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10                   CIIAKLKS STFAYAUT  VAUXKLL             [18K3
here while he is there?" ^'hy was he (Mr. Forster) deposed—he, the right hon. gentleman who has acquired experience in the administration of Ireland— who, according to his own account, knew everything, although he was almost invariably wrong? Why wan lie deposed, and the right hon. gentleman (Mr. Trovelyan), a 'prentice, although a very willing hand, put in his position ? I feel that the Chief Secretary to tiu», Lord Lieutenant must say with the Scriptures, "I am not worthy to unloose his shot* lalchet." It would he far better to have the, Act administered by the seasoned politician now in disgrace and retirement. Call him back to his post; send him to help Lord Spencer in the congenial work of tin* Callows in Ireland. Send him to look after the secret inquisitions in Dublin Castle, Send him to distribute the taxes \\hie.h an unfortunate and starving peasantry have to pay for crimes not committed by themselves. All this would be congenial work for the. right hon. gentleman. We invitck, you to man your ranks, and to send your ablest and best men to push forward the task of misgoverning and oppressing Ireland. I''or my part I am confident as to the future of Ireland. Although the horizon may be clouded, I believe our people will survive the present oppression, as they have survived many and worse misfortunes, and although our progress may he slow, it will be sure. The time will come when this House and the people of this country will admit, once again, that they have been mistaken, and that they have been deceived by those who ought to be4, ashamed of deceiving them ; that they have been led astray an to the right mode of governing a noble, a braves a generous, and an impulsive people ; that they will reject their present leaders, who are conducting them into the