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Writing and Literature                     79
For the problem of the alphabet see A. H. GARDINER, 'The Egyptian
Origin of the Semitic Alphabet', v& Journal of"Egyptian Archaeologyr, vol. iii,
pp. 1-16; K. SETHE, 'Der Ursprung des Alphabets', in Nachricbten v. d.k.
Gesellschaft d. Wissenschaften zu Gottingen, 1916, Heft 2; and R. BUTIN'S con-
tributions to the Harvard Theological Review, Jan. 1928 and Apr 1932,
and to Studies and Documents, ed. K, and S. Lake, London, 1936.
The influence of Egyptian thought upon Greek is ably studied in TH.
HOPFNER, Orient und griechische Philosophie, Beihefte zum Alten Orient,
No. 4, Leipzig 1925.
For the Teaching of Amenope and Egyptian influence in the Hebrew
Wisdom literature, see P. HUMBERT, Rechercbes sur les sources egyptiennes de
la litterature sapientiale d'Israel, Neuchatel, 1929; W. O. E. OESTERLEY, The
Wisdom of Egypt and the Old Testament, London, 1927.
Translations of most old Egyptian literary works will be found in
A. ERMAN, The Literature of the Ancient Egyptians, translated into English
by A. M. BLACKMAN, London, 1927, and for an excellent discussion of them
see T. E. PEET, A Comparative Study of the Literatures of Egypt, Palestine^
and Mesopotamia, being the Schweich Lectures for 1929, London, 1931.