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3(5                   CHARLES  STEWART PARNELL              [1883
' .1. It appears to me that the Bill is not retrospective in its character, but if there is any doubt about it an amendment should be moved so as to ensure that it shall not be retrospective ; otherwise this point had best not be alluded to by us.
' 2. The second clause should be amended so as to secure that the explosion of cartridges or gunpowder in an ordinary gun, pistol, or other firearm shall not come within the section, otherwise nobody could discharge a gun or pistol for sporting or other purposes.
* «i. The third clause should be amended in a similar way, otherwise nobody would be able to have or carry a pistol or ammunition for his personal protection.
' 4. Sub-section [-——] of clause 4 should also be modified in a similar direction; and, with regard to the carriage of blasting materials, railways should bo compelled to receive and carry consignments of such materials from any licensed maker or magazine, as at present they refuse to carry thorn, and the only way to get them is to send a special messenger, who is obliged to convey them surreptitiously, and tinder such circumstances as to give rise to a reasonable suspicion.
* 5. The 5th clause should be altered by the insertion of the word " knowingly " before " procures.M
* 0. Clause (i is a very objectionable one, giving the right of private examination, which is being KO much abufiod in Ireland at present.    An attempt might be made to modify it in the following direction :
* (J) That the inquiry should take place iu public if the witness desire it.
* (42) That he should be entitled to have a  legal adviser present.
* (3) That no witness should be kept under cxami-o be permitted to advance the full amount of purchase money, and in the case of holdings under 30Z. the period of repayment is to be extended over 52 years instead of 35 years.'—Annual Register, 1883, p, which adds to the value of the holding, or any expenditure of capital and labour on the holding which adds to its letting value.