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63                 CHAELES STEWART PARKELL             [1885
a visit to Europe from Australia in 1874 I made his acquaintance, he being at that time Secretary of State for the Colonies. I was his guest repeatedly at High-clere and in London, and had much conversation with him 011 Colonial and Imperial affairs, and had an opportunity of noting him in action and in council. I was much impressed by the essential justness and fairness of his opinions, especially on questions which long controversy had rendered morbid. He was a Tory without a soupgon of the religious bigotry which I had so habitually seen associated with Toryism in Ireland and Australia, and as ready as any man I have ever encountered to hear his opinions frankly debated. He took up public questions, not to estimate the party results they might yield, but to determine what was just and necessary respecting them. He spoke of Australian Federation, Imperial Federation, and, to my great satisfaction, the claims of Ireland to self-government. He seemed to have arrived at the conclusion that the honour and interest of the Empire demanded some settlement of the Irish claims which would put an end to chronic disaffection. These were topics on which I had long pondered, and had naturally much to say, to which he listened with courtesy and attention. I probably proposed, at any rate I undertook, to write a paper on the Federation of the Empire, including the Federation of Ireland. I did not keep a copy of this paper, and after a quarter of a century might have forgotten its existence but that a note of Lord Carnarvon of that date acknowledging the receipt of it revives the subject in my memory, and shows conclusively that for a dozen years before his Irish Vice-Royalty he was deeply engaged on the Irish problem.Carnarvon.   During