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58                 CHARLES STEWART PAHNELL             [1885
By Sir Charles Gavan Duffy
I ASSENT, my dear O'Brien, to your request that I should write the story of Lord Carnarvon's pourparler with Mr. Parnell and other Nationalists in 1885, chiefly because I think that Lord Carnarvon has never had fair play in that transaction either from friends or enemies. He was misrepresented not so much from malice as from sheer misconception, for he was a type of man with whom his critics were not familiar. To the cynical nothing seems simpler than the case: a leading member of a Government much in need of votes conferred with the leader of a numerous parliamentary party on a measure which they greatly desired, and with which he expressed substantial sympathy; but at a period when their votes happened to be no longer necessary ^the Government separated themselves peremptorily from the Minister who had conducted the parley, and of course he could effect nothing without them. To men, however, acquainted with Lord Carnarvon's strict and sensitive code of honour, to which he had more than once sacrificed office, the implied hypothesis was unacceptable, but they confessed it was unfortunate that his sympathy with Irish autonomy whether in my judgment some plan of constituting it I*arliumeut in Dublin hliort of Iu-pea.1 of the I'nion mi^ht nut be di*vi,sed and |>rov«t ueceptabh* to Ireland ; and hi* made certain titi^e.HtiotiH to this end, taking tlie coloniul model as a basis, which struck nu* as beiu^ the n^stilt of much thought um! Knowledge of the subject. Then came this reference to protection. We were diHcussing the Ijetiend oulliue of a plan for constituting a Leginlaturo for lrt»liiitd cm the colonial model, when I took oecamon to remark thut protection for certain Irish incluHtrit*H against Knglisli antl foreign competitions will. It was check for Lord Salisbury, and checkmate for Mr. by the Orangemen.'— Hansard. American Land League.