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jEx. 33]                THE TORY POSITION                            49
Gladstone. That was the state of the game in July 1885.
Kept in office by Farnell, the Tories did not of course attempt to renew the Crimes Act. They were more Liberal than the Liberals themselves; and Lord Carnarvon, in a gracious speech, expressed his determination to rule by the ordinary law. Parnell asked for an inquiry into the trials of the Maamtrasna murderers. It was granted. Sir William Harcourt denounced the action of the Executive in reopening the subject as a rollection both upon the Government of Lord Spencer and upon the administration of justice in Ireland. Lord Kandolph Churchill scoffed at Sir William's qualms, repudiated all responsibility for the Government of Lord Spencer, and condemned the Liberal policy of coercion. The Tory Press was shocked. 'We admit,'said the 'Standard/ 'the force of the temptation to conciliate Mr. Parnell. We do not at all dispute the probability that the simple expedient adopted will succeed. But that, in our opinion, is not enough to justify the tactics that have boon employed.'
' It was not Lord Spencer alone whose good faith lias been impeached/ said the 'Times/ 'but the Irish judiciary, the law officers of the Crown, the public prosecutor, the magistracy, and. the police/
The following extracts will give the reader some-notion of the efforts which were made by the Tory loaders to ' conciliate ' Parnell.
Lord Randolph ChurchllL ' Undoubtedly we do intend to inaugurate a change of policy in Ireland, . . , The policy of the late Government so exasperated Irishmen-—maddened and irritated that imaginative and warm-hearted race—that I firmly believe that had the late Government remained in office no amount oi
VOL. II.                                                                       Bed the one party, and made* he other dependent on his will. It was check for Lord Salisbury, and checkmate for Mr. by the Orangemen.'— Hansard. American Land League.