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List of Illustrations                        xi
23.        14.     Ancient tools. All New Kingdom. Cairo Museum facing p. 137
24.        15.     Great barge of Queen Hatshepsut carrying her
two obelisks mounted on sleds. Temple of El-
Deir el-Bahari.  XVIIIth Dynasty         .        .        ,,138
16.      Plan of royal barge from El-Lisht showing con-
struction  of small  pieces   of wood.    XIIth
Dynasty.   Cairo Museum    .        .        .        .           p. 139
17.      Boat-builders, from the XIIth-Dynasty tomb of
Khnemhotpe at Beni Hasan         .        .        .           „ 139
18.      IVth-Dynasty ship under full sail from the tomb
of Ipi at Saqqara.  Cairo Museum         .        .           „ 141
19.      Steering gear of the trading ships of Queen Hat-
shepsut.  XVIIIth Dynasty ....           „ 142
25.        20.     Left to right:—Fashioning a wooden or soft-stone
statue by means of copper chisels; pounding
the details of a hard-stone statue; polishing a
stone vase. From the Vth-Dynasty tomb of
Kaemrehu at SaqqSra. Cairo Museum.
21. Unfinished schist statuette of Saite date showing
marks made by a blunt pointed metal tool.
Cairo Museum......facing p. 142
26.        22.     Limestone quarry face at Ma'sara.
23.      Back of a basalt triad of King Menkewre* showing
the marks left by a saw.  IVth Dynasty, from
Giza.......        .        .        ,,143
24.      Man drilling out the interior of a stone vase.
Vlth Dynasty......p. 143
25.     Wooden sled,  14 feet long, on which a royal
barge had been transported.  Xllth Dynasty.
Cairo Museum......„ 148
27.        2,6.     Granite casing-blocks, only partly faced, near the
entrance of the Third Pyramid at Giza, showing
the bosses into which the levers could engage
during the laying process. IVth Dynasty . facing p. 150
28.        27.     Granite blocks in the Third Pyramid at Giza
showing the oblique joints  .        .        .        .        ,,151
29.        28.     Masonry in the wall of the funerary temple of the
Vth-Dynasty pyramid of Unas at Saqqtra     .       „     152