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00                    C'HAKLES  STHWAUT  PAUXKIJ,             ;!SH;,
such a distance of time, but Lord Carnarvon used one phrase which I concluded was an eeho from 1 la! field ;
1 We might gain/ he said, • all you promise In  Ireland hy taking the course you su{urMV-st. hut we should more in Kn^laiuV    This was the keynote of tin* poliey adopted hy the (Jovernment   in  the autumn of  1HH5. Lord Carnarvon was willing and an\it»us to <|o nil  he could, hut it \va.s manifest he eould do very little when such a sentiment possessed his eollea^ues,
Lord Carnarvon <lid not despair of having tht» Irish question n*consitlt*red uft**r t!i«* (tfiiiTal Mlretion. It R(u»nuul to nu\ how^vrr, highly improkihlr that it would he mort* favouruhly e*»n,sitli*red \vhrit the fi*4ht for a majority wan over than \\hrn Irish suj»n«»rt at the ImstingR was of vital importunee. I did not doiiht Lord Carnarvon*s KOCH! faith; hut ! ulloj,{rth*T douhtrd that ho would ohtaiu th«* eo-'Uprrutiou t»f mm wlio came to tin* coiu*lusit»n that they hud juoro to lost* in Kngland than to ^ain in Ireland. I told him I \voiitd leave Inland to avoid any ivspuitMhility fur thr* course tak(*n at tlu» (teneriil Klertion. Hi* wus in personal communication with the Inuler of tin* Irish jiarty mid with two of his principal lieuteimuts, and it WHS their duty to determine whether they would In* justified in supporting the (toventittettt til the routing <*lijt'tit»i! without the tHTtuinty t»f uuy political coinpenNati(»n. I wotild tell Mr. Dwyer Ctnty whut I thought of the situation and the diHiippoiiitjin-itt I I mil wK with,
Before heaving Iri*lantt I gave nn inti»rvi«nv to a representative of the * Freeitiitn^ Jminm!/ in whit-h I answered several pertinent (}tu*HtiuttH. fl*ci tlu? inquiry what the (iovortunttnt were gciing to tlo, 1 replied that of tho intentioiiH of the, tioveriiinaiit I could guy nothing, but I had talked to iwn of nil partii'i* andhaps entitled to speak for them. His answer was that there were no such persons :