began to bowle and to 
braye, and cmtcbed wytb tbe bynder 
_ feet, and made eucbe a noyee& rumour 
tbat Lantf ert cam out baetely, and knewe notbyng 
►what tbie mygbt be, & brought in bis band a ebarp 
boke, Bruyn de Bere laye in tbe clyf te of tbe tree in 
gretef ereand drede, &beldefaet btebeed,andnyped 
>botb bie fore feet* fie wrange, be wraetled, & cryed, 
.and all was for nought: be wiete not bow be mygbt 
gete out Reynart tbe f oxe eawe fro f erre bow tbat 
Xantf ert tbe carpenter cam, and tbo epack Reynart 
to tbe Bere^Is tbat bony good ? fiow is it now ? 6te 
not to mocbe, it ebold do you barme, ye ebold not 
tbenne wel conne goo to tbe court <Gdban Lantf ert 
cometb, yf yebaue wel eten be ebal yeue you better to 
drynke, and tbenne it ebal not etyke in your tbrote. 
"I fZGR tbiee wordee tbo tomed bym 
Reynart toward bie caetel,and Lant- 
f ert cam and f onde tbe Bere fast taken 
j? intbetreeXbennerannebefaetetobie 
neygbboure,&eaydejfiPCome alle in 
to my yerde, tbere ie a beere taken \0 
*Cbe worde anone eprange oueral in tbe tborpe: tber 
>ne bleef netber man ne wyf , but alle ranne tbeder ae 
f aete ae tbey coude, eueryebe wytb bie wepen, eome 
wytb a etaf , eome witb a rake, eome witb a brome, 
'eome witb a etake of tbebegabe, and eome wytb a 
flayel, and tbe preeet of tbe cbircbe bad tbe etaf of 
s tbe croeee, and tbe clerk brougbta vane* €be preetie 
Vy f 7u lok cam witb ber dye tar, ebe eat tbo & epanne. 

Tiber cam olde wymen that forage bad not one toetb 
in ber beed: now wae Bruyn the Here nygb mocbe 
eorowe tbatbeallone mu9te etandeayenet them alle. 
j!?(flban be berde alle tbie grete noyeeand crye, be 
wraetled and plucked 90 bardeand 90 9ore tbat be 
gate out big beed, but be lef te bebyndealle tbe 9kyne 
and botbebi9eeri9,ingucbewy9etbatneuerman 9aw 
f owller ne lotblyer bee9t, for tbe blode ran ouer big 
even, and or be coude gete out big feet be mu9te lete 
there big claweg or nayle9 and tbig rough bande. 
0*9 market cam to bym euyl,f or beguppogid neuer 
to baue goon, big feet were 90 gore, & be mygbt not 
9ee for tbe blode wbicbe ran 90 ouer big eyen. Lant- 
f ert cam to bym wytb tbe preegt, and forth with alle 
tbe paryggbe, and began to 9myte and gtryke 9ore 
vpon bi9 beed and vigage: be receyuyd tbere many a 
9ore gtrokej^Guery man beware bierby: wbo batb 
barme and 9catbe euery man wil be tber at and put 
more tojjTCbat wa9 wel 9een on tbe Bere, for tbey 
were alle fier9 and wrotb on tbe Bere, grete and gmal 
Y*> fiugbelyn wytb tbe croked lege and Ludolf witb 
tbe brode longe nooge, tbey were bootb wrotb: tbat 
one bad an ledfen malle and tbat other a grete leden 
wapper, tber wytb tbey wappred and al f or/9lyngred 
bym. Syr Bertolt witb tbe longe fyngerg, Lantfert, 
and Ottram tbe longe, tbyge dyde to tbe bere more 
barme than al tbe other: that one bad a 9barp boke, 
and tbat other a croked 9taf wel leded on tbende for 
to playe at tbe balle. Baetkyn, and Hue Hbelquak, 
my dame Baue, and tbe pree9t witb bi9 9taf,&dame 

2ulok big wyf , tbi9ewroughten to tbe beregomocbe 
arme tbat tbey wold fayne baue brought bym fro 
bi9 lyf to detb: tbey 9mote and 9tacke bym al that 
ci 17 


tbey cowde. Bruyn the Beere satte and sygbed and 
groned,and muste take sucbe as was gyuen to bym : 
but Lantf ert was tbc worthiest of byrtbe of tnem 
alle, and made mooste noyse, for dame pogge of 
Cbaf porte was bis moder,and bis fader was fftacob 
tbe stoppelmaker, a mocbe stowte man* Cbere as be 
was allone, Bruyn receyued of bem many a caste of 
stones* Cof ore bem alle sprang f orst Lantef erts 
brother witb a staf , and smote tbe Bere on tbe beed 
tbatbene berdenesawe,& therewith tbe Bere sprang 
vp bytwene tbe busbe and tbe ryuer emonge an beep 
of wyuis that be tbrewe a deelof bem in tbe ryuer, 
wbicoe was wyde and depe. Cher was tbe person es 
wyfoneof tbem,wberforebewasfulofsorow:wban 
be sawe bis wyf lye in tbe water, bym lusted no len ger 
to smyte tbe Sere, but caUedj^Oame 7uloke in tbe 
water, now euery man see to f Hlle tbey tbat may belpe 
ber,be tbey men orwymen, I oyue to bem alle pardon 
of ber penance, and relece alle tbeyr synneslj^HUe 
tbey tbenne lef te Bruyn tbe Bere lye, and dyde tbat 
tbe preestbadde. 

RHJS Bruyn tbe Bere sawe tbat tbey 
ranne alle fro bym, and ranne to saue 
tbe wymen, tbo sprange be in to tbe 
water and swame alle tbat be coude. 
Cben made tbe preest a grete sbowte 
and noyse, & ran after tbe Bere wytb 
areteanger, and saidjj?Comeand torneagayn, tbow 
false tbeef \J9XLbz Bere swame after tbe besteof tbe 
streme, and late tbem calle and crye, for be was glad 
tbat be was so escaped from tbem* Re cursed and 
banned tbe bony tree, and tbe f oxe also tbat bad so 
betrayed bym,tnat be bad cropen tberin so depe tbat 


be loste booth bis bood and bis eeris. End so f ortb 
be droof in tbe streem wel a ij or iij myle: tbowaxebe 
90 wery tbat be wente to lande for to sitte and reste 
bym, for be was beuy. Re groned and sygbed, & tbe 
blode lepe ouer bid eyen : be drougb bis bretb lykeas 
one sbolde ba ue deyde. 

OCCI berke bowtbefoxe dyde:erbecam 
fro Lantfertes bows be bad stolen a 
fatte benne, and bad leyde ber in bis 
male, and ranne bastely away by a by 

Catb were be wende tbat noman sbold 
auecomen* Reranne toward tbe ryuer 
tbat be swette; be was so alad tbat be wist not wbat 
to do for joy, for be bopecTtbat tbe Bere bad bedede, 
moste bauebyndred me in the court is nowdede and 
none sbalwyte me tberof, JVIay I not tbenne by rigbt 
be wel glad?j^<Hitb tbise wordes tbe f oxe loked to 
tbe ryuer ward, & espyed wbere Bruyn tbe Bere laye 
and rested bym : tbo was tbe f oxe sorier and beuyer 
tban be to forewas mery,and was as angry,&saydf 
in cbydyngtoLantfertjlPHlas Lantfert,lewdefoole 
<3od gyue bym a sbames detb tbat batb loste sucbe 
good venyson, wbicbe is good and fatte, and batb 
late bym aoo wbicbe was taken to bis bande; many 
a man wotde aladly baue eten of bym. Re batb loste 
a ricbe and fatte bere^XTbus al cbydyng be cam 
to tbe ryuer, wbere be f onde tbe Beere sorewounded, 
be/bled & riabt seke, wbicbe be mygbt tbanke none 
better tberof tban Reynart, wbicbe spack to tbe Bere 
in skornejPCbiere priestre, Dieu vous garde fj^ 
SHylle ye see tbe rede tbeef ? sayde tbe Bere to bym 
self; tbe rybaud and tbe felle diere, bere I se bym 

C2 19 


comenj^Cbenne sayd the f oxci fiaue yc ought for- 
goten at Lantf erts ? fiaue ye also payd bym for the 
bony combes tbat yc stale fro bym ? yf ye baue not, 
it were a grete sbame and not boneste, I wyl ratber 
be tbe messager my self for to goo and paye bym. 
<Oas tbe bony not good? I knoweyet more of tbe 
same prys. Dere erne, telle me er 1 aoo bens, in to 
wbat ordre wille ye goo, tbat were tbis newe bode? 
COere ye a monke or an abbot? He tbat sboef your 
crowne batb nyped of your eeris; ye baue lost your 
toppe, and don of your gloues* I trowe veryly tbat 
ye wyl go synge complyn ?j&Rllc tbis berde Bruyn 
tbe Bere, and wexe alle anory and sory for be mygbt 
not avenge bym, He lete tbe f oxc saye bis wylle, and 
wytb grete payne suif red it, and sterte agayn in tbe 
ryuer, and swam doun wytb tbe streem to tnatotber 
syde, JVowmustebesorowe bow tbat besbolde come 
to tbe court, for be bad loste bis eeris, & tbe skynne 
wytb tbe clawes of bis forefeet, for tbougb a man 
sbolde baue slayn bym be coude not go, and yet be 
muste nedes f ortb, but be wist not bow, JVow bere 
bow be dyde: be satte vpon bis bammes & began to 
rutsele ouer bis tayl, and wban be was so wery be 
wentled and tombled nygbe balf a myle. TTbis dyde 
be witb grete payne so longe tyl atte laste be cam to 
tbe courte, and wban be was seen so comyng fro 
f erre, some doubted wbat it mygbt be tbat cam so 
wentelyng. TLbc kyngeatte laste knewe bym, and was 
not wel payd ana saydej^Cbis is Bruyn tbe Bere, 
my frende: Lord 6oa,wbo batb wounded bym tbusf 
He is passyng reed on bis beed: me tbynketb be is 
burte vn to tbe detb, Cdberemay be baue ben ?jSTCber~ 
wytb is tbe Bere come to fore tbe kynge and sayde: 

Cbecomplayntof tbeBerevpon tbefoxe,capitulo ix 

COJVIP^HYN^ to yow, mercy- 
ful lorde, eyre kynge,soas yemay 
seebow tbatlam bandled,prayeng 
you tauenge it vpon Rcynart tbc 
f elle beest, for t baucgotcn tbis in 
your seruyse, I bauc loste botbc 
my formest feet, my cbekes and 
myn eeris by bis false deceyte and 
trey son j^TTbe kyngc sayde: Row duretc tbis fats 
tbeef Rcynart doo tbis? I saye to yow Bruyn, and 
swere by my crowne, I sbal 90 auenge you on bym 
Tbat yc sbal connc mc tbankefj^Re ecntc foratlc tbe 
wyec beestis, & deeircd counsey I bow that be mygbt 
j auenge tbis ouergretewronge, tbat tbe foxe bad don, 
Cbenne tbe counceyl concluded, olde and yong, tbat 
' be sbold be sente fore and dayed ernestly agayn, f or 
tabyde sucbe jugement ae sbold tbere be gyuen on 
bym of allebistrespaces.Hnd tbey tbougbt tbat tbe 
1 catteCybert myght best do tbis message yf be wold, 
forbe isrigbtwyse^Cbe kynge tbougbt tbis coun- 
ceyl good. 

How tbe kyngesente anotber tymeXTyberttbe Catte 
for tbe f oxe, and bow Cybert spedde witb Reynart 
\thc f oxe, capttulo x&& 

pewre tbe kyngsaidjgFSir€y~ 
1 bert, ye sbal now 500 to Reynart, 
and saye to bym tbis seconaetime 
tbat be come to court vn to tbe plee 
for to answer, for tbougb be be 
f cllc to other beestys be trustetb 
you wel & sbal doo by your coun- 
(seyl. Hnd telle yf be come not, be 

C3 21 

ebal bauc tbc tbirdc warnyng and be dayed, & yf be 
tbenne come not we ebal procede by rygbt ayenet 
bym and alle bye lygnage without mercy jP'Cybzrt 
apack jJVIy lord tbe kynge,tbey tbat tbie counaeylde 
you were not my frendee* CCTbat abal Idoo tbere ? Re 
wil not for me neytber come ne abyde* 1 beaecbe you, 
dere kynge, aende eome otber to bym, 1 am lytyl and 
feble:Bruyn tbe Bere wbicbe wae ao grete&etronge 
coude not brynge bym, bowaboldl tbennetakeiton 
bonde?jflPJVay, aayd tbe kynge, Sir Cybert, ye ben 
wyae and wel lemed: though ye be not grete, tbere 
lyetb not on, many do more wyth craf te & connyng 
than with mygbt and etrengtbe jj^Hbenne aaid tbe 
Catte : Sytb it muate nedea be don, I muate tbenne 
it, for my berte ia beuy & euil willed tbertojdTCy bert 
made bym aoneredy toward JMalperduy a and be aaw 
fro f erre come fleyng one of Seynt JMartyne byrdea, 
tbo cryde belowae and eaidj^Hl bayl,gentyl byrde, 
tome tby wyngea betberward and nee on my rygbt 
aidef J&Tlbz byrde flewb forth vpon a tree wbiche 
atoode on tbe lift aide of tbeCatteXbo waa'Cybert 
woo, for be thought hit waa a abrewd token and a 
eigne of barme, for yf tbe birde bad flowen on bia 
right aide he had ben mery & glad, butnow beaorow- 
ed tbat hie journey ebold tome to vnbappe. JVeuer- 
thelee, be dyde ae many doo & gaf to bym eelf better 
hope than hie berte eayde:bewente&ronnc toJVIale- 
perduye/ward, & there be f onde the fox alone etand- 
yng to fore bie houe^Cybert eaid: 0>e ricbe God 
yeueyou good euen, Reynart: thekyngbath menac- 
ed yowf or to take your lyf from yow yf ye come not 
nowwytb me to the courtjjTCbe f oxe thoepackand 


saide : Cibert, my dcrc cosyn, ye be rigbt welcome, I 
woldeweltruly tbat ye bad mocbe good lucke. 

ovtlr HC burted tbe foxe to speke fayre? 

r Ai \ Cbo be sayd wef, bis bene tbougbte 

tit not ; and tbat sbal be seen er tbey de- 

\ partejffReynart sayde : <Hylle we tbis 

( nigbtbetogydre,Iwylmakeyougood 

cbyereand tomorow erly in tbe dawn- 

.yngwewyl togydre goo to tbe court Good rieue,late 
vs so doo: 1 baue none of my kyn tbat I truste so 
mocbe to as to yow. fiier was Bruyn tbe Bere, tbe 
^traytour,belokedsosbrewdlyon mc.&me tbougbte 
be was so stronge tbat I wold not for a thousand 
mark bauegoon witb bym : but,cosyn,I wil tomorow 
erly goo witb yowj^Cybert saide: It is beste tbatwe 
now goo, for tbe mone sbynetb al so ligbt as it were 
daye, Ineuer sawe fayrer wederjJFJ^ay, dere cosyn, 
sucbe myofbt mete vs by daye tyme tbat wold make 
vs good cbiere, & by nygbte parauenture mygbt doo 
vs barmejtis suspecyous towalke by nygbte, tber- 
fore a/byde tbis nygbt bere by mej^Hybert sayde: 
Qlbat snolde we ete yf we abode bere? j^Reynart 
sayde: Here is but lytel to ete* Y* may* wel baue an 
bony combe good and swete: wbat save ye, Hybert, 
wy lye ony tberof ?j^Cy bert answerd : I sette nougbt 
tberby. Raue ye notbyng elite ? Yf ye gaf me a good 
f attemows, I sbold be better plesid j0n f attemows ? 
said Reynard : dere cosyn, wbat sayeye ? bere by dwel- 
letbapreestand batbabameby bis bows,tberin ben 
so many myse tbat a man sbold not lede tbem a/way 
vppon a wayne. 1 baue berd tbe preest many tymes 
com play n e tnat tbey dide bym mocbe barmej^O dere 
Reyner, lede me tbyder for alle tbat I may doo for 

C4 23 




yowfjfi?Ye, TTybert, saye ye me troutbe, loue ye wel 

tnyc9?j^Y^ 1 l° uc be™ w *l? 9 a *d tbe Catte* t louc 
myes better tban ony thing tbatmen gyueme.Knowe 
ye not that myes sauoure better tban veneson ? ye, 
tban flawnes or pasteyes, Qdtl ye wel doo ? eo ledeme 
tbederwberetbe myes ben, and tbenne ebalye wynne 
my loue: ye,al bad ye slayn my fader, moder, and alle 
my kyn. 

GYflRKCsaydiYe moke & jape tber- 
wytbj^Cbe Catte saide: So belpe me 
<3od, 1 doo not! j0 XTybert, said tbe 
f oxe, wiste 1 tbat, veryly I wolde yet 
tbis nygbt make tbat ye sbuld be f ul 
of mye8^Reynart,quod be,f ul, tbat 
were many j^TTyberte, ye japef j^Reynart, quod be, 
'in troutbtdoo not: yf I badde a fatte mows, I wold 
^not gyue it for a golden noblejj^Late vs goo tbenne, 
/Cybert,quod tbefoxe;Iwyl bryngeyow totbe place 
erlao froyouj^Reyner, quod tbe Catte, vpon your 
sauf conduytlwoldewel goo wytbyou to JVIonpelier 
j^Late V9 tbenne goo, said tbe jpoxe, we tarye alto 
longe^Cbus wente tbey f ortb witboute lettyng to 
tbe place wbere as tbey wold be, to tbe prestes bame 
wbicbewas faste wallidaboutewitbamude waUHnd 
tbenvgbt to fore tbef oxe bad broken in,& bad stolen 
fro tne preest a good fatte benne,and tbe preest alle 
angry badsetteagryntoforetbebooltoauengebym, 
for be wold fayn baue take tbe f oxeXbis knewe wel 
tbe f elle tbeef , tbe f oxe, & saidjPSir ^ybert, cosyn, 
crepe in to tbis bool,and yesbal not longe tarye but 
tbat ye sbal catcbe myes by grete bepis: berke bow 
tbey pvpef 3Hban ye be ful, come agayn, I wil tarye 
bere arter you be fore tbis bole, Cde wil to morowe 


goo to gyder to the courtXybert, wby taryeye thus 
longe? Come of , and so maye we retornesone to my 
wy f , wbicbe way tetb after vs, and sbal make vs good 
cbiere j^Cybert, saide Reynart, cosyn, is it tbenne 
your counseylle tbat I ofooin to tbys bole? TTbyse 
prestes ben eo wyly and sbrewyssb 1 drede to take 
barme JSF O, bo, tybert, said tbe f oxe, I sawe yow 
^euer eo sore aferde: wbat eyletbyow?iTCbe Catte 
was asbamed and sprange in to tne book, and anon 
be was caugbt in tbe gryn by tbe necke er be wyste: 
tbusdeceyuy d Reynart bis gbest and cosyn. 

a/ferde and sprancfe fortb : tbe grynne 
wente to, Cbenne began be to wrawen 
for be was almost y/stranglyd : be call- 
ed, be cryed, and made a sbrewd noyse. 
Reynartstode to fore tbe boot & berde 
al, and was well a/payed, and saydejfiTCybert, loueye 
welmyesf Be tbeyfatte and good? Knewe tbe preeste 
berof , or JVIertynet, tbey be so gen ty I tbat tbey wolde 
brynge yow sawceXybert,ye syngeand eten,is tbat 
tbe guyse of tbe court?Lord<3od,yf Ysegrym ware 
tbere by yowin sucbereste asyenow be, tbennesbold 
Ibeglad;foroftebebatb don me scatbe and barmef 
j^Cybert coudenot goo awaye, but be mawed and 
galped so lowde tbatfJlartynet sprang vp andcryde 
lowde j^God be tbanked my gryn batb taken tbe 
tbeef tbat batb stolen our bennes f Hryse vp: we wil 
rewarde bym* 



r XLT) these wordes aroose the preest in 
aneujltyme,andwakedalletbem that 
weretn tne bows, & cryde wytb a lowed 
voiejPCbef oxe is takefj^TTbere leep 
& ran ne alle tbat there was: the preest 
bym self rannealmodernaked.JNlarty~ 
net was tbefirst tbat cam to CybertXbe preest tone 
to Locken bis wyf an offryng candel, and bad ber 
lygbt it atte fyer, and be smote Cybert witb a grete 
staf Xber receyuidTTybert many a grete stroke ouer 
alle bis body : JVIertynet was so angry tbat be smote 
tbe Catte an eye out. "Cbe naked preest lyf te vp and 
sbold baue gyuen a arete stroke to "Cybert: but *Cy- 
bert, tbat sawe tbat be muste deye, sprange bytwene 
tbe preesteslegges wytb bis clawes & witb bis teetb, 
tbatberaugbt out bis rygbtcolyon or balock stone: 
tbat le ep becam yl to tbe preest & to bis grete sbame. 
~~*^ |f)IS tbynge fyl doun vpon tbe floer. 
{Oban damejulocke knewe tbat, sbe 
sware by ber faders sowle tbat sbe 
wolde it bad coste ber alle tboffryng 
of a bole yere, tbat tbe preest bad not 
bad tbat narme,burte and sbame, and 
tbat it bad not bapped. Hnd said jfiFIn tbe deueles 
name was tbe grynne there settef See, JVIertynet, lyef 
sone, this is of thy faders barneys, this is a grete 
shame, and to me a grete burte; for, though be be 
beled berof ,yet be is but a loste man to me, and also 
sbal neuer conne doo tbat swete playe and game \JP 
Che f oxe stode wy thou te to fore tbe bole, and berde 
alle tbyse wordes, and lawbed so sore that be vn- 
netbecoudestonde. He spack thus al sof tlyjSFDame 
7ulock,beal sty lie, and lete your grete sorowesynke. 

Hlbatb tbepreest loste one of bis stones, it sbalnot 
byndrc bym ; be sbal doo wytb you wel ynowbXber 
is in tbe world many a chapelin wbicbe isrongen but 
one belle ijSTChm scorned and mocked tbe $>xe tbe 
prestes wyf, dame lulock, tbat was f ul of sorowe. 
tTbepreestfyl doun a/swoune: tbey toke bym vp and 
brought bym agayn to beddc. Hbo wente tbe f oxe 
agayn in to bis borugb ward, and lef te TTybert tbe 
Catte in grete drede & jeopardyc, for tbe f oxe wiste 
none other but tbat tbe Catte was nygb deed. But 
wban TTybert tbe Catte sawe tbem albesy aboute tbe 
prcest, tbo began beto byte and gnawe tbe grenne in 
tbe myddela/sondre, & sprange out of tbe bool, and 
wenterollyng&wentlyng towards tbe kyngs court 
Or be cam tbeder it was fayr day & tbe sonne began 
to ryse,andbe cam to tbe court as a poure wyabt.Re 
bad caugbt barmeatte prestes bows by tbe belpeand 
counseyl of tbe foxe; bis body was al to/beten and 
blynde on tbe one eyej^Glban tbe kynge wyste tbis, 
tbat^ybert was tbus arayed, be was sore angry and 
menaced Reynart, tbe tbeef f oxe, and anone gadred 
bis counseyl to wytewbat tbey wold auysebym, bow 
be myabt brynge tbe foxe to tbe lawe, and bow be 

RO spack Sir Grymbart, wbicbe was 
tbe foxes suster sone, and said jST%t 
lordes, tbowgb mvn erne weretwiesso 
bad and sbrewessD,yet is tberremedye 
ynougb. Late bym bedon toas toafree 
man : wban be sbal be juged be muste 
be warned tbe tbirde tyme for al; and yf become not 
tbanne, be is tbenne gylty in alle tbe trespaces tbat 
ben leyd ayenst bym and bis, or complayned onj^ 



■■ ^mmmm 

to come?<&bo wil auenturefor bym bis eeris, bys eye 
6od, 1 am so mocbe a fool tbat 1 will do tbis mes- 
sage my self to Reynart, yf ye wille commande me* 
Bow ©rymbert tbe Dasse brought tbe f oxe to tbe 
lawe to fore tbe ky nge, capitulo xj&& 

OOI go fortb,6rymbart, and see 
wel to fore yow* Reynart is so f elle 
and fals, and so subtyl, tbat ye 
nede wel to loke aboute yow and 
to bewareof bym^Grimbertsaid 
be sbolde see welto: tbus wente 
©rymbart to JVIaleperduvs ward, 
and wban be cam tneder ne f onde 

Reynart tbe f oxe at borne, and dame Brmelyn bis 
wyf lave by berwbelpis in a darke comerXbo spack 
Grymberd, and salewed bis erne and bis aunte, and 
saide to Reynartj^Gme, beware tbat your absence 
burte yow not in sucbe maters as be leyde and com- 
playned on yow; but, yf ye tbynke it good, it is bye 
tyme tbat ye come wytb me to tbe court, 0>e wytb- 
boldyng you fro it can doo yow no good: tbere is 
mocbe tbynge complayned ouer you, and tbis is tbe 
tbirde warnyng, Hnd I telle you for troutb, yf ye 
abyde to morow al day^ tber may no mercy belpe you, 
yesbal see tbat wytb in tbre dayes tbat your bows 
sbal be byseged al aboute, and tber sbal be made to 
fore it galowes and racke, I saie you truly ye sbal 
not tbenne escape, neytber witb wyf ne wytn cbylde : 

tbe kynge sbal takealle your liuysfro yowXberfore 
it is beste that ye goo wytb me to tbc court: your 
sulty I wyse counseyl sbal parauenture auay Uc you, 
£ber ben gretter auentures falle er this, for it mav 
Rbappe ye sbal goo quyte of all tbe complayntes that 
^ben complayned on you,and alle your enemyes sbal 
abyde in tbe sbame, ye baue of tymes don more and 
nfretter tbingi s tban this, 

1BYJVHRC tbe foxe answerd j&Vc 
save sootbf I trowe it is beste that 
I goo wytb you, for tber lacketb my 
counseyl parauenture tbe kynge sbal 
be mercyf ul to me, yf I may come to 
Jspeke wytb bym and see bym vnder 
bis eyen, tbougb I bad don mocbe more barme, Cbe 
jcourt may not stondewitboutme, tbat sbal tbe kyng 
fwel vnderstande, tbougb some be so felletomeward 
yet it gotb not to tbe berte: alle tbe counseyl sbal 
con elude mocbe by me^bere grete courtesben gad- 

tyl counseyl, tber muste Reynart fynde tbe subtyl 
meanes. Cbey maye wel speke and saye tbeyr aduys, 
In tbe courte ben many tbat baue sworen to do me 
tbe worst tbey can, and tbat causetb me a/parte to 
be beuy in my berte, for many maye doo more tban 
one allone: tbat sbal burte me. jNeuertbeles, neuew, 
it is better tbat 1 goo wytb yow to tbe court and 
answere for my self, tban to sette me, my wyf , and 
my cbyldren, in a venture for to be loste, flryse vp, 
late vs goo bens : be is ouer mygbty for me, 1 muste 
doo as be wylle: I can not bettre it, I sbal take it pa~ 


a6Y)S[eRX: sayde to bis wyf, dame 
GrmtlynJ&l betake yow my cbyldren, 
tbat ye see wel to bem, and specyally to 
Reynkyn,myyongestson,be belyketb 
me so wel I bope be sbal folowe my 
stappes ; and tber is Rosel, a passyng 
fayr tbeef, I loue bem as wel as ony man loue bis 
cbyldren. Yf God gyue me grace tbat I may escape, 
1 j^Cbus toke Reynart leue of bis wyf. H Gods, bow 
>sorouf ul a/bode Srmelyn wytb ber smale wbelpis, 
f for tbe vytayller, and be tbat sorowed for JVlalper- 
duys,was goon bis way and tbe bows not pourueyed 
Row Reynard sbroef bym, capitulo xii^/? 

|fiHJS[ Reynart & Crymbert bad 
goon a wby le to gydre, tbo saide 
Reynartj^Oere cosyn,nowam I 
| ; in grete fere, for I goo in drede 
I jj & ieopardye of my lyf ♦ I baue so 
mocbe repentaunce for my syn- 
nes tbatt wil sbryue me, dere co- 
syn, to yow, bere is none otber 
preest to gete. Yf 1 w ^ c sbryue, of my synnes my 
soule sbolde be tbe cleererj^Grymbertansuerde: 
Gem, wil ye sbryue you ? ^benne muste ye promyse 
k firet to leue your steelyng and rouyngej^Reynart 
saide tbat wiste be wel: J^ow berke,dere cosyn, wbat 
, I sbal saye, Confiteor tibi pater of all tbe mysdedes 
tbat I baue don, and gladly wil receyue penance for 
>yow ? tbenne saye it in Bnglissb tnat 1 may vnaer- 
stande yowjfrReynart say de:X baue trespaced ayenst 


alle the beestis that lyue, in especyal ayenst Bruyn 

and taugbte tlybert tbe Cattc to catcbe myes, for I 
made ber Iccpc tn a grenne, wber sbe was al to/beten ; 
also I bauetrespaced gretly ayenst Cbanteclerewitb 
bis children, for I baue made bym quyte of a grete 
dele of bem. 

pG kyncje is not goon al quyte,! baue 
sklandred bym and tbe quene many 
tymes tbattbey ebalneuer be deer tber- 
of . Y^t baue I begyled Ysegrym tbe 
GCTulf ofter tbanlcan telle wel:t called 
bym erne, but tbat was todeceyue bym, 
be is notbyng of my kyn. I made bym a monke, Gel- 
>mare, wbere I my self also becam one, and tbat was 
to bis burte and no prouffyte.1 made bynde bis feet 
to tbe belle rope: tbe ryngyng of tbe belle tbougbt 
bym so good tbat bewolae leme to rynae, wberof be 
bad sbame, for be range so sore tbat alletbe folke in 
tbestreetewereaferd,and meruaylled wbat mygbt be 
on tbe belle, and ranne tbyder to fore be baa comen 
to axe tbe religyon, wberf ore be was beten almost to 
tbe detb.Hfter tbisltaugbt bym to catcbe fyssb, 
wbere be receyuid many a stroke, Hlso I ledde bym 
to tbericbest prestes bows tbat was in Vermedos; 
tbis preest bad a spynde wberin benge many a good 
flitcbe of bacon, wberin many a tyme I was wonte to 
fyl my bely. In tbis spynde I bad made an bole, in 
wbicbe I made Yseorym to crepe, tbere f onde be tub- 
bes wytb beef and many goed flytcbes of bacon, 
wberof be ete so mocbe wytboute mesure tbat be 
mygbt not come out at tbe bole wbere bewente in, 
bis bely was so grete and f ul of tbe mete, and wban 


be entred bis bely was smal I wente in to tbc village 
and made tbere a grete sbowteand noyse; yett berke 
wbat I dyde tbenne, I ranne to tbe preest wbere be 
satte at toe table and ete, and badde to fore bym as 
fatte capone as a man mygbt fvnde: tbat capone 
caugbt I & rannemy weye tberwitnal tbat X mygbte* 
XTbe preest cryed out, and saidj^^ake and slee tbe 
foxef X trowe tbat neuer man sawe more wonder, tbe 
f oxe cometb in my bows and taketbmy capoone fro 
r my table, wbere sawe euer man an bardyer tbeef f jff 
Hnd as me tbougbt, be toke bis table knyf & casted 
(it at me, but be toucbed me not:! ranne away, be 
sboof tbe table from bym and folowed mecryeng^ 
Kylle and slee bym f J&t to goo and tbey after, and 
manymoo cam after, wbicbealletbougbttoburteme, 
RHJVJ^Bso longe tbatl cam wbere as 
Isegrym was, and tbere I lete f alle tbe 
capone, for it was too beuyforme,and 
X sprange tburgb an bole wbere as X 
1 woldebe*Hndas tbepreest tokevp tbe 
capone be espyedXsegrym,andcrydejS?Smyte doun 
here, frendesf Here is tne tbeef, toe wulf, see wel to 
stckkesandstaues, and made a grete noysetbat alle 
tbe neygbbours camen oute,and gauen bym many a 
sbrewde stroke and tbrewe at bym grete stones, in 
sucbewyse tbat befyldoun as bebadben deedXbey 
slepid bym, and drewe bym ouer stones and ouer 
blockes wytbout tbe village, and tbrewe bym in to a 
becamtbens,sytbXbauegotenof bym,forasmocbe 
as Xmade bym to fylle bis bely tbat be sware tbat be 
wolde be myn belpe an bole yere, 


T)0 ledde 1 bym to a place where! tolde 
bym there were vij bennes and a coche 
wbicbe satte on a percbe & were mocbe 
fatte, and tber stode a f aldore by and 
weclymmed tber vp.Isaydetobyrhyf 
be wolde bileue me, and tbat be wolde 
crepe in to tbe doore, be sbolde fynde manye fatte 
bennes.Isegrym wente al lawbyng to tbe dore/ward, 
and crope a lityl in and tasted nere and tbere, and at 
laste be sayde to mej^Reynarde, ye borde and iape 
witb me, f or wbat Isecbe I fynde notjSTCbennesaid 
I:6ine,yf ye wyl fynde, crepe fortber in: be tbat wil 
wynne, be muste laooure & auenture. Oey tbat were 
wonte to sytte tbere 1 baue tbem a-wayej^Cbus 1 
madebym t09ecbefertberin,&9booue bym fortbso 
f erre tbat be fylledoun vpon tbe floer, for tbe percbe 
was narowe. Hnd be fyll soo grete a f alle tbat tbey 
sprange vp alle tbat dlepte, and tbey tbat laye nexte 
tbe fyre cryden tbat tbe valdore was open, and som- 
tbyngwas^lle and tbey wiste not wat it mygbt be, 
g^ JggSJjjnSYroosevpand lyofbte a canctel,and 
wban tbey sawebim tbey 9meton,beten 
and wounded bym to tr>e detbe, I baue 
brougbt bym tbu9 in many a iepardye 
moo tban I can now rehene : 1 dbolcte 
fynd many moo if 1 mewel bytbougbt 
wbicblsbal tell you bereaftenHlsoIbaue bydryuen 
wytbdameGrswyndebis wyf :IwoldeIbad not don 
it, I am sory for it, bit is to ber grete sbame, & tbat 
you not jff Y)t sayde : 1 baue trespaced witb bis wyf 
*J?ye sbryue you as tbougb ye belde somwbat be- 
di 33 

ed this langagejfiFHcb, dere erne, it were grete shame 
yf I sbold saye it oppenly as it happed, I haue leyen 
by myn aunte:Iam your erne, I sbold angre you yf I 
spak vylanye of wymmen, JSeueu, now haue I tolde 
yow alle that lean tbynke on, sette mepenaunee and 
assoylle me, for I haue grete repentaunce j^Orym- 
bert was subtyl and wyse, he brake a rodde of a tree 
with this rodde on your body, & tbenne leye it doun 
vpon thegrounde,and spryngetbre tymes ther ouer 
without bowyngof your legges&wytboutstombl- 
yng, and tbenne sbul ye take it vp & feysse it frendly 
in token of mekenes and obedience of your penance 
that I gaf yow. fierwitb be ye quyte of alle synnes 
that ye haue don to this day, for I forgeue it yow al 
jgfZmf oxewasglad: tbosayd©rymbert to bis erne 
JfGmt, see now forthon that ye doo good werkis* 
Rede your psalmes, goo to cbircbe, f aste and kepe 
your balydayes,and gyue your allmesse, & leue your 
synful and yl lyf , your tbef te and your treson, and 
so mayye cometo mercyj^Cbe foxc promysed that 
he wold so doo, and tbenne wen te they botbe to gydre 
to the court/ward, 

LY^BL besyde the waye as they went, 
stode a cloysterof blacR nonnes where 
many ghees, hennes, & capones wente 
withoute the walles,and as they wente 
talkynge the foxe brought Orymbert 
out of the right waye thyder, & wytb- 
out the walles by the bame wente the polayle* Xlbz 
foxeespyed tbem,&sawafatteyong caponewhicbe 
wenteallonefrohisfelaw6,and leep and caught bym 
thattbe f ethers flewbaboutebis eeris,but tbecapone 


escaped^Grymbert sayde: Cdbat, erne, cursydman, 
what wil ye doo,wille ye for one of tbise poletes f alle 
agayn in alle your synnes of wbicbe ye baue sbryuen 
yow?Ye ougnte sorerepenteyoujflPReynartanswer- 
ed: Ouly cosyn,I bad al forgoten : praye God tbat 
tomedtbey agayn ouer a lityl brydge,yet tbef oxe al- 
way loked after tbe polaylle, be coude not refrayne 
bym self: tbat wbicbe cleuid by tbe bone mygbt not 
out of tbe flessbe; tbougb be sbold be banged, be 
coude not lete tbe lokyng after tbe polayll as f er as 
be mygbt see tbem j^Grymbert sawe bis maner and 
sayde: f owle false deceyuour, bow goo your eyen so 
after tbe poleyl?j^t:be foxe sayd : Cosyn, ye mys- 
doo to saye to me ony sucbe wordes,ye brynge me 
outof my deuocion and prayers : late me saye a pater 
noster for alle tbe sowles of polaylle and ghees tbat 
X baue betrayed, and of te wytb f alsbeed stolen from 
tbysebolly nonnesj#(3rymbert wasnot wela/payd, 
but tbe f oxe bad euer bis eyen toward tbe polayl til 
atte lastetbey cam in tbe waye agayn,& tbenne tom- 
ed tbey to tbe court/warde* Row sore quaked tbo Rey- 
nard wban tbey aprocbed tbe court, for be wiste wel 
tbat be bad for to answere to many a f owle feet and 
tbef t tbat be bad doon. 



