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2                          List of Illustrations
12.        15.     Wooden toilet spoon, now in Copenhagen.  New
Kingdom.......faingp. 106
13.        16.     Head of a priest, in green schist, now in Berlin.
XXVIth Dynasty.....,,107
14.          i.     a-d. Merimda pottery and basalt vase. e-g. Bad-
arian ripple-surfaced pottery        .        .         .facingp. 122
15.          2.     Predynastic pottery and flint knife                                   123
16.          3.     Plan of typical Zoser masonry from the  Step
Pyramid at Saqqara.
4.     Casing blocks from the north face of the Great
Pyramid......                       126
17.          5.     Imitation of matting in faience and stone on a
panel from a gallery in the Step Pyramid at
Saqqara.  IVth Dynasty.   Cairo Museum       .              127
6.      Method of constructing an arch without centring
of special bricks.        .        .        .        .        .           p. 12$
7.      Captives making bricks for the storehouses of the
temple of Amun. XVIIIth Dynasty     .        .           ,,129
18.          8.     Fragments of a leather corselet.   Tomb of Tut-
'ankhamun. Cairo Museum,        .        .        .facingp. 130
19.          9.     Model weavers' workshop. Xlth Dynasty, from
the tomb of Meketre* at El-Deir el-BaharL
Cairo Museum......,,131
20.        10.     Imitation head-rest of glass from the tomb of
Tut'ankhamun; glass vases from Saqqara and
El-'Amarna. All XVIIIth Dynasty. Cairo
Museum ....... M 134
21.        n.     Model carpenters' workshop from the tomb of
Meketre' at El-Deir el-Bahari. Xlth Dynasty.
Cairo Museum......     135
22.        12.     Wooden box inlaid with over 20,000 pieces of
ivory and ebony. Tomb of Tut*ankhamun.
XVIIIth Dynasty. Cairo Museum
13.     Square, level, and plumb-rule from the tomb of
Sennutem at Thebes. XXth Dynasty   .        .             136