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would not have been introduced if the murders had not been committed/
* May I ask if Captain O'Shea took any initiative in making the Kihnainham treaty, or was he simply a go-between ? '
Mr. Chamberlain. ' lie took no initiative. Ho simply took what I said to Parnell, and brought back what Parnell said to me.'
'Parnell called upon you the morning after the Phoenix Park nuuders. How did ho then seem?'
Mr. Chamberlain*. 'Yes; ho called; ho and Mr. McCarthy. Parnell lookod like a man quite broken clown— (jailo unnerved. lie said to me : "I would leave public life at once if I were satisfied it would do any good." I said: "Nonsense, Mr. Parnoll ; you can do no good by leaving public lift*, you can only do harm. No ono supposes you havo any responsibility in this matter. If you wero to go away, everyone would say it was because you wero afraid — because you were mixed up in some, way in the, matter. You must remain and exercise a restraining influence.11 1 believe, afterwards, ho made, a communication to Mr. Gladstone on the subject/
'Did not Captain O'Shea come.1: in whilo McCarthy and Parnell wero with you? Wan not something Baid about the Kihnainham treaty by O'Shea, and did you not Bay, "G'Shua, it in not your treaty that in going to be carried out at all ; it is another treaty " ? J
Mr. Chamberlain. * .1 have no recollection of that. If anybody has told you so he. may be, right. It is a long time ago, but 1 ncarcely think it can be. accurate, I think thore, must be some confusion about dates, for 1 do not think there was any treaty but the one. Later on another treaty wan discussed between Parnell and.   But that Willsocially