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90                   CHARLES STEWART   PAUNELL              [1H8T>
THH   UKNKKAIi   KU-X'TfOX   OF   1H8.»
THK election campaign of 1HH5 was practically opened by Lord Salisbury in a speech at the Mansion House, on July 29.
Beferrmg to Urn charge that tin* Tories were coquetting with the Irish, the Prime MinisttT justified the conduct of tho Governnutnt in dropping tlu* (*rinu*s Aot, and (lt»f(*nded tht* policy of Ijonl Carnarvon in ruling by the ordinary law. That policy, ho dturlaivd, wan tho logical outcome of tho FrantdtisiJ Act of 1HH4» for to oxtend the Buffra^c and at the Kan.u; time to ignore the voice of the people \vas impossible. Thin wan ilu\ first bid fen* th<i Irish vote.
Parliament was prorogued on August II, On August 15 \ve find Parnell at Aughavannah, enjoying some sport1, but not unmindful of business. He wrote to Mr. McCarthy :
J>itrncll to Mr. McCarthy
* Awghavarwiili, Aughrim : Augunt 15, 1HH5.
1 MY   MCAH   McCAUTHY, ........ -Will   you   kindly givu
— ~ a cheque for 100/. out of the fund at your and
'I ha vrj reason to btjlieve that— ^affairs are not in a good position, HO much so that he fears to accept thehonourable confidence. But the disclosure could not injure Lord Carnarvon ; he sincerely desired to concede Home Eule to Ireland and to induce his colleagues to co-operate with him in the concession. It was an honourable and public-spirited design, and its failure was in no respect discreditable to him.In* patiently and gradually evolved/ And with respt*et to bin colleagues, in a latt;r spei»cli l^ord Carnarvon naid: *l Hhoultl havu been wanting in my duty if I had failed to inform tny noblo friend at the head of the Government of my intention of holding that meeting with Mr. Pitnutll, 1 Hansard, vol. ecevi. pp. 111W 1200.t altered at all; simply, heecent Hpeeehr^ tbut Mr. CtiiuiHtono wn« untdtiitlly iippri.nieiiiii^ litujit* Ituh*. ami if he coutd bit indiired to initke it »utti*fiu*tt<ryhem. His answer was that there were no such persons :