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62                 CHARLES STEWART PAHNELL             [1885
In the discussions over a new Crimes Bill, which the Government introduced to crush the Phoenix Park conspirators, the friendly relations between the Administration and the Irish party "were altogether shattered, and the parliamentary contests between them were fierce and furious. During the same session the Gladstone Government carried the Irish Land Bill of 1881, which has proved a great boon to Ireland. They carried also a Eeform Bill, which for the first time gave Ireland the same franchise as England. Strange to say, Mr. Parnell did not vote for the Land Bill (which he probably considered inadequate), and it was only at the last moment, on the eve of the second reading, that he consented to support the Reform Bill. On every division threatening the existence of the Government the Irish party at this time voted with the Opposition, and finally, in June 1885, the Gladstone Government was overthrown by their assistance.
After the fall of Mr. Gladstone's Government Lord Salisbury was called to power, and as he was only supported by an accidental majority a dissolution offPaiiiament became necessary.
I was in London at this time, and I was profoundly surprised by the intimation from one of Parnell's lieutenants that the Irish party had come to the resolution of supporting Tory candidates at the coining] election. At a later period an address was published to the Irish electors in England which confirmed all I had heard. The address was a violent and implacable impeachment of the Liberal party, arraigning them as having coerced Ireland, deluged Egypt with blood, menaced religious liberty in the school, and freedom of speech in Parliament. The Gladstone party, it declared, had attained power. I^rrirll, by T. M. Itenly, M.I.ed altogether on his will was a joyous companion, among the gay loud-hi.*-* *ariTr froms check for Lord Salisbury, and checkmate for Mr. by the Orangemen.' Hansard. American Land League.