How the fox cam to tbc court, & bow be excused bym 

to fore tbe hynge, capttulo xitj,*?,^ 

Ctbe first wban tt was fcnowen tn 
tbe court tbat Reynart tbe f oxe & 
Grymbaert btscosynwere comen 
to tbe court, tbere was none soo 
poure nor so feble of fcynne and 
rrendes but tbat be maade bym 
redy for to com playn e on Reynart 
tbe f oxe, Reynart lofted as be bad 


not ben aferd,and belde bym better tban be was, for 
be went fortbe proudly wytb bis neueu tburgb tbe 
byest strete of tbe court, rygbte as be bad ben tbe 
fcynges sone,& as be bad not trespaced to ony man 
tbe value of an beer, & wente tn tbemydelof tbe place, 
stondyng to fore p*oble tbe Itynge, and say deji^God 
oyue yowgretebonour and worship IO>er wasneuer 
kyng tbat euer bad a trewer seruant tban I baue ben 
to your good grace &yet am,JSeuertbeles,derelorde, 
I knowe wel tbat tber ben many tn tbts courte tbat 
wolde destroye me yf ye wold byleue tbem : but nay, 
God tbanfce yow, bit is not fyttyng to your crowne 
tobyleue tbtsefalsedeceyuars and lyars lygbtlyXo 
Godmote tt be complayned bow tbat tbtsef als lyars 
and Caterers now/adayes tn tbe lordes courtes ben 
moste berde and byleuyd, tbe sbrewes and false de- 
ceyuers ben borne vpf or todoo to good men alle tbe 
barme& scatb tbey maye: our Lorde God sbal ones 
reward tbem tbetr byrzjP'Cbt hynge sayde: pees, 
Reynard, false tbeer and traytour, bow wel can ye 
brynge f ortb f ayr talis, & alle sballe not belpeyow a 


straws <Oene ye wytb sucbe flateryng words to be 
my frende? Ye baue bo of tc seruyd me bo as ye now 
sbal wel knowe: tbe pees tbat I baue comanded and 
cler coude no lenger be stylle but cryde: Hlas wbat 
baue I by tbis pees lostef ^Be stylle, Cbaunteclere, 
boldeyourm outb, late me answere tbis f owle tbeef ♦ 
RCXO sbrewd felle tbeef, saide tbe 
kynge, tbou saist tbat tbowlouest me 
wel: tbat bast tbou sbewd wel on my 
messagers, tbese poure f elaws, Hibert 
tbe Catte and Bruyn tbe Bere, wbicbe 
yet ben al blody, wbicbe cbyde not ne 
save not mocbe, but tbat sbal tbis day coste tbe tby 
lyf jgfln nomine pater criste filii, saya tbe f oxe, dere 
1 lord and mygbty kyng,yf Bruyns crowne be blody, 
wbat is tbat to me? Cuban be ete bony at Lantf erts 
bows in tbevyllage,and dyde bym burte and scatbe, 
tbere was be beten tberf ore* Yr be bad willyd, be is 
so strongeof lymmes,bemygbtwel bauebeauengid 
er be sprange tn to tbe water, Hbo cam ^ybert tbe 
Catte wbom Ireceyued friendly: yf be wen te out with- 
out my counseyl for to stele myes to a prestes bows, 
and tbe preest dyde bym barme, sbolde 1 abye tbat? 
TJbenne mygbt I saye 1 were not bappy* J^ot so, my 
liege lorde, ye may doo wbat yewille tbowb my mater 
be deer and good,yemay siecfe me, or roste,bange,or 
make me blynde, I may not escape yow: we stonde 
alle vnder your correccion. Y* be mygbty & stronge, 
1 am f eble and my belpe is but smal, yf ye put me to 
tbe detb bit were a smal vengeancej^almles tbey 
tbus spack sprange vp Bellyn tbe Rame, & bis ewe 
dame Olewey, and saide : JVIy lord tbe kynge, bere oure 
d3 37 

complayntfjPBruyn tbc Bere stode vp wytb al bis 
iygnage and bis f claws, Xibert tbc Catte, Isegrym 
'tbc Gdulf ,Kywart tbc Rare,and pantbcr tbc Boore, 
tbc Camel, & Brunei tbc 6boos, tbc Kyde & 6boot, 
Boudewyn tbeHsse,Borre tbc Bull,r)amel tbc Oxe, 
>and tbc uIe8el,Cbantecler tbc Cock,pertelot, wytb 
alletbeyr children. Hlletbisemade gretc rumourand 
noyse, and cam f ortb openly to fore tbeir lordc tbe 
kynge, & made tbat tbe f oxe was taken & arested. 
fiowtbefoxewasarestid and juged todetb,capitulo 


|GRG vfjon was a parlament, and 
tbey desired tbat Reynart sbolde 
ben deed, & what sommeeuertbey 
sayden ayenst tbef oxe bcanswerd 
to ecbe to tbem. jNeuer berde man 
of sucbe beestis, sucbe playntis 
5 of wyse counseyl and subtyl in- 
J uencions, and on tbat otber syde 
'tbefoxemade bis excuse soweland formably tberon 
tbat tbey tbat berde it wondred tberof : tbey tbat 
berde and sawe it may telle bit f ortb for troutbe, I 
sbal sborte tbe mater and telle bit f ortb of tbe f oxe 
j^tbc kyngeand tbe counseyl berde tbe witnessis 
, of tbe complayntesof Reynartsmysdcdes : bit wente 
witb bem as it of te dotb, tbe f eblest batb tbe worst 
»XTbey gaf e sentence and iuged tbat tbe f oxe sbolde 
be dzdz and banged by tbe neckc: tbo lyste not be to 
pleye, alle bis flateryng wordes and deceytes coude 
not belpe bym, tbe jugement was gyuen and tbat 
muste be don. Grymbert bis neueu,and many of bis 
Signage, mygbt not fynde in tbeir bertcs to sec bym 
dye, but token leue soroufully and romed tbe court. 

R6 kynge bitbougbtc bym & marked 

bow many ayonglyng departed from 

tbensal wepyng,wbicbewerenygbeof 

bis kynne, and sayde to bym self j^ 

Hier bebouetb otner counseyl berto, 

tbougb Reynart be a sbrewe, tber be 

many goodof bis lignagej^TTbyberttbeCattesayd: 

Sir Bruyn and Sir Isegrym, bow be ye tbus slowe? 

It is almost euen, bier ben many bussbes & bedges : 

yf be escaped from vs and were delyuerd out of tbis 

paryl, be is so subtyl and so wyly and can so many 

deceytes tbat besbold neuer be taken agayn.Sbalwe 

bange bym ? Row stonde ye al tbus ? Br tbe galewis 

can be made redy it sbal be nygbtjgttsegrym be- 

tbougbt bym & seyde: Hier by ts a gybet or galewis 

jj^Hnd wytb tbat word besigbed, & tne Catte espyed 

tbat and saydejfiPlsegrym,ye be aferdf \e it ayenst 

your wy lie ?*Cbynke ye not tbat be bym self wen te 

and laboured tbat botbe your bretbem were banged: 

were ye good and wyse ye sbolde tbanke bym, and ye 

sbolde not tberwitb so longe tarye* 

How tbe f ojee was ledde to tbe galewis, cap.xv,*?^ 

SeGRYJYI balked and saydejfiF 

Ye make mocbe a/doo, Sir Tlybert, 

baddewean balterwbicbeweremete 

for bis necke and stronge ynougb 

wesboldsonemakean endej^Rey- 

nert tbe f bxe, wbicbe longebadnot 

spoken, saide to Isegrym : Sborte 

my paynef Xlyberte batb a stronge 

corde, wbicbe caugbt bym in tbe prestes bous wban 

be bote of tbe prestes genytoirs: be can clyme wel 

and is swyf t, late bym berevp tbe lyne, Isegrym and 

d4 39 


Bruyn, tbys becometb yow wel, that ye thus doo to 
your neuewf 1 am sory that 1 lyue thus longe: baste 
you, be sette tberto, it is euyl aoo tbat ye tarye tbus 
longe, goo to fore Bruyn &lede me,lsegrym folowe 
fast, and see wel to and beware tbat Reynart go not 
awayjiSFCbo Bruyn sayd:ltis tbe best counseil tbat 
1 euer yet berde tbat Reynart tbere seitbj^lsegrym 
commanded anon and badde bis kyn and frendes 
tbat tbey sbolde see to Reynart, tbat be escaped not, 
for be is so wyly and f als* Cbev belden bym by tbe 
feet, by tbe berde, and so kepte nym tbat ne escaped 
not from bem* tbe f oxe berde alle tbyse wordes 
wbicbe toucbid bym nygb, yet spak be and saydejfiF 
Ocb, dere erne, me tbynketb ye payne your self sore 
for to doo me burte and scatbef yf 1 durste 1 wolde 
pray you of mercy, tbaugb my burte and sorow is 
playsant to you, 1 wote wele yr myn aunte your wyf 
betnougbte ber wel of olde femers sbe wolde not 
suflP re tbat 1 sbold baue ony barme, but now! am be 
tbat now ye wille doo on me wbat it sbal plese yow. 
Ye, Bruyn and XTbibert, Cod gyue you sbames detb 
but ye doo to me your werstf I wote wberto 1 sbal, 1 
may deye but ones, 1 wolde tbat 1 were dedc al redy, 
Isawe my fader deye, be bad sone donnej^Isegrym 
sayde: Latevs goo, for ye curse vsbi causewe lengtb 
tbe tyme; euyl motebefareyf weabydeony lengerj^ 
Rewente fortbwytbgrete enuyeon tbat one side,and 
Bruyn stoode on tbe otber syde, & so lede tbey bym 
wil to fore and bare tbe corde, and bis tbrote was yet 
sore of tbe grynne,and bis croppe dyde bym woo of 
tbe stryke tbat be was take in, tbat bapped by tbe 
counseyl of tbe f oxe, and tbat tbougbt be now to 


YBGRtT, Ysegrym, and Bruyn wente 
bastely wy tb Reinert to the place, there 
as the felons ben wonte to be put to 
detb* JVobel tbe kynge, and tbe quene 
andalletbatweretn tbe court, folowed 
after for to see tbe ende of Reynart. 
^bef oxewas in grete dredeyf bym mysbappe&and 
betbougbt bym ofte bow be mygbte saue bym fro 
tbe detb,and tbo tbre that sosoredesirden bys detb 
bow be mygbt deceyue tbem and brynge tnem to 
shame, and bow be mygbt brynge tbe kynge wytb 
lesyngis to bolde wytn bym ayenst hem. t&is was 
alle tbat be studyed, bow be mygbt putte away bis 
sorowe wytb wylys, & tbougbt tbusj^XTbougb tbe 
kynge&many onebevpon meangry,itis no wonder, 
for I baue wel deseruid it: neuertbeles, X bope for to 
be yet bis best frende, and yet sbal I neuer do tbem 
good* Row strong tbat tbe kynge be, and bow wyse 
tbat bis counseil be, yf X may broukemy wordes, X 
knowe so many an inuencion X sbal come to myn a- 

k ouca9 ^ cra9 *^ c y wo ^ c C0IT,cn *° tb* galewes* 
W*TJ ^ ^P® said Yscgrym J& Sir Bruyn, tbin ke 
^/T^Jk!§v now on your rede crowne wbicbe by 
/ fxigrjf\l?i 1 Reynarts mene ye caugbt, we baue now 
tbe tyme tbat we may wel rewarde bym* 
Hybert, clyme vp bastyly & bynde tbe 
corde faste to tbe lynde, ana make a 
rydynge knotte or a strope, ye be tbe lygbtyst: ye 
sbal this day see your wylle of bym* Bruyn, see wel 
/to tbat be escape not, & bolde faste. 1 wil belpe tbat 
tbe ladder be sette vp tbat be may goo vpwart tber- 
,onjj? Bruyn saide: Do,I sbal belpe bym welj^be 
>f oxe sayde: JVow may my berte be wel beuy for grete 


drede, for 1 see the dctb to fore myn eyen and 1 may 
not escape* JVIy lorde the hynge and dere quene, and 
forth alle ye tr>at here stande, er 1 departe fro this 
world 1 pray you of a bone, that 1 may to fore you 
allemakemy confession openly, & tellemy def aultes 
al so clerly that my sowle be not a/combred,& also 
that noman hereafter here no blame f ormy thefte ne 
for my treson, JVIy deth shal be to me the esyer, and 
praye ye alle to God that he haue mercy on my sowle. 

Row thef oxe madeopenly his confession toforethe 
fcynge&toforealtbemtbatwold bereit, cap.xyj/g^ 

LLB they that stoden there had 
pyte whanne Reynart sayde the 
wordis, and sayde it was but a 
lytylrequeste yf the hynge wolde 
graunte it hym: the hynge gaf 
hym leue* Reynart was wet glad, 
& hoped thatitmyghtf all better, 
& said tbusj!?JSbw helpe, spiri- 
tus Domini, fori see bier noman butlbaue trespac- 
ed vnto: neuertheles, yet was 1 vnto the tyme that I 
was wenedfrothe tete one the best chylde that coude 
ouwher befounden*! wente tho and pleyde wyth the 
lambes by cause I herde hem gladly blete, I was so 
longewythhem thatat the lastel bote one: therlern- 
ed 1 fyrste to lapen of the blood, hit sauourd wel, me 
thought it right good, Hnd after I began to tasteof 
the flessb, therof I was ly courous so that after that 
I wente to the gheet in to the wode, there herde X the 
kyddes blete, and Islewe of them tweyne.Ibegan to 
wexe hardy: after X slew hennes, polayl and ghees 
wbereuerlfond hem, thusworden my teeth al blody. 

Hfter tbislwexe so felle&so wroth that what some 
cucr 1 foundc that 1 mygbt ouer, 1 slowe alle, "Cbcr 
after cam 1 by Isegrym now in tbe wynter, wberc be 
bydde bym vnder a tree, & rehened to me tbat be was 
myn eme:wbennelberdebym tbenne rekeneallyance 
we becomen f elaws, wbicbe 1 may wel repente. <Oe 
promysed ecbe to otber to be trewe and to vse good 
felawsbip, and began towandre togyder:be stal tbe 
grete tbynges and I tbe smalle, ana all was comyn 
bytwene vs. Y*t be made it so tbat be bad tbe beste 
dele, I gate not balf my parte, CClban tbat Ysegrym 
gate a calf, a rame, or a weder, tbenne grimmed be & 
was angry on me &droof me fro bym, and beldemy 
part and bis to, so good is bet Yet tbis was of tbe 
leste, but wban it so lucked tbat we toke an oxe or a 
cowe, tbenne cam tbertobiswyf wytbvij cbildren,so 
tbat vntome migbt vnnetb comeone of tbe smallest 
rybbes, and yet bad tbey eten alle tbe flessbe tberof , 
tberwitballmuste Ibe contentrnot fortbatlbadso 
grete nede, for I baue so grette scatte and good of 
syluer A of gold tbat seuen waynes sbold not conne 
caryeitaw ay, 

- f>HJ^ tbe kynge berde bym speke of 
tbis grete good & ricbesse, be brenned 
in tbedesyre and couet^se tberof, and 
saidejfif Reynart wbere is tberyebesse 
becomen? telle me tbat^'Cne foxe 
saide: JVfly lord, 1 sbal telle yow, tbe 
ryebesse, was stolen, & bad it not be stolen itsbold 
baue coste you your lyf,& sbold baue been murdred, 
wbicbe Cod forbede, and sbold baue ben tbegrettest 
burteof tbeworldej^<Jdban tbe quene berde tbat sbe 
was sore af erde, and cryde lowde :Mlas and weleaway t 




Reynart, what saye ye? I coniure yow by the longe 
wayetbat youresoulesbalgoo tbat yc telle vs openly 
tbe trou tbe berof , as tnocbe as yc knowe, of tbis gfrete 
tnurdre tbat sbolde baue be doon on my lorde, tbat 
we alle may bere itjSFJSbw berkene bow tbe f oxe sbal 
flatre tbe kynge &quene,and sbal wynne botbetbeir 
for bis detb. He sbal vnbynae bis pack and lye, and 
byflateryeand fayrwordessbal brynge fortb so bis 
maters tbat it sbal be supposed for troutbe. 

a sorourul countenance spack tbe 
foxe totbequenejMam in sucbe caas 
j now tbat X muste nedes deye, & badde 
ye me not so sore coniured I wil not 
jeoparde my sowle, and yf I so dyde I 
sbold goo tberf ore in to tbe payne of 
belle* Iwil sayenotbyng but tbatlwil make it good, 
for py tously ne sbold baue ben murtbred of bis owen 
f olke ; neuertbeles, tbey tbat were most pryncypal in 
tbis feat were of my next kynne, wbom gladly I wold 
not bewraye yf tbesorow were not of tbe belle^Cbe 
kynge was beuy of berte, and saide: Reynart, saiste 
tnou to me tbe trou tbe Ij&'Yc e **d tbe f oxe, see ye 
not bow it standetb witb me? wene ye tbat 1 wil 
dampne my sowle? (Obat sbold it auaylle me yf I 
now saide otber wise tban troutbe? JMy detb is so 
nygbe tber may netber prayer ne good belpe me J& 
Xiho trembled tbe f oxe by dyssymylyng as be bad 
ben af erde: tbe quene bad pyte on bym, and prayde 
tbe kynge to baue mercy on bym in escbewyng of 
more barme, and tbat be sbolde doo tbe peple bolde 
tbeir peas, & gyue tbe f oxe audience, and bere wbat 
be sbold sayeXbo comanded tbe kynge openly tbat 


ecbe of tbem sbold be stylle, and suff re tbe f oxe to 
saye vnberisped wbat tbat be woldejaTCbenne saide 
tbe f oxe: Be ye now alle stylle, sytb it is tbe kynges 
wille,and I sbal telle you openly this treson,and 
tberin 1 wil spare noman tbat I knowe gy Ity. 
Row tbe f oxe brought tbem in daunger tbat woldc 
baue brought bym to detbe, & bow be gate tbe grace 
of tbe kyng, capitulo xv\]gf# 

OCd berkene bow tbe f oxe began. 
In tbe begining be appeledGrym- 
bert, bis dere cosyn which euer bad 
bolpen bim in bis nede: be dyde so 
bycause bis wordes sbolde be tbe 
better bvleued, and tbat be f ortb- 
on mygbt tbe better lye on bis ene- 
my esjff Onis began be, firsthand 
saide: JVIy lorde,my fader bad founden kynge Br- 
,meryks tresour doluen in a pytte, and wban be bad 
tbys grete good be was so prowdeand orguyllous 
tbat be bad alle otber bestis in despyte wbicbe to 
fore bad ben bis felawe. He made^ybert tbe Catte 
to goo in to tbat wylde lande of Hrdenne to Bruyn 
tbe Bere,for to do bym homage, and bad bym saye 
yf be wolde be kynge tbat be sbold come in to f laun- 
dres. Bruyn tbe Bere was glad bierof , for be bad 
longe desyred it, and wente forth in to flaundres, 
where my fader receyued bym right frendly. Hnone 
be sente for tbe wvse Grymbert my neuewe, and for 
Yscgrym tbe <Oulfe, and for T/ybert tbe Catte: tho 
these fyue camen bytweneGaunt&tbetborpecallyd 
Yfte, there they belden their counseyl an hole derke 
nyght longe, Qlbat wyth tbe deuels nelpe and craft, 
and for my faders ricnesse, they concluded & swore 


there the kyngee detb, JSow berkene and here tbie 
wonder: the foure eworen vpon Ysegryme crowne 
tbat they ebolde make Bruyn a kynae & a lorde,and 
bryncjebymin tbeetole atHkon,andeette tbe crowne 
on bis heed, and yf there were ony of tbe kyngee 
frendee or lignage tbat wolde be contrarye or ayenet 
tbie, bym ebolde my fader wytb bie good & treeour 
f or/drvue,a nd take from bym bie mygbt & power, 
J€ happed eotbat on amorowtyde erly 
tbatdrymbert my neuew waeof wyne 
I almoet dronketbat betolde it to dame 
Sloepcade hie wif in couneey l,& badde 
her kepe it eecrete. But ebe anone f or- 
gate it,& eaide it forth in confeeeion 
to my wyf vpon a hetb where they both wen ten a py I- 
gremage, but ebe muet firete ewere by her troutbe 
land by the holy tbre kyngee of Coleyne tbat for loue 
ne for hate ebe ebolde neuer telle it forth, but kepe it 
eecrete* But ebe belde it not, and kepte it no lenger 
eecrete but tyl ebe cam to me, and one tbenne tolde 
to me alle tnat ebe berde, but X muete kepe it in 
i eecrete, and ebe tolde me eo many tokenye tbat I 
'felte wel it wae troutbe, and for drede and fere myn 
beer etode right vp, and my herte becam ae beuy ae 
leed and ae colde ae iee,Itbougbt by tbie alykneeee 
.wbyebe byer/a/fore tyme byfylle to tbe froeebye, 
wbiche were free and com playned that they had none 
lorde, ne were not bydwongen,for a comynte with- 
out a ofouuemour wae not good, and they cryden 
to <3od with a lowde voye that be wolde ordeyne one 
that mygbt rewle them : tbie wae al tbat they de- 
eired. God berde tbeyr requeete, for it wae reeon- 
able,and eente to them a etorke,wbiche ete and ewo- 
4 6 

lowed tbem in as many as be coude fynde, be was al~ 
way to bem vnmercyf ul, tbo complayned tbey tbeyr 
burte, but tbenne it was to late : tbey tbat were to fore 
free, & were a/f erde of no body, ben now bonde and 
muste obeye to strengtbe tbeyr kynge. fiyer fore, ye 
ricbe and poure, 1 sorowed tbat it mygbt bappen vs 

fiCIS my lord tbe kyng, 1 baue bad 
sorowe for you, wberof ye can me but 
lytyl tbanke* 1 knowe Bruyn tbe Bere 
for sucbe a sbrewe and rauener, wber- 
for 1 tbougbte yf be were kynge we 
sbold be alle destroyed and loste. 1 
knowe our souerain lord tbe kyng of so bye byrtbe, 
so mygbty, so benyngne & mercyf ul, tbat I tbougbt 
truly it bad ben an euyl cbaunge for to baue a f oule 
styn kynge tbeef, & to refuse a noblemygbty stately 
Lyon, for tbe Bere batb more maddef olye in bis vn~ 
tbrifty beed and al bis auncestris tban ony otber 
batb, tbus bad 1 in myn berte many a sorowe, and 
tbougbt alway bow 1 mygbt breke and fordoo my 
f aders f als counseyl, wbicbe of a cborle and a tray- 
tour and worse tban a tbeef wolde make a lorde and 
a kyngre. Hlwa^ 1 prayd <3od tbat be wolde kepe our 
kyng in worship and good beltbe and gfraunte bym 
long lyf, but 1 tbougbt wel yf my fader belde bis 
tresour, be sbold witb bis f als f elaws wel fynde tbe 
wayetbat tbe kyng sbold be deposed & settea/syde* 
1 was sore betbougbt bowl myofbt beste wytewnere 
my f aders cjood laye, 1 a/waytedat al tymesasnygb 
as 1 coude tn wodes, in busbes, in f eeldis, wbere my 
f ader ley de bis ey en , were it by ny gbt or by day e, colde 
or weet, 1 was alway by bym toespye & knowe wbere 
bis tresour was leyae* 





a tyme I laye doun al plat on tbe 
grounde, and sawe my fader come ren- 
nyng out of an bole: now berke wbat I 
sawe bym doo* <dban be cam out of 
tbe bole be loked fast aboute yf ony 
body bad seen bym,andwban becoude 
nowber none see, De stopped tbe bole witbsande and 
made bit euen and playn lyke to tbe otber grounde by, 
He knewenot tbat I saweit,and wbere bis footspore 
stood, tbere stryked be witb bis tayl and made it 
smotbe witb bis moutb tbat noman sbold espye it: 
tbat lemed I tbere of my f ale f adre, and many sub- 
tylitees tbat I to fore knewe notbyngof . "Cbenne de- 
parted be tbens, and ran to tbe village/warde for to 
doo bis tbyngis,andlf orgate not, but sprange and 
lepe to tbe bole/ward, and bow wel tbat be bad sup- 
posed tbat be bad made al faste,lwas not so mocbe 
a fool but tbat I fonde tbe bole wel, and cratcbed and 
scraped witb my feet tbe sande out of tbe bole, and 
crepte tberin* "Cbere f onde I tbe moste plente of sil- 
uerandof goldetbat euerl sawe: bier is nonesoolde 
tbat euer so mocbe sawe on one beep in alle bis lyf . 
tbo toke I Brmelyne my wyf to belpe, and we ne 
rested nygbt ne day to bere and carye a/waye witb 
grete labour &payne tbis ricbetresour in toanotber 
place tbat laye tor vs better, vnder an bawe in a depe 
bole. In tbemenewbylctbatmyn busewyf and Itbus 
labouryd,my fader was witb tnem tbatwolde betraye 
tbe kynge: now may ye bere wbat tbey dtdc. Bruyn 
tbe Bere and Ysegrym tbe CQulf sente alle tbe londe 
a/bouteyf ony man wolde take wages tbat tbey sbold 
come to BruVn, & be wolde paye tbem tbeir souldye 
or wagts to tore. Jfiy fader ranne ouer alle tbe londe 
4 8 

and bare tbc lettres, be wist lytil tbat be was robbed 

rtJ^SiAt^u y 2 tb0ugb ^^t baue wonnen al 
^S^liSm^l? 1 wnp^de a peny tberof . 

*mm my fader badde ben oueral in 
the landebytwene tbe eiueand tbe 
bommc,& bad goten manyasouldy- 
our tbat sbold tbe nexte somer baue 
comen to belpe Bruyn, tbo cam be a- 
gayn to tbe Bere and bis f elowis,and 
'toide tbem m bow grete aventure be bad be to fore 
tbe borugbes tti tbe lande of Saxone, and bow tbe 
hunters dayly ryden and bunted witb boundes after 
bynvn sucbewiae tbatbe vnnetb is escaped witb bis 
lyf.atban be bad tolde tbis totbise foure false trav- 
tours, tbenne sbewde be tbem lettres tbat plesvd 
mocbe to Bruyn : tbere in were wreton xij C of Vse- 
gryms hgnage by name witbou te tbe beres, tbe foxes, 
tbe cattes,and tbe dassen. fllle tbise bad sworn tbat 
wytb tbe first messager tbat sbolde come for tbem 
tbey sbold be redy and come for to belpe tbe bere, yf 
tbey bad tbeir wages a monetb to fore: tbis aspyed 
I, I tbanke God Hf ter tbise wordes my fader wen te 
to the bole wbere bis tresour bad leyn, & wolde loke 
vpon it: tbo began beagretesorowe,tbatbesougbte 
be f onde notbyng, be f onde bis bole broken and bis 
tresour bom awayXberedede be tbat I may wel sor- 
owe and bewaylle, for arete anger & sorowe be wente 
and bynge bym self: thus abode tbe treson of Bruyn 
by my subtylte after. J^ow see myn infortune, tbise 
traytours Ysegrym and Bruyn ben nowmost preuy 
of counseyl aboute tbe kynge, and sytte by bym on 
tbe byeboucbe,and I,poure Reynart, baue no tbanke 
ne reward. 1 baue buryed myn owen fader by cause 
er 49 

tbe kynge sbolde baue bis lyf . JMy lorde, sayde tbc 
f oxe, wbere ben tbey tbat so wolde doo, tbat is to 
destroye tbem self for to kepe yow ? 

f)G kynge &tbequeneboped to wynne 
tbc tresour, & wytb outc counceyl toke 
totbem Reynart,and prayde bym tbat 
be wold do so wel as to telle tbem were 
tbis tresour wasj^Reynart said : Row 
sbolde 1 telle tbe kynge, or tbem tbat 
wolde bange me for loue of tbe traytours and mur- 
derars, wbtcbe by ber fiaterye wolde fayne brynge me 
to detbe? Sbolde 1 telle to tbem wbere my good is, 
tbenne werelou t of my wittej^Cbe queue tbo spak : 
JSfay, Reynart,tbe kynge sbal lete you baue your lyf 
and sbal al to gydre f orgyue you, and ye sbal be fro 
.bens fortbe wyse and true to my lorde jj^XTbe foxe 
answerd to tbe quene:Derelady,yf tbe kynge wil be- 
leue me,and tbat be wil pardone and forgyue me alle 
my olde trespaces,tber was neuer kynge so ricbe as 
Isbal make bim, for tbe tresour tbatlsbal doo bym 
baue is ricjbt costely & may not be nombred j& XTbe 
kynge saide : Hcb, dame,wille ye beleue tbe f oxe ? sauf 
your reuerence be is borne to robbe, stele, and to lye: 
tbis cleuid to bys bones & can not be bad out of tbe 
flessbj?0>equene saide: ]NTay,mvlorde,ve may now 
well byleue bym : tbougb be were nere to tore f elle, be 
is now cbaun ged otherwise tban be was, Y* Da ue wel 
berdc tbat be batb appecbid bis fader and tbeDasse 
bis neuew, wbicbe be mygbt wel baue leydc on otber 
bestes yf be wold baue ben false, f elle, and a tyar jfif 
0>e kynge saide: Dame, wille ye tbenne bauc it soo, 
and tbynke yc it best to be don, tbougb 1 supposed 
it sboldc burte me 1 wille take alle tbise trespaces of 

i i -z- . a~ 

Reynart vpon me, and bclcuc bis wordes : butlswere 
by my crowne yf be cucr bcrc after mysdooand tres- 
pace, tbat sbal be dcrc abyc and allc bis lignagc vnto 
tbc ix degree^TTbef oxe loked on tbc kyng stound- 
mele,and was glad in bis berte,and saidc: JMy lorde, 
Iwere not wyse if Isboldc sayc tbyngc tbat were not 
trewe J? Che kynge toke vp a straw fro tbe ground, 
and pardoned and foraaf tbef oxe all tbe mysdedes 
and trespaces of bys fader and of bim also* yf tbe 
f oxe was tbomery and glad it was no wonder, for be 
wasquyte of bisdetbandwas allefree and franke of 
alle bis enemyes, 

