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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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/Ex. &)]       TIIK CAKXAKVOX  COXTi:o\ KttSY                   u:>
by promises   whieh   were all falsified.      It   |'iViuj.M-i peace, and made unjust warn; [H'omised economy, ami its Budget reached the highest point yet attiunril;  it promised justice to aspiring nationalities, ami it im-rei-lessly crushed the national inoveiiieist iit Kjjvpt  tiintt-r Arabi Pasha and murdered thousands of AraK^ 'rightly struggling to   be fret*/    To   Ireland, IUMJV   than any other country, it bound itself by most *>uirtun |*l'il|i*s, and thcBe it flagrantly violated.    It titmmtnrrtt roeiviun, and it practised a nystoui of coercion more lrutal than that of any previous  Administration.     Jiim-t   w*-rit packed in Ireland with unpn eedmtrd .* I*    m     , and  innocent   men  were  huii".   or   *int   i f!,.   ii>.in\ death of ]>enal srrvitudi*;   t\\h4   huudiid  i" j   v,i-roblu'd of their librriy  in   In-Lipd  \\ifi     <J   f'    f       - .1 for a j)tiriod  e\vry uttrrai^t* uf (! p .pa*   .   1 i.       , r of tlu! pt^uilar platform \\.u.t   eMmpl* i 1.    ru |'j      4 as if Ireland wen'  Poland  ami   flit   ^plu.ii i ^   v *    , | England   Russian   autoer.ii*\       I   v.j     in i* \         *    I at the insi'nsate jtoliey itl^tnt  f^ I*- J.N    - A  . |   %    , countrymen.    I*arn<*l! wa   diuie'ilt to fir I, I *4  I ,        I upon Dwjvr (tray iiud fn!t him   1   ,   4- i  *    ; much to have a ruufeivur** vi*h l*u'Uf !l ? n M     j * *. -f of the  hour,    (Jray jniio i tl l arr.Mi ^    i */ f -     *.*
dinner for the ensuing Saittniav. uJurh t( ^L i ; t <   *i
.                       ,           .              *                        *
lus luntM" accordingly, the {rutt rni 4 <hi>    jl   !*,un 11, (Iray, anil niyst-lf.
I asked Parnell \\lmt hf wa' t*> r-t fi''4n tin? Tories ftr Ireland in rrlurn fr ili^ .iiiipjri al'Miit t*i Jn^ given to them. He .said flu? n'W (5i.Vrrnjii-Jit \vu*^ not going to renew i*Wntrr*j* C*iw*ivinii lull, l-v*'mJ that In* did not know what they utwliuiril. I rrjih-,| that ho owyht to know ; lie miw liciiiml U-fMtv i*iiiiuiun^ the Biipport of Irif'ih vutrni for c;iniiuUtr-i \vlm inact that the government consisted of a committee of three.