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the reading public should be familiarized with certain ine-
radicable discrepancies, and it is hoped that the index will solve
any confusions. Egyptian dynastic chronology throughout the
book has been harmonized with that proposed by General
Sewell. It will be noted that he uses the astronomical reckoning
of years B.C. (but without the prefixed -) and that consequently
precise dates appear to be one year later than they would by
normal historical reckoning. Professor Sidney Smith's new
dating discussed in his Alalakh and Chronology (London, 1940)
has been followed for Hammurabi's reign and, tentatively, for
the Eighteenth dynasty in Egypt.
Mr. Engelbach writes, with reference to his chapter: 1 owe
my warmest thanks to rny colleague Mr. Alfred Lucas for
permission to quote freely from his Ancient Materials and
Industries. I also want to thank Isma'il Effendi Shehab,
Photographer to the Antiquities Department, for his trouble
in taking especially for ?"he Legacy of Egypt the photographs
shown in Figs. 1,2, 5, 8-12, 20, 33, and 34. The remainder of
the figures are all from Ancient Egyptian Masonry, Figs. 13,
14, 21, and 25 being also the work of Isma'il Effendi Shehab.'
The Editor also wishes to record his grateful appreciation of
Miss M. A. Chubb's painstaking and constructive reading
of the book in proof.
S. R. K. G.
December 1941