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26                 CHARLES STEWART PARNELL              [1883
by force,5 said an English member l in the House of Commons, ' let us do it ourselves—let us not call in the Pope, whom we are always attacking, to help us/ The Irish were not irritated with the Pope. Their anger was wholly directed against the English Liberal Ministry, which, while constantly denouncing them as the creatures of Eome, had invoked the thunder of the Vatican to overwhelm a political opponent. The practical question now was, how the Pope and England should be answered. There was only one way of answering them. By making the Parnell tribute a conspicuous success. All Ireland worked for this end. Subscriptions, which before the rescript came in hundreds, now came in thousands, until a few months after its appearance the grand total of 37,OOOZ. was reached. The English Ministers might have chuckled when the rescript2 was issued. They did not chuckle when the tribute was closed. Then they realised the folly of invoking the aid of the Pope to crush an Irish popular leader.
' May I ask/ I said to Mr. Gladstone, ' if Cardinal Manning ever gave you any help in your relations with Parnell?' He answered: ' Never. He had, I think, something to do with the Erringtoii mission3—a very foolish affair. Spencer thought it might do some good, and so I tried it. It did no good. "Why, it is absurd to suppose that the Pope exercises any influence in Irish politics.' In order to dispose of the Erringtoii mission at once, I may here, though anticipating dates,
1  Mr. Joseph Cowen,
2  The papal rescript was dated May 11, 1883.    On that day the Parnell tribute amounted to 7,688L 11s. 5d.   On June 19 it amounted to 15,102Z.   On December 11 it reached the grand total of 37,0112.175.
^ 3 I understand that Cardinal Manning was opposed to the Errington mission.knew, it was not the custom of the Nationalists to go armed to their meetings until the bad example was set by the Orangemen.'— Hansard. American Land League.