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uE-r. 39]           ATTACK  OX  THK  LIBKUALS                   109
West Galder, in a bantering tone, saying that it was not for him to usurp the functions of a Government. Ministers bad kept their counsel on the Irish question. lie could not intervene when Ministers were silent. Moreover, lie told Parnell that until Ireland had declared her wishes at the polls nothing could be done. Parnell regarded this speech as simply trilling with the issue. Ho had tried the suaviter i)i moilo, he would now try ilwfortil^r ui re. Two days after the West Galder speech ho authorised the publication of a furious manifesto by the National Jjeaguo of Groat Britain denouncing the Liberal party an the embodiment of all that wan infamous and base. The Irish electors of Great Britain were called on to vote against 4 tho men who coerced Ireland, deluged Kgypt with blood, menaced religious liberty in the school, tho freedom of speech in Parliament, awl promise, to the country generally a repetition of the crimes and follies of the last Liberal Administration/ l
War to the knife wan now declared between tho Liberals and the Irish, and the fight began in earnest. 1 Ireland/ Haul .Parnell, * ban been knocking at tho English door long enough with kid gloves, 1 tell tho English people to beware, ancl be wise in time. Ireland will soon throw oil the kid gloves, and she will knock with a mailed band/ .Behind Parnell wan a thoroughly united Ireland at home and abroad, In military parlance the*, formation of bin army may bo clcflcrihod thuB : in the centre the Parliamentarians; left wing, tho Glan-na-Gael, and many of the rank and file of the I. li B.; right wing, the Catholic Church. With thoso forces, naturally antagonistic, but held together by tho attractive personality and iron will of a great com-* Tho mauifeHto appeared November 21.d, the end that anyd