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•r*t>                   CHAULKS  STEWART   PAKXKLL               (.1885
marked at the commencement of our conversation that he hoped 1 would understand that we were not engaged In making uny treaty or bargain whatever. Lord (Carnarvon thru proceeded to say thai he had sought this interview for the purpose* of ascertaining lay views regarding, should he cull it, a "Constitution for Ireland." lUii I .soon found that he had brought me there in. order that he might give his own views upon this mutter us well us ascertaining mine. I readily opened my mind to him on the Mihject, and in reply to tin inquiry us to a proposal whieh had been made to Imild up a central legislative htidy on the ftmndation of county luntnls, 1 told him that I thought that this would lu* wtirking in a wron^ directiotu and would not IM* at*tft»ptctl us a frH'ttU'UU'iit by Irt-land; that the central U»«;islative body hlnmld be a Parliament in name and in fact, that to it should be left to the consideration of whatever system of local government for tho counties mijjht b«.» f»*und ne-eessury. Lord t'aruarvou tlu*n assured me that that was his own view also; that he stn>n*;ly appreciated the importance of |(ivin|4 due weight to the sentimeiitM of the Irish in thin matter. He then inquired whether in my judgment some plan of constituting it I*arliumeut in Dublin hliort of Iu-pea.1 of the I'nion mi^ht nut be di*vi,sed and |>rov«t ueceptabh* to Ireland ; and hi* made certain titi^e.HtiotiH to this end, taking tlie coloniul model as a basis, which struck nu* as beiu^ the n^stilt of much thought um! Knowledge of the subject. Then came this reference to protection. We were diHcussing the Ijetiend oulliue of a plan for constituting a Leginlaturo for lrt»liiitd cm the colonial model, when I took oecamon to remark thut protection for certain Irish incluHtrit*H against Knglisli antl foreign competitions will. It was check for Lord Salisbury, and checkmate for Mr. by the Orangemen.'— Hansard. American Land League.