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/Ex. 37J            MR.  EERINGTON'S MISSION                     27.
insert a letter from Mr. Errington to Lord Granville. It was written in May 1885. Cardinal McCabe had recently died. The question of his successor in the archiepiscopal see of Dublin was under consideration. Dr. Walsh, of Maynooth, was the popular favourite. Dr. Moran, of Sydney, was practically the English nominee. Mr. Errington's services were, of course, used to secure this appointment. But the following letter fell into the hands of Mr. William. O'Brien, who published it in l United Ireland' on August 1, 1885 :
* House of Commons :
' Monday, May 15 [1885].
' DEAR LOED GRANVILLE,—The Dublin archbishopric being still undecided, I must continue to keep the Vatican in good humour about you, and keep up communication with them generally as much as possible.
11 am almost ashamed to trouble you again when you are so busy, but perhaps on Monday you would allow me to show you the letter I propose to write.
' The premature report about Dr. Moran will cause increased pressure to be put on the Pope, and create many fresh difficulties.    The matter must therefore be most carefully watched, so that the strong pressure I can still command may be used at the right moment, and  not  too   soon  or  unnecessarily   (for   too   much pressure is quite as dangerous as too little).    To effect this, constant communication with Home is necessary. ' I am, dear Lord Granville, ' Faithfully yours,
1 Mr. Errington however, had his reward.   He was made a baronet.  The papal rescript was dated May 11, 1883.    On that day the Parnell tribute amounted to 7,688L 11s. 5d.   On June 19 it amounted to 15,102Z.   On December 11 it reached the grand total of 37,0112.175.