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/Ex. 39]                 THE IRISH PLATFORM                         97
position on the Royal Commission on Trade Depression, lest his financial arrangements might come to a climax this autumn. It would he a public calamity to permit him to he overwhelmed or driven from public life; so do you not think he might be spared, say, 300Z. out of the fund ?
' We have been having nice weather here the last two or three days, and some sport.    I am sending you a brace of birds by parcel post this morning. ' Yours very truly,
'P.S.—1 am glad to say that I am informed Davitt shows some signs of modifying his very offensive recent action, so that there may now be sonic chance of avoiding an open rupture, at all events for a time.'
Nine days later Parnell took the field, raising the Home Bulo flag, and saying his people would fight under it alone. The Irish platform, he declared, would consist of only one plank legislative independence. Speaking at Dublin on August 24 he threw down tho gage of battle:
' I say that each and all of us have only looked upon the Acts—tho legislative enactments which wo have been able to wring from an unwilling Parliament —as moans towards an end ; that wo would have at any time, in the hours of our deepest depression and greatest discouragement, spurned and rejected any measure, however tempting and however apparently for the benefit of our people, if we had been able to detect that behind it lurked any danger to tho legislative independence of our land. ... It is admitted by all parties that you have brought the question of Irish legislative independence to the point of solution. It
VOL. II                                                                     IIng that meeting with Mr. Pitnutll, 1 Hansard, vol. ecevi. pp. 111W 1200.t altered at all; simply, heecent Hpeeehr^ tbut Mr. CtiiuiHtono wn« untdtiitlly iippri.nieiiiii^ litujit* Ituh*. ami if he coutd bit indiired to initke it »utti*fiu*tt<ryhem. His answer was that there were no such persons :