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. 39]                      ME,   GLADSTONE                              101
stances I hold that we are bound to take every step in our power to avert so great a calamity/
On September 1C Mr. John Morley came to the front, protesting against separation, but acquiescing in some system of Home lixilo fashioned on the Canadian model.
What was Mr. Gladstone, doing all this time ? In answering this question I am obliged, in justice to Mr. Gladstone, to import so insignificant a person an myself into the narrative.
On August 11 I received a letter from a well-known English publicist asking me, to call upon him, as he, desired my help 'on a subjeet connected with the Union between England and Ireland.' I called. Ho opened the conversation by saying, * Well, I havo asked you to call upon me at the suggestion of a great man in fact, a very great man. I won't mention liis name now, but you will probably guess it. lie thinks that this Irish question this question of Home Rule- has now come to the front and must be faced. He wishes me to publish some article's, not on Home liule, but on the Irish case, generally. They must bo dispassionate and historical, and he named you an the man to write thorn.' I suggested that tho great luan probably meant articles which would give somo account of Ireland during tho Union, which would, in fact, (leal with the question whether the Union had proved it successful experiment or not. * Kxaetly/ said the editor, 'and the*, articles must bo written* not from the point of view of a political partisan, but from tho point of view of an historical student.' 1 said 1 would be happy to write the articles if he liked, but that I, could suggest Korneono who would do it infinitely better, and whose name would carry weight, ' Who? 'o-night to give you my candid opinion, and it is this—that if they have not succeeded