R6 f oxe saide : JVly lorde tbe kynge & 
noble lady tbe quene, God reward yowf 
tbys arete worship tbat ye do to me, I 
sbal tbyn ke & also tban ke you for it in 
sucbe wise tbat ye sball be tbe richest 
kynge of tbe worlde,for there is none 
lyuyng vnder tbe sonne tbatl vouchesauf better my 
tresouron tban on yow botbe JPZbcn toke the f oxe 
, vp a straw and profred it to tbe kyng,andsaide: JVly 
mostedere lord, pleseityowtoreceyuebiere the ryebe 
tresour wbyche kynge fermeryk badde, for I gyue it 
vnto you wytb af re wylle and knowleche it openly^ 
XTbe kynge receyuid tr>e straw, and tbrewe it meryly 
fro bym wytb a joyous vysage, and thanked moche 
tbe f oxe, Cbe f oxe lauahed in bym self. Che kynge 
thenne berkened after tbe counseyl of tbe f oxe, & all 
tbat tber were were at his wy lie J?My lorde, saide be, 
herkene & marke wel my wordes. In tbe west side of 
f laundres tber standetb a wode, and is named fiul- 
sterlo, & a water tbat is called Kreken py t tyetb tber- 
by : tbys is sogrete awildemessetbatof te in an hole 
tz 51 

yere man ner wyf comctb tber ein, sauf tbey that wil 
& tbcy that wille not escbewe it: tbcrc lyetb tbis tre~ 
eour bydde. Vnderstande wel tbat tbc place is called 
Kreken pit, f or laduyse you for tbe leste burte tbat ye 
and my ladye goo botb tbyder, for I knowe none so 
trewe tbat I durste on your bebalue truste, wberf ore 
goo your self e. Hnd wban ye come to Krekenpyt,ye 
sball fynde tbere two bircben trees standyng altber 
next tbe pytte. JVIy lorde, to tbe byrcben trees sbal ye 
go, tbere lyetb tbe tresour vntber doluen : tbere must 
ye scrape and dygge a/way a lytyl tbe mosse on tbe 
one eide.'Cber sballe ye fynde many a jewel of ofolde 
and syluer, & tbere sbal ye fynde tbe crowne wbyebe 
kynge Grmeryk ware in bis dayes, tbat sbold Bruyn 
tbe feere baue worn yf bys wyll badd gon fortb: ye 
sbal see many a costly jewel witb ricbe stones sette 
in golde werke,wbicbecoste many a thousand marke. 
JVIy lord tbe kynge, wban ye now baue alle tbis ofood, 
bow of te sbal ye saye in your berte & tbynke, O bow 
true art tbou,Reynart tbef oxe, tbat witntby subtyl 
wytte daluyst and byddest bere tbys grete tresour. 
©od gyue tbe goode bappe and wellf are wbere euer 
tbou beet 

jRB kynge sayd:SirReynart,yemuste 
come and belpe vs to dygge vp tbys 
tresour, I knowe not tbe way, I sbolde 
neuer conne fynde it I baue berde of te 
named parys, London, Hkon,& Col- 
1 eyn :as me tbynketb tbis tresour lyetb 
rigbt as ye mocked and japed, for ye name Kryefeen- 
pyt tbat is a f ayned name JSF tbese wordes were not 
good to tbe foxe, and be sayd witban angry mode,& 
dissymyledand saide:Y^my lord tbe kynge, ye beal 

so nygbe that as fro Rome to JVIaye. Olene ye that I 
willelede yow toflomme7ordayn ?jNay,Isbal bringe 
y 2H? ut {J f ^«nyngand sbewe it you by good wytnes 
j^ne called lowd : Kywart tbc bare, come bere to fore 
tbe kyngef jfiFTTbe bestes sawe alle tbyder ward,and 
wondred wbat tbe kynge wold j^XTbe f bxe sayde to 
tbe Dare: Kywart, ar ye a/colde, bow tremble ye and 
quake so ? Be not a/f erd, & telle my lorde tbe kynqe 
bere tbe troutbe, and tbat I cbarge you by tbe f aitb 
andtroutbetbat ye owe bym,&tomy lady tbe quene, 
of sucbe tbingaslsbal demaunde or you jj^Kywaert 
saide:Isbal sayetbetroutbetbougblsbold losemy 
necke tberf ore: I sbal not lye, ye baue charged me so 
spre,yf I knowe itj^TTbenne say, knowe ye not wbere 
Knekenpyt standetb, is tbat in your mynde?j^Cbe 
Rare saide:I knewe tbat wel xij yer a/goon wber tbat 
stondetb : wby aske ye tbat? It stondetb in a woode 
named Hulsterlo vpon a warande in tbe wyldernesse* 
I baue suffred tbere mocbe sorowe for bunger & for 
colde, ye, more tban 1 can telle, pater Symonet tbe 
f riese was woned to make tbere false money, wber- 
wy tb be bare bim self out, & al bis f elawsbip, but tbat 
was to fore er 1 bad f elawsbip wytb Ryn tbe bounde, 
wbicb made me escape many a daunger, as be coude 
wel telle yf be were bere, and tbat I neuer in my dayes 
trespaced ayenst tbe kynge otberwysetban I ougbt 
to doo witb rigbtjfiFReynart say d to bym : Go agayn 
to yonder f elawsbip: bere ye, Kyward, my lorde tbe 
kynge desyretbnomore to knoweof yowj^Tbe fiare 
retorned and wente agayn to tbe place be cam fro. 
Cbe f oxe sayde: JMy lorde tbe kynge, is it trewe tbat 
I saide?j^Y c Rcynart, said tbe kynge, for/gyue it 
me,Idydeeuyl tbatlbeleuid you not.)Vow,Reynart, 




frende, fynde tbe waye that ye goo wytb vs to tbe 
place ana pytte where the tresour lyetnj^Cbe foxe 
sayde:Itisawonder tbync?, wene ye that Iwolde not 
fayne goo with yow? \f it were so wytb me that I 
mygbt goo wytb yowin sucbewise tbat it no shame 
were vnto your lordsbyp, I wold goo: but nay, it 
may not bee* Herkene what I sbal saye and muste 
nedes, tbaugb it be tomevylonye and sbame. GCTban 
Isegrym tbe <ftulf in tbe deuels namewente in to re- 
ligion, and become a monbe sborn in tbe ordre, tbo 
tbe prouende of sixe monkes was not suffycient to 
bym, and bad not ynougb to ete, be tbenne playned 
andwaylled so sore tbat 1 bad pyte on bym for be 
becom slowe and seke, and by cause be was of my 
kynne I gaf bym counceyl to renne away and so be 
dyde, wberf ore I stonde a/cursed, & am in tbe popes 
banne and sentence, I wil tomorow bytymes as tbe 
sonne risetb take my waye to Rome for to be as- 
soyled and take pardon, and fro Romelwil ouer tbe 
see in to tbe Roly Lande,andwil neuerretomeagayn 
til I baue doon so mocbe good tbat 1 may witb wor- 
ship goo wytb yow, Hytwere greet repref to you,my 
lord tbe kynge, in wbat londe tbat 1 accompanyed 
you tbatmensbold sayeyereysedandaccompanyed 
your self e witb a cursyd, and a persone agrauatejg? 
Zbc kynge savde: Sitb tbat ye stande a/cursyd in 
tbe censuresor tbe cbircbe, yf twentewytb you men 
sbold arette vilonye vnto my crowne* I sbal tbenne 
take Kywaert, or somme otner, to aoo witb me to 

Kryekenpytte t andlcounseylleyou t Reynart,tbatye 
put vou your self outof tbis cursej^JVfly lord, quod 
tbe f oxe, tberf ore wy lie I goo to Rome as bastely as 
I may : I sbal not reste by nygbt ner day till bee as- 


soylledjtfFReynart, said tbe kynge, me tbynketb yc 
ben torncd in to a good waye, God gyue you grace 
taccomplyseb wel your desyre, 

SSOp4S as tbis spekyng was done, 
Noble tbe kyng went and stode vpon 
an bygbstage of stone, &conmanded 
sylence to alle tbe bestes, & tbat tbey 
sbulde sytte doun in a rynge rounde 
vpon tbe grasse, euericbein bis place 

after bis estate and byrtbe, Reynart tbe foxe stode 
by tbe quene, wbom be ougbt wel to loue jSPCbenne 
said tbe kynge: ftere ye alle tbat be poure and ricbe, 
yong and olde, tbat stondetb beret Reynart, one of 
tbe beed oflpycers of my bows, bad don so euy l,wbicbe 
Hbi& daye sbold baue ben banged, batb now in tbis 
courtedon somocbe tbat l& my wyf tbe quene baue 
>promysed to bym our grace & frendsbyp, tbe quene 
batb praydemocbeforbym,in somocbe tbat I baue 
made pees wytb bym, and I gyue to bym bis lyf and 
membre frely agayn, and I comande you vpon your 
lyf tbat ye doo worsbip to Reynart, bis wyf, and to 
bis cbyldren, wbere someuer ye mete bem by day or 
by nygbt.Hndlwil alsoberenomoocomplayntesof 
Reynard: yf be batb bier to fore mysdon and tres- 
paced, be will nomore mysdo ne trespace, but now 
bettre bym. Re wylle to morowe erly goo to tbe pope 
for pardon and foryeuenes of alle bys synnes, and 
f ourtb ouer tbe see to tbe Holy Lande, and be wille 
not comeagayn till be brynge pardon of alle bys 
synnesj^Cbis tale berdeXTyselyn tbe Rauen, &leep 
to Ysegrym, to Bruyn, and to Cybert, tbere as tbey 

c 4 55 


were, and saide: Y* caytyfs, bow gotb it nowe? Y* 
vnbappy folke, wbat do ye bere? Reynard tbe f oxe is 
nowasquyerand a courtyer & rigbtgrete & mygbty 
in tbe court: tbe kyngebatb skylledbym quyte of alle 
bis brohes,andforgyuen bym alle bistrespaces and 
mysdedes, and ye be alle betrayed and apecbydjj? 
Ysegrym saide: Row may tbis be? I troweTTyselyn 
tbat ye lycj&l do not certaynly, saide tbe Rauen Jf 
O>o wente tbe (Oulf and tbe Bere to tbe kynget'Cy- 
bert tbeCatte was in grete sorowe, be was so sore a- 
f erde tbat for to baue tbe foxes frendsbtp be wold 
wel f orgyue Reyner tbe losse of bis one eye, tbat be 
loste in tbe prestes bows : be was so woo be wist not 
wbat to doo, be wolde wel tbat be neuer bad seen tbe 

Row tbe (Jliilf & tbe Bere were arestyd by tbe labour 
of Re ynart tbe f oxc, capitulo xviij^^ 

SGGRYJVI came proudly ouer 
tbe felde to fore tbe kynae, and 
be tbanked tbe quene, and spack 
wytb a felle moedylle wordes on 
tbe f oxe, in sucbe wise tbat tbe 
made tbe (Hulf and tbe Bere anon 
to be arested: ye sawe neuer wood 
dogges do more barme tban was don to tbem, tbey 
were botbe f aste bounden so sore tbat alle tbat ny gbt 
tbey mygbt not stere bande ne foot, tbey mygbt 
scarsely rore ne meue ony joynte. ]^ow bere bow tbe 
foxefortbdyde: be bated bem,be laboured so to tbe 
quene tbat be gate leue for to baue as mocbe of tbe 
Beres skyn vpon bis ridgeas afoote longe & afoote 

brode, f or to make bym tbcrof a scryppeXbenne was 
tbe foxe redy yf be bad foure stronge sboon : now 
here bow be dyde for to gete tbese sboon, be said to 
tbequenej^JVIadame, I am your py Igrym, berets myn 
erne, Sirlseorym, tbatbatbiiij strong sboon wbicbe 
were good for me: yf be wolde late me baue two of 
tbem I wolde on tbe waye besyly tbynke on your 
sowle, for it is rvgbt tbat a pylgrym sbolde alway 
tbynke & praye for tbem tbat doo bym good* Tbus 
maye ye doo your sowle good yf ye will: and alsoyf 
of ber sboon to gyue me, sbe may wel doo it for sbe 
gootb but lytil out, but abydetb alway at bomej^ 

sucbe sboes,ye may notbewytbouttbem,tbey sbal 
be good for you to hepe your feet bool, for to passe 
witb tbem many a sbarpemontayn & stony rocbes : 
ye can fynde no better sboes for you tban sucbe as 
Isegrym and bis wyf baue & were, tbey be goodand 
stronge: tbougb it sbolde toucbe tbeir lyf, ecbe of 
tbem sbal gyue you two sboes for to accomplyssb 
wytb your bye ptlgremage. 
How Ysegrym and bis wyf ereswyn muste suffre 
ber sbois to be plucked of and Reynard dyde on tbe 
^yej^rtogooto Rome wytb, capitulo xix&& 

"fiOS batbe tbys false pylgryme 
goten fro Isegrym ij sbooes fro 
bis feet, wbicbe were baled of tbe 
foule tbat men rosted layesostill 
as Isegrym dydewban bis sboes 
were baled of, be styred not & yet 
bis feet bteddeXbenne wban Ise- 

grym was vnsboed, tbo muste dame Serswyn bis 
wyf lye doun in tbe grasse wytban beuy cbere, & sbe 
lostetberber byndersboesjSTCbo was tbefoxeglad 
and saide to bis aunte in scorne; JVIy dere aunte, bow 

sore repentetb sauf tbis, berof 1 am glad, for ye be 
tbe lyeuest of alle my kyn, therefore! wy I gladly were 
your shoen, ye sbal be partener of my pylgremage & 
dele of tbe pardon tbatlsbal witbyour sboen f eccbe 
ouer tbe see Jf Dame Grswyne was so woo tbat sbe 
vnnetbe mygbte speke: neuertbeles, tbis sbe sayde: 
H, Reynart, tbat ye now al tbus baue yourwyllpray 
God to wreke itf jfrYsegrym and bis felaw tbe Bere 
belden tbeir pees, and wberenalstylle: tbeywere euyl 
at ease, for tbey were bounden & sore wounded, fiad 
Cybert tbe Catte baue ben tbere be sbold also som- 
wbat baue suff red in sucbe wyseas besbolde not es- 
caped tbens w ytbout burte and sbame* 

R6 next day wban tbe sonne aroos 
Reynard tbenne dyde grece bis sboes, 
wbicbe be bad of ysegrym & Grswyn 
bis wyf, and dyde bem on and bonde 
bem to bis feet, and wente to tbe kynge 
and to tbequene,and said to bem witb 
a glad cberejSFJVoble lord & lady, God gyue you good 
morow, and 1 desire of your grace tbat 1 may baue 
maleand staff blessyd as belongetb toa pilgrym^ 
fcbenne tbekyngeanonesent forBellyn tbeRamme, 
Jand wban be cam be saide: Sir Bellyn,ye sballe doo 
masse to fore Reynart, for be sbal ofoo on pylgrem- 
age, and gyue to bym maleand staf^Cbe Ram an- 
swerd agayn,and said: JVIy lord,! dare not do tbat, 
for be bath said tbat be is in tbe popes cursejJTCbe 


kynge said: Olbat tberof ?mayster Gelys batb said 
to V8 yf a man bad doo as many synnes as al tbe 
world, and be wold tbe synnes forsake, sbryue bem, 
and ressevue penance, & do by tbe prestes counseyl, 
<3od wil rorgyue tbem and be mercyful vnto bym, 
Nowe wil Reynard goo ouer tbe see in to tbe Holy 
Lande, &make bym clere of al bis synnesj^Cbenne 
answerd Bellyn to tbe kynge: I wil not doo litil ne 
mocbeberin butyf yesauemebarmlesin tbespirituel 
court byforetbebyssbopprendelor,and tofore bis 
arcbedeken Loosuynde, and to fore Sir Rapiamus 
bis offycyaljaTCbe kynge began to wexe wrotb, and 
satderlsbal not byddeyou somocbe in balf ayere, 
I bad leuer bange yow than I sbold so mocbe praye 
you for itj^QIban tbeRamesawe tbat tbekyngewas 
angry, be was so sore aferd tbat be quoke for fere, 
and wente to tbe awter and sange in bis bokes, and 
radde sucbe as bym tbougbte good ouer Reynart, 

1 wbicbelytyl sette tber by,sauf that be wold bauetbe 


RHJSf Bellyn tbe Ramme bad alle sayd 
bis seruyse deuoutly, tbenne be bynge 
on tbe foxes neck a male couerd wytb 
tbe skynne of Bruyn tbeBere & a lytil 
palster tberby, tbo was Reynart redy 
toward bis journey, Cbo loked be to- 
ward tbe kynge as be bas ben sorowful to depart, & 
?faynedasbe bad wepte,rigbtas be baddeyamerdein 
this berte: but yf be badony sorow,itwas by causeal 
(tbe otber tbat were tbere were not in tbesame plygbt 
as tbe (Oulf & Bere were brought in by bym, JVeuer- 
tbeles, be stood & prayd tbem alle to praye for bym, 
lyke as be wold praye for tbem: tbe foxt tbougbt 



be knewe bym self gyltyjSFCbe kynge saide: Rey~ 
nart,Iam 9017 ye be sobasty and wil no lenger tarye 
^Nay, my lord, it is tyme, for me ougbt not spare 
to doo wet I pray you to gyue me leue to departe, 1 
muete doo my pylgremagejJTCbe kynge eayd: God 
be wytb yowl^Etnd commanded alle tbem of tbe 
court to go and conueyne Reynart on bis way, sauf 

was none tbat durst be sory tberf ore.Hnd yf ye bad 
seen Reynart, bow personably be wente wytb tys 
maleand palsteron bis sbolderandtbesboeson bis 
feet, ye sbold baue laugbed. Re wente & sbewde bym 
outeward wysely, but belaugbedin bis berte tbat alle 
tbey brought bym f ortb, wbicbe bad a lytyl to fore 
been witb bym sowrootb,and also tbe kynge wbicbe 
so mocbe bated bym, be bad made bim sucbe a fool 
tbat be brought bym to bis owne entente: be was a 
py Igrym of deux/aas. 

"1Y lord tbe kyng, sayd tbe f oxe,I pray 
you toretome acfayn,! wil not tbat ye 
goony f ertberwitbme,ye mygbt baue 
barme tberby : ye baue tbere twomor- 
derars arestyd,yf tbey escaped youye 
_3 mygbt be burte by tbem,l pray God 
kepeyou fro mysauenturejJFCdytb tbese wordes be 
stode vp onbisafterfeet,and prayde alle tbe beestys 
greteandsmaltbatwoldebeparteners of bis pardon 
tbat tbey sbold pray e for bym : tbey sayde tbat tbey 

kyncre so beuyly tbat many of tbem ermed. 'Cbenne 
saick be to Kyward tbe Rare & to Bellyn tbeRamme 
merylyj^Oere frendes, sball we now departe ? Y* wil, 



and God will accompanye me f either: ye two made 
me neuer angry, ye be good for to walke wytb, cour- 
toys, frendly & not complaynedon of ony beesteTe 
be of good condicions and goostly of your lyuyng, 

leeuis and gras ye be plesyd,y e retcb not or brede, of 
fles6be,nesucbemaner metej^GIitb sucbeflateryng 
wordes bath Rey n ard tbis two Hatred, tbat tbey wen t 
wytb bym tyl tbey camen to fore bis bows Maleper- 

Row Kywart tbe Rare was slayn by tbe f oxe, capitulo 

|RHJ^ tbef oxe was comen to fore 
tbe y ate of bis bows, be say de to 
Bellyn tbeRammejfiFCosyn,ye 
sbal abide bere witboute, I and 
Kywart wille goo in, for I wille 
praye Kywart to belpeme to take 
my leue of Grmelyn my wyf , & 
to conf orteber andmy cbyldren 
^Bellyn sayde: 1 praye bym to comforte tbem wel 
jsraiytbsucbflaterynof wordes brought be tbeRare 
in to bis bole in an euylbour : tbere f onde tbey dame 
Srmelyn lyengon tbegrounde witb ber yonglyngis, 
wbicbe bad sorowed mocbe for frede of Reynarts 
detb, but wban sbe sawe bym come sbe was gladjj? 
But wban sbe sawe bis male and palster and espyed 
bis 6boes,sbe meruailled & sayd:Dere Reyner, bow 
baue ye spedd?jfiPRe sayd,Iwas arestidin tbecourt, 
but tbe kynge lateme gon. 1 muste goo a pilgremage : 
Bmyn tbe Bere & Y^egrym tbe<Sdulf tbey beplegge 


for inc. 1 tbanke the kyngfe be bath ofyuen to vs Ky- 
wart bier for to doo witb bym wnat we wyl. 0>e 
kynge saide bym self tbat Ky wart was tbe first tbat 
on vs complayned, and by toe faytb tbat 1 owe vow 
I am rigbt wrotb on Kywartj#<Uban Kywart berde 
tbise wordes be was sore af erde, be wold baue fledde 
but be mygbt not, for tbe f oxe bad anon byten bis 
tbrote a/two^Cbo say d be : Late vs go ete tbis good 
f atte Haref jSTCbeyongewbelpes cam also, tben beld 
tbey a grete feste, for Kywart nad a good fatte body. 
Grmelyn ete tbe flessbe and dranke tbe blood, sbe 
tbanked ofte tbe kynge tbat be bad made tbem so 
fmeryj^Cbe ^oxe saide : Gte as mocbe as ye maye, be 
• wil paye for it yf we will f ecbe it. 

~|ne sayd : Reynart, I trowe ye mocke: 
tbens?j?Dame, 1 baue so flaterid tbe 
kynae and tbe quene tbat I suppose 
tbe frrendsbipbytwenevs sbal be rigbt 
Itbynne wban be sballe knoweof tbis. 
He sbal be angry and bastely seke me for to bange 
me by myne necke: tberfore late vs departe,and stele 
! secretly a/way in somme otber foreste, wberewe may 
lyuc wytboute fere and drede, and tbere tbat we may 
lyue vij yerc and more and be fynde vs not. XTbere is 
plente of good mete of partrycbs,wodecokkis,and 
mocbe otber wylde f owle, dame, and yf ye will come 
witb me tbyder tber ben swete welles and fayr and 
clere rennyng brokes. Lord God, bow swete eyer is 
tbere f XTbere may we be in pees and ease, and lyue in 
grete weltbe, for tbe kynge batb lete me gon by cause 
Itolde bym tbat tber was grete tresourin Krekenpyt, 
but tbere sbal be fynde notbyng tbougb be sought 

euer; tbts sbal sore angre bym wban be knowetbtbat 
be ts tbus deceyuid, Olbat, trowe ye bow many a arete 
lesynge muste I lye er I code escape from bym? It 
was barde tbat I escaped out of pryson, I was neuer 
tn gretter paryl, ne nerrer my detb: but bow it euer 
Jgoo, I sbal by my wille neuer more comein tbekyncres 
daunger. I baue now goten my tbombe out of bis 
>mou tb,tbatt banke 1 my subtylyte, 

H JVI e ermelyne sayde jff Reynart, I 
counseyl tbat we goonot in to another 
r oreste, wbere wesbolde bestrangeand 
elenge, we baue bere al tbat we desyre, 
& ye be bere lorde of our neygbbours : 
J wberfore sballe we leue tbis place and 
^auenture vs in a worse? (Be may abyde bere sure yn~ 
ougb : yf tbe kynge wold doo vs ony barm or besiecre 
vs, bere ben so many by or side boles in sucbe wyse 
i as we sbal escape fro bym. In abydyng bere we may 
not doo amys, we knowe alle bypatbes ouer alle, and 
er be take vs wttb mygbt be muste baue mocbe belpe 
tberto: but tbat ye baue sworen tbat ye sballe <roo 
ouersee&abtde tbere, tbatis tbetbyng tbat toucbetb 
me moste jSWay, dame, care not tberf ore: bow more 
for/sworn, bow more forlorn: Iwente ones witb a 
good man tbat said to me tbat a bydwongen otb, or 
otb sworn by force, was none otb- Tbougb I wente 
on tbts pilgremage it sbold not auaylle me a cattes 
tayl, I wil abyde bere and folowe your counseyl: yf 
tbe kynge bunte after me, I sbal kepe me as wel as I 
maye: yf be be me to mygbty, yet I bope wytb sub- 
ty te to begyle bym, I sbal vnbynde my sack, yf be 
will secbe barm be sbal fynde barme. 


|0<n was Bellyn tbe Rammeangry that 
1 Kywart bis f elawe was so Ion ge in the 
! bole and called lowdejjgFCome out, Ky~ 
warte,in tbe deuels name! bow longe 
sbal Reynart kepe you there? Haste 
J you & come late vs goo^Cdban Rey- 
nard berde this, be wente out & saide softly to Bel- 
lyn tbe RammejflFLief Bellyn, wberf ore be yeangry ? 
Kywart speketb wytb bisdereaunte: me tbynfcetb ye 
ought not to be dysplesid tberf ore. Re bad me save 
to yowye myabtwel ofo to fore, and be sbal come 
after: be is lighter of fote than yow, he muste tarve 
a wbyle wytb his aunte and her cbyldren, they wepe 

zfP^y^ 9 ' 1 * 1 ?* 11 ^ oofro tbemjflFBellyn sayde: 
^batdideKyward,metbougbt be cryed after helpe? 
£rr f°x*™*wdi <JCIbat saye ye, Bellyn, wene ye 
that be sbold baue ony barme? jNow berfce what be 
tbenne dyde: whan we were comen in to myn bows, 
and ermelyn my wyf vnderstode that I sbold aoo 
ouer see she fyl doun in a swoun, and whan Kywart 
sawe that be cryed loude: Bellyn, come helpe mvn 
auntetobryng herout of berswoun^Tbenne sayde 
the Kamme: In faytb Ivnderstode that Kywart had 
ben m grete daungerjfiFXrhe f oxe sayde: Nay, trulv, 
or Kyward sbold baue ony barme in my bows I bad 
leuer that my wyf and cbyldren sbold suffre moche 

6 4 

f)ow the f oxe sente the beed of Kywart the f)are to 
the hynge by Bell yn the Ramme, capitulo xxj&& 

T)S foxt saide:Bellyn,remembre 
ye not that yesterdaye the kynge 
and biscounseyl commanded me, 
that erlsbold departeout of this 
land 1 sbold sende to bym two 
lettres ? Dere cosyn, I pray you to 
bere tbem, tbey be redy wretonjflF 
XZbc Ramme sayde: I wote neuer, 

yf I wiste tbat your endyttyng and wrytyng were 
good, ye myabtparauenture so mocbe prayemetbat 
I wold bere tbem,yf I bad ony tbyng to bere tbem in 
^Reynard saide:Ye sbalnotfayletobauesom wbat 
to bere bem in : ratber tban tbey sbold be vnbom, 1 
sbal ratber gyue yow my male tbat I bere, and put 
tbe fcynges lettres tberin, and bange tbem aboute 
your necke: ye sbal baue of tbe hynge grete tbanke 
tberfore,anct be rigbt welcomen to bymjSFfiiervpon 
Bellyn promysed bym to bere tbise lettres: tbo re- 
tomed Reynart in to bis bows, & tofce tbe male and 
put tberin Kywarts beed, and brought it to Bellyn 
ror to brynae bym in daunger, and benge it on bis 
necke, and cnargyd bym not for to lobe in tbe male 
yf bewoldebaue tbe hyngis frendsbipj^Hndyf ye 
wil tbat tbe kynge take you in to bis grace, and loue 
you, saye tbat ye your self baue made tbe lettre and 
endited it, and baue gyuen tbe counseyl tbat it is so 
wel made and wreton : ye sbal baue grete tbanktber- 
f orejfiFBellyn tbe Ramme was glad berof , & tbougbt 
be sbold baue grete tbanke, and saide: Reynard, I 
wote wel tbat ye now doo for me, I sbal be in tbe 

court gretly preysedwban it is knowen that I can so 
wel endyte and make a lettre, tbaugb I can not make 
it:ofte tymes it bappetb tbat God suffretb some to 
baue worship andtbanke of tbe labourisand conyng 
of otber men, and so it sbal bifalle me now. JNow, 
wbat counseyle ye, Reyner, sbal Kywaert tbe Rare 
come wytb me to tbe court ?j^]Vay, sayd tbe foxe, 
be sbal anone f olowe yow, be may not yet come, for 
be muste spekewytb bis aunte. JNow goo ye fortb to 
If ore, I sbal sbewe to Kywart secrete tbyngis wbicbe 

"IBLLYN 8ayd: fare wel, Reynartj^ 
Hndwente bym rortbto tbe court, and 
be ran and basted sofaste tbat be cam 
to fore mydday to tbe court, & f onde 
tbe kyngin bis palays wy tb bis barons. 
I XLbt kyng meruaylled wban be saw bim 
bryng tbe male agayn wbicbe was made of tbe Beres 
.skynjfiFXIbe kyng saide: Save on, Bellyn, fro wbens 
Jcome ye? wbere is tbe f oxe? now is it tbat bebatbnot 
tbe male witb bym?j^8ellyn sayd: Jfiy lord,l sbal 
sayeyow al tbat I knowe. t accompanyed Reynard 
vnto bis bows, and wban be was redy be asked me yf 
tbat X wold for your saacke bere two lettres to yow. 
X saide for to do you playsir and worsbip X wold 
gladly bere to yow vij: tbo brougbt be to me tbis 
malewberein tbe lettres be, wbicb ben endyted by my 
connyng andlgaf counseylof tbe makyngof tnem. 
X trowe yesawe neuer lettres betternecraf telyermade 
ne endytedjtfF^be kynge commanded anon Bokart 
bis secretaryeto reae tbe lettres, for bevnderstode 
al maner langages. Cybert tbe Catte and betoke tbe 
male of Bellyns necke,and Bellyn batbsof erresayd 
and confessed tbat be tberfore was dampned. 

F)G clerke Bokart vndyde tbe male & 
drewe out Ky warts beed, and sayde: 
Hlas,wbat lettres ben tbesef Certainly, 
my lord, this is Ky warts beedj^Hlas, 
sayde tbe kynge, tbat euer I beleuid 90 
tbef oxef jSTCberemygbtmen see grete 
'beuynesse of tbe kynge and of tbe queue: tbe kyng 
was 90 angry tbat be belde longe doun bis beed, and 
atte laste after many tbougbtes be made a grete crye 
tbat alle tbe beestys were af erde of tbe noyse, O>o 
spack Sir f irapeel tbe Lupaerd, wbicbe was sybbe 
somwbat to tbe kynge, and saidej^Sire kyngf, bow 
tbe quene were dzdc: late this sorowe goo, and make 
good cbere. It is grete sbame, be ye not a lorde and 
kynge of this londe? Is it not alle vnder yow tbat 
bere is ?^Cbe kyngesayde: Sir f irapeel, bowsbolde 
1 suffre this, one false sbrewe and dereyuar batb be- 
trayed me, and brought me so f erre tbat 1 baue f or- 
wrougbt & angred my frendes tbatl bad, tbe stoute 
Bruyn tbe Bere and Jsegrym tbe 3dulf , wbicbe sore 
me repentetb,and this gotnayenst my worship tbat 
1 baue done amys ayenst my beste barons, and tbat 
I trusted and beleuid so mocbe tbe f als boreson tbe 
f oxe, and my wyf is cause tberof , sbe prayde me so 
mocbe tbat 1 berde ber prayer, and tbat merepentetb 
tbaugb it be to latcj&ulbat tbawb, sir kyng, said 
tbe Lupaerd, yf tber be ony tbyng mysdoon, it sbal 
be amended: we sbal gyue to Bruyn tbeBere,to Yec- 
grym tbe Sdulf , & to Srswyn bys wyf, for tbe pece 
of bis skynne and for tbeir sboes for to baue good 
pees,Bellyn tbe Ramme,for bebatb confessyd bym 
self tbat ne gaf counseyl & consentyd to Kywardes 
fz 67 

.-•^ - - 


, dctb : tt is reson that be abye it. Hnd we alle sbal goo 
f cccbc Reynard, and we sbal areste bym, and ban ge 
bym by tbe necke without laweor jugement,and tber 
witb alle sbul be contente. 
Row Bellyn tbe Ramme & alle bis lignage were gyuen 
in tbe banded of Ysegrym and Bruyn, & bow be was 
slayn, capitulo xxij^/? 

|f)6 hynge said ; Iwil do it gladly 
I J&f irapel tbeLupaerdwente tbo 
to tbe prison, and vnbonde tbem 
| first, & tbenne be said: Ye, sires,! 
brynge toyou af aste pardon and 
my lordes loue and frendsbyp,it 
repentetb bym andis sory tbat be 
ed ayenst you, and tberf ore ye sbal baue a goocf ap- 
poyntement and also amenoes. He sbal gyue to you 
Bellyn tbeRamme & alle bis lignage, fro now fortb- 
on to domesdaye,in sucbe wyse tbat wbere someuer 
ye fynde tbem, in felde or in wode,tbat ye may frely 
byte and ete tbem wytbout ony f orf ayte, & also tbe 
kynge grauntetb to yow tbat ye maye bunte and do 
tbe werst tbat ye can toReynardanaalle bis lygnage 
wytbout mysdoyngXbis f ayr grete pryuelage wy lie 
tbe hynge graun te toyou euer to bolde of bym, & tbe 
kynge wylle tbat ye swere to bym neuer to mysdoo, 
but doo bym bomage and feawte. I counseil yow to 
doo tbis,ror ye may doo it bonorably j# 'Cbus was 
tbe pees made by f yrapel tbe Lupaerd frendly & wel, 
and tbat coste Bellyn tbeRamme bis tabart and also 
bis lyf, and tbe (Oulfis lignage boldetbise preuilegis 
of tbe Ihynge, and in to tbys daye tbey deuoure and 
eteBellyns lignage wbere tbat tbey mayfyndetbem: 

this debate was begonne in an euyltyme,for the pees 
coude neuer sytb be made bytwene tbemXbe kynge 
dyde forth wytb bis courted feste lengtbexijdayes 
lenger for loue of tbeJBere andtbeCdulf.soglad was 
be of tbe makyng of this pees, 
f)ow tbe kynge belde bis feeste,and bow Lapreel tbe 
Cony complaynedvntotbe kynge vpon Reynart tbe 
f oxe, capitulo xxiij/?,*? 

IO this gretefeste cam al manerof 
beestis,for tbekyngedydedo crye 
tbys feste ouer alle in tbat londe: 
tbere was tbe most joye &myrtbe 
tbat euer was seen cmong beestis, 
tber wasdaunsedmanerly tbe bo- 
uedaunce witb sbalmouse, trom- 
J pettis, & alle manerof menestral- 
syeXbe kynge dyde do ordeyne so mocbe mete tbat 
t euerycb f onde ynougb, & tber was no beest in al bis 
lande so grete ne so lytyl but be was tbere, and tber 
were many f owles & byrdes also, Hnd alle tbey tbat 
desired tbe kynges frendsbipwere tber, sailing Rey- 
nard tbe f oxe, tbe rede false pilgrym, wbicbe laye m 
a/wayte todoobarme,and tbougbte it was not good 
for bym tobe tbere. JMete & drynke flowed tbere, tber 
were playes & esbatemens, tbe f eest was fulof melo- 
dye,one mygbt baue luste to see sucbe a feeste. Hnd 
right as tbe feeste bad duredviijdayes,a/boute myd- 
day cam in tbe Cony, Lapreel, to fore the kynge where 
he satte on tbe table with tbequene, & saya al beuyly 
tbat all tbey berde bym tbat were tbere J9 JWy lorde, 
baue pyte on my com playnt, wbicbe is of grete force 
and murdre tbat Reynard tbef oxe wold baue don to 
met Tester morow as X cam rennyng by bys borugb 
fa 69 


at JVIaleperduys, be stode byfore bis dore wytboute 
lyke a pylgryme, I supposed to baue passed by bym 
be cam ayenst me,sayeng bis bedes, I salewed bym, 
but be spach not one worde, but be raugbt oute bis 
right foot, and dubbed me in tbe neche bytwene myn 
eeris tbat I bad wende I sbolde baue loste my need, 
but, God be tbanked,! was so lygbt tbatlsprange 
fro bym, Cdytb mocbe payne cam I of bis clawes : be 
grymmed as be bad ben angry by cause be belde me 
no fasterXboIescaped from bym, I loste myn one 
ere,&Ibadfoure grete boles in my beedof bissbarpe 
nayles, tbat tbe blood sprange out,&tbatIwasnybe 
al a/swoun.But for tbe grete fere of my lif Isprange 
and ran so f aste fro bym tbat be coude not ouertake 
me. See, my lord, tbyse grete woundes tbat be batb 
made tome witb bis sbarpe longe nayles:Ipray you 
to baue pite of me, & tbat ye wil punyssbe tbis false 
tray tour and morderar, or ellis sbal tber noman goo 
and comen ouer tbe betb in saef te, wbyles be baunt- 
etb bis false and sbrewde rewle* 
fiow Corbant tbe Robe complayned on tbe f oxe for 
tbe detb of bis wyf , capitulo xxiiij,*?,*? 

|Y<3fir as tbe Cony bad made an 
endof bis complaynt, cam in Cor- 
bant tbe Roeh flowen in tbe place 
to fore tbe fcynge, & saydejfrDere 
lorde, bere me,l brynge you bier a 
pietous complayntlwentetoday 
by tbe morow wy tb Sbarpebeh my 
wyf for to playe vpon tbe betb, & 
tbere layeReynart tbef oxedoun on tbegrounde lyke 
a dede fceytyf. fiys eyen stared, and bis tonge benge 

longe outof his mouth, like an bounde bad ben deed* 
<He tasted and f elte bis bely, but we f onde tberon no 
lyf : tbo wente my wyf and berkened and leyde ber ere 
tofore bis mouth, for towiste if bedrewe msbreetb, 
wbyebe mysfylle ber euyl, for tbe false f elle f oxe 
awaytedwel bis tyme,andwban be sawe ber sonygb 
bym be caugbt ber by tbe beed and boote it of, tbo 
was I in grete sorowe and cryde lowde: Hlas, alas, 
wbat is tbere happed UPCbennestode be bastely vp, 
and raugbt so couetously after me tbat for f eere of 
detb 1 trembled and flewn vpon a treetberby, &sawe 
fro f erre bow tbe false keytyf ete and slonked ber in, 
so bungerly tbat be lef te neytber flessb ne bone, no 
more but a f ewe f etbers, tbe smal f etbers be slange 
tbem in wytb tbe flessb: be was so hungry, be wolde 
wel baueeten tweyne.'Cbo wente be to bis strete: tbo 
fliewe 1 doun witb grete sorow and gadred vp tbe 
fetberis fortosbewe tbem to you here. Iwolde not 
be agayn in sucbe peryl and fere as X was tbere for a 
thousand marke of tbe fynest gold tbat euer cam 
out of Hrabye. JVly lord tbe kyng, see bier tbis pyte- 
ous werke, trrise ben tbe f etbers of Sbarpbecke my 
wyf, JAy lord, yf ye wil baue worship ye muste do 
berfore justyce,and auenge you in sucbe wiseas men 
may fere & bolde of yow, for yf ye suffre tbus youre 
sauf conduyt to be broken, ye your self sbal not goo 
peasibly in tbe bye way: for tno lordes tbat do not 
justyce and suffre tbat tbe lawebenot executed vpon 
tbe tbeeuis, morderars,and tbem tbat mysdoo, tbey 
be parteners to fore Oodof alle tbeyr mysdedesand 
trespaces, and eueryebe tbenne wylle be a lord bym 
self, Dere lorde, see wel to for to kepe your self. 




frowtbe kyngewassoreangry of tbisecomplayntes, 
capituloy yy^^ 

OBLG tbe kyng was sore meuyd 
& angry wban be bad berde tbise 
complayntes of tbc Cony and of 
tbc Rock. He was so f erdful to 
loke on tbat bis eyen glymmerd 
as fyre, be brayed as lowde as a 
bulle, in sucbe wise tbat alle tbe 
court quoke forfeercHt tbc laste 
be sayde cryen gj&By my crown e, and by tbe troutbe 
that I owe to my wyf, I sbal so awreke and auencre 
this trespaccs tbat it sbal be longe spoken of after 
tbat my sauf conduy t & my commandemen t is tbus 
broken. I was ouer nyce tbat I belcuid so lygbtly tbe 
false sbrewe: bis false flateryng specbe deceyued 
me, be tolde me be wolde go to Rome, and fro tbens 
ouer sec to tbe fioly Londe. 1 gaf bym male & pals- 
ter and madeof bym a pylgrym andwente al troutb. 
O what false touches can be: bow can be stuflfe tbe 
sleuewytb fliockesf But tbis caused my wyf, it was 
al by ber counseyl, 1 am not tbe fyrst tbat baue ben 
deceyued by wymmens counseyl, by wbicbe many a 
grete burte batb byf alien. I praye and comandealle 
them that bolde of me and desire my frendsbip, be 
tbey bere orwber someuer tbey be, tbat tbey wytb 
tbeyr counseyl and dedes belpe me tauenge tbis ouer 
grete trespaas, tbatwe andowris may abyde in hon- 
our and worship, and tbis false tbeef in shame, tbat 
be nomore trespaceayenst oursauf garde: I will my- 
sell m my persone belpe tberto al tbat 1 maye. 

