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.Mr. ttOJ      TIIK  CARNARVON*   nNTi;n\ I'Usy                  l
classes in Ireland, and there ne\er was M much deposition to consider the question *f Home Kule a--* on-that must ho dealt with. T< question-; aboul the di--position of the gentry I replied that if thes tliil Mot fall in with tlu1 present movement tin1 eoic-equriiers \vould probably he disastrous to them, Th** HIM**! shutm-fiil fiscal system in any eivilist'it entmtry WIIH lltr t*m* hy which thnu*-atul-twcnty f^'iilit'iiti'ii in u unutil jury impose taxation, often for the* improvement *f then* own property upon a rwk-rentetl tenantry, Ant the (lerlared enemy of monopoly, Mr. ClmmberluiM, \\hrn bin turn came, mi*;ht ht iumntetl t*n U* make ?h'rl w*rk of that systt*m. The Mn^ltHh Ualieal- jM-nemlly urn* of opinion that flu* et?,t and tnnl!f if nu-.s; At-i'nm;* Ireland have come from tin* hahtt *f pr**?rriin^ In-.h landlords in the exereise f a Miaunv, uitd thai a prodigious .saving' nii^lif. he etlVrtrd l*> simply et-iiNm^ to pn{eet them,
After 1 left Ireland I fultilk-d mi tjii.^ti^riunit, t spend a few days at the I'Mttntry htu^- i*f a puMie iiuui who iuid heen one of Mr, (UiMbitntte'.'* e*il|raMtr-i lit the* lust Liberal Cithiiiet mid heetuite n nilii^tinii- lit the ennuiny one. He natumlly >poke nf the dr.Mi^u f the Irish electors to vnii^ ii||itiip4. the jmrty uh* lnnl disestablished the Irish Clitirrii iind j*nvt* Irrlniiil u popular hint} rode unti it pojttilur fruiirlu^e,
1 told hint that I sympathised with tlte ititniftmj nf the, Irish elertorrs tu support tin* Tories ut the pull when 1 thought tht* Tory Uverumeut were uh*iu t< COliKider the Home iCltle qttrs'ttMtt fuv*umbly, but t bud no longer uny confident*** iu tluit ii!tnti!*it, I ndilnt that I could not doubt front some recent Hpeeehr^ tbut Mr. CtiiuiHtono wn untdtiitlly iippri.nieiiiii^ litujit* Ituh*. ami if he coutd bit indiired to initke it utti*fiu*tt<ryhem. His answer was that there were no such persons :