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110               CHARLES  STEWART PARNELL             [1865
mander, Parnell swept Ireland from end to end. In Munster, Leinster, and Connaught, every county, every borough, was carried by Nationalists. Half Ulster was captured, and even the maiden city of Londonderry and one of the divisions of Orange Belfast fell before the fiery onset of the rebels. The north-east corner of Ulster and Dublin University alone remained in the hands of the 'Loyalists.' Out of a total of 103 Irish members, 85 Home Rulers and 18 Tories were returned. The Whigs were eliminated. In Great Britain the Liberals were confronted in many important centres by the Irish enemy. Liberal majorities were pulled down, Liberal candidates were beaten, and one Nationalist was returned by the Irish vote. 'But for the Nationalist vote/ said the 'Manchester Guardian,' 'the Liberals would have gone back to Parliament with more than their old numbers.' As it was the Liberals went back to Parliament with a majority of 86 over their Tory opponents, thus :
Liberal majority over the Tories    .     86
But Parnell held the balance. By throwing his 86 men upon the side of the Tories he could neutralise the Liberal majority. Whereas by supporting the Liberals he could enable Mr. Gladstone to form a Government with a. working majority of 172. Thus the Irish leader was master of the situation. Parnell wan a thoroughly united Ireland at home and abroad, In military parlance the*, formation of bin army may bo clcflcrihod thuB : in the centre the Parliamentarians; left wing, tho Glan-na-Gael, and many of the rank and file of the I. li B.; right wing, the Catholic Church. With thoso forces, naturally antagonistic, but held together by tho attractive personality and iron will of a great com-* Tho mauifeHto appeared November 21.d, the end that anyd