(r L H 

SeGRYJVI the (Gulf and Bruyn the 
Bcrc bcrdcwcl the kynges wordes,and 
hoped wcl to be auengid on Reynard 
the f oxe, but they durstenotspekeone 
word: the kynge was so sore meuyd 
i that none durste wel speke. Htte laste 
the quene spak^Sire,pourDieu ne croyes mye toil tes 
, cboses que on vous dye et ne jures pas legierment, a 
man of worship shold not lygbtly bileue ne swere 
gretly vnto the tyme he knewe the mater clerly. Hnd 
also we ought by right here that other partye speke: 
ther ben many tnat complayneon other and ben in 
the defaute them self, Hudi alteram partem, here that 
other partye, I haue truly holden the f oxe for good, 
and vpon that that he mente no falshede I helped 
hym that I myght, but how someuer it cometh or 
gooth,is heeuyl or good,methynketh for your wor- 
ship that yesholdnot procede ayenst hym ouer bast- 
ely, that were not good ne honeste, for he may not 
escape fro you, ye maye prysone hym or slee hym, he 
musteobeye your jugementjJTCbenne saide f yrapel 
the Lupaerd: JNfly lord, me thynketh my lady here 
hath saide to you trouthe, & gyuen vow good coun- 
seyl. Do ye wel and f olowe her, and take aduyse of 
your wyse counseyl, and yf he be founden gylty 
in the trespaces that now to yow be shewd, late hym 
be sore punysshid acordyng to hys trespaces, and 
yf he come not hyther er this f este be ended and ex- 
cuse hym as he ought of right to doo, thenne doo 
as the counseyl shal aduyse yow, but and yf he were 
twyes as moche false and ylle as he is 1 wolde not 
counseylle that hesholde bedone tomore than right 
j^Isegrym the Cttulf saide : Sir f yrapal, all we agree 


to the same as f era as it plesetb my lord the kynge, 
it can not be better. But tbougb Reynart were now 
here and be cleryd bym of double so many playntes, 
yetsbold X brvngef ortbayenst bym tbat be bad f or~ 
f ayted bis lyr. But 1 wyl now be stylle and saye not, 
by cause be is not presente, and yet abouealle tbis be 
batbtolde tbe kynge of certayn tresour lyeng in Kre- 
kenpyt in Rulsterlo; tber was neuer lyed a grete les- 
yng,tberwytb be batbvs alle begyled,and batb sore 
byndred me and tbe Bere, 1 dar leye my lyf tberon 
tbat be sayd not tberof a trewe worde. ^sow robbetb 
beand steletb vpon tbe betballetbat gootb forth by 
bis bows : neuertbeles, Sir f irapel, wbat tbat plesetb 
tbe kynge and yow tbat muste wel be don, but & yf 
bewolde baue comen bytberbe mygbt baue ben bere, 
forbebad knowlecbe by tbe kynges messages jfiTCbe 
kyngesayde: Glewylnoneotnerwysesende for bym, 
but I commande alle tbem tbat owe me seruyse and 
wylle my honour & worsbippe, tbat tbey make tbem 
redy to tbewarre at tbeendeof yj dayes,all tbem tbat 
ben arcbers and baue bowes, gonnes, bombardes, 
horsemen and footemen, tbat alle tbyse be redy to 
besiege JVf aleperduys, 1 sbal destroye Reynart tbe 
f oxe yf 1 be a kynge: ye lordsand sires, wbatsaye ye 
hereto, wille ye dootbiswytb a goodwyll?j0FHnd 
tbey sayd and cryed alle: \c f we lorde, wban tbat ye 
wylle we sbal alle goo with yow. 


How ©rymbert the Dasse warned the f oxe that the 
kynge was wroth with bym and wold slee bym, capi- 

]LLB tbyse wordes bcrdc <3rym- 
^ bert the Dasse, wbyebe was bye 
S3 brother sonne: be was 9017 and 
' angry yf it might baue prouffyt- 
ed. He ranne tbenne tbe bye waye 
to JVIaleperduys/ward, be spared 
I netber bussbnebawe but be bast- 
I ed bo sore tbat be swette. Re sor- 
owed in bym self f or Reynart bis rede erne, and as be 
>wente be saide to bym self :Hlas, in what daunger be 
ye comen in : wbere sball ye become ? Sball I see you 
brought fro lyf to detbe, or elles exyled oute of tbe 
lande?TTrulylmay bewel sorouful,for ye betbebeed 
'of alle our lignage ; ye be wyse of counseyl,ye be redy 
to belpe your frendes wban tbey baue nede,ye can so 
wel sbewe your resons tbat wbere ye speke ye wynne 
i all j0 ditb sucb maner wayllyng & pvtous wordes 
cam <3rymbert to JMaleperduys,& fonoe Reynart bis 
erne there standyng, wbicbe had goten twopygeons, 
as tbey cam first out of her neste to assaye ^f tbey 
coude flee, & bicause tbe f ethers on her wyngis were 
,to sborte tbey fylle doun to the ground, and as Rey- 
nart was gon out to seche bys mete be espyed them 
and caught hem, & was comen borne with bemjj^Hnd 
whan be sawe6rymbert coming, hetaryedandsaid: 
Welcome, my best beloued neuew that 1 knowe in al 
;my kynrede,ye baue ronne f aste,ye ben al be/swette, 
baue ye ony newetydinges ?j^Hlas, said be, lyef erne, 
,it standeth euyl wytbyow,ye baue loste both lyf and 
>good, the kynge hath sworn tbat be sball gyue you 


a shameful detb, be batb commanded alle bye folke 
,witbin vj dayes for to be bere, archers, f otemen, bors- 
men, and peple in waynes, and be batb gunnes, bom- 
bardes, tentes and pauyllyons, and also be batb do 
laaden torches : see to fore yow, for ye baue nede. Ise- 
grym and Bruyn ben better now wytb tbe hynge tban 
X am wy tb yow, alle tbat tbey wille is doon : Isegrym 
batb don bym to vnderstande tbat ye be a tbeef and 
a morderar, be batb grete enuye to yow. Lapreel tbe 
Cony & Corbant tbe Roeh baue made a grete com- 
playnte also. 1 sorowe mocbe for your lyf , tbat for 
dredelam alle sefce^puf , said tbe f oxe,dere neuew, 
is tber notbmgellis ?Beye sosore af erd berof ?Make 
good cbere bardely , tbougb tbe hyn ge bym self & alle 
tbat ben m tbe court bad sworn my detb,yet sbal 1 be 
exalted aboue tbem alle, tbey maye alle faste, jangle, 
clatre, & veue counseyl, but tbe courte may not pros- 
pere wytboute me and my wyles and subtylte. 
RowReynart tbefoxe cam another time to tbe court, 

passe, & come bere in, & etc what 
1 sbal gyue you, a good payre of 
fattepygeons,! loue no mete bet- 
ter, tbey ben good to dy gest, tbey 
maye almost be swolowen in alle 
boole, the bones ben half blode,! 
etethem with that otber.I felemy 
, self other why le en com bred in my stomah, therfore 

vs frendlv, but telle her nothynof of this tbynge, for 
)sbe sholde tahe it ouer beuyly, she is tendre of herte, 
she mvgbt for fere falle in somme sehenes, a lytyl 

tbynge gootb sore to bcr berte* Hnd to morow erly I 
wil goo witb yow to tbc courte, and yf 1 may come to 
epeebe and maybe berd, I sbalsoansuere tbat 1 sbal 
toucbe some nygb ynowb. J^euew, wyl not ye stande 
bymeas a frendougbt todotoanotber?j^jes truly, 
dere erne, said Grymbert, & alle my good is at your 
commandementj^God tbanhe you, neuew, said tbe 
f oxe, tbat is wel sayd, yf 1 may lyue 1 sbal quy te it 
yowj^Gme, said ©rymbert, ye may wel come tofore 
alle tbe lordes and excuse yow, tber sbal none areste 
yow ne bolde as longe as ye bein yourwordesjjTCbe 
quene and tbe Lupaerd baue goten tbat tben, said 
tbe f oxe, tberfor I am glad, tbenne 1 carre not for 
tbe beste of tbem an beer, I sbal wel saue my self e 
jflFCbey spake nomore berof , but wente f ortr> in to 
tbe burgb, and fonde Grmelyn tbere sittyng by ber 
yonglyngs, wbicbe aroose vp anon & receyuid tbem 
frendly. ferymbert salewed bis aunte and tbe cbyl- 
dren wytb frendly wordes : tbe ij pygeons were made 
redy for tbeyr soper wbicbe Reynard bad taken, ecbe 
of tbem toke bis part as f erre as it wolde stratcbe, 
yf ecbe of bem bad bad one more tber sbolde but 
lytyl baue lefte ouerjgrCbe foxe saide: Lief neuewe, 
bow lyke ye my cbyldren Rosel & Reynerdyn ? Oey 
sbal do worship to alle our lygnage, tbey begynne 
al redy to do wel, tbat one catcbetb wel a cbyken and 
tbat otber a pullet, tbey conne wel also duke in tbe 
water after lapwyncbes and dokys. I wolde often 
sende tbem for prouande, butl wil fyrste tecbe tbem 
bow tbey sbal kepe tbem fro tbe grynnes, fro tbe 
bunters, and fro tbe boundes- Yf tbey were so f erre 
comen tbat tbey were wyse, I durste wel truste to 
tbem tbat tbey sbold wel vytayllevs in many good 




diuerses mctce tbat we now lacke, and tbey lyke and 
f olowe me wel, for tbcy playe allc grymmyng, and 
,wbere tbcy bate tbcy loke frendly & meryly, for tber 
by tbcy bryngc tbcm vnder tbeir feet and byte tbe 
tbrote asondre, tbis is tbe nature of tbe f oxe. Vbcy 
beewyftein tbeir takynge wbicbe plesetb me wet 

"JVIG, said ©rymbert, ye may be glad 
tbat ye baue sucbe wyse cbyldren, and 
I am glad of tbem also by cause tbey 
be of my kynne jiFGrvmbert, said tbe 
f oxe, ye baue swette 6. be wery , it were 
bye tyde tbat ye were at your rested 
Sine, yf it plese you, it tbynketb me goodj^TTbo 
laye tbey doun on a lytier made of straweXbe f oxe, 
ibys wyf & bys cbyldren, wentc allc to slcpe, but tbe 
)f oxc was al beuy, & laye, sigbed, and sorowed bow 
be mygbt beste excuse bym self. On tbe morow erly 
be ruymed bis castel and wente witb ©rymbert, but 
be toke leue first of dame Srmelyn bis wyf and of 
bis cbyldren,andsaydej^rbynkenot longelmuste 
goo to tbecourtwytb Grymbertmy cosyn,yf \ tarye 
somwbat be not af erde, and yf ye bere ony ylle tyd- 
yngis take it alway for tbe beste, and see wel to your 
self and kepe our castel wel I sbal doo yonder tbe 
beste I can, after tbat I see bow it gootbjflFHlas 
Reyner, said sbe, bow baue ye now tbus taken vpon 
yowfor to go to tbe courtagayn ?rbe last tymetbat 
ye were tbere, ye were in grete ieopardye of your lyf , 
and ye sayde yewold neuer come tberemorej^Dame, 
said tbe f oxe, tbauenture of tbe world is wonderly, 
it gotb otberwby le by wenyng, many onewenetb to 
baue a tbing wbicbe be muste f orgoo- 1 mustenedes 
now go tbyder, be content it is al wytboute drede. I 

hope to come at altbcr longest with in fyue dayes 
agaynj^fierewytb be departed, & wen te witb Gryrn- 
bert to tbe court/ward, and wban tbey were vpon tbe 
beetb tbenne sayde Reyner : JVeuew, sytb I was laste 
sbryuen I baue don many sbrewde tomes, I wolde 
ye wold bere me now of alle tbat X baue trespaced in* 
t made tbe Bere to baue a grete wounde for tbe male 
wbicbe was cutte outof bis skynne, and also I made 
tbe Cdulf and bis wyf to lese ber sboon.I peased tbe 
kynge witb grete lesyngis, and bare bym on bonde 
tbat tbe GCIiilf and tbe Bere wold baue betrayed bym 
& wolde baue slayn bym, so X made tbe kynge rigbt 
wrotb witb tbem, wbere tbey deseruyd it not Hlso X 
tolde to tbe kynge tbat tber was grete tresour in 
fiulsterlo, of wbicbe be was neuer tbe better ne ricbe, 
for I lyed al tbat X sayde. 1 ledde Bellyn tbe Ramme 
and Kywart tbe Rare witb me, & slewe Kyward and 
sente to tbe kyngeby Bellyn Kywarts beed in skorn. 
Hnd X dowed tbe Cony by twene bis eeris tbat almost 
X benamme bis lyf from nym, for be escaped ayenst 
my wyl, be was to me ouer swyf tXbe Roek may wel 
complayne, for X swolowed in dame Sbarpbeck bis 
wyf. Hnd also I baue f orgoten on tbyng, tbe laste 
tyme tbat I was sbreuen to you, wbicb X baue sytb 
betbougbt me, & itwas of grete deceyte tbat X dyde, 
wbicbe I now wyll telle yow. X cam wytb tbe (uulf 
sawe we goo a rede mare and sbe bad a black colte or 
a fool of iiij monetbis olde wbicb was good and 
f atte* Isegrym was almost storuen for bunger, and 
prayd me goo to tbe mare and wyte of ber yf sbe 
wold selle ber fool. X ran f aste to the mare and axed 
tbat of ber: sbe sayd sbe wold selle it for money. I 



" — li "ll I 1 ■ " 

demaundedof bcr bowebewold eellettjfiFSbeeayde: 
It is wreton in my byndre foot, yf ye conne rcdc and 
be a clerk, ye may come see and rede *^Cbo wyete I 
wel wbere ebe wold be, and 1 eatde: ]Vay for eotbe, I 
can not redeandaleo 1 deeyrenot to bye yourcbylde, 
leeorym batb eente me betber and wold f ayn hnowe 
tbe prye tberof jfiTCbe mare eatde: Late bym come 
tbennebym eelf ,and 1 ebal latebym baue knowlecbe 
j*\ eayde: 1 ebal, & baetely wente to Jeegrym and 
eatde : feme, wtl ye ete your bely f ul of tbte colte, bo 
aoo f aete to tbe mare for ebe taryetb after vow, she 
batb do wryte tbe prie of ber colte vnder ber f ote, 
ebe wolde that I ebold baue redde tt, but I can not 
one lettre wbtcbe me eore repentetb, fori wen te neuer 
to ecole- 6me, wylle ve bye tbat colte ? conne ye rede, 
eo may ye bye tt^Oy, neuew, tbat can I wel, wbat 
ebold me lette? 1 can wel f renebe, Latyn, englteeb 
and Ducbe,! baue goon toecole at Oxenford,! baue 
aleowytbolde and auncyent doctoure ben tn tbe au- 
dvence and berde pleee, and aleo baue gyuen sen- 
tence: I am lyceneyd tn botbe lawee, ttlbat maner 
wrytyng tbat ony man can deuyeelcan redettae 
eerfvabtlv ae my name, I wyljfoo to ber and 9bal 
anon vnderetonde tbe pryej?Hnd bad me to tarye 
for bvrm and be ranne to tbe mare, and axed or ber 
bow ebe wold eelle ber fool or kepe ttjj^Sbe eayde: 
€be eomme of tbe money etandetb wreton after on 
mv f otej^He eatde : Latemeredett j^Sbeeatde : Doo, 
and lyf te vp ber foot, wbtcb wae newe ebood wytb 
won and vj etronge naylee,& ebe emote bym wytb- 
olit myeeyng on rite beed tbat be fyl doun ae be bad 
ben deed, a man ebold wel baue ryden a myle er be 
arooe, €be mare trotted away wytb ber colte and ebe 


■ I M'l 


leet Isegfrym lyeng shrewdly hurt and wounded, be 
laye and bledde, and bowled as an boundj^I wente 
tbo to bym and sayde: SirYsegrym, dere emef bow 
is it now wytb yow ? Haue ye eten ynowb of tbe colte, 
is your bely ful? «Iby gyue ye me no parte, 1 dyde 
your erande ? Haue ye slepte your dyner ? 1 pray vow 
telle me wbat was wreton vnder tbe mares f ote: what 
was it, prose or ryme, metre or verse? 1 wold fayn 
knoweit. 1 troweit was cantum, f or 1 berde you syncre 
me tbougbte fro f erre, for ye were so wyse tbat no- 
man ecu* rede it : better tban yej^Hlas, Reynart, 
alas, said tbe <Uulf , I pray you to leue youre mock- 
yng. I am so foule arayed and sore burte tbat an 

berteofstonemygbtbauepyteofmeXbe bore wytb 
ber longe legge bad an yron foot,! wende tbe navies 
tberof bad ben lettres, and sbe by tte me at tbe fyrst 
stroke vj gretewoundes in my beed tbat almost it is 
clouen : sucbe maner lettres sbal 1 neuer more desire 
toredejfiFDere erne, is tbat troutbe tbat ye telle me?I 
baue berof grete meruayll,I belde you for one of tbe 
wysest clerkes tbat now lyue, now I bere wel it is true 
tbatllong sytb baue redde and berde, tbat tbe beste 
clerkes ben not tbe wysest men ; tbe laye peple otber- 
wbyle wexe wyse, Tbe cause tbat tbyse clerkes been 
not tbe wysest is tbat tbey studye soo mocbe in tbe 
connyng and science tbat tbey tberin dooiejPTlhuQ 
brought I Isegrym in tbis grete laste & barme tbat 
be vnnetb bybelde bis lyf . 



I -1 ■ 

y ef neuew,nowe baue 1 toldc you alle 
my synnes tbatlremembre,wbat soo 
euer fall at the court,! wote neuer bow 
it sbal stonde wytb me tbere,! am not 
now 90 9orc af crd for 1 am clcrc from 
j synne,! wyl gladly come to mercy and 
mevue prance by your counseyl^e^bert said: 
^b?m9pace9 ben grete^neuertbeto wbo tbat is deed 
multe abyde deed,and tberf orel wil forgyuc : ityow 
X^dre! wytb tbe fere tbat ye sbal suffre tberf ore 
t Verbal conne excuse you of tbe detbe, A bier vpon 
I wvl a99oyle you, but tbe mo9te byndre tbat ye sbal 
baue 9bal be, tbat ye9enteKywart9 beed to tbe court, 
and tbat ye blynded tbe kynge wytb s«« b * Uc ^™> 
tbat wa9 rigbt euyldoon jSFOe foxc sayde: Bitot, 
Ivef neuew,wbo tbat wylgoo tburgb tbe world,tbis 
to bere and tbat to 9ee, and tbat otber to telle, truly 
it may not clerly be done: bow 9bold ony mar iban- 
die bony but yf be lycked bisfyngres ?lam of tymes 
vexed and prycked tn my con9cyence a9 to loue food 
aboue all tbynge and myne euen crysten as my self , 

but bow wene ye tbat reson wytbin f ortbe fygbtetb 
avenst tbe outewardwyll, tban 9tondelalle stylle in 
mv 9elf tbat me tbynketblbaueloste alle my wittes, 
and wote not wbat me eyletb,! am tbenne in sucbe a 
tboucrbt.1 baue now alle lef te my synnes,&bate alle 
tbynge tbat is not good, and clymme in bis contem- 
olacion aboue bis commandements,but tbis special 
orace baue I wban I am alone: but in a sbortwbyle 
after, wban tbe world cometb in me, tbenne fynde I 
in my way so many stones,and tbe f ote spores tbat 
tbyse loos prelates and ricbe preestys goo in, tbat 1 


am an one taken agayn, tbenne cometb tbe world and 
wil bauc this, & tbeflessbe wil lyue plesantly,wbicbe 
leyetofore me so many tbinges tbatl tbennc lose all 
my goodtbougbtis and purpoos. I bere tbere synge, 
py pe, lawbe, playe, & alle myrtbe, & I bere tbat tbese 
prelates and ryebe curates precbe and saye all otber 
wyse tban tbey tbynke and doo, tbere lerne 1 to lye, 
TTbe lesynges ben moste vsed in tbe lordes courtes, 
certaynly lordes, ladyes, prestis and clerkes, maben 
most lesyngis; men dare not telle to tbe lordes now 
tbe troutne, tber is def aute, Imust flatre & lye also or 
ellis I sbold be sbette wytbout tbe dore. I naue of te 
.berde men saye troutbe and riabtf ully, & baue tbeyr 
freson made wytb a lesynofe lyfie to tbeyr purpose, & 
brougbt it in and wente tburgb by cause tbeir mater 
sbold seme tbe fayrer. tTbe lesyngeoftymes cometb 
'vnauysed and f alletb in tbe mater vnwetyngly, and 
so wban sbe is wel cladde it gotb f ortb tburgb witb 
tbat otber, 

6R€> neuew, tbus muste men now lye 
;* bere, and tbere saye sotb, flatre & men- 
ace, praye and curse, & sehe euery man 
vpon bis f eblest & wekest, wbo otber- 
wyse wyll now baunte& vsetbe world, 
I tban deuyse a lesynge in tbe fayreste 
wyse, and tbat bywymple witb kercbieuis aboute in 
sucbe wyse tbat men take it for a troutbe, be is not 
ronne away fro bis maister. Can be tbat subtylte in 
sucbe wyse tbat be stamer not in bis wordes & may 
tbenne be berde, neuew, tbis man may do wonder, be 
may were skarlet & gryse, be wynnetb in tbe spirituel 
lawe, & temporal also, and wbcre sommeuer be batb 
to doo, J^ow ben tber many false sbrewis tbat baue 
g2 83 


grete enuyetbat tbey baue 90 grete fordele,and wene 
tbat tbey connc also wel lye, and take on tbem to lye 
& to telle it f ortb, be wolde f ayn ete of tbe f atte mor- 
sellis,but be is not bileued ne berd,& many ben tber 
tbat be so plompe and f olissbe tbat whan tbey wene 
beste to prononce and sbewe tbeyr matere and con- 
clude, tbey f alle besyde and oute tberof and can not 
tbenne belpe bem self , and leue tbeyr mater wytbout 
tayl or heed, & be is a/compted for a fool and many 
mocke tbem tber with, but who can gyue to bys les- 
ynga conclusion, and prononce it without tatelyng, 
lyke as it were wreton toforebym, and tbat be can so 
blynde tbe peple tbat bys lesynge sbal better be bi- 
leuyd than tbe troutbe, tbat is tbe man. 3Qbat con- 
nyng is it to say tbe troutbtbat is good to do? Row 
lawbe tbise false subtylsbrewistbatgyue counseyl, 
tomake tbise lesynges & sette tbem f ortb, & maken 
vnrigbt goo aboue rygbt, and make billes and sette 
in tbynges tbat neuer were thought ne sayd, & tecbe 
men see thurgb their fyngres, and alle for to wynne 
money, and late their tonges to byre for tomayntene 
andstrengtbe their le9vngi9.Hlas,neuewe, this is an 
euyl connyng, of wbkne lyf, scathe, and burte may 
come tber of. 

SHtfnot buttbatotberwbilemen must 
jape, bourde,and lye in smale tbyngis, 
for who so say tb alway trou tb, be may 
not now goonowber thurgb tbe worla, 
tber ben many that playe placebo, who 
so alleway saytb troutne,8balle fynde 

* * 4 * H. X I f £_. *^ 

many lettyngis in bis way. \Am may wel lye whan it 
is nede, & after amende it by counseyl: for alle tres- 
paces tber is mercy, tber is no man soo wyse but be 

doolctb other wbyle jSf ©rymbert sayde: Cdel, dcre 
erne, what tbynge sbalyou lette? Y* knoweal tbyng 
at tbc narewest,ye sbulde brynge me bastely in dot- 
yna,your resons passen my vnderstandyng. Olbat 
nede bauc ye to sbryue you ? Ye sbulde your self by 
right be the preest,and lete me and other sheep come 
to you for to be sbryuen. Ye knowe the state of the 
world in sucbe wyse as noman may halte tof ore you 
J9<&ith sucbe maner talkynge they cam walkyng in 
to the courtXbe f oxe sorowed som what in bis berte: 
neuertbeles, be bare it out, and stry ked forth tburgb 
all tbef olke, til be cam in to the place wberetbe kynge 
bym self was,and Grymbert wasalway by tbefoxe, 
and sayde : Sine, be not af erde, and mane good cbere, 
who that is hardy thauen ture belpeth bym : oftymes 
one day is better than somtyme an hole yere Jf Cbe 
f oxe saide : JVeuew, ye saye trou the : God than ke you, 
ye comforte me wel^Hnd forth be went, and lokyd 
grymly here and there as who saitb : QJbat wylle ye, 
nere cornel? Re sawetbere many of bis kinne stand- 
ing wbicbe yonned bym but lityl good, as the Otter, 
Beuer, & otner to the nombre of x whom Ishal name 
afterward, & somme were there that loued bymXbe 
f oxe came in, and fyl doun on bis knees to fore the 
kyng,and began bis wordes,and sayde: 



RowReynart tbef oxe excused bim bif ore the hynge, 
capttulo xxvitj^^ 

OD, fro wbome notbyng may be 
bid,& aboue all tbyng is mygbty, 
saue my lord tbe fcyng, & my lady 
tbe quene, and gyue bym grace to 
knowe wbobatb rigbt &wbo batb 
wronae, for tber lyue many in tbe 
world tbat seme otberwyse oute- 
ward tban tbey be witbine. I wold 
tbat God sbewde openly euery mans mysdedes, and 
alletbeir trespaces stoden wreton in tbeyr forebedes, 
and it coste me more tban Inow saye, and tbat ye my 
lord tbe fcynge fcnewe as mocbe as I doo, bow 1 dis- 
pose me botbe erlyand late inyourseruyscandtber- 
f ore am I com play tied on of tbe euy I sbrewis, & wy tb 
lesynges am put out of your grace andconsayte,and 
wold cbarge me witb grete offends wy tbout deseru- 
yng,ayenst al rigbt, wberf ore I crye out: Rarowe, on 
tbem tbat so falsely baue belyed me and brought me 
in sucbe trouble, bow be itl bope & knowe you, botbe 
mylordandmylady,forsowyse and discrete tbat ye 
be not ledde nor bileue sucbe lesyngis,ne false talys 
outof tbe rigbt way, for ye baue not be woned to oo. 
"Cberf ore,dere lorde,! bisecbeyou to considre by your 
wysedom alle tbyn ge by rigbt and lawe, is it in deede 
or in specbe: do euery man rigbt,Idesire no better, be 
tbat is gylty and founde fawty,late bym be punys- 
sbyd:men sbal hnowe erl departeout of tbis courte 
wbo tbat I am, I can not flatre,! wyll allewey sbewe 
openly my beed. 


Row the kynoreane werd vpon Reynarfe excuse,*^ 

' 1X6 tbey that were in the palaye 
weren alle etylle, & wondred that 
the f oxe epack so etoutlyjgFOe 
kynge eayde: Ra, Reynart, bow 
wel can ye your falacye and ealu- 
tacion doon, butyourfayr wordee 
may not belpe you, I tbvnke wel 
tbat ye ebal tbie daye tor your 


wytb you but I ebal eborte your payneXbat yeloue 
vs wet tbat baue ye wel sbewde on tbe Cony and on 
Corbant tbe Roeck,yourfaleenee and your faleein- 
uencione ebal without longe taryeng make you to 
>deye. H pot may goo eo longe to water tbat at tbe 
laeteit cometb to/broken boom : I tbynke your potte 
►tbat eo of te batb deceyued ve ebal now baetly be 
broken j^Reynart wae in grete fere of tbiee wordee, 
be wold wel be bad ben at Coleyn wban be cam tbedyr. 
^benne tbougbt be: I muete ber tburgb bow tbat I 
dooj^jMy lorde tbe kynge, eeyd be, it were wel reeon 
ned to tbe detb, yet ougbt ye to bere my wordee out. 
I baue yet bere to fore tyme gyuen to you many a 
good couneeyl and prouffytable, and in my nede al~ 
wey baue byden by yow wbere otber beeetie baue 
wy ked and goon tbeyr way : yf now tbe euyl beeetie 
witb f alee matere baue to fore you wytb wronge be- 
lyed me, and 1 mygbt not cometomyn excuee, ougbt 
I not tbenne to playne? I baue to fore tbie eeen that 
X ebold be berde by fore anotber, yet mygbt tbiee 

g4 *7 

tbyngis wel cbaunge and come in tbeyr olde state, 
olde good dedes ought to be remembrid* I etc here 
many of my lygnage&frendes standing that seme 
they sette nowlytyl by me, wbicbeneuertbeles sbolde 
sore dere in tbeyr bertes, tbat ye my lord the kynge 
sbolde destroye me wrongfully* yf y* so dyoe, ye 
sbolde destroye tbe trewest seruaunt tbat yebaue in 
alle your landes* Qdbat wene ye, syr kynge, badde I 
knowen my self oylty in ony feat or broke, tbat I 
wold bauecomen betbertotbe laweemongeallemyne 
enemyes? JVay, sire, nay, not for alle tbe world of 
rede gold, for I was f re and at large: wbat nede bad 
I to do tbat? But God be thanked, X knowe myself 
clere of alle mysdedes, tbat I dar wel come openly in 
tbe lygbte, and to answere to alle tbe complayntes 
tbat ony man can saye on me* But whan (Srymbert 
brought me first thise tydyngis, tbo was 1 not wel 
plesed, but half fro my self , that I lepebere and there 
as an vnwyseman,and badlnot ben in tbecensures 
of tbe cbyrcbe X bad wytbout taryeng baue comen, 
but X wente dolynge on the beetb.and wist not wbat 
to doo for sorowe* Hnd tbenne it happed that JMer- 
eyne, myn erne, the Hpe, mette wytb me, whicbe is 
wyser in clergie than somme preest, be bath ben ad- 
uocate for the bysshop of Cameryk ix yere duryng* 
Re sawe me in this grete sorowand beuynes, & saide 
to me: Dere cosyn, me tbynketh ye ar not wel wytb 
your self, what eyletb vowe, who bath dysplesytb 
yow?TTbynae tbat touchetb cbargeougbt to begyu- 
en in knowlecbe to frendis, a triew frende is a grete 
helpe, be fyndetb ofte better counseyl than he that 
tbe charge resteth on, for who someuer is charged 
wytb maters is so beuy & acombred with them that 

of tc be can not begynne to fynde tbc remedye, for 
sucbe be so woo lyke as tbey bad loste tbeyr inwytte 
JSf\ saide: Dereeme, yesaye troutbe,f or in lykewyse 
t8 fallen to me, I am brought in to a grete beuynes 
vndeseruid and not gylty, by one to wbom I baue 
alway ben an berty & grete f rende, tbat is the Cony 
wbicne cam to me yesterday in tbe morenyng wbere 
as 1 satte to f oremy bows and sayd matyns* De told 
me be wolde goo to tbe court & salewed me frendly, 
andlbymagayn: tbo sayd be to me: Good Reynard, 
1 am an bongred and am wery, baue ye onv mete?j^ 
I saide: Y* ynowb, come nerejjTCbo gar I bym a 
cojxl of mayncbettis witb swete butter: it was vpon 
a SHednesday, on wbicbe day I am not wonte to ete 
ony flessb, and also I fasted by cause of tbis f este 
of dbitsontyd wbicbe approucbed, for wbo tbat 
wylle taste of tbe ouerest wysebede, & lyue goostly 
in kepyng tbe commaundements of our Lorde, be 
muster asteand make bynredy ayensttbebyef estes, 
et vos estote paratu Oere erne, I gaf bym f ayr wbyte 
breed witb swete butter, wberwytb a man mygbtwel 
be easid tbat w ere mocbe bongry* 

