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UU                 (MIAULKS STKNVAUT  PAUXKLL               .
me, but thai was in '8-1 or '8.*>. I think your informant must be mixing up the dates. In fact, wo were HO absorbed in the. Phoenix Park murders that morning that I do not think we thought of anything else/ 4 May 1 ask what was the other treaty? ' Jl/r. Chamlwrlnin. * Certainly. It was, I think, in IHB-L Perhaps towards the end or tlie autumn o£ 188-1. O'Shea came to me. He said : l% The Kilnmin-ham treaty has broken down, Do not you lliiuk that you and Parnell ougltt to try and. eome, together again, and to see if it is possible to tin anything on the subject (it Ireland? I think Ptirneil is anxious to have. Borne Kcui of HettleinenC1 I saiil that I was quite willing to consider any proposal relating to the ^overnment o£ Jreltutd, and to discuss any question with Parnell, to fcoo bow far it wan ptissibh* for us to conn* together. I should add that my authority in thbinatter is O'Shra. ,Panu»ll was staying at bis bonne at tJiin time, ami I' think that O'Shea was aeeunife in sayinn he had come from Parnell, and that Parnell \vas anxious for a settlement. However, no letters passed bet\vet*n ,Parne!l and myself in the matter, therefore my evidenee on the ntthjeet is O'Shea, It VUIK then that J prt»p<»sitd tin* National Couneils Heheme, My itlea, U.H \vt*ll as 1 ean reeolleet now, was this: Tb't'e was to be a council in Ihiblin ; possibly it would be lu^cC'Ssary to have another c*ouncil in IMfast, but if 'pOHHihle there WUH only to be oiu* central council, Thin council should take over the udminiHtnttive work of nil tho boards then <*xislin^ in Dublin, It mi^ht besides deal with mich »;ubjiu.:ts as land and eiluration and other local matters.1
* you nay the council should deal with land and education,do you mean that it should legislate!?'ll had risen to in n shorter timo than I now take to tell the Htory. Whenoin Mr, (*lml**tunr,* Nr\t <luy tht*