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^Er. 39]                  SIR  GAVAN DUl'TY                           57
would be absolutely necessary; upon which Lord Carnarvon said: "I entirely agree with you, bxxt what a row there will be about it in England."
f At the conclusion of the conversation—winch lasted more than an hour, and to which Lord Carnarvon was very much the larger contributor—I left him, believing that 1 was in complete accord with him regarding the main outlines of a settlement conferring a Legislature upon Ireland. In conversing with him 1 dealt with the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, who was responsible for the government of the country. 1 could not sxippose that he would fail to impress the views which he had disclosed to me upon the Cabinet, and I have reason to believe that he did so impress them, and that they were strongly shared by more than one important member of the body, and strongly opposed by none/1
But the most interesting communication which I have received on tins subject is front the. pen of Sir Charles Gavan Duffy.
J Communicate.'*! to the Central NCWH A^oney, Juno 12, IHH(>.arvou tlu*n assured me that that was his own view also; that he stn>n*;ly appreciated the importance of |(ivin|4 due weight to the sentimeiitM of the Irish in thin matter. He then inquired whether in my judgment some plan of constituting it I*arliumeut in Dublin hliort of Iu-pea.1 of the I'nion mi^ht nut be di*vi,sed and |>rov«t ueceptabh* to Ireland ; and hi* made certain titi^e.HtiotiH to this end, taking tlie coloniul model as a basis, which struck nu* as beiu^ the n^stilt of much thought um! Knowledge of the subject. Then came this reference to protection. We were diHcussing the Ijetiend oulliue of a plan for constituting a Leginlaturo for lrt»liiitd cm the colonial model, when I took oecamon to remark thut protection for certain Irish incluHtrit*H against Knglisli antl foreign competitions will. It was check for Lord Salisbury, and checkmate for Mr. by the Orangemen.'— Hansard. American Land League.