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.Kr. 40]     INTMKVIKW WITH MIL niAMUKULAlX        ill
that yon attacked the exclusion of the Irish memhers to kill the* Hill, hut I think yon said things about Canada which art* open to the. interpretation that yon might favour the establishment of an Irish Parliament. Tho
matter is not quite. clear to me.'
Mr. C)mmlwrlttin. *T do not think you should press me too hard. I stated my object was to kill the Bill. I have no doubt that I said many things that may have bean open to Home nuch interpretation as you surest. I will take this case of Canada, though I really cannot recollect very well now what I did. nay. Still, I think my idea wan thin. Other people, had been talking about Canadian Hmno Rule* besides mo, and the point I took up was, What is meant by Canadian Homo Rule? Is it meant that the relations between Kng-land and Ireland arc to be the same us the relations between the Dominion Parliament and Kngland? If that in meant, then it is separation. Mr. Gladstone himself is not prepared to establish the name relations between England and .Ireland an exist between the Dominion Parliament of Canada and the Imperial .Parliament. Or do you mean wtoh relations an exist between the Dominion Parliament and the Provincial Parliament!*? But what arc the relations hotwoon the Dominion Parliament and the Provincial Parliaments in Canada? Certain powers arc delegated by the Dominion to the provincial legislatures, hut that in not what the Bill proposes to do with reference to Ireland. It docs not delegate certain powers to Ireland. On tho contrary, it given Ireland power to legislate 'upon Irish matters generally, reserving certain things to tho Imperial Parliament. I think that was the line I took. However open I may he to criticism in whatever I said, my aim wan, an I Bay, to kill the Bill/ould legislate!?'ll had risen to in n shorter timo than I now take to tell the Htory. Whenoin Mr, (*lml**tunr,* Nr\t <luy tht*