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Ms. 39]      THE  CARNARVON  CONTROVERSY                75
PLtton Park, Puhvrton : March l\, fH5.
*])KAK Bin CiAVAN Piwv, You. will have seen by the papers how severe the political crisis has been, and you will have known from your own political experience how impossible ii was to do anything beyond the necessities of the hour. The pressuru is somewhat relieved; but I find very many difficulties on all sides —•and some of them a##ravatod by the recent i'Vniau explosions and by the reports which are constantly appearing in the papers oC dynamite conferences and further intended outrage. But I am mindful of our correspondence ami conversation, and am very anxioiu^ so far as I have the power, to ^et the whole quest ion considered by those who can best, deal with it, and without whom it would In; vain to look for a satisfactory result. All this meatut mure4 delay than I, personally desire ; but you know what public, life is, and how impossible it is to hurry matters even when one in conscious oneself of the, value of time. This above, all seems clear to me, that premature action would do far more mischief than present delay. Them are so many different interests, individuals, party considerations, that it in extremely difficult to act. and the present extraordinarily disturbed condition of polities abroad makes it almost impossible) to Heisurt* the necessary attention for any subject, however important, Egypt, Franco, Germany, and India threaten, each of them, from day to day to raise issues which for the moment obscure everything else, however important. I never remember in my public life a time of nuch pressure and real anxiety. 1 write to you quite freely and frankly, because I know that you prefer this, and beciutse I wish yon to understand how very #reat aru the difficulties which exist; at the same time, I do not