JVDwban be bade ten bisbely f ulle, tbo 
cam Russel my yongest sone & wold 
baue taken away tbat was lef te, for 
yonge cbyldren woldalway f ayne eten, 
andwitbtbat be tasted for to baue ta- 
ken somwbatXbeCony smote Rus- 
sel to f orebys mou tbe tbat bys teetb bledde and fyl 
Idoun balf a/swoun. dban Reynardyn myn eldest 
sone sawe tbat, be sprange to tbe Cony and caugbt 
'bym by tbe beed, & sbold baue slayn bym bad I not 
reskowed bym*Ibelpe bym tbat be wente from bym, 





and bctc my cbylde sore tberf ore. Lapreel tbc Cony 
ran to my lord tbc kyng, & saide, 1 wold baue mur- 
drcd bym. Sec, Cme, thus come I in tbe wordes, and 
t am leyde in tbe blame, and yet be complaynetb and 
1 playne not.Hf ter tbis cam Corbant tbe Roek fleyn 
wy tb a sorouf ul noyse. I asked wbat bym ey led, and 
be said: Hlas, my wyf is dzzd t yonder lyetb a dzdz 
bare full of matnes and wormes, and tbere sbe ete 
so mocbe tberof tbat tbe wormes baue byten a/two 
ber tbrote. 1 axed bym bow cometb tbat by, be wold 
not speke a worde more but flewe bis waye and lete 
me stande :now saitb be tbat I baue byten and slayn 
ber* Row sboldIcomesonygbber,for sbe fieetb and 
I goo a/fote? Bebolde, dere erne, tbus am I bom an 
bonde. 1 may say wel tbat 1 am vnbappy, but para- 
uenture it is for myn olde synnes, bit were good for 
me yf 1 coude patiently sufrre it^XTbe Hpesaide to 
and excuseyowj^Hlas, erne, tbat may not be,fortbe 
arcbedeken batb put me in tbepope's curse by cause 
I counseylled Ysegrym tbe Cuulr for to leue bis re- 
ligyon at Glmare and forsake bis babyte. He com- 
playned to me tbat be lyuyd so stray tly, as in longe 
fastyng& many tbyngisredyng and synoyng,tbat 
be coude not endureit,yf be sbold longeabyde tbere 
be sbold deye.X bad pyte of bis complaynyng and I 
belpe bym asatrewe frende tbat be camoute,wbicbe 
nowmesorerepentetb,forbelabouretb al tbatbecan 
ayenst me to tbe kyngef or todo me be banged : tbus 
dotb be euy I for good See, erne, tbus am tat tbe ende 
of my wy ttes & of counsey l,f or Imuste goo to Rome 
for an absolucion,and tbenne sbal my wyf andcbyl- 
dren suffre mocbe barme and blame, for tbise euyl 


beetis that barm me sbulle do to bem alle tbe burte 
they may e,andfordryue them wber they can, &l wold 
wel def ende bem yf I were fre of tbe curse, for tbenne 
woldlgoo to tbe court & excuse me, wbere now 1 dar 
peple, 1 am aferde God sbolde plagbe mej^JVay, 
cosyn, benot af erd, er 1 sbold suflrre you in this sor- 
ow, 1 knowe tbe way to Rome wel, 1 vnderstande me 
on this werke,! am called tber Mertyne tbe bissbops 
clerke, and am wel by knowen tr>ere. t sbal do sy te tbe 
arcbedeken & take a plee ayenst bym, & sbal brynge 
with me for you an absolution ayenst bis wil, fori 
bnowe tbere alle tbat is for to be doon or lef te, tbere 
dwelletb Symon myn eme,wbicbeis grete&mygbty 
tber is prentout, (Oayte Scathe, and other of my 
frendis and alyes, also 1 sbal take some money witn 
me yf 1 nede ony ; tbe preyer is wytb yeftes hardy, 
wytb money alleway tne right gotb forth; a trewe 
frendeshal for bis rrende auentureboth lyf &good, 
and so sbal 1 for you in your right 

HOS YNt make good cfcere, 1 shall not 
rest after to morow till come to Rome, 
and 1 shall soly cy te your maters : and 
goo ye to the court as sone as ye may, 
all your misdedes and tbosynnes that 
m^la baue brought you in tbegrete sentence 
!& curse,! make you quyte or them & take them in my 
self. Qlban ye come to the court ye shall fynde there 
Rukenawe my wyf ,her twosusters and my thre chil- 
dren and many moof our lygnage.Dere cosyn,speke 
to them bardely,my wyf bis sondrely wyse,and wyl 
gladly do somewhat for her frendis; who tbat hath 



ncdc of bclpc sbal fynde on bcr grete frendsbip,one 
sbal alway seke on bys frendis tbougb be bauc an- 
gred tbeym, for blood muste krepe where it can not 
goo ; andyf so be tbat ye be so ouer cbargyd tbat ye 
may baue norigbt, tbenne sende to me by nygbt and 
day to tbe court of Rome, & late me baue knowlecbe 
tberof ,and alle tbo tbat ben in tbe lande,is it kynae 
or quene, wyf or man,I sballe brynge tbem all in tbe 
popes curse, & sende there an interdicte tbat noman 
shall rede ne syngen, ne crystene cbyldren, ne burye 
tbe deede,ne receyue sacrament, tyl that ye sbal baue 
good rygbt. Cosyn, tbis sbalIwelgete,ror tbe pope 
is so sore olde tbat be is but lytil sette by, & tbe car- 
dynal of pure gold batb alle tbe mygbt of tbe court, 
be is yonge & grete of frendis. Re batb a concubyne 
wbom be mocbe louetb, and wbat sbe desyretb that 
getetb sbe anone* See cosyn, sbe is myn nece, and I 
am grete and may doo mocbe witb ber,in sucbe wyse 
tberin : wberf ore, cosyn, byd my lord tbe kynge tbat 
bedooyou rigbt,Iwote wel be wil not wame you,f or 
tberignt is beuy ^ynou <jb to euery man.^ JMy lord tbe 
kyng,wbanl Mwe tbisllawbed,&wytb grete alad- 
nes cam betber,and baue told you all tbe troutbe;yf 
tber be ony in tbis court tbat can leye on me ony otber 
mater wy tb good witnesse, & preue it as ougbt to be 
to anoble man, late me tbenne make amendes, acord- 
yng to tbe lawe, andif be wil not leue of berbi, tbenne 
sette me day and f eld,andlsbal make good on bym 
al so f erre as be be of as good birtbe as 1 am,anct to 
me ly ke, & wbo tbat can witb fygbtynof gete tbe wor- 
ship of tbe f elde late bym baue it. Cbis rygbt batb 
standen yet betberto, &I wil not it sbolde be broken 


by me : the lawe and right dotb noman wrongj^Hlle 
the beestis both pourc andriebe were alle stylle wban 
tbe f oxe 9pak soo stoutly, tbe Cony Laprel and tbe 
Roek were 90 sore aferde tbat tbey durste not speke, 
but pvked and stryked tbem out of tbe court botbe 
two, a, wban tbey were a/room f er in tbe playne tbey 
sayde: (3od graunte tbat tbis felle murderare maye 
fare euylf be can bywrappe and couere bis falsebede 
tbat bis wordes seme as trewe as tbe Gospel Rerof 
knowetb noman tban we, bow sbold we brynge wyt- 
nesse? It is better tbat we wyke and departe tban we 
sbolde bolde a f elde and fygbte wytb bym, be is so 
sbrewde,ye, tbaugb tber of vs were fyue we coude not 
def ende vs but tbat be sbold sle vs alle. 

JSSeeRYM tbe CCIulf and Bruyn tbe 
Bere were woo in bem self e wban tbey 
sawe tbyse tweyne rume tbe courtejflF 
Cbc kynge sayd:Yf ony man wil com- 
playne, late bim come f ortb & we sball 
_nere bym, yesterdaye camen bere soo 
many, wbere ben tbey nowe Reynart is bere? J& Tlbz 
,foxesayde: )My lord, tber ben many tbat complayne, 
tbat and yf tbey sawe tbeir aduersarye tbey wold be 
! sty lie & make no playnte: witnes now of Laprel tbe 
Cony & Corbant tbe Roek, wbicbe baue complayned 
on metoyow in mv absence, but now tbatlam comen 
in your presence tney flee away and dar not abyde by 
tbeyr wordes. Y^ m *n sbold byleue false sbrewes,it 
sbold do mocbe barme & burte to tbe good men, as 
for me it skylletb not: neuertbeles, my lord,yf tbey 
bad by your commandment axed of me forgyfnes, 
bow be it tbey baue gretlv trespaced,yet I badd for 
your sake pardoned and rorgyue tbem, for I wil not 



' -.-. 


be out of cbarite,ne bate ne complayne on myne ene- 
Jmyes, but 1 sette alle tbyng in Goddes band, be sbal 
>werke and auenge it as it plesytb bym. 

R6 kynge sayde: Reynart,me tbynk- 
etbye be greuyd as ye saye, are ye witb- 
inf ortb as ye seme outward ? jNay,it is 
not so cleerne so open, nowber nygbe, 
as ye bere baue sbewed, 1 muste saye 
wbat my cjrief is wbicb towebetb your 
worsbyp and lyf , tbat is to wete, tbat ye baue don a 
f oule and sbamef ul trespaas,wban Ibad pardonned 
iyou alle your offends and tresparis, & ye promysed 
to goo ouer tbe see on pylaremage, and gafe to you 
male and staf , and after tbis ye sente me by Bellyn 
tbe Ramme tbe male agayn, & tberyn Kywarts beed, 
Dow mygbt ye do a more reprouable trespaas ? Dow 
were ye so bardy to dare to medoo sucbe a sbame: is 
it not euyl don to sendetbalorde bis seruants beed? 
Ye can not saye nay bere against, for Bellyn tbe Ram 
wbicbe was our cbapelayn, tolde vs al tbe mater bow 
it bapped, sucbe reward as be bad wban be brought 
vs tbe message, tbe same sbal ye baue or rigbt sbal 
f ayllej^Cbo was Reynart so sore af erd tbat be wist 
not wbat to saye, be was at bis wittes ende, and loked 
aboute bym pytously, and sawe many of bys kyn & 
alyes tbat berde alle tbis but nougbt tbey sayde, be 
was alle pale in bis visage, but noman prof erd bym 
band nefote to belpe bym j&'Cbc kinae said: TIbou 
subtil f elaw and f als snrewe, wby spekest tbou not, 
nowdombe?X3befoxe stodein gretedrede,&sigbed 
sore tbat alle berde bym, but tbe SCTulf and tbe Bere 
were glad berof ♦ 


ftowdame Rukcnawe answerd for tbe foxe to the 
kynge, capitulo XXXX&& 

HJYie Rukenawe tbc Sbe/Hpe, 
Reynartsaunte,wasnotwel ples- 
yd, sbe was grcte wytb tbc quene 
and wel belouyd: bit bappedwel 
for tbc foxc tbat sbe was tbere, 
for sbcvndcrstodc allewysedom, 
and sbedurste wcl speke wbere as 
itto doo was; wberc euer sbe came 
euericb was glad of bcrjfiFSbe sayde: JMy lord tbc 
kyng,ye ougbtnot to be angry wban yesyttc injuge- 
ment, for tbat becomctb not your noblesse* H man 
tbat syttetb in jugement ougbt to put fro bym atle 
wratb and angre* n lorde ouabt to baue dyscrescion 
tbat sbold sytte in justisct know better tbe poyntes 
of tbe lawetban somme tbat were furred gownes,for 
I baue lemed many of tbcm and was made connyng 
in tbe lawe. I bad in tbe popes palays of Cdoerden 
a good beddeof beye, wbereotber beestes laye on tbe 
bard grounde, ana also wban 1 bad tbere to doo I 
was suffred to speke and was bere toforeanotber by 
cause I knewe so wel tbe lawe, Seneca wrytetb tbat a 
lorde sbal oueral doo rigbt and lawe, be sbal cbarge 
none towbomebebatb gyuen bis sauf garde to aboue 
tbe rigbt and lawe; tbe lawe ougbt not to balte for 
noman, and euery man tbat stondetb bere wolde wel 
betbynke bym wr>at be batb doon and bydryuen in 
bis dayes, be sbolde tbe better baue pacience & py te 
on Reynart* Late euery man knowe bym self, tbat is 
my counseyl: tber is none tbat stondetb so surely 
but otberwbyle be falletborslydetb, (Obo tbat neuer 
mysdede ne synned is boly and good, and batb no 



ncdc to amende bym; whan a man dotb amps, and 
tbenne by counseyl amendetb it, tbat is bumaynly 
and 80 ought be to doo ; but alway to mysdoo and 
trespace, and not to amende b^m, tbat ye euyl and a 
deuely lyf ♦ JMerke tbenne wbat is wretyn in the Gos- 
pel, Gstote misericordes, be ye mercyrul : yet stand- 
etb tber more, JVolite indicare et non inoicabimini, 
deme ye noman & ye sbal not be demed ; tber stand- 
etb also bow tbe Pharisees brought a woman taken 
in aduoultrye, & wold baue atoned her to detb, they 
axed our Lord wbat be said tberto, be said : <flbo of 
yowalleis witboutesynne late bym caste tbe fyrst 
stone, tb oabode noman butlef tebertberestondynqf* 
"^ie tbynketb it is so bym: tber be many 
tbat see a strawe in an others ye, tbat 
can notseea balkein bisowne: tber be 
many tbat deme otber and bym self is 
worst of alle* XTbaugb one falle of te, 
and at laste arysetb vp and cometb to 
mercy, be is not tberof dampned, God receyuetb alle 
tbem tbat desyrebys mercy: latenoman condampne 
'another tbougb tbey wyste tbat be bad don amys, 
>yet late tbem see tbeyr owne defawtes and tbenne 
may tbey tbem self correcte fyrst, and tbenne Rey- 
nert my cosyn sbold not fare tbe werse, for bis f adre 
and bis graunf adre baue alway ben in more loue and 
reputacion in tbis court tban Xsegrym tbe^dulf or 
Bruyn tbe Bere witb al tbeyr frendis and lignage- 
Hit batb ben bere to fore an vnlyke comparison, tbe 
wysedom of Reynart my cosyn and tbe honour and 
worship of bym tbat be bath doon,and tbecounseyl 
of them, for tbey knowe not how tbe world gootb. 
Me tbynketh tbis court isal tomedvpsodoon,tbise 

false sbrewes, flaterers and deceyuours, arise and 
wexe grete by the lordes and ben enbaunsed vp, and 
tbe good, trtewe, & wyse ben put doun, f or they baue 
ben woned to counseylle truly & for tbonour of tbe 
kyng. 1 can not eee bow tbis may stonde longej^ 
cbenne said tbe hynge:Dame, yf be bad don to yow 
sucbe trespaas as be batb don to other, it sbold re- 
pente yow. Is it wonder tbat 1 bate bym ? be brehetb 
alway my sauf garde* Raue ye not berde tbe com- 
playntes tbat bere baue ben sbewde of bym of mur- 
dre,of tbeef te,andof treson ? F)aue ye sucbe trust in 
bym,tbynheyetbat beistbus good and cleer?tbenne 
sette bym vpon tbeawterandworsbipeand praye to 
bym as to a saynte* But tberisnone in alletbeworld 
tbat can saye ony good of bym, ye may save mocbe 
for bym, but in tnende ye sbal fynde bym al nought, 
be batb netber fryn, ne wyn, ne frende, tbat wylle en- 
treprise to belpe bym, be batb so deseruyd* 1 baue 
grete meruaylle of yow, 1 berde neuer of none tbat 
batb f elawsbippid witb bym tbat euertbanhedbym, 
or said ony goodof bym, sauf you now, but alway be 
batb stryhed bem witb bis taylj^be Sbe/Hpe an- 
suerd & said : JVIy lord,! loue bym & baue bym in grete 
cbierte,and also 1 knowe agood dede tbat beones in 
your presencedydewberof yecoudebym gretetbanh: 
tbougb now it be tbus tomed, yet sbal tbe beuyest 
weye moste, H man sbal loue bis frende by mesure, 
andnot bis enemye bate ouermocbe : stedf astnes and 
constaunceisfyttyng&bebouetb to tbelordes,bow 
someuer tbe world tornetb. Cde ought not preyse to 
mocbe tbe daye tyl euen be come: good counseyl is 
good for bym tbat wil doo tber af ten 



H parable of a JWan that delyuerd a Serpent fro peryl 
of detb, capitulo xxx&& 

OCCl two yere passed cam a JVIan 
and a Serpent here in to this court 
for to baue jugement,wbicbe was 
toyow&youres rigbt doubteful. 
XTbe Serpente stode in an bedebe, 
wbere as be supposed to baue gon 
tborugb,but be was caugbte tn a 
snare by tbe neche, tbat be mygbt 

not escape without belpe, but sbuld baue lost bis lyf 
tbereXbeJMan camfortb by,& tbe Serpent called to 
bym, & cryde and prayd tbe man tbat be wolde belpe 
bym out of tb e snare, or elite be muste tbere dye. 
S^"E25§|r)€ JVIan bad pyte of bym and sayde: 
^vjT^fe Y* 2 t ^ ou promyse to me tbat tbou wilt 
f Aa^y/S fl notenuenyme me,nedome none barme 
ne burte,t sballe belpe tbe out of tbys 
peryll J& tbe Serpente was redye, and 
swore agrete otbetbat be nowne neuer 
sbolde doo bym barme ne burteXbenne be vnlosed 
bym and delyuerd bym out of tbe snare, and wente 
fortb to gydre a good wbyle, tbat tbe Serpente bad 
grete bon gre, for be bad not eten a grete wbile to fore, 
andsterteto tbe JVIan andwold baue slayn bymXbe 
JVIan sterte awaye, and was a/ferde and saide: Cdilte 
tbou now slee me? Hast tbou forgoten tbe otb tbat 
tbou madest to me, tbat tbou sboldest not mysdoo 
ne burte me?jj?0>e Serpent answerd:! maye doo it 
good to fore al tbe world tbat Idoo, tbe nede of bon- 
gre may cause a man to breke bys otbcjP TLbz JVIan 
sayde: \f it may be not bettre, gyue me so longe re- 

spyte tyl we mete and fyndetbat may juge tbe mater 
by right JSF Hbe Serpen tegraun ted tnerto, thus tbey 
wente to gydre so longetbat tbey fonde^Tyselyn tbe 
Rauen ana Slyndpere bye sone: there rebersed they 
tbeyr resons* tiselyn tbe Rauen juged anon that be 
sboldete tbe JVIan : be wold fayn baueeten bis parted 
bye eone alsoj^Ube Serpent said to the JVIan : Row 
is it nowe?jSF<nbattbynReye, baueInotwonne?Hbe 
JVIan saide: Row sbolde a robber juge tbis,be sbold 
baue auay le tberby , and also be is allone, tber muste 
be two or tbre atte leste to gydre, and tbat tbey vn- 
derstande tbe right and lawe: & tbat done, late tbe 
sentence gon,IamneuertbelesylonynougbjjTCbey 
agreed and wente forth botbe to gydre, soo longe 
that tbey f onde tbe Beer & tbe Glulf, to whom tbey 
tolde tbeyr mater, and tbey anon juged tbat tbe Ser- 
pent sbold sle tbe JVIan, for tbe nedeof bongre brefc- 
ctb otb alway* Xihz JVIan tbenne was in grete doubte 
and fere, and tbe Serpente cam and cast hys venym 
at bym,but tbe JVIan lepea/way from hym with grete 
payne, and sayd: Y* doo grete wronge tbat ye thus 
lye in a/wayte to slee me, ye baue no right tbertoj^ 
£be Serpent sayde: Is it not ynougb yet? bit bath 
ben twyes jugedjfi?Ye, said tbe JVIan, tbat is of them 
tbat ben wonte to murdre and robbe, alle tbat euer 
tbey swere and promyse tbey bolde not, butlappele 
tbis mater in to tbe court to fore our lord tbe fcynge, 
and tbat tbou mayst not forsake, & wbat jugement 
tbat sbal be gyuen there 1 sbal obeye and suffre and 
neuer do tbe contrarye. 



ne Bere and tbc (dulf sayden that it 
sbold be so&tbat tbeSerpent desired 
no better: tbey supposed yf it sbolde 
come to fore yow it sbold goo tbere as 
- berof Xbo cam tbey alleto tbc : court to 
> fore vow,&tbeSCIulue8 two cbyldren camwttb tbeyr 
fader wbicbe were callyd 6mpty/Bely & Neuovf ull 
by cause tbey wold ete of tbe man, for tbey bowlyd 
for arete bongre, wberf ore ye commaunded tbem to 
>auoyde your court^Cbe JVIan stode in grete drede, 
and called vpon your good grace,and tolde bow tbe 
Serpentwolde baue taken bis lyf from btm, to wbom 
be bad sauyd bis lyf, & tbat aboue bis otb and pro- 
Wse be wolde baue deuoured bym jSTCbe Serpente 
answerd:! baue not trespaced,and tbatlreporte me 
>booly on tbe kyng, for X dyde it to saue my lyf: for 
nede of lyf one maye breke bis otb & promysej^My 
lorde, tbat tyme were ye and alle your counseyl bere 
wvtb acombryd, for your noble grace save tbe grete 
sorow of tbe JVIan, &ye wold not tbat tbeJVIan sbold 
for bis gentilnes and kindenes be juged to detb,and 
on tbat otber sytbe bongre and nede to saue tbe lyf 
seketb narowly to be bolpen : bier was none tn al tbe 
court tbat coude ne knewetbe rigbt bierof Xber were 
sommetbat wolde f ayn tbeJVIan bad be bolpen,Isee 
tbem bier stondyng,! wote wel tbey sayde tbat tbey 
coude not ende tbis materXbenne commaunded ye 
tbatReynardmy neuew sbold come andsaye ms ad- 
uys in tbis mater, tbat tyme was be aboue alle otber 
byleuyd and berd in tbe court, and ye bad bym gyue 

sentence acordyng to the best right, andwe alle sbal 
f olowe bym, for be knewetbe grounde of tbe lawejfiF 
Reynard saide: JVIy lord, it is not possible to yeue a 
trewe sentence aftertbevr wordes,for in bere sayeng 
ben of te lesynges, but & yf I mygbt see tbe Serpent 
in tbe same paryl and nede tbat fie was in whan tbe 
JVlan loosed bim &vnbonde, tbenne wystelwelwbat 
I sbolde saye, and who tbat wolde doo otherwise be 
sbold mysdoo aga^n right J? ITbenne sayd ye: JVIy 
lord Reynard, that is wel sayd, we alle acorde berto, 
for noman can saye better jfiFXTbenne wente tbeJMan 
and the Serpent in to tbe place wher as be f onde the 
Serpent Reynart bad tbat tbe Serpent sbold be sette 
in the snare in lyke wyse as he was, and it was don JP 
'Cbenne sayd ye: JMy lord Reynart, how tbynketh ye 
now, what juaementsbal we gyue? JSf tTbenne sayd 
Reynart tbe f oxe: JMy lord, now ben they botbe lyke 
as they wer tof ore, they haue neytber wonne ne loste* 
See, my lord, how I juge for a rygbt al so f erre as it 
sbal plese your noble grace,yf tbe JVlan wilnow pose 
and vnbynde the Serpent vpon tbe promyse and otb 
that he to fore made to bim, he may wel doo it: but if 
be thynke tbat be for ony tbynge sbold be emcom- 
bryd or byndred by the Serpent, or for nede of bon~ 
gre wold brefce bis otb & promyse, tbenne jugel tbat 
the JVlan may go frely where be wyl,and late tbe Ser- 
pen te abyde stylle bounden,lyfce as bemyghte haue 
don at the begynnyng,for be wolde haue broken bis 
otb and promyse, where as he belpe hym out of suche 
tbat the JVlan sbal haue hys free cboys lyfce as he to 
fore badde* 



good, and alle your counseyl wbicbe at 
tbat tyme were by you, & rolowed tbe 
same, & preysed Reynardis wysedom 
tbat be bad made tbe JVIan quyte and 
-free: tbus tbe foxe wysely kepte your 
noble bonour and worship, as a triewe seruaunt is 
bounde to do to bis lord ftlber batb tbeBeer or tbe 
Qlulf do euer to yow so mocbe worship ? vbey conne 
1 wel buylen and blasen, stele and robbe, and ete fatte 
»morseUis, and fylle tbeyr belyes, &tbenne iuofe tbey 
k f orrigbt & lawe tbat smale tneuis tbat stele bennys 
& cbekynes sbold be banged, but tbey bem self tbat 
stelen kyen, oxen & borses, tbey sbal goo quyte and 
>be lordes, and seme as tbougb tbey were wyser than 
Salamon, Huycene or Hristotiles, Hnd ecbe wil be 
bolden bye, proud, and preised of grete dedes and 
hardy. But and tbey come wbere as it is to doo tbey 
ben tbe firste tbat flee, tbenne muste tbe symple goo 
)f ortb to fore and tbey kepe tbe rereward bebynde. 
"ICR, my Lord, tbese and otber lyke to 
tbem be not wyse, but tbey destroye 
towne, castel, landed peple, tbey retcbe 
not wbos bows brennetb so tbat tbey 
may warmetbem by tbe coles, tbey seke 
J alle tbeyr owne auayll&synauler prof- 
>fyte, But Reynart tbe f oxe and alle bis frendis and 
lycniage sorowen and tbynke to pref erre tbe bonour, 
worship, fordeel and proffyte,of tbeyr lord, and for 
] wise counseyl wbicbe of temore proufrytetb here tban 
pryde and boost, tbis dotb Reynard tbaugbbebaue 
s no tbanke, Htte longe it sbal be wel knowen who is 
'beste and dotb moste prouffytJVIy lord, ye saye tbat 

bis hynneandlignagedraweal afterward from bym, 
and stonde not by bym for bis falsbede and decey- 
uablc and subtyl toucbis,Iwoldean otbcr bad sayde 
tbat, tbcr sbolde tbcnnc sucbewrahe be taken tberof 
tbat bym mygbt growle tbat euer besawe bym* But, 
my lord, we wy I forbere you, ye maye saye your play- 
sir, and also t saye it not by yow were tbere ony tbat 
wolde bedryueony tbyng ayenst yow witb wordes or 
wytb werhes bym wolde we soo doo to, tbat men 
sbold saye we bad ben tbere: tber as fygbtyng is we 
ben not woned to be aferd* JVfly lorde, by your leue I 
may wel gyue you hnowelecbe of Reynardis frendis 
ana bynne, tber ben many of tbem that for bis sake 
and loue wille auenture lyf and good*! hnowmy self 
for one, 1 am a wyf , I sbold yf be bad nede sette my 
lyf and good for bym, also 1 baue tbre f ubwaxen 
children, wbicb ben bardyandstronofe,wbomlwold 
alleto gydreauentureforbis loue rather tban I sbold 
see bym destroyed, yet bad I leuer dye tban t sawe 
tbem myscarye to fore myn eyen, so wel loue I bym* 
Olbicbe ben frendes and kyrine vnto Reynard tbe 
fox, capitulo xxxj&& 

RS fyrste cbylde is named Byte- 
luys,wbicbeis mocbe cberyssbyd 
and can make mocbe sporte and 
game, wberf ore is gyuen to bym 
tbe fatte trencbours and mocbe 
other good mete, wbiche cometb 
wel to prouffytof fulrompehys 
brother, & also my tbyrde cbylde 
is a dougbter&is named fiatenettcsbecan wel pyke 
ecbe other try ew, wberf ore I loue tbem^OameRu- 


kenawe called bem forth and sayd : Welcome my dm 
cby Idren to me, forth & stande by Reynard, your dere 
neuewf j^TTbenne sayd she: Come fortb,alle ye that 
ben of my kynne & Reynarts, & late vs pray e the kyng 
that he wille doo to Reynart rygbt of the lande^ 
TTbo cam forth many a beest anon, as the Squyrel, 
the Musebont, the fy chews, the JMartron, the Beuer, 
wytb bis wyf Ordegale, the Genete, the Ostrole, the 
Boussyng, and the f yret, tbyse tweyne ete as f ayne 
polay I as doth Reynart, the Oter and pan tecroet bis 
wyf whom 1 had almoste f orgoten, yet were they to 
fore, wytb the Beuer, enemyes to the f oxe, but they 
durst not gaynsaye dame Rukenawe, for they were 
af erd of her, she was also the wysest of al bis kynne 
of counseyl,and was moste doubtedXber cam also 
mo than xx other by cause of her, for to stande by 
Reynard, tber cam also dame Htrote with her u sus- 
ters,tbe Cdesel,and Hermell the Hsse, the Backe, the 
Cdatreratte,&manymoo to tbenombreof xl,wbiche 
alle camen and stoden by Reynard the f oxe. 

**¥ lord the kyn g, saide Ru kenawe, come 

& see bier yf Reynart baue ony frendis, 

here may ye seewe ben your trewesub- 

gettis, whicbe for yow wold auenture 

* botfc lyf & goodif yebadnede: though 

3ye bebardy,mygbtyandstronge,oure 

welwyllyd friendship can not hurte you. Late Rey- 
nard the foxe wel betbynke hym vpon tbise maters 
that ye baue leyd ayenst hym, and yf be can not ex- 
cuse hym, tbenne do hym right, we desire no better, 
and this by right ought to noman be wamedj^Cbe 
quene tbenne spack : €bis saide 1 to hym yesterday, 
but be was so fyers and angry that he wold not here 

\tJPCbz Lupaerd saide also: Syre, ye may Juge no 
fcrtbcr than your men gyue tbeyrverdyte,foryf ye 
wold joo forth by wyl and mygbte, tnat were not 
worshipful for your estate: here allewaye botbe par- 
tyes, and tbenne by tbe beste and wysest counseyl 
gyue jugementdiscrettyaccordyngtotbebeste right 
jisTCbe hyngesayde: Cbis is al trewe, but I was so 
sore meuyd wban 1 was enf ormed of Kywarts deth 
and sawe his heed that I was boot and hasty. I sbal 
here tbe f oxe: can beanswereand excuse bym of that 
is leyd ayenst bym, I sbal a ladly late bym gooquyte, 
and also atte requeste of Bis good frendis & Hynne 
jlPReynart was glad of this wordis and tbougbte: 
God tbanke myn aunte, she bath tberys doo blosme 
agayn, sbe batb well bolpen me fortbe nowe. I baue 
now a good foot to daunse on. I sbal now loke out 
of myne even, and bryngefortb tbe fayrest lesyngis 
tbat euer man berde,and brynge my self out of this 

How tbef oxe with subtylte excused bim for tbedetb 
of Kywart tbe Rare & of alle other maters tbat were 
levde ayenst bym, & bow wytb flateryng gate agayn 
bts pees of tbe kynge, capitulo xxxij^^ * 

ne]V]Ve spak Reynart tbe foxe 
and saide jSFHlas, what save ye, is 
Kywart ded,& where is Bellyn tbe 
Ramme, what brougbte he to yow 
wban be cam agayn, fori delyuerd 
to bym tbre iewellis ? I wold f ayn 
hnowe where tbeye ben be comen, 
that one of them sbolde he baue 
gyuen to yow, my lord tbe kyng,& tbe other ij to my 
lady the quene j^Cbe hynge saide: Bellyn brought 


to f ore?wberof I toke on bym wrake. Imade bvm to 
lose bis Ivf , for tbc f oule kaytyf said to me tbat be 
bvm eelf was of tbe counseyl of tbe lettres makyng 
tbat were in tbe male j^Hlas, my lorde, is tbys very 
troutbe? (Goto me kaytyf tbat euer I was born,sttb 
tbat tbtse good jewellis be tbus lostt JYIyn berte wtl 
breke for sorowejam sory tbatlnowe ^^t 
sbal my wyf sate wban sbe beretb berof\sbe sbal go 
out of ber wytte for sorow. I sbal neuer, al so lonae 
as I lyue, baue ber frendsbtp, sbesbaU make mocbe 
sorowe wban sbe beretb tberof j^beSbe/Hpe said: 
Revnard,dere neuew, wbat prouffytetb tbat ye mafce 
at tbis sorowe?Late it passe,and telle vs wbat tbise 
iewellvs were, parauenture we sballe fynde counseyl 
to baue tbem agayn yf tbev be aboue ertbe, . Mmmr 
Hkervn sbal laboure for tbem in bis bookts,& also 
we shall curse for tbem in al cbircbys vnto tbe tyme 
tbat we baue knowelecbe wbere tbey benXbey maye 
not be loste jff Nay, aunte, tbynke not tbat,for tbey 
tbat bauetbem wylnot lightly departe fro tbem, tber 
was neuer kynge tbat euer gaf soo ryebe jewellys as 
tbvse be- Neuertbeles,ye baue somewhat wytb your 
wordes easyd myn berte and made it lighter than 
it was. Hlas, loo bere ye may see bow be or tbey to 
wbome aman trustetbmoost is ofte by bym or tbem 

& my lyf in auenture sette tberf ore,Isbal wyte wber 
tbise jewellis ben becomen. 


