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ULSTEll ORATORY                             21
hotel-keeper had probably given him the best room in the house. He was not to be pacified, however, so without arguing the matter I put him into my room, and installed myself in his. " I tell you, you will lose the election," he repeated, as I took refuge in No. 13.' l
The election, however, was not lost. Mr. Healy was placed at the head of the poll by a handsome majority.'2
The Monaghan victory roused the Ulster landlords. The Orangemen took the field against the t invaders/ The invaders pressed forward everywhere, determined to improve their position in the northern province. There were demonstrations and counter-demonstrations, marching and counter-marching, Nationalist displays and Orange displays, until the province rang with the oratorical artillery of the opposing parties.
4 Compel the^rebel conspirators/ urged an Orange placard, ' to return to their haunts in the south and west/ 'We arc not an aggressive party/ said an Orange orator, Mr. Murray Ker, 1),L. ' Let there be no revolver practice. My advice to you about revolvers is, never use a revolver except you arc firing at someone.'
'If the Government/ said Lord Claud Hamilton, ' fail to prevent Mr. Parnell & Co. from making inroads into Ulster ... if they do not prevent those hordes of ruffians from invading us, we will take the law into our own hands/
* Keep the cartridge in the rifle/ said the degenerate Home Iluler, Col. King Ilannan. * Keep a firm grip
r (lazeU(\ November 3, 189)1. '4 Mr. Hcaly was replaced in the representation oŁ Wcxiorcl by Mr. William Itcdmoml., " y will lose the election." I looked into it, and founc good roomy chamber, much better than the one allott to me, and I said so, pointing out that the " Tor] hand, it would be no easy tank to argue before an Irish-American audience that the use of force by Ireland, or by any other oppressed nation, for the recovery of its liberties would bo immoral.'