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/Ex. 40]                    GAL WAY  ELECTION                             !:>:*
tion may be saved. On reaching the Irish capital Mr. O'Connor 'rushed/ as he tells us, to get a copy of the ' Freeman's Journal/ Opening the paper, the first thing which met his eye, was the ' fateful announcement ' that Parnell had selected Captain O'Shoa to nit for Gal way.
This statement knocked Mr. O'Connor completely * out of time.' Ho now know that he would have, to light Parnell if he opposed O'Shea, and he was scarcely prepared for that operation. But Higgar did not euro a jot. Parnell or no Parnell, ho was resolved |hu,t O'Shea should not bo elected. Mr. llealy was soon immediately. He was full of light, and determined to stick to Biggar through thick and thin. Tho majority of the Irish members then in Uublin were, however, unwilling to question Parnoll's authority. O'Shea, they said, was certainly an undesirable candidate, but it would ho more undesirable to oppose Parnell than to accept his nominee. Mr. O'Connor wavered, but Biggar and 'Mealy said, * \Vo don't oaro ; we will go to Gal way. We will oppose O'Shea \\hatevor happens/ They asked Mr. O'Connor to accompany them, but he preferred for tin* present to remain in Dublin. Speaking of the matter afterwards, .Biggar said, M took a return ticket to Dublin and went to Galway. T. P. took a return ticket to Gal way and stopped in .Dublin/ ..Biggar and 'llealy noon roused Galway. A local man Mr. Lynch was selected to oppose O'Shea, and the people rallied to their own townsman. .Biggar throw himself fiercely into the fight. Ho did not mince bin words in denouncing the candidature of O'Shea; ho (lid not spare Parnell. Ho told the electors of Galway bluntly and openly that Parnell had chosem O'Shea because O'Shoa/K wifeahttit'tt wim, I l^linvi*, th« lut«» Mr. Quin, aftt*rwurilK niombor for Kilkenny.onnor had been returned for the borough«l join Mr, (*lml**tunr,* Nr\t <luy tht*