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1.       1-7.    Early Semitic Alphabetic Writing   .        .        . facing .58
2.          I.     Entrance colonnade (restored) of Zoser's funerary
monument at Saqqara. Illrd Dynasty .        .              92
3.         2,     Limestone funerary head from  Giza,  now in
Vienna. IVth Dynasty.
3.     Similar head of a negro princess, from Giza, now
in Boston.  IVth Dynasty    .                .        .               93
4.         4.     Crossing a ford: from the mastaba tomb of Ti at
SaqqSra. Vth Dynasty.
5.     Harvest scene; and the stubborn ass; from the
mastaba tomb of Ti at Saqqara. Vth Dynasty              94
. 6. Wooden model of porters, from the tomb of
Karenen at Saqqara, now in Cairo, First Inter-
mediate Period ....... 95
6.         7.     Pectoral of Sesostris II, from Illahunj now in New
York. Xllth Dynasty.
8.     Pectoral of Amenemhet III, from Dahshur, now
in Cairo. Xllth Dynasty                                            98
7.         9.     Seti I adjusting the crown of the god Turn. Relief
in the temple at Abydos. XIXth Dynasty     .               99
8.        10.     Userhet with his family beneath the sycamore.
Painting from his tomb at Sheikh 'Abd el
Gurnah. XlXth Dynasty   .        .        .        .             102
9.        ii.     Ramdse acclaimed; from his tomb at Sheikh 'Abd
el Gurnah. XVIIIth Dynasty     .        ,        .       3,     103
10.        12.     The Fox and the Goat.' Drawing on an ostracon
from Dr el Medinah. New Kingdom.
13.     Acrobatic dancer. Sketch on an ostracon in Turin.
New Kingdom......M     104
11.        14.     Head of Nefertiti (cast), from Tell el-'Amarnah.
XVIIIth Dynasty      ...,.     105