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-K-r. 37]                     PARNELL TRIBUTE                              2$
amount of the collection considerably exceeded the* amount necessary.
The Parnell tribute (as this ' collection' came to be called) was a remarkable expression of popular confidence and enthusiasm. Seizing the opportunity which. Parnell's embarrassments gave them, priests and people combined to give him a substantial proof of their regard, affection, and gratitude. Inaugurated at the beginning of the year, the fund increased gradually at first, and afterwards by leaps and bounds, until before the end of the year it reached nearly 40,QOOZ.J This munificent gift in itself bore striking testimony to Paniell's popularity. But au incident occurred some tinuk after the subscription lists had been opened which, showed in a more remarkable way still his hold on the mind and heart of the nation.
The Pope had never looked with favour on the Land League agitation. Indeed, he regarded it as nothing more nor less than a revolt against the law-' fully constituted authorities, which iu truth it was.; And now Catholic bishops and priests and people of Ireland were uniting to place the Protestant leader of the revolt on a pedestal of glory. There were not wanting, it is said, English agents at .Rome who readily used the Parnellite tribute as a lever to move the Pope against the agitators. The Irish were losing the faith ; oven their religious guides had been led astray, and nothing but the interference of the Pontiff could avert the dangers which imperilled the very salvation of the-people. So it was whispered and believed at the Vatican/ Impressed by those representations, the Pope acted with vigour and promptitude. A letter, signed by' Cardinal Simeoni, Prefect, and Monseigneur Dornimco 1 The amount of Uio mortgage was about 13}OOOZ. Government knew, it was not the custom of the Nationalists to go armed to their meetings until the bad example was set by the Orangemen.' Hansard. American Land League.