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Mechanical and. Technical Processes. Materials   153

FIG. 31.  Corbelled arch in the central sanctuary of the XVIIIth-Dynasty
temple at El-Deir el-BaharL

FIG. 32. False arch, cut from two granite blocks; in a Middle Kingdom
mastaba at Dahshur (from DE MORGAN, Fourths a Dabcbour, mars-jwn,
1894, P- 55)-
chambers and galleries, are hardly bonded at all. Furthermore,
for some obscure reason, they all seem to have internal facings
(Fig. 29). This strange method of construction might result
in a huge mass of masonry slipping down en Hoc on the
chamber, which in bonded masonry could not occur (Fig. 30),
Before leaving the subject of masonry the arch remains to