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JKfS. 30]      THE  CARNARVON  CONTROVKLISY                73
called to power an responsible Ministers of the Crown ; with what result-H we know. Canada has become more and more an integral part of the Kxnpire It was the first Government of Lord Derby, a dozen yearn later, which established similar institutions in Australia. Those prosperous and aspiring States arc now ruled as England is ruled, and as Ireland desires to bo ruled. The Imperial Government cannot control their local institutions any more than it can control the rising or setting of the morning star. And among the divers eonmumitios who recognise the supremacy of the Imperial Crown, who arc more faithful to its interests than the colonists of Canada and Australia? Had the claimn of Canada been treated as the claims of Ireland have been treated hitherto, there would have been a different result to exhibit.
On the eve of an election winch may and must fix their position for a long future, it surely behoves Conservatives still more than WhigK to connider what it is fitting they should do in the premises,
To indicate that Ireland need not depend exclusively on the Tory party I quoted KOIUO language of Mr. Gladstone's which seemed to me a guarantee that sooner or later ho would declare for Homo Itulo and take in hand the greatest question which remained for the treatment of an Imperial statesman. * 1 honour Mr. Gladstone/ I said, * for bin services to Ireland, and. I would rejoice? to soo his career crowned hy tho greatest achievement which remains for a British statesman to perform. But if another ho ready to do it sooner and hotter, tho wreath and tho palm, the applause and the benedictions, are for the victor. Wo hail as a Hercules not him who has planned, but him who has accomplished one of tho twelve labours/
To illustrate the acceptance of the overture by tho Press would occupy inordinate space ; an extract from tho Irish correspondent of the 'Times' will sufficiently indicate its general tendency :rried into law, by the party whom I now addressed.