YXTHB a dissymylyd and sorouf ull 
^ yowtbise jewellis wbat tbey were, and 
tbenne may ye saye tbatl baue a grete 
lease. "Cbat one of tbem was a rynge 

of fyn gold, & witbin tbe rynge next tbe fyngre were 
wretonlettres enameld witb eable and asure, and tber 
were tbre Hebrews names tbeimlcoude not my self 
rede ne spelle tbem, for I vnderstonde not tbat lan- 
gage* But JVIaister Hbrion of Oyer be is a wyse man, 
bevnderstandetb welalmanerof langagesand tbe 
vertue of alle maner berbes, and tber is no beest so 
tiers ne stronge but be can dompte bym, for yf be see 
bym ones be sbal doo as bee wyl,and yet be bileuetb 
not on Cod, be is a^ewe, tbe wysest in connyng, and 
specially be knowetb tbe vertue of stones* I sbewde 
bym ones tbis rynge,be saidetbat tbey were tbo tbre 
names tbat Setb brought oute of paradys wban be 
brought to bis fadreHdam tbe oyle of mercy, & wbo 
someuerberetb on bim tbis tbre names be sbalneuer 
be burte by tbondre,be lygbtnyng,ne nowitcbecraft 
sbal baue power ouer bim,ne be tempted to do synne, 
and also be sbal neuer take barm by colde tbaugb be 
laye tbe wynters longe nygbtis in tbe f eelde, tbaugb 
it snowed, stormed, or rrore neuer so sore, so grete 
mygbt baue tbise wordes,witnes of JWaisterHbrion. 
Cuitbougbt f ortb on tbe rynge stode a stone of tbre 
maner colours, tbe one part was lyjke rede cristalle & 
sboon lyhe as fyre bad ben tberin, in sucbe wyse tbat 
if one wolde goo by nygbt bym beboued none otber 
ligbte, for tbe sbyningof tbe stone made andgaf as 
grete a ligbt as it bad ben my dday Xbat otber parte 


of the stone was wbyte and clere as it bad ben bur- 
nyssbid,wbo so bad in bis eyen ony smarte or sore- 
ness in bis body ony swellyng, or beed acbe, or ony 
syfcenes witboutfortbe,yf be stryfced tbis stone on 
tbe place wber tbe gryef is, be sbal anon be bole, or if 
ony man be sefce in bts body of venym, or y lie mete in 
bis stomach, of colyfc, stranguyllyon, stone, fystel, 
or banker, or ony otber sefceness, sauf only tbe very 
detb, late bym leye tbis stone in a litle watre and late 
bym drynfce it,and be sbal f ortbwytb be bole and al 
quyte of bis sefcenessis- Hlas, said tbef oxe,we baue 
good cause to be sory to lese sucbe a jewel! f ortber- 
more tbe tbirde colour was grene lyke glas,but tber 
were some sprynfclis tberin lyke purpureXbe mais- 
ter tolde for troutbe tbat wbo that bare tbys stone 
vpon bym sbold neuer be burte of bys enemye, and 
tbat noman were be neuer so stronge and bardy tbat 
mygbt mysdoo bym,and wbere euer tbat be f ougbt 
be sbold baue vyctorye, were it by nygbt or by daye, 
al sof erre as be bebelde it fastyng,Hnd also tberto, 
wbere someuer be wente and in wbat f elawsbip, bee 
sbold be bylouyd tbougb tbey badde bated bym to 
fore, if be bad tne ring vpon bym tbey sbold f orgete 
tbeyr angre as sone as tney sawe bym* Hlso tbougb 
be were al naked in a f elde agayn an bondred armed 
men,be sbold be wel bertedandescapefrotbem witb 
worship: butbemuste be a noble gentle man & baue 
no cborles condycyons,for tbenne tbe stone bad no 
mygbt Hnd by cause tbys stone was soo precious 
& good, X tbougbt in my self tbat X was not able ne 
wortby to bere it, and tbere fore X sente it to my dere 
lord tbe kyng, for X knowe bym for tbe most noble 
tbat now lyuetb, and also alle our welfare and wor- 


sbip lyetb on bym,and for be sbold be keptefro alle 
drede,nede,and vngbeluck, 

f OJTOG tbis rynge in my f adres tre- 
soiir, &in tbe dame placet toke a glass 
or a mirrour & a combe wbicbe my wyf 
woldalgates baue. H man my gbt won- 
to my lady tbe queue, f orlbaue found- 
en ber good and gracious to me: tbis combe mygbt 
not be to mocbe preysed, byt was made of tbe bone 
of a dene noble beest named pantbera wbicbe f ed- 
etb bym bytwene tbe gretelnde&Srtbty paradyse, 
be is so lusty, f ayr, & of colour tbat tber is no colour 
vnder tbe beuen but somme lyknes is in bym, 'Cber- 
to be smelletb so swete tbat tbe sauourof bym bot- 
etb alle syknessis, & for bis beaute and swete smel- 
lyng all otber beestis f olowe bym, for by bys swete 
sauour tbey ben beled of alle syknessis. 'Cbis pan- 
tbera batb a fair boon, brode and tbynne,wban so is 
tbat tbis beeste is slayn al tbe swete odour restid in 
tbe bone,wbicb can not be broken, ne sbal neuer rote, 
ne bedestroyed by fyre, by water,ne by smytyng,bit 
is so bard, tybt and f ast, &yet it is lygbtof weygbt. 
^be swete odour of it batb grete mygbte, tbat wbo 
tbat smelletb it sette nougbt by none otber luste in 
tbe world, and is easyd and quyte of alle maner di- 
seases and infirmites, & also be is ioconde and glad 
in bis berteXbis combe is polyssbid as it were fyne 
syluer,and tbe teetb of it ben small and straite,and 
bytwen tbe gretter teetb & tbe smaller is a large f elde 
and space, wbere is coruen many an ymage subtylly 
made and enameld aboute witb fyn gold. Cbe f elde 
is checked witb sable and siluer, enameld witb cybore 


and asure,and tber in is tbistorve bow Venus, ^no, 
andpallas strof for tbapple orgold,wbicbe cebe of 
tbem wold bauc bad, wbicbe contrauersye was scttc 
vpon parys tbat be sbold gyue it to tbe f ayrest of 
tbem tbre. 

jHRYS was tbat tyme an berde man, 
and kepte bis f aders beestis and sbeep 
witboutt>oye*<Oban bebadreseeyuid 
tbapple 7uno promysyd to bym yf be 
wolde jugetbat sbe mygbt baue tbap- 
ple be sbold baue tbe moste ricbesse 
'of tbe world, pallas said yf sbe mygbt bauetbapple 
'sbe wold gyue bym wysedom & strengtbe, & make 
|bym so grete a lorde tbat be sbold ouercome alle bis 
>enemyes and wbom be woldjj? Venus saide: <JHbat 
Jnedest tbou ricbesse or strengtbe, art not tbou pry- 
amus sone and Rector is tby brother wbicbe baue 
al Hsye vnder tbeir power, art not tbou one of tbe 
possessours of arete "Croye? Yf tbou wylt gyue to 
me tbapple X sbalgyue tbe tbe richest tresour of tbe 
world, and tbat sbal be tbe f ayrest woman tbat euer 
bad lyf on ertbe, ne neuer sbal none be bom fairer 
tban sbe, tbenne sbal tbou be ricber tban ricbe and 
sbal clymme aboue al otber, for tbat is tbe tresour 
tbat noman can preyse ynougb, for bonest, fair, and 
aood women can put a/way many a sorow fro tbe 
berte, tbey be sbamef ast and wyse, & brynge a man 
in very joye and blyssejj^parys berde tbis Venus, 
wbicbe presented bym tbis grete joye and fayr lady, 
and prayd ber to name tbis fayr lady tbat was so 
fair, ana wbere sbe wasj^Venus saide: It is Relene, 
kynge JMenelaus wyf of Grece, tber lyuetb not a no- 
bler, ricber, gentiller,ne wyser wyf in al tbe worlds 

0>enne parys gaf to bcr thapplc and said that sbe 
was f ay rest* Row that be gate after ward Helen e by 
tbe belpe of Venus, and bow be brought ber in to 
f< Croye and wedded ber, tbe grete loue & ioly lyf tbat 
tbey bad to gydre, was al coruen in tbe f elde, euery 
tbyngbybym self and tbe storye wreton. 

^OCCEye sbal bere of tbe mirrour. 0>e 
glas tbat stode tberon was of sucbe 
vertu tbat men mygbt see tberin alle 
tbat was don witbin a myle, of men, of 
beestis,andof altbyngetbatmen wold 
desire to wyte and knowe* Hnd wbat 
*man loked in tbe glasse, bad be ony dissease, of 
»prickyng or motes, smarte, or perles in bis eyen, be 
sbold be anon beled of it, sucbe grete vertue bad tbe 
glas* Is it tbenne wondre yf I be meuyd and angry 
for to lose sucbe maner jewellis ? "Cbe tree in wbicbe 
tbis glas stode was lygbt and f aste and was nam- 
ed Cetyne, bit sbolde endure euer er it wold rote or 
wormes sbold burteit,and tberfore kynge Salamon 
seelyd bis temple wytb tbe same wode wttbynfortb. 
JMen preysed it derrer tban fyn gold, bit is like to tre 
of Relenus, of wbicbe wode kynge Crompart made 
bis bors of tree f or lou e of kyn ge )9lor cadigas dougb- 
ter tbat was so fayr, wbom be badwende for to baue 
wonne* ITbat bors was so made witbin tbat wbo 
someuer rode on bit, yf be wolde be sbold be witbin 
lesse tban oon bour an bondred myle tbens, & tbat 
not byleue tbat tbat bors of tree bad sucbe mygbt 
and vertue: be was yonge, lusty and bardy, and de~ 
syred to doo grete dedes of prys for to be renomed 
in tbis world, & leep on tbis bors of tree* Crompart 



torned a pynne that stodeon bis brest,and anon the 
horse lyrte bym vp and wente out of the ballc by tbc 
wyndowe,and er one mygbt saye bis pater noster be 
was goon more tban ten mylea/waycCleomedes was 
soreaferd and supposedneuertobauetornedagayn, 
as tbistory tberor telletb more playnly ,but bow grete 
drede be bad, and bow f erre tbat be rood vpon tbat 
borse madeof tbe treeof Rebenus er be coude knowe 
tbe arte and craf te bow be sbold torn bym, and bow 
joyeful be was wban be knewe it, and bow men sor- 
owed for bym, and bow be knewe all tbis, and tbe ioye 
tberof wban be cam agayn, all tbis I passe ouer for 
losyng of tyme. But tbe moste parte of alle cam to 
by tbe vertue of tbe wode, of wbicbe wode tbe tree 
tbat tbe glas stode in was made, and tbat was witb- 
outwortbof tbeglasbalf afoot brood, wberin stode 
some strange bystoryes wbicbe were of gold, of sa- 
ble, of siluer, of yelow, asure, and cynope, Tbyse 
sixe colowrs were tberin wrought in sucbe wise as it 
beboued, and vnder euery bystorye tbe wordes were 
grauen and enameld tbat euery man mygbt vnder- 
stande tbat ecbe bistorye was* Hf ter my jugement 
tber was neuer myrour so costly, so lustly, ne so 
playsaunt« In tbe begynnyng stode there an borse 
made f atte, stronofe, & sore enuyous vpon an herte, 
wbicbe ran in tbe feeld so f erre and swyf tly tbat tbe 
bors was angry tbat be ran so f erre to fore bym and 
coude not ouertake bym, be thought he sbold cacche 
bym & subdue bym, though he sbold suffremoche 
payne therf ore, Xtbc horse spack tbo to a berdeman 
m tbis wyse: Yf thou cowdest taken an herte that 1 
wel can snewe tbe, thou sboldest haue grete prouffyt 
tberof,tbou sboldestsellederehis homes, bis skyn, 

«■ * _ ... 1 _' 

and bis flessbejgTCbe berdeman sayd: Row may I 
come by bym ? JZbc bora saide: Syttc vpon mc and I 
sball berc tbc, and we sbal buntc nym til be be take, 
Xlbz bcrdcman sprange & satte vpon tbe bors, and 
sawe tbe berte, and be rode after, but tbe berte was 
tygbt of foot and swyf t and out ran tbe bors f erre* 
tbey bonted so ferre after bym tbat tbe bors was 
wery, and said to tbe berdeman tbat satte on bym : 
JVow sytte of, 1 wil reste me, I am al wery, and gyue 
me leue to goo fro tbcjFCbc berdeman saide:Ibaue 
arested tbe, tbow mayst not escape fro me, I baue a 
brydle on tby bede & sporis on my beles, tbou sbalt 
neuer baue tbanke berof, I sbal bydwynge& subdue 
tbe, baddest tbou sworn tbecontrarye^See bow tbe 
borse brought bym self in tbraldom and was taken 
in bis owne nette. Row may one better be taken tban 
by bis owne propre enuye to suflPre bym self to be 
taken & riden ? 'cber ben many tbat laboure to burte 
otber, and tbey tbem seluen ben burt and rewarded 
witb tbe same* 

RGR was also made an asse and an 
bounde,wbycbe dwelled botbe witb a 
ricbe man/cbe man louyd bis bounde 
well, for be pleyde oftc wytb bym as 
folkedowitb boundis, tbe bound leep 
_ vp and pleyd witb bis tayl and ly ckyd 
Jbys maister about tbe moutbj^ Ons sawe Bowd- 
wyn tbe asse, & bad grete spyte tberof in bis berte, 
and said to bim self : Row may tbys be, & wbat may 
my lorde see on tbis fowle bound, wbom 1 neuer see 
dotb good ne prouffyt,sauf spryngetbon bym and 
kyssetb bym ? but me wbom men putten to laboure 
to bere and drawe, and doo more in a weeke tban be 



wvtb bis xv sbold do in a bole yere, & yet syttetb be 
neuertbeles by bym at tbe table, &tbere etetb bones 
n*es8b,and fatte trencbours,andlbaue notbvng but 
tbystles & nettles/and lye on nygbtes on tbe barde 
ertbe,and suffre many a scorn.lwyl nolenger suffre 
tbys,l wylle tbynke bow 1 mayom ^^esloue 
and frendsbip lyke astbeboundedotb^berwytb 
cam tbe lorde, and tbe asse Ivf t vp bts tay I & sprana 
witb bis fore feet on tbe lordes sboldres,and blereci, 
grennyd,and songe, & witb bis feet made two grete 
bules aboute bis eres,and put fortb bis moutb,and 
wolde baue kyssed tbe lordes moutb as be bad seen 
tbe bound doon J? Xiho cryde tbe lorde, sore af erde : 
fielptfielpt tbis asse wilslee met jgTCbenne cam bis 
seruauntis witb good 8tauis,and smyten &bete tbe 
asse so sore tbat be bad wende be sbold baue loste 
bis lyf : tbo retomed be to bis stable, & ete tbystles 
and nettles, & was an asse as be to fore was* In lyke 
wyse wbo so baue enuy e and spy te of an others wel- 
fare, and were seruid in lyke wyse,tt sbold be wel be- 
boeff ut T^berf or it is concluded tbat tbe asse sball 
ete tbistelis and netteles,and bere tbe sacke: tbougb 
l men wold doo bym worship be can not vnderstonde 
it, but must vse olde lewde maners. GBbere as asses 
cteten lordsbyppys, tbere men see selde good rewle, 
for tbey take bede of notbyng but on tbeyr syngu- 
ler prouffyt,yet ben tbey takevp and rysen grete, tbe 

morepyteis* <, . , 

neRKe]^ fertber bow my fadre and 
1 T/ybert tbe Catte wende to gydre, and 
bad sworn by tbeyr troutbe tbat for 
loue ne bate tbey sbold not departe, & 
wbat tbey gate tbey sbold departe to 
ecbe tbe balf ♦ TIbenne on a tyme tbey 

9awe buntere comynge oucr tbe felde wytb many 
bounded, tbey leep and ronne f aetc fro tbenvward al 
tbat tbey mygbte, ae tbey tbat were af erd of tbeyr 
lyf j^Cybert, eayde tbe f oxe, wbytber ebal we now 
beet flee, tbe buntere baue eepyed V9, knowe ye ony 
belpe ?^JVly fadre trusted on tbe promyee tbat ecbe 
made to otber,and tbat bewolde for nonede departe 
fro bymj^Cybert, eaid be,l baue a each f ulof wylee 
yf we baue nede, ae f erre ae weabyde togydre wenede 
not to doubte buntere ne boundes^tTybert bigan 
to 9ygbe, and was eore aferd,and eayde: Reynart 
wbat auayllen many wordee? I knowe but one wyle 
and tbeder must I tooj!S?Hnon tbo clamme be vpon 
on bye tree in to tbe toppe vnder tbe leuys, wber ae 
bunter ne bounde mygfbt doo bym non narme, and 
lef te my fadre allone in jeoparde of bis lyf, for tbe 
bunters setteon bym tbe bounded al tbat tbey coude, 
men blewe tbe bomee & eryed and balowed tbe f oxe, 
elee and take^<Oban Hybert tbe Catte eawe tbat, 
be mocked and scorned my fadre and eaid: GHbat 
Reynart cogyn, vnbynde now your eakkewber al tbe 
wylie ben in , iti9nowtyme:yebe90wy9e called, belpe 
your 9elf for ye baue nedef JSFTlbie mocke mu9te my 
radre bere of bym to wbom be bad mo9t bi9 tru9t 
on, and wa9 almogte taken and nygb bi9 detb, & be 
ranne and fledde wytb grete fere of by9 lyf, and lete 
bi9 male 9lyde of by cau9e be wold be tbe lighter. 
Yet al tbat coude not belpe bym, for tbe boundeg 
were to ewyft,and 9bold baue by ten bym but be bad 
one auenture, tbat tber by be fond an old bolewberin 
be crepte, & e9caped tbu9 tbe bonterg and boundes. 
Hbue beldetbi9 fal9edeceyuer,Obaert,bi99y kernes 
\2 115 





a dayes that kepe not tbeyr promyse, ami sett c not 
tberby though they brokeit 1 Hnd though 1 hatep- 
baert berf ore, is it wonder? But 1 dpo not, sikerly , I 
louc my sowle to wel therto : neuertbeless, yf I sawe 
hym in auenture and mysf alle in bis body or in bis 
goodes,! trowe hit sbold not mocbe goo to iwj > berte 
so that anotherdydc itFeuertbclee,! ^"^J" 
hate hym ne hauc enuye at hym, 1 sbal ^f or ^ocUes 
louc f orgyue hym : yet is it not so clew : out ^f myn 

as this cometh to my remembraunce, and the cause 
' is that the sensualyte of my flessh fyghtetb ayenst 

ineR stode also in that myrrour, of 
the Olulf , how he f onde ones vpon an 
hethadede horsslayn butal the flessh 
was eten. tlbenne wente he and bote 
grete morsellis of the bones that for 
j bongre he toke thre or iiij attones and 
>swolowed them in, for he was so gredy that one of 
<tbe bones stack thwart in his mouth, wherof he had 
Wete payne&was in grete fereof his lyf :besougbte 
al aboute f orwyse maisters and surgyens, and pro- 
Imvsed arete yef tis for to be heled of his disease^ 
*Htte laste whan he coude nowher fynde remedye he 
cam to the Crane wyth his longe necke and biUcand 
prayde hym to helpe hym and he wold loue &rewarde 
hym so wel that he sholde euer be the better. Oe 
Crane herked after this grete rewarde, and put bis 
heed in to his throte and brought out the boon wytb 
hisbylleXheOlulf stertea/sydewyth the pluckyng, 
and cryde out: Hlas, thou doost me barme, but I 
f orgyue it the, doo no more soo, I wolde not suflre 

it of an other jgTCbe Crane saide: Sir Isegrym, goo 
and be mery,for ye beal bool,nowgyue tome that ye 
promysedjb^be <Oulf saide: Sly I ye here what be 
saytb?lam be tbat batb suffred and baue cause to 
playne, and be wille baue good of met Re tbanketb 
not me of tbe kyndnes tbat 1 dyde to bym: be put 
bis beed in my moutb and 1 suffred bym to drawe it 
out bole without burtyng, and be dyde to me also 
barme, and yf onj bier sbold baue a reward it sbold 
be 1 by rygbtji^Cbus tbevnkynde men nowa/dayes 
rewarde tbem tbat doo tbem good; wban tbe false 
and subtyl aryse & become grete, tbenne gotb wor- 
ship and prouif yt al to nought 0>er ben many of 
rygbt that ought reward and doo good to suche as 
baue helpen hem in her nede, tbat now fynde causes 
and saye they be burte & wolde baue amendis where 
they ought to rewarde and make amende© tbem self> 
tberfore it is said and trowthe it is, wboo tbat wyl 
cbydeor cbastyse see that be be clere bym self. 

flLLG this & mocbemore than Inow can 
s|j wel remembre was made & wrought in 
this glasseXbemaister that ordeyned 
it was a conningman, and a prof ounde 
] clerk in many sciencis, & by cause tbise 
I Jewells were ouer good and precious for 
me to kepe and baue, tberfore! sen te tbem tomy dere 
lorde tbe kynge&totbe quenein present Adhere ben 
they now tnat gyue to theyr lordes sucbe presen tes ? 
Vbe sorowe tbat my ij chyldren made whan 1 sente 
away the glasse was grete, for they were woned to loke 
therin & see tbem self, how theyr clothyngand araye 
becam tbem on their bodyes* O alas,X knewe not tbat 
Kywart the Rare was so nygbe hys detb whan I de- 
i3 117 


tyucryd bym the male witb tbtee iewellig, I mete not 
to whom I mygbt better bane taken tbem,tbougb it 
sbold baue coete me my ly f , tban bym and Bellyn tbe 
Ramme,tbey were two of my beet frendie. On te, alas, 
1 crye vpon tbe murderar 1 1 eball knowe wbo it wa9, 

for murdre abydetb not byd,it eball come out- per- 
auenture be ie in tbie companye, tbat knowetb wbere 
Ky wart \Q bicomen , tbou gb be telletb it not,f or many 
false ebrewye walke wy tb good men fro wbome no- 
man can hepe bym, tbey knowen tbeyr craft 90 wel & 
can wel couere tbeyr f alsenee* But tbe most wondre 
tbat I baue, ie tbat my lord tbe kynge bier saytb eo 
felly tbat my f adre norldyde bym neuer good: tbat 
tbynketb me meruayle of a kynge, but tber come 90 
many tbyngie to fore bim tbat be forgetetb tbat one 
wytb tbat otber and 90 farytb by me, Oere lorde,re~ 
membre not ye wban my lord your f adre lyuyd, & ye 
an yonglyng of twoyere were, tbat my f adre cam fro 
ed in recepte9 of medy cpe9 ? Re knewe al tbe tokene9 
of tbe vryne a9 wel a9 bi9 bonde, &al9oalltbeberbe9 
and nature of tbem, wbyebe were vi9C09e or laxatyf : 
be wa9 a 9ynguler mai9ter in tbat 9cience, be mygbt 
wel were clotb of 9ylke & a gylt gyrdle.(Oban be cam 
to court be f onde tbe kynge in agrete 9ekene9, wber- 
of bewa99oryinbi9bert,forbelouydbymabouealle 
otber lordegXbe kynge wolde not forgoo bym, for 
wban be came alle otber bad leue to walke wbere tbey 
wolde, be tru9ted none 90 mocbe ag bym* Re 9ayde: 
Reynard,! am 9eke & f ele me tbe lenger tbe wzrscj? 
]My f adre 9aid: JVIy dere lord,bere i9 an vrynal,make 
youre water tberin, and a99one a9 1 may 9ee it,1 9bal 

telle what sckenes it is, and also bow ye sbal be bol- 
pen JfChc kynge dyde as be counseilled bym, for be 
trustednoman better tbatlyuyd,tbougbso were tbat 
my fader dyde not as be sbolde baue don to you, but 
tbat was by counseyl of euyl and foule beestis,! bad 
wonder tberof but it wasarasyngayenst bisdetbj^ 
Re sayde: )VIy lord,yf ye wyl be bole ye muste ete tbe 
lyuer of a wulf of vU yere old : tbat may ye not leue or 
elite ye sball deye, for your vryne sbewetb it playnly 
JSf TLhz Cdulf stode tber by and said nougbt, but tbe 
kynge said tobym : SirYsegrym,nowyebereweltbat 
1 muste baue your lyuer yf I will be bool^€bo an- 
swerd tbe (flulf and saide: JVay, my lord, not soo, X 
wote wel 1 am not yet fyue yere olde, 1 baue berde my 
moder saie sooJPffly f adre said: Cttbat skylletb bys 
wordes? late bym be opened, and I sbal knoweby tbe 
lyueryf it be goode for yow or notj^Hnd tberwytb 
tbe<Uulf was bad tokyeben and bis lyuer taken out, 
wbicbetbe kynge ete, and was anon al bole of alle bis 
sekenes : tbenne tbanketb be my f adre mocbe, & com- 
mandedallebis bousbold vpon tbeir lyuys tbat after 
tbattymetbe y sbolde calle bym mayster Reynard, 
~|S abode stylle by tbe kynge & was by- 
leuidof alle tbingis, and muste allewey 
go by bis syde, & tbe kynge gaf to bym 
a garlondof rooses wbicbebe must al- 
way were on bis beed, but now tbis is al 
tomed, alle tbe old good tbynges tbat 
bedydeben forgeten,and tbise couetouse andrauen- 
ous sbrewys ben taken vp and sette on tbe bye ben cbe, 
and ben berde and made grete, and tbe wysefolke ben 
put a/back, by wbicbe tbise lordes of te lacke & cause 
tbem to be in mocbe trouble and sorowe,for wban a 



couctous man of lowe byrtbe is made a lorde and is 

SgbtSm be knowetb not bim self , ne wbene be 

"om™r%u7sVtyf bemay ^£<££*<g 
hte entent & ckeire to to gadre good &;o be gpxtter. O 

tow man.y couetous m<£ ben now in lordes ^courtes, 

tbev flam and emeke and plese tbe jjrynee for tbeyr 

eW«ulerauayl,but&tbe PyV"" ^ d, l ede ^2 
tbeir good tbey sbolde ratber suffre bym ito dey : or 
fare rt«bt bard er tbey wold gyue or lene hymXbvf 
be Ivkf tbe Slulf tbat bad leuer tbe bynge bad deyed 
than be wolde gyue bym bis lyuer,yet bad I leuer, er 
tffitbe Cge or tbequene sbold fare amys.tbat xc 
lucbewuluel8boldloeetbeyrlvue9,bit were alsotbe 
tarttom? ny lordcal tbis bifelle in yout jongtbe, 
that mv f ader dyde tbus: 1 trowe ye baue forgotten 
it Hnd also my self don yow rcuerence,worsbip,and 
C ourtosye ( vnroused be it.tbougb yenow tbanke <m 
but Ivtyl but parauenture ye remembred not tbat I 
eballnow sayc, not to ony f orn»yttyng of yow, for 
ve be worthy alle worship & reuerenee tbat ony man 
Hn doo, tbat baue ye of Hlmigbty God by enbent- 
aunce of youre noble progenytours, wberfor I your 
bumble subgette and seruaunt am bounden to doo 
to ww allc tfie seruyse tbat 1 can or mayc.lcam on a 
t^walkyng with the OTulfelseorym.&webadde 
S ™dlr vs botbe a swyne,& for bts lowde cry- 
w« we bote bym to detb, and, cam fro fern 
lut of a groue ayenst vs.^e salewed vs frendly, and 
oaide we were welcome, and tbat ye and my lady tbe 
quene wbycbe cam after yow badde grete bongre, & 
Sadnotbyng for to ete, & prayd vs for to gyue yow 


parte of our wynnyng.Isegrym spack so sof te that 
a man vnnetbe mygbt bcrc bym, but! spack out and 
saide: Y^ my lord, wytb a good will, tbougb it were 
more ,we wil wel tbat ye baue parte, & tbenne tbe Glulf 
departed as be was wont to do, be departed and toke 
tbat on balf for bym self, and be gaf yow a quarter 
for yow&fortbequene,tbatotberquarter be etc and 
bote as bastely as be mygbt bicause be wolde ete it 
allone, and be gaf to me but balf tbe longes, tbat 1 
pray <3od tba t euyl mote be fare. 

RCIS sbewde be bis conditions & na- 
ture:ermen sboldbauesongen a credo 
ye my lord bad eten your part, and yet 
woldyefayn baue badmore,forye were 
not f ul. Hnd bicause be gaf yow no 
more, nc profred yow, ye lyft vp your 
rigbtf otc & smote bym bytwene tbe cris tbatye tare 
bis8kynneouerbiseyen,and tbobemygbtno lenger 
abydc, but be bledde, bowled, and ran away, and lef te 
bis parte tbere lyejSTCbosaidye to bym : Haste yow 
agayn betber and brynge to vs more, and bere after 
see better to bow yedeleandpartej^Cbenne saide X: 
Jfiy lord, yfitpleseyowlwyllgoo wytb bym j0fl>ote 
wel wbat ye saide. 1 wente wytb bym, be bledde and 
groned as sore as be was al softly, be durst not crye 
lowde, we wente so f erre tbat we brought a calf, and 
wban yesawvs cometberwytb ye lawbyd,for ye were 
wel plesyd. Y* said to me tbat I was swyf t in bont- 
yngj^l see wel tbat ye can fynde wel wban ye take it 
vpon yow, ye be good to sende f ortb in a nede, tbe 
cafe is good and f atte, berof sbal ye be tbe delarj&X 
saide: JVIy lord, wytb a good wyl. Cbe one balf, my 
lord,sbal beforyow,and tbat otber balf formy lady 


the queue, the mogbettis, lyuer, longes, and the in- 
ward, sbal be for your cbyldren, tbe beed sbal Ise- 
grym tbe wulf baue, and I sbal baue tbe f eet^TTbo 
said ye:Reynart, who batb taugbt you to de parte so 
courtoisly ?j0FJVIy lord, sayd X, tbat batb don tbis 
preest tbat syttetb ber with tbe bloody crowne, be 
loste bis skynne wytb tbe vncourtoys departyng of 
tbe swyn, and for bis couetyse and rauyne be batb 
botbe burte & sbame^Hlas, tber ben many wulues 
now a/dayes tbat without rigbt and reson destroye 
& ete tbem tbat tbeymay baue tbeouerband of, tbey 
spare neytber flesb ne blode, frende ne enemye, what 
tbey can gete tbat take tbey : O woo be to tbat lande 
and to townes wbereas tbe wulues baue tbe ouerbandf 
JVIy lord, tbisandmanyotber good tbing baue I don 
for you tbat 1 cowde wel telle yf it were not to long, 
of wbicbe now yeremembre litil by tbe wordes tbat 
I ber of you,yf ye wold al tbyng ouersee well, ye wold 
not sayeasyedoo,Ibaveseen tbe day tbat tber sbold 
no grete mater be concluded in tbis court without 
myn aduyse,al beyt tbat tbis auenture isnou fallen, 
it mygbt happen yet tbat my wordes sbal be herd & 
also bileuydas wellas an others as f erreas right wyl, 
for I desyre none other, for yf tber be ony can saye 
and make good by suffycient witnessis that I baue 
trespaced, I wil abyd al tbe rigbt and lawe that may 
come therof , and yf ony saie on me ony tbyng of 
wbiche be can brynge no wytnesse, late me thenne be 
rewlydaftertbe lawe&custome of tbyscourtjjSTCbe 
kynge said : Reynart, ye saye resonably. I knowe not 
of Kywarts detb more than tbat Bellyn the Ramme 
brought his heed bether in tbemale, therof Ileteyow 
goo quyte for I baue no wytness therof ^JVIy dere 


^=^- » - JL -»- - ■ 

lord, said the f oxe, God tbanke yow, sykerly ye doo 
wel, for bis detbemaketb mc so sorrowful tbat mc 
tbynketb myberte wyl brekein two.Owban tbey de- 
parted fromemynbertcwaa so bcu^tbatmctbougbt 
t sbold baue swownedf I wote wel it was a token of 
tbe mooste parte of tbem tbat were tbere, and berde 
tbe foxes wordes of tbe jewellis, & bow be made bis 
contenanceand stratcbid bym,badveryly supposed 
tbat it bad not be f ayned, but tbat it bad be tryewe, 
tbey were sory of bis losseandmysauenture andalso 
of bis sorowe* Oe kynge and tbe quene bad botbe 
pyte of bym, and badde bym to make not to mocbe 
sorowe, but tbat be sbolde endeuore bym to secbe 
bem,for be bad so mocbe preysed bem tbat tbey bad 
grete wyl and desyre to baue tbem, and by cause be 
tbanked bym &praydbym tobelpe tbat tbey mygbt 

baue tbem. 

R6 f oxevnderstodetbeyrmenyngwel, 
betbougbttoward tbem but lytylgood 
for al tbat, be saidj^God tbankeyow, 
my lordandmy lady,tbatyeso frendly 
comf orte me in my sorow, I sballenot 
restenygbtne day,nealle tbey tbatwyl 
doo ony tbyng for me, butrenne andpraye, tbretene 
and aske,alle tbe four comers of tbeworld, tbaugbl 
sbold euer secbe tyl tbat I knowe wbere tbey ben bi~ 
comen,andI pray you, my lord tbe kynae, tbatyf tbey 
werein sucbe place ast cowdenot get tbem by prayer, 
by mygbt,ne by request, tbat yewold assiste meand 
abideby me, for ittowcbetb yourself and tbegood is 



youris, &alsoit is your partto doo justyse on tbcf tc 

& murdre, wbicbe botbc ben in tbis caas^Reynart, 

saide tbc kynge, tbat sbal I not leue wban ye knowe 

wber tbey ben, myn belpe sbal be alway redy for you 

JfO dere lorde, tbis is to mocbe presented to me, yf 

X bad power & mygbt 1 sbolde deserue ayenst yowf 

^Now batb tbe f oxe bis mater fast and f ayr, for be 

batb tbe kynge in bis band as be wold, bym tbougbt 

tbat be was in better caas tban it was lyke to bauebe. 

fie batbmadesomany lesynges tbat bemay gofrely 

wber be wyl without complaynyng of ony of tbem 

alle,sauf of Xsegram,wbicbwas to bynvward angry 

and dysplesyd and saidejflPOnoble kynge, are ye so 

mocbe cbyldyssb tbat ye byleue tbis false & subtyl 

sbrewe, and suffre your self wytb false lyes tbus to 

be deceyuyd ? Of f aytb it sbold be longe or I sbolde 

byleue bym, be is in murdre & treson al be/wrapped, 

and be mocketb you to fore your visage. I sbal telle 

bym a notber tale,Iam glad tbat Isee now bym bere, 

alle bis lesynges sbal not a/vaylle bym er be departe 

fro me. 

fiow Yecgrym tbe Cdulf complayned agayn on tbe 

f oxe, capxtulo xxxii j>fr# 

"V lord,Ipray you to takebede,tbis 

false tbeef betraied my wyf ones 

f owleanddisbonestly, bitwas so 

tbat in a wynters day tbat tbey 

wente to gydertburgbagretewa- 

ter, and be bare my wyf an bonde 

tbat bewold tecbe bertakefyssbe 

_ wytb ber tayl, and tbat sbe sbold 

late it bange in tbe water a good wbile, & tber sbold 

somocbe fveebt cleueon it tbat f oureof tbem sbold 

not conne etc it. TTbe fool my wyf supposed be bad 
said troutbe,and sbewente in tbemyre to tbe bely to 
er sbe cam in to tbe water, and wban sbe was in tbe 
deppest of tbe water be bad ber bolde ber tayl stylle 
til tbat tbe fyssbe were comen. Sbe belde ber tayl so 
longe tbat it was from barde in tbe yse and coude 
not pluche it out, and wban be sawe tbat be sprange 
vp after on ber body* Hlas, tbere rauyssbed be and 
f orcyd my wyf so hnauissbly tbat I am asbamed to 
telle it, sbe coude not def ende ber self, tbe sely beest, 
sbe stode so depe in tbe myre. Rerof be can not saye 
naye, for I f onde bym witD tbe dtdc f for as I wente 
aboue vpon tbe ban he I sawe bym bynetbe vpon my 
wyf sbouyng & stehynqf as men doo wban tbey doo 
sucbe werke and playe. Hlas, wbat payne suffred I 
tbo at my bertef 1 bad almost for sorow loste my 
fyue wyttes, and cryde as lowde as I mygbt: Rey- 
nart wbat do ye tbere? (Oban be sawe me so nygbe, 
tbo leep be of and wente bis waye* I wente to ber in a 
grete beuinesse, and wente depe in tbat myre & tbat 
water or I coude brehe tbe yse,and mocbe paynesuf- 
fred sbe er sbe coude baueout ber taylle,andyet lefte 
a gobet of ber tayle bebynd ber, & we were lyRebotbe 
tberby to baue lostour lyues,for sbe galped& cryde 
so lowde for tbe smarte tbat sbe bad er sbe cam out 
tbat tbe men of tbe village cam out witb stauys and 
byllis, wy tb flay lis & py hf orhes, and tbe wyuis wy tb 
tbeyr distauis,and cryed dyspytously: Slefslefand 
smyte doun rigbtf 1 was neuer in my lyf so a/ferde 
for vnnetbe we escape, we ran so fast tbat we swette, 
tber was a vylayne tbat stake on vs wytba pyhe wbicbe 
burted vs sore, be was stronge and swyf te a/fote, 
badde it not be nygbt certaynly we bad ben slayn. 



XTbc fowle oldc queues wold f ayn baue beten vs, tbey 
saide tbat we bad by ten tbeyr sbeep* tbey cursed vs 
witb many a curse, tbo cam we in to a felde ful of 
brome and brembles, tbere bydde we vs fro tbe vy- 
laynes, & tbey durst not f olowe vs f ertber by nygnt 
but retomed borne agayn. See, my lorde, tbys f owle 
mater, tbis is murdre, rape, and treson, wbicbe ye 
ought to doo justyte tberon sbarply. 

