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;8     The Political Approach to ike Classical World
the date for the entry into Palestine can be brought to this
The Amarna letters come to an abrupt stop and we do not
bear from them whether Jerusalem was taken; the Old Testa-
ment tells us that it was not. It is probable that Egyptian
influence swiftly declined in the south, and that the Canaanite
:ities of the plain declared their independence. When the
Pharaohs of the Nineteenth Dynasty came north to win back
an empire, they had to reconquer Palestine as well as Syria.
In the Mitannian capital, Hittite and Assyrian agents had
been at work. A fatal split in the royal house drove Mattiwaza,
the rightful heir, to appeal to Shubbiluliuma for help. He was
rewarded by restoration to his throne and the hand of a Hittite
princess, but with it went a more ominous gift, the 'protection'
of the Hittite monarch. A treaty provided that on Mattiwaza's
death the kingdom should pass to his Hittite relatives. Finally,
Assyria stepped in and the State of Mitanni ceased to exist.
The Aton religion was already declining when Akhenaton its
founder died. Shortly afterwards, the royal residence was
moved back to Thebes, and Amon became more wealthy and
powerful than ever before. The kings of the latter part of the
Eighteenth Dynasty were more occupied with restoring order
and prosperity at home than with external affairs. Among the
archives of Boghaz-keui there is a very interesting document.
It is a letter from a queen of Egypt, the widow, possibly, of
Tutankhamen. Her husband, she says, is dead, and she has no
son to succeed. If therefore the Hittite king will send one of
his sons to Egypt, she will make him her husband. Now the
kingship in Egypt descended in the female line, so that had this
offer of marriage been at once accepted, two great empires would
have been united. But Shubbiluliurna was suspicious and delayed
his answer while he made further inquiries; the queen's plan was
evidently discovered, and when a Hittite prince was at last sent,
he was murdered on his way to Egypt. Shubbiluliuma had missed