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7tJ                 CHAULKS  STKWAUT  PAKXKLL              [1885
think the time has boon wanted since my return to England. My tendency, as I think 1 said to you, is in all these matters to ho cautious, and to avoid any premature step which must prejudice future action ; and 1 specially dislike to seem to promise, more* than J can fulfil. In this case, as you know, the action of an individual is worth little; it must he the concurrence of many to hring about any satisfactory result, and thin is not easy or very quickly to be obtained.
*1 am hero only for a few days, and London h on the* whole my safest address.
4 I have had both your letters, including your hint of February 27, which, however, only reached mo here this morning.
* Lady Carnarvon desires mo to thank you very much for the book on the vine cultivation, which she will doubtless receive in a day or two, and to which Bhe is looking forward. I wish wo wore in a climate Huitable to the growth of grapes ! It is now blowing and pouring in a truly KngHsh fashion. Believe me,
* Yours very truly,
I   doubtless   urged   various   reasons   for   prompter
action than he contemplated  • of which, however, I have. kept no record    for this was his rejoinder :
•DKAH Sni UAVAN DIWY,--! have just returnee! ben* from London, anil I take the first opportunity of
replying to your last letter.
* Knowing an 1 do your anxious desire to find a Holulion for that great question on which your heart i« naturally set, I, am afraid you will not think my auHWer a very satisfactory one and yet it is the only one which I can honestly give.