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1±>                CILYULKB STEWART   PAHNKLL              [1880
of Gal way and the Scotland division of Liverpool. Hi*, elected to sit for Liverpool, and it thus became necessary to choose a new candidate, for Gal way. Parnell consulted Mr. O'Connor on the, subject. *J)o the Gahvay people/ he* asked, * want a local man? ' * No,' naid Mr. O'Connor, 4 they do not care; they will accept anyone you propose*.1 4 Very well. 1 will propose Captain O'Shea/ suid Parnell. The story f..(oes that Mr. T. l\ O'Connor had a candidate of his own—not a local man. Having satisfied Parnell that the people of Gahvay had no predilection on the subject, he naturally felt that the Chiefs next, question would be, * Well, whom do you suggest? * when he could have proposed his own nominee.1 The Chief was a man of surprises. He wished to learn the state of local feeling from Mr, O'Connor; for the rest he had his own plans. Hastening, somewhat surprised and disappointed, from the presence of his leader, Mr, O'Connor went to the Hotel Metropole, where Mr. Biggar wan staying Hi* told the news to Sloe/ as the member for Cuvan was familiarly called by his friends, 4 What!' said Joe- - and no one who has not heard Mr. Bit^ar say trhttt can have the most remote idea of how the human voice may perform on that simple word.
*M!7m//  O'Shea!   I)- - d \Vhitf !  He won't sit for
Gahvay, sir; d •••- -......d nonsense, sir.    I'll #o to Ireland
at once.    Ill stop it; d......- d Whi^.1    Mr. O'Connor's
next step \VIIH to wire to Mr. Healy, on whom he knew ho could rely to make a stand against O'Shea. His third step was to accompany Mr. Biggar to Ireland, If, thought Mr. O'Connor, we can only rouse (Jalway befor<* 0'8hca*H candidature 5« publicly announced, the nitua-
1 Mr. 0*Ck»nn«r*8 ahttit'tt wim, I l^linvi*, th« lut«» Mr. Quin, aftt*rwurilK niombor for Kilkenny.onnor had been returned for the borough«l join Mr, (*lml**tunr,* Nr\t <luy tht*