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U>4                   CUAULKS  STKWART   PAUNKLL                |1HH«J
wan ParneH's mistress, lit* did not even stop there, Ho sent a telegram to Parnell in those wonts: * Mrs. O'Shoa will be your ruin/ Healy saw the* telegram and changed its form thus: 'The O'Sheas will ho your ruin/ A graver crisis hat I not arisen during PanielTs leadership than this (Jahvay election. I'urnell could defy any man on a political issue, for ho was literally an absolutist ruler of his people. Hut hen* was a moral issue, which, if pushed to tin* uttermost, must cud in disaster. Hi^ar's speeches the first, public announcement made of Parnell's unfortunate, relationship with Mrs. O'Shea were suppressed hythe * Freeman's Journal/ hut the Irish tin-tubers knew hy private, advices that he had Met the heather on lire in (luhvay. They wire«l to IVrnoll to hasten from London to the- scene of action. Purnt*ll tlid not, answer their telegrams, lit* was never in a hurry, fie had the patience, the reserve, of the stronj.% .srlf-'Confideiit man, He never would move when oilier persons thought h^ should inovo, He moved when in Ids own opinion the time for action had come, If Mr, O'Connor had told him the people of Ctalway wished to have a local man, the prolwhility is that Captain O'Shea would never have hoen nominated, Nowf however, that his candidature had boon puhlicly announced retreat was impossible, Purnell never lot iked buck when he hail once put his hand to the plough,
On tin* morning of February ^ he arrived in Dublin. He summoned Mr, O'Connor to his side at once, * I am ^oing straight on to (lalwity/ he nuid, * by the next train, and 1 want you to como with me/ rFhe situation, HoriouH enough in its main u«pertK, wan not without a touch of humour. Mr. T. I*. O'Connor had come to Ireland to oppose Captain O'Bhea. Ho. now HudclcnlyrilK niombor for Kilkenny.onnor had been returned for the borough«l join Mr, (*lml**tunr,* Nr\t <luy tht*