"eYJHHRD answerdandsaid: Yf tbis 
were trewe, it sbold go to nygbe myn 
bonour & worship, God f orbede tbat 
it sbold be founde trewe f Hit is wel 
trewe tbatltaugbt berbowsbesbolde 
in a place catcbe fyssbe, and sbewde 
ber a good way for to goo ouer in to tbe water witb- 
wban sbe berde me name tbe fyssb tbat sbe netber 
way ne patb belde, butwente in to tbe yse, wherein 
sbe was f orfrom, and tbat was by cause sbe abode 
to longe.Sbe bad fissbynougb yf sbe coude baue be 
plesyd wytb mesure: it falletb ofte wbo tbat wold 
baue all lesetb alle, ouer couetous was neuergood for 
tbe beest can not be satisfyed. Hnd wban I sawe ber 
in tbeyse so fastelwende to baue bolpen ber, and 
beef and sboef, and stack bere and tnere to baue 
brought ber ought, but it was al payne loste for sbe 
was to beuy for meXbo cam Ysegrym and saw bow 
1 sboef and stack and dyde al my beste, and be as a 
fowle cborle,fowle and rybadously sklaundrytb me 
wytb ber as tbyse fowle vntbriftes ben won te to doo, 
but, my dere lord, it was none otberwyse. He belyetb 
me falsely, parauenture bis eyen daseiyd as be loked 
from aboue doun,be cryde and cursed meand swore 

many an otb 1 sbold dere abye it C&ban 1 bcrdc bym 
so curse and tbretene, I wente my waye and lete bym 
curse and menace til be was wery, and tbo wente be 
and beef and sboef & balpe bis wyf out, and tbenne 
be leep and ran and sbe also for to gete tbem an bete 
and to warme tbem, or elite tbey sbold baue deyed 
for colde. Hnd wbat someuer 1 baue said a/fore or 
after, tbat is clerely al troutbe* I wolde not for a 
thousand marke of fyn gold lye to yow one lesyng, 
it were not fyttyng for me; wbat someuer falle of me 
Isbal save tbe troutbe, lyk as myn elders bauealway 
don, sytb tbe tyme tbat we fyrst vnderstode reson, 
and yf ye be in doubte of ony tbyng tbat I bauesaid 
otberwyse tban troutb, gyue me respy teof viij dayes 
tbat 1 may baue counseyl, and 1 sbal brynge sucbe 
informacion, wvtb good, tryew, and sufficient re- 
corde, tbat ye sbal alle your lyf duryng truste and 
byleue me, and so sbal all your counseyl also, Qdbat 
baue 1 to doo wytb tbe Cdulf ? bit is to fore clerly 
ynowb sbewde tbat be is a f oule vylaynous kaytyf 
and an vnclene beest, wban bedeledand departed tbe 
swyn, so is it now knowen to yow alle by bys owen 
wordes tbat be is a deffamer of wymmen as mocbe 
as in bym is: ye may wel marke eueryebone. <CIbo 
sbolde luste to do tbat game to one so stedfasta 
wyf, beyng in so grete peryll of detb? JVow aske ye 
bys wyf, y f it be so as be say tb : y f sbe wy I say e tne 
troutb Iwote wel sbe sbal sayeasldooj^fcbospack 
Grswynde tbe Cflulfis wyf: Hcb, f elle Reynart, no- 
man can kepe bym self fro tbe, tbou canst so wel 
vttre tby wordes, and tby falseness & treson sette 
f ortb, but it sball be euyl rewarded in tbe aide* Row 
brougbtest tbou me ones in to tbe welle wbere tbe 



two bokettys benge by one cordc rennyngf tburgb 
one polley, wbicbe wente one vp and another doun, 
tbou sattest in tbat one boket bynetb in the pytte in 
grete drede, I cam tbeder, and berde tbe sygbe and 
make sorowe, and axed tbe bow tbou earnest there, 
tTbou saidest tbat tbou baddest tbere so many good 
fyssbes eten out of tbe water tbat tby bely wolde 
breste, I said tellemebowlsbalcometotbepfchenne 
saidest tbou: Hunte, sprynge in to tbe boket tbat 
bangetb tbere, and ye sbal com anon to me, I dyde 
so and I wente doun ward and ye cam vpward,TTbo 
was I alle angry, ^bou saydest:TTbus faretb tbe 
world, tbat one gotb vp and another gotb doun, 
Oo sprang ye forth and wente your wave, and 1 
abode tbereallone syttyngan bole ctaye,sorean bon- 
gryd and a/colde, and tberto bad 1 many a stroke er 
f coude gete tbensjjPHunte, sayd tbe foxe, tbaugb 
tbe strokes dyde you barme I bad leuer ye bad tbem 
tban I, for ye may better bere tbem, for one of vs 
must nedes fcaue bad tbem, 1 taught yow good, wyl 
ye vnderstande it and tbynke on it, tnat ye another 
tyme take better bede & bileue noman ouer bastely, 
is be frende or cosyn, for euery man seketb bis owne 
prouffyt: they be now fooles tbat do not soo, and 
specyally whan they be in jeopardye of tbeyr lyues. 


H fayr parable of tbe foxc and tbc (flulf , capitulo 

Y lord, said dame Grswyn,Ipray 
yow bcrc bow be can blowe witn 
alle wyndes and bowfayr bryng- 
etb be bis maters fortbjflfcbus 
batbbebrougbt memany tyme in 
a scatbe and burte, said tne ttlulf , 
be batb ones betrayed me to tbe 
Sbe-Hpe myn aunte, wbere I was 
in grete drede and fere, fori lefte tbere almost myn 
one ere- YT the f °* c will tellit bowit byf el,Iwylgyue 
bym tbe f ordele tberof , for 1 can not telle it so wel 
but be sbal beryspe mej^C&el, said tbe f oxe, X sbal 
telle it wytbout stameryng, 1 sbal saye tbe troutb, 1 
pray yow berfcen me, He cam in to tbe wode and com- 
playned to me tbat be bad grete bonare, for I sawe 
bym neuerso fill but be wold alway baue bad fayn 
more.Ibauewonder wberetbe metebecometb tbat be 
destroy etb* I see now on bis contenance tbat be be- 
gynnetb to grymme for bon gre,<Oban I berde bim so 
complayne X bad pyte of bym,and Isaidel was also 
bongryXbenne wen te we balf a day to gydre & fond 
no tbyng,tbo wbyned be and cry ted, & said bemy gbt 
goo no f ertber.TTbenne espyed la grete bool stand- 
yng in tbe myddys vnder an bawe wbicbe was tby eke 
of brembles, & I berde a russbyng tbertn,I wist not 
wbat it was, TTbenne said 1: 6oo tberin and loke yf 
tber beony tbyng tberforvs,Iwotewel tberissome- 
wbat^€bo said be: Cosyn,! wolde not crepe into 
tbat bole for twenty pounds but I wist fyrst wbat 
is tberin, me tbynketb tbat tber is some perylous 




tbyng, but I sbal abyde bere vnder tbis tree yf ye wil 
goo tberin to fore, but come anon agayn, and late me 
wete wbat tbyng is tberin : ye can many a subtylte & 
can wel belpe your self & mocbe better tban Xj^See, 
my lord tbe hynge, tbue be made me, poure wigbt, to 
goo to fore in to tbe daunger,and be, wbicbeis grete, 
longe and stronge, abode witboute and rested bym 
in pees, a/wayteyf I dyde not for bym tbere* 

1 <uOLD not suffre tbe drede and fere 
tbat I tbere euff red for al tbe good in 
ertbe but yf I wyste bowe to escape. I 
longe, & brood* Gr X rigbt in tbe bool 
I cam, 900 espyed X a grete ligbt wbicbe 
cam in fro tbat one syde, tber laye in a grete ape witb 
tweyne grete wyde eyen,and tbey glymmed as afyre, 
and sbe badaarete moutb witb longe teetb, & sbarp 
nayllos on birr eet&on birbandes.Xwendebit bad be 
amermoy9e,abaubyn,or a mercatte,f orXsawe neuer 
fowler beest, & by ber laye tbre of ber children wbicbe 
were rigbt f owle,f or tbey were rygbt lyhe tbe moder, 
wban tbey sawe me come tbey gapeden wyde on me & 
were al styllcXwas af erd& woldwelXbad ben tbens, 
butXtbougbte :Xam tberin,X muste tber tburgb, and 
come out as wel asXmaye,HsXsawe ber,metbougbt 
ebe semed more tban Ysegrym tbe <Oulf , & ber cbyl- 
dren were more tban X* X sawe neuer a fowler meyne, 
tbey laye on fowlebeye wbicbe was al be/pyeeed, tbey 
were byslabbed and byclagged to tbeir eres to in ber 
owen donge, bit stanhe tbat X was almost smoldred 
tberof .1 durst not saye but goode, & tbenne X said : 
Hunt, God oyue yow good day e, and alle my cosyns, 
your f ayr cbyldren, tbey be or tbeyr age tbe f ayrest 

that euer 1 sawe. O Lord God, bowe well plese tbey 
met bow louely, bow fayr ben tbey f ecbe of tbem for 
tbeir beaute mygbt be a arete hyngis sone, of rigbt 
we ougbt to tbanhyow tbat yetbus encrece oure lig~ 
nage. Dere aunte, wban 1 berde saye tbat ye were de- 

lyuerd & leyd doun t l coude no lenger abyde but must 
come and f rendly vysiteyow,lam sory tbatl bad not 
erst hnowen it j& Reynard, cosyn, said sbe,yebewel- 
come for tbat ye baue f ounde me & tbus come see me. 
Itbanke yow, dere cosyn,ye be rigbt trewe and named 
rigbt wyse in alle londes, and also tbat ye gladly fur- 
tbre& bringeyour licmage in gfrete worsbip:yemuste 
tecbe my cbyldren witbe youris some wysedom, tbat 
tbey may hnowe wbat tbey sbal doo and leue. 1 baue 
tbougbt on yow, for gladly ye goo & f elawsbip witb 
tbe good J& O bowe well was 1 plesyd wban 1 berde 
tbisewordes, tbis deseruidlat tbe begynnyng wban 
I callyd ber aunte, bow be it tbat sbe was notbynge 
sybbe to me, for my rigbt aunte is dame Rukenawc 
tbat yonder standetb,wbicb is woned to bryng f ortb 
wyse cbyldren J&X said: Hun te, my lyf ana my good 
is at your commandement, and wbat 1 may doo for 
yow by nygbt and by daye,lwylle gladly tecbe tbem 
alle tbat t can jff X wolde fayn baue be tbens for tbe 
stencbe of tbem, & also 1 bad pyte of tbe grete bon- 
gre tbatlsegrym bad.lsaide:Hunte,lsbal comytte 
yow and your rayr cbyldren to God and take my leue, 
my wyf sball tbynhe longe after me J& Dere cosyn, 
said sbe,ye sbal not departe tilye baue eten, for yr ye 
dydelwold saie ye were not hynde jSF'Cbo stode sne 
vp& brougbt mein an otberboolwbereas wasmocbe 
mete of bertes & byndes,roes, fesauntes, partryebs, 
and mocbe otber venyson, tbatl wondred fro wbens 

1*2 131 

al tbismetemygbt come, and wban I bad eten my bely 
f ulsbeaaf me a arete pece of an byndef or to ete wytb 
my wyfand wytb my bousboldwbanlcome borne* I 
was asbamed to take it butl mygbt none otber wyse 
doo.ltbankyd ber&toke my leue,sbebadmelsbold 
come eone agayn,Isayd!wolde,& so departed thens 
meryly tbattsowel bad spedde.I basted me out, and 
wban t cam and sawe Ysegrym wbicbe laye gronyng, 
and I axed bym bowe be ferde jSf Re said: fNeuew, al 
euyll,for it is wonder tbat Ityue.Srynge ye ony mete 
to ete?ldeyeforbongerj^TTbobadI compassion of 
bym, and gaf bym that I bad, and sailed bym tbere 
bis lyf , wberof tbenne be tbanked me gretly, bow be 
it tbat be now owetb me euyl wyL 

~|6 bad eten tbis vp anonXbo said be: 
Reynard, dere cosyn, wbat f onde ye in 
tbatbool?Iam morebongrynow tban 
I was to fore, my teetb ben now sharped 
to etejfrl said tbenne : Sme, baste yow 
_ tbenne lygbtly in to tbat bool, ye sbal 

Snde tbere ynougbXbere lietb myn aunte wytbber 
yldren,yf ye wyl spare tbe troutnandlyegreteles- 
ynges, ye sbal baue tbere al your desire, but and ye 
say troutb ye sbal take barm j^JVly lord, was not tbis 
ynougb saydand warned, wbo so wold vnderstonde 
it, tbat al tnat be fonde be sboldsaye tbecontrarye? 
But rude and plompe beestis can not vnderstonde 
wysedom, tberfore bate tbey alle subtyl inuencions, 
for tbey can not conceyue tbem. Yet neuertbeles be 
saide be woldegoo inne,and lye so many lesyngis er 
be sbolde mysbappe tbat all man sbolde baue won- 
dre of it, and so wente f ortb in to tbat f owle stynk- 
yng bool and fonde tbe marmosette. Sbe was lyke 


^- - 

tbedeuylsdougfbter &on ber cbyldren bynge mocbe 
fyltbe clotcrd m gobettis^Cbo cryde be: Hlas, me 
arowletb of tbyse fowle nyckers, come tbey out of 
belle? men may make deuylles a/ferd of bem, goo & 
drowne tbem tbat euyl mote tbey fare, 1 sawe neuer 
fowler wormes, tbey make al myn beer to stand rigbt 
vpjffSxx Ysegrym, saidsbe, wbat may! doo tberto ? 
tbey ben my cby Idren & I muste be tbeir moder, wbat 
lyetb tbat in yourweye wbetber tbey be fowl or f ayr ? 
tbey baueyow notbyng coste. Here batb ben one to 
day byfore yowwbicbewas to tbem nybeof kyn,and 
was your better and wyser, &besayde tbat tbey ware 
f ayr : wbo batb sen t yow bitber witn tbyse tydynges ? 
j*?Dame, wyl ye wytte 1 wylle ete of your mete, bit is 
better bestowed on me tban on tbyse fowlewygbtes 
j0 Sbe sayde: Rier is no mete J9 Re sayde: Here is 
ynougbf ji^Hnd tberwytbbestertewitb bisbedeto- 
ward tbe mete, and wolde baue goon in to tbe bool 
wber tbe mete was, but myn aunte sterte up wytb ber 
cbyldren, and ronne to bym wytb tbeir sbarp longe 
nay les so sore tbat tbe bloderan ouer bis eyen. I berde 
bym crye sore and bowle, but 1 knowe of no defence 
tbat be made, but tbat be ran f aste out of tbe bool, 
and be was tberecratcbed &byten,andmanyan bool 
bad tbey made in bis cote and skyn, bis visage was 
alle on a blood and almoste be bad loste bis one ere, 
Regronedand compleyned to me sore; tbenne asked 
I bym yf be badwel lyedj^Resayd: 1 saide lyke as I 
sawe and f onde, and tbat was a fowle bytcbe wytb 
many f owl wygbtis j#]Vay , erne, said 1, ve sbold baue 
said : f ayre nece, bow fare ye and your fair cbyldren, 
1 bad leuer tbat tbey were banged er 1 tbat saidejSFYe, 
ka «3 


erne? tbcrf ore muste ye resseyue sucbe maner pay- 
Imente, byt is better otberwbyle to lye tban to save 
? trou tbe,tbey tbat ben better, wiser,and s trenger than 
we be baue doon so to f ore vs j?See, my lord tbe king, 
tbus gate be bis rede coyf ♦ J^ow stondetb be alle so 

, yf it was not tbus, be was not f er of yf Iwote it wet 
*r>ow Ysegrym prof erd bis gloue to tbe foxt for to 
fygbt wytb bym, capitulo xxxv&& 

nne Olulf sayd:Imay wel f orbere 
] your mockes & your scomes, and 
i also your f elle venymous wordes, 
strong tbeef tbat ye arel Y* saide 
tbatlwas almost dede f orbungre 
wban ye belpe me in my nede, tbat 
is falsely lied,f or it was but a boon 
J tbat ye gaf tome,yebadeten away 
alle tbe flessb tbat was tberon, &yemocke me & save 
tbat X am bongry bere wbere I stande, tbat toucbetb 
my worship tonygb, wbat many aspyty worde baue 
ye brougbt f ortb wytb false lesyngis, & tbat 1 baue 
conspyred tbe kynges detb fro tbe tresour tbat ye 
baue seid to bym is in fiulsterlo, & ye baue also my 
wyf sbamed & sklandred tbat sbesbal neuer recoure 
it, and 1 sbold euer be disworsbipped tberby yf 1 
sbal not escapeme.Ican not make berof greet preef , 
butlsaye bere to fore my lord and to fore alle tbem, 
tbat tbou art a false tray tour and amorderar, & tbat 
sballproue&makegoodon tbybodywytbin lystes 
in tbe f elde, and tbat body ayenst body, and tbenne 
sbal our stryf baue an ende,and tbertolcaste to tbe 
my gloue, and take tbou it vp. Isbal baue rigbt of 

the, or deye tberforejSF Reynard the f oxe thought: 
Row come I on this campyng? Cde ben not botbe 
lykc, I sbal not wel connestondeayenst this stronge 
tbeef : all my proof is now come to an ende. 
Row the f oxe toke vp the gloue,and how the kynge 
setteto them daye and felde for tocome&doo theyr 
batay lie, capttuto xxxvj&& 

Bethought tbef oxe:Ibaue good 
auauntaae, the clawes of bis fore 
feet be or, and bis feet ben yet sore 
tberof , wban for my sake be was 
vnsboed, he sbal be somwbat the 
weykerjj^TTbenne sayd the foxe: 
. <SLho that saitb that 1 am a tray- 
ffl tour or a morderar, 1 saie he lieth 

falsely, and that art thou specyalty Ysegrym: thou 
»brynofest me there as I wold be, this naue I of te de- 
syred: lo, here is my plegge that alle thy wordes ben 
false, and thatlshaldefendeme andmakegood that 
thou iycetjP'Cbc kynge receyuyd the plegges and 
amy tted the bateyll, & asked oorowes of them bothe 
that on the morn they shold come& parforme thevr 
bataylle, and doo as they ought to doo* TTbenne tne 
Bere and the Catte were borowes for the Cdulf , and 
for the f oxe were borowys <3rymbart the Dasse and 

k 4 


fiowe Rukenawe tbc Sbe/Hpe counseylled tbc foxe 
bow be sbolde bybaue bym in tbc f elde ayenste tbc 
Slulf, capitulo xxxv\j&& 

IRS Sbc/Hpc sayde to tbc foxe: 
Reynert, neuewe, sec tbat ye take 
bede in your batayll, be eolde and 
wyse.Your cmc taugbt mc ones a 
prayer tbat is of mocbe vertue to 
bym tbat sbalfygbte : and a grete 
maister and a wyse clerk, and was 
I abbot of Boudelo, tbat taugbted 
bym, be sayde wbo tbat sayde deuoutly tbis prayer 
f astyng sbal not tbat day be ouercomen in batayl ne 
in fygbtingXberf ore, dereneuew, benot af erd,Isbal 
rede it ouer yow to morow, tbenne may ye be sure yn- 
ougb of tbe olulf , bit is bettre to fygbte tban to baue 
tbe necke asondre Jf I tbanke you, dere aunte, saide 
tbef oxe, tbe quarelltbatl baue is rygbtfull, tberf ore 
Ibopelsbal spedewel, and tbat sbal^retely be myne 
belpe^HUe bys lygnage abode by bim al tbe nygbt 
and belpe bym to dryue a/way tbe tyme. DameRuk- 
enawe tbe Sbe/Hpe bis aunte tbougbte alway on bis 
prouffyt and f ordele, and sbe dyde alle bys beer fro 
tbe beed to tbe tayl be sborn of smotbe, and sbe a- 
nointed alle bis body wytb oyle of olyue,and tbenne 
was bys bodye al so glat and slyper tbat tbe Slulf 
sbolde baue none bolde on bym, & be wasround and 
f atte also on bis bodyjfiFHnd sbe said to bym : Dere 
cosyn,ye muste now drynke mocbe tbat tomorow ye 
may tbc better make your vryne, but ye sbal bolde it 
in tylye come to tbe f clde, ana wban ncde is and tyme, 

so sbal ye pysse f ul your rowbe tay tl, and smyte the 
tUulf tberwytb in bis berde, and yf yc mygbt byttc 
bym tberwytbin bis eyen tbenne sbalyebyneme bym 
\> xe f9W>x, & tbat sbold mocbc byndrc bym : but ellis 
bold alway your tay I f aste by twene your legges tbat 
be catebcyou not tberby, and boldcdoun your eris ly- 
cng plat after your beed tbat be bolde you not tber- 
by, and see wisely to yourself, and at begynnyng flee 
fro bys strokes and late bym sprynge and renne af- 
ter yow, & renne to fore wbere as moste dust is, and 
styre it wytbyour feet tbat it may flee in bis eyen and 

betb bis eyen take your auantage, and smy te and bite 
mm there as ye may most burte bym, and allewav to 
bytte bym wytbyour tayll fyl of pysse in bis visaae, 

wbere be is, and late bym renne after yow for to make 
bym wery : yet bis feet ben sore of tbat ye made bym 
to lose bis sbooes,andtbougb be be greet be batbno 
forte, Ncucw, certaynly tbis is my counseyll, 

1 R € connyng gotb to fore strengtbe 
tberf ore seef or yourself, & sette your- 
self wysely atte defence, tbat ye and we 
alle may baue worship tberof, I wold 
be sory yf ye mysbapped, I sbal tecbe 
you tbe wordes tbat your erne JMertyn 
taugbt me, tbat ye may ouercome your enemye as 1 
hope ye sbal doo wytbout doubtj0P€berwytb sbe 
, leyde ber band vpon bis beed & saide these wordes : 
Blaerde Shay Hlpheino, Kasbue Corsons alsbui- 
Jfnoj^JVeuew, now be ye sure fro allemyscbief and 
drede, and I counseyle yow that ye reste you a lytyl, 
''for it is by tbe daye,ye sbal be tbe better dysposed, 


* , flhth 

we sbal awake you al in tymej^Hunte, said the f oxe, 
I am now glad* God tbanke you, ye baue don to me 
aucbe good I can neuer deserue it fully agayn, JVIe 
tbynketb tber may no tbynge burte me sytb tbat ye 
baue said tbyse boly wordes ouer mejSTCbo wente 
be and leyd bym doun vnder a tre in tbe grasse and 

waked bym, and bad bym aryse, and gaf bym a good 
yong doke, and said: Dere cosyn,! baue tbis nygbt 
made many a leep in tbe water er I coude gette tbis 
yong f atte doke, X baue taken it fro a fowler, take & 
ete itjfiPReynart sayde: Tbis is good bansele, yf I 
refused tbts I were a fool I tbanke yow, cosyn, tbat 
ye remembre me, yf I lyue I sbal rewarde yow j^TTbe 
f oxeete tbe dokewitboutesawceor breed, it sauourd 
bym wel and wente wel in, and be dranke tberto iiij 
grete draugbtis of water: tbenne wente be to tbe ba- 
taylle/ward,and alletbey tbat louyd bym wentewytb 

Row tbe fox cam in to tbe f elde & bow tbey f ougbten , 
capituto xxxvuj/?a£ 

fiHjNf tbe kynge sawe Reynart 
tbus sbom and oy led, be said to 
bym : 6y , f oxe, bow wel can ye 
seefor yourself ?J?F)ewondred 
tberof , be was f owle to loke on, 
but tbefoxesaidnotoneworde, 
but kneled doun lowe to tber- 
tbe vnto tbe kynge and to tbe 
guene, and stryked bym f ortb in to tbe f eldejTCbe 
dlulf was tber redy and spack many a proud word. 
XTbe rulers and kepars of tbe f elde was tbe Lupaert 

and tbc Losse, they brought fortbc tbc booke, on 
wbicbe sware tbc Qlulf tbat tbc f oxe was a traytour 
and a morderar and none mygbt be falser tban be 
was, and tbat be wolde preue on bis body and make 
it goo&Reynart tbe f oxe sware tbat be ly ed,as a false 
knaueandacursyd tbeef,and tbat bewold doogood 
on bis body: wban tbis was don tbe gouernours of 
tbe f elde bad tben doo tbevr deuoyn tbenne romed 
tbey alle tbe fetde, sauf dame Rukenawe tbe Sbe- 
Hpe, sbe abode by tbe f oxe and bad bym remembre 
wel tbewordes tbat sbe bad sayd to bymj^Sbesaid: 
See wel too, wban ye were vij yer olde ye were wyse 
ynowb to goo by nygbt wytboute lanterne or mone 
sbyne wbere ye wyste to wynne ony goode,ye ben 
named emong tbe peple wyse & subtyl, payne your- 
self tower kesoo tbat ye wynne tbe prys, tbennemay 
ye baue euer honour & worship, &al we tbat ben your 
f rendysj^He answerd: JVIy derest aunte, I knowe it 
wel, I sbal doo my best & tbynke on your counseyl, 
I hope so to doo that alle my lignage sbal baue wor- 
ship tberby and myn enemyes shame and confusion 
JP&be sayde: God graunte it yowt 



r>SR1XIYZr> sbewerit outof tbe 
f elde and lete them tweyne goo to 
gyder, tThe <flulf trade forth to 
tbe f oxe in grete wrath, & opened 
his fore feet & supposed to baue 
taken the f oxe in hem. But the fox 
sprang fro bym lygbtly, for he 
was lygbter to fote than be; tbe 

r 3dulf sprang af terand hunted the f oxe soreXbeyr 


■ ■ 

frendes stode without the lystes &lokedvpon bem : 
tbefclulf strode wyder than Reynard dyde,andofte 
ouertoke bym,&lyf tevp bis foot andwende to baue 
smyten bym, but tbe f oxe sawe to and smote bym 
wvtb bis rowbetayle, wbicbebe bad al be/pyssed, in 
bys vysage- Too wende tbe (Gulf to baue ben plat 
blynde, tbe pysse sterte in bis eyes, tbenne muste be 
reste for to make dene bis eyen-Reyner tbougbte on 
bis f ordele,and stode aboue tbewynde skrabbing& 
castinawytb bisf eet tbe dust tbat it flew tbeOIulfis 
eyen ful- tbe (Gulf was sore blynded tber wytb, in 

for tbe sonde and pysse cleuyd vnder bis eyen tbat 
it smerted so sore tbat bemusterubbeandwassbe it 
a/way j^€bo cam Reyner in a grete angre and bote 
bvm tbre arete woundes on bis beed wy tb bis teetb, 
and saidHUbat is tbat, Syr Olulf, batb one there 
byten yow, bow is it wytb yow ? I wy I al otber wyse 
on yow yet- Hbyde, I sbal brynge vow somme newe 
tbyng,ye baue stole many a lambe & destroyedmany 
asymple beest,andnow falsely baue appeled meand 
on tbe,Iam cbosen to reward tbef or tbyn old synnes, 
f or (3od wyl no lenger suflPre tbe in tby grete rauayn 
and sbrewdnes* I snal now assoylle tbe & tbat sbal 
be good for tby sowle:take paciently tbispenaunce, 
f or tbou sbaltlyueno len£er,tbe belle sbal be tbv pur- 
gatoryeXby lyf is now in my mercy, but & yr tbou 
wilt knele doun and askeme f orgyfnes, & knowlecbe 
tbetobeouercomen t yettbougbtboubeeuyl,yet!wvl 
eparetbe,formy conscience counseylletbme,lsbold 
not gladly sleenomanj^Iseorym wendewytb tbyse 
mockyng and spytous wordes to baue goon out of 

— - 

bis wytte, & that dered bym so mocbc that be wyste 
not what to saye, buff nc baff, be was soo angry in 
bis berteXbewoundes tbatReynartbad oyuen bym 
bledde and smerted sore and be tbougbt bow be 
mygbte beste auenge it 

Y^fi grete angre be lyf te vp bis f oote 
& smote tbe f oxe on tbe beed so grete 
a stroke tbat be fy I to tbe ground, Xlbo 
sterte tbe <Hulf to and wende to baue 
take bym, but tbe f oxe was lygbt and 
wyly, and roose lygbtly vp and mette 
Jwy tb bym fiersly , & tbere began a f elle batay Ue wbicbe 
duredlongeXbeCdulf badgrete spiteon tbef oxeas 
itwelsemed,besprangeafter bym x tymes ecbeafter 
otber, & wold fayn baue bad bym faste,but bisskyn 
was so slyper & f atte of tbe oyle tbat always be es- 
caped fro bym JSFO so subtyl & snelle was tbe f oxe, 
tbat many tymes wban tbe (Uu If wende wel tobesure 
of bym, be sterte tbenne bytwene bis legges & vnder 
bis bely, & tbenne torned beagayn and aaf tbe Uluif 
a stroke wytb bis tail f ul of pysse in bis even tbat 
Isegrym wende be sbolde baue loste bis sigbt, and 
tbis ayde be often tymes, Hnd alwey wban be bad so 
smyten bym, tbenne wold be goo aboue tbe wynde, 
&reyse tbe duste tbat it made bis even f ul of stuf s, 
Isegrym was woo begon, and tbougbt be was at an 
af terdele. Yet was bis strengtbe and mygbt mocbe 
m ore tban tbe f oxes,Reynard bad many a sore stroke 
of bym, wban be raugbt bym, Cbey gaf ecbe otber 
many a stroke and many a byte, wban tbey sawtbeyr 
auauntage, & ecbe of bem dyde bis best to destroye 
tbat otber,! woldlmygbt see sucbe abataylleXbat 
one was wyly and tbat otber was stronge: tbat one 
f augbt wytb strengtbe, & tbat otber witb subtylte, 



F>£ <Hulf was angry that the f oxe en- 
dured eo longe ayenst bym: yr bis f or- 
mest feet bad ben bole tbe f oxe badnot 
endured eo longe, but tbe eoree wer so 
open tbat be mygbt not wel renne,and 
tbe f oxe mygbt better of and on tban 
be, and also be swange bis tayl wytb pysse of te vn- 
der bis eyen, and made bym tbat bym tnougtbe tbat 
bis eyen sbold goo out^Htte laste be sayd to bym 
self: I wyl make an ende of tbis bataylle. Row longe 
ebal tbie caytyf dure tbus ayenst me? lam so grete, 
I sbold if I laye vpon bym presse bym to detb* Dy t is 
to me a grete sbame tbat 1 spare bym so longe, men 
sbal mocke & poynte me wytb fyngres to my sbame 
and rebuke, fori am yet on tbe werst syde,I am sore 
wounded,! blede sore,and be drownetb me wytb bis 
pysse,and caste so mocbe duste and sande in myne 
eyen tbat bastely Isbal not conne see yf 1 suflP re bim 
ony lenger.Iwyl sette it in auenture & seen wbat sbal 
come tberof j0 CCTytb tbat be smote wytb bis f oote 
Reynard on tbe beed tbat be fyll doun to tbe ground, 
and er be cowde aryse be caugbt bim in bys feet, and 
laye vpon bym as ne wold baue pressed bym todetb, 
Tbo began tbe f oxe to be a/f era, and so were alle bis 
frendis wban tbey sawe bym lye vnder, and on tbat 
otberside alleYsegrymsf rendes were ioyef ul& glad 
^Tbe f oxe defended bym f aste wytb bis clawes as 
be laye vpward wytb bis reet & gaf bim many a elope : 
tbe ttlulf durste not wytb bys feet doo bym mocbe 
barme, but witb bis teetb snatched at bym as be wold 
baue byten bym,<nban tbe foxe sawe tbat be sbold 
bebyten,andwasin gretedrede,be smote tbe 3Qu If in 
tbe need witb bis f ormest clawes, and tare tbe skynne 

of bytwene bis browes and bys eerie, and tbat one of 
1 bye eyen benge out, wbyebe dyde bym mocbe payne* 
F)e bowlyd, be wepte, be cryde lowde, and made a py- 
> teous noyse, for tbe blode ranne doun as it bad ben 
a streme. 

How tbe f oxe beyng vnder tbe <Oulf wytb Catering 
wordes glosed bym tbat tbe f oxe cam to bys aboue 
agayn, capitulo xl,*W 

T>B Qlulf wiped bis eyen,tbef oxe 
was gladd wban be sawe tbat, be 
wrastled so sore tbat be sprange 
on bis feet wbyles be rubbed bys 
eyen, tbe Qlulf was not wel ples- 
ydtberwytb alle,and smote after 
nym er be escaped & caugbt bym 
in bisarmes and belde bym faste, 
notwytbstandyng tbat be bledde. Reynard was woo 
tbenne, there wrastled tbey longe and sore.Tbe <Oulf 
wexe so angry tbat be f orgat al bis smarte & payne, 
& tbrew tbe f oxe al plat vnder bym,wbicbe cam bym 
euyll to passe, for bis one band by wbicbe be defen- 
ded bym sterte in tbe f allyng in toYscgryms tbrote, 
and tbenne was be af erd to lesebis bandj^tTbeCHulf 
sayd tbo to tbe f oxe : JNbw cbese wbetber ye wy I yelde 
yow as ouercome,or ellys I sball certaynly slee yow. 
tTbe skateryng of tbe oust, tby pysse, tby mocfcyng 
ne tby deffence,ne alle tby false wylys,may not now 
foredon mesomocbe barmen sbame,andnowtbaue 
lost myne one eye & tberto ben sore wounded. 3dban 
Reynard berdetbat it stode sorowme, tbat be sbold 
cbese to fcnowlecbe bym ouercomen andyelde bym, or 
ellis to take tbe detb, be tbougbt tbe cboy s was wortb 




tenmarke,&tbatbemuste say tbatone ortbat other* 
Re badanoii concluded wbat be wold saie,& began to 
saye to bym wytb f ayr wordes in tbis wyse ; Dere erne, 
Iwylgladly becomeyour man wytballe my good, &l 
wy I goo for you to tbe boly graue, & sbal ofete pardon 
& wynnyngf or your cloystre of alle tbe cbircbes tbat 
ben in tbe noly Lande, wbicbe sbal mocbe prouffyte 
to your sowle&your elders sowles also* 1 trowe tber 
was neuer sucbe a prouffre prouffred to ony kynge, 
and 1 sball serue you lyke as I sbold seme our boly 
fader tbe popejsbal bolde of you al tbatlbaue and 
euer ben your seruaunt,and fortblsbal make tbat al 
my lignage sbal do in lyke wyseXbenne sbal ye be a 
lord a/boue alle lordes : wbo sbolde tbenne dare doo 
ony tbyngayenst you ?Hndf urtbermore.wbat som- 
euer I take of polaylle, gbees, partryebe, or plouyer, 
fyssbe or fiessbe, or wbat someuer it be, tberof sbal 
yefyrst baue tbecboys, and your wyf and your cbyl- 
dren,er ony come in my bodyXberto 1 wyl alway a- 
byde by you, tbat wbere ye be tber sballe no burte ne 
scatbe come toyow*Ye be strong and 1 am wyly, late 
vs abyde to oydre tbat one wytb counseyll and tbat 
otber wytb tbedede, tben may tber notbyng misf alle 
to vs/ward, & we ben so nygn of kynne ecbe tootber 
tbat of riofbt sbold be no angre bytwene vs* 1 wold 
not baue rougbten ayenst you yf I mygbt baue es- 
caped, but ye appeled mefyrst vnto fygbt, tbo must 
Idootbatlnot doo wold gladly, and in tbis bataylle 
1 baue ben curtoys toyow.l baue not yet sbewde tbe 
vtteryst of my mygbt on yow, lyke as 1 wolde baue 
doon yf ye bad ben a straunger to me, for tbe neuew 
ougbt to spare tbe erne, it is good reson and it ougbt 
sotobee«Oere erne, so bauelnow doo, & tbat mayeye 

marhe wel : wban Iran to fore yowmyn berte woldnot 
consente tberto, for I mygbt bauc burtc yow mocbe 
more tban I dyde, but I thought it neuer, for I hauc 
not hurtc yow nc don yow eo mocbe harmc that may 
hyndrc yow, sauf only that mysbappe that is fallen 
on your eye. Hcb, therf ore I am sory & euflPre moche 
sorow in my hertef I wold wel, dere erne, that it had 
not bappedyow, but that it bad fallen on me, eo that 
ye tberwyth bad ben plesyd. How be it that ye sbal 
baue tberby a grete auauntage, for wban ye here af- 
ter ahal elepeye nede not to sbette but one wyndowe 
where another muste sbette two. JMy wyf Amy chil- 
dren and my Ugnage sbal f alle doune to your feet to 
fore the hynge, and to fore alle them that ye wyl de- 
syre, and praye yow humbly that ye wyl suflfre Rey- 
nart your neuew lyue,and alsolsbal knowleche of te 
to baue trespaced ayenst yow, and what lesynges I 
bauelyed vponyow. How myght ony lord baue more 
honour tban I proff re yow ? I wolde for no good do 
this to another, therf ore I pray yow to be plesyd here 

tb al. . 

mOZG wel yf ye wold ye mygbt now 

alee me: but ana ye so done bad, what 
bad ye wonne? 90 muet ye euer after 
this tyme hepe yow fro my frendes & 
Ugnage. Therf ore he is wyse that can 
in bis angre mesure hym self and not 
be ouer basty,and toseewelwhat may f alle or happe 
lafterward to bym. Whatman that in his angre can 
wel aduyse bim, certaynly heis wyse : men fyndmany 
f ooles that in bete hasten hem so mocbe that after 
they repente hem, and thenne it is to late, but, dere 
eme,Xtrowe that ye be to wyse so todoo. Hit is better 
li M5 

to baue prys, honour, reste & pecs, & many frendes 
that be redy tobelpe bym, tban to baue sbame,burte, 
vnreste, and also many enemyes lyengf m a/wayte to 
do bym barme. Hlso it is Uty I worship to bym tbat 
batb ouercomen a man tbenne to slee bim, but it is 

>werealytyllburte. _ ^ ■ „ . ^ 

nseGRTM the Olulf said: Hy tbeef, 
tbow fayn woldest tbow be losed and 
dyscbarged fro met€bat bere I wel by 
thy wordee : were tbou now fro me on 
tby free feet, tbou woldest not sette by 
Jme an egge sbelle. Cbouofb tbou pro~ 
mysedesttomealle tbe world of fyn rede gold! wold 
not late tbe escape. I sette lytyl by tbe and alle tby 
frendes and lignagcHlle tbat tbou bast bere saidis 
but lesyngisand f ayned f alsenes : wenest tbou thus 
to deceyueme?It is longe sytb tbatlknewetbe, lam 

aood com* O bow woldest tbou mocke me, yf I lete 
tbe tbus escape tCbou my gbtest wel baue said tbis to 
one tbat knewe tbe not, but to me tbou losest tby 
fiateryng &swete floytyng, f orlvnderstande to wel 
tby subtyl lyeng talys; tbow bast so ofte deceyued 
me tbat me bebouetb now to take good bede of tbe* 
Cbow false stynkynge knaue, tbow saist tbat tbou 
bastsparedmein tbis batayULokebetberward tome, 
is not myn one eye out? & tberto bast tbou wound- 
ed!^™** places in my beed, tbou woldest not suffre 
me so longe to resteas to take ones my breetb.Iwere 
ouer mocbaf ool yf I sbold now spare tbe or berner- 
cyf ul to tbe, so many a confusion & sbame as tbou 
bast don tome:& tbat also, tbat toucbetb me most 



of alle, that tbou bast disworsbipedandsklaundred 
€rswyn my wyf, wbom I louc as wel as my self, and 
falsely forscst & deceyuedest ber, wbicbe sbal neuer 
outof my berte, for as of teas it comctb to my myridc 
allcmyn angrc and bate tbat 1 baue to tberenewetb 
J&lt\ tbemene wyle tbatYsegrym was tbus spekyng, 
tbe f oxe bitbougbt bym bow be mygbt belpe bym 
self, & stack bis otber bond after by twene bis leggis, 
and grepe tbe Gdulf fast by tbe colyons,&bewronge 
bem so sore tbat for woo and payne be muste crye 
lowde& bowle, tbennetbef oxe drewe bis otber bond 
out of bis moutb. XTbe Cttulf bad so mocbe payne 
and anguyssb of tbe f oxe wryngyng, tbat tbe f oxe 
dowed A wrongebis genytours, tbat be spytte blood 
and for grete payne be bysbote bym self; 
f>ow y&egrym tbe Olulf was ouercomen, & bow tbe 
batay I was taken vp and fynyssbid, & bow tbe f oxe 
bad tbe worship, capittilo x\)&& 

pIS payne dydebym more sorow 

and woo tban bis eye dyde tbat so 

|sore bleddc,andalso it made bym 

toouertbroweallein aswowne,for 

be bad so mocbe bledde, and also 

tbe tbrestyng tbat be suffred in 

bis colyons made bym so favnt 

-tbat be bad lost bismwbtXben 

Reynard tbefoxe lepe vpon bym wytb alms mygbt, 

and caugbt bym by tbelegges,and drewe bym fortb 

tburgb tbe f elde tbat tbey alle mygbt see it, and be 

tetack and smote bym sore. TTbenne were Ysegryms 

frendes al f ul of sorowe, and wente al wepyng vnto 

?tbeyr lord tbe kynge, and prayde bym tbat be wold 

*doo sece tbe batay 11 and take it vp in to bis bandesj^ 

1 2 i 47 

Zbc kynge graunted it, and tbenne wente the kepars 
of the fctdc, tbcLupacrd and tbcLossem, and saidc 
to the f oxe and to the CQulf : Our lord the kynge wil 
speke wytb yow, and wyl that this batayl be ended, 
be wtl take it in to bis band* He desyrctb tbat ye wyl 
gyueyour stryf vnto bym, f or yf ony of yow bere were 
slayn it sbold be grete shame on botbe sydes, for ye 
baue as mocbe worship of this f elde as ye may baue 
JfBxxd tbey sayde to tbe f oxe: Hlle tbe beestis gjue 
to yow tbe prys tbat baue seen tbis bataylle j^Cbe 
f oxe said: thereof Xtbanke bem,andwbat tbat sbal 
plesemy lord to commande,tbatsbalnotXgaynsaye. 
I desire no better but to baue wonne tbef elde, latemy 
frendes come betber to me,X wil take aduyse of tbem 
wbat X ebal doo jfr Oey saide tbat tbey tbougbt it 
good,andalso itwasreson in weyabty maters aman 
sbold take aduys of bis frendesXbenne cam dame 
Slopecade, and ©rymbert tbe Dasse her busbond, 
dameRukenawe wy tb ber ij sustcrs, By tcluys & f ul- 
rompe ber ij sones, and natenet ber dougbter, tbe 
f lyndermows,&tbe (HezeLHnd tber cam moo tban 
xx wbicbe wold not baue comen yf tbe f oxe bad loot 
tbefeeld:sowbotbatwynnetb and cometb to bye a- 
boue be getetb grete loos and worship, & wbo tbat is 
ouer tbrowen & batb tbe werse, to bym wyl no man 
gladly comeXher cam also to tbe f oxe, tbe Beuer, tbe 
Otter,& botb tbeyr wyues pantbecrof te &Ordegale, 
and tbe Ostrole, tbe JVlartre, tbe f ycbews, tbe f yret, 
tbe JVIowse, and tbe Squyrel, and many moo tban X 
can name, and alle bycause be bad wonne tbe f eeld. 
Ye, some cam tbat to fore bad complayned on bym, 
and were now of bis next kynne, & tbey sbewde bym 
right frendly cbier and contenance* Ows faretb tbe 

world now, who that is ricbeand bye on the wbeel be 
batb many kynnesmen and f rendes tbat sbal belpe 
to bere out bis weltbe. But wbo tbat is nedy and mi 
payne or in pouerte fyndetb but f ewe frendes and 

panye and wayejSTC-ber was tbenne gfrete f este, tbey 
blewe vp trompettis and pyped wytb sbalmoyses. 
XTbey sayden alle: Dere neuew, blessyd be God tbat 
ye baue sped wel, we were in gfrete drede & fere wban 

tbem frendly, & resceyued tbem witb grete joye and 
gladnes: tbenne be asked of tbem wbat tbey coun- 
seylled bym, yf be sbolde gyue tbe felde vnto tbe 
kyngeor noo?jflW)ame Slopecadesayde: Yebardely, 
cosyn, ye may wytb worsbyp wel sette it in to bys 
bandes and truste bym wel ynougbj^TTboo wente 
tbeyallewytb tbe keparsof tbe feeldvnto tbe kynge, 
and Reynard tbe foxe wente to fore tbem alle wytb 
trompes and pypes and mocbe otber mynstralcye. 
Tbe f oxe kneled doun to fore tbe kynge, tbe kynge 
bad bym standevp,and said to bym: Reynard, ye be 
nowjoyef ul,ye baue kepte your day worsbipf ully. I 
discbarge yow, and late yowgoo frely quyte wbere it 
plesytb yow, and tbe debate bytwene yow I bolde it 
on me, and sbal discusse it by reson & by counseyl 
of noble men, and wil ordeyne tberof tbat ougbt be 
doon by reson at sucbe time as Ysegrymsbal bebool, 
and tbenne I sbal sende for yow to come to me, and 
tbenne by Goddes grace 1 sbal yeue out tbe sentence 




Hn ensample that the f oxe told to the kynge wban 
be bad wonne tbc f elde, capitulo xhj^^ 

g-^lf V wortby anddere lord tbekynge, 

^S saide tbe f oxe, X am wel a/greed 
and payd tberwytb, but wban I 
cam fyrst in to your court tber 
were many tbat were f elle and en- 
uyous to me, wbicbe neuer bad 
burte ne cause of scatbe by me, 
buttbey tbougbttbattbeymigbt 

beste ouer me, & alle tbey cryden wytb myn enemyes 
ayenst me, & wold f ayn baue destroyed me by cause 
tbey tbougbt tbat tbe Cdulf was better witbbolden 
and gretter wytbyou tban I was, wbicbe am your 
bumble subget. tbey knewe none otber tbynge why 
ne wberfore, tbey tbougbte not as tbewyse bewoned 
to doo, tbat is wbat tbe ende may bappen. My lorde, 
tbyse ben lyke a grete beepof boundes wbicbe I ones 
sawe stonde at a lordes place vpon a dongbil wbere 
as tbey away ted tbat men sbolde brynge tbem mete, 
tben sawe tbey an bound come out of tbe kitcben, & 
bad taken tbere a f ayr rybbe of beef er it was gyuen 
bym, and be ran fast a/way wytb all. But tbe cooh 
bad espyed or be wente away, and toke a cjfrete bolle 
full of scaldyng water and caste it on bis byppes 
bebynde,wberof be tbankynd notbynof tbe cook, for 
tbe beer bebynde was skaldedof and bis skyn semed 
as it bad be tburgb soden, ^euertbeles be escaped 
away and kepte tbat be bad wonne, and wban bis 
f elaws tbe otber boundes saw bym come wytb this 
f ayr rybbe, tbey called bym alle and saide to bym : U 

bow good a frende is the cook to the, wbicbe batb 
ofyuen to tbc so good a boone wberon bis so mocbe 
nessbf Oeboundesaide: Y*knowenotbyng tberof. 
Ye preyse mc lykeas ye sec mc to fore wytb tbc bone, 
but ye baue not seen me bebynde, take bede and be- 
bolde me afterward on myn buttokkis,and tbenneye 
sbal knowe bow 1 baue deseruyd it. Hnd wban tbey 
bad seen bym bebynde on bis byppes, bow tbat bis 
skynneand bis flessb was al rawe & tburgb soden, 
tbo growled tbem alle, & were af erd of tbat syedyng 
water, and wold not of bis f elawsbip, but fledde and 
ran away from bym and lete bym tbere allone. 

H6B, my lord, tbis rigbt baue tbyse 
false beestis, wban tbey be made lordes 
and may gete tbeir desire, and wban 
tbey be mygbty and doubted, tbenne 
ben tbey extorcionners, and scatteand 
pylle tbe peple, and eten tbem lyke as 
)tbey were forbongred boundes, tbese ben tbey tbat 
bere tbe bone in ber moutb, noman dar baue to doo 
wytb bem, but preyse alle tbat tbey bedryue, noman 
dar saye otber wyse but sucbe as sbal plese bem, by 
cause tbey wold not besbom,andsommebelpetbem 
fortb in tbeyr vnrygbtwys dedes by cause tbey wold 
baue parte and lykke tbeyr fyngres, and strencftbe 
tbem in tbeyr euyl lyf and werkis. O dere lorde, bow 
lytyl seen tbey tbat do tbus after bebynde tbem wbat 
tbeende sbal bet Htte laste tbeyfal fro bye tolowein 
grete sbame & sorowe, and tbenne tbeyr werkis come 
to knowlecbe & be opene, in sucbe wyse tbat noman 
batb pyte ne compascion on tbem in tbeyr mescbief 
and trouble, & euery man curse tbem and say euyl by 
tbem to tbeir sbame and vylanye* JWany of sucbe 
1 4 151 

baue ben blamed and sborn f ul nygbe tbat tbey bad 
no worsbype nc prouffyt, but lose tbeyr beer as tbe 
bound dyde, tbat is tbeyr frendes,wbicbe bauebolpe 
tbem to couere tbeir mysdedes and extorcions lyke 
as tbe beer couerytb tbe skynne, and wban tbey baue 
sorow and sbame for tbeyr olde trespaces, tbenne 
eebe body pluckytb bis band fro bym and flee, lyke 
as tbe boundes dyde fro bym tbat was scalded wytb 
tbe syedyng water, and lete bym tbyse extorciens in 
ber sorow and nede, 

Y dere lorde kynge, 1 besecbe you to 
3 remembre tbis example of me, it sbal 
not be ayenstyour worship ne wyse- 
dom, <Ubat, wene ye bow many ben 
tber sucbe false extorcioners now in 
tbis dayes? Ye, mocbe werse tban an 
bound tbat beretb sucbe a bone in bis moutb, in 
■townes, in grete lordes courtes, wbicbe wytb grete 
(facing and bracyng oppresse tbe poure peple wytb 
'grete wronge, & selle tbeyr fredom and pryuelages, 
and bere tbem on bond of tbyngis tbat tney neuer 
knewe ne tbougbte, & all for to gete good for tbeyr 
synguler profryt. Cod gyue tbem all sbame&soone 
destroye tbem wbo somme euer tbey be tbat so doo f 
But Cod be thanked, said tbe f oxe, tber may noman 
endwyte me,nemy lygnagenekynne,of sucbewerkys 
but tbat we sbal acquyte vsand comen in tbe lyabte. 
I am not a/f erd of ony tbat can saye on me ony tbyng 
tbat I baue don otberwyse tban a trewe man ougbt to 
doo, Hlleway tbe f oxe sbal a/byde tbe f oxe, tbougb 
alle bis enemyes badde sworn tbe contrarye. JVIy dere 
lord tbe kynge, I loue you wytb my berte aboue alle 
otber lordes, and neuer for noman wold I tome fro 


, yow, butabydeby vow to tbevtterist. fiowwel itbatb 
ben otherwise enformed your byenes, I baue neucr- 
tbeles alway do tbc beat, and f ortb so wylle doo allc 
my lyf tbat I can or may. 

, Row tbc kyng forgaf tbe f oxe allc tbyngis & made 
bym souerayn & grettestouer al bis landes, capitulo 

R6 kynge sayde: Reynard, ye be 
one or tbem tbat owctb me bom- 
age, wbiebe I wyl tbat ye allway 
ao doo, and also I wylle tbat erly 
and late ye beof my counseyl and 
one of my justyses : see wel to 
tbat ye not mysdoo ne trespace 
nomore. I sette yow agavn in alle 
.your mygbt and power, lyke as ye were to fore, and 
see tbat ye further alle maters to tbebeste rigbte, for 
wban ye sette your wytte and counseyl to vertue and 
goodnesse, tbenne may not our court be wytbout 
your aduyse and counseyl, for bere is non tbat is 
lyke to yow in sharp and bye counseyll, ne subtyller 
'in fyndyng a remedye for a mescbief , and tbynke ye 
on tbexample tbat ye your self baue tolde and tbat 
ye baunte rigbt/wysnesand be to me trewclwill fro 
bensf ortb werke and doo by your aduysc and coun- 
seyll, be lyuetb not tbat yf be mysdede yow, but I 
sbold sharply aduenge & wreke it on bym. Y* sballe 
oueralle speke and saye my wordes, and in alle my 
lande shall ye be aboue alle other souerayne and my 
bayle, tbat offyce I gyue yow, ye may wel occupye it 
wyth worsbipjffHlle Reynardis frendisandlignage 
thanketb the kyngbeyly^Cbe kynge sayde: Iwolde 

doo more for your sake than ye wene, I pray yow alle 
that ye remembre bym that be be trewejgH>ame Ru- 
kenawe tbenne sayd : yce, ey kerly , my lord, tbat sbal 
be euer be, and tbynke ye not tbe contrary, for yf be 
wereotber wyse be were not of our kynne ne Ugnage, 
and I wold euer myeeake bym and wold euer byndre 
bym to my powerj^Reynart tbe foxe tbanked tbe 
.kyncjewttb rayr curtoyewordes & sayd: Dere lorde, 
'l am not wortby to baue tbe worship tbat ye doo to 
me-Isbal tbynke tberon and be trewe to you al 90 
longe ae I lyue, and 9bal gyue y° u a9 bobom coun- 
seyl as 9bal be expedient to your good gracejSFnere 
wvtb be departed wytb bis f rendes fro tbe kynge. 

"lOCCIo berke bow Isegrym tbe ululf 
dyd : Bruyn tbe Bere,€y bert tbe Catte, 
and Grswyndeand ber cbyldren, wytb 
tbeir Ugnage, drewen tbe ululf out of 
tbe f elde, and leyde bym vpon a lyter 
_ of beyeand couerd bym warm, &loked 
tto bis woundes, wbicbe were wel xxv, and tber cam 
1 wyse maistres & surgyens wbicbe bonde tbem and 
weesbe bem. He was so seke and f eble tbat be bad 
lost bis f elynge, but tbey rubbed and wryued bym 
vnder bis temples and eyen tbat be sprange out of 
1 bis swounde, and cryde so lowde tbat alle tbey were 
'aferd, tbey bad wende tbat be bad ben wood. But tbe 
maistres gaf bym a drynketbat comforted bisberte 
and made bym to slepe, tbey comforted bis wyf and 
.tolde to ber tbat tberwas no detb woundeneparyl of 
bis lyf j^Cbenne tbe court brake vp,and tbe beestis 
departed and wente to tbeyr places and bomes tbat 
tbey cam froo* 


Row the f oxewytb bis frendisand lignage departed 
nobly fro tbe kyngeandwentetobis castel JWalleper- 
duye, capit ulo xlhj&& 

eyftHKZ tbe f oxe toke bis leue 
honestly of tbe kynae and of tbe 
quene, and tbey bad bym be sbold 
not tarye longe but shortly retome 
to tbem agaynjfi^Re answerd and 
said: Dere kynge and quene, alway 
at your commandement I sbal be 
redy. Jf ye nede ony tbyng, wbicbe 
food forbede, I wold alway be redy wytb my body & 
>my good to belpe yow, and also al my frendes and 
lignaae in lykewysesbalobeye your commandement 
>and desire, ye baue byely deseruyd it, God quyte it 
yow, and yeue you grace longe to lyue. Hnd I desyre 
'your licence and leue to goo home to my wyf & chil- 
dren, and yf your good grace wil ony tbyng, late me 
baue knowlecbe of it, & ye sbal fynde me alway redy 
»^Cbus departed tbe f oxewytb fayrwordes fro tbe 
kynge. JVow,wbo tbat coude sette bym in Reynardis 
crafte,and coude bebaue bym in flateryng and lyeng 
as be dyde, be sbold I trowe be berde botbe wytb tbe 
lordes spyrytuel and temporel. Tber ben many, and 
> also tbe moste parte, tbat crepe after bis waye & bis 
J bole: tbename tbatwas gyuen to bym abydetb alway 
stylle wytb bym. Re batb lef te many of bis craf te in 
tbis world, wbicbe allewaye wexe & become mygbty, 
for wbo tbat wyl not vse Reynardis crafte now is 
mougbt worth in tbe worldnow,in ony estate tbat is 
of mygbt. But yf be can crepe in Reynardis nette & 
.batb ben bis scoler,tbennemay bedwellewitbvs,for 
>tbenneknowetb beweltbe way now be may aryse,and 


is sette vp aboue of euery man, Tiber is in tbe world 
mocbe seed left of tbc f oxe, wbicbenowoueralgrow- 
ctb and cometb sore vp. O>ougb tbey bauc no rede 
berdes, yet tber ben f ounden mo f oxesnow tban cucr 
were bere to fore, Tbe rigbtwyse peple ben al loste, 
troutbe and rigbtwysnes ben exyled and fordriuen, 
and for tbem ben abyden wy tb vs couetyse, f alsbede, 
bate & enuye: tbyse regne now mocbe in euery con- 
tre. for is (tin tbe popes court, tbe emperours, tbe 
kynges, dukes, orony otber lordes, where someuer it 
be, cebe man labouretb to put otber out fro bis wor- 
sbippc, offyce and power, for to make bvm sylf to 
clymmebye, with lyes, with flate^n^wytbsymonye, 
wytb money, or wy tb strengtbe & f orceXber is none 
tbynge beloued ne knowen in tbe court now a/days 
but money, Oe money is better byloued tban <3od, 
for men doo mocbe more tberf ore, for wbosomeuer 
bryngetb money sbal be wel receyuyd and sbal baue 
alle bis desire, is it of lordes or of ladyes, or ony 
otber, tbat money dotb mocbe barme. JVIoney bryng- 
etb many in sbame and drede of bis lyf , and bryng- 
etb false wytnesayenst true peple for togete money, 
bit causetb vnclennes of lyuyng, lyeng and lecberye. 
JSbw clerkes goon to Rome, to £)arys,& to many an- 
other place for to leme Reynardis craf te:is be clerke, 
is be laye man,euericbe of tbem tredetb in tbe foxes 
patb and seketb bis boleXbe world is of sucbe con- 
dycyon now tbat euery man seketb bym self in alle 
maters,! wote not wbat ende sbal come to vs berof . 
Hlle wy se m en may sorowe wel berf ore, I fere tbat for 
tbe grete f alsenes, tbef te, robberye and murdre, tbat 
is now vsed somocbe and comonly, and also tbe vn- 
sbamef ast lecberye andauoultry, hosted and blowen 

a/brood with the auauntyngof the same, that with- 
out grctc repentaunce & penaunce tberf ore, that God 
will take vengeaunce and punyssbe vs sore tberf ore. 
{ftbom I bumbly besecbe, and to wbom notbyng is 
byd tbat be wylle gyue vs grace to make amendes to 
bym tberf ore, and tbat we maye rewle vs to bys play- 
syr, and ber wytb wil I leue, for wbat baue I to wryte 
of tbise mysdedes ? I baue ynowb to doo wytb myn 
owne self, and so it were better tbat I belde my pees 
and suffre,andtbe bestetbatl can doo for to amende 
my self now in tbis tyme: & solcounseyle euery man 
todoobere in tbis present lyf, and tbat sbal be most 
our prouflpy t, for after tbis lyf cometb no tyme tbat 
we may occupye to our auantage for to amende vs, 
for tbenne sbal euery man answere for bym self and 
bere bis owen burtbenj^Reynardisfrendesandlyg- 
nage to tbe nombre of xl baue taken also tbeyr leue 
of tbe kynge, and wente alle to gydre wytb tbe f bxe 
wbicbe was rygbt glad tbat be bad so wel sped, and 
tbat be stode so wel in tbe kynges grace. Re tbougbt 
tbat be bad no sbame, but tnat be was so arete wttb 
tbe kynge tbat be mygbt belpe & f urtber bis frendes 
and byndre bis enemyes, & also to doo wbat be wold 
> wy tbout be s bold be blamed yf be wold be wyse. 

3RB f oxe A bis rrendis wente so longe 
to gydre tbat tbey camen to bis burgb 
to jttaleperduys, tber tbey alle toke leue 
ecbe of otber wytb f ayr and courtoys 
wordes. Reynard dyde to tbem gretere- 
uerence,and tbanked tbem alle frendly 
of tbeyr good f aytb, and also worsbip tbat tbey bad 
don and sbewd to bym, and profred to ecbe of tbem 
bis seruyseyf tbey bad nede wytb body and goodes, 


and berwytb tbey departed, and ecbe of tbcm wente 
to tbeyr owne bowses jffXibt foxe wcntc to dame 
Grmelyn bis wyf , wbicbe welcomed bym frendly, be 
tolde to ber and to bis cbyldren alle tbe wonder tbat 
to bym was befallen in tbe courts and forgate not a 
worde but tolde to tbem euery dele bow be bad escap- 
ed, €benne were tbey glad tbat tbeyr fader was so 
enbaunsed and grete witb tbe kynge, and tbe f oxe 
lyued f ortbon wy tb bis wyf and bis cby Idren tn grete 
| joye and gladnes/ 

" OQCl wbo tbat said to yow of tbe f oxe 
more or lesse tban yebaue berd or red, 
I bolde it for lesynge : but tbis tbat ye 

- baue berd or red, tbat may be byleue 
wel t & wbo tbat byleuetb it not is not 
tberf ore out of tbe rigbt byleue* How 
be it tber bemanyyf tbat tbey bad seen it tbey sbold 
baue tbelassedoubtof it,for tber ben many tbynges 
in tbe world wbicbe ben byleuvd tbougb tbey were 
neuer seen. Hlso tber ben many ngures & playsfoun- 
den tbatneuerweredon ne bapped,butf or an example 
to tbe peple, tbat tbey may tber by tbe better vse and 
f olowe vertue, and tescbewesynne and vyces.In lyke 
wysemay it be by tbis booke, tbat wbo tbat wyl rede 
tbis mater, tbougb it beof iapes and bourdes,yet be 
may fynde tberin many a good wysedom and lern- 
ynges, by wbicbe be may come to vertue & worship 
JFXZbm is no good man blamed berin, by t is spok- 
en generally , late eueryman take bis owne parte as it 
belongetb and bebouetb. Hnd be tbat fyndetb bym 
gylty in ony dele or part tberof , late bym bettre and 
amende bym, and be tbat is veryly good, X pray Cod 


berin that may grcuc or dyspleasc ony man, blame 
not me, but tbef oxe, for tbey be bis wordee and not 
myne,prayengalltbem tbatsbalseetbis lytyl treatis 
to correct and amende wbere tbey sbal fynde faute, 
f orlbaue notadded nemynusebed, but bauef olow- 
edasnygbeaslcan mycopyewbicbe was in Dutcbe, 
and by me Glilliam Caxton translated in to tbis rude 
and symple Snalyssb in Oabbey of CClestmestre, 
f ynyssbed tbe vj daye of ?uyne, tbe yere of our Lord 
JVICCCCbcxxj,and tbexxjyere of tbe regneof kynge 
Here endetb tbe bietorye of Reynard tbe f oxe. 



h CHBjve of sojMesrRHj^ee words. 

leDRWe, BY- jtfPCamping,p.i35(Du: camp- 

dryuen, pp. 33, spel) right, duel. 

95> 103, 151 (Du: Cantum, p. 81 (Du:, cantum) 

bedreue, bedre- an allusion to the service of 

uen) to commit, 4 ~l!? 1 c i burcb / v> 

oeroetrate. Casus, p. 11 (Du : casus) a ge- 

_ perpetrate. 

Benamme, p. 79 (0.6. benu- 
men) deprived. 

Beryspe, vnberisped, pp. 45, 
129 (Du : berispen, omberis- 
pet) reprove, rebuhe. 

Betels, p. 15 (Du: beytels) 
wedges. B. JVl. copy has 
"betels" altered in what 
seems to be a contemporary 

ometrical term, each of the 
segments of the base of a 
triangle cut off by a perpen- 
dicular fallingfrom the ver- 

Clope, p. 142 (Du : clop) knock 
or stroke. 

Cluse, p.7(Du: cluse) cell. 

d^Dasse, p. 5, et seq., (Du : 
dasse) badger. 

Blasen, p. losTOu: blasen; **!&* 2 *J£ U : ****"> cit ' 
O^Uesan) to blow. See »&%? 9 ffidicr)<iccr,crK, 

B l C eai P remain° U: bUCf) "" ^K^ 9 ,, 4 7(Du:dou- 
Bo?k C ; r ytb a tbe sayntes, p. 3 ™* n > " dubb «<" jessed, 

Borde, bourde,pp.33, 84, 158 emefpfret leqT^Du: cem, 

<Du:bom)ajCrt,ke,.moclt. omnfe, 00m) uScui. 
Borowes, p. 135 (Du: borge) Brmed, p. 60, pitied, (Che 

pledge, surety 
Boucbe, p. 49, a misprint of 

Caxton's for bench, f ollow- 
, ed in error, 
Brokes, pp. 56, 88 (Du: bVue- 

ken, brokicb) crimes. 
Buff ne baff, p. 141 (Du: boe 

nocb bau). 
Bules, p. 114 (Du : bulen) boils 

or bowls 
Bydwynge, bydwongen, pp. 

Dutch is " iammerde "which 
Caxton beire. translates by 
this Gnglisb word, though 
elsewhere he simply adopts 
the Dutch, e.g., p. 59). 

jfiFfaldore, p. 33 (Du: valdo- 
er) trap/door. 

facing & bracyng, p. 152 (X)\i : 
met groten onrecbte) See 
f^.B.D. for uses of this 

46, 63, 113 (Du: dwingben, ferners,p.4o(Du:bedencken 

bedwonghen) to constrain, om ouden staet ende daet) 

forced. bygones. 

m i6 l 

fordryue, fordriuen, pp. 46, 
21, 156 (Du: verdriuen) drive 
away, expel. 

forslongen, p. 10 (Du:versl- 
onden, pp. of verslinden) 
devoured, swallowed. 

f orslyngered, p. 17 (Du : slin- 
geren) to sling. 

for/wyntered, p. 3 (Du: ver- 
wintert) wintered. 

j^Galped, pp. 25, 125, (Du: 
galpte) yelped. 

<3lat, p. i36(Du: glat) smooth, 

©rate, p. 5 (Du: grate) fish- 

Orenne, gryn, grynnes, pp. 24 
25, 26, 27, 31, 40, 77 ', (Du: 
stricke, stricken) snare. 

Grymme, grimmed, grym- 
myng, pp. 43, 78, 129 (Du: 
grimmen, grimde, grymm- 
ende) to look grim, angry. 

j^FfJamber barellis, p. 14 (Du: 
seuen aemen hebben) ames 
or wine/ barrels, 37-41 gal- 

Rarowe, p. 86 (Du : des so ro- 
epe ick wapen ouer hoer Ujf 
en leuen der gheenre)the cry 
for help. 

Rouedaunce, p. 69 (Du : houe- 
dans) court/dance* 

fiuylen, p. 102 (Du: buylen) 
to bowl. (Gberard keeu's 
Dutch has here "butsen & 
blaaen." Butsen, to push 
or smite.) 

jflFLynde, p. 41 (Du i linde). 
kinde, linden. JUjn, rope. 

jtfFJMawed, p. 25 (Du: mauw- 
ede) miaued. 

JMenowr. p. 7 (Du : doe hi hem 
mit dierten beuant) taken in 
the manner. 

JSf Ouwher, p. 42. 6. anywhere 

jtfFpolaylcpp.34,35,42 (Du: 
hoenre, boenren) poultry. 

pyked & stryked, p. 93 (Du : 
si streken) "gaen streken 
ofte strijeken," to go one's 

pylche, p. 9 (Du : pelse ende 
slauine) Lat: pelicia; O.e. 
pylce; JVIod: pelisse; short 
flannel or fur garment. 

j^Rasyng, p. ii9(Du: rasede) 
doting, madness. 

Ratte, p. 12 (Du : bij wil v han- 
ghen ofte raedebraken) be 
will you bang or break on 
the wheel (radt/braken). 

Rutsele, p. 20 (Du: rutselen) 
to rustle. 

JSf St* JVlartyn's byrdes, p. 22 
(Du: sinte martijns vogel- 

Scatte, pp. 43, 151 (Du: scat) 
treasure, riches, tax. 

Slauyne, p. 9, pilgrim's cloak, 
a Slavonic cloak. 

Slepid, p. 32, (Du: sleepten) 

Slonked, p. 71 (Du:slont,pp. 
of slinden) devoured. 

Snelle, p. 141 (Du : snel) alert, 

Spores, p. 82 (Du: sporen) 

Spynde, p. 31 (Du: spijnde) 
cupboard,hutch,or buttery . 

Stoppel/maker, p.i8.<3berard 
keeu's Dutch has "stop- 
pelmader," stubblemower, 
which Caxton has read as 
if it were "stop ofte stop- 

Stoundmele, p. 51, (O.e. 
stundmaelum) moment by 
moment, attentively. 

Stranguyllyon, p. 108, 6., old 
form of strangury. 

Strope, p. 4« (*>u : strop) bai- 

Stryke, stryked, pp. 40, 48, 
85* 93* 97* 138 (Du: streken, 
streec, strijet). Streken, go 
one's way ; strijeken, strike. 

jtfPValdore, p. 44 {Du: val- 
doer). See f aldore. 

Vnberisped, p.45. SeeBerisp. 

Vyseuase, p. 6(Du : vyseuase) 

jj? Clapper, wappred. p. 17 
(Du: wappere, wapperen) a 
loaded club, beaten. 

darande,p. 53 (Du: warande 
in die woes tine) a warren. 

Olentled, wentlyng, pp. 20 

27 <Du : wentelende, wente- 

len) tumble, wallow, 
din, <kyn, ne wyn, ne frende) 

p. 97. cf Icelandic, vinr. 
drawen, p. 25 (Du: wrauwen) 

to tbraw, writhe, 
dryued, p. 154 (Du: wreuen) 

dyked, p. 87 (Du: ontweeck- 

en) avoided. 
jJFYamerde, p. 59 (Du: iam- 

merde) lamented. 
Yonned, p. 85 (Du: gonden) 

to favour, or affect. 
Yonste, p. 14 (Du: gunsten) 


R6Re ends the History of Reynard the f oxe,done 
into Gnglisb out of Dutch by (Gilliam Caxton, 
and now reprinted by me Qdilliam JMorris, at the 
Kelmscott press, Upper JNflall, Rammersmitbin tbe 
County of JVIiddlesex. TTbis book was corrected for 
tbe press by Henry fialliday Sparling, and finished 
on tbe 15th day of December, 1892. 

Sold by Bernard Quaritcb, 15, Piccadilly, London*